Libra Cycles and Marriage 2023-2025

Libra Cycles and Marriage 2023-2025

Libra rules marriage in astrology. It also rules weddings, divorces, separations, civil partnership and common-law marriage. We are heading for a cycle not seen since December 27th 2004 to June 22nd 2006, when the South Node was in Libra – between July 18th 2023 and January 11th 2025.

If you have Libra factors in the Seventh House of your birth chart, you will be strongly affected by questions about partnership, which bring back the karma of 2004-2006, either with the person you are in a relationship with, or another partner.

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Libra Stelliums and Marriage 2023-2025

If you were born with a stellium in Libra in the Seventh House then you live your life through the lens of marriage and/or divorce.

Rachel Meghan Markle is a good example of this. She was born on 4th August 1981 at 4.46am in Canoga Park, California, according to Astrodienst. Meghan, as she became known when she took up acting, has Vesta, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, the IC, Pluto and Juno in Libra.

There is a triple conjunction with the Moon at 4 Libra, Saturn at 5 Libra and Jupiter at 6 Libra. That’s extremely unusual.

From Saturday 5th August 2023 until Wednesday 16th August, Meghan will experience the South Node of karma in a conjunction with her natal Juno at 27 Libra.

Neptune is transiting at 27 Pisces. This is a crossroads in a three-year period of karmic tests for her and Prince Harry, but also her first husband,  Trevor Engelson and any other third party, should there be one. This wasn’t in the most controversial program of the year for fans of royalty – their Netflix documentary (pictured).

Meghan and Harry’s 2024 Astrology

You cannot say if a couple will split or commit, as an astrologer and never should. It is not possible and also unethical. You can predict crossroads. I mentioned August 2023 for Meghan, but there is another, when the South Node at 4, 5, 6 Libra is in a rare conjunction with her Moon, Saturn and Jupiter.

Sometimes you fall in love with other people on that transit. Sometimes you push through to a second honeymoon. From 30th August 2024 until December 3rd 2024, Meghan has big decisions to make about the future of her love life.

My eyes go to Christmas 2024. She also has Mars in Leo, the royal sign, in November and December that year. It goes right over 4, 5, 6 Leo. In Harry’s chart, we find the same period, November and December 2024, chiming with difficult decisions about his sexual and financial relationship with her and the legacy to the children. Pluto at 0 Aquarius square natal Pluto at 0 Scorpio will do that for you.

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The South Node in Libra is Karma

The South Node in Libra, passing across your Seventh House, is about being owed, spiritually, or being in debt – spiritually.

It can be useful to go back to the years 2004, 2005, 2006 to see what was happening in your partnerships.

Meghan Markle began dating her first husband Trevor in 2004

Charles III and Meghan

What’s really interesting about these Libra cycles is that they also pull in Charles III because he was born with a Libra stellium in the Seventh House, too. Charles has Vulcano at 11 Libra, the IC at 12 Libra, Neptune at 14 Libra, Venus at 16 Libra, Cupido at 17 Libra and Vesta at 25 Libra.

The conjunction between the IC at 13 Libra and Neptune at 14 Libra is about one of his relatives or ancestors – and their marriage or divorce – and his inheritance of the same issues.

Libra is about the law. It is about doctrine in the Church of England, but also the laws of England – in the case of the man who wants to rule, and his wife. You may also be grappling with the law, no matter if 2023-2024 is time to commit or split. I’ll give you some dates, next.

Dates to Watch in 2023

February 10th to 27th 2023

Ceres at 5, 6 Libra aspects the North Node at 5, 6 Taurus and South Node at 5, 6 Scorpio at this time. It is also St. Valentine’s Day. The Anglican debate that eventually derails Charles’ coronation begins on February 6th.

Same-sex couples will split the church at the General Synod. Gay and lesbian Anglicans may argue that Charles and Camilla’s ceremony was not consecrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury (only blessed) and if it’s good enough for the Defender of the Faith, then…

None of this need concern you unless you are Anglican, hoping to become King, or gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans.

Yet, these things matter. Marriage began with religion and it will end with religion. In your own life, these patterns involving Libra, Taurus and Scorpio will be about what’s fair. 

March 17th and 18th 2023

Ceres is in Libra until March 23rd. Deal-making and compromise are the name of the game in partnerships then, or between ex-partners. The aspect between Ceres and Saturn at 1 Libra and 1 Pisces is exact on March 17th and 18th 2023.

The Full Moon of Thursday 6th April 2023

On Thursday 6th April the Sun will stand at 16 Aries in opposition to the Moon at 16 Libra. This is in an exact conjunction with Venus at 16 Libra in the chart of Charles III.

No matter what your chart looks like, this is D-Day for marriage, divorce, separation, fidelity, adultery, engagements and the like. When the Moon is opposite the Sun, there is always an abundance of mixed feelings, internal conflict or real-world battles.

The Historic Node Cycle July 18th 2023

The South Node moves to 29 Libra for the first time since Christmas 2004. This brings karma. Ceres is also in Libra, in the Seventh House of the natal chart. This brings deals and compromises. From Monday 28th August, Mars is in Libra. This brings a contest, either between couples, or with ‘two of us against the world.’

The spotlight turns on the nature of the agreement between couples from Sunday 24th September 2023 as the Sun enters Libra and everything is public. It’s exposed. There is a Full Moon with the Moon at 6 Aries and Sun at 6 Libra on Friday 29th September. This is a crossroads for couples.

The paperwork and discussion rolls with Mercury in Libra from Friday 6th to Sunday 22nd October. September looks like ‘split or commit’ for so many couples as Ceres (the compromise or deal) moves from the marriage sector, the Seventh House, to the sexual and financial relationship sector, the Eighth House, on Saturday 16th September.

BBC 300x169 - Libra Cycles and Marriage 2023-2025Diana and Divorce

When the South Node in Libra moves to 13, 14 from May 13th 2024 to June 11th 2024, what Charles owes, or is owed, karmically, from that time returns to him. Of course, Charles married Camilla Parker-Bowles on 9th April 2005. (Image: BBC).

A Very Mercury Retrograde Wedding

Looking back, Charles may have asked an astrologer to select the date for his nuptials: Jupiter was at 13 Libra, in an exact conjunction with the IC and Neptune. For all his luck factors, though, Jupiter was not a match for Mercury Retrograde.

The initial choice of venue, Windsor Castle, had to change. Pope John Paul II passed away, so the date changed. Professor Rebecca Probert has since argued the marriage was not legal. This is all classic Mercury Retrograde. And echoes of that time return to Charles III between May 13th 2024 and June 11th 2024, which will be one year on from the proposed coronation.

The Church of England and Marriage

Something else to watch: the Church of England, founded on 3rd November 1534, has the Moon at 14 Libra. This is exactly in conjunction with Neptune at 14 Libra in the chart of Charles III.

The Evening Standard reported, at the time of the wedding, ‘Charles and Camilla wedding splits church.’ This is coming back, 2023-2025. Anglican clergy in the general synod of the Church of England will once again be debating their figurehead.

In 1993, the archdeacon of York, George Austin, questioned Charles’s fitness to be king, if rumours about Camilla were true. “He has broken his vows and trust to God on one thing. How can he then go into Westminster Abbey and take the coronation vows?” he asked. Austin is no longer with us.

Religion and Marriage

Not all weddings are religious in any conventional sense – Anglican, Roman Catholic, Jewish and so on. Yet, it’s hard to consider these Libra cycles without religion, because they happen at a time when Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces, the fishes – the symbol of Christianity and religion in general. This is an historic cycle.

In 1994, Charles told his television interviewer Jonathan Dimbleby not only that he had committed adultery when married to Diana, but also said he would drop the title ‘defender of the faith’ when king. Charles then saw himself as defender of multiple faiths. The General Synod from 6th February will split the Church of England and in March, disrupt Charles’ proposed coronation with Camilla by his side.

@CoutureRoyals 212x300 - Libra Cycles and Marriage 2023-2025Families, Religion and Weddings

In your own life, you may find it hard to separate the issue of religion and your marriage, divorce, common-law marriage, separation and so on, in this cycle. This may be because of your husband or wife, or his family/her family/your family.

For Charles in 2023 the issue will be the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the world’s 70+ million Anglican Communion. When he married Camilla, the former Archbishop of Canterbury blessed, not consecrated the union.

The other religious issue? If Charles III is to represent all faiths, then that includes Roman Catholics, who prohibit divorce and only permit annulment in narrow circumstances. Catholics do not recognise divorce.

The final twist in the tale in 2023 is the secret exchange of vows by Prince Harry and Meghan with the Archbishop of Canterbury, three days before they were married at the altar. This is in contrast to the Anglican ceremony of Catherine, Princess of Wales and Prince William. Catherine is seen here in Diana’s jewellery, from the best Twitter account showcasing her style @CoutureRoyals

The Princess of Wales

Libra stellium people inhabit their marriages or divorces (or their remarriages) and Catherine, the Princess of Wales also has a Libra stellium. She was born with Mars, Saturn, Apollo, Diana (strangely enough) and Pluto in Libra.

She is also pulled into this karmic pattern, harking back to all that she owes, or all that she is owed, from the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. Of course, 2004 is the year, she and Prince William were first photographed together – they went public.

Libra the scales rules all aspects of marriage and partnership. A sculpture of Lady Justice, blindfolded and holding a set of scales, is often seen outside courts.

The Royal Marriages Act of 1772 took place with the node in Libra. In astrology, each cycle of the lunar nodes takes you backwards in 18-19 year loops – yes, even to 1772. The Act set the conditions under which a valid royal marriage could take place.

Princess Diana’s dance teacher Anne Allan, said Charles III was seeing Camilla ‘just a year after he married Diana’ according to the Daily Mail. 

Diana and Charles’ aide Allan Peters, who worked as Diana’s Protection Officer, claims Diana strayed first. 

Lady Justice Wikimedia Commons 187x300 - Libra Cycles and Marriage 2023-2025The Scales of Justice

This brings us back to the Libran scales of justice. Libra is not only about what is legal or illegal, in marriage, but also what is fair, or just. Libra is about equality. Libra is about ‘What’s good for the gander is good for the goose’ and vice-versa.

So, here we are full circle to the first Princess of Wales, Diana, who would have been Catherine’s mother-in-law, had she lived. When she famously told Panorama ‘there were three of us in this marriage’ she was describing a Libra problem. Lady Justice (Wikimedia Commons) shows what can happen when the scales are lopsided.

The scales of Libra are built for two people. One on each end. Not one trying to keep the balance when there are two elsewhere.

From a purely legal perspective, this can work in either direction. So who was unfaithful first and how does ‘unfaithful’ show itself when the scales of Libra start swaying?

Gay or Lesbian Marriage and the Libra Cycle

These issues about what is fair, equal, legal and so on – and religion – chime with the split in the Anglican church over gay marriage in 2022. On 20th January 2023 the Church of England declared it would not allow same-sex marriages in church, to its British members. Again, these matters take us back to the last South Node in Libra cycle of 2004-2006. The first same-sex marriage in America took place in 2004 between two lesbians.

Future Karma and the South Node in Libra

It is useful to remember that in the new 2023-2025 South Node in Libra cycle, future karma is created with your husband, wife and so on – or a former spouse .The South Node will return to Libra in 2042 and 2043.

If you are curious about the nodes, and need to see all the historic cycles of both nodes (North Node and South Node) then Modern Astrology 2050 is free to you as a Premium Member, for a limited time.

If you have any number of Libra factors in your Seventh House, then karma is coming in an historic wave, for you and your partner, your former partner or with a new partner, from July 2023. You owe, or are owed, and some of the aspects I’ve discussed above, using the Royal Family as examples, will be there for debate, with yourself, until you gain closure.

elena mozhvilo j06gLuKK0GM unsplash 244x300 - Libra Cycles and Marriage 2023-2025North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra

The lunar nodes, North Node and South Node, are automatically in opposite signs when they travel through, every 18-19 years.

So, the North Node in Aries is always opposite the South Node in Libra. And the North Node in Libra is always opposite the South Node in Aries.

Aries rules title, appearance and reputation. This always changes when there is marriage or divorce; commonly, a wife takes her husband’s surname.

The status of both changes to married. Rings go on fingers. Also commonly, in the first year or two of marriage, a woman becomes pregnant. All this is ancient astrological thinking. In the 21st century there are variations on the theme.

Libra rules divorce as well as marriage. Upon a split, a woman’s surname reverts. Reputations change. Rings come off. This is the Aries-Libra dance in astrology. Inevitably with Aries-Libra nodal cycles there are issues about ‘Me’ versus ‘We’. The classic Aries-Libra choice is: fighting as one, in a common cause, or fighting each other. Image: Mozvhilo, Unsplash.

South Nodes and North Nodes in Astrology

The Dragon’s Head is the North Node. The Dragon’s Tail is the South Node. The dragon eats its own tail. Round and round it goes, moving backwards through the zodiac signs, not forwards. That is why the nodes are associated with karma and reincarnation.

They move in a loop like an infinity symbol. The North Node by sign and house shows where we take in; absorb; digest; receive our karma. The South Node by sign and house shows how we process it; recycle it; transform it; convert our karma. 18-19 years later the circuit begins again.

Do You Have Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra?

It doesn’t matter if the North Node is in Aries or Libra, or the South Node is in Aries or Libra. You have incarnated to deal with issues of reputation, title and appearance, as well as marriage and divorce. This may be because you date a divorced man, or because you have a challenging yet rewarding lifelong marriage. If you are a Premium Member you can trace Aries-Libra nodal cycles back to the year 1001 AD in Modern Astrology 2050, at the back of the book, and even find years which may show prior incarnations.

FlyZj9PaAAAHSJr 200x300 - Libra Cycles and Marriage 2023-20251066 and All That

Given the focus on the Bayeux Tapestry and the publication of Spare (the quite deliberate references to William and Harold) it’s typical of astrology that we should find 1066 opens with the North Node in Libra and South Node in Aries.

So we can justifiably say, what happens in 2023-2025 was happening in 1066, in a different way.

In 1066 at the Battle of Hastings, William Duke of Normandy defeated Harold Godwinson, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England.

William the Conqueror had a title change. William’s wife Matilda gave him the ship, the Mora, which he used to invade England.

He in turn gave Matilda, Normandy, in his absence. She later became Queen, another title change. The Aries-Libra nodal cycle of 1066 is a good example of husband and wife who fight a common enemy, or can be at war with each other. William and Matilda chose to fight a common enemy.

Recent Libra Node Cycles

On 23rd July 1986 Prince Andrew, Duke of York, married Sarah Ferguson with the South Node in Libra. On 9th April 2005, Charles, Prince of Wales, married Camilla Parker Bowles with the South Node in Libra. Both these marriages bring in unusual legal issues as the former divorced but neither remarried and the latter may not have been married at all, according to some.

18th February 2014 to 12th November 2015 (North Node in Libra)
26th December 2004 to 22nd June 2006 (South Node in Libra)
11th August 1995 to 27th February 1997 (North Node in Libra)
20th April 1986 to 8th November 1987 (North Node in Libra)
29th December 1976 to 19th July 1978 (North Node in Libra)

Modern Astrology 2050

You can find more node cycles going as far back as the year 1001 and as far forward as 2099 in Modern Astrology 2050. Every node cycle will show you the focus of a wedding. In the sign of Cancer, it is about having children, but also bringing both sides of the family into the union. In Leo, it is about heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. In Scorpio, it is about money, property and inheritance as much as sexual commitment.






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226 Responses

  1. Thank you, Jessica. This is a superb article for it will help me examine the decision I made in 2004-2005.

    The last Libra cycle was the time when I went through a rough patch in my marriage. A marriage counsellor explained to me that I am like a bird and my ex-husband is like a stone dragging me down. The issue was we have different faith and our way of raising children are in conflict with how we know how to raise children. We are in competition so to speak. I felt I lost my identity and was fighting and losing at the same time. So in those years, I made the hardest decision in my life, to leave my marriage. After that, I took over my role as a mother and raised my two children on my own. It was also a long time of self-discovery. I have been single for a long time and still am. Having a partner scares me to lose my freedom of control. I’ve been solo for a long time now and my focus is on my child in his early 20’s now and my mother who helped me with raising my children is now aging.

    I only have IC 26° Libra 15′ 19″ in my birth chart but somehow the story back then was a major in my life. Will the Karma of my decision back then will come back this time? Am I going to gain closure? This was the question I asked myself. I sometimes wonder what would my life be if I stayed in the marriage for the children’s sake but I always ended up cringing. I would have not been happy for sure and even self-harmful. So to compensate for my harsh decision back then, I dedicated my life to my children and never remarried. Is this the karma of my action? My ex’s birthday was April 15, 1963. We are still not friends but civil to each other if I see him at all which is rare. I became so comfortable being single. Will I think about this area in my life at all?

    1. You had marriage guidance counselling on the last Libra cycle and have different faiths, which is not unusual. You became a single parent with two children which took great courage and stamina. Your IC at 26 Libra is tied into other patterns at 25, 25 degrees including your MC opposite at 26 Aries. One of your relatives or ancestors also went through divorce or even something more complicated (bigamy is not unusual) and you have inherited the astrological DNA. That person had major issues about what was fair, as well as what was legal. You have too. I expect the karmic issue will involve your ex-husband at some point after July 2023. His life may have an impact on yours. I have seen this cycle before when a former husband gets Covid, for example, or an ex-partner breaks up his second marriage. You will think about what was promised in your vows, and figure out some kind of closure or spiritual settlement by the time the cycle ends. Find out who your ancestor was. Libra IC people can also find super-marriages in the past; an ancestor did not just marry a partner, they also founded a business with them.

  2. One more key thing I realized after my earlier post on this — was that on our wedding day 11/22/1986 the South Node was in Libra at 20 degrees. Very Karmic! Wow!

    1. You married in a time circuit which always comes back 18-19 years into the future, no matter what, so tied the knot, in a knot of time. Your partner’s chart may also line up with Libra 20. You have Vesta at Libra 21. Very close. I’m sure you know all about Vesta. If not, have a look on Search.

  3. Hi Jessica! I have Diana, MC and South Node in Libra. I am married. What does this mean for my marriage?

    1. You will have your South Node in Libra return so must return to the letter of the law, or the rulings of the church, if you married at the altar, from July 2023, onwards. A South Node return always involves a prior incarnation. Your partner knew you before. You may have been family, married (but opposite sexes) or even at war with each other but you have returned to find closure with each other. You will find it important to return to what was said or signed, between you. Life as it was 18-19 years ago will also play its part.

  4. Hi Jessica , thank you for another interesting article .. oh how I look forward to them so much ! I have nothing in Libra .. however my husband is 15 Libra (8 Oct) he is two years older.. he has Libra – 23 Mercury, 22 Proserpina, 14 Cupido. I have purchased his chart from you so not sure if you can see it? We are going through a difficult period . We had an arranged (!) marriage 30 years ago and although it has generally been ok- we have a son and daughter who are young adults now (both Aquarius) , I do feel he has always been with me for the sake of it rather than true love. He is quite domineering and always looking for his freedom as he has been quite independent from a young age.. I have always dreamt of true love.. soppy as it sounds sorry ! Do you have any insights you can help with please. Thank you so much .. I always read through most the answers /questions before I ask a question myself so not to bother you . And usually I get my answer through that .. but this is troubling me and I hope you can help please . Thank you so much .

    1. Your husband is part of an arranged marriage with you, and as he has a Libra pattern in his Seventh House, will have karmic choices with you after July 2023. Only he knows what he owes, or is owed, spiritually, from life as it was 18-19 years before. You are seeing issues now, which makes sense, in your chart, but it may not be until the South Node actually goes into Libra from July, well into 2024, that he realises he has to pursue closure with his own past. He has Cupido in Libra in the Seventh House so is vulnerable to short-term crushes and desires – Cupido is about infatuation over months – and yet this is quite good for recurring second honeymoon phases, if the man concerned can direct the passion back to his wife. In your own chart, we find you are a Sun Leo, with stelliums in Leo, Virgo, Scorpio. You are going through a difficult period until March when it all changes. The sense of being shut out, with him (or locked in, with him) ends. There may be an important discussion or event near the 7th of March. In the final week, Pluto changes signs and the balance of power between you begins to transform. The see-saw or scales starts to change, and April, May and early June show you how different life is going to be with him, and for him. The children, both Aquarians, will also experience the shift in the family at the same time, so this looks like a rethink of the rights, roles and responsibilities in the marriage, and for you as their mother.

  5. Wow, Jessica. I’ve always felt Charles would not be King. Now I see a very real path for that to happen based on this blog post. Your knowledge and insight is amazing! I am a Scorpio with stelliums in Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio and Sag. My son is an 18 year-old Libra, born the year I met a Capricorn who has influenced my life in a variety of ways. (Both of these signs had the Devil card associated with your reading for them for 2023.) It may be quite an interesting year. I keep reading your site daily and learning a little more each time. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. That’s very kind of you to say. The Devil card in Tarot is about ‘better the devil you know’ but sometimes it isn’t. It commonly arrives when people in a frustrating relationship would rather stick with what and who they know, than leave and find freedom. Both Libra and Capricorn have Uranus, a symbol of Independence Day, circling their Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships (Libra) and Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom and offspring (Capricorn). It certainly will be an interesting year, as The Devil is a Major Arcana card. A major year of challenges.

  6. Hi Jessica! I do have Libra factors Pluto 18, cupido 8 and vulcano 13. My significant other is an Aries he has South Node 00, Uranus 1, moon 17, and Fortuna 14 all in Libra. When I think back to 2004-2006 (him and I were not together then) I had bought a house, got a better job, money was good, but then in that same time frame my husband at that time and I split up, and I left the house that I loved so much so it was a mixed bag. Can you please look at my chart and his Libra factors that I’ve provided and tell me what kinda Karma we might be dealing with? Thank you for your time.

    1. You split up with your husband on the last Libra node cycle and so are experiencing a pretty common outcome; different person, similar issues. If you still owe your former spouse spiritually, or anyone associated with your last marriage and break-up, then after July 2023, into 2024, you may see an obvious example of how you have to ‘do your time’ or make good, on a soul level. If you are still owed, because your former husband was unfair, or losing the house was unfair, then this time around, the universe will make good with you in some way. Your partner now has a Libra stellium so will also have a story going back 18-19 years. Same principle.

  7. Fascinating article Jessica! You mentioned in another blog that Libra and Aries are lucky in 2023. This is good to know as I’m an Aries and my husband is a Libra. Could this (marriage) relationship cycle be his career? He’s wanting out of his current role and hoping to change companies. Looking back at 2004-2006 he was changing job roles within his company, which forced us to move. I’m just hoping this cycle is a positive one financially! I know you mentioned karma owed or being owed. Thanks so much!

    1. You are both lucky, financially. Jupiter enters Taurus in May 2023 and stays until May 2024, so as an Aries-Libra couple you could both save or make quite a lot of money. Your husband has career choices in March and should go in slowly and carefully, do the research and think about the realities of any new commitment, as Saturn enters his Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. You are both owed, financially or with property, business, charity from life as it was 18-19 years ago, so May 2023 shows you that. Your husband’s health should be his number one priority March 2023 to January 2026.

  8. Hi Jessica – thanks for another interesting article. I have north node at 6 libra, Pluto at 16 and descendant at 20 Libra. Would love your insight on what’s in store for me. Thanks for all that you do!

    1. Well, it really depends on if you’re married or divorced. If so, then you will find that life as it was in 2014-2015 comes back to you, when the North Node was in Libra, in a series of conjunctions to your North Node (North Node Return), Pluto (your control and power in a partnership) and Descendant (the other person involved). Prior to that, the South Node was in Libra from 2004 to 2006, and you will also be owed, or owe, spiritually from that time. This will return to you in quite an obvious way from 18th July 2023 until the start of 2025.

