Silicon Valley Bank SVB and Astrology

The March 2023 Wall Street Astrology Prediction

I’ve had a lot of questions on Twitter about my Wall Street astrology prediction, following the collapse of the SVB or Silicon Valley Bank in March 2023. The prediction was published back on 6th October 2022. In case you missed it, the full Wall Street astrology forecast is here, including dates yet to come. And here are the two quoted horoscope statements.

“Wall Street Astrology March – June 2022”

“Beyond the December 2022 drama after the big cover-up on Wall Street on 25th October 2022, we can expect radical market correction from March-June 2023. Do you win or lose? It depends on your chart. It also depends on what you owe, from 18 or 19 years ago, or what you are owed. Only the universe can decide that.

I would expect Mercury Retrograde from Friday, April 28th to Monday, May 1st, 2023, to be a chaotic crossroads.”

“Historic Change on Wall Street in March – June 2023”

“A cycle not seen in 240+ years begins in March-June 2023 and triggers the Elon Musk and NYSE chart. Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius. The North Node goes to 1 Taurus. The South Node goes to 1 Scorpio. Saturn goes to 1 Pisces. Uranus goes to 19 Taurus. Jupiter goes to 1 Taurus. The other red flag is Mercury Retrograde at 12 and 13 Taurus from April 28th to Monday 1st May.

March – June 2023 is a shock to the economic system not seen in our lifetime.”

Astrology, Uranus in Taurus and Shock

It’s almost a rule in astrology, that the mainstream media and financial industry will always be shocked or in panic when Uranus is in Taurus. The best Twitter account to track financial trends is Bloomberg (below) which you find @business and use to track timelines for horoscopes. For astrologers like me, though, there is no shock. Whenever you see transits with Uranus, which we certainly do with the Silicon Valley Bank, as well as Wall Street, we have upheaval. The predictable, unpredictable.


Bloomberg @business best Twitter account 1024x1024 - Silicon Valley Bank SVB and Astrology

The Astrology and SVB the Silicon Valley Bank

As predicted, using the Wall Street astrology chart, the drama is ongoing in March 2023. On Monday 13th March, the HSBC bough the UK arm of the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank in a rescue deal facilitated by Bank of England and UK government. CNN details the SVB collapse timeline from Wednesday 8th March, through Friday 10th March (bank failure) and at Monday 13th March it’s ongoing. This chimes with the astrology.

The bank run and takeover of Friday 10th March was the largest failure of a US bank since Washington Mutual in 2008.

How To Predict Finance and Astrology

You need ‘birth dates’ for any bank, business or company to predict the future. Astrologers use EDGAR, which gave us April 23rd 1982 (incorporation), October 17th 1983 (another incorporation) and November 14th 1984, a further incorporation. The SVB data is here for horoscope purposes.

EDGAR is here, if you are serious about figuring out transits for banks, charity, business and so on.

If you are enquiring for yourself, you have to do your own chart reading (not me) and you need to do the work, as your astrological chart is unique and will have its own patterns, which chime with (say) a bank. I never give financial advice – I give you resources and you do the rest, which as a Premium Member you can do, using your birth chart and the online membership library here.

Is It Rare? Is It In Taurus and/or Scorpio?

Slow-moving cycles, like the North Node, South Node, Uranus, Pluto and the rest only reach ‘birth’ degrees in Taurus and/or Scorpio, the money signs, very rarely. Big events like crashes happen rarely too. No matter if you are looking for a good day to launch a bank, or the risk of collapse, you are always looking for Taurus and/or Scorpio, so the Second House of personal income and Eighth House of shared income.

Every astrologer has her own rules. I use asteroids and the other factors which complete the Roman family tree of astrology that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest. I use an orb of maximum one degree.

How the SVB Astrology Charts Showed the March Crisis

Every baby has a birth place. We use Santa Clara, California for the Silicon Valley Bank. The time is unknown, until further information arrives, so we use 12 noon and don’t use the AC, MC, DC, IC or Moon. Why not? They are probably wrong, without a minute-accurate time. Still, the rest of the SVB astrology chart has good information, despite this.

Mercury, the planet of internet, media and contracts is at 16 Taurus in the Second House of Money in the chart set for 23rd April 1982. By the way, I use AstroGold software from Stephanie Johnson and Zane Stein. It’s the best in the world.

Mercury at 16 Taurus

Mercury at 16 Taurus in one of the three ‘birth’ charts shows the shock.  Transiting Uranus 15 Taurus in a conjunction with Mercury on 10th March 2023 – just one degree off. We allow a one-degree orb in modern astrology. Uranus is a symbol of upheaval, revolution, radical change and independence.

Switching to the chart for 17th October 1983 we find another version of SVB. This one has  Saturn at 5 Scorpio in the Eighth House of Joint Finance. The SVB astrology chart set for 17th October 1983 at 12.00pm in Santa Clara, California is really clear. The transiting North Node at 4 Taurus was in an opposition with Saturn on 10th March 2023. The transiting South Node at 4 Scorpio was in a conjunction with Saturn on 10th March 2023

Modern Astrology Charts and Silicon Valley Bank

This AstroGold chart uses Zero Aries (the Natural House System) and the complete asteroids and other factors of modern astrology, which complete the Roman family tree that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the rest. What you are looking for here, are the Second Houses and Eighth Houses, which rule ‘my money’ and ‘our money.’

You then line up exact aspects, with the same degrees. Allow one degree’s difference at the most. At a glance you can see the whole story. AstroGold runs two charts together. One is the birth chart. The other is the chart for the drama. From this you learn to predict the future. Silicon Valley Bank, in her 18th November 1984 version, gives her a Scorpio Sun. That fits. Scorpio rules complex finance – joint bank accounts – shares.

There are two other charts which also work nicely, but I’ll stick with this. She was born with Pluto at 3 Scorpio in the Eighth House. This bank wants total control and dominance. On crash day, transiting Apollo was at 2 Scorpio and the transiting South Node was at 4 Scorpio, in a sandwich. That’s just a tiny part of the story but enough to make it worth checking the rest of the chart too, for similar ‘noise’ patterns.


Silicon Valley Bank 1024x788 - Silicon Valley Bank SVB and Astrology

Similar Stories Told Three Times

You know you have drama ahead for a bank if a similar story is told three times, in three different ‘birth’ or incorporation charts.

Ceres at 16 Taurus in the Second House of Money is there, in the chart set for 18th November 1984, 12.00pm, at Santa Clara, California. Ceres is a symbol of power and control issues; necessary compromise and furious deal-making. This seems appropriate for a bank. I’ve mentioned Pluto. Well, how about Ceres?

Transiting Uranus at 15 Taurus in a conjunction (with a one-degree orb, almost exact) with Ceres on Friday 10th March 2023 rang the bell for the deals, like the HSBC bank in the United Kingdom, ready to purchase.

The common factor here as you can see, with two of the ‘birth’ charts  is Mercury at 16 Taurus in the 23rd April 1982 chart and Ceres at 16 Taurus in the 18th November 1984 chart, hit by the historic transit of Uranus at 15 Taurus.

Slow-Moving Cycles and the SVB

The big, slow-moving, historic transits from Uranus (once in your life) or the North Node and South Node (every 18-19 years) are always timed by faster-moving transits. Mercury moves very quickly and is about the internet, news and media – also contracts and agreements.

Mercury at 15 Pisces on Saturday 11th March and Vulcano at 15 Capricorn, also on Saturday 11th March and Sunday 12th March pulled in the timing. Capricorn rules corporate elites and government, of course, and Vulcano is about self-control. This is why we use asteroids.

Are There Natal Chart Issues? Anything Else at the Same Degrees? Close?

Fortuna is at 5 Virgo in the Sixth House of employees, the work force and trade unions in the 17th October 1983 chart, exactly sextile Saturn at 5 Scorpio. Uranus is at 6 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners  in the 17th October 1983 chart, so one degree away from a semi-sextile to Saturn at 5 Scorpio. You can do this with all three SVB astrology charts.

Does the Wall Street Astrology Chart Chime?

The best Wall Street astrology chart I know is set for 22nd April 1903 at 11.00am in New York City.

This is the chart I used to predict a March 2023 drama for Wall Street, a year before it happened. I also used it to time the December 2022 drama.

The SVB Astrology and Wall Street

This chart for Wall Street, which is nicely timed by an opening invitation from 1903, shows the MC at 16 Aries, South Node at 15 Aries, Apollo at 15 Leo, Ceres at 16 Leo, North Node at 15 Libra – so yes, the Wall Street astrology chart chimes with those two charts for the SVB with their big focus on 15, 16 Taurus. That’s a hotspot.

The other key factor was 4/5 degrees of Scorpio/Taurus as you will recall –  and we find Juno at 5 Sagittarius in the Wall Street chart, showing foreigners. That would be the UK and also the HSBC (China). We also have Venus at 5 Gemini, the sign ruling the internet. Silicon Valley startups are of course, Gemini by nature.

Learn Sun Sign Astrology at The Sun Sign School

We are relaunching The Sun Sign School on 1st April 2023 including natal charts, as well as solar charts and Tarot, by popular demand.

Pop-up Zoom workshops with me, hosted by co-ordinator Alicia Fulton, every weekend from Saturday 1st April 2023, will help you update your course (if you are already enrolled) or start from scratch. Online audio and video tutorials from professional astrologers and acclaimed authors Bernard Fitzwalter, Debbie Frank, Deborah Houlding, Maggie Hyde and Penny Thornton feature, along with familiar media faces like Natalie Delahaye – and some exciting new experts from The Astrological Lodge of London.

I’ll go into the Scorpio and Taurus patterns that show finance. We’ll also be joined by Kate Silas and Olga Morales later in 2023 so this is a good year to reboot your ongoing course or start learning.

I never tell anyone what to do with her or his money. You can use astrology as a tool kit, but it’s just one tool in the box. You make the choices, I don’t make them for you.

Yet, you can learn how to combine natal, solar and even Tarot techniques together to run your own horoscope, and I hope you can join us at Sun Sign School if you are curious about horoscopes.

Main Image: Katie Harp, Unsplash.


