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22 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Sorry I had no idea where to post this, so popped it here. I hope you don’t mind . I just had to write and tell you about a dream I had last night with you in it.
    It was so very clear and vivid.
    Based in you home ( not that I would know as I haven’t been to your home but that was the dream) lots of red furniture, dining chairs red lounge, red velvet curtains and dark beautiful timber. The house was very big with a lot of rooms. Come to think of it the style is something you would see in London as opposed to Tasmania. Anyway, we were both trying to hide from a group (5) people who claimed to be subletting part of your home. It was all very odd. Eventually we challenged them but it was a struggle to get them to leave. Oh forget to tell you that you were very pregnant as well. I remember also you saying you were trying to contact me to ” clarify something you had previously said”.
    Then read my weekly stars courtesy of your website and mentioned for Leo ” pairs, duets and couples , somebody which is different” then possibly for some ” house, apartment or location.
    Not sure if that is connected or not but I so wanted to share this all with me. The dream was so very real.
    By the way it was lovely to meet you and hang out with you in my dream.
    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you. I’ve never had red furniture or red decor, so this is not any of my homes – but it may be symbolic for you. Similarly, the pregnancy (I am far too old to have a baby!) On the other side of things, it’s quite true that Leo is having an important cycle for her (or his) house, apartment, garden, town and/or country. So perhaps the dream was about you, not me, but the symbolism may be quite broad. I expect it is about your astrology, and I appeared as an astrologer. Interesting!

    1. It’s a pleasure to have you along. We are keeping The Melbourne Astrology Walk groups small.

  2. Thanks for responding to my dream and clarifying that it wasn’t one of your homes or pregnancy ( it would have been pretty crazy if it was one of your homes) , The same goes for me far to old for pregnancy . I suspect you are bang on and it is about my astrology and you appeared as the astrologer .It will be interesting to see what unfolds. around house/ garden/country.
    Thanks again Jessica for taking the time to reply.

    1. This is all true, except I realised something else that may be happening. I have just moved back to a house which does in fact have wooden floorboards. It is quite old though – and it may be that you have picked up on spirit people here or former residents. They have in fact have been subletting here, back in the day, and of course the furniture might have been red. Interesting. Thank you for your dream.

  3. Oh that is interesting Jessica and wouldn’t that be something. The house was very old hence my comment that it would be more like something you would see in London . Well either way it’s made my week . Thank you

  4. Hi Jessica, I hope that you are well. Is the session on the 15th October the session that I attend if I was lucky enough to purchase your 2023-2024 astrology report?
    Thanks for everything that you do for us.

  5. Thank you Jessica, very exciting events! Also, could you help me navigate the current transits (juno 25 Leo Mc 25 Leo and NN 24 Leo) to my own juno 25 Leo ? It seems like it’s important for a contract relating to children, but could it also be creative pursuits? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Leo rules the Fifth House, which in turn is about courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. It has nothing to do with creativity, but it is associated with any activity which binds the generations together, so Harry Potter or riding; football or certain kinds of music, like The Beatles. You have Bacchus, the North Node and Juno in Leo in the Fifth House so periodically find you are Queen to a younger court (as a godmother, teacher, tutor, aunt, stepmother and so on). And of course you may have a son or daughter, but you don’t say if you have children. The ‘periodically’ is there because there are only occasionally transits in Leo, but you have them now. Periodically there is also the chance of a new romantic or sexual relationship, or a new phase within an existing partnership, but again, you don’t say if you are in a couple or not. Juno is about commitment.

  6. Thank you Jessica. I’m not in a relationship but I do have a son and work as a writer for theater, about to debut a show whose audience is all ages.

  7. Looking forward to attending the zoom events Jessica! so exciting, interesting and fun to be part of your global community. Jessica im having my chiron return in the next few months. Can I ask you what it means and is it starting to “kick in” now? Thank you.

    1. You were born with Chiron in Aries in the First House and will have your Chiron Return soon, so are poised for a relaunch, rebirth and renaissance. This will enable you to get away with the so-called impossible or unthinkable, which is what Chiron represents and you may be guided, mentored or tutored (Chiron was a teacher). Have a look at the Chiron features on this website and in your flipbooks for more specific details. A typical outcome is hair transplants, weight loss, cosmetic surgery, a different name and so on.

  8. I’ve just read my weekly horoscope and was particularly interested in Pluto in Capricorn finally going to turn direct this week. Since it’s move back into my 6th house earlier this year it has been well and truly kicking my butt and the returning mental health issues are having a huge impact on my personal and professional life. I’m hopeful, because as just as you said a few months ago, I have been able to find really excellent treatment this time around and I’m hopeful about being better by the time Pluto finally leaves Capricorn at the beginning of next year. So when I think about what goals I have for my job, my main focus is getting my mental health better again and when I drew a tarot asking “Who or what is the gateway to some or all of what I want?” I drew the Nine of Swords – that seems perfect, like I am on the right path with my treatment and the resources I am learning and my upcoming EMDR therapy. Thanks.

    1. Please read the feature again. You don’t draw the Tarot to ask ‘What’s the gateway to what I want?’ until the dates in question. You draw a card on every date in the sequence and as it comes around another card will add to the information. You are too early so just giving yourself a Tarot reading, which of course has been accurate (the Nine of Swords and your treatment) but is not tied to Astrology Delivery. I hope this works out for you and I am sure it will.

  9. Hi Jessica

    What placement is taking place for the Israel-Gaza war unfolding at the moment?

    1. The Israel chart chimes at 28 degrees and the war began when the inner planets moved to 28 degrees. Pluto is at 27 Capricorn now and is moving to 28 in November. There will be a change in the balance of power in the Israeli leadership and also in the U.N.

  10. Dear Jessica,

    I have the following in my chart:

    Sun: 26° Scorpio
    Vesta: 26° Gemini
    Neptune: 27° Sagittarius
    Diana: 27° Capricorn
    Cupido: 27° Capricorn
    Aesculapia: 28° Capricorn

    Could you please let me know how I will be impacted by Pluto turning direct at 27° Capricorn as of October 10th? Many thanks

    1. Pluto turning direct is a replay of professional, academic or unpaid work issues you already know. One is your own independence and freedom (Diana) and another is the complicated relationships which feel more personal than purely career or college based. A third is the situation you had assumed was virtually over (Aesculapia) which makes a return. This directly impacts your escapism with foreigners and foreign countries (Neptune in Sagittarius). This is your final chance to find control through self-control and power through willpower. It will be a huge relief when Pluto finally bows out of 27, 28 Capricorn in 2024.

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