Astrology, Tarot and the UK 2024 Election

The 2024 UK Election in astrology and Tarot clearly shows Cancer weather. This will be won on families and couples, houses and flats. But who can deliver? Angela Rayner?

How the UK Election is Won on Housing and Family

The UK election will be won on housing and families, according to astrology and the Tarot.

Liz Truss RAWPIXEL 300x200 - Astrology, Tarot and the UK 2024 Election

The Tarot has form on politics. Remember this feature on January 10th, 2020?

The Star – Princess Charlotte or a Female Prime Minister?

As I write this on Friday 10th of January 2020, it is hard to know if the fair-haired woman in The Star card is the future Princess Charlotte, or a third female Prime Minister following PM Thatcher and PM May.”

The woman in the Tarot was of course Liz Truss, who became PM on 6th September 2022, two years after I drew the Tarot card.

So what does the Tarot see for 2024?

What (or who) is the biggest issue for voters on July 4th deciding between the Conservative party under Rishi Sunak or Labour under Keir Starmer? This is the card to watch. The Four of Wands. (Image: Justin Tabari).

FOUR OF WANDS - Astrology, Tarot and the UK 2024 Election


Home, Property and Family Wins

The Four of Wands has come up, which shows happy days for home owners and extended family. It’s the zodiac sign Cancer. It’s also about marriage. Couples. What else can you see in the card?

The Astrology Agrees With the Tarot

The two astrology charts set for 7.00am on 4th of July 2024 (start of voting) and 10.00pm (close of voting) both show strong Cancer sign patterns.

There is a huge Cancer stellium in the sky. We begin the day with Vulcano, Minerva, the Sun, Venus in Cancer at 7.00am as people vote and at the end of the day, the Moon enters Cancer and the Descendant is there too.

The card is not telling us ‘what’ wins. It is telling us who wins. This is a housing shortage election. Here is the 10.00pm chart, when exit polls will start to tell us why people voted and how. We may even have a result by then.

UK ELECTION A 1024x788 - Astrology, Tarot and the UK 2024 Election

Rayner, Labour and New Towns

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner from Labour promises new towns across the country will build 1.5 million homes. Labour have made a commitment to 40% affordable new homes.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, have promised ‘British homes for British people.’ So, social housing for UK citizens.

Starmer and RaynerCC0 300x222 - Astrology, Tarot and the UK 2024 Election
Starmer and Rayner/Wikimedia Commons

What wins on the day will be voter confidence in whichever of the two parties can win on home and family. Which party will actually deliver the new flats and houses. Which party will help families and couples, most – rather than just promising to.

What the UK Astrology Chart Shows

The UK was reborn with Brexit on 31st January 2020 at 11.00pm in London.

She has many charts going back to Roman times and we use them all, but this recent chart will be the strongest guide to who (or what) wins the election.

Looking for the zodiac sign Cancer and the Fourth House of home, family, marriage and property – we find the North Node at 7 Cancer and the MC or Midheaven at 23 Cancer.

Is this triggered on election day?

More so, on Friday 5th July, Saturday 6th July, Sunday 7th July. The Moon will move across 7 Cancer and 23 Cancer as the country goes into the weekend.

Peering Into the Future – 2025 and 2026

This tallies with Jupiter (boom, growth, optimism, expansion) in Cancer (real estate, families) starting on June 10th 2025 and ending on June 30th 2026. So, the political party which is committed to more housing and/or families, with an eye on 2025-2026, is in tune with tomorrow.

Migrant visas, child benefits and other classic Cancerian issues (my people and my place) will be dominant, with these astrology transits.

The Mothers’ Election

With Cancer dominating the skies on July 4th 2024, this election is a mothers’ vote. This is the zodiac sign most associated with mum power.

We’ve not seen this cycle in 12 years, so the person at 10 Downing Street after this election will be part of this future family/property boom.

Family Life Rawpixel 300x210 - Astrology, Tarot and the UK 2024 Election
Family Life/RAWPIXEL

You might say the future is causing the present. Jupiter in Cancer is an upbeat transit for anyone who cares about home and family, be it rental, ownership or leasehold concerns.

You can see it in the Tarot card – the Four of Wands.

Record immigration levels under the Conservative government have made social housing in Britain scarce.

This will be very much on voters’ minds on the day, according to this heavily Cancerian chart. We do associate the zodiac sign of the crab with the clan. With the home.

Every single voter in the UK with any kind of Cancer chart signature will be triggered at the booth.

Are the Conservatives Doomed?

The polls as I publish this on 23rd May 2024, say Labour has a 21 point lead over the Conservatives

Good astrologers don’t do polls. (I ignored polls when I predicted Brexit). And yet, you can’t ignore them either.