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121 Responses

  1. So, you are seeing this trend go through June. You mentioned it’ll be the worst collapse in our lifetime. I’m in a financial Telegram group and one high ranking member of said group, and who’s a financial analyst, claims what we’re seeing is the collapse of the US Banking system as we know it. He doesn’t know what we’ll replace the system with going forward, though he suspects digital coins, but he’s also explaining that every portfolio manager (he’s probably exaggerating here) is now thinking about their US Dollar exit strategy. He continues, “Confidence in the dollar and the banking system is shot. Liquidity will flee banks. Risk assets will soar.”

    This’ll be worse than 2008’s major depression? I know, however, that I thought you mentioned everything gets better in July, 2023? Like, we start a slow, but healthy uptrend in finances, and in life in general? I don’t know if I’m just making that up, but I thought you mentioned that in some of your amazing posts?

    1. I’ve not said it will be the worst collapse in our lifetime, just for the record. What happens will be shock after shock, which is typical of Uranus in Taurus. Your colleague believes this is the end of the US banking system and thinks the paper dollar will be replaced by cryptocurrency. What the astrology says is: one world digital currency by May 2024. It also says, we all gain, economically, from May 2023 to May 2024. This is likely mass arrests for money laundering and the seizure of assets. Perhaps, the end of criminal gains being used to buy up big city apartments. Jupiter is good for everyone. He is a symbol of solutions. It’s historic for him to be in Taurus, the money sign, along with Uranus (the revolution that sets us free) and so if we ask ourselves how we are all restricted by the global economy, I think most people would say – taxes and overpriced homes, in relation to our salary. Whatever happens in May 2023 (and it will be dramatic) looks like the beginning of the end of what/who confines us. If you throw in the end of Pluto in Capricorn, it’s a perfect storm. The elite have controlled wealth for 15 years. Not for much longer.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Excellent post as always. I’ve got a couple questions.

    From my understanding, Venus can sometimes represent markets in astrology or at least the aspects of them. Do you have any thoughts on what Venus conjunct North node will bring?

    As Jupiter moves into Taurus, what are your thoughts on how that might manifest itself in the economy?

    Its a theory I have, that as markets and economies become more unstable that people and institutions will sooner rush to real things like commodities (oil, copper, tin, etc) and hard assets rather then cash or bonds. Especially bonds being that this was the culprit for collapse of the 3 banks.

    Curious what your thoughts are!

    1. Thank you. Venus is tricky because she rules Taurus (so yes, Wall Street) but she also rules Libra (so not Wall Street – marriage, love and sex). I don’t use Venus as a symbol for finance for that reason. In general, Jupiter moving into Taurus alongside Uranus is ‘best and greatest’ financially for everybody. Jupiter is for we, the people, and is a broad symbol of sweeping win-win solutions and opportunities. Common sense says, this has to be dramatic arrests for money laundering, which mean the seizure of billions of dollars’ worth of assets, to be returned to governments, to benefit the taxpayer. Uranus in Taurus arrived with The Magnitsky Amendment to the Money Laundering Act, and that’s quite telling. Nothing has happened on any large scale yet, but Jupiter alongside Uranus from May 2023 to May 2024 should change that. The other really obvious example of Jupiter alongside Uranus in Taurus will be money for nothing. You’d expect Zuckerberg, Dorsey or Musk (or a fourth contender) to offer complimentary cryptocurrency credit to every user of their social media platform to begin trading with. That would be really interesting. I agree with you that as the markets and economies judder, until 2026, people will go back to real things rather than bubbles of trouble. Bonds, especially. That can only be a good thing.

  3. Another fascinating article Jessica. Love reading your blog and listening to your podcast. ( love the soundtrack too!) I have this south node transit (1 scorpio) conjunct with my natal Uranus. Does this mean surprises that feel like déjà Vu?

    1. Thank you. Yes, you were born with Uranus at 1 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, aspecting the lunar nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius in your Third House of media, internet, siblings, short journeys – and Ninth House of foreigners, academia and publishing. Regular upheavals set you free, liberating you from family/financial or family/property relationships, but also sexual and economic agreements (a mortgage and marriage is typical). For fated reasons, the web is always involved, very likely brothers, sisters or cousins (Gemini) and foreign cultures and places. You can’t really have the upheaval without those coming along for the ride. Uranus in Scorpio is generational so your entire generation is a catalyst for sudden, unpredictable economic shocks which upset the apple-cart and set everybody free. It typically takes great insight to appreciate how trapped you actually are. This is really about ‘the system’ which is taxes, borrowing money from the banks, high property prices and so on. As Pluto in Aquarius transits 0, 1, 2 Aquarius through to Christmas 2025, you will collectively but also individually be part of a revolution. So, you have 2-3 years of instability, yet instability can be liberating. A classic example is cryptocurrency which allows you all to operate without the usual banking system. You are up for quite an intense time, as transiting Pluto in Aquarius will square natal Uranus and you would want the best financial advice you can afford, as change meets you.

  4. Thank you Jessica
    I am a retiree and a Sun Cancer person with stelliums in Cancer Leo and Capricorn. Last October you kindly replied to me about property and stock market. I moved to Perth from Vic 18 months ago and although in a lovely rental I hope to buy a home here this year. Do you see 2023 as good timing to buy? I am needing your reassurance please…you also advised me that “Wall Street is going to correct and adjust as it always does; that I’d gain from that from May 2023 until May 2024. You mention in above blog that “March – June 2023 is a shock to the economic system not seen in our lifetime.” Allthough it seems there’ll be losses during those 3 months after June will things still be brighter and pick up for me ? Many thanks.

    1. You’d like to buy a home in Perth, Western Australia and have the Sun in Cancer and a huge stellium in Cancer at 1 through 28 degrees. When I said you could gain from May 2023 to May 2024 (the decision being in your hands, not mine) I was referring to Jupiter with all his abundance, hope, expansion and growth, moving through Taurus and your Second House of money, making a chain of useful sextiles to your Cancer placements in the Fourth House of property. Jupiter goes through 1-28 Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024. So you could do that in Perth, or Western Australia, or you could do it back in Victoria, or – anywhere. The choice really is your own. The shock to the economic system is global and will affect all of us. It is the upheaval that sets us free. Most people are not aware of how tightly controlled they are by politicians and banks. That changes quite dramatically at the New Moon in Taurus on 19th May.

    1. Thank you. The Sun Sign School is about to transform its appearance, structure and tutor line-up so it may take a little time, but until then, catch up with brilliant tutorials from Stephanie Johnson, Natalie Delahaye, Bernard Fitzwalter and Penny Thornton which are relevant to March 2023.

  5. Dear. jessica. wow~! I read your blog post again and had a meditation session after seeing the SVB bankrun incident. I have a feeling that the waves will be bigger than expected. In the midst of this, Saturn is currently in conjunction with my natal sun. I’m currntly in professional difficulties .i have to hard working to fix it. Can you please give me some advice?

    1. Funnily enough, my computer screen shook, when I was asked about the Silicon Valley Bank and particularly Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex. I agree. This is not over. Fortunately I put down all the predictions last year so I don’t have to do it again! You were born with the Sun at 0 Pisces in the Twelfth House of religion, spirituality, hypnosis, therapy, psychics and so on. Saturn at 0 Pisces is indeed in a conjunction with your Sun, but this is about your meditation, not your career. Your chart shows no serious career issues. You should be happily relaunching your title, appearance and reputation, actually, with Jupiter in Aries in your First House of image until May 16th.

  6. Jessica, I am hearing the New York based bank named Signature Bank failed today. And HSBC offered to buy Silicon Valley Bank.
    Will there be a general consolidation of banks perhaps through this Spring? Thank you. Best, Cecelia

    1. Thank you Cecelia. Yes, a second bank is in the frame. What we are seeing here is not consolidation. It is upheaval. Uranus rules shock in astrology and in Taurus, the literal translation is ‘economic shock.’ There is a perfect storm here with Pluto entering Aquarius. Again, the literal translation is power to the people. The really obvious outcome is that once we go to the New Moon in Taurus on 19th May, alongside Jupiter in Taurus and the North Node in Taurus, we will see at least one genuine alternative to the banking system presented to everybody. Not just a few Bitcoin obsessives. Something that ordinary people can relate to and use, around the world.

  7. Reallu interesting Jessica. Maybe a war to democratize online earnings begins. By buying SVB (if he does) Elon could monetize everything on Twitter overnight and skip the queue to apply for a charter bank. On the other side of the pond HSBC (China China China) just paid £1 for a whip hand over numerous tech start ups. It’s going to be wild.

    1. You can sniff the air and smell trouble for Xi Jinping, can’t you? Anyone who fronts up looking like Mr. Pluto in Capricorn, just as Pluto is going out of that sign, is somewhat doomed. Giving yourself too much power, surrounding yourself with men (seldom women) and keeping it purely Chinese is a big Pluto in Capricorn signal, and Pluto in Aquarius comes on March 23rd. I have no idea what the HSBC involvements are, but this does not look like a particularly empowered future, to put it politely (and say the very least). Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, together until 2026, suggests Power to the People, to quote Mr. Lennon (“Right on”) and a radical new way of earning, saving or making money. If anyone can do it, it will be Musk and/or Dorsey. My money would be on Dorsey actually. Let’s see.

  8. Dear Jessica,
    This is a brilliant and timely piece.

    The universal currency is definitely a strong possibility.

    Also, I am amazed at how quickly you addressed SVB.

    In 2008, it was too big to fail.

    Now the observation about some institutions
    : Too Small to Survive, let alone Succeed.

    I bet you will be fielding many many comments now, given how high quality your Q&A section is.
    The mass Exodus will happen.

    This Meetup will be attended by those who have asked you about Wall Street shock waves, here and on Twitter, for sure.

    The Solar eclipse on April 20 squares my Venus, at 29 degrees Cancer.
    Jupiter at 28 Sagittarius.
    Should I expect a death ?
    This is a scary eclipse,

    Please help.

    1. Thank you Jo. Astrology tends to be right, even as the media is proclaiming the reverse – and so it was with the Silicon Valley Bank. I look forward to The Taurus Weather this weekend on Zoom and we will have more to talk about than we planned. Astrology does not predict death, in answer to your question. It cannot, should not and does not. Avoid the Solar Eclipse and allow a day either side. You will be in the dark, with the real picture obscured, and cannot see/will not know – what is really going on. It’s just common sense not to act or judge at such times. It will concern a family member, household member, or an issue with your house, apartment, town or country. It will probably involve a complicated person who has a complicated relationship with you. Just bypass. No big deal.

