Your House System in Astrology

Choosing Your House System in Astrology

There are over 30 filters, or ways of seeing your world, in astrology. The 30+ house systems divide the circle up differently. This is why astrologers use completely different systems.

It is very common for astrologers to drop one house system, and replace it with another, as they grow older. Robert Hand famously did this, as the astrology chart he used for himself back in 1976 with his classic book Planets In Transit, has been replaced by a Whole Sign house system later in life. Seventies Mr. Hand is not Twenties Mr. Hand. Nor is his future. That’s the way astrology rolls.

Astrologies, Not Astrology

Many astrologers play with reality all the time, by switching house systems.

I started out with Placidus, because that was commonly taught in Britain (and my old Eighties Liz Greene computer chart used Placidus).

I’ll talk about that more at the end of this feature, and how you can do it too. In fact, if you come along to this Zoom talk on 1st March, you’ll be trying the ‘astrologies, not astrology’ experiment with other astrologers and readers too.

The House Systems On This Website

I’m often asked about the house systems I use for the natal chart you see on this website (if you’re a member) and the usual Sun Sign charts too.

I predict the news headlines before they happen, and have done so  with Brexit, the virus we came to know as Covid, the October 2020 decline of Trump (who got Covid that month), the arrival of a female Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in the United Kingdom and more. AstroGold software calls it Zero Aries and calls it Whole (1=Aries). I call it Natural Astrology.

I began working like this to counter attacks on the accuracy of astrology by Professor Richard Dawkins. I wanted to show astrology could date-stamp the news months or years before it came to pass. It turns out this system also date-stamps prediction for people too.

House Systems Zoom Event 1st March 2023

You can come along to my next Zoom event with the Sydney Astrological Research Society, The House Systems in Astrology at these times and dates in your nearest city, to discuss all this and more. We’ll be too late for America this time, but SARS record the Zoom session. To find the exact time and date where you are, start with Sydney 7.00pm on Wednesday 1st March 2023 then find out when that is, in your own city on Time and Date. Here is the link.

Screen Shot 2023 02 27 at 12.29.05 pm - Your House System in Astrology

Solar Chart or Sun Sign Prediction

I use two systems at once. Your Sun Sign or solar chart shows the public you. The natal chart (using Natural Houses) shows the private you. Sun Sign astrology in print, goes back to 1551 and author Johannes Indagine (1467-1537) who was a German monk. He was also called also John of Hagen.  John (pictured) gave us  the Sun sign on the cusp of the First House in the quaint old-fashioned square horoscope system. A rough Latin translation suggests the Sun in Gemini person is ingenious, a hilarious friend and intelligent. We might say that today too. This is the same system I use in 2023.

Screen Shot 2023 02 27 at 2.28.55 pm 203x300 - Your House System in Astrology Johannes Indagine Published by Johann Schott Strasbourg 1522 211x300 - Your House System in AstrologyScreen Shot 2023 02 27 at 2.11.29 pm 213x300 - Your House System in AstrologyScreen Shot 2023 02 27 at 2.13.05 pm 281x300 - Your House System in Astrology

The Oldest House System in Astrology

Given that a horoscope translates as ‘time observer’ or ‘time observatory’ the oldest horoscopes in existence are made of stone. We have no idea what the mindset was of their creators and observers. Yet – we know it was about the Sun and Moon. People watched the sky and used stones to mark what they saw with megaliths. The most famous megalith is Stonehenge. In fact, Stonehenge predicts eclipses, as Robin Heath has explained, in his work. In Turkey, we have a stone time observatory that is 12,000 years old. It’s called the Gobekli Tepe. Figures on one stone may show a zodiac constellation.

Archeologists may turn up an older stone circle somewhere. Meanwhile, the cuneiform tablets stored in museums around the world, are only just starting to give up their secrets. These come to us from Babylon and it has only been this month, February 2023, that the Electronic Babylonian Literature Project has begun to decode (with artificial intelligence) 300,000 lines of text. It’s still too early in the history of astrology or cultural astronomy to call any way of carving up the circle – the oldest.

This horoscope, below, is by Virgil Master, dated around 1405. Pretty old. So… Is it the best? No. It was the best for Virgil.

Is the Stonehenge lunar time observatory (the 56 Aubrey Holes in the ground) the best, because it’s even older than Monsieur Master’s wheel? No. It was the best for those women, who were likely predicting their periods with it, or childbirth. Perhaps the tribe needed to know who the father was. Well, give me a better reason to dig 56 pits in that hard Stonehenge earth. The fact is, we may never know. We can but speculate.


VIRGIL UNEQUAL HOUSES ALAMY scaled - Your House System in Astrology
Astrological Chart, Virgil Master (French, active about 1380 – 1420), Paris, France, about 1405 (ALAMY)

When Libra Went Missing

Not a lot of astrologers talk about the rather embarassing fact that Libra went missing in horoscopes once. Romans had two Scorpios instead. No wonder Ancient Rome was inspiration for Robert Graves and I, Claudius. Not to mention Caligula. Sex, death and and money. Rome, at one point in her history, was dominated by Scorpio claws.

The zodiac had only 11 signs in antiquity, until it was corrected as Julius Caesar’s soul entered Libra, a new Latin-named invention by the Romans.

Libra used to be called Chelae. The claws of the scorpion. You can still see the old Chelae on some vintage maps and globes. This is (left) the Mercator Globe by Gerard Mercator 1512-1594, harking back to the glory, gory days of Rome when Scorpio hogged a couple of spaces on the circle and held the scales of Libra in its claws. (Image: Alamy). On the right is Scorpio holding Libra in its claws again – Libra is not a zodiac sign in its own right – from the Astronomicon, held in the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford. This is Italian and is dated 1460. Never mind the 13th sign nonsense, here’s an historic 11-sign zodiac.


Scorpio and Libra Mercator globe Gerard Mercator 1512 1594 scaled - Your House System in Astrology
The Mercator Globe and Scorpio
url - Your House System in Astrology
Astrology Loses Libra (Bodleian Libraries, Oxford).

 Astrology is a Mirror

Astrology is a mirror of the times we live in. So it changes all the time. The Sumerian astrologers gave us Zib Baanna (Scales) and Girtab (Scorpion) according to Barnaby Rogerson, in The Guardian.  Zib Baanna vanished in the hands of the Greek astrologers. Then the Romans became interested in the idea of a purely Latin constellation. In Marcus Manilius’ Astronomica (100 AD) we find, “The Balance attends the loins, and the Scorpion is lord of the groin.” (Discovery of the Zodiac Man in Cuneiform, John W. Zee, The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago). Suddenly, Roman buttocks had a zodiac sign.

Zee comments, buttocks were ascribed to Libra by Manilius, Psuedo-Galen, Vettius Valens, Hephaestion, Porphyry, Paul of Alexandria and Rhetorius. “An obvious motivation here was the appropriateness of connecting the two weighing-pans of the Scales (ie Libra) with body parts that come in pairs.”

Beyond bottoms, there were other associations. The Sun stood in front of Libra at the Autumn Equinox – equal day and night. The idea of equality began to take off. Justice and fairness. Libra became fashionable, and the Whole Sign House system became possible again, the scorpion’s claws having been cut off.

9780197599648 - Your House System in AstrologyLibra, Rome, Italy and Caesar

In Manilius’ Astronomica, as translated by Katharina Volk in Celestial Inclinations, we find, “Its own sign Libra rules Italy. Founded under it Rome, the ruler of the earth, holds the decision over all things and raises and lowers the peoples placed in her scales. Born under it, Caesar has now founded the city in a better way.”

Robert Colborn (New College, Oxford) quotes the Goold translation of the Astronomica of Manilius: “What sign would better have the care of Italy, if Italy could choose, than that which controls all, knows the weight of things, marks totals and separates the unequal from the equal?”

Libra became common in the generation of poets after Vergil. Anne-Marie Lewis:  “Astrologically, Chelae (Libra) was one of the two Domiciles of Venus which Caesar had reversed as his divine ancestor.” Adding, “Confirmation of the location of the new permanent dwelling place of Caesar’s soul within the zodiacal constellation Chelae (Libra) appeared in poems written after the event of Caesar’s deification.”

In the first book of his Georgics (29BC) Vergil wrote out loud to Caesar, suggesting “Blazing Scorpios itself now draws in its pincers for you and has left more than your due part of the sky.” Lewis references Ovid in his Fasti, commenting that Caesar had reformed the Roman calendar, bringing it into harmony with the solar year and clearly establishing the timing of the Sun’s path through each of the twelve zodiac signs in turn. Thus an archetype was born, in Latin hands.

Venus, Libra and Caesar

At 9.00am on January 1st, 42 BC, when Caesar was deified, Lewis writes, “Venus was nearby to the southeast in Capricornus. Although unseen in the daylight, the location would have been known…” So devoted to Venus was Caesar that he owned a painting by Apelles, called Venus Anadyomene, showing Venus emerging from the sea, naked. So, it all added up. The weird double Scorpio system which had interrupted history, was ditched by the Romans and  a space was found in the 11-sign zodiac wheel for Libra (even now in Latin, meaning a pound, balance, pair of scales, or ad libram, of equal size.

As the soul of Caesar had been thought to have gone to Libra, the soul of Augustus was imagined to have gone to Virgo, the adjacent sign, according to Lewis in her forthcoming book. Celestial Inclinations: A Life of Augustus, will be published by Oxford University Press on 3rd May 2023.

Using Two House Systems

In the age of the internet and sophisticated astrology software, professional astrologers use two systems and sometimes more. My friend and colleague in Sun Sign astrology, Susan Miller, uses Solar and Placidus.  Penny Thornton and Debbie Frank both worked for the late Diana, Princess of Wales. They use two.

Another friend and colleague, Deborah Houlding, uses Regiomontanus – just one system. I’ve worked with Deborah often at our Astrology and Tarot Meetups in New York, London and Sydney. I use a couple of whole-sign house systems at those events. Deborah works with horary astrology, based on what she calls ‘Regio’ which has always worked well for her.

How Sun Sign Astrologers Work

Sun Sign astrology in Britain was popularised in The Sunday Express, where I’m also published today, by R.H. Naylor who began writing his columns in 1936.  Nicholas Campion cites Bernard Eccles (Bernard Fitzwalter, ELLE)  in an interview with Garry Phillipson: “He said that we’re like chefs who end up working in fast food restaurants.”

Astrologers who use two house systems are thus offering you the burger and the steak.

Inventing New House Systems

Astrology is open to invention. When I donned my white robe to join fellow members of The Astrological Lodge of London, we honoured an astrology that was open to change. Not closed to new discoveries. There is really nothing to stop you from getting a biscuit tin, drawing around it with a pencil, and creating an 11-sign zodiac with eleven houses. One big scorpion holding the scales in its claws.

Here you can see the  doubled-up scorpion again (SCORPIVS) holding Libra in its claws, discussed in The Secret Zodiac: The Hidden Art in Mediaeval Astrology (Fred Gettings, Arkana, 1987). This, below, is a photograph of a twelfth-century roundel from the constellational arch at Sacra di San Michele, Val di Susa (Alamy). Fred Gettings writes, “There is no pretence that this is a zodiac at all. Following the established classical tradition, Scorpius is sculpted as a scorpion grasping in its claws the image of Libra.” He goes on “Libra was at one time called Chelae (The Claws) and was viewed merely as a continuation into the stellar space of Scorpius.” And yet the Romans clearly saw their invention of the Latin libra as meaningful, astrologically.


SACRA DI SAN MICHELE ALAMY scaled - Your House System in Astrology


Astrology is Constantly Reinvented

We don’t know who created this 16th century painting showing Pope Gregory XIII changing the old Julian calendar, but we know the zodiac signs in question altered the way people thought about the horoscope. The Romans popularised Libra, in the same way that some astrological businesses, try to popularise a kind of astrology today –  when Julius Caesar reformed the calendar.

The astrologer who cast Rome’s horoscope, Firmanus, promoted Libra as a zodiac constellation, so it became fashionable.  In other words, the times you live in, dictate the sort of astrology house system you will be offered or the sort of signs you use to guide you. Astrology bends with the culture and the need. For all we know, Libra could be dropped again in 2100.


DAE 90002124 scaled - Your House System in Astrology
Pope Gregory XIII chairing the commission for reforming the Roman Calendar (1582-1583) Siena, Archivio Di Stato Di Siena National Archive)


Objective Reality Does Not Exist

So, what are we to make of this ever-changing matter called astrology? I think one of the reasons astrology is so successful, is that it is a neat match for quantum theory. Parallel universes. The multiverse.

Objective reality does not exist as we know – and astrology is the proof. For every universe in which an accurate prediction leaves your jaw on the floor, quantum theory says, there are many more universes where it never happened at all. When you read an accurate prediction, it seems impossible (against the odds). And so it comes true.

Well, perhaps, because you just ended up in a universe where it works. There are a ton of others, where it didn’t.

The Observer Effect proven by quantum physics, tells us that just measuring what is there, defines what we see. And astrology is all about measurements. We take a circle divided into 360 degrees, use 12 signs and 12 houses (unless we are disciples of  11 sign/house Chelae astrology) and measure away.

The aspects are 60, 90, 120 degrees apart and so on. We whip out our mental yardstick and judge what we find.

In 1979, John Wheeler took the famous two-slit experiment and revealed that an observer (you, the astrologer – or reader) can be made partially responsible for generating the reality of the past. We do this all the time when we cast a horoscope on AstroGold or Solar Fire and look back at (say) when we took a job, or got married, or had a baby. And now, a true story…

In 2008, the year of the Global Financial Crisis, two famous glossy magazines stopped paying me. They owed me around $20,000. My old Placidus chart showed I had a natal Second House/Eighth House opposition from Saturn to Uranus, being transited by Saturn. It looked dire, as oppositions are issues to fix and the Second and Eighth Houses are about money. A large tax bill arrived. What follows is a true story.

The Wow Factor in Astrology House Systems

I’d had quite enough of staring at a rotten horoscope in 2008.  I sacked my Placidus house system. I used every one of the 30+ competing house systems in Stephanie Johnson’s Solar Fire computer program and ran the Second World War through all of them. I was taking my cue from John Wheeler. Back-predicting the past.

Only one house system matched the old headlines and it was what I call the Natural House System, also known as Zero Aries. The fun part started when I typed in my own time, place and date of birth and switched my horoscope. It was radically different. Jupiter (big benefits) went into the Second House (money). I checked back with my own history. Oddly, I had always won prizes and scholarships, since the age of eight. I’d never thought of myself as a Jupiter in Second House person, but the new house system did in fact, ring true.

Before I went to bed, I checked my bank account. The entire $20,000 was in there. I will never know if it was the legal department of the William Morris Agency, or just astrology, but that was it for me. Placidus got the sack and I never looked back. I had wandered into the right parallel universe where such things happen.

This is the wow factor of astrology which is really just a nice real-world example of quantum theory working on large objects. In other words, astrologers.

Geoffrey Cornelius and the Four House Systems

Geoffrey Cornelius uses four house systems in The Moment of Astrology, agreed by astrologers as one of the most important book about the profession, ever published.

His argument, that what we do in astrology does not work, without an astrologer involved (it cannot be reduced to a computer) is crucial in 2023 as artificial intelligence comes in.

Astrology is alchemy. You, your horoscope, your client or reader and the times we live in. Or you, your chart, your husband’s chart, and the times you live in. Unrepeatable combinations of astrology charts.

Natal astrology is a unique one-off that can’t be tested with statistics and cannot be mass-produced to reward investors. Well, you can try – but it won’t be proper astrology. I can’t really see an app deciding to offer you an alternative house system halfway through a consultation. Or a nice cup of tea.

