The Astrology of World Cup 2022

The World Cup 2022 and Astrology

This horoscope for the FIFA World Cup 2022 final shows a religious nation winning the cup. Why? Jupiter (the biggest and best) is in Pisces, the sign which rules all beliefs from Islam to Christianity. Jupiter is at 29 Pisces in the Twelfth House of spirituality at 6.00pm on 18th December in Doha, exactly square Hygiea at 29 Sagittarius in the house of foreigners and foreign countries. There’s some slight tension there about whose deity is actually in charge of the result.

I’ve been turning to my favourite football account on Twitter, When Saturday Comes, to find out what’s going on. It’s the best football magazine in the world.  And on another note, the Tarot. You can see the card at the end of this feature. World Cup astrology is useful because it shows how Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite’s Tarot cards fall into place with the chart itself.

Kick Off With a Cancer Ascendant

Kick-off also shows us a Cancer Ascendant. The winners will make their mothers proud. In fact, the winning team may be youngsters. Germany’s teen prodigy Youssoufa Moukoko will be the youngest player at the Qatar World Cup. The Borussia Dortmund attacker will turn 18 on November 20, the day the World Cup kicks off. So does Germany win?

We have to look at Ghana with the youngest squad of all, aged just 24.7 years. It is also possible that we see a final dominated by a younger generation – a generation of players who have been carefully schooled by their coach.


FIFA WORLD CUP FINAL 2022 - The Astrology of World Cup 2022

The World Cup 2022 Astrology and a Libra Moon

We also need to clock the Libra Moon as the cup is handed over. This is about a partnership, duet or double act and it’s male-female. I do wonder if the cup isn’t symbolically handed to a female leader, or perhaps this ‘young giant’ captain will make a huge gesture towards women. Libra is the sign of equality and ‘the two of us’ as you probably know.

The Good Times World Cup in Astrology

This is also about good times, good feelings, a champagne victory and some seriously good vino as well. Bacchus is at 11 Scorpio in conjunction with the South Node at 12 Scorpio. This win will be very good for business. The country in question seems to run on both football triumphs and alcohol. Are we getting closer? World Cup astrology is an interesting thing.

The Capricorn suggests an ambitious team and country. This is also a solid, structured nation which has built up its success over time. Unusually for football, there is also a spiritual, entrancing, other-worldly feeling about the final. Perhaps it’s the music or the mood, but it seems to float in its own special space.

What Does the Tarot Say About the 2022 World Cup?

What can you see in this Tarot card? It is tempting to go for a team with a blue and red strip, which may be England, for example. You can see the astrological chart reflected in the card. This is a country with some serious property (in the background) but the foreground is occupied by the world cup itself being cherished by a child.

We could say he’s a teenager, perhaps, or just very young – in the team. The girl is important too. This is the Libra Moon. Females are upfront. The World Cup astrology and Tarot are echoing each other. There is something very sweet about it.

So Is This Brazil? Germany? 

Brazil have won the World Cup five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament.

If we take The Six of Cups literally, then this is the Sixth World Cup for this country. What do you think? Let’s look at the card again, though. Germany with four titles (and four final losses) is also showing up. There are four cups – four World Cups – at the bottom of the card. The fifth cup is in the captain’s hands, you could say.

And, as Capricorn ambition is right through the chart, perhaps our Captain has his eyes on the sixth World Cup on that pedestal. If you take the Tarot literally, the Tarot favours Brazil or Germany to win World Cup 2022. Perhaps you think this is Hansel and Gretel. German.

Let’s extend the discussion in Comments. I’ll also be tracking this with you @jessicacadams all the way to December.

Six of Cups - The Astrology of World Cup 2022

Main Image: When Saturday Comes @WSC_magazine
Tarot Card: Justin Tabari
Astrological Chart: AstroGold 


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48 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    From the look of the card it could be either England or Germany.
    England because the boy and the girl together coincides with the Lionesses winning the UEFA Women’s Championship earlier this year. The boy and girl sharing each others success. Plus the colours very reminiscent of the away shirts they use.
    And Germany because of the number of cups, plus the prominent glove the girl is wearing is very striking. Could be goalkeeper gloves? Who is the captain of Germany? Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer of course!
    Hopefully Uruguay could win but doubt it very much 🙁
    Anyway time till tell!
    Have a good day.

