Read Your Astrology Chart in 5 Minutes

How to read your astrology chart in five minutes with Tarot using Adele as an example.

How can you pull the most important features out of an astrology chart in five minutes? The trick is using the Tarot and exact aspects. As a Premium Member you will have a neat list of all your chart factors. That’s step one. The Tarot is step two. In this example I will look at Adele in her horoscope and in the cards.

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110 Responses

  1. This is pretty cool Jessica to read in a few mins…. I saw a number of 5 Valcano in Sag, Uranus in Virgo, ACS in Sag and DESC in Gemini. What does ASC and DESC stand for. I looked up the essentials and could not see a definition/description. I pulled the Sun tarot card after that. Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you, as always.

    1. Thank you. ASC is Ascendant and DESC is Descendant. That’s odd they are not in Essentials. I will fix that. Thank you for letting me know. So taking the pattern apart, your work, unpaid work or university career (Virgo) is habitually disrupted by sudden and unexpected events which result in you having to make quite radical changes. The result is always more freedom and independence. This always alters your title, appearance or reputation as it stands abroad, with foreigners, in publishing, or in academia (Sagittarius Ascendant). You find that partners or opponents are drawn into this (Descendant) and the issues often revolve around the internet, the media or language differences – communication – computers (Gemini). It can be emotionally explosive, again in relation to foreigners and foreign places, in particular, or the worldwide web – but the emotion is controlled (Vulcano). The Sun card is usually about children, or people old enough to be your own children. A younger generation, or two younger generations.

      This card is telling you that the pattern has been expressed to date through your mentoring, guiding, tutoring, influencing that generation. It’s common to see it in the charts of teachers or parents who teach their children, informally. The Sagittarius horse is hidden in The Sun card and of course you have it twice, here.

      05° Virgo 08′ 27″ R
      05° Sagittarius 24′ 43″
      05° Gemini 24′ 43″
      05° Sagittarius 47′ 43″

  2. I have 18 Juno -Pisces
    18 MC – Pisces
    18 IC – Virgo
    18 Proseperina -Libra
    18 North Node – Sagittarius
    18 South Node – Gemini
    (Also have stellium in pisces and libra)
    I drew the King of Cups card. Im a complete novice at this….. however, my gut feeling in this instance is the The “King” was my Pa, who passed 25 years ago away due to alcoholism. As much as I have been trying not to think about him and the fractured relationship with my blood relatives …here I am.

    1. The King of Cups may have aspects of your father but actually this card is about you. This is your chart. Pisces is shown in the King of Cups if you look at the tiny fish details. Pisces rules alternative reality. Usually religion, so Hindu, Roman Catholic or Buddhist. Sometimes the rejection of God in favour of paganism, or the Tarot or even therapy – counselling – not a priest. It’s inward and introverted, insular and real to you but invisible to others. So your Tarot is telling you, a big part of you is remote, disconnected and lost in your own reality. The answer is always travel (Sagittarius, Gemini) which brings you back to people. In fact you can see a ship in the card which is a nice symbol of the short journeys of Gemini and long journeys of Sagittarius. None of the signs which you enquired about, regard your father. Your Pisces stellium is another clue; you can have all the escape artist tendencies of the sign and bob along quite contentedly but if you want to be reached, or to reach people and achieve closeness you have to leave the bubble and get on that ship. Virgo does in fact rule drugs and alcohol, but also prescribed drugs and the unreality of the King of Cups is never really helped with that, so your IC is showing here. That is actually your father (the IC or Immum Coeli shows your family roots). His story was very much about his body and what he did to it, and you have inherited that, but will be expressing it differently, of course. You’d still want to watch what you ingest though, as the King of Cups is holding substances and they tend to have a strong impact on his mood and his thinking.

  3. Thank you Jessica, this is brilliant! I have lots of zero degrees. I was just thinking of Adele two days ago as I seen her on TV! Synchronicity!
    0 Leo Asc
    0 Aquarius Des
    0 Mercury Capricorn,
    0 Hygiea Pisces,
    0 Saturn Cancer
    (Mars 1 Taurus?)

    I got the Empress card. Im still not quite sure how to read this. Thank you.

    1. You have an extreme 0 degree chart and the key to it is Saturn at 0 Cancer in the Fourth House of home, house, garden, home comforts. The Empress shows you how you are in your domestic world. Saturn in the Fourth House finds it hard to get away from home, the home town, the homeland, and can be surrounded by quite high walls or big barriers. The Empress is enclosed her. That is you. Hygiea in Pisces is very protective and cautious of her spirituality, religion, therapy, self-help, psychic ability and the inner life and this dovetails with The Empress who is in a bubble. Nobody can get into that without a great deal of effort. your Ascendant and Descendant rely on a strictly accurate birth time. If you really were born at 6.10pm then your image, as well as your relationships, emanate from this walled garden atmosphere. Mercury at 0 Capricorn is about making it in life. The Empress has made it. Just look at her.

  4. Not sure I totally understand this.
    08°  Leo 27′ 07″
    08°  Libra 53′ 14″
    08°  Sagittarius 51′ 38″

    I have 3 planets at 08° and I pulled the Seven of Wands.

    Can you help me decipher this?

    Thank you.

    1. The Seven of Wands is about you versus the group. Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House is the bedroom, courtship, pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers and young adults. You invite regular upheaval there and always find new freedom as a result of it – your path to independence is found through intimate relationships and the next generation. Tied into this is your wisdom about marriage, divorce, common law marriage, separation and partnership. This cannot be separated from your need for freedom from/through foreigners and foreign places. The card will be personal to you, regarding this. I don’t know why you have habitually battled groups of people regarding this. Sagittarius and the Ninth House is about academia, publishing and the worldwide web as well and this frequently involves foreigners. My suspicion would be that you have a pattern of resisting conformity and convention online or with the world of books and knowledge and find yourself divided there; this pulls in your relationships too, or younger faces.

  5. Please may you help me understand mine
    I have
    Juno 27° Cancer
    Hygeia 27° Gemini
    NorthNode 27° Scorpio
    SouthNode 27° Taurus
    And also these right next door:
    Uranus 28° Libra
    Chiron 28° Aries
    I drew the Queen of Pentacles –

    I also have

    Pluto 07° Libra
    Psyche 07° Gemini
    MC 07° Aquarius
    IC 07° Leo
    I also have these right next to it:
    Fortuna 08° Cancer
    Aesculapia 08° Leo
    Ceres 06° Gemini
    For this I drew the Ace of Swords

    Please may you help me interpret this?

    1. Thank you. You have drawn the Queen of Pentacles, or coins, so all your life will have money to invest, save, donate, or spend. You did this in your last lifetime. You may have been rich or poor, but your incarnation then was about the value of money. In this lifetime you are usually in a comfortable position and can afford to make leisurely decisions about how to spend it. This is Scorpio/Taurus and your nodes show reincarnation. This will be a huge choice for you when transiting Uranus goes to 27 Taurus, so by 2025 you will have a dramatic, quite revolutionary change in your life budget. The rabbit in the card is sex. Scorpio is also sex and money, so you again, have a lifetime challenge to figure out your relationships in the light of your bank account. The other patterns are important too but you’ve drawn one card for two. Draw one card for each.

  6. Hi Jessica, this is excellent. Verystraight-forward and helpful. The Tarot card I pulled is Justice. It’s a Libra-related card which makes sense given my stellium there. Is there anything to be mindful of relating to my 14, 15, 16 line-up or 3-4 pattern? Thank you.

    1. It’s a lifelong pattern. In fact it was there in childhood. Your Libra patterns are clearly shown in Justice, down to the scales. Always be aware of what you sign with other people. Marriage, in particular, and if it’s common-law marriage, find an opinion on that too. Professional partnership is another obvious area, as is any legacy naming you, and the legacy you make out to others. As a general theme in your life, a great deal of time and energy will go into preserving symmetry with the other side/the other person. There is also cosmic law. The laws of a higher power. That will often appear too.

  7. Thank you Jessica. This is pretty right on. In my profession, I am so connected with multiple generations including my own children and her friends. This so fits me. And, all the other factors about Virgo, Gemini etc… YOU ARE AMAZING!

  8. Hello Jessica,
    This is so interesting, thank you!
    In my chart, I have picked up 3 groups at the same degree and Pamela’s Tarot has bluntly brought me back to earth: the words “work”, “reality”, “action”, “effort” are recurring. Yes, I’m lazy and have a tendency of daydreaming, scattering my energies…But when I have a goal I’m tenacious. Most of the time I avoid taking action because I feel like what I write is crap for instance. I’ve learned not to judge myself radically and appreciate the little steps I make on a daily basis but it is still a constant inner fight… I sort of get paralyzed when I tackle the work which is the most meaningful to me (like most people I suppose). As for “dayjobs” I’m reliable and consistent (but also bored and your website provides a wonderful escape (!)); I’ve also been told that I’m a good teacher (private lessons, I need freedom).

    Mercury 23° Aries
    Saturn 23° Leo
    Ceres 23° Capricorn
    Tarot card The Hierophant
    I’m more familiar with “The Pope” in the Tarot de Marseille who is a bit similar except that he is more of teacher (“good” or “bad”).

    Pluto 14° Libra
    Apollo 14° Leo
    Uranus 14° Scorpio
    Perhaps Apollo is softening a bit that Uranus Pluto tension
    I drew The Page of Wands (don’t really like this one (!))

    Panacea 10° Virgo
    Ops 10° Virgo
    Salacia 10° Aquarius
    MC 10° Aries
    Knight of Wands (I love horses, a disoriented rider! Wands again (!))

    Also at the same degree
    NN / SN 04° Libra
    Jupiter 04° Cancer
    Doesn’t seem very promising…

    I would very much appreciate your comments if you’d like. I hope this is not too much of a bother.

    By the way, why do you never mention Lilith?

    I also wanted to say that when you wrote about Kurt Cobain in the article about Asteroïds I was very moved (I have made powerful dreams of him twice more than ten years apart…); he was a feminist you’re absolutely true! Few people really know that! I’ve read your interview; I like your question about his vocal performances and the humour touch. His health has been very critical all his life: chronic stomach problems, back problems, drugs on prescription since he was 8 because of his hyperactivity… I’m sure this shows in his chart. I really hope he is in Nirvana now.

