The Astrology of Nikki Haley

The natal chart of Nikki Haley shows a big Aquarian signature. Is that enough to make her the next Republican President?

The Nikki Haley Natal Chart

If not Donald Trump, then Nikki Haley for President 2024? The problem is, she lacks a birth time. If you lack a birth time, then the angles of the chart are missing, and these tell you when politicians rise or fall; when they move house; when their partners deal with their new status.

There is no point in asking astrology about Nikki Haley as President if we are made to use an averaged 12 noon birth time. Some aspects of her chart will remain as personality guides, though, even without a time.

This is a Natural House system chart using all the asteroids of modern astrology. As always we look for exact aspects first – and stelliums. It’s unusual for politicians to lie about their birthdays or get them wrong (Donald Trump being the exception; he has given two different birth dates to the authorities).

Nikki Haley, then, was absolutely born on January 20th, 1972, with an exact conjunction from Mercury at 12 Capricorn to Aesculapia at 12 Capricorn. Just when you think she’s over in the media, or in a presidential debate, she comes back from the brink. Miraculously, Nikki is never quite over – at least not as a career woman talking to the media.

Haley even looks like a social media perennial. Mercury, of course, rules the mainstream media as well as Twitter. She’s the forever bounce-back and if it does not work out for her in politics she could easily take on a talk show. The Nikki Haley astrology chart is clear.

What are the other conjunctions here? We can’t use the Moon as the time is unknown, unfortunately. There is a really striking match between Uranus at 18 Libra and Juno at 18 Libra. This is not someone who finds it easy to get married and stay married. She would also struggle with a standard President and Vice-President partnership.

Libra is about double acts and duets. Uranus is about freedom, independence, liberation and sudden (quite shocking) upheaval. Juno is about commitment. She’s married to Michael Haley. They appear to be in a happy commitment together but the South Node moving to 18 Libra in January 2024 suggests historic strain on this partnership.

It’s the same with questions about the Republicans and their bid for a President and running mate. Haley would find the Republican take on two running mates for President and Vice-President extremely difficult on January 24th-28th 2024.


NIKKI HALEY NATAL CHART - The Astrology of Nikki Haley


Diversity in the White House From 2025

I’ve posted before that the next President and her (or his) successful team will be Aquarian in nature. So, diverse. The birth charts for most contenders for the top jobs are unusable because they lack verified times. Yet the overall picture of the USA from 2025 is about women, men, black, white, old, young, gay, lesbian, straight – all pooled together. The USA is moving towards tolerance, acceptance, space and all those other Aquarian ideals. That prediction is here.

So that’s not Donald Trump. People keep asking me about him, but my predictions were laid down some years ago. He’s not in the picture.

Nikki Haley, born as Nimrata Nikki Randhawa is the second Indian American governor in the USA. She’s the first woman to be Governor of South Carolina. So far, she’s ticking a lot of Aquarian boxes. The Nikki Haley astrology chart shows that.

Pluto, showing power, moves into Aquarius on Monday 22nd January and it is the end of a white male elite at the top and the start of people power spread horizontally, not from the peak of money, down.

This is where a full modern chart can be very useful. Haley was born with Salacia at 0 Aquarius. Salacia is Neptune’s wife. I’m amazed that more astrologers don’t use her.

She was discovered in 2004 so we’ve had about 20 years to study her.

Salacia shows where you depart from the real world; where you have a permanent vacation from reality. Aquarius is of course the diverse group. For Haley this is the Republican party itself. There will be a change in the balance of power within the party as Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius.

The Republican Party will go through its Nikki Earthquake, January 22nd to February 22nd 2024. The Nikki Quake then repeats, July 18th to September 2nd. The hierarchy within the party will transform in front of her eyes and she will find an extreme power play involving her then. This Nikki Haley birth chart is specific.

This repeats just after the election; Pluto again goes to 0 Aquarius, right on Haley’s Salacia in the sign of groups, from November 19th to 29th.

Haley will transform the Republican party if she goes up, goes down or sideways. Whatever she does she is a catalyst for massive change within her group on these dates.

