What Saturn Means in Astrology

What Saturn Means in Astrology

Saturn is changing signs on March 8th 2023 and I have had hundreds of questions about this, so it’s time to look at the meaning of Saturn in astrology – in detail.

COMMONS II PIA06077 300x224 - What Saturn Means in AstrologyMost famous for its rings, the planet Saturn is associated with the following words – below –  similar to the idea of being ‘ringed’ or encircled, in Roget’s International Thesaurus.

In your birth chart, Saturn by zodiac sign and house will show you where you experience this list of outcomes.

By transit, when travelling through his cycles of the 12 zodiac signs, Saturn will also  bring this, through the house of your chart which is affected. In this feature I will show you how Saturn has operated while he has been in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. I will also look at how he is going to function in his new sign of Pisces. I’ll also take a look at how Saturn works in your birth chart, which you can see right now, if you are a Premium Member.

The Saturn List in Astrology

This photograph above from Wikimedia Commons shows you how Saturn in astrology looks – and feels. 


Saturn Through the Signs

Saturn in this sign in your chart shows where the thresholds are. This is where you are blocked and face barriers. Where you are restricted and restrained. The famous learning experiences of Saturn come from being obstructed. On your Saturn Return, as you leave your twenties, Saturn returns to the same sign and degree it occupied at your birth and you have an important year or two, of dealing with heavy new thresholds. It’s the same as you leave your fifties. Saturn in astrology is sometimes a long lifetime experience.

Which Life Area is Affected? For Life?

Aries: Image. Reputation. Appearance. Profile. Title.
Taurus: Money. Property. Charity. Business. Possessions.
Gemini: Siblings. Cousins. Media. Short Journeys. Internet.
Cancer: House. Apartment. Family. Household. Town. Country.
Leo: Courtship. Sex. Pregnancy. Infants. Children. Teenagers.
Virgo: Workload. Wellbeing. Health. Mental Health. Routine.
Libra: Partnership. Conflict. Duets. Duels. Marriage. Divorce.
Scorpio: Legacies. Inheritance. Wills. Dowries. Joint Finances.
Sagittarius: Foreigners. Foreign countries. Academia. Publishing.
Capricorn: Position. Status. Career. Academic Career. Vocation.
Aquarius: Friends. Groups. Social Life. Social Media. Networks.
Pisces: Religion. Therapy. Psychics. Tarot. Hypnosis. Dreams.

Saturn in Transit

Saturn is in Aquarius as I publish this on December 17th 2022 and he will move into Pisces on March 8th 2023. You will feel a bump. The world will experience a big bump. The astrology of Saturn will be live.

The sign Saturn moves through shows global thresholds, restrictions and obstacles. Saturn has been in Aquarius (groups, friends, social life, networks) since December 18th 2020.

The pandemic, Covid-19, has limited our social lives. Groups are super-spreader events where infection with the virus spreads. In this same cycle, Elon Musk has purchased Twitter and issued new curbs and thresholds. 

LIZ 192x300 - What Saturn Means in AstrologyThe Roman Saturn

Modern astrology is Roman in origin. The glyph for Saturn on your computer is based on a designed scythe. There are eight parts to a scythe and the ‘ring’ is the sixth. Scything, or old-fashioned mowing by hand, is circular in motion. 

The earliest known use of threshold (a Saturn concept) in the English language is from  888 AD and is believed to be related to Old English threscan, from which we get the word thresh.

As threshing comes after reaping in farming, we can see how our ideas about Saturn come from centuries of astrologers making connections and observations. They still work today. This cover of Saturn, by Liz Greene, shows the scythe.

Over the last 2000 years or so, we’ve come to see Saturn as The Grim Reaper (one of his disguises) as the third Saturn Return, in advanced old age, can literally limit your remaining years. Saturn in astrology is also here to cut out, another one of his functions, and to cut off.

You Reap What You Sow

The phrase “You reap what you sow” is linked to Saturn. To experience the same kind of things that one has caused other people to experience – karma. Saturn in astrology is very much about karmic returns.

The original phrase is from Galatians 6.7 in the Bible, 

“Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Saturn in Aquarius – Reaping in Action

If you impose boundaries, set limits, restrain and confine on a Saturn cycle, you will be similarly restricted. If you set up barriers for others you will meet obstacles. If you try to block or curb, you will also meet your threshold. Elon Musk is a good example of this on Twitter in 2022. He is issuing new rules and people are leaving. Saturn in astrology often shows up for people who don’t seem to use it.

In myth, Gaia gives her son Saturn a scythe to castrate his father (her husband) Uranus. The idea of being ‘cut off’ is Saturn, in astrology.

Steven Meisel Adele Saturn Return Tattoo British VOGUE 300x264 - What Saturn Means in Astrology
Adele Saturn Return Tattoo

The Saturn Return

This  British VOGUE photograph of Adele with her Saturn tattoo is a brilliant capture of what it feels like to leave your twenties and enter your thirties. It was taken by Steven Meisel and many stargazers I know sat up and took notice of this great example of Saturn in astrology.

Saturn takes 29.5 years to orbit the Sun, spending about 2.46 years in each sign of the zodiac.

Your Saturn Return is typically as you approach the age of 30 and deal with marriage, which restricts you to one partner for the rest of your life.  This is where the idea of Saturn and responsibility comes from. Your freedom is ring-fenced.

Other lovers are cut off. You may have a baby near 30. More thresholds and curbs. You may get promoted. Take out a mortgage. All this restricts you and confines you – for a reason.

Saturn comes back again 29.5 years later, around the age of 60 and of course, you may become divorced; you could become a grandparent; you may pay out your mortgage and move. Saturn comes back again, if you are lucky, another 29.5 years into the future.

Saturn Retrograde

One reason Saturn stretches patience is his retrograde. He stands on the spot and then turns backwards through a sign. It’s rather like a person (house guest) who brings all sorts of restrictions with him. 

You hope he’ll be gone eventually. Then he stops. He digs his heels in. Then, he actually reverses his plans. You are stuck. While you wait, you learn more. Saturn in astrology is often seen as a teacher. That’s why.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 2023-2026

Including the shadow periods, Saturn in astrology moves like this 2023-2026.

Saturn 1-7 Pisces
March 17th to October 11th 2023
November 28th 2023 to February 14th 2024

Saturn 12-19 Pisces
March 19th 2024 to February 23rd 2025

Saturn 25-29 Pisces
April 6th 2025 to May 25th 2025
September 2nd 2025 to February 14th 2026

Are You a Sun Virgo?

If so, Saint Valentine’s Day (February 14th) 2024, 2025, 2026 takes place with Saturn going backwards and forwards in your solar Seventh House of marriage, common-law marriage, separation and divorce. These particular Valentine days present more restrictions, curbs and obstacles to you than usual. 

hgfddoulkhs 300x200 - What Saturn Means in Astrology
Jamez Picard at Unsplash

It’s only common sense to be careful who you make commitments to, if you are a single Sun Virgo going into this cycle. If your marriage is on the rocks, then Saturn will test you on February 14th of those years. 

Other common outcomes of Saturn Retrograde in your Seventh House, if you are a Sun Virgo are: your new boyfriend’s former wife delaying the divorce; your new widower companion’s children obstructing your relationship and so on. 

Saturn is best handled by asking older, more experienced people what to do. Consulting professionals. And – sometimes you just sidestep and avoid. Astrology is about ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ Another outcome is a huge change in your husband or wife’s circumstances. This brings in new restrictions, curbs, barriers and so on. The wedding vows are then underlined.

When Saturn Changes Signs

When Saturn changes signs, you are free, in that area of your life. When Saturn leaves Aquarius on March 8th 2023, the pandemic restrictions will end on friendships and groups.  Those restraints and thresholds will be replaced by a completely different situation, on March 24th 2023, when Pluto enters Aquarius. I’ll talk more about Pluto at a special event on February 5th and 12th 2023 on Zoom, as a guest of The Astrology Collective

When Saturn Moves Out – Release

Of course, when Saturn leaves one sign, and goes into another, you are presented with borders and confinement in another area of your life. Yet, having put up with him for a long time somewhere else, you may feel as the Romans did, on Saturnalia. The festival dedicated to Saturn.

The statue of the god in the Temple of Saturn had his legs and feet covered with bands of wool which were removed only on December 17th, the day of the Saturnalia. (From Rome: An Oxford Archaeological Guide, Amanda Claridge). 

Saturday (Saturn’s Day) some 2000 years later is the first free day of the weekend. It’s the equivalent of Saturnalia. Christmas is also close to December 17th. Again, it’s a holiday. A release and a relief. The end of a Saturn transit feels like a Saturday, Saturnalia or Christmas. 

Aquarius Stars iStock 300x300 - What Saturn Means in Astrology

The End of Saturn in Aquarius in March 2023

Saturnalia in Rome was a holiday from all forms of work. Schools were closed, and exercise regimens were suspended. Courts were not in session, so no justice was administered, and war could not be declared.

The date 17th December was also the first day of Capricorn, back then – the signed ruled by Saturn, named for the god (Fowler, Roman Festivals and Beck, Journal of Roman Studies) 

Saturnalia also celebrated the harvest and sowing, and ran from December 17–23.  According to Varro, Rome’s greatest scholar, Saturn’s name comes from ‘status’ which means ‘sowing.’ 

What you feel today on this cycle, has a long history going back some 2000 years. When Saturn is in a particular sign and house, by transit, we reap what we sow. So does everybody else. When he leaves, we feel as if it’s Saturday, all the time. We feel as if it’s Christmas – in that area of life where Saturn has been standing.

When he leaves Aquarius and your Eleventh House in March 2023 you feel the ties come off your ankles – in regard to friends and groups.

The Meaning of a Saturn Opposition

Saturn in opposition is in the opposite sign to something in your chart, at the same degree. He can also stand opposite another travelling or transiting planet, or asteroid, and so on – creating a climate of conflict, struggle and difficulty.

Astrology does not have to be complicated. Saturn was in Aquarius, from December 18th 2020 and he leaves on March 8th 2023. Leo is the sign we associate with kings. The king of the jungle. We associate Leo with heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne of the king.

meghan harry lede.w700.h700 300x300 - What Saturn Means in AstrologyCharles, Meghan and Harry

Saturn has been opposite Leo and the world has seen Charles III opposed by his own son Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan. 

We can predict that the battle ends on March 8th 2023. It will be replaced with a transformation of the situation on March 24th, when Pluto goes into Aquarius. A change in the balance of power.

Transiting Saturn Oppositions

Here are just a few examples of oppositions to give you an idea of what Saturn does, when in conflict. If you have natal factors on these degrees in Pisces and/or Virgo then it’s personal.

It is extremely important that you put your health first, near these dates, if you have factors at Virgo 1, 3, 5, 6 degrees. Your wellbeing must be your number one priority. Virgo rules the Sixth House of your chart and that describes your physical state. Saturn will be in opposition, so you need to be far more proactive than usual.

July 20th: Mars 6 Virgo opposition Saturn 6 Pisces
August 1st: Mercury 5 Virgo opposition Saturn 5 Pisces
August 27th: Sun 3 Virgo opposition Saturn 3 Pisces
October 10th: Venus 1 Virgo opposition Saturn 1 Pisces

The Meaning of a Saturn Conjunction

A conjunction in Roget’s International Thesaurus (Collins Reference 2022) is likened to a bond. A juxtaposition. You could call it Saturn plus one. Saturn and (something) together. 

In 2023 you will notice these conjunctions first. If you have any factors at Aquarius 24, 27 or 29 in your Eleventh House, then the issue near these dates will be friends and groups.

Remember Saturn in astrology is about restriction, limitation and being encircled, reaping what you sow, you would take extra time and extra care then.

Transiting Saturn Conjunctions in 2023

January 22nd: Venus 24 Aquarius conjunction Saturn 24 Aquarius
February 16th: Sun 27 Aquarius conjunction Saturn 27 Aquarius
March 2nd: Mercury 29 Aquarius conjunction Saturn 29 Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius Transits in History

In astrology we predict the future by looking at the past. It is very important to remember that The Black Death took place during Saturn in Aquarius, 1346-1353. 

The Bubonic Plague spread through fleas, but also the air. 

Now, I am not for a minute suggesting you will become infected with Covid-19 just because you have factors at 24, 27, 29 Aquarius. The whole point of astrology is to learn from history. Yet, January, February and March 2023 are when you do not take risks with groups and friends.

The Black Death and Saturn

Aquarius is about crews of people. During the Black Death it travelled on ships. Today Covid-19 travels on cruise ships. Aquarius rules ‘hordes’ of people and during The Black Death, the Mongol Golden Horde army carried the plague. Troops also carried it.

It’s just astrological common sense to be aware of the same cycle, centuries later. Avoid taking risks with crews – your troop – and hordes during the Saturn conjunctions. 

Saturn in Pisces Transits in History

In 1346, the first year of The Black Death, we saw Saturn move out of Aquarius (groups, friends) and into Pisces (religion, the church). 

So, exactly the same cycle is happening twice, and here we are with an airborne pandemic. 

Pisces, of course, is associated with religion because of the two fish which suggest Christianity. In fact, the Vesica Piscis (bladder of a fish) is the shape you see in so many churches and cathedrals. The cover of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury shows it. It is the ichthys (fish) symbol for Jesus Christ. 

Brassiere Pisces Istock 300x207 - What Saturn Means in Astrology

Religion and Saturn in Pisces

Today, Pisces is about spirituality as a whole, across all faiths. Why was The Black Death a Saturn experience for religious people? History shows us how themes might repeat in 2023.

Christians and Muslims alike, gathered in large groups, to pray for help during The Black Death.

What today, even though it was about faith – we would call a super-spreader event. Processions and gatherings at churches and mosques spread infection. Pilgrims stayed in flea-ridden accommodation. The Bubonic Plague was taken back to their village. More people died. Christians questioned God – and the road to the Reformation began. Saturn in astrology shows up, clearly.

March 8th 2023 to February 14th 2026

Saturn will be in Pisces, March 8th 2023 to February 14th 2026 and again, we will see God given boundaries. We might expect limits to be placed on numbers at church gatherings (say) or barriers in place with Confession. Saturn’s curbs and thresholds may be in the cathedrals or in other ways; yet according to the rules of astrology, they return.

Dealing With Saturn

Liz Greene is generally considered to have written the best book on Saturn for astrologers. Saturn – A New Look at an Old Devil is a classic. She writes, “By sign and house position, Saturn denotes those areas of life in which the individual is likely to feel thwarted in his self-expression, where he is most likely to be frustrated or meet with difficulties.” Again, we are back to the famous rings. The barriers and obstacles we can see.

rings of saturn vector illustration e1533154648105 scaled 1 300x233 - What Saturn Means in AstrologyShe notes, “Everyone has at some time experienced the repeated delays, disappointments and fears which usually coincide with a strong Saturnian influence.”

And yet, you have been through (very likely) all the Saturn cycles of the 12 zodiac signs as you read this, through every house of your chart. And you are still here. So what did you do? And how did you get through? Saturn in astrology is about learning.

Using the Past to Help Yourself

A really basic solution with Saturn transits is to go back and find out what happened, and what you did – right or wrong. The wonderful website Cafe Astrology has a list of Saturn tables by zodiac sign. Astrology is based on using evidence from what occurred before, to assist you in a good strategy now. That’s really all it is.

Don’t Crash the Brick Wall

The phrase ‘beating your head against a brick wall’ (or bashing it) is appropriate for Saturn. Don’t do it. When you see the usual boundaries, don’t try to climb over them or crash through them. Wait and see. Watch and learn. As Saturn moves into the final degrees of a zodiac sign (like Aquarius) and more is known, the limits, restrictions and barriers start to look negotiable. All the curbs and thresholds usually lift with education. The longer you wait, the more you find out. Saturn in astrology educates through time.

How the Nineties Tell Us About 2023-2026

I’ve been talking to you about how Saturn in Aquarius, then Pisces, coincided with The Black Death. One look at the tables and you can see that Saturn was also going from Aquarius to Pisces in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994. So – we would expect to see restrictions, thresholds, curbs, boundaries – with groups and friends (Aquarius) and then religion (Pisces).