    1. This is really interesting. The girl is the Lioness, and the Lionesses won the UEFA Women’s Championship. The shirts are similar to the away strip too. My only hesitation is that the Tarot has almost yelled about the number of cups, here. It’s not only cups, it’s six of them. The four lined up at the bottom have something to tell us. Well done on spotting the girl’s glove. Yes, that’s a goalie’s glove. Germany has a goalie captain. I don’t think Uruguay but I do think you are onto something about Manuel Neuer. Thank you!

  2. Your opening section suggests a religious nation winning the cup. Tricky to identify any country in 2022 falling clearly into that category; but maybe a South American country – certainly not Germany. Argentina (blue & white flag) is fancied by a number of pundits. But let’s hope that Maradona’s ‘hand of god’ (1986) does not come into play again! Until this year, the Argentine Captain (Messi) wore a blue and red shirt at Barcelona!

    1. Jupiter in Pisces may show up as religion within the team so I should really amend that to ‘team or nation’ but either way, this final is a big push for spirituality or the church. We don’t know why yet. Thank you for pointing out Messi had the blue and red shirt, and of course Argentina’s flag is important. I’d not counted flags in the original prediction but another reader picked that up. Are the two figures in the card wearing their flag, or the away football strip? That is the question…

  3. Love, love your blog posts Jessica! On the tarot card, my attention was drawn to the girl receiving the cup in a cheetah print coat. I noticed that the Iranian team World Cup kit has a cheetah on it, but also that Brazil has a jaguar inspired pattern on their strips. This is so interesting! There is also a lot of controversy around LGBT rights and Qatar. Is there going to be a symbolic handing of the cup to someone representing minority groups within football (or the winning team itself)?

    1. Thank you. I do rely on my readers, many of whom are psychic, to expand the prediction, so this is great. The girl receiving the cup does indeed have a coat that resembles a cheetah or jaguar – some kind of exotic pattern anyway. Brazil has it. Iran has it too. I really like this idea of a symbolic gesture, handing the cup to a woman or girl. Some other readers are picking up on that. I have my spirit guides confirming it too. They are quite excited about this. The final, viewed by billions, is a chance for the winners to make a symbolic gesture about equality. As the Moon in Libra suggests this too, we will see something far more important than just a football event, here.

  4. Hi Jessica, I am new to your site and have been astounded by how accurate you are in your work. I am also fairly new to trying to work out my chart and still get a bit confused other than I know that I have stellums in Aries and Capricorn which I have closely followed in your book. The last 6 weeks has been rough with work politics and I just feel like my head is just now beginning to clear. I work in the NGO arena and feel my future in the new year is uncertain. I would really appreciate some feedback on my chart.

    Many Thanks

    1. Thanks Yvonne. It takes a while for astrology to sink in and there is no rush. I am sorry you have had work politics in the NGO area and understand why you are wondering about 2023. You are a Sun Aries with an Aries and Capricorn stellium, as you know. The worst is over from March 2023 because you will be in a new job March-June, or find the people or the problem vanishes of its own accord. Pluto has gone from Capricorn then. You are also poised for a new title, look, wardrobe, profile if you want one, from Christmas until May, as Jupiter goes into Aries and your First House of image. So that’s the timing. Pluto out of your Tenth House of career and Jupiter into your First House of self-promotion. You will also save or make more money from May 2023 until May 2024, so you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see that you have a good alternative opportunity showing up. Have a look at the Tarot for a more personal forecast.

  5. I asked the same question and pulled temperance. Brazil have yellow in their flag so May well be Brazil! But also the England Squad are very much lovely young lads, who have used their platform to voice their views for the greater good. Rashford was instrumental in free lunches for kids during the covid crisis in the UK for example. Also your reference to a female – lionesses come to mind! the magical quality you speak of, when England beat Germany in the euros their was a strange sense of happiness everywhere you went! Us Brits are not used to everyone being happy in tandem!
    In all seriousness I’m Clutching at straws here – but England to win!!
    I am appalled the World Cup is in Qatar, and FIFA are a disgrace for allowing it, but those young lads deserve our support. So I’m all in! Happy World Cup everybody

    1. That’s great. I hope other readers also draw a Tarot card to ask this question: “Who wins the World Cup 2022 Final?” Temperance is a strong image of the Aquarius zodiac sign, bearing water and pouring water. Each person has to interpret the cards for herself/himself though so I will go no further. I’d love England to win as well, being a Londoner by birth, but I also have to bow to the Tarot, which has chosen to be quite literal here and shown us a Sixth Cup. Have a look at what other readers are seeing…

  6. Hi Jessica. If you look at the Croatia flag, it is Red and Blue, just like your tarot card. Regarding the religious side, 86% of the population is Christian in Croatia. Perhaps this could be a winner of the cup?

