Life Changing Astrology Delivery 2024

How to get some or all of what you want, solving issues in 2024, with Astrology Delivery. How can the Capricorn transits help you address one area of your life?

Transformation! Long Astrology Delivery in 2024 

Since I launched Astrology Delivery in October 2023 I have had many of you asking about solutions – not even wishes – but big answers. This is usually because of just one area of your life which has been an issue since 2008. Why 2008? Because that is when Pluto first entered Capricorn.

Which area of your life? Very likely it’s on this list below. This is where a long transit, or cycle, of Capricorn factors has given you so much to solve in 2024. In this feature I will show you how to do that. You will get the best results if you are a Premium Member and have downloaded the flipbook Pamela’s Tarot and also have access to the long, extended Tarot interpretations on my website.

You’re Sun-watching on these cycles, because the Sun will always be in a particular sign for some or all of these transits. And that’s the stunning Sun, illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith, you can see in this section. Her cards are the best, in my experience, to complement astrology. The U.S. Games Systems deck, in digital form, is on this website to work with that.

RAWPIXEL SUN IN TAROT 300x300 - Life Changing Astrology Delivery 2024

Which Area Of Life Can You Transform in 2024?

  • Taurus: Foreigners, foreign places, the web, academia, publishing
  • Gemini: Money, business, property, charity, shares, shopping, sales
  • Cancer: Marriage, engagement, separation, divorce, dating, partnerships of all kinds
  • Leo: Lifestyle, health, work, wellbeing, study, housework
  • Virgo: Children, new lovers, sex in a partnership, babies, teenagers, young adults
  • Libra: House, garden, apartment, household, family, town
  • Scorpio: Brothers, sisters, cousins, media, internet, short journeys
  • Sagittarius: Business, charity, banking, saving, property, investments
  • Capricorn: Image, profile, appearance, title, reputation
  • Aquarius: Spirit, soul, therapy, counselling, psychic ability, God
  • Pisces: Friends, social life, social media, groups, networks
  • Aries: Success, status, career, business, academia, High Society, vocation.

How To Book Astrology Delivery

You likely know this by now, but if not, refresh your memory about Astrology Delivery. Apart from anything else it has solved chronic obesity problems for at least two readers, who have used it. Even anxiety.

Write down your wish list in a journal on the dates given. Try not to miss a date.

If you are late to this, all the dates for 2024, including the Capricorn cycle dates (above) are in your 2024 Astrological Report, on sale all year.

Play Pink Noise through headphones on YouTube for 10 minutes to help your natural psychic ability. We know from the Ganzfeld Effect experiments that this is the best way to generate E.S.P. or Extra-Sensory Perception.

On every date, draw a Tarot card from my website here with this question:

‘Until the next date, what is the gateway to some or all of what I want?’

Take a screen shot of the meaning of the card or write it down in your journal.

Repeat on every date.

This is a thoughtful and commited process. It’s not waving your arms around like Edina Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous and ‘chanting’ for a new car or ‘manifesting’ or ‘cosmic ordering’ or anything else. If you read the comments on various Astrology Delivery features on my website you will see how people say all these methods are hit and miss.

Astrology timing works. It’s always worked, which is why astrology has thrived for over 2000 years. However, Astrology Delivery is a way of focussed, managed, controlled use of a series of transits in what we call a stellium. As astrologer Zane Stein mentioned at the Astrology Collective workshop on Astrology Delivery in May 2024 – it’s an exciting new way, even for experienced astrologers, to get results.

Example of Astrology Delivery for Aries

Tarot Deck King of Pentacles scaled e1701571554881 300x265 - Life Changing Astrology Delivery 2024Amanda is an Aries. Her booking window is about career. She’s had one challenge after another since the Pluto in Capricorn cycle began way back in January 2008. In that time she has had all kinds of power and control issues, even with her staff. There have been complex questions about who or what is in charge. Even her entire industry (insurance) has seen massive changes which have affected her.

Using the Capricorn cycle dates, she starts to book for solutions, on every wave. Every important day.

She then Pink Noise to increase her psychic ability and draws a Tarot card to show her the gateway to some (or all) of what she wants, until the next booking (writing) date.

It’s the King of Coins. A man with money.

A few days later, she is given a job interview with a businessman. He is her gateway. She just caught the first wave. It will not be in insurance at all, this new job – it will be in antiques. Amanda recognises immediately what is going on, and keeps surfing the waves.

Changing or Repeating the Booking Every Time

You will change or repeat your booking every time. When you get what you want, you can cross that off the list.

You may also change your mind – or add to what you want. Just like a real booking. So, if you want to solve issues with health and wellbeing, and you are a Sun Leo, even knowing you have been fighting these since 2008 on this very long Pluto in Capricorn transit, you can make read headway in 2024.

Each wave is a transit or cycle, within a larger cycle. So the Pluto in Capricorn cycle is on and off, throughout 2024, with all its challenges and changes in one area of your life (see list above).

This is based on your Sun Sign or solar chart. Do not use your natal chart or Ascendant.

Remembering that you and you alone are solely responsible for your results, commit to the process and begin to find some or all of what you want.

The Capricorn Waves of 2024

What you are working with here are mini-waves, or shorter cycles, within the bigger Pluto in Capricorn cycle. You also have Ceres in Capricorn in 2024. That’s just as important. She is Pluto’s equal in astrology. Both overlapping cycles suggest you have a really complex, demanding, challenging year ahead, but Astrology Delivery and the booking method, with a journal, Pink Noise and Tarot will help you – according to readers whose testimonials you can find on my website and @astrologyshow.

Use only the Smith-Waite Tarot if you have a deck at home and for the best results, as a Premium Member, pick up Pamela’s Tarot and the extended interpretations to help guide you. The rest is in your hands.

GNQq7i bAAAe0ua 300x300 - Life Changing Astrology Delivery 2024The Dates For Booking

We move right to the end of the year for this. Listen to The Astrology Show podcast for the week beginning Monday 2nd September 2024 for more on this crucial period.

Pluto in Capricorn – Tuesday 3rd September 2024.
Venus in Capricorn – Tuesday 12th November 2024.

Delivery date – Ceres exits Capricorn, 7th December 2024.

This gives you September, October, November 2024 to really sign off from this long, long Pluto transit in Capricorn. Ceres also leaves this zone of your chart at this time.

By the way, as readers have noted, you can allow a day either side of these booking dates, to compensate for time zone differences and sleep cycles, worldwide. People in Auckland will have a different booking day, to people in Los Angeles, sometimes.

Remember, you have had Pluto and other hard-work planets, like Saturn, in the Capricorn zone of your chart since 2008. This is going to take time to sort out, but you will do it as you round off the Capricorn cycles.

Other dates you might see results from bookings, a little later, include the Sun in Capricorn on Sunday 22nd December 2024; the New Moon in Capricorn on Monday 30th December 2024; Mercury in Capricorn on Thursday 9th January 2025. If you book on these dates too, you would expect to see the final outcomes of some or all of what you wish, when Mercury is out of Capricorn on Tuesday 28th January 2025.

Caveat Emptor

Readers have told me that if a problem is long-seated and very involved, their process of delivery can begin with a crossroads. A dramatic moment of truth. Not a click-your-fingers wish.

For example, I recently had a reader address her chronic issues with her marriage. She was a Sun Cancer woman who had married a man who challenged her on every level.

She began her Capricorn cycle booking way back in December 2023, when I first began to trial Astrology Delivery. She had written down ‘happy marriage’ and instead they had a raging argument on Boxing Day. Not surprisingly, she thought Astrology Delivery hadn’t worked.

In actual fact, the row was the beginning of the end of deep-seated issues going back many years. As you read this, she is still making progress and working through them.

So, Caveat Emptor! You alone are responsible for checking out your situation in some detail and being a realist about what a solution may entail. At the same time, I can tell you now that Astrology Delivery is powerful and I have seen results in my own life, as I went through the trial period with hundreds of you, in 2023 and early 2024.

The best of British luck and report back.


Final delivery for this year by December 7th, 2024. You will have delivery throughout this eleven month period. This is a long process and it will transform your life for the better if you follow the steps. 

(Images: Jessica Adams Ltd.)

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185 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,
    2022 and 2023 were extremely hard years for our family monetarily and physically. Can you tell me if 2024 may be the year things begin to turn around for us?

    Thank you for all your insights, they are very much appreciated.

    1. Yes, 2024 is turnaround year for two reasons. Pluto in Aquarius (new sign) and Jupiter in Gemini (new sign). These two air signs are under powerful and helpful new transits so the really difficult days of Pluto in Capricorn are far behind.

  2. Hi Jessica, just wanted to feedback on how much I’m enjoying the process of this. As a Sagittarius I’ve been working on image, appearance and profile etc. for the last month. It has taken me down some interesting paths and made me excited by the possibilities ahead. Looking forward to working on some financial goals in December. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. You will have some or all of what you want by 2024 so please let me know what happens.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you very much for providing such prescient advice with Astrology Delivery. I have been quite diligently going through the process since October. Even the journaling and describing goals is a worthwhile exercise to go through.
    Decembers’ Astrology Delivery, based on my sign, is the area of my life that I am most in need of changing. The area that has kept me stuck and occupies so much energy.
    Once it is changed and I can feel better, the other elements of my life are achievable and manageable, I’m sure.
    Thank you again for sharing this with us all.
    DinP xxx

    1. Thanks DinP. I am seeing good results from readers who have stuck to the process since October. In fact delivery is now happening for that very first booking.

  4. Jessica, I had the most amazing dream on the Gemini full moon. I made contact with a man who I am interested in, and we talked and talked. Babies surrounded us, but not our babies, just babies we were looking after. We shopped and talked about earthenware, coffee cups, beautiful patterns. He bought my daughters who had joined us, oven gloves and pretty tea towels. I worried that I had been out all night, and asked my daughter to text my mum sorry, as I’d been out all night. My mum passed on 15 yrs ago. I woke slowly from the dream, with my head on the man’s chest, tears running down my cheeks. I hated waking up. My daughters were happy in the dream, and liked the man, approved.
    I’m so affected by this dream, 24 hrs later – I would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. How interesting. You and the man you are interested in met on the astral plane for a chat. The astral plane is also where your mum comes into it. The relationship with him may or may not manifest on the earth plane, is all. When you dream, you can travel though those spheres. It’s sometimes called astral travel.

  5. Hi Jessica I’m getting ready to do my December booking but before I try and clear my mind, I wanted to ask for help. My sister has had a tough couple of years 2022 was particularly difficult and on Sunday an ex partner attacked her in her home and fractured her arm. All I want is for her be safe and happy, she is so loved. If there is any advice regarding her chart I would greatly appreciate it, I won’t include the whole thing though I did purchase a copy from you (much appreciated) but she has her sun in 17° Virgo, Moon 11°

    1. I did reply to this, but your Virgo sister is in the booking zone for a happier love life in 2024. If she missed the 2nd December window for booking she can skip forward to the next date. This will help her find a decent, loving person to be with. (This is in addition to the message I gave you, about her domestic violence).