Freddie Mercury and Magic Johnson

1991 was the year that Freddie Mercury died from AIDS and Magic Johnson tested HIV positive. A rock band and a basketball team.Queen and the Los Angeles Lakers. Miles Davis died of AIDS.

FREDDIE 300x300 - What Saturn Means in AstrologyIn 1992, AIDS became the leading cause of death for American men aged 25 to 44. 

Also in 1992, the International Olympic Committee ruled athletes who were HIV positive could compete. It was the year that the gay community – an Aquarius group with all its diversity and equality – was hit hard by AIDS.

In 1993 Rudolf Nureyev died from AIDS as did Arthur Ashe. The Paris Opera Ballet and the Civil Rights Movement were visited by Saturn in astrology. 

The sign of Aquarius has been associated with circles of people coming together for a common purpose, for centuries. In Rome it was about the Roman Baths. In the 1990s it was about gay culture, but also any collective that united a wide range of people. Saturn came into Aquarius and AIDS, in the door.

Religion and Saturn in Pisces 

This crossover period of Saturn in Aquarius-Pisces has an obvious pattern. The same themes will repeat in 2023-2026, probably with Covid-19 but perhaps with other challenges for groups, clubs, bands, teams and communities. Looking back, we find New York Times headlines about Catholic hospitals, ethics and AIDS.

So, on 3rd January 1993, in the newspaper, we discover officials saying that the only morally correct way to prevent AIDS was by avoiding drugs and by practicing fidelity within marriage.

1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 all saw Saturn in Pisces. Religion and HIV/AIDS issues centred around condom use – but also the status of LGBT people. 

Summing Up Saturn For You

Astrology is about your part in a larger pattern. Those general trends about AIDS and religion will come back 2023-2026, probably with Covid and religion. You can’t separate yourself from the planet, even though you may not be personally affected. Saturn in astrology works for all of us as a country/planet – but individually.

modern astrology 2050 cover SMALLER 199x300 - What Saturn Means in AstrologyIf you do have Aquarius and/or Pisces stellium (unusually high factors) in your chart, though, the departure of Saturn from Aquarius and his entry into Pisces will affect you quite strongly.

If you are a Premium Member, and you’ve not yet picked up your copy of Modern Astrology 2050, do so and take a look at the chapters on those stelliums.

You also need to look at the cycles of the North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo, which take place near Saturn in Pisces. In astrology, you navigate successfully with knowledge. Saturn doesn’t have to be ‘the old devil’ that Liz Green wrote about. The waiting game is unavoidable with this cycle, but while you wait, you can learn a great deal to set you free.

Main Image: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Dear Jessica ,
    Many thanks for your wise words and guidance. I’m looking forward to a new phase to my life as Saturn exits Aquarius. My husband is born on Feb 19 and a large part of my life comes from negotiating our life together as we are both retired now. Is he a Piscean ? And how will this transit affect us?

    1. Your husband’s Sun sign depends on his time, place and date of birth. Use 12 noon if there is no recorded birth time. A very simple way to check if someone is a Sun Pisces is to look at the importance of religion, spirituality (Buddhism, for example), therapy, counselling, Tarot, mediumship, dreams, psychics in their life. If it’s a big part of who they are, you have a Pisces. If ‘not really’ but groups, clubs, associations, good causes, societies, Twitter is – you have an Aquarius. It’s worth having his chart done: we have a Family and Friends service here which can help.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    It’s great to see this surge of articles at the beginning of the year giving us insights into global events. I have Aries and Virgo stelliums but no factors in Aquarius or Pisces. How could that play out for me, given that my Jupiter in Virgo suggests (hopefully) a decent year ahead?

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Your Aries stellium is really important as Jupiter in Aries transiting your First House until May 2023 gives you opportunities to improve your appearance, expand your presence online and increase your reputation. You may be offered a new title or letters after your name by May too. Long-term, image matters, as Neptune in Aries from 2026 will show you a new way of presenting yourself online, using a second self in a virtual space. Your Jupiter in Virgo is a lifelong source of blessing and protection with work, unpaid work, housework and academia and the trine from transiting Jupiter to natal Jupiter (after he changes signs to Taurus in May) will give you a terrific opportunity to relaunch that by 2024.

  3. Hi Jessica, a very interesting read, thank you. I have Saturn at 17 degrees in Pisces so coming up to my second Saturn return next year, if I survive whats coming up as I have Mercury at 5 degrees in Pisces, my sun is at 27 degrees Aquarius, so I envision going to be another few rocky months/years , honestly I am over it, surely some good times must be ahead. If you have the time to look at my chart and see how this is going to effect me would be much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. It is really important to balance Saturn transits with Jupiter transits, but also Ops transits too. Ops was Saturn’s wife and defeated him. So balance is all. You are a Sun Aquarius with stelliums in Pisces, Gemini, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Virgo. Years of relentless issues about work, unpaid work, academia end in March. People or organisations which were powerful will lose their power. People or organisations which you felt controlled by, will lose control. That will make a huge difference to your life. Between March and June 2023 you will see what it feels like to be ambitious, successful and accomplished, without having to think about who or what is top dog all the time. Longer-term, from 2024, when Jupiter enters Gemini, but for years into the future from 2026, when Uranus enters Gemini, you will find the internet or media a source of incredible breakthroughs and rewards. Your local area, village, town or neighbourhood will become an exciting part of your life, in a way it never was before.

  4. Thanks so much Jessica. Clear dates are really helpful.
    I have natal Mercury in Aquarius 24, which means conjunct Saturn and Venus on Jan 22nd. Is this a warning to just stay away from people, and does it just apply for the day?.
    I have actually been clearing diaries to limit big group contacts this month and next as it feels quite worrying now with regards to the new variant, just as you predicted 🙁

    1. Thank you. I like clear dates too. Transiting Saturn in Aquarius will form a conjunction with your natal Mercury in the Eleventh House of groups and friends. The communication with the group (Twitter, say) will be limited and restricted. The emails, telephone calls, paperwork or plans with friends, in and around your social circle, will be blocked. This may be because your computer stops working. It may be for any number of reasons. Clear the decks around that time. The less you have to deal with, socially, or with a club (say) the less you’ll be bothered. The transit passes soon enough and won’t be back.

  5. Dear Jessica, thanks for the post! May I ask you, the entry of saturn in piscis and pluto in aquarius can lead to nuclear war instead of covid? And personally, I have a stellium in virgo, as I am new with asteroids and having cupido and panacea in piscis and six factors in virgo, what should I expect from saturn? Cause I don´t usually get sick, and last year (2022) was awful in terms of health, while saturn was still in aquarius.
    Thanks a lot

    1. If 2022 was a bad health year, look to Virgo in your chart. You have a stellium there from 2 through 26 degrees of Virgo, in your Sixth House of wellbeing and workload. The answer, deep down, lies in your resistance to paid work, housework, study and unpaid work. In astrology the subconscious (Pisces) opposes your health (Virgo) so if you had issues with your ‘fitness to serve’ you may have been obtaining time off, or time out, for yourself. It’s worth having a look at. This will be an issue your whole life. It’s good to be aware of how you honestly feel about work, housework, unpaid work, study and correct anything, rather than let it get to the point where you have symptoms which achieve things for you. This was the case as a child or teenager when you discovered having a cold meant you were allowed to stay in bed, watch television and avoid particular lessons, teachers or students. If you go back to that you may have a useful memory. Hypnosis may help you a lot with your health, or distance healing, if you haven’t tried it. 2023 is an important year for this as Saturn goes into Pisces and begins the opposition. Neptune has been in Pisces the whole time, also in opposition. Look at your subconscious.

  6. Jessica, I hope you have time to take questions on this post. I happen to have Aquarius at 21 degrees of Saturn in my chart, as well as my Ascendant at 13 Aquarius. I remember the last time around with Saturn was as you say–I was transitioning from singlehood to marriage, changing my religion, starting a family, and generally seeing my entire life and especially social connections completely upheaved in a matter of a few years. It was a definite learning experience with a lot of growth, but also very painful at times and with a lot of hard lessons. Since that time, I’ve worked on becoming more loving, accepting, grateful, intuitive (without being overwhelmed), and attuned to the world around me; and am less inclined to beat my head on those brick walls. I’ve given up trying to wrestle my world into the shape I prefer, because I’ve discovered that doesn’t work. In fact, I’m excited to see what unfolds this year and am more contented than I ever recall being. In some ways, I have the sense of having made it safely through a very long storm.

    Meanwhile, though, I have a lot of those Virgo factors you mentioned, including Virgo at 3 Uranus. I have also been dealing successfully with some health issues and am in the midst of ongoing positive lifestyle changes. Is there anything I should be aware of with this new weather, and especially, any positives you see up ahead? I am working toward making big changes in my work direction (which seems like practically the same thing as changing my entire life) this year. Thank you so much for your insights.

    1. Thank you. Virgo rules the Sixth House and your fitness, health, housework, paid work, mental health, academic work, daily routine and lifestyle. You cannot separate how you feel (physically and mentally) from your daily grind. At it best, your Virgo side will give you a daily life you really enjoy, no matter if it is important work that you craft and perfect, for others, or a fresh food open air market. No matter if it is walking the dog, wild swimming, or volunteering in a space where you genuinely feel needed. As Saturn slowly opposes your Virgo factors from March 2023, it is very important that you consciously craft a different way of working and living, to meet new realities. Covid is one of them. You may already have changed your life because of it but you might have to do so again. There may also be far more personal reasons to alter your day-to-day approach. A good example of this, say 29 years ago, would have been giving up smoking and keeping condoms for casual sex. Not working in smoke-permissive spaces and not having a smoker for a lover. Having an AIDS test with any new lover. It’s really on that level. None of us like Saturn with all his restrictions, but he is back in Pisces and we have to deal.

  7. I have Aquarius rising and it’s been a rough year socially and with family illness. I wonder what the shift of Saturn into Pisces will bring (relief I am hoping) and also what Pluto’s shift into Aquarius will mean for me.

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius woman with stelliums in Sagittarius, Libra and Scorpio. I am sorry you have had a rough year. May 2023 to May 2024 brings the biggest and best work and lifestyle choices in 12 years with more freedom, independence and a superior lifestyle. The family will require new rules from March 2023 but if you set rules and stick to them you can get on with other things.

  8. hello Jessica, thank you for all that you write, I look forward to reading your new posts and all the comments every day. My sun is capricorn ruled by Saturn and is in Taurus in my chart. My ascendant is in Virgo and descendent and north node in Pisces so I imagine this period will be important for me. I’ve mentioned before that I had Covid in 2020 and then long covid and have managed to keep completely virus and cold free since then. Am back at work going into office once a week which is pretty much back to normal now with large face to face group meetings which I don’t want to attend, but I am the only one. With Saturn being in the 2nd house in Taurus how does this affect me? And is it also in my solar 5th house as well?

    1. Thank you very much. I like reading the comments too, as they expand the story. I am glad you have been free of viruses since Long Covid. Virgo rules your health, and it rules your Sixth House of ‘fit for duty’. You have your South Node, Ascendant and Pluto there and they will all be opposed by Saturn in Pisces, one after another, once he changes signs in March 2023. In fact the transit does not end until early 2026. Your health is in your hands. Only you can decide what to do. As an astrologer I would say the larger issue is your self-respect, self-worth and self-protection, which must top work. If employers and colleagues do not give you what you want, you may want to give yourself some more choices about how to work, for whom you should work, when, where and so on. This may involve a salary question of course. But Saturn suggests it’s wise to look.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I really enjoyed this article especially so as it may have answered something that has personally puzzled me for years (I am 56). I am a Leo and read with interest where my zodiac sign would be impacted as you have written in this blog “Leo: Courtship. Sex. Pregnancy. Infants. Children. Teenagers.
    You see I have never had children and to be honest have never spent much time with infants or teenagers. I just presumed that it wasn’t for me and that I just didn’t seem to connect with children.
    Could this be because of Saturn? Being blocked and facing barriers? Or have I misunderstood this completely?

    Thank you in advance as this has always baffled me, so would be fascinated to know.

    1. Thank you. It’s hard to say without seeing a chart here, but it is possible you have Saturn in Leo, or Saturn aspecting your Sun in Leo and so have never wanted children or found them in your life. we all have Saturn somewhere, so perhaps that is so in your case.

  10. Hello Jessica,
    Happy new year! I wish you to get everything your heart desire (in French we say “Tout ce à quoi ton coeur aspire)
    Thank you very much for this article. Honestly, it arrived right on time. I start wondering about Saturn in Pisces, in my 12th/8th house..I’m not ready 🙂 I never got my gift from Jupiter in my 12th house, actually the cycle of Jupiter in Pisces was pretty dark for me with grief and sadness, isolation and stuck so I don’t know what Saturn has in store for me.
    Also you are saying to look at Node cycle in Pisces/Virgo and I’m not sure I understand why you are saying that. For me it might be accurate since it’s where my Node axis is.So it means that when Saturn cross my south node it will be important date for me?
    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer.

    1. Merci beaucoup. D’accord, you have Pisces and Virgo stelliums. Saturn will be in Pisces from March 2023, and stay in 2024, 2025 and early 2026. He will be in conjunction with your Pisces factors in the Twelfth House and in opposition to your Virgo factors in the Sixth House. You will need to change your lifestyle. This is similar to giving up smoking or making condoms a part of your routine. The reason now will probably be Covid. No more travel without protection – no more casual sex without the protection of a HEPA filter or UVC light in the room. Of course you may do none of those things, but this general example shows you the most common outcomes of this transit. You also need to examine your subconscious mind. Do you have any unconscious desire to have time off work, to leave work forever, to resign from life (even?) If so, be careful, because you may unconsciously decide to expose yourself to Covid risks, and these days, that can mean Long Covid. So be fully aware, in touch and in tune with who you are in 2023-2026, what you are doing and why you are doing it. Virgo-Pisces is that kind of cycle. It takes a bit of discipline and work.

  11. Thank you, Jessica. I do have a stellium in Virgo and my 29* Leo sun is awfully close as well. I noticed I have Hygeia, and Prosperina, and Psyche! As well as my Mercury at 23*. Hygeia deals with health and hygiene – so this seems likely related to covid like you said. Anything else you can add would be so helpful. Thanks!

    1. Saturn was in Pisces 29 years ago, so we’ve been here before. Back then AIDS became the biggest killer of younger Americans. A massive lawsuit exposed smoking as a killer too. This time around it’s Covid. Another sexually transmitted virus. Another killer, in the air that we share. Back then, 29 years ago, there was a saying ‘Don’t die of ignorance’ about AIDS. It’s the same now, and although there will be more personal issues for you to handle about your food, drink, medication, exercise and so on – the general problem to solve is Covid. Search Covid on here for useful links.

  12. Thanks for such an amazing detailed report! Should by weary based on natal chart of this transition of virgo?

    1. Saturn in opposition to Virgo factors is a heavy and prolonged challenge affecting how we work; how we do the housework; how we look after pets; how we volunteer; how we look after our mental and physical health. We have been here before, around 29 years ago. On a global scale that coincided with AIDS and new evidence that smoking caused lung cancer and heart disease. So a very common example is: people were forced to wear condoms, become monogamous, have AIDS tests before new relationships, stop smoking at work – stop smoking, full stop. On a more personal level you’ll have a story.

  13. Thank you so much for your feature on Saturn Jessica. It got me pretty teary as I look back at my saturn return in my late 20s and just think scorched earth … all my hopes and dreams were ripped from me and I felt seriously suicidal. The interesting thing is that I am now so grateful it happened … I was trying to build a life with who I now realise is a narcissistic psychopath but back then I was very deluded and in love with dreams not reality. So, on the eve of my second saturn return, I will hang on to the wisdom that saturn takes away what we need to have taken away and it is for the best in the long run. It is truly hard but necessary. Thanks again Jessica for sharing so much crucial information.

