Wall Street Astrology – 2022 and 2023

Wall St Astrology – 2022 and 2023

Horoscopes always show sharemarket highs and lows, based on Taurus and Scorpio. Before I predict drama for Wall Street in December 2022, then an historic moment of truth in April-May 2023, let’s look at how it’s done.

I predicted the pound would be devalued in September 2022, back in July 2020 and also predicted that British currency would see The Queen’s head overturned. How do you predict the date-stamped future in astrology, two years in advance?

Like this.

The Original 2020 Prediction

Screen Shot 2022 10 06 at 18.05.27 - Wall Street Astrology - 2022 and 2023

The Astrology of Wall Street and the NYSE

  • The Panic of 1907  – Began in the middle of October 1907 and lasted three weeks.
  • Black Thursday – October 24th, 1929, saw the largest sell-off, of shares, in American history.
  • Black Monday – October 19th, 1987, was a global, sudden, severe, mostly unexpected stock market crash.
  • The Mini Crash – October 27th , 1997, was a global stock market crash caused by an economic crisis in Asia.


All these events centered on just one factor = Mercury at 12 Taurus in the NYSE astrology chart.

You can see that in the triple wheel below. I’m using Astro Gold software.

NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE 1024x788 - Wall Street Astrology - 2022 and 2023

The NYSE was ‘born’ with an opposition from Mercury at 12 Taurus to Psyche at 13 Scorpio. All dramas unfold across this.

The Deep Dive into the NYSE Astrology Chart

It takes more than transits at 12/13 Taurus or Scorpio to trigger a crash. Of course. You also need simultaneous transits which aspect the NYSE Sun at 1 Taurus and Proserpina at 19 Taurus. Taurus rules bull markets and gold bullion. The charging bronze bull on Wall Street also shows Taurus. As with all modern astrology we allow a difference of one degree. A one degree orb.

On Black Thursday 1929, the Sun was at 0 Scorpio. Ceres was at 18 Gemini. Aesculapia was at 0 Cancer. Crucially, Pluto was at 19 Cancer. Panacea was at 1 Virgo. Minerva was at 2 Libra.

On Black Monday 1987, the North Node was at 2 Aries. The South Node was at 2 Libra. Vesta was at 2 Leo. Ops was at 2 Leo. At noon, the Moon was at 19 Virgo.

Bitcoin Charts and the 18, 19, 0, 1 Degree Patterns

You would expect to see the New York Stock Exchange chart pick up Bitcoin charts (there are a few) and this is the case. Because Wall Street was ‘born’ with the Sun at 1 Taurus, the bull market sign, and Proserpina at 19 Taurus, again the symbol of finance – anything right on those degrees – or close by – is important. I have also included Tesla here.

18 19 and 0 1 - Wall Street Astrology - 2022 and 2023

US Inflation and the NYSE Astrology Chart

On June 10th, 2021, The Guardian reported “US inflation climbs to its highest rate since 2008.” Since the Global Financial Crisis, in other words. Ceres stood at 12 Taurus. Saturn was at 13 Aquarius. Uranus was at 12 Taurus. That is a rare, historic line-up for a rare, historic crisis.

10 June 2021 - Wall Street Astrology - 2022 and 2023

December 2022 Fits the Pattern

December 2022 – The North Node is at 12 Taurus. The South Node is at 12 Scorpio. We will see a dramatic market change then. This is a pattern not seen for around 19 years.

What about the rest of the pattern?

We find Jupiter at 1 Aries in December 2022. Saturn at 19 Aquarius. Ceres at 1 Libra. Crucially, Mercury Retrograde at 19 Capricorn. On December 23rd, a New Moon at 1 Capricorn. In December 2022, we will see a dramatic moment of truth on Wall Street that influences 2023.

Elon Musk and the NYSE Chart

Elon Musk Time 225x300 - Wall Street Astrology - 2022 and 2023Elon Musk was born on June 28th, 1971, at 9.00am EET in Pretoria. So what does the chart of the world’s richest man look like, lined up with the NYSE chart?

His chart does aspect the Mercury 12 Taurus/Psyche at 13 Scorpio financial signature of the NYSE. He was born with Chiron at 13 Aries. Cupido at 12 Cancer. Minerva at 12 Libra. He also ticks the boxes for close or exact aspects to the NYSE Sun at 1 Taurus. Elon Musk was born with Saturn at 1 Gemini. Juno at 1 Leo. Neptune at 0 Sagittarius. Vulcano at 1 Capricorn. Salacia at 0 Aquarius. Does Elon Musk tick the boxes for the other key factor in NYSE drama, Proserpina at 19 degrees Taurus? Yes. He has Venus at 19 Gemini. Mars at 20 Aquarius.

Historic Change on Wall Street in March – June 2023

A cycle not seen in 240+ years begins in March-June 2023 and triggers the Elon Musk and NYSE chart. Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius. The North Node goes to 1 Taurus. The South Node goes to 1 Scorpio. Saturn goes to 1 Pisces. Uranus goes to 19 Taurus. Jupiter goes to 1 Taurus. The other red flag is Mercury Retrograde at 12 and 13 Taurus from April 28th to Monday 1st May.

March – June 2023 is a shock to the economic system not seen in our lifetime.

Historic change for Wall Street is due on April 28th, 29th, 30th, May 1st 2023. It directly involves Elon Musk, because his chart is triggered. Pluto is at 0 Aquarius square the NYSE Sun at 1 Taurus appears then. Uranus at 18 Taurus appears then. Mars at 18 Cancer appears then.

The NYSE Cover-Up of October 25th

We have a NYSE cover-up with the Eclipse at 2 Scorpio on Tuesday the 25th of October 2022. This sounds to me, as if someone is planning a year-end, Christmas move. Two months into the future. Eclipses conceal, they never reveal. Do not judge or act on this eclipse. Wait. Allow 24 hours for the world to catch up with itself. This eclipse is opposite the NYSE Sun in Taurus.

How the NYSE Astrology Charts Shows Dow Jones Drama

damiano fiore aTptSE1 I4o unsplash 225x300 - Wall Street Astrology - 2022 and 2023All these Bull Markets, Cyclical Bull Markets and Turnover Bull Markets are recorded on Wikipedia. They fit the pattern.

The all-time Dow Jones high was January 4th, 2022. Jupiter stood at 1 Pisces. The North Node was at 0 Gemini. The South Node was at 0 Sagittarius. Mercury was at 2 Aquarius. The Sun was at 13 Capricorn. Neptune was at 20 Pisces. This ticks every box.

The all-time low was August 8th, 1896. Saturn was at 12 Scorpio. That’s all you need to know.

The planet of heavy realities, in exact opposition to Mercury at 12 Taurus in the NYSE chart. Yet, that August 8th, 1896, chart also ticks the other boxes. Neptune at 19 Gemini. Salacia at 0 Libra.

The Wall Street Horoscope

The financial astrologer Kate Silas at Profit With the Planets has a database of New York Stock Exchange ‘birth’ dates favoured by astrologers from Bill Meridian, to Sepharial, to Henry Weingarten. It’s interesting to compare them with each other.

The invitation (below) is timed and dated. 2000 guests attended. This gives us the most accurate astrology chart for Wall Street.

NYSE INVITATION 1024x589 - Wall Street Astrology - 2022 and 2023

Details! How the 22nd April 1903 Chart Works

Using the NYSE – April 22nd, 1903, astrology chart compared to the 1929 Wall Street crash, we find: Transiting Sun 0 Scorpio opposition natal Sun 1 Taurus. Transiting South Node 12 Scorpio in opposition to natal Mercury at 12 Taurus.

Transiting Mars at 12 Scorpio in opposition to natal Mercury at 12 Taurus. Transiting North Node at 12 Taurus in conjunction with Mercury at 12 Taurus. Transiting Chiron at 12 Taurus in conjunction with natal Mercury at 12 Taurus.

That’s a rare and historic astrology line-up. Here again, I’ve been using Astro Gold software.

When News Was Good

On February 8th, 1980 – Capitalisation of the NYSE topped $1 trillion. So what was going on?

At 12 noon in New York on February 8th, 1980, transiting Aesculapia was at 1 Taurus in conjunction with the natal Sun at 1 Taurus. The Moon was at 12 Scorpio in conjunction with Psyche at 13 Scorpio – in opposition to Mercury at 12 Scorpio. The usual triggers.

This is a handy timing device. I’m not giving you advice about the sharemarkets here, and, in fact I never do, but you can line up your own astrology chart, which you’ll have if you are a Premium Member – and look at this NYSE chart, to see patterns.

This is what happened when COVID hit Wall Street:  On February 20th, 2020, global stock markets crashed, including the NYSE – as the COVID pandemic took hold. On that date we find Mercury Retrograde at 12 Pisces working as ‘the messenger’ in the horoscope. Exactly triggering natal Mercury at 12 Taurus in the NYSE chart set for the 22nd of April 1903.

About Mercury in Wall Street Astrology

@NYSE Integrity - Wall Street Astrology - 2022 and 2023

This photograph from @NYSE (the best Wall Street account on Twitter) shows – the New York Stock Exchange building of 1903 on Broad Street has a sculpture titled ‘Integrity Protecting the Works of Man.’

At the center, Integrity wears the winged cap of Mercury, the Roman god of commerce. This is really interesting, not only because Mercury at 12 Taurus is the keystone of the NYSE astrology chart (triggered by both crashes) – it also sums up what trading is about.

Mercury, Merchants and Mercantilism

Astrology is synchronicity. This ancient Roman astrology symbol, Mercury, lends the core of his name to mercantilism, made famous in The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

Merchant adventurers (today’s trade merchants) go back to the old guilds of Europe. The word commerce stems from Mercury. So does merchandise. These associations between Mercury and the markets are very old. It’s significant that he shows up in the NYSE ‘birth’ chart and also on the building – and is always triggered during big dramas.

On the 16th of September 2008 the Global Financial Crisis began. Jupiter was at 12 Capricorn trine Mercury at 12 Taurus in the NYSE astrology chart. That’s a pretty strong argument for 12 degrees as a trigger for dramatic scenes in a larger piece of theatre.

Looking at 2022, we see a trigger to that 12 Taurus Mercury, as the year ends.

Which Countries Line Up With the NYSE Astrology?

piggybank sK ziQvKGsk unsplash 300x200 - Wall Street Astrology - 2022 and 2023The USA chart set for January 2nd, 1776, at 12.00 noon in Cambridge, Massachusetts, shows the Sun at 11 Capricorn, Chiron at 11 Aries, Jupiter at 13 Gemini – all aspecting that Mercury 12 Taurus and Psyche at 13 Scorpio NYSE pattern. There are many charts for America. This one works best.

We also find Mercury at 0 Capricorn, Aesculapius at 0 Aquarius, Mars at 2 Aquarius. We find Minerva at 18 Aquarius and Panacea at 19 Virgo. I’ve run this chart against everything from the JFK assassination to the events of 9/11 and it works perfectly. This is how we know America rolls when Wall Street is rocked, March-June 2023.

There is one other chart which chimes with this. It is set for USA Confederation on November 15th, 1777, at 12.00 LMT in Philadelphia. Mars is at 12 Capricorn. The Moon is at 2 Gemini. Again, this suggests drama for America, March-June 2023.

The Euro shows Neptune at 1 Aquarius, Ceres at 0 Gemini, Fortuna at 0 Virgo, Psyche at 0 Capricorn which suggests an historic transformation of the European Union and the currency, in the same time-frame. March-June 2023. She also has Mars at 18 Libra and Aesculapia at 12 Scorpio, right on the NYSE Mercury-Psyche opposition.

There will be historic, world-changing Wall Street drama from April 28th to May 1st, 2023, and it will directly affect the Euro. The Elon Musk chart is also tied into this. It is the beginning of people power – financially.

The Big NYSE Stretch in December 2022

The North Node goes to 12 Taurus for the first time in almost two decades, between December 10th and 25th (Christmas Day) 2022. The South Node goes to 12 Scorpio in the same time-frame.

What happens on Wall Street between December 10th and 25th is Christmas karma. Win or lose with the Dow Jones, it’s unusual. I am predicting this two months before it happens, but what took place in March 2004 and August 1985 will play its part in what some – historically – gain or lose.

The Astrology of March 2004 in December 2022

markus spiske 69ppqHiG9Xo unsplash scaled e1665264394342 240x300 - Wall Street Astrology - 2022 and 2023Here’s a flashback to the last cycle. On March 10th, 2004, the North Node stood at 12 Taurus and South Node stood at 12 Scorpio. The Dow was pushed into the red.

This may also be important. On March 24th, 2004, trading began on futures on the VIX. The VIX is known as the market’s “fear indicator.” The lunar nodes were at 11 Taurus and Scorpio, just one degree away.

The Astrology of August 1985 in December 2022

The North Node at 12 Taurus and South Node at 12 Scorpio timed a stock price plunge – the biggest Dow Jones decline in over a year, back during the 1985 cycle.

Again, this is worth tracking as the lunar nodal cycle repeats in December 2022. If your chart chimes with the NYSE then the ripples from New York in December will reach your shore. If your chart chimes with the NYSE across Taurus and/or Scorpio, and you are directly involved with that sharemarket, then it’s personal.

As a Premium Member, your library here can tell you the rest. You have to make your own financial decisions, based on your own chart – looking at your Taurus and Scorpio factors – and the cycles I’ve covered here. I can’t do that for you. To further personalise your forecast, use the Tarot for yourself.

Wall Street Astrology March – June 2022

Beyond the December 2022 drama after the big cover-up on Wall Street on 25th October 2022, we can expect radical market correction from March-June 2023. Do you win or lose? It depends on your chart. It also depends on what you owe, from 18 or 19 years ago, or what you are owed. Only the universe can decide that.

I would expect Mercury Retrograde from Friday, April 28th to Monday, May 1st, 2023, to be a chaotic crossroads.


You can find out more about the software here at Astro Gold from Stephanie Johnson and friends. 

Images courtesy of Unsplash.

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272 Responses

  1. – thanks jess for this Financial forecast,
    i hope you offering subscription with bitcoin in near future as a lot of payment methods are sanctioned in tier 3 countries

    – My question about what Recession-Proof skills person can learn to Thrive During This hard time…???

    1. Thank you. I will ask James and Justin at Asporea about that, who run this website. History and astrology tell us the same thing; this cycle is similar to 1939-1940. So the old advice applies. Make do and mend. Keep calm and carry on. Dig for victory. In other words, do what Mother Nature wants anyway. Repair. Recycle. Grow your own food. It’s very basic advice not to live beyond your means when the lunar nodes are opposing each other in Taurus (your cash) and Scorpio (their cash) but the cycle ends in July 2023.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been watching the shifting economic tides over the past year and what you predicted seems likely to come to pass. It is fascinating to see how the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle come together over time to reveal the picture. thank you for the researched and in-depth pieces that you share with us. Should I be concerned that I have my north and south nodes as well as MC and IC at 11 degrees? I’m currently not earning but not overtly worried. I also have factors at 17 degrees.

    1. Thank you. You are not logged in, so I can’t see your chart, but if you meant your lunar nodes and angles were at 11 degrees, yes, the ripple effect from whatever happens on Wall Street in December, will reach your shore. It may be a drop in house prices, so property becomes affordable. It may be a drop in the value of your pension or superannuation, which is less desirable. Hard to say more without a chart but your library on here will tell you more. There will be a big stretch, economically, in America in December which seems likely to stretch you too. Best to keep the stakes low.

  3. We can only speculate what World event will trigger the stock market crash. Another war or a rollout of Central Bank Digital Currency or another pandemic? Whatever this will be, it will be a fearful world event. I am already setting aside the funds to purchase assets at discounted prices. As Warren Buffet said, ” Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

    1. That 12 Taurus hotspot in the chart for the NYSE does seem to trigger drama (money lost, or money made) when the transits go across it. It depends on the kind of chart you have and the decisions you already made. Your Moon-Venus conjunction at 9 Taurus is exact and so it’s an emotional matter for you. The lunar nodes going across 9 Taurus and 9 Scorpio will ask you to price your closest relationship (which may be priceless) and engage in some bargaining with yourself or others.

  4. Hi Jess, thank you for your new post about this. I have Ops at 13 degrees Taurus. What will that mean for me between the 10th and 25th of December?

    Thanks so much!

    1. With a 13, 14, 15 pattern in Scorpio and Taurus, the transit of the lunar nodes over 13, 14, 15 Scorpio and Taurus means the gap in values occurs before December. Scorpio is joint finance and property. Taurus is your finance and property. It’s a big stretch so you may want to minimise the stakes with others involved. If you have shares in the US then you will be more affected. I am not sure where you are based. A classic example is the difference between your life budget and your boyfriend’s; external financial ripples from a bigger wave in Manhattan make waves for you both. The impact on a pension/superannuation and a family legacy is another classic example.

  5. There’s also the eclipse coming up at 15 Taurus ! I wonder if my 15 ops and 15 mars Taurus will feel the effects of all this Taurus Scorpio agitation… I suppose all of us will just have to make the best of things until July 2023- if that’s the change date – It’s really not a very long time to make do and mend….

    1. Yes, eclipses conceal they never reveal, so avoid that period for major decisions or action plans. Eclipses usually hide the truth in plain sight but because we are not looking for it, we never see it – we are distracted and diverted. Sometimes there is a deliberate cover-up. Like anything else in astrology it’s about avoidance and always allow the day before/the day after to let the world catch up with itself as Twitter stops for no-one.

  6. My north node and south node are at 22º in Taurus and Scorpio respectively. My retirement nest egg is in Australian shares, which have already dipped in value. Normally I would ride this through, but I am likely to be needing cash for a property early next year, so am dithering. Sell now, before things get worse, or hang on in case things bounce back in early 2023? I know I can’t hold you personally responsible for my financial wellbeing, but what does my chart suggest? Most grateful for your input.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn with the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio, as you say, so your public and private chart tell similar stories. In your public Capricorn chart you have heavy Saturn in your Second House of personal income until March 2023. All the restrictions and vulnerability vanish that month as Saturn goes and Pluto moves in. 2023 is really the turning point, as in your private chart, Jupiter with all his opportunities and solutions moves into your Second House of personal income from May and then in July, the transiting nodes in Taurus-Scorpio vanish. So it’s a three-step process of improvement. According to all the laws of astrology, Jupiter (abundance, expansion, growth, optimism) in Taurus (currency, valuables) from May 2023 to May 2024 should be just what we need to do better, financially. Use the Tarot to validate this timing; the Pentacles or Coins in the deck can be very useful. The Garden Oracle can confirm the Tarot for you.

  7. So fascinating Jessica, I love how you weave the astrology into such a way that us lay people can understand but also have our own interests and charts piqued.

    Being new to Astrology I wondered if you could elaborate for me. I have Cupido at 10 degrees and Ceres at 9 in Taurus. I am looking at leaving the NHS (this present situation which has been building for some time and exasperated by Covid is not why I came into a caring profession in which it seems those in power no longer wish us to do) as I have a healing practice on the side which I want to develop. Financially looking at timings it may not be the right time? I do feel as if the universe is behind me on this one but am cautious as it is a big step.

    Many thanks in anticipation

    1. You have the Sun in Pisces, and a stellium in Pisces, Taurus, Aquarius and Sagittarius. I understand how you feel about the NHS as other readers who work for the National Health Service are also writing with the same issues – exasperated by the poor handling of Covid. The same story is told twice in your public and personal chart. Opportunities to make or save a lot of money are coming – from Christmas to May 2023 as Jupiter transits your solar Second House of personal income, and then from May 2023 until May 2024 when Jupiter transits your natal Second House of personal income. Two bites of the cherry. The stretch of the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio ends in July 2023, so the timing is all about next year if you want to find bargains and ways to save, or just need more income. You are strongly Pisces and if you are a healer may have guides working with you, or have access to the aura and chakra system. As a highly sensitive person you need to get away from the anxiety of other people’s problems so make sure you factor in your own daily escape time. If your healing practice is about branding yourself, you have excellent chances to relaunch your name and face from Halloween to Christmas. Are you already involved with a group of like-minded people? If so it will come good in March 2023 and put you in a powerful position if you want it. If not, you will be very tempted to join one. Of course this may be your union, but perhaps the path to healing for you is with a community, team or circle. March would be a turning point as the Eleventh House of both your natal and solar chart is triggered.

