October Astrology Delivery

How to book Astrology Delivery for October 2023 with results by December.

Astrology Delivery in October 2023

In October 2023 you can select a booking window, based on your Sun Sign, which will deliver some or all of what you want, by the final due date of December 2023. What can you book?

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What is Possible For You in October-December 2023?

Aries: Money, house, apartment, business, charity, valuables, insurance, investment.
Taurus: Marriage, engagement, dating, partnership, separation, divorce, work partnership.
Gemini: Lifestyle, health, wellbeing, daily routine, work, unpaid work, housework, study.
Cancer: Pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting, courtship, the bedroom, children, teenagers.
Leo: House, apartment, land, garden, household, family, town, country, heritage, ancestors.
Virgo: Internet, publishing, media, education, brothers, sisters, cousins, the neighbours.
Libra: Finance, property, business, companies, shares, wealth, banking, charity, inheritance.
Scorpio: Image, profile, appearance, reputation, shape, style, height, weight, title.
Sagittarius: Spirituality, religion, therapy, hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship, psychics.
Capricorn: Friends, groups, associations, societies, social life, social media, networks.
Aquarius: Success, ambition, position, mission, peak achievements, profession.
Pisces: Foreigners, foreign countries, publishing, academia, multiculturalism.

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How To Book

Using the dates below, make a booking in your journal. Make a long wish list and fill as many pages as you can.

Draw one Tarot card from my website every time to ask what the breakthrough will be, or the situation you have to break through – to get what you want. All dates have been averaged for world time zone differences.

Monday 16th  or Tuesday 17th October 2023
Monday 23rd October 2023
Tuesday 24th October 2023
Sunday 12th, Monday 13th or Tuesday 14th November
Tuesday 5th December
Sunday 10th, Monday 11th December
FINAL DELIVERY By Friday 29th December

Get Better Extra-Sensory Perception

Before you use the Tarot, optimise your sixth sense, by playing pink noise on YouTube, preferably with headphones, with your eyes closed. Scientific research proves pink noise helps your E.S.P.

Then draw one Tarot card from my website to show you who/what to overcome, or who/what is your gateway every time. Write this in your journal along with your wishes, hopes, goals and dreams.

You can edit your booking or add to it, on every date. Just repeat the steps and draw a Tarot card every time to show you how.

Big Picture and Small Details

Write and/or sketch the big picture: the broad outline of what you want. Also write in details. Fill as many pages as you can.

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Example Astrology Delivery

Ace of Wands 1 - October Astrology DeliveryAlan is a Leo. His delivery window is his house, apartment, garden, land, accommodation, household, family, town and country. He uses a journal to book his delivery on 16th October.

Using pink noise  he closes his eyes to increase his E.S.P. He draws a Tarot card: the Ace of Wands shows him the breakthrough (or what to break through, to get what he wants).

He’s booked trees to shut out the view of the neighbours. He feels the card shows a landscape gardener planting a sapling.

This is the first Tarot card for the first step of his journey. There is a house in the card painted white and he also booked for redecoration so he feels it will be easy and affordable.

How Astrology Delivery Works

Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama and Britney Spears all found high points in their lives on astrology delivery dates.

Nobody knows if they were using astrology, but it lined up for them. Maybe part of the reason these three phenomenal women are also behind bestselling books (pictured) is their intuitive timing. They just happen to move on big goals when the astrology is perfect. What Astrology Delivery does, is show you the windows to book – and how to focus on outcomes.

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How Astrology Delivered for Michelle Obama, Britney and Gaga

You are using the same timing in astrology for your booking and delivery, that worked for Michelle Obama, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga on key days in their lives.

January 26th 2020: Michelle Obama wins a Grammy for the best spoken word album. She’s a Capricorn woman. On the day she wins, Neptune is at 16 Pisces in her internet, publishing and media zone, lined up with the Moon at 16 Aquarius.

November 12th 2021: Britney Spears wins financial freedom as a US judge ends her conservatorship. She’s a Sagittarius woman. On the day she wins, Pluto is at 24 Capricorn in her money zone and the Moon is at 24 Aquarius, lined up.

February 25th 2019: Lady Gaga makes history at the 2019 Oscars, becoming the first person to have won an Oscar, Grammy, BAFTA and Golden Globe within a single year. She’s an Aries woman with the South Node at 24 Capricorn in her success zone, lined up with Venus at 24 Capricorn.

Leonardo Di Caprio and Volodymyr Zelensky

Astrology delivered for Leonardo Di Caprio, a Scorpio, when he won an Oscar for Best Actor on February 28th 2016. Uranus was in his work zone and lined up with the Moon. Perfect timing.

Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky became Time Person of the Year on 7th December 2022. Zelensky, an Aquarius, had an exact line-up in his success zone that day with the South Node.

Using exactly the same cycles, I have given you dates for one zone of your life to use in October. Just follow the steps. Please let me know as your results come in. This will help me with my next book, Astrology Delivery. Thank you.

Leonardo Di Caprio 240x300 - October Astrology Delivery 50cfbb7d ed5f 42f5 8f68 35d2a13a413c 225x300 - October Astrology Delivery










Images: Jessica Adams, Daniel Thomas, Sean Oulashin, Twitter/X, Unseen Studio/Unsplash.

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213 Responses

  1. Woohoo congrats on the book deal!

    I came back to bookmark the post and saw this! Can’t wait for the book. I’ve noted all the dates and am ready to give it a test run. I’m taking it really seriously, so will report back on my ‘deliveries’.

    I’m wondering if you can only ask for ONE thing within the area of delivery? For instnace for October, I’m looking at success, career, academic career, status and achievement. I would like to order a few things within that sphere, can I do that, or is it better to focus on one thing?

    Congratulations again, please let us know when we can preorder!

    1. Good question. You can make a list of goals if you prefer. As a Sun Aquarian you are now looking at a good booking window for delivery by late December with your career. This extends to status and other ambitions. So write down all you want. Follow the steps: the window is open now. Ask the Tarot what the gateway is: what or who will help, or what do you have to resolve?

  2. Dear Jessica, this 11th of October, I asked who or what is the gateway to my sons’ futures. They currently still live at home while completing their university degrees. The older one hopes to become a computer scientist and the second, a lawyer.

    For my first son, I drew the Ace of Cups. I thought this was quite uncanny because I personally have recently been drawn to the Catholic Church and have been studying the religion along with an amazing, spiritually evolved priest. And have even been wondering about converting from Hinduism to Catholicism. I wonder if my prayers are the gateway for this son?

    And for the second son, I drew the Four of Cups. This card speaks a lot about looking to family, roots etc. This resonates because we live in a city where his father’s family has played a critical role in its evolution. And despite always talking about moving away to greener pastures overseas, this son of mine has done nothing to make it happen. He seems settled in this place. So maybe asking his ancestors is the gateway?

    Hope I’m on the right track!! Looking forward to your book on astrology delivery! Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer so yes, your window was about your sons. You booked on the right date and asked the Tarot for the gateway and it has shown you, amazingly, the Holy Communion symbols of the Catholic Church and you wish to convert. Are your prayers the gateway? Yes. Your second son has revealed a different card, which shows him – and his need to go back to the family tree, heritage, roots, history, culture. This may be near relatives or ancestral. So that’s the gateway to greater satisfaction and happiness for him.

  3. Jessica, thank you for these details. I will do my booking tomorrow. In the next week or so, it is my Mars Return (4 degrees Scorpio). This is at the same degree, +/- 1 degree to several other placements. What should I beware of or factor in over this time? Thank you.

    1. A Mars Return harks back to your toddler years, as you first had it during the Terrible Twos. If your parents handled that well then it won’t really be an issue now. If you know that anger is a problem for you, though, you’ll be cautious and aware. In Scorpio in the Eighth House this is about your need to compete and win – on finance, business, charity, valuables, property. Mars is like any soldier. He needs a strategy and a command. You can order your inner Mars around with a plan so that you don’t have to feel the toddler tantrum!

  4. I love you because you are right every time. I search for other loved ones in your horoscopes and they ring true. I’m a Scorpio and Sagittarius and looking forward not back, thank you ;))

  5. Hi Jessica — I see publishing is listed in both the third and ninth houses. I’m a Pisces sun so my astrology delivery will be in the ninth house. I’m a screenwriter and am hoping to have a solid draft of a new series by that date. Would that be applicable? I’m also interested in getting my green card in the US and am wondering if immigration lands in the 9th house as well. Gonna try this exercise and I’ll let you know how it shakes out! Thanks.

    1. You are correct about both screenwriting and emigration. They are both ruled by the Ninth House, so as a Sun Pisces you are in luck. The booking window is open and final delivery of some or all of what you want is there by the end of December. When you book, write down broad hopes and general goals, as well as specific, detailed wishes for the best results. The Tarot card for now will show you the gateway to use or the obstacle to climb over.

  6. That is so fascinating Jessica! Drawing up a plan now, just in case the toddler tantrum emerges. Thank you.

  7. Thanks again, for the deep insights. I may be a nobody but I wholeheartedly agree with your agent in New York that this topic is not a blog, it is a whole book in & of itself!
    I will be asking for an early release for Premium Members just like your other books. We are the greedy ones 😉

    Coming to specifics – It looks like the ‘area’ of manifestation is by House. Could you confirm that? I have not much going on with respect to brother, sister, cousins as a Virgo. So I wanted to refer to other possibilities within the same house. Hence my question.

    Moreover I’m excited for November where the area affected is Home.

    Thanks, again, for sharing the depth of your knowledge. I am continually appalled!
    Waving to you from New Jersey, USA!

    1. Thank you. And you are definitely not a nobody. You will be happy with your 2024 Virgo Astrology Report though as it will have all the booking and delivery dates for 2024-2025. You can definitely book your window for family in November. You will see delivery of some or all of what you want. Maybe more. The rest is up to you.

  8. Hello!
    So I sat and listened to pink noise for 20 minutes and shuffled my own deck. I had written down my intentions, dreams, aspirations, and concentrated on that as I shuffled. And finally drew the 5 of Cups which is really interesting. I used your site as well and drew the Empress, also interesting!
    Having been isolated at home writing for the better part of two years, I now am looking for a publisher/agent for my book, and continue to pitch the TV show I have developed. Looks to me like my own isolation is part of the barrier for me moving forwards. Not sure what the Empress might mean. I shall repeat the exercise next week and then try and continue to push forwards with a book re-write, resubmission, and pitching the TV show.
    Looking forward to seeing how the next few months pan out.

  9. I am considering some crowdsourced land investment option and I got Seven of Cups. Not sure how to interpret this.

    1. As a Sun Leo you are in the right booking window for land. The Seven of Cups showed you the obstacle; fantasising and projecting instead of making it real. By now you will be onto new bookings and cards, though. That was your first step a few days ago. Please tell me your results with land by 29th December 2023.

