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Scotland Astrology to 2030

The Scotland Astrology Chart to 2030

Back in 2018 I made some astrology predictions for Scotland, which you may remember reading.

They came true, using an ancient chart for Scotland, set for 16th March 842 AD. As this brilliant cover (above) from The Economist suggested, we were looking at an Untied Kingdom. Not a United Kingdom.

Independence is Coming

In this astrology feature on Scotland, I’ll use that chart, but also a more recent chart, to predict a second independence referendum, but also the end of Nicola Sturgeon’s unpopular push for males to say they are female – and enter female spaces.  It’s all about quite a rare Leo pattern in an old Scottish horoscope.

Leo rules the courtship between men and women – the bedroom – and the pregnancies which result. It also rules adoption and step-parenting as well as the world of children and teenagers. Leo covers gay, lesbian and bisexual life. Complicated patterns in the chart for Scotland in the sign of Leo, tell the story.

Horoscope Forecasts Four Years in Advance

First, though, let’s go back and see how the Scotland horoscope predicted the future, date-stamped, four years before it happened.

You read: “The Royal Bank of Scotland will be forced to transform – or become history. This happens, specifically, in June 2021 and April 2022.” And “April 2022,  looks like the beginning of the end, not only for the Royal Bank of Scotland as we know it now in 2018 – but also for the old ‘united’ kingdom.”

The Royal Bank of Scotland, of course, became NatWest in 2020.

True Predictions for Scotland in 2021

On 26th June 2021 the Royal Bank of Scotland  unveiled the design of its first polymer £50 note, showing a Scottish heroine, Flora Stevenson. Then, on 4th April 2022, the Bank of Scotland again launched a new £100 note to celebrate its second Scottish heroine.  An 842 AD horoscope was showing radical new currency. Date-stamped. That’s an accurate chart.

The other transformation for NatWest/Royal Bank of Scotland in June 2021 was a crackdown on cryptocurrencies and money laundering.

In April 2022, the Natwest/Royal Bank of Scotland faced a shareholder rebellion against a brand new pay policy in which its boss, Alison Rose, would be able to earn 5.2 million pounds, according to The Guardian. 

The Independence Referendum

Also, from this old prediction five years in advance: “In June 2021 Scotland could easily make a final break with the United Kingdom and England, at the same time that the Royal Bank of Scotland must face radical reform… April 2022 looks like the beginning of the end, not only for the Royal Bank of Scotland as we know it now in 2018 – but also for the old ‘united’ kingdom.

June 2021 Royals Sent In 300x296 - Scotland Astrology to 2030

Well, June 2021 was when Prince William and Kate were sent in to save Scotland for the United Kingdom. At the end of June 2021, The Scotsman was arguing Scots in the rest of the United Kingdom should get a vote in a second Independence Referendum.

Meanwhile the Royal Family kept coming. On 29th June, the Daily Express (where I sometimes contribute) said Sophie Wessex and Edward were descending on Scotland ‘as the nation faces increasing calls for a fresh independence referendum.’

As the Mirror reported, “William and Kate sent in by Palace to save UK as politicians are losing Scotland.”

That ancient chart, worked over 1000 years into the future, when on 16th June 2021, The Times reported Scottish MPs could vote down English laws, as Michael Gove in Westminster tried to stop independence.

On 23rd June, Nicola Sturgeon fired back. Gove said the UK Government would not approve a second referendum before the next election. Sturgeon said the referendum was “a matter of when – not if.”

This was April 2022, right on cue. In fact, on 20th April 2022, it was, as the original astrology prediction ran, “The beginning of the end.” This is the news about Nicola that month, below. This is good validation for that old Scotland chart.

April Sturgeon News - Scotland Astrology to 2030

The Modern Scotland Astrology Chart

It’s good to work with a modern astrology chart for Scotland, too. In fact, if you line them up, you can see the current obsessions from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

The 2014 Astrology Prediction

An old 2014 prediction using a different chart is still here on my website.

What you read, in The Astrologer’s Diary, back on September 15th, 2014. “First up, will Scotland become independent following the vote on Thursday 18th September? …That looks like a ‘No’ vote to me… However, if you are a ‘Yes’ voter the good news is, they are holding the election on Mercury Retrograde Shadow, so this result will not stick. There will be another vote in time to come – wait.”

National Museums Scotland @NtlMuseumsScot 300x195 - Scotland Astrology to 2030You may also remember this prediction from 2014, five years before it happened. “January 2019 is either the month for the second independence referendum (the one PM David Cameron did not want to have) or some other massive break between the two countries.”

This prediction had a shocking outcome, hitting that Leo pattern in the Scotland chart. Leo, after all, rules sex.

On 24th January 2019, Alex Salmond, who had pushed for independence, was charged with 14 offences including attempted rape and sexual assault, according to the BBC. He was acquitted of all charges after trial in March 2020.

That was indeed a massive break between England and Scotland. Alex Salmond led the 2014 vote on independence. He then launched Alba, a pro-independence party which favoured voters who rejected the ‘transgender’ push in Scotland.

This  theme – men dressing as women – does show up in the chart for Scotland. In fact, historically, the first time we see it is with the historic rise of the kilt, so to speak.

The National Museums Scotland account on Twitter has a great kilts section (seen here). Leo is very much about what’s worn under the kilt, to coin an old joke. Some really peculiar Leo patterns in the Scotland chart show over 1000 years of history.

2019 Predictions For Independence

This Scotland astrology prediction ran in a general forecast using the United Kingdom charts, on 23rd March 2019.

“Nicola Sturgeon will lead Scotland to independence in a new referendum and she will take her cue from Scotland’s unique position with Trident according to the national chart…Scotland will make a decisive break with England – and the United Kingdom will no longer be united.”

Scotland Versus England and Transgender Men

The prediction went on, “This takes place in June 2021…The pattern continues in October 2021 and April 2022.  Between June 2021 and April 2022 Scotland will break free from England and the United Kingdom will be a thing of the past.”

