Sacred Geometry and Astrology

If you have my ebook 2020 Astrology this feature expands the chapter on Sacred Geometry with video and information about five-way patterns in your personal birth horoscope.

If you have my eBook 2020 Astrology this feature expands the chapter on Sacred Geometry.

Working With Sacred Geometry In Your Personal Birth Chart

2020 Astrology 200x300 - Sacred Geometry and AstrologySacred Geometry is the mysterious way in which nature creates pyramids, and roses, and circles and other patterns. In astrology, when you find the degrees (numbers) lining up between yourself and others, you will find a shape.

The famous Venus and Earth patterns of astronomy describe a natural flower, most like a rose. Venus in astrology has always been associated with love, romance and roses. Is this synchronicity or some deeply buried knowledge, which has gone far into our culture? Maybe you have Venus at the same degree as your husband.

In your own birth chart, the aspects made by other people’s horoscopes to your Venus tell you a great deal about the alchemy you share.

Similarly, aspects made by your chart to the Venus position in a second chart (or even three if it’s a love triangle!) can reveal a great deal about what attracts you.

*Same degree, same sign – conjunction. A power point where two, three or more people fuse together.
*Same degree, opposite signs – opposition. You both or all are polar opposites on one recurring issue.

The Aspects

These two aspects, conjunction and/or opposition, are easiest to look for when you line up charts together. I use Stephanie Johnson’s AstroGold software to look at families.

This is a very famous family. Father, stepmother and son/stepson. It can look like a pizza at first sight, but if you are patient, you will soon see a triple conjunction.

We allow a one-degree orb (one number’s difference) in modern astrology. Here we find Saturn at 15 Libra in Prince William’s horoscope. Ops at 15 Libra in Camilla’s horoscope. Charles has Neptune at 14 Libra and Venus at 16 Libra, so there’s a Libra sandwich here.

Libra rules the Seventh House of marriage, divorce, separation, engagement, sexual partnership, professional partnership and business partnership.

Charles, Camilla and William

If you have a family, or just a partner, you can also look at matching sign and degree placements. You can also predict the future. Whenever a slow-moving planet or other factor (like the North Node or South Node) goes to 14, 15, 16 Libra we can expect a rare event to change the Charles-Camilla marriage – perhaps the aftermath of the Charles-Diana divorce – certainly the partnership between Charles and William.

This sounds like it might be abdication or succession, doesn’t it? A new title or coat of arms? And the timing on that is the South Node at Libra 14, 15, 16 which covers the period February 12th until June 3rd, 2024.

This coincides with Charles III’s diagnosis of cancer, which he announced on February 5th, 2024. The South Node can only pass through Libra 14, 15, 16 once every 19 years. The last time was July-September 2005.

What happened then? Camilla was given a Royal coat of arms. She had become Charles III’s wife on April 9th that year.

ROYAL FAMILY - Sacred Geometry and Astrology


John Michell and Sacred Geometry

The man who did more to popularise Sacred Geometry than anyone else was John Michell. I like this photograph of him, from Wikipedia, because it shows him surrounded by flowers. What we find with this mysterious process of looking through precise mathematics, to geometrical shapes, is that the universe seems to speak in flowers! The code of nature is the code of roses and also, very particularly, five-petal flowers.

This takes you into quite complicated aspects. If you were to line up two, three or more charts and find enough same-degree points, you could use a compass to draw circles making up a rose. The nature of the planets involved and the sign tells you what the pattern means.

How The World Is Made

How the World is Made - Sacred Geometry and AstrologyMichell’s book, How the World is Made explores all those mysteries. Even by drawing lines between your birth chart, and that of the person you love (or whom you love) you can find the start of those sacred shapes.

The transits, or travelling planets – particularly Venus herself – can be drawn across the charts again. The more exact degrees or precise, matching numbers you find in your own chart and those of others, the more potential flowers you share. However, it must be said that some roses carry thorns. Some flowers (like a Venus Fly Trap) can be deadly. Much depends on the symbols and what they mean in your chart. You can decode that, as a Premium Member, in your library, on this website.

One way into Sacred Geometry is to look for the ‘fiveness’ of patterns in your birth chart. You divide the 360 degrees of the zodiac by five, and end up with 72 degrees of difference between each heavenly body, spaced apart around the wheel. Allow no more than one degree orb or the patterns vanish. 

Aubrey Meyer on YouTube has produced a beautiful clip below which shows the dance of Venus. When you begin to work with the transits of Venus in your own astrological birth chart, or the transits of other planets and heavenly bodies to Venus, you will also find some spectacular Sacred Geometry.

