Astrology Delivery – Book What You Want

Astrology Delivery is a new way of organising the future and getting some (or all) of what you want.

fantasy futures 248x300 - Astrology Delivery - Book What You WantTwenty years ago, I published one of the first manifesting books. It was called Fantasy Futures and Penguin released it in 2003. Funnily enough, it has now manifested a 500% increase in value. Amazon are selling it for $94.88.

Fantasy Futures was different to most ‘make it happen’ books because it relied on your sixth sense.

In this feature, I’ll show you the update on that, 20 years later and how you can use your E.S.P. or Extra-Sensory Perception along with what I call Astrology Delivery, to get (some) of what you want.

That lovely idea of asking for anything you want – and getting it – is not real, though. So before you do anything else, it’s time to talk about reality.

Manifesting is having a moment again, 20 years after Penguin first published my book. And you may remember Cosmic Ordering, The Secret and even still be hoping for some results from  The Law of Attraction. Well, here’s the science and here’s the truth. And here’s – actually – how you can obtain some or all of what you want.

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244 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, great article with some excellent practical advice.
    I am wanting to excel my career and progress as much as possible in my current workplace – do you see this being possible over the next few months to a year? Any advice or things to look out for is greatly appreciated 🙂
    Thank you

    1. Yes, your final delivery date for promotion, a big success or even a better job elsewhere is February 23rd 2024. You could gain from other people leaving; others being promoted who then promote you; reshuffles in your field which mean a job opening for you. Play some pink noise ocean sounds for maximum Extra-Sensory Perception and spend a few minutes on your booking dates in astrology, to draw a Tarot card every time to see what is possible, thinking about your long-term goal of success. You may get delivery much earlier than February but that’s the final window. The booking dates you’ve read about in the article; all those Capricorn transits.

  2. Good Morning Jessica, Thank you for your insightful article which I will read a few times and practice the art of reframing. I just did a tarot card reading on my relationship with my partner who is a Cancerian. I got the King of Cups. What does this mean for me and us?

    1. Thank you. Reframing the King of Cups means appreciating the time and space you get by being with a partner who is in his own little world. He is not going to crowd you or dominate you in any way. You have chosen to fall in love with somebody who is hard to get close to and that may be for all sorts of reasons; perhaps you have had other lovers who were too intense, for example, or you are the sort of person who wants space. The King of Cups offers that, but if you would like to have somebody who is closer to you, more intimate, or more inclined to share, you would steer that ship in the background his way. It’s a symbol of a way to move or holiday for him. Doing so means you can join him on board. Again, you would sail into the scene and get on the ship, to symbolically steer in his direction. If he and/or you still wanted the space, the sailings would be temporary; afterwards, he could go back to his life of floating, escaping and very much being Captain of his own ship.

  3. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for all you’re wonderful information. I do intend to try this method. I have a great medical massage practice. I am truly grateful for my abilities and most of all the awesome clients I have. But I also teach and have had little to no success in finding a new venue with extra space to do what I’m passionate about. Any insights or advise you can offer would be greatly appriciated.
    All the Best to you

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aquarius who is now standing at a delivery window for your career, which is medical massage. You would have delivery of some or all of what you want, or maybe more than you want, by the end of December 2023 if you follow the steps. As a new venue for your practice is part of your career, use the dates I have given you and follow the steps. You can tell me how you get on @jessicacadams.

  4. I loved this and really want to try it. I think I was much more intuitive in my younger years and now feel like my mind starts to wander and when I pick tarot cards it actually goes blank and I feel confused about the meanings. I am still, even at this age, always think I haven’t yet fulfilled my life’s purpose and am always wondering when I will. Maybe I am delusional and quite probably am but I always think I will be a great success in something lol. I guess it is what keeps me going.

    1. Thank you. Tarot is not for everybody so if you can’t read the cards, it’s best avoided. Your life’s purpose is always shown by your stelliums. Cancer, Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn dominate your chart so your life’s purpose is to create a home (Cancer) which gives you a sense of place (Cancer) that the family can visit you in (Cancer) or borrow (Cancer). It is also about perfecting a trade, skill or craft (Virgo) which gives you job satisfaction (Virgo) and makes you indispensable in your chosen field or profession (Virgo). This chart is also about raising money for a good cause (Taurus) and being so good with money or property, business or collecting (Taurus) that you end up making or saving a small fortune (Taurus). Capricorn, last of all, is about slowly and steadily climbing the heights in your chosen field and ascending the social ladder. We think about the two Kates with Capricorn. Kate Moss and Kate Middleton. One from Croydon, the other from the middle classes, both ambitious and successfully aloft High Society. You have every chance of being extremely successful by 2026.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I bought Fantasy Futures earlier in the year–and love it!

    One of your last comments that it was time to pack the boxes has motivated me! I ordered a bunch and got on with it.

    The moving truck is arriving October 18th…I tried to avoid the eclipse area…is four days away enough? I wasn’t sure what day would be auspicious for moving.

    I asked the Tarot what moving would bring and I got the Empress. She was a surprise since I feel dominated by transiting Pluto on my natal Saturn and Saturn opposing my natal Pluto. I read your article about handling Pluto, however, and it’s done me a lot of good.

    1. Thank you. Fantasy Futures was one of my first books with Penguin and the legendary Julie Gibbs. You have avoided the eclipse successfully, so the 18th of October is fine. You are moving with the Tarot on your side; you are the contended woman relaxing in the most luxurious and abundant environment. This will either be your own new home and/or the local area (parkland for example). She shows in your chart too. You have a stellium in Cancer in your Fourth House of apartments, gardens and houses. Jupiter in Taurus is slowly but surely creating a chain of terrific sextiles to that, and by May 2024 the process is complete.

  6. Fascinating, Jessica!

    Would you say we should think intentionally on this dates and sent intentions about the fields you have specifically indicated for us, based on each sign? I am really hoping to wrap up a degree this academic year and hop into a potential new career moving forward. any insights from my chart on this please?

    Thanks so much, Jessica!

    1. Yes, think intentionally, but most of all – sketch and write in a journal. You can also do this on your computer by creating a document and dragging photographs into it, taken from Google Image search or Pinterest. You are a Sun Scorpio so your October window is about your title – the letters after your name which a degree would give you – and your business card and future job title, attached to your name. It’s about relaunching. Later on you move into a delivery window for salary, and then the internet, media, publishing, education and academia. So you have quite a few choices here. You can let me know how you get on @jessicacadams.

  7. Hi Jessica. This is a great article. I love the practical angle. Financially I’m having a good year because of my backlist. However, with my new books, I’m not seeing much progress in getting contracts. It feels like my professional life has been in limbo. Do you think this will improve any time this year or the next? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo so your delivery dates will always be during Gemini weather (ambitious career moves) and Aquarius (job satisfaction). That all comes next year and in fact, May 2024 and June 2024 are among your best delivery windows in 12 years. For now, focus on what you can actually see results with, so that’s the Scorpio weather in October, which is of course about the internet, the media, education and quick/short publishing. You have transits in your Third House of communication, words, images and ideas which have terrific potential so just use the dates in question and follow the steps. You can tell me how you get on @jessicacadams.

  8. Hello Jessica. Thanks you – this is so interesting and helpful. Can we use this to support and help our friends? I am a Capricorn and I have a close friend who needs to move interstate (to my state) to be closer to her family and friends following some health issues. As a Capricorn, of course I am tempted to just problem solve but my friend needs to make her own decision in her own time, and not necessarily according to my Capricorn criteria. Using the above, can I focus on prayer that she finds what she needs to her greatest good on those dates, and that December seems the easiest time for her to find or move into her new home? It would certainly help me to worry less (and back off more). Thanks again. Karen

    1. You are a good friend. You can’t do this for her, because of the nature of psychic work, but you can certainly pray for her to be helped to move, if that is what is right for her. For you personally, the Scorpio weather dates are ideal for using that delivery window to book a happy outcome for her and with her. Just use your journal and follow the steps.

  9. Hi Jessica
    I am out of job for last 3 months , with the coming months will I get any success in getting a new job


    1. Yes, you will be in a new job at the end of 2023 and start of 2024. Follow the steps to shape your future the way you want to, though.

  10. Hello Jessica,

    Sadly I missed out on the 2023 Forum this year because I wrote my questions too late. My mistake.

    So I have pulled three once tarot cards readings for the next three months and all has been positive about change and success.

    I am looking to relocate overseas again before Christmas. If the tarot is correct then the chances are huge and lucrative.

    Does my chart show this as well?


    1. Kane, you are a Sun Libra with a Sagittarius stellium in your Ninth House of emigration, so in your private (birth) chart you will make those decisions at the end of 2023. Your chart does show an increase in wealth, because you save or make money at new levels, by May 2024 at the very latest. Follow the steps when the time comes and you can shape your destiny in a way that rewards you even more.

  11. Wow Jessica this is fabulous informative and makes so much sense. The science of Astrology is amazing. These books have made a lot of people like myself feel unworthy not believed enough have asked for the horrible experiences and are a failure. Thanks so much lovely

  12. Hello Jessica,

    I am a Scorpio sun with factors, Capricorn factors and Juno in Sage and I will be in the process of negotiating my current job, maybe a promotion for all my efforts, a salary increase, a new role or even I think an organizational change can happen until the end of the year which I don’t know how it will impact me. Any insights for me will be really appreciated as the next period I feel will be challenging and I really want to somehow find a way to improve my life work balance and also be appreciated for my involvement. Best regards.

    1. Okay, so your delivery windows are about your title (Scorpio weather) your salary (Sagittarius weather) and internet, media, publishing or education (Capricorn weather). I suggest using the first two – and following the steps then. Of course if your job involves the web, newspapers, television, the book world or academia you would also tick that box and follow those steps.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I’m hoping to further my relationship with possibly moving in together between now and the new year.

    Do you see when this may be something possible?

    1. Yes, you have a delivery window when Sagittarius is triggered in your chart, so just follow the steps when those dates arrive. Use your journal and write down what you want, on each date, and use the Tarot to see who or what supports you in achieving that, every time.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    I’m so amazed you wrote that book!!!!!! Amazing. A question about the article, do you mean by order your goals by writing them down on those dates and use the tarot cbt etc? But first thing in ordering is to write it?

    1. Hmmm, I am seeing a few comments where readers are unsure about the steps, so I will go back and make it clearer. Yes, the process is to write down the goal on the dates mentioned and use the Tarot every time to find out what the gateway to the goal is, moving closer and closer towards it. And of course the goal has to fit the life area mentioned. Thank you.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another excellent article. I was wondering what’s in store for me next and if you see any chance of things settling down as it has been a really hectic time for me since February 2022 with a lot going on in all aspects of my life. My husband has been away working abroad and I have been managing all of it (chalet, my teaching business, orchard etc) on my own.
    I also feel a bit disconnected from myself as I’ve been busy and hasn’t allowed enough time for my spiritual practice.
    Thank you so much again.

    1. Thank you. Your MC or Midheaven is 29 Virgo and sits in your Sixth House of work, unpaid work, daily routine, housework, service and duty. Pluto is moving on and off 29 Capricorn, so trine your MC, which explains the intensity and also the pressure. Your spiritual practice needs to return as you are quite strongly Virgo and need your regular schedule. You may want to think about reorganising your 24 hours a day. Mercury Retrograde in Virgo has kept you going back and forth since August and that can also be quite discombobulating for a strongly Virgo person, as it puts you out of synch. Now Mercury is out of retrograde you can use October to pull things together differently for yourself. Pluto trines empower you, put you in control and give you more influence, but they can be very demanding and your Virgo side must come first.

  16. Jessica congratulations on your book (one of many) still being so successful twenty years later! This post is incredible. I got the wheel of fortune when I asked tarot the first question. I then asked what is possible for me over the next few months and I got the emperor. I am single, jobless (since a few weeks ago) but my health feels good since last week and im sleeping like a baby. It was a tough summer in some ways. I would love to meet someone, make money by getting a brilliant part time job or two and keep improving my health. I am grateful if you can look at my chart to tell me what you think with the transits for me over the next few months? Roll on pluto moving into aquarius! thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Julie Gibbs was my publisher for Fantasy Futures at Penguin so I was very lucky. You are a Sun Capricorn woman so in the right zone for a new job with a new title – or perhaps two roles and two titles. Just follow the steps as your dates come up. The Emperor shows you your new employer. The Wheel of Fortune shows you the issues around the new job, which involve writers, readers, students, teachers or Information Technology professionals.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Brilliant concept for manifesting and how the future predicts the present ,Quantum Physics is the science and Astrology is the practice!
    Following your astrological advice about this being a good time to put our zero net energy home on the market
    “Jupiter with all his solutions and opportunities enters Taurus and your natal Second House of cash flow in May 2023 and stays until May 2024. He will form useful conjunctions with your Taurus factors, including Minerva (his daughter, actually) and sextile your Cancer placements in the Fourth House of property. Even the opposition to your Scorpio factors can only benefit you, despite inner conflicts you might have. So the time is right. It is right, astrologically, for your husband as well. You only get Jupiter in Taurus once every 12 years and that New Moon in Taurus will very quickly show you how much brighter, better and bigger, things look. The rest is up to you.”

    Our home went on is the market last May and my intuitive sense is that an offer will come in now in October and we will close in December when I look at Taurus and Scorpio in both of our charts from your report.

    Our offer for the condo we are moving into was just accepted and we are closing on the 27th of October
    So not sure which property, the one we are selling, or the one that we are moving into or is it both at the same time which would really help us out financially. Is there any way to see that astrologically? Either way my husband ( Aries ) and I ( Sagittarius)will be very mindful to put our order in for a buyer on October 12 and 22. Thank you Jameela

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Sagittarius you do have some useful booking dates ahead to make and save money. So just follow the steps. I already replied to you, using your husband’s chart as well, so the stage is set to sell and buy, Jameela, with your charts nicely aligned for 2024.