Rishi Sunak Rawpixel 300x200 - Astrology, Tarot and the UK 2024 Election

The Conservative party did badly at the May Local Elections of 2024. They finished third behind Labour and the Liberal Democrats. Will Rishi Sunak’s snap election work? Will we see the Conservatives pull a rabbit out of a hat with British flat ownership and rentals?

Six Weeks To Go

We have six weeks to find out; at the moment it looks like Sunak and the Conservatives are headed for a crushing defeat.

Cancer rules every room in a flat or house, as well as more emotional, deep-seated issues about the family tree and a sense of nationhood.

So it’s about household energy. Great British Energy? That’s a Labour promise. Can they hold to it? The traditional association of the Conservatives with family values and heritage? That’s a given. But are they delivering?

Much depends on what is rolled out, backed and promised to renters and home owners alike by July 4th, but the astrology and Tarot is clear. This is an election for couples and families, and it’s all about the real estate.

The card also shows us, perhaps, a man and woman together. One in red, one in blue. Perhaps that is Angela Rayner and Keir Starmer, waving through the gates. Rayner left school at 16, pregnant. She has in fact, owned a council house.

BREXIT BROLLYSVEN HANSCHEDREAMSTIME 300x200 - Astrology, Tarot and the UK 2024 Election

If we go looking for a Cancer zodiac sign symbol in this election day mood, it’s surely Angela Rayner.

The Patriotic Election

Along with houses, flats and family matters, Cancer (the dominant sign on the day) also rules patriotism. With six factors there at the close of polls on July 4th 2024, we will see voters concerned with Great Britain and being British. This does pull in Brexit and the rejection of the European Union. In fact, if anyone thought Nigel Farage had gone quiet, they’ve made a mistake.

Along with this very Cancerian concern with heritage, culture, history, the family tree and a sense of belonging, there is also another cycle to watch. That is ‘The New Local’ cycle of Uranus in Gemini, the sign ruling neighbours and neighbouring counties and countries and it’s landing in the first full year that the faces change at 10 Downing Street.

Britain’s principal EU neighbour is France, of course. So these twin Gemini and Cancer cycles when people vote will have a very strong pull away from the European Union by England and towards what ‘home’ means. Of course in Scotland it may be that some feel that Europe is indeed their home and not England.

Patriotism is personal but the horoscopes are pushing towards Home, with a capital H and Homeland and Hometown too.



Main image: RAWPIXEL. Images updated on 27th May 2024.

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55 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    In the tarot card not only does there seem to be happiness and joy, but the need of rebuilding, not just for houses but the fort, which could be the rebuilding of Britain as a whole after Brexit. I can also see a number of flowers, but the ones that stick out are roses. I can see them being held by the couple in the middle of the card and in the middle of the wreath holding the pillars together. What political party has the symbol of the rose?……. 😉

    1. Yes, it is a joyous card. A celebratory card. I like your take on the fort. Jupiter in Cancer is also about the preservation and restoration of old buildings. So the winning party will move strongly in the direction of heritage – that’s in your take on the card but also in the astrology. The roses are important on many levels. You have spotted the Fist and Rose symbolism of Labour. Let’s see how right you are. The polls are backing you. Thank you.

  2. And yet one red one blue. The national symbol of England is the Tudor rose. The card seems to speak to heritage. With the sign of the twins so active, I wonder if it will not be the decisive victory people are assuming. Unity politics? Especially if war looms?

  3. HI Jessica, another fascinating article thank you. That’s a great tarot card for us, suggesting hope – I think we are all sick to the back teeth of the current government! I remember a little while ago you made a prediction about Nigel Farage coming to the fore again, and a proportional representation type arrangement coming to pass in the UK very soon. Do you think these things will affect this year’s election? Also curious to know what you think of Kier Starmer, I’m not sure how popular he really is and suspect there may be more changes ahead if he becomes PM, what would be your take on this as a psychic astrologer? Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes, P.R. or Proportional Representation is coming because although the Tarot and astrology suggest a Starmer-Rayner victory for Labour, the results will be so splintered that there will be a push for P.R. in the United Kingdom at future elections. Nigel Farage will obviously split both the Labour and Conservative vote. And then there are the Greens to consider. The future is Pluto in Aquarius, so power shared equally among the diverse community, with (even) rich white men having no more space than minorities. That’s the next 20 years. Starmer? That’s another separate feature I think. Thank you.

  4. More to ponder here but interesting to note that at the Labour campaign launch this morning, Keir Starter was dressed in a navy suit and white shirt, while Angela Rayner was head to toe in red.

