Astrology Predictions for 2023

2023 Predictions in Astrology

The year 2023 is full of highs and lows. The worst phase of Covid is coming from March, but the solution to Covid is also here. We will see a new one-world currency from May 2023. Ukraine will win. And you can find your own one-line quick prediction here too.  What follows is a longer explanation of an interview with Mel Bush (ABC) on  Thursday 29th December 2022. You can listen now.

True Predictions 2022

Before we look at the astrology of 2023 , how about all the predictions which came true? The year of the Rabbit is dramatic, but how did astrology accurately predict 2022?


Astrology cannot predict death, of course – and never should –  but it does predict changes to the currency. Two years before it happened, this forecast named September 2022 as a date to watch: “We could speculate that the pound would be devalued, replaced or challenged. It would be historic (it can only happen once in your adult life). The Queen’s head on the notes and coins would no doubt be overturned. You might expect new currency to be minted.”


This was predicted way back on 23rd March 2019: “More Female Prime Ministers by 2050. There will be more female Prime Ministers in the British Isles by 2050 and there will also be a double-act: both the leader and her deputy will be women.”

Deputy PM Therese Coffey and PM Liz Truss made the prediction come true. At least for a short time.


TRUSS GettyImages 1243716757 300x200 - Astrology Predictions for 2023
(Photographs: Getty Images)

TRUSS GettyImages Therese Coffey 1242990169 300x200 - Astrology Predictions for 2023


I predicted the Ukraine crisis on 24th November 2020 (two years before it happened) at The Conscious Café on YouTube. Watch at 35 minutes in.

The virus was predicted twice on this website back in 2019, and the astrology named China and I also gave two dates. The first man died from the Corona Virus, Covid-19 on one date and WHO declared the virus a pandemic near the second date.

I published this on Twitter about a new variant in September 2022. This is now confirmed in January 2023. “Any new COVID-19 variant or new epidemic making news on the Full Moon at 17 Pisces opposite the Sun at 17 Virgo on Saturday 10th September, escalating on Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th September, is a worry. Get a HEPA or UV-C unit. Make a Corsi-Rosenthal.” On January 5th, the WHO says XBB15, found in 29 countries, is the most transmissible Covid yet. Forbes confirmed it was found in the U.S. in September 2022.

WHO 5th January 2023 300x231 - Astrology Predictions for 2023 XBB September Tweet 292x300 - Astrology Predictions for 2023 XBB September 300x114 - Astrology Predictions for 2023 XBB VARIANT PROOF 300x182 - Astrology Predictions for 2023


This prediction ran the day before the World Cup kicked off. “This horoscope for the FIFA World Cup 2022 final shows a religious nation winning the cup…There’s some slight tension there about whose deity is actually in charge of the result.” As so many readers predicted, the Pope is from Argentina and Messi is a deeply religious man. Twitter told us the rest.

POPE AND TEN 300x254 - Astrology Predictions for 2023Messi God 238x300 - Astrology Predictions for 2023@AstroGann33 Messi Virgin 300x265 - Astrology Predictions for 2023


On 10th April 2022, over a month before Australia voted, you read this.

“The astrology of the 2022 Australian election shows delayed results, reshuffles during the campaign as well as post election, wrong calls by the media and a high chance of a hung parliament – it may be that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg risks losing his seat.”

The result? Labor won but  Teal and Green candidates dominated the crossbench. The combined vote for Labor and the Liberal/National Party was the lowest on record. Australia avoided a hung parliament but Josh Frydenberg lost his seat.


Well, that Brazil chart worked. Way back on 18th April 2021 you read about the end of Bolsonaro on this website. In October 2022 a lot of my friends on Twitter in Brazil celebrated his departure. Did you see this?

Screen Shot 2022 12 31 at 7.36.51 pm 1024x990 - Astrology Predictions for 2023


The Prime Minister of Australia came a cropper in 2022. This prediction ran two years before it happened.  “What I am seeing here is not just the lid blowing off Morrison’s career – there may be actual physical and structural issues with Kirribilli (The Lodge) or within Canberra itself – Parliament House.”

On 19th January 2022 the repair bill for Old Parliament House in Canberra was put at more than $4 million after a fire at an anti-government protest. Morrison was thrown out of power and as 2023 arrives, is under inquiry for his secret ministries.


This was predicted on 6th October, two months before it happened, and date-stamped a plunge for Wall Street. “What happens on Wall Street between December 10th and 25th is Christmas karma. Win or lose with the Dow Jones, it’s unusual. I am predicting this two months before it happens.” Twitter told us the rest.

December 16 Wall St - Astrology Predictions for 2023Wall St Crash 300x263 - Astrology Predictions for 2023

Predicted on this website back on 2nd June 2021, over a year before it happened: an 8th November 2022 cryptocurrency upheaval. Bitcoin made a new bear-market low.


Predicted on 10th May 2022 about the future of cryptocurrency on November 11th 2022: “A clash between individual greed and the welfare of the group. The hive mind and the network/community/circle and the contrasting financial self-interest of just one or two people. November 11th is abrasive.”

This was a date-stamped prediction which turned out to be about the day the Sam Bankman Fried story went front page. As the New York Post reported, “Currency king loses $13 billion in a flash Crypto crash.”

NOVEMBER 11 2022 268x300 - Astrology Predictions for 2023

New Astrology Predictions 2023

2023 is historic. Saturn leaves Aquarius. Pluto goes into Aquarius. We’ve not seen anything like this in our lifetime. You can watch my predictions for your sign on YouTube here.

Working from home, working a three-day week or nine-day fortnight is the future for billions. All around the world, governments and big business will support a new lifestyle.

The December 2022 rulings on men claiming to be women or girls, using female toilets and change rooms in Scotland, will be repealed, retracted and rewritten as this doomed verdict ‘passed’ on Mercury Retrograde. It was even delayed during the process!

Teal women independent candidates will finish off the Liberal Party  in New South Wales in March 2023 as Sydney votes.

The cover-up involving the Governor-General I predicted (as it was happening!) will not go away. Morrison may emigrate.

Meghan and Harry Oprah Interview BBC - Astrology Predictions for 2023
Meghan and Diana (BBC)

March 2023 sees the biggest reshuffle in the Royal Family since King George III was replaced by George IV as Prince Regent in his place. Charles and Camilla will not be King and Queen.

Worldwide, new trade unions and professional organisations will rise from March 2023 and be all-powerful from 2026.

The United Nations will be transformed and replaced from March 2023, the month when everything changes. 

Between 2023 and 2026 breakthroughs with UVC lighting (safe Ultraviolet) will finally control Covid-19 at home and work. The worst Covid crisis yet begins in March 2023.

Pharmacists (chemists or drugstore staff) and telehealth on Zoom will replace doctors worldwide from 2023-2026 in a great many cases, as Uranus (the revolution) trines the Virgo placements of billions. This will release the strain on doctors.

From May 2023 we will all be instantly richer as social media ‘pays’ us in a new one world digital currency.

Expect shocks to the sharemarkets with Elon Musk and Wall Street on April 28th to 30th and May 1st.

The Maxwell-Epstein story in which the media named Donald Trump is not over and there will be more shocks by July.

Vladimir Putin will lose the war on Ukraine in 2023.


Your 2023 Astrology in One Sentence

You can hear a longer prediction about 2023 on a special podcast with my friends Sarah Vine and Imogen Edwards-Jones at the Daily Mail, recorded in January 2023. Listen here. For a quick way in, though, this is your year – in brief.

2023 is decision time for couples and partners, new and old.
You’ll take promising ideas to another region or country.
You’ll move or welcome new arrivals yourself – fresh start.
A family and friends celebration could bring a big new start.
Three generations have a lot of money to share this year.
A journey, met by you, or taken by you, changes your life.
Independence Day with or for a partner is on offer in 2023.
Make a property dream real and get rid of imaginary threats.
A sudden reshuffle at work, home or university offers a lot.
You and/or your partner or potential lover choose freedom.
You star with an important group and shine brightly in 2023.
You will give or receive money as there is an excess in 2023.

Main image: iStock. Please visit Twitter for the best coverage of current affairs through the imagery of 2022.

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143 Responses

  1. Will be interesting to see if your prediction regarding healthcare will come to fruition. Working in healthcare myself, I cannot possibly see how Telehealth consults could possibly replace in person consults for some medical specialities. Personally I am desperately hoping for a better 2023. I once thought that nothing could be worse than the 2014-2015 I had but along came 2018-2022. Best wishes for the new year Jessica.

    1. I will go back and expand that brief prediction to clarify; of course Telehealth and Pharmacist/Chemist service won’t work for many conditions. Yet, it will become the norm by May 2024 for a huge number of patients as we see Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus trine Virgo placements for millions. If you are wondering about 2023 for yourself, you are a Sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn, Aries and Scorpio. The controlling personalities and intensely political system in your profession, academic career or unpaid work sphere, ends in March. You have become so used to it, you may have forgotten what it was like to work, study or volunteer without it – but a change is coming in March. You will be offered a superior title, new look or label by May and probably take it. The big stretch with finance, property, business or charity is over in July, when the node leaves Scorpio.

  2. Hello Jessica

    Do you have any thoughts on possible advances to the current approaches/policies regarding environmental issues . I think of Capricorn/ Taurus, two of the 3 earth signs as representative of our functioning world. Pluto moves out of conservative Capricorn into an innovative sign – advances in fusion energy and AI – and hopefully some new thinking on the desperate plight of refugees around the world and Jupiter – promising optimism and abundance moves into Taurus where Uranus is disrupting food supplies worldwide.