Venus and Roses – The Mystery of Astronomy, Astrology and Synchronicity

This painting by Boucher shows Venus characteristically with a rose. On Saint Valentine’s Day, this is of course the flower of choice. Venus was the goddess of seduction and passion in Roman mythology – not necessarily commitment – yet we associate her with feminine charm, more than any other planet in your horoscope.

It works both ways, of course. Men can also express their female side by using Venus in their horoscopes. This is like Charles III with Venus at 16 Libra, locking into the astrological chart of Camilla with Ops at 15 Libra and William with Saturn at 15 Libra. It’s really a three-way marriage between father, stepmother and stepson. Saturn tells us it’s difficult. Ops (Saturn’s wife in mythology) tells us, it also has solutions. Venus herself tells us, this is about adultery. (Venus betrayed her husband Vulcan with Mars).

Fixing T-Squares and Grand Crosses With Sacred Geometry

Fixing what is known as a T-Square (a shape like the letter T for tension in your personal birth chart) or even a Grand Cross (which looks like a cross) is easier using this secret, ancient knowledge about patterns.

What is a T-Square? Well, you may just have it in your own chart, alone – or it could be formed when you marry the wrong person.

A T-Square is any three factors at the same degree (allowing a one-degree orb or difference) which fall in clashing signs. This is list of clashing signs, below.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Charles III and His T-Square

Charles T Square 1024x788 - Sacred Geometry and Astrology

An easy way to find a T-Square in your chart is to look for the North Node and South Node first. They are always in opposite signs, so form two-thirds of a T-Square.

Charles III has the North Node at 4 Taurus. The South Node at 4 Scorpio. His Ascendant at 5 Leo. We can allow a one-degree orb, or difference, so he has a T-Square in the two signs of finance (Taurus and Scorpio) both of which are square to his image (the Ascendant) in Leo (courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne).

This is exactly what has happened, first with the expensive divorce to Diana, and secondly, with the financial clashes with Prince Harry.

What Not To Do With a T-Square

You can have this T-Square by yourself, or you can end up with a business partner (say) whose chart forms that T-Shape with your own. What not to do? Don’t act on a transit to your T-Square.

Some events are fated and unavoidable. When Pluto goes to Aquarius 4, 5 in 2026 and 2027, Charles III will experience that financial T-Square (tense, tight, troublesome; all the T words) once more, over his money and his wife and/or children.

In fact, a T-Square can become a Grand Cross on such a transit. For Charles, Pluto will fill in the last sign in the clashing group of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and form this famous pattern. It is always a cross to bear.

An easy way to get around a T-Square is to skip choices, when that T-Square is triggered, either by more than one factor, or just one really important moment. A slow-moving factor like the North Node, South Node, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Ceres or Pluto can do it. So can an eclipse.

You may also want to skip people whose charts land on your T-Square, if you have one.

The Grand Cross

A Grand Cross is extremely rare but once again depends on four factors lining up at the same degree (allow a one degree orb or difference). The signs are the same as for a T-Square:

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

How To Fix Difficult Chart Geometry

Plug new or different people into the situation. They will bring their own horoscopes with them and may have factors at the same degrees, but in quite different signs, creating a different, easier pattern. They will break up what is stuck within you, for example, or stuck within your marriage. Sometimes a new baby can do that. The child’s chart will feature factors at the same degrees as the parents’ T-Square chart – and shake it up.


Make new friends. Draw closer to existing colleagues, perhaps family members or others. You break up the patterns in your own chart with these people’s own charts and new shapes are created.

My favourite example of this is The Beatles (the viral image of their plugged-in circle, which helped break up the band’s more difficult patterns, comes from the best social media Beatles picture source in the world, on Twitter/X via my own Twitter feed).

Lennon, McCartney and Sacred Geometry

fleur iq9Rw7 HzPI unsplash 300x200 - Sacred Geometry and AstrologyWe begin with the core of the band. The two main songwriters, Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

This AstroGold software is for professional astrologers, but worth investing in, if you have a lot of charts you want to see in comparison. The trick is to ‘eyeball’ the charts to look for anything which lines up at the same number or degree – allowing one degree’s difference.

I am sure you can see that John Lennon has Hygiea at 25 Pisces in the Twelfth House of religion, spirituality, Buddhism, therapy, Tarot and the inner world. Sir Paul McCartney has his Descendant (DS) at 25 Pisces. His Ascendant (AS) is at 25 Virgo. Was there ever a better pair of very famous men to illustrate the difference between Virgo and Pisces? Within themselves and each other?

John Lennon Image via Unsplash

Powerful Partnerships and Feuds 

Going around the chart, we begin to see flower shapes. McCartney has Uranus at 25 Taurus and 25 Cupido. That’s the beautiful geometry known in astrology as the trine and sextile…

Yet I am sure you have also picked up the T-Square.

