Tarot, Astrology and Numerology – Your Birthday

Using Tarot, astrology and numerology together to ask 'Who am I?' and 'Who is he?' or 'Who is she?' It's uncannily accurate.

Using Tarot, Numerology and Astrology Together

If you want to know who you are – and why you are here – you can use the Tarot, numerology and your birth chart together.

It’s like drawing a line from the number, to the card, to your chart. This helps cut through the noise of your natal horoscope so you can get to the core meaning of your personality and destiny.

In this feature I’ll show you how it’s done. You can also watch a video at our new Substack, The Astrology Show, hosted by Alicia Fulton from @astrologyshow.

Adding Up Your Birthdate Number

Add the numbers in a straight line until you reach a single digit. I’ll use four examples in this feature: Kurt Cobain, Madonna, Barack Obama and Princess Diana.

Kurt Cobain was born on 20th February. So 2 + 0 + 2 = 4. He’s a Four.
Barack Obama was born on 4th August. So 4 + 8 = 12. Add 1 + 2 to reach Three. He’s a Three.
Madonna was born on 16th August. So 1+ 6 + 8 = 15. Add 1 + 5 to reach Six. She’s a Six.
Princess Diana was born on 1st July. So 1 + 7 = 8. She’s an Eight.

Your Number Will Show In Your Tarot Card

Understanding what you already know about your number in your life (you may have lived at number 4 in a particular street, or you have six children), pick a card from the Tarot on my website.

Your question is – ‘Who am I and why am I here ?’

The answer may surprise you or not – but it will be accurate. Just draw one card. In that one card, if you are focussed, you will find a mirror of your chart and your number.

Simple Numerology Without a Birth Year

YOUR BIRTHDAY 200x300 - Tarot, Astrology and Numerology - Your BirthdayResearching numerology for my new book, Your Birthday (Hachette USA) I realised that a simple day/month number, excluding a year, worked best with the birth chart.

You can of course continue to use a date, month and year system, but you can also keep it simple.

The system I am showing you here is an adaptation of the one I used right through the new book, which is released on October 15th 2024.

Looking For Your Number in Your Chart

This can be done in a number of ways. The numbered house can provide you with the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’ as you can see in the examples below.

You can also use any horoscope factor at that numbered degree. So if you are a 7 you may spot a planet at 7 degrees and focus on that. Maybe, more than one planet at 7 degrees.

You can also look for any of the John Addey Harmonics in your chart. So if you have the number 5, 7, 8 or 9 then it may be that you are spotting “the qualities of number manifesting in time” as he put it. Addey’s Harmonics are a fascinating part of astrology.

Princess Diana – Eight

Her Tarot card is the Seven of Pentacles and shows someone waiting for the money to grow. Where is the Eight? It’s the Eighth House of her natal chart, ruled by Scorpio. Here she has exact aspects in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, as well as family-based property relationships.

Tarot Deck Seven of Penticales 300x200 - Tarot, Astrology and Numerology - Your BirthdayShe has Neptune at 8 Scorpio (that number again) and it’s trine Apollo at 8 Cancer. She has Hygiea at 19 Scorpio and it’s trine Cupido at 19 Cancer.

The chart shows the Tarot shows the number. She was eight when her parents divorced in 1969 and the money in the family was divided differently. After she passed, Diana left $21.3 million to charity.

I hope you can see how uncannily the Tarot has drawn a line to the number, Eighth House/Eight being the other big clue. Of course, Diana married a Scorpio (the sign ruling the Eighth House) and when they divorced, received a payment from him. She also left her own financial legacy to her two sons, Harry and William, who carry on charity commitments in her name. Princess Diana’s card, number and astrology chart line up with an 8 theme.

Kurt Cobain – Four

Kurt Cobain was born on 20th February, so he’s a 4. If you add 2 + 0 + 2 you arrive at Four. In his natal chart he has the Moon, Ops and Jupiter all in his Fourth House of family and home town/homeland.

The Tarot picks up on this by showing the Two of Wands. A man gazes at other countries from his home base, which is not keeping him there.

Tarot Deck Two of Wands 300x200 - Tarot, Astrology and Numerology - Your BirthdayThis is a classic Cancer conundrum and in fact Kurt had Salacia at 25 Capricorn opposite Jupiter at 25 Cancer. I interviewed Kurt Cobain when Nirvana toured Australia some years ago now and he most enjoyed talking about Seattle, I think – and listening to British band, The Clash – even buying combat boots.

So Kurt was ‘home but away’ when I spoke to him and of course, far more importantly, his whole life was spent touring. He referred to it in his suicide note (along with the fact that he was a Pisces).

His Fourth House – there’s that number four showing up – shows the Moon at 13 Cancer semi-sextile Vulcano at 12 Taurus. It shows Ops at 0 Cancer trine his Sun at 0 Pisces.

Crucially he was made homeless (of course Cancer rules the home) when he was growing up. Other ‘four’ recurrences in his life – he met Courtney Love on a four day. It’s either 21/1 or 12/1 depending on which book you follow. Sometimes the number suggested by your birthday shows up in small but important ways. Cobain learned to become a future star, using a four-track. He was a huge fan of the Fab Four: The Beatles. Numerology is personal!

Barack Obama – Three

Barack Obama was born on 4th August, so he’s a 3. If you add 4 + 8 you end up with 12. Reduced to a single digit, 1 + 2 = 3. This suggests the Third House, ruled by Gemini, in his chart. He was in fact born with the Moon in Gemini. So what is his Tarot card? Who is he?

Well, Obama is a female academic or author according to the Tarot. The High Priestess. He is the embodiment of knowleTarot Deck The High Priestess scaled e1714854273857 300x255 - Tarot, Astrology and Numerology - Your Birthdaydge and wisdom, with – amazingly – the Moon showing at the bottom of the card.

I hope you can see how this kind of method works. It’s based on synchronicity to a high degree. So Obama is a bestselling author, an acclaimed orator and he went to Harvard Law School.

He also went to Columbia University. The very picture of a Gemini signed chart – and this Tarot card rings true. The Moon is of course a female symbol.

His Moon at 3 Gemini is sextile Mercury at 2 Leo. His Vulcano at 24 Gemini is quincunx Saturn at 25 Capricorn. It is trine Aesculapia at 23 Aquarius. This chart is about ambition and the group.

He’s a Three who also married his wife Michelle in 1992, a Three year.

Madonna – Six

Madonna was born on 16th August. When you add 1 + 6 + 8 you end up with 15, which reduces to 6 when you add 1 and 5. (This way of working quickly with a birth date will be second nature to you after a while).

Her Tarot card is The Hanged Man. This doesn’t make sense until you realise he is in a complex yoga pose. He is inverted and doing what appears to be a full twist.

Tarot Deck The Hanged Man scaled e1709311044219 300x243 - Tarot, Astrology and Numerology - Your BirthdayThe Sixth House of Madonna’s chart is an echo of her 6 number. It is ruled by Virgo and of course is about fitness and health. The body.

She was born with the Moon at 11 Virgo trine Salacia at 11 Capricorn. Her Ascendant is 8 Virgo trine Ops at 8 Capricorn. Her Pluto is at 1 Virgo semi-sextile Aesculapia at 1 Leo. Her Juno is at 0 Virgo semi-sextile Venus at 0 Leo.

Who is Madonna? She’s a heavily Virgo, Sixth House person whose body and workload (daily workouts) is a key part of her success. The personal aspect of her Six number is also – her six children. She took up yoga seriously after giving birth to her first, Lourdes.

This takes us back to Virgo the Virgin (the Virgin Mary) and of course Like a Virgin. I hope you can see how this highly individual way of reading Tarot, a chart and a birth number together can really fill out the interpretation for you. Virgo rules the Sixth House. Madonna is a Six person.

Morrissey and Unknown Birth Times

Morrissey offers a good example of the number/Tarot/chart system, because he has no verified birth time. We use 12 noon instead, as it’s the average point in any given day of birth.

Tarot Deck Six of Swords scaled e1701571672528 300x252 - Tarot, Astrology and Numerology - Your BirthdayWith his Tarot card, though, we find a clear symbol for Sagittarius. This is a migrant or refugee.

It’s about relocating to a foreign country. So, Sagittarius and the Ninth House. This is the Six of Swords.

Morrissey’s number is 9 and he famous left Britain for America.

His Moon is at the end of Scorpio using 12 noon but becomes Sagittarius once we go into an afternoon birth time.

From this we can safely guess that Morrissey has the Moon in Sagittarius. The number 9 chimes. If you have lived with a 12 noon chart for years, this new method of using numbers and Tarot may help. Sadly, Morrissey’s mother has passed, so we’ll never likely know his birth time. Yet, he presents as a 9 and Ninth House person, and so the Moon in the Ninth House is very likely.

Working Your Tarot Card

A Tarot card in the Smith-Waite deck is not static. Work the card (direct it) with your imagination. Who can you move into the scene in the card? What can you make the character in the card do?

Just as your life (cradle to grave) is not fixed and motionless, neither is your card. In fact, Pamela Colman Smith was a stage set designer. These cards are there for you to introduce props, remove props, usher in major players, have some people exit stage left and so on.

Pamelas Tarot - Tarot, Astrology and Numerology - Your BirthdayReality and Your Card

The clouds in Pamela’s Tarot indicate quantum physics and of course the multiverse or parallel universe theory was in its earliest stages of development in 1909 when she created these images.

The Double Slit Experiment appeared in the same year Pamela channelled (in the opinion of many) the deck, under the mentorship of Arthur E. Waite.

So what you have in your hands with your Tarot card is a moveable feast. You’re meant to provide the script, the stage direction, the props, actors and scenery in different ways, at different times.

This is also reflected in your birth chart, which thanks to the transits, is never static. If you’re curious about this, you can pick up Pamela’s Tarot from your flipbook library if you are a Premium Member.

The Numerology and Tarot Method on Video

For those of you who have been refunded for your Sydney Astrological Research Society event now, you can watch a video at The Astrology Show on Substack.

This is free for you to view.

If you did book at the Sydney Astrological Research Society in particular, I will be happy to take your questions about the Tarot card you draw, your number and your natal chart here (assuming you are a Premium Member so your chart is here for me to see online). Or, do ask questions over at Substack once you’ve seen the video.

Why Am I Here?

When clients ask ‘Why am I here?’ or ‘What is my path?’ it’s amazing how often this combination of number, chart and Tarot will answer that question and also address any challenges.

This way of looking at a life and personality is also terrific if you are curious about someone and have their chart with you. Carl Jung’s ‘acausal connecting principle’ of astrology is nicely proven by this highly individual way of using three ancient systems of divination.

I look forward to your questions here and at the new Substack, The Astrology Show.

Tarot images: Justin Tabari. Main image: Rawpixel.

