How to Change Your Past With Tarot

The Tarot Can Change Your Past

Using the Smith-Waite Tarot, which is free on my website, you can change some chapters in your past. You can rewrite what you had always ‘known’ was true and change your present – and your future.

What if you’ve never known the truth about your past? It happens more often than you might think. Yet, if you never ask, you will never know.

I’ll be looking at this phenomenon, with the Tarot Guild of Australia in a special live event on Zoom, on Saturday 3rd September 2022 from 1.30pm t0 3.30pm in Melbourne. You can book here. 

Science and the Tarot

Dr. Peter Evans at the University of Queensland recently asked the question: what if events that happened in the past, could have been caused by events in the future?

He suggests the idea of letting go of our current view of the past as something we know everything about. Why not adopt a more flexible view of time? This brings me to a very strange time warp in your horoscope, known as Mercury Retrograde.

779273 d 300x300 - How to Change Your Past With Tarot

Retrocausality and Retrogrades

Retrocausality is the idea that the future ’causes’ the past. So, for example, D-Day caused World War Two.

Science has no objection to that: after all, what we call time is just our human version of using clocks and calendars, pointing in one direction, for the sake of convenience.

There is no reason, say some scientists,  why what happened in 1944 should not have caused what happened in 1939.

To give you another example, the house or apartment you are living in today, may have caused you to move, a few years ago. (Or a few months ago, depending on when you packed your bags).

Astrologers work with this idea all the time, because we own a book called an Ephemeris which shows horoscope factors from 2000 to 2050.

Flipping backwards and forwards we see the same planets and zodiac signs repeat, so we get quite used to the idea that 2050 is already causing 2022. It’s like looking at a smoke trail. We can work backwards.

Mercury Retrograde and Changing the Past

In astrology, the “backwards” cycles of Mercury Retrograde are well known. So too is the rewinding cycle of Mars Retrograde. They are real-world, horoscope examples of what happens when life is on a loop.

I’m giving this Zoom event (and we are trying an experiment with time) in a month when Mars is retrograde and Mercury is retrograde, because I’m curious to see if people attending, can alter the past and see a different future. The weird ‘backwards’ movement of Mercury seems perfect to do this experiment.

We’ll be using The Lovers card to do this, because most people have a sexual relationship in their past to work with.  Mercury is retrograde in Libra, which rules love, sex, marriage, separation and divorce. So let’s see what happens.

Cast yourself as one lover. Cast someone else as the other lover. I’ll go into this more, at the end of this feature.

The Wild Card and the Tarot Cards

This is how one of the world’s biggest names in physics explains ‘the wild card’ in time. This suits the Tarot nicely. Einstein was wrong!

Pamela Colman Smith’s Clouds

Quantum Theory suggests life is only real when it’s observed. Otherwise it’s just a cloud of potential outcomes. Most people know about parallel universes, the Multiverse and The Observer Effect. Some scientists think “shut up and calculate” is the only way to deal with quantum weirdness. They rather arrogantly describe Tarot readers who look at quantum as ‘woo.’

Perhaps they should get a reading some time!

Some Rules of the Game

You can’t change what already happened, as a physical event. You can’t have contradiction. If you are divorced, you can’t go back in time to your wedding day, and stop it from happening. Yet, there certainly some things about the past that you can change from the present. At the end of this feature you’ll experiment with time. This feature in Psychology Today may help explain more, too.

Classic Outcomes of the Game

A classic outcome of the game is that a ‘lost’ letter or ‘forgotten’ photograph turns up hours, or days, after you have sent a message back to yourself, in time. You’ve created a loop! Or – someone gets in touch unexpectedly, about a matter from the past you had not been aware of, or had forgotten.

Nothing is Real Until You Observe It

At the tiniest level of reality, nothing is actually there, until you look. Until you observe. If you never, ever observe – life goes on being a mish-mash of ‘realities’, plural. This is exactly what happens in a Tarot reading.

Each of the 78 cards represents 78 parallel universes. You ask a question. You end up in one of them and not in the other 77. Why? Unlike most people, you chose to judge what was there.

Tarot Deck The Lovers 300x200 - How to Change Your Past With Tarot

Waves, Particles, Clouds

Pamela Colman Smith, who created the Tarot on this website, did not know about Quantum Mechanics. Yet, Quantum Mechanics seemed to know about her. Her cards are full of clouds. Nice analogies for the cloudy nature of reality.

The cards are also full of waves – usually shown as water – but sometimes used to decorate armour or clothing. Her particles – dots – are also everywhere. Waves and particles seemed to find their way into her 1909 deck. There is an even stranger synchronicity than that, involving Schrodinger’s Cat, which I’ll explain in a moment. Here, above, you can see billowing clouds behind The Lovers, the card we will be experimenting with at the Tarot Guild of Australia event on 3rd September.

