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The Jupiter-Sun Conjunction 2023

The Jupiter-Sun Conjunction in April 2023

On 12th April 2023 at 8.03am in Sydney (adjust for your time zone) we experience the fantastic Jupiter-Sun conjunction which can only happen every 12 years, in one particular zodiac sign.

This one takes place with the Sun at 21 Aries 45 alongside Jupiter at 21 Aries 45. If you have anything in your chart at 21 degrees you will find your life lightens up, opens up and offers more.

To allow the world enough time to catch up with itself, we can allow 24 hours either side. Jupiter is about expansion, growth, good outcomes and big benefits. The Sun brings highlights. It sheds light and illuminates. This chart below shows you the conjunction, as it happens at breakfast time in Sydney, Australia. This is a hugely optimistic moment on the 2023 calendar.

A lot of people and organisations will be using it, so don’t be surprised if there are some big announcements near that date. This is an AstroGold Software chart.


Jupiter Sun Conjunction 1024x788 - The Jupiter-Sun Conjunction 2023

What To Expect From Jupiter-Sun Conjunctions

Globally, they always bring good news. Great news. Big news. The zodiac sign and house where the Jupiter-Sun conjunction takes place, tells you the nature of the news. In Aquarius, for example, the 2021 conjunction was about the global community.

On January 29th 2021, we saw Jupiter at 9 Aquarius in conjunction with the Sun at 9 Aquarius. The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons came into effect on 22nd January, just seven days before. On January 20th President Biden brought the USA back into The Paris Agreement on climate change – just nine days before.

On Saturday 5th March 2022, last year, Jupiter 14 Pisces was in a conjunction with the Sun at 14 Pisces.  Pisces rules self-help, counselling and therapy – the soul, spirit and psyche. The National Geographic reported on a new drug for trauma and addiction.  Australia became the first country in the world, to legalise MDMA and Magic Mushroom treatment for depression and post-traumatic stress – on the same day, 5th March.

This new Jupiter-Sun conjunction on 12th April will be in Aries, the sign ruling title, appearance and reputation. We are likely to see some great news about social media, which is where most people have their profiles. The phrase ‘From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow’ is true for Jupiter. This photograph by Alexander Klarman (Unsplash) shows small beginnings.

alexander klarmann Yr30XYKANZw unsplash 300x200 - The Jupiter-Sun Conjunction 2023Growing the Acorns into Future Oaks

In modern astrology we allow a one-degree orb (one degree’s difference) so if you have horoscope factors at 20, 21, 22 degrees you will gain from Jupiter and the Sun, aspecting your chart. The aspect (or pattern) may be a semi-sextile, sextile, square, trine, quincunx or opposition.

Even if the aspect involves hard work or a big stretch, you still benefit if you take the Jupiter-Sun opportunity. The ‘what’ of the outcome will be shown by whatever you have at 20, 21, 22 degrees and its sign and house. You should already be familiar with that if you’re a Premium Member. So, for example, if you have the Moon at 21 Virgo in your Sixth House of wellbeing and workload, Jupiter and the Sun at 21 Aries will aspect that – and you are in a terrific position to improve your lifestyle.

Jupiter-Sun Conjunction in the Birth Chart

Mary Tyler Moore is a typical example of a person actually born with a Jupiter-Sun conjunction. And she is a perennial advertisement for the feelgood factor, optimism and ‘can-do’ which comes with the combination.

She was born on 29th December 1936 at 10.45am in Brooklyn, New York, with the Sun at 7 Capricorn in a conjunction with Jupiter at 6 Capricorn. The clue is in the name. Mary Tyler More. Jupiter is always about starting small and gaining. It’s about thinking big and aiming for the best and greatest. It’s also very much about the luck that can take you there.

Mary had her conjunction in Capricorn, the sign of the mountain goat who climbs to the peak. This clip is great as it sums up the career woman of 1970, climbing the high-rise Capricorn towers and throwing her hat in the air. (Clip: YouTube).

Your Sun Sign and the Jupiter-Sun Conjunction

Publicly, where do you stand to gain near Wednesday 12th April (allow a day either side) as you experience this transit?

Aries: Image, reputation.
Taurus: Spirituality, self-help.
Gemini: Friends, groups.
Cancer: Success, status.
Leo: Foreigners, the worldwide web.
Virgo: Finance, property.
Libra: Duets, duels.
Scorpio: Workload, wellbeing.
Sagittarius: Relationships, children.
Capricorn: Home, family.
Aquarius: Siblings, internet
Pisces: Money, business.

Your Birth Chart and the Sun-Jupiter Conjunction

So you have 20, 21, 22 Degree Factors in…

Aries: Profile, reputation, title, appearance.
Taurus: Money, property, business, charity.
Gemini: Internet, media, siblings, journeys.
Cancer: Home, family, property, home town.
Leo: Bedroom, courtship, children, teenagers.
Virgo: Work, wellbeing, lifestyle, routine.
Libra: Partners, duets, duels, conflicts.
Scorpio: Joint finances, shared property.
Sagittarius: Foreigners and the worldwide web.
Capricorn: Success, status, achievement, goals.
Aquarius: Groups, friends, allies, people power.
Pisces: Spirituality, self-help, psychics.

Do You Have Aries Chart Factors?

This is about your First House of reputation, appearance and title. Your exterior. You may want to catch up with this feature on Aries cycles as self-promotion has been a long story in your life for many years.

What happens at the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aries will probably be an acorn, in terms of planting the future of your appearance online. The oak will grow from 2026 onwards as Neptune goes into Aries, and new technology will enable you to experiment with a range of different online personalities. We already do this of course, if we choose avatars or fake names, but what unfolds with Neptune in your First House will be a revelation. A complete escape from who you are – in a virtual bubble.

Main image: Rajiv Bajaj, Unsplash.


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254 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica
    Thank you so much for this uplifting information and for absolutely everything that you do. I’ve recently become a member after receiving your reply to a comment on the Prince Harry blog! You give above and beyond and I am so pleased I’ve subscribed! There is an abundance of information which I’m dipping into slowly.

    Being new to it all, I’m loving the challenge but am only just starting to learn about the different meanings of the heavenly bodies, let alone aspects! I think the Jupiter-Sun conjunction looks positive for me in several areas as I have a few 21 and 22 degrees. I’m turning 50 next week and have had several years feeling like I’m walking through treacle with my marriage and lack of direction with work. I’ve been a stay at home Mum for a few years now, given up my career to work part time in jobs suited to school hours, until giving up work during the pandemic. I love being with our children and don’t regret the career decision atall. However I would love to find my calling jobwise now the children are young teens, I’m interested in lots of different things and don’t know which way to turn! My husband is away from home a lot. We are very close but for many years it’s been hard going between us. His behaviour is affected by a lot of his childhood trauma which has taken its toll. Recently he has started to have help with it which is a huge relief and he is feeling optimistic. We were very drawn together over 20 years ago and I often wonder if there is something from a previous life playing out. (His birthdate is 5 July 1976 2.30pm Enniskillen N Ireland- I’m purchasing his birth chart from your website after writing this).

    I’m sorry this has turned out to be a long message with no clear question. Is there any clarity you can give me surrounding marriage, career or past life karma?

    Thank you again for your generosity in all that you give.
    Wishing you a very happy Easter,
    Becky xx

    1. Thank you. I apologise for this late reply on Monday 1st May, but it’s only now that I am able to go through some of these questions, from the Jupiter-Sun conjunction, which I hope you used. You are a Sun Aries, with stelliums in Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius. Happy birthday for the other week. Your children are now teenagers and you are looking for something new. Quite right too. If you wanted a new title or online identity to relaunch yourself with part-time work (say) or just an unpaid role, it would be there in the next week or two. In fact something like this was already on offer, but perhaps you didn’t take it. Pluto in Aquarius will slowly change your life over the next 20 years when you realise it is the group; the wider community; the network – that means everything. There are hints of this now but Pluto will transit your Eleventh House of friends, allies and people power and bring your Aquarian side alive. Pluto will trine your Gemini factors and sextile your Aries factors too, and also sextile your Sagittarius factors. So this group/these groups will help you become who you are. You’ll be around quite powerful people and organisations and find some power yourself. To say the least. Your husband has to figure out the balance of power (talking about power) with you, once and for all, and this will be done with the replay of a situation from 2022, no later than 2024. Then you can both sign off from this challenge.

  2. Hi Jessica, once again a great post, with usable info, precise and right to the point. I have a few factors at 20 to 22. Brilliant !
    Started a new job a few days ago – on the date you predicted months ago in one of your articles, to the day -, in a fabulous historical building environment, and with a good team, but a lower wage than I am used to, room to grow and develop thanks to a good boss who takes suggestions in – all this, as predicted months ago ! -.
    Your post is pointing to potential opportunities I have spotted at work, and that makes perfect sense, so I will make sure to use the Conjunction date to initiate some new proposals !!
    I will let you know about the evolution!
    Thank you again so very much for your no BS, understandable and usable, kind philosophy.


    1. Thank you Anne, that is a great endorsement. I’m glad the prediction came true for you. You’re lucky to have factors at 20, 21 which Jupiter and the Sun will pick up. In more than one area of your life, an unmissable, rather prominent, sunny, positive, upbeat, cheerful soul or (organisations of souls) will help to take you higher and further – if you use it.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    I have Jupiter in 22 Deg Aries in my birth Chart and 22 Deg Mercury in Libra.

    So I feel that this conjunction could be big for me. I always get nervous before events like this, because I think I must do something special to take advantage of it. But for me this day 12th of Apríl seems to be an average and usual day for me.

    Any advice for me. Thank you:-)

    1. You will be given an opportunity to improve and relaunch your title, appearance and reputation near the conjunction. You don’t have to do very much at all; the big chance will come and pick you up. You just have to follow through.

  4. Hello Jessica
    Happy Easter. Thank you again for a thought provoking blog.

    We all appreciate your time in responding to comments…you are so appreciated. If you have time can you perhaps provide clarity on my situation. I’m trying to find a home for me and my girls they are twins born 3/1/2002. Life has been challenging and they are both at university one doing Law the other Microbiology. I hope they going to do well. I have been unemployed for a while and live in a small apartment that cannot accommodate my girls. My one daughter lives with her dad and the other at the university residence. I really want us to have a home which we had before but it seems rather a tall ask given financial constraints

    Please if time allows can you see the situation improving.

    Thank you Jessica

    1. Happy Easter. All three of your comments have appeared so I will answer one. You will have a fantastic opportunity for the family, and with a new home, between May 2023 and May 2024. Don’t assume the small apartment is the future. Neither is the current set up with your daughters and their father. Never assume anything on this transit; fantastic things are possible and your life will turn on a dime.

  5. Thank you very much Jessica for this great article, right on time. I just scheduled a nice dinner with a friend next Thursday and saw the coming conjunction in my calendar.I have my sun 22 Leo,Asc 21 Scorpio,DC 21 Taurus,Apollo 22 Virgo, Hygeia 20 Sagittarius. So…there is no way, I won’t feel it right? 🙂

    1. Good idea to schedule something special on the Sun-Jupiter conjunction. A really big, positive, sunny, optimistic person or organisation will be centre-stage and help you in one, two, three areas of your life at the same time.

  6. Good morning Jessica. I would be ever so grateful if you could help decipher my chart. And what it is I should be focusing on to be able to make the most of upcoming opportunities as I seem to get in my own way quite often, and feel I have mismanaged, missed or squandered previous potential avenues available to me. With Aesculapia and Chiron in Aries at 13 and 20 degrees respectively, and both retrograde, what does being retrograde in this particular instance mean? Also as you can see, I also have other factors in the chart, Libra 20 Uranus and Gemini 21 MC. I think I said that right?

    Then there are other separate things in the chart that I struggle with in putting the whole puzzle together. A lot of early degree chart factors with Pluto doing its thing now, and the whole Virgo stellium opposing Saturn in Pisces. Am I looking at the right areas? Yes I do need to go back and start again with the foundational basics of astrology instead of leaping ahead, I did the same with the piano so never mastered it, but I really would so much appreciate a point in the right direction until I become more astro-fluent until then. And of course no matter how gauche it appears to ask of money, do you see anything glittering on the horizon that I can steer in the right direction? Many thanks for your time and patience. And a Happy Easter Sunday to you.

    1. Thank you. Retrogrades are not obvious all the time. They show up every so often, when you operate backwards. A trigger (transit) to a retrograde factor will see you going forwards, standing still, going backwards, standing still, then changing the original plan. In Aries, this is about your title, appearance and reputation. So you may alter your photograph; your hair; your weight; your account on (say) Twitter. Then you change it back. It’s not all the time – just now and then. You will change your name. You are doing it now. Your membership name is completely different to your email name. The big plus for you is Jupiter in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups. Your entire life, you gain from friends and groups. You are about to do that again but this time the group is powerful or becomes powerful. This cycle kicks in now and is most obvious in a few years – it is with you for another 20. Join or rejoin the group. Maybe you’ll play piano in a band!

  7. Hi Jessica
    Absolutely love your weekly podcasts, fantastic listen.

    I have a stellium in Aries with some factors at 20/21/22. What does this indicate for me… my personal life/ partnership has been very challenging particularly since late Aug/Sept last year. In Jan, Scorpio 10 Nov 73, told me he needed time and space to be ready to know what he wants and since then he has not been ready to have that conversation with me. I’m heartbroken as being apart has just confirmed that it is him who I want in my life. However, without answers from him, I’m in limbo. Will this period provide me with answers, will he have clarity about us and our future together or apart?
    Professionally, I have some big projects about to start later this month which will test my position in the company. Will it be successful? Thanks as always

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Taurus woman you have the same life areas being triggered in your public and private chart. Nothing ever changes with your former partner and you must feel very stuck, for which I am sorry. Yet in July, it all changes. You can move on. We don’t know the reason for that, but it is very likely that a situation from 18-19 years ago, involving (likely) a completely different face, is playing a part in keeping you karmically stuck. July will come as a relief and release. You will be offered a chance to relaunch your title, appearance and reputation from mid-May, perhaps in relation to a big project – with fantastic results by May 2024 if you take a really obvious opportunity.

  8. Hello Jessica – thank you for the lovely article – I was born with Sun conjunction Jupiter in my 6th house…would you please let me know what is that mean for my life in general and on the special day like this April 12 – thank you so much in advance for any info <3.

    1. Thank you. Jupiter 17 Cancer is in opposition to Ceres at 17 Capricorn in your birth chart. You are using a completely different system to me; you don’t have a Jupiter-Sun conjunction in your Sixth House. What you do have is a lifelong pattern of career and family influencing each other. Your success in life and your status is tied to your parents and siblings. What they do, utterly changes the picture for you and that’s been the case since school. It reverses, too. What you do, in terms of moving, transforms your success and status in life. Switching countries can do that. And yet you leave your home town, homeland and family far behind. This loop changes direction until you are quite elderly. It always works very well for you. The biggest change comes when Jupiter goes to 17 Taurus, and creates a stunning pattern with your natal Jupiter-Ceres opposition. The first tiny clues of that appear in the second half of May 2023 and are in your hands by 2024. Even if you do not physically travel or relocate, you will find foreign/overseas people and organisations coming into your life which offer you incredible opportunities if you take them.

  9. thank you Jessica! This is so interesting….but wow this makes totally sense…actually, I did leave my town, homeland and family very far behind which was totally unplanned ( Poland to Los Angeles, USA) back in July 2000… 🙂

    1. Thank you for validating the prediction, as my friend John Edward would say!

  10. Hi Jessica
    Fantastic article, as always. I’m new to learning about astrology but loving all your articles and resources. I only discovered you six months or so ago, and I am so happy I did.
    I have about six 20, 21 and 22 degree factors, so no doubt I will feel this.
    Could you please answer a question or two for me? I am looking at publishing my first book at the end of this year. This has been a very very long slow walk for me, but it is where my passion lies and what I want to eventually be doing full-time. I started a new job last year in June, which I really enjoy, but being a full-time successful author is my dream. Can you please tell me what my chart says about this.
    Also, any comments on my love life?
    Thanks again for you all you do.

    1. Thank you very much. Publishing is Sagittarius and the Ninth House, so begin there with your chart if you want to be an author. You have Proserpina at 9 Sagittarius in the Ninth House, making a number of aspects around 8-9 degrees with other factors, so you are destined to be a go-between in the world of books. You and your work would bridge a gap. The Jupiter-Sun conjunction has nothing to do with that, but once Pluto goes to 8, 9 Aquarius you will be in a powerful new position. That takes longer than just the next few months. Saturn at 8, 9 Aries is another obvious cycle and again that’s longer-term. You also have the kind of chart where you could work within publishing and do very well; this goes beyond being an author into all aspects of the game – and that’s your Virgo stellium.

  11. Hi Jessica, happy Easter – I hope you have an enjoyable long weekend. I’m starting a new role on Tuesday. How will this conjunction affect me? My Uranus is 21 Sagittarius. Blessings, Aquarius Dreamer

    1. Happy Easter. Jupiter and the Sun trine natal Uranus in the Ninth House of foreigners, foreign countries, academia and the worldwide web is a fantastic aspect which suggests you are ready for a unique new direction which offers yourself and others far more independence. You also have Bacchus at 21 Sagittarius, also in the Ninth House, so this is a champagne moment. Bacchus is about the feelgood factor. Uranus is about liberty and liberation. This may come about as a direct result of your new role, or the turning point may be the result of something/someone completely outside that but it’s good.

  12. Hi Jessica! This is pretty exciting and encouraging. I recently took a break from online teaching due to moving and scheduling conflicts. I am thinking about starting a small batch vegan chocolate business as I did this in the past in a different country and I liked doing it. I liked teaching but it really doesn’t pay well and as I want to work online due to my life at this point, I am a bit more limited. I teach ESL. As you can see I have a few points 20,21,22. Would you be so kind to give me your thoughts, opinion advice? This is my sun, nodes and Saturn. So many things! Sun , nodes and Saturn. Thank you so much in advance!!

    1. Thank you. This isn’t about the business, or teaching, although either of those will go extremely well for you by mid-May if you take the opportunities. The pattern is actually about groups and friends, and the obstacles and tests of patience involved with them. What happens midweek is a rare chance to make communities and friendships work so much better; your social circle could be nicely reshaped then if you follow the guideposts.