Paul’s Sun at 26 Gemini clashes with John’s Hygiea at 25 Pisces, his own Descendant at 25 Pisces and his Ascendant at 25 Virgo.  The truth is, powerful partnerships and feuds (and they can be both at different times) have complex geometry. They can be a marvellous thing but also see separation. And reunion. They’re fated.

LENNON MCCARTNEY - Sacred Geometry and Astrology

The Beatles and Sacred Geometry Circles

The Beatles solved tensions between Lennon and McCartney when they plugged new people into the band, expanding the circle of ‘The Fab Four’ and drew much closer to producer Sir George Martin, for example.

In fact they created a lot of Fifth Beatles. As four, Lennon, McCartney, Starr and Harrison had quite difficult patterns. When they began adding people to The Beatles’ mix, it worked.

Not even shown here are the women in their lives who inspired so many classic songs. Look at what happened to their relationships within the band – and their art – when Billy Preston joined them as a special guest. Truly sacred geometry!

Fractals, Nature and Sacred Geometry

Astrology’s numbers show up as patterns – spirals in time. The spirals in your birth chart can also be circled by your husband or boyfriend’s chart (say) to show how why you are together, at a particular time.

In fact, if you look at fractals close-up you can see what appear to be small horoscope wheels hidden in the folds. This is a spiral design also found in nature. Fibonacci numbers create these kinds of spirals, rather like nautilus shells. Astrology is supernatural nature.

Sacred GeometryShutterstock 1024x683 - Sacred Geometry and Astrology

Trines and Sextiles – Grand Trines

When you find trines and sextiles, at the same degrees (or close) you find flow. You find a natural rhythm and elegance; an organic growth pattern between two or more people. It’s rather like a flower, opening and closing.

Sextiles happen between these signs, as do trines. Grand trines happen when (unusually) you see a pyramid or triangle shape in the chart, rather like a Toblerone. These trines are as sweet as chocolate too. If you have one inside your own chart, you are very fortunate, as even if hard-work planets like Saturn are involved, you still have perennial flow.

If you have trines, sextiles and/or Grand Trines with your husband (say) or your business partner (for example) you can lean on that to make the duet work – all your lives.

A sextile is 60 degrees apart. A trine is 120 degrees apart. A Grand Trine is composed of three trines.

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Gemini, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Aries
Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces
Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries
Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus
Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini
Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer
Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Leo
Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo
Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra
Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio

Sacred Geometry, Relationships, Passion – and Harry Potter

rae tian WE7YfTGpXlg unsplash 300x225 - Sacred Geometry and AstrologyOne of the most interesting examples of Sacred Geometry is actually between J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter. Fans have often pointed out that she married a man who resembled Harry.

Astrologers might expect to find Venus aligning exactly in both charts and J.K. Rowling has Venus at 7 Virgo and Harry has a beautiful trine with Diana at 7 Taurus. When you see connections like this, the signs and houses always tell you the nature of the relationship.

Venus is in Virgo in the Sixth House of work, in Rowling’s chart. Venus describes her love for Harry – she is passionate about her work.

If you’re curious about J.K. Rowling’s natal chart, it’s in my last book, Modern Astrology 2050 here.

You can try this method with your own company; with a business about to hire you; with a town (interesting) or a country (even more interesting, still).

It’s a numbers game, but knowing the meaning of the signs and houses involved, as well as the horoscope factors, will uncannily tell you the story of you/them/him/her/this.

Images via Shutterstock and Unsplash.


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38 Responses

  1. A lovely article Jessica. Although I don’t have my husband’s details can you shed any light on my chart. I have Diana at 28° Libra 59′ 56″, VENUS at 01° Leo 18′ 09″ and I’ve included Cupido 27° Libra 15′ 10″ because it sounds like a necessary ingredient as well. I love a reply as its such a thrill when you take time to answer, thanks

    1. Thank you! You have personal birth charts at 0-1 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Libra and Aries all creating Sacred Geometry in your chart. I expect your husband will lock into that pattern. Anyone born in the early days of a zodiac sign, like a January Aquarian or a February Piscean, often has the Sun at 0-1 of a sign and so will create more stories with you. Watch what happens when Jupiter (expansion, growth, improvement) moves to 0-1 Libra in September as your life will open up like a flower, and the ‘flowering’ will involve equality, balance, fairness, harmony, symmetry in relationships.

  2. This is great, sacred geometry is fascinating, so much to explore…although I didn’t quite get why looking at Venus or charts with reference to Venus (my limited mathematical knowledge may be to blame!)
    Also in my chart the most significant aspect is Venus square moon – although it is also sextile Ceres (which is exactly the same degree as my mother’s moon and father’s Juno)
    Does this square impact other transits to Venus? Thank you

    1. Thank you. You actually have a whole pattern around 6/7 degrees so watch what happens when Jupiter moves to 6/7 Libra as this planet will ‘explode’ those fireworks in your birth chart in the most wonderful way. On Sunday 30th October we also have a New Moon at 7 Scorpio, which should also have an impact on your chart. New beginning.

