Saturn and Neptune in Pisces

Saturn and Neptune in Pisces 2023-2026

If you have Pisces factors in your birth chart (you may be a Pisces, or have a stellium in Pisces, or just a single planet in Pisces) then the double transit of Saturn and Neptune in that sign, from March 8th 2023 until February 14th 2026, is important.

The random, frequently chaotic, uncontained nature of your own inner life – since 2011 – is about to be structured. Your inner aquarium will have new walls. New rules. This may be cognitive therapy or church reform. It’s an interior, invisible process.

Pisces rules your Twelfth House in astrology. You live here some, or most of the time, depending on how many factors you have in Pisces. Four, five, six or more horoscope factors in your Twelfth House is a stellium.

Open the door to the Twelfth House and we find your God, or your rejection of God. So, we might find a rosary or a Buddha figure. Books which are anti-religion. This is where we find Islam and Judaism, Pentecostalism, Mormons and the rest.

cover blog pisces stellium 300x200 - Saturn and Neptune in PiscesChristianity and Pisces

Christianity as a whole is Pisces-ruled. The twelve apostles were called ‘the fishers of men.’ Early Christians called themselves ‘little fishes’. The miracle of the loaves and fishes is well known. Today, Christians have fish stickers on their car windows.

You may have the Sun in Pisces or more than that, but this sign is associated with a strong point of view on God. Einstein had one (he was a Sun Pisces). I remember interviewing Kurt Cobain for Select and wondering if astrology meant more to him than religion. Heart-Shaped Box opens with the line “She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak.”

Astrology is a good example of a Twelfth House leaning. The Twelfth House is about dual realities. The two fish swim in opposite directions. There is the real world, and the alternative world of the zodiac. Parallel universes are another good example of the Twelfth House, as is quantum theory.

The Tarot, Hypnosis and Dreams

Pisces is the invisible, inner world experienced when alone with one’s own soul, spirit or psyche. It is about the subconscious as well as the etheric body, aura and chakra system. It really depends on your point of view. In the 20th century, the Twelfth House was associated with psychiatric wards and mental hospitals by some astrologers. If you leave the real world for an unreal world, to the point where you are committed to an institution, you may be having an extreme Twelfth House experience.

Carl Jung

More commonly, Pisces and the Twelfth House are about church, or the Tarot deck, or dreams. Hypnosis is a Pisces and Twelfth House experience. Therapy and counselling are ruled by the Twelfth House. So is psychiatry and psychology. We find the Pope here as much as we do Carl Jung or Sigmund Freud.

You have been living with Neptune in Pisces transiting your Twelfth House since April 5th 2011. Neptune rules Pisces so he has been in his own sign for the last 12 years. When Saturn enters Pisces from March 8th 2023 you will find boundaries, where there were no boundaries, before. Saturn is about ring-fenced situations. Neptune is about what is all over the place, everywhere, all the time – just like the ocean. The two astrology symbols could not be more different, so let’s take a closer look.

Saturn NASA 300x300 - Saturn and Neptune in PiscesSaturn in Astronomy

Saturn has broad, bright rings. There are seven rings and a couple of them are known as divisions. Saturn divides your world into ‘me here’ and ‘them/that over there’ and it is impossible to either gain access, or get out, when Saturn transits a sign. You are lumbered. If you look at your Saturn sign and house natally, you will see how one part of your life has been divided, since you were born.

This NASA photograph explains Saturn well. NASA is the go-to source for astrologers interested in astronomy, of course. “Vertical structures, among the tallest seen in Saturn’s main rings, rise abruptly from the edge of Saturn’s B ring,” runs the description. This looks like the wall of a building.

Saturn is a highly structured piece of architecture in your life where it’s impossible to escape and equally impossible to access. Who builds the structures? You do, or others do. Why? Defence or protection.

Saturn in Pisces

A very simple example is Saturn in Pisces itself. If you were born with Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House, you were lumbered with God. Christened, or not.

You could not get out of your earliest experience of religion, simply because your parents chose to assign Godparents and take you to the font – or make you part of another faith – or reject religion entirely. You may have gone to a Roman Catholic school, for example. They wanted God to protect you. Or, they may have refused to have you Christened. Protecting you from priests!

Saturn ring-fences situations. Pisces, as we’ve seen, rules Christianity. In this example, you were born with religion built in, because as a baby, your family had that intention for you. Later on, it may be one of the reasons you seek counselling. Again, that’s Saturn in Pisces. There are many variations on this theme.

Saturn Returns

Saturn Returns occur when transiting Saturn makes a conjunction with natal Saturn, in the same zodiac sign and house, and at the same degree, you were born with. Minimising the stakes is sensible before Saturn returns. Lower the impact by pulling back on matters related to the house where Saturn will return.

So, for example, if you have your Saturn Return in Pisces in 2023-2026, you would choose another time to enrol in a degree in Religious Studies or certification as a hypnotist. The less important, and the ‘less’ in general, the better. You can’t escape a Saturn Return. You have to live with barricades, barriers and obstacles when Saturn comes back – it’s part of the deal. However, you can reduce the impact by reducing the space that the matters, governed by Saturn in your chart, take up.

Neptune in Astronomy

Neptune is a gas giant in astronomy. He also rules gas as an anaesthetic and was discovered in the same year that surgery under anaesthetic was performed publicly for the first time. As above, so below. It has cloud features. Again, Neptune in astrology rules clouds. The methane of Neptune makes it appear blue. In astrology, Neptune is linked to the Roman ruler of the blue oceans.

If you have ever gone swimming in an icy sea and gone numb, you have had a Neptune experience in astrology. Going under the waves is similar to going under gas, before a procedure. Inhaling clouds of gas can put you in an altered state. So can prolonged swimming or diving. The deep blue sea and your experience of it – numbed – is Neptunian.

Neptune in a sign, tells you where you don’t feel a thing! If you have Neptune in Scorpio, the sign ruling banks, you may live on a credit card. You borrow and the bank lends. It is one way of being Comfortably Numb to bills.

A Familiar Cycle in Religion and Art

William Holman Hunt and The Shadow of Death (below) nicely shows what happens when Saturn and Neptune both transit Pisces, the sign ruling Christianity. What was never clearly defined, is made concrete. Hunt and his colleagues gave bible passages structure by creating quite filmic scenes on canvas. The realism of their work, made the unreal world of religion, real. Hunt took his faith very seriously. We would expect a revival of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 2023-2026.

The Shadow of Death William Holman Hunt 820x1024 - Saturn and Neptune in Pisces

Saturn and Neptune in Pisces – 1847, 1848, 1849

As above, the intensely religious paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood belong to this earlier transit of Pisces by Saturn and Neptune. So does the missionary David Livingstone in Africa.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, John Bird Sumner, leader of the Church of England, supported the Divorce Bill during the last important Saturn and Neptune co-transit in Pisces.

This period found many questioning God’s will. And other peoples’ God/Gods. It was a period of curiosity about the soul, or spirit. What happened when a surgeon made you unconscious on the operating table? Where had you gone?

You were not alive, but you were not dead, so where were you? And who were you? Chloroform made news in 1847 when Saturn and Neptune both occupied Pisces.

This idea of the unconscious, the subconscious and the essence of a person – the spirit – evolved with mediumship, too, in the same period. There was new physical proof that we could be in a mysterious altered state, neither conscious nor dead. This allows for the idea of the Holy Spirit, the spirit itself, resurrection and life after death. Neptune’s discovery also chimed with this period.

Comfortably Numb and Chloroform

Sir James Young Simpson put his friends to sleep with chloroform for the first time, on the last Neptune and Saturn in Pisces cycle – and the future of childbirth looked Comfortably Numb.

He would go on to organise supplies for Florence Nightingale. The two most obvious ways Saturn and Neptune in Pisces reveal themselves are – religion and drugs.

The Church of England, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces

The Church of England has her Pluto Return in 2023-2026 at the same time that we see this religious crossroads. I have predicted elsewhere that Charles and Camilla will not take the throne. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will be at the heart of a constitutional crisis for the Anglican faith which began with Meghan Markle, as she was then.

Pfizer, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces

The big pharmaceutical company Pfizer was born with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces in 1849 when Charles Pfizer began the company with his cousin. Pfizer makes the drugs which treat depression, but also reduce the risk of hospitalisation from Covid, at time of writing, in January 2023. Pfizer has also produced Lyrica, associated with depression as a side-effect.

This is how you predict the future. Pfizer will have its dual Neptune and Saturn Return in Pisces in 2023-2026 and after a long period without any boundaries, will be restricted. Neptune has no known limits, like a shifting horizon over a blue sea. Saturn has multiple limits and through its rings, is associated with ring-fencing. Pfizer is due for this. We’d expect class action lawsuits, perhaps, or strong action from the W.H.O. or big governments. A Saturn-Neptune Return is historic and game-changing.

rings of saturn vector illustration e1533154648105 scaled 1 300x233 - Saturn and Neptune in PiscesRoget’s Thesaurus, Saturn and Neptune

The Twelfth House of your chart is ruled by Neptune and Pisces natally, and so associated with: Jesus Christ and your belief, or rejection of Christ. God, or Gods, plural and your faith or lack of faith. Miracles and angels, or your disbelief. Alternative realities, tied to your trust in Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Paganism and so on. Your inner space.

Neptune is associated with all that is deep, thanks to his rulership of the ocean. This suits the idea of deep-held beliefs or deep-set views. Onward Christian Soldiers is an example of it. Religious crusades, another. Roget’s Thesaurus is a useful guide to Neptune. Baptism (as a baby or born-again adult) is Neptune.

So too is formlessness. The ocean has no form until you put it in a bucket or channel it into a tidal pool. Neptune is – a lack of definition. Chaos. Confusion. Muddle. Vagueness. Distortion. All that is hazy, fuzzy, blurred. Rather like opening your eyes under water in the sea.

If this is ringing bells, it is because you have been living with Neptune in Pisces in the Twelfth House since 2011, but now you are about to live with Saturn too.

Saturn is Structure

And so to the rings and divisions. Saturn is the planet with architecture. Circular walls. Roget’s Thesaurus suggests: plan, constitution, building, establishment, superstructure, framework. Saturn looks like a planet which has hired an architect to defend it – nothing and nobody has access. If you are on the inside, you can’t get out, either.

You can see why 2023-2026 will bring strict new rules for religious festivals and church gatherings, which are super-spreader events for Covid. We would also expect the Church of England to be confronted with its own rules, having been increasingly fluid since Neptune entered Pisces in 2011.

Fotolia 85524608 Subscription Monthly M 300x200 - Saturn and Neptune in Pisces
Prague Astronomical Clock

Saturn is Patience

 Saturn is associated with patience and long stretches of time for a number of reasons. Firstly, Saturn replaced the Greek god Kronos/Chronos and so the idea of chronic situations and chronological order was born. Saturn is often shown with his famous scythe, once used to castrate Uranus, but over the centuries, linked to both Father Time and the Grim Reaper.

