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Astrology, Diana, Harry and the Coronation

What Psychics and Astrologers Say

Well, as I publish this on 2nd May, the planned Coronation is days away. The chorus of astrologers (like me) and psychics, with doubts, is growing. Claire Thackray is a well-regarded British medium and clairvoyant. Claire sees the Coronation put back or stopped. Start watching her YouTube clip at 50 minutes in. My colleague and friend Penny Thornton at Astrolutely writes, “That the ceremony takes place within hours of a lunar eclipse opposed to Uranus and on a retrograde Mercury does not bode well for a seamless occasion and suggests the Carolean reign will have a bumpy and truncated ride.” Together with Debbie Frank, Penny was famously Diana’s trusted astrologer.

Diana Has Not Gone Away

Diana and her unlawful killing, tragically taken with Dodi Al-Fayed and Henri Paul, has not gone away. I also work as a medium and Tarot reader and the name ‘Allen/Alan’ has stayed with me since Diana passed. I have never known why until now. This documentary from Universal+ is due this week and Allan Peters, Diana’s protection officer, is leading the publicity. King Charles: The Boy Who Walked Alone is previewed here by CBS News. Allan claims Diana strayed first in the marriage.

The Scorpio Eclipse, the Diversion and the Cover-Up

The timing of this program, within days of the Scorpio Eclipse, suggests a classic diversion. Allan Peters’ comments are about another of Diana’s security staff, Barry Mannakee, who like the Princess, was killed in what was reported as a traffic accident.

How Astrology Predicts Royal Lives

Because members of the most famous family in the world have meticulously recorded times, dates and places of birth (presented for the public and the press) astrology can predict the timing of events. Back on 5th January 2023 you read this about Prince Harry on my website. 

Close to March 24th, 2023, Pluto will move to 0 Aquarius for the first time in around 248 years. Pluto will immediately square Harry’s own Pluto at 0 Scorpio. Again, we are back to his inheritance from Diana.

On 28th March, Prince Harry made a surprise appearance in London with Sir Elton John at a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers. Harry said in his written lawsuit that he regarded the newspapers’ conduct as: “A major betrayal given promises made by the media to improve its conduct following the tragic and untimely death of his mother, Princess Diana”.

HELLO Charles 230x300 - Astrology, Diana, Harry and the CoronationWhy Mercury Retrograde Will Rewind Old Tapes

Speaking to a video camera four years before her unlawful killing in Paris , Diana unwittingly offered us video tapes which became a documentary. Diana: In Her Own Words, shown by Channel Four,  showed us how she went “sobbing” to the Queen once she believed she had “confirmation” that her marriage was loveless.

Charles and Camilla’s Coronation is a lucrative opportunity for anyone who has an old tape in his or her hands. These will be found and rewound, because that is what Mercury (the messenger) does when he goes backwards.

What does Debbie Frank have to say about ‘King Charles and Queen Camilla?’ Like Penny Thornton, she was Diana’s personal astrologer.

Debbie Frank (HELLO) : “The Scorpio eclipsed Full Moon the day before his coronation marks the royal stamp of fate and destiny as eclipses so often coincide with important royal events.”

Like Penny Thornton, Debbie knew Diana very well. And we know that Charles and Diana married between two eclipses, while she died near another eclipse. There is so much that is still missing from Diana’s story. What happened at The Hemingway Bar at The Ritz?

The Recoronation? The Coronation Reconsidered?

Mercury Retrograde usually results in unfinished, final outcomes. There is usually a ‘re’ prefix attached to all that occurs.  So there are retracted statements and rescheduled plans. Sometimes there is a cancellation. A recoronation later on? The other typical outcome of Mercury Retrograde is a process or procedure that is later proved null and void.


Alamy Italy 1985 Allan Peters 250x300 - Astrology, Diana, Harry and the Coronation
Allan Peters, April 1985 (Alamy)
Prince Harry Alamy Beret 268x300 - Astrology, Diana, Harry and the Coronation
Prince Harry, May 2010 (Alamy)

The  Eclipse Effect

For all that the new documentary with Diana’s former right-hand security man (pictured) is meant to illuminate, it may well end up being the ultimate eclipse information blackout. People reading Harry’s memoir of his youthful army days in Spare and questions about his mother, may be left wondering – as usual.

The astrological chart for this eclipse that surrounds the Allan Peters documentary, below, is from AstroGold. I was just chatting to Stephanie Johnson, from AstroGold – also a guest tutor at The Sun Sign School, about these transits. We’re in agreement about this being inauspicious. Another friend and colleague, Kyra Oser, has long predicted that it will be Charles III’s finances that are an issue with this planned reign.

The asteroid Diana at 13 Taurus actually turns up in the astrological chart for the eclipse. This is just one degree from being exactly in the darkness of the eclipse at 14 Taurus and 14 Scorpio.



The Heir and the Spare 

The other key astrological event in May 2023, quite apart from this messy Mercury Retrograde – and the blinding Scorpio Eclipse – comes later. I was talking about this at the Mayo School of Astrology conference on Sunday 30th April. The event is historic and has not happened for about 248 years.

Mars at 0 Leo, the royal sign, will oppose Pluto at 0 Aquarius, on Sunday 21st May and Monday 22nd May, depending on your time zone. In fact, there is a T-Square (tense and troublesome) on Sunday 21st, with Jupiter at 0 Taurus. You really have to shake your head at the person who thought that May 2023 would be a good month for a new King and Queen. We will see an historic crisis for the Crown on the weekend of Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May 2023. It will involve our late Queen Elizabeth II, or the next Queen – Camilla. Our Tarot session at The Mayo School of Astrology event offered us the Queen of Staves card,

The Mars-Pluto Opposition on May 20th and 21st 2023

Mars is a symbol of attack in astrology. War. Here we find Mars in Leo, the zodiac sign of the lion – and three lions appear on Charles III’s Coronation invitation. Pluto is power We’ve not seen Pluto in Aquarius since the French Revolution. Below, are photographs of Allan Peters with the late Princess of Wales and the young Prince Harry, captured in youth – that difficult youth he writes about so vividly in Spare.  

There is an exact trigger in the astrological charts for Prince Andrew, Charles III and Prince William on May 20th and 21st 2023. It also shows up in the foundation chart for the Church of England. Below, is one of the notes from Diana to Peters, documented by the best auction site on the web, Worthpoint. She signs it with her characteristic D, which is also the symbol for the asteroid Diana showing up in the eclipse chart. Synchronicity, astrology and fate.

Alan Peters Diana ALAMY 160x300 - Astrology, Diana, Harry and the Coronation
Peters and the Princess (Alamy)
Prince Harry Alamy 194x300 - Astrology, Diana, Harry and the Coronation
Prince Harry (Alamy)



WorthPoint Allan Peters Diana Note 300x225 - Astrology, Diana, Harry and the Coronation








Main Photograph: Ashton Mullins/Unsplash
Charts: AstroGold

















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203 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    So intriguing! I don’t know what to make of all of this to be honest! Do you feel like Charles will in fact be coronated or will mercury in retrograde and the eclipse cause havoc? I think it’s going to be a very interesting week!

    1. Mercury Retrograde tends to chime with big announcements, statements or declarations that change later or come to nothing – and so it is here at the Coronation. The eclipse will not cause havoc but it will conceal the truth about Charles (Scorpio) as it falls in Scorpio. I published these dates a long time ago but it will pan out through July 2023 and then there is more in 2024. Thank you.

  2. Hidden in plain sight- a new screen to replace the normal canopy has been created to hide Charles completely during the “most sacred part of the ceremony”. What are they hiding?

  3. Happy Sunday Jessica and team, thank you for this article. In my heart I just hope that beautiful Princess Diana’s soul is at peace. I always believed and felt something was very wrong about the circumstances of her death. A week later by coincidence I was visiting Paris and driving through the tunnels where she died and I will alway remember that sad heavy energy. I listened to your brilliant podcast this morning as always too and by coincidence I also have Diana in Scorpio. I always think of the first week of May as the beginning of summer as that was a grandparents birthday time. I have a hospital appointment that day too. I drew the strength card. Money feels like it is pouring out of my pocket like water recently and i also had a leak in my home.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you chose the Strength card for your hospital appointment as it is famously a symbol of healing. You’ll fix that financial ‘flooding’ far more easily once Jupiter moves into Taurus and your Second House of banking, from May 17th, with the New Moon near May 19th offering you an open door to beneficial change.

  4. Thank you Jessica for another brilliant blog. Fascinating times. I looked at the natal chart for Diana, Princess of Wales and she has Diana at 14 degrees of Scorpio. So right on the lunar eclipse opposing the Sun and Diana in Taurus on the day of the Coronation. You couldn’t make it up.

    I met Diana in the 1992. She was luminous. I can still remember the moment and her aura. She was magic.

    Really really enjoying the Sun Sign School experience. I have Apollo and NN conjunct 14 Leo, apposite Proserpina 14 and Diana 13 Aquarius, so this eclipse will be personal. I drew the Star card last night. Very Aquarius and all about those that feed others. Any insight from you would be gratefully received.

    Thank you.


    1. How wonderful for you to have met Diana, Julie. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying The Sun Sign School. Also pleased you are using Tarot with astrology. The eclipse is indeed personal, as it falls across 14 Scorpio and 14 Taurus as you know and will create a T-Square with your 14 Leo patterns and a second T-Square with your Aquarius patterns. That makes a Grand Cross. You can put Grand Cross and T-Square into Search and should find information there. The Star is Aquarius. The story is the group. The eclipse is what the woman with the urn cannot see – the water is flooding everywhere. You are going to see pooled resources with a community or circle, but waste through mismanagement. Your main woman here (and it may be you) can’t see it. As a general rule, just skip the eclipse if it’s going to put you on any new roads. If it can wait a couple of days, so much the better, especially if a team or collective is concerned – or even Twitter.

  5. Hi Jessica

    I have been following the entire Saga with Meghan & Harry since 2017; was also a avid Diana fan.

    There was an interesting article in BBC – reported that Charles/Camilla conversations were intercepted by The Sun – Charles hence as per Harry was pressurising him to not antagonise the press – take action etc. wonder if the conversations on record relate to Diana?

    On a separate note, this eclipse is happening when transit Uranus conjunct my IC exact (18 degrees) & oppose my MC /Diana conjunction (!).

    the eclipse itself is at 14 degrees – in very close opposition to my natal Uranus/psyche conjunction.

    The first pass of Uranus on my IC in October resulted in physical abuse by my father – while I have taken steps to distance myself – due to financial issues I am not totally out of the woods. There is something seriously wrong mentally with him – but I don’t have the energy to fight that battle – I simply want to withdraw.

    All my efforts at finding a job since October have come to naught – I am consulting so money trickling in but not enough to be completely distanced.

    Do you foresee a shift of home, new job, financial independence – this eclipse with Uranus again conjunct my IC is very worrying – Jupiter moving into Taurus is great – but with so many other not so great alignments – Neptune conjunct south node opposition mars, Uranus lurking, Saturn opposing my 8 Virgo planets! – Pluto soon again conjunct my Juno – it’s been a very difficult few years.

    A job changes it all – any advice would be appreciated !

    Thank you as always

    1. Thank you. Given the enormously high price that recorded conversations, text messages, hacked emails and so on command in the world media, it would be a surprise if something wasn’t produced this week. So let’s see. You want a new job. You are a Sun Leo with stelliums in Leo, Virgo and Scorpio and will be given opportunities to expand your consultation work; take a better offer; see outstanding success – as Jupiter goes into Taurus from May 2023 and spends until May 2024 in a series of trines with your Virgo (work) factors in the Sixth House of jobs and academia. In your public chart, as a Sun Leo, Jupiter with all his opportunities and solutions goes into your Tenth House of career so the light at the end of the tunnel is weeks away. He makes the ingress on May 17th and we have a New Moon in the same sign on May 19th.

  6. Jessica

    I am somewhat confused with this post. I am sure I am missing something but what. Is Peters saying Princess Diana had an affair with him? You have also said all along that Charles will not be KIng and by default, Camilla will not be Queen. Will the disruption occur over the next 5 days? Any further details is appreciated – but I understand if you don’t want to reveal too much. Thanks.


    1. Elaine, I am picking this up on 3rd May and you posted on 1st May. Since then, there has been a controlled explosion, lockdown and arrest at Buckingham Palace and Prince Harry’s US visa is in question as the paperwork cannot be found. That’s enough disruption for Wednesday! There will be more. Of course.

  7. Will the coronation happen Jessica? I’m feeling very unsettled at the moment as though something big is about to happen. Maybe to me, the country or the world. I don’t like this feeling. It is very unsettling. Can you give me any reassurance please?

    1. Something big is already happening. The man who took care of protection for Diana and often Charles, for many years, has alleged she committed adultery first. We need to see this documentary and its aftermath. And that’s only Tuesday.

  8. Eclipse in Scorpio the day before the coronation, Charles being a Scorpio could mean his disappearing from public scene? During April 20th’s eclipse there has been a violent murder in my region with disappearing of an excellent person. Could this be the same case?

    1. I’m sorry for this late reply, as you posted on 1st May. The Scorpio Eclipse the day before the Coronation is undoubtedly a dramatic cover-up, on a par with the Charles-Diana wedding which fell between two eclipses. Everybody fell for it. How do you undo a Coronation? A crowning? Well you might start with stamps and currency which shows Charles uncrowned. He’s approved that, from the United Kingdom to Canada. Then you might look at what Anthony Holden said to The Guardian who said the ceremony could be invalidated, on 1st January. Well, it might still be in the fullness of time, in the same way that the Charles-Diana wedding was invalidated. So, not murder, not at the Coronation, but no professional astrologer would let that date go without seeing all that is hidden, and with Mercury Retrograde too, all that won’t stick.