This turned out to be Nicola Sturgeon’s Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill. The United Kingdom government blocked it. The United Kingdom was involved because the government blocked the bill from royal assent.

The bill was introduced in March 2022: the ‘decisive break with England.’

Men in Women’s Prisons and the Scotland Horoscope

Where does all this come from in the Scotland horoscope? If we use the chart for modern Scotland, we can see a huge stellium in Leo. Leo rules (as mentioned above) the bedroom. It also rules pregnancy, adoption and surrogates. You cannot separate Leo from questions about homosexuality or bisexuality. Or – from all aspects of human sexuality – the good, the bad and the ugly. Modern Scotland has a big Leo pattern, which was triggered in a chain of Leo eclipses as the GRR bill gathered speed.

I find that interesting because an eclipse is always a cover-up. And Scotland had several cover-ups.


Modern Scotland - Scotland Astrology to 2030


Jupiter and Uranus in the Scotland Astrology Chart

This is the Treaty of Union astrology chart for Scotland, above, when ‘Great Britain’ was created. The Kingdom of Great Britain.

Harry Potter 1 231x300 - Scotland Astrology to 2030Leo also rules children and teenagers as a whole, as well as monarchs and their offspring. This chart for Scotland,  shows J.K.Rowling and Harry Potter, as well as Prince Harry. It shows Rowling’s defeat of Sturgeon, for example, as well as the massive, ongoing success of the Potter-Rowling empire.

Leo is about single mothers as well as lesbians and gay men. Rowling is actually a Sun Leo. Leo rules the bedroom, courtship and children. Modern Scotland is defined by that, as much as it is defined by Harry Potter.

PM Rishi Sunak and Gender

When British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in January 2023, used a ‘nuclear option’ to block legislation passed by the Scottish parliament to make it easier for people to change gender, he did a lot more than that. He offended campaigners for independence who think Scotland should govern herself. He also emerged as a hero to the Scots who don’t want male rapists in women’s prisons – and who will not want independence either, because independence means Sturgeon.

Pluto in Aquarius and the Male Minority

Bigger cycles which are about the whole world, not just Scotland, are coming in.

Pluto in Aquarius replaces Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn is about a small group of elite men with all the power. Pluto in Aquarius is about men and women together, sharing power. Many women do not have an issue with men cross-dressing. They have an issue with men cross-dressing and taking their space – and worse.

From Friday March 24th 2023, when Pluto enters Aquarius at 0 degrees, the tiny ‘few’ transgender numbers – strangely, with so much power, influence, and money – will find themselves disempowered by the many – the women and girls who oppose them  – and the men who support them. This goes beyond Scotland, though it very much involves Scotland.

Pregnant People and Aquarius Cycles

It’s the beginning of the end of ‘pregnant people’ as the NHS in Britain calls them.

We don’t know what happens near March 24th 2023, but it restores power to women in a cycle not seen for 248 years.

Pluto in Aquarius is not about men who claim to be female, taking over and dominating the rights and territories of women and girls – or worse. It is the complete opposite, actually.

This is the cycle which brought you Boudicca. And Queen Elizabeth I. Traditionally Pluto in Aquarius is about the defeat of patriarchy, for a few months, or for many decades. The Scotland chart shows independence from 2026 onwards for the nation, but it will not be with the politicians who did not know what a woman was. The astrology is really clear.

Independence for Scotland 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027

The Scotland chart shows specific dates for the split from England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Sturgeon is not going to win this war on women, but the battle for independence will eventually succeed, in spite of her.

These are the neighbours (ruled by Gemini) in the chart, as well as the foreigners (ruled by Sagittarius). The European Union.

National Library of Scotland @natlibscot 300x225 - Scotland Astrology to 2030Saturn at 1 Gemini and Ceres at 1 Sagittarius are in exact opposition.

Earthquakes Hit Scotland

When Pluto goes to 1 Aquarius the map begins to divide. I would say, at earthquake levels.

We may even see literal earthquakes in 2024-2025 in Scotland.

Scotland’s relationship with the rest of the UK and with the EU historically transforms on these dates as Pluto hits the chart: it is a slow process, but it gathers speed from 2026 and there will be shocks in store, not just for Scotland, but also for Wales, Ireland, England and Northern Ireland. This looks like a carve-up of borders and laws.

February 23rd 2024 to April 11th 2024
May 25th 2024 to July 17th 2024
December 30th 2024 to January 30th 2025
August 21st 2025 to December 5th 2025

The New Revolution in the UK

We also need to include another historic cycle when we are looking at a carve-up of borders, and also a radical change to travel and transport, in and out of Scotland. Uranus at 1 Gemini, in a conjunction with Saturn in the Scotland chart, and in opposition to Ceres, will deliver that.

This wonderful photograph, by the way, is from the National Library of Scotland on Twitter, one of the best Scottish accounts. The dates that the history books fall on the floor? Well, they come in 2026 and 2027.

From Royalty to a Republic in 2028

May 14th to 30th 2026
January 13th 2027 to March 7th 2027

It’s extremely rare to see Pluto (crisis and transformation, change in the balance of power) and then Uranus (independence, revolution, freedom) both follow each other at 1 degree like this, hitting a national chart. The stage is set for a break with the monarchy then. We have to remember that the children of 2010 are now 18 years old. They grew up with the disruption caused by Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. Now, they are of voting age.

The Window For a Republic Referendum

Eventually, Pluto at 8 Aquarius in opposition to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 8 Leo, suggests a possible referendum on a republic. March 9th 2028 is the first sighting of that, so this is far into the future.

For all that the Queen passed at Balmoral, this chart shakes in 2028. If we are ever going to see Scotland reject the monarchy, it will be from March 2028.

Scotland chart from AstroGold, with thanks to Stephanie Johnson and Zane Stein.