  9. Hi Jessica

    It’s great to have the Astro weather forecast. There are changes potentially for me personally with separation and therefore needing to sell and buy a new home. Gut was telling me to sit tight and wait for 1/ Pluto in Capricorn to bugger off and 2/ see what impact the ‘fixed interest rate cliff’ has when about a million borrowers fixed rates go up.

    Professionally, I am in an employment arrangement that contracts me to a super fund. This contract expires 31/3 and this week I expect to receive a contract to be employed directly by the fund from 1 April.

    Given my Taurus/Scorpio factors are well and truly pinged, I am interested to know your thoughts.

    Also, on a bigger level, our Pisces PM and treasurer (just celebrated their birthdays on the same day), are due to drop the federal budget second Tuesday in May, falling right in this period. I’m curious to see how it will look given all you mention in this article and recent Saturn in Pisces.

    Thanks so much

    1. Thank you Sharlene. The Australian Federal Budget in May will be a Father Christmas budget, with something for everyone. How could it be otherwise, with Jupiter entering Taurus? I would expect investment in public transport given the Prime Minister’s chart, but also in mobility between states and from Australia to New Zealand. And so to your chart. You have Taurus/Scorpio patterns at 15, 16, 17, 18 degrees which suggests you habitually go through financial, property, charity or business drama (up, down or sideways) as transits cross 15, 16, 17, 18. It is happening as you read this. Uranus with all his instability, upheaval and ‘instant independence’ delivery is at 15 Taurus and will be moving across those degrees until May 10th 2023. You are separated, so free at last, are seeing the end of a contract and so on. You could save or make money easily when Jupiter goes to 15, 16, 17, 18 Taurus in August, September 2023 then March, April 2024 so those dates may turn up on the paperwork. You are in a classic cycle for “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” to quote Miss Joplin, but also – you cannot purchase liberty from Liberty.

  10. Hi Jessica, many thanks for your post. This transit hits my chart pretty badly, or I’ve been reading it all wrong (which I hope). The year 2022 and this year so far has not been the best financially. Hope this trend reverses soon. I would appreciate your guidance. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. You have a large Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance and property, valuables and business – and charity. You also have the North Node at 27 Taurus in your Second House of personal income and the South Node at 27 Scorpio, again in the Eighth House. The bigger picture is Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026 which is an ongoing revolution in the national and world economy which liberates people from situations where they may have been quite unaware of just how confined they were, or how trapped they would be long-term. That is a polite way of saying, upheaval (say, from Covid-19) can set you free, because you take your part in The Great Resignation, and stop working for the man, trading good health and freedom, for dollars. That’s a random example. In your own chart and life you are very fixed, as Scorpio is a fixed sign. You don’t do change. Yet, you must do change, if you are going to surf these waves in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026. You stand to gain from a terrific solution when Jupiter goes to 27 Taurus in May 2024. Transiting Jupiter in a conjunction with the natal North Node last happened May-June 2012 which gives you some clues.

  11. I would not trust Zuckerberg or Musk or ANY of those guys to give away anything without getting something in return. Keep in mind who they are in bed with–Russian Oligarchs, Saudis–not exactly people who are interested in the well being of the common person.

    Here’s a great article on the SVB situation.

    The tech bros seem groovy–but they aren’t wise people. They may be smart–but without wisdom they are dangerous. They have caused massive amounts of death – Mayamar, India, and of course all the Co-vid disinformation. They are not our heroes. We need to be our own heroes.

    1. The deal with Twitter, Facebook or Blue Sky cryptocurrency would be – you get something for nothing – they expect you to spend it within the network. So billions of people could end up being on-paper (on-computer) better off, which would suit the Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus transit. I don’t think you’ll find many readers on this website who are flag-waving fans of Musk, Dorsey, Zuckerberg. What you say: “We need to be our own heroes” will happen once Pluto goes into Aquarius from March 23rd 2023, until the year 2044, when power goes to the people, and to women who hold up half the sky. That will be quite exhilarating and liberating from 2026, when Uranus (the revolution) goes into Gemini (the internet) and naturally complements the Pluto in Aquarius cycle of empowerment for everybody.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a sun Gemini and a member since 2020. I really enjoy and learn a lot from your posts and comments. You were absolutely right in your March 30, 2021 post “Conscious Cafe – Change Your Luck” when you wrote “If you have anything at Cancer 22, 23, 24 you will renovate, redecorate, relocate or sell property successfully in April 2022.” We did all of that and sold our house in April of 2022. We paid off debts, put the money in a local bank, not a national bank, and not in the stock market following your prediction from another post. We have less than the maximum $250K FDIC government backing if our bank fails. We are now renting a house near the ocean and would like to stay another year before buying another house. Our lease is up in May of 2023. We don’t know of our landlord’s finances.
    My question is regarding my Virgo husband. I just bought his chart on your site. Not sure of his birth time so I chose 12 noon, though I believe his ascendant is my Aquarius descendant. Does the incorrect birth time affect the entire chart? You mention the lunar nodes of 19 years ago and what we owe or what is owed to us. 19 years ago was 2004. My husband lost his job when the company got bought out by a huge conglomerate and the employees got a small severance. He felt he got a raw deal considering the work he did that put the company in a position to attract that buyer. It took 2 years of unemployment before he got another job with the same pay and health insurance. He worked for the same pay with no raises for the next 8 years, got laid off in 2014 and got his current job a month later for the same pay but no health insurance. He likes the job, he is the executive director at a non profit, he got a small raise but they refuse to offer any benefits, especially health insurance, which is too expensive to buy on our own with a huge deductible. Do you see any positive change coming for him? thank you!

    1. Thank you for validating my astrology prediction for you. Congratulations on paying your debts off and staying secure. I never tell anyone what to do, but astrology weather forecasts are there to be used, so I am glad you used yours to successfully sell your home. An incorrect birth time means – avoid using the Ascendant (AC), Descendant (DC), Midheaven (MC) and Immum Coeli (IC). Don’t use the Moon either. If you see anything right on the edge of 0 degrees or 29 degrees that is in question, too. The rest of the chart will work. Your husband had a classic ‘owed’ moment 18-19 years ago on the last node cycle. Yes, he’s in the zone to save or make money, ongoing, until May 16th.

  13. Thanks Jessica! i’ve been patiently waiting and hoping for this change to come. i’ve a Taurus stellium (South Node, Ceres and Psyche at 29 degrees, Mars at 14 degrees and IC at 11 degrees) and factors in Scorpio (North Node at 29 degrees, Ops at 14 degrees and MC at 11 degrees). i’m trying to find out the times when Jupiter, the North Node and Uranus will hit 11, 14 and 29 degrees. I don’t have the Astrogold software so can you please tell me the time periods to watch out for? Thank you! By the way, I was leading a group of women on a work project. One woman was in a higher level position and was undermining me. I tried to stay professional and think the rest of the group could see what was going on. I thought it could’ve chimed with the last of Pluto in Capricorn opposite my Sun in Cancer. I’ll have to see her once more – hopefully the meeting will be closer to the time Pluto is in Aquarius. I’d really appreciate your psychic insights about the situation. I maintained my professionalism but the situation felt really unfair and upsetting. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, together with the North Node in Taurus, for a short window (May, June, July) is extremely unusual. None of them will hit 11, 14 and 29 degrees together. They are like trains overtaking each other on the track. Uranus is already at 15 Taurus as you read this, so has been going over your natal Mars. “The financial or property revolution triggers action.” Uranus will slowly move to 29 degrees by 2025, so this slow cycle of liberation, independence, upheaval and autonomy covers 2023, 2024, 2025. For that reason you stay flexible with your arrangements so you can deal with the zig-zag. The lunar nodes have already long passed your chart patterns and are now at 5, 4 going back to 0 by July 2023. Jupiter seems the most likely transit that picks up your chart. The Romans called him Optimus Maximus (best and greatest) so if you maximise your optimism when he forms conjunctions with your chart, you typically do well, saving or generating money. He is at 11 Taurus in July 2023, 14 Taurus in August 2023, then at 29 Taurus in May 2024. As for the woman undermining you at work, that is quite common on a Pluto in Capricorn transit. She goes, or you no longer care, or the situation ends – March 23rd 2023. Stay professional. These people tend to be sacked, resign or just moved out of power when the cycle ends.

  14. Wow Jessica!

    You are truly amazing!Credit Suisse down over 20% after top shareholder rules out more assistance. We have a major global banking and finance crisis arriving just in the timeframe you said it would. I knew one was coming like I wrote in my predictions I shared with you a while back but I never get the timeframe when I channel .I often get a feeling if it’s closer in time or further down the road and lately my guides been very persistent about a major economic downfall that will change the global economic system to the core. But they also say that whatever will replace it will be a more fair and equal system . Sounds to me like pluto in aquarius at work starting to unfold.
    Also did you see or read the interview Prince Harry did with Gabor Mante where he admitted to using psychadelic drugs? and used( using maybe?) marijuana? I didn’t really think that he would confirm it, remember that I wrote it in the Harry blog that I feelt he was using because he’s energy was off. He didn’t feel grounded at all, well now we know why.

    March is going to be a intense month!

    Take care and all my best to you and Jess
    / Anna

    1. Thank you Anna. Your guides are correct. We are seeing history made here, with Pluto leaving Capricorn and removing all the power from the male elite – while Uranus prepares to bring great financial freedom and independence from May 2023, together with Jupiter, with all his solutions. It’s a double whammy. As for Prince Harry, he has a huge Virgo stellium, and that’s pretty common when people turn to medication or alternative substances. I agree, March is intense.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Great article, I love taurus/scorpio factors because I have these in my chart. Would you recommend holding back buying any kind of home/car etc. until we pass this weather? after June? What gains can be made with this pattern, any recommendations?

    1. Thank you. You have a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House and a small Taurus chart pattern. I don’t make recommendations about money, houses, apartments or cars – I would prefer you use the three digital card decks on this website to personalise a reading for yourself. In general, this is turbulence. You will have transiting Uranus opposite your Scorpio stellium as late as April 2026, so you need a nice, flexible plan for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 which will enable you to meet change, with change. You were born with Mercury at 29 Scorpio. Mercury rules paperwork and negotiations. In Scorpio this is about family legacies, your legacy, and anything with a husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or wife that involves the bank. The opposition from Uranus is years away but be mindful of that when inking in dates on paper. So I’m going beyond your immediate question, but it’s not a bad idea to be aware of these transits.

