Covid in Astrology in 2023

The Astrology of Covid in 2023

The most critical period for Covid-19, as we still call it, is coming in March 2023. If you do not already have good everyday protection in place, then get it.

Virgo rules health and wellbeing in astrology, as you probably know. We’re about to see a perfect storm of Pisces cycles, in opposition to Virgo factors in your chart. In billions of charts.

This may be a new variant. It may be new studies which reveal the truth about Long Covid.

People will have to organise in groups if they are to deal with what is ahead. Along with this rare Pisces chain of cycles, we are also seeing Pluto in Aquarius. So your team, club, association, band, society, trade union and so on – now becomes crucial. Why? Because unless your circle is Covid-protected, your circle is dangerous, from March 2023.


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The Good News

The good news is, safe Ultraviolet light eliminates Covid. It’s called UVC among other things.

And you already know how to protect yourself, along with most of my readers here. You don’t fly or take cruises. You work part-time or full-time from home. You wear an N95 mask habitually indoors. You avoid super-spreader events. You social distance (Image: United Nations).

Let’s look at specific dates for this new Covid challenge, though.

March 2023 and Critical Covid Challenges

March 2023 is the start of the most critical phase of COVID-19. The after-effects go on, until the year 2026. Make March the month you restart your Covid protection, or step it up. The astrology is clear on this.

The Sun in Pisces
February 19th to March 20th 2023
The New Moon in Pisces
February 20th 2023
The Full Moon in Virgo 
March 7th 2023
Mercury in Pisces
March 3rd to 19th 2023
Ceres Retrograde in Virgo
March 24th to June 21st 2023
Saturn in Pisces
March 8th 2023 to May 25th 2025
September 2nd 2025 to February 14th 2026
Neptune in Pisces
Until March 30th 2025
October 23rd 2025 to January 26th 2026

Mercury Retrograde Clues

We have Mercury Retrograde in Taurus soon after the March Full Moon on Tuesday 7th March (in Virgo) which I would pinpoint as a day for difficult news about Covid, worldwide. As you know, Mercury Retrograde brings reversals and rescheduling. He is in Taurus, the sign ruling the national and world economy, from April 7th 2023 until June 1st 2023, which would fit the aftermath of a wave. Millions off work, and perhaps China in a lockdown that stops supply chains. Maybe India.

When Is a Vaccine, Not a Vaccine?

On October 19th 2020, I told the Daily Mail that we were stuck with Covid. And so we are. It’s like HIV-AIDS. There is no cure. At the same time, we transformed our lifestyles to control that – and we will be challenged to do exactly the same in 2023.

I predicted no vaccine. Which brings us to the question, when is a vaccine, not a vaccine? When the President of the US can be injected four times and still become infected with the virus. When the CEO of Pfizer can become ill with Covid. Yet, Columbia University and academics from Harvard Medical School, have known that safe UV light eliminates the virus for months.

Jessica Adams Daily Mail e1604013452280 - Covid in Astrology in 2023

The Astrology Rules on Pandemics

The astrology rules on pandemics are simple. There are four mutable signs. Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius. They clash. When you combine them in any situation, you have a problem. Pisces rules religion. Virgo rules epidemics. Gemini rules short journeys. Sagittarius rules foreigners. A virus is just a virus, until it travels, or is there at superspreader religious events. The Black Death was spread by pilgrims who slept in flea-ridden quarters on their way to cathedrals, bringing the bubonic plague back to their villages. These days the virus flies or cruises from China. Or India (Delta) or South Africa (Omicron). Same rules.

My eyes are on Ceres at 29 Virgo in opposition to Jupiter at 29 Pisces on December 16th, 17th, 18th 2022. That is quite rare in astrology. This sets up future Covid problems from March 24th to 27th 2023 and May 13th to 16th 2023.

Do You Have Virgo Factors?

The oppositions from Pisces cycles to your Virgo factors in the Sixth House of health, self-care and wellbeing will force you to become more Virgoan in your approach. That means, informed, updated and educated about Covid, by the best. Use Twitter.

Twitter is home to Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding (whose Harvard background in epidemics makes him hugely popular) but also Columbia University (who confirmed the new ultraviolet light was the answer) and Dr. Satoshi Akima FRACP. You will also find Dr. Greg Kelly here, Eric Topol, Professor Jose-Luis Jimenez and other household names in the pandemic – like Dr. Kashif Pirzada. Make sure you are getting the truth. The fact is, if the CEO of Pfizer can become infected and potentially infect others, we need better answers. The good news is, they are already here. No matter what March 2023 brings.

  There is no vaccine Pfzizer - Covid in Astrology in 2023

We’ve Been Here Before – AIDS and Cigarettes

The comfort of astrology is that we’ve been here before, with AIDS and cigarette smoking. The last time Saturn was in Pisces, AIDS became the biggest killer of younger Americans. Cigarette companies were hit with a massive  US class-action lawsuit.

Saturn in Pisces makes people with Virgo patterns in their charts, far more health-conscious and active on their own self-care. So we’ve been here before. Around 29 years ago, everyone realised that if they wanted to live, or just be well, they had to get real about smokers. Especially passive smoking. They had to be firm about unsafe sex. Especially condoms.

Covid is really similar. Don’t passive-inhale other people’s infections. Don’t go into risky spaces without an N95 mask. And make March 2023 the month you’re more than ready for what is to come.

Shop Around for UVC Disinfection

Shop around. What you are looking for, is what multiple scientific studies say, is the answer to SARS-CoV-2, also known as Covid. It is UV-C light. Insist on product guarantees that specifically promise Covid is eliminated in the air around you.

I am not an influencer (perish the thought) and I am not paid for this. I do not accept advertising on my website. But, I trust Philips, who make our electric toothbrushes and shavers, to be telling the truth when they promise  customers a product that plugs in at home and kills 99.99% of Omicron and Delta Covid (below). 

March 2023 is an unusual month. Saturn begins his slow opposition to Virgo (health) for the first time in 29 years. Ceres goes through Virgo. We have a Full Moon in Virgo. This is the start of something we do not want. Scientists around the world, at major universities, tell us UV-C light is what we do want. Prevent and protect, and push others to do that for you too.


PHILIPS LIGHT - Covid in Astrology in 2023


Philips UV Omicron Delta - Covid in Astrology in 2023

Main Image from @artlessartthou on Twitter, with permission.





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187 Responses

  1. Very interesting, and UV Lights would not be highly promoted because they wouldn’t make as much money for Big Pharma as active viruses do.

    1. Thank you. My radar went on when I realised how much my English friend was struggling just to find information about a UV-HEPA unit online. Almost as if nobody wanted anyone in England to know about it. Why?

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I actually have covid at the moment and feel pretty miserable! My family and I recently moved a few months ago from Melbourne to regional NZ and are working remotely from NZ. Do you have any sense as to how NZ and Jacinda will deal with March 2023 and covid? I have vesta in Virgo At 0 degrees. Also my IC is in Virgo. Thank you!

    1. I am so sorry you have Covid. I am sure you do feel miserable. While you are in bed, try different hypnosis and distance healing on YouTube. You could make a good discovery you stick with, even after you are better. Try Paul McKenna and Glenn Harrold, who my readers like a lot. They have a big celebrity client list and are generous enough to offer their work for nothing, just to try. As for New Zealand, it is locked to Australia (both astrology charts are tied) and so it may well be that both the Labor governments strike a new deal on air travel and cruises. March 2023 is a crisis. Cases are over 50% up today in Australia. This hasn’t started.

  3. Hello Jessica
    Thank you for your valuable insights. I have purchased one UVC light filter already and HEPA air purifiers because of your warnings.
    I’m a new member but I’m having trouble with my birth time. My mother thinks it was 7.30am but can’t be 100% sure. I’ve tried to source it but can’t. If the correct time can’t be found can I use another alternative?
    I wondered if I could ask about our living arrangements. We live in QLD but my husbands office is in Melbourne. He flies back and forward every few weeks. We were living abroad for 17 years so were keen to be back near family at our original base. However based on your predictions, his travel is not ideal. He does always wear a mask (one of the few ones on the plane). He works from home every second week.
    We just moved into our new house which is lovely, only has one Neighbour, overlooks lots of trees and is private. We might have an option to move to Melbourne early next year, to prevent my husband having to commute (I had a bit of a moment a few weeks during the moving exhaustion and threw it out there!) but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do after only just settling into our home (we were living in Japan & UK before) and kids settled into schools here. Financially it might be a stretch too but we have a family member who (very kindly) is willing to be flexible on the rent of her property in Melbourne. However with Covid seemingly likely to cause problems early next year and working from home being the new norm again, is it better to stay put here amongst trees and my husband doing Zoom again? I’ve done the tarot and pulled the card of the man between the two cities- so it was spot on- but I couldn’t make sense of whether it represented a move. I’m very confused about it. If you can shed any astrology/psychic views around our situation I’d be so grateful. My husband is a Pisces- March, 1978. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. It’s great to also read Google Scholar research on UVC and HEPA, along with those comforting guarantees from the manufacturers about Omicron and Delta variants. As to your birth time, use 12.00 noon if your mother is not sure. Just don’t use the angles, if you use 12.00 noon. So skip Ascendant (AC) Descendant (DC) Immum Coeli (IC) and Midheaven (MC). I would also skip the Moon. You will still have a broadly accurate chart. You’re also asking about moving and thinking about your husband’s job. Your Tarot gave you The Chariot, which is your husband between Melbourne and Queensland. As you say, it was spot on. I don’t know your question or the time frame you used, but assuming you asked ‘What will happen within 12 months?’ the card tells you, you will not move. He will be stuck on his commute. The Chariot is not moving. You can see the computer screen on the traveller’s clothes. He’ll be back on Zoom. If you want other answers or options, go back and use the Tarot again, vary the questions and the time-frames. It will tell you what you need to know. I am sure you saw the Covid numbers today. Way up in Queensland. Way up in Victoria. This is a good time to get real about 2023.

  4. Hi Jessica
    Considering the last time I contracted Covid, I was so sick from coughing I tore a rib muscle, I’m keen to protect my family and myself better.
    What would you suggest for the average low income household to do as a preventative other than have washing and wearing masks?
    Do you think those hepa style portable units do anything covid wise?

    1. If you do the research on HEPA using Google News, Google Scholar, Google Books you will find that particular brands offer guarantees and they eliminate Covid from indoor air. I am sorry you were so ill last time and understand why you have no desire to go through that again. You also need to look after the family. Ventilation is free. Avoidance is free. Activism in the children’s school is free. Also at any work place you are in. Demanding protection is free. The rest is your call.

  5. Thank you very much, Jessica, for these insights. It really is the best and closest thing to having a crystal ball. Very helpful for planning ahead – and keeping safe! I may be starting a new role in the new year that would involve time spent travelling abroad. I am cautious to do so given your forecast for covid in 2023. Does anything in my chart point to the role working out in 2023 without the need to travel? With thanks.

    1. Can you take the new job without the travel? You have the Sun in Libra, with stelliums in Libra, Scorpio, Virgo and Sagittarius. No. If you even get this job, you will have to travel. Will it be dangerous? Yes. But this is your life not mine so please use The Astrology Oracle, The Garden Oracle and The Tarot to validate. In general, put your health first in 2023-2026. Not second or third. Saturn will oppose your Virgo factors in the Sixth House, and so will the North Node. You can have quite a happy existence and a healthy one; it’s not impossible.

  6. Thanks Jessica- forewarned is forearmed. Omg I have a stellium in Virgo and naturally am very concerned- when will the crisis abate? Thanks X

    1. The crisis will abate from the start of 2026 when the final Saturn opposition to Virgo factors (in the charts of billions) stops. Until then we also go through the North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo. The good news is, we have been here before and know what to do. Use old AIDS and cigarette rules. Protection and prevention. Also play your part in political pressure. Make sure the men in charge know you are in charge, not them. Large numbers of people, including women, will be very powerful from March 2023. It’s possible there will be other really common health concerns you have to beat, from 2023 to 2026. You will do this as you have beaten just about everything else, regarding your health. It will take time and it will take patience. Forewarned is forearmed, as you say. It’s my duty to clang the bell so you know this is for a short time. You could actually enjoy life more; up your quality of life – that would be a nice side-effect.

  7. Thank you Jessica for this article;
    I was just thinking over the weekend while trying to clear clutter and negative energy, going through my household of cleaning and purging, that there was still a critical Covid period just lingering out there and to hold on to certain things to protect my health;

    I do have 5 Factors in Virgo:
    Moon 22° Virgo
    Pluto 29° Virgo
    MC 18° Virgo
    Ops 09° Virgo
    Apollo 13° Virgo

    What does this mean for me in terms of my work, health, and lifestyle, and most importantly, the welfare and protection of my children.
    Thanks again for you invaluable input! I so appreciate it.

    1. You were right. Clearing clutter clears the mind and this weekend, you cleared your mind enough to see news today. Covid cases are up at least 50% because of a new variant. We are also heading for the most serious challenge in March 2023, as I’ve said. Worse! You have a stellium in Virgo and will go through Saturn in opposition to that, from March 2023 until the year 2026. Not only with Covid, but with your health in general, put your wellbeing first. Not second or third, but first. This is the same cycle as the crisis year for AIDS and cigarettes, about three decades ago. Protect your air and your children’s air. This will meany you have to make sacrifices and take a stand. That’s okay. Just doing that will empower you and reaffirm your commitment to your own health and yourself. Just doing that has a huge impact on your state of mind, and we know the mind affects the body. Set up a daily routine which Virgo rules – a routine that protects and safeguards your health, from sleep hygiene to exercise and food. You know your body better than anybody because it is yours. Your body is not just anybody’s body so tailor the small details (Virgo) to address your own DNA and your own mind. This long Saturn opposition will change you, as will the lunar nodes in Virgo and Pisces too, but that’s okay. You will become who you are. A person who fulfils a sense of duty to others, by fulfilling the first duty – to self-care.

  8. “It has been a year (December 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) when humanity has witnessed an evil beyond imagination.

    However, it will also be remembered as the year when good prevailed over evil, and the human spirit conquered its toughest challenge yet, and in doing so, put us on a course towards a better and brighter future.”

    2020 took my brother to Heaven…

    Most of the humanity is kind good people who never question, investigate, or analyze where is the evil hiding?
    Is the evil in virus?
    Is the evil in human who made virus?
    Is the evil in vaccine?

    We know something is off?
    But what is off?
    In history of humanity or our life there was no vaccination required to do it 1,2,3,4,5,6, Buster 1, Buster 2, We know it’s crazy

    And still humans are kind and follow:
    First vaccine
    Buster I
    Buster I I
    Buster III

    And after all there are severe side effects where many people passing to heaven…
    And I can’t believe how kind humanity is that they don’t even question where the evil is. What if is in vaccine and humans give to kids and they continue to give busters.
    Where is the evil? Maybe is absolutely opposite from humans mind processing.
    Jessica can you look into mystery of darkness evil behind this Covid and Covid vaccination and vaccine because many passing away because vaccine or vaccine side effects.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. The answer to everything, as Barbra Streisand once said on Twitter, is to follow the money. Follow the money with Covid and see where it takes you. Who is protecting their profits or creating bigger profits? That’s your answer. In the meantime, read the research on UVC light. Better still, plug it in.

  9. Thanks Jessica. Great article. So I guess this bodes as a change in lifestyle for me. I have been hunkered down in a home for the last year, and it looks like it may be time to buy. I am going through treatment for something else that has left me immunocompromised. I am receiving good care, but besides grocery and walking I don’t go out much. I have Gemini and Virgo in my chart as lessons, and past lives I suppose. Your comment on your north node indicating past lives hit home. Virgo has been a huge lesson for me. Your comment about mass religious gatherings hit home as well. Ceres is an important planet. This all kicked off with the eclipse to my Sun and Hygiea in May. I am trying to figure out how to stay safe and connected. The whole situation with home is a life issue. By the time I was 14 I lived in 10 different places. Dad was a military pilot. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. My plan is to live through my health issues. Wishing you well. I try to read you daily.

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry your immune system is vulnerable. You don’t need that in a pandemic. Okay, so your chart reveals Gemini, Aries, Virgo stelliums and the latter sign includes the node. The good news is that long-term you will find your local area (village, suburb, town, neighbourhood) becomes the most exciting and exhilarating space to be in. This begins after 2026. At around that time you also start using quite radically different ways of communicating with people online (the new media) and also using your way with words and ideas, to set yourself free with innovative projects and courses. This goes on for years. You are also going to change the way you look, Christmas to May 2023, as you will be tempted by far better ways to sort out your hair, shape, style and so on. The Virgo node is your past life, as you know, and you have incarnated during Covid in order to put yourself first. Last time round you did not do that. You were ill, or perhaps even died, because you had to work. You were in service (domestic service) or in the armed forces, factories or even a highly-paid duty – but still could not put yourself first. Now, you can. So you are. Your father was a military pilot and it is possible you were both old souls together in the army, navy or air force. Huge questions about being fit for duty, or not fit for duty, surround your past life. The kicker with Virgo is always work, housework, unpaid work and study. One has to pursue some or all of that, and make it complement the self-care of good health. So that’s your next challenge.