  9. Everything seems to be going full steam ahead for the Coronation at the moment Jessica, and yet there are alarming reports in the media that anti-monarchists are planning to throw fire-crackers or let off rape alarms to frighten the horses. I worry people in the carriages might get hurt which causes the Coronation not to go ahead. Are you able to discern something like that happening on the day of the Coronation?

    1. I’ve said all I’m going to say about this planned Coronation – and in fact the monarchy – so have a quick look on Search. Thank you.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Love your work. On Sept. 24, 2022 you predicted, “I am going to end this prediction that Charles will not proceed to the coronation”.

    Curious to see whether you still this will happen considering it’s only five days away.


    1. I suppose it’s rather like my prediction that the wedding of Harry and Meghan would be stormy and the storms would not stop coming. Thomas Markle was removed from the ceremony two days before the event and not long after, the pair left royal duties!

  11. Another fascinating post. Thought provoking. The position of the asteroid, Diana, is particularly striking. As for Harry’s paternity, nothing short of DNA testing will really prove anything, but I see a vague resemblance to Prince Philip and even sometimes Prince Andrew, especially in the eyes and brow. He looks nothing like William, who takes after their mother. It is a question for the ages. And salacious as it is, at this stage of the game, does it even matter? All our attention is drawn to the coronation and this documentary is due just days before, on the other side of the eclipse. Which is distracting from which and what are they both eclipsing? Mercury retrograde, Archie’s fourth birthday, the mysteries of Diana enshrouded in eclipses, coverups. Whose secrets are being kept? As Pluto teases Aquarius, I also wonder about Diana’s two namesake granddaughters. I drew a tarot card on your site with the question, “What are we missing? What are we not seeing around the eclipse?” The Seven of Swords came up. Jessica, I was born and raised in the vicinity of Boston Massachusetts, and when I saw those Red Sox, well.. But as my focus was on this article, I’m wondering what you might make of this card. I’m afraid all I see are baseball scores. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Does Harry’s paternity matter? Yes, because should Charles III not be his father, the line of succession is affected. I’m glad you drew a Tarot card to ask what we were not seeing, or missing, around the eclipse. This card shows a group in dark shadows, plotting in the distance. That is what we are not clocking. Boston Red Sox will mean something personal to you, but you may not realise until later!

  12. Wow. I will be watching. I am wondering whether 2 days before a full moon eclipse was the best time to schedule my surgery. I was originally worried about Mercury retrograde but am thinking I should have given myself more space between the surgery and May 5 eclipse. Should I reschedule? It’s pretty serious surgery but not super emergency. Thank you

    1. Surgery is your Virgo factors in the Sixth House of health, at 23 and 24 degrees; you have a tight pattern there. It’s no surprise to see transiting Ceres at 23, 24 in May 2023, making a conjunction there. Ceres is about compromise and deal-making, so you may have to do that actually with the surgeon or hospital; you would certainly have to make adjustments with work, unpaid work or academia (as Virgo also rules your working life, together with your wellbeing). The eclipse has nothing to do with health. It’s in Scorpio-Taurus, across your financial sectors. I hope this works well for you and you have a full and strong recovery.

  13. I loved Diana. I pray she’s in a better place. I believe chatles always strayed. I’m studying for a meducal course. please jessica do you see me passing the exams? I’m so worried about tests. sun leo moon pisces. thanks. sunny

    1. Diana has gone nowhere as so many mediums know! You are a Leo studying for exams? You have the best cycle for academia in 12 years, ending on May 17th, with Jupiter in your Ninth House of universities and colleges. Jupiter is a symbol of luck and expansion. He then goes into your Tenth House of career, within hours of that, and is there until May 2023. So if you take the opportunities, you’ll enjoy the rewards.

  14. Thank you for your insights Jessica. Watching what happens with Charles on Friday. Closer to home, I have Scorpio in Uranus at 14 degrees. Is there anything to do with that to be mindful of over the eclipse? Thank you.

    1. If you have Uranus at 14 Scorpio in your Eighth House of inheritance, legacy, business, property, charity – then you skip the eclipse for judging or acting about the same. Simple as that. Thank you.

  15. I believe Charles is Harry’s father and I believe that the monarchy probably know too. He does bear more than a passing resemblance to the Duke of Edinburgh with those close together eyes and Diana’s family do have the ginger hair on their side. As for the coronation it looks as if it’s going ahead so I hope nothing untoward happens to spoil the day and everyone is safe.


  16. Thank you so much for answering, Jessica. I have read things online about specifically NOT doing surgery near a full moon and make it at least 3 days before and then I was starting to get worried. I so appreciate your response.

    1. The signs involved in any Full Moon are the story. This is Taurus-Scorpio, so globally will be about the banking failures in America (which astrology predicted, to the day, last year) and in your own life, there will be a trickle-dpwn effect with, say, your superannuation or pension – cryptocurrency – the wider financial world. People cover things up when things go wrong, basically. So skip the eclipse for that. Your health is always Virgo. Always the Sixth House. It has been thus, for centuries.

  17. I concur wirh Sweetpea. I feel uneasy about the coronation. I read your prediction again- Charles will not proceed to the his coronation. I wonder if there could be some sort of terrorist threat – or even threatened action by eco groups or similar – that could see the actual procession being cancelled? Diana, apparently, always knew she would never be Queen. I’m sure we are about to learn more about what happened in Paris. I got engaged that night, which is partly why it seems so charged. Best wishes to you, Jessica and let’s see what happens.

    1. I have had so many intuitive and psychic readers on Twitter (and this website) post their unease about the proposed Coronation that I will update this feature, next. How remarkable that you became engaged on the night Diana died. So those ‘Where were you, when?’ questions become so different for you, compared to other people! There are inevitably going to be threats on the day. The issue here is Mercury Retrograde. Procedures, people and equipment fail or get stuck on these transits. That is my concern. It’s rather like the cameras failing to operate on the night Diana was unlawfully killed.

  18. hi Jessica, thank you for sharing. Seems interesting that the bodyguard has stated that Diana strayed first just days before the “coronation” Could this be another con to brainwash the people to further accept Camilla as Queen?

    1. Thank you. I think it’s a classic eclipse hoodwink. Remember the distraction and diversion? The majority of people watching this documentary, or its trailer, will believe that this is intended to help Charles and Camilla, by stating that Diana was in the wrong, in having sex outside marriage with Barry Mannakee – before Charles had sex with Camilla. If you take that as an eclipse screen for quite a different thing, it becomes rather interesting.

  19. My beloved two year old rescue cat died suddenly of an unforeseen heart problem at the very moment of the first eclipse last week. Exactly two years to the day that she was rescued. There was never even a hint of it before. We’re just devastated.
    I’m in a new job that I like, but I can’t begin to drum up any enthusiasm or energy for it right now. And we’ve recently bought land on the side of a mountain to build a small house and hopefully create a sanctuary for animal rescue and (human) counselling therapies. Is there still value in these things, even though I can’t currently feel it?

    1. These all sounds like Virgo matters to me, as Virgo rules the Sixth House of cats and work. Cats are work, of course! You are in a new job you dislike and really want to create an animal sanctuary. Proserpina at 8 Virgo leads a pattern at 8 degrees in your chart and you will have some terrific solutions as transiting Jupiter with all his answers goes to 8 Taurus in the final week of June 2023. Snap them up. Longer-term, slow-moving Pluto transits at 8 Aquarius in 2028 could easily deliver what you want, in five years’ time. Quite powerful people and organisations would align with you then, if you use your willpower to create this sanctuary.

  20. I have a history as being intuitive/psychic from age 7 when I had precognitive dreams.I got CHILLS today during the rewatch of the sunsign school ZOOm especially when you drew the Page of Cups at the very end.THAT was Harry (for me, in my intuitive moment..) He is a Cancer, not Pisces,but emotional, watery,slippery..can’t really grasp that guy, can we? He slipped out of England,slipped into Canada, then slipped into a protective community for rich people in Montecito,California. WHen I read THIS blog,especially looking at those photos,it became so clear to me that Harry is not royal.. what is hidden in plain sight is that he is NOT the son of the King, the (almost) King knows it,Queen Eliz. probably new it, and Harry probably knows too.. no wonder the poor chap needs therapy and escape!!!!! (Pisces)— He has got something hidden in that cup with the fish.. that we might never” know”..who would reveal such a thing for certain?No, we will be kept in the dark.He is not royal.And so, his children were to be excluded from any coronation activities /role..because they are not royal.Harry himself has to show up because they all have to keep the ruse going. Diana is obviously hovering around at this time,watching over BOTH her boys, but imagine what her Spirit must be feeing around HARRY just now. And how proud she must be that her non royal son did what Charles would not, that is,protct his family and get OUT.. (well, e wasn’t ever IN!) All very interesting revelations coming through so strongly to me today i am tingly all over. On personal level, how awful for Harry to have to have his history,parentage and troubles played out on the world screen.As a cancer I am sure he wants a. happy healthy family and some safety and privacy (but then, he better stop writing books..) I expect that Harry will be further disowned and prevented from ever being in the royal line up even as a spare.. if Charles does not continue and William takes the role,Harry would be next, in normal times.. but can’t happen,because he is not royal.He is a common man..Cancerian..a father, a husband, a self made man eventually.. more Cancerian millionaries than any other sign,I’ve heard..he will take care of his own family. Just my thoughts and psychic vibes that are STILL running through me just after watching the zoom and reading this post. I ave even more but the post is getting rather long…..

    1. Thank you. All psychics welcome here. You feel Harry is not Charles III’s son. Well, Harry himself refers to this long-standing rumour in Spare and his father’s attitude to it. As you say, if he were a commoner and not royal, then there is no spare for the future King William. I’m updating this feature now, having just had an interesting exchange of emails with Penny Thornton.

  21. woops..sorry, not up on the monarchy as well as I should.I suppose Wiliam’s children are next in line, not Harry.No matter..Harry is pushed out of the royal family/left. and was never really IN. It’s telling that his money comes from his MOHTER’S inheritance..Cancerian man, very influenced by the mother vs the father. Belonging to her, not him.

    1. The line of succession and power and wealth via inheritance, is such an entrenched part of British life. It also has proper political impact in Australia, though, where a Prime Minister was sacked, via its power. The charts say that is what is on the line here. The soap opera/opera is clear, but the reality is about who controls what, and why.

  22. I love your posts, Jessica, thank you.
    I am not much interested in the royal family, although I had a lot of pity for Diana, who spent her life trying to get a little bit of love out of the two families she had – the one she was born and the one she was married into. She clearly failed.
    The coronation is having wierd effect on me, possibly because my daughter is 19, the same age Diana got engaged to a much older man who did not love her. She was a young thing, treated like a cattle, and it was deemed acceptable.
    Adultery is not the greatest of sins in a marriage, contempt is.
    I feel very sorry for her and her children.
    Not my king.

    1. Thank you so much. Your daughter is now 19 as Diana was when she married a man who did not love her. It’s interesting that you say adultery is not the greatest sin in a marriage, but contempt is. The Church of England was founded because of a monarch who wanted out of his marriages, so this family (its historic leaders) are really just doing what Henry VIII did. Once more with feeling! Charles III, Camilla, Anne, Andrew – that’s a fairly high head-count of white weddings and sad endings, for one family. What is showing up in the astrology is the letter of the law – the historic parchment – the Church of England and what it meant, and still does mean. Charles is asking people to pledge loyalty to him on television on the proposed day of the Coronation. I am seeing reaction to that on my Twitter account and on this website.

  23. Hi again. About the Seven of Swords. We can see the plotters gathering off in the distance, and the man in the red socks knows they are there as well, as he, smiling, tiptoes off with five of their seven swords. But they, the plotters, don’t see us or the man as he nicks their swords. They are completely unaware of him or us. It seems as if we and the Man with the swords are the ones being eclipsed. The plotters are completely unaware of us, or that their armaments are being taken. So if we are the ones who know that there’s a conspiracy being plotted, who are the hapless and nearly disarmed plotters that are unaware of us? Are the colorful tents an indication of royal presence? If the area behind the swords is the coronation, something or someone as yet unimagined or planned for, eclipsed, is disarming those beyond the sword fence, and with a smug smile on his face. It seems like we have a front row seat to his actions. We see it all. On the other hand, if the man in the red socks had all the swords to begin with and left two behind, is his building a barrier against the tents and plotters, isolating them? Hmmm An outsider with a red hat. Not exactly red hair, but it’s on his head. I wonder where Diana is in this card?

    1. You posted this on 2nd May and one day later, there has been a controlled explosion and arrest at Buckingham Palace. Let’s see if this plotter was associated with a group. If so, your Tarot card has spoken once, yet it may speak again. Go back to the card and see what else you can pick up.

  24. Hi Jessica

    This is such a fascinating article. Thank you. I have my sun at 14 degrees Scorpio as well as my MC and IC. How can this eclipse and transit affect me?

    1. Avoid judging or acting about an inheritance, mortgage, will, pension/superannuation fund (sex, death and money) on this eclipse as you will not see – and will not know – what you should. Wait. Thank you.

