Astrology and Nuclear Power

What Astrology Reveals About Nuclear Power

I’ve had quite a few questions from readers in Ukraine and her neighbouring countries about the risk of Vladimir Putin launching a nuclear attack.

President Joe Biden has warned that the world is in the most danger it’s been since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 16th-29th October 1962.

This excellent Vox clip on the Cuban Missile Crisis has had several million views.

Using this astrology chart and the charts for Hiroshima and Nagasaki we can identify common factors for nuclear danger and – what should stay unthinkable – attack.

The Cuban Missile Crisis chart is below, showing the beginning of the United States and Russia clash, when America deployed missiles in Italy and Turkey – and Russia did the same in Cuba.

How Power and Pluto Show Nuclear Risk

In 1930 Pluto was discovered, in the same year that scientists began taking the road to nuclear bombs with early experiments. From 1939 the race would be on between Germany and America for an Armageddon weapon.

There are 34 chart factors in modern astrology (this software is from AstroGold) and yet, just one stands out for nuclear questions. Pluto. In mythology he ruled the afterlife.

When the crisis began in 1962 Pluto was at 11 Virgo exactly quincunx Proserpina at 11 Aquarius. In a moment I will look at the common factors here with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The zodiac sign Aquarius, which rules large groups of allies – or firm friendships between nations – and also Pluto himself.

Watching December 2022 and January 2023

All the charts on this page including the United Nations and Hiroshima, show a hotspot at 11 Aquarius. We reach a critical bridge to cross with the U.N. between Monday 26th December 2022 and Saturday 7th January.

Between those dates the North Node at 11 Taurus and South Node at 11 Scorpio will create a Grand Cross with Pluto at 11 Leo in the United Nations chart, but also bring back the past: memories of what happened, and what must happen next to prevent another threat.

December 26th 2022 to January 7th January 2022 is critical for the United Nations and brings back recall of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Nagasaki, Trinity and Hiroshima.

Vladimir Putin is a plutocrat and like all plutocrats he loses his power when Pluto leaves Capricorn in March 2023. He can only ever slide backwards, in importance or relevance.

Pluto in Aquarius

We are heading for Pluto in Aquarius as I write this, beginning in March 2023, and he will eventually pass over 11 Aquarius, where the world must deal with the realities of NATO and the United Nations. From that month forward, the issue is not one man, it is groups of allies.

It takes us some years to arrive there, but March 2023 is the beginning of the reality check about nuclear allies and how the entire system of global friendships, works – or does not work.

The whole point of astrology is prevention; Pluto’s slow passage over the positions of Diana, Saturn, the South Node, Proserpina and Aesculapius in Aquarius, starting with a bump in March next year (I am writing this in October 2022) has to be tracked, remembering the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and what the world learned about the U.N.

Pluto himself was found with Mars, Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius, on 18th February 1939 at 4.00pm in Flagstaff, Arizona.

From the very beginning the message was clear. People power across all people transforms the world. However, power invested in two, three, four or more groups can be devastating, if those groups are at odds. In a moment I’ll look at the United Nations chart and why it’s the issue.


Cuban Missile Crisis - Astrology and Nuclear Power


Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Pluto is the problem in the charts for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In the Hiroshima chart, Pluto is at 9 Leo in an exact conjunction with Panacea at 9 Leo. Nagasaki shows the same conjunction, days later, one degree on. Pluto and Panacea in a conjunction at 10 Leo. Panacea is just what you might expect. A symbol of a remedy, cure or fix – that is not.

The common thread with all three charts is Pluto making exact aspects – and difficult aspects involving Aquarius – to the United Nations’ own Pluto at 11 Leo.

jose pablo dominguez HtgBOHjWiYM unsplash 200x300 - Astrology and Nuclear PowerPluto and Mushroom Clouds

It’s been said in the past that the glyph for Pluto looks like a mushroom cloud. In fact, it’s one way students remember him.

These Pluto transits don’t mean we have to  see a nuclear attack. It means – it’s time to reform the United Nations.

Eventually transiting Pluto at 11 Aquarius will oppose the United Nations’ Pluto at 11 Leo. So the rest of the Twenties and Thirties suggest a reformed or replaced organisation.

The U.N. was set up with Russia after the war. Russia is now an aggressor. I think that says it all about how it operates. (Image: Jose Pablo Dominguez/Unsplash).

Pluto and the United Nations

The massive challenge of Pluto in Aquarius – not experienced in our lifetime – is to reshape the United Nations. The arrival of Pluto in the sign of universal brotherhood and sisterhood is also an opportunity, to do just that.

What happens in March 2023 will open the gate to the new nuclear reality and the urgent need to transform the United Nations. That’s the astrology.

It just so happens that we have a generation of young adults born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, who are here to do just that. When Pluto slowly triggers their charts, over many years from 2023 – their belief in pooling resources and sharing the space – not nuclear one upmanship – rises.

Hiroshima Panacea 1024x788 - Astrology and Nuclear Power


Nagasaki Panacea 1024x788 - Astrology and Nuclear Power

Why Pluto is Nuclear Level Power

Looking at two other crucial charts, we find Pluto showing his hand again. The chart for Chernobyl and also for the Trinity Nuclear Weapon detonation, are below. Chernobyl shows Pluto at 5 Scorpio. He is exactly sextile Neptune at 5 Capricorn.

The Sun is tied into the pattern at 5 Taurus. It took Pluto 248+ years to come around to this position, 5 Scorpio. Neptune also takes a long time to arrive at 5 Capricorn. The Sun moves much faster, but timed the crisis.

