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You can learn about astrology and validated news predictions, free at this website, You can also subscribe at The Sun Sign School for astrological research and study. By referring to the features on this website you can build your knowledge, no matter if you are studying astrology free, or paying for a 12 month series of tutorials. What does astrology see about the news, that journalists and editors sometimes miss?

Screen Shot 2023 05 23 at 11.47.09 am 300x235 - Learning Astrology - Lessons at Jessicaadams.comThe University of Melbourne has some good guidelines about the way I use the fair dealing rules for news video or extracts on this website – to prove that astrology can and does predict the future – and how mainstream media does (or sometimes doesn’t) show the full story, according to astrology. The mainstream media is often critical of astrology so it can be useful (if you are learning) to see what it catches, or misses, about the news – in line with horoscopes.

You’ll often see my work used online to show how astrology functions. The Australian Libraries and Archives Copyright Collection clarifies that here.

When you see news extracts attributed to The Guardian, the Daily Mail, CNN and so on, with links, you can use real-world astrology in real time to compare to the original prediction. It’s a really good way to learn, no matter if you are using the free classes here, or paying for The Sun Sign School. The University of New South Wales has good guidelines on this. Astrology cuts through the noise of multiple media. By using actual headlines, images or video I can show you how it’s done and why the media can sometimes say less than the horoscope.

I studied astrology as part of my Ancient Civilisations degree at the University of Tasmania and I’m happy to keep on teaching you about horoscope prediction, online. Some aspects of my website are part of an enquiry into news itself – and an investigation into astrology as a news predictor – analysing how one lines up with the other.

If you are teaching astrology then please feel free to use small extracts from my website (free to all) if you want to illustrate a point, any time. Knowledge exchange is crucial to what we do. Thank you.


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20 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica.. I live in Florida.. I’m curious about the next US presidential election.. Do you have any insight on Ron Desantis chances? I’m not a fan of the direction he’s trying to take us. Quite a bit worried actually.

    1. I’ll talk more about the US election at The Conscious Cafe. We lack accurate astrology chart data for the candidates so I’ll focus on the issues which swing voters. It will be trans and abortion and undecided voters will choose based on these emotional issues, off the back of the South Node in Libra crossing the Uranus and Neptune in Libra generation charts. Libra ruling fairness, equality and…the law.

  2. Hi Jessica I am having trouble logging into your site. it doesn’t seem to remember my password and I have to keep resetting. This time however, I cant seem to reset as the email to reset does not seem to be reaching me. I have checked junk, deleted email folders etc. I have raised this with your team, but I tried again just now and no emails have arrived in my inbox to reset. many thanks

    1. I am sorry. Please try Support again. I have had Mercury Retrograde issues with this website recently too, if it’s any comfort. Thank you.

  3. Thank YOU, Jessica, for all you give us for free, and for this post especially. Your authorizing of the use of your content (free for all) does not only show your amazing generosity, but also your obvious commitment to the Law. Knowledge should indeed flow like this, and if ever you need a hand on anything (even ghostbusting your site!) just let me know. I think you’re so close to it all it even hurts! But then maybe so am I, and still doing nothing about it…
    Lots of hope. And love. L.

    1. Thank you very much. Ghostbusting the website would mean Father Benedictus (or whomever is organising the photograph appearances) is stopped from delivering the message. And lots of readers here think they know what he’s pointing to. So actually, no busting required. It’s too intriguing. But thank you.

  4. Despite the negative predictions about King Charles & his coronation, it did go ahead & no hitches to speak of. A magnificent spectacle in all its majesty. This gave me some thoughts about the Astrological predictions as even though the energies were deemed inauspicious, one really couldn’t fault it.
    I welcome your comments Jessica.

    1. Come back to this website when Charles III has passed and they have unsealed the 2010 legal documents on the legality and constitutional status of the Charles-Camilla marriage 13 years ago and we find why the Blair government covered it up. Mercury Retrograde and an Eclipse. I welcome your comments then, too. Remember it took around 10 years for the eclipsed Diana wedding truths to be revealed.

  5. There is a fellow in Australia who claims to be the child of Charles and Camilla.

    1. Yes, thank you – a few readers have pointed out the claim. The real issue from a legal and constitutional point of view, is the wedding secret Charles takes to his grave; the legal advice on the Camilla marriage from 2010. We have to ask why it was sealed. And why our late Queen did not attend the wedding. DNA tests will never occur but we will find that the Coronation was theatre. Charles married Diana between two eclipses and married Camilla near another one. In astrology that’s a red flag.

  6. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your offerings here. I attended the zoom session last week and it was great. Thank you again!
    May I ask you a question please? Come the end of this month, I’m combining part time teachers aide work with taking care of my family and our home. Will all this balance and work out for me? I’m having trouble battling mental exhaustion and chronic stress and anxiety and worried that I will be completely overwhelmed. I’m hoping to feel energised and be with people who are healthy for me and earn some cash as well. Thank you.

