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Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family

Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family Predictions

In March 1949, Charles Carter, Editor of Astrology: The Astrologer’s Quarterly, predicted that baby Charles III was unlikely to be crowned.

Carter was Principal of the Faculty of Astrological studies and also President of the Astrological Lodge of London.

He was the first of several eminent astrologers including Penny Thornton (whose clients included Diana, Princess of Wales) to publish the view, that the crown would pass to someone else, at the end of Elizabeth II’s reign.

Royal Astrology in the Daily Express

I was recently interviewed about the astrology of Charles and the Royal Family by The Daily Express and agreed with both Charles Carter and Penny Thornton. In this feature I will look at the cycles of time and the role that fate plays in the future of the monarchy in 2022-2024, and why Charles, Camilla, Harry, William, Anne and Edward are part of a critical crossroads.

Diana, Princess of Wales, also plays a fated part, as you will see.

We also have a timed chart for the succession; the moment Charles III succeeded in place of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, from the certificate, so we can see future trends for kingdom and Commonwealth. I’ve also recorded a podcast with my friends Sarah Vine and Imogen Edwards-Jones at The Daily Mail about the March 2023 crisis for the monarchy here.

Astrologers and Monarchs

Astrologers have historically cast horoscopes and made predictions for monarchs in the United Kingdom. Dr. John Dee chose the coronation date for Elizabeth I. Charles II asked William Lilly for advice.

A small burden of monarchy, I suppose, is astrologers collectively peering into your birth chart. However, it is also true that astrologers have traditionally helped and guided their rulers, too. Penny Thornton and my other friend, the author and columnist Debbie Frank, both achieved this for Diana, the Princess of Wales.

CAMPION - Charles, Astrology and the Royal FamilyNow, to the astrology. It could be well over a year until any coronation –  and we may never see King Charles III. These charts in front of me are firm.

Nicholas Campion, academic and author of Born to Reign – and editor of The Harmony Debates – references the famous Charles Carter prediction about the other Charles, in his 1993 book.

“When Prince Charles was born, the British astrologer Charles Carter wrote that while Charles’ horoscope was “rather favourable…” whether it is of a royal character is possibly more open to question.”

Nick Campion goes on, “His main reason was that Jupiter was in a weak position. Carter was certainly picking up on a familiar royal pattern, for most recent British monarchs have been born under a powerful Jupiter.”

The publication of the excellent Harmony Debates, edited by Campion, with a foreword from no less than H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, Charles III – is about a new, sustainable future. Yet, how is the United Kingdom to be sustained? A crisis is approaching in 2023.

No Guarantees in 2022-2024 for The Royal Family 

There are some pressing political questions about who will reign in the Commonwealth- and when – and how. This is particularly important in Australia, where I write this. The campaign for a referendum on a republic has never gone away.

In the United Kingdom there is also plenty of debate about Charles III and particularly the taxation structure of the U.K. as well as the nature of Charles’s charitable organisations.

People who support Charles III’s views on the environment applauded his arrival as King, to replace a beloved Queen. Yet, the astrology says, there are no guarantees for the world’s most famous family in 2022-2024. (Below: Astrology: The Astrologer’s Quarterly, March-May 1949).

CARTER II 941x1024 - Charles, Astrology and the Royal FamilyCARTER scaled - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family

What Leading Astrologers Have Predicted for Charles III

Charles Carter: (1949) “At some time the Native himself would relinquish the burden of his high estate. Note Sun in opposition to Neptune in the 1066 horoscope. The practice of voluntary abdication may become more frequent in the future, for the burdens of sovereignty grow and those who bear them may reasonably ask for some years of repose, like other workers.”

Astrologer Penny Thornton on Charles

Penny Thornton (With Love From Diana, Pocket Books, New York 1995). “Charles has been preparing to become King all his life, but like the Prince of Wales before him, Edward VIII, he may believe he can have his cake and eat it. In Charles’s case it is not the woman of his choice who is unacceptable, but the very things he stands for and the things he cares about. Paradoxically, free of kingly office, he may ultimately be the effective force he truly wants to be.” In her fascinating book, Penny writes that Diana found this chapter – prepared for her approval – “riveting”.

What Diana Predicted for Charles

Diana herself is on record with a prediction that Charles would never become King. So is her butler, Paul Burrell, who is a key witness to history.

Diana was a client of the medium Rita Rogers. Having been astonished by the detail in a long conversation with Rita Rogers, I can confirm she is an outstanding psychic. If Diana held that view because of Rita’s information, that’s powerful validation.

Nostradamus, The Queen and 2022

From many impressive sources, including Diana herself, the same message is coming through. And, inevitably, Nostradamus.

Most recently, Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future, by the late Mario Reading, claimed “Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 2022, at the age of around ninety-six, five years short of her mother’s term of life.”

Mario Reading, Charles and Nostradamus

Reading went on to interpret the famous ‘divorce’ quatrain as follows: “The pressure on him is so great, and his age so much against him, that Charles agrees to abdicate in favour of his son.”

Should you ever predict death? Of course not. But Reading did, and sadly, he was correct about The Queen.

This quatrain (below, from a 17th century edition of Nostradamus’ Prophecies) is usually taken to refer to Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII. Mrs Simpson, divorced, was barred from the Church of England. The result was abdication and the pair were indeed ‘forced’ from the British Isles. So what are we seeing here? Mario Reading’s update, or just the wrong divorce?

Nostradamus Charles quatrain I - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family

The Observer Magazine Prediction of 1966

On March 13th 1966, The Observer magazine devoted its entire issue to fortune-telling. Leading astrologers and psychics.

Lewis Ackerman, of Fate magazine, was called ‘more specific than most’ by the journalist, Colin Cross. “He has committed himself in print to forecasting a divorce in the Royal Family this year and that Prince Charles will never ascend the throne,” Cross wrote in his long feature.

Decades later and the question of 1966, is still under discussion. His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales (as he was then) seen here in GQ, looks relaxed about his destiny, never mind all those astrologers. But what will life before any coronation bring?

OBSERVER 249x300 - Charles, Astrology and the Royal FamilyCharles GQ Twitter 250x300 - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family

The Charles and Camilla Charts

Here we have the astrological charts of Charles and Camilla (below) now King and Queen Consort, as signed into ancient law – yet signed into law on Mercury Retrograde. Never underestimate the part this planet plays – the carrier of signatures and parchment scrolls – when he is running backwards.

In fact, a great many factors in the heavens were retrograde, or appearing to go backwards, stop and start, go slow – and perhaps come to nothing – when the great and the good gathered to watch Charles III make history at St. James Palace.

Mercury Retrograde and the Coronation

Pens had to be found (even if they didn’t work) and titles changed for the press; signatures were scrawled on paper and so on. And yet – as an astrologer – the timing was so wrong.

This chart for Camilla and Charles is about more than Mercury Retrograde, though.

It uses modern software that Charles Carter, back in 1949, might have shaken his head at. The most obvious thing about it, is the huge Scorpio stellium in Charles’s Eighth House of inheritance, financial and sexual relationships, wills and legacies. I call this ‘Sex, death and money’ to save time. The scorpion moves with a deadly sting in his or her tail.

The South Node of karma travels through Scorpio, making a long chain of conjunctions with those six factors in Charles’s chart, culminating in a rare and fated pattern, between March 8th and May 8th 2023.

Fate, Karma and the North Node and South Node

The South Node at 4 Scorpio and North Node at 4 Taurus in Charles’s chart will be crossed by the transiting South Node at 4 Scorpio and North Node at 4 Taurus in March-May 2023. This period directly relates to a cover-up dating from Tuesday 25th October 2022, with a New Moon Eclipse at 2 Scorpio.

Cast your eye on Camilla’s chart, below,  and you will see she was born with Chiron at 2 Scorpio in the Eighth House, too.

I am writing this so far into the future, on 24th September 2022, that the eclipse is yet to fall – but fall it will – and there will be a distraction from the truth at that point, or just an outright cover-up.

The Church of England, Astrology and Charles

Anthony Holden was the first royal biographer to dare to raise the issue of Charles, Camilla, Diana and the Church of England. The chart here, set for the reign of Henry VIII, shows a constitutional crisis involving the people, Anglican worshippers and parliament. From this, we can give dates for a crisis about the proposed coronation. I am grateful to my colleague Kyra Oser for her insights into this.

Anglicans, Charles and Astrology

March 2023 was always going to be an historic period of soul-searching for Anglicans and their leaders. Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius in a conjunction with the South Node, and in opposition to the North Node at 0 Leo (the sign of monarchy) for the first time in 248 years. This goes beyond paying reparation for slavery (say) or transgender vicars. That is part of it, but the overwhelming issue here is Charles, Camilla and Diana.

Dates to watch for a crisis involving Charles, Camilla, the Church of England and Parliament : March 24th until June 11th 2023. January 22nd 2024 until September 2nd 2024. November 20th 2024 until March 5th 2025. The Church of England seems set for a transformation and change in the balance of power. So, the Archbishop of Canterbury. This ancient chart shows it all.


FmN M9agAAHj7K 1024x788 - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family
Astrology chart for Church of England

Scorpio in Focus in the Royal Charts

Scorpio is about joint financial and property matters, including business, charity and taxation. Taurus is about individual income; the personal bank account and shares. This is a complicated clash in the heavens and it picks up the vast differences in values between Royal Family members. It also locates the signatures on several documents crucial to the United Kingdom.

Karmically, this March-May 2023 interval brings the former Prince of Wales, now Charles III, all the way back to the period, June 3rd to June 26th 1995. This is about the first wife. The first marriage. The mother of his sons, William and Harry. It’s about the elephant in the room – if we can ever call her an elephant – Princess Diana.

The Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail

Back then in 1995, the North Node was at 4 Scorpio and the South Node at 4 Taurus. A mirror image of the same issues we will see in the historic year of 2023 for the Royal Family.

This idea of the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail is very old; Chaucer had them chasing each other on his famous astrolabes. In India they are known as Rahu and Ketu; the eternal cycle of  karmic debts and credits.

What happened in 1995? Well, among other things, Penny Thornton published many intriguing horoscope secrets in her bestselling book, With Love From Diana. It remains the only detailed historical record of Diana’s trusted use of astrology.


Charles Camilla scaled - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family

Pluto in Aquarius, Camilla and Charles

It takes more than the lunar nodes to make history. They repeat in the same zodiac signs every 18 or 19 years. What is very new in 2023, though, is Pluto in Aquarius. This is a change in the balance of power creating a difficult crossroads for Charles.

Pluto begins his cycle at 0 Aquarius on Friday 24th March 2023 and will be on his way to 4 Aquarius on February 11th to March 20th, 2026.

Pluto in Aquarius, following Pluto in Capricorn, is always the end of powerful elite rule and the beginning of people power. The last time we saw this, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lost their heads. King George III stepped down to the Prince Regent.

Pluto begins with a bang at 0 degrees Aquarius and moves to 1, 2, 3, 4. You can see those numbers (degrees) repeating in both charts for Charles and Camilla. Tied together by fate. From March 2023, a time of reckoning begins.

FdCxb4WWAAE99sS 233x300 - Charles, Astrology and the Royal FamilyCamilla, Ceres and Chiron

In Camilla’s chart we find Ceres with all her power and potent emotion, at 2 Taurus, opposite Chiron at 2 Scorpio. This is a woman at war with herself over money, charity, business and property. It comes to a head when Pluto goes to 2 Aquarius.

When the North Node is at 2 Taurus and South Node is at 2 Scorpio between June 17th and 23rd, 2023, karma comes for Camilla from life as it was July 1995.

It will be financial in nature, or vested in charity, possessions, business, shares, kingdoms and castles.

This pattern is just one degree away from Fortuna at 3 Cancer in Charles’s chart; the Wheel of Fortune spinning in the sign of family and nation, palaces and castles, land and estates.

If Not Charles, Then Who Will Be Monarch?

William, now Prince of Wales, was born with Jupiter at 0 Scorpio. The ancient symbol of luck, abundance and hope, in (again) the sign of inheritance, legacies and – no pun intended – wills. For all that newspapers like The Daily Express see the monarchy in spiritual terms, this is The Firm. It’s about the banking.