Casting your eyes down at the chart for Trinity you will see Pluto at 9 Leo. Venus is at 9 Gemini. The North Node is at 9 Cancer. The South Node is at 9 Capricorn.

It takes Pluto 248+ years as we know, to land at 9 Leo. It takes the lunar nodes around 19 years to end up at 9 Capricorn. Another historic couple of quite rare charts.

Pluto at 10, 11 Aquarius

We’re not going to get through Pluto in Aquarius without historic reminders of Chernobyl (when he moves to 20, 21 Aquarius) and Trinity (at 10, 15 Aquarius).

Similarly, thinking about the charts above, Pluto will trigger Aquarius at 3, 4, 5, 11, 24 in the case of the Cuban Missile Crisis chart – and 5, 11 Aquarius in the charts for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Reminders are useful because they trigger reform.

Of all these charts, the spot around 10-11 degrees of Aquarius turns up most.

Pluto’s spot there is years into the future as I write this on a perfectly calm, sunny day in Tasmania on 17th October 2022. Yet, what we seem to be looking at here, is the most relentless, intense, pressured situation – for tomorrow’s new voters and politicians – who all carry an Aquarius chart signature and who will be required to step up to the challenge of making the United Nations truly international and united. Against nuclear risk.

The key to Aquarian tolerance is – resources. There have to be enough to go around. There has to be plenty of room to move.

That is rather a different future world that we’re looking at, then – but the other transit here, Uranus in Taurus (the world economic revolution) may well move that along. The stakes are sky high.

Aquarius Stellium People

Given the threat of nuclear risk as Pluto goes back over these old positions in astrology, Aquarius stellium people become crucial. Born with four, five, six or more factors in Aquarius, they can supply the United Nations with what it needs. Supporters. Reformers. 

It’s the same if you have an important Aquarius chart signature – maybe your Midheaven or MC is there.

If all this takes us back to President Ronald Reagan and 1981, that’s because he arrived on 20th January 1981 at 11.57am in Washington D.C. with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius. He was a Sun Aquarian man.

Friendships between allies are terrific – the Aquarian ideal – unless you end up with nuclear threats as a team sport.

If you have an Aquarius stellium, even on the level of Twitter politics, you are required to play your part in reshaping the U.N. Let’s see how this plays out from March 2023, a momentous month, when plutocrats lose their power, then from June, begin their backwards slide.


Chernobyl - Astrology and Nuclear Power Trinity First Detonation Nuclear Weapon - Astrology and Nuclear Power


The United Nations Reborn for the Twenties?

The United Nations arrived on 24th October 1945 at 4.45pm in Washington. She was born as the result of a conference between Russia, America and Britain as the last war ended. Super powers, using the power of their ‘kings’ or Leo-style leaders.

There are some huge problems with this chart, given that U.N. is supposed to be a global community of equal partners.

The stellium in Libra is about partnership, but it is also about war.

Libra rules enemies and battles as much as duets. Pluto is at 11 Leo in the United Nations chart.

Look at the chart for the Cuban Missile Crisis again. That’s an exact match, even though the U.N. and Cuba were some twenty years apart in time.

One reason I use modern astrology is that it shows you the truth the other charts miss. Every chart on this page chimes at 10 or 11 degrees of Aquarius if it is about nuclear aggression. And here we have the UN with her Pluto in exact opposition to it.

The 2nd February 2025 brings an historic transformation at the United Nations.

A change in the balance of power, so staff, or membership nations. Leadership. Transiting Pluto will go to 2 Aquarius in conjunction with Diana at 2 Aquarius. Mercury will be at 8 Aquarius in conjunction with Hygiea at 8 Aquarius. Jupiter will be at 11 Gemini sextile Pluto at 11 Leo in the chart. That’s a welcome rebirth and a new U.N. chart may even result.


Main image: Dan Meyers, Unsplash.
All data: AstroGold/The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion.



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69 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,
    Hope all is well with you & your team. Thank you for this feature. It definitely resonates with me as I live within a twenty minute drive across the hills of both Faslane & Coulport in Scotland. Faslane is where the UK’s Nuclear Submarines are based. And Coulport is where the Nuclear Weapons are stored. And I used to live near the NATO Allied Maritime Command in Northwood in London! I never have & do not have, anything to do with any of these bases. So my living nearby, wasn’t intentional.
    Along with the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall (Central London), I think it is fair to say, in the event of a Nuclear Attack, these locations will be the first to be targeted. If an attack happens, it will happen. In this increasingly mad world, I believe more than ever, the UK needs the Nuclear Deterrent. I do not agree that if Scotland gains her independence, the SNP Government should move Faslane & Coulport. But I have been a Premium Member of your website for years & have read every article & know that the astrology shows that change is coming. JT1605

    1. How odd that you have always found yourself living on the doorstep of nuclear submarines and weapons. Your IC is in Cancer so you have have soldiers, pilots or sailors in your ancestry, or officers and gentlemen. The IC rules where you come from, as I am sure you know, but it also rules home. The new Pluto in Aquarius cycle, going over those Aquarius positions common to all three nuclear charts, is the challenge as well as the opportunity. The United Nations was set up after the war, of course, to prevent a third world war. Climate Emergency and Covid are drivers for that. So far, the UN has had very little success with either. WHO failed. So clearly, the planet needs to regroup and rethink its collective power. We will always have Putins of one sort or another in the mix, yet for whatever reason, March 2023 is a turning point when the UN has to get real about its failures.

