Retrograde Astrology – September, October 2022

Almost Everything is Retrograde – September, October 2022

A cycle that began on Sunday 21st August 2022 and ends on Monday 17th October explains why so many areas of your life are stuck, stop-start or go-slow.

In this feature I will look at your personal birth chart and how it’s affected. If you are a Premium Member you can check that now, as it will be on your screen.

Normally, Mercury Retrograde is enough to deal with. Your diary is changed; written agreements are in flux; there are cancellations and so on. The retrograde astrology of September, October 2022 began in August, but has long effects.

In September, October 2022 almost everything is retrograde, so plans ‘inked’ in August and September have already gone backwards or come to nothing – or they will do.

With Mercury Retrograde leading the big rewind from 21st August to 17th October, we also find the North Node, South Node, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto reversing for some or all of this time.

Looking in the Reverse Mirror

This photograph by Robin Edqvist (Unsplash) describes the multi-retrogrades of August-October 2022 very well. You are driving forward in your life, occasionally being stopped, or already reversing.

How do you gain from multi-retrogrades? You treat life as a journey not a destination. Understand that the route will be circular. You may even have to get off the road and find another one. Maybe you will decide the journey is not worth it.

Driving Backwards

Because of the signs involved in these multi-retrogrades, the areas of life affected cover just about everything. As I’ve been tracking these cycles since my very first horoscope column magazine job (at ELLE, aged 23) I can reassure you that ‘retro’ doesn’t mean a backward step to your disadvantage. It really depends on what you do with the long, drawn-out process.

Depending on your chart (you can find all about that in your library as a Premium Member) you can make a rehearsal out of a reversal. And sometimes the rehearsal makes for a perfect final production.

It is also true, however, that people can really get on the wrong highway on a multi-retrograde. As I said, it depends on your personal birth chart.

robin edqvist e8f21 1XT8 unsplash scaled - Retrograde Astrology - September, October 2022

Expecting Reversals and Rescheduling

In this feature, I will also look at why newspaper headlines about Charles III ‘crowned Spring 2023’ are wrong and why the reshuffle of the Royal Family following the loss of Her Majesty the Queen will be reshuffled again.

We also saw some big (wrong) announcements in September. There will be retractions or new information will arrive later which reverses the original statement.

President Biden and the W.H.O. said the worst of the pandemic was over. The astrology disagrees.

Mercury Retrograde Leads the Reversals of 2022

If you have anything at 24-29 Virgo and/or 0-8 Libra then your workload and wellbeing (Virgo) and your duets and duels (Libra) are in flux until October.

Mercury rules information, communication, negotiation and transportation. This is how he moves in Virgo, which rules your Sixth House of doctors, dentists, your job, unpaid work or academic career.

What you discussed, put in writing or planned will be rewritten according to these dates. The ‘what’ of the story comes down to whatever horoscope factors you have at 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Virgo. This is where there will be rehearsals and rewinding.

In general, because Virgo rules pandemics, the politicians declaring the COVID-19 pandemic over will be proven wrong. In fact, the most dangerous variant yet (BJ1) arrived in this time-frame.

Your Virgo Factors Affected

Sunday 21st August to Friday 26th August: Mercury 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
Saturday 24th September to Monday 10th October: Mercury 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

Your Libra Factors Affected – Duets and Duels

Mercury Retrograde in Libra began moving like this:
Saturday 27th August to Friday 23rd September: Mercury 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Libra
Tuesday 11th October to Monday 17th October: Mercury 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Libra

The duels are classically separations or divorces, contests, battles or lawsuits. The duets are marriages, professional partnerships and common law marriages.

The Royal Reshuffle

The reshuffles of the couples in the Royal Family and their new titles and roles will be revealed later. We saw Charles III and Camilla Queen Consort oversee his signatures at St. James Palace.

We saw the media announce new roles and titles for William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales. This is Libra territory and what was ‘sealed’ in September 2022 will come unstuck.

This Morning ITV, Holly, Philip and the Multi Retrograde

I’ve appeared on This Morning (ITV) a couple of times and felt really sorry for Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby being caught in the Multi Retrograde. They were at the lying-in-state of Her Majesty the Queen to work, with media fast-tracking, then found themselves being called queue-jumpers. The muddle will be cleared up once and for all with a big decision by Philip on the weekend of Sunday 9th October. We’ll then find out how wrong their critics were, by Monday 17th October. You tend to get a lot of loose talk, false accusations and wrong gossip on Mercury Retrograde. It was made worse by the multi retrograde!

THIS MORNING - Retrograde Astrology - September, October 2022

The Full Multi Retrograde Picture

Using Virgo and Libra transits by Mercury Retrograde to lead this story of rescheduling, rewriting, retracted statements, product recall and the rest – we can also put the other retrogrades in place in your chart.

If you have anything at these degrees, in these signs, you are personally affected in the 21st August-17th October loop. For some or all of the time, these cycles are stop-start and go-slow.

North Node Retrograde in Taurus 13-17
Focus: Money, property, charity, business, inheritance, valuables, buying, selling, taxation, insurance, superannuation/pension.
South Node Retrograde in Scorpio 13-17
Focus: Budget, income, bills, debts, wills, legacies, houses, apartments, land, possessions, trust funds, banking matters.
Mars Retrograde in Gemini 8-24
Focus: Siblings, cousins, the neighbourhood, commuting, the region, neighbours, the media, the worldwide web, publishing.
Jupiter Retrograde in Aries 1-7
Focus: Title, role, self-promotion, badge, medals, labels, profile, reputation, portrait, image, name, flag, wardrobe, armour.
Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius 18-21
Focus: Friends, groups, clubs, political parties, charities, good causes, social life, Twitter, Meetups, teams, societies, unions.
Uranus Retrograde in Taurus 17-18
Focus: Money, property, charity, business, inheritance, valuables, buying, selling, taxation, insurance, superannuation/pension.
Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 23-24
Focus: Religion, spirituality, psychics, hypnosis, dreams, Tarot, quantum mechanics, meditation, self-help, therapy.
Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 26
Focus: Position, mission, ambition, curriculum vitae, rank, status, the hierarchy, corporation, kingdom, academic career, job.

Not Just One Way on Multi Retrogrades

rob wicks yVuRzuqArkg unsplash 300x200 - Retrograde Astrology - September, October 2022It is tempting to think of life as a one-direction, one-way business. At the moment we are seeing a lot of retrogrades in the money and work signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn. That affects just about everything and everybody else. 

So, even if you don’t have personal chart factors in the signs and degrees above, everybody else’s stop-start and go-slow affects you as well.

The worldwide pause made necessary by the sad passing of Her Majesty the Queen is a good example of that. Remember The Queue? That’s common on retrogrades.

In this period, Prime Minister Liz Truss arrived at 10 Downing Street. She appointed a team and announced politics. That’s not going to stick. Put ‘re’ in front of most words on retrogrades. So reorganise, repay, reclaim, relaunch – later!

Different Dates for Outcomes in 2022, 2023

The individual ‘races’ of the factors I’ve been talking about all speed up, slow down or stop at different times, leading us all the way to 2023. Yet, in this very short, concentrated period, we are going to see immediate turnarounds.

Get everything in writing, read the fine print and have Plan B and C as well. Allow for technical, computer, internet, transportation/travel glitches, hitches, no-shows and write-offs. One way is not the only way on a multi-retrograde.

One Way Sign: Rob Wicks, Unsplash.
Main Image: Edi Libidensky, Unsplash.

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202 Responses

  1. Thank you for the detail analysis of the current period. The energy is heavy since the retrogate period started but beneficially has personality made me change my mind about my current job. Is it a good time to apply for another one or is it better to wait after the retro weather is over?

    1. You will keep changing jobs and projects, roles and goals until 2026 and each time you do so, will find new freedom. New technology and new inventions will be involved in the most important positions. You will break away from what you used to do, and find a new way of doing it, or add a second or even third string to your bow. So you may as well start now. You will ultimately be far more independent, either working for yourself, or finding a space in a company which allows you to be your own person. The Tarot can help you with more detail.

  2. Good heavens! Such a lot going on; thank you for telling us what you see! I’m following your predictions about the Royal Family closely – can you share any more insight as to what shake-ups we might see? One of my biggest hopes is that the people who have these privileged positions are only those who have…demonstrated respect towards the people, countries, and institutions they serve, versus those who’ve done the opposite, if you catch my drift. I have great confidence in King Charles’ abilities and his care for his duties, and I would love to see him have a long, happy reign.

    Personally, may I ask how these transits will affect my moving forward? I’ve definitely been feeling the stuck vibes for a few weeks, and I want to move forward in my career/business and money, and moving on from a relationship. I’m considering moving abroad after having consulted your very fine oracles and my own, but not rushing to a choice there. Thank you if you’re able to shed any light!

    1. Once The Daily Express publishes its interview with me, I’ll post a longer feature on the astrology of Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. The stelliums in your chart tell the story of who you are and what happens next. Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius stelliums are all in the retrograde zone, which is why you have been stuck. Projects, plans ideas and web-based matters are on a loop until March 2023. That can be useful if you treat something as a work in progress. The financial stretch is over in July 2023 and becomes much, much better from May 2023. In fact you will save or make a lot of money by May 2024. Your social life, friendships and groups will be quite different from March 2023. The restriction has gone. In its place you will see there is a way to harness people power for a terrific group result.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article. Going through a retro period, we are negotiating a contract for a technology project that needs to be executed by September 30th. I have tried every effort to negotiate a delay by a week or two and it is not possible. How do you see this affecting my chart as I will be leading this project for the organization. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. With stelliums in Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius you have work (Capricorn, Virgo) and money (Scorpio) in the retrograde zone, as you have seen. You can’t make other people fit the astrology schedule so have to treat this as a productive rehearsal with stops and starts, and the occasional go-slow. It is very unlikely to be final in the form it lands after September 30th. Take it in your stride. The Tarot will help you with individual points as you go along.

  4. Hi Jessica

    My Taurus factors no doubt reflect my current state of being of trying to plug a hole in a dam wall of leaking finances. Along with normal large financial outflows, I have experienced the complete unexpected, including reversing out of my driveway into an illegally parked car with mysterious driver (now being handled by the legal dept of my insurer). Combined with even more crushing of our main wage income from the airline industry, our finances now echo 17 – 18 years ago, when we had young toddlers, and chicken wing broth as standard fare for a long time, and the car fuel light never left red. At least, it is a good experience for the now young adults in the house, that even in the suburbs, one can live on rice, home baked bread and soup and a few bits of home grown veg (waiting on warmer temperatures for decent crops), and keep working to the future. I have completed my morning meditation to quell the wired up feeling, and it is somewhat reassuring that these retrogrades will pass. Wishing you well.

    1. Thank you. Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces dominate your chart. You have stelliums in every one of those signs. So you are correct; your Taurus (and Scorpio) factors are a big stretch financially. The worst is over next July 2023. The light at the end of the tunnel is May 2023 when Jupiter appears in Taurus. You will have saved or made a lot of money by May 2023 which will compensate for the current tests of patience! You will also find your career, academic career or unpaid work becomes far less intense and relentless from March 2023 when Pluto leaves. The meditation is your pot of gold. Anything Pisces about yourself (meditation, religion, Tarot, hypnosis, healing, mediumship, spirituality) takes off enormously from Halloween to Christmas and is richly rewarding.

  5. Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing. Excellent insights. My question too you is, while we still in retrograde. How will this impact the new moon on the 25 September.
    Is the effect of the new moon different.
    I feel like I have been stuck in a retrograde for a long long time.
    Looking at my chart. Any advice, with retrograde and the full moon.
    I really need the sun back in my life.
    I hope October will be better.
    Thank you again for all your advice, your work.
    Stay safe and warm

    1. Thank you very much. You have stelliums in Aquarius and Gemini. The reason you feel stuck is Saturn in Aquarius. You express yourself through friends and groups. Ever since Saturn moved into Aquarius and your Eleventh House of social life, friendships and group gatherings at Christmas 2020 you have been stuck. He goes in March 2023 and you will see a dramatic change that month. Some of your problems have been caused by the pandemic. Others are more personal. The mood lifts next March and ongoing, you will find that your social circles are places of tremendous power and you are in a position to rise in influence with them. The Gemini stellium is also affected by Mars Retrograde, but it ends in March. That is a huge month for you. Until then, try an old trick and ‘do’ Jupiter. Jupiter is in Leo. Luck is always with courtships, heirs and pretenders to your throne.

  6. Hi Jessica – will the US elections that fall in November be impacted by any of this? I know it falls outside the August-October window however the elections also aren’t too far after the retro phase. Really hope the stuff being dug up and coming to light about Trump (and his cronies) isn’t undone. We need him locked up and gone away.

    1. I posted a piece on the American Midterm elections a long time ago and it’s a Democrat victory. That should not stop anyone from voting, of course. You can either have a blue ripple or a blue wave. This divides America which is what Trump-Russia always gunned for. Literally. ‘Divide and conquer’ is the plan. Donald and just as importantly, Melania, do not last on this Pluto in Capricorn/Pluto in Aquarius cycle. The vast majority of my readers on here agree with you.

  7. This could not be more spot on for what I’m currently experiencing. I’ve started to wonder if the entire world is in some strange altered state and I missed the message. Fortunately I have no big decisions to make for even the small things just don’t work out.

    For the world economy, the British people and all their new leaders (PM and King), do you see this time as one of true possibly dramatic upheaval or more of stagnation, lack of clarity, going nowhere fast kind of energy? If there’s to be drama in the economy would be useful to have my life vest on.

    Many thanks to you and your work. You are a true ally during these times.

    1. Thanks so much. You are not the only one who is watching television and Twitter and thinking ‘Am I the only person questioning all this?’ Multi-retrograde cycles always shows us flux. Others pretend it’s final and it never is. The United Kingdom has fallen into the cycle with the departure of PM Johnson and the sad loss of HM the Queen. What we have here is not the end game. The nation has a rocky financial path until July 2023 so you do need to be aware of that. Keep the stakes low and minimise risks. This is not the time to borrow a truckload of money or gamble on unknowns. As a Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Sagittarius type you are pretty lucky long-term. Jupiter goes into Leo, Virgo, Libra in a three-year run of good fortune, so you spend the second half of the Twenties with terrific outcomes involving courtship, heirs to your throne, work, health and partnership. The biggest change you will notice is the end of people politics and regular reshuffles in the balance of power at work. This also applies to unpaid work or academia. March 2023 is the end. All else is replay. A new era is coming.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another brilliant informative article. I have a children’s picture book I have sent out to a number of publishers all over the world and are currently (hopefully) waiting to hear some good news from a publisher that they want to publish my book. Do you see me receiving any good news this year from a publisher about publishing this book based on my own chart? Many thanks!

    1. You have a Gemini-Sagittarius pattern which is common in people who want to achieve publication. Your timing is helpful for first, second, third drafts until March 2023. You have what are called retrogrades and oppositions for years into the future, so be flexible about how you will be heard or read. It may not be your sole vision of a book with a publisher. It may be (say) a podcast or play. A piece of work for radio. An educational program. Try to stick with the need to write, or write scripts, or even voice your own work and be open to the many, many varied ways there are of releasing it. It may also help to think of projects which lead to other projects. It’s that kind of cycle.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Man am I feeling these retro’s for sure. A class I am taking has already been reschedule 2x and now they don’t have a new start date. Fine by me I’ve been a bit sick anway and could use the rest.

