Squares in Astrology

Squares in Astrology and the Horoscope

 When two horoscope factors are exactly 90 degrees apart, they are square. Whatever is square ‘can’t be squared.’ It’s hard to make anything work. You can have transiting squares to natal factors. So if you were born with the Sun at 29 Libra and Pluto is at 29 Capricorn at the moment, Pluto is square the Sun. Life will be challenging when that happens.

In this feature I will look at the squares in your chart, if you have them, and the squares created by other people, or the astrological weather. I will also talk about how you can use the Tarot on this website to solve them.

Natal Squares

You can have natal squares in the chart from birth. So if you were born with the Moon at 12 Scorpio and the Sun at 12 Aquarius, you have Moon square Sun. You have inner conflicts. In modern astrology we use exact aspects (so 1 Aries and 1 Cancer, 2 Taurus and 2 Leo). At the most, allow one degree’s difference. So 3 Gemini and 4 Virgo, or 4 Cancer and 5 Libra.

People at astrology conferences complain about their squares! Or they say ‘Uranus is on my Taurus-Aquarius square.’

It Fits to a T

When we say ‘it fits to a T’ we are talking about the old T-Square for the accurate drawing of right-angles and parallel lines. 20th century astrology, without computers, often used a literal wooden T-Square or plastic T-Square, placed across the circle to draw lines. When aspects (patterns) actually fit to a T, we may be talking about, say, a planet in Sagittarius square a planet in Pisces.


If you liked old-fashioned music in the 1950s and disliked jazz, you were a ‘square.’ You could not square your personality with the mood of the times. If you preferred square dancing to rock’n’roll, then you were a ‘real square.’ You did not fit. Squaring an account means settling it. Things are uncomfortable between you, owing money, and the person who is owed, until you square it. That feeling of uneasy tension is characteristic of a square.

Square the Circle

If you attempt what is impossible, you square the circle. This is quite true in astrology. You can never settle two factors, square each other. This comes back to the basic clash of the signs. These are the three groups of signs which are square each other and can never be compromised.

When Signs Don’t Get On

From this comes the very old idea that signs don’t get on. They are not compatible. So, for example, in 1970s astrology you used to read that Aries should never marry Cancer; Cancer should never work with Libra; Libra should never date Capricorn. It’s stuff and nonsense, as two charts are complex with 34 factors each in modern astrology.

dulcey lima 6IVU3CHyL 4 unsplash 300x295 - Squares in AstrologyWhat Does Not Square?

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn (Cardinal)
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius (Fixed)
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces (Mutable)

And yet, there is truth there. The fundamental difference between Gemini (Domestic Flights, Trains, Buses, Coaches, Ferries) and Virgo (Public Health, Hospitals, Epidemics, Pandemics) is plain to see.

Travel causes pandemics. You can’t square people’s need to go on vacation with public health. This mosaic photographed by Dulcey Lima at Unsplash shows what we call ‘a triplicity’ in astrology. There are three triplicities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. People can feel stuck fast if they have a chart dominated by signs in any one group. A lot of sitcoms are based on four people who act out the signs. Seinfeld is a Cardinal sitcom. Jerry is Capricorn. Ambitious. Successful. Kramer is Aries. A wardrobe obsessive who is drawn to self-promotion. Elaine is Libra. Mad about men. George is Cancer. Dominated by his parents.

Mutable Squares

Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries. It does not square with Virgo either. Monkeypox was flown into London from Nigeria. Sagittarius cannot be squared with Virgo.

If you are a Premium Member your online library will tell you more about how the signs square off. If you are a student at the Sun Sign School you can also find out in-depth detail about squares and other aspects.

I predicted a virus a year before it happened because I realised billions of people had been born with Virgo and Sagittarius factors in their personal birth charts, owing to a quirk of history. I saw that they were going to hit transits in Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. That’s how you predict the future. You can date-stamp it too. No vagueness. Just old-fashioned astrology rules.

To Square Up For a Fight

When two men face off, ready for the first blow, they are squaring up for a fight. It’s the same in astrology. You often get signs (people dominated by signs; they have stelliums there) which clash. Shakespeare wrote, “Are you such fools, to square for this?” in Titus Andronicus. We also think of square-bashing, slang in the armed services for parade-ground drill. Square formations are military. Aries, more than any other stellium (because it is ruled by Mars the god of war) squares off with people who have stelliums in Cancer or Capricorn.

Belligerent men who are upfront, ramming the point home, locking horns – are often Aries stellium people. They square off with Capricorn stellium people (who are slower, steadier, more patient, respectful of the system). Aries types also square off with Cancer types: Aries is about confrontation, competition, contests and challenge. Cancer is about security for the family; stability with the house or apartment. Aries will hear a burglar and rush out for a fight; Cancer worries about the broken windows.

Common Squares

Taurus-Leo: Couples are too broke to afford a baby. They are renting and cannot go ahead with a pregnancy because children are expensive to house, educate and feed. Taurus is cash. Leo is offspring. Taurus is the rent. Leo is the heirs.

Gemini-Virgo: Commuting (Gemini) does not fit with the daily routine (Virgo). Perhaps there is no decent bus service or there are traffic jams. Your health (Virgo) does not fit with your internet habit (Gemini) and you have insomnia, say, or R.S.I.

