The Libra Weather 2022

Libra iStock 300x300 - The Libra Weather 2022If you have four, five, six or more factors in Libra in your birth chart, then you have a Libra stellium. You are strongly Libran, and the Libra Weather of 2022 in your Seventh House of partners, duets, duels, feuds – strongly affects you.

This is a key cycle for your marriage, for a sexual relationship, for a professional partnership, or for the state of play with your ex-husband or ex-wife.

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105 Responses

  1. Good evening Jessica. Thank you for this blog post. It always helps me to be prepared and make sense of things.
    Separated from Capricorn sun husband and best friend 10 months now. I have 6 planets in Libra. He also has quite a few planets in Libra. What do you see for the two of us this Libra season? I know he wants to end the business, and focuses a lot of our conversations on that. For me however, I want to know more about us, our relationship and friendship. I find it hard that we’re on different wavelengths

    Jupiter 08° Libra
    Saturn 09° Libra
    Pluto 23° Libra
    Juno 28° Libra

    1. Thank you. Your former husband, a Sun Capricorn, has a ton of Libra placements, as do you. The pair of you have a major episode of karma together, commencing in July 2023, when the lunar nodes move into Aries and Libra. The rest of 2023 and 2024 will be spent balancing the scales with each other, and what happens will owe a great deal to life as it was 18-19 years before, in both 2023 and 2024. He wants to end the business. You want to know about the emotions. As you have been doing this on Mercury Retrograde in Libra, there may be nothing final or fixed to date, yet when Mercury resumes normal motion, you can hopefully agree to leave things in a good place with each other. That is days away now; I always post the Mercury Retrograde dates years in advance, so you will find them on this website, as well as a very old prediction about exactly what you are going through now. Try to leave things in the best possible place, as you will be going back to these discussions from July 2023 next year.

  2. Thank you so much for yet another great read Jessica! I have a Libra stellium with Uranus, Bacchus, Appollo & Ops – would love to get your insights into what this combination means for my duets this month and beyond that.

    My ex-partner, who is recently back in my life, though we are still trying to figure things out is a Leo sun (31/07.68) – we have gone back and forth for 10 years now and have now decided to give this one last try to see if we can make it work.

    Also, my second son is very much on my mind now – he is studying full time now and has gone through a difficult time this year with friends and work – he is a Cancer sun (27/06/95). Due to recent events with his roommate, it looks like he will need to move in with me temporarily, and I really would like to help support him to become fully independent and to trust and believe in himself more deeply.

    So much appreciate your insights and depth of information – thank you!

    1. Thank you. With a Libra stellium, you are defined by partnerships, must have them (for better or worse) and will always pour yourself into the art of balancing the scales with others. You can be a lover or fighter with that combination. Your Leo Sun partner from the past is back in your life after 10 years of trying. March 2023 is when things come to a head with him. By June 2023 he will have made one of the most important decisions of his life, specifically about you. You have a Cancer sun student son, who needs to move in with you for a while. That may not even happen. If it does, try to get him to commit in writing (or text message, anyway) a few agreements about how it is going to work. He has stunning opportunities for success from Christmas to May 2023 and should snap them up.

  3. Dear Jessica, I am Virgo Sun with a considerable stellium in Libra, Leo and a stellium in Aries too. I am a freelancer in human resources, mentoring, and consulting. Even though these last two years were quite successful for my job, I still feel like somebody who is not given big success. I had a chance for the big individual projects, which were realized at the last moment – before the signature of the contract. Like some invisible power pulling me away and telling me, “this is not for you; you are not dedicated to work alone; you must cooperate with others”. But I wish to be independent of the power/will of others for business. Do I have a chance to succeed with my project in the mentioned field? Today I cooperate with two other women on joint projects, and sometimes I feel used by them – my ideas, effort… And now with entering nodes in Aries and my stellium in it, my finances become a question for me; I am starting to be scared. Fear of lack (the possibility of earning on my own enough money to make me feel secure) is my life theme, I think. and with this Libra weather, should I expect more problems with my project collegues? where should I direct my attention and energy to use this time efficiently?
    Dear Jessica, I will be thankful for your insight.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo woman with stelliums in Leo, Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius. This is the toughest work cycle in 29 years and it ends in March 2023. That month is important, as March-June is about recognising new power with a project or role you take on. In fact, the restrictions, limitations and vulnerability you have had with work since Christmas 2020 is over from March next year. In its place you will realise that you need to use willpower to become empowered, and self-control to have control. This is long-term. If you can pull it off, then over the next decade, and beyond, you will become extremely influential; mastering your chosen field and having unique clout. I fully expect you to be a revolutionary in the field of communication, media, academia, education and/or publishing from 2026, joining a wave of new technology. It would involve foreign language translation. So the future is interesting. You will make or save a lot of money from Christmas to May 2023. The Tarot can tell you how and why.

  4. Hi Jessica

    I am exhausted by a hot and cold romantic relationship with a Sun Scorpio that started in April. Will this Libra weather give me some clarity (or closure!). At this point I’d be happy with just knowing what is going on!! Thank you, Kate.

    1. The Sun Scorpio man is currently in the long Uranus in Taurus transit of his Seventh House of marriage, divorce, separation, sexual relationships and living together. Uranus is a symbol of revolution, instability, freedom, radical change and independence. Don’t take this personally, he may have been like this since 2018-2021 with another woman, or women, as a whole. Kate, you are a Sun Aquarius woman with stelliums in Aquarius, Libra, Taurus and Cancer. So there are a few things going on here. One of them is just the Libra weather – inconsistent – of September, October. That ends soon when Mercury sorts himself out. Yet, you say you are exhausted from months of this, so it’s not just Mercury Retrograde in Libra. Stepping back from the whole chart and looking at the long-term, this is part of a pattern designed to get you to have an exhilarating, liberating, radically different, relationship with the world of children. This does not begin until 2026, but every twist and turn in your love life until then is paving the way. From 2026, beyond 2030, you will find that babies, children, adolescents play a new role in your future that is the last thing you expected. So, frustrating though Scorpio is, no matter if he goes or stays in your life, he is part of a longer pattern. Have a look at The Garden Oracle about this man too. Just follow the steps. But your future looks pretty different and rather exciting.

  5. This is fascinating, thank you! I am a Sun Scorpio with a Libra stellium. I’ve been divorced since 2018 after a 7-year marriage and not had any significant relationships since then. The marriage was my longest term relationship and romantic relationships haven’t really been an area of consistency throughout my life, so I’m wondering if this period will lead to changes (or maybe sometime in the next year or so). Dating in the Covid era has also limited opportunities. Also, I’ve felt a bit stagnant in my career, although I’m doing relatively well in that area. I was passed up for a promotion back in July and am wondering if it’s time for a change. I’ve stayed in this job more for stability for my two children, 10 and 7. We are not struggling and life is mostly good in that area, I just feel that since 2018 my life has just felt stuck on hold and treading water, if that makes sense. Thank you for any insight you can provide from my chart! Your work is great and I’m happy to be a premium member.

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Scorpio woman you are going through the ‘challenge to change your ways’ cycle, with marriage, love and sex. It began in 2018 with Uranus entering Taurus and will not stop until 2026. Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn, Sagittarius stelliums dominate your chart. So Uranus is opposing, or challenging, your Scorpio side, which is all about sexual and financial relationships; property and family relationships. Scorpio is a fixed sign. You may have fixed ideas about men, or marriage, or divorce and so on, which Uranus will want to shake up, ongoing. I know dating in Covid is extremely difficult but there is more to this, than that. Have a look at the Tarot, follow the steps and ask what you could change – what you are not changing – what needs to change, in order to be free. Inconsistent dating or flings may actually be part of a process of independence that has to unfold. You have found you can support yourself and your children just by professional success, which is a great leap forward for independence. There will be other ways too. I suspect life has more in store for you sexually and romantically than you can imagine at the moment – over the next three or four years. If you have been resisting the revolution, though, it may be time to enquire.

  6. Good morning, Jessica. I am highly Libran, so I anticipate this to be an interesting cycle for me. My ex boyfriend showed up at a volleyball game last week(we have daughters the same age), it appears as though this cycle is asking me to reconcile some personal feelings from the past. My question is about the cycles. Is this cycle because Venus is in Libra? Or because the Sun is in Libra, or both? I am a member of the Sun School also – perhaps there’s more on the cycles there. I get so much from this website and I’m very grateful. Best, Natalie

    1. Thanks Natalie. I am glad you are also learning astrology at The Sun Sign School. You are a Sun Leo woman with stelliums in Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo and Sagittarius. In your solar chart you have Saturn in Aquarius in the Seventh House of ex-boyfriends. In your natal chart you have, yes, the Sun and other factors passing through Libra – again in your Seventh House, natally. So that sector of your chart is hard work now. Saturn always brings restrictions and limitations. Gates, walls, fences and barriers. It also brings vulnerability. The other transits now include Mercury Retrograde in Libra which is always hard work too. So you have a bit of reconciliation to pursue. The Tarot can help you there, on this website. Just follow the steps. Saturn leaves your solar Seventh House in March 2023 and Pluto enters. He may be part of that, or influence your thoughts and feelings about another person.

  7. Dear Jessica,

    I have a libra Stellium and am currently dealing with two duels. My ex-business partner ( dob March 31, 1960) who is giving me a very hard time in separating the business and has dragged me into court for several false legal accusations.
    I’ve also been dating someone since mid January this year ( dob April 6, 1982) where things were seemingly great till about a month back and now we are at loggerheads about everything.

    Please advise.

    1. I am sorry you are going through these situations. You are a Sun Libra person, with stelliums in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Virgo. You will be pleased to know that solutions appear with both these people after Christmas and you should get the best possible outcome by May 2023. You may want to limit the stakes with financial and sexual relationships until July 2023 as the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio make that hard enough anyway, without adding more to the agreements with people. Yet from July next year that hard work cycle ends. Some of what you are going through now is Mercury Retrograde in Libra and that will sort itself out into a discussion you can put a full stop on, quite soon.