  14. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for the astrology lesson on Saturn. As I read it, I keep referring to a chart that I purchased on your website for my daughter that, at the time, included all of the planets and sign meanings. It was more in depth than any of the other charts I purchased for family so thank you for that. It is so full of info! I decided I am going to have all of these little things printed as it is much easier to refer to them that way for me and I can make notes. I have 3 things in Pisces at those degrees (Chiron, Minerva and Vulcano) and I marked the date for August 27 and my 03 Virgo. That’s a health change maybe? Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide on these things in my chart!

    1. Thank you very much. Pisces rules religion, therapy, Tarot, spirituality, hypnosis, mediumship, meditation and your relationship with the Universe, which may be quantum theory based. It’s solitary, invisible and insular but also just as important as anything else in your life. Saturn moving across Pisces and the Twelfth House brings new restrictions and limitations, along with the usual Neptune in Pisces experience of boundary-free life.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    I muddled up my earlier post, so please disregard. I’ll try again at some point.
    Best wishes for 2023!!

  16. This inspired me to look back at my Saturn return, which was well before I had much awareness of astrology, and it was one of the most tumultuous times of my life, having been stuck in leases in shoddy homes (one of which had a bedbug infestation), tension between friends and roommates, and was hit by a car while bicycling.

  17. Thank you so much for clarifying Saturns role. I particularly found it comforting to read that we can work with this energy through patience/time vs just fear it. I’m considering divorce from my partner who is unraveling with addictions. We also share a child. How does my Saturn in Libra influence this?
    Thank you in advance for reading my question and possibly sharing your insight on my chart.

    1. Saturn in Libra is the marriage with walls. You feel shut inside the marriage, or shut outside the marriage, unable to get in. For the first time in 19 years, the South Node will form a conjunction with your Saturn, and the process begins in July, when the South Node changes signs. Slow process, divorce, but life as it was 19 years ago will play a part in what unfolds.

  18. Hi Jessica, I recently started following the Current Planetary Positions on your website. Today is my Apollo Return. Does it have any significance?
    Thank you for your insights.

    1. Apollo at 19 Libra returns to his birth position in your chart when he transits 19 Libra, so this is an Apollo Return, something most people don’t talk about, but it is significant. You are here to lead by example in sexual partnerships or professional partnerships. You are also here to lead by example in conflicts and contests. People copy you too. The 19 Libra pattern is important because the South Node will move into Libra in July and eventually reach 19 degrees. Thus, the duet or duel now in front of you, may well be the story later on – and it will be karmic in nature. Apollo was much imitated in Rome. Young men copied his hairstyle. He was bisexual, for what it’s worth, and also a terrifying opponent, as well as a psychic.

  19. What is your view of Saturn leaving a sign (Aquarius) but still remaining in the same house; using the unequal house system? Thanks for a response, if you have time.

    1. I only use the Natural House System having spent a long time testing it many years ago. I use the Solar House system for sun sign work. Thank you.

  20. Loved reading this article, Jessica! In your 2050 Modern Astrology, you said Saturn is in Pisces in the 12th house March 2023 to May 2025. Also, you mentioned in the North Node Pisces Cycles that I will meet a professional situation that happened 18-19 years ago. I have 8 stelliums in Pisces, so how will this affect me? It’s interesting as I feel like I’m floundering in what I should do in the next part of my life, meaning, I used to teach elementary school, but took a break from all the stress. I feel guilty not working currently, yet fear is holding me back from figuring out what I want to do next. So if this cycle takes me back, professionally, should I be looking to possibly return to the classroom with a less stressful role. I appreciate any guidance.

    1. The big change month is March when years of questions about who or what has the power, disappear from your career. You will be astonished at how different life feels from March to June. Your other huge priority from March is your mental and physical health. Your health must come first, nothing else matters. Do not feel guilty about being off work. Life as it was 18 or 19 years ago will repeat, not literally, but thematically. Same life stories floating around, same song, played by a different musician. You have the advantage because of that, because you know what to do. You will make or save a lot of money May 2023 to May 2024 and that will give you more room to move.

  21. Hi Jessica, I have just had Saturn pass through my stellium of 8 in Aquarius and am then entering my 2nd Saturn Return as a Capricorn Sun with oppositions to Virgo in Pluto and Uranus. Please could I have your insights into how the next couple of years may play out and how to make the best of the energy. Thank you so much x

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn woman with Aquarius and Leo stelliums. You are very unusual and probably realised you were different from others as a schoolgirl. The world of courtship, the bedroom, babies, infants, children and Millennials is unpredictable in a good way, from May 2023 to May 2024. You may be teaching them. You may be a parent or godparent. You will find freedom, space and room to move at that time and don’t be surprised if the last thing you expected, comes to pass. This is the cycle when women make house or apartment commitments to divorced men with grown-up sons, who appear out of the blue. It is the cycle when Millennials come to work for you and change your life. It’s on that level. You have been through the most restricted, limited cycle in 29 years with friends, your social life, groups, social media and people power in 2021, 2022. It ends in March. There is a second step in July when the karma with some of these people also ends. So March, July, bring a completely different era for you when you are no longer shut into a situation, or shut out of it. If you so choose you can use willpower and self-control to become a far more influential and important group insider, or to remain outside a group, yet have a huge impact on those involved. A powerful new friend will arrive in March, or will re-emerge in your life.

  22. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for the enlightenment you share with us. Wondered, would you have time to take a look at my birth chart? Have been travelling a very challenging road for many years. Are the forthcoming planetary movements, particularly Saturn, going to replace one set of challenges with another hopefully less challenging ones! With Saturn’s shift I’ll need to devise coping strategies for my stelliums in Gemini, Leo and Virgo and North Node Pisces. Any pointers you can give will be appreciated! Particularly in regard to health, family and onerous unpaid work.
    Sorry for length of message and negativity coming across.
    Heartfelt thanks, hardip.

    1. Thank you, Hardip. Happy New Year. Your chart is easy to read as you are a Sun Cancer with stelliums in Cancer and Leo. You have been put through some tough cycles. Pluto in Capricorn has slowly opposed everything you have in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, home town, homeland, houses, apartments, gardens, relatives, ancestors, the household – since 2008. You have Cancer factors at 0 to 27 so have actually been living with this challenging cycle since 2008 and yet it is only now you are turning the corner. In this time you may have had anything ranging from bad property developers, to Covid issues with where to live, to unwelcome neighbours. Family members may have been a worry for you and so on. The cycle ends in March. Pluto can only go backwards so you can only replay some issues and they will have lost their power. Your Leo side is about courtship, the bedroom, babies, children, teenagers and grown-up children. Here, too, you have had Saturn in Aquarius opposing your Leo stellium since Christmas 2020. Again, he leaves in March. That month is quite a milestone for you. There are terrific opportunities, some very new, surrounding paid work, unpaid work and academia. Perhaps you should make the first move having been given encouraging signs. The opportunities do not stop until May. The other important month is July, when you finish up a cycle in your solar Fifth House of sexual relationships and parenthood (or substitute parenthood) which has kept you stuck for quite a long time. You are free to go karmically from that point. May 2023 to May 2024 brings opportunities to expand and improve your home life or family ties and after all you have been through you deserve that Jupiter sextile.

  23. Thank you for the article, Jessica. It made me realize why I went through a deeply deppressing situation during my Saturn return.

    With Saturn about to go into my 2H in Pisces, would that be a good transit for me?

    1. Thank you. Saturn can be depressing because if you stuck inside a situation, it can feel as if the walls are pressing in on you. Like being imprisoned in a castle with a moat. It can also be the same as trying to get inside a situation and being blocked. You can feel oppressive obstacles. You are a Sun Sagittarius woman with stelliums in Sagittarius and Virgo, two mutable signs (the other two are Pisces and Gemini). Saturn is about to go into Pisces and your Twelfth House, natally, using the Natural House system. He goes into your Fourth House, in your solar chart. So privately this is about your God, religion, Tarot, hypnosis, therapy, your ideas about science (you may have no God), counselling, meditation, mediumship and all the invisible aspects of your inner life. Publicly this is about your family, house, apartment and roots. A good way to deal with Saturn is to ‘clear the decks’ (Robert Hand’s advice) before he enters a house. So before March, try to make life simple and mimimal with relatives and property, but also religion (say) or self-help. Saturn will arrive with a choice. You may have to take it. If you do not have to take it, and find the choice too onerous, opt out. There will be another one soon enough but it might be better for you. March sees Saturn join Neptune in Pisces in everybody’s Twelfth House and this has so much to do with the family’s religious beliefs, on both sides, going back generations. You may have a Roman Catholic background, or Jewish and so on. In 2023 people are ready to leave that behind, or even to go back and dig deeply into it for hard answers. We would include the Hindu religion in that too. This also touches on the ‘questioning family’ theme of 2023 and you will be drawn into that, as Saturn joins Neptune quite publicly in your solar Fourth House.

  24. Oohh wow…you are so spot on! Yes I really really dream of retirement but I’m way too young for that. I’m joking a lot about that with my friends. Thank you for the explanation and I’ll continue to be careful. I haven’t been able to go back to Europe since Covid and I start having antsy feet.
    I’m really a hard worker, and I have this tendency to push my body until I crash. I have to find a balance and I guess this cycle will help me …Thank so much Jessica

    1. Thank you. Health first. Travel later. I am seeing too many people who are not updating themselves with the facts on Covid and the new variant is extremely infectious, which means larger numbers of Long Covid cases. This is already affecting hospitals in the USA. I suggest following the Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding on Twitter to get the facts, daily.

  25. Happy New Year from New York!! This is fantastic, been meaning to try to understand Saturn’s role in my chart and this is really insightful! This year me ( Sun Taurus, Gemini & Pisces Stellium) and my family ( Aries, Daughter, Aquarius Sun Husband)) have to find a new home as our time in this apartment will come to an end soon. As you mentioned Saturn have ruled property and I am curious how the change in March will affect me. Home being very important for my grounding and my family, this already gives me so much stress to find a new home! Me and My husband, (1972.01.27) have been hoping to try to buy a home but as our careers have taken a hit for a couple of years we don’t see that happening at the moment, as we need to save more. Hopefully soon things can pick up and change for better, fingers crossed. This year, are we able to find a good home, another apartment for our family of 3? Thanks so much always and warmest wishes for 2023!!

    1. Happy New Year. Thanks to your husband’s chart, you will be delighted with the new home you choose, from May 2023 to May 2024, when you realise you have more to enjoy than you first thought. Not just the home, but also the family will find far more freedom as a result. You may get more than you bargained for, so hold higher hopes, not just for the space itself, but also the local area. A great deal is possible after May.

  26. Happy and healthy new year to everyone!
    So important that we get to have such a detailed preview of the Saturn transit dear Jessica! Would Saturn in Capricorns’ 3rd H bring obstacles in communications?. Would the new placement also bring a more compassionate communicative approach for Capricorns or successful results in trying to improve the daily life (I am trying to quite smoking lately).
    Tarot pull for the transit: page of pentacles and I am trying to focus to myself, facing all the failure scenarios my fantasy creates especially in my work.
    Thanks Jessica for your support and for covering all the major upcoming themes! Your insight is so valuable to me especially as my birthday falls on the 8th and I am getting back to work day after.

    1. Happy New Year. Transiting Saturn in Pisces in Capricorn’s solar Third House of communication will slow things down online for you and every Capricorn. There will be new rules and restrictions with the internet for you, and perhaps the media. This is a huge change and it happens in March. you have lived with Neptune in your Third House for years. The worldwide web has been random, chaotic, confusing, confused and a total escape for you. You have escaped online, the way other people go scuba-diving or meditating. Yet, it’s all been all over the place, all the time. For whatever reason, for you and every Capricorn, March brings walls, obstacles and containment. The situation becomes heavily controlled. I suspect this is government intervention on, say, the anonymity of the internet. Elon Musk could make a bold move on Twitter to stop the chaos of anonymous Russian-paid users manufacturing trends. It’s on that level, but the media is also brought in, so this feels like politics to me. Your Page of Pentacles/Coins card is about money to be negotiated, saved or earned and March is also a milestone for that, in your life.

  27. Hi Jessica and thank you for all your work. I’m a libra with stelliums in Virgo and sag too and wanted to ask if you could please take a look at my chart and give any advice on how to navigate this year/the coming years with all that is going on. Thank you

    1. Your sexual partnerships and professional partnerships are the headline story here. The duets and double-acts. You were born with the Sun in Libra in the Seventh House of ‘the two of us’ and so you shine at your brilliant best when you celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary or win awards for your business partnership. When you don’t shine, you try harder. In both your public and private chart, 2023 and 2024 are all about making it work with the other person. If you are single a potential partner will appear after the South Node enters Libra in July 2023 and by 2024 you will have made a choice. If you are married, in a professional partnership or other duet (two platonic friends sharing a house qualifies) then this year and next year are all about examining the scales, balancing the scales, perhaps replacing the set of scales you use together to weight what is fair, and possibly looking at a legal aspect of a partnership with new eyes – like a contract. Your Virgo stellium receives an opposition from Saturn starting in March 2023. From March 2023 your health and wellbeing on all levels is the priority; forget (even) a partnership. You come first. It is very important that you do whatever it takes to look after yourself and make it your business to update yourself on your own good health.

  28. Thank you for the article, Jessica and informative astrology lesson. I’ve tried to deal with the Saturn in Aquarius oppositions/squares to my many fixed natal factors with patience and a willingness to learn and change. I suppose that’s what we are being asked to do with the obstacles Saturn presents us. I’m not sure if Saturn in Pisces will be easier, but at least it forms trines and sextiles with my stelliums, so hopefully those aspects will be easier. I was curious what a conjunction of Saturn and Minerva in Scorpio means? I have one within 1 degree in Scorpio and Minerva and I love reading about her and what she represents- where the wise answers lie. However, with the Saturn conjunction, does that block or cause difficulties with using Minerva?

    1. Thank you. In your natal chart, Saturn and Minerva at 20, 21 Scorpio are in conjunction in your Eighth House of joint finance and shared property/possessions. Typically, a marriage and mortgage, or a family inheritance. This is more important as the South Node transiting 20, 21 Scorpio marks the 2020s for you. That can only happen every 19 years. Transiting Saturn will eventually move to 20, 21 Pisces and trine this natal Saturn-Minerva conjunction. Saturn presents as being locked out, or locked in. So you may be locked into a mortgage and marriage, or locked out of a family inheritance. The Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio, is about sexual relationships which are a potential threat. So, living with a man and then breaking up, may result in you sacrificing some of your furniture. The parents on either side are usually brought in at some point. The dowry is a good example of that. The Eighth House is about in-laws for this reason, as much as it is about purely sexual and financial relationships. Minerva is wisdom. Deep, female wisdom. She was born from Jupiter’s brain fully formed. Minerva was consulted as a kind of celestial Agony Aunt by the Romans and the Temple of Sulis Minerva in Bath contains her head – it is gigantic. Put her together with Saturn and you are always able to solve every issue Saturn gives you with the money, business, charity, house, apartment, valuables. In fact you have what it takes to advise others, either informally or in a professional capacity. The law is also associated with the Eighth House for obvious reasons. When transiting Uranus opposes 20, 21 Scorpio from 20, 21 Taurus you will be challenged to change. Make sure paperwork you have in place until 2026 is flexible enough to take that sort of challenge. Review heavily binding agreements with that in mind and life will be easier in future.

  29. Hi Jessica, thank you for another great post. Being single for so many years, how will Saturn in Pisces affect my love life? Thank you so much.