The Saturn Return, when Saturn returns to the same sign and degree he occupied at your birth, marks old age. Around 60 and around 90. The other obvious point about Saturn is that he turns retrograde. He moves forward, stands still, then goes back over old ground.

Just when we think we have seen the back of him, he comes back, and repeats his transit over a sign and degree. If you turn Saturn on his side in the usual NASA imagery he looks like a clock, waiting for hands and numbers. Saturday comes from Saturn’s day. We wait, and wait for the end of the week.

Time will tell, with Saturn. Another symbol for Saturn is an egg in a nest. Birds build walls to protect their chick. It may work. It may not. Predators circle and wild winds shake the tree. Time will tell. Sue Tompkins associates Saturn with being under-defended or over-defended, which is astute. Examine your nest from March 2023.

Dual Symbolism

Astrology is poetry, as Geoffrey Cornelius and Maggie Hyde often remind us. It is personal to you. Taking the symbolism of Pisces, the Twelfth House, Neptune and Saturn, you can see what is possible, once you translate the imagery into meaningful ideas, relevant to your own life. I have had hundreds of readers present with Neptune in Pisces transits of their Twelfth House since 2011.

Confusion about the spirit world, the lower astral, the aura and chakras is common. So are confusing, muddled professional psychics. I guess this is likely on an astrology website, but there have been other common experiences too. Godparents who find their godchildren do not understand the role (and neither do their parents, who don’t attend church). I’ve also had readers taking medication which produces Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar, itself an expression of Neptune and Saturn.

Defining the transit for yourself since 2011 should be pretty easy; after that, add Saturn. Destiny is negotiable, to coin a favourite phrase from The Company of Astrologers. That’s the point of astrology. Know your transits and know what to do.

Main Image: Yomex Owo (Unsplash).

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105 Responses

  1. OKay when I read under the heading, “Saturn is Structure” and how if you are on the inside you can’t get out either! Immediately made me think of the song Hotel California, “you check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”. That song came out in 1977, and while Saturn and Neptune were not conjunct in a sign they were alinged. In fact, it was Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were all aligned. Apparently a once in 175 year event, which NASA used to it’s advantage for a space launch:

    Cool Stuff,

  2. Hi Jessica. Thank you for this amazing blog! My son has 7 planets in Pisces but not saturn or neptune. Are you able to give some insight into how these alignments will affect him? thanks again. Here is his chart:
    27-Feb-2005, 18:07 (-35.3075,149.124417)
    08° Pisces 47′ 17″
    14° Libra 18′ 37″
    19° Pisces 42′ 22″
    00° Pisces 49′ 58″
    14° Capricorn 34′
    17° Libra 52′ 29″ R
    20° Cancer 52′
    12″ R
    06° Pisces 52′ 15″
    15° Aquarius 56′
    24° Sagittarius 18′
    00° Aquarius 25′
    07° Pisces 25′ 00″
    18° Aries 36′ 11″
    23° Scorpio 29′ 23″
    25° Taurus 25′ 53″
    25° Scorpio 25′ 53″
    06° Leo 57′ 37″
    06° Aquarius 57′
    22° Aquarius 19′
    24° Aquarius 13′
    07° Aries 26′ 22″
    01° Capricorn 33′
    30″ R
    24° Virgo 23′ 19″ R
    26° Sagittarius 03′
    11° Libra 15′ 35″ R
    24° Libra 50′ 20″ R
    16° Gemini 45′ 51″
    14° Pisces 45′ 43″
    01° Capricorn 02′
    07° Cancer 37′ 22″
    26° Aries 52′ 43″
    26° Pisces 30′ 22″
    23° Aries 25′ 59″ R

    1. Your son lives in the Twelfth House for much of the time, so open the door (which has a Do Not Disturb sign on it) and inside you will find incense, spiritual or religious art or objects, music or books – or if he has rejected God, books on science or Richard Dawkins/Christopher Hitchens lining the shelves. There may be a dream catcher on the wall, or crystals – or a computer pouring out science fiction websites or fantasy gaming and television. Strongly Pisces people need to be alone. Psyche and Salacia in Pisces suggest he lives in two worlds, neither of them real. And both are inside his head. Neptune has been here since 2011 so he has been living in other spheres or realms, meditation or sleep being the gateway, perhaps finding he is clairaudient or clairvoyant. Uranus in the Twelfth House in Pisces is about finding freedom from, or freedom through. So it can be liberating yourself from religion (say) or finding freedom through paganism. This is a lifelong search, for him. The rather confused and confusing cycle of Neptune in Pisces stops in March (we don’t know why) and Saturn arrives, bringing new restrictions and limitations, barriers and obstacles. He is rather young, but in an adult, this is often the dazed and confused, dope-smoking Tarot reader who juggles decks, ums and ahs, sometimes gets it right – and often is too vague to be understood. He lives in Neptune in Pisces world until Saturn in Pisces comes along and a shortage of funds means he has to become professional about his career. Train. Learn. Read. Get organised. Saturn can help a lot, sometimes.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Enjoyed reading your blog. I am a Sun Scorpio with no factors in Pisces. Does that mean I will experience minimal or no effect with Saturn and Neptune. I am concerned since my relationship with my adult sons is already strained, don’t want to become more estranged with them. Thanks

    1. Okey dokey. You have transiting Neptune in your Fifth House of parenthood, and he has been there since 2011, so you are estranged from your adult sons, which is common. I have had readers over the years whose sons take drugs; whose sons are on medication which confuses their thinking; whose sons have children (grandchildren) where the line is always crossed. I’ve seen financial muddles and mess involving offspring too, as readers have found the classic Neptune fuzziness resulting in much vagueness about borrowing cars, or claiming money. Boundaries vanish on this transit. You have also had Saturn (tests of patience) in Aquarius in 2021, 2022 early 2023 in your Fourth House of family, thus the difficulty. Something big is obviously coming in March. Saturn quits your family zone to go into your parenting zone. More tests. Meanwhile Pluto goes into your family zone too in the last week. Pluto rules Scorpio, so this is intensely personal. Going to your natal chart we find you were born with Saturn in your Fourth House of family, so there is a lifelong ‘life exam’ situation here with relatives. You will need to ‘meet change with change’ in March but at least you will no longer feel as if everything is stuck or crawling at a snail’s pace. Ongoing, minimise the importance family plays in your life, if you want to minimise the impact of Saturn. Don’t make your son/sons the be-all and end-all of your happiness or contentment. That’s practical astrological advice. We all have Saturn somewhere. Do less of the things that Saturn rules – minimise them or make them down the list of matters that you choose to let affect you. Yes, even family. Feel free to disagree with me! The Tarot on this website will help you confirm some answers. Another old trick is to appeal to your family in spirit. Given that March rings the changes, can your family help with an outcome which works better for you?

  4. Hi Jessica !!

    i have stelliums in Libra Aries Virgo Cancer and Pisces
    Moon In Pisces
    Neptune in Pisces
    Chiron in Pisces
    South Node in Pisces
    and Saturn in Sagittarius

    Can you please look at my chart and how this cycle impacts me and my family


    1. Anyone strongly Pisces will notice the difference with religion, Saini, or mediumship, clairvoyance, hypnosis, spirituality, therapy, counselling, dreams, healing and/or humanism. Having drifted and floated since 2011 with no parameters or boundaries, you enter a completely new era from March 2023, until 2026, when your past life as a monk, nun, priest, vicar (and so on) comes back to you. You will gain closure on past life issues about God and the church, or Gods (plural) and your faith. Part of the closure comes from a situation where you feel shut out, excluded, self-excluding – or perhaps, shut in, unable to get out. Modern Astrology 2050 which is free to you has a long section on Pisces stelliums.

  5. Hi Jessica

    Please correct me if I have interpreted this wrongly.

    You don’t use Rising Signs/Ascendants in your practice – and I am curious why as it seems to work so well to use the Ascendant in both chart and transit interpretation.

    If my Sun is 29 Libra – using your system – am I correct that Pisces would be my 8th house?

    I have no Pisces planets, but my natal chart using a Scorpio ascendant gives me Sun/Saturn and Neptune all in the 12th ( Pisces house) ( 7.15 am UK 23 /10/53)

    Best wishes

    1. I do use the Ascendant or Rising Sign. All Premium Members will see it in their chart. I work with Solar Charts and Natal Charts. If your Sun is in Libra your solar Eighth House is ruled by Taurus. If you have a Scorpio Ascendant then that goes into your natal Eighth House.

  6. This will be transiting my South Node in Pisces and oppose all my Virgo Factors. It will be square my moon and my mercury as well. I am hoping for an improvement in health.

    1. The Saturn transit in Pisces opposite your Virgo factors, including your North Node in Virgo, and making other aspects too, is your challenge for 2023-2026. Your last life was spent dealing with religion and illness. You may have been a nun who was also a midwife. Sometimes dreams can show you, who you were, if you ask nicely. I expect you were in a pandemic, epidemic or plague before. That is why you are here now, dealing with Covid. Getting to the bottom of the relationship between Pisces and Virgo in your chart will really help you. Pisces is your subconscious. Your soul or spirit. Virgo is obviously your body. Mental and physical health. They drive each other, in a loop. So if you become ill you might use crystals, or see a healer, or use Buddhist mantras, or have the priest write your name down for prayers. If you have anxiety or depression you may see a therapist (therapy is ruled by Pisces). It works the other way too. If your soul, spirit or subconscious does not want to work, study, volunteer or do the housework, your body may produce symptoms which get you out of it. Have a look at how Virgo-Pisces has played out in your life and a past life before the transit begins, so you can recognise what you need to know.

  7. Dear Jessica, very interesting article. I want to ask what it would mean for me since I am a sun pisces and have a stellium in pisces, but my Saturn and Neptune are both in capricorn. I have long rejected religion since i was young even though i was raised in a christian household. Now i dont have any affiliation and is perfectly content with that. the idea of restrictions with regards to my faith makes me feel uneasy.

    1. Your Pisces stellium is textbook, as you were raised in a Christian household but rejected God. You don’t believe in anything at the moment. (Though not believing in anything is itself a belief). This will be tested from March, but it should not make you uneasy. Rule of thumb with Saturn entering a sign; watch out for anything/anybody new and if it’s related to that sign (with Pisces, therapy, counselling as much as God or Tarot) take your time.

  8. Hi Jessica, Saturn entering my 2nd house in March is giving me quite a bit of anxiety and I was hoping you had some more insight around this – especially related to my chart (Stelliums in Gemini, Aries and Scorpio). These past few years have already been full of tests and trials and learnings related to my finances / small business, despite a lot of effort and focus. I’m wearing ALL the hats and doing it alone. This all feels never ending.

    Your astrology readings for my sign and your blog posts have been helpful to me in understanding, planning and navigating various cycles but I was hoping you might look at my chart specifically and see how the next cycle might play out. It feels a little (more) doom and gloom.

