The Ireland Astrology Chart

The Ireland astrology chart shows a revolution with AI and the rise of women, one more time.

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Astrology, Ireland and Chart Predictions

The last time I looked at Ireland in astrology was April 1st , 2018, and the economy looked crash prone – for the second time.

This turned out to be the case, so we know the astrology chart for Ireland works. It’s set for the moment Ireland became a republic (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer).

The original 2018 astrology prediction for Ireland and the outcome are shown here, in the Irish Independent.

IRELAND OUTCOME - The Ireland Astrology Chart IRELAND PREDICTION - The Ireland Astrology Chart

The Unpredictable Economy

Above is the original astrology prediction for Ireland and what happened next, as the Uranus in Taurus transit rolled on.

This is part of an ongoing, unpredictable period for her economy until 2026. She has Mercury at 2 Taurus and that spot in the chart is being circled by Pluto at 2 Aquarius for some time. So as she goes towards the mid-2020’s, Ireland has to reshape her finances, or be reshaped by that quite difficult Pluto cycle.

The Bridge to the New Ireland

Ireland is on the way to her Uranus Return at 27 Gemini, the sign which rules writers, computers, the media, the book world, translation, languages and short journeys. Gemini also rules the neighbours and short journeys.

Chiron is in Sagittarius in the Ireland chart. Chiron is of course a centaur and hinted at in this photograph of Grattan Bridge. Chiron shows how a country gets away with the so-called impossible. It should not, could not, must not happen – but it does. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries.

What we have here is Ireland heading towards a radically different relationship with England, Scotland and Wales – but also the world.

ShutterstockGrattan BridgeIreland 1024x683 - The Ireland Astrology Chart

The Good News

You would expect Ireland to have a big Gemini chart signature, this being the sign which rules literature, novels, song lyrics and poetry.

Jupiter going into Gemini  from late May 2024 will see a boom in her word power. Uranus will come along after that, so Ireland will have her Uranus Return in Gemini. An historic, rare cycle of exhilarating change at a rapid rate. New technology will bring back old Irish wordsmiths in an astonishing new way.

New Irish writers of all stripes, from screenwriters to musicians, will be part of a wildly exciting wave of change from around 2026.

Ireland and Gemini Cycles

She was born (in her modern form) with Juno at 6 Gemini and Uranus at 27 Gemini so AI (Artificial Intelligence) looks set to be a huge ongoing hit.

However – Gemini also rules the media, the web and all communication. It rules the language and ‘the word’ no matter if it’s Bono or W.B. Yeats, Sinead O’Connor, The Cranberries or Marian Keyes.

This looks like a jaw-dropping, nation-changing period, with Uranus going into Gemini from 2026 onwards. (Jupiter will be in Gemini from May 2024 until June 2025 setting the revolution up). It will hit the web, the media, the publishing trade, the language itself and regional travel.

Ireland Heading For Unification

download - The Ireland Astrology ChartThere’s an interesting pattern in the Ireland chart with the Sun at 27 Aries, Venus at 27 Aries, Uranus at 27 Gemini, Vulcano at 26 Scorpio, Vesta at 26 Sagittarius, Diana at 26 Capricorn.

The astrological clock rings a big alarm when we see historical cycles at 26, 27 and that’s going to be 2024. Jupiter goes to 26, 27 Gemini and this triggers Ireland’s image zone. It triggers her relationship with her neighbours, too (Gemini rules neighbours).

So, this is England, Wales and Scotland. Yet it is also about the neighbouring borders within Ireland itself. This looks like unity – unification. Uranus is usually the last thing anybody expects to happen, but it is always the first thing that does.

Ireland Map: via Unsplash

The Revolution After 2030

You’d have to say Uranus at 27 Gemini will be the revolution. The radical change. This may invite a new flag. We may see a referendum lifted as a high hope in 2025, with an actual result – with all the usual shock and instant liberation of Uranus – after 2030.

It also looks like new transport; not just electric cars, but all kinds of innovative ways to get from A to B, by air, land and on water. Uranus rules radical new inventions and in Gemini it’s about short haul transportation.

With Diana (feminism) in Capricorn (the people at the top) there look like a couple of triggers for female leadership in Ireland on the same time-frame. So that’s 2025 and again, in quite a revolutionary way, after 2030.

The Irish Character

Where does the Irish character come from? The big personality? A big Aries stellium shows the fight in the country and the fighters. This was set up from 1949.

The incredibly successful bands are shown by the Aquarius stellium and Jupiter there. From Thin Lizzy to U2 and the Cranberries, Ireland punches above her weight when it comes to the music industry.

Aquarius rules these kinds of groups – musical – but it’s also about sport as well. This is an Aries-Aquarius country. (If those signs also dominate your chart you’ll feel right at home in Dublin).

Women in Ireland

Pluto going out of Capricorn and into Aquarius historically brings the worst in any War On Women (Irish writer Graham Linehan’s phrase for what is happening to his country at the moment).

We’ve seen it since Boudicca and the rape of her daughters by the Romans. She burned London, with her army, in revenge. That was the first well-recorded transit of Pluto from Capricorn and into Aquarius.

You don’t mess with women on Pluto in Aquarius, but it is always preceded by extreme anti-woman movements.

From Boudicca to Henry VIII – When Women Win

Henry VIII killed his wives in an age when little girls could not rule, but as Pluto made the switch into Aquarius, he found himself replaced by not just one, but two women. Elizabeth I transformed her country.