  2. Hi Jessica.
    I must admit I have been very nervous about the possibility of the unthinkable. After reading this article I noticed I have my Sun at 11 Aquarius, Uranus at 11 Scorpio, Ceres at 11 Libra, and Saturn at 13 Leo. I have a 20 year old son whom I am concerned could be caught up in this if a draft were to be called in the US.
    Can you please look at my chart and tell me if my fears are unwarranted? How will this affect me?
    Thank you for your voice and energy in this crazy world!

    1. You have a pattern at 11 degrees that Pluto at 11 Aquarius eventually reaches in the year 2030, a very long way off. Your son would be 30 years old by then. America and other countries will have to rethink their military. Neptune is at 11 Aries that year, and Aries rules war. So Pluto and Neptune are sextile. Yet, Neptune is also about other realities; escapes from reality; alternatives to the normal world. So Neptune in Aries suggests a separate space for that; a kind of ‘gaming’ perhaps, rather than boots on the ground. This may in fact be the solution by then; hawks are given their own domain and it may be purely digital or acted in a theatre of war, rather than carried out. Neptune is never about reality.

  3. Thank you, Jessica, this was a fascinating read. I do hope this is enough of a wake-up call for the UN and IAEA, although those hopes are not high. You wrote about nuclear weapons, a question most concerning for the Western world, but I think this is only a half of the picture because of NPPs.
    Zaporizhzhia NPP is taken hostage along with its employees and other Ukrainian NPPs are in danger of shelling (say, South Ukraine NPP had a few close calls). The chances of things going wrong on either are not, er, nonexistent. Would it make sense to look into charts of nuclear accidents that have already happened, like Chernobyl or Fukushima? Would those charts be repeating the nuclear strike patterns? My personal feeling is that an accident is more likely to happen, but then again, we have survived the previous ones, so… I do appreciate your opinion on the matter.

    1. Nuclear accidents are definitely worth looking into and I will add those charts this week. Thank you for your inspiration.

    1. Vladimir Putin’s strategy is ‘divide and conquer’ because Russia has very, very few friends. So all he can ever do is attempt to break up the friendships between British and Americans in their own country, and with each other. He’s had a bit of success. The big challenge of Pluto in Aquarius is to end division. How does the UN do that? By restructuring the global space so that everyone. has a fair share of good things. Now that’s radical. But it is the new choice.

  4. I don’t know how to take this article, scared?

    Based in the uk, sun Aries, moon Taurus

    Keen to get a further understand on when you say nuclear do you see that being in the whole world or parts?

    1. Vladimir Putin intends to scare people, but the whole point of astrology is to look at history and use its rather odd time measurements, to spot solutions. We have not seen Pluto in Aquarius for about 248 years. This is a rare chance, in the late 2020’s and 2030’s, to harness humanity’s power in one remarkably tolerant group. Aquarius rules tribes; the unity of all the tribes is a potent thing, in fact a planet-changing thing, if it can be achieved. Human beings what they are, historically, it may take a threat but also a reward to make leaders and voters change. The threat is nuclear, Covid and Climate Emergency. The rewards would be massive savings, the end of Covid as a daily threat and – planet saved. We are at a stage in history when that’s possible. How it is to be done is the big question.

  5. It’s interesting just how many int’l organizations have become useless over time. UN doesn’t serve much a purpose beyond words & more words. Amnesty is pretty similar & quite biased. Red Cross (where I worked at one point) is also pretty inefficient and with heavy political ties. Hopefully all of these will either see a new form or be shut down altogether.

    Jessica – unrelated but will Trump ever see jail time? I would much rather he be in prison then death provide him an easy out. Will others like Lindsey Graham or DeSantis ever get actual punishment for their actions?

    1. You have worked at the Red Cross and seen how political it is. I was a patron and trustee at War Child in London and was amazed at how political it also was. And that’s just another N.G.O or Non-Government Organisation. Aquarius is about the seemingly impossible – all political stripes, genders, ages, classes, races pooling resources together for the common good. Yet, Pluto in Aquarius will offer the world a challenge. We either unite or we risk nuclear threat. Those old charts for Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Cuban Missile Crisis have a story to tell as Pluto transits trigger them for the first time since those events ever occurred. As for Donald Trump, he will not survive the end of Pluto in Capricorn. Astrology does not predict death. Nor does it predict prison. But he will not survive it.

  6. Hello Jessica,

    “What happens in March 2023 will open the gate to the new nuclear reality and the urgent need to transform the United Nations”
    I find this statement a little unsettling…. Hoping for a positive reason for the transformation.

    On another note, if you have time could you look at my chart and shed some light on the next three months or so for me? Our household has been a wild rollercoaster ride for the last year, and we are plumb worn out and hoping for positive developments.

    Thank you for your insightful articles as always 🙂

    1. Thank you. Pluto (ultimate power) goes into Aquarius (groups of friends) from March 2023 and so the world has a choice. It can either allow Russia to pursue her ‘friendships’ and risk peace, or find a way to relaunch the United Nations and reshape its membership and rules. Aquarius is a unique symbol, embracing everybody and everyone equally – the entire human family – so I do wonder if March 2023 is really about the new Covid variants, as only a world united in its control of that, could really tempt (say) Russia or China. Aquarius is about pooling resources for the common good, so another obvious issue may be water. There is a water conference in New York hosted by the UN in March 2023 and I suspect that will be a turning point, as the other great unifier is, of course, Climate Emergency. You are a Sun Capricorn with Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius stelliums. Your relentless professional, academic or unpaid work situation since 2008 ends in March 2023. You have become accustomed to this always being about power and control questions, but that ends. Even sooner, Halloween to Christmas is the biggest and best opportunity in 12 years to pursue mediumship, hypnosis, Buddhism, counselling, meditation and other inner pursuits, with terrific results if you try. It is important that you make your health the number one priority in 2023-2026 and take whatever steps you need, now, to make your wellbeing come first. No matter what.