  9. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the information above. I have a stellium in Libra and feel
    Like I am really being put thru it. I feel
    As if I am a shell of myself since moving to this state and am not sure if I will ever be ok. Everyday is a struggle. I have attempted therapy here, as well as supplements, naturopath, Claire Weekes etc. The people here are very narrow minded and feel this place is wonderful even though everyone here suffers financially and works 2 or more jobs and cannot afford any kind of life no matter how much one makes. I and am normally a very strong person. I am trying to get out of here and applying diligently to different locations but am undergoing an in unfathomable amount of stress on a daily basis and just don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I am pretty intuitive about energies and feel as if there is a terrible energy here and I hope my wife and I survive. I have warned her and now she is finally seeing what I have seen since we arrived. The place I work is horrible. Despite the fact that I have outperformed anyone that came before me and have made them a tremendous amount of money for them as well as service excellence that can be proven by the results that they have constantly verbally congratulated for, they have not only failed to follow thru on what was promised me (financially and position responsibilities) when I took the position but their HR department has made serious security blunders that have put my family in jeopardy of identity theft and fraud. In addition to that they just cost me again financially personally due to miscommunication and errors on something that will take me months to sort out. They consider it a “whoops” and it is really a huge stress for us. My wife and I are enduring so much stress and of course it causes friction for an otherwise happy marriage. Can you please take a look at my chart and see if there is a way to navigate this in some way. Thos place is bad and I feel trapped in stuck as it is far from anywhere else in the middle of the ocean. I don’t understand the tarot at all and barely understand astrology but my wife is an avid reader of yours and she uses your site to get her thru (7/15/63 6:00am same birthplace as me). Thank you so much for any insight or advice.

    1. Your situation sounds like a Virgo and/or Capricorn issue not a Libra issue. You work in a horrible place. Virgo is staff, Capricorn is boss. The HR department is not functioning. The Libra side of things, is you and your wife having troubles in your marriage. Your wife is a regular reader. So let’s look at what is going on in this chart. You have a huge Libra stellium in the Seventh House of marriage. Diana is at 27 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. You are also a Sun Leo. All this tells me that your freedom and independence at work is being affected by people, or an organisation, which tries to dominate and control. This does not last. In fact, in March 2023, you know it’s history. From May 2023 you will be offered a fantastic way out, or through. This may be a new job, a different role, or another course. I’d be amazed if you don’t take it by June. You and your wife have karma from 18-19 years ago to work through, as you are owed, or you owe – spiritually – and it may be her, or quite another figure from your past. Together you will figure out how to balance the scales, starting in July 2023. You should be very happy with your ambitions and achievements by May 2024 if you take every opportunity and answer offered to you. Any organisation or person who walked all over you (or tried to) will be going, going, gone by March 2023 – losing its power – and in 2024, 2025 all you will see is what used to be a dominant force/forces running out of batteries or even on the scrap heap. It happens.

  10. Hi Jessica – how interesting that so many of the royal family have Libra Stelliums, it’s not surprising the complexity of their relationships. With my unusual Libra stellium, can you give me any insight as to what I can expect (can you see any karma) during this cycle. My relationships have been tough for a while and I have this general feeling of loneliness more often than not. I am divorced since 8/2021 (separated since 5/2019). I am in a relationship currently that I am unsure of long term as we have had some challenges with communication and compromise. I want a life partner and I think I want to get married again. I wanted another child (a son) but now I am 40 I don’t know if its my destiny. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your help and expertise!

    1. It’s amazing that you can see so many Libra stelliums in the charts of family members whose marriages (or divorces) define them. They live in their Seventh House. Marriage is Catherine’s career now. Being divorced will define what happens next, to Charles’s career. You have a huge Libra stellium including Saturn in Libra, in the Seventh House. You are divorced and in a relationship you question. You’d like to remarry. It may be useful to research Saturn in the Seventh House as this is a lifetime challenge, with the planet of barriers and obstacles, in the house of marriage and partnership. We all have Saturn somewhere, in some sign, and the transit of the South Node in Libra (transiting South Node in conjunction with natal Saturn) will really test your current strategy regarding your relationship. This is a very good time to be aware of your patterns. When marriage makes you feel stuck on the inside, unable to get out – or stuck on the outside, unable to get in – what do you do? Some people are in denial. Others see the barriers but try to constantly escape from them (in their minds). Saturn demands acceptance. We learn to live with (whatever) or whomever. The trick is in creating a life where the multiple obstacles to access, or escape, are not such a big deal. From this comes the famous reputation of Saturn in the Seventh House as a block to weddings. Wedding terrors, fear of commitment, all come from seeing wedlock as a lock. There can also be difficulty in forming a partnership or accessing a partner. The more you find out about Saturn the more productive your solutions will be by 2024.

  11. Hi Jessica! This is interesting. I just checked my chart, my ex’s and my kids to look at the 7th house. I have Pluto in Virgo there. No one has Libra there (my ex and one son are Libra suns–so is that son’s wife, the other sun has sun and moon in Sag in the 7th). My nodes are South Aries/North Libra so this piece perked up my ears. My kids’ stepmother (Aries sun) died on New Year’s Day, my kids have been wonderful support for their dad. I’m very proud of them (including them dealing with me as they know I have some selfish & unfinished hurts to process regarding the step-mom & my ex. and their involvement with my kids.) T

    BTW, my dog is doing very well–I know you get tens of thousands of comments so you wouldn’t remember you mentioning Cerberus (noting my Virgo in Pluto in the 7th) when I said I think my sweet rescue dog i’s related to my karma, but I thought, I should just mention we are doing well.

    Thank you and, of course, be well.

    1. Thank you. The Libra-Aries nodes in your chart suggest a past life where you and your husband (or wife) had to decide to tackle a common enemy together or tackle each other, instead. If you look at the list of Aries-Libra node cycles in the back of Modern Astrology 2050 you may find a period in history which resonates with you. We sometimes see this with West Side Story or Romeo and Juliet scenarios; two lovers from rival gangs or families. I am glad your dog is doing well. I am actually going into Cerberus in some depth for The Astrology Collective at our Pluto in Aquarius workshops!

  12. Jessica,

    This is great, thank you. I think these aspects will affect me greatly but I’m not sure I can interpret my chart accurately. Also, among other things, how will it all apply if I was single back 18-19 years ago?

    Could you please give my chart a look and let me know your thoughts?

    Thanks again!

    1. Being single 18-19 years ago may still have put you through a Libra node experience, if you turned somebody down, or they turned you down. The nodes tend to show up as familiar themes or stories, rather than literal repeats. So, using the Duchess of York and Duke of York as examples, their nuptials ended in divorce, but they were still seen as a couple by the Queen, who left Sarah and Andrew her corgis, in her will.

  13. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your great article, it’s really got me thinking, especially about the past and my two divorces; the second of which has been a marathon and still isn’t concluded on the financial side at least. I have three factors in Libra, Minerva at 17, my MC at 20 and Uranus at 29. I’m currently single and I have no plans to try to meet anyone; just enjoying my freedom to be myself and the best mum I can be just now. I would love to know what you see for me going forwards though please.
    I’m very grateful for your work. Alexia

    1. The financial side of the divorce is Scorpio/Eighth House, Alexia, and the stuck loop or circuit ends in July 2023. Uranus at 29 Libra is important because Uranus is a symbol of freedom and independence. The South Node going over 29 Libra, at around the same time, suggests it’s a mid year release for you. You could easily date somebody new by 2024.

  14. Hi Jessica, ohh another fab article, I have my South Node in libra and my North Nodes in Aries.I have a libra stellium ( 6 planets) which has given me a string sense of justice.I wish I hadn’t as I just cant ignore injustices – ignorance is bliss. Strangely I have always been drawn to the period of 1066 in history and English religion.I am happily married (met in nov 87) but the only think I can think of 2004-6 is when I started my degree.What karma may I face and will it be kind?

    1. Interesting that you are interested in 1066. Past life, much? If you started your degree on the previous Libra node cycle, it may be that you had a university fling or college romance, or had a choice to make about your future as a mother – or not. Sometimes girls break up relationships when they go away to university. You’ll know!

  15. Hi Jessica, I’m a Sun Gemini with a big Cancer stellium (7), Pisces North Node and Virgo South Node, and I have Libra in Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and IC. Saturn is in Taurus. I have nada in my 7th house of Sagittarius and I’ve wondered whether that’s the reason my love life has always been meh. In 2004, I had been with my ex for two years and was supporting him financially. I left him in 2014 but we are friends. Our son, born in 2008, is a Sun Libra. Since him I’ve had one boyfriend, a Sun Scorpio and a gaslighting narcissist; I was glad to offload him in 2019. I’m very independent, never been/wanted to be married, but I’m finally admitting to myself that I would like a partner. I wonder if this Libra cycle will deliver it. I’ve always felt my attitude to romance (i.e. I don’t deserve it) stems from the trauma of my first love who disappeared and then reappeared 29 years later, in 2014, to tell me why (my dad had told him to get lost, or else). Thank you for all you do; reading your wisdom is an important part of my day and has been for years.

    1. Without a chart it’s hard to say too much, but Uranus in Libra in your Seventh House will repeatedly bring upheaval in partnerships and marriage, as he is an ancient symbol for ‘the world turned upside-down’ and whenever that happens, everyone is liberated. You dumped your Scorpio narcissist boyfriend who also tried to fool you. That was probably a good example of Uranus in the Seventh House. If your birth time is accurate then your Libra IC is important. A relative or ancestor went through a marriage or divorce story which dominated his or her life. You have inherited that. Who was it?

  16. P.S. When I asked the Tarot whether this Libra cycle will deliver a partner for me, I drew the Page of Pentacles.

    1. Oh, that’s good. A much younger man who works in charity, business, retail, finance, economics, insurance and so on. A likely lad.

  17. Thank you very much for this article Jessica! I have Pluto and Uranus in Libra, and a stellium in Aries which includes Jupiter and Chiron. I also have a T-square with my Sun at 28 Cancer, Uranus at 28 Libra and Chiron at 28 Aries. I unexpectedly fell in love with my ex-husband the last time the South Node was in Libra, and your comment about religion was interesting because I liked us having the same faith. I’ve been single for a long time so hope to meet someone this time. I think I’ve some good karma coming my way from the last nodal cycle. I’m guessing it may happen towards the start of the cycle when the South Node is at 28 Libra, hitting my 28 degree factors. (I’ve other factors at 29 too including my nodes at 29 Taurus/Scorpio). Can you please look at my chart and tell me what you think? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer woman and we always start with the solar chart, which is Queen. So a couple of cycles end in 2023. Pluto is out of your Seventh House of dating, divorce and marriage in March. He goes back in, but backwards, so has lost his power to make partnership all about…power. You also have the South Node in Scorpio leaving your Fifth House of courtship and bedroom in July. So 2023 is the end of a couple of stuck circuits. You will probably find your ex-husband is the story when the South Node goes to 28 Libra. There’s no easy answer to ‘Will I meet my next husband?’ because it depends on the karma you accrued on the last cycle. July seems significant. You end the Fifth House loop and in your natal chart, we find you start the closure with the South Node going into Libra and your Seventh House; closure from 18-19 years before. Only you can tell if you are owed on some level. The nodes are mysterious. I have a case where a woman who was treated really unfairly by an old boyfriend and ended up in the paper, found another friend intervened 19 years later, on the same cycle, and she ended up with a glowing review for her restaurant in the same paper. So it can be on that level.

  18. Hi Jessica, love all your articles, they are so insightful.

    I have
    09 mars Libra
    21 Saturn libra
    26 Pluto libra
    22 Diane libra
    22 Apollo libra
    29 aesculpin libra
    22 north cancer
    22 south Capricorn

    Love to hear your thoughts!

    1. You have a Cardinal T-Square from the lunar nodes to Apollo and Diana who were brother and sister. The signs represent ambition (Capricorn), family and home town (Cancer) and the feminist Diana and her bisexual brother. Saturn is really close by. As the South Node crosses 21, 22 Libra it will trigger the old Cardinal T-Square and bring in a past life where you left your family and home town behind to make it. Or – you were pulled out of your home town and your family, so your parents could give you a chance to make it. This comes round again when the nodes go to those degrees. The past informs.

  19. Hi Jessica
    Fascinating article! I have been interested in the legitimacy of Charles and Camilla (as heir to the throne) regarding your thoughts on the coronation. I will have to do some research on Professor Proberts argument regarding the legitimacy of Charles and Camilla’s marriage.
    On a personal note in 2004- 2005 I was involved in a domestic violence situation. I was living with someone who became increasingly unstable and abusive. To escape I moved back home with my parents. When my dad passed away shortly after, I became my mothers full time carer.
    This (2004-2005) was the worst 18 months of my life, so much so I have never been in another relationship since and will not for the rest of my life. I would prefer to be safe and single than be in that situation again. My trust is gone. I didn’t see it coming. Even thinking about this time makes me anxious and upset.
    In my natal chart I have MC Libra 23 and Cupido Libra 11. I also have an Aries stellum. Does the nodes moving into Libra/Aries mean that I will have to relive this time in my life in some way?
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you Julie. Charles and Camilla landed as a married pair, with a sealed document (not to be opened until Charles is dead) which gives us a tiny hint about what might come next. The Church of England is divided on gay marriage. So this is next. Your partnership and family story sounds karmic in nature. You went through domestic violence on the last Libra cycle, went to your parents, and cared for your mother when your father passed away. You had a dreadful time and do not want to do it again. You won’t have to, but with your whole chart, you can see the complicated and intricate way, the zodiac Signs Libra, Aries and Cancer show up in your chart. Your violent ex may be part of the karma from July 2023, into 2024, as these people often have their own karmic payback. You watch from a distance. You may hear about him, or perhaps go through a new situation with a new prospective lover (perhaps someone who also escaped) and so replay the old issues in a new way, obtaining closure. There are lots of possibilities here.

  20. Ps: I drew the Emperor when I cast the tarot to check the karma I might be expecting in the Libra nodal season and I drew the six of pentacles when I cast to check whether a romance is on the cards for me in the same Libra season. Capricorn and Scorpio – these energies have dogged me all my life. Please could you help me interpret these two cards in less fearful ways? Thank you.

    1. Nothing to fear with Pamela and Arthur’s Tarot; it is a problem-solver and usually a comfort. The Emperor is a much older man, usually a successful businessman, or an employee who has made it to the top. This man was in your life 18-19 years ago. Perhaps he was your boss and wanted to date you. Maybe it was your former husband and he was a self-made man. The Emperor is an isolated, remote, senior man who has huge authority, can be very hard to access, and extremely hard to get close to. So whomever that was, back then (it may have been a teacher you had a crush on) set up karma with you and in 2023-2024 that karma is back. You wanted to know if you had a new romance coming and the Six of Pentacles showed up. Yes, with a man who is all about money. He is either hard up and needs help, or is so rich he can give generously. You may or may not want to be with him, but he’s there.

  21. Thanks Jessica as always for fascinating read. I’m struggling to understand lessons for the year ahead and where/how to focus attention. I have an older Leo male partner with 2 adult daughters. He remembers how hard the relationship was in 2004-2006 – he devoted himself to his children at this time at the expense of his own safety in a dangerous relationship. I myself had a horrendous relationship breakdown in early 2005 at the same time as helping to untangle my mother from an abusive relationship while she was dying from cancer. We have been trying to have a baby for last few years and have faced unrelenting blocks with no medical explanation. Something feels like it is lifting but unsure whether to trust that shift yet – I note you mention Leo above is about heirs and spares and your previous blog mentioned the impact of Saturn in Aquarius for the last 2 years (Leo – pregnancy and children and Aquarius – groups & belonging which speaks to me of “wanting to belong to motherhood”) We are in a very solid and loving place after facing some heavy external influences over the last few years – would greatly appreciate any insight into key learnings I should be considering for our relationship and our dream of a child moving forward? Thank you for your time xx

    1. Thank you. Pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers and young adults are all ruled by Leo in the birth chart, and cover the Fifth House, where courtship and the bedroom are, but also heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. This can mean illegitimate children, or a broader role as a father figure to children or teenagers en masse. Leo is as associated with teachers, as it is with parents. Sun in Leo fathers shine at their brilliant best when they are King to a younger generation, and your partner did that in 2004-2006. If he has a brother, sister or cousin then there was karma with them in that period, alongside the dangerous relationship he was in. Leo and the Fifth House matter now, because you are trying for a baby. I don’t know if you are willing to adopt or foster, or if a potential godchild, niece or nephew is in the wings. You have an empty Fifth House and nothing in Leo, so motherhood does not define you. Neither does being an aunt/stepmother figure to your partner’s two daughters, or a grandmother substitute figure to any of their children. An empty part of the chart suggests it’s not why you are here, or who you really are, but for him, it’s different. His Sun is in Leo in the Fifth House and he very much identifies as the proud father/grandfather or the brilliant teacher, father figure and so on. The path you both take with the world of children and teenagers is really unusual. You will have an opportunity not possible in 12 years, from May 2024 until June 2025, to improve your relationship with the next generation, to expand it, increase it and add to it. You can do this any number of ways and pregnancy is one of them. From 2026, very new issues about how to find freedom with a younger generation, and that means freedom from them, as well as through them, begins to surface. By 2030 you realise the business of being independent, and staying independent, means making quite radical decisions about how you are to have this generation in your life. It will be an exhilarating time and it begins in 2024. While you go through this cycle in your solar Fifth House, your Leo partner has big new questions about the balance of power with you. These begin to show up in the final week of March 2023. You have always shared the controls a certain way; that’s changing.

  22. Hi Jessica: I don’t often comment on your absolutely riveting blogs but the latest one seemed written for me even tho I’m in my early 70s. I am learning so much. Am a sun Pisces 08, with Libra stellium Asc27, S Node 07, Mars00, Juno00, Neptune16, Fortuna 28. My husband is sun Aries19 (9 April 53) with Libra in Saturn24 and Neptune22 &S.Node Leo. Our 18th wedding anniversary with be 5th Feb. We married 2005. Second marriage for both – he a widower (sadly)at, I think, age 41 and I was previously married Sept 1970-1997 to a man of different religion & culture & I lived the first 9 of those years abroad. Our anniversary this year happens to fall on a full moon. Wondering if that’s significant? Your general prediction re mercury retrograde came true for us. A modest apartment we have as a retirement pot, was sold very quickly in Sept to a single man. He pulled out of the sale the day he should have signed – 18th Jan 2023! Its now back on the market. Any comments you have about any of the above would be much appreciated. In any case, many thanks for the time you spend on your Blog .

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. Your anniversary falls on a Full Moon this year, so you may want to celebrate it another day. A Full Moon finds the Sun and Moon in conflict, and there is usually an inner conflict for one or both people (about an unrelated matter, often) when that occurs. There are easier and more relaxed times to celebrate. Thank you for validating the Mercury Retrograde prediction. Your buyer pulled out. You will save or make a lot of money no later than May 2023 so presumably you’ll sell. You may even get more than you bargained for.

  23. Apologies, I know this is not funny at all but reads so funny –
    Princess Diana’s dance teacher Anne Allan, said Charles III was seeing Camilla ‘just a year after he married Diana’ according to the Daily Mail.

    Diana and Charles’ aide Allan Peters, who worked as Diana’s Protection Officer, claims Diana strayed first.

    The Charles Diana story will go on till the end of time, won’t it..

    Have a good day, Jessica.

    1. You are right, the Charles and Diana story will still be read 100 years from now. I will be interested to see if Allan Peters turns up again in March 2023. The man who wasn’t there – although he very much was.

  24. Thank you Jessica. I am not sure how to locate my seventh house using my birth chart. I can see Libra is one of my Stelliums. I also went through a divorce 2004/2005. I have always considered myself deeply Aquarian (there is a tsunami of Aquarians in my family- including my former husband).

    1. Just count round the segments of the horoscope wheel from the 9pm position, and you will see Libra rules the seventh segment. The Seventh House. In astrology, Venus (a symbol of complicated relationships) and Libra (the scales of balance between a man and woman, usually) rule the Seventh House, and you live there a lot of the time, so being divorced is a large part of who you are. You were married to an Aquarian man and you also have plenty of Aquarians in the family, so you know all about them. Aquarius is not about intimacy. It can often be hands-off. It is an air sign and circulates like the breeze from an air-conditioner but is not exactly warm. Or hot. Once the South Node begins to transit your Seventh House, you will come across a rather stuck situation with a partner or an opponent. It will keep you stuck, because you must change on the inside. Once you realise nothing you say or do has any impact on the situation, the next step is to alter your perception, and that means changing yourself too. The South Node in Libra can be quite useful that way. It will also help you gain closure with the past: the divorce. It is very likely that your former husband will be on the radar. You don’t say if you had children or not. He has huge decisions to make about the world of children in 2024, 2025, 2026.

  25. Hi Jessica fascinating article!
    I have Mars and Venus in Libra as well a couple of others (Libra stellium). My fiancé also has Libra and Mars in Libra, he’s a Capricorn sun. Could you let know what I can expect from this cycle? 2004-5 for me was the year I met my Taurus ex. We split 6 years later when I moved for a job

    1. Thank you. Some spiritual truths about your former Taurus boyfriend and that long-ago relationship will now return to you, with your forthcoming husband. You have Mars in Libra and the transiting South Node in Libra will form a conjunction for the first time in almost two decades (transiting South Node in conjunction with natal Mars). You tend to fight your boyfriends or partners, or ‘fight the good fight’ by teaming up with them. Mars is the Roman god of war. You may have broken up with your Taurus boyfriend for that reason – you wanted to move for your career, presumably, and he did not want to move with you. In general, Mars in Libra in the Seventh House does best when the pair of you team up to campaign together. I’ve also seen it when a couple single out his former wife for their battles, when she’s being unreasonable about money or children. It can work in a few common ways, but you have free choice here, so I expect this time around, you will realise that the pair of you are better off fighting for a good cause or campaign, than each other. The fact that he also has Mars in Libra suggests that you need some kind of outlet. Perhaps the local volunteer fire brigade could do with a couple of new fire fighters. The subject of children may have already come up with him/for him. It will keep coming up until 2026.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Please can you help ?
    Having read your article on Aries-Libra Nodes, I think something karmic is happening in my relationship/life and even though I am a reasonably intelligent professional woman, with a very traditional viewpoint on marriage and relationships I don’t seem to be able to work out how I’ve ended up where I am ?

    I met my current partner born 01.55am 29/10/1955 in 1982 briefly, but split after a few months. I married and had children with someone else ( I married October 1987).

    After divorcing my first husband I randomly met up with my current partner in 1995 and we finally married in June 2004. After 11 tumultuous years we split in 2015 due to distance (him working away) and divorced 2018.

    He contacted me again in June 2021 and we have been together since but live separate with our own homes. I love this man dearly, met him at 18 and I’m nearly 60! But for some reason just can’t put all the pieces together and the relationship feels like the Bono song “with or without you “

    You mentioned the devil card for Libra this year which made my heart sink
    Can you see in my chart if this is karmic ? And will we ever settle and live together in peace !

