New Moon in Sagittarius 2022

The New Moon in Sagittarius 2022

The New Moon in Sagittarius falls on Wednesday 23rd November 2022 with the Sun at 1 Sagittarius and Moon at 1 Sagittarius. I’ll take a look at your solar chart and natal chart here, to see how it works out for you.

daily sagittarius 300x300 - New Moon in Sagittarius 2022The Sagittarius Weather

The Sagittarius weather sweeps through your horoscope when the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in the sign of the archer. This occurs from November 23rd until December 6th, so it’s about a fortnight of intense focus on one area of your chart, and your life. How is your Sun Sign affected?

How Is Your Sign Affected?

Expect a new beginning with significant obstacles as the Sagittarius transits will clash with Mars, Ceres, Jupiter and Neptune on the way through. Those squares and oppositions will clearly show you who or what you cannot square. Who or what is opposing you. And it’s in relation to this:

Aries: Foreigners, foreign countries, the web, academia, publishing.
Taurus: Other people’s money, property, business interests or stake in a charity; other people’s possessions.
Gemini: Your husband or wife; boyfriend or girlfriend; professional partner. Your enemy or opponent.
Cancer: Your lifestyle, workload and daily routine. The dog or cat. Your health, wellbeing and mental health.
Leo: Your godchildren and younger relatives. Sons and daughters. The generation gap. Courtship and sex.
Virgo: Your house or apartment. Your land or other residence. The family or household. Town and country.
Libra: Neighbours, your town, brothers and sisters, cousins, commuting and short journeys, web and media.
Scorpio: Your personal income and life budget; your values; what you will or will not sell out for.
Sagittarius: Your image, persona, reputation, profile, personal appearance and internet hologram self.
Capricorn: Religion, spirituality, dreams, hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship, counselling, self-help.
Aquarius: Friends and groups, Twitter, clubs, societies teams, your social life.
Pisces: Your career, status, ambition, position, mission, unpaid work or academic career.

Sagittarius Wikimedia - New Moon in Sagittarius 2022Sagittarius in Your Natal Chart

If you have anything in Sagittarius in your natal chart it will pull sharp focus on: foreigners, foreign countries, publishing, the worldwide web and/or academia. The ‘what’ of the story depends on what you have in Sagittarius. Your library on this website can fill you in. If you have a stellium there (and you are a Premium Member) pick up Modern Astrology 2050 (free with membership) and read about it, and also the impact of the New Moon.

Whatever is in Sagittarius in the Ninth House is an obstacle course for a short time. It’s over quite quickly, once the very last transit leaves Sagittarius, and that’s the Sun bowing out on Wednesday 21st December.

The New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon is personal if you have anything at 0, 1, 2 Sagittarius in your natal chart. You may emigrate, welcome a migrant, sign a deal overseas, take a foreign language class, launch a multilingual website and so on.

Most of you won’t! Yet the New Moon is still a new beginning. Allow a day either side, but on Wednesday 23rd November there will be a page one, chapter one in your life in the area above (related to your Sun Sign) or concerning who or what is foreign to you, if you do have Sagittarius factors.

Images: Wikimedia, Photo Libraries.


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90 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I have a saggi stellium. And I also have one factor at 28 degrees as you pointed out on twitter. Would love to know how this will effect me.

    Thanks. And can’t wait for Sundays event…I’ve been counting down the days.

    1. Thank you. I’m looking forward to our Zoom event on Sunday morning (Australian time) too. The Jupiter standstill at 28 Pisces is useful, because the path from November to December is about a person or organisation also standing still, which benefits you. Jupiter usually shows up as people or organisations which are big, tall, huge (as in, global and vast), fat or larger than life. Jupiter was fed on milk and honey; Ambrosia, the nectar of the gods, and is always shown as a large man with a massive presence. Jupiter is also good for you. So will this be.

  2. Yikes, not only do I have a Sagittarius stellium, but I have four planets at 28 degrees and four at 27 degrees

    Mercury 28 Pisces
    Diana 28 Gemini
    Apollo. 28 Cancer
    Proserpina 28 Gemini

    MC 27 Scorpio
    IC. 27 Taurus
    Fortuna 27 Taurus
    Juno 27 Sagittarius

    I love reading your blogs Jessica. I used to worked in a Library and stocked all of your fiction books

    1. Thank you. And how kind of you to have had the old Penguin novels in the library. You have Jupiter standing still at 28 Pisces in your chart at the moment, on your Mercury, picking up many other factors. You are psychic, religious or spiritual (maybe all three) and this expands to your benefit by Christmas. You may already know why. If not, you are about to find out.

  3. Hello Jessica, Fans of Jessica,
    You have been spot on since 2015. Sometimes, I know too little to understand.

    Does Pluto Trine Pluto help with building assets, repay student loans and partnerships ?

    March 2023 seems terrifying.

    Your predictions about Neptune are legendary, and it was you who started the trend of pointing out that Scorpio and Taurus are Money houses.
    Now, others are writing the same.

    Wishing you a million subscribers more. Are you listening , ELLE, Vogue, People Magazine ?

    Much obliged,

    1. Thank you. Pluto trine Pluto is empowerment through willpower, and control through self-control. If you have Pluto in Libra, and Pluto in Aquarius trines that, then it is empowerment through partnership, which Libra rules. Nothing to do with student loans. Definitely about marriage or professional double-acts. March 2023 is not terrifying; it is the end of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and any system or person who has hogged power at the top, for a minority, against the majority. It’s very good news and we saw it when Nero, George III, Henry VIII and Louis XVI all vanished in favour of a more equal world.