Aquarius-Scorpio: The problems between friends in a group (Aquarius) when two of you want to have sex (Scorpio) and even get married (Scorpio). Divorcing your husband (Scorpio) and trying to stay good friends (Aquarius).

Two Squares is a T-Square

On the rare occasions you have two squares together, you have a T-shape in the chart. This is a T-Square. It happens more commonly with the lunar nodes, because they are already opposite each other anyway. The North Node and South Node are always in opposite signs at the same degree. So it only takes one more factor halfway between the two and you have that T-shape.

T stands for tension and trouble. Find your North Node and South Node. What degree and sign are they? Anybody with factors at the same degree in the ‘square’ group with them may create a T-Junction with you. A tense point in the traffic.

nick fewings 9Cdt0dwvb s unsplash 300x200 - Squares in AstrologyThe Chess Game

Chess is a good example of square-based astrology. Checkmate is putting your adversary’s king into inescapable check – so you win the game. If you checkmate somebody you outwit them. This idea of checks is pertinent to astrological squares and T-Squares. (Image: Nick Fewings, Unsplash).

To keep someone in check is to hold them back, to restrain them. To check up on someone is to spy on them. To check out of a situation is to exit. This idea of chess is a useful way to recall the tension of squares. They’re never easy and there is never a perfect solution. We can’t avoid them but we can certainly minimise them.

T-Junction Traffic Jams

If you were born with the North Node at 15 Cancer and South Node at 15 Capricorn and along comes a person with the Sun at 15 Aries, you may find them too pushy; too self-serving; too narcissistic.

I am picking on Aries here but we could also find the example of someone born with Mercury at 10 Aquarius in opposition to Jupiter at 10 Leo who is troubled by transits (cycles) at 10 Scorpio and 10 Taurus. This is even more spectacularly difficult because it’s a Grand Cross.

The Grand Cross

The Grand Cross is unusual in a natal chart. The odds are against it ever happening. It is more common if you have an opposition (the lunar nodes are always in opposition) and then you have, say, transits which create squares with whatever is in opposition. When you look at the horoscope the whole thing looks like a perfect cross.

The cross is an ancient symbol. It represents crucifixion to Christians. To Scandinavians it was a boundary mark. It has often been a sacred symbol. The Scots have their St. Andrews Cross. The Egyptians used a cross with a handle. We all know The Red Cross.

Crossing the Line

When you try to push any of the signs involved in a Grand Cross out – or sideways – you cross the line. You will then have your ‘cross to bear.’ This refers to the crucifixion again; Jesus Christ carried the cross. Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix expresses the frustration of a relationship.

This is serious stuff in astrology. In politics we talk about the Cross-bench of conflicting views. In the House of Commons and House of Lords, seats were actually at right-angles; a cross-bencher is an independent. Not from the two major parties. That can be a cross to bear for everyone!

The skull and cross-bones is another example of the intensity of the Grand Cross. And naturally we think about a ‘crossroads’ in our affairs and also ‘crossing a person’s bows’ when we annoy somebody. It’s a naval phrase. It is a breach of good manners for a junior ship to cross the bows of a senior ship.

We are ‘very cross’ in England, when annoyed. We can be as cross as a bear with a sore head; vexed. If you cross someone’s path, a threat may be carried out. ‘Don’t cross my path again if you want to avoid trouble’ is a common warning.

The Rare Grand Cross

Horoscope factors natally, by transit, or at cross-purposes between two people, fall into the same sign groups you saw earlier.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

That’s why astrologers who find families where there are two parents and children with these signs, dominating, tend to find cross purposes.

A Transiting Square in 2023

 January 9th 2023
Venus 10 Aquarius
North Node 10 Taurus
South Node 10 Scorpio

If you have anything at 10 Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, this is going to be tense, tight, taut and troublesome. There are issues here about the money, the business, the house, the valuables, the charity or the apartment. The same day we also find Mercury at 12 Capricorn square Chiron at 12 Aries. When you spot two squares on the same day, find another day to act.

Transiting Squares

Not all squares are world-changing events. We have them all the time (the Moon can square factors every day). We pay more attention to squares, T-Squares or Grand Crosses between slow-moving horoscope factors. Why? Rarity.

On January 28th, we find the lunar nodes (which take 18 or 19 years to turn up in the same zodiac sign again) at 8 Taurus and 8 Scorpio, square the Sun at 8 Aquarius. This is the commonly recognised clash between my money (Taurus) our money (Scorpio) and the group (Aquarius).

This is how you predict the future. On January 28th or thereabouts there will be a clash between shareholders on the board (somewhere) and those who want to sell or merge. Naturally you’d avoid that date if you were in the know. Too hard!

If you don’t have Astrogold software then I recommend the excellent website Café Astrology  to track transiting squares, T-Squares and Grand Crosses.

Astrology is pretty simple. Just avoid difficult dates. And be aware of who/what you cannot square, based on your own chart.

Cardinal Signs

The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. We always see the equinox on Aries and Libra weather, and the solstice on Cancer and Capricorn weather.