  7. Dear Jessica

    I am trying to understand what this means.
    These are worrying times, I will pray for peace.
    Do you think Putin will strike the UK with nuclear weapons?

    This may seem selfish but I wish the UK would be neutral and not get involved in conflicts.

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. The answer to the nuclear threat posed by Putin is a genuinely united, United Nations. So the United Kingdom must be involved, as one half of The Special Relationship with the United States. The issue for Russia should be – what’s in it for her? Where can she find friends in the Twenties and Thirties? Same with Belarus – and China. The astrology is really clear that the biggest threat actually comes when you have two or three groups of ‘friends’ in a nuclear world. Praying for peace is an excellent idea.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I must admit Putin and his nuclear threats have me worried. While I agree with you that humanity must come together to make a new nuclear reality it’s the why, that concerns me. Humanity is good at coming together AFTER a catastrophe, to pick up the pieces and rebuild a new reality. It worries me that it may take the shock of nuclear war to bring about this change for humanity.
    You have already stated that Pluto in Aquarius will see the end of Putin. Desperate people sometimes do desperate things, especially if they are faced with losing power. While March 2023 may herald a new nuclear reality for the world, what concerns me is the catalyst for this new reality. Humanity always seems to learn from its mistakes in hindsight.

    1. Julie, the difference between this and every other period in history is today’s teenagers, growing up fast into twentysomething adults, who were all born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius. They chime to humanitarianism. Their generation chart signatures also chime with the United Nations too, so even though we are seeing these historic transits with Pluto in Aquarius, they are affecting people whose time has come. I agree that desperate people do desperate things, and the narrative around Putin at the moment is that he is losing – withdrawing (which astrology predicted) – and so will trigger a nuclear crisis. We don’t have a chart for him with any accuracy; it’s hard to read minds without that – but if ever there was a moment for a sweeping reshuffle at the top of Russian power, it is December 2022 and January 2023.

  9. Dear Jessica, thank you for this – looking forward to the end of plutocrats and dictators by 2023. Here in India, since the Russian invasion of Uraine, public opinion has been firmly with the hapless Ukrainians. Our government however, has been trying to stay neutral in the conflict much to the anger of regular folk. Do you think this will be another factor in why your prediction that our government would change by 2023? Apart from all their other missteps?

    Thank you for your work. I feel I get better guidance on world affairs from your blog rather than the newspapers these days!

    1. Astrology is pretty simple. History repeats and astrologers measure that repetition. The last time we saw Pluto move from Capricorn to Aquarius, years of dictatorships, despotism and corrupt plutocrats ended. Monarchs lost their heads; France lost a political system; Britain lost a king. I doubt very much Indian leadership is going to survive Pluto’s departure from Capricorn. You don’t get away with backing an aggressive invader without risking a classic Pluto experience; being taken out of the game. And thank you for the compliment.

  10. Jessica, To the best of my knowledge, none of those professions are in my immediate or ancestral branches of my family. But talking of family, there is a plaque & tree dedicated to the memory of my Cancerian Sun mum who managed the Grade II listed building & staff & stakeholders, which overlooks a Square in London, that you have definitely visited, whilst in England. When I realised, I laughed out loud.
    *If you know, please don’t respond online with the name of the Square. Thanks.

  11. Intriguing Jessica, thank you.
    Would it be possible to also explore the peaceful uses of nuclear, like medicine and power?
    The last few weeks has seen the start of several new plants from Finland to U.A.E and restarting plants in Germany, Ontario and California. Greta Thunberg said in an interview with German TV she thinks it is a bad idea to close down existing nuclear power plants while increasing coal generation. Mark Carney recently stated that “there’s no transition (to net-zero) that works without nuclear, full stop,” So much to consider.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you. I am going to add to this feature with new charts for Trinity (the first detonation of a nuclear weapon) and Chernobyl so Pluto can go under the microscope again. I wouldn’t bank on either Greta Thunberg or Mark Carney being right by 2026; Uranus is in Taurus and the last thing anybody expected for the global economy, tends to happen. And not just once, but in a chain of shocks. If we think we know where we stand with renewables, fossil fuel and nuclear in 2022, we probably don’t. The issue with nuclear is Pluto. Pluto is a symbol of such tremendous power that it tends to attract corruption. Interesting discussion to have, Patrick.

  12. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your continuous, astounding, diligent work. I look forward to the related blog on NPP. The comments about Scotland and the UK make me think about CND’s astrology and I wonder what you see in CND’s transits. I found these sentences on their website (

    “5000 people turned up to the first CND meeting, on February 17th, 1958.” [*at Central Hall, Westminster, London according to Wikipedia*]

    “The first march to the nuclear bomb factory at Aldermaston, in Berkshire, followed – an event which brought anti-nuclear campaigning, together with the new CND symbol, to public consciousness.”

    “Most recently, CND was one of the grassroots organisations that successfully campaigned for a global ban on nuclear weapons at the United Nations. The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons entered into force in January 2021. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons – of which CND is part – won the Nobel Peace Prize for this work.”

    Weirdly, I have some connections I’ve remembered. In the early 80s I worked briefly for the people who filmed the march to Aldermaston. I met and interviewed Michael Foot and his wife Jill Craigie in the early 90s during the Serb/Croat war. And I remember working on an 8th grade civics project on the UN in the early 70s, which I loved. Nuclear destruction is of such imperative universal concern that it must also become deeply personal for each individual. I’m praying and meditating on us meeting the challenge and taking the opportunity for the common good, however it unfolds.