  25. There is a lot of chatter now that Harry’s father was Henry Herbert 17th Earl Pembroke, whom Diana was close to after William’s birth, in 1983. And people say that his son looks more like a brother to Harry than William and has a red headed daughter. But Allen Peters doesn’t seem to say much about that. Maybe someone in the documentary says something.

  26. Thank you so very much. You have no idea how much I appreciate your responses. You have have really put my mind at ease.

  27. Another thought I have had: Since Harry is Cancerian, I would not think he would be so willing to “trash” his “Family..” but if they are not his family at all….

    1. I think that thought has occurred to many royal observers; how can you be loyal to a father who is not your own, and a stepmother who betrayed your mother? No wonder Spare has entered the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s Shakespearean, if the rumours are true. And the only person who knows that is Prince Harry, with any DNA test.

  28. I love your reference to re-coronation, it will be interesting to watch the monarchy in the spotlight all the while wondering what is being kept in the darkness.
    I’m feeling cautious about the eclipse for myself as I have my north node at 14 degrees Scorpio/ south node at 14 Taurus, will I be blind to something important on going into my future? The nodes baffle me.
    Best, D

    1. Thank you. The other classic outcome of Mercury Retrograde is that a declaration is made; a document is signed, the media announce something as final – then it comes unstuck later. So planning this event on this notorious astrological cycle is asking for trouble, whichever way you paint it. D, if the nodes baffle you, go to the online library. They’re very basic. They show karma. You have karma about sex, death and money with your Scorpio node. Likely, marriage and mortgage in your past life, or an inheritance after a divorce. A person close to you now, is the reincarnation of that individual. He/she is at the core of this and may be your accountant or your boyfriend. Do not act or judge on the eclipse. You are in the dark. Act or judge later.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    Fabulous posts as always & loving your astrology podcast. My capricorn husband with n node 14 taurus & s node 14 scorpio, was offered a new job yesterday (Monday 1st)…he has been desperately unhappy in his old job and it has affected him & our relationship. He has become emotionally very distant. I’m hoping that this is a new beginning for him and for us as a couple.
    I have been having stomach problems since aug last year and get to see my consultant on 5th may with hopefully a decision on surgery or not. It’s been a rough few months!
    Many thanks,

    1. I am sorry about your stomach issues, Karen. The body is always Virgo, so look to that in your chart. If you habitually think ‘I’ve had a gut full of this’ or ‘I can’t stomach this’ or ‘It makes me sick’ and so on, have a look at how often you use those words in your mind, every day. Of course if you don’t, you can ignore that comment. Congratulations to your husband on the new job, that’s terrific news for him. You’ll sort out the promises you made on your wedding day, to each other, and the other pledges made since, from July 2023 onwards and balance the scales of karma with him, by early 2025 at the very latest.

  30. Hi Jessica

    Reading through these fascinating comments I note there are a few from Madeline and in each one she refers to Harry being Cancerian. I just wondered why, in your replies you don’t correct that? He’s a Virgo.

    1. Thank you. A slip of the key on Mercury Retrograde! This has been picked up in Comments.

  31. Jessica, thanks for replying. Yes, I said contempt: contempt is one of the worst things that can happen in a marriage- as well as in society. Think of contempt of court.
    All of this story is born out of contempt, and I dare say, contempt for the rules.
    The CoE was born out of Henry the VIII wanting a MALE heir – but rules have changed. We are happy with girls, and thanks goodness as we wouldn’t have had two excellent Queens ( real ones).
    Can the Head of a Church have a consort who is a divorcee ( with all the history behind it – never mind who cheated first!)? What is the role of the very much alive Mr Parker-Bowles in all of this?
    I have read somewhere that the Church of England has a following of 80 million!
    And not only we need to pledge to the King in our living room but we are also paying for this! What a circus!
    I si hope this coronation does not go ahead.

    1. You are quite right to raise Henry VIII here. We are back in the same cycle, when Henry VIII and his obsession with male heirs, led to the atrocious treatment of six wives and the formation of the Church of England. Pluto in Aquarius can only happen every 248 years and it’s back in 2023. Your question about the leadership in the Anglican Church leads back to a sealed document, advising on the constitutional status of the Charles-Camilla marriage, many years ago. It can’t be opened, by law, until he is dead. What you say about paying for the planned Coronation but also being asked to pledge to Charles III on the television, is pretty common across Twitter at the moment. At least, the messages I see among the almost 30,000 people on my account. I dare say by Saturday you will see a lot more people on this particular discussion, here on the website, agreeing with you. You can see the contempt in Prince Harry’s autobiography, Spare, can’t you. It’s a powerful word.

  32. Hi Jessica, I literally crossed paths with four Royals without trying – The Queen and Prince Philip in 1992 or thereabouts (on a walkabout during their visit to my university town), Prince Harry in 1996 (walking alone to school between classes at Eton) and Prince Charles in 1997 (in a car outside Cardiff University; before Diana’s death). Two things struck me: 1. logically, that I couldn’t have been less interested and 2. spiritually, that all were unhappy. Heeding your advice, I have postponed a 5 May meeting with justice at its core, but a report I have written (unrelated to that meeting) is being published that day and I can’t change that. I have Neptune at 28° Scorpio and and Proserpina at 16° Scorpio. Grateful for any advice you have.

    1. Amazing you have crossed paths with those members of the Royal Family and felt they were all unhappy. Okay, so the eclipse is governed by the signs it is in, on a Full Moon. That makes it easy to decipher. It’s only a blackout of information and knowledge regarding your bank account, shopping, insurance, pension/superannuation, shares, cryptocurrency, mortgage, credit card, charity, business and so on. Taurus and Scorpio. Astrology is proactive so you just dodge any decisions about same. You don’t judge (which would lead to a decision later, non?) You let go and wait. It’s not long before this Scorpio Full Moon is in and out of your life, just a couple of days or so.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you and Tess are doing well.
    After reading your comments I just wanted to confirm that I am also having a very strong feeling of unease. It has been growing since last week and it actually completly floored me this weekend. I had no energy at all and felt lika a was in a psychic bubble of some sort that I had never experienced before.
    I am very strict with boundaries , both with humans and the spirit world and usually the spirit world respects that. But the last couple of days they have been very active but they don’t give me any clear information so I can’t really tell why they are so keen about getting my attention.

    About the coronation of King Charles I got a message on the 12/4 saying-
    The pound- The sterling. Something big in England. No coronation. A big scandal. Something will involve Kate, she will be a main person in a big drama that will unfold.

    That was the message.

    And I can’t shake of the feeling I have about a global massive economic chock .
    So far the big banks that has failed have been bailed out, but I keep getting the message that the economic system will have a major change coming.

    I have been told that whatever will replace it will be more equal and that the dark times we live in at the moment will end so there is hope.

    But honestly Jessica, Right now I have a hard time keeping my faith in humanity. The climate crisis is for real and we need to adress it like yesterday ,but our leaders just keeps on arguing and the lack of effort in waking people up and understanding that we need to change the way we live is scary!
    The war on women. The alt right and the incredible stupidity they represents. And the narcissism in society .It is just overwhelming at times.

    On a micro level I am so thankful for my life. My wonderful child, my dog, my family and friends. That I am a single , indenpendent woman that can live my life on my own terms , and I feel a responsibility to do good in this world. To live the change I want to see . But it is pretty damn hard sometimes.

    Wish you all the best / Anna

    1. Thank you Anna. Tess is curled up asleep as it’s been raining. The lights just flickered off as I opened your post, which is usually spirit world intervention! Then again, skeptics (with a k) would say it’s the heater, the lamp and the computer all on at the same time. You are psychic and feel unease about the proposed Coronation. You see no Coronation at all. The pound making news. A scandal. Kate in a drama. You also feel economic shock worldwide. Looking at my notes from other psychics and astrologers (and this goes back to 2022) you are on common ground here, with everybody. It’s Tuesday night at Buckingham Palace. Rain is forecast for Saturday. A controlled explosion just rocked Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry’s visa papers cannot be found and a lawsuit has just started. We are yet to get to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday itself. So let’s see.

  34. Hi Jessica .. thank you for your post and enriching our understanding of our moments in time. I am off on a day out with friends on the eclipse; but am aware that my descendent is at 14 degrees Scorpio sextile Pluto in Virgo and Panacea in Capricorn. So I assume I have a grand trine being activated. When I asked the tarot what the Luna eclipse would bring … I drew the Ace of wands! I would love to know what you make of this?

    1. It’s good to use the Tarot with astrology, as you’ve done. This is pretty easy. It’s Virgo-Capricorn (work and career, academia and unpaid work) being triggered by an important new plan or idea, with a lot of unknowns behind it. The unknowns are not useful. Wait until the eclipse is over to look again.

  35. Hi Jessica! Your website and especially your blogs are fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and knowledge!

    I have some big concerns. The May 5 eclipse is at 14 degrees and I have:
    NorthNode 15° Scorpio R
    SouthNode 15° Taurus R
    Moon 15° Sagittarius
    Chiron 14° Aquarius R

    It has been a challenging few years. Recently, I left my job in April 2023 to finish a manuscript this summer because it’s the only way I could have the time to complete it but it’s going very slowly. And I worry for what’s to come afterwards for a new job, a home, and my life. How can I ensure in this astrological weather I am making the choices that are best for me?

  36. [Alas, I was not signed in when I posted my question so I appreciate your forbearance for reposting it after I logged in. ]

    Hi Jessica! Your website and especially your blogs are fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and knowledge!
    I have some big concerns. The May 5 eclipse is at 14 degrees and I have:
    NorthNode 15° Scorpio R
    SouthNode 15° Taurus R
    Moon 15° Sagittarius
    Chiron 14° Aquarius R

    It has been a challenging few years. Recently, I left my job in April 2023 to finish a manuscript this summer because it’s the only way I could have the time to complete it but it’s going very slowly. And I worry for what’s to come afterwards for a new job, a home, and my life. How can I ensure in this astrological weather I am making the choices that are best for me?

    1. The eclipse is best managed by avoidance – if you have to make new pathways with banks, accountants, property, taxation, inheritance and so on – skip the eclipse. Skip the whole Full Moon in Scorpio. Wait for her to go into Sagittarius and out of the zone. Your chart in general shows you are a Sun Leo woman, with Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra stelliums. Sagittarius rules books and publishing so you are doing what you were put here to do, to feel fulfilled and complete. You will know if this is your career or not, from May 2023 to May 2024, when stunning opportunities for success will come your way and sweeping solutions for your ambitions, position and mission. This may be the manuscript. It may be something else. Either way you need to use this, or lose it, as Jupiter will not be in your solar Tenth House of career for 12 more years and he is a symbol of great reward and big answers. Jupiter will also trine your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of work in your personal chart, so it’s a similar story told twice. How can you make good choices? Do your stelliums. Live out the signs and houses as you wish. Confirm with the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle on this website, if you like, for validation.

  37. Prince Charles and I have birthdays a day apart (many years difference though), so I have always found his astrology interesting and there are a few mirrors to my life — minus oh, the whole royal thing!

    I have my ascendant at 14 degrees Taurus, which means my descendant is at 14 degrees Scorpio (eek) and I have Vulcano at 14 degrees Taurus. I’m sure that means I’ll feel this eclipse pretty heavy. I’d love to hear your insight about what might be hidden in plain sight for me and what I should avoid/not do/do on May 5. Thank you!

    1. Just swerve around Taurus things (your bank account, cryptocurrency, shopping, selling, insurance and so on). And dodge Scorpio things (legacies, wills, mortgages, sexual relationships with a financial angle). Leave that entire period of the Full Moon in Scorpio alone if you can. It’s easily done.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I was really hoping you were going to do an article about the May 5th Lunar Eclipse and the Coronation – so thank you.

    I’m not sure quite how I found this past article again right at this time, maybe it was a twitter link?
    The blog article was titled “Charles, Astrology and the Royal Family” dated 24.09.2022.You talk about “Mercury Retrograde and the Coronation”, “Fate, Karma and the Nodes” and “The Church of England, Charles and Astrology” (paragraphs 12-14). This was a great re-read.

    You also showed a chart for Charles III Succession 8th September 2022 3:10pm BST Ballater, Scotland that shows the North Node @ 15° 12’ Taurus which is close to the Eclipse Sun on 5th May 14° 58’ Taurus. Something very odd is going on.

    I’m not sure Charles wants to be King and is going ahead with the Coronation, if at all, very reluctantly. He seems to be wanting to save money by downsizing the whole event and keeping things minimal. It really does feel like very low key when compared to last year’s jubilee or the Queen’s funeral.

    Like other readers I too have this ominous feeling about the whole thing. I feel tense with an on and off low grade headache (I rarely get headaches). It feels like the atmosphere before a thunderstorm when the air feels close and oppressive and the clouds thicken and become a sulphurous yellow and black. With weather like that you just want it to break even if there are lightning strikes and heavy downpours, at least it is over.

    At first I didn’t think the Coronation of Charles was going to go ahead at all but now it feels like 50-50 but I do feel something will go wrong.
    There is also the Meghan and Harry factor. I suspect they will come up with some sort of news or announcement just the day before. It might be a health-scare or a break-up or anything dramatic and headline grabbing that is intended to downgrade or derail the Coronation. It doesn’t have to be true and it only has to last 24 hours.
    Or perhaps there will be a fire, flood or lightning strike at Westminster Abbey.
    Maybe some news as regards Diana and the Paris crash.

    I do hope things turn out well in the end, even if that end was not the one that was expected. I feel that William would make a great King and Charles a great King-Father and Green Man.

