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True 2023 Predictions

True Astrology Predictions in 2023 

The Mayo School of Astrology recently asked me to talk about news prediction in astrology. This list of true predictions in 2023 is in response to questions from guests. This check on validated astrology forecasts for 2023 is also for those of you who are at The Sun Sign School and want to look at my three-way technique.

The technique, as most people know by now, is the public chart, the private chart, and the psychic reading. The solar chart, natal chart and the Smith-Waite Tarot.

Harry Meghan 240x300 - True 2023 PredictionsPrince Harry in London For Lawsuit Inspired by Diana

People magazine among world media, was surprised to see Prince Harry back in London in March 2023, but it was not such an unexpected trip when you look at his astrology chart. This was published here on 5th January 2023.  “The Drama of March 2023.  Close to March 24th, 2023, Pluto will move to 0 Aquarius for the first time in around 248 years. Pluto will immediately square Harry’s own Pluto at 0 Scorpio. Again, we are back to his inheritance from Diana.”

On 28th March 2023, Prince Harry flew to London with Elton John to attend the High Court over a lawsuit against the Daily Mail publishers, Associated Newspapers.

Prince Harry said in his written lawsuit that he saw their actions as  “a major betrayal given promises made by the media to improve its conduct following the tragic and untimely death of his mother, Princess Diana“.

Another tip about prediction – use the astrology chart for people who have passed on – as it works longer after they have left us. The two horoscopes for Diana, the late Princess of Wales (she gave two birth times) show that she is part of a growing problem involving the Church of England, Charles III and Camilla. This Mail on Sunday headline (below) appeared within days of a predicted March-June split.

Screen Shot 2023 05 02 at 4.14.31 pm 1024x372 - True 2023 Predictions

Charles, the Church of England and the Coronation

If you work with the astrological charts for Camilla and Charles and crucially, the Anglican faith itself, you end up seeing a future crisis.

This one was reported in early April 2023, in The Mail on Sunday.  “King Charles has been at loggerheads with HELLO Charles 230x300 - True 2023 PredictionsChurch leaders over the role other faiths should play in his Coronation. Church sources say the monarch has been told that his desire for a ‘diverse’ ceremony, including participation by non-Christians, risks clashing with centuries- old canon law… this wrangle has delayed the release of the Coronation Order of Service with barely four weeks to go until the ceremony.”

As you read back on 24th September 2022, a  problem for Charles, Camilla and the Anglicans was always coming. Again, we have the precise birth times and dates of the Royal Family to thank for date-stamped prediction.

Quote: “March 2023 was always going to be an historic period of soul-searching for Anglicans and their leaders. Dates to watch for a crisis involving Charles, Camilla, the Church of England and Parliament : March 24th until June 11th 2023.”


Brexit, Great Britain and Italy

This ran on 26th May 2019 using the three-way astrology prediction technique I’ve mentioned. People are surprised to find that countries have astrology charts, but of course Italy and Britain have been ‘born’ (and reborn) many times.

The 2019 forecast? “Italy is on the road to becoming Quitaly in 2019 and Britain’s future partly rests on what she negotiates with Italians!” This is how the news has panned out, four years later.

bigstock brexit concept UK economy af 273675151 scaled 1 300x200 - True 2023 Predictions

24th April 2020
Quitaly indicators back on euro zone markets’ radar. Reuters

8th February 2023
UK-Italy trade partnership signed as Kemi Badenoch criticises ‘fake conversation’ of Brexit damage. Sky News

April 2023
Italy now clear favourite to be next country to quit EU under Eurosceptic Giorgia Meloni The Express

Now, what about America? The United States has several charts, but the only that works for date-stamped prediction is not the 4th of July. For those of you who were at The Mayo Conference, I use a chart set for the first time the phrase ‘the United States of America’ was used in official correspondence. It works really well when you combine it with the Wall Street chart. If you’re a Premium Member there’s a chapter on this alternative American chart in 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide which is free to read in your library here. So, it’s time to talk about American banks in 2023. This is how the world’s best-regarded financial media outlet, Bloomberg, reported the second-largest ever US bank failure, on a date that astrology predicted (below).

Bloomberg Wall St - True 2023 Predictions

Wall Street Historic Change April 28th to May 1st 2023

People are also surprised that the New York Stock Exchange (Wall Street) can have a horoscope too. Yet, we are lucky to have a timed, dated (and placed) invitation for the opening of the building where it all happens. This chart is specific and accurate. Did you see my prediction about 2023 in 2022?

“March – June 2023 is a shock to the economic system not seen in our lifetime. Historic change for Wall Street is due on April 28th, 29th, 30th, May 1st 2023. It directly involves Elon Musk, because his chart is triggered. We can expect radical market correction from March-June 2023. Do you win or lose? It depends on your chart. It also depends on what you owe, from 18 or 19 years ago, or what you are owed. Only the universe can decide that. I would expect Mercury Retrograde from Friday, April 28th to Monday, May 1st, 2023, to be a chaotic crossroads.”

Bloomberg reported on 1st May that the collapse of First Republic ranks as the second largest American bank failure in history. 

And this was Elon Musk’s message on Twitter. This appeared on April 30th 2023 when the world’s second-richest man claimed “Mild recession is already here.”

Elon Musk 1024x550 - True 2023 Predictions

Tracking COVID-19 With Astrology and Calling the Warning Signs

At the Mayo School of Astrology conference, we were chatting about the rights and wrongs of prediction. People who have an issue with the ethics of forecasting are usually bothered by predictions of death or sharemarket outcomes. Actually, astrology can’t do either of those. It can show you historic drama on Wall Street (as above) but that’s it – for the public, anyway. It never shows death.

coronavirusimage cropped 246am 300x169 - True 2023 PredictionsAstrologers have always been plague predictors, though, and it’s part of the job to give you advance warning so you can protect yourself.

In fact, astrology prevents death and dated virus warnings do it. In my profession, you call the dates for a virus as far in advance as possible.

I did this twice in 2019 and flagged January 10th 2020 for a new virus with big implications for China and Europe. I did it again on 11th June 2022 because March 2023 worried me.  We now know this was the WHO concern about a new variant seen in India, called Arcturus. It was announced by Sky News as arriving in March.

The Sky News statement about 22nd March 2023 is below. The original astrology prediction about COVID-19 in 2023 is further down. I believe that the W.H.O. privately confirmed the variant of concern (XBB or Arcturus) on 7th March but did not declare they were investigating until 22nd March.

People ask me how viruses and crisis can be predicted. It’s easy. Always look at mutable sign cycles, because a virus mutates, and look at hits to Virgo, which rules public health – and all the generations born with Virgo factors in their charts. The good news is, astrology can also show you the solution, and it’s UV-C light. But that’s another story.

COVID MARCH - True 2023 Predictions








The Covid-19 New Variant Astrology Prediction 

COVID PREDICTION - True 2023 Predictions

Main Image: Claudio Schwarz, Unsplash.
Software: AstroGold.
Thanks to Wendy Stacey at the Mayo School of Astrology.


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133 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I’m wondering, if you could provide any insight into financials for me. I was heavily invested into the share market after leaving my marriage with my 3 kids in tow. I still have money sitting there as I’m unable to move it in the current climate. So many big changes for me over the past few years. Huge.

    Much appreciated

    Danni xx

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo woman, Danni, with stelliums in Virgo, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. There are solutions for your financial questions but only until Jupiter is there in your solar Eighth House of finance. So that’s May 16th 2023. Not long to go. You were already offered solutions but may not have taken them. Far more important than your shares, long-term, is the group (or groups, plural) which even now leave you really tempted by their huge potential. These clusters of friends and allies may be quite recently on the scene, or have been there forever, but become central to you lately. Over the next 20 years or so you will be involved with circles of people who you empower, but who also empower you – and together these communities will change your life, allowing you to become who you always were – the woman who supplies the people with what they need, to succeed. Pooling resources will be a big part of this new way of thinking, and what was a small sneak preview March-June 2023 will make tremendous sense by 2025. The most important decisions about your former husband possible in 19 years will begin in July 2023 and take you through 2024. This will close the karma between you.

  2. Hello again dear Jessica

    Thank you for these predictions which as usual you had head on.

    I am hoping you can read my chart as I see Jupiter in Taurus and Aries ..I am unemployed and live in a small apartment with no income. I am dependent on people for financial support which strips away my independence and liberation I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much Jessica

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aquarius with Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus patterns which show me you will be offered one work and lifestyle opportunity after another from May 17th 2023 until May 25th 2024. Financial solutions are waiting. Jupiter in Taurus for the first time in 12 years will trine your Capricorn Tenth House career factors, and trine your Virgo Sixth House job factors, while transiting your Second House of banking and earning. You have about 12 months to save or make so much money you can pay people back, but more importantly, get a solid foothold in your professional life. Use the New Moon on 19th May to set firm targets, write them down, say them aloud to the mirror and invite your spirit helpers and family to assist you.

  3. Worried about my personal finances as there seems to be nothing but bad news ahead, US debt ceiling disaster, rate hikes, banking turmoil. When do you see things settling down? Retirement looks very scary.

    1. We are going through Uranus in Taurus, predicted years ago as a time of upheaval with our money (have a look at Search; I began writing about this in 2016 and 2017). So the comfort of astrology is, you knew this was coming. The whole point of this cycle, is to get you to change. I understand why you would be worried about your finances and retirement, but you will actually see fantastic hope for the future as Jupiter passes 3 through 23 Taurus, in your Second House of income, savings, possessions, houses and apartments. This starts on 31st May and goes to April 2024. If you take all the solutions offered you will feel fulfilled and likely, well rewarded. Further ahead, work with ‘expect the unexpected’ in 2025 through early 2026 and when life zig-zags, zig-zag around it. If you are offered the chance to start an NFT venture take it seriously. If business seems to be luring you (though it never did before) then be lured and research it. The rule with Uranus is, the last thing you expected, is the first thing you should be looking at. The only people who have issues on this transit are those who are stuck in the past and refuse to change. That doesn’t really work.