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158 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica. As always big words of admiration for the work you are doing. Your insights are precious and so on point.
    Please tell me why I am here? What is my path? What this and next year will bring me? You have my chart, I am ‘2’ (11, 1+1) and I drew the “Magician” card. Sending much love your way.

    1. Thank you. You were born on 13th July so your number is 1 + 3 + 7 and you are indeed a 2. The Magician holds a double ended object which some think is a candle, others think is a wand. He has one hand pointing up, another pointing down. There are two ‘i’ letters in magician. The infinity symbol above his head is also a double loop. So you are The Magician and you contain duality. You are a classic 2 person. In your chart we look to Libra for duality as it rules the scales of balance. We also look to Gemini the Twins as it is literally about being two people in one body. In fact you have chart patterns in both signs. When you bring opposites together; when you bring both sides of yourself together, when you recognise both ‘I’ and ‘I’ you are able to create magic. Magic of course is quantum physics reality. You may find the number 2 turns up in your life.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you a very interesting and helpful blog. You continue to give such interesting insights into the fascinating world of Astrology and beyond. I would be extremely grateful and interested to know “why I am here? As well as: what is my path? And what I can expect for this coming year ahead?
    I am a “5” (2+1+2=5) and I drew the 4 of Pentacles.
    An enormous thank you for all you do for so many of us. Sending you lots of best wishes. x

    1. Thank you. As a 5 you look to your chart to see what is in the Fifth House that stands out, or what is at 5 degrees. Well, your chart reflects your Tarot card which is about extremely comfortable financial security and the importance of the property market, all your life. You are a Juno 17 Scorpio and Ascendant 16 Leo person. So your regal Leo Ascendant (shown by the crown on the person in the card) is in your Fifth House and that’s your 5. The trine to Juno in Scorpio shows the flow with the financial and property commitments you make over your lifetime. Who and what you wed yourself to, with partners, business or family is part of your leading role in life. Your card, number and chart agree.

  3. Dear Jessica, I am a 2. 2 + 6 + 3 = 11 which makes single number of 2. I am interested to know why I am here, and what will my future years bring with them. I drew the “Moon” card. I read it and tried to figure out how it applies to my life and couldn’t quite work it out. Hope you can make some sense out of it to share. Thanks in anticipation.

    1. The Moon card is a card of two people (two dogs) and pairs and couples in general. So your number 2 and the card align. In your chart you have a Libra stellium in the house of marriage, divorce, de facto relationships, separation and professional partnerships too. In fact, you have factors at 1 and 3 Libra, so 2 is in the middle. You are always one half of a pair who must decide ‘My way, your way, or another way?’

  4. Hi Jessica,

    What a great article! I’ve just been recently reading about numerology and my life path is a 4 which makes this such a timely and interesting article. I was born on the 8th and when I asked “Who am I?”, I pulled the six of wands on your site. Your interpretation of this card being associated with Jupiter is very interesting. I’m Jupiterian in the sense that I love thinking big, thinking the best of people and generally feel optimistic and believe in abundance. Could you please give me your interpretation based on my chart and birth number? Thanks for all you do, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Born on 8th October, you are a 9 person. Numerology offers different methods but this is a simple added-up birthdate (not the year) reduced to a single digit. Your card is the Six of Wands which shows triumphant victory after a battle. Panacea at 9 Aries is opposite Pluto at 9 Libra. That says it all. Your repeated life pattern is one of the battler who succeeds. Libra rules conflict and opposition. Pluto is power. Aries is of course about energetic self-assertion and if necessary, a campaign or mission. That 9 degree split in your chart is who you are – shown also in your 9 number.

  5. Hi Jessica, this is very intriguing! I drew the Heirophant to add to my number 3. What do you think it portends for the future? Why am I here and will I fulfill my role?

    1. Thank you. Born on 16/5 you are a 3 person and when we go to the chart we find a stellium in your Third House including the South Node in Gemini. Opposite is the North Node in Sagittarius. The Hierophant shows the bible, the word, the truth, the message – being passed on to those who are seekers. So this is you. And it was your past life. You have been both priest and monk. You are a 3 who inhabits your Third House of ideas and ‘the message’ but it always pulls in beliefs, faith and philosophy because of the opposition to Sagittarius and your Ninth House.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another incredible entry! I’m an 8 and I drew The Lovers when I consulted the Tarot on your site. Ever since I turned 40, I’ve been asking myself “Who am I?” and “What is my path?” more and more often. I would love to hear your take on my number/tarot combination. Thank you always for your insights and predictions on both your website and X!

    1. Thank you. You were born on 26/7 so are a 6 person. That is because 2 and 6 and 7 when added to a single digit are 15, and 1 and 5 make Six. Going to your chart we find Mars at 6 Gemini and Uranus at 7 Scorpio. So that’s your answer and in The Lovers card it shows as Scorpio (sexual and financial relationships) with freedom and independence issues (Uranus). Mars at 6 Gemini is the communication issue with ex, current and future lovers. You can explore this further as it’s a lifetime pattern.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Congrats on again a very Insightful contribution.
    I draw the three of swords on the question ‘Who am I”?
    Please can you explain? You know my chart, I am 6 (4.11).

    1. Thank you. Who are you? A participant in relationship conflict, on a repeated basis which likely began with your family or an early important partnership. It may also be there in your own family. The pierced heart does not have to be marriage, sexual relationships or relatives of course. It can feel emotional even if the conflict is about work. Your number is Six so we look to the chart for clues. You do in fact have Ceres and Psyche in the Sixth House. Both are associated with three-way conflict. Your Sixth House rules work, daily routine, lifestyle, unpaid work, health and wellbeing, all jobs and your duty and service to others. Ceres was involved in a complicated relationship with her daughter and son-in-law. Psyche was involved in a complicated relationship with her mother-in-law and future husband. Have a look at this synchronicity. It is vested in your Sixth House.

  8. Dearest Jessica, Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I cant tell you how many times I log on to read different aspects and how much calm it brings me in recent chaotic times. I am a number 1, (2nd August)
    I drew the Wheel of fortune. I am in approaching a milestone year….. (50!! The last decade has bought many, many big changes and I honestly feel more “not so good” than good. Would be extremely grateful for your thoughts.

    1. Thank you and happy 50th birthday for August. You are a number one, and your Tarot card is Wheel of Fortune. Going to the chart we look for clues about this (random spins of the wheel of fate, set against a background of readers and writers). Panacea at 23 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of publishing, the worldwide web and academia is trine Chiron at 24 Aries in House One, or the First House of profile and image. So that says it all. You produce solutions, remedies, fixes and cures (Panacea) in a world of readers and writers. This works hand in hand with your persona/self-promotion, from the First House. You are frequently first or number one in this world of books or media, websites or journals – but then you slip down to 2, 3 and so on. Understanding this as a life pattern can help you. Have a look at the Wheel of Fortune, at some length. You can always find it on Google Image Search and put it on your desktop, to analyse.

  9. Hi Jessica! I can’t wait for the Zoom, numerology combined with Tarot is so very interesting.
    I am a 2 (Dec 8) and I drew the Ace of Wands. Can you tell me what this means? I have a Libra stellium and the cards just positively screams Air sign to me.

    1. The Ace of Wands is an interesting one, to line up with the number 2. The Moon at 2 Taurus and Proserpina at 2 Leo are exactly square in your chart. Ops is at 1 Scorpio, Jupiter is at 2 Scorpio, Uranus is at 1 Sagittarius. So that’s a very tight pattern. The key here is Uranus in Sagittarius as I am sure you can see. It hooks into your 2 degree pattern and in the Ninth House is a symbol of a lifetime of big ideas seeking a home in another country. So that’s who you are.

  10. Hi Jessica, It would be so cool if your website could have a folder with the library of charts that you have provided us at one point or another. The charts you show us in AstroGold have all your factors plus confirm other data. A dream idea! A reference place. I looked for/at the charts of the people you write to us above. Appreciate all your work, thank you today. Best, Cecelia

    1. It’s a good idea, I will forward it to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin, who make up Asporea, the company running this website. Thank you.

  11. hello Jessica , Again another interesting blog and a very inquisitive topic . I have got knight of cups when I asked who am I and why am I here .. what intrigued me when I read was he has many rivers to cross in the journey which I resonated totally . I am sun gemini in 6 degree and 6 degree pisces in Aesculapia and have 6 stellium in Leo . my birthday date and month adds to 6 . Please guide me how do interpret with my who am I ? and why am in here for ? and also what’s in store for me in the future journey ? Looking forward to your feedback , Thanks in advance much appreciate your blogs and your perspective on things as a whole gives it a whole new aspect to look at things . RA

    1. The Knight of Cups is the very picture of Gemini or Sagittarius, the journey signs. Your number is 2 + 8 + 5 (28th May) which reduces to 6 as you know. So this isn’t Gemini (Third House) or Sagittarius (Ninth House) but it is the Sun at 6 Gemini. So this is who you are and what you are all about. You are a traveller and 6 is your number with the Sun at 6 Gemini.

  12. And, Jessica, embedded in the May 16, 2018 blog from you, that I am reading today, is one photo – only one – of a man that is not Obama. And the blog only is about Obama. Confusing. Any explanation? Thanks very much. Best, Cecelia

    1. Thank you. Yes, wandering photographs are something Asporea know about, but they still turn up. Haunted website? Maybe. Thank you for letting me know. The image you saw was taken in the era of Bletchley Park, of Alan Turing – not Obama. That issue has now been fixed, Cecelia.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I read your articles on a regular basis and I enjoy being educated by you.
    I am a 5 (4/19) and I drew the Emperor. Could you please help me understand who I am and why I’m here? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you were born on 19th April or 1/9/4 so your number is 5 and it shows in your chart in the Fifth House with Saturn at 10 Leo and your Ascendant at 10 Leo. Both are opposite your Descendant at 10 Aquarius so that’s quite unusual. You are all about house number 5 and you are the boss/father figure/senior with a younger generation but also with lovers. This applies to women of course as well as men. You show up as Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House. A born leader; a natural authority; a heavyweight to be looked up to. And yet The Emperor comes with pros and cons. You can move this card with your imagination all your life to make it work for you. The Tarot joined your number and your chart here.

  14. This is fascinating. Thank you Jessica. I am number 7 (25.9) and I drew Wheel or Fortune. Would be great to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, born on 25/9 you are a 7 person. How does it show in your chart? A massive stellium in your Seventh House. The Wheel of Fortune shows readers and writers around the wheel, so is there a link from your Seventh House to Gemini (Third House) or Sagittarius (Ninth House) which rule authors, publishers, bloggers and so on? Yes. You have Pluto at 23 Libra semi-sextile Neptune at 22 Sagittarius in the Ninth House. So there is a story there about your relationships with others (Seventh House) and how that functions for you with the world of the net; books; the media and the rest. That’s who you are.