The Astrologer Who Helped Churchill Win the War

Some astrologers are fond of talking about ‘best’ house systems. Maybe the best house system is the one that helps the man, who helped Churchill win the war.

On May 26th 1942, the highly regarded astrologer Brigadier R.C. Firebrace C.B.E. took on his other role as Russian translator, for Churchill’s government, at 10 Downing Street.

The Anglo-Soviet Treaty was the result, pledging twenty years of alliance between the United Kingdom and Soviet Union. Firebrace was co-founder of The Astrological Association of Great Britain. He was an observer and interpreter for Sir Winston Churchill at Potsdam and Yalta as well. Firebrace was also President of The College of Psychic Studies in London and a member of The Astrological Lodge of London. He was President of the London Astrological Research Group.

I bought this photograph from a collector, which shows Firebrace to the immediate right of Churchill (his right-hand man) with Eden on his other side. It was held in the files of The Daily Telegraph in London for decades.

Now, Churchill’s right-hand man, known as The Brig, used a fringe house system. What he called A and M Houses. I’ll look more at the house system which may have influenced the war, at this Sydney Astrological Research Society Zoom event on Wednesday 1st March 2023 at 7.00pm to 8.oopm local time.

I hope to see lots of you in London for breakfast online. This Zoom invites questions from you; involves a live Tarot reading; shows you how to double up with a Solar House reading and sets you a good house system test. For the first time in 248 years Pluto goes into Aquarius on March 23rd. Now, which house will it enter, and which house do you want it to enter? Bring a biscuit tin.

Churchill 26th May 1942  scaled - Your House System in Astrology Churchill 26th May 1942 scaled - Your House System in Astrology

Sir Winston Churchill and Brigadier R. Firebrace C.B.E. at 10 Downing Street. Copyright Jessica Adams Ltd 2023. Not for reproduction.






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  1. A calming explanation of the broad viewing of life through the houses. Event sounds great! The graphics in this blog are most excellent (and collectable in my scrap book). Thank you Jessica. Best, Cecelia

  2. Hello Jessica, I’ve just listened to your second weekly horoscope podcast and enjoyed it immensely. But I have a question about which house Leo rules, since I’m in the generation for whom Uranus is in Leo – and I’m a sun Leo, if that has an additional effect.

    What wonderful news too about the podcast success right from the beginning!

    Many thanks, Jane

    1. Jane, thanks so much. Well, only the natal (birth) chart shows placements like Uranus in Leo. Your Sun Leo chart will not. So privately you were born into a generation for whom the bedroom, courtship, children, godchildren and young relatives are always a source of upheaval, resulting in freedom from – or freedom through. Your generation is accustomed to separation and divorce; to legal abortion; to new kinds of contraception. You have a stellium in Leo and the Fifth House so were born into this kind of life. Independence from (an unwanted pregnancy, say) or independence with (a child). So your generation terminates pregnancies quickly and easily, or ends partnerships and enters into co-parenting, which results (if fairly divided) more freedom for both parents, as well as the child. Any time you have transits to this Leo stellium, then privately (not publicly) events happen. You may be made a godmother, for example, which involves a parental role with maximum freedom. No nappy-changing.

  3. Im confused about my two charts as im virgo sun and Libra Asc
    when i observed the events that happened to me in last year i find out that when mars entered capr i moved from my house in emergency state n next year when sun entered capr i moved completely from my house (Capr 4th for libra sign)
    At the same time when jupiter entered aqu (which is 6th for virgo sun) gained the most kilos in my life also when saturn entered the same sign i started to limit my online time due to feet problems which make it even harder for me to study as an IT student.
    -So how to predict my life with 2 systems working together
    -My second question is if i wanted to pursue a career which one to look for
    Gemini 10th as for sun sign
    Or cancer 10th for Libra Asc
    Ther is a big difference between writer and nurser
    ( i have moon 10th ruler in 3house with stellium in Sag in my birth chart)

    1. You are a Virgo Sun and Libra Ascendant (Libra Rising). Your astrology is really confused. You can’t possibly have moved from your house in an emergency when Mars entered Capricorn in 2022, then moved when the Sun went into Capricorn. You’ve got that in reverse order. The Sun entered Capricorn long before Mars ever did. Which house systems are you actually using? Thank you.

  4. Jessica,

    I’m not able to attend the event but would like to better understand what March holds for me? My birthday is MARCH 23! I’m a premium member so you can see my chart (also highlights below). I’d love to know the significance, must be big since I was born on 3/23 right?


    sun –
    03° aries – Aries 30′ 04″
    moon –
    18° capricorn – Capricorn 24′ 55″
    mercury –
    25° pisces – Pisces 00′ 14″
    venus – Venus
    11° pisces – Pisces 04′ 28″
    mars – Mars
    02° cancer – Cancer 26′ 34″
    jupiter – Jupiter
    29° aries – Aries 26′ 52″
    saturn – Saturn
    26° cancer – Cancer 02′ 22″ R
    uranus – Uranus
    06° scorpio – Scorpio 23′ 22″ R
    neptune – Neptune
    13° sagittarius – Sagittarius 57′ 13″ R
    pluto – Pluto
    10° libra – Libra 32′ 17″ R
    chiron – Chiron
    26° aries – Aries 12′ 02″
    juno – Juno
    06° virgo – Virgo 04′ 47″ R
    vesta – Vesta
    01° taurus – Taurus 12′ 12″
    ceres – Ceres
    13° gemini – Gemini 01′ 52″
    mc – MC
    12° cancer – Cancer 09′ 07″
    ic – IC
    12° capricorn – Capricorn 09′ 07″
    asc – ASC
    10° libra – Libra 34′ 18″
    desc – DESC
    10° aries – Aries 34′ 18″
    diana – Diana
    05° aries – Aries 58′ 29″
    fortuna – Fortuna
    03° leo – Leo 03′ 51″
    minerva – Minerva
    15° sagittarius – Sagittarius 40′ 15″
    bacchus – Bacchus
    04° capricorn – Capricorn 43′ 56″
    apollo – Apollo
    23° cancer – Cancer 32′ 05″
    aesculapia – Aesculapia
    18° virgo – Virgo 10′ 58″ R
    hygeia – Hygeia
    29° gemini – Gemini 02′ 39″
    panacea – Panacea
    05° taurus – Taurus 58′ 54″
    ops – Ops
    11° pisces – Pisces 42′ 33″
    salacia – Salacia
    07° aquarius – Aquarius 46′ 20″
    proserpina – Proserpina
    07° aries – Aries 34′ 22″
    cupido – Cupido
    06° sagittarius – Sagittarius 22′ 48″
    vulcano – Vulcano
    29° virgo – Virgo 59′ 14″ R
    psyche – Psyche
    17° gemini – Gemini 50′ 18″
    northnode – NorthNode
    13° scorpio – Scorpio 21′ 32″ R
    southnode – SouthNode
    13° taurus – Taurus 21′ 32″ R

    1. The problems with/for the group in 2021, 2022, early 2023 disappear from March 8th to be replaced by a new balance of power. This may be because someone resigns, or steps back – or because somebody else (you?) steps up. Your nodes in Taurus and Scorpio are about money and property; currently stretched. This ends in July when the transiting nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio. This shows up in both your public and private chart. Solar and natal.

  5. Hi Jessica, a very informative feature as always. I’m glad you mentioned Stephanie Johnson because here is one person who probably doesn’t get the attention she deserves. She along with Graham Dawson created Solar Fire (Windows) and Astro Gold (Apple). The best Astrology software out there, bar none. I’m not getting paid to say this but if anyone wants to really delve deeper into Astrology, and want to do your own charts, or become a professional Astrologer, this is the software to use. it is very user-friendly and intuitive, has all the 30 House systems that Jessica mentioned in this feature. Also if you can attend the session on March 1, 2023, by all means please do, it will be an interesting hour or so. There is never a session with Jessica, Deborah or Alicia or anyone else for that matter that is boring. Susan Miller, another fantastic Astrologer, is the doyenne of Sun Sign Astrology. All of these people that I’ve mentioned are on Twitter.

    Jessica has very generously shared her knowledge of so many different subjects over the years; her features are unbelievably well–thought-out and well written. She is incredibly hard-working, we’d like her to continue forever but nothing is forever here on earth. Keeping that in mind, let’s hope that one day soon Jessica will be able to take a well-deserved vacation, not days or weeks maybe more like months. We have to of course wait for this upcoming transit of Saturn in Pisces, but most importantly have the governments around the world come around to installing Far-UVC in public areas, like airports, airplanes, buses, you name it, it has to be the norm going forward.

    Thanks, Jessica, we’ll talk later.

    1. Thank you. Stephanie Johnson has generously given me the software from Astro Gold I use when I show example charts in features or at events. I may be able to use it at the event on Wednesday.

  6. Thanks Jessica. Sorry for the question which will seem simple for you…What do you call the system where you count the houses from your Ascendant? (I know you start with Aries in the Natural House System.) My Ascendant is Aquarius so this would put Jupiter in my 3rd house (I’ve been told I communicate clearly), my Sun in the 6th house (I shine at work), and Venus in the 8th house (I’ve had a complicated relationship). It certainly puts a different spin on things! Thanks.

    1. You probably saw a Placidus house system chart, still commonly used, which put your Aquarius Ascendant on the First House cusp and put Jupiter into your Third House of communication. You communicate clearly? That also shows up in the Natural House System. You were born with an exact conjunction of Fortuna and Apollo at 27 Gemini in the Third House.

  7. Thank-you again Jessica! It’s taken me a long time to get my head around the House systems! I do have a question about when things ‘trigger’, comparing current planetary positions to personal charts. Do the heavenly bodies, sign and degree all have to exactly match? Or is there an influence when the heavenly bodies are different, but the sign and degree match your chart?
    For example, currently Minerva is at 19 Pisces, and I have Saturn at 19 Pisces, Salacia is currently at 7 Aries, and I have Ops at 7 Aries, and Psyche is currently at 25 Scorpio, and I have Apollo at 25 Scorpio in my chart. Could you pick one of these to give me an example of how to read it (if it’s important that is)?
    Thank-you so much, I always find your writings (and replies to questions) so informative and interesting!

    1. This is a good question, thank you for asking it. Let’s just take the first one. You have Saturn in Pisces in your Twelfth House. Saturn describes your quest to get out of situations that encircle you and confine you – but also your quest to get into situations where you feel blocked or obstructed. Saturn starts ticking away in Pisces from birth, so even as a tiny baby girl, you were ring-fenced regarding Twelfth House matters: Religion, spirituality, your psychology, psychics, psychologists, hypnosis, dreams, your spirit and soul in solitude. It is very common for such children to be born into a family where either parent may be religious, or either grandparent/both sets of grandparents. As a baby you cannot escape from being Christened, Baptised and so on. So you are ring-fenced into the world of God (or if you are Indian, Gods) from your first cry. I’ve had readers whose parents were studying psychology when they were born; they were raised with those systems; encircled by them. I had a reader whose father was a Quaker. Another, whose grandfather was a strict Roman Catholic and had met the Pope, which affected the whole family. Whatever your childhood and whatever has happened since, transiting Minerva indicates a wise woman who will help you learn more about your Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House. There may be an owl involved, as Minerva travels with one. I once had a reader proudly show me her owl tattoo, after a talk on Minerva. These exact transits, when a travelling or transiting factor lands on a (birth) natal one are unusual and important.

  8. Hola! Jessica. I think the first thing I need to do is (go into more debt) and get Stephanie’s software and then get up at 3 am to Zoom in on your House presentation. Simply the fact that your Whole House chart puts my MC in Pisces settles that question for me. But your Natural House system makes everyone’s 4th House, their Cancer House, or am I confused? The system I grew up using had my Ascendant straddling Cancer at 8 degrees. My 4th House of Family cusp was then in Libra. Home and Family in Cancer (moody and luny) explains my situation better than does the Balancing scales of Libra. But this would make everyone’s family and home moody and luny. So, that can’t be right. Right?

    1. Too funny. The Sydney Astrological Research Society should record the Zoom for you – and Stephanie’s software is well worth saving up for. Yes, the Natural House system (also called Zero Aries) makes Cancer the ruler of everybody’s Fourth House. And everybody’s family is vulnerable to fluctuating moods (changing like the Moon’s phases). Makes sense. The individual, unique, personal experience of one’s family comes from the factors in Cancer and the aspects they make, but also the aspects they make to the family members’ charts, and of course the transits at the time. That’s the moment of astrology.

  9. Thank you so much, Jessica, for this interesting article on House systems. It really is fascinating and I loved the part where the 20k was deposited right after (?) you dropped the Placidus system! 🙂 Best to you always

    1. Thank you. I’d not realised you could sack your house system until I realised that reality is not only described by mathematics; it is mathematics. It’s a radical idea, but astrologers and astrology readers are really good proof that sorting out numbers defines what you experience. I’m hoping everyone will try ‘The House System Test of the Century’ with me on Wednesday. March 2023 challenges us to see where Saturn lands (in Pisces) and where Pluto lands (in Aquarius). Which house system says it for you best? That’s your new updated house system.

  10. Thanks Jessica. Can you tell me on my birth chart, (if looking at it like a clock face) is the 1st house the segment before 9? And going anti clockwise to get to the 12th house? I’m finding it difficult to work out what my chart means in relation to the upcoming changes in March.
    Many Thanks, Gael

    1. Thank you Gael. This reminds me that a clock face is the best way to explain a house system. You have an Aquarius stellium, so need to know. Saturn going out of Aquarius (groups, friends, Eleventh House) and Pluto entering Aquarius, is huge for you. What follows is the same for everyone with your question. Your First House starts at the 9pm position. Your Second House at the 8pm position. Your Third House at the 7pm position. Your Fourth House at the 6pm position. Your Fifth House at the 5pm position. Your Sixth House at the 4pm position. Your Seventh House at the 3pm position. Your Eighth House at the 2pm position. Your Ninth House at the 1pm position. Your Tenth House at the 12pm position. Your Eleventh House at the 11pm position. Your Twelfth House at the 10pm position. This obviously has nothing to do with actual times – we are just using an old-fashioned kitchen clock as an example of your chart wheel.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    thanks for taking the time to explain this. It sounds to me like the natural house system is a lot less complicated.
    I have always wondered if you can ultimately master your Saturn placement in your chart. Mine seems to be making a tidy square (I think??) between my Cancer and my moon. I’m anxious and self conscious but slowly figuring out how to navigate life around this.
    Is there a point where Saturn releases it’s iron fortress hold, aside from physical death?
    Thank you x

    1. Good question. Can you master your Saturn? I’ll skip to the anxiety part of your question. That is something many readers have fixed with techniques (Dr. Claire Weekes) or hypnosis (Glenn Harrold) or healing (Matthew Manning) and other non-pharmaceutical solutions. It is really important that you fix that, preferably without drugs, before you get onto anything else. It’s a parasympathetic nervous system response. It’s the mind feeding the body, feeding hte mind. It distorts everything and an awful lot of people end up on this website presenting with anxiety syndrome and using astrology to try and end it. Astrology can really help, but the initial response is – you are strongly Gemini. You live in your head. You do head miles. What has helped so many people who come to this site, with just that kind of Gemini stellium, is a diary you shred. Write it all down and rip it up. Gemini is about articulating, talking, writing, broadcasting, saying it…you need an outlet for that. Diary therapy is great, free, and it can be ripped up and recycled. Moving onto Saturn, you were born with Saturn at 14 Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family, town and country, square the Moon in Aries, in your First House of title, appearance and reputation. This shows what is hard to square, or reconcile, between both matters. I don’t need to tell you about your family situation. From the moment you were a tiny baby, it was there. What works? Adding people. Have a look at Sacred Geometry on Search. When you add people with their own charts, you create alchemy or chemistry that softens the square or makes the square a new pattern – often a superb pattern. The Beatles did this. They had hard combined charts. They accidentally added Brian Epstein, Mal Evans, Yoko Ono, Linda Eastman and so on, and the experiment worked. So go beyond children or husband, or your parents, or his parents. Add people outside this and see who/what works. This is the alchemy of astrology. Can you change Saturn? Yes. You add people.