  5. My first thoughts where a coalition, red and blue both claiming victory running towards the pillars of abundance. I can’t see that though. But it also represents stability. I wonder if that may reflect the status quo will stay. If labour take the lead changes will happen on a more upheaval level to rid the old order. There are also a lot of grapes adorned around the card, blue in colour? If a different pack of cards where used without observing the pictorial evidence, I would be thing still the status quo, stability of the current order. It will be very interesting to see what happens in relation to this card.

  6. I see the celebration but I also see a wall blocking the way. I wonder if this is to do with the number of people who weren’t able to attend funerals and wakes – the laying to rest and celebrations of someone’s life. Regardless of culture or religion the ceremonies surrounding death are something that makes us all human. Those ceremonies were denied to many while the then government partied.

  7. Dear Jessica, sorry for going off-topic but now that polling is wrapping up in India, I was wondering what your predictions for the country are. You’d done an excellent piece on India a few years back so was hoping you would share some latest insights.

    In the meantime, our PM’s latest statement:

    Left most of us mystified to say the least! Looking forward to your insights- thank you!

    1. Thank you. The prediction for India was posted about the year 2022 and not the 2024 election. However – Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20 years tells us, the old idea of one man to (heavily) rule them all, from the top down, is finished. Pluto in Capricorn breathes its last retrograde gasp from September to November 2024. That is a flashback to the patriarchy of 2008 to 2023 but from that point on, it’s all over. Pluto in Aquarius as I am sure you know is shared empowerment by the diverse group; men equal to women in particular. This is not Narendra Modi’s government as it stands in 2024. If you behave like Pluto in Capricorn, on a last-gasp Pluto in Capricorn transit, you tend to receive his fate. And Pluto was banished forever more, by Jupiter.

  8. Hi Jessica, With the world the way it is currently, the last people I’d want governing UK foreign policy is Starmer and Rayner, neither of whom is states(wo)manlike by any stretch of the imagination, and so I hope your previous post that you don’t think Starmer will be PM will prove accurate. Rayner might seem convincing with her hard stares at PMQs but they won’t get her far with Putin nor Xi.

  9. Hello Jessica, as always your blog is interesting. My take on this, as a complete novice is that the two people who appear in front of the crowd are the complete opposites of each other. The one in white represents peace, and one of the colours of the British (Scottish) flag is blue. So that leads me to believe that there is a peacemaker who truly wants the best for the UK. The one in red is a firebrand, possibly Starmer who wants all the glory at any cost. As a soon to be British citizen, this makes me nervous if the latter wins……………..

  10. Hello Jessica, I hope you are well? Another interesting article, and I agree the polls can often be misleading. No one knows what will happen until the votes are counted.

    I find your last line most interesting, and the one that stands out the most, given that much has been made of Angela Rayner’s teenage years and early start into motherhood. Whatever happens it is time for an election but it will interesting to see, where all the leading players from all Parties eventually end up, win or loose…. Thank you once again for the astrological perspective

    1. Thank you. I looked at the Four of Wands/Staves again using the RWS Wide Angle Tarot, which is marvellous. What now appears behind the couple (wearing red/blue and white) is a whole town. This is the strongest hint yet about a Labour victory, quite apart from the roses which a reader cleverly detected as the Labour red rose, adopted in the 1980’s. Labour of course wants new towns – possibly in the Midlands. Ironically the new towns have become necessary because of the Conservative record immigration numbers. Looking at Rayner as a strong symbol of the zodiac sign Cancer on the day, she rather fits. She had her son Ryan, aged 16. She is now a mother of three. Her all-red outfit, which she wore next to Keir Starmer in blue, echoes the card too.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Sorry to be off-topic here, been reading up on South Node in Libra re your blog – have a question – for any relationship developed that culminates in marriage within this cycle will it likely end in divorce after 18-19 years? What if it is marriage after this cycle, after Jan 11, 2025 will it be better?

    Also as a member, I am trying to retrieve the Libra Birthday for 2022-2023 but I am not able to find it. I did see the year before it. Can anyone help with the link?

    Thank you.