  3. Hi Jessica
    I posted a question on the 5th but not sure you got it? Mercury a bit early perhaps? Or maybe you’re on your hols in which case just enjoy!


    1. Sorry, Mercury Retrograde Shadow and ‘I’m Walking Backwards For Christmas’ by Spike Milligan is my new jam. Okay, so your question has disappeared completely, but seeing as this is a Sacred Geometry forum let me just look at your Aesculapia at 11 Virgo and Mercury at 11 Capricorn. Every time you deal with an organisation or person with horoscope factors at 11 Taurus you create perfect pyramid geometry between you – the grand trine. And every time you have transiting aspects at 11 degrees, the pattern is lit up again. It manifests your whole life through work and you are the miracle worker who can bring a project, role, job or organisation back from the brink. Sometimes people too. You are a ‘resurrector and reviver’ in your career. You would actually do extremely well in a health, fitness or healing field, for satisfaction or for career kudos.

      1. Hi Jessica
        My original question concerned the patterns between myself and my husband’s chart in that we are exactly 6 months apart (different years) and he has a lot of late degree placements as I do. But, msybe this is what I was intended to hear?
        So, way back in 98 I was ready for a career change and was very interested in Acupuncture training. I didn’t think I could afford three years not working so chose MSc in techie subject instead – helps me earn a good living today when in work!

        Then, ten years ago I was offered a place at College to study Acupuncture – finance won the day and I didn’t take the course. Some health issues led me to yoga and I was accepted on a Yoga (kundalini) Teacher Training course but it was suddenly cancelled in Feb this year and the other two courses in the UK had already started. So that was that. Since then I’ve gone back to what I know and gained some new professional certifications to enhance job prospects. My work is business / project / techie focused so very different to health. Hence, my interest at the content in your response.

        Thank you so much for all your efforts it is very much appreciated.

        1. Born with Pluto at 3 Virgo and Aesculapia at 11 Virgo you were born to perform miracles and bring people back from the brink. If you hit Search and look up Aesculapia you will see he was the Roman god of healing. Virgo rules the body, of course, and Pluto is about power. I actually think the only modality which would suit you, would also be powerful and life-changing. So, we’re not talking ‘balancing energies’ or better sex, or anything else, we are talking about serious, transformative healing. The kind that alters lives and even saves them. Perhaps you are being pushed in the direction of just that. Ask your guides for clarity – spirit guides tend to accompany healers as a matter of course.

  4. Dear Jessica ,

    Was reading your articles again . I really love the way you write and I do read all your blog posts many times over as they always seem very interesting . So I was now trying to interpret the following aspects between me and my partner . Would like to know your thoughts on it.
    Me – my partner
    2 scorpio / hygia – 1 scorpio / Uranus
    3 Aqua / Ceres – 4 Aqua / salacia
    4 Scorpio / Saturn – 5 Scorpio / ascendant
    9 saggi / Uranus – 9 saggi / Neptune
    10 saggi / Jupiter – 11 saggi / ops
    23 Taurus / Chiron – 22 Taurus / south node
    23 Scorpio / psyche – 23 Scorpio / north node
    How can we decipher which above aspects really matter more and do they form a sacred geometric pattern ? And what do these conjunctions mean for me and my partner ?
    Thank you .

    1. Thank you for typing all that out! Thanks also for your compliment. The Scorpio stuff is the clincher. I actually wrote a whole piece on couples who share Scorpio factors, if you want to hit search. If you two are still together, final quarter of 2017, into 2018, you stand to gain hugely from the money, apartment, house or possessions, yet if you commit beyond 2018, you also need to have a very good accountant as eventually Uranus in Taurus will bring radical change. Again, you can search about the world economic revolution to come, on this site.

  5. Hi Jessica
    Kindly help me interpret the sacred geometry in my chart at 10 and 12 degrees

    12 degrees- S Node virgo conjunct Minerva(exact at 12 degrees), Pluto 12 scorpio, N Node 12 Pisces

    10 degress- Venus 10 Libra, Psyche 10 Saggittarius, Diana 10 Pisces and Vulcano 11 Gemini

    Though I have figured out 10 degrees except for psyche and unable to come around 12 degrees sacred geometry. Kindly help.
    Thank you.

