Neptune and Saturn in Aries 2025-2026

How will Saturn and Neptune, both in Aries, affect your astrology chart and your life from May 2025 onwards?

Why 2025-2026 Is About Your Online ID

Because Aries rules your face and head, when the two history-making, slow-moving planets Saturn and Neptune go into Aries, you have challenges ahead online. We all do. Your personal appearance. The shape you’re in. Your avatars. The Dark Web faking your identity. We find Saturn and Neptune both in Aries from Monday 26th May 2025 until Thursday 13th April 2028.

In this cycle, you will find everything from cameras, to computers, to cosmetic surgery, to new advances in weight loss, hair restoration, optometry – allowing you to escape from the old you into the new you. You will also be offered a wardrobe of online selves to select and put on. As I publish this in 2024, we are just a few years away.

Why the Aries Weather Matters in Your Natal Chart

The chart zone ruled by Aries shows you where you must take several years to sort out your appearance, name, title, reputation. In the Natural House System that is your First House.

This is a department of your life where you already saw a revolution when Uranus was in Aries, May 29th 2010 until August 14th 2010; March 13th 2011 to May 15th 2018; November 7th 2018 to March 6th 2019. From 2010 to 2019, you gained independence and freedom in the areas of life, listed below. So it really was about the web. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram have all enabled you to promote yourself.

ARIES I Rawpixel 300x234 - Neptune and Saturn in Aries 2025-2026
Aries Definition/Rawpixel

The Aries Cycles of 2025-2026 and Your Sign

Along with your natal chart which shows your public self, you have a private chart (natal chart) which shows your private self. The Aries weather takes place in your First House of self-promotion, appearances, titles and ‘coming first.’ That’s your birth chart talking. Yet, in your solar chart, there is also a major story going on. Here it is, below.

This is where you have a really long history. It’s where the radical changes and revolutions came from, back when Uranus was in Aries. It is where the long-term escape from the real world is too.  Yet, like anything – you have to use the opportunity.

Aries: Image. Profile. Appearance. Reputation. Title. Name. Clothing. Badge. Lanyard. Business Card. Twitter. Role.
Taurus: Religion. Tarot. Dreams. Hypnosis. Buddhism. Spirituality. Therapy. Counselling. Psychiatry. Meditation.
Gemini: Friends. Groups. Clubs. Teams. Associations. Societies. Charities. Political Parties. Trade Unions. Twitter.
Cancer: Success. Achievement. Ambition. Status. Career. Vocation. Calling. High Society. Social Climbing.
Leo: Foreigners. Foreign Countries. Academia. Publishing. The Worldwide Web. Translation. Education.
Virgo: Finance. Property. Business. Charity. Legacies. Inheritance. Wills. Settlements. Trust Funds. Mortgages.
Libra: Marriage. Divorce. Common Law Marriage. Separation. Professional Partnership. Contests. Battles. Feuds.
Scorpio: Lifestyle. Wellbeing. Workload. Housework. Paid Work. Unpaid Work. Mental Health. Dentistry. Doctors.
Sagittarius: Heirs, Pretenders and Spares to the Throne. Courtship. Children. Lovers. Spouses. Younger Generations.
Capricorn: House. Apartment. Home Town. Homeland. Family. Household. Culture. Heritage. History. Ancestry.
Aquarius: The Internet. Brothers. Sisters. Cousins. Short Journeys. Commuting. The Media. Neighbours.
Pisces: Money. Shopping. Sales. Shares. Charity. Business. Valuables. Heirlooms. Values. Income. Debt. Banks.

What’s In Store For You – Your Sun Sign

Thinking about Neptune and Saturn together in Aries, this is quite obviously an Aries man, himself, playing around with the emerging internet technology to present a different face, name, shape, style. This goes beyond the rather primitive experiments made by some social media, to date. Those clumsy virtual spaces will be replaced by utterly convincing new ‘rooms’ online. And yet with that come boundary issues as Aries will discover.

Randomly picking other signs, we would expect Cancer to have a career which is an escape from reality (Neptune) but also bound with heavy restrictions. It’s rather like waking up to find yourself King, with the big bubble that comes with that, and yet the rather Saturnine gates, walls and fences which mean you can never just show up in public as just another person.

Libra? Well, of all the 12 signs you have done/are doing the most work with partners and former partners. This is sexual (marriage) but also professional (business). Saturn and Neptune in your solar Seventh House together will give you that odd combination of life with him/her not being entirely real, at the same time that you have to accept the reality. I recently had a reader, a Virgo, with Saturn and Neptune in her solar Seventh House in Pisces. Her husband had passed to spirit. She felt him, still ‘lived’ with him but had to regularly accept he was actually gone.

In fact, if you want to know what Neptune and Saturn together in a sign feel like, think to your Pisces cycles now/then. If you are a Leo, for example, your transit is about taxation, a house or apartment, a lease, income, an inheritance, a charity, a business. You will be very familiar with the Neptune bubble along with the Saturn gates, walls and fences. Most of all, in these Aries cycles to come, the issue will be boundaries, again and again. Boundaries capital B.

Do You Have the Sun in Aries?

On the most basic level, if you are a Sun Aries, you were born with the Sun in your First House of image. You will be given the opportunity to relaunch your image, during this cycle, which runs from Christmas 2022 to May 2023. Just like Russell Crowe (Sun Aries) and Lady Gaga (Sun Aries).

Aries IIII Rawpixel 300x200 - Neptune and Saturn in Aries 2025-2026


Jupiter, Chiron and the North Node Set This Up

Not only Jupiter and Chiron were in Aries in 2023, but the North Node too. Historic. This took place from July 18th 2023 and in fact the North Node will be in Aries until January 11th 2025. This sets up the future cycle of Saturn and Neptune, in the area of life listed above.

Look at your natal chart, if you are a Premium Member, to see any Aries factors in your First House of image, title, reputation, profile, appearance and persona. Maybe you have an Aries stellium.


Aries Rules War and Battles

Aries rules the armed forces. It rules the army, navy and air force. It rules uniforms and titles. t also rules enemies. Unfortunately we are going to see a risk of greater world war from 2023 as we reach a cycle we also saw from 12th September 1939 until May 16th 1940. This is karmic and fated.

Back then, in 1939 and 1940, it was the North Node in Libra and South Node in Aries. This is NATO, and the USA too. The nodes repeat the karma. And yet, astrology says, it can all be avoided too. In fact, with Neptune in Aries, we are likely to see virtual battles online. So this will be about information (the economy). It will be on screen.

The North Node in Aries in Astrology

The idea of a time loop, a circle that goes around (forever) and a dragon (or snake) eating its own tail dates back to alchemy and the Middle Ages. You may have heard of an obscure part of horoscope history called Draconic Astrology. The North Node in Aries is part of that and does not end until 11th January 2025. Along the way, the karma of that (with battles past, and war now) sets up what will happen with the new virtual information wars, of the future. That’s when Saturn and Neptune both transit Aries.

The Reverend Pam Crane was (and still is) the authority on this time loop cycle, Draconic Astrology, based on ‘dracon’ or dragon’s head/dragon’s tail cycles. So this Aries North Node in 2023, chasing Jupiter in Aries and keeping up with Chiron in Aries, really did establish what comes next, for you.

This goes beyond the Kremlin or Ukraine, Israel or Palestine. In your own chart, it will be very much about the area of life I listed, above.

What If You Have an Aries North Node or South Node?

My last book was Modern Astrology 2050. It contains North Node and South Node tables to the year 2050, so you can predict your cycles. This is the ancient idea of ‘dragon’s head and dragon’s tail’ in a loop.

If you’ve ever seen a snake consuming itself then you may be seeing what the Ancient Greeks meant, when they were thinking about endless circles of time. Dragon is a mistranslation. If you were born with the North Node or South Node in Aries, the war sign, you have one or more past lives in the military. You may have been in the navy, army or air force in the last war, for example.  Always opposite one node, is the other, in Libra – the sign of negotiated treaties. So you have that too, in your chart. It’s an Aries-Libra ouroborus. Round and round you go, chasing war and peace, in every lifetime. And you will be triggered in the transits to come in Aries, too. It may be with your husband. It may be with somebody you already think of as an opponent (if you are in politics, say).

The Ouroborus in Ancient Egypt and Aries Factors

The oldest ouroborus or figure eating itself,  is in the tomb of Tutankhamen and dates from 13BC. Egyptologist Jan Assmann, says the symbol refers to ‘the mystery of cyclical time, which flows back into itself.’ All these ideas come from hot countries where snakes were prevalent, of course. So from July 2023, into 2024, we see the Aries North Node ‘snaking’ back to the sign it was in some 18 or 19 years before. If you do have Aries factors, this is going to be about your marriage; divorce; separation; partnership; duet.

Aries III Rawpixel 300x200 - Neptune and Saturn in Aries 2025-2026
Aries III Rawpixel

Snakes and Dragons in War and Peace

Virgil called a snake ‘serpens’ and also ‘draco’ suggesting the words were interchangeable. This also lends itself to the idea of snakes shedding their skins. We die and shed our skin. We are reborn with a new skin. This is very true of the nodes. You can see the dragon on astrolabes dating as far back as Chaucer in 1342-1400.

Chaucer thought that the dragon’s tail was ‘a wicked planete’ (in Treatise of the Astrolabe).  Shakespeare wasn’t fond of the Dragon’s Tail or South Node. In King Lear, Edmund famously says: “My father compounded with my mother under the dragon’s tail.” We learn he was born rough and lecherous, partly as a result. These nodes are historically important.

So, everything you are seeing as the North Node loops around in Aries in 2024, is about karma going back centuries. Ukraine and Russia are good examples of this.

Chiron in Aries Long-Term

Chiron is also in Aries long-term, having begun there from April 17th, 2018 to September 25th, 2018 and now ongoing, from February 18th, 2019 to June 19th, 2026, then finally from September 17th, 2026 to April 14th, 2027. 

Chiron shows up as teachers. Chiron was found in 1977. On 25th May 1977, Stars Wars arrived. Luke Skywalker and his hermit tutor, mentor and father figure Obi-Wan Kenobi (“Old Ben”) also arrived. Replacing Luke’s lost father as a Jedi Knight and guiding light, Obi-Wan is a strong Chiron symbol. 

Chiron in Aries is Your Teacher

Kheiron is a name derived from the Greek word for hand (kheir) and it means “skilled with the hand”, often associated with kheirourgos (surgeon). Thinking of helping hands, and the phrase ‘Let me give you a hand’ and ‘Hands-on training’ is a useful way into the symbol. Achilles learned how to handle arrows and hunting spears with the centaur. Achilles hunted on foot, but Chiron also served as his mount. From Chiron, Achilles learned to take on bears, wild boars, lions and tigers (Fantha). This Rubens painting of Chiron shows you his role as tutor, guide, mentor, teacher, trainer.


peter paul rubens achilles educated by the centaur chiron - Neptune and Saturn in Aries 2025-2026
Chiron by Peter Paul Rubens (Wikimedia)

Chiron Takes You For a Ride in Aries

Zane Stein from The Astrology Collective wrote, ‘In my research, one of the primary meanings that surfaced for Chiron was the word KEY, to open new doors to new worlds.’ One way to think about Chiron, is the maverick schoolteacher with the keys to the classroom jangling on his belt. Rubens painted Chiron like a riding teacher. Except – he was also the ride. You take a journey now.

Neptune in Aries and the Impact to 2039

Neptune in Aries rounds off the cycle. In fact, looking back and forth in time, the continued occupation of the Aries-ruled house of your solar chart, and the Aries-ruled house of your natal chart, is the biggest astrological story of your life. Neptune is a holiday from reality. A vacation from the everyday and known. It is a big, floating bubble of escapism. A separate universe. Again, go to the list of life areas at the top of this feature to see how your sign is affected. In your natal chart, though, this will be your First House of identity, image, appearance. It suits virtual reality.

March 30th 2025 to October 22nd 2025
January 26th 2026 to May 21st 2038
October 21st 2038 to March 23rd 2039

Saturn in Aries 2025-2028

This cycle deepens as Saturn joins Neptune in Aries, again in the same sector of your horoscope, as follows: 25th May 2025 to 1st September 2025 and 15th February 2026 to 14th April 2028. So what you plant in 2022-2023 is important. Saturn could not be more different to Neptune. So what we are about to see, is a bubble with walls. Neptune offers the holiday from reality. Saturn gives you stern reality. Neptune is about everybody being everywhere, all the time, all over the place. Saturn is about what you cannot escape from – or what you cannot access. The new world of virtual ‘me’ online will bring hard lessons with it. Identity theft is already an issue (as we have had so many Aries cycles over the years) but it will become extremely serious as Saturn slowly starts to transit Aries from May 2025.

The Aries Cycle and Your Natal Chart in 2025

If you have an Aries stellium in your First House (a stellium is always shown on your birth chart if you are a member) then you are self-interested, self-conscious and self-aware. You may use a selfie stick on Instagram or be on Facebook. You are upfront, front-and-centre. You are first out of the traps in any race and like to be number one in any contest or game. You may be a narcissist. The mirror may matter, or the mirror of the internet. All this is to the fore, as Saturn and Neptune make themselves known in Aries, first of all in May, June 2025.

Being Your Aries Self

You are active, energetic, probably sporty, or support sport. You may be in the armed forces or in uniform, or have served that role in the past. You are competitive, combative, and get a rush from provoking other people. If you don’t, you may have been blocked as a child or teenager. The family or your teachers may have thwarted you.

The true Aries type is an energetic yoga practitioner, or dynamic in business. Assertive and strong professionally and drawn to highly competitive industries.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war. Roman soldiers came with a helmet (so Aries types wear a cycling helmet or baseball cap). What we’d call shinpads (so hockey and football are Aries pursuits). Protective armour (leather jackets). A knife (a Swiss Army pen knife). Hobnailed sandals (Doctor Martens or football shoes). Any military or athletic look is Aries. Wearing Aviator sunglasses is Aries. Camouflage jackets are very common. So are boots in general.

When we talk about decimating people we’re talking about the Roman god of war. Aries types use themselves as the front line in any attack or battle. So Lady Gaga has a meat dress and promotes vegan cosmetics. Russell Crowe wears football shirts and promotes his team.

When You Don’t Express Your Aries Factors

The only exception to this Aries stellium profile is the person who has stelliums in Libra, Capricorn and/or Cancer who will block herself, or stop himself, and be thwarted as a result. Women are not encouraged to express their Aries factors so you can be raised out of it, or educated out of it, because nice girls aren’t pushy. Nice women don’t fight. I sometimes have readers with an Aries stellium who say ‘I’m nothing like that’ but also admit they are unhappy. A very quick solution for an Aries stellium person with four, five, six or more factors in that sign, is to find an outdoor activity that allows them to stride. Walking a dog can do it. Anything that is redolent of the hunt or the fight. Jogging, even.

It’s common to have Aries and Capricorn stelliums and struggle with success because Aries wants to push, rush and be first and Capricorn wants to wait, work and respect the system. If you have a Libra stellium you’ll compromise to get married and stay married, and won’t be as pushy and impatient as your Aries side permits. Cancer is about the family. Perhaps your family didn’t want you to ‘do’ your Aries. The Tarot is excellent at showing you how the inner conflict plays out, and then – how to deal with that best.

Aries IV Rawpixel 300x300 - Neptune and Saturn in Aries 2025-2026
Aries IV Rawpixel

What Happened Before?

Jessica Davidson has an excellent feature on the history behind these Aries cycles. 

Aries is ruled by Mars, the old Roman god of war. Aries rules the First House of your natal chart, using the Natural House System, and is about your armour (wardrobe). It is about your shield and sword (what you use to defend and attack yourself, which may be your yoga poses, these days). Think of an old Roman soldier and you’re close. Aries is about why your reputation can precede you and do the work for you. So, the opposing army may be ready to surrender before you even show up.

Aries is a fire sign, symbolised by the aggressive, head-butting ram. Yet it can be all show. Sabre-rattling.

Private Chart, Public Chart and Aries Weather

Remember, you have a private or natal birth chart which may show Aries First House factors. This is where you ram your message. You go on the rampage sometimes. This idea of charging forth and pushing yourself upfront – or doing battle becomes prominent when Neptune and Saturn go through Aries, from May 2025, together.

Having been through a radical change, revolution and new independence with this area of your life, very publicly, from 2010 t0 2019, you are now ready for phase two. We might call this the reward or gain phase – if you use what is there.

There will be a teacher, mentor, guide, tutor or foster parent figure to assist. A maverick! That’s Chiron, also in this same zone of your public chart.

Nothing comes from nothing in astrology. All these cycles in Aries, slowly build up for you, what is to come.

February 20th 2026 and the Neptune-Saturn Conjunction

As Maurice Fernandez points out, February 20th 2026 is the rare Neptune-Saturn conjunction at 0 Aries. Expect announcements from Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg then (or about them). The same, with Jack Dorsey. These are the corporate image-mongers.

Fernandez has indicated the Kremlin in what is to come.

Given that the Aries cycles up to date have seen the Kremlin slowly building up an information/propaganda war with the US, UK and Europe – that seems likely to build in future. Photo fakes, photo and video illusion – especially involving leaders or public figures – seems likely to become more aggressive and sophisticated.

We have Uranus in Gemini alongside these Aries cycles, which is the emerging field of AI or Artificial Intelligence. So far the faked ‘footage’ of prominent politicians or the strangely doctored images of, say, the Princess of Wales, have been amateurish. These seem likely to become dangerously convincing in future. And yet, the astrology shows solutions. That is ahead, too. Internet impersonation is currently hard to beat. I am being impersonated, myself, by people who want to make money from my name. Identity theft is another strong example of an Aries issue. When you see the solutions, pursue them. Or just be the solution yourself. That is a very Aries approach.

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325 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Great post, they are always a fascinating read with lots to take in. I hope another war next year doesn’t happen or is this possibly further turmoil for Ukraine/Russia? I am very glad to read the economic troubles will pass from next July and I had a smile when I saw your predictions for globalisation etc by the time Uranus has finished in Taurus on 26 April 2023 (which is my birthday!) I will soon start a short course which will hopefully lead to new employment after a long period not in the workforce.

    1. Thank you. I’m not thrilled to see the Aries-Libra dance in 2023, just as it was there during the last war, but we have to be prepared as voters and activists. What happens will be a classic case of allies forming pairs. Russia and China are already trying that, even as their economies crumble around them. This will hopefully end along with Jupiter’s exit from Aries. You’ll have a major career shift next March 2023 even if you accept a job before then. You will be delighted to see the end of a very heavy, stuck, slow cycle and be put in the company of people who are influential, powerful and best described as movers and shakers.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Right now I have Chiron and Jupiter in my first house. I feel like I should really be taking advantage of this but I feel blocked by a few things. The first is where I’m living. The idea of moving away from the city was refreshing and rebellious about 6 years ago but I have been fairly stumped, creatively.
    The second is my complete inability to leave relationships in the past. I’m separated from my ex husband, and was dating a person for 5 years. I broke it off at Easter. He had all kinds of emotional baggage when we met, which I worked hard to help him overcome. My Libra moon sure does enable me to become anything a man needs, but I’m inevitably left feeling like I’m surviving on breadcrumbs. Anyway he’s a Taurus sun 4, and since we broke up he’s been seeing a Sagittarian who had just recently broken up with her ex. She and I are both foreigners. Unfortunately we have kept in contact. I’m close with his family, and I’ve found myself in the position of being his ‘therapist’, listening to what a nightmare this woman is, that he still loves me but somehow feels beholden to her (they’ve been dating for 2.5 months). She wants to move in together, he wants to save money because he doesn’t earn much but knows she’s not the one, ecc. Apparently they are currently broke up. Is their relationship a karmic thing? His family are worried for him. Should I get the hell out of this situation because it’s not going to end well? I know from personal experience how torturous karmic relationships are.
    If so, what part of my life should I concentrate on to gain the strength and focus to move on? I’m a very watery Aries… He and I have the most intense chemistry I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s makes every buoyant. Thanking you for any advice,

    1. You have a huge Libra stellium, Kiki and live in your Seventh House of duets and duels. You admit you can’t leave your exes alone. That is common with Libra; she has to have the double-act or pair, even if it’s being an unpaid therapist to a man who is out of her life. If you want to cut the cord, do it when Mercury Retrograde is out of Libra – aim for the third week of October or later. That way you won’t go round in circles with him and/or her. I’m curious about Vesta in your chart as women who hang onto their ex, even when a new woman appears, often have Vesta issues. You have Vesta in Gemini in the Third House of telephone calls, emails, internet and ‘talk, talk.’ You are competing with this other woman by picking up the phone or the computer mouse. You may want to stop that. Vesta can be quite toxic and rather painful and it classically happens when one man is manipulating two or more women for reasons of ego or insecurity. Don’t be in the two-lady harem if you can avoid it, you have better things to do! You will marry or enter into a hugely important partnership in a few years from now.

  3. Hi jessica,
    If your prediction of a war that goes beyond Russia’s war on Ukraine will happen, I guess there will be the conflicts between America and China. Do you agree with it? If not like this, any specific details?

    1. This cycle, Jupiter in Aries and the lunar nodes in Aries-Libra, would logically involve Russia and China together as partners, and the United Kingdom and United States as partners. That’s the way the world order looks at the moment. There is more to this than a straight repeat of the last war, though. Astrology runs on sociology and you need entire generations to have a ‘war chart’. In the 1940’s they had Pluto in Cancer; obsessive patriotism and dominant nationalism. We don’t, thank goodness. So this looks like Shakespeare’s dogs of war are released but return to the kennel. We also need to remember that China is in a slow economic collapse, as is Russia. You can search both those countries on this website to see some old predictions.

  4. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your hard work. Looking back 19 years, There were a lot of big changes. All for the good in the end. Since 2020, my appearance/caring/clothing has gone down the tubes. Would love to get my old Aries self back. I make a lot a plans in my head, but that’s as far as they get. Just starting to physically feel better now after what my doctor believes was long Covid after Dec 2019 infection. It was bad years for us health wise with Covid. With your prediction on the retro grade, I’m going to hold off making a decision on selling my US house until April. Neighbors there are renting it now for 3 months, which came out of the blue and was welcome. My husband Dec 3, 1958 is starting a lovely relationship with his 18 month old granddaughter and is beyond happy. Hoping I can be a part of that in the future, too—-my fear of us ever getting Covid again may hinder that for a while. We mask, hepa filter, distance, ventilation ….and are thought of as extreme. She’d be my step granddaughter. My stepson doesn’t associate with his father or me, who he dislikes immensely. Thank you very much, again.

    1. I am sorry you have Long Covid after an infection in December 2019. You are allowed to slow down and let things slide. When you are good and ready you will come back up again and relaunch your appearance. You have a stellium in Virgo in your Sixth House of wellbeing and workload, so were hit quite hard by those transits in the mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces as the pandemic began. Now, you have to put your physical and mental health first as the number one priority. This goes above housework, paid work or unpaid work. It is very important to do this in 2022, 2023, 2024 in particular. You are doing all the right things. Ignore anyone who thinks you are being extreme; you are being more sensible than most. Make it your business to figure out your mind, body and spirit and the way they interact – and do whatever it takes to make your wellbeing top priority.

  5. Hi Jessica, wow interesting stuff! Are you able to check my chart as I have stellium in Aries/libra/Capricorn & what this could possibly mean for me?
    Thank you. Love this site 🙂

    1. Thank you. You have a Cardinal pile-up. The Cardinal signs; Aries, Libra, Capricorn are bouncing off each other in your chart. You have a large number of factors in all three signs, so have inner conflicts and regular obstacles around: appearance, reputation and title – conflicts and also marriages or sexual partnerships; ambition and success. 2023 will remind you once again that you have to find a way to make it all work, if you can. Easier said than done, but one way to resolve conflict within a partnership or marriage is for both parties to join forces and unite against a common foe. Aries-Capricorn is about slowing down and measuring the nature of the organisation, structure, establishment, tradition or system so that you tune into just how fast you are allowed to go, or how much heat you are wise to generate. Have a look at the library for more on these three signs as you live in your First House, Tenth House and Seventh House, but will often find yourself pulled between different houses at different times.

  6. Another really incredible article Jessica, thank you. x And I love the new notation at the end of our birthchart or planetary listings showing our stelliums!!
    Coincidentally (or synchronistically) I actually asked the Oracles on here just yesterday, about what happens when nodal cycles transit over natal nodes (South node 24 Aries, North node.24 Libra), in 2023!! so Thank You truly and … retro-causally?? ()
    (I got some very helpful answers about long-term questions around career, and stabilising resources).
    I *love* the look of your new book, Modern Astrology, Jessica!!
    (Also the artwork on Reverend Pam’s book.)
    I will have to get the book – I have always felt like a fraud Aries, (despite a stellium of 6 there), because I despise conflict..? (and while I am not afraid of supporting what I think is right, and deeply, deeply benefit from exercise when I make it a priority, competition for its own sake feels empty and enervating – at least, for the long term).
    Here I am, talking about myself again!!
    Apologies, and I will let you.know what I decide about my new appearance – 18-19 years ago, my dear (Aries) husband and I discovered each other. Thank You nodes.
    And Jessica & team!!!