Naked and Upfront Lovers

The naked woman and man are upfront. Behind them are clouds of mystery. If this is a previous relationship or marriage, what did you not know? What did you not see? Assuming you are the lover on the left or right, who is the other person, and what was behind a smokescreen or heavy fog, in the background?

Using another Tarot card you can uncover the clouds in Pamela’s cards. You will change what you assume is the past. You will be acting in the future (years after the relationship or marriage) to alter what was. And that could have really interesting repercussions in just a few minutes from now. It’s all possible.

Pamela Colman Smith and Schrodinger’s Cat

Pamela was a channel. Perhaps the most successful channel of the 20th century. Her Smith-Waite deck, commissioned by Arthur E. Waite, her creative partner, has sold many millions of copies.

In 1909 when Pamela was illustrating the 78 cards of the Tarot for Arthur E. Waite and Rider Publishing, crucial theories about wave and particle reality were also being discovered.SCHRODINGERS CAT REALITY 225x300 - How to Change Your Past With Tarot

Your Past Is Not Necessarily Real – Until You Check

Your past is not necessarily real, until you observe it again. The Tarot is ideal for that. You have a lot of different stories in your past. You remember the scenes in your mind, the way you remember a film. What if there were scenes you had never seen?

Pamela illustrated a black cat in the Queen of Staves card. It had never been in her instructions from Arthur E. Waite. It is, however, the star of the most famous thought experiment in physics: Schrodinger’s Cat.

This is the quantum reality black cat which is both alive and dead, in its box, until you open the lid and check. Then it becomes one or the other. If you never, ever look – the cat remains in two states. Or, if you prefer, the cat is in two parallel universes. One alive or one, dead.

What is even more intriguing about all this, is that Schrodinger lived a few doors down from Pamela’s mentor in The Golden Dawn. The Nobel prize-winner, W.B. Yeats. Yeats owned a Tarot deck and used it regularly. They all lived in Merrion Square in Dublin. Across the square was the home of Oscar Wilde, whose wife Constance Wilde had also been in The Golden Dawn. A hotbed of synchronicity, mystery, Tarot and quantum reality.

Examples of Changing the Past

Here is a basic example of how the future changed the past, which happened to me a few days ago. It has nothing to do with Tarot but it shows how false the ‘past’ can be.

I’ve lived in the same beachside town for years. I’ve walked it maybe 1000 times. I’ve always known every trail and cove.

The other day something made me take the road less travelled. My dog stopped at a tree covering a hidden pathway. We walked for about half a mile and found a hidden white sand beach. It was stunning.

My past had been – the town without it. My present was – the town, very much with it. In seconds this simple fact changed my future. I had been considering moving. The secret, spectacular beach convinced me to stay. I’m still here.

Australia and Terra Nullius

Here’s another example, again not using Tarot – but it works well to show retrocausality in the real world.

In 1992 it was proven that Eddie Mabo was right and Australia had never been Terra Nullius (nobody’s land). It had always been Aboriginal – indigenous.

This is literally a case of Australian history changing in a day. All those history books we had at school (I certainly had them in Tasmania in the 1970s) were wrong. The past had not been the past. The future (1992) had just changed it. King George III and Captain Cook had no right to claim Australia. There was no January 26th Australia Day.

It had always been, and always would be, Aboriginal land. An incredible one day, one page, rewrite.

Azaria, Lindy and Michael Chamberlain

Here is a final example of why the future can change the past and I am going to use the Tarot to reveal it.

In 1986, British tourist David Brett was planning to climb Ayers Rock, now known as Uluru.

He tragically fell to his death and dingoes moved in. Police searching the area found dingo lairs near Brett’s body – and – to the shock of every Australian – Azaria Chamberlain’s missing matinee jacket.

32 years after many Australians had decided what the past was, it changed. Lindy Chamberlain had been in prison for three years, accused of her daughter’s murder. Her husband Michael Chamberlain had also been jailed.

What was the past, had been a cloud of nothing. Lindy was given $1.3 million compensation and a new death certificate for the baby was issued. Again, in a day, a whole nation rewrote its past. The future had transformed, what was.

The Lovers Card and the Chamberlains

I thought I would show you The Lovers card again to reveal how Tarot works.

I have placed The Lovers card alongside the front cover of the book, The Chamberlain Case. You can immediately see Lindy as the woman, Michael as the man and – there is Uluru behind them.

Of course, Pamela Colman Smith illustrated this in 1909 and could not possibly have known anything about the Chamberlains. It is a tribute to her particular genius that here is a card which symbolically shows man, woman, and a big red rock. There will always be one of 78 Tarot cards which can be seen, psychically, to reflect a question. This is a classic example.

The Clouds and the Chamberlains

You can see the clouds behind the couple. As a Tarot reader, exploring the ‘past’ in this instance, you would be operating on the basis that so often, what we call The Past (as if it was real) is not real at all. You would be allowing for the future (yourself, now) to rewind but also change the film of the past.