  4. So by new beginnings, do we go along with what falls in our lap this month, if the stars align?

    1. Not necessarily. I just heard from a Sun Leo woman who was pregnant at 40. She found out today, on the New Moon in her Fifth House of parenthood. There is always an obstacle course when you have this many squares and oppositions to the Sun in Sagittarius, and there is no perfect answer here. December finishes the matter, but what you decide to do, is really a result of boxing clever with the situation or arguing with yourself.

  5. Hi Jessica, I have a sagittarius stelium and

    28°Proserpina in Gemini
    27°Venus in leo
    29°Cupido in virgo

    does it will impact negatively to me ? I am actually looking for a new job, will I finally find a good one ? i am still in interviews since june but it never worked… will i be able to move to another opportunity and better one? does it mean in march 2023 will be difficult ? I tried to understand my self but astrology seems to be quite hard for me 🙂 A little help from you in this area will be very appreciated ! 🙂 I am currently in different options and interviews again and send as well today my candidature to opportunities.

    a millions thanks for your kind help like always!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo, with stelliums in Virgo, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius. You are in one of the most challenging work cycles for 29 years, so you will be pleased to know it ends in March 2023. Saturn is transiting your Sixth House of work. Barriers, obstacles and barricades have been there since Christmas 2020 but you are now seeing the end of the tests and trials. You will commence a new job after March 2023, or start earlier, but commence the really important project or goal, from March next year. If you use your willpower you will become quite powerful as a result of it, long-term. You have a good work ethic and know how to do your duty and serve people. That goes a long, long way. The financial stretch will finish in July 2023. Over the very long-term, from 2026, you will play your part in ‘the new internet’ which is radically different to the one we use now. It will be very exciting and you will be thrilled at the freedom and independence you receive.

  6. Thank you for another amazing article Jessica. I have Fortuna 2 Sag. Yesterday I commenced Thiamin Vit B1 as from what I read it might help my symptoms of weakness and shakiness; I can hardly keep my eyes open most of the time. This might be my lucky breakthrough? Drs and physios can’t find much to explain it, though chiropractor says spinal subluxations from extreme stress, though adjustments not helping. I even tried Thai Massage on Monday which wiped me out, and was quite an experience! I would greatly appreciate it if you would shed some astrological light on this for me (but only if you don’t mind). Thank you again Jessica for everything that you do.

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Virgo, and live in your Sixth House, where the tiny details of your physical state, body and constitution make a huge difference to your working life, in general. With weakness, fatigue and so on, you go straight to your lifestyle in the context of the housework you do; any unpaid efforts you offer; small things like walking the dog or feeding the cat; the paid work you have and any study you do. Start with that. You sound quite unable to function normally, so look at what that stops you from doing. Does it stop you from having a full-time job, or perhaps having both a job and duties at home? Take it apart and begin with the notion that sometimes your unconscious intervenes to help your soul. If your soul (for example) does not want to compete with others in a highly competitive and ambitious field, then your body may get you out of it. If you don’t want to be a secretary, and a mother of two, with a husband who does not do his fair share – then your body may get you out of it. It’s on that level. Start there; the Tarot can give you clues if you feel you are too close to it.

  7. Hi Jessica, further to my previous comment, I wondered if my problems stem from my T square being aspected by transiting Uranus, making it a Grand Cross? Thank you.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Your insights are always helpful. Any comments on my birth stellium Sagittarius.
    Thank you,

    1. You’re about to come into your own for a week or two, Jameela, but with challenges and obstacles. It’s a bit like an Olympic hurdle event. You were born to travel, or travel in the mind. You are most yourself, when immersed in foreign spaces with foreign faces (or foreign to you, anyway). Sometimes the web, academia, publishing or education is involved. All of this is now in sharp focus as you go into December. You have a major choice to make and will need to take your time, making it.

  9. Dear Jessica, fans from All the continents,

    In 2015, you predicted that many obstacles for Virgo and Capricorn would be over.

    I was skeptical. Like a thunder bolt not only were four people simultaneously punished, but, the news found it’s way to me in the most bizarre fashion.

    In 2017, you predicted that Neptune will cause a partner to help me escape into an alternate world of sorts.

    Spot on. It was a harrowing time because of Uranus and I did escape for a bit.

    In 2019, you predicted an adventure, and you were right.
    The Covid prediction alone should get United Nations and financial institutions talking to you.

    This Saggitarius new moon and the sun are conjunct my Neptune, and trine my Venus in Cancer. Your advice would be a Life Saver.

    I am learning to invest based on your advice. I am a newbie. The day I make thousands, I will coerce all my friends to subscribe.
    Pluto has caused thousands in damages, so I am still reeling from that.

    Ah-mazin advice about Pluto.
    So grateful. BBC and the Monarchy should have you on their payroll if not already.
    Your knowledge is a king maker, in so many ways.

    Sincere Gratitude and admiration.

    1. Tori, the investments you are making should be based on financial advice, not just general astrology. And it has to be general, as you’re not a member. So, ‘in general’ we have instability in the world economy until 2026 when sudden shocks change everything. The first one was the act against money laundering in the UK. The second one was cryptocurrency. The third one was Covid. There will be more. So you need to be aware of that; you are operating in the strangest and most unpredictable financial cycle since the last war. Have a look at the Tarot, free to use, to see how the Sagittarius New Moon is evolving for you. Thank you for your very kind compliments.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    You really are amazingly gifted and so on the mark, Some days I re read what you written and just how does she do it? Well done you.
    I just read The daily horoscope for Leo and the first sentence just stood out.
    “This career, unpaid work and academia cycle always raises questions about space. What would happen if security was rejected in favour of freedom?”
    Yesterday I came back from a meeting with my manager who offered to extend my contact (which was due to end April 2023) for another two years.
    Everything you said in today’s Leo Horoscope went through my mind.
    Just so unbelievable I had to share it with you.
    Still no idea what I will do but Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much. I don’t often get feedback on the daily horoscope, so this is terrific to know. Much appreciated.