    Thank you and Happy 2023.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Pluto going from Capricorn to Aquarius is good news for humanity. Aquarius is about all of us, sharing the planet (not a tiny handful of men at the top, controlling it). Whatever serves the global collective will succeed, and that’s the end of fossil fuel. New technology will be the handmaiden of a planet that does not unfairly burden some nations with rising sea levels, unbearable hot temperatures and so on. Uranus in Taurus is also about a global economic revolution. Again, this is the end of fossil fuel dominance. 2023 will be fascinating. Watch March.

  3. Dear Jessica
    Thank you for this insightful look into 2023. It appears both hopeful and challenging at the same time. I purchased my report for the 2023/ 2024 cycle. If you have time as I know you respond to so many comments. I did send one but have not had a response. My daughters are twins born 3 Jan 2002. The one is in university and the other is starting next year. I wanted them to be in the same university unfortunately this did not happen and my daughters are now split up as one would have to live with their dad and the other with me in a new town which she reluctantly is doing. Do you perhaps have any insights regarding their journey and mine and whether my daughters are going to be happy living in different locations. Will I find employment in this new place. Thank you so much Jessica. I know you receive hundreds of these requests so I’m hoping that you are able to provide some feedback if time allows. Thank you in advance. Have a wonderful new year.

    1. Thank you. Yes, up to 16,236 comments today so I’m afraid some questions do get stuck in the queue. Thank you for your patience. You are concerned about your twins, who are Capricorn Millennials. They may have to accept the new rules in 2023, 2024, 2025 with each other and no doubt find it a real test of their patience and maturity, but they will mature with lifelong wisdom as a result. In three decades from now they will look back at university and the test of their sisterhood and realise it helped them grow. You are a Sun Aquarius women with Capricorn, Aries and Taurus stelliums, so will lose the politics in your career, academic career or unpaid work in March 2023. You will be stunned at what life feels like without it. You will relaunch your reputation, title and appearance quite successfully by May 2023. You will make or save a lot of money, May 2023 to May 2024, if you take the opportunities.

  4. Thanks so much for your 2023 predictions Jessica. Do you feel that the worst time for covid, March 2023, will flow from what is currently happening in China?

    1. March 2023 is about ‘Virgo factor problems’ and so it’s not just a new, highly infectious kind of Covid – it is also about China struggling with its factories and supply chains, and of course, so many pharmaceutical companies are based there. So we’ll have issues on all fronts. I told The Daily Mail back in October 2020 there would be no vaccine. What we have are three, four, five injections (and counting) which do not stop us becoming ill, getting Long Covid or infecting others. In my book, the needles aren’t vaccines the way we wanted or expected them. On the plus side, UVC light works, and academics from Columbia University and Harvard Medical School have told us, repeatedly.

  5. Hello Jessica,
    Happy holidays from California!
    I always love to see when you have new blogs posted!
    I am an Oncology nurse and I’m curious about your predictions on the future of healthcare. Does this movement to zoom include use of AI to replace physicians, nurses, etc? I have to say, I’ve seen some institutions replace in person care with with virtual zoom visits, and it frequently results in poor care for complicated patients. There is also so much lost without having in person human touch and connection. Just wondering how this all will pan out?
    My husband (double Scorpio)and I (Pisces/cap) would love to buy a house this year and going off your one sentence predictions, this might be our time to make it happen!

    1. Thank you – waving to California from Melbourne. Artificial Intelligence can’t replace nurses. Complicated patients won’t be the market for the new Zoom/drugstore/pharmacist health care either. The astrology is about Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in Taurus trine the Virgo placements (health) of billions, starting in May 2023 and extending to May 2024. This means the pressure is taken off doctors and hospitals so we all gain. It will be choice-based, of course, but it means health care becomes faster, easier and more affordable for many. You and your husband are in a good space in 2023 to buy a house. The housing market will begin moving in your favour as the new year gets under way.

  6. sorry Jessica another question if time allows. My partner is Sag.a nice person but not sure whether I’m staying for the small financial support I receive from him. The past 2 years have been incredibly difficult left my job sold my home and feeling rather unstable regarding my future and my daughters. Thank you Jessica. Bless you for all you do for us. Have an amazing New Year.

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Aquarius woman you will find your Sagittarius Sun man helps you shine, but of course it takes more than that to make a partnership. You do have choices to make about the daughters here, as does he about your partnership, but don’t try to rush an outcome, as the wheels will spin backwards and forwards until March. March does bring a clear choices, though, for both of you. You will relaunch your title, reputation and appearance happily by May. You will also save or make money from May 2023 to May 2024 and that opens a few windows for you. You’ve done the shedding and begin gaining in 2023.

  7. You are a very clever lady Jessica. You would be, by far, the greatest astrologer of your generation. I have been a member since 2008 and think you’re incredibly talented. I am not alone in thinking this.

  8. Many thanks for your predictions, Jessica. As many others, I’m both fearful and hopeful for 2023, Ukraine’s victory is my main concern of course. I have big hopes for the UN transformation as well, hopefully this will prevent more attacks, on us or anybody else. BTW I think you’re missing another true prediction, in your Russia article you mentioned a December crisis and now there’s a crisis fueled by the oil sanctions, both the old ones that finally kicked in and the latest ones. The timing fits.

    1. Thank you. The United Nations is overdue for transformation, isn’t it? They had one job and did not do it. Thank you for reminding me about the true Russia prediction (December crisis). I’ll look for the original forecast and add that. Happy New Year.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    If your predictions for 2023 come to pass it doesn’t look too bad, of course with the exception of your COVID prediction. The thought of more people becoming sick or dying is not good but a solution by 2026. Let’s hope it happens quicker than that in Australia.
    Your Royal family prediction doesn’t sound good either. King George 111 stepped aside because of illness. After the deaths of Prince Philip and the Queen, it is quite concerning prediction about King Charles.
    I love that Ukraine will win the war with Russia. I also like the idea of a shorter working week, allowing for more work/life balance. Not surprised about the union movements with Pluto moving into Aquarius.
    Also love your “one line predictions” for each sign.
    Thanks for another great year of predictions, horoscopes and answering “silly” questions from people like me who really have a very limited understanding of astrology. You get an “A” for patience.
    Have a wonderful new year and I look forward to reading your horoscopes and blog in 2023!
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Julie. Unfortunately COVID-19 is now entering the same astrological cycle as HIV-AIDS, some 28-29 years before, and it starts in March. I appreciate your comments and wish you a very happy new year. A longer prediction for your sign will appear on 1st January.

  10. Hi Jessica, i’m new here. My sun sign on my birth chart is saying I am a Pisces, although on your sign dates on the website, I am a Aquarius (I’m born February 19th). I do have traits of both signs in me, but which should I be reading on your website? I’m starting off the new year with you! Elise

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with Pisces and Aquarius stelliums, so feel like both signs because of that. But, you are a Sun Pisces (you snuck in). The dates for daily, weekly and monthly predictions are averaged because of world time zone differences, but your natal chart shows your Sun in the sign of the fishes.

    1. You may want to read the long, detailed prediction which appears on the stroke of midnight, January 1st 2023, for Premium Members.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    These predictions are fascinating and I’m readying myself for the shocks of March! Wow; what a wild ride ahead! I’m fascinated if Charles is regent to William, or something similar.
    Looking forward to the Jan 1 details – hoping pisces have some love, romance and good partnership energy ahead.
    Love and light (and sparkling wishes for 2023 ahead for you)

    1. Thank you. The eminent astrologer Charles Carter was first to predict Charles III would not become king, back in 1948. As we go into Pluto in Aquarius, we enter the same cycle that saw King George III step down in favour of the Prince Regent, which is something Carter could not possibly have known back in the 1940s; Her Majesty the Queen living to advanced old age was not thought of. So, yes, Fishie there is a precedent here. I have a feeling Prince Harry and Meghan are the twist in the tale. Happy New Year Fishie; you will be gratefully receiving money or in such a good position you hand it out.

  12. Hi Jessica, just wanted to let you know that I think there’s an error in the ABC Radio link you posted. I’ve downloaded it twice and both times it seems to repeat, so shortly after the DJ announces your upcoming segment it loops back to the sailor Michael and his 1970s wages again, and it never actually gets to your bit.
    I’m excited for this dramatic year ahead, I’m a Rabbit so it’s my Chinese lunar return, seriously hoping my writing career will take off, planning to use the Astro weather to edit for the next 3 months with a send out date to agents of late March/April once things start moving astrologically. Really hoping to find love and a fun, caring partner this year too after too many years of solitude post-divorce with just me and my fiery Aries 12 year old boy, and a pick up in my social life too.
    Happy New Year 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m sorry about that. Mercury Retrograde is with us. I will pass that on to the ABC. As a Sun Sagittarius woman with a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of publishing, and a Gemini stellium in the Third House of media, you will write and/or broadcast your whole life. This period is really rehearsal and beta-testing with Mars Retrograde in Gemini until March 2023. The biggest period of expansion is Jupiter through Gemini, so from 2024, and new inventions online then propel a long period of liberating new success in quite revolutionary new mediums from 2026. So this is long-term for you. March gets rid of any barriers in your social life. A proper partnership is possible when Jupiter goes into Gemini from 2024 and your Seventh House of duets, in your public Sagittarius chart, and forms a sextile to your Leo stellium in the Fifth House of courtship and parenthood.