Women win these periodic wars and they happen every 248 years in tune with Pluto in Aquarius. The attack on womanhood and particularly motherhood as Pluto in Capricorn wobbles and Pluto in Aquarius comes in (September-November 2024) is the peak is the latest version of the war.

Ireland is heavily Aquarian as you can see from the chart above and the slow, steady, intense 20-year cycle of Pluto in her Eleventh House will replace patriarchy with matriarchy. Mammy power. And proper feminism, too. It’s coming back.

Images: via Shutterstock and Unsplash

Main Image: Shutterstock.


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72 Responses

  1. Thank you Jessica for this interesting feature. Since Ireland is in the EU and there are european elections in June, will the EU change dramatically with Jupiter in Gemini? How is it possible re-unite Ireland with Ireland being part of the EU? That would be very strange for the Uk citizens in Northern Ireland… Are we going to see another exit? In this moment EU is becoming more of a Soviet European union, it looks very odd to me Northern Ireland willing to become part of this centralised, not democratic union !

    1. Thank you. Yes, the EU will begin to change her borders with Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter is expansion, growth, solutions. Gemini is ‘the neighbours’ Jupiter in Gemini is followed in 2026 by Uranus in Gemini, which is even more radical, and after 2030 the map of Europe and Ireland will look very different. As I say in the story, Uranus is the last thing anybody expects to happen – happening. The world turns upside-down. By 2033 we will be living in The New Local world, as Gemini rules regions and countries, just next door. Gemini also rules short haul transport and commuting. Ireland is absolutely drawn into that, so watch this space.

  2. This is a great article again and will be so interesting to watch, as I bet it will have a ripple effect, with so much going on worldwide.

  3. Hi Jessica, This is surreal. Your post on the Ireland Story? Wow! I am an Irish woman – about to return to Ireland after years abroad. I am a successful writer, speaker and moderator at global conferences and a business owner but I have issues with my Irish family. When I returned before – as an experiment – my sister asked me why I came back and what I was doing there. I was stunned. I told her (tongue in cheek) that my parents were from there and therefore I was a bona fide citizen. What is for me now?

    1. Thank you. Your family, home town and homeland (Ireland in your case) is shown by the zodiac sign Cancer ruling the Fourth House of belongings and origins. Sisters are ruled by Gemini and the Third House of siblings. Issues with the family and sisters will show up as Gemini and/or Cancer patterns in your chart. Your chart shows you have factors in both signs at 23, 24, 26 degrees. You have had transits circling those degrees and they are still there – thus the situation with you going back to Ireland after two years away. The good news is, this works out with your sister and any other siblings or cousins. In fact it’s the best opportunity in 12 years for a rift to be healed. That starts in the last week of May and runs through June 2025, with helpful Jupiter in Gemini – next year will bring massive solutions for/through/with her.

  4. Hi Jessica, very interesting predictions! When I saw the chart I immediately compared to my own Aries and Aquarius factors to see if anything would match. And then further on you mention that if you have those factors you might feel right at home in Dublin! I had an Irish scorpio boyfriend for a long time and we visited Ireland a few times, but I actually never felt at home there so that’s why I checked. Even though as a child I had this weird longing to go there. I was an avid reader at a very young age so perhaps I read something that triggered my interest. Or a past life connection. Who knows!

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Super to see Ireland featured. A wonderful land truly deserving of the spotlight.

    I’m proud of my Irish roots. I was born in Manchester, Uk to an Irish mum who ran from Ireland to Manchester in the 1960s.

    For me, fate luckily shone in 2018 when I met my Irish boyfriend. We are happy but can’t decide on a life in Manchester or Cork. We love both cities but find travelling the cheap short haul flights between them soul destroying!

    Could travel options improve from 2025 or will it be a time to reduce travel and settle in either Manchester or Cork?

    1. The Manchester, Cork connection (and England-Ireland in general) will radically change for you, with far more freedom, once Uranus goes into Gemini. The hopes will lift from the end of this month as news trickles in about obvious possibilities for future travel, transport, commuting – and build in waves until June 2025. Then you go into Uranus in Gemini, 2025, 2026-2032 when you would expect new inventions to take over. We’ve not had this cycle since the last war delivered what we now call the Jeep and motorbike. So it’s on that level. For you personally, your natal chart shows Cancer factors at 3-24 in your Fourth House of property, home, household. When Jupiter with all his opportunities, options and offers goes into Cancer in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026, you’ll have terrific choices.

  6. Wow Jessica,
    Fascinating! I have always known that Irish reunification would come in my lifetime.

    It would be gratifying to see matriarchal Irish strength be recognised again. Irish mothers have always been the glue.

    Just this week in Northern Ireland two non traditional mayors were elected including one female from a refugee background so obviously things are changing. Also saw more articles about people living in the north with cheaper housing and commuting to the south for work so transport solutions would be a further bonus there. And there have always been people who lived in Northern Ireland and commuted to London a few days per week.

    My Jupiter Return in Gemini at 28 (retrograde). Planning to visit September 2025 for a reunion but also toying with a visit in September 2024 on route to somewhere else.

    I never felt at home in Ireland so perhaps not enough activity in Aquarius!

    Thank you again for your fantastic insights.