  10. Jessica!! Fascinating as always. I have several UV filters all over the house. None of us, even being exposed to COVID, have been infected. Thank God. But I love this article on also putting direct UV lighting into the home and will start working on that straight away. Seems only logical that schools, at the least, would be doing this immediately. As well as hospitals. I grew up in Florida and have long known the healing power of the sun. We never got sick until we moved up to the DC area. I was so sick one year and due to be in Ft. Lauderdale to be in my best friends wedding. My hubby and I went early and first went to the Keys. I laid in the sun for an entire day, the next day I was FINE. And I’d been sick for weeks and could not shake it. We spend way too much time indoors these days. Its sad.
    Thank you, as always, for such an informative post. I can’t wait to have these lamps all over the house. I would imagine it would also help those who might suffer from SAAD.

    1. Thank you GV. I began to realise how effective safe UV lighting was when a friend told me how difficult it was to purchase a unit in Britain. That says it all. Harvard University medical professors instal it in their favourite clubs, but there is almost a blackout in Britain about buying UV units. Why? Could it possibly be that politicians and businessmen have invested so heavily in AstraZeneca injections that anything else is seen as a threat? I have no evidence for that speculation.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your post. I recently booked a 7-day trip to Japan commencing March 7, 2023. I am able to change my ticket for a fee if necessary. It has been years since I’ve had a holiday and I used to live in Japan so I’m very excited to go. Can you see anything in my chart re my trip?

    Thank you so much!

  12. Hello Jessica,
    May I please ask what your thoughts are on a stellium in Pisces versus a couple of Virgo planets I see in my chart from your website? I guess what I am wondering is do the Pisces group emphasize my attention in the Pisces house rather than the Virgo house due to the stellium? Any of your thoughts would be of help to me, thank you. Cause I am struggling to form the question! Woke up this week with a virus – first time in many years!! The eclipse this week is square my Sun at 16 degrees Aquarius, transiting Mars moving over my Asc.
    And spending time with your new blog which recaps precisely your work presented over months is feeling important. Love your posts and the community you interact with in depth. I adore the focus your astrology brings into our lives. Real teaching moments from you. Once again, love the graphics supporting your blogs (I’m a visual person).
    Thank you!

    1. I’m sorry you woke up with a virus. The body is a fascinating thing. It will faithfully be the servant of the subconscious mind, the spirit, soul and higher self. In other words, there’s a reason for that virus, Cecelia. I had a reader recently whose girlfriend came with issues. He was prepared to ignore the issues in order to keep the relationship, but then he got sore throats, twice and Covid-tested, twice. He didn’t have it, but his body was acting out something basic. He didn’t really enjoy her conversation. Too funny. He lost the ability to speak. So there is a reason for the virus and it is down to you to deep-dive below the surface of yourself and your life and figure out what that might be. Dreams can reveal it. So can the Tarot.

  13. Well, thanks (I guess-because it’s sad) for the heads-up. I second your vote for Dr. Ding. I’ve shared his posts with my family.
    Is there any reason, astrologically that I am one of the few people I know who has not gotten the virus yet? Yes, I’ve been home (retired & part-time work is from home) and I’ve made few local trips by car & have been out and about (but never in crowds, which I don’t like generally anyway.), My grown kids, my neighbors and several friends have had the virus, have all had it. I’m wondering if it’s my “constitution.” I try not to worry about my kids because it’s an unproductive emotion–but what is coming scares me–they have more life ahead of them & I’d hate for them to suffer.

    I have spent much of my time during this pandemic in the sun! Natural UV. It’s unfortunate that the former president spoke about light in such an ignorant and foolish way. I think that may affect it being taken seriously here in the US, but we will see.

    Thank you for your posts and the copy of your book! It’s always so interesting.

    1. I’m glad you’ve never had Covid. Perhaps it’s because you follow Dr. Eric Ding that has helped. Information is protection. They used to say “Don’t die of ignorance” about AIDS and that applies to Covid. Your children will have to do their own research and make their own moves. What is coming requires taking a stand. It’s the same cycle as 1994, 1995, 1996. Nobody liked wearing condoms, or having safe sex, or giving up smoking, or refusing dates with smokers. Yet in those years, people (the masses and mainstream) realised that they would otherwise die or become chronically ill. It’s the same from March 2023. Nobody likes spending money on HEPA filters or UVC units. Nobody wants to give up flying or cruising. And so on. As for Donald Trump, follow the money. Always follow the money.

  14. Thank you for ringing the bell. Most deeply appreciated. Your information is curative in itself as it helps us to prevent.

    Beginning March 2023. Do you see and end for this more critical phase of COVID? Would like to time visits to my very elderly mother now….

    There is a lot riding on March 2023, I see it come up in your posts about so many topics. Would love to know more.

    We know what to do. I’d like to add this bit – in my experience personally and as a physician it works, as an important part of the bigger protocol including distance, avoidance, masks, etc.

    Lifting my tea cup to you and your good health. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. Visiting the elderly is a matter of information, education and financial outlay. If you are a doctor you are already accessing journals and other updates, so you are ahead of all of us. I like the Philips range of Omicron/Delta virus elimination units, because there is a written guarantee. I think they’re good investments and all vulnerable people should have a unit plugged in. I’m not familiar with Sanotize. Perhaps other readers are.

  15. Do you see any links between the Virgo/Pisces/Ceres dynamic and the nuclear war patterns from your other blog. They are all pretty close in dates. Thank you Jessica!

    1. I think the threat of nuclear aggression and the threat of Covid are showing up in the same time-frame, because it’s now or never for the planet. We either do this together or not at all. The United Nations was formed without a single Aquarius factor, which is astonishing for something that is supposed to represent humanity. I have a feeling that March 2023 will show it is not fit for purpose; it needs to be transformed or replaced. It will take 2-3 years but it will be underway as Pluto goes through Aquarius and the collective international concern with our long-term survival will trigger real change.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your continuous insights. I’m feeling a bit worried, as I have Virgo factors four times in my natal chart, so wondering how this is all going to affect me both professionally and personally.
    The factors are:

    Moon at 11 degrees Virgo
    Mar at 9 degrees Virgo
    Uranus at 11 Virgo
    Pluto at 14 degrees Virgo

    1. The challenge for people with a Virgo stellium, which you have, in your Sixth House of health – is to draw deeply on your Virgo qualities. This is the sign we associate with nitpicking detail and a methodical daily routine. As we go into the most critical stage of Covid (in astrological terms) from March 2023, it is very important that you change your lifestyle and make a stand for your own good health. The last time we saw this cycle was about 30 years ago. Saturn went into Pisces and people were told, clearly, that unprotected sex could kill them, and being around smokers could do the same. People had to change. They had to end marriages, or quit their social life, or refuse to date certain people. None of it was easy. Yet this is what strongly Virgo people do, when they deal with Pisces oppositions. The opposition from Saturn at 11 Pisces to your Moon-Uranus conjunction at 11 Virgo will involve work, unpaid work or study as well. I expect you will have to take a stand on that. For example, if your employer does not pay to protect you, you have choices to make. March 2024 is the first time Saturn goes to 11 Pisces. You have so many good choices here. The Tarot is free to use on this website.

  17. OMG Jessica, this seems a very scary time we are going to go through next March 2023.
    I have just had a health scare and don’t know results yet till I see the consultant. Please could you look at my chart and let me know your thoughts as I have Virgo and Pisces in my South and North nodes.

    1. I am sorry about your health scare. From time to time, if you have Virgo-Pisces patterns, you’ll get pulled up short. So here you are, dealing with the usual thing that happens to your astrology chart, when it’s time to change your lifestyle. There is an issue here about your paid work, unpaid work and/or private study. Part of you, which you do not recognise, or admit to, does not want to keep going – the way you were. On the surface, you do the job. Below the surface, deeply submerged, is an aspect of yourself which doesn’t want to carry on the same old way. I hope the session with your consultant goes well and you get some good answers. The bigger question, and especially from March 2023 when Saturn changes signs, is the dramatic transformation of your day-to-day living. So much of what we do is unconscious when it comes to our bodies. I remember smoking a pack of cigarettes a day when I was in my twenties. Oblivious. So, whatever is going on with your food, drink, medication, drugs, fitness, work, unpaid work needs a big long look. Really see what is going on. You’re going to have to change, but that’s OK.

  18. I had Covid in March 2020 and then long covid although never diagnosed or had a positive test as they weren’t available at the time. we have a new work from home policy in my office which means we only go in once a week. Nobody wears a mask now in the office (which is big) and I still keep my distance from people. I certainly don’t attend any large events, or fly and I won’t be doing that until it’s safer. I’ve just had my 4th jab. It’s so hard for people to understand how horrible this disease is though until they get it. People are getting very poorly even after having had 4 jabs. It’s taken a lot for me to go back out into the world as it is really is the worst illness I have ever had. The world has gone back to normal now and for some folk covid is just gone! Although I have Pluto in Virgo and my asc I don’t have a stellium and am hoping my health issues won’t take a backwards step when Saturn goes into Pisces opposing my virgo planets. I have managed to avoid catching it again and haven’t even had a cold since 2020! Thanks as always for your articles.

    1. I am glad you are able to work from home and sorry you had Long Covid. Yes, people are poorly with Covid even after four injections. When you say Covid is the worst illness you ever had, I understand. Two of my friends died from it. It’s great you’ve not had a cold either since 2020. We are in this cycle from around 29 years ago, and everything we did to conquer lung cancer and heart disease from smoking (and passive smoking) – and to control AIDS – is the message. Before that last Saturn in Pisces transit, people smoked indoors, in restaurants, pubs and even on airplanes. Others died. We also saw AIDS become the biggest killer of younger Americans. Not until people changed their lifestyles, did it become less of a killer. So we’re back there. And you know what to do. I feel duty bound to pass on the timing (March 2023) because there is so much baloney out there about Covid being over, or just like a cold, and so on. It is very important that you take your heart health seriously as people who have gone through Covid are more vulnerable to heart issues. We only have this 2023-2026 period to get through (hard work) and then we can relax more. I am hoping that by 2026 that the United Kingdom will have invented the UVC lightbulb and that by law every interior will have what is called safe UV. More than anything else, that will make a difference. Imagine a lightbulb that eliminates Covid, colds and flu. Well, it’s within reach.

  19. Thank you for this, Jessica. My Sun is in Virgo (29 degrees), should I be worried? I also had an overseas trip planned between March 14th – 19th, 2023. Should I cancel that? :/

    1. If you have anything in Virgo in your Sixth House, then you need to act like a person concerned about smoking and AIDS around three decades ago. You avoided smokers, gave up smoking yourself, and did not have unsafe sex. You lived a life of self-protection and prevention. This is the same cycle. The rest is up to you. Do your research now and later. What is the excess mortality in your destination? Governments can avoid and evade the facts on Covid, but life insurance companies can’t. Look at how many more deaths are there, now. The rest is up to you. This is your decision.

    1. Okay, let me see if I can find that in the queue, thank you. The first comment is not always the one I answer first, purely because it can be several screens behind when I get to my desk.

  20. Hi Jessica !! Thank you for the great article !! I have stelliums CANCER (5), VIRGO (5), PISCES (4) , ARIES (4) and LIBRA (4) in my birth chart can you please let me know how it impacts me


    1. Saini, if you have a Virgo stellium, it will be opposed by Saturn in Pisces from March 2023, during 2024, 2025, 2026. You are also going to come across the North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo in the rest of the Twenties. Make your health your number one priority. You will need to change your lifestyle and the way you work. It’s exactly like cigarette smoking and AIDS about 30 years ago. You would not have worked in an office with smokers because you knew passive smoking would give you cancer or heart disease. You would not have had sex without condoms because you knew it might infect you. Same thing. Just apply it to indoor air. The free, easy way to protect yourself is ventilation, al fresco living and delivery. The hard part is telling people you will boycott, resign or refuse, if they put you at risk indoors. So that’s it. And I haven’t even looked at other health issues that you may have to sort out, like your exercise or food, or sleep quality and the rest. But start with Covid. Astrologers have been charged with the task of advising on plague since the 14th century and I’m doing my job here. I wish it was different, but those are the astrological facts.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. Should we be worried and prepared for food shortages with Ceres being present in this lineup. I am also hoping to make some career change in the next few months will COVID affect this. I have several Virgo factors.

    Take care and thank you.

    1. Supply shortages are part of the 2018-2026 Uranus in Taurus cycle, which we last saw during the war. Don’t worry, keep a pantry, hamper or locked box full of what you absolutely need. That’s just common sense anyway, but it’s really useful on this cycle. Ceres in Virgo is likely to result in deals and compromises over health food, and some carve-up of the business and distribution territory. So yes, with Ceres in Virgo, as well as Uranus in Taurus, you would expect shortages of (say) vegan food, or food for people with gluten intolerance. Your Virgo factors will rule for some time to come, so career changes are intelligent. What you will realise from March 2023 is that you cannot separate the sense of service and duty, from your first service and duty, which is to your own wellbeing and good health. It’s about work style and lifestyle, together, and it has to be a holistic approach. That works well with your Virgo factors.

  22. Thank you, Jessica, very grateful for your shared insights. I’ve been researching the effects of inflammation again lately, how to calm it
    – I feel it is related to my issues with sleep and anxiety, which sometimes feels like some sort of brain chemistry hiccup/distortion that began in early 2021. When you mentioned long-covid with snippets from the doctors, I thought about some of my symptoms during the past 3 years. In late Dec of 2019, we had family (in-laws to me) visit us and one was quite sick. I got the worst cold/cough I’ve had in years as a result. Perhaps a little empathy in there too, who knows. This was before the pandemic was officially announced and there has been some question in my mind as to whether that was an early strain. We are in Hawaii, they traveled from No. California. I’ve only been sick one other time since, a milder case, in Dec 2021. It was during travel and I repeatedly tested negative, so technically I’ve never tested positive for Covid. Anyway just was thinking about any signs in my chart that may reveal more information on this, the inflammation/sleep, or the solution for it. (Nothing in Virgo for me). As a side note – my mom’s brother-in-law suffered some of the extreme psychiatric effects of covid. I think there is more to learn there, another spotlight on mental health. You mention the UVC light again and I’m going to have to find a good affordable unit! Good health to you!

    1. Thank you. You may have had Covid in December 2019. You were in Hawaii then, a popular tourist hotspot for the Chinese. I have a friend who had the worst cold she can remember, also in December 2019. She was in Lapland in a Christmas hotel full of Chinese tourists. By January her hair had fallen out. Her English hospital tested her for Covid and nothing showed up. Circling back to your chart, your Sixth House is empty and you have no Virgo factors. Yet you have sleep and anxiety problems, so what is going on? You have a stellium in Aries which rules the head. It is also ruled by Mars, which is associated with inflammation. You might want to dig into your Aries side. Aries, when expressed, is usually there in people who play football, do judo, or engage in competitive, sometimes quite aggressive sport. It works well for strongly Aries people. An Aries stellium person who is at home with the chart, also takes firm action when there is a need to attack. You have an opposition at 28/29 Aries-Libra and that’s inner conflict. Or sometimes a marriage which compels you to deny your Aries side in favour of your Libra side, which is husband and wife in unison, in unity. I think your issue is Aries overload in your First House and you may want to explore that. I wrote about it in my new book, which is free to you as a member. Look at the Tarot too. Do you have bruxism? What you cannot permit yourself to say in irritation or anger during the day can result in teeth grinding at night. That’s one example. But inflammation is absolutely a Mars/Aries concern so your body is talking to you. I hope you fix it. For some relief until then look at the hypnosis of Glenn Harold, which is free to try.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve written before on one of your Covid posts. Thanks for another prediction. As you might remember, I was a vaccine and disease mortality researcher for doctors at a hospital. To this day, I peruse medical journals, reading peer-reviewed and pre-print studies. I’ve been in the health field for over twenty years as a therapist, and have studied viruses and bacteria since the 1990s.

    Here’s a few things to understand. No mask can keep 100% of a virus from a person’s airways. A big viral particle (it’s an inert cell), is usually around 500 nanometers, but that’s rare. Viruses are usually from 5 nm to 300 nm. They believe SARS COV 2 is around 150 to 200 nanometers. The gaps between the weaves in a mask are usually between 500 nm to 1000 nm. N95s aren’t masks. They’re classified as respirators, which is why they’re so effective. They are made of multiple layers of a synthetic fiber and according to the CDC (in America), significantly blocks A HUGE AMOUNT of more viruses than any other masks out there, and as the CDC has stated, masks don’t really block much out other than large droplets.