    1. You were born with a stellium (four, five, six or more factors) in Libra, which means you are strongly Libran, chiefly concerned with duets and duels – and especially so in 2024, as the South Node goes through Libra for the first time in around 18 years. You were born with Pluto, a symbol of obsession, in Libra, in the Seventh House of marriage, divorce, separation, de facto relationships and partnerships of all kinds, including those which are professional as well as sexual. You were also born with an exact conjunction between the Moon at 14 Libra and Proserpina at 14 Libra. This is common in the charts of women whose parents divorced, as they go between mother and father. Even if your parents are still together, you may have a lifelong pattern of sharing/compromising/splitting time with partners; with their first partners (for example if they are separated); even with deceased partners. You also have Vesta in Libra so again, have patterns of falling in love with men who set you up with a second, third or even fourth female. This can be a daughter or their first wife; a rival in love. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough for you to deal with, you have Uranus in Libra. Again, in the Seventh House of duets and double-acts. Uranus is a symbol of rejection. Both being rejected, but also rejecting. It usually happens quite suddenly and turns the marriage or relationship upside-down. Because the South Node is going across these degrees in your chart – 27, 17, 14, 6 – it will be a long process of dealing with karma from the past. You are owed, or you owe, from a partnership or even a feud, about 18-19 years ago. You have the kind of natal chart that suggests pairing up with someone will always be complicated. This is again very common with people born in your time-frame; you all have Uranus (upheaval, freedom, independence, rejection) as well as Pluto (obsession, control, domination, power) in the sign of partnership. You would want a lawyer on hand before you entered into a legally binding relationship, even if you are sharing a house with someone you occasionally have sex with. You are also a Sun Aquarius woman and so are now entering the Fifth House transit of Jupiter in Gemini for the first time in 12 years. It’s hours away now and takes you into June 2025. The Fifth House rules pregnancy, abortion, stepchildren, godchildren, parenthood (of course) and adoption, fostering and IVF. This will also play a part in what you decide to do between now and the middle of next year. The actual karmic load vanishes on Saturday 11th January 2025 along with the South Node in Libra – and of course the North Node in Aries, which is in opposition to those Seventh House factors of yours. To find out more about Pluto, Proserpina, Vesta, the Moon, Uranus – I’m sure you know they are all detailed in your flipbook library.

  12. Hi again Jessica. A few more thoughts and reflections since your original post. My eyes were drawn to two things in the card: first, the building behind them to me suggests the palace of Westminster: it’s the Houses of Parliament, with its towers, spires and imposing arch-like entrances. It’s also – literally – Whitehall, where the UK civil service and government offices are located, hence the smaller busy-looking figures in the background. (And also, whoever is in the White House come November will also have profound implications for this government and the future of the transatlantic UK/US alliance). You see a town and mention New Towns in your post – Labour are also keen to recapture the “Red Wall” in post-industrial cities and towns across the North and the Midlands, the party’s traditional heartland which fell to the Conservatives in 2019 due to Brexit.

    Second, I see the four nations of the United Kingdom in the four posts holding up the canopy – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This points to me at further devolution settlements to come; it also suggest that Labour’s victory (surely suggested by both the polls and the celebratory Keir Starmer / Angela Rayner figures on the card) will be significant across all four countries.

    One further reflection on the Cancer astrology and the focus on motherhood: Angela Rayner often talks about SureStart, the New Labour policy (dismantled by the Tories) which made a huge difference to early years care when she had her first child. Expect to see a similar policy coming back very soon if they win. Childcare is going to be every bit as big a priority as housing, with a big focus on the issue of affordable childcare, women’s healthcare, and mothers being pushed out of the workforce if not necessarily in this election, then definitely in the next parliament.

    1. Thank you. And thanks for the reminder about SureStart again. This is a very, very Cancerian election. Another issue along with childcare is of course the rights of women as mothers to daughters – particularly in Scotland. So let’s see.

  13. Our election is this week in South Africa (29 May), so reading this was really interesting. Thank you. The media here and the larger parties (with the most to lose, because it is theirs to lose) are fever pitched. We the people will be here after this election. And the next.

    1. Reform does have a chart but the Nigel Farage chart is just as important, here. Yes, Reform will gain a seat/seats as part of a 20-year trend in a more diverse leadership in Britain. Two parties are going, going, gone over a long period of time and P.R. (Proportional Representation) will come in.

  14. Hi Jessica, I live in the north of England which is traditionally labour but they are hated since they were in power, the tories too.Reform seems to be the one people are talking about and the biggest thing to effect people is immigration or is spoken about in my circles.I think its going to be a hung parliament. People do not trust politicians anymore or have faith now in politics. Everyone I speak to have a sense that something bad is coming in the UK.The government have put out a warning for very household to have 3 days emergency resources which I have never known and find frightening and they are talking about national service.An MP has whistleblown about the globalists agenda and said we will be at war in August. Do you see something like this ?

    1. A hung parliament would show up as Mercury Retrograde and/or The Hanged Man. So the astrology and Tarot isn’t indicating that for July 4th. However, what is really clear is that the next 20 years is about a different kind of politics with the two party system ending. We can see that now with mass resignations from the Conservatives. Reform is one of those parties outside the two conglomerate system which is bound to do well in 2024. Do I see war in August? No.