    1. When people have been single for years, there is always a good reason. You are a Sun Virgo with stelliums in Virgo, Aquarius and Scorpio. Before looking at your natal chart, though, let’s talk about your Sun Virgo prediction. How will Saturn in Pisces in your Seventh House affect your love life? Well, new restrictions and barriers will be there. This will help to bring you back down to earth about what has been a long escape from the real world. You may have sustained being single by fantasising about unavailable lovers. That is a good example of Neptune in the Seventh House. You have found a holiday from reality by avoiding real lovers and dwelling in your imagination: films, books and television can help. So can the never-ending crush on someone you are never going to be with! Saturn in the Seventh House will see a record number of separations and divorces for Sun Virgo people as he limits access to the ex, and limits access to new dates, who will not always want someone with baggage. I hope you can see how this works! In your own case, you would have the option of dating a new lover who comes with obstacles. This tallies with your natal chart too. The transit of Saturn in Pisces trines your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. It would be no surprise at all to see you offered a tryst, or more, with someone who brings all sorts of high walls with them. Take your time deciding. It can be hard to get in, and hard to get out, with Saturn. Just as important as love is friendship. In March you will lose the barriers to friendship (the real thing) as all sorts of things change and you wake up to realise that you are around people who are quite powerful. You can share in the power. Together you and other friends can really transform things – for the better. Have a look at the Tarot closer to the time for more insights.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Thankyou for all the brilliant articles. I get excited every time you post something new and follow you on Twitter. I have a question regarding my 2 factors in early Virgo, Ops and Fortuna and wondering how this will affect me. I nursed my partner who died of AIDS (medically acquired) in early 1992 and somehow feel Saturn in Pisces coming up will hit my Virgo factors again. Would appreciate any comments on this or anything else you see in my chart.

    1. Thank you and I am glad you follow me on Twitter – I cannot see your name here as all comments are private, but I hope I follow you too. Okay, so your Virgo signature in the Sixth House is about your own health, as well as the health of others. Virgo is the nurse but also the patient. You have a huge stellium in Virgo from 1 through 23 degrees so will experience the cycle from the start; in March 2023. On the last cycle of Saturn in Pisces, which opposed your Virgo stellium, you nursed your partner through AIDS in 1992. Tragically, it was medically acquired and your partner passed away. The new AIDS is Covid. It is sexually transmitted, can be medically acquired (appalling hospital standards set by politicians from on high, mean it can be acquired in hospital) and it is passed on by tourists too. The new variant is extremely infectious and has become the dominant form of Covid in America. You are in Australia but the airlines and airports, cruise ship companies and ports have rolled out a red carpet and we have to deal with it. It is extremely important that you put your health and wellbeing first from March. You have been through this before, so you know what to do. You may be called upon to nurse someone, just as you did before. Or, it may be you who has to nurse yourself – protect yourself as a health professional would – for all sorts of reasons. Saturn is about limitations and restrictions. They are heavy and multiple. In 1992 your life in the bedroom, with an AIDS-affected partner, was restricted. Saturn is just like the planet. He comes with ‘ring-fenced’ situations where it is impossible to get access, but also impossible to get out. This has to be met with new rules, which will come naturally to you from March. The main issue with the rules is that you have to be able to live with them. If you are giving up smoking, it has to be with a method that you can put up with, in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. If you give up sugar, same. Saturn only feels heavy when we deny it, run away from it or come up with ‘solutions’ which are really hard to enact. So have a look at what you need to do, from March. My bet is it will be Covid but it may be a second issue which you feel is more important. Virgo rules your lifestyle, daily eating and drinking habits, daily exercise, sleep hygiene, levels of mental health and so on. Have a look at your Virgo stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, free to you.

  31. Hi Jessica. I was born July 3, 1972 at 7:14 am in New York. I am having such a difficult time on my new job. Was this job a mistake and will I be returning to my previous job?

    1. To reassure you, you have Jupiter with all his luck, protection and solutions in your job sector until May 2023, so whatever you decide to do will work out very well for you. I am sorry you are having a tough time, but there are a lot of different answers for that. Returning to your old job is just one of them. You should be pretty happy in March-April before the cycle ends in May.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I always feel bad commenting as you have so much traffic on your page already, but i have stelliums in both Aquarius and Pisces, I have a Saturn ruled chart so restriction and learning from it is nothing new to me, my partner and I both Pisces Suns would love to buy a house this year, I am hoping within the coming months, do you see this being possible?

    1. Never feel bad about asking questions, please, it’s what I am here for. You and your partner will save a lot of money, or make it, by May 2023, so it may be that the price is right on a house, or either/both of you gain more finance. Jupiter in Aries transits both your charts, through the Second House of banking. You have a large stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House of property and Jupiter in Taurus will form sextiles to that, May 2023 to May 2024, expanding your chances of home ownership.

  33. Dear Jessica thank you as always. What does this transit mean for me as I have saturn at zero degrees. thank you Jessica

    1. You have Saturn at 0 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, household, property, town and country. You were born into a situation where you were shut in, or shut out. Saturn brings barricades and barriers; you were born with those surrounding the family home. In astrology you take a series of tests with Saturn, and Saturn at 0 Pisces trine natal Saturn at 0 Cancer, but also Pluto at 0 Aquarius quincunx your natal Saturn, suggests March 2023 asks you to find a strategy that will work for you. With Saturn, the more you know, the more research you do, the more questions you ask – the better off you are. Any new decisions you make in March should be looked at very carefully for their implications. So, for example, organising a family reunion. Letting your sister move in. Renovating the barn. Fighting a property developer. If it’s Cancerian in nature you would look long and hard at the realities of what you are going to do, because Saturn retrograde at 0 Pisces suggests the outcome will be quite long term.

  34. Thank you for the dates, and the forewarnings to be careful. Your work always fascinates and enlightens. January 22 looks particularly significant for me with Chiron. Beyond that, I hope I’ve already been making enough lifestyle adjustments to avoid the kinds of health and home issues I dealt with in the 90s. I also want to figure out the best period(s) for changing where I live by 2026 as I reach retirement – where to hunker down? Or am I already in the best place? Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces with stelliums in Pisces, Capricorn, Aries and Gemini. You will make or save a fair bit of money by May 2023 and relaunch your title, appearance and reputation at the same time, so this suggests a professional or business gain made using your relaunched image, or expenditure on your ‘brand’ for other reasons. The most relentless professional cycle in 248 years ends in March. Your public Pisces chart shows Jupiter and then Uranus in your Fourth House of property purchase and sale, one after the other, from 2024 and by 2026 you are quite free. Where you move to is intensely local and you find a radical new relationship with local life, the neighbours, and electric transport/alternative transport. It will be very exciting for you and you may find yourself using your Gemini side much more; the sign of the wordsmith.

  35. Hi Jessica, thanks for another fascinating and informative article. I’m learning so much from your blog.

    Would it be kindly possible for you to look at my chart and advise regarding Saturn’s impact once it moves onto Pisces?

    Specifically, I’m hoping that I’ll have an easier time in our house once Saturn moves on from Aquarius (or that we will move to a new house).

    My husband and I moved into this house (that he has owned since 2015) in April of 2021. The house is old and has quite a few issues, some of which I think are negatively impacting my health.

    In case it’s needed, my husband’s DoB is June 10, 1983.

    Many thanks, Jessica – your kind help is much appreciated as always.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with stelliums in Sagittarius, Libra and Capricorn. March 2023 is the turning point when the negative situation with the house stops and you are offered a choice to either fix the home or move – you would be offered the choice no later than June. March seems to be a turning point for your husband with his finances and your joint finances, so this looks like an insurance claim; a property sale; renovations. Not too much longer to wait.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for this beautiful article.
    Taking a look to my birth chart, I’ve noticed that when Saturn will move through Pisces it will form a conjunction with my North Node (11° Pisces) and an opposition with my South Node (11° Virgo).
    What is your opinion about this transit?
    A virtual hug. 🙂

    1. Thank you. It is very important to put your health (on all levels) first, from March 2023. Saturn enters Pisces then as you may know, and begins to move towards first 11 degrees and then 25 degrees, both of which are ‘the challenge to change’ your lifestyle, food, drink, exercise and sleep. Your work, too, as well as your housework and any unpaid work or study. Putting your self-care first means you are in the best possible shape to deal with the challenge to change. So, you have the bare minimum to deal with, having already given yourself the advantage of a healthy B.M.I (for example) or a five-star medical. All of this is familiar to you as you have at least one past life where you were involved with a religion which challenged your health. Perhaps you know. You may have been a Roman Catholic; Anglican; Jew; Buddhist. We are living through Covid now but in centuries past, other plagues came and went. Just being in a crowded monastery or congregation could have meant infection. I hope you see this example – Virgo-Pisces is ‘the body versus God.’ You went through a test of faith in another life and here you are in 2023, heading towards the next round of the North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo, which will trigger that axis in your chart, in a few years from now. The usual rules apply. Lower the stakes so you have less to deal with. I am sure you lead a Covid-safe life, and do not risk super-spreader events or long-haul travel. I am sure you don’t smoke. All of that! There may be more you can do, though, and really use that Saturn opposition, as well as the incoming nodal transit in Virgo-Pisces, to really address the mind, body and spirit balance. Happy New Year.

  37. Hi Jessica,I am very interested in replies on this page,because I am wondering if Saturn in Aquarius could be responsible for all that has happened to me since I was taken into hospital with Covid on March 21st 2021.I am a Sagittarius born at 6a,m. on 5.12.46.I spent almost 5 months in hospital the first month in intensive care,where my family were told that I was very likely to die,but was able to come home on 15th July, 2021,but am still not in good health.I am very weak,and have lung problems as I have had huge amounts of phlegm causing congestion & breathing problems all this time.I am wondering if this is caused by my Leo planets in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius.It is very debilitating to be like this,and I thought that I would have recovered long ago.I only leave the house for appointments,my husband looks after me.I would be interested in your opinion as to whether an end is in sight with this,as Saturn moves into Pisces.
    Many thanks,Lynne.

    1. Lynne, I am very sorry you were hospitalised with Covid. You have Long Covid. You are a Sun Sagittarius going through Uranus in Taurus in the Sixth House of health, along with the North Node in Taurus, also in the Sixth House of health. I will give you the transits so you can look them up: Transiting Uranus in the Sixth House, Transiting North Node in the Sixth House. The good news is, there is hope. In fact, Long Covid will force a lifestyle change that will make you feel far more free and liberated, day to day. Your body is fighting this really well, even though the symptoms are weakness and so on. What you are seeing is your body pushing back. However, you need more help and support. If you are not already using hypnosis please consider that. Try before you buy with Dr. Paul McKenna and Glenn Harrold. They generously give free samples on YouTube and their websites so you can see how you feel. They both address health and self-healing. From May 2023 you will be offered solutions and by May 2024 you may not only have fixed your Long Covid, you will also have a completely different way of living, eating, drinking, exercising, doing the housework and engaging in paid or unpaid work – or study. Uranus in your Sixth House is radical. It is about a revolution. The North Node is also telling you about life as it was 18 or 19 years ago, either with your health, or with your job/course – there is a message there to take on and use. In May, Jupiter with all his opportunities, answers and rewards moves into this Sixth House sector of health and wellbeing and you will very quickly see a person or organisation which is a solution for you. The other big outcome from all this is a completely different relationship with work. I include housework in that, as well as salaried work. Study is work too. What you do May 2023 to May 2024 re-establishes your relationship with the idea of serving others, or doing your duty, or perfecting your tasks. You are on track to find the most meaningful and rewarding sort of work you have done in years, Lynne, and knowing you have a good, strong purpose you love – every day – will also help, as it is a powerful reason to be fit again. So, nothing to do with Saturn, but everything to do with Sixth House transits in your solar Sagittarius chart. Happy New Year.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    just re-posting my question from a couple of days ago. I really hope it doesn’t sleep through and you have time to answer it. I can imagine how busy you must be answering hundreds of hundreds of questions pouring in every day.

    Thank you for this interesting post on Saturn. That made me look at my natal chart and I have Saturn at 11 Leo, sextile both Jupiter at 10 Gemini and Pluto at 11 Libra. My Saturn also aspects my husbands sun at 11 Pisces. I always wondered how to interpret that and would very much appreciate to get some insights from you. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Just sitting down with a cup of coffee to look at recent comments, including yours. Saturn at 11 Leo in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, babies, children, teenagers and adult children is hard work. This is lifelong. You are always shut out of a situation, or shut in by it. This requires patience and a strategy. We all have Saturn in our chart somewhere. You have it there. The sextile to Pluto at 11 Libra is important because Libra rules sexual partnerships, marriage, separation and divorce. You need total control of your marriage. Again this is lifelong. Your husband’s Sun at 11 Pisces is in his Twelfth House of self-help, religion, psychics, therapy, spirituality, meditation and the invisible inner life. So you trigger his views of God. Interesting. Any time you have slow-moving outer planet or node transits at 11 degrees, an episode emerges between you, which requires that you lean on everything you learned the last time. You are next due for such a transit when Saturn goes to 11 Pisces and is in a conjunction with his Sun.

  39. My adult son Sun Leo, 11 Aquarius moon ASC 17 Virgo Venus 1 Virgo and Mercury 9Virgo Mars 20 Virgo. His Saturn is 7Leo. Jupiter is 28 Taurus. He has had a very challenging few years personally with his family and profession (a therapist). I am concerned about the upcoming transits for him. He has had health issues throughout his life that have been overcome successfully. Any insight is appreciated.

    1. Your son has some karma to finish with the family which ends in July 2023. He owes a relative, or is owed by a relative, from 18-19 years ago. He may be rather stuck until then, but July ends the cycle for another 18-19 years. He will be offered a sensational career, academic or unpaid work opportunity from May 2023 to May 2024 and it will set him free.

  40. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating post as usually. I had my natal Saturn in Capricorn 3 years ago (also Capricorn is my 4th natal house) and in that period I got married but also divorced when Saturn finished the transit and switched to next sign, so for me was a period with two important/crucial moments in one transit. I will finish also the solar 4th house Saturn in Aquarius, hope that things will me much easier for me in terms of this house even if Pluto also joins soon as I will move to a new house all by myself. Can you please provide me some insights for Saturn in Pieces in my Courtship/Children house or in my Career/Position being a Scorpio sun? All the best.

    1. Thank you. I use a different house system to you: the Natural House System. Capricorn rules your Tenth House not your Fourth. You want a new home. You are a Sun Scorpio with Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius stelliums, so March 2023 will change your life. The old restrictions and obstacles preventing a property move disappear. In their place comes a new challenge – to change – to use self-control and willpower to get what you want.

  41. Hi Jessica. Absolutely fascinating, thank you for your wonderful work. I really look forward to your posts! The more I read of your explanations the more I understand and can start to put the pieces together for myself. I have one placement of the North Node at 24 Aquarius but nothing in Pisces. I would be so grateful for your insights in to what this may mean for me. With blessings, Alexia.

    1. Thank you Alexia. The North Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House comes with the South Node in Leo in the Fifth House as a package. There is a past life here where you may have been born into a dynasty with leadership given to you, but found it impossible to lead while dealing with a group. The group may have been a club, society, association or other network. Saturn at 24 Aquarius is a good lesson about this. You won’t see this transit again for another 28-29 years so take the entire Saturn in Aquarius cycle from Christmas 2020 to May 2023 as a useful piece of instruction. The heavy restrictions, barriers and stuck feeling with Saturn vanishes in March 2023. You will be pleased to see the back of it as it has affected your social life, friendships and involvement with one or more groups. In its place comes a massive new challenge – to change.

  42. You have such a good way of explaining things, thank you. I’ve never fully understood the parts of my personality that I struggle with where Saturn (and Juno) sit (and I think my Diana placement adds to how hard I find those things) when I really feel I shouldn’t be struggling and be more appreciative for what I am very lucky to have but instead it often feels like a ball and chain, like entrapment, like I’m suffocating.

