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The China Astrology Chart – Evidence

Evidence for the China Astrology Chart

On 15th March 2022 I posted a China astrology chart set for 1st January 1912 using 12.00 noon as the ‘birth’ time (because it is unknown) in Nanking. I had a few Chinese readers disagreeing. Now we can check back and confirm predictions (date-stamped) to prove the evidence. The best-performing China astrology chart is indeed 1st January 1912.

From this we can also predict China’s attempt to declare war in 2023.

It won’t work. In fact, this chart shows going into partnership with Russia was China’s first mistake (you can see this for yourself, if you know astrology, below). The chart also shows the end of globalisation, transforming the country.  (Image: Andrew Haimer, Unsplash).

0004 1 scaled 1 - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence

The Validated China Astrology Chart Predictions – About April 2022

The dates you read here were published on March 18th 2022, about April 18th, one month later. I predicted an economic crisis. A change in China’s place in the world order. A change in Chinese leadership – “the first phase in upheaval.” I also forecast that Xi Jinping’s leadership would implode in April 2022. The original prediction based on the correct Chinese astrology chart is here, followed by seven validated April 2022 news stories about Xi’s leadership implosion.

Screen Shot 2022 09 05 at 12.36.04 pm - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence

Screen Shot 2022 09 05 at 12.37.38 pm - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence

Screen Shot 2022 09 05 at 12.36.38 pm - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence

Screen Shot 2022 09 05 at 12.39.31 pm - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence

Screen Shot 2022 09 05 at 12.43.52 pm - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence

Screen Shot 2022 09 05 at 12.42.35 pm - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence

Screen Shot 2022 09 06 at 22.47.35 - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence Screen Shot 2022 09 06 at 22.47.46 - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence Screen Shot 2022 09 06 at 22.48.24 - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence Screen Shot 2022 09 06 at 22.51.33 - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence

China, Russia and War in 2023

We are back in a war cycle in 2023. It’s pretty basic astrology. Jupiter is in Aries, ruled by Mars, the god of war. Aries rules the armed forces. The lunar nodes are back in Aries-Libra, which specifically rules war and peace. It commonly appears when two nations decide to form an alliance, shoulder to shoulder.

That’s the broad picture of 2023. It will be Russia and China, who both have aggressive Aries factors in their ‘birth’ charts and will not be able to resist getting into bed together. It won’t work. And this isn’t World War Three.

Astrology is grounded in sociology. We don’t have a war generation. Not the way they had it in the Second World War.

Dates for China, Russia and Declarations of War

Nothing significant happens until the lunar nodes go backwards to Aries-Libra from Tuesday 18th July. The fuse for war will have been lit some months before, on the Jupiter in Aries cycle, from Wednesday 21st December 2022 until Tuesday 16th May 2023. That combination of Jupiter and Chiron together in the sign of soldiers, sailors and pilots suggests male bravado, cockiness and optimism. It’s a war drum beating.

What you really need is the old karma of the Second World War, though, as there are debts that were never settled, spiritually. There was never closure.

That comes in when the lunar nodes go to Aries-Libra, just as they did in the Forties, from Tuesday 18th July 2023 until January 11th 2025. Chiron remains there, also in Aries, throughout.

Eclipses and a China-Russia Cover-Up

You’d be watching Thursday 20th April 2023 when we have a New Moon Eclipse at 29 Aries. That is just one degree away from the China North Node at 28 Aries and South Node at 29 Libra. Allow a day either side, but the world will be hoodwinked then. China herself may be hoodwinked.

The following month Jupiter goes to 28, 29 Aries on Tuesday 9th May until Tuesday 16th May. That can only happen once in 12 years and it’s right on China’s war karma axis: the lunar nodes in Aries-Libra.

That is sabre-rattling by China. You’d also be watching Mars (the god of war himself) going to Cancer (the sign of patriotism and nationalism) to 28, 29 degrees on Thursday 18th May 2023, but also Friday 19th and Saturday 20th May.

Whatever China does on those days she has to answer for. So does Russia.

The Russia Astrology Chart

There are a few charts for Russia. The one that works best is set for 8th December 1999 at 5.06pm – we are now in the era of Belarus and Ukraine. She was reborn with Ceres at 28 Virgo. That is a statement about COVID-19. Foreigners and foreign countries are shown by the square by Juno at 29 Sagittarius and Aesculapia at 28 Sagittarius,  to 28, 29 Virgo.