  15. In relation to the Sure Start comment from Katherine, I used to work with a sure start project team supporting the implementation around our city. My biggest disgust was the fact most of the money went on senior staff and pointless documentation. Not much funding left after they had their cut, it was left to the community centres (likewise) and staff to carry on the momentum, it really was a loss earner with no money put in the pot . It was done to local authorities to carry on the project, but budgets cut as usual prevailing they closed. It was the coalition government that started these closures not the conservative alone. I can’t see Angela Rayner making any big impact on this, it comes down to local councils to run, not central government who won’t support the funding. Labour didn’t ring fence the money for future projects at the time, the money ran out.

  16. Thank you Jessica for the reply. Is there a way to work around Vesta in Libra as it seems to be a doom for any new relationship? My last relationship was 10 years ago. It’s not been easy for me to get into a relationship when all I wanted was to find someone, settle down and have children. I am losing hope as I am already not young.

    1. Have a look at not only Vesta in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, but also the Moon, Uranus, Pluto and Proserpina. That’s a crowded house. There are usually very good reasons why women don’t have relationships for a decade. It’s not a man shortage. There were four billion of them quite recently, on the whole planet. Conventional marriage carries a lot of mixed messages for you, according to your chart. There is the competition with other women or girls for male approval. There is the need to mother the man. There is also a fair amount of rejection (and being rejected) too. There is the need for total control. And finally, questions about your mother, or his mother. All these horoscope symbols are about that – but only with marriage. When you look at other ways of being with men, the patterns disappear. You are extremely well suited to travel and being on the move. You could be with someone on a part-time basis on that level. You also suit a group of friends; circles of allies and a diverse community of people. You have the kind of chart where a friend can be a lover. When the time is right, step back from it all and have a look at your Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle and open up to possibilities outside rings and parenthood. Give yourself the luxury of lateral thinking and see what turns up for you. You are only ‘not young’ in the sense that pregnancy years fall away. There are so many other options stretching out into the future, though, involving other people’s children – and something you can enjoy with the right person – without it having to be marriage.

  17. Hi Jessica, Transiting Uranus is currently at 24 Taurus. I have Uranus at 24 Cancer in my natal chart. I don’t really care about UK politics – or any political leanings, although I am not going to let politicians off the hook by abstaining from voting wherever I can – but I would like your take on this conjunction for me as I hope to return to live in the UK in 2025. Thanks and warm wishes, Emma.

    1. Too funny. Uranus is a symbol of rejection and you are rejecting UK politics – born with Uranus in Cancer, the sign of your homeland. Your solar chart shows your Taurus sun leads with information, Emma, and you can make or save quite a lot of money until June 9th, 2025. A house or flat is obviously a major part of that. So you stand to make or save money, as Jupiter goes through Gemini and your solar Second House of personal income and banking. You have around 12 months to do this. What does your natal chart say? It looks like you will move back to Britain as your chart shows not just a financial and property story, but also an important change with young relatives (say), any children (for example) and your love life. You were born with an extremely fortunate pattern. The Sun at 23 Taurus is in conjunction with Minerva at 23 Taurus so you are a prominent source of wisdom about money, charity, business, valuables, buying, selling, property, shares. There is a sextile from this to Jupiter at 24 Cancer in your Fourth House of property, real-estate and family, as well as town and country. Very close by, as you know, you have Uranus at 24 Cancer so life is always prone to upheaval – very suddenly too – with the household, family or residence. This would have been the case since childhood. And yet it always works out for you. The independence and freedom you gain every time life turns upside-down really is – a big gain. Tied into this natal chart pattern you have Mars at 23 Gemini, suggesting a brother or sister – sometimes a cousin. He or she is woven into the narrative. You also have a Pluto-Cupido conjunction at 24 Leo, in your Fifth House of younger generations and also sexual relationships. It never rains but it pours with this kind of chart. As you know, transiting Uranus is at 24 Taurus now, and so you can expect rather sudden and unexpected, unique and unprecedented events to turn your life around. This may of course be a result of the election in Britain even though you don’t care about it. What you are watching here is Uranus at 23, 24 Taurus triggering your whole chart. It may be that a relative/relatives are at the heart of what is so unexpected. Uranus is on 24 Taurus until Sunday 16th June 2024 then moves on. If you are going to do this, you are going to do it in the next couple of weeks, in terms of saving or making money. As both parties are intent on making promises about property, housing and flats – you can be sure there will be bargains galore around the British Isles very shortly. People who don’t want a ‘new town’ next to their own suburb will sell up, anticipating a Labour win and you may also see Conservative voters who are wary of new taxes (and own land or other property assets) selling up before the changes arrive. The other key transit if you don’t use this Uranus cycle is May 2025, when Jupiter goes to 23, 24 Gemini and nicely aspects your birth chart as a whole. As Gemini signifies neighbouring places (as well as actual neighbours) there is a suggestion here of the suburb or village next door; the county next door; the country next door.

