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The Scorpio Eclipse – October 2022

The 2022 Scorpio Eclipse and You

Please avoid acting or judging dramatically (in a way that would change the course of your life, a little or a lot) when the Sun and Moon line up on Tuesday 25th October.

The Sun is in a conjunction with the Moon at 2 Scorpio. This New Moon in Scorpio is also a partial solar eclipse. So you’ll be partially sighted, when it takes place. An eclipse covers things up, hides them in plain sight, and turns the lights out.

This partial solar eclipse in Scorpio starts (London time) on Tuesday 25th October 2022 at 10.08am,  is at its greatest magnitude at 10.59am and finishes at 11.51am. Count backwards or forwards in time, for your nearest city. In Australia, for example, it will take place on the night of Tuesday 25th October.

Do You Have Scorpio Factors?

If you have anything in Scorpio in the Eighth House of your natal chart, please avoid this period for taxation, inheritance, legacies, insurance, superannuation, pensions, mortgages, and so on. There is no sky fall. It’s just about clarity. Visibility. You would not drive with a broken headlight, so don’t ‘drive’ your finances during this eclipse. I would allow Wednesday 26th October too, just for the world to catch up with itself.

Being Left in the Dark

This eclipse will leave you in the dark. What would normally be as plain as day will be missing. It will either be in plain sight and you will not see it – or there will be a cover-up. In this feature I will look at all 12 Zodiac signs and also your natal or birth chart, which you will have as a Premium Member. I will also look at how the eclipse hits the astrological chart of the new British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak – and how it suggests a tremendous cover-up in Russia.

Eclipse iStock 1024x714 - The Scorpio Eclipse - October 2022
Eclipses conceal, they never reveal, in astrology. Image: iStock.

Where is the Eclipse Affecting Your Sign?

Aries – Insurance, superannuation, pension, shares, houses, apartments, valuables, charity, legacies, wills, inheritance.
Taurus – Husbands, wives, opponents, enemies, lawsuits, girlfriends, boyfriends, professional partnerships, duets or duels.
Gemini – Health, wellbeing, medical care, dentists, mental health, lifestyle, routine, paid work, unpaid work, academia.
Cancer – Children, babies, pregnancy, courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne; teenagers, Millennials.
Leo – Family, household, house, apartment, residence, town, country, nationality, patriotism, roots, heritage, culture.
Virgo – Siblings, cousins, short journeys, the neighbourhood, local life, your region, the internet, the media, communication.
Libra – Money, debts, houses, apartments, investments, legacies, wills, business, charity, shares, valuables, purchases.
Scorpio – Profile, reputation, name, title, personal appearance, portraits, photographs, film, autobiography, biography.
Sagittarius – Religion, spirituality, counselling, therapy, Tarot, spiritualism, mediumship, psychics, psychology, self-help.
Capricorn – Friendships, alliances, communities, circles, clubs, teams, political parties, bands, charities, groups, social life.
Aquarius – Success, career, status, rank, position, mission, ambition, Curriculum Vitae, academic career, unpaid vocation.
Pisces – Foreigners, foreign countries, publishing, academia, the worldwide web, further education.

Do You Have Factors at 2 Degrees in Your Birth Chart?

If you have factors at 2 degrees in your birth chart, they will be in aspect to this eclipse. As a general rule of thumb, don’t act or judge in dramatic ways, on eclipse day. Count the following day too as different time/sleep zones catch up with each other. Eclipses aren’t bad or good. They just conceal.

You can’t function at your best when you cannot see/do not know what is really going on, so if you have anything at all at two degrees, try to defer important decisions. An eclipse can set you off on the wrong path for years, depending on your whole chart.

Once Mercury goes to 2 Scorpio from Halloween, Monday 31st October (allow a day either side for world time zone differences) you will see, hear or read about a matter which is now clearly a case of ‘wool pulled’ over your eyes, or just ‘missed it, when it was right in front of my nose.’ Again, it’s not negative nor positive, it’s just a case of being glad you didn’t judge this, earlier.

Do You Have Factors in Scorpio?

We are in Scorpio season, so Premium Members send these e-cards to friends born under this sign, at this time of year. You may be a Sun Scorpio or just have horoscope factors in that sign, but if you do, the eclipse in Scorpio is like the lights going out in the house. What is in the house?

Your credit card or debit card. Your tax return. Your inheritance or will. Any legacy which names you. Investments, like rare books or art work. Scorpio rules sexual and financial relationships. It also rules family and property relationships. A classic example is marriage and mortgage.

Mercury in Scorpio – Light Dawns

Once the eclipse is over, you will find that light dawns when Mercury goes to 2 Scorpio, around Halloween into 1st November, depending on your time zone/sleep zone. You’ll be pleased you waited.

There is a direct relationship with the financial, property, charity or business events that arrive from June 17th to 23rd 2023. Why? Because the South Node will go to 2 Scorpio then. So the future is calling to the present. Managing life cleverly and consciously now, avoiding the eclipse, makes June 17th-23rd 2023 very much easier for you.

Scorpio Cards 1024x759 - The Scorpio Eclipse - October 2022

Rishi Sunak and the Eclipse

We don’t have a birth time for Prime Minister Sunak but we don’t need one, to see that he was born with Mars at 2 Virgo in the sign of health and wellbeing. There is a cover-up or blind spot regarding that, which will be under discussion at Halloween. The New Moon Eclipse will form a sextile with his natal Mars in the Sixth House. That’s highly unusual and it takes place as he takes the keys to 10 Downing Street.

Camilla and the Eclipse

Queen Consort Camilla’s personal astrology chart is also hit by the eclipse.

Russia, Oil and the Eclipse

The place where an eclipse is visible, is always where a cover-up occurs. The Siberian territory of Russia, rich in oil (petrol) is a target here. If we see drama with oil prices on the eclipse on Tuesday 25th October, we can expect a deliberate piece of deception. The New Moon, partly in the dark, will pass right over this part of Russia.

We have a few Russian charts, listed in The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion. Many chime at 2 degrees. The Russian Revolution chart set for 8th March 1917 at 09.00 in Leningrad is a good example. Here, Russia has Pluto at 2 Cancer and Neptune at 2 Leo.

Vladimir Putin and the Eclipse

We do not have a trustworthy, reliable chart for Vladimir Putin, but the Russian charts don’t lie.

We have a chart, years later, for Russia on 5th September 1991 (the end of the Soviet Union) at 7.30am in Moscow. That still shows Mars at 2 Libra. Now, that’s a symbol of Russia’s enemy in war. The eclipse will shadow Mars. Russia is really flying blind on this eclipse and any moves she makes, with Ukraine, China and/or oil will be stumbles.

The Sharemarkets and the Eclipse

World sharemarkets will react to the eclipse. We usually see people left in the dark when there is insider trading (a definite possibility) or ‘missing’ the obvious, when there is a deliberate piece of deception. This eclipse is in Scorpio, the sign which rules banks and the sharemarkets. Wall Street is in the dark for a day or two. Or we are in the dark about Wall Street!

The fact that it precedes Mercury at 2 Scorpio a few days later (Mercury rules merchants and merchandise) suggests a bump. Eclipses usually distract us with what seems to be ‘the story’ when in fact the real story is hidden in plain sight. This seems very likely on October 25th, 26th with the wake-up call a few days later. As always, I’ll follow up these predictions with validation @jessicacadams as it arrives, so you can see the astrology working for yourself.

Main Image: iStock
Scorpio Ecards: Justin Tabari

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176 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, do you have any views about the Australian Budget being announced smack bang in the middle of this Scorpio eclipse? Thanks.

    1. Yes, I guess a lot of astrologers in Australia will be discussing the bad timing of the budget in Australia. The eclipse is at 2 Scorpio, the bank sign, tonight. It is a cover-up. We will find out the truth when Mercury goes to 2 Scorpio on the 31st or 1st of November. The cover-up is as likely to be by the government, as it is by the markets, or big business – against the government. So sit this out if you can. The next problem is the November 8th eclipse, also a Full Moon, at 16 Taurus and 16 Scorpio. That is in conjunction with Uranus at 16 Taurus and is disruptive. The world turns upside down on the markets, basically. Or with currency. As I’ve just said to another reader, I wish the Labour party would hire a professional astrologer. Why couldn’t they do this after November 8th? Whatever Albanese has planned it’s a volatile month for everybody this November with so many Uranus in Taurus oppositions. We will see the ultimate outcome at the end of the financial year, 2023, as the nodes go over those same positions in June, in Australia.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    As you would know the Australian Treasurer will be releasing the budget tonight ( on this eclipse). How will that play out ? I spotted an article in the SMH about one million homes to be built to help Australia’s ongoing issue with affordable/rental housing. I work with Homeless single women ( I manage a homeless shelter for women, my DOB 15/08/1966) and am always concerned about how we will be able to assist them to move on and afford their own home. Thank you as always for your assistance and time.

    1. Thank you Mary. The budget will be a cover-up at first, then revealed later. By 1st November we will realise we were hoodwinked, or the treasurer was. I wish the Labour party in Australia would hire a professional astrologer; it’s just nuts to release a budget so near an eclipse. One million new rental homes is part of that eclipse. The other issue – the response to the budget – is actually more difficult, on the 8th November eclipse. Rock and a hard place, that one, and in the dark. What is far more likely as a solution for your homeless women, is May 2023 to May 2024 knocking down overpriced property. Jupiter in Taurus is usually good for everybody, and there will be a game of musical chairs with property then, but also the chance to rent or even buy at a price that covers benefits or low income. We’ve not seen that cycle for 12 years and it’s a good one. During the war, Britain was bailed out by America on it!

  3. Dear Jessica, thank you for these posts which I truly look forward to reading. I tried to get a response from the Wall Street topic you covered a few weeks ago but you are obviously and understandably trying to wade through many many more. If you have time can you look at my chart to help me with a financial outlook. I have some shares in the US stock market in sustainable and renewable energy companies. But also my income is really low at the moment. I am hoping for my finances to improve. Also do you see anything else of note in my chart for me over the next few months. Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the predictions about Liz Truss pushed the queue back a little. A low income is no surprise at the moment; you are a Sun Capricorn woman. You have stelliums in Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra. The barricades and barriers with your personal income, disappear next March 2023. In their place come new options; you will realise that self-control will put you in financial control, long-term and willpower will empower you. This is the case past 2030 actually. The most important message about your chart is that March 2023 marks the beginning of real potential power, with and around a group. Through and inside a club, community, team, band, political party and so on. It will transform you. And you will transform your friends within. Go in slowly.

  4. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for the information on our upcoming Scorpio Eclipse. My question is: How might it influence the upcoming US midterm election on November 8th?

    1. I published my US midterm predictions a long time ago. The eclipses are a cover-up about Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and the issue of both underage sex and abortion. Scorpio rules sex, death and money. With Epstein and Maxwell we have both. He is dead. She is in jail. Donald Trump and Bill Clinton remain on the stage. You can bet that the abortion/underage sex issue will find its way into Midterms. Expect a blue wave.