  10. This is fascinating Jessica, thank you. I meditated and then asked Tarot “who or what is my gateway to getting a new job”. I got 3 of pentacles. I then asked “who or what is my gateway to meeting someone (as Im single) and I got 10 of pentacles. Im not entirely sure of the interpretation for the cards Jessica? Thank you if you have time to answer.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn so your booking is for friendship, groups, your social life and social media. Not a new boyfriend or a new job. Those booking windows appear in 2024.

  11. Hi Jessica – thanks so much for this. I had one question – is it necessary to do the booking process on all three days? Meaning October 11-13? Or can we pick one day and do it then. And then I understand we repeat the process at the end of October on the dates you gave.

    1. Just choose one day – which I assume you’ll have done by now. You will be on your way to some or all of what you want by December 29th.

  12. Hi Jessica, thanks for another fascinating article. I did my booking today. I have my heart set on finally buying a house after years of setbacks and limited funds due to a career change. Jupiter in Taurus (I believe)has assisted me this year in finding a new job with a very decent salary, so I am now in a position where I should be able to obtain a mortgage. I know that you predicted an increase in funds for me this year. I had no idea how I was going to achieve this, but this job came out of the blue and was the result of a chance meeting with an old colleague. I see that as a Sun Aries, property is featured in your list of what is possible for October-December. I drew the 8 of Swords when asking about possible gateways or barriers. Do you see the possibility of home ownership for me? I know the world economy is looking fairly unstable at the moment, but I feel I’ve waited long enough! Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I did predict an increase in funds so I am glad you got your job out of the blue. As an Aries, book for a house or apartment in October for delivery or some or all of what you want by the end of December. That falls into the Aries window. Let me know what happens, please.

  13. Hello Jessica, my main heading (the big picture) is: Being and feeling healthy, happy, strong and competent. I drew The Empress from the Tarot deck. Could you please explain what this card advises me to do? Thank you very much in advance.

    1. You are in the booking window for image and appearance, and your gateway or obstacle was The Empress. That is your gateway. This is a woman who can help you with your health, which is obviously your image. Did you find her?

  14. Hi Jessica, that’s a fascinating idea for astrology delivery! I’ve heard of the law of attraction, cosmic order, and The Secret, but I really don’t believe in them. As you said, we humans can’t get everything. And I like what one of the readers said, that similar things should work like a recipe, but above all, it’s a belief rather than a practice.

    As a Sun Scorpio, I know that the October astrology delivery is for 1st house matters, such as profile and reputation. I would like to ask if the driving license test (at the end of October) falls under the 1st house. Driving should belong to the 6th house, but once I pass the test and obtain the driving license, it’s also a card, a license that is associated with my name.

    If it can be counted as 1st house matters, I would like to make a booking for the driving test!

    1. Thank you. I will keep your comments in my notes for the next book, Astrology Delivery. I hope you did book for your driving test. Apologies for this late reply on 9th November; you wrote on 12th October, but I have 19,448 comments in the queue today. Yes, a driving license and a car is a First House matter (image) and of course you have your photograph on your driving license in some countries. Please let me know what happens if you keep following the process.

  15. Hi Jessica, once again thank you for your guidance and sharing this knowledge. Congratulations on a new book! That’s destined to be a best-seller.
    My booking window is for the first house of reputation, profile, image and title. I want to get a new professional recognition (new title) that will improve my employment opportunities, asvwell as work on my physical appearance (lose a bit of wait). I drew 7 of wands. To me this card shows the obstacles I have to overcome, both within myself, and at work. Hope I’m reading it right! Looking forward to the next booking date on the 24th of October.

    1. Thank you. Rachel and I do hope The Astrology and Tarot Birthday Book will be a bestseller. You are doing this correctly and will be on your way now, with more booking in November. Please let me know when you have lost weight and gained a new job title. Some or all of what you want is possible by the end of December.

  16. I loved the pink noise – as a person who cannot ‘meditate’, ocean has always, always calmed me to the point I moved closer to it and remain so where ever I live or travel. The ocean sounds and waves were perfect. Thank you.
    Sagittarius, I pulled the 8 cups and was floored by that. In a 5.5 yr complicated relationship. I resonated so much with the card. I dont know yet what it means as I know what my soul and heart and inner peace needs, but love is so strong on both sides, but he is stagnant through his own fear which makes him freeze, and so I just remain in the purgatory of sorts.. The card, my gosh Jessica, it’s just floored me. For me, its turned to fear of loss of love, but I am tired.. so tired. I give up.. I feel like the figure in the card. I give up.

    1. As a Sagittarius you are booking for meditation, spirituality, Tarot, religion, hypnosis, therapy and the inner life. You drew the Eight of Cups which spoke to you – that’s good. By now you will be ready to keep booking, in just a few days.

  17. Hi Jessica, This is a very intriguing way of working on goals. It helps me to clarify my objectives and take a look at possible enablers and inhibitors in a structured way – big picture and details. Very useful. I drew the Four of Wands in the first session (October 11) just as I am writing up a query/proposal for a book deal and a movie deal. I would have preferred to have the area of career targeted but okay – I have to play by the rules:) Therefore, as a Taurus, I understand that the area I should focus on for booking in October with delivery in December is partnership so I am focusing on who I know or who I can get to know. I can likely reach two potential enablers through my husband’s network although I have not yet met either of these potential backers. The issue I have to deal with is how to get their attention and pique their interest to facilitate a conversation. It’s funny – there are four people in this picture – me, my husband and the two potential backers. The Four of Wands speaks. I interpret the card as telling me that I must prepare well before approaching them and that there could be a big celebration ahead but not until I have done the groundwork. Is that an accurate reading? My ”big picture” objective is to get a deal agreed for the book I wrote on which the movie is based and then get the movie agreed. I am still working on the specific details of how I would like this delivered. Can you add some insight to the card interpretation in this context? Thank you! Warm wishes, Emma x

    1. Your booking in October is for a partnership, as a Sun Taurus. So, nothing to do with a book and film deal, unless you want a partner to make it work (a producer, for example). By now you will know what the Four of Wands told you, about next steps. Just keep following the steps, Emma.

  18. Appreciate you writing another article on this clearly laying out the dates and steps to follow, going to try and give it a go even though my head is a bit all over the place at the moment. Speaking of which that pink noise is amazing, I found a playlist on Spotify and it got rid of the headache I’ve had for days, my head feels so much lighter for it. Thank you!

  19. Congratulations Jessica,
    I can’t wait for the your new book.

    I’m struggling selling my house.
    As a Sagittarius, because Saturn in my housing zone and Pluto in my cash zone, I feel extremely heavy and pressure.
    Buyers come in all love the home, but they are in shock with the recent high price range in my area.

    May I please ask if my daughter ( Leo) and my son ( Libra) can do the booking instead ?
    The house on my name, but the children live with me. The house’s situation affects them too.

    Would it works that way ?
    We really need things turn around so soon, before we get in trouble with my very limited saving cash.

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. Your Leo son should do the booking. In October, Leo has a booking window for houses, apartments, gardens, land, towns, countries, families, households. Ask him to try. Let me know his results by the end of December please, regarding the sale of your house. One reader just had a result immediately.

  20. Hi Jessica. I took my astrology reading session very seriously this morning, as a Sun Sag asking for help in being more centred, to connect better with my psychic core, to learn to practice meditation and be more accepting of my life flow rather than trying to control outcomes.

    When I pulled my card (with wonderful pink noise ocean sounds and eyes closed, asking to show me my gateway for a sense of soul happiness) I received the Page of Cups. I almost fell off my chair as one of the big questions I’ve been asking tarot about for the last 6 months has been my on-and-off romantic connection with a strongly Pisces man (21 Scorpio moon is conjunct my N Node, his 21 Virgo Pluto is sextile, and his 23 Aries Mars is opposite my 23 Libra Venus, among several other exact degree connections).

    I wrote to you in your last feature on Astrology delivery about this as each time I’ve done a reading asking the cards to paint a picture of my future relationship connection with him (pulling one card about once a week, for 6 months) I’ll get repeat visitations from one of the following cards: lovers, 2 of cups, 10 of cups, 4 of wands, hierophant. And now for this totally separate reading, where I was just focusing on what I need for my own personal spiritual happiness, having decided that I need to cut him out of my life, it feels like he has popped up again as the Page of Cups! It even looks like him, he is older than me but playful and childish, and lives at a long distance in his main home — which, appropriately for a Pisces — is by the ocean.

    In your feature, you suggest asking the tarot to show either the obstacle or the gateway. I specifically asked for it to show me my gateway to feeling spiritually centered. Yet could he be the obstacle? I want to be able to trust the tarot so this would feel opposite to what I asked. I have therefore decided to follow your instructions about reframing.

    I first drew the picture of the Page of Cups. On the next sheet of my journal, I drew a different perspective of that picture, with me standing by the Page’s side, our hands holding the cup together, looking happy, looking onto the waves that are in front of us and not behind, there is a lovely grounding house behind us instead. I was then drawn to bring in a big picnic blanket on the beach, that we stand on, with a Champagne bottle on it and my two dogs looking happy as well.

    I think this is a picture of me feeling spiritually and psychically centered, with what is necessary for me to feel good, even though it is depicting a romantic connection, which is not this astrology window. I would appreciate your perspective. It occurs to me that the other reading of the Page of Cups could be advice for me to be more like the Page, more carefree for my spiritual good, but I’ve been a single Mum for 11 years now following my divorce, and I’ve played the field and am sick of it. How would you interpret that card? Thanks!

    1. Falling off the chair is good. You have an October booking window for spirituality and drew the Page of Cups which is the strongly Pisces man. He is your breakthrough, or the person to break through, to get what you want. Only you will know that and it will be obvious in the next few days between this booking and the next one. You are a single mum and want a partner. This is not the window for that. Yet you will get exactly what is available, which is delivery with spirituality, religion, Tarot, mediumship, hypnosis, therapy, self-help and so on. This Pisces man is the key to that.

  21. Hi Jessica, this is so fascinating! I followed your instruction and the Tarot card I drew was ‘King of Swords’. I am an Aries, so I focus on my business/money goal, which is ‘create financial, location and time freedom by creating an online business that has regular passive income and I can create processes, automation with help from a small team and AI tools to give me the above freedoms’. I asked the questions you suggested when I drew the Tarot – “who/what to overcome, or who/what is my gateway’. When I saw ‘King of Swords’, I initially didn’t know what it means, and I thought I was the ‘King of Swords’. And then, I Iooked at the question again, ‘who to overcome or who is my gateway’. My husband came to my mind lol. I do feel that he is not very supportive of my online business goal and that it is better I just keep traditional job, which I strongly disagreed. For now, I feel that I have to rely on him to provide while I am trying to work on my online business fulltime (teaching how to incorporate Chinese medicine in everyday life and meals). But I still don’t understand what this card means, as in what do I need to do, to receive the delivery by 29th Dec. Thanks for your advice and insights in advance! Really appreciate for all your help and guidance!