This is a very old idea (Stonehenge is based on the solstices). The word ‘cardinalis’ meant a hinge in Latin and described something on which everything turned, or depended. From this, perhaps, we get the idea of a Cardinal in Rome. Cardinal points of the compass are those upon which navigation hinges. Life often hinges on Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. They are the signs of battle (Aries) home (Cancer) marriage (Libra) and work (Capricorn.

The cardinal virtues are justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude, on which all other virtues hinge. I am sure you can see Libra the scales is still justice. The scales are an ancient symbol for the law.

Fixed Signs

Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. If you are in a fix, you are often stuck financially. Taurus and Scorpio rule money and business. So you fix upon a solution and that may be to fix up a deal or fix up a problem.

A ‘fixed price’ is a Taurus statement. Taurus the bull is stubborn, digs her heels in, and does not move. On the most basic level, don’t negotiate on a sale or purchase if fixed signs are in the weather, or in the charts concerned.

Leo is monarchy, royalty and aristocracy. Throughout history is has been hard to square that with taxation. Her Majesty the Queen is a Sun Taurus. Charles, Prince of Wales is a Sun Scorpio. The Queen Mother was a Sun Leo. There is more to the chart than the sun, but they were publicly ‘fixed’ (and still are) on the subject of the royal purse.

Mutable Signs

We always go back to Latin in astrology because it is Roman. The Romans took it from the Greeks and updated it. They then shipped it to Britain where it became a way of life by the 17th century.

Mutatis mutandis is from mutare (to change). It means, after making necessary changes.

These four signs are changeable: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. Gemini and Sagittairus are associated with tourists, migrants and travellers. They move around. They don’t stand still. They don’t settle. They come and go.

Virgo has changeable health. Schedules change because of that. Work changes. Pisces is fluid by nature as it is ruled by Neptune and symbolised by the two fish, swimming in constant motion. It comes in and goes out, like the tide.

Solving Squares, T-Squares, Grand Crosses

The best way to solve these irreconcilable differences in each group, is avoidance. That’s common sense. If you have a stellium in Gemini, you don’t go into business with someone who has a stellium in Pisces.

You can also watch the astrological weather. If you have a square between, say, Mercury at 29 Libra and you see transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn, you don’t get married that day.

The best way of all, though, is to introduce people into the equation who break up the pattern. If you are stuck with a strongly Scorpio woman and you are strongly Leo, then bring in people who have stelliums in other signs to break it up a bit.

To further decode this, use the Premium Member online library. Naturally it is crucial to figure out the nature of the horoscope factor inhabiting the signs you can’t square.

Is it Ceres? A huge deal will need to be worked out. Is it Vesta? Sort out the gender issues. Mercury? Communication will be the problem. Vulcano? Extreme tension bubbles under. Pluto? Power and control issues. Diana? Freedom is the ‘cross’ upon which people will prostate themselves. Venus? It’s about sex. And so on.

Manik Roy scaled - Squares in Astrology

Using the Tarot to Solve Squares

You can use the Tarot to help sort out squares, T-Squares or Grand Crosses. Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite were both schooled in astrology. Their deck is ideal for showing you solutions.

Manik Roy photographed this spread at Unsplash. This is a simple layout. It shows Libra (the married couple, shown here as The Lovers) who can’t be squared with the angry ex-husband, Aries (shown by the King of Swords). The solution card is The Empress in the middle. Bring in the hippie sister!

Follow the steps when using the Tarot on this website to resolve squares and so on. Ask “How can I resolve this square in my chart?” or “How can I fix things with this fixed-sign marriage?”

I’ll be talking about this at the Tarot Guild of Australia (in relation to love and sex) in a global Zoom on Saturday 3rd September. Come along and find out how to sort out those squares, T-Squares or Grand Crosses in real time.

Main Image: Kelly Sikkema (Unsplash).

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47 Responses

  1. In the place where I live, my country’s Saturn oppose my Chiron. This Saturn also squares my Mercury and Jupiter, and is in the midpoint between my own Moon and Saturn. My country’s north and south node are conjunct my Mercury and Jupiter respectively. This forms a diamond shape, grand cross and grand square combined. This is comparing my birth chart with my country’s one.

  2. Hello,
    Do I have a lot of squares in my chart with:
    Mercury 6 Scorpio, Saturn 6 Sagittarius, Pluto 6 Scorpio, Minerva 6 Aries, ASC 6 Sagittarius, DESC 6 Gemini
    Diana 7 Scorpio, Vulcano 7 Virgo
    Venus 19 Scorpio, Uranus 19 Sagittarius, Salacia 19 Aquarius
    Ops 29 Aquarius, Psyche 29 Leo, Mars 29 Capricorn
    What does it all mean please?

    1. The only square you have there is Venus at 19 Scorpio square Salacia at 19 Aquarius. Your seduction of lovers or potential spouses with one eye on the money or home, is at odds with your social life, friendships and the groups you are involved with, where your feet don’t touch the ground. Nothing else you mention is square.

  3. Dear Jessica, I’m new here and new to astrology as well and I’m glad I discovered your website. In my natal chart my Sun is at 01 Gemini and I have 4 stelliums (Aries, Gemini, Cancer and Virgo). I find your article about squares very interesting but I’m still a bit clueless how to interprete the squares in my natal chart. Could you please shed some light on these?