  5. Warm Greetings Jessica.

    Please share your insights with me as I have Pluto in Scorpio at 2 degrees and how this eclipse will affect me. I have a major and hopefully final legal custody case for my daughter on 23rd November. Ever since the grand conjunction, I’ve been desperately trying to break free from my toxic Leo ex husband whom I’ve been with since 2002. He has continued to abuse me financially by holding onto my daughter for maintenance and using unethical means to delay the case, for extended financial payments from me. I can see all of the 18/19 years pattern and themes playing out. I have a strong need and driving force for my freedom and independence and really want my Libra daughter to have the same.

    Thank you so much
    Kindest regards

    1. Okay, so avoid financial, property, business, buying/selling or charity decisions on the eclipse. It’s that simple. Allow a day either side. You are a Sun Scorpio with stelliums in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius. The fight over money ends in March 2023. Until then reduce the heat and speed; lower the friction. If you buy into it, it will take you back, forth, stop and start – and change – in a way that does not serve you. March 2023 is also the beginning of a new arrangement with your Leo former husband and daughter and likely, other family members. That will release you from a heavy, barricaded situation. You are lucky that your child custody case is 23rd November. The biggest and best solutions possible for you as a mother will emerge by Christmas.

  6. Hi Jessica

    This eclipse opposes my aesculpia in Taurus and conjuncts my husbands sun. May I please have a little help seeing how these are connected? Our cash situation is tight like so many people but I am hopeful as jupiter arrives back into pisces that we will be protected in some way.
    With thanks

    1. He is a Sun Scorpio and you are a Sun Aries. Skip the eclipse and the second one too, on 8th November. You need visibility not blind spots. He is in a stuck, stop-start financial, property, business or charity situation until March 2023 so should pace himself. He should avoid any wrangles here as the battle will drag on (Mars Retrograde can do that to a chap). You are in the usual erratic, unpredictable financial cycle you have come to expect, but your luck changes May 2023 to May 2024 when Jupiter and Uranus together in Taurus in your Second House offer you unique, unexpected, unconventional solutions that make or save you a fortune.

  7. I happen to have a Scorpio stellium with Pluto and Mars at 1 degree, too far out? There’s real shifts and strange things happening at my current and old place of work (charity sector) I’ve been consulting with The Garden Oracle for guidance. It’s very good, congratulations on the launch – it’s wonderful!

    1. Thank you very much, I will pass that on to James and Justin at Asporea, who designed The Garden Oracle.

  8. Curious if there is a degree or two of difference recognized on an eclipse? Wondering because of my ceres at 1 Scorpio. The wheel’s suddenly started turning this week. I’m anticipating a busy 4 weeks!

    1. Yes, you can allow a one-degree orb in modern astrology. So your Ceres at 1 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance and property, where you tend to strike deals and make compromises, will be overshadowed by some lights going off – just when you need to see. Skip that day or two for decisions or judgement calls.

  9. Thanks Jessica. Looks like this is on my south node. I was only going to continue my project online with posting. Not sure, as a Pisces, if that means to not move forward as it was already in launch mode post retrograde? Also, I haven’t been able to renew my annual subscription. For some reason, it puts nothing in my cart and zeros it out so I end up purchasing nothing at zero dollars.

    1. I’m sorry about the subscription issue. Drop a line to Support who can help. If there is an eclipse at 2 Scorpio and your South Node is 2 Scorpio and North Node is 2 Taurus, just skip that day. An online project is not necessarily about finance and business. It depends what it was, or is. Scorpio rules property, shares, stocks, jewellery, valuables and so on. And for the eclipse itself, just avoid deciding or judging. It’s that simple.

  10. Hi jessica
    This one has me worried for my husbands chart. He is 08/22/73 at 12:22pm same birth location as me. He has a lot going on and a tax issue (by an accounts fatal error unfortunately l) and he is not happy at this point in his life about a lot of things. I have attached chart info below. Thank you so much for any insight!
    29° Leo
    15° Gemini
    18° Leo
    04° libra
    03° Taurus
    04° Aquarius 23′ 09′′ R
    02° cancer
    20° libra
    04° 38′′ Sagittarius
    02° libra
    20° Aries
    07° 38′′ Sagittarius
    15° Leo
    06° 19′′ Sagittarius
    20° Aquarius 25′ 18′′
    11° Scorpio
    11° Taurus
    27° Virgo 29′ 00′′
    05° Scorpio
    11° Gemini
    23° cancer
    24° cancer
    13° Aries
    17° Aquarius 31′ 32′′ R
    02° Aquarius 27′ 17′′ R
    19° libra
    08° 02′′ R Capricorn
    15° Scorpio
    06° 05′′ Capricorn

    1. Astrology is proactive, you just work with time. The 2 Cancer, Libra, Aquarius placements in your husband’s chart suggest he would be going up a blind alley if he acted on the house, apartment, family household (Cancer), his partnership with you (Libra) his friends and groups (Aquarius) when the eclipse at 2 Scorpio aspects those placements. It’s really like seeing a dark road with one headlight working and no street light. You park the car and find another way. No need to be overly concerned, just see it on the map and don’t go there. Nobody likes a blind alley.

  11. Hi Jessica, I have jupiter in taurus at 16 degrees, so in my second house. Should I be buying lotto tickets or stocking up on sedatives in early November? I know you are very busy and you have already generously answered my earlier Australian Budget question so a quick “be careful” or “buy champagne” type of response would do me fine … I’d be very grateful.

    1. Lucky you. You have your Jupiter Return at 16 Taurus in your Second House once he’s entered the sign of bull markets and gold bullion, in May 2023. So rather than bother with eclipses (just sidestep them) you may want to start planning for the return of Jupiter Optimus Maximus to the most grounded, stable, potentially profitable house of your chart. What happened to you around age 12? Pocket money increase, part-time job or contest wins? Free bicycles or a family upward shift, financially? Whatever it was, that theme is back in your life from 2024.

  12. Hey Jessica, and happy Scorpio season!

    I am coming up on my forty birthday, and I am struggling with feeling stuck for the past few months, and furthermore I keep pulling, (or receiving) the wheel of fortune tarot card. I am indecisive and unable to trust my gut instincts. Any indications when this will end, and I can feel like myself again?


    1. I wonder what your question is and what time-frame. If you are just randomly drawing Tarot cards then you’ll get a random answer. If your question was about work or academia, the answer is ‘Flux, with highs and lows, and the world of books all around.’ Follow the steps with the Tarot and pick up the flipbooks from your library if you’ve not done so already. I expect you’ll get a different card when you ask a more specific question.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another great post. If you get a chance could you please have a look at what might be coming up financially for me. I have Mercury at 2 degrees in Scorpio, you mentioned this in your post, and also stelliums in Scorpio and Libra. Hoping for some improvement in this area as it’s been a tough few years.
    Thanks again.

    1. Focussing on the eclipse, just what you might expect. Mercury is negotiation, news, signatures and publication. An eclipse is lights out. Low visibility. So skip that day for forks in the road, especially online or on paper, regarding Scorpio matters: finance, property, business, charity. Allow a day either side as you are in Australia and need to factor in different work/sleep zones. Your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, but also family and property involvements, explains the tough years. Uranus went into Taurus, opposite that, from May 2018. Right now you are in the middle of a tug-of-war between Uranus and the North Node in Taurus and your stellium in Scorpio, under transit by the South Node. The big stretch is over from July 2023 when the nodes leaves Scorpio-Taurus. Just for now, though, skip that eclipse.

  14. Thanks for the helpful heads-up Jessica. I have a 2 deg Scorpio Moon, so I will be lying low with no financial activities for the next couple of days – not that I care about stocks, bonds and shares, cryptos, betting or anything like that. My Moon sextiles my Venus, Sun and Uranus so I will hold off any arty and money decisions until October 31. With all these recent cyber attacks, I intend on opening a new bank account that will be strictly private with no big companies knowing my account details. October 31 looks like a good date to do that, as you stated. Thanks.
    It is very interesting that the Australian Federal Budget is on tonight – the eclipse time nearly. Treasurer Jim Chalmers born 2 March 1978, Brisbane, has a natal Chiron at 2 deg Taurus which sits directly opposite tonight’s 2 deg Scorpio solar eclipse. With Mercury in Scorpio at 2 deg on Oct 31, I guess there will be more clarity about the budget then.
    Ta for the insights.
    Cheers JC

    1. Thank you JC. Yes, very wise to skip the eclipse. Thank you for the data on Jim Chalmers, the Treasurer of Australia. Is that AA-rated? I tend to avoid dodgy data charts as they give false results (Donald Trump being a good example of that). However, if we can rely on this, even without a birth time, then the opposition to Chiron is a huge problem for Chalmers and the nation. This budget may as well be redacted in part. There will be blind spots and cover-ups all over the place. Let’s see what Mercury at 2 Scorpio brings!

  15. Hi Jessica, I really enjoy reading all of the things you give on your site. That being said, I am not skilled enough (yet) truly understand how to apply this for my own life. My chart says” You do not have any of these aspects in your birth chart” and “ Your chart has stelliums in virgo – Taurus VIRGO (6) taurus – Taurus TAURUS (5) gemini – Taurus GEMINI (4) pisces – Taurus PISCES (4).” Could you tell me if or how any of this affects my finances or health? Also, how can I begin to understand this more myself?

    Thank you for all you do!


    1. Kara, you are a Sun Taurus woman with stelliums in Taurus, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Taurus rules finance and Virgo rules health. Your personality and destiny revolves around money (Taurus) and wellbeing (Virgo) so I am not surprised you are asking about them. The best financial cycle for saving or making money in 12 years begins in May 2023 when Jupiter goes into Taurus and your Second House of personal income, made or saved. It lasts until may 2023. Your health (Virgo) needs to be your number one priority, 2023-2026 as Saturn passes through Pisces, an opposite sign to Virgo. Put your Mind, Body and Spirit first and all will be well. The Tarot can give you more personal insights on that.

  16. Dear Jessica, I hope you are doing well. Have been following you for a good few years now and keep being amazed at predictions from years ago becoming current news. Most notably remember a piece you wrote about Prince William and Harry
    I hoped this year with Jupiter in my sign things would be a bit lighter and better, but I keep feeling stuck and everything working against me. You posted an article a while back about astrological hotspots for the coming years and remember my natal chart is hitting virtually all of them. In August I met a Sun Taurus when the Sun was at 13 Leo. It was the most special date I ever had and we had an instant connection. It really felt different than with anyone I ever met as I am not the type that falls for someone head over heels. Anyway it all went sideways since last Thursday when communication stopped. My natal Sun is at 13 Aries conjunct his Venus at 13 Aries. My natal Mercury at 29 Pisces conjunct his North node. His Saturn in Taurus opposite my Uranus in Scorpio at 1 degree and hitting the eclipse…I guess little hope then. Jessica can you see any bright spots in my personal chart with regard to love and work? Because any positive transit seems to be eclipsed by or combined with other bigger and nasty transits the coming years. Warmest greetings, S

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words. William and Harry were always fated to reenact the War of the Roses, unfortunately. Jupiter in your Sun Sign Aries, is only ever about an image relaunch. That’s just your look or profile. While that’s good (and it results in a second relaunch Christmas-May 2023) it’s going to take more than that to sort out your chart. You have Aquarius and Taurus stelliums. You are going through all the pressure of Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio. Fixed sign tension. It gets better in stages. You will make or save a lot of money, May 2023 to May 2024 and enjoy yourself with it. In love, you have a really busy 12 months with tons of choices, mostly in the second half of 2023, and absolutely about a person you were with 18-19 years ago, or a new potential partner who brings back karma about that time. The politics at work vanishes in March 2023 and is never as intense as it once was. In fact work will feel completely different, March-June 2023.