  13. Happy Easter Jessica, I have sun,
    20 taurus, mc 20 taurus, ic 20 scorpio, salacia 21 capricorn, cupudo 21 taurus. I should get information next Thursday concerning new job affecting my whole life. According planets it should be positive? Jaana

    1. I am always wary of telling readers they will land a job, ahead of time, because they can then give up trying and scupper their chances with that particular victory (instead they get another, but it’s not the one they wanted). So proceed as if you don’t know and still very much want the role, Jaana. Your chart does show a terrific change in direction with all that you earn, own or owe from the middle of next week. You don’t have to be Sherlock to work out that could be a new role – but don’t assume. I hope you get what you want.

  14. Hi Jessica, just reading the blog and realised the 12th of April at the time of the conjunction is when I am going into our Head Office to have a meeting with my Manager about some issues I raised with my role last week. One was my office being a person down and us having to carry the extra work-load the entire time I have been there, over peak season and among many disruptions which has exhausted me and almost led me to snap. It has not let up. I have been in tears of frustration a few times over the last few weeks which has finally led to this meeting. I am honestly ready to leave and have been looking for a job overseas as I am still drawn to do that; if I don’t find one then I will have to continue and hope things will actually improve but the stress of the situation has me feeling over the whole thing and it is not my dream job. I am a Capricorn sun and ascendant with a Gemini moon; stelliums in Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Aries. I appreciate any advice or light you can shed on my situation, thank you so much.

    1. I am so sorry you are being put through this. I am sure you are ready to leave and rightly so; it may help to know that long-term your workload and wellbeing are set for huge improvement and in the late 2020’s and early 2030’s, the most exciting new independence and freedom. You have Pluto at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House of workload and wellbeing; this is wellness on all levels – mental and physical. For the first time in 248 years, transiting Pluto himself has been at 29 Capricorn, trine natal Pluto, so what you are experiencing is about power and control. The actual Jupiter-Sun conjunction isn’t really part of the work story, but the bigger Pluto picture certainly is. It is very important that you take your power back; this meeting with your manager is part of that. Choosing to look for another job is empowering. That puts the reins back in your hands. Your own self-control and willpower will be very important; you are clearly in the right; when your office is one person down, management should fill the vacancy and not transfer the workload onto you or anyone else. There is a system at your workplace which was set up some time ago. You did well in that system/you all did well in that system. When management changes that, it stops working. And so do you. Virgo is very concerned with fine details, small points, the little things. To own Pluto in Virgo is to make it clear that you are just trying to honour the system that has been set up. You also need to return to your contract/s and if necessary get a professional to look over them. This will end in you getting what you need, or you moving to a superior position later on anyway. Long-term you can’t lose you can only gain. If you’ve not spoken to others in your position or to any sort of union or professional association, add that to your armoury. Where possible get everything in writing: Virgo likes record-keeping.

  15. Hi Jessica, your articles are brilliant and I so look forward to reading them with all of the comments, they are really informative, thank you. I have a few things between 20 and 22, (Mars at 22 Taurus, Ceres at 22 Libra, Diana at 22 Aquarius, Fortuna at 22 Sag, Hygeia at 20 Gemini, N.Node 21 Libra, S.Node 21 Aries). My son is having some medical issues and scheduled for tests on April 11, and I am hoping that this could be an indicator that there is nothing seriously wrong…. your insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry you are going through your son’s medical issues and hope you hear reassuring news. The patterns in your chart will be picked up by Jupiter and the Sun, aspecting your North Node at 21 Libra and Ceres at 22 Libra, so this is about his father – not so much your son. The tests themselves won’t show results for some time and in fact your son/your role as mother isn’t showing up here. What absolutely is picked up is the marriage or the partnership, or the post-divorce relationship, if you are no longer together. Of course a partner can also mean a second husband or second relationship too. Even though the tests are a challenge to your patience, the aspects next week are about a positive, much improved new spin on the actual marriage or the other person.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I am hoping to secure another publishing contract for a new children’s book I have written. My MC is at 21 Pisces and my IC is 21 Virgo. Also my mercury is 20 Aquarius. Will the Jupiter Sun conjunction bring any goods news for me in terms of publIshing? thank you

    1. Well, you are doing this on Mercury Retrograde and Mercury rules publishing and the internet. Until 1st June, we find Mercury going backwards and forwards and getting stuck. It’s good for rewrites, not so much for contracts, unless you want to change the contract later on. Your MC/IC has nothing to do with publishing – that’s Sagittarius and Gemini. You have patterns in both signs and will find that long-term, beyond 2026, it is new techhnology online that is the answer, along with new media. Some ideas have legs and will still take you forward even when the entire publishing, media and entertainment industry changes.

  17. Hi Jessica and a very Happy Easter to you.
    As a Sun Capricorn with a large Capricorn Stellium including Jupiter itself, but with Saturn 21 Capricorn almost conjunct with Aesculapia in late degree 20 Capricorn it feels as though this could affect me more personally than usual. My husband too as a Sun Sagittarius with Venus 22 Capricorn and Mercury and Vesta both at 22 Scorpio. Could you help explain the potential impact of this Sun Jupiter conjunction directly hitting several of our factors together. I have concerns about the meaning of Saturn (restrictions) and Aesculapia (rebirths, back from the brink) being aspected together as a return and increase (Jupiter) of serious restrictions such as we experienced together during Covid. Could you help shed some light on this issue for us.
    Thank you for all your work which you share so well with us here it is so appreciated. EF

    1. Happy Easter EF. You are a Sun Capricorn married to a Sun Sagittarius and your chart is picked up by this Aries Sun-Jupiter conjunction. This is really about your house or apartment and any property investment. I don’t know if you rent, own or pay a mortgage, but you will be delighted to see answers and solutions which help you to have so much more, from the roof over your head. If you take the opportunity, you will be happier by mid May. This also tallies with your husband’s chart. He has important new decisions to make about home or property, but they are long overdue and may be quite useful.

  18. I’ve been trying to get a job since sometime . Do you think in conjunction with my chart and the Jupiter Aries transit I will land a high paying job that is also convenient? Do you think I should take up the first opportunity that comes or wait since you mentioned my stakes with foreigners should be minimised as Saturn entered Pisces on march 7th?

    Also I’m very eager to buy my own place since I live with my parents but lack the money. Does that seem feasible?

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. You have Vulcano at 28 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and for the first time in 248 years, transiting Pluto has been going over 28 Capricorn, so you are at a rare crossroads with success, ambition, position and mission. In 2023 and 2024 your answer with career is willpower and self-control. You have that anyway, as Vulcano is all about repressing emotions and using steely resolve (he was a blacksmith). So you need to ‘run you’ and push back against whatever or whomever is dominating you. Pluto tends to produce employers, industries or organisations which want to totally control. You should do whatever it takes to resist and to run your own universe. It will actually be the making of you. The next role you are offered or take will encapsulate this for you. You would also like to buy your own home one day. First of all, you have some karma to complete with your parents which begins in July 2023 and lasts until early 2025.

  19. Hello Jessica,
    After reading this feature, I checked my chart and I have nine factors at 20, 21, and 22 degrees. This should be an interesting time for me – could you please take a look and see which part of my life is affected?
    Re UVC light: now that I know what to look for, they are appearing in a variety of places like every treatment room at my dentist’s; at an airport on escalator hand hold bands; and of course, I have some units for my home too. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I am very pleased to hear that in your part of the world you are seeing UVC light turn up. The more places which have it, the fewer Long Covid and deaths we will see. Your chart is about the Sun and Mercury at 21 Leo in a perfect conjunction, in your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. You are Queen to a younger court, your entire life. It begins at school when you are asked to set an example to younger children (perhaps as a captain or Prefect, or older sibling). It goes on for years and you can become the mother who is so much more, or the teacher/mentor/guide figure to a far younger generation. Mercury suggests you use the internet to do this. On another level you are also the Queen who has her courtiers and suitors; perhaps the King; maybe lovers or a whole procession of knights. In all these roles, as Queen to a younger court, but also the monarch with her admirers, you are about to find a terrific turning point this week.

  20. Happy Easter Jessica and team. This is such a positive article and written so wonderfully as always. I have the moon at 21 degrees and some aspects in Aries. How will this affect me Jessica do you think? I am going to a birthday party tonight so that is good news too! thank you.

    1. Happy Easter. Your Moon at 21 Aquarius in the Eleventh House is about to receive a sextile from transiting Jupiter and the Sun at 21 Aries, which can only happen every 12 years. You are the mother hen in any group, social circle or community and supply your friends and associates with what they need. Your maternal instinct goes towards friends and groups and you ‘feed’ them literally (big dinner parties) or you supply them emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. This is boosted in a terrific way as the sextile forms in your chart and you will find that playing mother pays off.

  21. Thanks for your website and all the personal responses you provide. I have natal Mars at 21 Aries 56 in the first house. Seems like something great should happen with this conjunction. I have been desperate for a fulfilling career opportunity for about 10 years now. I work and provide for my family (Sun Taurus 2nd house) but know deeply I could do more. There are no irons in the fire at this moment. How can I make use of this transit?

    1. I don’t see a chart, so just working with Mars at 21 Aries in the First House, this is about a relaunch of your reputation, appearance and title – if you take the opportunity offered to you. You are by nature a campaigner or fighter and this is a role which suits you very well, so what happens will enable you to show just how much drive you have. Ten years is a long time to wait for a career break. Separate to this, have a look at the Tarot to find out what is going on. It is free to use on this website.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the article. I have Pluto at 21°,Neptune at 22°, Cupido at 22°, and Psyche at 22°.
    Any advice for me would be greatly appreciated

    1. You’ll be offered a chance to enhance your reputation and even acquire a prestigious new label to stick on yourself, between now and May. This week is a tiny start to that. It may involve academia, foreigners, the web and/or publishing as the Ninth House (Sagittarius) and First House (Aries) are both involved. People who are larger than life, or organisations which have a broad global reach, are usually involved when Jupiter shows up.

  23. Hi Jessica, I have been meditating, so to speak, on my 21 Neptune placement in Pluto. Since Jan 2021 we have been trying to find a builder to build our country almost retirement house, and have finally moved to 2 contenders (one meeting was held last Wednesday, the other builder is next Wednesday 12th), and am anticipating moving towards an agreement, and then approaching a bank for as minimal funding as possible. So, joint finances have been on the mind.
    Equally, I have been dwelling on the planet Neptune, confusion and illusion, in Scorpio, in my chart, with my husband showing some memory issues (in addition to respiratory), that have arisen since his covid infection a year back. Will appreciate any comments on my astrological weather. Kind Regards Veronica

    1. Veronica I am sorry your husband has Long Covid. You are also dealing with builders. As a Sun Taurus you need stability but since 2021 life has been up and down. You owe your husband karmically and will spend now until July paying back, spiritually, as he has health issues and you must stand by him, which of course you are doing. From July the karmic circle closes and for whatever reason, he is no longer an issue for you. Just remember with builders and the bank, you are negotiating on Mercury Retrograde now, so you may go back and forth until June. Have Plan B and C and get everything in writing.

  24. Hi Jessica, thank you for yet another exciting, sunny, and optimistic article – perfect for Easter morning. I have Vesta at 22 Aquarius and Prosperina at 22 Libra, wondering how these can be activated by the Jupiter-Sun conjunction. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Between now and May, but starting this week, you will find answers to questions about the male-female balance in your social life, friendships and groups. You tend to end up in situations where one man has a harem around him and at last there is an answer for that. This pulls in questions about the duets and duels in your life, where you are usually the go-between or middle person, either in partnerships or in quarrels. You also need solutions for that, either because you want a partnership; want a better partnership; want to resolve an argument. That will be offered to you from this week forward.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    I just looked at the chart of someone I know – their week seems like it might be interesting?
    Sun 23 Aries
    Chiron 23 Aries
    Ceres 21 Aries
    MC 21 Libra
    IC 21 Aries
    Diana 23 Aquarius
    Aesculapia 21 Gemini
    Vulcano 22 Taurus

    Would you say a Good Week?

    1. This person is all about their image, reputation, appearance, title. This does an awful lot of the work in their life and it can be a double-edged sword as being judged by appearances sometimes means they are lauded or envied, but of course when the judgment goes against them, they can find their exterior is really hard work. This usually results in a big change. This person is overdue for a relaunch and if he or she takes the opportunity will arrive at mid-May with a very different sort of image. They may alter their appearance by (for example) adding meat to their diet if they have been a vegan – or they may start studying with a view to have letters after their name.

  26. Thank you Jessica I pulled the Page of Pentacles from the tarot after reading your response. I guess it’s good news.

    Thank you so much for your response.

    1. Were you asking about next week, or did you not give a timeline at all? The Tarot is taking you to Jupiter in Taurus, which begins in mid-May and will indeed deliver a potential purchase, sale or deal involving a much younger man.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for this other beautiful article.
    Next April 12th Jupiter will be in conjuction with the Sun in my 1st House, and it will make a perfect sextile to Cupid at 21 Aquarius in the 11th House. Today April 9th it’s my birthday, and in my Solar Return chart for 2023/2024 the Solar Return Sun is in conjunction with Solar Return Jupiter in the 11th house.
    What can I expect for the future?
    Thanks again for your kindness and availability.

    1. Thank you Mary. You have a stellium in Aries in the First House and were born to fight and campaign. Sometimes strongly Aries women go through battles with their husbands or ex-husbands. Sometimes they join a movement or lobby group; a sports team or political party. This comes and goes in your life but every time you use your Aries side to compete; to battle; to win – you fulfil yourself and complete your mission. This works very well for you as Jupiter passes through and in fact will cement your title, reputation and also have an impact on your appearance. I don’t work with Solar Returns.

  28. Happy Easter Jessica!

    I am actually quite excited as I have several factors at 21, 22 degrees, including in Aries. Could you please tell me when my finances will improve? I have been unemployed since January 2022, and due to family circumstances, I have been doing caregiving at home.

    Many thanks as always xxx

    1. Happy Easter. I am sorry you’ve been out of work. As a Sun Virgo you need to work, but you are doing so without pay, caring for people at home. That is a Virgo ‘profession’ as much as any other as Virgo serves and does her duty. You are in a new cycle which began in March, which is with you for the next 20 years, when you will transform your ideas about your job, unpaid work and academia. This is the very first stage and being out of your usual career, but looking after the family, is part of it. You are being taught about the tiny details of doing a routine task extremely well, and the difference this makes to the lives of others. Later on, you will find a paying role where you bring some of that experience with you and do very well from it. In fact, the year 2024 will offer you an incredible opportunity for success. Until then, you must do what you have to do. You are having your Jupiter Return in Aries in the First House of appearance, title and reputation so will be given a rare opportunity to relaunch yourself very successfully, from this week forward with a fulfilling outcome by mid-May.

  29. Hi Jessica, thank you for this great article. Looking at my chart, I have Ops at 20 in Aries, Diana at 21 in Aquarius and Fortuna at 22 in Capricorn. I have looked up the areas of the chart that these factors will influence. Can you please look at my chart and let me know how this will affect me? Appreciate your insights. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are slowly relaunching your title, appearance and reputation and will be very happy by mid-May if you take the opportunities. You are a free spirit in your social life, with friends and with groups and are extremely independent, thanks to Diana. This aspect of your life also takes off this week. Diana usually involves women. Fortuna in Capricorn in the Tenth House is about your capacity to affect people at work, with unpaid work and in academia. You blindly spin the Wheel of Fortune for them. You are about to do so again.

  30. Dear Jessica
    I am Sun Leo with Mars 21 Aries, Chiron 20 Aries ,Moon 21 Gemini, Ops 20 Gemini and 22 Hygeia Aquarius….I’m going through a tricky patch with separation/divorce discussions on finance (and also a health scare that I’m still awaiting the results on this week)…..I can’t decipher the implication of the Sun-Jupiter conjunction (my Jupiter is in Aquarius opposite my sun) but I’m hoping it will be shinning a positive light on it all…..thank you for any insight (and thank you for all you do xxx)

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about your health scare and hope the news reassures you. You were born with Venus at 1 Virgo in the Sixth House of wellbeing and workload. You recently had Saturn at 1 Pisces a few weeks ago, in opposition to your Venus, for the first time in 28 years. You also have Pluto now at 0 Aquarius slowly heading for 1 Aquarius, where he will also aspect your Venus. Venus describes the complicated relationships you have with doctors, nurses, healers, surgeons and people who support your wellbeing on every level – masseurs, therapists, counsellors, yoga teachers and so on. It is those complicated relationships which are now in the spotlight. You will need to concentrate on them/those people in 2023, 2024 and think about how it all works for you, with them. From this, you learn and gain. So whatever the health issue is, it is a spur to develop a different connection with health and wellbeing professionals, or fitness professionals. This shows up in your Leo public chart as well as your private birth chart. The more willpower you have, the more empowered you will become. The more self-control you can find, the more control you will have. This goes into not just the body, but the mind and spirit too. The actual Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aries is terrific for other reasons, concerning your relaunch following the divorce; by mid-May you will be looking a lot better, in the mirror and online, as you finally find the right products, services or answers. The internet itself is also the source for an amazing opportunity this week. Later on, from the year 2026, you will look back and realise this was the tiniest start of something.

  31. Happy Easter, lovely Jessica! Hope you are having a great holiday weekend. Thank you so much for this article – feels like the conjunction will bring a sort of re-birth energy in for all of us – very apt as it falls so close to Easter!

    So far, 2023 has been a bit mad and challenging for me, especially with sorting out a long-standing health issue, though I’m making good progress in some areas – I have Mercury at 21 degrees of Leo and Hygeia at 21 Sagittarius, so I’m hoping this will be great for me. Please could you shed some light on what to expect and how best to capitalize on the upcoming energies?

    Thank you in advance.

    Lots of love, light and blessings,


    1. Thank you. Happy Easter. Mercury at 21 Leo in your Fifth House is trine Hygiea at 21 Sagittarius in your Ninth House, so transiting Jupiter and the Sun at 21 Aries, will create a Grand Trine, Angelina. This is about your courtships; the bedroom; heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. Commonly, a boyfriend and a godson or daughter, say – perhaps a niece and your husband. There is a natural connection between your personal life and foreigners, foreign countries, publishing or academia. That works to your total advantage this week so take the opportunity. You may, for example, teach younger people who see you as a mother substitute, or aunt substitute, or godmother substitute – and you are offered a foreign university lecture with same. It is different for every woman but you will see the Jupiter door opening around Wednesday.