  8. Great article! can you please tell me how this will impact me and my chart as I currently trade shares lol. Thank you 🙂

    1. You’re a Sun Sagittarius with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance. In your solar chart you have Pluto transiting your Second House of personal finance, until March 2023. That month will mark the end of a really long, slow, intense period of economic and property transformation, which began in 2008. By rights you should end up with a great deal more power, clout and influence than you ever had pre 2008. December 2022 and January 2023 will bring keynote decisions. The stretch with joint finance ends in July 2023, so soon after that. The nodes leave Scorpio and Taurus so any differences between your life budget/their life budget will no longer pull you in two quite so much.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another great article.
    I have nothing in Scorpio and Aesculapia at 2° in Taurus.
    What does the prediction mean for me?

    1. Your chart is heavily Aquarian and the real story is not money, but groups and friends. The toughest cycle for your social life, friendships and groups in 29 years is over next March and a new phase will begin. You will be invited to contribute your time, energy and commitment to a circle of people which needs you. This could put you in quite a powerful position. Yet, the heavy restrictions and vulnerability of 2021, 2022 will be over.

  10. Dear Jessica, this illuminating article came at an important turning point in my life. Thank you. I’ve never made investments simply because I never had any money to invest.

    However currently, it looks like a house I’d inherited from my father, will be finally be sold. I’ve already received half the amount due to me with the rest to come by December. I need to finally grow up (financially) and start to make decisions for my two children’s’ futures as well as my husband and myself.

    I’ve never really liked thinking about money and investments because I fear I’ll be bad at it.

    I see however that in my natal chart, my North Node is 3 degrees Taurus with the South Node at 3 degrees Scorpio. And current planetary positions has the North Node at 13 degree’s Taurus and South Node at 13 degrees Scorpio.

    I would be grateful for any insights from you on my financial future – and how I can ride out the upcoming economic storms. Being in India, I assume things will be worse as everything tends to go south faster than elsewhere.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with stelliums in Virgo, Leo, Aries and Scorpio. In both charts I use for you, you have historic cycles in your Eighth House of inheritance. Sure enough you have inherited a house from your father, and will receive all the money by December. In your Cancer chart you have Saturn in the Eighth House by transit and in your natal chart, as you know, the South Node in the Eighth House, with the North Node and Uranus right opposite. Basically, the pressure is off in March 2023. Until then life will move very slowly and feel quite restricted. Take your time and learn from other people – and ask the experts. March is the turning point and you will need the best advice you can afford about a long-term plan for the Twenties and Thirties, as Pluto then goes into your solar Eighth House for many years. That means you could become quite powerful, in property, business or finance – but you are going to have to use your willpower to turn that around. In your natal chart, the timing is similar. The nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio in July 2023 so the big stretch you feel, is over. The Scorpio side of your destiny and personality is worth knowing about (your online library can guide you) as it dominates until next July, but then, you’ve completed the cycle. It’s as much about your late father as it is about your own children and your husband and the legacy you have inherited, but also the legacy you must leave the children.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Could you please have a look at my chart? I have a lot of Scorpio placements (and 1 Taurus), and I wandering how to best plan ahead.

    Many thanks for this!

    1. You have a huge Scorpio stellium from 4 to 29 degrees of the sign so will need to focus on joint finance or shared property until July 2023, as the South Node transits Scorpio and your Eighth House of intensely personal economic relationships. This is typically marriage and mortgage. It can also be your parents’ will, or the legacy you leave to children or teenagers. The South Node brings back karma from 18-19 years ago and so you are now on the slow road to closure. You owe, or are owed, and the loop will be complete next July. Until then, you will need to evaluate sexual relationships and perhaps re-evaluate them, with one eye on the price tags that can’t be priced with currency. It’s the same with the family.

    1. You are a Taurus Sun, with Taurus, Virgo and Leo stelliums. The most important cycle of your adult life ends in 2026 but until then quite radical changes with your finances, values, business, charity, valuables and/or property rule the day. It’s rather like having a house guest who is always at the heart of sudden electricity cuts or connections. Uranus in Taurus can feel like an electrical storm; exhilarating, tension-relieving and ultimately liberating. However, Taurus is a fixed sign and the challenge is to ‘unfix the fixed’ particularly until July 2023 as you have the lunar nodes in a tug of war. There is usually a gap in values or life budgets. This does not last, but while it is there, if you enter into contracts (say) you may want impartial advice from a professional.

  12. Hi Jessica, thank you again for your insights. Looking at my chart, I have a few factors in Scorpio and a Pluto at 12 in Virgo. Being a baby boomer and reading all about the superannuation dip/fluctuations through 2026, I would appreciate your reading about this cycle and how it affects my chart. Currently employed and getting a pension so do not have a need to touch the 401K that is bound to crash during this period. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You have a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance; commonly about the marriage and mortgage; the common-law marriage and lease; the family legacies. It is usually dormant but since the lunar nodes moved to Taurus and Scorpio you have more to think about. Uranus in Taurus is also making a slow opposition 2018-2026. That is ‘the challenge to change’ and you are seeing it, most obviously, with the impact on your pension/superannuation since the pandemic hit the stockmarket in February 2020. The Scorpio ‘stretch’ ends in July 2023 when the nodes move off this sign in your chart. The pressure is over, but you will have found life as it was, 18 or 19 years ago, plays its part. That was the last time the lunar nodes were also in Scorpio-Taurus and you are owed, karmically, or owe – so much proceed towards closure.

  13. HI Jessica,
    My question is more to do with finances surrounding a physical setback. I tore my hamstring while helping my neighbors move furniture and now, I await surgery on Tuesday October 11. I didn’t see this coming in my horoscope. The recovery time is 4-6 months at least, which really will curtail my plans to earn money, as I travel for work, and also between the US and New Zealand. I hate that I must have this surgery during Retrograde Hg, but it can’t be helped. What do you see for me, both healing-wise and financially? Is it possible to turn this next six months into something positive in a financial sense? This will be costly, regardless.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Kris. If you travel for work between America and New Zealand and tore your hamstring, you have to ask yourself why. Freud said there are no accidents. Your unconscious mind no doubt knows. You are worried about money as any Taurus would be, but there are no long-term problems from your time out. You will find everything falls into place in March 2023. You’ve just hit Saturn in your solar Tenth House and Mars Retrograde in your solar Second House at the same time – both ending next March.

  14. Hi Jessica, I love digging into the comments field after being wowed when reading your newest post. So much work on your part, thank you. I think so much about all my loved ones and quickly pop over to see degrees in their natal charts. I think you are saying degrees around 12 are where we should put the spotlights on concerning this Economic Post. Can you look at my chart cause I see my Aries Libra nodes at 14 with Pisces Ops and Psyche at 12 in Capricorn. The Taurus Scorpio axis is not the initial place where this energy lands? Thank you. Best, Cecelia

    1. Thanks Cecelia. There is no energy, just cycles. You have Psyche at 12 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academic career, so what happens on Wall Street makes the waves that send ripples to your shore, professionally or academically, or as a volunteer. This will happen in December. Psyche is a symbol of what lasts forever; you have worked on (and will work on) projects, plans and goals which are perpetual. These will be most influenced by the drama in December at the New York Stock Exchange.

  15. Hi Jessica – thank you for all the predictions you share. This question is not exactly about the stock market melt down, but about the pain many feel with lost jobs. Can you ever “see” the health system in the USA change for the better? Do you see a shake up coming any time?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. The lost jobs and the health system in America are entwined; Virgo rules work and also wellbeing. From March 2023 we enter the same cycle as the late 1300s when the same kind of people, born with Uranus in Virgo, go through cycles which (back then) saw Climate Emergency, plague and the end of the feudal system. In other words, the end of the lord of the manor, his lady – and the peasants. Uranus in Virgo is about radical employment changes, so the half-week becomes real – so does job-sharing – and so does earlier retirement. 2023 is the year the key turns the lock. We are going to see renewal of the unions but also ‘the new unions’. So it’s really a modern version of what they went through during the Bubonic Plague. A shortage of workers meant they could command a higher price. Part of that will be a reformed health care structure.

  16. Hi Jessica, thank you for another fascinating read. I have a massive stellium in Taurus…and my nodes at 12 Taurus and Scorpio! Should I be hiding my money under the mattress before December?!

    1. You have Jupiter there next to your lunar nodes across Taurus and Scorpio, so are always protected and frequently have huge lump sum gains or savings; the lucky windfall or fortunate twist of fate. What happens on Wall Street does affect you, even if it’s through six degrees of separation. You will find that in December. You have one or more past lives spent in finance, business, charity, property and know what it is like to be rich or poor. You have come back here to go through the G.F.C. a few years ago and are about to achieve some closure by July 2023, with matters going back 18 or 19 years with a strong sense of owing, or being owed.

  17. Thank you, Jessica, with helping me reframe: look at this work by looking at previous cycles to anticipate intelligently repeating cycles.
    When I read your posts, I attempt to track degrees falling on what dates on my calendar.
    Reading comments here with your responses flush out many ideas yet it is terrific one can ask you questions to deepen perspective!
    So glad you are a warm, generous soul ! Wonder: do you feel you have been an astrologer in previous lives?

    1. Thank you Cecelia. Yes, my last reincarnation was the war. I was an amateur astrologer, but I worked in MI6 looking after a professional astrologer who was helping with propaganda efforts, but also second-guessing Nazi use of astrology. I’m starting a Substack weekend session soon which you may be interested in, with video and podcast, and the potential for Zoom salons.

  18. Thank you for this article, Jessica. It sure does seem like the waves of change are hitting the financial markets. I worked in finance in my earlier career but switched to healthcare as the constant fear of financial turmoil in the markets and ensuing layoffs were causing me too much stress. I’m happy to be an observer now. I feel like I haven’t had too much going on with finances, actually, and it’s been an area of stability for me fortunately. However, I do see that the nodes are exactly conjunct my natal nodes so I’m preparing for whatever may be coming my way. Hopefully I’ll be able to ride this cycle out until July 2023. Do you see anything in my chart that stands out? Thank you again!

    1. Thank you. I can understand why you prefer to observe the NYSE rather than be on the ground. You are a Sun Leo with a Scorpio stellium and the lunar nodes at 13 Taurus-Scorpio. No wonder you worked in finance; the nodes show past lives. You know what it is like to be rich and poor over many lifetimes. You were a toddler during the Eighties crash but it is interesting that you incarnated just as it surrounded you! You may even have a past life in 1929. Okay, so you will find a lot of repetition and cycling around, until July 2023 as the lunar nodes must finish their trek through Scorpio and Taurus. The classic outcome is other people or large groups (like banks) which do not change their script. You change yours, but they remain the same. The issues will be about a difference in values. It can be as broad as government. You want X and the government does Y. It can be as personal as a lover or relative who has a huge gap in values with you. As I said, this cycles around until July 2023 when you will feel there is closure. As you have Saturn in your solar Eighth House (Leo) from 2023 and the end of the lunar node cycle in your natal Eighth House (Scorpio) from 2023, that year is crucial for you, long-term and you will find March 2023 is important, then July. You may want to take your time choosing, then.

  19. Hello Jessica! I’m intrigued with your article and wondering how this will all play out for me & my husband Michael? We are heavily invested in the US Stockmarket, plus my husband’s work 401K. We paid off our home in 2018. We are doing very well “financially” and are completely insured! I have a lot going on in Scorpio: IC & Minerva at 14 degrees, South Node at 16 degrees, Mercury at 18 degrees, Neptune at 22 degrees & Hygeia at 26 degrees Scorpio. In Taurus it’s just my MC at 14 degrees and my North Node at 16 degrees. As far as 12 degrees goes: in my chart I have Psyche at 12 degrees in Virgo (health) and Cupido at 12 degrees in Capricorn (Career & unpaid work). Just curious what you see going on in my chart during this time period… I did purchase in “Family & Friends” my husband Michael’s chart (10/08/1965) and my Dad Fredrick’s chart (09/21/1930) incase you want to provide anything interesting with them that pertains to this interesting time period in our life. Thank you for everything you do! Dawn-

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn. You are a Sun Sagittarius with a Scorpio stellium so your public and private chart agree; this is the most important property, finance and business cycle in around 19 years. The South Node of karma is in Scorpio, transiting your Eighth House of joint investment and banking, until July 2023. You may be going backwards on a loop or circuit until July 2023 as the South Node transits back to front. Your husband Michael is a Sun Libra who also has the South Node of karma travelling in his Second House of personal finance, so you are in lock-step here. The nodal transits tend to bring Groundhog Day repetition so it may be that your US investments go around in circles until July 2023. With Scorpio factors at 14 through 26 degrees, you can’t avoid the oppositions of Uranus (the challenge to change) as he goes from 14 to 26 degrees, so it’s good you have paid off your home and are insured. Even so, particularly as you are married to a Sun Libra, you will have to rethink your old approach now through 2026, as Uranus oppositions tend to throw you out of old attitudes and entrenched patterns. By July next year the sense of cycling around will have gone and some considerable karmic closure with the past will have been achieved, as you owe, or are owed, and there must be closure. You will find that what happens on Wall Street always has a domino effect on your career, sometimes through six degrees of separation. So December, for example, may bring reshuffles in your wider industry or field as a result of historic dramas at the NYSE.

  20. Hi Jessica. I have a 12 Taurus sun and 12 Scorpio Neptune, so am I right to be concerned that my modest savings will be adversely affected. I have seen through the 1987 and 2008 crashes without really gaining or losing apart from it being generally tougher workwise and financially. Any comments on how I should approach December and 2023? Many thanks

    1. Thank you. You have already seen how your chart aligns with the NYSE; when it crashes, you see life become generally tougher workwise and financially. You have also come through those cycles so understand how the whole thing pans out. A Sun-Neptune opposition is always about the need to live in the real world, as much as possible, and avoid drifting too far away from that. So, especially in Taurus and Scorpio, the advice is to avoid big bubbles, huge debts, ‘fantastic plastic’ credit or reliance on rather distorted values, like cryptocurrency. It is also true that experience helps; the wisdom of prior encounters with Sun-Neptune triggers teaches you to keep it real. That’s really what this is about.

  21. Hi Jessica

    I found your insights into these events in history fascinating even if it did make me somewhat nervous. I have nothing at 12 degrees but I have Scorpio at 10 degrees Saturn, what does this mean for me please?
    I moved into my first home with my fiancé this year in the UK having left my bachelorette pad in Australia with a tenant temporarily in it before I sell it, and am hoping to do some renovations to our new house with the proceeds as it’s Victorian and we wanted to restore her to her former glory! A working fireplace and a vegetable garden for example to teach my daughter how we grow food. Does my chart favour this kind of labour of love at the present time?
    Thank you for your time and expertise writing this article for us all, during a bit of uncertainty

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Sagittarius who has transiting Pluto in her Second House of finance and property, born with Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio in her Eighth House of joint finance. That’s really the same story told twice, as Pluto always poses questions about who and what is in control. Right up until March 2023 you will need to figure out the ‘controls’ with your house, garden and finances, particularly in December 2022 and January 2023. It will take quite a lot of self-control to master the situation but you are probably already aware of that. The South Node is bringing back karma from 18-19 years ago as it goes through Scorpio and your natal Eighth House of shared property and banking. You could learn a lot from going back to life as it was then, in 2022, 2023. That karmic loop ends in July 2023 when you can sign off from the cycle for a further 18-19 years. It would be good to use your astrological advantage from Halloween to Christmas to seek the best possible advice you can, regarding the house and garden, your studio in Australia and any property matter. Snap up whatever offers and opportunities you get, then. It may be useful to see the long-term with the house; 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026 and do some research before you turn the corner into next year. This is the Getting of Wisdom cycle and it is better to really study, ask around and figure out the realities than to learn through experience. You will have do that anyway, with these cycles, but you can have a much easier time by going online and seeing what is really going on out there in the world of property ownership, renovation and so on. Do you know your neighbours? If you’ve not already looked into that part of the equation then it’s time to do so.

  22. Hi Jessica

    I have a lot of admiration for your work. You have been so accurate when you are looking ahead a year or two, in your Astrology blogs – It’s just amazing. The Predictions for the Royal family, UK politics- Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, Covid and so on…… All uncannily accurate.

    Just wondering if you can take a look at my chart for me? I have a lot of Scorpio stelliums and I think I may be affected by the volatility of the finance charts?
    I am currently in the middle of redecorating my home with a view to moving around this time next year, to a completely new location. Obviously the money/housing market situation and the slide in the pound last week rocked the markets and will take time to recover. Should I just sit tight and leave it to 2024? I have been planning this for years.
    I am looking for my forever home and want to get it absolutely right to find the house of my dreams. I don’t want to risk losing money so need to time it right. Should I go ahead with my plans or sit tight and wait?

    1. Thank you, that’s really kind. You are redecorating and want to move but are watching the pound slide and wonder if you should do all this in 2024, not 2023. You want a forever home and don’t want to lose money. Okay. So you are a Sun Libra with Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius stelliums. Both your public chart and private chart say the same thing. The economic tension ends in July 2023 when the nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio. The situation you are in now/later owes a lot to life as it was 18 or 19 years ago, as you owe (spiritually) or are owed, and that’s why this process has to complete by July 2023, when at last you can farewell that cycle and see the end of karma, paid or repaid. That process is bigger and older than you, but after July 2023 you won’t see it back for another 18 years. The intensity of the situation with your home ends in March 2023. Pluto goes. From March until June 2023 you will see a glimpse of what it would be like to renovate or own property without the constant need for self-control and willpower. From May 2023, Jupiter (solutions, abundance) goes into your solar Eighth House of joint finance, so this likely involves a family member or a partner – by May 2024. Use the Tarot to validate the timing and give yourself a personal reading as the astrological advice can only go so far; the Tarot will personalise it for you.

  23. Hey Jessica
    Thank you once again for your invaluable advice. I work for a large global company who are looking to merge with another company in the very near future. Do you see a merger going ahead and will I retain my job, or a redundancy?I had been talking of resigning before the merger plans as I have been doing this job for 16 years, so need a change and would like to relocate to be closer to family.I have a Stellium in Scorpio, with Apollo,Juno, Saturn and Hygeia is at (10 )Scorpio.
    Any thoughts are much appreciated.
    Thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. The merger is shown in your chart, but you have worked with the same people for 16 years and want to move to be near the family. You are a Sun Libra woman, Juanita, with stelliums in Libra, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn. Take every opportunity and solution offered to you from around Halloween to Christmas if you can. It would make a fantastic difference to your lifestyle and your wellbeing. So this may be a redundancy or a better offer elsewhere. Your health and wellness would benefit immediately. March 2023 is a turning point for you with both career and home, so you could relocate then, or make plans to do so, with the deal done by May 2023. You can use the Tarot on this website to validate the timing and gain more personal details. You have terrific opportunities with houses, land, apartments, other accommodation, households, family – from May 2023 to May 2024.

  24. Great article. I looked at the charts and Mar 2002 was a bounce from a market that was already in decline from 2001. Then the market declined into Sept 2002. So we have already had some down markets, maybe this bounce lasts until Dec 2022. And then it goes south. There was an economist who stated a few years ago that we would head into recession and be in cash because by 2023/2024 you could buy assets really cheap. Not sure if he used astrology, since he did not disclose, just a well known economist. His prediction is looking correct. After a regular crash, like 1987, it took real estate 3 years to bottom but interest rates were in decline from historic highs in the early 80s. But now we have a double whammy of interest rates going higher and economic pressures. People could see a decline in property and investments at the same time.

    1. Thank you. This article has been very popular with another 30 comments in the queue, so I’m going to enjoy looking at remarks from Wall Street observers in particular – and those who invest there or work at the NYSE. The Dow Jones would be worth tracking for all extreme highs and lows, which occur when the slow-moving factors in particular, go to 12 degrees, as a group, or just hit 12 Scorpio/Taurus in particular. I’ve not had time to do that but will take a look. This chart is in the bones of the NYSE. The stunning synchronicity of Mercury’s winged helmet appearing on Integrity’s head, says it all. It lines up with the message of the chart, which is that Mercury in Taurus (bull market, bullion) opposite Psyche (what lives forever) in Scorpio (marriage and mortgage for most Americans).

