The Liz Truss Astrology Chart

The Astrology Chart for PM Liz Truss

The new British Prime Minister Liz Truss told the media in September 2022, that she didn’t think predictions were a good idea. Yet, astrology and the Tarot both predicted a blonde female PM to succeed Thatcher and May, up to two years ago now.

If you missed my psychic astrology predictions about Liz Truss, here they are again.

The first prediction was published on my website on 1st January 2020. I used the new British astrology chart (set for Brexit) to make it here.

The second prediction was published on the 2nd of January 2021, so one year ago.

True Astrology Predictions – The Third Female Prime Minister

Screen Shot 2022 09 05 at 21.39.20 - The Liz Truss Astrology Chart Screen Shot 2022 09 05 at 21.42.42 - The Liz Truss Astrology Chart Screen Shot 2022 09 05 at 21.43.19 - The Liz Truss Astrology Chart

The Liz Truss Natal Chart – Astrology Explained

We don’t have a birth time for Liz Truss, so we use 12 noon. We know she was born in Oxford on 26th July 1975. From this chart, we can see what the future holds. Will Boris Johnson attempt to retake his power? Will an election result in another Conservative victory, a Labor win or a hung parliament with Liberal Democrat control? As I write this on Monday 5th September 2022, Prime Minister Truss is under scrutiny.

She is green enough to have refused to sell off forests in her constituency. Green enough to have admitted climate change was real and defended British bees. She is also charged with being responsible for the raw sewage going into the English channel by her critics at The Guardian.

The Liz Truss Green Backflip

Based on the chart below, I am calling a green backflip for PM Truss. She has already backflipped once on Brexit (she voted Remain but has converted to Leave since). She told the BBC, “I was an environmentalist before it was fashionable.” She was also a Liberal Democrat before she became a Conservative.


When Does PM Truss ‘Lean Green?’

Juno at 17 Cancer and Mars at 17 Taurus show that when transiting Uranus (shock) goes to 17 Taurus she’ll lean green. So that’s Thursday 13th October until Monday 7th November 2022. Then April 6th until 23rd, 2023.

The Liz Truss Aries Stellium

Her father, Professor John Truss, is a Green Party member, according to easily the best interview with Truss to date; a profile in YOU magazine.


The Next 12 Months – September 2022 to September 2023

I am predicting a backflip on green/Greens/Liberal Democrat issues from the capital C Conservative Truss, because of the radical, shocking, surprising Uranus in Taurus transit, right across her Mars at 17 Taurus, a symbol of rapid action on finance. Tied to Juno in Cancer, that also shows her homeland: the United Kingdom.

Truss will be juggling an unpredictable, erratic economy until September 2023 (no surprises there). Foreign trade uncertainties, Greenpeace, her own investments (on a personal note) and the balance of payments will dominate her.

There will be stormy weather in the United Kingdom, just as there was when she arrived at 10 Downing Street. The astrology does have a suggestion about that.

Downing Street RAWPIXEL 300x225 - The Liz Truss Astrology Chart
Downing Street/RAWPIXEL

Boudicca on a Bicycle – PM Truss

I’ve made a few predictions about this mysterious third female Prime Minister since January 10th, 2020. My favourite is about the arrival of ‘Boudicca on a bicycle.’ This forecast was made with the headline ‘Local Tribes in the United Kingdom’ and you saw it on this website way back on 11th January 2022 – eight months before Boris Johnson resigned and Liz Truss arrived.

The new Prime Minister herself posted a Twitter photograph of her riding a British Brompton bicycle in Sydney. (This export market for fold-up electric bicycles will be huge from May 26th 2024 and the UK may have the world’s number one brand from July 8th 2025, if she plays her cards right).

Uranus in Taurus and the Truss Chart

Uranus in Taurus only happens once in the Prime Minister’s lifetime and it happens as she goes into power. She’ll juggle constantly. The problem is actually her mindset; like an accountant who can’t let go of an old way of thinking about money, she really needs to stop and reset her approach, according to the horoscope. So does her team.

The UK economic system (according to both the new Prime Minister’s chart, and the British horoscope) should be replaced with something fit for purpose.

Floods and Trade Uncertainty

In a year when Climate Emergency, flooding and appalling water pollution has to be sorted out along with trade turmoil and even basic Brexit issues about the United Kingdom’s fishing rights – the astrology is firm. Unless there is a radically different economic model in place, which has far greater room for all that is unpredictable – the new PM will spend her entire time trying to manage the unmanageable.

The Truss Team Reshuffle

The team she goes in with, as I publish this on the week beginning Monday 5th September 2022, is not the team she ends up with. There will be sackings and/or resignations as various men need to be reminded she is the Prime Minister.

The European Union

There is another old prediction about the new female Prime Minister and the new United Kingdom. “A naturally green, media-friendly, female leader.” And not only that, but “an entirely new relationship with Europe in the stars.” Truss will shock many.

The Next UK Election

And the next election? It belongs to the best green economist in the nation. This is a man, not a woman. He’ll be very good with money, have a commitment to ‘This Green and Pleasant Land’ and understand agriculture and primary production. If PM Truss wants to ride out the storm on her fold-up electric Brompton bike, she’ll make sure she has the best money man in the U.K.

This is an AstroGold chart using asteroids, for the new British PM – and the Natural House System, also called Aries 0. (Main image: Wikimedia Commons.)


Liz Truss - The Liz Truss Astrology Chart


Feature published on 7th September 22. Images updated on 23rd May 2024. Main image: Liz Truss/Rawpixel.