Prince Harry was born with Pluto at 0 Scorpio. This 0-4 zone for the fixed financial signs, Taurus and Scorpio, is heavily fated.
Charles has the Moon at 0 Taurus. Again, Prince William has his MC at 2 Scorpio. This is a vast difference in value systems. It will be most hotly contested when the lunar nodes move through Taurus and Scorpio on these degrees, from March 2023 until July 2023.

Princess Anne comes into the picture. She was born with Mars at 2 Scorpio and Cupido at 4 Taurus.  Prince Edward has Venus at 3 Taurus. Taurus is about stubborn, fixed, unchanging values. Refusing to budge on price, or sell one’s soul, is a Taurus archetype. Scorpio is about the intensely personal nature of family and property, or sexual relationships and finance. It is about marriage and divorce; adultery; the last will and testament of all concerned. Clash.

CANCER PRINCE WILLIAM - Charles, Astrology and the Royal FamilyPrince William – the Right Attitude?

Jupiter was known as Jove to the Romans who gave us modern astrology. From this we obviously find the word ‘jovial’ but we also discover ‘joy’ and ‘joke’. The Happy Prince is certainly a royal who has Jupiter on his side, and by a quirk of birth, William does.

I am going to end this prediction that Charles will not proceed to the coronation – or perhaps abdicate the throne after ascending – with the chart of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth II was born with the Sun at 0 Taurus. The odds of one family sharing so many conflicting patterns in the money and property signs, is remarkable, let alone a family which is a substantial part of the United Kingdom’s economy. It suggests that the crisis of 2023 is bigger than everybody. It is there for a purpose, and that purpose it tied to the nation’s coffers.

Running through all the available charts on the AstroGold database, it is significant that the only members of the Royal Family to share this pattern at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Taurus-Scorpio are likely to be in the immediate legacies of Elizabeth II and Charles III.

Prince Louis, born on 23rd April 2018, has the Sun at 3 Taurus. Prince George, set to inherit ahead of his younger brother, was born on 22nd July 2013 with Saturn at 4 Scorpio. Both the boys are pulled into the events of 2023 involving their father William and grandfather, Charles III.

The Astrology Charts for Britain 

There are many charts for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, documented by Nicholas Campion in his Book of World Horoscopes.  Several of them, going as far back as 410 AD, are triggered by the crisis of 2023. The ancient stones of the island shake. Debbie Frank, columnist for Hello, predicts a rocky road for Charles III.

kate middleton third baby 232x300 - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family
Royal predictions.

Leo is the royal sign, and is hugely significant in the Grand Cross forming around 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 of the fixed signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius. The Battle of Hastings astrology chart shows the Moon in Leo. It is typical of astrology with all its synchronicity, that Hastings marked the arrival of William the Conqueror. The four main charts are below:

United Kingdom Independence, 20th March 410, 00.10am, London: Saturn 4 Taurus.
Battle of Hastings, 14th October 1066, 5.28pm, Seniac. Mercury 2 Scorpio, Moon 1 Leo.
House of Commons, 20th January 1265, 12.00 London, Jupiter 2 Taurus.
Act of Union, 1st January 1801, 00.00, London, Jupiter 1 Leo.

The French Revolution and American War of Independence

If we step back from this extremely rich family – charity patrons all – symbols of an entrenched British economic system – we find Pluto repeating his cycle from The French Revolution but also the American War of Independence too.

The former removed Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette; the latter saw George III step down in favour of the Prince Regent. Afflicted with what some historians now believe was Bipolar Disorder, he saw his son, George IV, step forward in his place. Thus, The Regency.

Charles III Arrives on 8th September 2022

The old cry of “The Queen is dead, God Save the King!” is echoed in this chart for 8th September 2022 at 3.10pm at Balmoral, Ballater, Scotland. There is a square from Aesculapia at 6 Capricorn in the Tenth House to Jupiter at 6 Aries in the first House. As far as appearances and titles look, this is fortunate if hard to square.

Jupiter in Aries suggests the expansion of a military message to the world, but there is also a message here about the monarchy itself; Capricorn rules the people at the top of the system. Aesculapia suggests that who/what is assumed to be finished or over, really isn’t. I find that very interesting. Aesculapia famously revived and resurrected people who were considered near death, or even dead.

Proserpina at 6 Sagittarius suggests a foreign go-between. Psyche at 6 Libra suggests a partnership or a battle which lives forever. This pattern around 6 degrees is really striking. There is a strong suggestion about the spirit world in this horoscope. And this brings me to Diana, the Princess of Wales.


unnamed 300x231 - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family unnamed 6 194x300 - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family

Diana, Princess of Wales and the Death of The Queen

Strange but true. This striking 6 degree pattern in the immediate arrival of Charles III, lines up exactly with the chart of Diana, Princess of Wales. She was born with Proserpina at 6 Libra, and so there is a conjunction with Psyche at 6 Libra, the sign of marriage and divorce. She was and is the go-between. Proserpina went between the underworld and afterlife – and the earth. So, much as there has been an earnest campaign to park Diana firmly in the past, this is the chart of someone who is still present.

Is there anything else at 6 degrees here? Yes. Diana was born with Chiron at 6 Pisces in the Twelfth House, which literally rules the psyche, soul and spirit. She was also born with Pluto exactly opposite at 6 Virgo in the Sixth House of service and duty.

This brings me to the 4 billion view TikTok views for the message seen by millions on an ITV live broadcast and subsequently heard and seen again, by many more people. ITV have made no comment.

4 Billion Views TikTok September 28 2022  - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family

Death is Irreversible – Trapped

The E.V.P. (Electric Voice Phenomena) is real in my opinion as a medium – and appeared on a live ITV broadcast of The Queen’s funeral procession. This chart shows that. As a medium I am familiar with E.V.P. and know that spirit can only say a very few words, so those words must be carefully chosen. We hear “death is irreversible” and “trapped.” The former makes no sense unless you treat it as a standard medical phrase: “brain death is irreversible.” Trapped is either under a seat belt (though we are told the Princess did not wear one on that occasion) or in the well of the Mercedes; standard practice if a gun is pulled.

Key dates to watch for more timing with Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles III include the lunar nodes at 6 Taurus and Scorpio, from February 11th until 21st 2023, a few days after Jupiter has passed 6 Aries and Ceres has passed 6 Libra, from February 1st to 5th that year. We should also ask more questions about Diana, when Saturn goes to 6 Pisces, May 10th 2023 until June 1st. August 30th 2024 until November 5th is also important, as the lunar nodes pass 6 Aries and 6 Libra. Finally, for historic transformation, Pluto at 6 Aquarius, February 24th 2027 until July 27th 2027. Neptune is also at 6 Aries then and Uranus at 6 Gemini.

The Astrology for Diana, Charles III and Prince Harry

You are looking for the unusually high number of factors at 6 degrees here. The trigger dates are above. There are no 6 degree placements at all in the natal chart of Prince William. Harry (born Prince Henry) has Apollo at 6 Leo. He is part of the story. Apollo is a symbol of leadership and of course Leo is the sign of royalty. All eyes on the year 2027, four years into the future as I write this update on the astrology of Charles III.

Charles and Diana - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family


Princess Diana 4 - Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family

New Regency in the New United Kingdom?

Are we headed for a new Regency? Astrology shows the weather, not the outcome, but it is important to ask the right questions. Those old British horoscopes tell a story, rewritten by particular senior members of the Royal Family in 2023.

When that legendary astrologer Charles Carter sat down to write his feature on baby Prince Charles, the arrival of Prince William was decades into the future. And yet, there is Jupiter – the ‘king’ of the planets, according to the Romans – just two degrees away from William’s MC or Midheaven. This is the middle of heaven – the highest point to which one can ascend.

I am grateful to both of Diana’s astrologers,  Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton, for confirming (again) that the Princess of Wales gave them two entirely different birth times. For that reason we use both of them. These two amazing women played the same role in history as Dr. John Dee with Elizabeth I and it is significant that Diana chose to present two separate times and that should be recorded.

Astrological Chart Data for Senior Royals (AstroGold).

Prince Harry: 15th September 1984, 4.20pm, London.
Camilla, Queen Consort: 17th July 1947, 7.00am, London.
Prince William: 21st June 1982, 9.03pm, London.
King Charles: 14th November 1948, 9.14pm, London.
Princess Anne: 15th August 1950, 11.50am, London.
Prince Edward: 10th March 1964, 8.20pm, London.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: 21st April 1926, 2.40am, London.
Diana, Princess of Wales, 1st July 1961, both 2.15pm and 7.45pm were given by Diana.

Main image: The Daily Express. Photographs of The Observer magazine, Astrology: Jessica Adams. 

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  1. Hi Jessica, fascinating read as always. Very curious to see how this plays out in the year to come. I read about Jupiter being in a weak position in Charles’ chart. What does that mean and stemming from that how would you say my Jupiter is placed and will it help me? I do know its not a natural or comfortable place for Jupiter in Virgo but I’d like to understand your take on its placement.

    Thank you.

    1. This is old-fashioned astrology from last century. Charles Carter was using a traditional rule. Jupiter is the king of planets. Jupiter is fortunate and blessed. A greater benefic. Well-placed, he can be at the same degree, or close to it, as an angular position like the MC (Midheaven) which describes the highest point of success. William has it. Charles does not. Is your Jupiter angular? No. It is in Virgo, though, in the Sixth House, where you have a stellium, so you need to use your library to look up Jupiter, Virgo, Sixth House for the greatest benefits of use. Thank you.

  2. Woah!!!! So finances for sure. Charles just handed the Duchy over to William. So if William takes the throne does that mean little George gets the Duchy? I wonder how William’s kids tie into all of this and Kate too. It will be very interesting to watch all of this unfold. Geesh, the last thing they need is more drama! But looks like they are gonna get it anyway.

    1. That moment when the Scorpio and Taurus factors of leaders, tie into the Taurus and Scorpio factors of the nation. This is about a thorough economic restructure of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in respect of her economy. It’s been a very long time.

  3. If William ascends, who will be by his side? Kate or his rumoured mistress Rose Hanbury? History repeats

    1. I don’t know about this rumoured mistress of Prince William’s. There is always gossip about any monarch and so I’d best find out.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    The Palace has just released the first photo of King Charles with the Red Box seated at his desk. I’m wondering if you have seen it? What stood out was the candle in the background featuring what appears to be the Caduceus – rod of Hermes possibly? Also a statue on his desk of I think a seated winged lion?? Interested in your thoughts on the symbolism.

    Many thanks

  5. Hi again,
    On closer look, I think the snakes are upside down if I’m not mistaken – mercury retrograde!

  6. Thank you Jessica – have been waiting for your insights on this. I too don’t think he will make it to King – I understand he works incredibly hard & long hours but I thought he has looked utterly shattered (obviously bowed down by grief) and completely exhausted. The financial donation issues that recently came up seem to have been brushed away but not exactly answered – plus there is the weighty tome ie Harry’s bio which has now been delayed until next year… who knows what that will claim as it sounds like Harry is dipping into the past … 1995 maybe. Perhaps it will be a combination of events.
    Thanks again for being a guiding light in these stormy days! You’ve helped me a lot of late
    Jules x

    1. Thank you Jules. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Harry autobiography is delayed and changed, even challenged, pulled and so on until March 2023.

  7. It’s a fascinating article, Jessica. I couldn’t help but read Charles as very burdened looking since the Queen’s passing – more than just grief. I wonder if he’s aware/worried and coupled with the very difficult economic projections for Britain, whether inevitably negative things for him will come to light. But then again, I’m American and we’ve never recovered from the loss of Diana. 🙂

    1. Thank you. It is the monarchy’s role to be fascinating, isn’t it? And the monarchy in the British Isles has always raised these tremendous questions about good and bad, right and wrong, Christian or no. Here we are again. Perhaps the role of royalty is to hold up a mirror to ourselves; we find our morality or ethics reflected there. The standards we accept (or not) or walk past, define us to ourselves and also shape the nation and the Commonwealth. You can be American and feel part of this, because you never recovered from the loss of Diana, or because you have bought into the Meghan narrative. So it goes on! The bigger picture is what we turn to here, and stepping back from the individuals and looking at the United Kingdom and United States, here we have a new monarch’s head on the currency just when the government deliberately devalues that currency making investment in the nation a bargain for America. This goes way, way back to 1776.

