Chiron in Your Birth Chart

Who is Chiron in your chart? A teacher, above all other things.

By zodiac sign, house and aspects, Chiron in your natal chart shows you where you aim high, shoot for the so-called impossible and take younger people with you.

Chiron is a teacher and guide, and by his placement in your birth chart, you will also tutor, mentor and influence.

This 1922 illustration by John Singer Sargent shows Chiron the Centaur stretching himself and his student, Achilles.

Chiron and Achilles John Singer Sargent PICRYL 264x300 - Chiron in Your Birth Chart

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186 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this post. I have Chiron in my chart at 9 Taurus- conjunct my DC.Does this mean my husband and I are punk rock about your property and finances?

    1. Yes, that is correct. Though your DC (Descendant) does depend on a strictly accurate birth time. But Chiron would be in Taurus even so. When it comes to shopping, selling, making or saving money, houses, apartments, possessions, charity, business – you are a maverick. I just heard the word ‘Alexander’ then clairaudiently. I am trying to work out if this is you or a news flash about my godchild’s brother. But I’ll pass it on.

  2. Hi Jessica, I have Chiron at 5 Aquarius and a stellium in Aquarius. I am a writer, public speaker and moderator at global business conferences on the subjects of humanity and AI, the future of work and the transformation of society. Big book launch coming soon. What can you tell me about Chiron in my chart? Always fascinated by your insights. Warm wishes, Emma

    1. You are living your chart; strongly Aquarian, you moderate global humanity conferences. When Pluto goes to 5 Aquarius in the years ahead, the conjunction will empower you to take control of your agenda with the world’s human family; both sexes, all races, classes, ages and creeds. An extremely powerful person or organisation will join forces with you, so that you can get away with the apparently impossible, then. This may be the United Nations, for example, Emma.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you for another great read. I’m considering the idea of returning to education and studying in my homeland (India). I’m from London and wondered how this might play out for me? Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. You were born with Chiron at 5 Gemini in the Third House of short journeys, brothers, sisters, cousins, the media and the internet. Yes, it also rules education if it is short-term. You would have an opportunity to go back to India to study when Jupiter goes to 5 Gemini. He enters 0 Gemini in May 2024 and you are in Gemini Season in June as well, so it’s mid 2024.

  4. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for the reminder that Chiron is not a wounded healer.
    One quick question: what do you think/ how do you interpret retrograde Chiron in the natal chart?


    1. Thank you Arpa. Chiron Retrograde suggests you go backwards and forwards when Chiron is under transit. He is at 23 Gemini. You get away with the so-called impossible with brothers, sisters, cousins, short journeys, the internet, the media. You do it in reverse, every time you have a transit at 23 Gemini. Then you go back over old ground, then finalise. So you may (for example) find issues with your flights, car, public transport, bicycle, boat whenever Chiron is triggered. The next substantial trigger is Jupiter at 23 Gemini. He enters Gemini in May 2024.

  5. Good morning Jessica, thank you for this article and the synchronistic timing is quite simply unbelievable for me as I am about to have my chiron return. I started doing some temporary tutoring this year and that is currently now complete. I asked tarot “how will my chiron return affect me” and I got the Queen of Wands. I am also single. I am grateful if you can interpret what your thoughts are on my chiron return and what I might experience with my chart. (I also have a short return trip to Rome booked also as I felt drawn to go again after many years…strange, considering I now understand chiron was discovered in italy). Thank you and see you at the zoom next week, cant wait.

    1. Thank you. Chiron in Aries is coming back to you.You will be the Queen of Wands or be involved with her. The lions on the card are Leo. Your Ascendant is 0 Leo and is under transit by Saturn at 0 Pisces and Pluto at 0 Aquarius (from January). This sounds more like you, yourself, getting away with relaunching yourself as the Queen of Wands, in terms of your image. Likely, tutoring children or young adults, which Leo does. It may even be in Italy. Thank you for booking the Zoom session. See you there.

  6. Hi Jessica
    I am still not able to be a member yet until I can afford it. But looking forward to coming back when able. I am sun cancer 22/07/65 2.35pm birth with scorpio rising. You have mentioned several times there should be opportunities till May 2024 for Cancers – Job opportunity, career. Ive applied for several jobs in the last 2 yrs , had a few interviews and come close but never been offered. I am so wanting to achieve this and keep on trying but feel time is not on my side ( at risk in current job as well in the next few months) , I just wonder is there any good news on the horizen. I feel I need the change and really want the opportunity to shine which I have never been able to do. any good news or advice would be so welcomed. Thank you for all your wisdom we all are so very grateful.

    1. If you are a Sun Cancer and have spent two years applying for jobs, but already have one, you need to go back to why you are doing that. Is it salary or disliking your current role? There is a feature on here called Astrology Delivery which would suit you. Start booking in November. Thank you for the compliment too.

  7. Hi Jessica, I love your interpretation of Chiron as the punk rock maverick. My question is, can Chiron also be important in a chart when it’s at the same degree as other planets/asteroids. In my chart Chiron is at 24 Aries. I don’t have an Aries stellium, but I have Proserpina at 24 Aquarius and Vulcano at 24 Virgo, and my Venus is close at 23 Libra. Would I interpret that as my maverick appearance affects my way of building bridges with people and is dependent on my strong will health-wise? Been told I give off a Stevie Nicks vibe 🙂

    1. Yes, that is a correct interpretation of Chiron in aspect. You get away with seeming like Stevie Nicks. It’s social. In fact you could be in a band, or were. It could be unpaid work (Virgo) or paid work (also Virgo) as much as health. Libra, of course, is partnership. If you don’t have a Fleetwood Mac entity then a different sort of group, but Aquarius is always people power in a circle.

  8. OH I LOVE THIS. Chiron is at 18 degrees of Pisces in my natal chart. In Vedic astrology my moon sign is in Pisces and one of my Nakshatra’s there is about leading souls to the other side. I always am with people when they die if they die while I am alseep my soul goes with them as far as I can. This has been happening since childhood and I remember every single happening.

    I am getting fascinated with the asteriods and trying to figure mine out. Fortuna is conjunct (exact) with my S. Node in Sagittarius with Psyche (3 deg) and Cupido (5 deg) opposite in Gemini and boxing in my N. Node at 4 degrees. Bacchus and Cupido both 19 degrees in Scorpio.

    I also have Ops, Ceres and Saturn in Pisces and Minerva in Virgo is exactly opposite my Saturn both at 12 deg 22 min. I feel like all of these mean something! Can’t be random.

    I am hoping to get time to myself this weekend and really delve into my asteriods and see what they all mean. If you have anything that jumps out at you please let me know and any advice on how to pull them all together becaue I do also have asteriods in trine with other asteriods and planets.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for this article as Chiron has always intrigued me.
    My Chiron is placed at 6° Taurus but I don’t feel at all a leader in the fields attached to Taurus; on the contrary I’m really crap regarding money questions etc; worse it does not interest me at all… I’m working on it and it’s tough. But frankly, I really don’t lead the way in those departments, I’m completely behind… So I’m really puzzled!
    I’d be happy to know what you think.
    Thank you very much.

    1. You have Chiron at 6 Taurus square Juno at 7 Aquarius so yes, you would be working on it.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    With Chiron at 5 Aquarius and a stellium in Aquarius. What can you tell me? I love your insights. Riveting. And I have Aesculapia ar 4 Aquarius… I have a big book launch on the horizon. Thanks for your wisdom! Emma X

    1. Emma, Chiron teaches my example (or actually teaches) so in Aquarius, you mentor the group or you guide your friends. You may teach a group of writers, or your books may help to tutor groups. Pluto going across Aquarius will transform your life for the next 20 years and you will become heavily involved with a circle of friends and allies; like-minded people who want to make the world a better place with you.

  11. Hi Jessica, I have Chiron at 16 Aquarius opposite my Uranus and squaring my Jupiter, I also have a stellium in Aquarius. What are your thoughts on this lineup? Thank you for your insight.

    1. Jupiter is too wide but you do have a Chiron-Uranus opposition from Aquarius to Leo. You are strongly Aquarian. These two signs will repeatedly put you in scenarios where you are King Arthur dealing with the knights of the round table, or you are a knight at the table dealing with King Arthur. ‘Uneasy is the head that wears a crown’ is from Henry IV and shows Uranus in Leo very well. You are Queen to a younger court, or Queen to your admirers, but it is difficult, historically, because there is no peace or ease with Uranus. This is very common in the charts of women who have abortions, for example, or who have tumultuous relationships with boyfriends because they are single fathers and the child is a challenge. You will have your own examples. The solution as with all oppositions is not to create situations where you emphasise the opposites. So you don’t join a football team (Aquarius) and make your stepson (Leo) play. You don’t involve your girlfriends (Aquarius) with your relationship with your partner. Chiron-Uranus is a big tug of war within you. To make it easier you lower the stakes with lovers, children, friends, groups.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    thanks for this other interesting article.
    In my natal chart Chiron is placed at 7° Aries and makes a conjunction to Panacea (2° Aries) and Psyche (13° Aries).
    How would you read this configuration? I really love your insights.
    A virtual big hug.
    Mary 🙂

    1. Mary, that’s not a conjunction. In modern astrology with 34 factors in a birth chart we use an orb of 0-1 degrees. Chiron in Aries makes you part of the web generation who get away with the so-called impossible by using a fake name online; using Instagram filters to change your face; booking cosmetic surgery to alter your body shape; dyeing your hair temporarily purple. You get the picture.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I have Chiron in Aries along with an Aries stellium. I’m a single mum of five but I’ve not done anything outrageous! What am I missing here? This makes me feel like I’m not doing something that I should!?
    Thank you

    1. For many people, being a single mother of five children is outrageous. Chiron in Aries in your First House of profile, image and reputation. You are getting away with what many women would call out of the question! You must be doing a great job.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    This post is so relevant for me at this time since I have Chiron R at 17 Aries in my birth chart and Chiron is also transiting at that degree now. Can you please tell me how it will play out for me? Hoping for a career change. Also your explanation for retrograde in natal chart in one of the replies was helpful, thanks.

    1. You teach people about what they can get away with, regarding their reputation, name and appearance. You may do this professionally or just by being yourself. You guide by example. Chiron in Aries in the First House can temporarily dye her hair pink or adopt a false name online and masquerade. Chiron Retrograde or Chiron R just shows you operating backwards when you change your image. So you may set out to print business cards and find the order is delayed. Or you may set out to lose weight and find you get stuck on the same measurement. Then whatever is in transit to Chiron Retrograde moves on and the delay ends. Chiron in Aries is not to do with career as much as factors in Capricorn or Virgo, though transits in these may accompany an Aries transit so you end up with a new job and title.