There are some critical questions for China and Russia, about who and what has the power, when Pluto goes to 29 Capricorn and forms a T-Square with her lunar nodes, and that’s in the time-frame right after the cover-up.

So, Monday 12th June 2023 until Sunday 21st January 2024. This looks like a crisis to me. As always with astrology the whole point is – public awareness – cutting through the noise – asking the right questions – keeping the stakes low.

I’m going to finish with some old predictions about Russia and China, filed in that original China astrology chart forecast. They were mad to ever get in bed together and both Putin and Xi seem doomed to me, by (at the absolute latest) January 21st 2024. You might call it, Decline and Fall, to quote Waugh.

RUSSIA NEW 04 scaled - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence

Recorded Predictions about Russia and China

Screen Shot 2022 09 05 at 12.35.28 pm - The China Astrology Chart - Evidence


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37 Responses

  1. An explosion at the top in April 2022, an inplosion of upheavel at the top. The media are predicting Xi doing another 5 year term later this year. It does not appear Xi is going anywhere. It does not appear to the public or world there will be a change in leadership any time soon. What are your thoughts?

    1. Read the story again please. I don’t know how much more evidence you need about Xi and April 2022. Astrology predicts the future. This is about the future. It literally hasn’t happened yet! Too funny.

  2. There is so much I want to say about this but I’ve not had one minute to myself to get my thoughts clear. However, I do want to ask one question!

    When I think of China I think of the Tao, Confusious, TCM, Accupuncture, Huiyuan, Zen, Tai Chi, Qi gong. I just can’t ignore that part of ancient China.

    It appears when a nation gets a new government, thus a new chart, that all falls apart. Of course is could get better I guess but how is it that the old chart(s) seem to disappear? Such a magical land with so much deep ancient wisdom. like most of Asia.

    Would be nice if we could pick a perfect date in the future, a date that represents, freedom, love, compassion, for all, and then just make every country new on that date! 😉


    1. Good point about a nation’s history GV. The problem for China is that Communism wiped out the I-Ching and Asian astrology along with other parts of the culture. Countries do hang on to old charts, if the old culture lives on in the buildings or the natural environment. China has ruined her natural environment and so not much is left of the old country; you can’t really use the old charts. And they don’t work. This one does. Xi imploded in April.

  3. Hi and many thanks for sharing the knowledge.
    There are prophets who used to say almost 50 y ago that these two countries actually will end up with war each against the other…
    Jessica what do you think about Greece-Turkie tensions?

    1. The United Nations, the EU, NATO and other groups of nations will reboot, revive, resurrect and become more powerful, with a restart in March-June 2023 and then reshuffles later. You will see some countries leave the EU. Greece and Turkey will be sorted out by the other nations. Pluto in Aquarius – we are entering the era when many different tribes will share the power. The corruption from the top down is over.

  4. What if a person has a similar chart to all these crazy world events next summer…should I prepare for chaos or just call it exciting transformation …I have Pluto transit on 27 degree cap moon and opposite 29cancer sun and square 23 Aries Jupiter – Xoxoxo

    1. The transit of Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to your Sun and in conjunction with your Moon is the story here. Pluto tends to show up as a dominating man. Sometimes a whole lot of dominating men. It never works out for them; the more they try to take over and control your life, the more certain their demise, disappearance or demotion becomes. While it goes on, push back and use self-control and willpower to run your own world. You will become empowered and the strength will be permanent. Try not to buy or rent new property with Pluto opposite your Cancer Sun in the Fourth House, or add to the family by having a child (it’s too hard). Your career, unpaid work or academic career will take the Pluto conjunction, and you can expect a reshuffle in the balance of power in December, January in your chosen field or space.

  5. Jessica, hello! Recently joined your blog and happy to see so much great content! I am from Russia, very concerned for country future, and also read couple of Russian astrologists materials on the same star situations. What is interesting, your and their predictions are similar in factual points, but completely different in interpretation. You say “What you really need is the old karma of the Second World War, though, as there are debts that were never settled, spiritually. There was never closure.” They say basically the same, but meaning that some nazi officers and their collaborants who were involved in WW2 managed to escape punishment, moved all over the world, lived happily ever after, and now their descendants (namely Chrystia Freeland, whose grandfather was collaborating with German army in Ukraine, Donald Tusk’s grandfather was an officer in SS, etc) try to get back at Russia by sponsoring nazistic government in Ukraine, that Russia needs to fight for her own safety. So basically they say Russia did not manage to completely solve nationalist agenda nack then and is now finishing the task for good. Can you please comment?