  8. Dear Jessica,
    What a wonderful prediction of Libra weather. I read your post in the middle of the night, at 02:30 in the morning to be exact. I couldn’t sleep further without replying to you. I have 6 factors in Libra ranging from 9 to 24 degrees. As you foretell me, I am now facing a double act of duets: One a new business partner waiting to sign a contract; the other an ex-partner waiting to rejoin. Astonishingly both acts are connected; nothing will be accomplished without the other.
    As an astrology enthusiast I wonder why this double act did not happen in previous years when the Libra weather appears every year.
    By the way, apart from this Libra weather, Mar conjuncts exactly on my Uranus and opposites my natal Jupiter. Does this aspect have any influence on my Libra soap opera?
    Thank you very much and waiting excited to see the curtain lifts.

    1. Your astrological chart is showing up in your real life. Now, the duets will rewind and replay and there may be changes. Why didn’t this show up in previous years during Libra weather? You are a Sun Aquarius person with stelliums in Libra, Pisces and Sagittarius. The answer rests with your solar chart, as you are a Sun Aquarius – which you know – and for the first time in 12 years, Jupiter in Pisces is in your Second House of business and income. In fact, he re-enters Pisces in just a few days. In astrology you work with solar and natal charts together for accuracy. The Mars transits are best managed by slowing down and lowering the emotional temperature. No heat and speed. A strategy is good; Mars was a soldier; he likes a military style grand plan.

  9. Thank you for this article, Jessica. I am a sun Cancer with nodes and stelliums in Aries and Libra (plus stelliums in Scorpio and Gemini). I don’t fit the usual picture of someone with an Aries stellium (as described by your previous article about Aries Astrology Cycles in 2023) so maybe I’m being blocked by the opposing Libra one? If so, can this be overcome? Should it? I’m middle-aged now and still have no real idea of what my purpose in this life is. Can you help me with understanding this, please? Thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Cancer with stelliums in Libra, Aries, Gemini and Scorpio. You do have an opposition from Aries to Libra, so probably play Libra (partnering with people in a number of duets) and ignore Aries. That can leave you feeling purpose-free. Aries is really just being pushy about yourself. Promoting yourself and getting out there to fight the good fight. If you have been married to someone/partnered with someone who didn’t want that, you may have put it aside. You were made for marriage or business partnership with Libra-Scorpio. For better or for worse, you have to be closely entwined with a lover and tie up the money and property with them too. More than once if necessary. I am amazed that you are not online (Gemini) getting your name and face out there (Aries) as part of a wider message, course, campaign or information push. I predict you’ll do that sooner than you think!

    2. The Sun in Cancer, and stelliums in Libra, Aries, Gemini and Scorpio make up your chart as you know. Yes, you are blocking yourself as an Aries stellium person, likely ‘doing’ your Libra or Cancer, because it’s easier. People sometimes find their parents, friends or teachers disapprove of Aries self-promotion and push, so as children or teenagers they live out their other stelliums instead. It’s more common with women and girls than men and boys, because men and boys are encouraged to ‘get out there’ and go in the front line. In fact we tend to put men on the front line in the army. Not women. What is your real purpose? Well, the Aries weather of Christmas 2022 to May 2023 will show you what it means to be front-and-centre if you want it, but you have to want it!

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I have a male figure in my life Libra born on the 20th of October, we both work in property and sometimes together, there is also a lot of chemistry however we are from different religions Muslim/Christian and in general its a very complicated situation but we keep going back & forth. Any clarity you can share would be great, as I want this person in my life as he is a good friend and gives me so much knowledge but the chemistry is confusing to both parties.

    1. You are a Sun Virgo woman with stelliums in Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Scorpio. You will always have foreigners in your life with your Sagittarius Ninth House stellium and yet the difficulty now comes from Mars Retrograde in Gemini, right opposite. Like any opposition it can deliver mixed feelings on either side. It ends in March 2023. The confusion over partnerships of all kinds, ends in 2026. If you want to go further with him, think very carefully about the realities of that in 2023, 2024, 2025. The Tarot can give you validation on that timing. Looking far into the future, you will have an exciting, liberating new life with new information, media, communication or academic technology from 2026 and past 2030 find it becomes a huge part of your existence.

  11. Dear Jessica, one of my stellium is in libra and i am currently single. out of nowhere the other day my neighbour who i briefly went out with on about 5 dates over ten years asked me to meet him. we met. do you see anything in my libra stellium that indicates i may start a relationship. im quite happy alone too. i hope you are keeping well and thank you for your wonderful articles. including this one. it makes my sunday evening so cosy reading your website. every evening.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you had a date during the Libra weather. Just allow a few days more for Mercury in Libra to resume normal motion. With him or someone else, the really important cycle starts July 2023 and goes into 2024. The South Node in Libra, which you’ve not had for around 19 years. If you are owed good karma in love it will come back then.

  12. Hi Jessica, I have been having on-off discussions about a new job (with my former manager) since May 2022. I have finally decided to move forward with the process, but I have not commited myself to anything for now. I wonder if it would bea positive move for my career. Do you have any insight about this, please?

    1. You are a Sun Leo with two large stelliums in Leo and Scorpio so will enjoy the biggest and best career cycle in 12 years, starting in May 2023, ending in May 2024. The long, drawn-out and repetitive situations with finance, business, property, charity will end next July 2023. There is nothing stopping you from pursuing your ambitions now, but the real peak is towards the middle of next year, with April-June decision time. The relentless, intense nature of work per se, has been there since January 2008 but ends in January 2023. So it’s all about endings and beginnings. Use the Tarot to validate the timing here and The Garden Oracle.

  13. Hi Jessica

    Is there any chance for reconciliation with Capricorn Sun? It is been two years since the break-up and we still have common friends and places that we go. In a way I do have this gut feeling that there is still a story left with us.

    Thank you so much for the great read, looking forward for your insight.

    1. The Capricorn Sun person’s life is dominated by the pursuit of freedom and independence, from children or through children. This is what dictates love and sex for this person. You don’t say if either of you ever had children, or want them, or don’t want them. That is the conversation you need to have, though, if you are going to get back together. You are a Sun Sagittarius, with stelliums in Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo. With this person or quite another it is also about children, stepchildren or young in-laws for you – with the real story starting Christmas-May 2023, then picking up, July 2023 into 2024. It’s about offspring or pretenders to your throne, long-term, so whatever part this person plays is integral to that.

  14. Hi Jessica
    I have a libra stellium and Pluto at 1degree of libra. Can you perhaps shed some light how this may play out for me?
    Thanks so much Selina

    1. Selina, this Libra weather is almost over for the year, but it lays the foundations for the really important new phase in your love life, which begins with the arrival of the South Node in Libra, in your Seventh House of partnership, marriage, separation and divorce. This starts in July 2023 and by 2024 you will have had some historic choices about how you are to achieve closure with the past, going back 18 or 19 years; most recently around 2004, 2005. You can actually go back another 18 or 19 years in time, too. This is the famous nodal cycle when what you assumed (or whom you assumed) was done and dusted, has a funny way of coming around again. You feel compelled to act and so you will. In doing so, you will reckon up with who or what was there, before. The Tarot can show you more. It’s early days yet but some of the matters swirling around in October will play their part from July next year.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    I have 3 of my 4 stelliums in cardinal signs, and also sun libra. While I am ‘just browsing’ for a potential partner, I feel like there is something coming down the line for me, and I can see potential in my own cards. Is this a good time to be looking for a partner or will I unleash chaos into my life?

    Love your blog, always look forward to them!

    1. Yes, you have rare opportunities (Jupiter) to expand your love life (Libra, Seventh House) until around Halloween, then again from Christmas until May 2023. The transits of Jupiter (expansion, growth, hope) in Aries (your Seventh House of marriage) along with Chiron (experiments) suggests a fruitful 2023, with the person in question either being on your radar now, or from December – even if you are not aware of them. The really serious part of the equation is the North Node going into Aries and again, your Seventh House of marriage, after July 2023. By 2024 you will have made some karmic choices, which have a direct relationship with required closure dating from around 2004-2005. There is unfinished spiritual business from that period but it will be finished by your partnership choices in 2023-2024.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    This is so interesting for me as it will soon be Scorpio weather and eclipse season too. So much is going on. I am a sun Scorpio with stelliums in Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn and Sagitarius. I am going through a divorce my husband has dementia, my son has a learning disability. It is taking time to separate as I have had to put systems in place to support them when I am not there. My new partner is Scorpio too 17th Nov 1957.
    My son is a Libran. Can you foresee anything for me please.
    Moon 6
    Juno 4
    Ceres 18
    Apollo 9
    Cupido 10
    Nth node 22 All in Libra

    Thanks for all you do , you have been a constant source of help with my problems.

    1. Thank you. Yes, from the final week of October, joint finances and shared property becomes a priority. You are divorcing your husband with dementia and your son also has a learning disability; your new partner is Scorpio and your son is Libran. Essentially this is about Scorpio and Eighth House patterns, opposed by Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026 at different stages – more immediately it is about the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, in opposition to each other, until July 2023. The big stretch is over in July 2023 and you will have completed karma from 18-19 years ago, then. There is no more settling up in terms of financial or property spiritual debt – and you can move on. The other big change is Pluto out of Capricorn and your Tenth House of success and status, from March 2023. Since 2008 you have been put through quite intense situations where you needed to take back control; own your power; earn your power; use your willpower. That’s over. The Libra side of your personality and destiny is about marriage and divorce, as you probably know. This becomes the next period of karmic closure for you when the South Node goes into Libra after July 2023. For whatever reason that month looks like a big shift for you. By 2024 you will have sorted out what you owe, and what you are owed, with your former husband and current partner, in terms of fairness, justice and perhaps the law. Yet, the strictly financial or property based side of the karmic loop of the nodes is over by then, and with it, much of the pressure.