    1. Thqnk you. I will pass that onto Asporea who came up with the idea of showing stelliums below each chart, for convenience. Thanks also for your compliment on the new book. You’ll get a lot from this triple transit in Aries in 2023; the North Node, Jupiter and Chiron.

  7. This is amazing. Your war cycle prediction is lining up with alot of other peoples forecasts. Looking forward to your book!

    Quick question, I am a cancer asc and have a libra stellium. I am seeing some great success with a very new career thus far, but how does this relate to my home. Recently been given a opportunity to care take for my late grandfathers farm, as he passed recently, and the farm is in probate. Would love to keep it, but not sure if its in the cards. Curious to see how these interact with each other!

    Thanks again, can’t wait for your book!

    1. I must find the other astrologers who are predicting a war cycle with the lunar nodes in Aries-Libra and Jupiter in Aries. Thank you. Your grandfather’s farm is available to you – should you keep it? You are a Sun Libra with transiting Pluto in your Fourth House of property and family, in your solar chart. Your Ascendant is 26 Cancer in the Fourth House in your natal chart. Transiting Pluto is exactly opposite at 26 Capricorn now, in September 2022. That can only happen once every 248 years. You have a huge choice to make here. You have Juno at 27 Scorpio in your Eighth House of inheritance so Pluto will sextile that at 27 Capricorn once he has finished opposing your Ascendant at 26 Cancer. This is a rare, historic crossroads and it will not come again. The timing for you will be now through January 2023, and then again September, October 2023. I strongly recommend you use the Tarot and follow the steps to validate that timing and help your choice.

  8. Hello Jessica,

    Many thanks for this lovely article. I am a Scorpio Sun and I truly want to buy/move an apartment next year and don’t take a huge loan or pay a double price for a house and switching the south node in Libra and north node in Aries hope it will ease the chance. I have a stellium in Capricorn and 2 factors in Aries 15 deg Aesculapia and 9 deg DSC DESC – what this could possibly mean for me?

    Best regards and thank you for this site and blog!

    1. Move after March 2023 if you can when Saturn is out of your Fourth House of property and real estate. If you can buy an apartment at any time, you would wait for March 2023 to pass. This is your solar chart (Scorpio Sun) but you are also better off with your natal chart in 2023 as Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) arrives in your Second House of investment from May that year. So March, April, May 2023 is a turning point. Nothing to do with Aries or Libra whatsoever. All to do with the Second House and Eighth House of your chart. Use the Tarot to validate the timing for yourself as that is always the best confirmation for you and it is your life not mine.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another insightful blog. I do have a question but not related to the above blog – my question regards this weeks (September 5-11) Pisces Lenormand card. The picture card is Clouds, however, you said the following: Pisces, your Lenormand card is Snake. Mercury Retrograde is rather serpentine as he goes around in circles and knots. Could you please confirm if the picture card for clouds is an error?
    Many thanks

    1. Thanks. That sounds like a simple Mercury Retrograde error and I will let the right people know. Thanks for picking it up.

  10. Hello Jessica, so wierd that you mention an 18/19 year cycle because I am clearly into it! I have stellliums in Libra, Lio, Virgo and Aquarius and 18 and1/2 years ago I had my wonderful Pisces daughter…but, at a price! I was in a very high powered job that I had to leave ( I wasn’t in a country that helped juggling work and motherhood and my Aries husband helped but was unable to share 50/50).
    My daughter will be going to uni in September and I started having dreams of returning back to the job I was in before having her: basically impossible. I daydream about it, as I felt so much in power and in control: I did it really well.
    At the moment I have an interesting part time job that has a lot to do with China…I love the job and my colleagues but we are all very worried about the geopolitical situation. In case of a war we would all lose our income and we are frantically trying to find a solution but it is like squaring a circle…
    My husband would like me to partner with him but I find it very difficult as he tends to be dominant ( although in a soft spoken way) and I seems unable to make much progress ..
    Will I be able to find a stable fulfilling snd well paid job? I am not able to retire for at least 15 years….

    1. You are seeing for yourself how the lunar nodes work. Your part-time job involves China. As I am having a few questions about war with China and Russia, I will add to this feature and go into more detail about the Chinese chart. I suspect this will be sabre-rattling and brinksmanship, rather than proper conflict, but you are quite right to look for solutions with your part-time job. You have 15 more years of work to go. You have a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of wellbeing and workload and will reshape that in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026. Your priority should be, and probably will be, your own good health on all levels – physical and mental health too. We’re going to see Saturn and Neptune in Pisces in opposition to Virgo from March 2023 with Uranus, the North Node and eventually Jupiter trine. In plain English that is a forced lifestyle change including work for you. It will be challenging but rewarding and as you have Uranus and Pluto at 12 and 14 Virgo (total transformation) you’d be using Jupiter at 12 and 14 Taurus, July to October 2023, to change jobs or reboot the existing one. Always, always put your body first on this cycle, and your mind. You are very good at serving others and doing your duty; treat yourself as your number one client or employer.

  11. Thanks Jessica! I’m looking forward to reading your book and attending your November event. Like others, I have an Aries stellium and a stellium in another Cardinal sign (in my case it’s Cancer). I too avoid conflict, especially with loved ones, unless I feel it’s absolutely necessary. I also juggle single parenthood and trying to advance in my career so see the internal conflict there! I was interested in your comment about us thwarting ourselves. I’m currently applying for more senior roles so do you have sny advice about how to not to thwart myself? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the November event with Deborah Houlding. Women are not encouraged by society to be warriors, which is what Aries is, so women tend to ignore or deny their Aries First House factors more than men. This increases with squares or oppositions from other Cardinal factors. You have squares at 23 and 28 degrees Aries-Cancer. So there you are. You are a single parent who has to avoid conflict with loved ones. Including the child’s father and child’s other family, your in-laws. Presumably your own family too as you need their help, without the child’s father in the story. To do that you have to tell your Aries warrior to step back or step out. You can actually use her for work instead. No conflict with the family, or any chance of that, but the perfect avenue for a career woman in a business or industry where you are required to lock horns, be pushy, be first and charge forward. Aries is the action woman who needs a space where she can put her head down and charge. Aries suits short burst efforts; rapid goal achievement and quick victories. Aries stellium people do very well in politics and also football, actually.

  12. Thanks for another great article. I feel excited about next year, and have an Aries stellium including Aries in Chiron, Jupiter, MC. I have been stuck career wise for some time, and have a possible new job interview coming up, but wonder if it’s next year rather than next month where I’m likely to take a step up?

    1. You have your Jupiter Return in Aries in the First House coming up, along with transiting Jupiter going over your Aries stellium. People relaunch their image for many reasons, not just work. You may lose weight. You may take on an honorary role on a board of trustees with a charity. The Aries transit is not necessarily about your possible job interview. Ask the Tarot about that. But you will relaunch in 2023 and very successfully with a different online title and face as well.

  13. Hello Jessica,
    Great detailed article as always!
    I read with interest about the Aries traits as I used to love martial arts even though I have not been able to get back into it for 22 years!

    I’m currently making some wardrobe changes and about to change my name as well as under go cosmetic surgery next year. Lots of (hopefully) exciting changes as I’m slowly getting into a better headspace for me and the benefit of my children. My children mean literally everything to me.
    I’m also feeling much more open to stopping relying on others and getting my personal $$ sorted.
    Writing is no longer lighting me up nor is working a traditional job for a boss or being confined to an office cubicle all day. Is there anything you can bring to light from my natal chart on the work/money front that I could access to navigate through to a better more financially abundant life please? Thank you.

    1. I strongly recommend you return to martial arts. You have an Aries stellium and are a fighter. You need a space for that. Otherwise it will show up at work or at home, which nobody needs. You also want more money. With Taurus factors from 16 through 27 you will have a rare opportunity to make or save money when Jupiter goes from 16 to 27 Taurus in March, April, May 2024.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Is there anything that you recommend to dispel the current intense energy? I have transiting Uranus conjunct my natal sun, transiting mars conjunct my natal Mercury and opposite natal mars, and Saturn square my sun. I feel exhausted and depleted by the last several years. Wondering if there is something that I can do to be a bit proactive in calming the waters beyond simply keeping my mouth shut and avoiding conflict.

    1. Your Sun is at 18 Taurus, your Mercury at 9 Gemini and Mars at 15 Sagittarius. So this isn’t about the last several years; it is about September 2022. As always in astrology it is the slowest-moving planets which tell the most important story. You have not experienced transiting Uranus at 18 Taurus in your lifetime, and he will still be in a one-degree orb (which we allow in modern astrology) as late as March 2024. Your Sun shows how you shine. At your brilliant best, in Taurus, in your Second House of property, charity, business, valuables and finance – you attract admiration for your values. You may do very nicely in business, or generating income, or living a debt-free life (for example) and donate the surplus to a good cause. You may use your money to employ other people who need it. Taurus tends to be about capitalism, socialism, communism or other isms, like environmentalism, where you put nature above profits. There are as many Sun Taurus people who are greedy property developers as there are salt-of-the-earth fundraisers who give their time and energy for nothing – so which are you? Uranus is a radical force for sudden and usually quite shocking change, and here he is in conjunction with your Sun. Taurus is a fixed sign. It can be hard to shift. Like Taurus the bull you plant your hooves in the ground, put your head down and stand there. You may have found it hard to shift your values and life budget to date, but if you have not already done it, do it now. Or do it again. Every time the world economy, your national economy and the local economy shifts around you, make sure you alter your position. Uranus turns the world upside down. When that happens, you go with the inversion and make the most of where you land. It can be, and should be, liberating. You are meant to be more independent. That is the point of this cycle. If you resist it you will exhaust yourself so if you are depleted it may be that you have been trying very, very hard to pretend it is still April 2018, or earlier – the last time you lived without Uranus in Taurus in your Second House of life budget, money and values. Saturn square your Sun is similar; your usual way of being Taurus is being blocked. That passes faster and he is out of your life from November 2022, thank goodness. Mars over your natal Mercury and opposite Mars is another fleeting transit. You have Mercury at 9 Gemini and transiting Mars reaches 9 Gemini in September, after Boxing Day and in January 2023, then he goes. The clue is Boxing Day. Siblings and cousins tend to gather at Christmas or get in touch/not get in touch and I suspect your story is about a brother, sister or cousin, all ruled by Gemini. That time of year is also busier on the road; people choose to fly, sail or get the coach/train (or not) and again that could be a point of difference. If you wanted to be Covid safe, for example, you would not fly. Ask the Tarot about that for more clues. It is easily minimised or sidestepped. Ask the Tarot as well about your Taurus Sun. You will be reborn, saving or making a lot of money, when Jupiter goes over your Taurus Sun and he begins that journey from May 2023.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Interesting stuff as usual. I have the following stellium in my natal chart.
    Sun at 22 Aries, Mercury at 15 Aries, Venus at 22 Aries and my Ascendant at 6 Aries.
    Curious to know in what ways this is going to affect me?
    Keep up the great work and insights.

    1. Thank you JP. You will relaunch in 2023 with a different title and appearance. It may be a haircut. A uniform. A badge or business card. Perhaps, a different name.

  16. Thank you for this post Jessica. I have Sun + South Node in Libra, and a stellium in Aries, can you tell me how this will affect my chart please? I’m especially confused about what having the Sun and South Node in the same sign means. Thanks again

    1. The Sun and South Node in the same sign means attention is paid (the Sun) to all that is exposed or highlighted (the Sun) about your part in partnerships (Libra) or conflicts (Libra). The South Node suggests this is karmic, going back into past lives, so your partner or combatant (Libra) knew you before. It is very common in the charts of people who have a very public divorce, but also a very public work partnership. Your stellium in Aries suggests you know how to push yourself forward, play the part, dress the part, act the part and be front-and-centre. This is quite common in the charts of footballers who put on a uniform, front up to the media, and play centre-forward. Your central issue with Aries-Libra is “Me” versus “We” or even “Me” versus “Him” or “Her.” In this new Aries weather you’ll attend to that.

  17. Hi Jessica, I love your balanced explanation of the nodes, it is much easier to understand and work with. In my head I am always optimistic and excited about the future but my health has been really challenging that this year, with problems, possibly from covid that I can’t seem to improve with usual remedies, diet, meditation, acupuncture… am also being pulled into support parents while one is recovering from surgery and the other saying he’s on the phone way out while still being very demanding! Meanwhile I have my mothers sister wanting me in her state to live, I live in between both their states.

    So it’s very hard being optimistic about rejoining the workforce or making plans about me when I’m being pulled by family ties. Will I miss the boat on this opportunity for reinvention? Thank you

    1. Covid is the serious one here, obviously. For Covid we go to Virgo and your Sixth House of health, wellbeing and workload. You have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House, in the sign of Virgo, leading the stellium. As you know, a stellium is an unusually high number of factors in just one sign and house. Meditation, diet and acupuncture are not working. You are required to serve your parents. Actually, you are not. You are required to serve yourself first. The classic Virgo challenge, and it is really important in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 – is to serve your body, mind and spirit before you do your duty. Just the psychological shift of putting your own wellbeing before anything and anybody else is often enough to help the healing process. There is no difference in astrology between housework and health issues. No difference between COVID-19 and paid work. You can try all the complementary therapies in the world, and readers tell me they work, but you need to reconfigure your daily routine and the 24 hours in every day, 7 days a week, so that you will only do what you permit and nothing else. If there is boundary creep with parents put your foot down. It’s the same with your aunt. The rest is up to you. I see a lot of Covid Virgo and you always begin with ‘the dutiful servant’ archetype and ‘the hard-worker’. That has damaged the health of many people whose employers were too cheap or ignorant to protect them at work. You don’t have a boss but your parents and aunt are behaving as if they are your employers. You are not staff. Your health is not gaining from any of this, as you say. So find out what will work. The Tarot can help you. As with all Uranus and Pluto in Virgo people it is very, very important you do this before Saturn enters Pisces and long years of oppositions.

  18. Hi Jessica, I have a strong aries stellium. Any chance you can provide some specific details (or point me in the right direction) on how/what is about to change for me. It all sounds very illusive, the possibilities for the next 6 months is making me bit anxious. I went back 18/19 years and all that happened was my parents bought a house, I moved schools.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you have an Aries and Capricorn stellium. When you say you went back 18/19 years and ‘all’ that happened was you moved schools and your parents bought a house, you are describing what happens on a nodal cycle in Aries. You changed uniform or clothes. Classic Aries loop. You will do that again in this next cycle: Jupiter enters Aries and your First House of appearances, image and profile on Wednesday 21st December 2022 and stays there until Tuesday 16th May 2023. He moves from 0 to 29 Aries and overtakes Chiron, moving from 12 to 17 Aries, also in your First House. This happens just before the North Node enters Aries on Tuesday 18th July, again into your First House, then both the North Node and Chiron will be together in Aries from that point until Saturday 11th January 2025. This is a relaunch for you, possibly because of your career, which may require that you dress differently and use a new title. It is very, very common in the charts of people who are given a new dress code with a name badge and new business card, for a new role. No need to be anxious; as it says in the feature, Jupiter is a force for good. The Greater Benefic, they used to call him. You may also decide to go into business for yourself, which would involve self-promotion on Twitter and YouTube, and again, a different look or title. That can happen too.

  19. Hi Jessica, with Stelliums in aries and capricorn that would suggest I may find myself stuck in the aspects of these houses correct? I am working feverishly to establish things to launch my practice (long overdue) and step out of my current job. Along with that, I am living in a new country. (meaning I will be learning quite a bit about how my taxes are handled now thanks to the scorpio stellium) Given the weather, what would you suggest I prepare for? Thank you!

    1. Jupiter enters Aries on Wednesday 21st December 2022 and stays there until Tuesday 16th May 2023. He moves from 0 to 29 Aries and overtakes Chiron, moving from 12 to 17 Aries. This happens just before the North Node enters Aries on Tuesday 18th July, then both the North Node and Chiron will be together in Aries from that point until Saturday 11th January 2025. You were born with Juno and the Moon in Aries in your First House of wardrobe, title and attack/defence. People usually use their Aries factors in their career, but you also see it in the dating game too. You don’t have a stellium in Aries; a stellium is four or more factors, in modern astrology, and you only have two. Look at the bottom of your chart for your stellium. Neither do you have a stellium in Capricorn. Just an average number of factors. So what is here, does not really apply to you.

  20. amazing as always and I can’t wait to read your book. I always thought war wouldn’t been on the battlefields but very cyber between the opposing nations, at least I hope that is as bad as it gets, and so good to know we will come out of the recession as its heartbreaking at just how broken everything is right now.and the autumn winter we are all about to head on through. For me I am a contractor so finding constant work has been quite stressful at times, and obviously continues to be, my north node and south node are a reverse of what is coming ie my south node is in Aries and north node in Libra, with Chiron in Aries and Jupiter in taurus. 19 years ago is all a blur to be honest as was dealing with a big loss, heartbreak and a lot put on my shoulders and putting others first so if revisiting that it worries me going through a cycle like that again.

    1. Thank you. You are correct about cyber war; this is with us from 2026. You are a Sun Pisces with a huge Aquarius stellium so the Eleventh House (friends, groups) is triggered in your public solar chart and private natal chart, now through 2023, 2024 in particular. It is time to put friendship centre-stage, more than marriage, sexual partnership or family. Friends are the priority. Similarly, one or more groups involving friends. This is the big transformation for you and if you use your willpower it will empower you.

  21. Thanks for your reply Jessica – again, spot on! I always do my duty and I always go the extra mile at whatever I do: my job, my daughter, my husband and my parents. Somehow, in the past few months I have realised that in order to get what I want, I must come first. Now that my daughter is old enough, I need my time for me. I need to be demanding.
    I have had health issues due to being too intensely involved in solving other people’s problems ( although this is my job, and I am good at it!). I want to think that the cycles are just a repetition of the issues life found in the past. A sort of demanding check to see whether we understood. Isn’t this what astrology is all about? Learning and becoming freely who we are? Thanks for your time!

    1. It’s a pleasure to pass on the astrology. Don’t forget that in 2023-2026 in particular. Your health is numero uno. Everything and everybody else is second.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I very much enjoy your insights ! Could you possibly explain how the Aries cycle may affect me!? I have south node in Aries and mars in Aries . I am also curious about the stelliums I have .. is that a normal amount?
    Thank you !

    1. Thank you. The Aries transits will show up as foreigners and foreign countries for you: huge success in one of them. You have a normal amount of stelliums and your biggest stellium is Leo, Fifth House. Your life and personality are defined by your courtships, and the road you take with children, teenagers and younger adults.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this post and can’t wait to purchase your new book! I was just able to land a tech new role and signed the offer letter a few days ago and I start around the new moon in September. My career/destiny has felt so stagnant the past couple of years and it feels like things are starting to get better. Was wondering how the Aries cycle will impact me as a Virgo? I have Aries in my MC; is this good for me financially or business wise or even buying property?

    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo with a large Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of wellbeing and workload. There will be circular, stop-start dialogue or paperwork about the role but you will know where you stand in October. You will make or save quite a lot of money by Halloween, and again from Christmas to May 2023.

  24. Hello Jessica. With stelliums in Aries, Capricorn and Aquarius I am just curious what this Aries cycle means for me.18 Years ago I went from a not so nice ( but much needed and just in time) job to a new job. Working for my former employer again.A better and nicer job. Thank you for your interesting website . Oh, one more question. What book do you recommend to start learning astrology?Big hug.

    1. The Aquarius-Aries-Capricorn type, with stelliums in all three, is always pulled between the community, the friends, the group, the people power – and self-interest. Then there is the challenge of honouring the collective and the allies – while respecting the system, which doesn’t always want people power. You will notice a slow, ongoing transformation from March 2023 when Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, and it will be played out through work or unpaid work. For the first time in your life you will realise that a large group of people from diverse backgrounds can indeed share common ground and ‘together, united’ is the key to everything. My new book will be out in time for Christmas and describes your stelliums (the most important part of your astrology chart) and how to predict the future with the Moon and the Moon’s Nodes. Thank you.

  25. Hi Jessica. I noted the comment about Cancer/Libra stelliums blocking or thwarting things. Since I have these placements (as well as a Capricorn stellium), I’m wondering about the best way to approach 2023. I’ve been looking at some new opportunities to move my life forward and would appreciate any thoughts you may have in terms of areas of focus.

    1. The Cardinal T-Square is there to be worked out. The fastest way is to bring other people into the equation. The Beatles had very tough T-Square aspects and then they learned to bring in; Sir George Martin; Brian Epstein; Yoko Ono; Linda McCartney; Billy Preston and the like. You will have some tussles in 2023 around success (Capricorn) partnership (Libra) conflicts (Libra) and self-interest (Aries) but when in doubt just bring in others. Why? Because their charts create new patterns with your own, and the transits, and from these new patterns will hopefully come a few solutions and even some real advantages. This is a classic cycle for hot competition with a professional rival for a promotion or new job.

  26. Thanks Jessica, super interesting – where you mention how each sun sign will be impacted, should I look only at my Virgo sun or should I also look at my rising sun, Sagittarius?

    1. Never look at your Rising Sign. That’s a system I’ve not used in about 30 years! Just use your Sun Sign for a solar chart; it will be perfectly accurate and you will find some of the most important financial changes this decade are on the way; make the most of them.

  27. hi Jessica I have my North Node in Aries and south node in libra.How will this affect me personally as feel this has been intense forme the last couple of years.Will this be positive for me if its in my chart ?

    1. Your Aries-Libra nodes show past lives in the armed forces, but also with a difficult marriage. The enemy you fought, or the person in that marriage, is now back with you. I am sure you know who I mean. The Aries weather encourages you to figure out ‘Me’ versus ‘We’ one more time. The best way to deal with this transit is to pair off with someone who sees life from your point of view, and together push back against a common foe. It’s very good for ‘fighting the good fight’ as a volunteer, activist, protestor or defender on some level. That will work out for you,

  28. Thanks for generously sharing your knowledge and insight! I tend to “charge forward” with new ideas at work so this gives me a chance to express my Arian side.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you are well. I had written to you earlier on another blog post but you did not pick up my query. I hope you will spare some thought this time around and thanks for your time.

    My wife is a Virgo sun (born on 26 Aug 1980 with a stellium in Virgo) and landed a new job (her dream role) in the end of August but she has got stuck with some issue involving paperwork now in early September. We are extremely stressed if things will go as planned and will she be able to join this role from 1st October 2022 onwards? Or will the offer be rescinded? Do you have some thoughts on how this will play out and if she all goes well, then what date should she sign her employment contract (given that Mercury is retrograde from 9th Sept)? When should she ask for a promotion (bigger salary and title) in this company?

    Many thanks for your accurate predictions.

    1. Thank you. Your wife will make or save money in any case, either because of the job or another matter, until Halloween. She will then make or save money again, Christmas to May 2023. As a Sun Virgo she has taken a job with a title change on Mercury Retrograde on Virgo in her First House of profile and image. The wheels spin backwards and forwards with that until Monday 10th October when she’ll know about the last tiny detail. For an easy life, she should avoid engaging in conflict; casting the first stone or throwing one back; like all Sun Virgo people she would be stuck with a long, drawn-out pelting of pebbles until March. Best not go there. Long-term her career skyrockets from May 2024.

  30. Hi Jessica, thank you for another wonderful article! I learn so much from you and it keeps opening up so many spiritual horizons.
    It is interesting you mention snakes and dragons, I love art and crafts and I have been seeing a lot of beautiful snake and dragon items recently.
    I was wondering about the last part – you mention a person with stellium in Aries and person with with stellium in Libra, Capricorn and/or Cancer. How exactly may it impact me – I have stellium in Aries and Cancer (not sure if it plays some role here – my Ascendant and Moon are in Capricorn)?
    As for the Russian war in Ukraine, do you think Europe will do the right thing this time? The winter with cut off gas might push politicians into a corner.
    And one more question – will your book be available in a printed version? I can’t wait to read it!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. If you are seeing snakes and dragons, have a look at transits to your lunar nodes, but also the transit of the lunar nodes. Life as it was 18 or 19 years is coming around for you. If you are Aries-Cancer-Capricorn then your issues with your house, apartment, town, country, family and/or household have really stretched you since 2008, at regular intervals, but the worst is over from March 2023 and by the time Pluto is out of Capricorn for good in November 2024, you will never again have to go through all you have experienced with (say) tenants, accommodation, housing, the garden, the council, governments and the like. The last question about Russia is best answered by saying March 2023 is the turning point and by June 2023 all concerned in NATO, the UN, the EU will realise how powerful they are. Vladimir Putin’s legacy will be the wholesale conversion of Europe and her allies to solar, wind and other renewable power. Gas and petrol are doomed and it will be partly thanks to him. Too funny.

  31. Hi Jessica, autocorrect made a terrible mistake in my previous question, so I am resubmit ting. I have 4 stelliums in my chart (taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, and cancer). Could you tell me in which house I live? Thank you!!