  6. 1st Jan 1912 is related to Taiwan government that formed the Republic. Does it mean that Taiwan will be affected?

    China generally is not interested in events that affect the rest of the world. The world China in Mandarin means The Central Country – it is only interested in itself. China does not trust Russia due to historically reason. Many people died of starvation in China directly due to Khrushchev. That part of the history is never forgotten and the trust of Russia is not strong.

  7. Unsure why you are using the 1912 birth date for China as PRC was inaugurated in 1949.

    In any case, I live and travel between U.K. and Malaysia and am close with the Chinese community in China and SE Asia.

    China and Russia have the upper hand in the current conflict and Xi is still widely supported in the country. Religious freedom has blossomed in recent years and wisdom culture is still alive. China has 2000 years of “modern” history and people have not forgotten.

    The Chinese community overseas I came across are disgusted with what the western nations have done and are supportive of multi polarity new world order.

    No one is trying to start WW3. People just want to be left alone to lead their own lives.

    1. I have readers based in Australia like you. They do not agree with you that Russia and China have the upper hand in the war on Ukraine. I disagree with you about a 1949 astrology chart as you’ve read; this is the only chart that works for China once we test it against the April outcome headlines. And who on earth is trying to start World War Three? I’m not sure where you’ve read that! Too funny.

    1. Retrogrades galore in September and October 2022. So much of the power shifts at the top of global governments and monarchies are taking place on multiple retrogrades; so from November we will be rethinking, retracting statements, reconsidering our position, rescheduling what we planned. That includes Xi.

  8. Jessica- Many thanks for this wonderfully detailed analysis! Are there any echoes of the astrology at the end of WWI or WWII? There was so much fighting and fluid borders then near Vladivostok. Those lands and waters bordering the Bering Sea are still sensitive to more than Russia and China.

    1. We’re seeing similar transits to 1939, 1940, yes. What we are seeing in 2022, 2023 is karma from that time. Countries owe each other. Debts and credits must be settled and closure must come by March 2023 when the lunar nodes finally move on. I filed a prediction on Substack about this before Putin attacked Russia, which is still up, if you want to check.

  9. Xi is perhaps the chosen one to destroy his own communist regime. He got a rolls-royce from predecessors but he dissembled it. To many Hongkongers, he is the most suitable person to accelerate its painful and stupid progress. If the side effect is also to destroy Hong Kong, so be it. The finale will be the same, sooner or later. People has learnt to be as flexible as water, which can flow or crash.

    1. Xi is a good example of a Pluto in Capricorn Plutocrat. A man out of time, actually. All these people chatting about Xi becoming some kind of everlasting grand poobah for China for all time aren’t using astrology. You really don’t get Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023 without diversity, community and equality. Where are the women? That’s a sure sign that he’s not long for power. I like your saying about water; I quite agree.

  10. Interesting forecast for China and thank you for that. There is an old saying- “What goes around comes around”!! Time will tell.

    It will be interesting to know about India and its leader. And Afghanistan as well after all that has happened. Can you do a blog on that separately pls?

    I am interested in the bigger picture and the patterns of events.

    1. I filed predictions about India a long time ago. Women will rise. Pluto in Aquarius always helps women find better financial equality, in particular, with men and operate on an equal footing as the tides of time turn. I am not entirely sure that is Modi’s calling card! Afghanistan is on a long list, I’m afraid.

    1. I love the way ‘experts predict he will act.’ I’d rather rely on good old-fashioned astrology. The Russia chart is…pretty unspeakable.

  11. World on nuclear alert after Vladimir Putin is humiliated in Ukraine as experts predict he will act
    Kyiv claims its forces have forced Russian troops out of over 1,000 square miles of land in a stunning counter-offensive

    Fears of a nuclear war have heightened after Russian forces faced a humiliating defeat in Ukraine.

    In a stunning counterattack, Ukrainian forces have reportedly pushed Vladimir Putin’s soldiers back, in some places right to the Russian border. It is claimed over 1,000 square miles of territory are now back in Ukrainian hands.

    But concerns have been raised about what action Putin may take now. Experts believe, that with his back against the wall, he may look to use a nuclear weapon on the battlefield.

    Among them is Professor Mark Almond, director of the Crisis Research Institute, Oxford. Writing in the Daily Mail, he predicted Putin would be made a “scapegoat” for the failures of the Russian military by generals and spy chiefs.

    But he warned that could lead him to do something desperate. He said: “He will never retire – or be retired. An ousted Putin would more likely suffer a nasty ‘fall’ or sudden fatal ‘illness’ – like so many of his own critics during the ugly years of his presidency.