  17. Dear Jessica, this Eclipse is right on my Scorpio Mars/Jupiter conjunction, also aspecting my IC/MC axis. Can you please take a look at my chart and tell me how this would affect me in terms of my career/ workplace? There have been so many changes and shufflings in the past year, and I am having a very difficult time adjusting to everything. It seems that everything I have been working for is crumbling (it makes me think of the Tower tarot card). Actually I feel like going away and never even looking back… Thank you so much for your kind support in these troubling times.

    1. You are a Sun Leo with Leo and Scorpio stelliums, having a rotten time during the lunar nodes transiting Taurus and Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus too. That’s a lot of fixed sign pressure on you; a very fixed person. Other people or organisations are frightfully fixed in their positions, won’t budge and that makes your life difficult. It does get better. You will save or make a lot of money from Halloween to Christmas so enjoy it. You are quite fixed in terms of refusing to accept ‘the new world’ with career, academic career, unpaid work. All those massive hints the universe keeps dropping and you are still stuck with a job you are repelled by. Tip: think about independence and freedom and see where it takes you. A huge door will open from May 2023. Run don’t walk.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I have Uranus at 1 degree in Scorpio. How will this eclipse work for me? I have a lot going on around 1 and 2 degrees that could be triggered by this eclipse. I’m thinking of buying a used car. When would be the best time to purchase this in the next few days? Thanks for everything you do!

    1. Don’t buy, sign or sell on an eclipse. Old rule. Let the Moon go into Sagittarius now and in November, skip the 8th and allow a day either side for world time differences. If you can do this any time, do it well away from the eclipses.

  19. Hi Jesica! I am a Virgo 09/14/1975 could you tell me how the two eclipses affect me. Thank you very much if you will answer me

    1. The Taurus eclipse pattern is in your Ninth House of publishing, books, foreigners and the worldwide web. There is a cover-up then. Print may be redacted, or you may not be told about a story involving that process. It also rules academia as well as foreigners. Again, a blind spot. The Scorpio part of the story is about your brother, sister and/or cousin. Again, a cover-up. Best make plans around them/ about them later on.

  20. Hi Jessica
    First of all thank you.
    Scary times ahead it seems. Such weird times throughout the world with all the unknowns.
    My question is I have Proserpina at 2 degrees in Scorpio. I have read up a little about her and where she is the go between. How does that play out in my chart?

    1. Yes, you are the bridge between two people, sides, organisations or circles. Money, property, charity, valuables or business is always at stake. You can be the child of divorced parents, for example, or be a professional agent. The eclipse on Proserpina tells you to avoid judging or acting about those matters. Wait for the Moon to go into Sagittarius. Nog long. You are in Australia; a budget is being handed down which may impact property prices, taxation and so on. All the stuff of bean counting. So you may be a piggy-in-the-middle there. Try to let it pass, then act.

  21. HI Jessica,
    What does 2 Pluto in Libra imply? How does this affect sun Cancer wrt children?
    Thanks so much.

    1. Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House is a statement about your need to dominate and control your sexual partnerships and marriages. Divorce and separation too. It is the same with feuds or conflicts; you seek to be top dog. The other face in the situation is at the heart of this eclipse. Don’t judge or act about/through/with/for this person (or the other side) until the eclipse has passed.

  22. Hi Jessica, love reading your work and replies; so much to learn there too. I feel I’m always asking the same questions in a different way – I know I’m not – perhaps it’s that I’ve been stuck for toooo long. I feel this will all change soon. However, given my current situation, where I must act I’d appreciate your input please.
    1. Currently based in Spain (you’ve previously said there are better places), having shipped out of Australia, I’m finding myself caught up in daft Spanish/British bureaucracy. I have finger print appointment at police station on the 8th November – should I look to move this? I have a feeling something untoward might crop up, causing me more trouble.
    2. I found land I’m drawn to in a remote part of spain, extremadura – something happened to me here in my late 20’s (now 58, almost) I’ve been pulled back but can’t find/feel if being here is to settle or release. If I buy, my sense is I’ll be stuck here as selling will be difficult; could take years.
    3. Unexpectedly, I had cause too hop the border to Portugal, which is stunning and as a world traveler I found myself constantly saying ‘this is like .. (one of my favourite countries)’ .. is so hard to know which way to go, especially when I have s sense that I might end up in the UK, which definitely wouldn’t be a first choice.
    4. Amount all this, I recently reconnected with an ex, a Tauren, who has a place in spain where it’s too humid for me (I have MS, and affected by humidity).
    Sorry, this is so long when I know you have so many people asking .. if you can help I’d be grateful.

    I know you can see my chart, but in case it saves you time: I’m a Scorpio IC 27, Sun 24, Neptune 17, Ops 15 with Taurus MC 27, Jupiter 20. Also have a Stelliums in Virgo (7), Pisces( 4), Scorpio (4).

    Best wishes,

    1. Please move the police fingerprinting away from the eclipse. You are mulling over Spain and Portugal, the UK and likely other places too. You are in denial about the pandemic and need to update yourself on the facts: death rates are up nearing 20% in Europe. If you have MS you are vulnerable as you know. The vaccines do not stop infection or transmission, as you also know, and you could be disabled by Long Covid or disable somebody else with MS. So settle. The barriers, walls and barricades you associate with a home, home town, homeland, disappear in March 2023. From that point you are in a good position to put roots down. It will also protect you and others from the virus, which is mutating as I write this into a form that scientists are very worried about.

  23. Thank you for the article Jessica! I needed this. My sister who recently became a mum has her birthday on the 27th. Any insight on how the eclipse could affect my life? as many people of my generation have their pluto in scorpio I suspect sex and mortgages is on the focus now. Thank you very much

    1. The best way to explain an eclipse is the wedding of Charles and Diana. All eyes were on Diana. Nobody saw Camilla. She was hidden in plain sight. Diana was also unlawfully killed near an eclipse. All eyes were on the paparazzi and Henri Paul. Nobody saw who or what was in plain sight. So I hope that explains it to you. It doesn’t affect your life unless you let it. Your sister is not in the zone; too late; the eclipse is on the 25th not the 27th. You are quite right about Pluto in Scorpio, though. Your generation is here to transform how the world handles sex and money. This eclipse, and the second one in early November, is about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. The biggest sex and money scandal of the decade. Huge cover-up (again).

  24. Hi Jessica!

    Well, as fate would have it, it’s my birthday tomorrow (25th Oct)! I have a work offer on the table, which I don’t plan on signing until Friday. I’ve asked them to negotiate salary terms but I’ve not heard back. I was really excited about this job, but I feel so uncertain about it. A part of me wants the financial freedom, but the other part of me is still not ready to take on something new.

    What do you think?

    1. A few people have big decisions or stories just near the eclipse, for the very good reason that there will in fact be some sort of cover-up. Friday 28th October is fine. The salary delay is likely the cover-up. Just look at it again near Friday and if you need a second pair of eyes, then find a professional to oversee it.

  25. Hi there Jessica,

    I have Cupido at 2 degrees Taurus. My understanding is that means the eclipse will oppose my natal Cupido. How will this shake out? And I have been noticing the last several blogs you’ve posted I’ve had stuff at the exact degrees and signs you’ve highlighted. As a general question re: astrology — what do these cycles where your natal chart is directly aspected mean? It’s not always the case and wondering how to work with it. Cheers!

    1. You aren’t logged in, unfortunately, but just knowing you have Cupido at 2 Taurus in your Second House personal income and valuables, property and charity – you love your precious, priceless possessions and have passionate views on money full stop (be you Capitalist or Philanthropist). You can make others swoon over it all too, so would be a good auctioneer at Sotheby’s or a fundraiser. This eclipse does what it says on the tin. It blacks things out. So don’t judge or act on the above, when it holds.

  26. Hello Jessica, I really look forward to your posts and eagerly await to hear what you have to say about Rishi Sunak. I was hoping for change- well, having two women and then a man of colour and Hindu lead the UK is pretty radical. But she came to nothing and will he affect positive change? I’ll wait and see if he can impact ordinary lives for the better.
    Meanwhile the story of the last few years for me was first the inability to start a family, then divorce, a failed subsequent relationship and now massive money problems especially regarding my mortgage. I was about to ring up today and try and cut a deal but then I read your post about the eclipse. When do you think I would be best starred, astrologically, to negotiate with my creditors? I was also going to send a job application but again, maybe I should wait! Thank you.

    1. The United Kingdom is experiencing Saturn in Aquarius, then Pluto in Aquarius, so the road to diversity and equality is being hammered out, in the most relentless way. You are in a pickle, meanwhile, and wondering when to sort out your finances. Skip this eclipse please and the next one too. You are a Sun Leo with stelliums in Leo, Virgo, Cancer and Taurus. Fix up solutions from Thursday onwards, financially, as luck is on your side, but do avoid the second eclipse in November. The offers, options and answers will be excellent until December 20th. Job wise you should aim for everything that you can, ongoing, as the project or role that comes out of this from May 2023 to May 2024 is a reward for your experimenting and attempting Whatever answer you arrive at by December 20th, with money, has to be lived with in 2023-2026 but fortune is on your side with Jupiter now if you can deal with the ring-fenced restrictions later.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you, thank you. I read above that charity also is affected during this eclipse; I only just set up a $20 per month donation to a charity I saw on TV (seeing eye dogs)…… Your thoughts re this would be appreciated.

    1. Hmm, you may want to read the fine print on the charity, now and later. Seeing eye dogs offer up a great cause but there is something you are also not seeing.

  28. Hi Jessica

    I was going to mention tonight’s budget but I see that’s been well and truly covered. Nice to see an empathetic Pisces as treasurer along with our PM but I wonder if that’s too much water at the top or is that a good thing given the 9 years
    of previous heartlessness by the previous government?

    I note in one of your replies that the next eclipse will be at 16 Scorpio/Taurus. My psyche is at at 16 Taurus and MC at 17 Scorpio/IC 17 Taurus. I guess it’s best just to hang tight for the next while and make no decisions in Scorpio/Taurus areas and as a Sun Cancer be aware of cover ups with kids?

    Thanks for the eclipse weather warning.