  18. Hi Jessica
    I’m in the mode of a serious home move as staying where I am has been affecting life in general and health.
    Finances are being considered as also practical locations.
    Do you think this aspect of buying a home will materialise by December 29, 2023?
    It’s especially hard since I’m a single woman with no help from immediate family and utterly have to rely on myself, my finances and my contacts.
    Thank you

    1. You are a Cancerian with a stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House of home, home town, homeland and family. I can see why this question has affected you so much, because you need to feel completely at home in your own house or apartment (and local area) to really feel settled. Cancer the crab carries her home on her back and burrows down into her turf and territory. What you are asking for is not on the list for this particular set of delivery dates. However, you will move by 2024, thanks to some terrific patterns which trigger your public and private chart.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    This is for you, since you asked for feedback for your new book. I did the process. For the first card, the one that depicts the present, I got High Priestess from drawing off your site. First Frame: A woman with a manuscript, which is what I am. I sent out four submissions yesterday. What I’d like delivered is related to manuscripts. I am also a woman between two organizations…my day job and my teaching a course (visual arts) at a college. The B and the J suggest my future places. I’m moving into a place with two B’s in it’ the J may be a future destination. Second frame: I want to make my degree (writing) mean something more. To date, my credentials (visual arts) aren’t in the field I have my degree in. But I’ve made a breakthrough in publishing short pieces in literary journals this year after years of trying. If I can get a book deal, with a small press or bigger, I could qualify to teach writing and get a job that doesn’t require the struggles of my current job. Third frame: After I have the book publication and a new position, I can open up in relationships more (pomegranate) because I won’t be so hassled. The moon is a new start. Cross on neck is everything I’ve gone through with squares and oppositions to Pluto. The columns and plants are the symbol of nature, and I write about nature. I’ll have autonomy, balance, and be in my right place.
    Delivery for October (Dec) : 9 of Swords. First Frame: Not sure it’s me. A close friend, like family, has recently had a catastrophic fall and shattering of her angle…she’s been in surgery, will face months of recovery, is older, and is in a diabetic syndrome from the surgery. The Roman scene on the bed has a reference to her own interests. Perhaps I am the blanket, since I’m interested in astrology. Second Frame: Do I have to solve it? Can I just be present to it? I will be visiting her in the fall. She is in hospital now, but since I’m in the midst of having to move can’t go up yet. She will be in residential rehab for at least a month, maybe more.
    Third frame: I am the blanket and I’m visiting, helping her.
    Delivery for November (Feb): Queen of Swords. Butterflies my interest in nature. Sword my having to defend myself as someone dealing with the public and local government. Where I work is on public land and there can be issues. The sword here isn’t the pen, and I was hoping for literary deliveries… Second Frame: Nature queen. Clouds, bird, tree, butterflies. The religious bracelet reminds me of counting the days. I have a lot to get through, a lot of financial challenges at my main job which is why I took the second job, for stability. Third Frame: I can put the sword down and pick up art supplies. But I do need the sword for grading. As much as I want to support younger people through encouragement, I am required to grade.
    Delivery for December (following December) 10 of Swords. Alright, all these swords are getting annoying. Wasn’t really hoping for deliveries of swords. First Frame: Rejection. But keeping the yoga hand gesture. I was hoping the High Priestess would get the Ace of Pentacles. Looks like a lot of rejection. I do get rejected regularly, but this seems more hurtful. There’s water…betrayal, at work? Or is the figure someone else, my friend who has had surgery? I can turn that person into someone else or something else…an idea, a manuscript. that person doesn’t seem to be getting up. Second frame: It’s cloth, not blood, by the head. It looked like blood. My feeling is danger of betrayal by a group. Third frame: Or is it someone or something that I’m finishing off, that I don’t want around anymore? Someone who has betrayed me? I asked one more question of the tarot…is the person me or someone else? I got the Queen of Cups, which was my identity card for a long time. But my friend is a Cancer… Still, I think it’s me. A lot to process! I’m calling Amazon to return these deliveries and get some new ones! Ace of Pentacles, please! World and Magician also seem desirable.

    1. Thank you. You are seeing a lot of potential futures there and not all of them are what you want. So reframe again. There is no particular rush. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy takes time and sometimes you don’t see what or who is on offer, until you are further along. You read the High Priestess correctly as you sent out manuscripts (which the priestess is holding). As a Sun Aries you are in the right cycle for professional or academic achievement and should use your journal on the dates in question to work with the High Priestess card to get what you want. I think the New Moon in Capricorn is important here as you can see the moon at the bottom of the card. You could both learn and teach. The person under the blanket may be you or your friend. That’s open to more reframing. The Queen of Swords is also open to reframing closer to the time. The Ten of Swords also needs reframing, closer to the time. I will rewrite this story to be clearer about the instructions. You don’t draw all the Tarot cards at once. You draw one on each date mentioned. If you need to start all over again that’s fine but keep your first card, The High Priestess, in mind. You’re not in Capricorn weather yet. It’s too early.

  20. Hi Jessica, great article. I got the email reg Substack regarding the October Tarot. I selected the Strength card and then picked the Three of Wands for October as a personalized reading for October. Am I doing this correctly? The Strength and Three of Wands seems so right on. Reading this article and comparing it to the email reg the October Tarot, are these two different methods?
    I would love your insight on how the career and health would play out during this period. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Strength reflects your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of healing and health. This makes sense as you have Jupiter trines from Taurus, to Virgo, until May 2024. A special person will fix any problems you have, no matter if it’s medical, dental or therapeutic in another way. The Three of Wands shows your projects and plans, which belong in another region or country. Again, this is your Virgo stellium being picked up, as it rules work.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    You made Astrology much more interesting without making it mystery. I learned something new in every articles you wrote here. Thank you.

    May I please ask if you could see in my chart if there’s good news / good cash coming ?
    I am selling my house, my whole life
    right now depends on this one property.
    Start a bussiness, health, education, food, kids, buy a new home, bills and bills …. all need cash don’t they !!

    This house is my one and only answer for any steps further in life.

    I know my house has good value, in nice area. I try to look at my own chart using what I learned from you to figure out where my position in the whole situation
    (selling this one, buying one cheaper to create cash flow for business )

    But it is hard to think positive and manifest good things when I am
    in so much pressure financially, business and health (i am struggling to get enough sleep – premenopausal is no joke 😉

    I really want to know what you see in my chart with currently Planetary position. Thank you so much for your time Jessica. I appreciate your insight and kindness.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I’m sorry you aren’t getting enough sleep; try YouTube meditations with Paul McKenna or Michael Sealey. The sound of ocean rain on YouTube is also very good for sleep. You are a Sun Sagittarius who could easily sell your house no later than February 2024 if you follow the steps. On every date in that Capricorn cycle, repeat the intention. Follow the steps and draw a Tarot card every time to see what is possible and who or what can help you. You want to buy a cheaper home and use the profits saved, to help your business. The business is actually a separate matter, as it’s work and employment. Try to focus on gaining financial control. That’s the cycle now.

  22. Hi Jessica
    I followed your advice, listened to the sea and drew my tree cards for October. King of wands, six of swords and the hang man.In the process of changing my life for the better. I have put out my apartment for sale and want to move back to my hometown and rent an apartment. My current work is a mess and a badly leadership who wants you to work for 200%, i work as a teacher. I felt that it is unsustainable. So in January 2024 i have new job, lower salary but much better working conditions I hope this is right for me because in few year i will get in retire. Can you get me som advise?

    1. The Hanged Man shows both sides of the family tree, so you will move back eventually, either to where your mother came from, or where your father came from (or their families). You will find there is a period of waiting before this happens but it will help you see your life more clearly. If you want a different job, there is a man who has a project or plan he needs assistance with. He is procrastinating with it and should either get you to help, or delegate the whole thing to you. Do you already know him? If not he is in your future.

  23. Hi Jessica, thank you for this truly fascinating post! If you see my comments in your long list, would you mind telling me about any chance of meeting a lover (long-term partner) by the end of the year? If I understand well, October and December should be favourable months for Cancerians to meet someone. Many thanks. Greetings from France.

    1. You are a Sun Cancer woman with a Libra stellium, so in your public chart and private chart, the stage is set for a new relationship. The final delivery date (first phase of the cycle) is February 2024 and you may want to try playing pink noise (ocean sounds) with your eyes closed, to prepare yourself for a Tarot reading. Once you have tuned into your present accurately by finding a card which describes the most important current story in your life, tune into the potential of the next few months as so many Capricorn factors are about to pass through your Seventh House of sexual partnerships, in your public chart, and in your private chart we find the South Node in Libra for the first time in 18-19 years, which suggests your next partner will be a way for you to settle the karma from the past, with the universe.

  24. Hi Jessica, thanks for this, it seems fascinating and I’m definitely going to try. I don’t really think I’ve any ESP but perhaps i can learn. As a taurus, your sept horoscope was true for me, and I’m hoping that in Oct i can use the dates to really manifest something good vis love and partnership. Is there anything in my chart that you feel would indicate it might not work? Thanks again.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus. Yes, use the dates given to book a delivery regarding love and partnership. Just follow the steps. You can increase your Extra Sensory Perception by meditating regularly and also getting used to using Tarot and trusting it. Research shows that meditators and believers have the best results; far better than others. This will be a nice first experiment for you. You should have delivery of some or all of what you want, or more than you asked for, by the due date, if you just follow these steps. Bon chance.

  25. You are a Sun Virgo with a huge Leo stellium in your Fifth House, Shaughna. Strongly Leo people are always women who lead, mentor, guide and set an example to the young. So this may be your own children; godchildren; nieces; nephews. You are Queen to a younger court and can also achieve this professionally, even if you don’t have offspring. So you may be a teacher, for example. You are more Leo than Virgo. The world of courtship and the bedroom is also your domain and decisions you make there, always change your life. When Jupiter goes into Leo from 2026 you could easily make another one of those massive choices.

  26. Hello Jessica,
    What a wonderful new way to look at manifesting!

    I am not sure if I am delusional, but it appears that whatever sign Jupiter is in, instead of being where I should have luck/manifestation, it appears that is where my challenges are. Could it be that I have a negative aspect to my Jupiter? Your insights would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You have Jupiter at 11 Aquarius. You were born lucky and protected, with your social life, friendships, groups, clubs, teams, societies and circles. With social media, like Substack and with networks. This was the case when you were aged around 12, at school, when you may have been involved with a sports team, for example, or a fan club for a band. Your Jupiter has no negative aspects. It works all your life and you could find, for example, that being in a band gives you a hit single, or that being part of a political party delivers an election victory. Through the diverse tribe, you find your luck and opportunity.

  27. hi Jessica, will I ever end up with a permanent full time job? I’m doing courses but am still worried. any advice or solution please much appreciated. p

    1. My advice would be to use an automatic, free spelling and grammar checking tool on your computer or telephone, as these things matter when applying for a job. I hope your courses go well.

  28. hi Jessica, I’ve been working casually for quite a while now. when do you see fulltime job for me? please. I drew the Fool. sometimes soon? pp

    1. Okay so you are looking for a full time job and drew the Fool. You are being told to look before you leap, as you have a journey or move ahead of you, but are not doing the research on the right route or safer path. Find a way that will actually work for you, if you want to pack your bags and go. The little white dog is barking a note of caution so listen to anyone who tells you to be on your guard, as the direction you are taking has too many risks. Find alternatives.

  29. Thanks for this super-informative article. I’m in the process of making some changes to my work and hoping that this October will be when I shift to another job that is less demanding (although the pay is actually the same). Is this a good period for me to request a delivery of that nature on 10/12? I interviewed for the potential new job on 9/30.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Sagittarius so your delivery windows are spiritual (October) about a new title (November) and financial (December). Of all the windows most tied to a new job, it’s really the Sagittarius transits that matter most as they are about your business card and C.V. or resume. We would expect a pay rise, or bonuses tied to your salary, though – or time saved with work, which of course equates to money. That’s December. So your chances are good here to book and see a delivery of some or all that you want – maybe more than you asked for. Just follow the dates and the steps, but this month (October) is more about your inner life, not so much work. That’s later.

  30. Gosh I just love all the quantifiable side of astrology and your blogs. I really loved this feature.
    I drew a card for ‘if your life were a painting’ and got The Ace of Pentacles. This card then came up again when drawing a card for October, Nov and Dec. October was Ace of Pentacles, Nov 2 of Cups and Dec The Chariot. I am still working towards getting my book published (currently sitting with two agents and one publisher), getting this TV series going, and adding to our family, but the window on that will eventually have to close. My husband has sold a business with handover in November and we are both looking forward to some clear air for a while and a holiday. So The cards seem positive to me….. With a Scorpio stellium I am also really interested to see what lies ahead! Thanks again for your features Jessica. I am learning so much!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun in Aquarius woman, so your booking window is still open for career. What you began in October should continue in November so keep using those dates to write what you want in your journal, every time. Let me know what happens by December 29th. The Tarot is encouraging you and showing you the gateway, which is money, partnership and going between two cities, states or countries. Interesting!

  31. Thank you for the reply above Jessica.
    Since you don’t see moving until 2024, do you at least see buying a home this year? Or is that also in 2024?
    Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Cancer so your booking window for a new home is Libra weather which next takes place in September, October 2024.

  32. Hi Jessica
    What a terrific article! For a long time I have practised setting my intentions in relation to what I am wanting to manifest with good results! However I don’t just sit back and wait for results (which is what a lot of people think happens) there has to be personal input into the process which you have clearly shown.

    I’m wondering if you’re able to give me a general overview for this month? I am waiting for an outcome on the 21st October in particular.

    Many thanks & keep up the good work!