    1. The line-up at 12 degrees is on your South Node/North Node axis so you have one or more past lives spent in service to other people. It is very common to find people who were consistently in the working class, in the armed forces or working as servants with a big Virgo Node signature. Every time an outer planet moves to 12 degrees (Jupiter to 12 Libra, for example) you have a chance to look at your habitual patterns around work, service and duty. I expect questions about your health or your body would be connected. The line-up at 10 degrees is about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner, primarily. Download 2020 Astrology free, here, to decode the whole pattern.

      1. Thank you so much really!
        You know I never thought of it that way and that is why we need an incredible astrologer like you. Every time I see an old person on streets, my heart cries. I guess now that I must have been into some humaitarian work in my past life.
        Will you answer this please- I desire to set up an old age commune later in life. Does this desire emanate from this placement?
        Also please help me decode pluto scorpio trine NN pisces and minerva conjunct SN virgo.
        Asked for much already. Thank you!

        1. Thank you. An old age commune in later life is a very smart idea. Pluto moves into Aquarius as we go past 2025 so it’s a long way off, but the future will be about communal living and friendship. Pluto in Scorpio aspecting the Nodes in Virgo-Pisces must be exact (no more than one degree’s difference) but if you have that, you will always find repetitive, karmic situations about your work turning up, every time you have financial choices to make. The issue will always be your own need to take and take over. Every time it happens you learn more about breaking old patterns.

  6. Hi Jessica , would like to share details of my partner born 3 March 1973, India . Is there any sacred pattern ? I see too many inconjuncts , squares and oppositions . Would like you to throw some light on my relationship . Thank you.

    1. Without a birth time and town it’s impossible to look at your partner’s whole chart, but in general, as you have Vesta in Pisces in the Twelfth House, you have an unconscious need to put yourself in situations where one male, and two or more females, have to figure out the people politics together. It may be through the family (commonly, one father/husband and his wife and two daughters) or through relationships in general (men who have a harem around them). Because your partner has the Sun in Pisces, it sheds light, or turns a spotlight, on this unwitting tendency you have – probably through the relationship itself.

  7. What a fascinating article for a lover of numbers this is! I have exact placements with my sister, mother etc, proving once more family ties. I am not sure how to interpret the sacred geometry in my chart. Looking at +-1 degree(Please indulge the long details given below)

    1. Panacea 5Cap, Salacia 5 Aqua, Bacchus 5 Pisces
    2. Hygeia 18 Aries, Cupido 18 Taurus, Moon 17 Pisces(my son’s Sun at 18 Leo)
    3. Ascendant 16 Virgo, Fortuna 16 Aqua, Moon 17 Pisces, Mars 15 Cancer(my son’s Mercury and Venus at 15 Virgo and 15 Leo resp.)
    4. Diana 21 Saggi, Chiron 22Aries
    5. Ops 26 Cancer, Sun 25 Taurus(my son’s north node exact conjunct my sun, his Jupiter at 26 Leo)
    6. Vesta 3 Libra, Pluto 4 Libra, Vulcano 3 Pisces, Saturn 2 Cancer(my son’s moon 3 Aqua)
    7. Psche 13 Aqua, my son’s Psyche 14 Scorpio

    Any other aspects you may find relevant to understand the flow in my chart on its own, and along with my son.

    1. The major patterns here involve the sign of Cancer and thus you, your mother and also your grandmother. The female line is stronger than the male lin in your family. In late June through late July of any year, the family story will always add new chapters, as the Sun crosses through Cancer. So you are looking at Mars, Ops and Saturn here. There is a mythological connection as Saturn was the husband of Ops.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Great article – I had heard the term ‘sacred geometry’ but this is the first time I have properly started to learn what it’s about.

    Although if you don’t mind my asking, is this a repost?

    Just curious because all the comments so far date back to 2016/2017.

    Anyway, I have the following.

    Saturn: 9 Scorpio
    Venus: 10 Libra
    Hygeia: 10 Sagittarius

    My husband (10 June 1983) has the following.

    Juno: 9 Aries
    Cupido: 10 Capricorn
    Psyche: 11 Scorpio

    That’s just in relation to my Venus. We also have several other aspects between our charts.

    Could you kindly let me know how to interpret this?

    Many thanks and best regards.

    1. Thank you, this was a repost as some images were out of date. You were born with sexual and financial relationships (marriage and mortgage; marital legacies and wills) quite heavily bound by all sorts of walls and barriers. This is lifelong so it pulls in your own family’s legacies naming you, as well as yours, naming them. And of course it is about ‘Til death do us part’ in your wedding vows, so to speak. Your husband’s name and identity (Aries) is about being married to you (Juno) and every time you go through the usual Saturn challenges about the joint finances, his reputation and image, in terms of you, comes up. Saturn at 9 Scorpio aspecting Juno at 9 Aries. With Venus at 10 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, de facto partnership, separation and divorce, you have a very close pattern here, as your Venus is in opposition to his Juno. So this is a challenging bond. Any time you two have transits at 9, 10 degrees by slow-moving factors like Saturn himself, or the Lunar Nodes, you face a test together. One is coming up in 2024 as the South Node goes to 9, 10 Libra and the North Node goes to 9, 10 Aries. He also has Psyche at 11 Scorpio which suggests a developing story at 9, 10, 11 Libra likely concerning his will or legacy, or perhaps any house, garden, land, apartment, valuables. Psyche is about what lives forever. You’ll be examining the paperwork between you later this year but of course it’s the emotions, not the words, that matter.