      Chiron taught Jason, Peleos, Achilles and Asklepios. He was wounded by an arrow. Herakles basically killed him and Chiron could not heal himself. You will sometimes see an astrologer saying Chiron is a wounded healer. He isn’t. He was wounded and died. He could not fix his own problem. As a teacher though Chiron was very successful and so will you be if you train others in terms of the sign Chiron is in, in your birth chart. You would make a good stylist or public relations consultant.

      You will see centaurs like Chiron turn up in the books of J.K.Rowling and C.S. Lewis. Lucretius and Galen both wrote that centaurs were a physical impossibility. Whatever is supposed to be beyond the pale, out of the question or simply not on, is always on, with Chiron.

  15. Hi Jessica, I have Chiron at 3 deg in Pisces and I’m not strongly Pisces with only two planets in that sign, can you explain a little about what that means? Thank you 🙂

    1. You have Chiron and Juno in Pisces in your Twelfth House and were born in 1961 so by the time you were six years old, psychedelia was in full swing, along with meditation, yoga and the hippie counter-culture lifestyle. Your parents may have been influenced by this, or not, but you landed on the planet when the Sixties would influence society forever. In fact, we recently saw Pisces transits which introduced the use of psychedelics (magic mushrooms) for depression. This Twelfth House extends to the Hare Krishna movement, Transcendental Meditation, the Tarot cards (which were revived in the early 1970s by Stuart R. Kaplan) and the slow mainstream acceptance of mediumship and hypnosis. Religious movements like Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Islam also became political in the Sixties. Your reaction for or against that makes you a natural guide to others. Chiron was a tutor.

  16. Amazing. Thanks Jessica. Not only in what you see up ahead for me but for what have missed out on in the past. I encountered no fewer than five very positively supportive billionaires in my career, one of whom appointed me to be his eyes and ears in the start-up and development of his business (fashion) in China. I delivered the business plan. He loved it but then I quit as my husband needed to relocate. Big mistake on my part. I also missed an opportunity – with not one, but three – key personalities in global organizations, political and economic powerhouses – all because I didn’t want to disturb them when I got the rare chance to pitch them. I am still kicking myself. I will never, ever, make those mistakes again. Thank you for confirming what I must now be aware of. xxEmma

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks for yet another great article.
    My Chiron’s at 20°Aries. So, 2024 and 2025 are going to be very important for me. Although I don’t have anything else at 20°, I do have stellium in Aries as well as North Node at 21° in Sagittarius and South Node at 21° Gemini. What does this mean for me?
    Thank you.

    1. You will relaunch your face, body and perhaps your name. You may relaunch your image by going from single to married. You may get cosmetic surgery, use one of the new injections to stop your appetite, and so on. These are all examples as you don’t tell me amything about yourself. The Gemini South Node is your past life as a writer. I am sure you can see where this is leading. You will be online with a different identity, writing your thoughts or perhaps writing fiction – if you want to.

  18. Hi Jessica, My stellium of Aquarius includes Chiron. Me and the group is a main theme in my life. I observe and question and do alternative things while I move along with groups yet not part of them, it is like a river running through the land. Chiron squares my Ceres. I like this article and your Substack one today. Thank you for any of your thoughts re: my chart. Best, Cecelia

    1. Yes, Aquarius is the Roman water-bearer who supplied the baths but never got in the water. Or seldom did, we assume. It’s hard to find much in the way of written evidence about the way the Aquarii worked, but their job was certainly to supply the group not merge with them. A very good example of the Aquarian archetype is Yoko Ono who once again is ‘with’ The Beatles on their new extraordinary hit, Now and Then, but very much set apart from them. Yet, Yoko supplied the cassette tape of John’s voice to Paul. She made it happen.

  19. Hi, another comment real quick

    I just realize that all of my asteroids are in houses with a stellium. Except libra.

    No wonder why I’m all over the place


  20. My Chiron is in Pisces. For over a decade I’ve been working on my tarot practice and will continue to do so. Cheers & thanks

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Wow so much to learn about Chiron. I could never resonate with the “wounded healer” so much , and it’s good to hear there’s more clarity than just that explanation. My Chiron is 07 Capricorn and also have stellium in Capricorn. … although I wouldn’t say I’m physic, it’s usually apparent to cut to the chase of an outcome, but I tend to overlook steps that could be helpful… mentors have always been extremely helpful and I’m hoping to experience new encounters and ask if you see this ahead in my chart?
    Blessings to you,

    1. Chiron in Capricorn in your Tenth House will bring you tutors, guides and mentors in your career, academic career or unpaid work. They will show you how to get away with the so-called impossible. You might also call it outrageous, beyond the pale or unthinkable. Vikki, you will have another of these in December, January as you begin to see Capricorn weather. And ‘wounded healer’ is nowhere to be found in mythology, by the way. Chiron was a practitioner of herbal medicine. The Romans who gave us modern astrology would have been perplexed at this interpretation.

  22. Thank you very much Jessica for this great article about Chiron in the chart. I have Chiron in Gemini, and I don’t have a stellium in Gemini (3 factors) but I have several other placements at 13 degrees in other signs that line up with Chiron at 13 degrees Gemini. How would that play out? Thanks again!

    1. Chiron in Gemini wants to pull off what mainstream opinion says is impossible or just out of the question – online. You do it all on the internet and it affects other areas of your life too. So we see this in the charts of women who fake their identity on dating websites and succeed with a different name and a photograph that does not represent their real face. This mixes two areas of their life at once, as they have Chiron in Gemini in aspect to other signs. Or, this is the person who uses a false name to go into a reviews forum, or to purchase goods or sell them. That’s just one example.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article, I have Chiron at 16 degree Aries. I would like to study to upskill but have put off, as I am worried and insure if Im going to be heading into the right direction in moving forward to get to where I would like to be.

    1. You are a prime candidate for Astrology Delivery and should make your booking in January, February 2024 when the courses you want will be on offer. In fact, study could change your life.

  24. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the article about Chiron. My husband has Chiron at 20 Aries (he is a Leo) and I have Chiron at 14 Pisces but also have Jupiter at 18 Aries. So should my husband focus on something such as his image and appearance in his position or something like that and will my Jupiter 18 Aries matter during this time when Chiron hits at 18 Aries. I have one more question….when Chiron was in Pisces I really got into yoga and because a teacher. It actually all started in about 2007 after dabbling for a few years. I studied yoga a lot during that time
    And took a bunch of different teacher trainings etc. Is that because my Chiron in Pisces was triggered by Chiron being in Pisces? I would Like to get into it strongly again as the last few years my practice has really suffered (actually is pretty non existent) due to a lot of things and I really don’t feel as spectacular as I used to. Is there something I should
    Really focus on at this time?
    Thank you so much, Jessica!

    1. Chiron in Pisces in your Twelfth House is about your chakra system and aura which yoga affects. It is also about Christianity or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, so it’s wide and varied in its choices. They all relate to the invisible, inner you. A Chiron Return in Pisces would have brought you a typical Chiron teacher or foster figure in yoga. Chiron never goes away. Any transits to Pisces will trigger that and the new transit of Saturn in Pisces will eventually form a conjunction which means a serious choice. I don’t see your husband’s chart so can’t comment.

  25. Hello Jessica, thank you for another amazing article, I always look forward to them. If I may, would you please guide me with a pressing matter? Should I soon sell my house which I’m not terribly happy living in and live off the interest and rent elsewhere, or should I stay put for now? I ask from the financial and personal perspectives. Thank you. x

    1. As a Sun Leo you could have been booking Astrology Delivery in October and seen results by the end of December with a house or apartment issue. You are late to book, but could still try it. See the features on Astrology Delivery on this website and just follow the steps.

  26. Wow something clicked reading this. I felt suddenly excited and a gut instinctual reaction. Then I looked at my chart and…funny old thing…I have Chiron at 17 Aries and know from reading other answers this means May 2023 was when he triggered my chart. Also I have Ceres at 17 Sagittarius, and Cupido at 17 Capricorn. I have stelliums in both Aries (Sun, Venus, Chiron, Minerva), and Sagittarius (Neptune, Juno, Ceres, MC).

    I then re-read your older blog about Chiron in Aries as a recap and it resonated and was so very interesting.

    I developed a strong interest in naturopathic nutrition and “alternative” therapies back in 2008, and since then have read and studied as a hobby incessantly. I’ve found it hard to translate into practice and keep going around in circles as to what works best for me. I’ve gained alot of weight in the past few years which coincides with hormonal changes and a stressful time and I’m committed to finding a healthy way to getting back to what I see as my usual self and image. Deep down I’m drawn to the plant based whole foods movement, but keep resisting it due to feeling it might be abit extreme day to day. This interest has ramped up since this summer and during the last week I’ve been sent details of an online summit which is chock full of helpful practical and researched advice. I’ve decided to go for it and am hoping it’s the right decision. You mention Chiron is learning something that seems cutting edge but will be mainstream many years later. This felt like a sign I should trust my gut and follow the guidance from all the years of learning about it combined with the new (male!) teachers who have cropped up this week. I know plant based is not new and out there for many people but as context I live in rural England in a farming community and not eating meat/dairy is considered a suspicious fad!
    Would you mind giving me guidance about how Ceres 17 Sagittarius and Cupido 17 Capricorn affects Aries 17 Chiron, and if my stelliums in Aries and Sagittarius are linked with this time too.
    With much love and thanks as always
    Becky xx

    1. Chiron in Aries in your First House is about getting away with the so-called impossible, regarding your appearance. You are overweight. When you succeed you can guide others to also lose weight. Fruit and vegetables, particularly raw, lead to dramatic weight loss as the before and after photographs will show you online. So have a look. If you live in a farm community then you would show them the results. The aspects to Chiron make it challenging but you will also have transiting Jupiter sextile natal Chiron up ahead so your chances are excellent with this method or another. Ozempic is also helping people drop a lot of weight on prescription, Becky.

    1. You have Chiron in Aries and were born in 1975 and are part of the tattoo generation. Chiron in Aries in the First House of image, reputation and appearance is about seeing what you can get away with. There is always a logical reason for astrology working and in fact by the time you were a teenager, hair dye development had progressed so that tints, or temporary colours, were cheap and at the supermarket. You are also part of the web generation who can assume a false identity online and be who you are not, to get what you want. Sometimes this is sexual relationships. Every Chiron in Aries person is different regarding her image or his image, name, title, reputation, profile. Photographs tend to bring it out, so does YouTube. When you married, for example, you may have gone over the top with the wedding. Or, you may use yourself as an influencer or a brand with particular business interests.

  27. Hi Jessica, I’m a Scorpio with Chiron at 14 in my Pisces I’m really at a complete loss for my future direction, I’m really stuck (again). I wonder at this juncture would it be fruitful to try a ‘career’ using pisces attributes with those listed under scorpio?

    1. Your Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces stelliums are a guide to what works for you professionally. Virgo rules health. Scorpio rules finance. Pisces rules religion, hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship, therapy. That gives you quite a lot to choose from. You can also earn your salary in one field but work for no pay in another which you find gives you fulfilment.