  25. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and predictions. Wondering how best to prepare for these uncertain times. Pisces Sun at 14 degrees, North Node at 11 degrees Aquarius, South Node at 11 degrees Leo, Apollo at 12 degrees Leo and multiple Scorpio factors with Moon 0, Psyche 21, and Minerva 26 degrees. Your time and expertise are much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces with Capricorn and Aries stelliums. What is coming is about your money (improvements, solutions) and your career (pressure off). The timing is actually immediate. Huge opportunities to save or make money until Halloween. Then, they resume, Christmas to May 2023. At the same time, March 2023 signals the end of people politics and power issues in your career, academic career or unpaid work, which began in 2008 and have not stopped. This makes an enormous difference to you. All the reshuffles or reallocation of control, can only rewind, from that point and it loses all its capacity to affect you. You are also going to relaunch your image, brand, title, appearance very successfully in 2023 so I wonder if you’re not taking on a new project or role, with a new look or brand.

  26. Hey Jessica…

    …the last time I wrote you on here, you predicted so many truths in my “business” that I really didn’t want to come true. As a fiction writer, you said I’d have to rewrite manuscripts at this time period. That literally happened. I spent six months writing a SciFi novel, and a week ago I sent it to the publisher that actually asked me to write this novel for them, and they told me to either rewrite it, or go somewhere else. That’s never happened to me before. Today, however, another publisher offered me an advance for the same manuscript. It’s not a big advance, but since money is low on my end, I either take this advance or get a part time job while I work my full time job, and with a family to take care of, I’d have little time for them if I worked a part time, plus my full time job. So, as you guessed, I’ll probably take this advance.


    I’m not too versed in astrology. And I’m looking at my chart, and I kinda don’t know what to look for. From what I’m seeing, I have 15, 9, 8 and 7 degrees in Scorpio. I have 13, 10, 9, 4, and 2 in Taurus. Does that mean I’ll be effected by what’s coming via the stock market? I mean, I don’t really have any money in the stock market, so maybe it won’t really effect me much?

    1. Thank you for validating the prediction. I know you didn’t want to hear it, but sometimes we have to accept the timing. The rewrite of your novel is basically retrograde weather, so to be expected. Congratulations on the advance from the second publisher. They will of course want a rewrite or re-edit, so your timing is perfect. You don’t need to be experienced with astrology to know that Taurus the Bull and Scorpio the Scorpion spell finance and property. They are opposite signs. The former is personal income, the latter is joint income (your family). You have challenges here until July 2023 as the North Node is passing through Taurus and the South Node is passing through Scorpio. A typical outcome would be differences in the way you and the children’s co-parent handle the house, apartment, bills and so on. Another one would be your own family differing with you on approaches. That stretch ends in July 2023 so this is the hard part. You will make or save a small fortune from May 2023 until May 2024, with Jupiter in Taurus in your Second House, so enjoy that. You may sell film or television rights, for example, or have your second book sold at a higher price than the first.

  27. Dear Jessica, many thanks for your work. I am writing you from Italy, and I have factors in Taurus and Scorpio. How can I deal with the challenging time ahead?


    1. Grazie. I miss Rome and Naples. I’ll go back after 2026 when Covid is managed. Okay, so your chart shows the Sun Cancer, with stelliums in Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus. You were made for property – and property was made for you. You are also going through the toughest cycle in 29 years. It ends in March 2023. Oh happy day. The tests of your patience; disappointing episodes; difficult obstacles; endless waiting games – stop. This began in December 2020 and has involved your bank account, charity, business, house, valuables or apartment. So March 2023 is welcome. From that point you will be shown what it means to have control. To get the control you will need to use your self-control. By June 2023 you will realise that your own willpower is the only thing that will empower you long-term and you could become extremely influential with money or property in the Twenties and Thirties if you vow to transform your approach. The karma you have with situations from 18 or 19 years ago, financially, ends in July 2023. You owe, or are owed, but you get closure in July. Just before that, from May 2023, you begin to see the most fantastic options for saving or making a lot of money and will have done so by May 2024. Please use the Tarot on this website to validate my timing for yourself as this is a general guide to astrology and it is the cards you use for yourself which matter most.

  28. Thank you for this article. I am a Cancer sun with stelliums in Leo, Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio. I am retired with my investments in IRA’s in the NYSE. I would like to know how this impacts me. Thank you

    1. Thank you. March 2023 is a turning point for you, after the December 2022 drama on the NYSE. In that month the tests of your patience, obstacles and particular challenges (since December 2020) end. In their place comes a new challenge – to find your willpower and self-control – so that you can become far more powerful in the Twenties and Thirties, financially, than at any other time in your life. March is the turning point. The end of restrictions, barriers and limitations with your shares, business, house, charity, apartment, valuables, bank account – and the start of new power over the very long-term, if you can rise to the occasion. From May 2023 you have big, big options with your home, any property investments and the family. Jupiter, symbol of expansion and improvement, moves into place with your Cancer stellium in the Fourth House, ruling real estate, accommodation and your relatives. That’s a yes.

  29. Hi Jessica
    I love your blogs and look forward to reading them. I have loved astrology all my life but never did dig deep enough to learn how to read my chart, but hey, it’s never too late. I have Stelliums in Libra (5) Scorpio (5) Virgo (5) Cancer (4) Sagittarius (4) and Taurus (4). I’m curious as to how all these Stelliums are affecting me at this time of my life.
    Thanks Jessica!

    1. Thank you. My new ebook, Modern Astrology 2050, will have extensive information on your stelliums and all the lunation and nodal cycles to 2050 so you can predict your future. It will be published in time for Christmas and New Year. Your stelliums reveal that your personality and life are dictated by partnerships, sexual and financial relationships, your work-health balance, your home, foreign involvements and finances. Of these, finances matter most, as you have major transits in Scorpio and Taurus. Money, houses, business, charity, apartments, valuables are a big stretch until July 2023. The pressure eases before then, from May 2023, but from July you will really notice the solutions and opportunities, as Jupiter goes through Taurus. You will find Jupiter forms a sextile with your Cancer factors, May 2023 to May 2024, making it easy to buy, sell, renovate or lease just as you wish.

  30. Thank you again for a wonderfully prescient piece Jessica. I have Sun at 13 degrees Scorpio and Mercury at 13 degrees Scorpio amongst 11 (2 stelliums) in Scorpio and Taurus. While also having Pluto in Libra at 12 degrees and Neptune in Sagittarius at 12 degrees. Yes – I have been involved in cryptos so I may just stay out of the market by the looks of it :-)……….does this basically mean my chart is triggered? How about the other 12 degrees? Thanks for shedding any light.

    1. Thank you. Your Mercury at 13 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance is right on the Wall Street 12/13 line, with Taurus (personal income) and Scorpio opposite. A good way to check how this affects you is to go back 18 or 19 years, to the last time we saw the lunar nodes at 12 Scorpio-Taurus, which you can read about at the end of the feature. What happened then, happens again, in a different way. You can also use the Tarot on this website to validate timing and show you how the December 2022 line-up is likely to show up in your life. As a Sun Scorpio you also have Mars Retrograde in Gemini in the Eighth House of your solar chart, until March 2023, so this period is about flux. It is stop-start and pause for the next few months. The same story is told twice in your public and private chart, but as I said, you need to read for yourself – I can’t do it for you – so I recommend you start some research.

  31. HiJessica, I have my MC at15° taurus -IC at 15° scorpio.How would this impact someone like me with that in a chart.I do intent to get move jobs but it sounds like it will be a white knuckle ride.Im hoping any savings we have doesn’t come crashing down on us. I am luckiest than most as dont have much of a mortgage but things look so bleak.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn woman with stelliums in Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius. You also live in the United Kingdom which has fated upheaval with its currency (have a look at what I wrote about the pound and The Queen for September 2022, back in July 2020). So you can’t really control what is going on, in the British Isles, even though 2023 is a fantastic period of new growth and solutions, based on new deal-making with and around the European Union. Right now you have to think about the present. The worst is over in March 2023. No more frustration, disappointment or grim ‘realities’ with your money, house, apartment, charity or business. From that point, you are being asked to use your willpower to take back control, and use self-control to become empowered – for the Twenties and Thirties, actually. I believe this is connected to your job, as new roles or goals are indicated in 2023 if you want them.

  32. Jessica, I just looked at my birth chart again and it says I have 4 different stelliums. Searching the internet I can’t find people with 4 stelliums (scorpio, capricorn, libra and Sagittarius). What does this mean? My questions may seem very silly to you but I am a total newbie. You are the only astrologer whose website I started visiting frequently. I am not sure if it’s a call to learn more about this topic or what it is but I love reading your content.

    1. I use modern astrology – most astrologers on the internet are still using 20th century astrology or earlier – so you won’t see them talking about stelliums in this way. What does it mean? You have a library of flipbooks to explain, free to you as a Premium Member, valued at more than your membership, so please do take a look.

  33. Jessica, great article. Your insights and predictions are always spot on. I have my Moon at 12 Taurus. I’ve been wanting to buy a house for the last several years but with no luck. Now with everything topsy turvy and so much more expensive, I feel hesitant. I am also one of those that has Uranus in Virgo. What do you see for me in the next few years around property, finances, work and health (I work in healthcare lol). Thank you so much!

    1. As a Sun Libra woman you have historic cycles in your finance sectors not seen in your lifetime. You also have stelliums in Virgo Libra Aries Capricorn. I don’t know where you live, so it’s hard to say more about house prices – clearly Britain is seeing a drop in price tags at the moment, for example. The historic cycles which are making money unpredictable end in 2026. A stuck situation which always repeats, financially, ends in July 2023. The biggest and best opportunities to save a lot of money, or make it, arrive from May 2023 and last until May 2024. So those are the time frames. To personalise this, use the two Oracles and the Tarot on my website to validate timing and give yourself a three-way reading, but in general, the pressure you have felt with property ends in March 2023 and ebbs away after that, so next year is your turning point.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this very interesting article. Like some of the other readers, I gain much insight from the comments sections too so thank you for that also.

    The 12 degree placement will ping my chart in a good few places – not least directly on my natal Ceres. Also, my nodes at 13 Cancer/Cap. I’m trying to work on some title issues concerning my parents home at the moment – I wonder if that might link in with this? If you had any insights into how this weather may affect me I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks

    1. Thank you. The comments are an extension of the feature and make it real, so it’s great you can be part of the extended story. With Ceres at 12 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, you are very used to the most emotionally intense (Ceres) situations of deal-making and compromise (Ceres) with sexual and financial partners, like boyfriends, but also family members who are involved in the big-ticket items in your life budget. It’s dormant most of the time but every so often, it all comes up. Okay, so the NYSE drama of December will bring this up again. I expect it’s likely the trickle-down economics of Wall Street and its impact on your (say) relatives or partners. A really good way to check is to look back to the last time we saw that cycle, and I list the dates at the end of the feature. Your nodes are picked up, in Cancer and Capricorn, so again, you would expect trickle impact on your parents’ home (Cancer) and your job (Capricorn). There is no need to worry about it, the whole point of divination is to pre-empt any issues, so it is time to turn to the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle and validate that timing I have given you and see advice from your own reading. You are your own best expert.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I really appreciate your insight and guidance. We lost a lot of money in 2008 and would really not like to do that again. Trying to figure out how our charts interact with all this financial chaos. Would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you so much.

    1. At 9 through 29 degrees of Aquarius and Leo in 2008, the transiting nodes set up a T-Square (tense, tight, testing) with everything you have in Taurus in your Second House of personal income and Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance. You also had Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, which did not help. At 15, 17, 20, 23 degrees your Taurus-Scorpio patterns met Neptune at 20, 23 Aquarius and Chiron at 15 Aquarius. Highly unusual. So they blocked you and stopped you. You will find life a lot easier after July 2023 when the lunar nodes move off Taurus and Scorpio and so the big stretch is over. You must also have found life in 2021, 2022 quite hard work as Saturn has been in Aquarius the whole time, once again blocking and stopping you. You say ‘our’ charts but I only see one here. If this is a joint account or business, you can both read your Tarot about the timing I am giving you, so you run the prediction for yourselves and see it from both angles.

  36. Hi Jessica

    For all of us, life has certainly been a rollercoaster since 2020 and for those of us running businesses with little help from the government, pretty scary to the point where I’ve asked many times, is it worth carrying on? I run a property business; development, investment and management and follow financial markets as it has such an effect on how we invest. The whole system is broken, corrupt to the point it is almost impossible to trade. I do take comfort in your horoscopes and there have been snippets of encouragement over the last month or two but can things really improve as you suggest when Pluto leaves my sun? I’m blessed/cursed with Virgo too along with many others, a desire to help others and seem to put myself further down the pecking order but, it’s rewarding! I’ve a particularly special project planned for 2023. My wife and I secured planning permission to demolish and replace our small bungalow with a really beautiful home. We bought it during lockdown in 2020 but couldn’t move for 7 months due to the restrictions. It’s certainly our forever location but the bungalow is very old, and freezing (no heating ). Maybe 2023 will be the new start.

    1. Thank you. Well, as a Sun Capricorn with a Capricorn stellium you are almost at the end of the most challenging, demanding professional cycle of your life. It began in 2008 with Pluto entering your Tenth House of success, business and career and ends in March 2023. I am sure you have been repeatedly tested as this is what Pluto transits do. It will never happen again. You also have stelliums in Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini so the difficulty of Covid affected you directly and still does. It is interesting that you say the system is broken and you cannot trade. The chart for the NYSE itself shows you why it is going to transform, long-term. You also need to replace a bungalow with a new home. Your luck is in. You will do that, or something even better, with property – right up until the end of October, or resuming Christmas to May 2023. You are going to find life a lot easier once Jupiter goes to Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024 and trines your Virgo and Capricorn factors, and sextiles your Pisces factors. Pluto is out of the picture; that is coming; 2023-2024 is a huge improvement. It is very important that you are a Covid realist. That holds until 2026. Other people are fantasising; your chart says, keep updating and keep it real.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this amazing insight. I have my pension in shares, however I am a bit of a non-conformist and feel like I’ve chosen companies that just might fare better, or recover quicker in these challenging times.

    I’d really appreciate any guidance you could offer with regard to my chart and finances.

    Thank you!

    1. The smart money is on ‘banking on change’ and that’s been the case since 2018 when Uranus, the symbol of revolution, entered Taurus, the sign of currency and shares. Some people have already done very nicely from cryptocurrency and also from renewable energy, as gas, petrol and coal are doomed on this cycle, which ends in 2026. You are an Aquarian with Fortuna and Psyche in Scorpio in your Eighth House of shared finance, property, charity, valuables and business. What you leave behind when you pass, is there forever. So it may be a house you leave to your godchild. It may be a business you leave forever, online. You affect the destinies of other people without realising what you are doing – financially. So this may be your girlfriend or it may be your father. Scorpio is about personal financial relationships. You have some karma to complete from around 18-19 years ago, again it would be personal-financial. You are owed, or you owe. That ends in July 2023. Until then you will realise life is pretty circular; that’s because you have to deal with what was. The Tarot can give you a more personal insight on that.

  38. Hello Jessica, what an interesting analysis you’ve done here – as usual! Thank you so much. I just slipped to one side and looked at what was happening around the 1780s – looks worrying!

    Does it mean this coming weather will directly affect me because I have my North and South nodes at 13 deg in Taurus and Scorpio? If so, what sort of thing should I be careful about?

    Many thanks

    1. Thank you. You’re a Sun Leo with Virgo, Scorpio and Leo stelliums, Jane, so there is an historic story about your house, business, banking, pension/superannuation, legacy (and legacies naming you), charity, apartment, valuables and so on – until July 2023. You have several past lives involved on sharemarkets, retail, philanthropy and the rest. You have incarnated to experience cryptocurrency but also the impact of Covid on the markets. If you feel it’s all familiar, that’s because it is. You have been through some version of this before. Yes, you are directly affected by Wall Street drama if you have shares there or work there. If not, it’s at a distance. This is the classic gap between your values and other people’s values. So, for example, you may not care about money but your boyfriend does. Or you may be intensely focussed on updating your will, but your parents are not. The Tarot will give you a more personal reading and validate those dates.

  39. Hi Jessica, I have been researching the 1890’s period of history in England and the now USA, and noticed the ‘ panic of 1893’, the biggest financial crash in US history prior to the Great Depression has Pluto conjunct Neptune in GEMINI and Uranus in Scorpio, Mars and Jupiter in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra. And the North node in Taurus, South node in Scorpio.
    I know it’s a while back but doesn’t it hold some common factors?
    Interestingly following this there was a mass march of unemployed ( white male ) Americans onto the Capitol. Well, it started as a mass and ended up as 400. But it was the first of it’s kind then and the leader’s ideas were later adapted into the New Deal….

    1. Thank you. Of all those factors, the most important is the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio. The Panic of 1893, you say? I will look at that; I’m not familiar with it. Presumably it happened prior to 27th February 1893, which is the last possible day that the nodes were in Taurus-Scorpio. Uranus in Scorpio would have been the other player. In all massive economic shifts you tend to get lots of other-sign oppositions, just because the tension all round increases, in so many other areas of life. But it is always Taurus and Scorpio and no other signs which dictate economy. Cancer can show real-estate; Virgo can show unemployment and the rest. The bigger, bigger picture is that until 2026 we have billions more people than usual born with Scorpio chart factors, who are going through Uranus in Taurus, in opposition to Scorpio. So ‘the challenge to change’ and ‘unfixing the fixed’ is ongoing. The biggest mistake I see people making in 2022 is the delusion that we are in the same globalisation economy and Covid is over. Wow. Huge mistake.

  40. Hello Jessica,
    A thought provoking post! And I have all the usual questions (how will I be impacted?) but more so, I find your comments regarding past lives fascinating. Could you please take a look at that for me?
    Thank you for sharing your unique talents with us. Your website has been an unexpectedly delightful, thought provoking, and positive element in my life.

    1. Thank you. Your North Node in Leo in the Fifth House and South Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House reveal your past lives. The lunar nodes uniquely go backwards through the 12 signs, not forwards, so we look to them, for evidence of prior incarnations. You have been a leader, tutor, guide, mentor to your own and other people’s children and teenagers, before. Those younger faces may show up in this lifetime as (say) parents or partners, or the same children may be reborn. You have learned about the role of King or Queen, Duke or Duchess, or other nobility and aristocracy, at least once. At the other end of the spectrum you have also been involved in societies, clubs, teams, communities, circles, guilds, trade unions and so on – more than once Again, the friends within these networks of people may have incarnated with you again, this time round, so you can achieve closure with each other. The big Leo-Aquarius nodal lesson is always like Camelot. If you are King Arthur you have to deal with the knights. If you are a knight you have to deal with King Arthur. This can play itself out with an environmental organisation; with a social change campaign; with a walking club; with a charity. Figuring it out lasts a lifetime. Draw a Tarot card to show you how your Leo node is manifesting and how your Aquarius node is manifesting, to date. If you draw a King or Queen, you should consider that in at least one life you were at the top or moving in those circles.