    There is so much startling contrast between some of Cobain’s generation singers who’ve always put the music first (you report in the interview that he was still shockingly homeless in 1992 despite the absolute massive success of “Nevermind” …) and the 2.0 generation, I quote: Adele whose “… job is making money. Not necessarily singing!” Et oui…

    I really appreciate your instructive articles and the way you encourage your readers to be more autonomous and decipher their charts by themselves. I’m also very impressed by your capacity for hard work. I don’t know how you manage to publish so many articles and answer to so many people… What I like the most though is your generosity and kind soul towards people who need it the most (when you suggested magic mushrooms against depression to one of your desperate reader). It is also wonderful that you quote “pop” (popular) music so often… I think indeed that songs are so much more than songs…

    Take care

    1. Thank you. You are very kind with your compliments. I have a Virgo stellium and enjoy hard work. Starting from the top, The Hierophant is about Saturn (rules, restrictions, barriers) in Leo (the bedroom, courtship, pregnancy, children, young adults) in the Fifth House. Your life is dictated by authorities laying down the law on that. It may literally have been a Roman Catholic school or relative. The Hierophant is the Pope and the RC does not condone sex outside marriage. That is one example. The Page of Wands is again back to Leo and the Fifth House. A page is a much younger person. A nephew, niece, your own offspring, or someone you teach. Again, this is a lifelong pattern about the heirs to your throne. To whom do you pass the legacy of your knowledge? This page even looks like Apollo if you examine the art. The Knight of Wands is Virgo. Again this is a younger male. Either you teach your children/young relatives or you actually are a lifelong tutor, mentor or guide to a younger generation. Wands/Staves shows the internet, publishing, the media, education, academia. Finally, I do not use Lilith because she is not part of the Roman family tree that began with Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the rest. Astrology is a coherent system with its own inner logic and structure so Lilith, Sedna, Eris and the rest do not belong there. Nor does asteroid Zeus. Thank you.

  9. Hi Jessica – please help I’ve got stuck!
    I have
    27 MC in Capricorn
    27 IC in Cancer
    27 Apollo in Cancer
    27 Panacea in Aries
    I drew the Hanged Man which was – disconcerting.
    Is this something to do with fixing a family issue when I work out what the issue is???

    1. You’re not stuck, you’ve done this correctly. The card will show a lifetime pattern. You have correctly drawn The Hanged Man which is about two sides of the family tree. Mother’s side and father’s side. Cancer rules the family. In fact you have been quite psychic here as the Hanged Man shows a T shape. Look at the card and you will see it. And you were born with a T Square of the cardinal signs; Capricorn, Cancer, Aries. Your lifetime quest is to free yourself from being stuck, which you actually say in your first sentence, and sort out your family loyalties and life direction according to the family. For some reason either the immediate nuclear family pulls you in two different directions, or your mum’s side/dad’s side does that. Sometimes it’s just geography.

  10. Hi Jessica, What to do with two groups of multiples? I drew the Queen of Cups. Thank you!
    Saturn 26 Aries
    Aesculapia 26 Taurus
    Panacea 26 Capricorn
    Vulcano 26 Pisces

    Neptune 28 Scorpio
    ASC 28 Aquarius
    DSC 28 Leo
    Salacia 28 Capricorn

    1. I don’t think I’ve explained this feature very well as you are the third person to do this backwards. I’ll go back and rewrite it. The idea is to pick one pattern and draw one card. You are in any case picking your pattern at 28 here. The Descendant at 28 Leo is about courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, children, and young adults. It is also about partners in relation to that. Neptune at 28 Scorpio is about sexual and financial relationships – typically marriage and mortgage. There is a lifelong tendency to want escapism not reality here. To go for the bubble and not the hard edges of what is real. Sometimes it works out; sometimes it doesn’t. There are huge questions here about being a parent/not being a parent and long-term, about who the heirs to your throne will be. Godchildren? Nieces? Ongoing please always get a professional to check paperwork with partners, family, inheritance, wills, legacies so that the boundaries are clear. Don’t do an Aretha Franklin and write it down and have it found under the sofa!

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I have some patterns, but not quite sure which one is the dominant.
    03 Venus Scorpio
    03 Juno Sagittarius
    27 Chiron Cancer
    27 Vesta Taurus
    27 Apollo Virgo
    11 Jupiter Leo
    11 MC Cancer
    11 IC Capricorn
    I got the “Two of swords” card.

    If you can help me to figure out or any insights would be appreciated and thank you for the post and everything that you share. Best regards.

    1. You’ve done this back to front so I have to work back to front – the idea is to start with the pattern then ask the cards to explain the pattern. The Two of Swords is about you, presuming you are a woman, figuring out sexual and financial relationships. That is Scorpio. This is a lifelong pattern and always pulls in decisions about staying or going; travelling or emigrating; relocating. That is Juno in Sagittarius. You also have the sign Cancer showing in other patterns, which is always about ‘home or away?’ Whenever this pattern in your chart is triggered you have decisions to make about where you belong and with whom.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Which cluster do you think are the most relevant? I drew the Queen of Pentacles.
    24 Neptune
    24 pluto
    24 acs
    24 desc
    25 venus

    Jupiter 8
    Saturn 8
    Juno 7
    Panacea 7

    Queen of Pentacles

    Chiron 13
    Mars 14
    Diana 14

    Fortune 6
    Sun 6

    Thank you for you insight.


    1. The idea is to start with the pattern, then find a Tarot card which shows the pattern. So you’ve not done that, but working backwards, if you had the Queen of Pentacles, that is Scorpio and/or Taurus because Pentacles are money, and so are those signs. You have a whopping Taurus stellium in the Second House of finance, insurance, charity, business, property, banking, retail and collecting. So go to the pile-up at 13, 14 degrees and that’s it. This combination of symbols is about drive, experimentation, independence and control. This is a major story in your life in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026. You will be transforming your life budget. Money is great and you have choices to make about it, but your sex life also demands attention even though it’s not on your radar. Life budgets!

  13. Dear Jessica,
    I know, that you are thousands of unanswered questions, but help me please. I am a premium member almost 8 years, and do not ask too often, but now, I really need your help and advice. On the horoscope of mine of 22-23rd July 2023 because of the transits I see a twelwe-pointed star emerging made of three grand crosses all at 29 degrees (or in orb) made of all squares, all my planets and the nodes arguing each other, full of oppositions inside the squares, the squares affects all of my houses, full of red lines, thats crazy. All of my planets and points are attacked by transits. I have not found anything about twelwe pointed stars on the internet, as an astrological symbol, perhaps because of that is so awful…. And I have even two Yods pointing to my Sun and Venus from my 29 degree Saturn (and Regulus) and my 27 degree Jupiter, and the Yod’s sensitive point there is also at 29 degree in Cancer… What does it mean? I know, you do not use Yods, but I am sure, that you know so much more about them, than me. It seems to me, as my whole life would crash on me, a very very hard and difficult way. Have I some hope with the trine between South Node, ASC and Sun conj Pluto? Or is is too wide orb and does not matter? I cannot see any planetary help here …. so sad. What will become of this? There will be two eclipses in the autumn. Is this full stuff carmic and nothing to do with it? How could I get on with it? Which will be the hardest days? What to expect? How to survive this? What kind of story is this about? I do not know, help me enlighten this please. Thank you for your answer in advance. Sorry for my long letter.

    Sun 26° Capricorn 38′ 03″
    Moon 07° Taurus 45′ 48″
    Mercury 03° Capricorn 51′ 38″
    Venus 25° Capricorn 24′ 05″
    Mars 03° Leo 34′ 11″ R
    Jupiter 27° Gemini 56′ 13″ R
    Saturn 29° Leo 21′ 48″ R
    Uranus 15° Scorpio 53′ 42″
    Neptune 17° Sagittarius 16′ 41″
    Pluto 16° Libra 41′ 41″
    Chiron 01° Taurus 07′ 29″
    Juno 05° Capricorn 14′ 18″
    Vesta 23° Scorpio 05′ 24″
    Ceres 23° Sagittarius 32′ 48″
    MC 28° Virgo 53′ 35″
    IC 28° Pisces 53′ 35″
    ASC 05° Sagittarius 18′ 05″
    DESC 05° Gemini 18′ 05″
    Diana 17° Scorpio 38′ 45″
    Fortuna 14° Capricorn 25′ 19″
    Minerva 21° Aries 21′ 53″
    Bacchus 03° Pisces 44′ 18″
    Apollo 06° Virgo 26′ 33″ R
    Aesculapia 29° Capricorn 30′ 52″
    Hygeia 07° Sagittarius 38′ 42″
    Panacea 24° Virgo 14′ 16″ R
    Ops 25° Virgo 43′ 11″
    Salacia 08° Aquarius 43′ 37″

    1. Thank you. I don’t work with yods or stars. I will look at what matters most in the chart, given the transits of the slow-moving outer planets, which affect you most, ongoing. We allow up to one degree’s orb, or a one degree difference, in modern astrology. Pluto is currently retrograde at 29 Capricorn so anything at 28 and 29 degrees is picked up in 2023 and for patches of 2024. You were born with Saturn at 29 Leo. A symbol of restriction and barriers in the house of bedroom, courtship, babies, children and young adults. This is in lockstep with Aesculapia actually at 29 Capricorn. The symbol of revival and comeback in the house of career, academia and unpaid vocation. We normally find this in the charts of teachers. If your birth time is strictly accurate then the MC (Midheaven) at 28 Virgo and IC (Immum Coeli) at 28 Pisces reveal your peak achievement will be in service to others; doing your duty (Virgo) and that you come from a family where one relative or ancestor was religious (say, a priest or Rabbi). All of this would work together in your chart to produce recurring patterns, which only you know. If your time is not absolutely accurate don’t use the MC or IC, but do look at the impact of Pluto on your career, academic career or unpaid role for the rest of the year. You can find more about him on Search or in your flipbooks here.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    This is such an insightful article! But I’m still no good at interpreting the cards. I have 9 degree the most in my chart..
    Mc/Ic – 9 Leo/Aquarius
    North/south node – 9 Taurus/Scorpio
    Vulcano – 9 Aries

    I pulled the two of cups….I see the Leo sign above the two people which resonates with the 5th house of Children- my two girls are the centre of my world. I do hope I can purchase the big country house one day which will feather my children’s nest when I am gone. I have a Libra stellium and value the relationship between my Taurus husband, we have created so much together through all our tribulations and trials. I cannot place Vulcano….determination to follow my Taurus North Node path?
    The Aesculapia sign in the two of cups is at 5 degrees Gemini in my chart which pairs off with Venus in Virgo at 5 degrees….so maybe that is a different story and not tied in with the 9 degree theme?