    I am also still trying to figure out the Sep 19-21st Virgo factors you mentioned at 18 and 19 in Trine to Venus. WOAH I have Pluto at 18 and Uranus at 19 and see that Minerva will be in Capricorn around 18 degrees. Does that play into the trine with Venus too? Also Venus will not just be trine to Uranus for me but exact conjunct Uranus and Pluto for my natal chart?

    Now regarding this post, the one and only factor I have is Hygeia at 0 degree of Libra. But I am telling you I feel the gravity of these retros because I’ve never been so tired. I feel like I am swimming in molasses.

    I am really really looking forward to 2023 and hope I can get myself back on track in every aspect of my life. I am so tired of Pluto in Capricorn I am ready to kick that planet out of left field. I really have had my entire life blown apart since 2008. I’ve lost so much and have had no stability. Lost job after job, lost my mom, several aunts, cousins, and uncle and one of my best friends. I’ve sold all my houses and just kind of bouncing around. The foundations of my life are shifting. Like one continous earthquake with no firm footing and no direction in which to go. Sounds so dramatic, I know, I like a little drama. But really this has been my life. I will be so glad to never see the likes of Pluto again. Lord help me!

    Love your site and blogs so much. I really look foward to them.


    1. Thank you GV. The feeling of shifting foundations, no firm footing (as you say) and a continual earthquake is normal. We are going from Pluto in Capricorn, to Pluto in Aquarius. That only happens every 248 years as you probably know. Climate change and plague are common. In fact, on the last cycle, in the 18th century, we were too cold. So many people were dead from a long plague that trees replaced humans. The temperature dropped. The flipside of where we are now. The 18th century also saw the end of British rule in America, slavery, French monarchy – and the Industrial Revolution. This kind of massive change is echoed now with cryptocurrency, the end of money laundering (Putin) and crucially the end of fossil fuel – petrol, gas, kerosene planes, coal. So what you feel is the way anyone felt on the last cycle. The transition is slow. It takes years. You cannot be the person you were, or hang onto the life you had. If you do that you will be severely disrupted. You have already changed your life once or twice since Covid was declared a pandemic in March 2020. You will need to change it a couple times more. Life can be good. It can even be great. But you need to understand how historic and severe this cycle is. It’s total transformation. The world will depopulate over the centuries; trees will replace over-populated places and the temperature will come down. All that kind of earth shift means the individual human must also shift.

  10. Hi Jessica

    I’ve been feeling stuck for quite a while and really want to progress. I have been unemployed since March 2021. The only company that seemed interested in hiring me seems stuck in making decisions and I’m waiting on them since August for feedback. I have also started a small business in August but I have no idea if it will take off. I do need to put more effort in marketing it. But will it eventually do well? My mother passed away in 2020 and since then I care for my dad so relocation doesnt seem to be a way for me.
    I would apprecaite if you share your insights on my chart.

    Many Thanks,

    1. Thanks Ava. I am sorry you have had trouble finding a job and are also caring for your father since the loss of your mother. That is a lot to shoulder, so let’s see what is going on. You have Sagittarius, Aquarius and Scorpio stelliums. Your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House is about family and property relationships, and also family and financial arrangements. This is the main reason you are dealing with quite a complicated situation involving your father. You are being challenged here but it ends next July 2023. March 2023 is another turning point. Saturn leaves Aquarius so hardship, waiting games and tests involving your social life, friends and groups will also end that month. Pluto moves in and that is going to change everything as you will become involved with a community of people who share the power among themselves. This may be paid work, unpaid work (volunteering) or academia but you will find your feet and feel at home. It will also change your life. This does not stop you from applying for work now, Ava, or pursuing your own business, but destiny is calling from next year. You will discover your Aquarian side again.

  11. Hi jess,i’m doing a little research about how Languages relate to astrology
    so i wanted to ask if Gemini particularly Rule English as Language(or what other sign rule it) as we’ve seen alot of info been transmitted in english media last 2weeks especially about queen funeral ..

    -Second, (pluto_mars_moon_Lilith) in Sagittarius in my third house and moon is my 10th lord of work, What does that mean..

    -Last , i want to point out that we had a very dreadful war in Libya(Tripoli) – 27th august – war took place in the streets of tripoli n there is an Estimation that 3000 car been burned/damaged in 40hr and alot of militas before escaping They burned cars to gain extra time ,,, so i think it is Mars effect ..

    1. Thank you. Gemini rules language translation, though not particularly the English language. I don’t use the astrology technique you mention there, I’m afraid. I am sorry you are going through this situation in Tripoli. Gemini rules cars, so you are quite right, Mars retrograde in Gemini is playing out in your country through traffic disruption/destruction. I hope you can find some peaceful solutions.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Great read….I’m intrigued to see what happens with regards to the Royal Family. I am forever relaying the information you give in your articles to people who roll their eyes at the mention of psychic astrology (Hey, what can you do!)
    Keep up the great work I say.

    On a personal level I am interested to know if/how these transits & retrogrades affect me?
    There are a few areas of life that have felt stuck for quite some time now, love life & home…Will I ever be able to afford my own home again?!
    On the plus side I have recently started a new job which has brought some welcome change (re-training & salary sacrifice was made) Although I am unsure if it will provide the outcome I hope for & lead to progression with better pay…as with all things time will tell I guess.
    Much like a few other people have commented, it’s been a rough old ride the past couple of years & I’m hoping 2023 will bring some much needed respite….one can hope!

    Once again thank you for the great articles, take care x

    1. Thank you. You have stelliums in Aquarius, Sagittarius, Taurus and Cancer so are most affected by Saturn in Aquarius (friends and groups, restrictions and stuck situations) and Uranus and the North Node in Taurus (finances, property – going backwards and forwards). You will make or save quite a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 when Jupiter is in Taurus. He makes a series of sextile patterns to your Cancer factors so you may be able to buy a home then or find a deal of quite another sort which makes you very happy. Jupiter is about optimism, growth, hope and expansion. March 2023 ends the toughest cycle for your social life and groups in 29 years.

  13. Hi Jessica I have been reading your blogs for a couple of years now and finally decided to join. The news today from Putin is so concerning, do you think the world will be in danger from him. On a personal note I would like to know what will happen next in my life, my husband a Scorpio born on the 7th November has just started a new business with others. Will it be successful? , we had to sell our house in the pandemic and are now renting but we would dearly like to buy another house if we can. Thanks so much for everything you write, we need you more than ever.

    1. Thank you. I’m not concerned about Putin as an astrologer. Your Sun Scorpio husband will find the business is stop-start and go-slow until March 2023. He may want to allow for that in his plans. Restrictions for him with the house end in March 2023 and from that month he is in a position to transform the story with property, until June. Ongoing into 2024, 2025, 2026 he will find willpower helps empower him with not only property but his feelings about his town and country too. You have a stellium in Scorpio so chime with him. Have a look at the Tarot for validation on timing.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you’re well and enjoing spring in Tasmania.
    I have written to you before and you confirmed my spiritual gift and also said that you hoped I would make my psychic gift a vocation, and I just want to tell you that I on my way of doing that 🙂
    Before I ask you my question i want to tell you about a profound experience I had when The Queen past over.
    I woke up that morning with a calm, strong feeling that something big was about to unfold. I sat down and connected to the spirit world , they responded but was quiet.
    The energy was amazing. It was a high and solemn energy I never experienced before. I asked what was going on and they just said ” see what we have said”
    And the thing is that they told me in june that the queen was tired and wanted to go home. In early august I got the message that the passing of the great is near and that the english monarchy will reform.
    The Queen was welcomed as a Queen to the spirit world. And I know this to be true because I not even a monarchist and dont live in England so I am not biased by having a emotional connection to the royals ,and that made the experience truly amazing. Your Queen was a great lady that lived out her life purpose with dignity and grace, and” they” praised her for that.
    Now to my question,
    We had a election here in Sweden on the 11 september, on the full moon and mercury retrograde. The swedish democrats became the second largest party and it is a party with roots in neo nazism. They operate like the republicans in the US by dividing the country and are both climate deniers and populist.
    I been thinking a lot about the karma we have from WW2 and it breaks my heart that we are going down this road.
    But the thing is that I am not sure we actually took this road as a country.
    In every reading i’ve done the message have been clear that it will be our current primeminister Magdalena Andersson that is a socialdemocrat who will lead Sweden through the economic crash that is coming. I dont think that the election was foul play but the we know that the alt right been using troll factorys to get their message out and I have a feeling that considering we are about to join NATO that there is other countries interests that are playing out. The election was so close with not even 1% difference between the red/greens and the blue/ brown ( fascists).
    My guides are very in to world events so I have been getting a lot of information about what is coming. So far it has all played out the way they have said.
    Do you see Sweden paying its karma debt for WW2 or are we heading down the rabbit hole?

    Wish you the best
    / Anna

    1. Thanks Anna. Yes, the monarchy will reform, as your guides told you. Thank you for passing on what happened to you when Her Majesty the Queen passed to spirit. You mention you are in Sweden and of course that means NATO is a major issue. In March 2023 Saturn leaves Aquarius (restrictions and limitations for global alliances and groups) and Pluto enters (power is with the people from that point, particularly in collectives of minorities where women have equal or greater control than men). That is a completely different world and Sweden will rise to meet it. The war karma ends in July 2023 when the lunar nodes leave Scorpio and Taurus. All of Europe and the US and her allies are drawn into this but it will eventually end in closure.

  15. Hi Jessica, thanks again for providing the heads-up on what to expect until 17 October. I have been working from home in my home country but once again my management is pressurising me to come back to the UK and work in the office (open space and very tall building). I had a meeting last week about it. Thanks to you and Dr Eric Ding, I know COVID is not over and the worst is to come. In a nutshell, my management would like me either to resign or relocate and work in the office. I wish governments/companies would read your blog. How will all the transits affect me? Many thanks again. Greetings from France.

    1. You are a Sun Cancer with Libra, Cancer and Virgo stelliums and now your management want you to go back to working in a UK office – or resign. If you wanted to look for better options they are there until late October, and from Christmas until May 2023. That choice is yours. You may want to ask yourself how you feel about working for people who put you at risk of Covid. The Virgo stellium you have will be opposed by Saturn from March 2023 onwards for some time. That, in astrology, is time to put your wellbeing, lifestyle and peace of mind about work first. It has to be a priority and the long oppositions require a plan. Dr. Eric Ding is one of several leading experts and academics who are warning about new Omicron variants so I’m glad you are updated. Do your employers have HEPA filters and/or UVC light? Big question, worth asking. You have choices to make here, but you are in a really good place to make them.

  16. Hi Jessica, Thank you for such an interesting post. I am feeling very stuck and have factors affected by all the retros it seems. All areas of my life feel squashed. Can you give me clarity on my career (writer and healer in training). I’m also feeling called to study astrology! If I may also check in with my Virgo factors, should I be concerned about my health? Covid? Thank you and I look forward to your blogs so much!

    1. Thank you. The squashed feeling is really your stelliums in Gemini, Aquarius, Taurus, Aries – currently being influenced by retrogrades in all four signs. Writing, podcasting and education (studying or teaching) are best treated as a rehearsal and process until March 2023 when at last you are free to proceed at a normal speed. Yet nothing is wasted as from May 2024 you realise success by 2025 was down to the incubation now and in early 2022. Your social life and friendships will be very different from March next year. Burdens and tests of patience disappear and quite powerful new groups and allies come in. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024 as Jupiter goes through Taurus. Finally you are due to relaunch with a new look and title or name, by May 2023. You have three factors in Virgo in your Sixth House of health so Saturn will oppose those, from next year onwards. If you want to study astrology that is good motivation. It will help you safeguard and protect your wellbeing.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Great article, ok this explains so much. So many people in my life are stagnant, stop starting. I’ve been stagnated with my MSc and am hoping this will be wrapped up by end of October. But I don’t know if the solutions are there – can you help me to see my chart?

    1. Thank you. With Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn stelliums you are mostly caught up with the last two, in terms of cycling backwards. Scorpio rules your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships – and familial property arrangements. You are also a Sun Sagittarius so a similar story is told in your natal and solar chart. There will be sign-off decisions in December, January regarding joint finances and from March 2023 you can wave goodbye to the most demanding cycle in 248 years. Your lifestyle, professional direction and job satisfaction (this includes unpaid work as well as academia) skyrockets next May 2023 until May 2024.

  18. Thanks for another brilliant article Jessica. This year has been one of the worst I can remember, so I am going to use this period to hunker down! Bring on 2023

  19. Thank you as always Jessica. I feel like I am at the mercy of this retrograde.. caught in a duet and duel triangle as my partner has now completely stopped moving forward, and almost feels like he is backtracking our forward path.. with his mind set on a Dec decision timeline, but I assume action early next year. I just fear I’ll be the collateral damage. Ive never felt the impacts of a retrograde like this before, and the feeling of being pulled back and forth is so overwhelming.. I’ll keep reading and using tarot to help me try to navigate how to manage it as best I can.

    1. You’ll find your Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn stelliums are the story here. As you’ve read, we have retrograde cycles in Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn at the moment. So that’s financial/sexual relationships (your partner backtracking), your friends and groups (Aquarius) and your career (Capricorn). You are also a Sun Sagittarius, so publicly and privately the same story is taking place. Try to lower the heat and reduce the need for fast results with him; this will take time. March 2023 brings the end of the financial and/or property intensity and July 2023 is final closure on the karma for both of you. Life until 2026 is liberating and exciting in work terms. Your paid work, academic career or unpaid work will be quite exhilarating and make you far more independent. The solutions and opportunities which come from May 2023 to May 2024 are very special.

  20. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for this article, I have a question, so using my chart and my very beginners go at astrology I have 8 ceres at Libra, Gemini 12 Diana & 10 IC. And Aquarius 20 Vulcano so it would appear for me wellbeing, career, political parties & teams all adds up here. this is because as it would happen I am currently awaiting to see if my contract with Civil Service will be renewed before end date (due to new ministers and budgets for Ukraine Taskforce) of 30th Sept or will it not. Looking at the above and then I pulled the Death Card in Tarot, I am going with career possibly does not continue with CC and ends on 30th sept. And I know death is not negative and good things can be on the horizon, is there an area I need to target, or industry to head towards that will be the better horizon? I love being a people manager so would love something that taps into that. Many Thanks 🙂

    1. You have a huge stellium in Aquarius in the Eleventh House so what happens to the world, happens to you. We are in a 29-year cycle of Saturn in Aquarius so it’s a steep learning curve about alliances, friendships, groups, communities, minorities within the larger network. Ever since Christmas 2020 all this has been serious, stuck and slow for you. March 2023 is the month it all changes. Saturn goes out of your Eleventh House and Pluto goes in. You’ve mentioned 30th September as a contract deadline; your chart suggests it’s March next year which is the big shift and you will realise you’ve been preparing for the change, for most of your life. The Death card you pulled shows the monarch gone and the next generation coming through. Your new ministers and Ukraine Taskforce budget will be affected by that. Your destiny is being shaped around you and this will take time. Death is an ending and simultaneous beginning but it’s a journey too. You will end up feeding the group with what it needs and may play a part in the big changes for NATO, the UN and the EU which are coming from next March.

  21. Hi jessica,

    Hope you will reply me. I have the problem in career and family as well recently. I’m sun gemini and taurus rising. Life is tough for me really. I want to know when will turn better for career recently and I hope family issue also finish soon. Thank you for you suggestion.



    1. Yun, you have Gemini, Taurus, Libra and Cancer stelliums. The family issue is about the money, house, apartment or valuables at the heart of it. You will have decisions about this to make in December, January and the situation ends in March 2023. You have fantastic career solutions and opportunities coming from late October to late December so please take them. You will make or save money May 2023 until May 2024 as Jupiter goes through Taurus.