  4. Hello Jessica! I’m extremely blown away. On the 20th April exactly I got an offer for the University I wished to enter, not a easy one to enter. I still cannot believe it. Please do let me know if it’s good to have received on that specific day or it doesn’t really matter. After two years of hardship and feeling lost. I feel this could be perhaps a great door to new beginnings to improve my career and help those around me in near future, like my family foe example. I am just now thinking if I will be able to pay all my fees and everything since my mother still haven’t fixed all her finances, from my dad who passed. We are hoping we can save something from what my dad left and help me pay my fees, and the rest to help my mom. It’s been long process, since no one has still come with any interesting offer. We have been waiting since end of last year. I was trying to apply for a part time job and try saving some money in my island back home where I live for the summer before I go to Uk for University in September, but I feel is very limited options in terms of job opportunities sadly. All this time, I have been helping my mom instead in everything I can, I have been also learning with her. I’m learning things everyday with her. Thank you Jessica.

  5. And you got the Fall Musk collapse of wealth correct, too, Jessica. Amongst so much more. You are “right on time” as I say to my friends. I trust your predictions and add them to my calendar. Love you pulled together all this info in one spot today for us. Best to you, Cecelia

    1. Thank you so much Cecelia. Now we wait and watch for the Charles and Camilla saga. It’s still Tuesday in London and we’re already dealing with an explosion at Buckingham Palace and Prince Harry’s attendance in question. This hasn’t even started!

  6. When do you this banking crisis in usa be over? Its scary how banks are failing. What else do you predict for usa in 2023/2024?

    Thinking about royal family, do you think Canada will move away from the royals.

    1. The banking crisis will be with us in 2023, 2024, 2025, early 2026. Uranus (shock, upheaval) is in Taurus (bank accounts) that long. We are moving towards alternatives to banks using alternatives to money and of course Elon Musk, the world’s second richest man, is pioneering that. Don’t be scared; do update yourself often on what is happening so you are quick off the mark when it’s time to change. I filed my US predictions a long time ago, if you want to search ‘America’ on this website. The biggest change ahead of the 2024 election is the War On Women. Nobody is taking it seriously at the moment but once the Republicans have started, it will be very hard for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden to come back, as they have set out on the wrong side of the war, by championing Dylan Mulvaney. This begins in July when the South Node makes its historic move into Libra, the sign ruling equality and fairness. Canada will dilute her role in the Commonwealth – again – a long-term prediction.

  7. Hi Jessica, a newbie here but love your blog. Hoping you can shed some light on our situation, been trying to buy our dream home for the last two years but not getting anywhere. Seem to be stuck in a rut with this and work scenarios playing out the same scenarios over again. Thanks in advance x

    1. Thank you. You will find all the obstacles start vanishing from the day Jupiter changes signs to Taurus, picking up your finance and property zones very nicely, from May 17th 2023. Your luck stays in all the way to May 25th 2024 so you have plenty of time to choose. The delay has been karma with your buying partner from 18-19 years prior and it began in 2022. The karma may not have been with him (but another person) too. The stuck loop ends in July, but as I said, as early as May 17th you will see light at the end of the tunnel. Later on you may realise you were being forced to wait by a benevolent universe which knew prices would come down in one area.

  8. Hi Jessica, thanks again for wonderful read. Could you please look at my chart, I don’t have an exact birth time but would appreciate your feedback?

    1. Thank you. If you don’t have a known birth time, don’t use the AC (Ascendant) DC (Descendant) IC (Immum Coeli) and MC (Midheaven) as these are time-sensitive. So is the Moon, so don’t use her either. The rest of the chart will show through stelliums. You are a Sun Scorpio woman with stelliums in Scorpio and Aquarius. The big stretch over an inheritance, new sexual and financial relationship option, your own will, houses or apartments (and the rest) is over in July. The nodes leave Scorpio and Taurus so the internal differences are over and any external differences end. Long-term, though, you need an extremely flexible superannuation/pension and/or business plan, as the last thing you or anybody else expected, will continue to happen until early 2026. You need to be agile. The Aquarius stellium changes your life and you, for 20 years into the future. You are just seeing a hint of how powerful a group could be. This may be a reborn group venture or a brand new one. You plug into it and power comes out of it. It’s a bigger story in 2024 and transformative in 2025. There may be more than one group.

  9. Jessica, Prince Harry’s attendance is in question now? I have not read this. But amazing the Archbishop needed to announce there is “no tension” and more than one religion is being honored……Watching the royal news daily. Please keep this story updated. I believe the Harry blog finally closed after a whopping 500+ comments. Thank you, Jessica. Best, Cecelia

    1. Prince Harry’s US visa status is at the heart of a new legal push (questions being asked about his use of drugs, admitted in Spare). Enquiries have turned up the fact that there is no documentation of any visa for him. This, despite his trip to London in March. Cue theme music for The Crown.

  10. Always love reading your insights… I personally have not seen much for myself, I feel my life is very Liminal. I haven’t travelled overseas since the 2018, and I am wondering if I will ever get the mojo back to travel (Aussie)… Being an intorvert solo life traveller .. I do wonder where I will be in 20 years… but then I don’t want to think too far in advance…. life is a mystery but sometimes, I do wonder….. thank you for all your interesting insights and predictions.

    1. Thank you. We have class action lawsuits to get past before the airline, airport, port and cruise ship industries clean up their act, but those will come when Jupiter goes into Gemini from 2024 and particularly after Uranus goes into Gemini from the year 2026. As money made them do it (risk wellbeing and lives) money will make them undo it – huge fines are coming – similar to the cigarette company fines about 30 years ago, on the last Saturn in Pisces cycle.

  11. Hi Jessica

    Thanks again !! , can you please look at my chart and shed some light on my career, finance and family.
    Currently I am stuck in a job with unlimited pressure.


    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Gemini, with stelliums in Gemini, Capricorn, Cancer and Virgo. Things are about to become a lot better for you from May 17th until May 25th 2024, as Jupiter (big solutions) enters Taurus, and slowly starts to form transiting trines with your Capricorn (career) and Virgo (lifestyle, workload) factors. You will have opportunities to take an easier position or to bring about positive changes in the current job. It is also possible things will change without you having to do anything at all – decisions by superiors may make your life far happier. The Jupiter transit in Taurus will also nicely sextile your Cancer (family, property) placements so there are big answers there too. The power and control issues in your workplace or profession as a whole will return after June, but return in order to be permanently ended. Long-term, your future is with the new face of the worldwide web from the year 2026 and it will be liberating, exhilarating and long overdue.

  12. Oh my gosh, I am laughing at your response. Thanks for that brief chuckle. And surprising update on Harry. Best, Cecelia

  13. Hi Jessica, your predictions are amazing! You’re my go to and I definitely tell everyone about your site and encourage them to read your predictions and your horoscopes. I have been dealing with waiting for my love life to start. I’ve read so much on your site and others that my live life was or is supposed to have been good the past year or so with Jupiter in Aries. I have a guy I’ve been interested in and it’s been a huge waiting period of nothing fruitful. We had a blind date on my birthday 12/2/2021 and we both had the most amazing time. Had a good time during late January in 2022 in Venus retrograde. Can you please give me advice on this situation with him? A psychic I go to told me we will be together soon and I keep tapping my foot waiting. I told her I’d move on if it’s not anything and she keeps telling me to be patient. With Venus about to leave Aries I’m getting antsy. Thank you for any advice and I do appreciate you! I don’t know if you can see all my info, so here it is:
    Born in: Plano, TX
    Time: 7:23am
    He is 5/21…I’m not sure of the year or time but he’s in his mid 40’s, he was born in Dallas,TX
    Hoping for any advice. Thank you so much

    1. Thank you. You have transiting Jupiter (still) in Aries in your public Fifth House of courtship and the bedroom. This is also where we find pregnancy, step-parenting and adoption. This is because you are a Sun Sagittarius. So publicly, ever since Jupiter went into Aries and your Fifth House, at Christmas 2022, you have been shown opportunities for dating, or sex. This isn’t marriage. It’s not commitment. The Fifth House can be a one-night stand. It can also be a quick pregnancy after a whirlwind affair. You had a good blind date, and a good time in January 2022. Jupiter does leave Aries on 16th May, so five days away now. What you do about your Texan is up to you, but long-term, you are in a fantastic position next year, with Jupiter going into your Seventh House of proper partnership. He moves in there into Gemini from May 26th 2024 until June 9th 2025. Tons of opportunities. Jupiter will pick up your private natal Leo and Libra placements, signals for the bedroom, but also commitment, as he passes through. So you won’t be short of more chances to get what you want from love and life.

  14. Hello Jessica, Like you l am fascinated by how the Coronation of King Charles is going to unfold this weekend. I helped organise an event for Charles and Camilla’s first public outing as a married couple and had a small insight into the tensions surrounding the lead up to their marriage so l will be very interested to see how this weekend pans out for them. .

    On a personal note l am interested in what opportunities are open to me this year that will allow me continued financial independence as l am currently doing a lot of pro bono work for my community which l love doing but it doesn’t pay the bills.

    Also is this a year for the rebirth or ending of a relationship with a man l met 18/19 years ago. He is a sun sign Sagittarius.

    Thank you so much for your inspirational insights.