  12. Dear Jessica, thank you again for your contribution. Your podcasts are very professional and offer high quality horoscopes. Congratulations. I ‘m very anxious about the next 3 month period March till May if I will manage it with success. I would like to ask what proper actions could I do to be in line with the realization of a better life manifestation. I know that something big is coming to my life but since I don’t have a clue what it is… my dedication is to be appropiately prepared so as not to lose any spark of light of health success happiness and progress for my life. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. The point of astrology is to remove the anxiety, so here we go. You have a Capricorn stellium in the Tenth House of ambition, social mountaineering, success, achievement and ‘climbing to the top.’ For the last 15 years this has been a relentless story of power questions and control issues, likely with reshuffles in your work space, university, unpaid work sphere or whole profession. You would have seen mergers, promotions and other changes which have affected you repeatedly. What is really important here is the exit of Pluto from Capricorn on March 23rd. He loses his potency from that point. The unending saga of dealing with questions about compromise and deal-making, as well as your own willpower and self-control, stops. We don’t know why. From that point forward, though, Pluto can only go backwards. What is really nice to see is Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023 until May 2024, which will trine all your Capricorn factors. That’s not happened for 12 years. The only way is up, but it will be a very different sort of up. Jupiter’s only condition is that you try. He is the acorn that becomes the oak; you are the gardener.

  13. Hi Jessica, My son doesn’t believe in God but is happy to think that the Universe is ‘basically’ maths and physics. He’s a ‘typical’ Libran and indecisive about his GCSE choices because he’s split equally between arts and sciences. His dob is 14/10/2008, time 2245, place Maidstone, Kent. His ambition always has been to become an actor. I wondered if you can tell from his chart where his true calling lies. He’s half-Russian and so I wonder (hope) he gets to see a better Russia one day, whenever that happens. Thank you as always for your insight.

    1. Yes, your son is a Max Tegmark man, but as a Sun Libra he also sees both sides. And he’s half-Russian which he can’t avoid, so his Libra Sun is steering him in that direction. Russia will change his life, perhaps with another country, from 2026 for many years into the future. New technology will reinvent translation and he may be part of that. Of course bilingual actors are always in great demand.

  14. Hi Jessica. Not the spot to leave this here, but I had the tv on the background and one of the ads that came up was for Panasonic Air. It was a clever ad. It focused on mould but at the end of the ad it said search..Panasonic Air. Which inevitably would lead people to see the other things you have suggested for peoples well being. And now I have dropped their name twice. Of course it is not relevant to your brilliant blog but I did think when the ad was over, sheesh. I think they owe you some money. (I believe I do too.) How much traffic have you directed there already in trying to prevent unnecessary illness. I know personally I have studied Hepa filters and UVC lights which were not previously on my radar. So I felt compelled to write. Even if it is just for your eyes. All the best to you. Keep up the good work. Respect. (Ironically after saying clever ad I can’t remember if it was Panasonic or Phillips but you get the gist.)

  15. Hi Jessica

    I find this confusing – it feels too broad an interpretation. I’ve only ever had readings of my chart using my Ascendant, not whole sign.

    I have a 29 degree Libra Sun so a Sun sign Libra.

    I have a Scorpio ascendant which puts my Libra Sun and Neptune in the 12th and Saturn at 0 degrees Scorpio also in the 12th house my Moon at 10 degrees Taurus in the 7th. This makes sense to me when checking my transits and past life events.

    How can a transit through a particular sign in an individuals chart also affect a second area Given the long transits of the transpersonal planets it just seems to muddy the waters for accurate interpretation — eg. Pluto affecting two very different houses/areas of life and signs in an individuals chart over decades;: 2nd and 3rd or 6th and 7th for instance.

    Thank you

  16. Dear Jessica,

    *Please help!*
    Thank you for yet another excellent article. I have been experiencing financial difficulties since early 2022. You previously said 2021 would be the challenge & the solution. Whereas 2022 would just be the challenge. This has unfortunately proved spot on for me. This week is crunch week for me financially! I am currently looking for another job working from home that doesn’t require absurd conditions like having to purchase another computer that runs Internet Explorer when all of my IT equipment is Apple with Microsoft 365! Could you please cast an expert eye over the following & give me some good news, advice etc. Thank you.

    I have the following natal horoscope factors;
    Jupiter 13, Apollo 17 & Chiron 25 Aries.
    Psyche 01, Ceres 04, Fortuna 21, Sun 24 & Hygiea 29 Taurus.
    North Node 00, Juno 06, Vulcano 10, Mercury 16, Ascendent 18 Gemini.
    Aesculapia 02, Venus 07, Saturn 15 & Moon 25 Cancer.
    Immum Coeli 13, Cupido 14, Minerva 20 Leo.
    Pluto 06 & Uranus 29 Libra.
    Ops 18 Scorpio.
    South Node 00, Neptune 10 & Descendant 18 Sagittarius
    Salacia 06, Bacchus 12, Midheaven 13 & Proserpina 21 Aquarius
    Diana 01, Vesta 14, Mars 26 & Panacea 27 Pisces

    Transiting Ascendent, Chiron & Diana are currently conjunct 13 Aries. My Jupiter Return 13 Aries will be next weekend. Transiting Venus will also be conjunct natal Jupiter 13 Aries in March.

    Natal Uranus is currently square Transiting Pluto 29 Capricorn
    Transiting Pluto 29 Capricorn is currently trine Natal Hygiea 29 Taurus
    Transiting Saturn is currently square Natal Hygiea 29 Taurus

    1. Another job is Capricorn and/or Virgo in your chart, the Tenth House and Sixth House, but I always use two charts and don’t have your Sun sign here. The solar chart is Queen.

  17. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. Yes family life has been…interesting since I was in utero, to say the least. A dysfunctional circus I inadvertently built upon with my choice of father to my children. So if I’m (gladly) not adding via either sides of the family (I’m mostly estranged now anyways)…the additional Saturnian balm is then via friends, is that what you mean? I don’t have any and right now it genuinely doesn’t bother me. But looking forward, is it likely that a male or female friend will come into my life? xx

  18. One person wrote – Can you master Saturn.

    I think one of the tasks ( Saturnian word) is to learn leave inner and outer judgement at the door.

    Bach remedies are on of the best and easiest healing remedies available, you can even prescribe them for yourself. There are various ones to address fear and anxiety, depression, apathy etc.

  19. ..sorry mars was in Sag when moved early 2022 as it is my 4th for solar chart
    n sun was in capr which 4th for birth chart so i moved from my house in emergency state on (2022/1/1)
    then my parents bought a house in sept 2022 n moved to our new house without return in (2022/12/26) im using natural house system libra as 1st house
    what about career choice using solar or Asc for tenth house

    1. You are trying to use different astrology systems for the same chart and may want to stick to just one. Thank you.

  20. Jessica, I learn so much from you. I devour everything you put out. I’m an astrologer myself and beginning the process of going back to school for counseling. Hopefully to have an astrological counseling practice in the future. Wondering if anything sticks out to you about those things. So much appreciation for you!

    1. Thank you. Well, your Libra stellium in the Seventh House of partnership is the one to watch, as the South Node goes into Libra and enters your Seventh House of duets and double-acts for the first time since 2004-2005. That happens in July. You may want to join The Libra Weather event at Astrology and Tarot Meetups in your nearest city. This is an important karmic phase in an existing or new partnership when life as it was 18-19 years prior, will strongly affect the process of slow closure with another person. You owe, or are owed, spiritually from that time in your life and this partnership will sort that out for you.

  21. Hi Jessica – I would love to join the House Zoom session on 1 Mar but I get a generic link to a time planner website vs a meeting link. Is it me? Best regards

    1. How peculiar. I’m sorry about that. This is the link to the Sydney Astrological Research Society booking page for the Zoom event on Wednesday night. in Sydney. I look forward to seeing you there.

  22. First, thank you for all you give to us so freely.I am a member and have just renewed for my next year. This topic is one that is on my mind a lot lately! The planetary shifts coming up are so huge. If I use one system I don’t “like” where they fall (Placidus puts transiting Saturn in my 12th then 1st and Pluto in 10 and 11.) Equal houses system is not to my “liking.” PLUTO in the 12th!!! I don’t want to just “make up” my own astrology ,. but, by going to Sun sign and Natural houses I get a picture I can cope with a bit better this year. I’ve been through the most trying time of my life with an ill grown son living with us since his covid shot made him so sick. (very bad neurological reaction.) I need an emotional break, some hope for healing.. and I pray that the astrology of this year brings me some peace and healing. I am ordinarily an extremely resilient and hard working woman, the tests of the past 2 years have humbled me. am also in the midst of a rebranding of my own goals..I am writing in health and science articles and have an article accepted for publication already. Is it really ok to just switch house systems?I prefer not to have Pluto in 12 and Saturn in 12/1 but if it is the lesson I must learn…. i suspect I need to look more at stelliums.Thanks for any encouragement.I need a boost. THANK YOU AGAIN for your wisdom and generosity!

    1. Thank you for renewing your Premium Member subscription. You would not be making up astrology by switching house systems. It’s made up anyway. There are no lines in the sky, as Sue Tompkins says. Clocks and calendars are constructs too. The key is – do you believe what you see – are you astounded by what you see, when you test a new house system? Does it ring true in your past? If so, proceed. I am very sorry your son had a bad reaction to his vaccination against Covid. You ironically write health articles. It’s absolutely fine to switch house systems or to line up more than one. So you could try Astrodienst and run your chart through Koch, for example, or something more exotic and see where your chart lands. Using the Natural House system, also known as 0 Aries, on this website, you have a huge Leo stellium (motherhood) in the Fifth House of leadership to the young. If you used a different house system, your Leo factors would move to a different sector. And yet you may gain new factors in your Fifth House, about your son, at the same time. It’s up to you how much time you want to put into this; needless to say the professionals do it with AstroGold or Solar Fire software.

  23. Such an informative article Jessica, thank you. I love the way you changed your situation by changing your house system and my understanding from this is that based on the house system used, you can choose your outcome. How can I do that? You did tell me last year that jointly owned property I have with a sibling would sell and that karmic situation would end this year, that is actually in process now – thank you 🙂 My focus now is on creating a much better (stable, solid, successful) financial, business and home/living situation and I would love to know the best ways to do that based on what you can see in my chart. I very much appreciate all your knowledge and insights, can you please give me some idea of how I can create what I’m looking for?

    1. Thank you. I’m glad my astrology prediction about your property sale is delivering. You probably don’t have to change your house systems at all. You were born with lucky Jupiter at 27 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, in a flowing sextile aspect to Diana with all her independence at 28 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. Ceres at 26 Taurus with all her power is in your Second House of personal income. To some extend you cannot escape your karma here as the North Node at 26 Leo and South Node at 26 Aquarius suggests. Fate is fate. But when you have transiting Jupiter going across 26, 27, 28 Taurus in May 2024 and transiting Neptune at 28 Pisces, you are on track for something very special with your career, money, unpaid work or academic career. So if May turns up in discussions, take that as a good sign. To try different house systems you need to buy AstroGold or Solar Fire software from – or follow the steps for a free chart at Astrodienst. You could also hire an astrologer who has the software and pay for an opinion on the 30+ different house sytems available. I’d stick with this one.

  24. hi Jessica,

    Your blogs are my guilty pleasure – they are like reading news of of the future! So thank you for sharing your gift and wisdom with us! It puts me (and I am sure many others) at ease, especially with the difficult times we’ve been having the last few years! I have a personal question – on a professional qualification I have been doing and been having a very difficult time with it. I am stuck on the last 3 exams (having resat them multiple times). My whole life and career have come to a halt because of this qualification. Do you perhaps see whether I’ll finish it over then next 12 months?

    Many thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Thank you. Qualifications and exams are Sagittarius and Ninth House matters. You were born with Vesta at 0 Sagittarius, Venus at 29 Sagittarius and Fortuna at 15 Sagittarius. The resitting of the exams is down to Mars Retrograde in Gemini, right opposite Sagittarius. Mars has been going round in circles from 8 through 25 Gemini since 4th September 2022 and finishes his loop on March 17th, in about a fortnight from now. You have had transiting Mars at 15 Gemini opposing natal Fortuna (which spins you around anyway) at 15 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of academia, since the first twist on September 19th, 20th last year. March is a good month to try again, because the stuck loop is finished and better still, Jupiter with all his good fortune, is at 15 Aries trine Fortuna from March 15th-18th. Something or someone big is about to help. This augurs well.

  25. Thank-you so much for your reply – I’m glad it was a good question (and not a stupid one haha). The Saturn in Twelfth House really is accurate – I was born to a very Irish Catholic father (with strict Catholic parents himself), and a mother who converted. We four kids (I’m the oldest) were brought up very Catholic, and for some reason (now explained!) it definitely rubbed off on me the most. I went to Catholic Teacher’s College and became a Catholic Teacher, and brought my own 5 kids up attending Catholic schools and going to Mass. I have been very conflicted over the last 20 years due to all the atrocities committed by the Catholic Church, and stopped going to Mass (even at Christmas and Easter!) about 11 years ago – and am pretty anti-Church (the Institution) – but as you say, it has affected my entire life. And may continue to…I have just applied for a job in a Catholic school (not as a teacher – I have been out of that system for 30 years), maybe under this transit I will be successful!
    And as for the transits being rare and important – I wish I’d asked you this earlier as I have noticed over the last 4 weeks that I have had 3-4 of these same degree and sign transits each week (I check once a week)! First time I’ve been checking, so I didn’t know they were rare, I thought they must happen all the time. Thank-you for taking the time to reply and use the example – now I’ll try to figure out the other two for myself!

    1. Thank you for confirming the Saturn in Pisces/Saturn in Twelfth House astrology. You were raised Catholic, went to Catholic Teachers’ College and became a teacher, with your five children going to Mass. And you just applied to a Catholic school for another position. Get everything in writing, read the fine print and research online, should you be offered this. Saturn’s transit through Pisces begins around March 8th and will be evident then. Just remember, Saturn denies you access, or denies you an exit – for rather a long time.

  26. (This from Marianne Williamson)

    Dear Friend,

    I’m writing with some big news: on Saturday, March 4, I will formally announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president.

    We are not living in easy times, but the times will change when we are willing to change them. I feel my forty years being up close and personal with the trauma of so many thousands of individuals gives me a unique perspective on what is needed to help repair America.

    We need a politics that treats not just symptoms, but cause. That does not base itself on the crass imperatives of endless corporate profit, but on the eternal imperatives of our principles and values. Einstein said we wouldn’t solve the problems of the world from the level of thinking we were at when we created them. It’s time for a new beginning, and this will only happen if we’re willing to look at the world in a different way.

    If we neglect a child today, we should expect to see more prisons later. If we don’t provide for people’s needs today, we should expect a mental health crisis later. If we don’t preserve the blessings of democracy today, we should expect the threat of authoritarianism later.