She also. has Cupido at 0 Libra in the sign of partnership. Again, this is her marriage but also her President/Vice-President duet. Whatever she decides to do on these dates is about her husband.

The Future is Female and Minority

The future is female empowered and minority inclusive in America. That’s what happens when Pluto goes through Aquarius. You can also get there with Kamala Harris, of course. Nikki Haley is a fascinating candidate.


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54 Responses

  1. Hey Jessica-
    Ever since the Sunsign school zoom last summer when you pulled the High Priestess in regards to the U.S. election, I thought the next President would be a woman. I even dreamed about it that night and heard a voice say “where’s Joe?” It may be that the next months are going to be even more tumultuous than what we’ve just been experiencing. I like Joe Biden very much and hope he’ll be running. I also look forward to the day a woman becomes President. Nikki is one I would be willing to give a fair chance to, and believe me I don’t say this about all female politicians here in the U.S. I also like Kamala very much.
    And thank you for your generosity to your readers. Looking forward to next years book with the booking dates for next year. Have a very wonderful holiday season!

    1. Thank you. Yes, a woman as US President is inevitable on Pluto in Aquarius. Kamala Harris needs to get over her support of men who say they are women, though – that’s not so Pluto in Aquarius. It’s a feminist power transit, historically, when Boudicca and Queen Elizabeth I both rose to the top, on a global level. So it may be Nikki. I think people are underestimating how richly the trans issue will be used in 2024; these things do make voters come out of the woodwork if they are angry enough and it’s been a very clever tactic by the Republicans. This hasn’t even started yet.

      1. Jessica, I agree bigtime regarding Michelle Obama’s fuzzy populist rationale of equating males who identify themselves as women to female women. While actual diversity in real body politic is on brand with Aquarius faking or pretending or corrupting the laws of physics is not.

        1. Thank you. The mistake that we are seeing Michelle Obama and others making, is confusing the rights of men to dress as women/have surgery to approximate female features – with the right to take female space, identity and rights. It will become a game-changer in 2024.

  2. I would be shocked that the white supremacist Republican party would accept a brown woman as the nominee. I think the old Republican party would have embrace her, but not the current base Trump has amassed.

  3. I think it’s going to be a very interesting election in 2024. I think Nikki Haley will be right in the middle of it due to the fact that she has publicly stated she would pardon Trump. I think that question of “will you pardon Trump?” Should be asked to all Republican and Democratic candidates. I’m not sure how Haley gets the Republican nomination. Either by VP selection and then a Trump conviction or by her beating Trump in the primaries. I think she is the forerunner for Republicans and it comes down to her pardoning Trump to heal the country. Very Nixon vibe. You also can’t overlook that Jupiter will be in Gemini in 2024 so something good will happen to Trump and I think it will be a pardon. I know Trump has given a couple of birth dates but if you look at old Vanity Fairs from 80’s/90’s it’s June 14th. I share a birthday with him and it’s be rough as I can’t stand the guy. So I think something good will happen to him but it’s in a form of a pardon.

    1. Too funny that you share a June 14th birthday with Donald Trump. We just lack a time and place for him, unfortunately. It will take more than Jupiter in Gemini to give a Gemini the top job though. The US chart as a whole shows the decline and fall of the man at the top. The astrology picked up his Covid-19 infection in October, just before the election and also picked up on his impeachments. What it shows is the long descent. As for Haley, she’s clever to say she’ll pardon him, even if it’s eventually posthumous.

  4. I have noticed that you try to avoid analysing Donald Trump due to his choice of birthday data. Is it not possible to draw up am Astrology chart for each and see which best fits the facts – in the same way that you have “shuffled” some country’s charts to find the best fit? To look at what happened in the past to find the best horoscope chart for the future

    Could we have an update on Ukraine please? Your Astrology chart on Ukraine of 3rd March says that the very latest that you would expect Putin to go out of the picture is 1st November 2023, but he is still in the news

    1. I use the US chart to predict for America because it works very well. See previous predictions that came true for Donald Trump, using the US horoscope (but not his supplied data). Vladimir Putin died and has been replaced by at least two actors, possibly more. Russia has lost the war on Ukraine.