  8. There is a legend there would never be a 3rd King Charles as it was considered an unlucky name.Ive said to everyone the weight of this may be too heavy for him as the Queen grew into it from an early age.Can understand the Queen with the name or him picking it when it is considered cursed. How do you think Harry and Meghan will be effected?

    1. Have to say, it is very odd that Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh chose Charles as the heir’s name. Charles III is certainly aware of Charles I and as a child I remember him posing for a photograph of the first Charles (a triptych) in my Puffin Annual. There are some peculiar things about all three men. Astrology was woven into their lives; William Lilly in the 17th century and in the 20th century, Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton, my friends who advised Diana. In fact, Penny had a Christmas card from both Charles and Diana one year. The thread here is that William Lilly, the famous British astrologer, was drawn into the destinies and futures of Charles I and II and here we are in the 21st century and…As for Harry and Meghan, have a look at old predictions on Search.

  9. Hi Jessica

    Fascinating article but you say that Charles has a weak Jupiter but it’s in Sagittarius, surely that’s a strong position for Jupiter, in the sign it rules?

    1. I didn’t say Charles III had a weak Jupiter; Charles Carter said that in 1949 and astrologers ever since have repeated that. For my money, the issue with the Charles III chart is the Scorpio stellium, being opposed by Uranus in Taurus and the North Node in Taurus, just as he is preparing for coronation. You can move on from Diana, but you can never really move on, when that transit comes around.

  10. Thank you Jessica for your very interesting Blogs.
    I find this information about our current Monarch Charles III and the 2023 possible chaos forecast most fascinating. Having experienced betrayal within my own family, I have found forgiveness is one thing, but trust can never be restored. Do you see in your forecast any reconciliation between Prince Harry and Prince William?

    I am currently coming to terms with my own family betrayal, it has taken me some time to regain my personal strength from this disappointment and hurt. I wonder if you can see any positive forthcoming changes in my own situation?
    Thank you so much for all you do for everyone.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces with a Capricorn, Aquarius stellium. So you are experiencing the same transits as Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, both Sun Pisces like yourself. This probably involves your siblings or cousins. Uranus in Taurus is transiting the Sun Pisces Third House of brothers, sisters and cousins until 2026. Sun Pisces people also have Mars Retrograde in Gemini in their Fourth House of family until March 2023. That is a long, overheated situation. You will be delighted to see a permanent change from 2026, when you will be liberated from sibling or cousin restraints. Same for Andrew and Edward, for whatever reason.

  11. Wow!! Fascinating!! Thank for all of this thorough research and explanation. You are such a wealth of knowledge and fascinating. information

  12. This is fascinating but also very sad. I am not a royalist, but feel some sympathy for Charles in so far as at the ripe age of 74, being thrust suddenly into this position, along with his wife Camilla, must be so stressful, despite all his preparation. I would imagine him suddenly feeling it is just too late to go back to being under such scrutiny again, and that to ensure the monarchy survives, better to allow it to pass straight to William. Or perhaps not?

    1. It’s hard to think of a time in history when the monarchy hasn’t been dealing with sad events, losses and sometimes disaster. The sadness is that they experience it as a family but also as a firm. It’s always intensely personal even when it’s professional (and financial). There is a great deal on Charles III’s shoulders. If it is at all possible I would like to see William become Prince Regent while Charles withdraws to focus on conservation and the environment. It takes two. If this was the case then it would fall into place when the nodes move to Aries and Libra, in July 2023. We remain fascinated!

  13. Astonishingly accurate is this prediction with Nostradamus’ one in the interpretation of one French catholic astrologist, which also points out that the name Charles was never a good one for a king in England (Charles I was killed and Charles II was in exile and than replaced), and that the falling of a guard during Queen’s lay-in-state is highly significant as a sign of falling of the monarchy, what do you think?

    1. That’s interesting – French astrologers always being fond of Nostradamus for obvious reasons. I will have a look. True, Charles I and Charles II were both cursed with difficult lives. One of the reasons for Charles II’s difficulty was that he ignored the advice of the astrologer William Lilly on his escape plan. Strange but true. Charles III has arrived when the kingdom is in peril from plague and climate emergency, just as it was in the 14th century, and under the same skies; Uranus in Taurus, North Node in Taurus, Saturn in Pisces. So beyond the various monarchs named Charles, we also need to go right back to the late 1300s.

  14. Thank you so much Jessica for this, so interesting. When it was announced that the Queen was ill someone (much younger than me) in my office asked me, naively, what would happen next. I told her Charles would be King. She seemed surprised and asked why people couldn’t choose the next monarch, as if this was the X Factor! (An interesting thought though – I’d vote for Anne!) I remember a prediction you wrote a while back about the next King… if memory serves it was along the lines of ‘Charles or William? You decide.’ I don’t think that Charles can ever escape the ghost of Diana. The karma here could be Diana’s son replacing Charles. Everything feels unsettled since the Queen has passed. A word I am hearing a lot is ‘overwhelmed’.

    1. So funny. Hard to believe that Millennials or post-Millennials don’t know that the title is passed immediately (I’m sure they would rather vote for the next monarch, though it’s hard to see Princess Anne co-operating). Going back to 1949 and the great Charles Carter, from The Astrological Lodge of London, we find him musing on Charles’s future even before Princess Elizabeth had become Queen. That is quite remarkable. Carter could not have been expected to then see into the future with William and Harry, but he did fixate on the Jupiter position of the chart (or lack of it). You need a good Jupiter to be monarch. William has it. Harry is out of the question; he attacked his family with unproven allegations of racism towards his child, when Prince Philip was dying in hospital. Blatant treachery.

  15. Intriguing as ever Jessica. Thank you.
    From years of sleuthing in public records, I found that during the American revolution, my ancestors arrived in New York City as refugees. Their religion kept them from swearing loyalty to the revolutionaries and were forced out. Due to the remarkable record keeping, it has been revealed that their smallholding was confiscated buildings burnt, the men of the group were then stripped, beaten and they were all sent on their way down to NYC. Walking from near Tarrytown (family graves still in Sleepy Hollow cemetery) to their protectors. Years later, they were later evacuated upriver, eventually settling in the area around Kingston, Upper Canada. They were some of the lucky few small holders who eventually received partial compensation for such things like; a cow, small orchard and a ladies saddle.

    The leader of that band of revolutionaries who forced them out, ended up as the magistrate and purchased much confiscated land, including that small holding.
    Just a little non royal tangent from the revolution.


    1. Thank you Patrick. How interesting to know the history. A personal story in the broader picture of the American revolution. That cow went a long way!

    1. Oh, this is great. Thank you so much. I will add this to my research on Charles III and the future of the succession.

  16. Hi, Jessica
    I read a book The Age of Desolation, which compares the Nostradamus predictions to our times, and talked about it also.
    Thank you!

  17. Hi Jessica, I have read and reread your analysis. The whole pen incident with King Charles III came across to me as a man troubled by his future path, and at the time I commented to my family that it reminded me of Belushi in The Blues Brothers, lying in the mud, coming up with a million excuses to Carrie Fisher, before getting up and running. Princess Diana seems such a fated central figure of the present Royal House, her power manifested in her service and connection to the people, and raising her sons to be one of the people, not to be above them. A preamble perhaps to Pluto in Aquarius. I will follow with interest your predictions and events.

    1. That’s interesting – The Blues Brothers. You picked up on the blue brothers, Harry and William. I saw a photograph of them in their carefree twenties, with Zara Philips and they were so happy. The skies in 2023 are not calm and this is not a peaceful transition from Elizabeth I to Charles II, not not at all. You would hope that once destiny has taken its course, though, all concerned can find happiness again.

  18. Hi Jessica, amazing article. Thanks for providing it to us. I find Kate Middleton an intriguing woman … a Capricorn who radiates the most regal energy of all of them in my opinion despite no royal blood. When I look at her though I sense poor health. What do you see for her future?

    1. The new Princess of Wales is a fantastic asset to the Royal Family and the United Kingdom. She is a classic Sun Capricorn who was born to rise within a system and then stay on top. Destiny calls for her from 18-19 years ago when the node goes to Libra in July 2023 and remains there until July 2024. If she has any health issues they will end in March 2023.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your great articles. To understand more About your way of astrology I soon want to do the online course, sun sign astrology.

    I have a question About a transit I Am going true in 2025/2026
    neptune and saturn will be conjunct together at the same time with my natal sun at 0 Aries.
    What does this mean? Can I prepare for this conjunction? Seems a heavy one? What are the positive and negative parts of this double conjunction? I Am little bit worried

    Thank you so much,

    Happy to have you on this planet! Very gratefull


    1. Thank you Doenja. The new Sun Sign School course will also offer natal astrology and Tarot. True, in February 2026, we find Neptune at 0 Aries and Saturn at 0 Aries so you have transiting Neptune in conjunction with your natal Sun and transiting Saturn in conjunction with your natal Sun. The Sun describes how you shine. It reveals how you stand out; what is obvious about you; what everyone sees. In Aries and your First House, it is self-promotion. Flying the flag for something. Pushing forward and trying to be first, or coming first. Fighting and winning, hopefully, and certainly competing or battling. You can do this in sport. You can do it in the army. You can do it in the music industry. Saturn on your Sun will make this heavy going; hard work; an obstacle course; a test. Neptune on your Sun will bring confusion, distortion, escapism, a period of being all at sea or unanchored. The golden rule is to avoid Aries and First House matters or minimise the stakes. So you don’t make 2026 the year you change your name, get cosmetic surgery, have your identity plastered everywhere, don a uniform, and so on. The less you ‘do’ Aries the less you have to concern yourself with.

  20. A really interesting read, Jessica, thank you. It’s strange, but I thought I was a monarchist until The Queen passed. Now I feel it’s time for a new era in politics and society in the UK which does mean people power and a levelling up of wealth across the country. I feel so much money is ‘stuck’ in the in aristocracy- this could be because I am stuck financially – but what I owe is a drop in the ocean compared to what the gentry own. And I’m not the only one who could do with help. Everything needs to change.

    1. Thank you. We are heading for the same cycle as The Black Death, when the whole economy of the United Kingdom transformed. The North Node was in Taurus. Uranus was in Taurus. Saturn was in Pisces. It all triggered a whole generation of people born with Uranus in Virgo. This does not begin until March 2023, but it’s an uncanny repeat. In plain English, a shortage of workers forces a change in the economy. This may be because people resign; because they go on strike; because they have Long Covid; at the worst level, because they die from Covid. Just as The Black Death saw the end of ‘the Lord of the Manor’ and the rise of working people, so too will the period starting March 2023, according to the astrology. System change is coming and the monarchy will be part of it.

  21. Thanks Jessica – a fascinating read. Regarding Camilla and Ceres and Chiron – in July 1995 that would have been the time her divorce from Andrew Parker-Bowles was being finalized. Obviously next year there will be similar property issues. I agree with you, I don’t see Charles being crowned King. He just doesn’t look healthy to me to be able to endure a King’s grueling schedule. Anyways, here is a link to another credible psychic who recently did predictions for Charles and other royal family members. He too doesn’t see Charles’ coronation. He has been very accurate with his predictions on the royals.

    BTW – on Friday there was a double rainbow in front of my house. The first time I’ve seen a double rainbow. The Queen must be doing the rounds!

    Cheers JC

    1. Thank you. I’ll have a look at that YouTube psychic. The double rainbow you saw is interesting. Queen Elizabeth I was painted holding a rainbow (The Rainbow Portrait) which is one interpretation of this. The two Elizabeths. Another very interesting interpretation is – two royals ruling together. William as Prince Regent.

  22. Jessica, how does Harry figure in this? When Prince George was born, I read an astrologer’s prediction that the then newborn George would ascend the throne at a very young age and that Harry himself had what was referred to as “the mark of the King” in his chart. He also specifically mentioned that Uncle Harry would be a stranger to George which, in that golden time before anyone had ever heard of Markle, seemed ridiculous. Now, however, I wonder if this prediction has legs.