    1. The Tarot card will show up by the next booking date. So in about a week. As an Aries you want financial freedom online. That’s a good booking. You will know in days if this is your husband to overcome, or a man who hires you. Remember this is a process so you have a few more steps to go, for the broad picture of what you want. Just draw a new card every time and rebook. You can add to the booking or edit it. Tell me what results you have by the end of December, please.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Having followed all the steps, on this first eclipse, I drew the Emperor. It could be relevant for a job [currently looking], or to do with my house. Any insights gratefully received,

    1. Please follow the steps. You are a Pisces and booking in October, for foreign people and places; publishing or academia. Your job is November booking. Astrology Delivery does not work unless you follow the dates.

  23. This is funny.

    I am an Aquarius rising and yesterday I started to write a huge matrix of all the job assignments I’ve been doing throughout my career within certain types of tasks.

    the goal is to be more clear about what I want to do in my future as the past three years have been my Pluto-square (and he is conjunct Saturn in Libra in my natal, so it’s a double dose, straight from the last bit of my 12th house. My Ascendant is at 1,5 degree of Aquarius.

    So, this is a Real potent time for me, and in the usual ADHD manner I took my own turn to things, and developed a new box instead of looking outside the existing, by combining the Marie Kondo approach (“Do what sparks joy”) with my task/work area matrix – at least, that’s the goal.

    Then, next step, I will find out if it’s possible to translate some of the ways of solving various job tasks into a more “conceptual” task type, to be applied in other professional areas.
    For example, the analyses could be done with the same approach in other professional fields if I have to switch profession or job types.

    It’s a real piece of work, I’d say, but also very satisfying, as I get a really clear sense of what I love to do, what I suck at (for now), what I should avoid and what leads to stress, anxiety – or job happiness and satisfaction.

    It will be very interesting where this road leads me to the next months!

    1. Marie Kondo is a great add-on for Astrology Delivery, as is Karen Kingston and her Space Clearing or Denise Linn and her version of the same. You can also use our Life Sweep flipbook. Your rising sign has nothing to do with this though. It’s your Sun. If you don’t follow the steps, you won’t get the delivery.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    The first window for me is around social groups and friends. I allready have invitations, including a 40th for a Scorpio who I created a video invite and for and she wants me to start a business with it! I’m getting work from all who have seen it. Secondly is my co worker who also requested my assistance for her engagement party in December, I need to help with event planning, which I have never done before, I’m sure we can pull it off! Among with a high school 10 year reunion (which I don’t want to attend haha) , 21st, and more events! My social calendar has never been so busy! Being a creative my friends are asking me to assist with things, flyers for tickets sales, birthday invites to full blown event planing and management! I’m stoked they think of me as a creative and ask for my talent and expertise. I asked the tarot and pulled the hierophant – I’m thinking this relates to the engagement / religious church setting. So accurate! I hope it turns out for the best! Thank you for this segment on delivery on astrology

    1. Thank you. As a Capricorn your delivery is about friends and one just opened up a business opportunity for you. Your social calendar is packed and friends in general are now offering you work options for later. So yes, Astrology Delivery is working quite rapidly for you. The Hierophant shows a wedding or Christening. Even a funeral. Your really big gateway will be a video, invitation or event organisation for a ceremony – it’s religious. This is between now and the next booking date.

  25. This is really interesting and I like that it is a clear technique that allows room to frame questions and then interpret the answers. I’m a Gemini sun. My question was therefore ‘who or what is the gateway’ for me to have a healthy daily routine with work rest and play in the mix. I’ve been in my current employment as a writer for a financial website for almost 2 months to the day. Not sure if it is right for me and partly that’s because of the mix of people. I’m the senior citizen by about 15 or so years. I’m young at heart and this is a career pivot for me, but I have days where I just cringe at the tone of the banter. I travel quite a bit to get to work in the office (which they want people to do) and work 3 days in the office and 2 at home.
    For the first window, I drew 5 of cups. There is one man I work with who is suffering from anxiety and it’s such a shame to see him suffer. But it’s also longstanding. Yet I thought it wasn’t him but about me focusing on the 2 cups upstanding (it’s a job, it’s income and I’m learning new things) and thus I need to start making the lifestyle changes I need to make. And if it’s staying with this job, then maybe negotiating two days at work and three at home. Or maybe like this guy, work at home unless I need to be in the office. I did stop to consider if I was depressed and I concluded that no, I wasn’t, but I could certainly bring more energy into my lifestyle. I thought about washing the other three cups in the water so they can be filled up again: I love swimming and used to do it daily. I like to live near water and I’d prefer to swim in a seawater pool than a chlorinated one. I think having these other things going might help me to better manage my emotions about the workplace.

    For the second window, I drew The Moon. This made me ponder whether I should move house and live closer to where I work so my commute is manageable. This raised the issue of where I can afford to live. I then thought about whether my current employer was going to continue to be my workplace or whether something new will come up for me. And if that question about who I work for is still undecided, then I’m better to stay in my current house and work out a way to start a better daily routine, knowing that it all might change by 29 December 2023 anyway! It also made me think about my emotions about this workplace and whether I can manage those better. I can’t change the ages and I can’t change the others, I can only change myself.
    In an earlier response this year you noted my way with words is the clue to employment/ career. So this area of work appears to be the right area. And I was certainly a left-field candidate for this role, so have been given an opportunity that other employers might not be willing to give someone at my age with no direct experience.
    This has thrown up questions but new questions. Will head to the beach and dip in the water and ponder the practical small steps I can take now.

    1. Thank you. Please follow the steps. You draw a Tarot card on each booking date. So by now you should just have one. The Five of Cups man is your breakthrough, or an obstacle to break through, to get a healthy daily routine. So you need to focus on him. Set the Moon aside and wait for the next booking date. Draw another card then and rebook with your list. You can expand the booking or change it. But he’s your obstacle to overcome or the way through to what you want. Please let me know what happens by final delivery: the end of December 2023.

  26. Thank you Jessica, this is super interesting. I drew Tower and at the first sign, I was shocked, but I checked my birth chart and Uranus in Scorpio got my attention straight away. Am I right, for my sign, this is about rebuild or starting again to achieve what I desire, about something to give up in order to gain? Thank you.

    1. You are using your birth chart rather than your Sun Sign chart so aren’t actually following the steps. You are a Libra. Your delivery in Scorpio season is money, property, business, charity. You’ve written down your booking (with final delivery by the end of December). You drew The Tower as the card showing you the breakthrough to use or obstacle to overcome – between now and the next booking date. I have no idea what you booked, but if you wanted a new apartment (for example) The Tower has shown you tenants in a high-rise being evicted leaving a vacancy. I hope you can see how this works now.

  27. Many thanks for the article Jessica,
    As a Leo, I asked “What is my gateway to the perfect home” ? As today was the last day of the booking days, I then drew the Ace of Cups. And thought well that is impressive. I loved seeing the water as in my journal I wrote near water. With the hand and cup I feel somehow it gets handed to me(not given) but maybe someone tells me about a home for sale. Not that I am looking to buy as I don’t have the money. Anyway I will keep you updated if a miracle occurs.
    Also I just wanted to say I tried the pink noise and found it very irritable. I also tried white, brown and green. But gave up.
    Thanks again and have nice weekend

  28. Hi Jessica,

    Another great article. Thank you so much. I’m taking all of this in with every ounce of me, and I’m going to attempt this technique. Right now, things are looking up in my financial world as I have a lot of author projects underway (I’m a SciFi author) and I’m about to launch a Kickstarter campaign in late October with a funding goal of $8k, and I have two book launches in November, one on Amazon, one elsewhere, and two more book launches in December, and two more in January. I’ve been in the financial mud for the last few years, barely making it by, barely having enough for shelter and food, and I need all of these books to do well in order for me to… do well. So, I’m giving this wonderful journey you’ve just given to us a definite go. I’m a Gemini, so my delivery is: Lifestyle, health, work, well being, study, and housework. It’s October 13th here in Bali, so I’m still in the window. I’ll report on the results. I’m a go-getter, so I’ll get this done and I will be successful. Again, thank you. When do you think you’ll publish your book? I have over 30 books published (though very little amount published these last few years for various reason) and I’m a bestselling author, so I know the publishing world well and I wish you the best of luck. You’ll definitely succeed.

    1. Thank you. Well, the good news is, you have a good track record with writing and publishing. As a Sun Gemini you are in Scorpio season for booking and final delivery no later than the end of December. This is not about money, though. It’s about work, pure and simple. One Tarot card now will show you the breakthrough or obstacle to break through. Then repeat on the next date when the Sun and Mercury go into Scorpio and again use another card. My current book, The Astrology and Tarot Birthday Book, will be published by Hachette in the USA in 2024.

  29. Okay, sorry. One more comment, and it’s long. I just have to get this out.

    After listening to the pink noise, and in fact, I’m still listening to it now, I chose two tarot cards. Why two? Well, I tried my own Rider Waite deck. Then I used yours on this site.

    Interesting, both were similar readings.

    I chose the Moon from my own deck, and I chose the 10 of Swords from your deck. Not two I’m too excited about, but they were accurate. For the last few years, I’ve been going through a lot. And I keep getting up and going forward, never giving up. Except for my divorce way back when, it’s probably been one of the hardest times in my life financially, from 2019 to now. As a once successful Sports Therapist to giving that up for my dream of being a writer in 2016, I had many bestsellers in a row from 2017 to 2019. I made a lot of money. In 2020, I took a year off to study the craft. I don’t know why I did that other than it felt right to really understand how to pen a story in a much more skilled way. That year turned into two years while I paid an editor to help me daily. It worked well.

    In 2022, a publisher approached me, asking me to write for him. So, I wrote a lot of books and handed those books to him. The publisher said he wanted me to rewrite the series. I disagreed with him, believing whole-heartedly in my series, we parted ways. His vision turned out to be different than my own. It was actually a hard thing to swallow, but I moved on, presenting these works to yet another publisher.

    The other publisher loved the books and in fact, was ecstatic. I was scheduled to release five books through his company, starting in June, 2023. When June came around, the publisher simply stated, “We’re taking the summer off. Last minute decision. I apologize. We’ll launch your books in early November.”

    It took the wind out of my sails.

    Problem was, I had no money. I was tapped out. With whatever big or little amount I was going to get from the sales of those books, I needed that money more than badly. Last month, I brought in only $400 from royalties. So, I went back to work with Sports Therapy, bringing in what I could, which wasn’t much, while also working double time and more than overtime, sometimes up until 3 am in the morning, getting other writing projects done to bring in some money here and there. I’ve got three kids and wife, so times are tough.

    Since I’ve been waiting for my November book launch with the publisher, I’ve since written three short stories, three novellas, and two novels, which will be releasing on Amazon soon, plus I started a direct sales campaign with those short stories, novellas, and novels. I also started a hardback Kickstarter campaign for my internationally bestselling SciFi Atlantis series. The Kickstarter starts on October 19th.