  11. Hi Jessica
    Hope you are well
    Thank you so much for the heads up for the upcoming period with New Moon in Sagi. It is already happening for me.
    My children have been unwell on and off the last three weeks and one boy has caught COVID again this week. He’s the only few that wears masks at school to the point that he’s got heat rash all over his face, and still caught it. I also have a teenager daughter, who is very defiant like my former husband. I am hoping the best for her as she refuses any help or advice from me. could you help to see if there’s anything coming up in our family relating this child? she’s a Sagittarius 14th.Dec.03.
    thank you Jessica and hope you have a nice and lovely Christmas

    1. I’m sorry your son has Covid again. The poor child. Your teenage girl is being a teenage girl (!) You are a Sun Leo with stelliums in Leo, Gemini, Scorpio and Aquarius. From March 2023 join together with other parents who want to see the school taking action. They need to pay for HEPA and/or UVC lighting in every classroom and in the shared spaces. You won’t be the only person feeling like this. Give him whatever he needs to get his immune system back up again, but just remember from March 2023 Pluto goes into Aquarius and your Eleventh House of groups, friends and people power. Collectively you will find real power from that point so please use it. This poor little boy should not have to wear masks all the time; Panasonic and Philips have had plug-in units on sale for almost a year, which eliminate colds, flu and Covid, as tested in lab conditions. The teenage daughter, Sun Sagittarius, has no boundaries at home and there may be confusion about that for her. Everything is all over the place, all the time and that can be very muddling for her, but also for the family. This can be fixed by Christmas if you get specific about the issue. Have a look at the Tarot for advice on that. Despite everything I hope you have a good Christmas too.

  12. Hello Jessica
    It is amazing
    I am moving next year 🙂
    I always knew it but it was about time, and I just started (officially) today with the new moon
    Do you have any big advise for me for this coming new adventure
    Ps, I do tarots and sometimes it is difficult to understand
    thanks a lot – I am so happy to know you – you are amazing really and I like reading your articles
    Love Hope Adventure

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the astrology was accurate for you. Persist with the Tarot. It will change your life.

  13. Hi Jessica
    I have no Sagittarius factors at all but I just had a wild hair thought to pursue a career in computers-possibly data analyst or something along those lines (yes. At my age). I am currently teaching language to foriegn students both in person and online but I want a career with more financial reward for time spent. I checked with the tarot cards asking if I should pursue this avenue and to please make it easy for me to understand the message and I pulled the knight of wands. I know I have the ability to succeed at anything I put my mind to but I am wondering whether I am a bit delusional, too old or my inability to financially invest a lot in my education will hinder me. I have found some low cost alternatives to train myself and I am very disciplined but I want to make sure I am focusing in the right direction. My husband and I created something magical a few years ago despite many obstacles but ultimately had to sell due to some overwhelming Pluto in Capricorn interference and I couldn’t hack it anymore. Now I feel strong and ready to conquer anything bu I want to make sure I am focusing in the proper direction. Thank you for any insight you can provide…..I appreciate all of your many lessons so much!

    1. The Knight of Wands is a man in your world who has a way with words, the internet, the media, education or publishing. I don’t know what your question was, or the time limit you used, but essentially this gentleman (who may be younger than you) needs assistance and you may find this ties in with your teaching. You’d like more money, which is fair enough. This man is possibly a student, or even representative of a student market, that you need to approach. He may also be an enterpreneur who has an online language school. Go back to the card and sit with it, and read the interpretation again to see what stands out. The card won’t say ‘you should’ or ‘should not’ but it will show you who/what is most important in determining the outcome. The opportunity with this fellow will appear around Christmas through to May.

  14. Hi Jessica
    I just renewed this membership as it had unfortunately lapsed. Can you give any insight whether this will impact my chart in any way. I have my Sun at 29. I have been struggling with the realization that I am unhappy with my career and where I am and also not happy in the part of the country I am currently living. I am also struggling with anxiety and panic but have recently made some changes to my life that have been helping and my wife has just ordered the Clare Weeks book at your suggestion (thank you for that). Thank you for any advice you can provide.

    1. Thank you. No worries at all about membership. You are a Sun Leo, with stelliums in Leo, Libra, Cancer, Aquarius. You will be much happier with your career from May 2023 and in fact it’s the biggest and best success cycle in 12 years. You will sort out your home and local area at the same time, as Jupiter (good news) makes a series of sextiles with all your Cancer factors in the Fourth House, which is basically the house, the flat, and home itself. So things are already looking up, second half of 2023, first half of 2024. Actually the most important change of all is your social life. Friends and groups stop being an obstacle course next March 2023 and instead you realise you’re ‘in with the in crowd’ to quote The Who, or at least a bunch of people who can help you find your own power. That’s really important as you were born to be around teams, clubs, societies, associations, and so on. Life until 2044 will slowly but surely transform your whole existence via these networks of people, who collectively can do more together than they ever could alone. Let us know how your anxiety goes with Dr. Claire Weekes. Readers have reported being cured just by reading the book and no medication required. I hope it goes soon for you.

  15. Dear Jessica,

    This is from my chart and interested to know what the signficance of the 28 degrees in relation to Jupiter means, also the Libra 28 under Prosperina?

    28° Sagittarius 18′ 29″
    03° Libra 28′ 58″ R

    Thanks for your posts, love your insightful readings.

    1. Thank you. Transiting Jupiter at 28 Pisces is standing still (stationary) and square natal Jupiter at 28 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners, publishing, academia and the worldwide web. You also have a host of transits in Sagittarius in your Ninth House into December, so your natural good fortune in this department will kick in. Jupiter in the chart is a symbol of good fortune; abundance; born luck; protection. Your natal Jupiter is likely to lead to a life filled with travel, but also travel in the mind – perhaps the world of books or education. This situation into December is something you cannot square, or make fit, but it’s good news anyway. Proserpina at 3 Libra not such a huge deal now, but it will be once the South Node enters Libra, from July 2023.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Looking forward to the event on the weekend.