  28. Hi Jessica I have Chiron Saturn and the sun in pisces all at the same degree I’m interested in spirituality and healing. I would really like to learning reiki can you advise many thanks

    1. Reiki is something I have also trained in. I found it hit and miss. I have had headaches cured at a distance by a gifted Reiki master. I then found it fail with two Covid deaths. I also have Chiron and Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House, like you. You were born in 1966 and I was born in 1964. I try to avoid talking about my chart or myself if I can avoid it, but healing is a serious business, so I thought I would share this with you. You could try a Reiki healer to work on you and see what happens. That would be a good test. The Twelfth House is pretty broad, though, and also embraces spiritual healing as a whole (outside the Asian tradition) and Matthew Manning is a good source for that. I am sure you know that healers work within hospitals in Britain, assisting doctors and nurses, where a patient requests it and where the NHS allows it. Then there is animal healing which is fascinating as horses, dogs and cats cannot be fooled, but are still cured. The path will find you in February, March 2024 when you have Pisces transits.

  29. Hi Jessica

    I have Chiron in Gemini and your writing talks about post.

    I wonder if that’s linked to me working in the postal industry and that’s where I will thrive?

    1. You have Chiron in Gemini in the Third House and the mail system/postal service is a good description of that. From May 2024 to June 2025 when Jupiter is in Gemini in the Third House, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will change your industry and you may be able to capitalise on that.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for a great article. I have Chiron 25 degrees Cancer 11′ 22″

    I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry at this point at myself because I got approached for an internal job move (in sales) which I did interviews for and also got selected and right when i got selected there came a hiring freeze (i was the selected ideal candidate). I have been looking at internal and external job moves for over a year now because I am not happy with my current role and manager.

    I have applied for another internal role (but in business operations) and praying that i get selected and hired for it or i get an external job move beause i am very frustrated and i feel that i am being frustrated purposely to leave this role/job/company. I even broke down at work because it just because too much and i felt that this cycle needs to break at some point and i am trying everything to break it including not being a victim and trying to be strong to change many things for myself.

    Please help me with a reading about my career/job move and if things will improve hopefully soon?


    1. I am very sorry you have this career pressure. It can be difficult to work in sales anyway, because of the targets. You also have a manager you are unhappy with. You are a Sun Gemini so going through Saturn in the Tenth House, alongside Neptune in the Tenth House. This does get better. Transiting Saturn in the Tenth House only happens every 28 years so this is unusually challenging. You have to be patient, which is easy for me to say, and harder for you to do, but Saturn takes time, goes back and forth and asks us to be stoic. We all have a Saturn transit somewhere and you have it in your solar Tenth House. When I look at your natal chart as well, transiting Chiron at 16 Aries is square natal Neptune at 16 Capricorn, again in your Tenth House. So you have equal focus on your Tenth House of career, here. This doesn’t last, as I’ve said. In February and March 2024, set goals for work and use the Tarot to help yourself meet them. You will get some or all of what you want later on. For now, look up what it means to have Neptune in Capricorn in the Tenth House and how to deal with that. You can ask the Tarot the best way to deal with your manager within the next six months.

  31. Hi Chiron has always seemed to deprive me of intimacy of any kind, physical and emotional, if Virgo is my first house putting Chiron in my eighth.(my birth time is accurate, it is important in my family) and that’s how I was resigned to a lonely life.

    But if it’s considered in my first house, then how will the transit return affect me? It will also oppose my Libra stellium. Add to it the Uranus in Taurus, does it point to a separation and a very different way of life for me ahead? The garden Oracle gave me 46, recycling relationships, on being asked how Chiron transit will affect me. Everything seems to point to me walking away from my current life. Please throw some light if you get any guidance.

    1. Chiron is at 22 Aries in your First House of title, reputation and appearance. I am not sure why you think it’s in your Eighth House. It doesn’t aspect anything in your Seventh House of separation and relationships. The Chiron Return won’t, either. The Recycling Relationships answer of the Oracle is actually about the transiting South Node in Libra going through your natal Seventh House.

  32. Hello Jessica!
    I’m a Cancer and my Chiron is in Pisces.
    What does it mean for me and my daily life?
    Many thanks in advance! ☮️

    1. You have a choice with Chiron in Pisces and can either pursue religion (for example, the Roman Catholic church) or mediumship and the spirit world (for example, what children call ghosts, but as an adult you would call spiritualism). It really depends on your family background and education. In adolescence or your twenties it can bring in psychiatrists or psychologists. It’s very much about the unconscious mind and what you repress or ‘forget’ which later comes to light. By your fifties you may be interested in hypnosis as a way of reprogramming your unconscious and automatic writing may be part of your life. As I’ve said, you have choices, but the seeds are sown in childhood. You would be a teacher to others, or have an informal role as a guide or mentor to others, showing them how it’s done – and how it’s done is never what more traditional or conventional types could accept.

  33. So informative Jessica – thanks
    I love the displacing of the ‘wounded healer’ story as it is so often used as a negative narrative. In that its something that one has to get over or deal with on a deep level when untimately there is nothing ‘wrong’ with any of us. I have Chiron in Aries and also a stellium in Aries and I am in my Chiron return from what I can gather.

    1. Thank you. Yes, there is no evidence at all that Chiron was a wounded healer. He was the predecessor of Asklepios/Aesculapia (also in your chart). He was his fatherly tutor. Professor Maria Gorrini specialises in classical archaeology and wrote a good article on Chiron. Chiron was seen as a wise pedagogue, teaching Jason, Peleos, Achilleus and Asklepios. Chiron died when his arrow wound was incurable. In other words, he wasn’t a wounded (past tense) healer. He was wounded, could not do anything to save himself and perished. Chiron was seen primarily as a teacher to the ancients. He taught medicine but also the arts of war. He ran a school for heroes and was the educator par excellence of unruly youth (that punk rock connection again) to becoming civilised men. The parallels with Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols in 1977 when Chiron was discovered, are extraordinary. You were born with an exact pattern connecting Chiron at 14 Aries to Cupid at 14 Virgo, aspecting Venus at 14 Gemini. You have just passed your Chiron Return. This is about your profile, title and image (Aries) but also your work, study or unpaid work (Virgo) in the context of the internet, media, education or publishing (Gemini). Just because the Chiron Return has passed, does not stop this pattern in your chart, ongoing, as it will be triggered any time you have transits by any planet or point, to 14 Aries, 14 Gemini, 14 Virgo. In fact there is a stunning relaunch in future, as Jupiter will go to 14 Gemini. This sounds like a new project or role which reboots your reputation and involves you as a messenger; Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini. You will be literally mentoring or tutoring others, or symbolically operating as a role model.

  34. Thank you Jessica. Hard to believe Chiron was discovered less than 50 years ago.
    Natally, I don’t have much pinging off my Chiron placement, but I have started to pay attention to any transits and making some notes about it if something resonates. I started doing this kind of exercise last year if I had any particularly lucid dreams or claircognizance flashes.
    I hadn’t associated Chiron specifically with learning new things before. I guess the image of the wounded healer really stuck in the public consciousness! Maybe those two images mean it is painful to learn things sometimes?

    1. Thank you. Yes, the 1977 discovery of Chiron is the big clue. He was found in the same year as test-tube babies and punk. Two things that outraged people at the time but have now become mainstream. I am not sure where this idea of Chiron being a ‘wounded healer’ first arrived but it’s not supported in academia. If you want a symbol of healing in the chart use the asteroid Aesculapia. Known to the Greeks as Asclepius, he was taught about medicine by Chiron. (Thus Chiron’s role as teacher). When Chiron was wounded and unable to heal himself it was Aesculapia who helped him. Cambridge University Press has a good article on Chiron. In your astrological chart he sits at 9 Taurus in an exact opposition with Psyche at 9 Scorpio, so there is a conflict between your personal income (Taurus) and your own values (Taurus) and those of partners (Scorpio) or family (Scorpio). Psyche describes who or what goes on forever; this is probably your legacy naming others, or a legacy naming you. It’s always there in your chart but will only be obvious when you have a slow-moving factor going to 9 Taurus and/or Scorpio. This has happened to you in recent years so it’s quite common for someone to pass to spirit and leave a will involving you; your own will to be updated; the end of a relationship to result in the division of money or objects (or the start of one, involving a merger of the same).

  35. Thank you for your reply. I apologize for the way my question appeared as I was typing on my small phone screen and exhausted from a long trip back from a “vacation”. It looks like I wrote it with one eye and typed with my feet! I apologize for the rambling and appreciate the response!

  36. Hi Jessica,

    I have Chiron in 5 Gemini.
    Could you tell me what that might mean for me ? 🙂
    Thank you,

    1. Well, MG, Chiron in Gemini in the Third House is about your brother, sister, cousin, regular short journeys (for example, flying between states or going between country and city). It is about the internet, publishing, the media and education. This is where you experience life in an extreme way, from childhood onwards. It is where you get away with some fairly outrageous things but also have quite wild experiences that leave others with their jaws on the floor. This enables you to become more confident about yourself and when you are older you may find that your Chiron in the Third House becomes a way of life. A career, perhaps, or just a strong part of your personality and destiny.

  37. Hi Jessica – I have Chiron at 11 Capricorn – does that explain why I persevere when other people would easily give up despite huge obstacles and rocks thrown at me, because I feel the I will succeed in the end?

    1. Yes. Chiron in Capricorn in the Tenth House is about taking your career, unpaid work or academic career and leaving other people with their jaws on the floor, on regular occasions, because of what you can do. It should not happen, could not happen, must not happen – but it does. In this way you slowly come to accept that you should be far more accepting of yourself because you are always going to (slightly) amaze yourself as much as you challenge other people.

  38. My husband and I both have stelliums in Aquarius. He has Chiron at 4 degrees in Aquarius and I have Chiron at 16 in Aquarius. How will this affect us both please Jessica? Thankyou

    1. You meet in the middle through membership of the same group or with mutual friends. It is through these social circles that you both get away with what confronts other people. In this way you change a small corner of your world. This is the punk signature, by the way.

  39. Hi Jessica, with regards to ‘take younger people with you’ – is there anything to double down on in business with younger people with placements of Chiron in Taurus and Jupiter in Leo?

    1. Yes, that combination is well-known in the astrological charts of people who mentor, guide or tutor the next generation, and the one after that. It is also found in the charts of people who are far older than their audience or market but have a strong appeal to, say, people in their teenage years or twenties.

    1. Jaana, you get away with the outrageous, unheard of, totally unacceptable – as a psychic, medium, Buddhist, healer, self-hypnotist, astral traveller or meditator.

  40. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article. I have Chiron at 7 in Pisces and have a Pisces stellium in Jupiter, IC and Hygeia. I would appreciate your insight with these placements in my chart. Thank you, as always.