  13. Hello Jessica,
    I have been a long time reader of your website and blogs and am worried about the virus rearing its head again as I lost my job in 2020 because of the effects on the travel industry. With this in mind, I recently started a new job as I was re-hired in my previous role but I was ready for something new and didn’t trust it anymore after losing my job once already. My new position is not in the same industry but is still somewhat tourism related, just not totally dependent on it. One of our manager’s had already supplied our workplace with some hand held UVC devices before I started there and after reading one of your recent blogs regarding this (the day before I started in my new role!) I hope we will be better equipped moving forward. I intend to talk to him in the new year about HEPA and UVC for prevention (we are already using a company that utilises UVC equipment to sanitise areas in our workplace after someone has had Covid in our environment) and mask wearing was made mandatory a few weeks ago. I am a Capricorn with a mortgage to pay and don’t want to be caught short again so am thinking of ways to minimise any effects this time around. Especially around travelling to work as I commute to my job, in a different city to where I live so I am hoping I have made the right job choice.

    1. Thank you. Even if we don’t include the astrology, it is clear that China has long queues to the crematoriums and a Sky-TV crew from London were prevented from filming by Chinese police who tried to take their camera. They have stopped providing information on the Covid variant itself. Another big warning signal. So – you are right to be concerned. You have factors in the later degrees of Virgo in your Sixth House so it will take some time for Saturn in Pisces to oppose them, but astrology is about ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ Minimise the issues now. Put measures in place now. I am glad you are across UVC and HEPA. This cycle we are in is so uncannily similar to HIV-AIDS. The problem then was that after a panic in 1987, 1988 people dropped their guard. By the 1990s AIDS was the biggest killer of younger Americans. The only thing that worked against AIDS was condoms, safe sex and monogamy. Huge lifestyle and social change. We’re still not there with Covid but negotiating with employers is part of it. It sounds as if you have switched-on managers. I don’t know which country you are in, but look at Philips disinfection units. The other cycle coming around now is the big, big 1990s class action lawsuit cycle against cigarette manufacturers. Same principle. Dangerous shared air. Don’t wait until you have to take part in a class action lawsuit, though – the time to put some measures in place is now. Good luck!

  14. Hi Jessica, so interesting to read and looking forward to greater detail on the 1st of Jan.
    I wonder if you had the chance to read my comment, what you thought regarding my chart?
    I feel really anxious about life right now and in March. The gender recog act reform in Scotland has made me so angry, and also powerless, esp as I have daughters. Along with that I start a new job in a few months in a health centre, so worry too about lack of mitigations regards Covid, although I do mask and own HEPA/UVC units.
    My chart has some Virgo (in Aesculapia (21) and Juno (10)) but planets in Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces too. Am I more at risk of illness? What do these planets in 6th mean? With young children it feels so hard to keep everyone in my family safe.
    Thank you again for your gift, and for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Thank you. Yes, a nice, long, detailed forecast will be here for you on 1st January with some Tarot insights too. I have 16,269 comments today so unfortunately I am not sure where yours has gone to…but I have your chart here so will take a look now. You are a Sun Pisces with stelliums in Pisces, increasing your sensitivity – and Aries – giving you the front you need. You also have stelliums in Gemini and Sagittarius so should be writing if you are not already doing that (even keeping a journal or a Substack). Finally you have an Aquarius stellium. Women and girls will win in Scotland and you will be involved. You won’t be directly or heavily involved – just on the fringes – but you will play your part. The global push back against the war on women begins in March and gets serious from July. By 2024 your memory of being angry and powerless will be just that. A memory. Again, in March, I think you will figure out your strategy with the job. The Sixth House is about health but also about work. You are not the only person who feels like this and it is important to network and unite. Your employers should protect you from Covid. They should have HEPA and/or UVC in place. Lots of ‘shoulds’ but actually nothing will change until you join others in insisting upon it. You are a mother who is protective of your daughters and need to know your employer is protecting you. Part of this whole story in your chart is about understanding that people (especially women) in unity can move mountains and achieve miracles. Once it starts it will not stop and it will show in different ways to the year 2044, actually. It’s a new path for you. From 2026 you will become far more involved with internet and/or media. It’s a revolution.

  15. Hi Jessica, hope you are well & enjoyed the festive period.

    I have been a member for some time & I absolutely love your articles & predictions. They are absolutely fantastic & I am often reciting them to anyone who will listen…particularly your warning about covid in March & the use of UVC light, I am fascinated by your work thank you.

    I am a sun capricorn very much looking forward to Pluto moving on next year & beyond!
    I made a career change this year & I worry if this was a wise move? as I have felt quite unsettled & unsure, given the sacrifice made will it offer any progression in the future?!
    Also after a few turbulent years & a lot of heartache, do you see any romance ahead in 2023? as it would be so nice to move on from the past & have a brighter year to look forward to in that respect.

    I understand how incredibly busy you are so I appreciate if you take the time to respond.
    Once again keep up the good work, it’s truly helpful & insightful. Thank you & happy new year to you.

    1. Thank you – and Happy New Year. I am glad you’ve seen the messages about UVC light and Covid. Your Sun is in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success, ambition and goals, so you shine when it works for you, and have to try harder when it doesn’t. You are a Capricorn with a huge Aquarius stellium too so do best when around groups and movements. Your career will look and feel completely different in March 2023 when the unsettled atmosphere of January and early February 2023 is over and you will see the end of a long period of difficulty with people or organisations basically power-tripping, manipulating or game-playing. Your chosen field has been dotted with far too many of these faces since 2008 but it’s almost over. Your courtship/courtships for 2023-2024 are unpredictable, liberating, the last thing you expected, offer you space/independence and a zig-zag through life. It begins in May with Jupiter joining Uranus in Taurus in the Fifth House of your solar chart. By May 2024 you’ll have had more than once choice and the atmosphere will be completely different to anything you can remember. It is possible that the person in question has children, or his godchildren/young relatives may be important; unusually so.

  16. Kia Ora Jessica
    In his pre-political life, Scott Morrison worked in New Zealand. Maybe he will again? I see Wall Street is ending the year badly but our own little market here is doing okay. Is that likely to change? Do you have any thoughts about the 2023 election in New Zealand? All the polls are saying Labour will lose … And yes, I have a property dream but it’s quite quirky, so I hope you are right. I want to build a house by a tidal pond in the shape of a wave.
    Nga mihi nui

    1. Good point, Deborah, Mr. Morrison may emigrate to New Zealand. If it’s going to happen, it would be news by March. I’ve not looked at the New Zealand chart for years so must update the forecasts. A great deal depends on how Ardern handles China.

  17. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for this and the Aquarius Factors post (which was spot on). My Aries Ascendant is at 18°, so Saturn will still be in my 11th house even when Saturn moves into Pisces, will I need to wait for friendships to get better till Saturn moves into my 12th house? You are right that I have been isolated from friends due to COVID, and naturally learning through that process who are my true friends and who are superficial/taking advantage of my kindness/listening skills. You will be happy to hear that I do have UVC purifier in my home. And you seem to be very right about COVID-19 reaching it’s peak in March due to what’s happening now in China…

    I JUST finished my third Saturn return of the year, and Saturn is about to conjunct my sun in Feb. Will it sing a similar tune? Broke up with a few friends during my Saturn returns this year. Applied for a new job on the new moon on 23 Dec. Hope I not only get it but interviews won’t be terrible with Saturn… any advice on when to schedule interviews?

    Since I have Aries ascendant, do you foresee changes in my love life with the nodes changing and eclipses? Have had a lonely time with both friendships and romantic partners.

    Finally, to deal with everything I have been putting energy on meditation, mindfulness, astrology. Will Saturn in Pisces remove my “reliance” on these types of things?

    Thank you so much in advance for your time and help!!! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thank you. You are using a different house system here. I use the Natural House system, so at 21, 21, 29 Aquarius, your patterns are in the Eleventh House of friendship, social media, your social life and particularly groups – only until the start of March. Saturn goes over 29 Aquarius and is gone. You will notice it immediately. When Pluto enters Aquarius at the end of March, you will also notice that too. Saturn in conjunction with your Sun in Aquarius is a temporary tight set of restrictions on your friendships/groups and a passing test of your patience. You may feel that you are shut out then, or shut in. It passes. As for job interviews, Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career is here until early February. Until then, have Plan B and C. I think you’d gain from using an accurate house system for prediction; have a look at your library on this website, which is free to use. That will help you with your other questions.

  18. Dear Jessica, thank you for the 2023 predictions- I hope your warning on the next (and worst) Covid outbreak is taken seriously by governments. India has reacted very quickly to the situation in China, bringing back mask mandates in most states and a requirement for negative Covid tests for those coming in from China and a few other countries.

    This comes at a time when most people are celebrating the Christmas and New Year holiday with great gusto after years of little to no festivities.

    The move to reintroduce masks in public and travel restrictions is being met with great irritation by most – even the supporters of the current ruling party.

    It makes me wonder if people in the government are following the astrology!! Do you think India will be a little better off compared to previous years’ outbreaks thanks to the quick reaction?

    Wishing you a wonderful 2023!