    Related specifically to this post here with good old Saturn- I also have Pisces factors: Pisces moon, Diana and Prosperina. Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you. You have your nodes in Taurus-Scorpio so have incarnated to fix issues about money, property, business, charity, possessions from your last life. You have had Uranus in Taurus since 2018 and the lunar nodes are even now, opposing each other in Taurus-Scorpio, triggering your karma. The tests and trials fit the bill. Use the Tarot to find out who you were in your last life and look for Pentacles/Coins in particular. Ask what you are here to resolve in this life. July ends a lot of the strain as the nodes move out of Taurus-Scorpio and stop opposing each other and triggering the inner conflicts about money and property, within. It’s quite true that Saturn joins Neptune in your Second House (Aquarius solar chart) from March but the whole point of astrology is to have you sidestep obvious issues. Given that you have transits in your natal Second House and solar Second House to 2026, you would not just leap into a commitment in March, or assume anything, if you have no choice but to go into a commitment. You’d get the best advice you can afford. It’s the same with leaving a situation; you’d take advice. The Tarot can be useful then too.

  9. Dear Jessica, thank you very much for your job and particularly for this article. And thanks a lot for your patience answering readers’ questions. I always read them all through looking for insights and learning from experiences of others. Neptune’s journey through pisces has greatly influenced my life since 2011… I received a great reward for selling my business in 2011 and 2012. Maybe this is the merit of Neptune to reward me generously before the start of his big work on me.Then I decided I would do a job that makes my heart happy…. of course, I also wanted to earn bit. However since 2012, I haven’t earned almost anything, but somehow I got by with the money from the sale of my business and my spouse. However, I fulfilled various of my professional dreams, which later turned out to be a big fog and road to nowhere. During this time, my child fell ill with an incurable disease, my mother got dementia, and I also got sick, but for a rather long time the cause of the disease could not be found. At the last moment there was the surgery that really saved me. Now I have a feeling that I am coming back to earth slowly. I recently got a job and stopped dreaming big dreams. My question is – has this really been my Neptune trip – and if so, will my fog continue until Neptune leaves pisces? And please give me some hopeful insight on how I will be influenced by saturn in pisces. Thank you very much in advance and happy New year!

    1. Thank you. Happy Lunar New Year. The questions and comments are useful for me too; real-life astrology writ large. Neptune in Pisces was about none of the matters you mention, unless they made you turn to God, or a psychic, or join a therapy group. Looking at your chart, given all you have survived, we would expect to see Taurus/Scorpio which describes your salary, your husband, your mother and child – the financial aspects of that – and insurance. You are a Sun Pisces with Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus stelliums so have been living with upheaval (Uranus in Taurus) since 2018. You have been living with strain (the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio) more recently. Saturn in Aquarius has also made it impossible to square the financial/personal aspects of life. Throughout this time you have escaped through God, Buddha, crystals, healers, angels, perhaps astrology, therapy, counselling and the invisible world. Dream interpretation or Jung belong to this too. If you have felt fog that is typical. From March you will be asked to look at your inner life in a new way, as Saturn arrives. You will need a different approach and new tactics; patience is high on the list. Something useful to do; make your life budget. The things you cannot buy. What you would never sell out for. Who or what is precious enough to be priceless. This ‘catalogue’ can help you in this long Taurus transit until 2026. Yet, the strain of the nodal opposition in Taurus-Scorpio ends, July.

  10. An observation, rather than a question.
    I believe that you have Saturn in Pisces and thus a Saturn return this year. Do you get another professional astrologer to interpret your transits for the year or follow your own advice/guidelines?

    1. Kyra Oser is my go-to psychic and she is also a friend. I don’t know any other astrologer who uses my technique, so I follow my own advice. The trick with the second Saturn Return is to remember what the first one taught you.

  11. Hi Jessica!! This post spoke to me. With Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio, I might not want to follow any new gurus or join their retreats. But I may want to use this time to formalize some of my own practices like finally doing daily journaling or tarot? Would you mind looking at my chart? Thank you as always!

    1. Thank you. You are hugely Piscean and have your Saturn Return in Pisces. I’m glad you’re not about to sign up for some barmy ‘church’ where it’s all about your credit card. However, a Saturn Return in the Twelfth House is a proper test. Given that Saturn will form a series of conjunctions to your Pisces factors, this looks like a commitment of 2-3 years you may want to avoid, come March. So you wouldn’t sign up for a three year Tarot qualification unless you were really aware of what it involved. You are quite right to see this as a chance to formalise a journal or Tarot practice. That is a really good use of the transit. But it will comes with Saturn’s defences, moats, high walls and fences. You could use the Tarot itself, closer to the time, to repeatedly ask about new or rebooted interests in Piscean matters: nuns, priests, angels, crystals, Reiki and the invisible world. Just follow the steps. Acceptable levels of heaviness or too much?

  12. Dear Jessica,

    I have Vesta 24deg in Pisces and Moon in 26deg in Pisces. My natal Moon opposes my Sun in Virgo. Whole my life I am interested in psychology and spiritual questions too. I am working as a coach and HR consultant.
    Can you tell me in which way will I experience not only conjuction Neptun and Saturn conjuction but in the same time their conjuction with Vesta and my Natal Moon.
    Thank you.

    1. Your interest in psychology and the spiritual life is typically Piscean. The conjunction by Saturn as he travels through, with Vesta and your Moon, will up a minority male/majority female situation involving psychology, Buddhism, meditation, religion and so on. Do not begin anything then unless you want to be lumbered. And if you are invited to get further in/deeper in you may want to think about that. Saturn is heavy going. The Moon conjunction is similar. You ‘need to be needed’ through psychology or spirituality, but mothering people at that point will be very hard work. This applies to getting in deeper, or starting some kind of commitment. Be aware that it will keep you out, or keep you stuck in, a situation. Take your time.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I have my South node in Pisces at 00 degrees as well as Chiron at 06 degrees and Juno at 21degrees. I grew up in a very religious household and, although a believer in some ways, have not followed the Christian path my parents and other family members have. 2022 was a very challenging year for me and I hope to start anew in 2023 in another city.
    Can you see if my life gets easier this year?
    Happy Chinese New Year to you.

    1. Happy Lunar New Year. You knew one or both parents in your last lifetime and Christianity is back again, as a familiar theme between you. In fact, you are unlikely to get past Saturn at 0 Pisces in March, in conjunction with your natal South Node, without fielding a familiar issue. You want to move in 2023 having had a rotten 2022, for which I am sorry. One look at your chart and I can see why. You are a Gemini with Cancer and Taurus stelliums. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 and be very happy by May 2024, with the stars aligning for a house or apartment that’s what you want and deserve. Jupiter will go over your Taurus factors offering growth, solutions and expansion. He will also form sextiles to your Cancer factors in the Fourth House of property. It’s not just the roof over your head, though, it’s the whole area, region, culture, buildings, architecture, natural surroundings. It really speaks to you. Shall we say, sings to you? This works in your Gemini chart too. Financially it’s a completely different era for you from March 2023 and the 2008-2023 cycle of endless tests of willpower or challenges to your control, is over.

  14. Hi Jessica. I greatly enjoy your site, and was wondering if you could advise what I should expect from the upcoming transits. I’m kind of afraid.
    My birth info is:
    28-Jul-1965, 16:00 (36.3883809,-86.4466599)

    sun – 05° Leo 32′ 36″
    moon – 11° Leo 03′ 58″
    mercury – 29° Leo 24′ 35″
    venus – 03° virgo 56′ 15″
    mars – 16° libra 13′ 44″
    jupiter – 21° gemini 50′ 34″
    saturn – 16° pisces 28′ 00″ R
    uranus – 12° virgo 46′ 23″
    neptune – 17° scorpio 13′ 57″ R
    pluto – 14° virgo 41′ 40″
    chiron – 22° pisces 04′ 46″ R
    juno – 10° aquarius 01′ 41″ R
    vesta – 18° gemini 31′ 26″
    ceres – 02° aries 48′ 11″ R
    mc – 24° virgo 24′ 18″
    ic – 24° pisces 24′ 18″
    asc – 09° sagittarius 21′ 05″
    desc – 09° gemini 21′ 05″
    diana – 26° libra 23′ 13″
    fortuna – 05° libra 29′ 30″
    minerva – 00° leo 04′ 30″
    bacchus – 13° aries 17′ 26″
    apollo – 15° leo 47′ 36″
    aesculapia -19° libra 16′ 12″
    hygeia – 12° leo 21′ 10″
    panacea – 02° gemini 37′ 56″
    ops – 25° capricorn 35′ 02″ R
    salacia – 21° capricorn 46′ 51″ R
    proserpina – 20° virgo 01′ 37″
    cupido – 14° virgo 48′ 20″
    vulcano – 05° libra 04′ 49″
    psyche – 00° gemini 19′ 51″
    northnode – 12° gemini 31′ 54″ R
    southnode – 12° sagittarius 31′ 54″ R

    Your chart has stelliums in
    LEO (6)
    VIRGO (6)
    GEMINI (6)
    LIBRA (5)
    Thanks so much!

    1. No need to be afraid, Patrick. The whole point of astrology is to help you avoid any issues. Basically you have a spectacular year of success from May 2023 until May 2024 with a number one hit, promotion, prestigious job offer, outstanding academic result and so on. You have to make it happen, but the doors are open in May. Just before that, you realise the free-floating financial situation since 2011 can’t go on as it did. That’s March. You are going to have to come up with a strategy and your patience will be tested in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. Still, structuring the unstructured is not a bad idea and as long as you don’t lumber yourself with a commitment or an exit which weighs you down (from March) you’ll manage. Avoid any new decisions about financial or property matters in March until you have done a ton of homework. Even then feel free to decline.

    1. An empty Twelfth House without any Pisces factors at all, suggests the new restrictions with religion, therapy, Tarot (and the inner life) do not affect you. They will be obvious in the lives of others, but not reshape you in any way. You are who you are. And that’s not Pisces on any level. You may notice it more with friends who (say) can’t go to church services any more, or (for example) learn that mediumship requires rules.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    I recently within the last two years discovered or maybe more so accepted i had a gift.
    It started with mediumship and developed to more psychic work and love of astrology. Somewhere along the way i shy-ed away once again from my gift – maybe fear of peoples opinions or fear of the unknown and not fully trusting i am divinely protected. I feel i have so much to give but feel like theres an invisible block i need to get past…

    Would this transit help with any of this? I have a Pisces Stellium including Sun & Mercury!

    1. A Pisces stellium is common in the charts of mediums. Saturn in Pisces will help you, but take your time deciding which teacher, which course or which approach. Caution is advised because once you are in the situation you will have some obstacles in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. Saturn reminds us to never assume. Don’t just ‘expect’ and go in. It doesn’t hurt to be a tiny bit cynical or wary before the ingress of Saturn, just because this cycle has a reputation for teaching the naive or instructing the innocent. So ask around. Do your homework. Do your research. You have a number of worlds you can walk into in March so choose one which is the least heavy, in terms of feeling weighed down by particular barriers.