    Thanks again for all your hard work and insights


    1. Thank you. Most of the nearly 30,000 people following me on Twitter are making the Coronation their favourite trending subject now, so you likely found this feature on there. I have posted twice on the proposed Coronation; once about Charles III in September last year and, close to the release of Spare, about Prince Harry. You know, his real name is Henry and he is far more like one of his predecessors in terms of bravado and courage – have to say. Your intuition has just proved right within minutes. You sent this at 7.16am (local time Sydney) and a controlled explosion at Buckingham Palace took place within minutes. And you are right about Prince Harry. It has already happened. As Newsweek reports, they have been looking for his US visa papers since March and not found them. He has confessed drug use in Spare and now it’s going to the law. Cait, the final cherry on the cake is the weather forecast. Thunder and rain. The Mirror showed a lightning bolt photograph from their files and that’s Uranus, in astrology. Father of lightning and symbol of shock and upheaval.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    I had to sit this morning and try put this together, i mentioned on here a long time ago that I too didn’t believe Charles would be King
    or if he is, it won’t be for long… when i sat down this morning i couldn’t visualise Harry at the event… i wonder if something prevents him from coming? I agree with someone above who mentioned possible security threats, i feel there is a speed hump ahead that we cannot foresee… as for Charles i wonder if his heart is an issue for his health… i feel like that is something that is going to come to light in the near future too.

    Much like everyone else i wait in anticipation…

    1. I think the hive mind is picking up a signal from Diana, rather like a Livestream on a global level. The thing about this proposed Coronation is, it has global resonance on so many levels. For the British it is about the taxes they pay. For the worldwide Anglicans it is about the Church of England and the man who history says should lead its faith. For Australians it is about the power of the monarch to sack a Prime Minister through her Governor-General. So that’s why I think this is reverberating with so many people. You think Charles III will step down after a brief reign. You don’t see Prince Harry at the planned Coronation. You see security threats. And wonder if Charles III has a heart problem. I have read this from people who are professional mediums too (or watched it). Big signals coming through. And the facts are in, over the last few hours. There is no record of Harry’s US visa paperwork (since March). And there’s been a controlled explosion at Buckingham Palace.

  40. I’m feeling uneasy about the eclipse for myself as can you imagine I have performance review with my boss on Friday 5 May… I thought it would never happen as all other employees get one and raise before April first and I didn’t get either So what is hidden in front of my eyes something important going into my future? What will happen on this performance review with two bosses Capricorn husband and wife CEO and VP… Will I stay with big money and promotion or will I go…

    1. Your boss has a performance review on the eclipse in your zone of salary. Let them talk but you decide which path to go on, later. Just keep nodding. There is a cover-up here, or there is something staring you in the face you are not seeing.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    I watched the YouTube video of Claire Thackray tarot reading for the coronation.

    Well, the card for “drama” came out a lot. Not only for Charles, but for Camilla, William and Kate as well.
    I do imagine with an event as big as a coronation, drama would be a given, but it was interesting how it kept coming up.

    She also pulled the cards for drama, defence, destruction, ending, and restriction for William and Kate, which I must admit that sounded a little ominous. Possibly an attack of some kind!

    The energies for the coronation were in her words confusing, but felt that the king would be crowned, but there could also be a postponement or last minute change. When she asked about the Royal Family after the coronation this time she pulled reunion, imagination, proposal, loyalty, new light. No drama! It’s like what ever happens at the coronation, even if it’s bad clears a path for new light to enter.

    I really enjoyed her reading I am going to check in on Claire’s readings more often.

    It seems that psychics, tarot readers and astrologers all seem to be on the same page with the Coronation which I find interesting. It’s like you are all feeling the same energy at the moment. Only thing is with the eclipse so close to the coronation any drama may well be hidden.

    P.S Claire thinks that Camilla is the reincarnation of Catherine Parr!!


    1. Tarot in hindsight is always interesting. The last minute changes are dotted around the Coronation; Andrew dressed in his Garter robes as his mother, our late Queen, forbade while she was alive. The bad weather. Most of all, the wording of the controversial script for the Archbishop of Canterbury. This may change later, to an event more profound. The timing in astrology is yet to unfold, so we are rather early. Psychics and astrologers have been in agreement since 1949, incredibly; if not a thwarted Coronation, then an abdication. That eclipse will take a while to show itself but it’s not good.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for this piece. I haven’t been able to shake the energy around this all week. And now, I’ve just seen the documentary. There is a palpable pall hovering over it. Especially in the vintage footage.

    So Peters has been telling this story in interviews for a while now, but it’s disingenuous—the fact is, Camilla never left, and was always there, in their marriage. Now he’s got a bigger platform to amplify it, and it’s targeted predominantly to US subscribers.

    The piece seems made for the sole purpose of boosting the image of King Charles and his wife, in part, by painting an unflattering picture of Diana as a volatile, difficult and hysterical woman, but it doesn’t stop there—it then places the blame for the potential future downfall of the monarchy entirely on Harry’s shoulders. It’s really something. And Diana isn’t around to defend herself. Or is she? 🙂

    One thing that really struck me—they said that when it came to a choice between his family and the monarchy, Charles would always choose the monarchy.

    Ironically, the feeling I have is just the opposite, and that this may be why he indeed steps back.

    Interesting week ahead.


    1. Aha, so the documentary has turned up. It hasn’t for every reader! Thank you for letting me know. Perhaps the UK was bypassed so as not to upset the applecart in London. It’s an eclipse program, so the truth is hidden in plain sight and it will take months or even years before we realise. What appears to be X may actually be about Y. I agree, Charles would choose his family (particularly Camilla, with whom he has been obsessed for decades) over the monarchy. And yes, that may be why he steps back.

  43. Hi, Jessica –

    Just finished watching the documentary about Charles. I don’t understand how several people, Allen Peters being one, give Charles a pass on his relationship to Camilla while he was engaged to Diana and throughout his marriage. Author, Penny Junor, is also very anti Diana, while easily speaking about Camilla during the marriage. Others talked about how Diana changed before the wedding. A 19 year old was gaslit by her fiancé and his lover to control her and continue their relationship. While she admitted to her own affairs, Alan Peters is adamant that she strayed first, with no real proof regarding Barry Mannakee. Definitely a distraction with the upcoming eclipse. The picture you shared on your site of Camilla at the wedding was also included in the doc and made mention that Diana was looking for her as she walked up the aisle. Ironically, Mannakee died in a traffic accident while on a motorbike, in 1987 and conspiracy theories that it had been tampered with according to his Wikipedia. It will be interesting to see how Diana makes an appearance this week; I don’t think she ever left and believe she haunts the family.

    As a Virgo, my chart is on wills, legacies, inheritance. My brother, Gemini and I have agreed to sell my Dad’s (Capricorn) home to pay for his care as he can’t afford to care for him – the insurance company is very difficult to deal with and denies most claims of home health and his retirement isn’t covering all the care; he would have to go into a home, at 89. Possible offer on the home this week. I’m trying to look at everything to see what is hidden in plain sight.

    Thank you for your insightful articles.

    1. I’m now being told by one reader the documentary has vanished from schedules. How very interesting, if that’s true. I suspect the narrative in the documentary is also classic eclipse stuff; don’t be hoodwinked by what you think you are seeing or believe you are being told. The truth is very different on an eclipse and we don’t twig until later. I agree with you, Diana never left – she is closer to us in spirit than most people realise. You are going through some tussles with your finances which are typical of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (property, money) and I am sorry you have the anxiety of that. There is a possible offer on the home. Hang in there. Mercury stops circling around on 1st June and even before that, around May 19th, a lovely New Moon in Taurus ushers in a period of huge solutions and terrific answers for you, lasting until May 2024, with the financial side of things. Light a candle and have a word with your family in spirit regarding your father and ask for help for yourself, your brother and Dad.

  44. Is the arrest at Buckingham Palace the start of the disruption? I have a stellium in Scorpio, I am out at a concert with a group of friends on the 5th, whom I have not seen for some time and have a slight uneasy feeling about it all.

    1. The astrology of Mercury Retrograde is that nothing goes to plan. So, an arrest and controlled explosion starts the week at Buckingham Palace. Camilla is absent from key meetings. The unpopular script readied for the Archbishop of Canterbury is changed on the day. The weather is so bad the flypast is in question and so on. The eclipse is more serious; something is being quite deliberately concealed this week.

  45. Hi Jessica
    I have been wondering for some time if (Virgo) Harry and Meghan will deliberately drop a few lies to coincide with the coronation. They have form in deliberately selecting dates for such releases (classic narcissistic behaviour: me, me, me MEghan & co). I also wondered about terrorist threats and protest. I hope the police and security forces will deal swiftly and firmly with the perpetrators if this is the case.

    One thing I would like to mention: I never had a problem liking both Diana and Charles, and Camilla. They are only human after all. I was so upset when Diana died. But I find the endless persecution of Charles and the almost ‘deifying’ of Diana odd and distasteful, even naive.

    For example, did Diana think about the impact of her affair on the families and wives of the men she had affairs with? Apparently not, and people seem to brush that away whilst wagging the finger at Charles, who really would have liked to marry the woman he really loved in the first place, but could not. It also seems Diana may have had affairs with multiple men at any one time.

    Howard Hodgson (royal biographer) claimed Diana’s first affair was in 1983 with a man called Henry Herbert, the 17th Earl of Pembroke.
    But also we know about, for example:
    James Hewitt – 1986 to 1991
    Barry Albert Mannakee – 1985
    James Gilbey – 1989
    Oliver Hoare – 1992 to 1994
    Will Carling – 1995 (although Charles and Diana had separated by then, Carling was married, how fair was that to the wife? Pot, kettle?).

    Howard Hodgson, royal biographer claimed that by the time Charles went back to Camilla, and by 1986, Diana had already had affairs with 10 people that the public knew nothing about. Lady Colin Campbell hints at many affairs, plus a secret abortion, and I have seen comments from former palace staff saying the same thing, and that Diana even struck Charles, and was highly strung in her behaviour. That cannot have been easy for the heir to the throne, which is a huge responsibility at the end of the day.

    I sometimes wonder whether some of the eclipses in relation to the royals is really to do with people not seeing the whole truth with regard to Diana. I do not judge her, but feel it’s strange to keep pointing the finger at Charles for his adultery, without considering hers!

    I also feel she was bumped off, but by the American government or their military industry which seems to have very shady dealings, and perhaps due to her planned future anti weapons campaigns and what she had found out (I also think they bumped off John Lennon for his anti war and weapons influence). The Brits are often the ‘whipping boy’ for the Americans in different scenarios. And look at how Prince Andrew keeps the attention away from the Clintons et al, other US government officials who haven’t been brought to justice over the Epstein scandal. Interesting how they have escaped justice and public scrutiny on the issue, but Andrew has not.

    It’s handy for the real perpetrators of the Diana killing when people blame the Royals for Diana’s death, but it’s ludicrous. The royals would have known full well that getting rid of Diana would cast suspicion on them!

    I am still fans of the royals. Like others, I am however, suspicious about Harry. Diana seemed to push him forward a lot, perhaps because he was not the son of Charles, and I wonder what this says about Diana’s character, if indeed Harry is not a royal.

    1. This is a really interesting comment, thank you. The eclipses near the Royal Wedding were really about Camilla, though, hidden in plain sight and eclipsed by Diana, and the fairytale media myth eclipsing the truth; that Charles loved another woman. I suppose the question about any royal involvement in Diana’s unlawful killing is – why did Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex choose the Duke of Edinburgh’s dying days in hospital, to drop their bombshell about racism to Oprah Winfrey? Why then, to offer up a shock?

  46. Jessica, have you seen “Unlawful Killing”, a doco about the murder of Diana? It’s very revealing – and interestingly it’s made by an “Allen”: actor Keith Allen (father of Lily Allen)!

    1. Yes, I have seen Unlawful Killing. It’s a superb documentary on Diana and Keith Allen deserves kudos for making it. Thank you.

  47. Thank you for taking your time to answer my comment , and also for taking time comparing notes about my predications and confirming that I am on common grounds with other psychics.

    The reply does not work in your website so I’m writing a response here hoping It won’t get lost .

    Like you noticed the spirit world is active. I smiled when i read that your light started flickering when you opened my post.
    Something big is about to unfold. And it might be the last thing we expect.

    I am actually watching a documentery about Princess Diana while writing this .
    The first thing I that came to me is that she is not at peace. She is angry and she is close. I feel a more anger than sadness in her energy. There is something hidden that she wants the world to know. And I think that we will know . I am sorry if this sounds strange and a bit vague but this is what comes to me . The sentence ” you all shall know” comes through.
    I don’t think it is about Harry. I actually belive that Harry is Charles son. When looking at a young Charles at the moment on TV ,I think that Harry looks like him over the eyes.

    Whatever is hidden in the story of Diana I do wish that the truth comes out and that she will find peace.
    The way she was treated by the press, the public and by the ones closest to her was truly a disgrace. She lived the life myths are made of.

    1. Sorry, we have Mercury Retrograde issues at the moment with the website. Thank you for your comment. The lights did indeed flicker in my studio when I was reading your post. Diana has an interesting way of connecting en masse with psychics and mediums. I’ve not seen it before. It first happened when she was actually passing to spirit; collectively so many people had contact with her. As she was so brilliant at broad contact when on the earth, touching so many people at once, this is not surprising, perhaps. I like the sentence you heard or sensed, “You all shall know.” The most outstanding, simple issue still surrounding her unlawful killing is that she always wore a seat belt. She has been photographed multiple times with a belt. And yet she was in the well of the car. Why? Did a gunman, or gunmen plural, pull alongside and aim a gun? Was she told to get down in the well of the car? The questions go on.

