Astrology Delivery in November, December

Astrology Delivery is a new way of getting what you want using the world's oldest timing system.

What is Astrology Delivery?

Astrology Delivery will get you some or all of what you want, by a due date. It may even give you more than you asked for. 

All you have to do is book on the right dates, by writing your wish list in a journal or notebook. For the best results, draw a Tarot card every time to show you the gateway to what you want.

Astrology Delivery uses the world’s oldest timing system. Your horoscope.

Did You Book in October?

If you booked back in October, you are already seeing the start of results. Don’t forget to continue booking on November 12th, 13th or 14th. December 5th. December 10th or 11th. Your final delivery is December 29th.

Famous Examples

Famous people got what they wanted on the right dates in their astrology cycles. Former President Barack Obama was inaugurated twice. Taylor Swift scooped the MTV Awards. David and Victoria Beckham married. Prince William and Kate married.

They all have a great sense of natural timing. (We don’t know if they hired an astrologer.)

Astrology Delivery finds similar success dates for you and gives you a way to book what you want.

Manifesting? The Secret?

Readers have told me that The Secret, Cosmic Ordering, The Law of Attraction or Manifesting have been hit and miss for them. They also see these books given away in charity shops. 

The best way to test Astrology Delivery is for yourself, though. You can start now. I’m inviting you to try booking in November and December 2023 for delivery in 2024 – in two areas of your life.

New To Astrology Delivery?

You can catch up with the original Astrology Delivery feature here.

In any single month, there will be two areas of your life which can deliver for you, based on your Sun Sign.

Book, or make a wish list, in your journal on the given dates. To increase your chances, use your natural sixth sense and draw a Tarot card to show you the gateway to getting what you want – every time you book.

For the best results, use Pink Noise on headphones for ten minutes on every Tarot session, before you draw a card, to increase your Extra Sensory Perception.  Just one Tarot card will show you the path to follow, or obstacle to overcome – until the next booking date.


UNSPLASH SURFACE 1024x683 - Astrology Delivery in November, December

New Booking for Astrology Delivery in November

A new booking window also opens in November, as Sagittarius Season arrives. Here’s the potential for delivery: Your final delivery date is 7th February 2024.

  • Aries: Foreigners, foreign places, the web, academia, publishing
  • Taurus: Money, business, property, charity, shares, shopping, sales
  • Gemini: Marriage, engagement, separation, dating, partnership
  • Cancer: Lifestyle, health, work, wellbeing, study, housework
  • Leo: Children, new lovers, sex in a partnership, babies, teenagers, young adults
  • Virgo: House, garden, apartment, household, family, town
  • Libra: Brothers, sisters, cousins, media, internet, short journeys
  • Scorpio: Business, charity, banking, saving, property, investments
  • Sagittarius: Image, profile, appearance, title, reputation
  • Capricorn: Spirit, soul, therapy, counselling, psychic ability, God
  • Aquarius: Friends, social life, social media, groups, networks
  • Pisces: Success, career, academic career, status, achievement.

Which New Dates to Book?

You will be booking what you want, from the above area, eight times. You’ll add to your original wish list every time and deleting what just arrived. So, you are making a journal entry on eight different pages, drawing a different Tarot card on every occasion to show you the gateway.

Saturday 11th November 2023: Mercury in Sagittarius
Wednesday 15th or Thursday 16th November 2023: Moon in Sagittarius
Thursday 23rd November 2023: Sun in Sagittarius
Saturday 25th November 2023: Mars in Sagittarius
Sunday 26th November 2023: Ceres in Sagittarius
Tuesday 12th  or Wednesday 13th December 2023: Moon in Sagittarius
Saturday 30th December: Venus in Sagittarius
Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th or Wednesday 10th January 2024: Moon in Sagittarius.

Your final due date for delivery is 7th February 2024. 


iga palacz uHlChMfA2ms unsplash 1024x683 - Astrology Delivery in November, December

Astrology Delivery December

Capricorn Weather for booking, begins on December 2nd 2023 with Mercury in Capricorn and on December 23rd with the Sun in Capricorn.

We then go into 2024 for more bookings and delivery. This is a long process. Pluto is a slow-moving planet. If you follow the steps, 2024 will change your life! Your booking choices are:

  • Taurus: Foreigners, foreign places, the web, academia, publishing
  • Gemini: Money, business, property, charity, shares, shopping, sales
  • Cancer: Marriage, engagement, separation, divorce, dating, partnerships of all kinds
  • Leo: Lifestyle, health, work, wellbeing, study, housework
  • Virgo: Children, new lovers, sex in a partnership, babies, teenagers, young adults
  • Libra: House, garden, apartment, household, family, town
  • Scorpio: Brothers, sisters, cousins, media, internet, short journeys
  • Sagittarius: Business, charity, banking, saving, property, investments
  • Capricorn: Image, profile, appearance, title, reputation
  • Aquarius: Spirit, soul, therapy, counselling, psychic ability, God
  • Pisces: Friends, social life, social media, groups, networks
  • Aries: Success, status, career, business, academia, High Society, vocation.


The Booking Dates for Capricorn Weather in 2023-2024

2nd December 2023
Mercury in Capricorn

14th or 15th December 2023
Moon in Capricorn

23rd December 2023
Sun in Capricorn

5th January 2024
Mars in Capricorn
11th January 2024
New Moon in Capricorn
15th January 2024
Mercury in Capricorn
24th January 2024
Venus in Capricorn
8th February 2024
Ceres in Capricorn
21st July 2024
Full Moon in Capricorn
3rd September 2024
Pluto in Capricorn
12th November 2024
Venus in Capricorn

Final delivery for this year by December 7th 2024. You will have delivery throughout this eleven month period. This is a long process and it will transform your life for the better.

What is Double Delivery?

Double Delivery is when your Sun Sign Chart (used here) also called your Solar Chart, tallies with your Natal Chart, also called your Birth Chart.

Not every sign has double delivery.

Double Delivery for Sagittarius Weather (top of the page) can happen for these signs:

Gemini – If you have factors in Libra, your Seventh House of partnerships can deliver twice.
Scorpio – If you have factors in Taurus, your Second House of money can deliver twice.
Sagittarius – If you have factors in Aries, your First House of image can deliver twice.
Capricorn – If you have factors in Pisces, your Twelfth House of soul and spirit can deliver twice.

Double Delivery for Capricorn Weather (above) can happen for these signs:

Aries – Double Delivery of success if you have Capricorn factors in your birth chart.
Cancer – Double Delivery with partners if you have Libra factors in your birth chart.
Sagittarius – Double Delivery with finance if you have Taurus factors in your birth chart.
Aquarius – Double delivery with spirituality if you have Pisces factors in your birth chart.

Inspiration From Famous People

None of these people, below, used astrology that we know. Astrology just happened for them. But, using this same principle, you can organise astrology delivery in  November and December 2023.

Taylor Swift Makes History with Nine Wins at MTV Video Music Awards

taylorswift vmas 300x169 - Astrology Delivery in November, December

September 12th, 2023 – Ascendant lined up at 15 Gemini, Jupiter lined up at 15 Taurus.

Are you a Sagittarius like Taylor Swift? In 2023, you’ve been in a peak career cycle with Jupiter in Taurus.

Kate Middleton Marries Prince William

April 29th, 2011 – Vulcano lined up at 21 Cancer, Jupiter lined up at 21 Aries.

If you are a Capricorn, you were in the same lucky property and family cycle as Kate Middleton back in 2011. Aries rules houses, apartments and households in the Capricorn chart. Kate got her delivery on April 29th, 2011.

Lionel Messi Wins His Sixth Ballon d’Or

b9bd2850 1550 11ea bd76 99d2b78db8ac 300x190 - Astrology Delivery in November, December

December 2nd, 2019 – Jupiter lined up at 29 Sagittarius, The MC lined up at 29 Sagittarius.

If you are a Cancerian like Lionel Messi, then 2019 may have been your big work year. Sagittarius rules career in the Cancer chart.

Johnny Depp Wins His Lawsuit Against Amber Heard

Sometimes what you want from Astrology Delivery is justice or a victory. Johnny Depp won his lawsuit against Amber Heard when power planet Pluto hit in Capricorn, which for Gemini rules the law, money and divorce.

June 1st, 2022 – Pluto lines up at 28 Capricorn, Minerva lines up at 28 Capricorn.

HRH 228x300 - Astrology Delivery in November, December

Queen Elizabeth Coronation

If you are a Taurus, look at the Astrology Delivery for your fellow Taurus Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation. Libra rules the Taurus career. Leo rules the Taurus property and family. It all came together for her on a fated day.

June 2nd, 1953 – Neptune lined up at 21 Libra, Pluto lined up at 21 Leo.


Barack Obama inaugurated as President for his First Term

barack obama 1174489 1280 scaled 1 300x199 - Astrology Delivery in November, DecemberAre you a Leo like former president Barack Obama? He was inaugurated in 2009 and again in 2013 and both times he hit a Pluto (power) cycle in the Leo work sector, ruled by Capricorn. Maybe you did too.

January 20th, 2009 – Pluto lined up at 1 Capricorn, Mercury lined up at 1 Capricorn


Barack Obama inaugurated as President for 2nd Term

January 21st, 2013 – Saturn lined up at 10 Scorpio, Pluto lined up at 10 Capricorn

This was really fated for Obama as Scorpio rules property and family in the Leo chart (the White House) and Capricorn, again, shows power through career.

Oprah Winfrey wins Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement Award

January 7th, 2018 – Jupiter lined up at 17 Scorpio, Mars lined up at 17 Scorpio. Are you an Aquarian like Oprah Winfrey? She achieved an Astrology Delivery with her Golden Globe in 2018.

You are using the same timing in astrology for your booking and delivery, that worked for Michelle Obama, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga on key days in their lives.

Becoming by Michelle Obama - Astrology Delivery in November, DecemberJanuary 26th 2020: Michelle Obama wins a Grammy for the best spoken word album. She’s a Capricorn woman. On the day she wins, Neptune is at 16 Pisces in her internet, publishing and media zone, lined up with the Moon at 16 Aquarius.

November 12th 2021: Britney Spears wins financial freedom as a US judge ends her conservatorship. She’s a Sagittarius woman. On the day she wins, Pluto is at 24 Capricorn in her money zone and the Moon is at 24 Aquarius, lined up.

February 25th 2019: Lady Gaga makes history at the 2019 Oscars, becoming the first person to have won an Oscar, Grammy, BAFTA and Golden Globe within a single year. She’s an Aries woman with the South Node at 24 Capricorn in her success zone, lined up with Venus at 24 Capricorn. It’s possible that these women had an astrologer, but we don’t know that. We do know they timed it right.

Leonardo Di Caprio and Volodymyr Zelensky

Astrology delivered for Leonardo Di Caprio, a Scorpio, when he won an Oscar for Best Actor on February 28th 2016. Uranus was in his work zone and lined up with the Moon. Perfect timing.

Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky became Time Person of the Year on 7th December 2022. Zelensky, an Aquarius, had an exact line-up in his success zone that day with the South Node.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

This is a marriage which has lasted over 20 years and given the Beckhams business success and a happy family. Their wedding took place on 4th July 1999.

Astrology Delivery can work for couples even if they are different signs. David is a Taurus. Victoria is an Aries.

Saturn was at 14 Taurus, the North Node was at 14 Leo and the South Node at 14 Aquarius on the big day. That’s an extremely rare line-up. We don’t know if the Beckhams consulted an astrologer, but for David this was about reputation (Taurus) status (Aquarius) and family (Leo).

For Victoria it was about money (Taurus) as well as the bedroom – and children (Leo).

Their timing was immaculate. This famous front cover in OK! magazine tells the rest. In fact, the wedding itself delivered immediate results, thanks to the payment for a world exclusive.

Your Feedback is Welcome

Astrology Delivery is my next book, after The Astrology and Tarot Birthday Book (Running Press/Hachette USA). Please let me know your results in Comments as this will help my research. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a booking date?

Keep going. Your results won’t be as successful but you will still get some of what you want.

What is the astrological basis for Astrology Delivery?

It is based on transits of stelliums to your solar chart and any parallels in your natal chart.

What is the science behind Pink Noise?

The University of Edinburgh and University of Adelaide are just two institutions focussed on Ganzfeld research into Extra-Sensory Perception of E.S.P.

I took part in this myself when I was studying parapsychology at the University of Tasmania. The research has been successfully proving E.S.P. since 1974.

The best results for E.S.P. are achieved when hearing pink noise through headphones, which is why you should play this for ten minutes prior to drawing a Tarot card. Eyes closed is best.

What Is the Science Behind Astrology Delivery Results?

Most leading scientists support the idea of Many Worlds or a Multiverse. Another way of describing this is, many parallel universes which co-exist.

This is not science fiction. It’s science fact, proven by quantum physics.

There are many explanations for this. As an astrologer, I believe Professor Max Tegmark has the answer. He is famous for his theory of a reality based on measuring numbers. His Mathematical Universe Hypothesis.

This is exactly what astrology is. There are many worlds. You are in Astrology World at the moment, reading this – and so am I. So are millions of people who visit this website every year.

Astrology Delivery works because we’ve landed in this particular world. One of many.

This is my next book after The Astrology and Tarot Birthday Book (with Rachel Wells) published by Hachette USA/Running Press in 2024.

I’d welcome your results to help research for the new book. Please add them in Comments.










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256 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    You are a magician and an angelic light for me. THANK YOU for sharing your insights and keeping your audience alive!

    I have been following every listed step on every date for the October Scorpio delivery, including pulling a tarot card on each listed date. Pink Noise is playing as I physically write my wish list and pull my tarot cards. All my letters are dated and sealed in envelopes ready to be opened on December 29th. I have even created and printed out visual boards to place into the envelopes as mentioned on your blog. I have faith that my October Scorpio wishes are on their way and I’ll let you know the outcome.

    In 2017, after 28 years working for the one brand, I left my dream job, at my dream company hoping to achieve my ultimate career goal. My dream has always been to live overseas working for a leading online global company spearheading a large creative team. My WISH is to find the RIGHT brand that resonates with my creative vision, working alongside a strong executive team and learning from like minded leadership team. I want to feel excited about my career. I have consulted and freelanced for several English and European brands over the past 4-5 years. One in particular I adored and feel connected to. I interviewed twice with the brand and have met the GMs and the wider creative team.

    The past 6 years have been incredibly difficult as I have lived abroad for a period of 2-3 years trying to make my dream come true until Covid struck and I was forced to return to Australia. I have invested a lot of time and money and taken enormous risks to make my dream come true. Lots of tears shed and experienced trauma as I felt I had made many mistakes along the way.

    The past 12 weeks have been the extremely difficult emotionally, physically and mentally. I abruptly left my job in September and I am currently freelancing looking for my new career opportunity. Of course, my dream is to work abroad in a foreign country with foreign people creating leading content that is published online.

    The November Sagittarius booking window is CRITICAL as it links with the October Scorpio booking and then threads into the December Capricorn booking window. Money, foreign places and career success.


    Are there any further suggestions you can give me when WRITING my November booking on the listed dates. Would it help if I created a visual board, a job description, a org chart of the team etc ?

    Would it help if I wrote my WISH list on a world map in the Northern Hemisphere?

    This November booking is critical and I am frightened If I make an error for this booking period then I’ll need to wait another 12 months.

    What career opportunities can you foresee in the near future for me and what are the signs that will let me know when my dream job comes along? When do you think I will get my next career opportinity?

