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US Astrology 2023

US Astrology Predictions 2023

Before we look at the future of the USA in 2023 let’s go back to proven, date-stamped predictions. This US astrology forecast comes from 5th December 2017. I like it, because it is date-stamped to May 12th and 13th 2021, so four years into the future. The prediction, you can see below. The full original text is still on this website, claiming “a financial revolution centred on the worldwide web which puts America back up where she belongs.”

Seeing a Digital Currency Revolution Four Years Ahead

This turned out to be the making of the world’s richest man, America’s Elon Musk, and the start of future steep profits for anyone purchasing, or hanging onto, digital currency. What happened on May 12th 2021? Cryptocurrencies melted down. Why? Elon Musk stopped accepting Bitcoin for Tesla payments.

Bargains galore were available on May 12th, 13th – a high watermark for digital currency. It was a real ‘Declaration of Independence’ for cryptocurrency owners and Elon Musk used the web for the revolution. Americans like Musk who snapped up bargains more than doubled their money later. Bitcoin went to $30,000 by 19th May. On 20th October that year, it hit an all-time high above $66,000. Below is the original prediction.

MAY 2021 CRYPTO - US Astrology 2023

NY TIMES CRYPTO - US Astrology 2023

The Trump Loss – Proven Prediction

In this feature I will look at the final, detailed end of Donald Trump. Let’s start with a prediction from October 2020, though, one month before the US election, where I told The Daily Mail why the Republicans were set to lose.

The Midterms Blue Wave – Proven Prediction

I sometimes use Substack to make news predictions and I did so, before a Midterms Blue Wave.  This was published way back in May 2022. What I like about this forecast is that Donald Trump himself validated it on 4th  January 2022, quoted in The Guardian. This is the original astrology prediction, below:

BLUE WAVE - US Astrology 2023

TRUMP BLUE WAVE - US Astrology 2023

luke michael Tdwu35bCUj0 unsplash scaled - US Astrology 2023

(Flag Image: Luke Michael)

This US Astrology Chart Shows the Future

There are multiple astrology charts for the USA but only one shows the future accurately enough for me. I devoted a chapter to this US astrology chart in my book 2020 Astrology.

In fact, this chart shows the January 6th 2021 mob of Trump supporters attacking the United States Capitol on January 6th 2021, after Donald repeatedly said he would never concede the election to President Joe Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris and the Democrats. As you can see below in this AstroGold astrology chart for the US – on the day of the attacks,  transiting Pluto at 24 Capricorn was in conjunction with natal Fortuna at 24 Capricorn.

How January 6th Shows in the US Chart

Transiting Saturn at 2 Aquarius was in conjunction with natal Mars at 2 Aquarius. Transiting Mercury at 25 Capricorn was in conjunction with Pluto at 25 Capricorn. The transiting Sun at 16 Capricorn was in conjunction with Ceres at 16 Capricorn.

This chart also shows us exactly what is going to happen to America in 2023. It is about the biggest transfer of power from an elite group of white men at the top, to a mixed-gender and race group of people – seen for over two centuries. Black Lives Matter, Kamala Harris and A.O.C. were the warm-up act.


America - US Astrology 2023


The Astrology of the United States in 2023 is Aquarian

This chart, set for the first time ‘the United States of America’ was used in official correspondence (no time, so we use 12 noon) shows us an extremely ambitious nation determined to get the top of the world order and stay there. It is also devoted to shared equality. On 2nd January 1776 when the key word United entered the official language, America had her brand.

The New Female Leadership

*Power goes to the Democrats and to independent candidates outside the two-party system from March 2023. It doesn’t matter if your name is Ron or Don, if you represent Capricorn (elite, white males) you are going, going gone in America.
*A female leader emerges, or re-emerges, who is a cross between Boudicca, Lady Godiva and Queen Elizabeth I. This may be Hillary Clinton in a comeback. It may be Kamala Harris or A.O.C. timing their moves.

Donald Trump is Going, Going, Gone

*Donald Trump is going, going, gone from power, politics and the world stage – only he can decide when and how to sign off. It’s hard to say more as he has given officials two completely different birth dates, but the U.S. chart shows an exit.
*When Uranus goes to 17 Taurus and is in a conjunction with Psyche and Ops at 17 Taurus from April 6th to 23rd there will be sharemarket instability, electrical storms across America and yet more shocks to the stocks.