    1. Thank you. Astrology cuts through the noise. If you feel a ball and chain, entrapment and suffocating, your chart can help. You have a pattern at 25, 26, 27 degrees including Saturn at 26 Cancer, the sign ruling the Fourth House of family, home, household, town and country. You have grown up being locked out of situations, involving your parents, siblings and other relatives (can’t get in, for whatever reason) or you have been locked into situations (can’t get out, insurmountable obstacles and barriers). The latter seems likely given you talk about a ball and chain. This affects other areas of your life, beyond the actual family, as Saturn aspects so many other factors. So what do you do? You ask the Tarot to define the issue. Then you ask the Tarot to suggest a way through or out. You will do the rest. A very, very common outcome with Saturn in Cancer is to set up some kind of system or approach which is actually more confining, limiting and restricting than the actual feared worst case scenario! So, for example, you are told there are wolves at the door of your apartment. You turn your apartment into a cage. There are no wolves. You live in a cage. It is really important to take fear aside and look at it. Don’t be afraid of any fear. Find out. The facts about reality can help to set you free. Eventually Jupiter will go into Cancer and form a conjunction with Saturn; that would be your reward for all the work. Good one, too.

  43. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for a wonderful overview about Saturn. Had a terrible, terrible 2 preceding years with huge changes at work (2021) and a happy (still difficult) divorce (still going) in 2022. Was hoping for an easier ride in 2023 but Saturns entry in March sounds a bit disheartening. Still optimistic and relieved from whats being left behind in 2022 🙂 Anything to glee about this year? Man of 30/12/1972 still very much distantly around. Anyone else perhaps :))

    Thank you for your insightful comments as always, my dear.

    1. Thank you. You have stelliums in Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn. The shut-out (or shut in) social life of 2021, 2022 and early 2023 ends in March. Old friends come back, new friends are made. You will join or put more energy into a group which empowers you and long-term you could play an influential, life-changing role with those people. You will have a new image, title and reputation by May if you try and it will be terrific for you. The financial, charity, property or business strain which is karmic in nature ends in July. People politics with work, unpaid work or academia ends in March. Huge year of welcome endings.

  44. Hi Jessica ! Love your website. My company is having lay-offs and I am concerned about my job my husband and I both work in tech so the environment is very turbulent . Do you see any changes coming up for me professionally this year ?

    1. Thank you. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn results in professional flux until 7th February when at last you, your husband and your colleagues and employers will know where you stand. Until then take any ‘firm’ news with a pinch of salt. The pressure you feel is actually more about your husband and the marriage than anything else. You two have karma and from July 2023 until January 2025 will settle karmic debts from 18-19 years before, either with each other, or in partnerships with other people. Closure will take time but it is worth staying the course. Have a look at your Libra stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free for you to read.

  45. Hi Jessica, I’m particularly interested in this Saturn movement as I have some significant placements in Pisces. Can you please tell me what Saturn conjunct my Sun, MC, and North Node mean? Is a conjunction a positive thing or negative thing in this case?
    Either way, I’m sure it will make some waves! Thanks for your insight, it is much appreciated 🙂

    1. Transiting Saturn in conjunction with your Pisces factors will encourage you to develop a strategy to deal with new barriers and restrictions surrounding your religion, spiritual beliefs, psychic ability, use of psychics, hypnosis, meditation and therapy. You have been floating in an uncontrolled space for years here with no boundaries. Saturn by conjunction will ‘sit on’ (sat on by Saturn) your Sun in Pisces, for example, so that part of you which is invisible, interior, introverted and very hard to explain rationally, will be a new, heavier, more restricted part of yourself. A few rules are not a bad thing when you have transiting Neptune in Pisces in your Twelfth House without anything to rein it in. Rules will be required from March 2023, ongoing, as you realise you are shut inside a situation, or shut outside it (no access). You can minimise the issues by being aware of, say, religion before you sign up for any new commitments in March. Be aware of who and what you are committing to as Saturn appears on March 8th as he will be with you for quite a long time.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year to you!
    Thank you for your enormously generous insights and responses.

    1992-1994 was pivotal in my life, but quite a mixed bag. I certainly felt the ring fenced limits… coming out as gay, to myself and then to my mostly conservative Christian community, the public, work etc and family was tough but also so grounding physically and mentally, and spiritually and very, very liberating. A huge weight lifted, but there was puchback beyond my control. Prejudices were different back then.
    I read in a comment above you mentioned a theme of Virgo- Pisces being the body versus God, and that quite rang true for me. ( I also suspect it rang true for the church then too. ) Anyway, this time around I hope to be in a stronger position should the religious slings and arrows be flung at LGBT folks, and ways of being, again. I remembered trying to have a reasonable conversation about sexuality and sin/harm with my dad back then and his only defense of homophobia was that he believed I was hurting god. So I just said ‘ well clearly we don’t share the same god’. Was that around the time REM released Losing My Religion? He’s a Pisces sun with Virgo NNode btw , who was expected to join the priesthood like his father, but didnt. My mother has equated my sexuality to murderers and worse , several times over the years and never takes responsibility for what a dreadful thing that is to say. I have worked a lot, with therapy, on my self . So…we have remained in superficial contact only. Last year she received a cancer diagnosis and has had chemo and surgery but wishes to have no further chemo if the cancer returns. I know I have a stellium in Virgo but the ‘ dutiful daughter ‘ trope only travels so far with this relationship. I feel I have grown up a LOT since 1992. I’m also in a loving and fullfilling relationship now that basically renders socially homophobic attacks as toothless tigers. She wants to visit this year, interstate, and I suspect it’s a farewell of sorts, which is fine except that for her, having had chemo and then travelling in a COVID rich environment is literally asking for it.

    I have probably been Neptunianly escapist , hiding from the public a bit recently, but, as Saturn goes into Pisces does this mean I might face that ringed- in or fenced out scenario, as a Gemini?
    I do have opportunities coming at me and loads of creative inspo at the moment so I’m not too worried but I know that Saturn can throw up roadblocks…
    I will consult the tarot, which is a tremendous resource on your page, thankyou, but any particular or general input on 2023 that you see in my chart would be so welcome.
    Cheers, Kate

    1. Thank you Kate. You are living your chart in quite a potent way. I am sorry you are going through the situation with your mother which must be so difficult. You are lucky to have a good partner to support you. In general, if we look at 2023 for you, we start with the Sun Sign and solar chart which shows the public headlines. You are not logged in, so I can’t see that, but if you have a stellium in Virgo in your Sixth House, then remembering the last time Saturn in Pisces made a series of oppositions to that, will really help you in 2023-2026. Virgo-Pisces is commonly associated with HIV-AIDS because Pisces is organised religion, like the Roman Catholic church, and Virgo is epidemics or pandemics. The whole planet went through Saturn in Pisces, opposing the Uranus and Pluto in Virgo placements of an entire generation, on the last cycle. This time around, you have some useful memories of what it is like to be opposed by people, organisations or situations which seem heavy. Saturn rules lead. Your father is a Sun Pisces and you found him a heavy presence – and here is a man who nearly became a priest. One way around the transit is to indeed use the Tarot and ask how the oppositions are showing up, and how best to deal with them, for everybody’s sake, but particularly yours. The other useful tip is to scrutinise who/what you commit to when Saturn makes the ingress in Pisces on March 8th and be a realist about who/what you take on. You may want to clear the decks, as Robert Hand advises, in February so you have less on your plate.

  47. Dear Jessica:
    Happy New Year!
    I’m a Sun Leo with stelliums in Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. And I have Saturn in Pisces. Saturn will be back for the first time in my life during the next few years. I feel all is well right now, however I am still curious about this somehow. What suggestions will you give to me?
    And I’ve read your Leo weekly horoscope for January 9-15 . In it you’ve mentioned March 2023 is about Leo’s financial, business or property. What do i need to prepare for this in advance. Wish you give me some specific tips according to my chart.

    1. Happy New Year. Your Saturn Return in Pisces in the Twelfth House will be announced with a new stage set or piece of scenery in your life from March 2023, with the action to come later. It will involve priests, nuns, vicars, rabbis and other religious people, perhaps. Pisces rules Christianity (the two fishes) but also the mysterious world of invisible reality in general, so Buddhism as much as Tarot. It also rules the subconscious mind, so hypnosis, therapy and counselling. You already had this transit 29 years ago, or so, and so as you left your twenties and went into your Thirties you may have had issues with or around psychologists, or perhaps the church – maybe your aura and chakras. You know better now. Who or what you get yourself into in March should be wise and well-considered. Don’t just amble into it. As a Sun Leo you also have a new financial story in March, because Saturn enters your solar Eighth House of finance, property, business and charity. New rules. The old life of no boundaries and the rather random matter of everything and everybody being all over the place, all the time, can’t go on. There will be new limitations and restrictions. Again, the trick is to research your options before you make them. Don’t just wander into, say, a mortgage or a contract.

  48. Hi Jessica
    At the moment I am trying to understand my Sun chart. I am a Sun Cancer can you tell be in what house is Saturn in until March and what house does it move into when Saturn moves into Pisces?
    Thank you

    1. Saturn is in your solar Eighth House of wills, inheritance, legacies, property, business until March 2023 (if you are a Sun Cancer) in the sign of Aquarius. He then goes into your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries and cultures, Julie.

  49. Hi Jessica

    I see my comment is still in the moderating phase. Please I know you extremely busy responding to comments. I’m really wanting some feedback with Saturn leaving my sign as things at the moment are just becoming more challenging. If time allows kindly look at my chart and let me know when and if the tide turns ito my daughters. Also accommodation and finances. Please I really hope that you will be able to provide clarity as things just seem to be consistently challenging. I take 2 steps forward and suddenly I’m 10 steps back. Thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. There is no actual moderating being done until I get to my desk, and I have 16,502 comments this morning so it’s really luck of the draw, as to which question turns up first. I am sorry you have been going through challenges and I am happy to help with your horoscope. You are a Sun Aquarius, with stelliums in Capricorn, Aries, Taurus. Saturn has been in Aquarius, your own sign, and that hasn’t done much for you, although it is not the culprit. You have been through the most extreme cycle in 248 years with your career, unpaid work or academic career. It began in 2008 and ends in March 2023. From that point the pressure is off. You will also be delighted with your new title, appearance and reputation by May 2023 if you take the opportunities being offered to you, for a relaunch. You will make or save quite a lot of money, from May 2023 to May 2024. This is all starting to sound like a new job to me. You will be quids in as early as June 2023 and start to see a much bigger picture for you, once you are halfway through the year. Jupiter transiting your Second House of money ruled by Taurus helps you save it, for whatever reason, or just profit.

  50. Hi Jessica
    Such an informative and interesting article. Saturn is strong in all my families charts and I wonder if you can help with regard to my eldest daughter who is separated from her abusive husband since 2016 and now struggling to finalise everything as for years he has not supported her and the children financially and she struggles. He would like her to sell their flat which would make her virtually homeless My Saturn and Moon are in Virgo as is my Venus so Saturn in Pisces could show up some difficulties.
    Was looking forward to reading Astrology Secrets Newsletter for January 2023 but the email came up blank and have not heard back at all from Support.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your daughter married the wrong man. You are a Sun Scorpio, with stelliums in Scorpio, Libra, Virgo and Sagittarius. Your whole issue is Scorpio, which rules the Eighth House of family inheritance, wills and legacies. Your daughter and grandchildren are thus part of the story of karma, which ends in July 2023. Life as it was 18 or 19 years before has a message for you, about that. The South Node in Scorpio is visiting your chart for the first time in around two decades, so you are having the usual stuck/marooned/repeat scenario that always comes with this transit, but as I said, it’s over in July. You will feel closure, however this pans out. It may be that you owe, or are owed, and that has to be settled. I am sorry you are going through it. It may be useful to go over your will again and update if you’ve not done that; just to clear your thoughts.
      Please contact Support again about your blank email – I am sorry about that!

  51. Hello Jessica, I am a Gemini with a North Node in Pisces at 6degrees. What does the Saturn and North node being in Pisces mean in relation to my chart?

    1. Your North Node is in Pisces and your South Node is in Virgo. You have a past life where your religion produced a conflict with your health. You may have been a nun nursing infectious patients. You have been a monk who became ill after a plague visited the monastery. You may have been in a religion where pharmaceutical drugs were forbidden. And on it goes. In this lifetime you are here to sort out a new deal with yourself and your beliefs, or the beliefs of others. Virgo is the body. Pisces is Christianity. Saturn going into Pisces from March 2023 times the situation, and your nodal return, from 12th January 2025, sees the North Node in Pisces, and South Node in Virgo, echoing your chart. Sometimes the issue is not a religion; it is something that functions like a faith. So, psychiatry, psychology, the Tarot, astrology, crystals, spiritualism, Buddhism and so on. We live in an age of Covid, for all that some people deny it or minimise it. You have to get real about that, even more so than you’ve already done. Virgo-Pisces is about finding a way to put your health first. Work, academic or unpaid work comes second. Your health on all levels comes first. Particularly so from March 2023, please, and essentially so on your nodal return. Have a look at Virgo and Pisces in the online library.

  52. Happy New Year Jessica!
    I have 5 stelliums in Aquarius, Leo and 4 in Cancer, Pisces and Virgo. I think i also have my Saturn return this year.
    How do I prepare for this? Thank you Jessica for your insight.

    1. You had your Saturn Return in Aquarius so thank goodness for that. You are strongly Aquarian and supply groups, and have a circle of friends, or friendly faces. All very loose and light. You may have a few of them (overlapping circles). Don’t be deceived by the airy circulating, though, such groups are about to become powerful, starting in March. This is the cycle when Boudicca, also known as Boadicea or Bonduca, led the Iceni to victory over the Romans – for a time, anyway. It’s tribal. So are you but you have not really reached your full potential with a tribe. If you use your willpower, you will do that. This is also the cycle when Bloody Mary gathered her Catholic tribe and changed the British Isles forever. So groups pack a punch – or they will do, from March, until 2044.

  53. Hi Jessica, I’m a cancer sun sign and Saturn In Aquarius has been quite rough to say the least, could you please give me some insight on how Saturn changing signs will affect me?
    Kind regards

    1. Saturn entering Pisces has attracted 86 questions this morning so it’s obviously really important to you and others watching your charts as 2023 begins. You have that Libra stellium in your natal chart in the Seventh House of sexual partnership, along with transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the Seventh House of sexual partnership, since the year 2008. The years 2023 and 2024 end the politics with one or more partners, former partners and so on. The endless questions about who is top dog are almost over – March finishes a cycle. From July 2023 you enter one of the most important cycles for partnerships in 19 years as the South Node enters Libra. From that point forward, with your existing partner or a new one, you will balance the scales and settle karma from the previous cycle. You also have a Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries as well as transiting Saturn about to enter your solar Ninth House. Same story told twice from two different angles. Take your time, Tess, before you commit to foreign people or places from March 2023. Do not commit to anything you can’t live with long term. You have been floating in this area of your life for years but new restrictions and limitations are about to appear. Be a total realist about travel and travellers, for example. This will help a lot with the new Saturn cycle.

  54. hi Jessica, happy new year! such an important piece for those of us navigating challenges. My brother has been suffering mental and physical challenges, family and professional issues too. I wondered if his luck changes for the better with his Aquarius heavy chart? I suggested he take a month or two off but he doesn’t think he can afford this. would he be good in a managerial role? i know Aquarius is about supporting the group. he also has his north node in Pisces. i have copied in his chart. Thank you for making time for this.
    13° Sagittarius 03′
    20° Libra 14′ 38″
    23° Sagittarius 33′
    00° Sagittarius 57′
    22° Aquarius 23′
    28° Libra 02′ 08″
    02° Taurus 50′
    13″ R
    08° Libra 05′ 29″
    28° Scorpio 58′ 40″
    27° Virgo 12′ 58″
    02° Aries 24′ 23″ R
    24° Capricorn 03′
    25° Leo 04′ 49″
    12° Aquarius 08′
    10° Aquarius 36′
    10° Leo 36′ 19″
    15° Taurus 54′ 57″
    15° Scorpio 54′ 57″
    01° Sagittarius 48′
    04° Sagittarius 33′
    28° Cancer 14′
    32″ R
    07° Capricorn 52′
    08° Sagittarius 49′
    15° Leo 17′ 32″
    05° Gemini 30′
    14″ R
    11° Aquarius 34′
    27° Aries 15′ 56″ R
    27° Capricorn 04′
    26° Libra 12′ 45″
    19° Sagittarius 14′
    28° Gemini 20′
    39″ R
    18° Aquarius 26′
    17° Pisces 03′
    00″ R
    17° Virgo 03′ 00″ R

    1. Your brother is a Sun Sagittarius, so we start with that. He is due to come out of a relentless financial, business and property cycle in March 2023 which will release him from years of questions about who is in control, or what is in control. In March 2023 he also begins a new cycle (until 2044) when the internet, the media, publishing and academia could empower him if he is prepared to use his willpower. During this period he will also be exploring neighbouring regions and the local area in a new way. It will be very important to him. The family has been unstructured, with no boundaries, confused and confusing, but also an escape for him, for many years. It has been his alternative reality. This also changes in March when new rules have to come in, because of a new situation where there are boundaries for the first time in years. Long-term, the world of courtship, the bedroom, children (and other people’s children) is a way out. A holiday from reality. This begins after 2026 but he will have a preview of the situation by May 2023. His lifestyle, workload and way of life – his wellbeing – is also in the zone for tremendous change from May 2023 when at last the opportunities for improvement are there, along with quite a radical reshaping of what was there before. He will be liberated as a result of that. Again, very long term, he will be in a partnership, or a new version of the old partnership, from 2026 which changes his life and sets him free. This dovetails with what I am seeing with courtship, the bedroom, parenthood, or other people’s children so the late Twenties are quite remarkable.