    1. A stellium in Pisces in the Twelfth House can be seen from childhood. If you had a religious relative or were taught in a religious school, that has had a lasting impact on you, either rejecting God in that way, or finding your own spirituality (say, Buddhism). Psychic ability, mediumship or Extra Sensory Perception can appear in childhood (seeing a ghost for example, or knowing things about people without being told). Needing to be alone becomes evident in childhood or adolescence; this is the person who becomes irritable if he or she is around other people too much, or who is the archetypal teenager in the bedroom. An interest in the mysteries of life may be evident by adolescence too; anything from numerology to astrology, of course. Pisces and the Twelfth House also rule drugs and alcohol; by the twenties or thirties a Pisces stellium person has had intense experiences with both or sworn off them. The need for solitude and also an outlet for spirituality and psychic ability is lifelong. Chiron in Pisces is something a few readers are asking me about. You get away with the so-called impossible as an intuitive; channel; clairvoyant. Speaking of which I have just heard ‘Jonathan’ clairaudiently so I am passing it on to you.

  41. Hi Jessica, Chiron’s myth story is such a rich one, and the image of the centaur is so potent. Thanks for including those great illustrations in this post. When you mention 1977 and The Sex Pistols era I think of all the women who took up guitars and microphones, drums and saxophones and possibly never were taken seriously by the sound guys or stage/bar/tour managers but they just bloody did it. The likes of Souxie Soux , Poly Styrene, Joan Jett, Patti Smith just like a centaur galloped in on the rock scene and taught us a thing or two. I never understood the wounded healer translation of the meaning of Chiron. I don’t know where she came up with it but I like Melanie Rheinehart’s interpretation of Chiron as a bridge. And I’ve heard others call it the rainbow bridge ( which is maybe just the name of the seventies lense filter of choice for filming musicians. ) Anyway, mine is in Aries and I did make a significant name change in my mid twenties. My mother and father rejected my coming out as happily lesbian and opted instead to do various pray the gay away approaches. My grandmother was much more open minded and I asked if I could take her grandmother’s last name. Henceforth I went by that name and can’t imagine having the previous one again ever. I’ve always had a strong body and a had several opportunities to outshine or outcompete the males on the sportsfield and at times both younger girls and boys would be watching on or participate in this and it would at first shock them, like I was breaking the status quo ( particularly with a soccer ball) and then they’d rise to it. I have probably also learned groundbreaking things through other people’s bodies in a similar way. I never really thought about it but that does seem a bit Chiron in Aries.

    1. You have Chiron in Aries in the First House of names and changed your own, in your twenties, taking advice from your grandmother. You also had a footballer’s physique, even though you were a girl. That’s a strong example of Chiron in your chart. You can use it all your life. You were also born with Ops in Aquarius in a sextile to Chiron. It’s almost exact; just one degree away. Aquarius is, of course, teams and friends. You could interpret your whole chart, just with that Chiron-Ops sextile from the First House to the Eleventh House and know it to work for you.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article – very helpful to know that Chiron is not actually a “wounded healer”. I have Chiron at 2 degrees Taurus, trining my Saturn in Virgo. Not sure this has helped me professionally or financially. Maybe I am reading this wrong?
    Thank you

    1. In modern astrology we allow an orb of up to one degree, but that’s all. You don’t have a trine.

  43. Hi Jessica thank you for your reply
    Cancer sun 22/7/1965 I have been looking for a job for a long time which challenges me more and pays more. I am also at risk of losing my job due to restructure soon. My chiron is in pisces in my natal chart 4th house 22 deg retro. Ive tried the tarot and it came up with high priestess and 6 of cups. I feel I need soul growth within a meaningful work which Ive never succeeded in. I keep trying which is why I am so wanting this if this is the time for cancer to progress.

    1. You are in the right zone for booking Astrology Delivery for a new job. It starts in days. Have a look at the feature on this website. The High Priestess is telling you to study, part-time or full-time. Studying will retrain you for a better paid new job in future.

  44. Hi Jessica – I have Chiron and Stelliums all in Pisces – what does that mean exactly? Thanking you in advance.

    1. A stellium is always why you are here; what you derive satisfaction from; where the fulfilment is. Pisces rules mediumship, Tarot, the Roman Catholic church, Buddhism, healing, hypnosis, meditation, being by yourself, astral travel, self-help and your inner life. Mary, you were even given a religious name. What you do about your belief (or non-belief) is a lifelong pursuit. Chiron in Pisces suggests you will be drawn to what others say is out of the question or beyond the pale. Trance channelling for example or religious miracles.

  45. Hi,

    It would be nice if the “display my chart” could also display aspects.
    As far as I can see, I have an opposition between natal Chiron and Uranus and I don’t know how to interpret that. Maverick against revolution? Doesn’t make much sense. 🙂

    1. I will ask Alyas, our programmer, if the chart can show aspects. Chiron at 7 Aries is in opposition to Uranus at 6 Libra in your chart. You are a maverick when it comes to your name, title, reputation and appearance. This conflicts with your partnerships or conflicts with others – the duets and duels. This is where you are a catalyst for upheaval on a regular basis but the end result is independence for you and the other person. A very common example is the person who uses a false name online and/or a heavily doctored photograph, who goes onto dating websites.

  46. Good afternoon Jessica, thank you so much for this enlightening article about Chiron. I have never quite known how to interpret my placement. I have Chiron at 17 Taurus, and it sextiles Mercury retrograde at 17 Cancer. How would this affect Chiron? I have never worked in banking, finance, or insurance and wouldn’t have much desire to. Thank you again, I always look forward to your thought-provoking articles such as these.

    1. Good afternoon. Thank you. Chiron in Taurus is not necessarily about working in finance. It is about getting away with the so-called outrageous, unthinkable or ‘impossible’ with money, charity, property, shopping, selling, insurance, business. Britney Spears has this. She just won against her father on the conservatorship question. She’s a singer not an accountant but the theme in her particular case is true; she took a punk rock attitude towards her own family and won.

  47. Good morning Jessica, thank you for providing such helpful information and teaching us how to use it. I have Chiron in Taurus and I see a degree connection to my ops, venus, ceres, Cupido, and Pluto. I work as a writer so the Gemini connections were interesting to me. Am I on the right track with this breakdown?
    My punk-rock approach to money/business is manifested through positive thinking in writing/communication, complicated relationships in writing/communication , and difficult compromises in writing/communication; it also requires adjusting and shows an uncomfortable truth about my issues of power/control in partnerships that I need to know. It also flows with my desire for the unknown/secrets/God/psychology. Thank you, Jessica, for taking the time to answer so many posts! I hope you are having a nice end of your week and a good start to your month!

    1. Good morning. Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. You were born with Cupido at 17 Pisces and Ceres at 17 Gemini, aspecting Chiron at 17 Taurus. You’re interpreting that correctly. The Pisces-Gemini-Taurus combination is common in the charts of natural psychics who make podcasts or who write about E.S.P. and make an income from that. You also find it in religion, spirituality, psychology, hypnosis and Tarot. Again there is the option of making an income from the internet or the media in relation to those fields.

  48. HI Jessica this is fascinating, Chiron is in Aries for me and I do have a stellium there. I am still working to cement my future direction. I started studying drama and creative arts therapy a few years ago having become passionate about acting and theatre, and being a psychologist already it really felt like I’d found my tribe in drama and arts therapy. In fact the first time I witnesses this kind of therapy I became very tearful as I realised I’d found what I should have been doing all along. The issue is it costs a lot of money to get qualified and also I need relevant experience, and I’ve been struggling to land those experiences. I’ve pursued a few voluntary opportunities that lead nowhere and applied for a handful of jobs in mental health and wellbeing but seem to get almost to the finish line then some other candidate pips me at the post! What would you recommend from an astrological point of view? (I’ve been doing the astrology delivery as you recommend but missed one day due to being poorly )

    1. I’m sorry you missed Astrology Delivery booking windows in October. In November, as a Sun Aquarius woman, you can book for outcomes with groups and friends. This would fit a theatre group or therapy group. You want a job, which is different to that, but you could try booking a paid role with old friends or new friends, where people power makes for great changes, and see where that leads you, professionally. If you have been volunteering you are already on the right track.

  49. Hello, Jessica,
    Every article you post fascinates and I admire your gift. I am a Sun Libra with Chiron retrograde 4 Taurus. I feel most of my life has been a financial struggle. How do I interpret Chiron retrograde in a money sign such as Taurus? I do not own property. I live away from home (USA) because I am teaching abroad. I have student loans to pay off. I am also in an 8-year relationship but my partner and I live away from each other due to our jobs. If you can spare a moment in your busy day to look at my chart and provide some valuable insight, I would love to hear from you.

    1. Thank you VT. The Moon, Chiron and Vulcano are all together in Taurus in your Second House of money, property and business. Ops is at 25 Leo square Vulcano at 25 Taurus which describes the 8-year relationship with you both living apart. The bigger picture is, you could save money if you and your partner were to rethink your mutual finances (Leo, Fifth House) but that can’t be squared with the salary decisions (Taurus) you have both chosen. Chiron is about getting away with the so-called unthinkable or impossible or outrageous. For some people, that would be having a partner after eight years, not marrying and living apart from each other. I hope that makes more sense to you.

  50. Hi Jessica, thanks for all the info on Chiron the teacher. According to your article my Chiron return in 3 degrees Aries would have been in 2019…that was when I finally went gray, (after 30 yrs of dying hair) and got in touch with an old teacher (a bit of a maverick) to participate in her 3 yr shamanism course.
    What do you think it could mean for the rest of the Aries transit for my chart? It seems to oppose my Venus. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much for confirming how Chiron in Aries in your First House affected you. Going gray and becoming a shaman is a perfect use of your Chiron Return. He opposes Proserpina by one degree (only allow 0-1 degree orbs in modern astrology). Proserpina in Libra in your Seventh House is about you as the go-between in a partnership or sometimes a conflict. So your drive to do what outrageous some people or confronts them (but represents breaking through barriers for you) does not sit comfortably with what happens inside a duet or duel – at the time. What happens next is up to you, but I think the last time should give you some ideas.

  51. hey Jessica
    my son has mars & chiron in 2nd house sag. what does this mean for him. pluto and pallas in 1st house scorpio/ sag.ty
    heaps. mama bear

    1. Your son has Chiron in the Ninth House, not the Second House and we don’t use Pallas in modern astrology. Chiron in the Ninth House is trying to see what you can get away with, regarding foreigners and foreign countries.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    This post is so relevant for me now since I have Chiron R at 17 Aries in my birth chart and the transit Chiron is at that degree now. Can you tell me how it will play out for me? Not sure Chiron if makes any other aspects in my chart. Hoping for a career change, thanks

    1. Your Chiron Return in Aries in your First House of reputation, appearance and title will allow you to pull off what has traditionally thought to be out of the question. You will leave some people open-mouthed if you push past the barriers. What could not happen, should not happen, must never happen – happens. In this way you outrage some but liberate others to copy you if that is what you want.