    I have Libra stellium
    Sun 19
    Mercury 04
    Juno 24

    He has Libra stellium
    Mars 10
    Mercury 16
    Neptune 28
    Cupid 26

    Any information much appreciated

    Many Thanks Eloise

    1. Eloise, like The Damned song. Never mind U2. You have Juno in Libra and she can bring the most dramatic questions about freedom versus commitment. Juno in your chart is very close to Cupid at 26 Libra in his chart and that says it all. On a regular basis, you grapple with the lure of security and home comforts with a man, and your own loss of space – but also the impact on your identity. Juno is symbolised by the peacock. She was a pea hen who married Jupiter, the biggest peacock of them all. Cupido (Cupid) in the other chart tends to have monster crushes and second honeymoons, so your relationship is either regularly revived or he has to fend off desire for others. These horoscope symbols come to us from Rome and if you’ve ever sat through even a single episode of I, Claudius you will see some familiar themes. Juno was Jupiter’s wife but he was the star. Bacchus is a symbol of pure pleasure, hedonism and self-indulgence, like a banquet – the partnership can feel like getting drunk on life and love at its best. The Sun there, also in Libra in the Seventh House, suggests you shine brightly at your brilliant best when part of a duet. The chemistry between you is never going to be mixed to normal. He has Mars at 10 Libra in conjunction with your Bacchus at 10 Libra. He’ll fight you. Mars in a relationship always shows up as regular irritation or outright anger and I’ve seen it in charts where a man will deliberately provoke a woman in order to have a flaming row and end up in bed later. Will you ever live together? Do you really want to? I can see why your Juno in Libra wants to go for a respectable marriage, or at least a common-law marriage, with a healthy joint bank account and designer bed linen, but you may have more interesting times than that! The Devil card did turn up in the Tarot for Libra but it shouldn’t make your heart sink. It’s about freedom. Not necessarily parting company. You have Uranus transiting Taurus and your solar Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, in 2023. From May 2023 he is joined by Jupiter, so suddenly there is an offer of more, as well as more freedom. By May 2024 you will hopefully have made some decisions together to break free of a situation which makes you both feel chained to the wheel. It wouldn’t take much. The man and woman in The Devil are naked. This is about sex, but also naked truths. You have to ask yourself who or what ‘the devil’ represents to you and go from there.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    I have Libra stellium (Pluto, Uranus, Juno, Desc, Hygeia). I am happy to stay single and had my best time in my career 18-19 years ago (great company, boss, career growth) Am wondering if this libra cycle will bring me marriage or business partnership ? Thanks

    1. Yes, a marriage or professional partnership is more likely when the South Node transits Libra and your Seventh House, if only because you cannot possibly complete the karma alone. It can also bring a feud or battle. You have that life-changing combination of Pluto and Uranus in Libra and so transform other people, yourself, and a small corner of the world, every time you go into a duet, or leave one. Every time you fight a duel, too. It really depends where your obsession and passion will go next. Pluto is about intense longing. Uranus tends to upset the apple-cart, and if you do go into a new double-act it will not only be quite intense, it will also be vulnerable to upheaval, which means you need to take your time with (say) two names on a lease, or even a pre-nuptial agreement. It’s the same with a professional partnership. Look at the controls. If you are drawn towards some kind of fight, instead, it goes without saying that you would take care with your strategy and approach. It’s rather like being John Lennon when he divorced The Beatles, but also left his marriage for Yoko Ono. You’d want nice, level-headed, calm, professional, objective advice. Just remember, you have a huge range of choices. And you may decide to not go for any of them. If your birth time is right, though, your Descendant or DC is also in Libra and your AC or Ascendant is in Aries and therefore what comes your way in 2023, 2024 also says something about your reputation.

  28. Thank you so much Jessica – You are so generous with your time.

    Another incredible article! I have a huge libra stellium and got married in 2004. What would this mean for me? Would be most grateful for your thoughts.

    Thank you so much for your great work.

    Much love

    1. It’s a pleasure. With Libra factors at 27 through 1 degree, you will experience the entire South Node in Libra cycle from start to finish, and notice a change in the marriage soon after the South Node changes signs in July. You two will find yourselves in a circular situation with no resolution until you (personally) have been spiritually compensated for what happened 18-19 years before. You may find that your partner (or another person, perhaps) delivers the compensation in quite an obvious way. Or, if you still owe your partner, or another person, then you may be required to pay it back, even though this may be done in an indirect way. I had a reader recently who married in 2004, has a Libra stellium and promised ‘in sickness and in health’ and now has a husband with Long Covid. His new work arrangement (part-time, at home) begins in August, soon after the node changes sign. She will have to earn for both of them. So even now, it is possible that July 2023 is showing up on the calendar. Whatever you promised each other in the eyes of the clergy or celebrant is extremely important. I don’t know that. But you will be returned to the letter of the vow.

  29. This is amazing, Jessica. Thank you for another great post. I have a lot of energy in Libra. Including my IC, Pluto, the moon, Saturn, Cupido. I had a devastating breakup and then married in the last libra south node cycle. I’m curious about your thoughts on my chart.

    1. Not so much energy, but you are a clock timed to go off, when the alarm rings. The alarm will ring from July 2023 when, for the first time in around 18 years, the South Node enters Libra and your Seventh House, forming a conjunction with your IC (Immum Coeli), Pluto, Moon, Saturn and Cupido. I am not surprised to hear you had a bad separation on the last South Node cycle, but also married. Saturn keeps you out, or won’t let you out, and that was your former husband. In common with everyone born when you were, you have Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House so are obsessive about your partners. (In myth, Pluto shattered the earth with his bident, to ride out of Hades to claim Proserpina, and abduct her). So you have a lifelong tendency to take over the marriage, the person, the partnership and feel at home with total control. If only you got it! Pluto also brings deal-making and compromise. Your ancestor or relative was like this. If your birth time is strictly accurate, your IC shows you have inherited this from somebody whose life was a statement about his or her marriage, divorce and so on. A person who may have given it all up for the woman he loved, or a woman who was forbidden from marrying by the family. Professional partnerships also show up with Libra, so your family member may have been like Marks in Marks & Spencer. You have a great deal of yourself invested in your marriage now and may find it pushes all sorts of buttons, all the time. The Moon wants to mother her husband. Cupido is about regular second honeymoons with the husband (short bursts of renewed passion) but can also show up as passionate crushes on other people. You two have a balancing act. The scales will have to be rebalanced after July 2023 and what happened before, will show you something about what has to happen next. Closure comes once you have done the second part of the balancing in 2024.

  30. Thanks, that was a very interesting article. How do you think this will affect Libra rising?

    1. Libra Rising, or Libra Ascendant, describes your physical appearance, the name that best suits you (it may be a nickname) and your reputation. The South Node in conjunction with your Ascendant is like a time machine that takes you back 18-19 years, from July 2023 into 2024 and you’ll find that the way you look, and are seen, nods heavily to issues from that time. So if you lost weight and regained it, 2023-2024 may help you lose it again. If you acquired letters after your name, as a graduate, you may take a further degree. The Ascendant depends on a strictly accurate birth time. Libra Ascendant people tend to project their partnerships, so are firmly one half of a duet or couple – and can sometimes project their feuds and battles – so they are seen as fighters

  31. Hello Jessica, I have 19 Uranus, 2 Pluto, 27 Fortuna and 11 Panacea in Libra…..just separated getting divorced after nearly 20 years…..really wanting things to pan out fairly over the next couple of years….and hoping my Libra stellium will help?? Thank you x

    1. You’re the third reader to appear on this page with Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House who is divorced, or divorcing. It’s a symbol of freedom and liberation, although it can feel like a storm when you go through it. It is very important to get a routine in place that grounds you and calms you down. Might be walking the dog, might be gardening. Uranus can feel like voltage, so it is very important to ground. The reward is the exhilaration of having all the chains snap at the same time and realising you no longer have to put up with X, Y or Z. If you have Pluto at 2 Libra then the timing is quite specific. When the South Node is at 19 Libra in January 2024, you also find Pluto going to 0 Aquarius, telling you that you’ll soon be in a powerful position, both with your former partner, and with anyone new. He’ll ldnd at 2 Aquarius, making the Pluto trine Pluto event exact in April, May 2024. Your commitment to helping your former husband be free, is very important. Sting might have had a song about that (and he is a Sun Libra with a marriage behind him). Allowing life to change is also useful. But as I said, something daily and grounding is a very good idea too.

  32. Hi Jessica

    I only have 2 in Libra, Uranus and Minerva what do these mean?, I also just pulled a Tarot on your site asking what the year ahead held for me and got the 4 of pentacles. Julie xx

    1. The Four of Pentacles or Coins is you sitting pretty with more than enough money in 2023. I’d suspect you have Taurus factors and you have a huge stellium in Taurus, which rules your Second House of income, profits, shopping, sales, property, charity, valuables and the like. Jupiter with all his abundance, opportunity, hope, growth and vast expansion will be in Taurus from May 2023 to June 2024 so you will save or make proper money. You are another reader with Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House, who has a lifelong pattern of saying no to partners, but also being rejected. Every time you hear or say ‘No!’ for whatever reason, you are free. Partners set you free by walking away, or you set yourself free by doing the Paul Simon song. Minerva in Libra makes you wise about partnership, commitment, separation, marriage, divorce and the rest. This helps. Uranus in Libra women are about to revisit life as it was 18-19 years ago, and you are one of them – by 2024 you will realise it’s all about balancing the scales.

  33. Really great read, Jessica
    I only have Uranus in Libra. What does that mean for me? I’m divorced, in love with a Scorpio (10 Nov 73) who’s still married although living alone abroad since 2020. We love each other deeply, but he doesn’t know how he can have me in His life after 2 plus intensely passionate and intimate years together. We have hit a difficult time in our relationship. Where do we go with our relationship in 2023?, Is there a future for us and remain together?
    Thank you

    1. Women born with Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House of divorce, adultery, engagement and so on, are rejected, but also reject – it’s a lifelong pattern. The Rejection Dance always liberates you and sometimes sets you free from someone/something that would have really trapped you and cut off so many options in your life. You can continue a commitment and still find a way of living and loving that allows for the famous Uranian ‘No!’ to each other. You have quite a tight pattern with Uranus at 5 Libra in the Seventh House in opposition to Ceres at 6 Aries in the First House (just one degree off, which is close enough). You also have Apollo at 5 Gemini and Mars at 6 Gemini in the Third House. I am very sorry you are going through it, but you will figure out a proper plan, with or without him – possibly with someone else – when the South Node goes to 5, 6 Libra in August, September, October, November 2024. You don’t really have a marriage chart. Marriage is such an ancient institution, and it doesn’t matter if you count the Roman Catholic version or the Anglican version. Ceres in Aries wants to control her title, appearance and reputation. That’s empowering for you, but it does not sit easily with your pattern in partnership, which is to see regular upheaval with major questions about your own and everybody else’s independence. Why did you fall in love with him? He’s still married, lives alone, is abroad, and is now asking if he can have you in his life. He is acting out the Full Monty experience of Uranus in the Seventh House, which can oddly result in women who consciously want marriage, falling madly in love with men who are going to upset the apple cart. The twist in this tale is Apollo and Mars in Gemini, the sign which rules the worldwide web, telephone calls, text messages and love letters. It will always be a part of your love life and your love life will always be a part of you, no matter if he’s the chap, or someone else appears. When Pluto goes to 5, 6 Aquarius at Christmas 2027, New Year 2028 for example, that whole pattern about partnership, identity and the web takes off in a powerful way. Men abroad are hard work. By this stage you may be looking at neighbour, or someone in a neighbouring town or region. Gemini rules neighbours. Have a look at the Tarot to add more personal information to this reading.

  34. Hello Jessica. Thank you for your sharing your exquisite work with the world. I read it religiously. Recent posts about Libra and Capricorn – and those signs combined – have especially resonated. My husband, a Libra sun, (and for whom I purchased a chart – can you access it in my account?) and I, both have Capricorn and Scorpio stelliums and conjunctions within and across our charts at 22, 23, and 29 (e.g., my sun is 22 Cap, as is his moon; my Mars is 23 Scorpio as is his Venus; my Jupiter is 29 Scorpio as is his Mars). We also have five asteroids (Apollo, Aesculapia, Salacia, Volcano and Psyche) in the same signs. In personal history, we are each other’s third significant relationship with someone in the other’s sun sign. We’ve been together for three years now, and in that time have endured numerous challenges – logistical, geographical, financial, parental – but our relationship itself has since our meeting felt remarkably easy and edifying as well as profound and, well, fated. Hoping you can shed some light on our specific synastry and maybe even what lies ahead for us. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you. I need to ask Asporea if we can have Family and Friends’ charts shown, alongside the reader’s. That’s next on my list to discuss with my brilliant friends. You are very similar; a well-balanced pair. Libra is the scales, and although ‘different but equal’ is classically what we say about men and women, you can also find the issue is jobs or money. You are both Capricorn/Scorpio types and understand the importance of success, money and property. You line up over it, actually and balance each other out. Your Jupiter at 29 Scorpio on his Mars at 29 Scorpio is very handy in that case; he pushes very hard when it comes to money, houses, apartments, charity, business, shopping, selling, collecting. He can be aggressive if he has to. You bless that. You literally enrich it. The financial challenges between you are the most important, because they are vested in Scorpio and the Eighth House. You also have the classic Sun-Moon conjunction that Carl Jung became so excited by. Your IC or Immum Coeli is in Libra, if your time is strictly accurate. A relative or ancestor stood out, in terms of the divorce or the marriage. Perhaps, the marriage was a professional partnership. Maybe, this is someone jilted at the altar or who left his wife. It can be interesting to rifle through the family tree, but you have inherited a deep, deep concern with what is fair, just, legal, equal and balanced between spouses.

  35. Hello Jessica. Fascinating read as always. I am libra sun and I have been a bit nervous about this transit for some reason. I have been single for while and I feel incomplete without having the other person by my side to balance the scales. Please can you advise me what’s in store for me and what this transit may bring me? I am also feeling there will be a huge change whenever by where I live or/and a change of job or sector I work at? I am still learning about astrology and your new book is fascinating. Thanks so much for all your knowledge

    1. You have a whopping stellium in Libra in the Seventh House of partnership and typically, would feel incomplete with someone else by your side to balance you. A choice about such a person will arrive at some point after July 2023 and perhaps as late as 2024. The see-saw will be weighed down at the other end by a former partner, or a potential new partner, and you have a decision to make.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I absolutely love your blog posts and find them very informative. Can you please give me some insight on what impact it will have on me. I have Saturn, Pluto and hygeia in Libra. I actually was not in any relationships during 2004-2005 period. Or even prior to that.I was hyper focused on getting my education and getting my degree in health care at that time.I met my husband a Scorpio in 2015 and married in May of 2017. We’re also in the process of trying to organize our finances to plan ahead for the future. any additional advice on how to go about it as well. Thank you so much for all that you do!

    1. Libra and the Seventh House describe partnerships (duets) of all kinds, not just sexual, so sometimes the karma relates to (say) a male friend you shared a house with. You were seen as a pair and invited together, or send Christmas cards together, but were in a platonic double-act. I have seen karma involving a pair of ice-skaters, who were not in a relationship outside work – and also come across it with ghostwriters and high-profile people. We also find the South Node in Libra turns up when you turned down a prospective date which meant nothing to you, but the rejection meant a great deal to him. That can happen too, with some kind of apology or gesture being made 19 years later. I recently had a reader who lost her virginity on the last South Node in Libra cycle. It was not happy. The people who were intricately involved with him, are now asking her to a reunion. The scales of Libra will swing wherever they must.

  37. Hi Jessica, I was wondering if you might be willing to spread the word in whatever way you can about an amazing Australian animal rescuer, Marcus Fillinger, who is currently in Ukraine helping pets who have been rendered homeless, hungry and often injured by Russia’s invasion. They have been separated from their human families through the brutality of war and are roaming the streets trying to survive. Marcus’ animal rescue organisation is Alphadog AnimalArmy and people can find out all about his work and donate if they wish at Humans like Marcus are part of the people power future I look forward to when I read your analysis … he gets no government funding and relies on the generosity of people who love animals and want to help him to help them. He is a hero because it is dangerous, heartbreaking work. I love being a member and learning from your fantastic work so thank you.

    1. Sure, I will take a look at Marcus on Twitter and see if I can pass on his news at Alpha Dog. I bet it’s heartbreaking work. Those poor animals. Thank you for letting me and the readers here know.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    Curious how will this Libra cycle affect me, I have Uranus, Pluto and Bacchus in Libra (Sun Scorpio). I am divorced after a 20 year unhappy marriage. Thanks

    1. You have that historic combination of Uranus and Pluto in Libra, which was always going to make partnership a source of upheaval and questions about control, too. You divorced and had an unhappy marriage, for which I am sorry. Two decades is a very long time. However – you loved, lived and learned – and now the South Node is back. This will likely be about your former partner, when you were either with or without them, as life from 18-19 years before comes back to show you something, once you begin the long South Node cycle, from July 2023. Sometimes there is another lover who is the main story, but it is usually a spouse, or ex-spouse, because Libra rules the law. You tend to find the nodes reward people if they gave unconditionally and compensate them – or if they still owe someone, something (an apology, even) then conditions can make that possible, or there may be an avenue for a gesture with quite a different person, which makes up for the other situation, spiritually. Have a look at Uranus and Pluto (Bacchus is pleasure, both given and received). Your whole life, Uranus will make independence a key issue; Pluto will make control the other one. For this reason you sometimes find people who don’t marry at all; they would rather have an unstructured love life with none of Libra’s laws.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    Can you please tell me what is meant by debt owed for events from 2004-2005, or one spiritually owes for past events 18-19 years ago? If I think back to 2004, I automatically assume this speaks about a romantic relationship. However, this is myopic. So maybe it’s something else. Do I remember back to specific ‘learning moments’? What does it mean to spiritually owe for the past? Any guidance on this topic will help me to better understand what is owed. I am so appreciate your efforts. Thank you kindly.

    1. You have Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House, and after July 2023, when the South Node begins moving through Libra and your Seventh House, it will eventually form an historic conjunction with your natal Pluto, bringing back old issues about your need to control (Pluto), past obsessions (also Pluto) and the art of deal-making and compromise (another Pluto matter). The transit takes you into 2024, and as it goes along, looking back over your shoulder to life as it was 18-19 years before, will show you where you might have left things hanging (the unbalanced scales) or where somebody else might have left you hanging. This may be financial, sexual, emotional or something more serious. If we glance at 2004 for examples, we find Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark and Crown Prince Frederik. The commoner and the monarch. Those scales were already unbalanced at the start (she was famously an Australian real-estate agent and had to emigrate and change her entire existence; he had to factor in someone who broke the usual family pattern). So, it can be something both souls feel. We have no idea what their situation was. Britney Spears is another good example. She wed her future stalker, in fact, and the marriage was annulled 55 hours after the ceremony. Rosie O’Donnell married her new wife Kelli, under very new laws, then married another woman later, even though the first marriage had not yet led to divorce. Everyone has a different story. Some are extreme, so I have given you three extreme examples. In a very few cases, the Seventh House can describe a feud, lawsuit, battle (the scales of justice are unbalanced) and 18-19 years later it is time to atone, or to accept an obvious apology from the universe, which will try to make good.

  40. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this brilliant piece.
    I have a stellium in libra (Saturn, Diana, Pluto & Mars) but not in the Seventh House, does this mean anything in particular?
    I also have stelliums in Aquarius, Scorpio & capricorn. I have not married (yet) and relationships have not been my forte. Does this mean some sort of portal or auspicious time for strong unions is opening up? Still trying to navigate my chart and understand the accents. You are helping with your brilliant articles, and have to say your readers help me too in the Q&A section. Best, xxx

    1. Thank you. I am glad questions and answers involving readers are useful – I always think the first half of the feature is finished, when I publish it, and the second half is written over the weeks that follow. It makes for a real-world astrology story! Your stellium in Libra is in the Seventh House. The combination of Saturn, Diana, Pluto and Mars suggests you may want to think very carefully about marriage. It’s not for everybody. You also have a stellium in Aquarius, in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, and may feel more comfortable with circles of people who are hands-off. True friends, with tremendous people power together (especially after the final week of March 2023) but never closer, because it splinters the group to have couples. Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House produces situations with partners, former partners or potential partners where you can feel it’s hard to get in – hard to be with someone or be closer to them – or impossible to get out – you can’t leave. Diana is a symbol of a woman who rejects marriage and motherhood. Diana pleaded with her father Jupiter to release her from having to marry, or have children. He made her goddess of the hunt. She did have romance, but with Endymion, who was usually asleep; a passive boyfriend! (That left her free to wander). Pluto in Libra wants to control marriage and dominate the partnership. Mars can declare war on a partner, unless the partner is in on side (‘Two against the world’) in a duet with you, tackling a common opponent. So, any time you get into a duet, it’s complicated. It brings all this with it. You also have a stellium in Scorpio, so the combination of a sexual and financial relationship (say, living with a lover who splits the rent with you) is always going to be a high-agenda matter. It is never just going to be about love. It will always be about the bank, house or apartment. The South Node in Libra will bring closure. Something needs resolution and in 2023, 2024, you should be able to balance the scales for yourself. Just as important is the group you join or rejoin from the final week of March, which will transform your world.

  41. hello jessica, love reading your work it is always interesting + insightful!
    i finally became a member and have been enjoying reading about tarot + astrology.
    had a look at my chart and i have a libra stellium, to be honest never thought i would meet someone let alone get married ahahaa! turns out the universe did have someone lined up and we have been together for almost 13 years.
    would love to hear what you pick up from the libra stellium in the chart and also the planets there being retrograde thanks so much xx

    1. Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying being a Premium Member. You have Uranus in conjunction with Juno at 18 and 19 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage. You also have a Libra stellium. Uranus rules ‘the last thing I ever expected, years before’ and it is always the first thing that happens. People surprise themselves. Even amaze themselves. This is a rare conjunction. It is about the usual ‘No!’ word that we hear from both sides in the marriage, but also commitment. You have been together for 13 years and actually not had a South Node transit yet. This will pull you back in time to life before your husband. It is very likely that a karmic issue from 18-19 years before, with quite a different person, will turn up in connection with him, in 2023-2024. The trick with Uranus-Juno is to invent the marriage to suit yourselves. It will go through regular upheavals and the outcome should always be space, freedom, independence for you both. That way it can continue, as it has.

  42. Hi Jessica! How interesting your article! I’m confused about my natal/ natural/sun chart. I’ve Sun, Asc, Venus, Mercury, North Node and… in Cancer and astrologers always told me that they are in twelve house. When I read your articles, I don’t know in which house the transits is going to happen??

    1. All astrologers use different house systems. I tested 30+ of them many years ago and ended up using the Natural House System. Where will the Libra transits happen? In your Seventh House.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    Have very less knowledge of charts and how to read them to know placements.. my dob is 28/3/77..time 11:40pm, india.
    I once checked my chart online on whole system and it showed my ascending node in Libra 24 degree,
    Ceres in Libra 4 degree,
    Pluto in Libra 12degree retrograde,
    sun in Aries 7 degree,
    mercury in Aries 20 degree,
    Venus in Aries 21degree retrograde,
    Chiron in 29degree Aries….

    so as I can see these placements I guess it has to do with upcoming Aries libra axis planetary placements…. could you kindly shed some light how the upcoming time will affect me…..
    in the last cycle in the year 2006 I lost my husband …
    … Just curious . Thanks

    1. In the last South Node in Libra cycle in 2006 you lost your husband, for which I am sorry. Now the South Node is coming back again in Libra and it will pick up the Aries-Libra axis of your chart, from the First House of reputation, title and appearance, to the Seventh House of marriage, divorce, separation, widowers and so on. The old issues return for closure. Who are you, when you are not a wife or husband? What happens when you change your name upon marriage? The Tarot is free to use on this website and can shed more light on that for you. Ask what the South Node in Libra transit will offer you, above all else.

  44. Hi Jessica, thanks again for an interesting post.

    I learn a little bit more about astrology every time by reading your posts and comments.

    I have the nodes in my chart at 27 degrees and also Mars.

    Also, Juno and Apollo at 26 degrees and Venus at 28 degrees.

    Can you please explain to me how Neptune transiting at 27 Pisces will affect my chart.

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. Neptune transits deliver people, organisations and situations which can confuse you – and you can confuse others, with your confusion. Over the years I’ve seen Neptune present as muddled mediums giving distorted information; people on medication for bipolar disorder who also drink heavily; people who are brainwashed and allow a cult to take them away from friends, family and their money; traitors who deceive others as well as themselves. Neptune when positive is about religion at its best; spirituality; meditation; useful mediumship; psychics working for the law/intelligence services; hypnotism which cures smoking and so on. The crucial thing is to recognise Neptune when you see it. You’ll know. Neptune in Pisces presents as religious figures who are not what they seem, for example, and there is usually a whiff about them. They seem literally fishy. Given that Neptune is unanchored, drifting, fluid, hard to catch, elusive, slippery, has zero boundaries – and Pisces is where you find your God (or Gods) it should be pretty easy to spot, and then you can figure out if it’s useful or best avoided. Neptune, alcohol, prescribed medication and illegal drugs tend to go together so that’s something else to watch out for.