    1. I am glad India is making N95 masks mandatory. You are far ahead of Australia which has a very weak Prime Minister unfortunately. Nobody likes them, but two-way masking is the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to bring down cases of Long Covid and – death. I’m afraid India is no different to China in terms of being vulnerable to new variants. It will take us until the year 2026 to finally see airlines and airports held to account, as well as cruise ships. Until then, unfortunately the crisis I am seeing in March will owe a lot to Lunar New Year celebrations in Asia and India.

  19. Thoughts on how to prepare for something worse than the first round of COVID? I can’t imagine what that will even look like. Thanks Jessica.

    1. Unfortunately the astrology is clear – the worst global phase of Covid begins in March – and the time to reinforce good habits is now. That’s not enough, though. What the world has needed all along is employer power; parent power; a united push back against politicians and businessmen who are putting profit before protection. You will be amazed at how that gets lit, in March 2023. Once lit it never stops. People power is coming back.

  20. I enjoy reading your insights and often learn just by reading your comments to others. I see you frequently referencing March 2023 as a fortuitous turning point for many people when one long cycle ends and another begins. Yet this is the same time when you’re talking about a potentially new Covid-related crisis emerging. I’ve read your thoughts about UV lights and how this will be a catalyst toward change. But I’m having a hard time imagining how our lives can continue forward positively with the specter of Covid getting worse.

    I still wear a mask indoors and due to the flu over here in the US, I’m still living a very limited lifestyle, having put plans on hold to see family and friends, and the isolation is at its breaking point. My family never went back to “normal” really.
    Knowing that it could get worse in 3 months gives me great anxiety that I’ll never get to see family who are a cross-country flight away, including elderly parents. I’ve been waiting around for the right time but it seems like there’s never a safe time, but I cannot put my life on hold when it’s basically been here since March 2020.
    In addition I have a child who’s still being schooled at home even though he would be much better served being around classmates and is falling behind. This also means I haven’t had a break from him in 3 years because I don’t drive and used to take the train to go places, which obviously had to stop once Covid came.
    So I know we’ve done this before and there will be ways to live safely. It’s just very, very challenging emotionally. I’m an Aries sun, Gemini rising, Virgo moon born in 1974.

    1. March 2023 is historic. Saturn out of Aquarius, into Pisces. Pluto out of Capricorn, into Aquarius. We will see the worst phase of Covid worldwide begin in March, but the solution will also begin – people power against employers and politicians. The tools are there. UVC light, HEPA filters and working from home. You are doing the right thing wearing your N95 mask indoors. You need to see your elderly parents – find out how other people are doing this (across the same distance) in a safer way. It is very important to know you are not doing this alone and there are whole communities and networks who understand your situation. Your child being schooled at home is a good example. Something that changes in March, as Pluto (power) goes into Aquarius (people) is within schools themselves. The answer to every classroom is a Corsi Rosenthal box. Have a look at the movement around that, worldwide. Your Virgo Moon is really behind all this; your Moon is in the Sixth House of health and wellbeing so of course you have been powerfully affected by this pandemic. I think your biggest issue has been the barriers, obstacles and barricades with friends, groups and your social life. That stops in March. From March, the kinds of networks I am talking about will begin to cross your path. You can find them earlier than that, but it is March that shows you how influential you can all be together as parents, for example. You will make new friends from March 2023 who are quite powerful people. That will also help a lot.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Always astounded at your gift! Happy 2023. Born July 21st, l do not know what my sun sign is, however, l want to start my own business with a stationery product l will trademark. Do you see a good outcome? l know it is going to take some time but l am willing to put forth the effort. Also, never had Covid, very fearful of this coming March but l have hepa filter purifiers in my home. Can’t wait for the uv-c lights for the home. ls their a timeline when that could be available? Thanks for indulging my questions.

    1. Thank you. It’s worth finding out your Sun Sign; you can do this if you have an accurate birth time. I don’t know which country you live in, but Philips are selling HEPA filters with UVC light inside with excellent results in laboratory tests of Covid elimination. Worth researching.

  22. Dear Jessica,
    You give your readers a rational approach.
    You give them courage and hope.

    I Had to share this, it hurts that this is printed….

    You approach and explanations surpass other sources.

    You are THE PSYCHIC.

    Funny you too posted something from NYpost!

    Full moon Jan 6th at 26 degrees Cancer squares my natal Urnaus in Libra..there’s a jarring surprise from the resources and partnerships house waiting.
    How will I overcome this. When will a solution come.

    Did get nine of swords and King of Swords and Page of PENTACLES 2+ times.

    Thank you for an AD FREE, CLEAN, Q&A FILLED BLOG.
    So much value here, compared to 11+ popular astrology sites.

    Grateful fan

    1. Thank you TJ and I have just seen the story in the New York Post. I will pass on the compliments about the website to James, Jodi and Justin at Asporea. The Tarot is talking to you about a male superior, employer or rather challenging presence (linked to your status and success) and of course the Full Moon in Cancer is opposite the Sun in Capricorn in your Tenth House of professional life, academia and business. Focus on the King of Swords and go back to that card. You will have to negotiate with him.

  23. Jessica thank you for these amazing predictions. Would you be able to tell me about my financial situation in 2023? I have a fairly high level of debt accumulated although I do earn a good income, putting my daughters through university post divorce has been costly. Also wondering about a change in my profession or workplace? Thank you very much!

  24. Hi Jessica, I am a premium member and enjoy your articles so much. I am Taurean (born 24 April). I’ve been trying to find as much information as I can through your articles about my current situation. I need to leave a toxic relationship but in order to do so I need to find my own place to live. Can you shed any light on when this may happen for me? Thank you.

    1. I can’t see a chart here, so can only read for you as a Sun Taurus. You have karma with this person, either from a relationship with them 18-19 years ago, or with quite a different lover or partner, again 18-19 years ago. There must be closure and it takes time. So you could leave, which of course you should do, but you would need to wait until July 2023 and the departure of the South Node of karma from Scorpio, in your Seventh House of relationships, to truly say the door is closed and the chapter has ended. You owe, you see, or you are owed, from almost two decades ago. A stuck situation with money ends in March 2023 and you can at last act on decisions without being sent backwards and forwards. That will help.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I was wondering if you see Ron Desantis as the Republican nominee in 2024 if Trump collapes?

    1. I am pursuing a reliable natal chart for him now, thank you. Trump collapsing is of course, when, not if.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    Good read as always! Can’t wait for Jan 1!! I’m interested and wary about the digital currency prediction for May 2023. Very wary about what some of the implications will be. Can you provide any further information regarding this? Keen to buy next year (hoping it will be our year), been trying for over 10 years.

  27. Good read as always! Can’t wait for Jan 1!! I’m interested and wary about the digital currency prediction for May 2023. Very wary about what some of the implications will be. Can you provide any further information regarding this? Keen to buy next year (hoping it will be our year), been trying for over 10 years.

    1. Thank you. There will be two kinds of global digital currency. One enthusiastically embraced by some Prime Ministers and Presidents. Another, far more interesting, will be digital payment for you as a social media user. You will be given a wallet online. The bad old days when people were providing free content (like unpaid journalists, photographers and so on) for billionaires will be a thing of the past. Once one of them pioneers it, they will all compete, of course. You are a Sun Cancer with stelliums in Cancer, Aries, Aquarius. Your most restrictive, limiting financial cycle in 29 years ends in March. March is the month you will see how different life could be in terms of a house or apartment. I don’t have the other chart here, but your chart shows the end of a very tight situation since December 2020 and the start of a completely new challenge; to use your willpower to become so much more powerful, financially, over a period of quite some years.

  28. Hi Jessica I just found your website.I was happy to found you.I think your great.I born 1948 May 31i been true a lot in my life..I quite my job because jealous staff.and manager.its going to be hard for me cause my you see me selling my house moving or go to another area ..I’m going to be able to manage my life…..thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Gemini who quit and you have a mortgage to pay. Okay, so March is the change month for you. You have choices then about the money, the bank, your home and also a new career. Take your time deciding as you will have to live with the work part of the equation for some time. The Tarot can help you; it is free to use on this website.

    1. Trump will vanish from the scene, but will Ron replace him? Let me see if I can find a reliable astrology chart for him. Donald never did have one, but perhaps Mr. Desantis does.

  29. Hi Jessica, Happy Christmas and New Year. For the recent election in the us, you had mentioned a coverup because of the eclipse, the news has recently come out about a congressman and the lies that helped him get elected. When the news broke I thought of your prediction. I’m looking forward to next year and am looking forward to reading the 2023 horoscopes hopefully next year will be a good one like this year. Waving from the west coast of the USA.

    1. Thank you so much for pointing this out. I’ll check the dates to see if they tally with the cover-up. Waving back to you from Devonport, Tasmania, Australia – over a lot of oceans.

  30. Jessica – thank you! Women and girls in Scotland will win – we won’t wheesht! Happy new year to you when it comes, warrior women unite!

    1. Happy New Year. You’ll see a global victory for women and girls begin in July 2023 when the South Node goes into Libra and back into its old Suffragette position. That was repeated in the Seventies (Women’s Liberation) and this will be the third powerful triumph.

  31. Hello Jessica,
    you’re a wonderful astrologer and I follow your predictions with great interest.
    I’m an Aries with stelliums in Taurus (6) and Aries (5); what do you think about my chart? I’m currently unemployed, and I have to rearrange my life after a very heavy period. Actually I’m taking care of my aging parents.
    Do you see some light in my future?
    Wishing you a super lucky 2023!