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64 Responses

  1. I absolutely love your blogs Jessica and your website is on ‘speed dial’. Thank you for writing this one especially for my birthday. Wink, wink!

  2. Independence for Scotland in the coming years is music to my ,sending in the young royals to try and influence the Scottish people won’t work , our nation has been fed with lies from Westminster for decades saying – ( we will not survive alone ect ect !!) so why are you trying so hard to keep us united Scotland will survive going it alone , with our own government our people will have a say of what happens in Scotland in future

    1. Thank you. The Scotland chart shows a perfect storm of cycles, all coming in to land at once. Looks like you will get your wish.

  3. Oh dear, the nationalists will have a field day with this. Personally I am appalled that there are those who liken Scotland’s “struggle” with that of Ukraine’s and I’m baffled that the SNP gets away with presenting Westminster as though it’s a country. How about some facts? In 2021/22, public spending per person in England was 3% below the UK average whereas in Scotland it was 17% ABOVE the UK average). Secondly, the devolved government is responsible the economy, education, health, justice, rural affairs, housing, environment, equal opportunities, consumer advocacy and advice, transport and taxation. Last time I looked, the SNP weren’t doing brilliantly with any of these. Thirdly, Scotland is Europe’s drug death capital, with a death rate almost four times higher than its nearest competitor, Norway. The good thing about independence is that the nationalists will have no one to blame but themselves for anything that goes wrong in Scotland. The SNP confuses patriotism with nationalism and, as history shows, nationalism is nothing to be proud of. I notice that the prediction doesn’t include how Scotland will fare as an “independent” country. If men going into female changing rooms, just because they’re wearing a dress, is the type of policy the SNP comes up with, I don’t think Scotland has a bright future. Finally, the “battle” for oil off the Scottish coast as a tenet of the SNP’s argument for independence is obscene, given the climate crisis.

    1. As I often say, I do astrology, I don’t do politics. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  4. I think it’s more interesting that Scotland and Independence is part of the Aquarian cycle. UK / Westminster politics is now so sick and corrupt that change is a must. I reckon Scotland’s stance will benefit Wales, Northern Ireland and northern England as part of the Aquarian / Pluto shake up on people power. The Union is associated with Elites and Top / Down political structures. It won’t just be Scotland breaking the mould.

    1. Yes, Pluto in Aquarius is here to end life as we knew it 2008-2023 and replace top-down control by the elite (Capricorn mountain goats who reached the peak) over the gathered masses below (the other goats further down the mountain; the majority being at the base). In fact, Capricorn mountains and goats have always been associated with the pyramid of Capitalism in astrology. Aquarius is the public swimming pool where everybody pools resources and shares the same benefits. This sounds like Communism, which is close to ‘community’ and ‘communal baths’ too. Each cycle advances the one before, so our last cycle was the French Revolution and in England, the Regency. Let’s see what happens in March. It’s the start of something.

  5. Hi Jessica( amazing prediction as always) I have followed this prediction you wrote when you were predicting Brexit. I did hear Nicola Sturgeon say that if Scotland went free she still wanted to keep our Royal family. Do you see Scotland will not have the Royal family anymore. If so this is a terrible shame as I know the Royal family love Scotland especially our beautiful late queen King Charles and Princess Anne.

    1. The monarchy is most at risk 2023-2044 but ‘at risk’ does not mean the end. It is most likely that it will transform, but this very much depends on restructuring and reform, so it is run like a proper firm on more professional lines. Andrew and Harry and their scandals should not have happened.

  6. I have recently joined your site and have enjoyed reading as much as I can. As someone of Scottish heritage, albeit born in London, I found this fascinating. What amazes me about the SNP is how they remain popular despite their incompetence over the island ferries which are collapsing, and the stunning cost of the Edinburgh tram system. Then there is Glaswegian life expectancy, where my folk are from, which has hardly moved in right direction since they took over (even before covid). When I grew up Scottish highers were considered superior to English A levels but no longer, and the Scottish nhs collapse mirrors that of down south. in fact Snp neglect regarding looking after their own populous is amazing but they have a lock on the dream of independence.
    There is also a huge fiscal transfer between London and the South East, and Scotland, wales and northern ireland. Boris’s levelling up regarding the north of England would have been much easier if the north received the same consideration. But it does not.
    The cynic in me suggests the drama over the trans Bill is simply a big ruse to pick a constitutional fight with Westminster, as was the recent case, which Scotland lost, regarding their ability to have a referendum. There will no doubt be many more faux controversies.

    I wondered is their any sight in the astrology of an English independence referendum which would be a de facto referendum on Scottish independence of course. And tremendous fun.

    There are many clever Scots working in the city of London, who support independence but would not dream of living in the auld country. Too much money to be made down south.
    If Westminster wanted to get tough it would simply say, go on then have your freedom. But you don’t get to use the currency issued by the bank of England, it will be issued by a newly created Bank of Scotland and not legal tender in England. Also many large Scottish companies have already said they will remain constituents of the ftse based in London, because London is where the money is. Incidentally those same clever London Scots think a Scottish pound would be worth somewhere between 85 to 90 p of 1 English pound, (not a good look for the Snp) which means they can play the currency game. And make a lot of money.

    is it possible the astrology is more about maximum devolution, than full blown independence. Or will the Scots eventually vote to join the EU, which can take a long time and accept Brussels rules rather than Westminster, which seems pointless.