    What is now considered “politically qualified” for the presidency is simply the ability to do what the system does – in essence, to perpetuate itself. My qualification is not that I’m experienced at running that system, but that I’m best qualified to help transform it. Washington is filled with good political car mechanics, but the problem is that we are on the wrong road. As someone who has worked with thousands of individuals and groups – helping them not only to endure chaos but to transform it – I’ve had exactly the kinds of experiences one needs to have had in order to make sense of these times.

    Some have already said of course, Well obviously she can’t win. Or Well that’s good; she’ll add to the conversation. But since the election of 2016 it’s odd for anyone to think they can know who can win the presidency. And I’m not putting myself through this again just to add to the conversation. I’m running for president to help bring an aberrational chapter of our history to a close, and to help bring forth a new beginning.

    My candidacy is already creating waves in the press, for which I am grateful. Below is a news segment from the independent media outlet Breaking Points that discussed my candidacy a couple of days ago:
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    My announcement will take place in Washington DC next Saturday at 2pm ET, and will also be streamed live on all my social media channels. You can either join us live in Washington DC, or watch the announcement online. IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND THE ANNOUNCEMENT LIVE IN DC, PLEASE REGISTER IMMEDIATELY AS SEATS ARE LIMITED.

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    Let’s do this…

    With love and gratitude,

    1. Women rise on Pluto in Aquarius, but they do more than that; they rise to defeat a male-dominated system. This is part of that. Thank you.

  27. Dear Jessica, looking forward to your talk on house systems – I’ll probably have to catch it on Zoom if there’s a link, thanks to time zone differences.

    The question I had was this – which house system does Vedic astrology follow? As you probably know, nearly every Hindu has their exact time of birth so that their charts can be drawn up. Mainly, they are used to determine good days for naming ceremonies, first time solid food (rice) is put into the mouths of babes. And when they get older, they use the charts to to set good dates to start new ventures, get married, etc. and of course advice.

    By the way, I found it interesting when I read your blogs that King Charles’ coronation date is not great, astrologically speaking. I guess the Royal family don’t consult astrologers?

    Anyways, would love your take on the Indian system and how that fits in with your system. Thank you!

    1. Vedic astrologers use the Whole Sign system. The choice of the coronation date is pretty bad, but it would be odd if Charles III had just walked into this; he was married to Diana long enough to know about astrology and certainly approves of cultural astronomy. I suppose if you wanted to throw the enemy a red herring you would give them a date like that; a date for something that is never going to happen.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    Loved this article! I didn’t realise there were so many different systems in astrology. I had heard of placidus and have a chart in placidus but I don’t use it because like you it doesn’t seem to work well.

    Also loved the mention of quantum mechanics, one of my favourite subjects. My favourite theory is entanglement or as Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”- got to love that title.

    After my last post regarding war with China I went back through your posts regarding China and Russia. I understand what you meant in reply to my last comment. Don’t know how I missed that article, it must have been a busy week!

    I have also done some research regarding where the planets were at the beginning of WW1 so I can better understand why you feel we won’t have a world war anytime soon. If I am correct Pluto was entering Cancer (sign ruling home and patriotism)and Saturn was also beginning its transit through Cancer at the beginning of World War 1. Since Saturn won’t be in Cancer again until 2032 and Pluto won’t be in Cancer for approx 100 years I can see how you feel that World War 3 is not in our immediate future even with Russia’s war with Ukraine and China’s talk of reunification of Taiwan with China. Perhaps that gives Pluto time to transform these countries for the better.
    Have a great week

    1. Pluto is the one to watch, Julie, if we’re tracking world war. He was found in 1930 on the road to the last war and arrived along with the neutrino, one of the key factors in the development of atomic weapons. Pluto has always been about power and control – posing questions about who or what has ultimate say over the order of things. In Aquarius, the sign of the global human family, power goes to all of us, not some of us, which augurs rather better for a new, effective United Nations. The other great breakthrough is Uranus (the technical revolution) in Gemini (language) which suggests effective real-time translation, breaking down the usual barriers between countries. There will be aggression, because you don’t get past Neptune in Aries without that, but the usual signals for global conflict are not there.

  29. What a fantastic read. Some time ago I had a Placidus reading by a respected astrologer and it seemed more than a little off. Now I understand why. It took away the little hope I had of getting unstuck (both physically and metaphorically) from where I am in life, and got me worried about my 9th and 10th house.
    Your explanation, if I understood it correctly, leaves me a lot less worried about my future.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Astrology is about ‘astrologies’ plural and so you can and should choose. You should not come away worried; you should feel empowered. You should also feel things are specific, exact, precise – no vagueness and waffling. You will enjoy the Jupiter transit of Taurus in your Second House of finance, charity, business, property, shopping, collecting, selling – it begins in May 2023, ends May 2024. Jupiter always expands – he is a gas giant in the sky – and the Great Red Spot on his side looks like an acorn. The Romans, who were psychic, had no telescopes, but associated Jupiter with the acorn that becomes the mighty oak. So it’s always about growth and you should have a going concern in that time-frame and a growing concern, too.

  30. Hi Jessica, I know my exact time of birth thanks to the nurse being a typical virgo and very precise as well as interested in astrology … she wrote it on a little card which I have to this day. It is my saturn return next week (can’t wait !!!!!?????) and I relate to the impact on two different houses … based on my scorpio ascendant at 21 degrees, I have the fourth as well as my twelfth house impacted. During my last saturn return I lost my home and became a recluse for a few years! Am hoping that this one won’t be as traumatic but I am a tough old thing … I am good at reinventing myself. Jessica, do you still feel that covid is going to become a major issue again next week? … I know it hasn’t really gone anywhere but it certainly isn’t in the headlines anymore. Do you feel that will change? Thanks so much. Robyn

    1. Your Virgo nurse is really unusual, to have written down your time on a card. You had your Saturn Return at 0 Pisces in January, February 1994 and lost your home. This bothers me as an astrologer because I cannot see that from January 29th to February 6th 1994, when Saturn actually returned. Perhaps it was another time and quite a different transit which gave you that difficult outcome? I think you may be using an old Placidus chart and wide orbs here. If I use a Natural Astrology chart and update you for 2023, it’s really about the empowerment (Pluto at 0 Aquarius, semi-sextile Saturn at 0 Pisces) of controlling (Pluto) the way you organise (Saturn) your solitude (Pisces, Twelfth House). It is also a lesson from the past (Saturn Return) about what not to do this time round – about being alone, Robyn.

      As for Covid, unfortunately it doesn’t ‘go away’ when Saturn in Pisces is in opposition to the personal Virgo/Sixth House placements of billions, for 3-4 years. And the North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo coincide with that. The astrology agrees with the science; the vaccines do not stop infection, illness and transmission – the virus keeps mutating – it’s pure denial to pretend it’s minimal or over. (On the plus side, UVC light eliminates it, and colds!)

  31. Good morning wonderful Jessica, I am signing up for the zoom event for tomorrow morning. I will sign up in a few minutes. Looking forward to seeing you and your colleagues. Jessica, do you think you can give me your thoughts….I was last minute offered a place on a training course. It literally fell into my lap and starts within a week. Do you think I will enjoy it and get a new career out of it? My Diana is also in scorpio and I was reading one of your comments to another reader about that being about financial independence. I hope this is true for me too! Im loving your podcast Jessica. Its like having a calm friend chatting away about life. I also was wondering if you think Kamala Harris will win the democratic presidency in 2024. I dont live in America but I am very curious. Thank you so much if you have time to reply.

    1. Thanks so much, it will be nice to have some people from Britain there – put the kettle on. The place on a training course is thanks to lucky Jupiter: Jupiter sextile Jupiter in Aquarius, the groups sign, Jupiter trine Neptune, Jupiter trine Vulcano in Sagittarius (the higher education sign). You’ll make incredibly helpful new friends and yes, it will have long-term benefits for you. Kamala Harris would be a sensible choice for a Pluto in Aquarius President. Not white. Not a man. At the White House. That would fit the astrology.

  32. Hello Jessica – finally a time that is my morning in South Africa (9am) and I have an overlap so will be unable to join – so sad to miss this as I truly buy into your natural house system, your date-stamped predictions speak for itself!

    Really hope there will be another in the coming months, I would love to hear more from you on this topic.

    Have a great day

    1. I’m sorry Marls, and hope the Sydney Astrological Research Society can record the Zoom. I may actually make a proper video about this, as it’s had so much interest.

  33. Thank you, Jessica! A ton of information, as always. In which house should I look for long-time savings? I have Virgo Sun and Libra Asc, (I am logged in), but I strongly feel the effects of my Taurus stellium always. I am anxious about the state of global economics. I have all of my life savings in EUR (euro), but last year you warned us multiple times about some big changes. Should I change it to another currency? Or will everything be fine in the end? My job and my marriage are under construction, too. I feel everything is changing. Thank you!

    1. Long-term savings are in the Second House, ruled by Taurus, and the Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio. Don’t be anxious about global economics; do be aware that we are in the Uranus in Taurus cycle (2018-2026) when shocks (Uranus) to the economic system (Taurus) are common. We had one in 2020 when the W.H.O. declared a pandemic. What you do with your currency and savings is up to you. Just be aware that this cycle is about all that is unpredictable, erratic, unexpected and unpredictable. The world turns upside-down on Uranus transits and it has once, and will do so again, when we experience the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 21 Taurus on April 18th to 21st, 2024. You could time it to Saturday 20th April, as Mars is at 21 Pisces. Allow a day either side as the Moon may pull in the timing. Jupiter is ‘big’ and Uranus is ‘shock’ and Taurus is ‘currency/economy’ but Jupiter is also beneficial, so what happens then is good news, even though our world will in fact flip sideways. That’s general, not personal for you, as you have nothing at 21 Taurus or Scorpio. Your job and marriage are pretty personal questions also; the Tarot can help you there.

  34. Hi Jessica

    Just wondering if this article was prompted by the recent ‘debate’ about house systems between Deborah Houlding and Chris Brennan – also Robert Hand?


    1. Yes, I work regularly with Deborah Houlding, at our Astrology and Tarot Meetups, and so I was really astonished to see her accused of ‘denialism’ with whole-sign houses. I am pretty well-known for using two whole-sign house systems and I’ve never known Deborah to be anything but terrifically supportive and interested in our Meetups. (She uses Regiomontanus). In fact, we’ll be chatting about Taurus transits and Taurus, the sign, in a few weeks’ time. Thanks.

  35. Hi Jessica

    I keep hearing about the Seventh House and Libra karma coming up. Will you please tell me how I’m impacted? I am sun and moon libra, currently single and got divorced (not my idea) 6 years ago. 2004-2006 I was in high-school so I probably don’t have any karma as such, but would be interested to know regardless.
    Thank you

    1. Shaolee, you have a stellium in Libra in your Seventh House of marriage and divorce, and are in fact divorced. From July 18th 2023 until January 11th 2025, the South Node will transit Libra and move through your Seventh House. Along the way, the South Node in Libra will form conjunctions with all your Libra factors. The last time this happened was December 27th 2004 until June 22nd 2006. The South Node is associated with karma because it moves backwards through the zodiac signs and always takes you back to the past. So, in respect of partnerships (Libra) or duels (also Libra) you do in fact have to go back to high school. This may have been a flirtation you rejected or an actual steady relationship. You owe, or are owed, spiritually, and that will be sorted out on this new cycle. You may find yourself in a position to repay the world, or be repaid by the world. Sometimes, exactly the same face turns up; a reunion at your school, for example.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I love this article – and having an ADHD brain – have already gone down the rabbit holes of googling the Electronic Babylonian Library, as well as Firebrace. Your incredibly well-thought out articles are always such a rich treasure trove of information – I learn something new every time I read your blog. I’m a bit confused with the house systems. Sometimes you’ll say something like, if you have Libra in your Seventh house – under the Natural House System, doesn’t Libra always fall in the Seventh house etc, or am I missing something?

    Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. I am high-functioning Asperger’s so I understand rabbit holes too. To clarify, I have to spell out ‘if you have Libra factors in your Seventh House, using the Natural House system’ because I often get readers coming here with a Placidus House System chart or some other method, so Libra may not be in their Seventh House at all. You have a huge Libra stellium in your Seventh House and so Cicero and Manilius would have really confused you by telling you that you were ‘Scorpion Claw’ or ‘Chelae’. It was only once Caesar died that the Romans decided they needed to get rid of the claws and put Libra in instead. His soul was then popped inside Libra. The Romans also decided Italy was Libra from that point too. Strange but true.

  37. Hello Jessica,
    What an enthralling article! It made me travel in time and in space. I especially love the historic elements, it feels like going to a fascinating exhibition about Astrology. Actually, it reminded me of some super interesting exhibitions I saw about ancient pre-columbian civilizations. For these societies, time is not linear at all, it’s circular, temporal lines intertwine constantly and this conception of time is actually reminiscent of the “wheel” of a celestial sphere. I like the fact that concepts are changing, evolving, adjusting – regressing unfortunately at times – and that humans get to widen their superficial ideas about the Universe and their little place in it.
    This article is also perfect timing because I constantly “jungle with my houses” until it makes my head spin and also having fun with Draconic astrology imagining that I’m not a placid Sun Taurus anymore but a dangerous Scorpio and that my Moon is not in Gemini in my 12th house but in the optimistic happy-go-lucky Sagittarius…
    I think I really need to become a Premium member and eventually get my head straight…(!)
    Ps: Did you know that the “blue stones” of Stonehenge came from the Preseli Hills in Wales (so not from Ireland) and that a site there preexisted to the actual site in England and was eventually moved (240 kms) to the actual Stonehenge?
    Anyway, thanks a “light year” for the trip Maestra!
    XXX from France

    1. Ah, thank you. I find it fascinating too. You French have some amazing stone circles that very few people know about. I agree that time is circular, not linear. You are trying Draconic astrology at the moment, which is interesting. Fancy becoming a Scorpio when you used to be a Taurus. That’s a head trip. I do know that the stones at Stonehenge were moved from Wales – the people who commanded that must have been very powerful. They were probably predicting the future, using the Aubrey Holes. Any woman who knew the trick, could predict eclipses, using stone markers or drawings. She could also predict menstrual periods, childbirth and be rather useful in telling you that the father of your baby was Og, not Plog. It’s not really astrology of course, it’s cultural astronomy, but we all know why those pits were dug. (And who had the power to tell people to move a lot of stones). The stones have star patterns on them – white dots in the rock – that’s also intriguing.

  38. Hi Jessica, I was aware of a few systems but could not have imagined there were so many. You mention using the Natural and the Sun systems. Is the Natural House system the same as the Natal one? And because you use two systems, do we need to read both the sun and the ascendant signs on your horoscopes? I am looking forward to (possibly) big changes in March with all those aspects happening!
    I have my sun in cancer (25 degrees), ascendant in aquarius (0 degrees), and moon in virgo (12 degrees).
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you. Yes, there are over 30 astrology house systems on my AstroGold software and we could invent more. We haven’t even touched on the Micro-Zodiac of ancient times, when each sign had 12 signs within it. Never read the Ascendant if you are just looking for daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes on my website. I don’t use it. Just look at your Sun Sign. Just knowing you are a Sun Cancer, I can tell you that 15 years of questions about power and control with partners (all sorts of partners) ends on 23rd March. Some issues may return but they will be fading away, losing their potency and impact for good.

  39. Wow, thanks for the explanation! I had astrologers use so many that I got confused, and this was concise explanation. I read mine using the one you use, and I will be bending my mind about my chart for days to come!!

    1. Thank you. You can usually test a house system by seeing if the astrologers can predict the future. If they can’t, or they don’t (sometimes they don’t, because they can’t) you may want to try something else. Another really good way to judge astrologers is – what is their life like? How do they live? What have they done outside astrology? It’s just common sense. Are they so good that they don’t advertise and have a waiting list? Are they so good that they have a full-time, professional career with astrology (rather than having a side hustle)? Then you likely have a trustworthy pro.