    1. Thank you. Caring for your parents is a full-time job by itself, I’m sure. As a Sun Aries with stelliums in Aries and Taurus you are in an odd phase at the moment when karma rules. You owe them. The South Node is in Scorpio in your solar Eighth House of family property and family money. Were they to pay for care it would be expensive so you are living out your Eighth House transit by serving them. The transit ends in July, so that month you will no longer be bound by karma. You will of course make or save a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024 and that will enable you to do more with your life. The Aries stellium indicates a better title, look and reputation for you, if you take all the opportunities, by May 2023. Happy New Year.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I was wondering what was your predictions in regards to the Australian political scene? What will 2023 be like for the Federal Government and Anthony Albanese? If covid is coming back what will it mean for Victoria and the Andrews Government who has already had a history with lockdowns etc? And what will the change of government be like in NSW? (you don’t have to be an astrologer to know the Libs are goooooooone!)

    Thanks very much.

    1. Sun Pisces Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is following his own shares and investments when he is making public policy and will do very well from that by May. His legacy will be an Australia-wide improvement of public transport, commuting and the travel industry, which I predicted before the election, if you want to search his name. He’s the vroom-vroom Prime Minister and may even get trains back to Tasmania, where I am writing this (!) Covid never went away and it will be with us in the same way that AIDS is always with us, or even the Bubonic Plague, which still shows up. You will find some parts of the world engage in limited stay-at-home orders when the morgues and hospitals are overflowing. NSW and Sydney show up as people power in March, with women forming one half of that, so the old system is dead. We will see some new female superstars in politics then.

  33. Hi Jessica,
    I always enjoy your blog and reading this year’s predictions coming to pass. I look forward to 2023, not only to Pluto finally moving out of Capricorn but to see the beginning of innovations that will improve our lifestyles as a result. I am hoping for a better year as 2022 has been challenging. However, good things have resulted from these difficulties or interesting circumstances.
    I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2023.

    1. Thank you Fran. Happy New Year. There are some terrific things about 2023 including Jupiter in Aries (a new way to look better; perhaps at-home cosmetic injectables or new products for the face) and Jupiter in Taurus (you will be given digital credits of cryptocurrency for your presence on social media). Good things do come out of difficulty. Covid forced scientists to find an answer. They discovered UVC which also destroys the common cold and flu. Now we have to wait for politicians and businessmen to wake up. Or at least bypass the pharmaceutical companies, cough, cough.

  34. Hi Jessica, thank you for sharing your new predictions. Do you have any read on China? Will they invade Taiwan?

    1. China is in serious trouble as is Xi Jinping – have a look at old predictions about China posted months or even years ago.

  35. Hello Jessica, thank you for this post and I am very much looking forward to the forecasts on the 1st. Have you been following the catastrophic meltdown of Southwest Airlines in the American news over the last week? It could qualify as one of the most severe Mercury Retrograde events of all time. Could this be the start of the class action lawsuits you have forecasted?

    I can’t wait for March, but it will be a long winter getting there. Your forecast about new digital currencies is interesting, especially the one for providing content online. Is this something I can look forward to being a part of? My forecasts indicate due to my Taurus stellium I am likely to make a lot of money next year, and I am wondering if that will be from the company I am currently employed by, or something new like independently working online from home (or a combination of both). Thank you so much again!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Southwest Airlines meltdown will be on the list for class actions. Eventually evidence will be found of a cover-up by airlines, airports, cruise ships and politicians whereby it was very clear that infection transmission was taking place and being concealed. That’s why I have been telling people to keep evidence of Covid-19 losses as once Pluto goes into Aquarius, people power will be there for combined actions, for the next 20 years or so. It’s very similar to the cigarette companies in the 1990s. You will find Jupiter in Taurus helps you save or make a fortune, as Jupiter is a gas giant in astronomy and also to the Romans was ‘Optimus Maximus’ so those Latin words survive today. Much depends on what you did around 12 years ago, as each cycle nods to the last one. If you put good things in motion then, they will bear fruit in 2023, 2024. So, for example, if you invested in business colleagues or the business itself the last time Jupiter was in Taurus, that acorn now becomes an oak.

  36. Hi Jessica, Interesting predictions.

    I am a Virgo Sun and Leo rising sign with a good amount of factors in Virgo and Libra. I have had some complicated and exhausting years since 2008. I feel somehow stuck. Reading your predictions I am concerned about Pluto entering in Aquarius and Saturn moving into Piscis. Pluto will oppose my rising sign and then my North Node and Saturn will oppose a stellium in Virgo. Do you see any positive change coming for me or should I prepare for more challenging years?

    1. First of all the Rising Sign is not important. It’s just your exterior and you would be amazed at how little it matters. Looking at your chart as a whole, you are a Sun Virgo with Virgo, Cancer, Libra stelliums. You are quite right to wonder about Saturn’s opposition to your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of workload, lifestyle and health. The time has come to lose weight (say) or get serious about fitness – perhaps to finally put in place measures for your best physical and mental health that you have put off, for years. This may be work-life balance or just sunscreen. You will find that Saturn in opposition operates through people, organisations and situations which seek to restrict and limit. So you may be on a restricted raw vegan diet, for example, or discover that your work house have to be limited, because you start working from home, to protect yourself against becoming infected with Covid at the office. None of this is new! Anyone with a Virgo stellium went through this with AIDS on the last Saturn cycle. They started using condoms; having safe sex; probably gave up smoking when the class action lawsuits against cigarette companies exposed the cancer and heart disease risks. So now it’s your turn. The Libra stellium is important. You and your partner (any sort of partner) have karma to sort out from July 2023 and it will take you into 2024 as there is a great need for closure. You owe or are owed. The scales will balance.

    1. This global pandemic enters the most critical phase yet from March 2023 in every country of the world and the science is already showing that the variant I predicted in September is the problem. Get to know XBB Covid and its spin-offs. There is a reason why it is taking over New York hospitals but of course, this variant has been flown and shipped to every part of the world by now because of weak government, unfortunately.

  37. Happy New Year Jessica! I would like to know the best way to find a well paid job in 2023. I’m Leo with Virgo stellium.

    Additionally for all readers, anything else we should do to prepare for the big shift in March besides the UV lamps? I’m wondering if it’s too late to buy now with Mercury retrograde. Will cities become problematic? Will there be supply chain issues again? Thank you so kindly for all your advice, I know peoples lives have been changed for the better because of your kind advice.

    Happy New Year!
    Stay safe & well. ♥️

    1. Happy New Year. You will be delighted with your new job offers or opportunities from May 2023 to May 2024 as Jupiter goes into your Tenth House of success in your public chart and in your private chart, he trines your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of work. This is life-changing for you. Do everything you can to habitually protect yourself against Covid starting now. The science has backed the astrology and the variant I was concerned about in September (XBB) is now behind the dominant strain of Covid in America. Mercury Retrograde is in Capricorn so proceed with orders, but have Plan B and C. Yes, there will be supply chain issues in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026. Despite politicians, airlines, airports and cruise ship companies fantasising and denying, Covid was always going to keep mutating and like anything, it tries to survive and thrive. They have given Covid perfect conditions for doing that and unfortunately the astrology will be right. Cities will be problems because nobody has installed UVC light throughout despite being told repeatedly by science that it is the answer. When there is a buck to be made from UVC light bulbs, you can bet politicians and big business will suddenly make a u-turn on that. At the moment it appears they chose to invest their money in Pfizer.

  38. Dear Jessica I think you are amazing, fascinating and so kind. You do so much for this world we live in and give us all hope. If you have time, can you tell me what you think 2023 will be like for me? I am hoping in the future to be able to buy my own home on a piece of land. Do you see this for me? Or anything else of significance? I am so grateful if you can reply Jessica. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you very much. You are a Sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Libra. Your public chart shows the biggest and best opportunities to have more, enjoy more and do more – with property. This cycle runs until May 2023. It depends on what you did 12 years ago. If you planted a good acorn 12 years ago and tended to it, metaphorically speaking, it will become an oak before May. If you did very little, you may not buy a house and garden; you may be offered (say) a house and garden at a low rent, or as a house-sitting option. Jupiter works cyclically. The most restrictive and limited financial transit in 29 years ends in March though, so you are on your way. March is an important month. Politics in your career stops and a group of allies, among whom are friends, becomes central to you. It is entirely possible that a group or friend is the key to the advantage we are seeing with property of course.

  39. Hi Jessica, thank you again for an amazing article. You may have moved on from these comments but I’m wondering about my story. For Leo, you say it’s 3 generations sharing a lot of money. Obviously Jupiter’s involved here, I’m trying to track the 3 generations part? Thank you for your wisdom. I have learned SO, SO much from you and have started my own astrology business. Forever grateful for you teachings. Best to you in 2023.

    1. Thank you. Three generations is children, parents, grandparents. This comes from Leo’s solar Eighth House, ruled by Pisces, where Saturn enters in March 2023. The Eighth House is about inheritance and legacy, and shared finances and property. Serious decisions about serious money will follow. The generations are shown by the transit of the South Node in Scorpio in your natal Fourth House of family. Same story told twice, in the public and private chart. That ends in July but there is a strong theme of owing others, and being owed. Finally, every Sun Leo has the Sun in her Fifth House natally, which rules children, godchildren, young relatives and so on. In 2023 we begin to see Jupiter move into a square with your Leo Sun in this sector. So I’m reading solar and natal charts together. I hope that helps.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    I’m planning on emigrating to New Zealand this Spring, just wondering if you think this would be a good time, you have mentioned a few times before about things improving for Cancers from March ’23. I’m a Cancer Sun, Gem Moon, Sag. Asc with a stellium of Leo. I’d also love to read more of the updates you mentioned earlier to another person, on the charts of New Zealand.