    Finally, will the UK get a vote on whether to remain a constitutional monarchy. Time for House of Windsor to go methinks, though I doubt our citizens have the courage.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. I remember taking the train from London Kings Cross St. Pancras to Edinburgh and it was appalling. Overpriced and overcrowded, with people sitting on the floor. I agree with you. Nicola Sturgeon can’t manage the London-Edinburgh train and should be focussed on the basics of life for the Scots, not men demanding the right to use the women’s loo, at the same station! The chart for Scotland shows eclipses (always a cover-up) in Leo, during the height of the drama around Salmond, Sturgeon and the trans debate. So you may be right. Salmond, who wanted independence, was smeared with rape charges. His party stood up for women against trans men. Sturgeon, who wants independence, stands up for trans men against women. Sunak, in London, is about to rescue the situation for women across the United Kingdom. It all feels as if someone has looked at the voter demographics for Sturgeon as a female leader, counting female voters, and done a bit of chess piece moving. The chart reeks of concealment, have to say; that eclipse cycle had not been seen for 19 years when all this trans malarkey was rolled out. The politician who most loves long games today is Vladimir Putin. Will the UK vote on the monarchy? If it is going to happen, it will do so by 2044, when Pluto is opposite Leo, the sign of royalty, courtship and heirs. After 2044, if it has survived, it will at the very least have transformed.

  7. Also Jessica
    I wondered if you had seen Amanda Ellis last week , channeling lady Diana. (U.K.) a lot of Amanda’s reading are also very very good . Amanda is a very heartfelt reader showing lots of love and kindness in her readings. However she predicts Charles will be king but for a very short time . But if you ever get time to listen to her , she’s is focused on a wild part of garden in the Kings vicinity with his boys talking. I noticed she got very chocked but it was so beautiful . ,

    1. Oh, I’m not familiar with Amanda Ellis. So she’s a trance medium bringing through the late Princess of Wales? i will take a look, thank you.

  8. Hello Jessica, can you please tell us also about the future of the European union?
    Thank you.

    1. The European Union will lose Italy (Quitaly) and open borders once Uranus is established in Gemini from 2026. This is the same post-war cycle when we saw the map of Europe being redrawn and the Berlin Wall going up. Every Uranus in Gemini cycle advances the one before it, so although this is about changing borders and neighbours’ relationships, it’s also about new transport. Back then it was the Jeep and motorcycle. From 2026 it will likely be electricity replacing petrol. Or other power sources and inventions not yet evident in 2023.

    1. Yes, the United Kingdom and Europe will be redrawn from 2026, Wales included. Part of the revolution is transportation and travel and the radical discussion about borders will bring Wales to once again question her independence.

  9. Hi Jessica – loved the Harry thread… just fascinating to read peoples scope on it all. I say thank god for Rishi at this time, it’s madness! I think he’s a clever fella and a fellow northerner – I’m particularly interested how he will use his brains to reform the nhs? I left 10 years ago and those problems were there then. I’ve since been self employed in the aesthetic field however that passion has gone (no legalisation) do you see there ever being a register for only medical ? it’s like the Wild West, so glad Pluto is leaving Capricorn I feel I’m certainly not driven in that area anymore although it’s been very lucrative. . .& I’ve loved the creativity and empowering young girls and women (and men of course) in my clinic and giving them confidence – I’m putting my energy to online skincare biz…. I can feel the changes 2023 will bring and the positivity in general and that hopefully people can breath a little better …. ….. have a good day, you are an amazing interesting astrologists

    1. Thank you. The NHS is ruled by Virgo so will go through its next transformation when Saturn in Pisces opposes it (2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026) and this will be heightened when the North Node goes into Pisces and the South Node goes into Virgo. The NHS was never built for a pandemic, having appeared after the war. These transits will reshape it again. Having lived in Britain and Australia for years, I am always amazed that the British government does not just copy the Medicare template in Australia. It works so well.

  10. Dear Jessica, I want to ask something off topic. Do you have any predictions concerning countries in the middle east (i.e. Israel, Syria, etc.) that have long been tumultuous and at war. Is there possibility of peace in that region or is that only wishful thinking? Thank you and really appreciate your work.

    1. People are surprised when they discover countries have astrological charts, but they all do, and they represent a change in the constitution; in the leadership; in the territory. Each time they change we line them up to see how they tell us a larger story. The trouble with Israel, Syria and the Middle East is a volatile set of charts. Until they change their structure, they will go on having abrasive, troubled, inflammatory horoscopes. Of course, that may happen. Nobody thought Brexit would happen (though astrology clearly predicted it) and the United Kingdom acquired a new chart.

  11. Hi Jessica – I know you’ve predicted independence for Scotland (and Wales and Ireland) for a while now, and leaving politics and who will actually run each independent country out of it (because I am sure that’s a whole new blog and is bound to stir up a bit of sentiment here!) I believe it can be a great move for these countries and give people living there a stronger sense of identity and control of their destiny. Empowering people helps create positive growth and innovation and as it’s all going to be happening as Pluto moves into Aquarius, it would seem that only good things can come of it. What do you see?
    Does astrology support success ahead once the breaks have been made as I know there are a many people in each of these countries who are afraid to take that leap of faith?

    1. Good question. Does astrology support independence for Scotland, Wales and Ireland, long-term? Yes. We have Pluto in Aquarius until 2044 so power comes to minorities as long as they share the territory and turf together with tolerance. You might call it tribes who agree to differ, but also the elite who understand the tribes are their equals. The first recorded Pluto in Aquarius transit was Boudicca and the Iceni (and other tribes) against Nero and the Romans in the British Isles. For tribes, we might substitute the word ‘interest groups’. We can’t really stop the revolution between the neighbours from 2026, as Uranus in Gemini always brings it. We can’t stop Pluto in Aquarius either; the two cycles together, beyond 2030, suggest something we have never seen before. Independent equals with common borders who find new freedom, but manage to rub along, for the sake of the many. This is the gift of Aquarius, the sign which rules men, women, black, white, old, young, gay, straight, lesbian, rich, poor – making room. In this new Pluto in Aquarius/Uranus in Gemini future we would find 10 Downing Street matters no more than, say, a Cardiff apartment block. The unifying factor here is Climate Emergency (big) and Covid. Until people learn it’s about commonly shared air and space, nothing will get better. It’s coming.