  32. Thank you for yet another interesting article, always fascinating. I have my moon at 20 degrees and ops and salacia at 22 degrees, what would that possibly bring? or which areas of life could I see something positive?

    1. You are heading for your Jupiter Return in Aries in the First House of title, appearance and reputation. This week is the start position for a terrific relaunch. When you were aged between 11 and 13 you had your first Jupiter Return and so as an older child, or pre-teenager, you may have won an award; had your photo in the local paper; acquired a smart new school uniform and so on. Jupiter comes back every 12 years to enable you to relaunch again and your exterior will benefit if you take the obvious opportunities. Qualifications (letters after your name) or the chance to be in print is pretty common, or the internet may offer you a better space for your name and face, this week. It all leads to something even better, by mid-May.

  33. Hello Jessica,

    This is intriguing, as your work always is .

    It looks as though I have 21 in Aries, Virgo and Scorpio and would love it if you have a chance to comment on what this might mean. Are there actions to take or avoid specially?

    Separately, I can’t help noticing how trans issues are openly creeping/bursting (?) into the women and Boudicca theme and how that wasn’t really on the radar so strongly even 12 months ago ….

    Many thanks,

    1. By now the Jupiter-Sun conjunction will have shown itself to you. It fell in Aries in your First House of image showcasing; profile boosting; online identity. For the first time in the history of social media, which began with Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, you can now access long-form content creation and video, and be paid for it, on Twitter and Substack. You can generate revenue just for being yourself, online, doing what you do and move beyond the narrow confines of old Twitter. That’s a perfect example. As for trans, the battle has not even begun yet. That’s July 2023 when the South Node goes to Libra the sign of equality and the law. Women will win as they always do.

  34. Hi Jessica

    I asked the tarot about the home which you mentioned as a huge opportunity from May 2023 to confirm and pulled Page of Pentacles.

    Thank you very much again.

    1. The Page of Pentacles is a younger male who wants to buy, renovate or rent. Thank you.

  35. Hi Jessica and Happy Easter! My north node is at 20.45 Aries, I’m a Cancerian with Libra rising. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction is almost on my north node and I’m hoping it will bring good news for my family situation where my son and daughter in law are going through a very difficult separation involving the well being of my four grandchildren, I’m very concerned for all of them. And I’m going through a difficult time with my partner as well, hoping that we can resolve our differences. Could Sun/Jupiter bring any good news about either of these situations? Thank you if you have the time to reply.

    1. Thank you. Your North Node at 20 Aries and South Node at 20 Libra is the story here. Your partnership is being tested and the grandchildren are part of that test. The Sun and Jupiter at 21 Aries will shed light on your need to fight or campaign. Some women express this through a cause, or through their job. They might join a political party or just have a very fractious marriage. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so this is ‘more fight, more push, more campaigning, more drive’ and it will absolutely affect your partnership. You and your partner will balance the karma between you from July 2023 until early 2025, as the transiting South Node goes to Libra and your Seventh House of duets and duels; the transiting North Node goes to Aries, which as you’ve seen, is your fighting or campaigning side. What happens this week turns a spotlight on the future and you benefit from understanding yourself better, as the pair of you must figure out how to balance the scales and it will be a slow process. Getting outside advice could be useful, or just reading widely around the subject. Your public chart shows a similar story; as a Sun Cancer person you have Pluto back in your Seventh House of duets and duels, from June and he remains there, on and off, through 2024. Find out more about Libra and Aries in your chart and how to play them.

  36. Thank you Jessica for such an interesting article. Please can you tell me if this transit is going to help me? I’m struck down with a sudden illness and due to strikes and bank holiday here in the Uk I’m unable to get the diagnosis I need. I have been given the headlines, but not the rest. I am due to holiday on Thursday, but right now, cannot travel as my health is too uncertain. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you. X

    1. I am really sorry about your illness and you can’t get the diagnosis you need, either. Deep breath. You were born with Pluto at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House of health and wellbeing. For the first time in 248 years, transiting Pluto recently went to 29 Capricorn, and made an exact aspect (transiting Pluto trine natal Pluto). This situation asks you to use your self-control to be in control, and to lean on your willpower to become empowered. It is a slow process and will take you through 2023 and 2024, as you make lifestyle changes. These will require a Daily Routine (capital D and capital R) which you find transforms your life, but also transforms you. Pluto makes you stronger if you follow the rules. You also have Psyche at 2 Virgo and again, a long-range transit is unfolding. For the first time in 29 years, Saturn goes to 2 Pisces and opposes Psyche (transiting Saturn in opposition to natal Psyche). Later on in May, June you find Jupiter goes to 2 Taurus trine Psyche. That’s incredibly helpful for you. Psyche is a symbol of what lives forever; what endures; what immortalises you. In Virgo, this is about your health and wellbeing. So the Virgo side of your personality and destiny is being triggered here. And this new approach to your lifestyle will be about mind, body and spirit together. Psyche was tested and overcame a series of trials. So will you. The other side of Virgo is duty and service. This is about your job, your unpaid work or your academic career, as much as it is about your health. In astrology we don’t separate them. So even though you have an illness to deal with, you also have an equally important question about your role in life. Who you work for/serve and why you do that. How you honestly feel about it. You can pull in housework and volunteer work if you do it, as well as any paid job. Sorting that out, can also help you sort out the rest. I wish you well and suggest you find out more about Pluto natally and by transit.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are well and happy Easter! I am looking forward to this Wednesday and wanted to ask what I could expect based on my relevant factors below. Hopefully this is a new opportunity as I am currently looking for work. In terms of my skills I am very good at writing, presenting, research & teaching (I think anyway), so hopefully something comes along that aligns with that.

    Mercury 20° Leo – 59′ 11
    Panacea 22° Leo – 27′ 26″
    Venus 23° Cancer – 03′ 51″
    Pluto 22° Scorpio – 49′ 21″
    Ops 22° Pisces – 23′ 09″ R
    Cupido 20° Sagittarius – 20′ 03″
    Vulcano 20° Aquarius – 20′ 39″ R

    Thank you.

    1. At 21 Aries, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction is picking up Leo and your Fifth House, so you will have a rare opportunity to shed light on courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. You gain from your plans this week, no matter if it is a godson, a children’s project or a budding romance. Your priority seems to be work, though. None of the factors here talk about work. You want to teach, though, and Cupido at 20 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is about your love of academia. You suit short courses which you fall in love with, particularly abroad or involving foreigners in your own country. You will be a lifelong student and also teacher, on whatever level you like (it may be quite informal) and one such chance is coming now.

  38. One thing though, is MTM was an alcoholic that stayed in the house and drank alone, per her own report. She was a lonely woman and not the same as the character in the MTM show. But I just wanted to point that out….probably because I don’t have any planets at those degrees and feel left out, so I am trying to be realistic. Thanks for all of your terrific posts and I just wanted to point that one thing out. Take care 🙂

    1. Thank you. I need to find out more about Mary Tyler Moore now. I’ll look for her autobiography and see what transit she experienced that put her through alcoholism.

  39. Happy Easter Jessica
    I hope you are doing well
    Can you please help understand this day and its impact, I cannot see it
    thank you

    1. You have Cupido at 21 Virgo in the Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. You fall in love with projects, roles and goals in your professional life; with unpaid work; with academia. You also fall in love with particular ways of looking after your health, fitness, mental health and vitality. This may be yoga, it may be a keto diet, it may be Reiki. Cupido is about short-term desire so these strong, strong feelings may never last long, but they are picked up this week, as Jupiter and the Sun aspect Cupido, Nina. You do gain from this.

  40. Dear Jessica
    I wish you a Happy Easter!
    I have my Moon (with close Vesta 20,43) at 21 degree 15 in Capricorn, so it is a square. Not sure, if a square is also good?
    My Asc is at 19 degree 59 in Sagittarius.
    But: My Sun in Scorpio at 2 degree 59, with Neptune at 8 degree…so soon there will be a conjunction with the transiting South Node. The last years where difficult. Having Saturn and Moon and Jupiter in Cap, and my weak Mars in Cancer…Pluto everywhere…through all my personal planets and points changed my life, starting with the death of my father, my divorce and loosing jobs….and more.
    I was a strong person, but now I need a break.

    Do we choose our stars?
    Greetings from Switzerland

    1. Thank you Jacqueline. Waving to Switzerland. I am sorry you lost your father and also saw your marriage and job going too. Do we choose our stars? We do not choose our birth chart, but we can choose to minimise difficult experiences by being prepared for them and lowering the stakes. Your Moon at 21 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, academic career and unpaid work shows an emotional attachment to being successful. You also ‘need to be needed’ by employers, colleagues, the top people in your field, staff and so on. Your maternal instinct is deployed at work and you have a family feeling in your chosen profession; people feel like sisters, brothers, daughters, sons. The square from Jupiter and the Sun is uncomfortable but helpful. A situation you cannot square, still sheds light and shows growth. You gain from this, professionally, or with unpaid work or study.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    One of your monthly predictions was accurate for the end of March in that it was a month when I sign off for 2022 in terms of the improvements on my home.
    I wish Jupiter were more present in my life, but I only have Juno at 22 Capricorn. Also, I’m not sure if it applies, but I have Mars at 19 Aquarius, which is the closest I can get to 20 degrees in my horoscope.
    I would be grateful for your insights! Thanks for your wonderful website as well. Alexxx

    1. Thank you for validating the prediction. I am glad you like the website; I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. To be born with Juno at 22 Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition, achievement and status is to know what it feels like to commit. You have a history of making quite heavy pledges and promises to employers; sometimes to partners (if they assist your prestige in life) and to staff, colleagues and clients. These vows help you to climb to the top. The forthcoming square from Jupiter and the Sun, which is one degree wide, will help to illuminate your career, unpaid work or academic career in a new way, which enlightens you and helps you, even though it may feel rather uncomfortable. You will realise that you are gaining from what unfolds, but it will be 2024 that really delivers, as Jupiter goes to 22 Taurus and trines natal Juno, so you will ‘marry’ a situation which gives you kudos and clout, position and stability.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Happy Easter to you! I am sun sign Scorpio so this will be affecting my workload and wellbeing. Have recently cut my hours at work as have ex husband with alzheimers, my well being at the moment is very stressed and I cry easily. I am wondering what this means for me, we are separated but I am looking after him quite a lot but it is getting to much for me even with working reduced hours. I am gradually moving away from him as help is slowly coming through. I have 20 Diana Aquarius, 21 Hygeia Gemini, 22 North node Libra and 22 South Node Libra.
    Thanks for an interesting blog. Do you have any insight for me please. Thank you.

    1. I am sorry your former husband has Alzheimers, this is notoriously hard to go through, no matter if you are separated or married. You may be living with depression if you are crying more than usual and I hope you have found a doctor to help you, or a healer. Have a look at the free healing meditations at The Healing Trust in Britain, which Matthew Manning recommends. You knew your former husband in a previous life, as you were born with the North Node of karma in Libra, in the Seventh House of marriage and divorce. The North Node shows reincarnation and you and your husband agreed to come back together, partly to go through this. From July 2023 the South Node will transit or travel through Libra, so you will have your South Node conjunction to the North Node in the Seventh House. This is the sign-off of karma and the closure of the circle with him. You say help is slowly coming through and this fits your chart; the Sun-Jupiter opposition is one degree off this week and is the light at the end of the tunnel. On a different note, it exactly forms a sextile to Hygiea in Gemini in your Third House of internet and short journeys too; you will be in a terrific position with your plans to get away in 2023, or to have a better commute for yourself. You will also find a turn up for the books, online.

  43. Hi,

    Does this affect me and in general interested anything you can tell me about my chart.
    Also can you maybe do a reading on Canada.

    1. Thank you. I had a look at Canada in a Substack column some months ago, and funnily enough Justin Trudeau subscribed. Canada will change her border rules with the USA from 2026 and have a different relationship with America which lets her be far more independent, partly because of radically different transport and travel options beyond 2030. You are a Scorpio with Scorpio and Libra stelliums. The biggest change you will notice in 2023 and 2024 is about a relationship which is both sexual and financial. You may have a boyfriend you hire to work on your home, for example. You may have an ex-wife who is still sorting out the division of the property with you. There is karma here, financially, but it ends in July. There is also karma here in terms of equality between you and what is fair (or even legally just) and it begins in July and ends in early 2025.

  44. Hello Jessica
    Happy Easter! It seems that Jupiter-Sun conjunction is opposing my 21 Pluto in Libra,but is also going to touch a lot of factors in 21 and 22 degree.Seems a new start.I am worried about the opposition and the T 21 Chiron Taurus-21Ceres/Ops Leo-21 Minerva Aquarius!Can you iluminate me ,please?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Happy Easter, Dori. An opposition by transiting Jupiter benefits you even if it triggers inner conflicts or you see polar opposites in a situation. Jupiter and the Sun at 21 Aries will neatly oppose natal Pluto at 21 Libra in your Seventh House of duets and duels. Double-acts and differences. This aspect in your chart is also tied into other factors, so for your entire life, a marriage (say) or a professional contest (for example) affects everything else as well. It is the same with any sexual relationship. Pluto is a symbol of control and obsession. So you find yourself wanting to hold the reins, very firmly, with (say) a lover or work partner. In any situation where you have a rival or an outright opponent, you seek to dominate proceedings. This aspect of your personality and life is highlighted by the Sun’s opposition and you will benefit from a new situation which may not feel easy, but you still stand to gain from it. A different, better way of doing things with your other half, or the other side.

  45. Hi Jessica – thank you for this article, I especially liked the birth chart and Sun-Jupiter conjunction section as I have 1 aspect at 21 degrees and 3 others within one orb. Based on my sun sign, I would stand to benefit in general with my duets/duels in life – I hope so as this has been so challenging in my personal and professional life (scared that my window ends in May and not sure when I will have another chance to in the future to find my perfect duet). My birth chart indicates freedom/shared income, prevention/well being and lifestyle, fortune/reputation or profile and cures/courtship and/or my teen or other children (nieces, nephews, youth in general). Would you mind elaborating on my interpretation, you are so keen at filling in the details with how these aspect can turn up IRL. Still single and still working as the Head of HR at the law firm. My relationship with my daughter (07/14/07) feels good right now, always seeking ways to mother better. In general I don’t feel good about how I spend my days, feeling purposeless and unsure if life will ever feel good. Thank you for taking the time to read and for your invaluable insight. I hope you are well and have a beautiful week 🙂 Nena

    1. Thank you. You are Head of Human Resources at a law firm, Nena, which shows in your chart, but you are not happy. You have a huge Libra stellium in the Seventh House of duets and duels, and have likely found your relationship with your daughter’s father to be good real-life training in people management, as well as paperwork. Being heavily Libran, you need partnerships and duets on any level. So, a tennis partner or another half in a business scheme, for example. Two suits you. With Saturn and Pluto in Libra it’s also really hard work. Huge effort. When you say ‘perfect duet’ it does not exist. What you do have is the need to learn about how control in a partnership works (Pluto) and how to deal with a partnership which comes with restrictions built in (Saturn). Some people actively avoid partnerships for that reason, because they don’t want to expend the time and energy. And sometimes women get in their own way and sabotage partnerships ever happening, because they subconsciously want to avoid a repeat of a difficult relationship or marriage. There are a couple of ways around a Pluto and Saturn placement in Libra. One is to relax into different sorts of duets that don’t have such high stakes. Becoming President or Vice-President of a good cause and functioning with the other person is one; an even lighter one might be pairing up with a fellow dog-walker. You may also want to see how it feels to release the idea of ever being married again, or ever being in a lifetime commitment again. You don’t actually have to do that. In any case, the transiting South Node in Libra, starting in July 2023, and taking you to early 2025, will bring karma from 18-19 years prior, likely with one or two men – and as you are owed, or you owe, that will be fulfilled. This may be with the original person in your life then, or quite a different man, who nevertheless gives you a chance to settle up karmically. The South Node will form a series of conjunctions with every factor you have in Libra. Going back to the actual Jupiter-Sun conjunction at 21 Aries, it aspects Diana at 21 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships; family-based property relationships; matters of a joint business nature. You were ‘born free’ here and are independent, autonomous and very much the goddess of the hunt; Diana brought home her capture, you bring home the money, saved or made. So you stand to gain here. What unfolds this week will help you cut loose, even more than you already do.

  46. Dear Jessica, firstly, apologies if I accidentally posted twice, I wasn’t sure if my first message actually sent.
    I’m so excited to read your brilliant article; so optimistic! It feels so needed for us all just now to have some big Jupiter luck coming our way! I have my MC at 20 Aries and my IC at 20 Libra, I have Apollo at 20 Virgo, Vulcano at 22 Scorpio and Proserpina at 22 Capricorn. I would be so greatful if you could tell me what all these placements mean for me please? With thanks Alexia x

    1. Alexia, that’s a chart statement about work (Virgo) and ambition (Capricorn) and also money (Scorpio) but it’s also fairly wide, so it may take a while for the growth and improvement to unfold, as what you see now may be the acorn that is planted – or you plant it – with the oak tree coming by 2024. What you are actually waiting for is Jupiter to enter Taurus from mid-May, for really large developments, as he will trine Apollo in Virgo in your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing, helping you take a position of leadership (Apollo) with staff, clients or employers, or other volunteers, colleagues and so on. Jupiter will also trine Proserpina in Capricorn in your Tenth House around the same time, so by 2024 you will have a role as go-between which also benefits you enormously. This sounds like a new position or project for you.

  47. Hi Jessica
    Hope you had a lovely Easter and many thanks for all your great articles.
    I have Saturn, Neptune & Minerva opposite this Jupiter/Sun conjunction can you help with how this might manifest in my life?

    Many thanks

    1. Elizabeth, Minerva at 21 and Saturn at 22 Libra are in a close conjunction in your Seventh House of duets and duels. You would make a good marriage guidance counsellor or business lawyer as you have innate wisdom when it comes to ‘the two of us’ and pairs in general, or partnerships. You also have a lifetime of hard-won experience behind you as being one half of a couple (romantically or professionally) always comes with restrictions and quite heavy limitations for you. So does any sort of battle, conflict or dispute – it’s historically a learning experience. The arrival of Jupiter and the Sun at 21 Aries, in opposition, sheds rare light on one particular duet or duel, and highlights what and who you need to see, in order to gain. You benefit from this situation, even though it may divide you, or bring circumstances which are hard to juggle, for you or the other side. Jupiter is always a tremendous boon even when in opposition.