    Most importantly, the actual fit of a respirator or face masks makes the most difference. Also, if you can smell a burning match through a face mask, it’s not going to keep away the majority of particulates in the air. There’s a lot more to it, and a reason why they have professionals in hospitals who fit respirators on physicians, which can take ten to thirty minutes, and why they perform several specific tests after the mask is fitted to make sure it’s fitted correctly, because if it’s not, they redo the fitting.

    Here’s what I think people should know about viruses, because without them, we cannot live. There’s something we all know called the ‘germ theory’. It’s a theory. In laymen terms, it states that the internal human body is a clean slate, and when a virus enters, we get slightly sick, moderately sick, or very sick, and sometimes die. When that theory ‘came out’, there wasn’t a technology or microscope big enough to find any viruses. Viruses simply meant, “poisons.” It wasn’t until the 1930s that we found inert cells via microscopes that they decided to label viruses.

    In the 1990s, doctors and scientists completed one of the most important studies in human history. It’s called the human genome project. They found that the germ theory was 100% incorrect, because viruses exist in our bodies, and in the quadrillions. They help with organ functions, uptaking minerals and vitamins from one area to another, helping with memory, allowing pregnancy, and more and more. Without them, we wouldn’t have a gut virome and biome, and we wouldn’t exist. Viruses perform thousands of functions throughout the body, and coupled with the microbiome, it’s the only way we can function in life. Viruses also make up 50% of our genome, and without viruses, we’d have very little, if any, nutrients in our plants and foods.

    There’s 10 to the 31 viruses in the air. That’s a 1 with 31 zeroes. We have 10 to the 30 in our seas. And 10 to the 31 in our soils. We have 10 to the 15 in our bodies.

    On Earth, we’re down from a 100% microbiome in a few short hundred years to 3% microbiome. Viruses and bacteria are just a few things that make up our microbiome and virome. Once we reach 0 microbiome, all life dies, because bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc., feed the nutrients from our soil into our plants. That’s why they say we’re in the 6th Great Extinction right now. It’s not so much because of global warming, it’s because we’ve killed the majority of our topsoil via over-tilling, wrong farming practices, pesticides, wars (bombs and chemicals), GMOs, chemical runoffs, pollutions, and the list is endless. Big business via corporate greed is killing the seas, soils, and the air we breathe.

    There’s a reason why we’ve had more pandemics (small and large) in the history of the world since the 1970s. We decided to bring more and more chemicals in various ways and lather it all over the Earth. But, you don’t read about these small and large pandemics, because they’re not that big of news when pharmaceutical companies can’t benefit from them via vaccines and new drugs, but it’s been happening. You destroy the soil, the viral genomic particles and bacterias must rebalance, and because so, they have to overpopulate, and they have to strengthen. It’s an entire process that I can’t explain here. Harming the soil, the water, and the air directly effects human health. So above, so below. So the macro, so the micro.

    I’m not trying to preach here. Sorry about that.

    The best way to survive during any pandemic, and during any illness, is to get healthy. To eat from your own garden, if you can. If not, to find farmers markets and organic foods. Drink spring water, if you can find it, or filtered water, or from a source you know has minerals in it.

    Through research, we find that those that died the most from Covid were the most sick, the ones that were highly overweight (almost 80% filled the ICU’s and death beds in the USA) with two or more comorbidities. At one point, the CDC said the majority of people dying of COVID had 4 comorbidities and were morbidly obese. The average age of death is in the 80s in the United States.

    If we eat healthy, exercise, get in nature, watch news that’s actually positive (at another point, CDC posted that one of the leading causes of death for COVID is anxiety), then the risk of dying from COVID drops significantly. I MEAN, significantly. Regarding Long Covid, with a change of diet, with getting more fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet, you can also help with that considerably.

    Anyway, I love your website and visit almost every day, giddy for another post of yours. Thanks for keeping this guy informed.

    1. Your last post was really popular, so thank you. Big business and corporate greed was a problem we ended up with when Pluto went into Capricorn from 2008 and here we are, with a pandemic (that should have stayed as a Chinese epidemic) and as you say, macro-micro with soil, for example. You are also talking the language of Virgo/Sixth House when you mention vegetable-rich eating and lowering anxiety. This is classic Virgo territory. In astrology, March 2023 stands out, but we don’t know why yet. It may be because of a popular movement in this direction as Pluto (power) goes into Aquarius (community). More tellingly, Pluto goes out of Capricorn and so that unhealthy control that politicians have had, over our very lives, stops. When they control borders, they control the mortality rate.

    2. “Anyway, I love your website and visit almost every day, giddy for another post of yours.”

      Brandon Ellis, I dare say you speak for a lot of us…

      And thank you for your post; it is SO very necessary. Just wish the global populace would be interested in and take the time to understand these simple symbiotic relationships.

  24. Hi Jessica! Thank you for your warning regarding March 2023! I have Venus and Ceres in Virgo.. and I am already very cautious when it comes to covid exposure. I wear a KN95 mask every where, have not met friends since the pandemic began because I had a baby right around the time we started going into lockdown and I wanted to protect him. I take all of these precautions, yet, I got covid earlier this year due to my son being exposed at daycare. Cannot focus on work without him going to daycare. He is too young to wear a mask. The fact that I have two factors in Virgo in the 6th house – does that mean I am at increased risk of exposure for whatever is in store for March? I guess I’m not surprised. Daycare is the biggest potential source. I am considering ordering the UV light for use at home.

    1. I am so sorry your son was infected with Covid in daycare and you were then infected. Daycare should have had HEPA filers, ventilation and UVC light. There is no excuse for not knowing about it. The class action lawsuits will begin from March 2023 as groups of people use their power to take action against organisations, businesses, corporations who knowingly failed to protect and prevent. It’s so similar to the cigarette industry, on the last Saturn in Pisces cycle. And they were felled by class action lawsuits. So stay across this. The difference between a parent, and protection/prevention, is people power. And it’s coming.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    Like you I don’t think COVID 19 is finished with us yet. What concerns me is that governments all over the world think the opposite. Here in NSW we are no longer required to self isolate at all and we may be at the start of a new wave. When questions about rising COVID numbers are posed by the press, our politicians just seem to deflect the question with “we are living with COVID now”.
    I agree we need to change the way that we “live” with COVID because, even though I am triple vaxed and yet to catch COVID (even thoughI was exposed 4 times) I do follow a set of simple rules. Mask wearing, avoiding large crowds, don’t travel and get vaccinated.
    Why is it as humans we don’t just do what works? If these lights do work as suggested then why are governments not placing them in government buildings, hospitals, schools and transport? My guess is money, but look at the money that was spent on vaccines, lockdowns and drugs to treat COVID! I also wonder if these lights can kill COVID can they also kill other viruses and bacteria as well. If so wouldn’t their cost then bring down the cost of health care treatments, and therefore be cost effective in the long term. This is something the pharmaceutical companies that have made billions on COVID would not like and therefore campaign against it.
    Like millions of others my age I have a stellum in Virgo which is concerning. So I hope the solution is coming. Thank you for the timely warning.
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you Julie. New South Wales has had poor leadership on Covid from the beginning. I am glad you have avoided the virus through masks, avoiding travel, crowds and so on. Have a look at UV light. It is also called UVC and UV222. It eliminates the common cold, Covid-19 and influenza. The gift of Covid was that it forced researchers to find what worked. And what worked was this safe UV light – and it worked on everything. It’s gone mainstream enough that Panasonic and Philips are selling home and workplace units. I expect once Pluto goes out of Capricorn from March 2023 we will find out just how many politicians and businessmen tried to obstruct the new discovery. So let’s see. Until then, keep doing your Virgo.

  26. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for continuing to keep a focus on covid. I have a largish virgo stellium and have a very fussy side to me … I have been pretty obsessive about protecting myself since this all started and to date haven’t had covid and am very determined not to. The biggest signal to me is how hell bent the Chinese Govt is on covid zero … I truly believe that the Govt there knows something about this virus that we don’t … it may well have an even creepier impact on the body that we are yet to fully realise. Let’s face it, if a chef prepares a meal but won’t eat it themselves under any circumstances, that has to tell you something. The Chinese Govt determination to stop the spread of covid even though shutdowns are impacting their economy very seriously is all the warning I need re covid. Loved your book Jessica … just brilliant. You are a gift to the world.

    1. I agree that China has a bigger stake in the virus. If I think back to the original 2019 prediction about a virus, it pulled in the Chinese but also world politics and NATO. At the moment, science tells us people who have been infected with Covid have a greater incidence of heart issues. And we are yet to see what happens to people who have four, five, six injections of vaccine over the long-term. So there are lots of Virgo/Sixth House concerns here. I am glad you have never had Covid. Neither have I and I have no intention of getting it. I cancel group gatherings all the time in Hobart because the organisers do not protect people with HEPA filters and/or UV light. There is still a lot of what I call The New Stupid around unfortunately. I’m sure you know what I mean.

  27. Hi Jessica – it’s not an exaggeration to say that your posts have saved lives – thank you! I just had an umpteenth fight with my boyfriend (March 13, 1969, Joburg ) since March 2022 over COVID and his increasing refusal to social distance before seeing me who is high risk for Long COVID by age, sex, weight, and blood pressure alone. I also suspect he’s given up masking, which I find barbaric. This is the man who would have shut the world down in March 2020, and found summer 2021 travel amoral. Now, says I can’t comment on COVID science or masking laws since all I have is an undergrad BSc (I have a microbiology-based MSc). I am also a lawyer. He’s an accountant who works with lawyers, so the credentialism is an irritant. We’ve known each other for 10 years, been friends then on-off lovers for 6 years, and started to get serious recently. I don’t know if this change in attitude is stress (his daughter’s mental issues came to light in the pandemic, she just quit uni to recover), he’s had asymptomatic COVID and is brain damaged, and/or he’s always been an arse. Any insights, please, as to what’s likely going on? What’s worse, I am about to start working with one of his friends early December, so have concerns about the conflict spilling over into work. As for COVID Twitter, if I may recommend @fitterhappierAJ, @DFisman, and @FurnessColin. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Thank you. That is a great compliment to read and I appreciate you taking the time and trouble to put it in writing. You are a lawyer with a microbiology MSc and your accountant boyfriend is not masking. He is also being irrationally critical. Your North Node is in Scorpio in the Eighth House of financial and sexual relationships. This is commonly marriage and mortgage, but it can be common-law marriage and rent. It can also turn up when you lend each other money, or pay for each other, or hire each other, or share common possessions. You have a past life which carries over into 2022, 2023 and does not stop until July 2023. It may have been with him. It may have been with another husband (or wife, if you were male). You need closure on that incarnation which is why you have come back on the planet during not only Covid, but also AIDS. In a previous life, you saw the realities of Scorpio (the sign of death, sex, money and property) and for whatever reason, you are back in a really challenging year or two, with Uranus in Taurus opposing your Scorpio Node, but also the North Node in Taurus too. And not to mention your actual North Node in Scorpio being crossed by the transiting South Node in Scorpio. Read more about Scorpio in your (free) copy of Modern Astrology 2050, but the bottom line is, scorpions can eat each other, or sting each other to death, when they have sex. And here you are in the middle of a cycle that’s not happened in your adult life. So it goes beyond him. It reaches into part of the reason you are here, which is why it is pushing all your buttons. The Tarot can tell you more about the incarnation and if he was in fact wedded to you last time.

  28. HI Jessica, Thank you for your response to my question. Thank you! I am going to study it and really think about it, as you are right. In this life, I was working so much, and did not do the screening tests I should have done and got myself into a situation with my health. Yes, I am sure dad and I knew each other, and there were questions of fitness for duty. Military strategy comes so easy for me, and I always did try to measure up, and there was a lot of benefit too. It would not be beyond me to work myself to death in another life. Took a while to settle in with being a woman, but I like it now. Just trying to hang out on this planet and learn my lessons. Thank you again.

  29. Dear Jessica, thank you kindly for this life saving information. I’m feeling quite frightened about March 2023 as my natal Ceres is at 28 Virgo. Will the Jupiter in Pisces opposition and Ceres retrograde potentially affect my health negatively? I have two young children and wish to prepare as much as I can. Please help.

    1. Thank you. It is important to be proactive if you have Virgo factors in your astrology chart. This is about lifestyle change, for you and the family. You have probably made changes already since 2020. There is no need to be frightened. (Any more than people were frightened of AIDS and passive smoking the last time we had this cycle). Just make strong choices. The strongest choices will be to join others in insisting that authorities instal HEPA and/or UVC indoors. The easy choices are doing that yourself, at home. Ventilation and al fresco dining; delivery not shopping; the great oudoors – are all easy choices. In the same way that you would not have had unsafe sex without condoms while having two cigarettes in the ashtray on the last cycle (!) you would not take Covid risks now. The bigger picture is that we are seeing the empowerment of women and working people, rise sharply, in relation to male politicians and businessmen. So if you want to avoid being infected or infecting others, you’ll find your allies and move forward. Just for yourself, just now, treat Covid the way you treat AIDS and cigarettes. And as a Ceres in Virgo person your power is with information, research and detail. So it’s off to Google you go, to see for yourself how HEPA and/or UVC units which you plug into your home, knock out 99% of Covid, colds and flu.

  30. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for more detail about the future of Covid. I have a Virgo stellium with both Saturn and Jupiter. How will that affect me? As you know, I work in the aviation industry and I am constantly worrying about new variants and how it would affect job security. My company is, like most of the U.S., in full covid denialism. No one wears masks, even in small enclosed spaces with customers who just travelled from other countries. I am the only person who wears any mask at all (N95), and comments and weird looks are not uncommon. It may even be delaying my promotion, but I have no way to prove it. I have no option to work from home, since my job requires my physical presence.

    My theory is cognitive dissonance has taken over. Perhaps it is easier for most aviation workers to pretend it doesn’t exist, than face the fact that their careers and lives are 100% vulnerable to the virus. Air travel is the reason covid spread as quickly as it did, and that is what caused the mass panic in March 2020. I was shocked that air travel was not completely shut down in spring and summer 2020. There was more concern about airline profits and freedom of travel, than public health. March 2023 will be a brutal wake up call.

    The class action lawsuits you have mentioned are interesting. Who would be suing who? And is there a role I can play in them?

    1. Thank you. Your Virgo stellium will kick in, from March 2023, with the aviation industry. As you say, it’s in denial of Covid. Well done on wearing your mask. You are delaying your promotion? That’s part of it. Virgo is work, health, work, health in a circle and you will have to make choices, from March 2023 to 2026. I agree with you that dissonance has taken over. When you say you were shocked that air travel was not shut down in spring and summer 2020, I think many readers would agree with you. Class action lawsuits will come March-June 2023 at first, the initial wave of Pluto (power) in Aquarius (trade unions, people). There will also be strikes. The trick is numbers. Find your allies and align with them. This is long-term and goes until 2044, but executives and boards are about to find out how potent large numbers of wisdom warriors can be together. Especially women, who are about to come into their own – and today’s teenagers/young adults too.

  31. Thank you, Jessica. I’m sorry to hear about your friend and I hope her hair grew back after that. I wanted to respond to your comments as I always find it helpful and enjoy reading confirmations of your insights in others’ posts. Maybe this will be helpful to someone else.

    Sadly, my Aries side doesn’t get a lot of athletic/physical expression. I work from home and sometimes feel more isolated, also low energy, and don’t push myself to get up and out to exercise solo as much as I could right now. Maybe this is indicated by the squares to my Aries Sun or the Aries-Libra conflict. Funny you mentioned, “the marriage which compels me to deny my Aries side” (my partner has Libra-Aries Asc/Des, so reverse mine). This is a point of contention – I frequently suggest going on hikes, walks, or out to explore to no avail, he is too tired after physical labor at work all day/week. So most often our activities revolve around dinner and movies at home (or chores). He wants to rest and I want to play. I’m longing to find a buddy or buddies to enjoy these activities with and I can also be so selective. My fire comes out in irritated rants at times in my relationship, words can be weapons and tools of protection, I work on this. Stress also appears as migraines and I do have bruxism! My dentist has been pointing it out for the past several years. I’ve had a hard time keeping the mouthpiece in during the night. I definitely get that my body is talking to me – deciphering it is the challenge. I see some clues as I write this. I’ll check the Tarot. I will also explore the Aries portion of the book – thank you – and check out the hypnosis by Glenn Harold. Thanks for being here to have these discussions with us! Truly appreciated 🙂

    1. Thank you. Yes, my friend’s hair grew back eventually but she was terribly ill with what the English hospital denied was Covid. I agree with you about the comments here; they are part of each story and I am very grateful when people extend the feature. It’s real life astrology. You have just spelled out the problem very neatly. You and your husband have Aries-Libra patterns. Your own Aries is blocked. You want to hike. He’s too tired. And thank you for confirming you have bruxism, which is what your chart suggested. The answer is to ‘do’ your Aries warrior woman as soon as possible and if your husband won’t, find people who will gladly join you. Hiking, but also women’s football; riding; boxing. Whatever a Roman gladiator would have done, you do. Give it a month and see how you feel. It’s not enough to just be fit. You actually have to pit yourself against an opponent, to satisfy your Aries side. Voluntary emergency services are another way.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your update on covid. I have purchased 2 true hepa filter air purifiers and been using them for some time now. Are these helpful in protecting us from this virus. I would like to get a uvc floor standing air unit for the home, can you advise which ones are best to get, I have had a problem getting hold of one.
    Thanks for all your help and advice that you give us all.