  5. Hi Jessica! And many thanks for your interesting forecasts and description of what we can expect astrologically about the future. Right now, so much feels hopeless and as if the future itself is in decline. War, the climate, terrorist threats. What will 2024 be like? Can you see any hopeful breakthroughs for humanity and the world we live in?
    All the best to you!
    Warm greetings Inger

    1. Pluto in Aquarius is the best news we’ve had for a very long time. It’s people power, around the world, giving equal space and control to minorities, on the same footing as the usual white, male power brokers. This is very new. It comes because of Climate Emergency (of course) because you can’t have a safe planet in America without looking after Pakistan. All of that is just starting to roll with a 20-year span ahead of us. Women will rise into properly powerful positions on the world stage. Inger, this is the cycle when ordinary people feel they can move mountains. And they do.

  6. Jessica, you might be the best predictive astrologer of our time. I am always amazed by your accuracy. I also appreciate that you are very exact in mentioning not have a complete chart for Nikki Hayley. So I am looking at your post on 2025 which is the on eI keep going back to. You said that the election will be about the economy. Also, you mentioned that the next president would be connected to Canada, a friend of the auto industry, and the environment. No candidate in the republican party is a friend of the environment. Not even Nikki Hayley. I personally don’t think we will ever have another republican president. Maybe an independent. But never another republican.
    I think Biden will win. He fits everything you mentioned in your 2025 prediction. Biden picketed with the auto workers when they were on strike. He also is taking us into the next century with the cancer moonshot bill that is on track to reduce cancer deaths by 50% in 20 years and actually looks like we will get there sooner. He has also passed an infrastructure bill that has invested money into electric and renewable energy. Though a lot can happen in the next year. If something happens to Biden then Kamala would become president. She also fits your 2025 predictions. She is female, black and East Indian ancestry, and unlike Nikki Hayley she doesn’t downplay her background. She embraces who she is.

    1. Thank you, that’s a great compliment to see. Yes, the specifics for the next US President were – a new deal with Canada, a big concern with the auto industry and the environment. Biden may well surprise his critics by being that man. However this pans out, though, women are front and centre. That’s this Pluto cycle.

  7. Hi Jessica. Another very informative post from you – thank you. I must admit I am concerned about Ukraine. You have said that Ukraine will win this awful war, but it seems that the international appetite for supporting them is waning. President Biden has his own problems at home and the Republicans want their money spent elsewhere. How can this all be resolved? Wishing a very happy Christmas Jessica.

  8. Hi Jessica

    Thank you. Brilliant blog and very interesting.

    Nikki Haley. Self made millionaire has a growing number of billionaire backers.

    I remembered one of your previous blogs re the US Inauguration chart (20 January 2025, 12pm Washington DC). Think it’s worth noting that Nikki’s natal Moon 24 (sensitive to all others) Pisces (collective unconscious) and Diana 24 (freedom) Pisces, make up a grand water trine with Juno 24 (commitment) Scorpio (big money) and Mars 24 (action) Cancer (patriotism) in the Inauguration chart.

    Looks like Astrology Delivery day for her. And as you say, it’s really about the personal stories that’ll play out nearer the time which’ll tell us who’ll win.

    Kind regards


    1. Thanks Julie. Nikki Haley makes sense with Pluto in Aquarius, just because she’s a woman. And not Donald Trump. That’s really it…I do think she will blow up the Republican party up or down. It would be about her running mate, because her chart is triggered in Libra/Seventh House. Her husband would no doubt be part of the story, but that is her private life. It’s funny how Pluto in Aquarius always arrives just after ‘the worst of the worst’ for women. So with Boudicca and Britain it was the rape of her daughters and the Roman denial of their right to power after the death of her husband. She basically burned London as a result. If you skip forward to Henry VIII who wanted only sons, and killed women who could not produce them, you end up with him being replaced by Elizabeth I. We’re right at that point now. So it’s not Donald and it’s going to be women, but more likely Democrat women, for pretty obvious reasons…

  9. I believe you mentioned in an earlier post about a tie-in/closer relationship with Canada after the next US elections. It may be tangential, but when Nikki Haley’s parents left India in 1964, they moved to Canada; before relocating to the US, where their daughter was born in 1972.