  45. Dear Jessica, what a bunch of interesting articles again! I keep going back to the Prince Harry feature to read all the comments, too addictive. I hope you will have a chance to answer my post. In November I fell ill and have been home since, have developed anxiety attacks since this and on top of that my employer (Cancer) started a conflict last week. Also driving a wedge between me and some colleagues I am close to. All typical Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde, and Saturn is not helping as I have been feeling so lonely from sitting at home during this horrible grey winter we have here in Northern Europe. I am doing everything I can to get better and have some really amazing good friends, but they also work and in my surroundings it seems as if everyone is having their own personal mental health crisis at the moment. Normally I am quite a positive person, but I am feeling very despondent after everything that has happened in the last 3 years. In reading the latest articles I realise that I have pretty though transits coming up with exact patterns hitting my Aries, Aquarius and Taurus stelliums which makes me even more despondent. I need to rethink my career, worry about the financial consequences and am so fed up with being alone. Can you please look at my chart and tell me where I should focus first? Have no idea where to start anymore and find all the astrological info overwhelming. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you. Your chart shows you are a Sun Aries with Aries, Aquarius and Taurus stelliums. Your illness and anxiety attacks are about the power and control you have (or do not have) at work. The pressure ends in March, for whatever reason. Pluto (employer and colleague politics) is out of Capricorn and your Tenth House of career, in the final week of March. So this does not last. Readers recommend free hypnosis audio on YouTube for anxiety and also health: try samples from Dr. Paul McKenna, Glenn Harrold, Michael Sealey. Feeling lonely is very common with Saturn in Aquarius, when you have an Aquarius stellium. Saturn always shows ‘cannot get in’ or ‘cannot get out’ and ever since Saturn entered your Eleventh House of friends and groups in December 2020, you have been dealing with big barriers. This also ends in March. In fact, it ends in the first week. By the last week, Pluto goes into Aquarius and your Eleventh House of social life, old and new friends and communities. This is people power, if you want it, and in fact it is what comes naturally. You may never be wholly immersed in the group, but you are destined to be on the fringes of this, and perhaps more than one network, where you play an important part and contribute oxygen, if you like. Loneliness ends in the final week of March if you accept Pluto’s challenge. It will take a lot of will power and self-control but you can do it. You have an excellent Taurus transit from May 2023 until May 2024 with Jupiter forming conjunctions with your Taurus factors in the Second House of income, savings, possessions, shopping, charity, business, property. You will make or save quite a lot of money if you take the opportunities and solutions, and they would appear by June, so quite quickly. This all sounds like a new job to me. Or two new part-time jobs, or a new role returning to study. You will relaunch your title, appearance and reputation after an irresistible option by May 2023, and from March, as I’ve said, the politics ends with these work people. Have a look at the Tarot and see if that’s what’s on offer to you.

  46. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for all that you do I absolutely love your page and read it daily. I am Libra with Libra and Leo Stelliums. In the last libra cycle I met my husband so just wondering how the next cycle will affect me? Many thanks as always.

    1. Thank you very much. You met your husband with classic timing on the last South Node in Libra cycle; a few royal weddings happened that year too. This time round the scales which balance you must be repaired or replaced. From July 2023 into 2024 you will realise that new elements are there in your life and/or his life, which suggest some adjustment. It’s just like adjusting real scales. When you met, you both brought certain things to the agreement. ‘Different but equal’ is the Libra rule, so it may have been that he was paid more than you, for example, or you had social gifts that he lacked. Maybe your family was united and his was divided. It takes all sorts. This balancing act which formed all those years ago now needs a second look, and you’ll either re-tune the marriage by 2024 or find you want a new set of scales; a new sort of partnership.

  47. Hi Jessica! I wanted to try this comment again since I know things can get lost or pushed back in the queue. I appreciate the time you take to answer our questions.

    You helped give me some good insight in the past when I asked about a longtime connection (since 2013) with a Sun Libra man who admitted that he was very unhappy in his marriage and cared a lot for me. However, he said he has been scared of leaving his marriage of 30+ years (I know, they all say that), and I told him I will not date him while he is married. We both have Libra stelliums and he is very heavily Libra. You advised me to leave him alone until he leaves, and to not let him attempt to have an affair, which he might try hard to do in 2022 or 2023. I have been following this advice. I know you also said I have some great relationship opportunities coming up this year – I have been divorced for almost five years and my love life hasn’t really been successful since then. After reading all of your Libra predictions, it seems like both of us could have major changes in 2023-24. While I am not waiting on him and I will absolutely date other people who present themselves as opportunities, I know we do care a lot for each other and I’m wondering if 2023-24 would be the best window for us to be together (meaning that he would divorce), if we are ever supposed to be together. I have younger children and he has an adult son who is out of the house and married, so his children are not an issue, but you said he might have an issue with mine. I also drew the Emperor tarot card as my card for 2023 when I asked about love and career. We do have a working relationship and he is an older man. He has six planets in Libra and two points in Aries. Cancer moon and descendant/Capricorn ascendant. Sun: 12° Libra 58′ 24″ Mercury: 13° Libra 54′ 14″ Venus: 03° Libra 48′ 38″ Ceres: 03° Libra 23′ 22″ MC: 24° Libra 26′ 53″ North Node: 22° Libra 20′ 17″ R IC: 24° Aries 26′ 53″ South Node: 22° Aries 20′ 17″ R Is this a scenario that could have any potential for a real relationship at all? Thank you in advance for all you do, as usual.

    1. Thank you. Yes, this feature has been very popular, with 70+ questions waiting. I’ve just put the kettle on so will have a look at your chart now. You are a Libra stellium who has fallen in love with an unhappily married Libra stellium man. You asked me about him before and I advised you to avoid an affair, based on your Seventh House patterns. You’ve been divorced for five years and are wondering if things will change with him. Will he leave his wife, or will she leave him? You both have children. Your Emperor Tarot card says it all. He’s older and you work together. If you asked about love, overall, in 2023, then you are being told he is alone and hard to get close to. There is no wife there. She has either left him, he has left her, or they are still married, but he is completely inaccessible to her, never mind the children. The Emperor is a successful, powerful, solitary figure and represented in your chart by transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the Tenth House. He’s lonely at the top, basically. There are so many cards in the Tarot that show intimacy, closeness, romance, partnership – but the Tarot did not reveal them to you. So I think you have far better bets elsewhere. He’s really hard work and to get him to meet you halfway would require a total transformation and revolution in his personality and life. It could happen, but you may have easier options with other lovers. You have a Capricorn stellium so are ambitious. It is in your nature to want the top man, or the top job, or be with the people at the top. Nob Hill, thanks very much. He is actually part of your Pluto in Capricorn transit, as to win him would be a huge achievement and also put you on top. You have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. There is another side of you which just wants an equal partnership. You are in the best possible position in 12 years to find a new boyfriend from May 2023 until May 2024. If your Emperor is ever to divorce, in your favour, it would be then. Don’t hang around waiting. I think you’ll know by the end of May where the chips are going to fall.

  48. Hi Jessica,
    I have Saturn in Libra and married life has not been smooth sailing. Should I be worried about this cycle?
    Thank you for this detailed post.
    Best regards,

    1. Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House is about dealing with barricades and walls, which prevent you from having what you we might call a typical marriage, as this is a partnership which comes with a drawbridge and moat. This is a lifelong pattern and you may have experienced it with the person you are with now, or a previous lover. He or she can be inaccessible. The Saturn Return in Libra usually shows the story. People fall in love with celibates in cults, for example, who never let them in. That’s quite extreme but it shows you how this can function. The other very common scenario is to be unable to get out of a marriage. You can’t see any way to surmount the obstacles and can feel restricted by it. You should never be worried about a transit, RAR, that’s not the point; but you may want to set aside more time and space for rebalancing the marriage after July 2023 and perhaps try harder than you normally might to resolve any issues, as what is unresolved comes back again in around 18-19 years. The wheel of karma.

  49. Thank you so so much for replying ♥️! Normally I am curious and open to change, but with the anxiety attacks everything feels super scary. I will look up the videos you referred to. Have a wonderful day and thanks again!

  50. Hi Jessica, I just renewed my membership for the third year, the first site I have ever done that for! I am a Sun Cancer I have a stellium in Libra (Cancer and Capricorn as well) with 6 Ceres, 17 Ops, 29 Fortuna and 23 Neptune. I am single having divorce decades ago though I did marry a Libra. I’d appreciate your thoughts on what I should be watching for in the upcoming months.

    1. Thank you, that is a great compliment I will pass on to Asporea who run this website. You will finish any questions about power and control involving your ex-partner in March 2023. There may also have been similar issues about how much you are holding the reins (or not) with other dates or lovers in 2008-2023. These vanish when Pluto departs Capricorn in the final week of March 2023. The questions may return but they have lost their potency and influence. This is a huge shift for you. Then, from July 2023 and into 2024, you realise you can gain final closure with your former partner, as he does with you. End games are funny things on this transit; they are never really the end. And yet balance is restored, once you reach 2025.

  51. Oh my!! Jessica everytime an article is posted I feel such an excitement!Any thoughts on the outcome of this cycle for capricorn people?I have a stellium in Capricorn and Sagittarius and I have nothing in Libra but do wish to have a balanced relationship. Tarot cards the Fool and the Sun. Thank you for your insight!

    1. Namaste. The Fool and the Sun together (not sure why you picked two) are about sons, daughters, godchildren, young relatives and children en masse, as a large group. Taking a leap into the unknown, with the world of children, teenagers or Millennials involved. You have Uranus in Taurus in your solar Fifth House of parenthood and substitute parenthood until 2026 so that fits. You could easily date someone with children from a divorce, for example, or start a relationship with a man who wants to foster children on the weekends. You will see where this is going in May 2023.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for another informative and interesting piece. I have a Libra stellium so I’m really interested in this topic. As usual, I’ve found the comments above very insightful too – thank you.

    2004 – 2006 were pretty quiet as regards partnerships for me so there was nothing major jumping out at me when I considered those years. I went to the Tarot for further information. I pulled the World card. I wonder does this have anything to do with Saturn entering my natal 9th house shortly? Or my natal Pluto’s (which is in Libra) sextile with my natal Neptune in Sagittarius? I would appreciate any thoughts you have.

    Thank you for the discussion on the Prince and Princess of Wales. I have a similar birth chart to both of them, being only a few days younger than the Prince, so I always find that really insightful.

    1. You drew The World card in Tarot when asking about your last South Node in Libra cycle, which shows a naked woman tempted by travel, or travellers, or foreigners from Europe, America, Australasia, the United Kingdom. Does that ring any bells? The Tarot would have shown you 2004-2006 if that was your question, not the future. And yes, you have a similar chart to Prince William. He also had multiple temptations in 2004-2006 but it was the United Kingdom that tempted him most.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    This is so interesting for me as I have a libra stellium and also the nodes in libra and aries. They are Ceres 18, Apollo 9, Juno 4, Cupido 10 and the nodes at 22 degrees. My husband has alzheimers and I have had a new partner for some time now. My husband was a controlling abusive man and I was scared to leave him. Now he is weaker I am not so scared and am moving away putting support in place for him instead of me. I have a divorce going through too, what do you see for me please. Once again thanks for all the advice you have given me.

    1. You are about to have your nodal return, being born with the nodes in Libra-Aries. As you’ve read, your past life involved marriage or divorce as a central concern and now you are back for closure. Your husband, who is still married to you, was abusive but he now has Alzheimers. He was likely the past life spouse in your last incarnation. Some people do have intense incarnations. You will gain closure by the start of 2025 at the very latest and settle up with his soul or spirit, even if his mind is not processing it all. Ceres and Juno are two powerful symbols in your chart. Have a look at those goddesses, as the archetypes are within you and show up on that Libra-Aries axis where you have to decide ‘Me or both of us.’

  54. Thank you Jessica – this is fascinating! I have a Libra stellium. In 2004 I was trying to get out of an abusive marriage (eventually succeeded). Now I find myself in what you describe – a “relationship” or potential relationship where there are 3 parties – One is an Aquarius, the other is Cancer (who are unhappily married).I’m not sure if your article alludes to a shake-up/break-up – or them staying together. And whether I finally just walk away. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you. The Sun Aquarius person in this love triangle has decisions to make about children (any existing children, and potential future children or stepchildren) in 2024-2025 and from 2026 this question changes their life, with more freedom than they have experienced in years. Freedom comes from children or with children, then. The Cancerian, unhappily married, half of the equation, finds the politics ends in the final week of March 2023. The issues can only go backwards and from the mid 2020s the endless questions about who is in charge will be history. So that is what you are dealing with. This is the same timeline as your South Node Libra transit from July 2023 and the last time you had this cycle you were getting out of an abusive marriage. What goes around, comes around – one more time.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    I commented a couple of days ago on this but I’m sure you’ve had a huge amount of responses!!
    In 2004/2005 I had just moved states and got into a relationship with a guy that turned out to be quite toxic after 4-5 years. I have a Libra stellium and I’ve not had a commitment relationship lasting longer than 6 months since I was 29. I’m turning 40 this year…

    I’m wondering what this transit is going to bring for me. You always manage to bring a great deal of clarity in your responses so I’m wondering what I should be looking for.

    I asked the Tarot what this transit will bring me and I drew the King of Pentacles ‍♀️

    1. Yes, this feature has been pretty popular, but I’ve just moved to my home office for the day and am settling down with your questions. Thank you for your patience. You are turning 40 and never had a relationship longer than six months since you were 29. You have a Libra stellium. Saturn, Pluto, Hygiea and the Ascendant are all in your Seventh House of sexual partnerships which is unusual and quite hard work. Not everyone suits marriage. Saturn shows the barriers and restrictions that come, when you enter into a partnership. Multiple barricades and boundaries, so it can he hard to get out, but also hard to get in. Saturn is an ancient symbol of restrictions, followed by self-imposed rules, followed by (finally) wisdom and progress. The South Node in Libra will form a conjunction with Saturn in Libra on the way through, so you will in fact be taken back to the old fortress situation from 18-19 years ago, and that was your toxic former boyfriend. The fortress situation will be with the King of Pentacles, by early 2025 at the latest. He is hard to reach. Inaccessible. Hard work to access – that is Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House. You also have Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House. Partnership always, always raises questions about how much control you possess and how far you can run the relationship. If you are too obsessive, too controlling, a certain sort of man will always run for the hills. I am sure you know that. It’s a good idea to get to know Pluto and to see this side of yourself. Nobody could excuse you of not being wholly passionate, potent, influential and all the rest – but you are going to find yourself cutting deals with men, and making compromises with them (and with the universe) your whole life. This is particularly true if it is marriage or common-law marriage. Just being aware of this side of your nature can help you manage it. Again, this money-minded man, who may be a banker, investor, retailer, fundraiser and so on – will raise these questions about who has the upper hand in the situation. Hygiea is about ‘prevention is better than cure’ in a partnership and you can be quite strategic, defensive, protective with anyone in partnership with you. Finally, the Ascendant (if your time is strictly accurate) is about your title, appearance and reputation. In Libra, people see you through the lens of partnership, or separation, or divorce, or ‘woman seeks man.’ This King of Pentacles could be quite therapeutic for you, but as I said, there’s work to do. Find out more about Saturn and Pluto in Libra/Seventh House in your online library and from Debbie Frank and other great astrologers.

  56. Dear Jessica,
    You have so generously answered my questions in the past and I am very grateful. I have another important question about my daughter born 15/10/2004. She is possibly struggling with an eating disorder and we are so worried about her. Do you see her healthy and does she have a direction and success in life coming up?
    Thank you.

    1. I am sorry your Sun Libra daughter may have an eating disorder. I bet you’re worried. The internet has a lot to answer for – it doesn’t really help young women a lot of the time. March is a turning point. She has been in a confusing and confused cycle since 2011 with Neptune (distortion, loss of reality, escaping from the real world) in her solar Sixth House of food, drink, doctors, nurses, fitness and surgery. I have in fact had another reader, a mother of two small children, with anorexia nervosa – also a Sun Libra – also with Neptune issues. She is now fully recovered. March is the turning point because Saturn, with all his barriers and boundaries, moves into Pisces that month. Saturn is alongside Neptune in Pisces all year, and that will give your daughter new realities and new rules. This sounds to me like a useful starting point with a therapist or support group. I don’t have her natal chart here, so I am reading the ‘weather’ of the solar chart, but it’s a good general guide. I would say that if she has an eating disorder, it is all mixed up with school, college, university, being without a job, or having a job. Not being well puts some or all of that on hold, so what is the core feeling she has about study, work, and so on? An eating disorder is a way out. It is time off, or even an exit, so some part of her must want that or she would not be dealing with her food this way. That’s the astrology of it; the Sixth House is about being fit for duty. If you are not fit for duty, it is frequently because you have manufactured an issue which will get you off the hook, with the doctor’s certificate not far behind. This leads us back to honest feelings about wanting to serve – or not! Her long-term future is with foreigners and foreign countries, and it begins to take off in 2024 and is very exciting from 2026. She may even emigrate one day. Let’s hope March sorts out a reality check for her.

  57. Hi Jessica:
    This post is very interesting. Thank you and I hope you are well.
    Well, I have 5 Factors in Libra; and interesting enough, it just dawned on me, my ex-husband and I were married 5th October, 1997 – the Libra sign. We divorced Jan. 2018 and I did not receive any financial support from him; it was enough just walking away; our faiths and background and upbringing was very different, but I did conform and adjust where I thought I needed to for the sake of our marriage . I left and raised and educated my children solely which was very challenging but I did it. My ex is currently living in our house, and will not pay my rightful share of the property, and the debt of the house is in my name only. I am wondering will I ever have closure with that issue with him? I chose to not challenge or fight him on the issue, but it is my rightful share that I could benefit from but its a constant issue hanging over me maybe because I dissolved the marriage.
    Apart from that issue, is there anything I need to know with my health and work/career and finances, or current 5 year relationship with my Pisces boyfriend. I find myself feeling very much alone carrying the burden and weight of all responsibilities. I am overworked in many areas, and still take care for my elderly parents, so I am very tired. My adult children are a constant worry, “when will they find financial security and establish themselves”! Some good news on the forefront would be encouraging. Thanks so much Jessica.

    1. This sounds like a Scorpio issue (sexual and financial relationships) as well as a Libra issue. You divorced in 2018, became a single parent, got no money from him and he is living in your house and won’t pay fair shares, but you carry the debt. You’ve been with a Pisces boyfriend for five years and again are doing it pretty much alone, and overburdened, though your children are now adults. You are a Sun Sagittarius with stelliums in Sagittarius, Virgo and Libra. You have Vesta in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, so if you had a daughter, her father may have manipulated the situation with both of you (Vesta rules harem politics) or his mother/female ex/female friend and so on. You also have Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio, so any time a house, apartment or bank account comes into it, there will be complications so an automatic pre-nuptial is pretty useful. We associate Venus with mother and son, but also mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Venus also rules adultery. Vesta is one male, two or more females; Venus is more about the family. For a simple life always minimise the competition between females for male approval – sisterhood is better – and learn about Venus and how to manage it. For the first time in 19 years you have the South Node in Scorpio going across all this in your Eighth House, and that’s karmic in nature, taking you back 18 or 19 years, and then 18-19 years before that. It ends in July. A stuck or circular situation with your ex-husband ends then too. You then go into the purely legal side of Libra partnerships and I realise you are letting sleeping dogs lie, but I doubt you and your boyfriend, or perhaps others in the story – like the children – will let that go on. At some point this deeply unfair situation will have to be balanced and by 2024 it will happen. If you’ve not spoken to a lawyer lately it may be useful to update after July or next year. You are also ‘doing’ your Virgo stellium in a way which is affecting your health. You are tired. Have a look at the Virgo stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you. J.K.Rowling has it. Similar thing to you. Single parent, ex-husband and heaven knows she’s had people trying it on. I am going to be bossy here and say that from March you have to put your health first. Nothing and nobody else matters as much as your health. This is across all levels, as Virgo rules the mind as well as the body. Keep on putting your wellbeing first until the opening of 2026. If you are too tired to think of solutions, I understand, but when you’ve had a nap, get out a pen and paper and jot down all your thoughts on this. Nobody else sees and you rip it up, but you will remember what matters. You need to stop overworking. Virgo is the maiden (virgin) who as an unmarried daughter, does the housework, cooking, cleaning and nursing for the family. You actually have a job. You are in a good position to completely change your lifestyle, workload, way of life in 2023-2026 but it is best if you do it voluntarily rather than – because you have to. If your birth time is right, then it is actually one or both children who are your trump card. It’s early days yet but by May 2023, as a mother, you will find one or both comes good and helps you. Virgo stellium types don’t like to ask, as they feel being the helper is their job, but actually – try it. See what the Tarot says. I think May 2023 is a fantastic turning point for you with just about everything in terms of your worry habit, your over-caring, the realities of your parents, your job, the role at home with your boyfriend, and of course – the cuckoo ex (possibly cuckoo, but also a nest occupier), so start dreaming bigger now.

  58. Hi Jessica, hope you are well.

    I have Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Libra…is this significant?

    As for karma from the past, funnily enough between 2004-2006 I had the worst heartbreak of my life (far more so than my recent experience, younger back then i guess?!) which made me quite ill & took me many years to recover from… so I do hope this has no relevance, or if it does its on a positive note!

    I have struggled with relationships in my time & freedom I think is always the root cause for me…its taken me years to realise I am quite a free spirit & the thought of children/marriage has just never won me over, but the thought of growing old alone also doesn’t appeal either so would be interesting to see what unfolds.

    Thank you & best regards

    1. You’ve never forgotten 2004-2006 because you had heartbreak and a long illness to follow. This sounds like the South Node in Libra in conjunction with something very, very difficult in your Seventh House, so let’s look at Libra and see what you have there. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Just three of the most important planets in astrology. You can achieve closure with the past after July, for whatever reason, perhaps involving the heartbreaker, maybe something quite different. You have seen for yourself the barricades and the control issues with Saturn and Pluto and now realise you’re a free spirit. I think you are in line for a companion in older age; not a conventional marriage by any means. Either the change in you that needs to happen, to allow that, will unfold in 2023, 2024 or you may be well and truly ready so a good ‘other half’ for your set of scales will appear. Fingers crossed for you. I think the South Node in conjunction with your Jupiter augurs extremely well!

  59. I have to say, I am impressed by the accuracy of astrology. I have Libra stellium, and on the day I plan to marry my partner Carl, 10 Nov 2023, Libra will be at 10 degrees in Moon (the exact degree I have my Libra in South Node). Also, Libra is my first house. I can feel significant changes coming my way.

  60. Wow Jessica! these dates resonate with me 100%. I have Sth node in Libra as well as 5 planets. Pisces Sun, with Aries, Libra, Capricorn stelliums. So split from abusive ex in march 2006 (sth node in libra). Married current husband (aries) May 2015 (nth node libra), we are just recently separated but trying to possibly work things out.. I am obviously worried about this south node in Libra, does it mean another break up for me? I am very confused with my current relationship, whether to stay or go. my husband has his Saturn Pisces at 0 degrees. my Pisces sun is 0 degrees, not sure if this is significant. I realise he will have his Saturn return coming up. do you have any advice for me? thank you so much for all your time to help people, it is obviously very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You are married but singing along with Joe Strummer: Should I Stay or Should I Go? You are separated and your husband’s Saturn is at 0 Pisces in a conjunction with your Sun at 0 Pisces. You shine brightly when you immerse yourself in religion, Tarot, spirituality, psychics, self-help, counselling, hypnosis, therapy and so on. He restricts that. You are at your brilliant best when you live in two worlds at once, neither of them particularly real. Quantum scientists can do that. So can meditators. Yet, your husband makes that hard to access, or makes you feel lumbered. There is more to the pair of you than just a Sun-Saturn conjunction, though. You are a Sun Pisces with Aries, Capricorn and Libra stelliums. Does the South Node in Libra mean another break-up for you? Not necessarily. The issue for you is the Aries-Libra stellium combination. You go into partnerships, but can also go into fights. You can do ‘two of us against the world’ very well, but you can also do ‘me versus you.’ You live in your First House for much of the time, so your title, appearance and reputation is very important. That is the ‘me’ part of Aries stelliums. Your Libra stellium guides you towards ‘we’ and ‘the two of us.’ They don’t always fit together. A classic example is the woman whose husband wants her to change her surname after they are married – she has a professional surname and does not want to do that. Have a look at your Aries and Libra stelliums in Modern Astrology 2050 and get to know yourself better. You need an outlet for your Aries side, and the marriage should not be that. It doesn’t really work. Your Libra side cleaves towards equal partnership, but it does have to be equal. Not just legally binding, but fair and square in the laws of love. No discrimination or inequality. You have been with your husband in a previous life and had exactly the same issues. Aries versus Libra. So find out more about that, and yourself, and draw a Tarot card to see how they are showing up with your Aries other half. Follow the steps. The answers to a confusing situation are often within the card itself. And then you can stop singing Clash songs. You’ll know.