  40. Thank you for explaining the many ways of looking at the various astrology house systems. I’ve had so many readings with astrologers who tell me I have a terrible chart but that in 2025 things get better. I understand having heavy Saturn and Pluto isn’t easy in any house system but I want to believe things can be fun and bright again – and I relish all the small pleasures life brings me even in my isolation (new city august 2021 ) (already wanting to move again)! Do you think as soon as Pluto goes into Aquarius I will feel liberated for those three months it leaves capricorn ? Or I have to wait a few years for it to fully go to Aquarius.

    1. There is no such thing as a terrible astrology chart. You are a Sun Cancer woman with stelliums in Cancer, Aries and Taurus. That’s rather a good chart. It’s terrific for property (Cancer) and money (Taurus) and if you wish to move again, you will, very successfully, from May 2023 to May 2024, when Jupiter with all his good luck goes into Taurus, so you will save or make money, and makes a series of sextiles, rather flowing aspects, to your Cancer, home-loving stellium. The Tarot should nicely confirm that for you. Just follow the steps.

  41. Hi Jessica, I have always followed the placidus system until finding your site and becoming a member. Thank you for detangling all the astrology systems. So in the placidus system, I have Saturn on my 2nd house in Capricorn… so lessons about values and money? Ring fences restricting earnings? In the natural house I have it on the 10th house which means lessons about career and reputation? Ring fences around career? Not sure how to reinterpret that. Also confused about my North Node in Libra, which in placidus is in the 11th house. Reading Jan Spiller suggested that I become less selfish, do things that help others and give more to groups. With the natural house, my north node is in the 7th house, duets and duels. And my south node and moon are in the first house… and both are Square that 10th house Saturn. So please help me reorient myself with respect to my career and next act in life. Every time I try to grow or expand my business, the door closes. When I don’t bother marketing it, more work shows up. Yet I’m also feeling far less ambitious than I used to be. So am thinking about retiring next year. I’m on the fence. I’d be most grateful to understand what future my chart suggests. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. A good way to check house systems is to look at the dates you were hired or fired. Moved home. Married or moved in with a partner. You could test this with your job. If you took or left a job during a Capricorn transit of the Tenth House (say, Pluto in Capricorn) then Natural House works for you. You have Saturn at 1 Capricorn in the Tenth House and you are thinking about retiring in 2024. You would be doing that with Jupiter at 1 Taurus in May, trine natal Saturn, and Pluto at 1 Aquarius, on and off, from 2024 – semi-sextile natal Saturn. So actually you are already ‘doing’ your chart using this system. You are planning to quit work just when these slow moving cycles make angles with Saturn in your Tenth House. Only you can judge if your nodes are Eleventh House (groups) or Seventh House (partners). I’ll be chatting about this more at the Sydney Astrological Research Society event, but a quick way to see which house system is right for you now, is to ask the Tarot, “How has Saturn at 1 Capricorn been expressed in my life to date?” If you end up with a Pentacles/Coins card then Placidus is talking to you. Money. If the card is about success, achievement, ambition, business – Natural House is talking to you.

  42. I thoroughly enjoyed this article, Jessica! The history, the imagery, the invitation to ponder, a total treat for my mind, thank you!
    It explains why your 0 Aries system is the first to resonate for me whereas Placidus and Whole Sign put certain planets into houses that never resonated. I can chart the unfolding of my life through Saturn in 6th House and Pluto in the 12th. Saturn rewards me when I work hard not just physically/emotionally/mentally and when I face myself squarely so having it as ruler of my ascendant works for me. It’s completing transit to my angular 4th house has yielded a soul healing I cannot quantify in words. Pluto in my life who rules my stellium of Scorpio has been all about journeying back to self-love, self-validation and self-approval. Reading about ancient Rome’s double-Scorpio was excellent and explained how my chart tends to presents itself. And coming from a Matriarch who ruled with an iron first, Cancer as my fourth house of home ruled by the moon in its fall in my chart literally and metaphorically embodies what has ailed my family. I am heavily Scorpio and while I love my Capricorn ascendant for giving me a solid work ethic, it does not influence me to the degree that the Scorpio does. I’ll read this article again and again. Thank you for sharing so much wonderful information with us!

    1. Thank you. I am glad you have found a house system that works well for you. Rome and Italy as double Scorpio (for a time anyway) does rather explain everything Robert Graves ever wrote about. I’ll talk more about that at the Sydney Astrological Research Society event; how the Romans invented Libra, with all its Latin-name associations (pound, balance, pair of scales or ad libram – of equal size. What was the claws of the scorpion became the sign of Italy and the constellation came to contain Caesar’s soul. Maybe that has some echoes for you too.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    Totally off topic, but I just read my horoscope for March. I was looking forward to reading my March forecast as a Sun Cancer, especially with the changes of two major planets in this month.
    This year saw my Saturn return in January. I am beginning to understand there is NO escaping Saturn. He just pops up in a new area of your life. He has been in my eight house for the past 21/2 years with all his boundaries, now he just moves all those boundaries into my ninth house. The real kicker for me is you have Neptune also in my ninth house removing barriers and Saturn building them. Holy Moley!!! That’s confusing.
    Then I have Pluto (planet of transformation, power and control) move into my eighth house which has just been vacated by Saturn. But the good news I do get a two week reprieve between March 7th (Saturn leaves)and March 23 ( Pluto takes up residence) when there will be no planet in my eighth house. And my Jupiter return happens between 19th -23rd March. Good news at last.
    I know Saturn is there to teach us the lessons that we need to learn but he is sometimes a hard taskmaster and his transitions are heavy.
    I also know astrology isn’t about delivering good news all the time is about avoiding obstacles and pitfalls. Forewarned is forearmed! I get it – but sometimes I feel as though I am avoiding pitfalls all the time in one house or the other. That is tiring.
    I guess when all is said and done Astrology mirrors life. Things can be going great in one area of your life and not so good in another eg your career is flying but your marriage is falling apart. Astrology just gives you a warning that your marriage needs focus or work to survive, helping you to avoid the breakup.
    I guess I just want all the areas of my life to be flying all at once, but that’s not life that’s a dream.
    Have a good week

    1. I don’t see a chart here, Julie, so can’t comment on your Saturn transit, but assume you are a Sun Cancer woman as Saturn will have been going through Aquarius and your solar Eighth House since Christmas 2020 and Pluto in Aquarius is about to go in, from March 23rd. That’s just your public self. Prince William has it too. Have a look at your birth chart for the private self story.

  44. I’m confused by which chart system explains my issues. In 2018 and 2019 my financial issues became an issue and really after I left my job to be self employed in Jan 2017 when Saturn crossed my Asc, plus it was my Saturn return sign. So it would place Saturn in my 2nd as a Sag rising and whole sign. But they were ongoing even after that with surprises to this day. So I’m wondering from your house systems, what could explain such an issue with money? I was so well off before but it’s an ongoing issue that I’m unfortunately beginning to get use to.

    1. The North Node at 1 Taurus is in your Second House of finance, natally (Natural House System) and the South Node at 1 Scorpio is right opposite. The Eighth House rules joint finance and property. Set Saturn and the Ascendant aside for a moment. For the first time in your life, and the last time, Uranus (upheaval) went to 1 Taurus from May 2018 onwards, and triggered your nodal opposition. Uranus has been transiting or travelling through your Second House of money and property ever since. The stretch is bigger now because the transiting nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio! They leave in July. You will make or save quite a lot of money, by this system, which has shown you the upheaval, when Jupiter (abundance, opportunity, solutions) goes into Taurus from May 2023 and immediately crosses 1 Taurus. He is there until May 2024. I hope that helps.

  45. Hi Jessica,
    Similarly to other members this house system rethink/flex since meeting your astrology has provoked so many useful questions and insights for me. Coincidentally before I joined your site I had just read Deborah Houlding’s The Houses Temples of the Sky . This was something of a revealation to me about the changing interpretation of houses in Western astrology over time. I have always liked using astrology to review history, events and characters, not just for reflecting on myself, but sensing reality with it’s layers and waves.

    It took me years to get a birthtime out of my mother because she is a Christian fundie and fears my soul will be devoured by the devil via the occultist astrology. Ironically when I did get a time ( via stealth ) it was I who entered it wrongly into a chart generator and then went around proclaiming myself an Aries rising, bought a red car and even decorated it’s bonnet with a ram motif mosaic before checkin the deets to find I actually have Pisces ascendant. Hahaa. It was a lesson in self identity from within, not without. I don’t understand tho when people who know they’re only dabbling in astrology get so attached to one interpretation, and house assignment seems to seal their fate. Maybe it’s just a learning style or a belief practice to want certainty , even if to the detriment of other potential realities.
    I have read your earlier 2015 post about the house systems and love your experience of bringing Jupiter’s payday in. Thanks so much for all your generous time and genius in astrology matters.
    Priceless !

    1. Thank you, yes, Deborah Houlding’s book is terrific. It’s too funny that you thought you were Aries Rising and bought a red car and put a ram on the front! You win for today’s chef’s kiss ‘astrology/reality’ moment. It is very common for people to live with the wrong Ascendant or Rising Sign. Your fate was not sealed – not by a country mile.

  46. Do individual charts matter anymore ? Moving into the ‘ Age of Aquarius ‘ maybe we ought to be looking firstly at the ‘ collective ‘ ie see the group moving in a starling formation ? We are moving from ‘ I ‘ to ‘ WE ‘ and perhaps astrology should do the same ?
    Many thanks

  47. Hi Jessica

    Great talk tonight, thank you.

    I pulled The Tower for the Saturn in Pisces question and Page of Pentacles for the Pluto in Aquarius. I chose the natural house system, given I know no other. Sounds like a dramatic time with twists and turns.

    Can you shed light on what you see, please?


    1. Thanks Sharlene. So Saturn in Pisces turned up as The Tower. You have Salacia at 29 Capricorn so Pluto at 29 Capricorn is set to transform the professional, academic or unpaid work structure (Salacia in Capricorn) in the Tenth House. Saturn will later on go to 29 Pisces and aspect Salacia, so 2023-2026 is about the end of the old system or place and the choice: do you go back and rebuild or do you walk away and start again? The Pluto in Aquarius question showed you finance, business, charity and property priorities for some time, with a much younger man. This is really Pluto in Aquarius square 15-28 degree Taurus and Scorpio placements, which puts you in a position of power with him. He may be your younger brother; son; partner; staff member. It is more likely to be family as it is such a long cycle.

  48. Another super zoom chat Jessica. I think my 1st house is Aries, which just happens to be next to Pisces (I’m saying this out loud for my learning). Anyway, been a brutal 2 weeks career wise (brutal 7 months actually) and I have been “exited” from my role, the dysfunction will be there after I leave but it’s been neatly packaged and labelled with me. Incredibly frustrating/wounding to have no voice in that narrative. And so the penny dropped on the call when you said, “you’ll feel the door shut on 23 Mar”. My last day is 23 Mar!
    My Saturn in Pisces card is 3 of Wands
    My Pluto in Aquarius card is Page of Wands. I read the word ‘attack’ or defence, from a younger man, as bad for/to me. Is that too negative?

    1. Thank you. You have Aesculapia at 26 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and Pluto recently crossed 26 Capricorn for the first time in 248 years. I am very sorry you have been through this experience, but around March 23rd you may well hear of another reshuffle to come, or just close the door yourself; this is literally the day you leave. Your Saturn in Pisces card is Three of Wands. You were born with Saturn at 0 Gemini in the Third House of ideas, projects, plans, internet, media, education, publishing. You are set to experience Saturn transiting at 0 Pisces square natal Saturn near March 8th and transiting Pluto at 0 Aquarius trine natal Saturn near March 23rd. You will be looking at other regions or countries then and could do amazing things. This ties in with a younger man (the Page of Wands) who may be involved with the concept or course.

  49. I learnt so much in tonights House System Zoom catch up. Was hoping to find out about finances for me. I noticed on your website you mention Uranus, Jupiter and the NN meet up in Taurus in March. I have my natal NN in Taurus. Is there anything you can tell me. It seems to be 1 step forward/ 2 steps back in the money department. Thank you in advance, Victoria

    1. Thank you so much, Victoria. Your North Node at 23 Taurus in the Second House of personal income and property shows your last incarnation was about money, business, charity or real estate; the South Node at 23 Scorpio is opposite in the Eighth House of legacies. So you have been here before, dramatically so, with those issues. Jupiter going to 23 Taurus will bring you an historic opportunity to make much more of karma and find closure. Others will be involved as Jupiter will oppose your South Node too.

  50. Hi Jessica. & Sydney Astrological Research Society for great zoom meeting! I use the Natural House System as what you have said easy to understand and on your website. As a Sun Capricorn very, excited as I worked so hard to get ready for the next stage Pluto in Aquarius. I drew out for Saturn in Pisces – Ace of Wands and Pluto in Aquarius – King of Wands

    1. Thank you for coming along to The Sydney Astrological Research Society and the sight of those wands cards tells you exactly what your chart shows. The key to the future is a really big project, brainwave or plan with dazzling potential, but it has to be planted and nurtured. A man will be involved, as this is very much in his hands, but he is procrastinating or lacks confidence in himself or the situation. You can assist so do your research when the time comes. You need to find out how to bring this down to earth, but most of all, to find the right geographical location or ‘home’ for it, otherwise it remains all potential and no delivery.

  51. Hi Jessica, I somehow got the start time for the Zoom session wrong and joined at the end. Great to have the chance to hear and see you, even if only briefly. Can you shed any light on the following, please: I’m drawn to two prospective professional partners. Both are building services and solutions for people that have elements of people power. One is Scorpio, the other is Aquarius. I have very few factors in Aquarius however I’m keen to see this next phase when Pluto moves there. Can you give any advice on what to consider in forming the partnership, with either of these (or possibly someone new?) based upon my chart? Thank you.

    1. I’m sorry you missed most of the Sydney Astrological Research Society event, but they will have a recording for you. Thank you. Partnerships are always worth looking at with a three-way reading, which you can give yourself on this website, with access to the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle. Make sure you have the flipbooks to go with the readings, too, from your library here. You are a Sun Libra woman, with stelliums in Libra, Scorpio, Virgo and Sagittarius. You are in the best solar cycle for 12 years (until May) to form a partnership. No wonder you want to move on this. It depends on how long you see this lasting. If it’s May 2023 to May 2024, choose Scorpio. Scorpio has, again, the best transits in 12 years for partnerships in their solar chart. After May 2024, though, until 2026, you have to realise Scorpio partnerships are unpredictable, erratic, and could turn upside-down very easily. Aquarius is operating with obstacles and restrictions regarding money, cash flow, business from March 8th 2023 until very early 2026 and if that would affect you, then you need to think twice about this person. Either way you are in the most important karmic cycle for 19 years or so, from July 2023, as the South Node goes into Libra and your Seventh House of duets and double acts. Life as it was 18-19 years prior to that will affect you right through 2024 as well, with the other side/the other person, as you owe, spiritually, or are owed from that time.

  52. Hi Jessica,
    Great zoom meeting on house systems that I was fortunate to be able to attend tonight. I use the natural house system and these aspects work for my life events. For Saturn in Pisces I drew the Ace of Wands and for Pluto in Aquarius I drew the Eight of Pentacles. These appear to be great outcomes with hard work being rewarded. So looking forward to the changes predicted for March and beyond.