    1. Thank you Sharlene. Two Pisces men steering the ship when they can’t see, is not awfully helpful, but we will find out soon enough what they did not see coming. Your own chart is strongly Second House-Eighth House and both Uranus and the eclipse are also unhelpful as November begins. Quite right, just avoid judging or acting. A Full Moon in those signs is hard work anyway and if you add the unpredictable nature of Uranus and the blind spots of an eclipse, it’s not the best weather to make big choices on. As a Sun Cancer, it falls in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, and your Fifth House of children, yes.

  29. Hi jessica!

    i love your reply becuse it’s so lovely. 🙂 hum…i have a Uranus at 2 degrees in Scorpio. and i read the sentence your blog “There is a direct relationship with the financial, property, charity or business events that arrive from June 17th to 23rd 2023. Why? Because the South Node will go to 2 Scorpio then.”….so i couldn’t repress my curuosity….. what will happen to me? thank you so much….:)

    1. The eclipse is in a conjunction with Uranus at 2 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance. Your inclination is to attract unpredictable, unstable endings and beginnings there. Now, an eclipse comes along and keeps you in the dark, or others not fully aware. That’s unhelpful, so just skip it for those matters. Not long to wait.

  30. Hi!

    Broke up with my bf on the 8/9th October he is born 8th April 1977 at 5.30 AM I’ve got his birth chart but my Scorpio birth chart on your website as a member shows that my Scorpio is

    07° Scorpio 10′ 02″ R

    What do these 25th oct and 8th nov eclipses mean for me?

  31. Hi Jessica, thank you for another fascinating article , I really look forward to reading them. Couple of questions.. you mentioned on your twitter about your new book , will it be available to buy on Amazon this weekend ? Can’t wait to read it! My other question is I have a Scorpio stellium and so does my husband ..I am a sun Leo and he is Libra. Can you let me know how this will affect us please. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the book will be on Amazon this weekend, and in a limited edition, signed, for Christmas. You and your husband are in the eclipse zone with finance, taxation, house and apartment prices, land value, superannuation/pensions, shares, insurance and so on. Give it a day or two. You would be amazed at how many important facts or numbers are missing, from what is now being talked about. I’d skip the second eclipse too. We are looking at classic big picture complication now. The UK has a new PM. America has the Midterms. Australia has a new budget. Trickle effect. Missing information.

  32. Hi Jessica, I have a stellium in Scorpio, the closest I have to 2, is Mars at 1 and Aesculaplia at 3, what does this mean for me? Thank you x

    1. Scorpio stellium people right around the world are about to be kept in the dark or led up the garden path by treasurers, as it happens. The UK has a new PM and a very rich one at that. Tax is a priority. Australia is handing down her budget. In just about every country now/tomorrow there will be all sorts of missing numbers or patchy bits of information. So it’s really simple. Do not judge or act yet. You won’t know and can’t see.

  33. Hi again Jessica. In regards to Treasurer Jim Chalmers, I do not have a birth time. But he is definitely born on March 2 1978 in Brisbane. He shares the same birthdate as PM Anthony Albanese who was born 15 years earlier.
    Cheers JC

    1. How incredible that Chalmers and Albanese, these two powerful figures in Australia, both have the Sun at the same degree of Pisces. Fate. There will be reshuffles in their party in December, January with departures, promotions, arrivals, mergers. I still can’t believe they went for an eclipse to deliver a budget, but then again, Albanese told Grace Tame he doesn’t have any interest in astrology.

    1. Good question. A Scorpio eclipse is not connected with the Tarot per se, but if your question to the Tarot was about finance, property, taxation, charity, business, valuables – you might not see the message. So give it a day or two, if so.

  34. Hi Jessica l noticed you talked very briefly about Camilla the shortness seemed ominous!

    1. Some people attract eclipse stories even if they are not the star of the show; they play a part in the drama. Camilla is one of those people and there is a tremendous cover-up or blind spot here, in her world. That’s all I can say, really; eclipses are of themselves a great mystery.

  35. hi. Jessica-a brilliant article! I do love your blogs/post. I feel like Im kept in the dark in my career and kept out of the loop.A lot of people around me aren’t having a good time at the minute either-work wise. It’s wedding my anniversary tomorrow -. Is it a good time to start something new and if not when would be a good time? I have Neptune and my IC in Scorpio but 2 degree cap sun.

    1. Thank you. Work is tough for people at the moment in general as Pluto is finishing up in Capricorn (professional life) and departs in March 2023. The end days are usually complicated by all kinds of game-playing, power-broking and complication. It’s over soon enough. Congratulations on your anniversary. In general, skip the eclipse today, tomorrow, for anything important. You are better off launching Thursday, Friday, Saturday and later.

  36. dear Jessica,
    Home circumstances just became quite intense suddenly with the arrival of my elderly father after Hurricane Ian destroyed his home.. I have Mars in Scorpio at 2 degrees (11th house?) as well as Mercury at 4 degrees in Scorpio. Feeling very confined and worried about how this affects my own well being, our dynamic, as well as general finances and my own love life. I haven’t lived with anyone in years, in some ways he’s easy, in others it’s just too much. Please help me navigate if you can afford the time. Many thanks.

    1. I am sorry this has happened to both your elderly father and yourself. Hurricanes are usually Uranus transits – they are sudden, leave us in shock and turn our world upside-down. Your home life has been overturned by his arrival but he is homeless. Okay. Deep breath. You are a Sun Libra with Scorpio, Virgo and Leo stelliums. The same area of your chart, the Fourth House (family, home) is being triggered in your Libra chart and personal chart at the same time. No wonder you are feeling pressed by fate. This does get better, sooner than you may think. It is very important that you hang onto your self-control and willpower at least until March 2023 when you will be shown an alternative way to live at home, and deal with family as a whole. This will actually be empowering for you, and give you the reins. I do wonder about the other family members. Where are they in all this? Christmas and New Year suggests a new beginning with him and/or them and then March next year ends the questions about who or what is in control of it all. The other big break is July 2023 when the nodes change signs. This is karmic closure for you with your home, finances, the family and the ties that bind. If you go back 18 or 19 years in time, you will see familiar themes from the past, maybe with another family member, maybe with him – or a sexual partner. It’s karmic closure in motion and July 2023 ends it for you, as the nodes move on. Long-term you will make or save substantial money, from May 2023 to May 2024 which answers one of your questions. Love is very interesting long-term too. From July 2023 into 2024 again the past comes back, either with the same face or just a reminder from 18-19 years ago, so around 2004. Again there is the need for karmic closure and it is very likely a new partner will deliver it. From 2026 a partnership for you becomes an escape from reality. A holiday from the real world. Lots going on here. The Tarot can help you in the meantime and remember you can always escape in your room. Headphones on. Hypnosis or deep relaxation to the fore. YouTube is a very good source. This doesn’t last.

  37. Hi Jessica, thank you for the write up. I’ve got a Scorpio stelluim in the 12th house and Mars in cancer in the 8th and I’m a little confused on what to look out for in the 12th/8th house where the eclipse is happening for me. Do you mind helping out here thank you!

    1. You have a stellium in Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. You have nothing at 2 Scorpio or in aspect to it, so the eclipse impact is more general than personal. There will be a blind spot and cover-up today, tomorrow. Skip decisions about money matters for that reason. I use the Natural House system so have flipped your chart to read it.

  38. Hi Jessica

    And as for my recently ex bf these are his Scorpio in his chart i bought off your website he’s born 8 April 1977

    I guess we broke up due to so many Scorpio placements in his chart

    He is relocating and I now believe he’s gone to reconcile with his ex but he keeps calling and crying regretting that he is moving so not sure why he did what he did

    25° Scorpio 56’ 42 “ R

    Uranus 10 Scorpio 40 18 R

    Juno 48. Scorpio 49’ 12” R

    My Scorpio is in my 7th house

    I yet believe there is hope but I guess that’s wishful thinking

    1. I have replied to you elsewhere but you are both in these heavily karmic cycles. For him, July 2023 is a turning point, taking him back 18 or 19 years, and he must achieve closure spiritually from the past. This may have been another woman, of course. The closure will be final in 2024 by which time he will have made up his mind about a ton of issues regarding commitment, finance, property. He must be going through so much at the moment but it does get easier as time passes. The nodal cycle/karmic cycle has to play itself out and then life can move on.

  39. Sorry his chart shows

    25° Scorpio 56’ 42 “ R

    Uranus 10 Scorpio 40 18 R

    Juno 48. Scorpio 49’ 12” R

    1. Thanks, you are logged in this time so I can see your birth chart, along with your former boyfriend. He’s in tears and regretting breaking up with you, though he’s gone back to his ex and moved away. Okay so he’s been having ‘transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Uranus’ as he departed one sexual and financial relationship with you, going into another. The most unpredictable, unstable cycle of them all. It can only happen once to him in his life. He likely feels in shock, even now. But what about you? You are a Sun Cancer with stelliums in Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo and Libra. This period in your life is about pregnancy, step-parenting or adoption (yes, no or maybe) and you will spend until July 2023 figuring it out, with a nod to life as it was 18 or 19 years ago. There is karma there. So, this may be about a previous pregnancy that never came to term, or a man you were involved with. Closure in July 2023 makes life a lot easier for you. Even before then, it looks like a decision made about him, or another man, December 2022, January 2023. So that helps the sign-off about motherhood (yes, no or maybe) later on. He needs to figure out the drive for financial independence from himself, and the women in his life, and figure out a new approach that allows freedom in. Anything too binding, restrictive or plodding-predictable with marriage or common-law marriage is likely to unleash more mini revolutions, by him – or by the woman he is with. So there is a great need here to sort out a different approach. That’s ongoing to 2026, by the way. But you are on quite a fated path now when you must choose a road to parenthood, or not. This is the last great cycle in your solar Fifth House for some years and that is where these matters are decided. Is there hope? Of course. But you both have a lot of work to do. The Tarot can help.

  40. Thank you for your response Jessica. You are busy serving us with all of your responses today, on the eclipse. We are very fortunate.

  41. can u shed some light on India

    Indian stock markets
    Indian politics – Congress and Priyanka Gandhi
    BJP and Modi

    1. There will be a cover-up about the old Free Trade Agreement made between Modi and Boris Johnson when he was British PM. Wait for it.

  42. Hi, Jessica,
    I used to check every day your insightful posts and learned a lot, but still I don’t know what to expect – I have this eclipse exactly between my North Node and Neptune, and 8 degrees away from my Jupiter. I am a Taurus and also I have my Mercury at 27 degrees in Aries, 3 degrees away from my South Node? Thanks.

    1. Thank you. You have Neptune at 2 Scorpio so the eclipse is right on Neptune. Avoid financial, charity, business, property decisions while it holds. Wait for the Moon to pass into Sagittarius. Be wary of the second eclipse too, in November, please.

  43. Not sure if this would help but Rishi went into Buckingham Palace at 11.07am UK time. Image of him shaking hands with the King was released at 11.31am UK time. I find it amazing that this is happening right at the moment of the eclipse. Also, the fiscal statement being made is on 31st October, right when you say we will begin to learn things.