    1. Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces and Cancer describe your Second, Tenth, Twelfth and Fourth houses. You live in them, most of the time, so inhabit a world of shopping, charity, business, philanthropy and/or collectors’ items and valuables. That is Taurus. Capricorn is ambition; social climbing, success, status, the peak of the profession; glittering prizes at the top. Pisces is mediumship, Tarot, distance healing, hypnosis, the Roman Catholic church, Carl Jung, therapy and inner life. Cancer is patriotism; culture; heritage; history; ancestry and also stories involving the family and especially property. That is where you dwell and figure most of life’s challenges and changes out.

  32. Good morning Jessica,
    I have a question for you if I may…which does not relate to this particular blog, but still may be of interest to your readers.
    Recently I was reading some back ‘issues’ of your astrology blogs and I thought of doing some research into my partners natal birth-chart and my own, to try to discover more about us as a couple and how our future may look due to our common ‘aspects’ .
    I am hoping that you may give me some insight into what my discovery might mean for us. As a Pisces born at 0630, on the 3rd of March 1960, (the chart for him was purchased from your website) . I came across several conjuncts that we both share.But these were the most surprising… 4 degrees,Virgo Pluto; 18 degrees Leo Uranus. Can you explain what these aspects mean for us as a couple .
    Thank you for the insights that you provide me, your explanations are most helpful.
    I hope the sun is shining for you in your part of the world .
    all the best Joanne and Louis

    1. Thank you. Leo/Uranus is the big one. You don’t say if you have children but Leo rules pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy, the challenges of sons or daughters; blended families; stepchildren; offspring with obstacle courses and so on. Uranus always brings the totally unexpected and is ‘the challenge to change.’ The choices made on those cycles over a lifetime usually result in independence and freedom for one partner.

  33. Hi thank you for this amazing article. I have a Aries Stellium. I looked back to 2004/2005 and at that time I was transferred from a job I loved to a new position I was never really suited too and which also involved further travel to a different office. Im hoping this time round things will be better for me with Jupiter also transiting my solar 2nd house. I have a teenager born 8 April 2006 with sun in Aries and experiencing 1st nodal return. Will this be a good year for her.

    1. Jupiter is already in your solar Second House so there are financial opportunities galore to save or make money; even if these are all potential and no delivery yet, from Christmas until May 2023 you will see rewards. You will be given your next chance to relaunch with a new title and wardrobe, new business card and so on (one more time) and learn from what happened last time. Of course you may decline; but the chance will be there by May next year. Your teenager will relaunch online or in the real world with a new look and perhaps name or profile, very happily.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    I have stellium in Aries, Gemini and cancer. A child with special needs, a difficult marriage and a lot of lag in where I want to be professionally due to some decisions that were not thought through and some circumstances that I had no control over. Can you tell me what 2023 has in store?
    Thank you so much.

    1. You are an Aries with a Gemini stellium which works out for you long-term. The special needs child is shown by the node in Leo in the Fifth House; you knew this child in at least one previous life and maybe more. You have agreed to incarnate together to pursue karmic closure. The difficult marriage is about money, the house or the apartment as the bottom line and you will have sorted things out one way or another by July 2023. Long-term your destiny is the worldwide web and/or media at a higher level, using new inventions, including translation or bilingual skills, taking off in the mid 2020’s and giving you an exciting new existence past 2030.

  35. Hi Jessica and thank you for your work, I’m still learning so am not quite sure how to apply this libra-Aries weather. I have a north node 15 in libra and south node 15 Aries and have had a rough few years. Will things become better or worse and if a reinvention is on the cards is there any clue as to what could bring about a positive solution? Thank you and Kind regards

    1. You will see opportunities to fix lifestyle, health and workload issues from Halloween to Christmas and will be offered a way out or through, which hugely improves your day-to-day existence. A pair, couple, duet or partnership will either begin or be rebooted from Christmas until May 2023 and will make you very happy.

  36. Thank you so much for your reply. I felt a shift just reading your words, knowing you are right. I’m not at all adept at reading the tarot but I’ll be looking up all your Virgo posts though! Thank you again

  37. So wish your book were ready now so that I could buy it! I have been following your articles and predictions for the past 15 years, and never tire of it. You have been spot on with so many things. I have several placements in Aries and Libra and would be grateful for you to tell me what I have to look forward to. I am currently a caregiver to my disabled brother, and have been weighed down with other responsibilities at home. Many thanks once again and keep up the amazing work! X

    1. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the new book. You’ve not mentioned your stellium in Gemini in the Third House of siblings; that is the key to your disabled brother. That situation with him will change from May 2024 when Jupiter goes into Gemini and completely transform when Uranus goes into Gemini from July 2025, for many years.

  38. Thank you for a very interesting post! I have stellium in my Aries sun, Taurus ASC, Cancer and Capricorn. I’ve often wondered why my Aries energy seemed tempered. This blog post is the first time I’ve heard so clearly that it is the stelliums in Cancer and Capricorn holding me back. My wife and I sold our multi-story home and bought a single level home in a new town butter suited for aging in place. We love the new location and lifestyle, but its taking a long time to get all my remodel projects done.
    Could you expand on strategies of how to work with my Cancer and Capricorn factors in a constructive way? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. Cancer-Capricorn is always divided between space, place and ambition. So you end up in a home, town or region where you have what your Cancer side wants (familiarity, comfort, belonging) but your Capricorn side realises that the real action with High Society or success is happening elsewhere. Or, you move to Bright Lights, Big City to make it – and find yourself struggling with rent or mortgage, feeling alienated by so many strangers. Cancer-Capricorn always has a solution and it’s always hard work; use the Tarot to find out what that is, and The Garden Oracle too. Sometimes the answer is to ‘do’ Cancer for a few years, then ‘do’ Capricorn so take turns with familiarity and ambition.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    This new blog post has left me concerned about everything — life, career, image, partnerships. With stelliums in Libra, Aries, and Cancer, what does all this mean for me? I was hoping 2023 would be my year of change, success, and physical and mental peace after going through crisis after crisis from late 2018.

    1. You have a stellium in Libra and Cancer, not Aries. There is a new feature at the bottom of your chart where your stelliums are clearly listed. I am not sure why you would be concerned. Libra-Cancer is a square, and it’s exactly what you already know. Family versus partnership, marriage versus rent, former partnership versus mortgage, relatives versus spouse, shared household versus sexual relationship, professional partnership versus patriotism and all other Libra-Cancer dances! The trick is to figure out a creative and constructive way. You can draw the Tarot to help you with that.

  40. Thanks for this blog, the geopolitical topics are on many people’s minds. Looking forward to your book. I checked and it’s not available for pre-order yet on Amazon. I hope the Aries/Libra nodal axis will be better for me. It’s been rough for so many years. Would appreciate your insights. In 2009 my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness out of the blue. I stopped work to care for him and sadly he passed 2 years later. I’ve sort of pick up the pieces and wandered through life (quite aimlessly) the past 10 years. Downsized and relocated from the East Coast to the West Coast, USA in 2012. The pandemic was a tough time too, living in isolation. I’ve stellium in Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer with Libra ascendant and Moon. Also I’m glad you mentioned an end timing for recession. As a retiree living on fixed income, the recent economic/stock market downturn is worrisome. Thank you for that insight.

    1. Thank you. The book will not go on sale until Christmas. You will make or save a lot of money by Halloween and then from Christmas to May 2023 if you take the opportunities and solutions offered to you. Religion, Tarot, mediumship, Buddhism, therapy, meditation, hypnosis or another solitary inner pursuit will become part of your life from March to June 2023 and actually transform your life from the mid 2020s beyond the 2030’s.

  41. Thank you Jessica.
    Yes challenges…
    My sons lives have consumed and challenged my mind and body , while raising them on an isolated property, schooling and chronic illness were all challenges. With the sudden and the unexpected death of my first husband of 37 years, in 2011, brought about huge changes and upheavals in our lives . Although my boys were adults at the time this change was not easy for them or myself. During that time and afterwards we could have handled things better .Now my 2 eldest (Dan 17/8/82 and Josh (6/7/84)no longer speak and the youngest Lucius (born 17/10/86) took his own life in 2019. Due to the loss of his Dad (Gemini 12/6/56) , and sadly to drug use and violent and chaotic relationship issues.
    So the past 11 years has been a long and often sad road full of challenging experiences, that ultimately have been life changing for myself and my sons.
    I have changed my lifestyle to the point where I don’t recognize myself at times. New career/job (recently retired), sold my large property and house and relocated.My new partner has never had children. But has been very loving and supportive.Even he when didn’t understand.
    You say… ‘the challenge to change’ and ‘The choices made on those cycles over a lifetime usually result in independence and freedom for one partner’.
    For some time I have had the strongest urge to live a different lifestyle than the way I am living presently. So in the near future while I am able to , my wish is to become a nomad and travel Australia ‘off grid’ in a Van. But my partner is not ready to retire yet. Will only one of us pursue ‘independence and freedom’? Or is this time for me to be patient?
    Thank you Jessica , for your insight… for me your words reassure me… to hear that I may actually be on the right track after all.

    1. If you want to live off grid in a van around Australia that’s down to your Sun in Virgo as much as anything else. You would do it by July 2023 if you were going to commit to that and go back to a place you know very well from 18 or 19 years ago. Your lifestyle will change from March 2023 beyond 2030 with a completely different way of working and looking after your health. Your partner is best negotiated with from Halloween to Christmas when Jupiter is on your side but for whatever reason, he is hard work after March 2023, in 2024 and 2025 and patience will be required.

  42. Hi Jessica! I have a stellium in my 12th house that includes Pisces and Aries. It has honestly been a challenging time for the past 15+ years and I feel the end of this chapter coming. I would love your thoughts. Cannot wait for your new book!


    1. Thank you. Lauren, your stellium is in Pisces in the Twelfth House. New opportunities to be very successful with hypnosis, mediumship, astral travel, distance healing, Tarot, the Anglican church and so on, arrive from Halloween to Christmas. You will find people or organisations which can provide huge solutions and welcome breakthroughs surround you then. I hope you enjoy the new book; you can read all about your stelliums there and look up the times in your life when they produce the most important future events for you.

  43. Hi Jessica. Your work is wonderful and thanks for all that you do. I purchased a subscription and am really enjoying it! I do have my south node in Aries and have Libra and Capricorn stelliums. I have been divorced since 2018 and have not had much success with dating in the last four years. I’ve also had a longtime connection with a Libra man since 2013 (friendship only) that became very close in 2017-19 (more than friendship) although we were both married beginning of that period. Of course, I am no longer married but he still is, and have left him alone because of this. He has continually told me he is not happy, but I know this is his decision to make and I have told him I will not date him while he is married. I still have not met anyone else and I am not happy being single right now. Is 2023 more favorable for me in terms of long-term partnerships, and possibly with the Libra man? Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you very much. I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin at Asporea, who create this website. You are one of those Libra/Capricorn stellium people who got hit by the long cycles in the Cardinal signs and divorced. You’re friends with an unhappily married Sun Libra. Leave him alone until he separates, because he will try to see what he can get away with in 2022, 2023 and there is a very big question here about children. You don’t say if he is a father or not, or what his feelings are about being a stepfather, but that’s a very heavy issue until 2030 for him. You will be tremendously happy with a partnership from May 2023 until May 2024 and it will be radically different; liberating; your world will turn upside-down.

  44. Jessica, thank you. Perfect timing, your book will be a Christmas present to myself! Your insights give me hope for better days ahead and paths to work on.

  45. Many thanks for your reply. Excited to see what will happen in 2023!

    The Sun Libra has six planets in Libra and two points in Aries. Cancer moon and descendant/Capricorn ascendant.

    Sun: 12° Libra 58′ 24″
    Mercury: 13° Libra 54′ 14″
    Venus: 03° Libra 48′ 38″
    Ceres: 03° Libra 23′ 22″
    MC: 24° Libra 26′ 53″
    North Node: 22° Libra 20′ 17″ R

    IC: 24° Aries 26′ 53″
    South Node: 22° Aries 20′ 17″ R

    He is a father of an adult child who is out of the house and I have two younger children who will be in the home for 8-10 more years, so what you’re saying fits both of us. I will leave him alone and maybe not even care by 2030 since that’s so far from now.

  46. Hi Jessica,

    One again thanks for your work and as always for making us all aware of what is coming. I can see I have a stelliums in Libra as well as in Aries. Just wondering what does that mean as I have been trying to change my work profile and trying hard to achieve something different from past 1 year ? Thank you for your time.

    1. The best opportunities and solutions for work in 12 years are here until Halloween then roll again from Christmas to May 2023. Thank you.

  47. Apologies, I realized after I hit send and there was no way to edit or delete the comment. I’d misread my chart.

  48. Hi Jessica A very interesting article as always. I have a stellium in Cancer and Libra and Fortuna in Aries. How will the upcoming nodal changes impact my career and relationship status. I started a new job in July and I am not certain whether it is the right step for me as the opportunity seemed good but now that I have started does not seem it aids my profession development. Relationship wise I was in a long term relationship which started 19 years ago for 12 years and have been single since. Any insights into career and relationship in particular will be greatly appreciated Many Thanks!

    1. You are in the biggest and best success cycle in 12 years from Christmas to May 2023 so pursue the solutions then. This is about rebranding your profile, appearance or title, as shown in your natal chart, but also scaling the heights, as shown in your solar chart. Your new job may well be more useful then or you may replace it. Sexual relationships have been a relentless area of constant challenge since 2008 but that ends in March 2023 when Pluto changes signs and you may find your perspective on being single or dating changes as events change around you, with no more questions about who or what is in charge.

  49. Hello Jessica-
    I would appreciate your thoughts on my sister’s situation. She had surgery August 4, 2016 in NYC to remove a benign brain tumor. Following surgery, debilitating head pain dogged her. On September 28, 2020, she had a second surgery to remove the screws from the first surgery in the hopes that that would eliminate the pain. It did not. She has since consulted with pain doctors and they have tried different approaches to eliminate or relieve the pain albeit without success. There are many days when she takes pain meds (avoiding the addictive ones) which result in severe nausea. The combination of the pain and nausea makes it virtually impossible for her to do anything but sleep.
    Do you see any relief? And end to the pain?
    Her chart is below. She does have stelliums in Capricorn and Libra (in addition to Aries) and in your blog, you wrote that Aries persons with stelliums in Capricorn, Libra and Cancer will stop herself, block herself or be thwarted so I am wondering the role these signs play and how she can deal with the stopping, blocking and thwarting.
    Sun  20°  Aries 59′ 41″
    Moon  5°  Leo 25 49″
    Mercury  26°  Pisces 55′ 10″
    Venus  8°  Taurus 33′ 10″
    Mars  29°  Sag 31′ 56″
    Jupiter  21°  Gemini 46′ 49″
    Saturn  7°  Scorpio 11′ 11″ R
    Uranus  19°  Cancer 5 47″
    Neptune  24°  Libra 48′ 11″ R
    Pluto  22°  Leo 39′ 42″ R
    Chiron  28°  Capricorn 17′ 44″
    Juno  13°  Leo 27′ 55″ 
    Vesta  24° Aries 49′ 53″
    Ceres  3°  Libra 27′ 24″ R
    MC  09°  Capricorn 48′ 17″
    IC  09°  Cancer 48′ 17″
    ASC  18°  Aries 17′ 14″
    DESC  18°  Libra 17′ 14″
    Diana  03°  Pisces 17′ 17″
    Fortuna  10°  Scorpio 53′ 33″ R
    Minerva  11°  Pisces 51′ 4″
    Bacchus  0°  Pisces 52′ 29″
    Apollo  28°  Taurus 40′ 4″
    Aesculapia  13°  Scorpio 35′ 45″ R
    Hygeia  20°  Cancer 0′ 27″
    Panacea  1°  Aries 25′ 20″
    Ops  22°  Libra 1′ 25″ R
    Salacia  07°  Capricorn 45′ 32″ R
    Proserpina  24°  Pisces 14′ 25″
    Cupido  9°  Taurus 9′ 54″
    Vulcano  22°  Leo 50′ 5″
    Psyche  5°  Aquarius 0′ 42″
    NorthNode  19°  Capricorn 24′ 2″ 
    SouthNode  19°  Cancer 24′ 2″ 

    I thank you for your time and thoughts on this matter.


    1. Your poor sister. Aries rules the head so if she took her problem to an astrologer in the 17th century, he would notice Panacea at 1 Aries, the Sun at 20 Aries, Vesta at 24 Aries, the Ascendant at 18 Aries. That is a stellium or unusually high Aries count. She has a Grand Cross with the North Node at 19 Capricorn, South Node at 19 Cancer and Ascendant at 18 Aries, Descendant at 18 Libra. That’s a cross to bear. It’s about family (Cancer) but also partners (Libra) and sometimes enemies (also Libra). If she sleeps all the time, she needs to ask herself what that achieves for her. Pain obviously gets her sympathy, or it should do. Sleeping is dropping out. Aries can be angry; aggressive; even violent. She isn’t. Her awful condition has removed that. You don’t say anything about her so it is hard to do more than just detail the astrology. A strongly Aries person who does not function at all, may be preventing herself from fighting someone. It is possible she has been at war with someone or still is and can’t see any way to resolve it, except to drop out – to be present, but not really there. Extreme passive aggression sometimes shows up with Aries stelliums. Women are not allowed to fight so they win the war by dropping out – being a burden to others – making them feel guilty. That can happen too. They passively wage war and are victorious. It’s complicated! I feel very sorry for her and hope whatever the root astrological cause, she finds a way through.

  50. Hi Jessica Good Morning,
    great article .thanks much.
    i have stelliums in – ARIES (5) ,TAURUS (5) AQUARIUS (5) and CAPRICORN (4) .
    and i want to start a business .
    In past i had silver jewelry store in 1995-1997 which i had to close due to health issue and i loose money. and in 2005-2011 had a wholesale Apparel and accessory business which again i had to close due to partner back out(kind of betrayed) and i loose lot and finished with debt on me which i still have some.
    in between time period i had job and also right now i am on job but with job money its not possible to be debt free.
    jessica i want to be debt free and than want to go deep in spirituality to achieve a self realization.
    will Coming Aries cycles will be favorable by any means to me to achieve my goal of life ?
    and can i start a business or profession ? if yes that what kind .please help me out.

    1. You will relaunch your name, face, profile, reputation and branding from Christmas to May 2023 following a fantastic chain of opportunities. You are in the toughest financial cycle of your life, but you will make or save money from May 2023 to May 2024 and find the strain disappears from July 2023 when the nodes change sign. Similarly, your career has been relentless and intense since 2008 but that ends in March 2023. A group you join or rejoin with more focus from March 2023 will empower you, if you use your willpower. You have that kind of chart!

  51. I did not mean to give you the impression that my sister sleeps all the time. She has had so much pain since 2016 and has certainly not slept all day every day since then!
    She works in accounting. She has changed jobs several times over the last several years which from your blogs may be attributed to Pluto in Capricorn. A few were mergers in which the buyer felt that accounting may be completely mechanized. As we all know, garbage in, garbage out: if you enter bad data using accounting software, you will produce useless financial statements or they will not balance. Some employers were not concerned that the books were out of balance and expected her to work with books in such a condition which is very difficult when you have been trained that books must be in balance.
    My sister continues to try to work so this limits the amount of over the counter pain medication she can take: pain meds make her drowsy and often nauseous. When she struggles with severe pain during the work day, she is physically exhausted by the end of the workday and can no longer put off taking pain meds. So she goes home and is unable to do much more than sleep on many days.
    With the passage of time, the continuing pain becomes depressing.
    Given the many retrogrades, is there a good or better time for her to begin a new treatment. (She has been working with different pain doctors for many years trying different alternatives to addicting pain meds).
    Also, Virgo deals with health. She has no Virgo aspects in her chart. What does this mean with respect to one’s health?
    I recall reading that if there are no aspects to Virgo in your chart, that means health does not play a major role in your life but that does not appear to be the case given the pain she suffers from.
    She and I are both Sun Sign Aries. After I underwent radiation treatments in 1998, I lost my voice volume so people found it very hard to hear me. Also my voice was very raspy when I did speak. I recovered my voice 17 years later. Will my sister have to live with the severe pain for 17 years? I pray not.

    1. I am sorry for this late reply as you posted on 26th September but I am going to look at these Aries weather questions, ahead of the event (now booked out) on Meetups. Your sister should look at hypnosis for pain. I strongly recommend Glenn Harrold. He has free hypnosis to try. So does Dr. Paul McKenna. I can’t see your sister’s chart here so can’t comment further on her, but in astrology, work and health are connected. If she is an accountant having a hard time, her body may be telling her to get out. Only she can do that. I suggest she looks at the Tarot for further information. And please do look at Glenn Harrold and his audio for pain.

  52. I don’t know how I missed this on your blog but thank you for a fascinating read. I have a stellium in libra, but I cannot see myself getting pregnant again. I had a tarot reading with Tara a few weeks ago, and she mentioned that a split might be on the cards. Would this align with my birth chart?

    Married – 11th June 2005
    Husband born – 22nd Sept 1968

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    I’m sure I speak for a lot of us here, but you make this hectic world feel a bit more bearable right now. At least, that is how I feel. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with Sagittarius, Libra and Capricorn stelliums. Tara Buffington was picking up on your Libra stellium on a psychic level, which is useful. Pluto leaves Capricorn and your Tenth House in March 2023 so there is a change in the balance of power with your profession or your status (as a wife) in December 2022, January 2023. You don’t say if you work but I assume so. If you don’t work the ‘job’ is being a wife. The real story is the lunar nodes in Aries and Libra from July 2023, though, and so this opposition to your Seventh House (marriage and divorce) factors will trigger karma from 18 or 19 years ago in 2023, 2024 and if you are going to break up, it would be then. You do not mention children but actually children, pregnancy, adoption are the main stories here. There is a great drive for freedom until 2026. Freedom from parenthood, or freedom through new parenthood. You can also use the Tarot here to validate.

  53. Hi Jessica! I found this post while researching more on the upcoming Lunar Node transition next year and I’m very interested in your thoughts. My Ascendant is Libra and I’ve been feeling excited about this transit, although I was wondering if you have any general ideas for this placement in terms of career. I’ve felt very confused for many years in terms of a specific direction and haven’t felt very secure or steady with money (Scorpio 2nd House), especially so this year. I’ve been entertaining the thought of pursuing writing more (Gemini Stellium in the 9th House) and if this would be worth my time and effort. My intuition tells me next year by Spring I’ll have a much greater sense of clarity and determination in terms of what to pursue. A good portion of this year (5 months) I’ve traveled in Europe and I also wonder if I should continue with travel or try to be more stable physically. It definitely already feels like we are all heading towards a passionate change in identity. Thank you so much for such a thorough post and insightful astrological reflections! Excited for your response!

    1. You are using a different house system to me, so I wonder why you are asking questions on this website, as I use the Natural House System. Scorpio rules your Eighth House not your Second House. Gemini rules your Third House not your Ninth House. Should you continue with travel? You wrote in September and will already have been blocked or stopped. Mars Retrograde in Gemini will continue to get in your way until March 2023, likely because of the pandemic. From March 2023 it becomes easier and from 2026 Uranus in Gemini will permanently alter the way you travel locally and regionally, again probably because of the pandemic.

  54. Hi Jessica,
    I have stellium in pisces in first house sun leo in 5th house. Will 2023 be good for me in career, love and home? My son 29.4.2001 sun taurus asc scorpio studying paramedic will be the year be good too eg live. TY. Athena

    1. You’ve posted seven times in a row. I can’t see a chart here Athena. You are also using a different house system to me. Your stellium in Pisces is in the Twelfth House not the First House. You also want me to read for your son, and I don’t see a chart for him either. Saturn is in Pisces in your Twelfth House from March 2023 so be very careful with mediumship, Tarot, religion, hypnosis, therapy and all inner pursuits from that point. Saturn transits your Twelfth House in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026 and is a test of patience. An obstacle course for you and your God, actually, and it will take quite a lot of persistence.

  55. Hi Jessica, I hope I am not too late with this. I have a stellium in Aries including both Jupiter and Chiron. If you had time it would be lovely to hear your thoughts on what 2023 means for me.
    Thanks for everything you do for us!

    1. Not too late, but the event is now fully booked. You will be offered a far better way to present yourself online just after Christmas. It may be a discounted weight loss program or a personal trainer who is making offers. There is also a focus (not on the body but the name) and your title may reflect higher status in 2023, likely through promotion or qualifications. Make the relaunch your focus until May 2023 as you don’t have this cycle very often.

  56. Hi Jessica, I have only signed up today but am already consumed with reading everything you have to say. I have had a huge life changing year that has been very difficult and have struggled to keep on top of things.My marriage has irretrievably broken down and caused friction in my relationships with some of my children. I am hoping 2023 brings great change for me. I only have my IC at 07 degrees in Aries. I am a Sun Sign Gemini with strong stelliums in Cancer and Taurus. I plan to move from Cairns to Brisbane and re start over at 61years of age. Do things look good for me?