    Much appreciated, Kindest

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Aries you used October to book for finance, charity, property and business. You can continue booking in November and adjust your list to include your career. A world map and vision board would help you focus; why not try them? You are using Scorpio weather in your Eighth House of banking, shares, companies, possessions, legacies, wills, mortgages and so on. In November you will be booking with foreign people and places in mind; the worldwide web; publishing. The biggest window for your career does not start until December, though, so check back for an update on that on this website, closer to the time. If you are a member of Meetups Astrology and Tarot you can also join us on the Zoom this weekend where I will take everybody through Astrology Delivery booking for November and December.

  2. Hi Jessica , thank you so much Jessica for explaining the November Astrology delivery. I have been doing the October delivery and will keep you posted on the outcome. My question is that as a Leo, November is to do with children etc .. does that mean I can ask for delivery for things for my young adult children in any area please ? Thank you.

    1. Thank you for trying Astrology Delivery. You have started the October process of booking for Leo and have written down your goals and wishes for your house, apartment, household, family, town and country. Now that November is here, your booking is certainly for your young adult children and so you can make a start with your wish list, on the dates in question, with an outcome at the very latest by next year. Please tell me what happens.

  3. Hello Jessica,

    I have been your reader since 2017 when I actually hit rock bottom. I truly appreciate the work you do as it iwas a huge help during my journey of hardship.

    My date of birth is July 7, 1980. I would like to know what is in store for me. Is there possibility to find love of my life , to have kids as I never married and no children. Now that I have a job but it’s just enough for my everyday living. I have been dreaming of enough savings to support my mother of her needs,. I want to travel too and just to enjoy to pamper myself hopefully witn a partner.

    Thanks and more power to you!


    1. Thank you Charlotte. We all know what it’s like to be at rock bottom so I am glad astrology and perhaps the Tarot has helped you. You are 43 and want to marry and have children. You will be offered a financial and sexual relationship at any point from January 2024 and perhaps more than one, as this new Pluto cycle lasts for 20 years. Before you commit, have a lawyer look over the agreement in writing as Pluto can bring issues about who or what is in control. This new cycle is Pluto in the Eighth House. Travel is more challenging in 2023, 2024, 2025 but not impossible. It’s just not the total escape from reality you have been looking for.

  4. I’ve been booking since Oct. 11th and I have to tell you, my journey with Astrology Delivery has been incredible, Jessica. I began with one thing in mind and have slowly ended up with another. I guess the universe had other plans…
    I find myself getting to know a kind, gentle, and generous soul since early October. For the first time in 7 years, I’m hopeful for what may come. Our synastry is off the charts, and the twists and turns you speak of above are aplenty. I’m wondering if there are any indicators of how this could unfold? Regardless, I haven’t been this excited for the future in a long, long time. Thanks for another amazing article!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo so have been booking about a house, apartment, household and home. You are wondering if you and your new friend/lover/potential lover could live together? Yes of course. Keep booking. Please tell me what happens by the final due date, 29th December.

  5. Hi Jessica! I’m listening to your podcast and since my birthday is the 3rd of Nov and my my sun is 10degres in Scorpio in my birthchart, you mentioned that particular degree during that day in the podcast so I just wondered if you could give me some update on that ? How it will effect me? It’s great listening to you!

    1. Happy birthday, belatedly. It’s now 14th November and so I’m a little late to your question. Far more important is Juno at 23 Taurus. April and May 2024 will bring a financial, business, property or charity commitment. Likely, a duo. Juno was Jupiter’s wife in mythology and Jupiter is on that degree and sign, in Taurus, in your Second House. Should be nicely abundant.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    I am excited to be working with this technique. Do you recommend we only do it for our sun sign, or our rising sign as well?
    Thank you so much.

  7. Hey! Thank you, again. I did this last month, on both dates you suggested. I really like doing this. I have a question regarding this… lately I’ve been thinking I should change my career. My love and passion, and what I live for, is writing. You know, being an author. However, I’ve struggled for years, barely making it by, even though I’ve had some bestsellers in the past. Those bestsellers kept me going for a long time. The career I had that kept me financially stable was Sports Therapy. I dislike doing Sports Therapy because it burns me out and my heart isn’t in it anymore. But I was successful for 20 years, helping many people, and making a lot of money in the process. I’m thinking about going back to Sports Therapy, or if a miracle happens with my 2 book launches in November, God willing, I can stay with writing. So, with this November Delivery, do I focus on perhaps potential ‘divorce’ for my writing career? Or, just stick with the obvious partnership, relationship stuff with my wife? Again, thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Gemini and of course this sign rules writing. You want to further your career as a writer. Use December to book for finance and business and include making a living from what you like, which is writing. Or just having enough money to write full-time from other sources. You’re a month early but I’ll be going through the December dates on the two Zoom sessions this weekend.

  8. Thank you for your “reminder” posts!
    I’m following the steps you listed here in the hopes that I will be able to change my job and shift my career into a new direction.

    Do you have any suggestions from what you see in my chart? Anything else that I should do?
    Thanks again!

    1. Your timing is right with the Sun in Aquarius. The Scorpio weather is rolling on as you read this and it will conclude on 29th December +/- 24 hours depending on your time zone. Something I’m reading from people who are booking Astrology Delivery is worth mentioning. If there is anybody or anything which would stop you from obtaining what you wrote down, then even if plans have been laid down, there may be a u-turn or reversal; possibly carried out by you. If that happens, think about the realities of 2024 and you will soon see that if you had continued with this arrangement it would not have given you what you wanted. This isn’t happening to everybody, just a few readers. Perhaps it won’t happen to you at all but do be aware of it.

  9. Hi Jessica, i have started booking too and i love the process, some unexpected thoughts get onto the pages! Will keep you posted on the outcome. two questions: you have pisces twice for the november booking dates, does that mean that i keep going for the first focus and add the second one or is it something else? the second one relates to the november horoscope forecast: you make reference to a book or text in my library where some of the extracts are taken from and were predicted many years ago. I can’t locate the book/article your are referring too, can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

    1. Yes, you keep going with the first booking and start the second one in the same month. This is because there is an overlap of Scorpio weather and Sagittarius weather. The books I’ve referenced are Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins) and 2020 Vision (Penguin).

  10. I am a sagittarius sun, title is one of the things I can book for in November. can that title be Mrs if I want a specific partner? Do you see a relationship in my future I’m getting divorced right now after 16 years.

    1. You are a Sagittarius Sun with a Libra stellium and will have the opportunity to marry your second husband starting in May 2024 and lasting until June 2025. Jupiter will transit your solar Seventh House of engagement and at the same time, trine your natal Seventh House stellium.

  11. Hello,
    Interestingly enough I’ve been dreaming of a day I’m confident within myself to share my view on every living and the similarities between finance & spirituality. Consequently activates my sun, moon, ascendant and a little of Pisces. Born so close to midday and the date line may cause a little overlap.
    (Pisces has been excluded, is this intentional or spirit sending a message?)
    Thank you

  12. It is a great honor for me to receive an answer from you as you are very famous. I I suddenly get tears in my eyes while reading your response. Thanks so much for your kindness Jessica you have a big heart. I have been watching your interviews on This Morning Channel the woman who predicted Corona Virus, ITV news, Studio 10.

    Yes, your tarot it’s really helped me a lot with long patience and faith. I remember when you pulled out the Ace Pentacles that you predicted for December 21, 2020, I received Christmas gift in kind, the Six of Pentacles @ Jessica Adams Aries weather on YouTube dated April 9, 2021, in that picture I am the “receiver” as I my previous German employer that I worked with back in 2006 to 2008, he lent his hand as for emergency assistance that happened exactly new moon in Taurus of May12 2021, and the Emperor in the Conscious Cafe segment on April 8, 2021 you nailed it. I got hired in the middle of May 2021 by my foreigner employer, French whom I am currently working with him right now but most of the time he’s away. We’re working through internet for 18 months now.

    Thank you very much Jessica, I truly admire you for your gifts and talent please take care of yourself always. You’re my inspiration during my agony. I thought it’s endless . But I guess timing is everything.

    Respectfully yours,


    1. Charlotte, tears in your eyes? That must mean your spirit guides are reading with you. Thank you for your comments, it’s very kind of you to say. I am glad the Tarot predicted your new job with a French employer, Charlotte.

  13. Hi Jessica I have been diligently following the October delivery for house & apartment etc and have drawn some interesting tarot cards. I’ll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile I’m now about to start my November delivery for children, teenagers etc. I wonder can I ask for things like my son gets his visa, my daughter gets into her chosen college and my husband gets his work permit? If so do I draw a card for each one since they are different or just one card overall? Also planning ahead for December which for me a Leo is covering health, routine I intend to ask the planets to help me finally lose those last 20 pounds as I also have Jupiter in my 6th house it’s the perfect time to finally do it. Can I also ask for help with surgery scars or is this more of an image booking for later? Thank you for everything I check for new comments everyday and have become quite obsessed with your website!

    1. Thank you. Yes of course, if your son wants a visa, your daughter needs college admission – that fits. You can write whatever you want. And yes, plan ahead for December as a Sun Leo to lose 20 pounds in weight and get rid of your surgery scars. The way it works is, you will get some or all of what you want, so you may as well fill the journal with a long list every time. You draw one Tarot card on every booking date you see. It will be a different card every time – usually. You then add to your booking from the last time or change it. You can also make a completely new booking (or list) as you go along. It’s a process.

  14. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for another lovely post. I am a Scorpio sun and I have read all the articles, I am in the spotlight now and is very difficult, my image, profile due to my professional role and my desire to get a promotion at the beginning of next year and I am quite curious what will happen until end of December when Venus also exits Scorpio. I really worked and added a lot of effort in my current job and hope at least to get a salary increase if not a change of role. Best regards

    1. Thank you. Sure. Did you start booking in October? If so you have a few more dates to book, to complete the process of Astrology Delivery. In terms of a new job and more money, the financial weather is right to book for you, from December onwards with delivery in 2024.

  15. Hi Jessica
    As a Sun Sagittarius, I have experienced first hand that the Astrology Delivery method works after being blessed with the opportunity to attend the various Astrology meetups you organised in October, which proved helpful beyond measure in assisting me with managing my anxiety challenges (12th House).
    I’m ‘planning ahead’ for a new job title (1st House) in the November Astrology Delivery period, which is a timely segue to ‘plan ahead’ for a substantial pay increase (2nd House) during the December Astrology Delivery period. Would you be kind enough to share your thoughts on if and/or how you foresee the above deliveries coming to fruition for me in the coming months please.
    Much obliged for your guidance.

    1. Thank you so much. And thank you for the champagne, which was enjoyed when the manuscript for the new book was handed in. You’d like a new job title (First House) and pay rise (Second House) so how do things look? Pretty good. You will have a double delivery with your profile, which includes a new business card and title on the web, so you could squeeze a new job request into that. You have an Aries stellium in your First House of image which is where we currently find Chiron and the North Node, right through 2024 as well. Your Sagittarius booking window in November is also for your First House. You have your MC in Taurus so if your birth time is strictly accurate, you can also have double delivery on more money, commencing booking in December.

  16. Hello Jessica!

    Thank you for such an informative zoom session. You have a wonderful way of imparting your vast knowledge – I always come away having learned so much in such a short period of time. I am especially grateful for the ability to book astrology delivery in November. As a Taurus – you’re right – my finances are especially important to me. Having had an unpaid position for seven years, time is of the essence to find meaningful and gainful employment (although it currently appears my age is working against me and my years of experience often overlooked). Oh – I drew the Ace of Wands first followed by Justice.

    It is the Pluto in Capricorn December astrology booking where I am having difficulty. I am confused as to what this means to me – other than – although I have no formal education/degree – I have the intelligence but not the formal education to back it up. At my age – going back to school – for what? for how long? to what end? How do foreigners fit into this? Yes – everything seems lost in translation to me. And to add confusion to my already confused state, I drew the three of pentacles. Yes. I laughed.

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. November is ideal for you to make a booking about your finances. The Ace of Wands is your gateway. This will be a big idea, plan or proposal which appears to you or somebody else. So this may make you money if you plant it, or the other person may hire you and pay you to get involved with it. Those are two possibilities among many. Don’t worry about your age. The next booking window is what you want. Foreign travel? A qualification? Remember, this is a rehearsal. You may have a much clearer idea of what you want in December.

  17. Hi @Jessica – how will the double delivery work for me as a Sagittarius with Jupiter and Hygeia both in Taurus – could I win the lottery? or get a promotion at work so I get a salary increase?

    1. Yes, you could win the lottery or obtain a salary increase. You have Double Delivery, because between now and May 2023, transiting Jupiter and Uranus are both in your natal Second House of finance, property, charity, valuables and business. At the same time, you are in the booking window for a financial wish list, as you know – starting in December 2023.

  18. Dear Jessica and Alicia, thank you for the zoom. The capricorn weather particularly fascinates me with such a big line up of planets in Capricorn from December. Is this unusual with pluto exiting the sign in 2024? I am curious how plutos initial entry into aquarius will affect me particularly in 2024 because im a sun capricorn with stelliums in both capricorn and aquarius (as well as libra). Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you for coming along to the Zoom; it was good to see people there from as far away as Finland. The line-up in Capricorn is not that unusual, but the long final stretch into 2024 (with so many opportunities for booking delivery) is rare. If you are a Sun Capricorn then Pluto in Aquarius is about finance and you would begin booking for that in January, February 2024. You have Mars in Taurus so will have a double delivery.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I have a question for this period. I have some emergency house issues and I am having to borrow money on the house. I am wondering if this is a safe thing to do according to my horoscope and whether there may be more money coming soon in my job?

    I’m hoping my money outlook looks good. What do you think?

    Thanks Kara

    1. You are a Sun Taurus woman, Kara, with a stellium in Taurus in your finance zone. Follow the steps in November as the outlook is positive; Jupiter is in Taurus, in your finance zone, until May next year and he is a symbol of opportunity, solutions and fulfilment.

  20. hello Jessica, in my current situation looks like the world reversed upside down. I feel like I’m most unluckiest person in the world. since the 2022 May my both parents died, one after another I felt like life is just a punishment for I did nothing wrong. even before their death there was unimaginable hardship in my life. i have no idea how I still can do my everyday routine. my psychological status is a battle for survival. will I get any good in my misarable life. I was born January 17th, 1972. I would be grateful for your help.

    1. I am so sorry your parents have both passed to spirit. If it is any comfort they are still here, but in their own time and space, which is different to ours. There is no death of the soul or consciousness; it goes on. The reasons for parents passing like that are complicated but it is never a punishment. It sounds as if you are living with depression and if you have not already seen a doctor, then you should. Depression is an illness like any other. The Beyond Blue website is excellent here. You are actually about to start the best cycle of the year for helping yourself. The Sagittarius Weather is coming and you can begin booking in just a few days; follow the steps. If you do want to relaunch yourself in 2024 then you are also in the right cycle for that; you can begin booking for that in December 2023.

  21. Hi Jessica, I began this in October but missed a session on Oct 24th, does this matter? Can i do anything to make up for the lost time per se? I also was booking in something income-related – and as someone else said here, its funny as that particular outcome is now impossible, so will need to be tweaked – for bigger and better things I hope.
    The things I desperately want to attract are income, job / finances / property – all 2nd house things – but also a family (child). For 3rd house bookings I’m wondering if there are other things that can help prop this up without being directly related to siblings / short journeys etc that would make sense.

    1. Good point. You can miss a booking window and just continue. It won’t be as successful as following the steps, but you will still get some of what you want. You are a Sun Libra so your booking window for money opened in October as you know. You’ll continue by writing a new list, or changing the previous list, on the next dates: Moon in Scorpio Sunday 12th November, Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th 2023 (just choose one of those dates) then – Moon in Scorpio Sunday 10th or choose Monday 11th December 2023, followed by another booking when Venus enters Scorpio Tuesday 5th December. December 29th 2023 is your final delivery. This is all Second House weather in your solar chart. You also want to become a mother. That booking is January-February 2024. I’ll talk more about that next year or you can order a 2024 Personal Report and all the information you need about booking and delivery for 2024-2025 will be in there. Please let me know when you get some or all of what you want with money. This is in your hands, though, as you are drawing the Tarot card every time to show you the gateway and then acting on it. If it’s any comfort, a reader who is also Sun Libra just had a very quick outcome with money. Her husband had a large pay rise.