    1. That’s great. I hadn’t thought of looking at the national flag; just the away strip. Croatian colours are there in the two children/teenagers at the front. It’s also a strongly religious country, which suits the horoscope. The only thing standing in the way of that interpretation is that the Six of Cups is so specific. We could have found ourselves with a Major Arcana card, or Staves (Wands), Pentacles (Coins) or Swords. We were led to cups, and not just any old cup, but a sixth cup. Brazil is heavily indicated unless we take Germany, who has four, could have the fifth in hand, and look forward to a potential sixth. Can’t wait for the final…

  7. Hi Jessica, so interesting…

    Also, FYI there might be a little glitch in your flipbook link- when I was trying to access the book for Pamela’s tarot (I’ve just started this and it’s such a fascinating deep-dive…) but today it simply showed an error and wouldn’t load. It said:
    UnexpectedResponseException: Unexpected server response (403) while retrieving PDF “

    Hope this is helpful! Usually that link works just fine so I wonder if it was a server issue…
    Best wishes to you and thank you for all the education.

    1. Oh dear. My apologies, how annoying. Maybe try again now. And there will be a new ebook for Premium Members in 2023 which contains a big new Tarot section to look forward to. If you are logged in and still can’t download the book, please click on SUPPORT and they can help you.

  8. What came to me, if you view six of cups in relation to England is that whatever the outcome, the English team^s behaviour will be a role model for football future.. The way the man is slightly bending the knee to his smaller female counter part and handing over a cup. Just like taking the knee in support of diversity and against discrimination of all sorts. Perhaps in this world cup particularly for LGBT rights and that bigger prize is ensuring participation for all.

    1. That’s fascinating – bending the knee – I hadn’t seen that. I believe you’ve read the card in a very pure way, which another reader has just done. This is not just the Tarot saying ‘The Sixth Cup’ for a team, it’s really talking to us about humanitarianism and human rights. Can’t wait for the final to see this all coming to pass.

  9. that’s interesting! One thing that just struck me about something which you mentioned was that also a country which has won the world cup has a star under the badge. Like the star flowers in the 6 of cups. this would suggest brazil (5 now).
    Also I feel there is going to be great controversy with VAR, for FIFA are showing great arrogance in the VAR refs being able to disallow a goal without informing the world why (imagine that goal which was disallowed yesterday happening in the quarter, semi-final or final … absolute uproar). It suddenly struck me as I looked at the military man in the 6/cups marching away from the scene. I believe it to be a Scorpio ruled card too.

    1. The star under the badge is an amazing insight, thank you. Brazil has that symbolism. And I think you are right about the military man departing the scene, which I’ve not mentioned at all. If we go back to the astrological chart and that Libra Moon – which is always about equality – here we have a huge gesture by the two figures, male and female – and maybe a member of the patriarchy stalking off. I wonder what we’re going to see happen in this final in December…

  10. Dear Jessica,

    I love that you are a big enough football/soccer fan to have a post about it! As I was reading your explanation of the tarot card, it seemed to me as relating more to a passing on of the cup to a young women. The World Cup is in the Middle East… Iran is over there too. Then a light bulb went on: have you been following what is happening there? A revolution, started by young women, to benefit women, with support by men. Am I way off base here?

    1. Clever you. I love that reading of the Six of Cups. The winning captain makes a gesture to a girl or woman, to support the movement in Iran. So the Tarot (created by a feminist, Pamela Colman Smith) is elevating the reading beyond merely asking ‘Who wins?’ to ‘What wins’.

  11. Thank you for your reply, Jessica. Good point about six of cups. It is worth mentioning this will be the sixth time Croatia is trying to win the FIFA cup. Croatia’s national football team have appeared in the FIFA World Cup on six occasions (in 1998, 2002, 2006, 2014, 2018 and 2022) since gaining independence in 1991. Perhaps six of cups can indicate the sixth attempt to win the cup?