    1. How interesting that an astrologer predicted George would be a young monarch (aged 21 perhaps?) And Harry on the throne? The Nostradamus author Mario Reading accurately predicted the Queen would die in 2022. He also predicted Harry and not William would replace Charles. Unfortunately the book in question (published in 2009) also claims Hillary Clinton would become American President. The jury’s out on that prediction, then.

  23. Hi Jessica, Fascinating! You might be interested in an article just out in the UK Sunday Times, 25 September 2022 which mentions in the title ‘Scotland Yard’ and ‘dilemma’ which talks about a cash for honours investigation and the King…

    1. Thank you. The whole United Kingdom is having this rare, historic transit involving the pound crash and a new monarch on the currency, which was predicted for September 2022 way back in 2020, on this website. When I go back to that, it seems it’s not just about individual questions about Charles III and ‘cash for honours’ as it’s alleged – it’s really about the whole UK economy and how it functions. We had a Taurus monarch in charge for a very long time and now Uranus is in Taurus, which is the world turning upside down, rather slowly. I’ll see what my Twitter friends are saying about the article, I appreciate it.

  24. Thank you Jessica for a fascinating article, and especially the two charts of Charles and Camilla displayed together with a real visual impact. What stood out to me was their Fortuna placements with an exact opposition 3 Capricorn and 3 Cancer. Do you have any feeling for the possible significance of this within your predictions in this article.
    I am a fairly recent premium member and the astounding discovery I made as a result of becoming a member and seeing my full chart was that my husband and I had an exact natal Fortuna conjunction in Virgo, which I have come to believe was our “fortune” in life together. It feels that was fated in our lives, and I wonder what significance an opposition such as Charles and Camilla could have.
    thank you

    1. Thankyou EF. Well-spotted. Fortuna is Shakespeare’s fickle figure; the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot and a famous archetype of a blindfolded goddess, daughter of Jupiter, who spins the wheel around. Some are on top and others fall. Those who are the bottom rise again. We need to go back to 2009-2010 when transiting Pluto stood at 3 Capricorn, right on the Charles-Camilla axis of family (Cancer) and position (Capricorn). This was four years after their marriage in 2005. in 2010 the Prince of Wales suggested the Duchess of Cornwall (as she was then) might become Queen of England when he became King. Cue uproar. The Palace pushed back and said, no, Camilla would still be Princess Consort. So we know what this is about. Ambition, position and mission (Capricorn) and the family itself. You would expect this issue of Camilla’s title to return when we see transits aspecting Fortuna in both charts and there are many of those ahead. Just remember, Fortuna takes you high (Charles suggests she could be Queen) and then low (the Palace says not).

  25. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you – this really is fascinating! My Mum has been saying my whole life – “Charles will never be King, I read a Nostradamus thing about it…”. She is a bit older than Charles, but that has stuck with her. I don’t dislike Charles, but I can see how his Chart really doesn’t lend itself to his success or at least a fortuitous time, as King. For the longevity of the Throne (and given that they obviously consult Astrologers, and give deep consideration to their charts) you’ve made it quite clear why William is a better option.
    I did note Andrew is conspicuous by his absence. I know we’d all like to pretend he doesn’t exist. I don’t read royal gossip, magazines or even watch tv, so I’m not sure how I heard about it, but I read something that talked about how Andrew was seeking more power, and wanted to be higher up the line of ascension, above William (surely he must know how it works, if I do?!). Could just be made up gossip, but given the circles he runs in, I can imagine him as the grandiose, petulant, power-hungry uncle.
    It really is an interesting time to be alive!
    Thank you again.
    DinP xxx

    1. Thank you Din P. Perhaps your mother was thinking of the Nostradamus quatrain 9/12 which begins “Le tant d’argent de Diane et Mercure” which is about the late Princess of Wales, Diana. As for Andrew, he became part of another prediction about Putin. Nostradamus (or someone else) printed it as Butin. The rest is history.

  26. Hi Jessica, very interesting as usual and generous of you to share. I think for stability in the long term William as King would be good for the country. Do you think the cash for honours scandal will have anything to do with Charles not being King at all or for long. Do you think Charles knew about the goings on?

    1. Thank you. The birth chart of Charles III shows a huge stellium in Scorpio, the sign which rules inheritance, wills and legacies. It also rules marital finance, divorce settlements and the larger aspects of finance, as it is this which is entered into the paperwork. Various scandals have been raised in The Guardian about Charles III and his affairs – and then there is the original affair, with Camilla Parker-Bowles, as she was then. We are now in a rare, historic cycle which Charles III only experiences once in his lifetime; Uranus in Taurus in opposition to the Scorpio factors in his chart, and the North Node in Taurus making an opposition, along with the South Node in Scorpio making a conjunction. That’s the story. Whatever we are told in the press may be quite different, but Charles III, widely admired for his ethical business, his philanthropic efforts and his stand on the environment, has to deal with the realities of his past financial decisions. We would expect shocks. Uranus rules that moment when the world turns upside down.

  27. This is such a fascinating and interesting article, Jessica. Thank you for sharing. What saddens me most of all, is the relationship between Harry, William and Charles. Will there ever be a reconciliation amongst all 3? I feel that ever since Harry met Meghan, things just went downhill. I personally can not see them lasting long together, but feel sorry for their children who lost out on spending time with their great grandparents. Will the same thing happen with the relationship with the rest of the royal family?

    1. Thank you. When you line up the three astrology charts for Charles III, the Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex and the late Duke of Edinburgh, as well as Her Majesty the Queen, you see the problem. When Oprah Winfrey broadcast her television interview with Meghan and Harry, the charts clashed. If this had been the 17th century we may have been talking about a battle in the English Civil War. Instead, Meghan and Harry attacked the family while the Duke was dying in hospital, with a global media bombshell. Can that ever be undone? No. Will Harry one day learn the truth and apologise? Perhaps. For the moment, this remains as good as an attack. For all we know, Her Majesty the Queen was also in poor health when the bombshell (the unproven allegation of racism in the family) exploded. Some things can’t be forgiven.

  28. Fascinating and so interesting to read. Thank you for helping to bring the past, current days, and possible future outcomes come to life.

  29. Hi Jessica

    It seems every astrologer is in agreement and as every astrologer has seemingly been looking at Charles’ horoscope since birth, they have been saying so for all this time.
    I am very sorry for him really. I have thought that the queen should have given him the reigns long ago. As a mother she would have known how much more difficult it would be for him as that both aged. It is rotten luck for him. I guess it is also his destiny and someone has to do it.
    I had never particularly liked Diana, I know you can all hate me I don’t care. I think she was playing a coy little game since the beginning. The heart wants it wants and Charles’ heart wanted Camilla and there you have it. Could not have been helped. I think Camilla is a good woman for him and gives him strength. Good on them, I am happy for them.
    His beautiful speech after the queen’s death was also on point and he really gave me hope for his reign. He was in fact perfect throughout all the pageantry and travelling (don’t care about the pen, he is not young, would have exhausted and still in mourning and shock). The Sussex title has not been especially lucky in the past. Charles mentioning the Sussex’ in his speech was perfectly put but right after giving all to the Cambridges. I feel that little Harry spent his time in London swallowing gall and became extremely embittered. They could easily be like sword in Charles’ side I feel.
    I truly wish Charles a long and happy reign. The queen is dead. Long live the king.

    1. The monarchy in the British Isles has always aroused the strongest feelings and nothing has changed no matter how many times Paddington Bear has played his part. There are pro-Diana and anti-Diana camps. There are pro-Camilla and anti-Camilla camps. You wish Charles a long and happy reign, but astrologers since 1949 have looked at his chart and seen a different succession after Elizabeth II. Unfortunately we receive the astrology chart we are both with and this is a heavily Scorpio man going through the upheaval of Uranus in Taurus, opposite, and the lunar nodes in Scorpio and Taurus. It has never happened to Charles III before and it will never happen again. And so we wait.

    1. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, to misquote Shakespeare. And Charles III is yet to be crowned. These larger transits for the United Kingdom suggest nothing less than wholesale reform of the economy and that particular part of taxation/non-profit in the British Isles will be under the microscope until 2026. Thank you for the link; a lot of readers replying to this article will want to read it.

  30. Jessica … you’ve done it again! You predicted that Italy would leave the EU eventually and that outcome is looking increasingly likely with the election result. I saw the result and remembered you had predicted something major on Italy, did a search and there it was. Thanks for helping us make sense of this rapidly changing world!

    1. Thank you. I’ll pick up those old Italy predictions once the EU issues come around. It is of course the secret behind the PM Truss decision to crash the pound (or one of them).

  31. This has been a truly fascinating read thank you Jessica. Its funny I always gave Charles the benefit of the doubt that he would rule of sort for a few years so William and Kate had more time with the children and for them to be a little older but I still also could never really see Charles as King! His Health does look weakened to me and I think he is best placed as a great advocate for the welfare of animals and the environment which we very much need. I hope one day Charlotte will play a big role in this country as she strikes me as good soul and also formidable.

  32. Hi, Jessica

    Thank you for this post. I was waiting for this. I am still happy regarding King Charles lll whether that he will have coronation or not. As I am more closer age to William, I am looking forward to seeing William being as the Leader.
    You mentioned before that Harry may surprise us or even leave America in 2026. I hope that it is for him to come back to Britain and help the family and reconciliation with his brother. Could I know what you know about the relationship of Harry and the family in the future? Also how the Royal family play their roles if UK and USA are not “United” in the future?

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. People forget that the House of Windsor is part of the military; the Royal Family led in the last war and the United Kingdom is a fighting nation. So, her enemies tend to attack through the family. If you step back from the mini-drama of The Crown or the newspapers, you see a strike against The Special Relationship between the United States and United Kingdom. The first strike was Prince Andrew in the Epstein-Maxwell story. The second strike was Prince Harry and the Meghan story. Anyone who thinks these two princes randomly ended up in this mess does not know foreign enemies and the way they work against the United Kingdom and United States. We are entering the reign of Charles III with a large number of retrograde cycles including Mercury Retrograde; his cipher even has a stroke through the R, just like the astrological symbol for retrograde. When all this goes backwards as it inevitably will, it gives all concerned a chance to think about solutions for The Special Relationship challenge. Meghan and Harry played the race card as did Oprah Winfrey. How do you win the game back?

  33. Re the Rose Hanbury reference! This was always fake news, but hyped up in the US – the breeding ground for fake news and conspiracy theories.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another fascinating article. I too have a Scorpio stellium how does this relate to me.
    Am going through a divorce and have a new partner but with Saturn in my 4th house its all full of problems. I have a son with learning difficulties who is not to happy with this situation.
    Sun 15
    Venus 14
    Jupiter 12
    Neptune 4
    MC 20
    Also there is an eclipse on the 8th November which is my birthday. Will that also affect Charles in some way and how will it affect me.
    Many thanks Jessica for all you do.

    1. Thank you. Like Charles III you have the Sun in Scorpio. Like him, you have family burdens as Saturn in Aquarius transits your Fourth House. He has Meghan and Harry to put up with. Andrew. Possibly more we don’t even know about. You have a son with learning difficulties which is very hard. You have Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Sagittarius stelliums. To start with, just skip the eclipse. Don’t act or judge in a path-changing way on the day, and I would allow the day before and after. That’s a rule for life in astrology. Skip the eclipse. Now, the divorce, the new partner and your son are all Libra and Scorpio stories. Libra is the former. This comes to a head from July 2023 and you have a decision to make about how things are going to work with your former husband then, as well as the new partner. You have the transiting South Node in Libra then, and so life as it was 18 or 19 years before will come back to you in late 2023, 2024, and you will need closure with someone or something from your past. That may in fact be your first husband. Libra is about fairness, justice, balance, symmetry, equilibrium (Libra is hidden in that last word). It is your lifetime quest to find that and achieve it, and it will be evident once the nodes change sign, next July onwards. The Tarot can help you identify the karma to solve then. You do in fact have more in common with Charles III than you may know; he also has a stellium in Libra and his karma from 18 or 19 years before will be with Diana, Princess of Wales – and Camilla, Queen Consort. You can also go back a further 18 or 19 years in time and so on. The nodes can extend into past lives. Back to your son. The issue here is financial. The house, apartment, money, possessions are tied up with you, with your son, with your first husband and possibly with the new partner. There is also karma here; the transiting South Node is in Scorpio so until July 2023, you must balance the karmic books with these people and find closure. Again it would be life 18 or 19 years ago. You can find out more about the nodes in your library. The problems lift next March 2023 and you then have major decisions to make about how it is going to work at home. Yet the sense of burden will go. You have a lot of karma and closure to achieve, but you will do it, and come out of the other side in the second half of the Twenties.