  22. Hi Jessica
    I was unable to attend the live on Saturday but just watching it back now, when you say booking is this like writing a wish list of things you’d like to see turn up in your reality? Do I go ahead and write out my list now or wait until the actual date you’ve mentioned?
    I didn’t realise about your booking system until today but even so I actually received the deed of waiver the final piece of paperwork that my home is finally in my sole name, such a coincidence.
    Can you see love or career opportunities in the future?
    Many thanks for your wonderful work, I just love what you do and follow all your articles I just wish I understood how to figure out all the houses and what to expect for my sun sign.

    1. The Zoom was a rehearsal for booking in November, which does not start until this Saturday 11th November, with the first window for Sagittarius weather. You are a Sun Leo so can book for courtship; the bedroom; pregnancy; babies; infants; schoolchildren; teenagers; young adults. Wait until Saturday 11th November then make a booking in your journal – that is when you write your wish list. What just happened with your home shows you how astrology works even when you are not using it. You are a Leo, you have Scorpio weather cycles in your property zone and voila, you finally have the paperwork to prove your place, is your own place. The love opportunity you want is days away. Just follow the steps. You will get some or all of what you want by the due date, February 7th 2024. Your career booking window opens in December. Please let me know when you get delivery as this will help the new book I am writing. Thank you.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    I have a question regarding astrology delivery for November for me, please.

    I’m a sun cancer so It’ll be in my 6th house. I’m looking for a full time job and will start booking as per the dates you mentioned.
    I just need a clarification please, does work and professional fall in the 6th or 10th house? Isn’t 10th house also about profession?
    Also a silly question 🙂 How long do we have to play the pink noise for before we pick the tarot card?
    Thank you very much 🙂

    1. Thanks MG. Good question about the Sixth House and Tenth House. What’s the difference? The Sixth House is about work, in the service of other people; doing your duty. You can do this and be President of the US. Barack Obama is a good example. The Sixth House is about the interaction between your mental health, physical health and your tasks. The daily routine of chores and micro-jobs has a direct impact on your body. So taxi drivers can have back issues and footballers can have ankle problems. The Sixth House is about the whole of being fit to work, happy to work and actually working. This also applies to housework, walking the dog and study. The Tenth House is the peak of your achievements; towering ambitions to get to the top of your chosen field and achieve high status. Both the Sixth House and Tenth House are about jobs, but there is a difference in approach. Finally, you play pink noise for ten minutes before choosing a Tarot card. These aren’t silly questions, they help me refine this book I’m writing. Let me know when you get your job.

  24. Jessica,I’m Sun Virgo. Stelliums; Leo 8, and 4 each, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio.
    * Want to write helpful pieces (free for underprivileged) Practical life steps. Reframing. Poverty starts in the mind.
    *Should it a book (for sale to everyone else as income for me?)
    * Serialised in newspaper?
    *Excites me most currently, is to submit thought provoking pieces to broadsheets – several almost complete, obsolete social norms that no longer serve, blindly followed,
    *. Frozen by fear of rejection. I want to bite bullet
    * I’d love to travel from country to country. I can write anywhere
    *I’m stagnating here
    *Recently had breast cancer. Operation went v. Well, had course of Radiation. Final follow-up on 11th or 15th Nov.
    *Worried about heart. Onve valve with 3 flaps, 1 of which not opening properly. Small polyps in lung. Can I stop worrying?
    *Have sleep apneoa. Use CPAP. Trying to get drivers licence back. Will this happen soon.
    * Dieting. Will I manage to get to BMI weight and maintain?Sorry for so many questions. Hope you can shed some light for me. Many thanks. Marjorie.

    1. Thank you Marjorie. You are coming up to Sagittarius weather which, for you as a Virgo, is really about your home life; town or city; house or apartment; family or household. Your next booking window is Capricorn weather which is about courtship, the bedroom and the next younger generations. Your wishes are travel, writing and your health. Congratulations on doing so well through your breast cancer. Yet, you still have body priorities including being too fat and having sleep issues. Okay, so you need to wait until 2024 to book for career or unpaid work. Similarly for health. Your booking windows are soon for health; January and February 2024. You would lose all the weight next year in stages and of course this helps with your heart and snoring. This same cycle (Aquarius weather) is about your working life. So you are in luck; you are intuitively already thinking about these matters and January-February 2024 is the window. All these dates are in your 2024 Virgo Report and these go on sale from 1st December.

  25. Hi Jessica

    I am Aries Sun and have North Node 11 degrees Capricorn + Cupido 17 degrees Capricorn

    Can I include Capricorn North Node with Double Delivery?

    Is one planet in Capricorn enough to give me the magical Double Delivery?

    South Node and North Nodes are hardly discussed or mentioned and I was hoping to understand how they play in our birth chart.

    The Capricorn booking weather is what I have been patiently waiting for as I am looking for my next career challenge.

    Thank you

    1. Yes, just one or two factors in Capricorn will give you double delivery. That includes the nodes. What is happening is that as an Aries Sun you have Capricorn weather through your solar Tenth House of career, success, status, ambition and peak achievement. In your natal chart, there will also be conjunctions to your natal North Node at 11 Capricorn and Cupido at 17 Capricorn. 2024 could see a big hit for you; a prestigious new hire; a leap up the social ladder. The rest is up to you and your Tarot readings, but it looks good. (You can find out more about the nodes in your online library or on Search).

  26. Jessica,I’m Sun Virgo. Stelliums; Leo 8, and 4 each, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio.
    * Want to write helpful pieces (free for underprivileged) Practical life steps. Reframing. Poverty starts in the mind.
    *Should it a book (for sale to everyone else as income for me?)
    * Serialised in newspaper?
    *Excites me most currently, is to submit thought provoking pieces to broadsheets – several almost complete, obsolete social norms that no longer serve, blindly followed,
    *. Frozen by fear of rejection. I want to bite bullet
    * I’d love to travel from country to country. I can write anywhere
    *I’m stagnating here
    *Recently had breast cancer. Operation went v. Well, had course of Radiation. Final follow-up on 11th or 15th Nov.
    *Worried about heart. Onve valve with 3 flaps, 1 of which not opening properly. Small polyps in lung. Can I stop worrying?
    *Have sleep apneoa. Use CPAP. Trying to get drivers licence back. Will this happen soon.
    * Dieting. Will I manage to get to BMI weight and maintain?Sorry for so many questions. Hope you can shed some light for me. Many thanks. Marjorie.

    1. Thanks Marjorie. This all sounds like Virgo to me, as writing (to earn money) is a Virgo matter and so is your breast cancer recovery, heart and weight issues. You do in fact have a strong Virgo signature in your chart. If you are a writer you should be on Substack. You offer your work free to read, but can also offer subscriptions once you are established. You will improve your health slowly and steadily, November 2023 to May 2024 as transiting Jupiter makes a series of terrific trines to Virgo in your chart. You will continue to heal and you will also lose weight. In fact there may be some people on Substack you can compare notes with.

  27. Grazie mille Jessica !!! No words can describe how I feel about your sincere, kind words and wisdom to help all of us evolve x

  28. will jupiter in the 7th also trine my venus in aquarius and is that a positive aspect as well, sorry still trying to figure out this astrology stuff.

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius so in May, June 2024 Jupiter in his new sign of Gemini will transit your solar Seventh House but also trine your Venus in Aquarius in the Eleventh House. So there is an opportunity for a sexual relationship with a friend who is part of a wider group.

  29. Hi Jessica, I have been reading for awhile now. Last week I dreamt of a man I have never met, in the dream we seemed to be playfully laying in bed and cleaning the hair of brushes.

    The next day, I got a friend request randomly on social and I swore the outline of this man is the same as the man in my dream. I have been in a 10 year relationship and my boyfriend has told me he has no timeline to propose or get married. Is there something going in my chart? This all feels too familiar.

    1. Thank you. Cleaning hair brushes is interesting symbolism and then the man doing the cleaning just turned up. Perhaps you could tell him about the dream and see what he says?

  30. Hello Jessica!

    Gemini Sun here, and I have begun this astrology delivery technique and wanted to report sofar: I found the tarot most useful in honing my focus. I drew the swords card with the refugee fleeing in a boat. I relate very strongly to the concept of a blank canvas up ahead for my health as I have been living with chronic fatigue for a long time which of course is both symptomatic of some conditions in the work I was doing and is part of a two way dialogue between mind and body. Thus I have discovered tools for both mental and physical wellbeing, where I’m at, including pacing. The whole time I’ve been suffering this I have been wondering if/ when it will be behind me, and my daily capacity and fitness restored. So naturally when learning this news from you that in October there’s a window to book for opportunities of the sixth house, as a Gemini, it’s worth some serious attention.

    Focussing on that blank canvas up ahead as potential to begin anew, and also having a radical acceptance and wisdom of all that this difficult era has taught me about myself, my daemons, enemies I didn’t know I’d had and talents too, and my tenacity to flee to freedom and safety – I feel I’m realigning internally to a state of mental and physical reintegration. Also I have been taking a powerful ancient herb, Don Quai, also known as Angelica, for the last month and it’s been a game changer. It’s name translates literally to return to natural good state. So, that’s fitting the timing allright !
    Thanks so much. And I’m looking forward to the new book!
    Kind regards, Kate.

    1. Thank you Kate. I am sorry you have chronic fatigue. October began a booking window for your health, which continues in November and will offer final results by the end of December. I’m glad that Don Quai (Angelica) has been a game-changer. So you are making progress. The Six of Swords shows travel or relocation. That’s not happened yet, but you are certainly getting an outcome with your ancient herb.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for this article. I’ve been working on astrology delivery since October and am really looking forward to continuing this. Thank you so much for your guidance.

    I was wondering if I could bother you with a quick question about double delivery please? As a Cancer sun, I have the opportunity for double delivery using my natal placements in Libra. However, some of those placements are pretty tough, such as Saturn and Pluto. What could I expect from using double delivery with natal planets like these?

    I’ll keep you posted on any astrology delivery results!

    Thank you again for your help.

    1. You are a Cancer Sun person who has Capricorn weather in your Seventh House of partners coming up, from December. You can have Double Delivery with your stellium in Libra also in the Seventh House, natally. Yes, even with Saturn and Pluto in Libra too. There is a positive side to every planet. Saturn helps you accept structure and Pluto empowers you. Please do let me know your results by 2024.

  32. Ok. I am going to try this starting November 11. I didn’t do the October bookings and missed the zoom (I will look for the recording) but I will definitely try this. I just wish mine was second house delivery but can 6th house lifestyle include a financially comfortable and secure lifestyle (my chart finds these things pretty important, lol) ? I am wondering if you have (in my case) a Virgo stellium whether you may also have double delivery for that 6th house factor and if you have exact points that are hit in your chart whether that may possibly be more impactive? Thank you for all of the information!

    1. As a Sun Cancer woman you can book for Sagittarius weather in your Sixth House, which of course includes paid work and a comfortable lifestyle. That starts in days and delivery of some or all of what you want (and maybe more than you asked for) will appear by 2024. The Virgo stellium won’t actually offer Double Delivery, but what will happen is that December-January will see a series of trines from Capricorn transits to your Virgo factors which will definitely help your natal Sixth House too. Thank you.

  33. Thank you for your fascinating article. I followed your instructions and asked about my life/work currently and got the 3 of pentacles. On the booking dates I got the Ace of Pentacles and the Ace of Cups. This all feels very positive work wise I hope I am reading this correctly and I wait to see.

    Two questions. In November I want to ask for the right network to help me with my son – will that fit the opportunity? My son’s mental health is at rock bottom. His birth details 10th January 1999, at 7.03pm in Basingstoke, UK. We have been trying to help him battle for 5 years now. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for him? It’s devastating to see him so low.

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Aquarius you will turn the corner in May and June 2024 with your son. The best cycle in 12 years is coming. Jupiter goes into your Fifth House of children. Jupiter is a symbol of solutions. It also works for him; same timing. He is a Capricorn and in May and June, Jupiter goes into Gemini (with other Gemini factors) and into his Sixth House of mental health. Deep breath, because this is an incredible opportunity. This current Astrology Delivery trial is only for Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn cycles – so not that – but I will list all the booking and delivery dates for these other Gemini cycles in the 2024 Year Ahead Forecast which goes out on New Year’s Eve. On quite another note, I am sure you all know about the use of psychedelics for depression.

  34. Thank you so much for your kind reply. It gives me a lot of hope seeing how both our astrologies are lined up to improve at the same time. It would be fantastic to see him move on at last. I don’t know much about psychedelics but will look into it for him.
    I look forward to your New Year’s article and continuing to use the Astro Delivery opportunities as you suggest. Thank you again – I really appreciate it.

    1. Yes, both your astrology cycles and those of your son, tally. That gives you a fantastic booking window next year. You can start finding out more about the new psychedelic treatments for depression, this week, though. It occurred to me to tell you, because I walked past a poster advertising a talk on the same, from a touring professor.

  35. Dear Jessica,
    Substacke video will be drawing so many to your content, especially if it is about Astrology delivery.

    I keep seeing Page of pentacles and ten of cups… nothing so far.
    Virgo stellium, Natal Jupiter 28 degrees Sagittarius.

    Trying to work on stocks, jobs and getting published in statistics day and night.

    Wishing you and your team an amazing rest of the week

  36. Do we book on Sunday, November 26 or Monday, November 27? You have “Monday, November 26”, which is a Sunday.

  37. Hi Jessica, I am grateful to you and Alicia for having an event video for those of us that missed magic live. I unfortunately had a family emergency. I asked the Tarot how successful I would be on the astro delivery for November and December for myself and my Leo sun husband that has a ton of Capricorn factors. The card pulled is the Tower. I just started to cry. I don’t know how I feel about this. In all my years of pulling Tarot for myself, I’ve never pulled that card. I realized that my husband excepted his current disaster of a job a week before Mercury retrograde. It would never be a success and now this new job has made him physically ill. So should I look at the Tower as being a positive thing? In order to make way for the new, the tower must come down? I am trying not to panic, but we are in a bit of an upheaval as he has requested that if he can be on my insurance so he can resign. It is that bad that he is willing to leave this job without anything lined up. Something he has never done before 38 plus years of work. If you have any time, I hope you will be able to respond to this comment. I am so going to read through the other 60 plus comments to see if any insight can help me there as well. Thank you for everything you do.

    1. I’m sorry you missed the Zoom event. You may want to do this again as you need to follow the steps. You draw one card for every booking. And you only draw it on the dates supplied. So you’ve been too early and you’ve also drawn one card for two months. You were probably not focussed because of your family emergency. So take a deep breath and try again. The Tower was correct but it was showing you, your family emergency. You were just seeing the present. Just to be perfectly clear again. – You are a Leo. Your booking window for November is about courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, infants, children, teenagers and young adults. This may be a younger woman you have come to think of as a friend who has a son to whom you are a godparent, for example. The booking dates are:

      Saturday 11th November 2023: Mercury in Sagittarius
      Wednesday 15th or Thursday 16th November 2023: Moon in Sagittarius
      Thursday 23rd November 2023: Sun in Sagittarius
      Saturday 25th November 2023: Mars in Sagittarius
      Monday 26th November 2023: Ceres in Sagittarius
      Tuesday 12th or Wednesday 13th December 2023: Moon in Sagittarius
      Saturday 30th December: Venus in Sagittarius
      Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th or Wednesday 10th January 2024: Moon in Sagittarius.
      Your final date for delivery is 7th February 2024.