    1. Thank you for that compliment and for tracing the birth of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Born on February 17th, this makes the C.N.D. movement Aquarian, which fits the pattern ahead. It is very interesting that the original C.N.D. idealists also chime with the horoscopes of babies born with the outer planets Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius; Millennials. You have had quite an extraordinary life if you met Michael Foot and Jill Craigie and not only that, had first-hand experience of Aldermaston. It will be interesting to see what the first ‘bump’ of Aquarius timing is in March 2023. Sooner or later, though, Pluto moving over the Sun of the C.N.D. will utterly transform it, in the public eye.

  13. Hey Jessica, thanks for confronting the hard stuff… I know I am not alone in being absolutely on board with the genuinely united nations being the only plausible way forward. I also cross my fingers that the gen Z Saggitarius generation around the globe step up and in to this in good faith and want the good life for all, and demand that of the collective narrative too.

    1. Good point. Generation Aquarius is actually the key; Millennials (more or less) born with the outer planets in Aquarius, the sign of universal brotherhood and sisterhood, across race, gender, class and sexual preference. They are here to work, and work they will, once Pluto goes through Aquarius from March 2023. You might say they have been preparing for this moment, all their lives.

  14. Hi Jessica, enjoying the resources on your website in this challenging astrological weather. Eclipse season is looking particular challenging for me on my new natal chart ( thank you ) ! Any advice or help interpreting it ?

    1. You can look up eclipses on Search and through your library on here. It’s not challenging if you just avoid acting or judging. An eclipse is a cover-up. It conceals, it never reveals. Diana married Charles around two eclipses. Nobody saw Camilla. She was killed near an eclipse. Nobody will ever know the full truth. That’s why we say, don’t judge or act on an eclipse. Skip 24-48 hours.

  15. Hi Jessica, Thanks for your well-informed and electrifying insights about the vital issues affecting humanity. I get what you say about the ‘how’ being in the hands of those whose souls are connected to Aquarian energy – Generation Aquarius, as you say. But how about those of us who also feel triggered by the plight of humanity and who are taking action to create awareness every day through our normal work. I’m a baby boomer and I don’t want to be sidelined in the ‘who and how’ discussion. ‘I may not be a Gen. Aquarius, but I think like one…’ to paraphrase my husband’s grandson. No matter what age we are, we are here now. So, we have to step up and get involved in whatever way we can. I write, blog and speak on the topic of the sheer power of the individual to enable positive change if we each make a move in that direction. The cumulative effect of people power must be the hallmark of Pluto in Aquarius, right? Can you take a look at my chart to see how I fit into the Aquarian setting or do I have to wait to come round again in a new incarnation?

    1. Thank you. You have an Aquarius stellium and have reminded me to add to this feature – people who are heavily Aquarian, of any age at all, will also be prime movers in the bid to reform the United Nations and make it united in power again. And of course the whole point of Aquarius is inclusivity. Old people and children together. The answer to just about every question from 2023 is – shared resources. Pooled and common resources, with more than enough to go around everybody. We are coming out of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 when money was for a very few men at the top. I suspect that global economy will come down by 2026 with Uranus in Taurus and a more equitable spread of the good life, for every country, seems like the only thing that is going to work; otherwise power struggles ensue and Pluto and his nuclear power is the ultimate tool.

  16. Thank you for prompting my memories! There’s no need to publish this comment, but you said “if” I met these people – so I thought I’d give you the details. The Aldermaston connection is that I worked for Concord Films Council, run by Lydia Vulliamy
    and Eric Walker They are the individuals who filmed the march to Aldermaston, and appear to be still living! They set up Concord to distribute 16mm films, videos and tape-slide shows about disarmament, peace, health and education. Their modern website is Part of my job was to cycle to their cottage on the River Nacton (through deep, dark woods) where they kept the video duplicating equipment. I made dupes, fed the chickens and walked the dogs! I also worked in the office in Ipswich – helping to take phone-in film/video bookings from schools around the UK – a lesson in accent-recognition! They were so kind to me, a 22 year old American girl fresh out of university. They gave me access to their Rolladex of film production companies, and this led directly to me getting my next full-time job, in Edinburgh! You’ve prompted me to realise it’s time for me to contact them after all this time!

    Jill Craigie/Michael Foot. I was awestruck and privileged to film them at their house in 1995 for a Scottish Television series “Festival Cinema” about the Edinburgh Film Festival, where Jill’s film “Two Hours from London” was being shown – (war in Yugoslavia

    Thank you for prompting me to recall all of this. I’ll stop writing now and develop my future path with fresh clarity and inspiration! No need to publish or reply. With gratitude, D

  17. Thank you for your astrological insights Jessica. It all seems quite scary. Can you please see if there is anything in my chart that I need to be prepared for, or can do?
    Thank you.