    1. You are a Sun Libra whose delivery window for saving or making money opens up in October on Scorpio weather, so just follow the steps on the dates given. You then move into Sagittarius weather, which is about the internet, media, education, publishing, academia (which may be your career, you don’t mention what you do). Finally you go into Capricorn weather as 2023 ends and 2024 begins and should follow the steps then to get some or all of what you want from your home.

  33. Dear Jessica what an amazing breakthrough! It’s so exciting what you have analyzed in your article! You are really a legend! I’ll follow closely the steps you mentioned because I wanna see better in my life. In a few months I have decided to leave my job and start one of mine but I have not decided in what sector yet. I have worked hard to save my marriage and I think I am on a good track after your advice to ask for help. I already feel that the next 3 months are crucial for my wellbeing. Could you give me any tips how to take advantage it and where to be more careful? Thank you

    1. Thank you. I will pass your words onto my agent in New York who will be selling this book in 2024. You are a Sun Scorpio so your windows for delivery are about your title (Scorpio weather) financial (Sagittarius weather), related to the internet (Capricorn weather). Follow the rules with the Scorpio weather if you want to relaunch your image and gain a new job title. Similarly, follow the rules with income later on Sagittarius weather. The rest is up to you.

  34. This is fantastic, Jessica–thank you so much! Also just wanted to thank you for your insights to a question of mine on a previous blog post. It’s really helped me feel as though I am on the right path although the insights you provided were very surprising to me! (They were very welcome and positive! But also unexpected and unanticipated. It makes me very excited to see what the future reveals.)

  35. Hi Jessica, very thought provoking blog again, I have my MC at Scorpio 22 and both Sun and Mercury in Taurus stellium. Scorpio is my 10th house. I feel very excited for October 22 to come. I have lots of 0 degree placements as well. Do you see any career events supported by other planets et cetera? Thank you in anticipation!

    1. You are a Sun Taurus woman so began booking for partnership in October. In November, you will book for money – just follow the steps and let me know what happens with final results by 2024 at the latest. Thank you.

  36. Hi Jessica thanks for this amazing subject. I drew the Empress for my first card. My question is it the right time for me and my family to buy a new home in our preferred location? Me and my Scorpio husband are currently renting but would this this be favourable for us. Thanks Jessica lots of love and light.

    1. You are just giving yourself a Tarot reading, not following the steps for Astrology Delivery. You are a Sun Virgo so your window for booking the future does not open until you are in Sagittarius weather; not right now. Just follow the rules and an apartment or house purchase where you want, becomes more possible. Astrology Delivery is about getting some or all of what you want, but on astrology timing. You are waiting for Sagittarius Weather for a window to book the future.

  37. Hi Jessica, very thought provoking blog again, I have my MC at Scorpio 1 22 and both Sun and Mercury in Taurus stellium. Scorpio is my 10th house. I feel very excited for October 22 to come. I have lots of 0 degree placements as well. Do you see any career events supported by other planets et cetera? Thank you in anticipation!

    1. You are a Sun Taurus woman so your first window for delivery is January 2024; you are too early for this now. I’ve given you Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn weather to work with. As a Taurus this is about partners, finance and foreigners. Not your career, unless it involves foreign nationalities or countries, say, or banking. You don’t say what you do for a living, unfortunately, so I can’t be more specific.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I am a children’s author and have been working on some new picture books. Do you see me being offered some new publishing contracts soon?

    1. Book Astrology Delivery in November to obtain a publishing contract with results by 2024 at the latest. You will get some or all of what you want if you follow the steps. Please let me know what happens next year.

  39. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for such an insightful article which helps me practice the art of reframing. I selected the the King of Cups for my partner who is a Cancerian and the Wheel of Fortune for myself as a Leo. What does this mean for me and our relationship together?

    1. Okay, so this isn’t Astrology Delivery, it’s just a Tarot reading. That can be useful but you are not following the rules, unfortunately. If you are a Sun Leo you actually need to wait for your window in January, February 2024 and follow the steps then.

  40. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me Jessica! It is greatly appreciated!

  41. Hi Jessica, An excellent and really helpful article as I struggle with the concept of manifestation and find more comfort in looking to astrology and tarot for guidance. I usually focus on work, career or property but I thought i would as the tarot about love and relationships for October, for the order dates I pulled the 10 of pentacles (what came into my head was first words like family, bounty, security then reframing companion, children, legacy and 3rd reframe succession and the painting on the left reminded me of the high priestess card. For 22nd October i pulled the 4 of swords (1st frame rest, 2nd battle and mourning and 3rd peace, reverence and solitude) finally the last card the wheel of fortune (1st frame i was drawn to the fox/man, 2nd was a compass and direction, 3rd was knowledge, seasons and clouds clearing). I have no idea if how that lines up with my chart, your advice as always is very welcome. All the best, Emma xx

    1. Thanks Emma. You are not following the steps unfortunately. Please go back and read the instructions again. Then Astrology Delivery can work for you, if you follow the rules.

  42. Hi jessica

    Thank you so much for this very informative blog. Can you kindly advise whether any of the upcoming cycles will deliver a new relationship and career progression for me please.
    Many thanks!

    1. You are a Sun Cancerian so follow the steps for the Capricorn weather, as you can book your future then and obtain delivery on a new partner in the window given, on the due date you read about. I will offer 2024 charts nearer to Christmas which will give you the Astrology Delivery window and dates for a new job or promotion; that’s much later.

  43. Thank you for this article Jessica. It’s so interesting I was totally absorbed reading it on the tube that I nearly missed my stop and lost my shopping! Interesting that the part of life active for Sagittarius is spirituality and the soul. As a result of your website and the work you have done demystifying tarot I was inspired to have a tarot reading a few weeks ago. It was a profound experience. I felt so much lighter after being able make sense of intuitions I’ve been having. For a longtime I have been hoping for a new relationship. As the area of lovers won’t be in Sagittarius till March 2024 does that mean I need to hold fire on expecting anything in the area in my life till then? Should I just focus on other areas in the meantime?

    1. That’s a great compliment thank you. I will pass that on to my agent in New York when she goes out with the book in 2024. I am so happy your Tarot reading was what you needed. For the best results in obtaining a new lover or even a marriage, follow the steps and begin to book in your Astrology Delivery window; so that’s May 21st 2024 (Sun into your Seventh House of weddings), May 24th (Venus), Jupiter on May 26th (the big one), Mercury on June 4th, the New Moon on June 6th (very important). Because you have waited so long you may get a quick delivery. The trick is to use the Tarot every time you repeat your booking to show you where the gateway is. Delivery of some or part of what you want regarding a new relationship will come by June 9th 2025 at the very latest. That is your short-term booking. Of course you can date until then, and it may even end up being your future partner, but Astrology Delivery is best booked for the right dates. Don’t forget to use pink noise ocean sounds (with eyes closed) to tune into the Tarot. It is the proven way into E.S.P. as is regular meditation.

  44. This post really got my attention! Such a great spin on how to choose timing or when to start something. But please explain some more. As I understand from reading this feature, I should get started with something related to the house which is about to get a stellium of planets. Or rather a passing parade of planets? And when the last planet has left that sign (and house), that’s the window of delivery?

    What about lunations for timing and/or delivery? Or aspects between planets? How do you pick the reference point in the future to “go back” to the present to see how they are related? Is it the stellium parade or do you for example look for say a future trine to Jupiter with another planet and then use that as a future reference point?

    And if we have something at that degree in our charts, that will be touched by that future aspect, it could be a good time to start something or a time to expect a delivery? Which one? What tells us when to initiate and when to expect delivery? I hope my questions make sense, this is very exciting and I’m trying to wrap my head around it 🙂

    1. Thank you. This feature and the events in Australia are the start of what will be my next book, Astrology Delivery, so I really welcome your comment as it will help me shape the first draft. Yes, you start something related to the house in question which is about to see a passing parade of transits – a steady stellium of planets, asteroids, nodes and so on. Rather than take the scattergun approach of ‘manifesting’ or The Secret, or The Law of Attraction, or Cosmic Ordering – you only focus on one department of your life, which is about to see a lot of potential for delivery. Lunations are part of it and I will go back and add the New Moons for the Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn weather – thank you for the reminder. Aspects don’t matter so much; it’s really the entire transit of (say) Mars in Scorpio, or the Sun in Sagittarius. If you wanted to drill down into exact hours/days of course you would go through your chart and look for favourable aspects to set a goal, but as this will sometimes mean waking up at 3.00am it’s not really practical! It’s better to just use the ingress (or start date) of a transit in that house to commence delivery, then repeat the ‘booking’ when the next ingress occurs. You are a Sun Aries so we just work with your solar chart. If you wanted to also use your natal chart, that’s perfectly fine, but Astrology Delivery is based on Sun Signs. As an Aries, you would be looking at a window for delivery with finance, business, property, valuables, charity, banking, shares and so on, as each Scorpio ingress (in your Eighth House) occurs. So, the Sun in Scorpio on 24th October (depending on your time zone) is a big one. Mercury in Scorpio on 22nd October is another. I have averaged world time zones and ‘awake’ days to show the dates in question, but again, if you wanted to go for exact ingresses, you’d set your software for your own town or city. As I’ve mentioned in the feature, sign-off for absolute final delivery is 30th December as Venus goes to 29 Scorpio 59 before leaving your Eighth House. The asteroids are worth using too. Ops enters Scorpio and your Eighth House on 7th October, so within days. You may even already know about a key person appearing/reappearing now, in relation to your finances or property. Mars in Scorpio and your Eighth House appears on 12th October. You asked about the Moon (lunations) and the New Moon in Scorpio is important on October 15th (for many time zones) but this is also a solar eclipse (on October 14th) so I have left it out of the booking dates. Eclipses conceal they never reveal and that’s not useful. The other New Moons, though, I will absolutely add as we have a clear run there for the Sagittarius and Capricorn transits. You should get some or all of what you want, or more than you want, if you follow the steps. You can let me know @jessicacadams – thank you.

  45. Hi Jessica,
    Apologies for placing this comment here as it actually relates to your article in Substack ” Reading Tarot Backwards”, How the future can change what happens now. Excellent article by the way. I did have to read it twice to grasp it but believe I did.
    I asked the first question as you have written it and pulled the “Nine of Cups” Which I was completely thrilled about and then to the second question picked the ” Ace of Wands”. Again happy with that. So hopefully if I have read your article correctly. That what I am nurturing and planting now will be a success in the future and due /for the success in the future I must/am planting the seed now.
    Did I get it? I do believe it is relating to my work . If so its a brilliant concept and thank you once again for sharing so unselfishly of your craft.

    1. Yes, you were following the Backwards Tarot method correctly. The future is already causing the present and you have just seen why. The big idea, huge plan or vast concept is one of those quantum possibilities that you have to pop into existence.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    Trying again, as my last comment seems to have vanished (the same happened last month too, which I put down to mercury retrograde)
    So in the exercise of “If my life was a painting what would it be” I drew the Ace of Pentacles.
    Then I drew cards for October, November and December. October was the Ace of Pentacles again! November the 2 of Cups, and December The Chariot. I’m coming to your Astrology event in a few weeks and look forward to practising more there. This blog subject I found so fascinating. I love learning about the science behind astrology and tarot and know its something I will continue to study as I dive deeper into it all. With a stellium in Scorpio I am planning to use astrology to pitch a tv show, and also follow up with agents and publishers. And there’s that baby project which the 2 of Cups may be reflecting. All so interesting!

    1. I am glad you are coming to Abbotsford Convent. We will use Astrology Delivery there and you will take home a journal and Tarot cards having learned the steps. You do need to time this correctly. I am seeing people draw Tarot cards today, which is not the way. You have to use the dates I give. I’m going to go back to this feature to spell it so you can actually see some results.

  47. Thank you for continuing to share your thorough and insightful work. Using the Tarot with astrology is most intriguing, and makes sense. I drew Strength for the painting question, and Eight of Pentacles for October.
    I have been looking at taking a leap of faith from a career that my heart is no longer in, instead doing/ being something that has always been in the background, but am concerned about financial stability. Also, I have had some ongoing protracted issues with family/ inheritance matters. Any information that would shed light on these matters would be wholeheartedly appreciated. Thank you again.

    1. You are a Sun Gemini so your career is about a delivery window that opens in October but you are too early; follow the steps and book on the dates which I have listed before you draw the Tarot to show you the way through. The family and inheritance issues are also in a delivery window in 2023 but again, you are too early. Follow the steps and use the dates I have listed in the article.

  48. Hi Jessica this my first time commenting, thanks for the insightful article. I am trying a new to me social media app that streams live auctions (I buy and sell storage units that go up for auction) I usually sell at my shop in person, on this app I would go live online and sell, it’s such a big opportunity for my business but I’m so terrified do you see anything involving my career that would say this would be a good idea?

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio woman so you shine in business and finance when it all goes right. An app is a Third House matter (internet) and you will soon be in the right Capricorn cycle to book a delivery. Follow the steps and use your journal; use pink noise and the Tarot to help guide you when the time comes. The potential is there for you to become much stronger and to find your power.

  49. Hi. I have a potential relationship with someone living in the UK at the moment that we both want but distance is difficult at the moment, and I have plans for a short term stay next year to figure everything out. I’ve just refinanced my mortgage here with plans to sell my property in two years. And I am stuck in a job that pays the bills but isn’t the dream, I’m starting to explore other career paths at the moment to find something I enjoy and can allow me to potentially relocate or find a bit more happiness in my day to day life. Would I be able to use this to help me make those decisions to see a clearer way forward. It’s feels clouded at the moment.

    1. You are a Sun Aries so your delivery windows in October are about joint finances and property so focus on that, with your possible partner or quite another person. Use the dates and follow the steps. It’s good to paint with a broad canvas so rather than be too specific about naming this possible lover go for a bigger picture of happiness, satisfaction and reward with your delivery as Astrology Delivery takes into account everybody else as well. What you want has to dovetail with what everybody else wants. But, you are in the right time and place with this Scorpio weather.