    1. Have a look at Google Scholar and HEPA to reassure yourself with all the university research – the latest from 2022 as well as the 2020 early Covid findings. Same with UVC/UV22/Safe Ultraviolet. Far-UVC kills COVID, SARS, influenza, salmonella and most viruses people breathe. I don’t know which country you are in, but I bought two $1532 AUD Philips UVCA units from The Lighting Shop online. They advertise that the units kill 99.99% of Covid Omicron and Delta and that’s good enough for me. I have one in my office and one in the waiting room. One at home. They do make smaller sizes and the units can be wheeled from room to room. Your own research might find a different brand or lower price. Good luck. And thank. you.

  33. Thank you for the update Jessica. Fascinating and informative as always.

    I am now sure if you are aware that your Twitter account appears suspended today 11/11/22.

  34. Thankyou Jessica. Just yesterday, I was reading about how during the Black Death, cats were considered evil, and killed in their masses, thus exacerbating the plague. (at my last home, I had rats running thru the kitchen on my first day on moving in, but my rescue black cat that I adopted the next week saw to the end of them.) An example of the clash you refer to between Pisces and religion and Virgo and health.

    I do worry about next year, my aviation employed husband did contract covid (he and I of course share Pluto and uranus in Virgo) and he is still experiencing issues from his earlier covid. However, I did read the comments of one of your other readers re the damage to the earth via top soil stripping and chemicals etc. Last week, we spent some time on our bush block in Mineral Spa country in regional Victoria (there is an actual mineral spring that sits in a corner of our land). On each visit, we go to the mineral spa pumps and fill up the bottles to bring home. And I have started an organic vegetable patch there (in addition to my suburban one). Anyway, I have noticed this week that after last weeks visit, the husband does have less respiratory issues. I do see the natural environment as magical (my paramedic in training son mentioned that we dont understand how the air has intrinsic purifying qualities over and above its actual composition, and I think it is so for the earth.) Our planet is live and constantly adjusts to maintain its own life. The natural environment can cure, so I hope that when Jupiter rolls on to Taurus, it is as much about the positivity and abundance in and from the land as it is growth and abundance in prosperity. Just my ten pence!


    1. Veronica, the Black Death was all tied up with religion and also witchcraft, of course. Pisces things. And Virgo also rules small animals. Perhaps that’s where it came from. Your husband’s better health with the mineral spa water on your land is a good sign. I agree with you, nature is magical. “Our planet is live and constantly adjusts to maintain its own life” is a great quote. Gaia may have two things in mind here. Covid and Climate. The people who create climate emergency are the same people who create covid emergency. That struck me the other day. Is Gaia disabling them?

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I apologise as I made an error about your Twitter account being suspended. Hopefully it never happens.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thanks Patricia. No, my Twitter account is alive and well. I’ll be curious to see if the intention was to make Twitter cheap, sell bargain shares to Twitter users and create a different service, while secretly stoking one or two of the new rivals. There’s shenanigans here anyway. Eclipse moves.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve got Pluto at 29 Virgo and a Capricorn north node. The responsibility of collective health, including how we treat ourselves, the planet and eachother has probably been the most central meaningful driver in my life. I share both of those with my peer group born the same year as me and while I could say my old highschool friends of the same vintage ( as a sample) do care about livability and social wellbeing to some degree, eg working in midwifery, environmental consulting – mostly they’re pretty much in the status quo of building the lifestyle of modern consumerism. Plenty of them are chasing corporate profits without the pay back to society at all , and also in mining that is. ..well, Earth rapey. So, I wonder how that critical 29 degrees Virgo works for them? I’m not a puritan but I really get that good quality information is the best precursor to selfcare and social responsibility and general management. When the pandemic began I was buzzing with optimism that these reality checks about pollution, runaway capitalism and ‘ me ‘ centric mindsets were done for , and that we were really dawning the awareness of inevitable connectedness.
    Yet even my partner’s hospital workplace culture doesn’t seem to have very high information hygiene levels . It sounds like from your astro weather predictions that the next few months are a coming storm for a lot of that initial ripple effect of COVID globally and locally?

    Loving the blog and comments so much, thanks so much for such comprehensively researched and strongly engaged work.
    Apologies if my comments writings are sometimes scrawly. I’m living with something similar to long covid and it brain fizzes me.

    1. Thank you Kate. You have incarnated to figure out work, success, service and duty. You have done this before and wanted to come back during the pandemic to master what evaded you last time. Interesting! Your partner works in a hospital where there is no trade union pushing for HEPA and UVC protection. The workers are not pushing the employers. Yet they are supposed to serve the patients. The patients are not unionising to push the hospitals. This is all classic Virgo generation stuff and of course these cycles have been repeating since the 14th century. The rest is up to your partner, though it affects you, because you risk infection. None of this is easy. Sacrifices must be made. You have to take a stand. I posted this very recently. My eyes were on March 2023 and I realised I’d missed Ceres in Virgo. That rang alarm bells. I was already concerned about March anyway, because Saturn was going into Pisces (the old AIDS cycle) but Ceres was the clincher. Today I see that cases in Australia, where I live, are up at least 50%. I’ve not yet checked government statistics in Britain, America, Europe, Asia, but it is likely the same. A highly infectious variant. Stepping back from all this, looking at all the cycles of Pluto, Neptune and the rest, it’s about the end of greed capitalism. And that’s what Covid does. This fantasising and denial in 2021-2022 has actually brought it on. All the tourism and shopping has ironically triggered its own slump. I expect a lot of this seems awfully familiar to you. You may have had a past life in the 14th century. It is possible.

  37. Hello Jessica, thank you for your posts. I’ve been following you since the start of pandemic and you have been so helpful. I am wondering if the vaccines do help against severe Illness in covid? My daughter starts public school kindergarten next fall and I want to know how to best protect my family. Right now my husband works from home but they are encouraging people to return to office. The last few years have been daunting. Where we live in US seems like people have given up on mask wearing and social distancing.

    1. Science and medicine tell us that people in intensive care with Covid are more unvaccinated, than not. I strongly recommend you follow the good doctors and epidemiologists of Twitter who post daily. They translate the research and statistics into quick information you can use for your own self-care and your daughter and husband too, as your chart shows you are a protective wife and parent. So keep yourself updated. Look at what Google Scholar tells you too. Pfizer and other big pharmaceutical companies have a huge vested business interest in making us stick with the injections. All the more reason to go to science, where scientists are duty bound to confess if they have a conflict of interest. They continue to tell us the truth about vaccines, along with data on health issues faced by vaccinated people. The biggest takeaway, without doing any of this, is that vaccines do not stop infection. They do not stop Covid and that means a risk of Long Covid for some people. So it is to alternatives you also need to turn. And your husband’s office should pay for UVC and HEPA. I assume they are doing that.

  38. Thank you, Jessica. This is a great article to prepare for the worst in 2023. I have my nodes in Pisces-Virgo. I was wondering what that would mean for me in terms of my health, work and general future. Thank you so much.

    1. The lunar nodes show your past life and the reason you are here now. In a past life you had a conflict between your religion and your health. It may have been a religion that forbade pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. Another example? You may have been a pilgrim during The Black Death and gone to Canterbury Cathedral, only to contract bubonic plague from a priest. I could go on, but it is your dreams which will reveal the Pisces-Virgo past life to you. In this lifetime, it is unlikely to be religion that is the issue, unless you are a devout follower. (If you are, choose live stream, not superspreader gatherings indoors). Instead, we go to your soul, your spirit, your psyche and your subconscious. This submerged part of yourself is as complex, important and full as your conscious life. It matters quite as much as your work, unpaid work or study. It matters just as much as your health and wellbeing. As one begets the other, when you meet challenges from March 2023, it is to your spirit, soul, psyche or subconscious that you must turn to, for answers. A really simple example of Virgo-Pisces is schooldays. When your soul was disturbed by schoolchildren you disliked, or teachers, or even the lessons – you got a cold. The cold got you a week away. Why did you get the cold? Because you unwittingly, unknowingly, put yourself in harm’s way by sitting next to a sick student on the bus. And on it goes. Why else did you get the cold? Because you weren’t eating enough fruit and vegetables. That lowered your immunity and you got the bug, that got you away from what you subconsciously did not want in your life. I’m not saying this happened to you, but it is an example of how Pisces-Virgo works. What we unwittingly, absent-mindedly, forgetfully, unknowingly, do is often the ‘very soul of us’ driving us into something required, in order to effect change. If we don’t seek that change knowingly and consciously, it tends to come at us, apparently from exterior events. In truth it is often generated without us knowing that we are driving the whole thing. If you have the nodes here it is worth looking into. Religion and plague have a long and complicated history.

  39. Thank you Jessica for your valued insight. As other readers do, may I also please ask you what is coming up for me? I have a Virgo factors as follows:

    Venus 22 degrees
    Pluto 8 degrees
    Apollo 17 degrees
    Panacea 24 degrees
    Volcano 14 degrees
    Psyche 21 degrees

    I have had unexplained health issues since early 2020, becoming worse in March 2022, slowly improving now. I also sold my 25 acre property in August 2022 and moved into the suburban home I was left in an estate, but am not completely happy here (noisy neighbourhood) and thinking of selling up soon. Was hoping to travel to UK/Europe, but health and Covid got in the way. Any advice you could provide me would be greatly appreciated Jessica. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Your Virgo stellium is really important with your health issues, of course. Pluto at 8 Virgo is opposed by Chiron at 9 Pisces. This Pluto-Chiron opposition suggests that your need to control work, unpaid work and housework (Pluto in Virgo) is at odds with your unconscious (Pisces) need to experiment with life. This has been there since the day you were born and the pattern is dormant until triggers from transits pass 8, 9 degrees. You had this when the lunar nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius passed 8, 9 degrees. So, to the future. Because Saturn will go to 8, 9 Pisces and in fact be in opposition to your entire stellium, it’s as well that you address what your subconscious is doing. In astrology, you don’t separate the core feelings about work, from the way the physical health and mental health functions. Even as children we learn that having a cold gets us time off school. It’s always interesting to ask your dreams (a route to the subconscious) why you have generated something within, that necessitates you opting out, dropping out, taking time out or permanently abandoning some kind of work. It may be walking the dog. It may be working for the man. Another route to the subconscious is the Tarot. Select one card from this website and sit with it. Ask what the core issue was, behind the illness. You can do this any time you have issues in the future. It’s very useful. In general, your health and wellbeing should be your number one priority from March 2023. Not only Saturn will oppose your Virgo stellium but eventually the North Node in Pisces will do the same. If noise annoys you, then you must move. Don’t travel if you see Covid numbers escalating in your destination, in particular. Also death rates. Governments evade and avoid the truth these days but the life insurance companies don’t lie. Be a realist about that – as I said, your health on every level is the total priority. It’s just for a short time, but you can be happy ‘doing your Virgo’ too. Once you find a routine you love, commit to it. Living al fresco is safe. And it’s fun.

  40. Hi Jessica, Thanks so much for your hard work and the great astrological predictions. I appreciate the information on CR boxes and I’m in the process of getting them made. I have stelliums in Virgo and Pisces (among others!) – and I frequently feel stuck/frozen. Any thoughts, please? Many thanks once again!

    1. I am excited you are making CR boxes. Corsi Rosenthal boxes are something I need to do a lot more research on before my Conscious Cafe event in December, as although I have the information about the Philips UV Purification Big UVCA 210 Air Disinfection Units to hand, from the New Zealand Lighting Shop, I need to update on these incredibly affordable, home-made CR boxes. I am not sure which country you are in. If you are in the UK then look at Philips which has exactly the same product. They claim it achieves 95% air disinfection in 80m3 in one hour. I have two of these and have never had Covid. So it’s worth doing the leg work and the DIY work as well, I think. Please share what you find about CR boxes here or on Twitter where I can retweet it to readers. Your Virgo stellium will really help with that and in fact your Virgo stellium will be your great help and blessing, 2023-2026 as despite the oppositions from Saturn in Pisces and then the North Node in Pisces, the more you safeguard your wellbeing by paying attention to tiny details the better. It also helps to get a routine established before you have any challenges. You need to know you are protected if you have been exposed to Covid by other people. Virgo stellium women are ‘ritual habitual’ and once something becomes automatic you are on your way. I am sure you already do that. When you get into a car you put on your seat belt and open the window. Even when it’s cold. It’s really on that level. Daily exercise, daily fruit and vegetables and the rest that nanny told us about. Mary Poppins was a super Virgo. If you feel stuck or frozen it is because you have Mars at 16 Virgo opposite Venus at 16 Pisces. You were born with Mars in opposition to Venus. Your Pisces Venus wants a relationship with God, Buddha, the spirit world, the sacred, the gods and goddesses, Ganesha, Lakshmi and the rest. You are partly invisible, mysterious and submerged to people. The other part of you wants to work hard, get everything done faster, push herself and her body and attack the housework. This is so different you end up grinding your gears. Find a daily routine (Virgo) which lets you be Pisces. Some people do a work blitz, take a hard walk, then have a bath for two hours then meditate. That’s Virgo-Pisces. Have to say, constructing CR boxes against Covid is the ultimate Mars in Virgo activity. Then put on the incense and balance your chakras.

  41. Thank you very much Jessica for your detailed reply to my question; I didn’t expect it. (I couldn’t reply under my actual comment for some reason). You are so kind to do what you do. I made an inquiry to your team about a private reading, but was told that you don’t do them, so thought I’d be cheeky and ask you via this page.

    I will definitely be taking your advice, and found it amazing that you picked up about me “opting out”.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks so much Barb. I only give private readings for charity auctions and the last one was 45 minutes and went for over $4000 so a more affordable way is to just use the methods I use, for myself, which are on this website. Start with Modern Astrology 2050 and look at your stelliums for the really important things. For more urgent questions use the Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Garden Oracle and just follow the steps. That’s the best way. Another way is to order a 2023 horoscope (we will announce these shortly, but be quick, as they sell out rapidly). This includes access to a forum near your birthday where I answer your biggest question. And yes, I do look at the Comments section regularly and answer as much as I can. Thank you for following up.

  42. Dearest Jessica,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your insightful and detailed predictions.
    I Head up a software company geared towards the hospitality sector and my worry is that I am not sure that the sector can take another hit. You have inspired me to think really in the macro on this and connect with UK Hospitality to help make indoor environments as safe for customers as possible.
    I haven’t posted before, I have recently had surgery which is looking extremely good and I know I am in track to change my health and my life around. I feel so positive for the future but I know there will be so many challenges on the way. You have helped me and more ways you can imagine Jess – I cannot thank you enough. One last question, please can you take a look at my birth chart and let me know what your thoughts are – I seem to be Aries in steroids! I am a black woman in a man’s tech world kicking arse with love and joy in my heart.