    I am quite comfortable and appreciate my life, my life partner although work has its challenges. I feel like I am seeing the last puffs and attempts of control at work. What I do see is the control being inflicted by other managers. I work in government and our positions are quite protected however everyone is jostling for a position which makes it so competitive. I am an Aries but with a lot of Pisces I struggle with how people in positions of power make people feel. I have a teaching background which helps my career immensely. People always remember how you make them feel. I have high expectations of my team members and their work quality which is well respected by them and my manager. I am protective of my team members and I will not sacrifice them to climb the ladder, embarrass them or belittle them because I do not believe that enables anyone to thrive. This is the type of behaviour I see from other managers which is rewarded. I remember being treated poorly by managers and I have worked hard to get away from them in the past and it worked. I have gotten great results at work by treating people fairly so that is not going to change. I will enjoy working in a world where it’s respected and recognised. We’re all human. Pluto in Libra. I will keep looking at the Ace of Wands and will keep thinking about it light of this situation. I feel I am considering what this card is saying.

    When I consider Pluto in Aquarius and drawing the Eight of Pentacles it appears similar with hard work it will pay off. This may not be my current paid job as I have started collecting and reselling vintage and retro finds. Money is not an issue but I want something else I enjoy as I do not want to be all about work. We are trying to get some warmth into the house before winter too so that will be a great reward to achieve that. It will take focus financially but do not over stretch ourselves more than we are to achieve insulation for winter. Nothing fancy. I am wondering if you had any further insight here and whether I can keep ruminating in these directions for my chart and these two cards.

    PS pre-covid I was materialistic and travelling for work but this has changed my world. As I consciously am unable to think that way anymore and I lead a much simpler safer life in the country compared to the city. Still comfortable taurus rising way of life though but different. Health is wealth. Whilst I look forward to one day travelling on an electric plane it will need to be quite different circumstances for me to be comfortable with that again. I previously had more exposure with a face at work and presenting and travelling and that all stopped. I have had to work hard to be in the position I am in whereas before it was all about appearance. It has been great to be recognised for my work aspect as opposed to appearance.

    Many thanks Nat

    1. Thank you Nat, it’s very kind of you to say. Saturn in Pisces and the Ace of Wands is your North Node at 17 Virgo and South Node at 17 Pisces, being triggered when Saturn goes to 17 Pisces. I am sure you know your North Node in Virgo is about the hard work required to make good ideas real. Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet of the mind. Virgo in turn rules the Sixth House of applied effort. Coming the other way is Pisces – the cloud you see in the card. Everything is in your head, by yourself (Pisces) until you roll up your sleeves and put in the effort (Virgo). Pluto in Aquarius and the Eight of Pentacles is Pluto forming a T-Square (more than once) to the Taurus (money) and Scorpio (joint finances) factors in your chart, as he passes through Aquarius and squares both at the same time. The control issues you talk about at work, with the government, are typical of Pluto in Capricorn. By rights, you should be seeing that department/those people/that organisation receive a come-uppance as Pluto is so close to the end now. I just had a reader who had been well and truly disrespected, undermined and the rest – by a massive corporation. You might have thought nothing could happen to that corporation, but she told me that it had been admonished by no less than a senior member of the royal family – not to mention most of the media. Knuckles rapped. So, come what may, you are likely to hear about or actually see particular faces or departments ‘Plutoed’ which always happens on this cycle. You then realise how empowered you are; how much stronger you are; how much more influential you are – after 15 years of it. This will help with all kinds of things, including reselling vintage and retro for business and so on. You have a huge Taurus stellium and Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024 gives you ample opportunity to make or save a small fortune, actually. You prefer a simple life, but the potential is vast in that period so do look at it.

  53. Thank you, Jessica. I will not be able to attend the March 18 event, but I have a question about Taurus. My sun is at 1 degree of Virgo, and since I have so many planets in Leo, I never find that reading Virgo astrological predictions applies to me in any way. Reading Taurus (my rising sign and my north node) are often helpful, as is reading about Leo. Can you address this? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your daily, weekly, monthly and annual Virgo forecast never applies to you. I can’t explain that. Reading the Taurus forecast does not work with this system, though.

  54. Thanks so much for your reply. You mentioned my LEO 5th house stellium— I am a retired Nurse practitioner (now a health writer) and my entire career was devoted to helping mothers and children! I worked in labor and delivery and pediatrics then went on to become a nurse practitioner and worked at Planned Parenthood, often leading group therapy for young teenage girls, promoting self esteem and healthy life choices.So that natural house system is right on.I will experiment with some other house systems just for fun.. and perhaps to consciously shift focus, as I want very much to promote health and wellness in my son and for him to be independent again . I would like to focus on something BESIDES being a Mother, a helper, a healer!!! My writing is important to me and keeps my head above water! Thank you again for such inspiring work! Your Natural House system has proven itself to be the most accurate I have seen in all my years of astrology!! Amazing! Sometimes simple is best!

    1. How fascinating that you used your Leo stellium in the Fifth House to work with teenage girls, but also small children. You should definitely try a second house system if you can, for a second opinion, as you start to look at another role for yourself. Your writing should take off in any house system, though, channelled through Gemini, the sign of the scribe and messenger, from May 2024, when Jupiter goes into Gemini.

  55. Fascinating! May of 2018 is exactly when it all began to the date Uranus moved in to Taurus, turns out. I was officially late on my mortgage and I’d never been late with premium credit. That all changed. It’s also the day my grandfather died. And now I can even see that it’s ingress was to the minute he left. Impeccable! And yes when the nodes shifted, the problems began yet again. Thanks for making this clear as I’m looking forward to this being over.

    1. I am so sorry you lost your grandfather – although perhaps for him it was a way of being free – as Uranus is a symbol of sudden freedom. At the same time, it only arrives with upheaval, so if we switch to the question of your money, you can see why 2018-2023 has been about turmoil, financially, but also being ‘liberated from/liberated through’ what comes. It takes great insight to see what is going on. I had a reader who had to go bankrupt on this cycle. He didn’t care about money, didn’t budget, and ended up in a pickle. He was so affected by doing this, he never borrowed money again, he said. He became liberated from mortgages and credit cards. Interesting!

  56. Morning Jessica,
    Health is on my mind. two months ago developed tennis elbow. 23 Jan fell and injured right knee, 30 Jan first signs of shingles appeared, 20 Feb broke tooth.
    I need some help with clues where i need to look for this cluster of events. 6th house? virgo? progressed planets?
    Any input appreciated, cheers,

    1. Good morning. Tennis elbow, an inured knee, shingles and a broken tooth would all be Virgo matters in your Sixth House of health, wellbeing and mental health too. Anything that stops you working or doing the housework, studying or volunteering, is a Virgo matter. You were born with Uranus at 3 Virgo, Pluto at 10 Virgo and the MC (Midheaven) at 29 Virgo in your Sixth House. In February 2023 Pluto moved to 29 Capricorn, so transiting Pluto was trine your natal MC or Midheaven. That is an empowering, intense, challenging, potentially strengthening cycle which is about your role and goal. So you need to look at what you do for a living; your housework; any unpaid work or study. There’s a story there. In both those months, January and February, Jupiter moved to 3 then 10 Aries, so transiting Jupiter was quincunx natal Uranus and Pluto. Again, that’s a signal (to your benefit) to change the way you live and work. You also had the North Node at 10 Taurus and South Node at 10 Scorpio, again aspecting natal Pluto. Have a look at Pluto, Uranus and the MC in Virgo because you need to begin with yourself, your work ethic, your feelings about being of service to others – and doing your duty. There is more to this run of events than meets the eye. On a subconscious level you may be trying to get time off, or time out, or even a total exit from a situation. The Tarot can be useful in probing this.

  57. Dear Jessica and colleagues, sorry for me I got the time wrong arriving on your fantastic zoom call and apologies. I listened to the youtube video too and it was fantastic. I got Death (!) for my first question using your online tarot and the 8 of swords (!) for my second question which I didnt like so I used my own tarot deck and I got the Sun (the second question I used my own tarot cards for) using the natural house system. Can you interpret this for me. Thank you for all your time and energy Jessica, see you soon for your next online zoom. And your podcast was brilliant again this week, congratulations and gratitude.

    1. Thank you. I will begin with Death which is the Tarot card you used when you followed the instructions. If you chop and change with Tarot you muddle the timeline as you probably know, if you have your own Smith-Waite Tarot deck. Death is Pluto, the god who rules the underworld. It seldom means death. It means the death of the old and birth of the new. Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 will end an era for you, with money, property, charity or business. It will be evident in the last week of March and by June you will see that what is in the bank, or what you own, earn or owe, is a way of empowering yourself, but you will need a huge amount of willpower to do that. So, for example, saving – but also deliberately seeking new sources of income. That is what this card is showing you. Transiting Pluto at 1 Aquarius will square your natal Mars at 1 Taurus soon enough, so you may want to read more about natal Mars in Taurus in the Second House, but also the transit. Go into new arrangements cautiously and with research during the square, rather than rushing in.

  58. Saturn transiting my 9th in March is trine my ascendant and sun. So this is said to be easier energy, however I have a stellium in Sag— 9th will square these planets I believe through the transit. What’s your take on reconciling the difference here using sun sign prediction? I always read my sun and ascendant horoscopes— not sure what to do with the sag part but it seems to be relevant nevertheless.

    1. Never read the Ascendant or Rising Sign on this website as your prediction because I don’t use that system. Just read your Sun Sign, otherwise you will end up befuddled. You are a Sun Capricorn woman. Saturn is not trine your Sun, it will eventually be sextile your Sun, when he moves to 19 Pisces, which is a long way off. Going back to the start, if you are a Capricorn, the most important changes in your life, from March, involve the worldwide web (Saturn goes into your Third House of internet, media and communication for the first time in 29 years) and very much involve finance, property, charity and business (Pluto goes into your Second House of personal income for the first time in 248 years). Switching to your private chart, we find that shows up too. But the really big story here is your Aquarius and Sagittarius stellium. From around 23rd March for 20 years into the future, you will be supplying one or more groups with what is needed to pool resources and tap people power, for shared outcomes. This may be a band or political party. It may be Twitter. There is a natural link from the Eleventh House of friends and groups to the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, so this is global in nature, involves the web (see earlier statement about that change) and likely, people coming and going from abroad, or you venturing abroad. This foreign influence shows up long-term in your Sun Capricorn chart too. So it’s private and public.

  59. Such an interesting article Jessica, expanded more in the comments! Thank you. 🙂

  60. Please forgive me, but so much of what you say is like a foreign language to me. I’m interested in reading my horoscopes from you but you are on such a different level – it’s fabulous and I admire what you do. You are so spot on with your readings that it is bewildering at times and jaw-dropping (almost like you are listening – but you can’t be because some of the information was spoken about a year ago). I am grateful and will keep following and learning all along the way. Also, the Churchill photo and historical information are fascinating! Do you ever do private readings? Thanks!

    1. Thank you very much. It’s kind of you to say. I only give private readings for charity auctions, so typically once or twice a year. They tend to go for several thousand dollars/pounds for a good cause, so might not be what you are looking for. With your chart we find you are a Sun Gemini woman with Gemini, Aries and Libra stelliums. You live in your Third House, First House and Seventh House (you can look those up on this website or in your online library here). Gemini-Aries-Libra is the talking head of television (Aries rules the head, Gemini talks) or these days, YouTube or Zoom. It works even better with a partner. So now we’re really talking about Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. And it works in hot debate, too, as Libra rules opponents as much as it rules duets. It can work nicely in political situations. Aries helps you go upfront and push back; Gemini finds the words; Libra argues the other side. The most important transit of your life begins in 2026 when Uranus goes to Gemini, for many years into the future. At that point you will relaunch, come into your own and may acquire a new partner, on whatever level you want him or her.

  61. Hi Jessica,
    You predicted months ago that March 2023 would be big for the British Royal Family.
    Two days into March and there is confirmation that King Charles has evicted Meghan and Aitch from Frogmore Cottage, the home that was gifted as a wedding present from the Queen.
    I didn’t see that coming. I thought they would loose there titles before Frogmore.
    Harry is apparently adding a chapter to his paperback version of Spare. At first I thought this maybe to boost sales but considering they (H&M) have know about the eviction for sometime perhaps this in retaliation for the eviction.
    Wow two days into March, this of course is just the appetiser for the main course at the end of the month when Pluto moves into Aquarius. This “war” between Harry/Meghan and King Charles could get quiet messy and leave relationships hard to repair which of course effects all parties including Archie and Lillibet.
    Kind regards

    1. Yes, it’s only Friday 3rd March in Australia and we are yet to reach the three key dates: the Full Moon in Virgo; Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius. Frogmore has been taken away from Harry and Meghan and there’s some debate about the children’s titles. This hasn’t even started, Julie.

  62. Dear Jessica

    You are phenomenal…your psychic ability and predictions are always spot on. I was surprised to learn on one of your responses that you have Asperger’s…wow and you offer us so much. You incredible.

    I am keeping your predictions for my life sacred and believe in them.
    Thank you so much. I know for me it happens later in the year …yes I’m impatient as it been a long struggle. I am confident in your predictions. Thank you for giving me hope where somehow I feel so hopeless.

    Bless you for the good you do…an unselfish person that wants to help.

    1. Thank you. Actually women with high-function Aspergers are really common in astrology. I can’t drive, though, which is inconvenient! I really appreciate your comment, thank you.

  63. Hello Jessica! This March has already started taken it’s actions I guess. A lot happening in family part. Last month I asked the tarot a card regarding studying a Masters abroad I got the High Priestess after our Pisces meeting my friend called and adviced me I should do masters, almost like from the universe out of nothing. With all this family stuff is a bit disrupting my concentration in regards to studies I have still somehow already started writing my application for it. Please tell me I’m going the right way both with family and my studies. I have a Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces stelium and I feel my strong aires/Leo signature a lot of times, my bravery and adventure and I feel Im making use of it having to help my mom has single mother, at the moment, and at the same time having to focus on my career/studies and boyfriend situation. I can’t wait for this Taurus/Scorpio have a closure. I do really feel this weather is about families and legacies. I need a balance and I want to see my home family mom and siblings good and in harmony so I can go pursue my career so then I can hope to help them more in the future.

    1. That is amazing validation of the Smith-Waite Tarot. You are being told you should take your MA as the scroll in the hand of the High Priestess is a degree. You have a lot going on, but you are being encouraged to study. You were born with a Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of academia and over a number of years, transiting Pluto in Aquarius will form a sextile with that, which is powerful and supportive.

  64. Hi Jessica
    Wonderful content. I for one am adopting the whole house system after selecting my cards. Judgement for Saturn transit and Queen of swords for Pluto transit. The Placidus version would be 8th house Saturn. I have had enough of managing my fathers monetary affairs. The fascinating thing was about how much the cards were saying about spirit and family karma here. I have said all along that my fathers accident 17 years ago and the fact that he didn’t pass over was about so much more. I bang on about spirit and my belief that I will be contacted one day. Mainly because I want to prove to my long suffering family that I’m sane not some Woo Woo. They listen and laugh of course. But it’s hopefully he who laughs last ect. I’m excited do you think that my horoscope is saying the same thing. Also the Queen of swords mentioned Psyche. Mine is in Virgo my fathers sun sign!! You couldn’t make this up.
    Sorry for going on and I hope you get a chance to look at this.
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Thank you Selina. I am sorry you lost your father. Judgement is Saturn in Pisces for you, which begins shortly and extends to early 2026. You were born with Hygiea at 13 Scorpio in the Eight House of legacies (spiritual, emotional, psychological as well as financial legacies). Saturn will trine Hygiea at 13 Pisces eventually. The latter is a symbol of protection, shielding and prevention in your chart, so this feels like your father and his family going to the next level – evolving and being released – as he and they pass through the different stages of the afterlife. The Queen of Swords is yourself, unless you know it really isn’t, and the power you see in her position, posture and attitude is typical of Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto will be in a conjunction with your North Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House, so this is your new role with a group, club, team, association, society, circle and so on. She does indeed have Psyche symbolised by butterflies, decorating the card.