  6. Hi Jessica I’m getting ready to do my December booking but before I try and clear my mind, I wanted to ask for help. My sister has had a tough couple of years 2022 was particularly difficult and on Sunday an ex partner attacked her in her home and fractured her arm, this man has been in her life for nearly 10 years and a toxic manipulator. All I want is for her be safe and happy, she is so loved. If there is any advice regarding her chart I would greatly appreciate it, I won’t include the whole thing though I did purchase a copy from you (much appreciated) but she has her sun in 17° Virgo, Moon 11° in Sagittarius, Mercury 22° Virgo, Venus 2° Scorpio and a Scorpio, Sag, Leo Stellium (10.09.86). Thank you so much. Emma xxx

    1. Emma I am so sorry about your sister. She is in the right cycle to get rid of the toxic ex. It begins on 2nd December. The issue is the children they had, or did not have from his point of view. I am sure she’s called the police, rung the appropriate hotlines and so on. If she’s still being manipulated though that’s her problem and she needs to have tools she can use to get him out of her life and with a restraining order if necessary. I don’t know which country you are in or she is in, but suggest from December 2nd, your sister rolls up her sleeves, even with her fractured arm, and contacts the experts on how to get rid.

  7. Hello Jessica, this is the first time you’ve included new moon dates which weren’t there for November October dates. Why is this please? Thank you always.

    1. I was asked to include New Moon dates so that’s now part of the delivery booking. This is the trial period for Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn Astrology Delivery so I’m changing it as I go along to suit readers’ needs.

  8. Hi Jessica…thank you so much for this article and reminder for those who haven’t started using this system. I am working through the 9th house Sagittarius delivery presently and will be starting on the Capricorn Dec Delivery from Dec 02 as per your advice regarding my job/career. Looks like my Sagittarius delivery might be coming through as I am thinking of booking tickets for a vacation in April along with my daughter (Sun sign Aquarius) today (since I am getting some good deals) and am embarking on a degree (my third bachelors degree) starting December 01, 2023 (GOD willing)! I am hoping that my degree might help me in landing a new job or new career pathway by the end of my tenth house delivery in December 2024 (my degree will not be complete then but I could start looking for jobs by adding the upcoming completion date of my degree in May 2025 on my resume) and help relieve me of my present job woes (extremely micromanaging boss, very long work hours every single day which I probably will start to “feel” more as I embark on my studies, a JD which should definitely belongs to two persons instead of one etc.). Do you think my degree will help or am I just going to be spending all my meagre spare hours studying in vain? 🙂 Would love it if I could land a better position (mainly a better work-life balance without a boss who is constantly working herself and expects us to do the same) before December 2024 but am ok to wait since I know good things come to those who wait. 🙂 Thank you so much for your advice and these articles which have helped me so much, extremely grateful to you <3.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad your Astrology Delivery booking is delivering already. If you want a better job you are in the right zone for that when you hit the first date, 2nd December. You could actually end up with a superior career as this is a long cycle through 2024.

  9. On a different note – my Spotify Unwrapped for 2023 says your Astrology show is my top podcast and that I listened to it for 740 minutes, I know I say this nearly every time I post a comment but I mean it, I really love your work – it makes such a huge difference in my perspective and life. Thank you!

  10. Jessica,
    I too have been, as Sun Taurus, engaging your practice or method of Astrology Delivery, since October. Just to offer my experiences so far, which might be encouraging.
    Your comments shared about the astral plane, with the woman who shared her poignant dream, prompted me to share that while there are some results possibly in the material realm of things, what I have palpably noticed is shifting or re-organizing of things on the astral plane, in a sense … sometimes the obstacles or gates to move through, as you put it with the cards, they do bring in my experience a task or an unfolding in the ‘real’ world … but other times, I’m conscious, oh, that is something that is shifting on the interior, or in the web of collective consciousness … so that is a place for some to watch or attune to ‘delivery’ … also, I have a sense that maybe the ultimate delivery into physical for some people or some orders might happen beyond the delivery date, if that is the best unfolding for the person? Another way to put it, I can feel the seeding of things being nurtured hugely in this process … and not to be disappointed or frustrated … Of course, final delivery window is yet to close on both, so I could be surprised, with 100% delivery. What I have experienced though is a sense of assurance the order has been received and is in play … like the way you can get a tracking number (by cosmic signs and synchronicities) for a parcel, to arrive, maybe outside or beyond the window … but you have greater assurance, it is coming … like guarantee of delivery, for a future date, most perfect for you.
    The other experience I had so far, as when dates seem to overlap for the different delivery windows … being engaged in the process, the process starts to work with you, and have your back if you forget a day or mix days up … I was quite busy on Sat 11th Nov, which was a date for cards for Sagittarius weather …. and Nov 12/13/14 was for Scorpio weather … I woke up early in the quiet of morning on the 11th, and pulled a card, Ten of Pentacles, intending it was for Scorpio weather, and the next day, for Sagittarius weather, Six of Cups … but it should have been the other way around … I mixed up the dates … but the process still knew my intention … when I later realized my error, I could sense that the right cards were still drawn on the right date for the correct delivery … my own ‘mistake’ did not get in the way … I guess I’m sharing, as it helps maybe trust, once you are in the process, it has a momentum … And I would say too, I felt that maybe these were the primary cards, and each card was a supporting message for the other … so in a way, I sensed the momentum of one astrology delivery window, was connecting and dovetailing with the other …
    I also can see how the trails of cards tell a story, they link up … Taurus in Scorpio weather for relationship, partnership – Sun, Five of Swords, The Magician, Ace of Cups, Six of Cups … and Taurus in Sagittarius weather for finance, shares, money, sales, gold – Ten of Pentacles, Three of Cups, Judgement, Four of Wands …
    Anyhow, it has all been positive, and I will definitely circle back with more material outcomes … but maybe this helps encourage some who I have read write to you not seeing a material result yet, to look in other parts of one’s being, and maybe there is some signs of affirmation there …
    great book resource you will be able to put together, with real life experiences people are sharing,
    thank you again so much,

    1. Thank you so much Cathleen. This trial of Astrology Delivery was for October-December bookings and there were three open windows. So they do overlap. I’ve had real-world outcomes from readers including pay rises; YouTube viral hit; Crowdfunding in full. So that’s interesting. Let me know when you have reached the 29th December deadline for the bookings you started in October. The rest are 2024 delivery.

  11. Oh, if we don’t meet in this life, I’ll be very sad. But what a lovely dream it was. Thank you so much for responding, it felt so real and otherworldly – I could have stayed in it forever

  12. Jessica,
    Thank you, it all is so amazing. I will definitely circle back … so great to hear about the real-world outcomes, the list getting longer of those successes. I look forward to sharing those results, also! Loulou, I haven’t met you of course, but I will be rooting for your dream to come into the material reality. But with a name like that, which I see online means ‘light’ or ‘renowned warrior’ or ‘pearl’ … then of course your life would divine, I would like to think, a great love story … it is a kind of french name after all … what a romantic beginning with such flare to it, deeply soulful, it if is to end up … as my mother loved to remind, what is for you won’t go by you … all the best,

    And all the best to everyone, for delivery success!

    1. Thank you Cathleen. We are about four weeks away from the final deadline for the first booking, which began in October, so I expect to hear more success stories by then – although some people are getting terrific results very early. I think an engagement and $1000 in suprise gift money is pretty good (one reader). Please let me know what happens with your delivery.

  13. Hi Jessica, I’ve been dabbling in the Astrology delivery, but unfortunately have been inconsistent due to life being slightly chaotic at the moment! I do find it really interesting though, and look forward to being able to exploring more.
    I would like to know if the astrology delivery works in areas other than the ones nominated. For example, my December ‘area’ is social groups, networks, friends, social media etc. I have other areas that I desperately need guidance in – eg finances, children (adult), home/apartment, and to be honest, friends and social networks are the least of my worries, and I have nothing really to ask. So do I do it anyway, but writing my other wishes, or just skip until another cycle?
    Thanks again for everything you share with this community – and wishing you a happy festive season x

    1. Thank you and Merry Christmas. Astrology Delivery only works based on the life area, triggered at the time. You can skip any cycle that does not interest you. This trial period October-December was about Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn booking windows in all the charts, so just three areas of your life. As a Sun Pisces if you want to book for money, children and home then that’s much later. So, April 2024 (money), July 2024 (children) and May 2024 (home). All this information will be in the 2024 Astrology Reports which go on sale soon. It will also be in the next book, Astrology Delivery, though that’s further away.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    I had surgery scheduled for Dec 20 and then realized it falls under Mercury retrograde. The surgery is not urgent and can be rescheduled, however with work schedules, this is probably the best time to have it done. Interestingly, both my children were born during mercury retrogrades but with complications during the birth of the second child, I have had to undergo a series of surgeries every 5+ years due to new issues that are being discovered. Do you see an end to this series at all? I am so wary of having yet another surgery during the retograde. Any words of advice or encouragement? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Mercury Retrograde passes through Capricorn then Sagittarius in December 2023. On 20th December Mercury stands at 4 Capricorn. You are a Leo woman so this does in fact take place in your Sixth House of surgery, health and wellbeing. As a general comment for Leo people, you are more likely to get caught in a paper trail; reschedule; see delays; possible reversals of decisions. You have nothing at all at 4 degrees in your birth chart. You are far more likely to see work schedules affected, but I Understand why you are concerned about possible complications. I don’t think there is an issue, but use the Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Garden Oracle together to reassure yourself as this is your reading for you, and it’s personal and has to be decided by you. If you were able to reschedule and wanted to do it without Mercury Retrograde you’d go for January 21st and following. You’d also use Astrology Delivery (here) to get some or all of what you wanted, so commit to a longer process.

  15. Hi So interesting this with astrological delivery and tarot cards. I just sat and wished, meditated and drew a card. I want a new home for me and my son and got the card Six of Swords. What does this mean for me? Do you see a new home? Thank you ❤️

    1. This is a sideways way of trying to get what you want, but it may not work as you wish, unless you follow the steps. So write down your booking for a new home for you and your son in a journal or notebook. The Six of Swords is your gateway until the next booking. It’s you and your son moving. You are the woman in the boat and he is the boy. The gateway is leaving the neighbourhood, town, region or even the country where you are. Keep going with your booking as you will see some or all of what you want by 2024.

  16. Good Morning Jessica,
    I have been doing and watching with interest the deliveries that have been occurring.
    I can see movement in mine slowly and now will tweak further as little wins have occurred, especially in my November booking with work and my wish for work, life balance providing a getaway to health.
    As a Sun cancer my October tarot cards for booking dates 24Oct and 12th November I pulled Four of pentacles today for 2 Dec Cap weather forecast , I had a card fall out 5 of swords ( which I interpreted as my husband who passed big tall Sagittarius man , nearly 10 years ago ) and I pulled 4 of pentacles.. my wish list is similar for both courtship, new partner to enjoy life with …. is it possible that the 4 of pentacles has intertwined with these two seperate deliveries Oct and Dec… help required if you have time and your interpretation appreciated.
    Christmas wishes to you and your team, for a healthy holiday season.