  9. Dear Jessica, so interesting for me, the geometrical view and I am definetely going to read more about it, being a newbe could you give me some starter insights please? If I see it right in my horoscope I have an Uranus/ Chiron… Sextile and a Neptune/ Venus.. Trine. What can I make of it? And I was wondering, if we feel attracted to others, because we like being in their company, is it then perhaps because they have a similar constellation? Perhaps also a Sextile? And I was wondering, my last bosses (CEO`s) were Cancer (me being a pisces), we worked great together (If I am in a job again, I work as an Project Manager/ Assistant to CEO), but the Finance CFO mobbed me out of the company. I don`t know if I mixed up to much now for you and sound confusing. Feel free to let me know, thank you so much, greetings

    1. The sacred geometry in your chart shows up as Mercury at 6 Aries and South Node at 7 Capricorn, North Node at 7 Cancer, in a T-Square. The inner conflict over family and success; your home town and homeland versus ‘making it’; peak achievements versus home sweet home – are all in your chart. Whenever you have transits at 6, 7 with the slow-moving planets and nodes, a different version of the same issue shows up. I expect the Finance CFO turned up during such a transit. The good news is, adding people to the situation helps – those with useful patterns at 6, 7 will break the T-Square up. Mercury in Aries is your job title. South Node in Capricorn is career, success, status, the top. North Node in Cancer is family, home, home town, homeland.

  10. Jessica I would like to dive into this a bit more – is there a source for a professional astrologer to look at this for my family? So fascinating, recommendations for sources would be appreciated.

    1. Stephanie Johnson is an excellent astrologer, based in Victoria, Australia. She has often appeared in Harper’s Bazaar and is a guest tutor at our Sun Sign School. You can find her at Seeing With Stars.

  11. Hello Jessica I’m not sure this is related to this exact post but I didnt know who else to ask, you are always so knowledgeable about these things. Just now sitting in my kitchen, on my own with window closed (still cold here in Aberdeen). I got the strongest smell of perfume all of a sudden- like an Estee Lauder type smell, flowery but a bit spicy at same time. Not Youth Dew that was my mums perfume so it’s not her, none of my nana’s wore Estee Lauder more Yardley types so I have no idea. I am completely unpsychic with rubbish intuition so I have no idea if I’m being sent a message or not! It’s still lingering now but less strong. I dont think I have any 12th house type transits just now but could be wrong. Can you help? Many thanks, Jill

    1. Jill, the scent of perfume is common with spirit people – that is often how a medium can identify the soul. What you smelled was not Youth Dew, your mother’s scent – but something else. This may actually have been a first attempt by your mother. Stay open and see what happens next time. I recognise one spirit person by her use of Joy. It took a little time but now I know it.

  12. Dear Jessica, I’m reposting this since I noticed that the formatting got lost and it was hard to read.

    Dear Jessica, you have no idea how I wished for an article like this one. I have read the older version so many times and I appreciate the update of it very much. I find synastry aspects is such an interesting topic and I will likely buy John Michell’s book to dive deeper into it. With my Pisces husband I share the following matching sign and degree placements (his / mine):

    Ops / Cupido at 14/15 Aries
    Aesculapia / Mercury at 7 Taurus
    Juno / Moon at 16 Cancer (his Moon 17 Virgo)
    Jupiter / Hygieia at 4/5 Virgo
    Apollo / IC at 19/20 Virgo
    Pluto / Bacchus at 21/20 Libra
    Panacea / Salacia at 9 Aquarius
    Mercury / MC at 19/20 Pisces

    I feel the conjunction in Cancer is the most important one in our relationship. However, I’m unsure how to interpret the Libra conjuntion and Taurus conjunction. There is also a grand trine (Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces) we form in synergy between my Moon – his MC – his Vulcano. Could you please shed some light on this one?
    And one last question I ponder over for some time now, there is a T-Square in my husbands chart formed by the Desc at 25 Cancer, Asc at 25 Cap squared by Venus at 25 Aries. I have Ops at 26 Gemini aspecting this T-Square. I this helping to ease the pattern? My husband left his home country more than 20 years ago to stay with me. He also has an ambivalent relationship with his parents, especially with his Mom. So, I guess this is somehow reflected by the T-Square in his chart. If you have time I would very much appreciate any answer to my many questions. Thank you such much!

