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How Do You Explain Astrology?

Astrology can and does work in the Multiverse. Astrology Reality is one of many worlds and you are in it now. Here's why.

Astrology 2 298x300 - How Do You Explain Astrology?Astrology is an alternative way of measuring time. Days and nights are measured with the Sun and Moon. The month is based on the Moon. In fact, all timekeeping is based on astronomy.

Astrology is an alternative to that; astrologers predict the future with the cycles of all the Solar System planets, for example.

Does it work?

Yes. Experienced professional astrologers can and do, forecast months or years ahead. So, for example (on this website) Brexit, COVID and Donald Trump.

What is the explanation?

We live in Many Worlds. This is a Multiverse. Or, parallel universes. The one you are in now, is where astrology works. This is why…

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46 Responses

  1. Thank you Jessica for the beautiful simplicity of this & ‘the recipe’ (:

  2. Thank you for another interesting post! I am thinking of getting AstroGold for my Mac computer. I have the app on my phone but I think it is limited in features (unless I am doing something wrong). I am not a professional astrologer but definitely am very interested. I just don’t know if it takes someone with the knowledge already or it can help me learn. I joined Sun sign school
    But conflicts in my schedule caused me to miss a lot. Do you think it is a good investment for me to learn more about astrology and my chart?

    1. AstroGold will show you your chart in 30+ house systems; show you how to move a chart forward in time, minute by minute (so you can pick the perfect astrological timing for an event), show you eclipses years into the future – it’s professional level software. Their staff are extremely helpful so suggest you go there first to ask them these same questions. Thank you for subscribing to The Sun Sign School.

  3. When people ask me how do you explain astrology? It’s so ”out there” and not validated by actual science?
    I respond by asking them how do you explain love? It’s so ”out there” and not validated by actual science.
    Please keep doing what you are doing, Jessica. You are in the zone of our advancement as human beings.
    Warmest wishes, Emma x

    1. Thanks Emma, that’s kind of you to say. Astrology is quantum physics, basically. I think Max Tegmark explained reality best. Astrology Reality fits his theory. We live in a multiverse which is defined by numbers. Astrology is a numbers game and we’re all in it!

  4. Thank you Jessica for all the wonderful articles, which I try to follow through as best as I can.
    I am Sun Libra and pulled up six of cups followed by ten of cups.
    I am currently planning to make a big life decision including relocating, for better career prospects, lifestyle changes but also planning to be more involved in charity work.
    I will be really grateful for any guidance or insight you can offer.
    Thank you so much. Stay blessed.

    1. Please follow the steps. Draw one Tarot card on every booking date, not two. Try again on the next booking date. A Sun in Libra woman just had a result in 24 hours, with money. Focus on charity and a pay rise or better paid job – or enough money to work as you wish – and stick to the rules. Tell me what happens by final delivery date, please, which is the end of December 2023.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I’m curious how much this plays into what our horoscope shows we are “born” to do, and the synchronicity versus what how much free will we have.

    For example, I recall years ago you mentioned I was born to look after children and/or write for them. I have children, yes, and I’m always being told that I can write. To sound Meatloaf-y, but I don’t do that.

    I’m hugely interested in natural health and yet, lacking any Virgo placements I’m curious how this is something I’m so very drawn into yet, appears to me (as a novice astrologer), that my chart doesn’t reflect such a huge part of my life.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you Jessica.

    1. The truth about astrology is, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. The astrology will show you the setting and you do the rest; you’re choosing not to look after children and write for them, which is your free will. Aesculapia at 29 Gemini is trine Uranus at 29 Libra. This is very common in the charts of naturopaths and doctors. Aesculapia as I am sure you know from your library on here, is the symbol of critical health care and turnaround healing. In Gemini, in your Third House of the worldwide web, of course you are curious.

  6. Hello Jessica, I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for the live Zoom meeting last week. I was thinking of you and your astro Australians because of a Nature program broadcast last night that was based on the Hobart platypus: Hobart seems to have gorgeous land. May I ask, after reading your response to OceansofDesire above, what is your thought of my Hygeia at 9 Gemini square Aesculapia at 9 Virgo sextile my Cupido at 9 Scorpio? Thank you for time! And work for all of us to receive. Best, Cecelia

    1. Thanks for coming along to the Zoom meeting. And yes, our Hobart platypus is world famous; I saw him once, walking to the supermarket. Your chart pattern at 9 degrees is basically about the internet, media, education or publishing and the fact that you cannot always square your need to protect yourself there, with the reality of your job or course. On the plus side, those projects, plans, roles and goals will always bring you sexual attraction. You’ll feel it or be the object of it. What you do with that is up to you, Cecelia.