  38. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for Astrology delivery, I’m totally hooked.
    Ive started booking in October and am beginning to see the results slowly:)

    I have a few questions, please.
    1. Once we make a list of what we want to be delivered, why are we repeating it 8 times on different dates?
    2. Also do we have to write down all the things on the wish list again on the 8 different dates mentioned?
    3. When I pull out a tarot, what if I cannot decipher what the message is for me in regard to the delivery? My question before pulling out a card is ‘what is the gateway to getting this wish.’
    4. Could you also explain why the Capricorn booking dates are all longest and are through the entire year.
    5. Is it possible to book for someone else based on their sun sign. (as in for a partner who doesn’t believe in astrology )
    Many thanks

    1. Thanks MG. Yes, people are starting to report good progress with their October booking. Lots of little things happening around the same time. Why do you repeat the booking? Because you are using the ingress or entry of a new planet, into the same sign. When you write down your first list, just add to it, cross out parts of it and change the booking, on every date. Lots of people do this because they start to get what they want. The Tarot will show you the gateway through to what you want, or the obstacle on the path to cross – until the next date. The Capricorn booking dates are longest because Pluto is the slowest-moving planet in astrology and he is in Capricorn. Can you book for someone else? You could try. See what happens next year with his or her delivery.

    2. Thank you for these questions. I’ll answer them (many people have asked similar things) at The Astrology Collective Zoom event in May 2024, including more on the journal, asking for others, and using the Tarot.

  39. Hi. Aries sun and I’ve been following the dates for booking for financial security for myself over the October dates. I can see for the next booking window it’s about foreigners and publishing. What sort of things could I be asking for? I’ve just had a relationship with a foreigner come to an abrupt end and sadly I have no idea why. I know none of the booking windows for me talk about relationships but are they intertwined into what we ask for or can they be? I just want answers and to be able to move on.

    1. I am sorry you had a break-up. We are in November now so yes, you are booking for foreign people and places as a Sun Aries woman. What you want is up to you. It’s not a partnership window, though; it’s a travel (or travel in the mind) booking. It also embraces the worldwide web, publishing and academia.

  40. Just popping in to say the I love reading everyone’s comments. It really shows how connected you are to your readers, Jessica, and they to you.

    1. Aren’t you nice. Thank you. I do consider readers supply the other half of any feature article; I’m really lucky to have such incredible people stopping by to take the trouble to write.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    I am bit confused of booking dates, started in October. As Sun Taurus October is for partnership, November for finance and December for foreign countries.

    Well, my goal is relocate with nice job. Shall I pull one card for October on November 11th and another for November same day? Or one card for my whole goal?

    Funny thing is that I just got job in healthcare in my home country, I am a business woman and want to relocate to my mentalhome and get nice work within business.

    In October I have pulled Queen of cups, The Magician, The Chariot. My intuition tells this means I need to use my intuition, I have already all capabilities needed and relocation.

    Now I will go on pulling tarot next Monday.

    I have good feeling for next year.

    Thank you as always,


    1. Thanks Jaana. You are correct with your list of bookings for Taurus. Just follow the steps. Use the dates, draw one card on every date, write in your journal, use the card for guidance, and then repeat on the next date. By now you will see how this works. It’s November, finance and property booking month – and you just got a job in health care in your own country. The Chariot shows you going between two cities or countries. So it’s working.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Apologies for going off topic. I am finally getting the courage up to get on a plane and have a holiday ( its nearly 4 years). My question is around Covid and safe travel.
    I remember in a previous blog/s that you mentioned 2024 to be a better option for travel. Is this still the case? I am still a little nervy and would like to remain free from covid. My plans were for February 2024.
    Many thanks as always for your assistance

    1. Covid does not go away (in other words, become properly controlled by governments) for some years. I don’t see a chart here so can’t comment on your personal risks, which are shown by Virgo factors in the Sixth House of health. However, I can tell you the pandemic is still present and that’s why you would be wearing your N95 mask, maybe taking a portable HEPA filter on the plane to plug into your laptop, and boarding as late as you can so you are not hanging around the airport. The best sources for Covid safety are the professionals on Twitter so start there.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    I’m just starting this, and an wondering as a Leo sun when can I book a new modern luxury home?

    1. If you are starting on 9th November I am afraid you are too late; you should have started the process in October to see results by 29th December. You can do this again next year, though, once again beginning in October.

  44. Jessica, your gifted insights is very much appreciated.♥️

    I’m Pisces(sun), Cancer, Scorpio(moon). I don’t quite understand how double bookings work ?

    Thank you, Julie

    1. I am afraid I don’t see your birth chart here so I can’t help you with double delivery questions. Thanks Julie.

  45. Hi Jessica which signs get double delivery for October delivery (with final delivery by 29th Dec) please? Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Leo so if you booked for your house, garden, apartment, town, region, country, family, household in October, then there is no double delivery. However, you will get some or all of what you want, if you keep going. In November (now) you have a window open for courtship, the bedroom, babies, infants, schoolchildren and young adults. There is no double delivery for that either. In December it’s about health and work. Again, no double delivery for Leo. However, in January 2024, the window opens for partnerships. You will get double delivery then if you have anything in Libra in your natal chart. You have a huge stellium there. You can book for, say, marriage or a work partnership. For amicable separation if you need it or resolution of partnership issues.

  46. Hi Jessica. I’m a huge fan, thanks so much for your efforts.

    I just came back from a job interview, which unfortunately I don’t think went very well. I’m feeling so stuck in my career.

    I am also struggling in my love life. I have been single for a decade now. I dated a guy who seemed promising a while last year and into the spring, and while he made a brief reemergence in my life in august/september, I had to end it because he wasn’t able to commit in the way I needed him to.

    When will things look up for me? Hoping for some uplifting news! (On another note, your predictions regarding a huge home-upgrade for me this year really has been spot on. Keep up the good work!)

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad you had your huge home upgrade as the astrology predicted. Your career is ruled by Aries in your solar chart, as you are a Sun Cancer woman. Love is ruled by Capricorn. I am not surprised you feel stuck in your career as you have Chiron transiting in Aries at the moment as well as the North Node. The former inclines you to experiment to see what you can get away with and the latter brings repetition and deja vu. So one half of you wants to think outside the box, professionally, while another half has to go through rather stuck cycles. This does end; use March and April 2024 to set goals, when you have Aries weather on side. Even sooner than that, although this is about work, not necessarily ambitious career climbing, do use the Sagittarius weather of November (starts soon) to book what you want from your daily life. You will get some or all of what you want by next year and it could easily be a new job. For love, book in December. You are coming out of the most challenging relationship cycle in 248 years. It began in 2008 with Pluto going into Capricorn and your Seventh House of partnership. It ends next year. Use December to book what you want. By next year, you will have some or all of it. Maybe more than you asked for. Just follow the steps.

  47. Oh my goodness, many thanks Jessica for clarifying. I will indeed re-watch the video as you are spot on again. I was so distressed that I half listened. Lesson learned and thank you. Actually I am the Cancer sun, my husband is the Leo sun. I have booked these dates into my calendar. I will not miss this opportunity this time.

  48. Hi Jessica,

    I am watching the Zoom recording for this post. I am a sun Capricorn and for some reason I thought there would be double delivery for Capricorn during Capricorn weather, but this post says double delivery for Capricorn’s during Sagittarius weather?? Is that right? Is double delivery meaning for the same subject or 2 different areas? Finally, is the only delivery for Capricorns next year about image? Was hoping for other things like home, money, job etc??


    1. As a Sun Capricorn, keeping it simple GV, you book for Twelfth House matters (spirituality, therapy, religion, Tarot) in November on Sagittarius Weather. In December, you book for First House matters (image, profile, reputation) in Capricorn Weather. There is only double delivery if you have Pisces factors in your chart (Twelfth House) and Aries factors in your chart (First House). There are booking windows for everything in 2024, including home, money, career – but they do not begin until January. This is a trial period of testing which is free to use. To have Astrology Delivery for 2024-2025 you will need to purchase a personal report. These go on sale from December. Thank you.

  49. Hi Jessica! Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us, I feel privileged to have been blessed with your presence through very tough years in the last decade, yes almost a decade of worshipping you for your divine(no other words for it) guidance.

    This November booking comes at an uncanny time when I am hoping to sell an apartment, though not getting a good offer yet, as also buying an apartment in another city soon. December is foreign places. I am tempted to go on a long cruise in Jan with my Leo son but a bit uncertain about it. I have been told to start chronicling my travels, I am not disciplined enough to write and journal regularly even though I love to write when I do.

    I have a heart condition and am hoping to book something to pray for healing, when that transit comes up next year.

    Can I book for my Leo special needs son too though he’s a young adult?

    Always grateful for all light

    1. Thank you; that’s the most elaborate compliment I am going to see today! You are a Leo who wants to sell your apartment and buy another so you are in a good booking window, assuming you started in October. Just keep going and you will have some or all of what you want by 29th December. Your new booking window is for children, so of course you can book for your Leo special needs son. And you can start booking for healing in December, which is your health window. And off you go…

  50. I’m not sure I had much luck with the first round (October) but I don’t think I was approaching it in the right way. I drew the cards and then just left it there …
    However, I am focusing VERY much on this 7th house cycle for me as a Gemini. 🙂
    My question is: with regards to double delivery (and I have my MC at 9 Libra and Aesculapia at 8 Libra) are there particular or additional dates I should be booking delivery? Or do I just get an extra boost?!
    Many thanks!

    1. Good question. No, double delivery will just happen anyway. You are a Sun Gemini who has a booking window for partnership. You also have Libra factors in your birth chart, in the same zone – partnership. Just follow the steps and you will have some or all of what you want by 2024.

  51. Thank you. I am excited to see the bookings for 2024. I think I am slowing figuring this out. Going on when all the transits are happening in a specific house, use that house, and its meaning to book for those things until all of the transits through that house have been complete.

    I have been studying this all day, writing the final dates in for October booking and getting all my dates marked in my planner for Nov and Dec bookings.

    I do have Pisces factors so yay for double booking. But what exactly does that mean?? That I get double the power for the booking? I am not booking for two different things at once right? Sorry I am really trying to work all of this out in my mind and not bother you, I just want to make sure I am doing things correctly.


    1. Thank you. Double Delivery is when you have cycles in your solar chart that line up with cycles in your natal chart. So you are a Sun Capricorn who booked for her social life in October; spirituality in November; will book for your image in December. That’s Eleventh House, Twelfth House and First House. Yes, if you have Pisces factors then you also have transits in your natal Twelfth House at the same time. (Neptune and Saturn at there) so – it’s Double Delivery.

  52. Hi Jessica thank you for your reply please can you tell me is there double delivery for Aries in October by any chance? My husband is Aries. Thanks

    1. The October weather for Aries was about money. There would have been double delivery for your husband if he had anything in Taurus.

  53. Many thanks for your response Jessica to my Covid / travel question. Please take this as a sign of respect that I believe in checking in with you before taking a risk. I will definitely have a N95 mask on and I like your idea about leaving departure as late as I can, Very good tip.
    I have Mercury in my Sixth house, no Virgo factors. So my fingers are crossed and I will do all the right things.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. You are protecting others from Long Covid and death with your N95 mask. I know it sounds like a lot of trouble to go to with tests at both ends, boarding late and the rest but this is still the same disabling and deadly virus it ever was. Nothing has changed. Have a safe trip.

  54. Hi Jessica,

    Im absolutely in awe and super grateful as always :)! Your articles are simply gold.. they h ave helped me , helped me help my clients , Always showing so much light in the bleakest moments! I always wonder … does she ever sleep? Just bought your Modern Astrology 2050 amazing insights .. can wait for the new book releases in 2024!

    I’ve just jumped on the manifesting wheel now… My Cancer sun & Stellium are looking forward to a more balanced work life equation, some weightloss and fitness goals as well as losing the fatigue that trails me…My Sag moon does not approve.. Nor my Gemini stellium…Im not encouraging my Leo Stellium to loll about… :)!
    I drew the 4 of wands . I do live with my family and I do work online on several platforms around the world… so would welcome your insights. Will keep you posted on what manifests.
    Thanks again for all you are and all you do.


    1. Thank you Kimberley, it’s very kind of you to say. I hope you are on the path to what you want from your lifestyle, work and health now. The gateway is the couple in the card with the circle of friends and family behind them. That’s just for now – on the next date, you will draw anothe card and find another gateway, or obstacle to break through. This is Sagittarius weather which will deliver next year.

  55. Thank you so much for bringing a different perspective on astrology delivery. In fact, before I read your article, I made wishes every month on the new moon. Some wishes came true, but some did not. After reading your article, I was more than happy to try the method you taught to find the differences between the two methods. But I missed the October delivery on Capricorn, can I still do it now? This is my first question.
    Today I tried to make a wish related to the spirit, soul, therapy and psychic ability, and drew the Emperor card. May I ask how I should interpret the meaning of what this Emperor card is telling me? This is the second question.
    The third question I would like to ask is that Capricorn is having a double delivery, is it? I don’t quite understand the meaning of double delivery, does it mean I can make 2 wishes about the 12 house area? Please forgive me if I was wrong.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. You are too late for the Scorpio weather which began in October. So – that Tarot card won’t really have worked for you. Did you start Sagittarius weather booking? No matter if not, you can start in December with an image, title, appearance relaunch to put you in control in 2024. Just follow the steps. Use every date, draw on Tarot card to guide you, write it down in your journal and expect some or all of what you want next year.

  56. Hey Jessica! I’m really excited to do this experiment. I went to put the dates in my calendar for reminders and I realized that the December booking dates are not the the same between this blog post and the one where you introduced the concept. The delivery date for December in this entry is listed at November 12, 2024. On the other blog entry it is February 23rd, 2024. I feel like I might be missing something?

    1. My apologies. The first feature showed short-term Capricorn weather results. This feature shows long-term results for the whole of 2024, for people who want really big goals, like losing a lot of weight, for example, or repaying a large debt.

      The Capricorn weather booking and delivery dates are as follows; I will replace the original dates in the first story. What you will find is that you get some or all of what you want, in a gradual way, throughout December 2023 and all of 2024. So, if you were trying to make $1 million for example, it would be incremental. Please let me know your results next year. Thank you.

      2nd December
      2nd December – Mercury in Capricorn
      14th or 15th December – Moon in Capricorn
      23rd December – Sun in Capricorn
      5th January 2024 – Mars in Capricorn
      11th of January – New Moon in Capricorn
      15th January – Mercury in Capricorn
      24th January – Venus in Capricorn
      8th February – Ceres in Capricorn
      21st July – Full Moon in Capricorn
      3rd September – Pluto in Capricorn
      12th November – Venus in Capricorn
      Final delivery 7th December – Venus and Ceres exit Capricorn.

  57. Dear Jessica, at the zoom (thank you again and Alicia too), I asked tarot what pathway do I have to follow for better sleep and I got 9 of pentacles. Today I started the process again and referred to my notes and when I asked tarot the same question today I also got 9 of pentacles…..i know this process continues for the dates you gave at the zoom but I was wondering if you have any thoughts on this for me so far Jessica. Much appreciation for your response to me. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank you. The Nine of Pentacles shows you in the garden, relaxing, with the comfort of money. That’s how you get better sleep. Try to become the lady in the card. This may mean saving money (so you have more to go round) and walking in the local park, or if you are already well off, spending on leisure time in nature.