  17. Hi Jessica, thank you for these articles .. I’ve recently become a premium member and am going through the articles on your website and have learnt so much already , thank you so much . My question is that having purchased the charts of my Libra sun husband and two Aquarius Sun children – my son and daughter, from your website, I noticed that I have nothing in my chart that matches their Sun signs .. is there any significance to this. My relationship with my husband of 30 years has had its fair share of ups and downs. Both my children were much longed for after years of IVF treatments. I jus wondered if this meant anything in relation to me having nothing in my chart for any of their sun signs ? They do have my Leo sun in their charts though..

    1. Your Leo Sun in their charts, is the answer. Your Sun is in your husband’s Fifth House of parenthood. Your own son and daughter’s attitude towards having children (or not) will be influenced by you, also represented in their Fifth House. You are Queen to a younger court with your Leo sun; guide, mentor and example. So that archetype of motherhood is in your husband’s mindset and also in your children’s too.

  18. Hi Jessica

    My father recently dislocated & fractured my finger – effectively domestic abuse. I am staying with them, there has been a history of emotional & mental abuse – but not physical. Since my mother is schrezophenic, I have access to a top psychiatrist – who suggested my father should get the Rorasch test done. My father decided to file two non cognizable offences with the police ( to scare me apparently!) – I had decided to not pursue the legal route & also against any counter claims given he is my father ( it is a non bailable offence; he would have been behind bars as compared to the NC which is just a record of alleged offences. My mother claims she tried to stop him but was unable to.

    After I graduated from college – they pretty much cut me off financially ( they are wealthy) – since I wanted to work & refused to get married. There is also a strong bias towards my brother no matter that he is fairly weak, not good at business etc.

    From being a extremely well regarded professional to 2019 – I mentally burnt out, decided to take a year off ( I had the monies) – but then Covid hit – past 3 years have wiped me out financially.

    In my culture ( & by law but it’s a long drawn out process) in such a situation I am entitled to as an unmarried daughter have my father provide for my maintenance till such time I am in a job/secure again.

    Given I feel physically unsafe, have just come out of anxiety/mild depression – my lawyers have suggested I ask for a secure place to stay (their view is I should have a property in my name in lieu of the monies that would have been spent by my family on a wedding which is very typical of the culture – any jewellery etc then under Indian law is sacrosanct and mine) & maintenance monies till I get a job.

    My mother unlike most Indians has her own pool of assets which she has had my father give her – but she is extremely money obsessed (Capricorn) & her mental illness makes the obsession worse.

    She has agreed to part with an asset but it’s a pittance – effectively to get me to turn down the offer – for her own selfish reasons she wants me to stay at home to run the house, take care of the dog again who she is obsessed with etc & since parting with more means rightly her wealth goes down. my father is refusing to part with a penny from his share which is gigantic – he has also been lying on many issues ( told them I took drugs, that I have a large sum stashed away) to his lawyers who seem to be fairly sympathetic on the surface & don’t want this matter to be escalated. I have already told them I don’t want anything in his will – since he is threatening to disown me he can. Simply by law u should be provided for at this time when I am under.

    Jessica how will this all end. Our culture is diff so I am not sure if u can relate, here it is taken for granted that parents will provide for some security both for their married daughter (at time of wedding) or unmarried if they can afford it – and it is generally done. My friends, my uncle & aunt are also pleading with my parents – they have given a lot to my brother – that such discrimination is not fair. This pattern is also being repeated with my nephew & niece who are 11 and 8 years old – my brother is sympathetic and has also urged I should be provided with atleast a house to be safe no matter what given corporate jobs can be rocky.

    How will this all end jessica? I just want to run away and hide – my IC/MC is at 18 degrees and Uranus is sitting in it, there is an eclipse soon at 18 degrees on my IC. Should I stick to my guns and continue to ask for a proper house or take what I am getting ( not even sure if they will stick to their word) or as my mom suggests stay with them and move out once I find a job. My ability to move out is limited with the monies I have.

    Sorry for the long ramble – u had at one time advised that this was about financial values and I had to think long and hard on my values – it’s all unfolding as you said. Please advise.

    I will be so very grateful to you – truly. Thank you so much for all that you do – it brings a lot of comfort to know that things happen – astrology helps to atleast understand why & maybe preempt or deal with it.


    1. You are in a vulnerable position and need immediate help. Your lawyers have suggested you ask for a secure place to stay. Good. You are a Sun Leo with stelliums in Leo, Virgo and Scorpio. This situation is karmic in nature and ends in July 2023 and you will not be troubled by the family again. You will have financial and property solutions and opportunities offered to you from late October to late December 2022. Take them. I am sorry you are going through this awful situation, but there are end points and also light at the end of the tunnel. Do whatever you can to save or make money while Jupiter is transiting Pisces and your solar Eighth House of family money and property. Jupiter is a symbol of expansion, hope and solutions in the chart and this is the time to act. Your nephew and niece are extremely important and as their aunt, your destiny is to help them. So this is not just about you, it is also about your young relatives too. In the meantime you need a break from the pressure on your mental and physical health; fingers can heal and so can minds, but you can’t do it by yourself. Find those who can assist you, either online or in the real world. It can be free. Or affordable; a subscription to a healer like Matthew Manning is around $10 a month. Much of Glenn Harrold’s work is free. It is crucial that you have a space in your day when you can find peace and/or healing. Whatever is offered to you from late October to late December, make sure it does not lumber you in 2023-2026. Do not become burdened for the sake of a temporary way out of your financial issues. Try to negotiate something that you can actually carry. You will be offered a new job, course or role from May 2023 to May 2024 which takes you away from all this and gives you the success you deserve. Enjoy your niece and nephew’s company as they are important in your life for years into the future.

  19. Hi Jessica, thank you for your work. I have been blessed to know many delightful Librans in my life … creative, gentle, balanced people who are so much fun to be around. It’s why I was horrified to find out that Putin is a Libran … Putin the barbarian, ruthless murderer, despicable creature who has destroyed so many lives and continues to do so. How can this aberration be a Libran? I hang on to your prediction that Putin’s days in power are numbered but I despair of the destruction he will carry out in his final deranged days. Jessica, can you give us any idea of when his annihilation of Ukraine will stop … he did the same in Syria and so many other places … targets civilians as he is pure evil. I pray for those suffering because of him and I pray it will end soon. Any hope you can provide gratefully received. Slava Ukraini! Also Jessica, thank you so much for continuing to shine a light on the reality of covid … an awful lot of people are being decidedly neptunian about it … living in a fantasy of it not existing any more.

    1. There is no verified data for Vladimir Putin so we don’t even know if he is a Sun Libra at all. So best not use any charts or even speculation about his Sun sign. Stepping back from Ukraine to the bigger, bigger picture – this is actually about a transformation not seen in 248 years, for the United Nations and NATO. Also the EU and other groups, like the Commonwealth. It happens quite dramatically in March 2023. As Putin’s Russia is not in the gangs, it’s powerless. His entire role in all this, apart from Pluto in Aquarius (the transformation of the global group) is to end reliance on coal, gas and petrol. In fact, to bring economic shock and overturn. That is ongoing until 2026 by which time the appeal of gold as a safe haven will have been shaken and wind, solar and electricity will replace the rest. So that’s the bigger picture on this peculiar little man.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Off the subject but relevant, I have searched to purchase 2020 Vision and cannot find it anywhere in the US. The site states unavailable as well. Do you have any suggestions of where I may purchase it in the UK or Australia?

    Thank you for your time as well as for the readings

    1. Thank you. Yes, 2020 Vision is out of print and now quite expensive to purchase from specialist stores. My new book, Modern Astrology 2050, will be published later this year as an ebook and signed, limited edition. It covers the stelliums in your chart, and shows lunations and lunar node transits to the year 2050, so you can find out who you really are, what matters, and when the important events all happen.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    I am a Libra sun with a Libra stellium (w strong Scorpio stellium and virgo also) and am finding the duel side to be much more appropriate sadly. I am fed up and ready to walk away from things that meant so much to me in friendships and business but cannot shake the sadness related in doing so. Is there something that suggests holding out or having another go in the next few months in order to find an agreeable solution? Or do I let go and forget? I would love some good news dates to look out for in love and money. I am feeling anxious on eclipse season which are in my 2nd / 8th houses :/ Thanks again Jessica x

    1. Good question. Do you let go and walk away from friends and business colleagues, or do you hang in there and try again for a solution. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Libra, Virgo, Scorpio. The Scorpio stellium is the issue. You have the transiting South Node in Scorpio until July 2023, which always moves backwards, so you are stuck with long and drawn-out karma with people tied to you sexually and financially, but also through the family and property. It can also involve business or charity, if these big-ticket items in your life would be left to others in your legacy. Scorpio the scorpion is a symbol of the couple who enter into the dance, knowing ’til death do us part’. Scorpions do in fact sting their mates to death or eat them, when engaged in the promenade a deux. So there is a sting in the tail. Finding out more about your Scorpio side will be useful, as you have until July 2023 to complete karma from around 19 years ago, with this person, or others, plural. The eclipse up ahead is also in Scorpio. Don’t feel anxious about it, just don’t act on it. Don’t judge or choose a pathway when it is there; find another day. As a Sun Libra you will save or make serious money from May 2023 until May 2024, so perhaps this is the ultimate outcome of what you choose to do with sexual and financial partners, the family or business associates. Jupiter comes along to offer solutions and breakthroughs. You will also have opportunities to fix problems in partnerships, marriages, from Christmas to May 2023, or to form a new partnership with someone who expands your worldview.

  22. Hello Jessica, much appreciate your work and I found this article very helpful. I relate completely with late September and October of most years as being very karmic in nature. Was married in found out I was pregnant in September 86′ married end of same month -during nodal return. 18 years later divorced Oct. 04′ again nodal return. Any issues in the 1st married happened Aug-early November. without fail. Interestingly, I remarried the 1st husband within 6 months (still nodal return!) and again even though we remarried in April if there are issues to be had, they will be had during August-November and not just within the marriage but my life – Except the last 4 years.