    1. Oh yes. Scotland will vote for independence again. (The nation last voted on Mercury Retrograde; those outcomes never stick). The SNP are on the road to nowhere here, astrologically speaking. Pluto is in Aquarius. The power goes to the people, both men and women. Any minority group trying to take or take over, fails. So that would be men who claim to be women, taking female space. We see this cycle every 248 years; there is always a war on women and women always win. You’ll likely see big votes on the borders from 2025-2026 as Uraus goes into Gemini.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Your recent post got me curious about love and astrology. In your blog post, you touched on the significance of Libra in the current astrological landscape, which got me thinking about how this might impact my relstionship.

    With Moon, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn all hanging out in Libra, curious how this will affect things. (Newish since January – partner is a Sun Leo)

    Your insights always hit the mark, and I’d love to hear your thoughts…

    All the best.

    1. Thank you. The South Node of karma is now in Libra for the first time in 19 years. It passes through your Seventh House of sexual partnership, marriage, divorce, separation and de facto relationships until January 2024. It shows unfinished business from 18-19 years ago and the chance for closure. So you are typically owed on some level, or you owe. If you had cheated on your girlfriend (say) the last time, this may be the year that you acquire a new girlfriend who also…cheats. This is a random example. You are strongly Libra, believe in equality (male, female, black, white, middle class, working class and the rest). Your relationship now with a Sun Leo will result in some big decisions in January, February 2025. Sometimes it’s The Clash. Should I Stay, Or Should I Go? Sometimes on it’s Madness – It Must Be Love. It really depends on the Leo’s chart. But given that you both hit epic Seventh House cycles in January, February 2025 that looks like decision time. As Woody Allen once observed, a relationship is like a shark, it has to keep moving forward or it dies (Annie Hall).

  19. Dear Jessica, my question does not really relate to the UK election, but I am quite desperate and am grateful for any clue or advice of yours. I lost my job beginning of the year, but I have to work a couple of years more for my pension (despite being 60 years old now). My pension won`t be sufficient, meaning I have to continue to work anyway. My daily work upto now is as a personal assistant/ CEO and plan was parallel to set up – with eventually more and more clients – a practice with Reiki and kinesiology, to earn towards my income, once I am pensioned. I wanted to reduce hours in industry and do more what I feel good about. But it did not work upto now. I brought up my daughter on my own and do not have a good financial background. I tried to go back to the UK years ago, but did not manage financially. So I thought, I continue to work and set up the side business. Astrologically it seemed a great time in May for me to get a new job, but I did not succeed. So many things went wrong, no iternet (Mercury in Aptil) but I didn`t give up. Today I had a last sceduled interview and the company did not dial in the call. This was my last chance. I have no idea, why it developed so bad. Definetely (I am half German living in Germany) the German economy and managers are not pro elder workers at the moment and the feeling in Germany is very negative currently. I am quite desperate now and astrologically it seemed the fortunate window opened in May and closes in June. I don`t know what to do. I selected a tarot card on the call today, that did not take place and it was Justice (?) and then for the Job hunt I had the Magician, but right now I am feeling quite low and a bit confused to sort it all out. Can you help? Thank you and regards

    1. I’m sorry you are going through this with your financial and work situation. I am sure you do feel a bit low, but let’s see what is going on. You are a Sun Pisces with a background as a personal assistant and thinking about a sideline with Reiki and kinesiology. The Magician is a good card to see if you are looking for work so that is also important. You are only just coming out of the long Mercury Retrograde of April, May 2024 so the lack of internet (and more) has held you up a bit. The first thing to do is focus on either speaking/writing German and seeking work in Germany, or speaking/writing English and seeking work in English-speaking countries. You can do either purely online and part-time of course. You are half German and living in Germany, but may need to focus on one language or the other and really commit to that. Virtual Assistants do well, for example and once you decide if you are marketing yourself as German with English or English with German it will be easier for you to gain work. This is particularly true if you are prepare to master the ever-changing world of Zoom, for example, or AI (Artificial Intelligence) as your chart suggests this is where you could make real changes in 2024, 2025, 2026. The Magician is a multi-tasker. If you want to work for someone like this, you need to help them juggle. If you want to be someone like this, you can be, with more than one skill or talent to offer. Without knowing what your question or time-frame was for your Justice card, it is impossible to say what it meant, in relation to the company who failed to call. The Magician in relation to your job hunt, though (again what time frame or limit did you select?) is a very good, strong message about helping someone who has a number of different businesses or companies, or just too much on (family as well as projects, for example). Have a look at your photograph, your online profile (where you turn up on Google search), how you sell yourself in terms of language/nationality and so on. You are blessed with the good fortune of having Jupiter in Aries in your First House natally and do well by being front and centre and also being in the front line of any organisation. Put paid work first and consider leaving the purely Pisces side of your life (healing, spirit world communication) for the weekends until you find a way to make life pay. It will.