    1. You are a Gemini with a Cancer and Taurus stellium so the end of the marriage, family and old home life must have been very difficult. You are emotionally heavily invested in your home; home town; homeland; relatives; ancestors (Cancer stellium). Taurus rules values so it is very common for husband and wife to split over life budgets. I am sorry you have had friction with some of the children. You want to restart in Brisbane after living in Cairns. Okay, so December 2022, January 2023 will sort out the last remains of whatever you need to figure out financially or with property. Your willpower then will empower you. Christmas is of course when people try to sort things out with each other and although December-January is intense, if you use your self-control you will be in control. March 2023 comes as a huge relief as Pluto leaves your sector of joint finance and property for the first time since 2008. March-June shows you what life can be like without having to constantly think about who or what is in control. You will move. You may even move further than another city within Queensland. From 2023, foreign people and places have a powerful impact on you and from 2030, one foreign culture, nationality, language, history transforms your life. Any issues with children are temporary and again, it may come down to money or property. You will make or save quite a lot of money, May 2023 to May 2024 as Jupiter transits your Taurus stellium and that is your reward. Enjoy what you save or make and indulge yourself.

  57. Hello, Jessica

    Thank you for your replies on other posts.

    I have Chiron at 24 Aries. I remember Chiron has big role in astrology, you said?
    Could you tell me how those transit will have an impact on me, please?

    Thank you

    1. Chiron is transiting Aries and you were born with Chiron in Aries in your First House of image, so you are experiencing your Chiron Return this time around, and a longer period when mavericks will influence how you feel about your face, shape, style, hair, body, clothes, name, brand and so on. This period in history is notable for the huge focus on selfies, selfie sticks, men who want to present as women, women who want to present as men, Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Aries, as you have seen, is about the exterior, but what we do with the exterior is a massive comment on our psychology. Chiron was first associated with mavericks, gadflies and heretics by Dennis Elwell, many years ago, and these people tend to visit your life on this transit, encouraging you to see what you can get away with. Do you get away with everything? No. You can go so far, but only so far.

  58. Dear Jessica,
    Keep on doing the great work. I am 27th March (1971 at 9.00 Am Indian time) born. I have Aries sun and moon. In September I lost my 15 years career and reputation by false allegations! I am in shock and not sure how it’s going to move? Please can you guide me?

    1. You are a Sun Aries with career problems. This has been a common outcome of Pluto in Capricorn in your solar Tenth House since 2008. It ends in March 2023. All that can happen from June 2023 is a replay and rewind of the same politics. Those in power have lost their power from that point. As an Aries you need to focus on the group (it may be a trade union or religious organisation) from March 2023 which will empower you. It may be a band or a secret society. It will change your life.

  59. Hi, Jessica,

    thank you for this insightful article. Could you help me understand if this cycle and my stelliums in Leo and Aries might mean relocation to a different country as part of this image/self change?

    1. Aries is not about emigration or relocation, it is about image and profile. If you want to emigrate you look to Sagittarius, which rules the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. There is a long Mars opposition to the Moon in Sagittarius every 28 days at the moment, so you will be blocked and stopped, but from March 2023 Mars leaves this transit and then you have a wider range of choices. The pandemic is very likely one of the blocks.

  60. Hi Jessica,

    I’m wondering how to join the Aries weather Meet Up event in November? I have requested to join but haven’t heard back, is there somewhere else I should be signing up?

    Many thanks x

    1. It’s possible the event has booked out. I will find out – if there is enough demand I could open up a new event so people don’t miss out. If so, I will announce it on the website and on Twitter. Thank you.

    2. We booked out very quickly so it is possible you were too late, unfortunately (even on 14th October) but Alicia is posting all the future events this weekend, into 2023, so please attend there.

  61. Hi Jessica, just catching up on all the recent blog posts; thanks for all the knowledge that you so generously share! I’m not sure if you’re still taking questions on this post, but if you have the time I would greatly appreciate your insight on my chart! I have my nodes in Aries and Libra so wondering what to expect with this upcoming cycle, in regards to my nodes but also considering my Libra stellium and also; what does Minerva in Aries mean for me? I have some really tough years behind me, I was in a really toxic relationship that really drained me emotionally and felt like it crushed my spirit and I also lost my father. I feel exhausted but trying to get my life back together, I have two beautiful little girls that I want to provide a happy home and life for. I have also been trying to set up an online business for the past year but it’s been hard to get it to gain momentum, any insights in my chart related to that? I also have stelliums in Scorpio and Taurus, so all this Scorpio/Taurus weather has also been hitting me, what can you point out about my placements in those signs or any other placements I should be aware of? All in all, it feels so much tumultuous activity have been going on that I’m just ready for some peace and quiet, I just want to find my place in life and create a happy home and be successful at something at last.. Realizing I’m asking a lot of big questions here, but any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for all that you do!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Sagittarius woman with stelliums in Sagittarius, Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus and Libra. Your focus until July 2023 should be your money, house, charity, apartment, business and/or valuables. You have Pluto in your solar Second House of personal income until March 2023. You were born with a stellium in your Second House and Uranus and the North Node are there, together, until July 2023. So until the first/second quarter of 2023 understand that your online business will be a stretch. I am not surprised you find momentum hard. You want a happy home and success and that means money to a strongly Scorpio-Taurus person. So first of all, don’t expect miracles of yourself or the world when you are in this Taurus-Scorpio lunar node cycle, with Uranus in Taurus as well. The situation shifts, as I’ve said, from March 2023 and then from July 2023 the biggest stretch is over, financially. You will save or make a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 if you take all the opportunities and solutions that are offered to you as Jupiter goes through your natal Second House for the first time in 12 years. Long-term your future is the internet, correct, and perhaps the media. If you use willpower and self-control you will achieve power and clout, influence and presence, past 2030.

  62. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your blogs. I would like to ask you if you could share any insights for me?

    I am originally from Germany, but live in the Netherlands for 50 years, and have the feeling that I am in some kind of a karmic cycle, it feels like slowly getting out of paying karmic debt. For the past 10 years I have not only been a mother for our youngest daughter but also a caretaker. It has put a huge strain on my health, I have had all kinds of illnesses since I was fifteen and I long to recover. Our daughter is on the spectrum, with anxiety disorder and OCD, turned 18 this month and will probably go into protected living within a year, for 2 years. I wonder about my health, my business (I’m a coach, breathworker, team coach, communication trainer), how that will develop? I had to hold back in work for many years and I’m yearning for more freedom, to spread my wings and be of more service.

    Also I have a question about two inherences we will be receiving shortly (my parents and mother in law still living): weither to invest in an appartment for our youngest daughter now, or in state obligations (we live in the Netherlands) to buy something for her in 3 years from now, when she will leave the protected living project. My husband is also a Taurus, our youngest daughter is a libra. We did something like that for our eldest daughter as well, we want both of them to be safe and stable. Would it be wise to wait now with investing in property and buy state obligations?

    And last but not least I’m concerned about our youngest daughter, could you say anything about her development in the near future (school, trauma release, healing), born 4th of october 2004 in Amsterdam? She has a libra stellium, ascendant in pisces. She is the most hypersensitive person I have ever known.
    Since the world is going through some pretty turbulent times, she is much affected.

    Thank you if you could shed some light on these topics, I hope I did not ask to many questions?
    Warm regards, Annette

    1. Thank you Annette. You have chronic illness and a teenage girl with anxiety and OCD – for which I am very sorry. You don’t know if you should buy a home for your daughter now or later; she is Libra, your husband is Taurus. There is another daughter, or is this the same one with anxiety, who is Libran and too sensitive. You are a Sun Taurus woman with stelliums in Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn. The Virgo stellium is the one to decode in respect of chronic illness. Historically you have been ill and thus been unable to work at full capacity or perhaps study at full potential. Even, to do the housework or parent to your best. Therefore if you want to understand why your body does not co-operate with your mind and spirit, you have to figure out how you are unconsciously affecting what happens to you, that makes a doctor, or time off, or time out, necessary. Even a change of role – historically. Pisces-Virgo stellium people find their unconscious is at odds with their health, some of the time, so ask your dreams (the repository of the unconscious) how your spirit, soul or subconscious mind may be driving the agenda with the rest of you. If you ‘had to hold back from work for many years’ there’s an answer right there. Financially you will be on far more even keel with your husband, parents and children once Mars is out of Gemini and your solar Second House (March 2023) and particularly when the nodes are out of Taurus/Scorpio, July 2023. So ask the Tarot about a purchase at any point from the second half of 2023, into 2024. You are also going to find motherhood far easier when the endless Pluto oppositions to the Moon in your Fourth House of family (every 28 days since 2008!) stop. You get a break from that, March to June 2023 and you should take notes on what happens then, with both/all daughters. My final comment would be Vesta. If your husband is the only man in the house, Vesta may be at work here. She describes female competition for male attention and approval. Vesta is at 28 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships (marriage and property, typically) but also family and legacy. Vesta also makes quite a few patterns in your chart, so have a look at her. Look at the paintings of Vesta. Read more about the Vestales in Rome. That archetype is living in this chart and I have seen it play out before, with mothers whose daughters require a lot of attention, and a husband/father who is very much in control. Just saying. What usually works with Vesta is a sense of humour, and all the females having fun at the male’s expense. It can be a relief, actually. See what the Tarot tells you about this too, Annette.

  63. Thank you! This was really helpful, I tend to be super impatient, so having a timeline of what to expect and focus on, as well as knowing I’m on the right path helps – it also helps me be kinder to myself. 🙂

  64. Dear Jessica,

    I’m thrilled to have had the chance to find your amazing blog!
    I’m a long time astro nerd, many thoughts on what’s happening around the globe and the astrological impacts that are being displayed in the sky, how we can adjust and try to navigate through stormy weathers ahead. I’m beyond thrilled to read your educational posts!!

    I’m capricorn sun, libra moon, aries rising and (my harsh but interesting, I believe?) mars capricorn at 29 degrees.
    I’have had my share of stressfull events, many ups and downs through-out my life..
    My ascendent aries have helped me being selfconfident and I’ve landed great oppurtunities in academia and work, but as I see it —many karmic events have been coming my way since early childhood and then the last 10 years.
    I must mention, since (2008) 2011 I have grown as a person and I have become a more self-aware human. The traumas in my life that I’ve tried to leave behind, they have reappeared through different aspects and made (forced) me to face and work through them. Much emotional work done, but still some work to do..

    My stagnation and what keeps me up at night is within the work area :(, will things ever move past this ”huge bump”. I feel angry and then sad.. Since 2019 things been difficult within this part of my life. On a positive note, I’ve been able to spend valauble time with my family. This area of my life is very beautiful and strong. But finance needs to get back on track. My question is, can you see a positive aspect happening in the near future?

    Thank you for your time and your great work!

    My warmest regards

    Some of my placements are.
    Sun Capricorn 9° in house 9, Moon Libra 24° in house 7, Mercury Capricorn 8° in house 9, Venus Sagittarius 15° in house 9
    Mars Capricorn 29° in house 10, Jupiter Libra 9° in house 6, Saturn Libra 9° in house 6, Ascendant Aries 14°

    1. Your houses don’t make any sense to me so I need to spin your chart to the Natural House System. Okay, you are in the most restricted, limited financial cycle in 29 years which ends in March 2023. That month challenges you to change. If you use self-control you will gain financial control until 2044 using willpower. By JUne 2023 you will be aware of the challenge which may involve income, taxation, your house or apartment or a legacy. Thank you.

  65. Dear Jessica,

    I’m thrilled to have had the chance to find your amazing blog!
    I’m a long time astro nerd, many thoughts on what’s happening around the globe and the astrological impacts that are being displayed in the sky, how we can adjust and try to navigate through stormy weathers ahead. I’m beyond thrilled to read your educational posts!!

    I’m capricorn sun, libra moon, aries rising and (my harsh but interesting, I believe?) mars capricorn at 29 degrees.
    I’have had my share of stressfull events, many ups and downs through-out my life..
    My rising sign aries have helped me being selfconfident and I’ve landed great oppurtunities in booth academia and work, but as I see it —many karmic events have been coming my way since early childhood and then the last 10 years.
    I must mention, since (2008) 2011 I have grown as a person and I have become a more self-aware human. The traumas in my life that I’ve tried to leave behind, they have reappeared through different aspects and made (forced) me to face and work through them. Much emotional work done, but still some work to do..

    My stagnation and what keeps me up at night is within the work area :(, will things ever move past this ”huge bump”. I feel angry at timra and then sad.. Since 2019 things been difficult within this part of my life. On a positive note, I’ve been able to spend valauble time with my family. This area of my life is very beautiful and strong. But finance needs to get back on track. My question is, can you see a positive aspect happening in the near future?

    Thank you for your time and your great work!

    My warmest regards

    Some of my placements are.
    Sun Capricorn 9° in house 9, Moon Libra 24° in house 7, Mercury Capricorn 8° in house 9, Venus Sagittarius 15° in house 9
    Mars Capricorn 29° in house 10, Jupiter Libra 9° in house 6, Saturn Libra 9° in house 6, Ascendant Aries 14°

    1. Thank you. Work and money are about to get a lot better for Sun Capricorn people. You are now in the toughest money cycle in 29 years which ends in March 2023. It is replaced by Pluto’s transit in the Second House of income; your challenge from that point on is to use willpower to find your power and self-control to take back control. Try to sit things out until then; you are not alone. Work is basically a Pluto issue too. In the Natural House system you have the Sun, Mercury, Mars in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. Pluto has been in there since 2008 forcing transformation. That also ends in March 2023, thinking about your natal chart. So you will get past the bump. I strongly suspect a new role or project in March. Take a look at the Tarot to validate, on this website. The Pluto transit in Capricorn in your natal Tenth House will never happen again; it is almost over. Pluto going to 29 Capricorn in conjunction with your Mars really urges you to do something with unpaid work, academia, study or paid work – on whatever level works. It’s very important that you roll up your sleeves and take action as the transit comes your way. Churchill built a brick wall and joined a bricklayers’ union (true) when he was out of Westminster. You have interesting choices.

  66. Hi Jessica,

    Your blogs are always so interesting! Thank you!

    I have stelliums in Aries, Scorpio & Gemini… how does this cycle affect me? I’m currently living in Canada.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you. Jupiter in your Aries stellium is an expansion of your image; an inflation of your profile; solutions for your reputation; answers for your title. A relaunch, in other words, from Christmas to May 2023, which is hugely beneficial.

  67. hi Jessica. Just wondering how the jupiter transition in Aries coming up will affect me – having jupiter in opposition at Libra? I am Pisces sun but definitely relate to Aries stellium being thwarted somewhat as I do recognise some Aries traits in myself. Another quick question, if I have ordered charts for my husband & son from your site can you see them to comment on? thanks for your wonderful work & support!

    1. Thank you. It’s best to cut and paste the charts for your husband and son into your question so I can see them, to comment on. Jupiter-Jupiter oppositions are conflicts involving opportunities. You can answer the door at the back, but not the front, and vice versa. So you have to creatively compromise. Libra-Aries is always ‘me versus us’ and ‘me and the marriage’ or ‘me and the common law marriage’ so a classic example is a wife who is offered a promotion at the same time her husband is offered one, in another country. The Tarot can tell you more.

  68. Hi Jessica, I have been following your work for three years now and really value your advice and guidance. I am paying particular attention to the Aries cycle as a I have a major Aries stellium, I have a Scorpio stellium too so i will have a read through your post on this next. The funny thing is, I personally have found it difficult to relate to some of the Aries traits, except my journey through education and career. I was never the best in class or the A student, I had to repeat exams at school and university but I always knew I was a fighter and would never give up and I would get where I wanted to go eventually. I am really proud of that trait in me and it came through life experience that was at times scary and difficult, moving away from home for work and school and missing my family. The only problem is, it and other personal experiences has made me very independent, to the point where I have never really made time for partnership and romantic relationships in my life. This is something I have been trying to make more room for, as I know my life would be richer for this experience and I would like to have children some day, any insight into this area of my life I would really appreciate Jessica. Looking forward to reading your book! Lots of love, Emma

    1. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the book, Emma. Both your first name and surname are quite Aries. We associate Emma with the Jane Austen heroine (also a fighter like you) and of course your surname is one of the key words for Aries. You are also a Sun Aries and have that classic property/business/finance signature of Scorpio-Taurus. You will be powerfully influenced by a group you join or rejoin from March 2023 and come to see friends and allies in the community as a real source of power. It will matter quite as much as a marriage to you well past 2030. Yet, there is also space for a new partner when the South Node goes into Libra from July 2023 and by 2024 you will have been shown an interesting choice.

  69. Hi Jessica,

    what a fabulous read, thank you!

    I have north node Aries, south node Libra, sun Aries and stelliums I’m Aries, Libra, Gemini and Capricorn.

    This seems like a big year for me. I am fast tracking towards a promotion, change in work hours, 2.5 years into trying to fall pregnant and trying to furiously pay down debt.

    We are living comfortably but I worry of the next 6 months. 18-19 years ago I was year 11/12 highschool. My husband was welcoming his son.

    Do you have any insights in relation to my birth chart?

    1. Thank you. You are living your astrological chart. You are trying for a baby and fast-tracking for promotion. You are also having karma with your husband as his son arrived on the last cycle 19 years ago. Motherhood and fatherhood, which is what you are trying for again, is a familiar theme from the last karmic cycle and of course his son is now presumably your stepson and growing up fast. You are a Sun Aries with stelliums in Aries, Gemini, Capricorn and Libra. You’ll be offered opportunities to make more of your appearance, reputation, title and public face from Christmas to May 2023, which sounds like a promotion. Of course it’s up to you what you pursue. Do relaunch, though, as the effects will be terrific with Jupiter in Aries. The politics with your career, academic career or unpaid work since 2008 (long time!) vanishes in March 2023. All those issues about who stands where in the system, who has the controls, who has the power – are no longer dominating. The karmic period with your husband of greatest importance starts July 2023 and by 2024 you will realise this is about closure, either with him, or with your own past.

  70. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your great post, as ever. I am making my way through your new book – thank you so much! It is really enlightening and also fantastic to be able to be aware of things so far into the future.
    I have an Aries Stellium and Chiron in Aries.
    I have just started back at uni, after graduating from Law nearly 20 years ago. The legal field never ‘called’ to me, I always felt out of place there – in hindsight I should have followed my creative dreams – which I am doing now, Photography.
    I’m hoping this is finally the right place/right time for me. I’ve created a new Instagram page and I’m building a blog/website page too. I’m trying not to overthink it and just enjoy the space to be creative and to learn.
    And to see what comes my way with my new career. I haven’t been excited and motivated about something like this since I left high school.
    Thank you so much for your new book – If you have time, I’d love some more info about Aries in 2023 for me.
    DinP xxx

    1. Thank you Din P. I’m glad you are enjoying the new book Modern Astrology 2050. Photography is ruled by Aries, did you know? Most of the major developments in photography and/or film cameras have appeared when there are major transits in Aries. So you are on the right track, no matter if this is a side hustle or becomes a career for you.

  71. Hi Jessica
    I am a Sun cancer but also have Jupiter Aries 16, Diana Aries 25, Fortuna Aries 9, and my IC Aries 23. After a few tough years I was just wondering how you think I may go in 2023. Any insight would be gratefully appreciated.
    Have a great week

    1. Julie you will gain a new job, a new role, a big hit, promotion or successful academic result; an impressive charity achievement and so on – if you take the opportunity offered to you from Christmas to May 2023. It would involve a new title and look.

  72. Hi Jessica. Thank you for another great article. Made me think of the Midgard Serpent – Loki’s child – who bites itself in the tail, and if it ever lets go, Ragnarok will happen. I wonder where they got it from!
    It will be interesting to see how countries like mine (Norway) will manage the transition to no oil.

    I’m reading your book, and there are quite a few surprises. I’m looking at my natal chart in a very different manner now. For one, I thought I had no fire in my chart. With your chart, I now see that I have a Leo stellium. The Aquarius stellium is really resonating with me, as is my Virgo stellium. Not so sure about the Libra stellium. From you article, it seems Libra might be more challenged next year. I would really appreciate it if you could take a peak and see how this will play out for me.

    1. That’s interesting about the Midgard Serpent. Thank you. It is remarkable how the lunar nodes show up in so many cultures and countries. This idea of circularity and eternity also turns up in science through the Mobius Strip. That’s the big difference between astrology and everything else. We don’t see time as linear. It’s a dragon eating its tail. I’m glad you have the new book Modern Astrology 2050. Your Libra stellium will be important from July 2023 when the South Node goes into Libra for the first time in about 19 years. A duet or duel in your life then will either begin or revive, and the other person will help you gain karmic closure from life as it was, again, about 19 years earlier.

  73. Hello Jessica,

    Can you elaborate on this statement more for me in the article

    “ The only exception to this Aries stellium profile is the person who has stelliums in Libra, Capricorn and/or Cancer who will block herself, or stop himself, and be thwarted as a result.”

    I have a stellium in Libra just wondering what I should be aware of in this transit.



    1. Thanks Kane. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn. You don’t have an Aries stellium at all. You are diplomatic, tactful, know how to partner with people, are fair in balancing the scales with the other person, destined to know a foreign country and its people extremely well – considering moving there if you have not already moved – and extremely committed to work. March 2023 is important as the politics with your professional life since 2008 ends. We don’t know why yet.

  74. Hi Jessica, thanks for another informative article! I have stelliums in Libra, cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces with Aries Moon and Chiron. I’m possibly starting a new job in January for the same company that I worked with 19 years ago, and was curious to know if I’d be doing the right thing in going back to that role? Also would you know if I may be in another relationship next year as I’ve been single for over 3 years!
    Thanks so much for all your advice Jessica and interesting blogs.

    1. Thank you. You are gaining from karma from the last nodal cycle as you are owed – you may have done someone a good turn in your career or studies 19 years before, for example, and now the universe wants to redeem your karmic credits. You are also single and want a relationship. Be careful what you wish for. The next partnership will change you and change your life. Watch for clues, signs and hints in March 2023.

  75. Hello Jessica

    18/19 years ago, I had just finished my Bachelor of Science degree in my mid-30s and enthusiastically started my first ”professional” job in Australia. I am still working in the same profession, but at a different workplace, and after 15 years in the same place I now feel very stale and looking for new (preferably more senior) job opportunities.

    What are my chances of success please?

    I have 3 factors in Aries (Mars, Aesculapia and Chiron), and stelliums in Cancer (Sun, Moon, Vesta, Proserpina and SN) and Libra (Pluto, Uranus, Panacea and Fortuna). I have only 2 factors in Capricorn (NN and Cupido).

    In my experience, that’s a lot of squares to ‘’do’’ and I usually end up feeling conflicted about these areas. For example having a new relationship (I’m divorced) versus having my own space to do my own thing with my child, working towards having the type of home environment I want, the inner conflict I feel about trying to seek greater expansion as an employee at my age, or do my Diana/Vulcan/Apollo in Virgo and become self-employed?

    Help me please?!

    Thanks for your time.

    1. The two zones of the chart which rule your profession are Capricorn (ambition, status, success and the system) and Virgo (lifestyle, service, duty, wellbeing). Quite different. You are more Virgo than you are Capricorn. You are also going into a terrific cycle from Christmas to May 2023 with Jupiter and Chiron both in your solar Tenth House of achievement. You will be offered more than one solution or opportunity by the middle of 2023 which is pretty rare and rather irresistible. The Tarot can tell you more, on this website.

  76. Hello Jessica,
    I think maybe your response to questions “date and time” stamp is having issues. It shows Q&A response to this article from September, October and November? Maybe I am just confused.

    1. Thank you. No, the feature has been up for months and has just been pushed to the front page ahead of our weekend Zoom event on the same topic.

  77. Thanks again for the book. I signed up for the waitlist for the meet up. I hope there’s room for me.

    Jessica, some thoughts about “war”

    Cyber war. Psychological war.
    We are already in that-social media manipulation, ransomeware attacks (especially on government infrastructure, schools, hospitals) perhaps Australia hasn’t been as affected as the US?

    Also I just finished listening to a podcast about fascism & nazism in the US in the 30s & 40s. It was more serious than reported at the time-24 (!) congressmen working for Hitler! And now Neo-nazism has been growing world-wide. The actual name of the 30s US Nazi movement was “America First”-same slogan used by Trump.

    And then there’s this insane billionaire/plutocrat (involving Putin) cult idea called “Longtermism”—the guy whose crypto brokerage just crashed subscribes to it (Musk does too) it’s too dumb to explain. It’s faux altruism as is the theocratic movement in the US (faux Christianity).

    I personally think all the messaghas (Yiddish for craziness) is an expression of deep, deep fear of death connected with the state of the environment. The pandemic too is part of that—we are out of balance…perhaps this gets us to “the dark night of the soul”—the reckoning we need so that we change.

    Oh..personally—my south node is Aries, North of course, Libra. And I’m not still not sure about my karma from 18 or 19 years ago—but I just got a wonderful dog so I suspect it was good karma because he makes me feel blessed!

    Stay well. Thank you for you blogs. I’m learning a lot-it’s very interesting.