  16. Hello Jessica

    Back in 2003, I left my career in financial planning after 2 years working for a company that showed me the greedy, soulless side of finance. I invested a lot of my own money, as well as my mother’s, trying to make a go of it, but I was ill suited for the job because I was not driven by personal profit and achievement. Nor would I tell clients falsehoods. I learned a LOT during that time, and it will be very interesting to see how that manifests for me during this Taurus cycle.

    Many thanks,

    1. Thank you. Sharon, you were born with Neptune at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. This would be your mother’s bank account as well as your own. It also includes any marital finance, like a mortgage. Neptune is the escape from reality and in Scorpio and the Eighth House it is often a real estate bubble. So a house, block of land or apartment which doubles in value, even though nothing is actually ‘real’. It is also a credit card. The purchase and ownership is not real; it belongs to the bank until you pay it back. Neptune is insulated alternative reality. I am going on about this because Saturn was trine your natal Neptune at 0 Pisces in the first half of March 2023. You also have, upcoming, Pluto at 0 Aquarius, so transiting Pluto will square natal Neptune. This is a long transit and yet you will notice it most, March 23rd through June 11th, to begin with. Sharon if you are not already chatting to a financial advisor it may be a good idea. A square is what cannot be squared or made to fit, comfortably. Pluto is dominating, controlling, powerful people or organisations – sometimes the forces of nature. So your bubble is about to be pranged by Pluto. As late as December 2024, you will be dealing with this, so have a look now and see what you can do.

  17. Sorry, off topic, why is everything so bad for me right now (mental health, family, friends, career) and is there anything I can do to make things better?
    Thanks in advance, all your comments are so insightful.

    1. I am sorry you are having a rotten time. Let’s see what is going on – and when it stops – and what you can do. Okay so Pluto at 29 Capricorn is the issue. He is in an historic conjunction with your natal Ceres at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition, position and mission. This can only happen every 248 years, so no wonder you feel under the pump. You also have a number of factors at 29 degrees, hooked into Pluto, so it’s not just about work, unpaid work or academia. It affects other things too. Basically, Pluto is out of your hair from March 23rd until June 11th, when you can take stock, sit back on your heels and see what is going on, without the pressure. Pluto shows up as people who want control; who seek to dominate; who are ‘my way or the highway’ and organisations which have far too much power. Pluto’s gift is to empower you by making you lean on your willpower and self-control, so that you can level the playing field but also become a far stronger person. Pluto loses his power from March 23rd. You will see a repeat of some situations, but those involved, individually or collectively, will have lost their potency. That is very good news for you. What can you do to make things better? Use self-discipline. Push back against who/what seems to run the show, by creating your own show. Write your own script and direct it. It’s a big ask but you will own the situation and become a more formidable person as a result of it. This applies right across the board. The mental health issues you mention, are not specified by you, but you obviously need to see a doctor as your first step, if you’ve not already done so.

  18. And now, Credit Suisse is about to collapse. You have mentioned earlier their money laundering and collapse together with taking Russia down with them – Jessica, you are absolutely brilliant and precise!

    1. Yes, I filed twice on Credit Suisse, both on this website and at Substack, so I need to find those predictions and pop them into The Astrology Show Podcast for next week’s ‘True Predictions, New Predictions’ segment. Thank you for reminding me.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I established my own business and want to know the business chart. Do I take the date and time when i applied for the business registration or do I take the time and date when I got my actual business certificate?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Take both dates and times, and see which degrees repeat. Pay special attention to Taurus and Scorpio. Thank you.

  20. Hi Jessica
    I’ve just joined as a member and received my birth chart which I am currently trying to learn about and understand how it all works.
    In the interim, relation to financial matters, I was wondering if you could provide me with some insights as to what my chart reflects?
    I have some money which is currently all sitting in a bank while I work out how to invest it but your predictions in this article and the other comments have raised some concerns that there is a sense of urgency to get the money locked into investments as soon as possible. Based on my chart, does this sound correct? I have an impending feeling of fear about it all.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    1. I don’t advise on finance but I can tell you what to look for in your chart, so you can create your own reading, using the astrology, but also the Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Garden Oracle on this website. You have factors at 7 through 24 degrees of Taurus and/or Scorpio, in your Second House of income and joint finance. Uranus is at 15, 16 Taurus in March 2023 so you are 3/4 of the way through this transit of sudden events which overturn what you had anticipated. This has already happened to you with Covid-19 in 2020 which scuppered your national economy and the world economy, too. Uranus signs off from 24 Taurus for you in March 2025 but until then the usual rules apply. Arm yourself with information. Expect the unexpected. Be flexible so that you can adapt and adjust rapidly, to change. This transit will form conjunctions with your Taurus factors and oppositions with your Scorpio factors, so have a word with a tried, tested and trusted financial professional about how to meet change, in changing times. Uranus is neither good nor bad. It often ends up being a good thing; it liberates, offers independence, freedom and the buzz of being fully alive. If you are wedded to all that is permanent, known, traditional, conventional and ‘secure’ you are unlikely to get on with this transit, but the bottom line is – information is what you need – and you need to update as often as you can.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Just a random thought could the “shock after shock ” , ” your money, our money” be other banks collapsing ?
    Not looking to cause a panic but I woke up this morning and just had the thought in my mind. Enough to check that the bank I use had not been in the news lately.
    I then read something online about Credit Suisse and remembered you had written about this bank some time ago.
    I am no astrologer so thought I would throw it out there to you.
    That would be something we have not seen ( well no in my lifetime) . I know they have safety nets in place for this kind of thing, but nothing would surprise me these days.
    Any thoughts on this ? or am I may off the mark
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. Yes, I filed a prediction about Credit Suisse on Substack before Putin attacked Ukraine. This is all war karma for the bank. What we are seeing in the astrology is the end of Pluto in Capricorn on March 23rd (the end of 15 years of a male elite controlling power and money) and the start of people power – Pluto in Aquarius. At the same time, Uranus in Taurus is ongoing. The revolution in the world economy that sets us free. So this is really 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and it’s a slow process of complete system change. The current model for the world economy is: borrow money on credit card and mortgage. Borrow, partly to pay tax. Rent, not own, because property is too expensive to buy on a normal salary. Borrow to buy things you don’t need, so taking from Mother Earth and Mother Nature, to the point where other species go extinct. Well…expect deep transformation.

  22. Hi Jessica, thank you again for an excellent post. I wanted to ask you about a new gig opportunity that’s come my way. This is the my mainstream job, very different from what I’ve been doing but has come via a former colleague, an older male. I’m just a little scared of moving forward with something so unknown, would love your guidance.

    1. Thank you. This sounds like it will be either a Virgo or Capricorn matter in your chart, so let’s take a closer look. You are a Leo with a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work, academia and unpaid work. If the role begins later in May, your timing is terrific in your public chart and private chart. Even if you started in March but the first project was timed for May, Jupiter in Taurus would be in your solar Tenth House of success (Jupiter being a symbol of expansion and good fortune) and also trine everything you have in Virgo in your natal Sixth House of workload. Have a look at the Tarot to validate this timing, but either with this gig or another, your future looks bright.

  23. Thanks Jessica, What a great response , it already feels like what you are saying has begun ( you can feel something in the air as they say) and I love ” the start of people power” and ” The revolution in the world economy that sets us free'” . Bring it on, I say.
    I still may just withdraw my little bit of cash from the bank and pop it under the mattress.
    Stay well and many thanks for taking the time to answer.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    I must say I love your weekly podcast. I listen to it when I’m walking my dogs.
    I have my moon at 1° Taurus, MC 2° Aqu, and IC 2° Leo. Should I expect some financial shocks? It feels like I’ve been walking a tightrope financially since 2008, so nothing would surprise me.

    Thank you for all you do!

    1. Thank you Kim. I record the podcast with my dog Tess locked in the kitchen so she can’t bark all the way through it! (Plenty of nice bones though). Your MC and IC depend on a clock time of birth being 100% accurate. Just your Moon at 1 Taurus is enough to work with though. You need to be needed, financially. You nurture, protect, accommodate and comfort using your money, house, possessions, apartment, charity or business. Your maternal instinct is channelled into the material and financial world. Long before you get to Pluto at 1 Aquarius square Moon at 1 Taurus in January 2025 (the challenge to change) – you have the wonderful opportunities and solutions of Jupiter at 1 Taurus in May 2023. You were actually born with natal Jupiter in Scorpio, so transiting Jupiter will be in opposition to natal Jupiter, starting in May 2023 and by May 2024 I would have expected your biggest issue to be dealing with something – truly big. The Tarot can give you an insight closer to the time. Take care when entering into any new agreement in January 2025, though. Get another pair of eyes on it.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    Great post, thank you for sharing your insight. I recently joined the premium membership because I find tons of value in your content.

    Was wondering if you could share your thoughts on how these coming transits can affect my finances and career? I’ve been trying to save money to buy a house and would like to be prepared considering there’s a lot happening (and about to happen) in the finance world. I’d like to protect myself from losses but also take opportunites that may arise, just trying to ride the waves as they come and make the best of it.

    Thank you.

    1. Riding the waves is exactly right. The first wave is the shock of Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse. The shockwaves will reach all our shores. Some will gain from May 2023 to May 2024 as there will be a buyers’ market for property in some countries. I don’t know where you live, so can’t comment on that. Jupiter is the solution, for a great many questions you have about your house, apartment, office, will, business, charity and so on – from May. Riding the waves as they come is the right idea. Uranus is about shockwaves and surfing them. He is here until 2026. Astrology is really clear – this is the same cycle as the last war. The value of things; the price of things; the economic structure – is all on track to be wildly unrecognisable by 2026. So your approach is the right one. You have that kind of chart and know how to zig-zag when you have to. The Tarot can tell you more, on a personal level, on this website.