Watching 2026 and the USA in Astrology

Some of my general predictions about America have been made in other features. She’ll restructure the ‘United’ part of the United States from 2026 and some states will separate. A radical new relationship with her neighbour Canada will appear from 2026. Domestic flights, public transport and vehicles will radically change from 2026 too…but that’s another story.

We can talk more about the USA chart in Comments and on Twitter @jessicadams. Happy New Year 2023.

Main Image: Tim Mossholder, Unsplash.


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54 Responses

  1. The USA… that’s where I’m from, even though I’m living in Bali. Most of me wishes I could go back and live in America, but my wife and child love it here in Bali so much, that we’re building a home. In a way, I’m out-voted and I’ll find a happy place for myself here.

    Regarding the United States, are you seeing a woman president in 2024? And, a Democrat?

    I’m neither party, and began my politics as Green Party with Ralph Nadar, so I’m glad to see that you mentioned some third parties (independent candidates) showing their heads. It’s good, because the two party system has really crippled things in the USA, in my mind. As the League of Women Voters said after they were ousted as the debate forum leaders in 1988, stated by Nancy Neuman, “the hoodwinking of the American public,” really began, and that, “…control of the debate format in the hands of the two dominant parties would deprive voters of one of the only chances they have to see the candidates outside of their controlled campaign environment.”

    I often wonder how different both parties truly are. One party comes in and drops the most bombs in the history of the Middle East. The next party comes in and shows them up, dropping even more bombs via drones and human-manned jets. Makes me wonder who’s really in charge, but I digress…

    In previous posts on 2023 predictions, you mentioned that in March 2023, Covid lockdowns and restrictions are coming back, and this time, worse than before… if I read you correctly? Do you mean we’ll have longer lockdowns, stronger restrictions, and more people dying? We know from experience and from peer-reviewed research that the vaccine is a failure, which you predicted as well. The most recent peer-reviewed research, and from one Virologist in particular, a Dr. David Ho, the most peer-reviewed virologist in the world, the vaccines don’t do as promised, and can cause worse harm in some. His research is extensive. In one paper, he found that new Omicron variants evade boosters easily.

    That’s because you can’t vaccinate against an Animal Reservoirs Virus. It’s never been successfully done.

    A brand new peer-researched paper in Science Immunology, a paper that provides an immunologic explanation for why the mRNA vaccine booster regimens are failing, states: Sera taken after the third vaccination and normalized to the amount of anti-spike antibodies yielded significant lower phagocytic scores than sera from the same donors after two immunizations.

    What does this mean? In laymen terms, it means the continual boosters create an opposite effect on the immunity of a cell. The overall ability to destroy the virus lowers, and in some, significantly to the point of negative efficacy. It could be why, that even though almost every adult in Japan is vaccinated and boosted, they’ve recently set a new seven-day record for Covid deaths.

    It’s worrying, and I’m writing this because you mentioned also that Covid’s going to go on for years and years.

    So, is it going to go on for years and years and get worse, where we’ll weather more and more lockdowns and restrictions, people losing their jobs, their businesses, and people losing homes and going bankrupt because of these lockdowns and restrictions, which was the case during the last lockdown?

    I worry because like the head of the UN’s World Food Program said in 2020 and 2021, that the worst pandemic during these lockdowns is NOT Covid. It’s starvation deaths, and was mostly due to the lockdowns. They stated that an unbelievable amount of deaths via starvation elevated significantly during the lockdowns, to the point they were off the charts, and more than five times the amount of people died via starvation than from Covid (and probably more, because they said that 2021 would be worse than 2020, but never gave a number).

    Or, and this is what I think, are people going to start changing? Meaning, becoming more independent? More online businesses? More aware of their health and taking charge of their own health and eating healthy and exercising? Because 78% of those who died of Covid in the USA were significantly obese and unhealthy — 2 or more comorbidities, most of which were diet related.

    I say this (as in people changing for the better), because you’ve mentioned before that people are going to start taking their power back from the wealthy elites, and you even mentioned a powerful health revolution is in the making as well.

    So, I’m hopeful.

    Again, thank you so much for your posts. I send people the link to your website almost weekly.

    Much Love!


    1. Thank you Brandon and Happy New Year. November 2024 and the US election looks like Kamala Harris or another strong woman. Pluto (power) does a really odd thing. It goes backwards in Capricorn (male elites) until November 19th then abruptly moves to Aquarius, once and for all. Aquarius as we know is Boudicca, Elizabeth I and Lady Godiva. It’s also system change – like the French Revolution. Unless the Republicans undergo some radical transformation, this is a Democrat win, but we are also seeing people outside the two parties come through, which you will be happy to hear. We will have Covid in our world the way we have AIDS in our world, unfortunately. There will be lockdowns based on which city you are in; which country you live in. The answer is UVC or UV222 light which various universities confirmed in laboratory testing. It eliminates Covid and also the common cold and flu, safely. That may be why it’s been buried. Fortunately Philips have taken it mainstream and sell home units, along with their shavers and electric toothbrushes. I will go and find Dr. David Ho online, thank you for the tip. And thank you also for sending people to my website, it’s much appreciated.