    How long did it take you to learn the cards Jessica?

    All the best x

    1. You have read your Tarot correctly. The lion in the Two of Cups is Leo and you have your MC at 9 Leo in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, babies, children and young adults – the younger generation. Your girls are the centre of your world. You are happily married to a Taurus man. Scorpio rules sexual and financial relationships, usually marriage and mortgage. It also rules the legacy you leave to your daughters in old age. You can fill in the other gaps. But you got it right.

  15. Very interesting to do this. I selected the pattern around 11 degrees in my chart – 11 Gem Hygeia (3rd house), 11 Virgo Pluto (6th), 11 Scorpio MC (8th), 11 Taurus IC (2nd) and included 12 Taurus Jupiter (2nd) and 10 Pisces Vesta (12th). I drew the Knight of Pentacles. I think of this card as ‘a bloke with cash’ and then I read the interpretation on your website and in the Pamela’s Tarot book. So I read this as about earned money and the need to negotiate around this. ‘This card classically turns up when a man has a set price in his head but gives nothing away, hoping to get a bargain from you.’ Yes: I’ve certainly encountered this in my working life! And not necessarily involving a man either, the bargain being ‘work for nothing/ little return’ and taking on extra, challenging my routine, because I’m nice and want to people please. Vesta in the 12th might have something to do with this. Grew up in a family where boys were prized. MC in 8th house suggests a peak achievement in relation to sexual/financial relationships, so being more discerning in the negotiations by having my own price in mind and my non-negotiable values.

    1. That’s good. You are drilling down into a lifetime of patterns. The Knight of Pentacles is a recurring character. And always the question – how do I negotiate this? Any time you have transits at 11 degrees it will trigger the cycle. Watch Jupiter at 11 Taurus. That should help you save or make money.

  16. Sorry… I forgot this cluster (too quick to send)!

    Cupido 25 Virgo
    Panacea 25 Cancer
    Aesculapia 26 Capricorn
    Apollo 26 Taurus
    Vesta 26 Pisces
    Card: Eight of Wands

    1. The Eight of Wands is the group that will land in a heap, or fall together and reassemble. This is a lifelong pattern with collectives, teams, clubs, societies and so on. The signs don’t make sense to me, as groups are Aquarius. I will double-check your chart. Sure enough you have a Minerva 1 Aquarius and Salacia 1 Aquarius conjunction which you’ve not listed. In fact you have a pile-up at 0, 1 degrees with those two Aquarian factors in your Eleventh House of friends and communities. Using the Eight of Wands you can now decode this lifetime pattern. Thank you.

  17. Okay that’s a lot…
    I have 03 deg at all of these Taurus-Juno, Aquarius-Proserpina, Leo-Cupido, Saggitarius-NthNode, Gemini SthNode… this is going to take some looking into.. the next biggest is x 4 signs at 12deg, (Aries, Gem, Sag & Taurus) then the rest are two and ones… But I have Stelliums in Aries, Aquarius, and Taurus (6, 5 & 4 respectively).. So basically I am everything! This needs a deeper look…

  18. This is really interesting, thank you for breaking the astrology chart readings down for us! I looked at my chart and I have patterns at 11, 13, and 18 degrees, but I picked the 13 degree pattern for the Tarot, where I have
    North Node (Taurus) 13 degrees
    South Node (Scorpio) 13 degrees
    Fortuna (Sagittarius) 13 degrees
    Chiron (Gemini) 13 degrees

    I drew the Knight of Cups tarot card in regards to how I have expressed this pattern thus far. It’s interesting as this card reminds me of Sagittarius themes of travel and emigration, but I haven’t done that. Is there anything else this card might represent with this pattern?

    Thank you again!

    1. Thank you. You are a woman so this isn’t you. The Knight of Cups is a man, younger than you, coming to meet you, or travelling, relocating or emigrating – so going towards other people. This is Scorpio South Node, because he is your son, nephew, godson (perhaps) or a repeated feature of your sex life – a younger man on the move. Scorpio rules legacy, mortgage, inheritance, wills and so the bigger picture of financial and familial relationships, but also financial or property-based sexual relationships. So you picked that up in your Tarot card.

  19. Hi Jessica, Just became a member and so you can see my chart.

    My DOB is 8/28/77 and born on a full moon, which means I see things that others likely don’t.

    Brief Summary: I have been involved with ongoing litigation from 2013 to present day or more than 10 years. I already had a trial and won in 2017. But, the current litigation is big as it exposes corporate corruption through various companies, law enforcement (yes the police unfortunately) and the systemic breakdown of government. These parties are so interconnected with one another, and they have unlimited resources. These parties obviously want it to make sure the retaliation, harassment and the other things they are doing to me and my family goes on forever.

    The best description of my situation is what’s going on with Trump, as he still has so many interconnected people in and out of gov’t and supporters/acolytes helping him remain in the public, even with the overwhelming evidence against him.

    I have a few questions:
    1. Although, my evidence is beyond overwhelming, the various parties and ongoing illegal activities by them make me still ask – will I finally prevail against these parties in my litigation and afterwards?

    2. When is this litigation going to end? 2023? More than 10 years is a very long time, and I am hoping its soon as possible so I can finally move on with my life.

    I have followed you on Twitter and you did say a few things that resonated with me and likely many others across the world:

    1. “Libra weather” and Justice and going back from 18-19 years. Well, what better way to get “Justice” than “Justice” itself finally going after the same people they once didn’t want to go after or acknowledging their own systemic breakdowns. I am hoping that this what this Libra weather means for me and people like me as I know there are quite a few out there but haven’t made these connections or don’t know about astrology.

    2. The” Pluto in Capricorn reentering on 6/11/23” means the ends of most dictators such as Trump, Putin and the rest of these type of bad actors to humanity. Well, the parties involved against me are in the same high-level positions and hopefully they also fit in this same pool that you were referring too.

    3. I believe you alluded to this very important point – but may have been missed by most people that have been following you. Which is that the evidence against Trump, Putin, the bad actors which includes similar like bad actors in my situation and others people all across the world. That once these bad actors are further publicly exposed, it becomes too much for the public including their own supporters to accept and that’s end of them finally.

    Or another words: astrology moving against these bad actors that have spent years or decades engaging in malicious actions + secrets being exposed = the end for them and their acolytes.

    You have mentioned this with Epstein, Maxwell and other secrets being exposed. But these secrets being exposed are connected to the same bad actors ranging from Trump, Putin to even my situation and so many others that is directly connected to the astrology you have been speaking of for years – the “Pluto in and out of Capricorn and now the “Libra weather” just further highlights your points.

    4. You did mention you are taking questions for your upcoming online session. Hopefully, you chose my question as it just further highlights the power of following, listening, understanding and connecting the dots with great work you do for all of us each day.

    Thank you!

    1. I’m afraid after all that, you are not logged in, so I cannot see a chart here. But you’re a Virgo. So you have transiting Neptune in your Seventh House of opponents. The Seventh House is ruled by Libra in the zodiac – the scales of justice. Neptune is about confused and confusing situations. You also have Saturn in the Seventh House, since March, so the pair of them are there in 2023, 2024, 2025. You’ve given 10 years of your life to this, which is the length of that Neptune transit I’ve mentioned. For your reference, both are in Pisces. I would use the Tarot to cut through this question quickly. Just follow the steps. Log in to use the Premium version please.

  20. “ There is also cosmic law. The laws of a higher power. That will often appear too.” Yes they have, including work-related, at particular points in time. Amazing Jessica. Thank you.

  21. Dear. jessica…I have always been curious about the repeating numbers in my horoscope. Finally, I can find out their meaning! The repeating number in my chart is 23 degrees.
    Jupiter 23° pisces// panacea 23° aquarius// Vulcano 23° aries// ASC 23° sagittarius// dsc 23° gemini
    After checking the stars, I drew the card of the “Queen of Wands”. I resonate with the writings about cats and sunflowers. Could you please provide more deteil to me?

    Thank you~~~~:)

    1. The Queen of Wands is your 23 Gemini/23 Sagittarius placement at the heart of a wider pattern. Assuming you are a woman, you are here to use your way with words (Gemini) to reach an audience or readership (Sagittarius) either formally educating them (Sagittarius) or informally contributing to their knowledge pool (Gemini) via Zoom (Gemini) or the media, internet, publishing – as well as the classroom or lecture theatre. You have found personal connections with cats and sunflowers, which shows you how Tarot works.

  22. Dear Jessica
    This is a really interesting take on chart patterns and what they may mean and how to work with them.
    I have some deep concerns about one area of my chart separate from my Sun Capricorn and heavy Capricorn stellium headlines:- North Node 7 Virgo Pluto 7 Virgo South Node 7 Pisces Ceres 7 Pisces Currently for some time under transit by Saturn 7 Pisces both direct and retrograde and with other chart factors Venus Pisces and Fortuna Virgo in the mix.