  16. Good article, Jessica. I was born with Saturn and Juno in Scorpio. Can you shine some light on that?

    1. Thank you. Saturn and Juno in Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance and shared property, suggest lifelong commitments which are hard to get out of, or situations which are hard to get into. Saturn is about ring-fenced situations and waiting games. Juno is about the bird in the gilded cage. ‘I know why the caged bird sings.’ This is a classic combination for marriage or common-law marriage challenges, which is why a pre-nuptial agreement is not a bad idea. Many women with Saturn and/or Juno in Scorpio avoid those sorts of commitments altogether and remain fancy free and forever single. Juno was married to Jupiter and her bird is the peacock. He was the peacock; she was the pea hen. Saturn was married to Ops and ate every baby she gave birth to, because he feared being usurped by his sons and daughters. So that’s the imagery. Scorpio is the creature which can sting its partner to death during sex, or eat its partner. More images! The Eighth House here is full of symbolism which suggests there are far easier things to do than make a will, receive an inheritance, be named in a trust fund, marry, divorce and the like. The South Node going through Scorpio until July 2023 suggests life as it was 18 or 19 years ago is still affecting you now. Saturn requires us to do our homework, read widely, ask the experts, prepare, go cautiously and so on. Thus we minimise the stakes and the classic Saturn experience is less demanding. Juno always asks you ‘Who are you getting into bed with and what is the unwritten expectation?’

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I have Saturn in Pisces at 29.30, please bring some light and let me know what this anaretic degree means, at the last degree of the zodiac and how to interpret this position in my birth chart. Chiron is also there, at 26, so, that means something too.
    Thank you so much for all your work.
    All the best, Gabriela

    1. Gabriela, I don’t work with anaretic degrees. Saturn Returns are important things, though, and you are on the road to this, from March 2023, with it complete by early 2026. Saturn will also form a conjunction with your Chiron in Pisces, also in the Twelfth House. Go in slowly in March. Who/what turns up, or turns up again, requires a lot of thought and awareness. You cannot stop Saturn from entering the Twelfth, he has a job to do, and he is here to obstruct you, so you are made to wait, and wait, and learn a few things. Yet, you can choose big barriers or comfortable walls, which you can accept. So be astute about what or who you commit to, or sign yourself up for.

  18. Hi Jessica, I was hoping you’d do an article on Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, thank you! I am trying to learn enough about astrology to interpret my own transits but there’s so much to learn. A week ago Neptune was exactly conjunct my North Node. So does this mean there is confusion and obfuscation around… my life purpose? I feel like that has been the story of my life but hopefully Neptune passing by means that I will gain clarity soon? Thanks for your input, it’s much appreciated!

    1. Yes, you have the North Node at 23 Pisces so Neptune has been hovering on that degree. You have the South Node at 23 Virgo, just as important. Life can feel confused, and you can confuse yourself and others, on this transit, so it is good to do non-Neptune things. Walk on earth. Make soup. Fix shelves. In this whole picture it is your health and wellbeing which matters most, as Neptune oppositions to Virgo placements can muddle us and mix things up. Try to steer yourself back to reality and normality, no matter if it’s preventing Covid or sorting out your food, dentist, doctor and the rest. Your nodes show your last past life involved a clash between your religion and your health. So you may have been a monk, for example, tending to the sick, but risking sickness yourself. It is very likely you were caught in a plague. Have a look at the Tarot to see what it tells you.

  19. Dear Jessica, thank you for another insightful article! I have stelliums in Virgo, Libra- I am concerned about these Pisces transits that will oppose my signs and what that means for me, how I can navigate them. I am already concerned as well with an upcoming Pluto Square ascendant in 2026 (and I just lost my tech job). Any tangible advice would be most welcome. Thank you

    1. I am sorry you lost your job. The Saturn transit in Pisces (transiting Saturn in Pisces in opposition to natal Virgo stelliums) requires a strategy you can live with in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. You have not mentioned health but I am going to. Your good health should be your number one priority across all levels. Nothing else matters as much as that. Have a look at your Virgo stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you. May 2023 brings Jupiter trine your Virgo stellium, in a wonderful transit that will help you reshape and rethink your lifestyle, workload, work ethic and wellbeing. Opportunities and solutions galore will come by May 2024. The Pluto square to your Ascendant was just about your appearance, reputation and title. Nothing more. It came and it went. Long-term you will be extremely successful and may think about a work partnership.

  20. This article is brilliant Jessica. As a Piscean with Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Saturn and Venus (conjunction) and Lillith in my twelfth house and Taurus ascendant (conjunct north node) this has been illuminating. I have always been deeply spiritual and have been engaged in serious self-enquiry of late. I have a yearning for spiritual awakening and often feel I have a foot in both worlds yet belong to neither. Despite the self-enquiry and my spirituality I have been been living and work in the materialistic/corporate world and not being authentic. I have tried to branch out into holistic practices over the years but nothing quite worked out for me. Everything started to change last year however, when I quit the job and decided to have time to reflect. Now I am considering working in an area that reflects authenticity. I have been very concerned about Saturn entering Pisces and hitting my stellium, yet after reading your article I wonder if it will finally bring the structure I have been lacking in recent years or will it hinder my spirituality. Any insight would be appreciated.

    1. Thank you. I don’t use Lilith as she’s not part of the Roman astrological family tree. Your Pisces stellium has been without an anchor since 2011, so you have been floating with holistic practices and spirituality. Saturn changes all that in March. It’s rather like being in the ocean, adrift, and then realising there are sea walls, rules on a board, and scaffolding to reinforce the cliffs. The person, organisation or situation which appears by the second week of March will show you how things might be. At that point you need to figure out a strategy. Don’t just amble into this. For example, training in hypnosis may be more restrictive or limiting than you realised. There are many examples, but just be aware that life will be different and require a great deal of patience, staying power, stoicism and above all – a plan you can live with until 2026.

  21. Hi Jessica, I have only 2 factors in Pisces but, interestingly enough, have just recently become enthralled w tarot – particularly with Jung archetype influences, so I found this fascinating. I have also just had my first hypnotherapy session. I wonder if any other aspects to this are of note here or if this is coincidence. I am also interested in hearing how my 0 degree pluto in scorpio resonates with these big changes, if at all. X

    1. You have Proserpina and Aesculapius in Pisces in your Twelfth House of Tarot and Jung, hypnosis and the inner world. They are under transit, so coming alive for you. I expect you are also being set on a new path, with Saturn entering Pisces in March, which can only happen around every 28 years. Neptune is already in Pisces as you know. Saturn coming is a big deal, and the tracks are being laid. Proserpina is the go-between. She literally travelled between the afterlife and the living. Aesculapius is a symbol of who/what returns from the brink of non-existence, death or ‘the end.’ They are something any Jungian would recognise and may appear in your dreams. Have a look at them on Google Images as the paintings and sculpture will ring bells for you. Essentially the house where they have rooms, has Neptune upstairs, and Saturn about to enter with his suitcase, in the first week of March. Seeing it this way may also help you closer to the time. Your online library here should explain these symbols in detail.

  22. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for everything.
    I`’m a professional medium and tarot reader, a sun in Aquarius with a beautiful stellium in Pisces (of course). I’m trying to understand what it’s going to mean for my Saturn in Pisces but also Pluto in Aquarius and I’m finding it very difficult. I feel an energy barrier in March that doesn’t allow me to see much further. I also have stelliums in Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Capricorn XD

    I would appreciate a few words and a little light.

    1. Good question. And thank you. You are having the same transit in your Twelfth House, publicly and privately. In your solar chart (Aquarius) you have Pluto preparing to leave Capricorn in the final week of March, exiting your Twelfth House of mediumship and Tarot, for the first time. He retrogrades back in June but has lost his power. Who or what controlled your mediumship and psychic ability since 2008, goes. This may be a new guide. It may be a new deck. Even when Pluto comes back for a short time, the old ways are over. In your private chart, the same house is triggered in March. Saturn joins Neptune in Pisces in your packed Twelfth House. What was fluid, sometimes confusing, occasionally confused, random, rather mysterious – is now about to alter. For all that you have gained from having zero boundaries with spirit since Neptune entered Pisces in 2011, you have also found whenever you drop anchor, it can come loose, and you have often drifted, spiritually or psychically. March brings new barriers, obstacles and necessary rules for yourself. This does feel like a guide departing, or a definite switch in your usual technique or approach, because it’s required, basically. Have a look at your Pisces stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you. March is important because you also join a group or leave a group – or reboot a group. This may be related (say, a spiritualist church circle). It may be quite unrelated, but you will realise ‘Something Changed’ to quote Jarvis Cocker! You could find yourself in quite a powerful position. As always with Pluto, share the power and handle with care. It’s dynamite, March-June in particular.

  23. Thank you so much Jessica, through your blogs you have kindly explained so much to me about the incredible role Astrology plays in our lives. I have been particularly drawn to this one and I am simply amazed how you have managed to cover my life since 2011.

    Questioning my own faith and upbringing. I turned to an International psychic, healer, trance medium and attended her workshops for some years.

    During these years I became immersed in a fantasy world of forming my children’s book through paintings at art classes before writing the story and the book being accepted for publication.

    Due to an accident (I always describe as my Peter Pan moment flying through the air but crashing to the ground) causing numerous injuries and leading eventually to the dreadful medication you mention in your blog ‘Lyrica’! Falling to the depths of the terrible side effects. Thankfully I slowly came off the medication a few years ago.

    Prior to all this my happy place was the thrill of being tactician when sailing & racing boats as a hobby.

    My life seems to have spiralled out of my control over these years whilst also being betrayed by a sibling for their monetary gain.

    Hopefully now I am older and wiser, entering a more stable time in my life! I dream of finding a home of our own with my husband and our pets. Can you see these new beginnings in my chart this year?

    Thank you for your amazing accuracy and all the hard work you must put into helping so many of your interested readers. You are truly incredible.
    A very Happy Lunar New Year to you.

    1. Thank you. It sounds as if you were Neptuned. Neptune in Pisces in the Twelfth House since 2011 has bamboozled many people with Pisces factors. I am sorry you were put on Lyrica. Made by Pfizer. With awful side effects for many people, it seems. Neptune rules drugs and not all drugs are good. They can kill pain but also affect your brain, as you discovered. I am sorry you were put through it. Your sailing was the positive side of the Neptune transit. Escaping through cruising on the sea. You want a home for you and your husband and pets. You are a Sun Pisces with enough Taurus (money) and Cancer (property) in your chart to find a terrific way to save enough money, or make it, from May 2023 to May 2024 to make a residence change possible. You can stash the money away, without much effort, or find your personal income increases, or the value of what you own increases. Jupiter in Taurus will go through your Second House of money, expanding and improving your life, and form sextiles to your Cancer factors, in your Fourth House, which rules land, houses, apartments, gardens and the actual area you call home, so this goes beyond the roof over your head. It augurs well.

  24. Fantastic and so much to unpack. I’ll be busy for days!

    What might I expect more specifically as a Scorpio Sun and Pisces moon? In your natural chart system my moon shows up in the 12th house, though in other systems using whole house it shows up in the 11th house with an empty 12th house. Does it matter or is it essentially the same?

