Aries Cycles to 2039

How the rolling Aries cycles of the past and distant future affect your solar and natal chart. If you are an Aries or have a stellium in Aries, you need to read this.

Aries Cycles – Past, Present and Future

How do the Aries cycles of the past, present and future affect you? I was recently asked to give a talk on this at The Astrological Lodge of London.

You can see the cycles of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron in Aries in the First House of your chart, using the Natural House system, gathering speed now. Aries rules the head and face. It is associated with masks and helmets – and hats. Aries is ruled by Mars and has rulership over the First House of image, branding, reputation, title, portrait and appearances.

Zoom Wikipedia - Aries Cycles to 2039If you look at the Uranus in Aries cycles below (a revolution involving the face and head) you can quickly see how the children born in 1927-1935 became the first to wear gas masks during the Second World War, starting in 1939. If we then go to the children born 2010-2019 we find a whole generation wearing masks to protect themselves from COVID-19.

This is also the Facebook generation. It is certainly the Zoom generation. And of course, people young and old, have been judged by their ‘talking heads’ in the 21st century. So, these cycles until 2039 are all about your face and head. (Image: Wikimedia Commons).

This snapshot of Zoom shows the modern version of a very old astrological idea; Aries shows how we face the world. How we show our face. In this feature I’ll have a look at how this affects us for years into the future. It’s even more important if you have Aries factors. Zoom was founded in 2011 when Uranus entered Aries. This is pretty strong proof for astrology. Zoom has changed the world – principally since Covid-19 appeared in the year 2020 – and Uranus is about new inventions. You can see the list of Uranus in Aries cycles, below.

Rex E. Bills and the Definition of Aries

Rex E. Bills published The Rulership Book in 1971 through the American Federation of Astrologers and it is still an excellent guide to the meaning of the signs, planets and houses. Given that Uranus was with you most recently from 2010 to 2019 you should be able to look back and see how correct Rex was, even though he was writing some 30 years before that cycle affected your life. Isn’t this the YouTube revolution? The rise of influencers? This is how Rex E. Bills saw both Uranus and Aries. And of course, it all applies to Zoom as well.

Uranus – Announcers in radio and television. Competitors. Broadcasts. High frequency sound. Inventions.
Aries – Common people. The face. The head.

Just to refresh your memory, this is when Uranus blazed through Aries from 2010 to 2019, and also the prior cycles. All this becomes important when you want to know about the future, because Saturn and Neptune in Aries, your next major cycles, will build on what was there before.

Uranus in Aries
March 31st 1927 to November 4th 1927
January 13th 1928 to June 6th 1934
October 9th 1934 to March 27th 1935
May 27th 2010 to August 13th 2010
March 11th 2011 to May 15th 2018
November 6th 2018 to March 6th 2019

Zodiac Man 15th Century 213x300 - Aries Cycles to 2039Chiron in Aries

This transit from 2018 to 2027 is about seeing what we can get away with, in terms of First House matters; presentation and packaging. It’s also about what other people can get away with, in terms of our own faces. For example, facial recognition technology, often used without our permission or knowledge, when we are shopping.

Chiron (as defined by Dennis Elwell) is a maverick. This idea of pushing past the usual boundaries or barriers results in Instagram filters.  The Selfie Stick is an invention that arrived with Chiron in Aries. You can see how the Uranus in Aries cycle and Chiron in Aries cycle kept the momentum going.

Chiron was found in 1977 and is a symbol of punk rock as well as test-tube babies and IVF, which landed that year. Chiron is about seeing what you can get away with. The so-called impossible, outrageous or unthinkable.

The Zodiac Man (Image: Wikimedia Commons) shows us Aries the ram draped over the head of the model. This is a 15th century Welsh illustration that places the ram almost as a helmet. We tend to find that people born with slow-moving outer planets or other horoscope factors (like the lunar nodes) in Aries, are marched into times of war. Sometimes the war is against a virus. So here we have the N95 face masks of the 2020’s.

Once again if you look at Chiron in Aries 2018-2027 you will see the building blocks of the future; principally Saturn and Neptune in Aries too. Rex E. Bills associates Aries with butchers, which is interesting, given the rise of fake meat. Genuinely, getting away with the so-called impossible or outrageous.

Chiron in Aries
April 17th 2018 to September 25th 2018
February 18th 2019 to June 19th 2026
September 17th 2026 to April 14th 2027

Again, looking at the recent past, the booster impact of Jupiter in Aries from May 10th 2022 until October 28th 2022 and December 20th 2022 until May 16th 2023 expanded Chiron’s possibilities. Jupiter is a symbol of growth, solutions, improvements and the bigger picture. Put them together and you can see how the original transit that began with Uranus in Aries on May 27th 2010 picks up over time. This is one area of your life – the First House in your Natural House horoscope – which has grown, and grown – and changed shape.