  22. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. When I heard President Biden mention the pandemic on the news yesterday and Dr Mike Ryan too I thought of you and previous posts you discuss the pandemic. I have a stellium in Libra:
    Pluto 6 deg
    IC 3 deg
    Vesta 8 Libra
    Prosperina 8 Libra
    (also Uranus Libra 27).
    Im starting a part time job search but im so tired these past two weeks…..! Do you see anything positive in my chart or of significance.
    Thank you for your reply

    1. Thank you. You have stelliums in Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn and are a Sun Capricorn. The job and the tiredness are the public story (Mars in Gemini retrograde in your Sixth House of health). The real story is shown in your natal chart (Pluto in Capricorn retrograde in your Tenth House of success). You have been through so many changes and challenges with work since 2008 but these finish in March 2023. Until then you may want to step back from your C.V. and look at how you feel about your achievements, your ambitions, and what success actually means to you. There is a link between your body not co-operating and the world of work in general. It may take a while to figure that out. Make your health and wellbeing your number one priority. You’ll find March 2023 is a turning point with that too.

  23. Jessica – I’ve had a brutal stretch of caregiving. I spent the summer caring for a tragically dying relative and their family. But unfair resentments arose from my willingness to do that. Now, I’m surveying my next chapter…is it still primarily as a caregiver (which I’m happy/willing to do) or do I invest more in myself (such as restarting a career, etc). Right now, I’m taking advantage of this retro period to rest and regroup and look for the right next path.

    1. Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries dominate your chart so you are not a caregiver by nature. The next career chapter begins in March 2023. You can take a job before then of course but the real transformation happens from March next year. For many years into the future you will be shown that people power is potent stuff, especially when women are involved in the wider group, and you will play your part with that. You are also going to relaunch your name and face by Halloween, or between Christmas and May 2023, very successfully.

  24. Dear Jessica, I read this article on retrograde astrology on a day when I’m having massive problems with my subscriptions to various publications, and especially your website!! I was trying to look at my chart to check on the retrograde planets and their effect on my chart but thanks to my card company’s missteps, I’m locked out!!

    The past couple of days have seen so many around the world mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, may she rest in peace. But in my usual cautious way, I was wondering about what Covid precautions were being taken during the truly breathtaking event. Today, I read that the Queen of Denmark, who attended the funeral, tested positive for the virus.

    Do you think this could prove a problem for the current monarch, King Charles III? What are your thoughts on this? Does this tie in with the current astrological weather?

    Thank you for all your work!

    1. I am sorry you have an issue with your subscription to my website; you’ve probably clicked on Support and already been helped. I hope so. The Queen of Denmark has tested positive for Covid? I hope there were HEPA filters on those buses or UV-C light. Charles III has already had Covid once and is vulnerable to Long Covid, as a result, so let’s also hope he made sure that all the shared spaces he was in, had HEPA filters and/or UV-C light. For whatever reason (we don’t know what yet) Charles has long been predicted to never be crowned King. Of course he has automatically become monarch on the passing of The Queen but it can take up to a year or more to proceed to coronation. Astrologers since 1949 have been saying this. Diana said it. I have just given an interview to The Daily Express so will not say more for the moment, but a feature will appear here after that is published, with some new light shed by my friend, Penny Thornton, who one of Diana’s three astrologers. Thank you.

  25. Hello Jessica! This is really a difficult time and as several factors in my theme are affected by these retrogrades, I’d like to know what the (long term) effects will be for me, especially in the family, financial and property areas, if you have time to have a look at my chart. Thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Pisces so going through a few challenges and your birth chart says the same thing. Try to keep family action plans, reaction plans (reacting to any heat or urgency) minimal. Keep the stakes low and shrink what you do and say. Why? Because it goes backwards and forwards until March 2023 and does not resolve as quickly as it usually would. Not a time to renovate or move, for example, or have a stoush with relatives, unless you are happy to accept backwards traction and even cancellation. You will make or save a lot of money, ongoing, until Halloween, then from Christmas to May 2023. The retrograde affecting you most is Mars in Gemini.

  26. Hi Jessica,we literarily call you our house saint !thank you,you always there when nothing makes sense.I have a feeling that something big for me around the corner but also I don’t want to move my finger for nothing…
    What do you see?

    1. Too funny. That is the first time I have ever been called a saint. I don’t see a chart here but the Tarot is always free to use on my website. Just follow the steps. Write the answers down and save the cards on your computer if you can, to look back at them. Thank you.

  27. Dear Jessica,

    Everything seemed quiet overhelming,until 20 September when Venus nearly conjuncted my Vesta 17 deegre in Virgo and both trined Uranus.Something unbeliveable happened,i was offered to sell my small pharmaceutical business or to countinue working there ,with a bigger rent of course .Meanwhile i was looking for other opportunities and sincerely i found something marvellous(smaller rent and little competition) and i was waiting for the retrograde to end in order to follow with my plan.This thing that happened was really unexpected,because my contract was valid until 30 September.I really need an advice.Which option suits me astrologically?Do i have to start my business from the beginning or accept the new offer? I really would appreciate your opinion.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you. Virgo rules pharmaceuticals and you were offered a purchase. You do still have Mercury going backwards in Virgo though and there is now a second option. I strongly recommend you give yourself a three-way reading here with The Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle. Leo, Cancer, Libra, Gemini dominate your horoscope. Your luck holds until Halloween then resumes, Christmas to May 2023. So you will be expanding, optimistically, into bigger and better professional options, in a rare Jupiter cycle. Your luck is in. See what the cards suggest, but whatever you choose, you will be very glad you said yes.

  28. Hi Jessica long time reader first time poster. Am a Gemini, currently employed but not happy. Am interviewing at a different company (process started before Merc Retro), and have been through the first few rounds. I’m trying to stay positive but can’t escape the feeling that this might be fraught w peril. I really want this new position, it’s a great company and a very good fit. Is this the right track? The interviewer said they want to have a start date of Oct 10 or the 17th, but the interviewing process hasn’t concluded yet (prob next week). Thank you!

    1. The Tarot is free to use on this website and is very good at career questions; just follow the steps. Your luck is in with this or another position from Halloween to Christmas. If you don’t happen to get this, it will be because something better is in store. Jupiter (opportunity, solution, luck) moves into Pisces and your solar Tenth House of career on that time-frame. So you see, you have more than one bite at the cherry. The timing would be right if the start date is October 17th; the retrogrades are waning. Good luck. But you won’t need good luck for your career in late 2022.

  29. Thank you for the update on the retrogrades. I just had an interview and also just got offered another position (on a website for gig work) one day a week for an hour (in addition to my regular job). I guess this won’t stick or maybe with any luck it will change into something with more hours as they pay more. The new offer is online and my regular position is in person. My husband (8/22/72 12:22pm same place as me birthwise) and I , although very close have been having some issues and I realize they stem from me and past traumas. You were in my dream last night. You were wearing a beautiful green dress and had iridescent green eyeshadow on. Your hair was long and red. Like a mermaid. You were stunning. You told me that men have been taking our power for years and we just tend to give it away. It’s time to take it back. We were a bunch of women in a house and we were making a strategy. One of the women was angry at not being paid well (by us or you, I am not sure) but she complained under her breath a lot. So strange and will ponder that a bit. Thank you for all of your insight Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Congratulations on the part-time offer, which may indeed change into something better as you are picking it up during a retrograde Virgo and Capricorn work cycle. Did I really turn up in your dream? I write about Pluto in Aquarius a lot, and Aquarius is about female power and independence. It is time for women and girls to reclaim it, which happens from March 2023, for years into the future. Salary is part of that. I suspect this is about your own salary. Have a look at the Tarot to shed light. I do in fact own a beautiful green evening dress. You’re psychic.

  30. Hi Jessica, although relatively new to your site, I really love your articles and have been back tracking a little to gain a better understanding as I am very keen to develop my own knowledge over time. Looking forward to hearing more on the monarchy’s future once your interview is published!!
    I personally have had a tough couple of years and am also feeling stuck career wise as I have been in the same place for over 30 years – When is the right time for change? Do I need to spend more time with my family to support them and help them move forwards? Or look at alternatives? For many years my stance has been to put my head down and get on with it but feeling that might not be right for me now as so many things have changed.

    1. Thank you for becoming a Premium Member, I do appreciate it. You are a Sun Sagittarius with a Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius profile. The time for change is May 2023 to May 2024. You can switch jobs now and welcome a promotion, big hit or flattering role then – or you can hang on – but find an irresistible new option in your professional life, once May 2023 has appeared. Alternatives are the key. In fact you may switch roles more than once by 2026 and be very excited to do so. The Aquarius in your chart is the key. In March 2023 the world of friends, groups and people power transforms in front of your eyes. Any waiting game is over. A burden is put down. Pluto goes into Aquarius and your Eleventh House and the Twenties and Thirties are dominated by collectives of people who set aside their differences (they are diverse and firmly include women and minorities) to achieve great things together. You have a very special part to play in that. This may be purely outside work, of course, but I have a feeling that you will end up supplying or feeding a group. You will never be inside it, but maintain your space outside it – yet still have huge influence. It’s coming. Your Aquarian side is ready to activate.

  31. Hi Jessica I love your site. Many of my friends here in NYC do as well.
    I have been having a lot of Neptune ,Pluto and Uranus transits as of lately my 6th, 8th and 10th houses.
    I have developed mysterious health issues that none of my doctors can pinpoint. I have chronic post nasal drip and have developed
    neuropathy even though I don’t have diabetes. I wonder if things will shift once some of these planets leave Pisces and Capicorn and my 6th and 8th houses.
    My career has also been stagnant .
    Thanks so much for all you great insight!

    1. Thank you. Waving to New York. I miss Patience and Fortitude and hope to see them again one day. I am sorry you have post-nasal drip and neuropathy. Your career is stagnant. These are linked through Virgo and the Sixth House, which rules your job and your body. Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Libra dominate your chart which gives you some clues. You have three mutable signs here; Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo. We can put Libra to one side for the moment. The mutable signs clash so there are some inner conflicts here which are playing out as health issues. Ask yourself how you honestly feel about work, housework, any unpaid or voluntary work. What you have, is getting you time off, or time out from it, or even forcing questions about a different role. Your unconscious mind drives the bus if you have Pisces factors in your Twelfth House. It is opposite Virgo as you probably know, so you may be pushing back against a particular kind of work, without realising what you are doing. Your body acts it all out and so your spirit or subconscious gets what it wants; an excuse not to have to show up. This is the astrological approach to health. The Tarot is a good key to the unconscious. It can show you who or what is behind the post nasal drip or neuropathy. It may be very deeply buried or repressed. Dreams are even better; you can program your dreams to show you. The words you use can give your unconscious motivation away. You have said a few Neptune things here; quote “mysterious” and “drip” and “stagnant” which are all about water – Neptune rules water. Neptune is transiting Pisces as you may know, so there is something in your use of watery metaphors to describe what is happening to you. Ask your dreams who or what is so mysterious; there may actually literally be an issue here with fluid, plumbing, water supply, water quality and so on. Covid is airborne and thrives in stagnant atmospheres. If you have an unconscious Pisces alarm system it will be getting you out of that work environment to save you long-term; be aware of that possibility as well.

  32. Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my comments Jessica! I don’t know what we would do without your guidance in these turbulent times.

    1. Thank you – astrology is a good anchor – because it’s history. We really have seen it all before.

  33. Retrogrades have fascinated me ever since 2000 presidential elections. Rather than thinking of these times as ‘going backwards’, it seems that it is more akin to a period of ‘intense focus’ within the astrological context. I prefer to conjure up an image of parallel sun rays bending and becoming intensely hot with the use of a magnification lens. My curiosity was piqued because most outer planets (Uranus – Neptune – Pluto) in my birth chart, in fact all minor asteroids are retrograde running from Leo all the way to Scorpio. Over my life time, I have often struggled with this unexplainable feeling of being extremely intense at times. Zen and philosophy have done wonders to calm my mind and spirit … any guidance is always appreciated. Great article as always, which puts the current “quality of time” into context.

    1. Thank you. Retrogrades are always a matter of context, as you know, so it’s not enough to say ‘retrograde bad’ which is what a lot of teenagers and Millennials on Twitter seem to think. The Titanic sank on Mercury Retrograde but it was contextual; the missing key, lost messages and communication failures did not make for the disaster, there had to be an iceberg! In your chart (Pisces, Aquarius, Virgo dominated) your Virgo stellium is retrograde. Work, unpaid work, academia, health and wellbeing are all here. Transits in Virgo, which we have now, will find you operating back to front, or in reverse, or with a stop-start and go-slow pattern. As this happens to you all the time you are familiar with it and know what to do.

  34. Hi. I love reading your posts. I come to you page as I feel a calm when reading your posts. I often worry that this war spreading to other places and reading your posts some times eases my fears of this. I know we are all going through it just now. I do feel I have spirit around me more just now.

    1. Thank you. Vladimir Putin is a man out of time. You cannot be a Plutocrat when Pluto is leaving Capricorn and going into Aquarius. You cannot possibly hope to survive in the new world. I predicted young Russia would win, a long time ago. Those Russian protesters are brave. They will win. He is on the way down and very likely, out.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    Your article was really helpful in understanding what is happening. Personally, I feel as though things are progressing with family and career but still stuck at the same time. I have Pluto at 5 Libra and Cupido at 26 Capricorn and Sun Scorpio. Can you please tell me what to watch for in these retrograde cycles? Thanks

    1. Thank you. Pluto in Libra is in focus until October as the duet or duel which matters most, is about control or power for you. The other person is a test of your empowerment. Expect a lot of back and forth action until October is well established. Nothing is final yet. Your Capricorn factor is about your career, academic career or unpaid work and there is a final-stage reshuffle with this until March 2023. It may be that some people are sacked or resign. You may find mergers affecting companies in your field. This affects you directly or at a distance. Again this is a test of how much power you have in your profession or field. The stretch with finance, property, business, valuables is over in July 2023 but ongoing keep your arrangements flexible until 2026 as the world economy is unstable.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I love it when you post a new article. I have factors in both Libra and Virgo nataly. Pluto in Libra. They were retrograde in my birth chart though so would this mean a different meaning to how I would read it. Or do I not get out so easily!!
    Very much appreciate all your wonderful work.
    best wishes Selina

    1. Thank you Selina. If you are born with retrogrades they are dormant most of the time, but transits in those signs will bring out the ‘backwards steps’ nature of how you manage those matters. You were born with Virgo and Libra retrogrades, so right now, into October, you are going back to front with work (Virgo) which also rules unpaid work or academia. It’s a process. It’s the same with your partner, or even a duel of some description. What is supposedly written in stone in September, early October is not. Going backwards can sometimes be useful as it buys you time to really think about your choices. You may then change your mind later.

  37. It will be interesting to see the variety of covid responses in all the different states in America when it returns …also as it’s americas own Pluto return. everyone seems back to “Normal” -do you think people will be house bound again for a long time ? Or we adapt quickly with the air filtration and ultraviolet lighting. Is home the safe spot for the end pluto in Capricorn years? As a 29 cancerian I will be so happy to see pluto walk on !