The baby was taken by a dingo. Not her suffering parents. The clouds in the card cover up what really happened. And there were so many cover-ups. The dingo nobody ever saw was just one…

The Chamberlain Case scaled - How to Change Your Past With Tarot

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Try the Tarot Experiment for Yourself

If you are unable to attend the event on 3rd September 2022 with The Tarot Guild of Australia, you can always try The Lovers experiment with yourself. Follow the usual steps, detailed on my website and in your Tarot flipbooks in the Premium Member library.

Establish the present. Then, set an intention. Ask “How can I change my past in love relationships to be happier in the present and the future?” You are accepting that the clouds in The Lovers card are quantum in nature. One of many realities. You are going to work backwards to find out what is there, and thus alter your known world.

Quick Steps to (Possibly) Changing the Past

  1. Choose a Tarot card to describe the present for yourself. If your life was a magazine what would be on the cover?
  2. If this is accurate, you’ve tuned into Tarot Time. Proceed.
  3. With The Lovers card on your desktop or in your hand (a physical card) focus on yourself as one of the lovers.
  4. Identify the time in the past you want to change, for a happier and better present – and future.
  5. Write a letter to yourself, as you were then. Put your address (then) on the letter but date it now.
  6. In the letter, you’ll be describing a second card. This second card shows what is hidden behind the clouds in The Lovers that you need to know. What or who was concealed, back then, that it would help your past self to know? What can your current self tell your former self, that she/he most needs to know, for an improved future?
  7. Writing the letter is important. You can keep it and even seal it in an envelope, or rip it up and recycle it.
  8. You can also ‘send’ the message in your mind, telepathically, to your former self.
  9. Results may come instantly, or in weeks or months – maybe even years. This is an experiment.
  10. Remember to let myself and other readers know what happened in Comments.

Casting the Part of Man or Woman

Taking the card from your deck, or just sliding this one (below) onto your desktop, place yourself in the role of the man or the woman. Now ‘cast’ the other person, from your past.

It may be your husband now, but five years ago. It may be your former girlfriend, whom you broke up with last month. Using the Tarot on my website, or your own deck, ask ‘What’s behind the clouds? Where is the hidden story in my past?’ It might just change your present or your future. Let me know what happens, if it does.

In my experience, things can happen quickly (an email from a former wife appears) or in weeks, months, even a year or two – but there is usually an ‘Aha!’ moment when you realise what has happened.

Reading List: The Tarot Guild of Australia Event

These are the books and card decks I referred to in the Zoom event at The Tarot Guild of Australia. The event has been recorded so please do get in touch with them if you would like to purchase a copy.

Pamela Colman Smith – The Untold Story

Stuart R. Kaplan
Mary K. Greer
Elizabeth Foley O’Connor
Melinda Boyd Parsons

Dr. Quantum’s Little Book of Big Ideas
Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D

Pamela Colman Smith: Life and Work
Curated by Colleen Lynch and Melissa Staiger
Stuber Publishing

The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot
Johannes Fiebig and Evelin Burger
Llewellyn Publishing

Pamela Colman Smith: Tarot Artist
Dawn G. Robinson

The After Tarot
Pietro Alligo, Corrine Kenner, Giulia Francesca Massaglia

The Before Tarot
Corinne Kenner, Eon and Simona Rossi

Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot
Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin
Llewellyn Publications

Dictionary of the Tarot
Bill Butler
Shocken Books

Tarot of the New Vision
Pietro Alligo

Tarot Images: Justin Tabari.

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53 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica, thank you for this post. I love learning about the potential that we can tap into to make our lives and the world a better place. I just followed the steps and pulled the Judgement card… Not sure what it means so I will let is ruminate a little. Any insights are welcome!

    1. Thank you. If you cast yourself as the woman in The Lovers, the man you cast as your opposite number, is part of the past story. What you did not see at the time was the question of ancestors – yours or his – family, friends or others who had passed over.

  2. This is such an interesting article. I got the devil for the first question asking how I can change my past and then the five of wands after asking about what’s hidden in the clouds which I understood to mean that I must break free from this former interest and the “hidden” story was conflict due to him being a narcissist and me not being a narcissist. Sometimes the accuracy of the tarot just blows me away.

  3. So happy when I see you upload another article,Jessica!!!
    I pulled 3 cards. Temperance, 10 of swords, the star. It is so interesting the connection between Temperance and the star.Then the 10 of swords worried me because I asked if a person/guy I started having feelings for, would consider me as a potential love interested.But since i turned down his offer at the beginning of our friendship it is normal I guess.. (his Juno is conjunct his sun which both conjuct my natal uranus/moon conjuction in Sag.His venus is conjuct my Ops and my natal Mercury /Neptune conjuction in Capricorn is in alignment with his natal Mercury /Uranus conj also in Capricorn. Could you offer your precious insight on what my love life might bring, with these 3 cards and if there is a potential to have a love relationship with the person described above?

    1. Thank you. Okay, so begin with The Lovers. Identify yourself as the woman – who is the man? What month or year are you talking about and what happened? Ask ‘What is hidden in the past’ and focus on the clouds in The Lovers. Draw your second card and see if you can change the past, from the future.