  10. I agree with those who are sceptical about your assertion that Putin is dead, lookalikes have taken his place and that Ukraine has won the war, I see no evidence of this whatsoever. Meanwhile the Israeli/Hamas/Palestine war is hurtling perilously close to the precipice of a much wider conflict with global implications – WW111 maybe? Australia has just been instructed by their masters in the USA to send a warship (I think it might be the only one we have) to the Red Sea which is a dangerous escalation. I love your astrological optimism and on darker news days it lifts my spirits temporarily, but the fact is Trump could still win the nomination and the Presidency, Putin is very much in power, Netanyahu continues his mission to bomb Palestine back into the stone age and men still pull all the power strings. It is depressing that democracies like ours waste even five minutes debating trans issues when there are so many more infinitely important things on which to focus. Like your other readers, I would like to see more forensic analysis of Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Palestine and the US 2025 election, or perhaps the real astrological world picture is so dystopian that you wish to spare us?

    1. Pluto in Aquarius is your answer. Historically it arrives when women rise to power and change the balance between the two sexes, for years into the future. That’s not the current Putin actors or the Kremlin. The old men are crumbling and with them the system. You can expect slow and gradual replacement of that, with more diversity and equality starting in January 2024 and actually continuing for some 20 years.

  11. Hi Jessica, Thanks so much for your work. I’m wondering if you’ve taken a look at the chart of Cornel West? He is running as an independent candidate.

    1. Thank you. He’s an interesting man but the data is X rated, so not fit for purpose, unfortunately. The Rodden Rating system is what we use for accurate astrology. Maybe we’ll get verified birth data.

  12. what about India…..Mody seems to be getting stronger..
    Where do you see Priyanka Gandhi and the congress?

    1. India is the same as everywhere else. Pluto in Aquarius, replacing Pluto in Capricorn, is a shift away from ‘one man at the top, many at the bottom’ towards ‘all of us sharing power collectively.’ This means women who hold up half the sky. Pluto will take about 20 years to run its course so this is a long-term restructure of Indian power; your answer is with the women and which men understand they have to share the control with them. Narendra Modi is hardly a contender for that at the moment.

  13. Can you please clarify your comments re “‘Putin is dead”” — on what evidence or knowledge do you base your statement?

    1. I’m a professional psychic astrologer. I published the prediction that Vladimir Putin (the real man) was finished in 2020. I believe that is when he died. There is no evidence whatsoever for this apart from a well-established gallery of photographs and film clips clearly showing this is not the same person every time.

  14. but Modi seems to be winning it all….the recently concluded state elections a week ago, saw the BJP win 3 states – all of them which they were expected to loose

    so where is this heading in 2024 May?

    PS – Could you please share some insights on the Indian stock markets and economy

  15. in 2024 he is going to be innaugrating the temple of Ram …..this will only add to his popularity
    so where do these cycles you talk of fit in —-unless you are talking of things post 2029

    MP are being suspended all over teh palce and his high handedness knows no bounds

  16. Hi Jessica, I understand Putin is no more running Russia for the last 2 years or so, then what is the futur of Russia ? Astrologically how do you base your search and can you give some insights ?
    Thanks for all your work. Wishing you a wonderful festive season and a happy new year.