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102 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    I love reading your astrology. I found you when I was looking for things on Brexit ,just before it happened.
    I see that you predicted a woman prime minister ages ago, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be Penny as you said not so well know to everyone. I did notice you said( Liz) would be strong and sort out lots of things including the NHS. In her new reading you say she has so much to do and juggle. Can you see her being successful and helping us out of this very big hole. Also I’m a Capricorn and born in 62, I struggle just like everyone else, can you see through astrology if I will get through, I’ve also been on my own for 30 years but feel ready to meet someone now, can you see a good time for me to build up my confidence and find someone. I totally love your site and find your work fascinating. Thank you

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you found the Brexit prediction. The prediction of a female Prime Minister made two years ago is indeed Liz Truss. She will be an excellent Prime Minister but the key is her team. She will appoint stars, not nobodies and together they will make a fantastic difference to the United Kingdom as Pluto goes into Aquarius, the sign of feminism but also the group. If you are a Sun Capricorn and want a lover you will have several chances until 2026 with Uranus and then Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023 until May 2024. Don’t think marriage, think courtship. The key will be his children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews – or your own. That’s the change.

  2. As I’m reading this. I’m wondering if the Star woman is another yet to come into view. The power behind the throne as you mentioned before . A match for the new green man perhaps. Not to get too personal. My feeling is Liz Truss is part of the old order problem not the solution. She has her part to play though in endings not beginnings. We’re watching the changes unfold.

    1. Liz Truss will flip Green. She has flipped twice in her life. Once from Liberal Democrat to Conservative, and twice from Remain to Leave. She will do it again. She has a huge stellium in Cancer, the sign of Mother Nature, Mother Earth and the Mother Country (the British Isles for her) and she will act on the rivers and the sea as a priority. Her chosen team will be ‘Green and Pleasant Land’ once Pluto is safely in Aquarius; March 2023.

  3. Fascinating Jessica but what wil this mean for Scotland will independence still happen though Liz is trying to block it as new pm

    1. I’ve put this down on Twitter and here a few times over the years; Scotland will become independent. That fireball going over Scotland when Her Majesty the Queen was laid to rest was historically significant.

  4. Thanks Jessica for this article about Liz Truss. I really hope she begins to turn the UK around. I have been living in Australia since 2007, but increasingly wanting to return home, but have been put off by the chaos there and my financial dire straits. Can you see improvement?

    1. The United Kingdom is going through the classic transition of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius which she last saw when people power started coming in, and the old absolute monarchy started going out. And here we are again. You may want to wait until the transition is over.

  5. Jessica. Please help out my lost sad self. The ‘special master’ drama with Trump has me so riled up (that and grief Biden is getting for his speech – because CNN has flipped to the dark side). The country is quickly slipping to fascism. We’ve lost our press & now our courts are fully compromised (Supreme & Federal alike).

    I have read and re-read your responses to past comments when you shared that the current Republican party is out of the door (for good) in the next 6 to 8 months. You had also mentioned Trump is out of the door soon too. He doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and is destroying our nation. Is this really that final push of darkness before things look better next March? It’s unreal how much she has gotten away with. Do you have any hope to offer? Will Merrill deliver long overdue justice?

    1. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are such stunning examples of Pluto in Capricorn Plutocrats that having started their decline, they will fall from March 2023 when Pluto exits that sign. Their power has gone from that point and they can only retrace their steps until the end. You tend to get the worst of the cycle before Pluto comes into Aquarius. It was the same during the French Revolution; Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette at their most odious before the guillotine came. There is historically tremendous frustration and you also find things break down – in the natural world – before the shift back to people power. The fact that Trump and Putin treat women the way they have, guarantees a dramatic exit for both. Aquarius is about feminism as much as anything.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the quick and amazing insights into the new PM. I hope she brings some sense and stability in the country that it so badly needs.

    Again, your predictions about the 3rd female PM of UK were absolutely spot on!

    The next PM would be the best economist in the country and very good with money. Rishi Sunak has declared his intention to run again in next election. Do you think he has any chances? He is considered safe pair of hands with finances?

    1. Thank you. The next Prime Minister is extremely good with money, primary industry and the environment. And that’s all we know.

  7. As you point out in the analysis, Truss will not be successful, but there will be a man who will succeed. I completely distrust a lady who said she will push the nuclear button, she is dangerous just for having said that. Moreover she has flipped various times in her life, so as a Lion she is just seeking the top of her career… never trust flipping creatures, they are prone to be traitors ! Waiting for the man, maybe it is King Charles the man who goes green, he has already been a pioneer of bio agriculture. Mars in Gemini for a Lion should be difficult, moreover Truss comes to prime Minister role 6th September 2022 (6/9/2022 latin way of writing… 666 because 2022 is a 6 year and 9 is inverse way to write 6, and the day is 6th), not a good sign, this is satanic influence !!!! I’m fond of numerology and Nostradamus, our French great psychic, too !

  8. And the next election? It belongs to the best green economist in the nation. This is a man, not a woman. He’ll be very good with money, have a commitment to ‘This Green and Pleasant Land’ and understand agriculture and primary production.

    King Charles and his influence?

    1. The House of Windsor influence, yes, as Charles and William both care about stopping Climate Emergency.

  9. That’s amazing on (best green economist) I thought of Prince Charles and Prince William as soon as you said that. They are both very green / planet/ and know so much on agriculture. Also I noticed you said Liz father is green. I also remember you saying a few years ago about cleaning the river Thames and other waters and rivers up in the Uk, and we could swim in them. This is all such positive information, especially after hearing sewage into the sea.
    So many predictions are happening right now.
    Thank you Jessica. Also how would I know if I’m a sun Capricorn. Dob 19/01/62
    Kindest Regards

    1. Thanks Debbie. PM Liz Truss has backflipped three times in her life. She was against the Queen as a teenager; now she has been sworn in by Her Majesty at Balmoral. She was a Liberal Democrat who changed to Conservative. She was a Remain voter who switched to Leave. The next big backflip is coming as transiting Uranus is in conjunction with her Mars, sextile her Juno. She’ll lean green. Yes, she will clean up the filthy rivers and sea in the British Isles. The key to all this is her team. The people she has appointed in September 2022 will not be the people she ends up with later. And you are most definitely a Sun Capricorn.