  4. This is the sort of thing I love hearing about from you Jessica. I love getting an insight into your knowledge. Your tarot blogs are fascinating! (I use tarot but it really seems to be hit & miss for me. Plenty of answers when some big drama is happening, but most of the time ‘crickets’. lol) With this revealing the past technique, does it bring actual news or events that answer your question? Or just a ‘knowing’ in the card itself. I did pull a card, & it appears to represent what I know about the situation, but that wasn’t really ‘hidden’.
    Thank you for this topic x

    1. The best way to explain the experiment is this: you are using The Lovers card in Tarot to focus on yourself, the man, and a moment in your past. Write down the date (or year, if that is all you can remember) and fill the page with your notes on him, yourself, and what the snake, the Sun and other symbols mean to you. What was happening? Picture the house or apartment at the time, your clothes, hair and his features too. Of course these are naked lovers so maybe you’ll see yourself without clothes at all. Next, draw a card which shows you what is hidden behind the clouds in The Lovers, that would benefit you to know – back then. Neither of you could see it at the time, but your future self can send the information back to your past self. You can talk to your past self. You can read her the interpretation of the card you draw, or write a letter to her. Let it go. Assume your past self received. If the experiment works, then at some point you will have evidence it landed. Classically you may suddenly remember something you had forgotten before – or so it seems. Or there may be an unexpected development with the man in question. Setting the intention is very important. The intention is ‘What do I need to send back to my past self, which she did not see at the time, which will make me happier now and in the future?’

  5. This is fascinating, Jessica. Unfortunately, I am in London and will not be able to attend the live session. Will you be recording it?

    1. Thanks Emma. I have asked the Tarot Guild of Australia about that and will post on Twitter and update this feature and the website, if so.

  6. Facinating! Just speechless right now as I try to process what I just read. I vividly remember that baby being taken by the Dingo it was even all over the news here in the US. I guess I never followed up, no social media then, I didn’t realize that the parents had gone to prison. How tragic and heartbreaking.

    There is a school of thought among physicists that all things are happening all at once so there is no past, present or future, just now. Your finding of the new path and beach made me think about this. All things exists now but we, personally, can only be on one path at a time, but all paths exists now and are happening now. It is such a rabbit hole.

    I am so exited to have checked your site just in time. I just signed up for the zoom meeting on this and will be there tonight (11:30pm my time) with my Smith-Waite Tarot deck in hand.

    Thanks Jessica!!


    1. Thank you GV. I hope you get a lot from the event on Zoom. Yes, there is a theory about time which is very similar to Tarot or astrology. It’s called Block Time. I am often featured in The Express so I’m glad you’ve reminded me they ran a feature. I’ll go and look now. I can add Block Time to this article to better explain what is going on.

  7. Amazing!
    Two of cups on whether we were both thinking of each other in a different way for a while now (I love the hesitancy of the figures in the card) and Ace of wands for the future question. At least there is potential..i guess

    1. The Tarot is amazing. The experiment is best attempted at night, before you go to sleep, as your sleeping, unconscious self may be better able to communicate with your past, sleeping, unconscious self. Focussing on The Lovers with yourself and your chosen man cast as the two people, fix a date in the past. A year will do, or preferably a full date. Remember who you were. Remember who he was. Remember the situation. Who or what was the snake, the tree, the volcano/mountain, the figure above in the sky? Your next card (say, the Ace of Wands) shows you what is behind the clouds or hidden from view, that will make your present and future happier. Once you know, transmit this to your past self. ‘Tell’ your past self the information – describe the card to her. Then let it go. See what happens – it may be instant – it may take weeks or even months – but there may be an outcome which is unmistakeable to you. And it improves your life.

  8. Last night I randomly had a dream about a man I was involved with 20 years ago. He was Aquarius and we had a on/off relationship which eventually ended. In the dream he asked me if I was okay and I said yes, and how lovely his wife was (who I have never met in person). I pulled the 9 of cups when asking what was the hidden story. what does this mean?

    1. You went off piste, but Pamela’s Tarot has a way of answering questions anyway. The meaning of the Nine of Cups is in the flipbook Pamela’s Tarot in your online library.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I got goosebumps when I saw the tarot cards I drew.
    OK, so the “man” in the Lovers card is my (Aquarian) female business partner from whom I want to break free. I have been totally exploited financially (by running myself the most profitable and difficult projects). A difficult and intense collaboration.
    When I asked “what is hidden in the clouds” the tarot card that showd up was The hanged man.
    Whan I asked “how can I change the past”, “Eight of swords” showed up. I copy paste a couple of paragraphs that are so spot on in describing my situation..beyond belief:
    1. “Use who or what hurt you to break free. That is the message of this card. It is a symbol of Mars (action) but also Uranus (the process of liberation). So, transiting Mars or Uranus may be involved, or there may be transits to your natal Mars or Uranus.”