  48. Dear Jessica,
    What an exciting conjunction you have revealed! Thanks for your insight analysis. I have Jupiter Himself @22 Sagittarius and at the same time my patron Uranus @ the same degree of Gemini. There are IC @ 20 Pieces and MC @ opposite Virgo. I can’t wait to see the opportunities coming. The factors and aspects are so crowded that I can’t decide which planet and which aspect is more prominent than the others. May I get your insight and accurate forecasts. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. When in doubt, look for the exact aspect. If you don’t have that, go to patterns which are precise, even if they are one degree wide. Uranus at 22 Gemini in opposition to Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius in your chart suggests a lifetime full of growth, expansion and good fortune overseas, with foreigners, and also foreign cultures in your own country. It may pull in publishing and academia. Whenever it happens, there is also a revolution for you with the worldwide web, the media, and your use of language. It’s an upheaval but it benefits you. This transit across 21 Aries by Jupiter will trine natal Jupiter and sextile Uranus, so it’s a week of developments which come out of the blue, like lightning bolts, but it’s an opportunity, too.

  49. Hello Jessica, thank you for this enlightening article. I’m afraid my earlier comment might be lost.

    I also have many factors in nearly every house, but I am particularly interested in my natal Uranus at 21 Scorpio. I hope this will be a big positive change, hopefully with my financial situation/career? Thank you again for any guidance you may have.

    1. Thank you. You have Uranus at 21 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and shared property relationships, as you know. You also have Ceres at 21 Gemini in your Third House of siblings, cousins, internet, media and short journeys. The two go together. So, for example, a brother may be tied into a family legacy or a business partnership may hinge on the worldwide web. You will play this combination differently your whole life, but it will always involve upheaval and quite radical change (Uranus) as well as a break with the past that leads to independence (Uranus again). It will also involve deal-making and compromise (Ceres). This Jupiter-Sun conjunction in Aries will aspect both placements. Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Uranus and transiting Jupiter sextile natal Ceres suggests a huge boost for the sibling or cousin relationship (say) or an enormous benefit with your web or media interests. As part of this, or maybe as a separate story, you realise you are once again being offered a break with the past, financially, which would grant you much more room to move; far more autonomy and space.

  50. Hi Jessica- my sun is 21 degrees Aries and Venus at 20. I’m hoping this Jupiter conjunction is going to fire up my social life and maybe bring me a new love. What do you reckon? Thanks

    1. It will relaunch your title, reputation and appearance if you take the opportunity which is staring you in the face. Maybe literally, in the face – as Aries rules the face and head.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you had a lovely Easter, and thanks so much for alerting me to this conjunction! I have 8 factors at 20/21/22 degrees, listed below. If you have time, may I ask what you would read into these patterns for me? (Also, thanks again for your previous comment when I wrote to you about my house-hunting frustrations. Clearly Jupiter in my 4th house ultimately delivered as we signed on 2/4 for a gorgeous house in a leafy area that we didn’t think we’d be able to afford!)

    Sun 22° Cap
    Venus 21° Cap
    Jupiter 20° Aqua
    Uranus 20° Sag
    Diana 22° Virgo
    Aesculapia 21° Taurus
    Hygeia 21° Aries
    Proserpina 20° Gemini

    Thanks so much Jessica,

    1. I’m glad transiting Jupiter in your solar Fourth House delivered, LT – you now have a gorgeous house. You were born with an exact trine from Venus at 21 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia – to Aesculapia at 21 Taurus in your Second House of money, houses, valuables, apartments, charity and business. You have complicated relationships with employers, staff, colleagues, clients, professors, other students, other volunteers which frequently have a family feel to them, or may involve a sexual relationship. This is a lifelong pattern. It feeds directly into your ability to bring back financial, business, property or possessions from the point of no return. Just when you and other people are close to writing something off, or someone off, it comes back – through you. We see this pattern with people who run vintage boutiques and are in bed with the owner and search auctions to resurrect budding antiques and repair them. We also see it in politics when people who have affairs with other parliamentarians, find the latter’s business donors help resurrect their own interests. You can play it any number of ways, LT, but that Jupiter and Sun aspect will shed light on the pattern and give you a chance to gain from it.

  52. Ooh Jessica I have ASC at 21 Pisces and DESC at 21 Virgo so it sounds like it might be a direct hit on 12 April am I right?

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate, your were born with the Ascendant (ASC) at 21 Pisces in your Twelfth House of self-help, therapy, counselling, religion, Tarot, mediumship, hypnosis and the invisible world. This is how you project. This is how the world sees you. The Ascendant is a broad mirror on the internet. When people Google you this is what tends to show up, for whatever reason. The Descendant (DESC) is your partner in career or love. Your other half. This face may change during your lifetime, as different people form different sorts of double acts and duets with you. The sign tells you the type of person. So in Virgo, this is the person who has his or her own lifestyle, daily routine and particular way of eating, drinking, seeing doctors and dentists, using healing and so on. This suits them and powers their work ethic as they are wholly committed to doing it right/getting it right and feel a strong sense of purpose through work, volunteer work, academia and even housework and gardening. They live to serve. What happens when Jupiter and the Sun aspect these angles, sheds light on you, on the other person, and offers a tremendous chance to improve your life, regarding that.

  53. Hello Jessica, thank you for your interesting article. I am also thoroughly enjoying your new podcast and eagerly await each new episode every Saturday when it’s released in New Zealand.
    I have Uranus 21 Libra, Psyche 21 Scorpio and Minerva 22 Aries. Is there anything I need to consider or focus on with this lineup? I am currently applying for different jobs and am hoping for some luck this week.

    Many thanks for your generosity in answering your members’ questions and comments.

    1. Thank you so much. We were really pleased to be #1 in New Zealand last week, on the Apple Spirituality Podcast chart. This Jupiter-Sun conjunction at 21 Aries will oppose natal Uranus at 21 Libra in the Seventh House of duets and duels. You have a lifelong pattern of rejecting partners, and also being rejected by them. This can happen within a marriage (a rejection dance) or a professional partnership. Every time there is another change, you gain more independence. In fact, your experience of being free is tied to saying ‘No’ to marriage, or ‘no’ to particular partners – on a regular basis. You are not alone in this; everyone born with Uranus in Libra tends to be serially monogamous or have extremely free commitments. There is an exact semi-sextile to Psyche at 21 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. So none of this can ever happen without reference to the big-ticket items in your will, like an apartment, house, shares, bank account, possessions. It also covers anything left to you by a partner, the family or a former partner’s ongoing commitment (say child support). Setting aside Minerva for one moment, as she is one degree out, you will experience an uncomfortable but extremely beneficial situation this week which shows you how a duet or duel might change to give you more freedom, and why this makes a handy difference to the big-ticket items in your life budget. I’ve not mentioned the ‘duel’ side of Libra and this can be a life spent in opposing sports teams; opposing political parties; actually in the armed forces. And of course it can be a feud on a personal basis. If this is the way you have played your chart, then again, the opposition from Jupiter will not be easy, but it will be enormously beneficial, regarding the other side.

  54. Hi Jessica
    I really get a lot out of your Blog and reading the questions and answers. I have a few 20 degrees and on Thursday 12 am doing a eulogy for one of my best friends who sadly passed away. I’m trying to do my best and expect to see a lot of old acquaintances. Do you see anything arising out of that event and in this May to May 2024 time period in my chart. Many thanks as always.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you lost your good friend and I wish you well with the eulogy. Everyone will be with you, of course, to support you as everybody understands what you are going through. You have Saturn in Aquarius and a Gemini stellium. No wonder they asked you to speak. You are strongly Gemini and can always find the words for anything, written or spoken, and it has been like that since school. Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups is now triggered and so you have this heavy responsibility ahead. This event is extremely important and will change your life for many years into the future, owing to a ripple effect which is set off. You also have the South Node in Aquarius so you have a past life relationship with the person you’ve just lost, but also with their friends, and your friends, within that circle. You’ve been here before. It will take 20 years or so, but as Pluto slowly goes through Aquarius, you will find that people power within a circle, with true friends within, changes your life. It makes you powerful and allows you all to make change for good, in your corner of the world. The other change, long-term, is the exciting new phase for you online, and involving local people or neighbouring places. That begins with a bump in 2024 and from 2026 you realise the future has come out to meet you. You’ll be writing, podcasting, exchanging discussion or otherwise enjoying life as a Gemini-type ‘hub’ for some time to come.

  55. Thank you Jessica.
    I have some clarity on the medical problem now, which should be straightforward to fix. It is literally a twisted something. I had thought, already considered the link between its onset and work. It seems I have actually tied myself in knots!!
    Answering those questions gives me that the book I’ve wriiten is for the global community. The why, is it’s my soul’s purpose. The how do I feel about it bit: it’s a bit scary (what if it’s not good enough), I’m uncertain (as I lose my way with confidence), but ultimately it’s my legacy.

    So, once untangled in both dimensions, this book can flow out into the universe.

    1. I am much relieved on your part. The book is part of the story; the other half of the story will be a lifestyle change.

  56. Hi Jessica,
    I feel like I am at a “last chance” crossroads with one of my sons. We have had a huge upheaval in the past 16 months and 2 of my daughter-in-laws have completely turned against me. My Leo son (my 4th son) and I were always very close but his Aquarian wife has obviously given him some sort of ultimatum and he avoids me or puts me off every time I ask to see him or his children.
    This has caused a lot of friction between my other children and him because they feel he is burying his head in the sand and not dealing with the issues.
    He has always been a very sensible, stable person and someone who thinks things through. I have been very understanding and have not been demanding at all – I have left the ball completely in his hands.
    I feel it is total make or break time. Do I lose this relationship – not only with my son but 2 beloved grandchildren? Do I just let it go? I am moving to be in the same city as my 2 youngest children who have been very supportive. They both feel like our family is split apart. I have used the Tarot and dealt the 5 of Cups, with the 3 cups overturned. I feel this means that I will lose them.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are at this difficult point with your son. Family politics has come in. You also have grandchildren through him and your daughter-in-law. The Five of Cups is really useful. It shows the toxic nature of at least one daughter-in-law. You can see the green bile spilled from one cup. There is no reason at all to accept you will lose ‘the three’. To explain why, we have to go back to the chart. You are a Sun Gemini woman with a huge stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House of family. Publicly, this situation has been about the legacy you leave, or the money you currently give – to family members. That is what it looks like from the outside, and it will go on appearing to be so, until Pluto finally leaves Capricorn for good. However, the power has gone from the situation. The old issues about who/what is in control have hugely improved. So try to accept that, purely on the level of the will you make, but also any will which names you. That’s the bigger picture in all this, and of course people can make living wills, where they benefit their grandchildren now. Privately, too, the Taurus and Cancer patterns in your chart suggest to me that this will be about the house, the apartment, the money, the valuable possessions, the presents, the loans, the favours and so on. This takes off for you May 2023 to May 2024 with Jupiter in Taurus and you will be happy with your move to your new city. Can the situation with the rest of them be fixed? Yes. Absolutely. I will give you the long reading of the card. A tip: light a candle and ask your family in spirit, who are also part of the family tree, to help you – to help all of you. If something obvious shows up in the next week or two, follow the sign post. Here’s the reading.

      The cups describe love and sex, and sometimes bodily fluids. Here we have three fallen over, maybe kicked to the ground, and we can see toxic green fluid (poisonous emotion or bile perhaps) on the ground along with blood.

      This might be a woman getting over the end of a marriage (one person) and a complicated situation with two children. It might be a man who has been let down by three former friends. Pamela did not randomly create these cards. Here we have blood, which is a dramatic symbol of ‘that bloody man’ or ‘that bloody woman’.

      It can sometimes show bereavement so you have to take that into account as well. This may be an accident which has taken someone, or more than one person.

      This card has an awful lot encoded in the illustration, from the relief and release of the river, which might wash the cups (clean up the relationships) and return them, like new, sparkling and solid gold. There is also the option to just get rid of what remains. To turn one’s back on what did not work out, emotionally, no matter if it is love, children, family or friends. This character in black could kick the cups into the water so they sink to the bottom, forgotten.

      The cloaked figure is downcast, hidden and apparently in mourning – or a vampire! Pamela Colman Smith knew Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, well and he may have been in The Golden Dawn, the magical secret society which also included Pamela’s collaborator Arthur Waite.

      Vampires feast on blood. Emotional vampires feast on other substances. Perhaps you feel you are one of the solid gold people here, kicked to one side, or waiting (ignored) in the background, while some kind of human Count Dracula prepares for the next victim. This card can really be open to wide interpretation. Maybe you feel like a bit of a vampire! Do you eat people up? Chew them up and spit them out?

      Look at the green fluid which has spilled. What does this mean to you? This is Chartreuse, perhaps, or Absinthe. Maybe it is poison. Sometimes poison is released when a relationship falls over. Maybe it is Crème de Menthe.

      Two cups, glittering gold (solid gold, precious) are still upright and intact as we’ve discussed, but the brooding figure cannot see them.

      The bridge and castle are important, as I’ve also mentioned, for their sheer potential. So is the river. The cups are just waiting to be cleaned in the water – or – will this figure walk away altogether and cross the bridge to a new life?

      There is strong visualisation potential in this card, which can be ‘directed’ like all of Pamela’s work. She was a set designer as well as a powerful psychic. Much of what she was picking up in 1909 would become the new science of quantum mechanics. Everything is a cloud of potential until we enter into the experiment and make it become, what it will be. These cards are interactive. Move the character, the cups, with your mind. Enter into the new potential home; cross the bridge.

      There is emptiness here. The cups contain nothing, though they once did. There is also a sense of someone just waiting to shed a skin. To get rid of an outer layer of depression or grief. Dark thoughts, perhaps. The sense of self has gone. We cannot even see this person’s face – all we see is the black robe.

      Aquarius is the sign we associate with rivers (the water-bearer) but also Pisces (ruled by Neptune). A bridge is Libra, because it connects two sides. The blood might be Scorpio, associated with death and sex. The waiting castle is Cancer. Take the card apart and see what it means to you, as each of the signs will have very particular meaning, depending on your chart, and perhaps the charts of the other people involved.

      This process of mourning, adjustment and ‘the journey’ will take time. It may take months or even years. There is no schedule for any human being and the response to loss can only be dealt with individually. In this card, we might see someone who acts very quickly, hurling the stained cups into the water, pulling off the robe of mourning, turning to gather the two remaining cups (solid gold people) behind – and racing across the bridge – pelting towards a new future.

      Some people can stay stuck in the mourning, grief or loss stage for a very long time indeed, but that seems like a waste, when everything one could possibly want to make good and start again, is right there. This is one of Pamela’s cards which just cries out to be worked with. Whatever/whomever is therapeutic and healing could be the difference here, as it can be hard to shed the dark, heavy, robes of grief by oneself. A counsellor might be really useful here, or perhaps a Reiki master or yoga teacher.

  57. Thank you for another educational post, Jessica. I’m trying to learn as much as I can to interpret my chart but wow there is a LOT to absorb! At first I though “this is great news for folks with this in their chart”, then did a double-take as I looked at my own and realised I have a heap of factors at 20, 21 and 22 degrees. I can see the nodes are involved but also Chiron, MC, IC and Psyche.

    I don’t have anything big in the diary for the 12th but between now and June there are plenty of discussions about commercial deals and personal partnerships that are evolving in the background and I wonder if this is what will be triggered? I’d be really grateful for your interpretation of what this might mean for me from 12th April onwards if you get time.

    Sun – 23° Virgo 15′ 17″

    Moon – 00° Pisces 26′ 40″
Mercury 02° Libra 17′ 26″

    Venus 07° Scorpio 22′ 06″
Mars 19° Capricorn 07′ 49″

    Jupiter 17° pisces 07′ 44″ R

    Saturn 04° Sagittarius 20′ 36″
Uranus 18° Sagittarius 31′ 16″

    Neptune 03° Capricorn 02′ 24″

    Pluto 05° Scorpio 36′ 59″

    Chiron 21° Gemini 16′ 53″

    Juno 07° Sagittarius 08′ 11″

    Vesta 13° Aries 53′ 09″ R

    Ceres 19° Libra 03′ 14″
MC 21° Capricorn 28′ 28″
IC 21° Cancer 28′ 28″

    ASC 18° Aries 52′ 40″
DESC 18° Libra 52′ 40″

    Diana 27° Libra 55′ 21″
Fortuna 02° Gemini 08′ 25″

    Minerva 11° Aries 06′ 57″ R

    Bacchus 09° Sagittarius 40′ 17

    Apollo 17° Leo 59′ 14″

    Aesculapia 09° Leo 06′ 29″

    Hygeia 29° Gemini 03′ 10″

    Panacea 24° Taurus 58′ 39″

    Ops 01° Pisces 08′ 30″ R

    Salacia 19° Aquarius 47′ 48″ R

    Proserpina 00° Virgo 51′ 17″

    Cupido 29° Scorpio 44′ 23″

    Vulcano 26° Leo 04′ 52″
Psyche 22° Leo 07′ 30″

    NorthNode 21° Aries 04′ 32″ R

    SouthNode 21° Libra 04′ 32″ R

    1. In astrology, a rare transit like the Sun at 21 Aries in conjunction with Jupiter at 21 Aries, matters most when it falls on anything at 21 Aries in your chart. You have your North Node at 21 Aries in your First House of appearance, reputation and title. Your last past life involved a role in the armed forces. It may have been during the last war, or in the Roman legions. In this life, you find you are here to act out the karma by being at war, or campaigning against, the other side, or your other half. This nodal pattern is common in the charts of people who divorce, or who have rocky relationships. It also turns up with people who get involved in politics or highly competitive sport, because they fall into the familiar mode of pushing/pushing back. Aries itself is ruled by Mars in astrology and of course this is the Roman god of war. When you think back to the horse, shield, spear, helmet of the Roman cavalry and the obsession with appearances – the tortoise formation (Testudo) for example, you begin to see why Aries, Mars and the First House are all about ‘what appears’ as a potent tool for getting what you want. A Roman soldier always underwent a physical examination. This is also the First House; the body height, weight, strength, fitness and so on. Another aspect of appearances. Rank was the title part of it all, for Romans. Were you a a Centurion or Legionary? Underneath it all was simply a man. Like any of the enemy. Yet it was all this ‘front’ that won Romans an empire. This forthcoming aspect in your chart will pick up on the way you use this today, developed from your last incarnation, and how it pans out in relation to a partner or enemy. You gain from the experience – enormously.