  65. Hi dear Jessica & team, I missed this by a day because I mistakenly entered it into Thurs instead of Weds into my diary!! (had a week of routine medical checkups which didn’t help matters, either!!) (By the way, I LOVED your “come at me, if you’re hard enough” expression – loved it!!!)
    (Also the statement “Astrologers who use two house systems are thus offering you the burger and the steak” – simply brilliant. x)
    I just think you’ve pioneered a really beautiful, & empowering way of using astrology. Any arguments regarding traditional vs modern, medieval vs psychological systems tend to fall away when you consider we are all on the same blue-coloured speck, looking at the stars to understand life’s trials and triumphs.
    This year, am “choosing” to live in a positive house (natal*) system, with prayer and the expert help you and other astrologers provide!!
    *(while respecting all the different horary, and mundane techniques others use, for their purposes).
    thank you Jessica, and will do my utmost to get to the 6am March 19 Zoom event!! Xx

    1. Thank you so much. I am sorry you missed the Sydney Astrological Research Society event, but I believe they recorded it. Two house systems is commonplace for full-time professional astrologers and it does work very well, as a first and second opinion on any matter. I thought it was really important to say, in the Zoom event, that everyone should have a free choice of house systems, with none being called the oldest or the best (and that is not interchangeable). You have to ask ‘best for which purpose and which person?’ which is far more accurate. An astrologer friend was diagnosed with cancer just before the event and she made the very good point, that you should use whichever house system serves that situation. This sounds odd to sceptics, but astrologers are used to switching their reality lens. I did this with another friend, also diagnosed with cancer, and showed her there was every change of recovery. Her chart lined up with the real world and she did in fact get well, which was fantastic. See you at the March 19th event, I hope.

  66. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much for such an interesting article. I had my horoscope done years ago Equal /Placidus houses. I then joined as a premium member a couple of months ago. Its the natural house system that reveals the real person I am, it’s like layers have been peeled off me and has got to the very core, its stunningly accurate.Just one example, I have a sagittarius stellium ( and south node) and all my life I have travelled, I was born as a service child ( RAF) and travelled far and wide attending many different schools, and travelling in adulthood. I had been ill and isolated these past few years ( I had mentioned this to you before ) , but what helped keep me going ( grateful for all the support and help I received ) my imagination when I couldn’t do things , took me back to my travels so vividly.
    I am recovering very well and have tried to work out what influence my chart has on my illnesses , I have nothing in virgo and Venus 16 Pisces, Hygeia 01 Capricorn , Panacea 24 cancer , I wonder what this may mean ?
    Thank you for your wonderful site and all you do
    with gratitude Berta P

    1. Thank you. I am glad you are finding the Natural House system helpful. Illness in your chart is usually shown by Virgo placements but you have an empty Sixth House and no Virgo at all. You need to tell me what the illness actually is or look it up yourself in terms of the signs/houses which match the symptoms/the actual effect on your life. If it was a dislike of leaving the house or a fear of doing that, we’d go to your Cancer stellium. If it was genetic, passed down from grandmother, to mother, to you – again, we would be looking at the Cancer stellium.

  67. Hi Jessica,
    I am really excited about the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius. March 23rd is my birthday and I have Aesculapia, Salacia and Fortuna in Aquarius in my chart. I feel like I am due for a big change in my life. I always love to celebrate my birthday but this year, I feel it will be extra special. BTW, more than the Tarot, I get powerful answers from the Oracle Garden. What would be a good question to ask related to my future?
    I truly enjoy your website, I have lost count on how many hours I have spent reading through the blog, the lessons, the weekly horoscopes, etc. I am always amazed.
    Thank you, Jessica!

    1. I am excited about Pluto replacing Saturn in Aquarius too. People who are limited, repressed, restricted, ‘bound’ in some way, perhaps scared of life are typical of Saturn in Aquarius, and these men (in particular) have thwarted a great many people since Saturn first moved into the sector of friendships, groups, social life and social media in December 2020. You may already have a clear ‘bell’ signal that such people are no longer required, or no longer important. In their place, and into the empty space, come completely different characters. Powerful and potentially empowering if you can use your willpower. Knowing this, and given your Aquarius factors, follow the steps and ask ‘How will Pluto in Aquarius change my life, 2023-2044 and what are my main choices?”

  68. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much for your reply, from my message on the 4 th March. My illness has been loss of balance , with some permanent damage to my left inner ear I will start from the beginning , I have history of ear infections , July 2019 infection in middle and inner ear , the latter not quite recovering. Then ruptured appendix ( antibiotics affected my inner ear , side effect) . This lasted through to September 2020., still not quite recovered. July 2021 complete loss of balance , and couldn’t walk. I was Recovering then ears filled with fluid , complete loss of balance . Then mild heart problem ( successfully being treated ) . I could only walk for 2 and a half minutes , no reading TV or screen as it affected my balance. Each time from July 2019 I have started to recover then some other health issue occurred and set me back. They also think hearing loss in that ear is now ? Genetic ( awaiting testing) , but not to do with balance.
    I am recovering very well and feel much better , I still work at recovery (eg going in busy shops etc ) exercising for my brain to take over from inner ear. I do go out and intend to rejoin my sewing group hopefully soon. I would be grateful if anything in my chart points to this. It seems each time I was recovering over the last few years something else cropped up , which held me back. This all completely surprised me , I am a retired nurse .
    I would very much appreciate if there is anything in my chart that does show this ?
    With thanks and gratitude
    Berta P

    1. Thank you Berta. You are a retired nurse, have nothing in Virgo or the Sixth House, but have loss of balance, ear issues and hope to rejoin your sewing group. You do in fact have the Moon at 2 Libra (translates as ‘the balance’) and it is involved in some challenging patterns in your chart. The Moon is square Juno and Hygiea, both in an unusual conjunction at 1 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia. At heart, this is about workload, duty, service and calling. Inner conflicts about this have shown up in your inner ear. Saturn at 1 Sagittarius, Mercury at 1 Aquarius, are pulled into the pattern. It’s complicated! All you need are transits at 1-2 degrees by the slow moving factors in the chart and it’s set off. Are you in Britain? At one point retired nurses were called to re-enter the NHS. That may have been a trigger. If not, the difficulties of 2019, ongoing, have encouraged you to try something where there is not much talking (sewing) and in a time of pandemic, limited contact with busy (for busy, read risky) shops. So another question might be, what was your response to Covid? These aspects in. your chart suggest all kinds of inner conflicts about life, particularly about your role (Capricorn) and perhaps with your other half, or the other side, or getting a partner – even. Saturn in Sagittarius is notorious for producing obstacles with/for/through foreigners and foreign cultures and places too, and that’s part of it. So there is a fair bit to unpack, Berta. Have a look at what is there in the chart.

  69. Hi Jessica,
    I subscribed to your site a few months ago and I am just learning about all gems you have on this site. I study astrology a great deal in the 80’s and 90’s and kind of dabble for my personal experiences only. I read my birthdate chart Leo, born July 24, 1964 and it seems I have missed some opportunities. I’m a bit confused but, I am excited at the same time because of what I read.
    Help me understand how this year my direction on my career. I’m bored out of my mind at my current place of employment. Here is my chart: 24-Jul-1964, 13:48 (42.88644679999999,-78.8783689)

    sun – Display Birth ChartSun
    01° leo – Display Birth Chart Leo 51′ 59″
    moon – Display Birth ChartMoon
    03° aquarius – Display Birth Chart Aquarius 11′ 47″
    mercury – Display Birth ChartMercury
    26° leo – Display Birth Chart Leo 18′ 07″
    venus – Display Birth ChartVenus
    23° gemini – Display Birth Chart Gemini 24′ 24″
    mars – Display Birth ChartMars
    25° gemini – Display Birth Chart Gemini 57′ 59″
    jupiter – Display Birth ChartJupiter
    22° taurus – Display Birth Chart Taurus 00′ 20″
    saturn – Display Birth ChartSaturn
    03° pisces – Display Birth Chart Pisces 49′ 27″ R
    uranus – Display Birth ChartUranus
    08° virgo – Display Birth Chart Virgo 02′ 54″
    neptune – Display Birth ChartNeptune
    15° scorpio – Display Birth Chart Scorpio 03′ 44″ R
    pluto – Display Birth ChartPluto
    12° virgo – Display Birth Chart Virgo 32′ 43″
    chiron – Display Birth ChartChiron
    18° pisces – Display Birth Chart Pisces 18′ 37″ R
    juno – Display Birth ChartJuno
    19° scorpio – Display Birth Chart Scorpio 38′ 48″
    vesta – Display Birth ChartVesta
    16° pisces – Display Birth Chart Pisces 47′ 19″ R
    ceres – Display Birth ChartCeres
    24° sagittarius – Display Birth Chart Sagittarius 03′ 08″ R
    mc – Display Birth ChartMC
    23° leo – Display Birth Chart Leo 18′ 15″
    ic – Display Birth ChartIC
    23° aquarius – Display Birth Chart Aquarius 18′ 15″
    asc – Display Birth ChartASC
    12° scorpio – Display Birth Chart Scorpio 55′ 53″
    desc – Display Birth ChartDESC
    12° taurus – Display Birth Chart Taurus 55′ 53″
    diana – Display Birth ChartDiana
    28° cancer – Display Birth Chart Cancer 54′ 22″
    fortuna – Display Birth ChartFortuna
    02° leo – Display Birth Chart Leo 38′ 43″
    minerva – Display Birth ChartMinerva
    11° gemini – Display Birth Chart Gemini 12′ 12″
    bacchus – Display Birth ChartBacchus
    29° taurus – Display Birth Chart Taurus 59′ 31″
    apollo – Display Birth ChartApollo
    26° virgo – Display Birth Chart Virgo 31′ 29″
    aesculapia – Display Birth ChartAesculapia
    13° leo – Display Birth Chart Leo 22′ 24″
    hygeia – Display Birth ChartHygeia
    27° gemini – Display Birth Chart Gemini 34′ 32″
    panacea – Display Birth ChartPanacea
    08° pisces – Display Birth Chart Pisces 25′ 04″ R
    ops – Display Birth ChartOps
    21° virgo – Display Birth Chart Virgo 50′ 20″
    salacia – Display Birth ChartSalacia
    20° capricorn – Display Birth Chart Capricorn 27′ 02″ R
    proserpina – Display Birth ChartProserpina
    17° cancer – Display Birth Chart Cancer 42′ 29″
    cupido – Display Birth ChartCupido
    03° cancer – Display Birth Chart Cancer 34′ 20″
    vulcano – Display Birth ChartVulcano
    12° cancer – Display Birth Chart Cancer 27′ 57″
    psyche – Display Birth ChartPsyche
    09° aquarius – Display Birth Chart Aquarius 57′ 14″ R
    northnode – Display Birth ChartNorthNode
    01° cancer – Display Birth Chart Cancer 54′ 32″ R
    southnode – Display Birth ChartSouthNode
    01° capricorn – Display Birth Chart Capricorn 54′ 32″ R
    Your chart has stelliums in cancer – Display Birth Chart CANCER (5) leo – Display Birth Chart LEO (5) gemini – Display Birth Chart GEMINI (4) pisces – Display Birth Chart PISCES (4) virgo – Display Birth Chart VIRGO (4)

    1. You will be thrilled to know that the biggest and best career, academic career and unpaid work cycle in 12 years lands in May 2023 and very close to the New Moon in May (I am holding an event about this on Astrology and Tarot Meetups) you will find a new beginning. You may be offered a terrific position; land yourself a big hit, celebrate a huge deal, be promoted, be admitted into a prestigious course and so on. Jupiter is coming to join Uranus and the North Node in Taurus in your Tenth House of success and ambition. You were also born with the South Node at 1 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, in your natal chart, so publicly and privately, between that trine from Jupiter to the South Node and the Jupiter transit of your public Tenth House of ‘peak achievement’ – you will find May and June 2023 irresistible. There will be a bump in the final week of March 2023 as Pluto also leaves your solar Sixth House of workload, lifestyle and everyday tasks and duties, so whatever/whomever dominated, will vanish.

  70. I am apologizing in advance for the huge paste above. I didn’t think it was going to appear that way.

  71. Hi Jessica,
    Great talk and a great lesson. Thank you!
    I pulled the Strenght for Saturn in Pisces and the Emperor for Pluto in Aquarius.
    Can you help me to hunderstand a little bit more what can I expect for that transits?
    Once again, thank you for made me hunderstand my planets in Aries.

    1. Thank you Ana. You have a Virgo stellium at 2 through 22 degrees of Virgo, the sign ruling wellbeing, in your Sixth House of health. Saturn from 2 through 22 Pisces (starts soon) will be in opposition to your natal Virgo factors, so the challenge to change, is here. This is very similar to giving up smoking in the 1990s or habitually practising safe sex with a condom. There may be more intensely personal reasons why you have to ring-fence your way of life, eating, drinking, exercising, sleeping and so on; for example, if you are diagnosed with Diabetes Type Two, you may need to switch to an extremely low carbohydrate diet. You’ll find out soon enough. Strength shows the healer and the healed and it’s a really encouraging Tarot card. Pluto in Aquarius shows up for you as The Emperor. You were born with Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, so this is a hard work area anyway. Pluto moving in suggests an extremely powerful older man; the captain of the team, president of the society and so on – perhaps a silver senior friend. He needs to be approached on his own terms and with a great deal of research and preparation, if you want to get closer to him. This is quite a long transit so you can take your time with him.

  72. Hello Jessica, Thank you for your brilliant insights. Having a stellium of 7 factors in Capricorn under your system has given me a new perspective. And the Sun sign and Natural house systems also provide fresh insights and perspective, backed by your research. I admit to some trepidation about Pluto’s upcoming transit through Aquarius. I do have a tendency to see the dark side of the 5th/11th polarity, reflected by that Capricorn emphasis of mine. Time for the baton to be passed on in more ways than one.

  73. Here’s the Wednesday horoscope that I meant to include – I’m not sure what health issue will happen, it sounds very scary and serious:

    “However, as you’re bound to overload on some kind of health issue this week, why add to the load? As always, you will now be required to summon up strength, grace under pressure and – a decision.”

    1. Scarey and serious? No. A health issue can be a wobbly tooth. Why add to the load by putting off a dental appointment? If you want to personalise your horoscope always use the Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Garden Oracle on this website.

  74. Thank you for replying, Jessica, I wrote more about what I was concerned about in a longer post just above the short post you responded to. I really appreciate the personal touch that you show for the posts made by me and other readers – you are very kind. Any sort of dental issue would be extremely anxiety producing and somewhat terrifying due to being abused by a doctor in my childhood. Feeling safe with a health care provider does not come easily. Actually, though, one of the things that I forced myself to do as part of my self care plan in mid 2022 was to visit the dentist and get a thorough cleaning.

    All of the anxiety and stress over the past 3 years has been so much. Yet, in my professional capacity, I am given difficult tasks and crises to manage which I’ve done and even received an award. Such a disconnect between the anxiety you see in the two posts made here and my role/responsibilities professionally …

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry you are a survivor of this abuse. I am not surprised you feel anxiety when you go to see a doctor or dentist. I completely understand why even a daily general horoscope ‘weather’ forecast would have concerned you and I apologise that it did. You drew an amazing couple of cards, given the fact we were talking about dentists. I would extend this to cosmetic surgeons too (anything about the face/head) as we’re talking the First House here, which is your portrait in a Zoom box, or in oils. See the other reply.