    1. If you have factors at 29 Cancer you will indeed be glad to see the back of Pluto at 29 Capricorn, but oppositions from Pluto only deepen and intensify what is there, so you may end up with a stronger sense of family or ancestry; a more enriching sense of history, culture, patriotism or place; a more potent relationship with your own home. Oppositions are hard work but you will dig down into your Fourth House, ruled by Cancer, and find yourself there. The Covid pandemic will be with us for centuries, though it will become endemic in some countries and reduce to manageable epidemic in others. It depends on which country you are in – some will literally see the light and mandate UV-C (safe ultraviolet) and HEPA filtration in every space. Others will not or cannot. Covid arrived on the same cycle as the Bubonic Plague and that is still with us today. People who survive and thrive will have the same skills that get them through Climate Emergency. Intelligent activists who read the science and act on it. Bangladesh is now tracking a new Omicron variant which is the most immune-escape version of Covid they have ever seen, in laboratory conditions. Meanwhile people are still flying. Don’t be part of the problem, as they say, be part of the solution, but you do need to change your lifestyle, even if you already changed it in 2020 or 2021. That is the astrology. I’m sure you’ll be perfectly safe.

  38. Hello Jessica, hope you are very well!

    Thank you so much for this in depth look into the impact of multi retrogrades – its just so facinating.

    Please can you help me better undertand how I will be impacted by it – for the past few months I’ve gone from terribly sad and miserable at work, until I quit – then peace and calm – I felt like I found my centre and could calmly look at new job opportunities. But this has now been a series of days of confidence and days of despair and nervousness – everything seems up in the air – from an on-off relationship (that is now on, but I have so much uncertainty about where this is going, it is a karmic relationship that will not stand the test of time, its been very hard for me to walk away from, even if I’ve done so mutiple times – this time feels very differnt, not least because I’ve become stronger about who I am and more assertive about my wants and needs – my partner is a Leo sun born 31/07/1968) to uncertainty about when I would get a new job, also if it will be in my home country (South Africa) or elsewhere – I’ve had this deep seated, intuituive feeling that my path lies elsewhere – please can you advise how this is meant to play out?

    Thank you so much!
    ps: you’ve also mentioned a focus on health, so I’ve already started to pay attention to this to minimise any potential impacts on that front – another big thank you for that!

    1. Thank you Marly, yes I am very well. You quit work and are now having a wobble. You also have an unstable romance with a Leo. The symptoms you describe are depression and anxiety and as a Virgo, Leo, Libra type you need to make your mental health and wellbeing your number one priority. If you have not been to your doctor, think about it. If you prefer to protect your own wellness then go to trusted, tried and tested professionals. Readers who have been through depression and anxiety recommend Dr. Claire Weekes’ Self-Help for Your Nerves and there are huge benefits reported from something as simple as walking. Have a look at Google Scholar for the academic research on walking with groups. It is very important that you get the nuts and bolts of your machinery right before you go looking at decisions and you are strongly Virgo and need to have check-up and maintenance please. Have a look at what you eat and drink, and put into your body, even if it is something as trivial as sugar, caffeine or nicotine. As a Virgo, Leo, Libra type you are naturally drawn to a Leo. The issue for both of you is children. You don’t say if you have them, ever had a pregnancy, or want children in your life, but that is the story at the core of this unstable romance. The other issue is him, not you. It may be useful to have a long honest talk with yourself about parenthood for either of you and start from there; the Tarot can help, so can The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle. Follow the steps for clarity. You are due for a wonderful period with him or someone new over the next few years as Jupiter goes through Leo then Libra and it will involve children or young adults initially; then the opportunity for a terrific new commitment. As a Virgo-Leo-Libra you are suited to work which puts your health first (non-negotiable). You also do well with younger generations who can look up to you as a mentor, teacher, guide, role model. That could help a career. Finally Libra is about duets. Partnerships and double acts. Balancing acts with one other person. Again you could work this into a profession. First of all though fix your delicate Virgo machinery.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another great article. It really resonated with me and helped make sense of my own experience over the last few weeks. So many work-related issues which normally run smoothly have gone awry despite best efforts. So much doing and undoing, it’s so frustrating. I’m looking forward to things going a bit more smoothly.

    Take care.


  40. Hi Jessica,

    I have been involved in a very intense and painful family lawsuit dealing with an inheritance since 2019. We are trying to settle since late August and it is not going well. Looking at my chart, when will this painful chapter be over and is it outcome I can come to terms with?

    1. You are not logged in, so I can’t see your chart, but I would bet you have Scorpio factors in your Eighth House. If so the painful chapter is over in final detail from July 2023. There is karma from 18 or 19 years ago here for you if you do have Scorpio factors but closure is not so far away. I am sorry you are going through it. The Tarot here can also help you with this question.

  41. Brilliant as always!!!
    I know, you said before, that Putin’s on the edge. Do you think today announcements re mobilization actually lead to more deadly war?
    Also, I woul like to ask how to deal with my mum. Since my dad passed away this March, I have the feeling we are talking in different languages. And this culminated a week ago… retrogrades?

    1. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump both meet Decline and Fall at the same time. They are Plutocrats and they do not last beyond March 2023 when Pluto leaves Capricorn, the sign of the man at the top. Their power on this planet is over. I am sorry you lost your father this year. You must now take care of your mum. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio stellium. The burden goes in March 2023 when Saturn leaves your solar Fourth House. Pluto then enters so there are new questions about who or what is in control with her. You will need to use your willpower and self-control from that point forward. You will also realise how much power you have with her; it is very important that it is handled appropriately and carefully. The core of the issue with your mother is the house, apartment or money (obviously your father’s legacy) and there is karma to complete from 18 or 19 years ago, for you. This karmic closure takes place in July 2023 so there are a couple of months there to note. You can use the Tarot to find out more about March onwards and July onwards.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your wisr words. I truly love checking all the posts out. I have family in the UK and we live in Melbourne so it’d certainly been a tricky few years. I also was just diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, aged 44. I am a hairdresser and am wondering of its time to look for a new career to protect my body. Do you have any wisdom for me?

    Thanks for all your writing blogs, I certainly find them all very intriguing, I think astrology interests me more than I realise.

    1. Thank you. Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Scorpio dominate your astrology chart, Vickie. I am so sorry about your diagnosis. You are going through two major cycle here; Pluto in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and the South Node in Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual/financial relationships and family/property relationships. The first one is over in March 2023 so the pressure is off. The second one is over in July 2023 and again, the pressure is off. You are a natural for the Mind, Body, Spirit area so if you are interested in training in an aspect of the care industry that does not affect your health (in fact it would help your health) then that’s one choice. You are also born for involvement with foreigners and foreign countries. Of course for you that maybe UK-Australia. Scorpio takes you back to money, valuables, collectables, property, business. So you have a few options Vickie. Have a look at Matthew Manning and Dr. Paul McKenna on YouTube for free healing hypnosis.

  43. Dear Jessica, I am trying to figure out what kind of work to move into. Do you have any guidance on this for me? I work for government but haven’t quite fit in as a migrant, I think I am a cultural mismatch. I can see my ideas are appreciated and often taken up, but I seem to make leaders uncomfortable. Any pointers would be very helpful. I wish you peace of mind and good health.

    1. Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra and Leo dominate your chart. As a migrant you are trying to find your way with foreigners on a tough cycle; Mars in Gemini retrograde is opposing your Sagittarius factors until March 2023. You have spotted the issue; cultural mis-match. As you have Uranus in Gemini from 2026 for years into the future you may want to be aware of that; it’s not the easiest time in the world to push a foreign agenda. The Aquarius side of your nature needs a group; is friendly; supports people power. This is hard now but it becomes so much easier next March. In fact hurdles will disappear. You will become involved with one or more very important circles of people and play a crucial role with them. Look towards organisations with diversity, community and equality in their manifesto. That is where you will do best; feminism would be woven into the mission statement. Libra is about partnership; you will always do well in a professional duet. Leo is about a younger generation; you could easily teach.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the insights during these messy times. I am little scared as I have vigro stellum. Can you let me know how this is going to playout for me.

    Thanks for your time, hope you have a great day.

    Bless you.

    1. Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces dominate your chart. The retrogrades in Virgo and Libra pass pretty quickly and won’t change your life; they will just hold you up. There’s no weather in Sagittarius to create drama. Pisces means you lean towards religion, spirituality, Tarot, psychics, dreams, hypnosis, meditation, self-help, therapy. This works extremely well for you from late October to late December and it will change you on the inside. People and organisations which are good for you will appear, or reappear, in November 2022.

  45. Thank you for your reply And the reassurance you give to so many. I just became a member today. I look forward to seen more of your posts.

  46. My deepest apologies, Jessica. I have just looked back through my previous posts and replies and I keep asking you for clarity on the same issues–over and over. So I have copied them and pasted them in a document and printed them. Please forgive my persistence. I truly have forgotten my previous questions and your previous answers. I am truly struggling with my health, including brain function and memory. I am under lot of stress yet feel compelled to keep moving forward. How does one prioritize transits? I have ‘plant the acorn’ transits, ‘now is the time to go bigger and bolder,’ but also ‘don’t take on more than you can handle,’ and ‘watch your work-load.’ Can acorns be small initial steps and place-holders?

    1. No need to apologise. Acorns can indeed be small steps. And finding the most important transits is easy. Find out your stelliums and look to when there are transits in those signs which are slow and long-lasting, usually involving the outer planets or nodes. Cancer, Virgo, Leo, Capricorn, Gemini are your stelliums. The key here is the end of Pluto in Capricorn in your Tenth House of success. He began there in 2008 and is gone next March. That is the end of an era and the start of a far more relaxed, carefree, effortless approach to your ambitions and position in life. The Tarot can tell you more about that.

  47. Hi Jessica, the level of detail in your posts (and the flipbooks!) is so helpful for getting an understanding of what is happening now and what will happen in the future (…what happened in the past).

    I’m making an effort to go lightly with this retro season. On the Libra side, I do feel as though some business partnerships are on hold or a little opaque. Normally I’d feel frustrated by this, but now, not so.

    This week I am initiating a new partnership with someone to guide me on an important business project. I am going into it with the expectation that it all will be a rehearsal for launch post-March 2023. Movement (learning, testing, refining) without being married to the outcome.

    Is there any other advice you would give based on my birth chart?

    Many thanks to you.

    1. Thanks so much. I will pass that onto Justin Tabari who designs the flipbooks. You are quite right to treat the partnership as a process not an outcome, yet. Libra, Scorpio, Virgo and Sagittarius rule your chart. The financial, business and property side of your life is on a loop until July 2023 when situations repeat. There is karma here from 18-19 years ago which must complete; closure comes in July then you can let it go and life is normal again. You are meant to be in both professional and personal partnerships and to also join forces with others (again in marriage, say, as well as work duets) – this takes off for you when Jupiter goes through Libra and Scorpio. In fact, you have a run of four fantastic years as Jupiter moves through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius. That’s way into the future but you will come into your own, and end up living in another country or spending a great deal of time there.

  48. Hi Jessica. Always love the accuracy of your articles. Always enjoy reading them. Can I ask, will the media give some sort of reprieve to Harry & Meghan?

    I’m also interested in how this plays out for me.. I have a very strong feeling that this is work related, since as you’ve described, very little is sticking at the moment. The project I was meant to be on was all going ahead but delays continue to happen and in the last 6 weeks I was given the job, then told it was in negotiations with the unions here in Victoria and leaving me very unsure as to where I’ll land. Everything keeps shifting… From this project I really want to be on, to my feelings in regards to my dating life… literally everything feels in flux and very much out of my control.

    As you can see… I’m a Taurus. I thrive on stability and routine. Yet, I can’t see any stability at the end of the tunnel. Being almost 40 and still very much single, my work is something I’ve worked very hard at.

    1. Thank you. The media will publish whatever sells, in respect of Meghan. The bigger question is the role she is playing (she is an experienced actress) in regard to US-UK relations. Time will tell on that one. You sound as if you are in full retrograde mode. Everything is shifting. Work becomes so much easier next March. At the moment it’s an uphill battle but if anything and anybody is actually worth it long-term, they will still be there after March 2023. From that point you will be put in touch with influential and powerful people and organisations and find yourself acquiring power too.

  49. Haha. Thanks for your answer. That’s so cool that you DO own a green dress! FUNNY THING, today we had a meeting at work and we are all getting a raise in January and a bonus the next year on our hiring anniversary. Let’s hope they don’t take it back (Mercury retro and all!). Thanks again for everything.

  50. Hi Jessica, Thank you so much always for these insights. This explains why I have been completely out of sort lately. The whole atmosphere feels heavy to me. Looking to my chart and with the retrogrades mostly being over on October 17th, is there any chance at all I can get my career going after that or is March 2023 the most likely movement in career for me? I keep trying and pushing and hope it will eventually lead to something. Thank you so much again! Xn

    1. Thank you. Gemini, Taurus and Pisces rule your chart and you are a Sun Taurus. Keep going with your career even though it’s hard. You will meet with obstacles and waiting games; people will be difficult or groups will be unhelpful. That’s quite normal. Persist with who and what matters to you and then prepare for a fantastic release from the situation in March 2023. You will eventually work with/for quite powerful people and play a potent role.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Well done! Let me begin by stating you have been eerily accurate. Like too often to count. I am kicking myself for not heeding the earlier forecasts about the economy and preparing a plan back in January. You are a great teacher. I remember your blog of 1939 dejavu with high inflation and high gas prices, increased interest rates, and shortages. Now we round the last quarter of 2022, I need guidance how to make a personal financial success in what remains of turbulent 2022 and how to prepare for 2023 as a single income earner. Or beyond. As a first time home owner, I watch the interest rates with angst. Never paid attention to these rates until I qualified for a mortgage. How is the economy tied to the North and South Node? Scorpio and Taurus in my natal chart look like fun times if I was a gambler. I hate huge change. I am in boring Canada and it closely follows the US federal reserve decisions. Does the Canadian dollar ever surpass the USD? I don’t know where the monetary system will tumble. Your wonderful insights would be most appreciated. Kind regards.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, the astrology predicted 2022 would be like 1939 and here we are. You are wondering about finance and are living in Canada (some of my family live there too). Virgo, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio dominate your chart. Taurus and Scorpio are of course the property and money signs. You are going through the most radical change of your lifetime until 2026. You will become far more independent and frequently break free of situations, organisations or people which restrict you. The hard part is now through July 2023. It becomes much easier for you once the nodes change signs next July. You will also save or make a lot of money, May 2023 to May 2024 as Jupiter goes through Taurus. Canada will form a new relationship with America from 2026 which is radically different. There is a revolution coming in transport/travel which will reshape the two nations together. Watch that as the smart money is on a shift in border management but also the way people go across those borders.

  52. Thank you very much Jessica for this article. As everyone says, we are so lucky to have you in these turbulent times.
    I have a stellium in Virgo and another one in Scorpio. This period is very annoying for me, I’m trying different jobs but nothing seems to work and I’m not even talking about passion.I even got really sick by the end of August like even my body is telling me the it’s not working. I have to admit that I’m a bit lost, I’m about to start another project by the end of this week but with all the retrograde, I’m wondering what’s gonna happen. It’s important for me to work, for money first but also because I’m still grieving 2 important persons that passed away. My friend passed on the 4th December eclipse and I discover informations piece by piece and it’s just heartbroken. My dad passed away on 10th December and no mystery, just heartbroken.So I really need to work to stop thinking about all that.
    Thank you for your support as always.