  12. I tweeted you immediately after Sunak blocked the GRR, your earlier post on the matter had given me hope and I was so delighted it came to pass. That was great work!

    Women in Scotland are furious with the SNP and the Green Party. It seems there is such a powerful ideology surrounding the trans issue, leaving us bewildered by decisions made and ideas suggested. “We can’t possibly know what sex we are without looking at the chromosomes”, according to a Green member who recently discussed the possibility of 7/8-year-olds changing their sex!! It’s nuts.

    Scots are quite measured, so this just doesn’t feel like us. I’m so relieved it’s getting kicked into the grass. I feel bruised by it all though and now have very mixed feelings about independence working.

    Anyhoo, please look at my chart. I am so stuck and don’t know what to do about it.

    Laura x

    1. Thank you Laura, I will check my Twitter account now. Going through the lens of astrology, we are at the fag end of Pluto in Capricorn. This cycle which began in 2008 is notorious for its treatment of women. To give you an example, the last time we saw it was Henry VIII who ordered his wives to the executioner. Boudicca’s daughters were raped as a political act by Rome. Same cycle. Pluto in Capricorn, just before Pluto in Aquarius, touched Scotland way back in 60-70 AD as the Celts rose and tribes triumphed, temporarily, in London (the Iceni) against Roman male dictatorship and patriarchy. So here we are again. Each Pluto in Capricorn cycle is a unique twist on male violence towards women, or male arrogance and dominance against women. In 2023 it just happens to be men who say they are women or girls, demanding the right to take over women’s public lavatories; change rooms; sporting competitions and most dangerously, prisons. The fact that this movement is supported by a female leader and her female colleagues in Scotland is a new twist. By the way, your mixed feelings about independence working now, are very likely the result some people with an agenda want. We live in an age when data mining on websites like Facebook can help political manipulators figure out tactics. The Ballad of Salmond and Sturgeon is fishy, just as their names suggest, and Scotland is having one of the fishiest cycles of her life, with all those Pisces transits. Now, much as I’d love to look at your chart, Laura, you are not logged in. I’ll check back on the comments later and hopefully next time yours will appear with your chart. Thank you for contributing to this discussion about Scotland.

  13. Isn’t the point. Workers rights, Womens rights notwithstanding the Trans debate. Human Rights. All protected by Brussels. All Against a backdrop of tax evasion of PMs own wife , Senior MPs like , anti strike laws, anti protest laws. Environment back tracking. The shameful Covid fiasco. Sturgeon outshone the lot of them. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Not a lot to be keen on there re the UK. Putins been mentioned but surely if he’s on the way out as part of the Pluto in Capricorn clear out then Russia is set for transformation too. So it’s transformation all round. If things are going to change to the tune of Aquarian values then structures must change too. The most obvious being political structures. Scot’s aren’t stupid and they’re not communists either.

    1. Astrology doesn’t really do politics; it does astrology. What we are seeing here are a couple of cycles the Scots have not seen since after the war (Uranus in Gemini) but also since the Regency (Pluto in Aquarius). To drill down into the language of astrology, Uranus is a revolution that brings independence. It is currently in Taurus, the sign that rules currency, so we are seeing a revolution in actual Scottish notes (polymer, female Scots on the currency) but also Bitcoin, for example. When Uranus goes into Gemini, which rules neighbours, there will be a break from the old between the four great nations. It will also involve a new carve-up of Europe and the EU. This is very similar to life after the last war, when (say) Germany divided. Pluto in Aquarius is about feminism and female defeat of patriarchy, and as men demanding access to women’s space is certainly that (and women’s identity) we could also take a safe bet that from March 2023, when it all begins, Scotland will see the full power of that.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    If Scotland is finally free, will this cause a domino effect for other areas of the world that have independence issues? Such as Catalonia in Spain, Quebec in Canada, Kurdistan in Iraq/Turkey? It seems that an independent Scotland could cause a few nervous nations to become even more nervous.

    Will this also cause an effect with Northern Ireland considering that for the first time ever, Sinn Fein won the local elections and Catholics are now the majority in NI? It seems everything is about to change!

    Thanks, have a good day.

    1. The transit is Uranus in Gemini, translated as ‘the revolution between neighbours’ and it’s pretty rare. The last time we saw it was after the war, when Europe was carved up in a new way. Yes, other parts of the world will be involved in this shearing away of the past. Uranus is always about sudden, quite radical breaks between the past and the future. In Gemini, the sign of neighbours, but also transport, this seems likely to be about cars, public transport, domestic travel as much as it is about individual territory, lines on the map, borders and so on. Yes, Ireland is right at the heart of this. From 2030 onwards we will begin to see just how radical this cycle is.

  15. Hi

    So interesting and also reassuring Jessica. I wonder too how this will affect England as a country. How will it redefine itself in the absence of Scotland, Wakes and Northern Ireland?. Perhaps this will make for healthier inter nation relationships?

    I am glad too that the chart shows the power of women as a group, and the defeat of this odd bill (although I respect that some out there still don’t agree). It’s only saddening that it all got this far.

    1. Thank you. The ‘neighbour revolution’ transit is Uranus in Gemini, which also radically changes the train, plane and car system, so England is just as affected as Scotland. If you think back to the post-war period and the way people viewed Ireland, it’s similar. What is different this time around is Pluto in Aquarius, so from 2026, Millennials (born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius, the people power sign) begin to realise that together the United Kingdom is powerful, but you can be ‘together, apart’. Pluto in Aquarius is traditionally the time when feminism accelerates and this goes back to Boudicca. The notion that women can be strong leaders is already here, but the idea that women can triumph over men on specifically feminist issues (with Boudicca it was rape as well as Roman plutocracy) is tied to this transit. This brings us back to PM Sunak’s argument that men will abuse the rules of access to, say, girls’ change rooms or women’s lavatories, and it has to be said. (So we’re saying it).