  10. I have followed your posts for some years. I am yet to be a premium member, given the current circumstances. When are we getting an article on Fate, Free Will and Astrology from your perspective? And with cases to buttress your well-informed views. It will be so welcome, I think. Thanks.

    1. Good question. Fate, free will and astrology is a matter of quantum physics; the Many Worlds or Multiverse theory making the most sense, to the majority of scientists, and to me as an astrologer. She who measures reality, finds reality. There are multiple realities. We have ended up in one where Liz Truss is PM and clearly Tarot and astrology predict the future. So the next question is, why? The unconscious mind knits together all kinds of things, but only you know the answer to your own unconscious.

  11. hi Jessica, I love this blog. fascinating to see the Aries and Cancer stellium and a summary of her ideological reversals and so heartening to think she will be focused on both economics and the environment..worrying to see an Aries stellium at the helm when war is on the minds of major global players. I apologise if I am remembering this wrong but I believe one of your posts said Brexit was another step toward the UK’s split up and eventual return to the state it was in Roman times. Do you have any insights what this means, with Liz Truss in charge and on the timeline to this? I read last week that India has overtaken Britain’s GDP. thank you.

    1. Thank you. I’m afraid we can’t stop war noises and sabre-rattling when Jupiter is in Aries, the North Node goes into Aries and joins Chiron in Aries (sign of the military commander). That’s a way off. It all gathers speed in 2023 and becomes a reality from July next year. I doubt it will get very far; we’re just not in that world war cycle, thank goodness. Yes, Scotland will leave the United Kingdom of Great Britain and it is very likely Ireland will reunite – that is based on the Roman invasion chart, now about 2000 years old! That’s quite a long prediction; I foresaw that Scotland would vote to stay in the referendum, at the same time that I saw the end of the EU. One has happened, the other will follow eventually.

  12. Although I love that she will backflip her party will not stand for it. They’ve put profit before ppl abd Driven many into poverty? Does she end this? She’s indicated she will bonfire workers rights etc. Unless you basically changes party I don’t see how she flips so much whilst maintaining power within her party. Is her role going to be short lived, will we have an election soon. In terms of womens rights and culture wars she and her party have been awful!

    1. I’m not sure historians would agree with you that the Conservatives have been ‘awful’ on women’s rights. This is their third female Prime Minister; quite rare in leading nations. Opinion is always interesting. I am an astrologer. I predicted a third female PM and here she is. I did it 2 years ago.

  13. Hi Jessica

    We’ll done on the prediction! The more that are coming true from Trump going away, Biden winning and Albo with a totally reshaped ‘Aquarian’ parliament the more confident and comforted I feel about the future.

    Anyway, this antipodean is desperate to do the big UK & Ireland trip (I have never been) and I was wondering if there will be a good time in the near-ish future to visit? Obviously covid is a consideration but even if I took a calculated risk with that I’m concerned the energy crisis and other things might make it a poor time to visit.


    1. Thank you Sharlene. The worst is yet to come with COVID-19 and Monkeypox as we will see from March 2023. The problem is not actually the viruses, it is travel, so you have to make your own ethical or moral decisions about that. 2023, 2024 and 2025 are easily the biggest crisis yet for public health as Saturn opposes the Virgo and Sixth House placements of billions. The big travel revolution is 2026, for many years into the future and a vast improvement but you may have to take short hops to get from Australia and New Zealand to the United Kingdom; planes won’t run on kerosene any more.

  14. Jessica. Not sure if you came across my comment yesterday. Please give us something to work with in the US. It is dire times. Each day brings more bombshell news. What do the next few months bring for Trump, Garland, etc.

    1. Donald Trump is finished and will take Melania with him. The Democrats will win the Midterms.

  15. Godspeed to your words. We feel like we are living in a twilight zone right now – with no end to it. Your comments about this topic have always brought some solace. (It’s unfortunate a part of our country has become a dangerous cult – but that’s something we’ll have to deal with for years ahead.)

  16. Informative as ever. I was very unsure about the new PM choices and did not particularly like either. I am reassured that you predict Liz Truss will eventually lean towards the green side as it is something we should all take a lot more seriously. It gives me hope! Being a stellium virgo (7) I worry a great deal, especially as struggle has been a theme for me both financially and emotionally. Travel or emigrating would be my dream but is it in my stars with travel looking like it will be very limited in the coming years?

    1. Thank you. You will emigrate by 2026 if you are ever going to do it, and it will happen suddenly, and be very exciting. Just remember emigration is commitment as airlines will begin to collapse from 2026. Fares among the surviving airlines will rise. PM Truss is a backflipper. She has flipped on the monarchy, the Liberal Democrats and Brexit and she will flip on the environment. Her chart shows Uranus in conjunction with natal Mars in Taurus and that is a shock to everybody. Jeremy Corbyn wants to take back water for the people; Truss may well go along with that after March 2023. Any politician who does not clean up the sea and rivers is going to be thumped in the next election, with Pluto in Aquarius!

  17. Thank you so much Jessica. How would I know if I was a sun Capricorn, my b day is 19/01/1962 born around 7.30 am?
    Also I was reading about the next election, a man behind it that is a green economic. I though about Prince Charles and Prince William as they are both green/ love the planet/ and have vast experience in agriculture. Maybe they will help Liz, as you also commented on someone close behind the throne?Also a couple of years ago you wrote that the Thames and lots of rivers / waters would be cleaned up and we would be able to swim in them. Extraordinary, we’ve found out they have been poring sewage into our sea etc.
    Wow your predictions always blow me away.
    Thank you so much

    1. Debbie, you can calculate a chart free at Alois Treindl’s excellent website That will show you you are a Sun Capricorn if you are in the country I assume you are in! (These things depend on location as much as time). PM Truss is a Sun Leo who was against the monarchy so you can bet that The Firm will target her in a charm offensive. It would be hard to resist the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Expect a reshuffle in her team and a Big Green Lean.