    Patricia xx

    1. Yes, Ireland will deliver what would have seemed impossible in the 1970’s and just as importantly, there will be a new relationship with her neighbours – England, Scotland, Wales. What you are talking about, in terms of commuting, will become a reality for many more people from 2026 with the radically different transport/travel options that are coming. You are having a Jupiter Return in Gemini and are in luck with short journeys, siblings, cousins, neighbours, the media and the web – up ahead. Enjoy it, Patricia.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Happy to read this good news. Ireland does need a huge kick start in transportation. No underground, no fast trains, rural areas with one bus a week to a large town. Rural is forgotten here with Dublin receiving the most attention. An election is next spring & Mary Lou McDonald Will hopefully become the next leader. Years & years of the same people isn’t good. Health care must be addressed as hospitals are third world in a rich country. People waiting years for tests, cateract surgery, hospital’s overflowing. It’s mismanagement as billions are pumped in. There is no mention of covid and there is no help for long covid patients. Will a new regime bring truth to the public about the effects of repeated covid infections on the body & brain? It is great to know there is hope for big changes. I’m hoping to find myself a little job in the future—writing might be the way forward. Traveling in EU is great & I hope to do a lot of it…once I feel safer with covid still around.

    1. Mary Lou McDonald, born 1st May, is in for a 20-year transit of her zone of success, ambition, achievement and position. Pluto in Aquarius is trawling her Tenth House of ‘the top’ so if she uses her willpower in the crucial months of January and February 2025, she could be on her way. If not this time, then next time. Her party is very, very hard work at the moment but that lifts later. Then you will see a change. If you all want a working health system, then a working health system, you shall have.

  8. Dear Jessica,
    I have been wanting to ask you about Northern Ireland’s Economy.
    Erin Go bragh.
    Some labs from Ireland are interested in giving my friends and I contracts.

    I am listening to the pink noise per your advice.

    I deal with data, day and night and feel conflicted about astrology.

    A part of what you predicted came true after attempting bookings on certain dates :

    One very difficult superior seems to show a preference for my work.

    Jupiter will trine my North node in Capricorn and sextile South Node in Cancer and the Venus at 29 degrees in Cancer.

    I want to buy a a tiny home close to work. I am just so terrified of the very corrupt sexist local government and zoning offices.

    I want to publish my research, and a few novels.
    Any advice ?
    I have a Virgo Stellium and Jupiter will trine Pluto in Libra soon, in my second house of resources.

    I wish I knew how to take advantage of these good aspects.

    My most recent searches for Diana and Jupiter showed your blog in the first three matches in Google.

    What you wrote a few years ago still holds the top position for relevance.

    Also, did you see all the plagiarism reports and retractions in the world of STEM research ?

    Wish the plagiarizers of my work would be exposed as well.

    How do you deal with others copying your work ?

    Thank you for all that you do.
    Warmest regards and gratitude.


    1. Thank you. No need to feel conflicted about astrology if you deal with data. As a numbers person, you would understand Max Tegmark’s theory that your chosen reality reflects the numbers you use. We all use numbers – it is now 11.49am on 3rd May 2024 where I am. That gives me a certain expectation of reality. Being an astrologer, I can also see that there is an exact conjunction from Jupiter at 24 Taurus to Vulcano at 24 Taurus. And on it goes. I can’t answer any more questions without a chart I’m afraid and you are not logged in, or not a Premium Member. I am glad Astrology Delivery worked for you.

  9. Thanks Jessica,
    The synchronicity of Ireland yesterday is so fascinating, thank you for this article!
    My son, a high school student, out of the blue asked me how I’d feel if he took a gap year in Ireland (we have only distant relatives from Ireland, no connection to us here in Australia) and also told me he’d started learning the traditional language on Duo Lingo. He has 1 friend with an Irish parent, but its never been a fascination for him.
    He’s a Leo, though has bigger chart signatures in Sagittarius (Pluto at 26, and Jupiter & Asc in there too), Virgo, Taurus and Aries. He’s a twin, but they’re very independent from one another. He hasn’t got a ‘fixed’ idea of what he wants to do in life (Higher Education, yes, but again, uncertain about anything except Science), but is committed and hard-working.
    I’ve always known he will want to spread his wings, and explore. It looks like Ireland might be an exciting and dynamic place for him. I guess we will see what he decides?
    Thank you Jessica 🙂
    DinP xxx

    1. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling…something is afoot in Ireland. People who hail from there or feel the pull to go there, are usually blessed with a strong sixth sense, in my experience. Your son may have a past life there. He will go there and may emigrate; may go into education, academia, publishing or the higher reaches of the web. After 2026 when Neptune and Saturn go into Aries what is an idea now, on the NorthN Node and Chiron in Aries, may become a proper way of life, DinP.

  10. Thank you Jessica☘️
    As a proud Irish woman I was extremely happy to read your review on Ireland. I pray for unification, my grandfather was often say that he would never live to see it in his lifetime but I would likely see it in my lifetime. I’m currently living in the USA but hope to return to Ireland permanently. Any advice on best time? Two years ago I bought property in Ireland and happy I made that decision. Thank you

    1. Thank you – I like the Irish three-leaf clover too. You want to go back home which is a Cancer/Fourth House matter. This could be sooner than you think. The opportunity is there when bountiful Jupiter goes into Cancer. So that’s the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026.

  11. Very interesting. I love Ireland so much. Sorry to hear about the challenges to come but it seems that ultimately there will be positive outcomes and that makes me happy, I found the Irish people to be friendly with a great sense of humor (of course!) At one point I was looking into my ability to possibly become a resident by ancestry. Who knows what the future will hold regarding that! Thanks for a great read, Jessica.