    So here’s what I’m seeing with the Moon and the Ten of Swords. I’m doing my best to be positive. Immediately, the Moon hit me right in the heart. It gave me an emotional response. It told me to relax and go with the flow. Use meditation, intuition, to continue studying, and be dedicated to the process. Be calm. Find balance. I know there’s negativity associated with the Moon card, so I need to be aware of hidden threats, and some other types of negativity thrown my way. I also took that as what’s been going on with the past few years in my life, and that in order to diffuse the ‘money issues’, I need to be dedicated and to find calmness, serenity, meditation, etc., to find the balance.

    With the Ten of Swords, I’m on a come back. Their is luck on my side. I’ve been wounded and I’m limping while I walk, but I’m still moving, and even if I have to go wounded to the successful finish line, I’m getting there one way or another. It told me not to give up. It’s giving me a very clear choice: give up or keep going. I choose to keep going and succeed.

    1. The Moon is actually about your wife, as I am sure you realise. You are a Sun Gemini so your booking needs to be about work – so you are focussed on publishing. The card showed you the breakthrough or the obstacle to overcome. Only you can interpret that. You drew two cards which won’t work with this method. Go back and follow the steps: just one card and either use your Smith-Waite Tarot or the same, on this website. If you draw The Moon again that’s pretty clear messaging.

  30. Hi Jessica, today the 13th October I asked the tarot what I need to overcome to buy my first home, I drew the 8 of pentacles. I then asked the tarot who/what us my gateway and pulled the page of cups. I instanting responded to the 8 of pentacles but I’m confused by the page of cups, let me know what you think about both cards.x

    1. Okay so please follow the instructions. You just draw one card. Not two. One card will show you the breakthrough or the obstacle to remove. Try again.

  31. Hi Jessica, this will make a fantastic book! So for me I asked about building a healing community which is where I am at right now. My Aquarian Stellium will kick in to support in February as you advised so I have been playing the waiting game and planning. Your advice has been so invaluable. I asked the question about the gateway to the project and tuned in. My guts flipped on the 1st card and nothing on the other so that is the one I picked. I was blown away when I saw The Star. Could not have been more spot on and I will take my time journalling. I understand the time frames but can I still journal in between? Thank you so much for this. Hoping so much that the Indigenous people get their rights met with the referendum. I do wonder whether the PM chose the eclipse on purpose?

    1. The Star card is telling you what you think; you also have an Aquarius stellium so the Tarot literally showed you, your sign (and your community). Yes of course you can use your journal outside the dates, but focus on the actual dates; the Sun and Mercury going into Scorpio near 22nd October is really important. As for The Voice referendum, if Albanese did choose an eclipse on purpose he was ignoring all recorded history about Aboriginal rejection and dislike of eclipses!

  32. Is it always related to your Sun sign or for example if you have a strong stellium elsewhere should you be looking more to those areas?

  33. Congrats on the book deal and I can’t wait to order!! Could you please clarify something for me? I am a sun Taurus and so the cycle for me is about marriage and partnerships, as well as work partnerships. Does this pertain only to myself —-or could I also ask for guidance on the marriages and partnerships of my children also?

    1. No, the cycle is just about your marriage. Focus on your Seventh House in Scorpio season: professional partnerships, marriage, duets or duels.

  34. This is very exciting and I actually have time today, the last day, to get my writing in.
    I’ve been put back on medical leave due to injuries from a car accident.

    I am going to use this time to find the perfect legal team to help me get my grandson into the proper school for him. I know the school just need to work the system.

    I also have so many projects for work for fund raisers and social media. Got so much writing to do.



  35. Hello Jessica,
    This is fascinating! I’m a Sun cancer and have a Scorpio ascendent. I’m looking at some visa issues at the moment and would like to know if we would get the Visa.
    Can I use the booking for this?
    Many thanks,

    1. Yes, as a Sun Cancer person you have Scorpio season unfolding in your zone of visas, emigration, foreigners and foreign countries. Follow the steps and report back.

  36. Hi Jessica
    Thanks so much for sharing this- for me it could’nt have come at a better time, we have had to rent out our dream house last year and downsize, we are behind on our mortgage so I asked to earn ,win, receive or be given the finances to be able to remortgage my dream house, get a better commercial mortgage, to pay off my outstanding property taxes. This would then mean we save our house and be able to move back there eventually. I just launched my business so its possible through earnings or maybe a miracle could happen. I pulled the strength card, what does this mean I need to do or get help from to help me achieve this wish? Thank you so much

    1. As a Leo, you are in the right place and time to book the delivery for your home and property tax. Strength shows you, the Leo, being healed. So the gateway to home and property tax solutions is a person who may actually be a doctor, dentist, therapist, masseur and so on. Or he or she may be a healer in a symbolic sense. Between now and the next delivery date, that is who to co-operate with. Focus away from finance – that is not following teh steps. Just focus on your house, or ‘a house’. Let me know what happens by the end of December please.

  37. I have found that 11 and 12 of october where spot on significative dates as a libra in the areas mentioned. Then today I could listen to the pink noise, then I pickup the Queen of cups. I am actually trying to support my son who has been wanting to divorce for 4 years from his wife who has been dramatically manipulating him through their son who is 5 now and terribly disturbed with the situation. Not sure what I have to do. Can you help me to understand please ?
    Many thanks

    1. Okay so you need to follow the steps. October is not about your son. It is about money. Your son is not a booking option until January, February 2024. The Tarot will do, what the Tarot does, but this isn’t going to be delivery. The Queen of Cups is your daughter-in-law. She is out of touch with reality, does not know what to do about her marriage or the child, is escaping from everything but also isolated. This cannot go on forever as the tides of time will catch up with her. For the best results with your son and grandson, though, you will use the right dates in 2024.

  38. Hello Jessica, Thank you for the instuctions and opportunitiy for this work. However, I am struggling to know how th Queen of Wands would fit in with the possibilities for Sagittarius – spirituality / psychic ability / Tarot etc. We share the care of our daughter’s beautiful black cat. And I am thinking of taking up a post grad qualification to study the counselling of children, but I don’t know how that fits in with spirituality. My husband is a Leo. I would be grateful for your insights. Thank you.

    1. The black cat is your daughter’s cat in the card and you are the Queen of Wands, ready to counsel children. Scorpio season is about therapy, spirituality, counselling, self-help, hypnosis, religion, dream interpretation, Tarot, mediumship, meditation – one or more of which will improve your counselling role itself. It makes sense when you think about it. Your own experiences with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for example will help you train children. The Twelfth House is about Jung and Freud as much as anything else. The cat shows your daughter. You will do for children what you did for her.

  39. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you very much for your response 🙂
    Just needed a clarification. Based on the details in the blog, For my cancer sun, the Scorpio season is about 5th house issues such as children and parenting.
    How does Emigration and foreign countries fit in this? Can you please explain.
    Also I just did the booking on Oct 13th and I drew the four of cups when I asked about the visa. I don’t know what this means. Can you please help decipher this.
    Many thanks,

    1. Please go back and follow the steps. Scorpio Season in October is about children. If you want to emigrate you are in the wrong cycle MG. Your booking for emigration is February, March 2024. Astrology Delivery does not work unless you follow the rules.

  40. I am very excited about this! As this cycle included Work partnership I focused on my career as its been a struggle the last few years. I am a Sun Taurus and focused on a wish for a great work partnership that is in harmony with my talents and loves. The tarot card I drew was Queen of Pentacles when asking what or who is my gateway. In this case I also see the Rabbit in the picture, as I am also born in the year of Rabbit. Does Queen of Pentacles mean a woman that will be of help to me in the future and hopefully help me achieve my goal? to be continued but, Did I do this booking correctly and if so do I do this later in October again? Thanks so much again!

    1. Great. That was your first step to get what you want from a work partnership. The Queen of Pentacles was the woman you were told to partner with or the woman who would assist you in a partnership. If you are rich, that’s you. If you’re not rich, that’s a female who obviously is. And by now you should have a few bookings under your wing and there will be more, with results by December 29th.

  41. Absolutely love this, thank you!

    I am a Libra and have actually had a lot of worry with finances and our home in the last few months. We also have an extension planned for next year. So my ‘ordering’ included things to do with that but also an increase in wealth due to my career somehow.
    Very interesting I drew the 9 of swords! I think this is quite fitting in terms of what May hold me back from achieving these things. Definitely lots to work on within myself to allow things to come my way.

    1. Yes, the Nine of Swords is what to overcome between now and the next booking date. It’s not ordering, by the way, it’s booking. You are going to see results with your finances so please let me know what happens once you have followed all the steps in October. Results by the end of December.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Do you do the journal on every one of these dates? Or just pick one?
    Or are we doing a different one each time?
    Thank you!

    1. You repeat the wish list on every date. You can edit the booking (book more, or change the booking). Let me know your results please Dejana as I am already seeing readers have astonishing outcomes just from the very first date, in the last few days.

  43. Hey, me again. Okay, I redid the steps and I only chose one card: the Queen of Cups. From what I gather and intuit, it’s a positive, secure, loving card. It’s suggesting I’m taking the right path forward, not only with work, but that I have a caring, supportive wife. She’s been telling me she believes in me and that I can accomplish my goals, so I think the reading was pretty accurate. Thank you!

  44. this is fascinating Jessica, thank you! I meditated and then asked Tarot “who or what is my gateway to getting a new job”. I got 3 of pentacles. I then asked “who or what is my gateway to meeting someone new (im single) and i got 10 of pentacles. im not entirely sure of the interpretation for the cards Jessica? thank you.

    1. Thank you. Please follow the steps. You are a Capricorn and your booking in October is for friends, groups, social media and your social life. In November it is about spirituality or your inner life – like therapy. In December it is about a relaunch of your image. This won’t work unless you follow the steps.

  45. Hi Jessica, I tried again listening to pink noise first, i noted a delivery date for 5th December and what is the gateway to biying my first home and i pulled the page of swords. I instantly started singing the wind of change song by the scorpions. Let me know your thoughts. xx

    1. As a Sun Aries you can indeed make a booking for a home in Scorpio Season. Your ESP began working when you used pink noise and you started singing Wind of Change by…The Scorpions. So it will happen. Keep following the steps. The Page of Swords will show up as your gateway, so an energetic, fast-moving young man. Perhaps he will move in with you, or sell you the home. You will see exactly what this is about between now and the next booking.