    1. Thank you so much for tracking the timing. This is a partial cover-up. The truth is usually hidden in plain sight. So, the videos and photographs that everyone sees, usually have a supporting actor, extra or other cast member who is the real story. I have no proof at all for this but I suspect it is former PM Truss’s husband. If the fiscal statement is out later, so will the truth be (about the economy, certainly). We then have to get past the next eclipse; the November full cover-up.

  44. Oh Jessica! Just a few hours ago I had a tense conversation with my boss about forcing me back into the office which has escalated to HR. I am not prepared to take the risk but am now backed into a corner. Can you see anything for me?

    1. The eclipse is moving through your solar Tenth House of career, so you do not know/cannot see the full story around this. I assume you do not want to return to the office because your organisation does not protect you against Covid. Can you delay discussion until Thursday? If not, go ahead, but wait for a few days to get the facts. There is something here you are not being told or shown. There is a second eclipse in November you may also want to sidestep. Apart from that, November is sorting-out time with useful discussion and a lot of handy research for you which will help put your career on a different track.

  45. Dear Jessica, finding you and your website just amazing-checking the horoscope every day! I was wondering if you had few words of wisdom for me; how will the Scorpio weather affect my work life and personal life? I am new to this stuff but if I understand right I should be affected quite a bit…Started in a new job this October which has been great so far but it is creating a lot of confusion in my personal life, confused with my own thoughts and reactions. Will I find clarity and serenity…?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Libra, Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius. Your new job is confused and confusing, true, but there are solutions starting in just a few days. Take every opportunity through the most helpful situations, people or organisations and use this Jupiter cycle in your Sixth House of work to fix the muddle. Boundaries are actually the issue and you need to put them in or reinstate them. Your long-term future after 2026 is with brand new inventions online and in the world of media, communication, education and/or publishing when all this will be a memory.

  46. Hello Jessica,

    Wonderful post as usual. I have a stellium in Scorpio and the closest degree is Venus at 3 with this eclipse (sun at 4, venus at 3, diana at 00 scorpio). I want to ask if this eclipse or after this eclipse my personal life will be triggered due to Venus?

    Best regards

    1. Thank you. The eclipse is already fading and it was about financial and sexual relationships for anyone with Scorpio 2 factors. Your Venus was close, one degree away. Venus is always about mother-son, husband-wife, or two lovers. In Scorpio, that is also about a house, bank account, apartment or business. Perhaps valuables. Presumably you’ve avoided judging or acting too dramatically as it passed. When Mercury goes to 2 Scorpio in a few days from now you will realise what part of the story was missing or obscured. That will be useful.

  47. Good afternoon Jessica. I’m sending this as a repost as I believe my message got lost in the comment. Thank you so much for yet another great read! I’ve had this eclipse on my radar for quite some time now as I have my ascendant right at 1°54′.

    Would love to get your insights into how this eclipse could impact me for the coming months, particularly financially? I’ve recently quit my job due to lack of flexibility to explore full-time crypto trading. I’m planning to avoid making any financial decisions on this day, but do you see crypto trading as a fruitful venture for me during these next months? Not sure what my next career moves are due to my very niche skill set. Thanks so much!

    1. I have 15,457 comments now so I don’t think your question was lost, so much as one of many in the queue, as this eclipse feature has now drawn nearly 100 queries and replies. The eclipse has peaked so all you had to do was sidestep it, really: the Ascendant is image, profile, appearances and presumably you held back. It has nothing to do with your money. It’s your exterior: projecting Scorpio. Your finances are shown by the Taurus-Scorpio patterns in your chart and you have the full stretch of the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio until July 2023. So there is a big gap between your income and joint income. You need to track your own gains and losses watching the transits in Taurus and Scorpio, remembering any opposition is a strain. That nodal cycle ends in July 2023 when the Scorpio transits also end. That makes life a lot less stressful. Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024 will have the biggest impact. Go back 12 years to the last cycle and see what happened then. In general crypto is unpredictable until 2026 as Uranus (sudden upheaval) is in Taurus (currency) until then. Maybe you like living dangerously!

  48. Hi Jessica, I was hoping you would share something on the eclipse, great article once again. I was supposed to submit an article for our company intranet (company has about 6,000 people) talking my role in the company and about our women’s employee group and there are a couple of points that are up in the air due to politics. With Vesta at 1 Aries, Asc at 2 Taurus and Desc at 2 Scorpio being triggered I assume it was right for me to ask for an extension on that deadline for next Friday? I was asked to originally submit this at the beginning of July but had to delay working on it this month so a week and a bit longer isn’t too bad. We signed a Deed of Release last week for our new neighbour to be able to extend their property which had been delayed from the start of the year due to the document being incorrect initially which we couldn’t delay signing any longer having happily agreed in principle a long time ago – I assume that is triggered by this eclipse even though we signed last week?

    1. Thank you. It’s a good idea to duck and dive around an eclipse. As a Sun Leo it falls in your Fourth House of property so yes, right now, there is something you don’t know or cannot see about your home. It may be your neighbour, it may not. The aspects the eclipse makes to your Ascendant and Descendant aren’t helpful and as the gig was about self-promotion and profile (Ascendant) you may as well do it later. Eclipses are neither negative nor positive, particularly, but if you have one in Scorpio in opposition to a Taurus Ascendant, that’s not particularly great, so better to postpone.

  49. So indeed the green man behind Truss was Sunak..? I’d like to ask more about politics since not only in Britain but also in Italy there is a new government taking office, with a lady as Prime Minister for the first time in Italian history. Giorgia Meloni was born January 15th, 1977 in Rome at 18pm, so here we have a Capricorn lady Lion ascendant.. taking office on an Eclipse (today october 25th, 2022 she is given confidence in Parliament)… how will this play out? And she has already met our Antichrist dictator Mr Macron, who was visiting Italy yesterday… What to expect in Italy, France and Europe’s end of the year? Will Meloni government last 5 years as she would like to? Thanks from Paris, where protests antiMacron and pro-Frexit are massive but not reported by media!!

    1. Thank you. Meloni took office on an eclipse in Italy? There are so many global financial moves being made on eclipses now. So many cover-ups. We have one more cover-up to get through in November and then that’s mostly it. Thank goodness.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    Thankyou for your wonderful guidiance for us all through your visions and hard work.

    I have Bacchus in Scorpio 02° and wondering what healthwise it may be as luckily I have no physical issues…but like alot of people, feeling stuck in regards to these past 2 years of slow progress in home affairs (relocating etc)
    Hope you can shed some light on when things move forward- i have been soooo patient.
    Thankyou for all you do.

    1. You are a Sun Gemini, with stelliums in Gemini, Taurus, Cancer and you want to move. March 2023 is the end of financial and property challenges and March-June 2023 shows you what the future will be like, without them. You don’t say if you are married or living with someone who shares the mortgage or rent. That is really the key issue here. If so, the pair of you make big choices in December, January which lead to an end in pressure, March 23. From there you can figure out your house or apartment differently.

  51. Jessica, Love the graphics chosen for this blog. And congratulations on your new book! Best, Cecelia

    1. Thank you so much. Asporea tell me the book will be on Amazon this weekend, Cecelia.

  52. No question, just an observation. The eclipse was at its peak in the UK moments before 11.00 a.m., just as the Prime Minister-to-be was coming into Buckingham Palace to meet the King. It’s almost funny – don’t you wish that these guys would sometimes use a good astrologer? (And now we the public will have to deal with the ramifications of this timing….)
    Thanks for all your work and insight, as always.

    1. The eclipse was there as Taurus Rishi Sunak, a very rich man, was welcomed as British Prime Minister by Charles, another very rich man. I find it very interesting that they were the centre of attention. Eclipses always distract us. There is a centre-stage diversion and the real story is elsewhere. It will take a long time for people to realise what just happened. A man who began as a hedge fund employee comes into power after a peculiar couple of months, when a woman drove down the pound to a historic crash. Other hedge fund managers did very nicely from that crash and there was in fact a champagne reception for them. As an astrologer you see eclipses in Scorpio-Taurus, then clock a Scorpio man, giving his blessing to a Taurus man, and wonder how long it will take for a few questions to emerge from people. The big noisy distraction in September, October, was how dreadful PM Truss was and how chaotic her term was. Classic eclipse.

  53. Hi, Jessica!
    I have my natal Venus at 2° Cancer.
    How does this eclipse affect my life at this moment?
    Many thanks for your work in order for help us.
    Ana Salinas

  54. Hi, Jessica!
    I have my natal Venus at 2° Cancer.
    How the eclipse affect my life in this moment?
    And I woud like to thank you for your hard work in order to help us understand the moment we are living.
    Ana Salinas

    1. Thank you. Well it’s passed now. It would have been about a family or household relationship. Mother-son. In-laws. Husband and wife. Lovers. Venus rules all those. You will find out more when Mercury crosses 2 Scorpio between Halloween and 1st November. And the irony is, you will never actually know the full story.

  55. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for another wonderful guidance. I have to say, looking at my birth chart and how I felt past two days is very strange and highly sensitive. As there was a conjunction with Venus, my ruler, during this eclipse, can you please shed some light on what this partial solar eclipse and perhaps upcoming eclipse in November mean for me? Work and personal relationships (being single for some time now) and career/business progress are like ongoing loops of the same issues for me for many years but I am still being patient.

    Regarding R. Sunak, I remember your post about ‘a man being good with money and being green? ’ in the UK and I wondered at the time if this can be him? What I also found interesting at this time is a photo of Liz T. last speech as PM wearing a green dress. For some reason the colour of her dress resonates with me as in her first speech as PM she was wearing a blue dress. She was also appointed as PM at Balmoral Castle at Green drawing room and she is also now within the transit period when she’ll lean green as you predicted, if I remember this correctly. Do you see any connections here or is the colour just coincidence?
    Thank you

    1. The funny thing about eclipses is that people always want to know what or who was hidden, and it is impossible to say for months or years afterwards. I always use the example of Camilla hidden at the wedding of Charles and Diana. Nobody saw her because nobody was looking for her, and nobody was looking for divorce, because nobody was looking for that either, but it all came to pass. Big cover-up. So I can’t tell you about the eclipses because I can’t see and neither can you. Just don’t act or judge on the day; that is wise. You are likely to find out rather sooner than the Charles/Diana/Camilla example, because Mercury (information) is going through Scorpio until November 17th so it may be a case of figuring out what you don’t know. The next elected PM of the United Kingdom will be a man who is good with money and green, correct. That was the prediction I filed even before Truss resigned. We don’t know if it will be Sunak yet. There are a few contenders. What I do think is very likely is a hung parliament and a move towards proportional representation voting. That would suit Pluto in Aquarius. So, the huge difference and diversity in Britain today would be reflected in a very mixed bunch. And of course eventually you would see a move by Nigel Farage and the Greens, natch, and perhaps Labour, towards a more representative spread of politicians in Westminster. I saw Liz Truss wear a green dress too. I wonder if she reads her stars? Eventually history will hint at exactly what happened, under wraps, when the pound crashed, hedge fund managers rejoiced and a former hedge fund manager became the Prime Minister. It may be years, though.