  50. I teacher visual arts but have been asked to supervise Industrial arts and Home economics due to massive staff shortages in NSW

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a Capricorn stellium, which is common in the charts of people inside a system, hierarchy or traditional establishment. (The mountain goat who climbs to the top). The delivery window of January, February 2024 is there to be used, as Aquarius weather begins and you are in the right time and place to gain from reshuffles within the school or college system.

  51. Thank Jessica for truly explaining how manifestation works. I spent the past 20 years struggling with the concept and the lack of success. I have had a lot of resistance at work from my immediate manager about the value and ranking of my position and even though i am in a favorable time for my career I am always met with resistance. Should I just accept what is and realize that she will never admit to seeing the value of the position. Thank you!

    1. Manifesting, The Law of Attraction, Cosmic Ordering and The Secret have all been championed by authors who are only too human and who prove there is no magical ‘everything’ solution. The Law of Attraction appeared in the worst year for the US economy since the Great Depression, which for me is not exactly validation. Far more reliable is astrology which has been used for timing for over 2000 years. The Tarot has been used for guidance for over 500 years, so put them together and you are in the strongest possible position to find delivery windows and then book what you want. As a Sun Capricorn you will be in an extremely good delivery period starting in May 2024, increasing in June 2024, as Jupiter goes into your Sixth House of work. I’ll cover Astrology Delivery in the 2024 personal astrology reports, which go on sale at the end of the year. Thank you.

  52. Hi Jessica. Really interesting article and I am certainly going to try this out. I have been single for a long time and would really like to find that special person but I have almost given up hope. Is that wish something I should be tuning into – does my chart show it as being a possibility? Or am I destined to remain alone?

    1. As a Sun Cancer woman. you are in the right cycle for a new partnership. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is going through your Seventh House and you will soon experience Capricorn weather. Use the dates provided and follow the steps. Book a delivery on every date given, repeating it every time, using the Tarot to show you the gateways to delivery (who and what to follow). The best way to use the Tarot is to be a regular meditator if you can, and certainly to believe in E.S.P. Eyes closed and pink noise is a proven way into extra sensory perception too.

  53. This is incredible, Jessica. Thank you for your trailblazing and sharing! I just asked the Tarot the question about if my life were a painting how would it look and the card I drew was The Ace of Swords. This made me smile. Potential, huh! I had an epiphany recently that up to now in my life I have confused ”opportunity” with ”opportunism”. My mother drummed into me that I should never rely on anyone else – or take opportunity offered – as to do so would mean that I was cheating. I don’t blame her but it has sent me sideways, working alone, rather than co-opting others. I have two university degrees – Masters. Nine management diplomas and published books, blogs, music composition, and lots of global conference moderator roles under my belt. And still I don’t feel successful. For instance, I met Diane Feinstein at a global conference once and she invited me to a networking event. I didn’t go. Imposter syndrome kicked in….None of what I have achieved has resulted in a defined status. I just go from project to project. I am so tired of this. Will the Jupiter/Uranus transit through my natal chart help? I am a natal Taurus (23 degrees conjunct 23 Minerva) in the 2nd House with both Jupiter and Uranus at 24 Cancer in the 4th house. Thank you for your insights. Warm wishes, Emma x

    1. Thanks so much Emma. My agent is excited about Astrology Delivery too. This feature and the events in Sydney and Melbourne are the beginning of what will be the next book. Your mother shows up in your Fourth House of family and matriarchy, ruled by Cancer and the Moon in astrology. You have Uranus in Cancer and are articulating it: “My mother drummed into me” is typical of this symbol, which is associated with the American War of Independence. Drumming was a big part of it, no matter if you were an American rebel or a British redcoat. If your mother had such a big influence on you, we would expect to see aspects involving Uranus and sure enough, you have Uranus at 24 Cancer in conjunction with Jupiter at 24 Cancer. Most unusual. There is a semi-sextile to Mars at 23 Gemini, which increases the drumbeat. Mars is of course a symbol of battles. So you already know about your Jupiter-Uranus conjunction but actually it picks up many other factors in your chart too. There is a square to Venus at 25 Aries. You should compliment yourself that Diane Feinstein asked you to a networking event. An outstanding US senator and San Francisco Mayor. Your mother drummed the wrong message into you, there. You never cheat when you refuse an opportunity. I hope you can see how Jupiter-Uranus is showing up in your chart. You are rebelling against yourself; battling yourself. The biggest picture of your horoscope is that you are an American, have a strong sense of culture, history, origins about your country and perhaps your city or state. You owe it to yourself and your place on the map, to use your degrees, books and the rest to seek change and progress. You could do this any time, but actually, the transit of Jupiter through Cancer (Jupiter Return) will be the really big delivery. So that’s 2025. The delivery window dates are a long way off, then, but you could start by going to Google Search and sliding images you like, into a document marked ‘Astrology Delivery – America’ for example. Or your town or city; your state. Stop fighting yourself. You are an oustanding achiever and your mission is your homeland. Sometimes it can help to have an activity or sport that contains Uranus in the chart. Turn the impulse to fight yourself into something you can physically do, like boxing with a supervisor, or resistance yoga/Pilates and so on. You are going into an election year in 2024 and this is the key to everything; it coincides with your Jupiter Return in patriotic Cancer.

  54. Interesting take on manifesting Jessica having read some of the books mentioned and never had much success!

    I’m a Capricorn sun and currently trying to move out of a city into a village. Hoping the stars align and we will be in by Xmas xx

    1. Thank you. Yes, I’ve seen the lack of success – and heard about it from readers – with those books. The nice thing about astrology is that it tightens the focus and has the backing of some 2000 years of astrologers’ shared research behind it. As a Capricorn Sun your window for delivery with a village is actually 2024, so you are somewhat early. I am talking here about really big delivery of all that you want, of course. For that, you would be looking at March 2024 to start booking. In the three examples I have given you the delivery is about your social life, friends and groups (October) then your inner life (November) and finally your own relaunch (December). The rules of Astrology Delivery are to confine the booking to the available window. People fail with Manifesting, The Law of Attraction, The Secret and Cosmic Ordering because we are only human and cannot get absolutely everything, all the time, everywhere. It just doesn’t work.

  55. Hi Jessica, thank you for this amazing article.. I can’t wait to read your new book about Astrology Delivery too. It all makes so much sense to me.. and I have read lots of books on manifesting and found it very hit and miss as you say. My husband and young adult children are all hoping to move to a better area and we have even seen the house we would love to move to, even though it’s not even for sale! Am I correct in saying that October is the window for me to try for this please? My husband is Libra. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Yes, manifesting is hit and miss, unfortunately. You are a Sun Leo woman so in the right delivery schedule for a better area, a new house and a happier family. Your husband is Libra so will actually have his delivery window slightly later, in December. Do use the dates given, to follow the steps. I have been commenting that you can do this on your computer or in a journal. If on a computer, click and drag images you like from Google Images into a document (say, a beautiful house that you love as well as the one not for sale). Type in your Astrology Delivery booking. Use the Tarot to ask who/what can assist you, every time you repeat the booking on the selected dates. The Tarot works best when you have pink noise (ocean sounds on YouTube are ideal) playing and obviously no distraction or disturbance. This is the extra super power that will help you get some or all of what you want, or maybe more than you asked for. Your own E.S.P. will assist you. This and the specific dates which astrology gives, put you in a fantastic position to see delivery by the end of December at the very latest. That month also begins your husband’s delivery schedule for the same – house, family, new area. So this sounds as if it’s going to happen.

  56. Thank you, Jessica. I am so grateful for your generous response and such an incisive view of what is going on with me. I will take this on board and focus more on getting out of my own way:) And when you speak of Pilates, I have to laugh out loud. What? This is amazing advice because I fell in love with resistance Pilates last year when I had an accident, broke my knee and was sent to physio where I was introduced to just that – resistance Pilates. Will take it up again:) I have missed that.
    Emma x

  57. Hi Jessica. I love this article. I have successfully manifested several things over the years but one thing that hasn’t manifested is a relationship. I’ve been looking at my chart to predict this but can’t seem to work it out. Could you give me a few pointers? All the best, Emma.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Gemini so should use November to book a delivery. Follow the steps and use a journal or computer document to set out your booking for a new relationship. Draw a Tarot card on every November date to show you the gateway to this and do it properly, following the rules for strong Extra Sensory Perception. Your delivery date for some or all of what you book (or more than you asked for) will be shortly after this. Tell me what happens @jessicacadams.

  58. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks for confirming that I am following the Backwards Tarot method correctly. It really is quite something once you understand the link. Fascinating really once again many many thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Thank you. I always say, science does the theory and astrology does the prac. I’m glad you are doing the prac and finding it works.

  59. Dear Jessica, what an interesting article! I saw that the October delivery window for Cancer was young adults, children, babies and lovers. Keeping that in mind, I followed your steps while using the Tarot and pulled Seven of Cups.

    It was quite prescient because my sons (23 and 21) still live with us at home. And I’ve been worried about other things – my younger brother (20/7/71) got a devastating cancer diagnosis two months ago. As an extremely healthy man and a doctor to boot, it’s thrown me off completely. Especially because he’s asked me to keep the diagnosis secret.

    This card I’m interpreting as a warning to not lose sight of my immediate family despite the awful journey my sibling is on. Is that correct? I’ve been trying to journal the page 2 and 3 outcomes as you’d said to do in this article so I would be grateful if you would let me know if I’m on the right track. Thank you.

    1. I am going to go back to this feature and emphasise the steps, as I am seeing readers not following them. You don’t pull a Tarot card until you reach each date in the process. So you are too early. Yet as a Sun Cancer person you do have a window for delivery with courtship, the bedroom, babies, children, and young adults. What you are worried about has nothing to do with that, as it is your younger brother who has been diagnosed with critical cancer. I am really sorry you are going through that. He wants you to keep it secret and so you are carrying it alone, which is very tough. You have Mercury at 12 Cancer in your Fourth House of family. Mercury rules brothers. You are currently experiencing slow cycles which are aspecting Mercury in your chart, so this is obviously a slow process which requires enormous patience on your part. Part of the patience is with your own family too, namely your sons living at home, while you cope with all that your brother must go through. He is a doctor which makes it harder for him as he lives in a world of statistics and knows the facts. Still, it has to be said, that there is more to life than stats. You have Mercury in Cancer, a sensitive, emotional water sign and so will be feeling ‘all the feelings’ as they say. Yet, you are also profoundly maternal and must now bring all that maternal instinct to your brother, who will likely be dealing with his professional knowledge and medical/scientific insight but not able to look after himself emotionally all the time. So that is where you come in. To go back to Astrology Delivery, what you can set up in October, is your sons. Your own boys. Start on the due dates and begin with the Tarot then. I’ll clarify this in the feature.

  60. Hi Jessica, thank you for bringing structure and hope. I was wondering what would the dates for next year be. I am looking at finding a long-term partnership and if I understand the logic correctly, this could be manifested and delivered sometime next year between March/May. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Next year’s dates will only appear in 2024 Astrology Reports which I’ll announce in a few months. You have the opportunity to buy them all year, though. This feature is an introduction to Astrology Delivery and is there for October, November, December only, so you can try it to see your results and get used to using the system. As a Sagittarius your window for booking a new partnership is May, June 2024 but you can read more about that in a report.

  61. Hi Jessica,
    Incredible. wow.. Thank you so much!
    I’m trying to launch my online business by mid November. I pulled a tarot card, The Emperor.
    Would you like to hear your advice on that.

    Thanks again!

    1. Just follow the steps. You are too early and don’t begin this until the due dates for booking in October. The Emperor may well turn up again, on those booking dates. You are a Pisces so your delivery is actually foreigners and foreign countries (October booking), career (November booking) and groups (December booking). I am going to go back to this feature and make it clear again for people who are not understanding: you don’t use the Tarot now. You only draw a single Tarot card, once, on every booking date.

  62. Hi Jessica, I heard you talking about this topic in the weekly podcast – thankyou for such simple walkthrough of how to book and meet that delivery using the timing and the tarot. Speaking as someone who has spent way too much time browsing op-shops wherever I be, let it be known that The Secret appears to have been donated by the kazillions.
    I will certainly give it a go. The science of measuring something into existence really makes sense and works for me to materialise a dream, not just fantasise it. It has something of a recipe feel to it.

    1. Thank you. Too funny. I go to charity and secondhand shops too, and The Secret is always on the shelf, along with Cosmic Ordering and The Law of Attraction. I really like your comment that this feels like a recipe and might quote you, anonymously, in the next book. Try Astrology Delivery in October, November and/or December 2023 and report back.

  63. Hi Jessica – My Sun sign is Capricorn, can you please give me suggestions what goals I can write for November, spirit, soul therapy, paychic ability, God etc Thank you x

    1. I will give you the full list so you can choose your preference. You can book delivery from: Mediumship, Tarot, oracles, meditation, therapy, counselling, Jung, the unconscious mind, dream coaching, the Anglican, Roman Catholic or Methodist churches, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, hypnosis, spiritual healing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming.

  64. Aha! Now I understand….. 13th and 22/23 October for ‘ordering’, with delivery by 29th. I am an Aquarian but have a stellium in scorpio so can/should I look at the Scorpio list as well? Had a bit of a blip with the book aspirations today, so will focus on those dates somehow to get going again, and getting the Tv show progressed.
    I really love this feature Jessica. So interesting!

    1. No, don’t use your natal chart for this. It’s based on solar charts and Sun Signs. You will of course see outcomes based on your Eighth House, which Scorpio rules in your natal chart, but for the best results, follow the rules and concentrate on your Aquarian solar chart. There, Scorpio rules your Tenth House of career.