  46. Hi Jessica
    This is really exciting news!

    The only thing in the world I want right now is to move house (I’ve been waiting a long long time!) but from the previous post I know this is unlikely to be until next year. The buyer of our house pulled out this week so I’m feeling a bit deflated.
    Question: Should I still focus on this goal or should I tailor goals towards the houses/booking periods ahead. Excited to hear about the book! Xx (Capricorn Sun – Leo rising)

    1. As a Capricorn your booking window for a new house is indeed next year, in March and April. Aries Season in your Fourth House of property. I am sorry your buyer pulled out. 2024 looks completely different to 2023, from as early as January actually.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    Feedback for your new book, after 6 months of not getting a single offer to buy our zero net energy house , on October 12th we play acted getting a check (made the check ourselves ) and felt and expressed gratitude out loud for the sale of our home. Then at our next open house by appointment, we had 3 appointments and all 3 made an offer!
    If you remember back in May you advised us it was a good time for my Aires husband and
    Sagg self to buy and sell, then I recently wrote that our offer was accepted on a new place but was concerned that our home was not selling, and you confirmed it was a good time to both buy and sell and to use the October dates 12th and 22nd to put our order in to the universe. Well it took some convincing to get my 77 year old somewhat conservative husband to act out the sale but he is glad he did!
    With gratitude for filling my spiritual heart with hope by all the work that you do. This downsizing move to a retirement condo from a 5 bedroom home with a built in chair lift and wheel chair accessibility means the world to both of us. I will be offline for a few months while moving but will rejoin once I am settled.

    1. Thank you Jameela. I am glad that October Astrology Delivery just worked for you – and you sold your house after 6 months. The results with this can be quite fast as you’ve just seen. To have three offers after using the dates of October 12th and 22nd is really good proof of astrology…delivering.

  48. I love this Jessica, and I’m going to give a go. My sun is very close to Virgo, 3 minutes from being in Virgo. Would you recommend I also read for Virgo, like a cusp or should I always stick to Leo readings? Thank you!

  49. One more question, Jessica! So we are watching the Scorpio weather move through for our booking dates, the weather then moves to Sagittarius – so can it be assumed that we can “book” in Sag season when the weather moves through there? Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, book delivery in November for stepchildren, the bedroom, courtship, any children of your own, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, godchildren. Book delivery for children or teenagers en masse (for example a class you teach). Why? Because you are a Leo. Let me know about your delivery please as I am gathering all the amazing results for my next book, Astrology Delivery.

  50. I am very excited about this! As this cycle included Work Partnership I focused on my career as its been a struggle the last few years. I am a Sun Taurus and focused on a wish for great work partnership that is in harmony with my talents and loves. The tarot card I drew was Queen of Pentacles when asking what or who is my gateway. In this case I also see the Rabbit in the picture, as I am also born in the year of rabbit. Does Queen of Pentacles mean a woman that will be of help to me in the future and hopefully help me achieve my goal? To be continued but, Did I do this booking correctly and if so do I do this later in October again? Thanks so much again!

    1. Please go back and follow the steps. If you want a new job you need to use January 2024, not October 2023. October for you is about partnership. Of course you may be offered a professional partnership with a wealthy woman – the Queen of Pentacles.

  51. Congrats on the book deal Jessica! I’ll look forward to reading that. It’s a big week for me, I have a second interview for a job that is really interesting and I think will be rewarding in itself (supporting people who have been homeless) as well as help me on to new and exciting things. I’ve also found a part time MA course (arts psychotherapy) that I want to do so will be making my application this week. A stuck situation with my mum that I told you about previously has been resolved, and we still have a half-built extension and will need a bit more money to finish it, but I finally feel like things are on the up after a VERY long period of difficulty and frustration. Thank you for your wise counsel on these pages when I have needed it 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind feedback. That’s great things with your mum, and your home, are moving along now.

  52. Hey Jessica,

    Book from you is most fascinating and welcome! You are gifted – and, a divine help for me. I thank you with joined palms.

    I am 21 April, 1983. I see that your 15 October Taurus daily horoscope says that now I will face repeat scenarios of 2005 and 2006.
    1. In 2006 a daughter was born to us but my dearest wife (26 November 1981) is not speaking with me since March 2022. How will this repeat without her? When will I finally unite with her?
    2. How long will this cycle of 2005-6 repetition last?
    3. When will I buy a big house/estate in the US and Canada?

    1. The repeat of 2005-2006 is karma with your wife, and your daughter was born then. The process is slow, and takes you throughout 2024 and into early 2025, but your karmic task is to balance the scales with your wife. An outside professional may be able to help you.

  53. Jessica, I’m a sun sag and I just made my list of spiritual wishes on 16 Oct. They were to break free from my trauma bond with a sociopath ex, to get rid of my attraction to toxic and abusive people and to heal my emotional wounds from my childhood trauma. I received the Strength tarot as the breakthrough. Exceptional accuracy by the tarot. Blown away. Here’s hoping for delivery.

    1. Well done. The Strength is your healer. You will have a therapist, counsellor or psychologist who helps fix your childhood trauma by the end of December, if you follow the steps. The Tarot has told you that person is your breakthrough until the next booking. It is also possible you will have healing from a spirit guide. That can happen too.

  54. Hi Jessica,

    What aspect is part of the delivery on October 16 or 17? Is it Moon opposite Jupiter, or Mercury conjunct Sun or another aspect? Does it matter how close to the aspect perfecting the meditation takes place? Thank you for the guidance!


    1. Alexandria, this is not about aspects (though aspects will of course take place). It is about the ingress or entry of a planet into a sign. Thank you.

  55. I just wrote with some questions, but I think I figured out the answer…the delivery is about each planet going in and out of the designated sign, no other aspect, so for today and tomorrow, it would be Moon in Scorpio, which will be leaving Scorpio tomorrow? Then the next dates are for the next entries and exits in Scorpio, as you’ve described earlier?

    1. Correct. You are being shown the entry sign of every planet (or other factor) into the same sign, or house. The ingress. The next date in the sequence is the next entry of something else. And the final delivery date is the complete end of the transit, or final exit.

  56. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much for this. I meticoulously followed the steps, as the “delivery” areas listed for Virgo match perfectly what I need. I would like finish my PhD (education) but it was since long time on pause because of a full-time job (in media). I first wrote pages on what I really want and need, my motivations, how I would like to make them realize and why, how to overcome obstacles, what is necessary for that etc… My wishes related to education, media, publishing and even neighbors are all related, so I wished them all and wrote them in detail. Then I draw Ace of Cups. I became so emotional while reading the meaning. Not because this is such a positive card. Because all the symbols were also fitting other meanings. I think it means that i will fulfil my wishes with the help of Khidr (a religious figure symbolizing wisdom but also help in desparate situations, represented also in other cultures as Saint George or Green Knight) but also because I promised this to Khidr. I started to cry when I realized that Khidr takes sometimes the shape of a dove and also his story is connected to the legend of Fountain of life/youth. The symbols are there, the card is so positive. All I have to do now is to work and to deserve this so precious help. Thank you.

    1. People do sometimes cry when they use the Tarot for this. Thank you for following the steps. You want to finish your PhD and drew the Ace of Cups. It had a personal meaning for you and was showing you the way, with the dove on the card. Please let me know what happens.

  57. Hello Jessica,

    Being a Scorpio sun, this period for me is about image, profile, reputation and is also what I would like to see if something will happen in this direction as I would like to be promoted or receive a salary increase by the end of this year. I picked on 16th Oct the Eight of Pentacles, which is mentioning about the value of pay and the work that you provide. I tried to check if I will have some points that can be triggered in my birth chart maybe by the Scorpio or Sage factors, but could not figured out, thus I will pick other Tarot cards in the mentioned dates. Any insights for me will be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

    1. You book for more money in your correct window, which as a Scorpio Sun is November. Delivery is by 2024. The Tarot card was correct but you booked at the wrong time. Go back and follow the steps for your sign. Thank you.

  58. Hello Jessica I did order your book and have had the best time with it as it’s arrived at the same time as the October delivery dates and so I have developed a deeper understanding of the philosophy you are sharing with your readers. As a sun Capricorn I’ve done my booking on the 11th and the 16th and both times pulled the 4 of Cups which is confusing – would the gateway (obstacle) be me referring to examining attitudes and expectations? With best wishes

    1. Thank you so much. And you’ve booked successfully so let’s see your delivery. Pulling the Four of Cups both times means it’s definitely the card to guide you. This is about your social life, groups and friendships. Yes, the gateway is fixing yourself – your attitudes – in order to have a happier outcome.

  59. Well Dear Jessica !

    I will dare to ask you!

    We have in fact all the information we need but I wish to make some improvements with my daily routine, well-being, job ( outside and at home ), health, to become more powerful and efficient.
    Some advice Dear Jessica?

    I thank so much for all,


    1. Namaste. Yes, you can book improvements to your lifestyle, wellbeing, health, fitness, mental health, housework, daily routine, paid work, unpaid work or studies in October. Use this window now with the Moon in Scorpio in your sector of daily life to do that. Just follow the steps, then book again on the next date. The Tarot in between will show you where the breakthrough is. Let me know what happens by the end of December, please.

  60. Hi Jessica is it ok to book more than one thing as long as its about (for leo) houses, apartments, the garden etc? I repeated my booking today and pulled the 6 of cups what does this tell me about getting property, taxes and mortgages sorted out? Thanks

    1. Yes of course. You should be filling as many pages in your journal as you can. As a Sun Leo you are in the zone for houses, apartments, the garden, your country or town, property investment, homes (plural), the family and household. The Six of Cups shows you two children, or a child and teenager, in front of a house, with an abundant garden. A man is leaving the scene. So that is what you need to follow, or fix, depending on your own personal situation – which I don’t know about. You are the judge of that card.

  61. Hello Jessica,

    Astrology delivery sounds really like magic to me!
    I’m a sun cancer and wrote to you previously. I’m in the process of getting a visa extension or resident permit. Could you please give me the booking dates for that please as you mentioned it will be sometime in February or March 2024? When can I start booking for it please?
    Many thanks,

    1. For that, you will have to wait until next year and take out Premium Membership; the book should appear in 2025. Thank you.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    I just love this and feel excited already! As a Libra, I’ve been wanting to create a profitable creative side hustle and move somewhere else completely. I picked The Chariot Card which I feel is very apt. It’s given me the confidence and oommph just to get on with it and feel more positive! Hoping this card is a good sign?

    1. The key to making more money (from October) is to follow the booking process through, every time. Your clue now is two cities or two countries. That is where you will find more money. You can’t book relocation as it’s not time yet. But two cities or two countries are there.

  63. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a Sun Scorpio, and I’ve done two bookings (Oct. 13 and Oct. 16) where I’ve asked about losing weight that I gained following a divorce, which would improve my overall health — blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. I also would like to get back to enjoying athletics performances as I did before.

    Both times I drew the 10 of Cups, which your description said was very rare. I’m shocked that it came up twice while doing this… is this hopeful? (I think so!)

    1. You will lose weight and go back into athletics. How and when will be revealed between now and the end of December. The Ten of Cups explanation is there on the website when you pull the card. You can also search Tarot Guide and access it.

  64. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing this incredible technique. I love the idea of being able to actively work on an area of life instead of waiting for something to happen. As a Sun Leo, I tried to book delivery for a move to a new home with the desire to move to a new city. Last week I got the Five of cups which I interpreted as a clear single to leave behind the old and cross the river to start afresh. I tried again today and got the Nine of wands. I don’t particularly know how to interpret this. What are your thoughts?