  15. Hi Jessica. Thank you for another fascinating article. I am a 2 (30.08), and I pulled the High Priestess. I don’t have anything at 2 in my chart, and the only sign that’s empty is Gemini. I’m a writer by profession, with my new contract finally being signed this month. I would love to hear what you think?

    1. How interesting. Yes, born on 30/8 you are definitely a 2 person. So how does this show up in the card and the chart? Well, you have a major chart pattern, involving writing, coming from your Second House. You were born with the Descendant at 21 Taurus in house number two. It is opposite the Ascendant at 21 Scorpio in the Eighth House. This aspects your MC or Midheaven at 21 Virgo in your Sixth House of work (and of course Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the authors’ sign). There is a final aspect to your IC or Immum Coeli at 21 Pisces. You can have a field day with this chart, and the High Priestess is of course you, holding the contracts or manuscripts in your hand. The very picture of a Virgo MC or Midheaven, which rules your highest achievement. The other 2 theme in that card is the two columns, marked B and J, which may be meaningful for you. But…it all comes from house number 2 in your horoscope in the first place.

  16. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for another amazing article :)This is so fascinating! I’m somehow not able to understand what my card means. So my birthdate is 2+4+6= 12 so the number is 3.
    I drew a King of cups. Could you please explain why I’m here ?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, you were born on 24/6 so your number is 3, once we reduce it to a single digit. Your DC or Descendant is 3 Gemini in the Third House, so that is your big clue. You are the King of Cups, in your own space, in your own reality and very far removed from normal everyday life. Your IC or Immum Coeli is 4 Pisces, so you were actually born with a Grand Cross involving the sign of the fishes. You can see the fish in the card. You have the DC at 3 Gemini, AC or Ascendant at 3 Sagittarius, IC at 4 Pisces and MC at 4 Virgo. There are issues here about being disconnected from people – floating, drifting, being everywhere all over the place, all the time, which of course Pisces is and this sign rules where you come from in life, also known as your IC. It’s at odds with your 3 Gemini placement. Work the card with your imagination so you get what you want from it. If you are the King of Cups how can you make that serve you best?

  17. Morning Jessica
    Generally I stay away from social media, only using it to source technical info (EV’s, sewing, etc) last night stamped its mark on my brain. The invasion on our privacy and loud noise that accompanied the scene, I was irritated by the inane content and wonder how we got here. Rhetorical.
    But why I’m really here is I drew the Knight of Wands to go with 4 day year or 22 (4) full birthday.
    Thanks Gal, how does your brain retain all this info, cheers

    1. Thank you. Born on 3/10 you are indeed a 4, like Kurt Cobain, but every chart, number and Tarot card is unique and exclusive to you. So what is going on here? Well, you have a pattern at 4 degrees. You were born with the Moon at 4 Sagittarius sextile Saturn at 4 Aquarius. Sagittarius is the ruler of the Ninth House of the worldwide web, publishing, foreigners and foreign countries, multiculturalism and academia. Your Knight of Wands is all that, but you also need to find ways to plant your ideas, ground your concepts, put them in the right place and nurture them to success. That is shown by the sextile to Saturn; there are issues here about how fast/how slow/how blocked. The number 4 is correct, you have a 4-4 pattern and chose a card which sums it up. For your next trick you need to stage direct yourself (you are the Knight of Wands) to get what you want. Work the card with your imagination.

  18. Hello Jessica
    I am a 9 person and I drew the 3 of Swords. I found that confronting to say the least! I have Ops and Saturn in Gemini (3rd house) and Neptune, Ceres and Juno in Sagittarius (9th). I am a Sun Cancer and a bit confused about how to put this all together.
    Can you please help me put this together for me to understand?
    Thank you very much, as always for your website.

    1. Thanks DQ, yes you are a 30/6 person so your number is Nine. We go to your Ninth House for clues there and also anything at 9 degrees to find out why the Three of Swords has turned up (complicated and conflicted three-way relationships). Your DC (Descendant) is at 22 Gemini in the Third House square Fortuna at 23 Libra in the Seventh House of relationships and in opposition to your Ascendant 23 Sagittarius in the Ninth House. So the clue is the Ninth House. You have a T-Square from there leading to the Seventh House of partnerships, separation, co-parenting – and to the Third House of communication, information and negotiation. So the card was accurate and showed you the T-Square which is always tight and tangled. Rather like the Three of Swords. How do you work on that? You move the card with your imagination.

  19. Good morning Jessica,

    What a great article! I always use numerology but I’m unsure how to relate it to the tarot. I pulled the King of pentacles and I’m a nine???

    Thank you for your time x

    1. Thank you. You were born on 27th September, so 2 + 7 + 9 = 18. We reduce 1 + 8 and get 9. We go to your birth chart to find clues about 9 there. You have the North Node at 9 Taurus and South Node at 9 Scorpio. They both rule money, business and property and you are the King of Pentacles or Coins. This is not unusual with the nodes. They show a past life. So in your last incarnation and possibly all of them, you were a wealthy man, tied up with finance and to some extent trapped by it. In this lifetime you are here to move the card with your imagination so that you find more freedom. There is a lot of scope in that card actually for all kinds of people to come in, or events to happen, or props to appear. The 9 here points directly to your 9-9 opposition between the nodes and the Tarot told you the truth – it’s about money.

  20. Hi Jessica, I am a 1 I think. I have lots of 0 in my chart. I pulled the Lovers when I asked why am I here. Would love to know your thoughts?

    1. You were born on 25/12 so you are 2 + 5 + 1 + 2 = 10. And we reduce it to a single digit so yes, you are a 1. Where is that number hidden in your birth chart? You have Fortuna at 1 Libra in the Seventh House of sexual partnership, marriage, de facto relationships, separation and divorce – as well as reconciliation. So The Lovers is quite accurate. You are – your Fortuna in Libra in the Seventh House. Without realising what you do, you put lovers up on a pedestal so they rule it all – then the wheel swings and they are down at the bottom again. Then they go up again…then they go down again. The number 1 may have personal meaning in your life, but the Tarot, numerology and chart have lined up here. To make progress with any of these issues over your lifetime, stage-direct The Lovers card.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks so very much, I’ll look for the zoom link (and sooo sorry for all the trouble in the zoom on the 5th!) in the meantime if it’s OK I am a 5 and when asking “Who am I and why am I here?” – from my own Smith-Waite Centennial deck I drew the Ace of Swords.
    Kind regards,
    Sandie x

    1. Thanks Sandie. I hope that the Sydney Astrological Research Society has now refunded you. I’m glad you have your own Smith-Waite Tarot deck too. Born on 13/10 you are indeed a 5 person and your card is the Ace of Swords. You have a stellium in the Fifth House, which you can see on your horoscope wheel as the 5 sector. This is the house of heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. The Ace of Swords shows a crown on top of a sword, there having been a change in the line of succession. Leo is of course the royal sign. Your character and life is defined by ‘the changing of the guard’ or two, three or more coronations involving your partners and any children, stepchildren, godchildren or young relatives. You have Mars in the Fifth House and of course Mars is a symbol of attack and defence – action women. This may have taken place when you were growing up if there was a big family change or it may have arrived later in life with the end of a relationship, for example, or a shift in the household for other reasons. I tend to think you always end up as Queen.

  22. Hi Jessica
    I’m finding this a bit strange as I’d always thought I was a number 9 (date, month & year = 9) however using your method I’m a number 7 and there are no number 7’s in my natal charts. When I pulled the Tarot card I got ‘The World’, confusing me even more. Too funny.
    If you get a chance, would you mind very much please steering me in the right direction as I’ve surely got something amiss in my calculations somewhere.
    Once again, many thanks for all your informative blogs and twitter posts etc. and I read every single one of them, including all the comments, all of which I find thoroughly fascinating and very educational.
    Cheers JP

    1. Thank you JP. When researching Your Birthday, the next book, I found the date, not the year, to be the true clue to personality and destiny. It took over 366 famous people to show me that! The Seventh Harmonic shows in your chart. I mentioned the John Addey harmonics in the feature because in a few cases, this is the key. (You can read more about the Seventh Harmonic here). This aspect is a septile, or 51 degrees between chart factors. It is 1/7 of 360 degrees. You have a septile from Aesculapia at 3 Cancer in your Fourth House of home to Ops at 24 Leo in your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, children and young adults. The World card shows you, naked, dancing between the four corners of the world. Where will you live or stay? Leo the lion shows up in the card in the bottom right-hand corner. The Tarot has told you true. You were born with the Seventh Harmonic septile from Cancer (belonging) to Leo (your relationships) and your personality and life is characterised by that search.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks again for another great article.

    I am a 7 (5+1+1) and I drew the King of Pentacles when I asked ‘who am I?’ Your insights would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Yes, you are the second reader to be born on 5th November, but your personality and destiny will be unique. As a 7 person you have a packed Seventh House. If you look at the horoscope sector marked 7 you will see you have a stellium or unusually high number of factors there. The Seventh House rules your husband, boyfriend or work partner. It rules partners over a lifetime, including those you break up with. You are, to some extent, the men you are with, either sexually or professionally. Money men, or just one money man. So, the King of Pentacles as a partner is so dominating that you are, in effect, partly him too – or you acquire those rather businesslike, fiscally aware characteristics.

  24. Good morning Jessica, I am a 5 and pulled the High Priestess when I asked ‘why am I here’. I have 5 Mercury in Taurus and am a Sun and Moon Taurus. I come from a family of 5 but otherwise the number does not speak to me. Could you share your thoughts please?
    Many thanks x

    1. Yes, born on 18th May, your number is 5 and it shows in your chart. You have Mercury at 5 Taurus and this is the planet of education, information and communication. You are here to use the web, the media, publishing and/or academia to get your message across. The High Priestess holds a scroll in her hand. This may be a qualification or a manuscript; a page of notes for a future website. Your Tarot has told you – you are Mercury in Taurus.

  25. Hi Jessica. That is very interesting. It turns out I am 3. My sun and my ascendant are at 3 degrees, plus my husband was born on the 3rd of September and is also 3. We got married on the 10th of November which again is 3. Incredible. I drew the same card as Diana, 7 of pentacles. Money is indeed a very important subject in my life and everything I do is concentrated on money matters and investments. However, I have not found yet a fulfilling career that could give me the abundance and joy of life. Maybe it’s right in front of my eyes, but I just cannot see it. To answer this question of why I am here, which house should I turn to in my birth chart?