    As a “grounding” question I drew the “Queen of Cups” which does seem right as I have been knocked very hard with a new diagnosis of an auto immune condition so feel “all at sea” and also concerned about the serious drug treatment I will need to undergo now.
    So then asking “how I can play (or work) this chart position and especially with regard to illness” I drew “The Star” and not really understanding how to interpret this in the context of my question. Jessica, do you have any thoughts on this as I would be so grateful. I feel worried about the Pluto-Ceres opposition and their links with the Nodes and struggling with this Uranus style life upside down event. Also wanting to understand the impact of Saturn transit conjunct my South Node and Ceres at this exact time it all seems very hard work and the illness is definitely going to cause restrictions in my life as well as limitation.
    Thank you and hope you can shed some light.
    regards EF

    1. Pisces is your clue here as the Queen of Cups is all at sea, surrounded by fish. You are doing a lot of Tarot card readings and should just stick to one card, as per the instructions. You have a pattern at 7 Virgo, Pisces and as you know, Saturn has transited at 7 Pisces. That’s your entire answer, including the auto immune condition and drug treatment. Do you know about the Virgo-Pisces link in astrology? The Twelfth House of the unconscious mind and Sixth House of health feed off each other. As children we learn that being ill gets us time off school. Very early on this idea that being sick means getting out of homework and schoolwork, is shown to us. Virgo is as much about paid work, unpaid work, housework, study as it is about being unwell. So your first port of call should be finding out what your condition gets you out of. There may be a part of you, ignored or buried, which very much wants to get out of something. Finding out what and dumping it without needing to be ill, is often a solution that readers have found. They are unwell, finally face up to a work matter, do something about it, then start to recover. This may not be true at all for you but it is worth repeating. The Queen of Cups is out of touch with reality. She does not know what to do with an odd relationship. Her past pregnancies, no matter if they came to term or not, are part of her history. She is unaware of them but they matter. She is a picture of Virgo-Pisces actually. As you read in the interpretation, the trick is to get real and get back on terra firma. I am sorry you have had this diagnosis EF but given your extreme opposition chart, reckon you could read up on Virgo, Pisces, Twelfth House, Sixth House and start to figure things out for yourself then go from there.

  23. Thank you very much Jessica, your comment is a real beautiful gift!
    Happy Birthday in advance Dear Lioness!

  24. Dear Jessica,

    Finally, the light of understanding shines on me with your lesson about the degrees of a planet in one’s chart! I have always focused on the stelliums since you pointed them out on my birth chart: Libra (8) Scorpio(6) and Cancer(5). And this group feels right as in my mind it reflects correctly on how I live, think, move: my interpretation of these stelliums is this–Libra intellect/Scorpio sensuality, sexuality/Cancer depth of feeling. And now comes this degrees story to add to my basis of knowledge of Self!!

    19% Jupiter/Taurus
    19% MC/Libra
    19% IC IC/Aries
    19% North Node/Aquarius
    19% South Node/Leo

    And now comes the one Tarot card I pulled: The World!! Everything written about this card applies to how I move in the world!

    Jessica, you are my North Star! At any degree.

    1. Thank you Anya. The Taurus and Leo symbols in the card for The World show a bull and lion in each corner, so your card has matched your pattern here quite literally.

  25. Hi Jessica! Absolutely love your posts, thanks for this one as well! I pulled the Knight of Cups for my natal chart tarot card and it hit the nail on the head, in many ways. I left my home country for my ex who lived in another one only to have the relationship fail. Then came my second relationship and there too it failed and brought a lot of turmoil and heartache as the first one. Now I’m onto my third and so far so good but it feels like I’ve had this non-stop searching for “the one” who fits me emotionally more than anything else and having been disappointed every time (except with my current boyfriend who is the first to match the emotional part). Has my life been my searching for a knight out of a fairytale that doesn’t exist? I’m trying to understand the card more but a bit stuck. The Aquarius symbol and Pisces symbol resonates as my recent ex is an Aquarius and my current beau is a Pisces.

    1. Thank you. If you go back to the original interpretation of the card, which I expand on in Pamela’s Tarot in your online library, it is always about a younger man meeting you halfway. He always does so on a journey. There is no ‘one’ but a prototype of men who are sincere, have a lot to give and are willing to try. Mercury 22 Libra, Jupiter 22 Libra will deliver that for you. That is the pattern. Neptune at 22 Sagittarius completes it. Libra is sexual partnership. Sagittarius is travel and tourism, relocation and emigration. You suit a long-distance relationship or a relationship where your boyfriend or husband goes away and comes back a lot.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    This is so fascinating !! I have quite a few patterns
    5 planets at 4 degrees at Pluto Virgo, Neptune Scorpio, Mercury Sagittarius, Juno Libra, Minerva Aquarius. I pulled queen of pentacles am recently divorced which is Libra and am with a new partner, Scorpio relates to sex and money, I am having problems with sex, with my new partner he is having medical help. Everything was fine in the beginning.The card relates to sex and money. Have I read this card right or is there more. I also have a career which relates to Virgo.
    3 planets at 9 degrees at Vesta Leo, Apollo Libra, Panacea Capricorn. I drew page of wands am not sure what it means. Leo, Libra and Capricorn all relate to me. Children, bedroom, divorce, partners, achievement in career.
    I also have 12 Jupiter Scorpio and Vulcano Gemini have not pulled a card yet.
    Also 15 sun Scorpio and 15 Proserpina Pisces not drawn a card.
    Finally 18 Fortuna Sagittarius and Ceres Libra not drawn a card.
    Thanks Jessica this is all so interesting. Your help would be appreciated!!

    1. Thank you. The Queen of Pentacles is you, because you are a woman. There is a longer interpretation in Pamela’s Tarot in your library here. This is a Scorpio card because she has money, but sex appears in the corner (the rabbit). I am sorry your partner is having medical help and of course this affects your sex life. Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House leads the pattern at 4 and 5 degrees. You can find out more about Neptune, Scorpio and the Eighth House on Search or again, in your flipbook library. What you have been going through is about the house or apartment, the joint bank account if you have one, paying the bills, owning the possessions – but you cannot ignore libido. This cycle with the South Node in Scorpio ends on 18th July and will relate to the person you were with 18 or 19 years prior – perhaps your former husband.

  27. Jessica, this is so intriguing! I love your perspectives and approach. I am curious if I am interpreting this correctly: Among my patterns I have:
    – at 21 degrees: Moon in Aries, Vulcano in Leo and Mars in Gemini – and pulled the Ace of Swords
    – at 22 degrees: Jupiter in Aries, Diana in Aquarius, N/S Nodes in Scorpio/Taurus and drew the Ten of Cups
    I see the 21 degree cluster indicating my efforts to communicate with the spiritual side of life and expand my quantum understanding and reach that clear channel, possible if I focus and believe, and push beyond those around me who may not understand.
    I see the 22 degree cluster indicating my courage and confidence in the above effort, and my future (North Node Scorpio) reaching beyond the material career I have established in interior design, independently, and more towards the spiritual side of life – and that this can bring me happiness.
    Sort of an encouragement to continue with my spiritual interests? Now feels like a huge transformation and transition to me, and it’s a bit challenging.
    Thanks so much for such provocative topics and information!

    1. Thank you. The Ten of Cups tells you this is about money and property, with your nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. Here we have a couple and two children looking at a house and land. So your pattern is led by the lunar nodes in the finance and real estate signs. Not much spiritual here, but you are an interior designer so the clue is the beautiful home and garden. This may belong to you, or belong to other people, but over your lifetime you could have both rewards. The rainbow is really about ‘all stripes’ and that is your Diana in Aquarius as you are a free spirit, around communities and the rainbow is of course the international symbol of gay, lesbian and bisexual people. That is the higher message of the card. Two women can marry and welcome their godchildren or young relatives into a family home as much as straight couples. That’s just one small example.

  28. Jessica, this is fantastic – if you understand how to make sense of it. I drew the Knight of Swords, and have the following at 19 degrees:

    Moon in Aries
    Uranus in Scorpio
    Bacchus in Scorpio
    Cupido in Scorpio

    I would appreciate any light you can shed on how I should understand this. Thank you!

    1. The Knight of Swords is in your family tree or you may be married to him/have been married to him. He is forever young. Scorpio rules family property and money, but also marital finance – and sexual and fiscal relationships. He puts you on the attack or defence, because your Moon in Aries is involved. So you battle it out with him, or perhaps against him. This is a lifetime theme so it may have been your brother when you were younger, for example, or it may be a younger partner for you as an adult. Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House is about great change, very suddenly, so this aspect of your life (the house, the bank account, the flat, the business) is prone to passing tempests when everything is blown sideways. You can see the tree in the card – this is your family tree – with various branches being shaken up.

  29. Hi Jessica, this is a great post. I have Moon 8 Venus 7 Pisces and Jupiter 7 Saturn 8 Libra. I picked the Page of Cups, which seems quite relevant. I have a Stellium in Pisces.

    1. The Page of Cups is always younger than you, so this is a godson, son, nephew or a symbol of a younger male demographic or target market in your work. The Moon is your maternal instinct and Venus is about mother-son relationships, her son being Cupid. Saturn in Libra is about marriage, sexual partnership and co-parenting. So, for whatever reason, the Tarot is talking to you about this boy or young adult male.

  30. Hi Jessica! This approach is fascinating! But I’m not very good at determining the meaning of it with the Tarot Card I pulled. Your insight would be appreciated! Thanks again for your wonderful website. – Cynthia

    I somehow feel group of planets at 07 degrees and those at 29 degrees are the most prominent in my life but I don’t understand why that is. I also have stelliums in Leo, Virgo, Libra, & Sagittarius.

    1. Uranus 07° Leo
    2. Saturn 07° Sagittarius R
    3. Diana 07° Sagittarius
    4. Bacchus 07° Sagittarius

    1. Pluto 29° Leo
    2. Jupiter 29° Virgo
    3. Neptune 29° Libra
    • (Mars 28° Leo)
    Tarot Card: QUEEN OF CUPS

    1. NorthNode 15° Scorpio R
    2. Moon 15° Sagittarius
    3. SouthNode 15° Taurus R
    Tarot Card: QUEEN OF SWORDS

    1. Psyche 22° Virgo
    2. IC 22° Scorpio
    3. MC 22° Taurus
    Tarot Card: THREE OF CUPS

    1. Those are exact, or nearly exact patterns which will be with you all your life, Cynthia. The Eight of Pentacles is about working hard for the money and churning out projects, plans or products. I would assume your career involves Leo or Sagittarius matters, so a younger generation or foreigners. The second pattern is partly in Virgo so I think you were actually reading the second pattern with the first card. In any case the Queen of Cups is your lifelong pattern in love and sex, which is to end up with relationships which are puzzling and unique, like a Rubik’s Cube you have to solve. Neptune in Libra is about the need to get real. To ground yourself and any relationship so that you can find a place for it, and yourself, where it belongs – rather than feeling all at sea about it. The Queen of Swords is fixed, firm and final and you in fact have your nodes in the fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio. You do not budge and there are no blurred lines. You are skilled at boundaries. The Three of Cups is about the harvest and potential productivity and profit of Taurus, as experienced in a smaller group. Again this is a recurring lifetime pattern.