  61. Thank you for responding to the comments and for unpacking all of this for us, Jessica. I thought I’d try a comment again as I know sometimes they get stuck in a queue. I’m a Sun Libra and I’m not sure how to interpret this as my situation is bit unusual. I was married in 2004-2005 but my husband died 4 years later. During that time period, he had hidden upsetting and even scary things that I was just beginning to find out from others. I was very naive and trusting. I was still supportive of him and took on a heavy burden to get him help for the issues revealed to me. In the years after his death, I did have one serious relationship – it was disastrous – and I was taken advantage of. After that experience (and a few brief others), I realized that the lesson from these experiences was to focus on taking care of my children which is what I’ve done. I would like to have a serious relationship, really marriage, with a kind and supportive man who would be caring towards me and my now young adult children. I still have some men interested in me, despite me being in my 50s, but none of these men are possible matches (i.e. I’m looking for kind, community focused, and empathic). I’m wondering what this cycle means for one who is widowed and whether this cycle brings any hope for a lasting healthy relationship ?

    1. Thank you. Yes, I should explain that I answer comments as I come to them, and that means it’s a lucky dip, of sorts. I am sorry you have been through the death of your husband and the discovery of his secrets. You were upset. After that you tried to find love but it did not work. Now, you make your children the priority, not so much men. Yet, even in your fifties, you want to remarry. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Virgo, Aquarius, Leo. The Leo stellium is your life story. You have this in the Fifth House of the bedroom, courtship, pregnancy, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults. You made your children the priority, which comes naturally to you, as you are Queen to a younger court. Leo is the sign of monarchy and the Fifth House is about heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne, as well as the shenanigans which takes place in the royal bedchamber. It can be dark. Prince Andrew, Epstein and Maxwell is dark. Richard III and the Princes in the Tower is dark. You were born with Mars, Proserpina, Cupido and Vulcanus in Leo. This is really Shakespearean as Mars is about warfare; Proserpina is about a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and son-in-law; Cupido is about Cupid’s arrow and short-term, raging desire; Vulcanus is about love triangles. So, never a dull moment, but any time you have transits to this Leo stellium, you are likely to find you get the Shakespeare and not the stable marriage partner. The other big clue in your chart is the Aquarius stellium. When you say ‘community focussed’ you are speaking your chart. It may be that it suits you to have a friend with benefits. Not a father to your young adult children, not a legally binding marriage, but something quite different. You may find destiny takes a hand here, as starting in the final week of March, you begin a new cycle for friendship and group involvement that will empower you, put in control, give you influence and introduce you to the most diverse community of people. Long-term, you will end up in an escape from the real world with a partner, as Neptune (bubbles) goes into your solar Seventh House, from the mid 2020’s and you will find a holiday from reality with someone who takes you away from the everyday and the normal. Have a look at the Tarot closer to the time and ask about the children. It may be that they are just not part of the story with this person at all – and that might be fine.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for yet another inspiring article. I have a Saturn at 28 degrees, Pluto at 29, Prosperina at 22, and Hygeia at 11 in Libra. Met my ex-husband in 2009, went through a divorce in 2017, and relocated in 2019. By reading the comments it seems that having Pluto and Saturn in Libra poses difficulties in building and sustaining relationships. Is there a way to improve that? Jupiter transits my 5th house now and I was hoping this could help me meet a stable partner and form a long-standing relationship. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Good question. How does one deal with Pluto and Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House. You are divorced so have seen first-hand how this functions. You want marriage or common-law marriage, but Jupiter transiting your solar Fifth House isn’t about that. It’s about courtship, the bedroom, children, stepchildren and godchildren. It can be a one-night stand, actually. If you think about the rather erratic nature of historic royal relationships, from Henry VIII to Charles II, never mind the current lot, you will soon see how the Fifth House works. So you can enjoy yourself, with April a likely month for something or someone special, but the lifetime patterns around permanent partnership are hard work. We all have Pluto somewhere in our chart and you have it in the Seventh House, so will always find that your need for total control is pushed back and you are forced to compromise and share – not that you want to – or even be downsized to ‘friend’ after a marriage is over. It is very common for power struggles to emerge with Pluto in the Seventh House and we associate Pluto with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Democrat versus Democrat, black versus white, man versus woman – but also Democrat versus Republican, Kamala Harris versus Mike Pence. Pluto is political, and every time you try to create a legally binding equal partnership, which is what Libra is, you get politics, because of Pluto. You can avoid marriage, say, and skip the issue. Or be aware of the power politics and talk with a partner about it, seeking solutions. Saturn is also something we all have somewhere. Restrictions and limitations are normal, and there is usually a sense of being shut out, or shut in – and heavily curtailed or barricaded. Perhaps you had this with your husband from 2009-2017, despite having tried. Again, you can skip the classic Libran legal partnerships with people, avoidance being one approach – or make yourself supremely conscious of the obstacles from the start, and accept them. People can and do marry with Pluto and Saturn in their Seventh House, of course, but transits by the slow-moving outer planets and nodes are quite difficult and one can spend all the time and energy that should be going on a career, on ‘making the marriage work.’ So you see! Your ex-husband may be back on your radar on this next South Node cycle, or a new potential date may emerge who reminds you of various themes from 18-19 years ago. From here, you evolve, according to the astrology. You progress on the inside, as a rather stuck or repetitive situation with a partner, or an opponent, will teach you to shift, within.

  63. Hello Jessica,
    I think I posted my question three times in error. I apologize for that. It looks like something is wrong with my computer as I am logged in at all times however my question is lost somewhere in between. If you see my post I can’t wait for your feedback as I have Libra stellium

    1. No need to apologise, I have your question now and can see you were born with a Libra stellium in the Seventh House of sexual partnerships and professional partnerships – the Seventh House also rules the end of those partnerships and so can describe feuds or contests. We also find it when ‘two of us against the world’ takes place, so a couple or duo decide to face down the opposition together. You were born with Uranus and Pluto in Libra and so repeatedly find partners reject you, or you reject partners. You also need total control of a partner, or the partnership, and can be obsessive. All this adds up to a love life full of episodes which are more like film, television or theatre than anything else, as drama is guaranteed, but it may have left you wondering if the usual legally binding partnerships are for you. I have seen women with this chart pattern decide to avoid marriage and common-law marriage as they would rather keep it simple. Around 18 or 19 years ago, the South Node in Libra formed a conjunction with Uranus and Pluto in your Seventh House, so you were stuck in a circular situation with your other half, or the other side. Anything that wasn’t settled with him/her or yourself returns to you after July 2023 for final closure. The face may change but the issue will be reminiscent of what was never tied up 18-19 years before. You do have other factors in Libra, but Uranus and Pluto are dominant and important. Understanding these planets, Libra and the Seventh House is well worth it, as knowledge is power. Once you understand yourself, you can create a partnership which allows for mutual rejections on a regular basis (the ‘No!’ word is Uranus) and also for your need to hold the reins. Sharing the reins is superior.

  64. Informative and on point as always, thank you Jessica. I am reposting in the hope you that you may be able to squeeze me in please. May I trouble you to share your insights about how the Libra and Aries stellium in my birth chart may affect me please. My marriage started disintegrating in 2004–2006 and I subsequently separated from my then husband in 2007 and eventually divorced him. I have been with my current partner since 2012. Although our relationship was initially quite tumultuous, we are now experiencing a far more harmonious journey following my decision to cease cohabiting. He is keen to get married but my gut instinct tells me that this course of action would cause our previous issues (his ex and children) to resurface and ruin what we have established. He has the following placements in his birth chart:
    Bacchus 02° Aries
    Sun 03° Aries
    Ceres 03° Aries
    Vulcano 09° Aries
    Apollo 17° Aries
    Venus 28° Aries R
    Proserpina 06° Libra R
    Please know that your words of wisdom and encouragement are very comforting and help me keep my level of anxiety in check.

    1. Thank you. I’ve just come to these questions again and found your comment, so it would be my pleasure to take a look. Your partner wants to marry and has a former wife and children. He’s Aries-dominant. He is all about his title, reputation and appearance so being a husband would be part of that. Profile and image. He is extremely self-aware and his internet self matters a great deal to him. Jupiter transiting the Aries stellium in his First House of relaunches until May 2023 probably gave him the optimism (and will go on giving him the optimism) to propose. You don’t live together, but he presumably wants to, as man and wife. You have an Aries stellium too, along with Libra and Capricorn. These three signs are square and opposite each other, so life can be tense on a regular basis, as whenever the Moon goes through Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer (the four cardinal signs) every 28 days or so, there are brief points of tension; inner conflicts for both of you, or differences with each other. It’s not particularly comfortable. So perhaps that is why you had a stormy relationship at the start and now have doubts about day-in, day-out, domesticity. Have a look at the Tarot and ask – what happens if we marry – 2023, 2024, 2025 and so on. The card should tell you, plain and simple and it would tie back to the charts here. Not everybody suits a white picket fence. Some want it so much they’ll put up with anything. You do you, as they say.

  65. After reading your feedback to my question I went ahead to learn a little more about Pluto placement in Libra and found to be true for me. So this following is true in my case and perhaps the biggest challenge for me. ”A natal Pluto in seventh house can indicate a deep fear of bonding. You crave the intimacy of committed relationships, but at the same time, you are often reluctant to go all in. This placement can even indicate trauma related to committed relationships. Deep bonding is often blocked by fear. You crave intimacy, but you are also scared of it.” SCARED of it I feel I am, however I also feel if I can trust with all depths of me and passion it’s possible.”

    This about Uranus is also true however I have never went all the way in relationship to know it 100 percent. I feel better when I have my own space.
    Uranus in Libra placement in the birth chart, you need a lot of space in relationships. Uranus in seventh house people want freedom.

    The seventh house is the house of committed relationships, connected with Libra in the natural chart. It is all about finding balance and harmony.

    Uranus, on the other hand, is an erratic and independent planet, it doesn’t like compromises.

    Your best relationships often come later in life.

    It’s a challenge to integrate this placement, but the good news is, once you do, you have a great chance creating a relationship that suits you perfectly. So this is what you saying Jessica to learn and integrate. With this placement in your birth chart, you can expect to meet your partner when you expect it the least. In a similar way, your relationships can also end suddenly.

    The seventh house is about aligning yourself with a different individual. However, Uranus is self-willed and individualistic. When this planet is placed in the seventh house in the birth chart, there are some adjustments necessary for this life area to work well in your life.

    In your relationships, independence and freedom are essential for you. A prominent Uranus in the natal chart can make you aloof and individualistic. These traits don’t make relationships any easier for you. Committing can be challenging here, you often feel restricted if things get too serious.

    The positive traits of Uranus in seventh house can take time to develop. Once you recognize this pattern in your life, you can choose to live the higher octave of Uranus: tolerance, intellectual connection, letting others be who they really are

    There is a tendency to give up on relationships and live on your own. I don’t want to live alone to the rest of my life. Or maybe I will have to.
    Even though Uranus likes being around like-minded people, it is an emotionless planet.

    Uranus is also connected with brilliance, innovations, the divine spark. A well-aspected Uranus in the natal chart makes you extremely smart and you are often ahead of your time.

    If you have a strong Uranus in your birth chart, you are eccentric, individualistic, intellectual, and self-willed.

    Wow I wish I learned this long time ago. Perhaps I need to learn about every aspect factor in my birth chart so I don’t ask you too many questions.

    I was just hoping you will see more positive stars ⭐️ for me, however under this placement I may not even have a friend let alone a partner.

    Thank you Jessica ♥️

    1. Not sure what your source is for this, but to skip to your last line – you can have a friend, of course – you can have many friends. Ahem. Friends with benefits. Marriage is a specific, Libran, legal way to contain things. It’s Seventh House and not for everybody. We can see that from the divorce statistics. Sometimes the Seventh House in a chart is such hard work, you may prefer to have other kinds of relationships. Pluto and Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House is pretty common with people who avoid being tied down in the eyes of the church, or the law, because they have had too many intense challenges in the past and don’t really want to go down that path again. Fortunately there are other potential dates who feel exactly the same way.

  66. Hi Jessica, I’m seeing some people saying that their comments are getting lost. So let’s revisit how this system works, I’ll make it as brief as possible. All submitted comments go into one queue, you can write from any feature but they will go into one queue and get read by Jessica in the order of LIFO, (last in, first out). This is hard-coded, we cannot change the system. So if someone submits at (say) 12:10pm, and 15 other people submit right after from 12:11pm to 12:30pm and lo and behold Jessica opens her computer with her cup of tea at 12:31pm, she will see on her screen these last 15 comments. She will read and answer them dutifully in one sitting which is a lot of questions to answer btw. While she is busy at work, there are another 15 comments or 100 comments that get on the queue and so the one from 12:10pm gets buried, it will never see the light of day.

    To put things in perspective : Jessica’s website gets, on average, roughly 150 – 300 comments a day. It is absolutely impossible for her to answer them all. We do not have the resources to help her out at the moment. Some of these comments are from trolls which should not get on the queue at all and jamming it up. Having the system prune them out, at the time of submission, with trigger words that are derogatory, demeaning, (say) calling Jessica names like racist, and so on, we may be able to bring down the number of comments and thus have legit ,well-meaning, well-intentioned comments left on the queue for Jessica to read and answer.

    That’s one way of streamlining the process here but we can all do our part as well. Let’s be considerate of each other, let’s give everyone a chance to get on the queue. There are lots of people out there who are down on their luck, who need much needed light and hope with their current life situation, and who see Jessica as their only means of getting some direction back in their life. We need to think of them and to give them a chance to be heard and healed as much as possible. No one likes to see their submitted comment buried and not see the light of day.

    If anyone of you would like to enhance your knowledge of Astrology, please consider joining Jessica’s Sun Sign School of Astrology. It’s the best one out there. As well I believe Jessica’s going to add the Tarot to it too. Remember Pluto in Aquarius starts March 24th, 2023. Let’s quiz you all – what will happen with Pluto in Aquarius? Blank looks! Or, I know the answer to that, that’s easy!

    Thank you, Jessica, talk with you later.

    1. Thanks Caroline. Looks like 16,849 comments this minute, and to make it simple – I answer around ten at a time. No more than that. And thanks for reminding readers about Sun Sign School. There, you can definitely learn to DIY and yes, Tarot and Natal Chart astrology will be part of the program from April. Cheers.

  67. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a little late here but very grateful for this blog post. It’s so relevant for me right now and makes so much sense. I messaged you a couple of months back regarding a family duet and despite navigating that as best I could with your helpful astrology advice it was still tough and I was just recovering from that when out of the blue I am at a crossroads with my 11year marriage. I’m married to another Taurus (25-04-79) and we have a very strong bond and connection. I’ve been told we’ve been in a life before. I feel it strong in our connection. But I think he has some past life issues around control and power and I have experienced a lot of trauma with both parents having personality disorders. When I travel back 18-19years, I was coming out of previous relationship and I rebounded quickly and this was short lived. My husband too was coming out of a previous marriage he says he entered for the wrong reasons. And carried much guilt about for years. I didn’t expect to be here right now, this has in many ways come out of the blue, but I guess our individual issues were always there just hidden. In the mix is a very likely move overseas for me and natural concern about our daughter in all of this (she is Cancer 29-06-12). Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

    I am aware that a big change is coming in March and so literally counting the sleeps but not wishing life away too. This last two years have felt so restricted. I’m sure this is a feeling for many, but I’m so desperate for light in this tunnel.

    1. Thank you. I am glad this feature on the Libra cycles is useful. You have been married to another Taurus for 11 years and out of the blue, you both need to decide if you should stay or go. You have a young daughter and are thinking about moving abroad too. Deep breath. As you are both Sun Taurus people you both have exactly the same cycles in your public charts. You have the transiting South Node of karma in Scorpio in your Seventh House of marriage. Both of you also had the South Node in Scorpio 18-19 years ago, and both of you had relationship issues; you rebounded and he was leaving his marriage. This is useful for both of you to know. What happened with previous partners has to be settled, spiritually, as you owe, or are owed, by the universe itself. Typically you would feel stuck, going around in circles, with the questions about the house, apartment, possessions, joint bank account and so on. Scorpio rules these matters and the South Node goes backwards, so you tend to find yourselves on a wheel. This stops in July. That is the purely material and financial side of the marriage. The legal aspects begin, karmically, in July and continue to 2024 and along with the scales of justice, you also find yourselves looking at what is fair, balanced, symmetrical on an emotional level. A classic example is one of you dating someone new in 2024. Is it fair on each other and your daughter? She also goes through a rather stuck situation with her family (you!) from July 2023 onwards, and yet by the time 2025 is in view, the repetitive nature of what is going on with the family, and her home, is over. She will learn a lot as it spins around. You have an Aries and Aquarius stellium and will relaunch, to your total advantage, by May. New look, new you, huge improvement. And yes, big change is coming in March. You have been in the most heavily restricted social situation in 29 years but it ends in March, and just as April appears, you will realise there is a group, circle or community staring you in the face, which needs you. What starts in such a small way then becomes life-changing later on and some really powerful friendships will be made there.

  68. Thanks Jessica for this timely article. I recently started reading your content and have been trying to figure out what this upcoming Aries/Libra cycle might mean for me. The Feb dates when Ceres/the Nodes are at 5,6 look important. I have the 1981 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 5,6 Libra (which forms a big opposition to my Aries factors), plus Juno at 5 Scorpio.

    During 2004-2006 I was dating a man with a Libra stellium. I don’t have his modern chart, but he had at least Saturn (0), Sun (5), Pluto (21), and Mercury (28) all in Libra. I originally thought we’d marry and it was the best relationship of my life. But I was blindsided at the end by sexual assault after a long-distance stint eroded our bond. I ended that relationship. I married in late 2009 and just decided this month to separate. So far it’s amicable, but we haven’t told anyone else yet about our decision. It’s a bit scary to think there’s still more relationship karma coming my way in 2023-2025.

    Would you have any insights to my situation? I tried to use the Astrology Oracle to answer what this cycle will bring, and pulled Mars + 4th House. I’m not that experienced with interpreting these cards (nor the Tarot), so would appreciate any guidance. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the transits over 5, 6 Libra will trigger your chart and Aries/First House aspects are always about reputation, title and appearance. This is not necessarily the first thing women think about when considering dating or marriage, but from the point of view of astrology (which is 2000 years old and counting) being in a partnership is very much about your name (changing your name); being seen as one half of a pair; no longer being seen as single and available; changing your wardrobe, hair, make-up to suit a partner and so on. It’s really about identity and that is an interesting question when you are with someone. You are now separating after marrying in 2009. Karma with the South Node isn’t anything to be afraid of. It’s just closure with the past. It may have involved your husband if you knew him 18-19 years ago, or more likely, this is about the man who assaulted you, for which I am very sorry. There is unfinished business, spiritually, from your 2004-2006 relationship, as what happened, broke the law. Did you set a time limit when you asked what this South Node in Libra cycle would bring? Hopefully yes. Mars and the Fourth House is action stations with the house or apartment. One or both of you are moving out. It’s also a reminder not to fan the flames of overheating emotional temperatures at home with him. Mars is the Roman god of war. Much better to declare war on the weeds in the garden, or the peeling paint on the ceiling, or vigorous cleaning up of boxes of stuff – than each other. You will need some sort of ‘busy-busy’ action plan for the home and it will take a lot of the heat off. If for any reason the actual house, apartment, your family/his family is a source of difference, try to get a third person in to advise you. Jupiter and Saturn at 5, 6 Libra in opposition to Mars at 6 Aries is obviously a lifetime pattern about you being front-and-centre and upfront – versus the delicate business of balancing the scales with a partner. This may be a professional partner sometimes, as well as a sexual partner. I’m sure you know that Jupiter provides all the growth, expansion, hope, optimism and rewards but is offset by Saturn who comes with multiple barriers, obstacles, difficult access (in or out of a partnership) and tests of patience. It’s an extremely unusual conjunction, and the same might be said for the opposition to Mars. What the South Node in Libra (and North Node in Aries) will achieve is progress on the inside, as you are likely to come across quite a stuck or circular situation from July 2023, throughout 2024, and will quickly realise the only way to deal with the repetition, is to change your point of view. To become more philosophical, or to develop a sense of humour, or to use the repetition to gain in some way. The nodes move backwards through the signs, as you may know, and there is usually a sense of time warp about the transits. We’ve not spoken about your Scorpio stellium, but you are actually having the South Node in Scorpio transit in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, right now. So you’re doing it. This ends in July, when the nodes move backwards to Libra and Aries. Have a look at your Scorpio stellium in Modern Astrology 2050 and you’ll likely recognise yourself, even though I often use Morrissey as an example! This does work out for you.

  69. Hello Jessica, I am a Sun Gemini with the Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and IC in Libra. I’m currently single and have never been married, and wondered what my prospects are for romance and marriage on this cycle. My son (born 2008) is a Sun Libra, so any insight into his future would be wonderful. I’m not skilled in interpreting houses and so could you tell me which is my 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.? And what does the fact Sagittarius and Aquarius are both empty in my chart signify? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You’ve never married, but have a son. The information you want about your chart is all on this website and in your online library. Your stellium in Libra suggests the opportunity for a new relationship after July 2023 and by early 2025 at the latest. Your IC in Libra suggests an ancestor or relative was defined by his/her marriage or divorce. You’d be surprised at how the family tree reveals drama; sometimes it’s a married man with a mistress, or a woman who cannot marry her great love, because of his own divorce. You have inherited a deep concern with partnership which may be why you never married, but became a mother. Who or what comes your way will owe a lot to how life was for you, 18 or 19 years prior. As to the empty Sagittarius and Aquarius houses in your chart – it just means you are not defined by those matters. Your personality, fate, identity and destiny are not classified by foreigners and foreign countries (Sagittarius) or friendships and groups (Aquarius).

  70. Hi Jessica
    Sorry to be a nuisance, my last question was quite vague. I am in the middle of a very acrimonious divorce with my abusive ex. You advised me last year to try to end my divorce by March this year. However, the hearing has had to be adjourned to later this year due to my husband deliberately trying to “hide” his inheritance (the only remaining asset in the “matrimonial pot”) behind a “discretionary trust .” At the last hearing I provided evidence to the Court that he has lied to them on about 6 occasions and that he also tried to blackmail me (by various unlawful means) into a ‘clean break’ financial settlement. After the Judge saw the evidence she has taken quite a strong approach against him and hopefully prevented him being able to siphon away the funds. I would be so grateful if you could give me any advice at all but do appreciate just how busy you are.
    Thank you for everything x

    1. By no means, you are not a nuisance, and I am here to use astrology to help. You are at war by the sounds of it, so you need all hands on deck. I advised you to try and finalise the divorce by March, but of course other people do not use astrology. It is out of your hands. Your husband has lied and blackmailed you. The Judge has taken against him. You are a Sun Leo woman with a Libra stellium. That is why I advised you to finalise by March. Please be aware that Pluto in Aquarius is with you from the final week of March, until 2044. Aquarius rules your solar Seventh House of duets and duels. Pluto is relentless, intense and very much about power struggles. As he has already shown what a dastardly foe he can be, please think carefully about continuing the war. You could win in court, or partly win in court, and still find the battle with him continues for the next 20 years. One of your Seventh House factors is Mars in Libra. Mars is the Roman god of war. Mars rules ‘seeing red’ – anger. In fact, Mars is a red planet. So you have this in you. I am not surprised you want to do to him, what William the Conqueror did to Harold at the Battle of Hastings! And yet, and yet – you do have alternatives. Another example of winning or losing a battle but continuing a war, is Boudicca and Nero and the Roman Empire. She and the Iceni destroyed London. She was so enraged that today we can still see a thick line of charred remains, which they call the Boudicca Event Horizon. And yet, she lost the battle. The war continued, and there was never any peace from that time on. A very, very uneasy state of recurring flare-ups between the Romans and the British. So put a value on everything. Literally hang a price tag on what money cannot buy. Peace of mind? Victory? I know he is abusive and that is illegal and Libra rules the letter of the law. Something has to balance those scales and it will, starting in July 2023. Just be careful about what you do or say, from the final week of March, when Pluto goes into your solar Seventh House for the first time in 248 years. The reason I am banging on about history is that this Pluto cycle took place when Boudicca burned Britain to avenge herself. And we saw this nodal cycle at the Battle of Hastings. When you do what you do, think about the next 20 years. The Tarot can help and I hope you resolve this, as I know you have been dealing with him for far too long.