    Mars and Uranus are currently opposite my sun and ascendant respectively.

    2. Instead, this woman must set about the determined task of using who/what hurt her, or threatened her, or encircled her, to break free.
    Not sure what the future hold in terms of my business development etc, but one thing I am sure of: i want to break free.
    Regards, win

    1. That’s an unusual approach. You cast the naked man in The Lovers as your female business partner. Has she had a penis sewn on? If you followed the rules of the experiment in sending the message back to yourself in time, you may have an interesting result.

  10. Thank you, Jessica, this is fascinating. I cast the male figure as someone I’ve been in a long-distance situation with. The timing was my birthday weekend back in May, when we met up for a short break. I understood he didn’t want commitment and after returning home I told him I didn’t want it either. To my surprise he was devastated and angry, and things have been difficult ever since.
    When I asked what was behind the clouds, two cards leapt out of the deck together: the Queen of Wands and the 3 of Wands. He is the King of Wands. I read this as he’d decided he wanted me to be his partner and that one or both of us should move so we could be together. I didn’t realise this and it would certainly explain his reaction at the time.

    1. I’m glad you joined the experiment. You went back in time to your May birthday, when you broke up. You cast yourself and your ex as the two lovers. You had two cards showing you what was hidden behind the clouds. The Queen of Wands and Three of Wands. The trick now is to write down what that means to you (or just take a screen shot of my interpretation, which you can also find in the flipbook Pamela’s Tarot in your library). Send this to yourself in the past. Read it aloud or just mentally press ‘send.’ See yourself as you were then. Watch to see what happens. It may be immediate or take a far longer time to show up, but if the experiment works, life will take a different, happier turn with your ex. Or perhaps with another lover.

  11. oH mY GOSH.

    I did the 10 steps.

    First thing I noticed looking at the Lovers Card is that only the face of the angel is symmetrical. Everything else is completely out of balance. His arms, his clothing, his hands, the trees, the clouds the moutains and the Lovers are not even looking at eachother. It is a completely unbalanced duet.

    The card I drew is the Two of Wands! Wow and this is what instantly caught my eye and I knew, like I saw in the Lover’s Card, the two are not together. “What is remarkable is the total lack of awareness of the second option, which is ignored. It’s all about ‘the one’ idea and not both together, or even both separately. This, together with the missing leg, brings a couple of useful reminders. One is to ground oneself and the project or plan. The other is to wake up and see that this is a duet or double-act. A pair. One is not more important than the other.”

    The relationship I am focusing on is the one with my former husband. We were eachother’s second spouse and we combined families. He had custody of his 2 kids and I mine. The kids got along great for the most part. We had discussed about how we wanted to raise them but he treated all the kids differently. It’s a long story but the bottom line is all of my frustration was based around the kids but I didn’t see it and just projected it as “him” but it was how the kids were not all treated the same like we promised in our vows.

    So I did the exercise and will report if anything happens before the comments close. But man what a powerful tool! I am so happy I did this.

    Thanks so much Jessica!


    1. The card is personal to you GV so when you see The Lovers as unbalanced, that’s a clue. Sending the information about the Two of Wands back to yourself in the past will hopefully result in a good outcome this weekend, or further into the future. You send this back to yourself when you were married to your former husband. You blended the family. Sending the Two of Wands information (as you see it) to yourself in the past is really important. Please do report back. What happens is usually circular – it feels as if a loop in time has closed.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I attended the Zoom Event today – and absolutely loved it!
    It was fascinating and illuminating and I can’t wait to learn more.
    I was trying to focus on a relationship that commenced in 93 and ended near the end of 95. Very soon after the ending (which I initiated, but in my heart, really did not want to end, still regret it, but was not a confident person) I met a person who is as close to a demon in real life, a Plutonian type if ever there was one, and a covertly narcissistic manipulator.
    The potential for the relationship I’d ended to resume (both were willing for a time) was quickly thwarted as I became a plaything for this other person.
    I have not had contact with the person from the relationship I was trying to focus on since early 96. Both were Aries.
    In the readings I did in your Zoom event today I pulled ‘Present 6 Wands’ ‘Future 10 Cups’.
    Then in the Exercise where we were to focus on ourself in the relationship with that person in the past, I think my fear dominated. I pulled ‘The Devil’ and the card immediately made me think of the awful person described above, instead of the wonderful human I was trying to focus on. I wrote the 1st letter to myself trying to warn myself about him.
    The Second Exercise/Letter, I tuned in more successfully I think, and I pulled ‘The World’. And that felt more appropriate for the person I was wanting to communicate with myself about.
    Is that possible? (I guess anything is?) could you provide any insight into what you think may have transpired there? I just went with my gut feeling about each card.
    In the Exercise where we focused on a part of ‘The Lovers’ I focused on the clouds and pulled ‘King of Swords’, and finally the card relating to finances (for me, a letter to myself in 2017) I pulled ‘Page of Wands’.
    I’m really curious about what seems like a mixup, I was trying to focus on a lost love, someone who I still dream about, wonder about and I firstly got a card that felt immediately like a blasting horn. I’m not usually daunted by The Devil card, but it was like looking at his face, getting in the way of what I actually wanted to achieve and wanted to see. 25+ years later, and he still won’t buzz off!
    I might try again, but I’m curious to see what comes out of the Aether from today.
    Again – thanks for such a fantastic session. I loved it.
    DinP xxx