  2. Good morning from America and Happy New Year, Jessica,
    Any clue as to what happens with Joe Biden? He may be an old white guy but he’s had to bring the country back from the brink. While I haven’t agreed 100% with all his decisions, ( mainly related to not curtailing flights from India sooner when the Delta variant broke out ), he’s gotten the country back on track in the face of Trump’s hate mongering.
    Also, the change of Pluto to Aquarius came to mind just Monday night, after viewing what should have been an exciting American football game. A young player had a cardiac arrest on the field early in the game and had to be brought back to life and sent out in an ambulance. His mother was in the stands and the opposing team got her down and with her son so she could ride with him. Both teams came together while waiting for the game to be called off, which took the leadership of the NFL an hour to do. Announcers were upset with the delay, Twitter exploded with it likewise, and it looked like it was the coaches who pushed the issue on behalf of the players on both sides. The young player is still unconscious and his heart had to be revived again at the hospital. A vigil continues at the hospital.
    This reminded me strongly of what you said about the powerful white men at the top being overruled by the people. These guys, strictly in my opinion, have been racist and misogynistic forever. The player I speak of had a charity that was raising money for a toy drive for disadvantaged children. His goal was 2,500. It’s received over 6 million in donations. The player, still in critical condition was a twenty four year old African American named Damar Hamlin. I don’t know why this has to happen, but I hope it makes people appreciate their lives and their actions in it and empowers some change. Does this fit the Pluto In Aquarius mold?

    1. Happy New Year. Yes, the advanced age of President Biden is an obvious path to Kamala Harris as President. People have been speculating about that since the election. We just don’t know. Astrology cannot and should not predict illness or death. It can predict a risk of illness. If there was a secret deal between Biden and Harris for a power handover, it would have been made when Trump was still President, during the Leo eclipse year. Your story about the football game is amazing. What a fantastic example you have given with the NFL. Damar Hamlin is an icon for the end of Saturn in Aquarius and start of Pluto in Aquarius. Two tribes, two teams, a strong mother and a principle that people loved. That’s very, very Aquarian.

  3. Thank you for this piece, Jessica.

    Going, going, gone is welcome as that person (along with others still there) causes me, and a lot of people I’d say, anxiety for years.

    The transformation of air travel from 2026….was hoping from this year airlines would require masks..supplying them to passengers if necessary, to stop spread. Also, pre-boarding covid tests would make a huge dent in covid spread. If not now—with so much illness, overwhelmed hospitals & staff, long term disability and death, will they ever?

    My December 1st born husband and I have not flown or left our area, since 2019. Being an Aries and Sagittarius that is a huge change. You made us aware of the real dangers to our long term health and we thank you for that, especially since we had covid in Dec 2019 and never want it again. We use the best masks, co2 monitors, air purifiers and will buy UV light. But, even going to the store is a risk because no one is masked and air filtration is non existent in Ireland’s shops/businesses.

    Do you think airlines/governments will do anything prior to 2026 as we’re getting older and wonder if we’re never leaving the immediate area again. There are far worse fates, so not complaining at all…just curious.

    Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. The issue with airports and airlines is 9/11 as the travel industry suffered greatly from the changes to airport security and luggage and no doubt panicked when they realised the pandemic was being flown around the world. This pandemic occurred with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is absolute power, corrupting absolutely. In Capricorn, it is about the white male elite. So, the men who run airlines, like Richard Branson, and the men in politics who take donations from, or have shares in, tourism. It’s all pretty yawn-boring and predictable until you realise how many people have died or have Long Covid as a result of infected tourists. The solution is UVC light, also known as UV-222 and it eliminates the common cold and flu, as well as Covid. Columbia University, the University of Leeds and Yamaguchi University have all proven it works, safely and quickly. It is also a massive threat to drug companies, chemists, pharmacies and drugstores. In Ireland you are probably like us in Australia: kept in the dark and fed large amounts of mushroom compost. Yet the truth is out there. I believe UVC light will take off when politicians realise there is money in it and the politics with Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna changes. Even faster than that we may see people power reigning supreme and particular pubs, shops, restaurants and so on being part of a UVC lit network. None of this is science fiction. We’ve known about ultraviolet light for years. The gift of Covid is, researchers realised a new form of it, could knock out any infection in the air. Keep up your lifestyle until the change comes, but it will come. Like AIDS this will be managed and controlled. Better than AIDS we have something that defeats the common cold as well. Have a look at the research.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    You’ve mentioned that “Pluto (power)…goes backwards in Capricorn (male elites) until November 19th then abruptly moves to Aquarius, once and for all.”