  48. Brain blip! I knew that WILLIAM is the Cancerian.. woops! Mercury!!!!! Am feeling all the same things as the others here.. very ominous around the coronation and also the world in turmoil just now. MORE shooting in USA, City of Dallas Texas under a cyber attack! Ukraine?Putin!! What a week… and more coming…

    1. Mercury Retrograde is really dominating May 2023 – don’t worry – these things are sent to test us. Anyway, some readers have nicely corrected your Mercury mistake. Yes, this Coronation is literally ominous, as in – omens. Bad weather which may cancel the flypast. A hastily rewritten script for the Archbishop of Canterbury on the rather sensitive issue of what the people should say in response to King Charles and Queen Camilla. It’s all ill-starred for a long and successful reign I’m afraid.

  49. Dear Jessica,

    I hope you are doing great, and thank you for all the superb work you share with us. I have just read something that really caught my interest This looks so strange, please what do you think is behind such a decision? The prayer was in place from April 1689, and now this change in May 2023. What is driving this to exclude this line of the evildoers to be punished, please?

    Personally, I have been learning, growing and persevering for years via tons of volunteer and pro bono work to reinvent myself in a coaching profession after leaving former career and corporate life in 2017. Please could you see if the time has finally come to get projects with such financial opportunities so that I can live and thrive from the work that I love.

    Thank you and with best wishes!

    1. Thank you. The Anglican church is going through these extreme cycles at the moment and they continue throughout 2023 and 2024. You are wondering about your career and finances. You are a Sun Leo with a Virgo pattern so benefit from historic opportunities and quite rare luck factors with your career, unpaid work or academic career, beginning around 19th May 2023 and extending to May 2024. Financially, you will find 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026 challenge you to deal with new realities and restrictions, but you will still find that there are holidays from reality too.

  50. Thanks Jessica, I can’t find this documentary on Paramount + in the UK..has it been withdrawn I wonder ?

  51. Hi Jessica

    I watched one of Claire Thackray’s recent videos focussing on the coronation and she was adamant that something was going to happen on the day at the event. I got chills when she was talking. We will see how things play out. She also said to wear colour at this time. Usually I wear a grey cardigan to work but this week I’ve been wearing a red jacket, and feel I need to keep wearing it, which I started wearing before I watched her video. Thank you for your work. Cheers

    1. Chills are a sign your guides have drawn closer, into your aura. Well, the Coronation is unfolding now. I can’t comment on the actual event, except to say it’s ill-starred. And astrologers like me have said Charles will not rule, since he was very small. Claire has a huge following.

  52. Thank you Jessica I feel I need to find new job ASAP as these 2 Capricorns are out of their mind.. Do you see in my stars will I find something good! Thank you

    1. You have a few days left with Jupiter in Aries to find a job or retraining opportunity, or to fix the issues with your current job. Jupiter is in your Sixth House of work for the first and last time in 12 years.

  53. 35 years ago, I, and several of my colleagues represented our workplace – where Diana was Patron – at a charity event. Needless to say, some of my colleagues were saddened with her attitude towards us that night.

    34 years ago, I visited Westminster Cathedral with a friend, and on our arrival, we were astounded to see a huge crowd gathered around its front door. In order to escape the crowd, we ventured inside McDonald’s only to find it milling with reporters and photographers. When we eventually found a place to sit, we were amused to see everyone rising as one to go outside. It was only when we left McDonald’s and saw a vision in red – Diana – taking her time to talk to the awaiting crowd that we realised why they had been drawn to the Cathedral that morning.

    Later that same day, when we visited another area of London, we saw Charles attending an engagement, and I can count on one hand how many people – including photographers – had waited patiently to see him.

    You may find Patrick Jephson (Diana’s former Private Secretary) thoughts on Charles and Camilla interesting: (a) Diana’s Former Private Secretary: Should Queen Camilla Be Called ‘Queen?’ – Good Morning Britain –; and (b) There’s no escaping that for some loyal monarchists, the shadow of Princess Diana will hang over Saturday’s Coronation service. No one feels this more keenly than PATRICK JEPHSON, her former private secretary who’s written this highly personal essay –

    You may also find the content of ‘Princess Anne’s take on the monarchy under King Charles’ useful as well –

    And finally, “due to the current economic climate”, both Plaid Cymru’s political leader, Adam Price, and Liz Saville Roberts (Plaid Cymru’s leader in Westminster) have declined their invitations to the Coronation Ceremony. The said that they would “find it difficult to reconcile our participation in the event with the experiences endured by many families across Wales during a time of severe economic crisis … “We nevertheless commend the King on his commitment to raise awareness of volunteering opportunities throughout the UK as part of the celebrations.” Ref: (a) Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price declines invite to attend King Charles’ coronation –

    1. Thank you so much. This discussion has been really popular as people are looking for somewhere to talk about ‘Queen Camilla’ as well as Diana and Charles III that doesn’t involve flag-waving. I have seen the interview with Jephson, and he talks for many who think it is wrong for Britain to be led by Camilla (and the Church of England). We’re pretty close now, aren’t we? And no sign of Prince Harry. That’s interesting. We wait for William the Conqueror, I think.

  54. Jessica since the other day when you kindly replied to me I was on your twitter account as I always do on a daily basis and saw the post from the Daily Mirror re the weather for the Coronation Day. when you look at the photo of the sky turned sideways I instantly seen what looks like a side profile of a face with a crown – or do I have an overactive imagination – the bolts are also coming from the “mouth”. It is kind of incredible. Someone has definitely got something major to say whether that someone is in spirit or not but it is major. I can feel it. I have juno in capricorn at 14, vulcano in sagittarius at 13 and jupiter in aquarius. I am days away from finishing a course with more work to do to complete it. Can you interpret this for me Jessica if you have time. Many many thanks for your reply.

    1. Thank you. I’ve answered the first part of your comment elsewhere. Your chart is nicely set up with Juno, Vulcano and Jupiter and you will find that when transiting Jupiter moves to 14 Taurus and trines natal Juno at 14 Capricorn, your academic career rewards you, partly for the effort you are applying now. Even the Jupiter quincunx to Vulcano in Sagittarius in your Ninth House and the square to natal Jupiter in Aquarius in your Eleventh House will pay off then. Not long to go.

  55. Jessica since the other day when you kindly replied to me I was on your twitter account as I always do on a daily basis and saw the post from the Daily Mirror re the weather for the Coronation Day. when you look at the photo of the sky turned sideways I instantly seen what looks like a side profile of a face with a crown – or do I have an overactive imagination – the bolts are also coming from the “mouth”. It is kind of incredible. Someone has definitely got something major to say whether that someone is in spirit or not but it is major. I can feel it. I have juno in capricorn at 14, vulcano in sagittarius at 13 and

    1. Thank you. I don’t know of a single psychic who thinks that ‘Queen Camilla and King Charles’ is going to work or last. Even at the actual stage of the planned Coronation. I don’t know if you are a professional psychic or not but your impression of bolts from a mouth, with a crown, is accurate. This may be Diana or our late Queen. The former was cuckolded by Camilla and the latter objected to her ever being called Queen – the title was to be Queen Consort.

  56. Hi Jessica, I’m a big believer in karma so I think Harry will receive whatever he deserves. Maybe King Charles is receiving his through this betrayal of his son. I agree with a lot of others that Andrew, Harry and Meaghan stories are manipulative to separate connections between countries to benefit Russia/China? Andrew, Harry and Meaghan aren’t that interesting so why so many stories about them? Will Harry be the prodigal son I often wonder.
    I have a question for you if you have time to answer please. My husband and I looked at a house in January on a mountain in a different town and closer to where one of our sons lives. We’ve been mulling over whether to buy it as it’s a bit overpriced. It would be our forever home as we are in our late 50’s and empty nesters. A friend rang on Thursday to tell me that he heard there is a potential buyer about to submit an offer. So we have arranged to have a 2nd look at the house today. With a potential other offer we may need to move quickly. I think Jupiter is still in my 4th house which I believe is lucky for real estate but I’m worried about the eclipse. Should I be worried or trust Jupiter and my own feelings? My husband is a Leo (a quiet one, he has a Virgo rising sign).

    1. Thank you. Yes, the astrology chart suggests there is an ulterior motive behind the manufactured drama – Russia and China want the Commonwealth split up. Russia also wants ‘Divide and conquer’ within the United Kingdom and between the US and UK. They found a cheap way to do it. Prince Harry, if he wanted to act for Diana, has had no choice but to take all help offered. You have your own chart story going on with this eclipse as you are contemplating a house purchase. You are not seeing the true picture on this eclipse. You do have lucky Jupiter in your Fourth House so that’s a tremendous protector. An eclipse is an eclipse though. I will leave it with you. It falls in your Leo husband’s Fourth House of property, in his public chart.

  57. Something strange already happened yesterday, Camilla did not attend the lunch reception for Commonwealth leaders nor the afternoon reception for foreign heads of state & foreign royals. Buckingham Palace said she had never been scheduled to attend, yet before it had been reported that all working royals would attend. All working royals plus Princess Anne’s husband did indeed attend, it was only Camilla who was missing.
    It really is unusual because usually the woman being crowned Queen or Queen Consort or even a Prince (Consort) like Philip was would attend such important coronation events. Now the Palace is trying to make out that this was normal and scheduled that way, but I really don’t think so. In my opinion she must have been quite unwell yesterday in some way in order to have missed such important events.
    Her absence made Catherine, the highest ranking royal lady there, the hostess and it fell to her to greet important guests such as Jill Biden. Shades of what is to come??
    Catherine was at two events for coronation guests yesterday, Princess Anne three, Sophie at four, but Queen Camilla none.

    About the Queen Consort title, I have to say I always found it strange because it was made up for her. Because really every Queen who is not a Queen in her own right like Queen Elizabeth II, but Queen through marriage to a King is a queen consort, yet that is never used as their official title. Queen Letizia, Queen Mathilde, Queen Maxima etc. All consorts but just referred to as Queens.
    Traditionally, a King’s wife would usually become Queen, except if it was a mogarnatic marriage, then she would only be a Princess.
    Princess was also what Camilla was supposed to be when Charles became King, so we were told at the time of their wedding and for years thereafter.

    Did Charles pressure his deathly ill mother into granting Camilla the title of Queen Consort, a made up title, and is now going for what he really meant all along? Queen Camilla. Yet on the eve of the coronation, the Queen was not to be seen.

    Might Harry perhaps interrupt the coronation in some way? He is a completely lose cannon and by his own admission often on drugs.

    1. Oh, that’s interesting. Camilla missing. Was she unwell? Perhaps that’s the eclipse cover-up. Astrologers since Charles was one year old have thought he’d either not be crowned – or give up the crown. If Camilla was to become seriously ill, it would not be a huge surprise to see Charles passing the role to William. The switch of titles to Queen on Mercury Retrograde is typical of this cycle; these things change again or never last. Prince Harry is the only member of the family to go on publicly questioning how Diana was unlawfully killed and his chart suggests, he will never stop. Thank you for this detailed comment which I know other readers will appreciate in this discussion.

  58. Im not a professional psychic Jessica but I get messages since I am a child in many different ways including in this case what I describe as visual symbols at the strangest of times too. Thank you for replying to me about my course. It is a bit of work alright but I like it!

    1. Yes. The unlawful killing of Diana is something all of us who heard the news, will never forget and can still bring us to tears. She was beautiful and good and a force of nature. She’s gone nowhere.

  59. I’m sitting here watching the coronation (10.15am) wondering when it will all go wrong. I’m feeling quite uncomfortable with all the projected negativity and anxiety in this thread. As Jessica says, ‘Russia also wants ‘Divide and conquer’ within the United Kingdom and between the US and UK. They found a cheap way to do it.’ Yep, mostly by social media, already well proven in the US and manipulation of those with grievances, real or otherwise. Yes Harry absolutely does have a choice in the help he is offered. IMO Harry is totally out of his depth with the ‘help’ he has accepted, and has no idea how much of a patsy he is for those with their own agenda.
    I have seen psychics predict the coronation will take place, that it will be a short reign with plenty of problems – but that’s real life when the King is elderly and has health issues, plus difficult family relationships. Claire Thackray, mentioned by Jessica in the article, now says the coronation will bring in a huge download of healing, and that Camilla and Diana are twin flames. I genuinely don’t know about that, but I whole heartedly endorse Claire’s request that people project good energy today.

    1. It takes a long time for eclipses to pan out so this is as I’ve published before, about 2023-2024. As most astrologers have agreed since 1949, Charles will either not proceed to the crown, or abdicate the crown. A short reign indeed. The issue from the astrology, is doublefold. Diana and the Church of England. Diana has not gone away (and won’t) and neither will the Anglican issue. So we wait.

  60. Hello,Jessica 🙂 I’m just watching the coronation. I am in awe of this splendid ceremony. I hope all goes well. Still, of course, I’m curious what it is that has been “hidden in plain sight”. I’m Polish and yet filled with strong emotions watching this historic moment. I also keep thinking of little Charles who attended his mother’s coronation 70 years ago. I also have a sort of a fun question for you if I may. Is my interest and affinity for UK visible in my birth chart? I’m asking because the coronation period made me feel a bit nostalgic 🙂 (I did live in the UK for a short period of time like many Polish people but my interest in English started when I was a little girl. I also studied English literature and wrote a B.A. thesis on British New Wave cinema. My current job (of 8 years) and almost all of my previous jobs were strongly connected to my good command of the English language,etc.)