    1. Thank you for coming to the Tarot Guild of Australia event on Zoom. The Devil card turned up and you wrote a letter to yourself in the past, warning yourself about him. The great thing about The Devil is that it takes very little for the woman to break free. The chains are loose. Once she realises that ‘the devil’ has no power over here (whatever or whomever that is) she can leave the scene. The World is yourself, of course, as you are the naked woman at the centre. The King of Swords is in fact a Mars or Aries influenced man. You may see results this weekend, or later – even months later – but they will usually be unmistakeable. Sometimes dreams can be unusual and tell you something. I have also seen physical ‘new evidence’ turn up about the past, which the person had forgotten all about – which alters everything – or you’ll sometimes find the man in question contacts you.

  13. This is so fascinating, Jessica. I asked what was behind the clouds and pulled the Ace of Swords. That shifted something in me. It’s completely changed my view of the past and how I’m feeling about the future. Wow. Much gratitude.

  14. Hey Jessica,
    I gave it a go. I focused on the last man I was interested in before COVID hit, that I have not seen in almost three years. It was a crush, nothing more, but the feelings were real and he tried to protect me in a difficult time. When I focused on the card and asked what was hidden in the clouds, I pulled The Sun. Which is rare for me. I interpret this as the birth of my granddaughter three months before COVID hit in the USA and everything changed. I offered to take her until she could be vaccinated and start daycare, and did not go back to the place where I worked and saw this person daily. Her dad ( my son in law), is immune compromised. It was very much the right decision but it has taken til now for the baby, (now toddler), to finally receive the second of three shots to protect her, and now she’s waiting for the third and last, and is on the waitlist for a daycare near my home.
    When I asked what was hidden in the situation that could give me a happier future I pulled Temperance, which again is a rare one for me. It certainly looks wonderful, but could you help interpret. The man actually has been protective still, but at long distance, in ways I’m not supposed to know. In the meantime, my spirituality has grown significantly, partially due to your website, and from my own spiritual advisor. As I’ve mentioned before, am eagerly awaiting the end of Pluto opposing natal Uranus and Diana and making a t square to natal Neptune and Moon in Libra. Wondering if there will be parties next March 23rd. Is the Temperance perhaps the spirituality that came into my life as a result of everything from the past three years, (my mom also passed last year, as I’ve mentioned before.) Groups coming in once I’m more free? Time to get feet wet, maybe? Does all this really change the past, or just how we view it? Thank you for such interesting and thought provoking material.

    1. That is a really impressive Tarot reading. You went back in time and found your granddaughter hidden in the story. Temperance used to mean abstinence from alcohol back in 1909 when Pamela Colman Smith created the card. The image itself is far richer and more complex; Aquarius is coded into the picture and you are entering an historic new phase as Saturn leaves Aquarius and Pluto enters in March 2023. You have a stellium at 6 and 11 Aquarius so will be on the road to a transformed social life and potentially quite a powerful role to play with one or more groups; very influential. So the future is speaking to the present here, and also the past, as of course we saw Jupiter and Saturn go through Aquarius from Christmas 2020. When you ask “Does this really change the past, or just how we view it?” it is fair to say that although some of the past can never be changed – a great deal can. The example of Australia is a good one. The whole nation lived a lie for decades in the case of Azaria Chamberlain and centuries in the case of the Mabo agreement. We chatted about that at the event; in small or big ways, anyone in Australia had their past shift, overnight, when history was corrected. You can’t have contradiction or paradox when you go back in time; if your granddaughter arrived, or COVID-19 arrived, those are irreversible facts with physical evidence, but there are other aspects of the past which only exist as neural pathways in your brain. That’s what the Tarot may be able to change. And – sometimes – physical evidence does turn up for a completely transformed story. That can occur too.

  15. Hi,
    Excellent work, and thank you for sharing. A person that is looking at their future is Oprah Winfrey’s. She is going to make an announcement., what do you think… tv, marriage, running for president… touring… what do she in her chart.

    Any advice for me looking at September, any offers coming in…, money, moving,

    1. Thank you. Winfrey will relaunch herself in March-June 2023 with a new image and role, so let’s see. Your astrological weather as a Sun Cancer person is all about professional opportunities or big new options in academia or voluntary work. These continue until Halloween when Jupiter changes signs. Yet, they will be back from around Christmas until May 2023 so you have plenty of time to pursue the biggest and best. The financial stretch you are going through shows up in your solar and natal chart; as a Cancerian you have Saturn with all his restrictions and heavy baggage to carry until March 2023; in your natal chart we find you have Taurus and Scorpio patterns, currently under transit from the lunar nodes. That ends in July 2023, so next year is the big unlocking for you. From March in particular it will become clear that if you want to find empowerment through finance, charity, business, property – you will need tremendous willpower – but long-term it will be worthwhile.