    1. Professor Valery Dmitriyevich Solovei claimed Putin would be out in 2020. This tallies with the astrology feature I published back in 2019 using all the Russian astrology charts here and 2020 seems like the year the Putin actor switch took place. We age with time and cosmetic surgery of course; our faces can look a little different – but our heads don’t shrink. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  17. hi Jessica .
    I recently started following your predictions . Can you tell us when the war on Gaza is ending and when America is going to force Israel into a siege fire . Are we going to have a third world war ?thank you

    1. Let me put the kettle on and I’ll get back to you. I’m joking. The Israel-Gaza war is about boundaries and territory. It gets better for both sides from Sunday 26th May 2024 when Jupiter (solutions) goes into Gemini (the neighbours). The next step is from July 8th 2025 when Uranus goes into Gemini and there will be a radical change on the map for both of them. Will there be a third world war? Put it this way. All the factors which were there in World War One and World War Two are missing. We just don’t have them. So according to the astrology – no.

  18. My goodness Jessica! These comments about Putin are for the ages.

    I understand politics are politics but Haley’s link to Trump not only by serving in his administration but by siding with him most of the time is something I could never forget and therefore, not a fan.

    I think Kamala Harris would be a competent president and would definitely have my vote, however, I keep waiting for the likes of AOC or even Liz Chaney.

    Despite her minority background Nikki Haley pretty much represents the republican establishment, which I very much hope doesn’t win.

    As for the Trans issue, I have been meaning to ask you for a very long time – what do you think is the solution to the integration of Trans rights into politics as it is a social phenomena that is not going anywhere and therefore cannot be ignored or alienated.

    Essentially, politicians are not going to get away with ignoring the issue.

    Thank you! This a great article which drew me in despite my resistance to Haley!

    1. Thank you. The solution to men who dress up as women (or women who dress up as men) and even have surgery and name changes is – respecting the two sexes and the rights, spaces and territories both women and men have won over the centuries. Men have always impersonated females throughout history. It’s part of being male. Pluto in Aquarius is about all the minorities, as well as the majorities, having equality. That means men cannot take over women’s restrooms; women’s change rooms; women’s sport; women’s funding and so on. Most dangerously, women’s prisons and women’s domestic violence shelters. We are one month off from Pluto in Aquarius, which is all about this (shared power, not minorities power-tripping others) and it’s already showing. Eddie Izzard just lost the chance to run for power in Brighton, England. Boom.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been reading you for a while now and have always been interested in your take on Trump and the GOP here in the US.

    You foresee his demise (and have been for a while) but as far as we can tell on our side of the pond, he’s never done better; he’s leading every poll, his poisonous rhetoric has never been greater (and excused by everyone in his party as ‘just words’), his allies are actively working to change election laws in ways that will benefit him directly – when do we actually see this end as it feels as though he’ll go straight back into the White House with no one really stopping him (including the courts where he’s pulled every stop to ensure he won’t be judged before the election in 2024).

    As for Pluto in Aquarius and the power being shared by everyone; how can this happen with anyone from the GOP’s party (Nikki included)? Their stance on abortion feels like a remake of the Handmaid’s Tale and each in their own ways want to see the end of American democracy as we know it.

    This doesn’t feel like power-sharing or a move forward into a future representing what most of America (let alone the world) wants.

    Your take on this would be invaluable.

    1. Thanks; it’s my job to predict the future; I predicted Trump would go down in October, before the election, possibly with illness, and he became infected with Covid-19 in October. I predicted feminists in the White House and feminists won the White House. You’re talking about the present and stating you think Trump will win. Based on astrology again, I disagree. Pluto in Aquarius is about majorities sharing equal power with minorities so no, an anti-abortion stance is not going to work on that basis. So it’s Democrats to go, unless the Republicans give control back to women. Nikki Haley is just an example of a woman making it (so far) who could go further. Aquarius is about the whole community giving each other equal space and rights – not invading or taking other the other person’s turf – with the threat being, if that happens, the whole thing shuts down. So that’s the world from January 2024, for 20 years into the future. Men taking over female space, rights, identity are a good example of what is going to fail, badly, starting in January 2024. And it’s the same with any minority trying to dominate any other minority; it’s doomed.

  20. After last night’s townhall meeting and Nikki not knowing why we were in a civil war or did not want to talk about slavery, proves she is a female MAGA. Nikki is also the most anti-worker presidential candidate. You had mentioned Trump has 2 birthdates, but I only know of one, June 14. What is the other one? Where can I find this information?