    1. Thank you, though I think we have to thank astrology. It’s the ‘consolation of philosophy’ but also history. You are Libra Virgo Scorpio Leo Pisces dominant. You lost your father in December on the South Node in Scorpio cycle in the Eighth House of family property and finance, legacies, wills and inheritance. This cycle ends in July 2023 when you will close the book. You will achieve karmic balance slowly but surely along the way and feel that things are settled for you spiritually by July. You are drawn to Tarot, hypnosis, self-help, hypnosis, religion or Buddhism and these will work wonders for you from Halloween to Christmas. Change on the inside will do you a lot of good. As you have a Virgo stellium your body will always control your job. I am sorry you were ill, but that’s your physical self, talking to the rest of you. Your body is trying/was trying to get you out of something. (And sometimes your body just wants to let your unconscious mind, soul or spirit have its way over a matter.) The Tarot can give you validation on what I’ve just forecast for you and it will help with more personal details.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    This retrograde period feels like a bit of a washing machine. I did the lovers card exercise which was very interesting and enjoyable and I’ll be interested to see what comes to pass. At this same time I’m at a bit of a cross roads with life direction; stay or move house; Sydney or overseas; change jobs and career or not; find a partner and have children or just throw it all in the air and see where the chips land! I feel like globally it’s all change at the moment and feel it playing out personally. I’d be grateful for any thoughts on the current astro weather and life direction. You kindly replied to your previous article on the Aries weather next year that there would be a lot happening next year and I’m wondering if I’m seeing the beginnings of it now. Many thanks in advance as always for your wonderful and valued insights, Fishie.

    1. Yes, a washing machine is a good way to describe September and October 2022. You have Aries, Scorpio and Aquarius stelliums. You are a natural self-promoter but overdue for a relaunch. A new title or name online; a new look; a new brand is here by May 2023 and it will work nicely for you. There are new opportunities to do more with your exterior and you will get away with the so-called impossible, probably on the internet. A rather stuck cycle with joint finance, property, business or valuables ends in July 2023 and you will have closure on karma from 19 years ago then. The karma involves a relative or a former partner. March 2023 ends the toughest cycle in your social life, friendships and group involvements in 29 years when some fairly dismal people or situations have held you up. This is replaced by a powerful new era when you will come into your own, thanks to communities or circles of like-minded people who need you.

  54. Wow, it certainly feels like such an uncertain time. August 23rd I finally decided to separate from my husband. We married during a Mercury retrograde (Sept 28th, 2008), and we’re now talking about separation/divorce during this retrograde… I can’t help but think this can’t be a coincidence? It has been a longtime coming, at least for me. Is it bad timing for us to be separating now? I really don’t want to revisit this again in future.

    Thank you in advance for your amazing insights and all you do. I love and look forward to all of your writing.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are breaking up the marriage with your husband, but your Pisces, Aries, Aquarius stelliums will help you get through this. This is really karma from 19 years ago involving finance, property or business and there must be spiritual closure, so it just happens to be with him. You will benefit from counselling, psychic advice, meditation, hypnosis, religion, Buddhism, meditation or self-help from Halloween to Christmas when being alone is good for you. You will relaunch your name, face, shape and style very successfully next year. Your entire social life, friendships and social circle will change in March 2023 when a burden lifts and powerful new people enter your life.

  55. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for a very informative article.
    My question is rather general – what is the impact of all these retrogrates on natal charts of people who are born around this time. What type of personalities, characteristics, life paths, contribution to society etc. will these people have? What do retrogate planets in the natal chart or a person or a business mean in general?
    Thank you

    1. People born with retrograde horoscope factors operate backwards and back-to-front when there are transits going over those factors. It’s a lifetime pattern. It’s not negative nor positive; it depends on the other aspects to the retrogrades. Some people have a way of always pausing, getting stuck or stalling or they repeat themselves. The person who never finishes a project can have a retrograde factor in her chart. It’s quite interesting. The sign and house tells you where it all goes in a loop. Someone with a retrograde planet in Cancer in the Fourth House will have the Moon on that, every 28 days or so, and she may be the person who never finishes housework or home renovations; who never completes gardening, or who is forever on a loop with the family, also ruled by Cancer.

  56. Thank you Jessica! As ever, your insights and predictions are quite brilliant! I may do the sun sign school course once I’ve completed one at the astrological lodge. I have a quick question in bursting to ask. I just paid for my partner’s birth chart as part of friends and family package. I was amazed to see he and I have exactly the same IC and MC line. Same angle, same house, everything! What does this mean?? Thank you so much

    1. We are relaunching The Sun Sign School with natal and Tarot add-on content later this year. The Astrological Lodge of London is a fantastic place to learn too. Your partner reflects you – simple. If your MC and IC match at the same zodiac sign and degree, that is rare, but it suggests you mirror each other in terms of your ancestors (IC) and your highest achievements in life (MC).

  57. Hi Jessica! I have my North Node at 26 degrees Capricorn, so the Pluto retrograde will affect it. How will this play out? I am currently working on a pitch for a tv series and also as a sun Pisces, working with an architect and build firm on a renovation that will begin March 2023. Love your blog! Cheers.

    1. Thank you. Pisces, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini and Capricorn stelliums lead your chart. You are right; Pluto forms an historic conjunction with your natal North Node at 26 Capricorn too. There will be a takeover or merger affecting your work, either in television or in architecture. To find your power use your willpower. Dominating men will be involved. From March 2023 the politics is over, though. The biggest change in your life is television; the rewrites, redrafts and stuck process between now and March 2023 is useful long-term. You will learn a lot from it and have amazing changes involving online or media projects from 2026, beyond 2030.

  58. Hi Jessica thankyou for your Article and your previous articles they have been interesting , I was hoping if you could clarify how it affects my chart as I have been feeling that no matter what effort I do at the moment ,nothing is moving , basically all areas of life , no matter how hard you budget or save the finances keep creeping up ect work and other areas have been simlar as well , Is it wise to look for another job during a retrograde or best to wait till its finished ?
    Thanks your time and insights 🙂

    1. Thank you. Aries, Pisces, Capricorn and Gemini dominate your chart. You have retrograde or stuck/stop-start cycles in all these signs so a big part of who you are, and what you do, is on rewind. Sometimes it’s good to slow down and just work with what is there. Mother Nature likes us to pause. She pauses all the time; it’s called season change. You will relaunch your name and face very successfully by May 2023 as a result of this rehearsal and tryout process. You lean towards mediumship, religion, Buddhism, Tarot, self-help, therapy, hypnosis by nature – that takes off in a fantastic way from Halloween to Christmas. Your career politics is over from March 2023 and there will no longer be constant questions about how powerful you are, or how powerful other organisations or people are. The Gemini retrograde suits a project or brainwave which takes months of gestation; you could rework and redraft it with an outcome from March 2023.

  59. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for your beautiful articles.
    I’m going through a very difficult time in my life. This morning my 89 years old dad has been diagnosed with a probably colon cancer, and I’m literally devasted. In this period I’m taking care of him and my mum, but I’m scared for myself and what my future look like. Recently I’ve discovered to have talent as a digital artist, and in the next months I’d like to sell my artwork on Redbubble and build an online presence. I’d really appreciate your opinion…I was born on April 9th, 1970, 1.45 pm in Genova (Italy).
    Thanks in advance for your kindness.

    1. Thank you. You are not logged in so I can’t see your chart unfortunately. I am sorry about this difficult news you have received about your father; you must be in shock. You are a Sun Aries so there is a cycle here called the South Node in Scorpio in the Eighth House of family money (and family property and valuables) which comes around every 19 years. Here it is again and it will be with you until July 2023, so during this time you will have to think about how to handle the budget with your parents and how best to balance everything out. There is also karma here from 18/19 years ago to gain closure with…you owe, or are owed, spiritually, from that time. There is no need to be scared, just do what you have to do. Your question about digital art is ahead of its time. Start now and aim for long-term success, as luck will be with you with more avant garde and web work when Jupiter goes into Gemini in the mid 2020’s.

  60. Hi Jessica

    I have to chuckle sometimes with the accuracy of your posts…..especially when I can see quite literal things playing out in my own life! In late August I had an unfortunate accident that landed me on short term disability from work. It has been 6 weeks of start and stops with the insurance company and I am finally getting some income relief, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. This is the longest I have ever been away from my job – and its a wonderful gift to be able to look at how I was working – and how it wasnt really working, and to assess my priorities moving forward! Ive been feeling stuck for some time now, and have had a lot of my personal relationships fall away over the last two years due to learning the word “no”. I was “mothering” a lot of people, and realized the relationships were not reciprocal, and they all ended when I stood up for myself even once. Anyway…..I am feeling a bit hopeless between injury, reduced income, and sudden loneliness Ive not really experienced before. I am wondering – does the astrology look like I will be back to work shortly (as in forced to go back before Im ready), or might I be off until around December? I feel like I was being told to “slow down” for some time – and then when I didnt listen, it all, quite literally, crashed!

    Thank you again for your awesome shares! I love checking your site and finding gold 🙂

    1. Thank you. Insurance companies are appalling in the way they make people wait. I am sorry you have been put through it. I am glad you have taken stock of your job. You have been injured, with less money, feeling separated from life and wonder when you should restart. Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn dominate your chart. Capricorn is the one to watch. You have had Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 in your Tenth House of success and status. He is nearly at the end of his stay. This is an end game professionally for you, and here you are, on the sidelines. He is gone from March 2023 and moves in ever decreasing circles before vanishing completely. The time has come to figure out your ambition, position and mission. You will have a stunning opportunity to act on this from May 2023 to May 2024 when transiting Jupiter trines your Capricorn stellium. So aim high. Get better.

  61. Dear Jane, I am very worried right now. After Putin’s threat yesterday, many international news and war experts are saying that there is a real risk of atomic war and therefore of the third world war. Astrologically speaking, however, is it expected that this horror will really happen in the immediate or in 2023?

    1. You are so worried, you have called me Jane by mistake. That is a high level of worry. We are talking about a man who still wears nylon tracksuits from the Eighties and has two landline phones and a fax machine. There will be sabre rattling and war ritual when we go into the North Node in Aries/Chiron in Aries cycle, starting in July 2023. By 2024 the world has figured out a new way to deal with warmongers. Don’t worry about Vladimir Putin. Like his friend Donald Trump he is like a Tyrannosaurus Rex going over a cliff in slow-motion. But wearing a nylon tracksuit.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    Another fantastic post. Thank you. I have a lot of degrees in retrograde right now. I can feel it, too. At the moment, finances are hitting me hard, I was just rejected by a publisher I wrote a book for, and things are going haywire everywhere in my life. What I found was that if I just have patience, and stay calm, and allow life to happen, boy is it easier to get through this all. It’s kinda like faith. Trust in the Universe, and keep my eyes on my goals, and it’ll all eventually fall in place. I love helping people, and the reason I strive so hard to succeed, is that I like to give back to the world in my small way.

    So, I breathe, doing my best to stay in the moment.

    That’s another reason I come to your website a lot. You help others, and in a big way, whether you know it, or not. And I suspect you know how much light you contribute to the world. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you, you are very kind. The publishing game is Gemini-Sagittarius and Mars Retrograde in Gemini will result in a lot of second drafts. If the idea is still important it will do better after March 2023 and may inspire a new project when Jupiter, then Uranus, goes into Gemini later in the Twenties. With stelliums in Leo, Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Libra you are a writer by nature and may want to look at children or teenagers as your market. Your life will take off when Jupiter goes through Gemini, then Uranus, as I’ve said; formats not yet invented could be home to your ideas.

  63. Hi Jessica I have pluto at 27 Virgo and Uranus at 8 Libra. I’ve been feeling very stuck at work and have just had an unsuccessful interview during this retrograde period. Do things look better after March 23 and how will Saturn in Pisces look for me? Enjoy learning from your articles. Thanks.

    1. I’m sorry about the interview. Put it down to retrogrades. Your Pluto in Virgo is trine transiting Pluto in Capricorn so what ends now, triggers a new beginning. I would expect there to have been limited power or control in that role. You want and need your hands on the reins and that will come. In fact you will be thrilled at the project or position of 2023-2024 when Jupiter in Taurus trines your natal Pluto. Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius stelliums in your chart suggest that since 2008 you have been dealing with a tiny number of people or organisations hogging all the power and trying to take over. That has made you push back and you have found your own control and influence. You have forgotten what it’s like to not constantly have ambitious individuals or businesses dominating (or trying to) and yet from March it’s over.

  64. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for reading this post. I live in Hong Kong which is already under very strict covid rules due to China “zero covid” policy I wonder if that would help Hong Kong sort of “escape” from this variant BJ1 or we will get even worse? Are there any countries that will be most affected by BJ1?

    Also I remember you said that vaccines are not silver bullet and have very limited power to defend COVID so with this new variant is that a good idea to take the booster shots at all. thanks!.

    1. Thank you for asking this question. COVID-19 will be with us for centuries. It arrived on the same cycle as Bubonic Plague, which has never gone away. Today it kills thousands a year, not millions, but at its peak it depopulated the world and changed the climate. Why the same cycle? It’s based on mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo) over a long period of time, triggering the charts of entire generations born with outer planets, also in mutable signs. So COVID-19 keeps mutating. The new variants have the highest mutations researchers have seen, so they have immune escape. That means the last jab may not work. I predicted in 2020 there was no vaccine. I meant a silver bullet vaccine which stops you getting infected and stops you infecting others. That holds. Long covid is a real danger even if you have been injected with Pfizer, Sinopharm and the rest, four times. For that reason you need HEPA filters and UVC light at home and work. You need N95 masks if you cannot avoid super spreader situations. The countries most at risk from the pandemic are overcrowded and overpopulated. That is definitely Hong Kong. However, there are always solutions and the solution is UVC light, also known as FarUV or UV222. The reason it’s not everywhere is probably the pharmaceutical industry or its stakeholders. Why? Because academics found it eliminates everything. The common cold. Flu. Covid. Have a look at Google Scholar for the science and put your health first. Everything else comes second.

  65. Hi Jessica,

    As always, thank you for being the calming voice in the midst of chaos. I have natal Pluto and Saturn in Libra at 26 and 27 (not sure if Saturn is 25 or 27 Libra). Most of this year with Pluto going in and out of 26 Capricorn has been very confronting for me. The love triangle that I was ok with feels very suffocating as I’m forced to think deep about issues I never wanted to confront.

    But what bothers me most at the moment is my slow business and no job at the moment. It is an insurance business. And the consultancy is in law and health. What do you see for me and career progress? And money making?

    Also, I’m being forced to write a “book” and do podcasts for consumer education purposes which I find very hard to do :-(. Any advice will be appreciated.

    1. Thank you. We lean on history and astrology. Everything has happened before. You have Saturn at 27 Libra 46, so you have Saturn at 27 Libra. The first number is the degree; ignore the second number, it’s just about micro-timing. Pluto has been at 26 Capricorn, correct, and goes to 27 Capricorn on this cycle so you have Pluto square Saturn. Very difficult. Love triangles are common and best avoided on that transit. If you can pull out, pull out. You have an insurance business and are being made to write a book/podcast too. You are a Sun Cancer with large Sagittarius and Gemini stelliums. The cash flow will return in March 2023. Until then it’s a waiting game so try to sit it out. Your book/podcast is Mars in Gemini Retrograde until March 2023 (that month must be important for you). Cycle back and forth with the work; treat the entire period as a journey not an outcome. Later on you will be so glad you did this as from 2026, the work of 2022-2023 adds to a brand new, exciting, media or internet story.

  66. Jessica, I have so much respect for your knowledge and am learning so much from your horoscopes and blog. I knew a couple months ago (from your site) that this time period of September through at least early October would not be pleasant for me, and you were right. Themes from 18-19 years ago are at play for me and a few things are definitely on pause until May. The 12 year work cycle you mentioned recently in daily horoscopes is also drawing my attention. I have been in my current job for 12 years and 12 years before that was also significant for my work life. I actually have looked for a different job recently with no success. What does my chart tell you about my work life, family, and relationship/duet in the coming months? Thank you again so much for all your wisdom and insight.