  16. Thank you so much Jessica for this early morning session
    It felt unreal for me, like I was travelling in a parallel world
    It like have been dreaming
    Looking forward to attend to the next ones 🙂
    I can only recommend it, for love, sorority and women power

    1. Thank you for coming along. The meditation that we did, put us into ‘Tarot time’ so a different sort of space-time, just for a couple of hours. I’ll pass that on to the Tarot Guild of Australia, too. See you at a future event, I hope.

  17. Hi Jessica. I did not join the session but I am very interested when you posted this article. About “lovers”. About how to change the past to improve future.

    I did mention in previous comment(but nearly not possible for you to remember since you have so many comments) that I broke up with my sexual partner in 2022 May.

    We first met 19 years before when we were year 1 in University. (Like you said in comment, karma from 18-19 years. I am hard hit) We have complicated story but she was also my soulmate and we chatted nearly everything without hiding to each other. We did everything lovers do but we never commit to be lovers. (She did have another partner)

    So I think of the exact date we broke up in late May 2022. And I look at the lover card, (I am the man and she is the woman in lover card) ask how I can change the past and improve my future life after breaking up.

    I draw six of cups. Yup it did interprete that we were young when we met, so as our pure spiritual connection without sex relationship which I suggested in 2021.

    The interpretation “ This card can turn up if a woman wants a man sexually but he wants to play at being pals.” also touched my heart. That’s what she wants but finally I want committed love relationship which she did not commit me.

    Actually now I interprete us as Karmic soulmate (which I just learnt this term one week before) that I owe her, she owes me. We learn from each other then we let each other go, and I am going to send her an email to conclude what I think and let all go.

    But will you have more interpretation on the card shown or from my chart?

    Thanks a lot Jessica. Your articles are always educational and make people improve themselves.

    1. The Six of Cups, which you drew as the hidden information behind the clouds in The Lovers, back in May 2022, may be useful to you now, if you write down a page or two about what you see in that card, in a letter to your past self. So, using Pamela’s Tarot (the flipbook in your library) to help with interpretation of that card, detail it, in a letter to yourself as you were in May 2022, just four or five months ago in time. If the experiment works, you will have already received the message, somehow. You may have forgotten it or ignored it. With any luck, though, you will now remember it, or remember ignoring it (!) or similar; either way there will be a turning point ahead which makes your love life in future, happier.

  18. Morning. its the day after the zoom. No dreams that I remember.
    It was the science that pinged me, wow, what a realization and how it added to my current reading.
    My indicators with The Lovers card, was my love from 1985. present 2 Disks, future knight of Wands. The 2 Disks made some sense, but I got nothing that stuck from the Knight.
    Concentrating on the Ace of Pentacles, I was concentrating on my Father and received the Princess of Disks, which I relate to my step-sister.
    Thanks for the Zoom, it got me to a new level, cheers

    1. The science behind Tarot is persuasive when the Block Universe (or Block Time) method is visualised. Our classic Past, Present, Future three-card reading is an illustration of that. Time is relative. So, arguably, 2022 is happening simultaneously with 2012 and 2032 and they are all linked. The repetition of symbols in the cards can show the link. It would not be a surprise if you did not know what the Knight of Wands meant at all in 1985. Describing that card in a letter to your past self will be interesting; you may have received it in 1985, ignored it (that can happen) or forgotten it. Forgetting is better; you can remember it now (and it will change your past) or it may come to you in the weeks and months ahead. The Tarot Guild of Australia may organise another Zoom event with me on the same principle, so stay tuned.

  19. Hi Jessica, I’d love to change my life and rewrite it. 14.8.65 Sydney nsw. I have pisces moon saturn 1st house. Venus pluto in virgo 7th house. I really dislike controlling partners towards me. TY. ATHENA MATSOS

  20. Good Evening Everyone!
    It was lovely to be part of the Zoom yesterday!
    Thanks so much to you Jessica and to the Tarot Guild for such a fantastic few hours. When we drew our cards for our past love, 3 actually flew out for me so I took note of all of them – The Seven of Wands, The Eight of Pentacles and the The Star which I can only hope means that I ‘have already had the crappy hard work relationships and they are now far behind me and the Sun-Shiny lovely one is actually just up ahead which brings sparkly brilliant happiness with my lot!’ – well that’s what I went to bed with in my mind last night anyway…Ha ha! 🙂
    As far as the relationship I was thinking about (in the 1990’s) I left the Country so I could start a new life and returned sometime later – we have been socially and connected (by other family since) off and on but lo and behold last year he made another move (yep 24 years later) to try to sneak back into my life again. It’s a firm Hell NO from me but it’s very unnerving. It just made me feel like this Man can always find me and I’ve nowhere to hide. While that might sound dramatic – yes, sadly, I absolutely do need to defend myself.