  18. Oh Jessica I do feel so uplifted when I read your blogs – thank you so much for your positivity and realism you are truly amazing as I have been so down. despondent and depressed of late. I know you say the next PM will be a man but 2 years is not long if Liz is to deliver on so many of things that need attention. I understand that when Liz Truss was at the Treasury she scared a lot of people by her impressive grasp of her brief and ability to ask incisive questions about money. I hope she will have enough time to make significant changes because they are long overdue.

    1. I’m sorry you’ve been depressed. I have had readers reporting good results from YouTube free hypnosis for healing; do explore those channels with the multi-million hits (and read the feedback). The next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, does indeed look like a man. I’ve not seen a chart like that of PM Truss for some years, where a politician goes into the top job as Uranus (shock, radical change) is preparing to sit on natal Mars (action) in Taurus (finance, values, the economy). People think they know Truss and they have no idea. There are a couple of episodes coming in late 2022 and early 2023 which will turn her world, and the UK economic world, upside-down. She came in on a storm and there will be a couple more, literally, when this comes to pass – according to all the laws of synchronicity and astrology.

  19. Many thanks again for another amazing article, Jessica. I for one am positive about Liz Truss and think she should be given a chance before people judge her. I have a question about David Miliband, will he ever make a comeback to British politics? I feel that he would make a brilliant PM.

    1. Liz Truss has appointed conservationist and environmentalist team members and comes to power with Charles III and the new Prince of Wales standing firm on the Duke of Edinburgh’s green legacy, as well as the palace friendship with Sir David Attenborough. She is also a notorious backflipper! I had a look at the David Miliband chart years ago and fancied he’d come back as Labour leader. Let’s see.

  20. Hi Jessica good article ,and well done with your prediction , after reading your blogs I realise how important the stelliums are and how they play a huge role, I looked back in your blog about stelliums in 2015 with lady Diana , it was very interesting, I was wondering if you will be planning on writing any blogs in the near future about them.
    cheers 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’m waiting until the period of mourning for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is over before posting answers to questions about Charles III, Camilla and William. Astrologers since 1949 have predicted Charles will never proceed to a coronation to be crowned. Eminent astrologers like Nicholas Campion and Penny Thornton have agreed. But as I said, there’s a time and place for everything when talking about future monarchs. The coronation may be as far as a year away; long time.

  21. Hi Jessica
    Loving following the mundane astrology here as always. I do recall back in June 2016 there being massive flashes of lightning over London on the eve of the referendum which turned out to be linked to Uranus aspects to the Uk chart. On Sunday night here on the eve of Liz Truss becoming prime minister there was again a huge storm with a lot of lightning (see here I now see Uranus at 18 Taurus could this have been Uranus striking again? Massive interventions here on energy this week also. Best. Mike

  22. Jessica, it might be a time for a chart of the new king…
    It is not the Queen that passed away, but a epoch…

    1. This chapter is yet to be written, as Ceres is not yet finished in Leo – that’s September 29th. Thank you.

  23. Jessica,
    Very interesting. What a sad day, about our Beloved Queen Elizabeth. She will be missed but I believe that King Charles will surprise everyone. His love for nature and the earth, environment. I believe he will make some changes to the monarchy, for future generations. I believe we will be surprised how modern he will be, through is leadership and through changes. With the retrograde, will that have effect on his Role as king and the full moon.

    Question, and I would appreciate if you can have a look at my chart. You talk about Liz and her chart.
    Do you see a time in my chart we’re i will shine. And big changes.

    My thoughts are with you while we share the loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth

    Long life the KING

  24. The coronation of King William IV and Queen Adelaide took place on Thursday, 8 September 1831, over fourteen months after he succeeded to the throne of the United Kingdom at the age of 64, the oldest person to assume the monarchy until King Charles III in 2022.

    Queen Elizabeth 2 passed away 8/09/22…..

    Looking at my chart do you see any positive changes, like you saw in Liz chart.

    1. Thank you. You just squeaked into the sign of Cancer. If your birth data is correct, you will be promoted, win an award, gain entry to a prestigious course, have a huge hit or land a terrific new job by Halloween, or between Christmas and May 2023. Your success, calling, vocation is where you see what you can get away with in 2023, 2024 and very likely will. Chiron transiting Aries shows where you try to pull off what you might think is a huge leap – and then you do.

  25. Hi Jessica
    I discovered your site last year and love it. It will be interesting to see how PM Truss (and the new King fare in the coming years.)

    I too am a Leo like Truss and took
    a new job 3 months ago with a company I’ve been employed with since 2021. But like Truss, my excitement has recently flipped and I now think I may have been better off leaving the company in its entirety. Are you able to see anything in my chart re flipping again and staying? I’m trying to stay put in one place until retirement in 8 years as I’ve job-hopped my entire adult working life.

    1. Thank you. I expect Truss will backflip on the environment and she has in fact appointed green-leaning people to her team. Charles III and more importantly William, will lobby, no doubt and have quite a lot of power given the massive public support we are seeing for the future monarchy. You wonder if you are going to flip like Liz. Yes, you’ll do that from May 2023 until May 2024 when the opportunity of your dreams is offered.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    I am a premium member, I read you’re blogs and follow you on Twitter. I am always amazed with your accuracy on predictions. I am always looking for hope in this world of madness and sadness we all face. I do hope things will get better. I do have a question regarding the period of 2023 – 2026. I see that Covid 19 and Monkey Pox will play a large role again. Is it because of this traveling will be reduced during this period? I moved from the UK a few years back and now live in Norway. I have friends and remaining family in parts of Europe and UK I would very much like to see again during this period, I am scared restricted or none travel will allow this. Will it still be possible to travel between these periods and after 2026 or will it stop all together. Also can you see me moving properties within Norway or emigrate ? Thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. You’re not logged in, so I can’t see your chart, unfortunately. Basically we are back in the same cycle with Saturn in Pisces as we saw in 1993. America recorded an all-time high of deaths that year. AIDS figures hit a record. I’m sure you can see AIDS and COVID-19 are alike. There is no cure for either (the vaccines don’t stop infection) and of course they are transmitted by people who lead unsafe lifestyles. With AIDS it was sex; with Covid it’s flying, cruising and attending super-spreader indoor events or not wearing an N95 in the shops and so on. There is no difference at all between the two cycles. Covid gets worse in 2023, just as AIDS got worse in 1993, mainly because people are in denial about it. It’s gone nowhere and in fact BJ1 (new variant) just landed. Yes, travel will be restricted but you will also see some airlines and cruise companies collapse. That’s the astrology. Mutable sign cycle hitting mutable sign generations. Saturn in Pisces will block Sagittarius and Gemini; foreign and local travel.