  71. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I had what Oprah would call an ‘ah ha!’ moment when I read it! I did travel to America in the summer of 2004. I’ll need to dwell on that to see what themes might be likely to reoccur.

    I was also thinking about the Aires aspect of this nodal change. I got some qualifications in 2004 to 2006 – which would line up exactly with what you said about a name change.

    Thank you so much for your time, I’m really enjoying expanding my knowledge of astrology with your kind help.

    1. Too funny. Oprah Winfrey and the flash of illumination behind the glasses. The funny thing about the South Node in Libra is, what meant nothing to you, may have meant a great deal to someone else. Remember too that Libra rules all sorts of partnerships. Sexual partnerships like marriage are most common, but I have seen the karma with two good friends, male and female, who share a house for years. The name change does fit with your Aries side; the letters after your name being a classic example. It’s coming back.

  72. Hello Jessica, thank you for yet another super interesting post, I cannot tell you how excited I get each time you post a blog, I’m like a dog with a bone!

    For this one, I took my time to work through it because I’ve been trying to look at the 2023 ephemeris and any interesting patterns coming up soon.

    I’m a Virgo Sun with stelliums in Libra, Leo & Virgo. In 2004 I married a Scorpio Sun and we divorced in 2012 – this was tough, but we are good friends and will always be family. I met another man, H, a Leo sun (31/07/68 – his chart should be visible on my profile), and we have had an on/off relationship for the last decade – this was a meeting of minds on so many dimensions, yet so difficult on so many other dimensions that I have walked away a few times, but we’ve always found our way back to each other. He is in a very difficult position with kids – I have kids too but our ways of dealing with these matters are vastly different. I’ve always believed that we were destined to be together and he does too, but recently I’ve grown more and more uncertain.

    The pattern coming up soon is on 2 & 3 March 2023 – Jupiter is at 12 degrees and Venus between 11-13 degrees Aries, which conjuncts my natal Chiron (it’s also my Chiron return) at 12 Aries and sextiles my natal Mars at 12 Aquarius and opposes my natal Uranus at 12 Libra. The Sun is at 12 degrees in Pisces (my 7th house). My partner, H has an Aries stellium and his NN at 11 Aries. He also has stelliums in Scorpio, Cancer and Leo.

    I’ve studied our charts in as much detail as is possible for a novice and it looked to me like we would be perfect together, however, I could also be seeing what I want to see – and would love to get your credible and sobering insights. I’m at the point now where I feel like the best thing to do is to walk away and put all of this behind me forever – whether or not I can do it is another story altogether. The strange thing is that I’ve always been so in control of every aspect of my life – until this relationship – what I’ve felt and how I’ve dealt with it has shaken me to my core – I’ve discovered sides of myself I did not know existed, not all of which I’m proud of. It’s been a struggle with Neptune in my 7th house and with Saturn entering in March and the nodes entering Aries/Libra in July it almost seems like the odds might be stacked up against us – would be so grateful for your insights into the upcoming cycle and the broader Libra cycle for us between 2023 – 2026.

    With much gratitude

    1. Thank you Marls. Lining up the two charts, you are not perfect together, but you do have useful choices together. The children come first. You are a Sun Virgo with stelliums in Virgo, Leo and Libra. Leo rules your Fifth House of parenthood and this is also where you are a stepmother. I read both charts, solar and natal (public and private) for accuracy and there are patterns in the Fifth House both times. March ends the questions about who is top dog, who has the power over whom. This may be with your in-laws or family, or some other force in your life, where you feel every time you sort out parenting, you have to sort out the politics. It can also be with the son or daughter, or the other party’s children. You can focus on the Libra side of yourself and your life, which is all about the two of you, but your chart says, it’s actually about all of you. A tightly controlling partner with the child is another example. March ends this, in both charts. It is replayed from June, but has lost all its grip and from 2024, 2025 you no longer have to deal with that issue, no matter if you split up or stay together. That’s a relief. It has also been very much the case in the bedroom, as sex has become the arena for power plays. Again, this ends in March. It is very common to see this literally played out in bed, or played out because one partner withholds sex. March is also a turning point, because after a long period of no boundaries, they come in quite heavily. You have had no boundaries with partnership in 2011-2023, but March brings transits in both charts, and in all house systems, which suggest sea walls, anchors, signs and lifeguards, light houses and buoys. This may be because you split, or because you must both have new rules to operate by. You do have choices. You can stay together or break up. But, as I said, the primary issue is the children and their happiness and security.

  73. WOW, Jessica. After an eventful weekend, I went to your site hoping to gain insight and this article hit me like a bullseye. I can see not just insight but a bit of truth I’ve been wanting to avoid. I hate the idea that I’m defined but my marriage but I can see that I’ve also let that happen. No wonder I feel such a sense of frustration and suffocation. Do you think one can redefine themselves and their marriage successfully? I’ve recently put myself on a journey of wellness, spirituality and self-improvement, which is helping. And I’d next like to attack reawakening my work, career and creative life. I’d be grateful for any guidance you see in my chart.

    1. Thank you. I think the reason so many people (heading for 300 comments now) resonate with this story, is that they/you already feel it. This is really because we go into 2023 with Libra cycles, and they intensify from July. You feel frustrated by your marriage and suffocated. Can you reinvent the marriage? Let’s see your chart. You have Uranus and Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House. You also have the IC or Immum Coeli in Libra in the Seventh House. A relative or ancestor was defined by his or her marriage – or divorce. Going back through the family tree, for example, you may find a bigamist, or jilting, or more happily, a married couple who were business partners. You have inherited that need to test what partnership is. The combination of Uranus and Pluto in Libra is like living with a set of scales which is regularly, unpredictably, tilted. You try to control the scales (we might also use the analogy of a see-saw) with a firm hand. Pluto in Libra wants to dominate the partner, and the partnership, and is sexually obsessive. This does not last long and you are always forced to compromise or cut a deal. There are often issues with in-laws with Pluto in Libra. Uranus in Libra is the sudden flip of the scales. You reject, within partnerships, and are also rejected. Remember, this is only legal partnerships (Libra matters) and not romance and se, per se. You only get this intense combination of erratic, sudden changes – and compromises over control – when you are in a union recognised by the law. Getting to know your chart, in terms of Libra factors, and the Seventh House, can be useful. Draw a Tarot card to see how, overall, you enact your Seventh House. The card itself will contain answers if you sit with it long enough. The South Node in Libra will ask you to sort things out from July 2023 and that will be the priority, rather than your career.

  74. Hi Jessica, I have 4 placements in Libra and I recognize these periods of Nodes in Libra as times I fell in love. Those stories did not end up great though. Any chance you can tell me what is in store for this next cycle? I am a sun Scorpio (6′), with the following in Libra: Mercury (28) Mars (26) Juno (23) Vulcano (09) Thanks so much for any insights!

    1. You have a stellium in Libra in the Seventh House and so ‘live’ there much of the time. If we open the door to the Seventh House we find photographs of former lovers and partners on the walls, and some photographs with their faces turned down on the table, because you do not want the reminder. We also find (say) marriage certificates; divorce papers; professional partnership contracts. We might find a set of scales. You have Mars in Libra and he is the Roman god of war, so marital battles or relationship feuding is common. Mars is also associated with philandering and that can happen too, even if it’s just in the mind. Vulcano was actually cuckolded by Mars. Have a look at those two archetypes in your chart. What happened 18 or 19 years ago will be settled in a fair and square way by 2024.

  75. Thanks Jessica for that perspective. It’s good to think of this karma as spiritual closure with the past. I initially thought I didn’t know my husband during the last South Node in Libra cycle. However it turns out we met in Feb 2006 very briefly, while I was still with my ex-boyfriend pre-trauma. With the Astrology Oracle I asked with this coming nodal cycle in mind. And because I felt silly to have skipped the Tarot simply due to lack of familiarity, I tried it after posting. I drew the Hanged Man. There are some interesting parallels to a stuck situation requiring “enlightenment”, as well as 4th house issues. As for my current South Node in Scorpio cycle: yes, the only word to describe it is tumultuous… but perhaps that’s compounded by transiting Uranus in Taurus? Without having read your website, the following happened ~2022: I left my job of 8 years for a new company because they offered better geographic mobility (resigned Dec 2021, served 3 months notice, started Mar 2022), sought marriage counselling in Apr after an “ah-ha” moment that my husband would never leave his country despite any relocation I could line up, executed my Will in July, and travelled solo to my target country to view properties in Oct . Then as you know, this month my husband and I decided to separate. I started meeting financial advisors re: international tax. Last week our landlord asked for a 25% rent increase to renew this Mar, so we are likely to move until we can untangle our joint life sensibly. The good news is that we both contributed X% of our income to the household budget, but kept everything else separate. That simplifies things, given we agreed what’s his now is his, and what’s mine stays mine. I began out-earning him in April 2018. In Nov I requested my current company to relocate me. The initial offer received in Dec was lackluster, because the new country has lower salaries and a lower cost of living. I was just going to accept it because I figured that was the price for living in a place I’d actually enjoy. But a mentor told me to value myself more. Why should I be paid less for doing my current job, just from another location? So I am now negotiating and my company promised to return with revised numbers. All in all, there are lots of things to be busy-busy about. But I will definitely keep your reminder re: Mars in mind. And discover what this is all about.

  76. Hi Jessica, I was wondering my partner moved October 2022 because we had major issues one of which was with his 13 year old daughter we are still seeing each other every day however it feels stop and go. On a side note in 2004 2005, 2006 I was married in a awful marriage and he still owes me money, I was hoping my karma would come back to me in a good way like you mentioned in the Libra cycles? Thank you, Kris 11/27/1975 10:18am Stoneham MA USA.

    1. Thanks Kris. Your last South Node in Libra cycle had you in an awful marriage and he still owes you money. You will be repaid by the universe – I can see your chart here. You are a Sun Sagittarius with a Scorpio stellium and the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio. You knew your former husband in your last incarnation and agreed to go through ‘one more time’ with the concern being money, just as it was last time. You are actually in a double loop of karma at the moment, as the transiting South Node in Scorpio is in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships – and family legacies – so you are in a loop as you read this, which will end in July. From July, the loop goes to Libra, as you know, and by 2024 at the very latest you will feel you have had closure. Someone or something will make good with you. I’ve seen some amazing examples of how this can happen over the years, with people being put very firmly back in their place, or the universe coming up with a clever way to put things to rights.

  77. Thank you for another amazing article, Jessica. This really struck a chord with me, as at the age of 47 I have still not married and don’t know where it has gone wrong for me. Is there something in my chart which is blocking me from having this? I have even travelled numerous times on my solar return and venus return, as some say this can help, but so far nothing has even come close. Apologies if I come across as being desperate, but I would love some clarity on it all. x

    1. Thank you. People who never marry, often have an astrology chart which tells you why. I seldom talk about my horoscope, but I never married. I am far happier without a ring on my finger and a joint bank account! You have the North Node in Scorpio and the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. This is also where we find family and property. Your last past life involved marriage, possibly divorce, and your money. If you look at Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you, you may find a year (back in time) when the North Node was also in Scorpio, and you just know that was your past life. You are back here, this time round, to see what life is like without having to depend on your parents to supply a dowry (say) or feeling utterly dependent on your husband as the breadwinner. You may have requested a life with more choice than that. Your Solar Return and Venus Return have nothing to do with marriage. When you look at your chart, you can also see the South Node in Taurus in the Second House of personal income and values. So you are split in two when it comes to marrying, or moving in, or merging your bank account with a partner. Any time you have even come close to that, you have probably felt the inner conflict. It is very common for couples to disagree on their values when the nodes are in these signs. Given that marriage is about ‘for richer for poorer’ and frequently seen in the context of a home purchase or the expensive business of having children, you may well have dodged something that reminds you of…another life. Does this exclude you from a fine romance, true love or passion? Absolutely not. You also have a huge stellium in Leo, though, in the Fifth House of pregnancy, parenthood, stepchildren and the rest. So you can’t really figure out who and what suits you, until you come to terms with that. There are a ton of other 47-year-olds out there who never married, or are divorced, and once you know absolutely who you are (will you accept stepchildren or not?) it helps clear your signal. I find it interesting that you travelled to find a partner, but also feel you might sound desperate. You have Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House and Uranus in Scorpio. Pluto wants to control and ‘run’ partnership and yes, can come across as obsessive (Bridezilla syndrome). Just being aware of it, stops it! Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House of family money and property, and sexual and financial relationships (as well as that node) suggests to me you have seen so many upheavals in those departments that part of you wants to avoid any more. So, have a look at what you can do, that does not involve a big rock on your hand, a massive cake and a lot of paperwork. With all that Leo and Libra in your chart you will be spoiled for choice, but freedom of choice is also very important, and it’s your life, not anyone else’s. Figure out choices that will give you what you want, without giving you what you don’t want. Jupiter in Gemini from May 2024 until June 2025 makes stunning aspects to your Leo (Fifth House, bedroom, courtship) patterns and your Libra (partnership) patterns too.

  78. Thank you Jessica. I’m really quite blown away at how thorough and detailed your responses are. Very grateful.

  79. Hi Jessica,

    I have Juno and Ops in Libra, and past relationships have been with libra men that haven’t worked out or are very complicated, current man in my life 20.10.1976 he plays a lot of games, uses me when he’s bored and I’m having enough but I feel myself not being able to walk away and getting obsessed with him which I know I’m.worth more but it’s bugging me so much that he will not pay me any attention but gives it to others! Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. You have the South Node, Vesta, Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. Typically, marriage and mortgage. You would be obsessive as Pluto is a symbol of great desire and passion. Pluto in Scorpio is common to everyone born when you were; you are not alone in being prone to sexual obsession. Have a look at Scorpio stelliums in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you. All those Smiths songs were written by a Scorpio stellium: How Soon Is Now, This Charming Man, Ask…it really doesn’t matter if you are a straight woman or a gay man, you will still be drawn towards relationships where the question of money, business, a house or apartment, ‘gifts’ or loans is always hovering. The Libran side of you wants an equal partnership but with Juno there, is always aware that you know why the caged bird sings. For all its prestige and lifestyle benefits, marriage can mean you are never able to fly free. So…it’s complicated for you. Along with Pluto in Scorpio you also have the South Node, so your last life was spent with similar issues. This man (now) or previous men may have been married to you before. Vesta in Scorpio is something you can be proactive about. You end up with men who play you off against other women. It may be their female ‘friends’ or their mothers; their former girlfriends or wives; their sisters. Never compete; always unite. Sisterhood will fix Vesta even if it pains you to seek out the women you are pitted against. Finally, Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House is about situations you cannot get into (inaccessible men or inaccessible financial arrangements) but also situations you cannot get out of (your names are both on the lease but you are no longer in love). What to do? Okay, so go through the Tarot to check against what the astrology is telling you. Ask how these four factors in Scorpio have shown up in your life, or are showing up now. Follow the steps with Tarot; the solution is always hidden in the card, you just have to sit with it. The situation with Mr. 1976 is unlikely to last after July 2023, because the transiting South Node in Scorpio vanishes. Until then you go around in circles with him, which I am sure you already know! The circles are useful because you realise the only thing you can change is yourself. Really drill down into the material and financial aspects of sex for yourself. This is about the really big stuff; ‘for richer for poorer’, the joint bank account, sexually transmitted debt, the cost of divorce – the lot. There is likely to be a mountain of expectation, hope, fear, loathing and all the rest given your heavily Scorpio chart, and the transits you have been going through. Perhaps it’s time to review it. I have seen similar charts before and it’s okay if you are wedded to the drama and the chemicals (endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine) but sometimes women find it’s easier to dial down on lovers and dial up on other things that make them happier. In other words, don’t make it the whole story. On a practical note, any time you get into paperwork agreements with lovers or husbands, get a third pair of eyes on them – an expert professional.

  80. Hi Jessica, this is the first time i have sent in for a comment.. i absolutely love your thoroughness and detail on astrology. I was hoping you can help as I have a stellium in Libra. i have 6 of them in leo. dob 8.12.1972, 7:54pm chicago, Illinois usa. I have been with my partner since 2000. we have been married since 2010. unfortunately my feelings have changed as throughout the years he has had addiction issues, debt and online adultery. as we speak I traveled to another country in a very spiritual town to clear head. am visiting a scorpio friend. I feel like I have repaid debts..i feel like this contract/marriage is ending. I have been there for him all these years, help to pay his debts and also be his confidant. I can no longer do this as I need freedom. do you see some positivity in my future outcomes? beliw is my Libra stellium. also my husband is also a leo, 8.1.1975 2:30am Indianapolis, Indiana
    moon 05°  Libra 56′ 16″
    pluto 00°  Libra 22′ 59″
    juno 17°  Libra 02′ 29″
    uranus 15°  Libra 21′ 07″
    cupido 08°  Libra 38′ 25″

    1. I am sorry you are with an addict, and worse than that, besides. You want to break up and wonder if this works out. Your Libra stellium shows the Moon in Libra, which is common in women who mother their men. The men were often under-mothered, or over-mothered, and fall in love with women who make up for the former, or just repeat the latter. They are teenage boys who never grow up. So you have good, strong, faithful maternal instincts but unfortunately you have nurtured, protected and cared for someone who you realise you want freedom. Get out of this carefully with good advice, please. You have Pluto at 0 Libra and in March 2023, Saturn goes to 0 Pisces and Pluto himself goes to 0 Aquarius. This is historic. It is also hard work. Don’t just walk. Talk to professionals about what is involved in your exit. The aspects are: transiting Saturn quincunx natal Pluto and transiting Pluto trine natal Pluto. You are in a powerful position with him. He has depended on you for money. Power and control are very much in focus as March ends, and March-June is about a transfer of the reins. Whenever that happens, you will see the other person trying to take the reins back, by whatever means. So please chat to the experts or buy some useful books. Pluto at 0 Aquarius is with you for a while, so have a plan for the next 2-3 years. The next partnership will benefit from what you learn about yourself and your patterns; find out more about what the Moon, Pluto, Juno, Uranus and Cupido mean. Have a look at your Libra stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you, and you can find out about those factors in your online library here. Much as you want freedom, you will have to have a firm strategy long-term with this man. The end of the first week of March, and the end of the last week of March, suggest he will be dealing with mixed emotions and strong feelings he’s never had before. You need to ask yourself what he’s going to do next, and after that, and after that – and have a plan, please.

  81. Dear Jessica, this is such an interesting post and thank you as always. i know you are very busy, sorry to bother you. I got divorced in April 2003 when it was finalised around that time (I checked this morning the month and year) from a highly abusive man. I never married since. I am currently dating someone recently, nothing too serious, I dont think! but who knows as life is one day at a time. Would you mind checking my chart and see what you think is forthcoming for me potentially. I have a libra stellium! Much appreciation for your work Jessica. You gifted kind lady.

    1. Thank you, it’s very kind of you to say so. You are a Sun Capricorn woman with stelliums in Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Libra. You had that South Node in Libra cycle when you divorced an abusive husband. And now the South Node is coming around again, in your Seventh House of partnership. We often see past unfairness settled on this transit. Looking at my notes, I can see lots of ‘reckoning’ and it usually happens in what seems to be a strangely fated way. Things happen, and there is a sense of completion or closure. We don’t know what happens with/for this highly abusive former husband, but by early 2026 at the very latest, we would expect some sort of settlement delivered to you by the universe at large. The big news is actually friends and groups – communities of people – from late March. You were born for this. By 2025 you will be very clear about the importance of one circle of allies, and the new power you find there. It may be a football team. It may be a charity. You’ll come into your own, with these people.

  82. Hi Jessica! I noticed that you have many MANY messages and maybe mine got lost in the mayhem :). When you have a minute, would you please look at my question? Thank you!!!Hi Jessica. Thank you for your insightful article. I consider myself a beginner in astrology but highly interested. I read, re read and re read your article and found that I have a Stellium in Libra and it seems that is a big deal starting this July. I divorced in 2012 and I have had relationships here and there but nothing since 2018. I have worked on myself a lot, both on my character and physically. I have a great group of friend with whom I have a healthy social life so I’m not dying of solitude or boredom. I’m in a good place to offer and receive great energy in a relationship. According to my birth chart is my prince coming my way? Thank you again for all your advice.

    1. Thank you. Libra stellium people tend to believe in ‘the prince’ and also soulmates, although divorce is part of life. Libra stellium women will divorce if the marriage is unfair, unequal, unbalanced (particularly if the man is sexist) and as Libra rules the scales of justice, will get out of a marriage if it feels unjust on any level. You have Jupiter in Libra which is terrific. Jupiter is a symbol of optimism and expansion, growth and hope. Jupiter is about the acorn that becomes the oak tree. The Romans called him ‘Jupiter Optimus Maximus’ and he was the greatest and best of gods. In astrology, for over 2000 years now, Jupiter has become a byword for joviality, because Jove was his other name. To the Indians he is ‘Guru’ and to the old Chinese he was the planet who gave them their zodiac signs and 12 year lucky cycles. And you were born with Jupiter in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, professional partnership, and platonic partnership too. You will have an opportunity to form another duet, to your advantage, on this cycle, which begins with small clues in July 2023. By 2024 you’ll have found out what it’s to be: engagement, perhaps, or the start of a new work double act. You have Diana and Uranus in Libra as well as Jupiter. Diana begged her father Jupiter to release her from marriage and motherhood as she never wanted to be tied down. There’s a clue there. Uranus rejects and is rejected. This doesn’t particularly suit the lifelong pledge of marriage; what it does suit is the invention of a very different sort of double-act with someone where you are allowed to be free and the mechanism of the duet suits the occasional upheaval and mini war of independence. Someone who understands that about you, is who you’re after.

