How Astrology Links You to Partners

Comparing your astrology chart with your husband, boyfriend or partner's can show you uncanny insights.

Comparing your astrology chart with a business partner, husband, girlfriend and so on – shows you why you two are together in life.

It also shows you why you may have parted company. If you have your chart, and the other person’s chart (you can use the Family and Friends option on this website) then it’s simple to see the chemistry.

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16 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, these are great tips, thank you. My current love interest has his Moon directly on my North Node at 21 Scorpio, and his Saturn is conjunct my Jupiter at 14 Aries, with quite a few more correspondences at 18 and 28 degrees, but what intrigues me most and I’d be curious for your thoughts is that his Mars at 23 Aries is directly opposite my Venus at 23 Libra – I asked the tarot for the implications of this opposition and got the Queen of Wands which made me think of me as the serene Queen trying to maintain my dignity on a throne surrounded with fire and phallic rods, which I suppose is quite a good descriptor of the situation, but I’m not sure what it might mean for a relationship! The Queen still seems very single to me… Any insights there? Would love to eventually find someone to settle down with again (single Mum, divorced, sitting on my solo throne since 2014) Thanks again!

    1. Yes, the Queen of Wands is queen of her own domain, and does it herself, but she is still concerned with heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. You are a single mother and so this is about your child or children. In the context of the relationship he is triggering your Venus. Venus had a son called Cupid who was very, very important to her. She had a husband called Vulcan and Mars was her lover on the side. So you two are tied to the Venus, Mars, Vulcan, Cupid story. He’s not triggering commitment in you. Not unless he can be King of Wands to your Queen of Wands. The Tarot did not give you The Lovers, or the Ten of Cups or any of the usual marriage indicators. It showed you so aware of your son and the legacy you leave to him as ‘the Queen Mother’ (or a Queen Mother). That’s what your love interest means here; he’s a trigger for your proud maternal instinct.

  2. Thanks Jessica for this article! Like so many of your readers I’m going through a separation now, so looked at my chart with my soon-to-be-ex, to process what this relationship meant and why it’s dissolving. I’m an Aries sun with stelliums in Aries, Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio. He is a Sagittarius sun with stelliums in Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius. We have 6 matching factors at the same sign and degree (Uranus/Moon in Scorpio, Mercury/Descendant in Scorpio, Salacia/SN in Aquarius, Ascendant/Salacia in Aquarius, Diana/Salacia in Aquarius, and Ceres/Sun in Aries), multiple other aspects, and exact squares to each other’s nodal axis. I guess where these 6 factors matched up isn’t super “romantic”, and lots of Salacia probably didn’t keep us grounded. We have a beautiful son that I cherish, so it comforted me to have drawn The Sun from the Tarot while asking what the purpose of our relationship was. Funnily enough, I have 10 matching factors i.e., same sign and degree, with my son. My husband also has 10 matching factors with our son. Anyway, perhaps there is really no “the one” in love, so I will take my lessons and move on. Thanks for everything you do.

    1. I am sorry you are separating from your husband and realise also having a son is not easy. Classically, you have matching factors together and one of them is Scorpio. Scorpio rules sex, death and marriage. Usually the mortgage, but also the wedding vow ‘Until death do us part, for richer for poorer.’ It of course rules the legacy you make out to each other too. The purpose of your marriage was indeed your son. The Sun in the Tarot is sometimes a play on words, so you have been given a sun/son. And your son’s chart lines up with your own. He made you very happy and will continue to do so. As his chart also lines up with your husband’s he probably reincarnated with both of you – you are three old souls who were involved before, but in different roles. You share a fair bit of Aquarius with your former partner too, and this is about friendship, so you have what it takes to be friends, once the sex and money part is out of the way.

  3. Hi Jessica, I have Chiron, Venus, Ops and Minerva in my sun sign Aries a lot of action in Aries, does this mean its much more tense for me with this Chiron retrograde in Aries?
    PS on another matter, will you be doing a blog about USA and all the craziness there? I’ve recently discovered Tucker Carlson, is all of this new (new to me ) info thats coming out online part of what you have talked about before with people power, and the downfall of the few who run the worlds agenda?