  58. Hi Jessica, I started the Sag weather booking today, and after picturing the goal of creating beautiful art that someone appreciates and wants to buy, I drew the Ace of Pentacles. It felt quite exciting, like a “go for it” response. What do you think? Ive roped in an old friend to do this with me and it’s good fun x Thanks

    1. That’s a good goal for a Sun Libra woman in this financially rewarding Scorpio weather. The Ace of Coins is a terrific card. There will be a lump sum on offer and that is your gateway. Thank you.

  59. Hi Jessica, I had some interesting results for my October Spirituality window, booking for a renewed sense of my connection to Source (I’d been feeling disconnected for some time). I had a very significant dream with a message about my ability to be psychic, and then I had an extraordinary day when several heart-shaped things kept blowing into my path, even a spring onion shaped like a heart turned up in my miso soup! I was on such a high. For my next booking window for status/title, starting today I pulled the Page of Swords. I asked the tarot to show me the gateway to a change in my status both in terms of my career, getting my writing recognized (I’ll be going on submission to agents for my first novel in the next few months), and longed-for movement in terms of my relationship status from being permanently single to one half of a recognized relationship. I’m not sure how to read the Page of Swords though… My feeling is that it’s telling me that change is already in the air, and to stand tall and proud of myself, ready to move and take action when I need to. Would you add anything to that understanding of the Page of Swords card in this context? Thanks!

    1. This is great feedback about your Astrology Delivery; thank you. And yes, as a Sun Sagittarius woman, your booking for title, image and profile starts today. You want to have your name in print and also want to be a Mrs rather than a Miss. The Page of Swords is your gateway; this is a younger action man. So, presumably, your next agent, or your next boyfriend.

  60. Hi Jessica!
    Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge with us, I’m loving this astro delivery stuff.
    A couple of months back, I had a dream about lucky numbers to use, for in the lottery etc. Not actual lotto numbers, but a combination of numbers to use, so I have been doing this, and have had a few small wins, which is awesome. I actually feel so strongly that something big is coming, I can’t explain it, I just strongly feel it in my bones haha.
    Being a sun Libra, I am using October booking to try to help improve my financial situation. I have used all the booking windows so far (bar the first one in October, I missed it), and will use either tomorrow (13) or Tuesday (14) for my next one and will add to my list. I don’t have any double delivery for Nov and Dec, but can you tell me if I have a double delivery by chance for October though please?
    Also, I have been single since 2010 when my marriage ended – I’ve had a couple of not so serious relationships, but I’m starting to feel ready now for the real thing again (I might be too old now though haha) – I think I have a booking window in either Jan or March to help with this don’t I?
    I never ordered an Astrology Report for this year, so can’t wait to order the 2024 one next month.
    Thanks again for all you do.

    1. Thank you. You are following all the right steps for money (as you are a Sun Libra woman) and only missed one, so you should be on track to get some or all of what you want if you keep going. You have stelliums in Scorpio and Taurus the money signs so you do in fact have Double Delivery. Your booking window for a new husband is April 2024. Thanks for your interest in a 2024 Astrology Report, that will be with you in December.

  61. Afternoon Jessica,

    I’m writing to you to ask a specific question about the delivery aspect of astrology bookings. Today (12/11/23) I did my 4th booking for wealth, property etc…I have been making bookings specifically about a house that is currently on the market that my husband and I would love to purchase, however, it’s exceedingly expensive and totally out of our current price range. It’s my dream home. Today when I posed the question, “show me who or what to overcome or who or what is my gateway everytime? the 4 of wands fell out of my deck while I was shuffling straight into my lap. I’m unsure how to interpret this card seeing as it’s a card of celebration? The house on the card looks uncannily similar to my dream house….I was quite excited to say the least. Then my husband received a phone call from his parents (not long after) announcing they have finally sold their house, after it being on the market for close to a year and to rip out the bubbly…..seriously?!

    Is the card that fell out today for me or them? Can the tarot work like that? At no point have my in-laws be part of my “bookings” I feel totally deflated now, I thought the card was about me and my husband…..

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra who has been booking for money and property since October. The Tarot told you accurately about your in-laws who just sold their house. That is them in the Tarot card. That is your gateway to the house you actually want, unless there is another twist, and for some reason that particular home is discounted until your next booking window.

  62. Hi Jessica, I am an unpublished writer of non fiction and poetry. I also paint but I’ve been focusing on knitting and my painting, drawing and writing have taken a back seat. My writing mentor has been waiting for me to submit some edited writing since 2021 and i just haven’t had the motivation to do so. What should I focus on? it would be great to be paid for any of the above work. And, I truly have a wanderlust personality and have a deep longing to live somewhere else. Europe or Asia are of great interest to me. Travelling clears my head and keeps me interested in life. What do you see as far as career and travel? My love life can wait because I don’t feel the need. I really don’t mind being single for now, and anyway, what will a new man in my life give me? If this happens great! But, It’s not urgent.

    1. You have the Sun in Leo so are entering your work booking period in December, as Capricorn weather begins. Capricorn rules your Sixth House of paid work, unpaid work and academia. Just follow the steps and begin then. Your travel booking window is April 2024.

  63. Hi Jessica- thank you so much for all your guidance.
    I’m a Sun Gemini and wanting a deeper connection and commitment with my partner. We’ve been living together for nearly six years and have come a very long way – a lot of highs and lows, and growth. But at this point we need to decide where we go from here, what sort of relationship we will have (my youngest who was living with us during this time has just flown the coup) – although I know what I want!
    I pulled Judgement.
    How should I interpret that – is it something I observe until the next booking period, or actively pursue?
    I’m still trying to work out this method although I think my psychic ability with tarot is often spot on!
    Many thanks!

    1. Judgement is your family and friends in the spirit world. This is your gateway until you take the next booking, about your partner. You need to appeal to them (perhaps a grandparent for example) to help. Every time you book, you draw a new card. The card sustains for that interval until the next booking, as this is a step-by-step process. Thank you for trying Astrology Delivery.

  64. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are keeping well. I am a Sun Sagittarius who wished for healing on a spiritual level starting in Oct as advised. I wanted to break free of a trauma bond, heal childhood emotional wounds and to break my connections to toxic guys and after the second booking date, very unexpectedly and quite unusually, two guys who were toxic got cut off from my life. I got strength as my first tarot, five of pentacles as my second and four of wands as my third. I’ve just done the fourth today and got the star. Does it mean that the breakthrough is never losing hope? The healing theme throughout the cards was significant. I understand image and status are my next bookings so I booked improvements to my professional, social and wealth statuses on Nov 11th. I got the nine of pentacles as the gateway. That is what I would like to be but I’m not quite sure what it means as the path to follow. Any insight would be much appreciated. Many thanks again.

    1. Thank you. That is very interesting about two toxic men being cut out of your life after you booked for healing. The Star is yourself with a group. Perhaps a support group? The Nine of Pentacles as a gateway card for image is a wealthy woman. So this is either you (spend the money on your appearance) or a well-off female who can help you.

  65. Hi Jessica,
    I started my astrology delivery for November & December booking for Sagittarius Season last night. I waited until everyone went to bed then I sat on the couch, with my legs up on an ottoman, and first wrote in my journal all my wishes & goals for Sun Sagittarius: Image, profile, appearance, title and reputation. I then put on my headphones and started listening to the soothing sounds of pink noise. I was a little startled when I realized that my mother (who passed away 19 January 2021) was to my left staring at me. I could feel a presence that I assumed was her. I said Hello to her and told her I loved and missed her very much….then I moved on to visualizing me walk on the beach in a light flowing white dress, sun warmth all around me and the feel of water and sand at my feet. All the while I was going through my mind all the goals and wishes I had for this booking. I was letting go of all the obstacles and old patterns that get in the way… and calling in the new for the things I want to accomplish in this Sagittarius Season. I felt lifted and happy as I sat there listening to the pink noise soothe me. At the end of the 10 mins I went to the Tarot on your website and pulled “The Five Of Cups” card. Once again I was a little startled looking at the man in a long black cloak looking down on 3 cups that had been knocked over. I am having a hard time figuring out how this pertains to me,…but I do believe that it’s motivating me to always look at the positives that are there, in front of me, even when life’s obstacles, disappointments and negative outcomes get in the way. Maybe I haven’t fully let go and grieved the loss of my Mother and it’s the worry that my 93 year old Dad could pass any day. Time is precious and in a fews days I’m traveling to spend the holiday Season with my Dad and family. I look forward to doing all 8 bookings to see what lies ahead for me with final delivery in February. Thank you so much!

    1. Amazing that your mother, in spirit, turned up. Pink noise can have such a powerful impact on your Extra Sensory Perception that this happens. I am glad you made contact with her. The Five of Cups is your obstacle to get over. You have correctly interpreted this. You are the figure in the dark cloak still mourning your mother. She is one of the cups on the ground. This may be why she also appeared. When the time is right you will take off the cloak and hood, be born again (your image) and take steps on a new journey, across the bridge to a new place in your life.

  66. Hi Jessica,

    I started yesterday as my first booking date for delivery on February 7th. I’m a Cancer.

    I believe that my Solar 6th House Sagittarius is asking of me to rise up to a greater possibility. The message it gives me is “Change yourself and change the world”.

    In preparation, I have taken a couple of hours each day to think about what all this means, listening to my favourite natural pink-noise provider: MyNoise. It’s my favourite because it reminds me of the ocean waves of my favorite beach.

    Solar 6th house Sagittarius fits in well with my writing activities and publishing aspirations, especially since two of them are self-help in relation to animal care (6th house) and ultimately, self-development through love (Sag/9th house), so my goals have been entirely focused on these.
    My Goals in Relation to the Booking and Delivery Dates:
    Quite broadly, my goals are publishing my books, and also to write another book related to my healing journey. I had started writing this book before and knew for a long time that I had to finish it but my fear of being in the public eye is great. Now I have decided to complete it by February 7th (besides other projects – one warning in my Tarot card is my tendency to take on too much…)
    However, the essence of my goals, as related to my Solar 6th house Sagittarius and the February 7th delivery date, are this:
    1. To Rise up to a greater possibility for myself, and therefore, even for ALL others… to change myself and through me, change the world.
    2. To rise above adversity through my work
    3. To have self-compassion – spend time thinking about and IMPLEMENTING what is worth my precious time and energy.
    4. My body in relation to 6th house Sagittarius:
    • Stop overeating – stop mistreating my body – stop self-harm through food
    • Stop over-doing things – to know that who I am, what I have done, what I have written, is “good enough”.
    • To use my body as a resource to achieve my goals, such as writing, creating
    • To acknowledge all the support I am receiving
    • And to know that I do not need to PERFORM to exist and be seen, that I work to help others through it.

    As a result of this, I have focused more on what my body can do and how it holds a space to care for others through the books that I am writing, have written and am publishing.
    I know that my body is a resource that is constant and has nothing to do with esthetics, but this is a challenge for me because I have had great beauty in my youth, but with a catch – that of visibly physical, emotional, social and ancestral scars. As I age, however, I have learned to accept my quirkiness and oddities, as well as the aging process with grace (now 67). I knew that writing and sharing this was the path of healing for me, but I procrastinated… I fear most of all isolation and being judged and have isolated myself, socially. I only allow my children in. Your post on Chiron reminded me my responsibility to deal with this now.

    Self-publishing and marketing goals without money is not for the faint at heart because you absolutely have to do everything, including all designs, websites, formatting, editing… everything, so it came as no surprise that I had been procrastinating for a good while, knowing full well how much work it will entail, even AFTER publishing, but I also lacked some self-confidence, doubting the value of my work, my writing, and my abilities. Also, I am not surrounded by people who lift me up, and I do not have people in my family in my home country as support. I knew that I needed to create a space for myself, and people like myself, but, as I said before, I doubted myself.

    With the preamble done, it’s time to get to the point of this report: My translation of the essence of Solar 6th House Sagittarius and the Tarot Card picked
    Solar 6th House Sag:
    • Working hard to go public
    • To finally share my work with the world
    • To go wide, go large, and go deep
    • Not to skimp or save on quality
    • To be generous and CHARITABLE– and give away knowledge and whatever I can do to serve and educate the public, but also to donate some of the proceedings, if any.
    • That any products that I eventually sell must be organic, help others, be educational, or be ecologically sustainable
    Finally, I picked a Tarot card after listening to the Pink Noise, as instructed. I did mention before that I had been procrastinating for a long time and why. I want to mention that I am grateful for your post, which helped me get up and get to work, but it was a scramble to get most of the work done before the 11th.

    So I had a change of heart about publishing and decided to go big (there are ways of doing everything today with zero money, and I know how to do them, but it will be a huge effort).
    Another thing is that since I was in a race against time, I worked non-stop and with very few breaks to get through the publishing process (is not yet complete – still have a few more “to-do’s” on my list to contend with. This might require me to rewrite something, to edit images, to create a book cover for print, to edit the website, to create an author website, to create opt-in forms, to read and re-read the book, making changes along the way, so guess which card I picked?

    The 8 of Wands, reversed!

    The hindrance would then be the cost of being unprepared – perhaps even the cost of not having the money to hire people to do the work; overdoing it; not paying attention to the needs of my body (have arthritis and need to eat a certain way and exercise, for example); never good enough attitude; but also having a change of heart regarding my books and the value of my work for myself and for others.
    I spent all of last week making one of the books more accessible and fun to read (Sag/9th house), as well as clarified my goals for this and coming books (also Sag), quite possibly just as Mercury was crossing the cusp of my natal 9th house Sagittarius (the cusp of my Solar 6th), so thank you very much!
    If the card can be interpreted in other ways, I need help interpreting it. If it was off the mark, I should do the process again on November 15th or 16th, and pick a new card.

    1. Thank you. The most important thing here is the Tarot card. You can’t draw it reversed on my website, as the cards are only the right way up. So you must be using your own deck. Can I suggest you follow the instructions? The Golden Dawn, which Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite belonged to, only ever read the Tarot normally (not turning some cards upside-down). Try again on the next booking dates and keep going. You are obviously a writer, so the next steps will appear.

  67. Last month, I focused on my business with my Astrology Delivery. Got a card that essentially said relax. Been having a tough time with finances, so I took this very seriously. In that time, from then to now, I launched a book to success and launched a Kickstarter campaign to success, literally funding with five minutes left. Does this work? Definitely. But, for me, I had to work my tail off while focusing on Astrology Delivery and meditation and breathwork and taking the action steps for success. Astrology Delivery worked like a charm, put me on focus, kept me on track to what I needed to concentrate on, and delivered very well for me. Thank you!

    1. That’s great about getting funding for your Kickstarter campaign. Congratulations. I’m glad Astrology Delivery just delivered for you. Now for the next goal…

  68. Hi Jessica
    Im a Leo and did my next booking today for house and home delivery in Dec. I’m asking to refinance our house, be able to stop renting it out and live back there again, pay down the mortgage and pay off property taxes. So far I have pulled all cards that point to manifestation such as the magician, the ace of wands and ace of coins. I also pulled cards pointing to my Aries husband being involved or the gateway such the emperor and king of cups. Today I pulled the 5 of wands and don’t know how to interpret it as there are no conflicts or teams involved here. The only thing I can think of is that’s it giving me the Leo and Aries energy (myself and my husband) and Sagittarius for timing possibly or that 5 means change is coming soon and to be patient. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. You just drew a card about the future, so it’s not happened yet. That’s the simple answer. There will be a group at odds with itself, between now and the next time you book/draw a card. This will have an impact on your house, refinancing, renting, mortgage and property tax.