    1. Take your time and do your research before you emigrate to New Zealand. You are a Cancer Sun with Saturn about to enter your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries in March 2023. Saturn stays in your Ninth House, in Pisces, throughout 2024, 2025 and early 2026. Saturn is a symbol of heavy restrictions and limitations. Typically you feel shut in, or shut out, of a situation. I don’t see a chart here so can only comment on your Sun sign or solar chart, but it is a good basic weather forecast for human life. Before you go, ask around and read between the lines about the place. Update yourself on (say) travel restrictions as the new variant of Covid takes hold. They call it XBB.

  41. Thank you so much for your response Jessica. Thanks too for that wonderful note of hope regards the GRR in Scotland. The groundswell of anger from women, regards what the govt has done, is only going to increase. Women should definitely not wheesht x

  42. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you’re well and 2022 has been good to you.

    I’ve been waiting on acting on getting an intra company transfer to move from Canada to Europe or Australia in 2023. Are you able to tell from my chart if this is possible? I’ve given life in Canada a fair shot but it still doesn’t feel like home. Trying to find my place in the world has been something I’ve struggled with for a while now and I’m hoping I can make a final move a reality and a happy one at that. Hoping something good is in my future for 2023.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond and Happy New Year to you and your team!


    1. Thank you AJ. You are a Sun Pisces with Pisces and Capricorn stelliums. You want to emigrate. You are waiting on the news from your company because you’re doing this on Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Fourth House of property, home town, homeland and residency. Mars is action. Retrograde is backward or stuck. The cycle ends in March 2023 when you will finally know where you stand. There is a second stuck cycle to end; the South Node in Scorpio in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, which always takes you back to karma from life as it was 18 or 19 years before. This transit finishes in July 2023 and again, you will notice the end of a loop or circuit in your life, regarding who or what you consider to be foreign. Much further into the future from 2026 you could move to the last place you ever expected to find yourself in. It may be back home.

  43. LEO
    Three generations have a lot of money to share this year.

    It’s uncanny how accurate you are. I’m a Leo and I just sold a house, for a good price, that has been in the family for three generations.

  44. Happy New Year Jessica and thank you for explaining the role of the Rising Sign and looking at my chart. This transit of Saturn seems to be difficult if it comes to a restriction and limit. As I am not having issues with weight (although I have been thinking about coming back to a more regular sports activity) and I already work from home, could it instead bring additional structure? I have also been experiencing the opposition of Neptune to my Virgo stellium and it’s still there…close to reaching my natal Saturn, which worries me. How will these two transits work together?

    Great to know what I can expect with my Libra stellium. I truly believe in all kinds of partnerships, but am not sure what transit could have played into the fact that over the past years it has been more and more deceitful to believe in balanced partnerships.

    Could you also explain what you mean by “VIRGO A journey, met by you, or taken by you, changes your life.” Are we talking about a physical journey? or should we understand this in a figurative way?

    1. Happy New Year. As you are a woman, it is easier to talk to you about 2023 and the man who is on his way to see you, or stay with you. Perhaps even move to your town or city. This man is sincere, decent and has a great deal to give you. Perhaps this is your son coming to stay with you on a regular, though part-time basis. It may be a new man in your life who you have not even met yet. As you have a Libra stellium I suspect this is a new boyfriend; the return of a husband; the revival of an old relationship. Finally, your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House needs care, yes. This is no different to people dealing with smoking or AIDS in the 1990s. Same thing. It’s about protecting yourself and being sensible. You know what to do.

  45. Just wanted to say Thankyou for all your insights, dedication and integrity in all you do. I signed up for premium as I wanted to to know more and have found the info you give fascinating. Here’s to 2023 Jessica!

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad you have become a Premium Member. You can give yourself a reading for 2023 right away using the three card decks here. Happy New Year.

  46. This is fascinating Jessica, I’ve known intuitively that we weren’t done with COVID since 2020, always felt like the lessons humanity needed to learn to progress (more flexible working, changes to healthcare, Universal basic income and so forth) didn’t quite land with everyone and there would be one more round to drag everyone over the line. Sounds exactly like what you are predicting with changes to working.

    Following your last reply to me, looks like career progress hasn’t quite landed yet but my very psychic wife has told me that she’s getting nothing but I need to be patient and something is on the way, so I’m not sure what you see on that front.

    Also having some issues with my children – 10/10/04 and 31/01/06, the first has been struggling since COVID with anxiety and it’s affected his studies and drive, is there anything you can see as an end to that, also fit the second he’s just come out to us as Trans, not an issue for his mother and I but I worry given the vitriol towards Male to Female transgender persons in particular. Will he find his path?

    Thanks for everything Jessica, the website is such a source of support for so many including myself and wishing you a very Happy New Year

    1. Thank you. I agree with you. The bigger game with COVID-19 is work and healthcare shift. We have been under Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 and people have forgotten how powerful they are as a group. That ends in March when Pluto leaves Capricorn and goes to Aquarius. You are lucky to have a psychic wife. Does she use the Tarot? Try a three-deck reading on this website. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Virgo and Capricorn. March 2023 brings a major choice about how you are to work; how you are to look after your health and fitness; how you are to begin a different lifestyle, with a daily workload. Take your time when you choose. From May 2023 when Jupiter goes into Taurus and trines your Virgo and Capricorn stelliums you will find new opportunities to improve and expand your old way of thinking about paid work, unpaid work or study. This is with you until May 2024. You will make or save quite a lot of money through your wife from May 2023 until May 2024, or perhaps a family member. I am sorry your children are going through these challenges. The Libran child has anxiety and that can be cured. I am not sure who or what you have turned to but I strongly recommend free audio trials with Dr. Paul McKenna and Glenn Harrold online (if it works, subscribe or purchase). The book, Self Help For Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes is another standby and when he reads the reviews he may want to try. From March, your Libran child will gain from a strict regular routine of (say) meditation or relaxation, hypnosis and so on. It is very important that this is nipped in the bud. When he is much older, he will always feel secure and safe as he has a bedrock of solid success with having fixed his own anxiety. So it pays off long-term and he will be able to help other people. It will also help him to have a partnership of some sort, if he does not already have one. And so to your other son who says he is transgender. J.K.Rowling is a good person to follow on this. He’s probably the Harry Potter generation, I would assume. He won’t have an issue if he understand he can do what he likes, dresses as he pleases, love whomever he wants to love – but also respect the space and rights of women and girls. That way he’ll get free passage through life. Will it last? Yes, it may do. Again, it will be March that is a turning point month when he really addresses the issue of his face, hair, body and clothes.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year to you! With regards to Covid in March I have Pluto at 4 degrees of Virgo and Aesculapia at 1 degree of Virgo. I also have Jupiter in my 6th House until May 2023. As these planets are in the early degrees what dates does this cover for me please. And what does it all mean.
    Thanks Jessica.

    1. Happy New Year. You are a Sun Scorpio, with stelliums in Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn, Sagittarius. The fastest way into a chart, which can look complicated, is to start with the sun sign or zodiac sign chart. That’s Queen. Then you go to the birth chart to see if the same life areas are picked up. March is really important as you finish a long cycle of power plays, controlling people, manipulative organisations and highly political situations at work, with unpaid work or study. It ends in March. At the same time, you have fantastic opportunities to gain from new lifestyle and workload options not possible in 12 years. One is irresistible and you will have a superior way of working and looking after your health by May. Partnerships (sexual or professional) bring life-changing decisions once the South Node goes into Libra from July 2023 and by the year 2024, you will find one person in particular brings back karma to you from 18 or 19 years before. This double act or duet is a radical departure from the known and a leap into all that is new, different, liberating and exciting.

  48. Happy, blessed New Year, Jessica. Thank you for the COVID advice, of which I am certain has saved lives. And advance notice about March and COVID. It’s astonishing to me that there is dead silence in the media about COVID, especially in NYC. Personally, I think this is about trying to avoid a major recession, so profit over people’s health. 2022 has been a difficult year for Taurus, particularly the last six months. I have a stellium in Aries and Taurus so I’m hoping and praying 2023 is better in many aspects of life!

    1. Happy New Year. New York has a new Covid variant which is sending hospital cases up. The media are ignoring it. I agree with you. Businessmen and politicians are trying to avoid a recession so ignoring or covering up. What they should be doing is investing in the production of UVC light bulbs, but it’s their life, not ours. Your chart shows the Sun in Taurus you know about, and the stelliums in Taurus, Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn you always find draws you back to business, finance, property and success. Your difficulties have been down to the South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus, passing through your chart, which have stretched you in areas of life you normally find quite easy: money, business, charity, property. That ends in July, when the nodes change signs. You will happily gain a new title, reputation and appearance, after being offered an irresistible opportunity by May. You will also start to make or save quite a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024 as Jupiter goes through Taurus. The other really welcome change is the end of power and control issues with your career, industry, business, profession, academic career or unpaid work. That stops in March. So this is a huge change year and very welcome. As Jupiter goes through Taurus he will trine your Capricorn stellium so you have considerable opportunities for success, May 2023 to May 2024. You will feel far more grounded in 2023!