  12. Jessica, thank you for this article. You are amazing. The words “together apart” are going around in my mind. Symbolically, I feel an indigenous unique currency and the harp symbol. Since 1 February 2023 powerful, feminine, wise St Brigid is a national holiday in the land of saints and scholars. She is finally recognised and resurrected in time with astrology. Jessica do you think that Ireland will be happier with these inevitable changes. Also, will it inspire more togetherness and healing. My final question, do we incarnate as souls to lands we once belonged to in the past.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Ireland will rebel against The Crown and English rule, just as she did on the last Pluto in Aquarius cycle. Women rose to be equal with men then. That is also coming back. This disgraceful disempowerment of Irish women (men posing as females to take over their space and rights) will end. That is also typical of the Pluto in Aquarius transit. You are right about currency and let’s see if it has a harp symbol. You may in fact have had a past life in the last rebellion. Will Ireland be happier? Call it closure. That can be satisfying.

  13. Hi Jessica, I have Saturn in Taurus sun in Virgo moon in Capricorn.
    I’m going through a Seperation of a 33 year relationship 17 yr married.
    I hope it is woman power I need something to give.
    From jess

    1. That is a big change to go through, Jess. A Libra and Scorpio stellium with Diana at 28 Libra is the story in your astrological birth chart. The karma with your husband will be over in January 2025 when the South Node leaves Libra and your Seventh House of partnership, separation and divorce. What happened 18 or 19 years ago left you being owed, spiritually, or owing – spiritually. So now you are collecting or repaying on a soul level, to the Universe itself. From January 2025 you will be free to move on. The rest is purely financial or about your home. Neptune at 26 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint banking and property is pretty close to Diana at 28 Libra, so in 2024, 2025, 2026 you do the really big transformation, which is of course about independence. Have a look at Diana in art and sculpture. She was Jupiter’s daughter. She begged him to release her from marriage and motherhood. He made her goddess of the hunt. Even though you were with your husband all this time, you were always ‘Diana’ at heart. So was the real Diana, the Princess of Wales. What this will ultimately come down to in 2024, 2025, 2026 is that you will put a price tag on being free; having your own space; being empowered to be by yourself; being empowered to have a new relationship with a semi-lover, if you want – being empowered to have a relationship with a woman if you want – it goes on. You’ll find that putting a pound, euro or dollar value on all those priceless things will help with what you have to do. Do you have a dog? If not, you may end up with one! Diana ran with her greyhound, free and wild.

  14. Jessica thank you for replying to me with your knowledge. I meant to ask also you have time to reply…do you think I will secure a property with a bit of land (my dream). I went to a brilliant medium a few months ago who told me (all recorded on my phone) this will happen. I didnt settle down in Ireland properly until I turned 40. I can feel my taurus great grandmothers energy around me all week regarding all that is happening in Ireland. I always had one foot in and one foot out travelling the world and I was like a yoyo for years. Looking forward to your zoom next week. Many thanks.

    1. You want to buy a house and land – a medium told you this would happen. Spirit people can see backwards in time, to us, zooming into the future, as they are light speed, compared to us down here on planet earth. Does your chart back the medium? Yes. You have Saturn, Apollo and Ops in Cancer in the Fourth House of property. When Jupiter goes through Cancer for the first time in 12 years, the conjunctions to all three, will give you a chain of three opportunities to find your place in the world. So that starts in the second half of 2025 and concludes in the first half of 2026.

  15. The Sun conjunct Venus with Mercury close by — the charm and the gift of the gab evident in the people.

  16. Great article with really welcome news to a woman in the US. The GOP really has it in for us. I will keep thinking of Boudicca.

    1. Thank you. America is going through carefully manufactured abortion and trans issues, based on data mining in your electorates which shows where the women are; where the families are. You don’t have to be psychic to know that Fraudrey Hepburn has been paid a great deal of money to light a trans fuse and enrage what would normally be Democrat women voters. We’ve not even covered the churning machine of social media trans triggering for feminists. Then there is abortion. Donald Trump set this up for the same reason; there is a big push on here to manufacture hot-button issues which will make previously non-participating voters, turn out. Behind this there is the Kremlin which seeks to divide the USA. They are pretty old-fashioned and believe in ‘Divide and conquer.’ What works? Pluto in Aquarius. It’s too funny because neither the Russians nor the Trumpies know their astrology. We have about 20 years of Pluto in Aquarius. Real women win.

  17. Thanks Jessica. This article has my brain turning. I have Jupiter in Gemini in my natal chart. My sun and mercury lines sit on Dublin (astromapping). When I lived there for 4 years, I worked in a business that dealt with words and media, studied intercultural communication and met my “poet” husband. Going by my chart, do you have any insight what this new Jupiter Gemini transit will bring?

    1. Thank you. You have a stellium, the North Node and Jupiter in Gemini in your Third House. You knew your sibling or cousin in a past life. You were also born to connect, communicate across all mediums, engage with media and the web and commute or travel to neighbouring places. You have your Jupiter Return on the way so choose a really important project or course and focus on success by June 2025 at the very latest. You’ll thoroughly enjoy this transit; it springs to life in the final week of May 2024.