  7. Thank you, Jessica, for today’s answer to my question. Yes, each of us ” does the rest” after being shown the setting: what a good thing to hear. I still recall how you taught that when there is an opposition in a chart, look for a trine situation to move the chess pieces about. Positive attitude is an option. Best, C.

  8. Thank you for the zoom meeting last week Jessica, Alicia and team. This information is so incredible and to think that science is proving it is even better. I truly believe in a multiverse and remember as a very young child thinking about it and feeling that there was “more out there”…..Jessica what does it mean to have the sun, pluto and bacchus at the same degree as I have? Thank you for answering.

    1. Thank you. Yes, we inhabit a multiverse according to leading scientists. The double slit experiment proves it. So you are now reading this in Astrology World. A Sun, Pluto and Bacchus conjunction would be a rare thing indeed – and you don’t actually have it!

  9. Hi Jessica I wondered what the trines in my chart represent at 22, 23 and 25? Thanks for your posts I am also doing the astrology delivery and look forward to seeing what happens! Thanks for generously sharing.

    1. Diana at 23 Cancer is square Uranus at 23 Libra, so your need to have freedom at home and independence with the family, is hard to square with regular changes in your partnerships. I hope you get what you want from Astrology Delivery.

  10. Jessica, im still waiting for you to clarify on my having the sun pluto bacchus at the same is 6 degrees according to astrology. Thank you so much!

    1. That Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius line-up at 6 degrees is really about foreign people and places (Sagittarius) and their impact on your status and success (Capricorn) in the light of a partnership (Libra). Every so often the story comes alive again when you have transits at 6 degrees. Watch the South Node going to 6 Libra for example. September 2024 will show you why your choices about other nationalities or countries affect everything.

  11. Shouldn’t be posting this but I’m just not able to get over this. An older female aunt relative who has created permanent rifts in the extended family isolating my mom, for her unfair huge financial , property gains for herself and her minions in the family tree has now inherted about one £million from another property source she was gifted ages ago. It makes no sense Jessica how people who forcefully take more than their share get more! I want to get over this and ignore her lucky free gain of 1 mil pounds that obviously her already rich children benefit now, but it’s like how can luck favour those who are unfair and create family divisions for their material financial gains. Apologies to write about this Jessica , it’s just, it’s just so unfair.

    1. We all know people who are awful but do well, financially. Why is it so? The deep spiritual lesson for them after they die, is that having excess money but being poor in morals, ethics and principles has left their souls in poverty in the afterlife. Guilt can be a big burden to bear and millions of pounds that you possessed, when you had a body (!) makes no difference. The memory of the millions does nothing compared to the massive debt for the soul. So you see…And weirdly, sometimes people actually request such a life so they can be put through it and finally learn. Your older aunt is one such.

  12. Hi Jessica! Thank you for everything you share here. Thanks to you I discovered new asteroids, and I’m now aware I have stelliums in Virgo and Capricorn in addition to the one in Sagittarius. Can you share how they affect me? I’m going through a lot at the moment. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you. Yes, asteroids are the accurate timing devices of modern astrology. Not all of them (you would be amazed at how often people muddle up their symbols with mad things like Icelandic deities) but just the Roman family tree from which horoscopes come. You are earthy, down-to-earth, grounded, sensible and practical.You are here to work and succeed. This becomes easier from January 2024 when Pluto is out of Capricorn for the most part. People who are Capricorn, Virgo Taurus dominant are a good fit for you.

  13. Hi Jessica, I always thought of it as symbolic worlds, like dreamtime. I know it works. I love physics and I studied engineering. Shroedingers Equation blew my mind, but no one else in physics class thought anything of it. We studied matter as being energetic shells. I could go on. I know my health issue was revealed with eclipse on May 16, 2022 conjunct Hygeia and Sun. Still working on that. Brothers are still a problem, but taking space from them. I wanted to thank you for this article.

    Shroedinger Equation -is matter a point or a particle or a wave or an energetic shell. The math can describe all of these.

    Your post and comment bring up the topic of free will. Is that found in the chart? Or is that the mystery?