  35. Great read. I’m curious. Above you mentioned adultery. Weren’t there rumours that Harry wasn’t Charles’ son? That his father was a soldier that Diana had had an affair with? I’ve wondered if confusion around parentage might show in Harry’s chart somehow.

    ps. I have Jupiter on the MC but am nowhere close to being a Royal!

    1. There are still rumours that Harry was not the offspring of Charles III and the line of succession has been debated for years. It’s all thoroughly traditional as the monarchy has historically been about heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. Harry’s natal chart shows financial, property, business, charity and inheritance issues all his life, from the time he was born. So that’s really the story. It’s not so much about his paternity; it will always be about the money.

  36. Hi Jessica, I’ve been following your horoscopes for so many years now every day, you’re the only astrology I trust and I’ve had miracles revealed by your words, so first of all thank you.
    I’m in a deep quest inside myself this whole past year and especially the last few months to recover from abuse and disfunction. I’m making huge meaningful inner progress, but I still have a lot of secrets—about where my daughter came from, about my past medical and police records… can you help me understand how to move forward? How to let go of those shames and fears?
    Thank you so much!

    (Here’s my birth info:
    Elat, Israel 11/27/1985 12:35pm)

    1. Thank you. You were born on 27th November so are a Sun Sagittarius wanting to resolve past abuse, your medical records and your daughter. You are in the best position in 12 years to sort out the family from late October to late December when Jupiter (solutions) goes into Pisces and your solar Fourth House. The psychologist, counsellor, psychiatrist or self-help here is part of the Twelfth House transit of the South Node in Scorpio, and this phase ends, July 2023.

  37. Apologies in advance for typo.s,spelling mistakes and errors in general. I’m just starting to recover from Covid, which was horrible. It is now the 9th day and I feel slightly human again and less petri dish.
    Normally I really like this time of year, the early autumn. But no season of mists and mellow fruitfulness for me, oh no, much more like the season of toxic miasmas and mutating infectiousness.

    Thank you so much for this article. It is fascinating how many people are now starting to wonder if Charles will ever be crowned as King. For a while now I had wondered if this would ever be so and would the crown skip a generation and go to William,
    It was seeing a photograph taken by Princess Kate over 2 years ago that made me wonder. The photograph was released by Clarence House on 21st June 2020, William’s birthday which also happened to fall on Father’s day that year. I think it was also the summer solstice and an annular solar eclipse – which is interesting .

    I will try and link a picture but everytime i try, it goes wrong, maybe my covid or more like the retrogrades as so many things are going wrong at the moment.

    In the photograph you see father and son smiling and happy but it is their relative positions and heights that are interesting. Size and height in official pictures and photo.s often relate to status. Most of the picture seems to be taken up by William who is the larger and is taller than normal in relation to his father. William is also in the foreground and Charles is slightly behind. William looks straight ahead with broad shoulders while Charles seems just to enjoy the moment. Charles has also made himself appear smaller as he rests his head on Willliam’s capable shoulders. It is almost like Charles is William’s right-hand man.
    I think something may have been discussed at this time known only to Charles and William, Camilla and Kate. I just feel something was said and agreed from the harmonious balance in the picture as they relax and lean into each other in mutual support.
    I think I made a post about this picture a while back but cannot find it nor any handwritten or typed post as I cut and paste when I want to comment.
    I Did find something though, amongst many articles that definitely need a re-read, you wrote an article titled “Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology” published 18th June 2020, 3 days before the photograph was released by Clarence House. Under the 7th paragraph down titled “ The line of succession Eclipse” you wrote

    “There will be a cover-up involving the line of succession on 21st June 2020, Prince William’s birthday. The eclipse falls with the Sun at 0 Cancer and Moon at 0 Cancer, picking up the charts of his father Prince Charles, his grandmother, HM the Queen and his son Prince George. It will be months or even years before people realise what they were not seeing at the time.“

    Oh wow

    I think there will be a while before the decision is revealed. The nation needs some space and continuity, what with the pandemic, the passing of the Queen and the pointless, horrible war in Ukraine and Lord Vladimort’s energy and grain manipulations.

    Charles is now in his seventies and taking a whole new job is quite an asking. He has made his life campaigning on climate and environmental issues and that would be hard to leave behind. He also loves his Highgrove project and the Duchy of Cornwall.
    I also read somewhere that Camilla never wanted to be Queen and Charles is devoted to Camilla. She is his rock and the love of his life. Although I think the majority of the public like Camilla there are some who are still angry with her and that could make things difficult.

    Charles may wish to also use this time for some long needed reforms and a bit of housekeeping to the Monarchy. There are some members who not only do little but cause problems and this needs to be addressed. Some of this housekeeping could be like the metaphorical equivalent of drain clearing which is unpleasant but necessary in order for things to begin to function again.
    If Charles deals with these unpleasant tasks then when ready William can avoid this trouble and start afresh.

    I wonder how Charles will be known? Maybe Charles the Green or maybe he will use the Duke of Edinburgh title. Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh supported the Queen. Charles ,Duke of Edinburgh could support the King.

    Thank you Jessica for all you do


    1. For someone recovering from Covid, Caitlin, you have a mind like a steel trap! I am sorry you were so ill, though, and hope you have enough time and space to completely recover in full and to look after yourself ongoing. I am very grateful to you for locating something I could not find: the prediction about William and the eclipse. I thought it was in the YouTube premiere we made about Stonehenge, but it was in the feature on this website. I assumed a cover-up about the line of succession and you have found a photograph which literally places the family in different positions in the frame. I must go and look at this now. Increasingly I wonder if there is a very strong Plan B in place should more problems occur in connection with the unlawful killing of Diana, the Princess of Wales. We are yet to proceed to the Mishcon Note, which lay in a safe for years. I also wonder if there is more. There were eclipses in recent years which also picked up Diana’s chart. Again this is tucked away on the website somewhere but at the time, there would have been cover-ups again. Charles III is the only global public figure apart from Attenborough to really make a huge impact, pushing environmental issues and it is possible that he would be far more effective working as part of a team than as ruler. We just don’t know, do we? But Charles Carter, from whom the 1949 horoscope comes, was a very good astrologer.

  38. I understand it was the Queen Mother who influenced Elizabeth II to name her son Charles.

    The Queen Mother was Scottish and she wanted Stuart names. Charles and Anne were named for Stuart monarchs. Andrew was named for the patron saint of Scotland. A real break from the Hanovarian-Windsor tradition of George or Albert (George VI’s real name) and Victoria, Alexandra or Mary for girls.

    Diana then brought back Norman names – William and Henry (Harry).

    I don’t know what this means symbolically – maybe a Stuart fate hangs over Charles, Anne and Andrew.

    1. Thank you for this. How interesting that the Princess of Wales returned everybody to the Norman Conquests. This brings me back to the ‘fireball’ meteor filmed and photographed as Her Majesty the Queen’s cortege passed from Scotland to London. It followed much the same path. We see something similar, although it was Halley’s Comet, in The Bayeux Tapestry, before William the Conqueror. I won’t even comment on Henry (Harry). I’ve not seen this Stuart and Norman name topic discussed, I’ll see if it’s elsewhere online, it’s really interesting.

  39. Hi Jessica, I’m sorry to post this question in here but it’s the only way I know you might see it…

    I had eye surgery on May 31st this year… it was elective and also during a Mercury retrograde… I know, it’s a no no. Now I have to have revised surgery for my surgeon to remove some fat from under my right eye. It’s scheduled for December 22 this year. During Mars retrograde (I’m crying)

    Is this a bad idea??? I really desperately need some guidance with this and I’m praying you see this so I can get some clarity. It’s my face and a problem that’s bothered me almost all my life… Do I go ahead or do I wait?
    I know the moon will be in Sagittarius which is favoured. But Mars RX is scaring me a fair bit…

    1. I am sorry I am finding this question late, as you posted on 28th September and it is now 16th October. I have 15,361 comments today and obviously cannot reply to them all. You had eye surgery on Mercury Retrograde. It’s now revised, for December 22nd, when Mars Retrograde is there too. I have answered you elsewhere, but you need to know – Mars in Gemini is not about surgery. Gemini rules the media, internet, short journeys, transport, siblings and neighbours. Rather a mixed bag, but nothing to do with the body. Virgo rules the body. There is nothing retrograde in Virgo on December 22nd. In general, use the Tarot on this website, free, for urgent questions. Follow the steps.

  40. Hi Jessica, I’m sorry to post this question in here but it’s the only way I know you might see it…

    I had eye surgery on May 31st this year… it was elective and also during a Mercury retrograde… I know, it’s a no no. Now I have to have revised surgery for my surgeon to remove some fat from under my right eye. It’s scheduled for December 22 this year. During Mars retrograde (I’m crying)

    Is this a bad idea??? I really desperately need some guidance with this and I’m praying you see this so I can get some clarity. It’s my face and a problem that’s bothered me almost all my life… Do I go ahead or do I wait?
    I know the moon will be in Sagittarius which is favoured. But Mars RX is scaring me a fair bit…

    1. I am sorry about your eye troubles. Mercury Retrograde and Mars Retrograde are backward planning/cancelled planning and backward action/cancelled action as you know. On May 31st 2022 Ceres was at 6 Cancer in conjunction with your MC or Midheaven, in your Fourth House of home, household, family, house and apartment opposite your IC or Immum Coeli at 6 Capricorn in the Tenth House of work and academic life. So it wasn’t Mercury. This aspect is quite unusual and I assume the eye surgery stopped your career or academic career for a few weeks and may have made you more dependent on a relative or had you at home more. That is classic Capricorn-Cancer. Ceres is always a compromise and trade-off. Now you have more surgery on December 22nd. There is no sign of that pattern repeating, so whatever purpose your eye surgery was serving regarding work and home, is done. December 22nd is Mars Retrograde, sure, and it’s in Gemini so obviously a project or plan will go backwards for you – or a course. There’s no skyfall with that, you just prepare for it. The only other thing about December 22nd is a T-Square in the heavens. Jupiter at 0 Aries, Ceres 0 Libra, Sun 0 Capricorn. This is actually about your social life, a friendship or a group. You were born with Aesculapius at 0 Aquarius so all three transits pick it up. Aesculapius shows who or what comes back; revives; resurrects – even though you assumed it was over. This may be directly related to your eye surgery or indirectly, because it’s Christmas and people get in touch don’t they – but you will see friends and groups come back to you. When you say it’s your face, and it’s bothered you for most of your life, we look to your First House and Aries, which rules the head and face, to see the bigger story going on. Okay, so you have the Descendant or DC at 11 Aries and your AC or Ascendant is opposite at 11 Libra. This is an issue about a partner from your past, or an enemy (even) as Libra rules the person opposite you, against you, or your other half. Your Ascendant is how you present so this person was part of your image or public face. The DC or Descendant describes the former date, love interest, platonic other half in a duet or duo, or the enemy. In Aries this person was headstrong, pushy, fearless and a bit of a battering ram. Go back to that, or even a pattern surrounding that repeatedly, and unlock why in this particular year 2022, you had to take time out from ‘facing’ the world. The other inner conflict here is Ops at 13 Aries in your First House of ‘face’ square Cupido at 13 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and academic career. Again, going back into your past, we find your determination to front up, be seen and be front-and-centre, despite everything (Ops in Aries) is at odds with your professional or academic relationships, particularly of a romantic or erotic nature. So you have a longer answer than you expected, but it is a complete answer. The Tarot can shed more light on these old stories in your life. There is nothing to stop you from your pre-Christmas procedure, though of course if it was scheduled September, October, it may be changed! The story near Christmas is about an old friend or group coming back when you had assumed it was written off, or even the friend herself/himself reviving.