  58. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all the predictions, explanations and helpful info. I really enjoy reading it all. I know we are just about there, but I had a question I wanted to at least toss out there: does we have to have factors at exactly 21 degrees? I have Venus in Aries at 20, and Uranus in Sag at 22, so I’m not sure if I just miss the good stuff. I guess I’ll find out soonish too and maybe just use it as an opportunity to be grateful for the good I’m sure I sometimes overlook. Anyway, thanks again, I enjoy following your work.

    1. The question of orbs is really about sacred geometry and a near miss in astrology is like a near miss building a pyramid. It’s pyramid-like but it’s not the real thing, or the whole thing. You will still see benefits from Jupiter and the Sun at 21 Aries in a conjunction with your natal Venus at 20 Aries and they will be about your title, reputation and appearance. This is a relaunch, if you take the opportunity. Uranus in Sagittarius at 22 in the Ninth House is really about ‘the useful upheaval’ and a revolution involving foreigners or foreign places, perhaps with a publishing, academic or digital twist, is not only liberating, it is also a firm positive. You may find elements of this arrive this week or the beginnings of something which grows later, appear in your world.

  59. Thank you Jessica for writing about the Jupiter/Sun conjunction. As a Sun in Virgo person I really like and appreciate the details in all your writings and predictions.

    My question is: What can I expect from having this conjunction in opposition to my natal Moon? I have Moon in Libra at 21° in the 2nd house. I’m concerned about my income and work stability. I’ve also had some minor health issues in the past year which are disconcerting and new to me since I’ve always been lucky to have good health.

    Thank you!


    1. Thank you Cristina. Your Moon is at 21 Libra in the Seventh House, using the Natural House System, also known as Zero Aries. You transfer your maternal instinct onto your partners and if you do get married, it has a family feel; the patterns you act out with your partner may reflect what s/he experienced maternally too. Partnership for you is an emotional business, about instinct, the need to protect, to shelter, to ‘feed’ and also to feed literally. Along comes Jupiter and the Sun in opposition and a situation you cannot compromise over, either with yourself or the other person, benefits you. It’s a stretch, but it’s a good stretch and you gain from it. This transit has nothing to do with health; that’s Virgo/the Sixth House in your chart, but the Tarot can help you unlock that. Follow the steps on this website.

  60. Hello again Jessica,
    I’ve several planets and asteroids at 21’ And a few more at 20, 22. It’s all too much for me to make sense of, anything you find interesting?

    Thanks for your time

    1. Saturn at 21 Libra is the big one. You were born with Saturn in the Seventh House of marriage, divorce, partnership, separation and all duets and duels. Since you first began dating, mating and relating as an adult you have consistently run into situations where you find it hard to get in – or hard to get out. You cannot start a relationship with someone you are in love with, or you cannot get out of a relationship you do not want. Along comes Jupiter and the Sun at 21 Aries in opposition to Saturn, and light will be shed – everything will be illuminated – and you stand to benefit from what is an inner conflict or external difference. Polar opposites may be involved or opposing ideas on either side, or within you. This opposition is important because eventually in December 2023, January 2024, the lunar nodes move to 21 Aries-Libra and so there is a huge karmic decision to make about the other person, or the other side.

  61. Hi J,
    I missed Sun sign school on weekend, however, I have tuned into zoom recording.
    I followed steps, I pulled Ace of Pentacles… proserpina fruit on garden vine? The idea of go between on either side of garden wall?
    I did have news this morning ( Mercury 21 in 4th house cancer ) of a pending date for some strata work to start next week after following up for months.
    I am curious about the Capricorn moon at 20 … our thoughts on that?
    Look forward to this weeks school.

    1. Thank you. The Ace of Coins was your card for this week. You have Bacchus at 21 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, property, business and charity. Bacchus is your capacity to give and receive pleasure and fulfilment, and it always happens with the money or the property. You now have Jupiter and the Sun at 21 Aries about to aspect this – they will form a quincunx. This maybe the strata work, which would fit (home improvements you enjoy which increase the value of your home) or it may be something quite different. You also have the Moon at 20 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia. Jupiter and the Sun will square that, so show you what you cannot square, about your maternal instincts within a profession, as a volunteer, or a a student. Yet, despite the discomfort of this, you benefit from the situation.

  62. Hello!
    Can you see this message? I wrote twice but seemed to get skipped over. It happens I guess.
    Loving your podcasts! Great way to walk the pups and listen to the week ahead!
    I have a question- I have angles at 20-22° but only really to the Asc and Desc and Mc and IC. Do these same principles apply? I would love your input.
    Have an amazing day

    1. Thank you. I have 17,520 comments today and usually see about 10 comments per screen, so unfortunately it’s not possible for me to get round to everybody. Thank you for the compliment about The Astrology Show podcast. Your chart shows Vesta at 20 Aries in the First House of title, reputation and appearance. Jupiter and the Sun are one degree away from an exact triple conjunction at 21 Aries, so this is the major story in your life. Vesta refers to the pattern of one male, and two or more females, figuring out the balance of power with each other. The Vestales were of course the Vestal Virgins of Rome, who lived together in an exclusively female environment, with one male ruler – the Pontifex Maximus. If they lost their virginity they were buried alive. So, in terms of your image, the astrology chart says people see you through that filter. One woman in competition with other women or girls for male approval, or a female who is always under the eye of male judgement. It may have been there when you were a child, if you grew up with sisters, say. It may have been your sisters and yourself, and your mother – with your father. Later on, it can turn up again within a family, or just in a job. There are plenty of flight attendants who see Vesta playing out with the pilot. This is your shop window anyway. Jupiter and the Sun suggest light will be shed on this, and you will gain from what happens.

  63. Hi Jessica. I have below 20-22 placements.

    Moon 21 libra
    Vesta 22 Virgo
    Ceres 22 Taurus
    Bacchus 21 Virgo
    Proserpina 20 Pisces
    Apollo 20 Leo

    Could I know what will be the effect? Thanks in advance.

    BTW I would like to have some astrology and psychic validation to you and the readers. I tried your method to write down a sheet with 2 columns, stating what I can offer and what I want, and sleep with it.

    Also you advised that in Aries weather, as a Sun Scorpio like me it is easier to find a new job.

    Finally I managed to change to a new job in late March. Position and wages are both improved. And I feel positive to adapt to this new job. Working environment is quite healthy as well.

    I am very happy that astrology is delivering and many thanks to you to the advices and continuous astrology posts.

    1. To begin at the end, thank you for validating the suggestion about a new job, which you got – and with better wages. That’s really good news. The two column method can work really well. Okay, so this Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 21 Aries is most obvious with the opposition to your Moon at 21 Libra (and most important, too). This is about the maternal role you take with partners, be they professional or sexual partners. You mother them. Very occasionally we find people who have a lifelong pattern of duelling, or opposing, or fighting – and it is an emotional business for them. This may be you. It’s more likely that this transit is about your other half, or the other side of the story in a duet. Even an opposition from Jupiter benefits you. You gain from the situation even if it’s uncomfortable with this person. Later on you realise it was the start of something more important; closure over karma from 18-19 years prior, either with this person or quite a different face. That closure begins slowly with the South Node’s ingress in Libra, from July 2023 and takes you through 2024.

  64. Happy Easter Jessica and Tess. I have just finished listening to your astrology show podcast. You have a beautiful voice, I could listen to you all day every day. Thank you. I have Saturn at 21 Gemini, Cupido at 22 Capricorn, Ops at 20 Taurus, and Vulcano at 20 Leo. My husband has Saturn at 22 Taurus, and Mars at 22 Leo. I bought his chart a while ago so I am not sure if you can see it. He has released a jazz album last month with great reviews. I am hoping more opportunities will come his way. He has 5 factors in Taurus so fingers crossed with Jupiter in Taurus in May. I am currently looking for a job so I going to forward my online applications on the 11 April as I am in London. I would be grateful for your thoughts. Thanks a million. Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.

    1. Thank you. Tess is asleep now, with her chin on her paws, but I will pass that on. And thank you so much for the compliment. Your husband is heavily Taurus which is common in the music business; musicians do not sell out. They usually face choices about gigs which would pay, that they would never take, or they are offered a commercial life instead of art. He would also be a good music teacher, actually, or a mentor to other younger jazz musicians. Your Saturn at 21 Gemini in the Third House is about the patience required to manage the internet and/or the media – communication in general – so the world of computers and microphones, telephones too. Ever since you were at school you’ve known that subjects like English, Speech and Drama, Languages were your big task. Saturn tends to produce all sorts of tests and trials. The Jupiter-Sun conjunction at 21 Aries will form a perfect sextile to natal Saturn, so light will be shed on this pattern in your life and personality and solutions will appear. This may directly relate to a job and if so, it would likely be about the usual communication question. You would be in an excellent place to figure out answers.

  65. Hi Jessica, what a great blog. I was hoping you will post a blog about this conjunction so thanks so much.
    I do feel like this period of the time is all about duet, duels for me which makes sense as I am Libra. But focus on health of any form is also on the top of my list. Last month, I pulled the moon card when I was asking a question about specific person and what the future holds with him as his brief presence in my life became very impactful and highlighted some of the most traumatic events from the past as never before by anybody else but at the same time these experiences are helping me to deal with I need to deal with. This connection now requires The Talk as you suggested when you answered my questions about The Moon card. I asked tarot how I would benefit from this Talk and I pulled Ace of pentacles, Ten of pentacles and Queen of cups on three different occasions. When I had some doubts whenever I should just walk away and not have The Talk, I pulled Death card but immediately I felt The Talk is needed for whatever reason. I can see, this is a big week for me as a Libra sun, please can you let me know what it means for my birth chart and how this conjunction is going to impact me with upcoming eclipse as well? I know my focus is on particular connection I mentioned at this time but I don’t want to miss other opportunities. I feel The Talk needs to happen this week but not sure if it’s a right time with this conjunction and my birth chat. I am also planning to register a new business and work slowly on something completely different on a side. I feel like where I work, what I do and how I work and where I live are also big questions at the front row for me at this time, plus I am doing some ‘spring clean’ in all kind of relationships so I feel there is a lot going on. Can I please ask if these changes are all related to all these recent transitions since end of March?

    Thanks so much Jessica and thank you for your wonderful work. It’s always wonderful to read your new blogs.

    Can I also still join The Sun Sign School and if there is some catch up for weekends missed?

    1. Yes, there is a lot of talk online about the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aries, because it can only happen every 12 years. You are drawing a lot of Tarot cards. Try to stick to the rules if you can, or you will confuse your own timelines. If you have the Sun in Libra then the transiting Sun-Jupiter conjunction falls in your Seventh House, in your solar (public chart) and is very obviously a big opportunity to make more of a partnership. It may be a sexual partnership or a professional partnership. The Seventh House also rules duels. A conflict or contest can benefit you now, if there is one in your life. It may be a weak opponent in a contest you want to win, for example. Jupiter is also a problem solver. If your relationship with this person is bad, then Jupiter will appear with an answer. It may be an amicable split. It may be a huge solution (a change in his behaviour or yours). The Sun Sign School would be useful for you as it can organise your approach to astrology and Tarot. We now record the pop-up Zooms, and recorded last weekend’s tutorial. It will show you how to work with your Libra stellium, in the Seventh House of your natal chart, and how to deal with the forthcoming South Node in Libra cycle, which is about karma, as I’ve explained.

  66. Hello Jessica, and Happy Easter!
    Love this article, and the promise that a Sun-Jupiter conjunction might bring! My horoscope over the last few and coming months consistently talk about the opportunity of making/saving money and opportunities in finance in general – but I cannot see how that will happen. I am on a relatively low wage, no assets, and no real prospect of getting a higher paid job – and certainly no chance of career change now (I’m 57). I missed out on a higher-paid job last month – I’m sure due to Saturn in Pisces (it was at a Catholic school – you may remember my query to you about it, and it seems you were right – as always!) – and I feel that was a final opportunity to make a real change for improving my finances.
    I have quite a few 20/21/22 factors – Sun at 20 and Chiron at 21 in Pisces; Jupiter at 22 Gemini; Moon at 20 and Neptune at 22 in Scorpio. How will I be influenced by the conjunction? Tomorrow is just a normal old day for me – at this stage!
    Thank-you for all the time and energy you give to your community, it is so appreciated x

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces experiencing transiting Jupiter (opportunity for growth) in Aries in your Second House of personal income, houses, apartments, valuables, business and charity. Jupiter has been there for months and will remain until 17th of May. If you cannot see how the opportunity will happen, Jupiter will not work for you. Jupiter is the open door, but you have to go through it. You missed out on a higher-paid job last month, which is a good example of an opportunity – but it didn’t come off. It was not your final chance. Jupiter goes on delivering open doors until the final day of a sign, so that gives you about another month. You are not too old for a career change. You are also in a position to save money. Working with Jupiter means understanding what he represents: optimism, thinking big, thinking positive, being open, chasing things when they appear. Not everything comes off, but usually something does. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 21 Aries will just catch Chiron at 21 Pisces in your Twelfth House. This allows you to get away with the so-called impossible, when it comes to self-help, therapy, counselling, religion, spirituality, Tarot, mediumship, hypnosis and your invisible world. Your inner world. Doing so will hugely benefit you.

  67. Hi Jessica, I only have Diana at 22 in Capricorn, nothing else between 20-22, I have not had a pay rise for a couple of years, so wonder if that is good news for that in my current role, whether there will be a raise and promotion, or whether I need to look to move to a new firm.
    Thank you.

    1. Diana at 22 Capricorn in your Tenth House is about your independence at work, with unpaid work or academically. This began at school when it was clear you wanted your own space. Diana is the Roman inheritor of the Greek goddess of the hunt and is usually shown with a greyhound (she ran with her dog) and sometimes the nymphs, with whom she swam. This symbol in your horoscope is not about a pay rise and promotion, it is about wanting to have liberty. You will be given such a chance when Jupiter goes to 21 Aries with the Sun, rather like a small door opening into a different future, but the real opportunity to work for yourself, or find a new position, will come at the Jupiter 22 Taurus trine to Diana in April 2024 when Uranus also moves to 22 Taurus and life changes very rapidly, setting you on the path to freedom.

  68. Hi Jessica,
    I’m excited for hopefully some good fortune with this conjunction. I’d love some romance but I’ll be grateful for some good energy whatever way it appears. I’ve just realised I’ve more aspects hit than I thought in this range of 20-22 degrees; Venus, Proserpina, Fortuna, the North node and South node. All in different houses. I’d be very grateful for any insights across the mixed bag of aspects. Wishing you Easter eggs for your cuppa. Many thanks, Fishie

    1. Thank you. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aries was in a conjunction with natal Venus at 21 Aries in your First House of branding, image, online popularity, personal publicity and social media identity. Hopefully you picked up the opportunity to earn money from ‘Me’ on Twitter.

  69. Whoooah. 17,520 comments? That’s nuts! Well, I’ll try my luck anyway. Hi Jessica. I have a few factors in my chart. Can you help me make sense of them? Saturn 22 Aries, Vulcano 22 Libra, Ceres 22 Libra, Pluto 20 Virgo, and Mars 22 Gemini. Now and then I get this gut feeling good things are on the way … or it could be me trying to be an optimist. Anyhoo, have a breezy day/night. Cheers – Mary.

    1. Mary, you have exact Aries-Libra aspects which suggest a partnership will go through karmic closure, after July 2023. This is hinted at now. Aries is you. Libra is you plus one. The karma completes by early 2025 by which time, life as it was 18 or 19 years prior will have influenced what you must give, or receive, spiritually, to the other person. This may be a former partner or new partner. That can happen too, but the scales will be balanced.

  70. Hi Jessica, fascinating article. Currently recovering from Covid (nearly there!) so my head’s a bit woolly. Any clarity on the 12th and what it means for my 21 Scorpio and 22 Virgo (stelliums in both) would be appreciated. Hoping for news on something exciting in early May – I won’t say more than that! Thank you x

    1. I am sorry you had Covid and hope you recover fully. By now the Jupiter-Sun conjunction has passed. It has opened the door for you to expand your online work profile, thanks to the big announcement by Elon Musk at Twitter – and Substack if you are creative. Virgo is of course the sign which rules your career, but also anything non-profit. Instead of being a free content provider for billionaires, you are now at liberty to generate revenue just from your Twitter account. So that’s one good example.

  71. Good Evening Jessica
    This has been the most favourite article I’ve discovered so far this year and here it is only hours before the actual event.
    To tell you the truth, I thought I was a day late! – yep, I am still learning and as you can see, it’s slowly 🙂
    I’m excited because my Sun sign is 20 degrees Libra and I also have MC at 20 Pisces, IC at 20 Virgo and Apollo at 21 Virgo – so I feel like I might be in with a really decent chance to get the outcome I want from that really tricky meeting I endured (and tried to time just right on March 23rd)
    The waiting is awful, I’ve done all I can and it’s now literally, in the hands of the ‘Gods’.
    I love reading everyone else’s comments as I get something from them also!
    As usual, thank you for all you do and your wisdom. Even though I am taking the learning slowly I am actually soaking in the lessons of my current fascinating, second Saturn Return!
    Regards, Sandie x

    1. Thank you Sandie. Yes, the conjunction has just passed and there are still 138 comments I’ve not had time to answer. I’m glad you enjoy reading all the comments; I always treat them as the second half of the feature, because they bring in the real world to the astrology. You have a meeting you are waiting on. You have Apollo at 21 Virgo in the Sixth House of work and wellbeing. You are leader here. People follow you. You are imitated, actually, but should treat it as flattery. Your paid work, unpaid work and academic career, all your life, is where you are the multi-talented multi-tasker. This also extends to your physical and mental health. People follow your lead or example. Now, Jupiter trine Apollo is interesting because Jupiter was Apollo’s father. As a result of this meeting or something else quite different, you will be given a big, brilliant opportunity related to your lifestyle, workload and wellness.

  72. Hello Jessica. Thank you for your work. I would like to ask how the shadow of retrograde Mercury will affect me on 4/12. if I f.e. open a YouTube channel or another social media account. Thanks very much. Have a nice day.

    1. You may want to avoid Mercury Retrograde for launching a YouTube channel, Twitter or Substack account. It’s notorious for technical hiccups, large-scale global events which stop normal functioning, computer and internet issues – and people going back on their word. This does work out in the end as this retrograde is in Taurus, which rules finance, and Jupiter goes in there later – from May 17th. If you can launch any time, though, why not wait until after June 1st? June 2023 puts the Sun and Mercury nicely in Gemini in your Third House of web and media. The New Moon on 18th June is terrific.