  16. My subscription has expired! I thought it would auto-renew. I’m @erisrocks

    Whilst I”m relieved for Scotland I was upset to see on Twitter this morning a female, Australian, breast surgeon complain to @ABCaustralia about the crossword clue “Adult human female” claiming it’s a siren call for hatred. Elsewhere in the US people are defending a male getting his penis out in ladies’ shower room because he’s a women. This makes me feel physically ill, honestly, I can’t cope with how crazy it is.

    There seems to be a global movement towards transgenderism. Is this all Pluto in Cap. Will this ever end?

    1. Yes, what is called ‘the transgender movement’ (men who used to be called transvestites, or cross-dressers) has really come about because of breast surgeons and doctors. It is the last stages of Pluto in Capricorn. You always get a minority elite of white men, at the end of this cycle, who try to control the majority of women in some way. We’ve seen this cycle recorded since Boudicca, so we know what it’s about. The trans war on women is something utterly modern, though. Will it ever end? Yes. The issue is not the right of men to wear frocks and call themselves by female names, as every woman knows. It is their claiming of female space and the erasure of women from everyday language which makes the female of the species enraged. All this ends when Pluto goes into Aquarius, so the first (legal or constitutional) turnaround for women is March-June 2023. The best analogy I can give you is King Henry VIII. Same cycle. He was replaced by Bloody Mary and Good Queen Bess. Pluto in this cycle is a feminist issue.

  17. Thank you Jessica for another interesting post and bang on time as another commentator posted earlier ‘on speed dial’.

    Regarding recent events in UK politics, I am wondering Sunak becoming PM of UK in an eclipse, ordering of Section 35 and Scotland breaking away from UK – Is there a link between these three?

    Sunak being an eclipse PM has baffled many as to what it could mean for UK.

    1. The arrival of Sunak in that eclipse season (always a cover-up) suggests people should circle back and look at the strange arrival and departure of PM Liz Truss, and that crashing pound. We are living through Pluto in Capricorn, never mind eclipses, and are being manipulated from the top down, as Pluto rules absolute power, corrupting absolutely – and Capricorn rules the elite at the peak. Nobody in Britain voted for any of that/any of those people, did they? After Pluto leaves Capricorn in March 2023 we will look back at 2008-2022 and marvel at how we, the majority (the people) allowed a tiny number to ignore democracy. People wanted Brexit. They didn’t get it. It took years to get it. People wanted Biden. Trump refused to let Americans have him. Here in Australia, people voted for their ministers – but the Prime Minister went behind their backs and secretly took those roles for himself. The current situation in Scotland is another terrific example of Pluto in Capricorn. The minority elite at the top dictating what happens to the rest. Men who say they are women, or girls, finding a champion in Nicola Sturgeon and a small number of politicians; the media; the establishment – controlling women’s space. As I said, I think once Pluto is out of Capricorn, we will be shaking our heads at what people tried to get away with. Pluto in Aquarius is different. Aquarius is about tolerance of difference and respect for difference; it’s not really about a fringe group taking territory from others.

  18. Very much enjoying your blog, Jessica. I’m a self-taught, (very) amateur astrologer. I’m noting your mention of the failure of the most recent Scottish Independence referendum during mercury retrograde. Curious that mercury retrograde also hangs over both attempts by Democrats in the U.S. Congress to remove Trump from office. The first impeachment concluded in the shadow period ahead of the retrograde, ending with the failure to convict him in the Senate. The second impeachment also occurred during a Mercury retrograde period. If Nancy Pelosi truly hoped for a Trump conviction, she wasn’t paying much attention to the planets! Also – and apologies for not posting separately in the appropriate blog entry – but I’m wondering what you’re seeing around the Kremlin’s potential use of nuclear weapons – particularly as Pluto enters Aquarius. I ask because you often read only the rosiest predictions around humanity entering the “Age of Aquarius” but rarely what the downsides can and will mean – namely Pluto’s destructive side manifesting in line with all that Aquarius and the planet Uranus imply. Just as Pluto in Sagittarius brought peak globilization in the modern era, it also brought the deadliest, most reactionary impulses and actions around extreme religious beliefs. I’m thinking specifically about the Twin Towers and jihadism, but of course we’ve seen a kind of extremism metastasize in the Christian faith as well. I also wonder if Pluto in Aquarius will bring violent revolt as occurred during The Terrors of the French Revolution. Sometimes the stridency of both the left’s “cancel culture” and the right’s “own the Libs” ethos leading to the events of January 6th, brings to mind the excesses of Robespierre and the Jacobins, or the Cultural Revolution in China when Pluto was in Gemini ruled by Mercury, the lower octave of Uranus. Do you think we will see even more extreme types of destructive manifestations as Pluto moves into Aquarius in our time?

    1. Thank you. Mercury Retrograde is notorious for misleading polls; delayed results; announcements that come to nothing. You have to judge it pretty carefully though, as it’s all about the aspects made along the way, and the other transits which add to the story. Taken purely as a transit, Mercury is ‘the message and the messenger’ and retrograde, it travels backwards even as it is apparently going forwards. The message gets stuck when Mercury stands still. The textbook example of Mercury Retrograde is the Titanic, if you want to look at context. Pluto in Aquarius is about power in the hands of the group. Pluto has been a symbol for ‘power over life and death’ since 1930 when he was discovered as research on the neutrino began; that would later become Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The sign Pluto is in, always tells you who or what has such power. In Scorpio, for example, it was sex. HIV-AIDS arrived and sex killed. In Aquarius, power is with the global community. Russia is too isolated to qualify. Aquarius rules friendship. The control rests with allies, from March 2023. True friends. Russia only has China as a major player on her side and even China cannot be relied upon, as she is being felled by Covid. And so it is to the United Nations, NATO and the Commonwealth we turn. Old, old friendships and very powerful groups. Watch March and the Pluto ingress in Aquarius. See what happens to the UN then.

