Astrology Delivery – Gemini Season 2024

Astrology Delivery is about using booking dates for your sign. Readers of have had incredible results ranging from money to marriage.

Gemini Season Astrology Delivery

You’ve seen readers pick up deliveries for astrology bookings ranging from £60,000 to 9kg weight loss (in a month) – to an engagement – and a place at Oxford University. So, how do you book? And what can you expect from Gemini Season?

Buy the Zoom Recording

If you missed the Zoom event at The Astrology Collective giving you instructions on how to book – it’s now on sale for $30.


How It Works

Write down in your journal (make a booking) of what you want to happen, on every date supplied. You can only ask for what is on the list – based on your Sun Sign.

This is why it works. Unlike Manifesting, The Secret, The Law of Attraction and the rest, this is not random. It’s not scattergun. It’s focussed and specific.

It also uses the world’s oldest timing device: astrology.

Play Pink Noise on YouTube for ten minutes, through headphones, and then draw one Tarot card from my website, or from your own deck, to show you the gateway to what you want.

Do this every time you book (or write in your journal) on every date, in Gemini Season.  The rest is up to you.

Readers who follow the steps, tell me – they get some or all of what they want. And sometimes more than they bargained for.


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Gemini Season – Dates and Booking Possibilities

Book (write down your wish list) on these dates +/- 24 hours.

Monday 20th May 2024 – Sun enters Gemini
Thursday 23rd May 2024 – Venus enters Gemini
Sunday 26th May 2024 – Jupiter enters Gemini.
Monday 3rd June 2024 – Mercury enters Gemini.
Thursday 6th June 2024 – New Moon in Gemini
Saturday 20th July 2024 – Mars enters Gemini.

Delivery By 4th September 2024

Expect delivery of some or all of what you want by 4th September 2024 when Mars leaves Gemini and the end of the first wave is over.

Aries: Media, internet, short journeys, siblings, cousins, neighbours, communication.
Taurus: Money, cryptocurrency, insurance, charity, possessions, property, business.
Gemini: Image, profile, reputation, personal appearance, title, name, face, shape, style.
Cancer: Tarot, mediumship, meditation, Buddhism, religion, therapy, self-help.
Leo: Friends, groups, social life, social media, clubs, teams, societies, associations.
Virgo: Success, ambition, position, mission, highest goals, highest achievement.
Libra: Foreigners, foreign countries, emigration, publishing, academia, the worldwide web.
Scorpio: Finance, insurance, property, inheritance, mortgage, joint bank account, legacy.
Sagittarius: Marriage, de facto partnership, work partnership, disputes, duels, duets.
Capricorn: Lifestyle, health, wellbeing, workload, duty, service, dogs and cats.
Aquarius: Courtship, the bedroom, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, Millennials.
Pisces: House, apartment, property investment, garden, town, country, family, household.

Do You Have Gemini Natal Chart Factors?

Make a second booking, alongside the first one (writing in your journal) for whatever you want to achieve with the media, the internet, publishing, short journeys, siblings, cousins, neighbours and neighbouring places. The two may go together. You may be a Virgo booking for a new career, but have Gemini factors, so the new career will be at a television station.

If you don’t know your chart, you can order one on my website on trial one-month membership for just US $7.00.

Tips and Tricks

*Update your booking on every new date by repeating what you want, deleting it (if it just happened) or changing the wording.
*There are short-term and long-term outcomes on Gemini Season with Jupiter. The short term is what you see above. The long-term is by June 9th 2025 when Jupiter leaves Gemini. Next year there will be another booking window for results in these areas (above) in May and June 2025, for example.
*The Tarot card to show you the gateway to what you want by the next booking date, can be read by the book (pick up Pamela’s Tarot here if you are a Premium Member) or intuitively.
*You will get some or all of what you want, and more than you bargained for, perhaps. Do not limit yourself by thinking something is impossible. Write it down.
*If the booking windows for Gemini Season don’t cover what you want (money, work, love) then it may be in the next Astrology Delivery event I do, at the C*I*A* in October 2024. In this Zoom session, I will cover the Astrology Delivery dates for the final quarter of 2024 and all of 2025. Among those, you will find booking windows for your bank account or marriage.

Some Or All Of What You Want

*Readers have proven the system to me. You will get some or all of what you want if you follow the steps.
*If you want to fix issues and they go back years and are complex, be prepared for the fact that your gateway may show The Tower in the Tarot (a crisis) or another hard-work card that brings things to a head.
*You may change your mind about what you want or need. If you realise that the way to achieve it is too challenging (the issue is chronic) you are quite free to ditch that first goal.
*If you know your natal chart, then that will give you more personalised information when you book.  In other words, create a chart for the ingress of every factor into Gemini and line it up with that too.

Just search Astrology Delivery on my website to see the incredible story of just how much this method of Tarot + astrology timing has delivered for so many readers, since the free trial began in 2023. You can pick up the $30 Zoom recording about Gemini Season Booking and Cancer Season Booking (for the year 2025) here if you need to know more.





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155 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    Hope you are well! I do not seem to have gotten a link- but am much looking forward to the recording. Looking forward to being out of Mercury retrograde shadow. The eclipse, full moon, and Jupiter/Uranus conjunction has been tumultuous to say the least, (I actually did give up and just ‘danced in the storm’, ). Looking forward to things smoothing out a bit.
    Also looking forward to your next zoom event! Cheers!

    1. Thank you. Any issues with the event can go to Zane Stein and Lynette Malone at The Astrology Collective. And I look forward to seeing you at the next Astrology Delivery Zoom session, which will be with the C*I*A* in October 2024.

  2. I have been using the astrology delivery with some success. I intend to continue using it, I think it has shown some results. I am not a Gemini, but I have Jupiter in Gemini. What can I expect, especially because during the Jupiter in Taurus season I’ve just put on weight. What can I look forward to as I will soon have to start my campaign for a high profile row and I need to be strong, healthy and look presentable. Thank you for all you do

    1. As a Capricorn you can make a booking for weight loss (see the list). You can start within days.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Great ZOOM thank you so much. As a Capricorn Sun with both Jupiter and a Stellium in Gemini, as I understand it, my primary focus in on job or work and health. I would like my primary work/income to be from publishing and social media. Is this an appropriate delivery topic for me during the dates for Gemini Weather Delivery?


    1. Thank you. You are a Capricorn so are aiming for work and health booking and delivery, yes. A job in social media or publishing is possible, especially as you also have a strong Gemini chart signature. Report back GV when you have some or all of what you want, or more than you bargained for.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for another wonderful zoom.
    You may remember our previous conversation at the last zoom around the fantastic success I am having with Astrology Delivery, and a legal situation – it’s still on-going and I’m still in the lead!
    I am also still completely sure now after last night that I am doing this wrong! 🙂 – it’s still working so I must be getting at least some of the dates/process correct!? LOL
    I started following the process via the Website back in October then switched to the Capricorn Weather process as I found that easier to work with. Then in Feb, when I purchased my yearly Horoscope, I started using the dates you mentioned after each months’ “Weather” – so I am booking multiple days in the same month at this stage. I guess I am just “writing this out loud” now trying to work out if I’m doing this correctly or not – I think I am, I am getting amazing results but the dates I am using seem to be more, than match up with the dates listed on the website. Should I continue to follow the dates in my personal yearly Horoscope or switch to the Website published dates and is there anything else that you can tell me around something that I can personally do to seal this deal or hurry it along – have I missed or blocked something?
    Thanks so much in advance – trying to stay open and aware here and not be impatient but I just want my life back and it to me solely my own.
    Thanks again too as always to Alicia for her hard work 🙂
    Sandie xx

    1. Thanks Sandie. I am glad Astrology Delivery is working for you. And I agree – thanks to Alicia for her hard work, especially on the weekends, which is of course when most of you have the time for Zoom events. Your 2024 chart will be personal to you and so your own Astrology Delivery process may be different. You are a Sun Libra woman and will be booking for foreigners and foreign countries, academia, publishing and the worldwide web – from the first date you see in the Zoom. You may want a holiday abroad for example (but without Covid) or you may want to achieve a multi-translation publishing deal for a book.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I will look for the recording as I couldn’t make it as it was the middle of the night where I live. I soooo can’t wait for this recording as a Gemini Sun/Cancer Rising! I feel like I’m asking for everything but I’m currently looking for a new job, trying to get healthy by losing weight, and find love. I’m so ready for something good to happen this Gemini season!

    1. The Zoom recording will show you how Astrology Delivery works. The Rising Sign is irrelevant, and you’d be amazed at how often people get it wrong – but the Sun Sign will work for you. As a Gemini Sun you are ready to book for weight loss. Love is much, much later – Libra and Sagittarius season, so starting in September. The weight loss could be exactly what you want, though, so start booking and follow the steps.

  6. Hi Jessica. Love all the new things you’ve been putting together. I have only Psyche in Gemini and if you can bring some clarity to that or maybe I’m missing g more details in my chart with what’s coming up. My husband’s chart with you is loaded with Gemini so if you can give any insight, I’m thankful, in how it affects me. Keep well.