  49. Happy New Year Jessica! To you, your family and your team, wishing good health and prosperity in 2023! Take care and keep up the good work! ❤️

    1. Thanks so much. I will pass that on to my colleagues at Asporea. Happy New Year.

  50. Hi Jessica

    I love reading your articles, As ever I wait with anticipation to see what happens in 2023 particularly around King Charles and Covid.

    I have a question around my child, since Covid began their world has socially became very limited, born 6/10/2001 @ 4.29am uk time. Could you let me know what is in store for 2023, I am hoping the dynamic will change.,

    1. Thank you. Charles III is not crowned yet. Covid begins its worst phase in March 2023. I am sorry your child has had a smaller world to live in, as this Sun Libra offspring of yours has been born into a pandemic childhood. The solutions are already here for children. UVC light, HEPA filters and if you want to DIY and save money, a Corsi Rosenthal box. Nobody has yet twigged that the answer to Covid is people power in a group, yet from March it becomes fashionable for schools in particular, and parents/teachers/children, to demand protection and create it, as one. You will notice this really dramatically in March. Once one school does it, the others will follow. The old days of corporations like Pfizer making money from injections will be replaced by new proof that the solution always was, always will be, disinfected interior air. Yet, it will take groups to do it, which is why you need to join forces with other mothers who feel the same way. Children should have their childhood back.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for a wonderful blog. I first discovered you by recommendation just after Putin invaded Ukraine and it has been so insightful and has made the world that bit less scary! I am so hopeful for Scotland gaining her independence and women and girls in Scotland winning.

    I’m a Sun Taurus and a lot of my horoscopes are talking about an idea or two and taking things global – I qualified in nails earlier this year and I was hoping to make a career out of that but due to my current financial situation, it’s not possible for me to do that just yet so I am hoping these predictions mean positive change is coming. It also talks a lot about relocation – I used to always say I was a home bird but I have an urge to travel and explore and see where I land next year and not sure if it has something to do with turning 30!

    Hope you had a wonderful festive period and New Year and I look forward to seeing your predictions unfold!

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, Nicola Sturgeon is doomed, just looking at these astrology charts for 2023 and 2024. Women and girls (not only in Scotland, but worldwide) will win the war on them. And yet Scotland will still become independent, without her. Your chart shows the Sun in Taurus, with stelliums in Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer. Nails, manicures and pedicures are Aries. First House – appearances. That is not the idea (or ideas, plural). This is something quite different and you can take it regionally or internationally. You don’t have to go with it. A group will change your life in March.

  52. happy Christmas jess ,
    i’m planning to immigration from Sep2016 but hard economic condtions keep limit my life n being young adult living in tier 3 country also another obstacle as my parent always nagging about complete Uni studies
    i was wondering if there is any hope to do it before 2026 big shutdown may this new digital currencies help me save money for the journey as most of digital wallets banned in my country make it harder even to be a member of your site…

    also : i have thots of launching a web project for specific country may help in getting a scholarship or job offer to relocate …
    virgo:sun merk + Sagittarius:moon mars pluto lilith + leo:venus north node + taurus:jupiter saturn(both Retro) + aqu :uranus neptune s.node…

    so any insights from sky , thank you

  53. Happy new year Jessica! Thank you so much for your hardwork and efforts in astrology and keeping us up to speed and ahead of the game

    I’ve been wishing and hoping to move for over a decade. Do you think this year will bring a move b or new home for me?

    1. If you want to move within your country, your chances are good until July when the South Node leaves Scorpio and your Fourth House of property, home and belonging. If you want to move overseas, you could emigrate by May, with Jupiter’s luck on your side. Just be aware that from March, the financial side of a new house or apartment will put you on new, heavy rules. Maybe you’re happy to accept that in exchange for a new home.

  54. Hello Jessica,
    Happy New Year 2023 to you and yours, sincerely!
    After reading all the comments, I’m wondering about this new world money cryptocurrency issue. In China, they have everyone controlled by their technology so much so that whatever they do, the gov or the PTB knows about everything you do. Will this occur with the new cryptocurrency? Will we be controlled again as the banks do at this moment? If i try to get more money that I normally get out at a time, they constantly ask me why i need my money out, that is so frustrating! Will we be “fingerprinted” electronically? That aspect terrifies me! I would rather live off-grid than that!
    I’m not sure I approve or comfortable of visiting a medical personnel online! But as you indicated in your predictions, if COVID comes back in March worst than ever, than perhaps it may work???? We have to wait and see, i suppose.
    There has been other predictions about a huge crash in 2023 in the money sector. Do you see that one as well? You’ve predicted lots of stuff for some countries. What about Canada? Will the economy prosper in 2023 and not be jeopardized by all those stupid policies being proposed?
    My husband is a Libra with Aries ascendant. However i don’t have his chart here. ( I purchased it and waiting) He really wants to retire this year. I read your predictions and Tarot Card on Libra. We both want to be debt free, mortgage free/moving/better living conditions and enjoy life more. I hope this year is our freedom year to enjoy life together.
    Thank you Jessica for those great predictions.
    Wishing everyone in this community loads of great stuff. You all deserve it.

    1. A few readers are picking up on the dangerous aspects of one world digital currency – government control of your bank account. It actually won’t be like that at all. It will be an alternative to your local currency and the usual currency exchange rates decided on the share markets. Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus are, in translation, ‘the expansion of financial independence’ so this looks like something set up quite apart from politicians. The new health care, reliant on Zoom, pharmacists/chemists in the drugstore and less on face-to-face doctor appointments, will be a way of life from March 2023 when Saturn begins his long opposition to the Virgo (health) factors of billions. The heavy limitations and restrictions (Saturn) pushing against our health (Virgo) mean alternatives have to be used to take the strain off the old doctor system. It was never built to take a pandemic. To answer your questions: there will be more crashes by 2026. Canada will partner with America far more from 2026 when selected US states will seek out Canadian closeness – new transport and travel inventions will help create the new US-Canada relationship. Your husband wants to retire but should do as much research as possible about that, before he does so. If he is a Sun Libra he has Saturn going into his Sixth House of lifestyle from March so rather than just fall into decisions about life after work, he may want to do a lot of tests and trials and be a realist about retirement. This holds in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. His health should actually be his top priority on all levels from that point. Thank you for your good wishes for other readers and myself; Happy New Year.

  55. Thank you Jessica. To answer your question about his BD: Oct. 15th, 1954. Yes, he is a Sun Libra.
    Thank you. All the best.

    1. Sun Libra men are ‘in the zone’ for many years of karma with/about partners. This may be an existing wife, or a new boyfriend. We see the North Node of karma going into the Seventh House of partnership, divorce, marriage, separation, common-law marriage from July 18th 2023 and it is there until January 11th 2025, by which time there will be closure. As you are a Premium Member you can pick up Modern Astrology 2050 which explains this cycle: North Node in Aries/North Node in Seventh House. This is followed by Saturn in Aries in the Seventh House from May 26th 2025 and shortly before this, Neptune goes into Aries from 31st March 2025, so that year in particular is a crossroads for him. Sometimes there are two people involved, so typically, an ex-wife and a new girlfriend.

  56. Happy New Year Jessica! I’d be grateful for some insight into my work life in 2023. I am feeling very conflicted by a strong instinctive desire to step away from my current demanding career path, possibly into relatively modest early retirement, and staying put in full time work as the financially responsible choice given current financial turmoil. I have always been the financial planner in my household, and OH is supportive of whatever choice I make, but right now can’t tell if I’m giving up, running out of steam, bored, avoiding change or responding to a call for change! Help!

    1. First things first; Mercury Retrograde is still with you in Capricorn, the sign ruling career, and it won’t resume normal transmission until 7th February, so you are allowed to spin your wheels now. You may prefer to make rough notes on your options and decide after the 7th. Capricorn rules retirement as well as full-time work. Mercury is information and decision-making and retrograde he is backwards and forwards, and stuck, so you may prefer to choose later. You are a Sun Leo with the node at 0 Capricorn so March 2023 will change your life. You can choose retirement if you want to but you will still be extremely successful May 2023 to May 2024 if you say yes to a stunning opportunity to go higher and further in life.

  57. Hi Jessica,

    Happy New Year! I’m a little late to this one. The predictions for Aries are about partnerships which I am not in, even old ones were not true partnerships (complicated & nightmare!). I have nothing in Aquarius so struggling to see anything about the weather for me – even Saturn and groups..

    So I’m feeling stuck and fearful about my ability to make progress this year with the big things; work, health, social…. The past 10 years I have spent on self work getting over work issues and health issues. The low income has meant less social interactions, the group I belonged to I’ve moved away from and have only a handful of friends I catch up with from time to time. I am naturally very social but this has changed due to my circumstances.

    I’m wondering how this years astrological weather will affect me or does it just pass without affect?

    Thank you for your amazing work and lighting this corner of the internet.
    Wishing you all the very best for the year ahead Jessica

    1. Happy New Year. Predictions are predictions because they have not happened yet. Aries partnerships are a story (sexual partnerships or professional partnerships) now, February, March – then a break – then again in June, July – and ongoing to January 2025. More than one person will bring you a choice to form a duet, or reform a duet. In astrology you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. So you may let it pass you by. But the choice will be there. You have the North Node at 6 Taurus and when Jupiter goes to 6 Taurus in June 2023 will be shown an opportunity not possible in 12 years to improve, expand and increase what you save, earn or own. Thank you for your kind comments.