    1. I always say my readers are intriguing and I never know what to expect next. You helped organise an event for Charles and Camilla’s first outing as a married couple. The ‘Eclipse Coronation’ involved an historic cover-up which will only become obvious later on. So we wait. You have a few choices to make this year. You are a Sun Aquarius woman with stelliums in Aquarius, Libra Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. Your destiny for the next 20 years is groups, which you are already involved with (pro bono work) but you will add more or intensify the existing commitments. You will find people power in those groups changes your life and changes your corner of the world. You are off to the smallest start with this but from Christmas 2024 it’s very clear. You have karma with this man, or another, once the South Node goes into Libra and crosses your Libra stellium in the Seventh House of marriage and partnership. So that’s July 18th 2023 until January 11th 2025. Life as it was 18/19 years prior will show up thematically in that period as you are owed, or owe, and what happens will enable you to collect, or settle up – spiritually. If you two are still together in 2024, Jupiter in Gemini will be terrific for both of you and open so many new doors together.

  15. Dear Jessica Adams,
    I am aware this isn’t to be a comment in reference to this blog post but I was just wanting to ask you if it may be possible to reach out to you in regards to my chart at the moment. I am experiencing a difficult time and unable to make sense of my chart when feeling as I do. Is there anything of significance in my chart at the moment to be aware of at all? I feel my intuition has been off recently and things dont seem to be aligned at times. Sorry if sounding a bit vague but any information of support or guidance would be much appreciated.
    Take care
    Kindest regards

    1. You are a Sun Gemini having a Pisces transit and have a Pisces stellium. So the same story is told twice in your public and private chart. It’s the Twelfth House, where we find God, your rejection of God, solitude, therapy, counselling, psychology, psychics, psychiatry, religion, spirituality, Tarot, mediumship and hypnosis. All the inner life of the soul, spirit or psyche. In your Gemini chart you have Uranus in Taurus, the North Node in Taurus, Mercury Retrograde in Taurus and soon Jupiter in Taurus, all transiting your Twelfth House. In your natal chart you have a stellium in Pisces in the Twelfth House and Saturn and Neptune are transiting Pisces, also in the Twelfth House. Have a look at this house in your online library of flipbooks and in articles on this website. Astrologers including Howard Sasportas, Deborah Houlding and Debbi Kempton-Smith have also written widely on the Twelfth House. You live there a lot of the time, and in 2023, it is going to help a lot if you can figure out if you are inhabiting it, in a way that works for you, or not.

  16. Hi Jessica — you certainly predicted increased strike activity and now it’s come to my door. I’m part of the Writers Guild of America which went on strike on May 1, when Pluto went retrograde. Many of my colleagues cannot afford for it to be a long one (six months), but it is seeming more and more likely based on what I’m hearing. Any insight into when it may end?

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your colleagues are being pushed so hard with the Writers’ Guild of America strike. I expect this is classic Mercury Retrograde; Mercury rules writers. The retrograde is in Taurus which rules salary and income. It turns on 1st June so let’s hope the writers get what they want, including you, and the strike is over from that point. Long-term the outlook is terrific for scribes of all kinds, as Jupiter (gains) goes into Gemini (writers) from May 2024 and is there until 2025. That should make up for a lot.

  17. Can you please look at my chart and tell me if you see anything about my love life? I have read that it is supposed to be a good time for me while Jupiter has been in Aries, but it is leaving soon. I had a blind date with this amazing Gemini back on my birthday in 2021 and we had a good time during Venus retrograde right after that, but now it’s not going the way I thought and was told it would by a psychic I see. I’d like to know if there’s anything good coming up in my love life soon? I’d really appreciate it if you would look at my chart. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. Yes, as a Sun Sagittarius woman you have Jupiter (opportunities, solutions) transiting your Fifth House of courtship and the bedroom, until he leaves Aries, which is days away now. You had a nice example of that with your Gemini blind date. I am not sure if you also read about that very long Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Seventh House of marriage and commitment, which ran from September last year through March 2023. Retrograde is backwards and reversal as you know. The Fifth House is not commitment. The Seventh House is commitment. If you want to get married then Jupiter in Gemini is your friend, and he will arrive next year and stay through 2025.

  18. Dear Jessica

    You mentioned in a previous prediction that Charles will not be King – but I am writing this on May 4 at 5:53 PM. The coronation (if it takes place) is less than 48 hours away. Is something going to happen between now and then? Thanks.

    1. Charles will not be King and William the Conqueror is coming. This can happen if a ceremony is derailed, or it can happen because the monarch abdicates. We’ve seen this before; George III stepped down to let his son Prince George become Prince Regent when he became too ill to do the job. We’re back at that cycle now. Of course the reasons may be different. If Camilla becomes ill or dies, then we may see a repeat of the Edward/Wallis drama; a different reason for an abdication. The astrological charts all point to this. One more thing. We’ve not seen Prince Harry yet. Come on, Hal.

  19. Hello Jessica,

    I have become an avid fan. You are such interesting read and a sense of comfort for me as I have felt “stuck” for quite some time. Please take a look at my chart. Any insights about my family, health, finances? Thank you in advance, Janet

    1. Thank you Janet. You are a Sun Virgo with a Virgo stellium so from May 19th 2023 until May 2024 you are in a terrific new cycle when solutions and opportunities all around you help you with your workload, lifestyle and wellbeing. I heard the word ‘countryside’ for you clairaudiently. I hope that helps.

  20. Replying about Republicans, ‘War on Women’, 2024 elections, Biden & Harris having hard time coming back. I was hoping you would say that Republicans’ denying abortion rights would be the Democrats’ ‘Ace in the Hole’! Plus Bear Markets have a phenomenon where Women come into prominence (the Marlboro Man became the Virginia Slims Lady – in advertising cigs in the Bear Market of 1970’s, also when Roe vs Wade enacted, 1973, right to abortion, U.S.). The economic shock you have predicted is also called the Grand Supercycle degree of an Elliot Wave pattern page 13 &14 to view chart. Amazing synchronicity! Just hoping you’ll see good things in the future for U.S. women, not a Republican return to the Dark Ages!

    1. The War On Women is interesting because it pulls in the Republicans taking away a woman’s right to an abortion, but also the Democrats taking away a woman’s right to exclude men from her public restrooms, changing rooms and most seriously, prisons. They are both guilty of attacking the female of the species. I’ll talk more about this at The Conscious Cafe event, about the return of the Libra South Node, but the outcome of 2024 at the White House will be decided by female voters and men who are sympathetic to women. The Democrats need to wake up to the way men in women’s sport will be used for bad optics, against them – and more seriously – the very high chance of mass school fatalities by one or more trans shooters. The time to fix that is now. The only people who win politically in 2024 are those who are on the right side, of the war on women.

  21. So I have just had a news break today on my iPhone, the WHO have declared that covid is no longer a global pandemic.

    It’s the 5th May 2023, when do you think the truth will be declared Jessica?

    1. Yes, the WHO (World Health Organisation) have told us that COVID-19 is no longer an emergency. This is nonsense. Any pandemic which has raised the UK death rate to as high as almost 30% above normal (dying at home) is an emergency. The fact is, UVC light and HEPA filtration have been known to eliminate COVID-19 since 2020. Why has the WHO not pushed for a global Clean Air Act in every country? I’ve personally had it up to here with people on Twitter, Facebook and the media focussing on masks (but what kind of masks?), vaccines (which do not stop illness or infection) and hand gel. There is so obviously big business corruption behind this on an eclipse that we should not just accept.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    I’m just wondering about where the crypto market is headed. It looks like I and a lot of others didn’t take profits on their Alts and meme coins in 2021 because they expected btc to go higher. Will we get another opportunity this year or next year? Will they reach all time
    highs like 2021 or not quite

    Also it seems in 2026 Btc will not longer be relevant, but did you also mean the Alts too will lose all relevance. Like eth or theta or shib? Because some Alts seem to be working on things that they will have use for in the new financial system after 2026, especially theta and Shib.

  23. Hello Jessica

    Not sure what happened to our scopes for Saturday they all point to Pisces and purchasing astrology reports. is it Mercury retrograde that has befuddled everything

    1. Yes, I’m sorry about that. I have emailed two of my colleagues in Brisbane and America to try and resolve the missing daily stars for Saturday. It is of course Mercury Retrograde. If the issue is not fixed in five minutes I will post the daily horoscope on Twitter. Thank you for your patience.

  24. Hi Jessica (my first comment disappeared somehow) just wondering about the crypto market especially this summer and fall.

    Thank you.

    Also, is 2026 game over for all of the crypto space? So the top would be around 6 months after 2024 elections (so I’m thinking March 2025) will be the top for the crypto market?

    1. You need your personal birth chart to judge if you will lose money or make it on cryptocurrency. The cycle until 2026 is erratic, unpredictable, changes in a minute and has been that way since 2018 when Uranus (shocks) moved into Taurus (currency). If you have your birth chart, look at Taurus and the Second House of personal income and Scorpio and the Eighth House of joint finance. Thank you.