  56. Hi Jessica,
    Another great read from you! I am in the process of house hunting for purchase and have come close to choosing one, not sure if this would be a good time for house investment and mortgage. The actual move in will be after March 2023. I am a sun Scorpio with a Scorpio, Aquarius and Sagittarius stellium. I also have Diana at 02° Scorpio, so I am concerned that I might be missing something with the eclipse. please share your thoughts and if this would be a good time to move forward, thanks

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Scorpio you are in the Saturn transit of your Fourth House of property which traditionally puts up barricades and barriers (it ends March 2023 when you move, but it is there now). You also have a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and property, currently under transit from the South Node in Scorpio, which takes you back 18 or 19 years in time, to deal with unfinished karmic business. Skipping the eclipse was wise. You may also want to skip the second eclipse Full Moon on 8th November, with the Sun against the Moon – again in your Eighth House. If you are in no tearing hurry to buy, you may want to wait for the eclipse to move out of the way, and for Mercury (paperwork, news, advertisements) to pass the 9th of November so you can see – what you didn’t know. I don’t know where you live, but this is a classic cycle for ‘Oh’ moments about government moves on mortgage interest rates, new home building and so on. Or, you find that cover-ups and blind spots in the economy (Scorpio) have an impact on the real cost of purchase, through a domino effect. It’s up to you, but you can validate with the Tarot.

  57. Dear Jessica,

    First of all, I must thank you very much for your reply to my question a little while ago about the then-Prime Minister, Liz Truss, honouring Brexit (good to know that the UK Brexit chart seems to show the result will continue to be respected, regardless of who is the P.M.!) – political events have been moving so fast that, every time I was going to reply, something else happened!

    And now we have a new Prime Minister, who has had his “coronation” at the time of an eclipse – what is being covered up, I wonder… This will certainly lend some impetus to the theory that there was a concerted effort to push Liz Truss out prematurely (40+ days is hardly giving anyone a fair chance in a job!) and install the Tory party’s original, favoured candidate, Rishi Sunak – especially as there was no voting of any kind about it. So fascinating about Sunak’s first meeting with King Charles III taking place at the exact time of the eclipse, as well. Will all this set any kind of astrological tone or “flavour” to their relationship, or to Rishi Sunak’s time in office?

    On a personal note, I took your advice about skipping any deep stuff during the eclipse (amazingly, something that had long been pre-booked was re-scheduled for Friday, which felt like a relief!), but I was wondering if the aspects it made to my Saturn (3 degrees Virgo) and Aesculapia (2 Pisces) will bode well for me generally and also for dowsing for a friend on her health issues later on in the week? Any insight you have on this would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Lots of love, light and blessings to you,


    1. Yes, Brexit will of course continue and I daresay the cover-up yesterday was a free trade agreement with India and the new Prime Minister. Johnson tried it and it failed to take hold but given that the eclipse hit the Indian chart, you’d have to suspect Modi was on the telephone. The eclipse covered up sharemarket and trade issues, currency questions, investment and so on. Not good for the people. The atmosphere of the Sunak term and the Charles III era is shady, from this point forward. It came in on a partial cover-up – a partial eclipse. Angelina, the eclipse has gone now. Just avoid the next one.

  58. Hi Jessica,
    Love your blogs and your predictive work. So on point. Curious as to how these 2 eclipses will affect me. Currently feeling like I could be at the end of a cycle and hoping for more business growth and stronger finances. I had a failed business partnership that ended in October of 2021, so a bit weary of teaming up for now. If you can tell me how things look for me on this sector. I am a natal Sun at 1 degree Virgo, Venus at 0 degrees, also 3 degrees Mercury in Virgo – lots of Earth here, lol- with Leo ascendant and Libra moon. Thank you.

    1. The first eclipse is over. The second eclipse is Tuesday 8th November 2022 with the Sun at 16 Scorpio against the Moon at 16 Taurus. The former is in your Eighth House of joint finance and property; the latter is in your Second House of personal income and ownership. You are not personally affected because you have nothing at 16 Taurus and/or 16 Scorpio. You are a Sun Virgo with Virgo, Libra and Leo stelliums. By far and away the most important transit of 2023-2026 is Saturn’s long opposition to your Virgo factors in the Sixth House of workload, lifestyle, housework, health, wellbeing, mental health, daily routine, academia, unpaid work, service and duty. Barricades and barriers come in, for whatever reason, from March 2023. You will need a ring-fenced new approach to all of the above matters and allow plenty of time, space and patience to go through the transit, which will not take place again for another 29 years. The Libra stellium is next biggest in importance as the South Node of karma goes into Libra from July 2023 and a duet, partnership or double-act from that point must bring spiritual closure from life as it was 18 or 19 years before, either with the same person or quite another. By 2024 you will have completed the circle and then the cycle is over. You are owed, perhaps, or maybe you owe, but the South Node in Libra moving through your Seventh House of marriage, divorce, common law marriage and separation will bring completion.

  59. Hi Jessica, I am a new member and am really enjoying your blogs. Do you think that the November eclipse will have any major impact on me? I have Pluto at 15 Scorpio. I’m newly married and started a new position at my workplace in July. We’re travelling to NA for Christmas and New Year. Thank you for your amazing work.

    1. Thank you. The November eclipse is Tuesday 8th with the Sun at 16 Scorpio opposite the Moon at 16 Taurus, with the blinds pulled, shades drawn, curtains closed and all the lights off. People often sleepwalk through an eclipse – because they genuinely cannot see, and do not know, what is actually going on. This is just one degree away from your natal Pluto at 15 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, property and valuables. Just avoid choosing a pathway about that, for a day or two. I have given the example of Camilla Parker-Bowles being hidden in plain sight at the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales. Nobody saw her because they were not looking for her. I can also give you the example of the end of President John F. Kennedy. The famous eclipse in the year of his assassination fell on the day Lee Harvey Oswald left one job, for another – in Texas. Nobody saw that because nobody was looking for it. Certainly not Kennedy’s security detail, as far as we know. So just be aware of that in November. We just had a budget in Australia. There will be repercussions. A trickle-down effect. Eclipses are just common sense. Don’t act or judge until they’ve gone.

  60. Hi Jessica,
    Congrats on the new book! I really look forward to these posts. Thank you so much for all of this great content.
    Just a question I’m trying to clarify, when you say by sign where the eclipse affects someone, should we then look to combine the areas you list for our sun AND rising sign?
    Meaning if I am sun Gemini, Libra asc, am I to expect a cover up or something hidden in plain sight in a combination of the categories you’ve mentioned for sun and asc together?
    Again, thank you!

    1. Thank you very much Jerry. I use two house systems on here, your solar or Sun Sign chart (public) and your natal chart (private). An eclipse at 2 Scorpio, which we just saw, can trigger both charts at once, publicly and privately, if the person happens to have factors at 2 degrees. You don’t, so were not privately involved in the cover-up or blind spot. I’ve had a few readers with factors at 2 degrees who were given updates on their legacies by their lawyers, or contracts by employers, on that day and they just left them in the email inbox for later! You are a Sun Gemini man with stelliums in Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Aries. The most important transit now is Jupiter in Pisces in your private natal Twelfth House of spirituality, psychic ability, religion, mediumship, hypnosis, meditation, therapy and counselling. We are almost there; it starts this weekend. This is the biggest and best cycle in 12 years for interior redesign; here until around Christmas.

  61. Hi Jessica, Interesting and articulate as ever. I always enjoy reading your fantastic and fascinating site. I’ve been waiting to hear about a US based intellectual property / creative project since April. I’m wondering if you could shed some light please. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries with Aries, Taurus and Aquarius stelliums and will find that Mars (your ruler) is retrograde (stuck and backwards) for a reason, in Gemini – which rules intellectual property and projects. The idea is to get you to rethink, refocus and possibly re-imagine the final outcome. There will be no more shilly-shallying after March 2023 when Mars has finished his loop. You will make or save rather a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 as Jupiter in Taurus transits your Second House of personal income.

  62. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the write up, I am so curious about the eclipses! I noticed that the eclipse is exact to the degree on my progressed (not natal) point of fortune. What do you think that means?
    Thank you!

    1. Oh, I don’t use progressed charts, or the Part of Fortune I’m afraid. Looking at your chart, you are a Sun Pisces but not typical of your sign at all, with stelliums in Aquarius, Capricorn, Aries and Gemini. A sibling or cousin question will go back and forth until March 2023 so be prepared for more time and space. A powerful group will enter or re-enter your life in March and can change your life too, if you want it. The career, academic career or unpaid work politics since 2008 ends in March 2022. And you will successfully relaunch your profile from Christmas until May 2023. The eclipse has now passed.

  63. Hello Jessica , I have 2 factors in Scorpio and some factors at 1 degree. I was wondering how this eclipse could affect me, knowing that work, and the money coming in, have been -and are still -a major source of concern over the last few years. For this reason, I became quite risk adversed and suspicious when it comes to finance / legal etc… still I would be happy to have your views. And Thanks for all these great posts !

    1. Thank you. The eclipse has now gone. I suspect it was a cover-up about Central Bank Digital Currency. Let’s see what politicians tell us in November. You are a Sun Aquarian with Aquarius, Taurus and Sagittarius stelliums. You are in the most challenging but potentially rewarding financial cycle of your life and it began in 2018, with instability, occasional shocks to your usual system and a lack of certainty. That’s Uranus in Taurus, and he moved into your Second House of personal income and budgeting, in May 2018. Things have become more challenging since the lunar nodes moved into Taurus and Scorpio, really stretching you. That ends in July 2023. Even better, from May 2023, Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, growth, optimism) moves into Taurus and so from that point on, you are in a terrific position to save money or make it. Your luck holds until May 2024

  64. Hello Jessica
    I am such a fan of your work, you are always spot on and so insightful.
    I have a dillema in that I am wanting to move to the UK but am 1. struggling to get the finances together and 2. concerned about being able to support my family once we are there. My husband (29/7/1957) is digging his heels in and I am pushing for this move as I have no means of support here if something happens to him. I know I will be the major breadwinner that side and am prepared for that but feel we need to start sooner rather than later. There is monies I am trying to sort out with my sister (14/8/1967) that would help with this move. I am also studying further to help with getting a better position once the other side.
    Am I making a mistake in pushing for this move?
    Thanks so much for your great work.

    1. Thank you. You want to move to the United Kingdom and wonder if you are right. Your Leo husband disagrees. Your sister may be able to help with money. You are a Sun Scorpio with stelliums in Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo and Sagittarius. Okay, so the situation with your sister will go back and forth until March 2023, and any other sibling actually, with delays, changes and perhaps even a cancellation of plans. She is another Leo like your husband. The whole situation with your family is really restricted, limited and rather heavy – until March 2023. So your timing now is difficult. It becomes easier next March, when Saturn changes signs. If you were to move, it would be the most profound transformation of your life. If your husband is the deciding factor, he will make up his mind once and for all by July 2023. It’s the same with your sister. Your financial struggles end in March 2023 as Mars leaves Gemini. So that does seem to be decision time. As for should you go – ask the Tarot and follow the steps.