  73. Hi Jessica, I hope you had a lovely Easter. If it’s not too late I would appreciate your insights to my aspects at 20/21/22 degrees. I’m currently at home with Covid, as is my 3yo son (also a Pisces and with Jupiter at 21 Capricorn and the Moon at 21 Virgo!) and thankfully aren’t as unwell as we could be! He has a chronic disease so we’re all relieved that this isn’t too serious at this point. Is there anything I can do to encourage some positive movement (besides the healing) at the moment? It’s pretty slow going – I have a part time job that’s a bit ho hum but gets me out of the house and spending time with adults once a week, and a spiritual business on the side which hasn’t really taken off these last few years (kids, location changes, health, my Taurus partner’s businesses all factors in that…) I know there’s supposed to be financial opportunities but I’m just not seeing them… I have Miverva in Capricorn, Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Pisces aspected by the conjunction. Thank you so much for the articles and the new weekly podcast – I’m loving them!

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry you and your son have Covid. This week I discovered The Healing Trust online, which offers complimentary audio healing sessions. The Healing Trust is recommended by Matthew Manning, who also has a website which is packed with distance healing audio. Covid hammers your immune system as you know. So recharging the aura and chakras is just as important as the physical recovery. There are other more direct ways to restore your etheric body on YouTube but these two suggestions are widely known and respected in Britain. You are a Sun Pisces with a stellium in Taurus and have many opportunities to save money – or make it. Jupiter will transit your public Second House of personal income, possessions, houses and apartments until May 16th. In your natal chart, Jupiter will form a chain of conjunctions with your Taurus factors from May 2023 to May 2024 and you will feel the bump on the New Moon in Taurus on 19th May. The trick with Jupiter is to take what you are offered and run with it. It may not be what you anticipated, but it’s always the big answer.

  74. Hallo Jessica, thank you for the article with the message of hope. I have hygeia in Libra at 21 degrees. I am in a run for a big leadership position with elections taking place in June 8-10 of this year. Scary but exciting to have gone this far in the process. Any reading of my chart would be appreciated.

    1. I’m afraid you are not logged in, so I can’t see your chart. Try the Tarot on this website in the meantime.

  75. Hi Jessica,

    I am wondering what this conjunction will bring to me. I have Fortuna at 22 Sagittarius, Minerva at 21 Gemini, and Jupiter at 19 Capricorn. With my Jupiter in Capricorn, it is always hard for me to see the bright side of things.

    Any insights will help.

    Thank you,

    1. Anitha, Jupiter in Capricorn in the Tenth House is a fantastic position. You always gain professionally or academically, or with unpaid work. You have an Aries stellium in your First House of title, appearance and reputation. You gain with transiting Jupiter in Aries, particularly alongside the Sun now. This is relaunch time for you. You can enhance your reputation and profile. You can improve your image. You can add to your title, your name and your cameo portrait online. As always with transiting Jupiter, you have to take the solution, invest in the answer, expect a good outcome and most of all, when the reward is delivered, run with it as far as you can take it. You have until mid-May to relaunch.

  76. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you had a great Easter Break and Weekend.

    Great article. I wanted to check against my birth chart and current planetary position –

    what does “On 12th April 2023 at 8.03am in Sydney (adjust for your time zone) we experience the fantastic Jupiter-Sun conjunction which can only happen every 12 years, in one particular zodiac sign” mean for me?

    I am currently feeling i am reaching the end of a cycle at my current job and I do feel something new will come up either in the same place or somewhere else, but always my challenge has been my career throughout my short career span. i do feel funnily calm but having a lot of anxiety at the same time. I can’t tell if something big is about happen in a good way or bad way.

    What do the planets have in store for me with this massive conjunction almost here?

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you. Yes, we did enjoy Easter and all the Cadbury’s mini eggs. Well, the Jupiter-Sun conjunction is now an hour on, in Sydney, and I’ve heard about so many big things happening for people on Twitter and on my email account. This is really for people who have patterns at 21 degrees, which you don’t, but you will benefit in a general way, not a personal way. This is really about your presentation and profile. The way you look and appear. Your title, name and reputation. Watch for new announcements, inventions and launches this week which would help that. One excellent example is the new rival to Twitter – it’s Substack, but with Notes. This may or may not be relevant to you as Substack is really for people with a speciality to promote, but it’s there. It’s landed.

  77. Hi Jessica,
    I have mercury in Aquarius at 21. I have a presentation I’m preparing for on the 17th, prepping for it this week. I do think if I do a good good it will put me in good with with my job. Can you take a look at my chart and see how best I can use this conjunction for my work. Thank you, I know you have so many questions to respond to.


    1. Use the group or the friend in your life F because Mercury in Aquarius in the Eleventh House talks to the community; you connect online with your circle; you are the bridge between friends. Jupiter and the Sun in a sextile to your Mercury is a rare gift, and this may be about the presentation or quite a different matter, but you will be shown marvellous possibilities with your allies and clubs, teams, societies, associations and so on.

  78. Hi Jessica
    Thankyou for all your interesting insight. I have Vesta 21 Pisces. I’m not quite sure how to interpret this. Could you possibly make it make sense please.
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Thank you Selina. Vesta in the chart is a symbol of male power and influence, with one or more females. It can be daughters, or a harem of women. It can be a mostly female work place with a male leader or superior. This all comes from Rome, which is also where modern astrology comes from. Vesta is the daughter of Saturn and accordingly, tends to come with a little caution and foreboding. Competing with other females can raise that atmosphere. So can the outcome of woman-against-woman, or just one male really manipulating things. In your Twelfth House this is about God, Buddha, spirituality, therapy, self-help, counselling, hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship and your inner life – also your rejection of God in favour of scientism. So, you tend to attract female-heavy situations in these areas. Always watch out for the man who – for reasons of ego, or insecurity – cultivates competition between the females around him. Run don’t walk. Jupiter and the Sun going to 21 Aries form a semi-sextile so this is a good time to become aware of what is going on and fix it. The solution is usually to side with the other females!

  79. Hey Jessica, I have a 21 degree Asc and Uranus at 22 amongst other factors. I was wanting to relaunch my online presence on this day. What does this look like for me?

    1. Super timing. Just allow for Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, so the financial side of things will go back and forth, although you ultimately gain from the middle of May, ongoing.

  80. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the advance article for April 12th transit!
    Looking at my natal chart, what is your comment about my reputation (Aries) as it relates to partnerships – specifically marriage/romantic? I keep running into ‘lesser than me’ partners when I am out there dating. On one hand I have given up too much time looking for an equal in marriage but on the other end, it feels like an endless search. I look forward to your words of wisdom.
    Love from New Jersey!

    1. Waving to New Jersey. Venus and Fortuna in an exact conjunction, and also Vulcano, all inhabit your Seventh House of sexual partnerships. Fortuna shows how you spin the wheel of fate and fortune for partners, without realising it. You powerfully affect the fate of your lovers and ex-lovers without having a clue about it. Fortuna is usually shown blindfolded, steering the wheel with a rudder. So, you send your lovers up and down, high and low. One minute they’re the cock of the walk, to quote Piers Morgan, the next minute they are a feather duster. What is also quite interesting about your Seventh House is the fact that Venus and Mars were lovers. She was a goddess, he was a blacksmith. When you say ‘lesser than me’ partners turn up, you are being Venus and the men are being Vulcan. You may even date steelworkers. Close! How do you break the pattern? You become aware of it. Look up Venus, Mars, Libra, Seventh House in your online library. Ask the Tarot “How do I manifest my Seventh House?” and the answer to sorting things out will be in the card.

  81. Hi Jessica. To add some words in my validation.

    I bought your annual prediction. Initially I think it was quite general but somehow I record the important dates you mentioned in the report.

    20 Feb you mentioned there would be a major start. That was the date I signed contract to this new company.

    21 march you mentioned was also a terrific new start. That day I came back from my holiday so nothing important happened. However I started my new job by 23 March which was the date that pluto transit to Aquarius…ok that is really something. I feel the power of astrology.

    I have a question in astrology. Moon in libra. As you mentioned in other comment, this means “need to be needed”, which I think it is accurate. I think I seek for relationship in this way although I failed to materialize any committed relationship lifelong.

    If you say mothering in relationship, I confess I have this trend in close relationship which really brings me some quarrels. Can the Moon in libra be also explained that moon = mother, so I have this trend in relationship?

    And how can I improve so as to avoid the lifelong disputes in this aspect? (Like you say, negotiate with destiny)

    I am sorry maybe it is a quite complicated question. But any input will be appreciated. Thanks a lot Jessica.

    1. Thank you for validating your 2023-2024 Annual Report. You signed a contract on 20th February, which was in your prediction. I gave you 21st March and you started your job on 23rd March, which allow for the usual ‘day or two’ rule of astrology. The Moon in Libra in your Seventh House of partnerships, suggests your maternal instinct (or parenting instinct, if you are a man) is transferred to a boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband. It can also happen with a professional partner. If you regularly fight with people, there may be an issue with your Moon, so you look to that in the chart to see what aspects (patterns) it is making. You were born with Ceres at 22 Taurus which is quincunx the Moon at 21 Libra by one degree. Ceres in Taurus in the Second House describes the need to compromise over money, possessions, charity, business, houses and apartments. Most of all, to cut deals over your values. Your life budget. Every time you commit to a partner, you have to figure out the financial or property side. And every time you try to negotiate over the mortgage, the rent, the property investment and so on – you find your need to be needed, with a partner, comes into play. How do you stop the pattern? Ceres can be very emotional and comes with huge feeling and often quite difficult situations. Have a look at Ceres and the Moon, those houses and signs, in your online library. And ask the Tarot “How do I express this?” and the card itself will show you how to stop it.

  82. Hi Jess,

    Thank you for the valuable intel.
    What can you tell me cause I got 21* Salacia & Psyche, both in Capricorn…..What should I expect from that?
    My sun sign is Pisces with Scorpio ascendant.


    1. Thierry, a great way to save or make money is on offer, but snap it up (or take it up again, as it may already have been offered once before) by May 17th 2023. This is probably linked to your ambition, position or mission.

  83. Hi Jessica, Wow! You have so many people commenting. +17,000. I wonder how you ever get to any sort of selection of them especially as your responses are so insightful. Thank you for your amazing work. I am about to move into a major change phase in my life so anything – literally anything – you can say about my chart would be so valuable. I am a Sun Taurus 23 degrees. Moon in Aquarius at 28 degrees. Both Jupiter and Uranus at 24 Cancer 10th House. Ops at 20 Pisces 12th House. And many planets between 23-29 degrees. Please keep up the good work! We need you. Warm wishes, Emma

    1. Thank you. Basically I try to get to my desk every day, if I can, and just open up the website reading the first page that appears. I answer the questions, unless they are from twerps, and that usually means 15 comments a day find a reply. One of the reasons I set up The Sun Sign School was to train great Sun Sign astrologers so I can eventually hire a panel of really gifted astrologers and Tarot readers, to share the work. Emma, your chart shows you are a Sun Taurus woman with stelliums in Aquarius, Gemini and Leo. The most important story in 2023, 2024, 2025 is about groups and friends in your life. In your public chart you have cycles in the Eleventh House of circles, communities, your social life and your friendships. In your private chart, the same. In fact, what happened after Pluto changed signs on March 24th 2023 is the first evidence you have of the tremendous power of being in a club, team, association, society and so on. You may have just been asked to join something, for example, which you realise gives you far more influence and clout, by virtue of the person (or people) involved. This cycle is quite slow, but it is tremendously important. Give the group and the friends as much time, energy and thought as you can. This may also be just one friend. You are about to come into your own, with your Aquarius stellium, so have a look at what that means in your online library. The Gemini stellium is also important, further down the track. An internet, media, academic, educational or publishing option from May, June 2024 has incredible potential and if you stay with it, or its spin-off, you would see the most exhilarating and liberating revolution from July 2025.

  84. Hi Jessica

    Love your post on Jupiter-Sun conjunction, I have 21o in my North Node pisces and South Node Virgo, I also have my Venus @22o in Cancer, @20o I have my ASC In Capricorn, will this help me with my upcoming divorce on 25th April would you think?
    Thanks Kathy

    1. Thank you. Kathy, Venus at 22 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, the household, the house or apartment is the key here. This shows a complicated relationship within the clan or the home. It may be mother-son. Two lovers. Spouses. In-laws as well. Jupiter and the Sun will square that shortly so a situation you cannot square, benefits you. It is not comfortable, but you gain. I hope that helps.

  85. Hello Jessica, hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

    I missed the Sun Sign school Zoom this weekend, but watched the session online and drew the Wheel of Fortune for the Jupiter/Sun conjunction. It aspects my chart as follows: Psyche 21 & Cupido 22 in Leo, Hygeia 22 in Virgo & Ops 20 in Libra.

    Most on my mind is getting a job – I’ve had so many discussions, all of which begin with so much optimism and then just stalls. I’m really hoping that something comes through soon. Keen to get your insights on this please.

    Very best

    1. Excellent, Marls. This Wheel of Fortune card places you, or someone who can help you, on top. This may be at the peak of a profession, or at the peak of academia. You will see the books in the corners of the card. Jupiter actually rules the world of books, libraries, websites, publishing, academia so this card is speaking the transit’s language. You also have Hygiea at 22 Virgo so are careful, cautious and very protective with your paid work, unpaid work or study. This is exactly what is required by so many employers. Jupiter is now at 21 Aries, edging to 22 Aries, where he will aspect Hygiea. Later on it gets even better when Jupiter goes to 22 Taurus and trines Hygiea. So you’re on the up. Are you training or learning on the side? Studying formally or informally? This adds to your employability. This is the long interpretation.

      You can see Taurus, Leo and Jupiter (the eagle) in this card, just as you see them throughout Pamela’s deck. Aquarius, the wavy line logo, is hidden at the bottom of the wheel. The snake is a symbol of the asteroid Aesculapius in astrology. You can also see Virgo the Maiden in the top left-hand corner.

      The books suggest the Ninth House or Third House. Most of all, the asteroid Fortuna (daughter of Jupiter) is what this Wheel of Fortune is all about.

      Every low point becomes a high point. Every high point becomes a low point. Some people believe W.B. Yeats, who inducted Pamela Colman Smith into The Golden Dawn, was the secret third Tarot contributor hinted at by Arthur Waite. His most famous poem is The Second Coming, written ten years after Pamela’s deck arrived. It begins –

      ‘Turning and turning in the widening gyre
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold’

      It goes on to mention other images you can see in The Wheel of Fortune. (What may be a falcon is in the top right-hand corner).

      Here we find the ‘lion body and head of a man’ in his poem at the top of the wheel. The creature does look to have slow, solid thighs. The ‘shadows of the indignant desert birds’ can be seen in the dark cloud behind the falcon. Yeats mentions ‘twenty centuries’ which is twice the X card, the tenth in the Major Arcana. This is a powerful card. Was Yeats inspired by it?
      This illustration by Pamela Colman Smith is laden with symbolism. Where do you start? It’s for personal interpretation. You may be a Leo (bottom right-hand corner) affected by a Taurus (bottom left-hand corner).

      Perhaps you are experiencing transits by Jupiter (the eagle in the top right-hand corner) or you have planets in Virgo under transit (top left-hand corner).

      The world of books may affect you as a librarian, student, author, teacher, editor, academic and so on. The other creatures in this card are also rich with symbolism. The Egyptian sphinx is the keeper of a riddle, at the top of the wheel. She is holding a sword. The snake is said to be Typhon by some, but it could just as easily be the serpent entwined around the Rod of Aesculapius.

      A canine creature – with human and devilish stylings – an Anubis – supports the wheel at the bottom, just as the sphinx holds it at the top. The wheel itself resembles a horoscope of sorts, but you can also see some capital letters here. O, R, A and T are spaced in the First House, Fourth House, Seventh House and Tenth House position of the traditional horoscope.

      The Four Evangelists are the source of the Lion, Ox, Man and Eagle, but for you these might have quite a different meaning. It really depends on your religious background. This is one of Pamela’s cards which lends itself to being moved around or stage-directed. How might you spin the wheel in your favour? The snake, falling downwards, is a reminder of Snakes and Ladders. In the game of life, there are ladders to take you higher and snakes to take you down.

      The familiar clouds are there – is this Pamela peering into the future and seeing cloud-based quantum computing, and are these four creatures using a MacBook Air rather than a book?

      The clouds are heavy and grey. Into every life, a little rain must fall – but rain also makes fertile soil for later growth. The readers and writers in the four corners are the real clue to the Wheel of Fortune. The hurdy-gurdy nature of life leads us to turn to our astrology books, Tarot journals, philosophical tracts, Bibles, self-help libraries or Shakespeare (who referenced Fortuna in his work). This card should send you to your personal birth chart for clues. The fixed signs in particular, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus – are important. Perhaps you can also find the Tarot itself with these letter spaced around the outside – O, R, A, T.

  86. Hi Jessica. I have Panacea at 22 Sagittarius, Jupiter at 22° Libra, Sun at 21 at Cancer, Moon at 21 Gemini, Chiron at 21 Aquarius, IC at 21 Virgo, and MC at 21 Pisces. What might I expect from the Jupiter Sun conjunction this week? Today I did make an offer to purchase a house.

    1. Your Sun at 21 Cancer in the Fourth House of property received a square from transiting Jupiter and the Sun at 21 Aries so even though this house purchase offer involves a situation you can’t square, by now you will also realise it’s going to work for you.

  87. Thank you, what is the link to substack about your discussion on canada? I tried to find it and couldnt

  88. Jessica, I am adding to a comment I just sent. I have Venus at 20° Gemini, Cupido at 20° Leo, Saturn at 20° Sagittarius, Panacea at 22 Sagittarius, Jupiter at 22 Libra, Sun at 21 Cancer, Moon at 21 Gemini, Chiron at 21 Aquarius, IC at 21 Virgo and MC at 21 Pisces. What might I expect from the Sun Jupiter conjunction this week? Today I did make an offer to purchase a house.