    1. The situation is a lot like The Specials song about The Man From C&A – in which ordinary people are drawn into extraordinary, nuclear-powerful times. I remember being scared by a book called Overkill as a teenager. What we can all do is back a new, United Nations. We do that through activism on Twitter, which politicians pay attention to, because they worry about numbers in marginal seats. Aquarius is the group. The most dangerous scenario with Pluto (a symbol for nuclear power) in Aquarius, is group versus group. The best scenario is one big group called ‘humans’ and actually, Pluto in Aquarius makes that more possible than before.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I have been following you for a long time and finally signed up for the membership. So happy I did!
    I am concerned about what will happen as I live in the North of Romania, not far from Ukraine. We moved back here just before the war started, after living in the UK for 18 years.
    I would be grateful if you could look at my chart as the plan was/is to invest in Romania and I also want to start an English school but the war has kept us in stand by as we don’t know what to do.
    My husband is born on 19th September 1979. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. You want to start an English school and invest in Romania with your husband, a Sun Virgo. He is the key to this; he will have fantastic opportunities to pursue academia and foreign investment/emigration from May 2023 until May 2024. It will happen suddenly and be exhilarating. You are a Sun Libra with the typical Gemini and Sagittarius stelliums of someone drawn to foreign languages. You will make or save quite a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 so if you both remain committed to bilingual education and relocation, you will have what you need to do that. Have a look at the Tarot about May 2023 to May 2024 to validate.

  19. Hi Jessica, My Mum has just gifted me a subscription and I am excited to learn more about my birth chart. I got married last month to a Sun sign Leo and am very interested to see what it ahead of me. I have 5 stelliums in Taurus, Aquarius, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn and my sun sign is Gemini. I had 2 children before I was 18 – a Aquarian son and an Aries daughter. We are looking to expand our family next year. I have worked very hard and am successful in my career. We are currently in Brisbane but I may have to move to Victoria in a couple of years for my career. Do you see a baby in the future for me?

    1. Please thank your mother for giving you a subscription. Will you have a baby? You have three factors in Leo in the Fifth House of motherhood and are a Sun Gemini, married to a Sun Leo. You already have two children. The financial questions need to be sorted out first, and property too. Those end in March 2023 for you. They begin for him in March 2023. So it comes back to real-estate, the joint bank account and so on. Once both of you are clear on that, every other decision falls into place, but it takes a little time.

  20. Thank you for this stimulating article Jessica. I read the comments with interest- a lot of us are scared and a lot of us want to help, Aquarian or not.
    I have an Aquarian influence in my chart though not a stellium, and as a Sun Leo often feel drawn to my opposite sign (one of my best friends is a Sun Aquarius). The last decade has been so bumpy, professionally, personally and universally and I am still struggling, I feel disheartened there is more turbulence ahead.
    .The one positive thing emerging for me, is I have started to write a Substack, for friends and colleagues, a small audience. It’s just about my life, how an ordinary 50-something Brit experiences the world. It’s a small audience but I feel compelled to do it. It’s a release but I also hope that by writing honestly I can stimulate discussion and a feeling of togetherness and sometimes comfort.
    As I grow older I increasingly feel that sharing resources more fairly, kindness and looking after the world and each other is the only way to go. This could just be how people start to think later in life or am I being affected by astrology? And am I making the most of my chart’s influence to play my part in bringing about a better world?
    Thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. Your MC or Midheaven is in Aquarius so your calling is through the group; your vocation is about community and people power. So, funnily enough, you would be drawn to United Nations issues, but also Substack (a community of writers, as you know) and as you grow older, you want to pursue Aquarian ideals; a better world for everybody. The MC is the top goal; the ultimate achievement; the real purpose of a life. So here you are. What happens when Pluto enters Aquarius from March 2023 and begins his long stay in your Eleventh House of friendship and community will transform your existence for years into the future. Quite powerful groups or friends will appear then, or reappear, and you’ll start to see what is possible.

  21. Hi Jessica

    I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember that my parents experienced a great deal of fear. We never talked about it.

    As I read your discussion, I thought about the best target. In Europe, Russia might contend with nuclear fallout as a consequence. If he bombs Ukraine he will destroy his prize. Bombing the UK brings the UN hunting for him, lead by the US.

    I wonder if his anger will be aimed at the US, for all the support they provided Ukraine. Focusing on the heartland of the US, Russia could destroy the food supply while starving the country for years to come. Not as much worry about nuclear fallout for Russia and it would cripple it’s the biggest enemy.

    1. The Cuban Missile Crisis is something my parents remember too. The current debate about Vladimir Putin is that because he is losing the war against Ukraine, he will go nuclear. The T-Square we see in December is a Grand Cross when you bring the United Nations chart into it. That is unusual and historic. It can only happen every 18-19 years and half of the cross is in the finance signs; Taurus and Scorpio. The other two are Leo and Aquarius. Leo is the leader (Biden or Putin, take your pick) and Aquarius is the group – the United Nations. I suspect the problem will be the high price of boycotts. Or the high cost of the war. We’ve already seen some of this price be paid. Now, it goes to the next level. Long-term, though, the issue is not any individual country or man, it is the problem of allies in groups – dangerous friendships.

  22. Wow, Jessica, you updated the whole post. Thank you. So there’s a pattern to nuclear incidents after all. Good to know. You’ve finished the piece on a hopeful note, although some things are pretty disturbing. I agree with the previous commenters that it’s usually the calamity that brings people together. Then again, we’re already being shelled with everything that flies and dealing with temporary or long-term loss of electricity/water/heating, would it really change anything in a grand scheme of things? On the other hand, you are saying that the change is coming in March, but the key date is in 2025, it’s far enough to assume it’s not necessarily about Ukraine or just Ukraine. Iran maybe?
    I’m trying to remain optimistic, but it’s hard to tell whether things are going to get worse before March 2023 or actually after. We can only wait and see.