    1. Thank you. Alicia Richardson looks after the waiting list and I expect she’ll have final numbers closer to the weekend. Congratulations on your new dog. Dogs are ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House. You have a Pluto-Aesculapia conjunction at 1 Virgo in your Sixth House so that’s quite funny. Pluto had a multi-headed dog called Cerberus as you probably know. This is not just another animal companion. As for our world, we always look to transiting Pluto for the biggest messages, and he leaves Capricorn and goes into Aquarius, just as he did during every major change in the balance of power where male plutocrats were challenged or replaced by women. I find that very interesting because Donald and Elon and Vladimir are examples of what years of Pluto in Capricorn has produced. Patriarchy of a very traditional sort. That goes out of the window in March 2023. We don’t know why.

  78. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for your blog posts! I look forward to hearing more on the zoom event about the Aries/Libra cycle that is coming up. I thought I had a stellium in Aries, but I just checked my chart and it looks like I do not. My rising is in Aries, however. The reason why I was surprised is that I feel a little less Libran every year! My emotions run a little hotter than they used to, and I am a little more to the point in my communication style as well. Do you see anything in my own chart that could be affected by this cycle? I am also very curious what this new cycle could bring to the world – more conflict seems to be the last thing we need.

    1. Thank you and I hope to see you at the Zoom event this weekend. You are a Sun Libra, with stelliums in Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo. You have Mars at 4 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia. Mars pushes and rushes. Mars in your chart is in exact aspect with other factors, so this is a big part of you. You are part Roman soldier and you express it in (say) work or business. This Aries cycle is about your duets or duels. Typically marriages, work partnerships or opposition/conflict. It goes through your Seventh House from Christmas to May initially. Big decisions, in your favour, about the other side/your other half will cluster around Easter next year. The Tarot can help you more then.

  79. Hi Jessica, thank you for the insightful post! I have stellium in CANCER (6) SCORPIO (4) and ARIES (4). What can I do to avoid thwarting myself due to cancer stellium? And when you say I will see a reset in the areas of Success. Achievement. Ambition. Status. Career. Vocation. Calling. High Society. Social Climbing – did you mean I will start from zero (reset) in my career? Or the opposite (see success)?

    1. Thank you. The Cancer and Scorpio stelliums flow very nicely; you are watery, emotional, invested with the family or household, the family tree, partners and/or ancestors both with your feelings, but also with an eye on finance, property, business over the long-term. You will start to see the benefits when Jupiter changes signs in May and by May 2024 should have renovated, redecorated, bought or sold (house or apartment, land or another residence) and been helped by family, partners or in a position to help them as a result. The Aries stellium is the outlier here but if you were a real-estate agent with your face on a poster you’d do very nicely.

  80. Thanks for this post Jessica. I’m looking forward to the Zoom session! I have stelliums in Aries and Cancer, with squares and oppositions to my Moon in Cancer, and Uranus and Pluto in Libra. I get what you mean about feeling ‘thwarted’. But I was just successfully “out front” on a work trip, and suspect this may lead to another work trip or even a promotion when Jupiter is Aries again next year. Can you please look at my chart and tell me what you think? Thank you!

    1. I’m glad you can join Alicia, Deborah and I for the Zoom session this weekend. Your Sun in Cancer is your public face; the stelliums in Cancer, Taurus, Aries, Aquarius suggest 2023 is memorable. You were upfront on a work trip? That’s a good use of your Aries side. You may be promoted, get a superior job, win an award or have a big hit at any point from Christmas to May 2023. You will save or make quite a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024. Long-term, people power in a community or circle is your passport to your own power, and the faces which are there in March 2023 are very, very important.

  81. Thank you Jess. I just wanted to pass on some validation for your prediction for me back in April this year you told me “ Don’t underestimate who or what turns up from another country, or involving people from foreign cities, as it is rich potential for you to develop later on”. In June I ended up applying for a new job which involves assessing overseas qualifications for a large reputable organization linked to my profession. It was a 3 month entry level contract role which has now turned into a full-time senior position and for the first time in many years I finally feel good about my career trajectory and confident in my abilities. It’s been life changing for me. I just wanted to say thank you for your encouragement on this. Now it seems this theme will continue for me next year which is even more reassuring and exciting.

    1. Thank you so much for validating the prediction. Congratulations on the new career. You may be promoted again, be headhunted, win an award or add to your success in other ways, from Christmas to May 2023, so go even higher.

  82. Hi Jessica, I am a Libra sun, have a stellium in Scorpio and my jupiter is in Cancer. I purchased a house in July this year and working hard towards fixing it up as it was lacking maintenace and is becoming very costly (the latest eclipse in taurus on Nov 8th no doubt), can you tell me if I will benefit in the future, on fixing things. I feel like I may be living here for a while but I dont really feel like this will be my last and final home? You kindly helped me with a reply in the past, about my virgo stellium and what I needed to do to start focusing on improving my health and I seriously took your kind insite on board. I have been making changes to my lifestyle and I already seeing some improvements in my overall health. I do worry what may be ahead of me, though as you mentioned, when saturn changes signs into pisces. My two little poodles are also struggling with ageing and their health and keep me on my toes caring for them. Especially my little libra sun poodle who has just been diognosed with cushings disease. Ava is her name and I was devasted with the news as there is no good outcome. The cuddle time with her has increased, as you could imagine, as I just cant think of life without her. As I also let you know my life has been one big struggle since my marriage breakdown in Dec 2019. I have fought back to get my life back ontrack and I feel the uranus in taurus has helped me along but its been one hell of a fight to keep up and I wonder also has this been a toll on my health. I also have no outer support from anyone, family, freinds, but when I hear of overtones of the threat of contuning war, I feel like my troubles are nothing considering what the real issues are out there in life for a lot of people. Im just wondering what my libra stellium will hold for me when the libra/aries nodal changes next year? I have no aries in my chart so I am hoping thats a blessing due to oposition to my libra sun. Im also wondering about the jupiter change into taurus and my scorpio stellium and ascendant in taurus, would also hold for my future. Thankyou, Jessica for all the kindness you do for everyone.

    1. Thank you so much. Your Virgo stellium is in your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing, as you know, but this is also the house that rules dogs. Your poodle Ava is part of that story and I am sorry the vet has diagnosed Cushing’s Disease. Strongly Virgo people gather dogs and cats in their lives; sometimes horses; often playing the role of vet and animal psychic, combined – on an amateur level. Both your poodles are growing older and unfortunately the price of admission to dog ownership is that they go before we do – usually. I can tell you something from the animal spirit world that may help; dogs know they have a short time, but also know that when they pass, they open up a space for another needy dog to have a new life. They think like pack animals, which they are. Dogs are also far more practical than us, about life and death. The story with the house becomes easier from March 2023 and from March-June you can think about other things. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 if you follow what is tempting, obvious or even irresistible. Jupiter in Taurus in your money zone will sextile natal Jupiter in Cancer in your property zone in that period. In your public chart too, as a Sun Libra, you have Jupiter in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. The lack of support from friends and family is important. Pluto in Aquarius goes into your Fifth House of children and teenagers until the year 2044, from next year. Much younger faces (or one face in particular) seems set to play a dominant role in your future. Why, we don’t know. But you will find that a teacher/aunt/mother/grandmother/godmother role becomes really crucial as the years roll on. You may become a godmother, for example, and also find yourself drawn into a children’s charity. It’s on that level. You may also find a lover who has children from a previous marriage. That can happen too.

  83. Hi, Jessica! Thanks for another fascinating read. I have stelliums in Aries, Cancer (7 planets), Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Are they at all compatible? I do feel a massive transformation taking place over the past year in many areas of my life. Interestingly, as a Taurus sun, I’ve become so involved and excited by astrology and tarot, etc. I recently bought a tarot deck to teach myself so your prediction is spot on. xx

    1. The Tarot is great and Pamela Colman-Smith was at art school in Brooklyn. She showed her work at one of the most prestigious galleries in Manhattan, which you may know. So it’s a very NY deck and with a stellium in Cancer you are patriotically inclined and feel your heritage, history and ancestry very strongly. Your entire chart works, setting Aries aside for the moment, which is the odd sign out. The rest are about home, property, home town, homeland, finance, business, success. So it’s the material side of life. Aries only really works when there is a cause or a battle to fight, in the context of that. Otherwise strongly water-earth people like yourself tend to set Aries aside because it’s really about self-promotion, being front-and-centre, upfront and usually fighting for something, or fighting against something/someone. The Tarot itself will tell you how you use your earth-water signs and how you might want to use them, too.

  84. Dear Jessica
    Another brilliant article – thank you. I’d appreciate your insight please if you have time. I am Sun Aries with a stellium in Aries (5), a stellium in Pisces (4) but a huge stellium in Capricorn (8) :(. Your pointing out this combination represents people being thwarted and holding back resonates deeply.
    So much of Modern Astrology is already really insightful – plenty of ah-ha moments! It’s a wonderful book. I’m really interested in understanding how I can work with this energy and make the progress I really want to be able to make. I’m typically positive and see the glass half full, but it can be disheartening to constantly strive and feel like progress is blocked.
    Many thanks as always for everything you do.

    1. Karen, I am seeing a few people with Capricorn and Aries factors or stelliums who feel thwarted. You can use Modern Astrology 2050 to help you start the search for productive or creative ways to manage these signs in your chart. The Tarot can also show you. If you strive and are blocked, some of that is not your fault at all; you have had Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries for years, and so the climate around your profession or chosen field has been part of the issue. It’s the actual industry or business. This ends in March. Pluto goes. I don’t know what you want to do with your career or unpaid work, but the time is right to update your appearance, relaunch your name or face, shape or style, reputation, title or image. Jupiter in Aries is there to be used and it starts at Christmas.

  85. Hi Jessica – a huge thank you, for another fascinating and eye opening post. I have a stellium in Aries in my first house and a stellium in Capricorn. Your insight about blocking myself really resonated. Any insight on how to avoid thwarting myself?

    I am tentative planning to open my glamping venture on 21 March 2023. Hoping the venture will be successful. Would love your take on the date – is it a good day to open?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Self-blocking or self-obstructing is rather like a traffic jam inside. In astrology we group the stelliums into Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). You are in the first group so may find you thwart yourself professionally (Capricorn) because you can’t be bothered waiting patiently to get to the top (Capricorn) in a system which is based on seniority and slow advancement (Capricorn). That happens if you are expressing Aries, which is impatient, based on action, first off the starter’s blocks, pushy, self-promoting and can be aggressive. It works the other way. If you are not comfortable with self-promotion it may be that your Capricorn side is getting in the way and thinks you should crawl modestly to the top, not butt in. You can find the Tarot is quite useful to suggest ways of managing both sides of yourself. A creative compromise. Your glamping venture is very wise as we are headed for a Covid crisis in March 2023 and the usual market for flights and hotels is not only literally dying off or becoming unfit to travel – it is a market which might not want to be infected a second or third time. So al fresco and the great outdoors are smart ideas. You are too early though. The real boom happens when Jupiter (growth, expansion) goes into Gemini (short local journeys) once he has left Taurus in the year 2024, yet from 2026, new technology will revolutionise the glamping industry and you may want to be the first on that wagon. You could always start now, test and trial, then go bigger later, I guess. Just remember to cover *all* the areas on the glamping ground; reception, laundry, lavatories. Your new market will be looking for total protection and they will pay to have it.

  86. Dear Jessica, I read your pages every day and have just rejoined as a member because your wisdom is priceless and unique (I haven’t found your equal anywhere else). The line-up you describe in this article appears to be important for my chart. I am a Sun Gemini, with stelliums in cancer (7), aries (5), libra (4), leo (4) and capricorn (4). Jupiter is in Libra and Chiron in Aries. I have just accepted a new job, starting in January and, coincidentally, my teenage son (Sun Libra) is starting a new school the same month. I’m a single mum with money worries for the past few years (but thankfully no debt anymore). I’d be grateful to know how my financial and relationship status in 2023 looks to you, based on my chart. When I asked the Tarot on your website whether the new job was the right move for me, I drew the Queen of Cups. Thank you in advance for your guidance.

    1. Thank you. That’s very kind of you. The Queen of Cups in relation to your new job is either you, or your female employer or main colleague, if you have one. It may be a female major client. As you know from the card, this woman has an unusual relationship she does not know how to handle. The year 2023 for you may be about that (but I think it may be your female boss or co-worker). March 2023 is a turning point as foreign people, and foreign places, come to mean something completely new to you. The old obstacles and barriers vanish. Do all you can to make more of old friends, old groups, and make terrific new friends and involve yourself in new circles of people – Christmas to May. That is a gift that goes on giving. The old relationship patterns since 2008 have always involved you with questions about the house, the bank accounts, the apartment and been relentless. These stop in March 2023. I expect part of that has been your son’s father, but March 2023 finishes the book on this forever. You may re-read or rewrite some chapters, either with your ex or another recurring situation, but it’s essentially lost its power. This will make future sexual relationships remarkably different. Look to friends first though. That’s where the gold is.

  87. Hi Jessica,
    Just wondering if there will be a replay for those unable to attend?
    With my Saturn in Aries what would this mean for me. I feel stuck and have done for 8 years.
    Any insights please.
    With regards, A

    1. Thank you A but there is no recording of my Zoom events as questions. Stuck for eight years sounds like you have stelliums in the same group and you do: Sun in Cancer but with stelliums in Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Taurus. Leo, Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs and are square to each other or in opposition. Gridlock. You are also fixed; don’t like changing your position, and this can add to being stuck. Fixed sign dominant people are as unwavering as a monarch (Leo), as determined as a scorpion (Scorpio) and as stubborn as a bull (Taurus). So this has nothing to do with Aries. It’s about you ‘unfixing the fixed’. The issue is money. Until you invent a new life budget with different price tags on the things money cannot buy, nothing will alter. So have a look at that. The Tarot can help you. You are resisting change for whatever reason and it may be behind (say) sexual relationships and/or marriage. Work and career, unpaid work and academia. Actually living where you live. If you trace it all back though it’s financial, which is usually the case with Taurus-Scorpio dominant people. I hope that helps.

  88. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the heads up for 2023. I have Chiron 17° Aries, Mars 28°Aries and Aesculapia 02° Aries (Sun Scorpio). Will I be able to catch a lucky break with my job which will allow me to afford a house? What would be a good time for me to buy property? I am eager to put down roots for stability in my life, thanks

    1. Thank you. Houses and money are Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and nothing to do with Aries, so we look to see what’s going on there. You are a Sun Scorpio with Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius stelliums. So your biggest stretch and challenge ends July 2023 when the nodes leave Taurus-Scorpio, where they are pushing and pulling you financially. You are still in an unpredictable cycle until 2026 though when mortgage interest rates will suddenly alter; the world economy and your country’s finances are still unstable. So keep your stakes low. The Tarot can validate that for you. The Aries cycles are about relaunching your look, image, title and/or appearance very successfully, Christmas to May 2023.

  89. So interesting! Thank you for this and all your teachings. I have Jupiter at 18 Aries along with other things in Aries. I am currently teaching but am starting a free course in computers (data analyst maybe or something along those lines) because I really want/need to make some money. My husband is 8/22/73 at 12:33pm same birthplace as me. He is miserable in his job and experiencing panic and anxiety attacks (possibly long covid related) and hates where we are living. We also have a looming tax issue due to an accountants mistake awhile back that will have to be addressed at some point I imagine. Hoping it will
    Go away, lol. Can you take a look and give me any advice/suggestions/insight? Thank you

    1. Your husband will have solutions for the tax question from Christmas to May 2023 as he will be able to save himself money, or make it. His anxiety syndrome is best cured with the books and/or audio downloads of Dr. Claire Weekes. Read her testimonials on Amazon, YouTube, GoodReads and elsewhere. The job issues for him also end March 2023. Your Jupiter in Aries in the First House is very good for self-promotion. If you want to make money, can you offer a service in hot demand, and update your photograph, title, name, brand? That suits this transit, which begins at Christmas and runs to next May. I have been trying desperately to find someone who is a professional Tik-Tok Creator with no luck. So there’s a gap in the market there. Likewise, had a bad experience with a high-profile Australian service, so I can tell you there is a huge gap in the market for efficient, reliable, obedient (!) computer experts who can set up a brand new MacBook Air and come to you. Maybe don’t call yourself a geek when you sell your services.

  90. Thank you again.

    And: wow! Cerebrus kept the dead from leaving the underworld. First of all, the dog is a rescue–his owner died. Also, my sons’ stepmother is dying. I think their dad is having a hard time–he never did well with change. My older son’s wife’s father died a year or two ago. Things from the past that may be trying to escape the underworld. Pretty heavy! (but that’s Pluto–right?)

    1. Amazing story about the dog; he has arrived to help with the transition of your son’s stepmother. Pluto does feel quite intense. There is more to that canine than meets the eye.

  91. Thank you Jessica,
    That is exactly how I feel.
    Part of me wants to quit my job, move closer to my son financially this is not viable.
    I don’t know how to fix the unfixed. I am working from home now and four days a week… do I guess that is a start.
    I need to reinvent my social life from non existent to something. COVID has not helped with this.
    Thanks again I will work on the tarot.

    1. You’re a little too early for the weather to suit you, A, but it will happen in March 2023. Working four days a week, working from home, is just the start. You may be offered a 9 day fortnight, for example. Your social life is in the toughest space for 29 years with Saturn in Aquarius. The barriers and barricades disappear in March 2023. Do have a look at the Tarot for March-June 2023 in particular.

  92. Good morning.
    I have registered for the zoom event for the first time… so exciting!

    18 years ago I separated from my husband. It was a terribly difficult separation with two children involved. Today I am single. I only have Chiron in Aries but I have a Libra stellium, what does this mean for me now?

    1. Thank you for registering for the Zoom event and I look forward to seeing you there. The nodes are back in Aries-Libra from July 2023 so either with your ex-husband, or another man, you will go through the same issues from 18 years before. Your own self-interest, your personal appearance, your title (his name, or your name) and your own space to be successful – to win battles or succeed in challenges. How does that work, or not work, with partnership? Have a look at your Libra stellium in your new book (free to members, though $25 on Amazon) Modern Astrology 2050.

  93. Hi Jessica, Great to reread this article and helpful to read some of the comments too. I am also a Leo with an Aries stellium with Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. In fact I have stelliums in LEO (4), SCORPIO (4), VIRGO (4), ARIES (4), and CANCER (4). I desperately want to improve my appearance, having Pluto in my 6th house has really taken it’s toll in the last few years and I need another job. Will I still get any of the benefits you talk about or will my Cancer stellium thwart that?

    1. You’ll improve your appearance because the opportunities are irresistible. We always see new inventions help self-promotion on Aries transits, and Zoom is the latest. Everyone looks great on Zoom Touch Up don’t they? Cosmetic surgery innovations appeared during Uranus in Aries. This short window with Jupiter and Chiron in Aries will offer you a chance to sort out your face, shape, style, hair and the rest. It starts near Christmas which of course is when all the ‘New You’ offers and discounts roll in for New Year. You will be delighted with your new job after May 2023.

  94. Dear Jessica,

    thank you for this interesting article. As I will have the return of my natal Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, I think about it if the SN in Aries and NN in Libra will signify for me some lucky opportunities or obstacles that I should be aware of. At the same time, I have a stellium in Libra, and you are right about what you wrote the person who has this Libra stellium – “who will block herself, or stop himself, and be thwarted as a result.” I am insecure about presenting myself on social media, speaking to the public, etc. On the other hand, many people develop their businesses when I help them by working behind the scene.
    What should I do to be able to take advantage of my Jupiter and Chiron return and to do for myself the same as I do for others?

    Thank you for your advice.

    1. Thank you. The Aries-Libra conflict in your chart is stopping you from promoting yourself or doing public speaking. You will overcome that as Jupiter and Chiron go through Aries, and your First House. Go back to childhood to find out the first time you were blocked or stopped from speaking up in class, or pushing yourself forward in sport (for example). It may have been a brother or sister who blocked you. You are lucky to have trained others how to do it. You have the knowledge. You’ll come across a method, technique or even just a person, who can help you by May 2023 once you’ve had your own Jupiter and Chiron in Aries brought to life. Another way around this for you is to understand that you can help a good cause by being its face.

  95. Dear Jessica, love this post. And it keeps being so interesting for me as a newbie in Astrology, how this relates to my life. Just last month I was in London giving a presentation about how emotional trauma is one of the most unrecognized risk factor for mental and physical diseases. And I used exatly the same image you have here regarding Ouroborus to explain how min and body cannot be separated and will influence each other. Didn´t know about North-South Nodes. So interesting. Would you say that there is a relationship between theses nodes, past karma and disease? Sorry if it doesn´t make sense in an Astrological way, but for some reasosn feels right. Thanks for all you do. João

    1. Thank you João. The nodes don’t describe disease, but they do describe the last incarnation. It is possible that people with an ailment or affliction have had it before. Hypnosis is the gateway to past life memory. That can be very interesting. Children often remember their last life. They forget when they grow older. If the lunar nodes are in Virgo (North Node or South Node) in the Sixth House of health, that is a more persuasive argument for incarnating with the same health issue. It’s worth finding out more through research.

  96. That’s so interesting regarding Aries and Libra stelliums – I have that! I also have one in Gemini, and one in Scorpio. Is this why I always feel like I have one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake? I’m always fighting, but I’m trying to fight for the truth, for humanity, for the future, for the world. Sometimes I fail and I am very tired but I feel like I have to step up at this time, because so relatively few others are. (But more and more are.)

    1. Jaana, your son has issues with his brother, sister or cousin. Sometimes it can be a brother or sister who was never born. That lifts for a short time. Saturn in Gemini in the Third House is barriers and restrictions with siblings; cousins – but also speech/writing/languages – there may be fear of public speaking for example – and a few barricades with driving, too. This is all opened up for assistance or solutions on this transit. Psyche in Libra is the partnership that lives forever. You don’t say how old he is. Does he have a girlfriend or wife? The immortality bestowed by Psyche is about a couple, here. And it is boosted by this transit. It has permanence, even beyond death.

  97. Hi Jessica,
    As always , thanks for the great article !

    Can you please check my chart as I have stellium in Libra/Sagittarius & what this could possibly mean for me and my wife ? 18-19 years back(2003-2004) , I was struggling to get into college for my masters although I worked so hard and then finally got into college very far from house. And then 2005 and 2006 struggling to get a job Currently I am in new job for last 6 months but somehow not getting along and looking for a new job and at the same time looking for a new home.

    Thank you !!

    1. You are a Sun Libra with a stellium in Libra so ‘very married’ as they say. If you take a new job after March 2023 read the fine print and do your homework about what is not written down; the role will come with quite heavy barriers and obstacles. You will find it much easier to move into a new home from March 2023 as Pluto changes signs. You will save or make a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024, so that’s going to work out for you; the Tarot can tell you more.

  98. HI Jessica, a very interesting read, thank you.
    I have the North Node in Aries, retrograde, in the third house. Also, Saturn in Aries. I am wondering how this may influence the year ahead ? Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with an Aries stellium in your First House of appearances, reputation, titles and self-promotion, using the Natural House System. You also have the North Node in Aries, so that was your last past life. You may have been a soldier, sailor or pilot, for example. Past lives are usually identified by your fascination with a place and period in history that may begin in your adolescence, if not earlier. You are going to be shown just how much your previous life influences the present, from July 2023, when you begin the long cycle of the North Node Return. The South Node is in Libra, the sign or duets or duels. So this may be about your enemy from a prior conflict, who is back with you now. That can happen. Aries-Libra nodes are also common in the charts of men (or male past lives) who wore a suit and tie, did killer business, fought fierce battles which were often legal and had huge issues with their wives. Sometimes the Tarot will tell you exactly what the last past life was, but it’s a safe bet that the duet or duel you find yourself in from July 2023 is a replay. The aim? Closure.

  99. Hi Jessica and thanks again for a great blog,
    18 years ago started studying at medical school, graduated and then worked for a few years as a paramedic. I then retrained as a market economist and graduated. Since then I have worked as a project manager for various companies in the automotive industry and have partially supported myself as a stock trader.
    The last two years have been really tough mentally. Big projects with many hours of overtime completely drained me of energy and I lost my zest for life. I am on the road to recovery now, I feel much better and wish for a change in my career. I have applied for some new jobs and took a break from the stock market. But I feel stuck.
    I only have Diana in Aries. Vesta, Minerva and Bacchus in Libra. Do you have any insights in relation to my birth chart?
    Many thanks in advance!

    1. This sounds like Virgo to me, not Aries. You have Juno at 26 Virgo in your Sixth House of work and health. Transiting Pluto has been circling 26 Capricorn for a long time. Juno is about commitment to work. You marry your job or you wed yourself to a project. Yet you lose your freedom and autonomy. In the Sixth House, you get joined at the hip to the lifestyle that comes with the work, and that will either be good for your health or very much not. You found out, not. You have learned about Pluto, which can be relentless and often turns up as a man who is dominating, controlling, powerful and does not let up. (It may have been a woman but it’s usually a man). You also learned a massive lesson about Juno. Before you ‘marry’ another job get to know it before you commit. You are a Sun Scorpio with Scorpio and Sagittarius stelliums so were born to pursue business, finance, charity, property; also born to study for your entire life, actually. And perhaps, to teach or mentor. You will have fantastic options for a new way of working and living from Christmas and have likely snapped them up by May 2023.