    1. Thank you. Diana at 18 Cancer square Venus and Mars both at 18 Aries is the big one in your chart. It is unusual to be born with a conjunction of Venus and Mars at 18 Aries anyway, let alone square Diana in Cancer. The thing you cannot square is your self-promotion, name, brand, reputation, personal appearance, image and persona – with the family. This may be the family you were born into, or the one you have created. With Diana in Cancer in the Fourth House you need freedom from the family, or freedom through them. One or the other. Being tied down by parents, siblings, close relatives – or your own children and partner – is unacceptable to you. You will not compromise on your need for space. That rubs up against questions about how the world sees you; how you present and package yourself. This is a very common square to find when a woman wants to marry to gain a respectable image (Mrs) but can’t reconcile that with the need for domestic freedom. It is also common when the family is not good for the image, for whatever reason, or the person in question is upfront and well-known, but the family disapproves of that!

  4. Hi Jessica I always learn so much from your blogs! I have no natal t-squares but am wondering about the jan9, 2023 one since I do have some 10 Taurus and 9 Scorpio factors. Can you please advise? Thanks so much!!

    1. Thank you. You have 9, 10, 10 patterns across the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart. For the first time in 18 or 19 years, the lunar nodes cross 9, 10, 10 Taurus and Scorpio from the 8th to the 24th of January 2023. You are wise to pull this out on your calendar now. Basically the difference between your values, and those of a sexual partner or relative, show big gaps then. You don’t agree. For that reason, skip that period for (say) seeing a solicitor about a will or figuring out who pays what on a new lease. You get the picture. You will absolutely have to sort something out, karmically, as you owe, or are owed, from the last cycle, June and July 2004. Closure comes once the lunar nodes have cycled through as January 2023 draws to a close. Don’t add to what you have to do; you will have enough on your plate without hurling yourself into (say) a marriage and a business.

  5. I have Mars in Aqurius square my Asc in Scorpio and Mercury in Sag square Uranus in Virgo both exact. I have several other squares but they are all 6 or more degrees out. The only closer ones are Mars squaring chiron and Pluto with a 1 degree orb. Do only the first to square mentioned count? What would they mean throughout my liftime?? Thanks so much Jessica!

    1. Mercury at 19 Sagittarius and Uranus at 19 Virgo is more important than the ascendant; the least crucial part of the chart. It’s easy to interpret the square. You write, broadcast, podcast, use the phone and most of all, the internet, with foreigners and foreign countries. That is hard to square with regular upheavals at work, or with your wellbeing, when the world turns upside-down and everything has to restart. It’s not there all the time but when you have transits in Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces at 19 degrees it’s more of an issue. You already had that in November, December 2020 and January 2021. The North Node at 19 Gemini and South Node at 19 Sagittarius were in transit. That was a time of global upheaval during the pandemic and I’m sure you recall it. Skip transiting Saturn at 19 Pisces in February 2025 for anything triggering the Mercury-Uranus square.

  6. hank you for this article. Looking at my chart, I have Psyche at 10 in Scorpio, Saturn at 9 in Aquarius, IC at 10 in Pisces, MC at 10 in Virgo, Minerva at 11 in Capricorn and Cupido at 11 in Sagittarius. How does this affect my chart related to Jan 9th 2023. Already in a tough spot with Pluto in Cap at 29 during December. Thank you as always.

  7. Dear Jessica
    Many thanks for the interesting article. It’s great to have these explanations on your website so that we can understand a bit how planets work together. I have Jupiter at 9 in Aquarius, the North Node at 9 in Taurus and South Node at 9 in Scorpio. I understand this is a Grand Cross in my natal chart. There will be an eclipse on my next birthday (7 November) and some difficult aspects in January as you have described them. What shall I expect and how can I prepare ? Does the Grand Cross mean that my home/family life will always be under negative influence throughout my life? I had a rather difficult childhood due to my parents’ divorce. We are trying to have a baby but with no success. The renovation of our house is taking ages. Is there anything I can do to « unblock » the situation? I feel a bit stuck, powerless even if I try to be patient and accept the situation. Is it possible to create solid foundations for a fulfilling family life with these negative astrological aspects?
    I would love to have your view on this from an astrological perspective.
    Thank you
    All the very best

    1. Thank you. Yes, you have a T-Square with Jupiter and the lunar nodes in Aquarius-Taurus-Scorpio. This is past life. Perhaps more than one life. It benefits you (so you have gained good karma) and will always involve the group and your friends; the club or team; the circle or community and your allies. It will always involve money, charity, business, houses, valuables or apartments. You’ll play the theme repeatedly in different ways, and once the transiting lunar nodes go to 9 Taurus/Scorpio (not too far away now as they are moving backwards) you’ll reach a T-Junction in your destiny when once again you must weigh the financial aspects of life against the truth of friendship and people power within a community. A Grand Cross takes place when a transit fills the missing leg; so transits in Leo at 9 would trigger a Grand Cross. You already went through this in recent years so know all about it. Oddly, these conflicts are productive and beneficial; you gain every time. The other concerns you have about pregnancy, renovations and creating what you want are really the whole stellium you have in Scorpio in your Eighth House. Joint finances, a shared bank account, a mortgage or property with both your names on it – are all Scorpio. I am sorry it is all so stuck and slow but this is typical of the transiting South Node (which goes backwards) in Scorpio, currently in your Eighth House for the first time in 19 years. The cycle ends in July 2023 with a major development in March 2023 when the burdens lift and the waiting game ends. The karma finishes up four months later.