    My birthday is November 19th. Will I be affected by this change more than others?

    Thanks very much for your guidance

    1. Thank you. No, but you have enough at the late degrees of Capricorn to experience a replay of career, academic career or unpaid work issues from 2022, in the year 2023, as Pluto goes back over those patterns in your chart. What happens in March proves to you that ‘that was then, this is now’ with certain people or organisations. If you have had a petty power-player to put up with, for example, he may be sacked; resign and so on. Thus, his departure ensures a different system. Even when you see a replay or rewind of these people or organisations from June onwards, the power has gone. So you will find that you are waking up to a different working world in future.

  5. Hi Jessica, Have you written about which states will separate from the United, or do you have an idea which? I would like to stay in the United part of the United States, so I need to know where to head. I am under treatment for a serious illness in the south (border state, where I went to high school and college) but my job is in Maryland and I need to keep it. So, there will be back and forth between places. I am being forced out of where I am currently by my brother’s (my dad’s estate), but I did a home inspection yesterday in making an assessment as to whether to buy it and the very reputable inspector found serious issues with the foundation (he showed me – I saw it – a wall separating in the basement) and an electrical panel that was recalled years ago. I am not inclined to leave my oncologist in East Tennessee, but I am not inclined to leave my job in Maryland. I think my brothers have done me a huge favor by playing hard ball with me, and I need to buy a different place. Any insight would be helpful – Treatment continues until August of 2024, then I will be more flexible. Thank you. Kati

    1. Kati the states separating will be Democrat and Republican, but that is not until 2026. Your chart shows a stellium in Virgo. You are strongly Virgo and live a lot of the time in your Sixth House of health, workload, mental health, housework, daily routine and lifestyle. I am sorry you are ill and yet you have an oncologist you like, which is a bonus. The situation with your brother is separate so I will look at that in a moment. It is very important that you understand your Virgo side and what it means. Have a look at the Virgo stellium chapter in my new book, which is free to you as a Premium Member: Modern Astrology 2050. You have an exact Sun-Hygiea opposition in Taurus/Scorpio at 25 degrees and your Second House and Eighth House of family money. The issue with your father’s estate and your siblings probably peaked when the nodes were at 25 Taurus/Scorpio in February-March 2022. When Uranus goes to 25 Taurus in June-July 2024 the situation will be overturned and you will be set free. Uranus tends to happen suddenly, without warning, like an electrical storm and brings relief and release from situations where you or others have been trapped. In Taurus-Scorpio it is always about money, property, business, charity. So this is not stuck forever. In the meantime, ‘do’ your Virgo side and really get to know how it works. Hypnosis is often very successful for self-healing and Glenn Harrold and Paul McKenna both come recommended by readers.

  6. Thankly we have seen a reduction in elite white males in US Congress but still have too many sextagenarians and above. Now about woman coming into power. Unfortunately I don’t think Hillary Clinton has a chance. Some people for some reason have disliked her since Bill was in office. I suppose because she was willing to help her husband which people viewed as usurping power because she was not elected.However, I really think Senator Tammy Duckworth is who you are talking about and could be a good future Presidential candidate.

    1. Interesting. I will look at Tammy Duckworth a bit later. Thank you. It’s early days yet for the election. I don’t do politics, I do astrology, but Hillary Clinton may yet be the Aesculapius-Pluto conjunction that shows in the American chart. Just when you thought she was over, she isn’t.

  7. very informative and accurate, I’m very happy to have discovered your site to mark and revisit it , it is very impressive. Thanks again

  8. Thank you, as always Jessica. This gives me hope for a country that I had despaired was in its death throes.

    Longer term, do you see the USA remaining a world economic leader/power? You have predicted, with uncommon clarity and precision, the stock market in December 2022. We see another correction predicted for spring 2023. After this, where do we go? Does people power mean financial growth in the same old ways or are we switching off the Dow Jones and into what now seems to be a great unknown?