    1. It will take a long time for us to discover what or who was hidden in plain sight at the Coronation. You are fond of the United Kingdom and sound like an Anglophile and wonder if it shows in your chart. Yes. You have a Capricorn stellium and most of the historic charts for the UK are heavily Capricorn. In 1801 the Act of Union ushered in the UK under the Sun in Capricorn.

  61. Yes, am anti monarchy but just saw pics of Diana meeting Aids patients when it was considered a no no and was little overwhelmed. She went where Charles nor Camilla would ever go.

    1. Diana was beautiful, good, kind and ahead of her time. When men with AIDS were dealing with not only the illness but the media, Diana went in and held them, physically and spiritually. She was not a saint but she was remarkable in every way. And she is very much here.

  62. Watching the coronation. Is it me, or did Camilla look quite smug once crowned? She is out of her depth, and it shows. Can’t help feeling this is all farce.

    1. You would be amazed at how many people on my Twitter account felt the Coronation was a farce. I agree. It is farcical to do this on an eclipse and Mercury Retrograde. Something is very badly wrong here.

  63. Hi Jessica,

    I am watching the coronation as I write this and what strikes me is that Charles’s energy seems really low, as if he is ill. My eyes immediately gravitated towards William and Kate instead who seem to be surrounded by strong beams of light. It’s startling. I really don’t feel as though Charles will reign for long. For all the pomp and ceremony the energy of the coronation seemed low and slightly depressing.

    1. Thank you. Many people on my Twitter account agree with you. Charles III is unwell. I also agree with you that William and Catherine are carrying light. I did not watch it. The BBC sound cut out and the Sky coverage also cut out. This is typical of spirit world interference and just as she did with the ITV coverage of the Queen’s funeral, Diana will be communicating across the broken audio. So let’s see what turns up.

  64. Hi Jessica, yesterday I watched astrologer Steve Judd’s video on the Coronation, my main takeaways from the video were that the Coronation date was chosen deliberately, possibly with the help of an astrologer. King Charles has a keen interest in astrology and esoteric issues – as has Prince William! Steve concluded that King Charles’ reign will be short and that he will act as a sort of gatekeeper to Prince William. He will abdicate (as so many monarchs do nowadays) in favour of his son. I hope he will enjoy some sort of retirement together with Camilla. I think Princess Diana’s destiny was to give birth to Prince William. She has always said that she wanted William to become King rather sooner than later. She also wanted Prince Harry to fully support his brother, to become his Wingman. Maybe that is the message currently hidden by the eclipse? On another note, I saw anti-monarchists today in London, with banners showing Meghan as People’s Princess (Princess Diana is the one and only People’s Princess for me!). Distastefull and disruptive, in my view.

    1. Thank you. I was told by a famous astrologer that Charles has a Kabbalistic astrologer who chose the Coronation date. If so, from the Western point of view, it was a bad date to choose. I agree with Steve Judd, as does Penny Thornton, that the reign will be cut short. Last September I pondered (on this website) if Charles would either not make the Coronation or if it would go to William. That’s not changed. This looks like King William or William, Prince Regent is the reality. I do wonder if the actual Coronation will be proved invalid or unconstitutional, though. That would be later. So we will find, Charles was never King.

  65. Jessica – thank you for your thoughtful reply to my earlier comment. Today I am focusing on positives!
    At the coronation today I thought Charles looked very emotional and Camilla scared stiff when they entered the abbey. Charles seemed quite serious afterwards, Camilla just looked relieved it was all over. I was also surprised at how relatively minor her role was. A good do all round and nice to see a lot of very positive support from the crowd. Be interesting to see what hidden things come out in due course.
    To A – Many of the RF do quiet as well as public visits and charity work. Princess Anne was working with AIDs organisations and patients back in the 1980s and invited Diana to join her visiting AIDS patients in hospital. It was kept quiet to protect the privacy of the patients. The press became aware of Diana’s involvement and the rest, as they say, is history and while Diana did a world of good for AIDS acceptance in her turn and used her ‘star power’ accelerate change it was by no means a solo initiative.
    Anne, Charles and Camilla are patrons of hundreds of charities including those for some difficult areas of life from acid [attack] survivors, bereavement, combat stress, hospices, to domestic violence. They meet with people and hear their stories. They work to make positive change for them. I think that deserves recognition too.

    1. Thank you. Yes, hidden things about Charles and Camilla will come out in due course and may invalidate the Coronation or negate it, eventually. That is very old astrology at work here. Princess Anne, as you say, is a force for good (and a force for nature) though it is not always publicised. Charity has ever been the province of royalty and so it should be.

  66. Hello Jessica,
    I watched some extracts of the coronation ceremony, of the processions and so on and it seemed to me quite gloomy and sad strangely as well as very slow as if everything was taking place in slow motion… The influence of Mercury retrograde? In the church I couldn’t help but thinking of Diana and how outrageous a king in our days should reign by “Divine right”. I’m not sure “God” would appreciate all the golden pomp, the debauchery of luxury or the Hermione coat and least of all faith be intertwine with political or economic power – albeit supposedly symbolic. I feel quite sick about all this hypocrisy and diversion.
    Diana was very efficient and a realist in her endeavors to alleviate people’s sufferings, be it people touched by AIDS or anti personal land mines. That’s why she became estranged with Mother Teresa at one point because she couldn’t understand why some things would not be changed while she could have used her power to improve the situation. Of course she was not perfect either.
    Maybe Camilla would have been Queen (Consort) anyway should Diana be still alive (on earth!) but it wouldn’t have felt so disgusting or “weird fake” perhaps…
    By the way, you’re right as regards to the eclipses’ effects in my life : I’m surrounded by loud works : outside my appartment, below and on the left side, I’ve had recent issues with a past colleague and I’ve just discovered that I have a rather – yet not dramatic – health problem (ovarian). Hourra to eclipses!
    A royal thanks from a Republican to you and your irreverent website. Take care.

    1. Mercury the Messenger of the Gods was indeed moving backwards through the entire event. He was in Taurus, the same sign as Her Majesty the Queen (our late Queen of course) and this is also the sign that rules currency – the coins and notes which used to bear her likeness. I’ve seen coinage come out with Charles III and Camilla engraved and wondered at its value, when it becomes collectable as a souvenir of the King who never was. The slow motion you felt was typical of Mercury – the planet literally slows down in astrology when it is retrograde, of course. The hypocrisy you mention is very important. Taurus also rules values. This saga has not been a good advertisement for religion, God or particularly the Church of England. The issues you are having sound more like Mercury Retrograde than the Eclipse, but on the plus side, that ends on 1st June. I hope you recover quickly and fully from the health issue. Royal thanks to you too.

  67. Hi Jessica, I watched it and survived. Both KC3 and QC looked tired. QC looked frail. I think she’s unwell. Am wondering if one of the hidden secrets is true state of her health. Both were low energy. I hate to say it but they showed their age.
    The Wales were more regal and energised. Definitely the future.
    Meghan had the candle covering her at Queen’s funeral, Harry had Princess Anne’s feathered cap. No doubt that family relationship is a long way from being resolved.
    So like a Shakespeare play we now sit back back and watch what unfolds.

    1. Too funny. You watched the Coronation and survived the experience! Many people agree with you in this discussion that either Charles or Camilla is seriously ill and that is the cover-up. And yes, it is like Shakespeare. We expect the monarchy in the United Kingdom to be a tragedy and comedy, based on history. I wondered last September if Charles would not proceed to the ceremony – or if he would in fact abdicate. I now realise there is a third outcome. As you say, this could be played out at The Globe.

  68. Hi, I couldn’t post my comment logged in… Is there a mischievous spirit at work?!

    1. I’m sorry about that. Mercury Retrograde is upon us again I’m afraid.

  69. The documentary KC The boy who walked alone isn’t available on Paramount in the UK. Only the US

    1. Thank you. Eclipse blackout in Britain, regarding the man who looked after security for Charles and Diana for years – and who claims she was first to have sex outside marriage. Absolutely blotted out in London. Maybe it will reappear now the eclipse has passed.

  70. Hi Jessica have you seen reports in the MSM of the grim reaper being seen at the coronation? Strange!

    1. I know. I’m waiting for an explanation about that figure in the footage. Who was it, and why was he or she apart from the service? He or she did in fact look like The Grim Reaper. It’s really odd. Death stalked the Coronation.

  71. Thank you for your reply to my question, Jessica. I did wonder if my fondness of the UK stems from the Capricorn stellium.
    I enjoyed the coronation ceremony a lot but can see feom the comments that others felt bad energy during the event. Maybe, as a foreigner, I’m not picking up this atmosphere. Also, I don’t feel as strongly about Diana because William and Harry are my generation, not her 🙂 I feel more strongly about her sons. Of course, Diana was a remarkable woman – one of a kind and a true inspiration.
    Catherine looked like a Roman or Greek goddess. Stunning and regal.
    Prince William looked very handsome and glowing. And their three children were a delight to watch.
    Princess Anne’s outfit also deserves a mention. It made her look like an Amazon or maybe even goddess Diana.
    Charles struck me as very humble and honest. While Camilla looked truly overwhelmed and delicate. When walking down the aisle, I thought she was on the verge of both crying and fainting. She reminded me of a frail angel.
    At the same time, my Aries stellium greatly enjoyed hearing my name linked to the queen title 🙂

    1. You are the only person who enjoyed the Coronation in this discussion – we are up to about 150 voices now. Twitter people, the same. Maybe it’s your chart! Or perhaps it’s just that your name is the same as Charles’s second wife.

  72. I think what the Scorpio eclipse is hiding from us is that Camilla is possibly very unwell, the Coronation is bittersweet for Charles with those Scorpion themes hanging over him, loyalty, sex, death, the man looks absolutely tortured – he looks in real turmoil inside. He’s waited seventy years for this, but he doesn’t look joyful today, he looks deeply sad. He’s insisted that Camilla be Queen and not the Queen Consort. I loved her dress with her little dogs embroidered on the hem, but she looks frail and she’s aged dramatically recently. I’ve a bad feeling that this will soon be another ending for Charles, not a beginning. I can’t shake the feeling that there is something heavy in the air for them and it’s Charles’s true love, not bratty Harry. Harry’s the distraction from what is really going on. Mercury and Pluto retrograde, the recent eclipses…… It’s ominous and anyone in Central London last night who saw and felt the strange dark cloud bursts of torrential angry rain we were suddenly getting, can feel it. There are dark clouds over this Coronation.

    1. Thank you. I agree, Charles III looked unhappy and unwell. Eclipses are about screening though, so what you see, you don’t get. Sometimes your eyes are drawn to the obvious and what will become the real story, is elsewhere. I agree Camilla also looked frail. You have a bad feeling this will be an ending for Charles and not a beginning. The horoscopes agree with you. I wrote in September that it would either be not making it to Coronation, or abdication. There are other reasons Charles III won’t be regarded as King by history but it is impossible to say more when this eclipse blackout is still subsiding. You think Harry is the distraction. That may be. I agree; there were dark clouds over this Coronation. Where was the joy?

  73. To put Harry in a diminished spot was unloving and unkind. Charles may be king by blood but his heart is petty. As the father it is his duty to set an example that may bring his sons back together. If he can’t do that how can he be a loving leader to his nation?

    1. The Coronation was supposed to be about a royal family (but it is no longer a united family) and also about God (but what does God think of two old adulterers who put the teenage Diana through such torment, at another equally ‘blessed’ Church of England ceremony?) Let’s see how this plays out, but the astrology’s been pretty clear about 2023-2024; it’s either a cancelled Coronation or the monarch stepping down – perhaps something else we’re not seeing on this eclipse.

  74. Hi Jessica,
    I’m intuitive and and something felt wrong about the dynamic between Charles and Camilla at the Coronation. She seemed aloof and sometimes unhappy towards the start of the ceremony, and smug by the end. I spontaneously said “Oh no!” as she was crowned. Let’s see how this plays out over the coming days and weeks.

    1. Thank you. I’ve not heard a single person who is intuitive, psychic, a medium or a professional astrologer be enthusiastic about that Coronation. I am sure you are not the only person who exclaimed ‘Oh no!’ as she was crowned. I agree with you – let’s see how this plays out in the coming days and weeks – but ever since Charles Carter from The Astrological Lodge of London in the late 1940s, astrologers have said he would never be king. Perhaps we are waiting for William the Conqueror. It’s very early days though the eclipse and Mercury Retrograde are still with us. We genuinely don’t know the half of it.

  75. I noted that someone else has commented that they were drawn to William and Kate. Although not royalist, there was something that felt right about them. Even with all the costume. It felt like I was watching their coronation and not Charles’.

    1. Yes, I’ve read that from a few people on my website and on Twitter. The Princess of Wales was wearing Diana’s earrings and looked regal, dignified and born to be Queen. I love your phrase – ‘It felt like I was watching their coronation and not Charles.’ In the future you will see how right you were.

  76. Hi Jessica,
    Fascinating insights so far on the blog. Did anyone else mention the figure with the grim reaper- like outline walking across the abbey entrance during the coronation? Surreal.

    1. Yes, the person who resembled the Grim Reaper (or were they even there) did cross the footage of the Coronation. I think it’s now viral on Twitter. Very peculiar. Along with the voices so many people heard when the BBC sound cut out.