  27. The only person I can think of that fits your “green economy man” is Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats which is an outside chance party (but have in the past formed coalitions to make up the majority). Would it be worth looking at his chart? (PS the next UK election is timed traditionally for either first Thursday in May 2024 or December 2024 if they want to push it to the outside time limit allowed based on 5 years since previous election. But more likely May 2024 as a Christmas election would be awkward. Neither of these options is fixed, there could be an early election if pushed etc. )

    1. That is very interesting about Ed Davey. It is possible the next election will be a hung parliament. I will see if we have reliable birth data for him. The other option here is an about-face by the Conservatives as they are now, in terms of green policy. Charles III and the new Prince of Wales, William, now have real power in the kingdom. Their stand on Climate Emergency is well known. So let’s see…this is about the green and pleasant land, but also the economy – so perhaps it’s Mr. Davey.

  28. Hi Jessica – do you think the blonde star may actually be Camilla?

    Loving your work as always (but the health issues over the next few years sounds worrying – can we take another period like this and come through it I wonder?)


    1. Thanks Sarah. No, the blonde woman is PM Truss. She will address the river and ocean pollution in the United Kingdom and have a cabinet of ‘stars.’ The people who survive and thrive the next variant, which is called BJ1, will have the same skills that get them through the Climate Emergency. So, that’s thinking for yourself; honouring the science; joining forces with like-minded people; refusing to obey orders if they put you at risk; not flying; not cruising; living outdoors; honouring medicine; being inventive/innovative with tech solutions. UV-C light is the answer to Covid. It also eliminates the common cold and influenza. For whatever reason, politicians backed the wrong horse; the vaccine that is never the answer for very long…

  29. Hi Jessica,

    You mention the possible next variant BJ1. I recently had The High Priestess card come up on your Tarot…I’ve been wondering what the B and J columns represent.. could this relate to the variant? If so, could this card tell us all more? Many thanks,

    1. Amazing. Thank you so much for picking this up. The High Priestess has the new Covid variant label either side of her. The synchronicity is quite strange here. The High Priestess and the Moon. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passes on a Full Moon and on the same weekend, the BJ1 variant is also in the news.

  30. Jessica thank you, you always put a an alternative perspective on situations no matter how difficult the circumstances or the change we are facing or are about to face and the Queen passing is a big change, and not so welcome. I often have to read your posts twice, (the impatient Aries in me I think!) but I get there in the end!

    I have a couple of queries, the WHO declaring the end of the pandemic is in sight??? How can it be over if there is no cure? I realise they are looking at the recent stats that all must be on a downward trajectory, but it still feels unsafe for me personally, even though my husband and myself have not had covid, although our 7 year old has had it twice. Will the WHO do a U-turn?

    Not sure about Liz Truss and think an election is the best bet for the country, she is compromised and her windfall tax idea is not on the side of those that need it most. It will be interesting to see how it develops. I do however find it interesting her taking over and the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and how the Queen decided to stay in Scotland for the handover rather than go back to London, something that had not happened before. Do you think the Queen realised how poorly she was and chose her beloved Scotland as a nod to keeping the union together? Or is that too fanciful?
    Finally what if any is the significance of the rainbows last week over Buckingham Palace and Balmoral after the Queen passed away. When my cousin passed away and her organs where being harvested there was a rainbow over the hospital and the surgeons commented on the brightness of the sun as it streamed into the operating room as they went about their work. My cousin was a mid-wife and she was giving until her last. We all took comfort from that x

    1. Thank you. As an astrologer I think the World Health Organisation is wrong. That is a controversial thing to say, but the announcement from WHO that the end of the pandemic was in sight, came on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo; near a Full Moon opposite the Sun in Virgo; on an opposition from the Sun in Virgo to Neptune. That is distortion, confusion and very often, deception. I predicted a new variant last weekend. It arrived and has ‘a record number of mutations’ according to a respected European researcher of COVID-19. Please do all you can to stop your child getting the virus a third time. Whatever it takes. Twitter is a good resource for facts, updated daily, by the likes of Dr. Eric Ding. Just chase the hashtag #COVID19 to see what’s going on. We need to get real about the WHO. They had one job. They failed. Finally, your comments on The Queen are interesting. She was phenomenal and has attracted phenomena. Rainbows, clouds and now a fireball, thought to be a meteor, which was filmed taking the same path as her funeral cortege flight. The Battle of Hastings famously produced a comet and the death of a King. It happened at the time of William the Conqueror. I’ll say no more as we are still mourning a royal loss, but I hope that answers your question.

  31. Thank you Jessica Adams for all your insights, and predictions! I look forward to hearing more information from you perhaps in a separate blog about the new variant COVID and the challenges of traveling in the upcoming future of 2024.
    Blessings ✨

  32. I love reading your blogs, Jessica! However, I just can’t believe that Liz Truss will flip Green (and if she did, how the UK public and the Tory party would accept her doing so) given that she has barely been in office and already caused quite a stir…
    Have just seen this article in the Guardian today:

    Is it possible that this female PM is in fact someone else? Also, what likelihood do you see of an early general election in the next six months and Keir Starmer’s outlook?