    1. This is a wildly creative reading of the Six of Cups, I must say. My former boyfriend from University was Croatian so I know how patriotic people from Croatia are (especially about football). I think the issue is the four cups at the bottom of the card. Was there something special about four World Cups as a set, or group? I appreciate you keeping the conversation going. This feature will probably be jam-packed once we get to the final.

  12. The man who leaves the scène is wearing blue. The name of the French team who are now worldchampion (until the final) is : Les Bleus …

  13. Hello Jessica, what a nice blog, positive subject after mutch negative news. Proud to Germany, i saw the team picture yet, one love has to stay! spread the word.

    I think Brazil and Germany in the final. The 6e cup keep staying there. Brazil wins nr 5.

  14. Bonjour Jessica
    Today the German team stands by its position. :  «  armband or not armband » . They covered their mouth in protest.
    Human right are not negotiable ! . It makes me think your tarot card. I hope they will win even if I am French.

    1. Germany made a gesture. But none of the teams should have gone. That would have been a bigger gesture. Money rules sport. There is an argument that by going to Qatar, the teams publicise human rights abuse. But it’s a fairly weak argument. The Six of Cups is interesting, because it’s not about gay men/boys or homosexuality in any sense. It’s about male and female. So I’d say there is a plan to exploit the final, with its billions of viewers, to make a statement about male support of feminism. That’s what we should watch out for and you’d suspect Germany would be involved, as the players are obviously politically inclined. Thank you.

  15. PS: maybe they will refuse the cup because they are the moral winner and have nothing more to loose ..? 4 cups in front.. it’s only a suggestion..

  16. The Six of Cups takes you back to happy memories of the past. This might suggest England reliving their 1966 victory (two sixes). Not to mention 1066 (Battle of Hastings) and 1666 (Great fire of London)

  17. Hi Jessica and fellow readers. Maybe the female reference in the card is recognition of the first female referee (Stephanie Frappart) at the men’s World Cup? It may also be worth noting that the USA has a very young team and showed support to the Iranian players. They also have red and blue in their flag and uniform. But with Germany being bundled out today (2 Dec Australia time), it won’t be them. Also, does astrology show anything about Australia’s chances…?
    Kind Regards,

    1. Hello Wayne. Thank you for joining this very interesting discussion about the footer. I do agree that the female in the card could be Stephanie Frappart. That iconic moment when the winning captain has his chance for a photo opportunity – maybe it will be with her. That neat little trick of seeing four cups down the bottom, a fifth in hand and a sixth in the future has come to nothing now Germany has gone. Much as I’d love Australia to go further this Six of Cups shows no clues – no kangas, no green and yellow, not even a small wombat in the distance! Watch Brazil, I think.

    1. Thank you for updating me. I’ve not had time to catch up with the footer. It would be quite literal, if Brazil went to Six Cups!

  18. Hi Jessica,

    There is a lot in this card – the Six of Cups, but as you say it is the Cups that stand out.
    I was wondering if the 4 at the front represent the past. The cup the children have, the present and the cup on the pedestal, the future?

    The last 4 world cups have been won by European teams:
    France in 2018
    Germany 2014,
    Spain 2010
    Italy 2006.
    All are secular and predominantly christian countries as well.

    Could the cups mean that this world cup will also be won by a European team and also the next in 2026?

    The card could also mean the 6 confederations in FIFA:
    Africa CAF
    Asia AFC
    Europe UEFA
    North and Central America and the Caribbean Concacaf
    South America CONMEBOL
    Oceania OFC

    Maybe there will be a split within FIFA with some confederations breaking away.
    Qatar being awarded the tournament seems so wrong on so many levels. No footballing heritage, too small, too hot, too mediaeval but not too rich.
    Maybe 4 of the confederations ( 4 cups at the front) will agree on one approach, one will be separate and the other in transition?

    Brazil would be logical for the 6 cups but there is no green in the card and the scene in the card looks so European.

    Many thanks

    1. Cait that is serious drilling down, thank you. I agree, Brazil would be logical (even stunningly obvious) with the Six of Cups. There is no green in the card and the children look European. However, there are only 78 cards in the deck and needs must. The male-female exchange is important. Pamela Colman Smith did not have the footer in mind, when she created the imagery. It’s really about an innocent pairing – it’s about equality. That fits the astrology, with the Moon in Libra on the day of the final. So the winning team has to cleave to that. I think you are right about a split in FIFA and someone breaking away. Look at the man stalking off in the background. It makes the next Brazil game with South Korea even more interesting.