    Thanks as always!


    1. Your Pisces Moon is in the Twelfth House so you take care of people by reading Tarot for them; channelling the spirit world for them; using your religious or spiritual knowledge to comfort them; using Reiki and so on. The invisible gifts of the Twelfth. As a Scorpio Sun too, you run on feelings, these both being water signs. Other house systems will put it in the Eleventh House of groups and friends. You have had Neptune in Pisces since 2011 in your lunar house, so it is rather like having a house guest who is everywhere, all over the place, all the time, and has no relationship with reality. There may literally be a person like this who has been omnipresent. Saturn entering the house is like a new house guest who brings all sorts of rules and regulations, restrictions and bolts and locks with him. Doors go in, walls go in, fences go up. Take care as you go into, or get out of, situations which are Piscean in nature when Saturn arrives as you may be lumbered for quite a long time. Know your deal.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    I have a Leo stellium and have had a real difficult time with dating/starting any new romantic relationship in the past 2.5 years. I’m hoping that with Saturn changing signs things will change. Can you look at my chart and see if there’s hope? Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. Anyone with a Leo stellium in the Fifth House of courtship and bedroom, has put up with Saturn in Aquarius in opposition, since Christmas 2020. The cycle stops in the first week of March. If you are strongly Leo, then being courted (and courting) but also inhabiting the royal bedchamber is part of your personality. So, you have been obstructed, by a cycle which can only come along every 29 years. This is very different to equal partnership, committed marriage and a legal duet. It can be a one-night stand. Your first Leo placement is at 12 degrees so it will be many years before Pluto goes to 12 Aquarius and challenges you again. Until then you are off the hook. All barricades have gone from March. Enjoy yourself.

  26. Thank you for another great article Jessica. Trying to understand this Saturn transit. So if Im a Pisces what does it mean if Saturn is in 12th house in natal chart and 1st house in Solar chart how do I interpret this transit

    1. Good question. The natal or birth chart is your private life. The solar or Sun Sign chart is your public life. If you are a Sun Pisces then Saturn in Pisces will enter the First House of your public chart, and public life, which rules your reputation, appearance and title. This takes place at the end of the first week of March. Meanwhile, in your private chart, and private life, Saturn in Pisces enters your Twelfth House of religion, counselling, Tarot, spirituality, hypnosis and meditation. Prince Andrew is going through this with you, as he is a Sun Pisces. So is Prince Edward, who is a Sun Pisces. The Twelfth House is solitary and often secret – you experience the cycle alone. I’d say it’s highly likely that Andrew is in therapy or receiving religious counsel from the Church of England. Prince Edward is the only senior member of the Royal Family not to be divorced. He has also accepted a new title and may be receiving Anglican attention and care, as of course the monarchy and church are inseparable. I hope this gives you an idea of how it all works. You’ll likely have a different title or reputation, confirmed in March when Saturn goes into Pisces and your solar First House. Saturn joins Neptune. So things become far more structured, far more restrictive, as you will be dealing with new barriers and obstacles, new rules, regulations or limitations. Watch Andrew and Edward then. They will too! On the inside, however, something just as important is going on, and that is Saturn in your natal Twelfth House. Having floated, drifted and meandered with God (or your rejection of God) since 2011 you will now find yourself on firm ground, as there are heavy new realities there about your inner life, no matter if you read Tarot and don’t go to church, or if you rate quantum theory above religious faith. Thus your interior and exterior feed off each other then. Go in slowly and carefully.

  27. Hi Jessica. Thank you for your generosity in answering our innumerable questions. May I ask for your help please understanding the natural system you work with: would I count my Sun Scorpio as my first house which would make Libra my 12th house? Or do I count my Capricorn Ascendant as my first house making Sag my 12th House? I know that transiting Saturn in Pisces will oppose my natal Saturn in Virgo- I’m trying to determine whether that makes Virgo my 11th house or my 9th house respectively? And how it relates to Virgo as the (6th?) House of Health, work and service? Thank You. JJ

    1. I use two house systems. The Natural House system is the same for everybody. It is best for prediction. Aries is on the cusp of the First House, Taurus is on the cusp of the Second House, and so on, until you end up with Pisces on the cusp of the Twelfth House. For exact prediction, I also use another house system at the same time. This is the Solar House system, where your Sun sign goes on the cusp of the First House, again using equal houses. As you are a Sun Scorpio, yes, Scorpio is on the cusp of your First House and we end up with Libra on the cusp of your Twelfth House. Your question about your transiting Saturn in Pisces opposition to natal Saturn in Virgo is about your birth chart, or personal chart, so we use the Natural House system for that, and find that transiting Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House will oppose natal Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House. Turning to your Scorpio chart, we find Aries rules the Sixth House and you have Jupiter and Chiron there, in March, April, part of May – so the same house is being picked up in both your public and private horoscope. The Sixth House. There are solutions there for new questions which appear in March, regarding your self-care and wellbeing.

  28. Goodness, what am I in for Jessica? My pisces chockablock stellium and ascendant. Would you please have a look?

    I do quite relate to cold water plunges you referred to in the blog. I grew up with cold water lakes and no live near the coast. Daily cold unmixed showers have been a tonic to me for the last two years. So very invigorating.

    On a side note project veritas has just released an astonishing video on Pfizer. With one of their directors on camera saying they are “mutating” COVID-19 Virus to increase infectiousness.

    Thank you Kind regards,


    1. You live in your Twelfth House much of the time, Patrick, so need to escape from the real world and cold water has that classic Neptune ‘comfortably numb’ effect. People who are strongly Pisces, Neptune-influenced or Twelfth House tend to gravitate towards surfing, diving, wild swimming and the like. Saturn and Neptune in Pisces will likely be about more than that, though. Your acceptance of God, or rejection of God, your upbringing (religious or very much not) and your experience of other realities, is in the frame. Saturn will produce barriers so that you either feel stuck inside a situation, or on the outside, looking in. We don’t know why. As this begins in March, though, you can consciously choose which experience to have. You will certainly be shown one classic pathway. Yet, maybe you’d rather choose another. As for Pfizer, I need to see this video. They have a river of gold, don’t they? They produced what they call a vaccine, which does not stop infection and illness. So, transmission and Long Covid. I have long been curious as to why UVC (UV222) light was not the big global government and share market investment in 2020, 2021, 2022 instead of needles. Turns out, there is excellent evidence from various universities that it wipes out Covid, but also colds and flu. And most people don’t know about it. Readers in the US and UK tell me they have had to try very, very hard to buy the Philips HEPA-UVC units. Why? Why aren’t they as easy to buy as Philips CD-players, shavers and electric toothbrushes? (Strokes chin thoughtfully).

  29. Hi Jessica. I have Pisces in my 6 house representing health, wellness and work. Last year I started a meditation channel on Youtube and often thought about starting recording the meditations again. Is this Pisces transit favourable for these types of hobbies? I do believe in self-healing and the power of the mind.

    1. You have a stellium in Gemini (the media, internet, publishing) and Bacchus and Psyche in Virgo (wellbeing). The meditation channel on YouTube is a good outlet for you. I am not surprised you want to go back to the channel, and in fact if you stay with it, will have incredible opportunities and rewards, either on YouTube or another outlet, from May 2024 until June 2025. Healing does work; have you seen the testimonials and scientific evidence for Matthew Manning? Perhaps you have. The world needs more of it.

  30. Thank you so much Jessica! I got it and will use these natural/solar interpretations going forward.

  31. Hello Jessica,
    Many years ago I moved to a place in the country which is full of astrological signs – Jupiter, Venus, and Ceres. I came here to feel safe and secure, and because it is beautiful. A few years ago a new partner (Aries, Libra Asc) came into my life and moved in with me. Over time it became clear he was not what he seemed – major Stellium in Pisces (Jupiter, Ops, Chiron, Mars, Bacchus, Mercury and Aesculapia) plus 6 in Aquarius (Proserpina, IC, Diana, Saturn, South Node, Hygeia). The relationship ended 1 year ago, but he decided – despite my upset at the prospect – that he would stay next door, rent there and try to buy. New woman appeared (what a surprise!) and despite the fact she lives elsewhere he continues to live next to me, our front doors face. They say they’re getting married, she has large house elsewhere, but they come for days at a time to use the house next to mine for their ‘personal time’. (He also has Pluto conjunct Lilith – go figure…) Frankly the last year’s revelations have felt like living in a soap opera. I’m drained and muddled and had a concussion last month, and I’m holding on for the shifts in March.
    I always feel guilty adding to your massive inbox, but a couple of weeks ago I was in Leeds and saw the Holman Hunt painting in this blog, which was across the gallery from a Leighton painting The Return of Persephone, featuring Ceres/Demeter, Mercury/Hermes and of course Persephone/ Proserpina. I was transfixed by that Persephone painting – since following you for years I now look for signs, and this painting seemed to be saying something to me, Ceres in particular. And then this piece re Saturn / Pisces / Aquarius seems to be relevant. I’m hoping for some guidance or clarity of direction so I can get on with making the most of my own life rather than reacting to someone else’s bad behaviour. I guess also I really want someone to say the ex is going to go away – I want to feel at ease in my home.
    Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. You’ve been my astro hero for years, and my respect and awe increase.
    Annie x

    1. Annie, no need to feel guilty about adding your very welcome comments. It’s what I’m here for, and although I do have so many questions and messages, I am now sitting down with a large cup of tea, and the dog, to see what’s what. I am very sorry you have found a partner who has behaved in such an awful way. You broke up a year ago, he rented next door to you, tried to buy and moved a new woman in. They intend to get married. You also had a concussion last month, which has not helped your peace of mind in the face of this situation. The painting you saw in Leeds is important. Synchronicity is what astrology is based on. The Return of Persephone is a painting of Proserpina, the Roman version of her (and astrology is Roman). Proserpina was the daughter of Ceres who married Pluto, against her mother’s wishes, and had to compromise by spending half the year with Pluto, and half the year with her mother. I will look at Proserpina in your birth chart, but my bet would be on Vesta, as your problem. Okay, so you are a Sun Pisces with Capricorn, Cancer and Gemini stelliums. The aggravation with the neighbours (them) will end in March. You will actually end up being delighted with your neighbours eventually, so they do move away, or you move to a better place – that’s 2024, next year. Try not to engage in a ‘mind war’ in January, February, March 2023 with them as he may have corded you, or you may have corded him. For more on cords see excellent mediums like John Edwards; Linda Williamson; Gordon Smith. It’s no big deal it’s just easier without them. Mars Retrograde in Gemini has been your issue since September last year, as Mars rules aggression (he is the Roman God of war as you know) and he has been in Gemini, ruling the people next door, going backwards, getting stuck and retracing his steps! He resumes normal motion in March then is on his way into another sign. The improvements that come next year do so because Jupiter (the biggest and best) goes into Gemini from May 2024 and stays until June 2025. Now, circling back to Proserpina, you have her in exact conjunction with Diana at 15 Cancer. That describes your role in your family as the go-between who went from one powerful relative to another, or one influential and commanding side of the family, to the other. Piggy in the middle. This also made you quite powerful as both relatives or both sides of the family tree wanted you with them. At the same time you need freedom, space and independence at home, with the family or household, and in terms of your house, apartment or garden at the time. Diana is the goddess who roams far and wide and she begged her father Jupiter to release her from marriage and motherhood so she could be free. This is powerful stuff in your chart. Have a look at more paintings and sculpture of Proserpina and Diana. Do you have a dog? Women with an emphasis in their charts on Diana often do; she was the goddess with the greyhound. Ask yourself if this situation with him rings any bells about your own family, or any previous shared household, in relation to Proserpina and Diana. And so to Vesta who I suspect is the culprit here. Bingo. You have Vesta, who always turns up in harem situations (even if you’ve broken up with the man) at 10 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex, death, property, possessions and money, making several exact patterns in your chart. The South Node is in Scorpio for the first time in 18-19 years. It is very important that you stop competing with this woman, or engaging in battle with her. Even in your head. Vesta is very common in the charts of men who have exclusively daughters, more than one marriage and female friends, as they are the lone male in a pool of women and enjoy the power and ego gratification. You also see Vesta turning up when women get into a pickle with men who manipulate them into a ‘harem’. You might also call this King Henry VIII syndrome. I know you can’t walk away because this pair are quite deliberately in your street, but you can own your Proserpina and Diana and drop your Vesta. The best remedy for Vesta is to make friends with the woman. I once knew a man who would habitually spend time with women at astrology conferences (never men; too much competition) and he was nicely played one day, at a table full of women, when they decided to talk to each other and ignore him. He stalked off. Have a look at the paintings of Vesta too and get to know these archetypes. There is a solution there for you, but you will need to generate it. This does not last.