    1. Thank you. PM Truss was an anti-monarchy republican when young and just took meetings with the late Queen and Charles III and curtseyed. She then became a Liberal Democrat and flipped to Conservative at University. She is pursuing fracking (so far) and building on the green belt (so far). I think it’s fair to allow time for a shock backlip before judging if this is in fact the third, green, female power in the kingdom. You have to remember she has come into power on Mercury Retrograde, Mars Retrograde and other retrogrades, so her team is not final and neither are her policies. All this is astrology, not politics. We have here a shocking backflipper. So let’s see where this ends. With a green and pleasant land again, I hope. The long game in British politics is proportional representation, ending the two-party system, and that is obviously a Labor policy. Why PR? Because it suits Pluto in Aquarius; a mixed bunch of politicians, not just the power of two. I don’t know if Starmer will be the end leader.

  33. Thank you for your insightful and interesting blogs and articles Jessica Adams. Events seem to be leading to a step change from April 2024 when Pluto goes into Aquarius.

    Do Liz Truss’s chart and stars correlate with current financial events in the uk where her first act as PM has been to create a loss of market confidence due to her plan to borrow an extra £45 billion a year to cut taxes mainly for the better off and businesses. The £ is dropping and mortgage rates will go up as well as inflation making us all poorer.

    She is going around insisting she isnt going to flip flop on this one publicly ? How can she change her mind without losing complete credibility ?

    1. Thank you. The original prediction I made about a third female PM was not about taxation, the value of the pound, mortgages and so on. It was about a new woman leader who would strike a different relationship with the European Union and also heal the nation. Italy has just acquired an anti-EU female leader as well; that is important. In fact, the predictions about Italy and Britain have been linked for quite a few years, if you want to search this website. Finally, predictions about shocks involving The Queen and the economy go way back on my YouTube channel. So none of this is really a surprise. She won’t flip on taxation but she will stun and amaze on those other issues, according to the chart and the Tarot; again this goes back quite a long way; it hasn’t been published after the event. We will see foreign investment ploughed into Britain. I expect what everyone else is waiting for is for the pound to drop further. I don’t do politics, I do astrology, but the astrology here is about the European Union. Thank you for asking the question.

  34. Liz Truss has urged Nicola Sturgeon to follow her lead with tax cuts that could “turbocharge” Scotland’s economy.

    Hilarious twitter response by Nicola Sturgeon: “Hard to know what to say to the suggestion I should mirror policies (tax cuts for richest) that have sunk the £, crashed the mortgage market, pushed pensions to the brink, imperilled public services & forced a Bank of England bailout. What planet is the PM living on?”

    ….prompted requests forScottish independence.

    1. Yes, you can see that old Scotland horoscope working here; independence also seems oddly fated, given that fireball/meteor as Her Majesty the Queen’s cortege left Scotland for England. It followed the same path.

  35. Could this be Rachel Riley? Just thinking next door to Downing Street – she’s coming across really well. I don’t think the tories will last much longer. Mortgage rates are the final nail in the coffin.

    Also, do you see anything in my chart that shows some positive changes – mental health hasnt been good for a few years, had to defer from an MA. Would like to move to Paris in January to complete my MA but I’m struggling to work and finance the whole thing. My mother will help me if I can get well, but right now she feels I am too vulnerable for such a move/ I don’t feel stable mentally and have just finished assessments with a psychiatrist who diagnosed ADHD and am awaiting medication.

    Any comment would be appreciated.xx

    1. Thank you. PM Truss is one month into the job, isn’t she? That’s an interesting suggestion about Rachel Reeves. I am sorry you had to defer your Master of Arts degree after being diagnosed with ADHD. You have the Ascendant, Hygiea and Panacea in Virgo in the Sixth House of mental health. The Ascendant shows how you present, so you show your health, no matter if it’s 100% or not. The other two horoscope symbols are sisters. Hygiea is about prevention not cure; Panacea is about the cure and remedy that has an ethical question attached. These were both Roman goddesses of healing and they were the daughters of Aesculapius. They are often shown in sculpture or art. So one way or another, your health and wellbeing, fitness and constitution will always be important, for whatever reason. It is extremely common for the body to cut in (even with a mental health issue like ADHD) to help the unconscious get what it wants. If you are denying or ignoring a need to avoid Paris; avoid the MA; avoid a career (even) then in astrological thought, it may be that ‘something’ has arisen which stops you doing that. You do have an exact. Pisces-Virgo opposition, so your subconscious (Pisces) works against your routine, your chores, your paid work, academic career and so on. If you have had poor health for years, then that suggests part of you which is submerged below the surface does not want the University or career path you have selected, or perhaps one that your mother has selected for you. Pisces the two fish represent that part of us which is invisible and down below; Virgo the maiden is a maid of all work whose physical condition dictates her role. Have a look at that. Dreams can be very useful. I know a psychiatrist will always turn to medication and it’s good you are under medical care, but from the other end of the spectrum, it may be that Carl Jung has something to say to you.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I just wanted to ask you about Kier Starmer. There’s been so much talk about Truss, King Charles and others but Kier seems to be ignored. The Labour Party had enormous gains in the last council elections and are currently ahead by more than 20 points in some opinion polls, despite this there seems to be no mention of Kier or even Angela Rayner. I would expect Kier to have a keen interest in green politics and the preservation and restoration of the environment, so why he isn’t mentioned is beyond me! What do the cards say about them?
    On another note what do you see for the future of our current PM, Anthony Albanese? He and the government seem to be doing well and making inroads with the public. What do you see there Jessica?
    Thanks very much, have a good day.