    I have a large Sagittarius stellium one being in Uranus and one at 1 degrees would love to know your thoughts on what this could mean for me pls x

    1. Thank you. It will be a great event with Alicia Richardson hosting from Bondi Beach and Deborah Houlding in Britain. This Sagittarius stellium is triggered until the third week of December, as you sort out foreigners and foreign countries on your agenda. It’s not life-changing and it’s not permanent; just a bit of housekeeping. Much longer-term from 2026 you will never travel as you once did, and will change the way you connect to the world. Uranus in Gemini will oppose natal Uranus among other factors so in being blocked and stopped, you’ll find alternatives that work.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you once more for another amazing article! This one is especially interesting to me as I have a Sag stellium and also Sag in IC at 2 degrees. I already live outside of my birth country though as I emigrated 19 years ago, so I’m not sure how this new moon will affect me? I do sometimes feel lonely, being apart from my family and best friends, and do miss my home country but this is where I always wanted to be despite that.
    Thanks again for all your great advice Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Yes, emigrating is a common outcome of a Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. This November-December period is challenging as there are so many squares and oppositions to the Sun in Sagittarius as he passes through, but it is temporary and not important in the long-term.

  18. Hello Jessica,

    I LOVE all of your blogs and look forward to tomorrow’s Jupiter & Chiron event! I only have prosperina at 2 deg Sag but I also have a stelluim of S. Node and Fortuna both at 4 degrees, Aesculpia at 16 degrees, Mercury 19 deg and Diana at 25 degrees. But I am assuming the one that matters is Prosperina. I am going to look this up in my 2050 book.

    The big question I have, is as a Capricorn Sun, you mention that this new moon will be in opposition to the following areas for me; Capricorn: Religion, spirituality, dreams, hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship, counselling, self-help. What does that mean? I can see those areas being in focus but opposition? Like if it opposes spirituality I will lose my religion? If so, that is funny, I’ve been getting very discouraged with and questioning my spiritual beliefs!

    But also I read in one of my daily horoscopes that this is also the BEST time in 12 years to publish until Dec 21. Is it good enough to just get a small bit of publishing done and do the rest later? Is it just the start that matters? For some reason I though March was my big publishing time frame?

    Thanks so much for your time and consideration?

    1. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you at the Zoom event this weekend. Being discouraged with spirituality is common on this cycle; Sagittarius weather in your Twelfth House of soul and spirit. It passes. You want to publish? Yes, it’s the best cycle in 12 years to do that, with Jupiter in Pisces in your solar Third House of internet and media. Cycle ends near Christmas.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    My Venues is in Sagittarius and I am not sure how these transits will affect me. Any help? Will a romantic interest I currently have work out?

    Thanks for any insight!

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio and in the most unpredictable love cycle of your life until 2026 with tremendous excitement, but no permanent guarantees. Your best cycle for finding or developing a new relationship is later; May 2023 to May 2024. You can ask the Tarot too using those time-frames.

  20. Good morning Jessica,
    I have a Sagittarius stellium and also an opposing Gemini stellium.
    Will some clarity around my career/ purpose come through for me in 2023?
    Thank you

    1. Good morning. The Gemini-Sagittarius pattern in your chart is about communication on a global and international level, understanding foreign culture and languages, and translating that. It may be literal so you may be bilingual or headed that way. That’s your purpose. You connect people places and ideas (Gemini, Third House) over the internet, but also with a telephone or microphone in your hand, and foreign people and places (Sagittarius) are the link. It’s quite stuck at the moment because Mars Retrograde in Gemini is with us until March 2023, so the most basic things, like Covid affecting flight and cruise bookings, but also the issues in China with telephone production, are an example of that. From 2026 you come into your own as Uranus goes into Gemini and embrace radical new technology. Closer to 2023, your career shows amazing opportunities and solutions not possible in 12 years, starting near Christmas and running until May 2023.

  21. Hi Jessica. I want to drop a quick acknowledgment of how you have personalized astrology for me (and many others).

    I have Chiron at 28 Aries. Based on your tweet, I would guess that Jupiter SD at 28 would affect my outward image (Aries) due to a maverick move (Chiron). Btw, I just saw your tweet. So I had no clue this was happening.

    Getting to the point – I have had long hair for many, many years. A few months ago, I decided to chop it off before my birthday. I have a great stylist that I love and trust, so why not? We chopped off a good 8 inches of hair and put in highlights etc. I simply did it because it is what I wanted. My family was skeptical, but supportive. But the end result was stunning. I fell in love with my new hair and so did my family.

    Here’s the kicker. I loved it so much, I shared it on social media. And, oh my God!! The response was insane (in a really, really good way). Personally, this has completely transformed my looks and I love it so, so much.

    I hope I interpreted the astrology correctly. If so, thank you (again) for making it personal and accessible to people like me. Stay blessed.

    1. This is a fantastic real-life example of transiting Chiron and Jupiter in Aries in your First House of image – you chopped your hair – put it on social media – and the response was insane, in a good way. Thank you for passing this on. Anyone else out there with Chiron in Aries in the First House, take note.