  25. Good morning Jessica, I hope you are well. If you have a moment would please peek at my chart? I wrote recently saying I had Covid over Easter. I never really totally improved and then last Sunday starting going really downhill and was admitted to hospital yesterday morning and after some
    Invasive tests diagnosed with Meningitis. I’m still there being treated. We have just been slammed the past month, my Taurus and I, financially he got the worst news on the eclipse 2 weeks ago and we’re unable
    to access our own cash from our business, the Albanese Gov is trying to bring in horrendous small business budget measures (that they have consulted with nobody about from our industry) that will push us to the brink, and we’re trying to elope on June 3! Which we both really want to do with our small kids. The river feels like it’s flowing the wrong way. It’s probably not but geez it’s left us both struggling to find that resilience we need. Can you offer any advice? I have been immensely stressed but managing my life as best I can for the most part, and it’s just like being told to sit in the corner for a while! Thanks so much, yours in gratitude

    1. I am so sorry you had COVID-19 and are now in hospital. You are in Australia so please look into the portable Sunbeam HEPA-UV filters which plug into your laptop, or into the wall, if you are in hospital. They are not expensive. I am very sorry about the financial strain at the moment but if you don’t already have one of these to take around with you, including into hospital, do consider. Have a look on Search for ‘Healing’ on this website for free online audio which readers like you with COVID-19 recommend for recovery. You also want to elope and you have small children. There is a lot going on. First of all you need to recover so common sense tells you, take as much anxiety out of your life as you possibly can. You have a small business which government is affecting. You have this June 3rd deadline. You have Meningitis which is a big ask for your immune system. Everyone knows anxiety affects immunity so it is very important that you get real about reducing every single possible stressor. You are a Sun Pisces with Vesta at 0 Virgo in your Sixth House of health. For the first time in 248 years you have Pluto at 0 Aquarius, making a quincunx to Vesta. That is a big test of your daily routine, lifestyle, health, wellbeing and workload. Anything you can do to put yourself first, is crucial. Never mind the business, the elopement, the children and all the rest. You have to make a full recovery. When you are feeling well again look at the worldwide web and see what it is offering you with your business and any additional opportunities. Something special is on offer near 19th May.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    WHO has just announced that covid-19 is no longer a global health emergency on an eclipse. More fool them is my guess., but how totally irresponsible of them. What kind of message are they sending?
    It’s okay for those of us that follow astrology as we will know that is not the case and that something is hidden, but what about everyone else.
    They have continued to get it wrong from start to finish ( although we know it’s not finished). Shameful really isn’t it?

    1. Yes. The World Health Organisation tells us the emergency stage of COVID-19 is over, on an eclipse in Scorpio, the sign of big business, finance, money laundering and banking. It’s too funny that they go by the acronym WHO because that is the first question we ask on an eclipse! Who, exactly, is behind this? The excess mortality statistics in the UK are appalling. In recent months around 10-30% more people than usual are dying at home, or in hospitals. And that’s not a crisis? As Dr. Eric Ding says on Twitter, he expects two more serious outbreaks of COVID-19 in 2023. As an astrologer I see constant outbreaks to 2026 and one of the reasons is that the WHO lull people into a false sense of security and let big business off the hook from paying for building refit which would save all our lives and health. I just lost a friend to cancer-with-Covid. I agree with you. Shameful.

  27. Jessica, your wisdom and insights are so appreciated by many. I’d love to know your thoughts on the housing difficulties many Australians are experiencing. And also personally, what areas can I focus on to secure my personal income so I can provide financial security for my family. Josie x

    1. Thank you. I know the inflated price of houses and apartments in Australia is really difficult for people on a normal salary. One government after another has let the situation happen so that unlike our great-grandparents, we can’t even save a deposit up for a modest home in the place where we were born. It’s a disgrace, isn’t it? An astrological explanation. Cancer rules home, family, property, home town, roots and heritage. That zodiac sign has been opposed by Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, so we’ve had 15 years of Pluto (power) in Capricorn (corporate, politics) pushing against Cancer in the charts of millions. Fortunately Pluto is now in Aquarius and although he retrogrades into Capricorn in June, the worst is over. You will begin to see improvements like strict new limitations on Air BnB owners and buyers from 2024. Josie, your own income is Taurus-Scorpio in your chart. You have your nodes there and a huge stellium in Scorpio so I am not surprised you have felt this keenly. Scorpio is an emotional water sign, but it also rules the Eighth House of joint finance and shared property, so typically your parents and yourself, but also (say) you and your husband. You have done well to get through 2022 with the transiting nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, the money signs, going over your own nodes in Taurus and Scorpio! The cycle ends in July and for whatever reason, a massive stretch in your life is over. The lack of certainty and guarantees for you with your money will end in 2026 when Uranus quits Taurus and you will never see that level of challenge again.

  28. Thank you Jessica, you are marvellous! That explains why it has felt like a hard slog for many years and I’ve also felt responsible for my family’s (husband, children, parents, nephews) financial security. I’ll continue to white-knuckle it through to July 🙂

  29. Today Charles, William and Catherine did a walkabout but no Camilla!! Interesting.

    1. I love my readers. Camilla, eclipsed again. I so wish this Coronation had never been scheduled for an eclipse and Mercury Retrograde. It’s just one wrong moment after another. She won’t rule. We don’t know why.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    As always, I am amazed at your predictions, thanks for sharing them. Can you please look at my chart and shed some light on my career(feel like there is duel for quite some time in this area that I am unable to get out of), finance and family. Thanks, ST

    1. Thank you. You are a Leo with a Virgo stellium and about to enter the best professional cycle for 12 years, starting in days. Figure out what you really want to achieve around May 19th and tell the mirror. Write it down and say it aloud and ask your guides to help you, help other people, but also be helped along with your ambitions. Jupiter with all his opportunities and solutions will trine your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of work in your private chart and in your public chart, go through your Tenth House of peak achievement, May 2023 to May 2024.

  31. Dear Jessica,

    You are amazingly spot on, I have been quiet new here and I have so many rocky but also exciting things going. I have received an offer from a new job on the 7th of April, that I finally signed on the 21st of April. While that is going on and things are finally doing well after years of hardship, I am a bit worried about my future with my soulmate, who I thought I will be ending up with, we married last year July 19th, I hope our relationship will last. I also hope my financial situation will improve the coming years and that I can finally head towards my destination. Any thoughts or ideas on my situation and let me know how I can check also my husbands. It would be great thank you so so much, love Rahel. Last but not least how is the Netherlands going to sustain in the coming years since I am hoping to move since ages but now because of this amazing job I don’t want to leave as well, quiet double with the entire crisis we are facing worldwide. Thank you again for everything

    1. Thank you so much. Your financial stretching will finish in July when the lunar nodes move off Scorpio and Taurus. Scorpio rules you and your husband and the bank account; Taurus rules your own money. They are opposite anyway, and you have had a rare 19-year cycle when the Moon’s nodes have sat on both signs in your chart, pushing and pulling. July will come as a relief. I’ve not looked at the Netherlands chart but will do so when I’m next at my desk.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    The covid variant from India appears to be mild so far. I’m confused – in what way is this timeline the worst we’ll ever see?

    1. The cycle of Saturn in Pisces is 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and Arcturus has only just landed. The excess mortality statistics for the United Kingdom recently show people dying at home, up 30% on usual numbers. That’s not mild.

    1. Sorry, Mercury Retrograde. My website colleagues have been alerted. I posted 12 daily horoscopes today on Twitter if you go to @jessicacadams. Thank you.

  33. As the archbishop put the crown on camilla I heard what sounded like the archbishop say Diana.

    Very strange

    1. Now that’s interesting. The BBC sound kept dropping out and people say they heard what they thought was the BBC director’s voice. Sky also dropped out earlier. I did not watch it, but I will replay the clips of the crowning of Camilla to see if I can pick up what you heard. This may be EVP which is spirit world communication.

  34. i heard Diana said as well. My strong feeling while watching the Coronation was that Charles was unwell. His hands in particular looked swollen. Did anyone else notice this?

  35. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this post.

    You have never been wrong.

    I have Virgo and Cap stelliums.

    I need to repay big debts.

    I haven’t been offered the writing and research job of my dreams.

    Jupiter at 28 degrees aries is trine my Jupiter 28 degrees Sagittarius, exactly square my Venus in Cancer.

    Will I repay the debt and buy a home, like ever ?


    1. Thank you. Actually, I have been wrong, and chatted to Metro newspaper about that – calling the election for Hillary Clinton when I had untrustworthy birth date information for Donald Trump! Joan, you will find Jupiter in Taurus (within days, lasting through May 2023) trines your Virgo (work) and Capricorn (success) stelliums nicely and you will be offered solutions and opportunities professionally or academically. Without a chart I can’t tell you if you make money from them, but the chances for fulfilling achievement are terrific and rare. You’ve not seen this transit for years.

  36. What the Archbishop said. As follows

    May thy servant Camilla, who wears this crown, be filled by thine abundant grace and with all princely virtues’

    When he pronounced the word thine it sounded like the name Diana.

    1. I didn’t watch it, but I will replay that segment – Diana for ‘thine’ is pretty interesting.

  37. ***Hello Jessica! As I told you i got an offer for University in Uk which should start around September and I think could also be time around where I could move in with my boyfriend for the first time just the two of us. We have been together for five years since our University studies. He’s hindu and I’m christian. We are both each other first boyfriend and girlfriend and although we have been separately physically many times, because of pandemic etc, when we get together its always same energy. With this, both of our parents don’t know yet of our relationship, it’s been five years, we didn’t have rush about it since we have been focused on our personal careers and we both enjoy our freedom but I think there will be a time by the end of this year or next year we probably will have to tell each of our parents. I don’t know how i will tell my mother since i will be first in family with someone from other nationality and same goes with him and i think its a bit more particular with him since hindus have the culture of marrying the same nationality, cast and still arranged marriages. He already, and have always been telling me that he doesn’t want arranged marriage. I would like to add that he is a Libra Sun. Part of me wants to tell, the other part I enjoy this ‘freedom’ just being serious between the both of us. Do you think in the meantime I will understand when the time is right or should I focus more on my career at the moment? Although, I am much more focused in my career at the moment. I’d like to know how will i blend both of this two situations and balance them, as I think being away from my family I do feel home and like with my family when I am with my boyfriend i do feel we are family and I do like that emotional stability. I think it would be very important in upcoming years to have someone by my side to support me and vice versa. Thank you!