    1. Good morning. I am glad about the little wins so far with your Astrology Delivery. You are a Sun Cancer woman and have been booking for work and lifestyle since November. Keep going with that. You want a new man as you lost your husband ten years ago. You are in the right booking window from today. The Four of Pentacles will be talking to you only about this request, not the others. Your gateway until the next booking is – a person with financial security – nicely surrounded by money. Now this may be you, who tempts a man because of your situation, or the man in question who will be your next boyfriend or lead you to him. You will know by the next booking date.

  17. Thanks Jessica. I’m a Cancerian and I pulled the 7 wands in relation to my desire for a new relationship. The conflict is with my ex-husband who is combative, in part because he’d rather be together. I try to be amicable but can’t change his mindset. Aside from maintaining strong boundaries, do I just need to wait and see what card I draw when the Moon goes into Capricorn in a couple of weeks? Thanks

    1. You want a new relationship and are right in the zone; you started today. Great. The Seven of Wands is one person against the group, so this is your gateway. If this is your husband he will be in a group, united against one other person. Or he will be the combatant against the circle of people. If you do not recognise him from that description, then the card is showing you a ‘me versus them’ situation yet to come, which is your gateway to a new relationship. You may fall in love with the outsider in the card, for example, or there may be a man in the circle who falls in love with you!

  18. Thank you very much Jessica for posting the booking dates! I had great luck with the October bookings and did some updating to my home (4th house transits). I’ve done my bookings for the Sagittarius dates and now just starting the Capricorn cycle. I am in the interview process for a new job which I am hoping to get, or something similar, as my current job, while it has been good, has also caused a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety that is detrimental to my health (another 6th house issue) I made my wish list, meditated, and pulled the Temperance card for who/what can assist me with getting what I’m looking for. Do you know how I should interpret this? I know Temperance refers to healing so it’s definitely a good sign I think.

    1. I’m glad you had luck with your October booking. The Temperance card is your gateway to what you want with good health on this new Capricorn window for Leo. This is a person, organisation or process linked to mineral water; detoxing; a Virgo/pure way of eating and drinking; swimming; walking; hiking. If this isn’t immediately obvious it will be by the next Astrology Delivery booking date. Go through.

  19. Hi Jessica!

    Wishing you a great start to the holiday season!

    I have just tried the Astrology Delivery today with the instructions followed of writing my wish in my journal, listening to the youtube link and getting a tarot card reading.

    I had interviewed for an internal role about a month ago and I am hoping that I can get hired for the role as it is completely different from sales and i want to move out of sales.

    I got the tarot card of Six of Wands! I am really hoping and praying that I do get hired for the role and i can hear some good news soon!

    Out of the Astrology Delivery, are you able to do share with me a reading if I will get hired for this role?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. You are a Gemini so just started booking for finance, business, charity and/or property. This is not strictly speaking a new job; it is more money. However, a new job can of course get you more money. Your gateway to better finances, until the next date you book, is a victory for yourself or someone else. You will know it when you see it.

  20. Hello Jessica, I’m Libra and asked for a new house. The Tarot card I selected is Nine of Pentacles. Does that relate to me needing to take action to make the money to purchase the house, or is it something else? Thank you. I am enjoying Astrology Delivery.

    1. Great booking for a Libra woman. The Nine of Pentacles shows you the gateway to what you want, until the next time you book. So this is a rich woman. You will know her when you see her. You will get some or all of what you want by 2024; just continue the process.

  21. Good morning Jessica, I did my first booking for December. Actually my husband also did his with me. We wrote down our own wish for our signs and said it out loud, meditated and each drew a card.( I’m hoping it’s ok for us to do it together and not affect the outcome) I am looking a better career and work life balance hopefully something that is much closer to home which will hopefully also improve my health. I drew a king of pentacles? My husband is a Scorpio and drew a page of wands for his list. What do you think that means. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I will keep you posted on how we do.

    1. Good morning. I like the idea of booking, with a partner. That’s new. Your husband is a Scorpio whose booking window is for siblings, media, internet, short journeys. The Page of Wands is a young man who is his gateway to that, until the next time he books. You are a Leo so your booking window is for work and health. You will get some or all of what you want by 2024.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Apologies if someone already asked this questions or if i overlooked it in your guidelines: what do the areas you list next to each sign for the bookings correspond to? The houses? I am still a newbie… 🙂

  23. oops, posted too quickly! i ask the question because i’d like to read up on the area at hand for December to make sure my bookings hit the right points. I am a pisces so for me it is friends, social life, social media, groups and networks.

    1. Yes, you are a Sun Pisces, so your booking window is for your social life, friendships and groups.

  24. Hi Jessica, I started the December astrology delivery and asked tarot what is the gateway for me to improve my image and reputation and i got 3 of pentacles. I will continue with the dates all through 2024 but I was wondering what you think of this card. I am currently not working but hoping for a new job next year. Mercury is also transiting my natal Mercury this week ironically! Thank you for getting bak to me Jessica, I hope you are looking forward to a rest over Christmas.

    1. You are a Capricorn woman so your booking windows have been for groups and friends (October), spirituality (November) and now it’s for image (December). The Three of Pentacles will reveal itself to you in the next two weeks or so, as the card always shows you what/who turns up in the period between this booking and the next one. It will be exactly what you read. A search for money which may or may not be there. That is your gateway.

  25. Hi Jessica had a toxic few years with work but changed my job in a new and more artistic direction as Jupiter hit my 10th house . Do you see any promotions for me ? I’m putting those dates in my dairy ? Work seems to be the biggest thing for me at the minute. Thank you for your posts. I always enjoy them.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn so your career windows are Gemini weather (starts May 2024) and Libra weather (starts September 2024). That’s when you’ll get the best results from booking. If you book for a new title, that would work, from December 2nd onwards. You are now in an image booking window.

  26. Jessica, it WORKS!

    I used the Sagittarius window to wish for a number of things, including a business trip to a Nordic country, so I can both expand my professional network AND see the Aurora Borealis, and guess what! I did! after only two sessions, I was notified of a business trip which will be on Dec 11. This is spectacular! Thank you, thank you for sharing this tool with us!

    1. Congratulations, that is wonderful to hear. Thank you for letting me know that Astrology Delivery worked after just two sessions. You are an Aries, you had a window for an overseas trip and networking – and you got it. Keep going, there will be even more.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    I am a sun Capricorn and have just started my astrology delivery journal today (Dec 2nd)
    I used my own Smith/Waite tarot deck and shuffled while listening to the pink noise meditation, I pulled the Ten Of Pentacles which indicated everything I have written on my first wish list and the card even depicts my two little white dogs (Ben and Holly)
    I got quite excited at that….very interesting!!
    I have been patient so I hope for the delivery of a lot of good things in 2024

    1. Thank you for reminding me; your own Smith-Waite Tarot deck is fine for Astrology Delivery. The Ten of Pentacles is a fantastic gateway to what you want. You’re booking for a relaunch; branding; image; profile; appearance; title; reputation. The card is telling you that it’s family, money and also dogs (Ben and Holly) which are the current gateway, until the next time you book.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well.

    I’m giving Astrology Delivery a try. I’ve told you countless times (sorry!) that I’m unemployed, falling deeper into debt, and zero job prospects in sight. Last week my new landlord raised my rent 50%. Scary given that I’m 62 years old, single, and 100% on my own.

    But, it’s the holidays, and I’m trying to be “Neptunian” by tuning everything out, and just trying to be happy until New Year’s Day.

    I constantly fantasize about owning a house (a perfect booking choice as I am a Libra.)

    I listened to pink nose and I drew the Three of Wands, Not sure what this card means. Move away? Fear? I find this card confusing. Not sure how this card relates to a my wish for a house.
    Thank you,

    1. Chris, Astrology Delivery works, no matter how difficult things are. I am very sorry your landlord raised your rent. You will get some or all of what you want, from a house, by 2024. You are a Libra person and your booking window is right now. You took the first step on 2nd December, correct, and were shown the Three of Wands as the gateway, until the next booking. The gateway is in fact, moving. Across the region or even to another country. Have you looked at house rental prices in other places? Even if you do not choose to do this, the Tarot is showing you how to get what you want right now. If you want to stay in your local area, though, there will be other bookings and other Tarot cards ahead. Please let me know when you have the home you want. The other things – money, career, partnership – can be booked at other times next year, but the window right now is for a home. You can book for a home with a partner. That’s allowed.

  29. Hello Jessica, I want to let you know how much I am enjoying Astrology Delivery/ Booking. I booked all the dates in. November, and saw some wonderful results already. Being a Sagittarius and booking on my image, I lost weight and am within a few pounds of my goal achieved in the last few weeks, something I have struggled with and was not having success at. I am so excited about December as I started my Dec 2 booking date. I am journaled and booked regarding Money, saving, investments and since I volunteer on a non profit board, I booked that charity work. I drew the Ace of Pentacles! Just wow. Really great advice in that reading. So looking forward to continuing this. A huge thank you for teaching us.

    1. This is fantastic news. You have always struggled to lose weight, but booked to do so, and am within a few pounds of your goal. Congratulations! Astrology Delivery, has delivered early. As a Sagittarian you also saw you could book for money. A large lump sum is your gateway and it will appear before the next booking date.

  30. Hello Jessica, I want to let you know how much I am enjoying Astrology Delivery/ Booking. I booked all the dates in. November, and saw some wonderful results already. Being a Sagittarius and booking on my image, I lost weight and am within a few pounds of my goal achieved in the last few weeks, something I have struggled with and was not having success at. I am so excited about December as I started my Dec 2 booking date. I am journaled and booked regarding Money, saving, investments and since I volunteer on a non profit board, I booked that charity work. I drew the Ace of Pentacles! Just wow. Really great advice in that reading. So looking forward to continuing this. A huge thank you for teaching us.

  31. Hi Jessica, I’d like to say first thing that there’s quite a bit of magic at work with the cards and synchronicity on your site. I’ve now and then also drawn a card from the Garden Oracle about my current situation and it’s been eerily in sync.
    I did the booking today for property. (My brother’s blocked my father’s succession for quite a while and misappropriated funds). I drew the Two of Pentacles. The question there: “Is someone being a dickhead” makes me think the figure may represent my brother, juggling all the lies. I’m also having to juggle this situation. What is the gateway here? My brother seems to be the obstacle. Do I need to hire a lawyer? Right now I’m only dealing with the notary’s office.
    Also, the last two November booking dates I asked about rebranding myself online to win opportunities and got The Tower (on the 25th) and Judgement (on the 26th). I understand The Tower as change. But how? Judgement is also about a shift. Could you shed some light?
    With my deepest appreciation, Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the synchronicity is rich on this website; I will let James and Justin know how accurate The Garden Oracle has been for you, as they designed it and sourced the images. (I wrote it, of course). As a Sagittarian you are booking for money and property in December. Your brother has blocked your father’s will and you want to overcome that. Yes, the Two of Coins is your brother – the dickhead. Yes, he is the obstacle you must get through. How you do that is up to you. You also booked to rebrand yourself. In November you were shown The Tower, which you will be able to explain, but Judgement, which I can explain. Judgement is your father in the spirit world. He is the gateway to what you want.