  22. Hi Jessica Just wanted to say thankyou for the Modern Wisdom 2050 eBook I just downloaded it and its great ! I remember when I fist heard of you and bought your book ‘Essential astrology for woman ‘,I was blown away as I am Sun in Taurus and Moon in Pisces and Rising in Aries and always felt torn with this mis- match , I like sport but hate being competitive, I like security but dream of adventure ,reading that book changed my out look and now I am learning with your new book on the effects of the stelliums ,5 stelliums in Aries ,i know why I like the colour red now ! and my line of work for most of my like is medical related and connected to blood banking good Taurus- Aries combo but thanks again ,what a generous gift to all of us members and with our own birth chart placed in there you are so dedicated and it is appreciated

    1. Thank you very much. Essential Astrology for Women was rewritten for HarperCollins some years ago to cover the mid 2020’s and here we are. Modern Astrology 2050 will pick you up where you left off. Aries, Pisces, Capricorn, Gemini stelliums in one chart show a couple of inner conflicts. Aries-Capricorn has a speed problem, usually. Do you rush and push, or patiently plod? Pisces-Gemini is about the difference between inexplicable, invisible, interior experience (religion or mediumship) versus the need to put it into words. It is also the conflict between the need to be alone, and the need to keep communication going with siblings or cousins. Children and teenagers often feel it the most. It is interesting that you work in the blood banking field. That’s Aries. The emergency sign; very much associated with the Red Cross actually, as Aries is ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war, and even in peace time, if there is an SOS situation, Aries is called for.

  23. Hello Jessica,
    I love your blog. Now this new moon has affected me greatly. If i understand correctly, new moons are effective for about 6 months, right? The new moon appeared on my ascendant. I also have my sun in Aries and the new moon is at 90 deg from Chiron in Pisces.
    After the new moon, I found out that i must learn to drive a brand new vehicle after 8 years of not driving! I’m petrified! My husband has had an accident and cannot drive for a while. Also, we have been trying to fix our home to sell it in about 2 months’ time but now found out that the original “repairs” that we have already paid for have not been done correctly! Gosh, won’t we have any break? 2022 has been the most annoying and really costly year for us as everything in the house broke down and we are currently trying to “declutter” the whole lot to ensure viewing soon! Is that what the planets are doing to us these days? I’m so tired of having problem after problem coming at us and no relief in sight!
    Thanks Jess for all you do. Love the blog and the divination cards. I hope you are having a better time than many of us these days! I hope that 2023 is a better year all around for all of us.

    1. Thank you. No, a New Moon isn’t effective for six months. It’s about the day, the day after. You want to sell your home but your builder got it wrong. I’m sorry about that. The loop or circuit with money and property ends next July 2023. Even before that, you enter the biggest and best cycle in 12 years for saving or making money. It starts in May 2023 and ends May 2024. You’ll be quids in with Jupiter.

  24. Hi Jessica, hope you are well. I am currently skint and negotiating a new job offer in care work which is taking a while. At the new moon, my previous workplace also reached out with a new flexible contract but I am yet to hear back with confirmation. My Sag factors are Sun 20 Sag, Mercury 26 Sag, Uranus 14 Sag, ASC 18 Sag, Panacea 19 Sag and Vulcano 11 Sag. I also have the NN at 27 Taurus and SN at 27 Scorpio. Jupiter 16 Capricorn, Aesculapia 20 Pisces and Proserpina 23 Pisces. Please could you let me know if the natal and transit astrology shows good signs for finalising and starting work on a job before the end of the year? Many thanks.

    1. As a Sun Sagittarius you are in the most demanding cycle for finance in 248 years, which ends in March 2023. You are figuring out a job offer, and your old employer also wants you back. By the time you read this (you wrote on 28th November) you will know where you stand, but you are in a terrific position to make a radical change with work which would give you far more freedom and independence. From May 2023 you enter the biggest and best work cycle in 12 years and so things can only get better – you are already on that road. All financial issues or property questions left over from 2021, 2022, lose their power March-June 2023 and although echoes of them may return the impact is going, going, gone. Long-term you need to look at the internet and how to empower yourself with it. This may be for work or personal reasons, but it could be a potent force.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    The tarot on your site is beyond ! The interpretations are so rich and I am getting so much from the suggested ways to look within and across the layers of each card’s symbolism. The clues to planetary associations help to then take stock.
    Thankyou so much.

    1. Thank you very much, for your thank you. I’m glad the Tarot is working so well for you.

  26. Hello Jessica,
    I really enjoyed the Aries Weather presentation with Deborah and Alicia, thank you for your insights.
    I have the following stellium in Sagittarius:
    Sun 16° 42’ 17”
    Mars 18° 17’ 53″
    Proserpina 15° 11’ 00”
    Bacchus 23° 01’ 08”
    Mercury 12° 40’ 55”
    Diana 28° 37’ 44”
    Venus 04° 53’ 57”
    Jupiter is in Aquarius in my chart, along with Aesculapia and the south node.
    Would really appreciate knowing how the Saggitarius weather will affect me.
    Your predictions elsewhere mentioned child coming into my life that I have waited for for 11 years. My daughter and grandson relocated very near to us and I am helping with him, he is 11 years old! I am also waiting for the best time to start my health and wellness practice, I would be grateful if you could look at my chart to see if May next year would be a good time?
    Many thanks Jessica. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much and I’m glad the prediction about a child coming into your life came true. You have a health practice and wonder about timing. May is perfect. Jupiter enters Taurus and your Second House of income (natally) and Sixth House of work and health (solar chart). Jupiter joins Uranus, the symbol of freedom and independence and you’ll find lots of solutions and opportunities that weren’t there before. It is also possible that your practice would benefit from addressing children and teenagers – that window is open, Christmas to May.