    1. If your boyfriend has a Libra Sun then he was born with the Sun in the Seventh House of marriage and sexual partnership. When the South Node of karma goes into Libra in July 2023 (it stays throughout 2024) he will have an historic year or two of decisions about you, commitment and the future. Life as it was 18-19 years prior will strongly influence what karma he receives, as he is owed, or owes, in the realm of partnership. For you the issues are parenthood (yes or no, and if so, on what basis) as you have a Leo stellium. The South Node in Libra and North Node in Aries will also aspect that, at the same time he is dealing with questions about marriage. So it starts in July. By early 2025 you will both have made momentous decisions and achieved karmic closure with whatever you need to collect, or settle, from the last nodal cycle, 18-19 years prior.

  38. Hello, dear Jessica! First, my condolences for the loss of your friend.
    Secondly, thank you for a wonderful website that I just joined this month.
    I was wondering if you can have a peek at my chart? This year has been the hardest financially, while last year was hardest healtwise – I got sudden, bad flare up with Rheuma and had already health problems to begin with. Both me and my partner want to relocate, but need better finances and health before it is possible. Plus, there’s a question of which country to relocate to – to my birhcountry, or to France, where he will propably inherit a house within next 5 to max.10 years…If I am with him then, as we have also had lot of crises with each other lately. He is Sag, with Capricorn rising, and Moon-Pluto in Libra, so not the easiest for me. Any advice would be highly appreciated! I am looking for work in alternative medicine, even shamanic ( have had lot of psychic experiences, dreams, spontaneous trance ) but with Uranus have been looking at possibilities to maybe earn some of the money online, passively or activily – only at the moment can’t really work full time, and hardly even part time. Any insight on health? I studied fine arts, but never made living with it. Is there a chance to still try it at some point, or should I rather concentrate on healing work ( animals included, I love animals and nature ) and the web? Kind regards, Ester

    1. I am sorry you have been put through these health issues Ester. There is a lot going on here. The chart can cut out the noise and show you the simple focus. You are a Sun Leo woman, with stelliums in Leo, Virgo, Taurus. In your public and private chart you are entering the luckiest period for success in 12 years as Jupiter with all his solutions and opportunities goes into Taurus within days now. He will trine your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of work and wellbeing. In your Leo chart he goes into your Tenth House of peak achievements. Jupiter will also form conjunctions with your Taurus factors in the Second House of money saved or made; more improvement and expansion. So this transit has a lot to give you. Focus on your earthy, grounded, Virgo and Taurus side and make this the most productive 12 months you can. Everything else can wait, but Virgo (work and wellbeing) and Taurus (finances) is the key here.

  39. Hi Jessica, Like millions of others we watched the coronation. Very impressed by Penny Mordaunt and her strength to hold that sword. I would love to know your thoughts of her role and symbolism. I kept thinking Queen of Swords and Justice

    1. How interesting you saw Justice in Penny Mordaunt. That may turn out to be important in the months and years ahead, in terms of what just happened.

  40. Jessica

    Maybe this is nothing but you have said a number of times that Charles will not be king or Camilla will not rule – yet they were crowned today. I mean that is what I saw on television. Am I missing something?

    1. Charles will not rule. You have to remember the dates here: March 24th to June 11th, January 22nd 2024 to September 2nd 2024, November 20th 2024 to March 5th 2025. This was all published here a long time ago. You also have to remember this was a Mercury Retrograde Coronation on an eclipse. Wait.

  41. Jessica, thanks for the valuable read! Your insight is always spot on. Would you mind taking a look at my chart and sharing some insight about something I’ve had on my mind lately? Next week the company I work for will be closing and finalizing the last steps for us to be acquired by a bigger company to help launch the products we’ve been developing to a worldwide scale. Any insight on how this affects my finances and current role in the company based on the current astrological energy in my chart?

    1. Thank you. Your company is doing this on Mercury Retrograde in Taurus which rules products for sale as well as your own finances. This does work out, after a shemozzle. There will be cancellations or delays, as is normal on this cycle, or people will retract their promises. What was scheduled will be rescheduled. This personally is okay for you long-term as from around the New Moon in Taurus on the 19th you are being shown opportunities and solutions, and these roll steadily from June until May 2024. So with them, or with the bigger company, or even another (altogether) you are in a good place. You have stelliums in Capricorn (ambition) and Virgo (work) which lucky Jupiter will trine, slowly and in sequence, from late May 2023 to May 2024 so you will be in a good position with this company or even get a better option elsewhere.

  42. Hi Jessica
    Firstly, thank you so so much for all the amazing information you’ve made available and I’m still trawling through it bit by bit. I think your insights and talents as an astrologer are incredible and you are a special gift to all those seeking information in this area.
    I watched the Coronation and was a little unnerved by a few things. The first being that both Charles & Camilla looked unwell. Another was the glimpse of the ‘grim reaper’ type person. William & Kate both shone and I think it won’t be too long into the future that these two will rule which will be a good thing.
    Could I please trouble you to have a look at my chart (I’m a recent premium member) in the areas of my finances and health and assist me interpret it as I’m really struggling to do so. Thank you very much and bless you.

    1. Thank you that’s very kind of you to say. I agree, Charles and Camilla looked ill. They have, of course, had COVID-19 and that was also a Covid-unsafe super-spreader event. I didn’t see any HEPA filters there! Talking of health, we look to Virgo and the Sixth House of your chart for that. Fortunate Jupiter trines your Virgo patterns from around May 19th with that New Moon too – until May 2024. That is terrific as the right people, treatments or options are around you. Jupiter will also be in Taurus in your Second House of money saved or made, and you will have one opportunity after another to profit or just get something for nothing/a lot less – again until May 2024.

  43. Jessica

    Thanks. I will copy and place these dates in an important and prominent spot. You are always extremely accurate with your dates – so yes – I will wait.

  44. I also saw her as the Queen of Swords. I even said it out loud. Interesting.

    1. Yes, the Tarot comes to life. She’s obviously Charles’ favourite for a future PM.

  45. Hi Jessica, I’m afraid during the coronation I didn’t hear servant when the crown was put on Camilla’s head, I heard serpent. It could just have been in my head I suppose, but I am apathetic to the crown. Personally we have major decisions to make on a house purchase. Me and my Scorpio husband are not sure if we are doing the right thing. We have also both been ill this week, and everything feels like a really hard slog. If you could give me some guidance I would be really grateful thanks so much Jessica.

    1. Serpent or servant? Interesting. It is amazing to see the indifference to monarchy when in the Fifties people were so enthralled by our late Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. It’s been brought down. You are buying a house and have been ill, which I’m sorry to hear. Mercury Retrograde (communication, stuck and backwards, things which change or come to nothing later) is with you until June 1st. It’s in Taurus, which rules purchases and sales. You also have a huge stellium in Scorpio which is about joint finance and property – so, your husband. Can this wait? Could you wait until as late as July? If not, fair enough, but have Plan B and C at least until the end of May as Mercury completes his loop. You will be in a terrific position to make a full recovery and even change your lifestyle to become far healthier, from the third week of June, when Jupiter goes into Taurus and starts to trine your Virgo factors. That lasts until May 2024.

  46. Hi Jessica, I’m feeling a very unsteady time now and ahead with this eclipses that have just gone … I don’t feel like I’m on steady ground, I feel lots of change ahead of me. Can you offer me any insight into how these eclipses of the past couple of weeks will play out for me? Good or bad? Blessings, Aquarius Dreamer.

    1. Thank you. The eclipse won’t be behind this as it is literally nothing you can see or know about. Not for weeks or months afterwards. Feeling unsteady is usually Neptune. You are strongly Piscean with a stellium in Pisces in your Twelfth House of Tarot, psychics, crystals, spirituality, therapy, counselling, hypnosis and so on. If you are not on steady ground, you have become ungrounded and may be over-using your crown, third eye and throat chakra without closing down or balancing your aura. Have a look at ‘Healing’ on Search and try the Valerie Chilton-Smith technique. It’s free. Further ahead, until 2026 actually, with Saturn also in Pisces, now is the time to get real about who or what you believe in and why. God or not God, and if so, why or why not?

  47. Thank you, dear Jessica! 🙂
    I wanted to shortly correct, that my boyfriend/partner is Sagittarius-Sun, with Moon-Pluto in Libra and Ascendant in 0-1° Capricorn. With the Jupiter in Taurus, is there good prospects for him to improve his finances too, as he has Uranus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus? He has been looking for ways to make money as well, and we both want to relocate but only if we can really afford it – we live in Berlin, but he’s French and I am from Finland – we both would prefer Finland but if ( or rather when ) he inherits a smallish house in France, it would be fine for us too. We simply don’t like the atmosphere here anymore, and want more nature around us. However, with meaningful work and better finances things would be nicer here too, so we are actually both hoping to find solutions…Thank you again for your answer – indeed we both need better health and more money before making any other major changes or decisions.
    Oh, and I wanted to add, that I am very glad that indeed Putin’s time is over – he is clearly losing the grip, with the different private armies ( not only Wagner ) and the national army fighting each other, resistance groups forming up, and keeping the public in the dark about the losses of lives becoming ever more difficult…I think that when Pluto conjuncts Russia’s Neptune, people will find out everything about the propaganda, and when Pluto meets Russia’s South Node, it may well be a War Tribunal of some kind against Putin and other major players in the war? Very much hoping for the war to end this year though, and that Russia will not go into civil war after Putin is out, and the fighting fractions of the different armies plus disillusioned people will compete for the power vacuum – hopefully the big majority will go for peace and democracy, as it is Aquarius time after all. Thank you once again, and I am very much looking forward to learn more here – the asteroids are really interesting! 🙂 Kind regards, Ester

    1. Thank you. Your boyfriend will have terrific work opportunities, within days, lasting until May 2024. This is jobs, not necessarily money, but for pure fulfilment from career, he will find plenty to satisfy him if he takes the options. As a Sagittarian he always wants to emigrate but you may want to take your time with that as until 2026 decisions about houses, apartments and particular countries need research. As for Putin, I think there is an old Ukraine prediction on here about the tide turning when NATO and the UN come into play, from 2023.