  32. I cannot thank you enough for this generous and considered reply. Lots to think about. Especially the Vesta / 10 pattern, which I’ve never noticed. None so blind, as they say.. And yes, I was always piggy in the middle from an early age – not a good place for a small child to be. And I have always preferred a large degree of independence and space in my romantic life. I think firstly I may try to meet the EX-wife, compare notes, and then on to the current replacement. Thank you for this perspective – I was getting very angry about the new one, but easier to recognise her as just another victim. It’s a relief to have some positive strategies.
    P.S. No dog, but I have been landed with someone else’s cat for the last 2 years. “Not-my-cat” & I rub along pretty well together, always nice to have a purr and a cuddle.
    A xx

    1. You are right when you say the new woman is another victim. If you were a fly on the wall you would probably hear him trying to make her envious of you. Vesta is a symbol that comes to use from the Temple of the Vestales in Rome and can be quite intense and painful. Solidarity between the women against the King of the Harem is a really good tactic and even thinking about it can reduce the issues. I know you have a cat but one day a dog will come your way and you will realise how much like Diana you are!

  33. I’m a Pisces with Virgo moon and rising. I’ve been interested in energy work a long time, I’m. Reiki master but I’ve never pursued having clients. Recently I feel as though I am being called to do life coaching. Is this anything to do with Saturn? I’ve felt that it may take me a while to ease into it- 5 to 10 years, for example

    1. You have the Moon, Ascendant, Panacea and Ops in the Sixth House of healing, health and wellbeing. You are a Reiki Master and wonder if you should life-coach. It’s up to you, but you will find the forthcoming Saturn opposition to your Virgo stellium makes any new choices about helping/healing mental and physical health quite demanding. Transiting Saturn in Pisces in opposition to Virgo factors is a heavily blocked and obstructed situation, 2023-2026 so you need to ease yourself into your choices very carefully, so you know what you are letting yourself in for. I am sure you know Saturn’s element is lead. Saturn transits can feel quite heavy. You also have a stellium in Pisces itself in the Twelfth House which rules the spirit world. Reiki is obviously spirit-guided healing and so Virgo-Pisces describes who you are and what you do, but it’s also been 29 years since Saturn was right on that axis, so whatever you choose, has to be fully conscious and very considered, as you will be lumbered with it for some time. Accepting heavy responsibility or quite rigid restrictions, rules and limitations is something you may feel is perfectly fine, but just watch who or what comes your way in March as it’s not the time to just wade into anything new, without lots of research.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your helpful and hopeful video showing the Tarot cards for each sign. You have a magnetic presence on screen!
    My partner of over a decade lost his mother recently, and his life has been turned upside down. He’s an Aquarian (with sun and Jupiter at 24 degrees) with stelliums in Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini. His mental health has suffered terribly recently while revisiting many episodes of neglect and some emotional abuse in childhood due to his mother’s alcoholism. In Pisces he has Cupido, Hygeia, Mercury, and his Descendant. His Neptune is in Sagittarius. His Saturn is in Gemini. In Virgo he has only his Ascendant.

    Might you see the possibility for him to get some relief and take on life again with his former good humour in the near future? Getting mental health supports is difficult here due to a doctor shortage but he has been seeing psychologists. I’m hoping some of the big transits this year will be in his favour.

    1. I’m so sorry your partner is going through this trauma. The good news is, from May 2023 he gets the support he needs to restart with his memory of her, but also other family members. Luck is on his side as Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus go through his Fourth House of family. The North Node is also there in Taurus so life as it was 18-19 years ago is currently coming back to him for closure, either with her, or another relative. He has to look at why she drank in the first place. He is very likely to go into counselling at a new level from March either with a new person, or just a different approach. It may be hard work but he will ultimately transform and be happier for it. Another relative will come through for him. You are there for him. If he had/has a sibling or cousin, that is part of the story and will turn around in his favour, in 2024-2025.

  35. Greetings from Bosnia, Jessica!
    I’m also looking forward to March and I can already feel it in the air. It’s a nice feeling of optimism that comes from reading your posts.
    I am particularly interested in Pluto, which will be in sextile with my natal Saturn for almost two years. I wonder what this could mean for my career, considering I want to get serious in that field? By the way, I am a freelance journalist.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with a Virgo and Gemini stellium, which is very common in the astrological charts of journalists. Not so much Sun Cancer, but certainly Virgo and Gemini, both ruled by Mercury the Messenger of the Gods. Pluto in sextile to natal Saturn at 29 Pisces is quite hard work, in terms of religion, your rejection of God, spirituality, therapy, counselling, Tarot, psychics, hypnosis and your inner life. So, you may want to reduce the significance of that in your life (if you can) and certainly get into any new situation very cautiously. Saturn is your barricades, blocks, obstacles and ‘walls’ with (say) the church, or the spirit world, or faith. It goes back to childhood. I have known women who were educated at Roman Catholic convent boarding schools who in later life had issues with God, because of it (and Saturn in Pisces too). It’s intensely personal. Sometimes it’s therapy or hypnosis. As for the writing, no problem there, you’ll have a huge hit, get a great job or win an award from May 2024 to June 2025 and from 2026 enter an exhilarating new cycle, past 2030, when you use new technology to write, broadcast or be heard. You are very likely to be using two languages at once, or more.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I am 60 this year so will I be affected by a Saturn return?
    I am not particularly religious but I began working part-time at my local Cathedral in 2022 greeting visitors, working in the shop and the museum. I was a volunteer there for 4 years before the pandemic. I am enjoying it, although it can be hard work. It’s an amazing building to work in. How will Saturn in Neptune in Pisces affect me this year?
    many thanks Pauline

    1. You have Saturn in Aquarius and your IC in Pisces, Pauline. So you’ve had your Saturn Return, and it involved groups and friendships. The IC in Pisces is about a relative or ancestor who was also involved with the church. You may know who it was immediately. Your part-time job in the Cathedral sounds terrific, but it’s also a way of experiencing your inheritance from a family member, even in the distant past, as when you were born, what they call the IC or Immum Coeli was in the sign of the fishes. You may even find the fishes in the Cathedral itself, or the vesica piscis symbol, which is based on fish (Pisces being the Latin word for fish and also the zodiac sign). What you will see in 2023 in England, particularly, is a deep questioning of the church and the institution of marriage. It is already happening with the Anglican church of course, but for all kinds of reasons, people will be soul-searching on the issue of matrimony and what it means – and why it matters. It’s not just about same sex marriage or royal marriages gone wrong – or which were never consecrated – it’s really about faith and belief. A very important year for those questions!

  37. Hi Jessica,
    My birth-chart reads Sun in Scorpio along with Mars and Venus. My ascendant is Pisces with Jupiter, Juno, Vulcano and Ceres in it (Stellium). Nothing in Taurus. Other stelliums are in Libra (Moon, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Apollo, Ops, Bacchus) and Sagittarius (North Node, Neptune, MC, Vesta, Proserpina). Saturn in Cancer.

    Three Questions related to well-being/safety of family and financial freedom to retire and pursue higher causes (we are voluntarily seeking to move away from the rat race, materialistic ways and mundane life to pursue an alternative lifestyle which is more spiritual, holistic, working for good causes, safe for children and family — much hinges on safety in relocation and financial freedom to do all that):
    – What do Uranus/Jupiter and Saturn/Neptune transits imply for me over next couple years?
    – What does Pluto transiting from March onward mean for my configuration?
    – Eclipses in April and July and their implications on life course, relocation and finances?

    Appreciate if you can shed light on these transits and placements. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. You want to move yourself and the family out of the rat race, and go alternative. We begin with your Sun Sign and solar chart, to see what happens publicly. You are a Sun Scorpio with stelliums in Libra, Pisces and Sagittarius. You will probably move between March and June, when Saturn goes out of your Fourth House of property, and Pluto goes into the Fourth House. If you don’t move then, you could easily do it in 2024, 2025 as Pluto settles into your Fourth House for the next 20 years or so. Long-term, you will have an escape from the real world, so your way of living, working, volunteering, eating, sleeping, exercising (the lot) becomes a holiday from reality after the year 2026. Neptune moves into Aries and your solar Sixth House of lifestyle and workload. Neptune is about escaping, which fits what you want to do. The family itself goes through quite deep change, starting in March 2023, as there will be a shift in the controls, either with your immediate family, or on your mother’s side or father’s side. It’s a reshuffle of rights, roles and responsibilities and it’s long term. There are also great changes with your partner; the co-parent, as freedom and independence become extremely important from May 2023 to May 2024. Space! The long-term future does look like a financial and lifestyle shift, as Uranus in Gemini from the year 2026, way past 2030, suggests you will do things very, very differently with your partner and the family, in terms of your money, house, apartment and/or valuables. In your natal chart, a similar story shows up with your partner, as from July 2023 the South Node goes into your Seventh House, staying there through 2024, and you two have important decisions to make about each other.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about this. Saturn is yet to enter Pisces, so we really need to track March 7th and the days either side. You tend to get the obvious ‘beginning of everything’ on a world level, when a planet enters a new sign. So we’d expect something of global importance with religion. Pluto in Capricorn bows out in the final week of March, which should also be obvious. When he came in, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were against each other, and the Democrats were against the Republicans. System change. A non-white man in the White House and a woman who would one day, happen to trump, Trump in the popular vote. We end this system-change, power-change cycle with Kamala Harris as good evidence of the outcome of what began, all those years ago, as Pluto entered Capricorn. I’ll be really, really curious to see if Harris is the story in late March, as he goes out.