    1. Good point. I’ve not looked at Starmer or indeed Labour, mainly because the British chart shows the end of the two-party system. What we seem to be heading towards is a hung parliament with a big influx of Greens and Liberal Democrats, but further along, electoral reform so that proportional representation comes in. This will really coincide with Pluto in Aquarius (power to the diversity of people – the gathering of minorities in equality) which becomes the norm from March 2023. I will go and find my charts again; the last time I looked at Labour, I rather thought David Miliband would come back from America to lead. As for Albanese, he has to get through the next Covid crisis, which begins in March 2023. Hands off the wheel to date; he’ll be forced to put them back on.

  37. The last Labour Party Conference slogan was “A Fairer, Greener Future”, surely that’s a sign 😉

    1. I suspect the answer will be a hung parliament with deals being done over renewables, fracking, the green belt and water – or a huge reshuffle within Labour. People have to heat and eat first, though, so it will be action stations as we continue to go through Uranus in Taurus. At least until we get to Jupiter in Taurus in May 2023 which will be a relief and release for Britain, just as it was during the war years.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    With the current turmoil in the Conservative Party, do you see Liz Truss lasting beyond Christmas?
    There are already talks about appointing caretaker PM by Christmas.
    UK politics is a complete mess right now along with other economic troubles. These are indeed stressful times.
    When will it all calm down?

    Thank you

    1. PM Truss will indeed turn, turn, turn to quote The Byrds. To everything, there is a season. She’s turned twice in her career, from Liberal Democrat to Conservative – and from Anti Monarchist to – accepting The Queen and Charles III. So she’s a backflipper by nature, which you can see in the chart. You have to remember this situation with the devalued pound was predicted two years ago with astrology so she’s been a long time coming.

  39. Ive taken snippets out of the blog – and this is remarkably accurate if you see what is happening now:

    September 2022 to September 2023….a symbol of rapid action on finance…Truss will be juggling an unpredictable, erratic economy until September 2023 ….The problem is actually her mindset; like an accountant who can’t let go of an old way of thinking about money…“an entirely new relationship with Europe in the stars.”…. Unless there is a radically different economic model in place, which has far greater room for all that is unpredictable – the new PM will spend her entire time trying to manage the unmanageable.

    i) She has taken rapid action on finance on day 1 – rising interest rates, credit rating risk for the UK and potential unpopular cuts in public spending as soon as the queen’s funeral period was over.
    ii) She is thinking like an accountant not humanely – cutting taxes thinking that’s the way to grow the economy.
    iii) Definitely surprising and unexpected signs of a new relationship with Europe and the NI issue may get resolved.
    iv) There is now no room for the unpredictable with public finances as our debt levels are overstretched.

    Quite insightful.

    1. Thank you. You have saved me some time there, as The Conscious Cafe have asked me for a list of my astrology predictions for 2022 which have come to pass. The really exciting bit, will be when she reshapes the trade relationship with the European Union. That could easily make another old prediction come true – Italy – Britaly! They obviously just switched to a Eurosceptic PM. Uranus is the planet to watch here. A symbol of backflips, shocks and surprises since 1781, he rules the chart for PM Truss and I fully expect her to do a somersault on the environment and also on the September, October tax plans, which she did, very unwisely, on Mercury Retrograde. So get ready for the flip, to end all flips. I believe she’ll save herself and the country, if she can swing the EU situation.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    Your prediction for Prime minister Liz Truss is very positive and rosy, but she is very
    unpopular with the British Public. She is being attacked and critisied constantly as if
    she is doing nothing right. Are you sure your positive prediction for her is correct.
    Will her popularity increase and how long will she last as Prime minister.


    1. Thanks Paul. Quite right; PM Truss is very unpopular at the moment. One prediction I made has just come true; a man has departed from her team – Mr. Karteng is no more. Other predictions are yet to pass. It’s very early days yet. She will backflip on the environment and create an astonishing outcome with the European Union and also the United States.

  41. Writing this comment after Kwasi’s sacking. Wow – another great analysis regarding evolution of Truss’s team. Do you think she can hold on to her job? There are lot of people calling for her head but i really hope she gets a chance to deliver her growth oriented vision, after a decade of suffocating austerity measures by other leaders.

    1. Thank you. I am catching up late with the mailbag as there were so many comments about PM Truss, but yes, Kwasi went. Along with others. One of the good things about astrology is that it cuts through the noise. For all that she was unpopular with the media and many on Twitter, Truss was a feminist, appointed a female deputy and also the most diverse cabinet in British history. I will be fascinated to see if she ever writes a book that tells the truth about what happened to her. She came in on Mercury Retrograde, and it is very common to be deceived or misled by others on that cycle. Maybe we’ll never know.

  42. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your excellent insight into PM LIz Truss. You are spot-on so far, with U-turns and re-shuffles at the top, with a new Chancellor already! Feels very chaotic, so your calm clarity is much appreciated.

    One key question for me is about Brexit, as you were about the only astrologer to accurately predict the Leave vote and to stay strong on the prediction that we would end up leaving, despite the machinations of disgruntled Remainers – it looked so likely that they would succeed several times in blocking the democratic result, but you were always crystal-clear about the UK leaving and were right! Do you think Liz Truss will stay on course with Brexit, or cave in to the pressure of Remainers and take us back into the EU? As she is a back-flipper, as you have illustrated, it is hard to be sure where she will stand on any issue (and can anyone fully trust politicians anyway…?).

    As someone who voted Leave and who intuitively feels that the rather technocratic, top-down-control EU is going to implode messily eventually (my guidance points to the Euro currency and financial matters being the probable triggers), I’m concerned that we could be dragged back on to what may well be a sinking ship! Do you have any insights, astrological or psychic, on this particular issue?

    Thank you in advance.