  31. Hi Jessica – thank for this, astrology is so cool especially paired with tarot!

    I have 10 sets of repeating degrees and pulled the Star card! With all these factors I’m not quite sure how to make sense of it. The Star card feels like an anointing.

    23 Saturn/Libra
    23 Aesculapia/Scropio
    22 Hygeia/Virgo
    22 Fortuna/Aries
    27 Vulcano/Capricorn
    27 Chiron/Taurus
    10 Moon/Taurus
    10 Mars/Sag
    01 Uranus/Sag
    01 Apollo/Leo
    04 Ceres/Sag
    04 Venus/Libra
    24 Neptune/Sag
    24 ASC/Cancer
    24 Des/Capricorn
    12 MC/Aries
    12 IC/Libra
    12 Jupiter/Scorp
    00 Bacchus/Libra
    00 Juno/Cap

    1. The Star card is telling you that Vesta in Aquarius is the most important pattern here, at 11 Aquarius trine your Sun at 11 Libra in the sign of sexual relationships. In fact the blonde woman in The Star is a water bearer. Aquarius. You have a lifelong pattern of being drawn towards groups, or groups are drawn towards you, and there are always questions about the male-female chemistry in these circles and how the two sexes deal with each other, in the community or collective. Have a look at Aquarius and the Eleventh House in your life as this theme is important. You’ve not followed the steps here, so won’t get a clear result. What you actually should have done was draw a card for each pattern. For some reason you’ve done everything at once, but the Tarot has told you ‘Focus on Vesta in Aquarius.’ Perhaps because it’s about the way you express your sexuality.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    I’m very new to astrology, but have listened to the past couple of your lectures and have been avidly reading/studying all I can. My natal chart has multiple astroids and 4 stelliums (perhaps 3 YODs – Finger of God?). Do you do any lectures/trainings on YODs? I’m attempting to understand my natal chart as I believe I am a generational cycle breaker (the lecture prior that Christian König presented on Babylonian Astrology – if I mapped it correctly, I am going directly through the horns of the bull- and would love to get a hold of him, if I could as well). Just by the little bit of studying I’ve done has done wonders in my healing process. Would love to be able to figure it all out and perhaps help others.
    Thank you for any guidance,

    1. Thank you KaraLyn. I don’t actually know Christian, but I am sure you can find him and perhaps book a consultation. I also don’t use Yods. I do look for patterns which are striking and unusual. You have Mercury and Jupiter at 17 Gemini in a conjunction in the Third House of siblings, cousins, writing, speech, short journeys and the neighbourhood. Even as a child you were developing your vocabulary through a brother, sister or cousin and no doubt enjoyed the local scene with all the characters in your street. You will have your Jupiter Return once Jupiter goes into Gemini, after May 2024 and by June 2025 will have enjoyed a huge opportunity to revisit your childhood or teenage self, but as an adult. This new chapter of expansion may well involve a brother, sister or cousin. It will certainly involve your way with words, images and ideas. Mercury rules Gemini as I am sure you know, so the conjunction in that sign confirms you will always find your greatest growth through the worldwide web, the media, publishing, academia and/or education. Another terrific chapter is coming.

  33. Hi Jessica, thank you for all the articles you write. They are always so interesting.I have
    25 moon Gemini
    25 mars Taurus
    25 Vesta Aquarius
    I drew the card Eight of wands
    Can you tell me what this means for me.

    1. This is about your Vesta at 25 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, where you have a pattern of attracting one male, and two or more females. Try not to compete with the females. Join them against him. Much easier.

      This is an Eleventh House or Aquarius card as it shows a group of ideas, a community of plans, a collection of concepts. Look to transits of the Eleventh House, or transiting Uranus, which rules Aquarius, or just a fleeting stellium in Aquarius, the sign of the water-bearer. An Aquarius in Rome was the man who supplied the Roman baths with water. He gave the community or group what it needed. This sign inevitably shows up with this card.

      Will everything fall in a heap or are we looking at this card the wrong way? Perhaps they are falling upwards and will be caught by their creators, or other innovators and inventors, to be built into something practical. No barn was ever raised, nor holiday log cabin built, without construction. For that, it helps if everything is whole, with a soft landing, in the same place. Bits and pieces are not useful and neither is a scattering or randomness about direction. The phrase ‘picking up the pieces’ after a messy descent by a group, household, band, political party and so on, can refer to the situation suggested by this card.

      Ideas, theories and thoughts are ‘of the air’ and ‘in the air’ until they are brought down to earth. There is a lot of space between the wands. They are not particularly close or intimate. This card suggests the element of Air in astrology and so Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. Aquarius I have already mentioned because of its association with the Eleventh House of groups and communities. Friendship is linked to the Eleventh House. Not intimacy. Not closeness, physically. A light, bright, airy, breezy, cool and easy ‘space’ defines air sign connections. Yet, this lot are too disparate. So apart, so gappy, that nothing and nobody is united.

      Unless something is done to plant and nurture the branches, nothing can grow or be progressed. At some point everything must be brought together in a united way. If you are one of the idea-makers, plan-makers or opinion-makers in this group you need to talk, swiftly, and get at least one person on side, so the two of you can pull the rest together. I don’t think you can do it alone (or at least it would take a Herculean effort). Find one or two allies then do it together.

      There is an urgency to the Eight of Wands. One has to act swiftly, securing agreement between all those people, with all their opinions or projects, so that instead of falling to pieces, they ‘fall up together’ and unite in flight to explore the possibilities of a new environment to ground their notions and nurture their plans. Someone needs to research the lay of the land rapidly. Where is it safe to descend? This is so much like the last war and the R.A.F. who depended heavily on their navigators on the ground. Communication was absolutely essential, and thus radio operators, too. Today we would talk about the internet or telephone. The web in particular is so rapid that it surely has to be your first resource in finding the right place to land and also in getting everyone together, united in a common plan and navigation.

      This card often turns up when a group project is in danger of going nowhere fast, which would be a shame, as like all wands, these are budding new trees for the future, and trees can be used for anything at all, from a mighty ship to a fine wooden building. It’s a symbol of potential growth for the ideas on paper, or online. There can be something mighty built here, with a bit of luck and effort. What is most impressive of all, though, should success come – is the testament to your staying power and willpower, and that of others involved.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Posting here as I’m not sure where else to post.
    I’ve done an online search and have had no luck, so, also hence me posting here.
    My question relates to what the significance is, if any, of two transit/natal planets being conjunct at the same time.
    For example, I currently have transit Pluto conjunct my natal Pallas in Cap in the 1st house, as well as transiting Pallas conjunct my natal Pluto in Virgo in the 8th.
    Any thoughts much appreciated. Also, is there a term in astrology for this?

    1. Thanks Grace. Don’t use Pallas. She is not in the modern family tree of astrology. She was replaced with Minerva – all modern astrology is Roman/Latin not Greek. I’ll have a look at your chart to see if you have any conjunctions. Vesta in a conjunction with Saturn at 17 Capricorn in your Tenth House of rank, success, position, mission and ambition is important. You attract situations with two or more females, and one male apparently in charge of the politics. This is usually through work, unpaid work or university/college. If you don’t work and your husband is your job, then this applies to family life. Vesta can be toxic and needs management. Awareness is the first step. This is very common in the charts of Virgin flight attendants. All women with a male pilot and Richard Branson at the ultimate helm. Saturn next to Vesta is what restricts you. What is inaccessible, for example, or impossible to get out of. You need to be very careful about taking new jobs or courses when there are transits to Vesta and Saturn. So any time you see a transit at 17 Capricorn, alarm bells ring. Don’t go there, or go there, but side with the females against the male. This happened in January 2017 when you saw a reshuffle in your chosen field, profession or industry.

  35. Dear Jessica,

    I have:

    22 Jupiter in Aries
    22 Diana in Aquarius
    22 Mercury in Libra
    23 NN in Scorpio
    23 SN in Taurus
    23 Aesculapia in Leo

    I have drawn the Seven of Cups card.

    Thank you for helping me to decode this.

    1. I am wondering where the projection comes from in your chart, because you project enemies and opponents (Libra) and expensive property (Taurus) and even deadly people or situations (Scorpio) but why do you live in your head and not in the real world? Neptune at 9 Sagittarius and Pluto at 8 Libra are sextile (you were born with natal Neptune sextile natal Pluto) which is the explanation. Particularly with love and sex, or former partners you have conflict with, or rivals in love triangles – you project. That is what this card is all about. So one big pattern at 22-23 is fed by another. Once you find out who you are and what you are doing with your memory, imagination, expectation – you can get rid of this pattern and replace it with something more useful. This is the long-form interpretation.

      This is the most important card in the Tarot created by Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite. This surprises some professional Tarot readers, because it is a Minor Arcana card. It is also less striking, say, than cards like the Two of Cups, or the Ten of Staves.

      The card shows a person in silhouette, in the shadows (that is the first clue: everything and everybody is a shadow projected on a wall) who is confused by a billowing cloud of rich symbols, ranging from diamonds and pearls, to a skull and snake.

      It took me several visits to Dublin before I understood this card. Pamela Colman Smith, who created it, was mentored by W. B. Yeats. Both were involved in magic. Magic spells and their outcomes are expressions of quantum reality. In other words, there is no single, objective reality. Science tells us (in fact has proven) that until we measure what is ‘real’ it can exist in at least two states at once, and logically, many more. It’s like Doctor Who. Many words. Many universes.

      What you measure with, defines what you find. What you measure with, is in your head. This is how astrology works. So many people do not understand that astrology is science. Quantum mechanics. The multiverse theory, which proposes that what we get, is what we see. A flipped version of the famous saying.

      Astrology which rests on angles and aspects, divided from a circle of 360 degrees, is a yardstick for a particular sort of reality. A certain kind of universe. It’s quantum uncertainty writ large. No wonder astrology has not just survived, but thrived, over the last 2000 years or so. It’s a beautiful fit for multiverse theory.

      The realisation of dreams, wishes and hopes by supernatural means is one way of defining magic. W.B. Yeats (very likely, the third man who worked on the Smith-Waite Tarot) lived a few doors away from – not a magician – but an outstanding scientist whose emerging 20th century field of quantum mechanics was also about mystery. Quantum uncertainty.