  53. What an interesting article, like DK above I also an opposition of my Chiron in Aries to Uranus in Libra (both at 28 degrees) but I also have a stellium in Aries (and Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer and Leo) – and was interesting to read what this means I guess I probably am a maverick like my choice of career, sports, being open about my mental health struggles and other things. I am chuckling about the use of a false name and doctored photo because I do that where my interests in topics are controversial to my friends and colleagues and as a catalyst for upheaval on a regular basis I do enough to challenge the status quo as it is. I love learning and seeing all these different ways astrology influences life!

    I have a lot of aspects at 27, 28 and 29 degrees in my chart (Hygeia in Gemini, Juno in Cancer, North Node in Scorpio and South Node in Taurus all at 27 degrees, and Mars in Taurus at 29) so I assume my Chiron is influenced by them as well?

    1. Thank you for confirming you use a doctored name and photograph. Chiron in Aries in the First House commonly results in a pseudonym and altered portrait. Yes, where Chiron is at the same degree, or within a one-degree orb, of other factors, you will find that every time you act on those, he comes along for the ride. There is a good article on Chiron here.

  54. Hi Jessica, I cannot hit reply and reply to the comment you made to my request to read my chart with Chiron in Pisces. Thank you for the detailed response which again left me speechless. I went to a Christian school in India (with a deep belief in that religion over Hinduism) and then lost it for a while and found the spiritual connection back with Shridibaba. Enjoyed being alone and dreaming during my teenage years and was the only one who was against alcohol (without moderation) at home. Finally, the name that came up “Jonathan” clairaudiently is the name of my daughter’s boyfriend. What do I make of it. OMG!

    1. Thank you. Speechless is good! You have validated the information I passed on about a religious upbringing and alcohol. Your daughter’s boyfriend’s name is Jonathan. I got no more than the name so I am afraid there is no message to go with it, but perhaps mention this to her and/or him.

  55. hi! jessica. when 2024 comes my Kiron return is expected to happen, so this blog very interesting! however i’m not sure what will unfold. Currntly it seems like i’m following a path thatleads me back to the job i left due to difficulties. Could this be the influence of kiron return? thank you in advance for your response. 🙂

    1. Chiron is at 21 Aries in the First House of appearance, reputation and title. Your Chiron Return will see you experimenting with this, to see what you can get away with. It may involve your job.

  56. Hi Jessica

    I have an interesting synastry combination with my biological parents and hoping you might be able to comment? I have never quite got the ”hang” of Chiron in astrology.

    I am a Sun Libra. My Chiron is at 15 degrees Capricorn — my birth father had his natal Sun at 15 degrees Capricorn and my birth mother has her natal Moon at 14 degrees Capricorn.

    Thank you

    1. Chiron is the foster father figure, tutor, mentor or guide of astrology. Have a look at Chiron on Search as I filed a longer feature on him some years ago. Ange, your parents fulfilled the teacher function of Chiron in your profession, academic career or unpaid vocation. Your father shed light on your own capacity for tutoring others and your mother used her maternal instinct to show you how. Capricorn is also about High Society and status as well as the achievement of ambition.

  57. Thank you so much Jessica. I asked the Tarot how I should proceed with regard to finding a job and drew the eight of swords, which seems to be very relevant for this time. I will do what you suggest and see where it takes me 🙂

  58. Jessica,
    Thank you so much for sharing your passion and talent the way you do, in such straightforward and warm ways. I keep learning more about myself and world events in ways that bring more grounding and calm, understanding. Just offering a note, re: your mention of the Bee Gees on Twitter … it first made me think of their hit, “I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You” … from July 1968 … Another reader on the your twitter feed noted “Massachusetts” … maybe a Kennedy connection there, I wondered, with the 60th anniversary of JFK’s assassination fast approaching, cueing up with possibly turbulent market dates you posted tied to Scorpio, Nov 20-21 … and the subtitle, I didn’t realize, but a little chilling, “Massachusetts (The Lights Went Out In)” … so, I googled a bit, and it turns out, Barry Gibb is being celebrated this year on Dec 3, 2023 as one of the Kennedy Centre Honors. Interesting. Perhaps he will be called somehow to use that platform, along with the platform of his life, in a seminal moment kind of way that reverberates for goodness round the world. I just saw on your Twitter feed, too, you posted his chart, and is it right that he has Chiron in Libra, at 20 degrees? It looks a whopping huge stellium, 10 placements in Libra? He has gemini factors too in your chart, and learning from your Virgo horoscope for this month, November, notes his third house, prominence of siblings and media and internet. As you write, “Let’s begin with your siblings. At this time of year, your relationship with them will be much more obvious to other people.” … So especially poignant a note, in this case. You also note focus on ‘home’ for Virgo, its various expressions including country and heritage, as Sagittarius season opens. … You also write, “This can be your finest hour” … and he’s Leo too, maybe a Lion leadership giving voice, rallying people, to a new way, or giving hope, or any such inspirations to give hope during these times, especially for young people, younger generations? Trying to apply what you teach, in the Libra stellium too, is that right, Apollo and Panacea, so maybe a kind of bold leadership moment, and an ethical question around what he might bring to light or suggest? Is it all coming together, converging? Anyhow, perhaps the world will quickly need even more hope than now … and his moon in scorpio, right? And perhaps being born in 1946, just after the war, emerging, new life, he was born to be a light in dark times, and has lost many brothers, too … not unlike the Kennedy family, in whose centre he will be honoured. Anyhow, to the extent any of this maybe even close to having accurate notes, it is a thank you to you for how you teach, and guide, and present the tools to start applying them to our own lives and reflections like this. I only started learning through you, in late December last year, when I found your site. You are so generous and straight up. It is a moving and helpful combination. Keep going, with so much appreciation, Cathleen

    1. Thank you Cathleen. Another medium, Alison, and myself were both visited by one of the Gibb brothers. He came with cigarette smoke to Alison and marijuana smoke to me. Barry Gibb’s Kennedy Centre honours are only one month away, which I didn’t know, so thank you for telling me. His chart shows Ceres at 0 Aquarius (the lifelong compromise over the group) and Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius in January 2024. That can only happen every 248 years, as you saw me post on Twitter. This is an historic rewrite of The Bee Gees story. What happens for Barry happens for the world.

  59. Thank you Jessica for this fascinating article and I’m most interested in synastry aspects. My Pisces husband and I have both Chiron in Taurus. He has Chiron at 10 Taurus trine my Hygiea at 10 Virgo. I have Chiron at 3 Taurus trine his Mars at 3 Virgo. Is this work related? We both work for the same employer in the health industry.
    His Chiron also aspects (+/-1 orb) my Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Vulcano and his own Sun but that’s likely another story.

    1. Thank you. The Chiron aspects between your chart and your husband’s are financial and professional and you both work for the same employer in the health industry. That is a perfect expression of Taurus and Virgo. Chiron was not a wounded healer; he was an expert in herbal medicine. He gathered them from Mount Pelion. Perhaps pharmaceuticals or natural remedies are in your past or your future together.

  60. Hi Jessica. This is interesting. I only ever read that Chiron is the wounded healer, and it didn’t really resonate. I have Chiron at 8 Pisces, conjunct Jupiter at 7, both retrograde. They are also opposing my stellium in Virgo, if that means anything.
    With Chiron in Aries, it’s all about finances for me as a Virgo. As this year has been a lot about money/finances for me, it’s been quite the learning process. Can you tell me how my natal Chiron can play out for me? I’ve never paid much attention to it’s meaning, mostly because I thought Jupiter in the conjunction was the more important influence.

    1. Chiron was wounded but failed to heal himself – so not much of a healer unfortunately. Natal Chiron in Pisces in your Twelfth House describes getting away with the apparently unacceptable, unthinkable – as a medium, psychic, nun, priest, monk, therapist, psychologist. Chiron in transit brings people who encourage you to push the envelope to see how far you can go. In Aries in 2023 this is your finances.

  61. Greetings Jessica,
    With regard to the Gibb brothers, I just wanted to let you know about a very interesting website I stumbled across a while ago, about a lady, Christina Samuels, who is in constant communication with Robin Gibb. It is & she talks about her sudden,
    completely unexpected opening of this communication with Robin. The site contains a lot of information of a spiritual nature.
    Thank you for hosting this wonderful forum for such wide-ranging but ultimately connected topics.
    Best Regards,
    Janie Bee

    1. Fascinating Janie Bee, many thanks. I will pass this on to Alison, the other medium.

  62. Hi Jessica

    I have Chiron 17 Aries, Sun 24 Aries, Venus 26 Aries, Minerva 27 Aries.

    What does this mean for me and how will Chiron affect my life/career?

    2023 – Chiron 17 Aries
    2024 – Chiron 17 Aries
    2025 – Chiron 24, 26, 27 Aries
    2026 – Chiron 24, 26, 27 Aries

    If I have the Sun, Venus and Minerva in Aries can you explain how this will play out in my chart.

    Thank you

    1. This is a slow relaunch of your title, appearance and reputation over many years and it will involve you experimenting with what you know will raise eyebrows, to say the least, and possibly leave people open-jawed at the audacity. It really depends how far you want to go. People have cosmetic surgery on this transit and drop a lot of weight and begin wearing vintage clothes, for example, with new glasses to match. People also classically change their names or begin using a pseudonym online. You can take it as far as you like, as Chiron passes through your First House.

  63. Thanks for your reply. I should have clarified that I was adopted so never knew my biological parents ?


  64. Hi Jessica,
    Chiron is rather interesting, I have Chiron at 16 of Aquarius squaring my Jupiter in Scorpio. I also have a stellium in Aquarius, what are your thoughts on this? Thank you for your insight.

    1. Thank you. You don’t have a Chiron-Jupiter square as the orb is too wide. Mercury at 17 Sagittarius is exactly sextile Chiron at 17 Aquarius in your chart (I’m not sure why you think it’s at 16 degrees). You historically get away with what is audacious, even outrageous, regarding groups and friends. This always involve foreign people and places, probably online. If you wanted to push the sextile then you would involve yourself in academia or publishing, abroad, or with other cultures in your own country and pull in friendship; a group project; people power in a circle.

  65. Hi, Jessica. I just renewed my subscription but can’t read the article yet. I have Chiron in Scorpio and always felt that Chiron represents the wounded healer since that describes me to a T. I hope my payment is just delayed and that I can read the article tomorrow. Thank you.

    1. If you renewed your subscription then you should have access by now, Anne. If you don’t please contact Support. If you feel you are a wounded healer with family finance, partnership finance, family property, partnership property (which the Eighth House rules) then of course, that works for you. I am not sure how you can be wounded and heal there, though. Were you wounded by losing money via relatives or a husband, say, but then became an accountant?