  21. What about Pete Buttigieg? His birthday is January 19, 1982. Do you see Pete running for President and winning?

    1. I’m afraid that there is only an X-rated (unfit for use) chart for Pete Buttigieg. Like so many American politicians there is no reliable data to use. So we go to the US chart which works like a charm. It shows that the swinging vote issue will be trans and the War On Women. It really depends on how the Republicans and Democrats rethink their strategy around that.

  22. Hi Jessica, I read your predictions as if they are the facts, considering how accurate you are on horoscope predictions though as collective as they may be.. I am most curious about Liz Cheney. I would love an opportunity one day to show her my gratitude by voting for her on a presidential election. Do you see a presidency for Liz Cheney? Hopefully after 8 years of a color-minority female president from a Democratic Party.. The wide world needs a Democratic president in the U.S. to settle its problems before going back to Republican Party again..

    1. Thank you. We do have reliable data for Liz Cheney. Unusually for an American politician she has an AA rated birth chart She is a Sun Leo so this is her best and greatest success cycle for 12 years. It ends in May. Her Midheaven is 19 Capricorn and Jupiter will go to 19 Taurus and trine that. So in her personal chart as well, her ambitious need to be at the top, is helped by a lucky break in 2024 too. She’s an unusual Republican. She’s voted to impeach Donald Trump. Her biggest obstacle is her confusion about gay and lesbian rights. She’s not sending a clear message. The astrology is really clear that the big issue for swinging voters in 2024 is the replacement of women, by men, in sport – in female jails – and even in domestic violence shelters. The South Node in Libra is with us. This hasn’t even started and Cheney does not have a strong policy, so that would need to be addressed. But yes, she could rise and rise in the Republican party from May 2024 if she got it right. Libra, of course, is the sign of feminism and gay and lesbian equality.

  23. Looks like it’s going to be a Biden Trump rematch. The latest news says that Trumps court trails may be postponed until maybe July /August so that would be too close to the election. So unless Trump gets convicted before the election he has a good chance to get reelected. It’s not a foregone conclusion but like you said it’s a coin toss. Pretty soon it will be Super Tuesday in the primaries and it doesn’t look like Nickey Haley will be the nominee. So unless some unfortunate accident were to befall Trump I think he will be facing off against Biden who has an insurmountable lead in the primaries. I think Biden will win the election, because he is the only president that would be favorable to Canada, as you mentioned in this post. Pretty well everyone in Canada and the world hates Trump, so i doubt If he wins it would have favourable results for Canada. Sorry to rain on your parade but It’s not going to be Haley. I tend to lean Liberal but I would prefer Haley over Trump.

    1. It may not be a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden at all, in the end. The astrology would say not. We are now living with Pluto (power) in Aquarius (the diversity of humanity) and old white men are just not at the top any more. In fact this rare cycle coincides with female leadership. The problem for astrologers is the lack of reliable birth data for the candidates. But in general Pluto in Aquarius is about women rising to the top, slowly but surely.

  24. Watching some of the videos of Haley’s speeches I found some of her comments a bit disconcerting. She says America is not a racist country (it would be nice if that were true) but we know it’s not. She didn’t know what the US civil war was fought for, ( it was about abolition of slavery), She wants to pardon Trump, even though he is a rapist, con man, racist, narcissist, psychopath, and proven liar and committed crimes. So what’s with her, she should know better, Trump should be in jail not running a country. Haley needs to better inform herself and stop making these gaffs, if she wants to win the nomination.

    1. Well, your comment appeared on 29th February and now we know the outcome for Haley. You’ve left another comment about Donald Trump and I have replied to that.

    1. Yes, Nikki Haley will come back. We will see growing evidence against Donald Trump from more women and Nikki will continue to be a thorn in his side, representing a strong female voice in the Republican party. The leadership of 2025 in America is slowly but surely female-dominated as Pluto in Aquarius kicks in and power goes to the whole community. Women hold up half the sky, something that’s not yet been fully respected.

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