      Across the square, Merrion Square, in the heart of Dublin, there is a plaque to Oscar Wilde, whose wife Constance was a magical acquaintance of Yeats in The Golden Dawn.

      Across Dublin itself was the theatre impresario Annie Horniman, who founded her company on the back of a Tarot card reading – more magic and mystery. The Golden Dawn members had extraordinary lives. It could be said that W.B. Yeats used magic to win a Nobel Prize. Who knows? Only Yeats.

      This is a card dominated by a cloud. Unpopped possibilities. Competing parallel universes. A multiverse full of ghosts, poisonous people (snakes), palaces, diamonds and pearls, victory and dangerous dragons. None of it is real. It is all a projection. The imagination, hope, fears and daydreams of someone living in a quantum world. Time to pop what you want in favour of what you don’t want. Nothing is real until you look for it, and measure it. It is the act of measuring that decides which universe you get, and so the measurements you use (astrology, perhaps?) become extremely important. The most obvious measuring device non-astrologers use is memory, based on apparent years or months; birthdays; old calendar dates. Time is a construct. There is nothing real about it.

      So, if you really want to get into this card, which for me is the most important in the entire deck, you’ll begin by considering what you assume to be true about the past. Your past measurements of time. It is on this that you base your projections of the present and future so it’s worth a much closer look, if you are projecting all these rich fantasies and horrid visions!

      The person in silhouette here is nothing to herself/himself. Just a slide projector whirring in the dark while the ‘show’ takes place on the facing wall. The trick with this card is ‘Know thyself’ and to understand that nothing is real. There are only realities to find. You may want to use measurements that serve you, when judging what is ‘there’ for you.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    You lost me after choosing the most frequent numbers. In my case they are:
    28 deg Hygea in Aries, ASC in Capricorn and Desc in Cancer.
    16 deg IC in Aries, MC in Libra, Vulcano in Scorpio.

    What to do after this?
    BTW, your annual chart predicted a bad year for health and sadly, you were really, really RIGHT! What to expect from now on? I’m looking into 2 surgeries soon, and a few smaller issues with this and that. I’m at wit’s end … TKS for your advice. Lia

    1. Thank you Lia. Thank you also for ordering a 2023 chart but I never predict ‘a bad year for health’. Health challenges to overcome, certainly. Anyway, I hope you are on the mend. You have a 28-29 degree T-Square of the Cardinals Aries, Capricorn, Cancer. This depends on an accurate birth time. If so, then you have a pattern of the family steering your status, career, academic career (against what you want) and then it reverses later on, so you find your family is left behind as you move cities or countries for success. It can then flip around again, so you are back with the family, in your home town or homeland/home region and this prevents you from chasing your ambitions to do better. Then you flip that again. And on it goes. Understanding the pattern can help you manage it. The surgery you mention has nothing to do with this pattern. You will figure out a structured, methodical, patient approach to your wellness (because you have to) and find a way to make it work while Saturn is in Pisces, so until February 14th 2026. You will find the situation comes with a lot of fences, gates and walls – but you can do this.

  37. Hi Jessica, This is truly amazing. At last an astrologer who unlocks the door to the secret garden of the stars. It’s so exciting and illuminating! I am blown away by what I have seen if I am reading my own chart correctly. I have 5 elements at 24 degrees and I have Cancer, Leo and Aquarius as the signs involved. I write (books and blogs) and speak about AI and humanity as well as running a global management advisory and executive coaching business. I assume Aquarius is in focus here as I have a stellium in Aquarius apart from Fortuna at 24 Aquarius. Leo is in focus also with Pluto ad Cupido at 24 Leo. I understand that my 5th House Leo relates to youth (future) inner child (fantasy in my books) and spontaneity. Is that correct? If so, that is spot-on. And all good. However… as I have both Jupiter and Uranus at 24 Cancer in the 4th house, here may be where I have a challenge. I have moved many times in my career – six countries – across Europe and Asia Pacific and I work with client organizations all over the world. I have made several additional house moves within two of those locations (Singapore and London) so my private life is very flexible to say the least! As I mulled over the chances of becoming more settled and focusing on my work as a writer, speaker and moderator, I pulled the Six of Wands. What do you think this means? Find a tribe? Don’t fly solo? So grateful for your unique insights. Warm wishes, Emma

    1. Thank you Emma. That is really kind of you to say. You are living your chart, with your career. The Six of Wands is about a tribe, yes, and fits in with your Aquarius chart signature. You are Aquarius-Gemini and will benefit hugely from Jupiter in Gemini from May 2024 until June 2025, as Jupiter will form a conjunction with your Gemini Third House placements and trine your Eleventh House Aquarius placements. You will supply one or more groups which aim for the most powerful goals in this period. You will be travelling locally or regionally in a far better way. You will also be using Web 3 in a superior way and enjoying it more. One successful project from this time will go to the next level with new technology not invented yet, after 2026.

  38. Hi Jessica:
    This para was in yr reading of my birthday chart: “Saturn in Pisces: The last comment is really for those of you with Virgo factors in your natal chart. This is quite common with people who have the Sun in Libra. If you do have a Virgo pattern, then your health on all levels must be your absolute priority from March 2023 onwards. If you do have Virgo placements then duty and service, daily routine and lifestyle are your constant compass points, but at a certain point, Libra, you must decide to put work and housework second, and your health first.”
    I don’t think I have anything in Virgo, however my health has deteriorated quite a bit since April-end. It’s a challenge after a challenge so far with solutions and hopefully my good luck will continues.
    Your explanation of a family pattern of steering my career is spot on! My mother even faked my signature on an application to force me into getting a flight attendant job! (but she was right and eventually I loved it). With a Herculean effort(s), I ate my umbilical chord and developed a new me far, far away from family ties/beliefs, but somehow … sometimes I have a (tiny) bit of regret.

    Going back to the original question, 28 deg Hygea in Aries, ASC in Capricorn and Desc in Cancer. 16 deg IC in Aries, MC in Libra, Vulcano in Scorpio. What to do after this?

    1. You have Ops at 8 Virgo in the Sixth House of health, making two exact aspects to other chart factors at 8 degrees. So yes, Saturn at 8 Pisces is in opposition for the first time in 29 years. So my comment on your 2023 chart is correct. The good news is, Saturn at 8 Pisces never lasts. The reason your health has been such an issue is that transiting Saturn not only opposed Ops, it also picked up your other 8 degree factors. With the other patterns, draw a Tarot card to sum them up for you. Just remember your birth time has to be exact for there to be any value in the Ascendant or IC.

  39. Hi! I’m new-ish to reading my chart and I’m wondering what the nodal shift means for me. I just found out I am pregnant and the SN will now be transiting my 5th house. I saw something in the Gemini horoscope that mentioned both of these things.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the South Node in Libra just moved into your solar Fifth House of babies. Congratulations on your news. You have a stellium in Leo in the Fifth House of your natal chart, so it’s a double whammy, because the Sun is just about to pass through Leo. Life will be action-packed now through the third week of August when so many of the decisions will be made. In fact it may be rather intense (Baby Land) so you’d want to have other things to do, to give life a bit of balance.

  40. Jessica!!! I’m so excited about this article. Through this, I found a stellium I hadn’t ever noticed before in my chart at 10 degrees.
    Hygia in Pisces (could this be healing with Soul connection?)
    OPs in Cancer (passion working with women and possibly working from home)
    Aesculapia in Aries (healing the body)
    Psyche in Capricorn (a business I love)
    I might be taking a huge leap with my interpretation – but I’m wanting to move into Shaman healing (I’m miss corporate right now) and on face value I think this stellium nods to this possibility for me. And I’ve just enrolled in a Shaman course – so I checked my chart and the 10 degree connection – the day I paid for the course Mars was 10 degrees in Leo, the day I started the course Jupiter was 10 degrees Taurus. I might be making up my own story here, but this feels like kismet 🙂 Thanks so much for the great article. Trace x

    1. Thank you, Trace. You are reading your own chart correctly and in fact enrolled to be a Shaman as you experienced cycles at 10 degrees, triggering your chart at 10 degrees. Pisces 10 and Capricorn 10 link your Twelfth House of religion, the rejection of God, counselling, meditation, hypnosis, therapy, spirituality, psychics, Tarot, mediumship – to the Tenth House of success, ambition, achievement, position and mission. So you were born to train as a Shaman. That’s not all you will do with this pattern, but it matters.

  41. I’ve given you the Nurse’s time of birth (13:15). However, my mother said it was wrong by a few minutes (13:40), and this would have placed my ASC in Aquarius. However, different astrologers have analyzed the most important events in my life and all concluded my ASC is Capricorn and not Aquarius.

    1. The Ascendant (ASC) or Rising Sign is best decided by figuring out what you are well-known for. We can tell at a glance with authors, for example, because their book jackets tend to show their Ascendant. It is only found through the clock time that the umbilical cord was cut, so you do need a watchful nurse or midwife, or a couple of parents ready with a pen to write it down. In the old days of astrology the Ascendant used to be associated with physical appearance, but I’m afraid that’s nonsense. Your Rising Sign is more about ‘what they say about her’ on all levels and it can be complicated. In Aquarius, what they say about you relates to your social life, the groups you are involved with, your friendships, any communities or circles that you influence. In Capricorn, what they say about you relates to your career, unpaid vocation, academic career, social position, ambition, social mountaineering and upward trajectory. The difference between the two signs is the difference between Yoko Ono (Plastic Ono Band, The Beatles, experimental New York art community, bands in general) and the Duchess of Cambridge (middle class to monarchy, professional charity patron, ambitions to be Queen). Sometimes the difference is the feel. Yoko Ono has her Sun in Aquarius and feels social but detached, breezy, lacking in heavy emotion, light as air, community minded – the Duchess of Cambridge feels grounded, down to earth, sensible, practical, serious. The former dressed for the Beatles. The latter dresses for her job.