    “And that, conversely, is why we may be approaching the most dangerous moment in the war. Schooled in Russia’s history and the ignominious end of so many of its leaders, Putin might be willing to do anything to prevent his assassination – even going nuclear to save his own skin.

    “‘Tactical’ nuclear weapons could be fired at Ukrainian troops to block advances – with devastating results. Even a ‘battlefield’ use of WMD – not that the fallout would discriminate between soldier and civilian – would hurtle the world past a threshold not crossed since 1945.”

    He added that such a move could force America and China to act in a similar manner. He said: “Could the USA possibly stand aside? Wouldn’t President Biden instead have to threaten American intervention to try to stop further use of nukes? Would China stand by its Russian ally?

    “These are questions with potentially chilling answers. This counter-offensive is hugely significant, then – and we must cheer that Ukraine has gained a crucial military initiative. The risk, however, is that it prompts a far more terrible response.”

    Kyiv military leaders claimed their forces had entered vital supply towns Izyum and Kupiansk. Celebrating Ukrainian troops were pictured at the entrance to Vasylenkove in Kharkiv and have established full control over the city of Balakliya.

    It is the biggest counter-offensive since World War II. Reacting to the news, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky addressed Russia directly, saying: “Do you still think you can intimidate, break us, force us to make concessions? Did you really not understand anything? Don’t understand who we are? What we stand for? What we are talking about?

    “Read my lips. Cold, hunger, darkness and thirst for us are not as scary and deadly as your ‘friendship’ and brotherhood.’ We will be with gas, lights, water and food… and without you.”

    1. Thank you for cutting and pasting this news story. As for the nuclear question, you have to remember Vladimir lives in the 1980s right down to the nylon tracksuits and the obsession with James Bond films (it shows in his strategies for all to see). So of course Vlad is cultivating a nuclear threat. There will be proper war games when we begin the Aries weather of 2023 and not before, if you’re talking nuclear threat. It won’t work; China and Russia are in slow collapse, breaking down not building up. Those charts predicted it and they will go on predicting it for some time. NATO will be involved in 2023 as she was founded with the North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra so will have her nodal return. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation shows a close trine from Mercury (intelligence) at 24 Virgo (the services) to Jupiter (good fortune, protection) at 23 Capricorn (the men at the top). Formidable and permanent; MI5, MI6, the CIA and FBI are quite the force.

    1. If you look at Putin on Search you will find an article about him and Ukraine, where I predict the beginning of the end for him. It all began three or four days ago; there’s quite a big conversation about it taking place @jessicacadams.

    1. There are a couple of things happening with world leaders now, on multiple retrogrades. The preparation for Xi is one. The preparation for Charles is another. So many cycles pulling backwards and getting stuck later, Robin. So we watch and wait.

  12. Jessica really don’t know how to thank you. Your predictions give me confidence and serenity for the future. I am happy that NATO will defeat Putin in 2023. I had some concerns about nuclear tactical weapons and their use in many European countries including Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland.

    1. Romania is part of the big transition away from Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, towards united people power in a reshaped United Nations, EU and NATO, starting March-June 2023 and then picking up speed in 2024, 2025. For as long as Romania is united with the rest of Europe she will be in a powerful new position. Putin is in what Waugh called Decline and Fall.

  13. Hi Jessica, A vedic astrologer last year told me China’s chart in 10-15 yrs is so strong there’s a chance the US might be ordering pizza from a mandarin and English menu. Curious to know what do you think about this? Thank you!

  14. Thank you Jessica. Your predictions gives me much needed optimism.

    Having grown up in South Africa with the broader continent featuring far lower on the global scale, do you see what the new world order brings for Africa and its people, many of whom are at the mercy of tyrannical leaders who have long overstayed their power, despite having had so called free and fair elections?

    1. Africa is pulled into the new Pluto in Aquarius cycle, along with every other nation, from March 2023. This is a momentous change for the world as we’ve not seen it since the French Revolution and the end of George III as well. So it’s system change, away from plutocrats at the top and towards the people as a whole. The tyrants in Africa are already yesterday’s news and from March, when Pluto changes signs, will be going, going, gone. All Pluto (power) can do after that is go backwards in Capricorn, the sign of the ambitious man at the top – before disappearing. So the future for Africa looks very different. Pluto in Aquarius is about the influence, control and clout of the community and also the global community. So the United Nations will play a part in what happens next; women are going to rise and from 2030, female equality in terms of power is quite normal.

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