  26. Woww !! I will applaud the change toward a much more egalitarian approach to business, politics, commerce and money. At the same time, I imagine these upheavals will effect us all and it will not be easy. In your recent posts, you spoke of empowerment given that I have a stellium which includes Sag and Cap. But, that I also have placements at 0-8 degrees which it seems would cause things to move slowly. As a Sag, I really do not enjoy being slowed down or held back, but I’ll do my best to not get frustrated. Would you also be able to indicate how and in which areas of life this broader financial upheaval will effect me? Thanks so much !

    1. Thank you. You will notice a bump around 23rd March. It’s the end of being controlled, or dominated, by money, property, business or charity. Perhaps – shopping or selling. Rather than endless questions about who is leader of the pack, top dog or in the dog house, you will see an end to the situation. Various people or organisations have put on the mask of Pluto over the last 15 years and played the part. The latest is designed to make you stronger. It probably has. You have been forced to use your willpower and self-control with this person, organisation or situation – because if you do not – you are in trouble. So, March-June is a revelation, and the first time you’ve seen your bank account with this since 2008. Pluto can only go backwards and so even though there may be a replay of one matter, Pluto has lost all his power. You have the North Node at 15 Taurus in your Second House of personal finance, property, business and charity. Your last past life was all about being rich or poor. You are owed from that lifetime and stand to save or make money, if you take the opportunity, when Jupiter goes to 15 Taurus in March 2024. That date may even be on your paperwork now.

  27. Hi Jessica, As ever, thank you for another fascinating article. I have been drawn into a terrible situation with my Aquarius business partner (DOB 17Feb1977) since April 2022. We have (unsuccessfully) tried to find a way to “divorce” since then. Recently, she has threatened with court case – in my view, she has no legal grounds for this. I see this as a “bullying” tactic to get me out of the business, without her paying anything for my shares. She has also incorporated another business with similar name to ours…Beyond shocking! It has been an emotionally exhausting year for me, where I haven’t been able to progress professionally. Is there light at the end of the tunnel for me (in both fronts: ending relationship with business partner & making progress professionally)? Thank you

    1. I am truly sorry about this Aquarius woman. You want to get rid of her and I can see why. You have the North Node at 14 Libra and Pluto at 15 Libra in your Seventh House of duets and duels. It is opposite the South Node at 14 Aries in the First House of reputation, title and appearance. This is past life. She is your last, past life – whatever role she played then – and she may have been your husband. This is karmic in nature and will not be completely resolved until the transiting nodes return to 14 Aries and Libra, in May and June 2024. For the first time in 18-19 years, the transiting North Node goes to 14 Aries then and the transiting South Node goes to 14 Libra. Does that mean you have to wait for any progress at all? No. Reduce the stakes. You are in a position to reduce the fire power of the issues. You can’t stop the wheel of karma, but you can ignore the business with a similar name to yours (what a waste of time on her part). Given her chart, this is as much a burden for her, as anything else. She is severely weighed down by it. But enough about her. You say “we have” so you and your partner, presumably, are against her. This is a classic Libra story in your chart. Figure out the “we’ with your other half, before you even get to her. I strongly recommend you use the Tarot on this website to figure that out, and then look at her. Follow the steps. You also need to pick your battles and if necessary cut your losses. Add up how much it costs you in peace of mind, productivity (lost) and so on. People can be dastardly. They can also waste your time. Again, I recommend using the Tarot to find out if you would have sky fall, if you were out of the business with no payout for your shares. This might sound radical, but we are in radical times now, economically. As much as she is your past life, so is the person you are with – the “we” in the story – and you’d be surprised at how important that is, even though you don’t mention his/her name. Finally, there is nothing stopping you from being successful. You have a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work, service and duty and are the perfect employee, or the perfect CEO who serves her market. A terrific Jupiter trine from Taurus to this, May 2023 to May 2024, can help you go higher, if you understand your Virgo side and use it. Have a look at Modern Astrology 2050 if you’ve not done so. Look up Virgo Stellium.

  28. I don’t have much to add but just wanted to say huge thank you for being so selfless with your blog and answers. You are truly amazing. Have a great day!

  29. So much value in your blogs, Jessica. Thank you! It seems that there are so many potential tipping points up ahead – economic collapse, thanks to the banks over-extending themselves and the arrogance of the tech superstars. Social upheaval, due to the mismanagement of finance and tech and the distraction of social media trivia. Political shenanigans on a global scale. Emotional meltdown, as people try to get to grips with all this in their daily lives. It’s a scenario encapsulated in the movie title: ‘Everything. Everywhere. All at once.’ My question: Could the major shifts of both Saturn and Pluto somehow be actively managed to mitigate the possibility of total disaster? As a Sun 23 Taurus in the 2nd house, with Jupiter and Uranus both at 24 Cancer in the 4th house and an international career in management consultancy, I work with corporate clients to stress-test their organizations during major change. How can I harness the astrology to best help them?

    1. Thank you. You are at the heart of what is going on – even now – as sharemarkets deal with the fall-out from Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse. Your chart shows Saturn at 17 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. That shows ring-fenced obstacles for you, which you were born with. Transiting Uranus at 17 Taurus in opposition to your natal Saturn at 17 Scorpio from April 6th to 23rd is historic, rare and worth anticipating. If your time is correct, then the Ascendant (ASC) and Descendant (DSC) are also at 17 degrees, so your image and any duets or duels in your life, would also be pulled in. You work with corporate clients to stress-test, but will yourself be tested. Setting aside the birth time, let’s just focus on the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Defences, systems, methods and ‘walls’ you have built your entire life – or which have been constructed around you – have made it difficult to get into particular financial, business or property situations, or almost impossible to get out of them. Have a look at those now. Anticipate and prepare. The walls will be shaken by Uranus. This is a one-off. You have an Aquarius stellium and very close to this, from March 23rd, Pluto with all his potential empowerment and new control moves into Aquarius and your Eleventh House of groups, societies, associations and other circles. Power is in the room from that point and you can share in it, or own it. It will change your life. Within the group are proper friends and allies. This may be directly connected with the necessary changes in your finance, business, charity or property situation or an indirect event, but it is also important to know it’s coming. Much, much later, transiting Jupiter at 24 Taurus will form a perfect sextile with natal Jupiter and Uranus at 24 Cancer in your Fourth House of real-estate and home. That’s marvellous to see and it will help you add to, increase, enhance and capitalise on your investment, or perhaps a new lease or purchase, renovation or similar. That’s May 2024.

  30. Thank you very much, Jessica, for all your analysis.
    Those transits go through my 12th house, is it scary ?
    Would you say that, at an individual level, is it better not to invest in anything right now ? Or, what to invest in ?
    Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo woman with a large Virgo stellium in your Sixth House, so actually your workload, wellbeing and work-life balance is the main story. This shows up in your public chart and private chart. March 23rd is a turning point as Pluto leaves your solar Sixth House of health and work routines (paid, unpaid or academic) after 15 years. That is the end of ongoing questions about how much control you have, or self-control, since 2008. In astrology, Pluto’s gift is empowerment, strength, influence and clout – but it has to be earned. The fact that Saturn is now in Pisces in opposition to your Virgo stellium in your natal Sixth House, until 2026, suggests that 2023-2024 is a turning point for the way you eat, drink, exercise and look after yourself. It is also a turning point for your sense of service and duty to others. From May 2023 Jupiter enters Taurus and will slowly trine your Virgo stellium until May 2024, bringing expansion, growth and overdue improvement. So the story is actually not so much financial, but it is about what money cannot buy – feeling fit for duty on all levels. Reporting, fit for duty, whatever that duty you feel, truly is.

  31. Hi Jessica, thank you again for an excellent post. I wanted you ask about my career. I’m in a job that has been sort of a comfort zone for many years me but I’m increasingly disappointed because of workplace politics. I’m looking for new jobs but I’m not making much headway because of which I’ve begun doubting my skills. While I’m thankful to have a job and not worry about my finances I’m very frustrated with my current situation. Any insights into if this situation will change in the near future?

    1. Thank you. Work is Capricorn and/or Virgo in the chart. You have a stellium in Virgo with Hygiea at 27 Virgo, so are in a rare cycle with Pluto passing 27 Capricorn, trine Hygiea. Workplace politics is typical and has nothing to do with you. This does get better. In fact, once Pluto is out of Capricorn from March 23rd you will see what a career can be like without constant questions about who is top dog, leader of the pack and so on. You are so strongly Virgo that your sense of duty and service to other people is really valuable as you are not looking for glory, so much as desiring to do the best job you possibly can, in meticulous detail. You are always on-point with your work. What you are going through is ‘transiting Pluto in Capricorn trine natal Hygiea in Virgo’ and I am sure you are frustrated with the situation, but you will be far happier from May 2023 when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, as Jupiter with all his solutions, growth, hope and expansion moves into Taurus and forms a series of rare trines to your Virgo stellium, culminating in May 2024. So you’re on the right road. Don’t doubt yourself, lots of bosses would be thrilled to have you on board.

  32. Hello Jessica, you continue to surpass yourself with excellent content! Thank you. You very kindly replied to me elsewhere regarding my long-desired career change and said things would change for me from the end of March. I’ve been able to make some links with some amazing and inspiring organisations that work in the areas of my interest, however at the moment mostly I need to do voluntary work to build experience before I can move forward into paying roles. Though this is very motivating and exciting, I am increasingly worried about money. I came home from an overseas role a few years ago in a strong financial position but a series of bad experiences has changed that. My corporate consulting work has all but dried up, I’ve used up a chunk of my savings, and I am doing low-paid care work to keep myself going. Now it seems we are moving into a very turbulent financial period globally. Does the astrology indicate a change in my fortunes anytime soon? Thank you so much Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Taurus rules your personal income; Scorpio rules joint finance and property – so always check that in your chart to see what the planets are doing. You have two oppositions across Taurus and Scorpio and Saturn at 29 Taurus. The big stretch you feel financially ends in July. You are being pushed and pulled financially by the lunar nodes, also in Taurus and Scorpio. I am sorry you have had to lean on your savings, but you will have a solid chance to save or make money when Jupiter goes into Taurus from May 2023, and as he will be there until May 2024, you will have excellent solutions. The conjunction from transiting Jupiter at 29 Taurus to natal Saturn at 29 Taurus will be a big moment for you – this is about your own cash flow, savings, shopping, charity, house, apartment, business and so on. Jupiter fixes Saturn, always – and although what comes out of this is not what you had expected, it will satisfy you and may even be the making of you. I think the organisations and voluntary work you mention (prediction unfolding) will be a part of this. You are doing low-paid care work but will ultimately see this as precious and valuable; priceless to some people actually. You can’t live entirely on doing good, though, and I understand why you are concerned. Yet, as I’ve said, July is the end of the big Scorpio-Taurus stretch and a little earlier, from May, Jupiter begins his trek through Taurus and you should feel a difference around 19th May. Hope at last, and all that.