    1. Thank you. Psyche in Gemini in the Third House is about projects, plans and ideas which last forever. Of course this is true online. Websites are around forever, or entries on social media can be. Psyche also shows tests and trials before success and immortality, so you may have a history of being pushed, with (say) English classes at school; debating; speech and drama; driving lessons. Gemini rules communication and connection. Later on in life you may find aspects of the web very challenging but once you master them the results last. So here is an opportunity for you to pursue your biggest and best plans in years; they would involve short-haul travel, neighbouring places and/or digital or normal media. Perhaps, just writing or podcasting. This is even more so for your husband who is strongly Gemini. Astrology Delivery works on the solar chart and natal chart; both your natal charts show Gemini placements so start booking. Maybe you want your own lucrative radio show. Perhaps you want great new neighbours. What about lots of short trips away to luxurious surroundings? You are a Sun Capricorn as well, so this is about work and lifestyle for you. How about a new work direction that involves a really successful project, or a reshaped lifestyle that allows you to get away to more fascinating places on the weekends? Even, a work/lifestyle that allows you to take time off when you feel like it, to get away to neighbouring destinations?

  7. Interesting – my first Astrology Delivery —

    I’m a Libran – I was already pondering a trip to an Astrology Workshop in Goa in November this year- and adding on another trip from Trivandrum to Goa to maximise my holiday. I will be choosing my booking words carefully to make sure I get set, go and have a fabulous, stimulating, safe trip — meeting lots of new foreign friends as well! I have Jupiter in Gemini so will have to ponder the Gemini factors….

    Thank you

  8. Hello Jessica! thank you for Delivery dates, I am Leo and in my birth chart I don’t have anything in Gemini, but I have Jupiter , Minerva and ASC in Cancer, what is it I should be focusing or expect on for Cancer delivery dates? thank you

    1. You are a Sun Leo booking on Gemini Season, so this is about new friends, better friends, revived old friendships, a superior social life, social media and real people power possible in a group. Just follow the steps. Cancer weather next year is about your mediumship, Tarot, religion, spirituality, therapy, self-help, hypnosis, dream interpretation and the inner you. You do also have a Cancer chart signature though, so you can also book for a new or better home at the same time.

  9. Hi, I had a health scare the first two weeks of April. Wondering about healing, weight loss, and if there’s something out there I can pursue outside of being a wife & mom? I did sign up for an online poetry workshop next week. I have a Leo Sun & Mercury, Libra Moon, Venus in Cancer, Jupiter/Saturn in Virgo, MC is Pisces, and ASC in Gemini. My daughters are Libra & Pisces and going to sleep away camp for the first time this summer. I’ll have 3 weeks to do some soul searching June/July!

    1. I am sorry about your health scare. You need to lose weight. You are a Sun Leo woman whose booking for health is actually the end of 2024, when you go into Capricorn Season. In fact January 2025 could completely relaunch you. Until then you need to find out what you can do, regarding your wellbeing. The answer to that is the fact that you have Ceres Retrograde transiting your solar Sixth House of doctors, surgeons, diets, hospitals, nurses, fitness and alternative therapies. She is in Capricorn until December (which seems to be a big month for you in terms of your wellbeing). Going backwards and forwards she also puts you on a path that is one step forwards, two steps back, but you still there in the end. The Pluto return to Capricorn in September-November will be now or never for your wellbeing, when you realise willpower is power. So this entire year looks like weight loss, health decisions, but going back and forth. You will be amazed at how different 2025 is for you, though. Pluto has gone from Capricorn, entirely. No more Ceres in Capricorn. And you will be booking for a genuinely new you, into January 2025. This is also very much about your workload, lifestyle and daily routine so this sounds like marriage and motherhood is about to be reshaped for you and there will be new unpaid or paid work if you want it.

  10. I have panacea at 12 degrees gemini same as the new moon in gemini, what could that mean for me? and thank you so much for all of your responses.

    1. Panacea is a symbol of remedies, cures, fixes, solutions and big answers. They are always in moral or ethical grey areas. To the Romans, Panacea was a healer, but there was always a legal question, or the principles involved were debatable. Abortion is a good example of Panacea. So is the use of medical marijuana, outside the law. In Gemini, Panacea is about the media, the internet, commuting and local or regional travel. She is in your Third House of connection and communication. The New Moon will trigger Panacea so there will be a way to connect or communicate which is a definite remedy or solution, yet there will be questions about the rights and wrongs of it for you.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I have received the link for the zoom recording, thank you. I have not had a look yet, am looking forward to it. With regards to making a booking can I change my question and ask for different things or do I need to stick to one thing that I want? Am not sure if I am doing this correctly. With Taurus I asked separate questions about my son and partner I had great help with the tarot.
    Also with Gemini can I ask questions regarding sex it is not on the list for Scorpio but it is covered in the 8th house.
    Thanks Jessica for all you do to help us all.

    1. Once you see the Zoom you will understand how to go about Astrology Delivery. You are a Sun Scorpio so your booking window from May 2024 onwards is for joint finance or property. It us usually with a sexual relationship or marriage. It can be through the parents or other relatives. You are correct; sex is covered by the Eighth House. So if you want a better partnership in the bedroom and at the bank, you would start booking on Gemini Season, very shortly.

  12. Jessica, thank you. I couldn’t attend the zoom because of the timezone not working out after all. Im truly hoping that im called for an interview for a job soon that I applied for. my minvera and south node are in gemini. it is a job related to community and local government. Would this all tie in with my astrology. I feel like destiny is calling me to this job. I wonder do you have any thoughts on my astrology for this Jessica. See you at the next zoom. Thank you.

    1. Let’s have a look at your Sun Sign. You are a Sun Capricorn woman so in a stunning position to get a new job. Start booking on the first date – not long to go – and keep booking. Use the Tarot to guide you. The fact that you also have Gemini natal factors augurs very well for any role involving the internet, communication, the media, publishing and also commuting or regional and local travel. It augurs well for the neighbourhood and neighbouring places. So away you go. This or something even better is possible.

  13. Hello Jessica, this question is off-topic for this article, but I’ve noticed that the nodes have returned to the same sign and degree as in my natal chart. Is this of particular significance (like a Saturn return)? They also make a square to factors in Cancer both in my natal chart (Venus) and by current transit (Vesta). I’m just wondering what I should be most aware of at the moment, if anything. Thankyou.

    1. Yes, this is important. You have a Venus T-Square to the Lunar Nodes in your natal chart and are experiencing a Lunar Node Return. The nodes are in Aries-Libra so in your First House of title, image, reputation and appearances and your Seventh House of marriage, professional partnership and all duets – including de facto relationships. The Lunar Nodes describe past life incarnation, karma and the reason for your current incarnation. Whomever your partner is (or was) you knew them before. You agreed to re-meet to settle old scores or collect promised rewards. It’s never been easy, and never will be easy, because of the T-Square to Venus, who is about complicated relationships anyway. Here she is in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, property, home and household. You may be single now or with someone (you don’t say) but the return of the nodes to their original position is a return to some very old issues from a previous life. These were likely about changing your name to get married (your maiden name) or becoming a married man/husband/father which completely changed your identity as a freewheeling single man. Karma can also come from previous lives when one divorced and lost a surname, reverting back to the original name. I heard the word ‘captain’ clairaudiently for you then.

  14. Hi Jessica, Eureka! I finally get it (bookings, delivery dates, tarot card). The Zoom call / walk through is extremely useful because it’s a process and a bit technical. The waves analogy is really helpful – ride the waves in succession one after the other. I think I’m going to take your example with the neighbours too as my double delivery. We have horrendous parking issues where I live (once a week I get parked in) and the 3 toddlers above my apartment make so much noise I can’t concentrate (I work from home). I’ve even thought of moving but after the Zoom I understand changing homes is better for Cancer Season Deliver (Cancer Asc). I’m going to stick to what you initially recommended for Gemini season. If you have any new suggestions or advice, please chime in. Best, Kristine

    1. Thank you Kristine. Astrology Delivery does work (see ecstatic readers) but it takes a bit of getting used to. If you are very new to Tarot for example, or you’ve not kept a journal before, it can feel quite different. I had very good results in my neighbourhood as you saw at the Zoom – I was a Sun Leo booking in Scorpio weather, about my home town. You have the neighbours from hell, for which I am sorry. You are a Sun Capricorn so you want Pisces Season for the neighbours and Aries Season for your home and home town, full stop. That comes later. For now, you are about to enter Gemini Season and so your Astrology Delivery is yes, about working from home. So focus on workload, lifestyle, daily routine. You don’t want to be parked in and you don’t want noisy children. That is all possible. You will get some or all of what you want. I suggest you focus broadly – peace and quiet, freedom to come and go – and start on the first date, as given. The Tarot will tell you how to surf, every time you draw a card on every new date that you update your list, or make a new one.

  15. hello Jessica , Thank you for the blog and the steps this is indeed very helpful . Regarding the cancer season the will the delivery be the same as gemini season for each signs ? Sun gemini Minerva in gemini and Jupiter in cancer Venus in cancer Cupido and Vulcano in Cancer . short term I want to get back my health look great and find a great job with a good manager in a reputed organisation . Long term hope to find a compatible partner . how does the season in cancer work for me ? can you please advise for cancer season .