    I wonder for myself, how do I move forward with my savings? I’ve been so very cautious for years, with reason as you’ve pointed out to me :-)). When it’s time for hands off the brakes what will the $$ world look like in the USA, in the world?

    Warmest thanks and good wishes for your health and happiness.

    1. Thank you. The big change in money with Uranus in Taurus (until 2026) is that people who are trapped by the old system, will be offered freedom. The old system is: governments take donations from corporations and the ordinary taxpayer is forced into a set-up where they have to borrow, to live (often) and pay their taxes. Meanwhile corporations get away with daylight robbery. It’s a pretty sick system and it’s very common, right around the world. Astrology tells us that the combination of Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 ends the system. Wall Street has forced its values on us. Its values are based in fossil fuel which destroys the planet. By 2026 there will be an alternative share market, alternative bank set-up, alternative currency and large numbers of people will choose the price they want to pay, for what they feel is precious. Uranus works through sudden shocks, so this will happen out of the blue, and more than once. You are concerned about your own savings and rightly so, because this cycle 2018-2026 is unpredictable, erratic and often quite disruptive. Saturn at 28 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and property is always about restrictions and limitations with the same. This has been there since you were a baby, and will be most obvious with (say) a marriage and mortgage, or an inheritance made out to you by a relative. Uranus at 28 Taurus opposes this in 2025, so look at that date on paperwork. Uranus will challenge you to change your ways, and confront you over the deals you have made with (say) your husband, or a professional partner, or the family. It’s just common sense to eyeball the paperwork more carefully. If you enter into a new arrangement in 2025 get second opinions. Have a look at Saturn in the Eighth House on this website on Search terms (Saturn or Eighth House) and also Scorpio. You will get a better feel for how this has shown up in your life and how to manage it for the future.

  9. Hello Jessica,
    When you speak of a separation of Democratic and Republican states, is a North and South Korea type scenario what you are speaking of? Also, if there is a separation, how does that work if a state begins leaning left or right over time as has been known to happen?

    Thank you for all your insights, Jessica!

  10. Happy New Year and thank you for this piece.
    I’m a retired teacher living on a pension. Usually my state, California, has done well in its investments. How will changes in finance/economic systems affect people like me?

    I figure my state will be fine in the future though we do have that same problem with top $ holders having the majority of financial assets and the majority struggling-be nice when that changes.

    Thank you for what you do!

  11. I so appreciate and applaud your predictions and insights, and rave about you to others. Thank you for these 2023 predictions. It gives me great hope to see that the USA will be OK and that the days of old, white, rich men may finally be coming to an end. All of my astrology for 2023 shows that my husband and I will have money to share in 2023. My birth date is 3-17-1951 at 1:00pm (I’m in your database). My husband was born 8-2-1948 also at 1:00pm. Maybe we should buy lottery tickets? Also, I love that you live part-time in New Zealand. We had the pleasure of spending a month there and got to see virtually everything. It’s so beautiful….we literally got tired of saying “WOW” every 5 minutes at the gorgeous scenery. My favorite was being introduced to Tane Mahuta in Waipoua Forest by a Maori guide. And, the people are just charming. We love England too. You’ve chosen wisely Ms. Jessica! Wishing you a most happy 2023, and again, thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  12. george santos; when will he be sworn in? will he be expelled? which House democrat will act to expell those 20 yahoo republicans? why does Pesident Biden and the atty gen NOT persue indictments for” jan 6″?

  13. Hi Jessica, Thank you. That helps a lot.

    Altis – I love Tammy Duckworth. She would be great to look at.

  14. Greetings Jessica. Thanks so much for the detailed analysis, as there is so much going on in the skies ! I’m particularly wanting to obtain guidance on moving from my current space. That would be for just me or with my partner. He and I are discussing options, which include issues with our older parents and living arrangements. You have indicated that it is likely a turbulent time from now through mid-late March to make a big change like this. Should I/we stay put until after mid-March? Or is there a better way to time our housing issues and alignment with our relationship. I/we can’t seem to land on a solid way forward and am feeling quite stuck. As a Sagittarius, this is no fun at all and very much appreciate your input !! He is a Cancer, we both have Capricorn moon, he is Sagittarius rising and I am Virgo rising. Thank you !!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Sagittarius with stelliums in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Leo and Virgo. Your partner is a Cancer man. From March 2023, 2024, 2025 into early 2026 you will have Saturn in Pisces in your solar Fourth House of apartments, houses and family. To date, life has been quite random, without clear boundaries and very much an escape from reality. From March you will have to get real about it. You will need new rules. So this sounds like a new lease or mortgage and a new approach to your parents. Just take your time as you construct the new world. You need something you can live with. It’s similar for your partner. He has transits in Libra in his solar Fourth House including the South Node from July, into 2024, so there is karma with the parents, you, and the home itself. It goes back a prior 18 or 19 years. He owes, or is owed. So for both of you there is a feeling of ‘What must be done, has to be done’ and then you basically get on with it. If you wanted to act before March of course you could, but it is March which is showing up as the month when everything changes for you.