  33. Thanks for this wonderful article and congratulations on accurate predictions, Jessica! You’re one of the best astrologers out there and I’m always eagerly waiting for your posts. Relaunch of The Sun Sign School is great news. Would you please be able to take a look at my chart below and share your insights ? I’m scared about some of the future transits. Thanks for everything you do, Jessica.
    03° Virgo 46′ 47″
    12° Taurus 08′ 15″
    16° Virgo 58′ 07″
    06° Cancer 46′ 57″
    19° Libra 45′ 41″
    09° Scorpio 06′ 23″
    09° Pisces 25′ 20″ R
    22° Capricorn 53′ 46″ R
    20° Capricorn 55′ 04″ R
    13° Virgo 06′ 56″
    27° Gemini 01′ 53″
    02° Virgo 55′ 39″
    02° Sagittarius 00′
    25° Scorpio 24′ 31″
    29° Libra 35′ 54″
    20° Cancer 26′ 54″
    02° Pisces 55′ 39″
    02° Gemini 00′ 41″
    11° Virgo 10′ 13″
    13° Scorpio 19′ 39″
    25° Virgo 04′ 27″
    00° Scorpio 31′ 32″
    18° Cancer 17′ 25″
    39″ R
    14° Cancer 08′ 09″
    00° Leo 06′ 34″
    17° Scorpio 39′ 55″ R
    03° Cancer 23′ 09″
    06° Aquarius 27′ 16″ R
    17° Taurus 39′ 55″ R
    08° Cancer 12′ 20″
    02° Capricorn 13′ 49″ R
    05° Capricorn 11′ 45″
    08° Libra 36′ 49″
    01° Pisces

    1. Thank you. You are in a position to make or save money, at historic levels, until May 16th. You have had until Christmas last year to do this, actually, and I expect have already snapped up one opportunity to expand. Now, there is another option for you, but only you can decide what to do. You might say, a door is open. Longer-term, there is financial karma to complete from July 2023 until January 2025. You are owed, or owe, from 18-19 years prior and a rather circular situation will arise then which requires you to stay the course, receive or repay (sometimes just spiritually, sometimes literally) and close the circle.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Apologies for going of topic but just read this now on The Guardian –
    “The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague has issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for overseeing the abduction of Ukrainian children, sending Russia another significant step on the path to becoming a pariah state.
    It goes on to say that Russia does not recognise the court’s jurisdiction, however it will limit putin’s ability to travel .
    Could this be the start of putin’s downfall as you have often mentioned through previous posts?
    Surely this has some significant impact? one would hope
    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much for this update. I have only just woken up here in Australia so have not seen the news overnight. Putin has been arrested right on cue, as Pluto leaves Capricorn and goes into Aquarius. This is marvellous news. His actual downfall was in 2020 which is when I believe he was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. However, Pluto moves so slowly that it is always Decline and Fall, and for that we have to wait for the long process of ‘man down, mountain down’ which comes in 2023, 2024. Yet, from 2025 the process is over and so is he. Well and truly, by then.

  35. Hi Jessica, it’s incredible how accurately you have predicted so many events that are unfolding right now. I am anxious about the coming months and wonder how everything will play out. I am wondering if you could please look at my birth chart and guide me weather it would be wise to move in a few months. We have our eyes on Switzerland but are really worried about how the kids will fit in (13 and 11). We live in Canada and real estate is so expensive therefore we never felt comfortable to take on a huge mortgage, it just didn’t make sense financially despite the low interest rates. When looking at my birth chart do you think there will be a good time for us to buy real estate or just a good time financially? I have ic and chiron at 17 Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio, and multiple factors at 22 Capricorn. i would truly appreciate it if you could shed some light on what all of this means for me and my family?

    1. Thank you. You want to move to Switzerland from Canada. I am sure you know Switzerland is in economic shift mode, Credit Suisse are in trouble. You have children and are thinking about a house purchase. The Ninth House, ruled by Sagittarius, rules emigration. You are a Sun Capricorn with a large stellium in Sagittarius so feel the call to travel but also relocate. That’s a lifelong pattern with you. You are right to put the children first. In 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 you will find their independence, but also your own, is a huge story. You may prefer to have them in a situation where there is plenty of room to move on all levels as any school (say) or system (Switzerland is very different to Canada) which restricts them or confines them is likely to result in a fair bit of upheaval. Have you asked them about Switzerland or, more to the point, leaving Canada? It seems money is your main worry. I am sure the last couple of years have been really tough for you, but you are thinking in the right direction (change) and this will come about, from March 23rd, as you realise there is new power to tap into, if you can use your willpower, with your finances. If you were going to move anywhere at all, luck would be on your side until Jupiter changes signs on May 17th – quite specifically with a house, large apartment, garden, town and/or country. Ongoing, for the next 20 years actually, the more you focus on making or saving money, the more influential, potent and authoritative you will become. So the actual target really matters (obviously). I think the Tarot will give you a more personal reading, but don’t forget that your teenager and future teenager are the real story here.

  36. Dear Jessica
    I have a stellium of 6 planets in Scorpio but nothing in Taurus except my south node. I’m curious, what might Jupiter in Taurus tend to mean for me when they oppose my Scorpio placements? Money-wise things are super tight these days.
    Thanks so much for all the posts and horoscopes, I check in daily 🙂

    1. Thank you. Your last life revolved around money as you were either rich or poor, and chose to incarnate now, in an age of cryptocurrency. For more personal reasons you have chosen to incarnate with particular partners or family members, and the ties that bind with a house, apartment, valuables or finance are part of the karmic agreement. This is very much the order of the day now, as it was in 2022, with the transiting nodes also in Taurus and Scorpio. Jupiter will be in a conjunction with your South Node at 21 Taurus and in opposition to your North Node at 21 Scorpio in April 2024. Uranus is also at 21 Taurus that month so this is historic. You will gain a rare opportunity (Jupiter) to expand, gain and benefit from karma (the South Node) with money, charity, business, valuables or property (Taurus). In addition this will be a liberating, unpredictable, time when Uranus with all his upheaval, promise of independence and freedom will visit your chart. This is unavoidably going to create a split within yourself about your life budget (Taurus) and that of others (Scorpio). So typically, your husband and his bank account, or your aunt and her legacy. It’s on that level though it can be more complex depending on your lifestyle. The inner conflict is something only you can figure out, quite literally, calculating the price you place on different things in your life. FF you may want to leave your affairs in a flexible position ahead of April 2024 as Uranus tends to upset the applecart – sometimes in an exciting way – but you would want to be light on your feet and not lumbered with anything too heavy or restrictive. If you want to check the veracity of the astrology go back 12 years to the last Jupiter in Taurus transit, opposite your Scorpio stellium, which was 2011-2012. That was without Uranus on board, but you would still have been offered the chance to save or make money on a grand scale and it would have set up an inner debate about ‘mine’ and ‘his/hers/theirs.’

  37. Hi Jessica! I remembered your prediction about the new global currency from last year’s article on Wall Street and kept puzzling over what it could be. I am a professional trader and certainly extremely interested.

    I still couldn’t figure it out and suddenly the puzzle came together just a few days ago after the collapse of SVB. Do you know about ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence that everyone is talking about? The CEO of its creator, OpenAI, is Sam Altman. And Sam has a project… of a worldwide digital currency available to everyone on the planet, i.e. the opposite of monopolised bitcoin.

    Just look at this description: “Worldcoin aims to give its new digital money to every human on earth for free by using privacy-preserving iris recognition to ensure that its users do not claim their free share more than once.”

    Just today there was news that Worldcoin has started a massive purchase of iris scanners. Artificial intelligence is so good that we can’t tell the difference between a person communicating with us or not. Worldcoin through World ID just solves this problem, as well as many others… exactly as you described. It’s open source, decentralised and in the plans will be available to everyone on the planet – for free. That sounds like our candidate, doesn’t it?

    Absolutely amazing

    1. Thank you. Sam Altman is trying one-world digital currency. He would be far behind his competition, much richer than him. It’s a great name, but without a chart for Sam Altman it is hard to say how Worldcoin will fare. I should have thought the low-hanging fruit would be the millions, nay, billions, already signed up to Facebook or Twitter. Captive market. Zuckerberg has tried but Musk is far more likely to succeed – or Dorsey!

  38. Hi Jessica,
    I know you have predicted unsettled financial times due to Uranus in Taurus, as can be seen by the latest round of banking instability in USA and Europe. Do you think these problems could be expanded by the influence of Jupiter in Taurus from May or will Jupiter’s influence offer some stability?
    Kind regards

    1. This cycle is really unpredictable and it began in 2018 as you know and won’t end until 2026. Uranus was always about the world turning upside-down and in Taurus, we were always going to see a link to the last war. So, Switzerland is now in the frame. Jupiter will not give us stability, but it will give us sweeping answers and hope for a bigger and better financial future, Julie. In fact, Jupiter is a problem-solver, so many of the issues affecting the majority (caused by the system) will be fixed, if people take what is on offer, May 2023 to May 2024.

  39. Hello Hello Hello
    What a time! What an article! This seems reminiscent of 2008 isn’t it! Alarm bells ringing….
    As a side, I must say I really enjoy your podcast. I find it a great delivery of news from the future as they say. I can see why it’s doing so well. Congratulations
    I have very little control/ no control over my finances due to circumstances. So, reading your blog seems rather worrisome.
    I would greatly appreciate your insights / thoughts given I have Scorpio/ Taurus MC/IC
    Have an awesome day

    1. Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying The Astrology Show Podcast. You are not logged in, or are not a member, so I cannot see a chart – but your Scorpio-Taurus patterns (if your birth time is accurate) are typical of someone who gets caught up in wider trends – like recession – but finds there is a personal story as a result. It’s usually about a difference in values. Your idea about what/who is precious, priceless, up for sale, never up for sale and so on, may be very different to that of (say) a relative. Or your husband. Scorpio rules partnership and family finance, valuables, houses, apartments, loans, mortgages, legacies, wills and the like. Taurus is very different. This is you, by yourself. The stretching will stop in July when the nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio. Yet, there will be a welcome change from May, when Jupiter with all his solutions, goes into Taurus, preparing to cross the chart.