    1. Aha. You are the first person I’ve replied to on this page, who is using numerology fully. You were born on the 25th of May, and 2 + 5 + 5 adds up to 3 as a single digit. Your husband was born on the 3rd and is also a 3 which is incredible, given you also married on a 3 day. Your Tarot card is the Seven of Pentacles, and shows investment, financial growth, saving and charity, business, property, inheritance and (as Princess Diana knew) forever funding. Your MC or Midheaven is 3 Cancer which is the clue. The MC shows your highest calling in life. Cancer rules real estate but also home – house and garden. You are the person in the card cultivating the plants and trees. This can be literal (gardening) but also symbolic – nurturing and managing growth, thanks to your land or home. I think you have just answered your own question. If were talking philanthropy it would be home town/homeland/Mother Nature/Mother Earth. All this is your MC at 3 Cancer too.

  26. Hi Jessica, thank you for another fascinating read and a great topic! I always used to calculate my number including my year of birth too, which gave me 4 as my number. If I use just my day and month, my number is 7 (November 5). I have no planets at 7 degrees, but I have a small stellium in my 7th house. I pulled The Lovers as the answer to who am I and why am I here. Relationships have always been very important in my life, so I guess I’ve got my answer! I’d really appreciate your thoughts, if you have a chance to look at my chart. Warm regards, Olga

    1. I found using the year doesn’t work as well with numerology, when I was researching Your Birthday. Just the date is enough. Your card is The Lovers, your number is 7 (born on the 5-11) and your Seventh House shows a stellium including the South Node of past lives and karma. One or more men you are involved with, have reincarnated to be with you, to meet challenges and enjoy rewards. The Tarot has told you true. You are a 7 with a Seventh House mission; this sector of your chart marked 7 is of course about marriage, divorce, de facto relationships, separation, reconciliation and male-female equality in love.

  27. Hi Jessica, my number is a 3 and the tarot I selected was the Wheel of Fortune, what does this say about who I am and why I am here?

    Thank you xx

    1. Psyche in Gemini in your Third House defines your character and destiny. If you look at the 3 sector of your chart you can see Psyche there. The Third House rules the media, publishing, education and the worldwide web. Psyche describes what immortalises you; what goes on forever. This makes sense in terms of the web in particular as so much of that content is here for years. The Wheel of Fortune clearly shows four corners of readers, writers and internet users. In the centre, the wheel spins, taking people up and down. You can work the card to create progress in your life by using active imagination and creative visualisation.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    With numerology I am a 6 and who am I why am i here ? I drew The Magician. How does it relate to my chart? Is 6 degrees Chiron a clue?
    What are your thoughts ?

    1. Yes, born on 22nd February you are a Six person. Your astrology chart shows Chiron at 6 Pisces and a packed Sixth House (you can see the horoscope sector marked 6 is overloaded with factors). So both those things define you. The card shows your Pisces side which is mystical. The Magician (magic is ruled by Pisces) is channelling. You also have the infinity symbol above your head in the card. Laid out before The Magician is a desk full of tools for work. The Magician is teaching, instructing, guiding or mentoring. All this is your Sixth House of paid work, unpaid work and academia. So your Pisces side receives information from a higher power, guides, the spirit world, the universe – and you convert it into practical use, with your Virgo side.

  29. Dear Jessica,
    Fascinating read, I am a “2” and I pulled Ace of Cups, I have a stellium in Taurus In a 2nd house, also Bacchus at 02 degree in Aries, does all if this connect?
    Thank you kindly, as always. xx

    1. Yes. You were born on March 26th so adding 3, 2 and 6 you arrive at the single digit 2. How does the Ace of Cups show up in your chart, in terms of the number 2? You do have a packed Second House which is part of your character and destiny. I am sure you know what the Second House covers. However it is Bacchus at 2 Aries which is the clue. It is shown by a cup or glass symbol, because Bacchus was the god of wine. Your Tarot card shows the same cup, overflowing. So you are here to enjoy abundance which pours into the group. Bacchus was the god of Bacchanalia when large groups of hedonists would celebrate the good life – quite wildly, actually. That’s who you are.

  30. Hello Jessica,
    I am Genelle a 9 born on August 1st and my husband Paul is a 4 born on March 19th. I have not been able to have children on my own. My husband has a son, who is a 8 and has a wife who is a 6 and our granddaughter their daughter who is 1 years old is a 8. I drew the Two of cups card! I am still learning alot about myself as an almost 56 year old woman. I love working with young children as an Teaching Assistant at an Elementary school. Will I ever be able to be a permanent parent with adoption of a little one or being granted guardiansip with my husband of a teenager? Can you add anything on your end of the sphere? Thank you for all that you do for all of us:-)

    1. Yes, you are a 9 person, born on 1st August. Your Tarot card is the Two of Cups which shows a man and woman negotiating the emotional space between them. What does your chart say? You have the Sun at 9 Leo. You are a Teaching Assistant, which fits. The synchronicity in the card is amazing as you can see Leo the lion above the man and woman in the Tarot. In your chart Leo rules the world of children and teenagers, as you probably know, and here is your Sun at 9 degrees in that zone – and you are a Nine. If you visit my Substack you will see an extended feature on how to work the Tarot card. How to stage direct it, shape the script, add props and other actors. If you want to adopt a child or become a guardian to a teenager, start with the card. I expect when Jupiter goes into Leo in 2026 and into 2027 opportunities to have this happen, or something even better, will appear.

  31. Hi Jessica , I have posted before but I assume the list of comments is increasingly high, I am Capricorn born on January 8th! I pulled a card asking who I am and the queen of wands appeared ! I also have a cat 🙂 (as I see in the drawing) ! Any future insight based on the card ? What are 9 people in general? My moon is conjunct Uranus and thought of it when I saw this joyful queen card !thank you very much

    1. Yes, there are over 100 comments now, with this feature, but I am now at my desk with a cup of tea, looking at your question. Born on 8th January (8-1) you are a Nine person and your Tarot card is the Queen of Wands. I am sure you know cats have nine lives; there is a cat in the card and you own one too. These funny sorts of synchronicities often turn up with numerology and Tarot. What does your chart say? Your Ninth House is packed. If you look at the natal chart house marked 9 you will see a stellium, or unusually high number of factors there. All in the zone of foreigners and foreign places; the worldwide web; publishing and academia. The Queen of Wands has a firm grip on projects and plans in her life. All the Wands/Staves relate to the written word as they are the tree branches which convert to paper. You are here to pursue strong concepts and ideas and to plant them where they will grow – probably abroad.

  32. Hi Jessica, this is very interesting & I love how you keep bringing different strands together as it is very insightful. I am a 1 (born 07/03). I have Hygeia at 1 in Aquarius, when I drew the Tarot I was given The Chariot (7). There are so many insights – I’ve always lived my life between two cities & places. Tassie /Melbourne, City/Sea, Mountain /Sea, London/Tassie (as my heart is still very much connected to the land in Tasmania).

    Would love to hear what you pick up, thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, born on 7th March, your numbers add up to 10, then 1. You have Hygiea at 1 Aquarius which is a clue (you protect the future, always, when involved with friends and groups). However it is your First House, marked number 1 on the horoscope, that shows who you are and what you are all about. The First House is about self-promotion, image, style, and how you front up to life. It’s about branding and projection. The Chariot shows you front-and-centre and if you look closely at the figure in the card you will see a computer or television screen on the breastplate. You say you go between two places and this is shown by Chiron in Aries who was the centaur seen at full gallop in so many paintings and sculptures. Chiron in Aries in the First House is very personal to you.

  33. Hi Jessica this is a very intriguing topic. I am 10.24 so I am a 7 person. Needless to say I have tons of the 7 factors.

    My card is 3 of swords which is quite describing my relationship life, which is my 7 house. Nevertheless, I have the 2nd most 3 factors in my chart, except 7 factors.

    (I think I decode it quite well! But I am also shocked of the result.)

    But anymore insight maybe you can share? Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, you were born on 24th October, so we add 2 + 4 + 1 + 0 and arrive at 7 and in your birth chart, we find your Ascendant at 7 Libra in the Seventh House. The Seventh House is about marriage, de facto relationships, separation and divorce. It is about all duets and duels – all kinds of partnerships, double acts and disputes. Your Tarot is telling you the truth as the Three of Swords shows a heart with three swords piercing it. This is about complicated relationships and you feel it’s accurate. I recommend you visit The Astrology Show on Substack to see the video explaining how to change your card to shape your life.

  34. hi jessica, thank you for this article, i thought i was a 6 because i used to do this with my year of birth but i am a 4 without using my year of birth. I asked tarot who am I and I got 6 of cups and then and then asked tarot why am i here and i got the lovers card. I am so grateful if you can interpret for me as I dont understand it myself. Thank you so very much Jessica.

    1. Born on 28th December, you add 2 + 8 + 1 + 2 to arrive at the single digit 4 so you are correct. When I was researching the new book, Your Birthday, I found a birthdate, without a year, was more accurate to define personality and destiny. You only draw one Tarot card to ask ‘Who am I and why am I here?’ (not two cards) but in any case, the Six of Cups shows children and The Lovers shows marriage or a de facto relationship. Going to your natal chart, you have Ops, Apollo and Saturn in your Fourth House, marked number 4 on the horoscope. This is of course the zone of family and household, so your number, chart and Tarot match.

  35. Hi Jessica – thank you for this great article! I am a 3 and I drew the Devil card when i asked who am I 🙁 Can you help me interpret? thank you so much. x

    1. You are a Three with Mercury and Bacchus in the Third House, in the sign of Gemini. You can see that in the sector marked 3 in your chart. The Devil is three figures. The naked man and woman, and the devil himself. Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Where is this theme about sexual partnership and sin in your Third House? Well, Bacchus is pretty obvious. I don’t know how much you know about Roman history but Bacchus is the god who inspires Bacchanalia – and he was associated with male sexuality. Who are you and why are you here? To figure out the sexual connection between men and women, or yourself with one or more men, and to understand the third element here – apparent sin. The Third House does describe the internet too.

  36. Hi Jessica, My number is 8 (5 + 3) and I pulled the 8 of swords in response to who am I, why am I here?. I am a sun Pisces with an Aries stellium (among others), and the red dress feels significant to me. I have not been especially injured or harmed in life, but do work psychologically with those who have been. Can you shed any further light on this tarot card?

    1. You are certainly an 8 and your Eighth House shows Uranus and the North Node in the Eighth House. Your Tarot card shows you blindfolded and tied up, surrounded by swords. Does this fit the Eighth House? Yes. Uranus is a symbol of liberation, revolution and freedom. You are here to release yourself from who or what traps you, on a repeated basis, all your life. Doing so helps you to liberate other people. The Eighth House is about sexual and financial relationships (marriage and mortgage is typical, or a de facto relationship where you split the rent). It is also about family-based financial and property relationships, so legacies, wills, trust funds and inheritance. You have a past life involving this, as the North Node shows your prior incarnation. Your family or partners in this life knew you before. So your card fits the number, fits the chart.

  37. Thank you Jessica for this great enriching article!
    My number should be 6 as I was born on May 10th but I’m not sure the House of Virgo really fits me… I have Ops and Panacea at 10° in Virgo though and many 10° in my chart. The only 6 degree is my Chiron in Taurus.