    All the family on my dads side have pasted during October/November. My mother past in late October 2018. She pasted exactly 3 months after the eclipse of July 2018. Since her passing my relationship with my father and sister has been amazing- we’ve always gotten along very well and that was a source of contention for my mother. I feel like she was eclipsed out. I’ve had to deal with mother issues since but I feel she was eclipsed out of all of our lives. As difficult as it is to lose a parent I have felt some form of release/relief that I actually feel guilty about.
    This coming eclipse may reverse the last 4 years of smooth sailing- I’m hoping not. Wondering if you see this in my chart.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you very much. The eclipse won’t reverse anything; it is just a cover-up in plain sight. The best example I can give you is the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer to Prince Charles. Camilla Parker-Bowles was hidden in plain sight in the congregation. Nobody saw her. This eclipse in Scorpio as October ends is in your Eighth House of joint finance and shared money and property. Best to avoid it for judging or acting, as you will not see, and cannot know, what is actually there. It’s not a huge deal in your chart, as you don’t have a Scorpio stellium and it won’t form any major aspects.

  23. Hi Jessica. I love your blog and information. Thank you for your work to help others. I am a Sun Leo with stelliums in Leo, Sagittarius, and Virgo. I remarried in 2018 (Sagittarius man 21Dec1957). We are empty nesters, and both of us have separate adult offspring. He actively excludes me from his adult offspring, one likes to cause problems. He is very disrespectful, critical of me and secretive even about dumb things. If I make a suggestion or request it is an automatic No. Why does he act that way? I want to sell our home and move. Is our relationship going to improve or continue to worsen? He is not the man I knew in the beginning. I am the primary earner and pay most bills. He refuses suggestions for couples therapy or to see a doctor. Any insights about what is going on here or when it will improve is appreciated.

    1. I am sorry about this situation with your second husband, a Sagittarius Sun. You pay the lion’s share of bills and he will not see a therapist or doctor. Okay, it will get better after March 2023, as he is going through Mars (anger) Retrograde (backwards) in Gemini in his Seventh House of marriage. If you can possibly refuse to engage, do so, as it will just go back and forth, as he grinds his wheels. Yet from March 2023 it all looks a lot more manageable and the friction will go. You are a Sun Leo with Leo, Sagittarius and Virgo stelliums and also have a March 2023 deadline, as Saturn leaves your Seventh House of marriage then, and the burdens and waiting game will go – the obstacles that were there in 2021 and 2022 will disappear. In their place, in March 2023, you have Pluto in transit, so will need to use your self-control and willpower to transform that marriage into a power couple. If that is not possible, it may be that you have to part long-term, likely from 2026 onwards, which I don’t think would be a total surprise to you. It is also entirely possible that you will meet another potential partner in the late Twenties or Thirties who is quite a potent, influential individual and even if it’s just platonic, form a duet with this person, for (say) work reasons. But yes, it could also be sexual if that is the way destiny took you. So you have choices. Have a look at the Tarot to validate this timing. During your best financial period, Halloween through Christmas, it may be useful to privately see a financial advisor, take your paperwork with you and see where you stand. What your rights are, what your obligations are and so on – really go over the accounts, investments, insurance and the rest. You may have already done that, but if not, that is a good time to update yourself on your situation regarding him.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    I am a sun Scorpio with a stellium in Libra. I know Uranus is not helping but I have been craving partnership a lot lately. For years I enjoyed single life a lot. I found it both liberating and a source of self-exploration. I became a better communicator and more appreciative of my feelings and those of others. I am just done with this stage I feel and am ready for a longer partnership and commitment. No emotional baggage and feel on a solid page in my life otherwise. What do the stars say for me please?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. You will have the best opportunity in 12 years to form a partnership with someone who can expand your horizons, starting May 2023 and ongoing, until May 2024. Jupiter enters Taurus and your solar Seventh House. You also have a Libra stellium in your natal Seventh House and that receives ongoing trines from Gemini transits for years into the future, so when the time is right, the person will be right. You have a talent for balancing the scales with a lover and that will serve you beyond the mid 2020s past 2030.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    Your work never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for sharing! The way you break everything down and make it relatable is so helpful. It makes me think that learning astrology may not be that out of reach for me. It’s always sounded like a foreign language until I stumbled across you a few years ago. Now I’m a premium member and am about ready to sign up for your astrology courses. You truly are making a global impact.

    I’m looking at my chart and comparing it to your article and I’m a bit nervous. I have so many factors in my chart in Libra, Taurus, a few in Scorpio and at the degrees specified in this post and the Wall St post. And I am freaking out. 2004 wasn’t terrible for me as I graduated college and got a great job but since 2008, it’s all gone downhill. I lost a child (stillbirth), got married, had more kids, got divorced, lost my job, and dealt with some really heavy things and am now hoping to come out the other side. My chart makes me think it’s only going to get worse.

    Anything you could tell me about my chart would be incredible. Thank you again.

    Jupiter 5° Libra
    Saturn 6° Libra
    Moon 21° Libra
    Pluto 23° Libra

    Proserpina 13° Taurus
    Cupido 14° Taurus
    Chiron 15° Taurus
    IC 20° Taurus
    Diana 25° Taurus

    1. Thank you, that’s really kind of you. You are a Sun Aries person with stelliums in Taurus and Libra, which you know, and also Cancer. The most important stellium here is Taurus and your Second House of income, property, banking and life budget. 2018-2026 is the slow but quite radical change of Uranus in Taurus and it’s accented in 2022, because you also have the North Node in Taurus, pulling against the South Node in Scorpio. You will make or save quite a lot of money when Jupiter goes through Taurus from May 2023 until May 2024. Financial independence is one of the rewards; economic opportunities and property solutions are another. This is showing up in both your private and public chart. Long-term the aim should be to find liberty, space and room to move under your own steam; of your own volition. You will also enjoy the next Jupiter cycle, from May 2024 into 2025, as Jupiter trines your Libra stellium and you will have new opportunities to form one or more duets. Having learned from your divorce you now know more. Yet it would be useful for you to find out what it means to have those placements in Libra, the sign of both marriage and divorce, and to understand how they do or do not serve you. Your library on here can help with that.

  26. Hi Jessica
    its been a while since I have written to ask a question . I finally have a job and have been busy with that. I have a Libra stellium and have been on my own a very long time. Do you see me being in a relationship in the near future? I would like to meet someone but now that I have been alone for so long I will admit its daunting. I am so used to being on my own and am used to it, but it would be nice to have someone in my life again too even though it does give me anxiety too.

    thanks in advance

    1. It’s not unusual for Libra stellium women to avoid relationships if their Seventh House is complicated. Yours is. You also have the node there, so you have been through marriage and divorce before, perhaps more than once. When you say it’s daunting to think of being married, and that it brings anxiety, you may be talking about Ceres as well; she is also in Libra in your Seventh House and every partnership is about emotional deal-making and compromise. So sometimes, a strongly Libran person can decide it’s all too much. That does not preclude sexual relationships. It’s important to know that you don’t have to commit, or have a commitment, to have intimacy and companionship. Or, you can come up with alternative ways to have duets in your life, that are not what you imagine or expect. The Tarot can be useful when looking at that. You will have ample opportunity to pair up with someone in the future when Jupiter (opportunity) goes to Gemini and trines every Libra factor you have. You’re not going to go there if you have misgivings, though, so you may want to start looking at that now. Have a look at your Aries-Libra nodal axis too.

  27. Hi Jessica, I was hoping to hear from you about my separation from my husband since 13 June 2021. He is Sun Libra17, Venus Libra 10 and Minerva 22 born 11 October 1966. It was a complete shock to me when he left me. ( I thought he was under stress at work and with health, I never figured it was us.) We are childhood sweethearts and married 6 October 2002. There is another woman now and I have no idea how serious it is. He has moved out of state but contacts me daily by text. I miss him but I’m not sure whether to have and hope. I am heartbroken. Do you see anything about karma or future openings for us? or are we headed for a divorce? By the way, my business has closed, and my husband still fully financially supports me (for now.) I haven’t asked you a question in ages, but I would be so appreciative if you could shed any light on this for me. Is there any hope?

    1. This sounds very painful to go through, as you were shocked when your husband left and he is now with somebody else, but texts you daily. Your husband is also financially supporting you. So what’s going on? You are a Sun Aries with Aries, Capricorn, Pisces stelliums and going through the South Node in Scorpio in your solar Eighth House of joint finance. Sexual and financial relationships. The karma will be done by July 2023, when the South Node leaves Scorpio. He was your childhood sweetheart and you are quite understandably heartbroken. The South Node takes you back 18-19 years, perhaps to a totally different person and situation, but there is always the need for closure. You are owed, or you owe. So you end up in a situation like this one, where things usually go backwards rather than forwards, as that is what the South Node does. July 2023 is the very last settling up/reckoning up – with the money, house or apartment. The shock was Uranus in Taurus opposing your Scorpio Moon. That can only happen once in your adult life. Okay, the daily texts suggest Vesta to me. You have Vesta in Cancer in the Fourth House of family. Vesta shows two or more females, including yourself, in competition for male approval. You may have had this in your own family, so you and your mother and/or sisters with your father – perhaps. In any case, men who hang on to their wives while living with new girlfriends, should be aware that in astrology, they are viewed as ego-driven or insecurity-driven. Playing king of the harem is not a good look. It may feel quite familiar to you to compete for male acceptance or popularity against other females but it will be painful. Can I suggest you drop it? The issue is of course that he is still paying your way so I understand it is hard for you to be firm. Yet I don’t think this three-way situation is making you happy either. You have a ton to think about here, but the main thing to remember is – it doesn’t go on forever. You’ll be over this episode by July 2023, come what may. Have a look at the Tarot and its comment on what I’ve said. Happiness does come again in love, by the way. With him or another. But you need to sort him out first!