  48. Dear Jessica,

    Your erudition is only matched by your psychic abilities and your Compassion.

    Prince Harry’s planets at 0 degrees Scorpio and the lawsuit can’t be all bad for him…He is owed a lot…

    This recent Solar eclipse on the 20th of April was exactly square my Venus 29 degrees in Cancer, and exactly trine Jupiter 28 degrees Sagittarius.

    Mars goes over this trigger in Cancer..does this mean effort and expense like you teach us ?

    This recent lunar eclipse is sextile my Virgo Stellium at 14-15 degrees, and semi sextile Uranus in Libra…

    A lie by a friend cost me $10000 + ..
    I need three jobs to pay this off.

    Any hope for me ?

    A friend Joined EVERY labor group because of your Pluto in Aquarius post, read and
    re-Read by us, and the Royals.

    Your Aunt and now your friend…so deeply sorry for your losses.

    Humbled by your kindness,


    1. Thank you Ariel, that’s very kind of you to say. Prince Harry and the 0 Scorpio Degree sounds like a J.K.Rowling book, doesn’t it, but Pluto going to 0 Aquarius in 2023, 2024 will transform the legacy he makes to his children, and it will change the legacy owing to him by his family in London. Meanwhile you have had a so-called friend cost you a lot of money. I am very sorry you have been put through it. Jupiter in Taurus in your Second House of income, which is days away now, will give you opportunities and solutions until May 2024 which help restore the balance in your bank account, as this is the cycle when money is saved or made. You are not logged in, so I can’t see your chart, but if you have factors at 28, 29, you will find that the arrival of the lunar nodes at 29, 28 Aries and Libra from July 2023 picks up your Venus and Jupiter, both. Life as it was 18 or 19 years prior will begin to have an impact then as you are owed, karmically, or perhaps you owe. Pluto going back to 28, 29 Capricorn after June this year will also pick up your Venus and Jupiter. Natal Jupiter as you know is where you are always protected and regularly blessed.

  49. Hi Jessica, as a premium member I’ve been enjoying your blogs and following your excellent predictions. You really are a stand-out astrologer, responding to so many personal questions with great integrity. I love the nuances you bring to the translation of each chart. IIf you have time to peek at my chart, I would be grateful. The last 10 years have forced me to pull on the big girly pants. A back injury in 2012 where I spent 12 months learning to walk again and then the death of my husband in 2014. Income, however, hasn’t returned to the heights prior to that time given my commitment to single parenting to recreate security and strength for kids who had seen vulnerable parents at a young age. So I made the choice to move career to the back burner which has compromised income. During covid I put the downtime to good use and learned blockchain and AI tech, and repositioned to provide marketing and content services to fintech. With chatgpt arriving last year I followed my instincts and pivoted from an agency model into building an AI generated content production tool. Which is receiving great interest during beta stage. The last 4 months we’ve been in build mode. And I’m now paying attention to astrological considerations as we go out to market. I’m a Leo sun with stelliums in Leo (5) Virgo (9) Taurus (4 with Saturn at 21 degrees) and if I’m right it looks like things are finally about to financially improve from May 19. Would love your insights, confirmation or guidance on anything I should pay attention to. Many thanks for your commitment to so many others.

    1. Thank you. You are very kind. You have been through the wars with bereavement and injury. You have also been guided towards Artifical Intelligence which has become hot property. With a Taurus stellium at 5 through 21 you may be guided towards AI in the context of banking, charity, business or property, which are showing up in Taurus in your Second House. Not only is Uranus (new technology) in Taurus until 2026, Jupiter with all his expansion, growth, solution, hope and opportunities is days away from entering Taurus now. This long transit until May 2024 will be extremely helpful. In fact, Jupiter always fixes Saturn. So that conjunction when Jupiter crosses your Saturn will be unforgettable as you will be shown a new way to deal with the usual barriers and obstacles. In your public chart, as a Sun Leo, Jupiter in Taurus goes into your solar Tenth House of success, fulfilled ambition and great achievement and again – this is days away. For all that you have had a really difficult time, things are looking up. You could easily be one half of a power couple in future, too, with Pluto in Aquarius in your public Seventh House of marriage or professional partnership.

  50. Hi jessica, i am Muskanpreet kaur. I want my marriage with my love but my family tell me that we are not match with each other so in future you never live together, but at a time we are both going well . Can you tell me how i can marry with my bf.

    1. I am sorry this is happening to you. The Tarot on my website is free to use. Just follow the steps.

  51. Hi Jessica – This coronation was the stuff of a very bad fairytale; eclipse, Diana’s presence, a ghost, a skeleton in the closet hiding behind a red feather… Just bonkers!
    I was hoping you could have a quick look at my chart. I started a new job at the beginning of the year. What I thought would be a great opportunity has turned into months of being undermined, excluded and bullied. I called it out with upper management, but it’s still going on. It’s affecting my mental health, and it got so bad I had to see a therapist. My work colleagues (all women) are toxic and cruel. So, I’m looking for a new job, but finding one hasn’t been easy. At night, I work on my ‘career’ of one day becoming a published author. I’m honing my craft by entering literary comps and working on a manuscript – it helps me escape what I go through during the day. Can you tell me what my chart says, please? Thank you.

    1. I agree. A bad fairytale right down to the joyless faces and Father Benedictus. I am sorry you have been treated so badly at work. You are doing a J.K.Rowling and writing on the side of a day job that gets no better. So what’s going on? The 25/26 degree trine picking up Virgo (work) and Capricorn (ambition) is the story here. Transiting Pluto also went across 25/26 Capricorn. Salacia 26 Capricorn trine Uranus 25 Virgo from the Tenth House of career to the Sixth House of job, has been triggered by Pluto travelling to 25, 26 Capricorn for the first and last time in 248 years. The worst is over and you are doing all the right things, using your self-control to have control; using your willpower to become empowered. You are strongly Gemini and this is the sign of the author, scriptwriter, poet and journalist. You will be given opportunities and solutions from May 2024 onwards as first Jupiter goes to Gemini and into your Third House of publication and broadcast, then Uranus in Gemini after 2026, for many years into the future, which will give you new technology to embrace. So keep all the ideas and make sure you take notes on these women as you will fictionalise them later or use the experience. You are also a Sun Gemini so when we look at your public chart, as well as your private chart, we find Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20 years in your Ninth House of publishing, as well as the worldwide web, foreigners and academia. You may very well get a translation deal for your work or find success overseas. If you are not already on Substack you may want to look at it. Sun Gemini women live in their heads and rather than over-think these women you may want to swerve tactics. Use the Tarot (the intuition, not the head) to look for answers. This does not last and if you take what you are offered next year you will be successful as a writer ongoing and perhaps in a different medium to the one you originally envisaged. I am seeing Peanuts by Shultz for some reason, for you, clairvoyantly!

  52. Hi! I have a question about the financial market. Since you predicted crashes in december last year and then this spring, I was planning to make an investment after the new moon later this month. But I understand from the comments that there might be more turbulence to come. Will the coming year be good for investments, with Jupiter in Taurus, or is it better to stay of the stock-market? Many thanks!

    1. Along with many astrologers I have predicted the unpredictable world economy of 2018-2026 more than once and if you hit Search you may find predictions going as far back as 2016. You have a Taurus stellium at 0 through 24 degrees in your Second House of personal income, shares, property, charity, valuables and business. Jupiter, a symbol of expansion, growth, benefit and solutions will form a slow series of conjunctions to your Taurus stellium, starting within days, and a big new beginning is indicated near the New Moon on 19th May. What you do with that is up to you, as I do not give personal financial advice. Jupiter stays in Taurus through May 2024. The world economy remains unpredictable, as Uranus is also here, but potential historic gains and big answers are here for us all, on this transit. Once Jupiter goes, though, we are back to The Great Unknowns.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    I have seen you’ve answered lots of people on COVID and the WHO announcement. I’m starting to lose faith and feeling so exhausted by family and friends who keep saying ‘we just have to get on with it’. I haven’t had COVID—and don’t want to get it. I’ve done this by masking when indoors (shopping centres) and basically living the life of a hermit.