  32. Hi Jessica
    The Astrology delivery dates are really exciting.
    I am Sun Libra and aiming to finally move in 2024 to the house of my dreams. My house has just gone on the market, keeping fingers and toes crossed this will happen soon.
    For 2nd December I asked the tarot gateway how likely am I to find the right family home in the right location and be happy. The card I pulled was 10 of Cups. This seems to be a good card and indicates that my dream will come true- am I reading this right or am I expecting too much? I would appreciate your input on this Jessica.

    1. That’s a great card and you will get some or all of what you want, in terms of a house. Report back!

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a bit confused about what I should be booking for. You’re being very patient with us all.

    I understand that as a Capricorn that Dec 2nd onward is for image, role etc. Just reading the weekly Cap forecast you refer to career plans – these are the ones I’m most interested in booking for but obviously missed the solar 10th house in Sept window. I do have a stellium in Capricorn in addition to my Sun. Would I be correct in saying that the Capricorn booking window is for 1st house matters (if a Capricorn), but in addition, if you have factors in Capricorn (natal chart?) which are influenced by transits then you can also book for 10th house factors re career?
    Sorry, bit convoluted.
    Many thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn so have a booking window for your image, right now. Keep it simple and stick to your Capricorn chart, which is what Astrology Delivery is based on. You do have a stellium in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career in your birth chart, so will get double delivery with that. So you would book for an impressive new job title and get it, and also get the job. Double Delivery. To make life simple though always book for the window you are given, based on your Sun Sign.

  34. Hi Jessica, On the 2nd Dec I put in my journal for the first time that I wanted a new job and more money to do up my old broken house. Do you see anything like either of these two things coming my way? I appreciate any advice you can give me. 🙂

    1. Yes, you will get some or all of what you want in 2024 if you continue the process. Not job necessarily (that is not in your booking) but more money to do up your house. That is absolutely within reach.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    Just wanted to clarify. In this weeks aqua forecast you said if we have Capricorn factors to start Astro delivery. I started but was doing this for aqua (as listed in the blog above) does that mean I can also do this for Capricorn: career academic success etc?

    Thanks, trying. To make the most of it!

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius so should be booking for spirituality, psychology, psychic ability, therapy and so on. That’s your available booking window in December, ongoing.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I am new to this delivery process and keen to get started. I have had an incredibly difficult year with finances, relationships and employment (this one being very hard for me to break through the barriers with) (cancer sun, Virgo moon, Pisces rising). Is there any insight if there is a reason why and when things may change, especially with the career front.

    Many thanks

    1. As a Sun Cancer person you can book for a good partnership; a new partnership; a better partnership – now. December is your ‘start’ window. I hope you used your journal on 2nd December. If you didn’t, catch up on the next date and keep going. 2024 will deliver some or all of what you want, from a partnership. Your career booking window is next April.

  37. Hi again Jessica, thanks for your reply. I did forget to include another question which related to my original one regarding the ‘areas’ the bookings relate to. My weekly horoscope today reminded me.
    As a Sun Pisces, my Astrology delivery area for December, with the Capricorn weather is the Eleventh House – friends, social networks, etc. using the Natural House system.
    My personal horoscope, my solar chart, however, has Capricorn as my Tenth House – success, ambition, career, status.
    Can astrology delivery work using both Natural House system and solar chart system – therefore there being potentially two areas in which it may work? Thank-you.

    1. Astrology Delivery is based on Solar Houses, but yes, it works in the natal chart too using Natural Houses. So, for example, you are a Sun Pisces booking for groups and friends, because you have Capricorn weather in your Eleventh House. If you know your natal chart and know for a fact you have Eleventh House transits which are also taking place, you will get what I call Double Delivery. You have your IC at 3 Aquarius so when you start to see the planets cross 3 Aquarius you’ll get Double Delivery in early 2024. (The IC of course depends on a strictly accurate birth time).

  38. I’m an Aries, and I’ve been working on delivery, for the Scorpio cycle and the Sagittarius! The Capricorn cycle raises some questions for me… I’ve had Pluto conjuncting my Saturn at 28.45 Capricorn for a while now, and it’s felt like marching through the watery, moldy caverns of Pluto’s hell. A bully appeared, and I will be face to face with them for the first time in months tomorrow. I had to move out of a house and deal with some water damaged goods… Meanwhile, transiting Saturn opposed my Pluto in Virgo and wonderful coworkers either got sick or died. A couple of them got sick repeatedly, sometimes with Covid. Saturn is now, after retrograde, heading towards the same opposition. Some of this action seems to be coming to a head within the next two weeks…Pluto conjuncting Saturn exactly… on December 12th, I think. How do I book for Capricorn while stepping out of the way of the Pluto/Saturn conflicts?

    1. Actually the whole point of Astrology Delivery is to work with things like oppositions, or conjunctions you don’t want. I’m not denying the obstacles of what you are going through, which is textbook for transiting Pluto. However, the twists and turns of booking and delivery often involve something/someone which is not working (at all) to be replaced with something which does. This explains why a few people are having weird experiences. They book for a happy new apartment and the one they were banking on falls through. (You guessed it, a superior option then appears when they make the drastic decision to move towns). Moving town was actually the answer all along. So it’s on that level. Whatever appears to be a bridge to cross or mountain to climb will still benefit you. You will gain. And this is about your bully at work but also your coworkers who became ill or died with Covid. It’s big stuff for you. It will take time. But you are going to do something that your higher self thinks you should have tackled a very long time ago. Good thing too.

  39. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you very much for another lovely article. I have started on 4th Dec to book for my Dec delivery which is brother, cousins, media, internet, short journeys, 3rd house for my Scorpio Sun.
    I have picked Two of Wands card which seems also related with 3rd/9th house. I also have 7 Capricorn factors in my natal chart. I am expecting some new ways of working news in the coming period related with my job and my role working somehow remotely. I don’t have brothers and sisters or closed cousins so this era of my life not sure if can be somehow impacted.
    Will December bring me some clarity in terms of my job, role and career growth or how can I implement or change something in my communication, media, internet skills? Wish you lovely holidays!

    1. Thank you. Yes, as a Scorpio, you can book for siblings, cousins, the media, the web and short journeys – with results in 2024. Your Two of Wands card is the gateway. In fact, you can see a short journey hidden in the card. This is a slow process, but you started booking on 2nd December so can keep going this month and into 2024. Your job is your focus. Your next step is to look across the map, for the breakthrough. Then keep going. You will get some or all of what you want by next year. People are having fantastic results so far; I hope you are one of them.

  40. Hi Jessica, really appreciate the blog article! This is my first time using the Astrology Delivery, and just pulled Six of Swords as a Cancer sun. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on this card when linked to partnerships, and if there’s any connection with work?

    1. You are booking for a partnership as you are a Sun Cancer person. That’s your booking window. The Six of Swords shows you the gateway to that partnership. Have a look at Pamela’s Tarot for the long interpretation.

  41. Jessica,
    Thank you for everything you do.
    Gemini sun, moon, and Venus. Will the love life of Geminis improve?

    1. Gemini women are in a karma cycle for sexual relationships, which dates back 18-19 years. So you are owed, or you owe, from that time. What is happening now has to help you gain closure. So it may keep you stuck for a little while, either with one person or more than one; there may be a loop you feel you have to complete. It is gone by 2025. Long-term, yes, Gemini has fantastic opportunities.

  42. Hi Jessica, two of my wishes have been delivered already so thank you very much for this amazing opportunity to tune into the Universe. My main wish though is not about me but for Ukraine’s victory. Do you still predict that happening this year, given that only a few weeks of 2023 are left?

    1. Ukraine already won (see President Joe Biden a few months ago). Thank you. I am glad Astrology Delivery is working for you.

  43. Hi Jessica

    I have commenced Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn delivery wish lists and have yet to see any positive results. Scorpio final delivery date is December 27th and I don’t feel I will achieve my Scorpio wish.

    I am under enormous pressure with a current family project and the world economy is testing me financially and it feels like torture. The past 18 months has been financially the most difficult in my life. My father is an Aries and works 6 days a week to help complete the project on time. Increasing interest rates are having me refinance continuously to keep the project moving to completion.

    I was hoping you can share some guidance on when we will sell the properties and what will the final outcome be of the development.

    Is there anything I can wish for in my Capricorn delivery to help with my double delivery wish list or for my Scorpio, Sagittarius delivery wish list?

    Thank you

    1. You are an Aquarius so booked career for October, friends for November and spirituality for December. Those were your windows. Or should have been. You are talking about money instead; that’s not your window until next March 2024. Your father and family are not until April 2024, for booking. Property is not until then either. So you are trying to do something which does not exist and it is not working I’m afraid. Your booking windows for money and family and property are not until next year.

  44. Hi Jessica, I’ve been asking for a specific money outcome from business, for the Scorpio weather Astrology Delivery. Two weeks ago an old client gave me $15,000 unexpectedly, to work on a project. It’s working. Today, I pulled the High Priestess. Is that an expert or should I find answers in a book? Thank you.

    1. As a Scorpio you just got a nice early delivery of $15,000 which is terrific. The High Priestess is you, with your qualifications or written project, or an expert professional woman who may have a degree or a book/website out. That’s your gateway to the next step.

  45. Hello Jessica,

    I’m gearing up to launch my own venture and delve into freelance work starting January 15th. I’ve begun developing Astrology Delivery inspired by your blog. As I have the flexibility to choose the date and time for formalizing the LLC, I would greatly appreciate your input on selecting an auspicious moment for this important step.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. As you are a Premium Member you can try different dates and run them through Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle to see which one suits you best. Good luck with your new career.

  46. Your prediction was: “Putin will lose the war in Ukraine in 2023”. Joe Biden said: “Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia.” To suggest they are the same thing is disingenuous, especially given the scale of the suffering.

  47. Hi Jessica I have been diligently doing the 4th house delivery for Leo since October and 5th house through November and now 6th stuff this December. I’m working through all the dates as per the instructions. In my natal chart I have Saturn and Neptune transiting my 4th house, Chiron and North node transiting my 5th and Jupiter and Neptune transiting my 6th does this mean double delivery in all these areas then?

    1. Your natal chart can show double delivery, yes, if you have transits in the same houses. As a Leo your delivery windows have been Fourth House, Fifth House and Sixth House. In your natal chart you don’t have transits in your Fourth House (Cancer), Fifth House (Leo) or Sixth House (Virgo) so there is no double delivery. You are using a different house system.

  48. Hi Jessica
    I am a little lost. Reading the post (very interesting thank you) As an Aquarius my delivery is in the area is spiritual, psychological etc I am not sure what to ask for in this area? My focus is on career, income and a life partner. Can you please help me understand how I best use the delivery window.
    Many thanks for your guidance

    1. Thank you. If you don’t want delivery for spirituality then skip December for booking. If you would like to book for career, money and marriage then you will need to order a 2024 Astrology Report which has all the booking windows for Aquarius for February 2024 to January 2025. Thank you. (This was a free trial period for readers to test three areas of their lives in October, November, December).