  15. Hi Jessica. Happy New Year!

    I write this from US as a legal immigrant with a valid visa. I am a physician who has worked tirelessly through COVID in the US but there has not been a real recognition or immigration benefit to these healthcare workers and people born in India continue to be rotting in a backlog to get permanent residence. There are some efforts to clear healthcare workers from these backlogs but nothing significant or concrete has ever happened. Last major reform was 1986. So I have been wondering if there are any thoughts about an immigration overhaul in the US that can be predicted ?

    1. Happy New Year. Thank you for working through the first three years of Covid. Immigration is Sagittarius and hospitals are Virgo. That is your whole issue here, as in astrology, we have the four mutable signs square each other, or in opposition to each other: Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini. The pandemic began in 2020 with the lunar nodes, which in India they call Rahu and Ketu, moving through Gemini and Sagittarius, while Neptune was in Pisces. Big clash. So there is a difficulty for America to solve. She cannot square her issues with legal immigration, with the reality that her hospital system is based on healthcare workers from India. The medium John Edward recorded a 2023 prediction on YouTube addressing the issues for US hospitals. You will see all this come to a head in 2023, 2024, 2025 when Saturn is in Pisces opposite Virgo and square Sagittarius (foreigners, immigration) and the profession goes out on strike. Long-term when Uranus goes into Gemini from the year 2026 and opposes Sagittarius it’s the end of globalisation. People keep saying ‘post Covid’ now which of course we both know is nonsense, but from 2026 when foreign travel and tourism is blocked we are actually going to see Covid contained and controlled, and that new world is where you will see the beginning of a different world for physicians who have been working so hard, for so many years. You deserve a medal.

  16. I don’t think Kamala has a constituency, so it will have to be another woman…In our State, there was never any lockdown, never any mandate for the deadly vax, and there would be massive resistance to the idea…Omicron is so mild that it is less dangerous than the average flu…
    Your prediction of separation is echoed by Martin Armstrong’s AI, which has been on the money generally…but the timing is different..
    BTW, you have the best and best organized astrology website I have ever seen!

    1. Kamala Harris and A.O.C. are not obvious candidates for future presidency, but then again we have Pluto in Aquarius until 2044. As for Omicron, I cleave to the Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, who must be the only man of science ever to like an astrologer on Twitter! I am interested that Martin Armstrong agrees with the astrology about state separation. And I will pass that compliment onto Asporea who run this website – I agree, James, Jodi and Justin do an amazing job. Many thanks.

  17. “When Uranus goes to 17 Taurus…” Uranus will also be exactly sextile my Venus in Cancer. What does this portend for me? Should I lie back and think of America? Or is there something I should invest in or be prepared with? Jessica, I must say you have added so much hope and amusement (and progress) to my life. Thank you! God Bless you!

    1. Thank you. As with all transiting aspects we go to the natal aspect first. Venus in Cancer seduces tenants and roommates. She seduces her landlord (say) or builder. Venus is an ancient symbol of female vanity and seduction. Her symbol is a truncated hand mirror. In Cancer in your Fourth House of property, household and home, she tends to produce serious flirtation between Air BnB owner and traveller. This is a lifelong pattern and you would detect it from the years you were in shared apartments, say. Uranus sextile Venus suddenly and unexpectedly spins your usual patterns at home. Venus is also about the principle of beauty and decoration; the aesthetic. In Cancer and your Fourth House there is a great interest in interior design and decoration – even a passion for it. The bedroom of a Venus Fourth House person is usually a lair. Uranus in sextile is also likely to unexpectedly give a new twist to the look or feel of your quarters.

  18. Hello Jessica – would love for you to give your thoughts on what’s happening currently with Kevin McCarthy in the House of Representatives in the US. Thank you in advance!

    1. Ah yes. Kevin McRetrograde. This goes way back to a very old Mercury Retrograde prediction about politicians getting stuck and going backwards. I think I filed it about January 2022, maybe in 2020. January 6th was always going to be an issue in January 2022 and Kevin McCarthy is one of the reasons. Thanks for reminding me – those are two validated predictions I need to find and link back to. The Republicans like him are essentially history with Pluto in Aquarius landing in March.