    I also drew a tarot card after listening to pink noise as “What is my path?” is a recurring question of mine and I drew the Ace of Swords… which is evocative of the House of Capricorn – another 10 number… Funny as I’m quite allergic to royalty but I get the symbolic meaning. It must also be evocative of the Pluto transit in my 10th House. There are 6 drops of gold as well on top of the hand which comes from a cloud. My mind is most of the times too busy and not enough ‘incarnated’.

    I also asked for Jeff Bucley, his number is 1 (born Nov 17th) and I drew The World! Definitely speaking … A soul searcher…There are so many symbols on this card evocative of his personality, work and life! Moreover, his number seems to be relevant looking at his chart: he has Mars at 21° Virgo (the gracious naked lady in the circle – a record?); a very busy VIII House which goes crescendo: Neptune 22° Scorpio; Mercury 23° Scorpio and then Sun 25° Scorpio, Venus 27° Scorpio. Interesting. Mars is also Scorpio’s planet, not just Aries I think so the masculine and feminine intertwined… He also has Fortuna in Gemini at 8° (died in Gemini season) but I can’t see Asteroids… The red rubans and the lady’s scarf are also reminiscent of the ‘infinite eight’ … Do you think that the 21 figure reveals other connections with his chart and number? Perhaps 12 upside down, the 12 signs? What do you think?
    Warm thanks!

    1. Thank you. If you were born on May 10th, then your number is 6 and you have drawn the Ace of Swords. This is a symbol of workplace change and in fact your Sixth House, where you can see the number 6 on the chart, hosts a rare conjunction of Panacea and Ops at 10 Virgo. This fits the card. Do you know the story of Ops? She was the mother of Jupiter and wife of Saturn. When her husband was dethroned, her son took over. The Ace of Swords shows a coronation and replacement. The crown represents the leader or head, who changes suddenly. So all your life you will go through unpaid work, work or academic politics where there are repeated exits and entrances. Sometimes you will be crowned or dethroned. Sometimes others will be. Jeff Buckley is interesting. Thank you for suggesting him. He does have AA birth data so when I run further features on this, I will include him.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I drew the Ace of Sword when posing the question from your Substack ‘who am I and what am I all about’ – on the numerology, I always thought I was a 3 but now using your formula I get a 6 – am I a 6 or a 3? – I have your yearly horoscope from a couple of years ago which came with the Numerology included, but even then, I seem to have guided to the 3.

    Much Thanks!

    1. My understanding of numerology changed when writing Your Birthday and I will update the numerology information for 2024 and beyond. The birthdate is far more accurate than the birthdate and year, the name number or anything else – when applied to the natal chart. Born on 30th December your number is 3 + 0 + 1 + 2 which is actually 6 as you’ve seen. Going to your chart, the clue is Bacchus at 6 Capricorn, the sign of people at the top; ambition; the hierarchy. Your Tarot card reflects this exactly as the Ace of Swords shows a strike for leadership – the new coronation of a new King or Queen. In Capricorn, the sign of all work and professional life, academia and business – it shows repeated episodes where the old guard is replaced by the new guard. You will often find yourself having to decide whom to be loyal to, with new leadership, or you may also be the person who goes through being dethroned, but also crowned – professionally. Bacchus shows deep enjoyment and celebration with the group. In the Ace of Swords you will see a scattered group of yellow petals or leaves – this represents the team, society, band, association, political party and so on, which always finds itself challenged to change, when the leader does. This is who you are. And you’ll find different ways of experiencing this all your life.

  39. Thanks for all of the information, Jessica. I’m a 1, 9 of pentacles. (Husband is 2, 10 of pentacles, go figure…) 1st degree I only have Apollo in Virgo, although Sun/Panacea at 0 Cancer may come into play? Aries first house I have North Node pinging a few asteroid around the chart, and Jupiter/Cupido playing near MC, Uranus, Fortuna… I’m getting philanthropy vibes, though certainly don’t have the resources for that yet. Or something in hospitality?

    1. Thank you. The 22nd June birthdate is certainly 1 and as you know, you have the North Node in Aries in the First House, which you can see in the horoscope sector marked 1 on the screen. This is very important as the North Node always shows your past lives. You have repeatedly been in the armed forces or perhaps even longer ago, in basic tribal feuding. The South Node is always automatically opposite the North Node of course and here it is at 1 Libra in the sign of marriage, de facto relationship, separation, divorce, professional partnership and all legal issues. Your husband may have known you in at least one lifetime and possibly been on the opposite side in a war. You’ve not drawn a Tarot card. Do that now and see how the card reflects the 1 theme.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    I am a number 6 with a sixth house stellium in Sagittarius. I pulled the Magician card – could you please give some clarification around this for me. Thanks

    1. You are a 6 with Cupido at 6 Capricorn. You love success and status, and it is through your career, academic career or unpaid work that you also inspire passion. You are The Magician who can lead, mentor, inspire, influence, teach, guide and steer. That does not happen unless there is great longing for your message or plans. Repeatedly in your life you will end up being the Cupid figure who clearly loves what she does, but also inspires love in those listening, watching and learning.

  41. Hello Jessica….my birthday is April 26th and I drew the eight of wands. Any information you can provide is always more than appreciated.

    1. You are a 4 + 2 + 6 person, so reduced to a single digit, you are a 3. The Eight of Wands shows a group of people (and all their ideas and plans and opinions) who are either going to land in a heap, or turn the situation around at the last minute and come up with a better solution. Your IC or Immum Coeli is 3 Pisces and your MC or Midheaven is 3 Virgo. This is a neat description of what you repeatedly encounter in your life. You are either one of the many who finds it all ends up all over the place, everywhere, all the time (the Pisces lack of boundaries and order) or you are that person who manages to show leadership and pull everybody into line, not falling in a heap, but landing somewhere constructive in a more organised way. Virgo of course rules method and order. So that’s you. And that’s your life path.

  42. hi Jessica

    I am born on august 1, so my life path number is 9.

    My sun is at 9 degrees; Chiron at 9 degrees Taurus & Vesta trining my sun at 9 degrees Sagittarius. All my life I have sought love & a stable partnership but it’s elusive. I have very often been involved as the other woman or unrequited love due to the guy being married etc.

    I drew the strength card which is eerie in a good way – it’s about Leo the Lion! But number 7 on the card does not resonate …

    Given I am heavily Virgo, the constant ups and downs with depression, anxiety, self sabotage is something I constantly fight against, last year has been particularly trying ( I had Saturn opposition Saturn in virgo .. perhaps hence). Getting back on track – Accupuncture, therapy, etc.

    I am tired of constantly having to struggle alone – do you see a steady loving committed partnership in the near future?

    As always your wise words & guidance make a world of difference ( I have over the last 6 /7 years since I have been a member reached out & even if on a first read I was puzzled, the a-ha moment always happen & I realise how right you were).

    Love & light & lots of gratitude

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for being a Premium Member for so many years. You are a 9 person with so many 9 degree patterns in your chart and you also have the Sun at 9 Sagittarius in the Ninth House. Strength shows a lion being healed. So the obvious story here is the Sagittarius line-up at 20, 15, 8 going to the Leo line-up at 20, 15, 8 in a trine. Who are you? The Leo type who is healed by Sagittarian things – so, foreign people and places, the worldwide web, academia, publishing, emigration, relocation and other cultures in your own town. What does Leo and the Fifth House rule? Courtship, the bedroom, children, godchildren, stepchildren and young adults en masse. You have often been the other woman in adultery. That’s a Leo source of pain in the Fifth House. You have had depression and anxiety as a result, directly or indirectly. It’s bad for the soul to betray another person, isn’t it. You want a partner. Actually, you will do better to look for a lover or co-parent, which are not the same thing. Libra is partnership. Leo is dating, mating, relating and parenting/substitute parenting a younger generation. It’s not necessarily marriage at all. Or shared property. Your number is correct and 9 leads you to the Ninth House, where there is a rare triple trine to Leo factors. The Tarot has told you true. You are here to find out who and what heals you sexually, with relationships, with the children you did or did not have – and all Leo matters. I would expect there to be a brilliant turning point for you when Jupiter goes into Leo, so 2026-2027 but don’t wait for that. Work this card with your imagination and creative visualisation to turn it around, to become the scene you want in your life.

  43. Hello Jessica, your insights are so useful, thank you for continuing to share with us. I’m not sure what to make of my numerology and tarot. I’m a 7 (2+3+2), Sun Aquarius and drew the High Priestess. Please can you help me decipher? Thank you

    1. Thank you. You have Psyche in Virgo in the Sixth House and are a 6 woman. You were born on the 23rd of January, and 2 + 3 + 1 comes to 6. If you look at your horoscope you will see 6 on the wheel. The High Priestess matches this perfectly. Psyche is the goddess who lives forever and Virgo rules the worldwide web, academia, publishing and the professions where women rise to the top. In the card you can see yourself holding a manuscript, qualification or article – the scroll. Virgo is of course ruled by Mercury, the planet in charge of the media, as well as academia, communication and information. Your number, card and chart agree. I am sure you can find even more in the card to speak to you.

  44. Dear Jessica
    Been thinking about connecting to you on this but it’s going to take a bit – here goes. On the numerology- I noticed for years that both my children are 7s- daughter 3/13, and son 12/31. Looking at the birth charts that I’ve ordered from you I now see my sister and I are both 1s, and my parents both 6s. Two people who came into my life at roughly the same time are both 2s- my granddaughter and a man who holds my interest. For myself the only 1 degree I’ve got on my chart is Saturn in Sagittarius, and yes, it’s been a way bigger influence than I’d care for. I have no factors in Aries and my Sunsign has 3 factors but not at 1 degree.
    The Tarot part of the equation is quite stunning to me. Who am I- Knight of Wands, Why here- Page of Wands. So yes, that correlates to Saturn in Sag.- I see that, but it hit me also in a different way- one of my eyes was damaged as a child from a beating by my mother and later in life had retinal detachment which thankfully was gotten to in time. I was forced out by her and wound up here in a foreign culture. I’ve been in this part of the country for a over forty years and have had two cataract surgeries and am being treated for macular degeneration, which means I get shots in my eye every few months, but which I am currently beating, as my vision is 20/20 and I call out the umpires at ball games when necessary. Page of Wands? Not sure, but think it’s my son, who has Asperger’s but is doing fine on his own and is good with money. Long ago, practically as a child, I went to a card reader who told me my marriage would set me financially for the rest of my life, my daughter would bring me happiness in my old age, and my son was why I was here.
    Then I pulled the Tarot for the people whose charts I have and I think the answers are who they are and why they are here strictly in relation to my life, not their total reason for being. My daughter 3 Swords and 9 Swords- a second daughter and second wife, as have been I, and helping me get over nightmares and negative thinking about myself. My son Knight Pentacles and 5 Wands, good with money and yet to find his calling but it’s out there. My granddaughter- Ace of Cups (!) and 3 swords, perhaps for my daughter and I, but has her own life to find out. Teared up over that one. My Dad- The World and Queen of Pentacles- okay I pulled these on the night before the 80th anniversary of D-day and knew what The World meant. Queen of Pentacles could be my mother, as that was what she valued most, or it could mean karma from his service to me, as I live partly on a government pension (from ex husband’s job), besides social security. Finally, after some time to recover from that last one, I circle back to Mom- for the who question-Ten of Swords, ( she was not the one on the beach), and the why- 3 Wands. Oh and I pulled for said guy of interest- Who-2 Cups, Why here- 6 Wands, ( hasn’t happened yet). Even did the ex- though I haven’t bothered with a birth chart for him- Who- nine of pentacles, the one who brought me to my current garden, and Why- eight of swords, ( and still working on it-even looks like a younger me).
    Sorry for the length, had to get this out- it all makes sense, the numbers with the tarot and birth charts. But for me the tarot was stunning. And thank you for the therapy!