  66. Thank you, Jessica, for a very interesting article. I was struck by how many people commentating here have Pisces in Chiron. I am no exception, having Chiron at 4 Pisces. I chose a tarot card asking what this means for me and I drew the 10 of Pentacles. The themes of this are, of course, money, legacies, property etc. This is all are relevant as we are trying to sell our house at the moment and I would love for my newly separated and soon to be divorced daughter and her children to come and live near us so that we can help support them (they are on the other side of the country). Not quite sure what this has to do with Chiron, although I wonder if it’s to do with healing of the family line. It’s interesting to note the two white dogs on the card, as two of my elderly cats are mostly white!

    1. Thank you. You have Vulcano at 5 Cancer trine Chiron at 4 Pisces. The Tarot was picking up on the trine as Vulcano in Cancer is in the Fourth House of extended family. The Ten of Pentacles shows three generations and two dogs, as you saw. Vulcano is a symbol of empowerment through self-control and in Cancer in the Fourth House it is you, crafting situations as they appear. Vulcan was a blacksmith. The dogs may of course be your daughter’s or perhaps they will arrive in the future with another family member.

  67. Hi Jessica,

    I have Chiron in Gemini which is also a Stellium, I would appreciate your insights on these placements in my chart.

    thanks x

    1. Chiron in Gemini in the Third House is usually about brothers, sisters and/or cousins. The surviving Bee Gee, Barry Gibb, also has a stellium in Gemini and of course his brothers were and are his life, professionally. From childhood, Chiron in Gemini shows up with siblings or cousins and the need to see what you can get away with; Chiron is about sailing past the so-called ‘never’ and changing the way you and others think about things. To give you another musical example, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr just used AI to deliver the last Beatles’ song and technology to release a clip of all four Beatles apparently playing it together. Quite incredible. With Chiron you often get ‘Should not’ but of course, that is nothing that Chiron cares about. This pattern in your chart is also about your way with words as language development is a function of siblings and cousins babysitting each other, watching the same television programs and so on. Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger. Online you would try to do what leaves jaws on the floor, possibly using a false name, for example. The final part of the Third House is neighbouring journeys and neighbours. This is why Gemini and the Third House rule bicycles, horses and Eurostar. It is also why Gemini rules Paris and London; neighbours. It also rules, more tragically at the moment, Israel and Gaza. This childhood pattern develops all your life with particular focus on the people next door or the places next door. You will have a boom time for all this next year, as Jupiter transits Gemini and forms a conjunction with everything you have there including Chiron. It runs until June 2025.

  68. Thanks for sharing that article, really interesting. This article helps me appreciate why I’m finding it so hard since putting on some weight since I have been struggling with my mental health and seeing your comment about stelliums makes me believe that getting on top of this 6th house issue will in turn help me get on top of the related 1st house issue too.

  69. Jessica,
    This Chiron in Aries article, combined with your guidance on the Astrology Delivery Zoom today re: looking at what you’ve been dealing with as a big theme since 2008, in the Pluto-Capricorn weather, helped me pull a few threads together. I would be grateful if you had a moment to glance at my chart, and offer any insight, as I note Pluto in Capricorn at 28, touching on factors in my chart at 28, Aesculapia at 28 Pisces, Mars at 28 Aquarius and Vesta at 28 Gemini. And possibly Fortuna at 26 Libra. And seeing your article on substack, Scorpio season soon seeing Sun, Mars, Ceres converge at 28 Scorpio. My Diana is now at 7 Leo, also, which is my natal Diana return (is that how you say it?) … which I see joins with many factors at 7 right now, Moon at 7 Leo, Juno and MC at 7 Virgo, Vesta 7 Cancer, Aesculapia and IC at 7 Pisces .. that seems a lot!
    I’d be grateful if you could offer some guidance and intuition even regarding as to if the winds are more against me, not opportune, or if the weather is going my way, if I’m best to leave a situation as completed, if it might be too toxic for me to try one last time for truth to power, and simply try to keep healing best I can. Usually I can see after a bit, the pathway, but I came up against toxic male dominance and then gaslighting and a lot of imbalance. I feel a bit tired, by what I sense might be brewing in the winds as a possible return of what should be complete (the Aesculapia) … but perhaps I too can be blessed, let it go, just leave it. Maybe the decision really rests with me, whatever the breeze may bring.
    I have had a big life, for a quiet yogi, who lives a humble life as kind of encouraging others out of the losses I have had. So, my Chiron in Aries, at 18 degrees just past, here. Nobody expects it when I say, oh, I sued a big Canadian bank once, or later I also had to sue another guy from a spiritual organization over the use of my writing in contravention to the law, and I found out, they lived on the same street. Jaws drop. And at the mention of the ‘same street’, then people also say “now, that is interesting” and this gives me hope, that one day, true justice that is equitable and fair, and not at my expense comes along. I do feel something big coming, perhaps in terms of both events, and perhaps my time of ‘doing’ the truth to power etc, is done. It has been a journey, since 2008, as you say. I am Sun at 15 degrees Taurus, turned 50 on May 5, 2023, and have stelliums in Taurus, including Mercury at 0 Taurus, Minerva at 5 Taurus, Ops at 11 Taurus, Venus at 22 Taurus. I was born on the day Secretariat came from behind to win the triple crown, and nine days before the price of gold broke past $100 USD for the first time, so I am definitely a hopeful taurus who likes to endure enough to come from behind! From your teachings, I can start to understand myself, why those details pulled on my heart, over the years! I have stelliums in Libra, including Uranus and Fortuna in Libra, and in Aquarius and Sagittarius. Apollo in Virgo, and Psyche in Scorpio. What I’ve gleaned from your site, your teaching, these patterns touch on feminine wisdom in areas of money and gold and markets, sound money, optimism around finance, and kind of revolution from Uranus in libra, justice, and fortuna, having impact on others by partnership or justice, law, a bit oblivious to the reach of impact. I also have Pisces in Aesculapia so maybe that connects to the hope I’ve had to root into deeply in my life: I lost all of my immediate family just before I turned 30, my mom and brother, eight weeks apart on either side of 9/11, to long term cancer, and then motor vehicle accident, my brother, one year younger, gone in an instant; then 18 months later, my father took his life. Lots of loss and grief. I began work in international aid and epidemiology before people knew what that was, and after the losses, my heart-soul-inner life guided me to write; eventually poetry and verse came, so that’s what I do, for later publication or sharing, on the kind of grief and loss of family, but also the political and economic times we are now in, connecting it to hope and spiritual kind of shifts, hope for when the bottom may fall out of the dollar or when we find out about assassinations and such, hope to rebuild a world in distress, to kindle the people’s light. I have had many blessings around me that helped me pull off Chiron in Aries, taking these huge legal actions twice, turns out to older stuck white men, who once lived on the same street here in my big city of three million. Both times, I’m whistleblowing, telling truth to power. I had to write a check on the Appeals process to pay for some of the bank’s legal fees, in the first instance, November 11 2015. And in the second instance, I left the group November 11, 2019, so synchronicity there, and Nov 11 2023 is coming up, I did succeed in legal terms, get my work shredded. Both times, especially the second, I encountered huge hits to my reputation. My “opponent” in the second one, tried to apologize but was an old white patriarchy guy, so I offered to sit with him, try to guide him. That was gracious, do unto others as you would have done unto you, with boundaries I did this. But saving face and more hits to my reputation came, as even my gracious efforts were made out to be ego driven. Jessica, apologies for the length. I know I have gained strength, and I know my past lives a few were in finance, and law, and even perhaps I lost my life, for standing up for sound money. I have the memories. That’s how I was able to go to court, and be on the stand longer than Oscar Pistorius and for a trial a few days longer than Bankman-Fried’s (what a crock!), to pull off Chiron in Aries. But ordinary people against the banks, does not usually result in justice. Not yet. But the extremity of both of these, was so much on my physical body, especially the second instance regarding my writing. Is it done, I wonder, as it would seem to be – but sometimes I think of pushing back one last time about my reputation and all the mistruths. Or feel something brewing, in terms of hearing one last time, from either of these opponents, especially the second one, which was so abusive and toxic to deal with. .. I just sense it connects to the stars with the last bits in Capricorn, and if you might look at my chart, to see if I can be expecting headwinds, if the conditions are more against me, or maybe it is the opposite, and more what I’m feeling are the letting go of the heaviness of going up against these kinds of toxic individuals, the final bits. I definitely had the 10 in swords Taurus card you selected for Jupiter in Taurus for Taurus. I can still feel the mysoginy in the breeze … but I will keep on keeping on, self care best I can. For your readers, it is maybe interesting, I did do the Astrology Delivery, asking on partnership, more about making way for still waters that run deep to have some healing around an old mountain climbing friend/love interest from 18-19 years ago, but I think your method also picked up a desire for justice with the old fuels, or duels. I didn’t order that or ask it, but it seems perhaps in the works, one way or another: I saw a van in the parking lot of my local coffee shop haunt, with the name of the street these two lived on, it is a development company by the same name, and I spoke with the driver, Troy (gold bullion, Helen of Troy) and asked him the provenance of the name of the company … he told me that 50 years ago, two accountants founded it (balancing the books?) and one of them lived on that street … he since passed away … but perhaps I have some heavenly accounting help, for justice to come, with less of my own effort at this time, as it may be too toxic to try to initiate myself, at this juncture. I really so desire it to be in the past, but it feels in the breeze, and justice still perhaps desires to balance the scales more justly in favour of my own life.

    I am so humbled and grateful to be learning so much about the stars the way you present it. It helps me to understand some of the hardest parts of my life, were perhaps written in the stars. I’m in Canada, and The Tragically Hip have this line, from the song “Bobcaygeon” … which is northern Ontario … “I was in Bobcaygeon, when I saw the constellations reveal themselves, one star at a time” … this is what you do, and gift so many.

    with thanks, this is long, but perhaps shows also just how much you are helping so many, with serious heavy things, made light,


    1. Thank you Cathleen. It sounds to me as if your family in spirit are guiding you, which I am sure you know. This would have helped a lot when you took on those people. The toxic male syndrome you saw on your side of the world is everywhere; Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 has given us a lot of patriarchs who want all the power and money (and money is power) and it has been a very big stretch, particularly for women and minorities, as well as those at the bottom of the mountain. These Capricorn mountain goat types never last on this transit and of course we’ve already seen a few of them coming down off the peak, some to rock bottom. It augurs well for your own quest, but as this is personal for you, I suggest you stick to the Astrology Delivery methods and carry on with your own journal and Tarot for the strongest results.

  70. Jessica,

    Regarding my query for your eyes to glance on my chart, if it suits you, I did sit and choose now a Tarot, asking about the pattern at 28 degrees, The Queen of Wands came. Same card as in the Zoom meeting today. I also asked about the card most key of the situation, and the Four of Swords came. Hmm, perhaps more than the pink noise, I simply needed the writing to you, to get the cards most attune to come forth. I do love knowing from you this Tarot connected to W.B. Yeats, as my Irish father drew my name, Cathleen, with much fondness, from his tale of the Countess Cathleen. It is so meaningful for me, thus, to use this tarot and learn of this association.