  100. Thanks Jessica – this is such a great prompt and help to my understanding of astology. I have looked back at the last three jupiter transitions in Aries where I also have Jupiter in my natal chart. The first transit in 1987 i met my first love and bought my first property. The second time 1999-2000 I felt like I was having an identity crisis at the time I was studying ( doing a master degree) before starting a different career at the end of the transit . The next transit 2010-2011 – I got married and moved! Since divorced!
    So it looks like i will have a combination of some change in identity or move in this transit? Retirement looms – though I am not quite ready to yet and I am starting to plan to down size but would rather this does not happen quite yet! However it would be nice to meet someone new!

    1. Thank you. Checking past Jupiter transits is wise as you can see how the acorn grows into an oak. Jupiter rules oak trees and the famous Great Red Spot on the planet looks like an acorn too. You bought a property. You did your MA. You moved property again. The next Jupiter transit always builds on what happened before, so I would say another move or property investment is very likely – thus downsizing for retirement.

  101. Thank you so much for your answer to my question Jessica, helpful and hopeful. I’m feeling so lost career wise so your answer to me and other answers you have given other questions that I think are relevant are really hopeful too.

  102. Hi Jessica: i can’t wait to attend your event on this. I got a zoom link, I hope I am not waitlisted… I have north/south node Libra/Aries. I also have Minerva in Aries – And I have Chiron in Taurus. I don’t know what Minerva means, but I assume all of this is my divorce and my finances. I keep hoping 2023 will be the end of all of this madness. Any insights would be great. Also, THANK YOU for the wonderful book, very generous of you!

    1. Thank you. I am glad you are enjoying Modern Astrology 2050. If you received a Zoom link you are being invited to attend this weekend so I look forward to seeing you. You have the nodes in Aries and Libra, which is about your divorce, but also your own relaunch. I’ll talk more about this in our session.

  103. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another interesting read. I have the north node in Libra 22 degrees and south node in Aries 22 degrees. I also have a Libra stellium. I am separated from my husband a divorce is going through and have been with my new partner some time and we keep talking about getting married. I also need to change my daily life, I work full time but still care for my ex husband and son who both have health and mental problems and have been thinking for some time about changing my routine. It gets too much at times I can’t keep up with my workload at work or in my private life. I will also have Jupiter in Aries to look forward to, I am a sun Scorpio. Maybe this will all help me with my decision making. Thanks Jessica.

    1. Thank you. You have the North Node of karma in Libra, the sign of marriage and divorce, and a stellium in Libra too. Your divorce is taking place and your new partner wants to marry you. All this will come to decision time from July 2023 when the nodes go into Libra and Aries, opposite. It is karmic in nature so you knew one or both people in your last incarnation. Likely, your ex-husband who needs you to look after him. He may have done the same for you last time. I’ll chat more about your question at our weekend event.

  104. Hi Jessica
    Great article again and thank you. I see this very literally in my life; worked in a role where I wore a uniform and completely changed my hair style and hairdresser -18 to 19 years ago.
    Not working anymore and maybe it’s time for a makeover!
    What do you think this Aries stellium will bring in?

    1. Fantastic validation, thank you. Yes, you’ll have a makeover. I will discuss your question more at the event this weekend.

  105. hi Jessica,

    what a wealth of wisdom to receive, thank you. Would you please advise how my Aries in Chiron will be impacted by Jupiter and Chiron’s shift? Does this mean I am up for a relaunch too?

    My child with Aries stellium is seeking out duels, attracted to the most challenging kid in his class. His Dad (Vestas and Hygeia in Aries, large stellium in Virgo and smaller one in Libra) has promised him a gaming device for Christmas. I have agreed as I feel outnumbered with this decision of keeping up with the cool kids. I am anxious it’s setting us up for more behavioural issues. there is addiction in my family.. and I am fearful.
    Is my child likely to relaunch more constructively? I have been unable to focus on career as I am worried I don’t give him enough time as it is.

    I have thought of a complete change – to go into counselling but worried about money and know staying on current career track is safer financially, though a bit soul destroying. I am also wondering if I would do well as a manager with a view to move into leadership roles or end up falling short on all fronts – family, finances, contentment.. thank you for your time Jessica. Here is my little boy’s chart.

    Sun 07° Leo 57′ 39″
    Moon 08° Aquarius 24′ 32″
    Mercury 16° Leo 20′ 48″
    Venus 00° Virgo 02′ 25″ R
    Mars 24° Cancer 28′ 26″
    Jupiter 27° Leo 39′ 25″
    Saturn 28° Scorpio 17’06” R
    Uranus 20° Aries 29′ 33″ R
    Neptune 09° Pisces 13’15” R
    Pluto 13° Capricorn 40’03” R
    Chiron 20° Pisces 57’58” R
    Juno 11° Virgo 29′ 02″
    Vesta 12° Aries 53′ 33″
    Ceres 00° Aquarius 44’26” R
    MC 02° Capricorn 18’32”
    IC 02° Cancer 18′ 32″
    ASC 02° Aries 07′ 25″DESC 02° Libra 07′ 25″
    Diana 07° Leo 42′ 24″
    Fortuna 00° Scorpio 36′ 58″
    Minerva 17° Cancer 53′ 13″
    Bacchus 02° Scorpio 26′ 44″
    Apollo 20° Leo 33′ 07″
    Aesculapia 24° Virgo 52′ 52″
    Hygeia 11° Leo 55′ 25″
    Panacea 17° Virgo 49′ 01″
    Ops 19° Cancer 53′ 12″
    Salacia 29° Pisces 32’36” R
    Proserpina 27° Taurus 36′ 31″
    Cupido 26° Leo 38′ 58″
    Vulcano 13° Aries 44′ 35″
    Psyche 05° Gemini 41′ 04″
    NorthNode 02° Libra 20′ 03″ R

    1. Thank you. This little boy needs to compete and win, and gaming is a safe way to do that. In fact, gaming will teach him how to play by the rules and if it’s not Monopoly or Scrabble, it will be the modern-day digital equivalent. He’ll be drawn to Kings and Queens games. He also needs a physical outlet. Football or martial arts are good. This is his training period so very good for him. Police dogs are trained as puppies. He is a future leader and needs to learn how to do that. Your financial stretch is over in July 2023 when the straining stops. You would also gain from training as a counsellor and even if you do this as unpaid work the Samaritans and similar would be glad of you. And from there you would have far more choices, from May 2023.

  106. Thank you, Jessica, I am working online now and like that aspect very much although the job is not very challenging. How will the image relaunch, in my 6th house in 2023 be? Will it allow me to continue working online and also be in an area of my interest? Tired of interviewing endlessly…

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a stellium in Aquarius so will have an opportunity to pursue the biggest and best in work from Christmas to May, with benefits for your health and wellbeing. There will be more than one opportunity. From March you will realise how powerful a group can be and how influential you can be, by giving the group what it needs.

  107. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for all that you do. I have a stellium of 6 in Aries including Jupiter in Aries. My work contract expires at the beginning of April 2023. So much confusion currently at work (education) and not much clarity. Will my contract be renewed. How is 2023 looking for me please as 2022 has been a blurr of confusion. My chart has stelliums in aries – My Birth Chart ARIES (6) VIRGO (4) TAURUS (4) AQUARIUS (4) CAPRICORN (4)

    1. Thank you. March 2023 is actually the turning point, as Pluto is out of Capricorn, so just before your contract expires. The politics, power plays and ‘little Hitlers’ you have put up with since 2008 in your profession, education or unpaid work vanish in March. Pluto can only ever retrace his steps after that and eventually he disappears completely. So it really depends on how your career has been. If you have found yourself being excluded or undermined, for example, that kind of game-playing may stop because you get another gig. Or because the culprits are sacked, or resign, or just disappear. The Tarot can tell you more about that; look at March to June 2023 specifically. I suspect you will get a role with a group, association, team, club, society or similar in March which shows you what power looks like.

  108. Hello Jessica – really interested in this article and quite eager to encounter some positive shifts in the new year. Business is good, but I’m exhausted – feeling tired from everything I’ve worked hard for and feeling like I fought for this year. I have stelliums in Aries, and for me a south node in Aries too. But also a stellium in libra and your last comment makes me a bit nervous about ‘blocking myself’ – and I’m assuming by this you mean my success? Could you take a look at my chart and provide some guidance on how this might affect/manifest for me in 2023? Feeling very thankful as always for your site and your insights here!

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with stelliums in Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra. Aries and Libra are opposite signs, so you will commonly express one sign or the other, as it’s too hard, to do both. Women tend to be socialised into expressing Libra, so you pair up, get married, partner and so on. You don’t push, force, race or attack. If you resisted that kind of socialisation or had a different upbringing, you’ll do Aries not Libra. So you’re in your own space, as your own force of nature, and usually front-and-centre. It can make marriage or work partnership hard unless the other person is tolerant. Nothing to do with work, unless your work is in a partnership of course. Exhaustion is a Virgo and Sixth House issue. You need to zero in on that Virgo stellium; there’s more in your free book, Modern Astrology 2050.

  109. Hi jessica

    I’m looking forward to the Aries event.
    I only have fortuna in Aries and a stellium in Libra. I am completely unmotivated in my career and currently searching for a new opportunity. Hoping this cycle brings me some success. Your insights are very welcome. Thanks

    1. You’ll be offered a terrific job, unpaid role or course between Christmas and May 2023 and should jump at the chance. There’ll be more than one.

  110. Great post Jessica! I almost had goose bumps reading through this twice. When people describe Aries, combative is the first word they use but I am so not it but, I now know why, I have cancer stellium also. Would this affect me getting to my full potential next year?
    The second time I got goosebumps was when you explained the type changes that happened 19 years ago, and yes, I changed my name because I got married. That’s just so crazy how it all lines up.
    Hoping 2023 is a good relaunch. Thank you for the post.

    1. Thank you. The goose bumps are your spirit guide or guides, standing in your energy field, also known as the aura. They are validating what you are reading. You have an Aries-Cancer clash in your chart and it’s likely that your family discouraged you from being too pushy or even aggressive as a child, so you repressed that side of yourself. If you were too noisy or ‘forward’ you may have been told off, so Aries is buried. Your name change 19 years ago is a good example of how accurate the nodal cycle is in back-prediction!

  111. Unfortunately I am no longer able to attend the Zoom event so have given up my place to some other lucky person. As I see there will be no recording of the event, I’m wondering Jessica if you would have a chance to have a quick look at my chart as I have Aries and Libra stelliums and this event was of particular interest to me. What other placements, in conjunction with the stelliums, are likely to have a strong influence in my life? Thank you!

    1. I’m sorry you are unable to attend the Zoom; thank you for letting someone else in. Your Aries, Libra and Gemini stelliums all matter in the years ahead, commencing at Christmas as Jupiter goes back into Aries. Your personal appearance, reputation, title and image reward you by May 2023 or you may relaunch this side of yourself. You find your exterior serves the rest of you, to a high level. From July 2023 you have karma within a duet or duel, going back about 19 years into the past. Same face or different face, but there is closure to be achieved, as you owe, or are owed, on some level. Going further into the future, from 2026 you embrace new technology which allows you to use virtual reality, the hologram internet and so on, to walk yourself into digital spaces with a completely different image. This helps an exciting new project or plan.

    1. Thank you. A quick explanation of what ‘moderation’ means on this website. I have 15,995 comments in the queue at the moment and so ‘moderation’ means there’s a waiting period. Unfortunately it’s not possible to reply to everybody and sometimes questions never receive a reply at all. I’m at my desk now and checking through what appears at the top of the page, so I’ll look for your comment.

  112. thank you so much for replying Jessica, your advice and insights are very much appreciated. look forward to the Zoom call tomorrow!

  113. Thank you for an amazing Zoom event, it was so nice to be able to attend one.
    I have a stellium in Libra but no planets or asteroids in Aries. During the zoom event I pulled Five or swords from the Tarot. I’ve been thinking back to what happened 18/19 years ago and it was the time I moved in with my husband and got my first job in my current career field. Could my career or relationship be affected by the Aries cycle?

    1. Thank you. The North Node and South Node cycle 18 or 19 years ago found you getting your first job and moving in with your husband. That all fits perfectly. At the moment the South Node is in Scorpio, which rules sexual and financial relationships. In July 2023 it goes backwards into Libra, which rules marriage. You two have 2022, 2023, 2024 to sort out karma with each other. What you owe, and what you are owed, spiritually. The Five of Swords is a Minor Arcana card so 2023 for you (in terms of the Aries transits) is really about a minor, passing issue about handling people politics. Have a look at your library on here to find out more about the card in depth and detail.

  114. Thank you so much for a wonderful zoom meeting. With eight planets in Aries, I am curious what the future will bring. If I remember right my Aries planets forms a t square with my planets in Libra Cancer and Capricorn. So it’s that blocking my Aries stellium. I also drew the Lover tarot card during the meeting. Thank you for all your hard work and insight.

    1. You are quite an unusual Sun Aries woman, with stelliums in Aries, Virgo and Pisces. The Lovers makes perfect sense. You will find that a former, current or potential lover is centre-stage from July 2023, into the year 2024, as the South Node of karma goes through Libra and your Seventh House of partnership, peace treaties and reconciliation. If single you will meet someone. If with someone, you two have a karmic bridge to cross. It will relate to life as it was 18 or 19 years ago, possibly with another lover – maybe with the same person. Make your health the number one priority from March 2023 until the year 2026; don’t compromise on your wellbeing, please, as you have transiting Saturn in Pisces in opposition to your Virgo factors, one after another and your physical state and fitness is numero uno then. Whatever it takes, please do it.

  115. Hi Jessica,

    I am a tarsus sun and was wondering when would be the best time to move out of the USA? I m not sure of where to go yet I feel like I need to leave and start a new life abroad. I was also wondering about career and love. I did meet this person online but one never knows about online. It is nothing serious just professional business. Would you please have a look at my chart?

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with Aries and Virgo stelliums. If you were to emigrate it would be by March 2023, with Pluto (empowerment, control) transiting Capricorn and your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. After June 2023 Pluto goes backwards or retrograde so it’s hard to get that back. Your hold on the reins goes backwards. You have karma to clear from your relationships 18 or 19 years ago which may be through a long-distance flirtation or a proper sexual relationship, and the karmic loop closes by July 2023. In general the most important issues here are your relaunch, with a new reputation, title and look by May 2023 – and your health and wellbeing. Your physical state is the absolute priority from March 2023 to the year 2026 as Saturn opposes your Virgo stellium. Nothing matters more so please make that your number one.

  116. HI Jessica,
    Thanks so much again to , Deborah, Alicia and yourself for such a fab hour and a half this morning – I always get so much out of these sessions and I promise to be more techno-aware by the next one so I don’t lag behind again! 🙂
    I have now had a chance to find my card via the ‘Divination’ section and came up with ‘The Lovers’ oooh that sounds Juicy!?
    I am a Sun Libra with both a Virgo and Leo Stellium and have Gemini as North node and Sag as the South.
    During the session you drew ‘The Nine of Coins’ for our 2023 card – which to me is such wonderful news and seems a bit of a break actually!? – I do have a question around that if that is OK please?
    So the ‘The Nine of Coins’ – you mentioned can / will be associated with saving and making money /finance and business and a possible payout associated with a Divorce – that ‘Divorce payout’ and doesn’t necessarily have to mean a romantic relationship does it i.e. could that possibly be associated with a Business relationship as I have been in a bit of a battle for a very long time now and i’m manifesting as hard as I can!? x

    1. Thank you I will pass that on to Alicia and Deborah. The Lovers makes perfect sense. You have the Sun in Libra in the Seventh House of partnerships, sexual relationships, but also separation. It is as much about two spouses, as it is about two people who split up. You also have a Leo stellium in the Fifth House of courtship. When the South Node of karma goes into Libra from July 2023, karma from 18-19 years before will begin to unfold, so that by 2024 you and a key person must cross a bridge together, as you are owed, or you owe. Your business relationship may be the Nine of Coins but it depends on the other side, and I don’t have that chart. In general you will save or make a fortune and it will begin from May 2023, giving you until May 2024 to capitalise on.

  117. Hi Jessica,
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the Aries Zoom event, a shame with all my Aries factors. But thank you so much for the free-to-members book – very generous! Congratulations on this fascinating new book. Loving reading about the Stelliums. I’m interested to know how a Chiron return in Aries would present? Many thanks,

    1. Sure. Chiron in Aries in the First House is about your ability to get away with the so-called impossible or unthinkable, regarding your appearance, title, reputation and image. The Chiron Return is a rare, lifetime chance to accept guidance or mentorship from someone who you might call a maverick or gadfly. A heretic. This person can show you how to experiment with what more traditional people might say is beyond the pale. The rest is up to you, really, but you may (for example) have cosmetic surgery; have an extreme hair change; change your name; gain an avatar online who looks nothing like you; reinvent yourself and leave the old self behind, and so on.

  118. Hi Jessica – I have followed you for years (via Susan Miller who suggested you for world events — and boy, was she right!). I have had numerous charts done in my life, but feel most connected to all that you cover which is so much more than I knew existed — including that I had never heard of a stellium! I am feeling a strong urge to carve out more time for myself, the esoteric and what is to come, so it felt like this was the time to dig into it so I do not to miss the moment! Hence, I have recently became a member and attended your Aries Zoom event today (with at least 250 others!). It was very informative. I’m only familiar with the basics of my sun, moon and rising signs so I’m reading like mad on your website and various links to catch up. I also downloaded your new 2050 book with my chart and have been perusing that. Thank you!

    In the meantime, it does seem this time is very important as I am “double Aries” as they say, having both my sun and rising signs in Aries. (Believe you can see my chart?). Moon in Libra, North Node Leo, South Node Aquarius and Stelliums in Aquarius(7), Pisces(5) and Virgo(4). Something tells me it’s time to get crackin!

    Thanks so much if you get to my comment — and again thank you for the zoom event today!

    1. Susan Miller has been a very generous colleague. Thank you for passing that on. I’m glad you are enjoying your astrology chart. Thank you for coming to our Zoom event this weekend. I can see your birth chart; all Premium Members who leave a note in Comments have their chart automatically uploaded for reading. You are a Sun Aquarius with Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo stelliums as you know. So you relaunch your personal appearance, title, image, reputation from Christmas to May 2023, very successfully, if you take the opportunities offered. From March 2023 a powerful person or quite influential group enters your life, or an existing friendship or circle becomes quite different; potent; potentially life-changing. Make your health and wellbeing your number one priority and do whatever is required to protect that. Your Pisces-Virgo axis is about your lifestyle, wellbeing, workload and fitness. Your physical state. Saturn moving across that 2023-2026 is a reminder that nothing is as important as looking after yourself. Transiting Saturn will be in opposition to natal Virgo factors in your Sixth House for some time; no matter what work, unpaid work, housework or academia demands from you, your own health should be an area of zero compromise, please.

  119. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for this amazing event; I really enjoyed that peaceful time during busy thanksgiving week end here in LA.
    I also have been lucky because I picked a card regarding the Aries weather and You gave me a live interpretation.(I had the emperor).
    My question is, I don’t have any planet in Aries but a few in Libra. so if I understood well, I’ll be challenged by this Aries weather?
    Thank you again for everything; especially the early Christmas gift, your book. it’s very generous of you

    1. Thank you. The Emperor is your male boss, father or husband – if he is older. Senior in years to you, an authority in work or business, hard to reach and at the top. You have Capricorn factors at 10, 11 and 26 in your Tenth House of professional life, academia and unpaid work. Pluto is going over this zone of your chart for the last time in 248 years, ending in March, so your card is about the end of an era with or for this man. You have to figure out what you want and need from him and how to get it. Within a year or two he won’t be in that position in your life.

  120. Hi Jessica,
    I attended your Zoom event last night and it was wonderful and so informative and has helped me to understand myself and some of the challenges I have faced in my lifetime. Thank you so much.

    The last relationship I had was in 2010 and lasted 3 years, so I have now been single for almost ten years and would really like to meet someone new. With Jupiter entering Aries soon can you advise if a new relationship is in the cards?

    The first tarot card I drew in your Zoom session was Temperance and the last lifetime card was the Queen of Cups.

    Many Thanks

    1. Thanks Yvonne. Temperance described how the Aries weather of 2023 would affect you and it has nothing to do with sexual relationships. It’s about healing and yet it will transform your life. The healing can be on whatever level you are ready for it. Temperance used to mean living without alcohol. You have patterns at 0, 1, 2, 3 Aries and Virgo, the signs ruling your appearance and your wellbeing. They will light up from Christmas, so this looks like a new way of eating, drinking, exercising or healing yourself. The Queen of Cups does talk about a sexual relationship. If you were asking about the rest of your life, there will of course be one to take on board. It will be unique, unusual and you may not know what to do with it. The answer is to join the real world (or rejoin the real world) and plant it somewhere useful. The last time I saw this card was for a romance novelist who spent her life daydreaming, pondering, living in her head. She had a new fling but was stuck with it because she didn’t realise she had to move herself (and the fling) somewhere that it could function in her life. The Queen of Cups has baby faces on the throne. This suggests pregnancies which did or did not happen, many years ago, are part of the foundations on which you have built your life. There is no awareness of that, Yvonne, but awareness would be really helpful. So, yes, some decisions are coming – in the future.

  121. Thank you for the zoom event, your insights about the connections between what is happening astrologically, the past and the future were so fascinating, I’ve been trying to see where these themes apply to my own life and felt a bit overwhelmed. Listening to you speak, I realized how literal and obvious the connections can be if I just stop trying so hard to spot them. I’m a Pisces with stelliums in Aires, Gemini and Sagittarius and have been feeling difficult energy since around July, I’m self employed working with overseas clients and work has been particularly challenging since October. I have a 20 year old Aires son, a 27 year old Taurus son and a lovely (and hard work) Leo husband (50). It’s loving but turbulent between the males and I find it challenging to always be smoothing out the rough edges. I’m hoping this cycle will bring an ease to these tensions, what do you think?

    1. Thank you. You do have your work cut out for you with an Aries son, a Taurus son and Leo husband. You are a Sun Pisces, as you know, with stelliums in Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius. You are an emotional water sign, sensitive on a telepathic and psychic level and need to learn how to work with your chakras and aura if you don’t already. Overwhelm happens when a strongly Pisces woman is wide open and with those three in the house you would have all kinds of chakra connections taking place. You also have the classic Gemini-Sagittarius pattern we associate with foreign languages and foreign cultures – and the need to translate. Not easy, so that’s another reason to sort out your energy field. Any friction at home ends in March 2023. Do not buy into any argey-bargey as it will just go back and forth. You’ll update your appearance and possibly your title, to your total advantage, Christmas-May 2023. Very long-term, from 2026, you’ll be involved in radical new technology online which makes Zoom look old-fashioned. It will be very exciting.

  122. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us all throughout the year.
    I wanted to ask if there is anything I can look forward to in 2023.
    Since 2019, it’s been a long rough road to the point where even my therapist admitted I’m in a very trapped situation. No love, no car, no money, no job. Public transport is difficult and expensive to get access to from my home. I’m studying but I’m deathly afraid of being buried in debt as I will be of an advanced age when I graduate.

    1. Thank you. This sounds like the black dog to me. You are a Sun Taurus, with stelliums in Taurus, Aries, Gemini and Pisces. Jupiter in Aries is more than enough to look forward to. You will be given the opportunity to change your look and title, to your benefit, by May 2023. Jupiter in Taurus is also the opportunity to save or make money, from May 2023 to May 2024. Jupiter then goes into Gemini, followed by Uranus from 2026, which is when you will use your degree. Depression is an illness so it’s good your therapist is treating you, but you may want to look at alternatives to therapy or complementary add-ons while Jupiter is in Pisces in your Twelfth House, until just before Christmas.

  123. Hi Jessica,
    With an Aries ascendant and a stellium in Aries (Venus, Saturn, Chiron, North Node), not only I expect some changes, but I have to make some in my appearance, title, and my “self” in general. The physical is easier than the professional. How can I bring Astrology into my profession? I am a linguist (interpreter/translator) with government and court contracts -a professional area that is considered to be “serious” and questions non-science. And as professionals, we are highly educated, well-travelled, multilingual, and well-rounded but also cerebral. May I start with birth charts for self-care? Self-care for linguists? And if I go ahead, I’d like to change my profile in social media with all the repercussions too.
    I picked two cards from the Astrology Oracle, and they were Mercury & the 11th house. I actually have Mercury in my 11th house, it is wild. What does it really mean in conjunction with all the above?