  18. Hi Jessica, greetings from Belfast, it was so great to read your thoughts and predictions for Ireland. I am so proud to be irish and have always known from growing up and watching amazing women of ireland who have shaped all our lives for the better, that soon they would be in positions of power that even 50 years ago would not seem possible. As a single woman in Ireland, I have felt the societal pressure to marry and have children but I also know that for my grandmother’s and great grandmothers that was not an option. Marriage and children and the impact of the Catholic Church was strong and denied women opportunities. I feel so connected to all my female ancestors from this island, knowing I can choose to live my life, earn my own money and live my life as I want, something I know was unimaginable. I hope I have made them proud and that I can contribute the way so many incredible irish women continue to do. Grà Mór Emma

    1. Thank you so much. Emma, you have that Aquarius-Aries pattern which is associated with women like Constance Markievicz and Maud Gonne. You may in fact have a past life associated with Irish feminism and freedom. The lunar nodes show reincarnation (why, when, how) and yours are in Taurus and Scorpio, so you have known what it is like to be poor in a last life. When you say ‘I earn my own money’ you are talking about something you could not do last time. You have Jupiter at 12 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of people power. When Pluto goes to 12 Aquarius it will change your life. The organisation, club, team, band, charity or similar that you join then, or just put more energy into, will transform you and everyone there. You may in fact be the face of it, for a time.

  19. Hi Jessica, fascinating article. Ireland does seem magical. Tough history though, so I hope upcoming transits will help.

    You have commented above on the role Jupiter in Gemini will play for those with Gemini stelliums.

    May I ask what it will do for those with stelliums in the opposite sign, Sagittarius? Is Jupiter still positive when it opposes a large number of placements in one’s chart over the year long transit? Especially when (like in my case) major natal placements like Jupiter, South Node, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune are in Sagittarius?

    Many thanks for your continued guidance and best wishes.

    1. Good question. Thank you. If Jupiter is good news (Jupiter Optimus Maximus) and always of benefit, what happens when he is in opposition to your natal chart factors? You are strongly Sagittarian and have a stellium there. It’s probably the most enjoyable tug-of-war in the world. It starts in just a few weeks; evident by June. You want to speak to people abroad; foreign nationals at home; engage in a distant culture that draws you. Yet you are being pulled back to your own town and region. You have Chiron, the North Node and Vesta in Gemini in the Third House of neighbouring places. The local scene. You will be pushed and pulled a bit, but it works out for you. Sagittarius is about foreign languages, emigration, globalisation, worldwide web thinking (in translation), academia and world citizens. Gemini is about local dialect and accent (so, for example, Cockney in London) and the people and places next door. It’s about short plane trips, bicycles, the bus and the train. It’s not about long haul travel. It’s also about the media and the internet in its short, quick form (Twitter) and not huge piles of books or very long foreign films with subtitles. You have both signs in your chart, quite prominently, as your last incarnation involved major questions about languages and translation. This comes back to you in a terrific way starting in late May and will have resulted in some breakthroughs by June 2025. Should you have a sibling and/or cousin who feels awfully familiar, that’s quite likely to be a past life connection too. This will be front and centre, by June 2025.

  20. Thank you for a very informative and interesting blog post. My daughter married a Mayo man, they live stateside but are planning to live in Ireland for a time so she can get her passport. Hubs and I were mulling buying a home there. Would this be a good time to do that? Real Estate is so expensive everywhere.
    Glad to see things will be changing for the better in Ireland.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the word from readers in Ireland is that real-estate is overpriced. Take heart; it’s the same in Sydney. You are a Leo woman who is dealing with this rather stuck Saturn and Neptune transit of Pisces, in your Eighth House of finance, property, charity and business. It’s like being in a bubble with walls that you cannot escape from. It ends in stages (both cycles gone) from 30th March 2025 and May 24th 2025 and from 2026 you may be thinking about living abroad or setting up property at home so that tourists can stay (a holiday home investment or Air BnB). This cycle, the endless foreign holiday, goes for many years and so the long-term focus is not Ireland at all. It’s overseas, or ‘at home with tourists’ in fact.

  21. Hi Jessica, I hope you’re great. Thank you again for everything you share. I ordered a chart with my brother’s data but I’m noticing now the time of birth on the chart from here is wrong. I don’t know how this mistake happened, I thought I entered it correctly, it’s an odd glitch! It should say 2 pm (14:00) and not 1:15pm (13:15). How can I go about correcting it? Thanks so very much.

    1. Best contact Support – the button should be on the right-hand side of the screen on this website. It’s very common to enter a wrong time and easily fixed. I hope that helps.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I am Irish but have lived abroad for 23 years and am in the process of splitting from my alcoholic husband in a city with a severe housing crisis. I have a good job and great friends here but my husband owns the apartment we live in and I would have to take on a huge mortgage in my 50s to buy an overpriced flat, and that is the best case scenario (could lose my job and not be able to get a mortgage at all or might not be able to find anything to buy). Ireland also has a huge housing crisis now. If I moved back it would be to a buy with my savings in a cheaper rural area near the sea – but I can’t drive and public transport in rural Ireland is almost non-existent. Not to mention that I would be a single woman with no social network. Do you have any insights into the future of housing in Ireland in general or for me in or out of Ireland (I am a double Cancer)? You already mentioned transport. Thanks!