  38. Hi Jessica, I have stelliums in Libra, Scorpio, Sag, Capricorn and Aquarius and my moon is at 0 degrees of pisces opposite pluto in virgo, with Saturn moving into pisces, plus it trines my Scorpio stellium, I’m not sure what to expect with all of that? On top of that Pluto moves into Aquarius affecting my Aquarius stellium and squaring my Scorpio stellium, and I have mars in Taurus so Uranus will be conjunct that but opposite the Scorpio stellium? Are they all related and am I in for a massive upset? I have already been thru a career upset when I was laid off 4 months ago after 45 years at the company. I’m not sure if all of these are part of that career upset or if there is something else coming. I am hoping things get easier for me but this line up scares me. Thank you in advance for your insight.

    1. Upset is Uranus, which upsets the apple cart, pulls the rug, and overturns the stagecoach. It does that to shake us into a new way of life. It can be quite liberating once the initial ‘What?’ is over. You have natal Uranus at 16 Leo and a Scorpio stellium, with a regular Taurus signature. This is not about any upset involving your natal Uranus, so much as ongoing mini-upsets with money, shopping, sales, charity, houses and apartments, business, superannuation-pension, insurance and so on. Transiting Uranus in Taurus is with you in your Second House of salary (you were laid off, after 45 years) and is in opposition to your Eighth House of shared income, legacies and inheritance. The transit ends in 2026 as you know. You are a Sun Scorpio woman, with stelliums in Scorpio, Aquarius and Capricorn. The flip phrase for ‘upset’ is ‘set up’ and every upset is a set up by the universe, designed to set you free. It takes great insight to stand back from being laid off, to understand that you have been liberated from something that would have kept you tied up for years. In time you will come to appreciate it. At the moment you are still recovering. A useful thing to do, is sort out your finances so they are flexible. Be light on your feet, so you can meet change with change. With Uranus we literally have no idea what that will be. You have Jupiter at 15 Scorpio in the Eighth House so were born lucky with other people’s money, property and possessions. You will make or save a lot of money when transiting Jupiter enters Taurus and your Second House in May 2023, and he stays there until May 2024. Jupiter also opposes natal Jupiter along the way, which is big. Jupiter is a symbol of hope, growth, expansion, reward, optimism and increase. Sometimes what upsets your old plans and fixed ideas, is very good news indeed. It is so in this case. The Capricorn stellium tells me that March 2023 is the beginning of the end of 15 years of people politics in your career. I know you have left your career, but whatever happens in late March underscores the end of power and control issues. That’s long overdue. The Aquarius stellium tells me that also from late March, you will be invited to join or rejoin a group, or participate in a group of some kind – and real power will be on offer to you. Most interesting, grasshopper.

  39. Jessica, thank you for your kindness and your unbelievable insight, I truly appreciate it.

  40. Dear Jessica,

    after a catastrophic 2022 which left me with life-changing health issues and saw me finally let go of an long on-and-off relationship with a close lover/friend (the boundaries were blurred) which became very destructive and difficult over the last three years I am trying to look forward to this next chapter with a sense of optimism and inspiration. What should I expect from the upcoming planetary shifts this year? I am currently finishing writing a book and hoping to be able to find a way of doing a Masters in a maths-related field in the next years.
    Also, I am wanting to ask the aforementioned former lover for financial support with my health difficulties (which he was essentially the cause of). Do the stars support this? He is an Aries born on the 23rd of March, if that helps.
    Many thanks,

    1. Thank you Natasha. You are writing a book and doing your Masters. This sounds good, after your health crisis. Your old lover caused the health crisis (he is an Aries) and you want money from him. You are a Sun Leo woman with stelliums in Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius. The Sagittarius stellium in your Ninth House of academia and publishing is typical of people who become authors and academics. Just be aware that there will be unpredictable, sudden obstacles with your degree and/or book when Uranus goes into Gemini, the opposite sign, from 2025. Check the fine print on the paperwork when you sign up and make sure you are covered for unforeseen circumstances. The year 2025 does seem to be a turning point as in your Leo (solar, public) chart Neptune goes into Aries, also your Ninth House. I would expect this to involve foreigners and foreign countries, which Sagittarius also rules. It’s just sensible to check contracts anyway, but you’d want another pair of eyes over them, before the Uranus oppositions begin. Your health is of course Virgo and the Sixth House. Again this shows up in your public and private chart. You have transiting Pluto in your Leo Sixth House of wellbeing and you have oppositions from Saturn in Pisces to your Virgo stellium, after the month of March 2023. March looks like decision time, likely from the first week, about your health. Should you ask him for money? Everything has its price. You may get money from him after May 2023 when he has more than enough to go around, but the price you actually pay for that is very heavy indeed. Be extremely careful with/about your former lover. There are so many easier paths in life you could try than him. Have a look at the Tarot to see those paths. You have a stunning opportunity for great success from May 2023 and may know about it on May 19th. It would be there for about a year. Going back to your health, from March 2023, it should be your number one priority. As you are a Virgo stellium woman, drill down into the unconscious – your subconscious mind – and see if there is anything there that might have pushed you to have time off, or time out, or even to get him into a situation where he owes you financially – where he is morally or ethically tied to you, or financially beholden to you. Have a look at your Virgo stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to read. There is usually more to just ‘life-changing health issues’ than meets the eye, in astrology. See if you can find out what’s really going on, deep down. It will help you.

  41. Dear Jessica,
    My grandson is a Sun Gemini with the following stelliums:
    In Aries: Jupiter 29° 23’ 09”; Uranus 03° 58’ 45”; Desc 14° 49’ 53”; Bacchus 03° 15’ 27”.
    In Taurus: Mercury 27° 35’ 16”; Venus 20° 17’ 17”; Mars 15° 51’ 54”; Ops 14° 50′ 24″ ; Proserpina 24° 58′ 11″.
    In Gemini: Sun 10° 47’ 09”; Moon 07° 48’ 13”; Apollo 26° 11’ 22”; Cupido 07° 19′ 44″; South Node 23° 24′ 39” R.
    In Cancer: MC 20° 03’ 11”; Diana 26° 57′ 10″; Minerva 23° 26′ 48″; Psyche 13° 26′ 43″
    In Libra: Saturn 10° 33′ 21″ R; Asc: 14° 49′ 53″; Fortuna 09° 02′ 11″.
    In Pisces: Neptune 00° 55′ 36″; Chiron 05° 27′ 34″; Ceres 23° 07′ 19″; Salacia 24° Pisces 26′ 49″
    I would be grateful if you could say how the planetary changes coming could impact his life?
    Many thanks, Carol x

    1. The Pisces transit of Saturn and Neptune will pass through his Twelfth House, where he already has a stellium in Pisces. He was actually born with Neptune at 0 Pisces so transiting Saturn will be in a conjunction with natal Neptune. Was he born to a family where there was a strongly religious person, or a strongly spiritual or New Age person? Even for one so young there must be something there that plonks him into another reality. Maybe it’s you. Saturn at 0 Pisces is evident from March 7th and will restrict him. It will limit him, no matter if he is a daydreamer currently lost in his own little world, or a fervent young believer in angels (say) or the Tarot. He also has Salacia, Neptune’s wife, in Pisces. He has no boundaries. He may be psychic or a medium, even now. It is very important that he has some kind of structure and guidance; whatever his bag is, the elders there could be useful mentors.

  42. Oh please not more restriction. I know when I sit back they are all lessons but just felt so controlled by life recently and it feels like there is little truth left in this current world just agendas whether it be govts, media or organisations that seem to be masquerading as benevolent parties acting in our best interests. Never put myself down as a conspiracy theorist but I sure do feel that with all this mounting information coming to light it’s hard to figure out what or who is telling the truth anymore and our freedoms are being curtailed.

    1. Actually, you’ll find Pluto in Aquarius empowers people and the power that was being abused by the elite at the top disappears. The control is back to most of us, having been soundly demolished in America, Britain, China, Russia and Australia by a tiny number of plutocrats. (And that’s just the first five countries that spring to mind). Watch the last week of March for early signs. I’ll chat more about this on The Astrology Show Podcast in that week’s episode, so the week beginning Monday 20th March. Thank you.

  43. Thank you Jessica for your fabulous articles! I am really trying to absorb all the information and follow the “advice” of astrology. I find it all so fascinating and I truly am amazing how you organize it all so smoothly! Thank you for sharing your gift !
    I have a couple questions if you can spare a moment. My sun is just barely in Taurus on April 20. Am I a Taurus or an Aries ? Also, I have a stelliums in pieces. I’m having difficulty understanding how Neptune and Saturn will affect me. I took notice of taking care of my health and putting it first. Taking action to do that.
    Is now a good time to shift out if healthcare ? I think it’s a huge stressor …. But to go to what ???
    Thank you for your time !
    Blessings from Las Vegas !!

    1. Thank you very much. Your Sun sign is decided by your chart, based on time, place and date of birth. You are a Taurus. You have a large Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of health, lifestyle, workload and wellbeing. Saturn will move into a long, slow opposition to that, from 8th March and around that time you may want to pay special attention to what is going on, be it a medical insurance matter, or just your teeth – perhaps more serious issues like Covid safety at work. It’s a good idea to make your health the number one priority from that point. From July, the South Node moves into Libra, and again into your solar (public) Sixth House of health and work, so it’s a repeat statement about 2023 and 2024. It’s a good time to start some research.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for this information. I don’t have Pisces factors but my son has Stelliums in Pisces (5), Aries (5), Capricorn (4) and Sagittarius (4). I worry for him as an empathetic and intuitive Pisces type. Unfortunately, these traits are often looked down upon in males. He also has psychic ability that he’s not ready to acknowledge yet. When he is able to verbalize it he describes very vivid dreams and a clear recollection of a past life where he spent a lot of time on airplanes but will not discuss further. I thought this was ironic as my grandfather flew fighter jets in WWII and also refused to discuss his experiences due to PTSD. Do you notice anything in his chart that I should look out for on the Saturn in Pisces cycle? He has an unusual conjunction of Moon, Chiron, and Aesculapia in Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo. Thank you for your insights, here are his chart factors:

    00° Aries 24′ 12″
    07° Pisces 49′ 17″
    02° Aries 37′ 10″ R
    16° Taurus 14′ 52″
    07° Virgo 30′ 53″ R
    10° Taurus 52′ 10″
    28° Libra 04′ 06″ R
    04° Aries 16′ 33″
    01° Pisces 41′ 56″
    09° Capricorn 26′
    06° Pisces 47′ 43″
    07° Sagittarius 03′
    11° Aries 05′ 02″
    21° Aries 57′ 52″
    29° Aquarius 59′
    29° Leo 59′ 51″
    25° Gemini 39′ 21″
    25° Sagittarius 39′
    05° Sagittarius 56′
    16° Capricorn 49′
    01° Libra 34′ 11″ R
    25° Capricorn 40′
    25° Leo 31′ 09″ R
    07° Pisces 15′ 38″
    14° Aquarius 05′
    24° Aquarius 37′
    27° Gemini 57′ 01″
    24° Pisces 14′ 43″
    25° Gemini 40′ 17″
    17° Leo 39′ 44″ R
    08° Capricorn 47′
    09° Virgo 00′ 14″ R
    07° Sagittarius 36′
    00″ R
    07° Gemini 36′

    1. Thank you. This is a fascinating example of past life recall. The North Node and South Node always show you the last incarnation. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries, and of course, flight, pilots and planes. Gemini rules short-haul travel, but also languages. You can find out more about the nodes on this website and also in Modern Astrology 2050 which is free to you, as a Premium Member. You do have a son who lives in two worlds, neither of them real. He has Salacia in Pisces. He also has the Moon there so may be a natural medium. He has come back here to settle up with a foreign country and its people. That may already be obvious or come later in adulthood. The most challenging and demanding cycle in 248 years ends on March 23rd. His education or part-time jobs have confronted him with the need to find all his willpower and self-control, just to deal. Life will be very, very different in future. But yes – he is accurately recalling his life, possibly in the last war.