  83. Hi Jessica! My name is Sara. I just bought this membership chart for my boyfriend. Trying to understand our relationship better. I was born on 8/3/99. I’m currently divided between 2 countries an European country where I was born and UK. Trying to finish solve things with family, so I can focus on my career, relationship, family since my boyfriend is from a different country (india)a Libra Sun. What’s the story for us if you could give me an insite. He started working in company last year for the first time in Uk. I feel we have a very strong bond and connection since we recently been doing long distance relationship and we did before too and our bond and love is still there it’s been 5 years now. We met at university in Uk. Lately, been a bit harder as we want to give next step and move in together and I still don’t have my career fixed or figured out.I am not doing much at the moment I am basically waiting for family stuff to be sorted and helping my mom, so i can focus on what to do. I’ve been taking this time to take care of myself but it’s been a bit harder lately but i think with patients and always communication we get there. Do you think he would be the person who will be there for me an take care of me when my mom isn’t. He’s the only child so a lot of things he had learnt with me. We are both first boyfriend and girlfriend. I’ve been trying to figure how to balance all being divided between 2 countries and not sure where to go and what to do. Trying to stay calm and hope is all going fine for me. I don’t know if my mom will be my right hand in my career. Since i’ve tried working and applied for jobs with other companies and get a job. I think could that be a sign to start something of my own. Just like my mom did. I studied Media and arts in Coventry and your post on your website about Lady Godiva was shocking to me. As my dad(sun gemini) passed my mom(sun cancer), and I and my older sister, sun cancer too,(my sister which i don’t have a close relationship with, she’s never been supportive or close of me and my mom and brother I feel she always comes for money wise benefits and not actual being respectful towards her older generation and family I think she always wanted to dominate us my mom and my younger brother(taurus) yet we had to pretty much share female roles where man used to take for woman. I waiting for closure where everyone goes do their own stuff. Don’t want to be forever linked in this type of not ease way. Whenever she visits home is just to talk about money and her own needs and leaves bad atmosphere. I had lot of learnings from this. About business what to do and not and how much responsibilities there are behind. We are closing a cycle, a cars business my dad left when he passed. We all want to do something we enjoy. It’s also been hard with groups as i keep going between 2 countries don’t have a close trust friend group as back in highschool and as i was born in an island people usually go to other countries to study too like me.Last years specially with covid found it difficult. It’s either I get my relationship/career in a country and family in other. I really want to find a balance and I feel i need to be secure and feel my boyfriend supports me really like family if we decide to move in together. As I have also gained anxiety from all this experiences. I definitely feel this confusing and stuck period going on. What could you say about my career as I need to be happy myself in what i do in order to give happiness to others I feel and I’ve been feeling like i don’t know what am i doing or what to do and im only 23. Should I move in with my boyfriend soon to UK, if so when? I feel i have taken this time to take care more of my health exercise like i used to do and eat better, as you can see I have 3 big planets in Aires and i need to take my energy out on something at the moment i do gym and dance. Pandemic was really hard in that sense. I think I have a Pisces, Scorpio, Leo Aires, Sagittarius Gemini. I don’t enjoy cold weather for too long that’s the down side of UK and for creativity but identify myself with so many nationalities, you can almost travel the world just being in UK with variety of people. In 2019 I did an internship in Barcelona as an English teacher then covid came and my anxiety I had to quite half way through. I enjoyed it but I overloaded myself with 2 teacher jobs and i think i had a burnout kind of thing and i was only 20 years old. I was super excited to be independent and don’t worry to my mom. I think back then I put work in front of my health and group of friends. It gave me many learnings that now i don’t do anything without thinking of my health. For a teacher job in Uk would be harder as my degree isn’t exactly at teaching and I think i would do that as a part time job. What should I do? I don’t know where to work, as there aren’t many options in my field in west midlands. Secondly, I would like to do something that envolves my name/face because i think that would be the way i would be truly passionated on what im doing. I am guessing i will receive something of what my dad left as heritage. I’m hoping. As I don’t want to be home stuck and depending on mom at everything, I strongly feel the need of being independent but at the same time I feel i really do need now to know how to balance career, love life and family and my eating/sleeping habits. At the same time i am at times afraid as i don’t want to do wrong investments and loose all saving i could receive. I the same time i know need a ‘group’ of friends that’s something been lacking in my life. My chart: Sun-Pisces – 17• Moon- Scorpio 22• Mars – Scorpio 11• Mercury – Aires 3• Venus – Aires at 17• Jupiter – Aires 5• Uranus – Aquarius 14• Neptune – Aquarius 3• NorthNode – Leo 21• SouthNode – Aquarius 21• Saturn – Taurus 00• Pluto – Sagittarius 10• Chiron – Sagittarius 3• DESC – Gemini 11• ASC – Sagittarius 11• MC- Virgo 24• IC – Pisces 24 Fortuna – Leo 17• Juno – Sagittarius 10• Vulcano – Pisces 11• Salacia – Pisces 7• Bacchus – Pisces 10• Diana – Scorpio 4• Minerva – Sagittarius 26• Hygeia – Leo 22• Degrees Prosérpina – Gemini 22• Aesculpia – Scorpio 29• Psyche – Capricorn 25• Juno – Sagittarius 10• Ops – Libra 19• Apollo – Cancer 4• Ceres – Gemini 6• Cupido – Libra 15• Vesta – Leo 8• Appreciate advice.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini. Two of those signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet of writers and authors. Mercury also rules the mind and of course Virgo rules mental health as well as physical health: you mention anxiety. You also started an internship as an English teacher – so this is all pretty normal. Gemini rules the English language. Sagittarius rules foreign languages. Gemini rules writing and speech; the written and spoken word. It’s ruled by Mercury and so is Virgo, your other dominant sign. Virgo in turn rules how our minds deal with anxiety (very common) or depression (again, very common). You are dominated by the four mutable signs. Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini are the mutable signs. So you are extremely changeable, live in your head, need to be on the move, and are ‘mercurial’ like quicksilver; in fact Mercury rules this element. You mention your eating/sleeping habits and that is also Virgo. Okay, so let’s begin with the basics of someone who is mutable sign/Mercurial. You need to meditate. You may need to learn how to breathe properly as over-breathing is very common with Gemini-Virgo. You need to ground. You need to do yoga. You need to walk. By ‘ground’ I mean, do anything that brings you back down to earth. It may be pottery, volunteer gardening in a local park, cooking or walking other people’s dogs. You will be much clearer about life and find it far easier to make decisions if you stop living in your head and stop over-thinking. Long-term you will be writer, student and teacher (all at once, or in turn). You will be thrilled at the role or project from May 2024 and call it a success by June 2025. From 2026, new technology online enters your life, probably involving translation, and you will have the most exhilarating future ahead as you explore that. You will also be engaged in local travel in the most exciting way, from 2026, as what you used to find overseas, you find in neighbouring cities or regions – wherever you live. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. Sort out your health on all levels. Food, drink, exercise, sleep, relaxation. It doesn’t have to cost you a penny; YouTube alone is a goldmine of professionals offering their help free. Many of my readers like yoga on YouTube. By the way – the friends will come slowly after the second week of March. You may make new friends in, say, a yoga group session on Zoom.

  84. Thank you so much, Jessica, for your detailed reply, we are not married, we’re not even really dating and haven’t been intimate we nearly have which I stopped and he keeps rejecting me since that happened. We are in business/property together but they are his properties and I lease them off him to do short lets. I am nervous about him pulling that away from me! However, he has so many women around him and the rejection just kills me! But your right to be sisters with them rather than competing. I just hope these feelings pass as he is a narcissist and my gut and head tells me to stay away but you always want what doesn’t want you!

  85. Hello Jessica, trying again, in hope my message comes through at the right time. Thank you for this enlightening piece. I have used it to reflect a lot on my behaviour w.r.t the cycles and my chart.

    My family has stelliums in Libra and I wondered if you might have time for perspectives on this? My partner and I got together in Oct 2004. By May 2005 we had moved in together. We married in 2012, and I emigrated to his chosen homeland. An offer is manifesting to move back to my home country for work. My Dad would like my family to live with him and my mum. My mum has Alzheimer’s and they are struggling. in a previous reply to me you said long term my focus has to be on my child and I am wondering how things will play out for us all if we do move back. I would like to go for a year, but my partner doubts very much we will return.

    I have created charts for all of us.. Thank you so much for your help Jessica.
    My partner has Jupiter at 2° Libra, Ascendant in Libra, Minerva 8° Libra, Panacea 15° Libra, Saturn 7° Sag, Diana 8° Sag, Apollo 7° Cancer, Pluto 29° Leo
    My child has Descendant and NN at 2° Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries,

    My father has Sun 12° Sag, libra at Apollo 11°, Panacea 01°
    and NorthNode 04°. also,Mercury 23° Scorpio, Venus 10° Scorpio
    Mars 09° Scorpio, Jupiter 06° Taurus R, Saturn 09° Taurus R, Uranus 23° R, Neptune 27° Virgo, Pluto 04° Leo R, Chiron 01° Leo R,
    Juno 04° Virgo, Vesta 27° Leo

    Sun 07° Sag, Moon 17° Cap,
    Mercury 18° Sag, Venus 21° Lib,
    Mars 14° Gem, Jupiter 26° Leo
    Saturn 24° Gemini, Uranus 06° Gemini R, Neptune 03° Libra, Pluto 08° Leo R, Chiron 14° Virgo, Juno 01° Aquarius, Vesta 13° Gemini R,
    Ceres 06° Cancer R, Diana 24° Libra, Fortuna 14° Capricorn,
    Minerva 05° Scorpio, Bacchus 05° Sag, Apollo 00° Virgo, Aesculapia 01° Capricorn, Hygeia 19° Libra
    Panacea 26° Pisces, Ops 07° Scorpio, Salacia 20° Sag, Proserpina 21° Libra, Cupido 02° Pisces, Psyche 16° Sag
    Volcano 27° Scorpio, NN 08° Leo R

    1. Thank you, I am just sitting down at my desk now, as it’s nearly 4.00pm in Australia and time for tea. You got together with your partner in 2004 when the nodes slipped into Libra and Aries, and you have a Libra stellium, so this is textbook. You also had Jupiter in Libra in 2004, 2005, so it was a terrific opportunity, and emigrated with him. Now you are required at home; your father wants you and the family to live with him and your mother, who has Alzheimers. I am sorry you are going through this. March is the turning point with your mother, when the pattern of the last couple of years with her ability to communicate, and use her mind, changes in the final week. March also shows up for your father; it’s decision time for him at the end of the first week, both about her and all of you. You are a Sun Sagittarius like your parents, and have stelliums in Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra and Leo. If you do move back, then you would need to treat this as a long-term challenge for 2023, 2024, 2025. Perhaps you already know that. You and your parents would go through it together, and you and your partner and children. Another reason I think March is a likely decision month is the shift in your financial approach, that month. If you do realise you must return, leave the door open for a further move, from the year 2026, please. From that point on your lifestyle and home, family life would become an escape from the real world for you; a holiday from reality. Should you decide to go back to your parents, you also need to look at sisters, brothers and cousins. You’ve not mentioned them, but there would be a deep change in the dynamics between you, again from the final week of March. Ask your family in spirit for help and guidance. This is on your mother’s or father’s side. They would be as concerned as you, but spiritual etiquette requires that you ask. Light a candle and have a word. You may see clear signs soon after; the kind that convince you that this is more than a coincidence.

  86. Hi Jessica, Gosh I love how insightful you are! One of the best astrologers we have, I value your knowledge and thoughts so highly! And so, this article has raised some things for me that I would love your insight on please. Firstly, I have a stellium in Libra, being Uranus, Pluto, Juno and Cupido. Which also incudes a trine for Pluto with Sun (in Capricorn) and Saturn (in Taurus). I split with the father of my children in 2005 (whilst pregnant with my youngest child), and just prior to that, met a man who went on to become a very close friend. He married someone else after we met, to whom he is still married, but we became secret lovers in January 2022, and we have a deep, and very fulfilling connection and relationship that he does not have with his wife (who I know well too, and I understand their situation). It’s a complex situation that must remain secret as there are many reasons why their marriage will continue. I am accepting and understanding of our situation, however alarm bells rang for me when reading this (particularly about September, when things may become public). I would very much appreciate your views on this for me please. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you, that is very kind of you. You split with the father of your children on the last South Node in Libra cycle in your Seventh House, when you were pregnant. You fell in love with somebody who is married and began to commit adultery from January 2022. You think this may become public in September 2023. The first thing to say is that your situation changes in March. You were born with Cupido at 0 Libra and in March, Saturn moves to 0 Pisces for the first time in 28 years, and Pluto moves to 0 Aquarius, for the first time in 248 years. Your usual short-term, intense desire is triggered again, presumably with him, though it may be with another man. Pluto trine Cupido in particular is about great longing, although it’s of a few months’ duration. The key to your chart is the rare conjunction from Juno at 18 Libra to Uranus at 18 Libra. Juno is about commitment. Uranus is about rejection, on both sides. You saw that in 2005 when Jupiter also passed 18 Libra. Living with that conjunction means the rejection dance always sets you free, but it can be disruptive. Juno is about marriage: she is the goddess who married Jupiter. Her bird is the peacock so there are often issues about who in the marriage is more celebrated, draws more attention or is better looking. Uranus is about you pushing away partners, but also being pushed away by them. Every time this happens, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks within a relationship, you are free again. So here we are in 2023 and you have that first event in March, and a second event in January 2024, when the South Node moves to 18 Libra and the North Node is opposite at 18 Aries. This does look pretty unpredictable as Uranus is at 19 Taurus in January 2024 and very close to a quincunx. So, life as it was 18-19 years ago comes back to you. It is very common for women with Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House to commit adultery, as it prevents you from being tied down to the routine and predictability of marriage. You never quite know what is going to happen next (unpredictable) and you can hear ‘No’ a lot, which is the Uranus key word. You can also say no, yourself. It keeps things exciting; exhilarating; electrifying but there is never any security. Is there another way to have this combination in your life, Juno and Uranus, without having a love triangle? Yes, of course, but you would need to avoid marriage or even common-law marriage as Libra is the law. It is the scales of justice, but also Lady Justice, who holds the scales, blindfold. You can’t really go very far without running into lawyers, with this combination. So you need to be aware of that. I’ve seen readers with Uranus in the Seventh House avoid marriage altogether, or broaching anybody else’s marriage, and live their love lives without that. If this reminds me of anything it’s Charles and Camilla. “He married someone else after we met, to whom he is still married, but we became secret lovers.” Charles married Diana. All this comes around for him too, but he married the mistress. You’ve not done that. Have you had a quiet chat with a lawyer? Do you know the ins and outs of your situation? I strongly recommend, because Uranus has a habit of upsetting the apple cart and you need to make sure you know where your apples are, before that nodal opposition in January 2024.

  87. Dear Jessica, in 2006 I started a love relationship with nine years older married foreign Taurus man. Although our relationship was very passionate and I really feel that this relationship must happen, I never wanted that he left his family. Our relationship was like we knew each other for a very long time. Something karmic was there. But exactly when the North node in 2014 went through Libra, everything was dramatically changed. He started the psychic harassment of me, I was scared to be with him. He left his wife, he left me, and told me that I never love him which was not true and started a relationship with 13 years younger woman and have a child with her. I haven’t seen him for eight years Although he lives in our city. What can this return of SN in Libra mean for me? Thank you

    1. Hmmm, lots of adultery in the comments section today, which is useful as it reminds me, to remind you, that Libra is about the law. Turning to my trusty copy of The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills (1971, American Federation of Astrologers) I find this under Libra: Contracts, divorces, law courts, law and order, lawsuits, lawyers, litigation…you get the picture. In 2014 with the North Node in Libra in your Seventh House, he left you – and his wife – and had a child with a younger woman. The South Node in Libra from July 2023 is about him. Perhaps, his wife. It may be literal, so the same faces emerge. It is more likely to be thematic. So, you need to have closure with the universe, as you committed adultery. He also treated you badly. Again, the scales are unbalanced. You sometimes find on this transit that completely unrelated people or events come along, which nevertheless show you very clearly that you are obtaining some kind of spiritual settlement. You owe, or are owed.

  88. Hi Jessica,
    This article matches pivotal moments in my life in the past two decades. It made me calculate that both of my marriages have taken place under Aquarius season and under a Libra moon – both Gemini rising, but 10 yrs apart. None have worked for different but similar reasons. One of the Garden Oracle cards captures this very well stating that none of my relationships have satisfied me (can’t recall the card).

    My current situation is less than ideal. I am separating, but still unable to move on my own. I need Jupiter’s magic to find the perfect place for my child and I — my soon to be ex is Scorpio but despite the fixed nature of the sign, is very unpredictable. You mentioned this was going to be the case once Uranus moved into Taurus, but at the time, it did not make sense. Now everything is Plutonian controlling and has affected my health – I need freedom, and I also need security and it has been the theme of my life how to find security. I am yet to succeed. I have 5 aspects in libra including major planets (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) 2004-2005 were the highest points of my profesional life, in terms of recognition, I could not manage the attention and ‘hid my light’ under a comfortable basket for years and it has cost me having a career and therefore the stability that at I now need, especially for my beloved child.

    Thank you, Jessica — this is a brilliant article and almost spooky to read how all those astrological degrees interlace throughout generations.

    1. The Garden Oracle can be very good at explaining the past. You have also found the same pattern in your astrology chart twice, with both marriages. You are now seeking a place for you and your child. Okay, so you are cardinal sign dominant, with the Sun in Capricorn, stelliums in Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Aries. You will have the solution or opportunity you need with a place to live by May at the very latest. An old trick is to divide a sheet of paper in two, and write down what you can offer, give or pay on one side – and what you want from a house, apartment and/or other residence, on the second side. Say it loud so your spirit guides can hear and you can really mean it. Leave it with them. When you see obvious signs, do follow them, though. The best is yet to come for you and your child from May 2023, with almost 12 months of new freedom, improvement and progress. In fact, if you had to split, you could not be going at a better time, astrologically. Make a new budget in March and stick to it. The first week and final week are major bumps on the old path and you will need a new direction. Will power is the key to everything from that point, and willpower will empower you for many years into the future.

  89. Hi Jessica,
    As a bona fide member of the lonely hearts club, I’m just wondering what the Aries factors mean in all of this as they will create oppositions to the libra positions. I have an Aries stellium but also juno and my moon in libra. It would be nice to have some commitment from a man for once! Thanks for this article – it’s a cracking read and I’ve re-read it and the comments a few times for wisdom. Many thanks, Fishie

    1. Thank you Fishie. You have the Moon and Juno in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, as you say. This is also where we find divorce. Aesculapia in Aries is in opposition to the Moon, so you have a lifelong pattern of resurrecting your old reputation as a single woman; your usual title (just your own name) and your old appearance (not dressing for a man) every time you break up. Aesculapia rules revival, resurrection, return; just when you thought X was over, X is not over at all. So given the tug-of-war with the Moon in your sector of partnership, you may be bouncing between both. You mother your lovers. Feed them, give them somewhere to live, look after them. Another part of you is drawn to ‘Me, Myself, I’ though. You may have fallen in love with people who give you this experience. Once the South Node crosses over your Libra Moon and Juno, you will in fact be taken back to life as it was 18-19 years before in the world of men (or boys). There’s a lesson there. You will have more than one chance to commit, and mother a man who wants and needs mothering, in the years ahead – just so long as you reserve a space apart from him to be you, you, you – to satisfy your Aries side.

  90. Evening from Belfast Jessica! Such a great article that is obviously resonating with so many people. If I think back 18 years, I was 19 years old and just starting uni, when I think of myself back then I was such a different person, a wee innocent but such a people pleaser who wanted to impress my parents, peers and boys. Fast forward a few years, the rose tinted glasses came off and I felt differently about friends, my parents and their marriage and became put off by men and the idea of relationships from the experiences I witnessed at home and with friends who paired up. There was definitely alot of self savotage going on but I sometimes think it’s just meant to be this way, I feel women sacrifice a lot to make a family and marriage work and men have no clue and I hate the inequality. I’m ranting now but truth is since 18 I’ve learnt to accept myself, be independent, develop my career and become financially independent and that I’m not willing to change myself to suit someone elses ideals of what or how I should be and if no one can accept that, slide on…lol

    1. Good evening to you in Belfast. A long time ago a Belfast artist named Oliver Jeffers illustrated a story I wrote about my cat Henry looking at the stars. Your own stars suggest that classic karmic phase – the start of university life. Whatever happened to you then comes back from July. Boys you accepted or rejected; the good, bad or otherwise with the opposite sex. Sometimes old faces turn up, sometimes it’s just a familiar theme. I had a reader recently who also had her Libra South Node cycle in her first year of university. She rejected the man she really wanted and ended up with the one she didn’t care about. Right on cue, a reunion has been announced for the second half of 2023.

  91. Hi Jessica
    Long time fan! Brilliant article again but I think your Spare is the best of the best. I do hope you continue to update it as it seems it will continue to unfold.
    I have a Libra stellium.
    I have been a stay at home homemaker for the last 2 decades. Out of necessity, rather than choice. A very small world I live in. Again, due to circumstances.
    Married with children and fur babies.
    Would love your insights into maybe a return to the workforce or maybe an expanded circle of relationships both personal and / or professional.
    Keep well

    1. Thank you very much. The Prince Harry Spare feature and the Libra Cycles feature are crossing over these days; not surprising, given the huge questions about what a legal marriage is in the Church of England. Your chart shows you are a Sun Sagittarius woman with stelliums in Sagittarius, Libra, Capricorn and Aries. You will return to work, unpaid work or academia by 2026 at the very latest, and have a stunning opportunity in May. You will have a renewed idea of what service and duty means, thanks to this lifestyle twist, and the last thing you expected will unfold quite naturally. Even the fur babies and you, will have a new relationship – bigger, better and far more free. (Taking the dog to work; possible). This is a two-step process for you, with a shift in your housework and home duties in late March, as the balance of power changes, then the offer in May. You also relaunch your title, appearance and reputation by May, so this all seems to be pointing to the same thing. You’re feeling it, intuitively. The marriage will rebalance with a new set of scales, or different elements in the scales, from July, into 2023.

  92. Dear Jesica, I do hope I haven’t missed the boat on the comments. I have cancelled my twitter account and you are one account I really miss following. (P.Green the sailor here) I have a Libran stellium in my seventh house, in fact it is quite the crowded house (sorry… music pun). I have been with my husband since 2006 and we married in 2016. While we’ve had our difficult times we usually bounce back and knuckle down as a team to solve any issues in the relationship. Of late, his career has really taken off and I’m feeling a little lost as it’s making me think about where I’m heading and what’s next for the relationship, for my own dreams and security. Would you cast your wise eye across my chart and share your thoughts?

    1. Hello P.Green Boat. I remember you leaving Twitter! Thank you for your kind words. You are a Sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn, Aries and Libra – the latter being a huge pattern in your chart. These three signs are cardinal and square and opposite each other. Difficult times would be expected; your inner conflicts here are pretty clear. Aries is about your name, title, reputation, appearance and identity. Libra is about ‘the two of us.’ His success rocks your scales as you wonder about you. You are luckily in a period of good fortune for relaunch and will do so by May at the latest. A new spin on your appearance, title and reputation will restore the scales; that’s what Jupiter in Aries can do for you. The final week of March ends 15 years of searching for the controls at work, in academia, or with unpaid work. This is a revelation and March-June shows you what success can feel like without having to wrestle back the steering wheel all the time. Your marriage goes into the karmic correction zone from July and well into 2023 you two will be rebalancing the scales with each other, as either with him (or quite another face) you have some closure to complete from life as it was, 18 or 19 years before. Your cardinal sign overload makes 2023, 2024 quite unforgettable as all three signs are under transit from the slow-moving outer planets. The Tarot could give you some useful insights, too, P.Green.

  93. Hi Jessica, I posted a question previously but may have got missed in the bulk 🙂 all good, I have another question as I just heard Australia are not putting the Monarchy on their new money and are going for Republican ideals. I recall your prediction about the Monarchy and money around this time, I wonder if that is it? Also heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne (surrogate children?).
    I am a Capricorn with my Sun and ascendant in Cap with stelliums in Capricorn (5), Sag (4), Scorpio (4) and Aries (4).
    I need to let go of my relationship but feel mean doing it although I know it has run its course. I have also taken a new job and am wondering if I have made the right choice as it is very hectic, long hours and I am wondering if it will settle down and I will enjoy it. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your patience. Yes, the predictions are coming true. Australia will no longer have any monarch on her currency and she votes to get rid of the monarch as head of state, next year. You have relationship and job choices, so let’s look at your chart. As you say, you are a Sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Aries. The Scorpio stellium is behind the relationship. You have karma to complete with this person, or another, from 18-19 years before. You owe, or are owed, so the situation will be circular and repetitive until July, when you have done your time. There may be a second issue, if you have children or stepchildren. If so, freedom from them, or freedom through them, comes earlier – in May. Your job is of course a Capricorn matter. Look again in the final week of March when Pluto leaves Capricorn. March-June shows you how life can be without a hierarchy, an elite, and constant questions about power, control, self-control, willpower and empowerment. March is a turning point for you, for another reason. Mars Retrograde leaves Gemini and your solar Sixth House of lifestyle, work-life balance and wellbeing, and the twin challenges of hectic schedules and long hours will disappear from that point. So give it a bit more time. The Tarot can validate this timing for you.

  94. Hi Jessica,

    Do comets mean anything in astrology? We had the “green” comet here over North America which has not been visible since the stone ages. Any significance? Its a amazing to me that something like that can fly around the outer reaches of space for so long and that some really smart people can determine its path and timeline. Incredible!

    Thanks for your lovely site, informative blogs, and spot on predictions!


    1. Thank you GV. Comets are not part of astrology. I will pass those compliments on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin.

  95. Hi Jessica, a quick general question in relation to the article. I read that Ceres is turning retrograde in Libra today and that the cycle last until May. Where does that influence make itself shown for everyone?
    Warm regards, S

    1. Ceres in Libra is the deal-making in a marriage; divorce; common-law marriage; professional partnership; separation. Ceres is about divided time, access and control and is very common when there is a child custody agreement. Less dramatically, you find couples agreeing to disagree about (say) sharing the car, or doing the housework. It really depends on your chart; Ceres in a conjunction with natal Uranus or Pluto is likely to be far more important than a conjunction with the Sun. This Libra pattern is part of something so much bigger, though, and that is the karma experienced after July 2023 when the South Node goes to Libra and your Seventh House. So even if you repeated your vows, having been separated but never divorced (it’s complicated) you may find that once again, the vows are tested, from July. Ceres in Libra retrograde will see a lot of the deal-making, compromising and division repeated or even changed, as the scales rock from side to side. The karma comes later.

  96. I know how busy you are and am eternally grateful for all that you do. My husband 18/05/66 time unknown and I have both been thrust into the role of sole carer for an elderly parent each. Just as we became empty nesters. Could the libra weather relate to this area of our lives rather than our marriage?