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I have barely any Libra factors but hope you won’t mind my asking a question here. I’ve recently fallen into the deepest depression I’ve experienced since my early 20s, and am struggling to find a way through what feels like paralysis. I’ve been trying to help myself via acupuncture, rest and a psychiatrist but these things are not really helping enough. The catalyst has been my recent total career failure, loss of hope/drive for my achievement, and sense that I’ve so little to show for all my hard work at 36 – still working in my student job at a library as a PhD, after burnout in academia and multiple rejected novels. I know you’ve kindly advised me to try to move beyond long-form fiction into shorter works but even so I’m finding it hard to believe I’ll ever reach my potential at this point, and it’s proving so hard to let go of my hopes. On top of it all, I’m questioning whether my decision not to have a child with my Sag husband is the right one – I feel paralysed by the worry of regret, whatever I/we choose, especially as I’m having to make the final decision at a point when I still haven’t experienced career fulfillment. It feels like others around me are moving on with their lives, in career and family, while I stay still despite my efforts. Sorry for the rant, I’m just struggling with despair. I noticed that I’m in my Ceres return and Pluto is sitting on my Moon – do you think I’ll find relief soon? Thank you as always for your amazing wisdom, Jessica.

    1. I am very sorry you are living with depression. Your acupuncturist and psychiatrist haven’t made a difference. You believe it’s connected to your career, academic career and ambition. You also wonder if you should have a child and you are now 36. Diana and Ceres are in Virgo in the Sixth House, ruled by Mercury, associated with health, mental health and also work, unpaid work, study and housework. In astrology you can’t separate them. So before I get onto Capricorn and your Tenth House of ambition, I need to talk to you about Diana and Ceres. Diana was Jupiter’s daughter; saw her mother suffer with parenting; begged her father to release her from marriage and children – which he did. Diana became a huntress, ran with her greyhound, was forever single, and had one key relationship with Endymion, who was always asleep – a passive boyfriend. I mention these myths because sometimes myths resonate and can be useful. Ceres was the mother of Proserpina, who lost her to Pluto, and regained her for only half the year. Ceres is associated with compromise, deal-making and yes. Depression and rage. These two archetypes in your Sixth House of depression and anxiety (the common colds of mental illness) are locked into the rest of your chart at 15 and 22 degrees. The Sixth House is also the house of physical causes for everything else, so it is very important that you find a sympathetic GP if you have not already done so. Yet, Diana and Ceres can be useful guides. Diana wants to be free. In the Sixth House of daily routine, housework and ‘the job’ she has zero interest in committing herself to any routine at all and basically wants to roam. Ceres wants total control but has to learn to give up half of it. The Tarot can help you with these two goddesses – see what card presents for both of them. This may unlock more ideas. Going to Capricorn and your Tenth House you are a Sun Capricorn with a huge stellium. This is the chart of someone who starts at the bottom, eyes the peak and climbs slowly to the top. And you have done that with Pluto transiting Capricorn since 2008; historically the most challenging and relentless cycle of them all. One of the great things about Pluto leaving Capricorn in March 2023 is that the intensity stops. In astrology, the long Pluto transit is very high stakes and high pressure, emotionally, and it is common to feel taken over, or controlled, or dominated – by people, by the system, by the profession and so on. Academia and publishing are really difficult areas to master. Even just to stay on board with. You won’t be the first person to go through a Pluto transit and find it impossible, and you won’t be the last. A very basic solution for Capricorn depression is to find another mountain. You have to climb, because that is who you are. Nobody is judging if you pick a nice attainable hill instead of some massive Everest. As I said, though, Pluto out of Capricorn will come as a relief and release. Soon after that Jupiter goes into Taurus and trines your Diana and Ceres in Virgo in the Sixth House, so favourable conditions not possible in 12 years help your work-life balance. The classic Capricorn thing is to buy into a system which others do well in, make it your own, and then feel paralysed, as you say, when it doesn’t work. The Ibex mountain goats will actually do that. Freeze on the side of the impossibly steep climb. The matter of children is something for you and your husband and I don’t see his chart here. I do recommend the Tarot again to give you insights into that. The biggest change of all begins in March 2023 for other reasons; Pluto goes into Aquarius and your Eleventh House of friends and groups. You will have the chance to join a supportive group of people who are very powerful together. Perhaps you rejoin them – but it may be new. You are going to experience what genuine friendship in a collective community can do, and over many years. You will also help other people through the group. In the meantime, for all the astrology, I can recommend the work of Glenn Harrold, who has free YouTube sessions to try, but also has a vast range of hypnosis, meditation and other audio/video on his website. Just for a break, basically – to give yourself an hour or two of respite every day. You are going to find 2026 is the other turning point, as I’ve mentioned, but first of all you need to get well. Keep the novels in the bottom drawer please.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    Excellent work, and thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us. King Charles will be Coronation will happen on the 6 May. Very interesting because if we look back in history on the 6 May King Henry VIII orders a bible in English be placed in every church in England, 1682 Louis XIV of France moves his court to Versailles
    French King Louis XV observes transit of Mercury at Mendon Castle Battle of Prague: Frederick II of Prussia’s forces defeat Austrian army World’s first adhesive postage stamp, the “Penny Black”, is first used in Great Britain Epping Forest, England, dedicated by Queen Victoria Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair) in Paris opens with the recently completed Eiffel Tower serving as the entrance arch Tsar Nicolas II of Russia claims right to legislate by decree and restricts the power of the Duma (Russian Parliament)1910 George V becomes King of the United Kingdom upon the death of his father, Edward VIIGerman airship Hindenburg explodes in flames at Lakehurst, New Jersey, killing 35 of the 97 on board and 1 on the ground 1941 Joseph Stalin becomes Premier of the Soviet Union, replacing his foreign minister Vyacheslav MolotovUS President Eisenhower signs Civil Rights Act of 1960 Channel tunnel linking England & France officially opens Entrepreneur Elon Musk founds SpaceX
    These are just a few interesting things that opened in history on this day.
    I also notices it will be a full moon.
    For me looking at all this, I believe something different, a change is coming, something unexpected will happen.
    I always look back in history to see what happened as things repeats it’s self.

    Looking at my chart what do you see for me, for the rest of October and November. Do you see any offers coming my way.
    Be very interesting to hear your opinion and your knowledge.
    Stay safe.

    1. Thank you very much. I’ve not had a chance to look at this coronation date yet, but will say more in an interview in The Daily Express next week. I’m grateful for your research in the meantime. I thought the Church of England might play a part. What we have here is a proposed coronation which would have shocked the nation in the 1930s; another monarch abdicated for less. So it’s interesting isn’t it. The nation took the Anglican moral high ground over Wallis Simpson (divorced) but less than 100 years later, all moral high ground crumbles. I’ll chat more about this to the newspaper, but that Henry VIII bible is important. You are a Cancer Sun person with Aquarius and Gemini stelliums. You will be offered a tremendous opportunity for greater success by May 2023 which will take you higher. Long-term, from 2026, your local neighbourhood will offer exciting new transport options for commuting but also regional holidays; life-changing for you.

  30. Thank you so much, Jessica. Your generosity and insight are always so amazing. Your descriptions of both Diana and Ceres resonate with me! As ever, I will ponder and be comforted by your guidance. Will look up Glenn Harrold now too. Sending you blessings. Much gratitude. LT.

  31. Jessica, you mentioned in your previous answer that a “second chance in love would come” my way. Since having love is very important to me and will give me hope to think so, do you have any dates in mind for second chances for me? Thank you so much answering. This has been the toughest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You have a Libra, Scorpio pattern in your Seventh House of marriage and sexual partnership, and your Eighth House of sexual-financial relationship. Whenever you have cycles in Libra, then Scorpio, by slow-moving outer planets or nodes, you are shown the possibility of pairing up. This is exactly what is happening between now and July 2023 (South Node in Scorpio in your Eighth House) and then from July 2023 into 2024 (South Node in Libra in your Seventh House). The story unfolding would be related to life as it was 18 or 19 years before; perhaps the same person; maybe somebody completely different, but the themes are familiar from a long time ago. This is because the nodes move backwards in time and represent karma. Beyond this South Node cycle, you will also find Jupiter (growth, expansion, breakthroughs, solutions) going into Libra, then Scorpio, over the long-term. The late 2020s is your timing for that historic period of commitment. It begins as an equal partnership then evolves into property and money together.

  32. Hi Jessica:
    I am a Sun Sagittarius with Stellium in Libra
    Mars 21° libra
    Uranus 12° libra
    Minerva 04° libra
    Aesculapia 26° libra
    Vulcano 29° libra
    I have been have a crazy, emotional time, tug of war with my relationships at the moment.
    I am very worried about the mental state of my adult daughter who is in and out of my life, requires therapy and medication. I worry.
    I worry deeply about my parents one of whom is in the mid to later stages of Alzheimer’s. He will not go to Assisted living and wants to stay home, which requires my ongoing care. I am exhausted; and resentful.
    I worry about my other adult son living with my ex husband who just can not seem to get on with life and get a job. I worry he is missing out on important crucial working, learning years. Something is holding him back and I can not reach him.
    My exhusband dangles his affections for me via text messages every few months which I rather he wouldn’t. I certainly do not respond but its a toxic cycle.
    And I am in roll a coaster long term relationship with my live in boyfriend, wherein I am feeling uncertain about my future, security, stability with him. I just feel like I need more, deserve more. Do not feel seen, heard, appreciated. I am the sole financial support for the relationship, and in fact for my adult children too. So, needless to say, I am exhausted and am wanting changes. I feel like I am running out of money.
    Is there anything relief heading my way? Is there anything I need to work on or focus on during this Libra weather. I really am genuinely worried about my parents and children more than anything thou.
    I feel very lost and confused many days and try to let things just work on out and happen on their own. But the energy around me feels so heavy.