  41. Hi Jessica! I’ve been looking to invest/get a mortgage for a home since 2021 but the skyrocketing prices have been prohibitive. Do you see anything in my chart related to this article that signals a better time to buy? I’m hoping housing prices drop meaningfully. I’m in the U.S. in an expensive area. Any other insights you could share would be great. Thanks! JD

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn, Pisces and Virgo. Your financial restrictions end in March 2023 when Saturn changes signs. From that point on you can build a long-term powerful position for yourself well into the Thirties, by using your willpower. March 2023 is an important month all round, as career, academic career or unpaid work pressure falls away. By then you will be aware of opportunities to gain from a house or apartment in your line of vision. In fact, the doors will have swung open for you with a home, accommodation or property just near Christmas. Try to use what or whom is on offer, by May 2023 at the very latest. You can use The Garden Oracle to talk to you more about that when it happens, but 2023 is so much easier than 2022 ever was.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you. This is a lot to digest but really valuable to us.
    I took away from this article that factors at 12 are key. Looking at my chart, whilst I have quite a lot in Scorpio and Taurus they are not 11-13 degrees – something to be thankful I guess – I do have Mercury 11 and Salacia 13 (Capricorn), Aesculapia 11 (Virgo) and Venus 13 (Aquarius). So looking at my natal chart this concerns career, work and health, and groups but Aquarius is also my 2 nd house of income. So my question is how do you figure out if this is good news or not? I noted you mentioned the same 12 degree for NYSE for a positive outcome “ in February 8th 1980, capitalisation of the NYSE topped $1 trillion……… At 12 noon in New York on February 8th 1980, transiting Aesculapia was at 1 Taurus in conjunction with the natal Sun at 1 Taurus. The Moon was at 12 Scorpio in conjunction with Psyche at 13 Scorpio – in opposition to Mercury at 12 Scorpio. The usual triggers.” what contributed to that positive outcome when other 12 degree transits accompanied a crash? Is it the presence of Aesculapia? Obviously I’m wondering if my Aesculapia at 11 will a rebirth or renewal of my work situation. I’m so tired of working 5 days a week, trying to manage house improvements ( nothing grand just to make safe to live and secure ) and supporting my husband who has been very ill ( cancer then heart issues) and is recovering, thank goodness, but weak and with poor balance; he fell over a month ago and couldn’t get back up, silly sausage ( said something different at the time) injured himself and put back his recovery from his heart op. I fear for him every time he leaves the house! I try to make a difference at work but the ‘powers that be’ don’t want to hear about HEPA and safe UV. Sorry, this is turning into a whingefest – I apologise. All my fight seems to have been knocked out of me. Bizarrely I’m feeling quite fearful right now – so unlike me! I wonder if this is a Saturn transit of some sort – could you please comment?
    I work on the basis that if you answer it’s meant to be, that someone in spirit thinks I need to hear your response. Either way many thanks. Your work does lift me. TA

    1. Thank you. Working five days a week, supporting your husband who has gone through cancer/heart issues – and dealing with Covid-stupid employers – is very tough. You are allowed to whinge so please don’t apologise. Let’s look at your chart in the light of Wall Street dramas in December this year and in early 2023. You are a Sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces. The house improvements will work out very nicely for you by Halloween, and again from Christmas to May 2023. You could do more than just decorate or renovate, though, you could move if you wished, to your advantage. Long-term your home will become an escape from the real world for you, well into the late Twenties. The situation with your husband is classic Taurus-Scorpio. You married under Scorpio agreements – until death do us part, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health – and even without a church wedding, that is the basic understanding of society. Now, you are in a cycle not seen since 1939 and are having the full impact of the commitment dawn on you. The big stretch ends in July 2023. From July 2023 you no longer have to meet the challenge of my money/his money or my home/his home as the nodes leave Scorpio and Taurus. In fact, you will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 as Jupiter goes through Taurus. The public and private chart show similar timing. The most heavy, restrictive set-up in 29 years with money, ends in March 2023 as Saturn changes signs. From that point forward you are looking at long-term financial power, if you can use your willpower. That’s quite new. The relentless nature of work at the moment also ends in March 2023. Have a look at the Tarot to validate the timing.

  43. I am so glad your wrote this article. I have been trying to navigate my finances through this time. Living in the US I hear about all the naked shorting and synthetic shares and the US stock market is corrupt. So, I was hoping a dramatic change in the stock market would be positive for the masses, instead of just the few elite. I am invested in the stock market, crypto and have a pension/401k (which have all taking a huge hit). Also, I just lost my job of almost 20 years. Actually, in some ways it was a relief because the pressure was getting so bad. However, it is definitely scary financially wise. I am trying to protect my investments and maybe just let them ride throughout the next couple of month. I have no idea what my future career/job outlook looks like, since I am going to be 53. We have no kids and both or our parents/grandparents have passed. I do have a Scorpio Stellium.. plus I have mars at 15 scorpio and Saturn at 15 Taurus. I was wondering if you could please give me a little more detailed insight on what I should focus on or expect?

    1. Thank you. The prediction about the crashing pound in Britain came true, two years into the future, which made me look at the part Taurus and Scorpio play in charts again. Then I saw Wall Street and questioned why the accepted chart doesn’t work. So onto the NYSE ‘building’ chart and your own horoscope, to see how they play out. You are a Sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo. Your public and private chart say similar things. This is the most heavily restricted cycle for money in 29 years but it ends in March 2023. From March 2023 you have historic choices to use your willpower to find empowerment, financially, through the Twenties and Thirties. March offers you a clear new choice; operate differently with self-control and you will end up in a position of control. Your two most important stelliums are in Capricorn and Scorpio. The former has given you a very long, intense, transformative career cycle since 2008 with a lot of politics. That ends in March 2023, after December 2022, January 2023 bring demotions, mergers, promotions and other reshuffles in your field, which change your situation – musical chairs, new music. The Scorpio stellium has been affected by the Taurus-Scorpio cycles of the lunar nodes and also the ongoing shocks of Uranus in Taurus, opposite Scorpio, and that began in 2018 and gathered speed when your investments, cryptocurrency and pension were hit. The good news about this is that your Scorpio stellium (joint finance and property with your partner) is less of a challenge from July 2023. That month, the nodes change signs and the big stretch is over. Until 2026, though, Uranus in Taurus will continue to periodically oppose your Scorpio factors which pertain to your partner in unison with you. So, figuring out a flexible long-term plan with/around him is really important. Something which is not so rigid that it cannot take change, because by 2026 you will have to take more change on board. That’s not a bad thing. But try not to lock in/lock down with property or finance as if it was life before 2018, because we’re just not going back there on this cycle.

  44. Hi Jessica, I just started my account after being a spectator for a few months, and happy to post my first comment. Your articles are always excellent and thought-provoking. My career has been a nightmare since being laid off due to Covid in 2020. Fortunately, I was hired back in 2021 but at a reduced salary and a lower level position. I work in the aviation industry in the midwestern U.S. How can I best prepare for the next 6-9 months? More specifically, what is my purpose, and how can I feel fulfilled and live a stable life in the future?

    Thank you very much,

    1. Thank you for becoming a subscriber, Mickey. You work in aviation and Covid has struck. You are also wondering about bigger questions than your career. You are a Sun Cancer with stelliums in Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Taurus. You are here to connect people, places and ideas locally and regionally. You do not have to be in aviation to do that. In fact you will have new opportunities to operate between neighbouring places once Jupiter changes signs to Gemini as you go towards the mid Twenties, and in an exciting, radical new way from the year 2026 when a revolution begins in the airline and transport industry. Your other raison d’etre is to mentor, guide and set an example to a younger generation. You can do this with children, godchildren, young relatives or en masse, perhaps teaching or volunteering. King to a younger court of heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. You are also here to work for others; to perform a service and do your duty, perfecting the fine, small details of your trade or craft. This necessarily involves making sure you are a well-oiled machine, so figuring out your Mind, Body and Spirit and doing what it takes to be in good health is part of the journey. I don’t know how close you are to Covid risks in your aviation job but your wellbeing has to be protected, above all other things, if you have a Virgo stellium. Finally, you have a Taurus stellium, so are here to make or save money, and then help other people with it. That is the highest expression of Taurus. How you blend all this is the next challenge, but of all the stelliums, it is the Taurus one which matters most, as you are in a position to make or save a great deal of money from May 2023 until May 2024, as Jupiter enters Taurus and your Second House of personal income and savings, for the first time in 12 years. From that point you are in a great position with work as well, as Jupiter will trine everything in your Virgo stellium. I would not be totally surprised if you were hired for one or more roles/projects after Christmas and by May 2023, with resulting rewards from that. The Tarot on this website can validate that timing.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for all of your insight. I recently survived Hurricane Ian in Florida, US with some minor damage to my home that can be repaired. I un-retired and returned to work about 6 months ago because I did not feel confident about the economy and my investments. My employment seems secure, if stressful. I am wondering if you can look at my chart and suggest how I can best move forward. I have stelliums in Leo (7), Capricorn (4), Virgo (4), Libra (4), and Scorpio (4). My natal moon is at 12 degrees in Capricorn and Psyche at 11 degrees in Leo. Thank you

    1. Thank you. It must be a relief to have Hurricane Ian behind you so that now you can make minor home repairs. You were retired, but have gone back to work, because you didn’t want to rely on investments in a shaky economy. You are a Sun Leo and have a Virgo stellium, so in your public and private chart, it’s all about the Sixth House of workload, wellbeing, lifestyle, housework and ‘how to make 24 hours go around in a balanced way.’ This is the case until March 2023 when you suddenly realise you no longer have to function in the same way. March 2023 is very important, as the pressure is off, in terms of workload, but you also have new realities about money which were not there before. Saturn goes into your solar Eighth House of joint finance and shared property. New restrictions and limitations show up and accompany you in 2023, 2024, 2025. It’s nothing that has not happened before, as Saturn was last there 28 years ago, but you will need to get a plan, and get a plan that you can live with long-term; a realistic way to handle the new reality. The shift in the way you think about work helps a fantastic new period of growth and improvement with your career as a whole; your academic career if you want one; any prestigious unpaid role. This starts in May 2023 and by May 2024 you will be in a much better position professionally. The financial or property situation from March 2023 is really about the other person, or other people, not so much your own situation. So, classically, mortgage and marriage, or the family set-up. You have a window of fantastic opportunity, Halloween to Christmas, for making or saving proper money, so do what you can in the final weeks of 2022 to help yourself in 2023 and beyond.

  46. Hi Jessica, thank you for this incredible article. I wish the article weren’t true but would like your thoughts on how it could impact me and my husband (Taurean through and through, 5/15/70). We are financially ok but have been worried about stock markets for a while. One of us had to change jobs abruptly this year and now in the tech sector, which has been battered by markets. Concerned about the macroeconomic environment overall and given my Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus placements/relationships, welcome any advice you may have.

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Virgo with a Taurus and Scorpio stellium, both your public chart and private chart show 2022-2023 cycles in the Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint income. You will have opportunities and solutions not possible in 12 years, from Christmas to May 2023 so use them while they are there. The changes on the NYSE and Wall Street directly or indirectly benefit you, as you can save money or make it very easily on that time-frame. From July 2023 the lunar nodes move position and that month is a gear change for you. From that point it’s about the combined income situation, rather than just your own, so you will have to think about balancing the scales with your husband much more. The bigger, bigger picture until 2026 is about a global economy which undergoes a revolution so that people can break free of whatever was restricting them before; this suggests all kinds of things, from materialism (hamster wheel working, borrowing and spending) to the quite radical options presented by crowdfunded cryptocurrency ventures. You will find your own way through it. Throughout, the issues are always going to be ‘my money’ and ‘our money’ and if you have to keep on changing the agreement with your husband, that’s fine. The Tarot can give you validation on that timing and show you how to zig-zag through it.

  47. Hello Jessica,
    I am new member to your site. I find your predictions fascinating. I had no idea that you were answering people’s personal questions!
    My husband and I would like to move but so much uncertainty with the economy. Any insight with my chart( still not understanding how to read and interpret). I hope we continue to have live and success and avoid and pitfalls.Thank you.
    Greetings from The Netherlands

    1. Thank you. Yes, I answer personal questions when I can. At the moment I see there are 103 comments on this Wall Street Astrology post so it may take some time to get to them all. You are a Sun Cancer woman with stelliums in Cancer, Virgo, Aries, Libra. You’d like to move. You may want to wait until Saturn is out of Aquarius and your Eighth House of property and marriage, which is March 2023. Saturn is restriction. To have the best chance, you’d be looking from March 2023 and also be open to a change in the balance of power with your husband. In fact, the marriage is the issue, not the house or apartment, and you two have karma together to complete from July 2023, ongoing to 2024. You owe each other spiritually, and there is a great deal to sort out, in terms of karma and closure, from July 2023 onwards. It is possible that a mortgage, lease or property investment is part of that. The Tarot can tell you more, as I don’t see his chart.

  48. Hi Jessica – I enjoy reading your insights both here and on Twitter. With the help of this article, I noticed that my Juno is precisely conjunct with the NYSE Juno. What does this mean? Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you. Juno is a symbol of commitment in the chart. Who or what you commit yourself to, is Juno. By sign and house she reveals where you habitually ‘wed’ yourself to situations, people, organisations, places. You have Juno in Sagittarius and the Ninth House. You sign up to foreigners and foreign countries. You sign up for academia, the worldwide web or publishing. Juno shows where there is a gilded cage; she was Jupiter’s wife. You gain good things, but lose your essential autonomy, freedom and independence. The NYSE is a good example of this. She ‘marries’ foreign investment, like China, but is hidebound by it. You are tied to Wall Street and she is tied to you; at some point in your life you will realise why.

  49. Thank you for your insights – I want to be prepared financially as I have carer responsibilities and I have a small flat that I rent at a discounted rate to a low income worker – any insights from my chart? Sagittarius 9/12/69 in Australia

    1. As a Sun Sagittarius woman you have been living with the long Pluto in Capricorn cycle in your Second House of money since January 2008. During this time you have learned so much about what it means to be powerful; how others will try to disempower you; why self-control can give you back control; how willpower gives you the upper hand in the game of finance, property, business, charity, retail. The cycle ends in March 2023. From that point onwards all that Pluto can do is retrace his footsteps; he has lost his foothold on your horoscope – by the mid 2020’s he has gone. Your biggest concern in 2023-2025 will be the house or apartment, and undoubtedly your carer role with the family. You will be shown amazing solutions and answers from Halloween to Christmas; pursue them; seek the best advice you can find, then. If you are thrown a way out or way through, the astrology suggests you should take it. The Tarot is free to use on this website and can validate for you.

  50. Hi Jessica, First of all, thank you so much for this article. I have left a comment before, but it seems to have disappeared, so I’ll leave it again. I have stelliums in Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus and several factors at 12 degrees. Money/property has always been a difficult issue and my mind in the last few years has been set to trying to solve this, by making it flow more easily, but it continues to be a stressful topic. I was really hopeful that things would become easier in that area in the future. Could you please check my chart and maybe give some insight on how these transits may affect me? Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Thank you. I have 106 comments in the queue and have only just sat down with a cup of tea, so yours is next. You are a Sun Virgo with stelliums in Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Libra, Taurus – as you say. Joint finance and property is a lifelong saga for you, as you have a history of transits in Aries in your solar Eighth House of family legacies, wills, trusts and inheritance – but also partnership finance and property. So this goes back years. Uranus in Aries destabilised that for a long time. Looking far into the future, eventually you will find a holiday from reality with your money, so the escape from 2026 is real. You need to get through 2022 and 2023 in the meantime. Having that Scorpio-Taurus pattern, you are no doubt finding 2022 very hard. That stretch ends in July 2023. The nodes leave those signs, the tug of war is over, and you can begin to snap up fantastic opportunities and solutions, which began to show themselves in May 2023 and will deliver rewards by May 2024, is you snap up the options.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    What a read!
    I’ve had a complete overhaul of our finances since following you a couple of years ago. As I’m beginning to see, timing is everything and I was ready to do that overall with Uranus in my 2nd house. It has been cathartic and I feel calmer than I have in years about our budget/finances.

    With a stellium in Taurus including Saturn, I’ve had a few Uranus transits recently.

    With several planets/asteroids at 13 (Apollo in Taurus, MC in Capricorn & IC in Cancer) and as a Sun Aries (11), North Node & South Node at 11 Pisces and Virgo, I’m assuming I’ll be affected by these seismic global events. I’ve tried deciphering my chart to read how I should best prepare for it but I’d be grateful for any insight you can kindly share.
    I suppose I’m most concerned about the pension I’ve just recently restarted (with plenty of catching up to do) as clearly the stock markets are set to rumble.

    As always, huge thanks, love and appreciation for sharing your wisdom so generously.

    (I’m a premium member but it doesn’t seem to register me as logged in when I am on this article).

    1. Thank you very much. You are logged in successfully and I can see your chart as a Premium Member. You are a Sun Aries woman with stelliums in Aries, Taurus, Pisces and Capricorn. Uranus in Taurus (the revolution in the economy) is personal for you, as Uranus transits your Second House of income, until 2026, and along the way, forms conjunctions with everything you have in this sign. Fixing the unfixed is what this is all about. Getting into a loosey-goosey position is wise when Uranus is around as the changes are radical, sudden and often a shock. Covid is an example of that. So is Cryptocurrency. There will be more by 2026. You will make or save money, substantially, from May 2023 until May 2024. Try to read right around every update on what is happening to your economy and to business, as what you assume or guess, if it based on life as it has always been, is no longer relevant. Wall Street will show drama, twice, but it’s the way you deal with it.

  52. Hi Jessica, my mind boggles at the sheer amount of energy devoted to responding to the innumerable questions that pour in after every article. Wonder if it drains you or there’s some way you hold on to your energy reserves.

    My chart is a minefield for these transits! I love finances and am heavily invested into stocks and real estate. I was reminded of the stock market scam that rocked my country in 1992, affecting my father’s investments adversely and he died in 1993 of heart break and worry, I guess(I was very young then) there’s a whole bunch of transactions I had planned from 2023 to 2025. We have been looking fora bigger space to move into in the area we live in but nothing opportune as yet.

    Another strange occurrence I have noticed is the obstacles that come in the way of my traveling even to near by places. One remarkable one was where my hand had to be operated on for an infection that came out of nowhere, two days before I was to fly. I am now scared to book any holidays :(.

    The tarot readingfor stocks was the Tower ! Brrrrr hellpppppp

    1. Thank you. I work with time differently to most people and have learned how to distort the clock and calendar, so I am able to do more than most people. So that’s the explanation. I was taught how to do that by a scientist, about 25 years ago. To start at the end, if your Tarot reading for stocks was The Tower, that is the sudden shock of disruption and partial collapse. You need to go back to the Tarot and find out what you can do about that. If you are living in England I assume this is the London Stock Exchange. As for flying, it is the problem with Covid, and Covid is the problem with flying. That’s basic astrology!

  53. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your these fascinating insights! I am a Sun Libra/Cancer Rising with stelliums in libra, cancer & scorpio in my 8th house. Joint finances have been a challenge since I was young. I’m trying to prepare myself as best as possible for the next downturn. We both work remotely and our current housing situation is flexible. I’ve started 2 business previously but those didn’t quite take off. We kept the profits from our house sale in 2019 liquid. We’ve been trying to grow more food at home and are wondering if we should consider moving to a place with more water next year. I currently work in insurance for a large corporation and am fearful of a layoff when wall street gets hit. Can you offer any more helpful tips?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra woman with Libra, Cancer and Scorpio stelliums. You will find life until 2026 is unpredictable so you and your partner need to keep things loosey-goosey; be prepared to zig-zag when Wall Street and the US economy also zig-zags. Uranus in Taurus until 2026 is basically here to overturn the old system so you need to be as agile as possible, not weighed down by heavy commitments. It’s good your housing situation is flexible. As your businesses never took off and you’ve always had financial challenges, your Chiron-Mars opposition at 17 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio needs to be watched. That’s your problem. Every time you have transits at 17 Taurus-Scorpio you have a battle. You work in insurance which is a good way to absorb that opposition, as what plays out at work, shows you what Mars-Chiron is. Yet, you also need your own life *not* to show up with those rather difficult clashes in the horoscope. The property situation comes to a crossroads decision March-June 2023. You will be pleased to see that a house/apartment becomes a place to live from that point, rather than the focus of endless questions about how powerful you are, how much control you have and how to play people politics. You’ve had that since 2008 but it ends next March. The other useful thing about 2023 is the end of the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio from July that year. The stretch is over. That particular opposition vanishes and life will be a great deal more simple. The Tarot can give you a more personal validation of the timing and also give you insights into your home, as can The Garden Oracle.