    1. Thank you. Yes, the thought experiment about the cat in the box, continues to fascinate generations of physics students. I think Tegmark explains the Multiverse best. Each universe is defined by numbers. That’s why astrology has always worked. When you use it, you walk into a different numerical world. Free will rules. Why? Because you can always reject astrology and walk into a different number world. Muggles use the clock and calendar. Reverting to that will pop you out of Astrology Universe very nicely.

  14. Hi JEssica,

    I’d like to know more about cycles and how long they last. My horoscope for today said that I could do well with things that include my image during this cycle. But which cycle? How long does it last? I am wondering if it’s Pluto in Capricorn as I am a Sun Cap and Pluto is again in Capricorn.


    1. Yes, it’s Pluto in Capricorn. How long does it last? Largely, until January 2024 GV.

  15. Hi Jessica, Nothing to do with explaining astrology here. But…maybe validating it. As the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Taurus approaches, I would appreciate your insight. I am a Taurus, with a stellium in Aquarius. I have Chiron at 5 degrees Aquarius just as I am about to launch a very daring project to a very demanding investor. What do you see? Warmest always Emma x

    1. Okey dokey, so you won’t launch your project on the eclipse. Aquarius rules friends and groups so presumably your project includes the same or you would not be asking about it. In general, avoid judging or acting too dramatically regarding your mates or any clubs, teams or circles. You just won’t have the full story.

  16. Thanks for the recommendation in the comments about Max Tegmark. I’ve just looked him up and found his website which looks filled with fascinating stuff:
    I am a big fan of Carlo Rovelli who is fascinating but I believe he disagrees with the multiverse theory, or at least thinks it doesn’t mean what we think it means. I can’t wait to read about Max Tegmark’s take on it.

    A few hours ago I posted a question in the Astrology Delivery article, which I’ll repeat here just in case you’ve stopped answering comments connected to that post, which is: should we also use the timings you give for each month for actual action related to the things in our window for best results? For example, as a Sag in the October spirituality window for astrology delivery, would I be best served by booking a reading with a psychic on one of those specific dates if I was already planning to do so? And as I know I need to update my LinkedIn profile, would I be best served by doing that on one of those November dates which are in my profile/reputation window?
    Thanks again!

    1. Max Tegmark is indeed a fan of the Multiverse and I really like his explanation of it being numerical. I like Rovelli too. Of course the Multiverse is just a theory but it explains astrology very nicely. I am still answering comments about Astrology Delivery, so feel free to put questions there. As a Sun Sagittarius, use the Scorpio booking dates of October to get a psychic reading, either by doing it on the days in question or just writing it down as a goal on those days. Presumably a good reading! Your LinkedIn profile can be updated on those Sagittarius booking dates (acting on it) or just writing down the goal on those days. Report back.

  17. Thank you for your reply Jessica. She usually doesn’t interact with mom and another aunt bcz of insecurity and property matters but suddenly came home to tell in person, in detail about the financial luck last week. My mom her usual gentle self welcomed her.
    You mention guilt, and I thought is this why…honestly, I have no idea why, but she is completely into offering free cleaning services to religious places everyday near her place, she visits them each day to clean their premises..

    Thank you for all you do and your offerings of insight Jessica. Appreciate this. Best always.

  18. Hello Jessica,

    Truly appreciate all your insights and brilliant articles. I have a few questions please.
    I’m trying hard to find a job but unable to, can you tell me when I might land with a good job please?
    My partner has debts and it’s causing a lot of stress to all of us. Would you be able to tell me when this cycle might end?

    Also need a clarification. Do stelliums mean our life direction or our inclination towards something?
    Thanks so much.

    1. Thanks MG. You are a Sun Cancer person who needs to use Sixth House and Tenth House transits to get a job. Peak job hunting time starts in the final week of November with Ceres, Mars, the Sun, Psyche and Mercury all in Sagittarius, all in your Sixth House. There is then a gap until you get to the next window, from the final week of March to the third week of April. It may help you to get into a habit of using the Tarot and asking ‘What is preventing me from getting a job?’ and ‘What do I need to bring to my next job interviews to gain a job?’ In your natal chart you have 4, 8, 11 degree patterns in your Tenth House/Sixth House and these will be nicely under transit at the same time. Your partner’s debts will be sorted out with you, one way or the other, in January 2024, February 2024 when you will begin a new set-up. Finally, stelliums show who you are, why you are here, and how to fulfil your mission to feel fulfilled.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I was wondering, when reading the weekly and monthly predictions should we read the sun signs where we have stelliums or just our own sun or rising sign?