    1. This sounds very tough, but you are already thinking about your options. As a Cancer woman you are in a loop with the South Node in Libra in your Fourth House of property, family, household, town and country – until January 28th 2025 – when the circuit breaks. Until then the answer is to change on the inside, as the world around you will be on repeat. The reason for this is karmic closure – it is required from life as it was 18-19 years ago – perhaps with a relative – maybe with Ireland. You are owed from that time, or you owe (spiritually) which is why you are on a loop at the moment. Not long to go. In fact January, February 2025 looks like the peak moment for decisions about finance and property. Everything starts to change as 2024 ends; Christmas looks like a proper finish to a situation that never really sorted itself out with him. From the start of next year you begin to see how you might build your financial power over a 20 year period. What crosses your path in January, February gets you thinking about a long-term plan for real control, no matter if you intend to save or make money. There are more options than just County Longford! Thinking about your 50s, 60s and 70s is smart. Thinking outside the box is also smart; you are boxing yourself in at the moment with very limited choices. You will in fact make radically different new friends in 2024, 2025, 2026 who liberate you and exhilarate you. They may be part of a group you join or make a bigger commitment to. I am being shown musical notes; it’s a band or similar. I can see why you have developed a particular way of thinking about life, after being with an alcoholic, but try to gently open up to more possibilities than you are allowing yourself at the moment. Life after 2026 will be completely different, in terms of your career, unpaid work or academic career and that also changes everything.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    my life is kind of divided right now, one half (family) is a total mess and it feels like is out of my control (all I could do is steer where I can and roll with the punches), the other half (work) is very satisfying, almost feels like going from strength to strength. Is there anything that could be done to improve the first half and to (positively) cement the second?
    Also, I feel like I should be going to Uni or TAFE to study something, but I don’t know exactly what. Should I study and what exactly?

    1. Your family is a Cancer/Fourth House matter. You have factors there at 1 through 12 degrees. Saturn has been moving from 1 through 12 degrees of Pisces. Saturn trines provide obstacles, walls, fences and barriers of all sorts so that you have to slow down and figure out a strategy. It’s back for November, December (Christmas – pretty typical) in that horoscope zone and then that’s the end of it. Your career is Capricorn/Tenth House and you have Ceres at 22 Capricorn. Jupiter and Uranus have been perfectly trine that at 22 Taurus so I am not surprised it’s going swimmingly. Study is Sagittarius/Ninth House and you have a line-up there at 17, 20, 20 so long-term, you will be ideally placed to study, possibly abroad, certainly in a class with other cultures/languages/nationalities. What you’re waiting for is the trine from Jupiter when he goes into Leo, so that’s going to be from June 29th 2026 until July 25th 2027.

  24. Thank you so much for the reply Jessica! And for providing some much-needed inspiration.

  25. Hello Jessica,
    Interpreter of the Galaxies,

    So sorry that I am not a Premium member.

    I feel like a parasite!

    Yes, the Jupiter in Taurus at 24 degrees is wonderful. It is trine my North Node.
    Volcano at 24 degrees Taurus is going to be Volcanic. Add Jupiter, and it’s a mega Eruption.

    Then, a tough assignment was reported to be a success.

    When I am unable to log in, I try my level best to research.

    My records show that No one stresses on Mars being expenditure, war and effort like you. I examined 5 to 6 leading blogs. Wish I could post a tabulated report here.

    I cannot shake the feeling that a famous and connected astrologer may have started writing this After you mentioned this!!!
    To How about a citation ?

    Wonder if you can plus in your X content here ?

    Vesta is sextile my SouthNode… does this help with bookings ?

    Warren Buffett says that AI scams will dominate.
    Squares to Gemini ?

    Humbled by your generosity.

    1. Please don’t apologise. You are welcome to use the free astrology and Tarot on my website. The AI or Artificial Intelligence era is with us and it will be unpredictable, erratic and wholly wild when Uranus goes into Gemini, for many years into the future. We will see the boom commence in days; Jupiter (always a boom – he rules thunder) goes into the sign of the internet and media. After the boom comes the shock and that’s from July 7th 2025. Scams? Correct. If your North Node is at 24 of Virgo or Capricorn (if Jupiter is trine, it’s either) then remember both lunar nodes are under transit at the same time. The North Node and South Node show your past life karma. So Jupiter will provide solutions for that incarnation which you are recycling now.

  26. Thank you, amazing Jessica, for another fascinating read that also has a personal angle for me. I’m American of Irish ancestry. I have been strongly drawn to Ireland at various points in my life – its landscape, people, history, literature, mythology, music, magic, both ancient and modern. I’ve learned about Ireland’s gifts and gems via formal study and recurring curious interest. I’ve traveled to Ireland multiple times, visiting different areas, and each time, each location felt like home. I’ve wondered if the pull was ancestral, or from a past life, or because I grew up surrounded by Irish-Americans and quite a few Irish-Irish people too. Over the past year or so I’ve felt increasingly stirred to seek out my grandfather’s immigration papers from my aunt and pursue joint citizenship. I know I love the place dearly and I’m increasingly disheartened by/fearful of the political/cultural state of the U.S….but I don’t know why I’m feeling called to make Ireland, specifically, a bigger part of my life, maybe even move there. So this post compels me to ask amazing Jessica: do YOU know why?!? Thank you so much as always – I so appreciate you!

    1. It’s a pleasure. A strong pull towards another country is one of two things. A Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of foreigners, foreign countries and emigration – or a Cancer stellium in the Fourth House of ancestry, roots, heritage, history, culture. With you it’s the Sagittarian stellium. Joint citizenship is open to you when Pluto goes to 2 Aquarius and is sextile your Neptune at 2 Sagittarius. That is the power to make a great escape from the US and being American. It’s not happened for 248 years so if you want to find new control over your relationship with Ireland, you can have it.

  27. Thank you, Jessica. I do remember now you answering this to someone else in the same situation as well. I wrote to Support and they replied: “Unfortunately the time can’t be changed on an old order.” Please help? Thank you.