  19. It’s so interesting watching world news and relating it to global astrology that you have talked about in your blogs and weekly and monthly forecasts. It feels like it all makes sense when I relate it back to your blogs. From your Pluto in Capricorn post I see a lot of goats at the top being called into question or falling now, and on another story seeing Jacinda Arden (a fellow Leo) stepping down – I can’t imagine how hard Saturn in her 7th house has been for her as PM the last few years above the horrendous misogyny she has faced and viterol from the Qanon and Anti-vax crowd. Love your work.

    1. Thank you. These headlines point to similar astrology trends. Meghan Markle and Jacinda Ardern are both Sun Leo women; both have attracted outspoken critics with Saturn in their Seventh House of opposition. Elon Musk is a Sun Cancer man and has Saturn in his Eighth House of joint finance and business. He’s broken the world record for the largest loss of personal fortune in history. Saturn in Aquarius has been with us since December 2020, was there in 2021 with Jupiter (not as difficult as it might have been ) but it was 2022, when Saturn in Aauarius was acting alone, that people really felt locked out, or locked in – depending on which situation they had chosen. Saturn is near the end now; he goes in March, changing signs to Pisces. it is very common for light at the end of the tunnel to appear just as Saturn fades out in the last two or three months. It’s happening now.

  20. I recall Jessica Adams’ forecast that BoJo would be replaced by a female prime minister in 2022. I scratched my head when I read this – who on earth would that be? Actually the forecast was dead right but within weeks Liz Truss was out of power and the UK had a male PM once more. So I’m cautious about astrology – you see through a glass, darkly and some reversal may not be included in the forecast. Could be the same with Scotland – will it leave the UK only to rejoin?

    1. The astrology was about a strange, short period in British history when women rose. The forecast was about a female PM and female Deputy PM which is unusual, but it came to pass. Would Scotland leave the UK only to rejoin? Yes, she could. That’s the thing about Uranus transits. Uranus is ‘the last thing you expected to happen.’ Many people would guess that Scotland would vote for independence. Uranus in Gemini is ‘the break from the neighbours’ and it starts in 2026, lasting for many years. Could Scotland then vote back in again? Well, Uranus is about the unusual, the unexpected and the rug that is pulled. So theoretically, we could see something as peculiar as that.

  21. Dear Jessica. I am obsessed with your website and enjoy reading the blogs. You have fans from around the world including myself and it would be great to see some predictions on other parts of the world that are just as vexed , like South Africa. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. South Africa (in The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion) has five astrological charts and of course your country has architecture and archaeology co-existing, which nods to all five periods in history, from 1652 onwards. The Republic of South Africa set for 31st May 1961 at 00.00ET in Pretoria rings true. This gives South Africa Jupiter in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of people power, communities, tribes and allies. Jupiter stands at 7 degrees and aspects the Mandela chart with Jupiter at 8 Scorpio. The 1961 chart shows the Sun at 9 Gemini, the sign of neighbours, so from 2026, South Africa, and Africa as a whole, is divided differently as neighbouring regions go through a radical new change, involving a different kind of travel/transport system, as well as a shift online. The actual map will be carved up differently. It will happen quite suddenly, in bursts, past 2030 and as this is a Uranus transit in Gemini, will be liberating. A lot of people will be set free.

  22. Thank you, and thank you again, for this. I will keep it close while figuring out optimum timing to rmy eturn. I wonder if Jupiter at 1 degree Sagittarius is significant for my strong attachment/family history in Scotland. And also wonder what you see for Scottish ‘diaspora’? Thank you.

    1. Jupiter in Sagittarius is about foreigners and foreign countries, so if Scotland is foreign to you, and that’s one of the most influential countries and cultures in your life, you will find it returns to you repeatedly, often with a stroke of luck involved. If you call Scotland home and your culture, ancestors, roots, property is there, then it’s ruled by Cancer, so quite different. The Scottish nation has quite a few charts, reflecting her complicated past, but all suggest a radical new relationship with her people in England, Ireland, Wales and within Europe. She will experiment with citizenship, nationality, and so on from 2026.

  23. Thank you for your reply Jessica.

    With lots going on in UK politics right now, do you see Rishi Sunak lasting as PM beyond summer this year? Will the eclipse at the start of May reveal what was hidden back in October?

    1. That’s a really good question. Can the Conservative party take any more disruption? The thing about PM Sunak is that if he continues to gather people around him who are diverse; tolerant; share the space; represent one big tribe made of many – he is secure. This is Pluto in Aquarius. Power with the big tribe, with smaller tribes represented evenly. It’s up to him, really. We can’t predict what he’ll do. He is in a much better position than Keir Starmer, though, who has made the mistake of ‘doing’ Pluto in Capricorn by abandoning women. You don’t let down the people who hold up half the sky on this transit and get away with it. Watch the first week of March and final week of March in respect of British politics. Huge changes.

  24. Wow! What an epic scope of the astrology of Scotland’s symbols and heritage, culture and politicking.

    1. Thank you. I went down a rabbit hole with the astrology of Scotland but so many of my Twitter followers are angry about what is being done to women and girls, I had to look at those horoscopes one more time…

  25. jessica, please look at world politics. no country anymore celebrates their National Day. are we moving into new world order? it seems that way. hp

    1. We have been saddled with Pluto in Capricorn since January 2008 and every 28 days Pluto is at war with the Moon in Cancer. They are in opposition. The Moon is home, home town, homeland. In Cancer it is about ‘the motherland’ and the mother country. It is also about Mother Earth and Mother Nature. So, we have all been affected by a battle every four weeks, for the last 15 years or so. Capricorn rules Prime Ministers, Presidents and businessmen. The transit has shown up as a global assault on the environment and globalisation, which makes every street look the same. Part of the Pluto in Capricorn cycle has also been about national identity; patriotism; roots; heritage; history; ancestry; culture. Watch what happens in March when Pluto leaves Capricorn. It’s over.