  65. Jessica thank you for replying to me and to our fellow community. I have read your updates since and I would like to ask you something. I have, since I am a child, always “felt/believed/questioned that the world recycles, ie., what is current has already happened. Do you, as an astrologer believe that when we “die”, we are simply going home or to our natural state? I hope this comment is not strange to you but im reading that you base your predictions on the future and therefore our future is already organised/intended? Thank you for replying if you have time. This article feels so normal and right to me. I feel relieved as a soul.

    1. Thank you. I am a trained medium as well as an astrologer and know that passing over releases our soul to the spirit world. This is in fact our natural state, without money, sex or food (!) and it’s your core self, if you like. Who you are, at heart. And yes, the human view of the future is an interesting example of how time actually works. Astrologers and psychics (and psychic astrologers) base their work on this. When I look at October 2023, I am already turning the page in the Ephemeris to look at December 2023, for example. It’s already happened, in a broad way. Booking specifics is down to what is done now.

  66. Hi Jessica,

    I’m hoping to make a move to Norway via a transfer from work in Canada. I’ve started some conversations and hoping that my current boss will support me as well as hoping the Norwegian firm will be willing to hire me. Does this look feasible for me during these dates?

    Thank you again for your blog posts – they’ve always been accurate. Appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces who wants to emigrate. Yes, October is the month to book, with a delivery window of late December, although you could achieve part or whole delivery before then. Just follow the steps. Your E.S.P. will help you find the gateways to delivery by using the Tarot, on every date given. Your journal or online delivery document, that you create, does the rest. Let me know what happens @jessicacadams.

  67. Thank you so much Jessica!!

    This is very interesting and helpful. I’ve been trying and working to be ready to move to a different company with hopefully a better salary. I’ve been trying for a year but haven’t got anywhere yet since the job market in the US is not so good right now.

    Would there be any delivery window anytime soon for the career/profession area for me?

    Thanks Jessica!

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn so your best booking window for a promotion or new career is May 2024. You will move into the biggest and best cycle for work in 12 years.

  68. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the article, fascinating!
    I have been in a bad legal and personal battle with my ex husband since march 2018. The kind of battle were resources of power, money and influence are not equal, the kind that that almost kills you. I am still fighting to get it right, but have barely any energy left in me as he is using corruption, bullying and infinite legal resources. Is there a chance to win this or it is a hopeless battle?
    Is there any chance/hope men supremacy and rightfulness will end or at least will be questioned before granting them all the power to destroy women? I cannot understand how even women are fighting against women now and staying on the side of powerful and rich men, letting women to be silenced and abused, stripped of their rights.
    Staying on the side of power and money at all costs. When will this end?

    1. I am sorry you have been fighting your former husband in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. You have little energy left. He is corrupt, bullying and is milking the law. Deep breath. Let’s look at your chart but I know what I am going to see before I even get there. You have the North Node at 26 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage and divorce – and the South Node at 26 Aries in the First House of reputation, title and appearance. The reason this has been going on for so long is Pluto transiting at 26 Capricorn, backwards and forwards, making a T-Square. You were with your husband in at least one past life, possibly more. When you say “almost kills you” and “fighting” you may in fact be talking about a forgotten incarnation where he killed you, or you killed him, probably in battle. I am really sorry you have been put through it. It’s not just Pluto stuck at 26 Capricorn, though. You have had other cycles, all about money and property, creating obstacles. It is impossible to say if you win without his chart. You are a Sun Aquarius so your delivery windows are October for career; November for groups of friends; December for your soul and spirit. None of this is about getting money from him or winning the legal battle. Yet by themselves, these areas of life will make you happier and give you something else to think about, apart from him. The lunar nodes – the South Node and North Node – show prior incarnations because they move backwards in time. If you have a copy of my book Modern Astrology 2050, which was free to Premium Members some time ago, you can look up the node cycles at the back and even see which years you and he may have been incarnated together, to fight each other. And it may have been more than one life, and one battle. I sympathise with the anger you must have felt to start proceedings and the quite justified, righteous need for fairness as he has been completely unfair. I can see that just from your chart and the transits. Pluto is about bullying and corruption and he just picked up both your nodes. Pluto often shows up as men who are dominating, controlling, insensitive and obsessive. I suspect part of the problem here is that your ex is sexually obsessive and cannot bear the thought of you marrying another man. You have a lot to sort out here. I can’t do it for you. I strongly recommend you get a relationship going with the Tarot, the Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on this website and begin to use these excellent cards to help you gain clarity and make some intuitive decisions with your sixth sense. The best results with the sixth sense always come from regular meditation with pink noise and closed eyes. You don’t say if you have children, but actually, a terrific new cycle is coming your way with sons, daughters, stepchildren, nieces, nephews, godchildren and children or young adults involved with you on a larger scale. That cycle begins in May 2024 and it will give you the most fantastic rewards. Funnily enough I heard “Johnny Rotten” then clairaudiently. He is an Aquarian like you. But I have no idea why I heard that name. I’ll leave it with you.

  69. Hi Jessica – Something I read (in a different book to the ones you mentioned) suggested you have more success in manifesting if you frame your request or question as ‘ please deliver what is the highest good regarding this situation’ and then let go of the outcome. This part is important as sometimes we don’t see the value of something at the time if it doesn’t meet our expectation, however what actually happens may turn out to be the best for us in the long run. Do you think this works with your method or do you think more specific questions are better? Thank you.

    1. This is vaguely like Tibetan Buddhism which recommends non-attachment. I like the idea of delivering for the highest good of all; for everybody involved. That would be a Tibetan Buddhist suggestion too. Thank you for this; I will have a look at Buddhist teachings on this and add it to the article. I also agree with you that we may not see the full value of something at the time; it is only later that we realise it was part of a delivery. Overall, though, astrology is about booking and delivery. And astrology tends to have quite a solid moral and ethical infrastructure, thanks to 2000 years of knowledge sharing, so the results usually are for the benefit of everybody.

  70. Hi Jessica
    With regards to goals from tarot, psychic ability etc – you listed a lot for a previous question – can I ask for delivery on my psychic tarot messages about a relationship? I’ve been in a stuck pattern with a man for months, it’s going nowhere as he’s always away, but each time I’m getting fed up and ask the tarot about my future with him I get the 10 of cups, the 4 of wands, the 2 of cups, sometimes the lovers & the hierophant, all seemingly on repeat. These all speak to me, suggesting that the relationship is destined to be serious, perhaps marriage. But this has been going on for months. Is it a valid thing to ask for my spiritual delivery window to make these predictions about a relationship come true? Or is that too much of a mash-up? I’m unsure how to use that spiritual window. Thanks!

    1. You are confusing yourself and the Tarot with your questions about a relationship with a man who is seldom there. For a start, you don’t keep drawing cards again and again. Follow the steps on my website. Follow the steps and use a journal, which I also recommend. You want to get married but you are muddling the cards and yourself and it’s not helping. Tarot works if you use it properly. Scrap the other readings and start again. Then close the journal. You’ll have an answer to work with.

  71. Hi Jessica
    so if I understand this right, as Taurus woman my October, November, December shows green light for emigrate for work. That is my wish. Draw tarot for painting my life, got eight of pentacles. Thank you Jaana

    1. Please follow the steps. You don’t draw the Tarot card now Jaana, you draw it on the booking date. You are too early and just giving yourself a tarot reading. Your window for delivery and booking is not open yet. Read the story again. Thank you.

  72. Hello Jessica, do you consider mercury’s and other planets’ retro shadow phases in a birth chart please, or only that they need to be actual retrograde for this? Thank you for all you do. Best.

    1. You use the whole cycle. The biggest mistake I see younger astrologers making is to ignore the pre and post Retrograde. The whole cycle counts. A nice example of astrologers in the US getting this wrong was the risk of a government shutdown, just a few days ago. That took place on the post Retrograde or shadow. So they missed it completely!

  73. Hi Jessica, this question isn’t related to the post, hope it’s ok to put it here. Today is my Mercury Return in Libra, exact degree. In the past 24 hours two people from the past have popped up. And today I’ve been feeling so flat. Is there any connection?

    1. Your Mercury Return in Libra in the natal Seventh House would show up as a repeat or rewind involving a partner. The partner may be sexual; professional; platonic for other reasons. Sometimes it’s two friends sharing a house. More usually it’s a relationship or a work partnership. Mercury is communication so you would be replaying old discussions or paperwork. Feeling flat? That is because Mercury at 0 Libra in your chart is opposite the IC at 0 Aries. So you would be in two minds, pulled in two directions or feeling inner conflict about this re-emergence of the two people from your past. An opposition in a chart always shows you being stretched in two directions, like Rubber Band Girl by Kate Bush.

  74. Hi Jessica,

    An amazing treasure trove of information as always! I’m really hoping to tap into the power of astrology to get my apartment sold and moved out by the end of this year as the process has been dragging on since April due to various delays by my buyer.

    This has been a tough year emotionally and October 13th is very special as it’s my 60th birthday so will have extra meaning to me. Can you see the house move completing by the end of the year ? Or anything else important that I need to look out for !

    Blessings and light !


    1. Thank you Eloise. You are a Sun Libra going through Pluto Retrograde in your apartment zone. Your buyer has not paid you since April. You can book a delivery with your apartment sale and new home on the dates I mention: Capricorn weather towards the end of this year suits that. So if your buyer still had not paid/you want to purchase that would be the time to book. Use the Tarot to show you the gateways on every date. Happy birthday for the 13th of October, Eloise. You have a huge Libra stellium in the house of partners in your natal chart so good karma from 18-19 years ago will come back to you in a special sexual relationship or important work partnership (or perhaps an unusual duet, like two platonic friends sharing a house) by early 2025 at the absolute latest.

  75. Hi Jessica,
    Apologies for my off topic comment here but you may or may not be aware Australia are releasing a “King ” Charles on a $1coin.
    As you have always stated there is no crown on his head and there is no mention of the word King. Just Charles III
    I just wanted to let you know.
    Have a nice weekend

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it’s too funny how Charles III is without a crown on the currency in the countries where he is head of a constitutional monarchy. Another broad hint that the coronation was not constitutional. One day the truth will come out!

  76. Thank you so much Jessica, this explains the craziness of it all, because it is indeed beyond any comprehension. I always had a feeling there is something more to this, as it involves my whole family, including my parents and our ancestral land my family had since 1570ties and he wants to take from us.
    He is Sun Sag 19, Ascendent Sco 8, Moon Can 18, Mercury 4 Sag, Venus 3 Aqu, Mars 26 Ari.

    Interesting that you mentioned children and then Johnny Rotten – I have 2 daughters and the eldest one (18) loves everything punk, she is starting her own band next year. She is Aqu with Leo rising and Pisces moon, just started her independent life out of our home.
    Thank you, thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, karma is hard but this does end. He sees the financial side of this as his power but that cycle ends in January 2024 when the associated power-tripping, dominating and controlling should also stop as Pluto leaves Capricorn. I expect ‘Johnny Rotten’ was in fact your daughter – she is an Aquarian like him. The commenter was probably somebody in your family!

  77. Sorry Jessica, I was abit too enthusiastic to get started! Thank for the updated instructions, i have reread them and am raring to go. Happy to focus on money, business, property, charity, shares, shopping, sales in October, as I am trying to find opportunities to create my own ‘side hustle’ in landscape design which is my background and I am still saving and wishing to find my first home. I will let you know how October, November and December goes! Let me know if there is anything else interesting you see in my chart. Lots of love. Emma

  78. Hello Jessica, thank you for another brilliant article! Like many people who commented before, I tried “law of attraction” and manifesting with no success and have wondered about the validity of that method, as things just didn’t add up. Your post sharing the method of applying astrology, tarot and timing makes perfect sense and all over sudden I have clarity about the way I can improve my life, one area at at time. The October and Scorpio weather shows this perfectly for me. The day before Mars move to Scorpio, the new professional recognition system will be announced for hospital pharmacists in Australia. Becoming a recognised member of the profession will change my professional title and vastly improve my employment potential anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. The timing for me cannot be more perfect. It is a helpful nudge from the Universe to take action and improve the first house of my life. I’m so grateful to you for sharing the knowledge on how to go about it! Love your work, love your weekly podcast, and see you on zoom next Sunday. Thank you xo

    1. Yes, many readers have told me that The Law of Attraction and manifesting did not work for them. It makes sense when you think about it. It’s not all about you. And it’s also not all about ‘everything, now.’ You are a Sun Scorpio whose booking window in October is about relaunch. This tallies with what you are seeing in reality. You could get letters after your name, or a new title, or a credit – because of changes to hospital rules. Do follow the steps and report back. Delivery is some or all of what you want, and sometimes more than you want. And I look forward to seeing you at the Zoom, thank you.

  79. Thank you so much Jessica!! This is very interesting and helpful.

    I’ve been trying and working to be ready to move to a different company with hopefully a better salary. I’ve been trying for a year but haven’t got anywhere yet since the job market in the US is not so good right now. Would there be any booking and delivery window in the upcoming months for career/profession area for me?

    Thanks Jessica!

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn so your delivery in 2024 is about friends and groups (October), religion or your inner life (November) and your image (December). December is mostly connected to getting a new job so use that month and follow the instructions. A new photograph, look, online brand and so on won’t necessarily get you a new job but it will help. Specific career delivery is 2024 but I’ll look at that in the 2024 predictions.

  80. Hi Jessica,

    I tried to read your blogs a few times before I comment or post a question! I would hope I don’t miss something obvious and look silly with my questions.

    The biggest question I have is, I’m working on Content. It is content that will be the same across the board, but be, on, YouTube, and a blog, and a podcast, etc. maybe even books e-books

    I’m trying to get the timing right? And I get so nervous about that.

    Is it right that you can work on it any time but it’s the publishing or launching of it that is the critical timing and when you’re factors should be best to support that?