  42. Dear Jessica

    I hope you can help me to decode my stars/placements:

    Sun 25 (Libra)
    Salacia 25 (Capricorn)
    Neptune 25 (Scorpio)
    Panacea 25 (Scorpio)
    ASC/ DESC 25 (Leo / Aquarius)

    Card: Seven of Pentacles

    Saturn 21 (Aries)
    Diana 21 (Leo)
    Apollo 21 (Leo)

    Card: Six of Cups

    CHiron 29 (Pisces)
    Hygieia 29 (Pisces)
    Cupido 29 (Virgo)

    Card: Three of Cups

    I’m at a point in my life where I have a lot of freedom but do not really know in which direction I should go. I trust the universe but sometimes it is very stressful to be patient. I would love to make a step forward but in which direction? (this applies to my job, money, relationship and home/property – basically every aspect of my life!?!)

    Thank you so much for all your knowledge you share on your website.
    And a last question – do you do readings? I would be very interested !

    1. Thank you. I don’t give personal readings unless it’s for a charity auction, and the next one is for the BBC Children in Need in September, which I will announce on Twitter. The Seven of Pentacles (or Coins) is your Scorpio placement at 25 degrees in your Eighth House of joint finance, business, charity and property. That leads the pattern. It’s about what you plant, what you nurture and cultivate, that turns into financial reward. The potential here is vast but it’s really about being clever, aware and careful. Thinking long-term. This card is a challenge to anyone who is financially or business-minded but it also raises questions about ‘Now or later?’ as a little can be accessed immediately, or perhaps the whole lot – but at what cost to the glittering hypothetical wealth of ‘later’?

      This is about money growing on trees – if you do the work. Nothing in Pamela Colman Smith’s work is accidental or randomly placed. The gardening tools are just that: tools in a kit, for productive hard work. You reap what you sow. You rake in profits, with a rake. You dig for victory (Pamela’s cards carried many Tarot readers through the last war) and you dig for buried treasure, too. 

So, this is not easy money, but it is certainly money. Yet there is also a detail at the base of the card worth paying attention to. The coin or pentacle, not seen. There is something valuable right at this person’s feet, but he is so dazed from hard work, or daydreaming so much about future wealth, he is missing the point. He cannot see the wood, for the trees.

      There is Neptune in this card too, perhaps, as Neptune rules blindness and distorted vision. Eclipses also rule blind spots or things hidden in plain sight. The person here cannot see the money at his feet and so he is missing the point and missing profits. He is too busy daydreaming about what might grow for him as we’ve seen, or perhaps he has perspiration in his eyes, after a sweaty day of dedicated gardening. There is a useful message in this card to look twice, three times and look again – until you or someone else realises what potential abundance or value is being missed.

      Should this character just take the lot? Take the money and run? Common sense says, if the conditions are right (the climate) it is far better to put some work in here, reap the rewards and reinvest.

      It is harvest time, and time to put back into the company, for example – not time to grab and go, or even less productively, fantasise. Doing, not dreaming, is really required here. Cultivating assets is tiring, and farmers do it tough, but you cannot lean on your spade forever and escape from the real world. Sooner or later, if you want to protect your assets or do a lot, with a little, you have to get back to hard work. This raises another question about the value of financial reward versus the cost of effort and labour. What is the point of making money if you spend all your time making it, and none enjoying it?

      This is a card which reminds us that money does not grow on trees, but it does grow over a long period of time. So much depends on that alchemy between the right economic or business climate; the right professional setting – and the effort applied.
      This card can appear when someone has worked hard and is waiting for the projects or tasks to pay off. It is very important that the coin underfoot is recognised and put to good use, as I’ve mentioned.

      I have seen this turn up when people have forgotten, or do not realise, that a bestselling book could be repurposed as an audiobook and made to make more money. It has also turned up, oddly enough, when a client has been asking about how to lose weight. As only vegetables, nuts and fruit grow on bushes, the answer was to lose meat, fish and dairy! (The jury was out on sugar, which is also a plant).

You can personalise this card to suit yourself, just as much as Pamela Colman Smith’s other cards, lend themselves to highly individual interpretation. Analogies involving farmers (‘Selling the farm’) and gardening (‘I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden’) and fruit (‘The fruits of labour’) are all useful with this Tarot illustration. You can also add people, props and other elements to this stage set using the technique of active imagination.

      The Six of Cups is This is one of Pamela’s ‘children’ cards, The Sun being the other one that people know best.

      Here we have the innocent exchange of feelings – not sex, just emotion – and done with pure charm and trust. It’s child’s play, as I’ve mentioned. Children like to go to birthday parties and give each other presents, but also to swap objects. When I was at Mowbray Heights Primary School we swapped playing cards, but also our Christmas presents. The idea here is “One for you and one for me.”

      In your horoscope, or that of another key person, we find something familiar. This card represents Leo and the Fifth House. The Fifth House describes the entertainment, education and activities which bind the generations together. Young and old. This is where might find theatre, music, riding, or a particular kind of book, like Harry Potter, which can be read by all the generations.

As I’ve said, this card is usually about children in a literal way. So we might be talking about your niece and nephew here, or two children in your class. It sometimes turns up if there is a childish adult relationship. So, for example, if two people are all about little presents and innocent friendship, even though the cups are involved (and cups are always about stronger emotions – being linked to Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). This card can turn up if a woman wants a man sexually but he wants to play at being pals.

      If we take this card purely as a child’s world, or a teenager’s universe, then we can see the escapism of a youthful reality. This is a bubble for these two younger faces. They are completely removed from the adult real world, with all their flowers and cups, in this little corner of the garden in what appears to be a very grown-up estate.

This might be the young Prince Charles and Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace in the 1950s or 1960s, left to their own devices, getting on with childish or adolescent pursuits while the adults are involved in the very serious business of managing the royal property and business.

      Look at the man with his spear striding off to the left. Why is he leaving the scene? Your answer to that will be quite important as this card is open to such personal interpretation. Is this the father of your children who has dropped them off to you, for the weekend? Perhaps you get from the children what you do not get from the man. This card tells you to really relish and appreciate the children here, because they are not young forever.

      Take into account the blossoming flowers in the cups at the front of the card. What is growing? How can growth be encouraged? There is something so promising about all that you see before you, here. The two young souls, who look as if they have escaped from a fairy story. The trust between them. The solid gold cups, which always show precious and valuable relationships. The rather impressive surroundings – is this a school, or a house, or a future university?

There is a coat of arms here and perhaps it means something to you. I have seen people take it as a symbol for Scotland.

      As I’ve said, if children or teenagers do not ring a bell with you, then this may be about the inner child in you, and another. There is nothing adult here at all – no grown-up intimacy, no money, no mortgage, no mature dialogue. No sex at all! It’s playful, naïve, heart-to-heart contact.

      This can sometimes show the Second House or Eighth House. Exchange. What one gives to another, just as one sibling leaves to another, or swaps with another. Most of all, the signs here are Cancer (the property and perhaps the siblings in the family) or Leo (children, or teenagers, as a whole). What is it telling you? There is so much here to enjoy, if you are an adult who is watching the children or teenagers from a distance. With appropriate timing and care, you could ask to be included in their game. Their child’s play. This card is your Leo pattern; you have lined up your Tarot perfectly with your chart. You ‘live’ in your Fifth House of motherhood, godmotherhood, teaching, mentoring, guiding, tutoring, aunt status and so on. The Three of Cups is about the people you work with, or study with, or volunteer with. Virgo is the maiden – so these may be women who are single. Your chart is telling you to grow your money steadily and slowly; to understand how important children are; to enjoy the maidens’ company. This Three of Cups is also quite productive; quite fruitful. Virgo works hard and makes the jam and bottles the preserves. You three, together, can take what is there and do something with it for the long-term.

  43. My jaw dropped when I read your article and then picked my tarot. The emperor. My husband exactly.

  44. Thanks, Jessica, I love this. Sorry if it’s a daft question but why did you pull out Adele’s Sun, Moon and Mercury up-front? Was that just for context or would you always say to review these 3 things in a chart?

    Secondly, how many numbers would you say is a pattern? I have 6 pairs of numbers in mine! Would these be significant or would I only look at it where there is 3 or more of a number?

    Sorry if this is daft, just really keen to learn how this works!

    1. Not a daft question. Adele likes astrology so I chose her chart. Always pull out same-number (matching degree) patterns in a chart. Do that first. Then line them up. Which patterns fall in zodiac signs where you have a stellium (three, four, five or more factors)? Using your chart as an example, you go to Aquarius, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer. Then you look at the matches. You have Proserpina at 18 Cancer quincunx Fortuna at 18 Aquarius. You are the go-between with your parents, siblings and other relatives. This is a common placement in the daughters of divorced parents, for example. Or you bridge the gap between one side of the family and the other. Whenever you do this, you affect friendships and groups in your life – without knowing what you are doing. We also find it with people in shared accommodation who go between flatmates, but find it affects the friendships. It’s dormant until triggered; any transits at 18 degrees by slow-moving factors like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres, the Nodes – will trigger it.

  45. Cheers Jessica, I’ll try the exercise too.

    Sun 05° Pisces. Minerva 05° Virgo, Panacea 05° Gemini, Aesculapia 05° Capricorn.

    Moon 21° Aries, Jupiter 21° Gemini, Chiron 21° Pisces.

    Uranus 18° Virgo, Saturn 18° Pisces,

    You make this process out to be so straight forward. Sadly I’m not that much the wiser. : – ( Although I do find this approach intriguing. : – )

    The four of swords is the card that appeared and it certainly seems to fit with the life I’ve lived so far.

    Rest, repair, recovery, recuperation and waiting on the resurrection

    Thank you.

    1. The Four of Swords has appeared to talk to you about your Pisces factors, every time. Pisces rules your Twelfth House of religion, spirituality, meditation, hypnosis and dreams. It is about your soul, psyche or spirit. You ‘ live’ there for much of the time, so your recurring lifetime pattern is one of withdrawal and resurrection. It’s cyclical. You retreat to recharge and return. It is common in the charts of vicars but also mediums. Aesculapia is about exactly that – coming back from the brink and restarting. Virgo is about physical recuperation. The Gemini in the patterns is about a mother-child relationship with your brother, sister or cousin – or if you ever had children – about the brother or sister you fathered. It’s always siblings or cousins and you can see it in the stained-glass window in the card. Aries is of course the soldier; the fighter; the swords.