    1. I am amazed at the way the word ‘offerings’ has taken off with some Tarot readers. Thank you for coming along to the Zoom sessions. You often write about your marriage and your money and I tend to say the same things. It’s no different, now. You are a Sun Taurus woman, with stelliums in Taurus, Pisces, Gemini, Aries. The big gap you feel between your money and your marital finances ends in July with the nodes going off Taurus-Scorpio. You will save or make money, now through May 2024, if you take the opportunities. Your inner life needs sorting out, quite apart from anxiety and exhaustion. Have a look at Healing on Search. Only you can make decisions about your housework and parenting and your Pisces side, which just wants to be alone, is being ignored. Honour your Pisces/Twelfth House needs and begin with at least 30 minutes a day with healing, meditation, yoga, hypnosis or whatever works for you.

  7. Off topic Jessica, but i just recently came to know that Mystic Meg has passed. I’ve been reading her dailies at , as she’s so strangely particular, now feel sort of betrayed as it is not her who’s been updating the site. No info, nothing about her passing, it’s just business as usual. This is so wrong whoever is behind it.

    1. Thank you. It’s not unusual for the media to carry on promoting horoscopes (and publishing a ghost writer’s work) when an astrologer has passed. I agree with you. I’d rather this was Mystic Meg and not a face and name. She was a real person with brilliant originality and insight. I’ve made stipulations in my own will that I’m not to be represented after my passing!

  8. So much to learn here! Thank you.
    One of the things l learned here is about the Mercury shadow zone, which this time ends June 1st. Interesting to me is that the US default date has been moved from June 1st to June 5th. I makes me wonder… hmmm… And also hopeful that a resolution will be something elegant and good for the world.


    1. Oh, that’s good. The date has been moved past Mercury’s turning day – much better. By all the laws of astrology, whatever comes of this will deliver hope, growth and expansion for the US economy and consequently the world. We don’t know why yet, Melody.

  9. Hello Jessica, just letting you know that I spied Father Benedictus in the Astrology of Bitcoin blog from 9th of Feb 2021. Wonder what is he trying to tell us there? Haha

    1. You have to be joking. Something really odd is happening on my website. I keep on having to reset my password, for example. And now Father Benedictus is haunting an old story on Bitcoin? (Races over to check). Thank you. I do think this must be relevant to the monarchy, though. Could this be abdication followed by invalidation, or invalidation followed by abdication?

  10. Re Charles III and the legality of his marriage to Camilla, and why The Queen didn’t attend the wedding… my thoughts are, and always have been, that the fact that they weren’t married by the Church was a problem for a King – to- be. The legal advice was probably for them to marry again in the Church- that “blessing” they had means nothing. Yet they did not – so Charles technically shouldn’t have been crowned. Something tells me that they found old ‘protocol’ or an old as dirt written rule for the RF somewhere that says if they aren’t married by the Church, they can’t be The king/queen. You know how the king/queen is also the Head of the Church….

    1. Thank you. I will write a feature on this before The Conscious Cafe as I will be talking about the Uncoronation and how this new South Node in Libra cycle will bring it to public attention. The marriage between Charles and Camilla was controversial at the time and historians and legal experts were divided, as you know. The document regarding same was sealed by PM Tony Blair not to be unsealed until Charles III was dead. Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh did not attend the town hall wedding and although Camilla and Charles were blessed afterwards the actual nuptials did not involve the Church of England as you also know. This may explain why The Daily Telegraph in London noted that Camilla had a further ‘wedding’ to Charles actually at the Coronation with that ring on her finger. Yet it still doesn’t work. Technically neither of them were crowned King and Queen according to Anglican doctrine and the United Kingdom laws on monarchs. I’d say Charles III knows this very well which is why there is no crown on his head on the stamps (first time any monarch has appeared without one) nor on the coins. So it was an Uncoronation. Classic Mercury Retrograde. Charles III announced the date on Mercury Retrograde and then the actual ceremony was delivered on another Mercury Retrograde. The kicker is the eclipse in Scorpio the day before, his sign, opposite the Sun in Taurus, our late Queen’s sign. Her Majesty announced Camilla would be Queen Consort but not ‘Queen Camilla’ and there’s the rub. When Charles dies the papers will be unsealed and the truth will come out. At no point has any journalist or author ever found evidence that the Roman Catholic church gave Andrew Parker-Bowles an annulment so Mrs Parker Bowles, as the Queen referred to her, may still have been married when she wed Charles. Catholics do not accept divorce. An annulment is notoriously hard to get and it can take a long time. As Andrew’s second marriage was also outside the church, it seems likely that he wasn’t given that get-out and so he had to resort to a registry office too. Finally, remember Father Benedictus, the ghost who appeared on television at Westminster Abbey? The Roman Catholic who married Andrew and Camilla was a Benedictine. Strange but true. I’d say the ghost objected to what was going on with the new ring!

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