  27. Hi Jessica
    Love your work, decided to subscribe recently to get and have greater access. I’ve had a lifelong interest in matters considered taboo back in the day, including astrology with which I am fascinated still. With a stellium in Sagittarius, one of which is at 0 degrees and an even bigger stellium in Virgo, would love to understand what these might mean for me over next little while. Thanks much.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo with a huge stellium in Virgo. Put your health on all levels first from March 2023, through 2024, 2025 and into early 2026. Don’t compromise. Saturn in Pisces will form a chain of slow oppositions to your Virgo factors, and the time has come to change the way you look after yourself, but also the way you work, do unpaid work and/or study. There will be new barricades and barriers that were not there before and you will have to get real about what must be done. Patience is a gift, isn’t it, with Saturn transits. Yet, this will also help reinforce some sturdy inner qualities of yours. The old lifestyle and work style can’t go on as it was. The last time we saw this transit, basic things like smoking in the office, having sex without condoms became history. Now, it will be something else, likely involving Covid. For you personally though there is more to the transit than just public health challenges (new) from March; you have to figure out your mind, body and spirit and how they all work together, or do not work together, and come up with a different approach, these next few years.

  28. Dear Jessica, I am a premium member. I keep seeing comments about a library but I don’t see where I can find it? Thanks for your help

    1. Sorry, it’s an online library of flipbooks you can open up in what they call the Members’ Lounge. As soon as your membership goes through you have access. And of course the new book, Modern Astrology 2050, which is $25 on Amazon but free to you.

  29. Hi Jessica, when will Australia (the Gov) make things right with our Indigenous peoples?
    Thank you

    1. Good question. Since 2008 Pluto has been in opposition to Cancer factors (home, culture, history, heritage) in the charts of billions. Pluto is about power. Opposition is of course what or whom is against you. So 2008-2022 has been one of the most difficult cycles in history for indigenous people – the owners of the land and their descendants. The last time we saw this cycle was, you guessed it, colonisation. The cycle ends in March and as Pluto goes into Aquarius, the sign of tribes together, we’ll see political change that includes indigenous Australians on an equal footing with rich white men. The cycle has also hit Native Americans, for example, and even Anglo-Saxons. Cancer is about your place in the world; your sense of home; your clan. Pluto hitting that has really been about politicians and businessmen pushing against, but it’s nearly over.

  30. Hi Jessica, your forecasts have been really intriguing to read, particularly your recent eBook, thank you for this. I have 4 stelliums in Sag, 6 in Scorp, 5 in Virgo and 4 in Aries – any insight into how this will affect things looking ahead?

    Best wishes and take care.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you have the ebook, hang onto that, as it will take you to 2050. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio stellium. All the complicated questions about sexual and financial relationships, or family and property relationships, finish in July 2023. There is closure then with the past. Sometimes the way a legacy is worded can show that kind of closure, no matter if you make it, or someone else makes it. Sooner than that, you will have the chance to take on a new look (better) and a different title, by May 2023. It will work out very well for you.

  31. Dear Amazing Ms. Adams,

    I pray for your health+happiness.

    As you wrote on this page above, many people do ZOOM with you.
    How does one get to ZOOM with you ??? Is it in a GROUP or INDIVIDUAL ???

    Reply here or to my email if you want to be discreet. Both are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    I send Peace+Happiness,

    1. Thanks so much Robin. I don’t give personal readings, unless it’s for charity. I just took part in a BBC Children in Need charity auction to that end, but it may not be until 2023 that I do this again. I am taking part in a group Zoom event at The Conscious Cafe this Sunday, December 4th, and you would be very welcome to join.

  32. Hi Jessica. Off topic but I would like to give you and all of the lovely readers, a validation of your experiment “how to change the past with tarot” in August. I did the experiment and did leave comment on that post.

    I drew six of cups in your experiment. And a short review of my situation. I broke up with my sexual partner in May 2022. She was also my soulmate. We talked almost everything and we met 19 years before. She has another partner and we never be lovers.

    Ok so eventually she pissed me off in a public channel we share and I sent her a last email to conclude all of things, say goodbye in a relatively, polite manner at the End of Oct.

    She sent my back total 3 very very long emails. Concluding all the things she did wrong at the past, the way we broke up she did wrong to hurt me so deep, and deeply apologized to me, in a very sincere manner.

    (I think all of the clever readers know that, as I describe our relationship is “Karmic soulmate”, our way to get along each other before was full of dispute, quarrels and misunderstanding but also with many love and cares.)

    The way she treats me (ironically after our break-up) is really the way I crave for her to do to me so long. In some extent, she did really change in 180 degree and I know some of the reasons are that she started mediation and study Akashic record after our break-up.

    It does not mean that we restore friendship (which she desperately wants but I refuse, and she has emigrated to elsewhere out of my town) but at the very least, we clarify many things and my pain of break-up reduced.

    So, I recognize this experiment is really valid and….quite powerful. At least, now I am not as painful as before when I think of her. And her changes really impress me as she was so stubborn before against any changes. I also did control some of my temper after reading all of her emails. She improves, so do I.

    And like you say, we cannot change the physical past. But both of us changed some past images from each other, and maybe, it will also changes our futures respectively.

    But I would like to leave 2 quite deep questions to you, Jessica. See if I have any lucks to get some lights.
    1) Will meditation or akashic record help to close the karma, or at least, reduce the karmic power?
    2) How, can we really close and end the karma? Or simply we cannot do this?

    Thanks a lot Jessica. You are helping so many people and even the whole planet.

    1. Thank you. I am so fascinated to see that you tried to change the past with Tarot. I’m glad you have clarified the break-up and you’ve reduced the pain of the split. This experiment with Tarot can be quite powerful as you’ve found out. You put it really well, when you say you changed some past images of her. You wonder if you can close the karma with her. I don’t have her chart, but yes – you can. The South Node of karma goes into Libra, which rules partners and ex-partners, from July 2023. Closure by 2024 is the result. The South Node cycles backwards through Libra, which is the sign associated with balancing the scales so that both sides feel things are ultimately reset. Literally balanced.