  69. Hi Jessica, just reread your astrological analysis for Ukraine posted in March 2022. It said that November 1st 2022 would be the very last point at which you would expect Putin to go down or to go out of the picture. Unfortunately, a quite different reality is emerging with this evil force taking advantage of the West’s hesitancy. What astrological shifts do you see happening, and how it will impact the world’s order, and Ukraine in particular? Thanks

    1. Thank you. Yes, November 1st 2023 was the latest point I predicted Vladimir Putin would go down or out of the picture. I believe the real Putin died some time ago. He may actually have passed from cancer on the dates I gave way back in March 2022; so June-August 2022, December 2022-January 2023, or September 20-November 1st. The actor who was used in June 2023 was of course at the heart of the Prigozhin rebellion and Kyiv saw that as the countdown to the end of ‘Putin’. Japanese AI analysis has found body doubles are in use, plural. Only two weeks ago Newsweek reported that Putin was dead according to Russian sources. I trust astrology more than I trust Kremlin propaganda. Back in July when President Joe Biden said ‘Putin’ and Russia had already lost the war on Ukraine he was right. And it’s happening with a fake/fakes at the helm.

  70. Hi Jessica, at the start of the year you kindly advised to look at my Taurus in Chiron placements as they relate to business opportunities corresponding with Jupiter in Taurus. Taurus in Chiron and Taurus in Jupiter just lined up for me and so I launched something I’ve been working on for a while. I asked the Tarot what will come of it and pulled the Three of Cups. The last paragraph gave me goosebumps: “The Romans associated Jupiter with the oak tree and the acorn. From little acorns, mighty oaks grow. There is a suggestion of this about the pumpkin that comes from the seed. To really work with the potential in this group, look at the Jupiter placements.” Wow. This same placement happens again in February, so I will keep working away. Thank you Jessica, your work amazes me.

    1. Thank you so much. The Three of Cups is a great card for success. And goosebumps is a sign that your spirit guide has stepped into your aura and is giving you ‘Yes.’

  71. Bonjour Jessica, I hope you are well! I was wondering if you please wouldn’t mind clarifying the process regarding the tarot cards. I started my first booking on 17 October for Cancer (to find/date a reliable long-term partner). I wrote a whole page of what I am looking for in this man. I listen to the pink noise every time I draw a card. On 17 October, I drew the Magician and you replied that this was the man I was “looking for”. Then I did other bookings on 23 & 24 October and 12, 13 and 14 November. However, after the Magician I got chronologically the King of cups, the Tower, the 5 of cups and today the 7 of wands. My question is: why do we need to keep drawing a card on each booking date if we got the card matching what we want on the first booking one (i.e. the Magician). Please ignore my comments if you have already replied/explained somewhere else. My question might be stupid though. Many thanks. Greetings from France!

    1. Thank you. You draw a card on every booking date to show you the next step (until the next card). It will either be a breakthrough or an obstacle to break through. It’s a good question. Way back on 17th October you were shown a man (The Magician) who was either the way to a partnership, or the barrier to a partnership. Only you will know who that was and what it mean to you. Anyway you are now moving on again to the next booking date and next card. Bon chance.

  72. Hi Jessica
    I have listened to pink music and write down my wishes to sell my apartment. The biggest problem is that nobody is interesting to look at it. But i am not giving up. the three cards for de tre dates 12,13, 14/11 that i received is . The tower. page of swords and eight of swords. Yes i am mental stuck for the moment, but how do you interpret this. Thanks for teaching.


    1. Thank you. Just choose one card on every date. Not three. You are also nowhere near the end of the delivery date yet; December 29th. So go back and follow the steps, Monica, for the next booking date. One card every time will show you the breakthrough or obstacle to break through to sell your apartment.

  73. JESSICA!!!

    I LOVE YOUR PLANETARY POSITION PAGE. What an amazing tool and I love that it is live.

    I just have one question, probably stupid, but I have to ask. So the planetary positions are according to UTC time. So Is there a way to set it to my local time? Or do I just do the math for how fast the planets move to subtract the degrees? okay 2 questions.


    1. GV there is no way to set the planetary positions to your local time, so just work with UTC and count backwards or forwards. Thank you.

  74. HI Jessica, love these articles about manifesting – I realised some time ago that some of the things I had imagined years ago had actually come true ….I remembered walking past a building and thinking I would like to work for that organisation and years later I did so I am a believer. This morning I was writing in my journal for the November delivery (I am Gemini 18th June 1956) and drew a Tarot – the first one didnt make any sense to me so I drew two more and I am still stumped as to the meaning. I am at a good place so am confused with what came up 1)Five of Coins 2) Hierophant 3) King of Wands. Could you give me a little bit of direction on them? The items for Gemini this month are (Marriage,engagement,separation,dating, partnership,) Thanks a million, Deirdre

    1. Deirdre, the Tarot talks about the future. So if a card stumps you, it is because that event is yet to happen. Go back and follow the steps. Just one card, on every date. Then wait. Thank you.

  75. Hi Jessica, just wanted to give you an update on my bookings. Both times delivery of some of my bookings has happened within 24 hours of the second booking even before the actual delivery dates in Dec and Feb. As a sun Sag, I just got offered a job as I have been desperately looking for work and wished for a positive change in professional and wealth status. In Oct, it was positive deliveries related to my mental health. I also have the transiting Sun conjunct my natal Saturn 22 Scorpio and my natal Sun 20 Sag conjunct the transiting Moon 20 Sag today so I’m not sure if that assisted in any way as well. Astrology Delivery is very interesting and fascinating. Thank you for teaching us about it. Much appreciated.

    1. This is great. I like the fast turnaround of your Astrology Delivery. You were offered a job. That’s amazing. You’ve also had progress with your health. Keep going…

  76. Hi Jessica! Are you supposed to only book about one thing? November for me is about Image, Profile, Appearance and Reputation. Can I book on both losing weight and being sought after for my expertise?

    1. You can book to lose weight. Let me know what happens by 2024 please, that’s your final delivery date. Being sought after for your expertise? Try ‘rebranding myself online to win opportunities.’

  77. Hi Jessica,
    Cancer sun, moon and rising here, booking for November deliveries. While I am booking for upgrade at work and lifestyle I drew on 5 of cups and 2 of cups on November 11 and today the 15th respectively. I got too emotional while I was reading the meaning of 2 of cups as I have been approved last year as eligible single mother for adoption and I am actually in the waiting list. I have no experience in tarot reading and I might be wrong but even though I loved the reading of 2 of cups (because it is what I am dreaming of) I wasn’t able to link it to work and career expectations. Am I wrong?

    1. Your timing is right for adoption but also other matters related to children. Love as well. The Two of Cups is you and a man meeting in the middle. It’s about motherhood, sex or asexual emotion. So that is your gateway until the next booking date.

  78. Good morning Jessica, thank you for replying to me last week, you are very kind and giving with your time to all your many readers and students. I continued with the process and question about improving my sleep. You are 100% correct (as always!) in your earlier response to me about my worrying about finances and would definitely like to improve them….! I asked tarot how do i improve my finances to get better sleep and got the temperance card today. This follows up from the 9 of pentacles I selected on the previous astrology delivery dates. Can you continue to guide me with your thoughts on this next card. I see it as being positive…? I have some investments that are very devalued since 2022 and hoping for them to improve! Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Yes, money worry is behind your sleep issues. You are on track to progress now with Astrology Delivery timing. You are asking the wrong question though. “How do I improve my finances?” is not going to get you results. “How do I get better sleep?” certainly will. You are a Sun Capricorn woman in Sagittarius weather which is about your good mental health. So do this again and ask the right question. You don’t actually have a booking window for finances until January-February 2024.

  79. Jessica, thank you for replying and your generosity with your time. Sorry to be a pain in the neck to clarify this….on each delivery date do I continue to ask tarot the same question..? and in my case it is “how do I get better sleep” for this astrology delivery. I asked this exact question again and I got the page of pentacles…..thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Yes, on every delivery date you ask the Tarot ‘What is the gateway or the obstacle to what I want?’ and that holds until the next date. The Page of Pentacles is telling you that better sleep is either obstructed by a man who is fixated on money, or a man who is fixated with money, is your gateway. So, for example, a sleep expert who wants to do well in his business. I strongly recommend you find Nick Littlehales online; his book is a bestseller. He may actually be your money man as he is a professional sleep consultant for Manchester United and other big teams including Olympics cyclists. He has a radical approach to sleep which may well fix you.

  80. Hi Jessica

    My sister purchased a one year membership for my birthday and it’s my first introduction to your astrology website. I have been doing the Scorpio delivery wish list and I have most recently commenced the Sagittarius delivery wish list. My sister has informed me that I have double delivery for the Sagittarius wish delivery.

    The last 6 years has been incredible difficult for me financially to say the least. A single parent with two young children and no financial support. I am having to sell my property to make ends meet and I was hoping you can foresee if I will be financially secure in the very near future. I have received an offer but unfortunately it’s not what I wished for.

    I was also hoping you can help explain what 7 planets in Scorpio means, a stellium and how it has affected my life up until now and will I soon find serenity and happiness in my life.

    Any guidance would be an incredible support. Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio woman with stelliums in Sagittarius, Capricorn and Libra (not Scorpio). A stellium is four, five, six or more factors in one sign and house and is unusual. You find yourself with foreign places and people (Sagittarius). You are ambitious (Capricorn) and you are drawn towards both professional and personal partnerships. I am glad you have started Astrology Delivery for money. You will get some or all of what you want if you keep following the steps, by 2024. If you are going to sell the property it would be next year. You will be offered a duet (work or love) by May 2024 which will make a difference. How do you find serenity and happiness? You ‘do’ your stelliums, so find out more about Sagittarius, Capricorn and Libra with your membership and how to best express them. I realise it’s not easy being a single parent to two children but there are ways to explore your Sagittarian side (for example, learning a foreign language free online) which don’t have to cost too much money or take up too much time.

  81. I’m an Aquarius sun and have been keeping up with October booking for success and have started to see parts of it come to pass. The tarot card pulls have been very relevant. However, November I’m really stumped on wishing for anything since it involves 11th house themes of groups, social media, etc. I basically live like a hermit because of Covid with no family or friends except spouse within a few hundred miles, and have for the past 4 years (spouse stopped masking and now has an active infection, so just trying to survive at this point and not catch it…and also how much longer can I keep going on like this…). I have quit most social media in the past few years due to all of the politics and Covid denial from those whom I thought knew better. I’m afraid if I book for new friendships then they will want to do things that aren’t Covid safe and not understand my need to mask in public. We are also in the winter months here in the US so outdoor activities will be few and far between, depending on the weather. Any guidance on 11th house themes that might work while trying to stay Covid safe and not active on social media? I’ve seen some sources that say the 11th house also rules hopes and dreams, maybe that is an avenue to take? I missed the first November bookings so I would have to resume with the next one. Would it even be worth it after missing a couple?

    1. Thank you. I am glad you are seeing parts of your October booking come to pass. You can skip the November booking for friendship and groups if you like. Someone else raised this; she did not want to book in a particular window, so asked if she could miss that. Absolutely, of course. The Eleventh House is not about hopes and dreams. It’s about your social life, friends and networks. Because too many people ‘Cove’ you don’t want a part of that. I am sorry; I completely understand. I don’t smoke, and I would never live in a house with smokers or have a relationship with a smoker. It’s the same with Covid-19. I call the people who take risks Cove-rs. (But thank you for not Coving). Just skip through to December for spirituality; I think you actually did that when you drew the Hermit. You were ahead of yourself!

  82. Thankyou Jessica. I am on my final leg of my divorce settlement and the house must be sold as I have my final court date in December. The house is currently up for sale. Should I wait to sell it until 2024. I am looking forward to May 2024 and am very grateful for sharing your insight. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. I don’t see a chart here unfortunately so the best I can suggest is that you use the Tarot on this website, which is free to you.

  83. Hi Jessica, You should ditch Twitter. Elon Musk has power without responsibility. So, take away his power?

  84. Hello Jessica
    Glad the website is back online!
    I have many factors in my chart at the moment. Can you tell me how significant this is for me and how I can capitalise on it please? I am still waiting on answers to my parentage (father) and still waiting for planning permission on a land sale which will hopefully result in a house build for our forever home. Thank you x

    1. Thank you. Ceres at 22 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, land and property is your answer here. You were born with this symbol in your chart; Ceres also searched for her family. (She searched for her daughter Proserpina). When Jupiter goes to 22 Taurus in 2024, you will have a stunning opportunity to seek and find your father and/or go ahead with a new home. You will have to compromise on both, though, so be aware of that. Ceres is about making deals with yourself, with other people, with the universe, so there may have to be a trade-off with both finding your father, and organising a new house, although you’ll be pleased with the outcome. Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Ceres is what you’ll experience.

  85. Good Day Jessica
    October 18 1938 Manchester England
    It is close to two years since I lost my beloved son,18 months to the day I lost my adored nephew (Like a son, his mother deceased) and 2023 rear ended with some physical damage , not total recovery but manageable. Somewhat floundering but trying to get back on track. I have been writing and have several nearly completed projects and am interested in your astrological booking system( I must re read and organize). In the past you have been so helpful of which I am great full , I have read and re read your responses which gave me support at dreadful times. My sons estate is still without closure , lawyers, accountants. Can you shed light of the value of booking for me and my writing and if you see closure on my sons estate , I am hoping for some calm in 2024
    Greatfully and many blessings

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your son and nephew have passed to spirit. Your son’s estate is still without closure. Your Taurus factors at 16, 17, 26 will help you as these are in the sign of personal income and for the first time in 12 years, you have Jupiter with all his solutions, opportunities, growth, hope and abundance going over Taurus 16, 17, 26 next year. Either directly because of your son’s estate, or for other reasons, you can save or make a lot of money in 2024. If you want to do Astrology Delivery, remember the next booking window is December. Please don’t worry, your finances will sort themselves out nicely for you next year. If you want to be reassured that your son and nephew go on in spirit, have a look at the brilliant medium Gordon Smith on YouTube to see mediumship in action. They go on. The beat goes on.

  86. You’re right! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. And so symbolic of how far he has to fall, which is inevitable.

  87. Hello Jessica,

    2024 is a Leap Year.From Astrology standpoint are there any rules as I heard a lot of ,,superstitions” like do not get married, do not buy a house, etc.I would appreciate your valuable insight and your time.

    Thank you.

    1. Astrology doesn’t really have a position on a Leap Year. And superstition is exactly that. Thank you.

  88. Hi Jessica
    I hope you are well.
    I currently have a large stellium. So much activity ….. many factors in my chart!
    Can you tell me the significance please Jessica? I am still playing a waiting game regarding my parentage and a land sale which is taking forever. Our future “forever house” is dependant on this sale. I hope you can give me some guidance.Thank you!

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Cancer and Scorpio stellium, so your land sale and forever house are already written in the future – no later than May 2024. I don’t know how urgent this matter is for you, but your solar chart shows peak outcomes in April, May and your natal chart, in the same time-frame. The other person is of course half of the equation and I don’t have that chart but for you personally, this looks like a nicely timed piece of help from transiting Jupiter in Taurus, with Uranus in Taurus – along with Chiron and the North Node in Aries. Something that will help – open up to more flexible and varied ideas about what you actually want.

  89. The booking works. I began casually in October and my partner and I are engaged. Today, I received a $1,000 gift from a family member out of the blue. Now I am seriously working towards my next career move in publishing. Thank you for the guidance and steps to focus my intentions! It provides confidence. I’m excited about 2024.

  90. Thank you Jessica for your reply. Any chance of me finding the family connection I’m looking for? Have DNA tested seeking biological Father or family. Not necessarily seeking contact but just the who’s what’s and where’s.

    1. With Cancer factors at 2, 11, 22, 24 degrees in the Fourth House of family, you would be looking for major transits to those, to find your father. Those do occur when Jupiter goes into Cancer, so you’re looking at 2025-2026. That can only happen every 12 years so it seems timely. Keep going.