  45. Fascinating article. I have a Pisces stellium (feb 27 ,1979 @845pm in Chennai India) though a scientist I have been gravitating to exploring the tarot and off late intersections of spirituality and the brain. I wonder what these new transits will bring.

    1. Thank you. Strongly Pisces people do well with the Tarot of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite. Free to try on this website, courtesy of the generosity of Stuart R. Kaplan.

  46. Hi Jessica
    Wow! An incredible article! Thank you. My Saturn is 00 Pisces 20. My contract is ending for my work and I’m hoping for something soon, maybe a renewal of contract? I’m not sure if I should continue working with education? Any thoughts on this pls?

    1. Thank you. Your Descendant or DC is at 27 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and Pluto has crossed over 27 Capricorn on the way out. You will know more about where you stand in the final week of March when Pluto is out of Capricorn altogether. Your Moon is at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House of work and wellbeing, so Pluto is steadily moving to 29 Capricorn, where he will create a trine. You need to be needed. You see service and duty as fulfilling, with the right people, and it feeds your maternal instincts. Education is useful for this as you can tend to younger faces. The choice is yours; when Pluto retrogrades back to 29 Capricorn after June 2023 I dare say something would be re-offered or renewed, as re is the prefix we expect with retrogrades. Have a look at The Astrology Oracle to see what various choices might give you. Just follow the steps.

  47. Hi Jessica, I am hopeful that as Saturn leaves Aquarius the next few years have the potential to be better. Looking to what the future might hold during the Saturn in Pisces, I drew the Ace of Swords in the Tarot which I am taking to mean, there is a chance for great progress if I take any opportunities presenting? To me it appears as though the hand of God is giving you what you need to succeed if you’re brave enough to take the chance – with the results already shown via the crown draped with laurel…

    Separately, I was wondering when looking at my chart, it appears I have a T-square between pluto and my asc/desc & nodes. Trying to decipher what this cold mean, I’ve seen it suggested it’s both lucky and unlucky and while I think it’s more likely what one makes of the situation, I was wondering if you had any insights on that aspect? My exact birth time is correct.

    Much appreciated for the work you do as always – and the podcast is great!

    1. Thank you. The Ace of Swords is about a change at the top, usually work, unpaid work or academia. Saturn in Pisces will slowly but surely form sextiles with your vast number of Capricorn factors in the Tenth House of success, ambition, achievement and status. You could take the top job when someone relinquishes it, or goes. Alternatively, you could find your place in the scheme of things, more than once, with the group – your colleagues – in quite a sudden and dramatic way, once the top person is replaced by another. Yes, Pluto is tied into your nodes and angles. This is the part of you which controls, dominates, is forced to back down, tests her passion, comes to terms with her obsession and so on. Understanding Pluto in your chart is useful. It’s past life, as all nodal aspects are, so you have incarnated to understand what it means to be powerful. To have real influence. How to handle that. This may well come to play when you reach the Ace of Swords scenario that is coming.

  48. Dear Jessica, I go to your twitter account every morning for inspiration and information so thank you as always. I also re-read this post and find it astrology more and more fascinating. I commence communications training in a community environment run by a religious group and the person facilitating this course said to me in person yesterday (Tuesday) it is to be viewed as training for self empowerment. Saturn was apparently entering Pisces at almost the exact time I was standing in this former church which now acts as a community centre. Is this serendipity or astrology in realtime working based on my chart?! I think astrology working in action! Thank you for your thoughts. Have a lovely week and see you at the Taurus event.

    1. That sounds like classic astrology to me. It runs on powerful synchronicity and Saturn went into Pisces at the moment you were in a church (now a community centre). Thank you for your interest in The Taurus Weather. See you there.

  49. Hello Jessica, very intrigued & impressed by your Saturn & Neptune analysis. Lately, I’ve been really messed around with by these two.. can you please give me more insight on how I can positively handle this transit going through my first house? Details on my chart are below:
    Pisces rising – 23 degrees
    Libra sun – 22 degrees
    Libra moon – 28 degrees
    Scorpio mercury – 13 degrees
    Scorpio mars – 17 degrees
    Virgo Venus – 29 degrees
    Libra Jupiter – 26 degrees
    Aquarius Saturn – 24 degrees
    Capricorn Neptune – 18 degrees
    Capricorn Uranus – 18 degrees
    Scorpio Pluto – 24 degrees

    1. The most important factor here is Saturn at 24 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends. You will experience your Saturn Return when transiting Saturn moves to 24 Aquarius. He will also square Pluto at 24 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, charity, business and property. There is a clear note of caution here to be very sure about mixing friendship and money, or groups and property. You really don’t want a Saturn Return, and Saturn-Pluto Square, to be present if there is an arrangement which has not been put in writing and checked by the experts.

  50. Hi Jessica ,
    I hope you’re having beautiful weekend .
    As a Sagittarius
    I was so aware and be careful with home , family and homeland…
    And I tried to focus positive planets like Jupiter and another planets right now all in Aries ( I try to bring another child to my life through IVF )
    At the same time start a business heavy depend on communication and creative ideas after Saturn left Aquarius this month .
    Then in your prediction previous week ,
    you stated :
    “Sometimes we see Neptune in Pisces OPPOSSE your career, unpaid work and university zone, so the boundaries are about your professional or academic life. Saturn has landed with a thump. You don’t get past Saturn. At the same time, there are really good reasons for wanting to know what the grounds for particular obstacles or no-go areas actually are. What’s the argument, here?” *I understand it can be about health too .

    I have Taurus at 25 degree , exactly where Neptune right now.
    I feel it in my core dear Jessica .
    Physically and mentally .
    The IVF fail ( 20th March Mercury in Aries let me know )
    My creative ideas in my business / career could not go ahead because I could not find the right location for it and talents to take off .

    I work really hard every day ( while I still try to take care of my health ready for the another try with the baby )
    I never take Jupiter for granted .
    What else can I do ?
    **If with Jupiter by my side and I can’t get a healthy pregnant , what can ?
    **If with Neptune OPPOSSE my health and career , how Jupiter in Taurus from May can help anything ?

    How can I deal with Neptune opposes my health and business .
    I’m at the end of a block road .
    I can’t go back . I ran out of time and cash while Neptune isn’t going anywhere for years ahead . Could you please give some insight dear Jessica . Thank YOU so much . Your incredible knowledge and kindness is much needed and appreciated .

    1. I am sorry you are going through the anxiety of unsuccessful IVF. In your birth chart, IVF is ruled by Leo and the Fifth House of pregnancy, adoption and fostering. This is also where you are an aunt or godmother. Let’s see what is going on. Ops at 1 Leo and the North Node at 12 Leo were in your Fifth House on the day you were born and what you are going through now is Saturn at 1 Pisces aspecting Ops, then Pluto going into Aquarius, also moving towards 1 Aquarius eventually. You have incarnated to deal with parenthood questions. The North Node always shows your past life and in Leo, your karma involved the bedroom, courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. Now, you are back here to explore this one more time. Please think very carefully about all the many, many options associated with children. Experiencing transiting Pluto at 1 Aquarius in opposition to Ops at 1 Leo is pretty demanding and this is a long cycle which has only just begun with Pluto at 0 Aquarius. The good news is, you do have so many very different ways to be Queen to a younger court, which is what your Leo North Node is all about. You don’t have to give birth. You can guide, lead, mentor and influence children and teenagers in any number of ways. And you will. Draw a Tarot card to see how. Please understand how rare and historic the opposition from Pluto is; he can only move to 1 Aquarius and oppose Ops in your chart once every 248 years. Saturn can only move to 1 Pisces and quincunx Ops in your chart every 29 years. So if your recent IVF failure feels like a big crossroads, it really was. What you are experiencing has nothing to do with the Neptune transit I was writing about; it is purely about your Fifth House. As well as the Tarot, have a look at The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on this website and just follow the steps. There are ways for you to rule with children, teenagers and young adults for many years into the future but you owe it to yourself, to give yourself the luxury of having many choices.

  51. Good morning Jessica ,
    You are too kind . Thank you for taking your precious time to help me .

    After years of learning from you , I am super aware of where Saturn and Pluto are . I am very nervous with Saturn in my family zone too . Although I was hoping Jupiter and Ops would win in the end . It really shutter me physically and mentally after the fail IVF .
    Although I determined to try again until I got the healthy baby in my arms . Even if I have to wait for a long time until Saturn and Pluto are moved to the next degree .

    What about the Neptune Opposes my career and health at 25 degree rights now ?
    What MORE can I do when I already poured all my money and time into this new business ?
    Jupiter is on the way , but now I don’t even dare to hope with another planets keep tangle all the way .

    Thank you so much again for your time Jessica .
    Your in knowledge and kindness is much needed and appreciated .
    Wish you have a beautiful week ahead of you .

    1. Okay, so take your time with this question about IVF and a younger generation. As I’ve said, this Pluto opposition to your Leo factors in the Fifth House of ‘the young’ is long and quite hard work. You want to give yourself as many options as possible. Pluto takes years to transit, not mere months and you may want to allow for more choices to free yourself up. You are a Sun Sagittarius with stelliums in Sagittarius and Libra. By far and away the most important cycle is the South Node in Libra, starting in July 2023, which will bring karma with a partnership, or former partner, from 18-19 years prior. That karma means you owe, or are owed, spiritually, and will be in closure mode throughout 2024 as well. So it’s actually not so much about any sort of child in your life, or teenager – it is about the other person in a duet or double-act. It is usually marriage or common-law marriage but it can be a professional partnership. Given what you are going through I suspect it’s the former.

  52. You are right Jessica . It’s explained a lots with the obstacles I am facing . I feel it , I live it . I thought Jupiter in Aries and all the alignments recently would be perfect to try for another child . But here I am .
    Thank you so much for your time and patience Jessica .
    Wish you have a beautiful week ahead .

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