  65. tks jessica…

    You mention…

    “There will be a cover-up about the old Free Trade Agreement made between Modi and Boris Johnson when he was British PM. Wait for it”

    May i ask what does that entail and how does the Indian stock market perform

    Do you see Modi winning again in 2024 or this time anothet Congress led govt…

    How do you see different parts of the world evolving ….Canada and NewZealand….UAE

    1. This astrology insight is based on the Indian chart; the eclipse at 2 Scorpio hit it exactly. I now see PM Sunak has delayed his economic statement to the middle of November, after another, second eclipse. I don’t know if Modi will win again. I doubt it. The world is shedding plutocrats and he does not have enough diversity and equality around him; his circle is too male dominated. Pluto goes into Aquarius (brotherhood and sisterhood) from March 2023 and anyone who doesn’t share power with women is not really going to last. The other questions I will answer at The Conscious Cafe event in December.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    I’m just learning to read my astrology chart but I can see that I am heavily affected by this eclipse as a Sun Taurus. We have some big financial decisions to make around our own property and property with family whom we have a difficult relationship with, particularly so at the moment. We’ve listened carefully to your advice and not made any decisions or signed on the dotted line during this time. Is this window between now and the next eclipse ok to do these things though? We know we will be making a great financial sacrifice selling now to meet this family situation with another property, do you see any astrological reasons to avoid this process altogether or is there reason for optimism in the future? And also, do you have any recommendations around how to navigate the challenging relationship with regards to good dates to try to resolve things etc. A lot of questions sorry, but I’m so grateful for what I am learning about astrology here and how much it is already helping to guide and navigate life, even if just by being more informed about what’s ahead, for good or bad. Kind thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. The first eclipse has now passed so you will be able to see clearly and know what is going on, much better, with your property situation. You want to sell and have to sacrifice to do that. If you were able to put the whole process off until the second eclipse has passed, you would be far better off. The first eclipse fell at 2 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and property as you know; this second one is at 16 Taurus/Scorpio on Tuesday 8th November. Your Mercury is at 2 Taurus so the first eclipse opposed that, exactly. Can you wait until the second eclipse has passed, after 8th November? I would allow 9th November to pass too, actually, as I don’t know what time zone you are in. You are a Sun Taurus, with stelliums in Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Pisces and Aries. The friction with this matter will go back and forth until March 2023, until Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Second House of personal income is done with. Until then you may have to accept the delays, changes and high chance that you or others will reverse position. Yet, once Mars has finished his loop on March 17th 2023 the astrology is far kinder to you. In fact, you will make or save substantial amounts of money from May 2023 to May 2024, as Jupiter goes through Taurus. The symbol of fulfilment, solutions, rewards and hope for the future is moving through your personal finance zone. On a different note, there is a wonderful period for you with religion, Tarot, hypnosis, counselling, psychics, self-help, spirituality – starting at Halloween and ending at Christmas.

  67. Hi Jessica, this is so fascinating and nice warning to lay low… Could you tell me ways to think about my Chiron at 17 Taurus during that November eclipse? I have several factors around that number, but I think only Chiron is in Taurus. Since I’m a writer who works with teams and for the audience, I’m thinking of this house in the groups-category, in addition to money earned/business category. But I’m not sure how I should take heed for Chiron, except perhaps “don’t do anything rebellious that day”. I’d love to hear your take on this. Funny item for the first eclipse in October- I had a big follow-up appointment at my eye doctor, who told me that my vision improved and wanted to lower my prescription. I thought, “oh no, not during the eclipse! Please keep that eye rx the same!” Ha!

    1. Thank you. Your Chiron at 17 Taurus in the Second House of personal income will receive an opposition from the Sun at 16 Scorpio (by one degree) and a conjunction from the Moon at 16 Taurus, on Tuesday 8th November. As this is an eclipse it is also a cover-up. By nature, you see what you can get away with in terms of shopping, swapping, selling, borrowing, investing, fundraising, earning and the like. Skip that on the 7th, 8th, 9th as we live in a global village and from Kirabati to Pago Pago, we have to account for sleep and time differences. Later on you will have one of those ‘Oh’ moments when you realise. And yes, your eye doctor was acting out the eclipse.

    1. Thanks Mary. Yes, I just saw that on Samantha Maiden’s Twitter account (we follow each other). You are quite right. There was a cover-up on the first eclipse in Scorpio (the sign ruling sex, death and money of course) on Wednesday 25th October. Now, here we are, with the jury no more. There will be a second cover-up in this matter near Tuesday 8th November, when the Full Moon is with us, opposite the Scorpio Sun, and another eclipse leaves us in the dark. I feel very sorry for Brittany Higgins throughout and grateful to her that she has warned some Australian men, as she has, and bravely defended the rights of women. And yet, this Scorpio weather is dark, as the light of the Sun and Moon is overshadowed. Not good.

  68. Thanks Jessica, I agree I can’t imagine how Brittany Higgins must be feeling. I have mentioned previously that I work with homeless women. The trauma they experience of having to go over and over their story and repeat what has happened to them is devastating and has such an impact on their mantel wellbeing. Not to mention the delay’s and setbacks on healing. All very wrong.

  69. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your Scorpio eclipse blog. You warned to not decide anything around that date, and I have nothing serious to take action these days. You mentioned about Mars at 2 Virgo in the chart of new British PM Sunak. Accidentally I too have the same Mars at the same degree of 2 Virgo. I have Moon, South node and one more factor in Scorpio. Moreover I have Ceres at 2 Taurus. Will I make my way to somewhere similar to 10 Downing like British PM Sunak Thank you.

    1. The eclipse has passed now, but hopefully you didn’t judge or act in any dramatic way. Sunak has Mars at 2 Virgo, even without a birth time. Virgo rules health. Absolutely nobody was talking about his health when he took on the task of Prime Minister, but both he and others may have been in the dark about it. You too, if you have Mars at 2 Virgo. The New Moon eclipse at 2 Scorpio was sextile your natal Mars, so something about your food, drink, fitness, sleep, doctor, dentist, healer and so on – or a more obvious issue – was in shadow, unclear and obscured. Anyway, the eclipse has long gone. Long-term, you will have Saturn at 2 Pisces opposing your Mars at 2 Virgo so make your wellbeing your number one priority in 2023. Then yes, you might make it to PM!

  70. Hi Jessica, I live in a state where the Republican Party that are at the top of the ballots all say the 2020 election was stolen. They are rated as the most radical in the state. I am sick to my stomach over what is happening to our state and country. I know in your midterm predictions, you said blue landslide. I’m new to Astrology, so I have no idea, if less than 2 weeks away, that there will still be a blue landslide, both for the Country and my State. Please let me know if a blue landslide still holds true. Thank you

    1. I appreciate it’s a worrying time for you, living in a state where the Republican Party are delusional about the huge win for Biden and Harris. America is drifting towards a cycle when neighbours separate (this begins in 2026) and so 2022 was always going to be the start of that. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it will be quite different. I can only repeat an earlier prediction for you. By all the laws of astrology, when Pluto goes into Aquarius, which he does in March 2023, plutocrats do not last. Aquarius is the sign of community, diversity and equality and Pluto is where the power is. That is Kamala Harris. It is not Donald Trump. Something else worth mentioning: polls on Mercury Retrograde, which only stopped very recently, are not particularly reliable. Aquarius is very much the sign of equal opportunity and so, feminism. Abortion has divided opinion, which it was always meant to do, but Pluto in Aquarius will be here for years into the future and while it is here, women’s rights skyrocket.

  71. Hi Jessica,
    I have Taurus at 16 Jupiter – how will this next eclipse impact?
    Classic Mercury retrograde story or maybe an eclipse story to share – I think – me and two friends pitched in to buy a ring for a fourth friend’s 50th birthday in the UK – it was posted by the shop in Australia in late May – and disappeared off all the tracking radar early June. By late June/early July it was declared ‘missing’ – and by mid July compensation offerered.
    It turned up at the friend’s house in London YESTERDAY – with the Australia Post tracking now saying it was posted on October 19th.
    Friend is very happy… Aust Post has NO idea where it has been or what has happened. Go figure.

    1. The story about Australia Post is typical isn’t it? This was not the eclipse, though. Just Mercury Retrograde August-October. Born with Jupiter in Taurus you are always protected with finances, houses, apartments and so on. Even if you hit tough times, there is always a lucky break or safety net for you. And when life is good, you make or save a lot of money. Just skip the eclipse on 8th November. Let it go. Later on, you will realise why it was wise not to judge or act, then. What comes to light later on, will show you how much you didn’t know or see at the time. And how could you? It’s like a road without CCTV.

  72. Hi Jessica,

    I’m asking for my Libra friend, born September 30, 1954, who has a stellium in Scorpio in the 11th house. His financial situation has been greatly challenging for the past couple of years. He is very creative and has written books and songs, but has never been able to get any of his work published. Will this eclipse help his financial situation and getting his work into the world? His Scorpio stellium is Mercury 2°, Midheaven 5°, Saturn 8°, Moon 18° and Venus 20°. Having Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer at 26° and 27° opposing transiting Pluto for the past couple of years hasn’t made his life any easier. I hope he sees the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

    Thank you!!!


    1. I am not sure where this idea of eclipses being helpful comes from, Cristina. There is a lot of wrong astrology on the internet. Your Libra friend is in financial trouble. Just reading him as a Sun Libra, he is in the most erratic, unpredictable financial cycle of his adult life, which began with Uranus in Taurus in his Eighth House in 2018 and continues to 2026. So as an unpublished author and songwriter he is in an unstable professional area anyway. He will have the opportunity to save or make money from May 2023 until May 2024 when Jupiter goes into Taurus with all his opportunities, luck, abundance and solutions. It will be via the family or a partnership. If you intend getting into a sexual relationship with him, or already are, it may be you who is the gateway, but do be aware of what you are getting yourself into, as there is no permanence or stability for him financially for years, while Uranus is in Taurus too.

  73. Thank you for your response. We have two females running for Governor. The Democratic Governor runner has received hundreds of death threats, due to the Republican Governor runner actions. My head is spinning. You stated during Mercury Retrograde polls were not reliable, but that ended Oct 1. What about the polls after Oct 1? The Republican runner, states she will not certify any elections she does not agree with. That is why this election is so important. Does the Democrat win for Governor and Democrats win all the other top offices? The Republican polls after Oct 1 has put her ahead. Thank you again.

    1. Mercury Retrograde began on August 21st and ended on October 17th, from shadow to shadow, so the polling as recently as a fortnight ago, may have been incorrect. People change their minds. They also go back on their word, quite deliberately; sometimes others are listening in on the phone call. In any case, it is really only very recent polls and those to come, which will give any idea at all of where things may be going. It’s hard to be specific about individuals without their charts, but in general, the climate is heading towards equality for minorities and equality for women. You can’t stop Pluto. It is where the transformation in the nation is, and Pluto will be in Aquarius past 2030. That does not mean just – females in power. We know you can have females in power who work against other females, of course. It’s really about fundamental fairness and tolerance. The politics of division just doesn’t cut it, after March 2023. It’s really about inclusiveness and brotherhood/sisterhood. You tend to get extremes of plutocrat behaviour (refusing to accept a democratic result) at the end of Pluto in Capricorn. Then he goes into Aquarius and people power comes back. I’m sure a lot of people at Versailles thought Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette would be there forever. Nope.