    1. I’ve said all I’m going to say about America and you can expect abortion and trans to be the key issues in changing the minds of swinging voters. This is a women’s election. Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris will find that out, never mind Tucker Carlson. (And just because you are a female candidate does not mean you speak for women). Your Aries stellium is about your reputation, title and appearance. You are a gladiator and in your modern life, have to front up to situations where you are front-and-centre using your exterior to do the work for you. It may be work or business. Heavily Aries women do really well with martial arts, tennis, even rigorous ping-pong or boxing. You do well in any fiercely competitive and physically active field where you can gain a reputation and wear the gear. Football works too.

  4. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well! Would you mind taking a look at my partner and I in terms of placements? I’ve used a 1 degree orb (most are conjunct) and we have a lot of connections:
    21 Pisces – me Mars, him Vesta and Minerva
    5 Scorpio- me Desc, him Pluto
    15 Pisces – me Sun, him Jupiter
    9 Pisces – me Moon, him MC
    13 Gemini – me Apollo and Psyche, him Vulcan
    18 Taurus – me Diana, him Sun
    28 Taurus – me Hygeia, him Asc and Moon 7 Sag – me Fortuna, him Saturn
    5 Taurus – me Asc and Cupid, him Mercury

    We’ve been together since August 2015 and have 2 young kids together (5yo Virgo and 3yo Pisces). It has not been smooth sailing, particularly with finances, and my relegation to caretaker (I’ve struggled with this after being ‘free’ for so long) and then our young son’s chronic disease diagnosis last year. The hard times feel very hard but for the most part we are a team and try to make it work, largely without support as we have few friends. I try to keep our fundamental differences in mind when we face challenges… sometimes it’s easier said than done! We were hoping to get married last month but due to my illness we cancelled – we are hoping to reschedule next Feb/March (if we can get back onto a firmer partnership ground). Thanks so much, I always appreciate your insight

    *I have edited my original comment as the numbers were all over the place and the messiness too much to bear! I would also like to sincerely apology for missing the Libra zoom – I had a virus and just totally spaced out on it – I am sorry as I love the zoom meetups. I also pulled a card yesterday … The King of Swords.

    1. Thank you. Partners and co-parents often have exact aspects like this. You connect over Scorpio-Taurus so this is always going to be about the house, the apartment, the bank account, the bills, the dual income. I am sorry your son has a chronic condition. That must be very hard to live with, including the life budget. You have also been ill and cancelled the wedding. The King of Swords is your fiancee and the father of your son. His Pluto at 5 Scorpio is in a conjunction with your Descendant (DC) at 5 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage, mortgage, legacy, will, inheritance, family money, sexual and financial relationships and so on. He dominates and controls. When it comes to your own money you are independent, want freedom, do not want to be tied down and yet your Diana at 18 Taurus is in a conjunction with his Sun at 18 Taurus so everything about your approach to the money or home, is obvious in him. The King of Swords is tough. He has firm boundaries. He is intimidating. He requires negotiations attuned to his way of seeing things. “This far and no further” is the King of Swords. So, you are seeing Pluto in your Tarot here. You can keep going with the Tarot to find strategies and tactics that will help you. The bottom line for you two is always the bottom line in your values. Your mutual life budgets. What or who is so precious you call it priceless (your son) and what or who is worth selling your soul for. That’s the key to Scorpio and Taurus. The rest is the escapism from the real world via God, science, spirituality, Tarot, psychics, hypnosis, religion, meditation and so on. That’s Pisces. And the brother-sister communication between you, which may repeat a pattern either of you have with your own sibling, is Gemini.

  5. Dear Jessica, Your posts are the most fascinating articles that I read in astrology. Picked one pattern: Pluto at 17 degrees Scorpio and a possible partner ASC/DSC at 17 degree Taurus and also Neptune at same degree and the tarot card Four of Wands, Minerva and the eleventh house and the garden ups and down. Not sure what kind of relationship can be in the future, the card represents a celebration, however I have mixed feelings regarding the partner and probably this is due to this as the Pluto aspect seems a little serious and probably intimidating on both sides, there is another aspect with both Venus at the same degree 3 which I consider that probably helps the relationship at least on professional and social side. If you have any insights are much appreciated, have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you, that is very kind of you to say. The Four of Wands is a terrific card and it is pure Scorpio. The sexual and financial relationship (usually marriage and a house) with extended family and friends either opening the gates to that choice, or actually gathering to celebrate your partnership. You read for yourself using that Pluto aspect so that is your message. The house or apartment in the card is the key. The gates will open for you and another.