    1. I am sorry you have so many issues with your daughter, parents, son, former husband, boyfriend. You are most worried about your parents and children. Okay, so you know about your Libra stellium and your Sagittarius Sun. You also have a stellium in Virgo, which is important. I will begin with the Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of health and workload. That includes mental health (anxiety, depression, insomnia being the ‘common colds’ of mental health) but also your physical wellbeing; exhaustion is high on the list. Like all heavily Virgo people you need to ground yourself in the body as the absolute priority. There is no point in trying to sort out your father or your daughter unless you are in a daily routine which serves you. Virgo is the maidservant. Content when happy to serve, and when well-served herself, but otherwise – like you at the moment. Resenting your Alzheimer’s father and very tired! You will be offered solutions and opportunities with him/about him from Halloween to Christmas. Take them, thinking realistically about home and family in 2023-2026. What you are shown from late October to late December will help you enormously in the next few years. This will be as much about the actual bricks and mortar as it is about your various relatives, including him. Just as importantly, you need to make lists about the 24 hours in each day, 7 days a week, and make sure that 8 of those hours are for play. Eight are for good quality sleep. Eight are chores and paid work. If you cannot give yourself that then you will continue to feel the same, unfortunately. You are strongly Virgo and do best with a regular routine. In fact you will be amazed at how much more manageable your boyfriend and former husband are, once you are grounded in the body. If you want to try alternatives, I can pass on recommendations from my readers (along with some very high-profile people) about Glenn Harrold and Dr. Paul McKenna; their hypnosis is free to try on YouTube. It is aimed at achieving deep relaxation and good sleep quality and again, this should be the priority. Nothing and nobody else comes first except your own wellbeing. This drills down into your food and drink, exercise – the lot. You will need some guidance with your parents in 2023-2025 and should find someone who can support you with that. If you can’t find a rock to lean on, then develop a relationship with the Tarot, which can be very useful as a guide. Long-term you will be stunned at the fantastic choices you have in love, as the mid-2020s to early 2030s is a time of breakthroughs, freedom and a radically different, new kind of partnership. In fact you will have more than one partnership; one will be professional. Closer to 2022, the situation with your children reveals terrific answers, Christmas to May 2023. There will be real hope there – and hope fulfilled – if you accept and act on the opportunities you will be given.

  33. Hi Jessica, wow! What a reading for Libra weather. Hello from the States! I love how you connect the dots. It reminds me of one of my favorite shows I loved to watch, James Burke’s Connections. I am brand new to your site and new to the natural house system. In fact, until two weeks ago I didn’t know it even existed! I have been deep in my own chart for 3 years now (Placidus, Western Tropical system). In Placidus I have two stelliums (Cancer, 9th house), Virgo (10th,11th) and a Yod – Finger of God (Uranus-Virgo, Neptune-Scorpio and Saturn-Aries). So imagine my surprise to see a big fat stellium in Libra where my south node resides but also in Aries and Scorpio and no Yod I guess? I don’t even know how to unpack this or even how read it as I don’t see any aspects. Is that normal?

    One of the things I’ve been trying to figure out about myself is why have I just trudged through job after job toiling for long hours with little reward or even happiness. I am grateful and thankful to be working but these jobs don’t light me up or make me excited for the day. They don’t bring me joy. I feel like maybe I am broken because the day they were handing out Life’s purpose I must have been in the bathroom. LOL. It has become quite frustrating and admittedly depressing. I want to be more than just a machine. I’d like to be a useful soul in this lifetime. Just when I think I know the right path it slips away and I become bored. I want to break this pattern but I don’t know how. After seeing your post on Scorpio/Taurus (my ascendent/descendant) it explained a lot about those signs in relation to things that have shown up in my own life. BTW, I am also an 8 Life path, Cancer Earth Monkey. You can’t make this up! So much connected here with my chart and my life path. Can you tell me where in my chart do I find this mystery of my purpose? And thank you for reading my long-winded post!

    1. That is a huge compliment, thank you. I am a fan of James Burke. Okay, so you have a new chart to look at, using Natural Houses and not Placidus. You want to know why your jobs have never made you happy. You want to know your purpose and life path. You are a Sun Cancer with stelliums in Cancer, Libra, Aries and Scorpio. I use the public and private chart for accuracy, and in your solar Sun Cancer chart, you have had years of transits in your Tenth House of career (in Aries) which have destabilised you (Uranus in Aries) and also shown you that some people and organisations will try to get away with anything (Chiron in Aries). You also went through the transit of the South Node in Sagittarius in your Sixth House of work, as a Sun Cancer person – right on the pandemic. So, publicly, you have never appeared to have a particularly smooth or easy working life. Privately, in your natal chart, we find a cardinal clash. Cancer, Libra, Aries are the cardinal signs and you have a T-Square at 26, 27 degrees. It’s almost a Grand Cross actually. So the frustration of work is actually an expression of what you cannot resolve within. The good news is, that can be fixed, once you label it and recognise it. I suspect it comes from the family and childhood or adolescence, as Cancer rules the home and relatives, as you know. Cancer is very much about home comforts, belonging, home town, homeland, culture, roots, heritage. It is about working to pay off the mortgage or buy another property. Libra is about the duet or duel. Pairs and couples, partnerships, duets and double-acts -but also feuds, disputes, battles. Finally, Aries is about self-promotion, coming first, competing, pushing and psychological head-butting. I hope you can see how these cardinal signs push against each other within your personality and also your life, and how they may have contributed to the jobs you choose, or the experience you have at work. You will be offered a new role or goal between Christmas and May 2023. It is exceptional but it will challenge you to find a new way of dealing with inner conflict, as above. Long-term your work could be a holiday from reality after 2026, but again, it depends on how you figure out inner conflicts. You can use the Tarot to see how your Cancer, Libra, Aries side has played out. I’ve not mentioned Scorpio, but it is very much about financial and sexual relationships, but also family-based property agreements (a will naming you, for example, or your own legacy, naming others). That is a separate issue but there is some karma there and complete closure will take a little time, until July 2023.

  34. Hi Jessica
    Learning so much from reading your comments and articles, thank you so much!
    You mentioned cycles and March 2023, duels and duets. Could you please help to look at my chart to see if there’s an ending to this duel with my former husband? He refuses to pay child support but yet seems to be able to afford holidays and a new car with his new wife. thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo woman with stelliums in Leo, Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius. I am sorry your ex-husband will not pay child support but spends on holidays and a car with his new wife. Take a deep breath, because this does get better. First of all, you have the South Node of karma going through Scorpio and your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. This covers divorce as well as marriage. This purely financial situation ends in July 2023 for whatever reason. Either is it no longer there, or you no longer care. It can only happen every 19 years and you are going through it now. The other issue is the heavy, restricted atmosphere that surrounds him – or you, he and she. This vanishes in March 2023 and life will feel quite different. Again we don’t know why yet. That month is incredibly important; you will be shown a pathway with him, which needs careful judgement and some outside, external advice would be useful. Perhaps, legal, or from a professional counsellor. Avoid at all costs a power struggle with him and/or her. If you go there, you will be dealing with it for years. You have better things to do. At about the same time, you will realise that there is a dynamic duo for you to become more deeply involved with. It may be professional or sexual. Take your time with this as again, it could be there for years. It will require self-control and willpower, yet if you can hold your own reins, you could have a really empowering journey with this person. If you want more immediate help in dealing with the emotions involving he and she, use The Garden Oracle please.

  35. Hi Jessica thanks so much for all you do. Knowing about the retrograde has been so helpful. I’m currently negotiating property transactions and while was trying to avoid doing it in the retrograde period had to do some and it’s been stop start. Just wondering if it will be good to progress from oct 17.
    Do you see anything for Ireland in coming cycles?

    1. You should be pretty happy with the financial, property options once Jupiter changes signs from Saturday 29th October until Tuesday 20th December. Mercury Retrograde will be finished and you will have Jupiter’s usual luck on your side. The stop-start is normal on Mercury Retrograde and yes, the cycle ends on Monday 17th October, so not long to wait. Ireland will be part of a radical change in the four nations of the United Kingdom, from 2026, when Uranus (the revolution) moves into Gemini (the neighbours). In fact, Ireland’s seen nothing like it since the post-war period. New inventions will get you around the U.K. from that point too.

  36. Hi Jessica, Going through a frustrating patch with money and more recently job opportunities. I’ve just had a knock back applying for a new role despite having lots of sound advice. My gut instinct indicates something positive / a breakthrough is close at hand but wondering if I’m aiming in the right direction. Any advice you can can give based on my chart would be extremely gratefully received. Thank You

    1. That is frustrating – and your gut instincts are right. You are a Sun Libra man with stelliums in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Virgo and Capricorn. You’ll be given opportunities and solutions with work, unpaid work and/or academia once Jupiter changes signs from Saturday October 29th, when Jupiter changes signs, and enters your public Sixth House of jobs and lifestyle. The door stays open to bigger and better roles and goals until Tuesday 20th December. You will save or make a lot of money when Jupiter (again) goes into Taurus and your solar Eighth House of joint finance, business, charity and property – from Wednesday 17th May 2023 until Saturday 25th May 2024. This tallies with your private birth chart too. Long-term, the politics in your professional life since 2008 stops, with no more issues about the balance of power or the controls, with other people – the first experience of this new world is March-June 2023 which will be a revelation.