  33. Hi Jessica, you’re accurate as always. I’m a Libra and my town and commuting are affected by the blackouts we’re currently experiencing. I wonder how much worse it’s going to get. Like many of your subscribers I’m slowly working through the Modern Wisdom 2050 book and it looks like the next year is going to affect every single area of my life that I can think of, thanks to the Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Leo stelliums. And my Nodes are in Scorpio and Taurus on the top of that. Am I dramatizing things too much? I know I tend to, with everything going on in my country. Everything should probably get a bit better with Pluto leaving Capricorn this Spring… Would be grateful for your insights.

    1. I’m sorry about the blackouts. We live in truly peculiar times don’t we? The Libra and Scorpio stelliums in your chart are important in 2023, 2024 as you close the book on a long chapter about a sexual and financial relationship, or a family and property relationship. That’s July. A personal or professional partnership with a set of invisible scales that needs balancing, is the ultimate story by 2024. You may gain a new partner, or a second partner. If your partnership is on the rocks, it may end. It’s on that level; 2023-2024 is the recalibration of the scales of me/them.

  34. Thank you very much Jessica for this post! I have a sagittarius stellium so i guess i should be affected by the new moon and also the sagittarius weather now , could you please tell me how im going to be affected and whether or not it will be significant for me.

    Thanks you so much!

    1. We’re past this New Moon in Sagittarius now, but a quick look at your chart reveals Capricorn and Aquarius stelliums, so you are set for a profound change in 2023, 2024, 2025 as you leave your career self behind, Reham, and go towards your group self. You have had powerful people and organisations dominate your career, academic career or unpaid work for years and it’s been quite relentless. From March-June 2023 you won’t know yourself, as the atmosphere changes. At that point you may realise how important you are as an influence on a group, club, team, society and so on. For the next 20 years these people may be central to your life, or you may go from one group to another, learning as you go.

  35. Dear Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Sagittarius, and 0 deg placement in others signs too. At the same time as Neptun is going direct in 22deg Pisces, I have 22 deg Jupiter in Aries and 22 deg Mercury in Libra. I would like to launch a new business presentation of myself – the new name of the company, visit cards offer presentation, and my professional online profile.

    Thank you for your insight and advice on what to do in the time of the new Moon and Neptun direct and where I should be careful.

    1. Lucky you with Jupiter in Aries. You also have Chiron there. You are well overdue for a relaunch and early signs will appear near Christmas, with real momentum once the Sun goes through Aries, late March to late April 2023. Jupiter in your First House is a blessing when it comes to appearances anyway, and you can do more, show more and have more – just from your exterior – by May 2023. Chiron transiting there long-term, while you were born with natal Chiron there, suggests you will get away with what people say you should not do, or cannot do.

  36. Hey Jessica,

    Just want to say that I absolutely LOVE you new picture on the welcome page! Beautiful! Love to see your entire smiling face!

    Happy Holidays,

    1. Thank you very much. I have to thank Alicia Richardson, my publicist, for that one. Cheers GV.

  37. Hi, Jessica; I hope I’m not too late or too far down in the queue, but I’ll give it a whirl anyway. I have only one Sagittarius factor–but it’s the MC at 2 Sagittarius. I also have Minerva at 29 Pisces. I have been shaken recently to see both dreams and issues from 20+ years ago popping up in my life again recently, and a determination to finally realize the dreams/get past the obstacles and relaunch. Is there anything you can see for me during this transit? Thank you so much.

    1. Not at all. I’ve finally found some time to sit down with a cup of tea and have a look at some of these questions. You are a Sun Cancer, with Cancer, Virgo and Gemini Stelliums. The past is always important to strongly Cancerian women. In fact, the zodiac sign Cancer is associated with history, heritage, culture and ancestry. Dreams and issues from 20+ years ago still have the power to shake you up. You actually need to give yourself permission to dwell. So do go back. You may have more dreams. You have something to process, with the current transits of your Twelfth House of the subconscious. And that’s in both charts I use for you, the public and private. There’s no rush. Maybe you need to do some processing.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for being you and sharing your wisdom, you’re the beacon we all need. I have Sagittarius rising 1degree and sag stellium in my first house, the whole thing you said about dealing with publishers overseas is my reality right now. Also what you wrote about duels and duets and what you will and won’t sell out for (it’s like you have a crystal ball looking in on my life right now)I have decisions to make but I’m completely lost and confused and I feel like my head is going to burst trying to find the answer….is there any more you can tell me on what might come next? What decision I should make?

    Thanks you immensely!!!!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with Gemini and Sagittarius stelliums, so born for the worldwide web and foreign audiences. Your issue now is Mars Retrograde in Gemini until March 2023. Everything is first attempt, second attempt and so on. If you have the luxury of putting internet, media, publishing, academic matters off until March you would avoid the loop. If you have to be on the circuit, treat it as a dress rehearsal. That way it can be productive. Long term after 2026 you will be exhilarated by radically different, new options online and on the printed page, on screen or on stage. Save all the ideas. From 2030 it’s clear to you that you’ve found your path.

  39. Thank you, that’s very kind. If you have a website question, best to click on Support, who can sort it out. Pluto in Aquarius is not about the public eye, but Jupiter in Aries certainly is. You have your IC or Immum Coeli there so you have a family member or ancestor who was likely in the army, air force or navy and wore a uniform, had a regulation haircut, a title and rank, and was in the front line or first wave of battle. You have inherited that and will be given a chance to go upfront, front-and-centre, from Christmas to May 2023 in a way that benefits you enormously. The Epstein and Maxwell saga will go on until the South Node leaves Scorpio, the sign of sex, death and money – so that’s July 2023. This isn’t over and the Midterms election announcement by Virginia Giuffre is part of the saga.

  40. Jessica. Thank you so so much. If you say we can end the karma (I will say bad karma, at least in this life) between us, that’s really what we want.

    Interesting enough that, because I did your experiment first, I knew the concept that time is relative. There may be parallel timelines. We can change the past in some ways. Honestly I didn’t trust it when I did your experiment.