    1. Thank you. Your stelliums are Sagittarius, Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio. The last two are most important. Capricorn rules your career, unpaid vocation and academic career. You are on pause and repeat with that until March 2023 when the most political cycle in 248 years ends and you no longer have to worry about your power or lack of it. Your profession has been dominated by one or two people (or corporations) at the top and that has resulted in a lopsided situation you have almost forgotten is not normal. Your Scorpio stellium is about sexual and financial relationships; family and property arrangements. A loop, or circuit, ends in July 2023 when you will have karmic closure. The Tarot can validate that for you.

  67. Thank you for this comforting message Jessica.You are the best, you always find the perfect words.

  68. So far I’m experiencing retrograde(s) as minor irritations: some purchases have been a bit off. Other purchases have been duplicates or other things. A job I took on to augment my retirement isn’t working out smoothly right now. But nothing so far that is a major problem.
    My therapist and I have been having lots of interesting conversations about the karma issue from 18-19 years ago. I got divorced (first separation date 3/1999) so I was still involved with dealing with my ex regarding my kids (now all grown up) and my hurt over them having a step-mother. But I didn’t want to fight with that man–I saw an example of a couple that took 7 years to divorce and I suspect some people just want to fight. That’s one duel. And my dad is still alive–I have a stepmother too–so that’s another duel. BUT..who knows? Maybe I am missing something.

    Anyway–any suggestions as to a heads-up as to what to watch out for for all these retrograding planets?

    (Also–just want to say that I love that you do the climate strikes! I worked for environmental groups & park agencies in the 80s. I wish we — and maybe this goes with that idea of going back in time!–I wish we had started earlier, because, at least to me…it was obvious that we needed to change our ways to be in balance with nature back then.)

    Hope you are enjoying these days! Thank you for your insight.

    1. Thank you. You have stelliums in Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Leo and three of those are retrograde zones. One (Aries) is beneficial by delay. Gemini is siblings, cousins, short journeys, the media, the web – that’s backwards until March 2023. Scorpio is the big one. Sex, death and money: life is back-to-front until July 2023 and that is why life 18/19 years ago matters. That’s the last time you had this cycle. It was your divorce aftermath and/or your stepmother. Retrogrades are rehearsal; rewriting; rescheduling; rethinking; replayihg. It can be productive if you expect it and use it. I have been on Climate Emergency strike as part of #FridaysForFuture with my colleague, psychic Kyra Oser, for years now. I’m glad you support us!

  69. Thank you!
    I was not in much contact with my sisters or my cousin until recently–this might be related to the retrogrades in a positive way! (It’s been a giant gift to me as, as a child I felt I was in the wrong family.) We are now connecting by choice not just circumstance. It’s lovely.

    Thank you again!

  70. Thank you for this article, Jessica. I look forward to them. I really feel the retrogrades, especially with money. Every debt I ever had is being called in and it is crushing. I used to have my own business but lost money December 2021 and took jobs/contracts in January to try to give me financial stability but they are not paying enough, as soon as I think I make progress something else pops up.
    I really wanted to know if my chart indicates a positive outcome with this, my luck feels so stuck. I would like to have my own business again, develop something online this time (as opposed to events, my previous business),, but I am scared and do not want a repeat of this situation. Part of me also wants to get in a van and travel- I’m housesitting at the moment to save paying rent.
    Add to that the world feels bleak! But I keep going, just wonder what advice astrology might hold for me. Thanks again

    Ps the website I’m freelancing for relaunched this week after a redesign, but there have been non-stop problems and issues with it! Another frustration for me and my colleagues there. Makes sense now I read your piece

    1. Thank you. You are a Leo, Virgo, Cancer, Taurus type with the Sun in Leo. The end of October brings Jupiter (solutions) into your joint finance and property sector, with opportunities to make or save cash until Christmas. Try to eliminate as much debt as you can then. You are already trying very hard to do that, but it does become easier from Halloween to Christmas. Your problem is your Taurus stellium in the Second House of personal income; you have Uranus going through Taurus forcing you to change quite radically, in terms of your old life before 2018. You also have the challenge of the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio, stretching you. You will get a break from this, as I’ve said, but the big improvements are in 2023. The strain of the nodes ends in July 2023. You will start to seriously make or save money from May 2023 until May 2024, because of a new job or project. Your luck will be back.

  71. Hi Jessica, thank you for this detailed analysis. I am still trying to understand my chart and what this all means for me. I would be most grateful if you could please shed some light on my chart. I seem to be going round in circles in terms of my job and my personal life. Currently, my place of employment is going through a huge change, in terms of management, staff redundancies, and an actual split in the organisation, etc. I seem to be going back and forth (it’s as though I have been through this years ago). Everything seems so uncertain. What do you see for me or any suggestions as to what I should watch out for? Thank you very much Jessica.

    1. Thank you. You have stelliums in Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Virgo. The first one is your issue here, with Pluto going backwards, but you end the cycle in March 2023. Pluto exits your Tenth House of success and life will immediately look and feel far more relaxed; less intense. Pluto returns in June but he is going backwards, onwards and out of your Tenth House. He has lost his power. By that stage you will realise the future belongs to a group. This is a community or circle of people who you would call allies and friends, who very much need you, just as you need them. If you’re in a union, it may be your union. It may be a new job with a community of people; quite diverse. The Tarot can fill in the rest for you.

  72. Thank you Jessica for another brilliant insight. Such a lot going on and you can definitely feel it. I feel stuck now for some time but I also see it as a time to pause and reflect and I am really seriously thinking of what to do next in my career, life in general and what future holds financially and personally as I often wonder whenever there is something karmic here or just ongoing retrogrades and adjusting to ongoing changes we all go through since March 2020. I also have huge stellium in Virgo and it’s interesting to see how you mentioned dentist. I just had few days ago one of my last appointments of nearly two year treatment (which has been extended few times this year already) and it got unexpectedly extended now for another 10 weeks. Thank you

    1. Thank you. Your dentist runaround is typical of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo in your Sixth House, but the situation corrects itself shortly. It’s a symbol of other issues to tinker with, drill into, clean up and so on. You are right to say it’s time to reflect. Your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House is about being fit for purpose, but you need to love your purpose too. We are now entering a new cycle from March 2023 when people who are prepared to be radical, revolutionary, embrace change – are in the best position. This is paid work, unpaid work or academia. Certainly health and wellbeing. Try to be in that space.

  73. hi Jessica would really really appreciated you looking at mine.I have recently got into pattern design (hobby) from my photography hobby and looking how to get into manufacturing my own designs. I am hoping it might take off and be fruitful so I can leave a job I hate but not sure where to get the help I need -more research.You once said I would be successful in two unusual fields and I am hoping this could be one.Thank you so much

    1. Thank you. Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Aquarius and Sagittarius dominate your chart. If you hate your job, you only have to wait for March 2023 when Pluto changes signs. By June a lot of what (or whom) you find so overpowering will vanish. This may be because they go, or your role changes – yet you could also take a new position then. If so, there would be no more politics. You are your own best saleswoman for your designs in January-May 2023 when you could get excellent publicity based on your name, face or style.

  74. Hi Jessica, thank you for this incredible insight & getting us through these unknowns.
    I have been telling my husband we should buy UV lights for home and begin to prepare ourselves.
    I feel a bit scared about this new varient you mention.

    We live in the UK and are due to start renovations which cost a fortune and will make things very tight at home. My husband is a pisces born 1st march. I am stuck and have had a very hard two years with 2 covid loss’s in south africa (very close family) and while there for the funeral my grandmother passed while i slept next to her. Please help me. I feel stuck, lost and isolated in the UK with my husband and two kids. What does our financial future look like? can you see anything business wise for me? would also be curious on family life.

    Thanks a million times over x

    1. No need to be scared, but Covid will be here for hundreds of years, so you may as well sort out some UV lights and/or HEPA filters. Your husband will find the renovations go back and forth, with stop-start and go-slow, until March 2023. Get everything in writing and read the fine print with builders. You are feeling lost, stuck and alone in Britain with two children and wonder what is next. You have stelliums in Aquarius, Scorpio, Libra and Capricorn. The loneliness ends next March 2023. You have the heaviest, most restrictive and confining cycle in 29 years in your Eleventh House of friends, groups and social life. Your social life will transform in March and by June 2023 you will realise that one friend within one circle of people will transform your world. The very sad losses with family and your grandmother are the South Node in Scorpio cycle in your Eighth House of family inheritance, wills and legacies. So is the expensive renovation. There is karma here going back 18-19 years and you are owed, or you owe, so there must be spiritual closure. That comes in July 2023 and you can then get on with your life. The other huge change is also March 2023; your professional life, academic career or unpaid work becomes lighter, less intense, less complicated, less political, less about power and control questions. You could easily take on a new project or role then to reflect that, or by June 2023 when the first Pluto transit finishes.

  75. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another fascinating article.

    As is often the case, this article really resonates with my life right now. On 14th September last I received a doctor’s report about my son. I find it hard to explain but the whole thing whole thing just seems ‘off’. It’s not sitting well with me. I wonder how much of it will be changed or will it be scrapped as a result of being produced during this retrograde-fest!

    Interestingly, my son was born close to the August 2017 eclipses. The 18th to be exact. I often wonder if there is something about his sun aspect that was hidden by these eclipses.

    As always, I’m most grateful for you articles and appreciate any thoughts you might have.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer woman with Mercury Retrograde in Libra going backwards through your family sector. I am sorry your son needs a doctor at the moment. If you think the report is off, it may well be. It’s not unusual to hear from readers that doctors miss what is important, or don’t look for it – they don’t test what they should be testing. Go for a second opinion or do more digging. The Sun is now in Libra and this will shed light on him, in the context of the family. If it is possible that something runs in the family here, have a look at the relatives. You don’t say what is wrong with him so I have to be general, but yes, you’re well within your rights to keep looking for answers.

  76. Hi Jessica, I’ve been following your site and blogs particularly since Covid arrived. Thank you so much for your incredible insight. I don’t know how to interpret all that has happened in my life and family since June 2020. Could you shed any light here please? I feel alone and like all i touch goes sour. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You are a Gemini, Aries and Scorpio type. The family issue is karma from 18 or 19 years ago, it involves the money, house, apartment or possessions and you must complete the loop, but will leave it in July 2023. It won’t return. If you have a question about a relative, the answer is financial, business-related or tied to the home. Your Aries side is ready for relaunch. You will be delighted at an opportunity to present yourself better; package yourself in a superior way and promote yourself – by Halloween – and again from Christmas to May 2023. If the family issue is a sibling or cousin, don’t add to it. Let it run itself out, backwards and forwards, until March 2023, when Mars stops his retrograde motion. A good use of this cycle is a written project or course which takes a long time to get right. What you have by March 2023 could be reheated or re-used with tremendous success a few years from now.

  77. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, I find it incredibly fascinating and insightful. I follow you on Twitter also.
    I have stelliums in Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces, and multiple retrograde positions. Really does feel like I’ve been stuck and unlucky in love relationships in particular for as long as I can remember. Thankfully I have my daughters and grand-daughters to remind me how good life has been despite the gap. I have bags of stamina and determination (most of the time) so look forward to some positive change, which hopefully is coming my way 2023?
    Started new job 3 months ago after taking year off to put my wellbeing first for a while, just not sure if I’m in the right type of role (commercial real estate for publishing company) for me. I pondered for so long on whether I should change my career, but have put lots of academic studying in for past 10 years – just always feel something is missing. I moved from Scotland to England 5 years ago – should I go back?

    Keep up the excellent work, we are all lucky to have you.

    1. Thank you very much. You have those Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces cycles to track, going through your Eleventh, Tenth and Twelfth houses, which is where you live for most of the time. It’s a good rule to ‘do’ your stellium. So you need a group or circle of people which you supply. You need friends and allies within the group and you need to see it really working. You also need success and status; high ambition fulfilled, over the long haul. Finally, you need religion, Tarot, mediumship, therapy, self-help, hypnosis, dream interpretation, meditation or similar. Have a look at that with the Tarot itself and see how you pursued all this in the past and how you might pursue it from this day forward. In any case, March 2023 is the end of the heaviest and hardest cycle for your social life in 29 years and for particular friendships. That will make a big difference. You will also lose the politics in your career from March 2023 – either where you work or just in the publishing game.

  78. Hey Jessica,
    Thank you for your insightful article. Like most people commenting, I’ve been feeling very stuck. I feel my health is holding me back and I’ve been in chronic pain for months now (some sort of autoimmune but the Drs can’t make up their minds about it). I sold my home and moved in with my parents to get me through this period of bad health and enable me to give up a job that was impacting my health. I bought a travel business back in 2019 and now am going to wind that down as it’s just caused me losses. I feel stuck in terms of my health, business and home – does my chart indicate when these areas will begin to move?

    Grateful for any guidance.

    Best wishes


    1. Thank you Harminder. You are Sagittarius-Aries and need to be online, in two or more languages, with foreigners abroad. You also need to promote yourself around that, using your face, name, style and packaging to push yourself forward. This will help fulfil your astrological mission. Can you do this even with bad health? Can you also study online in foreign universities and colleges, or learn about foreign culture? Again, you fulfil your Sagittarius mission. Doing what you were born to do, will help the wheels go around. Globalisation is over but that does not stop you from finding a different way to connect globally. The Tarot can help you with this too. Just follow the steps. I hope you get better. Chronic pain is awful. I also strongly recommend you try Dr. Paul McKenna on YouTube and if you can afford a modest subscription, become a member of Matthew Manning’s healing circle online. It is also very important that you in Meetup groups where you have a name, face and can be a presence. More Aries expression!

  79. Hi Jessica,
    I have been fascinated in Tarot and Fairy cards since my late teens and since discovering your website it’s become my latest obsession so thank you for all your amazing insights into what is going on in the world these days. I’ve been trying to decode my own birth chart recently using your 2020 astrology book and it’s been so interesting. I’m from Scotland and originally worked with horses. I then married a kiwi shepherd and we spent 15 years in NZ working in farming and had our two sons. We have since moved back to Scotland and we now own a dog boarding kennels and cattery business which as you can imagine struggled through the UK lockdowns. This year has been much better but I have been paying attention to your warnings that travel disruption is not over so my oldest son and I have have just began an online course being trained in digital skills so that next year sometime we can have an online business up and running also. Last year was a terrible year for me mentally and physically and I have since been diagnosed with ADHD, mild Autism, OCD and panic disorder as well as various physical ailments which I’m still trying to get to the bottom of. Physically it’s getting harder for me to keep doing a 7 day a week physical job which is another reason I feel I the need to transition into something new and online. I changed doctors when you recommended it last month and it’s been a great move so far so thank you for that also as my new GP immediately referred me to various specialist departments which I am still waiting for but is a step in the right direction I feel. I see in my chart that Neptune and Salactia are linked in a pattern with a total of 9 other signs. Does that explain all my difficulties in dealing with the real world? I actually do feel I may be great at designing elaborate escape plans LOL! Can you see what my best talent may be going forwards to focus on? Any advice you have would be very much appreciated. Thanks Donna

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are living with Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Panic. Your job is 7 days a week. You changed doctors which I suggested and it’s worked well, which is good. Your new GP referred you to specialists. You wonder if Neptune and Salacia in your chart show you have difficulty with the real world. Donna, you are a Sun Virgo with Virgo, Libra, Scorpio stelliums. As I mentioned before, your health on all levels dominates your paid work, unpaid work or study. You cannot do your duty if you are not 100%. In your solar chart we find Saturn (tests and trials) in your Sixth House of health, until March 2023. That month is a massive change for you, as he goes and Pluto comes in, offering you real power and control with your health if you can find the willpower and self-control. Flipping back to your natal chart we find Saturn in Pisces opposes your Virgo stellium in 2023, 2024, 2025, early 2026. That begins in March 2023 as well. So for whatever reason that month is a deep change. You are quite strongly Neptunian-Salacian; you escape from reality all the time. Avoiding and evading is one way of doing it. The whole issue is work. Why are you working 7 days a week? You can already see the issue so are training in digital skills, which is wise, but meanwhile you have a cattery/boarding kennel to think about (Virgo rules cats and dogs by the way). If you have some spare time and space, figure out a new lifestyle and workload. Virgo is about putting your health and mental health first. Everything and everybody else is second. You cannot earn your keep if you cannot function. So actually you need a completely new game plan. It may cost you money and it may cost you other things, but it’s time to plot and plan, do some research and figure it out. A very simple way of ‘doing’ Neptune and Salacia is a long bath with candles with a Do Not Disturb sign, a walk by water with headphones on and daily meditation on YouTube. Panic is anxiety syndrome and Dr. Claire Weekes wrote the book on that and how to stop it. Autism is again something there are now support groups for; you need to figure out a nice, forgiving way of letting yourself be who you are. Virgo is about lists. There are 24 hours in every day and 8 for sleep, 8 for play and 8 for work is standard. People are increasingly moving towards a 4 day week and giving up salary for it. All these things are swirling around in 2023-2026 and it’s time to get your pencil out and start making notes on what is possible, Donna.