  37. Oh Jessica, thank you so much! You are a gem. My hubby is looking at me like I am kook because I was shouting, “OH MY GOD” she’s brilliant! You hit me and my situation with work and life right on the head. I’ve been, since the death of my parents, unpacking my childhood. Pondering over how sometimes home didn’t feel like home. I love my parents deeply, but sometimes I didn’t always feel as if I were a part of the family (youngest child = unwanted child/ignored child). My last two jobs totally took advantage of me and then one laid me off. At this new job I have suspected for some time that a certain person is going to leave. I thought that since I work from home I would not be able to pick up intuitively on people (one of the many blessings of working from home is being able to block emotional toll it takes on me), but I still get those hits which surprised me but at least I have a buffer. I can do that person’s job, but do I want to do it? I don’t. The Aries part that likes to take charge says “do it”, the Libra part says find balance love and the Cancer part was to help everyone but doesn’t know how to say “no” when she is overwhelmed. I’ve been all over your astrology/tarot/oracle as I have my own cards of course I would go there first. LOL I pulled Libra south node/ 6th house. LOL Oh Spirit, I see what you did there you crafty bugger! I’m off to read more of your fascinating predictions! Oh and BTW, I’ve watched quite a few Connections episodes on YouTube in case you have a hankering. Cheers and thank you!

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I am going through a rough patch since almost a couple years now.
    I am stuck in my career, waiting to get promoted since almost two years, and single since a long time. No serious relationships in ages.
    I haven’t written to you since more than a year.
    Please, do you see any positive changes for me soon?

    Thank you for your patience,

    Premium membership

    1. Yes, your rough patch is down to your Scorpio Sun, Scorpio stellium and Taurus stellium. Scorpio rules sexual and financial relationships. Taurus rules your salary. You are moving towards the last part of the Scorpio-Taurus nodal cycle, which is an opposition. So you are being opposed by the weather, but it ends in July 2023. Your Scorpio-Taurus patterns become easier from May 2023, as Jupiter enters Taurus. So the biggest changes come next year. You can find ways of living your life which help you before then. A very basic rule is not to try to push against the weather. Don’t try to marry someone with an eye on merging finance or property; don’t try to make a pay rise your priority. Taurus-Scorpio can be quite fixed and stubborn – hard to shift. You are pushing against a nodal cycle and also the Uranus in Taurus cycle which can only occur once in your adult life. Your lifestyle, work and health improve from May 2023 when Jupiter trines your Virgo stellium for the first time in 12 years. Other parts of your life will be easier and happier, use the Tarot to confirm what they are, you can action those now.

  39. Thank you Jessica, you’ve confirmed what I’ve been feeling deep down. I tried the Garden Oracle and got “Doing what you Love” so something is clearly near. I will try and be patient and see what opportunities unfold. It feels quite exciting but I’m terribly impatient and eager to move upwards, it’s been a tough few years and I’m more than ready to find my right place

  40. Hi Jessica,

    Happy to subscribe again, your previous predictions were spot on, thank you! I’m a sun Pisces, with stelliums in Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces. Very single mom of an autistic teenager son -bought his chart too-. After you correctly predicted me a new job in 2019 (financial institution), have been working responsibly, but now I am having a tough time at work. There are no chances for promotions or salary increases, I don’t see any career advancements (similar situation happened in 2014 -promotion approved but never granted), and currently I’m feeling the need for more money to cover my son’s school costs, psychologist therapies and braces, and once a year an enriching vacation trip. His capricorn dad -ex husband- has been generous and collaborative with him, mainly on than off, but since June 2022 is in a though position so I’ve stepped up but I can’t cover all the expenses.

    I’m grateful for my job; since 2020 working from home 4 days per week (I know this is a valuable benefit), but my career is stagnant, yesterday I had my first anxiety attack at the office, I know I need to move on. Lately, I had two interviews without any job offer.

    Please I need your help, I would like to know if you see a good job opening and offer soon before year ends, I am paralyzed, don’t know what to do or come first, if to find a good fitting school for my son for the next four high school years, Or to find a new job, ideally in another city/state (out of Florida) and maybe later going to EU where my family is. Why I haven’t grow in my career in finance, some times I feel I am not good enough, invisible and incompetent. Is this due to Pluto transiting my NN and Mars in Capricorn vs Diana in Cancer Or because of my stellium in Libra?

    Any guidance is very much appreciated and useful. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I am glad the predictions were spot on. You are a single parent with an autistic son and had an anxiety attack at work and worry about your job. You also need the right school for your teenage boy. Should you leave Florida or even go to Europe? You also have low self-esteem sometimes. You are a Sun Pisces with a stellium in Pisces, Libra and Aquarius. Let us begin with the anxiety attack. I am sorry you went through it. Readers recommend the books and audio of Dr. Claire Weekes, and if you are curious, read the testimonials on Amazon, GoodReads, YouTube and elsewhere. You are extremely sensitive, have no boundaries and can be overwhelmed, like all strongly Pisces people. Feeling all at sea, losing your footing, gasping for air (like a fish out of water) and all the rest, is a clear signal to you – like a bell. Find a daily meditation or relaxation practise that grounds you. YouTube has many free samples from the world’s best professionals. Hypnosis is also very good. Readers have had good results with Glenn Harrold. Find who works for you. Learn to say no. Draw firm lines in the sand if you feel there is too much/people are too much/the atmosphere is too much. Learn how to balance your chakra system, and then close your chakras and protect your aura. Do that every day. The bonus of extreme Pisces is natural psychic gifts. The challenge is not to feel invisible, which is your actual word. Fish are invisible and swim below the surface. You would gain from finding something that lets you do the same thing, but in a world where you matter. It may be religion, spirituality, mediumship, Tarot, and so on. So this Pisces part of yourself is separate from being a mother and being in the work place, unless you have a Piscean job (most people do not). Find a space to be your dual fish self and remember that extreme sensitivity and lack of boundaries are best managed in a practical way. The situation with your son, your home, where to live, the family and the rest will go back and forth until March 2023. Check the Tarot on that to validate, but you are much better off sorting that out from March when Mars has stopped going backwards. Your career is actually the least important part of yourself, your life, your future and your fate. You will be in a position to figure out work differently – because you can save or make money – from Christmas until May 2023. You will gain financially or just save a lot, for whatever reason, and that helps you come up with a solution. You should also repackage yourself: photograph, presentation, CV, profile – with Jupiter in Pisces from Halloween to Christmas. That will really help you. Create the person you want to present and step into her. From March 2023 a group will change your life. You will be shown what it is like to be part of something powerful – people power – and it will transform your world for years. Don’t worry about your son. Your big asset is still his Capricorn father and that is the person to whom you must turn, because there is always a way for him to assist, if you are wise enough to give him plenty of space and freedom, and his independence.

  41. Thanks for this article Jessica. I’ve Uranus and Pluto in Libra and feel buffeted by the Libra weather – plus my nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio and I definitely feel stretched. My manager appears to want me out of our team, despite my good work record. I’d rather avoid conflict but will escalate the issue if necessary. I pulled The Chariot which I took as a sign of a positive outcome eventually. Can you please share any astrological or psychic insights? Thank you.

    1. The Chariot is Gemini and/or Sagittarius. What time-frame were you asking about? If you didn’t remember to set a deadline the cards would have been telling you about Jupiter in Gemini, then Uranus in Gemini, so we’re talking 2024 and 2026. You would be travelling or Zoom commuting between two centres, but very likely physically going from A to B. You would be doing so as a star performer, so that is quite clearly not your current manager. If you did set a time limit of (say) March 2023 then the card is talking to you about Mars in Gemini, which is stop-start, go-slow, pause-rewind for this two-centre or two-city role of yours. Later on is better. In fact it’s life-affirming. People often don’t follow the rules with Tarot and just rush into the present/the near future. If you did this there would be a fantastic period of growth and new hope involving a second city or country, Halloween to Christmas.

  42. Hi Jessica

    The Venus-Sun conjunction happens on my birthday, close to my Sun at 28 Libra. What particular significance does this have for me?

    I also understand that this is part of cycle that will hit close to that spot again in the coming years on the way to moving towards my ascendant & SN, having already passed over my planets in Scorpio? I’m really intrigued but confused as to what it means & what clues to look for. The nodes moving next year, maybe?

    I’m not sure if it’s helpful but there is lots of Libra/Aries in my family: my husband of 4 years has Sun conjunct NN at 10 Aries, MH conjunct SN in Libra. We have a classic Libra/Aries marriage in that at our best we balance each other out perfectly, but when it’s difficult we feel so different it’s like can’t live with/can’t live without – more the latter recently, at least for me. Both of my young daughters are Libra Suns as well – at opposite ends of the sign – 1 degree and 27 degrees. My Gemini mum’s nodes are 4 Aries/Libra and my Sag dad has a Libra Ceres conjunct my AC at 20 Libra, plus Neptune and Chiron earlier in Libra.

    I’ve also met someone recently who has quickly become dear to me & it feels almost like a fated connection – a 5 Libra Sun man with his Juno conjunct my Sun, his Moon 2 Aries; we met almost immediately Jupiter entered Aries in May. His nodes are 9 Taurus/Scorpio, close to some of my planets, and Ceres conjunct my Pluto in Scorpio. Everything you’ve said about Chiron recently has resonated with this relationship – on paper we shouldn’t be friends or have the deep connection we do, but it’s there and it feels so real & natural.

    This was meant to be a short, sharp question but I’m so fascinated by family charts and increasingly by Venus, too. I’d love to hear what you can tell me about what the coming conjunction means for me, as your insights are always so pertinent. Many thanks in advance. Lx

    1. Thank you. You are married but have feelings for another man. A dear friend. You wonder what it means to have a Venus-Sun conjunction on your birthday – well it’s that. Venus was an adulterer. She lived for love, sex and relationships and nothing else – except perhaps her son. She was at the heart of every kind of romantic drama you can imagine. You have so many choices here. Given that you have Jupiter going across the Libra-Aries axis from Christmas to May, I don’t think you’ll settle for ordinary. The children are also in the story, long-term, as Pluto goes into your parenthood sector from March 2023, for many years – into their adulthood. So there is more to this than meets the eye. Maybe you know. Have a look at the Tarot. Neptune goes into Aries from 2026 and that’s another long-term story, again on the Aries-Libra axis of the charts involved. Libra is marriage, divorce, separation and sexual partnership. Aries is the ‘me’ in ‘we’ and it can also be the ‘me’ in ‘you against me’ – your library will tell you more.