  46. Hello Jessica 🙂
    Read your Astrology Chart in 5 minutes is a real challenge . I´d love if you could help me out 🙂
    I have this figures witch I tried to interpret. But is not easy!
    02 scorpio-north node
    02 taurus-vesta
    02 cancer–cupido
    02 taurus-south node
    I draw The Lovers 🙂

    04 Aquarius-venus
    04 scorpio- neptun
    04 cancer-apollo
    04 gemini-aesculapia
    I draw Temperance (love to see this card, it always make me calm and curbs my sweet tooth 🙂

    08 scorpio-IC
    08 leo – uranus
    08 taurus- Mc
    I draw the seven of cups card!
    Thank you for your work on this site!

    1. Thank you. The Lovers is your Scorpio North Node. Scorpio rules sex, death and money. “Until death do us part” was the wedding vow you made in a past life with at least one lover. This is likely your husband, or future husband. Temperance is Venus in Aquarius. She is literally the water-bearer and talks about friendship which draws on a group which pools resources. The last card is again about money (Scorpio and again Taurus) and how you fantasise and daydream about being rich but need to make it real. These are all lifelong patterns in your natal chart.

  47. Hi Jessica!

    I hope I’m not too late. But I have a difficult time decoding what this means: I have found that I have this 07° factor appearing 6 times in my birth chart:-
    Saturn – 07° Capricorn 26′ 26″ R
    Uranus – 07° Capricorn 23′ 49″ R
    MC (Midheaven) – 07° Virgo 17′ 19″
    IC (Imum Coeli) – 07° Pisces 17′ 19″
    Vulcano – 07° Virgo 41′ 05″
    Psyche – 07° Aquarius 09′ 54″ R

    The tarot card I drew is The 5 of Pentacles. Could you explain more perhaps?

    Thank you for your time!

    1. You can see the Five of Pentacles in the chart instantly as Virgo. Virgo rules doctors, hospitals, health, healers, medicine, mental health and wellbeing. You have your MC and Vulcano in a conjunction in Virgo in the Sixth House of physical and mental wellness. Your lifetime patterns relate to this, either as ‘I need help’ or ‘We need help’ or ‘I can help those who cannot help themselves.’ It’s very common in the charts of surgeons or psychologists, but also in people who habitually grapple with poor health. In fact, as with all these things, it is tied to your ambition (Capricorn) and your feelings about success. You might say, the real wealth is in helping or being helped, which is priceless.

  48. … and for an image of me on the first day of work in the new job, I got six of wands. For an image of me for six months from now in that job, I got nine of pentacles. I’ll stop now – it just feels so right!… 🙂 🙂

  49. Dear Jessica,
    My comment to my own comment/questions here seems to have made its way online – but not the original comment? Just wanted to let you know in case it was an error 🙂 Thank you! All the best, Pia

    1. Just checked the list in Comments on this website Pia and it is 18,862 today so I’m afraid your original comment is many screens back. This has just turned up now, as I read one screen (usually of about 20 comments) when I can. I have no idea what your question was, but as you posted in this section, I can read your chart for you in five minutes. You have stelliums in Water – Cancer, Scorpio. Fire – Aries, Leo. Earth – Virgo. Air – Libra. You are extremely well-balanced but you do have contradictions. Aries is opposite Libra. Your partnerships or marriages conflict with your need to be a separate person with your own identity and image. This is more of an issue as the nodes go through Aries and Libra, now through January 2025. In fact you may attract people, or fall in love with them, just precisely to figure this inner contradiction out. You are a fighter (Aries) but also a lover (Libra) and so finding the inner compromise is the key.

  50. Thank you so much for this, Jessica. It does make a huge amount of sense, especially considering my relationships and recent divorce in November 2021.
    My original comment was as follows – I completely understand if you do not find the time to reply. All the best, again 🙂

    “Dear Jessica,
    Two questions pop up going through the comments here: 1) the ASC/time of cutting the umbilical cord; when my daughter was born 12 years ago, I asked the midwife to delay cutting until it stopped pulsating on its own (I had gone through a lot of research suggesting substantial health benefits /immune strength – and she really does have the health of a horse!). But I suppose that would mean adding that time from her being born to cutting the cord, to her birth time data? 2) I am applying for a new job, working from home, with young adults (online educational guidance). Deadline is 10 Aug, interviews will be on 15 Aug if I am selected. Tarot showed me Ten of Cups, then Three of Cups when I asked about my day on 16 Aug, day after potential interview (and New Moon). All this combined with a strong gut feeling that this is really for me – has me telling myself to go all in! Any thoughts on this based on my chart etc? Thank you loads, Jessica! All the best from Aarhus, Denmark”

    1. Thank you. Tradition states, the time of birth is the severance of child from mother in astrology – so when the cord is cut. The Ascendant only tends to matter in this way, if you are between signs (say) and it can in fact be guessed, if your daughter came into the world at 29 degrees or 0 degrees. The Tarot is chatting to you exactly in reply to the question you asked; you may need to go back and follow the steps again.

  51. No 12 and 13 both appear 4 times each.
    Drew a Queen of wands. Please tell me what this means. I did not understand.

    12 Saturn
    12 Uranus
    12 Hygeia

    13 MC
    13 IC
    13 Fortuna
    12 Psyche

    1. Your chart is talking to you about Minerva in Leo at 9 degrees. You can see the lions on her throne in the card. You are monarch to a younger court. Leader to the heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. You teach, guide, mentor, influence these younger faces; the next generation or the one after that. For whatever reason you ignored the line-up around 12 and 13 degrees and instead headed straight for your Minerva in the Fifth House. You can find out more about her on here and in your flipbooks: Minerva in Leo in the Fifth House.

  52. Amazing week this week (side note) – as usual – your weekly for me has been so accurate. I’ve been back to a place from many years ago where I’ve felt so at home and relaxed for the first time in a long time, unexpected but so good. Also in reply and relation to this blog – I drew cards again for the second set of numbers (it has taken me a month to be able to understand what you meant about there being two different sets of numbers here). Amazingly I drew the exact same card again as I did for the first part of this set of numbers.

    Pluto 07° Libra
    Psyche 07° Gemini
    MC 07° Aquarius
    IC 07° Leo

    I then drew a card for the second lots of numbers, although I kept getting distracted by people around me at the time so I’m not sure about this card:

    Fortuna 08° Cancer
    Aesculapia 08° Leo

    1. Thank you. I am glad your weekly horoscope is accurate. Drawing the same Tarot card is instant validation, isn’t it? It can be quite astonishing to see the card turn up twice. It’s best to read alone and in silence, if you can.

  53. That Ace of Swords card makes me feel bad although better to understand and acknowledge it and learn to work with it in a positive way, and it was apt to have asked the question given this has happened a month or so ago in my team as my boss asked me to lead an area I have little experience in and in doing so has demoted and moved a guy who has years more experience and knowledge than me into another quieter area, and that person has just this week resigned. I can kind of understand why it’s happened as he is a lovely guy but not a team player and didn’t share knowledge. It has already been stressful taking on that role when Pluto’s return to Capricorn has been kicking my butt again and sent me back down a mental health black hole and I expect next week will kick off the politics within our group you speak about in this week’s podcast for my sign. In fact, I reflect back 7 years ago and I was lucky enough to be one of the first woman to break into a previously all male dominated Technology area but they made me aware after I started it came at the cost of a guy who’s place I took and his contract was abruptly ended – albeit he wasn’t turning up to work on Friday’s or answering his phone but still charging the company his daily contracting rate for that day anyway. And it turned out to be one of my favourite roles of my career, and opened the door for other women to move into the area because they hadn’t previously considered women capable of doing those roles. I’ll have to sit with the second one later I’m struggling with the first one, but thanks for making me think about it.

    1. The Ace of Swords shouldn’t make you or anybody else feel bad. It just shows what happens at the top. A change in the balance of power, with the group having to find a new way to operate. It has been a common card during the long Pluto in Capricorn cycle which began in 2008. Demotion is very common. So is resignation. Being a team player is part of the story as Pluto is part of the way into Aquarius, the sign of groups. Not sharing knowledge is behaving like Pluto in Capricorn (power for the few) and it is way out of line with the new cycle, which begins properly in January 2024. I am sorry your mental health is being affected, but you are not alone. Pluto in Capricorn, especially retrograde, has been very, very tough on many readers and I’m seeing a lot of depression and anxiety as a result of the work situation. You did very well to pioneer women in technology but you had male nonsense (threatened, insecure, devious male nonsense) to cope with. Again you are not alone; this is absolutely typical of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is a male symbol of power, control and dominance and in Capricorn it is always about the system; the corporate ladder; the company; the minority at the top. With all your issues and questions, remember the Tarot you are handling (online) was created by a Suffragette supporter and early feminist. Pamela Colman Smith created her famous cards with women in mind and it has helped a great many women to huge success. Go back and follow the steps; make sure you have Pamela’s Tarot downloaded from this website and start working your way through. I predict that as Pluto shuffles off from Capricorn in January 2024, and the usual reshuffles start in your chosen field, you are going to see real statements about women coming through. The future belongs to you.

  54. Hmmm, I always hoped my highest spiritual achievement, my mountain top would still be being in a tech career I enjoyed while helping other women to get in there too, and helping toward better gender diversity in Tech, in fact better diversity overall. And I wondered if when Pluto gets to 7 Aquarius in 2027 conjunct my MC that I might have found an effective path towards that by this time?

    1. If your birth time is accurate and your MC is at 7 Aquarius in the group, feminism and social zone – and Ceres with Psyche at 6, 7 Gemini form a trine in your Third House of internet – then you are set up for something very special. Pluto going to 7 Aquarius will transform the balance of power in your world and there will be arrivals, departures, demotions and promotions as part of a wider reshuffle. Pluto will trine your Ceres and Psyche too, so that is a further comment about the way the controls will change. There will be an almighty compromise coming out of this period in your life. Even sooner than that, though, transiting Jupiter goes to the key degrees of 6, 7 Gemini in June 2024 so that sounds like take-off for the media, the internet and all communication technology in your world. Try to start something then, but it will probably start without you.

  55. Thanks for that kind reply, that makes so much sense and helped me get through my team meeting today (I’m one of 2 women in a team of 16) which involved dealing with some of that male nonsense you mentioned.

  56. Yes, that makes so much sense as I’ve suffered from childhood asthma and now I’m having mobility issues. I will think more on this. Thanks for your reply, Jessica!

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