    Thank you again so much, even writing you into this space, without response, as you get so many people writing, it still offers some kind of healing and support, making a noticeable difference, so wishing you much goodness in your own passage through these times,


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Cathleen is a grand old Irish name and has that Yeats connection, so well chosen by your father. The Queen of Wands is a Leo symbol and you have Diana at 7 and Vulcano at 14 in the sign of the lion in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. You’re going to see all those Sagittarius transits trine that and bring it out, so you’ll be sowing seeds for a future generation and one after that. Women can become pregnant or adopt on this cycle, but they can also teach children (for example) or mentor young adults for work. You’ll have some terrific choices.

  71. Jessica,

    With much gratitude for taking the time to reply, and bringing my attention to the trine. Another layer of learning. I thought to write back a quick share, as I had written a lot, and it somehow flooded out, when I had been thinking of writing for some time, but it was today, as my Diana at 7 Leo came into play. I closed my laptop, and turned on the washing machine, and then to vacuum, and before I knew it, the washing machine flooded over big time!! All cleared up now, probably a new one is needed. Then I turned back to the computer, and saw you had responded, already, from your spot on the other side of the world. A kind of release in play … thank you for the space and the words reminding this pattern of toxic and monied power is very much alive in all kinds of spaces.

    thank you again so much, this book in Astrology Delivery will be such a unique and powerful offering to people around the world,

  72. Hi Jessica, wonderful article as usual. I have Chiron at 27 degrees Cancer, together with MC and Fortuna at 11 and 7 degrees being a Scorpio Sun. Indeed this sector of mother, family, houses sometimes it feels like a pressure for me and a fear of not being to have them at the level of my parents for example, staying together in hard times, etc. (my mother is a strong figure in my family and sometimes i feel that she is a karmic person for me).Any insights for me will be really appreciated and all the best and thank you very much for everything.

    1. Thank you, it’s very kind of you to say. At 6, 7,10, 11, 12 degrees on the Capricorn-Cancer axis of your chart, you have oppositions. So mother, family, house (Cancer) is at odds with status and success (Capricorn). A common example of this is leaving home to make it in a big city and gaining higher status as a result, leaving the family behind. You can also have it the other way: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road syndrome. Turning your back on ‘making it’ to go back home. Chiron is not the only factor you have in Cancer, as you know, but there is a part of you which is the maverick who wants to experiment with what is apparently beyond the pale or too much; this would be with the house, land, garden, apartment – but also your mother, perhaps. Figuring out how to creatively and productively use those Cancer-Capricorn oppositions will save you a lot of time and energy in your life. Ask the Tarot: ‘How is this showing up in my life?’ and ‘What’s the best way to handle it, now and ongoing?’ It will all become a great deal easier now Pluto is moving off 27 Capricorn where he has been in opposition to Chiron in your chart.

  73. Hello Jessica!
    Great article!!
    I have Chiron at 21 Pisces Conjunct my Saturn at 22 Pisces in my 12th House. No stellium, but part of a Grand Trine in Water with my 4th and 8th Houses. Such as Pluto 22 Scorpio, while also opposing my Pluto 20 Virgo and Uranus 24 Virgo. I have many planets, asteroids and important points in my chart around that degree: Vesta 21 Libra, ASC 22 Leo, DESC 22 Aquarius, Fortuna 22 Capricorn, Salacia 22 Capricorn and Aesculapia 23 Capricorn. I know I’m Psychic and I’m not afraid of death. I know we continue on through each life time. I haven’t strengthened my gifts like I know I should…. my life is very busy, but I always listen to my inner voice. Any input you could provide is always appreciated. I want to find more books on developing my skills of ESP and Mediumship and Healing.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. You are living your Chiron-Saturn conjunction in Pisces in the Twelfth House of psychic ability and spiritualism. Mediumship, Extra-Sensory Perception and healing are also an expression of this. You are already in the experiment. Saturn ring-fences things and provides structure and boundaries. You will probably train when Saturn goes to 21, 22 Pisces and you have your Saturn Return.

  74. Jessica,
    Hello Jessica! Great article!! I have Chiron at 21 Pisces conjunct my Saturn at 22 Pisces in my 12th House. Very Karmic! No stellium, but part of a Grand Trine in Water with my 4th and 8th Houses… such as Neptune 22 Scorpio, while also opposing my Pluto 22 Virgo and Uranus 24 Virgo. I have many planets, asteroids and important points in my chart around that degree: Vesta 21 Libra, Asc 22 Leo, Desc 22 Aquarius, Fortuna 22 Capricorn, Salacia 22 Capricorn and Aesculapia 23 Capricorn. I know I’m psychic and I’m not afraid of death. I know we continue on through each lifetime. I haven’t strengthened my gifts like I know I should…. my life is very busy, but I always listen to my inner voice. Any input you could provide is always appreciated. I want to find more books on developing my skills of ESP and Mediumship and Healing. I pulled the Temperance card from the Tarot.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks Dee. Chiron in Pisces in your Twelfth House trine Neptune describes going past the usual boundaries of consciousness and is the same statement made twice as Neptune rules Pisces and the Twelfth House anyway. Chiron the centaur wants to ignore conventional limits and restrictions and Neptune has no boundaries. Like the ocean it is everywhere, all the time, all over the place. So you are a prime candidate for mediumship and E.S.P. as well as healing. Temperance shows your spirit guide facilitating communication between yourself and another person in spirit. It is a Major Arcana card so this is of major importance. Any book by Linda Williamson is a good training manual. Also any course at The College of Psychic Studies online.

  75. Many thanks for your response. I ask the tarot and at the two questions ‘How is this showing up in my life?’ and ‘What’s the best way to handle it, now and ongoing?’ I picked Knight of cups and Nine of pentacles and maybe this can represent my mother that was very calculated and supportive to get a home by my own, which I did this year and hope that things will be easier from now on, even if Pluto will come soon in my 4th house.

  76. Love the graphics chosen more and more now in your posts. Perhaps the use of ancient and classic art is what is really attracting my eyes. Never saw that Chiron Sargent painting before, I just finished a super thick new biography about him. My Chiron is in an Aquarian stellium, and would you suggest I could learn in my life new ways to be in groups? Would love that! My life since birth has been about groups. Tough being in them for me after initial happiness. They have been about conforming but this does not feel right. 1977 was a pivotal awakening year for me: joined New York City life. Punk had already trickled in to my club days by then yet the Sex Pistols were spotlighted in the world though outrageous. Thanks for a simple and direct teaching here. Best to you and the team. C.

    1. Thank you, C. Picryl is a goldmine for archival art. Your natal chart shows Chiron at 22 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups and friends, which you know about, particularly since 1977. Chiron is trine your natal Ascendant at 23 Gemini in the Third House of internet, media, the neighbours, siblings, cousins and neighbouring cities and regions. That’s your profile. Chiron is also square Ceres at 21 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, possessions, business and property. So it’s hard to square friends and groups with the bank account or ownership. The Descendant is tied into this at 23 Sagittarius so partners/former partners who are foreign or identify with another culture to your own, are in the story. This pattern is triggered any time you have transits at 22/23 Aquarius, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius. The next major pattern, which is terrific, is Jupiter at 22/23 Gemini in May 2025. The people you are involved with then offer a peak outcome.

  77. Thanks you, Jessica! A fine time to look forward to – this May, and I will note in my calendar. And very kind of you to offer the archival art source. Visuals are a strong teacher for me. And thank you for the Zoom on Saturday with Alicia’s help. Best, Cecelia

  78. May I ask you, Jessica, about Jupiter bringing good luck? I ask here because on this blog you bebunk the Chiron story of being the wounded healer, our eternal wound. I don’t think I have heard you say Jupiter can bring bad luck as well as good luck. Can you illuminate this area around the Jupiter story for us? Thank you. Best, Cecelia

    1. Jupiter has never been about bad luck, Cecelia. He is a symbol of ‘born lucky’ as he was the only child of Saturn’s to be saved from being eaten (by his mother Ops) and sent to live on ambrosia with the Corybantes. The Romans thought he was Optimus Maximus, best and greatest. The only issue with Jupiter is excess; that can obviously affect health. In general though we’ve had 2000+ years of the god with the eagle and thunderbolt telling us who he is.

  79. Thank you, Jessica. I appreciate your time and knowledge when you respond to questions. You have great ability in a creative way to
    tell us stories – repeatedly! – for years on this website and elsewhere: you seem to be a patient person. Thanks again. Best, Cecelia

  80. Hi Jessica
    I have Chiron in Aries 2 degrees in my seventh house (if I’m counting right) in my birth chart. Am at a next direction crossroads. I am a spiritual healer and coach but have been doing this part time for a few years as was recovering from an illness myself and needed time out for a few years working in a “normal” setting. I also do other things including writing. Felt the pull to come back to spiritual work from about 2020 but I’m always drawn in multiple directions even within that so really irritate myself!! Chiron not being the wounded healer really resonates with me as I’ve always worked a lot with death and the other side and for me healing has always been separate to surviving. Sometimes healing is really knowing when to stay and when to go and I love working with that energy. Any guidance here would be great. Thank you

    1. You have Chiron in Aries in your First House, not your Seventh House, so Chiron is in your zone of image, profile, reputation, appearance, packaging, presentation and self-promotion. You are a healer who has survived illness and have seen for yourself that Chiron is not a wounded healer. He is however a teacher and you have the ability to teach by example, purely by the way you look and project. Far more important is the huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of health, wellbeing, lifestyle, daily routine, service, duty and work. That is your reason for being here. Any time you have transits to Virgo you will find that side of yourself wakes up. The next really major transit is Uranus (now at 21 Taurus) trine Pluto and then Uranus itself. This is a passing revolution that will radically change the way you deal with your own wellbeing as well as your work, both paid and unpaid. It is liberating and tends to work like lightning. Very sudden and unexpected. You are extremely powerful as a therapist and coach, which you know. You are also a catalyst for upheaval in your own life and have a history of dealing with your own world turning upside down with work, unpaid work, study, housework and regular life. You will be reminded of this as the transit, an easy trine, passes through. Once again you will reshape yourself and your lifestyle and what you consider to be your duty.

    1. Thank you GV. Yes, I did see NASA launched its Psyche mission. This would have had powerful synchronicity for people aware of Psyche in their birth charts. I have Psyche in Aquarius in my zone of friends and groups and had a moment. You have it in Gemini in your Third House of internet, media, brothers, sisters, cousins and short journeys. Psyche rules what lives forever. With Israel’s war declaration I have been taken back to War Child, the charity group of friends where I was patron and trustee about 20 years ago. NASA is part of astrology synchronicity. Psyche will be triggered in your chart when Jupiter goes into Gemini.

  81. Okay I am going crazy with the comments on this one. But I just saw that Tracy Chapman’s song Fast Car won again after Luke Combs remake.