  80. Hi Jessica
    I am sending you a note from Pamp. Who has become a member recently.
    Thank you so much for all the information given. You are doing such a tremendous work and that we are privileged to share.
    Like many people I feel stuck. And have been feeling such for a very long time. Professionnaly, my wife and I are working a lot from home for different companies. I have started a new job a few month ago and hope to be confirmed in this job. As well I am in the middle of a divorce, but my wife refuses the divorce and blackmail me through our child of 5 years. She is russian and am europeen. It seems one step in front and one step backwards. Can you advise me on the influence of the retrogrades. I am Cancer with stelliums in Leo and Sagitarius. ?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you very much. You are really going through it with your Russian ex-wife and your small child. You and your new wife are juggling work. You are a Sun Libra with Libra, Sagittarius, Cancer stelliums. You will successfully divorce so please don’t worry. There is a window of opportunity until Halloween with your former wife – then a terrific period of solutions from Christmas to May 2023. Your child is the number one priority, of course. The heavy burden associated with this five-year-old ends in March 2023. In its place you must get the best advice you can afford, to negotiate an agreement about the child, past his or her legal age of adulthood. Do as much research on this as you can as you need to have the agreement in place March-June 2023 and then return to it – and lean on it – in future. You don’t say if there are any other children now. If so, also make them the number one priority. The work you put into an arrangement from March 2023 will help you for years into the future if you get it right and then use your willpower and self-control to make sure the agreement holds. Have a look at the Tarot to ask questions around this basic information.

  81. Thank you so much for your guidance Jessica. It means a lot to read your blog and try to understand what is happening around us.
    Despite a terrible month in August ,health wise & struggling with inheritance issues , I’ve been wanting to break away from the pattern of life in the last few years and begin to work in areas closer to my heart- writing a book, working on issues of health, sports and women’s empowerment with greater financial independence. Will this work out in the next few month?

    1. Thank you. You have Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Libra, Aries stelliums and are a Sun Leo. You are on the right track with health and work as you are heavily Virgo and your body intervenes to get you out of the job/off the job when you will not consciously do it yourself. You are now aware of the need to break the pattern, which is a Virgo matter, and work on what you want. Find a way to make that happen. Your chances skyrocket from May 2023 until May 2024 and a radical shift in your career is shown by 2026. You can start now, of course, but the opportunities would inflate from May 2023 when Jupiter arrives in Taurus. He will trine your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House in your natal chart and transit your Tenth House of success in your solar chart. Same story, told twice. The Tarot can help you with specifics – should it be a book – or a Tik-Tok account – or a podcast – and so on. Women’s empowerment is the go-to story for the next two decades with Pluto in Aquarius.

  82. Hi, Jessica

    Thank you for the post about King Charles lll.

    I had been exhausted from mid August until now. I had infections on my face which changed my face temporarily (now its back to normal). I am wondering if this unusual event is showing me something bigger later on as you mention somewhere that after March 2023 things become more obvious to everyone that we cannot live the way we do right now. In UK, maybe NHS is not going to function well after March 2023 and I may have lack of medical support? Food shortage and other supply chain problem affect my health? School closure again that parents will have hard time? etc.

    How do you see this retrogrades affect me and until when will I need to cope with the impact, please?

    Thank you

    1. You sound anxious about the future, but the future is manageable. I am sorry you had facial infections and were temporarily unable to face the world. Let’s see if your chart has clues. Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius stelliums dominate your chart. Virgo rules health and work; I expect your illness stopped you working. For whatever reason you needed to work less, or not work at all. Whenever you have questions about illness, always look to your job and be honest about how you are consciously dealing with it. Pisces-Virgo patterns are common in the charts of people who unconsciously ‘forget’ or repress their dislike of work, because they must do it to get paid, and so the body intervenes and you end up with a condition that gets in the way of the job. Time off or time out, much needed, is the result, and even resignation. The Pisces side of your chart will come alive in a fantastic way from Halloween to Christmas. That is your time to try hypnosis, meditation, mediumship, Tarot, self-help, therapy, religion, Buddhism – at a higher level than ever before. It will work for you. Healing as well. Of all the stelliums, the Virgo-Pisces is the most important, as Saturn goes into Pisces from March 2023. It is crucial that you like and respect your employer or client; that you feel good about housework, unpaid work and all paid work in terms of serving others or doing your duty. The NHS will not last in its current form. There will be financial challenges and supply chain shortages, correct. You can find a way through that by figuring out a lifestyle and way of working that will serve you in a different way. It is crucial that you put your health first from this point forward until 2026. Nothing else comes first.

  83. Hello Jessica!

    Thank you so much for your analysis. I am reading your articles for a few years and really enjoy them.

    I am surprised to find out that I have 5 stelliums in my Birth Chart. I can’t make the connections with the Scorpio and Gemini sides of me.
    Also, I have many retrograde planets (Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Aries, Uranus in Scorpio, Neptune in Sagittarius, Pluto in Libra).
    North Node and South Node retrograde.
    How does this situation translate in general and especially with the retrograde planets of this period?

    For a while I feel at a crossroads in all respects – the relationship with my partner (October 23, 1975), my health with various relatively minor problems, which I have not been able to solve (which worry me about the future evolution) and the feeling that I am nowhere at home. I can’t find my place.

    I love my work, although I worked intensively, but even here it becomes difficult to concentrate and be efficient as usual.
    Maybe it’s this tinnitus that’s been going on for 2.5 years and I can’t find a way to stop it.
    Will something change regarding the workplace?

    Could you guide me on what I can correct, what message from these situations I fail to understand so that I can go on the right path,
    not choose the wrong direction?

    Grateful for any guidance.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. When readers have health issues I always look to the subconscious. I’m not a psychologist but I do have experience with Pisces/Twelfth House oppositions (the unconscious mind) to Virgo/Sixth House (health) patterns. In astrology the former drives the latter. Tinnitus is hearing of course, as you know, and I am sorry you have been putting up with this for over two years. How does the subconscious reveal itself? In the words we choose and use, without realising it. So “you can’t make the connection with your Gemini side.” Gemini rules communication and you are not connecting. Not hearing. You also say “how does this situation translate” so there may be issues here with another language or nationality, even going way back into your past. Is your partner part of that? Or is it work? Family? Finally you say “what message I fail to understand” so we are back to Gemini again. The third sign of the Zodiac rules your Third House of media, internet, speech, hearing and all communication and is in turn ruled by Mercury the messenger of the gods. You literally quoted an astrological term, there. You have Jupiter at 3 Gemini square Psyche at 3 Virgo. Do you have a brother, sister or cousin with whom you were raised? Did you learn to speak, read or write from each other? Gemini rules this kind of family tie. The square suggests what you cannot square. I would go back to school if I were you and dig into that kind of family relationship, but also your progress with (say) English, Speech and Drama, computers and the internet. Tinnitus is about failure to hear. Who do you not want to listen to or what do you not want to hear? As I say, I am not a psychologist, but as an astrologer I think you could delve further. Ask your dreams what is behind the tinnitus. If you subconsciously do not want to listen to your partner your ears may have done the job for you. Everything is worth trying. Have a look at the Tarot too. I hope you can find a way to resolve the tinnitus.

  84. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. Your blog and daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes are everything! I tell everyone I know to look you up. You’re work is incredible.

    I was hoping you could take a look at my chart and see if you see any job changes coming my way. Looking for a change and am holding out hope that March 2023 changes everything for the better.

    Thank you again!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries with Taurus, Libra and Cancer stelliums. You could easily change jobs in December 2022, January 2023 when there are wider reshuffles in your profession which are like a game of musical chairs. You could find your chair then. If you have not switched by January next year, then there is a huge gain or saving showing up financially from May 2023 to May 2024 which is either a pay rise where you are now, or a new project or role which is lucrative for you; Jupiter goes through your Taurus stellium in the Second House then, so you are quids in for some reason.

  85. Hi Jessica,

    You have been spot-on and l check your blogs before ending my day.

    I want to know what you think about the work from home situation, the moon lighting of the employees and the pressure to return back to office. It seems the employers are winning. Will this turnaround soon? I see the income of the employees get affected, more like a backward slide. The corporations are still greedy as ever!

    This is related to my work and is causing a lot of stress. I would appreciate your input about the corporate world and its people practices esp. in The United States.

    1. I am sorry you have stress at work because of employers forcing you to risk your health by exposing you to Covid. You are ahead of your time as from March 2023 the whole world enters the ‘Virus social change’ cycle we saw during The Black Death. The Bubonic Plague was the culprit then and as 40% of Europe died, peasants and farm labourers were hard to find for the lords of the manor. The lords were forced to give the workers what they wanted. In a less crude way, we see the same transits for the same kinds of people from March 2023 until early 2026. That is, a generation born with Uranus in Virgo (born to be at the heart of strike action and health revolution) walk into the Uranus in Taurus transit, North Node in Taurus transit and Saturn in Pisces transit. So the pressure is on working people to take industrial action or demand a half-day week; working from home. You have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. So I expect you will walk, or force change. This brings me to a really important point about what it means to have Virgo placements; especially Uranus. You have to value the job and respect the employer or customer, or your life is not worth living on some level. You may feel like a serf on the manor. You work for 8 hours a day; maybe more. You have to feel fulfilled with that or your body may intervene and get you out of it. If you ignore your soul or spirit then (if you have Virgo factors) your subconscious can take over and you end up with something going wrong that requires you to leave the job temporarily or permanently. This is what we try desperately to avoid with Covid. The chances of the same line-up repeating which affects the same generation, a few centuries later, is pretty small. But here we are. The other big factor is Pluto (power) in Aquarius (the community) from March 2023. That will trigger years of social change; people power. Your time is coming.

  86. Hello Jessica
    I am just writing this note, to say thank you really.
    It takes time to reply but it is really useful.
    You gave me the love of the tarots, its very powerful.
    I am looking forward for another tarot session in Zoom
    Just wanted to say thank you and sending love, light and protection

  87. hi Jessica. I feel like this retrograde period is panning out exactly how you see it. I have pluto in virgo & my well being is definitely being affected ATM as I have a bad flu which I never get. So our long weekend plans are most likely cancelled if I don’t feel better. this is most unusual for me to be so sick :(. Interestingly I have Libra planets at the degrees you mentioned & am having ups & downs with my teenage son. hopefully this will pass in October like you have said? many thanks.

    1. These retrogrades are delaying and replaying so much at the moment. The backwards and forwards, stop-start and go-slow period does coincide with Virgo and Sixth House matters; influenza is one of them. I am sorry you are ill, but hope you can use the time out and time off, to settle things for yourself. Mercury has been going backwards through Libra too, and yes, marital plans are ruled by Libra. We’ll see normal service resumed later in October.

  88. Hi Jessica,
    Loved the article on King Charles 111 succession to the throne during Mercury retrograde, very interesting.
    Today Anthony Albanese removed compulsory isolation for COVID effectively declaring the pandemic over in Australia and Russian President Putin declared four Ukrainian provinces to now be Russian. Both of these were declared during Mercury Retrograde.
    So according to Astrology both of these declarations will be rewritten in the future is that correct?
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Julie. Yes, Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia, with no interest in astrology (he told Grace Tame that!) should probably take it a little bit more seriously. Together with the state premiers he has set perfect conditions for Long Covid and an increase in morbidity. People who go to work when they are ill, or children made to go to school when they are ill, come from households where time off costs too much money. That’s the core of the nation. Is that grand declaration on multiple retrogrades going to last? No. What about Putin’s fantasising about Ukraine? No.

  89. Hi Jessica,
    I agree completely about COVID. We have learnt nothing from the pandemic. The economy can’t be more important that health, because the economy suffers when your workforce is not healthy. Health must be a priority for a strong economy to thrive. I think that was the lesson to be learnt in the pandemic. This new policy to scrap mandatory isolation is a recipe for disaster.
    I am also glad to hear that president Putin’s illegal grab for land won’t work. Although I do feel there is a lot more pain for the Ukrainian people before Putin is finished. He won’t go quietly but he will go.
    Why is it that Mercury retrogrades seem to bring out the crazy decisions and policies?

    1. We are definitely in the multi-retrograde phase of COVID aren’t we? I was just asked on Twitter if PM Albanese and the Australian state premiers would reverse their decision to let infected and ill people into restaurant kitchens and crowded classrooms of children – yes, is the answer. The definition of pointless has to be making declarations on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. In fact, at least one of these politicians could back-pedal or cancel as soon as the first half of October. Globally we are entering The Black Death cycle in March 2023, which will show up all the statements made throughout all these retrogrades by world leaders. We have to remember our ancestors survived and thrived, though, and do what they did – even as far back as the 14th century! I agree with you about Putin. He won’t go quietly, but he will go. All the really big blunders of the Second World War occurred on Mercury Retrograde. Appeasement by Chamberlain being the best example…

  90. Dear Jessica,
    Like many of your subscribers I am most concerned about Putin and his actions in Ukraine. I have read your replies which are always reassuring here is one: “Vladimir Putin is a man out of time. You cannot be a Plutocrat when Pluto is leaving Capricorn and going into Aquarius. You cannot possibly hope to survive in the new world. I predicted young Russia would win, a long time ago. Those Russian protesters are brave. They will win. He is on the way down and very likely, out.” But what damage will he do to the world before he is defeated by either internal forces or external? I am full of doubt and fear. How can I clear my mind of nuclear war phobia which has haunted me all my life? How can I best make a contribution to society. I am a writer, a former journalist but one without a forum or platform. How can I find my voice?

    1. Nuclear war fear has been with us for a long time; I remember going through this when I was 18 years old and Thatcher and Reagan were terrifying us. If it has become phobia for you, then hypnosis is very good for getting rid of that; Glenn Harold has an excellent reputation and offers that online. If you are a writer, join Substack and start expressing yourself; people can read your work free, or you can charge for a subscription. As for Vladimir Putin, he’s a man out of time, and on the decline. When you are spiralling like this, there are usually sharks waiting. None of those sharks are going to let him swim anywhere near a nuclear threat.