    1. The interpretation of the card is on the website when you pull the card, so just take a screen shot if you aren’t taking notes in your journal. Every card shows you how to break through, until you draw the next one. The Five of Cups showed you the breakthrough would come when you left three failed relationships behind, picked up two good ones, and moved. Relocated (literally) or shifted yourself mentally. The Nine of Wands is the next step – assuming you are following the dates every time – is the group and the outsider. Are you in the group or are you the outsider?

  65. Hi Jessica, Intriguing. Apparently, in this delivery window, I am to focus on partnership – or the dissolution of same. I really want to stay in my current relationship although it is fraught with difficulty as we are married to each other and work together and have struggled to deal with a massive crisis (a fraud perpetuated against our business that almost destroyed the business and has us working 24/7 for the past 8 years to build back). There’s a blame game element to it as well. So, I want/need more independence to be able to function as an individual and within the relationship. What do you see in my chart to support that?

    1. Yes, you are a Taurus who has a delivery window about your partner. You are blaming each other for a business fraud so the marriage has become difficult. The Death card is showing you the breakthrough is the ‘death’ or end of a key person involved. Presumably this is the fraudster. The finish of that person – this may be their professional end, or perhaps another way – jail, maybe.

  66. Hi Jessica, BTW: I drew the Death Card when I used the Tarot to figure out my partnership issue.

  67. Hi Jessica – as a Sun Virgo I drew the Death Card when hoping for an important and meaningful communication via the internet during my delivery window. Does this mean the birth of something new that is the result of the end of the involvement of another key person?
    (I based this on your answer to another reader who drew the same card but not sure if it applies if we are different sun signs.) Thank you.

    1. You drew Death in mid-October as the gateway or the obstacle, regarding the internet. Hopefully you overcame that obstacle or used that gateway and you are now on your next step. Keep going.

  68. Wow! Sun Aquarius 29 degrees, got King of Pentacles for what I need to go through. Any thoughts/explanation on what this means?

    1. If you booked success, professionally, academically or in other ways, then a money man or businessman is the gateway or the obstacle, depending on whom you identify this wealthy, rather stuck gentleman to be. He may be your employer or prospective boss. As a Sun Aquarius your delivery window is your career, unpaid work or academic career.

  69. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for this article – I’m really excited about using astrological delivery!

    I was delighted that Scorpio is the first delivery window as I have a few items with regard to my children that I would like to focus on, particularly my sons health (how do I let you know I’m a Cancer sun without telling you I’m a Cancer sun ).

    I followed your steps and drew the two of swords. My immediate impression was that the woman in the card looked like me! I’ll continue to consider this card and see what else comes up.

    I see this article has an awful lot of comments but I’d really appreciate any thoughts you have.

    I know you said not to look at natal planets but I’ve always leaned on my natal Jupiter in Scorpio so I’m hoping this will boost the astrological delivery.

    Thanks again

    1. Yes, do include your children in your booking and just follow the steps again in a few days’ time. The Two of Swords shows a dark-haired woman, whom you have spotted as yourself. So the way through to what you want, is hidden in the card. The question is, how do you take the blindfold off? The natal chart is really an extra option (and I’ll write more about this in the book Astrology Delivery). Jupiter in Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finances, possessions and property may well draw in your son and of course these transits in Scorpio will bring this into focus.

  70. Thank you for this helpful article Jessica! I’m a sun Libra and I did my booking on the 16th of October. This was also a date when I received a great potential income idea. I was thinking about this idea when I happened to read your article. I followed the steps and pulled the six of cups on the 16th of October. I’m not sure if my kids (who are 8 and almost 12) will help or hinder my success in what I have planned, which is starting a new line of business, pulling back from my existing job, and increasing the effort I plan on putting into an existing side business. Could you help guide me with interpreting this? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. The children are showing in your Tarot card and only you know if they will help your business idea or you need to resolve parenthood in order to do it. The next step in the process, and the next Tarot card, will move you further along to financial success, but you are on the right track.

  71. Hi Jessica, this is so exciting, to be able to work with the universe towards what I want! I wrote about wanting a supportive, respectful and fulfilling partnership(I have a miserable marriage), and drew the chariot. I am looking at buying a place in a city couple of hours away as a possible home later, so would this mean I will get a partner there?
    I also asked about work partnership and drew high priestess which I feel answered my next question for further study to upgrade myself. For study, I got Ace of cups.

    I also wanted to ask for my special needs son, a Leo. (The house in another city I am looking at is for him, after me) tarot gave me the world card. Meditating on an acting project he could get if chosen, I drew the judgement card! Does this mean we are ready for a spiritual step up? Heaven knows how much I have dug deep to be where I am now!

    Looking forward to seeing how this pans out. Any insight will be highly appreciated

    1. Thank you. If your marriage is miserable and you are a Taurus, October is definitely time to start booking a way out or through. The Chariot accurately told you about your home purchase. You are not following the steps, though. One thing at a time. Please go back and read again.

  72. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you very much for this ‘predicting’ method which is both practical and playful.
    My question concerns work partnership.
    I focused on two dates first (Oct. 23 et 24th) for a gateway in jobs opportunities and drew the Page of Cups which is reminiscent of my ‘relationship’ to money : always slippery like a fish but it also reminded me of a temp agency I recently had an honest interview with and which starts with the same word “Page”; then I focused on the final date December 29th in the goal of reimbursing some money I owe and drew The Ten of Swords which reminded me of my current situation … In a rather bad posture but crossing fingers and hoping for a renewal. Am I using this system correctly? Thank you very much.

    1. You want a work partnership or new professional duet, or a better version of the partnership you have now. Yes, that fits your delivery window for October, because you are a Sun Taurus. Your temp agency interview was not about that, though, it was about working for other people, so I am not sure why you are seeing that in the card. And why did you focus on December 29th? Please go back and follow the steps.

  73. I wish I were a Sun Taurus so I could book a husband 🙂
    Instead, I am Sun Sag and will be booking to better develop my psychic abilities.
    Thanks Jessica, I will report back!

  74. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your sharing.
    I’m new in this field, so can I ask you some questions?
    I’m Pisces and I focus on foreign countries, because I and my parents want to immigrate to the US as soon as possible. At the first shuffle, I forgot to ask and I drew Three of swords. Then I did one more time, I asked Tarot what I need to overcome to get what I want, I drew Nine Of Wands. Can you help me to understand how those Tarot cards relate to my question?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Use the Nine of Wands, not your first card. The Nine of Wands is your gateway to American emigration until your next booking date (it’s a process). The Nine of Wands shows you what to go through, or what to solve (to go through). Here you are clearly looking for a solution. An outsider is standing outside the group. The only solution is unity through communication.

  75. Hi Jessica. Many thanks for this brilliant feature. I write to share my experience and ask a couple questions. I read through the steps you listed – ESP, writing detailed and big picture goals. I am a sun Pisces. I was really forward to the areas you spotlighted for Pisces, namely foreign countries, publishing, academia and multiculturalism. Hit so so close to home; I am in the midst of a lot of writing and research, applying for fellowships, pushing to the finish line that is located off-shore. Home stretch of sorts. This exercise felt like a positive push. I listed my goals and asked who or what is the gateway. I got THE HERMIT. This was on Oct 13. Spoke volumes to me. Esp since I have been on a sabbatical for independent research work. I focus on climate policies – at global and local scales. Also read the longer tarot explanation in Pamela’s flip book. Interestingly, the HERMIT also showed up when I enquired about the south node in libra two months or so back. Synchronously at the time I was deep into an online writing course by Alan Moore who resembled the figure in the hermit. There is some connection here. What would be your interpretation? I feel solitude is the gateway. Or could be that coming out of sabbatical is.

    I also repeated the exercise today the 17th. Ten of cups showed up. Seemed on the other end of the hermit. Isn’t it? But intuitively speaking, the hermit is enough of a clue to work with to be able to receive my delivery (ultimately the hard work is my own). So my question is do I still go through the six steps for October delivery?

    Hope you will have a moment to go through my note. Either way, sending you gratitude for all you do.


    1. Thank you. If you started the booking for Pisces with overseas fellowships and academia you will have results by December 29th if you keep booking on the dates I gave you. The gateway is The Hermit – being alone – but you also recognised Alan Moore as your teacher, who presumably has a beard. Every time you book, you draw a new card for the next period. I need to clarify this: The Hermit applied for the first date, the Ten of Cups applies for the second date and so on. It’s a process. Every Tarot card shows you a new step on the path. There will be another shortly. Please let me know the outcome by the end of December.

    1. Your booking window for your love life is May 2024, next year, because you are a Sun Sagittarius woman.

  76. Hi Jessica,

    I just wanted to let you know that I made a booking yesterday the 17th in accordance with what is relevant to my sun Libra. The tarot card that popped out was the knight of pentacles. Today my husbands boss who is short and has many big fancy cars pulled my husband aside and quietly gave him a 15k pay rise. My husband was gob smacked as it wasn’t something he had ever considered, or asked for. It was out of the blue….until I told him about my booking and tarot card. There’s quite a bit more on the wish list, I will keep you posted on it all until the 29th of December.

    Thank you so very much!

    1. Thank you very much. This is the second confirmation of Astrology Delivery working. (I also had a reader write to say she had rapid results after reading the story and following the steps. She sold her house with three potential buyers, after having no offers for months). You are a Sun Libra, booked on 17th October for more money, and one day later your husband got a $15,000 pay rise. Your card showed you the gateway which was the Knight of Pentacles and your husband’s boss is indeed short and keen on fast cars. Bingo!

  77. Hi Jessica, I wanted to thank you to give us hope in these very difficult times. As per your reply to my last comments, I booked “dating a new partner” for October on the 16th and 17th. I drew the Magician for “what do I have to overcome”(although I would have thought it would have been more appropriate for a breakthrough to delivery). I will let you know of the outcome.

    My question is the following: when we make a booking does it mean that we “jump” into another timeline? Would you agree with that? There is a good fiction book about the Metaverse which is called the Midnight Library. Greetings from France!

    1. Bonjour. You should get some or all of what you want by the end of December; Cancer women do have a good booking window for courtship or the bedroom. The Magician is your gateway. Not an obstacle to overcome; the right man you want. When you book Astrology Delivery you enter another timeline, correct. Another universe, among the many. This is Astrology Reality and it works. Please let me know when you have met your magician.

  78. Hi Jessica, thanks for sharing this. Excited to see where this leads. I pulled the Queen of Cups for my Scorpio themes. A little bit unsure how this card relates to reputation and image. Would I be right thinking I am the queen of cups as this card is associated with Scorpio? What I am getting from this is I need to have clarity on the person I want to be and the reputation I want, lead from the heart and intuition rather than ego. Cleansing and being proactive in looking after my body and image. Do you think I’m on the right track? Many thanks.

    1. The Queen of Cups is showing you yourself, as you are a woman. She is you. You want a relaunch, and are booking in October, as you are a Scorpio. If you want a new you, then you will change what you see in the card, which is also about yourself. The Queen of Cups appears confused about relationships. The fact that she did (or did not have) babies is part of her background. She seems rather stuck. If this is you, then you need to alter that and you can begin by making a booking, on the next date window.