    On twitter you mentioned 2026 as time where things might change. Do you see anything between now and then, that could give those of us still isolating hope?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. The world is dividing into haves and have-nots. Not money – intelligence. Science and medicine tell us, COVID-19 does not know that the WHO announced the emergency phase over. It is a mutating virus which seeks and destroys. Intelligent people like you have avoided all the mutations to date including Delta and Omicron. You have saved yourself from the high risk of Long Covid. And worse, infecting people around you who could die with it, or from it. I know it is extremely hard when so many people will not use their intelligence and demand better from their work places and fundamentally, their leaders. The astrology tells me 2026 is the change for two reasons. Firstly Uranus (constant upheaval and unpredictable events) is out of Taurus, ruling the world economy. So the supply chain shortages, recessions and so-called lockdown impacts stop. We know where we stand. The other big, big change is that Uranus goes into Gemini. Gemini rules commuting, public transport and domestic flight. This suggests a complete rethink of that – and a refit with HEPA and UVC which destroy the virus. This would have to be global, to work, and global it will likely be. Uranus in Gemini will also begin to oppose the Sagittarius (global tourism, immigration) placements of billions, suggesting the old way of travelling will be blocked and stopped. This suggests new rules. So, a COVID-19 safe industry instead of one that transmits the latest variant from India, Africa or China in a day. Until then, you have to live differently. Living differently is hard when nobody else does it, but I also have so many readers who say they love zero shopping (or shopping secondhand on eBay for delivery). They enjoy dining and drinking outdoors under cosy heaters in winter and in the sunshine in summer. They have filtered and edited their friends and close family to hand-pick the intelligent and the thoughtful – like them. They are working from home. They have taken responsibility for their own health and wellbeing because doctors are Covid-unsafe and found they feel happier for it anyway. They are using Telehealth on Zoom and learning to enjoy doctor-by-computer. And so on, and so on. This entire series of cycles was always going to be massively challenging and confronting, but also rewarding in the strangest ways. It’s very much like the last war. The hope until 2026 is here already. The UK government (to name one country) is finally taking HEPA and UVC seriously for hospital use. We are seeing medication that is nasal or oral to treat Covid. The astrology suggests the big breakthrough will come when all those politicians and businessmen realise that the thing to buy shares in, and back, is UVC lightbulbs for safe home use. I’m sure you know UVC (UV222) eliminates Covid but also the common cold and flu. Look at the science. University after university claims that. Money will talk eventually; we are so close to those light bulbs; Sunbeam making a terrific hand-held travel version.

  54. Hi, Thank you for taking the time to respond to everyone’s questions. I have been in a sticky situation with entitled neigbours, connected to local government leadership, encroaching on my space since I purchased and moved in early 2020. I’m fed up and need to move out of this place. I have been looking for new space for 2 years but cannot seem to locate an appropriate space to move into in my desired location at my pre-approved mortgage budget. Weirdly, after three years of close to fearing for my life on a daily basis from these “mafiosos” nextdoor, abrubtly the town offered some remediation of the encroachment on Thurs after 3 years of requests? The timing with Friday’s eclipse tells me something more widespread connected to this family may be being covered up ahead of a change of reign in 2024? a recent change in laws against racism last week? or a 4x increase in their insurance deductible if they are sued from July onwards?! Regardless, I’m thinking I should cut my losses and be done with the stress of this location, especially if there may now be repercussions and make the move, but am feeling stuck between fixing the place up for a sale vs securing the new place first. Can you give me some insights along with anticipated best timing please? It’s driving me bananas. Thank you very much.

    1. I am sorry you have bad neighbours. You have put up with them for two years, going on three. I bet it’s driving you bananas. You are a Sun Gemini with a small Cancer and Virgo chart signature, which is still important. Cancer rules your house or apartment and the neighbourhood. Virgo rules your lifestyle. You are in a far, far better position from the day Jupiter enters Taurus on 17th May 2023 as he will slowly begin to form sextiles and trines to Cancer and Virgo. That’s your private chart. By May 2024, if you take the solutions and opportunities, you will have left this situation behind for good. In your public chart, as a Gemini, you have Ceres in Virgo, which rules property, until June 21st, so you will be in a strong position to bargain, negotiate and compromise over either getting rid of them, or moving. If you miss that chance, there is another in July, August when Mars goes into Virgo. Same thing. You can add a Tarot reading to give yourself more personal detail. Thank you.

  55. Dear Jessica,

    In these days I need your guidance, please. I need to find another job with a better pay and more challenging. I want to progress in my career, but I feel that I am going no where with the job search after many applications done. I also noticed that during the last days of April, two interesting job openings came up, I only applied to one of them, in same company I was working when Pluto was in Cap 2008, I loved the company (banking) but had to leave to take care of my son, now he has grown up and in a good high school. The second job opening was in real estate, I didn’t apply to this one since the position was too junior (but I love the industry). I was very exited during April, but since Pluto started retrograde May 1, everything went still or quite, and thinking that I am not doing this job search right.

    More over, in these upcoming days there is a conjunction with transit Jupiter, NN and my IC at 3 degrees Taurus, it seems very important but my life (career personal etc) looks the same or static. For reference, 19 years ago when NN conj my IC I got married (exact day). Now I am divorced and single, and my main focus is to progress in my career.
    Maybe I am not focused or working in the right area of this transit? It feels that I’m going to miss this transit when compared to 19 years ago, I was preparing a wedding in a new house and neighborhood, all family visiting etc ….Can you guide or help me to figure this out?

    Many thanks and Love!

    1. Thank you. Capricorn is the Tenth House of ambition, position and mission. Virgo is the Sixth House of wellbeing and workload. That’s what you look for when figuring out your C.V. and job prospects. You have nothing in Virgo, but Capricorn placements at 9 through 24 degrees. What you are waiting for is the trine from Jupiter at 9 through 24 Taurus and that happens July 2023 until May 2024, backwards and forwards, on and off. Jupiter in Taurus passes through your Second House of salary and ‘cash in kind’ benefits. As he does so, the planet of solutions and opportunities trines (supports) your striving Capricorn factors in the Tenth House of peak achievement. Those are your green lights. Have a look at the Tarot for guidance on that.

  56. Hi Jessica, I would be so grateful for your insights. Your COVID-19 predictions are unnerving to say the least having established a business in 2020, and braving through (with ongoing impact). As a premium member, I got the hierophant card when asking if this is the right time to sell, cut ties completely and relocate. I have been having difficulty locating a new space for a long time (due to low inventory) to start over and make a new life and start a family. Regarding my question about timing, in the card I saw three Y’s (Yes, yes yes??!), I saw many crosses (blessing the timing of the sale?!), I also saw a scissors at first glance at the bottom of the card and the protagonist pointing to property. However, could this card also represent local government blocking a sale? Can you help me with my interpretation please? I am terrified of becoming trapped in the wrong location again for “the worst of COVID to come” as you predict but am so sad to leave what I had hoped would be a long term investment that might have gained significant value in 10 -20 years. All the best to you and thank you very much!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are battling in business but some strain will ease in two stages: within days, from May 17th as Jupiter (solutions) goes into Taurus (the economy) and then from July when the historic opposition of the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio ends. Scorpio rules joint finance. Your Tarot is ducking your question about selling and moving. Go back and follow the steps and try again. It is a card about religion, spirituality and authority. So unless you are heavily religious or buying a church, it doesn’t apply. Take a deep breath and ask ‘What is possible for me with money and/or property from May 17th 2023 until May 25th 2024″ as this ties in with your chart.

  57. Hello Jessica,

    I’ve been following your information on Taurus weather and May 2023. I have Jupiter at 27 degrees Taurus and I know (because you mentioned it) that May 19th will be a great new beginning for those with 28 degrees Taurus. Am I still impacted? I also have Jupiter at 16 degrees Taurus. Hope it bodes well! Thank you for your educational content!

    1. You are in a terrific position to save or make money as transiting Jupiter will trine natal Jupiter in your Second House of personal income, possessions, houses, business, charity and apartments. Enjoy it.

  58. Hi Jessica – thanks for the info re Father Benedictus. I did not watch the coronation for various reasons, but when I saw him, I thought he looked very out of place, like a plague doctor sans mask. I also find it interesting that both WHO ended the public health emergency, and that the CDC director resigned, on the day of the eclipse. Given some interesting developments last week career wise – some of which occurred on the day of or day after the eclipse, I would be grateful if you have time to look at my chart and share your insights, please. First, I am on a temporary position at the moment for a firm client covering for employees who are off until at least next year. My supervisor does not like me, which is not helping my performance. While there was no guarantee of the position going beyond June, IO happened to see that the position was re-advertised on LinkedIn on Friday; I was not told about the readvertisement. I am concerned about my finances if this position does not last until at least next year, so any insights re career and finances you can provide would be appreciated. Also on Saturday, I was offered a leadership position on a trade association committee, subject to the structure being approved at a conference next week. While I am honoured, I have not attended any of our events in person since they resumed last year due to the pandemic, and made it quite clear that given the lack of COVID mitigation measures and accommodations for remote committee meetings, I would not attend in person. While I can see why I was offered the position due to my long standing work especially over the last year, I have concerns about accepting, as I will have to fly and attend the meetings in person unless enough of us successfully advocate for a remote option (unlikely). I have to decide in the next few days, so am planning on accepting with the realization that I may not even start in the position due to the structure not being approved, or will resign in protest due to the pandemic. Finally, a regional colleague and I are working on an AI book; by happenstance, we are meeting May 19 to finalize our plans. I am wondering if this book will be a success, and if there is anything I should watch out for or consider to help the book be successful other than the usual Mercury Retrograde revisions. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the eclipse was a classic cover-up. It will be financial, about big business or shares (Scorpio). The WHO had one job. To stop the epidemic in China in January 2020 from becoming a pandemic. They failed. It was a pandemic by March as we know. I do not pay any attention to them. I pay attention to the academics, doctors and scientists who show us the science and the realities. Okay, so your chart is about COVID-19 and about enjoying work but also protecting your wellbeing. Virgo matters. I am sorry you are being pushed to this difficult decision about the trade association committee. That is up to you. Something I saw today reminded me of Virgo matters. It was a man on Twitter talking about every time he masks, he minimises his risk of having repeated Covid and shortening his life span. Correct. Virgo is the tiny, tiny things done every day. If you habitually refuse to fly, then you protect yourself over the years that this virus is with us, mutating. This astrological cycle pushing up against Virgo (and soon supporting it) is about valuing your work so much, be it paid or unpaid, that you refuse to do anything that would prevent you from working. Your factors at 6 and 18 Virgo have also been transited by Uranus at 16 Taurus quite recently and now Saturn has passed 6 Pisces in direct opposition. Your book around May 19th is well-starred and as AI is a dominant issue in 2024 (Jupiter in Gemini) and changes the world from 2026 (Uranus in Gemini) your timing is immaculate. You are actually ahead of your time, you and your colleague.