    1. I will follow up for you; I’m sorry but as I am sure you realise, I don’t run the website – that is controlled by Asporea. However I will see if it is possible to change this so that if you get the time wrong on a natal chart order, you can correct it later. Let’s see…

  28. You say to choose a really important project or course with my Jupiter return in Gemini- I started studying astrology but I don’t think I’ll be finished in May 2025 at the very latest Hopefully, some other placements in my chart will help with that. All the best

    1. The funny thing about predicting the future is that people come back to me in the present and say ‘This won’t happen’ or ‘Nothing is happening’ and that’s the whole point – it’s the future. You might be finished in May 2025. And the really important project or course may have nothing to do with astrology at all. I wish you the best with it.

  29. Thank you!! I checked an ephemeris and believe that means February 2025 would be the best time to apply for citizenship, correct? Still wondering if you can see anything as to purpose/what I am to do in Ireland….thanks again and all best wishes to you, Jessica!

    1. You can pick up an ephemeris from Astrodienst ( online which is very generous of them, if you want to track Jupiter far into the future. At 2 through 29 degrees of Sagittarius, your chart is just waiting for Jupiter at 2 through 29 degrees of Leo to trigger a trine for citizenship, emigration, relocation. So that begins from July 2026 and extends to the year 2027.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    This comment isn’t about Ireland but I wanted to bring to your attention a topic you have mentioned previously in other posts regarding the war on women, especially transgender individuals negatively shaping and moulding the political and social landscapes in various countries. Here are articles relating to a major political scandal involving a trans activist and a presidential candidate in Uruguay which highlighted the themes you have mentioned in your previous articles, and proof that this is a major issue not just in Europe or the United States.

    1. The South Node in Libra (the karma about men against women) also involves the law (Libra, the scales of justice) as well as big questions about what is fair, balanced and equal (the scales). We see it every 19 years. Here it is again and each time the battle is different. This time around, men say they are women and go into women’s prisons; domestic violence shelters; change rooms; rest rooms. Meanwhile teenage girls who are natural tomboys or lesbians are having surgery, with their breasts hacked off, courtesy of their parents and the medical profession. Uruguay is part of a worldwide issue for women and girls. Thank you for the link. In all cases, as a psychic and an astrologer I believe the War On Women has been manufactured and churned out (on social media) very cheaply, as a clear vote divider and election winner. This was never an issue a few years ago. It simply did not matter. Then President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris invited Fraudrey Hepburn into their lives. Does anybody ever recall any other female impersonator being so closely involved at the top of world politics before a hotly contested election? Or funded by Nike and Kate Spade? The South Node in Libra is part of it as well as dumb fashion, but there is also a massive question about who is being paid to fund (and fund and fund) what has become a voter issue to change absolutely any election. And people need to ask why the Greens became the Trans. Why? Wasn’t it supposed to be about trees?

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thank you for your reply and for pointing this out. Just a slight observation that I would also like to get your insights on. I have also noticed on Australian television the following commercials have men -sometimes with facial hair- either dressed fully in drag or wearing female makeup. KFC, Virgin Airlines, Cupra Cars, AAMI Insurance, Telstra, Speedy Shower Screens, Aussie Broadband, Jetstar Airlines, sometimes these ads are played back to back on prime time. It’s an obvious and deliberate attempt from the corporate world to push a narrative and an agenda especially to young people. What are your thoughts?

        1. Thank you. Female impersonators, drag queens and cross-dressers have been on television and in the theatre for decades, but men pretending to be women, are having a moment. It doesn’t last. This all goes back to the recurring South Node in Libra, which goes backwards in time, always throwing up what happened 18-19 years prior. In fact the South Node in Libra will take you back to the Bronze Age! So none of this is new. What is new, is the fact that billions were born with the outer planets Uranus and Pluto in Libra. So they are quite radical, and also quite controlling, when it comes to sexual partnerships and also the male-female balance in a marriage or relationship. Libra is pairs, couples, spouses. Uranus is upheaval and revolution. Pluto is domination. Put all that together with the South Node in Libra triggering billions and you end up with trendy advertising agencies who want to wheel out men taking over female identity (or what they assume is female identity; my best women friends don’t wear make-up). It ends in January 2025 and not a minute too soon.

  31. Hi Jessica, I hope it is okay to put this here. Today’s horoscope for my sign says: “The long transit of Neptune through the sign of Pisces has eroded what used to be normal rules and regulations for you, on a daily basis. Libra, you may not realise just how far removed from terra firma your lifestyle, health, workload or routine has become. Saturn is here to remind you that the details need a firm check.” True. It feels like I’ve been in a bit of a funk for quite a while. I know what I want, across these areas, and wonder when things might feel a little less foggy? Thank you.

    1. It’s absolutely fine to ask questions wherever you land, and I am pondering separating personal content from other content in the future, perhaps on Substack. Your question is not about Ireland, but about your daily horoscope. In your solar chart as a woman born with the Sun in Libra, you have Neptune and Saturn transiting your Sixth House of daily routine, lifestyle, health, workload, housework, the dog and cat, your unpaid work or study. In your birth chart you have the Sixth House fully packed with factors at 7, 15, 26 Virgo. The latter are under transit by some slow-moving outer planets and you are absolutely ripe for a change. Neptune was at 26 Pisces in opposition to your North Node at 26 Virgo in March, which is of historic importance. You are in a historically challenging period (foggy, yes, because Neptune rules mist and haze) which does get better, from this point on. The real change is transiting Uranus at 26 Taurus trine your North Node, though. That’s a different job, perhaps a different way of eating or drinking, a new form of fitness – starting in July and running for months, on and off, until 2025. Having been through the fog, you emerge ready for a revolution. Much of this is past life based as in your previous incarnation you struggled with issues about service and duty to employers, or the family, along with concerns about your own wellbeing. You may have been in domestic service or in the armed forces, for example, or been a maid of all work to your family. In this lifetime you have come back to master those issues. The lunar nodes always show reincarnation in astrology.