  58. hi Jessica. what can I expect for the 1st half of 2023 in regards to my love life. Will I ever find true love?

    1. Love, depends on what you want from love. If you want a house or apartment, as well as a marriage, that’s Cancer and the Fourth House. If you want children, or stepchildren, that’s Leo and the Fifth House. If you want marriage to be a complete partnership on every level, that’s Libra and the Seventh House. If sex and money spell love to you, that’s Scorpio and the Eighth House. You are a Sun Libra man with a Libra stellium in your Seventh House so do best with a partner. It has to be equal partnership. Legally binding, fair and square. No room for ‘isms’ in such a partnership, so no sexism, no racism, and so on. You will be given an important choice to form or reform a sexual partnership from July 2023 and by 2024 will have decided who you are going to go with, and why. It will owe a great deal to karma from 18-19 years prior. You owe from that time, or are owed, and that defines who you must choose to partner with (or not). You can find out more about your Libra stellium and the South Node in Libra cycle in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you.

  59. Hi Jessica,
    Just like to say : Pharmacists (chemists or drugstore staff) and telehealth on Zoom already replaced doctors in Canada.

    I am a premium member and will be grateful you telling me based on my chart, do you see a life partner in my life from this year? also I will have a court on 28 Feb, will I be satisfied from the result of that court? Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you for updating me on Canada. Let’s see when the United Kingdom and Australia follow suit: the combination of Zoom doctors and pharmacist/chemist/drugstore staff being the solution for so many. The barriers to a partner disappear in March and that month you meet, or re-meet someone who could be with you, but only if you use your willpower. Court cases can only be judged by information about the other party, as it’s a two-way street and sometimes the results are partly acceptable to both.

      1. Hello. I love coming here. I visit daily. I have been a premium member for a few years. I’ve never really taken the time to understand my chart. I did my 2023 reading with a grouping of tarot cards, I use yearly. My reading concerns me. I’m wondering if I’m picking up collective detours about my 2023 concerning covid or if there is a personal obstacle that I need to be aware of. I wonder if you could look at my chart and give me a few words. In case you have any thoughts on my state, I live in Missouri. I know you said to be prepared. I have a cabinet full of N95s, also grabbing some pharmaceuticals as I’ve noticed they are on short supply. Besides, the HEPA filter and UV light.. Is there anything else in particular we should have extra in our home that may be hard to find come March? Thank you for responding.

        1. Thank you. I will pass that compliment onto Asporea who create and run this website. Covid is Virgo and Sixth House. You have the South Node in conjunction with Pluto near 23 Virgo. That tells me you have one or more past lives where you were a doctor, nurse, healer or patient, invalid. Perhaps both. In this life Pluto tells you that you are here to discover your power and use it. It may be that in your last life you were a peasant or labourer who had no power. Or you were a caring doctor who had no power against ‘the system’ which you saw had such tragic effects on your patients. In this life you have been given the chance to use your power. How? With a group. This begins in late March. Anyone like you who lives in Missouri, while Pluto is in Aquarius, should understand that collectively you can do anything. So HEPA and UVC should be in every indoor space. A supply of N95 masks is sensible, for when you are forced to go into a store. Old 2020 rules also apply: I am sure you habitually avoid crowded indoor areas and do not fly or cruise. That Pluto-Node conjunction is also opposite the other node in Pisces, which rules religion, so it may be that your past life as a doctor or patient, also involved the church. See what comes up. My colleague and friend Kyra Oser has a Substack where we are exploring reincarnation. An awful lot of souls who went through The Black Death in the 14th century are back now, with the same astrology chart patterns we saw in the late 1300’s. Bringing all this back down to earth, though, it is about working people refusing to become infected with Covid because employers, businessmen and politicians will not do what science and medicine suggests, and protect them. Working people vote, and vote with their feet, and their purses or wallets and yet I would say half the population has forgotten its own power. You won’t.

  60. This really resonates. I appreciate these words, it has ignited and validated me. Thank you, Jessica. Lots of love to you

  61. Hi Jessica,

    Love your site and your predictions are spot on! Can you tell me what is going on with my career? Position from birth chart Sun in Pisces, Moon in Leo, Mercury in Pisces, Venus in Aquarius, Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Leo, Neptune in Scorpio Pluto in Virgo, North Node in Scorpio. Thank you!

    1. Your career is not as important as you might think; these cycles aren’t long-term, so your focus may change later. It’s hard to say without a full chart in front of me, but I suspect you mean money when you say career, as you are dealing with the South Node in Scorpio in the Eighth House, which rules your bank account. The big stretch is over in July. You will join or rejoin a group from March, which (if you use your willpower) will empower you, and influence you for a long time to come.

  62. hi Jessica
    I have just come accross your site and am truly amazed by your accuracy.
    I was born 26th February 1955 on a Saturday. I would like to ask is 2023 a good year for me. I try to keep positive but there is so much change in my life these past 6 years since I became widowed.

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry your partner passed away; you are hoping for better days and they are in fact coming. We don’t even need a birth time or place to know that you are a Sun Pisces woman who will have more money (you save it, or it appears) by May, so there should be something extra in the kitty to splurge on yourself. The really great changes start in May, though, as you experience Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node all in your sector of local travel, the neighbours, the internet and also siblings. Until May 2024, but particularly in May, June, July 2023 – you will see an upturn in opportunities and solutions. It may be getting around your local area, or getting away to another county, state or even neighbouring country. You’ll go more than once and in fact it may become part of your life. A new life online is also on offer and you will enjoy expanding your horizons on different websites. If you do have a brother or sister, good news comes for them and through them. Much, much further into the future after 2026 you’ll likely move, change your household or reshuffle the family circle and feel quite free as a result of doing that. A completely new relationship with your inner self will begin from the final week of March 2023. It may involve religion, self-help, counselling, meditation, hypnosis or other solitary pursuits. It will be powerful and empowering if you can use your willpower. This sounds mysterious and it may well be mystical on some level, but it is coming.

  63. Greetings Jessica,
    In regard to Covid, I saw a compact new wall or ceiling mounted filter with UVC, which kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria etc., at the following link:

    They have to be contacted for the price, so at this point it may be most suitable for businesses. They say that they have hundreds of satisfied businesses, including Hilton & Subway.

    The product actually monitors the air & alerts people to dangers.

    Just thought this may possibly be in keeping with what you have said about breakthroughs with UVC.
    Best Regards,
    Janie Bee

    1. Thank you so much Janie Bee, I know a lot of readers will appreciate this link. I didn’t know they had this product that alerted us to air quality. This feels like it will become the norm for the entertainment industry and sports industry too, once Pluto changes signs to Aquarius from the final week of March.

  64. Hello Jessica, please May I ask, do you have any further updates in regards to the possible worst phase of Covid happening in March. I wondered if this is still the case and is a lockdown likely to happen?

    1. The worst phase of Covid arrives with the Full Moon in Virgo, which rules public health – and the arrival of Saturn in Pisces, in opposition to the Virgo factors of billions, who make up the human face of public health. The last time we saw this transit, AIDS became the biggest killer of younger Americans. You are a little early. We are not yet at the Full Moon, nor the arrival of Saturn in Pisces. When I made a similar prediction in 2019, WHO did not declare a pandemic until two days shy of the Full Moon. What comes may be a variant of concern, or a mixture of bird flu and Covid combined. We don’t know yet. I don’t call ‘lockdowns’ by that name as it’s about the American jail system, not staying at home to save lives. Will people be sent home again? It depends on what country you are in. China very recently made people stay at home as they were unable to cope with the strain on the hospital system as you know.

  65. Hi jessie , can i buy your new book i would like to pay for it with card over phone please.

    1. Thank you. Fullers have exclusive distribution of signed, limited-edition, numbered copies of the book, but those all went before Christmas last year. They will be back in stock with a new cover. Once that happens I will let readers on this website and on Twitter know. Until then, the ebook edition is on Amazon.

  66. Dear Jessica,

    Reading this today makes me worry. Don’t you think the world is trying to just stop testing and people can be mixing up covid with flu without even knowing covid is there.

    And all people and relaxing the measures. I am in Hong Kong and people are no longer tested whether they have COVID..


    1. Yes, it is worrying that politicians are encouraging the transmission of SARS-COV-2 as well as influenza. You are in Hong Kong and I am in Tasmania, but the problem is exactly the same here. “If we don’t test, we don’t have cases” is the old joke, but it’s no longer a joke. The good news is, UVC light eliminates Covid and flu. And the common cold. And it’s become affordable in your personal space at work (plug in a Sunbeam unit) and is a decent investment at home (Philips make larger models of the same HEPA filter with UVC light inside). Beyond that you have to choose your friends wisely. Lifestyle change – same as HIV-AIDS which hit us on the same cycle, in the Nineties.

  67. Dear Jessica,

    Also , Do you think the new COVID variant will be related to Japan as I heard bird flu are serious over there recently. will that be a combined variant?


    1. It looks as though the variant the astrology predicted is with us, via reports in India and Australia. The timing was that Full Moon in Virgo and right on cue, we began to see cases rising steeply in both countries. India also has an outbreak of what they are calling Influenza A, but has been identified as what was called Hong Kong Flu in 1968-1970. Same virus. I am not aware of bird flu being involved but I need to update myself with the experts on Twitter. Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding and Professor Dr. Kerryn Phelps are my sources.

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