    1. Thank you. You are a One woman who has Saturn at 1 Sagittarius as you’ve seen and it has shown up in many different ways in your life. Your sister is also a 1 woman. The Knight of Wands and Page of Wands show the world of ideas, plans and projects which have to travel. You can also see the typical delay of Saturn, with the Page of Wands, and the Sagittarian horse in the Knight of Wands card. So your Tarot has confirmed your number, and the chart, with Saturn in the horoscope zone marked 1 that you see. You were forced out by your mother and live in a foreign culture. This is Sagittarius the sign of foreigners and foreign countries. You have pulled a lot of Tarot cards to answer your other questions. I will post a new video at The Astrology Show on Substack next week to show how to work a card with active imagination to make it serve you better; the clouded vision of the Knight of Wands is obviously personal to you, but one can introduce other people, props and other stage set changes to the card to make it serve you.

  45. Hi Jessica. Thanks for reposting the link, but that video I have watched. It is the similar content with this passage but in video format.

    Would look forward to your further video, that how we can change the card and reshape the life.

    We all know our card. We know the number and tarot co-relation. But I believe most people would like to know how to live with the card. Or if the card or life are showing your some bad patterns, how to avoid it.

    Thanks a lot Jessica. This is a really mind-blowing topic.

    1. Thank you. I will ask Alicia Fulton who runs The Astrology Show on Substack if we can make a new video about working with the Tarot card. I have had an overwhelming response to this feature, and can see almost 200 people just in a couple of days, wanting to know more. If we can make a follow-up video it will appear next week. I appreciate the suggestion!

  46. Hi Jessica
    An enjoyable and great article. I am a 6 and would appreciate your interpretation of Who am I and Why I am here? I have the Sun at 6 Gemini Chiron at 6 Pisces Fortuna at 6 Virgo and I drew the Seven of Wands.
    Thank You

    1. Thank you Linda. Fortuna is at 6 Virgo in the Sixth House and you are a 6 woman. All your life you will encounter people politics at work, with your unpaid work, in academia and also at home, in terms of housework, for example. You are Fortuna so you send people high and low without realising what you are doing. If you are a boss for example, you promote them or sack them. You are here to find a way to stabilise and manage relationships with others, who may be staff, employers or colleagues. If you look at the Seven of Wands you can see one against the many, in terms of opinions, ideas, plans and projects. This echoes the chart. Work the card with your mind so that you find a better way of managing people politics, if you wish.

  47. Jessica,

    Please help me understand why I drew the lovers card. My number is 8 (3/23). I am a member.


    1. Your Eighth House shows the North Node in Scorpio, so your 8 number lines up with the sector marked 8 in your horoscope. This also aligns with The Lovers. I am sure you know the Eighth House rules sexual and financial relationships. Often, marriage and mortgage. Frequently, de facto relationships and rent. All your life you will be in one or more of these connections and find yourself faced with the decisions that make you, who you are. At least one partner will bring a shared past life with you, as the North Node shows the infinite past, reincarnation and karma.

  48. Hi Jessica, thank you for another fascinating article. I always learn so much. My number is 4, and I drew the Magician. It’s interesting because in numerology I have a lot of three and have always associated myself as a three person really. I don’t really resonate with 4…but clearly I must somehow, because it’s my birthdate number haha. Please can you help me understand why I am here? Thank you for all you do x

    1. Thank you. Your Fourth House shows the Descendant in Cancer and you are The Magician. If you go to the house marked 4 in your chart you will see DC (Descendant). Cancer rules the garden and Mother Nature and you are surrounded by flowers in the card. Cancer also rules emotions and the cup of emotion is on the table. The Descendant and Ascendant are always exactly opposite and your AC is shown by the Magician’s arms which point in opposite directions. You can also see the loop over your head, indicating the opposition of the Fourth House/Tenth House.

  49. Hi Jess, how funny, I always thought my life number was 11 or 2 as I added my birth year too, and these have always been lucky numbers for me. But now it looks like I’m an 8 which is the same as the man who has been in my head and heart for the past 20 years. My birthday is 9 Aug and his is 11 June. My tarot card is justice. Thanks Jessica!

    1. Numerology offers many ways to calculate a number but you are an 8 based on the method I use in the next book, Your Birthday. Your chart shows Psyche at 8 Aquarius. Psyche was the goddess who fell in love with Cupid and was set a variety of tests by Venus, Cupid’s mother. Psyche was beautiful and Venus was jealous of her. Psyche passed every test and was then granted immortality with Cupid, by the Gods. You have been in love with someone for 20 years, who I suspect you would describe as a friend, or someone in a group of people around you. This is because Psyche is in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups and friends. Your Tarot card shows the two of you – Justice – you are on one side of the scales and he is on the other. So your 8 number, 8 astrological pattern and the card agree.

  50. Hi Jessica, I love your site. My birthdate 10/22 and I pulled a 8 of cups for my tarot card. What does this mean for me. My marriage has been empty for years. My Husband 2/3/1957. My husband has health issues due to drinking but will not stop. My son 10/14/1993 has no relationship with his father due to drinking. I feel like i should just stick out this marriage. Too many years invested almost retired. Any insight is appreciated.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment on to Asporea, who run this website. You are a 5 woman and have Minerva at 5 Leo in the Fifth House. I am sure you know the Fifth House is about courtship, the bedroom and parenthood. Your husband is an alcoholic and your son has rejected him. I am so sorry you are going through this. The Eight of Cups shows the empty glasses (so many empty glasses) and you turning away, on your own, making your own way through life. This is correct but it is not very happy and you can find alternatives, by working the card with your imagination. You are Minerva in the Fifth House. Minerva is the goddess of wisdom. She was born fully formed from her father Jupiter’s brain and usually carries an owl. She is a Virgin goddess and can turn up when women are married but no longer have sex. She ruled wisdom and the arts in Rome. So, finding a different way to be Minerva is also wise. The Eight of Cups is there like a stage set. You can turn the action around. You can introduce other people, props – even animals if you want them. Your number, chart and card have a message for you.

  51. Hello Jessica.
    I am a 6 in your numerology system. I can see Hygeia and Dianna opposing each other in family and career. Six houses of separation.
    I have definite characteristics of both ladies. All I do is work and study so I can do more work and work around the house.
    I drew ” The Fool” and I felt so good. It was beautiful and befitting. I did not feel fearful at all drawing this card or that the pup was warning me. I see happiness, the light and bright costume, with a flower of purity and a faithful companion encouraging me to break free from constraints and patterns and take the leap of faith. Enjoy myself, my health and my pup. Is this the sun blinding me??

    1. Thank you. Diana at 6 Capricorn is your 6 numerology symbol. You are, like the goddess Diana, a free spirit who does not want marriage and children (or if you do marry and become a mother, you still need your freedom). Amazingly you mention your dog. Diana is always seen with either a greyhound or a spaniel. She is the goddess of the hunt. Diana in Capricorn is ambitious, an alpha female who refuses to bow down to patriarchy. Diana asked her father Jupiter to release her from motherhood and marriage, which he did, putting her in charge of hunting. Your card, The Fool, shows you as Diana, off on another journey or mission. Again, with more synchronicity, The Fool comes with a dog.

  52. Thank you, Jessica. That’s me, completely, in a nutshell. The one who sees beyond the chaos with the ability to organize and regroup. Appreciate your insight – makes me feel better knowing I’ve been doing what I’m meant to do.

  53. Dear Jessica,
    Such valuable content! Everything you publish, is. This, too piqued my interest and I’m intrigued.
    “Who am I and why am I here?” I think we’ve all asked ourselves this question at least once in our lives.
    I drew the Empress on your website. I am a 7 (20th of May). Any insight is appreciated!
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. You have Psyche at 7 Cancer, the sign of home, home town and belonging. Your number is 7 and you drew The Empress, who is the contented woman in luxurious surroundings. You are here to enjoy your garden and home, Mother Nature in your local area and the comfort of resting on evergreen love. Psyche is the partner of Cupid. Cupid’s mother is Venus and you can see the Venus symbol in the Tarot card you drew. So your number, chart and card agree.

  54. Dear Jessica, such an interesting topic again 🙂 including nummerology, I read years ago a book Healing the Body by Spezzano. And once in a while I look up information relating to numbers. I was born 20.03. which sums up to 5, I could not find too many 5´ves in my chart. Somehow I don`t relate to the five, interesting, will think about that. Then my Tarot card was the King of Swards, which left me quite flabbergasted. In Spezzano the five is about transformation. If I look at the card I relate to Cupido (?), being constantly under tests and trials in my life, but I guess I am interpreting not quite accurate. I am divorced and single, but would love not to be one day 😉 and my father worked for the British army and my grandfather in Germany for the German army (2`nd World War). There is a lot of anger in the family below the surface. I could put that info on the table. Can you please give me some hints to think about. Thank you and sharing all your help, advice and support

    1. Thank you. Yes, born on 20th March, you are a 5 woman who has Juno at 5 Sagittarius. You are also the King of Swords. You have inherited strength from your father in the British army and your grandfather in the German army. I am sure you know that Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries. Juno is the goddess of commitment. Why are you here? To take the anger in your family, partly stemming from the war, and to find a way to sort out Germany and Britain now, for yourself, or other foreign issues. Your number 5, Juno at 5 and your Tarot card agree.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you tons for such a valuable information.
    I was born on July 16 so I am a 5 person which adds to the 6 of cups I just drew from the tarot deck. I have Chiron, Ascendent and Descended at 5 degrees, Neptune and Aesculapia in my 6th house and Bachus, Fortuna, Juno and Uranus in my 5th house. Who am I and why I’m here? Will I fulfill my life purpose? For a few years now I am trying to find a purpose that will make stop turning around me. Thank you in advance, Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Yes, born on 16/7 you are a 6 woman and now have the Six of Cups in the Tarot as well. The Six of Cups is about children. You were born with Panacea at 6 Leo in the house of parenthood, nursing (of children), teaching, babysitting, nannying, aunt/godmother/grandmother status. Panacea is the goddess of healing, remedies, cures and fixes. That is why you are here. It’s to cherish and respect the very young and protect them, too.