  43. Hi Jessica thanks for this article. I am a Libra sun with 8 placings in Libra in the third house and my partner has an Aries stellium in the ninth. We both have leo rising at the exact same degree. I love him and yet feel quite alone. He works 16 hours a day 24/7 on his own business. Him (6.april 69, 1 pm easter sunday, Breno Italy, me 18 oct 1969 1am whitehave uk) Is this the time to call it a day or is this astro weather conducive to trying again?

    1. You will have all the solutions, opportunities and answers you need about this man/with him, from December 20th, just before Christmas Eve, until May 2023. Yes, you should try again. If you do not succeed, there will be another option for you – and it will be a terrific one.

  44. Born October 18 1938 Manchester England Good Day Thank you for your previous responses, I return to them often, after the loss of my son in January 2022 seven months to the Day I lost my very special nephew, to a tragic auto accident, he was was a great support and two years older than my son…this is not about me but based on previous comments I am waiting for the other shoes to say all will be over by March 2023. My Husband confined to a nursing home ,very content , has been missing emotionally (It is understandable) his world has been reduced and I am happy he is content. Friends have been helpful, especially one who temporarily lives far away , sending supportive correspondence, suggestions and encouragement ,of which I am most appreciative in fact I look forward to his missives. My sons estate is drawing to a close should be sealed in January of 23 , actually it has taken much of my time which has helped me as I travel this path. I am amazed at the learning ,understanding , interpretation that you have amassed through long years of education , it has helped me considerably. I must admit I am fearful of losing more , I am the last female of my generation ( the parents are all departed) and have played an active part in my nieces and nephews lives.i have been blessed but grief is a price we pay for the love between us. We have a new arrival coming in May and I am hoping the grief will be over for awhile, any suggestions how I can navigate the next few months would be greatly appreciated. Have finally received the second book you suggested! I have started to read , but felt I was not ready to absorb which is unusual for me as I am an avid reader. Thank you for your work, prior to this period I had always taken astrology , respectfully but lightly…….there is so much more Blessings

    1. Thank you. You are really going through one of the hardest outcomes of Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Fifth House of sons and nephews. Your husband is in a nursing home. The Fifth House rules children, courtship, intimate relationships and young relatives. Saturn is limitation and restriction. Saturn’s rings are famous. A ring is a symbol of rules; the wedding-ring in Christian marriage is the law, but rings go back to the Romans, in the context of secular pledges. The Ring of Innocent from 1205 was a gift of four rings to King John from Innocent III – they stood for eternity, fortitude, wisdom and ‘good works.’ That’s Saturn. I mention this because you still wear your wedding ring and it probably feels quite heavy, but that ends in March 2023. Saturn disappears. In his place, comes Pluto. So when you ‘ring off’ from this long conversation with Saturn in March, you will ring the changes. Saturn goes from your solar Fifth House of heirs to your throne. A new baby in May will show you how different life is. The Tarot can tell you more. But your ordeal is over in months.

  45. Sorry, I’m reposting in the hope this is clearer – Thanks for response Jessica. I was asking about the outcome to the interview for my own job which I had last week, as I pulled the tarot card (I got the Chariot). If I don’t get the role, I’ll need to return to a different lower-paying area of my organisation which would be disappointing because I enjoy it and others have recognised my fantastic work over the last couple of years. Mu previous manager selected me to go on a management course which I just completed and yet another manager selected me to go on a brief overseas trip next month, which is a wonderful once-off opportunity (which my current manager was not happy about). Any tips about how to handle this tricky situation astrologically? Thank you very much!

    1. The Chariot has replied to your question “Will I get my own job back?” and told you what you just saw: your manager has selected you to go overseas. The Chariot is a card of travel. I think you need to follow the steps and give yourself a new reading. You may also want to use The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle. The Tarot has been accurate but you may want to reframe the question and use different dates.

  46. Thank you once again thanks to you I feel I have greater insight to Saturn and what it yields, not sure of the lessons I am charged with learning , but that too I hope will come to pass. I am weary from the past events but marvel at the blessings that I have experienced. Your knowledge and interpretation have been indispensable, I am eager to bring some semblance of order to life, so that I can leave a happy place for the next generations. Once that is in place I will feel that I can relinquish the role I play and move on . Thanking you for you support and help

  47. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the amazing work that you do. I feel very disheartened by the world at the moment where most emphasis is based on materialist things and financial success. I have also been very I’ll for the past 18months. Just wondering what you make of my chart and if things will start improving a little next year? Many thanks for your wonderful insight xx

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have been so ill, for such a long time. You are a Sun Libra with a Leo and Libra stellium. You will be given chances to improve your health from Halloween to Christmas and should take them. Long-term, look at the issue of marriage, children, partnership sexuality and ask yourself how health issues have affected that. You don’t say what has been wrong, but presumably it has blocked you in relationships or made you take time off/time out. Digging deeply into that is a wise idea. See what you find. The Tarot can be a good guide. Just follow the steps. Dreams can also be instructive. The Romans used to dream their diagnosis and sometimes their cure. Have a look beyond the physical fact of your illness into any unconscious motivation there may be, on the matter of partners or children. And sometimes with Libra the issue is an enemy, opponent or rival. Again, have a look at that in the context of illness and where it takes you, if indeed there has been a feud.

  48. I am starting a new job that is all remote work. I want to move because I have no support system where I live (Chicago), even though I have a brother and stepfather here, which are not comfortable relationships. Both of my parents have died since 2020. I have been trying to decide where to move and I have a lot of cards suggesting that I wait. Today I asked and the answer was the 3 of Swords. I have dual citizenship in the Ireland and US. Have two homes? Three? Is it still time to wait? I see the quantum clouds, but swords?
    I really want to get a cat too; I have many Virgo factors and feel more grounded with pets in my life.

    1. You were asking about moving and drew the Three of Swords, which has nothing to do with moving, but everything to do with yourself and two people who are locked in a painful situation. That is yourself and your brother and stepfather. The best way to solve this is to pull out of the battle, or the deadlock. You have to withdraw. They can then do, as they wish. But if you can possibly remove your negative feelings and yourself from this story, it would be far better than continuing. You are lucky to have dual citizenship so can choose where to live. Two homes is not wise during a pandemic. Yet, if you want to move, you would find March 2023 changes everything as the old family, home, property and/or homeland situation now looks like history and new pathways open up. You will be shown a glimpse of how things could be from March 2023. If you are strongly Virgo, an animal companion is an excellent idea. Perhaps a cat will find you.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    Today is my birthday, im sun libra with stelliums in scorpio, I was hoping you could tell me how the new year looks like for me and my family. My husband is currently unemployed for over 10 months.


    1. Happy Birthday. The situation with your husband is the South Node in Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance, for the first time in 19 years. He is not working so you have been affected financially. This cycle ends in July 2023. Until then you have to stay the course if you can. I can’t say more about his career without his chart, but you are both welcome to use the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle for an extended reading.

  50. Quick question (I think). When you say “ Just skip the eclipse on the October 25th, please” does that mean don’t leave the house or just don’t make any decisions? I’m a Taurus and a bit new to your site.

    1. Too funny. Of course you can leave the house; I’m sorry I didn’t express the eclipse warning very well. By ‘skip’ I mean, skip judgements or big decisions. If you take the eclipse day as a new path opening up, don’t take it. It would be like driving without headlights and no street lights. Eclipses are best avoided; the sign of the eclipse tells you the ‘what’ and on a global level, it’s about finance, the economy, trade, currency, property. It’s best we skip that eclipse. In your own chart it falls in your solar Seventh House of duets and duels. So when it comes to the other side, or the other person, try to judge or act another time.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for all your posts which I tend to spend hours reading every weekend
    I’ve just signed up for Premium again after a bit of a break. I was wondering if you could give me any idea of what might lie ahead for me and my husband who is a Sagittarius (14/12/1962). We recently had to leave our much loved home after our landlord put the rent up by £500. In limbo, living at my dad’s until we can find a new home. Also, recently became partially deaf after covid and can’t continue my career as a professional singer. Any advice would be much appreciated… Lots of love,

    1. Thank you. I am very sorry you are going through this situation with your home. Thanks to your husband’s chart, there will be a solution, now until Christmas. You are a Sun Aquarius with stelliums in Capricorn, Sagittarius and Libra so are also in luck, in the same time-frame. Just as Jupiter (fortunate solutions) goes into your husband’s home zone, so does he go into your finance zone. There will be answers by Christmas. They will involve a different way of managing money (you) and property (him) in 2023-2026 so make sure you see the long-term, although in the short-term you should be relieved at an answer. I am so sorry you have become partially deaf after Covid. Gemini rules hearing and singing, as one affects the other. Mars Retrograde is here until March 2023, so you may go back and forth with this for a while. Later on, Jupiter goes into Gemini from 2024 and Uranus in Gemini from 2026 so long-term there will be solutions for your hearing. In fact, eventually there will be new technology and all sorts of inventions which enable you to use your voice in quite an exciting and liberating new way. For now, though, get to March and be kind to yourself as you may find progress is stop-start and rewind for a bit.

  52. With my Libra stellium and MC 02° Taurus 38′ 20″ and I C 02° Scorpio 38′ 20″ how will this translate into my working life where my boss Capricorn is in conflict with me. Can you shine a light on me Jessica? Thank you

    1. Skip the eclipse, please, as it’s not going to make anything clearer. Yet, from Christmas to May 2023, you will be offered solutions and opportunities with work, lifestyle, wellbeing, health, which pay off in all areas. Jupiter goes back into Aries then and bestows favours, if you are seeking answers.

  53. Thanks Jessica! I got the job which is a relief, despite the trickiness with my current manager. It sounds like I’ve exciting opportunities ahead when
    Jupiter and then Uranus are in Gemini, so I’m really looking forward to that! All the best.

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