  49. Thank you Jessica, report will be ordered. x ps the podcast is brilliant- my must listen each week first thing Sunday morning

  50. Thank you for such a wonderful answer. It made the process much clearer. I’ve been working with all three windows, and keeping each date on its own page in my diary. I think going forward, instead of putting it down chronologically, I’ll give each window its own section. It might be helpful to see it all concentrated rather than reading first for Scorpio, then Sag, then back to Scorpio. I do look back at the bookings…maybe not everyone does. I’m sure there are many interesting ways to do the writing.

    1. I love the way you are doing this. The book, Astrology Delivery, will have clear illustrations showing the different booking windows for 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030. So you can choose to skip some bookings if you don’t have any particular desires there, or juggle three processes at the same time. I am seeing good results for people, with money.

  51. Hi Jessica, I have just gotten started with the delivery. How can I decide whether a tarot card pull is a gateway or an obstacle. I sent a previous comment whereby I wanted to know if there is anyway I can help my career and finances through this and/or my chart. I am a cancer sun, pisces rising and virgo moon who has had terrible luck in going anywhere in her career the past year and deteriorating finances. Thank you once again for your insight. Best

    1. If you are a Cancer Sun then through this whole Astrology Delivery since October your bookings have been for sex or children (Scorpio/Fifth House), Work and Health (Sagittarius/Sixth House) and now Partnership (Seventh House). Presumably you have been booking for work all this time and still have some dates to go. If the card is negative it’s an obstacle to overcome. If it’s positive it’s a gateway to use. I will clarify this in the book, Astrology Delivery. Thank you for taking part.

  52. Hi Jessica. I just wanted to let you know that astrology delivery has delivered for me by giving me a place on an MA course! In 2024 I will begin studying to be an arts psychotherapist. I am beyond thrilled and excited! I’ve wanted to do this for ages so to have achieved the place on the course is both a cause for celebration and a huge sense of relief (I was beginning to think it would never happen). Still haven’t got a job though 🙁 still working on that, although I followed your advice for paid work through friends old or new, and got a lucrative short contract. Hoping that will turn into something more soon 🙂

    1. Fantastic. Congratulations. You are an Aquarian woman who used the booking process since October for success (you had a window for career, academic career) and now you are on the way to your Master of Arts degree, helping you to become an arts psychotherapist. Keep going. The well-paid short contract is part of the delivery. You have until December 29th to get even more of what you want.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    Happy Holidays

    I am so interested in this process and am just getting started. I do have a couple of questions. As a Libra, I know the focus for Dedember is House, garden, apartment, household, family and town. I followed the process and wrote down my ‘wants’ just wondering if my wants are in the right area, for example wanting to fill my home with family and friends or with love with those people or does it specifically have to be a new home, new apartment? I drew the Three of Wands during the process which as I read the card felt was a gateway for what I want but would love your interpretation of it. I am a bit confused about the dates, if this was done on December 2nd is December 14th or 15th the date you should start to see results or just the next dates to continue? Just wanted to tell you I have used pink noise in the past but it seemed to feel better this time, maybe I focused on the right things this time.

    Thank you so much

  54. Hi Jessica – I finally started working with Astrology Delivery on this cycle. Fascinating reading the stories in the comments! I’m a Sun Sagittarius, booking for enough money to pay off my mortgage by the end of 2025. I’m finishing up a corporate contract next Friday (a few weeks earlier than expected) and whilst I probably could, I have no desire to get another one. I hope instead to launch a much more independent, entrepreneurial career which will mean more money, more
    freedom and more fulfilment. I pulled The Tower – clearly the end of my corporate career (I even work in a tower!) and a new beginning. Any other insights?

    1. Your booking window is for finance as a Sagittarian, so you are in the right space to achieve more money. The gateway or obstacle to overcome on the path is The Tower, until the next session. So this may in fact be your corporate career going through change; departures imminent. People either go back and rebuild on The Tower or walk away and start again.

  55. Hello Jessica, again!
    It feels easy to write to you and report back, I think it is because my best friend of 45 years, since I’m five years old, her name is also Jessica! I know you are collecting experiences of delivery. Here’s another. I’m Taurus, and the Sagittarius Weather delivery is in the areas of money, business, property, charity, shares, shopping, sales, etc. Nov 11, I pulled Ten of Pentacles, with Mercury moving into Sagittarius, then Three of Cups with the Moon, and then with the Sun, Judgment, and Mars, Four of Wands, and then as Ceres came in, the King of Pentacles, which mentions in the description, this phrase, connected to market crashes, 1929 mentioned, “There are tremendous questions here, tied to self worth, but also monetary worth, but also the value of ‘valuable’ shares if the market crashes and if the value of the apparently precious product or substance is worth less” … so, very interesting … as my belief is it is important in such times to own real hard assets, to the extent that one can, like real estate if you can carry it through difficult rate adjustments, but really physical gold and silver, perhaps too, but gold, and sure physical at hand, but for registered accounts or other savings, there are all these funds that purport to have ownership of physical metals, allocated and unencumbered and segregated, etc., but not all have what they say they have, and there are many more claims than ounces to back the claims, the shares, inside some of these market instruments. I’ve learned up on it myself, to my satisfaction, but desired to have an opportunity to communicate directly with someone high up on the inside of one the Canadian firms that has such an offering, that I believe is secure, compared to other options, or as secure as one can be, there is always a counter-party risk, when it is not in your own direct hands. Anyhow, so my very question, really, about the value of valuable shares, or shares that ought to be valuable, was related to the integrity of shares connected to gold bullion, their integrity in a stormy sea where others looking to be the ‘same’ will be found out to be swimming naked, perhaps. The card also mentions about communication and being heard by a man, this man, the King of Pentacles … he was able to hear my suggestion about having plans ready, if your fund really has the gold it says it does, to have a press release and immediate independent audit, or other such protocols ready to go, so when and if there is a great disruption in the gold market, then the baby does not get thrown out with the bathwater, as in other less honest funds that may be forced to settle trades for cash at lower prices than the price for actual physical. He had to go away and speak to colleagues, about such questions and concerns from a retail investor. I was basically asking him to consider to make pre-emptive protocols, prevention is better than cure. Which matches, I think, as when I put the inquiry forth, my natal chart has Hygiea in Aquarius at 20 degrees, and it just passed over that, exact combination. So, several parts of this card, were ‘delivered’ … Jupiter is at 6 degree taurus, and I have minerva at 5 degree taurus, maybe this was an opening to give feminine wisdom around money, to this lone king of pentacles type, but also receive first hand information, a fair kind of exchange.
    I have a question, this card was drawn Sun 26th Nov when Ceres moved into Sagittarius. This guy I was able to hear from, is actually in New York City, it turns out, and I heard yesterday from him. I decided to look at your page, on the current planetary placements.The sun is in Sagittarius 15 degree, and I am born Taurus, 15 degree. Psyche is also at 22 Sag to my Venus at 22 Taurus. Ops is at O degree Sag, to my mercury at 0 degree Taurus. I have Minerva at 5 degree Taurus, and Ceres is at 5 degree Sag. I have five placements in Taurus, altogether, Sun and four others – the ones mentioned here, 4 of them, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Minerva in Taurus, all being touched by Sagittarius at the exact same degree right now. And then I have Ops at 11 degree Taurus, which is funny because I mentioned to this man in giving thanks that gold was hope to me, and gold could guide him how to protect in the times ahead, so kind of optimistic there … I don’t see any Sag placements at 11 degree right now, to match this one, but there was the other day, 11 degree Taurus in Minerva. Is all this synchronicity, I thought to share from what I could see, how in part the window opens for delivery? A kind of lining up of your chart with the line up in the sky now, and how the cards at certain times, pick up on this for each of us? I’m new to this, but these four in Taurus, being touched by Sag at the same degree and given the window for this delivery for Taurus, well, it seems very golden. I will definitely report back.
    In other pieces, I have had recently to speak up against sexism in different places, five times in the last two weeks, where my reputation was questioned, but then when so many people came around to have my back. That’s got to be hopeful for Aquarian times ahead, if difficult to move through. I saw the comment about someone thinking your particular turn of phrase was disingenuous given the suffering at hand, but it is disingenuous to make such comments, I would say … english can be a very complicated language, but you write very clearly, and if people are concerned about the suffering and loss, perhaps stop adding to the angst in the world, and rise into maturity, and avoid insulting or being passive aggressive to a great astrologer trying to help, because of semantics over the choice of words. I’m sorry if I sound off, but you are helping myself and others so much. I myself know I think differently than you on some things, but I just take a breath, and try to move into a place of discovery, learn more about this different view. One more time, thank you for all that you do! I hope the genuine comments outweigh the disingenuous ones, and I wish no will to other, even as I call it out.
    thank you so much,

  56. Jessica,
    If it is not quite clear, my notes regarding my ‘ask’ or desired ‘delivery’ … were about if a gold cup, is really a gold cup, about if the gold shares, purporting to hold physical, in this fund, are really backed with integrity, and without multiple claims, and about the integrity of the fund in general … I put it out there that I could somehow get a direct or near-direct communication with someone high up in the Canadian firm running these trusts … which would be highly unusual as an ordinary retail investor … but this is precisely what came to pass … via another person … but still, my questions and concerns about integrity of ownership of precious metals, as far as it can be achieved by a trust, were answered, and heard with enough respect that the guy went to the rest of various people in his firm, to discuss the questions and concerns, and circle back. I was looking for a clearer picture of the actual trust or fund, but also of the firm itself, and I received both!! It is highly unusual for such an unfolding to take place, for an ordinary investor, but it did!
    Thank you,

  57. I suppose I should add, in the beginning, I simply put it out there, that I desired more information, assurance or revelation, about the veracity of these funds … then as the cards unfolded, I refined, added the idea that I could be in touch with someone high up in the firm … the right person who was going to be open to hear me … so it could be also that the card itself, instigated this refinement of my ‘delivery’ ask … rather the other way around … all to say, this is such a living process, working with the cards to refine, and the world of manifest reality … all together.

    Apologies for the third post, when it could be in one … I just felt to share, what is possible around the questions around money and salary and jobs and income and investment, as in the times we are in, these matters are close to people’s heart, top of mind … and this was a result!

    keep going everyone!

  58. Hi Jessica,
    Happy Holidays
    First I would like to tell you that you have a great team ( I’m sure you already know that). There was an issue (my error) with my original comment and they assisted me very quickly and resolved my issue.

    I am so interested in this process and am just getting started. I do have a couple of questions. As a Libra, I know the focus for Dedember is House, garden, apartment, household, family and town. I followed the process and wrote down my ‘wants’ just wondering if my wants are in the right area, for example wanting to fill my home with family and friends or with love with those people or does it specifically have to be a new home, new apartment? I drew the Three of Wands during the process which as I read the card felt was a gateway for what I want but would love your interpretation of it. I am a bit confused about the dates, if this was done on December 2nd is December 14th or 15th the date you should start to see results or just the next dates to continue? Just wanted to tell you I have used pink noise in the past but it seemed to feel better this time, maybe I focused on the right things this time.
    Thank you so much

    1. Thank you Nicole. Yes, I am very lucky to work alongside great people. As a Sun Libra person you can book for family and home in December, so that’s correct. The Three of Wands is your gateway; that’s you or somebody else travelling. That card tells you that this is the gateway to what you asked for until December 14th-15th, then you select another card and add to your booking or refine it.