    1. Mercury rules translation, and also contracts. Here you are with Mercury in the Eleventh House and you have drawn Mercury and the Eleventh House from your Astrology Oracle. I don’t know what your question was, but the answer is that you will be involved in a group, club, team, society, association or similar, either online or with a telephone in your hand. Maybe a microphone. You’ll do what you were born to do, which is connect people within the circle. Mercury in the Eleventh House also shows up as people who are friends, or become friends. Mercurial types; as fast as quicksilver, with the gift of the gab, and a dab hand at writing too.

  124. Hello Jessica
    Not sure if it’s too late to post here now. Sorry if the comments have closed. I’m feeling anxious – it’s nearly 2am! A possible serious health concern has been highlighted for me today. Do you see anything to indicate a long term problem or just a blip and a wake-up call? My husband and I are still waiting for movement on a land sale which has been dragging on. We are hoping for a new home in the future on part of the land remaining but it seems so far into the future or maybe not at all. Thank you so much.

    1. Comments are still open. I hope you got some sleep. You have a health concern, so that’s your Sixth House in your public (solar/Sun Sign) chart and your private (natal/birth) chart. You are a Sun Capricorn with Pluto at 1 Virgo in the Sixth House (natally) and in your Capricorn chart you have Mars Retrograde in Gemini, also in your Sixth House. To translate, you do need to treat this as a process of some months, and I think March 2023, possibly April 2023, is the full tackle. In other words, you play the better health game until then, but once you arrive at March and Saturn goes to 1 Pisces, and Pluto goes to 1 Aquarius (March-June) it’s time to get stuck into this properly. Transiting Saturn in opposition to natal Pluto is always a test of your willpower and self-control. If you are told to change the way you eat, drink and/or exercise, then so be it. That would be a typical outcome of this sort of opposition. There may be other demands on your willpower. You’ve been here before. Once you get to March, you will realise that if you count back 28, 29 years, a very similar challenge faced you. The land sale and property side of your life takes off in the right direction just before Christmas and you should be happy with the solution by May 2023. Have a look at the Tarot, which is rather good for property and money.

  125. HI Jessica! I have a Stellium in Aries. In March this year, you had aptly described the reasons for the tumultuous life I’ve had. Could you give me insight into how this new Aries weather will affect me? Thank you.

    1. It’s really about surfing the waves as they appear and making the most of the ride. This Aries season that starts with Jupiter going into Aries just before Christmas is exactly what you need to look better, present better and push yourself forward. You may want to do this for professional reasons; because you want to lure a lover; because you just want to do something about your online image. It’s really about your armour and your title, your reputation preceding you – and how you appear, doing half the job for you. Just like a Roman legionnaire. Mars rules Aries and he is the Roman god of war. Shake a tail feather.

  126. Hi Jessica, thanks a lot for your insightful comments. I am reposting my question, hoping that you will have time to answer. I dont have Aries factors, but have a big Libra stellium. My daughter, 11 years old, has a big Aries stellium even if she is a Taurus. (I also bought Family & Friends Extended Birth Chart for her). We lived during a few years in US (we are now in another country). I am thinking about applying for a position in US inside the company where I am working now. My daughter was happy when we were in US. I am wondering if that would be a good idea to move there again, lets say for exemple in 2025 or 2026. Or will it be hard for both myself (in term of my career and wellbeing) and my daughter to change again a country. In an older comment, you told me “If you move again you will be on an unpredictable, erratic path until 2026”. Should I understand this as a warning against moving till 2026? Is it safer past this date? Thanks and best

    1. Thank you for your patience. You want to move to America with your daughter and wonder if it’s the right thing to do. You are a Sun Virgo, with stelliums in Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo. Yes, emigrating is an unpredictable business to 2026. Uranus in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries does not offer the predictable. Long-term, beyond 2026, you also have transiting Uranus (same thing) in opposition to your Sagittarius factors, again in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. It really depends on how you feel about a zig-zag life that you can’t really pin down and plan. Transiting Uranus turns the world upside-down with no warning. Some people find that exhilarating; liberating. I think you should look at the Tarot and ask about May 2023-May 2024, which I would expect to be your biggest and best opportunity to emigrate in 12 years. Yet you also need to be ask about 2024-2030 as it’s this timing which is really your daughter’s destiny in education, too. I do think from her point of view, going to America would be quite an intense experience in 2023, 2024 so you need to find out what she feels about moving.

  127. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for your great blogs and your generosity in answering everyone’s questions. I just have a quick question. What does it mean if you have Aries in Jupiter and Chiron in your chart while Aries is in Jupiter and Chiron?
    Thanks so much for all of your amazing work.

    1. It’s a pleasure. You have Jupiter at 16 Aries and Chiron at 25 Aries natally. It will take years for your Chiron Return, but you will have March, April, May 2023 to look forward to as transiting Jupiter makes a conjunction to natal Jupiter (your Jupiter Return) and also to natal Chiron. In plain English, in your First House of reputation and presentation, title, body and ‘packaging’ – you will be given fantastic opportunities to relaunch. This is the cycle when people get a new job description or other nomenclature. They can be given honorary positions, for example. With this comes a body fitter for purpose; a body that will do what you need it to do. The right wardrobe, gear or (even) wheels usually appears too. Just one look and people basically give in. That’s the potential for you, as Jupiter makes these transits.

  128. Hi Jessica,

    I am reposting in hopes you will have a chance to shed some of your insights…….

    Thank you for sharing with us all. As always, your insights are hugely valuable. Can you share how my chart will be impacted? Also, I may have the chance to move to Hanoi for about a year and a half for work. Is that likely to be a positive move or should I look for other opportunities? And anything else you noticed when you peek at my chart. – THANK YOU! Sending my best your way……

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with Neptune at 3 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners and emigration. In your solar (public chart) you have Saturn (barriers, barricades, tests of patience) going to 3 Pisces in April 2023, making a situation you cannot square. Saturn square Neptune is notorious for reality bumping up against alternative reality. It’s not the greatest thing to see if you want to uproot to Hanoi. At the same time, in your public chart, we have transiting Saturn going into Pisces for the first time in 29 years, spending up until early 2026 in your foreign zone. This is not a walk in the park, nor a picnic. You have to weigh up what you are gaining from this, as opposed to what is clearly a bit of an obstacle course in the astrology. I recommend you use the Tarot to validate or take your questions further. This isn’t just Hanoi; it’s any foreign country and foreign people you’re looking at.

  129. Thoroughly enjoyed the informative Jupiter & Chiron in Aries in 2023 Zoom Event on Sunday, thank you Jessica. I’m reposting in the hope that you may be able to squeeze me in.

    May I trouble you to advise how the stellium in Aries in my birth chart is likely to affect me over the coming months please.

    Also keen to have you share your thoughts about my job prospects please. I have taken heed of your wise advice to study in between jobs and recently completed a Graduate Diploma. I have started another course, which I hope will enhance my chances of finding a job soon.

    Your invaluable advice is much appreciated and helps me stay strong and keep the faith despite my numerous job applications being unsuccessful so far.

    1. Thank you. A Sun Sagittarian always does better studying, as you shine in your Ninth House of education and academia. It’s still no fun to be between jobs. You have stelliums in Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn. The last stellium is the issue as transiting Pluto is in your Tenth House of career, going over 27, 29 degrees as he slowly exits by March. Those conjunctions have not happened in 248 years. Pluto tends to show up as individuals, organisations or situations which are dominating. They mean to be top dog. You have to use your self-control and willpower to push back. Pluto trains you to become stronger. To become empowered. So that’s where this situation is at. In your solar chart you also have transiting Uranus (revolution) in your Sixth House of lifestyle and workload, duty, service and wellbeing. It covers unpaid work, academia and paid work. So these two transits are meeting each other head-on. When you have transformed, you will go back into regular paid work. You may not have transformed enough. Resisting change (especially new inventions, innovations, new trends) is really common on Uranus transits because it’s too radical. Yet, unless you try, you may find nothing happens. You get stuck. The stelliums show you your best options: Libra suggests work partnerships or double-acts. Job-sharing with another person, perhaps. Aquarius is the group. This will actually change your life from March 2023, for about 20 years. Groups, clubs, teams, societies, associations, charities, political parties, trade unions and the like, are about to show you how powerful you can be – March-June being the first step. Scorpio is the intensely personal side of finance, property, charity, valuables and business. From life insurance to inheritance, Scorpio is usually about the marital or family side of banks. Finally, Capricorn is about the system. The establishment or tradition. The pyramid with room for just one or two men at the top. Pulling all that together should give you some food for thought. As I said, these Pluto and Uranus transits suggest that the work situation is actually just the universe’s way of getting you to change. So when you’ve changed, the work (in whatever form it takes) won’t be a big deal. Have a look at the Tarot and follow the steps. It usually echoes the astrology exactly, so you have validation. Merry Christmas.

  130. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the Zoom talk last week.

    I have both the Aries and Libra stellium, it made so much sense this push and pull that you spoke of. I always quit and left situations when I felt that I was being unfairly treated.

    With the lunar nodes in my signs of Aries and Libra next year, will I be more affected than others? You spoke of either being owed or owing during this time period. Do you mean in retributions for past actions? Receiving what is owed in good energy? Or those people from the past reappearing? Is it a Karmic period in that sense?

    Thank you, Isabel

    1. Thanks Isabel. The lunar nodes in Aries-Libra from July 2023 are about karmic closure and spiritual settlement. Only you know if you are owed, or if you owe – from about 19 years ago. Have a look at the chapters in Modern Astrology 2050 (free to you) which address this. Sometimes a person comes along who settles scores for you, redeems you – and he or she was nothing to do with the original unfairness or injustice. That can happen. It feels like divine providence. It is also true that if you are on the back foot, karmically, you may go through a matter with (say) a partner or even in a duel situation, where you are given a chance to make good.

  131. thanks for the time you take to write your blogs and comment responses. I’m Virgo Sun, Aries north node. Aries stellium and stellium in Sagittarius, Leo and Libra.

    I have felt under pressure both at home and in career. Especially the latter, first from 2017-2019 then even more pressure in 2020 to current.

    Hoping 2023 and beyond is better work/ life balance and finances/freedom?

    1. A decision will come about a partnership, or a former partner – perhaps a potential partner – in 2023, 2024 as you go into major cycles in Aries and Libra, the signs of ‘me’ and ‘the two of us’ and also ‘me versus you’. That should take a load off. Use the Tarot to see the timing and choices, on this website. Your career has been a long-term concern. I would bet you have factors in Capricorn in the Tenth House. If so, March-June 2023 will be a revelation as you see what life can be like without particular men or male-dominated organisations trying to control you. Beyond that, if you do have Capricorn factors, your issues are over. Different world.

  132. Dear Jessica, fellow readers,

    I am super excited for the Zoom session.
    My work and resources are preventing me for participating. I love them.

    I have a plea:

    Dear subscribers, Publicists, please invite editors of all the magazines you can think of.

    They need to witness Jessica’s Brilliance.
    Please use Twitter, Instagram, FB/Meta and Tiktok.

    This will carry weight coming from fans and readers/ subscribers.

    I am doing everything I can to tell my friends about #ModernAstrology_2050.

    I want her to be recognized by the heads of states for her psychic ability, flawless writing and compassion.

    She teaches us to pivot.

    I adore her, and her blog.

    Time for us to give her a Christmas gift.
    I want us all to come together to get her sales up.
    Spread the word.
    I mean, Who else can explain stelliums this well, and warn about retrogrades ??

    Terrified of course of Saturn opposing Mercury in 2023, but still, her predictions show me much to celebrate.

    Wish I understood Tarot.

    Merry Christmas, Happy holidays and wishing all of you love peace and acheivements .

    1. Thank you very much. Don’t be terrified by Saturn in opposition to Mercury on August 2nd. When you deal with barricades and barriers (as we will, with public health) it’s time to figure out how to wait. How to wait, not just patiently, but wisely. From that, comes strategy. And strategy gets us through. The last time we saw this was the era of HIV and AIDS. It took time for people to figure out the long-term solutions.

  133. Hi Jessica, I enjoyed your Zoom yesterday and loved Deborah’s insights into Aries. I have a lot of Aries in my chart. The first tarot card I pulled out for what this energy will bring in 2023 was Death. Lots of transformation to happen it seems. The second with regards to a past life was 6 of Cups. The past few years and the beginning of this year have been particularly challenging. I remember you saying to me that I would be on a different path than I thought. You were right! I started a new job in a different field two months ago. Once I have my routine happening, I hope to start writing again. Thanks for the great insights and I look forward to the next talk.

    1. Deborah Houlding is amazing, isn’t she. You had Death for 2023, which is the death of the old and birth of the new. It’s an organic and natural process, even though it comes with deep feelings, as we would expect. It is important to look at the journey suggested in the centre of the card (the river) and then the brilliant light coming at the background, suggesting a brand new day. And yet we have to go through the emotions, the wrench, the drama of actually seeing new replace old. You have to honour the departure of the old before you can even begin to think about the new. The Six of Cups as your past life card is best used in dreams; ask your subconscious to show you who and what you were; why you have returned. And thanks for validating that true prediction about your new job. See you next time.

  134. Hi Jessica Thanks for the zoom event yesterday – and thanks to Deborah and Alicia too. So many insights. Sun in Capricorn and really looking forward to Pluto moving on. So many lessons and blessings from the transit. But I have just been diagnosed with lupus and finding it quite disabling. I drew the Queen of Pentacles yesterday. Karen

    1. You may find your lupus in the Queen of Coins, Karen. Sit with the card for a while or put it onto your computer or phone so it’s visible and see what comes. I will also give you the long reading for this card in case you didn’t capture it when you drew it. QUEEN OF PENTACLES
A woman in the most beautiful and abundant garden is sitting in a position of great contentment and good cheer, nursing a decent amount of money. This is one of Pamela Colman Smith’s ‘rich women’ cards and although there is none of the huge abundance of some other illustrations, there is more than enough here to make this Queen happy. Note the rabbit. It matters.

      Are you a Premium Member? Please keep reading for a long and detailed interpretation of your card now.
Note the rabbit in the corner. Beatrix Potter was 43 years old, when Pamela Colman Smith, also a gifted illustrator and artist, created her famous Tarot cards: what would later become known as The Smith-Waite.

      The Tale of Peter Rabbit had come out in 1902, four years previously and even today, thanks to the film, it makes money for the Beatrix Potter estate.

      The rabbit is also a reminder that you can have money, but perhaps you also need sex. (Rabbits can produce a litter a month, though, so be careful). Playboy bunnies, so sex again, are associated with rabbits. Being ‘at it like rabbits’ is associated with frequent sex and we can also associate this creature with vegans. Rabbit food is a nickname for a classic vegan diet. It really depends on where you locate the rabbit or bunny in your consciousness. It can be quite literal. I have known more than one well-off woman with a rabbit and I’m sure you have too!

Sometimes this Queen turns up if there is a wealthy single woman enjoying her garden or the local wilderness, parkland or woods – but sex won’t go away. In fact sex keeps nagging at her until she does something about it. The issue with ‘just sex’ though (rabbit impulses) is that it’s not really about making a good marriage, or finding a soulmate, and the rest. It’s just about the physical side of life. She may have to pay attention to that, sooner or later. Unless the rabbit hops away, of course. Yet – what if it jumps into her lap? That rabbit holds a key to this entire card.
Some women I have read for (readers on my website) identify with the rabbit as a sign of divorce, because they gain a divorce settlement and sex ‘goes away’ and runs off. Down the rabbit hole. Alice in Wonderland sometimes holds meaning for people reading this card because of the White Rabbit and his pocket watch. Being late, for a very important date, can be another hint that one can be well-off, financially (everything in the garden is literally lovely here) but also miss out on dating. For some people, the rabbit/bunny is ‘a bun in the oven’ or pregnancy, and single women with enough money to have a child by themselves, can pull this card. In fact, the bun in the oven is the next step, after she has counted her pennies.

      This is a contented woman gazing at her wealth, to be sure. This is a Taurus, Second House, Scorpio and/or Eighth House card. Capricorn the goat is hidden on her throne, so have a look at that. Perhaps her career (Capricorn) has made her secure.

      A baby’s face peers out from the stone. Again, this is a hint about sex, in the background, in one’s history (a pregnancy that did or did not happen) and nods to the rabbit. There are a curious amount of cherubic heads in the stonework in Pamela and Arthur’s Tarot deck, the Smith-Waite. In astrology this can be the asteroid Cupido, or Cupid, but over the years I have found women relate to the idea of historic pregnancies, abortions or miscarriages. They are always unseen by the Queens in these cards. Forgotten, suppressed, ignored. Adult children and their babyhood sometimes show up in this Queen’s past. That was then, this is now. She’s moved on and she’s interested in the money instead.

      Romantic roses surround her and she has, unusually, a bright green cloak. The colour of conservation and the environment. What is this woman going to do with her money, why and when? You will find more tiny details and clues, personal to you, here. She may work for Greenpeace. She may want to donate to The Wilderness Society or The Bob Brown Foundation. Nature is very close here and she is at home in it.

      The Queen of Pentacles is one of many figures in Pamela and Arthur’s Tarot who is pondering money. Lost in daydreams. Basking in the moment, which is financially secure. Yet – this needs to be invested or put to good use. Something has to be done with this money; one cannot sit gazing at it forever. And of course you cannot handle the cash and the rabbit at the same time. You will have to put the money in a safe place, or spend it, or donate it – so you can be liberated enough to catch the rabbit before it hops away. Time is very much of the essence in the card if this woman does want to start a sexual relationship or even have a one-night-stand.

  135. Hi Jessica. I am still learning about astrological cycles and I am not sure how exactly is this one going to impact me if I don’t have anything in Aries. I have some big plans and changes I would like to achieve in 2023 and I may start the process on some of them even before Christmas 2022. Would this be a good time and if not, what I should look for? Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Libra, Virgo and Cancer. The most important transit of 2023-2024 is the South Node in Libra for the first time in 19 years in your Seventh House of marriage, divorce, sexual partnership, separation, professional partnership and platonic partnership. This is also where find any feud or dispute. Starting in July 2023 you will have karma to complete with someone who is on the other end of the scales, or the other end of the see-saw. A situation which is on a loop or circuit will show you the karma, which you will recognise thematically, from life as it was 18 or 19 years before. Have a look at Modern Astrology 2050; the chapter on Libra stelliums; the chapter on the North Node in Aries. If you’ve not picked your copy up, it’s free to you.

  136. Hi Jessica,
    I’m reposting my comments/questions after the Aries Zoom event – but I understand there must be thousands of comments hoping for your insights…

    Hi Jessica, I attended the Zoom earlier today – thank you so much! And thanks also to Deborah and Alicia. I really enjoyed it and took a lot of notes! I pulled some cards earlier during the Zoom – for my Present/where am I right now? I pulled the Queen of Pentacles. Another card I jotted down, but I can’t remember exactly the wording you used …Myself/Aries for 2023 – I pulled King of Pentacles. For “how should I express Aries in my Chart?” I pulled The Fool. I started dating my husband in late December 2004 and we moved in together in 2005. 18-19 years ago. You mentioned today that Cancer Stelliums can thwart or hold-back Aries signatures and that really made sense to me. I really feel like that has been a problem for me my whole life, with success and career, my personal life and how I’ve been taught to view my Self. I’ve read some more of your ‘Modern Astrology 2050’ today – it really is a wonderful gift, thank you – as I’m really interested to learn more about Karmic cycles, how my past/present/future are connected and really understand how to stop being stuck/reactive and start actually living my life, instead of waiting to live it. I’d love to hear any insights you may be able to provide about the Cards I pulled today, or anything that pops up based on my Chart. Again, thank you! Blessings, DinP xx

    1. Thank you. Actually 169 questions or comments, but it’s only Tuesday morning in Tasmania and I’ve just put the kettle on. I can’t answer all of them, but let’s see how we go with your question. The Queen of Pentacles tells you that you will be using March 2023 and all its drama to make or save money. The King of Pentacles tells you to negotiate with finance, property and business, with a man who hangs onto his assets. You need to show him it’s better to spend, sell or donate. I’m glad Modern Astrology 2050 is helping, Din P.

  137. Hi Jessica,

    I have a question about the Jupiter currently in Pisces. From all of my forecasts it reads that this is the best time in 12 years for me for publishing until Dec. 20 as Jupiter is in the 3rd house. This is my third house from my sun. Will there be another period of publishing luck for me when Jupiter goes into Gemini, the natural 3rd house, in 2024? My natal Jupiter is actually in Gemini at 24 degrees opposite Mercury in Sag at 19 deg. Keeping Jupiter company in my Gemini are Panacea 3deg; N. Node 4deg; and Psyche 5deg.

    As always thank you for your gracious feedback.


    1. Yes, you have until December 20th to take a publishing opportunity. It may be a competition or course GV. Jupiter then leaves. That’s in your public chart as a Sun Pisces woman. In your private birth chart, any transits in Gemini also go into your Third House of publishing (though it tends to be short form; online or short stories; multimedia). When Jupiter does that in 2024 you are on a terrific wave of opportunity not possible in 12 years. It tallies with your public (solar) chart too; transiting Neptune will be in your Third House too.

  138. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the Zoom the other day! I was a little late hence didn’t get to hear the beginning of Deborah’s part. I am a Sun Aries with Aries stellium (7 factors) and Pieces stellium (4 factors).

    For 2023, I’ve decided to stop working as a pharmacist, and change my business model to Chinese Medicine education and youtube instead of seeing patients one to one as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. And I will relocate to London in early 2023. With all these major changes, I really feel the Aries weather is really coming. However, I also feel very restless and feel many obstacles and there are no breakthroughs. For example, my online income is still not able to replace my pharmacist job, hence I feel that I keep having to go back to work as a pharmacist to cover my living cost, which also break the momentum I wish to create for my online presence.

    It would be much appreciated if you could have a look at my chart, and give me some tips on how to move forward and see breakthroughs Thanks so much for your time and help!

    1. Thank you. You want to stop being a pharmacist in 2023, move to London and set up in Chinese medicine. You are a Sun Aries with stelliums in Aries and Pisces. There is every indication of a personal relaunch, as you know. Jupiter in Aries from just before Christmas Eve, until May 2023, will expand, increase and assist your presentation, reputation, branding, packaging, name, face, style and shape. Good time for a new Chinese medicine business that uses yourself as the poster girl. There is nothing in your chart about emigrating. So you could do it, but your chart doesn’t say if it works or doesn’t work. You will save or make a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 with Jupiter in Taurus transiting your Second House of personal income. Have a look at the Tarot, about emigrating. Follow the steps. Merry Christmas.

  139. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this. Recovering from the sudden loss of my partner last year and being uncertain about the future of my career and life. Hope this cycle has some positives in store for me and my child.


    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries with a stellium in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships; family-based property and possessions. I am so sorry you lost your partner in 2022. It was sudden and you must still be adapting and adjusting. You also have a child which is doubly challenging. The Scorpio stellium, or unusually high number of Scorpio factors, is your whole answer. You have been going through the rare transit of Uranus (shock) as well as the North Node (karma) in Taurus, right opposite, as well as the South Node (karma) in Scorpio itself. If you go back 18 or 19 years, either with your partner, or another person, you will find a connecting theme or link. You probably inherited from your partner’s will; there would be a thread which takes you back 18 or 19 years, so as the 2000s began. The sudden nature of what happened is, unfortunately, typical of Uranus. This cycle works like lightning. In fact Uranus rules electrical storms. The result is always independence and you have been thrown into that, KRM. You are uncertain about your career and life as a whole; don’t be. You will make or save quite a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024. The most important cycle for coming to terms with the partner who has passed, as well as the chance of a new partnership in future, begins in July 2023 and takes you into 2024. The scales will balance and there will be closure by 2024, both through your partner, and perhaps with someone who would like to partner with you too – not necessarily in a close relationship; it could just as easily be a professional partnership. The long, long Scorpio cycle ends in July 2023 and you will feel as if a chapter has ended, and the book closed. Regarding your career; March 2023 is important as the questions about how much control you have, or how much power you possess, end that month and your professional life will never feel as intense as it once did. Also in March, KRM, you will find a new group to join, or a new friendship to make. This is powerful as these people (or this friend) has what it takes to bring about tremendous transformation in life. Take your time deciding, but if something or someone ticks all the boxes, this is your new path. The soul-searching you do in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026 is necessary as you need to figure out your relationship with your God, if you have one, but also ‘the Universe’ as a whole, and perhaps self-help or counselling may also come into it. Once the process is done, it’s done. I can’t say more about your child without a chart, but if you ever get stuck, you only have to light a candle and have a quiet word with your people in spirit, and help will come. I am a medium as well as an astrologer and I can reassure you, it will be heard.

  140. Thank you Jessica and team for another illuminating read. I am was very surprised and then relieved to learn that what I assume was self sabotaging behaviour is also a clash between my Aries and Capricorn stelliums. I have made a career in different fields addressing the ways in which women are silenced but I struggle to be seen and heard – what ought I to focus on going forward? I feel like being front and centre but always always feel more comfortable in the shadows. Best Eli

    1. Eli, you are strongly Pisces with Jupiter there, so benefit from being alone and genuinely need to be in the shadows. It may help to divide yourself and your life up into ‘Private me’ and ‘Public me’ and respect both needs. Feminism is back with Pluto in Aquarius and apart from September-November, which is Pluto’s last stand in patriarchal Capricorn, from that point forward for another 20 years, you will find that your life path finally clicks with the broader public. Women are starting to win and will go on winning (Stormy Daniels, the Cass Review). Your past lives did in fact revolve around writing, public speaking, perhaps teaching, maybe lecturing.