    1. Thank you. You and your husband do in fact have a series of natural flowers showing up between both charts and a Vesica Piscis for good measure. At first meeting you would have felt the connection. The Libra conjunction is about the balance of power (Pluto is power) and the sensuality of Bacchus, who ruled Bacchanalia. If you look at the sculpture and art portraying Bacchus you will get a sense of the sexual abandon associated with this asteroid. Pluto is also about longing – obsession. Put them together in Libra and this is a relationship that never stops being deeply pleasurable. Your husband left his country to be with you. Financially, you two always come back from the point of no return, as bank accounts, income sources, houses, apartments, business arrangements, charity commitments you assumed were over, never are. The Juno-Moon conjunction is a classic signal for marriage and parenthood. In Cancer, even more so. Jupiter and Hygiea help your mutual lifestyle; the contents of the kitchen pantry and fridge agree with both of you; you are in synch in terms of your routines. Your social life and friendships are an escape from reality. And you have that psychic connection which Mercury brings in Pisces. You are correct in that your chart helps ease your husband’s T-Square; you add the chemistry which makes it easier.

  13. Hi Jessica mine and my husbands signs are very similar we were born a week apart! What patterns stand out please? Super interesting post.!

    1. Thank you. Your Sun is in Aquarius and you have an Aquarius stellium in your Eleventh House of clubs, friends, the social round and so on. You feed this without ever being immersed in it; rather like Jeeves attending Wooster and his friends from The Drones. Your husband is the same, but in a different way. You will both find your separate and combined social lives transform beyond recognition over the next 20 years as Pluto transits Aquarius. There will be people power within one circle, evident in February 2025; perhaps you both know it.

  14. Dear Genius Jessica,
    This topic alone could be a book all by itself!!

    Chapter 1 :
    SuperPower Alliances and Sacred Geometry.

    This topic packs so much that I have to read this 4-5 times.

    Thank you.

    You have the ability to create things and materialize wealth out of thin air/ ether.

    I have seen, repeatedly, in my work relationships that my moon is sextile a female colleague’s moon.

    My Mercury makes conjunctions and exact trine’s, 0:00 with other people’s Mars.

    The trouble is that I cannot stand that they are younger and so impulsive.

    I am slow and measured.

    I am sorry for taking up your time.

    When you are the Only one who explains that the fourth house/ Cancer ( with my Virgo Stellium and Venus 29 Cancer) stands for the doorway, home, entrance, hometown or country, I have no choice.

    With two of my mentors whose Jupiter is exactly conjunction my Mercury, I showed a talent that they hadn’t seen prior to mentoring me.

    If you can shed some light on the Mercury and Jupiter conjunction in synastry , and the Mercury conjunction Mars. I would be very grateful.

    Your Substack is amazing.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Will we see you at the Met Gala someday?
    Jessica Adams, for the stars, with the stars and by the stars ?

    Excited for your next success,

    1. Thank you. Please don’t apologise – every feature posted here is designed to have a second part, and that part is made up of correspondence with readers. It extends the story for everybody, and avoids the spectre of AI or Artificial Intelligence which will destroy astrology unless we push back. You asked about Mercury and Jupiter in conjunction in two charts and also Mercury in conjunction with Mars. The person whose Mercury is under conjunction by another person’s Jupiter will find her conversation, her email, her use of Twitter or Substack, her correspondence (the mail) and even her diaries and any professional publishing, media or internet output is boosted by the Jupiter person. Jupiter is the ancient symbol of benefits – The Greater Benefic. To the Romans he was Optimus Maximus. Around a Jupiter person who hits your Mercury, you may become more voluble, or produce better scripts, say. Mercury-Mars is more challenging as Mars is the Roman god of war. If you are the Mercury person, every time you open your mouth you will be confronted. Every time you put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard on Twitter, you will find heat with this individual.

      1. Thank you Jessica. You are a 100% right about AI. People are using blogs like this to write posts. Chat GPT will be regulated and plagiarism laws will be enforced immediately.
        You are the only one who writes in such detail, organically, from scratch. The only one to get 20000+ queries and to answer our frantic questions.
        Your replies to my questions are so helpful.
        Bet all your readers are checking their Mercury Jupiter synastry now!!

        I have a 4 degree orb with a Mercury opposite Mars with a young person. She tries to bite my head off every now and then. You are Right! Mars is war.
        However, she is the only person who heals me with her understanding of my strategy. (We have Chiron and moon trines.)

        If you start a synastry page, you will get 40,000+ queries.