  59. Jessica,
    I wrote a longer message to share a result of Astrology Delivery, with a couple caveats added on, I wasn’t that succinct, so here, if you find it helpful, post this one, I’ll capture it all in one place!! My apologies. The ‘delivery’ success I had was in the Sagittarius window. I am Sun Taurus, and so the focus is money, business, property, charity, shares, shopping, sales. As the window moved along, I chose Ten of Pentacles (Mercury), Three of Cups (Moon), Judgement (Sun), Four of Wands (Mars) and King of Pentacles (Ceres). One of my asks or desires was to gain more information, assurance or revelation, about the veracity of a Canadian precious metals or bullion trust investment fund … as the window moved along, I refined, adding the idea that I could be in touch with someone high up in the firm … the right person who was going to be open to hear me … there are many of these types of investment vehicles around, trying to offer some kind of market proxy for the ownership of physical gold and silver or other precious metals, monetary metals … but not all are cut from the same quality … and many have more claims or shares than ounces, this concern over the paper gold versus the physical gold, and which funds may be of higher integrity, with allocated, segregated, unencumbered holdings, versus funds that will ultimately have to be settled in cash, and likely at significantly lower levels than the price of physical gold … so, as Ceres came in, The King of Pentacles, this was the gateway but also part of the delivery, from your description of the card, market crashes, including 1929, are mentioned, “There are tremendous questions here, tied to self worth, but also monetary worth, but also the value of ‘valuable’ shares if the market crashes and if the value of the apparently precious product or substance is worth less” … there it is, my concern related to the integrity of shares purported to be connected to gold bullion, in the event of market dislocations or stormy financial seas or disclosure events … And then, the card also mentioned about communications and being heard by a name, this man, the King of Pentacles … this all came to pass, I was able to communicate directly with someone high up in the firm, about these bullion trust investments, and he was able to hear my questions, and took them so seriously that he went back to his colleagues and returned with answers to questions he was not at first expecting or able to answer very well … this is very unusual for a regular, ordinary retail investor to have such a communication unfold. So, that’s a definite delivery win in my book.
    I have a related question, as while I noted this delivery, which is also a gateway it seems, I saw that Sun was hitting 15 Sagittarius at that time, yesterday, when the communication finished up, and I was born at Sun 15 Taurus. Then I noticed nearly every angle I have in my Taurus stellium was being matched by one in Sagittarius … I love that function you have, to see the current placements, and compare them to one’s natal chart, and try to learn from the patterns! …So, Sun 15 Taurus to Sun 15 Sagittarius, also Venus 22 Taurus to Psyche 22 Sagittarius, Mercury 0 Taurus to Ops 0 Sagittarius, Minerva 5 Taurus to Ceres 5 Sagittarius. I was born in May 5 1973, when gold broke $100 for the first time in this civilization, on May 14, 1973. Fifty years later, the gold price hit new highs on May 6, and then again, just in the last days. Taurus, Sagittarius, a new global gold standard, maybe whispers of this. The guy I spoke to was working for the Canadian firm, but from New York City. I have Ops 11 Taurus, I didn’t see any Sagittarius placements at 11 degrees right now, but I did note Minerva at 11 Taurus. This does feel very golden, or very unusual, or is this typical, this is maybe the way the window works, how there is an opportune time say for Taurus now for a certain delivery list of potential, versus at another time? If you have any sharing or thoughts regarding how these Taurus and Sagittarius factors or angles work together or oppose, what the bigger picture is here, I would be so grateful. Thank you so much. It is a reflection of the clear way you write and communicate, that I know I am able to to start seeing some of these patterns in my chart, compared to the daily chart.
    Also, I was not happy to read a comment higher up, calling you out about an issue based on semantics, based on words, based on interpretation, as being disingenuous, given the suffering in the world, or that particular situation. I simply don’t agree at all. You are generous, and whenever I read something on your site, a view that you have that I don’t share, I simply think, oh, let me try to discover and learn here, about this other point of view.
    Thank you again for all that you teach and the wisdom you keep on sharing,

    1. Thank you for letting me know about your Astrology Delivery win. As a Sun Taurus if you want a booking window for finance and shares, that’s May-June 2024 when you hit Gemini transits. So it’s a while away. That does not stop you making notes on what you would like to achieve. The semantics issue? That may have been my prediction about Ukraine. Putin/The Putins have lost the war. That’s a fact. (I refer to Putins plural because the Kremlin has used so many actors).

    1. The 2024 Astrology Report may be on sale in December; if not, in January. It covers 12 months from February 2024. Thank you.

  60. Hi Jessica and thanks for this wonderful article! I am trying to work with the astrology delivery. Quite new to this! I am interested in a Capricorn man, I am female Capricorn. We have many differences (cultural and geographical). Our Juno falls in Sagittarius and Venus in Capricorn. How can I see if there is future between us based on our charts? I see in my chart that Jupiter will conjunct Uranus on my Aesculapia in Taurus, his Mars is retrograde in Taurus on my Aesculapia (5’declination). I almost never can pull just one card (I think it’s because I cannot ask one thing). Last year the yearly tarot pull for Capricorn (and Libra) was the devil and I clearly remember the post explaining what it means, I met this man via internet with Jupiter transiting Pisces, I read this year’s post and it’s the hermit and I have been many years without a partner searching for my light and I really want to enjoy this journey with someone. Could you see if there is anything in my chart showing my love life future?

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn so your booking windows since October have been friends and groups; spirituality; image and profile. You are asking about love and sex, which you don’t book for until 2024 I’m afraid. So setting Astrology Delivery aside, let’s just look at the Capricorn man you want. You met him online. You also want to get married. Is this possible with him? The entire answer is children. You need to know if he wants them or not. You don’t say if he already has children. This will dominate the rest of the year, 2024, 2025 and part of 2026. That is his agenda. Do you want them? Do you have them? That is the other issue. And that’s for both of you actually. Pregnancy, adoption, stepchildren, vasectomy – all these things are the core issue in both charts.

  61. Hello Jessica!
    I have been following the delivery system for a little while now and giving it a go- nothing spectacular yet but more inklings of things happening. I was a bit stuck for December and then I just re-read the horoscope for December. I was just wondering about a choice of “wish”- would this include child support struggles in this month (as an ongoing frustrating and tough challenge around children) or would this be at a different delivery time?
    Thank you!

    1. Yes, as a Sun Virgo you are in the zone for a better situation with your children. The cycle began on 2nd December with Capricorn weather. If you follow the steps you will get some or all of what you want in 2024. This Capricorn cycle is slow and steady; it is step by step with your children. As you say, it’s been a long time so it will take time to sort out.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    Just to clarify, about the timing of the booking window, maybe I thought I read in your Astrology Delivery in November, December’ article, just double-checking it now, and it says for Taurus: Money, business, property, charity, shopping, sales … for Sagittarius Season, final delivery 7th February 2024.

    So, I’m a little confused maybe about this being later in May-June 2024 when I hit the gemini transits, as you noted in your response, or did I miss something completely?

    And my apologies for not being so succinct earlier!

    Thank you,

    1. Gemini and Sagittarius both rule finance in the Sun Taurus solar chart, Cathleen. Gemini rules your own income and values. Sagittarius rules joint income, assets and the gap between your values and those of relatives or partners. You are absolutely in the zone for the latter, so just keep following the steps.

  63. Jessica,

    Thank you, that makes sense. I am still learning to look at things in terms of the natal chart and the solar chart and which signs rule which areas. I still don’t have a handle on that part, so thanks for clarifying. I’m sure there are articles on your site guiding in this area, so I will look. Now I can start to see the answer to my own earlier question, about all the angles of my Taurus stellium, feeling particularly activated lately as Sagittarius transits touch on them in the same exact degree, sometimes even same sign, both kind of in the money or finance area, broadly for the sun sign, then specifically to my solar chart.

    I still book based on the Sun sign, then, for the Astrology Delivery, keep going along as per the windows you list for the Sun Sign, but with awareness for the way that Sun sign rules different areas in the solar chart? I think I’m not the only newbie that gets confused with the natal and solar charts, in application, but it’s coming along.

    with continuing thanks,
    and good holiday wishes,

    1. Thanks Cathleen. Yes, as the book Astrology Delivery will point out, you are using Sun Sign astrology, your Sun Sign only and Solar Charts. If you know your natal chart too and are skilled at using aspects and transits, you will spot Double Delivery where it happens.

  64. Thank you again Jessica! I’m happy to report back that many successes with delivery for both spirit/soul/psychic ability and image/profile/title/reputation have been coming through. There seems to have been a lot of magic at work. The first ones have helped me with a writing project where delving into those realms proved key, and the second ones with press and publicity. When I have new projects I do publicity but here I’m barely able to keep up with what I’m being offered! What’s a thorn in my side though, is a bully from one of the projects, who’s harmed me (I’ve had to deal with that) and is still trying to harm me. I was wondering if The Tower I drew to a previous question is related to that, and if so, could you shed some light? Thank you so much for all you do.

  65. PS: Regarding The Tower, the bully being British. If you have any insight you can share about how see this panning out…

    1. The bully will either lose his/her job or the bully will be reshuffled following others losing their jobs. That is what The Tower is telling you here.

  66. Hi Jessica

    I have stuck to each Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn delivery date and my bedside table is bursting with all the envelopes!

    I am finding that each time I physically re write my wishes there seems to be an inner voice that screams out certain words, wishes or sentences. This repetitive ongoing process is making me really think about what I truly wish for or maybe is it what I am destined to have. I am finding the process of re writing your wishes up to 7 – 8 times is fascinating.

    I have faith that I’ll get my Scorpio wishes. I do need your help with the tarot card readings so I can independently master this process.

    For money, property, business, finance, sales & investments I asked the question? What is the outcome for my wishes and I received The Star. What does that mean?

    I then asked ‘What is the gateway or what is thew obstacle to getting what I want for my personal business & money?’ and I received The Devil card. I am assuming my fear is what is holding me back to go after what I want to achieve in my business. Is this correct?

    I need your help with the next part of the tarot process so I can nail it each time. I am excited!

    Thank you for your time and patience.

    1. That’s great. As an Aries you booked for money (from October), foreign connections (from November) and now, success. I’m glad you are finding the repetitive writing process so useful. It does narrow focus. The Tarot is about asking ‘What is the gateway or obstacle on the path?’ So your question was actually not correct; you don’t ask ‘What is the outcome for my wishes?’. So forget The Star. The Devil is the obstacle to money, or the gateway. You won’t know until it happens. It is a sexual relationship with a man.