  26. Jessica, I thought you might like this although I’m sure it may have already hit your radar: today 26th January 2023, Nicola Sturgeon announced that a convicted transgender rapist(Isla Bryson) would not be allowed to serve their sentence in a female-only prison. This is in contrast to Nicola’s previous heavy push for transgender issues. I’d imagine it deals a significant blow to Scottish transgender government plans, especially in light of a clear and heavy opposition from English courts. Somehow, today I’m thinking of JK Rowling.

    1. Yes, Sturgeon has realised what she’s been told repeatedly by critics of her plan – rapists will exploit it, to dress up in pink, wear a blonde wig, and get into a women’s prison. Perhaps the pronouns people will now realise what she/her and he/him actually means. The bigger picture of course is that Scottish independence has now been championed by an accused rapist (even though he was cleared) and now the – nearly – supporter of a rapist to get into a female jail. So independence is smeared. It really is a tremendous coincidence, isn’t it? As is, surely, the fact that the former independence campaigner has pushed back against transgender men – and the latter, so far, has been backing them. At what point all this malarkey got mixed up with the people of Scotland wanting to leave England, is an interesting question for the astrology. Looking at the old Scotland charts I smell several rats. But she’ll become independent once it’s all history. Uranus in Gemini from 2026 will see to that.

  27. What an insightful report Jessica, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us. As a pro-indy Scot this is very welcome news – I truly believe this is part and parcel with the Aquarian age as it is better for democracy and we have the opportunity and the will to build a far more progressive society. I also believe that Nicola’s support for transgender rights is well-intentioned – after all no one is excluded in the aquarian age. I do however totally understand the concerns many have on the impact this will have on women and girl’s public spaces. I feel we have so much to learn from indigenous cultures across the globe who perceive gender in such a different way from us. ‘Two-spirit’ people in certain Native American nations have great respect among their people and fa’afafine’s of the Southern Pacific are third gender people well established in Samoan culture. I believe we can accommodate EVERYONE in society without compromising female safety or without the erasure of female identity. The indigenous cultures show us a better way. That’s my thought on the matter for what it’s worth! Blessings and love xx

    1. What you say is very important. We are going into Pluto in Aquarius when the diverse group has power – there is room for all the minorities together. Nicola Sturgeon got it badly wrong when she read Pluto in Aquarius, as Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, we can and should accommodate men who want to dress as women, but they are not women. They are extremely unusual men. Also brave men. The Pluto in Capricorn ‘extreme patriarchy’ side of things, is men who say they are women or girls, and take women’s space. Capricorn likes to control everybody and everything and dominate. Aquarius makes room and respects. This is all obviously changing as we watch, on 31st January 2023. I am sure every canny Scot can also see that the independence movement has been smeared with rape by association, twice. From 2026 it all looks rather different as the United Kingdom redraws her boundaries.

  28. I agree, men dressed as women are entitled to space – but not women’s spaces. Nicola would do well to study astrology! And yes I’m not surprised by any dirty attempts to smear the independence movement – it certainly is not the last time. Love and light x

  29. You always say you don’t do politics, but you seem to have taken a stance on political matters, as the transgender question is highly politicalized nowadays. When will this blog return to its non-political state? It’s trans-this trans-that everywhere in the news, media, and now here too and as a regular woman it’s exhausting, no matter what “camp” one belongs to.

    As for Scotland, I hope they will get their deserved freedom soon!

    1. Too funny. My website has been about politics for years now, because astrology is politics. Scotland will vote again with a new United Kingdom mapped out from 2026.

  30. Hi Jessica, I’m late to this post, but thanks for your insight. It might be possible with years of study to interpret astrology, but you have a true gift. I think of Lyra in the Pullman Dark Materials books and TV series who can instinctively read the alethiometer besting all the old goats who spend a lifetime trying to understand it and predict the future without even trying! Thank you.

    With Pluto in Aquarius in March, perhaps this will play out in the UK with women taking a stand against the shocking and horrific decision by the police to release confidential, sensitive health information about a missing woman, who seemingly vanished into thin air while walking her dog?

    The justification that it is to help the investigation (for her own good!) does not hold in my view – another example of a woman’s rights being trodden on, in this case to stop the bad press over the police handling of the case and lack of progress to date. Yet the bad press does not come out of the blue, but is down to a catalogue of previous failures from which lessons don’t seem to have been learned.

    I’m also not sure there is a healthy balance in the social and other media between that which is in the public interest, and that which the public are interested in – and the right to privacy. Should there be running commentary on live cases? Something feels wrong here, and seems it must get in the way – I hope we can start to right it soon. Perhaps a jolt of Uranus energy is what we need.

    1. You are very kind. Strangely I met Philip Pullman once at The Society of Authors in London! I must now go and look at the TV series. Thank you. I saw that about the woman who vanished; the police involved are a really good example of Pluto in Capricorn at the end stages. It always seems to be worst at the end, just before Pluto goes into Aquarius, and I think that is because women (and sympathetic men) have to be really pushed to rise up. It’s like Nicola Sturgeon and the men in frocks who go into women’s prisons on rape charges. Sturgeon has gone, obviously, just this week. Pluto is power, and in Capricorn it is about patriarchy, and women can be the culprits too. Capricorn is ‘the system’ and it is usually about a tiny number of dominating, controlling, obsessives who try to run your life in some way. So we are all affected by the police, as women, who need to be ‘Plutoed’ and of course they will be. I was chatting about Pluto in Capricorn and the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius to The Astrology Collective at an event last weekend. Every single time, since Boudicca around 60 AD, we always see the end of dreadful patriarchy and the start of female power. I’d say there’s a huge gap in the market in British politics for a new Boudicca; whichever woman takes on the system will clean up.

    1. Thank you very much. No, I’d not seen this story on Wales, but I’ll go and read it now. I’m glad the prediction is unfolding. I’m very fond of Wales.

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