  79. Dear Jessica,
    The energy and intelligence you demonstrate here is unparalleled.

    The delivery worked, though I am new to this.

    Oct16th-Oct 17th was lovely.

    I slept well for the first time in 10 months.

    I drew the Queen of Cups.
    I need my work to get published.

    Congratulations on your book doing so well.

    Thank you for your advice and insight.

    1. Thank you Cheryl. You can pray, but try Astrology Delivery too. Tell me what happens with publication by the final due date at the end of December.

  80. Dear Jessica,
    You are a beacon in this ugly storm. Congratulations on your book deal!!

    I drew the card that shows three women rejoicing, when I wanted to get published And
    when I was hoping for a forum here that matches some other astrology forums.

    Tara Buffington’s inclusion here and for Zoom meetups is so brilliant, only second to your skills of divination! Thank you.
    Since she is Master Gardener and a cryptologist, I was wondering if she can get a grant to revive dwindling plant species.
    (It works with my life gardeing Tarot cards that I see so often when I seek peace.)
    I have a Virgo and Cancer stellium…I want my sibling to get the research recognition due. (Heavy Capricorn Libra sun 16 degrees Libra conjunct Uranus)
    When will that happen ?

    Wishing you a permanent contract with Vogue.


    1. Thanks Jill. A forum will appear on Substack in 2024. Tara Buffington is a great psychic. You will have some or all of what you want with your sibling by 29th December.

  81. Hi Jessica I am following your delivery method and asked the tarot cards , how I could meet someone (future partner ) without using Dating apps ,the temperance card was the card that turned up ,wondering if you could help me interpret the meaning of this please thankyou

    1. That card holds until your next booking, which is tomorrow. So I hope you followed the advice of the card – the interpretation is given when you draw it. The obstacle to break through is your own health and wellbeing as Temperance is about a pure diet. The gateway is exercise – swimming, for example.

  82. Hi Jessica, this is quite an interesting way of working with astrology and, reading your article just now, I find it could really help in my current situation. Without going into great detail, on the 16th I noticed that I had contracted some kind of std/sti after a few weeks of starting to see someone new. I have a feeling I know what it is, and it could be serious, so I got tested the next day (17th) and my results will come out on the 24th, all significant dates as highlighted in your post. I pulled the ten of pentacles as suggested, and I wonder how that could apply to my current situation as it seems to be a card related to finances. Would be great to hear your take on it, thank you!

    1. I’m sorry your new lover gave you a sexually transmitted disease. Now. you’re waiting to find out what it is, exactly. Well, you are a Sun Gemini so October is your booking zone for better health. The card shows you the gateway through. So there is money there, involving your extended family, which you can use to pay your medical bill. Nice and simple.

  83. Hello Jessica,
    I tried again following the steps as per your advice focusing on work partnership and finance.
    Here is the delivery below (not very hopeful).
    In fact, since the beginning of October, I seem to move one step ahead and three backwards… I haven’t done the right choices.

    I’m now considering working a part time “day job” even though I need more money and resuming private teaching more because I enjoy it than for the money (that is if I manage to find motivated students…) I’ve sabotaged myself recently working full time day jobs, I can’t stand it anymore (boredom, open space, managers, constraints etc. ) … My body gets sick and then I need to negotiate a way out, even with strong working partnerships which started more than 10 years ago… It’s embarrassing.
    Thank you very much for any thoughts you might have regarding this reading.

    Monday, October 23rd 10 of Swords
    Tuesday, October 24th 9 of Swords
    Monday, November 13th 5 of Wands
    Dec 5th, 8 of Wands
    Dec 11th, 3 of Cups
    Dec 29th, 8 of Cups
    Sorry, I didn’t manage to log in…

    1. You want a part-time day job which is possible, assuming you are a Leo or Pisces. If you followed the steps you will have some or all of what you want by December 29th 2023.

  84. Absolutely gobsmacked, having had the week or so since the first delivery window to reflect on how much I don’t feel like I belong here has helped me to refine and put in the detail to what I want. I ended up drawing one card from your website (Five of cups) and then another from my personal Smith-Waite pack (The Emperor) to compare – both of those cards are SO apt to my current situation/problems it’s unreal. It makes me feel so validated which feels comforting, like the universe really does see my current situation even though I can’t talk about what happened to anyone but my husband and therapist.

  85. just booked for inhanced phsycic ability and recieved the nine of swords, what could that be saying?

    1. That is your obstacle to overcome. You can find out the meaning of the Nine of Swords in Pamela’s Tarot, free to you as a Premium Member in your library, or just enter Tarot into Search.

  86. Hi Jessica
    I tried to follow your guidance. Also can you clarify, on the dates listed are these the dates you meditate with the pink noise and pull tarots to the same wishes/ hope etc already journaled?

    Anyway, Im Sun Taurus so partnerships, relationships are important for me both personal and work. I wrote down all my wishes, hopes and dreams tonight regarding reconciliation with my ex ( Scorpio) and a potential new senior role/partnership at work which a decision will be made if I got or not Oct/Nov.
    I drew the Queen of Swords and four of pentacles from your web tarot. Does this tally with the above? Thank you

    1. Yes, to clarify, you only book on the dates on the list, and you only draw a Tarot card when you book. Not before. Please let me know about your partnership outcomes. The card will show you the gateway to go through or the obstacle to overcome on the path. Just one card.

  87. Hi Jessica, delivery update for today the 23rd. I focused on money and asked what is blocking me and pulled the Emperor. I am not sure if this represents me as I have a stellium in Aries and a Capricorn moon but my eyes were drawn to the large mountains with the river so small in the distance and the armour on the feet of the Emperor, steel toe came to mind, being a patriarch card it did make me think of my Dad.
    I will keep going with the delivery dates and update you. Emma xx

  88. Hi Jessica, I have been following your booking instructions – journaling, listening to white noise on Oct 12 and today Oct 23. Thank you for teaching us this exercise.

    I am a sun libra and cancer rising so I have journaled and drew cards for both sun + rising signs’ areas of importance; finance, property – for my libra sun and courtship, partnership, children – for cancer rising. So far the cards I have drawn have really applied to my current situation and I am trying to use them to reframe my attitude towards adversity and rejections in order to manifest the good things I want to come my way. Lots of YES-es.

    My question is – Is it possible to get benefits in this delivery window for both sun and rising areas? Am I being greedy? Ha ha. Wondering if you had any insight? Should I focus on sun or rising or both?

  89. Hi Jessica, thanks for this post. I missed last week’s dates because of work overload, and just had my contract terminated earlier today before I had a chance to draft my list, meditate, and pull a card (The World). I have two (2) questions, please. (1) Does one have to pull a card on all the dates listed in your post to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome? (2) If you have time, please, I would greatly appreciate any insights you may have regarding the card I pulled re my career. I am quite concerned about finances and health at the moment. Thanks for all you do.

    1. The process is, only draw a Tarot card on the dates listed, when you make your booking, every time, in your journal. As a Sun Pisces you are in a very good position to make a booking for a new job when Sagittarius weather begins, in just a few days. Have a look at the recent feature on Astrology Delivery which has those November dates and follow the steps. I am sorry you had your contract terminated but the future is bright.

  90. And today 24th, i meditated and booked my dreams, wishes and I pulled 3 of swords from your tarot… how do you know when your delivery date is?
    Will definitely be keen to purchase your new book too. Amazing work

    1. You can find your delivery dates not just for October but for all booking periods, in the new features posted on Astrology Delivery. For October booking though (ongoing) it’s December 29th 2023.

  91. So sorry to add, also seeing repeating numbers since booking and meditating this morning- 11:11, 10:11( ex birthday) 444, 919 which I’ve added to my journal …

  92. Hi Jessica, I’m enthusiastically working through the delivery process. Yesterday, Oct. 23, I drew an amazing sequence of cards. I know you should just draw one card:) so I drew the Ace of Pentacles from the Tarot. Then, because I was so gobsmacked by that, I asked for confirmation from both the Garden Oracle and the Astrology Oracle. The Garden Oracle gave me The Money Woman. Wow! The Astrology Oracle gave me Chiron in the 9th House. Wow! I was ecstatic. However, today, Oct. 24, I drew the Eight of Wands. An 11th house card. Interesting and challenging. I do feel that I am at an 11th hour situation in my life so this card spoke to me. And I have a stellium in Aquarius in the 11th House. If I am to achieve the promise of the Ace of Pentacles, I obviously have to co-opt some people to help me in my goal (a very ambitious, people- power centric project) I ran the Garden Oracle on this and it gave me: The Soul Goes on. So, as I understand it, there’s a transition up ahead. In fact, I know it. The Astrology Oracle gave me Vesta in the 1st House. Who owns my power? Interesting question.
    I have projects I want to pitch that will create my future. How fast should I run? The Ace of Pentacles gives me courage to push. The Soul process (Garden Oracle) tells me to run slowly. Which pace is the best one? I don’t want to miss this opportunity.
    Warmest wishes, Emma

    1. You have used decks apart from the Tarot and sound confused. If you stick to the rules and use Tarot alone you will find life more simple. You may want to repeat this Emma. The Ace of Pentacles is not necessarily about pushing.

  93. Hi Jessica
    I don’t know if you’re still answering messages on this post but a thought just occurred to me regarding these delivery dates. Are they also the best dates to actually implement things in relation to the area of delivery? For example, I know that my delivery dates in November are the window for my image, status etc to ask the tarot for etc, but would they also be the best dates on which to actually undertake a rehaul of my LinkedIn profile, something I know is long overdue, as one example? Or as another example for October & my spirituality window, would one of those Oct delivery dates have also been the best date for me to talk with a psychic to get answers?
    Thanks as ever!

  94. Morning Jessica
    I’m a sun Taurus. The focus on partnerships and relationships which is so true for me both personally and professionally. Reconciling with my Scorpio ex and also awaiting to hear regarding a new role at work. on 23 & 24 is so important. I meditated on each day and pulled the queen of swords and on the 24th 3 of swords. Also on the same days, I was seeing repeating numbers 11:11, 10:11( ex birthday) . 444, 5555 and so on. What does this mean for me and am I correct that delivery dates are end of Dec? Also you meditate and draw 1 card in each date you’ve listed, so the next date is 12th Nov ? Thanks and look forward to your new boon, when it come out.

    1. The numbers are curious, but you will know what they mean for you. The delivery is not about your career, though, it is about partnership. You are way too early for career; that’s next January. Yes, you book delivery on every date and draw a Tarot card on every date to guide you.