        (I am not a freebie seeking ingrate. I am working on bringing you some statistics.)
        Met Gala 25-26?

        With sincere gratitude

        1. Thank you. The shock of the massive rebellion against Artificial Intelligence (AI) will begin near July 8th 2025 when Uranus enters Gemini. Synastry is interesting. I’ve not thought about it in years, but of course, people are fascinated by marriage, divorce, de facto relationships, professional partnerships – and the family itself. It is a book by itself, or certainly an audiobook. Conjunctions are most important in synastry. And the Vesica Piscis formation between two charts – the sacred space between them.

  15. Hi Jessica, my wife and I also have very similar birth charts. You know my date and place of birth and my wife was born in the same place/hospital 🙂 eight days later on the 15th. Our relationship has been quite a rollercoaster and the last eclipse on April 8, 2024, I feel like it ended our relationship. Does such a similarity have any future? Which aspects should be strengthened and which should be handled maturely in order to be happy. The current transits make us make up for our 17-year marriage. But whether we work to separate or unite. I care about the relationship, but whether it can work and we can be happy together with such similarities :).

    1. Marriage can be a Cancer/Fourth House matter (a family and home, a household is the hub of the partnership) or a Seventh House matter (the differences between the two sexes must be balanced; it’s a legal contract). It can also be Leo (it’s about having children, or not having children) and Scorpio (sex, death and money – it’s a deadly serious banking matter). And of course you get combinations of that. With a difficult marriage, always look at your chart, as an individual, to see what the issues might be. You have Pluto at 10 Libra square Mars at 9 Cancer. Your wife also has Pluto ‘on’ or in conjunction with your own Pluto in Libra as this planet moves so slowly. So you both have Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House, which shows up as a passionate need for total control of the partner and the partnership. Her Pluto is square your Mars and your own Pluto is square your Mars. Mars is a symbol of competitiveness, conflict, the fight or flight response. The Elvis Costello song Indoor Fireworks sums it up. Any time you have transits of the Cardinal signs in particular at 9, 10 degrees, you will have fireworks. It’s up to you both to either light the fuse or walk away. You are both now heading for the North Node at 9, 10 Aries (a Cardinal sign) and the South Node actually at 9, 10 Libra – another Cardinal sign – and of course this also means the transiting South Node will be in a conjunction with Pluto in both charts. This happens in July 2024. So that’s the month to decide if you can stay or go, receive counselling that works, or come to another arrangement. Pluto square Mars is notoriously difficult to deal with in a natal chart. It’s intense and can feel quite hot; Pluto rules everything underground, including molten lava and of course Mars is the red planet; he is associated with heat too. On the plus side Pluto is obsessive and sexually passionate so the feelings are real. Yet you two need to find a way (you especially) to manage anger at home. Cancer, the Fourth House, is about the rent, the mortgage, the renovations, the area itself, your nationality and feelings of belonging to a country, your family, her family, and where you come from, culturally and historically. Mars in Cancer will fight over that or for that. Have a look at Mars and Pluto in more depth. Both can be managed. Mars is best managed with sport, actually, or yoga, or any physical activity which is an outlet for the need to fight, or the need to run. One diverts the physical response. Some people play the drums or bash out DIY projects, although in your case, any renovations might increase the friction with your wife. Pluto is best managed by understanding you can’t have it all your own way. You will have to compromise all the time. There is no total control. You can both/either dominate the marriage for a few months or even a few years, but then it’s time to stop. Have a look at Pluto in Libra, in general, as your entire generation has it and you can learn from other people. Beyond the South Node trigger in July 2024, I don’t see anything else landing at that hot spot of the Cardinal signs, apart from Ceres in Capricorn, which is creating a T-Square in both your charts, to Pluto, in 2024 – on and off. She hit 9, 10 Capricorn in March 2024. And she goes back there, actually in July. The last pass is September 2024. You don’t say if there are children involved. Ceres and Pluto reached a time-share agreement about the girl, Proserpina. You also don’t say if there are in-laws involved; Ceres was Pluto’s mother-in-law. None of this need necessarily turn out literally, but symbolically, if you think about complicated relationships between family branches, you’d be correct. 2024 is a test, no doubt about it, but you can both pass it, however you figure out how to deal with each other and the charts you were born with.

  16. An astrologer told me that the most important Venus aspect is the sextile. If that is the case I’d love to know if there is a correlation between different planets & their strongest aspect value based on the sacred geometry of each planet/aspect.

    1. No, the most important Venus aspect is not the sextile. All aspects matter with Venus and it’s the same for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and the rest. It’s really about the other horoscope factor making the aspect. Venus and Mars for example, as they were wife and husband and had a tempestuous relationship. Or Venus and Cupido, because he is her son.

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