  32. Jessica, reading everyone’s comments in addition to your knowledge adds up to an amazing perspective. Regarding what is happening in Ireland (and around the world with women and womens spaces), I truly hope it is “mammy” and female leadership that will sort out the wrongs. I am always deeply concerned for the safety and well being of women and children. Obviously of course for men too. The sexualisation of children using puberty blockers is absolutely horrific. I am horrified in Ireland that there are children missing from state care. The Government are responsible for that too. I hope astrology is also aligned for these issues. I unite with women and men around the world regarding these matters. Thank you.

    1. The long-term transit of Pluto opposite Leo (parents and children) runs until March 2043, so when these children are old enough to take their parents, doctors and surgeons to court, in a class action, they will probably do so. Pluto in Aquarius in opposition to the Leo placements of mothers who paid for their daughters’ breasts to be cut off, or to the Leo placements of fathers who ‘transed the gay away’ will likely be the trigger. It’s not just Ireland, as you say, it’s global and the astrology is pretty clear: it’s a perfect storm of two transits at once. The South Node in Libra. Pluto in Aquarius, leaving Capricorn. J.K.Rowling wins this.

  33. Jessica,
    Will you be coming back to Europe this year for courses or meet-ups? I live in France and wanted to attend your meet-up many moons ago. I remember it was on a boat/barge. It looked like so much fun!

    1. Thank you for coming along to Brighton Marina all those years ago – we did used to have Astrology and Tarot Meetups on the barge there. I will return to Britain when the South Node is out of Virgo and the extreme danger of Covid has gone. So that’s July 2026 which is my birthday. It will be nice to have my birthday in Paris again. Let’s see if I can organise a Meetup that summer.

  34. Good afternoon Jessica…firstly, thank you so much for your insightful articles, I look for new ones every single day on your site (when I look at my daily horoscopes) and am constantly learning so much every time I read your well-researched articles…thank you again. 🙂 I need your advice about something which has come up lately and has left me feeling confused. I am very unhappy in my present place of work and studying for a new degree in my field. I was hoping to start looking for a new job after the completion of the degree next year. However, I just received a job offer from my earlier place of employment directly from my earlier manager. The job is exciting and I work very well with this gentleman but the only fly in the ointment is that the salary they can offer is a bit less than what I am making at the moment (about 13% less) and since my husband has no income, I am concerned if I should take it. Is my present sadness at my place of work clouding my judgement since I feel drawn to the new offer? I am also telling myself that everyone wants to apply for positions where the salary is more than what you are making and I am also studying for a new degree so am I being foolish in considering this offer and not thinking it through? I appreciate your guidance a lot and thank you in advance…heartfelt gratitude for all you do.

    1. Thank you. There is no birth chart here and you don’t give your details, unfortunately. I would guess you have Taurus, Scorpio placements in your chart in the Second House of salary and Eighth House of marital income. You would take a pay cut to get a better job. Right now we have major transits in Taurus, which rules this kind of self-bargaining but also the bargaining with your husband who has no income at all. The Tarot is free on this website and will tell you all the outcomes – just follow the steps. Hang a price tag on being happy and see if you can pay it!

  35. Hello, Im very surprise to see all your kindly answers for countries, so I modestly dare to ask about my country- Slovakia. And patiently wait what happens.

    1. Yes, you must all be in shock that your PM Robert Fico has been shot – he is now hopefully recovering. In The Book of World Horoscopes (Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer) we find the astrology chart for Slovakia. She was reborn on 1st January 1993 at 00.00 CET in Bratislava, gaining independence. She was born with Uranus (her revolutions, her shocks, her independence, her freedom) at 17 Capricorn. Saturn is at 17 Pisces (Saturn sextile Uranus) from May 6th to 18th, so the attempted assassination took place on the Saturn sextile Uranus transit, not possible in 29 years. I am sure you know Capricorn rules the leader in a national chart. Saturn goes back to 17 Capricorn from August 12th to 26th 2024 and again from January 29th to 6th February 2025, so the turmoil at the top will peak at those times and yet you will finally end up with a new direction. The economy is a concern. Your country was born with Pluto at 24 Scorpio and Uranus at 24 Taurus is in opposition, March 14th 2025 until April 6th that year. This is the final radical change to Slovakia’s currency, budget and trade. It’s historic and it will reshape things for many years into the future. For you, personally, get yourself into as flexible a position as possible, so that when the economy of Slovakia meets ‘the challenge to change’ you are ready to zig-zag with it.

  36. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for the uplifting insights about Ireland! Unification in my lifetime would be a dream come true.
    I was born and live in England, but I have Irish roots. Recently, my Irish citizenship was granted; I’m thrilled about this.
    Now I’d love to have a home in Ireland and live there at least some of the year. Could you please advise what my chart says about this?
    Ireland appeals to me both in terms of ancestry and also for the value it places on literature, the arts and creativity.
    Warmly, Esther.

    1. That’s an easy one, Esther, as Cancer rules home and homeland. You have three Cancer factors in your natal chart in your Fourth House of property and belonging – nationhood. When Jupiter goes through Cancer, from June 10th 2025 until June 30th 2026, you will have your biggest and best opportunities in 12 years to return to your Irish roots and find a residence there.

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