  19. Thank you once again for your amazing insights and writing. Have you looked at Elizabeth Warren’s chart?

    1. Good suggestion to look at Warren. She would fit Pluto in Aquarius. She is as determined as Bloody Mary ever was (a Pluto in Aquarius Queen) and as powerful as Boudicca (another Pluto in Aquarius dynamo). Thank you!

  20. Hi Jessica, have you looked into Tulsi Gabbard? Interesting woman. I’d be curious to see if she might be a strong presidential candidate. Thanks!

    1. She has a good name for politics. Memorable and easy to say. I’ll take a look at her chart, thank you for the suggestion.

    1. This is very helpful, thank you. China seems on track for the highest death toll yet since they first admitted the first fatality from Covid on January 10th 2020. Travel should be banned now. It will not be. In years to come, airports, airlines and cruise ship companies will face billion-dollar class action lawsuits. Without travel we do not have a crisis. This is a crisis which blows open in March.

  21. My husband has lost all his life savings during the stack market crash last 2 yrs. Do you see him gettin financially stable again? Sep/11/1977
    Time is 11:55 pm, born in Bagalkot India

    1. I am very sorry to hear your husband has lost all his savings. If he was born on September 11th he is a Sun Virgo. If so, he is in luck, as transiting Jupiter in Aries is in his Eighth House of joint finance, property, business, charity and possessions until May 2023, so he has ample time to save quite a lot of money, or make it. Probably with you – the Eighth House rules marriage and a joint bank account. If not with you, then with the family. Again, the Eighth House is about family assets.

  22. Hi Jessica! Thank you for your predictions. I’ve been a long time fan and follower.
    My question if I may is, my husband Simon (also a member) has a strange situation with his career, where regardless of the employer, old patterns/problems follow him. He’s so high up at the top of his field regarding knowledge, experience, success. He has helped create major entertainment products, and has made coworkers famous in the field with his success on the project.. But can’t seem to get the respect or the title he deserves after over 20 years of performing what are basically magic tricks solving problems, saving millions of dollars for companies he works for. He can do the job of ten people in his chosen career. Surprisingly this causes him almost universal pushback from everyone he works with. Something always happens where he ultimately ends up “training” other people with next to no experience, how to do the job they were already supposed to have experience doing. They pile him with work others can’t or won’t do, instead leading, he’s essentially picking up the messes of the bad decisions management makes. Does this ever change for him? It’s driving a sort of depression in him that affects our relationship too. Should he continue what he’s doing?.. do you see any relief for him if he stays the course? His potential knows no bounds, if he could just get a seat at the table.. I deeply appreciate your response..

    1. Thank you. Simon should look at anything in Capricorn in his Tenth House of success and status. I suspect ’20 years’ is the clue here as Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and so it’s around that time frame. Pluto in Capricorn is about power and control. I have had a few readers who like your husband are extremely successful and outstanding at what they do – and yet the respect or title has not appeared. This cycle ends in March 2023 and can only go backwards. It will be interesting for him to see what happens to particular organisations or people in March. He may realise that this was behind the politics. I also think he may have a Virgo chart signature as depression and work issues, go hand in hand, with Virgo factors. It should reassure him to know that he is so powerful in his field that people have been awfully busy trying to undermine him. You tend to get people who aren’t that great at their work – in fact sometimes really inferior – but who put a lot of time and energy into power plays. Your husband can’t be bothered and yet he ends up feeling the brunt of that. March is a real turning point if he has Capricorn and/or Virgo factors and May is the next one. He also needs to develop a new relationship with work. Work should not affect your life to the point where you have depression. It’s just work. The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle on this website in a three-way reading with the Tarot can answer the simple question “What is wrong here” and also “What do I need to do, for the best results, by this time in 2024?” Happy Lunar New Year.

  23. Thank you Jessica.. you are correct. He has a 6 planet stellium in Virgo. You as always show me how useful it is to understand our charts. I seriously appreciate you.