  40. Hello again
    Apologies for not logging on correctly.
    Maybe you can see my chart now.
    Long time member. Long time fan.
    Ms Piggy

    1. I can see the chart, Ms. Piggy so thank you. You will have lots of opportunities for lifestyle gains and improvements, once Jupiter changes signs to Taurus, so May 2023 to May 2024 is nicely encouraging in terms of your wellbeing and workload, your daily routine and the little things that make the big difference. All the heavy lifting and stretching, financially, vanishes in July when the nodes change sign, and the trines from Jupiter to your Virgo factors should up the feel good factor, if you take who or what is on offer.

  41. Dear Jessica, I also have factors at these hotspots. My ascendant at 5 degree in Sagittarius, and my Uranus and Psyche at 15 degrees at Scorpio. What does it mean to me? Enlighten me, please.

    1. Okay, so the Ascendant is the least important part of the chart. It’s just your appearance, name and exterior. People often get it wrong, too, because birth times can be written down incorrectly. Uranus and Psyche in Scorpio in your Eighth House are much more important. Psyche is the will or inheritance you make; the legacy you leave. If you have not changed that, you likely will. Uranus in Scorpio describes regular upheaval in sexual and financial relationships (breaking up an apartment or house, for example, or acts of revolution within a marriage and mortgage). It also shows regular upheaval with family and property, say, or family and money. 2023 and 2024 are really important years for your decisions about this. What you knew, and what you counted on, prior to 2018 is no longer there. Part of this is due to the pandemic and its ongoing economic upheaval. Some of it is more personal to you because of your relatives or ex/current partners. Staying light on your feet, flexible and not weighed down by immovable agreements or situations is very wise. Perhaps you’ve already done this so when life zig-zags, you can zig-zag with it.

    1. Bitcoin will rise and fall erratically and unpredictably, with Uranus in Taurus, until 2026. It will have competitors and challengers from the mainstream as ordinary people have been excluded from the revolution. Something accessible, easy to understand and user-friendly is coming and women in particular will embrace it. Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in Taurus – it’s coming.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Your blog is really compulsive reading. It’s the first thing I read every morning and my previously skeptical husband is becoming more attuned as I read your posts to him over breakfast. My question: given that you responded to another reader that Switzerland is undergoing and will undergo more ‘economic shift’, will this have a significant effect on the country in terms of political and social stability, quality of life and inflation? We are considering relocating to Switzerland later this year (I am Swiss). Wise move, or wrong timing? Thanks for your insights. All the best, Emma.

    1. Thank you. You would be amazed at how many husbands have the astrology from this website read to them, over breakfast! I am very flattered. You are Swiss, Emma and want to move back. Switzerland has karma from the war to fulfil and her economy will reflect that in 2023. In fact, I wrote about Switzerland and Credit Suisse some time before Putin attacked Ukraine. This is a very old cycle going back to the 1930s and 1940s and Switzerland will have to pay up, or reckon up – by all the laws of astrology. Only you can decide if you want to go back there. The Tarot may help you decide. This has not even really started, Emma. We need to go back to the old patterns of 1939 and that’s July 2023. Yes, it’s historic.

  43. Hi,

    Im interested in your predictions about 2026. Some partnership with usa and canada. Im orginally from
    canada and live in usa. Wondering about future and if there will be changes between both countries like union between both?

  44. Hi,

    Im wondering about 2026 with usa and canada. I noticed some general predictions about usa and canada. Do you see somewhat of a union between canada and usa? I am orginally from canada and live in usa. I am confused sometimes the path im taking and if 2026 might be easier with both countries

    1. The United States and Canada are neighbours and once Jupiter (expansion, growth, opportunity, solutions) goes into Gemini from 2024, followed by Uranus (revolution, independence, freedom) from 2026, you will see a completely different relationship between both countries emerge. I wrote about this on Substack a long time ago and Justin Trudeau subscribed, which I was thrilled by. What you will see is a dramatic change in the transport and travel between the US and Canada, likely involving alternative energy and/or electricity. That is part of it as Gemini also rules short journeys. It’s a long way into the future but if you are a Canadian in America you may want to draw a Tarot card to see what’s out there. It will be exhilarating.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    I was a premier member a while back, cannot access the chart anymore. Can you please see what is in store for me from the Saturn and Pluto changes? What should I do to get the most of opportunity or change to lessen any undesirable impact ? Thanks in advance.

    DESC 04° Aquarius 46′ 21″
    Saturn 23° Aries 22′ 07″ R
    Chiron 00° Aries 51′ 50″ R
    Hygeia 02° Aries 52′ 42″ R
    NorthNode 09° Aries 38′ 38″
    Proserpina 21° Cancer 49′ 35″
    Moon 00° Capricorn 56′ 01″
    Salacia25° Capricorn 05′ 37″ R
    ASC 04° Leo 46′ 21″
    Diana 11° Leo 44′ 36″
    Apollo 13° Leo 55′ 12″
    Sun 05° Libra 45′ 29″
    Uranus 00° Libra 00′ 39″
    SouthNode 09° Libra 38′ 38″
    Bacchus 05° Sagittarius 41′ 15″
    Ops 02° Sagittarius 17′ 48″
    Vulcano 02° Sagittarius 53′ 32″
    Mercury 00° Scorpio 06′ 43″
    Venus 02° Scorpio 38′ 05″
    Neptune 24° Scorpio 32′ 12″
    Juno 16° Scorpio 10′ 26″
    Ceres 20° Scorpio 42′ 31″
    IC 03° Scorpio 07′ 14″
    Panacea 17° Scorpio 56′ 00″
    Psyche 25° Scorpio 16′ 20″
    Vesta 02° Taurus 35′ 49″ R
    MC 03° Taurus 07′ 14″
    Minerva 11° Taurus 29′ 01″ R
    Aesculapia 22° Taurus 52′ 46″ R
    Mars 04° Virgo 25′ 58″
    Jupiter 20° Virgo 39′ 26″
    Pluto 23° Virgo 09′ 34″
    Fortuna 13° Virgo 52′ 20″
    Cupido 20° Virgo 21′ 53″

    1. You are a Sun Libra with a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. You have huge decisions to make about a house, apartment, bank account, valuables, charity, legacy, will and so on – from May 2023 when Jupiter moves into Taurus and begins to oppose your Scorpio stellium. At the same time, Jupiter will form conjunctions with your Taurus factors, so May 2023 to May 2024 is really about the biggest and best. The Romans called Jupiter ‘Optimus Maximus.’ The lunar nodes are also transiting Taurus and Scorpio until July, ending up at 0 degrees, right on your Mercury at 0 Scorpio, so life as it was 18 or 19 years prior will play a part in the karma which unfolds then. A second pair of eyes on any paperwork or new agreements would be a sensible idea.

  46. Hi,

    Im feeling stuck in my career and feeling worried about my career and family. Any insight?


    1. I am sorry you are worried. You are a Sun Scorpio, with stelliums in Scorpio, Cancer, Leo, Libra. Yes, things have to change. No need to worry about unfixing the fixed, though. From next week you will see that a compromise between yourself and your partner, children, siblings, and other relatives is the only option. You have spent March between the end and the beginning. The beginning will feel emotionally intense, but by June you will have realised this is about a practical way to share the control. And the power! This reaches into your legacy to others and their legacy to you. 2023 and 2024 are major karmic crossroads for you with your partner or former partner and from July you will realise that life as it was 18-19 years prior is having an impact. Old themes come back. You will gain closure and close the circle, spiritually, by 2025, doing what you have to do. The Tarot can give you a more personal account, on this website.

  47. Thank you so much for this article. It is fascinating to witness what you have predicted play out in real life!
    I am taking a break from my career and would like to do something else entirely but not sure what.
    Would it be a good time to fully retire?

    1. Thank you. Retirement is Virgo and Sixth House, as both rule lifestyle and daily routine. You have the North Node at 24 Virgo and transiting Neptune at 24 Pisces (transiting Neptune in opposition to natal North Node) now. The transit returns in December. This is a confusing, unclear time for questions about workload, part-time work, study and so on. It doesn’t last and in fact 2024 will feel as if you are finally on dry land, having been all at sea. Jupiter at 24 Taurus in May 2024 makes a perfect trine to your Virgo North Node, and a terrific opportunity will appear then. In your last life you were in service – domestic, army, navy or air force – and chained to the wheel (unless you were ill, which unchained you – often it was the only way). Perhaps you have a feeling about your last incarnation. In any case you are here in this lifetime to evolve. You have chosen to incarnate to explore what duty and service means, and what good health means, in a better way. That is part of what you are going through now, but as I said, with Neptune in opposition it may take a little while to become absolutely clear about how you are to live your life. Dogs and cats, by the way, as well as horses, are part of the incarnation – anything that needs daily feeding and walking/riding/mucking out!

  48. Hi Jessica, Once again on the subject of Switzerland. I just l learned that UBS will buy Credit Suisse. One major player in the Swiss banking sector buying another. This seems to suggest that the old rules about monopolies no longer apply. Are we seeing that old rules no longer apply in the new scenario of Pluto and Saturn shifts? And if so, how far can this go? Is nothing out of bounds now? Not that I am against breaking the rules. I love it. But I wonder how this will play out for individuals and for society a a whole if the structures we believed in are no longer valid. Thanks for your insights.