  8. This is so illuminating Jessica. I went to my chart and noticed all the squares now, especially in Scorpio-Aquarius, and Libra-Cancer. I also have factors at 9-10 degrees Scorpio and Aquarius and they seem to be triggered in January 2023 form the transiting square. Could you please look into my chart and see what may come up in January 2023 for me, so I can prepare? Many thanks for any insights!

    1. Thank you. Scorpio-Aquarius squares show up as conflicts between friends and money, or the group and the business, or the circle and the funding. Libra-Cancer is commonly about the marriage and the family, or the common-law marriage and the property. You’ve had these squares all your life and may have variations on that theme. Libra is also divorce and Cancer is the apartment, so this can be the break-up and the lease. The squares are regularly triggered by transits and just looking back can be instructive. You know what not to do next time. Use the Tarot to give you more insight.

  9. Hello Jessica,
    This article is fascinating! All the layers! I find it so interesting how the square and cross terminology has filtered into common everyday language. I have six placements at 27 and 28 degrees, and they are all involved in squares. Mercury & Vulcano conjunct in Leo square Neptune in Scorpio and then a T-square involving Apollo in Cancer, Salacia in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Libra. That seems like a whole lot of tension. What does it all mean?
    Thank you!

    1. Yes, Meg, it is tension. Leo/Scorpio is classically about children versus finances. It can be the unwanted pregnancy for two people who are very young and have no money. It can also be the son and heir and the family tax position. It’s different each time. It can be the godchildren who expect to be named in the will and are not – Leo also rules courtship so when the square is triggered you can end up dating someone who is a great deal richer or poorer than you, or who has different values. The T-Square of Cancer/Capricorn/Libra is similar. It’s about family (Cancer) and marriage (Libra) or common-law marriage. Capricorn is aspirational and seeks to go up in the world – Cancer is where you come from, belong and where your roots are. Squares are hard work and often the ‘making’ of a person but for an easy life, pull back and do less/have lower stakes in the matters described by the signs. So you wouldn’t pin your family firm (Scorpio) on your son and heir, for example.

  10. Hi Jessica
    I have tried a few times posting this not sure if this is getting through.

    Thank you for another insightful blog as always there’s something to learn from you. I’ve Venus at 28 Aries square Aesculapia at 27 Capricorn with the recent Pluto transit at 27/28 degrees Capricorn (and December 2022/January 2023). Can this have anything to do with a former female colleague I used to worked with and have strong feelings for – but experiencing pushbacks from her. I look forward to your insightful advice. Many thanks! Back in January 2022 I posted the following and you answered back – does this tie in to the my question above? ME: Many thanks for your response on January 4. I hope you will be able to help me with further questions that arose yesterday. As a Sun Pisces I read your weekly forecast yesterday and the Lenormand card caught my attention. The card symbol is snake/serpent (not a fan of snakes due to my phobia but I digress). Anyway under premium diary dates you pose the question if there’s a factor @ 27. And I do have a factor – Aesculapia @ 27 Capricorn. I then search Aesculapia for meaning on your website and found an article you wrote on 28 June 2017 titled ” What Aesculapia means in your Horoscope you said the following under the sub-heading Pluto and Aesculapia” Sometimes the snake or serpent symbol will turn up in your life when you are having a transit to your natal (birth) Aesculapia – or he is crossing something crucial in your chart.” As you can see from my natal chart I also have Vesta @ 28 Pisces, Venus @ 28 Aries, Apollo @ 29 Taurus and Mercury @29 Pisces. So my questions are: with these 27, 28, 29 factors is my natal chart being hit as we have the full moon @ 27 Cancer and Pluto and the Sun @27 Capricorn? Which factors are at major play in my natal chart? Also what insights and advice can you please share? With the nodes changing tomorrow is the north node @29 Taurus hitting my Apollo @29 Taurus and what does that entail? You: You had an omen, there. Your natal Aesculapia at 27 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academic career is triggered. You may in fact have a serpent or snake omen, or see the famous Rod of Aesculapius turn up. This is a clear sign that just when you assumed something/someone was over, it returns. There will be a resurrection, revival or rebirth. So, perhaps, a job you had assumed was history, comes back to you. Or an organisation in your professional sphere you had thought was dying, revives.