  24. Hi Jessica, Happy New Year to you! I’m sitting here clapping my hands in glee, sipping on tea reading your future predictions for my home country. Thank you so much for just keeping the astrology real. I appreciate it very much as I like to deal in facts not illusions. Right now the Speakership is still hanging in the balance as Maggot republican, McCarthy tries to go for now another 7th round. So I sincerely mean it when I say that if the future holds a break from the two party system I whole-heartedly welcome this change. We are seeing in real time how the fighting between parties can cause destruction and I am absolutely sick of the wheeling and dealing at the expense of the American people. Also, just wanted to thank you for the excellent 2023 Cancer predictions! Things have been so rough all over that every time my efforts for my personal change were crushed I would go into hiding. I am done with that and your predictions confirms it so! Sending you well wishes from America.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you liked the story on the US in 2023. Happy Lunar New Year. It’s really common to be heartily sick of everything at the end of Pluto in Capricorn. This is what powers the dramatic change later when Pluto goes into Aquarius. So you are feeling like the Iceni tribe did about Nero and the Romans, back in 60 AD. You are feeling like the French did about Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette before the Bastille fell. Your Sun Cancer chart looks interesting for 2023 but actually long-term too. The tremendous opportunity for promotion, elevation and expansion in your chosen field is here until May. Then from 2026 when Neptune changes signs, you will find your professional life, academic career or unpaid work becomes more like a bubble or a holiday from reality. A good escape for you.

    1. Thank you. Oregon and Idaho are good evidence of the 2026 revolution in the USA and Canada too. This is a little early (three years early) but from 2026, political and geographical separation begins, along new map lines. The US and Canada will form a partnership based on progressive, forward-thinking, green-ish voters who really want electric cars, environmental protection and so on. They will be powerful enough to reshape the territory between the two neighbours and create a kind of Americanada for those who want a better arrangement.

  25. Greetings Jessica. Just following up on my 6 January initial queries related to moving into a new place with my partner, but with concerns around partner’s older parents as well as mine. I saw this week on the Saggie weekly summary below on likelihood of couples splitting this week, and indeed that is what happened on Sunday with he and I, after 20 years of friendship and over 10+ years in our relationship. I wanted to ask about your section below in parentheses and how all of this will pan out for him, me and the broader family. – “Retrograde in your Seventh House suggests the situation could easily reverse! It’s odd to see the way the wheel turns around as you go from February to March, but there will be resolutions with your other half/the other side next month”. Retrograde in your Seventh House suggests that situation could easily reverse! It’s odd to see the way the wheel turns around as you go from February to March, but there will be resolutions with your other half/the other side next month. I feel strangely like I could go either way, but if we would stay together we both would need to work on his and my ‘avoidance’ characteristics. Thank you for your insights !!

    1. Greetings. I am so sorry you have broken up. We are in that kind of astrological cycle. You have been together a very long time. You have the North Node in Scorpio, the sign which rules sexual and financial relationships. You are going through the transit of the South Node in Scorpio, which is rare, and yet by July you will have had closure with him, karmically. You knew each other in a past life and the theme was the money, house, possessions, business and/or apartment back then. The Scorpio North Node is your birth chart, of course, and shows something intensely personal to you; your prior incarnation revolved around money and marriage, and perhaps property and the family, as your Taurus South Node is right opposite. Switching back to your Sun Sagittarius solar chart (because I read two systems at once, public and private) we do indeed see Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Seventh House of duets and duels. Mars is back and forth until you are well into March, and then at last he resumes normal motion. An awful lot will sort itself out March-July. Could you get back together? Yes. Jupiter in your solar Seventh House from mid-2024 to mid-2025 makes that possible, and Uranus in your solar Seventh House from 2026 would radically change it all in terms of how you two balance the scales. If you decide against reuniting, a new chap is extremely likely.

  26. I get a strong feeling that the world will shift dramatically, beginning in March 2023, geologically, politically and spiritually. My own personal life is in the process of shifting dramatically as well. I am told that all is as it is meant to be and that is what I am asked to convey in my book. 2023 will be an interesting, dynamic and occasionally challenging year for many, but it will lead the way to true freedom, transformation and a rebirth of the world as we begin to move forward in light and in love.

    1. Thank you. A geological change would be true to the astrology. Pluto had a bident, with which he split asunder the earth’s crust to rise from the underworld, and take Proserpina. So we associate him with volcanic eruption and also earthquakes. As he goes into Aquarius from March 23rd and power goes back to the people, we might expect earth changes to hit some institutions of corporate or political elite power. That would be very fitting. I agree with you about a spiritual and political shift; we’ve not seen this since Boudicca, Elizabeth I, Bloody Mary, Danton, Robespierre, George IV and Mary Wollstonecraft! Rebirth is correct.

    1. It was very exciting to see this unfold on Twitter and people loved to see that old prediction about March 23rd and Trump from last year. Thank you.

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