  55. Hi Jessica
    Anything I should watch out for at the moment. I feel stuck, waiting and waiting. Will our land sale finally get going soon? Are there dates we shouldn’t be signing contracts? Husband is Aries. Nothing still on my family tree research. Will I ever learn about my father? Thank you so much.

    1. Mercury Retrograde is with you until 7th February which is why you are waiting. The wheels are going backwards in billions of careers, so there is a reluctance to buy or sell land. You should never sign a contract on Mercury Retrograde unless you are aware of the fine print. I posted the dates on Mercury Retrograde some years ago so you have plenty of advance warning. At the moment, the cycle is here alongside huge US airline disruption. So you see, it has a knock-on effect on business and trade; when that happens people don’t buy. Your husband is in luck and he will save or make a fortune after May 2023 and by May 2024. The worst financial cycle in years for you, personally, ends in March 2023. So March and May are the two big steps. You will find out what you need to know, for your own best interests, about your father – by May 2023. What you find out, or even what you don’t find out, helps you and protects you. Jupiter is on your side.

  56. Hi Jessica. Thank you for your guidance. You gift is really amazing. I have just recently found out that I am expecting a baby. We got married in September and the pregnancy happened quicker than expected. Could you see if the year ahead brings happiness for us? My husband is a Sun Leo. We need to find a new home before the baby is born in August. We had booked to go to Italy for the month of May but will be cancelling that trip now. I’m very interested to hear what you see in the year ahead for me. Thanks in advance.

    1. Congratulations on the new baby. You have the South Node, Diana and Descendant in Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood. Your husband’s Sun is nicely in tune with this side of your personality, as you were born to lead, guide, mentor and set an example to the young. The pregnancy was faster than you thought and you’ve cancelled Italy. There will be more unexpected twists and turns along the way, over the long-term, so this is the child you are flexible about and with; around whom you zig-zag when plans need to change.

  57. Happy New Year, what a flurry of articles you have provided!
    Natal Hygeia  @24° Aquarius 32′ conjuncts Venus and Saturn on/near 22 Jan, I would love for you to give me some tips, cheers

    1. Happy Lunar New Year. Hygiea is a symbol of protection in the horoscope; prevention is better than cure. In Aquarius, this is about friends and groups. You are defensive, protective and often pre-empt possible risks with your social life, Twitter, any clubs, teams, societies, bands and so on. Quite a lot of shielding and guarding goes on about these people, or through them. The Saturn transit is most important. You can expect new barriers and obstacles to emerge in connection with one friend or group, which challenge you to come up with a different way of handling the situation.

  58. Hi Jessica, another wonderful read – thank you. You have mentioned this transit alot in our horoscope and appreciate what a big deal this is. Could you enlighten me on how this may affect me? I read something about barricades and I thought the shackles would be coming off – especially around the idea of home and where this is. Here? Overseas? Thank you

    1. Saturn changing signs is shackles off, shackles on. You see the restrictions end with groups and friends (Aquarius) but new restrictions with religion and spirituality (Pisces). You are a Sun Cancer with Cancer, Scorpio and Gemini stelliums so this doesn’t really affect you. The biggest impact in 2023 is the end of the South Node in Scorpio which has kept you in a stuck situation with finance, property, business or charity. This ends in July when the South Node leaves Scorpio. Long-term until 2026, though, you still need a flexible set-up so that you can react quickly, to sudden changes affecting (say) an inheritance, or a marriage and mortgage (another example).

  59. Hi, thanks again for all these articles Jessica, I am learning with each article, especially the comments sections.
    With that in mind, based on your paragraph re conjunctions- my natal Mercury in aquarius conjuncts transiting Saturn and Venus on the 22nd of January. I take it this is about barriers or obstacles in groups as it’s 11th house, but also relates to communications (Mercury) on this day? Many thanks

    1. Absolutely right, you have read your chart correctly and are flying with the astrology.

  60. Hi Jessica, Happy New Year! I have really valued the insights that you have given to me in the past so I was wondering if you could advise me now? If I have read my birth chart correctly I have a Virgo factor (Bacchus) at 5 degrees which I associate with an allergy problem that I have-does this mean that I too should take extra care of my health at that time? Also, do you see any chance of my health issues improving allergy-wise this year or in the coming years? I currently feel that I am near rock bottom already and am stuck in a rut with no light at the end of the tunnel , although I am trying hard to stay upbeat about the future!
    Thank you very much for your help, should you wish to give it.

    1. Happy Lunar New Year. Thank you. You have Bacchus, Proserpina and Vesta in Virgo in your Sixth House of health and work. You have an allergy issue and it obviously bothers you. Okay, so Virgo is about the mind, body and spirit together. You cannot serve and do your duty if you feel unwell, on any level. This brings us back to housework, paid work, unpaid work and study. How do you feel about them? Virgo is opposite Pisces, which rules the subconscious mind, soul and spirit in astrology. It is very common for you to unconsciously generate symptoms which prevent a certain sort of housework (washing up) or a particular kind of profession (driving a taxi, for example). Ask yourself what the allergy gets you out of, or what it encourages. It can work the other way too. People who are workaholics refuse to take time out, so unconsciously give themselves headaches which require lying down for an hour listening to beach sound effects! In that way they give themselves what their soul craves. So it’s complicated. You are in a terrific position to find an answer when Jupiter trines your Virgo factors after May 2023 until May 2024. Until then you need a break, so I recommend you try healers and hypnotists readers like: Matthew Manning (the world’s greatest verified healer), Dr. Paul McKenna (bestselling hypnotist book author), Glenn Harrold (the same). They all have free samples of their audio online. I have personally tried Matthew Manning for distance healing for friends and myself and think his modest subscription is good value. Read the testimonials. Cures happen. (He was invited to treat Prince Philip at one point). Nice man too.

  61. Thank you for another super interesting post, Jessica – love the advice to “clear the deck” for the area that Saturn will occupy! My natal chart has Saturn at 6 Gemini, which squares Mercury at 6 Virgo – what does this mean in general for me? Also when Saturn moves to 6 Pisces, it will also square my natal Saturn in Gemini – is there something I should be careful about on those days?

    I also have a few very interesting transits taking place right now and would love your insights into how I should read/prioritise these especially when there are so many hitting the mark:
    Transiting Apollo conjunct Ops at 20 Libra
    Apollo will also soon conjunct Apollo at 26 Libra
    Chiron conjunct Chiron at 12 Aries and opposing Uranus at 12 Libra – transiting ascendant and desc is also at 12 Libra & Aries
    Transiting South Node conjunct Minerva at 10 Scorpio
    Transiting Proserpina conjunct Salacia at 29 Capricorn, which also trines Pluto and Venus in Virgo
    Transiting IC at 28 Virgo sextile Aesculapia at 28 Scorpio

    With much gratitude always!

    1. Thank you Marls. Mercury square Saturn is always about the obstacles to your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media. The barriers or barricades are shown by the signs involved. You find your voice (writing or talking) through your work, unpaid work or academia (Virgo) but obstruct yourself with blocks involving your literal voice, accent, vocabulary, speech (all Gemini) and literacy, handwriting, computers, microphones (more Gemini). This goes back a long way to siblings or cousins you grew up with, as you taught each other vocabulary, diction and so on, just by babysitting each other when your parents were busy, or playing together. Saturn will form a T-Square in transit to your Mercury-Saturn square so minimise the media, internet, publishing or educational projects and plans there so the stakes are lower. Sorting out the aspects is really a matter of priorities. Are any of these aspects in stellium signs? You are a Sun Virgo with stelliums in Virgo, Leo and Libra. Your Libran side is triggered, so this is about your Seventh House, where we find marriage, divorce, common-law marriage, separation, professional partnerships and disputes. Apollo in Libra is important as he is about combat as well as passion, and your Apollo Return will remind you that 2023-2024 is about balancing the scales. In 2023-2024, for example, you may decide to reshape a marriage so you live apart. Or you may overcome an issue with your father-in-law and commit to one new property together. There may be couples’ counselling and so on. The Tarot can help a lot when figuring out how to manage the Libra weather ahead. It is a big part of who you are and the South Node moving into Libra from July 2023 will bring back karma from 18 or 19 years before, again with a duet or duel in your life then.

  62. Hi Jessica
    I am not sure why my questions/comments were deleted. I may not have asked the question appropriately. Trying a 3rd time in case I get lucky….
    I have Prosperina at 1 Virgo and Pluto at 6 Virgo in my Sixth House.. You referenced the transiting Saturn opposition dates at the degrees you mentioned as being “so it’s personal”…. Are you able to take a look and my chart and offer some insights please? Thank you

    1. I only delete trolls so your comments would not have been trashed. Your issue is more likely that there are 16,522 comments today and it’s really luck of the draw if yours is on top, where I can see it. Okay, so the Saturn oppositions to your Virgo factors in the Sixth House are really important. In common with everybody born in the 1960s, you are set to experience transiting Saturn in opposition to natal Pluto and natal Uranus in Virgo. This is a statement about Covid. It is also a statement about the impact of Covid on doctors, nurses and hospital beds. The impact of Covid on India and China who make pharmaceuticals. We are going to see global limitations and restrictions on health care and medical supplies in 2023, starting in March, and evident in 2024, 2025 and early 2026. Be aware of that and look at Twitter for daily updated intelligence from Dr. Eric Ding and his circle; go to the experts. I am not for one moment suggesting this will personally affect you, but you need to know about the transit. Saturn brings heavy obstacles. In opposition, it opposes your interests. In Virgo, we are talking about health and wellbeing on all levels. On a more personal note, Virgo is about your own self-care, your mind, body and spirit. So this may be a pre-existing condition you have, or something new you need a regime for, starting March 2023. None of this is new. We all had Saturn opposite Virgo at the height of AIDS, if we are in that Pluto in Virgo generation, and it was essentially about limiting our lifestyles and restricting our relationships. We did okay.

  63. Hi Jessica,
    Back in 1991-1995, my birth country (Yugoslavia) was in a bloody war and I had to flee.
    How’s this Saturn weather going to affect that region and me?
    Thank you.

    1. I am sorry you were driven out of your own country. Saturn entering Pisces, or being in Pisces 28-29 years ago, has nothing to do with that, however if you are asking about Yugoslavia now, the answer rests with the zodiac sign Cancer, ruling the Fourth House of home town and homeland in your chart. This sign is shaken and stirred in 2023 and so you will find your family tree is also blown around by the winds of change. Some branches may not be there forever. You may feel as if you need to address relatives, ancestors, roots, heritage, history, culture. Some pruning and trimming may be required along with a close examination of who and what is actually there these days. You’ll do some life gardening about where you come from, and from whom you come. Your family tree will enjoy better growth and longevity because of that.

  64. Thank you Jessica for all your latest posts and Happy New Year. Please can I ask what this Saturn transit means for me? Particularly in connection with foreign places and duet/duel relationships? Thank you Jessica

    1. Well, Saturn is going into Pisces and your Twelfth House, so nothing to do with foreign countries, partnerships or conflicts. You are a Sun Libra with Libra, Virgo, Cancer stelliums, so what is actually affecting your life in 2023, 2024 is the South Node in Libra for the first time in 18-19 years. The Libra ‘weather’ is about balancing the scales. You may need a new set of scales. You don’t say if you are at war, with someone, or concerned with your marriage. It’s rather hard to read for you as a result, but July 2023 is a turning point when you realise the other side, or your other half, is bringing back reminders of life as it was 18 or 19 years earlier. You two have karma and will proceed towards slow closure in 2023, 2024.

  65. Hi Jessica

    I have just started tia learning journey to help me understand why I’ve struggled in my marriage. I got married 6 Mo before my Saturn return. My natal Saturn and Venus are literally on top of each other and in the 7th house AND in Cancer. Am I doomed???

    1. Saturn and Venus are in your Fourth House of family, not your Seventh House of marriage. The Tarot is free to use on this website. See how Saturn in the Fourth House in Cancer, in a conjunction with Venus, has shown up. Use the card to see a way forward.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    This is fascinating!! I went back in time and looked at my Saturn transits and from 1991 to 1993 I was in a horrible situation living with a sociopath who cut me off from my friends and family. I liberated myself when Saturn transited out of Aquarius. It is a complicated story but I was very lucky to leave when I did. When I had my Saturn return several years later began some of the best years of my life, I got married moved to a country where I was very happy until returning to the USA where it took several years to mentally re-adjust and feel at home. I would love and appreciate if you had any insight for me with this coming move Saturn is making and any insight on Pluto moving into Aquarius where I have a Stellium. I have always been the outsider of groups but at the same time the person who connects people, friendships have always been challenging so I am wondering what changes are coming my way, I have never fit in with any one group and have mostly felt like an outsider. My business also depends a-lot on word of mouth and connecting with people. As I write this and re-read my comment I have to laugh because I feel like a walking contradiction. As always I am so appreciative of any input, you have always hit the mark. Waving at you from across the ocean.

    1. Thank you. On your last Saturn in Aquarius transit you were isolated from friends. That’s typical. Pluto going into Aquarius and your Eleventh House will reboot your usual pattern of connecting people, while outside the groups. It begins towards the end of March. A good way to think about Aquarius is the difference between the head of the Church of England (the monarch) and the Archbishop of Canterbury – and the congregation. The faithful masses and those at the top. Who is in charge? On this transit, the masses. You’ve not had anything like this in your lifetime. The difference between 2021, 2022 and 2023 will be jaw-dropping to you by April. You will rejoin a group or join one, for the first time, and feel the potential power.

  67. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. You have mentioned previously that as a Sun Pisces with an Aquarius and Pisces stellium, I’m heading out of a difficult time with groups and friends (yay!) and into a time of some boundaries and structure with Saturn moving into my sign. I’m actually feeling good about this change as I can get a bit all at sea… especially if I am feeling ungrounded so structure and routine could be really beneficial. I wanted to ask about a recent healing modality I have experienced – it’s a bit like cranio-sacral therapy, and I feel like it making sense for me, on a physical healing and intuitive level (I’m a psychic medium but haven’t been working for a little while). Can I ask your take on this please? Thanks so much 🙂 Also i want to add I am really enjoying the blog and website – the astrology of the times is just fascinating!

    1. Your psychic ability will benefit from training, regulation, control and rules from March 2023 when Saturn goes into Pisces and your Twelfth House of mediumship, clairvoyance, the aura, the chakra system and so on. Saturn joins Neptune which is a huge change for you. A figure, organisation or experience redolent of Saturn may well appear in March. Take your time as you figure out your next move. I like the work of Linda Williamson on mediumship.