    1. Thank you. Okay, so Astrology Delivery is based on correct timing as you know. This is why Manifesting, Creative Visualisation, Cosmic Ordering and The Law Of Attraction so often fail for readers here – it’s all a bit scattergun and random. I liken astrology to surfing. If the waves are not there to ride, you can’t go anywhere. So you need to surf the right wave, at the right time. You are a Sun Gemini. Your wave is about your title, reputation, appearance, hair, face, shape, style, body and the externals. What you wear and how you present. Book this on the dates I gave in the Zoom and follow the steps. If you want to wave or make a lot of money, use the Cancer dates I gave you. Book that next year. Career is Aries season for you, and marriage is Capricorn season. That comes later and I will discuss it at the C*I*A* Zoom event in October.

  16. Hi Jessica
    Very much enjoyed the Zoom on replay especially the listening to pink noise and then drawing a Tarot card from the Smith Waite tarot on your website. I drew the World card and when I read your detailed description of the card I was astounded. I live in the UK, visited Oceania earlier this year and have a bolt hole
    in Spain. Being a Pisces my greatest hope is to have somewhere directly overlooking the beach and sea somewhere warm and sunny. The explanation of the card has made me realise that refining and being clear on exactly what and where my dream place would be is the gateway, then thinking the impossible is possible and using astrology delivery.

    1. Thank you. Your Tarot card was on point. The World even shows the bull of Spain in the corner and your holiday home is there. Your feedback on the card is really useful. And you are being offered something very special with Astrology Delivery abroad, once you have made up your mind about the UK, Oceania and Europe.

  17. Sick of being a Virgo at the min every man I meet is the same emotionally unavailable but still don’t leave me alone astrology seems so negative

    1. It can be hard to go through Saturn and Neptune in your solar Seventh House of sexual partnership. Saturn is only there every 29 years. Neptune is only there once every 165 years. You have both, so men can be confused and confusing (Neptune) and also gated (Saturn) so you can’t get past the gates. Virgo women also have Ceres and Pluto in their Fifth House of pregnancy, step-parenting and adoption in 2024. So I’m not denying this. It’s tough. Saturn and Neptune in Pisces transiting your solar Seventh House of duets, Pluto Retrograde and Ceres Retrograde transiting your solar Fifth House of sexual relationships and motherhood. You have a big Libra and Leo line-up in your birth chart which is also – you guessed it – in your Seventh House and Fifth House. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet Prince Charming. You were born in 1986. You are 38 and are now making decisions about the second half of your life. You don’t say if you have children or not. It is possible that you will become a stepmother later in a blended family partnership. What you are waiting for is Jupiter in Leo. It will be sextile your Libra stellium of de facto relationships and marriage, and in conjunction with every single Leo factor you have – which is very much about the royal bedchamber, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. You want commitment and it is worth waiting for. From 2026 onwards you can stop trying people out, or trying to change them (always good practise for the future) and either have a remodelled man who is finally right for you, or meet the one person who can take you forward in life. I promise you, 2025 will be a lot easier and you’re almost halfway there. From 2026 you will be amazed at how much happier you are.

  18. I recieved your response but reply back option didn’t work. I thought gemini was my 7th house, is it my third house according to response?

    1. Sorry, my website has been malfunctioning and in fact I’ve been unable to post for half the day. Okay, so Gemini rules your Third House in the Natural House System. You are a Sagittarian with Panacea in Gemini. So the Astrology Delivery will be about a new or better partnership; sexual or professional. From single to dating, or from dating to marriage, or from marriage to children (say). The natal booking is for the web, the media, short journeys, siblings, cousins and neighbours. And that’s more personal. You were born with the ability to produce remedies, cures and ‘fixes’ regarding all that and now you can book for something special, as Jupiter slowly heads towards Panacea in your natal chart.

    1. Yes, it is about your house, apartment, family, household, town or country. The Gemini factors for some people are about their natal chart, not the solar chart.

  19. I am yet to have a delivery on the previous set of astrology delivery dates. For Leos the ask was to be career related. I did my journaling and pulled the tarot cards to seek guidance. I just received notification today about a job application that I would not be called for an interview.

    1. You’re not at the end of the booking window yet. Final delivery of some or all of what you want is July 20th, 2024, when Mars exits Taurus. You are due to make another booking today, 16th May.

  20. When will being a Virgo mean I can finally catch a break? I’ve had so many banking and legal issues for 2 years now. I’m ready to let it all go and start fresh somewhere else.

    1. I am sorry you have been enduring this long, long transit of Chiron in Aries, the North Node in Aries and most recently the Total Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde in Aries. This is about your Eighth House in your solar chart; joint finances, matters of a shared financial nature as Patric Walker used to say. It can be legal and bank related of course, because the Eighth House is about big ticket items. Chiron first showed up in 2018, which is also the year that Uranus went into Taurus in your natal Second House of personal finance. So we could safely say that 2018-2024 has been the test. Inventing ingenious ways to deal with the things you are supposedly stuck with, is part of the journey. You can in fact benefit from loopholes in this cycle. Also, clever and brilliant solutions which are out of the box; nobody ever expected it; you pioneer ways to push back. When you say you are ready to start afresh somewhere else, you actually could. What is a three-way card reading from this website tell you? Garden Oracle, Tarot, Astrology Oracle combined. And this cycle does not last forever!

  21. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Just wanting to reach out to you in regards to asking about my chart if possible. I am currently being asked to make a decision about whether to go to into accommodation or back to my family home. I don’t know whether to give the accommodation a go to see how I cope or stay at my family home. I realise Jupiter is due to leave Taurus and enter Gemini so what may this signify for me? I am interested in writing but don’t know if I would have better opportunity to study this at my family home. Thank you for your consideration of my enquiry and look forward to hearing from you with any information of support or guidance you may wish to offer. Take care, kindest regards, Bea

    1. Thank you Bea. This choice often comes up for you – accommodation or back to the family. As you have a Gemini stellium and Jupiter is about to enter Gemini for a year, the answer in astrology would be – ‘Where can you write most easily? Where can you explore neighbouring towns or regions? Where can you get around (bicycle, car, public transport) most easily?’ Have a look at what Gemini/Third House means in your flipbooks and on Search. That’s where you actually ‘live’ quite naturally. You don’t say if you have a brother, sister or cousin – or ever had them – but they would be part of the Jupiter story, which is about solutions, breakthroughs and opportunities.

  22. Dear Jessica, thanks so much for answering questions and the gracious time you spend with your Premium members and those who take part in your Zoom calls. I’m all ready for my 1st booking now – your encouragement has given me the extra motivation and understanding I needed to get surfing. Have a Great Day !

  23. Hi Jessica,
    I am a new member and unfortunately missed your May delivery. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the upcoming waves for me. I did feel a strong pull to changing my appearance, the pull started few months ago so I already made good progress on this front. There is also an emerging urge to find another job, a new career challenge. My biggest wish though is to settle down, have a family. This is also started few months ago, a strong urge to settle and to feel anchored. Thanks

    1. I am sorry you missed the Zoom session at The Astrology Collective. Thank you for taking out membership here. You are a Sun Gemini so your booking, imminently, is about appearance, title, reputation, profile, image. So you could make a booking for a superior job title, or letters after your name. That would help your career desires. And if you are a woman you could book to become Mrs. Not Ms. You’re cheating a bit here because it’s not really the right time for job or marriage/children bookings (that comes later) but see what happens if you just go for the externals.

  24. Hello Jessica, Thank you so much for the feedback ! I am grateful for the patience and the detailed way you helped me with the process. I am sharing what I learnt on the zoom to friends and family and sharing the love and magic 🙂 My apologies if I am coming across confused . So I can put on my list great job title at a reputed place and with great people culture with a great healthy well toned body and charming outlook 🙂 I wish to also know in the zoom you gave us timing on your slide and I believe its the London time zone too . so we write the list on the actual date and around actual time 24 hours +/- and tarot for the gateway . and I adjust the timing for someone in India or Singapore .I had a meltdown after reading your feedback message as I felt so grateful for the blog and all you share .Thanks a million and much love and best regards x

    1. Astrology Delivery is very simple, really. Just find the booking you can make, as dictated by your Sun Sign. You are a Sun Gemini. So your booking will be for appearance, job title, body and profile. You can begin on the day I mention in the Zoom video, or the day before/day after as world time zones are different. And that’s that. Thank you for your kind words.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    In reading the comments I see I am thinking of a similar question about the nodes. I am in a nodal return because the Aries Libra nodes are at the degree in my natal chart, yes? And they square my Salacia in Capricorn. What do you make of this? Also the transiting node is sextile my Leo Uranus. Thank you for responding if possible. I am also appreciative of the booking dates for Gemini weather you have given us. With this post I have begun the list making plus will add the Gemini factors I have in my natal chart – which is a step I have not done in previous bookings. Hope your future book will be successful. I love concentrating on journaling and pulling a Tarot card after using pink noise. Quite unique.
    Best to you,

    1. Thank you Cecelia. I’m glad you are enjoying writing in your journal, the Pink Noise and the Tarot. It’s nice to slow down. The Nodal Return is really what you would expect; the return of karma going back in 18-19 year loops. It can be hard to remember sometimes so just looking in your old email inbox for obvious clues from the end of 2004, 2005 and up to June 2006. What goes around, comes around. The Libra node will be the obvious one; this was about/is about a partner, opponent or duet/duel. Thematically and symbolically karma comes back. There can also sometimes be quite an obvious piece of closure. A reader here, for example, was badly treated financially on her last Taurus-Scorpio node cycle. She was paid back almost exactly, from a different source outside the original people. The square to Salacia in Capricorn is about your career, unpaid work or academic career. Salacia is inhabiting two alternative spaces at the same time; like the beach and the seashore. They are real, but somehow a vacation from reality. So your inclination towards that, professionally, academically or with unpaid work, is never easy to square with the karma you have from other lifetimes, regarding duets and duels. Aries of course is you, you, you.