  20. Hello Jessica,

    I am puzzled by your comment about diversification from France which has been developing closer ties again with the U.K. Both are the strongest armies in Europe and much needed in these dangerous times. You may have seen the highly symbolic exchange recently where French troops guarded the King and the busbys guarded the President . Both Labour and the Liberals want a closer relationship with EU the latter the single market and Brexit having destroyed the Conservatives is very unpopular due to the trebling in legal immigration, so much for taking back control! The French 5 Th republic 58 chart I have has France ic in Cancer. Does that mean something ?

    1. France gains a mention purely because she is Britain’s neighbour. We are going into an historic cycle for neighbouring nations echoing the aftermath of the Second World War. Jupiter expands the involvement in 2024-2025 then Uranus from 2026 radically changes it, and from 2030 quite revolutionary shifts will have taken place. This is not just because of France and Britain per se; the whole of Europe will see new borders and very different transport. France has many, many charts and time does not allow for me to examine all of them, but on the most basic level, Jupiter and Uranus in Gemini one after another, suggest a boom for France and Britain initially followed by a shock, then another shock, and a break with the past.

  21. How amazing! Today Angela Rayner launched her “Rayner On The Road” tour of northern England in a converted campervan. Her Commons register of interest shows the vehicle was co-funded with a £6,000 donation from Pentland Communications, a lobbying company which largely represents major private house builders including Barratt, Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon.She really is going to lead from the front on housing!

  22. And now Nigel Farage enters the race – an interesting turn of events which will I suspect will change the debate / dynamic.

    1. Yes, that Cancer (patriotism) chart signature on the day does indeed tally with Nigel Farage. Brexit and the Union Jack, housing and British identity and history all being part of the Reform talking points. What I find interesting is the shift in voting from morning to the end of the day. Something happens at the end of that day to start a swing towards ‘home and country’.

  23. Or is the figure in light blue actually Nigel Farage of the Reform party celebrating the beginning of something? It doesn’t speak to Keir Starmer to me. I don’t feel he will end up being PM or if he is then not for long.

  24. Hi Jessica, I really look forward to you world and political predictions.
    Thank you for sharing. One of your previous posts said that the 2024 UK election would not be between Labour and Tory. Very interesting because the blue on the figure on the 4 of wands looks more like the colour of Reform to me. Here is hoping. x

    1. That is interesting about Reform – you see this as the blue figure, next to the red. What seems likely here is such a scattered result, including Reform, that there can eventually be no argument for not shifting to Proportional Representation or P.R.

  25. I love all the symbolism in the tarot you drew for Leo this week, it feels so apt. I think that is me sitting there a Leo, a women in tech with no children of my own (by choice), with my black cat at my feet an important part of my life. The sunflower was the favourite flower of my stepchildren’s mother and how they remember her now she has passed, and in turn it reminds me of all 5 of them and they are there an important and loved part of my life. Today one of my favourite charities for my PTSD announced they have joined with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and that has really moved me that my PTSD that I have really struggled with for years is also seen as a hidden disability – it feels like acknowledgement and validation of how powerful and hard this has been and still is.

    1. This is a nice personal reading of the Tarot; it works best when you find something nobody else would identify, as with the sunflower. And the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower just caps it for you. In fact this sounds profound for you, given that you have been living with PTSD. Perhaps, put that Tarot card on your desktop. Pamela Colman Smiths’ deck moves in mysterious ways.

  26. Hi Jessica, For some reason I’m thinking of Kemi Badenoch because she’s the Minister for Women. I could be wrong.

  27. Hello Jessica, Thank you to you and your team for hard work and commitment given. Now Nigel Farage is standing as leader, do you see him or any other Reform Party UK getting voted in as MPs? Also will Suella Braverman rise up in any way? If the Conservatives are a minor oposition, I don’t see much of a roll for Suella and Kemi. it would be exciting to see Nigel and some of his party speaking out and being heard in the House of Commons.

    1. Nigel Farage is not going anywhere and in fact, his chart shows people power rising over a period of some 20 years. Let’s see how long he has the stamina for British politics, but if he intends to tackle not just this election, but a subsequent one, he will relaunch himself from 2026 and continue to build popularity, not from the top down – but across a diverse range of different nationalities, ages and classes. Women would be part of that and the faster Farage moves in that direction the more powerful the vote will be for Reform. It is impossible to say how many MPs will emerge but what we can say is P.R. (Proportional Representation) is coming in. Two party, binary choices don’t suit Pluto in Aquarius and this is just the start.