  56. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this great article.
    I am a 5 ( 7/7) and i drew the Queen of Swords.I think it fits me quite well,because i have Apollo in 5 Leo and a big stellium in Leo and it nearly affects all my chart.Ops and Ceres in conjuction at 21 Leo making trines and sextile all over.Can you please decode it further for me ,because i find it qiute hard to do it myself.I am a single mother with two daughters struggling everyday to keep it together with their education and their basics necessities.
    Thank you in advance,

    1. Thank you Dori. If you are single mother with two daughters you are certainly living a Leo/Fifth House life and in fact you are a number 5 woman. The Queen of Swords is you. You have a huge stellium in Leo and are Queen to a younger court, the Fifth House being heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. You are strong, formidable and respected. You also need to work the card with your imagination so that other people are brought into it (like a stage set) or props (perhaps you need something other than a sword to keep certain people and situations at bay). You can be Queen with support and help. Look at the family tree in the background of the card, too. Clear the clouds away. Your chart, number and card agree, Dori, but the next step is to begin working with your Fifth House and the Queen of Swords to allow yourself more flexibility and space in life so that you are not always cast in the role of defender, protector and leader. You get kudos for this and self-respect, of course, and it comes naturally, but there are other ways to be Queen. A journal can help you sort that out.

  57. Hi Jessica
    I believe l am a 3 and l pulled the king of wands. Have tried to interpret this myself. Would the king represent my father? I was having difficulty in interpreting this with my current horoscope. I would be very grateful if you would make it simple for me. I love all your wonderful content and appreciate how much free time you give everyone.
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Thanks Selina. Yes, you are a 3 and your natal chart shows horoscope factors lining up exactly 3 signs apart. The North Node at 5 Aquarius and Diana at 5 Aries are sextile, or perfectly spaced three signs away. The North Node at 5 Aquarius is also exactly three signs away from Neptune at 5 Sagittarius – again in a sextile. So the synchronicity is the quite rare appearance of the North Node three signs along in either direction from Diana and Neptune. Neptune at 5 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of the worldwide web, publishing and academia is your escapism regarding the same; it can be easy to float and drift with projects, plans and ideas. This is shown by your Tarot card. The hesitant King of Wands. This is you, not your father, but you may have inherited his tendency to procrastinate. This is easily fixed. Take the card and introduce other people, props, a different setting. Work the card with your imagination. This unusual 3-sign pattern is your 3 identity.

  58. Hello Jessica, I watched your show on Substack, very cool, thank you. I am a 6 and I drew the Empress. I note the caution around Ceres, and listening to you speak of the 6th house and Madonna, I wondered if my refusal to honour the body, and not enjoy nature’s bounty is a message here. there is so much guilt in me around enjoying life and being free, being myself. perhaps this sentiment is tied in with your astrology reading of the week. I would be grateful for any thoughts you have on my path. Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like the new Astrology Show Substack. You are a 6 and have the North Node at 6 Aquarius and South Node at 6 Leo, which reflects The Empress. Leo rules courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. The Empress rests on an evergreen relationship and is the very picture of a Leo ruler, monarch or royal. So this is who you are. This is at odds with the Aquarian need to pool resources with others (Leo-Aquarius is very much about yourself versus the community or group). This is the 6 hidden in the chart rather than the Sixth House. Your last incarnation was also as an Empress or Empress type and in this lifetime you are here to see if you can manage groups differently.

  59. Hi Jessica
    Interesting reading to mix numerology and tarot. My birth is 14 of October, who i am and what i am doing her was the card of six of wands.I hope it losses up for me and that my apartment will be sold in this year. I am so homesick to move to my hometown…
    Thanks for everything

    1. Your number, Tarot card and chart isn’t really about wanting to sell an apartment. Your Tarot card shows victory and success in battle, conflict or contest – competition. That’s lifelong and why you are here. The birthday 1 + 4 + 10 adds up to 6 as you know. Your Sixth House has a packed Virgo stellium. The Sixth House rules work, unpaid work and academia and that is where you will consistently have wins on the board. Your continuing issues with your house, apartment, home town, homeland will vanish in December 2024, January 2025. For good.

  60. Dear Jessica,

    I look forward to your new book when it’s released. This is so fascinating and so accurate. I clearly see how numerology and astrology work together, but am perplexed by the tarot card I drew, Five of Wands. I was born 25/8. I’m a 6. Adding my birth year to the month and day also gives me a 6. Born under the sixth sign Virgo with Virgo rising and Virgo stellium (Mercury, Venus and Pluto). The only planet I have at 6 degrees is Saturn in Gemini in the tenth house. In my sixth house is Mars 13 degrees conjunct North Node 14 degrees in Aquarius. My father is strongly connected to my sixth house. His sun was in Aquarius at 13 degrees plus four other planets at 13 degrees in other signs. He was always a positive influence in my life. He passed away when I was in a 6 numerology year and a month later there were eclipses in Aquarius and Virgo. Coming back to the present. Now that Pluto is in my sixth house, I’ve been worried about some health issues. I was always very healthy so health issues is new and unchartered territory for me. How does the Five of Wands fit into the picture? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the launch of Your Birthday in Sydney on 15th October will be something we hope to share around the world on Zoom with Alicia Fulton from The Astrology Show. You are a 6 woman and drew The Five of Wands. This card shows group disagreement when a circle, community or network has potential, but cannot find unity and harmony. Without a chart I can’t see all the factors and neither can you, but you can put a proper modern astrology chart together for yourself free at

  61. Hi Jessica, have pre-ordered the book and just watched the video but could use a little help. I am a 6 (3 Dec) but I don’t have anything at 6 deg in my chart. I also think my 6th house is empty (if I’ve worked it out correctly – I still get a little lost with houses).

    So I guess my question is, what do I make of the lack of 6s!?


    1. Thank you so much for pre-ordering Your Birthday. I hope you like it. The Sixth Harmonic shows in your chart. That is where your 6 destiny and personality comes from. The Sixth Harmonic is a sextile. Your Ascendant at 1 Libra is sextile Mercury at 1 Sagittarius. You project an image which is all about duets and duels, all your life. Princess Diana had a Libra Ascendant. She was seen as the bride of Prince Charles, then the opponent of Mrs Camilla Parker-Bowles, then as the lover of many. Mercury in Sagittarius is about the worldwide web, foreigners, foreign countries, publishing and academia. This is your 6 life statement. You need to draw a Tarot card to define this for yourself in more detail.

  62. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you, as always for your astrology insight, keeping me sane and grounded.
    This was a profound ah-ha moment for me. As I have always thought of myself as a life path 5. With my year added, I don’t have anything a 5 degrees, and never really related to it.
    When just adding the month and day I am now an 8 life-path. I have three planets in the 8th house. Here is where it gets spooky. I drew the judgement card! and I have Psyche 8 Scorpio.
    I am experiencing an inexhaustible amount of judgement in my neighbourhood, community and beyond. I feel my life-path now is to transcend Judgement, and maybe to do a past life regression to see where all this came from and how to learn from it this life time, in order to help others. Awareness and acceptance is allowing me to look at it all from a different view.

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind. People don’t relate to their usual numerology profile, but do find the simple day formula is accurate. You are an Eight woman and have Psyche at 8 Scorpio in the Eighth House. Your Tarot card shows the chart and number. It is about your family and friends in spirit, from whom you have inherited a legacy and always will. This is lifelong. Go back to your ancestors or relatives and circle, in more recent years. The legacy can be financial, property, valuables but it is usually spiritual.

  63. Dear Jessica,
    I was born August 19th, so I’m a 9. I don’t have any planets at 9° and my 9th house is empty.
    When asking the Tarot: who am I, why am I here I draw the Ten of Swords – fighting and stand up again.
    This happened several times in my past.
    I am longing for peacefulness, I don’t want to fight anymore.
    Could you give me some insight please?
    Thank you and all the best,

    1. You have the Ninth Harmonic in your chart. The 9th part of a circle is 40°, so the 9th harmonic is approximately 40° in length. (Harmonics are the work of John Addey). You have this from Chiron at 25 Aquarius to the North Node at 4 Aries. This shows the audacity of the group, team, club, circle, network – and also your ability to fight, as you have experienced. Aquarius is the group. Aries is the fight. The North Node in Aries shows you did this in your past life and have come back to discover different ways to get what you want, which you have recognised, Christiane. All your life you will be living the Ninth Harmonic, sometimes in the group – against a person – and at other times, as the person being opposed by the group. Can you change this? Yes. It begins with reinterpreting the past.

  64. Good morning Jessica, thank you for your work! I appreciate you and your insights.
    I have had a rough few years, dealing with an alcoholic in the home. Keeping my energy and strength through it all has been a challenge. I lost my dad and best friend last year, My daughter/bf has lived in another state for more than 12 years now which is also very hard as we only see each other a few times a year. Im hopeful for more joy and happiness once again in my life. Hoping changes are coming soon.
    Born March 18, I am a 3 and pulled the Magician card. Who am I and what is my later years path? Thank you in advance for any insight.

    1. The Moon at 3 Aries and Bacchus at 3 Taurus are exactly semi-sextile in your natal chart. They match your 3 number and also The Magician, wearing the Aries colour (red) and standing upfront, front-and-centre. Aries is about presentation, packaging and reputation which does the work for you. Bacchus in Taurus is the enjoyment of money, business, charity, shopping. I am sure you can see the pentacle or coin on the table. This works for you all your life and when Pluto goes to 3 Aquarius in the next few years, people power will arrive in your life to transform you.

  65. Hi Jessica,
    Hi Jessica,
    Please can you help me with this one!! I am 8 + 1 + 1 making me a 1. I can only see Aesculapia at 1 Virgo in my chart and I pulled Queen of Swords. The number 1 also has no meaning to me. I was born at 9 something in the morning so my chart was worked out with no birth time as I didn’t know the correct time. Do you see anything there for me!!

    Also I paid SARS for the zoom meeting which I knew I would not attend but paid as I wanted a recording instead. Will I be refunded. I see in your blog you mentioned about refunds. I have watched your video on substack.