  26. Hi Jessica… I’m noticing replies to all the comments but mine…it’s showing as still in moderation. Would love to hear from you. Thank you !

    1. Moderation just means I’ve never seen it, I’m afraid, as today there are 16,133 questions and comments and I can only view one screen at a time. I’ll have a look and see if it turns up again by the end of the page. Thank you.

  27. Hello again! I wrote in a question May 13 at 10:22 am and 10:26 am, and eagerly await your reply 🙂 I
    n the meantime I was trying to see if maybe the Zoom recording would help me understand? However when I go to the AstrologyCollective page it won’t load. Is there a link available so I can still purchase the zoom? I really want to learn how to use your methods properly! 🙂

    1. If you purchased a ticket to the Astrology Delivery event from The Astrology Collective, you are entitled to a recording of the Zoom so please do get in touch with Lynette Malone and Zane Stein via their website. Thank you.

  28. Hi Jessica, profound thanks for all that you offer! I am sun pisces with stelliums in Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn. I also have ceres, proserpina and apollo in gemini (my chart would be visible to you). I wonder how Jupiter moving into Gemini would interact with my birth chart? Especially the gemini-pisces square. I would be so incredibly grateful if you are able to look into my chart for deeper insights. I am also looking forward to the astrology delivery booking dates for gemini! I wrote to you about some stunning results in December and January but that comment got lost in the shuffle 🙂 Anyhow, much thanks and love to you, N

    1. Thank you. And I appreciate your writing with stunning results from Astrology Delivery. I will go back through the unanswered comments from those features and find your evidence, so I can quote you. Jupiter enters Gemini on Sunday 26th May 2024 and remains there in your Third House of media, web, short journeys, neighbours, siblings, cousins, publishing, education, communication and commuting – until June 9th 2025. That gives you plenty of time to see fantastic gains in these areas of your life. Proserpina, Ceres and Apollo in Gemini in your chart are all waiting to come to life for you. You will find you are given the opportunity to be a middle person or go-between on a special project or plan. It will involve leadership on your part and also an ability to compromise. The Gemini squares to your Pisces factors reveal what you cannot square about being an escape artist (as all Pisces people famously are; escaping from reality) and having to deal with the words, the facts, the basics – of the internet. A square can be productive. What is uncomfortable makes you try harder.

  29. Hi Jessica ,
    I purchased a ticket for the Astrology delivery but couldn’t attend due to some logistic issues. I’ve had significant success since January this year where I had asked for support in getting down to writing and resolving my health issues.
    I’m happy to tell you that two weeks back, I suddenly got the opportunity to be part of a wonderful online programme on creating a First Draft and I am part of a support group that is very encouraging . This has coincided with a quiet getaway without family members so that I can determine my days schedule and feel free to write without household obligations. It’s a wonderful sense of freedom which you predicted.
    I’m also on track to getting good medical help for my health issues and hope this continues. I’m very grateful for your guidance and will give it my best energies.
    However despite writing to the website I’m not able to access the recording for the session that I paid for. Hope you can help me get that.
    Thank you once again.

    1. Thank you for buying a ticket for Astrology Delivery at The Astrology Collective. I’ve had others say they can’t get the recording. Let me write to Zane Stein and Lynette Malone and see that this is corrected by next week for you. I am glad you can confirm this has worked for you, with writing and your health. As a Sun Leo you can book for a better social life; terrific new friends; powerful new group projects; better social media; improved old friendships – as you enter the Gemini booking period. Not long to go.

  30. Hi again Jessica…
    Sending another comment just in case my first one I sent 4 days ago is completely lost. I was wondering how to best utilize these booking dates with my Taurus sun and if the asteroids I have in Gemini would be an element I can factor in, though I’ve sent you mention that it’s ones sun sign that is most important for delivery dates. My delivery date outcomes so far have been hit or miss…I’d love to get the dials right. Hope all is well with you. Thank you Jessica ✨

    1. I’ve just sat down at my desk in Tasmania with a cup of coffee and found your question. Your Sun Sign is by far the most important factor when booking Astrology Delivery. People who do this properly and follow the steps have been particularly fortunate with money. As a Sun Taurus you can book to save or make a lot of money, starting with the given first date. Using Pink Noise and one Tarot card from my website to follow the gateway, every time you book. This reduces the ‘miss’ and gives you more hits.

  31. Jessica, You are so helpful. The karma from 2005 you point out to me – with the Salacia being square to the nodes natally and with my current nodal return – is about me dropping my career (income) back then to aid my cousin in her cancer slow passing, by agreement, as a friend, with she and her kids & husband accepting my running the household….and synchronicity of me writing you this week on Twitter letting you know your web horoscope was incredibly spot on for me, well guess what: same family just had two deaths! Full circle material here. And I have helped other loved ones leave us, always forgoing my paying work to just be of daily help, offering support. Brilliant help for me, from you, in your reading my questions and answering them: tough and tender spot for me. Thank you so much. Best, Cecelia

    1. Thank you. You have in fact come full circle, Cecelia and I can see this is a tough and tender point in your horoscope. Your comments confirm that Salacia is about other existences; other worlds; other realities – you stepped into one when you helped your cousin.

  32. Hi Jessica, I am so mad I missed the May Zoom event. I’ve been blitzed with work. My issue right now is my husband and his joblessness. You correctly predicted last year that he would find a new job and then he would leave it (He signed the contract on Mercury Rx) which he did leave in November. He is now in his second Saturn return as of March and it has been a nightmare. We are in a panic as he has not been able to obtain a new job! He is a Leo sun at 18 degrees. He feels he has been black balled in his industry. No one (friends or bus.contacts) has called him back! He doesn’t belong to any orgs that can help. He has 6 factors in Capricorn (Proserpina 00 Rx, Aesculapia 05 Rx, Diana 18 Rx, Salacia 22 ,Imum Coeli 25) and 4 factors in Gemini (Moon 13, Ceres 19, Ops 22, Juno 29) Besides the May booking dates for Leo do you think that Pluto being in Aquarius might help boost him at all before it retrogrades after September 1, 2024? I will definitely tell him to book for Gemini, too but other than that I have no idea how else to help him. If you have any advice or insight for him I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for confirming my psychic astrology prediction for your husband, although I am sorry your husband is without work. The good news is, he still has until Saturday 25th May to use opportunities, breakthroughs and new options. Jupiter remains in Taurus in the Leo Tenth House of ambition, goals, roles and missions. It can work right up until the end. What has he forgotten from his past that he could reboot? What can he make more of? This is a very good time for your husband to go through his C.V. as well as his old filing cabinet, storage and so on. It may have been paid work, study or unpaid work but there is buried treasure there to use. As a Leo he is also about to enter the ‘go zone’ of rapid, sudden and unexpected change with his career, studies or unpaid work. This begins when Mars goes into Taurus from Monday 10th June 2024 and the Mars-Uranus conjunction on Tuesday 16th June will liberate him – out of the blue – from something or someone which has held him back. He can try Astrology Delivery for the media, the internet, transport, education, short haul travel, publishing, communication from Tuesday 21st May – within days – he will get some or all of what he wants from that, if he follows the steps. As a Sun Cancer woman, with only one Gemini factor, your booking window is for spirituality, Tarot, counselling, self-help, hypnosis and meditation. All of which could change your life, if you use the rules.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    thank you I’d like to make a go of the delivery in gemini season, I wondered, can you book for an expansion of positive, liberating beliefs, for a sense of freedom? Ive been feeling very down and for me this would fall in the ninth house, I think Jupiter influence could bring optimism or is that too vague? love JH

    1. As a Sun Libra you have Jupiter and the other transits in Gemini in your Ninth House of academia as well as the worldwide web, with all its philosophies, spirituality, religion and mind expansion. So you could book for a new perspective on life that would make you happier. In fact, this is explored all the time in universities around the world. Positive Psychology is one such subject and would fit the Ninth House cycles you are going into, for around a year – that is just one example.

  34. Hi Jessica. How can I obtain success in other areas of life than in groups and so on (I am a Leo). My focus is now selling my house and not friends and social life. Do you see any positive outcomes for me concerning selling my property?