  77. Hello Jessica, I watched the Coronation today. King Charles III has signs that suggest health problems – his hands and fingers swell terribly. As they walked out of the cathedral, it seemed to me that he was going to topple forwards, then he regained his balance, maybe I was reading too much into it but I was concerned at that moment. As for Prince Harry, he gets his ginger hair from the Spencer side of the family, and resembles Prince Philip, see this picture of him as a boy –

    1. Thank you. A few people on Twitter and also on this discussion thread, have mentioned Charles III’s poor health. This may be why he does not rule. It’s still very unclear as we had an eclipse at the ceremony (blind spots all round). I thought the huge screen was interesting. Symbolically eclipses do screen the reality. Prince Harry, I think, is the person we can thank for the suggestion he is not Charles’s son; he mentions Charles joking about it in Spare.

  78. What is interesting about William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011, is the music for the procession, “I Was Glad”. It was written for the coronation of King Edward VII. The same music Charles used today for his procession.

    1. One thing we know about the monarchy is that every trivial detail is carefully plotted for its meaning and message. As they are not permitted to express opinions, it’s all coded! I Was Glad that I secretly passed the crown to my son, on his birthday? That a pact was made to abdicate? We’ll never know, as this is the world’s most secretive firm.

  79. Hi Jessica
    Well the king is crowned! I don’t know if you watched to coronation or not, but as I was watching the procession of Camilla, Charles, William, Kate and the kids walk down the isle, I felt like it was Williams and Kate’s coronation. I felt like they were the stars of the show.
    It doesn’t make any sense because I could see Charles and Camilla in their robes but it just didn’t seem about them.

    I mean William and Kate arrived late after the arrival of the King and Queen Consort. That never happens, the most senior Royal always arrives last. It was like a message from the universe.

    There is a part of me that feels sympathy for Charles because I feel like he has always been overshadowed throughout his life. Firstly by his mother, the Queen, then his wife Princess Diana and now his Son and his family. Especially on a day when he should be front and centre, I felt he was upstaged again, not deliberately though.

    Don’t misunderstand me I would love to see William and Kate on the throne. I think they are the stars of the royal family, but I did feel sad for Charles. Mind you Charles looked sad though out the ceremony. Perhaps he was just concentrating on the process, I don’t know.

    I also feel and have for a while that Camilla is not well. I was watching a Claire Thackray card reading on the coronation of which she has done a few, and one of the cards that was drawn for Charles was “Loss”.

    Immediately I thought of Camilla. And then I thought of Queen Victoria when she loss Albert and how that changed her reign. I mean the loss card could also just relate to the loss of identity and freedom that Charles had as Prince of Wales now he is King and the extra responsibility and restrictions that comes with his new title. However I just feel that Camilla is not well and that may be the loss that he experiences. That doesn’t necessarily means that she will die but maybe she can’t physically support him as she has in the past, and he feels that loss. Camilla didn’t attend the evening reception for foreign royals the night before the coronation which I thought was odd.

    Perhaps that’s what is being hidden from us with the eclipse. After all the Queens ill health was hidden from the public for at least a year before her passing. I don’t know I guess time will tell. The coronation was interesting to watch but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

    What are your thoughts about Camilla?


    1. Last September I published that either the Coronation would not come to pass, or that Charles would not be king – he would not rule. He could become ill, and make William Regent. He may die. He may have to give up the throne for other reasons. That eclipse covered a lot up. Camilla may become ill or die, and he would not rule alone. So those are the not particularly nice options, I guess. That is the issue with stubbornly waiting to be King and Queen when the reigning monarch is long-lived. It should be William and Catherine, who fit the Firm model very nicely, without adultery or old age to follow them around – and he is Diana’s son. So that’s what we have here. The charts all say, William the Conqueror.

  80. I watched the coronation and a few things struck me. The first was Charles’ opening declaration that he ‘came to serve not to be served’. While that to us seems a logical progression from the vow the late Queen made on her 21st birthday, it’s not a concept of monarchy his ancestors would have recognised. Maybe his chart isn’t about the physical but about the concept of monarchy itself and him bringing to an end the idea that monarchs rule?

    Secondly, queen consort isn’t a title, it’s a fact (queens regnant and consort both have the title Queen) but in the battle between Diana and Camilla it’s irrelevant. Diana won the battle on 21 June 1982 when she gave birth to William and, via William and her grandchildren, she was very definitely present yesterday. Camilla may have been crowned and her children and grandchildren may receive some very special invitations but the future of the monarchy lies with Diana’s bloodline – assuming Harry doesn’t throw it away. Unless some deal is going on behind the scenes, it’s not difficult to see that eclipsing Harry through the Princess Royal’s hat is likely to lead to trouble.

    1. Most interesting. Especially as the Archbishop of Canterbury had to change his script (addressed to we, Charles’ subjects) hours beforehand, after criticism of the message. The monarchy is in its French Revolution cycle; Pluto is here in Aquarius as it was when the monarchy was abolished in Paris. Watch what happens between now and the end of May when Pluto in Aquarius is opposed to Mars in Leo, the royal sign. I agree, Diana won the battle. Harry is not going to let Queen Camilla in so easily, no, not at all.

  81. Hi Jessica, I didn’t have the chance yesterday to watch anything on telly, but I did look at all the papers late last night. What really struck me was how tired Catherine has been looking the last few days. She did look absolutely beautiful and royal though. Others also looked really tired, especially Sophie and Prince Andrew. Charles looked rather sad and I even thought I saw a tear in his eyes somewhere. No one radiated with joy. Definitely feels like something serious is going on behind the scenes.
    Another comment here mentioned that Camilla looked smug and I indeed got the vibe from a couple of pictures as well. Her look literally gave me chills and the thought came up that she knows something about Diana (death related) that others don’t. I never had specific negative thoughts towards Camilla and quite liked her in recent years so even stranger I got those chills.
    While I quite like all things royal this event felt completely outdated. There is a well known theme park in my country and my best friend send the funniest comment underneath a picture of Charles and Camilla waving, saying the looked more like they belong to a certain attraction there.

    1. Yes, it was a joyless Coronation. Your chills are confirmation from spirit who walked inside your aura. The unlawful killing of Diana (and that was the official verdict) hung over all the ritual, expense and religious symbolism of that ceremony. The Scorpio Eclipse hung over it. We’re heading for 200 comments on this thread and 99% of people so far felt as you did – chills or negative thoughts.

  82. Hi Jessica,

    I am right on the cusp of aquarius/pisces. (Sun pisces). Always wondered in that case do I look at both signs predictions, or just pisces.
    Been a bit of a rough ride lately, with a huge changing future looming. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Elise

    1. Elise, I am sorry you have had a rough time. The Tarot is free to use on my website. You are not born on the cusp; you will have the Sun either in Aquarius or Pisces. You can check your chart free at

  83. According to the Mail on Sunday, the Grim Reaper at the Coronation was in fact a distorted image of an Anglican clergyman passing by. Oh dear, will we have clergymen plotting and scheming behind the scenes? The Seven of Swords Tarot card mentioned in this discussion thread?

    1. See a recent post on The Coronation Grim Reaper Explained. The Mail on Sunday is just parroting what Westminster Abbey told the media. Father Benedictus is well documented and the witness to his appearance at the wedding of the future Queen Mother was fully named in one book; she was interviewed in the 1960s. As some readers have pointed out, at such a tight security event, a random, lone Anglican (with hood up?) in a different part of the Abbey is not likely to be staff.

  84. It was a spectacle and I loved seeing Williams family. Charles seemed tired and sad and kind of given up, Camilla seemed not taking seriously just playing a roll given. I also saw grim reaper. Katherine had a glow and I love their kids. Edward snd Sophie also looked very tired. Harry.. maybe he was high.

    1. So you also saw Father Benedictus, mistaken for the Grim Reaper. Have a look at the post I’ve just published on the history of this famous ghost. Thank you.

  85. Jessica, Has anyone commented on the sight of Harry alone on the sidewalk after his cousins left to attend festivities after the coronation? It was on live tv. He then walked to his awaiting car and went to Heathrow, and there by the time his father and Camilla went onto the balcony. Strong images for me. I have been reading your many, many readers commenting about chills: I had them with tears watching the TV coverage and even when reading your blog posts. It’s a wonder. Love the Benedictus blog. Best, Cecelia

    1. Thank you Cecelia. I am keeping this comment thread and also older comments on Prince Harry on this website as they are not Mass Observation records but they are a real document on what people were thinking and feeling – no censorship – for this period in history. Chills are confirmation that your spirit guides, family or friends have walked into your aura and are communicating. Sometimes it happens simply because they want to say ‘Yes.’ My own guides have been insistent for years that Charles would not be King. How that can be so, if he has received the crown? Oddly he continues to appear without the crown on stamps and currency, by his order. I believe that when the documents about his marriage to Camilla are unsealed, we will find out what he or our late Queen was covering up. It may be the case that the Coronation was theatre with nothing in the doctrine of the Church of England to validate it, and nothing in the constitution to sustain it. I still question why Father Benedictus appeared!

  86. Jessica,
    I really hope that the astrology is right and Charles doesn’t rule for long. In saying that I don’t want any harm or illness to come to Charles or Camilla.
    I just felt on Saturday night watching the coronation it felt sad, like everyone was just going through the motions. Okay I know it is a religious ceremony but where was the magic!
    I don’t know about anyone else but I was looking forward to the gowns, the tiaras, the glamour, the magic, and it just wasn’t there. No wonder Prince Louis was yarning, I was bored 5 mins into the ceremony too.
    That’s what Diana bought to the monarchy, she bought the glamour and the magic.
    The ceremony was reportedly dulled down to modernise it and to not offend the public with cost of living pressures, but all it did was make a dull religious ceremony even duller (for me at least). Thank god for Kate. She at least tried to bring some glamour, and looked amazing, shame her dress was hidden by that cloak. You know it almost seemed like all the jewels, crowns and glamour was reserved for Charles and Camilla, like they were scared to share the spotlight with others. Sometimes Charles reminds me of a little boy who can’t share his toys.
    I don’t know but I do hope the astrology is correct and Charles reign is short because a long reign could put the nail in the coffin of the British Monarchy.
    Bring on the reign of William and Kate.


    1. Thank you Julie. The Princess of Wales wore the earrings of the previous Princess of Wales, backwards. I thought that was interesting. If Charles III’s reign is short, William and Catherine will rule and may help restore the credibility to the Church of England and the monarchy as a family and God-led institution. And yet, they may lose their power in the Commonwealth. All eyes on South Africa.

  87. Great discussion . I watched the show ( felt like that’s all it was ) and didn’t have any sense of something out of order. In fact it seemed to follow so much order it felt lack lustre for an event supposedly crowning/ elevating the new leader of a spiritual community ( I know only radical Anglicans would use a term like that ) .
    Did anyone else notice at one point when Charles is sitting in the throne with the sword in hand he actually looked the picture of a living tarot card? Is King of Swords relevant here?
    I loved the music. Without that this would have been a funeral with the props of a coronation. Someone ought to have had a word to wardrobe, makeup and choreography departments though because this was really the William and Kate family show.
    Thanks so much Jessica for your predictions and this blog.

    1. Thank you. The Coronation was full of pagan imagery from the Green Man on the invitation to the lion falling in the margins of the same (a lion is a symbol in alchemy). The bared chest behind the screen and the King of Swords/Queen of Swords symbolism too. It was extraordinary. Eventually history may show that the extraordinary thing about it was that Camilla was never Queen. She was crowned Queen but was never Queen. Let’s see.

  88. From the moment I saw Charles leaving the Palace – in his carriage – for Westminster Abbey, I had a strong feeling of foreboding which worsened during Bryn Terfel’s impassioned interpretation of Paul Mealor’s haunting composition – Kyrie Eleison – sung in my native tongue, Welsh. Also, from the moment Camilla was crowned, Diana sprung to my mind, together with the words – “she should have been there”. I’m afraid that Charles’s reign will be exceedingly short.

    You may be interested in the historian and archaeologist – Neil Oliver – thoughts on Charles’s Coronation and the Monarchy – ‘It would have been easy to be distracted by pageantry and pomp’- )

    1. Thank you so much for this. I must go and see what Neil Oliver says about history-in-the-making. My main interest as an astrologer is the sealed document, locked by Jack Straw under Tony Blair, which forbids us or anyone else knowing if the marriage to Camilla was ever legal. That was 2010. I do wonder if a Labor government would mount a legal challenge to that (sealed until Charles’s death) if they thought a Republican push would win them the election. Yet unless he lives to be as old as our late Queen, Charles may well pass sooner and then we will know if the Coronation was theatre or fact.

  89. Jessica thank you for these wonderful blogs. Is there any possibility you could please do a blog on William’s chart?

    1. You know, I decided I had said everything I would ever say about William this year. And so it is. I believe William the Conqueror is coming. And on a personal level I am glad.