    1. Okay, so you offered on the house, during Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. Mercury is negotiation, retrograde is backwards and stuck (and sometimes cancellation), Taurus is the bank and the property. This does end very well for you from the moment Jupiter goes into Taurus and your Second House of personal income from 17th May 2023, but for now, expect stop-start and ‘one more time.’ That’s okay, because Jupiter in Taurus is on track to sextile your Sun at 21 Cancer in your Fourth House of property. This may or may not be the end game with your search for a house, but you come up smiling, partly as a result of the zig-zag path now through June 1st (the Mercury Retrograde cycle) and you’d expect the reward when transiting Jupiter goes to 21 Taurus in April 2024 if you take the solutions offered.

  89. Dear Jessica, thanks so much for this article. I have been looking forward to this time because it is my Jupiter return this week! But, feeling a bit deflated today- started a new job that I worry won’t last and I really really REALLY want career/financial stability and crave security. If you have the time would love your thoughts on my chart. Keeping an open heart. Much gratitude xxx

    1. Thank you. You have Jupiter at 22 Aries and Saturn at 22 Cancer. Jupiter in your First House of title, appearance and reputation cannot be squared with Saturn in your Fourth House of family, household, house, apartment, home town and homeland. It actually works out quite well for you. Call this the grit, that makes the pearl in the oyster. You gain from the cross-currents involving relatives, those at home, your dwelling, or the place you come from – because it makes you try harder with your image and profile. Your Jupiter Return at 22 Aries will really emphasise this. You went through this around 12 years ago in April-May 2011, so you’ve been here before.

  90. Hello Jessica,
    I have a lot of things at 22 degrees in my chart: Saturn in Libra, Juno in Sagittarius, Ops in Scorpio, Proserpina in Cancer, and the North & South Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn). Also have Moon in 21 Pisces. Would love to know how the Jupiter-Sun conjunction will affect me? Thank you very much!

    1. You likely saw Elon Musk pioneer subscription payments for Twitter within a couple of days of the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aries in your First House of self-promotion and branding. He was following Substack, offering the same thing. This picks up Juno at 22 Sagittarius in your Ninth House, which rules the worldwide web, foreigners and foreign countries. The door is open.

  91. Hi Jessica! I’m wondering what the conjunction will do with my Uranus in Leo at 21… Yesterday I got a call that I need to either buy or move out of the house I’ve lived in for 29 years. I have until the fall to make an offer. It’s a challenging market for middle income buyers right now where I am, so I have a lot to think about. Don’t know if Uranus in Leo has anything to do with this, but the happiness of my cat Leo is a prime factor. You know cats and territory! But I don’t want to overextend and buy away my peace…
    Other than that, I have had unexpected and fun success in publishing since February, in addition to my core job. A newspaper story came out today that got some positive attention. And I mailed out another article. What do you see?

    1. Jupiter and the Sun at 21 Aries are making a perfect trine to natal Uranus at 21 Leo in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. You don’t say if you have children or not. Godchildren, nieces and nephews might be involved in your real estate situation, perhaps. If not, then the trine has nothing to do with the house – but everything to do with your life as Queen to a younger court. This can show up as tutoring, mentoring, guiding or influencing a generation young enough to be your own son or daughter. Perhaps your newspaper story is connected to that, or your road in publishing. Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House is very common in the charts of people who have unplanned pregnancy or who have nieces (say) or great-nephews (even) who make waves. There can be rejection here; rejection of a child, or rejection by one of the parents and so on. It all makes for quite a free and independent life, with or without the next generation in residence. Uranus upsets the applecart. Every upset is a set-up, backwards, and the set-up is usually to get you freedom from (someone or something) or freedom through it. Sometimes not having children can be as restrictive, with a partner who does not want a pregnancy, as a partner who saddles you with a baby when you were not expecting it! Variations on a theme. Yet, the Jupiter trine will be a terrific boost to your core freedoms with courtship or a younger generation.

  92. Hi Jessica,
    Keeping my fingers crossed. I think I do have some 21 deg aspects. I have had 2 close calls with job interviews. Both came via referral and I was so sure those were it. I went through the whole interview process and looks like the position might be cancelled. The other position is 2 level up from my current job but I was hoping for at least an interview since the person who referred me is highly regarded. Again, no word and I’m so bummed out.
    I love my current manager but absolutely hate this job. I am making conscious effort not to stress about work and that’s helped cope somewhat but it’s so depressing.
    Hoping for some relief and luck!

    1. Ceres at 5 Virgo and Neptune at 5 Capricorn make an exact trine in your chart. Ceres is in the Sixth House of work, unpaid work and academia. Neptune is in the Tenth House of career, unpaid vocation and academic career. The True North Node passed 5 Taurus in early March and is one degree away for the rest of April, at 4 Taurus. The South Node also passed 5 Scorpio and is now at 4 Scorpio. So that’s the story. You were born wanting your profession to be an escape from the real world. A holiday from reality. A vacation from the everyday. At the same time you can never have the bubble without compromising furiously over work itself; Ceres is about deals, giving in, giving way, meeting others halfway. I expect this was there at school. Whenever you get slow-moving, historic transits to 5 Virgo-Capricorn, the story unfolds one more time. Ceres can be intensely emotional; she goes from grief to rage. Have a look at Ceres on this website and in your online library. Have a look at Neptune too. The Tarot can also help you navigate. This Jupiter-Sun conjunction has nothing to do with your job. The trigger to Neptune-Ceres absolutely does, but this is a useful time to try and fix it. I would expect when Jupiter (luck) goes to 5 Taurus in June 2023, you will have a rare opportunity to resolve your issues with work; you are also trying to do this application/interview process with Mercury Retrograde going backwards at 5 Taurus so you would expect cancellations or delays. This ends when Mercury Retrograde ends on 1st June and then Jupiter moves to 5 Taurus, in a terrific position in your chart. Meanwhile, find out how to handle this pattern in your astrology by asking the Tarot, as I’ve mentioned.

  93. Thank you Jessica for the detailed explanation about the 5 of Cups. It does give me renewed hope. Thank you always for your kindness.

  94. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for a very illuminating article. I have always found your insights very valuable in helping me take decisions.
    I have a few factors at 22 -Jupiter at 22 in Scorpio , Bacchus in Libra and Vulcan in Leo. I have plans to start my life long dream of writing a book but may now be facing a very serious health problem. It’s not very clear at present as the doctors have not yet diagnosed it. I fear my life will get completely derailed.
    I’m very worried … how does my health chart look to you in the coming months. I’ll be grateful for your thoughts.
    Neelam .

    1. Thank you. Writing the book and being unwell, are both Virgo matters. Virgo is ruled by Mercury the messenger and also rules your Sixth House of paid work, unpaid work and academia. This is also where we find your wellbeing – your mental health and physical health too. You were born with Pluto at 3 Virgo in the Sixth House. For the first time in 29 years, Saturn is passing across 3 Pisces, so you are experiencing transiting Saturn in opposition to natal Pluto. This is a test of your willpower and self-control. The first phase ends on April 13th, tomorrow. There is a second obstacle course to master, August 26th to September 7th (when Saturn goes back to 3 Pisces) and the final pass is December 30th to January 9th. You are helped through this tremendous lifestyle change by Jupiter (solutions) at 3 Taurus from May 31st until June 3rd 2023. Jupiter in Taurus will also trine your Virgo factors at 7, 10, 14 and 25 in a nice easy sequence so you will be helped by other people, fortunate timing and circumstance. Still, it’s a test of your ability to take the reins and ride things out. There is more to this than your wellbeing. It’s also very much about your work ethic. Your core feelings about work (do you really want to write the book, or are you just saying that?) and to continue playing devil’s advocate, I would ask the question: “How do you feel about housework, walking the dog, feeding the cat, volunteering for a good cause, serving partners or family members or flatmates?” Because you see, it’s all Virgo. It’s all Sixth House. J.K.Rowling has a Virgo stellium like you. Find out more about your stellium in this sign, as in astrology we don’t separate the truth about our deepest feelings about working, from the way our body does or does not serve us. Usually, if there is a health issue in astrology, it is because some subconscious part of you does not want to work. Or wants time off work. The Tarot can help you look into that a little more.

  95. Hi Jessica! I am reposting as my question from a few days ago must have been list. When will the stars align for me to get a new job? I’ve been trying since September 2019 with no success. And will I be able to recover my money from an account with crypto exchange, frozen 2 weeks ago? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Jobs are Capricorn and the Tenth House and/or Virgo and the Sixth House. The former is ambitious professional climbing; the latter is working for others. Ceres at 27 Capricorn and the Sun at 29 Virgo have been well and truly crossed by Pluto at 27, 28, 29 Capricorn recently, so I am not surprised to hear that you have been going through this period of tests and trials. Pluto goes back to 29 Capricorn from June 2023 and this is your second chance to use your willpower and self-control, to strong-arm the situation, using new knowledge. If you have been without a job in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 then it is time to pick up new skill sets and/or qualifications, as the jobs market has hugely transformed, and you need to meet it (Pluto rules transformation). You can do this more easily after May 2023 when Jupiter with all his opportunities and help, moves into Taurus and slowly begins to form trines with your Virgo and Capricorn factors. The crypto situation is Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, which rules currency and will go in stop-start phases until 1st June, when the final, full and finished details will be known.

  96. Thank you so much for all your time and insight! Yes, that’s accurate. The newspaper position has led to my being invited to be a guest mentor for critiques of undergraduates and graduates in the arts. The University faculty have all been incredibly warm and welcoming. So there are a lot of different ages, but definitely an emphasis on young students. This is in a town an hour and a half from where I live, so it’s also a nice change. I don’t have children, but I work with children for my main job at a museum. I suppose the house situation is a Saturn return. When I wrote 29 in my comment that clicked… Saturn was in early Pisces when I moved in, and on my South node. I’ll have to look into that. Nice if I can see a bit more, and when things will be encouraged to resolve… Saturn on South Node…opposite my Pluto or getting close. Not sure who owes whom… Not sure, though, of exact degree when I moved in.

    1. Thank you for confirming the reading. When Jupiter moves to 25 and 28 Aries in the next few weeks you will be given a terrific opportunity to relaunch yourself. Have a look at that and see what you gain.

  97. Hi Jessica, I was really excited reading about the Sun-Jupiter conjunction, however, I’m always excited when you post something new. I checked my chart and excitedly spotted an exact 21 degree hit to Fortuna in sag. I went straight to the tarot and asked how will this conjunction will play out in my life with my chart and I picked the Magician. I read and re-read but I can’t place it in my life….is it about a mentor or leader coming into my life? Is it about manifesting? I feel like the Magician is me but I have no idea what I’m doing and don’t want to miss a beneficial opportunity….eek! Sending you my best wishes X

    1. Give this time as it’s still playing out, but basically you will be taught, or teach. It may be formal or informal. The teaching will be enlightened, inspired and very special. So this may be an astonishing professor or tutor, or perhaps you are plugging into something greater than yourself and taking centre-stage. Fortuna in Sagittarius in the Ninth House is about academia, the worldwide web, education, publishing and knowledge exchange. This is unfolding now.

  98. Thank you so much Jessica for your reply to my comment above, we all truly appreciate your time and the effort you put into your blogs and website!!!
    I followed your advice and my meeting went well, the change implemented by the company (losing one office member) has clearly not worked and when I asked for help weeks ago it appears that was blocked by another manager, unbeknown to myself and the manager I had the meeting with today so a lot was cleared up and there is hope moving forward. Hopefully things will improve and it sounds like the stars are onside after a long hard slog. I’m ready!! 🙂

  99. Hi Jessica – I was looking forward to the Jupiter-Sun conjunction today however I have actually been feeling quite unwell for the last 3 days and unable to tackle any tasks with my usual energy. I know you say that for someone with a strong Virgo stellium in their chart this is to do with how I subconsciously feel about situations in my life and I am looking for a way to avoid them and you are right – I can see the connection! Unfortunately though at the moment, I can’t avoid them but your explanation does help a little to ease the pain! It’s also a reminder of your advice to put myself first for the next few years – wise words indeed and thank you!

    1. I am glad you are tapping the Virgo story in your chart and figuring out how your subconscious is contributing to time out/time off. We learn this as children. When we have a cold, we are sent home, watch television in bed and raid the fridge. It’s a delight, despite the horrid cold, so our subconscious tucks away the knowledge that if we want to get out of study or work, or even leave it for good, our body has to produce an obstacle. For whatever reason, you are having a low point with your health, for which I am sorry – but there will be a very, very good reason for that. Search Free Healing – Hypnosis, Audiobooks and Meditation on the front page. Try them all if you like. Fall asleep to the audio, no effort required.

  100. Hi Jessica
    Sounds wonderful. I have Jupiter at 22deg in Scorpio, Minerva and zoos at 20deg in Aquarius and Proserpina at 22 deg in Pisces. The area I could do with the good news is my relationships (as ever ).
    Any chance that this might move forward in a positive way?
    Thanks for your patience with me!

    1. Linda, you are slightly behind and ahead of the conjunction by one degree either way, so the timing won’t be exact; this is a rolling story. Relationships for you are always financial as well as sexual and the intensity of the passion is mirrored by the seriousness of the commitment to the house, apartment, bank account, car, shared possessions. Eventually, the legacy or will. This aspect will help you in an oblique way. It’s about improvements for self-promotion and image enhancement. Substack and Twitter both dropped announcements about your accounts there this week which will help you expand your online name and face – and also make money from that. So that’s not about love. But it will help you. If you put yourself out there then lovers can find you. And if lovers put themselves out there, then you can find them. The most stuck cycle in 19 years for sexual and financial relationships will end in July, not to return for another 19 years.

  101. Thank you very much Jessica. Yes, I am studying informally always to stay on top of the latest developments in my field and to be aware of current affairs and issues. ChatGPT has everyone in a spin, hahaha!

    I’ve written to you before about my son, Matts – he has also had a long hiatus being out of work and now lives with me – you said that he will have a fantastic opportunity between March and May. Yesterday he announced that he wants to take up boxing – I was taken aback, like any mum, thinking of injuries first – but also realize that he has been training for so many years and is in tip-top shape physically – I really want to support his ambitions. He has some great aspects coming up – the nodes going to 3 Taurus soon and with the Jupiter/Sun conjunction taking place in his 10th house sextiles his Mercury (20) in Gemini, trines Cupid (20) and Fortuna (22) in Leo and quincunx Vulcano (21) and Chiron (21) in Virgo. His natal chart also indicates the possibility of a foreign move and with Mars in Virgo and Uranus in Capricorn, I’m wondering if this is really what he is destined to do. Please can you take a look at his chart and let me know if this is what you see too?

    Thank you ever so much always!

    1. Thank you. I am glad your son wants to take up boxing. This is the fantastic opportunity I was predicting. Boxing is Aries, First House, ruled by Mars. If his chart shows that, he is on his way. Even this Jupiter-Sun conjunction in Aries is perfect for boxing ambitions in general, as the First House is ruled by Mars (sport) and describes self-promotion and reputation. Boxing is all that – be you Muhammed Ali or Henry Cooper, you are immortal.

  102. Hi Jessica, After reading your response regarding the importance of groups up ahead in my life, I went to the Garden Oracle Single Card spread and pulled the ‘Community’ card… I’m taking this as reinforcement of your message and will work on it. It’s spine-tingling, really:). Thank you for the sense of direction.

    1. Excellent. I will pass this on to Justin who created the stunning imagery in The Garden Oracle.

  103. This is happening (today!) very close to my Jupiter opposition! My natal Jupiter is at 21 Lib 58. It’s part of a stellium (Sat, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, Sun) which is in my 8th house (I believe I use a different chart system than you). Any thoughts?
    With the conjunction to my planets happening in the 2nd I feel like it could be big money moves- either positive or negative. It’s also pretty brief tho.

    1. Well, if you use a different house system, you’ll now know what works. I’m not sure why you think Jupiter is negative though. He’s been a symbol of hope, opportunity, growth and reward for over 2000 years.

  104. Hello Jessica !
    I’m so stoked about this! Today, April 12th I had all green lights heading to work. I am taking it as a sign.
    In my chart I have Jupiter 22degrees in Taurus, I don’t know what Ops is but I have it 21 degrees Virgo and also Salacia 20 degrees Capricorn. I can only identify 20- 22 degrees:) I have know clue what this means but I’m taking my green lights from my ride to work as a good sign

    1. Basically, Jupiter and the Sun in Aries in your First House of title, appearance and reputation are about new, big opportunities to do more with that. I’m seeing a lot of people just interpret this as ‘amazing/luck/fantastic/wow’ and apply it to just about anything in the chart. Yet, if your work depends on positioning your name correctly and really pushing your face and image, then the stage is now set. The two biggest, global signs of this are the Substack ‘Notes’ innovation which makes it a rival to Twitter (but you get paid for it) and Twitter itself; Elon Musk just denied the BBC a scoop, but he intends to make Twitter pay you, for promoting yourself.

  105. Hi Jessica,

    I am hoping the conjunction will bring good career news for me – looking for a lucky break. I am also preparing to take additional certification exam. I have MC at 20 Scorpio, Bacchus at 20 Libra and Ops at 22 Cancer. Can you tell me how this will play out for me? Thanks

    1. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction was in Aries in the First House of reputation, title and appearance. So that (and only that) is the climate or weather right now. The gains and boosters are connected to self-promotion, image, looks and name. That’s why Substack just turned into a superior Twitter rival (you can earn from your account) and why Elon Musk just told the BBC he wanted Twitter to become a bank as well as a way to promote yourself. So if your career is part of that – you are your own brand – then you gain, if you use the opportunity. Your aspects are short of 21 and wide of 21 so the timing won’t be exact, but in general, if you want to showcase yourself better, the chance is there.

  106. Hi Jessica,

    I have Jupiter at 21 Taurus opposite Juno at 22 Scorpio.
    Sun at 0 Aquarius conjunct DC.
    Venus at 17 Pisces.
    Chiron at 27 Aries.
    Moon at 13 Aquarius.
    Mars at 14,45 Capricorn.
    Neptune at 15 Sagittarius.
    Fortuna at 15 Scorpio.
    Pluto at 14 Libra.
    Saturn at 14 Leo.
    North Node at 28,39 Libra.

    I am currently unemployed since Christmas and hoping things to get better.

    1. Things do get better. Right now, Jupiter is semi-sextile Jupiter. The gates have opened to better and bigger self-promotion, relaunches and ‘me’ ventures thanks to Substack and Elon Musk is hinting Twitter will become an ‘everything’ way to position your face and name online. Classic Jupiter-Sun conjunction. You don’t say what you do, but if your brand is yourself, the doors are open. Remember you only get what Jupiter and the Sun give you, in the sign. So this has to be about image. You obviously need to save or make money if you have been without work since Christmas and the good news is, Jupiter goes to 21 Taurus in April 2024 and you have good opportunities to gain. Even before you get to that, you are a Sun Aquarius so the stuck loop you are experiencing with career ends in July, when the South Node quits Scorpio and exits your Tenth House of career. That’s the final, final stage of karma from 18-19 years ago, regarding same.