    1. Mother Nature in her wisdom is reminding voters that she comes first; Vladimir Putin is accidentally a force for good; to rely on gas, petrol and coal is to rely on your enemies. As everybody now realises, particularly in Britain, if they had voted for politicians backing solar, wind and other renewables years ago, 2022 would not be a problem. I guess you know the ending here; Britain certainly will vote that way in future. Climate Emergency goes down. Back to the nuclear issue; I have not shown charts for Russia, Ukraine, Iran or even North Korea for a reason. It’s not about individual countries. The United Nations chart is shown, because according to these horoscopes, it’s the U.N. that is actually the problem. Born with Pluto in Leo right opposite the Aquarius factors in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Trinity, Cuban Missile Crisis – there is a question here about the organisation being fit for purpose in an age of nuclear risk. It looks likely she’ll be reformed.

  23. Thank you Jessica for this post. Can I ask could China/US over Taiwan be a concern here too? My other thought is not only with the power plant in Ukraine and the use currently of the Iranian drones which makes me feel a bad incident is coming, it”s the gas pipe line how there are leaks and at any time he could pump the gas through those pipes, it’s as if Europe is headed for a huge explosion one way or another? my other concern is there are so many displaced people and refugees currently and with the economic crisis how will Europe and UK cope on helping these people and each other if disaster strikes, is this when you have shown the break away of some of UK and relationships being built with other countries will come about? sorry so many questions, its a scary minefield!

    1. The issue is groups of allies, from March 2023 when Pluto enters Aquarius. So nuclear aggression (not accidents) in the shape of a community of friends. China and Russia have tried friendship to date and of course Putin has dropped heavy hints, if nothing else. If you look at the charts, the common factor is 10/11 degree hotspots. The only exception is Chernobyl. The accident not the military risk. So, the story is really about the former; we’ve not seen Pluto move to 10/11 Aquarius in our lifetime, certainly not since the bomb was developed. The challenge to teenagers now is clear; empower the entire United Nations in a new way, or continue to have crises. That’s the astrology.

  24. Thank you for taking the time to answer. As a child one of my first career dreams was to join the UN! Then I thought I wasn’t brainy enough or the ‘right type.’ This end of life I once again feel I really do want to help the world so I hope I can be of service. The astrology really adds up. Love what you do, you play your part well.

  25. This is really interesting. Thank you Jessica for another great article. I found interesting Cuban Missile Crisis happened exactly 60 years. I also grew up around 500 miles away from Chernobyl and now I am living on outskirt of London but I still remember what happened at 1986 and it brings some shivers, specially when I see how many of my friends and family sometimes worry about what may happen again. With everything what’s going on, I still feel we are going through a major transformation and everything is leading to the collapse of old system so I hope this is the case. I have been asked many times if I think if there will be a nuclear war and I found this interesting why people are asking me and are looking for some comforting answer from me. Please could you tell me if there is anything that’s in my natal chart in connection to this topic or anything else?

    On completely different topic and with what’s going on in the UK, I remember your article about Liz Truss. I wasn’t ever sure if she was the best choice and I am wondering whenever there will be a “turning point” and if a blonde strong female (whenever royal or MP) you mentioned while ago in one of your articles may be actually Penny Mordaunt as her name came up recently a lot in media. It would be interesting to see what her chart says.

    Thank you Jessica. I always look forward to your new articles.

    1. Thank you. It may not be until April 2030 when Pluto is at 11 Aquarius and Neptune is at 11 Aries that we know the ultimate outcome of these astrology charts, all geared (with the exception of Chernobyl) to 11 Aquarius/Leo. I find the exception interesting, because Chernobyl was an accident; the rest were military signals or achievements. Ceres is at 11 Aries on April 18th-20th in the year 2030 so that narrows down the timing. We will only be one-third of the way through the long Pluto in Aquarius transit by then. As for PM Truss, I have to go back to the original prediction, two years ago, for the exact wording. It was indeed, she, the third female Prime Minister and not Penny Mordaunt. I’ll chat more about this at The Conscious Cafe event in December. You are a Sun Libra woman with Libra, Virgo and Cancer stelliums so the most important transits ahead involve the South Node in Libra in your Seventh House of duets and duels. That begins on July 18th 2023 and lasts until January 11th 2025, so this is a rare (only happens every 18-19 years) transit concerning your current, or former partner. Perhaps a new partner. Possibly, a battle, fight or conflict. The Tarot can tell you more. It will be karmic in nature, as you owe, or are owed, from 2004-2006 when the South Node was again in Libra, in your Seventh House. There will be a long period of closure and settlement with someone. Either the same person, or thematically, the same issues arise. What is fair, symmetrical, balanced, even, perhaps – legal – is the key here.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    This article is fascinating, i have had a strong sense of foreboding for a while, i hope its not related to such a potential, worldly event. I have just signed up to be a premium member and am really excited to understand my chart.

    I have stelliums in Aquarius, Aries, cancer and libra but have a strong sense that something new will come into my world soon based around helping others and community (perhaps UN!!) After being stuck in a rut for such a long time, are you able to look at my chart and tell me if life might move forward any time soon?

    Thank you..

    1. No need for foreboding but we have to be realists about the need for a new United Nations with this new Pluto transit. Your stellium in Aries guarantees a relaunch from Christmas to May 2023; new look, role or title. This works well for you. Your Aquarius stellium suggests a powerful new group or old group, relaunched, from March 2023, which shows you what control looks like. Together people can do anything as you will see from that point forward for years into the future.

  27. Dear Jessica your profound analysis really fills the gap of major geopolitical researches. Your contribution is amazing and thank you for sharing it with all since that will only benefit the fight of reason in humanity.
    I would kindly ask you of any guidance for my current astrolocation since I feel so stranded and full of negative emotions.That has nothing to do with all this world madness. Its one of those days that you either think that you are qualified enough for this life, that your ancestors could do better from you and that you do not have any options to progress. All around me progress. In your previous comment you ask me to concentrate to my children this is what I have done with consistency. I trust you so any guidance will be very appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Well, as a Sun Scorpio with stelliums in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn – you will always be a world citizen and deeply concerned by geopolitics. That is the Sagittarian side of you. Do put the world of children or young adults first until Christmas. That works extremely well for you. You will be offered a superior project, role or course after Christmas which you should take by May 2023; the Tarot can validate that for you.