    1. Switzerland is a concern. The chart we have for her from 1st August 1291 (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer) set for 11.25 in Altdorf, shows Mercury at 29 Leo and Venus at 29 Gemini. Pluto is hovering at 29 Capricorn and will return there later in 2023. This is very much about her neighbours in Europe. It is also about power and control, at historic levels. Pluto is very much about takeovers. The other chart we have, set for 12th September 1848, shows Mercury at 28 Virgo, so very close to that 29 degree pattern. Switzerland in this version also has natal Pluto at 27 Aries and transiting Pluto will square that in October 2023. We would expect October 2023 to replay the drama of March 2023 as Pluto retrogrades, and for there to be a difficult question about who/what has control with UBS and Credit Suisse. I should have thought Mars at 27 Libra on Sunday 8th, Monday 9th October would create heat. Pluto then goes forward from 27, to 28, 29 and both charts are triggered again, until January 2024. Rocky road and I’m not talking marshmallow.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    The events in the last two weeks in the global financial markets have been huge – and it is amazing to see how many of your predictions are coming true. I have been revisiting your old articles over the weekend. But at the same time, I am also extremely concerned. I will be completing my master’s degree soon and am in the process of interviewing for my next job. I am an analyst and have specialized in equities for more than a decade now. I have been looking to move into responsible investing and want my work to have a larger public impact. Would appreciate your insights on the opportunities that I may have given the current economic background. Many thanks!

    1. Yes, a perfect storm in astrology. Uranus in Taurus and the exit of Pluto in Capricorn. You are about to pick up your Master’s and making interview appointments. You were born with Jupiter at 12 Capricorn in the Tenth House of success, ambition and achievement so are in a terrific cycle as transiting Jupiter moves to 12 Taurus and makes a perfect trine in July 2023. That’s an opportunity, to take an opportunity. Jupiter in the Tenth House natally is always protection, and regularly – huge rewards. Despite of the turmoil out there, or perhaps because of it, you are poised for a special project, role or goal if you take the chances given to you. The field you are in will see reshuffles, departures and mergers after Thursday 23rd March when Pluto exits Capricorn. A change in the balance of power, starting at breakfast in New York and filtering out for weeks.

  50. Hi Jessica, thank you for your blog and getting us all thinking!
    I found an interesting press release on Credit Suisse’s website (14 Feb 2023) about their ($65m) funding of Taurus – #1 digital asset infrastructure provider. Interesting choice of name …
    I wonder if these shocks to our financial system stem from crypto and the FTX collapse. There is an other-worldly feeling to what’s happening at the moment.
    All the best

  51. Hi Jessica! Thank you again for this great article
    I would like to know is this transit hits my chart. My moon and my Venus is in Taurus.
    Should I worry?
    Thank you.

    1. I’m afraid I can’t see a chart here. I suggest you use the Tarot which is free on my website. Thank you.

  52. Hi Jessica, Could you please help with some concerns about the astrology coming up in April please. I am a sun Taurus (at 21 degrees, which sounds promising for 2024 from what you say), but my birth chart has Saturn at 17 Scorpio, which will be opposed very soon by Uranus, from 6 to 23 April 2023, as I just discovered from your response to a comment above. It will be opposed again from 31 March to 4 April 2024. Are there any avoidance strategies you can suggest to minimise the impact of this opposition please? I had been planning to put my house on the market in April, but discovering this make me think it’s probably best to wait and lie low. My natal chart has Jupiter and Uranus conjunct at 21 Gemini and I’m wondering how this impacts the coming astrology please. Also natal Ic Sagittarius 23 and Mc 23 Gemini. Thank you for any clues about how to interpret all this Jessica. Best wishes

  53. Hi Jessica,

    Love your website and religiously follow all your posts 🙂 Thanks so much for all that you share!

    I wanted to know if you could see in my chart when my career and finance situation will get better ? My life has had quite a few downs since 2017 in terms of finances and career (with some moments of gain but more losses and stress) and so tired of the turmoil…

    I’ve been told I have a difficult chart but I also have some really good aspects, I hope?

    All the best to you!


    1. Thank you Pamela. I am sorry you have been going through this really difficult cycle with career and finance. You are a Sun Libra woman with stelliums in Libra, Scorpio, Leo and Virgo. The financial stretching stops in July 2023. It gets far better even before then, as from May 2023, Jupiter goes into your solar Eighth House of joint finance and property. You will save or gain until May 2024. The push-pull of finance goes when the nodes stop opposing each other in the money signs, a couple of months later. You are strongly Scorpio and need a financial system until 2026 that will take change. If it is not nicely bendy and flexible, along with your attitudes, you will find this Uranus opposition until 2026 really hard work. Try to be loose goosey if you possibly can. You will be thrilled with the project, role or goal from May 2023 to May 2024 as Jupiter trines your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of work, unpaid work and academia. You were born to perfect the small details of your trade, craft, profession, field or skill and will at last have an easy change to do just that, to your total benefit.

  54. Hi Jessica thankyou for this article , My Husband and I have purchased my childhood home last 22 November 2022. . We are living there since December . .Last lived there in 1970 to 1972 . I woke up one morning and knew I had to see if the house was listed with the real estate office . I had no notion of moving here or buying it my interest was just wanting to see inside the house as a curiosity or nostalgia . It came about in a miraculous fashion . Everything happened quickly . The house had changed in some ways was ugly and run down . But when my father had it who was a Taurus it was beautiful .It is our desire to restore the house as much as possible to her former glory . My husband a Capricorn had his job interview the same day we viewed my childhood home and got the job on the spot . Everything fell into place . The house purchase took place in record time 3 weeks !!!! Am waiting for the other house to be sold The Gate Keepers Cottage . I have factors in Diana in Scorpio at 23 and Ceres in Taurus 24 Pluto in Virgo at 7 and Neptune in Scorpio at 8 Jupiter in Capricorn at 28 and Saturn in Capricorn at 24 Mercury at 15 Virgo am intrigued and excited about the Jupiter in Taurus when it moves to 23 or 28 as it will Hit my factors . Hope this means a good chance of selling The Gate keepers also have ops at 12 Scorpio too . If you have a moment would it be possible to take a look please at my chart for me . Thanks Very much Jessica

    1. This sounds like your father had something to do with it. The Descendant is your husband, at 5 Taurus in your Second House of property, valuables and wealth he is obviously your other half in the material world. When Jupiter goes to 5 Taurus, if your birth time is correct, in June 2023, you should have terrific outcomes.

  55. I am so very sorry to hear about your Aunt, Jessica. My condolences. The tragedy of covid continues esp. widespread denial of its seriousness. Take care. Robyn

    1. Thank you so much Robyn. I really posted on Twitter about the rejected donation of units to eliminate COVID-19 in that hospital. I wanted to spread the word about that to British readers. I’ve now had someone who is an NHS insider come forward to help, which is fantastic. I do appreciate your message here, and it’s very kind of you.

  56. Hi Jess, financially things have been so sh** for us – not fire but just not getting ahead. It’s so hard to know when or where to make changes or make decisions with these planets, we definitely have felt stuck in the mud, hopefully that’s shifting!

    1. Yes, the whole world is caught up with the Taurus-Scorpio loop. Not only Uranus in Taurus, turning the world economy upside-down but also the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, at odds with each other. We have whole generations born with the outer planets in Scorpio (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in Scorpio) so billions are experiencing oppositions from Uranus, or oppositions from the North Node, which might explain why there is a chain reaction around the planet. Opposing forces, being blocked, facing obstacles and so on, is common. The good news is, the nodes push off in July and even before you get to that point, the arrival of Jupiter in Taurus in May will help so many people. We don’t know why yet. But a big improvement, globally, is coming. My guess would be the end of the greed at the top which has dominated us for the last 15 years. Pluto in Capricorn is also pushing off.

  57. Hello Jessica,

    I am so impressed with your work as I’ve recently discovered you (and promptly became a member!). My question is how to handle my stock investments during this time – pull out and wait the storm, or leave it be? I’m an Aries Sun, Leo moon and rising Pisces. I believe I’m logged in. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. Yes, this is stormy Wall Street weather and that’s a fact. You have a mixed chart, with Mercury, Saturn and Ceres in Taurus in your Second House of personal income, assets, property, valuables, charity and business. You have a lifetime pattern of negotiating and dealing (Mercury is very good at that) and yet you are also surrounded by obstacles, ring-fenced by barricades which make it hard to get in, or hard to get out. That is Saturn. Finally, Ceres suggests more deal making. Everything is always a trade or compromise. It is supposedly about money, stocks, and so on but is actually about power and control. Further in the Second House you have an exact conjunction at 28 degrees so it never rains but it pours. Now, Jupiter going across all that with his reputation for problem-solving, expansion, growth and win-win solutions is really good news and you may notice it as soon as the conjunction to your natal Mercury when he passes 3 Taurus , first week of June 2023. You would gain from becoming a Taurus transit-watcher as your situation would be reflected in whatever is in your Second House at the time. You could also use the Tarot to validate what you see for yourself, with timing. There is no getting away from Saturn in Taurus. It’s very hard work and one Jupiter conjunction by transit is not going to change that, long-term. Find out as much as you can about Saturn in Taurus in the Second House, to assist you.

  58. Dear Jessica, To date I haven’t figured out my financial situation. It hasn’t been flowing for me my whole life. Is this an astrological situation, like the opposite of a lucky chart? The ease of spiritual attainment has passed and I wonder what is to come? I am in dire need of a financial turnaround to pay, for example, for urgent dental care, to be able to have a home of my own one day, to finish school. I work very hard, am smart, have many skills, but all that comes my way does not pay well or offer enough hours. Do I have any reason to hope for things to get better for me financially any time soon? I sure would love to know. Thank you as always.

    1. I’m sorry you are having a tough time with money – and you need dental care. The issue is Uranus at 26 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance and property, with Fortuna at 29 Scorpio. Uranus brings all that is unpredictable and erratic. Fortuna is also quite random. The Wheel of Fortune spins high and low. You either win the money or the rubber chicken. The reason this is all so hard now, and has been, is that you are going through transiting Uranus in Taurus, slowly but surely moving in opposition to your Scorpio factors. So it’s similar. Life is unpredictable, erratic, financially. People put their prices up, or you find tax bills come, and so on. You also have the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio, accenting this axis of your chart, so it is not surprising you have been really pushed. The good news is, they disappear in July. Is your birth time accurate? If so, Jupiter with all his opportunities, solutions and improvements will go to 15 Taurus in September 2023 and you will gain from a family member, ancestor or the home. Even without a known 100% birth time, Jupiter will go to 22 Taurus and form a perfect conjunction with your Chiron at 22 Taurus in April 2024. There is a part of you that will always get away with the so-called impossible, outrageous or unthinkable with money, valuables, property, business, charity. You will have a stunning chance to do just that, but please don’t rob a bank. I’m joking.

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