    1. The booking window for a new home is September-November 2024 for Sun Leo people. It really depends on what you want from selling your house. Is it money? Is a husband, wife or de facto partner involved? A family member? All these things matter in astrology. Joint finance is ruled by Pisces. Your own money is ruled by Virgo. If you don’t care about profit and just want to move, that’s Scorpio for you. We are now heading for Gemini weather, so you need to move past Cancer weather, Leo weather, to get to Virgo weather and so on.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been applying to new jobs but not hearing anything back for the past couple of weeks. I have some Gemini and Virgo factors in my chart, do you think I’ll start hearing something back?

    1. Always start with the fact that you are a Sagittarian so your jobs zones are ruled by Virgo (big career goals, highest ambitions) and Taurus (everyday work, serving other people). There’s nothing major in Virgo so your issue is Taurus traffic now. On Saturday 18th May you still have Jupiter (opportunities) and Uranus (radical change) in Taurus in your Sixth House of workload. The Sun is still in Taurus. Mercury just entered Taurus, which is useful as he rules emails and letters, contracts and news. Venus is still in Taurus. Give it another 7 days to hear back, and keep applying for anything and everything. It may be that you were destined for something better than the two jobs you applied for, so Jupiter has elbowed you into trying for other roles. When we go to your natal chart, we find your South Node at 28 Virgo, again in the Sixth House of everyday work and duty. Jupiter will be trine your South Node with all his expansion, growth and hope for the future as he reaches 28 Taurus from May 18th to 21st. Take a deep breath and go into the job market again and don’t give up hope with the other roles if you genuinely believe they would have expanded your world.

  36. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for answering. My husband and I already bought a new flat, and need to sell our old house. It is just about money, yes.

    1. Astrology is as complex as life, so a home (as a home) is Cancer whereas a home (for money with your husband) is Scorpio. So Neptune at 28 Scorpio is your issue here. You have transiting Neptune himself at 28 Pisces in May 2024, having been there in April as well. Neptune is about escaping from reality but it can be confusing and confused when in aspect to itself. He goes back to 28 Pisces in September, October 2024 and again in February, March 2025 then it’s over. So, both with the house you want to sell, and and the new flat (or any new financial or property investment) the challenge is to keep it real. I had another reader with the same transit whose builder was a Neptune type. He was delusional and ran 4 months over time with his visions of a renovation and actually created chaos in the family’s life. So you, your husband or a third party may be playing Neptune here. Perhaps, buyers. It’s very important to be grounded about all this, to be practical and to try to avoid bubbles as much as possible; typically, property bubbles. The classic Neptune Eighth House outcome is the fantasy that a property is worth X based on inflated market value only to find the bubble bursts. Buyers are sometimes on a different planet to sellers with regard to this and will not spend the asking price. Neptune rules bubbles – you can find out more about this planet on here and in your flipbooks, but in general, that’s your issue. For whatever reason it ends in March 2025.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    I completely missed this event last weekend. Is there a way for me to still purchase a copy of this recording? I just lost my job, went through a house flooding and filed for divorce in all less than 90 days this year. I could really use some help with creating my affirmations and a recording would be helpful. Is there a way to still purchase this?


    1. Sure, let me ask Lynette Malone and Zane Stein at The Astrology Collective if they will sell the recording to people who did not attend the Zoom session. This isn’t about affirmations, though. As you’ve just seen, they don’t work. What does work is Astrology Delivery, so let me see if this can happen and I’ll post the news on Twitter. Thank you.

  38. Hi Jessica. Had a look at my chart and notice Mars at 22 Gemini and MC at 10 Gemini. Lots of things happening at the moment in my country Scotland and also in my Family in the US and wondered if there is anything of significance in those Gemini factors ? Glad you liked the news about the success of the book The Women Who Wouldn’t Wheesht( for anyone out there who might wonder about Wheesht – it is the Scottish word for shut up).

    1. Gemini rules neighbouring places within Scotland (so Glasgow and Edinburgh) but also adjacent to Scotland (so the rest of the United Kingdom). You were born with the MC or Midheaven there, as you know – and Mars. Your peak achievements in life will actually involve the neighbours, and with Jupiter in a conjunction to your MC and Mars, there will be ample opportunity to do so much more with adjacent places. Gemini rules the local internet, the media, education, local publishing so in fact this book, The Women Who Wouldn’t Wheesht is part of that. There will be more to come, once Jupiter gets underway in Gemini. From your point of view, the biggest and best year to be Scottish is when Jupiter goes into patriotic Cancer and your Fourth House of home, home town and homeland. So that’s the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026. Things change then, likely politically. For you, personally, this may be about a new home, or renovated/redecorated home.

  39. As a Capricorn – I have just spotted May 20th – is a booking/wish list date. Do I have options of a new job? Or should I be focussing on making work – work for me/my lifestyle etc?
    Would love some suggestions of what I can be asking for please Jessica.

  40. PS – I have some ‘tax troubles’ from Taurus weather – do you see them going away as we move into Gemini?

    1. Neptune at 19 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance is your taxation issue here. Saturn goes to 19 Pisces (transiting Saturn trine Neptune) after June 8th so you will need to get real. You are not the only person born with Neptune in the Eighth House, so others will have been here before you – or are going through it with you. Mars going to 19 Taurus near July 5th suggests you need to give yourself a long-time frame to deal with it all. Neptune very commonly offers an escape; a way out; a bubble; a sanctuary from reality. It’s the vacation from the everyday and the holiday from what’s concrete. It can also confuse you and confuse others unless it comes with rules, red flags, an anchor, light house and guards on watch. So next time, try to put all that in. What you go through now will help you avoid this sort of malarkey in the future.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    I signed up for the recent Zoom on Astrology Delivery but there were connection issues. I was hoping to watch the recording. Am I to understand that I must pay another $30 to purchase this?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. I doubt Zane Stein and Lynette Malone will charge you another $30 if you had Zoom internet problems. Just go to them at The Astrology Collective please and explain what happened and the recording link will be sent, I’m sure.

  42. Hi Jessica
    ,i have used astrology delivery,Aquarius booking, and it worked(found the apartment we want for my son) on the 22nd of March!
    I have some more bookins for Aquarius weather but I think this will happen on the next delivery(trying to sell my house atm).
    I have a question about Gemini weather, I am a sun in cancer but have gemini natal factors, so my delivery, except tarot etc, for what should it be? A bit confused at the moment.
    Thank you,

    1. Thanks Marina. Astrology Delivery worked and your son found his apartment on the 22nd of March. Keep following the steps.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a Libra. I was shocked when I asked the Tarot “how I can fulfill my higher purpose and achieve happiness either through travel or relocation” and pulled the World card. I’m taking this as a good sign. (I’m a bit lost right now – no career or money.)
    Thank you.

    1. Well, that’s you told, as they say. The World shows you spoiled for choice between Europe, Australasia and the Americas. Which will you choose? Because that is your higher purpose and happiness. Whatever time limit you set for yourself (did you say, until the year 2030, 2040, or was it just 2024) is your answer.

  44. Hi Jessica, as always thank you so much for your insights and guidance. I wrote without logging in and not sure if the message went through but here it is.
    I am Gemini Sun Cancer Rising.
    I have had tough 5-6 years (since 2018-19) up to now. I am looking forward for Jupiter in Gemini…my question is; should I be looking forward to Jupiter in Cancer? (Since it’s my ascendant)
    These past years have been hellish, divorce, child custody and alimony issues, ex with new girlfriend, me alone without a partner.
    I do have a podcast about my life due to air this week (I am a skydiver and almost lost my life during the full moon in Gemini back in November 2023) so I assume that I’ll be a bit known due to the video. But that’s it.
    I’m praying for a better year ahead and hopefully through 2026.
    I’m also thinking about getting into a music career but I feel so old. Should I do it?

    Thank you so much, I look forward to your insight

    1. Thank you. You are a Gemini Sun who has been through Pluto in Capricorn in your solar Eighth House of divorce, custody and alimony. You are already over the worst. 2024 is the year of sorting out (like a Potter Sorting Hat) and although you will spend until December going backwards and forwards with deal-making, bargaining and negotiation – over money, property, business, valuables and so on – in 2025 all that has vanished. It will be a very different life. You are in the right time and place with your podcast and in fact will heighten your reputation, expand your name online and increase your visibility until June 2025, to your total advantage. Age is irrelevant in astrology. You have Jupiter in your solar First House so do use it.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the post. I have been following these consistently.

    I have Aries and Gemini stellium. Should I be looking at both signs for delivery?

    I may be missing something with previous delivery dates because I haven’t seen something come to fruition so I want to make sure I get this right.

    Thank you!

    1. I’m afraid you are not following the Astrology Delivery rules at all, so I am not surprised nothing has happened for you. Please go back to the start and stick to the instructions. Better luck next time, old chap.

  46. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you are well. Thank you for this article. I am a Gemini and my Gemini birth season has started.

    I started the Astrology Delivery yesterday as per the dates and instructions given. I wished for a new job or a new role away from my current Sales function one & to be removed from the unfair performance improvement program that I was put on (i was told the performance improvement program put on hold right after i finished the astrology delivery exercise 😀 ). I got the Tarot: King of Wands. I am very excited for Jupiter in Gemini and I only pray and wish for success moving forward. I will continue doing the exercise as per the dates shares for my Gemini horoscope.