  41. Hi Jessica
    Going back to Italy. As soon as the Italian election got down to the last day, I thought of a prediction you made a few years ago. Britaly? , when you mentioned above that Liz Truss had crashed the £ on purpose, to do with Italy? Have I got that right? Why would this be, could it be so Italy will invest in U.K. at a good price and will do a lot of business with us. I totally love your site and your amazing astrology.

    1. Thank you. I will post a new feature on my predictions about the economy and also The Queen on the currency which appeared on YouTube and also on this website. I have had a lot of questions about the pound, PM Truss and the United Kingdom. I did make more than one prediction about Italy, the United Kingdom, the European Union and Britaly and so I’ll look at that as well. Indeed, we now have an anti-EU Italian PM; two brand new female leaders coming from the same political spectrum. Everything PM Truss is doing is about the European Union, but the environment is also a priority for her. That’s the backflip her critics are not expecting.

  42. Wow. Jessica thank you so much!! Such a detailed and fascinating reply! I’m very grateful – thank you…

    I’m relieved to know I can go ahead with it and everything will be ok. I had a lower blephroplasty which is essentially fat pockets protruding under my eyes. I’m only 39 and I had researched the surgery for 5 years… 2022 being the year I was earning 6 figures and I could afford to pay for it. When I told my then partner (now ex partner) that I was having the surgery, he said I was very shallow and vain in focusing on these things. But it’s affected my confidence since my early 20’s.

    After my 3rd post op visit, my surgeon isn’t happy with my right eye as the fat has protruded again. This was thankfully in August of this year and the surgery was scheduled again.
    My Dad came over from Adelaide to look after me and my healing went incredibly well. Minimal bruising but a lot of swelling. I chose May 31st because my project was coming to an end and it would be the first time I’d taken any leave since Christmas the year before. It turns out I was asked back to that job after 2 weeks off and stayed for another 6 weeks.

    My dear Dad will be back to do it all again with me on December 22nd… It also happens to be the 1st anniversary of his partners passing. They were together for 30 years…

    Funnily enough, I’m awaiting a project of the same nature to go ahead but there is a lot of back and forth with it and I’ve scheduled the second surgery in line with dates that the project will be shut down over Christmas… so I guess we’ll see what happens!

    I’ve explained all of this so you know exactly how right you were with what you’ve explained. Thank you for taking the time to do so!! I’ll do some reading up on the things I don’t quite understand and look forward to seeing what comes up around that time. You’re amazing, thank you again!!

  43. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you, very fascinating! One thought re: Diana’s words, specifically use of the word “trapped”. Could it refer to what Harry stated in the Oprah interview? “I was trapped but I didn’t know I was trapped.” He said the same about Charles and William, that they were trapped. Just a thought…

    1. Thank you. Yes, Harry did use the word ‘trapped’ in his interview. Given that Diana had a few seconds to say something that would reach 4 billion people, I believe it was carefully chosen. I have no proof for this whatsoever, but I think she was repeating, verbatim, what a French medical or ambulance professional was saying when she was in the Mercedes or just out of it in the tunnel. She wants the person who said it to know, that she heard every word and was conscious of what was being done to her. Trapped is very important if you look at the implications too. If she was in the well of the car, why? Was the belt on or off during the trip and at what stages if so? Questions raised by that E.V.P. are going to linger.

  44. Hi Jessica, I know this issue isn’t related to the Royal Family so I apologise for being off topic but I want to ask you about covid and the fact that here in Australia we are close to doing away with mandatory isolation when people test positive, no mandatory masks on planes etc. What do you think will happen over the next 6 months in the lead up to the March 2023 saturn opposition to so many people’s sixth house which you have alerted us to and I thank you for. Do you think there will be a real calm before the storm or will this move to essentially let people be out and about with the virus (as we all know that not everyone can afford to or bother with personal responsibility) have an impact fairly quickly in terms of a big rise in illness? Grateful as always for your guidance.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Prime Minister of Australia and the Premiers have permitted infected people to work, and infected children to go to school, carrying Covid. That decision will be reversed as it was made with Mercury (legislation) Retrograde (backwards) in Virgo (public health). We also had an Optus retrograde event at the same time involving people’s personal health details. Same thing. Science, epidemiology and medicine say all that astrology says too. The only way to avoid depopulation (happening now) lowered life expectancy (happening now) and Long Covid (also happening now) is to legislate HEPA filters and UVC lighting. The spike in infection and illness will be very good for business if you have shares in Pfizer and the rest, but not much else.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this amazing information and writing.
    My mum thought from the start that Diana was killed. At the time I thought she was being extreme but now I see I was naive.
    I admired the Queen but was saddened by her response at Diana’s death. Mostly because of William and Harry.
    I read in a post at the time of Harry’s wedding that Diana was angry. Having a similar situation in my own family circle, marrying the wrong person hurts a whole family. It’s a devastating prospect that the core relationships never come right again.
    Many thanks again.

    1. Thank you. The inquest verdict on Diana was ‘unlawful killing’ and the blame was laid at the ‘drunk driving’ of Henri Paul and the paparazzi chase. If you take away those two factors and replace them with something or someone else, you still have the unlawful killing but without the supplied cause. We will never know the whole truth because of the eclipse cover-up at the time, but eclipses still have consequences.

  46. Morning Jessica, I read with much interest your additional comments. The EVP during the broadcast was startling and such a loaded message but I wondered at the time what it could mean. Your remarks are illuminating. The change in the monarchy has provided an opening for all players to shift position (thinking like chess). I thought that with both Charles and Diana having spiritual traits, in different ways, if it was Dianas EVP, then she would be making her presence felt with Charles privately. And Harry I wonder. Harrys move is to find justice for Diana. You mentioned his Apollo at 6 Leo. Coming to mind with Apollo are the younger of twin brothers, unlucky in love, loss of his god status, destroyer, defender of his mother, god of healing and prophecies, .

    1. It is rather like a chess game! And thank you for reminding me about Apollo as a Roman god; the archetype is one of rock-star idolatry; young Romans styled their hair to resemble his. Apollo’s sister was…drum roll. Diana. It is amazing how the software triggers synchronicity. Those aspects are exact in the chart.

  47. Hi Jessica, how do you see EU future, nordic countries, Finland will be affected in future? Lots of happening here right now. TH
    hanks Jaana

    1. We are slowly approaching Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023 which transforms the world in the late Twenties and Thirties. The empowerment of tribes is the key to this cycle and we first saw it with Boudicca in 64AD against Imperial Rome. The potency of groups is a feature – genuine friends and allies within circles of mutual support – in just a few months. This is the preamble and it’s not really moving as it should, because Saturn in Aquarius delays and obstructs. Yet, rather like a plug being pulled, March 2023 sees everything happen at once with the European Union, NATO and the United Nations. All of them will reshuffle, reassemble and you may see new groups coming from there, including Finland. Some of the new groups will be formed around shared ideology about the Climate Emergency.

  48. What an intriguing article. Its contents didn’t surprise me as I’ve long thought that William will be king far sooner than what anybody had anticipated. From his demeanour, I don’t think that Charles is enjoying the best of health.

    You may find the content of the documentary – The Man Who Shouldn’t be King ( – which aired in March 2020 helpful to your research. It looks at Charles’s role as Duke of Cornwall, and I quote “the way he treats Duchy tenants, as well as how he uses his power and influence to lobby government and other public bodies”. I found some of the written comments underneath interesting as well.

    You may not be aware of a disagreement brewing between the Royal Family and the UK Broadcasters re the right’s of Elizabeth II Funeral ((a) Revealed: British Broadcasters In Stand-Off With Newspapers Over Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Coverage – ; (b) MUK broadcasters battle monarchy over control of Queen’s memorial footage –

    Also, India and South Africa are asking for their ‘stolen diamonds’ to be returned to them: Ref: (a) Calls Grow for Return of Crown Jewels to India, Africa After Queen’s Death ・; (b) Return our ‘stolen’ diamonds, South Africans, Indians tell British monarch –; and (c) Queen Elizabeth II passes away: Calls grow for return of Crown Jewels to India, Africa

    1. Thank you. That is so interesting about the television rights to the funeral. I wonder if the 4 billion TikTok views of Diana’s E.V.P. message have anything to do with that? Of course, it is right and natural for a family to want control. I’ve not seen the documentary you mention here, but I appreciate the link. I’m sure many readers will also be interested.

  49. Hi Jessica, wow, the steam really comes off this blog! I am struck by the new edit featuring Princess Diana and the voice on the ITV broadcast. I was scratching my head why she’d be using valuable bandwidth to say something that didn’t sound significant. Now however, I get it. It was about Diana’s death. You alude to the footwell, and reading between the lines, I feel you are telling us something shocking, that if proved, will rock the monarchy. It will be of Shakespearean magnitude.
    Reading the recent book by James Patterson, i got a clear sign that all that we see with cordiality between the boys and camilla, and to a lesser degree, Charles, is surface level.
    Are we bracing for Diana to be vindicated with her predictions? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Electronic Voice Phenomena is fascinating and began quite by accident when a recording of birds revealed the voice of a spirit person, some decades ago. Today spirit seems to be using YouTube. David Bowie has an EVP moment on raw news footage of Brixton (he can be heard saying ‘Merry Christmas’) and that’s his home town. Diana chose, significantly, the section of footage showing the royal funeral procession – with motorbikes. The majority of TikTok users thought the phrase was ‘Death is irreversible’ which makes no sense. Why would spirit bother to say that? But if the phrase was clipped, it means so much more. I expect it is a verbatim account of what Diana heard – proving she was conscious to the person who now realises that he or she was the speaker. And yes, ‘trapped’ is very important. Diana’s sister says she always wore a seat belt. There are over 60 photographs of her wearing a seat belt on one Pinterest page. So, how and why trapped? I don’t know where destiny will take us with the princess, but she has not been tidied away. Not by a long shot.

  50. Hello Jessica, your thoughts on the recent annexation of the new territories in Ukraine by Russia.

    1. Vladimir Putin has done this on Mars (aggression) Retrograde (backwards) in Gemini (neighbouring areas). He really is a twerp. Watch what happens when NATO embraces Ukraine. The power from March 2023 is with the group.

  51. Thanks for another great article. I can’t help but think William and Kate would be brilliant for this country.
    I was wondering if Jupiter is associated with luck, how do I best use my Jupiter placement? I believe it’s in Capricorn.
    Thanks Jessica as always ❤️

    1. I have answered your question about Jupiter elsewhere. The Firm, as apparently Windsor insiders call it, is a strange enterprise, being not only a military organisation acting for the United Kingdom against her enemies, but also a religious institution and a brand. There are issues here about continuity, permanence, reliability and trust. Older monarchs whose capacity for service can only reduce with age, and even be cut short, are not really an ideal promotional prospect. If this was a business, the reins would not go to people past retirement age. So despite all the usual Mercury Retrograde announcements about roles, titles, coronation dates and the rest; wait and see. If Charles III is any sort of Scorpio, he will have quietly arranged this on William’s birthday with HM The Queen and the cherry on the cake is really the fait accompli over Meghan’s business ambitions. Too funny.

  52. Ps, I keep dreaming about Jupiter in Giant size, it’s super close to earth! I rarely remember my dreams so it’s so strange to have the same one over and over, hence my sudden fascination with it.

    1. Jupiter can turn up in dreams. Your natal Jupiter is in Capricorn in the Tenth House of awards, scholarships, big hits, high social rank, prestigious roles and so on. You may be dreaming about your future here, as in December and January, you enter Capricorn weather.

  53. Why would a spirit linger for so long after their death? Why does Diana still have such a strong connection to the material world? Does the Princess have unfinished business that won’t let her rest?