  90. Thank you, as I was watching all the coronation coverage, I kept thinking I needed to come to your site—you never disappoint, Jessica! Re: the atmosphere, it all felt very somber. Even the day-after concert felt solemn. Like everyone else on this thread, I’m curious to see what comes after the retrograde and eclipse haze. Diana’s energy was present, though to me it felt soft and ethereal, in a Neptunian way. Years ago, when I was trying to develop my medium abilities, I tried to contact her and got a quick quip: “Gone fishing!” It felt very Aquarius moon and made me laugh, like she was saying, “If you don’t mind, I need a break from everyone trying to connect with me.” Would not be surprising for her to pop in via electronics. She was electric, and when it comes to her ability to connect on a real and heartfelt level with others, there is no one else like her, that is for sure. Camilla being crowned queen was wild, and it seems like their bond is deep and genuine, but as others here note, she does not appear well. Weirdly, Harry’s demeanor was very much at odds with the somber mood. I wondered if he was trying to put on a cheery face to mask feeling uncomfortable. No judgement there, just curiosity, as his mood strolling in seemed very upbeat. There was another commenter here who mistook him for a Cancer, and FWIW, I always think of him as Cancerian, too, even though he has no Cancer planets. Maybe it’s the Virgo sensitivity? I do often think of William and Catherine’s shared moon placement in Cancer—how hard this rupture in the family must be for them. Cancer moons may forgive but they never forget.

    A few days after the eclipse, I am still trying to figure out what this one was all about for me. It was in close trine to my Cancer ascendant and two degrees off my north node. I feel generally good and upbeat but also like I am in the dark about something. A relative I loved but was not terribly close with died the day before, and it made me feel sad but also comforted, like he’d gone home. If you have time to spare re: any thoughts on the eclipse in my chart, that would be amazing.

    Thanks for all that you do, your posts are always fascinating and so thought-provoking.

    1. Thank you. I am sure Diana is fed up with people trying to contact her. Too funny. The eclipse by its very nature passes by with no sign at all. There is nothing to see. Until later – then there is a puzzle. I am sorry you lost a family member. You have cycles in your Fourth House of relatives in your public and private chart, at the same time, that fit the pattern of change. Longer-term, until 2026, your household and/or family will undergo one shift after another and each time it happens, you will ask yourself ‘Am I free?’ and ‘Is he/she free?’ as this is always the leading question with Uranus in Taurus.

  91. Hi Jessica, there is a spiritual teacher called Diana Cooper who wrote an article in her may newsletter about the royal family on her website, and also gave an after-coronation response on her Facebook page. Very enlightening as it backs up what you have said. Worth a look.
    Thanks for all you do!

  92. Wow Jessica it looks like that my Capricorn bosses decided to crush me. My performance review is full of false accusations. She / Wife Capricorn is out of her mind mad because I gave her normal feedback… I don’t know what to do as I really cannot sign this performance review is not true… Wow is this Saturn crushing me again… I seriously am not sure can I take it… I started reading and what I red will kill the horse… So you can imagine how bad it is….

    1. I am sorry you are going through this. Deep breath. You have solutions and opportunities with work until Jupiter leaves Aries and your Sixth House on 16th May. You should already have a few obvious answers in front of you if you took the chance given to you a few weeks ago. So see what is possible. There will be a way through this for a short time.

  93. As a republican I considered it important to tune in & watch the coronation – a significant moment in history that KCIII has waited all of his life for, but where was the joy, the celebration – it was absent! Why?Perhaps the depressed mood was because we remember the luminous & beautiful Diana – how could we ever forget. And yet the institution/family locate the King’s son, his kith & kin, in the 3rd row obscured by a red feather. It’s all there in plain sight…..

    At one point I burst into tears after looking at KCIII. He reminded me of my dear father who passed away many years ago at 72. I feel that KCIII is not well & his reign will be short, or the eclipse cover up is a real clanger.

    1. Yes, it was history. I am sorry you were so upset by this Coronation though. From the astrology point of view, it should have happened quite another day. Another time.

  94. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your kind reply to my earlier post.
    I was wrong but glad I was wrong about the Coronation being put at risk. I was convinced Meghan and glove puppet Harry and her “behind the scenes help” were going to derail the coronation with a shocking news announcement hours beforehand. Something like Lilly or Archie being rushed to Hospital or a kidnapping, Alien abduction – whatever.
    Maybe something happened the day before, eclipse day, when the Palace laid down the law and made it clear what they would do if she didn’t stay out of the limelight but we may never know

    I watched the service and although it was beautiful I just didn’t feel it emotionally. Charles and Camilla both looked ill at ease, almost as if they really didn’t want to be there but were going through the motions through a sense of duty.
    One thing that didn’t look right though was when they received the regalia after the anointing. I think Charles is meant to have asked “ Do I touch these?”
    Camilla seemed even more uncomfortable as if she was more sitting in a dentist’s chair than a throne. When being crowned she stiffened up almost as if she was about to undergo some deeply unpleasant medical procedure and when crowned tried to adjust her hair. She also did not even touch her ring which I thought was meant to be worn. She just laid her hand on the velvet next to the ring. She also seemed ambivalent with the rod and sceptre and seemed to have her hand just above them. I half expected her to say “Wingardium Leviosa”

    The Crowning of Camilla and receiving of the ring is @ 1 hour 21.50 mins.

    I’m not sure which are and aren’t the vital parts of the ceremony and that the anointing and crowning are the most important parts so how important is the receiving and wearing of the regalia?
    Has Camilla been fully crowned or half-crowned or maybe the ceremony has been adapted.

    Going back to Diana’s evp at the Queen’s funeral. I watched on Sky and still have the recording on the Q box. At a similar time to the itv footage the Sky picture broke up with 3 horizontal watery lines going across the screen. It was unlike satellite storm breakup and did seem to be at the same location. At Hammersmith flyover before the A4 Great West road seconds before the Motorcycle outriders moved forward to the front of the cortege. I didn’t mention it at the time as the Queen’s thread was for the Queen and not the evp or Diana.
    In respect to why there and then I think Diana was killed in a tunnel beneath a flyover with a white car and motorcycles involved. I think the timing is because now the Queen has passed, perhaps the investigation could be re-opened. The Queen may have been keeping information from the young Princes to protect them.
    A “friendly at that time” state actor may have been involved with a plausible deniability type explanation that may have just been accepted for the time being.
    I think Diana may have been targeted because of her interference with landmine sales. Superyacht upgrades could have been at stake, this is serious!!
    I think it was meant to have been a staged accident to injure her but it went horribly wrong and instead gave her a legacy which has helped diminish landmine sales and bring about the Ottawa Mine ban treaty.

    I know I write too much (loquacious gemini type) but just wanted to mention I drew the Sun tarot card from your website when I asked about the Coronation past. present and future.
    The horse in the card looks like police-horse Wilbur who lead the coronation procession with his human – Police Inspector Alex McDonagh.
    Wilbur is old German for resolute, brilliant
    and William is old German for resolute protection.

    Thank you again


    1. Thank you so much Cait for this intriguing post. I am catching up with this feature quite late but I wanted to let you know that according to astrology, Diana was killed because of landmines. The botched killing was rushed because of other reasons. You don’t have to be psychic to know that she looked pregnant and had teased photographers working for The Express that she would have news for them. This feels like ancient history doesn’t it, especially to people in their twenties, but it’s really not – not from the point of view of those old England horoscopes. So many readers here felt the Coronation was lacking. I believe that history will prove it was theatre. It is also entirely possible that an event occurred the day before the Coronation to derail it, but was covered up by the palace. We wait.

  95. Hi Jessica, have you heard of or read about the chap in Queensland “Dorantes Day, who claims to be the son of Charles & Camilla ?

    He certainly has many similar facial aspects !

    Naomi Love

    1. I have been looking at this – but why didn’t Camilla have an abortion? Naomi, the astrology suggests he is a red herring. The real story is absolutely about pregnancy and abortion but I doubt we will ever know. What we might find out, is what’s in that sealed legal document about the validity of the Charles-Camilla marriage from 2010.

  96. Hello Jessica,
    More news this morning involving the Archbishop of Canterbury and Charles & Camilla.

    Please see the link here:–c-10543212?fbclid=IwAR1a7VOPJFq13o80XzE-SeREcpRUfWSrU3HYfT02U0xsjl9XLzm0QjDifiE

    The (former) Archbishop George Carey has revealed in a new interview that Camilla stated in his meeting with her to discuss the marriage between herself & Charles, that she & Charles had known each other since they were teenagers. This recent interview is in a video within the above article.

    This information supports the case of Simon Dorante-Day that he is their son. Previous reportage gave dates varying from 1974, to 1972, to 1970 as the earliest date of their meeting.

    Bright blessings to you,
    Janie Bee

    1. Thank you Janie Bee. The astrology suggests Simon Dorante-Day is a red herring, but thank you for the link. The real issue is the constitutional status of the Charles-Camilla marriage all those years ago, sealed until Charles is dead. That was a Tony Blair decision. Archbishop George Carey is a really important figure in all this.

  97. Hello Jessica,
    Thanks for posting here today May 22 after many days. May I please ask you to clarify your sentence above: “I am catching up with this feature quite late but I wanted to let you know that according to astrology, Diana was killed because of landmines.” I have not read this thought from you before now (and I love reading this website’s postings). Thank you very much for your attention.

    Plus, your live Meetup events a few days ago were helpful and your sensing Spirit was fun in that you introduced us all to Opal Hush!


    1. Thank you. We know Diana was unlawfully killed – that was the verdict after the long and expensive enquiry. At the time my former boyfriend told me he had met her at a landmine conference, weeks before. I looked at the charts and also at the footage of Bill Clinton who chose to give a press conference in a field, in high wind, with rough sound as a result. In other words, a press conference that would not make the news. Lots of questions there, so I shuffled a few transits around and figured landmines were the main story. Because she was killed just before an eclipse, there is a lot we will never know about her death. Classic cover-up and blind spot, unfortunately.

  98. Thank you for taking the time to post this information that has taken us in a different direction of thought. Your response brings to my mind the clothes Diana she would typically be photographed in while doing landmine events, which I saw on view at Althorp. Time is slip-slidding with prior eclipses adding to the present moments. Best, Cecelia

  99. Hi Jessica, it was a relief the coronation went so well after all, so interested to see what will be revealed in the future. TBH I’d be surprised if the Tony Blair letter compromises KC3s accession because that could have very difficult to control consequences, but who knows what political manoeuvring was put into play. You’ve kindly answered previous comments so no worries with this one.
    Having had a little time to process the coronation, IMO Charles was very emotional during the coronation, a ceremony no-one has seen live in 70 years, and only possible because his mother died only 6 months ago. I felt it had a subtle and nuanced energy as befits a 74 yo who has spent a lifetime exploring spirituality, service, environmentalism etc and probably needs to pace themselves through such a powerful and high profile ceremony. The coronation (if you believe in all that) is about very publicly stepping into a new role, baring your soul before God and accepting that despite all the trappings of power you are still a frail mortal beneath all of that. I have no opinion really on the annointing, but I’m slightly baffled that anyone would begrudge one small personal moment shielded from view. Charles understands frailty only too well, having faced nearly 30 years of unforgiving backlash (not least from Harry) because of the disaster of his marriage to Diana, the denial of his human experience of making a mistake and learning from it, and a widely groomed message that the RF killed her.
    I am not especially a fan or otherwise of Charles, but the relentless negativity around the coronation seems misdirected to me, while accepting more knowledgeable minds than mine have strong views on the astrology of the date. Most people I know thought it was really very moving, strangely outdated/historic according to taste and fantastically well executed. Charles looked old because he is old (not a crime unless you expect celebrity), deeply intent and sad at times. Camilla looked scared, then in considerable suppressed pain, moving and sitting like someone with hefty back/joint pain. Both looked deeply relieved when it was all over. As was everyone else when nothing untoward happened on the day.

    1. Not so much the succession of Charles III but Queen Camilla. They come as a job lot. If the legal advice gave them the green light, why was it sealed? That eclipse will out, unfortunately, and it was a Full Moon in Taurus (our late Queen, who oversaw the sealed advice) and Charles himself. I keep being reminded of the Charles and Diana wedding and the way the world fell for it until Andrew Morton and Diana told us the truth!

  100. Hello Jessica,
    Thanks for your comments and thank you for having written several times that Diana was “unlawfully killed” and that it was the official verdict … I’ve just recently come across that documentary : “Unlawful killing” by Keith Allen which was presented at the Cannes Festival in 2011.
    Here’s the Youtube link:

    It is amazing how the whole planet still thinks that Diana died in a car accident due to a high-speed chase with the paparazzi… That the driver was drunk, that she didn’t have a seat-belt on and so on and so forth… Keeping on accusing innocents…
    You also alluded to Bill Clinton who is also mentioned in the documentary… The tenuous links with the landmines are actually explosive. The documentary also refers to the nazi connections of the late Prince Philip through his sisters… It certainly brings ugly information to the surface… The MI 5 / MI 6 implication … The fake suicide of the white Fiat Uno driver (2 bullets in the head)…
    A legitimate question is asked too: why not one of the members of the RF was asked to testify during the trial? If her name had been “Diana Smith”, and considering simple tangible proofs on papers (her letters), not to mention other proofs and other sources, her ex-husband would have been at least summoned to appear…
    Why did everybody say that Diana was just being paranoid? It’s not only a cover up, the ramifications are evocative of the Hydra’s 5 to 9 heads on a nasty political scale…

    1. Thank you. The Keith Allen documentary is very good. There is still a note in a safe about the unlawful killing of Diana, Princess of Wales. There is ample other evidence of foul play. Belt off, why? In her own words on E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Diana said “She’s trapped…” She was quoting likely the last words she heard. I’m sure you have seen the clip on the ITV coverage of The Queen’s funeral. That is the key to the whole thing. She habitually wore a seat belt; we have photographic and film evidence of that. Why in the well of the car and why trapped? We wait.

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