    1. Thank you. It is interesting that your ex from 24 years ago tried to get back with you. You don’t want it and have your reasons. You may want to follow the steps again and this time focus on yourself, with him, at that time and redraw a card to send information back to yourself. Just repeat what we did in the Zoom with the same intention; for the highest good.

  21. Hi Jessica & team, this sounds like it would have been a wonderful event, thank you and the Tarot Guild for organising !!
    Absolutely LOVE the idea of retrocausality, and multiverse and quantum conjectures – and I heard a GREAT podcast about this recently on Buddha at the Gas Pump (, where Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Astrology at Queen Mary University, London: Dr Bernard Carr, was interviewed. He studied his PhD on the first second after the Big Bang under Stephen Hawking, and is very interested in psychical reaearch – and in expanding scientific enquiry beyond the materialistic. Anyway – interview number #656, if you are interested!!
    I also love to send good wishes “to all sentient beings, in all directions of time and space” when I do loving kindness meditations – I do believe it can help us all.

    1. This is a good tip-off, thank you. Buddha at the Gas Pump sounds like a podcast I need to listen to now. I’ll just put the kettle on. Thanks so much.

  22. *(Sorry – to amend my comment above! (if published) Emeritus Professor Bernard Carr is professor of Mathematics and Astronomy – not Astrology, as I wrote.)

  23. Hi Jessica
    I normally am not so good at figuring out the meanings of the tarot but I went back to around 2009 and pictured myself. I was getting out of a controlling marriage to a well off shrewd Scorpio. I was looking my best and in great shape after a terrible accident which took me almost a year to recuperate from after some pretty sever injuries. I met my next husband and we bonded immediately. I eventually invested in him and with some struggle we were relatively successful but we have had a rollercoaster ride of obstacles and events that have led us to where we are now and definitely not in a good financial position like I was at that time. It’s very unsettling for me and maybe I am angry about it at times. Financial issues are the biggest obstacle for us but when I was in a financially comfortable situation (married) it was stifling. I always associate marriage with being trapped and have only done so because the man wanted to get married. I am not sure if I am the king or my ex is. Can you please give me your take? Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge. It is the most magnanimous gesture. I am so grateful for and impressed by your generosity.

    1. You contacted your past self in 2009 and you had your first marriage – now you are in your second marriage and money is a problem. Your first husband was rich but you were trapped. You need to follow the steps. Take The Lovers card out of the pack or slide it onto your desktop from Google Images. Cast yourself as the woman in 2009 and the man as your former husband. Now select a second card which will help make you happier in future. Write down what that cards means, or what it means to you, and tell your past self in 2009. With any luck, your old self will pick it up, or have picked it up. The results will come at any point from the next five minutes to the next five months or years. This is an experiment, so no guarantees, but it has worked really well for some people who were at the event. What often happens is that your old self, back in the past, has a dream with a message. The dream is forgotten. In the future, you have an ‘Aha!’ moment when you remember the dream. And the pattern of your life in love and sex, begins to reform itself. It’s very interesting.

  24. Note: in my long story in that comment, just want to say that I don’t think my kids’ stepmom being sick is Karma–I don’t think it’s a punishment. I was connecting the karma to my relationships with my kids. (They are being attentive and helpful children towards their step-mom & dad and I’m proud of them for that.) It felt like I lost them when I divorced, but I didn’t!

  25. Dear Jessica
    I was interested in this experiment but my result had an unusual twist. I focused back on an important critical time in my marriage when the Icelandic volcano erupted in April 2010 – the imagery I saw being the volcano in The Lovers card. I could not get a meaningful card to start a reading from my own Smith-Waite cards which I usually use. So I drew from your site instead and got “The World” and then realised I had not seen that card for a long time. I checked my cards and there were indeed only 77 with “The World” missing, I do not know for how long. So I think this is telling me that I have been missing “The World” for some unknown period, and maybe everything has been an incomplete picture.
    What do you advise here – is this the missing information do you think ? Am fairly disturbed at the experiment result not sure how to react and where to take this next. Thank you for the post though I clearly needed to know (something).

    1. How extraordinary that The World went missing from your Tarot deck. This happened to me some years ago. Different card, but I had 77 in the deck and not 78. When I found the missing card in my study, it spoke volumes. I find your experiment fascinating. Your quantum cloud of uncertainty in the past was foreigners and foreign countries. Possibly Iceland, which you mention, but the lion may be the United Kingdom and the bull may be Spain. The eagle may be America. The blonde person in the top-left-hand corner looks Nordic. Follow the steps and write a letter to your past self from April 2010 describing The World card to her. You can seal it in an envelope and put it away somewhere. Some people get immediate results. Others take months or even years but they join the dots and realise the message got through and the time loop has completed.

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