    1. No, just read your Sun Sign if you are looking at weekly and monthly predictions on my website, SD.

  20. Hello Jessica. I’m starting to learn how to make connections within my chart, but I still feel new at learning how to integrate the transits when degrees match up. Currently, I’m trying to make sense of how my Juno in Leo (contract that could involve a current writing project i created for all ages that is planned to be international and potential to multiply) squares with my psyche in Taurus (possibly the everlasting business of this project could involve major “squaring up” with that contract) but how do I involve the matching Aries NN transit, Fortuna, Panacea, Fortuna, and Prosperpina?
    I am guessing the Neptune transit is fogging it up, but for the rest I’m overwhelmed… any clarity would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Juno at 24 Leo in the Fifth House square Psyche at 24 Taurus in the Second House is about a lifelong mild conflict between making a commitment (Juno) to children and teenagers (Leo, Fifth House) versus financial (Taurus) longevity (Psyche). An all-ages writing project fits the former and the cost to you, or the renumeration to you, is what cannot be squared. Any transits at 24 degrees, particularly by slow-moving planets like Neptune, will show you the challenge in making one priority fit the other. Neptune at 24 Pisces is quincunx natal Juno and sextile natal Psyche so this fits. Neptune presents as people, organisations and situations which are all over the place, everywhere, all the time. This isn’t the idea time to sign a contract; however you are in charge of your chart, not me, so you may want to draw a single Tarot card to see what the issues are, now and for the duration of the agreement.

  21. Wow, I just feel like there’s so much to astrology. Like you could never figure it all out in 1, million lifetimes.

    What’s really captivating me now are the degrees.

    It appears that degrees that lineup have significance, but they don’t have to be in a specific formation like a Trine, They can just be one house away.

    My horoscope for this month on your page says that if I have Scorpio factors finance will be highlighted. At the new moon. Well, of course I looked up the new moon degree which is 20° in Scorpio. My ASC is Scorpio but at 6 degrees. However, I have Neptune at 21° in Scorpio, Bacchus and Cupido both at 19°. I’m trying to determine if that’s a good thing or a bad thing! It’s a new moon, so I’m hoping that it opens something like opens the door way or clears out the fog of Neptune or some thing. Should I be worrying or celebrating?

    Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you GV. Yes, the aspects can be a semi-sextile, so just one sign away. In the 20th century astrologers taught that an aspect had nine degree’s difference (up to a nine degree orb) and that only the so-called major aspects would be counted; conjunction, sextile, square and so on. In modern astrology thanks to software like AstroGold we can narrow that frame. The New Moon in Scorpio will be in a conjunction with your stellium in Scorpio, so expect an important new beginning with finance, charity, business, valuables or property. It will be an escape from reality (Neptune), enjoyable to share (Bacchus) and represent real desire (Cupido). The rest is up to you.

  22. Sounds great to me!!! Thank you so much Jessica! If it’s one thing I need, it’s a break from reality.

    I wish you were reply button had a like button


    1. Yes, it’s that amazing Chiron transit in Aries. In John Lennon’s chart it’s in his Seventh House of partnerships. It’s a love song to Yoko that was revived by his other partner Paul. In Sir Paul McCartney’s chart it’s in his Eleventh House of groups. In Sir Richard Starkey’s chart it’s in his Tenth House of career. And in George Harrison’s chart, it’s in his Second House of money. Chiron is always, always the so-called impossible and unthinkable that then becomes real. And he was a music teacher. Couldn’t make it up.

  23. I’m loving today’s (Friday’s) horoscopes. I’m so deep in this 6th house hell hole Pluto’s got me in with all my 27 and 28 degree birth chart aspects triggering like a gunfight showdown I’d momentarily forgotten (once again) there was a future after this, let alone with some potentially powerful 7th house duets on offer in January that I got a short taster of earlier this year (I’m going to avoid duels if I can). Thanks, I needed that little reminder it won’t always be like this.

  24. Hello Jessica, I’m curious about the significance of the trines in my chart at the ages of 22, 23, and 25. I appreciate your informative posts. I’m also exploring astrology delivery and am excited to see how it unfolds. Thank you for your generous sharing.

    1. I don’t see a chart here so I can’t comment, but trines are flow and ease. These are very old rules in astrology.

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