    1. Thank you. Your husband was born on 18th May 1966 so has Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, in the Sixth House of lifestyle, housework, workload, unpaid work and so on. Saturn moves into Pisces in March and will slowly oppose both those planets in his chart, so his new service and duty is likely to come with all sorts of rules and restrictions, but it is not forever, and while it happens, he will learn how to deal with it, by consulting the experts, joining forums and chatting to the professionals. You also have Virgo placements which will be opposed by Saturn over 2023-2026 and so it’s the same; your children have left home, but now you have a different sort of duty to attend to. For both of you, it is extremely important that you put your health first on all levels. Wellbeing, both mental and physical. This is the other side of Virgo and the Sixth House. Don’t burn the candle at both ends, for example, trying to be the perfect daughter or son while also managing the rest of your life. With Virgo there is a quest for perfect but there is no perfection as we all know. You have a Gemini stellium which rules siblings and neighbours. Both play a terrific part in your life from 2024 and from 2026 it’s a revolution, actually. The people in your local area, or next door – any brothers or sisters – are part of an exhilarating, liberating, exciting new way of life.

  97. Good evening Jessica,
    Amazing article and unfortunately I just read it. I have a Stellium in Libra, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Diana, IC and fortuna. I have never been married I saw I was making bad choices in men and my son was my priority so I have been a single parent for 20 years. The part about that is now that I am 52 my life is very unbalanced. 2020 tested me (lost both parents) 2021 tried to break me (lost Godson, 2 friends, and found my uncle dead in his house) 2023 I’m in the process of healing. Can you please take a look at my chart and tell me what you see. I Thank you in advance.
    Have a beautiful evening.

    1. I am so sorry both your parents passed away in 2020, and then the following year you had more loss. I am not surprised you feel the need to heal. You have a Scorpio pattern in the Eighth House of inheritance and legacy, and that has been in the frame since 2018 actually, with Uranus in Taurus moving in opposition, and then more recently, the North Node in Taurus too. Everything changes in 2023 as the two big outer planets, Saturn and Pluto, switch signs. The nodes switch signs too, so this is genuinely about forgetting what we’d prefer not to remember, from 2020, 2021, 2022. You have two large Virgo and Libra stelliums. If you’ve not yet read about this, in Modern Astrology 2050, have a look. The book is free to you as a Premium Member. You have been a single parent for 20 years and done your Virgo. You are still doing it, as your sense of duty to your son and others comes first. Heavily Virgo women work – and work hard – they do the housework, the gardening, the voluntary work, the paid work, the study (more work) and the rest. It is extremely important that it makes you content, or even happy, or it needs to be questioned. Your Libra stellium is about partnership of all sorts. You can have a partnership with your son, for example. You will have the chance to learn from the past as it was 18-19 years ago, from July 2023 into 2024. That message should come through and enable you to fall into a new duet (or even more than one duet) on whatever level you are ready for it. Some women feel like falling in love again. Some prefer to get a work partnership going with a friend. Others just get into singing duets. Libra does need another half, or the other side, and you are so strongly Libra that you are talking the language of the sign: ‘very unbalanced.’ Be open to what comes and learn from the past as you create your next two-way street. You may also want to make your health on all levels your top priority from March 2023, into 2024, 2025 and early 2026 as Saturn will oppose your Virgo stellium. This is basic stuff: Giving up smoking if you do; protecting yourself against Covid and so on.

  98. Hi Jessica
    I have posted previously but you probably have hundreds of questions! Can you see anything regarding relationships in my chart? I have met, lost & divorced previous partners on south node in libra cycles so there seems to be a pattern. I’m currently separated (my choice) and have been for the past 5 years. I feel that this oncoming cycle will be karmic for me hopefully in a good way! Any insights would be greatly appreciated love Nikki

    1. Thanks Nikki. The South Node in Libra in the Seventh House is really self-judged. Only you can recall what was fair or unfair, in the way someone treated you 18-19 years prior; or the way the universe treated you. If you know you are lacking and owe somebody an apology, or just need to let them settle up, spiritually, then the node cycle can be quite repetitive until you realise what you have to do. The current North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio cycle is a good example of life as it was 18-19 years ago, repaying some people, who are doing extremely well financially (having given to others long ago) or those who are on struggle street, because they put others through that. Adani in India is a good example of karma in action; in India they call the nodes Rahu and Ketu. So, thinking about what you see all around you karmically channelled through finance, business, charity and property – apply that to duets or duels, once the South Node kicks in. Those previous partners may come back into your life, for whatever reason, or similar faces, themes and stories may return. There is a ‘now, now, now’ and ‘move on’ trend in modern life which is wholly wrong for astrology. Astrology does not forget marriage vows, a divorce, and so on. So if you are owed, then you will be repaid. Maybe you are just owed an apology or an explanation.

  99. Hi Jessica
    I am a sun Sagittarius and the father of my two youngest sons a sun Aries. We met in 1990 when he was married, I fell pregnant which resulted in his marriage breakdown. Between 1991 and the end of 2000 we lived together but had several periods apart due to difficulties with my perceived acceptance by him of my child from another relationship. We continued to maintain a relationship after 2000 (going on holiday together with our boys, and we saw each other a couple of times each week) but he has had two long term relationships since then (2002-2012 and then 2011/12 to 2019). Since 2019 we have fallen into a pattern of my staying at his three or four nights a week.
    He says I am the love of his life, and I believe that he is mine. Despite the fact that he had two long-term relationships I was never able to move on and gave up trying after a series of half a dozen very short-term dalliances between 2004 and 2008.
    I’m 64 now and he is 63 and I would like to think we could be together and live a happy life now, but we seem to be stuck due to mistrust from the past (I was the one who kept leaving up to 2000, and he was the one able to maintain other relationships as well as ours for some time without me realising – he still keeps in touch with both these women and one in particular (2004-2012) is still ringing him to check what he is up to). I should point out he is not honest with either and he has not (as far as I know) told them we are ‘sort of’ back together again.
    What is this Libra cycle likely to mean for this relationship?
    Both charts should be available to you as I purchased one for him to see if I could figure anything out for myself, but I’m a bit clueless

    1. Thank you. This is actually about your sons, long-term and any grandchildren. You are around that age, in your early sixties. You’ll enter an escape from the real world as a parent, possible grandparent and lover – from 2026. Right now is the time to fix the issues with your Sun Aries. Women who fall in love with unreliable or erratic men (or who go into unpredictable relationships) usually have mixed feelings about lifelong marriage which shows in the chart. By falling in love with someone who can’t deliver that, you get a relationship which accurately serves both sides of you: the one who wants in, and the one who wants out (or in-out!) You have the North Node, Juno and Cupid in Libra. He is your past life partner. You do in fact have mixed feelings about marriage, as Juno wants the commitment, but has an issue with the lack of freedom – and actually the nature of male-female politics anyway. Juno was married to Jupiter and he was a philanderer. Cupid I don’t have to explain is about the giddy heights of satisfied desire; it is short-term (about as long as Cupid’s arrow wound lasts for) and big on endorphins. This is lifelong with you, so second, third, fourth honeymoon periods are normal, as is the occasional crush on another man. The North Node is karma. If you look at the section on the North Node in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you, you may even find the year you shared a past life with this man; it will be a period in history which calls to you. You will once again go round with the karma when the South Node goes into Libra from July 2023, and have that unusual situation where the transiting South Node is in a conjunction with your natal North Node. Either with him or quite another person, there is karma from 18-19 years prior when this happens and by 2024, you will be repaid, or settle up. Just understanding yourself and how you view marriage is useful; other women’s path is not your path; sometimes you have to accept the karma too and realise that you two have chosen to do this together, for whatever reason. There will be closure by the end of 2024.

  100. Hi Jessica, I see from other readers’ comments that you are able to offer advice on specific issues they are facing. There is a monkey I would like to throw off my back and wondered whether astrology could help direct me on how to do that. I have asked the Tarot a few times but have had no clear idea of what I was being told. I had a boyfriend who was a serial abuser of women; as a narcissist this abuse from him was mostly emotional and psychological, but there were other forms too. I complained through official channels but, owing to the type of organisation, I didn’t hear the outcome. I feel the only way I can get closure (i.e. justice for me but also the psychiatric help he clearly needs) is also to inform one of his personal contacts about my experience. The letter and evidence is ready to send but I don’t know whether to go ahead. Could you look at my chart please for guidance on this? And also, have a look at his astrology (dob 21/11/67 pob Birmingham) to see what impact my first complaint had and what my next (and final) one would have? We read every day about women finally exposing an abusive partner and I feel I should do the same. Many thanks in advance if this is something you can help with.

    1. Thank you. Your old boyfriend was a narcissist who you think needs a psychiatrist. He serially abused women and you want to write to one of them. You have Vesta at 28 Leo. I wouldn’t. Pluto is too close to 28 Capricorn as he ends his days in that sign and he goes back, in June. Vesta is you and the other women; the man in question is the manipulator. If you look at Vesta in art and sculpture you will see the story of the Vestales; the Vestal Virgins of Rome. They were controlled by the Pontifex Maximus who could have them killed, if they had sex with a man. Vesta often shows up as toxic situations with one man and two or more women. Don’t buy into it, try and leave this mental connection to him and to her (or them). At any other time it might work, but Pluto can only do this once every 248 years. Find out more about Vesta. She aspects a great deal in your chart and often shows up when you fall in love with a man whose mother doted on him – or/and who likes women running around after him. If you fall for the game you can waste a lot of your precious time and energy. It will also eat you up. You have Jupiter in Libra and will eventually have one or more partnerships, both romantic or professional, which deliver the rewards you want. Jupiter in Libra in the Seventh House is a terrific chart pattern.

  101. Hi Jessica i would like to find out how this cycle will affect my son 10/14/1993 8pm. He has struggled with depression. What will this year bring him? love finance job health. Any insight is appreciated. I love your website. Thanks! One of his best friends passed away last year /he struggles with feeling that he wasn’t there for him when he needed him most.

    1. I am sorry your son is living with depression. The healer Matthew Manning, who I strongly recommend (he has a modest subscription fee on his website) suggests that depression is quite natural and part of the body’s healing response to trauma. Your son lost one of his best friends and he has guilt about that. Depression slows him down, stops him being so active in the world, makes him sleep more/rest more and to some extent, makes him hibernate. Hibernation has a purpose. Your son clearly needs to lie low as the shock of the loss may have had a whole-body impact on him. He has also been through 2020, year one of the pandemic. Another massive shock. He is going through the transit of Neptune in his Sixth House of workload and wellbeing, and in fact has experienced that since 2011, so he has been drifting through the days, really. I don’t know what medication he is using, or what (if any) drugs he is taking outside that – cigarettes qualify – but they have a huge effect on him so it is always worth stepping back and assessing that. Neptune rules mind-altering substances which distort reality and of course, some anti-depressants do that. Given that he is a Sun Libra having Neptune transit his Sixth House, he will find Saturn entering Pisces and his Sixth House, from March 7th 2023, brings a new phase when either the treatment changes; the professional in charge changes – or he does. What was unstructured and random, about his days, has to become a strategy and system. This very importantly includes work. For all that he took a huge knock with the loss of his friend, and the pandemic, there are also issues there about how to work, why he should work, when and how often he should work – and for whom he should do it. We don’t separate the two in astrology. Again, close to March 7th he’ll face a crossroads about that. By work I mean paid work, as well as volunteering and further study. Even gardening and housework too. I don’t know how open your son is to mediumship but I strongly recommend he look at my Twitter friend John Edward on YouTube and the Scots medium Gordon Smith, also on YouTube. We don’t die and his friends has passed to spirit, where I am sure he would not want your son to feel downcast about him. No, not at all. If your son wants to see a medium then a Sunday night trip to a spiritualist church would show him who is on the platform that night and from there he may want to make an appointment. Much, much later in life, from 2026, your son will form a partnership (work or romantic) which is like a holiday from the real world, for years into the future.

  102. Hi Jessica, I had never put it together before this article but I think my partner and I met in the last North Node in Libra cycle in 2015, he’s a Taurus and was going through a divorce when we met. Ironically his ex-wife, a Libra, cheated extensively throughout their relationship! She doesn’t know that we know, but wow there was a lot of deception. In essence she ‘got away with it’…. deception seems to be a common theme in the comments on this thread!!
    In more uplifting news, nearly 8 years happily together and we’re getting married (eloping with just our kids) this year on June 3 (which I believe is a grand water trine). We’re a great match, the odd couple in many ways, but kismet. I have a Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Libra – high highs and dizzying lows, and so much compromise- and have Pluto there also. My fiancé only has the South Node in Libra at 29 degrees. Is there anything that can help me/us navigate this cycle? Thank you so much! I appreciate being part of this community 🙂

    1. Thank you. Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. You are a Sun Pisces woman with Taurus and Cancer stelliums, so the time is right. In your solar chart you have the South Node of karma in Libra going into your Eighth House of joint finance and property, from July 2023, into 2024. So life as it was 18-19 years ago comes back, in regard to a partner at the time. There is spiritual closure and settlement with your new partner, based on what happened before. In your natal chart we find Jupiter going into Taurus and your Second House of income, possessions and property from May, just before you marry, making the first of a chain of conjunctions in your finance sector (expansion and growth) and sextile your Cancer stellium, which is terrific for the house, apartment, garden and of course, for the family. Not just your own children but your side of the family and your husband’s. Both your solar and natal chart keep step with each other; from mid-2024 you are also in a terrific cycle for renovating, redecorating or moving – quite ambitiously.

  103. Wow, you are amazing, Jessica! With so much going on past 3 years with my health, my love life (and sex!) was at all time low. I would constantly feel bad for my husband (though, he never once made me feel guilty or bad) and my lack of energy. I have no idea what changed in last couple of weeks, but my heart has exploded with love all over again and I feel like I’m back 15 years ago when I first fell in love with my husband. It’s such a beautiful feeling that I’m definitely treasuring it. Your blog made so much sense now!

  104. Hi Jessica !
    This article is amazing and I would like to know how this cycle will affect me. I married when I should not have. We dated for 7 years and it just seemed expected at the time .I should have said no . After 38 years It’s been unfulfilled very very unhappy with someone who drinks too much and emotionally abusive .. two children .I have Aries as my south node .. Libra as my north node .. Mars in Aries ..
    Libra in Jupiter..AC IN Libra
    I have wanted to divorce for years .I always came up with a reason (bad) to stay. I’m now at a point where I need my life. I need some happiness some love. Can you give me insight to this cycle? Please.

    1. Thank you. You have the North Node in Libra in the Seventh House and a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House. You knew your husband in your last life. If you are drawn to a period of history, look at the North Node in Libra tables in Modern Astrology 2050 which is free to you and pick a year. You have agreed to marry in this lifetime and deal with his alcoholism. I am sorry you have to children. You will sort this out in July, as the South Node (now in Scorpio) quits your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, and you gain closure. Life as it was 18 or 19 years before, with him or another, suggests you are owed from that time – or you owe – spiritually. July ends the loop. It begins the next round of karma which is not about the money, house or apartment, the possessions – it is about what is fair. What is legal. What is going to balance the scales. By 2024 at the very latest, the transiting South Node in Libra will have made a conjunction to your North Node in Libra and that decides it. I am sorry you have two children involved. They come first for the next 20 years as your Leo (motherhood) stellium will be triggered by all kinds of aspects; when in doubt, go back to them and figure it out, as Queen to a younger court – which you are. You have Mercury at 1 Leo so need to reshape and rethink your role as mother, using all the willpower you can find, as Pluto goes to 1 Aquarius and you experience transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Mercury. You have always talked to your children; read them stories; helped them to learn. Pluto will temporarily challenge that and you will find that using your self-control empowers you and helps you to take back control. Big shift in your life, but as you say – you are ready.

  105. Thanks Jessica, a relevant post for this Libra Sun/stellium. Partner 27/11/61. We have wandered in and out of each others lives, but this time since Jan 2007. Learning lessons along the way. Any insight for me? cheers

    1. Karma is the word. You will see why from July 2023 when the South Node in Libra takes you back to the North Node in Libra from late 2004 to mid 2006. It may not be with this face, but quite another. Sometimes, though, it can be quite literal. I have a reader who is due for a school reunion with the woman who courted him unsuccessfully. On some level, he owes her. This person in your life now will be part of a loop or circle that must be closed.

  106. Thank you so much Jessica for your reply, I only saw mine 10 days later because I am so busy in my job I haven’t had a chance to look!! Following your advice and looking forward to March when things should lighten up (or I get my fabulous new job from one of the ones I have been applying for, tee hee). You help so many people and we appreciate you 🙂

  107. Hi Jessica, just coming back to your reply. That’s so funny that you mention Oliver Jeffers as he has been back in Northern Ireland working on a 10km sculpture trail he designed with scale models of our solar system’s Sun and planets, ending at Pluto in Bangor, Co.Down. If you want to read more about it, I have included an article below. xx

    1. Amazing news. Oliver Jeffers is involved with the planets for the second time, having illustrated my cat Henry in Henry’s Guide to the Stars in Kids’ Night In. I must get in touch with him, this sounds fantastic. I’ll follow that link now, thank you so much. Waving to Ireland.

  108. Dear Jessica, I hope your well. I married during the last Libra south node cycle on 04/02/06. My north node is 4 taurus. We are still married, just! The last few years have been testing to say the least, my husband lost both his parents and I lost my mum last year and I had to put my dad in a care home. I finished work 4 years ago due to been pulled in every direction and was exhausted. My mother in law was VERY difficult, and my mum even told me to leave my husband, which shocked me. I am now making a conscious effort to look after myself, loose weight, eat healthier, after never putting myself first for years. I feel like a butterfly whose wings have been clipped. We have one daughter aged 20. I’m wondering what this next Libra transit will bring. If you have got time, I would be grateful for anything you see on my chart regarding this. Thank you for all that you do, best wishes x

    1. Thank you. Yes, I’m very well. Just putting the kettle on and sitting down with your question. The transit of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 has put you and your husband through the mill, by the sounds of things and I am very sorry you had to put your father in a care home after your mother passed on. You also had a difficult mother-in-law, which is Pluto again. In astrology he is the culprit when there are issues with in-laws. You are starting again, probably intuitively, as your chart is about to shift. You are a Sun Cancer woman with stelliums in Cancer (strongly Cancerian) and Leo, Virgo, Aries and Scorpio. You will lose all the weight by May and likely end up with a new haircut or hair colour too. You’ll be very happy with that, as Jupiter goes through your First House of image for the first time in 12 years. You learned about your Virgo stellium when you left work owing to exhaustion. You will again have to put your health first in 2023-2026 with Saturn in opposition to Virgo and that is on every level. You have a chart not unlike J.K.Rowling and do best when you are involved with children or younger people (in their twenties, like your daughter). You can choose on whatever level you want to do that; grandmother or voluntary teacher, heavily involved godmother or netball coach. Have a look at your stelliums in Modern Astrology 2050 which is free to you as a Premium Member.

  109. Hi Jessica and thank you. I married in 1997 and in December 2004 my husband left me for another person (I was pregnant too). We divorced a year later. It has been a very hard time I must say, the last 17+ years. When you say karma is owing or is owed, in what context might this apply to me? I honestly cannot imagine having to owe karma after all these years. I have 6 degrees Libra in my seventh house. I am a cancer. Many thanks.

    1. I am so sorry you were put through that in 1997. I obviously can’t see a chart here, but just knowing you are a Sun Cancer woman with a Libra/Seventh House placement suggests you are owed settlement, perhaps with him, perhaps with any other man from 18 or 19 years before. It’s usually pretty obvious though the actual person may not be the gateway. I am thinking here of a reader who was a Sun Cancer with a Libra stellium, who was treated shabbily by the newspaper he worked for, but also by his partner. He was owed. The newspaper in question rewarded him out of the blue, 19 years later, under new management – and the offending partner had to kow-tow to him – then the project it had all been about, turned in a new direction, again out of the blue – and rewarded him. Even the dodgy friend involved got her come-uppance. What you tend to find with the nodal return is that something bigger than you, takes a hand. You don’t have to do anything. You are coming out of the most relentless cycle for dating and men in 248 years and it ends on March 23rd. From July, you notice another bump, probably as a parent. It will feel as if things that were always the same, end. The road is clear for something or someone quite different. You’ll have oodles of chances to combine homes and bank accounts with someone new by 2044.

  110. Dear Jessica,
    What is the significance of having a Libra Stellium in my chart? I would greatly value your insights.

    1. You have a Libra stellium in your Seventh House of partnership and also duels. The scales of Libra are about the balance between man and woman (usually) in marriage. They also show combat, conflict and competition – very commonly with divorce. Less commonly, Libra shows a professional partnership between people who are equal but different. The sign – scales – was invented by the Romans in its Latin form, and although the idea was there before the Romans, it fell out of favour and for a long time in astrology, that part of the sky was occupied by Chelae, the scorpion’s claws, so we had a very big Scorpio and no Libra at all. The Romans placed the soul of Caesar in Libra. This sign is associated with justice as you might expect. So you “live” here all your life and will be shown different aspects of the scales to examine. This all becomes far more important after July 2023 when the South Node enters Libra and by 2024 you will be on your way to closure with a karmic issue related to balance, partnership, justice, which first arose 18-19 years prior.

  111. Dear Jessica,
    I would appreciate it if you could look at my birth chart.
    On 22/03/23, I will get my citizenship (by descent), as a result, I will get another version of my name. I have a feeling that this is a mosaic in a biger picture that involves not just for me and my family but also the persons involved in the process of obtaining the document.
    Thank you for your effort.
    Kind regards, E

    1. You have a stellium in Aries in the First House of title, appearance and reputation so acquire your new name on the most beneficial cycle in 12 years, with Jupiter going through Aries and your First House. The cycle is with you until May and you’d expect the Sun in Aries, joining Jupiter, from the final week of March to the third week of April, to be a real highlight that puts you and your new title in the spotlight.

  112. Hi Jessica – I have a stelium in Libra. my partner is also a Libra Sun and I am a Taurus. We have a son and, as we are different nationalities, I want us to get married so that our son’s dual nationality is clear (he will lose out on his father’s if we are not married). With all the Libra weather you have described, I hope that this year will be the time for us to make it happen. It seems as if the timing is right?

    1. You are a Sun Taurus woman with a stellium in Libra so you have karma with your partner in your public and private horoscope. You are owed, or owe, spiritually, either with him (18-19 years ago) or with quite another person. So the path to marriage is about that, as the transiting South Node in Scorpio goes through your solar Seventh House until July. When we look at your natal chart, you have something similar going on, also from the month of July. So it would seem that halfway through the year is about the right time for you to make up your mind.

  113. Hi Jessica – I have Saturn, Neptune and Minerva in Libra – are you able to tell me how the Libra cycles will affect me please?

    1. Yes, beginning on July 18th 2023, the South Node of karma will move into Libra and life as it was 18-19 years before in a partnership (or a feud) will come back to you, from that point, with closure in sight by the end of 2024. The South Node moves backwards through the zodiac, not forwards, so it also takes you backwards. It is exactly what you would expect. Thematically or sometimes literally, the past returns and as a result of that, you are given a chance to pursue unfinished business. The cycle ends on January 11th 2025. To have those placements in Libra in your Seventh House suggests that balancing acts have always been important to you, since childhood, when you may have had a best friend (or a different kind of ‘other half’) or even an enemy. Libra is about those who are against us, as much as those who are with us, and sometimes it’s the same person. Your husband becomes your opponent after a divorce, for example. Minerva in Libra is a useful asset as this helps you handle partnerships wisely and hopefully avoid feuds. This South Node cycle is the only really important Libra cycle of this era so it is worth using. The Tarot can help you in a more personal way when the time comes.

  114. Hi Jessica, I have followed your posts for years,, amazing, detailed and too advanced for me 🙂
    So this libra cycle is only for seventh house?
    I have venus in 7th house 7degrees and mars in libra 3rd house at 8 degrees and vesta in libra at 29degrees.
    I have a tricky situation unfolding, does this cycle, south node have any affect?

    1. Thank you. Yes, the South Node in Libra is only in your Seventh House. You are using an astrology system I don’t recognise. You can’t have Mars in Libra in your Third House, it is in your Seventh House. I suggest you use the Tarot on this website, which is free. That will help with tricky situations.

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