    1. EVP communication happens when spirit has something to say; it’s not a sign of a troubled soul. Diana had something to say over a specific piece of live ITV footage and was heard. Key words: ‘irreversible’ and ‘trapped.’ Someone, possibly the first doctor at the car, or a later arrival, may well have remembered saying just those words. Why Diana wants them to be reminded is another matter.

  54. Fascinating post, thank you Jessica! I’ve still been intrigued by that photo of King Charles at his desk at The Palace and wondered about the painting on the wall above him. The Telegraph has since noted it as “Jacob and Leah and their two sons” by Francesco Zuccarelli. Apparently based on the Biblical tale of a love triangle, with the weeping, unloved wife Leah with whom Jacob had been tricked into marriage. How interesting that Charles would choose to have that particular painting above him…? With his parents photograph below, perhaps holding them accountable for forcing his own hand in marriage. Also, note the hefty Shakespeare tome on his desk, well-marked for future quotation. The symbolism is endlessly intriguing!

    1. Well spotted. Jacob and Leah and Their Two Sons by Zuccarelli has just been immortalised with Charles III. Surely it must have been staged. That, and Shakespeare also on the desk. Thank you!

  55. Thanks Jessica for another interesting analysis. How do you see pound crash playing out in the next few months? Should we be concerned and make alternate arrangements ( Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, etc?). Is everyone’s pound savings going to evaporate ?

    1. Wait and see what PM Truss does with the European Union and particularly Italy. It’s early days.

    1. Charles III has spent years of his life working towards a sustainable future; the Duke of Edinburgh was also an environmentalist. Her Majesty the Queen personally oversaw a canopy of millions of new planted trees. This rejection by Truss must be enraging and frustrating; disempowering. Perhaps you are right; it may be one of several ‘last straws’ that persuades Charles III that he may be more powerful elsewhere. Watching!

  56. Dear Jessica,
    Your mathematically precise forecasts and your fine tuned writing skills educate so many.

    You should have your own show on TV. I would tune in.

    ( When a Jupiter trine occurs during Mecury retrograde, do we still get to act on it, because signing contracts is not advisable ?)
    Hope you get million more views.

    1. Thank you. My own television show would be fine, apart from Tess the dog, who likes to appear on camera, preferably causing trouble! Good question about Jupiter. Mercury Retrograde finishes tomorrow, but the rule holds. Even if you have a beneficial (Jupiter) angle on a signature (Mercury) or a verbal agreement (Mercury) it may still change later, or even come to nothing, when Mercury corrects his motion. So there is a risk there.

  57. Hi Jessica
    Loved this article about King Charles and the Royal family.
    Can I just ask a question though in the article you said that the nodes repeat in the same sign every 18-19 years. Then the nodes 4 Taurus/Scorpio 2023 relates to 1995. Shouldn’t the karma from the nodes relate to 2004-2005 (18-19years before 2023)
    Perhaps the karma is about the wedding of Charles and Camilla. He married the other women in his marriage to Diana, and now she is Queen.
    Jessica if I have misunderstood the principles regarding the nodes I apologise as I am still learning about astrology and sometimes I find it all a little confusing. You make it look easy, but it’s not at least for me.
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Julie. I work with two house systems at the same time (natal and solar) so it can be confusing for a beginner. The nodes do move backwards in time every 18-19 years, quite correct. Yet there are also natal nodes to consider.

  58. Dear Jessica, I was reading about Denmark’s Queen stripping her grandchildren (children of her second son) of their titles.

    And some reports are saying that King Harald of Norway may do the same. I immediately thought of your predictions of the focus becoming people power, and egalitarian communities

    Do you see a similar pruning happening in the British monarchy? And will this settle all the issues raised by second son, Prince Harry? Who will have to accept that monarchies need to get with the times and streamline themselves? Similarly, will Prince Andrew accept his lot and step back? Or will the tension and grievances ( especially Prince Harry’s grievances) continue?

    So amazing to see your predictions come true!!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, Denmark is undergoing a change that may lead to Norway doing the same. The month of March 2023 is really important for Charles III and transits we’ve not seen since the French Revolution take place. His family tree will not withstand the winds of change then; there will be a shift that redistributes the power, and the first step is March-June 2023. The next steps come later, but what falls into place for Charles III is a reshuffle of rights, roles and responsibilities within the family that moves the control from one pair of hands to the next. The problem for the House of Windsor has been its vulnerability to foreign enemy attack. Their enemies (the enemies of the Special Relationship, but also NATO) found two weak links. The two weak links succumbed over sex and money. One of the biggest improvements to come out of the power redistribution ahead, is a new way of managing finance from within, so that never again is anyone lured into honey traps with dollar bills at the other end. There. I’ve said it.

  59. There are reports that the coronation is early Jun. Bloomberg said jun3, but that conflicts. But others say maybe jun 2nd, same as his mother.

    1. All this has happened on multi-retrogrades including Mercury Retrograde, which is still going. The titles handed out will not remain; Charles III and any coronation dates being used by the media are not going to eventuate. I had a very silly, probably drunk, astrologer try to argue with me about this on email. As he will see, anything that comes to pass on retrogrades, never comes to pass as planned.

  60. Hi Jessica:) I enjoy reading the blog posts of your friend Marjorie Orr- they often coincide with topics you are covering. On 8/10/22 Marjorie began a blog on Canada and Trudeau. She received a very interesting response:

    “Andre Binette
    8th October 2022 at 5:44 pm | Reply
    I am a Canadian constitutional lawyer. This post is timely. Perhaps I can provide some context.
    This week saw he emergence of two major challenges to the Canadian constitutional order, one from Alberta, another from Quebec. In the West, a radical populist, Danielle Smith, was selected last Thursday the new provincial premier. Her main objective is the adoption of what she calls the Alberta Sovereignty Act. This law would be clearly unconstitutional, but she seems set on igniting a constitutional crisis. It would allow the provincial government to block the application of federal laws it doesn’t like, mainly those relating to oil and gas development and the environment. This is reminiscent of similar legislation adopted by Southern states before the US Civil War. This issue will be resolved by the provincial election expected next spring, but clearly the premier hopes for widespread public support. The issue has raised such concern that the provincial lieutenant-governor, who represents the monarch, has taken the extraordinary step of declaring she might refuse to sign the bill adopted by the legislative assembly.
    The new challenge from Quebec could have even more profound effects. The provincial government has been reelected in a landslide for a second term on Monday. In its first term, it adopted a controversial law on secularism inspired by France and another on the protection of the French language which curtails English minority rights. These laws are challenged and are slowly working their way to the Supreme Court. If the latter declares them to be unconstitutional, this could raise political tension considerably. The emerging constitutional issue is the decision by the new leader of the separatist party in Quebec’s National Assembly to refuse to swear allegiance to King Charles. This is an Irish scenario without precedent in Canada. Polls in Quebec consistently indicate overwhelming support for the abolition of the monarchy. This is likely to set off another constitutional explosion. I confess I am personally involved in this matter, and I have called for the unilateral proclamation of a republic of Quebec within or outside Canada.”

    The role of the Monarch representative in Canada appears differrent to the recent rubber stamping approach of our Australian Governor-General and highlights the issues of QEII & KCIII involvement/influence in the politics of both countries. I have read your comments on the upcoming Un-United States with great interest. Is this the beginning of Un-united Canada as well?

    I would love to read your thoughts on Canada and how this realtes to the Royal family.

    Regards, Val

    1. Yes, Marjorie Orr is a distinguished astrologer who reminds teenager astrologer Twitter what research is! Canada is very interesting. I wrote a Substack column predicting America would split into states with new borders and/or electoral lines, and partly join with Canada. PM Trudeau subscribed, which I was very flattered by. Canada is heading along those lines (it begins in 2026 with Uranus in Gemini) partly because of Danielle Smith now. The Southern states and their separation during the Civil War is historically tied to future astrology. The language issue is the clue; Uranus in Gemini is ‘a revolution involving the neighbours’ but it is also ‘a revolution in the way we speak, read, listen and write.’ The differences over Charles III and the monarchy are another clue about ‘The new local’ in politics when we find Un-United Canada alongside the Un-United States, Val. As for the Commonwealth and the royal family, we can expect new rules for both. March 2023 is the turning point. If we look at the charts for Charles we find a change in the balance of power within the family; that means another reshuffle with children, siblings, partners and so on. For Kate, March 2023 is about her finances transforming with William; that is a shift in the inheritance structure. We don’t know why yet, but March 2023 is important.

  61. Charles coronation date announced as June 3, 2023, Westminster. A date you note has a karmic link to Diana in 1995. Comments?

    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s rumoured to be June 3rd 2023 and there is immediately a link to the Princess of Wales and the year 1995. I wish the House of Windsor would talk to an astrologer/astrologers. Goodness knows it helped Queen Elizabeth I, Diana herself and Charles II. The alleged date has floated during Mercury Retrograde and will change or be cancelled. If the House of Windsor presents us with a Prince Regent or even a different monarch in the end, no astrologer would be surprised.

  62. Coronation date is now confirmed on May 6th 2023, Mercury retrograde! Could that be worrying? Will King Charles be ever on the coin?

    1. Yes, the date for the coronation is Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, moving backwards 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 which is inauspicious. For some bizarre reason they have also chosen a Full Moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus. This seems badly fated.

    1. Yes, it’s a strangely fated date. Not only the coronation of George V but also the birthday of Archie, the centre of a large business enterprise in America. It was announced on Mercury Retrograde and will take place on Mercury Retrograde. I’ve said everything else I’m going to say in the story here, as you can see. Thank you.

  63. Hi, Jessica

    It was a mental health day on Monday. I just want to say that Prince and Princess of Wales are brave to fund and started a charity focused on mental health more than a few years ago. They knew they will be the target, having the death of his mother. I used not to like Kate without reason. But since I have got to know she was the one who was keen on starting something for mental health (and both William and Harry joined), I realized she is a real person who will tackle difficult situations and I really admire her. It is very very brave thing to do even if you don’t have any trauma in your life.

    I feel as long as British people have a good Royal family, ordinary people will be fine.

    I’d like to know regarding Royal Family’s (Or The house of Windsor?) connection with the British people and the world in the future (from this moment to say 50 years??).

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. The Prince and Princess of Wales are impressive, aren’t they? The long history of the British Isles and monarchy is a lesson in forgiveness, really, as it’s a long tale of sometimes quite shocking death (Charles I, Diana, Princess of Wales) and rather a lot of divorce. Perhaps that is its function; to inspire forgiveness! The really big test for the House of Windsor will be Pluto in Aquarius, from March 2023, for many years into the future, as Pluto will oppose the Leo patterns in the charts of most important royals; Leo being the sign of royalty. We’ve not seen this pattern since the French Revolution.

  64. Hi Jessica

    Just want to say how interesting your blogs are. I am particularly interested to see if King Charles does go through with his coronation on 6 May, strangely enough his grandson, Archie’s 4th birthday. I don’t believe it was intentional due to Royal diaries being jampacked, but do you think this will happen or will King Charles abdicate?

    1. Good question. I have promised The Daily Express an exclusive interview about Charles III and this proposed coronation date so I’d best not say too much, but you are correct. The date, if it happens or not, was handpicked for very careful reasons. It is the coronation date of George V but also Archie’s birthday and of course, there may be business ventures attached to the child in question, on that date, that would be affected by the plans on the other side of the pond. Archie has become far more than a little boy, hasn’t he; his name and face are tied up with quite a big enterprise run from America.

  65. Hello Jessica,
    May I please ask you what is the name of the symbol I see in Camilla’s chart at 15 degrees 22 Libra
    and Charles has same symbol at 24 degrees 30 Pisces?

    Camilla’s 15 Libra is conjunct Charles’s 16 degree Venus so this is a curious detail.

    Thank you for telling me more!