    Then her email came. As I said she has done many mediation and studies in new age stuff after the break-up, and she also brought this idea in those emails, that was the point that I felt “aha!!” (Like you stated in the experiment), and I remember you have stated the same idea in the experiment.

    So I truly feel the power of universe. And really, truly feel that maybe what you say is truth. About relative time and how to change the past.

    Thanks a lot Jessica. I am so lucky to start to track you after the break-up. And what you are doing is so amazing and helpful.

    1. It is interesting. Changing the past, by remembering it differently, using the Tarot. Do you remember I used the Azaria, Michael and Lindy Chamberlain example at the event with the Tarot Guild of Australia? We thought we knew Australia, when the verdict ‘proved’ the parents’ guilt. Then it was all overturned. In one day the past changed. The Tarot is very good at showing the present, and then giving other cards to look around the corners of the past. I hope it goes on helping.

  41. Dear divine Oracle, Jessica,
    Your writing style and advice are so clear that you changed 2015 and 2016 for me.
    2017 was devastating.
    2019 onwards I have faced losses.
    Please thank Ms.Richardson. The photo conveys your intelligence and your analytical mind.

    Brides need you.
    Will Vanity Fair and Modern Bride please pay attention to this Tarot maven ???

    Your writing is so full of compassion.

    Dec new moon square Pluto, trine Mercury. Will I ever get the job of my dreams and repay ?

    I am emailing editors, telling them how true your predictions are.

    I will CC your team. I want brides to benefit from your Tarot genius

    Love your blog.

    1. Well, thank you very much. It will take more than a New Moon square Pluto and trine Mercury to land you a job. Have a look at the Tarot yourself, on this website, which is always free to use and can rapidly show work and income, if you follow the steps. Let’s hope so.

  42. Wow, I have been thinking of doing extra training to work with children and teenagers Jessica! Excellent to see the astrology is lining up! Thank you, much appreciated. 🙂

  43. Hi Jessica,

    The card pulls online have somehow been giving duplicate pulls, sometimes triple. Not unless it’s really trying to bring its point home, I thought it quite odd that they all kept doing it. Anyway, looking forward to what new beginning comes from this new moon for me as a Pisces. Been wanting and working diligently for a career shift. . Thanks

    1. Pay attention to that. Duplicate pulls are unusual. The Tarot has 78 possible outcomes so the odds are well against you doing that. The Tarot is chatting to you. You can find the card on Google Image Search and then put it on your desktop and sit with it. What are you seeing?

  44. Gosh. Jessica, I’m late reading this but I too have a stellium in Sag and it’s been tough. Money is so tight I won’t be celebrating Christmas the way I usually would. I’m trying to get back on a well paying project but have people standing firmly in my way. And I’m just questioning my life in general. It’s not pleasant…

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a Taurus stellium, so this is a double cycle. In your public chart (solar chart) you have Mars Retrograde going backwards in Gemini in your Second House of income, cash flow, loans, shopping. This ends in March 2023. In your private chart (natal chart) your Second House – exactly the same thing – is being crossed by Uranus and the North Node. You’ll save or make a lot of money next year, as Jupiter goes into Taurus for the first time in 12 years. That’s a huge turning point for you. We don’t know why yet. I am sorry Christmas has to be lower-key this year, but you will also discover that great truth, that just because you have to change your plans to shop and dine, does not mean negatives. In fact, you’ll be free. Liberated from something or someone that held you back. Until then, please make sure you have collected your complimentary copy of 2050 Modern Astrology on this website.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    I’m sorry that I have missed your Conscious Cafe today. It is nice to read all the positive feedback! I hope to be able to join you on the next occassion.

    I have stelliums in Sagittarius and Aquarius. My son is Aries and I know next year will be big for him as he will enter Uni. However, my parental role will slowly diminish. Would you be able to tell me if I stand any chance of getting a job. I have been involved in a house building project and studies. However, getting a job would really transform my life and take me out of the current isolation. Also would that job or my life involve any travel given that I am a strong Sagittarian?

    Thank you for your amazing webiste Xx

    1. Thank you. I hope you can join us too; Tarot at The Conscious Cafe will be a good 2023 event if you want to try a few different psychic pathways. You want a job and will have more than one offer or opportunity, May 2023 to May 2024. It will be exhilarating and liberating; your known world may turn upside-down, but that’s perfectly okay. That does not stop you seeking work now, but the peak projects, roles and goals will crystallise once Jupiter changes signs, from next May. The group you are involved with, or the circle of people which dominates your world, will be a powerful influence for years into the future, with small clues from March 2023, when Pluto enters Aquarius and your Eleventh House.

  46. Hi Jessica, I am a Sun Gemini with nothing in Gemini in my natal chart but a big stellium in Cancer. Something buried in my mind is an ex who is a Scorpio with a stellium in Scorpio. The daily horoscope today chimed with me – contact him or seek closure. I tried the Tarot and got the High Priestess and then the Page of Pentacles, so no clear answer (that I have the knowledge to glean from this). Can you help please? This has been a thorn in my side for nearly 4 years.

    1. The Tarot is going over your head here and telling you that your Scorpio ex-boyfriend is not important. Or he may be, but your timing is wrong. A lot depends on your time-frame when you asked. It is amazing how often people ask a question without a deadline. So you might ask ‘Will we get back together?’ but unless you state ‘this year/next year/the next five years’ the Tarot will take you all the way to old age. In any case, you are being told to teach or study. The High Priestess is a Major Arcana card and this is a major message. You are a Sun Gemini who shines when she writes, lectures, debates or communicates online. Short-term and long-term, there is huge potential here as we have some long Gemini transits in your Third House of education and academia. The Page of Pentacles may be your former boyfriend, if he is very much younger than you. In which case, his priority would not be love, but money.

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