    Had to check her chart. She has Chiron at 16 Pisces and its now at 16 Aries. Her moon is at 9 Scorpio and Jupiter is at 9 Taurus right now. Her Saturn is at 0 Pis and is now at that same degree of 0 Pisc. Fortuna is currently at 26 Sag Trining her Mercury at 26 Aries.

    I am sure there is more I was just looking for these lineups and wonder if any of them have to do with her win for the same song 35 years later.


  82. Hi Jessica, thank you for this. I would love your take on my Chiron at 2 degrees Pisces in the 5th house. I also have a stellium in Virgo, though at later degrees. Now Saturn is at 00°32 Pisces. Would you also look at the 5th house for creative endeavors? I have a manuscript of children stories that I’d like to try and get published at some point. Thank you!

    1. You are using a different house system here. Chiron at 2 Pisces is in your Twelfth House. Your Virgo stellium is in the Sixth House of work. You want to publish children’s stories, so look to the Fifth House, ruled by Leo. You have the North Node at 20 Leo so have a past life writing, publishing or reading for children – perhaps other kinds of entertainment too. So you have done this before. You will be successful when Jupiter goes to 20 Gemini and makes a perfect sextile with the North Node. Jupiter will also be in your Third House of internet, media, education and communication. Look beyond the usual vision of a mainstream publisher offering paperbacks for the best results.

  83. Hi Jessica,
    I have Chiron retrograde at 8 degrees in Aries and Uranus opposing it in Libra. I also have Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Virgo also at 8 degrees, and Minerva at 9 degrees in Virgo. I had the Chiron return in August 2020 then it turned retrograde again. How could all these be interpreted? It’s hard for me to relate name, reputation etc. to my work…
    Thank you very much!

    1. Chiron in Aries is heavily aspected from your First House of title, reputation and appearance. So the way you promote yourself and project yourself, package and profile yourself is tied to everything from partnerships, to money, to work.

  84. Hi, Jessica, I have Chiron at 6° Aries Retrograde.

    What does it mean when Chiron in Aries is retrograde?

    many thanks.

    1. Chiron Retrograde is dormant until there is a transit, usually by a slow-moving outer planet or one of the nodes, across the same degree and sign. This conjunction will show how you go forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards and get stuck – with your profile, appearance, title or reputation. It’s not there all the time, just whenever there is a transit. So, for example, you might use a false name online to see if you can get away with it, or a different photograph, but then take it down again. Then put it back up again.

  85. I’m quite new to this. I’m Sun Sagittarius with Chiron at 22 Sag, and a stellium in Sag – and I have no idea what that means for me in this situation. I would greatly appreciate any clarification or guidance.

    1. Well, as a Sun Sagittarius person you shine at your brilliant best with foreigners and foreign countries; the worldwide web; academia and/or publishing. Chiron there too and a stellium just emphasises that. It’s common in the charts of people who are absorbed by another culture, even in their own country, and it can turn up in the horoscopes of people who emigrate, for example.

  86. Hi Jessica. I have Chiron 7 Gemini but I also have below 7 degree factors.

    Jupiter 7 Capricorn
    Hygeia 7 Aquarius
    Asc 7 Libra
    IC 7 Capricorn (So my ASC DESC IC and MC are all in 7 degress)

    How should I interpret the effect of Chiron in this case? Will be pleased to have your comment. Thanks in advance.

    1. That is a huge pattern at 7 degrees. You were born lucky with your career and even when times are tough will always have a good safety net. At peak times, you can find life delivers huge professional rewards to you. It’s linked to your friends and groups, too. And very much to your life online, and your ability to get away with the so-called impossible, on the internet, in the media, with the written and spoken word across different mediums. The angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Immum Coeli, Midheaven) are dependent on a strictly accurate birth time, but if you have it, then of course every time you have a hit project; promotion; prestigious new role, you switch title and image and may decide to make changes to where you live.

  87. Hi Jessica, I have Chiron in 22 Taurus. What this means for me? I feel like this north and south node (or something else) time is having an huge impact on me and it feels like everything has to change to get to completely new me if that makes sense. Thank you.

    1. Chiron in Taurus is about getting away with the so-called impossible, outrageous, beyond the pale (and so on) with money. Often, business, charity, shopping, selling, cryptocurrency, the art market, banking, barter and so on. It’s also about your values. What you will and will not sell out for. Who or what is so precious it is priceless. You would be feeling the need to change because Uranus is transiting Taurus and so is Jupiter. Both peak in April 2024.

  88. Hi Jessica, I have Chiron in taurus. What this means for my birth chart please? This time of the year has been a real struggle for me for many years so I hope this will change. Also, thank you for delivery dates blogs, it’s interesting and thank you for all of your work you are sharing with us here, it’s wonderful to learn more about astrology through your knowledge.

    1. Chiron in Taurus in the Second House natally is about getting away with the so-called impossible with finance, charity, property, valuables, business. You currently have Jupiter and Uranus transiting your Second House so there are opportunities to make or save money and also find independence. These peak again in April and May 2024.

  89. Thank you so much for this Jessica it’s really helpful. Apologize for my ignorance of transits but when is the transit that impacts on my Virgo stellium?
    By the way you said earlier in year that those with a lot of Virgo would have health issues around now and I’ve had one thing after another! All minor but I was prepared at least
    Thank you again.

    1. I’m sorry you have had health issues. Heavily Virgo people have Saturn and Neptune opposite their Sixth House of wellbeing now. It does not last. Chiron is in Aries at the moment; when he moves to Taurus you will have a perfect trine to all your Virgo factors and find that what you assumed was a chronic problem, can be fixed. Maybe more than one. So that’s 2026. Second half of the 2020s could amaze you with all the things you never thought would happen with mind, body and spirit actually happening.

  90. Hi Jessica & team, thanks for always amazing site !!! Beacon of hope & imagination and positivity in these uncertain times.
    Chiron always fascinates me, being discovered in my birth year – and I certainly have always, alwaya had eclectic but passionate musical tastes !!! Classical, Latin American, disco, rock, punk, medieval, sacred (different cultures), alternative, britpop, folk and sometimes country. (am assuming my Chiron relates to love of music)?
    Appearance wise, I forgot to utilise Jupiter in Aries – but am much, much more comfortable in my skin. I guess that helps in perimenopause.
    Jessica, thank you so much for all your hard work for us subscribers. It really does feel so wonderful to have this place here to connect – hopefully I master Saturn over my MC! P Xx

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. Chiron was indeed a music teacher, so you are picking that up. If you were born in 1977 then he was born, along with you.

  91. Hi Jessica: thanks so much for this article! Truly one of a kind. I am late to the party here but curious about Chiron at 10 cancer in my birth chart. I do see the presence of my mother, and motherly figures who have poured inspiration and resources in my life, my (healthy) inclination for my hometown (motherland!) and culture. Interestingly I have Uranus at 9 Capricorn, opposite Chiron (keeping 1 degree orb). I have a stellium in Capricorn. I do see the conflicting aspects as they reflect in my work on environmental and climate policies – global vs local vs national. I tend to screen work / academic opportunities that are biased in either one category. How do these placements influence the role of Chiron in my chart? What would you advise I keep in mind as I look at these opposing factors? You had earlier described my chart as strongly Piscean. Thanks a ton again if you are able to go over my query! All best wishes, N

    1. Thank you. Chiron in Cancer in the Fourth House in opposition to Uranus in Capricorn in the Tenth House is unusual. Every time you see what you can get away with, in terms of your mother and your motherland, you have an inner conflict. Capricorn-Cancer polarity is always about the gap between your ambition for yourself, professionally, academically and socially – and where you come from. It’s dormant but whenever you have transits to 9 Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries the opposition will be triggered. The next time this happens is when the South Node moves to 9 Libra and North Node moves to 9 Aries. This will create a Grand Cross and likely, a choice about your home town, homeland, parents, family versus moving on up/going higher. That’s July 2024.

  92. Hi Jessica,

    Great blog article! Got me thinking about my chiron. I have 4 degree Chiron in a Leo 12th house stellium (chiron, jupiter, mercury, venus, vesta, ops, cupido, psyche). Could you help me understand this placement and how it may manifest in my life? Thank you in advance.

    1. Your Leo stellium is in the Fifth House in the Natural House System. The Fifth House rules courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren and young adults. You may or may not become a parent, or be in a relationship/marriage all the time, but you regularly have quite dramatic episodes involving the above. So looking at my files I can find unwanted pregnancy; high-profile godchildren (or godchildren from high-profile families), on-again and off-again relationships, dramas with former lovers and the police, sagas worthy of Coronation Street or Eastenders with girlfriends and wives and so on. Chiron is about seeing what you can get away with.

  93. Hi Jessica,
    I was wondering if time of birth makes a difference. Example, if time of birth is.between 7 & 8 AM and between 7 & 8 PM?
    I had generated 2 separate birth charts from a different site a few years ago and I chose the one that made more sense to me.
    As the oldest child of 8, I’m sure my mother remembers the hour (AM or PM) and date of birth but not the exact minutes or seconds.

    1. Yes, the time of birth is crucial in astrology. For example you can go between one zodiac sign for the Moon, Ascendant, Descendant, Immum Coeli (IC) and Midheaven (MC) and another. If you don’t know, then the whole chart will work, but leave out those factors as they will very likely have the wrong degree, if not the wrong sign. Slower moving planets like Pluto are far more likely to be correct.

  94. Hi Jessica, thank you for being so generous here. I think I asked this question before but that I didn’t phrase it well. What does having Chiron in Pisces mean in terms of getting away with the impossible? Thank you Jessica.

    1. Looking at my files for people with Chiron in Pisces in the Twelfth House, I find them getting away with the so-called impossible, unthinkable, outrageous – with religion, spirituality, counselling, self-help, therapy, hypnosis, dreams, astral travel, the chakras, the aura, mediumship, channelling, Tarot, the I-Ching, sleep – and so on. If you think about your life, even since you were a little girl, you will realise that you have always been trying to see what you can pull off, even if others think it’s out of the question.

  95. Hi Jessica, I have Chiron in Leo in the 8th house. I also have a Leo stellium in the 9th house. I can see how I have an influence and teacher in things like manifestation, astrology, human design and inspiring people. However I don’t understand how chiron affects my 8th house in relationship to my stellium?

    1. That’s because you have Chiron in Leo in the Fifth House, not the Eighth House. You are Queen to a younger court. It’s quite common to have a Queen’s name, too, with such a big Leo presence in the chart, we tend to get lots of Marys, Annes and so on. You are here to rule, guide, mentor, tutor, teach and show the way to not just one young generation but two or three. Chiron was in fact a foster figure to those he mentored and the idea of ‘fostering’ talent or ability is very close to the Fifth House. It will all be pretty obvious to you when Jupiter goes into Leo, so 2026 will find you really accepting the throne and sceptre.

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