  54. I’ve been preparing for the upcoming changes for long time since I found your website and became a subscriber. A massive change just happened as I’ve been laid off and I’m glad that I have prepared for that. It actually a relief as I have started my own freelance wellness business and it’s been giving me more satisfaction and freedom. I should be happy however I’m also very concerned about the economy. I feel unease and huge uncertainty at the moment and ahead as we are slowly getting out of covid. I understand that covid is still happening but most people have accepted that life must go on. What’s coming regarding the economy makes me wonder if I should open my business with my own space. Besides the cost of rental and utility bills but I’m also concerned about if people actually have the money to spend on my wellness business. I have tarot reading giving me the green light to go ahead but I don’t see when will it happen. Can you take a look at my chart and see when will it be the moment that I can be truly independent to launch the vision of my business? Should I wait until after June 2023? Any insight will be helpful. Thanks with lots of gratitude.

    1. I’m glad you were prepared for being laid off and have the insight to realise it’s a relief. You are wondering about your own business (wellbeing) and the Tarot says to proceed. You are a Sun Leo person with a stellium in Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries. The astrological timing, if you want to go back to the Tarot and follow the steps is – the end of endless questions about your lifestyle, housework, daily routine, health, wellbeing – in March 2023. You have been cycling around with these since 2008. We don’t know why yet, but March 2023 is the finishing line for 15 years of slow transformation in work; slow transformation within the body too. I expect you will get answers on or before March, but sign off from the past, that month. You need to keep the stakes low with money in 2023, 2024 because Saturn also changes signs in March and you will find there are new restrictions then involving sexual and financial relationships, or family and property arrangements. Perhaps, an inheritance. These heavy limitations offer a few ‘stop’ and ‘go slow’ signs from March which I would expect you recognise immediately. Erring on the side of caution is always wise when Saturn is there for such a long time. You will be thrilled at new opportunities for success which begin in May 2023 and end by May 2024. Jupiter in Taurus will deliver awards; big offers; promotions; a huge leap up the social scale; a hit. Jupiter opens the doors. The rest is up to you.

  55. Hi Jessica, You are such a genius astrologer, I have been wowed by your predictions for several years, and now this Wall Street forecast is giving me goose bumps because it’s what I have been feeling in my gut since the start of the year. I’m a Capricorn, and I don’t have any major planets in Taurus or Scorpio, but I do have Mercury at 11 degrees in Capricorn, what does your Wall Street prediction mean for me? I recently left a well-compensated job, but I was on contract and finished the project, so I am currently freelancing and just getting by. (I have, though, taken your advice on reinventing my brand.) Meanwhile, I am close to retirement age and have already been traumatized by how much my investment portfolio has plunged this year, even though it is rather conservatively invested. Do the planets advise I just grit my teeth, batten the hatches, and ride this out?

    1. Thank you. A few people have goosebumps or chills when they read my work, because their spirit guides and helpers have drawn closer and the aura usually registers a drop in temperature or a slight shuddering sensation. It sounds as if you may be a natural psychic if you have gut feelings too. A drop in your investment value sounds like a classic Sun Capricorn issue. You currently have the most restricted and weighty situation in 29 years with Saturn in Aquarius in your Second House of income. That ends in March 2023. In fact, March 2023 is your starting point for the most important transformation of your life, which goes on well past 2030. The challenge in March, until June, is to find the willpower to acquire real power, influence and potency – financially. You are a Sun Capricorn woman but also have stelliums in Capricorn, Sagittarius, Gemini and Leo. So March 2023 becomes doubly important as you end a long cycle of people politics and questions about who/what is in control of your career – that began way back in 2008. This sounds like a new job doesn’t it. Or perhaps early retirement. Maybe, a different way of working freelance. There is a long-term future online here, as part of a revolution, which starts in 2026. So you say you are close to retiring but for whatever reason, exciting, liberating, wildly inventive new takes on the internet will absorb you after 2026. Wall Street is connected to your profession; what happens when Wall Street is triggered at 12/13 degrees does pick up your Mercury at 11 Capricorn, so you will be required to put more energy into work then, and particularly the system you work in; the hierarchy.

  56. Hi Jess, I love your financial blogs the most. A great fan over many years.

    I have a Stellium in Scorpio in my second house. I have been sitting in cash on the sidelines for years now.

    Im keen to understand how these next 9 months play out and how to benefit.

    Thanks Zayne 4am 24/10/1971

    1. Thank you Zayne. But don’t call me Jess, please. Okay, so you are a Sun Scorpio with stelliums in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Libra. You may want to skip life until March 2023 for any action plans involving other people and their stake in your business, shares, money, house, apartment, valuables, charity. The reason for that is Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your solar Eighth House, at the same time as the South Node in Scorpio in your natal Eighth House. What you enter into could be complicated and go on for rather longer than you expected. From March 2023 that changes. From July 2023 you also lose the South Node from Scorpio in your natal Eighth House so any stuck or circular situations involving (say) marriage and mortgage or family and inheritance, stop. Long term the future for you is about land, property investment, renovation, building and homes of all kinds. You will see why from March 2023 when you are shown how different life could be. Have a look at the property market as once Pluto goes into Aquarius and your solar Fourth House, you are in quite a potentially powerful situation for years into the future. It’s your life, though, not mine, so please validate this timing with a personalised Tarot reading.

  57. Hi Jessica,

    Could you please have a look at my chart? I have stelliums in Cancer, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aries.

    Many thanks for this!

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with a stellium in Cancer which is very common as it is the next sign along. Gemini is also a stellium in your chart. This is the sign of the natural real-estate agent. Your life is divided between local and foreign and your main challenge is figuring out if you stay in your home town or homeland, or emigrate. Your long-term future is in local life, neighbouring towns or regions, the preservation of property or nature where you live. That is from 2026. The most intense, relentless phase you have ever known with finance, property, charity, business ends in March 2023. You will see the different immediately and from the mid 2020s consider 2008-2022 to be ancient history.

  58. Jessica, thank you so much for your thorough and thoughtful response. Everything you said rings true and confirms I am mostly on the right track. Also, I am especially fascinated with your predictions regarding de-globalization and our lives becoming more local and regional. I have sensed something along those lines has needed to happen for quite some time. It might be a rough ride ahead, but I am looking forward to 2023 and Pluto in Aquarius.

  59. Hi Jessica, thank you for writing your blog so we can all be a little more knowledgeable! I unfortunately misread the one about Bitcoin and got in when the value was at a record high. I sold all my shares to do so and now I have a huge tax bill. Paying that off will be a lesson learnt. Would love if you could have a look at my chart and give any advice re making more money and/or getting a new higher paying job. Thank you! Jen

    1. Jen, that is very tough. You are a Sun Capricorn woman going through the 29-year cycle of Saturn (big restrictions) in Aquarius (your income) until March 2023. That month is pivotal as you are then released from a situation which began at Christmas 2020 and has been very heavy ever since. This seems to be related to your job, as in your natal chart, Pluto leaves Capricorn and your Tenth House of career, also in March 2023. From that point forward, your challenge, if you should accept it, is to find real power and clout, by learning how to evaluate what is actually worthwhile (I suspect land, houses or apartments) and what you would refuse to sell. Historic treasures also qualify. This takes you past 2030. It begins with a real shift next March.

  60. Thanks Jessica. I am a retiree and have felt a little unsettled about the stock market of late but realise it can be a rollercoaster ride at times that’s the way it is. However, I honestly don’t fully understand all of the signs, symbols, houses and nodes.. so I’m further unsettled by what you convey and hoped you might be able to shed some light on my chart please.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer person with stelliums in Cancer Leo and Capricorn. The signs and symbols, houses and nodes are complex so I understand that you need translation. You shine at your brilliant best as a home-owner, gardener or committed tenant. You also stand out for your ‘way’ with property. You are well-known for your patriotism, local loyalties and passions and powerful sense of belonging to a place. Wall Street is going to correct and adjust as it always does; you gain from that from May 2023 until May 2024. This may be, because prices come down where you need them to. Or – you may find a part-time paid option, even though you are retired. The hardest part of your life budget is over from March 2023 and from that point onwards, you will realise what a powerful position you are in for the rest of your life, if you can use your willpower and self-control. Use the Tarot to validate that timing, to personalise your reading.

  61. Hi Jessica, I stumbled across your site and am in awe of how wonderful it is. I was able to join this morning as a premium member, thank you for all of your valuable information. I have a stellium in Scorpio in the 10th house including my Sun, my chart is updated on this site, hopefully you can take a look and advise. I was just laid off after 45 years and I am just lost. I assume that my 10th house is in line with the NYSE and since it was going down, so did I. I am not sure what I want to do at this stage. Looking forward to your insights. Thank you

    1. Thank you, that is very kind of you. I am so sorry you have been laid off after 45 years of work. You feel lost. First of all, your Scorpio stellium is in the Eighth House of joint finance, not the Tenth House of career. You do have a Capricorn stellium, though, and it is most definitely in your Tenth House of professional life. You need to sort out the money you are owed, either because of your employer or perhaps, insurance or government coverage. It may take you longer than you thought but stay the course. You need to think about the long pursuit of financial benefits or compensation but do think about 2023 as the new beginning. In your public chart (Scorpio) and private chart, you have indicators of a new lifestyle and workload; a different way of being successful. This shows up in December 2022 then January 2023. You will be offered opportunities to work, study or engage in unpaid work in a fantastically rewarding way from Christmas. March 2023 is another really important month, when you realise the politics with people since 2008 is over. You have come across some very controlling people or organisations in the last 15 years with Pluto in Capricorn in your Tenth House; a clique seeking to dominate your professional life, perhaps, or employers who want it all their own way. That’s finished from March 2023 and some of them may be finished then too! Your other huge change from March 2023 is the groups, clubs, teams, communities and so on, that involve you. From that month, for years into the future, you realise how powerful people power can actually be.

  62. Hello Jessica,
    I left an earlier comment and didn’t elaborate, yet reading all the comments about this financial crisis coming has me worried. Before I explain, I’d like to thank you for recommending Dr. Claire Weekes. I mentioned on one of your blogs about my anxiety and you told me about her books. I’ve read “Hope and Help for Your Nerves” and it has helped tremendously. My husband and I are fortunate to have survived Hurricane Ian without damage to our home. Thank goodness, because a week before the storm we took out a 2nd mortgage on our home to pay off credit card debt. Right after Ian, I had surgery so I’m unemployed at the moment. My husband would love to retire in two years, but with all the recession talk and the NYSE drama, we are very concerned about out 401Ks. Do you see anything in my chart that is reassuring? I know you mentioned karma 18-19 years ago…..something about owe or being owed. I just hope we’re on the right path come April of 2023. Thanks so much Jessica

    1. I’m really pleased you have found Dr Claire Weekes to help with your anxiety. Sorting out the physical symptoms can help you sort out the rest of your issues. Surviving Hurricane Ian is one thing but you also need to survive debt and unemployment. You are a Sun Aries with Virgo and Capricorn stelliums so need to work. You had surgery and must recover (relaxation is part of that) but once you are well again, you will be pleased to see a terrific opportunity from May 2023 to May 2024, as Jupiter trines your Virgo stellium (work ethic) and your Capricorn stellium (peak ambition). Of course you can find gainful employment before then, but it is that period which will sort things out for you.You will make or save quite a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 so your current situation does not last forever. The big stretch involving your husband ends in July 2023. The NYSE drama will benefit you. This often happens when house or apartment prices come down (bargains) or when there are changes in the business and corporate world which suddenly make good jobs available. Governments change their tax structures after drama and that can often help, or they pour money into ‘New Deal’ type arrangements and some people do very nicely.

  63. Hi Jessica and thank you for this amazing article. I have left a comment before, but it seems to have disappeared, so I’ll leave it again.
    Im financially ok but have been worried about stock market as I use to swing trade from time to time. In the beginning of this year I decided to change my strategy and become a long terms investor but I gived it up as the market went in bear trend. I am also thinking of resigning from my job or changing job or making a living as a trader. Can you plaese tell me how this period will affect my chart. Any insights you could share would be great. Thanks!

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio woman with Sagittarius and Scorpio stelliums. You were always going to have a historically challenging period when the lunar nodes moved into Taurus and Scorpio, opposing each other, and in opposition and conjunction with your Scorpio stellium. That ends in July 2023 but you have to achieve closure first. It takes insight to step back from life as it was 18 or 19 years ago; perhaps 18 or 19 years before that – to see that you are owed, or you owe. Perhaps both. You are now in a situation where you can reckon up and settle up, spiritually, by taking action over Scorpio matters – sexual and financial relationships, family-based property arrangements. These inevitably involve houses, shares, apartments, business interests and so on. If you made your living as a trader you would be challenged until 2026 as Uranus regularly opposes the Moon in Scorpio every 28 days and ‘shocks to the system’ (the economic system) also become shocks to your particular system too. So you need to know what you are doing. Strongly Scorpio people often end up in serious fundraising, philanthropy or in the pursuit of complex family or marital arrangements. That may eventually end up being your path.

  64. Dear Jessica Adams,

    I pray for your great blessing.

    I just read this article on China. I thought you might like to see it.

    I also watched the CNN documentaries “The Murdoch”… with interviews from many reporters who covered the Murdoch over decades. Rupert is only for POWER+PROFIT above any principal. And his son James Murdoch is even worst than the father. The documents details Rupert’s many plots to crush his rivals and even his workers without mercy.

    The next episode (Sunday Oct 15) will detail James scandal in UK (the phone hacking scandal in UK).

    Thank you Jessica.


  65. Hello Jessica,

    You are a solace during this time. I have posted twice regarding this article, you must be overwhelmed. I will be very brief this time. How does this affect me? Warm thanks and all goodness to you.

    1. Thank you. Not overwhelmed, but there are 15,333 comments as I check the website this morning, with my cup of tea. You are a Sun Libra with no Taurus or Scorpio stelliums, so finance, property, business and charity do not define you. They are not part of who you are and the usual swings and roundabouts of the economy don’t have a huge impact on you. As a Sun Libra, though, you remain in the most unpredictable money cycle of your life, until the year 2026, when sudden shocks to the larger economic system, also affect you, in that you are required to meet change with change – very quickly. The best recent example of that is the pandemic in 2020. There will be more upheavals until 2026 so the more flexible you are, the better. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024 when Jupiter transits your solar Eighth House and the big stretch or strain of the lunar nodes in opposition ends in July 2023, so the second half of next year, first half of 2024, is a welcome downhill ride, hands off the brakes.

  66. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for a great explanation (and heads up). While I don’t do much trading etc, we are obviously tied into the greater economy and share markets. Just wondering if this will impact me?

    1. Wall Street’s correction affects the entire planet. You are a Sun Sagittarius with Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius stelliums so the biggest change for you is the revival of the trade union movement; strike action and worker revolution which begins in March 2023 and continues past 2030. Over the long-term, we will see working people take back control and reclaim their power, in conditions very similar to The Black Death in the 14th century. Back then, the feudal system ended as peasants became empowered. As a strongly Aquarius person you will be affected directly and also indirectly by the surge in people power that arrives with Pluto in Aquarius and exactly the same conditions as The Black Death. You will also see the end of globalisation from 2026 which will affect how you live and work.

  67. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your incredible insight! I still have so much to learn and am very happy to have found your website and tools. Can you please share how my chart may be impacted by these future events? I hold US stocks and crypto. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo woman with stelliums in Virgo, Libra and Taurus. You will make or save money when Jupiter returns to Aries and your solar Eighth House of joint finance and shared property, from late December until May 2023. In your natal chart we find Jupiter in conjunction with all your Taurus factors from May 2023 to May 2024, so the timing is similar. Jupiter is a symbol of expansion, growth, improvement, solutions, optimism, hope and simple good luck. The current strain of the South Node in Scorpio in opposition to your Taurus factors will end in July 2023. Look at the Tarot about next year for validation, on this website.

  68. Hi Jessica, Thanks for the great article.
    I have Venus , MC and IC at 11 Degree and
    My Birth chart has stelliums in LIBRA (9) sagittarius (6),
    how this will effect my professional career as I am in mid of taking a new job
    Thanks in advance !!

    1. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Libra and Sagittarius. The new job will be terrific in lifestyle terms, through late October to late December. Do all you can to use the opportunities to protect your health and wellbeing, using amenable employers and colleagues, as 2023-2026 is challenging. For example, negotiate to work from home; work part-time; get health insurance updated through your employer; confirm there is HEPA filter and/or UVC light protection in the work place and so on.

  69. Hi, I have recently subscribed to your site, as I have been drawn to finding about more about astrology and I find your blogs insightful and reassuring at times when there is a lot going on in the world – thank you. Looking at my chart I am a Sun Taurus and have stelliums in Taurus, but also have Scorpio in Uranus, Juno and Fortuna which feels like a lot! I have felt like I’m treading water in my career and feel undecided about what to do and whether to look for a new job, but I also feel like I might not have a choice if there is financial turmoil and could create problems for various business sectors. Any insights would be really helpful. Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. You are a Sun Taurus woman with stelliums in Aries, Taurus and Gemini. You are in the most restrictive career phase for 29 years but it ends in March 2023. From March 2023 you may take a new job; be promoted; return to study; juggle two part-time jobs. There will be a reshuffle in your work place or within your chosen career from March 2023, complete by June that year. The Tarot can give you more personal guidance on that, on this website; follow the steps.

  70. Hello Jessica ,

    My first comment did not make it , but my question is: just joined here as a member and found out that have stellium in cancer, Leo and Capricorn. I am a millennial and can’t stop worrying about climate change, but also now as this climate of unstable economy will I land the job that I’ve fighting to have or must we go to the austerity of another financial crisis? I’ve also have a project of building my own home here in Portugal and for that I’m afraid that I won’t make it come true.
    Could you give some guidance?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you for subscribing to Premium Membership. You need to log in when you visit so I can see your natal chart. As for the climate emergency, the worst is over by 2026. The home you are building in Portugal is a nice way to use your Cancer stellium. The Tarot on here can help you with that; just follow the steps.

  71. Oh Jessica thank you so much for your wonderful blogs. I have Jupiter at 12 Taurus. I will be 70 in December and dont look or feel my age and am still working and want to continue, but people keep making remarks about retirement but I dont feel ready to retire. Plus I rent and worry about my future in the UK – I wonder if you could give me some insight please as I am finding my situation very stressful?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sagittarius woman with a Sagittarius, Aquarius and Leo stellium. You will continue working, studying and/or engaging in unpaid work because it excites you and surprises you – until 2026 anyway. New technology will intrigue you and there will be a stunning opportunity from May 2023 onwards, until May 2024. So ignore anyone who wants you to retire as you have other fish to fry; I would expect the latest and greatest on the internet to be part of what you end up doing. You will be offered an opportunity and solution with your house or flat between Halloween and Christmas. It’s worth bearing in mind that whatever you do, has to get you through 2023, 2024, 2025 so think about the future as you mull over this excellent option. The relentless nature of your finances, since 2008, has taught you self-control and willpower, but the intensity stops in March 2023. By 2025 it all looks like ancient history and the politics with other people or large organisations is finished, in terms of all that you own, earn or owe.

  72. Hi Jessica, Thanks for all the amazing articles. I have been in and out of job for the last 2 years. My last job was a 6 month contract role, which ended in Sep and now I am again looking for work again. Equity markets have also been volatile this year and impacted my savings. Wondering if you had any thoughts looking at my chart?

    1. I am sorry but there is no chart here and you do not give your birth data. The Tarot is free to use on this website if you are not a member and can be an excellent guide if you need to figure out your career. Just follow the steps.

  73. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you sharing this! I am new to the membership so I would really appreciate any help you could provide matching up my chart to what is going on. My husband and I have made big career changes over the past few years, with me still figuring out my next steps. We believe it will ultimately work out for the best, but it has created a lot of financial uncertainty for our family. We have been relying on savings/investments to carry us through, but with inflation, recession, investment losses, etc. we are concerned about the next few years. I would really appreciate any additional insight you could share.