  67. Once again thank you for your response. I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season.

  68. Hi Jessica,
    I am in need of major change in my career and I look forward to the shift from Pluto in Capricorn to Aquarius. No matter how hard I I try, very little has worked out from 2014. In my natal chart, I have Fortuna at 24 Aquarius (and an Aquarius stellium) but in this week’s horoscope, you talk about the Pluto shift but you say that I have no aspects at 23 Aquarius so no relevance. What about 24 Aquarius – it’s just one degree away? Thanks for any light you can shine.
    Emma x

    1. You have Ceres at 25 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. Ceres reveals how you deal with people or organisations which take over. Ceres also shows strong feelings, ranging from sadness to anger. Ceres always shows compromises and deal making, the whole life long, with other people or organisations – this transforms the whole situation, repeatedly – so for you, this is your C.V. Emma. This would have been happening since school. You would have found your place in class, any roles you held, any subjects you were good at (or not so good at), popularity – the whole thing – was a repeated story about having control, then having to share control and it can stir up quite strong emotions. The transits to 25 Capricorn will always show you what’s going on. For the first time in 248 years you had Pluto at 25 Capricorn (transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal Ceres) as late as January 2022. So a lot of what you are feeling is left over from last year. You should be able to find your mastery again; your support; your proper place – when Jupiter is trine natal Ceres and that’s when he moves to 25 Taurus in May 2024. Uranus goes to 25 Taurus in June 2024, so I think May and June will put you up where you belong, professionally. These trines are quite rare. You also have your Ceres Return in 2024 when she goes to 25 Capricorn, in November that year. That’s huge. There will be reshuffles of rights, roles and responsibilities throughout your chosen field, but also within the workplace. It can be useful to find out about Ceres; have a look on Search and in your flipbooks.

  69. Hi Jessica, I’m a Libra, and have been booking for Finance since October. Today was the last booking. The tarot card I pulled was Ten of Cups. It’s a great card, but I’m not sure what it means for this Astrology Delivery. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for trying Astrology Delivery. You should have some of what you want by now. The Ten of Cups is the gateway to what you want financially and it is a delighted extended family with a home they love. It will make sense to you once time moves on; the final outcomes are 29th December at the very latest.

  70. Jessica,
    Yes, it was the Putins comment. It was someone commenting in a way, trying to make you wrong or say you were disingenuous. I see you get these comments time to time, and you handle them with sheer grace and a great presence of centredness. You sure don’t need readers to stand up for you, but you give so much. In the last year, I have learned so much. So, I just decided to take note, as I would guess yours is a profession where some delight in trying to find you wrong. And so much on your site alone, in time, comes to pass.
    Happy holidays, for you and your loved ones,
    I look forward to reporting more delivery wins,
    thank you for all you do, and recently I have gained much from your taking time to read so many of our readers comments,

    1. Thanks Cathleen. Yes, astrology is an odd profession; I’ve been doing this for nearly 40 years so I’m quite used to unpleasant people (rather like a plumber is used to unpleasant lavatory cisterns). Most people are terrific, though, and that includes you. So we go on. Merry Christmas.

  71. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a Cancerian so today’s new moon is in my 6th house. I purposely delayed speaking with an Executive in another area of my organisation about the possibility of a new role until today, and he wants to meet with me which is promising. I drew the 6 swords which indicates to me that I’m likely to leave my current (understaffed) work team, perhaps once Pluto is in Aquarius next year. Can you please share your psychic or astrological insights about my situation? Thank you.

    1. Yes, the New Moon today is in Sagittarius (12th December) so in your Sixth House of work. The Six of Swords shows people relocating or emigrating away from unhappy situations. It really depends on what your question was for the Tarot, which only you know. It’s funny how often people have a question or idea in their head when they draw the card, and it’s quite different to what the Tarot professional assumes. That can influence quite a lot. So this is personal for you. The relocation or emigration is the way through, or the obstacle to overcome, until the next time you book and read for yourself. So that’s December 30th. You’ll know it when you see it. You’ll get some or all of what you want by 7th February 2024.

  72. Hi Jessica, I was asking about the breakthrough or obstacle in relation to my possible relocation to a new work area, and especially in relation to my informal chat with the new area’s leader in the next day or two….I’ll pull another card on December 30th. Thanks.

  73. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article.
    The life areas are by houses. For my Virgo stellium, “new lover, children” is that the 5th house? Also, I’m writing a book in the Young Adult genre. Does that still count? Thanks for all your clarifications. The comment section on all three Astrology Delivery articles is simply amazing!

    1. Yes, a new lover and children is part of your booking window as a Virgo – it started on 2nd December. And also, writing a book for Young Adults. Let me know your results please – you will get some or all of what you want by 2024.

  74. Hi again,
    I have one idea for your upcoming book on Astrology Delivery. What if there was a downloadable calendar file (an ICS file) accompanying the book? An ics file is universal and syncs with calendar applications like Google Calendar, Outlook calendar, Apple, Thunderbird to schedule time blocks – like meetings – when we can schedule time aside to ‘book’ the delivery. The meeting title = the aspect we are using. The meeting agenda can be bullet points like – Tarot Card picked today & interpretation. Also, when the ‘date and time’ of booking arrives, we can directly WRITE our wish list into the meeting notes.

    Now, I know that we can all use pen-and-paper and certainly there is some magic in that. However, when ‘life happens’ as it always does – or, in fact – when manifestations happen & happiness abounds, that is when I forget to continue the work. Also, some people who are into journaling have multiple journals around the house!

    I had this idea because I know how to build downloadable ICS files & this idea is of no use inside my brain – Ha! – so I wrote it down here. I am also betting my money that this idea is patent-able or trademark-able if your team of webmasters/IT people would like to work with me!

    1. Thank you. A calendar to download, to go with Astrology Delivery, would be great. The book is still a work in progress, so it will be a while yet, but your suggestion is excellent.

    2. Thank you for this, it is on my list once Jupiter goes into Gemini. Much appreciated.

  75. Hi Jessica, I just asked about property, to resolve my father’s succession successfully, and hold my brother accountable, who’s been blocking it and stealing from it, after trying to disinherit me. (I’ve started reaching out to lawyers to take him to justice). I got the Four of Pentacles. Could you shed some light on the card and how you see this panning out? (It’s been going on for five years, I couldn’t resolve anything with my brother – no transparency in his end – and because my father passed away in one country and his assets are in another one, and I live in a third one, it’s been super challenging). I’d be so deeply grateful for any insight. I just ordered his chart here as well, to have more info, such as the asteroids. His South Node is at 29°42 Capricorn and I’m hoping something will finally give. Thank you.

    1. What was your question for the Tarot? That matters a lot. The timeline you used and the exact wording. The Four of Pentacles is either you or your brother sitting pretty on a lot of secure wealth. Do you relate to the crowned figure in the card? I would say it was you, because your brother is about to go through Pluto at 29 Capricorn in opposition to the natal North Node at 29 Cancer in the Fourth House of family and property. So he’s about to meet a serious amount of power, and it’s against him, not with him. Transiting Pluto in opposition to the natal North Node only happens every 248 years. This is big for him. It will reach a peak in January 2024 then you will see it repeated September-November when Pluto goes back to 29 Capricorn for the last time in over two centuries.

  76. Hi Jessica, I just wanted to give you an update on using your Astrology Delivery booking method. I have been doing this since November, but got some fairly speedy and concrete results last Thursday. I did a booking for Capricorn Astrology Delivery on 2nd December. On my wishlist was a stable job and decent pay. I had started a higher paying job in September, but unfortunately my contract was not being renewed beyond December 22nd. I had been offered 1 day of work per week at my old job, which is obviously not enough. Lo and behold, on December 7th I was offered consistent, mainly full-time work for the next 2 years! This is still at my old workplace and I am happy to return due to having lovely workmates. I haven’t achieved the “decent pay” yet, as I work in academia. However, my pay should increase after next year. I will definitely be continuing with Astrology Delivery. Many thanks to you.

    1. Fantastic. You booked for a stable job with decent pay and on December 7th you got what you wanted. That’s terrific Astrology Delivery. Merry Christmas.

  77. Oh my goodness Jessica, it’s wild you just asked me this. I just realized I made a mistake, instead of asking a question when I shuffled and pulled the Tarot card, I was thinking of what I wrote on my notebook, my wish, which was phrased exactly like so: I wish to resolve my father’s succession successfully in my favor and hold my brother accountable for the crimes he’s committed.
    Since I didn’t ask a question, I did it again now, I don’t know if it’s wrong, since in normal circumstances we’re only supposed to do it once, with the specific question: Is my father’s succession going to be resolved successfully in my favor in 2024? And I got the Nine of Wands. Which I’m not sure how to interpret either. Thank you so much for any insight you could give me.

    1. Again, it depends if you are the dark-haired person outside the group (the wands representing people) or your brother is. I suspect your brother, given these transits.

  78. PS: sorry, I typed too fast and forgot to include “and hold my brother accountable” which was part of the question. Because the card mentions the community, I wanted to also mention that today I reached out to several law firms. Thank you.

  79. PPS: It’s been a long process: I first had to put my dad under guardianship, which the Judge did, ruling in my favor. But the guardian couldn’t get my brother to cooperate and had to hire lawyers. When my father passed away, I had to hire those lawyers too just to advance at a snail pace. More information came out last year and this. And now I’m looking to take action against my brother because he’s still not cooperating.

  80. Hi Jessica!

    From the previous booking i did on 2nd December, I did see a new structure coming into commission compensation structure and I think that is what you meant by i will know when i see it.

    I booked again today but a little bit different from my wish earlier on the previous comments above.

    I booked on a big sale i am working on worth a little above a million usd and also my second wish for extra income apart from the salary income.

    I did get the tarot reading for Six of Swords and the sentence specifically caught my eye “this card can ocassionally turn up of there has been a rotten experience with an employer or business, and thus all concerned are moving to a new work place or even an entirely different industry or business.” Because I feel that I have been at a toxic workplace for so long now with my previous job and now this one. I pray this is my gateway!

    Looking forward to your comment.

    1. Yes, your Tarot card is correct. You have found your obstacle to get through and your gateway; you’ve had enough of a toxic work place and are ready to move past this. Your chance to do this will unfold between now and the next booking.

  81. Hi Jessica,

    Wishing for a house(long shot since i’m broke, unemployed, no prospects). Pulled There of Wands 12/2. Pulled Queen of Cups today. This feels like a good card. I’m contemplating moving to another stater country to live meagerly, but am waiting until at least Jan before making a move. I thought the Queen of Cups might support this.

    I’ve messed up my life by bad decisions and am afraid to make yet another one.

    All the best,

    1. I’m sorry you are broke and unemployed. You do have prospects – you can move to another place where the cost of living is less. The Three of Wands is telling you that. Assuming you began booking in October you have until 29th December to get some or all of what you want. Chris, you are also in a booking window for a new home now. Assuming you began on 2nd December you will get some or all of what you want in 2024. You can learn to trust yourself and your decisions by becoming familiar with the Tarot and seeing how it works for you. Merry Christmas.