    1. I’m sorry about the delay in replying; there are 14,370 comments today. You have Venus in Aries in the First House square Aesculapia at 27 Capricorn in the Tenth House and the square is triggered by transiting Pluto at 27, 28 Capricorn also in the Tenth House. Your former female colleague isn’t interested in romance; that is a textbook example of the square. I am sorry you are going through this; Pluto transits can feel relentless. It ends when Pluto is off 28 Capricorn, and early 2023 will feel very different to 2022. The common sense rule with a square like this is just to minimise the stakes or greatly reduce the story. So you don’t ‘do’ Venus in Aries (which is promoting yourself as seducer) and you don’t ‘do’ Aesculapia in Capricorn, which is the revival of who/what you assumed was over in your career. There are more useful ways to express Venus in Aries that won’t involve the square. Essentially Venus is a female symbol, even for a man, and is about charm, seduction, the body beautiful and the art of enticement, through the business of appearances. You can do something with that in 2022 and 2023 that doesn’t involve so much pressure. Venus does not have to try and be in a relationship in order to enjoy her own image. The Tarot will give you a more personal reading.

  11. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. Can I please just confirm that I am on the right track here? I have planets at 9 degrees in my chart: Sun (Libra); Neptune (Sagittarius); Pluto (Libra). Plus asteroids: Minerva (Libra), Ops (Sagittarius). Are they all square against MC (Virgo) which is also 9 degrees and Moon (Virgo – 8 degrees but allowing 1 degree of room)? If that is the case, does Virgo square against all of these aspects of my chart? I also have nodes in Taurus and Scorpio however these are at 22 degrees…Possibly square against Mercury (Libra), Bacchus (Sagittarius) and an array of other planets/asteroids at 21 degrees …Jupiter (Aries), Juno (Leo), Diana (Aquarius). This seem’s like alot going on! Am I reading too much into this? I just want to make sure I’m on the right track before I start comparing with family members. If I have this correct, what will be of most importance over the coming months? If you get to my comment, thank you in advance for taking the time & many blessings to you.

    1. It sounds as if you’ve not read the article fully. Squares are exact degree, preferably, and within the group: Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. Virgo is square Sagittarius, correct. Virgo is health, Sagittarius is foreign travel, so in a pandemic, you cannot ‘square’ protection from COVID-19 against the vacation. That’s a really common example at the moment.

  12. Dear Jessica,
    Love your blog posts! In my natal chart, I have Pluto in 26 Libra, Venus 26 Capricorn and Neptune in 26 Saggitarius and see that Pluto is currently sitting on 26 Capricorn. Would love if you could explain what this means? Thanks very much!

    1. Pluto is in conjunction with natal Venus in the Tenth House of career, social mountaineering, status, academia and unpaid work. Venus is a symbol of female vanity (the hand mirror is her truncated symbol) and amoral seduction (she was an adulteress). Venus was also beautiful, associated with the buttocks, breasts and vagina and her son Cupid, who shot people with his arrow and rendered them helpless in love. This transit and natal placement is very common with men or women who seduce their staff or employers; clients or colleagues – or are the subject of seduction. Be careful with Pluto by transit as there are power and control issues here. Fifty Shades of Grey you don’t want.

  13. Hi Jessica, so pleased to see this post. My natal moon 20 Aquarius squares Jupiter 20 Taurus. If possible, I would appreciate a brief assessment, as we’re heading into Pluto in Aquarius weather in 2023. Thank you for all your postings, Jessica. Best regards, Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. You ‘need to be needed’ by friends, allies and groups of all kinds, both formal and informal. You supply what the group, team, community or club needs, even though you are never immersed. As the friendly outsider you suit the light, breezy, easy nature of the circles you move in (and around) and feel inclined to nurture and care for these people, as much as you would a child or pup. So far so good but you find it hard to square that with your financial, charity, business or property moves. You are inclined to grow and expand more through this, than any other aspect of life and as life always protects you here, and often brings a windfall or huge stroke of luck, you are in a position to do more – and have more. This is a benign square, Mary, as any aspect involving Jupiter always is. A very common outcome is to experience mixed results with lending friends money or giving to charity. It will be years before Pluto moves to 20 Aquarius but when he does, do not mix friends and money. That is not the year to crowdfund either.

  14. Hi Jessica-
    Hope you and yours are well in these tumultuous times. Even though you have fourteen thousand questions floating around, I’ll try one more time.
    I have a square on my natal chart with the moon and Neptune at 28 Libra and Uranus at 28 Cancer. I am Sun Taurus. First, what does the square signify with Pluto transiting at 28 Capricorn recently and again in near future? And in the future once he is gone from it? Natal Uranus is also sitting next to Diana at 29 Cancer.
    I also have concerns about the upcoming eclipse in November on the U.S. Election Day. Not just for the country, which I’m quite anxious about, but also myself, as I believe Uranus will be at 16 Taurus, where I have Fortuna. Is this correct? And what will the effect be, on myself and the entire country? I know you’ve written about a blue wave, which believe me I’m rooting for, but there have been other, much more dire predictions. If the blue wave happens, will it stand? Which is a question I can’t believe I’m even asking.
    Thanks for your time and expertise. Oh, and the air purifiers with UVC light arrived couple days past. Blessings all around to you and yours.