  74. Dear Jessica, can’t wait for your book. Hope it will be available in India. Especially to study more about factors such as retrogrades in my chart (six!!)..

    You had said the recent eclipse involved a coverup when there there were factors at 2 degrees. I’ve been trying to decipher this as I have Libra at 2 degrees in MC and Aries at 2 degrees in IC. You say IC is to do with past life karma – so how would a cover up work in such a situation? Any insights would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!!

    1. I will have some good news about the new book this weekend for Premium Members. Your MC at 2 Libra and IC at 2 Aries depend on a strictly accurate birth time. If you have it, then your highest achievement is a partnership or marriage (Libra) and perhaps a succession of them. You come from ancestors who were in the army, navy and/or air force and were on the front line of battle. The MC in Libra can also suggest duels; Libra is about war as much as it is about peace treaties and dual alliances. So, whatever happened, was about that – clues will probably be in sight – and you’ve missed something, not seen it, or had things covered up. It should be obvious to you these next few days as Mercury goes to 2 Scorpio.

  75. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Scorpio and Psyche at 2 degrees in Acquarius. However, nothing remarkable happened on or around the eclipse, unless there was a coverup. Do you mind taking a look at my chart and telling me what I should expect on November 8 eclipse? Thank you!

    1. The thing about eclipses is, you don’t realise until later. Taking the most famous eclipse of the 20th century as an example, when America went dark, nobody knew a man called Lee Harvey Oswald was leaving his job, bound for Texas. It was only months later that people realised they had been hoodwinked. Psyche in Aquarius is a symbol of what lives forever with friends and groups. Having gone through all manner of tests and trials with friends and groups, or against them, you find yourself immortalised, or perhaps what you collectively produce is immortalised. That is where the eclipse made an exact square aspect, and so some part of it was obscured from view to you. The November eclipse is in your Eighth House and Second House of joint and personal income. Again, you won’t realise until later how in the dark you were – which is why it’s wise to bide your time until it passes.

  76. So Prince Harry, being a Virgo this eclipse is pinging things like media and siblings. Interesting, his book release was announed just after this eclipse. The tell all is due to be released Jan 10, 2023. There was talk of him wanting to make edits, not sure if that is true. What do you think of that release date? And the Netflix is apparently marching forward too. I am sure Buckingham Palace is bracing itself!

    1. I expect the issue with the inevitable delay or change with Spare will be Harry’s inheritance, and the inheritance he leaves to his children. He has a Scorpio stellium and is going through the South Node in Scorpio cycle, which only happens every 19 years, as you know. Her Majesty the Queen’s legacy is private. When his parents divorced, he inherited from Diana, but she in turn received a financial settlement from Charles. I will be stunned if this isn’t an entire chapter in the new book; he is very, very Scorpio and is going through this historic period of financial karma with the whole family. Let’s see if it makes it in.

  77. Dear Jessica, wow! You’re amazing – I just had to share the validation of your astrology. Sorry, the reply button doesn’t seem to be working.

    You said according to my IC (2 degrees Aries) and MC (2 degrees Libra) my ancestors must’ve been on the front lines of many wars. While I don’t know of any of my own family who were in the armed services, my husband, who I’ve known and been in a relationship with my whole adult life, has a string of very well known army officers in his family Two of them were decorated – one for protecting the British during the Mutiny (1856) and the other, in WWI.

    Despite us not looking for information on these ancestors, it just keeps coming in the unlikeliest ways. Recently for example, we discovered that my husband’s grandfather had been in love with an English woman – and she with him. It ended in heartbreak since both the British and Indian families were too traditional to break the race barrier.

    We joked about the story saying that it was no wonder that despite having no connection to the UK except for the war stories, our family is so fond of the literature, history and culture of the country. My spine was tingling when I read your reply because I realised this actually could be due to some past life karma.

    How amazing that astrology, when done well, is so insightful. We Hindus take our past lives very seriously so thank you so much for your work and talent. We are blessed to have your guidance.

    1. Thank you. Your IC or Immum Coeli is where you come from – your family, roots, heritage, culture – usually your ancestors – but here it is your husband, whose well-known army officer relatives keep turning up. Spine-tingling is usually a sign the ancestors are with you in spirit, too. It is possible your own family also ties in with this pattern, perhaps in India if you are Hindu. I appreciate you letting me know.

  78. ” From 2026 a partnership for you becomes an escape from reality. A holiday from the real world ”

    It’s not just the astrology, but, at times the compassion is clear.
    When you make predictions about an escape from reality, you are spot on. Chills. I hope every investment company hires you. Bet your book sells out. Thank you.

  79. Hi Jessica
    The world is a very scary place atm the unfairness poverty and famine caused by greedy men affects me deeply the amazon in particular where indigenous families lives are being destroyed and they are being poisoned by the clearing of the rain forest with no help no medicines the world just looks on yet their global warming foot print is negative. Will there be a solution and help for these people before it is too late?

    I have a dilemma with property and decisions to make and wonder if you can take a look at my chart. My life has been very challenging for a very long time and I keep coming across men who let me down or cheat me financially.
    I bought a property and found it needed structural repairs and has been a costly nightmare since Feb 2019 I am wondering whether to let it out as airbnb or sell now that its renovated? I also have a cow shed (steading) and a building plot which I had hoped could turn into my dream spiritual/ holistic center but it also has been a nightmare with a vile neighbour and a builder running off with a hefty deposit. Is now the right time to sell up everything. I am planning a trip to visit my daughter in Melbourne with my disabled daughter flying out 27/11 returning 19/1/23 the last trip was 2019 my disabled daughter 20/8/1987 ended up in hospital and I am a bit concerned but really want to hug my daughter 13/8/1992 and grandchildren now aged 4&5. I would move to AUZ if it was possible but think my disabled daughter would not get a visa and I am too old.

    1. Thank you. I have no fears for the Amazon as their old leadership is on the way out: astrology is pretty good at seeing national charts clearly and Brazil showed her destiny a long time ago. I don’t see a chart here unfortunately. You have had property problems. I would suspect you have Cancer factors in your chart, under opposition from Pluto. You have a disabled daughter but want to see your other daughter, and grandchildren. I understand that. It sounds as if you are in Britain. Can I suggest you use the Tarot on this website? It is free to use. Just follow the steps.

  80. Hi Jessica, wow, wow… great article! thanks! Could you please give some insight on my chart and future, I have Mars 2 in scorpio and Moon 4 in Taurus, I wonder is good or bad sign for next 6 months? Actually right on 25 of October I received two god news. One of them I accepted as lecturer at university, I am so happy, but afraid due to eclipse I don’t see all picture or job will be not as I imagine or smth else! I was without job from early 2020. Thanks and lot! Just signed in for membership and feel like in community! Your answers on comments are so education and inspiring!

    1. Thank you. The eclipse was in conjunction with Mars in Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance, and you were offered a post as a university lecturer. The terms on (say) pension/superannuation or other money matters that come with the job, may have left you partly in the dark, so go back and read the fine print again now the eclipse has passed. It may not be that at all; sometimes the matter can be wider, so you may accept job terms not realising that conditions around your rent or mortgage (for example) are shifting. I’m glad you are enjoying your membership. Ask the Tarot what you missed about the eclipse. It may be quite benign, so a performance-tied bonus that they forgot to mention, for example.

  81. Hi Jessica
    I am a premium member. PAMP 24 june 1983. I have a cancer sun and stelliums in Gemini and sagitarius. My wife was born on december 31 1987 in Moscow. I don t know the time. I have been thinking of divorcing for a few years, I am thorn because of my son who is five 17 November 2017 born in Vienna Austria; he is the most important person in my life. my wife is very difficult and i could lose my son and my job.
    These past days and weeks have been very difficult. Could you advise me on divorcing or not, i feel i am losing all.
    Thank you

    1. Okay Pamp, this is a tough situation to be in, with a five-year-old boy and a difficult wife. I assume you’re both lesbians as you are a woman. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Libra, Sagittarius, Cancer. So I am not sure where you get the other data from; that’s not the chart I see here. March 2023 sees the end of the toughest parenthood cycle in 29 years and either you can make a decision then, or she can. The restrictions, limitations and barriers will disappear next March. A new arrangement about your son seems likely, March-June 2023, but get professional advice and get it in writing, so the deal can work, long-term, and there is no power or control issue with him. Your wife is a Capricorn and your son is a Scorpio. This is the best possible time to figure out the family and the home but you only have a window until May 2023 so try to organise this in the first half of next year, when conditions suit all of you. In fact, just after Christmas things start looking far more optimistic and an arrangement will turn up (by May) that suits your wife in particular. I do think March 2023 is the big ending/beginning then, and it will make life far less constricted than it has been.

  82. Dear Jessica.
    Thank you so much for your free book. This gift is very much appreciated. I have always wanted to know about my past live. I hope to find some indications.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes dreams will show you your past life, particularly if you have been reading this book, I’ve found.

  83. With all the misinformation in politics/news does the US go back to something like the indoctrinate act? Why are so many females voting against their right to healthcare?

    1. The USA chart is something I will look at in more detail at The Conscious Cafe event in December, about the year ahead. Essentially, it’s about a generational split in voting and power. Today’s young adults, born with Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, the sign of feminism, are about to rise. It’s the first-time voters who will make the most impact. Without being too blunt about this, an older generation will simply not be there, to vote. When you factor in Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023, that is a 20-year transformation of politics. Women who are anti-abortion have their reasons, as much as women who are pro-abortion. Yet it is ultimately feminism which wins, once Pluto changes signs, so we’re looking at constitutional reform, yes. I think Judge Judy’s time is up, so to speak.

  84. Tomorrow Nov 8th is election day. Are the polls correct in the United States? In Arizona? Thank you again

    1. Yes, November 8th chimes with a Full Moon in Taurus (your money) and Scorpio (the sharemarket and cryptocurrency) and an eclipse to boot. This election has been a long time coming for America and there is a shock ahead, as Uranus is also aligned with the Full Moon. You don’t really get very far into Scorpio without finding sex as well as money – and death too. This is a cover-up about what has gone before, or a cover-up about what is to come. The polls could easily be thrown, as what is ahead wasn’t known when people gave their opinions to pollsters. It’s a very, very odd election.

  85. Ugh, we lost the House in Congress and a couple of major seats in my state. Still counting Attorney General. The House is now going to dismantle all the work that was just done. Their major goal is to “own” the libs…. Actually, it’s not official that we lost the house. They are still counting. Do we really lose the house and the AG in my state?

    1. I think you answered your own question there. Still counting. Mars Retrograde in Gemini, it’s never going to be final until it’s final.

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