    Since it’s has to do with publishing I was assuming I should wait until Gemini aspects were good. But as we’ve read Jupiter in Taurus really brings the prosperity, luck, and the growth to businesses.

    I have Jupiter in Gemini! I’m wondering if I should launch somethings when Jupiter is in Taurus and then release a little more once it goes into Gemini??

    I’ve also read that the placement of the moon to Jupiter is pretty important like a sextile to the moon or conjunct the moon. Is that correct?

    Think the biggest fear that I have holding me back the most is timing of launching.

    Any wisdom you could offer would be greatly appreciated!!

    Many many thanks!!

    1. You are a Capricorn so just follow the Sun Capricorn rules. Something I will add to the feature is to keep it simple. Don’t confuse your natal chart and solar chart. You have content for a project, so that’s career or unpaid work. That’s a Libra season delivery and it’s gone. Your deliveries are for Scorpio weather (friends and groups), Sagittarius weather (religion, inner life) and Capricorn weather (self promotion). That last one is important for web success so use the Capricorn dates to book delivery for a relaunch of your name and face, brand and image. That will help you sell the content or product later, online – but that’s 2024.

  81. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    I was after some clarification on the following: when you say to write or draw what/who we want as per each delivery date, how specific are we talking?
    I’m hoping to use this upcoming Scorpio cycle as a Taurus to order an emotionally and financially amicable separation that leaves me feeling financially comfortable and emotionally (he’s been financially and emotionally abusive).
    I also want to remain in a safe, and pleasant home in my current suburb.
    Like are these *all* Scorpio areas as such?
    After reading your weekly horoscope for Taurus, it says legacies, wills, etc not so much marriage and separation as mentioned above so I’m confused a little on what to phrase/ask for.
    Thank you

    1. This is a good question. Something I will add to the feature later: the broad brushstroke approach and also the detailed, specific approach. Broad brushstrokes is generalised and allows the most bandwidth for other people to get what they want too. It is more likely to work as specific can be hard and sometimes impossible. So just what you said, about your separation. The home isn’t really about partnership, though. That’s another cycle. And yes, marriage and separation is legacies, wills and so on. Of course – presuming you name each other in your wills or you name the children in your wills. So you’d include separation.

  82. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for the information you shared with us on Astrology manifesting. It is very timely for me as I have been working on this and have just started considering doing a vision board. I wholeheartedly agree with you that impossible dreams don’t deliver. How exciting that Astrology/Tarot has been proven to get results. I have read through your introduction to Astrology Delivery. I am still a bit confused about the Delivery aspects – how that relates to what I want to manifest. For example, if I want to improve my financial portfolio and choose the right financial person to assist – (October) how does that relate to the delivery for Sagittarius (spirit, soul therapy, counseling, psychic ability, God)? I have quite a few factors in my chart so want to make the best of it. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful information. Thank you so much.

    1. This is booking not manifesting; manifesting is willy-nilly wishing, hoping and trying for everything, all the time, any time. Astrology Delivery is about booking in a window with a final date. You are trying to impose your need for more money on October which won’t work, in astrology terms. Wrong window. Just follow the steps and try booking on the dates given in October, for results for your inner life. Money is later, during the Capricorn weather.

  83. Hi Jessica! This is great, I am going to take full advantage of this. I am a firm believer in envisioning what you desire then making the choices that can help lead you to success – so this really speaks to me. I am currently making a change in my career. Changing agencies (real estate) and I am very excited about it. I think this is the next step in furthering my career and success not to mention work life balance….really feels kismet the way its come together. My other major focus, stressor, concern is my marriage. Nothing scandalous or anything just the issue of whether or not it will last, if it should last, or ……(Sagittarius husband)
    Classic midlife issues I suppose – but as I continue to take stock of my life and the direction I feel it needs to go, would really love to have it go – I look for any added insight. Would very much appreciate anything that could help me ensure I use these upcoming dates to the fullest potential! Again, thank you so very much for your time!

    1. MB your Sagittarius husband will have opportunities (Jupiter) to resolve his issue with you (Jupiter) in the marriage (ruled by Gemini in his solar chart) from May 2024 (Jupiter ingress in Gemini) until June 2025 (the end of the Jupiter cycle). So there is hope but it depends on him. Later on Uranus (freedom, independence) goes into Gemini (the marriage again) and shows him how to give and receive space, liberty, autonomy. Good counselling can do that, or there may be another outcome. This is a long cycle going into the second half of the 2020’s.

  84. Hello Jessica, Thank you for this interesting work on Astro-Delivery cycles. I just wanted to clarify, do we only tune in and use the Tarot on the dates given for each month even though the end date is 29th December 2023 for October (inner work – which is actually something I am actively working on at the moment); 7th February 2024 for November (working on Image, Profile, appearance, title, reputation.) and 7th December 2024 for December (Business, charity, banking, saving, property, investments). Or do we keep up the manifesting work until the end dates in the cycle?
    I am wanting to set up my own practice in complementary and counselling therapies, and purchase a place to practice from, however, due to other commitments this has not yet been achieved. Perhaps it will be in December? Many thanks again.

    1. Yes, that’s correct. Just draw one Tarot card on every date given, repeat or reframe the wish list in a journal, and use the Tarot to show the gateway. It will either be an issue to overcome or a helping hand. You’re not manifesting, though, you are booking. And yes, final delivery date for your inner work is 29th December when the last Scorpio cycle ends. Your best window for finance and property is the Capricorn weather, which is later on.

  85. Jessica,
    Thank you for the clarification. I am glad I asked the question, as I do not want to waste my time. I can now focus on what will deliver! Reading thru other member questions and your answers has further clarified for me. Many thanks!

  86. To be clear. “Booking” is writing/drawing in your journal? “Booking Day” is the day you write/draw in your journal? I found this terminology confusing

  87. Hi Jessica. Thank you for this great blog. I only just started using fantasy futures book and I love this fun way of predicting the future and making it happen. Please, can I just check, I just read my weekly horoscope and dates for Mars entering Scorpio are written as 12 October and Pluto in Capricorn as 10th October – both are suggested for delivery dates. Do I still use 13th October for drawing the tarot and journaling? Thank you.

    1. Sorry, you are correct on both counts. I write for Australian and New Zealand readers as well as those just behind the date line, so it is 12th and 13th of October. I’ll correct the feature to explain. Many thanks.

  88. Thank you Jessica. I just saw your latest blog about October delivery so this makes all sense. Also, thank you so much for answering my question elsewhere. Your answer helped a lot and I am looking forward to learn more from upcoming the Sun Sign School Zoom meetings. Are October dates now cancelled as I can only see the 5th November now? Thank you

    1. Thank you. I updated the feature on Astrology Delivery for November so removed the October dates. They are not cancelled, if you booked on those dates, keep booking in November as part of the process.

  89. Hello Jessica,

    This is my first time commenting, and I’d like to thank you for such an interesting post! I would love to see more “delivery plans” like this because it really provides a clear way of how we can use astrology to pursue goals in our daily lives. As a Taurus I plan on using the November booking for a bit of a financial windfall, but I have a question about my natal Jupiter at 4 degrees Scorpio. Is it close enough to the Oct 28th eclipse that I will be affected by it? If so, what would an eclipse over a natal Jupiter signify?

    Also, since there is some confusion over the exact times of the days you listed, I’d like to make a suggestion: maybe you could create a page that shows countdowns to upcoming conjunctions/planets entering a new sign? It could be something similar to the “current planetary positions” page that is already on this site. That way everyone would be able to book astrology deliveries accurately no matter the time zone, and you could just link to that page in any blog post that mentions those upcoming astrological events!

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Taurus, November is indeed a good booking window for finance. Don’t worry about your natal chart. This system is for the solar chart. Skip the eclipse (it’s not listed) and focus on the actual dates in question. I’d like to show the days/times for all my readers but for the moment, a three-day booking window is nice and simple. Just choose a day that suits you.

  90. Thank you very much for the guidance! Please keep us posted about your possible book deal about this topic because I’m interested in learning more!

    1. Thank you. I am looking forward to writing Astrology Delivery and my agent Eileen Cope is interested in selling it, in 2024.

  91. Good Evening Jessica 🙂
    I’ve just discovered this fantastic article on the evening of October 12th and feel I’m running out of time. I’m a bit unsure about how to go about it all actually!
    Tomorrow is my Birthday, so I’m going to sit down quietly again in the morning, have another read through to see if I can work out how to do this, then better hurry up I guess!
    The area I need help with (an on-going legal situ with my past work) continues and who knows how long that will last, I am getting weaker and my health has suffered. I just want it finished and of course hope for a positive outcome for myself (I am a Libra afterall! – Justice rules!)
    I fear for my financial stability/future. I’d be very grateful if there’s anything you can tell me about how I can navigate this amazing process that might help me to ease my future situation?
    Thanks is advance,
    Sandie x

    1. Thank you Sandie. You are a Sun Libra so would have used October to start booking Astrology Delivery for money. Just follow the steps; there are more booking dates in November. Please let me know what happens for delivery, as the final due date is 29th December.

  92. Hi Jessica, I’ve completed the steps as instructed today, finishing by drawing The Emperor tarot card. After reading and thinking on it (I noted the bit about a man with « one foot in the grave ») — I’m wondering: Can The Emperor symbolize someone who has Already passed on? Thanks.

  93. Hi Jessica,

    I have been struggling for too long to find true love and to have a loving relationship. I see that one of the topics where astrology delivery could be successful in my case during October to December is courtship but I am not sure whether this links to a relationship or not. Cancer rising, sun and moon here, with stellium in cancer, leo, taurus and scorpio.

    1. You are a Sun Cancer so you book for a new partner when the dates tell you: that’s December. You’ll book then and expect delivery in 2024.

  94. Boss’ Day was created by Patricia Bays Haroski in 1958 when she registered it with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce while working as a secretary at State Farm Insurance. The date she selected was her father’s birthday, due in no small part to the fact that she was working for him at the time

  95. Wonderful blog and so interesting, I have always believed in manifestation and this completely backs it up with added element of tarot and astrology.

    My question is I only read this blog today 18/10/23 so does this mean I have missed the current booking dates and I will have to wait until November to start?

    I would really like to know about the possibility of finding companionship and/or love, I have been single now for 5 years after 20 years of marriage and long and expensive divorce process (nearly at the final stage) and I seem to be attracting or looking for the wrong type of man (feel they may be some self sabotage going on). Should I give up trying so hard and just let fate take its course?

    Also now experiencing an empty nest in my mid 50s is there hope of a future for me that brings with it independence and a sense of belonging?

    Big questions I know, as long standing member I know you will be able to provide some light on what is next for me.

    1. Thank you. Yes you have missed a booking date, but thank you for the question. And in any case the booking for you now is internet, media, short journeys, siblings – not love and sex. You are a Sun Virgo and want a new husband. That’s not possible on this booking window, I’m afraid. You’d be booking in the right season instead, which is December. So read those dates, re-read the feature and follow the steps. This would not actually be a husband, for you, necessarily, but it could be a breakthrough one night stand, or a breakthrough sexual relationship. Actual commitment booking is March-April 2024 for Virgo. But try December. Tell me what happens.

  96. I’m a 50ish Sun Libra who walked out of a long term marriage with an abusive alcoholic, Sun Cancer, at the same time as leaving a toxic workplace to go to another job in September 2022. I also committed to a relationship with a new boyfriend, Sun Aries, at this time. I promptly lost the new job, and found out in March 2023 that my estranged husband has aggressive cancer so I’m helping him with doctors and care as best as I can without actually returning to the house. It’s been 13 months without an income, so my emergency fund and savings are gone. Though I’ve had a lot of interviews, I’ve had zero offers. I’m well qualified, competent, with decades of experience and look 10 years younger so not sure it’s ageism. I scour the job boards every day and have applied for opportunities at half my former salary. My new boyfriend has helped me with living costs for this past year but I also have massive student loans from grad school and I want to be able to take care of myself as I always have. I’m very worried as there seem to be no prospects on the horizon and I don’t know where to turn. Would you let me know what’s lies ahead and what I need to do to help myself.

    1. I am so sorry you are being put through this. Your former husband has cancer and you are helping, but you’ve had 13 months without pay and you can’t find a job, although your boyfriend is helping with expenses. Let’s see what is going on in your chart. You are a Sun Libra woman with Ceres at 28 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. For the first time in about 248 years, Pluto (transformation) is at 28 Capricorn. This is nearly over. Pluto goes off 28 Capricorn on December 20th 2023. It won’t be back. Until then use your self-control to find control and use your willpower to become empowered. Pluto dominates, pushes and pulls you around in order to give you strength training. You become stronger because of your resistance. It’s tough but fair. So, the transit here is: transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal Ceres in the Tenth House. You were also born with Cupido at 22 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance. So this is your boyfriend but also your former husband, the abusive alcoholic. The Eighth House is about legacies, wills and inheritance so I would not be hugely surprised to hear your husband’s will was a question. Why? Uranus is at 22 Taurus in opposition. This also pulls in the bridge to cross with your boyfriend who is helping you with living costs while you deal with debts from student loans. So this transit is, transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Cupido in the Eighth House. It ends on May 11th 2024 and Uranus never goes back to 22 Taurus, ever again. Until the pressure is off, what do you do? Well, if you’ve not already booked for solutions with your money, home, student loans, salary – do so on the dates given. Astrology Delivery is targetted and specific. Your wish list can be as long as you like, every time you book. But stick to the booking windows and expect delivery of some or all of what you want, either in stages or in one fell swoop, by the final possible date: Friday 29th December in most time zones. I expect there will be reshuffles in your chosen field in December 2023, January 2024 which open up work options for you. Think laterally and think outside the box when it comes to how you work, when you work and for whom you work. You will have to accept restrictions and boundaries with any new job which were not there before, but they do not last. Long-term, you will be happily involved with foreign nationalities and cultures, either abroad or at home and the turning point is May 2024. From 2026 this will change your life and you could easily emigrate, actually, in the late 2020’s.