  91. Hi Jessica,
    What trying times! In this period I’ve had a bereavement, a call back to the Doctor regarding a scan for me, my father in law has had a stroke, my father has declined further with Alzheimers and has started to wander and do frightening things. I’m at my least healthiest with no motivation or energy to move forward or improve. I just feel stuck and helpless to all that is going on around me. I’ve felt this way for several years now….. can you tell from my chart when it’s likely to settle, or if it will? The past month or so has been particularly hard.

    Thanks so much for your articles and insights. Your accuracy astounds me!

    Chloe x

    1. You have had several knocks and your father’s Alzheimer’s must be very hard to manage. You have felt stuck and helpless for years, Chloe, and wonder when life will get better. Capricorn, Aquarius Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus stelliums dominate your chart and you are a Sun Pisces. Your first four issues are all classic Scorpio and Eighth House outcomes. As you probably know, this chart sector covers wills, legacies, inheritance – so what has happened to you has reminded you to update your will (or should have done) but also made you think about your father’s will. Mortality becomes a practical reality when we are strongly Scorpio and have historic transits in Scorpio, but also in opposition to Scorpio. You will find the strain ends in July 2023 when the lunar nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio. The ‘challenge to change’ goes on until 2026 but the huge stretch is over in 10 months. What is the challenge to change, Chloe? It requires a new life budget. So that’s the first part of your question. You can give yourself a three-card reading from the three decks on this website to explain this Scorpio transit in more detail. You have karma owed by you, or karma owed to you, from life as it was 18 or 19 years ago and that is one of the reasons for what has happened so far; this is about marital finance and property (your husband’s father) but also your own obligations (your father). The rest you describe is depression and that’s for your doctor, or for a healer, to help you with. Hit Google Scholar for research on depression; walking has produced good results; walking in a group, even better results. Astrology can help show what is at the core of the stuck feeling. Fortuna in Virgo opposite Ceres in Pisces (one degree of exact opposition) is the issue here. Your unconscious mind (Ceres in Pisces in the Twelfth House) has a huge impact on your health, motivation, energy, state of mind (Fortuna in Virgo in the Sixth House). When you say this has been going on for years, it’s time to find out what your soul, spirit, psyche or subconscious mind is doing. The problem is usually paid work, unpaid work, study or housework. Sometimes a combination of them. There is unconscious resistance to that and so the rest of you stops functioning, so you get time off, or time out, or can even have permission to quit. That is the most common manifestation of Virgo-Pisces oppositions. How do you find out what your unconscious is doing? Your dreams can tell you. Jane Teresa Anderson is a good guide, online. The Tarot can show you. Why are you getting in your own way? Beyond that, you desperately need help and support; a way through to help you feel better. I strongly recommend sampling the free hypnosis of Dr. Paul McKenna and Glenn Harold on YouTube. If you feel better, buy the books or subscribe to membership.

  92. Hi Jessica!

    Thank you so much for your insight, guidance, and your engagement with your readers. Your articles are very interesting and spot on! I am so glad Mercury retrograde is over as of today! Even though there is a post shadow phase, I do feel the energy has already shifted. Right after retrograde started, my hubby (he is Gemini Sun) & I came down with Covid. Our first time getting it! We got our shot & booster previously. We recovered easily after a week (we were able to take Paxlovid right away which helped immensely) but we still have lingering symptoms. His was body aches and mine was a cough/post nasal drip that has so far lasted two weeks now. It felt like it wouldn’t go away but as of yesterday & today I have felt somewhat better. Could be a coincidence with the retrograde ending but hey I’ll take it!

    I was wondering if you could please look into my chart and see when my health will be in tip top shape. I was having issues with my bladder since Jan of 2021. It’s been a lot better since then but it comes and goes. I discovered it was from stress. My therapist said whenever my body would tense up my muscles would squeeze the bladder, hence my issues. I’m learning to relax more and it’s helping some. It could also be that I’m going through perimenopause (not fun). My career is stable even though it can be stressful sometimes. Just wanting to see what are the main themes coming into my life in the near future.

    I’m amazed by the work that you do in helping people through your words. You give them comfort and healing. Your articles have definitely been an eye opener to me and has helped me navigate through stuff. So grateful for your work! Love & peace!

    1. I am sorry you and your husband both had Covid. Anecdotally on this website I understand it takes time to heal. You have also had bladder issues caused by anxiety. Virgo rules health and you have a stellium in Virgo so ‘live’ in your Sixth House of wellbeing for much of the time. There is a very interesting relationship between work, housework, unpaid work, study – and your health. If you do not consciously honour that part of you that is resisting labouring away, or serving, or doing your duty, you will find your unconscious finds a way to produce symptoms that get you out of the task.This happens when there is a Pisces factor in the Twelfth House of the subconscious, exactly opposite a Virgo factor. You have that. So when in doubt, ask your dreams. Or – you may know anyway. As you will have Saturn in Pisces from March 2023 moving in a chain of oppositions to your Virgo factors, health has to come first from that point. Your wellbeing has to be the number one priority. That is even more important as you have had Covid. I strongly recommend you update yourself often on what is/is not working from the point of view of the experts, right across the spectrum of opinion. You had a vaccine. It didn’t stop you becoming ill. Look at Corsi Rosenthal boxes, HEPA filters and/or UVC lighting to protect yourselves.

  93. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve come back to this post a couple of times now for reference. Boy, I have really seen some of the retrograde effects – particularly with communication, rescheduling and even large appliances at home! Appreciate all the detailed information in this post and your next post as well! I’m wondering if you see anything in my chart related to the Nov 8 eclipse. I am a fixed sun sign (Aquarius) with Scorpio, Gemini and Aries (thank you btw for highlighting that info below my birth chart). A bit on edge about that eclipse. The day of the last Lunar eclipse back in May – we lost our dog of 12 years and it was a pretty heavy experience. If I’m understanding the astrology right, this looks like this may have impacts to my 4th house (foundations), which is quite unsettling. Are you seeing anything I should pay particular attention to and/or avoid? I also run a small business and am really hoping this next cycle allows me to save/earn income. It’s been a tough go this year and a tremendous amount of work. Grateful for any insight you can provide.

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Aquarius woman with a Gemini Aries and Scorpio stellium, you should skip eclipse day for major decisions or actions – and allow the day before and after for the world to catch up with itself. You will have a large break with your finances from Halloween to Christmas, either saving or making money. The biggest change you will notice long-term is your appearance, title, image and profile. In both chart systems I use for you, there are major transformation signals coming from March 2023 for many years into the future. If you use your willpower to keep tight control on your appearance or brand, it will be empowering for you.

  94. Jessica,

    I am someone who is having major anxiety about potential use of n. weapons/war threat. I have read all of your work about Putin and young Russia, but I am wondering, should we be concerned about n. war happening? NK and Iran are both concerning right now as well. What do you see? Thank you

    1. There are a few astrological charts to look at for nuclear issues: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Missile Crisis. Vladimir Putin does not have a reliable birth chart. I’ll take a look this week. Iran is on her way to a successful future which includes women – that begins in March 2023. March is also the answer to Putin, really, as it makes the beginning of a United Nations with new power. Pluto in Aquarius. We’ve not seen that before.

  95. Hi Jessica, I have been really facinated by your work and devotion to your causes in helping others, even just with replies to comments and I finally subscribed and glad I did and I am hoping you would kindly help me. I have been really struggling with my health and mental health for most of my life. I grew up in suburban qld with a virgo father (passed away) who also had mental health issues and who would beat up on my cancer mother, who later took it out on myself and four other sisters. I have a Son, born 3/6/1984 @ 7:16pm and now a gorgeous grandson born in June 2021. In Sept 2017, I had to undego a Spinal Fusion on my lower back as I had bone on bone. After this my life spiralled and I was sacked from my job and nearly lost my rental home due to financial problems. My Scorpio husband (28/10/1961 @8am) pretty much disowned me and but he did begrudginly pay my bills until I got another contract, which got me on my feet again, but my husband continued abuse towards me and brought my mother, his daughter and sister, also into eqaution and I was really set upon. On Dec 17th 2019, he decided to lock me and my dogs out of our home and I had nowhere to until and elderly Leo lady freind kindly took me in until I could get back on my feet. My Ex wouldnt let me back into our home and him and his bullying daughter packed up all my things and brought them to the unit I was renting. He started to come around again but I I kind of worked out, there was another women in mix, so I filled for settlement. He then totally walked out, on me and totally on my dogs (left me to care for them (two ageing, purebreed poodles with lots of vet bills, but I love them) and he hasnt spoken to me since June 2020. I signed for the divource 8th Feb 2021 and the divource came through 25th June 2021.
    Its been all very dufficult made wirse by the the covid. It followed with my mental breakdown and later in 2020 was diognosed with SLE Lupus as well. I struggled really hard to get DSP benefits, as I just couldnt go back to work with the way was health was, but it finally came through in Feb this year, after 2 years of fighting for it. Its all really taken its toll on me, I struggle pretty much everyday. I have no family close by and have no freinds and my Son never comes to see me, but he also is going through a marriage breakdown with his Taurus wife, after being together for 14 years and after the birth of his son. I am also very saddened about that too.
    I had to take out my super early and with my settlement money, I finally bought a unit on the 22nd July this year. The move was very hard on my health and the chronic pain I live with and with no one to help and now I am experincing pain and craking in my upper kneck, my spine, which has been really scary as I dont want to have to go through another spinal fusion and also because I no longer have health insurance as I cant afford it. The purchase of the unit and move was through another mercury retrograde period, in June/July, I think Taurus season, so I am concerned about the effects that may have on my purchase also? I feel like im running scarred all the time keeping up with bills and sorting my life due to the Uranus influence and now with the purchase of my unit I have very little money left to rely on and a bad accountant this year has made matters worse for me. I feel I have lost the plot really and I just cant seem to function very well. I am also havent been able to move past the love I have for my ex husband, to move forward and let go. He moved on quickly, with a younger women. (from what I can work out he was already seeing her when he locked me out of our home and was abusing me) The women he is seeing has three teenage children. My Ex has not made contact with me since June 2020, even though I have tried to reslove freindship with him. I feel very sad lonely everday and cannot seem to make any freinds. I feel totally isolated and disabled in my health and feel that no one wants to help me. I feel I will never find future men prospects. Its been very difficult to bear. Im very sad and lonely at this moment in time, for my future life. I cant see my Grandson very much as they live 6-7 hours away in another city. Is there anything, Jessica, I have to look forward too?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra woman with stelliums in Libra, Scorpio and Virgo. You are in the best position in 12 years to sort your physical and mental health out, from Halloween to Christmas, so accept the offers and opportunities that find you. It may be that you have to take on something that will be hard work in 2023, 2024, 2025 (like a change in diet, or a yoga program, or a meditation program) but it will pay off for the rest of your life. Jupiter is moving into Pisces and your solar Sixth House of mind, body and spirit. Jupiter is the problem-solver of astrology so pay attention to who/what comes your way with wellbeing, right through November, and into December as well. You will be given the chance to fix things with your ex, but also form a new partnership, from Christmas until May 2023. You have to try; there is no perfect here – but you will be given a nice, solid chance to create a duo with a person who balances you. This may be a classic sexual relationship or it may be nothing of the sort; a work duo, perhaps, or a platonic friendship with someone. Yet, you will feel as if you have found your other half, if you accept this chance, which will appear at any point from late December to May next year. Have a look at the Virgo side of your nature. You ‘live’ in your Sixth House of service, duty, work, housework, mental health and physical health too. One influences the other. Your dogs, the poodles, are part of that Virgo pattern as Virgo rules small animals. You will save or make proper money from May 2023 until May 2024 so use it to spend on a lifestyle that helps you look after yourself. Dogs are oxytocin; the cuddle chemical. You also need all the other chemicals too, like endorphins and serotonin and you can gain those without spending a cent. It is very important that you take responsibility for your body and how it functions, and that you understand how much your mind affects your body – and vice versa. Again that does not have to cost. So start now. Strongly Virgo people like you respond extremely well to daily meditation, relaxation or healing. I recommend Glenn Harrold who has samples of his work, free, on YouTube. He has glowing endorsements from many leading British business people and celebrities. I also recommend Matthew Manning for the same reason; again he offers samples of his work on YouTube. You may like the work of Dr. Paul McKenna. The most important thing is to try and change your mind, which changes how your body functions. The other good opportunities come later but you can make a start now. It has to be daily; Virgo rules daily routine, which is rather like feeding and walking poodles. You’re the poodle. You now need to put yourself on a timetable and put yourself first.

  96. Thankyou Jessica for your reply and your deep thoughtful kindness I will look up the references you offered for future self care, as I am grateful for all the assistance I can receive, from anyone who is willing to help. Apologies also, for so much information and sounding so self indulgent, but I felt there was no other way, than to be frank about what has happened and I hope I am a help to others who have been in my situation to open up and able to be a voice, for themselves, as well.

    1. That’s perfectly fine and I just wanted to reassure you that your comment is anonymous. I have no idea who you are. Neither should anybody else. But please do contact Support if you need confirmation of that. Thank you.

  97. Hi Jessica, thankyou so very much for your kind reply and as I mentioned in my last comment I will take it on board and push forward. Just asking you though, due the nature of my past (I did not actually relay to you, even half of what went on over 10 years with him) could you please delete my comments, even though I would like you to use them, but I fear that if anyone he knew, may see what I have written, there would be retaliation. Even though I let you know I miss my ex, I would never go back. Thankyou

    1. You are anonymous on this website but if you wish to delete your comment, please contact Support. Thank you.

    1. Yes. The worst is yet to come with Covid from March 2023. The good news is, UVC eliminates it. The problem is, UVC also eliminates the common cold. Big pharmaceutical companies don’t want it, and they donate to political parties. The corruption should begin to improve from March 2023 when Pluto leaves Capricorn. We don’t know what happens in March 2023 yet, but it’s massive.

  98. Just to let the readers know if you get an FDA Class II Certified UVC Filter you might be able to get it paid for by your insurance company. Here is a link explaining it. I have nothing to do with this company, I was just looking into a whole house system as opposed to just room filters like we have now:

    In Good health everyone! Be safe,
    Good V

  99. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another articulate, easy to follow article. I have Apollo 15° Taurus – Cupido 15° Taurus – Mars 17° Scorpio – Descendant 18° Gemini – Diana 0° Aries – Salacia 18° Aquarius – Aesculapia 23° Pisces. Plus a number of other factors with the same degrees, outlined in your article, elsewhere in my chart.
    I would love some insight please. Thank you once again x

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Gemini woman, with stelliums in Aquarius, Gemini, Taurus. The most important cycles now involve friends and groups (Aquarius), the media, internet, local area and siblings (Gemini) and your money (Taurus). We are seeing retrograde or backwards motion with all three areas of your chart so you are on a long rewind and replay. For example, the group of potential allies you had trouble communicating with, hearing back from, planning with – may yet show you a different side of itself from March 2023. The friendships or collaborative plans (like a reunion) that have been an obstacle course of stop-start will reveal a new angle to you from March. The changed or cancelled plans involving Gemini matters (like a brother who suggests a meeting that never happens) will resume. And Taurus, which rules your money, may have held you up with paperwork, email issues, administration and so on (for example, an invoice incorrectly filled in) but this also resolves itself. The most crucial area of all these is your social life, group involvements, networks, communities, people power, circles, friendships and your entire life will change from March when Pluto moves in, for the long-term.

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