  91. Hi Jessica. I’m still getting the hang of the delivery system – it didn’t quite work as intended last month (but maybe I need to pan out a little further?) Also, could you help me make sense of the card I drew when I asked for guidance about a person I’m interested in? Specifically I asked “if the connection of this person to my life were a painting what would it look like!” And i drew a Nine of Pentacles – so I’m not sure if that’s him or me or if I should take things slower to focus on work? Things have moved at glacial (but immensely joyful) pace with this person for about 5-6 years… I like the idea of using the layers of imagery in the cards like a set on a stage to change the story… but the possibilities are overwhelming me here. thank you always for all that you do, Jessica. I hope you are having a nice rest of your November.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer woman, so if you were booking in the October window, you were booking for courtship, the bedroom, motherhood or the world of children. You will have your final results by December 29th. You drew the Nine of Pentacles to describe the situation with a person you have fancied for five or six years. That’s you, being financially comfortable, while the snail crawls in front of you. Snail’s pace. The fact that you have more than enough money is a factor in why this is a joyful but slow involvement.

  92. I’m not sure I’d describe myself as financially comfortable but I have been working like crazy to make that happen. Seems all I do is work these days , but won’t know until December if it was enough. Thank you for clarifying the delivery date!

  93. Thanks Jessica. I missed the booking for November because I’m new to this and felt overwhelmed and confused by the requirements. I have read the instructions multiple times and I will follow those instructions and book for December. I have compiled a list of what I want and will go from there. I listened to pink noise and while doing this I saw a male figure but I’m
    not sure who it was. Anyway, I drew a tarot on your website and drew five of cups. I was amazed by what the tarot says. But,
    I still don’t fully understand how to interpret it all. I find this truly fascinating and will continue studying all you have written.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

  94. …oh! I forgot to mention that I had asked a question (how do I cope with this stuck feeling concerning where I live and my situation with the estranged partner?) The answer was in the tarot I drew but as I said earlier I’m unable to fully interpret it all. But some of it made sense. Thank you again.

  95. Jessica thank you. I am continuing with this astrology delivery and I asked how do I get better sleep and I got wheel of fortune. Can you interpret Jessica. Yes, money worries are definitely real. Thank you.

    1. How do you get better sleep if you drew the Wheel of Fortune? Read before bed or listen to an audiobook. Every corner of that card has a book in it. Presumably an audiobook about better sleep – try the free options at Audible UK.

  96. Hi Jessica,

    Id like to attempt this for the first time today and am excited. I’m a Sun Capricorn woman. I’m just trying to make sense of it, as your site says Sun in Sagittarius for today’s date the 23rd Nov. Looking at the list above, does it indicate I’m only to make a booking regarding spirit, soul, therapy, counselling, psychic ability and God? Forgive me please, I’m a bit unsure exactly what I’m doing as it is my first time! Thank you Jessica

    1. You are a little late to book, as the Sagittarius weather booking window opened some time ago. For the best results with Astrology Delivery you need to use all the dates given. However, the good news is, you can start a new booking for image, profile, title, appearance, reputation – within days. This is the new Capricorn weather and as a Capricorn this is all about your sector of self-promotion and personal packaging. You will get some or all of what you want if you follow the steps. In fact 2024 could relaunch you. These things take time, though, so it’s quite a long process of little wins along the way. Here are the dates; do get your journal out and start writing.

      December 2023
      2nd December – Mercury in Capricorn
      14th or 15th December – Moon in Capricorn
      23rd December – Sun in Capricorn
      January and February 2024
      5th January 2024 – Mars in Capricorn
      11th of January – New Moon in Capricorn
      15th January – Mercury in Capricorn
      24th January – Venus in Capricorn
      8th February – Ceres in Capricorn

      This is a really long cycle and you’ll find more twists and turns on these dates, too.

      July to December 2024
      21st July – Full Moon in Capricorn
      3rd September – Pluto in Capricorn
      12th November – Venus in Capricorn
      7th December – Venus and Ceres exit Capricorn.

  97. Hi Jessica – hope all going well for you – just wondering if are you going to write an update on COVID – soon?? It clearly is on the rise in Oz. Many thanks, SE.

    1. Thanks SE I have been following the latest COVID-19 crisis in Australia too. And of course Chinese hospitals are packed with what the authorities are calling ‘pneumonia.’ The signalling sign for the pandemic is Virgo. Whenever you see cycles which hit Virgo hard (planets in Pisces, Sagittarius and/or Gemini) you also see new variants or governments lifting Covid safety (both are as bad as each other). More people get Long Covid and of course, tragically, die. Right now, on 24th November 2023, we have Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Pisces, Ceres in Sagittarius, Mars in Sagittarius, Mercury in Sagittarius (retrograde, which adds to the issues), the Sun in Sagittarius and a Full Moon in Gemini on 27th November. This is classic Covid ‘weather’ as unfortunately the billions with Virgo (health) factors in their charts are getting squares and oppositions. We won’t get out of this cycle for some time so please make sure you and yours have those windows and doors open, the HEPA-UVC filters on in every room and so on.

  98. Greetings from America this holiday season! Thank you for all your work and insight, I hope this season brings you much love and joy.
    I’ve been booking in November for better relationships with my children, grandchildren and husband, and their better well being. Today I drew the Queen of Pentacles.
    Can you advise any actions I should take?
    Thank you so much

    1. That’s great Vikki. And thank you, so far Christmas looks wonderful. You are a Leo woman who is correctly booking for the best possible relationships with your children, grandchildren and husband. The Queen of Pentacles is you (if you have money) and a choice to save, spend or invest it which would benefit your family. If you believe this is another woman (not yourself) she does have the money in her hands and it’s a question of approaching her; that would be the key to some or all of what you want.

  99. Hi Jessica,
    I’m continuing my booking for 6th house and I got a judgement card from the Tarot today.
    I can’t decipher what this means even after reading about it. Can you please explain. This card sounds more like a spiritual one.
    My question was about finding a new job and having a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
    Many thanks

    1. As a Sun Cancer person you are definitely in the right time and place to get some (or all) of what you want – a new job and good health. Judgement shows you the gateway; it will be your family or friends in the spirit world. Say a little prayer. Your people on that side of life are ready and willing to help. Just follow the signs when they come.

  100. Hi Jessica, hope you are doing well! I thought I will let you know something very interesting! I am an Aries, and for November, since it is for web, publishing, foreigners/foreign places – I booked for to increase my YouTube channel’s (web/publishing?) reach and infuence (subscriber count) far and wide (foreigners/foreign places?). I put an incredible big number lol , just want to give it a try. So, on our test trial over the Zoom (I know this might not count), I drew ‘The Sun’. On 11/11, I drew ‘Five of pentacles’. For this card, I took it as I have to help more people, poor or sick. My YouTube channel is about Chinese Medicine and cooking with Chinese herbs for better health. I kind of got it but didn’t think too much of it. On 16/11, I published a video about rice congee, weirdly this video took off! It went mini-viral! When I made that video, I didn’t think too much about it as I planned for it for a long time. Looking back, rice congee is a humble food and very cheap to make and often eaten by the poor in the old days. This video now has really increased my YouTube channel’s reach hugely! However, I missed the booking on 16/11, as that day went a little too hectic. I still drew a card on 17/11, it was ‘The Emperor’ . I am not sure if I should take this into consideration as it was late by one day. Then 23/11, I drew ‘The Moon’. It seems to be more about marriage. We do have some challenging time but I don’t get how it relates to the November booking. So, I wonder if you could share your thoughts. Yet, I am still very fascinated by how my video went ‘mini-viral’!!! And it is definitely one step closer the big goal I was hoping for! I laughed at the goal initially, and now it doesn’t seem impossible! It is amazing Jessica! It is working!! Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you. You are an Aries with a booking window for the web, publishing, foreigners and foreign countries because we’re in Sagittarius Season. You wanted more YouTube subscribers abroad. You have a Chinese medicine and cooking channel. Now your rice congee recipe has gone mini viral. Fantastic! Thanks so much for this, I will store it in the notes for the next book. If you miss a date, just keep going. As for the Tarot cards, they may not make sense at the time, but will make sense later. Get ready to book for the Capricorn weather next in December.

  101. Thank you Jessica – do you think we will ever go into lockdown – again ?? Or more likely we will start using masks etc. as preventative??
    many thanks SE

    1. We will see lockdowns confined to particular countries; sometimes it will be local/regional lockdown within a country. This is by 2026. Unfortunately the future is causing the present. The Covid crises ahead are ‘causing’ today which is, basically, high-risk behaviour by about half the population.

  102. Thank you Jessica – do you think we will ever go into lockdown – again ?? You mentioned we may shut down again ?? Or more likely we will start using masks etc. as preventative??
    many thanks SE

    1. Some countries will go into lockdown again. The answer isn’t masks; the answer is a Clean Air Act and/or UV-C light, which for some reason, governments are resisting. N95 masks are great if you have to go into the supermarket or to a crowded show until then. I’m not an epidemiologist, but I do follow the experts on Twitter who still recommend masks if venues do not protect you.

  103. Hi Jessica, once again you have been absolutely spot on with astrology delivery. It looks like my astrology delivery from October could be delivering. My focus was on buying a home and after placing my order with the the tarot i received two cards – the sun and knight of pentacles. I’ve submitted an offer on a home and there’s a very good chance it will be accepted but my fear has now kicked in and I’m wondering if I’ve made the right choice with this particular home in its particular location. I felt really good in the home, it ticks most of the boxes on my list, including my budget, but the ones it doesn’t tick are weighing on my mind a little. I’m trying to figure out if the fear is just fear of making the commitment, moving to a different suburb, or my intuition kicking in. I need to make a decision by tomorrow. Can you offer some help with this? Thank you.

    1. I’m glad your Astrology Delivery that you started in October is working. You wanted to buy a home and have made an offer. You have to decide soon; if you’ve still not decided by the time you read this, why not use The Astrology Oracle, The Tarot and The Garden Oracle together in a three card reading on this website?

  104. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been booking for a new lover with whom I can build a life and build a family. So far I’ve got Seven of wands, Eight of cups and four of pentacles. So far I’ve Interpreted this as needing to move to a new place, Leaving home to unlock this search. Do you think I’m interpreting these cards correctly?
    Also, I’m a Sun Leo with Saggitarius factors. In the Leo weekly horoscope I saw you mention booking for travel, world wide web, publishing. Does this mean I can book for both Lovers/Children and travel/Publishing?

    1. You are a Sun Leo booking for a new lover on Sagittarius weather, so you are in the right time and place. You may move, or s/he may move to you, yes. No, you can’t book for travel, the web, publishing just because you have Sagittarius factors in your birth chart. Stick to the rules for Leo people and follow the steps, with some or all of what you want by next year.

  105. He Jessica,
    I would like to participate in your zoom calls..where do I find link and schedule?
    As for the astrology delivery.. it sounds like magic, I have started, but not sure I am doing it correctly.. is there a podcast or other source I could use?

    Thank you❤️

    1. Thank you. Join Astrology and Tarot Meetups (probably the London branch) which is free to you. Alicia Fulton who is the host, is already planning 2024 with me. Premium Members have exclusive access to these next year. Astrology Delivery doesn’t come with a podcast but it’s really very simple. You can start the next booking for the internet, the media, short journeys, siblings and cousins (based on your Scorpio Sun sign) in December. I’ll put together a very short simple post on how to do this, next.

  106. This week’s podcast about Pluto in Capricorn is hopeful. I’m still in such a hopeless situation at work that has badly affected my mental health for some time so hearing you say that that will change is amazing.

    1. Yes, the politics at work ends in January and you will be in a new job, promoted or with a really enjoyable new project in April, May if you take the solutions offered to you.

  107. Hi Jessica I have been following and doing the Astrology Delivery which thank you for sharing and empowering ! For the October dates I got the Devil two of Pentacles the Chariot and for November the Magician and Nine of Pentacles. On 25.11.23 and 26.11.23 I got Death and then Four of Swords! At the same I missed a deadline to bid for a contract which will massively impact my business from Sept 24. I now I feel less positive but I am hoping there will be a greater good ?? Please help! Thank you in anticipation.

    1. I’m glad you are following the steps for Astrology Delivery. You missed a deadline to bid for a contract, which is unfortunate, but as a Sun Aquarius you are still in the zone for some kind of delivery with your success, status, ambition and position. Given that you already started the process just keep going until you get to the end of December.

  108. Hi Jessica,

    I love these deliveries and I have all the dates in my planner.

    I just read my horoscope for the coming week. I have factors in all the houses you mention. I am freaking out. Help. Not sure what to do about the full moon.

    Anyway here is my factor line up as it relates to your weekly horoscope.

    First – Full moon at 04° degrees Gemini and I have:
    Panacea 03° 31′ 22″ R
    N. Node 04° 03′ 39″
    Psyche 05° 42′ 12″ R
    I am really working closely with my brother in Florida. I sent my dad down to him to stay for six months. I have had him for 2 years. We are really wondering what we are going to do about his long term care! I also have a ton of cousins who I am very close with.

    Leo Factors you mention Apollo and Diana moving through and the 13 degree mark. and I have my MC at 12’30° in Leo,,

    Pisces Factors wit no degrees listed. In Pisces I have
    Ops 01° 19′ 56″
    Saturn 12° 22′ 34″
    Chiron 18° 26′ 44″
    Ceres 26° 01′ 41″

    In Libra you mention the 24 degree and I have Apollo at 23 degrees

    I also have factors in Virgo and the degrees are not listed. I am hoping I don’t have to travel in DEC but I might if things get bad for my dad. My virgo factors are: Minerva 12° 22′ 22″; Pluto 18° 26′ 34″ R; and Uranus 19° 37′ 00″ R

    Again asking for Scorpio factors but no degrees. I have Scorpio factors; Asc 06° 04′ 48″; Bacchus 19° 13′ 30″; Cupido 19° 31′ 50″; and Neptune 21° 24′ 28″

    I know the moon will move pretty quickly and hope to get an answer from you before then. But how long with the other tranists be in effect?

    I am guessing since my 12 house is Sag from my sun and Pisces is the natural 12th house and both are having transit stelliums I guess that means lots of 12th house things for me. I have been doing my 12th house Delivery intentions very deliberately.

    If you look at my chart and the highlighted factors its lit up like a Christmas tree!


    1. A Full Moon is just a big stretch. It does trigger your chart and of course it is in Gemini, the sign of siblings. The fact that your sibling pushes lots of other buttons in your life is typical of that kind of chart pattern. Yet – all you are seeing is the Sun at 4 Sagittarius in opposition to the Moon at 4 Gemini. It just means you can’t have X and Y at the same time. The sky is not going to fall. In fact, the jigsaw puzzle that does not fit, will help you get a really wonderful picture in 2024, when Jupiter goes to 4 Gemini. So this is part of that.

  109. Good afternoon Jessica! I have nowhere else to write this message and just wanted to say I came back from a trip to Rome and seen an amazing statue of Minerva in one of the museums….to say i resonated with her is an understatement. I even told her I loved her! I just got this amazing feeling standing at her statue.Hard to explain really. I now see that my Minerva is triggered in my astrology chart this week! Astrology and serendipity…..thank you for everything you do for us all.

    1. Minerva is chatting to you. She is a powerful horoscope symbol and she’s under transit in your chart, as you actually see her in Rome. Fantastic. And thank you, for your thank you.

  110. Well… I booked marriage drifted off listening to the pink noise with a very strong image of us at Registry office.
    Pulled a tarot card / three swords
    Probably appropriate given it’s the Ceres in Sagittarius booking …
    Could be a couple of third swords – one a very old flame who seduces him psychically, the other his oldest friend – who still have a hold over him… he’s not in any way having an actual affair with either. But the latter has basically forbidden my presence so this week he’s pretending he’s not in town to avoid her birthday …
    Both are obstacles to our marriage. Neither would marry him. Just want him under their control… what can I do??? Help

    1. You are a Gemini who booked marriage, in the right window, at the right time. Your obstacle to marriage is a love triangle. The Three of Swords. The one you want is in the middle. So the Tarot was honest with you. And you were psychic. If you want to marry him you will have to deal with a three-way split. Only you can decide if you want to do that. And how.