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius woman with stelliums in Sagittarius, Virgo and Scorpio. The same story is told in your private birth chart and public Sagittarius chart. You will find the pressure with your savings and investments vanishes in March 2023 when Pluto changes signs. You will be shown what life can be like without constant issues about who/what is in charge – no matter if it is each other, the government, the banks and so on. Even when Pluto goes back into this sector of your horoscope, he’s going nowhere and can only be on the long road out of your life, so what you see in March-June is real and a huge relief, long-term. You will have an opportunity or solution linked to your house, apartment, land and/or real-estate from October 29th until December 20th so should take it. If it involves long-term outcomes in 2023, 2024, 2025 then be a realist about what will be ahead, but nevertheless, what comes your way from Halloween to Christmas is unusually fortunate and should be taken seriously. With factors at 4-24 Scorpio you have already overcome unpredictable, erratic cycles for money with Uranus in Taurus, and once this transit opposing your Scorpio stellium finishes in April 2025 can look forward to a far more orderly existence. You get a break before that, though, with the nodes out of Taurus and Scorpio from July 2023. At that point there will be closure with karma involving your husband and family and the loop ends. A couple of years after that, Uranus also leaves Taurus and with it, the ‘challenge to change’ is also over. Underneath all this your physical and mental health must be your number one priority. Nothing comes above that. Whatever you need to do, to ensure your wellbeing, has to be done, and preferably in a routine, daily way. Maybe you are already doing that but if you need to find audio or videos to achieve deep relaxation and quality sleep, they are at your fingertips online.

  74. Hi Jessica, Thanks for the great article. I have Venus , MC and IC at 11 Degree and My Birth chart has stelliums in LIBRA (9) sagittarius (6), how this will effect my professional career as I am in mid of taking a new job Thanks in advance !!

    1. You will know by now, as you wrote on 15th October. I hope this worked out for you in the end.

  75. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and helping many of us with your accurate predictions.
    I am relatively new to your website and your excellent research. Your research article/prediction “COVID in the Age of Aquarius” in July ’22 caught my attention and since then I am following you. After reviewing several forecasts including most recent one “Wall Street Astrology – 2022 and 2023”, I became a premier member and prompted me to seek your expert astrological assistance.

    Could you please review my chart(s) and tell me what’s going on in my financial and career houses?

    In last 2 – 3 months market down trend, my investment is reduced by $100,000+ (Loss in profits) and retirement fund is reduced by $250,000+. How I can be better prepared to protect further damage? Also, my career is stuck from several years with no promotion and increment. Any luck on career (and salary) growth anytime soon?

    Pisces Sun at 08 degrees, North Node at 28 degrees Taurus, South Node at 28 degrees Scorpio, Apollo at 19 degrees Scorpio, Moon at 03 degree Gemini, Jupiter at 21 degree Gemini. stelliums in Pisces – Display Birth Chart PISCES (6) Gemini – Display Birth Chart GEMINI (5) Scorpio – Display Birth Chart SCORPIO (4) Sagittarius – Display Birth Chart SAGITTARIUS (4).

    Your time and expert guidance are greatly appreciated. Thank You!!!

    1. Thank you. Your investment has reduced in value by $100,000 and your retirement fund is down $250,000. Your career is also stuck. You are a Sun Pisces with stelliums in Pisces, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius. The problem is your Scorpio stellium. You were born with a lot of factors in Scorpio in your natal Eighth House of joint finance, business and property. That includes the South Node at 28 Scorpio opposite the North Node at 28 Taurus, the other money sign. You currently have the rare South Node Return and North Node Return – they have back to their original positions. There is karma here across many lifetimes as you have been both rich and poor, and the karma was triggered in January, February 2022. You can find out more about the nodes in your library on this website and in articles about them, but basically you owe (or are owed) from prior experience in July 2003, but also going back across several incarnations. This big stretch in your chart ends in July 2023, when the nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio and move right off that area of your natal chart. You were born in 1966 so if you retire at the usual age, you will ride out the other cycle which is going on – the unpredictable ‘economic shock’ cycle of Uranus in Taurus, which ends in 2026. Jupiter (luck, abundance, solutions, opportunities) will be in a conjunction with your Taurus factors in the first half of 2024 and you will be given a terrific way out or through these issues. Short-term, you will be given excellent options from Christmas 2022 to May 2023. So it looks positive in terms of your life budget. Very long-term, your ability with languages, the internet and/or the media will reward you with new inventions and the latest technology becoming part of your life from 2026 and the more you focus on your local area and region, the more exciting changes you will see. Try not to focus on promotion, career, your curriculum vitae long-term as it’s not about that. It is about reaching your full potential in the field of communication and connection, information and transport/travel; close to home.

  76. Thank you Jessica for prompt reply and guidance.

    Are you saying, I don’t have promotion and/or advancement in my career? I plan to work another 10 years. Thanks!

    1. I think you’ll find I didn’t say that at all. Jupiter in Leo in your solar Sixth House is a terrific transit to look forward to and 2026 is a year of sweeping transformation as so many planets change signs, but Jupiter also goes into your sector of work, lifestyle and day-to-day living.

    1. Well, you wrote on 15th October and we are now at December 23rd, so along with anyone else whose pension or superannuation is invested in certain American stocks, you will have seen the astrology come to pass, with that date-stamped prediction about drama. I said, between December 10th and 25th, so as Wall St does not trade on the weekend, we can call the 23rd the end point of that first episode. You will have been affected by that, either directly or through a trickle-down impact. It won’t be until May 2023 that the economy around the world begins to look bullish again, as Jupiter enters Taurus, and Uranus in Taurus suggests one world digital currency by May 2024 – for everyone. You may want to look at that when it appears.

  77. Hey Jessica!

    I’ve been trading crypto for over a year now. And I’ve gained a bit. But I’m wondering what’s going to happen next considering the world economy is quite bad and will worsen in time. I know you said something big will happen (negative) to bitcoin in 2026 or so but any perspective from my chart?

    Thank you!

    1. You are a Sun Leo man with a stellium in Leo, Virgo and Cancer. The word economy is unstable, because of the lunar nodal opposition in Taurus and Scorpio, until July 2023. It begins to look better for all of us (not just the rich) from May 2023 when Jupiter (solutions) moves into Taurus. From that point forward your focus should be houses, apartments, land. You have a stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House of property and Jupiter will form a transiting sextile to that, until May 2024. Cryptocurrency arrived with Uranus in Taurus in May 2018, a symbol of radical change to currency, and will be unpredictable for its duration, to 2026.

  78. Let’s hope the UK and other Countries recover from their troubles the UK has a very incompetent Government and even Worse opposition parties I hope that We can get rid of them and return to prosperity and reform our Democratic institutions

  79. Hey Jessica! I have a couple asteroids at 0, 1 and 2 degrees and also Uranus at 13 degrees. I am planning a very expensive renovation that will begin March 2023 that I need to pay for and am still working towards earning the necessary funds. Anything I should know about finance and property in my chart? Thanks!

    1. I don’t see a chart here unfortunately and you don’t say which signs your asteroids and Uranus are in. You may want to use the Tarot on this website for a personal view on March 2023.

  80. Sorry, may be I wasn’t logged in when I posted. I am member and have stelliums in Virgo (6), Gemini (5) and Taurus (5). Please let me know if you can access my birth chart now. Thanks again.

    1. The most important changes for you are financial and run until 2026. Ever since 2018 your money, house, apartment, business, shopping, possessions and/or charity has been subject to quite radical, extreme change. It is unpredictable and erratic and that is ongoing. It is hard until July 2023 because of the opposition of the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. It becomes less of a strain after that. In fact you will save a lot of money, or make it, by May 2024 if you take every opportunity. May 2023 to May 2024 also sees a new job or better workplace conditions as Jupiter in Taurus will trine your Virgo factors in the Sixth House.

  81. A really interesting article Jessica. I have my North Node in Scorpio and South Node in Taurus and was hoping to invest some money in stocks over the next month or so. When do you think the timing might be right to do this and what area might work out best for me? Thank you.

    1. You wrote on 16th October so I hope you noted the dates I gave, as on December 15th the Dow ended up down over 750 points. I don’t see a chart here, but if you have your nodes in Taurus and Scorpio then you are having the classic ‘big stretch’ of the nodal transits in the same signs. This is usually about the gap between your values and those of your partner or family. Sometimes it’s people who are named in your will or who name you. The stretch ends in July 2023 when the nodes change signs.

  82. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for all you do. I have a Scorpio stellium and hold UK shares and have a small amount of debt which I will clear by March of next year. My next goal is to save for a deposit and aim to buy within the next few years. Just wondered how this may play out for me? Thank you

    1. I don’t see a chart here and you don’t give any birth data, but if you have a Scorpio stellium, the big stretch is over from July 2023 when the nodes change signs. Until then there may be a rubber-band feeling with partners, say, or family – anyone named in your will, or who names you. That’s the impact of so many Taurus oppositions and Saturn squares against Scorpio and your Eighth House.

  83. Hi Jessica – fascinating article as always. I don’t know how you cope with the volume of comments you receive and answering everyone personally – it really is amazing. So apologies for adding to your load, but your insight is invaluable and it would be greatly appreciated if you could look at how this affects my chart? I have gone through some major changes over the last two years at home, work and with family and with lots of planets in scorpio, libra , Virgo and Leo am worried now this may impact on me? I am very much in a state of flux in all these areas at the moment. Thank you so much. Sarah. Ps I bought UVC lamps following your advice ‘re covid so thanks for that too!

    1. Thank you. There are a lot of questions, but it’s part of my job to put the kettle on and see what’s going on in your astrological chart today, Sarah. I am very glad you have your UVC lamps purchased. There will be a rush later and also a break in the supply chain. Remember the Cambridge University advice too; even opening a window for a few minutes every hour helps reduce the Covid load in your home. We are now looking at the new variant astrology predicted so it’s time. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio. The most important changes are financial. The stretch is over in July 2023 when the nodes change signs. After that you just have to be agile with finance; flexible enough to handle the oppositions from Uranus, all the way to factors at 26 Taurus/Scorpio. Try to avoid being lumbered with fixed, immovable arrangements as Uranus in opposition suddenly changes the story. You are in a fantastic position to rearrange your affairs when Jupiter changes signs in May 2023, right up until May 2024. Long term you will have three of the happiest years of your life with work, love and finance when Jupiter goes through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio – so dream bigger about 2027, 2028, 2029.

  84. Hi Jessica, I left a message and realised I wasn’t logged in so I’m resending. I have many Scorpio factors and wondered how this may play out for me? I have a small amount of debt which I will clear by March and then next goal is saving for a deposit to buy a property in the UK. I also hold shares in the UK. Thanks for all you do. Your advice has been a huge help.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer person with stelliums in Cancer, Scorpio and Gemini. The strain of the opposition from the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio ends in July 2023. You will gain the most from Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023, as he will sextile Cancer factors in your chart (property) and you may find simple luck plays a part; a drop in the value of London real-estate, for example. Jupiter remains in Taurus until May 2024. Your solar chart says much the same thing; the hard part is over in March 2023 when Saturn leaves Aquarius and Pluto enters; you already have that date in your diary and it marks the beginning of many years of total transformation, financially. It is very likely a spouse will be part of that story.

  85. Hi Jessica,

    I left a comment but it’s not showing.
    Thank you for the very informative article.
    I am in the crypto world and was wondering with my placements how this may affect me wanting to buy the crash and ride it back up?

    1. I have 15, 362 comments in the queue today, so they only show when I reply and unfortunately I can only ever answer a few. You want to buy bargain cryptocurrency and then sell it once it’s increased in value. Do you have that kind of chart? We look to Taurus and Scorpio, personal and shared income, to see what’s there. You have Pluto (issues about power, control, being disempowered, others taking over) in Scorpio in a difficult position in your chart. I’m not crazy about that, long-term, because transiting Pluto will square natal Pluto. It’s up to you. Your own Tarot card reading and judgement rules, here. Take a look.

  86. Hi Jessica, Thanks for the great article.
    I have Venus , MC and IC at 11 Degree and
    My Birth chart has stelliums in LIBRA (9) sagittarius (6),
    how this will effect my professional career as I am in mid of taking a new job
    Thank you in advance !!

    1. You are a Sun Libra with Libra and Sagittarius stelliums and the new job is what I predicted for your sign a long time ago. You will enjoy it immediately; see lifestyle gains; see health opportunities (like professionally tied medical insurance or an employer amenable to discussing Covid safety). Do all you can from the moment this cycle begins in the next few days, to set things in stone with work and wellbeing for 2023, 2024, 2025, early 2026 as there will be tests of your patience and learning experiences then. So get it right now. Long-term, anything or anybody foreign (Sagittarius) or about globalisation (Sagittarius) will be stopped, blocked and challenged so before you sign up to that (a life of constant travel for example) do your research. You have a very long Uranus in Gemini opposition ahead of you from 2026.

    1. Thank you. Well, you wrote on 16th October and now it’s 23rd December and the astrology was correct about drama on Wall Street. I hope you were able to use the dates I gave you to steer your budget. In general, as a Sun Cancer with a Cancer stellium, it will always be about the house, garden and/or apartment for you, as well as your local area and country. You find certain things priceless and would put your feelings and emotions about a place, before basic profit. All of this is brought home to you May 2023 to May 2024 as you renovate, redecorate, buy, sell or change a lease – you may also invest time and energy in the local area. Jupiter will form a series of useful sextiles to your Cancer stellium then, not seen in 12 years.

  87. Hi Jessica,

    I understand you are inundated with comments, so third times a charm ❤️

    The day before covid hit my marriage and relationship of 17 years devastatingly ended. Obviously because of what we were about to experience the separation of our living circumstances was a very drawn out. So here I am, now 41 with three beautiful children and starting again. I invested some money in green energy which was doing very well however I missed realising some profits before everything went south. I am currently in the process of setting up another e-commerce business but I feel myself worrying a lot. I have the sole responsibility to provide financial stability on top of the other very important needs of my children

    I still have a small amount invested in shares but am waiting on the sidelines. I’m trying to create a future for me and the kids but financially things have gone backwards and I am finding I am feeling worried about our future

    I am hoping that if you could see this you may able to provide me with some insights or otherwise into where I sit in alignment with my stars and anything regarding the share market and new business I am creating

    Thank you for all you provide here. Such a blessing



    1. Thank you Danni; it has taken me two months to work my way through the list of comments, but here we are in December. There is no chart here and I don’t see any birth details. All I can do is suggest that you look at May 2023 to May 2024 when Jupiter (solutions) is in Taurus (money) for the entire world. There may be something for nothing at that point; I suspect it is digital currency renumeration for contributing content to Twitter. It may be a rival platform, but I suspect Twitter.

  88. Hi Jessica
    The 2022 stock market craziness has been a huge concern for me as a retiree on a fixed income,

    I have no major planets in Taurus/Scorpio but I see that I have the Asteroid Aesculapia in Taurus & Juno at 24 degrees Scorpio.

    Can you advise how this might affect my finances come Spring of 2023?

    Thank you!

  89. Fascinating! As a sun and moon Libra with Mercury at 12 Scorpio and North node Taurus/South node Scorpio at 13 degrees, should I be concerned? Have some important financial conversations and issues now with my former spouse who lost his job, and nervous about how his loss of income will impact my financial situation.
    Also considering buying rather than renting if housing market in US plunges.

    Any advice greatly appreciated, and it’s so helpful how you lay all of these pieces out for us! Thank you.

  90. Thank you, Jessica. This is fascinating, as always. I am curious re: your thoughts on the November Taurus eclipse. It’s on my south node. Finances feel precarious at the moment but they have been that way for a long time, with some improvements but there’s definitely room for improvement. Any thoughts you have are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

    1. Eclipses conceal, they never reveal. The truth is hidden in plain sight. There is always a diversion so you look the wrong way. You do not see who or what you should be seeing. If you have ever seen one, as I have, you will have experienced the sky turning dark. When we cannot find our way, we should not act or judge. Otherwise we get on the wrong path for years. So skip the eclipse. And skip it specifically for finances.

  91. Dear Jessica,

    This is my third attempt to reach you. I know you are overwhelmed with thousands of request for some answers in relation to this blog, so do not blame you for not responding to my comments, however I am extremely anxious about my chart which has the North Node at 12 Tarus and the South Node at 12 Scorpio. What does this mean for me? Life has treated me extremely unfairly over the last few years and Iam just hoping for some luck to flow my way.

    1. Thank you. Not overwhelmed; I just come to the questions as they appear, when I have time to sit down with a cup of tea at my desk. Thank you for your patience. You are a Sun Cancer woman with stelliums in Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio. The most restrictive, limited patterns in 29 years end in March 2023 when Saturn changes signs. He leaves your solar Eighth House of joint finance. In his place, Pluto arrives. Willpower empowers you from that point and self-control gives you control. There will be a new agreement March-June 2023 or a change to an existing agreement; marriage and mortgage is typical, so is a parental legacy. An outside pair of eyes would be useful then. In your natal chart a similar story is told. You are going through the biggest stretch, financially, in 19 years as the nodes go through Taurus and Scorpio. This ends in July 2023 when the nodes leave those signs. You have incarnated to go through it as the nodes show your last time here and possibly more than one life. You have come back to experience cryptocurrency; sharemarket crashes; the debate over the priceless nature of Mother Nature, against fossil fuel. So here you are. And it is intense at the moment, but you will find the second half of 2023 so much easier than life since Christmas 2020. If you want luck, you want Jupiter, and he goes into Taurus from May 2023 until May 2024. Your good fortune is with a group, among whom you have true friends. Life-changing.

  92. Dear Jessica I have also been trying to reach you to see if you can advise me of my financial astrology when you look at it. I have shares in the States….agh dont know what to do or think. Do you see good news? or bad news? you told me in a previous post that my financial worries will disappear in March 2023 as pluto enters my 2nd house. I hope you are well Jessica. Thank you so much.

  93. Thank you for another brilliant article. I think most of our concerns now are about money, especially since the cost of living has gone up. As mentioned before, I haven’t had a job since January, and I remember you mentioned that I would get better job opportunities from 2025 onwards. However, from now until then, do you see me starting a new job anytime soon? I have had to use my life savings that I had put aside to buy a house, but because of family responsibilities I had to use most of it. I really hope life looks up for me soon. Many thanks in advance as always x

    1. You will go back and forth until March 2023, as you compete with others for job vacancies, or fight for new work. From March 2023 Mars is out of retrograde and life will be less stop-start, pause and rewind. From March 2023, Saturn also changes signs so you will have a new role, goal or project from March next year which involves powerful people or organisations. They can lend you their power if you use your willpower. Of course you can get back into work before then, but make allowances for flux until March, then from March expect a far easier time, with less heavy obligations and commitments, less onerous conditions, and for the first time in your life, the chance to become quite powerful, just by serving others.

  94. Hello dear Jessica!

    My favorite guide for weird times! Thank you very much for your work! Since I became member you have no idea how much you are helping me to view things in a different and more grounded way.

    I was reading you latest blog post – about nuclear power and for some reason an ended up on this Wall Street again. I’ve been delaying to ask you a question about this topic, since I’m trying to look at money in a different way – with way less ambition, but I can’t deny that I just want to make sure I can keep providing for my family and also increase my help to others as I always face opportunities to do so.

    I was born in Brazil and moved to the U.S. in 2018. So I have investments in both places. I consider both places my home as I have family in both Countries. Brazilian currency got really devaluated against the dollar – I think I missed the opportunity to transfer and pay for my mortgage here in the U.S. It’s being very hard to make a decision to move the money or keep it there. I would like to hear from you whatever you have to say to me – please?

    PS: if you have any group against war/nuclear to recommend – please can you so so? We need to stop this – I might not be the hands on generation to do it, but I can definitely support!

    Thank you for everything!

    1. Thank you. You know, C.N.D. is still the original nuclear disarmament group with tradition behind it, so I suggest you start there. Your Sun Capricorn solar chart is backed up by a natal chart showing stelliums in Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces. The toughest financial cycle in 29 years ends in March 2023. From that month forward you will be asked to use self-control to take control, and willpower to become empowered. The karma with finance, property, charity, business ends in July 2023. Life 18 or 19 years ago produced decisions which now require closure, yet it comes next July. With factors at 2 through 29 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and property, life will be unpredictable until 2026. You just saw that with your Brazilian currency devalued against American currency. You will have ‘the challenge to change’ now through 2026, although there will be some relief from the sternest challenges, as above. Uranus in Taurus is global economic shock. Radical change. Revolution. We saw it with Bitcoin. We saw it with Covid. There will be more, so it is very important to keep your affairs flexible, malleable and also to keep watching the end of the old economic system, as it will not last past 2026. The more personal decisions can be made with Tarot.