    1. Thank you. Hospitality has been affected by this airborne virus. As Professor Jose-Luis Jimenez wrote, surfaces have dominated 0 demonstrated cases – but it is clear COVID transmits in shared air. A vaccine ‘produces immunity against a disease’ according to the Oxford dictionary, so Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca are not vaccines. Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer tested positive for Covid after four doses of Pfizer. So what now? Philips Lighting on Twitter @Philips_lights claims that Philips UV-C upper air luminaires inactivate 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, in the air of a room in less than 10 minutes. Now that Pfizer had admitted the vaccine was never tested for transmission, it is to UV-C (safe Ultraviolet light) the hospitality industry must turn. The Smoke-Free Environments act of 1990 showed second-hand smoke was dangerous enough to change the law. Well, go figure with Covid! If you are in the UK then you need to talk to Philips about what I just bought (three times) in Australia. The $1532 AUD Philips UVCA 200 UV-C Disinfection Floor Standing Unit which they advertise kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including Delta and Omicron variants. We banned indoor smoking but are unable to ban indoors SARS at the moment. When I say ‘we’ I don’t mean you or I, who are responsible business owners, I mean the UK government. The Australian government. The US government. The last time we saw this Saturn in Pisces cycle, which is going to hit your customers, was late May 1993 to June 1993, then January 1994 to April 1996. AIDS depopulation. So how do we handle the new cycle of Saturn in Pisces, starting March 2023? Well, the City of Melbourne did a study which showed, according to Acting Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece, that there are 53% less infections if you open windows. With HEPA units, 49% less infections, with ‘displacement ventilation air-conditioning’ 83% less infections. So that’s interesting. These Philips units combine HEPA and have the virus-destroying light inside. What you discover in the UK will help other readers, in terms of costing and distribution. My friend bought a smaller model for home use and wheels it from room to room. So please report back. Your surgery has put you back on track and your Aries, Gemini, Aquarius stelliums suggest the new life begins next March 2023, when Pluto goes into Aquarius. From that point as a black woman in a man’s tech world, you also begin to change the world, and from 2026 you use new online technology to do that in your local town or city. Your software company or another one will skyrocket from 2026 beyond 2030 and perhaps the road begins here, with conversations we are now having about Covid. You will make or save a huge amount of money from May 2023 until May 2024 so I am also wondering if this current discussion is connected to that. Have a look at Philips in New Zealand as well as Australia, and of course, throughout Asia. You will do something new with your name and face/shape/style January-May 2023 that will help you a lot. Good luck.

  43. Thank you so, so much, Jessica! I’m in the US and I’ll continue to follow your advice. All blessings upon you for the goodness you share so freely with everyone. May you go from strength to strength!

    1. Oh, this is the New South Wales Premier, Mr. Perrotett, rolling out the red carpet for hundreds of infected people on a cruise ship in Sydney. I just had a look at the election in March 2023 and he’s likely to be rolled out. I feel very sorry for friends in Sydney who have cancer who are expected to put up with this. Once again they must cancel and avoid, stay home and live with anxiety. History is not going to judge these politicians favourably and yet, this will change the shape of politics in Australia. The ‘Teal’ wave we saw with the national election will repeat in the states; the women are coming. They are independent, wise and enraged.

  44. So much info to digest through comments and your replies re Covid 2023….
    I have stelliums in Cancer, Virgo, Pisces & Gemini. I work in hospitality where guests stay on my property in the country. Covid nearly broke me last time financially with closures, refunds etc. It was also incredibly stressful with extremely rude and self absorbed people passing through onto their next holiday when we re opened. As someone who poured heart and soul into a place of beauty and rest for people to come to, it was a challenge to stay calm and centered. I was shocked at this new type of guest.
    I have been considering selling my house/property in 2023 to retire. This was a decision made before I read your blog on COVID 2023 and beyond. I’m now questioning whether to stay if we need to bunker down again for a few more years.
    Financially not the best course ( anxiety)but for physical health it may be better as partner has health issues.
    Thank you for your insights.

    1. I am sorry about your rude guests on your country property. Your chart suggests you were born to be a terrific host with that Cancer-Virgo combination. You are wondering if you should sell and retire. Your partner has health issues. You are a Sun Cancer woman, with those stelliums in Cancer, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo to think about. Put your health first. On all levels. You are in Australia, where we are already seeing cases skyrocket – the spikes are going up the graph rapidly. This makes the tourism industry even more uncertain, of course. Your financial obstacles will vanish in March 2023. That seems to be a key decision month for you and your husband. A new arrangement. That month may even be showing up in your plans now; I suppose it is the end of summer 2023 and the peak tourist season, as autumn comes in. With that Virgo stellium, your wellbeing must be number one, not number two or three. Saturn will be in opposition and then the North Node too. There is no need to rush your decisions. Take your time and get used to using The Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle and follow the steps, to assist your decisions with your own intuition. You will be in a good position when Jupiter (opportunities, good fortune, solutions) goes into Taurus from May 2023 as he makes terrific aspects to your Cancer, Pisces and Virgo placements. So the future does look bright despite the fact that Covid cases are now rising rapidly again.

  45. Hi Jessica,
    I just have to share this with you , and I just want to say how grateful and blessed I feel , that you share all this amazing information with us . Forewarned is forearmed !
    I have just purchased a Hepa air purifier for my Mum who’s in Qld who suffers from a lung disease . She said it has already made a difference to her sleep . I am now looking at getting a far uvc light unit for extra protection too.
    The funny thing is , I would never have heard of these things had you not written about them in your blog . I have never heard them mentioned in the news , or doctors or anywhere else .
    This will help me too, as I am moving from Canberra to be with her in March , as least that was the plan !! After all this change and movement of planets in March , I am getting the distinct feeling that I should leave in February , as I worry if I leave it till March I could get stuck here, especially if the borders shut .
    My lease finishes on the 8th of January , but I could see that both Mercury and Mars are retrograde at this time so I have moved my exit date from my unit to the 22nd January . Neither planet out of shadow , but at least moving forward now, and I’m hoping to have less issues as moving is stressful enough.
    Was planning on staying a few weeks here in Canberra after I leave my unit and move in March as I mentioned , and tried to book a weekend down the coast , funnily the website wouldn’t open on my tablet. I tried a few times and took this as a strong NO from the universe that this was a bad idea…. leading me to realise that I should definitely leave before March . Again though , thankyou , for all, your research and information that is incredibly valuable, I am learning a lot .

    For anyone interested, the Hepa Air purifier I bought is from an Australian company ( Innovair) is a little expensive but has great reviews ,has a 5 year warranty, but was perfect for my mum , whom already has difficulty breathing .

    I am looking into the Far Uv lighting with another company , which I have yet to call , but thankyou for sharing the Phillips one too .

    1. Thank you very much. I’m so pleased your mother is sleeping better with the HEPA air unit. You are also working around the retrogrades to avoid the usual flux. This makes sense as Covid cases are up at least 50% in different states of Australia and who knows, by the time this is published, where Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory will be. Your computer may also be chatting to you via your spirit guides if your weekend booking kept being blocked. Thank you so much for passing on the information to other readers in Australia that you bought an Innovair appliance. I hope it continues to make life easier for your Mum.

  46. A past life in the 14th century fits my selfcare and inspo habit of listening to Early music when I’m preparing myself mentally for design work. Thanks so much for your incredibly generous work.
    Together we can move mountains.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I have Mars 8 Jupiter 22 and Pluto 23 in Virgo 12th and Moon 29 Pisces 6th.

    I just got Covid 2 weeks ago, I feel recovered though a little tired. I am 5xs vaxxed.

    I am supposed to perform and travel in 2023 in Europe and East Coast US.

    How will this March Covid affect me?

    1. You have a Virgo stellium at 8 through 23 of the sign and so regularly experience (your entire life) the Moon going from 8 through 23 Virgo, and opposite, at 8 through 23 Pisces, every four weeks. This was the case even when you were small. Your physical condition and state, and even your mental wellbeing, are tied to your paid work, unpaid work, any study, and housework. It’s a loop and it repeats every 29 days with the lunar cycle. You have had five vaccinations and still got infected with Covid. I’m glad you are recovered. Give yourself a Tarot reading about travel in Europe and America in 2023. I heard ‘Rotterdam’ clairaudiently with your question. It is very important that you take responsibility for your own wellbeing and self-care and do all the research and thinking required. You’re also using a house system which doesn’t work for me. I’ve spun your chart. Your Virgo stellium is in the Sixth House of the physical constitution and state. Be sharply aware that passive Covid inhaling is so close to passive smoking, but the difference is – you are protected against passive smoking. Check the Tarot. Please do not get Covid again.

  48. Hi Jessica, thanks for another great post. I recently come across your work and Iove it. I admire your strength and courage on putting yourself and your predictions out there for the benefit of us all. English is not my first language. I’m a male clinical Psychologist with a passion for integrating conventional and complementary medicine, in my case energy medicine and energy psychology, and I believe that empowering people about their own health is a major paradigm shift from the old “doctor knows best” approach. People need to learn to put their health in the best hands, and that is their own! And by doing this work I hope I’m fulfilling my soul journey, too. Thanks again for all that you do and sending you and your team positive energy from across the globe.

    1. João, thank you so much. Empowering people to look after their own health is a nice change from ‘doctor knows best.’ Have to say, I quit my last doctor because of the surgical masks he and his staff were wearing. Not good enough. I agree that the best hands to put your health in, are your own. You must have Virgo in your natal chart to feel that sense of mission with energy medicine and psychology. I am a huge fan of Google Scholar and Twitter for a pure information flow about Covid and everything else. I have people here who are depressed – it is good to be able to recommend walking to them – having seen one research paper after another that shows good results. We are living in an age when unfortunately Pfizer is on the sharemarket and we must do our own thinking, for ourselves.

  49. Hello again Jessica. Look what I just found when reading about Fortuna on your website, written in November 2018 if I’m not mistaken:

    “I sometimes hear astrologers dismissing asteroids because they are not classical planets. That’s a mistake. Asteroids reveal our future just as much as Jupiter, Saturn and the rest.

    We are on track for a historic transformation in the way governments and big business operates, set for January 2020. It will affect Prime Ministers, Presidents and CEO’s around the world and life will never be the same again.

    Fortuna is there on 1st January 2020 at 8 Capricorn, exactly alongside the True South Node of karma at 8 Capricorn. Every high is a low in the making, then, and every low is a high which is changing.”

    I’m putting my house on the market tomorrow. I’ve been reading your forecasts for a while about it being a good time for me regarding investments, selling, buying, property, etc. etc. and I’d been procrastinating, but will finally do it.

    Thank you Jessica, you are amazing 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, that old prediction was about January 2020 when Covid arrived. Now we know. Life never was the same again! Your house is going on the market with Scorpio weather in your solar Fourth House of property and Jupiter with all his solutions in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. You are past the eclipse so should get the conversations you want, pretty quickly. In your natal chart, you have factors at 27 and 29 Cancer in your natal Fourth House of property, and Jupiter will trine those until 20th December, so it’s the same story told twice, from public and private angles. Big answers.

  50. thank you for the heads up Jessica. I bought one large one and one spare for any future takers in my family.

    1. That’s great. Philips is the only brand that I am aware is guaranteeing elimination of Covid to 99.99%. Each country has its own website and I am not sure where you are, but the UK Philips site has a user manual for the UV-C disinfection air cleaner cites a test at Innovative Bioanalysis Lab which saw 99%+ reduction in SARS-COV-2 (the Covid virus) after 90 minutes. They repeated the test with influenza. Also 99%+ elimination. Philips not only produce our electric toothbrushers and shavers, they also have a massive hospital business. That’s reassuring to me. And as a psychic, I was told UV-C light was the answer, some months ago.

  51. Jessica, thankyou for the immeasurable insight you are gifted with. Covid has affected so many people on endless levels. It hit right as I married and to say its affected my marriage and family is an understatement. As a result of covid I’m in the midst of changing my career and hope to find success in this new field, as it will offer a better work and home balance away from the pandemic. I have Capricorn, Libra and Cancer stelliums in my birth chart. I love my family and just want to be happy with my husband but controlling outside influences constantly disrupt any harmony with what my gut says is insecurities. Will this interruption finally stop and will we be able to just move and achieve our dream. Baggage ++. Thankyou again for your site, your work and your knowledge, you’ve made a big difference in the way I see things. Will it work out? x

    1. Thanks so much. My grandmother had second sight, as it used to be called, so I have inherited that from her. You have a cardinal chart. Your Sun in Capricorn is accompanied by stelliums in Capricorn, Libra and Cancer. The fourth cardinal sign is Aries and you currently have Chiron passing through that sign. So all four corners which square and oppose each other are busy. I am sure your marriage and family (Libra and Cancer respectively) have been under historic pressure. You want a new career and you want a better marriage, despite what or who gets in the way. This gets better in stages. A lot of the pressure is off in March 2023 when Pluto leaves Capricorn. Years of politics with people or organisations surrounding your chosen field are over, then. You have seen a lot of petty power plays; you have also threatened inferior peers and rivals in your field or profession and been undermined. Covid has played its part in all that but the real issue since 2008 has been, how to cope with the resignations, mergers or promotions and appointments in your game – which have left you with what you’ve been dealing with. No wonder you want to get a new line of work. March 2023 is the turning point and by June 2023 you will realise how different life can look and feel without certain people or organisations dominating. There may be some replays and rewinding but Pluto has lost his power and by the rest of the Twenties you will be operating in a completely different way professionally. Jupiter in Aries is here Christmas 2022 to May 2023. He is beneficial. The greater benefic. Even in square and opposition, he shows you solutions. This is with husband and family. Ironically, what is a tight squeeze, hard to square, against you – helps you. It actually works out for you. The Tarot can give you a few more clues on that.

  52. Dear Jessica, I have been heeding your wonderful advice for the past two years. Despite my best efforts, I got Covid early in 2022.

    After reading other comments on this blog I just wondered – are those of us unfortunate enough to have Virgo stelliums, fighting a hopeless battle against Covid?

    Sorry for the pessimism but I’ve been having a strange time – friends and family are showing different sides of themselves. A younger brother who’d promised to share the care of my 80-year-old mother, hasn’t visited or seen her for 3 years (to be fair, he lives in the US and she’s in India. But he and his family have been travelling overseas for holidays, so I’m not sure why a visit to a parent isn’t happening). My older sister pretends she doesn’t have any responsibility towards our mum. I’ve accepted this status quo all this time but suddenly feel myself getting angry and disappointed.

    The looming spectre of another dangerous wave of Covid is making me nervous. So all in all, I’m not sure what my path should be. I just want to keep my family safe, protect my mum from disappointment in her other children and be there for those who need me.

    Any insights from you on my chart would be a blessing!! Thank you!!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you got Covid. It’s a good question. If you have a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing, are you fighting a losing battle against the virus? Not at all. But you need to understand what Virgo is. You have a stellium of six factors there, so you live in your Sixth House a lot of the time. Any issues you do not consciously resolve, will be worked out through illness. Why? Because Pisces, Neptune and the Twelfth House of the unconscious, are always opposite Virgo, Mercury and the Sixth House of health. I do wonder if your Covid was not a way of waking up your brother who has neglected your elderly mother. Your sister is also negligent. We sometimes become ill to get time off work, of time off unpaid work, because we unconsciously dislike it. You may unconsciously dislike having to put so much time and effort into caring for your mother (especially alone, which is very hard). Lo and behold, you get a virus which can disable or even kill. The elderly are vulnerable and you were infected. If that is not a huge neon light message for your selfish siblings I don’t know what it is. But if I am at all correct in this (and you are the judge) letting your body take on Covid so you can act out a punishment/warning/wake-up call for your brother and sister is no way to get what you want. You are getting angry and disappointed, but have you shown that to them? Or anyone? As John Lydon sang, ‘Anger is an energy.’ We often speak our subconscious when we write things down. You mention ‘hopeless’ and ‘pessimism’ and ‘responsibility’ and ‘angry’ and ‘disappointed’ and ‘nervous.’ You are talking Virgo, there – and Mercury, which rules Virgo. Your state of mind is really important in deciding how the rest of you functions. So you have some work to do (more work!) but it will help you as well. You have to keep your family safe and yourself. In fact your health on all levels is the number one priority March 2023 to 2026. Do your Virgo. Learn how your state of mind and particularly your subconscious mind, affect your physical state. Find techniques and methods which will help. Figure out a way to deal with your siblings and your mother. Others have been here before you; it is quite common for readers to tell me that a) they have a Virgo stellium and b) they are being lumbered with sole responsibility for caring for an aged parent while siblings go gallivanting off. The Tarot can help you gain insights into this. The oppositions to Virgo stelliums from Saturn 2023-2026 do not mean another bout of Covid at all. Or anything else. They do however urge you to remember how Virgo you actually are. You need to get the best possible relationship with your chores, housework, volunteering, paid work and those who are part of that responsibility. It has to be a contented, happy commitment. Whatever it takes to achieve that, has to happen, even if it means drastic actions sometimes. In astrology, Virgo is the valet, maid, butler, housekeeper who must respect and have affection for those whom she serves and for the tasks at hand. If any of that is off kilter, you would be amazed at how often the valet comes down with knee problems, or the butler keeps getting colds. Sometimes you have to resign. I have to tell you that too. Time to get to work on your mind as well as your body. And on a more practical note, do whatever it takes to avoid Covid full stop. Cancel as often as you have to. Spend as much money as you can.