      Finally: I heard the word ‘vegetarian’ clairaudiently while I was replying to you so will pass it on. It may mean something important to you.

  97. Thank you, it seems I still have a way to go to regain my financial footing. I missed the Oct 16/17 booking dates as I just read the blog last night. May I still do the rest of the booking dates for October or is that booking window closed for me? In addition, my beloved orange cat went missing as my estranged husband left a window open and I know this may seem like a minor thing within the context of what I shared but I loved my little cat dearly and despite extensive advertising and searching have found no trace of him. His loss was actually the impetus to leave my marriage. Do you have insight as to what happened to him or if what I can do to find him?

    1. Yes, keep booking on the delivery dates and see what happens. (But in November, start the process on the right date). I am sorry your orange cat is missing. I had an orange cat called Henry who used to vanish too. You left your marriage because your former husband left a window open and he scarpered. You’ve advertised and searched. What worked for me at Bondi Beach were posters stuck around the area offering an extremely large reward, with a photograph of him. He was found in two days. If your cat does not come back to you, please accept that he had to leave you, because the marriage was unhappy and he could not live with the atmosphere. He will have found a happy new home.

  98. Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I hope kitty is safe and loved though I wish so much he was with me. I deeply appreciate the work you do here and the guidance you’ve offered. I’m looking forward to what transpires from booking.

  99. Dear brilliant Jessica,

    Amidst this war and hate, here you are, a beacon of hope.

    Your answers to Emma Kennedy, Emma Shambrook and Mari are so lovely.

    I used the booking dates for small and big things. The small things have materialized.

    How do YOU deal with plagiarism since you are a trailblazer?

    I am struggling to buy a house, because the locals are treacherous. Sun Virgo stellium, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Pluto Opposite natal Venus at 29.

    Dazzling interpretation of Jupiter Uranus for ma Kennedy!

    Page of pentacles for my booking.


    1. Thank you. The questions and answers always extend the features on my website, so become an important part of the story. It’s useful for people to see real life astrology in action. I am glad you are seeing results with Astrology Delivery. How do I deal with plagiarism? I’ve not seen anybody lift my words, although my name is being copied by an author also aping the typeface we use and selling books on Mind, Body, Spirit topics. You want to buy a house? You will book in November. Please let me know your results, which will come at the latest in 2024.

  100. Opps, I meant Emma Kennedy, and not make Kennedy. Please, please correct the second mention.

  101. Hi Jessica, I am following your analysis with interest. Just had my birth time confirmed. My intuition also told me it was right. I am very sensitive and open-minded, rely a lot on my intuition throughout life. In 2014, a positive change occurred in my personal life, love, friendship and belonging. The road to change started in January 2012. May I ask if astrology sees that this will continue? I also have plans and desire to produce and publish a book project. Wondering if I will have further positive development in the future. I was born on 17 October 1962 in Oslo Norway at 1 pm Best regards from Norway.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra who wants to publish a book. Start booking in November for delivery by 2024 at the latest. Please let me know what happens.

  102. Hello Jessica,
    I have been enjoying your website. I have always been interested in astrology, but I
    became more involved when I became a member. I would love to know more
    about how to use it for my benefit, because it seems like I’ve been living my life in a fog.
    I moved to North America as a student, got my bachelor of science in graphic design.
    I didn’t want to work in that field, so I got married to a Pisces, had kids decided to get
    an MFA in creative writing because I love learning. Now the kids are grown and I feel very lost
    lonely and disappointed in my marriage which I left 5 years ago and contemplating divorce.
    I don’t have a career, I would like to write a memoir and maybe mentor some children.
    I spent my best years being a mother and now at my age I feel there’s nothing out there.
    I spend my time reading, writing, painting and knitting. I enjoy all these hobbies, but it
    would be great to get some financial benefits from them.

    I have a strong urge to leave North America and live somewhere else. I am a wanderlust
    also. I have traveled to many countries because I like being in new places and experiencing
    Various cultures. I feel trapped where I am. I need to be in a sunny and lively environment
    I don’t like a gloomy or cold climate but this is where I’ve lived since college. I am tired of it
    I need a change from all the emotional and psychological prison in my life.
    Although I’m separated from my husband, we are still very friendly to each other but I
    See myself living with him again. We own properties he seems unwilling to sell now that
    our children have moved out. His stubbornness about finances and relocating has torn our
    relationship apart and I am tired of talking to a brick wall. My anger flares up every time
    I think of how he has neglected me emotionally etc…so why am I still friendly and in contact
    with him? Well, it’s because we a tired to each other because of our children.

    What can my chart teach me and how do I use it to my benefit? I have stalliums in
    Leo(7), Virgo (6) and Scorpio (4)
    Do stalliums stay the same? I’m also new to the delivery methods you mention on your website.

    Thanks Jessica!
    I’m looking forward to your response.

    1. You do seem in a fog, as you say. You left the marriage five years ago but still have not divorced. Stelliums do stay the same, all your life. You have a Leo stellium in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom and children. That’s why you have not divorced. You could find a better way to be Queen to a younger court. So, teaching, for example or Zoom tutoring (paid) from home. It is also curious that you have not at least had a fling with another man. You have a Scorpio stellium (joint finance) square the Leo stellium. You can’t square the money with the marriage. Or the separation. Put your focus onto other men and next time try to keep money and property out of it, if you want a peaceful life. I am sure you already know this but your chart is confirming it.

  103. i want to correct something I said. I meant to say, I can’t see myself living with him again.

  104. Thanks Jessica, but I’d like to know if moving or relocating is in my chart.
    I am uncomfortable about using dating apps. I don’t have a social life and
    meeting men by chance where I live seems impossible.
    The men here are timid and the variety is limited.
    I’d appreciate any insight from my chart because I really don’t know how to
    read my chart yet. I am very interested in learning!

    1. When people move it shows up in Cancer and the Fourth House (property) or Sagittarius and the Ninth House (foreign places). It can also show up in Gemini (the neighbours and neighbourhood). If you are going to move or make a choice about same, it will be by the end of November. You want a boyfriend and that may or may not come about, if you move house. So in a way your question is confused. Yes, you could relocate next month, but will it actually deliver a new boyfriend? That’s another issue. I can reassure you that you will be in a new partnership in the next year or two. It will be as one half of a power couple. Just make sure that the ground rules are in writing so you do not have power and control issues with the other person. Your happy hunting ground is January, February 2024.

  105. Hi Jessica,
    I am now convinced that feeling neglected is based on the fact that I spent the best part of my life with a Pisces husband. No wonder I’ve been feeling like he throws cold water on my fire! He denies this, but that’s one of the Pisces characteristics, denial. This is what I’ve been fighting emotionally and psychologically for so many years. It would be great to meet a Libra or Sagittarius man. I’m tired of the never ending emotional and psychological battle between a Pisces man.and my Leo personality. I guess the fog is clearing and I believe it’s never too late to find love again.

    1. I am sorry you are going through this situation with your Pisces man. You are a Leo (Fire) and he is Pisces (Water) and these old rules do hold. You can be changing things, transforming them (which is what fire does) when you suddenly get water blocking that, because water has moods or emotions and you just want to pursue your agenda. That is pretty common. There is more to a marriage than that, of course, but it is a basic start.

  106. I’m coming to this late and finally understand what you are suggesting, I’m in! Is it too late to start ordering on the Scorpio cycle? Ill let you know what comes up.
    I have far-out desires, like a house of my own (but have no personal money) and more achievable desires like to create some art and sell my work and start practicing and working as a shamanic practitioner. Then there is the old chestnut of whether my relationship could become fabulous if I put some effort into it. Do you see any of these desires fitting into the next three months astrology according to my chart? I appreciate your novel, empowering take on astrology and all the work you out in to this website and answering people’s questions. Your answers to me have always been deeply insightful.

    1. Yes, you are too late for October. November is here with Sagittarius cycle delivery, though. As a Sun Libra, that is your sibling or cousin; short journeys; the media; the internet. Shamanism and art would fit. Just follow the steps and begin booking when the dates start to come up for you. And thank you very much for the compliment, that’s kind of you to say.

  107. Im a Leo and Im with an Aries man and we are soul mates! I have two other couple friends who are the same Leo and Aries and happily married years! As a Leo- Aries or sagittarius is perfect for you in my opinion! Good Luck

  108. Thanks Jessica, I’ve followed all the steps and the cards i pulled were the nine of cups, and the tower which i take to mean that i should allow for the changes however drastic. I hope I’m right and that i can tell you that it worked by Christmas time!

    1. Something people are finding with Astrology Delivery; if there are any issues with what you want and need, they will go. How they go can be challenging. You have to be true to yourself. If you wrote down what you truly desired, and an existing plan has to be replaced, then it will be. For example: I just had a reader who was a Sun Taurus looking for a new boyfriend. Her delivery window was right and she also drew The Tower. She didn’t understand it, until she had an episode with a man she thought was a friend, who had asked her to move in with her. In short, he wasn’t – and she went – but doing so, forced her to move cities. And in that city is, you guessed, it two men, either of whom could be with her. She is now on her way despite this classic Tower moment of rug-pulling.

  109. Hi Jessica!
    Please let me know if I understand this correctly. I’ve used the October booking dates (23rd & 24th) for Sag with the themes for that month (spirit, soul…). It also gives the dates Nov 12th and Dec 5th and 10th for these themes. So this means that in November I can still use the Nov 12th booking date for the October theme and the Nov 11th, 23rd, 26th booking dates for the themes of image, profile, appearance, title, reputation, right? I can work on several themes in the same month as long as I respect the booking dates and their respective themes, right? My manager quit this summer and I have a new movie that will be distributed in November. I’d like to approach new agents in November as well as promote the new film. That’d fit in with reputation, image, profile? My brother’s been blocking my father’s succession for five years (the assets are apartments) and misappropriated funds. I could use December’s theme of property? Thank you for any insight!

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius woman who began booking for your spirit and soul in October, which is correct. That process continues in November. A new booking window also opens in November, for your image, profile, title and reputation. So just follow the steps. On every date given, write down your list (or just amend the old list) and draw one Tarot card to show you the pathway or obstacle to overcome. Your film project is ideal for November booking, regarding your self-promotion. In December, start booking regarding your father’s will. Please let me know what happens; some of these results will appear in 2024.

  110. Thank you for making astrology practical! I love the idea of “Delivery Astrology,” and have gone through the exercises excitedly.

    Sadly, the “cards” seem a bit depressing, at least as far as delivery.

    My delivery area is “reputation.” I have been struggling lately with which direction to take in my career. I am only a couple of years away from retirement, but see myself creating a business where, in a couple of years, I can have a semi-passive income. (Or, if I love it enough, do it full time.) I have owned a business in the past, and it was successful, but I am at the point now where I don’t want a B2B business; I want one where I deal directly with non-corproate customers.

    Anyway, about a month ago I was laid off and, frankl ,it was a relief. (I hade TMJ issues for the past six months; two DAYS after being let go, my TMJ resolved itself! So, clearly there was a lot of stress in that job.) I have since picked up a part-time freelance gig, but the projects are in the same business I want to get out of.

    So, my reputatation goal was to identify which professional area I should pursue. As I said, I have several ideas, but none really excite me and the ones that might are not at all clear as to which direction I should take.

    The first tarot card was the three of wands. My interpretation was that it could either mean that I need to literally move house in order to get clarity or, because of the three wands, perhaps that means I pursue all three ideas I have. (Not sure that would be productive, but it’s one possible interpretation.) Moving now isn’t a good idea, as my house is paid off and homes are out-of-control expensive now. Staying put is the financially responsible move. So, I concluded that the Three of Wands interpretation for my current situation was to pursue three differnt product ideas/three different business ideas. (But, again: WHAT are those ideas??)

    That card wasn’t so bad. It’s the next two that are concerning: The Five of Swords (interpreted as either a need to escape from reality–which sounds appealing, LOL!–or defeat and loss of reputation in business. Well, crap; there goes my business idea theory from the Three of Wands.

    The third tarot draw was The Tower which, when considering stating a new business, is an unequivocal “avoid.” Another interpreation could be to completely walk away from the old (my most recent career) and start over. (I like that idea in THEORY, but it’s not practical.) At my age, doing so seems completely imprudent. I wouldn’t mind getting into what I feel is my true calling (media) but, again, at my age, not a logical choice. (When I was young, I dreamed of nothing other than becoming a TV news anchor/reporter. That was my sole focus, and I was lucky enough to get it. Yet, after only six years in that biz, I walked away. [Stupid move. To this day I am mystified why I made that choice, because career always was — even at a very young age — my top priority.] But, in hindsight, I *do* remember being bored while on the air; reading news scripts doesn’t exactly take a lot of brain power. Loved the reporting, but I wasn’t allowed to do much of that. [Old boys network at work; I was literally told by my news director–when I complained that the murder story I had researched and sourced interviews for was handed over to a guy– that “hard news isn’t believable coming from a woman.” Thankfully things are different now but, again, no one wants a 60-year-old news anchor. And, honestly, I don’ think I’d want to do that. I think I would get bored fast again. I have too much creativity for that. But I *would* love to start some sort of publishing or media outlet of my own (perhaps a podcast??) that focuses on some truly meaningful content that challenges my intellect yet helps people–not just reporting on events. I need something more creative than merely a fact-based podcast; it needs some depth, a storytelling element, and a unique twist–all while being something people really want and need.

    The last two tarot draws made it clear that this is NOT that path to go down, however; the Five of Swords and Tower are giving me clear “don’t-even-think-about-it” signals. And, as far as getting “delivery”: I have been getting “delivery” on projects that are the exact same ones that I am trying to avoid. Those projects just liteally seem to fall into may lap–even though they don’t excite me. But, they pay the bills, so it is what it is.