  28. Dear Jessica, if I was nearby I would bring flowers and a big thank you, sending them now virtual from my heart, your reply reached me in the right moment.

  29. Thanks Jessica. You were so right about Farage coming back!

    I have, for some time thought that the only reason Labour would get in, is because the Tory party have abandoned promises they made, and natural ‘small c’ conservatives are angry and will withhold their vote, or split the vote. Leaving the EU gave the Tories every ability to control immigration, but Boris Johnson was always a ‘Liberal’ where immigration was concerned. At the time, the story they told the media was all about a reasonable salary threshold for people to come to Britain, but the reality is that almost anyone can come and work on low pay – a quick look at the government websites confirms this! They have also allowed dodgy Universities to recruit from overseas to attend truly dodgy degrees. Basically, they have been useless.

    All the Tories can now say, is that Labour will be worse, which they will, because they will vastly open the door for illegals and find other ways to import more of their key voter groups, whatever promises they will make (and then break) on immigration caps – which they still state in the hundreds of thousands, basically the size of a small city every year. Labour propose to have an agreement to take a set number of boat people from France, but that only means we will have more from France PLUS the boat people. The boat people will still come, because they failed to get in via legitimate means. They know that as soon as they get here, a hotel awaits, and pocket money. Plus thanks to Blair, and the hapless Tories doing nothing about it, there are freebie lawyers courtesy of strapped tax payers, to stop their deportation. And they have the support of leftist handwringers, who complain about housing shortage and C02, yet think the answer is to import more people, chop down trees, build on the green belt, use more energy etc.

    I suspect whether Starmer gets in or not, he will be stabbed in the back by Rayner – another MP who is not clear what a woman is (what she thinks she was flashing when she did her ‘basic Instinct’ stunt is beyond me). (As an aside, it was Labour who brought in the Gender Equality act in 2004, again the Tories are not helpful, but it conforms to EU dictates, so it keeps us in the UK, in line with the EU, and Remain MPs will like that I’m sure).

    Proportional representation can’t come quickly enough. It saddens me that people always vote for the same old same old.

    1. Thank you. Yes the astrology was right about Nigel Farage and a patriotic wave ahead. Every country experienced Pluto in Capricorn as an attack on Democracy. In America, Trump and Pence refused to accept an election result. In Australia, the Prime Minister Morrison secretly gave himself several ministries. In Britain, the Conservative government refused to give people what they voted for in 2016. Pluto goes back into Capricorn (the symbol of dominating total power in the sign of government) very briefly from September to November 2024 but is gone for another 248 years after that. In his place comes Pluto in Aquarius – power to the people in all their diversity, with control shared equally. This is Proportional Representation in the United Kingdom and of course Farage will lead it. In fact, you could say 2016 was a vote for Reform against Labour and the Conservatives as neither offered the majority of Britons what they wanted. There is no reliable chart for Rayner unfortunately. We do have that reliable chart for Farage which shows he’s on the up.

  30. Today’s Evening Standard quotes an interview with Nigel Farage stating he can’t stop Nazi Sympathisers standing for his party. Although he has appeared again like the pied piper of Hamlin to scoop Conservative votes for the Reform party won’t this be a pyrrhic victory for him as Reform won’t get many MPs, Labour will get in and bring in more migrants than Farages voter base want and he will jeopardise Brexit as it will be labour renegotiating terms in 2025. Wont the far right candidates who attach to his party also kill off reforms popularity.

    Does the astrology throw any light on NFs trajectory and impact on the U.K. election. Help it’s a nightmare!

    1. Yes, Nigel Farage is reported as stating he cannot deselect Reform candidates who say that Britain should have done a deal with Hitler – in The Evening Standard. so watch the UK election polls now. Labour are set to win anyway, according to all the polls – in a landslide. They have also said they will bring down migration. So the astrology looks correct on the day. We’re in Cancer season ahead of Jupiter in Cancer in 2025 and that’s the sign most associated with defence of the home/home town/homeland. In this case it’s against immigrant gang crime. Labour have also pledged to keep the UK out of the EU and honour Brexit. So again that’s this classic Cancerian transit showing up, all the way from 2025. Any party which has been seen (so far) to fail to honour Brexit and fail to protect the homeland, is set to fail and of course this is already happening with the Conservatives. The fact that Rishi Sunak left early at the D-Day service is yet another bad mistake given that Cancer rules patriotism! Where does Farage go from here? Power. And he will do that either inside the system or outside.

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