    1. Perfect. As you read in the interpretation, this is a rare opportunity for the best and greatest results with your appearance, title or reputation.

  75. I went on the website as you suggested and drew a Jupiter card and a First House card, Jessica.

  76. I’m sorry I missed the event, but appreciate the blog info putting it into perspective. It’s fascinating how you used software to go back in time to ‘reconcile’ events in your life within the different systems. I appreciate your ‘stellium’ approach within natural houses, and at the same time I identify with my rising sign in Placidus a lot! Over the years, reading my rising sign horoscope has generally ‘fit’ my experiences more closely. But I’m learning to see the chart as a ‘kaleidescope’ that can be turned to get a whole different picture from the same elements.

  77. Dear Jessica;
    My ASC is Sagittarius. I have Jupiter in Pisces, Chiron and Moon in Gemini, Venus in Libra.
    I learned 2 days ago that my tenant was detained by the police as a result of a drug operation. I can’t reach him and I want him out of my house. Is this the neptune effect? Or Saturn Pisces effect? I’m so afraid of this situation will last 2.5 years.
    When can I recover from this effect? Will that person leave my house? Do I have to deal with cases for this or can this person go on their own? Where I live, cases take a very long time to settle.
    I would be very happy if you can share your opinion with me.

    1. Okay, deep breath. So you want your tenant gone, but I can’t see a chart here and you’ve not given me your Sun Sign. The aspects you mention have nothing to do with the tenant on a drugs detainment. What you need to do is go to your Sun Sign predictions for the year, week and month. You can also use the Tarot on my website, free of charge. Just follow the steps. Let’s hope he goes.

  78. Hi Jessica, this is somewhat off topic but regarding the Saturn transit into Pisces and Virgo full moon this week. I’ve been doing tai chi and qigong for physical, emotional and mental health maintenance for a while now, but my daily practise had lapsed into sporadic since a house move 15 months ago. I have however started an every day morning meditation practice, left life- sucking Facebook and reclaimed my capacity to focus, within just weeks. So, when doing tai chi today in the kitchen ( here’s to big kitchens in old houses!) while I was practising , in front of me out the window on the proteas the first Wattlebirds of the season came and played, followed by the first New Holland honeyeaters of the season, and I kept doing the tai chi, along with them there, and it was a powerful session of cultivating life energy and breathing it smoothly into my body/ mind. Just felt like a really beautiful reminder of the Oneness of life, and a bit Piscean, though Earthy Virgo too, the soft, watery, colourful display of birds in the flowers, cycling and recycling life relentlessly, as they have been doing for eons. And afterwards I tipped my proverbial hat to old Saturn for the gifts brought when you just do the thing ;and this art of moving meditation is a thing that humans have been doing and handing down for eons and has by now.very clear instructions. Honestly, it was like selecting a CD, putting it the right way up in the player and pressing the play button. OK, it’s early days in this transit but I’m saying I have nailed the first step. Just do the thing the right way and let the music play.

    1. Not so much off topic, as your Sixth House in the Natural House System (also called Zero Aries) is of course about tai chi, as much as it is about doctors and dentists. Some birds arrived to keep you company. Moving meditation as you say. You were born with Pluto at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House and transiting Pluto is at 29 Capricorn, so Pluto trine Pluto, which is empowering. It’s also life-changing. Thank you.

  79. Great outlook on the house systems. I missed the live event, due to poor calculation of time zone, so here are my tarot cards

    Saturn in Pisces – seven of pentacles
    Between the man’s legs is the mountain i gaze at from my home, surrounded by my loved garden, food, fruit and flowers.

    Pluto in Aquarius – three of pentacles
    my first impression was 2 men and a woman
    what I later read in your text is paper, looked to me like Klinkit art, the head of an eagle. I lived in Alaska and now I have check the ephemeris, Saturn was in Pisces during that time.

    Thanks for your sharing, it brings back my fascination for Astrology. cheers

    PS still hoping for a NZ update, a lot has changed since the creation of ‘cow island’, thanks

    1. Thank you. Yes, the time zones are confusing. I am trying to figure out a way to explain it that is nice and simple, especially for New Zealand readers. Saturn in Pisces will trine your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of finance, security, property and business – so you have found your home in that long transit. Pluto in Aquarius has shown up as the Three of Pentacles, or Coins and will also aspect your Scorpio stellium, by a square. So you may want to go back to your Scorpio factors as these transits move through. I do have the New Zealand chart on my list to do; thank you for reminding me.

  80. Dear Brilliant Psychic Jessica,

    Your blog has the most high quality Q&A.

    My plea to your readers like :

    Cecilia dArc
    Good Vibes
    Kitsy Stratton

    and so many more is that there are some Awards that you richly deserve.

    Here is one example:

    Congatulations to our 2022 COVR Award Winners!
    JUNE 13, 2022BY ANNANO
    Congratulations to our 2022 COVR Award Finalists! ”

    We should pull together and nominate and UpVote Jessica Adams for Awards, for all her hard work and brilliance, in the astrology blogs category, if we can find some.

    Suggestions for similar awards welcome.

    “Objective reality…..

    I will think about that one.

    Hope Saturn exiting will bring you rewards for your hard work, Jessica.

    After all , you Answering 18k comments in detail is like writing a novel in seven days.

    Much gratitude,

    1. Thanks Jo. That’s really kind of you. It’s funny, you know, because the Comments section on this website really began as a way for astrology students to offer their thoughts on the horoscopes. It then became a Q&A about personal charts. Later on I began to realise this was the other half of any feature. So I begin by writing the feature then the real-world, lived experience of readers going through these cycles finishes the story. I’m not aware of these awards, but I appreciate your mentioning it.

  81. Hi Jessica. wow you amazing by responding to all the comments.
    Thank you for taking the time to respond to us all and to give us an insight into the future. I certainly appreciate it so much.

    I just wanted to ask. you mentioned a home for me this year between May 2023 and May 2024 ..I assume it’s during that time frame. a
    Are there any specifics regarding the home as I am doing quite a lot of visualizations of my home and wanting freedom stability and independence. I know it’s a tall ask but wanted to know what your insights are.

    thank you so much again for making yourself available in time and effort.

    You are so appreciated. Much love

    1. Thank you. So this is why you have the opportunity for a new home from May 2023 to May 2024, as I mentioned in a previous reply. Astrology will not give you specifics. You are a Sun Aquarius woman with a Taurus stellium and the North Node at 10 Cancer. In your public chart as an Aquarius you have the best cycle in 12 years to gain a new residence with more room, in a better area, or with superior features. Why? Because Jupiter (greatest and best) goes into Taurus and your solar Fourth House of property from May 2023 until May 2024. He joins Uranus, a symbol of freedom and independence, and by July 2023, the North Node, which describes karma. You are owed from 18-19 years ago and will gain from that. When we go to your private chart, or birth chart, we find Jupiter in Taurus forming a chain of conjunctions to your Taurus factors (money, property) in your Second House of personal income and security. Same thing. When Jupiter goes to 10 Taurus and forms a sextile with the North Node at 10 Cancer you are in a terrific position. None of this is a big ask. There are endless possibilities here to save or gain. I will give you an example. A woman I know worked in a travel agency in a small English town. They put on a Paris display in the front window with a table and two wine classes. An elderly man walked in, thinking it was a cafe, and sat in the window. The woman kindly made him a cup of tea anyway and long story short, he lived alone in a huge house with extensive grounds. She was a single parent of two children. She moved in, looked after him, he lived upstairs, they lived downstairs and she inherited when he passed away. Life is full of quirks on Jupiter transits.

  82. Wow Jessica…your last paragraph was very interesting. I will keep you posted.
    Thank you for replying. Bless you and have a terrific weekend.

  83. Hi Jessica, thinking about a business potential partner, I asked the Tarot: In this lifetime, will we create something magical in the world? The card: The World. Wow.

    1. Wonderful card. Your only issue will be choosing ‘Which country?’ and grounding yourself, to focus, aim and succeed.

  84. Hello Again,
    Another response in rapid succession I apologize. But this made me think of my grandson. I mention him all the time. He is almost 8 and autistic with some anger going on, March 23, 2015 8:05 A.M. in FAyetteville, NC USA.

    Anyway I just did a tarot on him and pulled the King of Swords, which I am sure I pulled for him before. He is pure Mars energy. He is Aries so I am guessing he would only use the natural house system? I don’t like the connotation of anger in that card and I do everything I can to expose him to lots of spiritual practices, lots of hugs and love, positive talk, tons of mantras.

    This is his Aries Line up: Sun 2°33′, Asc 20°10′, Mars 23°55′, and Uranus 15°40′

    This is his Taurus Line up: Moon 15°16′ and Venus 7°19′. Funny thing about this is he sings beautifully, espeically mantras, his voice is beautiful but he refuses to talk. I say refuses because he can sing.

    His Pisces Line up is: Mercury 16°30′ and Neptune 8°14′

    So these are his 12th, 1st, and 2nd houses. Do they all work together to form this mental stuff he’s going through. I am thinking with Neptune and Mercury in the 12th that is really clouding his subconscious mind and maybe his conscious thoughts too? Mercury is communication and in there with Neptune. Mars, Sun and Uranus all in his first house seems like that would be causing the volatility and anger he is experiencing, but the beautiful Moon and Venus in the 2nd house I would think gives him beautiful speech. I think there is a pull between what he’s feeling and what he wants to commicate. He’s feeling anger but wants to express beauty. HEY I AM NOT astrologer for sure but this is what I am getting out of this.

    I want with all my heart to help him. In Vedic astrology there are remedies. I wish there were in Western. He does start to sing mantras when he gets stressed sometimes.

    Funny that the King of Swords has all that love around him but can’t feel it. I had a friend who was a really bad alcoholic. He was trying to explain it to me. And one thing he said that always stuck with me, is that when you are an alcoholic you are surrounded by all this love, support, people who truly love you but you can’t feel it. Seems very much like this card and very much what I DON’T want for my baby. I want him happy, to feel all the love being sent to him, filling him and surrounding him.

    My grandson also had Jupiter in Leo at 13°00, Saturn in Sagittarius at 4°52′, Pluto in Capricorn at 15°33′ and NNode in Libra at 10°06′.

    I am praying some of these planets are supportive to him and will help him in life.


    1. Thank you GV. The King of Swords is not your grandson, it is his father (very likely) or perhaps his grandfather, uncle or another older male relative. He is strongly Aries but may have inherited this from his dad. This is the key figure in the question you are asking.

  85. Oh Wow! Thanks Jessica for letting me know that the King of Swords was Father or Grandfather. Funny thing his Dad has Moon and Asc in Taurus and his grandfather on his mom’s side has Moon and Asc in Capricorn. His mom has Moon in Taurus. And not one of them have anything in Aries! However, important to know, all three of them have isolated moons and are reclusive by nature.

    Now his grandfather on his father’s side I don’t know much about. I know he was maybe abusive, definately a drug addict, and died of an overdose. But I’ve never met him and I have no clue what his birth data is.

    1. The card is not about the drug-addicted grandfather as he is no longer with us. This card is about his father and that relationship, such as it is.

  86. Thank you, Jessica. I’m having my Aesculapia Return right now, at 26 degrees Aquarius. My North and South Nodes are also at this degree. Does this bear any significance?

    1. Your lunar nodes are at 26 Virgo-Pisces and yes, Aesculapia is at 26 Aquarius, so they are all linked. The latter is about friends and groups, where you are the miracle worker who brings people, organisations or situations back from the brink. You revive and resurrect friendships, clubs, teams, bands, societies, associations and so on. Whenever you do this, there is always a work, unpaid work or academic question (Virgo) involved. It works the other way around, too. If you strike situations where your health and wellbeing (Virgo) affect your job, role or course (Virgo) then a friend or group is automatically involved. This pattern is always triggered at 26 degrees. Pisces is the subconscious, spiritual part of the story. That part of you which is as submerged as an iceberg and hidden from view, is always along for the ride.

  87. Hello Jessica, thank you for your insights. I have been a member for a couple of months and regularly read your posts in order to learn and understand. You mention the start of the new node cycle, owing or being owed and refer to 18-19 years ago, also being Virgo I understand I should be more affected by this. I am trying to interpret this in relation to my chart and life events. 19 years ago I left a very promising career as a trained research scientist to become a mother. The path was full of challenges and obstacles which I managed to overcome with the training, knowledge and discipline I have as a research scientist. I now have a son who is healthy, well-balanced and finishing school, so I see myself „wealthy“ and successful in the respect of motherhood. During these 18-19 years I couldn’t work in a full time position in the industry I used to work in because of all the ongoing obstacles ( I don’t want to name them since it is such a long list, but almost everything that could go wrong went wrong), so I am now financially quite depleted, so in that sense, the past cycle has been a loss, unsuccessful. Now coming to this current time point, in the next weeks the company I have been working on for the last 1-1.5 years will go live meaning start offering products to the market. Am I going down the right path now? Or will I have to leave work like I did 19 years ago? My question also is, in view of my chart and life events, how to interpret the new node cycle. Am I owed or do I owe? I would be grateful for your input. Thank you, Kris

    1. Thank you. So, 19 years ago you quit work to become a mother. You’ve lost money, but here you are again, Kris, wondering if you should leave work again. You were born with the North Node at 17 Taurus in your Second House of personal income, property and valuables, as well as charity and business. The South Node at 17 Scorpio is automatically opposite and in your Eighth House of joint finances and shared property. So your past life involved being rich or poor and what was unresolved then, is now laid out again, as the transiting (travelling) North Node is again in Taurus and the South Node is in Scorpio. In fact you had your Nodal Return in August 2022, Kris. So you have been owed, karmically, or owed, after a past life, and now had closure on that. In March and April 2024, Jupiter with all his huge solutions, great breakthroughs and terrific answers, will move to 17 Taurus and for the first time in 12 years, you will find you have offers, options and opportunities to do more, have more, save more and gain more.

  88. Hi Jessica, I have my birth chart and forecast for 2023/24 but am confused with the house system and how to number them. So my understanding is that as my Ascendant is in Aries, is this my first house? I am trying to understand the forecast and plan ahead but have got lost …..
    My intention is to return back to my own home after caring for an elderly parent in the home he joins me. I am torn but have decided that this is best for me as my work is close by and I need to be selfish about my own wellness. I may eventually sell this home and get something smaller. I hope this way I am putting my past behind me and moving forward to some sense of freedom and financial stability.

    1. That’s okay. Astrology is complex. You are concerned with your parent and your home. That’s really no surprise as you were born with Ops at 2 Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family – and Mars at 2 Scorpio in the Eighth House of parents, legacies and the relatives’ budget with you. For the first time in 248 years Pluto is tracking 0, 1, 2 Aquarius and aspecting both those placements in your chart. Don’t rush this. Pluto moves very slowly and the first phase ends in June, then resumes in January 2024 through August that year, then picks up again November 2024 and completes, March 2025. Transiting Pluto makes you stronger; it empowers you. The rule is you have to use self-control to gain the control and also willpower to find the empowerment. Someone, or something, is playing Pluto here. It may be your parent, another person, a group, or just ‘the situation.’ You no doubt feel as if you are being controlled or taken over, much of the time. You can feel dominated. The trick with Pluto is to push back. This is what gives you the gift of strength, later on. As I said, it’s slow. You may want to chat to a professional about the financial or property side with Mars in the Eighth House of legacies.

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