  6. Wow Jessica I now know that you are psychic as I literally have been focused on exactly this over the past few days with time on my hands due to a recent illness to be able to read the blogs (but didn’t expect one on this very subject).

    I had long been interested in the natal chart connections between myself and my husband, its only when I became a premium member last year and added the asteroids to the picture (thanks to you) that I realised how much. We share an exact conjunction of Fortuna 17 Virgo and this also lines up in a pattern with my Jupiter 17 Capricorn and his Jupiter 17 Gemini Ceres 17 Capricorn Ops 17 Pisces. I did previously know that we had a chart conjunction of my Saturn and his Venus at 21 Capricorn. We have had a very happy and communicative marriage (and family) having met originally at work with the chances of our meeting slim, maybe “fortune” was in play.

    I do have one question – about the rarity of the exact Fortuna connection and the fact this is in Virgo and with exact degree links to both our Jupiter, do you think this Jupiter bigger/better/luckier influence increases/increased the “wheel of fortune” turning in our combined lives over the years beyond the norm ? It would fit with experience, in hindsight again a lot seems to have been “fated”. I would be interested to know your thoughts.

    Thank you Jessica for all your guidance and resources it is so appreciated. regards EF

    1. It’s true, I am a professional psychic as well as an astrologer. The South Node in Libra landed two days ago and I intuitively knew we would see famous couples break up, and in fact three of them have done this, just now. Fans of Call the Midwife are all reacting to the news about Helen George, for example. You have found an exact conjunction with your partner but also an exact aspect too. Fortuna is a horoscope symbol named for the Roman goddess who was Jupiter’s first-born daughter and she inherits her father’s luck factor. However she is also notorious for changes in luck. Shakespeare often wrote about Fortuna/Fortune and the idea of ‘fickle fate and fortune’ comes from this goddess. She is usually shown blindfolded holding a rudder to steer a ship by, the implication being she does not know what she does. This is quite true. Fortuna in your chart shows where you powerfully send people up or down but are quite blind to it. In Virgo, in a sexual relationship where you do not work together (Virgo rules work) the issue is usually health and wellbeing. So the pair of you have no idea what you are doing, but you change each other’s health. A really common example of this is the common cold. Another really common example is one partner smoking and the other one sharing the air. You can also find weight loss with Fortuna in Virgo. One person helps the other lose weight, but it’s all quite unconscious and comes purely from the fact that a girlfriend or wife handles the supermarket order and skips the sugar or fat. Jupiter is ‘best and greatest’ or Jupiter Optimus Maximus to the Romans, so he tends to spin the Wheel of Fortune up more than down. Fortuna is random, rather like the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot. It makes philosophers out of people or shows them the absurd, amusing nature of life because just when you think you’ve hit the heights, you end up down the bottom again. Then up you rise…

  7. hi cannot seem to get my credit cards to work… is there another way to pay for a membership. I must be doing it wrong as I am sure others in the UK have done it correctly. sorry

    1. I am sorry about this, please click on SUPPORT and they will be able to help you. Thank you for applying for Premium Membership.

  8. Hi Jessica – thanks for this feature. Question, please, if you have time. Do 1 degree orbs between the placements of each person in the couple count in this analysis, or do the degrees have to be exact? I ask, because looking at the charts of both of my most recent exes – one birth time known, the other birth time unknown, so I understand that the ASC, DESC, MC, and IC are not reliable – all the aspects that are reliable line up EXACTLY or 1 degree from mine. Mind blown! They also both have Mars in Sagittarius, albeit at different degrees, so apparently I have a type LOL.

    1. You can allow a one-degree orb, or one degree’s difference in a modern astrology chart. Astrology is based on geometry (Sacred Geometry, actually) so exact is best. You have found this for yourself as your ex-boyfriends have charts that chime with your own. Both men also had Mars in Sagittarius, so for a time, you did have a type. Or – you fell in love with men who would give you a Ninth House experience – for whatever reason you were pulled towards it.

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