  53. I totally agree, Jessica. And yes, Gaia is the greatest healer of them all. Regarding walking for depression, definitely yes. In Japan they even have a specific therm for it “Shinrin-Yoku” (Forest Bathing) and it has research backing it up. It´s fascinating! I have to confess that I don´t know if I have virgo in my natal chart, but I have registered as a Premium Member on your site and I´m looking forward to know more about Astrology and your work. Thank you again for all that you do. João

    1. Thank you. You have Aesculapia and Juno in Virgo in your Sixth House, João. Thank you for becoming a Premium Member. That is very interesting about Shinrin-Yoku and I’ll take a look before our big Conscious Cafe event, about 2023 and how to make the most of it. Are you familiar with the Roman god of healing, Aesculapia? He is the Greek Asklepos and also called Aesculapius too. That could be quite interesting for you. The Romans went to his temples and dreamed their diagnosis and/or cures. It must have worked well enough for the Romans because these temples were built throughout the empire. You may get some synchronicity around him. Juno, of course, shows commitment.

  54. Hi Jessica, thank you for your always compassionate writing. I’m studying the stellium in my sixth house for help on managing my life, including Covid, but could you help me unravel my Jupiter at 6 virgo? It appears to be unaspected. I’m also trying to understand the subtle difference and connection between what my 22 Aries moon means versus my 21 Scorpio ascendant, since they both involve packaging. (I’m guessing that combo equals “what you see is what you get”?) Could you help me split those hairs, too? Thank you

    1. Thank you. The MC (Midheaven), Saturn and Mars are also in Virgo in your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing, along with Jupiter. Think of it as a real house on your private estate. You open the door marked 6 which is on the highest hill, representing your highest achievement possible in this lifetime. Inside the house you find Saturn with his scythe, in a room heavily barricaded and weighed down with obstacles. You also find Mars, crashing around with his sword, wanting to attack, rush and push. Then you find Jupiter, fat on milk and honey (ambrosia) with an eagle to find the biggest and best available, and a thunderbolt to bring plentiful rain to help growth, expansion and abundance. You have a very mixed house of tenants. And that’s just a handful of them. Every 29 days or so, the Moon in Virgo enters this house for about 48 hours, and shows you what you’ve got, and what to do about it. Begin keeping a lunar diary and track the Virgo transits so you can see for yourself who or what is there. And how you are habitually dealing with your tenants. Inside the Sixth House is a private healing room and surgery. So too is your home office with computer, and the tools you use for your special field or subject, profession or calling. Once Saturn moves into opposition from March 2023 until the year 2026, your Sixth House will be under heavier weather than usual. More gates, fences, walls and the rest. So that’s when you really have to dig deeply into what you have and how to use it. The Scorpio Ascendant at 21 degrees in your chart is based on a minute-accurate birth time. If you have it, then you have an image which is all about finance, property, business or charity – but it automatically comes with a certain amount of assertiveness, even strong attack and defence mechanisms. Scorpio-Aries is associated with the pushy Wall Street trader who wears her expensive designer wardrobe with trainers. All the better for running.

  55. Have you considered impact of mosquitoes for March 23? Could it be instead of a new variant? Seeing huge increase…..not normal and others have noticed too. We dont want to see any Japanese encephalitis and Ross River disease please dear universe. I hope I am wrong on this thought. I wish more funding went towards uv light re covid though. Thankyou

    1. Yes, you are quite right. I have said Covid, based on the original Virgo-Pisces Full Moon that kicked off the pandemic announcement in March 2020. Yet, these Virgo and public health concerns extend to large-population problems in general, and insect-borne problems are part of that. So we may be seeing all kinds of issues from March 2023, once we get tipped into this Virgo-Pisces cycle. As Virgo rules lifestyle and work it’s fair to say the biggest outcome for us next year is dramatic change in the way we live and work. Again. Because so many people didn’t get the memo the first time, unfortunately. They’ll have no choice next time.

  56. Hi Jessica
    Thanks so much for sharing your insights and also this comments feature which is always fascinating as reading other people’s experiences helps you reflect on your own!
    It is interesting on HEPA; I have a large unit in my hall which filters my whole home and have had it for a number of years as I was an early adopter. It protects me from many things and I also believe from illnesses. I have a lot of allergies (dust, pollen, fragrance etc) many of which I believe were triggered by moving to a new office working environment some years ago, terrible, air-conditioned, no opening windows. The pandemic has helped in the sense that I am now able to work 80% of the time from home and avoid large gatherings (I was one of only a handful of people to not attend a recent large in-person meeting and insisted it be a hybrid event to be inclusive for all).
    I have attempted to suggest ways to make our building/workplace safer for all but facing repeated refutes of my efforts, being told that it meets “all necessary standards” and that there is no evidence for HEPA (or indeed any other positive changes like reducing use of toxic chemicals in an enclosed environment!).
    There is also now a cultural push to try and get people back into the office as ‘Covid is over’. I do not agree!
    I enjoy my job and have some great colleagues.
    I am often the one to speak out as I know that my HEPA has changed my own life and find it hard to communicate in a way to help others understand and get frustrated and defeated when met with such resistance. As I read here about the science behind it I become even angrier that they are not doing anything protective at all!
    I am wondering if there is anything about this in my chart, either around the health aspect for myself or me speaking up and trying to make changes in my workplace. I am feeling quite alone with it all.
    Your insights on my chart and any thoughts you may have on how I could move forward would be really appreciated!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the comments extend the story and I am lucky to have so many intriguing readers who add their experiences. Real life astrology. That’s great you have had HEPA for years. You are also lucky you can work from home for most of the time. Well done on insisting on a hybrid event (Zoom and in-person) for your last gathering. The more people habitually ask, the more the rest will wake up. You have also pushed at work but been rebuffed. In the future class action lawsuits, even for retrospective illness or (worse case) death, will be successful. This is the same cycle that brought down the cigarette and tobacco companies. It took until the 1990s but it was clear that they had knowingly put consumers at risk of lung cancer and heart disease. There is an uncannily similar principle here with business and politics now. I believe airlines and airports will be the first to get successfully sued from 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030. Uranus in Gemini will oppose Sagittarius then, which rules the foreign tourist industry. Your chart is Aquarius stellium dominated; you are a Sun Pisces with the IC in Virgo too. So you will join others in people power from March 2023 and will find you collectively make the world a better place. This is a long cycle. The experience of seeing how a group of dedicated people can change the world despite the odds will empower you for the rest of your life and it will happen more than once. Your IC in Virgo suggests a relative or ancestor was a nurse, doctor, surgeon or healer – or a long-term invalid who relied on the same. That is where you come from, in terms of your heritage, history and culture. And that’s why this is pushing all your buttons. Historic plagues may have affected your family tree.

  57. PS a thought has just occurred to me – is there a spiritual aspect/symbolism to the fact that the solution is light? You mentioned the longstanding link between pandemics and religion in response to someone else above and this thought just came to me.

    1. I think that UVC or safe Ultraviolet light has been channelled to artists and musicians for years. Madonna recorded Ray of Light and Andy Warhol introduced us to Ultraviolet. That very particular neon violet/mauve colour and the idea of light itself is really interesting.

  58. Dear Jessica, your reply left me gawping – I’ve been using your book, studying my chart (futilely, I may add) as to why things are panning out the way they are. Your blogs over the past year have not only been warning against Covid but also touched upon subjects like hidden issues emerging into the light. This is so true of those who are famous and powerful but I’ve felt it’s true for us common folk as well.

    For example, in our culture, like all Asian cultures, looking after one’s older relatives is considered a duty. I now realise that apart from the sheer hard work involved in elder care, I’ve been enraged that my Mum and I have been trying to cover for my siblings’ neglect. Because it is loss of face to have such children. But the truth is rising to the surface.

    I had recently started yoga with a personal trainer and had been feeling guilty at the expense. Because I’ve been paying a physical therapist for my mother which has been hugely expensive but resulted in an amazing outcome – she’s back on her feet!! Thanks to your reply, I shall now not feel guilty about my yoga teacher and in fact, will bust the bank and get myself a therapist!! Thank you so very much – I don’t think you know how much of a blessing you are to the world.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you have started yoga. I’m sure you know about Adrienne and her yoga on YouTube as well. Yoga suits your Virgo cycles perfectly now and always.

  59. Jessica, thanks so much for your reply on my chart and the point on light! Truly fascinating. The reason for my interest in light, too, is that I am currently being guided to write a book on light! Not specifically the neon kind but about light in a more spiritual way which I hope will help people. I am aiming to publish it in March 2023 so perhaps this is connected to my chart, too!
    PS I saw yesterday that Michelle Obama is also just about to publish a new book called The Light We Carry so it seems the channelling continues!

    1. This sounds amazing – and I didn’t know that about Michelle Obama. She carries a lot of light, doesn’t she? I look forward to your book.

  60. Hi Jessica, I’m Pisces moon and have Virgo in the 6th house. how could this impact me health wise? I’ve been having an issue with my weight the last few years and thinking about surgery so this article is very timely. my job doesn’t help me having to sit down for long hours 5 days a week.

    1. Ceres and Diana in Virgo in your Sixth House of health are useful if you want to lose weight. Ceres actually rules cereals (thus the name) and wheat/corn are her crops. Have a look at carbohydrate in your food, as pasta, cake and bread are obvious clues. Ceres is also about compromise/deal arrangements with a 50-50 split so that suggests a way of life where you make a deal with yourself half the time. Diana is about walking or running, pure and simple. She is the hunter. She also swims. So I know you are looking at surgery, but look at your inner Ceres and Diana as well. Your job involves so much sitting that you need to do something in your lunch break, after work and at weekends if you possibly can. Diana in Virgo is happiest when out with her dog. Have a look at the Rembrandt paintings of her. She is alive and kicking inside you, but you’re not letting her out. If you’ve been fat for years, you are in the best possible cycle to drop a few sizes, but also discover the better mood/happy chemicals that come from walking, running or swimming.

  61. Adrienne’s yoga on YouTube is such a gift (to enjoy at home!). Love that you know of her (and support her), Jessica.

    1. Adrienne is terrific and her yoga helped so many people through that long period when everyone was at home. One of the few perks of the pandemic so far.

  62. Hi, Jessica, it’s so important that you posted the information in this blog. I live in NYC and will not take public transport, go to large events, and thankfully I work from home where I spend the majority of my time. I’ve never had Covid nor have my siblings and we are very blessed, for sure. My 80-year-old father is leaving for the Caribbean at the end of the month and there’s no way to dissuade him. I give him all the info I read here and on Twitter and hope he listens to my advice. He had Covid – but a very mild case — and it passed pretty quickly. We don’t know anyone with long Covid nor anyone who was seriously ill. I say this because — not that I love exposing myself – but because this is how the majority of people think. NYC was ground zero as everyone knows. Today, it’s like it never happened. I was in Fed Ex yesterday and noticed the big tub of hand sanitizer that was by the door is gone. Why? Why remove it? Well, that’s exactly the point. Covid is yesterday’s news. The administration, CDC, local governments, all contribute to spreading that sentiment. I believe in astrology, and if you say March 2023 is going to be worse than March 2020 — realizing that you can’t see if it’s a new strain, monkeypox, Covid itself — collectively we are as prepared as we were back in March 2020. It’s alarming and disappointing and quite frankly, frightening. Those of us who follow your blogs and astrology are grateful to you – perhaps we can make some difference spreading the news but we will see.

    1. It’s fantastic that you’ve never had Covid – and in New York that is some achievement. Your father’s had it once, which may have been what has convinced him to go on this cruise at the age of 80. I don’t know if March 2023 is a new variant, or Covid Plus (Monkeypox, say) or just the tipping point of a variant we have now. It is today’s denial and fantasising that may take us to the tipping point. Other possible reasons for this problem in March 2023 may be we find evidence that repeated injections of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and so on – take a health toll. No point in worrying about it, just keep on doing what you are doing. What is happening is stealth depopulation. The life insurance companies and mortuaries don’t lie. From Canada to Australia, there are about 17% more deaths at the moment. Directly or indirectly these come from the Covid crisis, ongoing. So that’s what is going on. The issue with your father/siblings will likely peak at the Full Moon in Cancer-Capricorn (brothers and sisters) and also Aquarius-Leo (the whole family). So that’s January 6th 2023 and February 5th 2023. Sometimes we have to let the elders do what they want; their spirit has a reason for doing it. Waving to you in NY.

  63. Thank you very much for your comments, Jessica. I researched Aesculapius/Asclepius and OMG, I went down the rabbit hole, so interesting and also so related to myself in this lifetime in so many ways. The Rod of Asclepius and especially the snake are very familiar, I even have a snake tattooed around my arm like a representation of The Rod of Asclepius, even though I knew nothing about this wen I deed it many years ago. Fascinating!

    1. Perfect astrology. You have the famous snake from the Rod of Aesculapius tattooed around your arm. Thank you for letting me know, João.

  64. Thanks, Jessica! Thank goodness it’s not a cruise but the plane does make me nervous. Thanks for all your insight!

  65. Hi Jessica,
    It looks like my previous post has got lost so I won’t repeat myself here but I do have some questions I would love to have clarified. I’m a new subscriber and very grateful for finding your website. You have an interesting take on astrology and I appreciate you sharing all that information on Covid (especially the practical advise). Could you please look into my chart and clarify for me the following :
    1/ I have 5 stelliums in my chart (including the virgo one so I understand I will have to keep my health in focus next year) – are there any other influences that I should be aware of ?
    2/ I am confused about the past lives, karma and lunar nodes in my chart : virgo and pisces. Which one should I should focus on in this life? What does it say about my past lives?
    3/ This one ties up with the above – I have a time and opportunity to look for a new career. Is there any particular area that would potentially be fulfilling (including financially) for me ? My background is in design but through my life I always had interest in psychology, health, various “spiritual” areas including astrology (many years ago), feng shui, and – recently- tarot. Plus few other always changing interests. I have great difficulty picking one and make it last so maybe I’m looking into wrong areas?
    I would be grateful for some insight.

    1. Thank you. You have a Virgo stellium and your lunar nodes are Virgo-Pisces, so your past life involved a conflict between your health and your religion. In this life you are given a choice. This may be why you are looking at astrology and Tarot rather than God. Or you are finding God in those, and not in the church. Pisces is always about God in one form or another, even if it’s a complicated relationship. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn. You want a new career. This is an earthy chart, dominated by Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn so you are best suited to a career which is hands-on, practical, grounded in the real world and with a reliable income. This will become easier for you when Jupiter goes into Taurus May 2023 to May 2024 and trines your Virgo and Capricorn factors, while forming a conjunction with your Taurus stellium in the Second House. This is the chart of someone who knows the difference between bread and butter, cake and icing on the cake. You work for bread and butter, have your cake in a second job or weekend interest and get icing on the cake when you get paid for it. The Tarot can help you with ideas about that. But – your health should be your priority – never mind work. That is especially true after March 2023 when Saturn changes signs to Pisces. Your wellbeing is first, everything else is second – 2023, 2024, 2025 to early 2026.

  66. Hi Jessica. Excuse me if I posted twice I don’t see that my first comment went through.
    I wanted to thank you for this warning. I feel like the woman from New York when she says that covid is, “old news”. I live in St Louis Missouri and that’s the way it is here as well. I would have never heard about the ultralight unit. I will pass this important information on! I look forward to coming to your website every evening before bed. My mouth dropped open and eyes wide while reading your recent forecast for March 2023. I’m sad to hear that we still have so much to learn about ourselves and that it takes such tragedy to put those lessons in place. I would appreciate any words for me if you have any. Much love to you! Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you. The comments are up to 15,855 today so the line can be unwieldy and I appreciate your patience. I think most of my readers are in agreement that there is denial about Covid and a great deal of daydreaming. Actuaries tell us the truth about overall death (mortality statistics) as it’s their job to do so, and death rates are up all around the world. About 17% here in Australia. Similar in Canada. And I am sure in Missouri as well. Directly or indirectly (because of the strain on hospitals) Covid is depopulating. Have a look at UV-C, also called UV-222 and Far UV, as there are few brands and you need a guarantee in writing. We are living in really unusual times, but we are slowly moving towards ‘Form one planet’ and the generation we call Gen Z or Millennials will help us get there. You are not logged in, so unfortunately I can’t see a birth chart to read. The Tarot is always free to use on my website and it is the same deck I use for readings on the rare occasions I give them (the next one is for a charity auction for BBC Children in Need). So do use the cards – just follow the steps.