    1. Thank you. Libra-Cancer squares are about the marriage versus the family, most commonly. It’s about the duet or duel (Libra) up against the house, apartment, family, household, town and country (Cancer). Pluto turns this into a T-Square so it’s tense while it lasts; taut and tight. It requires a bit of work. A classic example is the boyfriend who dislikes the town where you both moved to. Diana and Uranus in Cancer in your Fourth House both suggest you are a free spirit, dislike feeling trapped by family or mortgage and are often the catalyst for upheaval with relatives or the property itself. America has always been bound by eclipses; they show cover-up and the United States runs on that because of the CIA and FBI. There was an eclipse the year JFK was assassinated. They are neither negative nor positive, they just show the wool being pulled. This will happen again and it will be about the economy. A conjunction by Uranus to Fortuna in Taurus in the Second House of personal income is ‘the challenge to change’ but it is others who will feel it more than you; you will unknowingly affect their budget, house, apartment, business, charity, sales or purchases when it happens. As for the blue wave, it should not stop anybody from voting, but the astrology has been clear for months: this is a Democrat Midterm win. The nation will be split down the middle by abortion and possibly, a move against gay marriage. America will become red or blue and from 2026 the states look for formal ways to separate, with blue states siding with Canada.

  15. Hi Jessica

    Thank you again for such insightful posts!

    I am currently marvelling at my natal Pluto square transiting Pluto and I cant help but notice a lot of unasked for “drama” in my life at the moment – including some pretty extensive physical injuries last night in a minor accident. I have had strange relationship encounters in the last three months – but definitely this last weekend. It seems – my heart and now my physical body are just getting scraped up, bruised and tested! I am wondering what Pluto square Natal Pluto means as far as this continuing……will it end when Pluto transits out of Capricorn?

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. Pluto at 26 Libra in your Seventh House of duets and duels has indeed been transited by Pluto at 26 Capricorn making a square. I am sorry about your accident and glad it was minor. That had nothing to do with the square, but relationship encounters are. Yes, this ends when Pluto moves right off 26 Capricorn, but while you are getting over the transiting square, just remember Pluto is about power and control. You are here to dominate your marriage, partnerships and relationships your whole life, and control what happens, and take over who and what is there. Naturally this isn’t on, so the universe and the other person will make you change your position. It is very common to have issues about self-control, control, willpower and empowerment on this transit. You may prefer not to re-enter an old sexual relationship during the square; it’s a stretch. Later on, your Libra stellium will be timed by far easier transits and you will ultimately figure out how to make the right partner work for you in the right partnership. You are very good at balancing acts, despite the need to take control of partnerships.

  16. Hi Jessica, your insights are amazing, thank you. I have Stelliums in Aquarius and Scorpio, going forward is there anything I need to be prepared for. I went through the wringer when Pluto went through Scorpio and my with 8th house, squaring Sun, then Venus, then Moon (most painful). He is heading for my Sun soon, and I feel weakened by events of last few years. Any help would be most appreciated.

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius with a Capricorn stellium in your Tenth House of career and are only just coming out of the long Pluto transit of your Tenth House. He moved in from January 2008 and has been there ever since, so your entire career has transformed. You will feel as if ‘that was then, this is now’ from March 2023. The biggest changes concern Aquarius; Saturn is moving out in March 2023, Pluto is moving in. For whatever reason, that month is a watershed for you. An extremely difficult cycle for your social life, friendships and any groups you are involved with, will end for good in March next year. In its place you will realise you are in quite a potentially powerful new position with one or more clubs, teams, circles, communities. Handle with care but the empowerment will be quite new.

      I just heard ‘nicotine’ clairaudiently for you, so I am onpassing.

  17. Hi Jessica I always learn do much from your blogs and just catching up with them all, I am wondering about the 9th Jan, 2023 one since I do have some 10 Taurus and 10 Scorpio and 10 Leo and my career is self-employed in property Can you please advise? Thanks so much!!

    1. Thank you. Scorpio, Taurus and Leo are joined in a T-Square in your chart involving the lunar nodes. This is a lifelong pattern of tension regarding courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne (Leo) along with money, property, possessions, business or charity. You actually work in property too. As a general rule, to play down the tension, lower the stakes. So you would not make your son the sole heir to your property business. You would try to minimise the financial ties between yourself and your godchild. If you married a man with a child from another marriage you would want a lawyer to go over the agreement and so on. This T-Square flares up whenever you have transits over 10 degrees of the fixed signs; Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius. You do have these ongoing so just be aware of the need to be more cautious than usual with the paperwork. Get it all in writing and read the fine print. This is especially important with inheritance, wills and legacies, ruled by Scorpio.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Wow, I have just discovered your site when looking into Vesta and am so glad to find it, so much to dig into here..

    I wanted to ask, I have Vesta (Leo 1degree/Cancer 29 – has shown up differently on 2 sites..) conjunct my ascendant (Leo 1degree) and Chiron (Leo 1 degree). all opposing Saturn (Aquarius 2 in 7th house). Jupiter also in Leo 22 (2nd house?)

    I am wondering how you would interpret this?

    I’m in a committed partnership with a true, hardworking, serious, committed Virgo (I have Virgo Mars Mercury stellium in 2nd house).. When we first met we had a threesome with one of his previous lovers. We lived in a bohemian hippie house for two years with an abundance of women who tried to gain attention of my partner, but he is steadfast and focused on his goals..and our relationship, life together. But I felt the sting of pain from this competition which I did not participate in, I was seeking sisterhood at the time but it was not the time and place..