  111. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Sun Taurus and my eldest sister is a Sun Taurus . My two sisters and 2 grandsons are still living in my mother’s flat when she passed from Covid in October 2021. Her 4 daughters were the beneficiaries of mother’s modest sole owner flat written in the will. Mother’s wishes were to sell off the flat when she passes on if all the daughters agree on it. Jessica, I drew a a tarot card – The Tower from Pamelas tarot on your website regarding her will on 25th November. The Tower card is usually related to a family property and Uranus electrical shock which sets everyone free It is also divine intervention. I have seeked legal advice because Probate has not been filed and my eldest sister is the chief Executor. the sale of the flat has not been taken. My sister has taken a silent strategy. I drew a second tarot card for the resolution of mothers flat and the Tower card appeared again. It is a warning ?Covid was mentioned twice in the card.
    Jessica, please share your insignts with me because taking the family inheritance case to court is financially time consuming and tedious. Should I proceed a legal case against two sisters. I could end up as the victim and being blamed for the cause of the division of the family.
    Thank so much for your helpful insights.

    1. The Tower is about the sudden disruption which leads to the choice – go back and start again or walk away and start again. You asked about your mother’s will and what would happen. You’ve had it twice. Evelyn that’s not a good sign for what you want to do. I don’t know what your question was and I don’t know what your time-frame was so I can’t comment any further. Do this again and be very specific. Make sure the card for the present is accurate and then ask ‘What happens (by x date) if I do this (whatever it is).’ At the moment you are being told a definite no, whatever your question happened to be. This is in your hands not mine.

  112. Good Day Jessica
    Once again thank you for your response, i realize your time is precious , and I am grateful for your guidance, I will take some quiet time and delve as deep as I can into Decembers booking. I will look into Gordon Smith, it might bring to light some things that have taken place in the small hours of the morning that I have no explanation for. As painful as this journey is and will continue to be, I have been able to see blessings, example a new baby , great grandson (you predicted) is a true delight and gravitates toward me, also results from auto accident have become manageable, most days, praying it will continue to improve. May your days ahead be blessed ,so many are grateful for your knowledge (hard earned). Travel safe and take care.

  113. Hi Jessica

    I have commenced Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn delivery wish lists and have yet to see any positive results. Scorpio final delivery date is December 29th and I don’t feel I’ll achieve any of my Scorpio wish list relating to Aquarius.

    I am under enormous pressure with a current family project and the world economy is testing me financially and it feels like torture. The past 18 months has been financially the most difficult in my life. My father is an Aries and works 6 days a week to help complete the project on time. Increasing interest rates are having me refinance continuously to keep the project moving to completion.

    I was hoping you can share some guidance on when we will sell the properties and what will the final outcome be of the development.

    Is there anything I can wish for in my Capricorn delivery to help with my double delivery wish list? Any advice or wisdom will be incredibly helpful.

    Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius so your booking windows are career (you began in October); friends and groups (you began in November); spirituality (you began in December). I am sorry you are under so much pressure with family, money and property sales. You have to follow the process, so what you want is best served by career booking. If you began in October and followed the steps you will get some or all of what you want by 29th December. The rest is open for booking next year, not this year. Yes, you could get double delivery with career, because of your Capricorn factors. So keep going.

  114. Jessica, I don’t know how I missed all this new bookings buzz but so happy to be learning about it now in time for Dec 2nd. However, looking back to November can I jump into a booking cycle that started then on the Dec 12th and 13th booking dates for love? or is it too late to join that party?!
    Thank you so much, I can’t wait to read your book about how all this works out for everyone!

    1. You’re really in time to come in late for December 2nd bookings (it’s now December 7th) and skipping the first one won’t affect the process too much. As a Sun Gemini you are in the finance, property, charity and business booking zone so make a start and keep up the steps; you will get some or all of what you want in 2024.

  115. Hi Jessica!
    Let me start by saying -Thank You – for sharing your astonishing astrology and tarot knowledge with us. You are truly a gift!
    I have been booking for November (8th house matters) and also started for December (9th house matters). What a great concept! Looking forward to sharing my results with you.
    If you have a minute to look at my chart, I would like some insight into 2024 with regard to finance, work and new home.
    Thank you and I hope you have a great holiday season!


    1. Thanks Ela. As a Sun Taurus you should be seeing slow but steady results with partnerships until 29th December if you followed the steps. Finance will deliver some or all of what you want by 2024. Your other wishes (work and a new home) don’t open for booking until February 2024 and then August 2024. You will get double delivery with finance so keep booking.

  116. Hi Jessica I have been booking since Oct for 4th house stuff- for myself (Leo) and my husband (Aries) plus kids to move back to our home town, to refinance our dream house and live there again (we had to rent it out and move away due to finances) and buy back our holiday apartment (which we sold back to the builder temporarily). I know that the universe is going to deliver some or all of what I want as I’m getting signs like angel numbers showing up, however no delivery yet. The other day the builder called to say he’s ready to sell back the apartment (but we don’t yet have the funds to but it back yet). Then, yesterday I got a text out of the blue from an agent asking if we would sell our dream house, I don’t want to sell it as I really want to live there again, but I wondered is this the universe sending me a test to see how much I really love the house and how much i believe in the delivery? I thought if i say no to agent am i cutting my nose to spite me face? I would really appreciate your insight. Thank you

    1. I don’t know about angel numbers, but if you are booking for a house and apartment, as a Leo you are in the right booking window. The builder’s call is delivery. He wants to sell the apartment to you. Then an agent called asking if you would sell your house. That’s delivery. The promise is ‘Some or all of what you want’ so you are getting some of what you want. The rest is up to you; you have until 29th December.

  117. This astrology delivery is great, firstly it’s got me thinking about what I want to improve in these areas of my life in a way I haven’t before and in doing that, over the course of working with those dates, it’s helped me look at how I can contribute to making these improvements and it’s working, I’m really grateful. I’ve just done the last day (one day late so not sure if it’s OK?) for 4th house and the tarot I drew was the Hermit which is apt as I’ve just been told my dad is moving into hospice care and I’ve booked a flight home to spend what will be my last time with him. I am very much in my head at the moment and will be when I get there in a few days.

    1. I’m glad you like Astrology Delivery. It’s organised living. I just booked for the perfect doctor for me and she landed five days later. You can be a little bit late with the process but try to stick to the dates in future, as it is part of astrology flow. You actually have a very serious booking because your father is going into hospice care and is near the end. I am sorry about that but I hope The Hermit in the Tarot can help you between now and the next booking.

  118. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Sun Scorpio and during my booking for the Moon in Sagittarius (which happened to be on my birthday/day after my birthday), I asked about making more business connections (and possibly finding a romantic partner through those connections, even though I know that’s not the timing for that yet). I also mentioned going to business workshops. I pulled the Temperance card, which was interesting.

    Well today (Dec. 9 in the U.S.), I volunteered at a sporting event and one of the leaders asked if I was interested in joining the sporting club’s board of directors. She said she would like to nominate me for the board, and my membership would start next year. I was hesitant because of the time commitment, but I remembered the Temperance card, and I also see that membership includes opportunities to support and promote the sporting club outside of our area… I’m sure you will tell me to accept this position! Any other thoughts? I would consider this charity work, but it also seems like it could open doors for meeting new people and traveling as well, all of which sound really good!

    1. Business is a good target for you as a Sun Scorpio. Temperance was your gateway. Now, you have been asked to join a board of directors. Congratulations! This is Astrology Delivery. If you go back to the card, you will recognise the sporting club and the person. Of course the final decision is yours.

  119. I cannot thank you enough for this booking process, Jessica. I’ve asked for big things and the Universe has/ is delivering.
    I asked for guidance for income, and a job I love and received Queen of Wands tarot – letting me know there was someone else involved. The next day I had a call with a friend and we are doing retreats together next year!
    I asked for abundance and help with cryptos, felt guidance was to stay put – they have doubled since my investment this spring.
    I asked for help with inheritance and received Six of Wands tarot and was part of a meeting with a family member and a wealth group settling portions (me included).
    I’ve been asking for help with stock my ex owes me, and guidance for future work. Not engaging him, as he is Capricorn and I would prefer to let it be his idea. Tonight I’m swinging big – asking for all finances that is due me to come to me. My tarot tonight (final OCT booking!) is Star, and I’m sitting with the heart opening of this call. I don’t see the spillage on the card as excess, rather as nourishing the earth, and others it goes to as the other pitcher is an endless pour. We’ll see the results by the 29th!

    Question: When we choose two areas – does that mean from the sentence following our sign, or does it mean also look at rising sign?
    Question: Is it possible that sometimes answers spill over into a date beyond the final booking date? I have a house and am considering selling it, but timing hasn’t been clear. Looks like 2024 is a better time to sort this – so what I’ve started in Oct can spill over into next year, fair?
    Question: Can we just keep the same area to ask for each booking? Like, could I have kept asking for “stocks” the whole time?

    Again, I wholeheartedly thank you so so much for your talent, your sharing with us, and your help!

    1. This is great confirmation of Astrology Delivery, thank you. You have doubled your cryptocurrency investment. You are also seeing promising signs with other bookings. Never use the Rising Sign, always use your Sun Sign and Solar Chart. The outcomes will not spill over beyond the due date. Your October booking began in Scorpio season and it ends, December 29th. (Though you can start a new Scorpio season booking next year of course). And you must stick to the area shown in your chart. It’s worked nicely for you with cryptocurrency so just stay focussed.

  120. Hi, I missed the booking on 2nd December, will this still work if I do the rest of the dates?
    Also when will the booking dates for January be available? My finances are terrible and have been for a long time, so I’m hoping to use this to help in any way it can. Thanks!

    1. Try to catch up with your December bookings and see what happens. I’ll be curious to see if you can skip a start date and still get some or all of what you want. Listen to The Astrology Show podcast to hear the booking dates for January; they take you to February with delivery for finances by March.

  121. Jessica, I thought you might find this interesting. In both my November and December bookings this week I drew the 8 of Wands. Fittingly, I am trying to lead a group of friends in a business venture and we are losing steam. While my December booking deal directly with my group, the November one does not. Maybe this card is so important is showed up across the months?

    1. That’s interesting. The same card turning up twice; I’ll note that for the book, Astrology Delivery. The odds of that are 78 to 1, so it’s worth paying attention to. Yes, this is your group and the obstacle to overcome is the lack of unity and direction, which you can address.

  122. Hi Jessica I’m a premium member but never for some reason see the astrology podcast to be able to listen to it. I can’t listen live as I’m in Los Angeles. I too would like to know the booking dates for next year. Thanks

    1. The podcast goes to the US just as it does to the UK so I’m not sure why you can’t tune in. Try to subscribe in time for the year-end show which has booking dates for January 2024.

  123. This is super intriguing and seems very similar to Keikos Power Wish book – based on lunar cycles tied to astrology. have you read it? She goes by new moons and full moons and is based on your solar sign. Interesting how your two methods are similar and also different !

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know about The Power Wish by Keiko. I had no idea it existed (and hadn’t actually heard of this Japanese astrologer). I wouldn’t use a Full Moon – which she does – but I do agree with the New Moon. Astrology Delivery is actually based on the ingresses of planets and asteroids, so it’s a bit different, but the principle is the same. I’m off to buy the book, cheers.

  124. Dear Jessica, happy new year and I’m wishing you all the best!

    I posted you a comment between November 2 to 5 at your Astrology Delivery in November, December.

    I’m happy to let you know that I received my delivery booking on 23rd December. I was really surprised when I got a message from a Brit guy on 17th December inviting me to meet
    him up on 23rd December. I did not expect him to talk to me again because we stop communicating since October last year for some reason as he’s really far from where live. I met him through online dating, since 30th of June 2023.

    Jessica, it was really an amazing and lavished date as a bit touch of luxury and pampering We had dinner in a five star hotel and gave me a voucher for a nice spa and some chocolates. It was really a magical one day date that I never expected to happen. Then he left as he needs to fly to see his house about 577 miles away from where I live. He told me that he will see me again on 10th of January 2024.

    Thanks so much Jessica you’re such a genius as your prediction was really accurate xx

    Is there a possibility to have my own family this year? I was born on 7th July 1980 at 7pm Manila, Philippines.

    Sincerely yours,


    1. Thank you. I am so pleased you had delivery on 23rd December. A wonderful date and he has made a second date with you. Charlotte, you’d like to have children. Yes, it is possible with the South Node in Libra in your Fourth House of family, into early 2025.

  125. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very very much and I love you! Yes, you are correct I’m wishing to have children of my own. As I started booking to my personal notebook on 22nd October then again on 29th October same wish list 1) Love 2.) To get pregnant
    3.) Money, then I’ve added 29th October # 4) Family/Home and lastly 5.) Vacation trip

    I listened Pink noise on YouTube then I drew a tarot card the two of cups on 29th October on your website by Pamela Coleman Smith

    It was really a wonderful one day date Jessica as if and I feel like that the Universe spoiling and pampering me that day on 23rd December, I was feeling so grateful as I’ve been dreaming of this for a very long period of time. It’s really like a miracle!

    I know it’s sounds crazy but I have faith Jessica to wish like having children as I’ve experienced being celibacy for a decade since 2012 I would say relationship has been difficult for me power struggles.

    At the moment I’m focus to my work, giving good service to others to the best I can, my health well being to eat quality and nutritious food, exercise, to get my teeth fixed reason I’m I really working hard to save a bit for my dental operation. Plus looking after my 2 adorable cats for a year now they’re loving and so sweet like my real children.

    I truly thank you Jessica from the bottom of my heart. I hope that you will continue to prosper and you will be successful for the work that you do.

    More power to you Jessica!

    Sincerely yours,


  126. Jessica – I started your delivery method in mid November and I am a Sag and wow, it was about appearance, reputation etc! I had just made a decision to have elective cosmetic procedure to freshen my face a bit just before I found your astrology delivery system. I am also very focused in this delivery for my overall fitness (need to lose weight I generally have not had in my life), and reputation at work with challenging head of family business we are affiliated with.

    ….so surgery – it is scheduled for Feb 1 and Feb 7 is the final delivery date for Sagittarius weather. I am very nervous.
    Tarot cards have been 3 of wands, page of pentacles, the four of cups, death card, nine of pentacles, ten of cups, queen of swords, the emperor, four of pentacles. Any last minute thoughts?

    It is not too late to cancel

    1. I’m not sure why you would want to cancel if you have been using Astrology Delivery for cosmetic surgery. You also want to lose weight. The way to use the Tarot cards is step by step – every card is there, for every interval until the next booking. So it’s not a job lot of Tarot cards; it’s a process. If you have any doubts, you can go back to the Tarot cards again and ask the very simple question: “How will my cosmetic surgery impact me, within 12 months?”

  127. Jessica – thank you, I pulled those various cards on the delivery days in the past two months. Still learning what to do with them. there is so much information.
    Asking that simple question about being happy in one year is great. I pulled the High Priestess and then out of curiosity another card and it was the Magician. I will take some time with these two cards to study them.
    I am new at your chart and other methods, though a long time (35 year) astrology observer and I am so glad I found your guidance, wisdom and tools. Tarot is new to me. I use the pink noise and will practice delivery for the balance of the year to see what I can do with it. Best regards,

    1. That’s great, you should get some or all of what you want, using this method. And Pink Noise can help with E.S.P. using the Tarot but also natural sixth sense ability – your own visions or insights. Thank you.

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