  19. Really interesting. There’s some information about Germany and religion it’s worth checking on and possibly factoring in – check out their more inclusive approach and their challenging of the Vatican. A while back all the women who do the day to day work in parishes went on strike!

  20. Tracking the matches, testing them out via pendulum divination. The pendulum has today correctly indicated re Netherlands v USA, USA out, and Argentina v Argentina, Australia out. Only fallible of course. Widening it out re Cup winner, Brazil looks likely, with the pendulum dithering over Morocco, hovering thoughtfully over Croatia. Chances not looking great for England alas, but would be great if it turns out otherwise. Alan Shearer seems hopeful.

    1. Brilliant, thanks so much. The pendulum is backing the Six of Cups here: Brazil looks likely. I’d love England to do well, too. Let’s see.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I have been looking at the chart that you put up for the start of the match and reading through the article again. I often re-read it as there is so much info.

    When I first saw the card I was immediately drawn to the tower in the background on the right and it reminded me of Dubrovnik. It looks mediaeval and there are a lot of old castles and walled cities in Europe, especially Spain and also France. It could be the White tower at the Tower of London but the ground looks stone or sand and the Tower of London has mostly lawn.

    There is also a shield on the pedestal. Both Spain and Croatia have shields on their flags. On the shield there is a Chi (X) – a symbol for christianity.

    The two children in the mid ground of the card are the next most noticeable feature after the cups. You talk about the Libra moon as the cup is handed over from older male child to a younger girl.
    Maybe something unforeseen and unexpected will happen when the Captain of the winning team hands over the cup to a female. Maybe a Female Footballer, Ref or Coach or a Politician.
    The girl does look a bit like Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, the previous Croatian President and I believe a football fan. Women’s football has come a long way and this would be a wonderful act of solidarity and empowerment, especially as it would take place in a Country where women are powerless. I hope this happens but I do think something is going to happen even if it isn’t this.

    Looking at the chart again I was wondering if there was any significance in Chiron in Aries 11° 56’ being sextile to Mars in Gemini 12° 21’. I’m new-ish to modern astrology and am very much at the beginning of the learning curve but I’ll attempt an interpretation.
    Could this be the outrageous, leftfield (Chiron) in the first house of appearances (Aries) and first impressions in a harmonious energy exchange with energy and go-for-it (Mars) in the third house of communication (Gemini). So a statement that is about appearance that is direct and a bit punky, anarchistic and no nonsense. Maybe the team will wear “One love” team shirts instead of armbands when they collect the cup.
    Football nowadays is meant to be inclusive and available to all to enjoy and not a “thing” that can be purchased and manipulated.

    Thanks for your work and this website


    1. Thanks so much, Cait. Well-spotted. The X on the shield is a symbol of the Christian faith. I think God is finding his way into this World Cup final, along with Jupiter in Pisces, the sign of the fishes, long associated with Christ. I also like your vision of the Captain symbolically giving his cup to a woman – likely another female captain or referee. Or is this the old Croatian president? She does like her football. Your interpretation of Chiron in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini is really great. Yes, this feels like a punk gesture. Looks like the footballers will use that massive TV exposure and web coverage to get away with the so-called outrageous, unthinkable or impossible. A statement to Qatar.

  22. Only just spotted your word cup football prediction Jessica. It came after I read your excellent Uranus in Gemini report as it will coincide with my second Uranus return. I found your Astrology and tarot interesting esp Jupiters involvement. I felt drawn to the USA for a couple of reasons. They have the largest population.. Jupiter. They also hold the current women’s World Cup in football so the sharing of the cup by the man and woman could be relevant. There is also the red white and blue of the USA flag. It’s also a relative newcomer to the World Cup so 6 of cups could fit esp the baby. The religious element could be the country where it’s being held with their strong religious views on lbgt.. and alcohol.

    1. Thank you. American colours are represented in the clothing of the boy and girl, as you say. I can tell you’re a patriot, by the way. I didn’t know the US holds the current women’s World Cup and that’s really interesting. Sharing the cup between genders. We’re still left with Jupiter in Pisces on the day, the sign ruling Christianity, but also religion in general. Sometimes the astrology can be peculiar; it may be that the captain or star player on the day thanks God, for example.

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