    Now we are 5+ years in and expecting our first child at the end of this month. I am finding sisterhood all around me and depth and such beauty in these relationships. But I wonder, what creates a strong vesta influence? I read some of your interpretations and experience quite the opposite.. I am the only girl in my family with three older brothers, was the only female working on a team of guys for the past 2+ years.

  19. Hi Jessica thank you for all your articles. Ive just read my monthly horoscope for Sept and as always its fascinating and wonder if you could help guide me. my tenant in a house I have has suddenly decided they need to move out and leave on 12th Sept and so I have decided to sell the house. she did give prior warning in Aug that she may have to leave , but never gave a date , now its all happened really fast. I know this is dreadful timing with merc retrograde , however I cant afford to not sell asap with costs going up and an empty house I have to pay bills against. Can you guide me what I should do – just wait till October 17th before I arrange anything with estate agents and take the financial hit or just get on with it. thank you

    1. Please get on with the house sale as you need the money; Mercury Retrograde is not ideal, but the trick is to expect delays, u-turns and changes and be flexible enough to take it. You have bills to pay. Have Plan B and C and if paperwork comes your way read it with a magnifying glass. Don’t assume anything on Mercury Retrograde; if you are posting something keep a copy; if an email doesn’t arrive check your spam filter and so on. Just work through it. I am sorry your tenant has done this, but he/she is likely in a fix as well. Be really careful with real estate agents because Mercury rules agents in general. Go online for the hive mind; that can be very useful.

  20. Hi Jessica, I am very interested in past life connections and karma issues that I understand can be identified between two people via nodal aspects. I have an intense but long, frustrating and distressing connection that I just can’t seem to extricate myself from. I have looked at both my and the other person’s charts and the only nodal connections I see are my Venus at 9 degrees Sag and Apollo at 9 degrees Gemini squaring their North Node at 7 degrees Virgo. Is that too wide an orb to be the reason for the energy and if 2 degrees is still impactful, what sort of situation do you think we may have been in during a past life?
    Would it indicate that I owe this person and that’s why I can’t seem to cut off?

    Grateful your wisdom. I get King of Wands when I think of this connection.

    1. The ties that bind (when they are unhappy) show up as same-degree aspects of any kind; not just squares. Nodes are karmic and past life. Unproductive attachments will involve anything. Look again at both charts for same-degree aspects; the story will be told by the players (the horoscope symbols) and the signs and houses. King of Wands is always Mercury and/or Gemini/Virgo – that may be a clue.

  21. Thanks, Jessica that makes so much sense as we have applied this to how we have set up our family business financially trust fund etc.

  22. Hi Jessica thankyou for this great information I am a Virgo , ex husband Gemini daughter in law Sag , only son Pisces and mother Pisces. . My husband now is Capricorn . I see that I have Mars and Bacchus and fortuna in Libra . I have VESTA in Gemini and always have the whole gaggle of women involved annoying me and making me very cross exactly as you’ve said ! It sure is a curse in my life My previous partner was a Libran who died of brain tumour . As you’ve said Gemini square Virgo ! But my Capricorn husband is very Vesta he has it in Aquarius at 20 and I have Aescapliua at 19 . I cant get away from it it seems ! Pluto is transiting at 26 and I have Jupiter 28 Cap and Proserpina 27 squaring this Pluto Transit and it seems like it will be worse when it gets to 28 still squaring my Proserpina . I have Ceres at 23 Taurus square my Diana 24 in Scorpio Seems like a Battle well and truly ahead when Uranus hits my Ceres in Taurus at 23 . Much heartache over Vesta and anger from me !Thanks again for the information

    1. Thank you. Vesta produces rage, depression and a lot of trouble in an astrological chart. The archetype is powerful. The Vestales were buried alive if found having sex with a man. They lived in an all-female, virginal enclave with the Pontifex Maximus in charge. You can just imagine the toxicity of the atmosphere. This can happen when there are two or more females and one male. The way to handle Vesta is for all the females to gang up on the male, with a sense of humour, maybe poking fun at his expense, or seeing the silly side of the situation. A lot of sitcoms are based on Vesta. Never buy into the contest for male approval or favoritism.

  23. Hi Jessica, I hope I’m not too late to get your read on my chart. I seem to have clusters of squares almost constantly somewhere or other. Given the challenges I’ve had in my life, past and present, I’m curious how squares might throw some light on what lies ahead and how best to ride into 2023. If you do have time to respond, thank you so much.

    1. Your Aquarius and Scorpio stelliums are square and you have exact-degree tension there, from your Eleventh House of friends and groups, to your Eighth House of finance, business, property, valuables and charity. The moral of this is don’t mix pals and cash, or circles of people and investments or loans! Or, you can mix them up, but just be aware of difficult transits in other fixed signs as well as Aquarius and Scorpio – so, Leo and Taurus. I dare say this is quite a challenging time for your social life; friendships; clubs; teams; groups of all kinds. The reason for this is basically Saturn in Aquarius but that ends in March and another load is taken off next July when the lunar nodes change sign. So it does get better. You could ask the Tarot how the Scorpio-Aquarius tension has shown itself to date and also what to do/what not to do just for the future.

  24. Thank you Jessica. I really appreciate your response and am relieved to hear things look better in 2023. I’m off to check the Tarot now…

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