    1. Well-spotted, Cecelia. Camilla has Ops at 15 Libra in conjunction with Charles’s Venus at 16 Libra. Ops is Saturn’s wife. She is an asteroid and was discovered in 1979 when Mrs. Thatcher came to power as PM. As you may know, Saturn ate all his babies to prevent them from growing into adults who would defeat him. Ops, his wife, foiled Saturn by hiding Jupiter, who grew safely to adulthood. She is a symbol of hope, optimism, practical action, female nous, strength and patience in the chart and here we have her holding hands with Venus, well-known for her adultery. Astrology amazes even astrologers sometimes.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    This response turns on more lights in the room!
    I had to look up the word nous so this is another gift from you – I will add to my Ops library describing her as female reasoning.
    Thank you for your astrology work in your comment.
    Is this Ops-Venus area opening up that earlier comment from your reader regarding a child this couple have and who is not in the public?
    Hmmm. You amaze me, astrology amazes.

    1. No. An eclipse doesn’t end anything. An eclipse in Scorpio square the Sun in Leo is actually a cover-up and it pertains to the children or Millennials in the Prime Minister’s life; it has nothing to do with her career. Before she can make any professional decision about her future she has to follow through with management of the UK privatised water companies and their failure to manage raw sewage. That is yet to come. She also has to manage the new European Union. That is also yet to come.

  67. Jessica, you’re an absolute ledge, once again fascinating reading your post as well as others thoughts and your replies

    I wasn’t aware of Charles’s chart but was interested to see how the mercury going retro on the eve of the full moon was going to play out, being a Libra sun and running an online business I felt every inch of everything that it could entail right from the initial shadow and still going!. I also thought of it when I saw Charles & the leaky pen signing formal documents, and also the fact that there was a new prime minister in the UK as well as a King announced during this retro, not really a great sign is it.

    Brave soldiers they are, coming here to play these roles in this movie we call “life” 😉

    Regarding the charts, I find your take on the 1,2,3,4, hits very interesting too. I have Chiron at 0 Aries, Uranus at 0 Libra as well as Hygeia at 0 Aries, Vesta at 1 Taurus and Mercury at 1 Scorpio…. I get the feeling I should bury myself under a duvet for the next couple of years…. I’d LOVE to hear what you think about it and how you would translate this

    Thanks a mill

    1. Thank you. Yes, Charles III and the public saga of the pen is a Mercury Retrograde omen. PM Truss taking power on the same cycle has already shown itself; her chancellor has gone. I like your comment “Brave soldiers they are, coming here to play these roles in the movie we call “life”.” You have an extreme chart with those placements at 0, 1 degrees. Pluto at 0, 1 Aquarius from March 2023 will change your life. No need to hide in the bedroom though. Pluto’s challenge is always to take control, take back control, find self-control – in order to become empowered. If you accept the challenge you end up being quite a potent, influential, effective human being. Worth it.

  68. Can you please do the astrology for the 2022 Earthshot Prize which will be held Dec 6, 2022 in Boston, MA. I believe that both William and Catherine will be attending!


    1. December 6th 2022 finds the Moon in Taurus, alongside Uranus and the North Node, so this is a successful message to the world about the new values of conservation, preservation and environmentalism to replace coal, gas, petrol and constant shopping and eating. I don’t know if William and Catherine employ an astrologer (although my friend Natalie Delahaye was commissioned to give them a horoscope as a wedding present). Yet, their timing is right.

  69. This article is absolutely fascinating, as usual Jessica. Thank you.

    I did however wonder if you were familiar with the life of Catherine de Medici (1519 to 1589) currently being portrayed in an American period drama television series entitled The Serpent Queen – based on the Leonie Frieda’s book “Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France.”

    Catherine married Henry II of France and became the mother of three French Kings – Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III. The children were though brought up by the mistress of Henry II, Diane de Poitiers. It seems there were three people in the marriage!

    The main point I am making is that Catherine regularly consulted Nostradamus, a contemporary at the French Court (1503 to 1566). Her third son, Henry III had been appointed King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania (living in exile from the French court?) but succeeded to the French throne in 1574 on the death of his brother Charles IX, who died childless. Henry ruled France until his assassination in 1589.

    The succession took place after the death of Nostradamus and I can’t help feeling the prediction regarding the unexpected succession of Charles by Henry related to this royal family rather than today’s UK royal family. It is interesting synchronicity for the film to be shown at this very time.

    Best Wishes to all

    1. Thank you. The comments extend the story, and so there are now over 150 of them to keep us reading. Yes, Diane de Poitiers has been identified as the ‘Diane/Diana’ of Nostradamus prophecies, as much as Diana, Princess of Wales. It is also possible that Nostradamus was writing about quite another Charles. The mystery can only be solved when the quatrains are put in their correct chronological order. And here’s another possibility; history repeats and so does astrology. It is entirely possible that one prediction can come true twice!

  70. I should just add to my previous comment. Elizabeth I of England (1533 to1603) was also a contemporary of this French Royal Family – Henry III was even considered as a possible husband for her. Elizabeth I died at 69 years of age whilst Elizabeth II died at 96 years of age – another interesting synchronicity! Nostradamus didn’t always get it quite right.

    1. Thank you. Nostradamus did get it right, but various translations have got it wrong; easy to do when you are writing the first English translation in the 1600s and most of the words we use in modern life have not even been dreamed of – or the people.

  71. Hi Jessica,

    I wonder if you could have a look at the horoscope of King George V? The coronation date of May 6th 2023, date of the accession of George V in 1910, triggered me. George V not only lead Great Britain during the first World War, but he also established the House of Windsor on 17th July (Camilla’s birthday!) 1917 and refused asylum to his first cousin, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family. These two decisions were made by George V for political reasons – his family was of German descent and Germans were not very popular (to put it mildly), and he was afraid that granting asylum to his first cousin would cause the downfall of the British monarchy. In your previous posts you discussed the House of Windsor having foreign enemies targeting not only the monarchy, but also the Special Relationship. Could it be that something regarding these foreign enemies (Russia?) and the House of Windsor will come full circle on May 6th 2023?

    1. Yes, the date is really important. I’ve just answered questions in The Daily Express about this and how inauspicious it is. It is the coronation date of George V as well as the birth date of Archie. Going back to the George V coronation, it was all about the royal finances, and Archie is also – all about the money (although it is his parents who are steering the business built on his name). This is the elephant in the room. The contents of the will made by the late Queen and the way Charles III intends to manage The Firm. It’s not so much about Germany or Russia (the latter being Britain’s enemy in Ukraine) it’s really about that will. We are not allowed to know its contents. I will be very surprised if that coronation date holds.

  72. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you immensely for all these insights. The knowledge in you and your readers is astounding.
    I ended up reading for hours last night way past my bed time, so enthralling it was.
    This is a very good example of how a group or community can elevate one another.
    March 2023 seems to come up in so many of the topics, politics, world affairs, personal birth charts and so on…
    I have a feeling it will impact me as well on a personal level.
    I very recently joined your community and I’m trying to understand all those stelliums and placements in my birth chart.
    It’s like learning a new language. I feel like Francois Champollion in the decipherment of the Rosetta stone hieroglyphs!
    I wonder if you could have a quick look in my chart, and perhaps some wise guidance to offer?
    I have been stuck in a rut for quite some time, whether in career, finances and matters of the heart. I am being a patient warrior but at times it is proving to be excruciating..
    Is there any relief, movement in sight?

    Again, thank you for all you do. One can never truly know the impact they have on someone else’s life.


    1. You are very kind, but I understand if you are new to astrology it can be like reading hieroglyphs. You’re in a rut and wonder if there is an end to it. Let me decode the symbols. You are a Sun Aries woman, but strongly Aquarius, Scorpio, Libra and Capricorn as you have stelliums there. You are stuck, because Saturn is in Aquarius (so your social life, friendships and group involvements are barricaded) and the South Node is in Scorpio, while Uranus in Taurus and the North Node in Taurus are in opposition to Scorpio. So financially you are in a tug-of-war inside yourself, or perhaps with others/organisations. This gets a lot better sooner than you think. Saturn goes in March 2023. The South Node goes in July 2023. Christmas-May 2023 is excellent for a relaunch as Jupiter with all his offers and opportunities, solutions and luck, goes through Aries and your First House of appearance, title, image, profile and persona. You will be reborn in time for Easter like a chick from an egg.

  73. Hi Jessica,
    It was announced today that Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” will be released on January 10 2023, right in the middle of Mercury retrograde. That gives new meaning to “read the fine print”.
    What do you make of this timing?
    Isn’t that date close to when they announced they would be “stepping back” from Royal service in 2020?
    Kind regards

    1. Yes, Spare is set for publication on Mercury Retrograde. I do wonder about the children and their role in the promotion, as it may be that either/both of the Sussex offspring may be part of a delay or change in the scheduling. This chimes with the odd timing of Charles III’s proposed coronation, which is Archie’s birthday. There is something very odd going on here.

  74. Dear Jessica,

    I’m re-reading this post after the extraordinary events of 30 Nov – 2 Dec with another Royal Family racism publicity issue just as Prince William and the Princess of Wales travel to the US, and the Harry/Megan Netflix trailer drops the day before the earth shot awards.

    Does your article here, with the reference to the six placements in the charts of Diana, Charles and Harry (but none in William’s), hint that Harry will indeed be king?

    I’m so sad about what is playing out – are H&M trying to destroy the monarchy or take it for themselves, wielding social media as the new and devastating weapon of war in this century, much as longbows, guns, and tanks were in their day?

    I realise you may well not reply but I am so deeply upset about this I’m searching for some certainty.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Jane. Yes, I’ve been looking at this latest drama for Buckingham Palace too. William has approved the departure of his own godmother. The timing is suspicious. Just as Harry and Meghan begin the publicity push for the documentary and his autobiography, the racism issue comes up again. If you look at the bigger picture here, as astrology does, Meghan is fracturing the special relationship between the US and UK in an overt way, with Harry. This is more than Twitter teenagers taking sides. It has military and economic consequences. The last war hinged on American and British partnership; Buckingham Palace being a major part of the campaign. Now, ask yourself which foreign enemy wants to see a US-UK split, and a UK internal split, based on race lines. On the plus side, there is a solution to all this. It is for people to learn to become tolerant and make allowances. Some women are sensitive about their colour and race. Some women come from a generation where it was polite to ask where you came from. We are moving into Pluto in Aquarius and a whole new approach is coming. Aquarius is about making room.

  75. Dear Jessica,
    After the seemingly targeted trailers for Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series,( plus everything else they’ve done) and as always, their timing, I am deeply fearful for what Meghan seems determined to do to our monarch and country. (Harry seems to follow her plan motivated by resentment of his family.) The level of apparent spite and calculation involved is astonishing.
    Whatever will the outcome be?

    1. I sincerely hope the Royal Family with Anne’s good guidance, will find a way to isolate Harry and Meghan which minimises their drama. The drama is what the enemy wants, because the enemy desires the US and UK to be divided, and the UK itself to divide inwardly. I feel very sorry for Harry and hope there is a way out for him. I am curious about what he has been shown and told about Diana. Removing him from his family is a cult tactic. Despicable.

  76. Thank you so much Jessica for replying – and so quickly – I can only imagine how busy you are at the moment with follow-up on two recent zoom sessions on your plate.

    Yes, yes and yes to everything you write. People naively assume that just because social media appears to be open to many voices, it is not just as tightly controlled and actively used to influence/direct people by those who have agendas as any old-fashioned visible editorial control process. I’m working hard at sitting on my hands to avoid a burst on the return of witch trials and inquisitions and the loss of tolerance and civilization. And how all sorts of individuals can be co-opted into acting as puppets for interests they don’t know or care about. Civilized societies can be vulnerable to concerted attacks that capitalize on the tolerances and freedoms that set them apart.

    Thank you too because it’s reassuring to be reminded of the switch to Aquarian values coming soon. Bring on Jupiter’s move into Acquarius for more room-making!

    1. Thank you very much. I was thinking about Prince Harry today. He is a Sun Virgo, going into Pluto in his Sixth House of wellbeing, mental health and physical health – for about 20 years. I wish this would stop, around him. I don’t know who or what has been working on him and his state of mind, but this extreme drama with the family, his wife, his children, his mother is not what you’d like to wish on anyone going through Pluto in the Sixth, from March 2023. Like Andrew, Harry was a target. I feel incredibly sorry for him and hope against hope, the pressure comes off. I agree, Aquarian values are very welcome.

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