  141. Wow. This was really interesting, Jessica! Also, great prediction on Trump, btw. This blog resonated with me. I have had varied careers from police officer to yoga teacher, restaurant owner and ESL Teacher. I am currently not working and looking for another career. We have moved a lot and are finally in a place we both love. My husband is a Leo 22/08/73) with Chiron and Aesculpia in Aries. He is eyes deep in a great business opportunity right now which brought us to the west coast of the USA.Looking at my chart can you give me any advice on what I/we can do to make the most of these Aries transits? Thank you so much!!

    1. Thank you. Yes, it was worth getting up at 6.00am in Australia to see the Trump judgement in real time. You are wondering about a new career. You are a Cancer-Virgo type in job terms and restaurant owner fits; so did yoga teacher. You were born with Mars at 23 Virgo, Ceres at 24 Virgo and Juno at 24 Virgo in the Sixth House of duty, service, health, lifestyle, wellbeing and daily routine. There is an exact sextile to Mars at 24 Cancer in the Fourth House of home, family, property, accommodation and real estate. There are plenty of people looking for a supermother/superaunt which is what Virgo-Cancer can be, if she decides to make it professional. It won’t actually be the Aries transits that kick all this off, as much as earth and water transits at 23, 24. That’s June (now) but also particularly December when reshuffles and moves all around you leave terrific new job options.

  142. Hi Jessica! Beautiful article, thank you. I have a Libra stellium myself, and a MC in Aries. I’m currently in graduate school for counseling. Wondering your thoughts on this? Best

    1. Thank you. Your Virgo stellium is the driver in your chart at the moment. Virgo and your Sixth House rule mental health and you are training to be a professional counsellor. Virgo stellium women find an outlet in all sorts of ways; some are volunteer phone counsellors for The Samaritans; others go through counselling themselves and emerge in the helping professions (even Tarot card readers do this). You actually have Psyche in Virgo, so that underlines matters for you. Psyche is at 29 Virgo and there will be a trine from Pluto to Psyche in September, October, November 2024. This empowers you to pass all sorts of obstacles, both with your training and perhaps with your own wellbeing on all levels. Jumping through the hoops immortalises things for you; this feels like the kind of qualification or ‘pass’ in another area of your life which lasts forever. This cycle can only happen once in 248 years.

  143. Hi Jessica! The article resonates wth me! I am strongly Arien but had to suppress the assertive side to play the Meek female, being told I have a temper. Marriage made things worse, after two decades, I realise I have zero identity in the world, I was behind doors at home raising a special child. I have taken up managing money again and hope to move into a new home on my own in 2027 with my child, now an adult. This will coincide with the giant planetary transits, Saturn at that point in my image sounds intimidating and Neptune will just obfuscate matters. My spouse is Aries and I am going to exit this space of violence, both physical as well as emotional. Do you see any guiding light for me please?

    1. I am sorry you are in a physically violent and emotional space with your partner and assume you have telephoned all the right people and taken all the right steps to protect yourself. The karmic closure will come as the lunar nodes exit Aries-Libra and by January you have done your time, received the good karma coming to you and paid out anything you needed to, from life as it was 18-19 years ago. Perhaps this was your child or even a first attempt at pregnancy. You will know better than I. You are actually far more Piscean than anything else and need time alone every day to yourself no matter if it’s a long shower/bath or a walk – or meditation. This will really help, if you are not already doing it. Your identity is actually Piscean, so eventually you will find yourself through religion, spirituality, psychic matters, psychology, therapy and the inner life – dreams or mediumship sometimes. You have your eyes on 2027 for a new home with your child. You will actually save or make quite a lot of money by June 2025 so life could be easier for you, more quickly than you imagine. January 2025 is also sign-off time for karmic closure, for your spouse and you are both just six months away now. A lovely home, either new or successfully renovated, will indeed be yours in 2026, 2027.

  144. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this! I am an Aries, with Aries and Gemini stelliums, but I also think that I have some considerable Capricorn elements. Indeed, the period 2010-2019 was marked by earth-moving changes, as I managed with a lot of pain and tremendous difficulties, material and other, to break free from my marriage and get a painful but life-saving divorce. Since then, I have found an amazing partner, and I am focusing on my thriving career and my son, whom I still have to co-parent with many, many difficulties with my ex. The new cycle of Saturn in Aries scares me a bit, as I feel that I have been already through fire for many years, and I have only started settling now.
    Any insight would be helpful – needless to say you are always spot on!
    With many thanks,

    1. Thank you Chloe. Congratulations on finding an amazing partner after your divorce. You are co-parenting your son with your ex and wondering what’s next. You were born with the South Node at 21 Leo so knew your son in a previous life and also his father. It may help a little bit to know that you incarnated to meet them again and go through various past life issues. We all have them and the node tells us, where they are. You have that strong Aries-Gemini chart signature which will help you with relaunching, self-promotion, digital branding, your public face/voice and very special projects and plans, now through June 2025. This will help to make up for some of what you have been through. Aries-Gemini is very common with people who are happy to be the face of something – a product, a campaign, a project – and make excellent flag-wavers for the same. It’s early yet, but Jupiter is already edging into position in Gemini with other transits in June so you should be pursuing what/who showcases you and communicates so brilliantly.

  145. Hi Jessica, reading your earlier articles feels like déjà vu. They are relevant, fresh and always carry a new insight or perspective.

    I have an Aries and cancer stellium with Chiron, ascendant and the north node in Aries. I’m moving into my elder years and can’t help but wonder what they will be like with regard to work, stability and money.

    1. You are strongly Cancerian and also heavily Scorpio so 2025-2026 is a property and finance reshape for you. This is partly born out of necessity because Uranus in Taurus is ‘the challenge to change’ 2018-2025. What you are really waiting for is rare opportunities to either make more of your existing home from the second half of next year, or purchase/rent a new one. Jupiter going across all your Cancer factors in the Fourth House of property, town, country, family, household is a wonderful cycle for you as it is also trine your Scorpio stellium on the way, pulling in partners or family members in terms of all you own, earn or owe. By this stage of the 2020’s Uranus is also slowly moving out of Taurus where he has confronted you about finance, charity, business, property – and you will really feel the difference in 2026 as the electrical storms of the past few years are no more and instead you are looking at a larger home space, perhaps, and certainly an enriched relationship with your home town, homeland and one relative in particular.

  146. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this wealth of information and knowledge. I have three factors in Aries: Jupiter, Apollo, and Chiron. My Chiron return(s) start next year and if I’m not mistaken, they will be exact on June 3, 2025; September 27, 2025; and April 3, 2026. Is there anything that you would recommend that I use to my advantage and/or to be wary of? You’ve mentioned before that the mid-2020s would be a pivotal time for me given my Gemini stellium. Thanks as always for your work and for your time.

    1. Thank you. The Aries and Gemini transits work really well together in your chart. This is time to promote yourself, rebrand and make sure your preferred title, name and qualifications are out there online. You are quite familiar with the world of words, images and ideas through several incarnations, most recently (likely) as a writer, translator or media figure. In fact you spoke more than one language and this may come back to you in this life. Your stellium in Gemini in the Third House is triggered now with right time, right place, right people assembled for you until June 2025 in terms of being heard, seen or read in bigger and better ways. You’re off to a flying start in June 2024 and this is day one, so do use the next fortnight.

  147. Wow this post raises a number of interesting outcomes in current potential geopolitical events. Thanks for the interesting facts. It makes me want to know more, and assess opinions on the potential outcomes. We may see some major changes to our current maps and leaders.

    On a personal level I have 6 stelliums in cancer, 5 in Aries and Leo and 4 in capricorn. I have gone through a death of my brother and my mother with cancer in the last few months. Will things turn around and will I ever be able to be financially secure and find my love and purpose.

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry you lost your brother and mother. You have Cancer factors at 4 through 26 degrees in your Fourth House of family and have of course been through the slow opposition of Pluto at 4 through 26 degrees of Capricorn. Your sense of belonging, home, relatives, roots, culture, heritage, security and clan has been challenged repeatedly. Ceres is now in Capricorn too. Give yourself until Christmas to recover fully as from that point onwards the oppositions stop. There is no rush and nor should there be. Yes, things will turn around for you. Jupiter goes into Cancer in the second half of 2025 and until the first half of 2026 when your family circle will expand. We don’t know why. You may move in with somebody whose family increases your own. You may just find others marry into your existing family or long-lost relatives turn up. It will be fulfilling and rewarding however it emerges. You will have important financial or property decisions in January, February 2025 which could give you far more control and even – real power. That would benefit from professional advice, say, a good accountant. Property looks excellent for you in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026.

  148. Hi Jessica, I’m a little confused in interpreting want this means for me and I’d be really grateful if you could help. I’m an Aquarius sun, and that’s my only stellium, but I have Chiron, my South Node and Venus in Aries. Also, I was checking your Libra zoom and I have Libra in Pluto, Ceres, and (of course) my North Node. I was wondering if these rules apply even though I have my Nodes the other way around (I’ve seen some astrologers say that your South Node is where you are, and your North Node is where you’re working towards – it seems you’re saying they are equally important). In addition, I’m not sure at what times I should be using Aries as a solar (first) house or as my natal (third) house. More info about this might also help some other people. Many thanks and best wishes, H

    1. You’re strongly Aries-Libra and so the nodal transits will trigger questions about your former partner (for example) and any choice about a future partner. You don’t say if you are single or married, but that’s what this transit is all about. The North Node and South Node work in a loop and it’s not true that you should take in/absorb/be nourished by the North Node and release/excrete/let go of the South Node. Really, Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail work in an endless circle of recycling. Your North Node in Libra in the Seventh House of partnership and also feuds, feeds into the South Node in Aries in the First House of name, image and profile. A really classic example is the man who moves in with, and begins a business partnership with, a woman who defines how he is seen in society; when she dies he is seen as a widower – one half of a pair no more – this feeds into a desire to marry again and once again with his name and reputation in mind and on it goes. Should you use Aries as a First House or Third House? I use two house systems; public is solar and natal is private. Privately Aries rules your First. Publicly, because you are an Aquarian, Aries rules your Third.

  149. Hi Jessica, the part of the article about women being thwarted felt like it hit me in the face. Sometimes reading your posts make me see things with greater clarity. I feel as though I’m stifled with my husband’s negative attitude and a lack of support for my professional life. Does this change, according to the astrology?

    1. Husbands are a Seventh House matter (equality or otherwise in a partnership) and an Eighth House matter (sex, death and money). You are a Sun Libra going through cycles in both so it is no surprise that you are questioning your marriage. You have the North Node and Chiron in Aries in your Seventh House and they will be followed by Neptune and Saturn in the years ahead. You have Uranus with all his insistence on independence and freedom in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships – until 2026. The same houses are triggered in your natal chart; the Seventh and Eighth Houses. So yes, you have some serious decisions to make, but there is no rush. You may want to look at the paperwork about the finance and property, though, as a refresher.

  150. Hi Jessica- thank you for posting this, great information to study. My IC is Aires and MC Libra. I’m struggling to find the right location to downsize and work with like minded community. Every place considered so far has some red flags and I continue to search while trying to take advantage of what is now. Can you see when conditions will be most favorable, or any other nuances that could be helpful?
    Your hard work is very appreciated.

    1. One thing astrology can do very nicely is timing, Vikki and as a Sun Leo you are in the biggest and best community growth cycle for 12 years. It depends what your focus is. The people or the house, apartment or land? If it’s just about that, then you are going to have issues with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces in your Eighth House of joint property and finance in 2024, 2025. You have to be a realist about that transit. If you don’t care so much about that, but friends are the key, then pursue friends and allies – especially by 17th June 2024.

  151. Hi Jessica
    I love to read your insights! I’m curious as I have a stellium in Aries and Capricorn exactly as you describe. I’ve been undergoing a great deal of personal change just recently! I’ve been successful in getting a place on an MA degree course (thank you Astrology Delivery!) and I had a transformative spiritual experience a few months ago which I have decided to turn into a book! Meanwhile my old boss from the Middle East has been in touch to ask if I’d be amenable to going back – and I must admit this is very tempting as it would solve my financial issues at a stroke. We are having major building work done and I have ended up paying a much larger proportion of this than expected (my mum refused to pay). It would mean delaying the MA for a year but after that I could pay for it comfortably rather than struggling for the next 4-5 years. Is there any clue in the astrology to suggest what the outcome of all of this will be? Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’m glad Astrology Delivery helped you win acceptance on an MA course. You could delay it for a year if you accepted a lucrative job offer. Should you, would you, could you? You were born with Jupiter in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners and academia so whatever you choose it works out for you. Ask the Tarot if the Middle East boss and the job are actually nature’s way of helping you get even more from the MA when you finally qualify.

  152. Hi Jessica, I’ve been reading your work for a few years now to, as you say, cut through the noise. I found this article very interesting with my North Node in Aries at 21 degrees in my sixth house. You mention possibility of expanded war starting in 2023 which we saw with Israel-Hamas, China’s threats to Taiwan, but I wonder if there’s anything in 2024 that suggests the Ukraine war will end (possible peace talks later this month?)

    1. Ukraine is tied to NATO and the UN and their power; Pluto in Aquarius shows that power increasing over a 20 year period. Pluto is control and Aquarius is alliances and groups; circles and friends. Russia and China are trying friendship but they lack women. Aquarius is really about women holding up half the sky: NATO and the UN have women; Russia and China will have difficulty even faking it. So that’s where this is going. Russia have in fact lost the war already. Pluto has one last gasp in Capricorn, September, October, November 2024 then it’s gone forever. The Kremlin are men out of time then.

  153. Jessica— you’re getting flooded with comments and I heavily debated whether to share this wild one with you but I couldn’t not— the weekly Scorpio, the Bear, the audacity, the Aries, the sixth house en masse, the health, the focus on/or against medical professionals and practitioners. I had a dream of a bear at my window of my childhood home looking at me, stalking, pacing, becoming increasingly agitated, beginning to breach the glass, while I sat there frozen, knowing my brother—an Aries, was upstairs, my father—also an Aries (who was still alive in my dream) my mother—an Aquarius, and my other brother—a Taurus, were all on their way home, perhaps minutes away from a potential lethal situation. Before the Bear could shatter the floor to ceiling window (which it did) I managed to get my brother and I out of the house and into the car. Police arrived. We drove away. Intercepted the rest of our family from returning. Did I mention the creature, my ex, is a pharmacist?

    1. I always have a lot of questions and comments (15,657 today) but sometimes people like writing the question, even if they never see a reply, because doing so, articulates the issue for them. Often they find the answer after that anyway. You had an intense dream. A bear may be a dream pun for ‘bare’. It really depends on what a bear means to you. The internet recently hosted a viral question for women: safer in the wilderness with a bear or a man? Perhaps this has something to do with it if ever you saw it. My friend Jane Teresa Anderson is a good dream coach if you are still curious.

  154. Hi, Jessica Thank you so much for this article. It let me realise my self image in my early years. I was never happy with myself when I was young. I was addicted to cosmetic surgery even if my husband assured me of my look constantly. Now I realise that I have chiron in aries in my 1st house. Now I am more or less content with myself and stopped my addictions of cosmetic surgery. This article really let me understand myself at a deeper level. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you. You have Chiron in Aries in the First House which might indeed lead you to constantly see what you can get away with (one more nip, one more tuck). Yet this is your face we are talking about. I am glad the astrology helped.

  155. Hello, Jessica! I just want to give you an update of my surprising journey about my religion. Grown up in a Catholic family and Catholic community, I came out Buddhism recently. Those temples are not tourism destinations to me anymore. I found peace there. Sutra calms my soul. It’s quite shocking for my circle but very natural for me. Is it possible that my Gemini stellium is at work?
    I found your daily horoscope very enlightening too. You said one day about cancerian’s career that whatever effort tried doesn’t change much. It’s quite true for me. I don’t fight against it anymore. The universe has its arrangements. I respect Karma.

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Cancer person you are in a dramatic religion cycle and so you are the Catholic who just became a Buddhist. I like your line “Those temples are not tourism destinations to me any more.” So in reply to your question it is Saturn and Neptune transiting your Ninth House. You also have that Sagittarius line-up in your natal Ninth House and that’s triggered too. So in both your public and private chart there is a strong pattern unfolding.

  156. Thanks for this article. What you said about Libra/Cancer factors stifling Aries expression resonated – I have a cardinal grand cross with Aries Mars conjunct ascendant, along with Libra and Cancer stelliums. I often feel frustrated by misalignment between family life, career, and my “freedom”. So far in life I’ve tried to use the tension from conflicting energies…it’s tiring though, like trying to wrangle a low grade tornado. I enjoy Saturn transits, even ”harsh” ones, Neptune not so much. Do you have any insight into how the transits might play out for me?

    1. Venus at 7 Cancer in opposition to Neptune at 7 Capricorn is important too. Eventually transiting Saturn and Neptune will go to 7 Aries and the square will unfold. Basic astrology is just to avoid doing whatever the conflict is. So given that you have had complicated family relationships with Venus all your life (sometimes mother-son, sometimes in-laws, sometimes infidelity in marriage) you are aware of the fact that you don’t need to go there. Neptune in opposition never goes away so the intricate and involved nature of those family tree branches is best skipped.

  157. Hi Jessica.. thank you for the article! I’m a sun Leo (same birthday as you actually!).. when is love / relationships in focus for Leo?

    1. Too funny. We both have the Sun at 2 Leo and were born on the same day. Pluto at 2 Aquarius is currently in opposition to your Leo Sun and that’s not happened for 248 years (he was there in April and May 2024 and returns in February 2025, March 2025, July and August 2025, December 2025, January 2026 – then he’s gone). You shine at your brilliant best with courtship, the bedroom, children and young people. These are all Leo/Fifth House things. In a Pluto opposition you are challenged on that. People or situations arise which force you to play a harder game – falling back on your strengths. With the Sun in Leo that means, as mentioned, everything you bring to the royal bedchamber, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. So in 2024 and 2025, without knowing if you are single, married, straight, gay, have children or do not – I have to let you know that ‘the challenge to change’ is already under way and you will ultimately be ever more Leo as a result of that.

  158. Im still learning how to interpret and manage these longer transits versus the shorter ones which have been quite easy to follow. So far ive broken up, quit, about to move home and wondering where all this will lead me and what I can do to make these upcoming transits in my 7th (and 5th) house easier on myself.

    1. You sound as if you are really going through it and you are strongly Libran with the North Node there. I am sure you know that the South Node is now in Libra and the transiting North Node is in Aries, right opposite. How can you make life easier? Well, it just becomes easier from January 12th 2025 when the nodal loop in Libra-Aries ends. That’s it for another 19 years. The future is still about partners, though, and what partnership entails. That’s because Neptune and Saturn will be in opposition to your Libra factors for quite a long stretch. Sometimes astrology is so basic. If you don’t want the challenge of that, don’t get married. Don’t get into a binding professional partnership. Find a different way to mate, date and relate. This has probably already occurred to you. This is actually in your family or with the ancestors, if your birth time is accurate. Someone there divorced or was a bigamist, for example, or had an intense professional partnership. If you really were born at the time on your chart, then you inherited that pattern and are here to resolve it. So there’s a bit of thought involved with this, but the Tarot is your friend here. Get into the habit of reading it and coming to know it and start asking some questions, when the time is right and you begin thinking about intimacy again.

  159. Hi Jessica…as the news from India trickles in, it is a victory for democracy and a vindication that hate politics does not work in the long term…Modi will win, his BJP party will win but his own margin of victory in his own constituency has the power to sober him up now! Kudos to you for predicting this a long time ago. Do you see this changing the fortunes of folks like Adani, Ambani (his son’s multiple pre-marriage bashes are disgusting to say the least) etc. whose business houses are very close to the ruling government? I have been planning to increase my presence in my country of birth over the last few months and probably purchasing a small apartment there with the view to stay there for a few months per year when I retire and the election results feel like I am on the right track. Have been manifesting it a lot for the last year or so…Would love to hear your insights about this as well as the effect of these elections on India and the world of democracy. Thank you so much for everything <3

    1. Thank you. Pluto in Aquarius says the power goes back to women, even though there is a critical start. This fits what is happening in India now. When Pluto goes back into Capricorn (the men at the top) in September, October, November there will be a return to the old system of patriarchy with Modi et al. Then it’s gone. It rapidly disappears, for reasons we don’t yet know, after December 7th when Ceres is out of Capricorn too. January 2025 really will feel like a new year as women start to come into their own in India. You want to buy an apartment. You are in the biggest and best cycle for property in 12 years from June 2025 so you may be renovating then, or seeing the value of a flat go up. You may actually decide to move then. It runs into July 2026.

  160. Hi Jessica and everyone ,

    Hope you are well.
    Thank you so much for all you do.
    May you have a look to my chart please, and perhaps some advice to take the most of this period ?


    1. Thank you. The best way into the chart is the Sun Sign first. You are a Gemini so your holiday from reality, far into the future, will be groups and friends. Circles and communities. Allies and people power. Does your birth chart say the same thing? Yes, you have factors at 8 and 10 Aquarius in the same chart zone. So in 2029, 2030 (the turn of the decade) the most powerful people come along and transform those groups for you. And you have to figure out how to find the power with them for yourself. It’s rather life-changing. It may be a band, club, team, society, association, political party and so on. You also have a Virgo stellium. You are here to work hard and serve. You have practised this since childhood and your teens. You know how to put your head down and do the job. The only issue here is your health and wellbeing and that’s something for you to figure out. If your body ever gets in the way of your mind, which wants to attend to the list, the schedule, the tasks – you have to ask your soul why that is happening. To find out more about yourself and why you are here, have a look at Virgo and the Sixth House. It is likely you will spend part of your life pursuing healing in whatever form appeals to you.

  161. Thank you for this article. I am a bit confused what this cycle means for me. I a
    Sun libra with no placement in Aries but in last 12 months I have been focusing heavily on my image, improving my lifestyle and health and going through healing of some past traumas and wounds which feels like Aries. I even set my boundaries and learnt to be more firm with people that were trying to take me for granted. But as a libra sun, I am still feeling misaligned when it comes to finding a right partner as all men interested in me are taken so I am not having much luck and it feels like never ending cycle, the same for work and other partnerships/relationships and as much I am finding other things to focus on, I am loosing hopes. Libra is all about partnership, scale and duet/dual but I have none of that for over decade now and didn’t have it in last Aries/libra cycle either.

    I also want to say thank you for sharing weather deliveries techniques with us in last zoom. I am booking for Gemini weather as I am thinking of traveling for a bit after September but I am still not sure as it will be a big move for me as I may need to move out and then find something new when I get back. Ideally I would like to buy the property as well but I am not seeing this as a possibility now.

    Thank you for your blogs, webinars and weekly podcasts. They are keeping my hopes going but please if I can ask for your insight and what is good to focus on at this time based on my birth chart, that would be much appreciated. I am also thinking of writing a book, something I never thought of doing but it feels like it will give me something to focus on and it can be beneficial for me and others in the future. Thank you Jessica.

    1. If you are a Sun Libra then the South Node has been in Libra for all this time in your image, appearance and branding zone so no wonder you have been working on your health. At the same time you have had Neptune and Saturn in your sector of wellness, so it’s similar. You want a man. So what’s going on, given that it’s been years of not finding anyone you like? You have a huge stellium in Libra in your sector of marriage. And it’s complicated. So you may find more luck if you forget about wedding cakes and rings. If you are more interested in alternative ways of being with a man, it may be far easier for you. You have Pluto and Saturn in Libra. That’s quite heavy. The Seventh House here is about de facto relationships, marriage, separation and divorce. So this is always there – like wallpaper. Knowing that certainly guide your feelings about men. You have to ask yourself why, with four billion of them on the planet, you’ve not found what you want and need. Have a look at the Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle about that. This is an intensely personal issue for you and only you can answer it. Yet your chart suggests if you want to have a relationship, you may want to look at anything that isn’t marriage; isn’t a mortgage; isn’t children or stepchildren. In other words, it’s not Libra/Seventh House. That would be an interesting experiment for you to try and it may result in events which show you ‘something changed’ to quote the Pulp song. Your chart shows you are heavily Libran as you know but also heavily Virgo too. What’s life all about for you? True, being in a partnership of some sort, but it can be a duet playing tennis, or a double-act in a writing group (you find a writing partner). That way you avoid the intensity and difficulty of Saturn and Pluto, as that kind of duet is pretty low stakes. You are just as Virgoan, though, as you are Libran so you are here to work. Here to perfect your craft or skill. Here, to serve others with it. In great detail. With a strong sense of purpose in that you know you have to put others first. Have a look at Virgo/Sixth House as it’s where you live. And it’s where you live, that you should be, in astrology.

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