  68. Hi Jessica, How likely is it that as I read the comments above my chart is close to identical to the one posted with the exception of the moon, I had to do a double take and compare mine side by side. I am kind of astounded and rendered speechless. Your answer to the commenter also struck a chord and felt on point.

    1. This sometimes happens when there are a lot of comments. You realise someone has a chart similar to your own, and the reply given, applies to you.

  69. Thank you, I will look at those further! I appreciate your response. I think I know what is going on or what theme this is taking. I was already feeling like moving in a specific direction

  70. Hallo Jessica, thank you so much for your work and that I can be a part of your community. I learn so much. I had really hard years with work and friends behind me and I changed a lot, to become a better situation. I have distanced myself and now work for myself but ist is not easy. Can you please take a look into my diagramm, especially my fish factors and what they will mean for me? Much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus with stelliums in Virgo, Aries and Pisces. You will successfully relaunch your title, appearance and reputation in 2023, and may even do it twice. Your interest in religion, spirituality, therapy, Tarot, counselling, mediumship, psychics and the invisible world (even not believing in God is a belief) will be restructured from March 2023 when Saturn goes into Pisces to co-exist with Neptune. So far this inner life has been uncontained and uncontrolled. What happens in March and following means it will be necessary to have rules. And a plan.

  71. Hi Jessica, I will follow your suggestion concerning healers/hypnotists and your insights have made me consider my allergy issue in a different way which will hopefully be helpful for the future. Thank you so much for all your help and advice- it makes such a difference.

  72. Hi Jessica,

    My second saturn return is coming in 2023…. or is it 2024?

    The first involved breaking up with long term boyfriend and having an abortion. The latter I have always regretted.

    I got split from my husband 9 years ago – so am probably more leaning towards ‘selling up and paying off the mortgage and moving’.

    I am having a hard time with a few close friends recently. I might be imagining it but I feel like they think I am flakey. Or is this Mars retrograde firing up us all up?

    1. I don’t see a chart here so I’m afraid I can’t tell you when your Saturn Return is. Mars Retrograde is in Gemini, which rules brothers and sisters. That is not your issue. Your issue is Saturn in Aquarius, which rules friends, but the cycle ends in March 2023.

  73. Hello Jessica
    I am not a current member as had to cancel due to costs this year but hope to re join next year – sorry.
    I am sun cancer and keep hearing what a fabulous year it will be but it doesn’t feel like it yet. I feel like I am increasingly getting blocks , barriers and getting more and more down. I know you have said March , May and July are key months for change but it feels like I am stuck in an old record and it wont be any different. I dont know if my chart is still visible I am 3rd decan end of Cancer 22nd at 2.35pm birth 1965. so perhaps this is part of it I wont see the benefits if any till later on. I am so desperate to move jobs and have something much more fulfilling but everything I try blocks me in some way now we are at risk with our current job and it feels like so much pressure all the time. if you have any wise words I would love to hear them I currently just dont see any good change on the horizon work wise. I keep trying different options for re training , but again get blocked , Ive been trying to sell my house for months so thats financial pressure so that we are able to buy another one which is better and I am sure it will happen but seems to be a difficult path at the moment. I dont believe in luck or chance and do think its a predestined path but hope it would lighten up a bit.
    I read your website and twitter daily and am so so grateful that I ‘found’ your site. thank you for everything.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer so let’s work with that. You have an excellent opportunity staring you in the face with work, unpaid work or study. There will be more than one by May, so take this, or another. Jupiter in Aries in your solar Tenth House of success is about opportunity, expansion and improvement. He is with you now, February, March, April, May so you have time. You will sell your house after March when Saturn has left Aquarius and this symbol of restrictions and obstacles has vanished from your Eighth House of property. March is the change. A good exercise to do, outside astrology, is to divide a sheet of paper into two columns. Write down what you can give or offer on one side. On the other write down what you want and need (and when). Read it aloud and ask your guides and family and friends in spirit to help you. This will be carried by spirit world ’email’ to their side of life, where wheels can begin to turn. Do it from the heart. What you have to give may be professional but it may also be something which is valuable, though not strictly speaking, your current job. Good luck. But you won’t need it.

  74. Jessica,
    Thank you for the information about Saturn. I am still attempting to learn about astrology.
    I am aware of what you stated in a previous post. I am attempting to leave the USA by the end of February. I don’t know where I go, but traveling is what will be. I just know that I know that I must leave. I know that I will have to wear a mask and a face mask to cover my eyes. Just because I am aware of how bad it is out here. My question is why am I so antsy? What is going on? I just need to know that I will leave on time and get out of the USA by the end of Feb. I am a Taurus sun
    what is your suggestion for learning astrology? School is out of the question just due to traveling. to who knows where. I am also looking for a good physic. Do you know of any that work with astrology like you do?

    1. Have a look at Dr. Eric Ding on Twitter, the Harved-educated epidemiologist who broke the news about the new variant before the US authorities were forced to fall in behind him. Do not travel until you look at the death statistics for countries like Japan, for example. You can learn astrology at The Sun Sign School on this website with some brilliant tutors. I’m afraid I don’t know of any astrologer who uses my methods. I wish I did! Thank you.

  75. Thanks Jessica !! for such an amazing and detailed report!
    I have Saturn in Libra and with this change how it will impact me and my family If you can share your thoughts it would be great !!


    1. Saturn in Libra in your Seventh House is about lifelong restrictions involving partners and limits, obstacles and barriers involving other sorts of duets, like marriages or professional duets. You were born with this HS and it takes patience to work with. The South Node entering Libra from July 2023 will begin a karmic phase, harking back to life 18 or 19 years ago, which will teach you a lot about duets, double acts and partnerships until you achieve closure in 2025.

  76. That was interesting data . Little trip down memory lane. i remember the women’s lib days i was encouraged to go to and the individuals then that shocked. i couldn’t even sit crossed legs lotus then. Housewife. But i walked away from Vietnam protests cause i thought change had to start with self. I was in the Abortion caravan driving and feeling the grief across Canada but legalization came later. i remember going on a Take Back the Night March with a heavy gay vibe and a musical tone distinct to those younger women. i was captured i m sure on video . i was lost, my marriage folded, two children and no ed,. Then family went North and i met a older war resister Danish 60 yr old woman and began the arts. Yoga Writing Drawing – . Today on Cafe Astrology i learned my nodes Aq Leo Cancer rx Cap. rx require self mastery to reach higher realms which happened 2003 about 60 ish and ever since i obsessed on finding that written out and today it did. Because it opened up a vision and the future is empty. It ends. eek. All i can come up with is 2024 returns settled geomagnetic lines restoring harmony. Meanwhile some of those people i grew up with are dying and it’s comforting sort of to feel that . This site i remember over the years . And here we are and isn t this interesting pluto exit Capricorn. i m trying to imagine where does Capricorn go. My grand dot is Capricorn 20. Capricorn in one book says it rules India and we know their influence. What happens to that. well happy 2023……cjb

  77. Hi Jessica,

    Thats an amazing article! i have been dealing with difficult situations at work for the past 3 years and i couldnt take it any more and felt like i can never win with these people inspite of being perfect and the best at work! Somehow i found myself leaving at 4th of Jan and ending a 19 years employment ! i have also ended a 4 year relationship with my partner back in December not sure if this related to this cycle but would be nice if you could give me some insight.


    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn and Libra, so your difficult work situation is there in your chart. You left after 19 years on January 4th. Capricorn rules your Tenth House of career, unpaid work, academia and success. The other big ending is your four-year relationship. This is the Libra part of your chart. Libra rules your Seventh House of marriage, divorce, separation and common-law marriage, as well as professional partnership. March 2023 ends the questions about who or what is in control. You tend to get petty ‘little dictators’ on Pluto in Capricorn unfortunately as well as really big, over-powerful behemoth organisations. Don’t worry, I have had thousands of readers reporting about being undermined, insulted or bypassed by people far less qualified than they – this is also Pluto. The ending in March is either because you have a new role, or a new project – or because you hear that someone has been sacked or resigned. Some companies will go through huge issues; multinational corporations which have done wrong. So it’s a whole new world of work for you from March. You will figure out a fair ‘new deal’ with your ex, in 2023, 2024 as you both have karma from July 2023 onwards. There is very likely to be a new partner from that time, if you want one.

  78. hi Jessica, my 3rd saturn return in pisces 2023. I’m sun leo with saturn in 1st house naral. any good news? taki

    1. Well, Taki, having survived life far beyond normal life expectancy you don’t need any advice from me. Sun Leo? Outstanding success from May 2023 to May 2024.

  79. Saturn will soon be transiting my Midheaven one more time. I’ve had a very trying relationship with my employer of 13.5 years (a bit of a love/ hate relationship which at least had been more love for the last 4 years). I’m in the process of getting retrained to transition in to something different because I feel burned out. Many calculations have been made (financial, logistical) to make this jump and the retraining takes a lot of time, but I like the work. Since Midheaven also has to do with a father’s legacy, I feel a significant sense of conclusion for the inner work I’ve done on that.

    1. Your Midheaven is 25 Aquarius so yes, Saturn will transit 25 Aquarius and you will be dealing with restrictions involving the group and limitations involving your friends. This is actually your true calling or vocation in life and may (or may not) involve your employer. The Midheaven has nothing to do with a father’s legacy in my experience.

  80. Hi Jessica, this is a great read on Saturn, thank you! I have felt strongly the sense of restriction, limits and boundaries with my first house Saturn most of my life. However I’m slowly finding freedom and new perspective through meditation and therapy. It’s hard work and time consuming. So I’m wondering if Saturn will now curb these 12th house activities for me? The previous Saturn transit my life was very different, single with a small child, her Saturn return is now and I do worry about her. I would really appreciate if you could see how Saturn may work with my chart on this cycle? Best wishes and thank you!

    1. Thank you. Saturn is tied into a number of close or exact aspects (to one degree) in your chart, including the lunar nodes, so there is a past life involved here. Saturn in Aries in the First House is a symbol of restriction, heavy limitations, barriers and obstacles which surround your appearance, reputation and title. Only you know what your past life was and why you have chosen this Saturn placement in this lifetime. Everyone has to have Saturn somewhere in his or her chart. It is always very hard work. It becomes more important, when tied into aspects to other factors. Your Saturn is in conjunction with Fortuna, trine Juno and aspects the North Node and South Node as well. The latter are associated with prior incarnation, karma and the reason for the soul’s return in this lifetime. With Saturn by sign and house, we are shut in and blocked, or shut out and locked – of situations. The situation is best described by the sign. Rex E. Bills (The Rulership Book) associates Saturn with ‘chronic’ and Saturn’s Greek predecessor was Kronos. From this we also get chronology, chronological order and the idea of having to wait for things to change. Your situation will dissolve when Neptune goes into Aries from 2026. It will improve while Jupiter is in Aries until May 2023. Bills also associates Saturn with bondage and we can feel bound by (insert word here) on a transit to natal Saturn. Saturn is part of life, like any astrological archetype and has to be taken on the chin, along with the joys of Jupiter, his mythological son. Meditation will help some insights on this for you. Saturn Returns are a challenge but not worth worrying about. Your daughter is now approaching her Saturn Return and standard advice applies: sit it out. Find out how others got through the same issues. Accept no access into a situation, or no exit from a situation, while it is there. The other classic piece of advice about Saturn: do not create a strategy or way of coping/dealing that is actually more difficult than the issue making you feel vulnerable. She can use the Garden Oracle, Astrology Oracle and Tarot on this website for more insights.

  81. Hi Jessica, I am enjoying all your posts and really look forward to them. I try to understand them as much as I can and am just so amazed at how knowledgeable you are. It’s nice to finally put 2022 behind us but I’m not sure I’m looking forward to 2023 with all the changes coming. What I’m trying to say is that I’m even more anxious and perhaps even depressed. I have an Aquarius stellium. When Saturn moves out of it, am I to expect positive or negative changes? For the yearly horoscope for Capricorns, it sounds to me like there would be instability in my relationship. My husband and I seem to have finally reached a stage where we can respectfully coexist and mutually appreciate each other. Would this year bring upheaval with sudden changes? We’re also planning to travel in March. Now that we’re expecting the worst phase of the pandemic to start around then, should I cancel my plans? Would really appreciate your advice and guidance if you have the time.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have anxiety and depression. Part of that may be Saturn in Aquarius. Ever since he entered your Eleventh House of social life, friends and groups in December 2020, you have been surrounded by heavy restrictions, either making access and entry impossible (for example, going to group events) or keeping you tightly shut into situations with groups and friends, which you find heavily curtain your freedom and space. The good news is, Saturn disappears in early March from Aquarius and so that all goes, to be replaced by something far more powerful. Your marriage is really about children (you don’t say if you have them), any stepchildren, young relatives who are substitute children and so on. This area of your life is where the instability has been since 2018 and will be until 2026, as Uranus goes through Taurus. The ground is being broken up so new things can grow. The new things will be freedom and independence, and it will go on happening for the next four years. If you want to travel in March please see my old predictions about Covid-19. They are coming true. The new variant of Covid is resulting in crisis. You have to make your own decisions.

  82. I have stelliums in Aquarius and Pisces. is this a good thing or is trouble ahead?

    1. You express your personality through groups and friends, but are always slightly set apart from everybody. Since childhood you have been drawn to clubs, or the Brownies (for example) or teams – today it’s more online – but you are an Aquarius stellium woman, so on the outside, even though you are much needed by your people – and they need you too. This has been a source of difficulty to you in 2021, 2022 but March 2023 sees a great change. The barriers come down and instead you find you are issued a challenge – how powerful do you want to be?

  83. Hello Jessica!! Happy New Year.

    I am so curious about the meanings of the planets, but also what each one means for each sun sign.

    As I alway go on about in my replies, my grandson has autism and its been a long hard road. He was up at 1:00 AM yesterday and now today as I sit with him here now at 5:00 AM we’ve been up since 2:00 AM.

    He’s watching a hypnotic video as I peruse your site. I decided to do a tarot reading for him and got the King of Cups. I am certain I”ve pulled that one for him before. Now the funny thing is that it means even more now.

    Everything about that card is HIM. He does have a stellium in Pisces to inlude NEPTUNE. Woah!! He is every bit the description in the reading to include literally jumping in the ocean. I put him in special needs swimming lessons immediately so he’d know to swim if he ever, God forbid, got away from us. You know many children on the spectrum are drawn to water. I wonder if this Neptune in Pisces has played a part in the huges surges in ASD children.

    Anway, he does fit the description to a “t” minus the drugs in alcohol which I PRAY to God never become a part of his life. He is aloof, drifting, in his own world, non-communicative. I feel that card was made for him.

    He also has 2 Yod’s in his chart. Is that significant? What is your take on Yods?

    I guess the natal Neptune in his chart will always have some influence but I wonder if once it moves into his first house, Aires, if things will lighten up for him? His first house is wild and very indicative of his explosive behavior.

    I will include his chart details below. Do you feel the movement of Neptune might be a good, bad, or neutral event for him in 2026?


    2° 32′

    15° 16′

    16° 29′

    7° 18′

    23° 54′

    13° 0′

    4° 51′

    15° 39′

    8° 12′

    15° 23′

    North Node
    10° 37′

    18° 12′

    20° 8′

    11° 59′



    Jupiter in 13° Leo
    MC in 11° Capricorn
    Mercury in 16° Pisces
    Pluto in 15° Capricorn

    North Node in 10° Libra
    Neptune in 8° Pisces
    Venus in 7° Taurus

    1. The King of Cups is often autistic. I don’t use yods in astrology, but in relation to your question about your grandson, you have seen how remote, detached and cut off he is. High-functioning autistic men are often in their own little world, but when we manage to reach them, they have gifts to possibly share. Often the gifts are the result of their sole-focus obsession. It may be art. It may be gambling. I suppose the question for you and the family is, can anyone be bothered to make the effort to try communication and closer contact? The King of Cups is fascinating, sometimes intriguing, but always hard work. And you may be rejected. The ship in the background is your clue here. As this is your grandson not mine, and your lives, not mine, go back to the card and meditate on the possible solutions and outcomes. I had this card for a woman in London who was separating from a husband who was autistic. She used active imagination, which Pamela Colman Smith’s Tarot lends itself to, to bring props, actors and a new script. She brought in another ship, with herself on it, and crew, who could row over to him, and negotiate a deal with him. So you see…

  84. What I’m really hoping for with Saturn in Pisces is a little help with losing the weight I’ve gained while Jupiter and Neptune have been visiting my 1st house/in Pisces. Some of the stressors of the last years are finally fading for me and with Saturn’s help I’ll get rewarded for establishing better habits again. It’s a bit until Saturn hits my Asc (I don’t use whole houses) but I do feel a shift with the signs switching. 19/10/1981 16:15 NYC (unrectified; I have reason to think it’s a couple minutes earlier but never sat down and did the dirty work)

    1. In the Natural House system, Jupiter and Neptune have not been in your First House, they have been in your Twelfth House. I’m afraid I don’t use the system you are using. If you want to lose weight, do try membership, even for a month, and get your chart done using a house system I can validate. Look immediately to Virgo and the Sixth House and go from there.