  82. Hi Jessica, I’d really appreciate your thoughts on the card I just pulled for my booking on Business/Career/Financial success (I’m a Sag). I’ve been working diligently on a novel, with a fantastic support team I’ve put together through an online group and I’m getting close to the end of what I think is the final draft, with an award-winning writer as a coach, and a very respected editor on board waiting to give her notes on my manuscript, before, with their help I will submit it to my dream agent list. So I feel like I have my ducks in a row for this new career path I desperately want to take off, and today I asked the tarot what my gateway for success with all this will be and I pulled the Four of Cups. To me, this would be a suggestion to stop daydreaming and get down to business, but I really think I am doing that already, so what could it mean? Could it be advice to daydream more and bigger? I think I’m already doing that! Or is it telling me that my big hopes are all an illusion? The card I pulled for the previous booking date on this topic was the Six of Wands which I thought was telling me to expect victory, so the Four of Cups now feels at odds with that. Any suggestions? Could the Four of Cups be a depiction of a future agent, the type of person who assesses people’s cups/manuscripts, who is waiting for mine? Would love to hear your take on it!

    1. The Tarot card you draw every time you book, refers to the interval until the next booking. So the Four of Cups may not have happened yet. You’ll know it when you see it. This is either you (and you do need to stop procrastinating if so) or it may be a person who is important. Yes, possibly an agent. I am going to make this Tarot section clearer in the book, Astrology Delivery, so your feedback is really useful. Thank you.

  83. Hi Jessica,

    I was just filling in my deliveries for today and had so much fun I got lost in the writing. I was all pretty much about renewing my entire self, phyiscally, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and my public persona. My title, reputation and all that is listed above.

    When I got to the Tarot I pulled the Fool. I found that so fitting. I loved all of your depiction of the card but I noticed a few things that really resonated with me.

    First, the number 0 at the top of the card. I think zero represents a reset in numerology and, in fact, I’ve been seeing triple zeroes every where every day. I see 000 on reciepts, license plates, billboards, phone numbers and more. Its just so in my face.

    Also the sun is white which immediately made me think of the song, “Blinded by the light’. How the fool can be attracted to a shiny object and in that focus lose sight of all around him/her.
    And speaking of identity, this fool seems a bit adrogynous to me with masculine looking body and feminine clothing. I love the hobo bag and represents traveling light which I always do, but it can, as you say be a sign of unpreparedness.

    I, love dogs and have two. I see the dog as a guard yes, but also as a companion saying “hey don’t forget about me, don’t wander off and forget the things/people you love by leaving them behind”.

    I see the white flower almost like a white flag, a sign of surrender, like the cliff, surrending to the fall a que sera sera attitude. Its interesting that the dog is white too. I feel like the white must mean something, a flower void of color, the sun void of color, the dog void of color and a white shirt and mountain tops. I feel like they must be connected.

    I am going to conintue meditating on this card. But I do resonate with the moving forward bravely and enthusiastically but with caution and preparedness.


    1. The Fool is famous for its little white dog (who actually belonged to Dame Ellen Terry) and it’s normally barking a warning, but it’s quite true – it can be a reminder not to forget about the dear animals or people left behind on the journey. You’ll know more when you see it. Thank you.

  84. I love the chapters on this week’s podcast – great idea, and I really love the message for my sun sign. I needed to hear that, I really need that hope, love it, thank you.

  85. Hi Jessica
    Absolutely loving this Astrology Booking! Having so much fun with it and it works! My cards the Capricorn weather were Two of Swords for 2 December and 10 of Pentacles for 14/15 Dec. Where do you see this for me from your perspective?
    I did get an offer of a position at a higher salary on the 18 December and found some great sale item too.
    Plotting and planning on another strategy for increasing income for January 2024 as well.
    Thanks again for all your wisdom and knowledge that you share with us

    Wishing you a Happy Christmas and spectacular New Year!
    Take Care
    Linda x

    1. A job offer with a pay rise on 18th December is perfect Astrology Delivery for you as a Gemini, Linda. Congratulations. There is still more to come. Both of your Tarot cards showed the offer.

  86. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for advice regarding my sister and can I just say you were completely spot on about the argument being related to children, they have none together but had talked about it in the past, something that was kept from her family as he had such q violent temper. She has been in touch with all the relevant organisations including women’s aid, counselling and the police in Belfast. Now onto me, I am studying for a qualification with an exam date on the 7th/8th Feb looming, I booked a delivery date for success in my exam and career progression. My tarot card was strength, which is apt as I have failed this exam twice before and am focusing not only on studying hard but holding my courage. When I looked at the car, I looked at the hands gently placed on the lions mouth and the lion looked like he was trying to lick the angel. I also was taken my the yellow sky that looked like a new dawn and the infinity symbol on this angel/maidens head. Let me know your thoughts. Have a peaceful Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family Jessica and all your members. xxx

    1. Thank you. I hope your sister can leave this behind in 2023. You are a Sun Aries with a good booking window for success and have chosen exam success after a couple of failures in the past. The Strength card shows you the gateway or obstacle – for the next interval until you book again. So this may not have happened yet. Strength is healing. So to succeed in the exam again, you will need to heal someone, or get healed. This may not even make sense yet; it may be a dental appointment (for example) or a new pair of glasses – that you have to get out of the way. If you are the healer then it may be that you have to give hands-on help to someone before you can focus on study again. It will reveal itself fully as time goes on. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  87. Hi Jessica,

    Firstly, Seasons Greetings to you.

    I’ve not had much success so far with December’s booking. As a Capricorn I’m booking for title change to reflect a new role. I’ve had two interviews recently (one Nov and the other last week) for roles I’m well qualified for, both with two male interviewers. I was unsuccssful on both occasions. Both positions went to male applicants. I did start to wonder if any unconcious bias was a factor.
    Today I booked for, essentially, the same thing. I pulled two cards (is this ok?) one for the gateway and the second for the obstacle.
    I asked “Until the next booking date what is the gateway”, and then “Until the next booking date what is the Obstacle?”.

    For the ‘Gateway’ I pulled Queen of Wands which I could immediately relate to: sitting centre stage is a black cat – as an adult my first cat was a black cat who was much loved; the ginger cat brooch – I have two ginger cats and one is called Leo; the other has what I call the ‘snuffles’ on occasions. This is obviously me surrounded by my fur ‘children’. I don’t see a dog reference but my dog is ginger (well golden) too. I’m just not sure how to use this as a gateway and wondered if you could cast some light.
    For the ‘Obstacle’ I pulled the King of Swords and Patriarchy. How fitting giving my recent experience and suspicions. This is interesting. Did I draw the card because that is where my mind is? Or, did I draw it because that is what is actually happening in the objective world? Am I making sense? Is it reflecting what I’m experiencing or is it my ‘mental set’ conspiring to create these experiences?
    On the Dec 2 booking (week before the interview) I pulled the Ace of Swords (same booking wish) for the ‘Gateway’, “This is a symbol of victory…… this is a picture of quantum reality. The big win is an unpopped possibility or unchosen universe, at the moment.” But obviously I wasn’t victorious. So it’s just left me confused as to what I could have done – I worked really hard in prepping for it.
    The ‘Obstacle’ card was the Knight of Coins which I couldn’t relate to.
    Can you please help me interpret this?
    Thank you so much if you can.
    Merry Xmas

    1. Thank you. The First House booking can certainly be for a new title but a whole new career isn’t really what the First House is about; you might get further booking for purely profile/reputation results. The actual booking windows for jobs for Capricorn are May, June next year (excellent) and later on, September-October. You should also only pull one card or you will muddle the process. So ignore the results you had there with two cards and go back to just the one card method. You are actually booking again this weekend (December 23rd) for the next Capricorn zone cycle so give it another go. When you focus on what you want, try to stick to the rules and focus on actual job title, wardrobe (image) rather than complex matters about men in your industry; patriarchy and so on. You also need to remember the card will show you the future, until the next booking. It very rarely shows you the present. I’ll point this out in the book, Astrology Delivery. Merry Christmas.

  88. Hello Jessica and Merry Christmas. I doubt you will have time to read this, but if you do, I made a wish for the ex and totally absent parent to my children to finally be made responsible for their upbringing, but also for a downfall of the system that constantly allows this to happen to so many people and it is currently making children homeless (I am not one of them but it makes me so angry). I pulled the 6 of pentacles. I feel like this is what is currently happening- he is currently on big money but pennies are being forcibly taken from him leaving the children poor even though he has much more capacity to assist and constantly slips through any attempts to change this. It felt like a very frustrating card to pull! Is there some insight that I have missed? Thank you as always, and I hope you have a restful and festive time.

    1. Merry Christmas and thank you. I am sorry you are in this situation with your children. You are not alone and I’ve had a few messages about similar issues, where the father of children has money, but is getting away with not contributing, because of the system. Looking at your Sun sign, you are a Virgo who is in absolutely the right cycle for booking what you want, in terms of this ex and absent parent, but more broadly, just to get a sense of fair play from the universe and proper funding for what you and other parents need for your children. It works on two levels, short-term and long-term. Short-term brings delivery of some or all of what you want just into early 2024. The long-term takes you all the way to Christmas next year. If you are prepared to stick to the process, you will get some or all of what you want. The Six of Pentacles is yet to reveal itself; it will show between now and the next booking date. A rich man is giving to people in need. Once you recognise who this man is, the rest is up to you. It augurs well. Enjoy Monday!

  89. Merry Christmas Jessica and team ✨ Thank you for putting together such a wonderful place for us all to learn and grow through your advice. I’m so grateful. Have a wonderful break, if that’s on your cards of course. ☺️❤️ Chrissie.

  90. Hi Jessica, you kindly replied to me several l weeks ago regarding my first card, the 3 of pentacles. I have since continued with the process and got 7 of pentacles, then followed by 2 of pentacles. I asked tarot how I can improve my image, title and reputation. What are your thoughts on all of these pentacle cards Jessica? thank you for replying.

    1. Your gateways or obstacles are money, basically. You cannot afford to pay for a new face, hair, shape, style, wardrobe (or you can!) So that’s the story here.

  91. Hi Jessica,

    Happy New Year to you.

    I am a bit late on the scene for the Capricorn having missed the first three dates but about to start this week for the first time, is this ok?

    Many thanks again for this!

  92. Hi Jessica,

    Does it matter if the moon is void when going to do our bookings??


  93. Hey Jessica, I don’t know whether to be afraid or very afraid of my cards so far!

    I started from December and have drawn in order: The Magician, Death, The Hierophant, The Sun, The Emperor, and now The Tower.

    I’m Libra Sun, moon (stellium), Sag rising. and as you can imagine a lot going on in life. Yet somehow feel hopeful…..until I drew that last card.
    Do you have a positive spin or words of caution?
    Thank you for all that you do.

    1. You are a Sun Libra woman who started booking for outcomes with your house, apartment, family, household, town and/or country in December, as the Capricorn weather began. You need to consider each card in turn, in each interval, between each booking. So you’re not actually following procedures here, by lumping them all in together at the end and wondering what they mean. Do you want to start again? Start on Aquarius weather, imminent now. And your Moon and Rising Sign are not important; it’s your Sun Sign. Thank you.

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