  107. Hi Jessica I have my South Node 21° Virgo. North Node 21 °Pisces. I’m a hypnotherapist and work with clients all over the world – so wondering if the Sun Jupiter conjunction has relevance for me. Thank you and have a lovely rest of the week.

    1. Yes, you will experience the Sun at 21 Aries and Jupiter at 21 Aries, aspecting the North Node at 21 Pisces and South Node at 21 Virgo. The weather is about title, appearance, reputation (Aries). You are a hypnotherapist (Pisces is hypnosis, Virgo is healing). So big improvements in the weather for your image, worldwide, help your career. Substack just introduced Notes which makes it a rival to Twitter. Watch Elon Musk. He likely set up the interview with the BBC to snub them and will release a scoop about Twitter next, which again would open up opportunities for self-promotion. Ideal for your career. There will also be other more personal outcomes.

  108. Eagerly waiting for your response Jessica. only your response gives comfort to me.

    1. I’m sorry but your question has become lost in the 17,521 comments list. I don’t know what it was. I can scan your chart now and tell you what matters, astrologically. You have a Libra and Leo stellium in your Seventh House of sexual partners and former partners – and your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom and heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. The nodal transit in Aries-Libra from July 2023 stretching into 2024, is karmic in nature and life as it was 18-19 years ago will help you find closure with (say) your wife, daughter, son, husband, niece, nephew, boyfriend, girlfriend. It takes time. You will really notice it in July when it all begins and by early 2025 have closed the circle.

  109. Hello Jessica, thank you for such an enlightening article and for your generosity in helping us all learn and grow! I have my Sun at 21° Cancer and Venus at 20° Gemini. I don’t know what I should be looking out for in order to benefit from this conjunction. I am running out of steam because it feels like I have been on the longest obstacle course and the interruptions and disruptions just never seem to stop, so that I am not making headway with my plans to relaunch my career and my life in general. I would love some good news! Thank you.

    1. This Jupiter-Sun conjunction in Aries in the First House of name, face, reputation and appearance delivered exactly what it promised. A massive boost, and a very public one, to anyone wishing to self-promote. Substack launched a rival feature to Twitter and quickly became ‘the superior new Twitter’ because of its newsletters – and most of all its payments. Elon Musk had to quickly step up and we now hear that Twitter is also going to offer financial rewards for contributors. So it really depends on your career and I don’t know what that is. If you are a gardening writer, as one reader is, you will be overjoyed at the two new self-promotion and business options which just appeared in the space of a day. In general, your career is Aries/Tenth House and you have been given three great opportunities in recent months. Did you take them? It’s not too late. You have until mid-May.

  110. Hi Jessica,
    I have been eyeing a job opening for a while and ended up applying for the job on April 11th. Hoping that Jupiter in Aries will help with its last hurrah before leaving Aries.
    Thank you for this post. I have an Aries Stellium but I don’t see any opportunity that affects my image or reputation.
    Hopefully I will find my clue or the opening soon.
    Thanks again,

    1. People who don’t use Twitter and/or Substack are missing the most astonishing opportunities in years for self-promotion. Substack has now topped Twitter in offering easily the best opportunity in a social media setting for publicity and profile boost. It’s paid, for a start. Twitter has responded, right on the Jupiter-Sun conjunction, by discussing payment for particular account use. This is a massive leap forward from Facebook which uses your content and uses your friends, to generate income for itself. That’s the wider impact of Jupiter and the Sun in Aries in your First House. On a more personal note, you’ve already been offered an opportunity to enhance your appearance, add to your profile and improve your cameo online. Maybe you didn’t take it; maybe you saw it but didn’t understand the enormity of what was on offer. Jupiter stays in Aries until mid-May so there will be other chances, though not perhaps as historic as the one that just passed you by.

  111. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the outstanding article and wondering if you can give some insight into my Sun at 23 Virgo?


    1. Thank you. Your Sun at 23 Virgo is too wide for the Jupiter-Sun conjunction, but you do find Jupiter in Aries will quincunx your natal Sun in Virgo in the Sixth House of wellbeing and workload. What is going on out there in the wider world – the amazing leaps forward with Twitter and Substack – will not have a direct impact on you, unless you front your own business and promote yourself online. Indirectly, though, you gain. The new income sources and professional opportunities which are emerging on Twitter and Substack will make the wheels go around in the economy; you gain via work, unpaid work or academia – at a distance.

  112. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for all that you do. My contract has ended in a place where I was harrassed quite a bit in this place. I would like to know if these people will be held accountable for their actions. I have just signed another contract I’m another place with less money. Is it the right place for me?

    1. You’re doing this during Mercury Retrograde in Taurus in your Second House of income, business, salary and so on. Mercury is negotiation and paperwork. Retrograde is rethinking, renegotiating, reviewing, rewriting. This cycle is with you in a long loop until 1st June. Is this the right place for you? Only you can judge that. But – nothing is fixed, firm, finished and final for a few more weeks.

  113. Hi Jessica isn’t it amazing, JUICE the Jupiter explorer was launched yesterday… how fitting that it should be on the Jupiter sun conjunction…. Do astronomers refer to astrology? It’s calculated to arrive at Jupiter in 2031!

    1. Yes! Another reader on Twitter just sent me the same message. Thank you so much.

  114. Hello Jessica, thank you so much for your response. I didn’t have the headspace so far, I have been involved in the last months supporting my sister with terminal cancer and helping her autistic son cope with the coming changes, my husband moved out during the same time, I haven’t worked for over 10 years. I have the idea to start by doing translations and selling graphics/photos online, whilst starting to build up my actual long-term business making household linens and other heirloom type things. Or do you see it would be better for me to go straight ahead with the long-term business, maybe just even starting with two or three items and marketing them online? It would help so much to know which to focus upon. Thank you, you are a Godsend!

    1. I am so sorry you are going through this with your sister, nephew and husband. It does get better with the family once Jupiter changes signs in May 2023 and by May 2024 he will have formed transiting sextiles to your Cancer factors in the Fourth House of relatives, helping all the way. You are curious about business online. This is a test period, as Mercury Retrograde (plans, backwards) is in Taurus (finance) until 1st June. So it’s good for research. A really simple way to see what people want is just to look at and and see who’s constantly busy. Translation will take off in a new way once Uranus goes into Gemini from 2026, but until then you could search around for where the demand is online. Have a look at Substack and Twitter too. They just completely changed in favour of paying subscribers.

  115. Hi Jessica. I’m super curious for what this Aires weather is bringing to us. I see I have a couple of factors in Aires like Mercury03, Venus17and Jupiter05, I have also my north node in Leo south node in Aquarius at exactly 21, I have my moon in Scorpio 22, Proserpina at Gemini 22 and hygea in Leo in 22. How do you think this weather could affect me. I have been doing university i applications, I just realised I did some little mistake in some of my letters when applying for universities , I’m trying to fix it. I’m looking forward to have the best results and outcomes but after I realised for some unis I forgot to add some information i got disappointed but im still hoping I’m on time to fix something about it. Fingers crossed Thank you

    1. Thank you. You are applying for university admission on Mercury Retrograde so it pays to run everything through spellcheck – you saw you’d made mistakes – that is pretty common when the planet which rules paperwork goes backwards. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 21 Aries has now passed, but I am sure that you saw Twitter and Substack were the result.

  116. Hi Jessica, I have really been feeling this transit but then checked and saw how many aspects I have at 20-23 degrees, could you please give me some insights as I am feeling imposter syndrome whilst also getting the greatest praise. felling shattered as working all hours yet also feeling on the bring of great power for change. Would really appreciate more understanding and how to work with this. Also I haven’t had links for the Sun School but did join and payment has gone through. Please could you confirm where to reach out to resolve. Many thanks. x

    1. Thank you. For any technical issues with The Sun Sign School please use the Support button. I am sorry you’ve not had links to the weekend Zooms. If you go into the website you will see a heading marked ZOOM so just go there. There is plenty of time. We also record these events so you can catch up later. You are talking about typical Virgo issues when you describe feeling shattered and having mixed feelings about your job. You have Pluto, Uranus and Psyche in Virgo in the Sixth House so need to dig deeper for answers about your work ethic; service to others; duty to others. This is paid work, but also housework – even walking the dog, or feeding the cat. It’s all labour. You will find it easier to straighten this out (lifestyle, wellbeing and workload) when Jupiter moves to Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024 as he will trine your natal Uranus, Pluto and Psyche in Virgo in the Sixth House. Have a look at those three in some detail as you are long overdue a new way of handling them – and it should work very well for you by May 2024.

  117. Hi Jessica
    I see you have the Jupiter Juice news so no need to forward (it was on Radio 4 Today if you want to hear interviews)!
    Also, in last Sat 8/4 SunSign tutorial we talked about a woman dropping news to a man on Jupiter-Sun. We were all racking our brain on the call then yesterday…was this Meghan not coming to King Charles’s Coronation?
    I hope you’re well, your site and knowledge I so enjoy the learning.

    1. Thank you – Jupiter Juice is definitely on point for the astrology this week. That’s interesting about Meghan being the High Priestess. Who are B and J I wonder, or who is BJ or JB? We’ll look at this in the weekend Sun Sign School Zoom.

  118. Hi Jessica, thank you for everything you do here. I am looking to change my career into work that is more meaningful. I am working on a project and wondered if I am focusing my energy in the right area? Is it a good time to change jobs? Thank you in advance.

    1. Probably best to sign or accept signatures with your career once Mercury has finished his loop. He is on a circuit that ends on 1st June. You will gain hugely from Jupiter going to Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024 so you are headed in the right direction, but give any negotiations or paperwork a bit of time at the start.

  119. Further to my recent question, I just drew 7 of cups…could not explain the situation better. Incredible

  120. Hi Jessica, I am always late to the post! I have been listening to your podcast and enjoying very much. It is my go to on Spotify. I want to thank you for the information you gave me a few months ago as they have come to light. So April 11th (I am in the states) for me was literally the sun shining down on me. Even though health wise I was not feeling so well it was work review day! So I toughed it out and am so glad I did. I not only received a generous raise, but a wonderful bonus that I was not expecting and one of the best reviews and feedback from my boss that I have ever received in my life. It nearly made me cry. So reading your article today, I noticed I have my sun in Cancer at 21 degrees and I also have Bacchus (LOL!) at 21 degrees in Libra. This news at work not only gave me reason to celebrate but at a time when my husband is still out of work but has many prospects, we rejoiced in having the extra cash flow even if a bit temporary. Additionally, as you pointed out that I have Aries factors, my reputation at work based on what my boss has relayed has been elevated due to providing customer service and work ethics that went above and beyond. Hearing that feedback from her and my co-workers and front line workers made me feel really good and was a much needed ego boost. Lastly, on that same day my hubby who has his Asc at 21 degrees Libra, NN – Taurus/SS – Scorpio 21 degrees, Jupiter at 21 in Cancer, learned that he is not only moving onto a second round of interviews but at the request of the first round table managers, they want him to interview for a higher position! It was a most auspicious day! It was fated for us to work together as a team and a couple in this life no matter how much we have butt heads, the deeper aspect is what we owed to each other to stand strong in the face of adversity. I don’t know what the future holds, but I am optimistic. Cheers!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like The Astrology Show Podcast. Congratulations on your raise and review. Your Jupiter-Sun conjunction at 21 Aries picked up your Sun at 21 Cancer and Bacchus at 21 Libra and your husband also has the 21 degree pattern and has secured an interview for a great new job. You will both enjoy Jupiter going to 21 Taurus later on; by 2024 you’ll have shared more incredible opportunities for your house or apartment.

  121. Dear Jessica,
    Happy Easter weekend! It was one of my long time female friend’s birthday April 11. She lives far in another province. I called her near the Jupiter/Sun Cazimi at 6:07pm EDT to wish her a happy birthday and good health (her cancer metastasized in her spine where she had to be operated Dec/2019). She has had regular MRI’s and blood work done since. Told her to make a great wish as Jupiter-the Great Benefic Planet was on her side; she said she did as I was speaking. She called me this morning that her tests results were all in the clear when she saw her oncologist yesterday. So fabulous news and relief for her!

    As for me, I only have Virgo ASC 20°47 (Scorpio Sun 17-Taurus Moon 12). Looking at a new health product since April 5 launching soon and doing due diligence until Mercury post shadow ends June 1 and Lunar Eclipse May 6 passes and waiting until May 16 for Jupiter in Taurus to ingress for any decisions. I also have a health and wellness business concept (formulated a long time ago) and looking for auspicious times after June 1 or later this year to start. A residential move would also be most welcome as my place has become too small. Thank you for your input. Be well…
    Warm Regards,

    P.S: Your Pisces Weather Zoom was great! Missed the Taurus. Are you doing another soon for Gemini and Cancer? Have not seen any posts.

    1. Thank you Diane. I am glad your friend rallied round. All the Zoom events this year are posted on Astrology and Tarot Meetups for New York, London or Sydney.

  122. Correction to my post just now. Lunar Eclipse on May 5 not 6. Coronation of King Charles was on my mind as his big day is in a Mercury Rx and less than 25 hours after Eclipse is n Scorpio. Who picked the date? Who gets eclipsed!

  123. Hello Jessica, I do not have anything at 21 degrees in my chart. However in the past day, an Aquarian who has been on the scene as a possible business partner, has made a firm offer. It’s before mid-May. I’m surprised but then, knowing what you’ve been saying about partnerships at this time, I’m not surprised.

    1. The offer sounds interesting but if you can sign off any time, you may want to wait until Mercury Retrograde has finished his loop, which is after 1st June.

  124. Hi Jessica, I have followed your readings for many years, love love love your blogs and insight.
    Born 11-4-1973 9:05 pm
    Just wondering if there’s anything interesting about this eclipse and my chart.
    Maybe Love
    Maybe my hobby I’m trying to turn into a business?
    Anyway love your work …

    1. Thank you. The forthcoming eclipse is the usual blind spot – and best avoided. Eclipses conceal, they never reveal. As you are a Sun Aries, this eclipse will fall in your First House of appearance, title and reputation so you may want to give it a day or two before judging or acting on that. Aries rules the face and head, as you may know, so photographs, clips, portraits and of course the presentation of social media may well be where things are far from clear.

  125. Hi Jessica, I’m curious about your point in the daily horoscope for today, April 15. You say Taureans should look to the House that Uranus is currently transiting to see where the action regarding image and reputation will play out. Which House is Uranus currently transiting? Thanks for the enlightenment:) All the best, Emma.

    1. Uranus is in Taurus in your public First House of title, appearance and reputation, Emma. Usually your online face and identity; your profile. Thank you.

  126. Hi Jessica!
    What can it potentially mean for a Taurus Sun especially when it comes to title, appearance and reputation? Any examples will be appreciated.

    P.S. love your work

    1. Thank you. Well, the Jupiter-Sun conjunction has been and gone, but you gained not one, but two opportunities to relaunch your face and name online, thanks to big announcement by Substack and Twitter. I have no idea if either or both of those websites engage an astrologer, but their timing was perfect. You can now take up more space online, in bigger and better ways, and be paid for it. Your relaunches are really regular, 2018-2026 and although you already saw one big change with your look, and another with your public face, there will be more. You will gain from a terrific new phase in your relaunching, May 2023 to May 2024, when Jupiter goes into Taurus.

  127. Yes, thanks for reminding me about Mercury retrograde. Will wait to sign. Thank you Jessica.

  128. Hi Jessica, with 248 comments and counting I am sure you are swamped but wondering if my earlier comment have got lost in the moderating abyss. This is what I wrote:

    Hi Jessa I don’t think I have ever followed a blog as diligently as yours – I have your articles permanently open on 4 tabs to refresh and read the new comments! As a woman, I am excited about the shifts you write about and as an individual, I have Aries and Capricorn at 20. They seem natural bedfellows and equally exciting – unless you see something different? Thank you for all the time and expertise you put into this site.

    1. Thank you. The comments today actually stand at 17,548 but I’ve put the kettle on and I’m having a cup of tea as I sit down to look at your chart, so there is plenty of time. You are a Sun Sagittarius woman with a Pisces and Libra stellium. The focus on your inner life (religion, spirituality, psychics, therapy, hypnosis, counselling, dreams, quantum theory, self-help) shows in both your public and private chart, but ends in July. You will have closed a circle in your life then which began 18 or 19 years ago. The Libra stellium is about your partnerships, be they sexual or professional. From July 2023 until early 2025 you will need to sort out the karma with your other half, or the other side. Libra is about balancing the scales. It is about what is fair and sometimes strictly legal. This is a rare cycle and will take up quite a lot of time and energy but once you have reached equilibrium with the other person, you will know that you can move on. The Tarot can give you more insights closer to the time.

  129. Thanks Jessica for another insightful blog. Every few days I check your blogs and always look for forward to reading a new article from you. Sun Jupiter conjunction is good. In my case I think i got Sun moon Jupiter conjuection in Libra. So the transit sun jupiter is in opposition to my natal sun jupiter. How would this impact ? Another Q: is sun jupiter conjunction the same as jupiter conbustion, which is not good in vedic astrology. Thank you always. Huilin

    1. Thank you. You were born with a triple conjunction in your Seventh House of duets and duels. Jupiter 16 Libra and the Sun and Moon at 17 Libra, as you know, Huilin. This is not just about transiting Jupiter and the Sun in opposition from 16, 17 Aries; it is also about the rare North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra cycle which begins in July 2023 and runs through 2024. I don’t use Vedic astrology. What you are dealing with, here, is something which only lasted March 24th to 27th (Jupiter opposition) and on April 8th (Sun opposition). Oppositions in astrology show you what is confronted or challenged. Your duet or duel was met, head on, by people, organisations or situations coming the other way. So, for example, your marriage may have been questioned or your ongoing feud with a rival sports team may have been called to account. This is more important once the nodes move to 16, 17 of Libra-Aries in January 2024, February 2025. Life as it was, 18-19 years prior will play a part then as you are required to settle some karmic scores and balance the spiritual budget as you manage your soul’s accounts. It may be the same person or situation, or quite a different one, but with a remarkably similar theme.

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