  28. Dear Jessica,
    My first comment and may I begin with gratitude for your many skills, talents and insights. I have learned so much and continue to from all the content on your site, your gifted insights and from the comments on your blog. I have always been optimistic and hopeful that the Earth will survive and I long for a global planetary civilisation which I probably will not see in this lifetime. I have an Aquarian stellium, amongst others. You mentioned that those with an Aquarian stellium will be needed as we move forward into Pluto in Aquarius. Can you comment on any specific ways I could contribute? I do utilise and value all the support systems on your site, thank you, along with my own gifts and insights.

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you. Your chart does indeed show a big stellium in Aquarius, so you live in your Eleventh House a lot of the time, surrounded by one or more important groups and in a world of friends, and friends-of-friends. You supply communities and collectives, be it four people or forty people, and are never too close, but always essential. You can be an outsider and yet have quite an impact on the personalities involved. It is also very common for strongly Aquarian people to become involved in a movement or cause; a trend. Some find art. Some find politics or music. Pluto’s arrival in Aquarius is a first. You’ve not experienced it in your life. From March, the stakes are higher with one or more groups. You are being shown how powerful a collective can be and how much you can fuel it. Similarly, one or more friends who are influential, potent, highly effective human beings are in a position to change your life, from that point. True friendship is dynamite from March 2023 onwards.

  29. Dear Jessica

    Really hope that you can make additional articles on China, actually situation feels perflex. I have read your previous articles and Russia and seems Putin and China is going the other way from predictions.

    I know this comment is a bit off topic, sorry…

    1. I’ve said all I’m going to say about China and Russia. The thing to remember is that they are both ruled by men behaving like plutocrats. So, absolute power concentrated in the hands of one old man. They are surrounded by men. I don’t see women at the top, do you? So that’s Pluto in Capricorn. Domination by a man at the top of a fixed system. Pluto in Aquarius arrives in March 2023 and that immediately becomes null and void. It takes time, but eventually Pluto is out of Capricorn altogether and you will see both men, and both systems, disappear from view. You also have to remember that Russia and China pump out propaganda. Both have been in severe economic and Covid crisis and both will go there again. Pluto’s departure from Capricorn always dismantles a system – and a country – before the new world begins.

  30. Dear Jessica, you wrote on 19 October that I will be drawn to United Nations issues and meet interesting people..well I went to meet my latest housesitting client. I will look after her house in the UK while she goes to Australia to look after her daughter-in-law who just had a baby – and who is also very high up in – the UN!

  31. Hello Jessica, first of all thank you so much for the complementary e-book. It is superb, and will provide many hours of reading enjoyment. I apologize for posting a question twice, but I’m sure it was lost in the shuffle.

    When I read first read this article, I was shocked to see I have Aquarius rising at 11 degrees, and another factor at 12. Is this a rare configuration, and what could this mean for me in 2023 and beyond?

    1. Thank you. If your birth time is right, then you have Aquarius Rising/Aquarius Ascendant and a conjunction there. It means you present as the person whose life revolves around the group/groups and yet is never actually inside the group. You will be seen as part of a movement, or trend, involving one or more groups, throughout your life, and likely dress that way, act that way, or talk that way. Rather like Kenneth Williams and the Carry On films or Yoko Ono and The Beatles. Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023 will bring a dramatic ending and beginning, all at the same time, by June – in relation to that.

  32. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for all your work, and for sharing your insights on so many meaningful subjects. I’m returning today to above, thinking about all our roles moving through Dec 26-Jan 7, March 2023 and beyond.

    A decade plus of challenges on a couple fronts; somehow when I thought I had limited years, my perspective on what I needed to accomplish was different (maybe clearer?); theorizing I may have a different, improved, trajectory, I’m trying to grasp a meaningful path, identify solid stepping stones, in this changing world. I’m wondering if you would be willing to share any advice.

    Pulling also from your other threads, and noting your discussions of UV light and the power of the sun, also wanted to note the recent breakthroughs, and the hope for the future (could still be a decade away, but…) of (clean) fusion (not dirty fission) energy research, an example below, this is in effect “the power in stars” and of our sun… I can’t help thinking a breakthrough here ~could~ potentially change for the better our beautiful blue and green marble…

    Good wishes to you for the year to come

    1. Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you are looking for stepping stones on a meaningful path, just go to your stelliums. They show why you are here. Virgo, Gemini, Cancer, Pisces suggest the journey in 2023 is about Pisces traits. You will have both Saturn and Neptune in Pisces after March 2023, through 2026. This is historic and unusual. These two in your Twelfth House of inner self suggest that after some years of living without boundaries in religion, Tarot, hypnosis, counselling, spirituality and so on – boundaries come in. Saturn will oppose your Virgo stellium, square your Gemini stellium and trine your Cancer stellium along the way, but also form a conjunction to your Pisces factors. This is very, very different to the old way of operating, as you have been living a life where everything is everywhere, all over the place, all the time – but now there will be restrictions. If Neptune is the sea, Saturn is the chalk cliff. If Neptune is the ocean, Saturn is the concrete walls which surround the swimming pool on the beach. And thank you for the nuclear fusion link! That’s very hopeful.

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