  67. Thank you, Jessica for bringing Brandon Ellis into your posts. Experts to experts. So valuable.

  68. Sorry Jessica I forgot to add that I have had Covid once back in 2020, but I haven’t been vaccinated which seems the right decision based on this article as it’s not preventing it, however both my parents Libra mum 13th October & Gemini 30th May have had the vaccines and one booster however I have stopped them getting any more boosters, I’m hoping I have made the right decision based on what’s coming in 2023 and will look into the Hepa and the UV especially as my mum is recovering from lung cancer mets to the brain which is stable thank God anything that you can share on there healths would be amazing x

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your mum has been through lung cancer and hope she is healing. Obviously everything you can do to protect her and yourself from Covid is worth it. Doctors talk about vaccine plus. So, not just the fourth or fifth injection, but also adding on ventilation, N95 masks, HEPA, UVC units. The problem with Pfizer is that it does not stop you becoming ill, does not stop you getting Long Covid and does not stop you infecting people around you; you may not even realise you’re infectious. That’s not what the world wants. This is about lifestyle change. Once Saturn goes into Pisces from March 2023 and into 2024, 2025 and early 2026, people must change their lifestyle, no matter if it’s tourism, restaurants, pubs, concerts, sport, the lot. They call it Saturn opposition, and as it opposes the Virgo placements of millions; billions – it’s a very tough time for people who don’t want to change. The good news is, Philips are promising 99.99% elimination of Covid with these units for home and workplace use and they are world specialists in hospital-grade UVC light.

    1. Waving to you in Malaysia. The most important trends for Cancer in 2023 show up in your solar and natal chart at the same time. This is about your duet or duel. Karma from 19 years ago begins in July 2023 and runs through 2024, either with this person, or with quite a different person, but the theme is familiar. This is the South Node in Libra in your natal chart and Pluto in and out of Capricorn in your solar chart. You’ll be amazed at how many separations, divorces – but also engagements and marriages – show up for Cancer people in 2023, 2024. It’s the same with work partnerships. Being ‘married’ to a professional partner also puts you at a crossroads in 2023, 2024, when it’s split or recommit.

  69. Hi Jessica, thank you for yet another fact-filled feature on Covid. I’ve made a note of all the dates you’ve mentioned. The HEPA filters are a good recommendation so are the UVC – Far UV. We have HEPA filters in the house, no regrets whatsoever.

    I must bring up something that I really want to stress but couldn’t because of the eclipse on November 8th. I have no words and yet I have so many words. It was appalling to read a reader dish out an undeserved sass to you right on that eclipse date. It’s over on that feature about eclipses 2023.

    The unfounded criticism of Jessica leveled by that reader goes against the culture we have built here – a culture of inclusion, diversity and respect. When we are in someone’s space, Jessica’s website, we have to show respect to her. Almost everyone does that and that’s great to see, but it takes a rotten apple to spoil the whole barrel.

    I know we all come here to read the thorough and well-researched features by Jessica because they’re extremely helpful and well-written; her guidance and support have brought peace and closure to countless people over the years. Her website allows people to safely unburden themselves and to seek comfort and hope with her words.

    And of course Jessica is the rock star of Modern Astrology and the Tarot – everyone wants to be in her orbit.

    A kinder person, when you’re in need, you couldn’t find if you tried.

    Thank you, Jessica, we’ll talk later. Take care and keep safe.

    1. Thank you so much Caroline. You know, I actually can’t remember the comment, but I do occasionally get some rotten apples, it’s true. In general, though, as you say, this space is inclusive, diverse and respectful. A good orchard! I’m very flattered by your kind words, much appreciated.

  70. Hi Jessica,
    I was reading how some epidemiologist believe that new COVID variants may be incubated in people with compromised immune systems. They are particularly worried about some African countries because of the high portion of AIDS patients, and believe that like Omicron the next COVID variant may come out of Africa. Is there a connection between a new COVID wave in March 23 when Saturn moves into Pisces and the last time Saturn was in Pisces and AIDS was discovered. I think it is interesting how the last Saturn in Pisces transitions could in fact influence or affect the upcoming transition. I would be interested in your thoughts.
    Have a great weekend

    1. Thanks Julie. Yes, I’ve also read that new variants are arising in people with vulnerable immunity. The Saturn in Pisces cycle is absolutely tied to AIDS and of course, Africa is a huge concern. The issue with AIDS on Saturn in Pisces in the Nineties was the denial and fantasising. So here we are again. We were warned about AIDS in 1987 and yet a few years later it became the biggest killer of younger Americans – because all caution went out of the window. Saturn in Pisces in opposition to the Virgo Uranus and Pluto factors of everyone born in the 1960’s is a core concern. If we take people born in 1960, say, they are in that sixtysomething age group which tends to – fly and cruise – upon retirement. This is also the age group more likely to have other health issues which Covid affects. Add in the fact that in some countries this age group has been singled out for one vaccine brand and not another, and as an astrologer I have a few red flags there.

  71. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I would really appreciate your insight on my son, if you have some time? He’s DOB is 10/3/2020 in Canberra at 7:25am. On Monday October 24 he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It’s been really difficult for him, and for the family. Was there anything in his chart that triggered this? Apparently medically speaking, it’s a set of circumstances (gene mutations, ordinary enteroviruses attacking at just the right time as the immune response fails… much like a lightning bolt you can’t predict) that can’t really be avoided until we know more about the disease. I worry for his health, his future and especially with this next wave of Covid, as he now has an autoimmune disease and I so desperately want to keep him well but also let him be a little boy! We have come together, we’re a real team the 4 of us (it’s been very hard on his big Virgo sister) but that’s sort of it – no good friends yet and no family support. We moved in May this year and loving our life here even though it’s been chaos, a really hard year!! I’m optimistic about the future, about giving back to others going through this situation one day and feeling some purpose I have been missing. We’re looking on the bright side. Sorry this got so long!! Anyway, thank you so much and have a beautiful day 🙂

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your son is going through Type One Diabetes. You also have to think about Covid too. His Virgo sister will help; with her Sun in Virgo she shines in the role of amateur doctor or nurse. You all moved in May so he’s only been settling in for a few months. There will be new solutions and welcome answers in about four years, around 2026. From around that year it looks like a change in the family too; you may move again or the family and household may reshape itself, which he will find quite exciting. You will find things are easier from March 2023, coming back into the present, and all the issues you are having as a family and also with the home itself, the local area and so on, settle down from just before Easter. Again, around 2026, it looks like a completely new start for you with him and the whole family actually. A bigger and better place, renovations or a happy reshuffle within the family itself seems likely. Have a look at what The Garden Oracle says about your little boy.

  72. Dear Jessica – thanks so much for another very interesting article. I’m one of the lucky people who haven’t had Covid so far and I have a huge stellium in virgo… Do I have to be extra cautious in March? Or even before? I’ll be travelling to Switzerland just before Xmas (21st) and then fly back to New Zealand mid February (13th). I guess getting a second booster just before leaving for Europe would make sense… Is it only about Covid or do I have to keep an eye on my overall health? Is there anything else you can tell me about my stars in February/March (maybe a new job, new living situation)?
    Thanks so much for all your blogs, inspiration and advice – take care !

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with Virgo factors at 16 through 29 degrees of Virgo and an opposition to a couple of factors at 29 Pisces. So actually, the bridge to cross with your wellbeing is right at the end of the cycle, as you go from 2025 to 2026. And it could be anything at all, but as with all these oppositions from Saturn, you will have to change your daily routine and habits. Travel and Covid don’t go together at all in astrology. Travel is Sagittarius (foreign shores) and it is always square to Virgo, the Sixth House and your wellbeing. That’s the way it’s always been. In fact it was there in the 14th century. I’m sure you know that Omicron came to New Zealand from South Africa and Delta came from India. The original Covid came from China of course, perhaps via Australia or America, into New Zealand. The scientists, epidemiologists and doctors all agree Rona travels. And so does the astrology. And you’re travelling with a Virgo stellium. So, I suggest you use the Tarot to figure this out for yourself. I don’t know if you are leaving someone behind or hoping to have a romance overseas, but you will have an opportunity not possible in 12 years to be with someone new, or reboot an existing partnership, Christmas to May.

  73. Hi Jessica,

    Firstly thank you!

    Secondly… I have 26, 27, 29 degrees all over my chart… as does my twin, thankfully though not in Virgo or Sagitarius… but in Gemini, Capricorn etc.

    After so many difficult years… Pluto, Saturn in my chart, my difficult birth chart!… I’m wondering if I will ever climb out from under the proverbial rock I feel has pinned me down for so so long. I’m a fighter but this has been too much, even for me!

    Health has ruined my life for 10 years. Im at a lost of how to het netter. I had my eyes firmly on March for relief (Pluto leaves Cappie, a friendlier time reigns with Aquarius activating my chart I believe)… but now I’m a bit concerned.

    Any direction / advice re health, career, home, money, relationships would be appreciated… approach!

    Thank you for your work!

    1. Thank you. If health ruined your life for 10 years, we go to the Sixth House of health ruled by Virgo to see what is going on. You were born with Panacea at 2 Virgo and the Midheaven or MC at 6 Virgo. I am sorry you have been through this. You can be your own detective here. The Midheaven is your calling, vocation and highest achievement. Have a look at your feelings about paid work, unpaid work, housework and any study. Your real feelings, which may be quite buried or ignored. It is really common for people with a Virgo MC to solve the problem of never being number one, or the best – by ending up with chronic illness. None of it is deliberate or conscious, but the body has an odd way of generating what the rest of you needs, in order to go part-time, or drop out, or ‘play’ with career options rather than settle into the hard path of an upward climb. Another very common Virgo MC outcome is the unconscious refusal to do what a parent wants and ‘make it’ by developing a health issue which means that sort of success, or that kind of job, is never going to happen. This usually occurs if there has been a mother or father who one wants to let down, without being held responsible. I am not sure if either of these patterns ring bells for you, but the time to figure out what is going on, is at Saturn’s opposition to your MC, which can only happen every 29 years. Virgo is about service, duty, obligation. It can happen that you are fine with a career but really resent doing the housework and/or childcare. So your body gets you out of it, while the rest of you can go on being a dutiful wife and mother. That can happen too, as lots of readers have told me (or realised). Panacea in Virgo is really important too. This is the daughter of Aesculapia and sister of Hygiea. The healing family. Panacea describes remedies, cures and fixes which have an ethical question around them. Legal medical cannabis is one example. So is comfort eating. So is anything which is ‘the answer’ but for some people, it’s downright wrong. A panacea, or fake sugar pill, given by doctors is another example. Mind over matter; the patient improves but she has been lied to. So there’s a lot to think about here. If you are at a loss in knowing how to get better, astrology would suggest you start with your chart, but also stay with the idea that Virgo is always opposed by Pisces, and Pisces is about what lies beneath. The subconscious. How are you unconsciously producing this situation for yourself? Any clues? Try the Tarot. Ask your dreams. It’s worth a try. I sincerely hope you can get well, and then fulfil your mission, which is to serve others – humans or animals actually.

  74. Thanks Jessica, very useful and thanks too for the Modern Astrology book which Im working through and is spot on. I have been trying to improve my health this year and will intensify efforts seeing as how the Virgo-Pisces opposition is on the horizon and I have Pluto in Virgo and lunar nodes Virgo-Pisces. Does your Pluto placement also refer to where the most important transformation in your life will happen?

    1. Pluto in your birth chart shows where you aim for total control. It’s where you become empowered but also deal with something/someone trying to dominate you. This is a lifelong tussle. If you were born with Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House, then your need for control is expressed through work, academia and/or your unpaid work. Your need to dominate the agenda is also expressed through your physical state and condition – health, wellbeing, mental health. To bring it back down to earth, you have the option to run your own business, or work freelance, because of the internet. No other generation had that. If you wanted to aim for total control of your job you could. Similarly, supermarkets and the food/drink/cigarette/sugar industry tries to control you because they want your money, but you become empowered when you (say) don’t go along with them. Your South Node in Virgo suggests your last life involved these same issues. It is very common for South Node in Virgo people to have been in domestic service as chambermaids or valets, butlers and so on. They choose to incarnate in a period of history where they can actually control their career independently of a master or mistress (a boss) using the web. In your last life you may have found the only way to get time off work was to be ill. In this life, you don’t have to be ill to get time off work; the challenge is for you to control your lifestyle, hours, schedule by getting what you want from employers, clients and the rest. In fact in this life your opportunity is to have it all: good health and also hours/days that you define. This more than anything else will be the big mountain to climb, starting March 2023 for you, going into 2026. Modern Astrology 2050 can help you with that.

  75. Thanks, Jessica for the kind words about my mum, and appreciate the knowledge you have brought to my attention about what is to come and how I can keep my parents safe. Being a premium member is worth every penny. Can I be cheeky and ask Is there anything in my natal chart that I would need to be aware of as I’m a viego sun with lots of stelliums.

    1. It’s not cheeky to ask for a scan of your natal chart. You are a Sun Virgo with stelliums in Virgo Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo and Scorpio. Long-term, the arrival of Uranus in Gemini is the biggest factor in your future, and he arrives in 2026. Beyond 2030 your relationship with a brother, sister or cousin will undergo a revolution that sets you free. You may switch to an electric car from that point; share an electric transport scheme or perhaps just switch to a bicycle or other quite radically different way of getting around. Foreign travel, foreigners and foreign countries are blocked from that point and you will focus far more on the local scene; the village or town; the neighbourhood. It will be very exciting for you, too. Just as exhilarating as any other kind of exploring you’ve done.

  76. Hey Jessica,

    I’m a heavily mutable and a sun Pisces. With all this Saturn energy- what does this mean for me? I’m been quite isolated in general- but it looks like I will have a job where I’ll have to travel more, including planes. Not sure how to handle that. I wear my N95 in America where I’m looked at as crazy lol. I’m relatively young and healthy and I get weird stares. Do you see a limitation with travel or a smaller scale shut down? The US is so laid back now, I wonder how they will respond. And how I can best navigate being so mutable and yet, traveling. It’s a career shift for me.

    1. You are a Sun Pisces, with stelliums in the mutable signs Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini so you need to be aware of your Covid risks when Saturn goes into Pisces from March 2023 (until 2026) and also the arrival of the North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo. Ignore the stares when you wear an N95 mask. Airports and airlines were always the problem – and will always be the problem – until they start treating Covid the way they treated box cutters after 9/11. So you are at risk, yes. Will travel be shut down or just tightly controlled? Yes, in certain parts of the world. Until then, use Twitter experts on Covid to update, inform and protect yourself.

  77. I have a Virgo stellium in my chart, and my husband has recently revealed to me that he has started going without a mask in small groups indoors when he feels comfortable, and within a few feet of other unmasked people. Cases are going up of course but he said he will reassess as time goes on, so I don’t know how bad it has to get before that happens. We are both vaccinated and boosted, but I keep telling him the vaccine is not a single-pronged solution to Covid. He doesn’t believe in astrology either. He has 3 factors in Virgo in his chart, while I have 5. Naturally, I am now scared out of my mind and afraid that it’s only a matter of time before he brings the virus home, when I am diligent about masking indoors. I have begged incessantly to no avail for him to please mask up when he goes out, to no avail. We are both considered high risk too if we caught it. I have no family nearby to go stay with, closest is about 600 miles away. I have been sleeping in a separate bedroom, masking with a KN95 when he is nearby, hand washing (of course) and wiping down high touch surfaces like faucets with cleaning wipes. I also run air purifiers in the house, one of them in our living area has a UV light in it. I think I would like to buy more that have UV also to run in rooms where he spends the most time; right now regular HEPA purifiers run in those places. I feel like I’m running out of options.

    1. I am so sorry you are facing this awful situation with your husband. Okay, so if you have units plugged in at home which are HEPA and UVC and you follow the instructions, even if has picked up Covid from other people, the virus will be eliminated to 99.99% in a short space of time. I sympathise. I share a large common waiting room and kitchen area with six other offices. I wheel out my Philips HEPA and UVC unit and plug it into the space, because they don’t mask. This is obviously a problem in the marriage too. He is behaving badly. You are a Sun Aquarius, with Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo and Aries factors. You don’t say if you have children or not, or if having children/not having them has ever been an issue. I suspect it is. If so, the issue ends in March 2023. You are also experiencing Mars Retrograde in Gemini (the stuck or backwards battle) in your solar Fifth House of sexual relationships. Again, this ends in March 2023. We don’t know why. He will either stop risking your health and his (so you can go back to the same bedroom) or there may be some other outcome, but in any case, the battle of the bedroom is over. Find friends and groups who feel like you. They will be there in 2023. They are Covid-wise like you and will either gather outdoors or guarantee protection indoors. Maybe they just live on Zoom. But with your Aquarius stellium these new allies will change your life – again it will be from March that they pop up. With your Pisces and Virgo stelliums your health is your number one priority 2023-2026. Keep on updating yourself and arming yourself with information: Twitter is an excellent source, with so many doctors, scientists and epidemiologists on there who are diligent about letting us know the latest. Even knowing your risk with surface transmission (very low) as compared to airborne transmission can help you relax more with your housework. Get the wisdom and the knowledge. They are doing new studies and research all the time which helps. A lot of what we were told in 2020 is now obsolete.