  59. Thank you so much for replying. There’s much to look forward to. Wishing you the best.

  60. Firstly to let you know how amazingly accurate your prediction for my husband was. Your dates were very different from our own expectations and yours have been completely spot on.
    Would you be able to look at my chart with regards to my career, finances and health. I have felt very stuck. I enjoy my job but my career and pay have suffered where I have always had to work around my son’s needs especially due to issues with his mental health recently. I particularly feel my lack of financial independence. In addition my own health has been poor recently. Do you see any positive improvements?

    1. Thank you for validating the prediction about your husband. I am sorry your son is going through mental health issues. You’ve also had your own health situation to think about. Your main concern is work, but in astrology that ties into health, as both are ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House. Sure enough you have Pluto at 29 Virgo, and transiting Pluto has been hovering around 29 Capricorn. This is called Transiting Pluto Trine Natal Pluto in astrology. It’s rare. It means you are being pressured to transform everything. The way you work. The way you look after yourself. Your care for your son and the routine with your husband. This is quite a long transit and it hangs around, on and off, until November 2024. The key to Pluto is to use willpower to become empowered and to use self-control to gain control. Have a look at Virgo/Sixth House on Search and in your flipbooks here. You have the potential to become far more influential and genuinely powerful with your job, unpaid work and/or academia but you must take the reins and ride your own race. You are the horse and the trainer and jockey here. Nine times out of ten, health issues are a way of getting out of work, or even leaving a particular job, because your very soul does not want it. Because you do nothing to alter that, your body interrupts and intervenes. I hope that makes sense. You also have unpaid work – very important – which you quite reasonably may have issues with, as your son has a mental health concern and you are undoubtedly nurse a lot of the time. So exhale and find a quiet time to sit and think about all this; the Tarot can be an uncannily accurate guide if you want to try it here. You come first, basically. Your wellbeing comes first. Work and housework and the rest comes second. That’s the deal with this transit. You are about to enter the Jupiter in Taurus cycle which is fantastic for changes, as you will be supported every step of the way once you begin.

  61. Hi Jessica, hope you are very well. Thank you for 2023 consolidation. A psychic told me I would write something, or come up with a piece of information
    and as a result changes my life and others. Is anything in my chart regarding this? Also, curious about the US mortgage mkt, as we do lending, and the lending market has seized, thus no income. Thank you for any insight. Blessings to you!

    1. Thanks. That advice from your psychic is too non-specific unfortunately. Your chart shows you are a Sun Capricorn with Capricorn, Scorpio and Virgo stelliums. I am not surprised you are in the mortgage market as Scorpio rules mortgages. Your career is in deep change mode, from June 2023 to Christmas this year, and until January 21st, with Pluto transiting Capricorn and your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia. The big stretch you are feeling will ease from July 17th when the nodes leave Scorpio-Taurus and stop the opposition from your Second House of personal income to Eighth House of joint income. I am sorry you are going through this rough patch financially but it is part of a bigger pattern designed to get you to shift your ambition, position and mission in life. The final phase is September 3rd 2024 until November 19th 2024 and then it’s over. Until 16th May (for the next six days) your luck is with your family, house, land, apartment or property investment as Jupiter with all his solutions and opportunities remains there for a short time. You can give yourself Tarot and Oracle readings on this website as a Premium Member. See other readers in Comments for validation of how they work for them.

  62. Hi Jessica,
    You mentioned Saturn in Pisces opposing Pluto in Virgo in comments above about one person’s chart. I am very curious about that aspect, since it’s been happening to me. When Saturn hit my South Node this spring, four people related to my work died within a month or so. They were in their 80s and even 90s, but it was still a big loss and they had been mentors in a variety of ways. When Saturn opposed my Pluto this week, nothing has seemed to happen… but I am telling myself not to react to any power plays or conflicts and to maintain a peaceful attitude, trying not to attract conflict. Still, Saturn is about to reverse and hit all those points again. Am I seeing the possible meaning of these transits, or am I missing the mark? Thank you for any insight. Also, people related to my work have been dealing with sickness a lot. One woman who was considering being on our board ended up in a wheelchair (temporarily) instead. Another had a ten hour surgery when it was supposed to be two hours. My coworker just had Covid for the second time, and so did a volunteer. I have escaped Covid so far, through masks, isolation, and working outdoors, but I’d like everyone else to be healthy, for their sake and mine. I’m not planning to take another shot anytime soon… the third and fourth made my hair fall out and made me really sick (not to discourage people from getting them, but that was my truth). With my doctor’s advice I skipped one of the boosters to give my body a break, but did get the Omicron one. If this is related to Saturn and the sixth house, is there anything I can do to send positive energy to my coworkers, a specific card to meditate on, perhaps? They didn’t get Covid at our workplace, but at parties and at a school.

    1. Thank you. Pluto at 5 Virgo in a conjunction with the North Node at 5 Virgo in your Sixth House of work and wellbeing is quite unusual and transiting Saturn just went to 5 Pisces in opposition, May 1st-9th. Saturn was simultaneously in a conjunction with your South Node, of course, at 5 Pisces. People at work are sick. That is the transit. Two just had COVID-19. Your hair fell out after your third and fourth vaccination. I hope (really hope) you can see your chart talking to you here. You are at direct risk of COVID-19 which may result in Long Covid or your infecting people in the family, who can die with it. That’s science. That’s medicine. The astrology is the klaxon alarm of Saturn, which will go back to 5 Pisces in August 2023 and again in January 2024. Put your health first. You are thinking about your sick co-workers (have a look at Healing on Search for free audio healing meditations to send them). That’s kind of you, but you need to step back and see what you’re being shown. Please.

  63. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for your insights. I appreciate it, especially pointing out the Virgo in my chart. That reinforced how I need to restructure my daily habits life to support my health and career, SARS2 pandemic or not. I think I saw that same tweet too about masking; it makes sense. As for WHO – that organization is lead by a man who wanted to appoint Mugabe as WHO goodwill ambassador, until overwhelming criticism that the Zimbabwean genocide alone made Mugabe unsuitable for such an appointment made Tedros change his mind, so the murderous incompetence is unsurprising. I accepted the legal trade association position, thinking that if I am uncomfortable despite my own mitigation measures (including portable UV222) and cannot successfully push back on in person attendance with colleagues, I will resign which will reveal their hypocrisy on EDI especially with respect to women. Great news re the book; so glad to hear that our proactiveness may pay off! Thanks again, and stay healthy.

    1. We are in an intense cycle for people with Virgo chart factors now. Saturn is in opposition for the first time in 29 years. Uranus is about to go trine for the first time in 12 years. So billions are challenged to honestly examine their true feelings about work, housework, unpaid work, academic work – and put their health and wellbeing first. Their service and duty to their own mental and physical wellness, instead of their service and duty to others. This is a big Virgo call. At the most basic level it is people either succumbing to the risk of Long Covid, or contributing to the death of loved ones – or changing their workplace culture by insisting on HEPA, UVC and working from home. And if your work culture can’t deliver that, you may have to question who you are serving and why you are doing that. Big Virgo type challenge.

    1. Thank you Melody, for validating the Covid-19 prediction. I think the timing here is optimistic; there is no such thing as a peak any more, it is just one outbreak after another. The future belongs to people with the intelligence and fortitude to demand better from their politicians and business owners than this; even in Communist China. Maybe, especially in Communist China.

    1. Thank you Melody. Yes, Melissa is a good example of a strongly Virgo woman who unfortunately became ill because of her job. Women who are heavily Virgo tend to find their bodies act out issues for them so they must take time off, or time out. Their famous sense of duty and obligation, responsibility and respect for ‘a job well done’ can sometimes conflict with fairly hideous people or circumstances, so their own physicality gets in the way and (for all that illness is unwelcome) offers a way out, or a way around.

  64. Hi Light Worker,
    Can you please let me know about what to expect heathwise and financially?
    Why am I ill?
    What is the lesson to be learnt?

    D O B: 25 july 1968

    1. You are ill because you have not been honest with yourself about your paid work, unpaid work and/or study. You are operating on autopilot and not really talking to your soul. Your body is acting out the will of your unconscious mind, which is just as strong as your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is saying ‘Do this, do that’ and the rest of you is saying ‘I don’t want to’ and so you are cutting out. Try getting real about what you are actually doing, in terms of your workload. This includes housework, walking the dog, and unrecognised work for others. Pull back and look. The Tarot can help and it is free to use on this website. Specifically, look at what is going wrong with your body and what it is doing for you. What is it producing in your life? Your unconscious will control this, because you have a strong drive to get/achieve/have X Y or Z but you are not doing it, so the body intervenes to make sure that somehow, it happens. This very commonly begins at school. You find your class boring, dislike the other children, do nothing about it, and then have a cold. One week of holiday. You learn to become ill to get time off. Even a weekend spent doing nothing but pottering can help you see what you did not see before. Even better take a weekend off. You have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo like all the Sixties people and so there is a huge part of you which will always produce illness to get what the soul wants. ‘Love Your Disease, It’s Keeping You Healthy’ is a hippie classic but it’s worth reading if you can find it in your library.

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