  85. Hello Jessica. why can’t this planet Saturn be renamed? Astronomers find planets, stars, asteroids and name them acc to mythology stories. Then astrology takes them and their mythological meanings and apply them to the charts. How does this happen?
    So if Saturn is renamed to a happy planet or something just not with Saturn qualities that energy can come into the chart then right?
    I have Saturn at 24 Leo, joined to Mars at 24 Cancer and Psyche in 23 Scorpio. 2022 was tumultuous very very, in terms of family, finances , relations with mom, sibling , nieces, /legal bcz of a nasty neighbour, and some matters have to be resolved as they are coming into 2023. Saturn is at 24 again now presently. Mom , sibling are Taureans and both have Saturn in Cancer. I have Jupiter in Gemini at 27. Family and house life is very difficult most of the times, very stressful.
    It’ll be good if Saturn is renamed to a happy planet or atleast a happier one than as currently named. Shudn’t this be done Jessica for good? Don’t need Saturn at all in mine and my fam’s lives. Thank you for all you do. Best.

    1. Good question. Archetypes go back to the Romans, who adapted them from the Greeks, and as archetypes are embedded in the hive mind (and yours and mine) they are also embedded in the language. Saturday is Saturn’s Day. Astrology is based on synchronicity. Carl Jung named this phenomenon in the 20th century and it remains the best explanation we have, for accurate prediction. We can’t change Saturn or his name. If you look at the paintings, sculpture and art work portraying Saturn over the last 2000 years of Western civilisation (founded by the Romans) you will find Saturn with a scythe; Saturn decorating clocks; Saturn holding an hour-glass. He is associated with old age and the passing of time, and The Grim Reaper. You can’t get him out of your chart – at least not in the universe we are both inhabiting as I answer your question! The reason you have had a tough time is transiting Saturn at 24 Aquarius, opposing your natal Saturn at 24 Leo, pulling in Mars at 24 Cancer and Psyche at 23 Scorpio. The worst is over. Exhale. You also had Pluto at 24 Capricorn, triggering the pattern. To repeat – the worst is over. Exhale. The Tarot is free to use on this website and can tell you more about some useful choices for 2023. Happy Lunar New Year.

  86. Hello Jessica,

    ” Fowler, Roman Festivals and Beck, Journal of Roman Studies ”

    Rogets Thesaurus

    In the same Post.

    My angels must have wanted to say hello. These two sources are so dear to me.

    My best friend used them all the time before she died.

    When Saturn leaves, is there a reward for the hard work project and employment wise ? My references are no good now to land a better job.

    My thanks to you for dealing with 16502 comments.
    My thanks to your readers Brigitte, Good Vibes, Amethyst, Citrine, Iris Smith, 444, Leah and so many others for asking such great questions.
    Why anyone would troll you is beyond me.
    We need a forum ( read Fan club).


    1. Thanks so much TJ. Saturn’s reward is The Getting of Wisdom, to quote the book. Comments have just gone up to 16,571 but there is always time to talk, when I have such brilliant readers. This Saturn post was picked up by Google so even though it’s quite old, it’s now tipping nearly 300 questions. What we know of Saturn comes from astrologers Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Dennis Elwell, Margaret Hone (20th century) and the art will tell you the rest. I am a great fan of having readers look at Saturn and other archetypes through the lens of painting and sculpture from the Romans onwards as it often telegrams the meaning of the symbol. The Romans associated Saturn with a Golden Age, which arrived when he took the scythe which had castrated his father, and used it to educate Italian farmers about agriculture. Thus, a golden age and richer harvest.You can find out more about Saturn from any of the authors I’ve mentioned.

  87. You really do have such fabulous insights – thank you for sharing! I would love your advice as my first saturn return was so bad that the consequences still effect family relationships today (although much diminished thankfully). I know it is not for a few years, but I would love to be prepared for the second return. I feel as if I need to learn something to be prepared but – what lesson am I supposed to learn? And is it really possible to avoid the reach of Saturn? After my first encounter I am worried!

    1. You have some unusual Saturn aspects in your natal chart so I am not surprised your first Saturn Return was difficult. You were born with Mercury at 19 Pisces in the Twelfth House, with Mars at 19 Pisces in an exact conjunction, also in the Twelfth House. Saturn is at 18 Pisces so that is a tight triple conjunction. Uranus is at 18 Virgo in the Sixth House, in opposition to all three. Pluto is at 17 Virgo, again in opposition, and in conjunction with Uranus, in the Sixth House. Apollo at 17 Scorpio is tied into the whole pattern, in the Eighth House. Family relationships are ruled by Scorpio when they concern money, houses, business, apartments, valuables, charity. They usually turn up when you are named in a will, or your legacy names others. It need not mean action over a will, it may simply be what is written down on paper, that has huge impact. Scorpio also rules sexual and financial relationships, typically marriage and mortgage, but also divorce and the fall-out. When we take this pattern apart, we find your Twelfth House, which rules religion, counselling, psychics, dreams, hypnosis, self-help and Tarot, is heavily involved. Yet the Twelfth House rules the subconscious mind, the spirit, soul and psyche so it is often invisible to other people, though I expect it felt quite onerous to you, on your first Saturn Return. People often go to therapists or join group therapy on this transit, or wrestle with their own inner state. And sometimes it’s about going to Church or leaving a religion. The Virgo/Sixth House side of the pattern is about your workload and wellbeing. This is very much the housework, paid work, unpaid work or study that requires daily attention, but also your health on every level and how it affects your ability to be of service and do your duty, as in astrology we do not separate the ‘maid of all work’ from her wellness, or otherwise. Virgo is the archetype of the unmarried daughter who stays at home and does the housework, cooks and cleans and looks after the family if they are unwell. So there’s a hefty pattern there, around Saturn, which I will leave you to take apart and examine. Saturn is about restrictions and limitations. It denies you access, or it locks you into situations. The boring answer about Saturn is: learn from people who have been there before you; do your homework; research the issues. Before Saturn returns again, minimise the complication or burden in your life regarding Pisces, Virgo and Scorpio matters. You cannot avoid Saturn but you can avoid overloading yourself with matters which Saturn is going to weigh down for you. His metal is lead and a Saturn transit can feel very heavy, as you remember from last time. So lighten the load in the Twelfth, Sixth, Eighth before he arrives. I would also get the best advice you can afford about financial or property relationships tied to family or partners; ex-partners too. On a health level, as Saturn goes into opposition to Virgo, you would want to take good advice, find it often and follow it. The Tarot can be useful at times like this: ask ‘How have I expressed my Saturn pattern so far?’ and even with just one card, you can find all sorts of answers and insights about the next one.

  88. Dear Jessica,
    I would like to thank you for your work. Thanks to you I am more interested in astrology.
    I even started a work from home on the Internet about 2 years ago (officially established on 5/14/2021) when you posted in “Taurus Weather 2021-2026” that it is possible only in a small window to do it made sense to me. With the influence of Saturn. Why there was always difficulty in my relationship, if I wanted to continue the work. Maybe that’s why nothing has come of the work so far, or maybe the direction I had in mind was simply wrong. I have the feeling that everything I do for others is taken for granted and if I want something myself, I always have to justify why I want it. A second job, physical service I officially started on 3/27/2013. I don’t know if that was under influence good stars. A year ago, because of Corona, I lost the place where I did the work and therefore the customers and could not get back on my feet until now. Besides, I found out that I have an inhibition to demand money for my work and I have a feeling that I am only working for the stingy people. It is uncomfortable for me to talk about money, what to charge for my work. The past two years there was so much pressure for me. In addition, my mother was also very ill and passed away this year. As for friendships, the last 2 years, many have been put to the test and not all have survived it. Did not think that Saturn can do so much. My question is: Is it good for us then if it is retrograde?
    I have Saturn in Taurus and Scorpio in opposition. Both are concerning finances. And wanted to ask: how can I use the planets to be stronger financially as well and what time is good for me? Concerning communication,the internet, to start over. And whether this has a meaning for me. I understood it so that in March for a short time all planets go forward and none is in retrograde. And I still wanted to ask how Saturn affects the Pisces, since I also plan to write and publish something for the soul.
    Thank you very much for your effort. Wish you much love and success.

    1. Thank you Jana. Sounds like there are Taurus/Second House issues here, but perhaps also Virgo/Sixth House concerns. I am sorry you lost your mother and are still adapting and adjusting to her loss, at the same time that you have to deal with the change in friendships around you. Standing back from your chart and looking at the bigger picture, Sun Taurus with stelliums in Taurus, Aries and Gemini shows you it’s all about money. Virgo is work ethic, but actually your primary issue is figuring out what you’ll do for the money – or not. The stretching, straining and compromising ends in July 2023 when the nodal opposition in Scorpio-Taurus also ends. This is usually a difference in values between yourself and a boyfriend (say) or your father (for example). It can be a difference in values with a business partner. May 2023 begins a terrific period of saving money or making it, if you take the chances given to you by May 2024. Your writing career takes off from May 2024 until June 2025 and from 2026 you begin using new technology to write or broadcast, with much exhilaration and excitement ahead.

  89. Hi Jessica,

    Your posts about Saturn in Aquarius are so spot on – I’m a Leo sun/Aquarius rising, and I was shut out of a group/profession due to a disgruntled/retaliatory former partner in December 2020, and have been unemployed and working to get into a new career since. My new start date is mid-March. I’m curious about how Ops and Saturn are interacting in my career – and how Pluto might impact me as well.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you went through this episode; Saturn transits can be like that, but this one is nearly over – just one month to go. You may be seeing early signs of hope. I hope so. You have Virgo (work) and Capricorn (success) trines in your chart, and Jupiter (rewards) will move into Taurus from May 2023 and also trine those, creating what is known as a Grand Trine, twice. You will really notice the improvement from May 2023 and by May 2024 will have found achievement and success flow, naturally and easily.

  90. Dear Jessica,

    I have been reading your posts randomly since COVID and understood more about astrology, as I can relate more about what’s happening around me from your articles.
    My brother is a strong Virgo Stellium (11 factors including 7 deg Sun, 4 deg Venus, 23 deg Uranus, 19 deg Pluto, 22 deg Juno, 3 deg Ceres, 27 deg IC, 11 deg Apollo, 20 deg Panacea, 7 deg Ops, 14 deg Mercury) and had relapse for depression since late 2020. He had lost his job in April 2021 due to his mental health condition. His current condition is better than 2021 but not well enough to be able to secure a new job. I have read about Saturn transit to Pisces and oppose to Virgo from March 2023 and am concern how it will affect my brother’s situation, especially he has both Pluto and Uranus factors in Virgo?
    Are we able to seek for solution from astrology to help one overcome the challenge or improve current situation? when it seems birth chart and moving stars already dictate what an individual is destined to go through in this lifetime.

    I also enjoy reading your interaction with all the readers via the replies. Makes it feel like a community and not alone during this tough time. Many Thanks !

    1. Thank you. I am glad astrology is making more sense; especially as you have your brother’s depression to think about. He has a huge Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of work and wellbeing. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication – thought and speech, information processing and writing. In turn, Virgo rules the Sixth House of service, duty, lifestyle, work ethic, mental and physical health. It is quite true that the long Saturn opposition to Virgo, from Pisces, will test his current approach. Saturn transits tend to block us and stop us, so that we have to come up with a different strategy. I’m glad your brother is better than he was in 2021 but understand you are still looking out for him. He has Ceres in Virgo; she is associated with the depression cycle. If you search Ceres on this website you will find a long feature about that. Ceres commonly turns up with bipolar disorder, because this astrology symbol is about the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn, winter – and the need to accept that life has regular cycles; highs and lows. Your brother also actually has Mercury in Virgo itself, so he lives in his head. In a word, it’s complicated. With Uranus and Pluto also in Virgo, there is a lifelong pattern of rejecting work (or study) but also being rejected. Ironically it is this rejection dance with some jobs, some subjects, that sets your brother free and it can be quite liberating and exhilarating to realise you can break with the past, every time it happens. People who have Uranus in Virgo have a pattern of saying “No” to particular classes at school or college but also hearing “No” as well so even as a student at primary, secondary or tertiary level he would have been chopping and changing. Pluto in Virgo is about the need to tightly control the course, or the job, and to be top dog. It is a good question: can we seek solutions to overcome challenges with astrology, when it seems so pre-ordained? The answer lies in the symbolism of astrology and understanding the room to move within the patterns. I’ve outlined the most obvious patterns here; Ceres is about the need to make a deal with the universe or with the condition and accept life has its highs and lows; it is cyclical and winter and autumn can be rewarding too, if not in such an obvious way as spring or summer. Life isn’t just ‘so much better’ and then ‘forget it’ – life is mixed and taking it all on can actually be more consoling. Easy for me to say and hard for him to do, but Ceres in the chart has some lessons about balancing acts. Pluto and Uranus I’ve outlined as your brother is always set free when he says ‘No’ or hears ‘No’ with work (even housework) and there is also a great need to take over, both with work, unpaid work, study, but also to take over his own health. This combination is common in the charts of men who self-medicate. He also has Panacea in Virgo and she is an ancient symbol of drugs and even fungi with pharmaceutical properties. This strongly Virgo person will likely have issues with the medication when Saturn slowly opposes the stellium from 3 degrees through to 27 degrees, so almost the whole cycle starting in March 2023 and ending in early 2026. One of those factors is the IC or Immum Coeli which suggests he has inherited depression from a relative or ancestor; alternatively he has inherited the ‘cure it, fix it’ pattern from the same; there may have been a doctor or psychiatrist, nurse or surgeon in the family tree. You see both with the IC in Virgo. The core issue is always about work, service and duty. I expect this began when he was approaching the age when men had to think about their futures, or even as a boy, when people were asking “What do you want to be, when you grow up?” A strongly Virgo man has to work on some level, even if it is gardening or volunteering to pick up rubbish from the local river. Even if it is writing a novel that is never finished. There has to be a rewarding, daily, role where he perfects a task or skill and uses it to serve. The caveat is, it has to be something he wants to do. As Saturn makes the opposition, we have to remember Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024 will also make the trine and so the point at which life becomes ‘the challenge to change’ for him, is also the point at which he is given exactly who or what he needs to make that easier. When Jupiter and then Uranus both go to 27 Taurus, for example, they trine his natal IC at 27 Taurus and whatever he has inherited from a relative or ancestor, in terms of depression or being the professional who treated the same, takes a new direction and transforms – to his advantage. So there is hope. But the key, as with all Virgo stelliums, is to find a service to perform that is rewarding.

  91. Jessica I missed your recent zoom class with Zoom. I paid for it yet not able to catch it live. Can you please advise if I can see this class if taped
    I was looking forward to it
    Your help would be greatly appreciated

    1. I’m sorry but we don’t record Zoom events as they are private and confidential – free to Premium Members. If you paid to attend an outside Zoom event at The Astrology Collective or Conscious Cafe then they will have a recording, of course, and you can contact them to request it. Thank you.

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