    1. Thank you so much. This is a prediction which also appeared in a feature on Ukraine and Russia. The chart showed Putin would withdraw and at that point, the map borders should be redrawn. I am really glad it is happening.

    1. Thank you so much. Nature is a trusted source and this is good hands-on advice for UVC light and Covid.

  78. Hi Jessica thanks so much for being a guiding light in these troubling times. I am uncertain if I should have the Pfizer winter booster, I have a Virgo stellium and have had 3 vaccinations to date. I usually take the flu jab each year, but feel like my body is being bombarded, I really want to protect my family, but would it make a difference?. I am looking into getting hepa/far UV but my husband is not convinced as yet. Thanks Jessica

    1. Every body’s body is different so this is a choice for you; try a three-way reading with the Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Garden Oracle to help guide your choices about another Pfizer injection. Your fourth. Some people are already receiving a fifth. Show your husband the Philips guarantees on their various retail outlets and in their own manual/PDF booklet which comes with the units. This is a massive company, trusted in hospitals, who probably make his shaver. If they say their plug-in unit eliminates Covid to 99.99% then that’s what they say. (And no, I’m not an influencer.)

  79. Thank you for the heads-up for March and for the info about reliable sources. What do you think of Dr John Campbell on Youtube? I appreciate his straightforward, evidence-based research summaries especially on covid.

    The 4-way mutable clash – I see it in my natal chart with significant placements in these 4 signs. No wonder I often feel ‘at odds’ with myself. I think I should just stay home as much as possible this spring. I’m grateful to be working part-time remotely.

    1. Thank you. I’m not familiar with Dr. John Campbell but will take a look. Mutable signs in a chart (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) do create squares or oppositions at exact degrees and that needs a bit of creative handling. Sagittarius-Gemini is usually language barriers, because Sagittarius rules foreigners and Gemini rules writing and speech. It can also be academic barriers, because Sagittarius rules academics and Gemini rules readers and writers – students too. As with all these things, the lower the stakes, the less the involvement, the lower the inner conflict. You can go round the mutable signs to see the issues, using Modern Astrology 2050 which is free to Premium Members.

  80. Hello Jessica, I have just read your blog from last year RE: China and the AUKUS etc etc.
    I am a little concerned as my wife and I are embarking on a compressed world tour (grand children Netherlands/UK and an aged Aunt New Your State, then home) all in March 23. OMG your forecast is for much to-ing and fro-ing during this time, all booked and paid for, so whats to do?
    I would be interested in any comment.
    Many thanks Rob.

    1. Rob, you are a Sun Virgo with a Virgo stellium so have good radar for health and wellbeing. The transits are what they are; they’re coming in March and they are all on the Virgo-Pisces axis. You’re on a world tour with your wife. As the Covid situation changes from week to week, I suggest you lean on Twitter as your information source and follow the good doctors, epidemiologists and scientists on there to get the facts, fastest. Dr. Eric Ding is always on the ball and his colleagues on his Twitter feed are great sources.

  81. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your hard work and sharing your knowledge with us. I always look forward to read new blogs on your website. I remember your blog from while ago when you mentioned UV-C light HEPA filters and I did a bit of research myself so I purchased one as well (for some reason there isn’t much choice in UK so I got mine actually from Germany). I am also now looking to purchase a portable version as I actually didn’t have a Covid but after nearly 3 years I recently had a cold after taking a flight (even with N95 mask on). I can see I have a Virgo stellium and I want to check please if there is anything I should be worry about. Since 2020 I changed my lifestyle completely to focus more on myself, my health and wellbeing. I also moved to countryside and I am working from home now full time. I must admit it’s not easiest as I also work on my own, I don’t have closest friends living near by and I miss being around like minded people. I spend a lot of time on my own and I miss someone around (I am also single) but I must admit, I don’t feel comfortable spending time in crowded places and offices full of people. Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of health, fitness, daily routine and wellbeing. I am not surprised you have purchased a UV-C light for your home. I was chatting about this to Judy Piatkus and Gina Lazenby from The Conscious Cafe; the academic proof about UV-C light eliminating Covid, colds and flu was there in 2020, it has taken us to 2022 to get Panasonic and Philips making the units and the next step is getting rid of the thick glass wall that has prevented most people from even knowing the units exist. What on earth could be stopping the British government and media from promoting and publicising devices that wipe out the common cold and flu, as well as Covid? This isn’t fringe or non-mainstream stuff. This is a proper mainstream answer made by the people who produce electric toothbrushes and razors! Anyway, you are protecting yourself and will go on doing that. The issue for you is isolation. You will find that from March 2023 you are put in touch with people online you can meet in the real world. As the weather warms up you can meet outside and finding like-minded people is half the battle. In fact, in 2023, you will find increasing numbers of groups buy HEPA and or UV-C and it becomes normal to see an event advertised as ‘Covid aware’ or ‘Covid safer’ or similar. So you won’t be on your own forever. You will make more lifestyle changes when Saturn is in opposition to your Virgo stellium, starting next year. You already did a lot of that but there is more to come. It may be going raw vegan, or wild swimming, or getting serious about hypnosis, and so on. Most of all it will be about how you work, why you work and when you work. So your home routine will change. The Tarot can give you a bit of guidance on the best way to do that. Keep avoiding Covid.

  82. Jessica, thank you so much for all you do. Your work is amazing, and your kindness and generosity always shine through. I’m on this site almost daily reading and learning.

    I’ve just bought your new book and am excited to start it this evening. So much to discover! Thank you.

  83. Dear Jessica,
    I wonder if your March 2023 Covid outbreak prediction may coincide with a new variant- different enough from Omicron and other variants- that it is given the next Greek letter designation, Pi. Pi also equals 3.14. This number looked oddly familiar and I went back to my family calendar. Ironically, March 14, 2020 (3/14/2020) was the day elementary and high schools here in Northern California (Near Stanford University) proactively shut down due to Covid. The virus started on the West Coast in Washington State and soon spread to the Bay Area.

    Do you think we are about to relive another outbreak with a similar unfolding that happened back in March 2020?

    It’s probably all a coincidence and stretch but I’m curious about what you think of this scenario? I’m also wondering how this plays out given my birth chart. I’d like to understand if the four stellums in each of the signs of Aries, Gemini, Cancer and Capricorn will help or hinder me.

    I’ve included two science based articles about a new wave you’re referencing.

    Your Local Epidemiologist (YLE)” is written by Dr. Katelyn Jetelina, MPH PhD.

    And from Science Magazine

    1. Thank you for this. I believe a new highly infectious and/or vaccine resistant Covid variant in March 2023 is a risk. These links are good. The astrology is echoing what scientists are also saying. It is also possible that this is a known variant which just explodes – for reasons we do not yet understand. If China drops the Zero Covid policy and the world keeps up its dangerous circuit of flights and cruises, you can see why 1 billion Chinese would tilt global health. It’s all pretty horrid, except for one thing. UVC light, also known as Far UV or UV 222. If you’re reading Science magazine and so on, have a look at that. Your health is ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House. You have the South Node and Pluto in Virgo. Saturn will slowly move into opposition, challenging you to change the way you look after yourself, from March 2023. You also have the North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo in the same time-frame, so your South Node Return. Double that message about updating the way you take care of your health and wellbeing. You can read more about your Virgo South Node in Modern Astrology 2050, free to Premium Members. Your good health has to be the number one priority, 2023, 2024,2025, early 2026. Don’t compromise on that; Saturn opposes your Pluto once every 28/29 years so I suspect memories of the AIDS and HIV scares of your younger days may come back. All Pluto in Virgo people remember that. Different issue, same principle. Prevention and protection.

  84. Hello Jessica,
    This article seems to support what I understand you have said about the origins of Covid.

    The scientist is Dr Andrew Huff, who also details what he says is direct US involvement in its evolution.
    He has written a book about his first-hand experience.

    Many thanks for all your work. Long may it continue.

    1. That’s interesting. Thank you. Will go and see what Dr. Huff has to say about Covid.

  85. You beat me to it, Janie. I was going to post the link as well. Not a major publisher but the media coverage is huge here in the states and also UK. Not sure you can comment on this, Jessica, but of course it’s something many have speculated all along. That said, seems to me the focus needs to be March 7-8 2023 in preparation. Thanks – love the blog and forum. Incredible info to live by.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, March 2023 is an historic turning point. Watch that Moon over the New York rooftops then.

  86. Hi Jessica,

    It’s just been announced by the Government in their Covid -19 Health Management Plan 2023 that ” From 1 January 2023, to obtain a Medicare-funded PCR test you will require a referral from a medical or nurse practitioner. There is no public health requirement or recommendation for low risk individuals to seek PCR testing.
    So now we have to make an appointment at the Dr , which mine takes 2-3 weeks for availability to get a referral for a PCR. Pure madness. Make in financially harder for people to test. Crazy.
    They also say “The severity of future waves may be milder, placing less pressure on the health system. This, combined with improved immunity and hybrid immunity from repeat infections and targeted vaccinations, would reduce the clinical impact and result in fewer Australians suffering severe illness and death.
    They are living in la la land I expected more from Albo.
    I could hope that you are wrong about the next wave but I know you will be right in your prediction , so that places us in a scary place. Our government will be on the back foot when the next wave arrives. So disappointing and I fear for the elderly and the most vulnerable. Who is going to protect them?

    1. Yes, I saw that news about Covid too, in Australia. PM Anthony Albanese has had Covid twice which tells us something. It’s madness, as you say, that it takes you two-three weeks to see your doctor for a test referral. I disagree with the statement that future ‘waves’ will be mild or that the injections and previous infection will protect us. So do professors and doctors on Twitter, whom I trust more than a politician who’s got this twice. It is very important that everybody takes responsibility for her/his situation now before we go to March 2023 and Saturn slowly begins to oppose the Virgo/Sixth House health placements of billions. Fortunately we have options. We know about N95 masks, al fresco living, avoidance tactics and open windows. What is more recent is the mainstream acceptance of UVC along with HEPA and that’s where you and I have to fork out. Elderly and vulnerable people will have to do that too, or get others to do that for them. PM Albanese has no interest in astrology, as he told Grace Tame when she interviewed him, but I have to do my job and ring the alarm bell. Saturn stays in Pisces from early 2023 to early 2026 and we also have the nodes going into Pisces-Virgo. The biggest thing to come out of this will be new employer relations. Long-term people will not tolerate employers who are not prepared to spend on a building refit, work from home arrangements, job sharing and/or HEPA-UVC units. Albanese will be lucky to stay where he is from March if he keeps on playing the role of Pluto. He who tries to utterly dominate people with his own personal views, usually pays a price unfortunately. Keep reading the professors.

  87. Jessica: you write in this blog – “My eyes are on Ceres at 29 Virgo in opposition to Jupiter at 29 Pisces on December 16th, 17th, 18th 2022. That is quite rare in astrology. This sets up future Covid problems from March 24th to 27th 2023 and May 13th to 16th 2023”

    Do you think this is the Covid being seen in China? And if so, do you have additional thoughts this week what the March and May problems could be?

    Thank you.

    1. Yes, Cecelia, that prediction has unfortunately come to pass about December 16th, 17th, 18th and it was the Covid-19 outbreak in China, which despite efforts by Xi Jinping to hide it, has shown up at the queues outside crematoriums, according to footage from Sky (UK). So we have to wonder if this is a new variant, which is more infectious, and bypasses injections (be they third, fourth or even fifth injections). Yes, it does set up future problems in March and May 2023. It is very important to use ventilation, UVC (UV-222) light, HEPA and simple avoidance. I do have to keep ringing this bell.

  88. Hi Jessica, I really love your blog, and most of what you say is always spot on, incredible! However, I’ve been looking at UV-C effects on surfaces, and it does have degradation effects on furniture, like wood, plastics and fabrics. The same way sun rays can damage your furniture, UV-C lamps can too, but there’s not enough data how worse is UV-C compared to the regular UV from the sun. That’s why many of the Philips UV-C solutions are lights that stay really up in the ceiling or that box that desinfects small objects, besides that it also can cause cancer if your skin gets its rays (but thankfully this is safe, because it all stops if you get near the lamp).

    Also, it does kills mites, viruses and bacteria that are exposed to light only. But it doesn’t kill everything in a carpet, because its rugged surface impede the light to get in, for example. Also, for example, mites can be found inside your matress and be kept alive because the light doesn’t reach them. Same to viruses and bacteria.

    For me, UV-C seems like vapor cleaning, with great promises of 100% desinfection, but must be made in lab conditions that we won’t ever meet in our houses. It helps? Definetely yes. Does it make your place free of germs and viruses? Definetely no.

    I’m just writing this so you take care of the furniture you love at your place and don’t expose it to UV light =)

    1. Thank you. I will have a look at the Columbia University research on UVC, also called UV222. A number of other universities have also studied this light which eliminates the common cold, influenza and Covid. I’m very happy with my Philips unit, have never had Covid (or a cold) with it and don’t see any effect on the furniture.

  89. Hi Jessica,
    You may not respond to this as no comments have been posted for a while, but I’ll give it a go. I’m led here in bed unable to sleep with a raging temperature and other symptoms and just know it’s COVID. Why? Because my poor husband who spent a week in a NHS hospital ( to put right what they’d caused anyway) tested positive for COVID two days after leaving the hospital. I won’t go into detail on the appalling lack of consistent mitigation. I’ve worked so hard to keep us safe this last three years, and successfully too: N95, HEPA filters, avoiding crowded spaces etc. Although I’ve tested negative the last two mornings this evening started with the temp. I packed hubby off to spare room with HEPA and ventilation a few days ago and only went in with mask and he only came out with one on – but the day or so prior, before he was symptomatic, clearly was the issue, I know so much thanks to you. I now read Dr Eric F Ding and his post on NHS induced COVID infections ( you’ve no doubt read this) is so shocking “ HOSPITAL-ACQUIRED INFECTIONS—New UK study uncovers enormous numbers of hospital-acquired #COVID infections—via patient-to-patient & patient-to-HCWs transmission! 30-79% of hospital infections were -acquired. confirmed. Vaccines lowered infections. “ We are triple vexed. I’m ANGRY! Then I read another of his tweets about Davos and they had hepa filters and uv far lights – so they know how to stay safe. Sorry to rant. Just writing this down has given me a ‘voice’. Best wishes and stay safe- everyone.

    1. I am so very sorry that you feel ill, and your husband has has Covid after going into an NHS hospital. Dr. Eric Ding on Twitter is a good, frequently updated source of facts on Covid so I am glad you are following him. You are far from being alone in going through this with your husband; hospital-acquired Covid in the United Kingdom is a disgrace. I bet you’re angry. Let me look at your chart to see what is going on. Okay, so your North Node is in Libra, the sign of marriage. You have karma with your husband and knew each other in the last incarnation. So rising above the issue of how you have a high temperature (I will get onto ways to help in a moment that have worked for other readers) – you have this classic marriage issue. You promised ‘In sickness and in health’ or similar and here we are. You cared for him, at home, but he was in the Covid window so despite your best efforts he may have been contagious. Deep breath. You are going through a cycle which is quite rare. You have repeated Libra/Seventh House cycles all year and in 2024 too and one of them is the South Node, in Libra, from July 2023. This is moving over your North Node, so it is very important that you both remember that this is about your promises to each other. There is a huge amount you can do to help recovery from Covid and also to help yourself now. Feeling empowered not angry really helps. So gather all your records together and put them in a safe place. You may want to use it as evidence one day, so don’t throw anything out, including your diary or his. If you have the energy to do that, it will put you in control. My readers use hypnosis a lot. Try free on YouTube. Look at Dr. Paul McKenna, Glenn Harrold and Michael Sealey. There are more. Find a person you like and repeat-listen. You can fall asleep to it. I also recommend the healer Matthew Manning who has testimonials from all over the world for his distance healing. His site is affordable and you can try for a month; again there are healing audio recordings you can fall asleep to. And perhaps get better with. This applies to your husband too. On the astrological level, beyond this being about your marriage, it is very much about your lifestyle, workload, daily routine and similar. This episode will make one or both of you want to alter things. That’s good. Again you will be in control. In fact you might even get healthier as a result of the changes you make. It is very important that there is no second bout of Covid. Whatever it takes. As I said, adjustment. But that’s okay, because what you do, to protect yourselves, will have some nice side-effects. Doesn’t matter if it’s saving money (not going to superspreader, expensive ticket events) or just getting into regular meditation. With your chart at the moment, just about everything you can do about the C word, has benefits for you away from that. Write again as often as you wish. I have a lot of comments but even if I don’t reach your message, you will have vented. And you deserve to vent. Copy your MP. Get on Twitter and join a thread. Just balance that with hypnotic relaxation as you will find your immune system is helped enormously.

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