    I wanted to kindly get your reading for the Jupiter in Gemini season around my career as the last few years have been a struggle and I am not enjoying it – from dealing with a bad manager, to having lack of motivation and feeling imposter syndrome. I have been applying for multiple job roles internally and externally and I am hoping that this season delivers me with immense abundance and success and with a job role that I love, I will succeed in and thrive in.

    Thank you and looking forward to your reading.

    1. Thank you. If you are a Sun Gemini your booking is for title, reputation and image – it’s not really about career, academia or business – more the externals – but see what happens if you book for a more prestigious title in life, or letters after your name. The King of Wands is the man you read about and he holds as your guiding figure, until you book again. I am sure you will get some or all of what you want, from a new title.

  47. Thank you Jessica, I will do the next booking for title, reputation and image as suggested – I will tell you how it goes.

    Meanwhile, in my chart, is there any hope for a new job role or career change anytime soon? Also, I do remember around February you had predicted for me that my bad manager even though she put me on the performance improvement program, had nothing on me, and alas after a month she handed in her resignation because she herself was on a performance improvement! (that was prediction was for real!), will i be removed from it completely since they have put it on hold with no progress? And at the same time get a new job soon?

    1. I like it when the astrology predictions are so specific. Thank you. No wonder you want a new job; your company sounds like an absolute shambles. The thing about astrology is, it works in waves of time. You can’t force something that isn’t ready for you. Well, you can try, but you won’t get anywhere. The cycles of time work in multiple waves called stelliums, as all the planets and other factors gather in the same zodiac sign, in the same zone of your chart, urging. you to catch a wave and surf to success. As a Sun Gemini you will not be surprised to hear me tell you, that you are in the toughest cycle for 29 years. Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces in your career sector. This ends on March 30th 2025. The two have gone. The heavy restrictions are finished. You get a faster break than that on Scorpio Season, so in terms of lifestyle and workload (rather than peak achievement) you can get some or all of what you want when that begins on Tuesday 24th September, 2024. All the dates for Astrology Delivery are in your 2024 report and I also have an event with the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, next October 2024.

  48. Hi Jessica,

    I have to make choice whether I take new job in same area I have worked earlier and got bored or move to other country and work with health and lower salary.

    Tempted for both, how does my chart look?

    Thank you, Jaana

    1. As a Taurus you are better off emigrating in 2025 when Pluto and Ceres are out of your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. Were you to emigrate in 2024 you would have stop-start issues about control, all year, as Pluto and Ceres are retrograde.

  49. Hi Jessica, I am not a Member on Substack, but I would like to comment on the red painting of Charles. Thank you for your inputs – I would not have looked closer without you. An unbelievable painting! Now, I managed to see Diana. But then also another woman to her right, looking left, with long hair and dark spots on her head, slightly bent. Starting from the bottom and going higher I see the Coronation gown of Elisabeth II (robe and mantle, with dark ermine spots) – I see the gown only up to Charles’s neck, then all gets white. The right side of his body is thus emphasized – the right side is the male side. And the job side. His right hand does worry me – it looks like the hands from the baroque saints lying in their glass coffins. This is Baroque (18th century) – when they wanted to remind people of omnipresent Death. His right hand gives me the creeps. So much knowledge about environmental issues, and not only talking but acting – might be lost.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    How can I use astrology delivery to secure a new position if I am a cancer with many Gemini placements?

    1. Well, you have to wait for the right waves if you want to surf to success. You are on a Gemini booking wave. Nothing to do with your job. What you are waiting for is an Aries wave in your Tenth House of success (as a Sun Cancer) or a Sagittarius wave in your Sixth House of work. That’s not until October 18th at the earliest, when Venus goes into Sagittarius and your Sixth House. The two house systems go together. Natal and Solar. So having Twelfth House transits in your Solar chart for your inner self, inner work, inner life – goes nicely with transits in your Third House of internet in your natal chart. You could easily use the web as your portal for highly successful Tarot, therapy, counselling, mediumship, self-help, dream coaching, meditation and the inner life. Of course if your career is in those areas you’re laughing.

  51. Hi Jessica, I had some good results booking Astrology Delivery in December last year. I am a Sun Taurus and have had a bruising year so far with a lot of upheaval and heartbreak with my partner. I suspect everything is connected to my North and South Node being Libra/Aries and old Karma from 18/19 years ago. Can you shed some insight into when I can expect some relief from the situation? Many thanks!

    1. As a Sun Taurus woman, in 2024 you began the year with Ceres (hard compromises) in Sagittarius (sex and money). She was there until February 7th, so you did not exactly start the year with easy transits. You also had the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23rd this year, which is always a full stop in your marriage or de facto relationship – or sexual partnership – if you are a Taurus. In your natal chart, yes, if you have Libra factors in your Seventh House of duets, you will absolutely be experiencing the South Node in Libra and North Node, opposite in Aries. I don’t see a birth chart on my computer screen with your question, though, so I’m afraid I can’t comment further.

  52. Thank you for this article. I love the idea of booking for 11th House stuff as a Leo but also 3rd house stuff since I have 3 Gemini aspects in my chart. Hoping to get re-energised for my women in tech stuff but I love writing and communicating so hoping for some excellent help and ideas for producing newsletters and perhaps podcasts for this group to help spread the message and bring women and allies into the group to help them learn more about these careers and to support each other. it feels like a great combo for me.

  53. Hello, dear Jessica! As a Leo, I have been happy to hear that Jupiter in Gemini could bring better friends, improved old friendships, powerful groups and more freedom, I suppose? I have Psyche and Out-of-bounds Moon in Gemini, so I wonder what could they mean for me? I requested about my health etc earlier – unfortunately it got worse, after my beloved cat died in January, and money matters are a big time mess too, as my remaining younger cat got very sick from sorrow ( he’s a Leo too, btw, we have almost the same birthday! ) and I had to go to vet 9 times with him and he needed a surgery. He is slowly recovering both from the loss of his idol and big, but rather untoucheable love and the health issues, but I do worry for both of us…I almost ended up in hospital, but so far astrology delivery and I guess sheer resilience has kept me above the water, but only just. Tbh, I am quite depressed, and indeed wish for better, more fulfilling social life and good friends. I just finished a small course and will have a deeper course on healing shamanically, as it’s something that has called me for a long time. I have also been thinking about starting a blog ( in Substack ? ) about pet loss grief, alternative healing, alternate realities ( trance, shamanic journeys, premonitions, dreams, psychic abilities/messages ) as they have touched my life very strongly more than once, whether I liked it or not, and I have decided to stop resisting. Would you say in light of astrology that this is the right thing to do atm? Could these also improve my income? With love and gratitude, yours, Ester

    1. I am sorry your cats have been so unwell and the bills have mounted up. You also risked hospital. In 2024, Sun Leo women have both Pluto Retrograde and Ceres Retrograde in their Sixth House. The Sixth House, as I am sure you know, rules dogs, cats and also our own health. This comes from the ancient association of this horoscope sector with service, duty and ‘maid of all work’ roles. The only way a housemaid or maiden/virgin daughter could ever be relieved from work, was to become ill. This is where the old link between wellbeing and workload comes from. Virgo is of course the sign ruling the Sixth House in the ancient charts. Depression is a Virgo/Sixth House issue. Mental health is very much Sixth House territory. Going away from your Leo chart to your natal chart, you have a huge stellium with Pluto in Virgo too. So, along with the transits in your public chart, your private chart shows the same story told from another angle. All these transits in Pisces, right opposite Virgo, have not been helping. So what can you do? Okay, this entire solar Sixth House cycle ends by the opening days of December 2024. You only have to get through June, July, August, September, October, November and you’re almost there. During this period prepare to bargain, deal and negotiate with the universe and other people over your health, your animals and your work. Healing is part of that; you are choosing the right course at the right time. Once you are into 2025 life will look and feel completely different and you can start earning from your healing. Shamanic journeys and the path of the Shaman may well be your path. Substack would be a good place to start an audio, video and text space about this and I imagine yes, you could charge for subscriber access were you to become in demand. Ask your guides about that one.

  54. Thank you, Jessica, that all makes sense. I am not sure how to add my birth chart to my question (I am a member).

    1. Gemini factors at 3, 9, all the way to 24 are the biggest story for you. Jupiter is heading for those same degrees and so from the end of May 2024 until June 2025, you will be given terrific opportunities to have a much better commute; really enjoyable regional or neighbouring places to call home (a home away from home) and more. The travel and transport side of Gemini comes from Mercury, the winged messenger with his helmet and shoes adorned with Roman wings. Yet he was also the messenger, as you know, so this transit is also about audiobooks; radio; podcasting; AI or Artificial Intelligence; social media advances; newsletters; websites – and the media. You do stand to gain so once you hear the bell, answer the call.