  95. My comment too has disappeared, maybe was censured because I dared say that the coming Wall Street crushdown will be from Big Pharma, since already in March Pfizer has asked for DELISTING… Have a look at this document, since you need sources to let comment be published
    Moreover, since I follow your tweets and you’re constantly reminding us of a new variant that will hit us on March 2023, have a look at what Boston University, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard have produced and maybe will soon release…

    1. Thank you. You wrote on 19th October and I’m sorry that it has taken until December 23rd, to reply. Your comment is here and was never censored. I have had over 400 comments to this feature; rather a long list, even for this website! Yes, March 2023 is unfortunately D-Day for public health, possibly because of a new variant, maybe for other reasons: China is now in trouble as you can see and they manufacture pharmaceuticals for us in the West.

  96. Dear Jessica I have also been trying to reach you to see if you can advise me of my financial astrology when you look at it. I have shares in the States….agh dont know what to do or think. Do you see good news? or bad news? you told me in a previous post that my financial worries will disappear in March 2023 as pluto enters my 2nd house. I also read your latest post on pluto and I have worked in the United Nations a long time ago and it definitely has done good work but at the time I was much younger and became disillusioned because of the amount of bureaucracy. I would love to work there again in some way. DO you see anything for me in relation to a job with the UN or other organisation. I hope you and your team are well Jessica. Thank you so much.

    1. You wrote on 19th October and it’s now December 23rd, so my apologies for a late reply, but this feature was inundated with questions and comments. You now know what happened; the astrology was correct and we saw Dow Jones drama and Wall Street headlines, on the predicted dates. In fact $878 billion was wiped from the US stock market on December 16th. You are a Sun Capricorn woman and yes, I did tell you March 2023 would be the turning point for your money, and that remains the same. Saturn goes from your Second House so the financial restrictions and limitations on your personal income vanish. Pluto arrives in Saturn’s place and if you play the game correctly with an extremely powerful, dominating person or organisation then you can share in the power. No doubt about that (though it will take willpower to do so). I do wonder if this is not related to the United Nations or similar in March; perhaps a role there for you. That would make sense, wouldn’t it. Pluto going into Aquarius in March 2023 is the transformation of the U.N. which is long overdue.

  97. Hi Jessica
    I am retired and living in the US. My retirement income is suffering based on high inflation and stock market instability.
    I am thinking of selling my house in order to get some capital back after big expenses. I wonder about best timing for a sale as a potential stock market crash/adjustment will surely affect home sales. Can you advise based on my birth chart?

  98. Jessica, Thank you for all your amazing work and predictions. I am self-employed officially since late 2014 and was doing the same thing travelling to markets and using my artistic talent. Most of what I have I worked hard for it, inheritance just caused trouble in my life and left me with loss and disappointment.

    I feel blind in the financial world as I have always appreciated the ‘real’ over abstract numbers and feel anxious what’s coming next, how should I use what I’ve earned without loosing it and where is the next stepping stone that saves my values. Similarly to Rafael above I’m between countries and one of the currencies I have has lost its value. But it’s also about work and feeling powerful again. Should I completely change what I do? Should I study something new? Should I explore the online markets and go digital? Shares? Should I have a business with my partner? Too many questions…thank you for showing me the light in this tunnel and give directions if you have the time, I feel a bit lost in this new world.

    Highly appreciated

    1. There’s no birth data here or chart so I expect this is a general question. Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024 will offer people something for nothing, all over the world. This will be digital currency credits for their input on social media websites. It may be one of them or all of them. There will be recognition that you are a content provider and deserve to be rewarded, like any writer or creative. So that’s rather interesting. The evolution of the NFT is another hallmark of this period. At the moment we have rather ugly digital collectables, don’t we. There is also a sense that you would expect rather more for your $99 than all you are being offered. As an artist you will be curious about that. The NFT will be reinterpreted and reinvented so keep tabs on it. Could be interesting for you.

  99. Hi Jessica, thank you for all your insights. I’ve been dragging my feet to subscribe partly because I feel astrology is so above my head and partly afraid of what I’m going to find. Since 2008 I haven’t had much luck financially. Some years were decent but the “wealth” doesn’t seem to stay. What are the chances things will change soon for the better? I fear more destruction in the next several months. Also, do I actually have a career path? I’ve not been able to find my purpose in life. Feels like drifting. Do you have any read on whether China will invade Taiwan and/or succeed?

    1. Thank you. I don’t know why you’d be afraid of astrology. The whole point of this way of timing events is to minimise issues before they happen. In fact, you wrote this on 20th October and I was warning about December on Wall Street. The warning has been borne out by the drama of December 15th when the Dow closed its worst day in three months. So you see, astrology is about heeding sensible precautions (date-stamped). You have a few questions here so I will focus on your career path. You have stelliums in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra. Your paid or unpaid vocation is with a community of people from all walks of life, who have found what they want and need, happens when they successfully join forces, setting aside considerations of gender (very important) and class or background. From March 2023 you realise this is where you belong and the group you join or rejoin then, or start, has powerful potential. It may get off to a serious start or restart by June, but even if it then disappears for a while or goes on the backburner, it will be central to your existence from the mid 2020’s. It is also possible that a second group replaces the first one.

  100. Because the period end-April to early May is it safe to assume that we might be faced with a new Bretton Woods? or the disintegration of the Euro (countries breaking out……Italy comes to mind).
    If the stock market moves lower from here, or the war expands, the US dollar will explode way much higher.
    Thank you all.

    1. Looking at all these cycles together, the really big one is Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023, which transforms (Pluto) the group (the EU) and changes the balance of power within. Set that against Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (currency) and that’s why I have been predicting a reshaping of the European Union and changes for the Euro since the Greek vote. Britain is out and it is very likely Italy will quit. The period from May 2023 to May 2024 is important; Jupiter and Uranus are both in Taurus then; the last time we saw this was 1940-1941 and there is always increase and gain. Even during the war Britain increased her GDP enormously when she hit that cycle. So some good things are out there; we just have to make them happen.

  101. Thank you Jessica for taking the time to reply, this is very much appreciated. You are doing great work. K

  102. Hi Jessica,

    Wow, I have just joined your site as a trial and I am blown away by the amount of work you put into all this and the accuracy of your predictions. It seems like the world is in for a rough ride for sure, but it’s also reassuring to know that it’s “in the stars” and that there’s hopefully light at the end of the tunnel!

    I have struggled with health issues over the last 7-8 years. I am wondering what the future holds for me in this regard and also financially and in love life. I can fee a wind of change but it would be nice to hear what the astrology says for me.

    Thank you so much

    1. Thank you. Eight years of health issues sounds very tough; I am sorry you are still going through it. You are not logged in, unfortunately, so I can’t see your chart. I suspect you have Virgo factors in your Sixth House. That is usually the issue.

  103. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this wonderful site. It’s truly overwhelming how many resources you’ve provided here. I only came across it a few days ago as a result of an online search for astrological charts on China. It didn’t take me long to know I needed to become a member. 🙂

    This post really piqued my interest as I’ve been a finance professor for over 20 years (it’s clear from this post you also have a good deal of background in finance) and more recently have been feeling that my financial situation has finally stopped being a worry, potentially improving more than I’d even hoped for. This is happening at the same time, surely not coincidentally, that I finally (age 53) feel like I’m growing into understanding and realizing my Aries North Node.

    The last few years have been a tremendous test, with my Aries Chiron returning just as I was offered fairly lucrative consulting work with a person who turned out to be the perfect concoction of all the most difficult personalities I’ve ever had to deal with. Then 2 years ago my mother (Libra) became very ill, and I (only child) had to move her across the country to be near me for assisted living. When she passed a year ago, the grief and burden of settling her estate, dealing with the consulting, also working my own regular job and personal life which involves helping my (didn’t tell you this yet) my disabled wife, my life-long knee-jerk reaction of turning to escapism kicked in strongly in the form of just burn out (not drugs or alcohol–just couldn’t really do anything more than the minimum for anyone, including me, while avoiding calls, emails, etc., as much as possible). I don’t understand most of my chart, but I have learned that part of it is this tug-of-war between escaping like that and realizing substantial professional success. Anyway, I’ve started feeling like myself again since late May and slowly trying to consciously integrate all these sides of myself (the ones I know are there, anyway).

    The reason for my post–sorry for the length if you’re still reading–is that now with things seemingly, perhaps karmically improving the past few months, this post made me a bit concerned that I may have a bit too much confidence in my financial situation.

    I’m really looking forward to learning from your site. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to James and Justin, who run Asporea, the publisher of this website and my new book. I have no background in finance but as an astrologer I am curious about this period in history. You are better qualified. I am sorry you have lost your mother, though she goes on in spirit – the physical loss is something that your chart shows, takes time. Time genuinely heals here. You also had burnout, not surprising, as you also have a wife with disability. Let’s have a look at the rest of the chart. You have the Sun in Pisces and stelliums in Pisces, Aries, Libra, Capricorn. You are sensitive and emotional and have no boundaries so are vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed by telephones and even email. You likely have no boundaries with your wife, and didn’t have them with your mother either, so you took on a great deal of all they were going through and still are. If you are not already familiar with the aura and energy field, the chakras and the need to manage that – take a look at the work of respected mediums like Linda Williamson or Gordon Smith. There are many experts in the field but you need to learn how to close down and balance your chakras. You are overdue for relaunch which will be successful and enjoyable, Christmas to May 2023. New look, new title perhaps, new profile. It comes after a really useful period (Halloween to Christmas) when you pursue counselling, self-help, spirituality, religion, hypnosis or similar and hopefully address the lack of boundaries. Dream therapy can also work very well. The work situation improves dramatically from March 2023 when Pluto leaves Capricorn. The relentless nature of figuring out who/what is in control and how the people politics works, is over then. By June you will see what life is like without it. There may be a final replay of some old issues from 2022 by 2024, but they really the dregs of what was/who was. Long-term you will use your name, image, appearance as an escape from the real world, which is very interesting. But that’s another story. The Tarot can tell you more.

    1. Elon Musk pledged to close the $US44 billion ($69 billion) acquisition of Twitter by Friday (US time) in a video conference call with bankers helping fund the deal. World’s richest man, announcing purchase of one of the world’s most famous websites. Nothing to see here.

  104. Hi Jessica, first: thank you for all the information for us all to read on your website. I also love to read the comments and your answers. But now I have to ask you a personal question if you have the time. I feel so worried, would you please look into my chart? I’m a Scorpio with a huge stellium in Scorpio (8) My sun is in 13* degrees Scorpio, Mercury (13*) and Ceres (12*) . I have many more signs in 12/13 degrees. Life is so, so difficult, I’m so afraid it will get worse. Help! What to do? Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you so much. Please don’t worry. Astrology is there to stop you worrying. Okay, so you are a Sun Scorpio woman with Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius and Virgo stelliums. The first two are about finance, business, property and charity as you know. That is where you live. It is also a hard place to be, for a short time, as for the first time in 19 years, the nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio, so you are feeling the pull of a tug-of-war inside yourself, but perhaps with another person or organisation. Even a government. Taurus rules your personal income and values. Scorpio rules joint finance and the similarities (or differences) between partners or family, over money matters. Once you reach July 2023 the stretch is over. Even better, from May 2023, just a couple of months before, you go through the optimistic, positive Jupiter in Taurus cycle, and as this planet passes through your Second House of personal finances, you will have opportunities to save or gain. Do all you can to make or save money by May 2024 as this is a very fortunate 12 year cycle. The Tarot can fill in more detail for you in a personal way.

  105. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for all you do. I had left another comment a couple of weeks ago, so hoping you are able to respond this second time. I know you are busy and appreciate your time.
    I had inquired about the impact of these finacial predictions for my based on my chart. I am looking to switch jobs too and not sure if this is a good time overall for that or if I should stick it out where I am currently. Also, I am single and looking for a relationship – any thing you can tell me given Pluto’s position?

    1. You wrote on 27th October, and I’m just getting to the end of the list – my apologies – I had over 400 comments on this feature. You are in luck with jobs as Jupiter in Aries moved into your solar Tenth House of success, achievement and fulfilled ambition only days ago; he remains there until May 2023 when you could get away with the so-called impossible or unthinkable. There may be a tutor, mentor, foster father figure or elder statesman involved, but rather maverick in nature. You will be much, much happier with your dating prospects once March 2023 comes around and Pluto leaves your Seventh House of sexual partnerships. For the first time since 2008, not everything will have to be filtered through questions about control or power.

  106. Hi jessica, many thanks for this reading! I have a stellium in scorpion Can you have a look on my chart and tell me how this will impact me ? My finances And work? I am invested in bitcoins cash and i work in a bank. I feel like i should be impacted by this.

    Many Thanks!

    1. If you have a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance, you live in your Eighth House for much of the time. If we opened the door we would find your will; any legacy naming you; documents about houses, apartments or joint bank accounts (naming a current or former partner). We would also find your bedroom with the door locked (sex is private) but it would be a few short steps from bedroom to filing cabinet with all the financial and property documents. In this house we would also find collectables; any charity donation receipts, business paperwork and so on. As you invest in Bitcoin and work in a bank, you already qualify. Now, you are in the most unpredictable cycle of your adult life, until 2026, so I hope you are in a flexible position when you can react very quickly to sudden shocks to the system. You already had that with Covid. There will be more, for whatever reason, by 2026, so you need to be able to respond in a nimble fashion to whatever changes. Bitcoin is a classic example. But you already know that.

  107. Hi Jessica,

    Sorry I wasn’t aware I was logged out when I wrote my last comment.

    Here is my original comment;

    “Hi Jessica,

    Wow, I have just joined your site as a trial and I am blown away by the amount of work you put into all this and the accuracy of your predictions. It seems like the world is in for a rough ride for sure, but it’s also reassuring to know that it’s “in the stars” and that there’s hopefully light at the end of the tunnel!

    I have struggled with health issues over the last 7-8 years. I am wondering what the future holds for me in this regard and also financially and in love life. I can fee a wind of change but it would be nice to hear what the astrology says for me.

    Thank you so much“

    I checked, and I think I do indeed have Virgo in my 6th house as you suspected! 🙂 if you have the time to look at my natal chart with respect to love life and finances I would be most grateful.

    Thanks again,


    1. Thank you for logging back in Katie. I am sorry you have chronic health issues. For that, we do look to anything in Virgo in the Sixth House of your chart. Apart from that you are a Sun Pisces, with stelliums in Pisces, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius. Your Ascendant is 9 Virgo aspecting Apollo at 9 Libra in your Seventh House of lovers, spouses and sexual partners. That’s the clue. If your poor health has been part of the dynamic with (say) your husband and he financially supports you, because you cannot work, that is part of the equation. So you have to alter the dynamic of the marriage. Or, if you find poor health precludes dating, being single may be your story: your body is getting you out of relationships, because the rest of you won’t do it. Strongly Pisces people often run on their subconscious, because Pisces and its ruler Neptune govern all that is below the surface. “Sub” is “under” so much of you is under the surface and that may include your own mind. As there is literally nothing else there in Virgo except your Ascendant, it is to that we have to look. The Ascendant is how you look and appear. In Latin, “sub” also means “up to” and because Pisces is associated with the two fishes and ruled by Neptune (the sea) you have to ask what your subconscious is up to. What is submerged? This becomes really important after 2023 when Saturn will oppose your natal Virgo Ascendant. You are concerned about love and money. You can’t really sort out either if you have a chronic health condition. This may have to take you all the way back to childhood or adolescence but it is worth searching for. Dreams can reveal it, as the dreams are the portal to the subconscious. Tarot may also help you. I hope you find what you are looking for. Virgo the maiden is associated with the physical condition, or physical state, ruling the social position and finances, the love life and workload, because she was a symbol for “The Virgin Queen” (Elizabeth I) in the 16th century. Her Majesty’s virginity was behind just about everything, including her great success as monarch. So sometimes this idea of your physical condition being ‘under’ everything else can be useful in figuring out how the mind might now influence the body, as opposed to the other way around, Katie.

  108. Hi Jessica I am retired and living in the US. My retirement income is suffering based on high inflation and stock market instability. I am thinking of selling my house in order to get some capital back after big expenses. I wonder about best timing for a sale as a potential stock market crash/adjustment will surely affect home sales. Can you advise based on my birth chart?

    1. This is a late reply I’m sorry as you posted on 28th October and we are now at 23rd December. As you just saw, the astrology was correct and we have seen $878 billion wiped from the US stock market (on December 16th, one of the predicted dates). You want to sell your house, which is a Taurus/Cancer/Scorpio matter. You are a Sun Leo with Virgo, Cancer, Leo and Pisces stelliums. Perhaps you have sold by now, but if not, just be aware that Leo women go into a new period of restrictions with finance, property, charity, business from March 2023 when Saturn changes signs. This extends to 2024, 2025 and early 2026. This will rein in some of the meandering, floating, rather oceanic qualities of your life budget to date. So, perhaps this is when you decide to make a rather large property move, but just be aware that it will come with rules. The Tarot can help give you a more personal reading as I don’t know where you are in the US and that is the whole story after 2026 when borders begin to change.

  109. Thank you so much Jessica for coming back to me.
    That makes a lot of sense. I think the illness stems from trying to cope in an unhealthy marriage, which I have now left. (I am financially independent from him.) Whilst I still have to be careful, I can manage my health a lot better now. I think the ‘subconscious’ theme you are talking about has to do with speaking up and advocating for myself. And I think there may also be something to do with a past ‘lost love’ from 18 or 19 years ago, who has reappeared in my life….I have just seen your post on the eclipse of 25th October. On the 24th I nearly ‘ran away’ from this person as the feelings are so strong, but managed to restrain myself – interesting that your post recommends not to act out because you won’t have the full picture. 18-19 years ago I also ran away from him because I was putting others’ needs before my own. I appreciate very much your response. I was so inspired by your eclipse post that I was going to comment there but then saw your reply here. If not too greedy I might also comment on the eclipse post because it feels so spot on and relevant. Thanks again

    All very

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you can see how the astrology was literally showing up in an unhealthy marriage. You left, very wisely. Hopefully you can now decode a little more of what has been going on and make your way.

  110. Hi Jessica,

    Requesting a clarification in the article. In one place you mentioned, Mercury Retrograde at 12 Taurus from April 28th to Monday 1st May and in another place you said, Mercury Retrograde at 12 Scorpio on Friday, April 28th to Monday, May 1st.

    Which is accurate?

    Thanks much

    1. That’s a wrong note on Mercury Retrograde, written on Mercury Retrograde. Thank you for picking up that mistake. It is of course in Taurus. I will fix that in the article now.

  111. Hi Jessica,

    Many thanks for this article. Can you have a look on my chart and tell me how this will impact me ? My finances And work?

    Thank you,

    1. You are a Sun Cancer woman so just entered the biggest and best (Jupiter – the greatest) cycle in 12 years for career advancement, promotion, success and an elevation in your status. If you take what you are given you can grow and prosper professionally, academically or as a philanthropist by May 2023 when the cycle ends. This tallies with your natal chart as in March Pluto leaves the same sector, publicly, so you are free to move around more.

  112. Thank you for a great forecast so far.
    From the above points you mentioned: “someone is planning a year-end, Christmas move.” This was particular for October 25, and we saw a strong rally around this period. It seems you wanted to say that this is something like the year-end-rally.
    Now, the forecast for December 10-26, seems to signify a crisis. Something starts there and become very serious by next April. Is my interpretation correct?
    Will the war expand in Taiwan, Iran, North Korea?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. George, you wrote on 3rd November and I am updating the Comments quite late, on December 23rd, but as you have just seen, the astrology was accurate and date-stamped about a Wall Street crash. As for those wars, or the avoidance of war, that’s a whole other story.