    Lots of love, light and blessings to you,

    1. Thank you Angelina. Yes, one thing I have learned about being an astrologer is that you set aside your own political views and trust the horoscope instead. You have to hold your nerve and trust the chart. You also have to ignore other astrologers who have strong opinions on issues who attack you for being wrong because they dislike what you are seeing. Not to mention the Twitter massive. It’s an odd career! PM Liz Truss has been frustrated by the Conservative party for months, even before she became PM – according to her astrology chart. Whenever you get a lot of retrograde cycles, which she has had in her sector of groups and teams, you get people who let you down, and so she’s come into the job with that bridge to cross. All the taxation u-turns are typical of Mercury Retrograde, but that’s now behind her. She will master both the European Union and the United States and in fact trade deals are already starting to impress. You are worried that Truss will backflip on the EU the way she backflipped on being a Liberal Democrat and an anti-Monarchist. The Brexit astrology chart for Britain does not show that. What it does show is a different sort of EU from 2023 onwards and a different kind of relationship between the UK and EU which is of great benefit. Only she can actually make it work. It’s far too early for anyone to be saying she’s finished. They used to say that about PM Thatcher. The other thing people forget about her is that she has the most diverse team in British history. And it’s going to be all about her star team, one she’s stopped reshuffling them.

  43. Dear Jessica, unfortunately it’s not looking good for Liz Truss, the knives are out and she’ll be ousted by Conservatives MPs soon. Unfortunately, we also now have a pro EU Remainer pro China Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, who is the de facto Prime Minister pulling all the strings, and who’s just announced the set up of an economic advisory council all full of Remainer ex bankers, not good for the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit, which still has not been delivered in full because the majority of the duplicitous MPs don’t want it. The next election will be interesting, but Labour are just as bad, or worse. I think it’s time for the small pro Brexit parties, like Reform and Reclaim, to get together and make that change.

    By the way, I stated in a reply to one of your blogs last year that I felt there would be war in Europe and was concerned about the threat of a nuclear weapons being a potential outcome, you replied to me by saying no war in Europe or nuclear war. The whole situation is dreadful at the moment.

    1. Yes, the media is running with that narrative. I did wonder if this wasn’t about Brexit all along – as far back as two years ago – when the Tarot and astrology together predicted a third female Prime Minister. I do astrology, not politics, but as that forecast has come to pass, I would also expect Truss to be in a position to shine against the backdrop of the EU and the US. I have never said ‘no war in Europe’ by the way, in fact my prediction about Ukraine is on YouTube. Perhaps you meant, nuclear war.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    Well! What a mess UK politics is in. You was so right about the reshuffles, even more so now, it seems to me that the remainers did not want her as PM and they are plotting to see her removed and a remainer take her place, Jeremy Hunt, Gavin Williamson at the moment. A lot of voters feel homeless, myself included. I am reading on line that apparently we have until 31st December to go back into the EU. Do you think this is why they are plotting against her? You also mention another political party forming and there is talk of Reform, Reclaim etc amalgamating, what are the chances of this happening? |I know politics is a dirty game, but never in my life have I seen things as bad as this, their behaviour is disgusting. Are things likely to settle down any time soon. Thanks for your insights and for sharing your articles with us. Will Liz Truss survive this crisis?

    1. The opinion among every reader on this website is – politicians should work for the people. Not for their paymasters. There is a lot of speculation about the European Union and the United Kingdom at the moment. The Tarot and astrology predicted a third female PM two years ago – and here she is. The Prime Minister’s ‘replacement’ is completely uncertain and we have some Conservatives suggesting Boris Johnson returns as PM and others pushing for Sunak. This level of argey-bargey is nothing new within the Tory party. In fact it’s built into the chart. Truss is capable of pulling off a miracle. Strange but true. The other thing about her is – she was born with several retrogrades in her horoscope. As you may know, retrogrades show someone who reverses position constantly and reverses decisions, too. Truss famously was a Liberal Democrat before joining the Conservatives. For some people, it’s an asset. It is for her. Every time she has backflipped, it has served her spectacularly well. She is about to do an incredible amount of backflipping.

  45. Hi Jessica – thank you for this blog it really enables us to think and see the political scenario differently. The news overwhelms us to follow a group consensus. Our political system is toxic and archaic – leave aside the sexist values it over looks. I can barely listen.
    I hope you are right and things will change with the EU and the US – whatever our political leaning we need to stop the baying for blood from pompous male politicians and political commentators!

    1. Thank you. Astrology and Tarot help cut through the noise. The arrival of Pluto (power) in Aquarius (diversity and equality in community) favours a female Prime Minister and particularly one who has a diverse cabinet. So that’s really interesting. It takes Pluto until March 2023 to get here, but he’s on his way. The system change is slow but quite potent and again, it begins from March 2023 and runs for many years into the future. After living with Pluto in Capricorn (the men at the top) since 2008 I think we’re all ready for 50-50 female power. Or more.

  46. Hi Jessica. Liz Truss has just resigned.
    Now what? You were convinced she would stay. Is she going to un resign?
    Insights appreciated!

    1. Stay in politics. Not stay as PM. I’ve had a few people not read the predictions from the beginning so I’ll just post a quick feature. She’ll lean green and backflip!

    2. Truss is a backflipper par excellence and she will stay just long enough to perform another backflip. The chart is full of retrogrades and whenever that happens, you tend to get people who reverse. She was Liberal Democrat and became Conservative. She was anti-monarchist and was appointed PM by the late Queen and met Charles III. She was Remain and went to Leave. Drum roll for the next somersault.

  47. Hi Jessica – what was your reaction to Liz Truss’ resignation? Could astrology be used to make future predictions?

    1. Astrology can and does predict the future – in this case as far back as 2019 – three years before Liz Truss arrived. And nobody knows my political views about the UK, I hope. Just translating the astrology and Tarot!

    1. PM Margaret Thatcher was decades ahead of her time when she made her speech about fossil fuel. I don’t envy Sunak his task, taking on the top job in the same economic cycle as 1939, 1940 but it has to be done. He’s not felt the power of teenagers and young adults yet. That comes next March 2023 and they are not going to stand for leaders who put money before their climate future. Pluto in Aquarius is going to land with a thump alongside Uranus in Taurus; the economic revolution.

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