  55. With new booking date here, when we pull another tarot card – does that “gateway” card only apply until the next booking date or throughout entirety of this delivery (Sept 4). In other words, do we have one card at a time or accumulate up to 5 until Sept? Also is Seven of Cups good or bad? Looks like meditation/manifesting card…

    1. Yes, that’s right, you draw one Tarot card on every booking, which holds until the next booking. So, for example, I just had a reader book for better friends and a new social life. Her gateway was Justice which shows the scales. The law. It can also show Libra. In the interval between this and her next booking, an old and very well-connected Libran friend came back into her life. So it’s one card, to sustain you for every few days/weeks/months until the next booking. That is the guidance to follow.

  56. Hi Jessica,

    I bought the event but forgot I was not in the USA so the time zone got ahead of me. I did try the Astrology journal and did the pink noise but I forgot about a card. I did get a place to live. however, the place leaks when it rains. I mean I’ve made progress from living in my car to a place to live. what did I do incorrectly? ‘
    I’m now in Mexico but I don’t even speak Spanish. For some odd reason I still feel ok. My question is I really, really want to take the Astrology course. However, I want the best possible time to take the course. All last year I was homeless and stressed. Now I’m living in a new country. I would like to know when is a good time for me to take the course. I am a sun Taurus, rising Cancer, and Aquarius moon. intitivituely, I know it would be great for me cause I want to help people

    1. Take the Sun Sign School course in 2025, not 2024. This year is way too complex for you to study. I am glad you are now in a home (and not living in a car). Your Astrology Delivery booking window is for money/property so pick up where you left off. Keep going and this time use the Tarot.

  57. Hi Jessica, attended the May Delivery zoom and on the 20th May, did what you said and drew the Knight of Pentacles.
    As you know I am a Sun Taurus.
    Just found out today that not only do I not have I have to pay taxes back that I had budgeted for (French taxes are challenging to manage), I am getting a lump sum back! Also, with our apartment up for sale, we had a lovely woman visit on the 20th May which looks promising. Also, another person is interested and is working with a mortgage broker and we are hoping he visits end of the month. We remain positive!

    1. This is fantastic news. Congratulations on a successful booking and Astrology Delivery.

  58. Dear Jessica, I am facing hurdles getting a home loan for my first home purchase. May have to self fund. Been investing and growing my acorn. Casually employed with very irregular and often small income from there..Came across a property, I have put an offer, there’s fixes to be done, still hoping for confirmation it’s a good decision made for living in for the next 10-15 years and watching my baby girl grow up in and not rent anymore.
    Leo Sun with 15 deg Gemini in Mars and 27 deg Gemini in Jupiter. With these factors, would I have overall good fortune and specific lucky events happen when my personal factors are triggered – would you know the specific dates or months?
    I have always yearned to start a few online communities and online programs that will grow and perpetuate. Meetup efforts between Jan and May 2024 has fallen flat.

    1. As a Leo woman who wants to buy a home, your booking window is for an online community, friends, allies, your social life, social media and your circles. It’s not for money or property. That comes later, when you go into Virgo Season (September) and Scorpio season (November). The dates for the whole year of 2024 are in the personal astrology reports, which went on sale last year. I will also have a Zoom session with the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, who call themselves the C*I*A* – in October 2024.

  59. Hi Jessica, I love the Astrology Delivery – even if only as a ritual and moment to journal and meditate. Not that I’m saying that’s all it is by any stretch – I feel I am making progress, especially in my financial situation, and gaining small wins, thanks to your method.
    I was wanting to ask you about Jupiter and Gemini and its significance for me – I read your Substack this morning, where you say to take note of any factors at 00 degrees on Sunday 26th (I’m in Australia). I have Vesta in Cancer and Proserpina in Capricorn both at 00. Is this important?
    And secondly, I have 3 Gemini factors in my own chart – including Jupiter himself. Panacea at 8 degrees, Psyche at 12 degrees and Jupiter at 22 degrees. Are there specific dates to watch out for during Jupiter’s transit, and what should I be looking out for on those dates? Thank-you so much for all your time and effort to help people.

    1. Thank you. I am really glad Astrology Delivery is working for you. Jupiter at 00 Gemini 00 is very good news for you as he will be semi-sextile Cancer and quincunx Capricorn factors. The end of May is about new opportunities out there which make a difference to your house, garden, apartment, family, town, country (Cancer) and your ambition, position and mission (Capricorn). The transits to Gemini factors in your Third House will usher in all sorts of good things: improved commuting or transportation; local and regional travel opening up for you in a wonderful way; rare and special internet, media, publishing and educational options; the new importance of a sibling and/or cousin, which benefits you. You will actually have your Jupiter Return in Gemini. Go back to when you were 11-13 years old. What happened then with the world of writing, reading, public speaking, the neighbourhood, your neighbours, brothers, sisters, cousins? That was an acorn. Now comes the oak in maturity.

  60. Hi Jessica! As a sub Sagittarius I booked today for 7th house things 🙂 Venus is entering Gemini today and it’s a beautiful full moon.
    For my tarot card after the pink noise session I drew the ten of pentacles. Can you help me understand what the gateway to my booking is?

    1. The Ten of Pentacles or Coins is explained in the interpretation under the card and as a Premium Member you can read the long and detailed interpretation (which there is no room for here) in the extended message. Thank you.

  61. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your work and insight. I’m struggling to find the right time to downsize to an energetic community with opportunity for growth. Please advise if you think this is the right time. My Ceres is 09 Gemini and my Ops is 15 Gemini. I’ve been very frustrated to find the right location.
    Blessings to you!

    1. You are a Leo woman, Vikki, so a community is exactly what you can book for. Gemini Season is about friends, allies, circles and networks as you know. You have until June 2025, actually, but if you began booking just a few days ago, you should see some or all of what you want, in June 2024. Your own Gemini placements suggest the new location will be a neighbouring place, or that when you move, you will find the community’s own neighbouring places are very good news for you.

  62. Hi Jessica I hope you are well. My husband a Scorpio and myself are trying hard to buy a new house for our family. We are currently renting a house but need to have security for the future. The mortgage lenders don’t want to know because of our age’s, and we just feel like every route is blocked for us. I’ve tried everything can you help us please.

    1. Things just began to look up for you, financially, as from the weekend of Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May, Jupiter with all his solutions and opportunities enters Gemini and your Scorpio husband has this in his Eighth House of property, joint finance, mortgages and so on. I expect the new UK government will have something to do with your chances, here. You are a Sun Virgo and although your booking window now is for career, academia or unpaid vocation (not property and money) in September-October the time is right for you. Your husband’s time to pursue a home is now – yet his savings or gains could come from anywhere – so stay tuned. He has until June 2025.

  63. In the Gemini season I am booking on a family rift that has been going on since 2017 between my stepmother and myself ending and my father protecting my inheritance. So far I’ve drawn the Emperor (May 21), Justice (May 23) and The Wheel of Fortune (May 24). I’m surprised by the three Major Arcana draw and I hope this is a good sign. I miss my dad.

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius so can only book for partnership, doubles, duets and pairs – be they professional or sexual. This is Gemini Season. I am sorry you lost your father. The window for booking family matters and inheritance is actually Capricorn and that process began in late 2023. You will find all or any issues are gone from 7th December.

  64. Hi Jessica! Happy Full Moon in Sag! As a cancer sun- I have made my request to become the highest expression of myself through tarot, spirituality, meditation and self help and to align my work with this new expression.

    In both May 20, 23rd I did random shuffles and got the TOWER both times. Lol any thoughts on this? I’m also a libra rising so this feels very aligned to my 8th house in Taurus where I’ve decided I want to work on all of my addictions. Especially around technology

    Thx Much

    1. Thank you. As a Cancerian woman you have booked correctly in the area of Tarot, spirituality, meditation and self-help. Random shuffles is not the way, though. Please follow the instructions. People who see the best results from Astrology Delivery focus on the question ‘What or who is the gateway to some/all of what I want?’

  65. Thank you Jessica for the clarity. After meditating and choosing a card myself, I got the hermit! Very on par.

    This is a part of my process as well as it relates to the cancerian themes

  66. Hi Jessica I did a booking to be able to communicate and connect with my son aged 15 better and I got King of Cups. You have his chart – would you tell me the best way to connect and support him – he is fine but hard to read! My daughter talks about her feelings but he’s reserved. Many thanks as always !

    1. The only way he will connect and communicate is if he decides to become involved with a team, group, club or other crew of people and that will take a huge decision to change, from him. So that’s the gateway until your next booking. This may be a football team or a rock band, for example.

  67. Hi Jessica – Thank you for the Delivery Dates opportunity. However, I am a bit confused about how to use it. For example: What if I miss a date – Sun in Gemini and Venus in Gemini? My Gemini booking is for Lifestyle, Wellbeing, Health, Workload, Duty, Dogs. Does Venus in Gemini have something to do with love and relationships? Mercury in Gemini is communication, correct? My aspects are DSC 22 Gemini, Mercury 17 Aquarius, Jupiter 14 Aquarius and Saturn 1 Aquarius. I am in process of adding my podcast to Youtube and thinking about doing some YT shorts. My yearly is the Hermit and has to do with my relationship with the internet. Should I be focused on this time with getting my podcast focused and marketing myself where that is concerned. I also want to get my health and wellbeing in tiptop shape. I just need a bit of guidance if you can help me out. Please and thank you very much.
    PS…I work for a couple of very well known brands – fragrance area and would like to know if any bigger doors will be open there?