    I even thought that, because the cards are so negative, maybe I shouldn’t focus on the “title” and “image” (what I do) aspect of “reputation,” but maybe appearance. Still, interpreting the cards from that perspective still doesn’t give very positive vibes. Plus, I really do think I am meant to focus on the “title” and “image/profile” elements of “reputation.” At least that’s what my intuition tells me. (Then again, maybe my spidey senses are misfiring and those tea leaves I think I am reading need to go back in the pot and stew a little longer.)

    1. You have until the end of December to see delivery of reputation (title) changes you want, so are too early to see results. You have two months to go. You also need to remember the Tarot will show you obstacles to break through or opportunities to use. Please follow the steps and this will work for you.

  111. Hi Jessica could you kindly confirm I am following your procedure correctly? On the booking dates you wrote out for October I booked for Taurus specifically for work partnerships in real estate. I see that the next booking date for work partnerships is Nov 12-14. However I also see a new booking date for Taurus in money property sales etc for Nov 11,15,16,23, 25 and 26. So in November I am making two booking categories—one for work partnerships in real estate and the second for money property & sales etc in real estate. In November all in all then there are 9 booking dates?? Do you see any success for me in achieving the right work partners — and for buying property/ renting real estate?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus whose October-November booking window is for partnerships. You are correct, the cycles overlap, so starting in November, you also begin booking regarding money. Just follow the steps and draw a Tarot card every time to show you the pathway or the obstacle.

  112. Hi Jessica
    Life is complicated, moving back 20 months ago to my childhood home to look after dad, who then passed, now looking after mum who has breast cancer, my natural mum has cancer tumours through out her body and my girlfriend has lobular breast cancer, both terminal…I sold my house which I am still mourning and losing my neighbours/friends. Everything is, well what’s left is in storage, my job is finishing… and I am numb. I have not been by myself for over 15 years after losing my husband to cancer. I feel I have no purpose, I am physically and mentally drained. I used to have my own business, then work in the airlines, advocate for clean air in aircraft cabins, went back working 3 jobs while doing full time uni to improve my family and my future after losing my husband and let’s say the jobs and managers/CEO’s have been a challenge at times…since and I have not found a role or company that is the right fit….or maybe it is me?
    My job is not fulfilling and I think I want to go back to Australia. My son wants to live in the USA. Someone who was close to me a long time ago in another state remarried and it broke me and it’s hard to let that go, so rule living there out for my sanity.
    I feel numb about my future, I can’t think straight. I have to start again somewhere, and save, but then there is both mums and I am tired and not getting any younger.
    Is there any positives coming in 2024, and I am ready for someone to come into my life.
    Yes I know it’s a lot, sorry. I will try the November Astrology Delivery.

    1. Deep breath. The women in your life have cancer and your own husband passed with it too. I am sorry you are going through this tough, tough cycle in your life. Your job is not right and you wonder if you should return to Australia. You want to remarry. You are a Sun Scorpio woman with a big Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of health and wellbeing. The first thing to do is look after your body and mind. You are drained. Two proven things that work are walking and hypnosis. If you are not already walking for 30 minutes every day then start. Try the free hypnosis of Paul McKenna on YouTube, also daily. If you have other options you prefer then of course, use those, but if you are not dedicating one hour a day to your health, your Virgo side will never be happy. If you want November Astrology Delivery it will be financial, about a house, apartment, business, charity or your bank account. Follow the steps. Write down your wish list on every date. Draw a Tarot card every time you do that to show you the gateway. This will be a path to follow or obstacle to overcome. Money changes everything, as the song goes. What is priceless, though, is your mental and physical health. Just one hour a day, dedicated and devoted to being well.

  113. Good morning Jessica, I was reading some of your replies to others comments, which I do to learn and improve my understanding. Somewhere you wrote, ‘Stellium show your life purpose’ , as this is something I’m really struggling with in finding a role for myself are you able to shed light and guidance please? I can’t believe at 58 I still can’t identify my skills, have no stable home or direction – that seems so hideous for a reasonable intelligent, capable individual. I know there’s something but I’m clueless . I’m a Scorpio, with a stellium in Virgo (7) Scorpio (4) Pisces (4).
    Thank you

    1. Yes, a stellium is why you are here. The stelliums in combination show the personal formula for being fulfilled. You are a Virgo-Scorpio-Pisces type and at 58 you lack direction. This is common when there is an opposite stellium sign in the chart. Virgo is opposite Pisces. One half of you wants to work, do your duty and provide a service. The other half of you wants to escape from the real world. Virgo completes her tasks on a daily basis and has a method. Pisces does not want to know about organisation and prefers to disappear into (say) Tarot or meditation. Ask the Tarot how you can best express Virgo, then Pisces. (With a ‘forever’ deadline). Scorpio is easier. This works nicely with Virgo and Pisces in your chart. Scorpio rules sex, death and money. The marriage and mortgage. The legacy and will. If you focussed on Scorpio matters you would be supported by other people, circumstances and organisations around you. If you’re not aware of Scorpio and the Eighth House in your chart you can find out more in your library here. Virgo-Pisces is easily solved by reconfiguring your days so that you are guaranteed total escapism for eight hours of them, whenever you feel the need. Then you go back to work.

  114. Here’s a question for you. what about when you don’t know what you want the outcome to be in these areas or not sure which way to hope for something to go? I want to try the booking dates for November but unsure what to “ask for” within the designated category for Libra. What a very Libra question, right?

    1. Too funny. If you don’t know what you want, then don’t book Astrology Delivery.

  115. Hi Jessica! I’m confused on how to do this delivery process. My sun sign is Gemini. For November do I focus on the delivery for Gemini or Sagittarius? Also should the goal statement only be written on the dates you specified or everyday in the month of November? Also we only draw one tarot card on the specified dates correct?

    1. Confusion is useful for me as it helps me write the next book, Astrology Delivery in a clear and simple way so that the instructions are understood. You are a Sun Gemini who should book what you want with partners in November. Only write your goals in your journal on the given dates. Only draw one Tarot card on those dates, every time, to show you the gateway. That will be a path to follow, to get what you want, or an obstacle to overcome. Have a look at the new feature on Astrology Delivery November. Please let me know the outcome for your love life and/or work partnership. Thank you.

  116. Thanks so much for your reply Jessica,
    I’m sorry to say that I completely missed October so thought I’d log back in and try again with November. It’s Nov 3rd, I’ve re-read the article an still have no idea how to do this at all – very open to hints from anyone ready this,
    Thanks in advance team!
    Sandie x

    1. Sandie you are a Sun Libra so you can book what you want with brothers, sisters, cousins, short journeys, the internet and/or media in November. Use the dates you see next to that booking category. Book by writing what you want in a journal. Repeat on every date, though you may want to add or change things – just like a real booking. Draw one Tarot card every time you book to show you the gateway or the obstacle to overcome. Use Pink Noise to increase your psychic ability before you do this. Final delivery is 2024.

  117. Thank you so much for your insightful response.
    My need to move is due to the cold and gloomy weather
    and to place some distance between me and my estranged partner. I had been
    talking about moving for so many years and I intend to actually do so next year.
    Thanks again!

  118. I have tried to read and understand this whole booking thing. I’m not quite sure what or how to do it but it definitely intrigues me. I was wondering if u could help me out cuz I would live to manifest anything that has to do with housing relocating and what have u.

    1. You are a Sun Virgo so can book a new home in a different area on these dates: just add to your list every time, or cross things out as they arrive. To increase your chances of getting some or all of what you want, use your natural sixth sense (or extra sense) and draw a Tarot card from this website every time to show you the obstacle to get through, or the opportunity to use.

      Saturday 11th November 2023: Mercury in Sagittarius
      Wednesday 15th or Thursday 16th November 2023: Moon in Sagittarius
      Thursday 23rd November 2023: Sun in Sagittarius
      Saturday 25th November 2023: Mars in Sagittarius
      Monday 26th November 2023: Ceres in Sagittarius
      Tuesday 12th or Wednesday 13th December 2023: Moon in Sagittarius
      Saturday 30th December: Venus in Sagittarius
      Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th or Wednesday 10th January 2024: Moon in Sagittarius.
      Your final date for delivery is 7th February 2024.

  119. Hi Jessica, I’m a newbie here, so still finding my way around. There’s so much to discover!
    I’ve been chasing publishing success for many years now and although I’ve had some great results in competitions recently, I’m still searching for a literary agent and a publishing deal. Overlapping that is the fact that my day job (working with children with communication disorders) is going from bad to worse and I’m keeping a weather-eye out for alternative placements, but nothing tangible has shown up yet.
    Do you see either of those areas looking up for me over the next 6 months / year?
    I’d be so grateful for any advice you could offer!

    1. Congratulations on your competition success. You need an agent but are also dealing with a hard day job with children.You have the nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius and a stellium in Sagittarius so have a past life as a writer, publisher or agent yourself. You will be successful in publishing long-term. The transit of Jupiter in Leo, for example, in 2026, will bring a stunning sextile to your Gemini factors (communication in all forms) and a trine to your Sagittarius factors (the big picture of being read and heard). You are a Pisces who can see good outcomes with your career sooner than 2026, though. The really big things happen then, into 2027, but for now, use November to book your delivery. You dislike your job and need a good agent. Start there and just follow the steps. You will get some or all of what you want by 2024.

  120. Hi Jessica,

    I am so glad I found you and having so much fun learning about this astrology timing. I have always been into the manifesting scene, also with the “hit or miss” experience. The school of thought in those circles is “fake it till you make it”. Very few people can keep going on and on trying to “attract” anything. So I think the ones who are getting a hit, either luckily start at the perfect astrological time or they are the few that keep going all year and eventually hit during their best astrological time without even knowing it.

    I have been going through so many years of tranists using ephemeris and I’ve seen exactly every single time I got married and divorced and moved homes. Those are so tied in for me because, using my sun, Aries is my 4th, then Cancer is the natural 4th house but also the seventh house from my sun. So the marriage and home are tied in. I mean obvoiusly when you get married you typically move in together 🙂 But its so clear now as I look backwards into my life.

    I think the magic of knowing this timing, is not just knowing what to expect, but being able to be aware and make better choices as well. Since the timing is ripe probabaly many opportunites are there so we need to becareful to make wise choices. I alway marry way too fast. Not sure why I make such hasty decisions. But I wonder if I had been more patient that last time if I would have picked a better partner or just given myself time to see the very obvious flaws in the relationship I chose.

    Oh well, hingdight is 20/20 but, in my opinion, foresight is Gold.

    Thanks for all of this.


    1. Thanks GV. Yes, I started Astrology Delivery because too many readers were having hit-or-miss experiences with manifesting. The idea of faking it until you make it, does not work reliably. I agree, people getting a hit just happen to be trying, on the right astrological cycle. They are doing that without knowing it. Your comments are really useful for my book research, thank you.

  121. Oh, thanks Jessica,

    Do you know I was wondering if the same phenomenon happened with people who have a hard time publishing their book or pitching their movie. We always have people like see J. K. Rowling with Harry Potter and Sylvester Stallone with his movie Rocky. They both went from door to door, trying to get their product out there and everyone kept slamming the door in their face until finally someone accepted them! I am sure astrology played a role in that!

    And I wonder what was up with Taylor Swift on Sunday she won 10 more awards Ten more billboard awards. And the crazy thing is she and Drake are both now tied for 39 total billboard awards, and they are tied for both having three awards for the top artist.


  122. hi jessica. I have starting an interview process at work. If i dont get past the next two stages of the selection process, i will have to wait another two years to try again. I have been working towards this. Do you see me being successful and getting the promotion?

    1. You have Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House of work and your chances are much, much higher in 2024 from January-May when Jupiter trines Saturn. This applies to all job opportunities, not just this promotion option now. So you could get the job by Christmas but be promoted again next year, or find a superior role. Or – not be successful this time around – but find there is a fantastic opportunity next year.

  123. Hi Jessica,
    Not sure if this has already been answered/ has come up before but as an Aries rising (scorp sun) would it make sense for me to follow the areas for Aries and / or Scorp?
    All best

    1. Yes, I’ve had this question before. Don’t use your Rising Sign, just use your Scorpio Sun chart. You’re a Scorpio so book for those windows only.

  124. I somehow hadn’t felt clear about doing this until today, which coincided with me having remembered that it was a new moon. I finally got to it at 11pm and looked up the time of the lunation…11.32pm! I also looked up the degree, and amazingly it was exactly conjunct my Part of Fortune in the fifth house…serendipity! I wrote until I felt like I’d finished, at which point the clock turned 11.33pm.

    I booked in various areas, which felt appropriate as Sag likes variety. I really feel like I’m due a change in fortune so I’m calling it in! Thank you, Jessica

  125. I keep coming back to this and tyring to keep up with my chart and noticed a few things about those you’ve mentioned.

    Taylor Swift also has Chiron 15° 3′ Cancer and Pluto 16° Scorpio

    Princess Catherine also has the moon and North Node in Cancer with the N. Node at 22° as well at Saturn in Libra at 21°

    Johnny Depps natal Uranus is at 1° of Virgo

    Thank you for posting all of this. Helps me to get more clarity on my own chart and to know what to be on the look out for!


  126. Hi Jessica..thanks for sharing this article..I missed the last astrology delivery for I did the tarot reading and got The lovers card..since I am a Gemini so my question is for Property (money)..however my salary is not so good in my current position and I need to buy my own property due to the ongoing divorce ?

    1. Thank you. You are a Gemini so booking for joint finance and property outcomes. You are divorcing, which is what The Lovers card shows you. The obstacle to overcome or gateway to use, is the relationship with your ex-husband. You can keep booking throughout 2024.

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