  95. Hi Jessica,
    Just a quick note to say I finally got round to listening to ocean sounds and using the tarot as you have suggested, and it was profoundly insightful. Best tarot session ever. Thank you so much for your continuous guidance ❤️

  96. Thank you for this helpful post. I’m late reading this so I missed all of the October booking dates. I wonder if I should still focus on my Solar 5th December delivery, or focus more on my Solar 6th January delivery, instead? (Cancer sun)

    If the December delivery is still valid, what aspects of “children” would this apply to? I wonder because I’m just about to publish a children’s book, a guide book, and a cookbook, which I started writing a year ago for my children. I also take care of my grandsons two afternoons a week.

    5th house makes me think of pleasure and fun. I have been divorced since 2005, (and have zero romance or love life) and all my kids are grown up, but I do have a grown step-daughter and that relationship is awkward during the holidays and at all family get-togethers.

    I am a retired teacher.

    1. If you are a Cancer Sun then you missed October, but November gives you a chance to book work, unpaid work, academic, wellbeing outcomes. Delivery would be later on, but fit your writing goals.

  97. Thank you.
    I still have time to fine-tune my goals but am leaning towards improving or creating routines re: writing, self-care rituals, and exercise. Will get more specific in a couple of weeks. Maintaining schedules and routines is an oxymoron to 6th house sag.
    Maybe something like sleep patterns, food intake, exercise, meditation, and decluttering. Not a fan of too many routines, though.

  98. Jessica, hi. I’ve been reading you for about 2 years, it’s always very useful, thank you. I would be grateful for your advice. I am going through a very difficult period right now: first a severe illness, now the betrayal of a business partner (he wants to take him for himself). Although this year I got a good card – the Queen of Pentacles. Why is this happening? What will happen next? I would like to rely on something, I would be grateful for the advice. Date of birth: 06/14/1984. I apologize for the automatic translation.

    1. The Queen of Pentacles will see you through to December 2023 if that was your card for this year. You have two months to go. I am sorry you were ill and have had betrayal by your business partner. Now you are on the mend and you have eight weeks to secure your money, which will happen, if the Tarot is correct. It usually is. You are a Sun Gemini born on 14th June 1984. For delivery of money use December to book.

  99. Hi Jessica,

    I am reading this a few times over, paying particular attention to the three women referenced here. It seems with Brittany and Michelle the moon was involved, but with Lady Gaga it was the nodes.

    I am doing all the booking dates as you mentioned here. But I am also trying to figure out these lucky combinations. So I am a sun Capricorn and have a stellium in my second house of Aquarius. Pluto will be dancing through there soon to stay for a while. I have Mars, Venus, Juno and my IC all in Aquarius. I am hoping as Pluto aligns with each of those something really good comes in for me!

    What are the lineups I should look for in my personal chart regarding like, jobs, money, etc. Am I looking for the moon to line up in degrees with whatever is in my 2nd house? I just want to know what to look for and be able to lay the ground work.


    1. Thanks GV. There is an option to use this with your natal chart, which I will go into more in the new book. However space does not allow to list all the possible transits for a birth chart which would give you great days – within the period of October, November, December. You can do this yourself, though. If you began in October, as a Sun Capricorn, you were booking for friends, groups, your social life, social media and people power within a circle. The Eleventh House. Turning to your natal chart, as you know, you have a stellium in Aquarius, also in your Eleventh House, at 6 through 27 degrees. So the dates where transits in Sagittarius at 6 through 27 degrees form sextiles with your natal placements are all going to be delivery days. If you want a new job, you will use 2024, when you have the right weather from May next year. If you want money you will also use 2024, when you have the right weather from January.

  100. Hi Jessica,
    Is it too late to Book October Astrology Delivery if I have already missed these important dates:
    Monday 16th or Tuesday 17th of October, Monday 23rd October and Tuesday 24th October….?
    in the “What is possible for me October – December 2023?”
    My Sun sign Sagittarius: Spirituality, religion, therapy, hypnosis, Tarot, Mediumship, psychics.
    It’s funny because all of this (Mediumship, ESP, Psychic abilities, hypnosis…) has really been on my mind lately. I was just telling one of my daughters about when I was a teenager in High School, back in the early 80’s, and we had Dr. Michael Dean who was a Hypnotist Entertainer come to our school and put on a show which I participated in. From the moment I arrived outside the Auditorium I could feel a strong energy as an electrical current type vibration that was coursing through my body. I didn’t understand it and I kept asking everyone if they could feel it and no one knew what I was talking about. My adrenal was heightened and I’d never felt more alive and energized! When I went on stage I was able to be hypnotized and participated in the show which was definitely a wild and fun experience.
    Anyways, would I still benefit if I book in a journal for the other dates left:
    Sunday the 12th, Monday the 13th or Tuesday the 14th of November, Tuesday 5th December, Sunday 10th, Monday 11th of December
    for Final Delivery Friday 29th of December….?
    I listened to you (in prior comments) and just recently purchased some great books by Linda Williamson, which I plan to start reading tonight.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks Dee. Yes, you are too late for Astrology Delivery with spirituality, hypnosis and so on. Ideally you would have started in October and be continuing now. It sounds as if you had a life-changing experience with Dr. Michael Dean. That cycle for booking will come back around again next year. In November you are booking for your image, profile, appearance, face, title, reputation, name, self-promotion and online presence. You would have delivery in 2024. In December, you are booking for money. Again, delivery is 2024. I am glad you have the Linda Williamson books; she is the medium’s medium.

  101. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been continuing with the October booking with this week’s Moon into Scorpio. I wrote in my journal and then pulled a card. It was the Moon. I had asked about having a partner in making things happen for this delivery. The two towers and the two dogs and the Scorpio symbolism. Is it validating the booking with the Moon in Scorpio?


    1. Alexandria, you are a Sun Aries so are presumably booking for finance, property, charity, business which is your window for October and onwards, during Scorpio weather. The Moon shows you the scorpion in the water and two dogs, representing you and somebody who is identical but different. This person is your gateway to what you want. It’s an exact match for Scorpio weather.

  102. Many thanks, Jessica, for your kind response! I thought my question got lost in the shuffle, but just checked today and grateful that you could still find it 🙂 Cheers and thanks again – N

  103. Hi Jessica,

    I have to tell you about the experience I had with Astrology Delivery today – I’m blown away!

    One of the main areas I was seeking as part of this astrology delivery was improvement with my son’s health. He’s a Leo sun. I pulled the Strength card and couldn’t believe how many layers of meaning it had for him and I both! Of course one of the most obvious ones was of the lion representing him – he’s even booked for a dental check up this Friday!

    When I looked at the current planetary positions I was even more astounded. At the time I drew the card, the Sun, Moon and Mars were within 1 degree of my natal moon! Talk about super-charging my maternal side!

    I’ll keep you posted with any more updates – it’s so interesting!

    Thank you for your help

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Cancer woman who has been booking in Scorpio weather for your son. You got the Strength card and he’s booked with the dentist. It’s the little things. And your chart agrees.

  104. Hi Jessica: Coming back here with a question, if you find a moment to respond. I have been booking my October delivery, and Ten of Cups has shown up twice. Today and Oct 17. Followed all the steps. ESP, writing out the goals, etc. Is the Tarot trying to emphasize something special? I know you said that the card drawn from tarot while booking a delivery informs my work towards the goals until the next booking date. I am a Pisces sun and was booking for my academic, overseas emigration, writing and publication goals. How would you interpret the Ten of Cups in relation to my delivery? Keeping things real? staying away from too much rainbow thinking? I have Pamela’s tarot flipbook too. Many many thanks for any insights you could offer. With gratitude, N

    1. The Ten of Cups is your gateway to emigration and your academic and publishing goals. It shows a happy extended family celebrating their home. You are a Sun Pisces so booking for life abroad and fulfilment in academia with final delivery by December 29th. So you are being shown the answer; have you found this home yet? It’s there for you.

  105. Hi Jessica,
    The October delivery dates above in your blog (that go into December) are reflective of Scorpio ingresses only, correct?? – and the days you give us are generalized for a worldwide audience. If the first part is correct, then if one knows the Moon, for example, in New York (where I am) has moved to Sagittarius on the 14th and 15th yet they are listed in your delivery lineup – do you suggest one uses the true local dates of the Moon in Scorpio….or can one still use the 15th of November to book though the Moon “for me” is in Sag?
    I’m working with ‘ya! And love the efforts so far.
    Thank you for this help.

    1. Cecelia, the dates are averaged for world time zones, but if you happen to know your New York ingress times (when the Moon goes into a sign) then of course, use that. I’m glad you love Astrology Delivery so far.

  106. Ooooppppsss, I reread your post and it was me that got the dates wrong! So sorry. Yet can I rephrase my question…if we see local time has an effect on a delivery date, do you suggest we adjust ourselves? And if one misses a Moon cycle by a few hours, are you suggesting we skip that sign’s booking work? The example is the Scorpio Booking Delivery and the Moon changed out of Scorpio about 9:30pm Monday night, the 13th…How wiggly piggly can one get? Thank you! Best, Cecelia

    1. Just keep going if you miss a booking date. They are set for the ingress (or entry) of a planet into a sign. So the Moon in Scorpio, for example, or Mercury in Scorpio. It will affect your overall success, of course, but if you have already booked a few times, it’s worth booking again on the next date.

  107. Thank you, you answered my questions! I hope everyone on your sites are enjoying the Astrology Delivery as much as I am. The Tarot cards I am pulling (after journaling on the assigned days) are incredibly accurate and I fear posting them because they display just how much work I am to do to achieve success in the allotted sign areas: very powerful card readings (and I am using your Pamela’s Tarot flipbook plus your “1 minute Tarot” post to help interpret). Thank you. Best, Cecelia

  108. Hi Jessica,

    Just a quick note to say it delivered BIG! Twice! I’m no longer under same account on Twitter (old one got hacked and I couldn’t be bothered to deal with it so just got a new one) and so can’t PM you anymore! But would love to let you know what has happened because it is ridiculous and unbelievable! I assume you can see my email address on here so feel free to reach out to me. I’d rather say privately what’s happened.
    Best wishes

    1. Fantastic, thank you Lesley. I don’t do private emails, just because I have so many readers (19,463 comments today). However I am thrilled this has worked for you. You are anonymous when you comment so if you would like to pass on some of your Astrology Delivery results, that’s possible.

  109. Hi Jessica,
    I perfectly understand on the emails, I’ve just had such amazing results I wanted to thank you. As I can see everyone’s profile names when they comment I won’t go into details. I will just say £60,000 came into my life out of literally nowhere – entirely unexpected and unpredictable.
    In addition to this, and completely separate from the above out of literally nowhere I have been offered a book deal and will be going on TV in the new year as a semi regular – you’ve been on said show. Hopefully you will know which one I mean
    Again entirely unpredictable and unexpected. I am known by no one so it is a truly bizarre set of circumstances that has led me here! All positive circumstances though.
    I was simply manifesting more financial freedom – I wasn’t on any level expecting or asking for anything as dramatic as the above. It’s life changing for us.
    So thank you!
    Best wishes

    1. This is fantastic Lesley. You now have £60,000 and a book deal, plus a TV slot in 2024. You win the Astrology Delivery prize so far. Well done and congratulations.

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