  113. Any idea on what to look for in my chart in relation to what is happening Dec22? I don’t see any Taurus or Scorpio at 12 degrees in my chart. I’ve come into some funds recently and everyone says to buy into the stock market over next 6 months since it’s so low. But if you’re predicting the market to be so different next year, trying to figure out if that makes sense. Any insight? Hold cash or invest?

    1. Well, now you know. You wrote on 5th November and I’m now updating the Comments on December 23rd and Wall Street has crashed. It’s best to get to know your own chart and all the tools you need are on this website.

  114. Hi Jessica. I have been following you for a few months, and finally took the plunge today and I bought a year’s membership.
    I was wondering if you can tell me what the coming financial forecast is for me? My husband and I are thinking of buying a house, but the last few years prices have been through the roof. I see from some of the responses here that it seems like after July next year will be a better time. Do you see that in my chart?
    Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you. Your husband is one half of the story and I don’t see a chart here, so can only talk to you in a general way about buying a house. They are overpriced all over the world, but it really depends on your town, village or city. Doreen, you have a Taurus and Cancer stellium and Jupiter in Scorpio, so are set up for gains, benefits, solutions and opportunities with your husband from May 2023 to May 2024 as transiting Jupiter moves to Taurus, and is nicely in conjunction with your Taurus stellium; sextile your Cancer stellium and even in opposition to natal Jupiter, can only over-deliver an abundance which is ‘much too much.’ Have a look at the Tarot to validate that timing, but Cancer rules your house or apartment in life, so those sextiles are very good to see.

  115. Hi Jessica,

    Can you help me understand how this affects me? I’m new to reading my birth chart.

    Thanks so much.

    1. You have just enough Taurus and Scorpio in your chart to be affected by this predicted Wall Street crash, and in fact world stocks have been affected, as I update this on 23rd December. A really basic example is your pension or superannuation. In general, in this unpredictable cycle until 2026, you will find events happen suddenly and without warning and tend to be unique; highly unusual. For that reason, you may want to stay light on your feet with money and property. Scorpio is about joint finance and property, so before you enter into any arrangement with a boyfriend (say) or husband, you need to be quite clear about what you both expect and preferably get a professional in to act as a third party supervisor or advisor.

  116. Hi,Jessica:
    FTX went bankrupt and I couldn’t get my money out. I wonder if digital currency is still worth investing in or is it just a Ponzi scheme?
    I have the Sun at 1° Taurus and Uranus and Neptune at 18° Capricornus, does that mean I shouldn’t invest in cryptocurrencies?My Saturn is at 17 degrees Aquarius…please take a look at my chart and give me some advice, thanks.

    1. I am sorry about this. I did give the date (November 11th 2022) back on 10th May, in a story called Bitcoin Astrology Predictions. If you were born with Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, those collective situations with currency are always going to be barricaded for you, quite heavily, and surrounded by obstacles. Saturn is a symbol of restriction, limitation and confinement in astrology and here we have him in Aquarius and you went through your Saturn Return at 17 Aquarius. Use the Tarot to validate this for yourself, but I doubt that any group-oriented financial ventures are going to be much fun. You will always have squares from transits in Scorpio (joint finance) and Taurus (your money) to that Saturn, on a regular basis, just from the Moon’s transits of Scorpio or Taurus every 28 days or so. When you have slow-moving transits in Scorpio and/or Taurus at 17 degrees the situation becomes extremely heavy. So it’s up to you, but put a price on your peace of mind with people.

  117. Hi Jessica! Love reading your horoscopes and blogs. Would be grateful for insight on how this will impact me and my chart. Thank YOU

  118. Looks like my comments were stuck in moderation a month and never got posted. Trying again in the hopes that you’re possibly still responding to this thread.

    As a sun and moon Libra with Mercury at 12 Scorpio and North node Taurus/South node Scorpio at 13 degrees, and Taurus and Scorpio stelliums – should I be concerned? Have some important financial conversations and issues now with my former spouse who lost his job, and nervous about how his loss of income will impact my financial situation. Also considering buying rather than renting if housing market in US plunges. Any advice greatly appreciated, and it’s so helpful how you lay all of these pieces out for us! Thank you!

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Libra with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance, you are having public and private cycles that say the same thing. Your former spouse lost his job and that affects your own finances. He is part of the Uranus in Taurus cycle of sudden, unexpected change which goes on until 2026. It has its advantages which I’ll talk about in a moment. In general though, try to reduce the stakes and lower the commitments with joint finances, property, business and charity, now through 2026. The less at stake, the better, because you can afford (literally) to be flexible and adjust quickly and easily to ever-changing conditions out there. This is extreme trickle-down from national and global economic shift so try to stay light on your feet. The big stretch with your former spouse ends in July 2023. You two have karma. You owe, or are owed, from about 19 years ago. This may be with him or another person/organisation. The theme is the same though. Closure comes when the lunar nodes leave Taurus-Scorpio and stop stretching you, next July. Until then, try to balance the spiritual score sheet with your former spouse, but also with family or partners in general, as Scorpio rules relatives, lovers, husbands and wives as well as exes. Once it’s over, it’s over. The good news about being a Sun Libra is that from May 2023 you will have a rare chance to save a lot of money or make it, as Jupiter (abundance, opportunities, solutions, growth, hope, optimism, expansion) goes into Taurus for the first time in 12 years and right into your solar Eighth House. So this looks like things sort themselves out with your former spouse, but also in terms of relatives or intimate partners in general. You have your North Node at 16 Taurus so your past life was shared with your former spouse and the story then (as it has been for most past lives) was about the money. You will gain hugely when Jupiter goes to 16 Taurus and forms a conjunction with your natal North Node in March 2024, possibly into April 2024 as well. Call it good karma. Go to the Tarot to find out more about your former spouse and yourself as this is intensely personal and it is about your agreement, in your life between lives, to come back now and get some long closure.

  119. Hi Jessica! Love reading your horoscopes and blogs. I’m a Scorpio Sun and Aquarius moon and rising. Would be grateful for insight on how this will impact me and my chart. Thank YOU

    1. Thank you. Well, your Rising Sign is the least important part of your chart. The Scorpio Sun in your Eighth House is far more important, as it suggests that you shine brightest when involved in joint finances or shared property. This may be personal (marriage and mortgage, family legacy) or professional (you are an accountant or stockbroker). This is the case all your life, actually. You also have stelliums in Taurus and Scorpio so the instability, impermanence and constant change of 2022-2026 is personal for you, financially, and it’s as well to get yourself into a flexible position where you are not lumbered with big debt, for example. The stretch is over with others, in July 2023, when the nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio.

  120. Looks like my comments are getting stuck in “awaiting moderation”. Giving it another try with fingers crossed 🙂

    Hi Jessica! Love reading your horoscopes and blogs. I’m a Scorpio Sun and Aquarius moon and rising. Would be grateful for insight on how this will impact me in regards to my chart. I have stelliums in Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Sag. Thank YOU

    1. I’m sorry, there is a long list of 15,855 comments today. I’m not surprised you are interested in Wall Street astrology. You are a Sun Scorpio so your Sun is in the Eighth House of joint finance. You also have a stellium in Scorpio so you live in our Eighth House much of the time. Unusually, you also have a Taurus stellium in your Second House of personal income, so again, you live there a lot of the time. Your Aquarius and Sagittarius stelliums will serve your need to make and save money. So you do it through foreigners (Sagittarius) or through a group (Aquarius). The transits now are challenging and difficult, financially. You have the transiting nodes in Taurus-Scorpio triggering your chart, so there is a huge gap between your own life budget, values and personal preferences and wants, and the other budget there, which belongs to the family (say) or a partner. This runs until July 2023. A typical example is the big gap between the way you live your financial life and personal economy, and the way your mother, father or brother does. Or a boyfriend. The big stretch ends in July 2023 when the nodes leave Taurus-Scorpio, and until May 2023 you are in a position to make or save quite a lot of money.

  121. Hi Jessica, I just saw this one. Wow, how things are playing out! My chart seems to be loaded and I’m overwhelmed trying to create breadcrumbs to follow. I know I have multiple scorpios in Jupiter. Venus. Mars Vulcano, and 11° Aesculapia. Taurus in Juno and Saturn. 13° Bacchus in Capricorn, 13° Uranus in Libra. 12° Moon in Aquarius, and multiple other Capricorn placements. My husband’s placements in Friends and family seem loaded as well it also seems. If you could help me shed some light on what this ride is coming up for me/us is, I’m grateful, especially considering how busy you are these days. I went back through some 2017 posts to learn more and the comments were under 20, now it’s quite a different story testament to your amazing gift! Thank you Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Okay, so Taurus and Scorpio are the finance signs. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Scorpio stellium. You are being stretched at the moment, with your house, business, taxation, insurance, apartment, valuables, shares, bank and so on. It may be personal so the issue is your husband, or it may be purely financial but have implications for your marriage. Scorpio stellium people tend to get heavily invested in sexual relationships where the big-ticket items of any legacy (yours or his) are always so complex. The stretch comes from the North Node in Taurus, Uranus in Taurus opposition to the transiting South Node in Scorpio, but also your own Scorpio factors. The stretch ends, July 2023. Yet, you still need to realise that with a factor at 27 Scorpio (Jupiter) you are still going to have oppositions from Uranus to the mid 2020’s. That’s the world turning upside down on a regular basis, as Uranus rules all that is sudden, disruptive and completely, radically, new and different. Having flexible arrangements in place is a smart idea with this transit. Jupiter is a terrific help and protection in Scorpio in the Eighth and in fact you will regularly gain from partners or family, throughout your life, via money saved, or money made. Yet, an opposition chain from Uranus right to the mid 2020s is also regular electrical storms and upheaval so the more loose and open you can have things, the better, because you will need to switch your plans at a moment’s notice. Try to avoid being lumbered with the fixed, immovable and ‘permanent’ as this is not that astrological transit. Your Tarot can tell you more about this timing.

  122. This timing is really completely f*cked up…. sorry my language.
    The past two hours I’ve had a weird feeling. I had stomach cramps, weird stuff happening in my body, crazy vibes.

    A few minutes ago, I checked the news and saw Musk had allowed Trump back in. I was really really shocked in January when the Congress was attacked by Trump disciples, and as soon as I saw the news today, I felt my chest compress, feeling like crying. I don’t know why.

    These news, about Elon and Trump, Twitter etc, matches approximately 6 months since Trump bought Twitter on the Solar October Eclipse this year.
    These two things (the one now and in 2023 in March-June) will be connected. I know it will also affect Trump somehow, though it will be less so. This man is already dying, and he has been for some time.

    Some days ago I read that one of the things if you have strong Scorpio factors (I have 4 personal planets + Jupiter in Scorpio) is the ability to sense death.

    A month ago, before Elon went public with his aquisition of Twitter, I got a mental “download” saying Twitter will not keep living. It would go die a weird death. Perhaps as soon as the spring nexy year. At that time I hadn’t even considered Pluto coming into Aquarius….!

    Soon after Elon bought Twitter and we see he is acting like a mediocre manchild during this takeover.
    I am not in doubt that Twitter will be gone, and a weird leftover version of it (maybe the skeleton of the original media platform ) will be left alone, as a place for extremists. Perhaps even with a completely different setup and name. Color me crazy… I certainly feel that way right now!

    1. Yes, Elon Musk has allowed Donald Trump on Twitter. I am sorry it has affected you so much. I disagree that a Scorpio chart signature means you can predict or sense death. Who on earth said that? I also disagree with you about Twitter, or at least the charts for Dorsey, Twitter and Musk do. This platform will transform over many years. Don’t worry too much about Donald. He’s a goner. You don’t act out Pluto in Capricorn with your friend Vladimir Putin, the other Pluto in Capricorn cartoon, and live to tell the tale – when Pluto changes signs. These two are cruising for a bruising, as we used to say at school. If you need some healing for your stomach cramps, assuming they are still there (I hope not) try Matthew Manning, who practises distance/absent healing.

  123. Thank you Jessica! I forgot to ask if 13° Bacchus in Capricorn and
    11° Aesculapia has any connection together? Also, when noting the triggers as you describe, do the degrees (11,12,13)have heavier weight or the sign (scorpio/taurus)? I do feel I need to be mobile and liquid, so thank you for the validation, just trying to understand what that really means owning and living in a townhouse if you know what I mean. Thank you again! Keep well.

    1. Thank you. Your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance and property is actually more important, because ever since Uranus (the unpredictable) moved into Taurus, the opposite sign, back in May 2018, your situation has been subject to change. I expect the first phase of the pandemic in 2020 was part of that. Ongoing, you will find that life until 2026 does ask you to be flexible – as you say, mobile and liquid – so that when a bargain appears you can pay cash for it, and if you need to fund something, you won’t have to borrow. The general idea is to try and avoid borrowing (if you possibly can) in a transit which is notorious for sudden shocks. Fortunately astrology can predict the unpredictable, like this late December 23rd Wall Street crash.

    1. I’m afraid you need to log in if I am to read your chart. This feature has also attracted many hundreds of questions, so it’s only now that Wall Street has crashed that I’m finally able to answer those in the queue.

  124. Hi Jessica
    I really enjoy following the global financial markets in my semi-retirement and have also taken an interest in crypto in recent years (with mixed success but lots of learning). Re-reading your article I find some of the date predictions quite fascinating. I have a bunch of factors near and around the 12 degree mark and would appreciate some interpretation of how the current situation affects my investing.

    1. We are now almost a month on from your question, so my apologies for the delay, but you probably saw Wall St just crashed right on Friday 23rd December after a run of losses. You are a Sun Virgo with Taurus and Scorpio factors so will find the Jupiter transit of Taurus from May 2023 until May 2024 gives you a 12-year opportunity to shine at work, in academia, or with unpaid work. You will save or make money as Jupiter passes through, if you take every opportunity offered. This kind of transit classically accompanies a new job or promotion, or a terrific success in business.

  125. Hi Jessica,

    Your articles are a breath of fresh air! My Landlord has decided to sell the flat where I currently live (London) and I am not sure if I should make her an offer or I should try to find something new to rent/buy. What is your view on this? What would be the right direction from your perspective?
    Many thanks and warmest regards,

    1. I am late to your question, which was posted on 3rd December, as this feature attracted hundreds of questions, so my apologies. Property in the chart is always ruled by Cancer and the Fourth House, Maru. You have a stellium there from 2 to 29 of Cancer so actually, crunch time is now (December) but also January, as you go through Capricorn cycles which oppose your Cancer stellium. As any opposition is always a big stretch and a bridge to cross, you may prefer to make your choices another time, if you can choose in any month at all. Mercury Retrograde is with us and at the very least there may be a rewind with paperwork, or a reversal or delay with a process. At most, it can see a cancellation. Things are in flux on Mercury Retrograde; you can see the evidence in London now with strikes and extreme weather. So it’s up to you, but if you are looking for the best astrological cycle to make big choices about real estate, it would be when Jupiter goes into Taurus from May 2023, into your Second House of money saved and made, and by May 2024, with a series of terrific sextiles to your Cancer factors. Please use the Tarot to validate this timing for yourself.

  126. HI, Jessica, Thanks always for your insight. I have invested in Crypto and lost a large amount of money in May 2022 due to Luna (Crypto) Collapse. I am wondering if you could analyse Ethereum Chart. Bitcoin is the King and Eth is the Queen. I really believe in Eth utilities and would like to invest in it when it’s bottomed. Thanks

    1. I am so sorry you have lost your money. This unpredictable, erratic financial cycle runs until 2026. I’ve not looked at Ethereum so need to dig out the various contending dates for its ‘birth.’ Setting that specific investment aside, you have 6, 7, 8 degree factors at Taurus-Scorpio which are the financial signs, so it’s always going to be extreme for you. You may want to start tracking what happens to your investments when horoscope factors transit or travel across 6,7,8 degrees and see if you can locate the pattern. January, February 2023 is the next window. You should have some terrific solutions, when Jupiter (best and greatest, according to the Romans) goes across 6, 7, 8 Taurus in June 2023. You are in Australia and that’s the end of the financial year, of course. Try the Tarot to validate for yourself.

  127. Hi Jessica, I was wondering how this period affects my chart. I have property, joint property issues, and also some investments, few with losses. How am I affected in this period and next year? Is it going to get worse for me? My partner is an Aquarius with stelliums in Aquarius, Pisces ,Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn. We live in Europe for a few years now, and plan to move back to Canada next year. Is that a good time for me/us to make that move? Thank you!

    1. You have a big Scorpio and Taurus stellium including the Nodes, so you have been rich and poor in other lifetimes. You may have even been on Wall Street for the crash in the Twenties. You have chosen to incarnate in an era of cryptocurrency and inflation. The big stretch is over in July 2023 when the nodes leave Scorpio and Taurus and you will no longer be pushed and pulled in two directions with money, business, property and/or charity. In fact from May 2023 until May 2024 with Jupiter in Taurus in your Second House you have the opportunity to make or save a fortune. Moving back to Canada is a two-person choice and I don’t see a second chart, so suggest you and your partner both draw a Tarot card and follow the steps. Thank you.

  128. Fascinating! As a sun and moon Libra with Mercury at 12 Scorpio and North node Taurus/South node Scorpio at 13 degrees, should I be concerned? Have some important financial conversations and issues now with my former spouse who lost his job, and nervous about how his loss of income will impact my financial situation. Also considering buying rather than renting if housing market in US plunges. Any advice greatly appreciated, and it’s so helpful how you lay all of these pieces out for us! Thank you… and my chart has Taurus and Scorpio stelliums.

    1. This is a late reply, sorry, as I am only updating this story now the Wall Street prediction has come true. So I hope you were able to use the information in here to steer your astrological chart. You have the nodes in Scorpio and Taurus and also a large stellium in Scorpio. You have had at least one past life knowing all about money, business, charity and/or property and it may even have been at times of great drama on Wall Street. I am sorry your former spouse has lost his job; if he is still without work then the reshuffles, now until February 7th, may well reveal a chair for him in the game of musical chairs. The big stretch for you is over in July 2023 when the lunar nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio.

  129. Hi Jessica, thanks for the the article. I have stellium in Capricorn. I was thinking to invest in stocks. Wondering if this (and 2023) would a good time for me?

    1. You just saw the astrology proven correct about World Street and all world stocks so we know this Wall Street chart works. How does it line up with your own chart? You have a Taurus stellium (the sign of the bull; bull markets and the Wall Street bull) and we currently have Uranus (the unpredictable and unusual) in Taurus alongside the North Node. So until May 2023 your financial astrology is also unpredictable. It really depends what you want from your investment. Jupiter with all his opportunities, growth, hope and expansion goes into Taurus May 2023 to May 2024. Here is a tip, go back around 12 years to the last time Jupiter was in Taurus, to see how it impacted you.

  130. Hi Jessica. New subscriber. Fantastic read on NYSE. Appreciate your insights. With recession cloud, inflation and corporate profits being under squeeze little bit worried about my job. Any insights that you can provide will be truly appreciated

    1. Thank you. I understand why you have questions about your job. Work is ruled by Virgo (when you serve) and Capricorn (when you aim for the top). So let’s see what is going on in your birth chart. Pluto transits over your factors at 27, 29 Capricorn and Pluto himself at 27 Virgo. You are there now, waiting for Pluto to move over the final degrees of Capricorn in your Tenth House of mission, position and ambition, leaving in March 2023. This is a person or organisation taking over. It may actually be a corporate takeover. It may be a dominating personality. The process is finished by March for you, either because the individual or entity leaves your life, or because you leave the situation. You are powerful when you serve others and influential when you do your duty. This is Jeeves running Wooster. Jeeves running London society! So this transit will bring this out of you. There will be questions about your ambition to be top dog, or stay on top, or get to the top – in terms of rank, status, success – and the very different experience of being at others’ beck and call. You have a big choice to make here, but once it’s made, you will find life between March and June looks and feels like nothing you’ve experienced since 2007 and earlier. Pluto will retrograde back to the final degrees of Capricorn, but he has been toppled and can only go over old ground, going nowhere. From the mid 2020s your career, academic career or unpaid work will be free of manipulators and power trippers. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that some people had resigned, been sacked, or left the scene for other reasons. Pluto in transit can be ruthless but he does clear the decks.

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