    Thanks Jessica for so many interesting things you find for us all!! xx

    1. You have the South Node in Aries in the First House and a number One woman whose card is the Queen of Swords. The South Node is past life inheritance. You were in the army, air force or navy in your last incarnation. You may have had many incarnations of being in battles or wars. In this lifetime you use your strength and determination to hold strong lines of defence, either through work or in your personal life. Perhaps both. The card, number and chart agree. Unfortunately S.A.R.S. (Sydney Astrological Research Society) management of the Zoom was not under my control. I cancelled the session with them and expect them to refund everybody. However this is something you will have to pursue independently of me. I have provided this free feature, using the content that would have appeared at the event, and also made a video, which is also free. You can view this at The Astrology Show on Substack. The questions and answers in this feature are also free. By doing this I have compensated for the failure of the talk but please do get your money back. I have not been paid.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    I’m an 8 and have a stellium in Scorpio. I also have the north and south nodes at 17 degrees and Hygeia at 8 degrees Sagittarius and Salacia at 8 degrees Capricorn. When I asked the question “Who am I and why am I here?” I drew The Tower. I look forward to your insights. Thank you!

    1. The Tower shows recurring revolutions which require you to go back and rebuild or walk away and start again. The Tower shows property and family, or workplace and colleagues. Your Eighth House holds a Scorpio stellium and the Eighth House is joint finance, business, charity and property. With Mars and Saturn there, you have a lifetime of crossroads choices regarding the same, which I am sure you know. It can affect marriage and mortgage; relatives and inheritance; family and finances.

  67. Hi Jessica- thank you so much for such a fascinating article that piques my interest in knowing “why am I here and what is my path in this lifetime?” I am a 7 (March 31st) and I drew the six of pentacles tarot. Can you please explain a little further as to what this means for me? I am a sun Aries with a stellium in Aries as well; my north node is in Libra in my 3rd house. Any insight would be much appreciated- thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. As a 7 woman you have the North Node in Libra in the Seventh House. (Not the Third House, the Seventh House, please note). I am sure you know Libra rules the scales. You can see the scales in the card you drew, the Six of Pentacles, which shows a legally binding, fair and just redistribution of money from rich to poor. This is a repeated theme in your life and says who you are. The North Node shows karma, past lives and reincarnation so you have been both rich and poor in prior lifetimes.

  68. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your reply and for explaining the meaning of my astrology, tarot etc. I can now see the meaning in the tarot card,
    I have had to use strength and determination in this lifetime due to battles and wars of another kind in my marriage.
    Please accept my apologies I did not realise the zoom had been cancelled, thank you for providing a video and for all your help with this article.
    I could not get the reply button to work so I hope you receive this reply.
    Thanks again for all you do for us.

    1. Thank you. Any or all issues with the S.A.R.S. (Sydney Astrological Research Society) should be directed to them. I am glad you can see the Tarot card meaning clearly now.

  69. Hi Jessica, Such an intersting subject. In numberology my birthdate adds up to 11, which I have been told by others not to break this down, but if it were broken down I would be a 2.
    At 11° I only have Apollo in Virgo, however, at 02° I have MC in Cancer, Ops in Capricorn, IC in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces. So, it does seem the 2 has more to it? I was actually drawn to two cards – 8 wands, Ace of Wands. I also later pulled the Queen wands,. I note she has a black cat, we cat-sit our daughter’s black cat for part of the week, and she holds what looks like a sunflower, we have family in Ukraine still challenged by the Russian invasion. I would be grateful for your insights.

    1. The old numerology rules stated 11 should remain 11 and never be broken down, but this is modern numerology. You were actually born on 9th December. So 9 + 1 + 2 = 12. When you add 1 + 2 you get 3. You are a Three woman. You have Hygiea at 3 Capricorn. She is the Queen of Wands (only draw one card). An ancient symbol of prevention, protection and ‘forewarned is forearmed’ operating in your house of position, mission and ambition.

  70. Good Morning Jessica,
    Trust you are well ? Thank you for another great article and insight always something with a twist.. love it.
    I am a number 3 with no Gemini placement. I do see 3 Minerva in Capricorn unsure how this relates to me.
    I do have a couple of interesting 3 occurrences, lived in a number 3 house from childhood to marriage, eldest of 3 children, 3 in my own family until husband passed, 3 dogs… I pulled 2 of cups.. a Leo Stellium. I did look at 3rd Harmonic for interest and it appears to be a 90 angle.
    Any insight welcome to pull altogether Thankyou again for you generosity.
    Any insight welcome.

    1. Thank you. Minerva at 3 Capricorn aligns with your 3 birthday number. As you’ve seen, the number 3 has dominated your life. Your card is the Two of Cups which shows a man and woman negotiating with each other. Minerva was in fact a negotiator and in Capricorn in the Tenth House you use your wisdom at work, in academia or with unpaid work. The glyph for Gemini is on the card and of course Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and rules communication. Minerva rules both poetry and commerce. I expect your marriage was a proving ground for your Minerva in the Tenth House and ongoing, your role will always be to negotiate with men; the opposite sex.

  71. Hi jessica
    This has been a burning question since I was about 7. I distinctly remember being very upset, crying and looking in the mirror asking this question. My whole family made fun of me which I found devastating at the time but laugh about now. Today I really concentrated and pulled the judgement card. Last week, when I first read this blog I did it quickly and pulled the 10 of swords. Can you provide any explanations for me? Thank you so much!

    1. Just pull one Tarot card for the best results. Judgement is about life after death, the ancestors and family in spirit. You are a Four woman. Your Fourth House of relatives is packed (you have a stellium there) with exact aspects to the Eighth House of inheritance and legacy.

  72. Hello Jessica, I believe I am a 1 and my tarot card was the hanged man. I only have Minerva at 1 degree (in Taurus), but I also have a stellium in the first house, including some squares and oppositions to factors in Libra and Cancer that stop me from ‘doing’ my Aries. My marriage date also comes out as a 1, if that is relevant. Am I correct in thinking my tarot card represents the blocking of my Aries aspects and that I am here to observe rather than to do? I have always felt somewhat stuck or just in the wrong place/time.

    1. You are indeed a One woman and your Tarot card is The Hanged Man which shows a man dangling upside-down in a yoga pose, waiting for enlightenment before he can free himself (or be freed). You were married on a date adding up to number one. Your First House, marked 1 on the horoscope wheel, is the story. You have a packed First House with an Aries stellium as you know. This is about your body, actually and your relationship with your physical self. Do you do yoga? Have you tried it? Have you ever learned dance or do you dance now? The Hanged Man is yourself, tied up in knots and physically restricted, but with a mental effort, you can liberate yourself. The First House is usually about our height, weight, physical build, any fitness training, sport and so on. Feeling stuck is a sure sign you have been here since your teenage yeqrs and it is now time to work the card with your creative imagination and free yourself.

  73. Good afternoon Jessica, hope all is going well for you. This article opens much to reflect on. As a 1, 1+9, , and receiving the six of swords, in a meditative moment tears flowed. A beautiful card, with hope. As a mother I felt it deeply reach into my heart, with tears.
    In my chart I have Chiron- Aries at 16 degrees, Uranus, Cupido, in Libra both at 16 degrees, Vulcan in Cancer 16 degrees. I also see my chart carries my ascendant and Aquarius at 1 and Pluto in Libra at 1 degree. This seems to be guiding my soul to people, relationship and justice. I also see a few 2 degree placements of planets and wondering if this is blended into the story here. I would be grateful for some insight as I navigate this and life into the future- I am a Sun Virgo xx

    1. Thank you. I can’t see a chart here but you are a One woman. Your card was the Six of Swords. This shows a refugee or migrant leaving a difficult situation to emigrate or relocate. I am not sure why you are using 16 degrees, it’s not relevant. The issue here is anything at 1 degree, or your First House. Without a horoscope I can’t interpret that but I am sure you can.

  74. Good afternoon Jessica, I just wrote a note here regarding my 1 – and Six of swords and Libra placements at 16 and other. I forgot to note another Libra placement at 1 degree- Psyche .

  75. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I pulled the 7 of swords – not my favourite card – and I’m a 9 (who thought she was a 1!). I have the Moon at 9 Pisces and a lot of 7/8 factors. Can you shed any light please? Spiritually, physically and emotionally it’s been a difficult last few years. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your generosity and being a premium member ☺️

    1. Thank you. You are a 9 woman and have the Moon at 9 Pisces. Your Tarot card shows you at your Moon in Pisces best – elusive, escapist, slippery (like two fish) and impossible to catch. You wriggle away from potential future conflict all your life. You did this as a child or teenager. You will do it periodically. You are intuitive, perhaps psychic, know what people are up to before they have a chance to unleash it. You would be very good in the army, navy, air force or in intelligence.

  76. hey Jessica
    I am a 4 with jupiter in 4th house gemini I drew knight of swords. please what can you see in this card?
    ty tv

    1. Just to correct you; Jupiter in Gemini is in your Third House, not your Fourth House, using Natural House astrology. Thank you.

  77. Hi Jessica,

    I like this idea of combining numerology, astrology and Tarot. I have a question for you – are there general characteristics for each number type? If so, can you do a blog on that. I am number 5 (Nov 3) and drew the Knight of Wands. Can you offer more insights on this? I am realigning my new life on my 50th birthday year after divorce from a long unhappy marriage. Thanks

    1. There are rules with numerology, based on synchronicity. Five people are odd (it’s an odd number) for a start. They don’t fit in. They are mystical (a pentagram, found in the Tarot, has five points). I won’t say more, as all the information about 5 can be found in the new book. You are a 5 woman who has Apollo in her Fifth House. You lead younger generations. You are a woman on a mission to guide, mentor, teach, inform. That is shown by your Knight of Wands personality and destiny. It’s lifelong.

  78. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for educating us about this aspect of astrology and tarot and posting the video of your talk, as I was unable to attend in real time. I am an 8 and I think your Natural house calculation has my Neptune and Proserpina in Scorpio in the Eighth House? Also my Hygeia is in Cancer is at 8 degrees. My card is The Chariot. I would love your insights into what this reflects about who I am, especially with regard to career/profession and health.

    1. I’m glad you were unable to attend in real time as I had to cancel the Zoom. In any case the new video tells you everything you need to know and in future we’ll run these from The Astrology Show on Substack instead. Born on 1st July you are an 8 and you drew The Chariot, which shows you going between two cities or two countries. You have Hygiea at 8 Cancer in your Fourth House, which reveals your home town, homeland, houses, apartments and place in the world – where you come from in terms of the family tree and ancestors too. Hygiea shows how you protect this; how you pre-empt any issues about property or belonging, residency or the family. Hygiea is where you practise prevention, not cure. You have a lifetime of choice about where home should be – and what it should mean. And that even extends to hotels and rented vacation or business trip accommodation. The Chariot is lining up with your 8 birthdate and Hygiea at 8 Cancer to show the roof over your head (the canopy on the chariot itself) and of course you are a Cancerian woman, for whom where/what home means is a very big deal indeed. Perhaps you do best when you take it with you.

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