    1. If you miss a date with Astrology Delivery, it is like missing a wave when you surf. You’ll interrupt your own flow. As a Sun Capricorn woman you’ve been in the zone for lifestyle, workload and wellbeing bookings. Dogs and cats too. Venus is certainly relationships. Mercury is communication. So that would have started you off right, but you didn’t book. You could try continuing and see what happens but successful Astrology Delivery has only come so far when people follow the steps. To answer your other question, you want to add a podcast to YouTube, become healthier and are also curious about your fragrance brand ambitions. Your natal chart shows a large stellium in Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition, position and mission. This year, 2024, is your last year of challenge. From 7th December, for whatever reason (you are promoted, resign, switch jobs or your company reshuffles) you are without endless obstacles for the first time in years. Ceres and Pluto have both gone from Capricorn and your Tenth House of career. 2024 is complex for you. It’s stop-start and boomerang. Ceres is retrograde and Pluto is retrograde. That should not stop you trying for success but be aware it will be one deal after another, with others and with the universe. 2025 is so much easier. No more Capricorn transits. You can continue with being aspirational (the goat who climbs) and without any of the extremes of the last few years.

  68. Jessica, Thank you SO much for the detailed response. I don’t know how you get it so accurate, but you do. The last many years have been very trying and so exhausting. The obstacles and the stop and starts just continue but so do I. I look forward to the 7th of December 2024 and a much easier 2025, whatever that brings. Thank you.

  69. Hi Jessica

    I have booked on all three dates so far – Libran, so all about travel and other 9th house matters – have also asked that my foreign neighbours – the flat upstairs – cease making noise late at night which is stressful.. I’m trying to work out if there’s a better way of requesting that, but so far the cards I have drawn from my own Rider Waite pack are Nine of Cups ( on two separate occasions) and Strength!

  70. Hello Jessica. Thanks for sharing that we can book both our related sector in Sun Chart and Natal Chart.

    I keep on booking for Gemini season not only for my 8 house (I am scorpio) but also my natal 3rd house for my driving test today. And luckily I passed today!

    The last card I got on Sunday booking is 3 of cups. Just before I did the booking on last Sunday, my best fd said to eat some good things to celebrate the pass (If I do) with his wife. We 3 together. When I got this card, my first image is the date that my best fd said!

    Now we finally can have a good restaurant and cheers for the pass. Thanks Jessica and Astrology booking!

    1. Thank you, I am so glad Astrology Delivery succeeded for you. Congratulations on passing your driving test.

  71. Hi Jessica

    in May I booked for job and am starting new one today. At same time I am studying other career
    while I feel for change.
    For finance in gemini have so far got the world, three of cups, hanged man and today nine of wands. Weird tarot I feel. Maybe more changes to come?

    1. Jaana, you use each Tarot card as it appears. So assuming you are following the rules, you began with a breakthrough tied to a foreigner or foreign country. I hope you used it. You booked for a new job and so far it’s worked. You begin one today.

  72. Hi Jessica, I have nothing in Gemini, with stelliums in Sagittarius, Virgo and Capricorn. I am hoping to start a business, but keep feeling I should write, does my birth chart say anything about that? The feeling is very strong, and I have some ideas. I would be grateful for some insights as to how this Gemini weather will impact me if I have nothing in Gemini. Many thanks Jessica.

    1. Successful writers (paid writers) usually have Gemini/Sagittarius/Virgo in combination as Gemini is the connection and communication; Sagittarius is the international voice and Virgo is the hard work. You have two out of three. Virgo/Sagittarius is common in people who actually work in the publishing, media and arts/entertainment industries. So they may write for fun but actually make the wheels go around for the authors, agents, publishers, publicists and so on. As a Sun Sagittarius woman you are in line for a radical career change by 2026 and so this may be where you head.

  73. Hi Jessica, I asked the gateway to developing a parnership with a publishing house in order to gain paid work writing and pulled the Ace of Swords. I think that’s a sign!

    1. That’s a replacement at the top, so someone will resign/be fired and another will take the crown. Of course this happens a lot in publishing, but it can shake up a corner of the entire profession…

  74. Hello, Jessica. Probably too late to comment. I’ve been using all the delivery dates but nothing so far. This Gemini one is most important to me however, as I’ve been ill and has taken weeks of pain to have a doctor look at me. Finally, one did and now panicking as they are sending me for tests in case “bad”. I’ve written in my journal all Gemini delivery dates and 6th June is the last one – I’m pinning my hopes on this one!
    Any pointers would be great, thank you.

    1. I am very sorry you have been ill and in pain. It’s just not good enough to have to wait for a doctor. First up, you are a Sun Capricorn in the best cycle for health in 12 years. Jupiter is in your Sixth House of mind, body and spirit. So you have that on your side. In your natal chart, we go to exactly the same zone of the chart (the Sixth House) which is ruled by Virgo. You have Pluto at 2 Virgo and for the first time in 248 years, Pluto in transit is at 2 Aquarius. So if you want to look this up, you have Pluto quincunx natal Pluto. That’s intense, no doubt about it, and it will transform you and your working life in particular, as well as your attitude towards all unpaid work, your sense of service and duty to others – as you now need to put your own duty to yourself first. Ops is at 2 Sagittarius so you have a Pluto-Ops square in your chart leading to the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries; the worldwide web; academia; publishing. I mention this in case you find you cannot square something there, with the immediate need for tests. The booking dates flow as you know. The final delivery of what you want and need comes later. So presumably you were booking for lifestyle, health, fitness, your work, any unpaid work, study and so on (as this was the Capricorn window). Early delivery is when Mars is out of Gemini, so September 4th. Final delivery is long-term, so when Jupiter is out of Gemini and June 9th next year, 2025. Without being privy to your Tarot card guidance for yourself, your journal entry or even your issues, it’s hard to say more, but I do feel for you. Tests are normal as you know. What is unusual here is the opportunity to turn your health around on all levels and your working life too. It will mean transformation. However if you use your willpower you will be empowered and if you use your self control, you will gain control. Step by step. I think balance is what will come here. I am seeing a set of scales, balanced, for you, by November. That may have meaning for you.

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica, for taking the time. You’re right in that my first duty should be to myself, too much stress over the last years involving others has taken its toll. I’m heartened that this is my best health cycle, though at the moment it doesn’t feel like it. I missed the Capricorn booking dates but have done all the others since Aquarius, and now Gemini. (I’m asking for physical and mental health) My cards so far have been The Emperor, Strength, 4 of Wands, Ace of Swords, the Moon. Anyway, you’ve answered already. I’ve been listening to US medics on YouTube, reading stuff on the web. Looking for answers. It’s the fear of the unknown. But I am willing to be empowered, in fact, not only is it necessary, but crucial I think. I want to thank you for your reply. Because although the scales don’t mean anything right now, it’s clear my duties to myself and my duties to family need to be balanced.

        1. Strength is great, here. It is the Tarot card of healing. I would say you also answered your own question – your duties to your family and to yourself need to be balanced. The housework (and all other unpaid work for them) has to be weighed up against your immediate need for self-care. Did you follow Strength as soon as you drew that card? Hopefully yes, in terms of seeking healing as that would have you further on the road now. Remember your booking plays out over the next few months in terms of getting some or all of what you want.

  75. Hello Jessica

    How are you? I hope all is well in sunny Tasmania!

    After reading your posts about Astrology Booking & Delivery I had to give it a go. Your blog and explanations make so much sense.

    I have been doing the Astrology Bookings as per your guidance but for Gemini season I forgot the booking on one of the days – June 3rd. It’s June 6th now and the next booking is due…can I continue or does missing a booking date invalidate the booking in any way?

    I really hope not.

    Thanks in advance
    Best wishes

    1. I’m very well, thank you and actually in Melbourne at the moment. It’s okay to miss a booking day; it does mean you won’t get the best results, as it is a process – but you will get some of what you want, by the due date. You are a Sun Scorpio woman who has been booking for Gemini Season delivery, so that’s finance, property, charity, valuables and business for you. If you started the process back in May, you should begin to see some good deliveries by the end of June.

  76. Hi Jessica, I am just amazed at the information tarot is communicating to me. I booked for 4th house (moving to a new house abroad) and 3rd house (Gemini factors/ about a creative research project). I got the Page of Wands and Ace of Wands respectively. It is quite surreal; about an year back Ace in Wands had showed up for me in your Jupiter in Taurus Zoom (I had checked my this creative project; now it’s in the home-stretch as I am finding an academic home / fellowship of sorts for it abroad). Plus, the daily horoscope for Sun pisces (which I am). Wow! Hope you will be able to comment. Either ways, thank you, many times over, for the insights you offer via your website. Love, N

    1. Thanks so much for this N it’s good to know the Tarot is working so well for you. You are a Sun Pisces who used Astrology Delivery to book for a Third House outcome (research project) and have now found an academic fellowship for it; congratulations. You also used Astrology Delivery to book for a Fourth House outcome (a new house abroad). The final delivery date for that is a few months away, but you should get some or all of what you want, along the way. Report back.

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