Saturn in Aries

Saturn will be with us in Aries from 2025 until 2028. It’s useful to look at the last time Saturn was in Aries as well as forthcoming transits in the sign of the head and face. And, it has to be said, the sign of battle.

Aries VII Rawpixel 300x300 - Aries Cycles to 2039

Mars, the Roman god of war, rules Aries. One wears a mask to do battle; with the enemy (human) or with the enemy (viral). As I publish this in 2022 we are living in an age of masks. People fight over wearing them. Or not.

The idea of identity is central to Aries. Thus, the ID dog tags of the military. Identity theft is an Aries act and has become common in these escalating Aries cycles. This really develops the original Roman idea about Aries and Mars, but we can see modern equivalents. The rise and rise of the baseball cap is a good example of that.

Originally worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors, the cap has become the identifying feature of people born with Saturn in Aries, no matter if it’s an older generation born in the late 1960s (baldness being the motivator) or a younger generation born in the late 1990’s. Baseball caps are worn by the military and the police; that’s Aries. The Romans wore a galea or soldier’s helmet.

Fashion tends to show itself in Aries cycles, or among Aries generations. The exaggerated eyebrow make-up of some women born with Saturn in Aries in 1996-1999 actually looks like the Aries glyph – the horns. A Roman had a similar pair of horns on his galea. The modern puffa jacket looks for all the world like a Roman tunic – or police vest.

I used to forecast fashion for Bloomingdale’s and their magazine B, looking at slow-moving transits through the signs to see where the collective consciousness was going. Astrology was pretty accurate, as you might expect. When Saturn (rings, restrictions, bands) goes into Aries (the head, the face) we will see a big wave in a very different sort of hat. The baseball cap which is favoured by fans of Donald Trump, the disgraced former U.S. president, is likely to be replaced by something else.

Hats in general look as if they will become far more than just hats. Almost urban protective headwear. Helmets will likely be reborn. Facial hair, too. Again, when we go back to Rex E. Bills we find Saturn defined as follows: Apply this to the face/head and you have the fashion of 2025-2028. This also looks like cosmetics, doesn’t it? And dentistry. A new kind of headphone?

Saturn is about – Basic utilities. Beards. Chains. Crystals. Dentists. Ears.

The Saturn in Aries Dates

April 25th 1937 to October 17th 1937
January 14th 1938 to July 6th 1939
September 22nd 1939 to March 20th 1940
March 3rd 1967 to April 29th 1969
April 7th 1996 to June 9th 1998
October 25th 1998 to February 28th 1999
May 24th 2025 to September 1st 2025
February 13th 2026 to April 12th 2028

Neptune in Aries

Neptune in Aries rounds off the cycle. Neptune is a symbol of escapism. We take a holiday from the real world with Neptune. We enter into a different state and a different space. This looks like the evolution of the virtual self. Our digital twin. It may be that from 2025 to 2039 we find ourselves facing the world with a version of our true self. Doing battle with our twin (against other virtual twins) online, will become quite normal, especially for future generations born in those years. Strangely, the police may have to enter into these online spaces with virtual baseball caps or helmets on.

I am publishing this with updated photographs on 19th May 2024, so looking far ahead to 2039, as astrologers are inclined to do.

Life From 2025 to 2039 – Check Your Astrology Chart

Going back to Mars, the ruler of Aries, is also useful along with the First House. So Rex E. Bills gives us – Combat. Battles. Infantry. How might we expect this to play out, with Neptune in this combative sign? As Neptune is a symbol of alternative realities, we would expect a boom in virtual warfare.

I don’t think anyone in astrology would be surprised to find that virtual war becomes massive online, with people of all sexes, ages and backgrounds slipping on fake faces, armour and weapons to fight. Losing yourself in the new digital bloodshed will probably be huge. And nobody actually gets hurt. As with all Neptune matters, it’s a holiday from reality for those inclined. You’ll be able to take your part in famous battles of the past, like D-Day and pretend to be something you’re not. Each battle will have an alternative ending. In some, the Nazis win.

March 3oth 2025 to October 22nd 2025
January 26th 2026 to May 21st 2038
October 21st 2038 to March 23rd 2039

How the Aries Cycles Affect You – With Factors in Aries

Check your natal chart. If you have factors in Aries in your First House of presentation and packaging, you have landed during successive cycles in that house, which ask you to put on war paint (make-up, if you are a woman) or to put on your equivalent of a Roman galea. Using your face (yourself from the neck up) as part of your regular involvement with people has become a way of life. This is an evolving story for you over many years into the future. Image is everything. Branding is all of it.

Aries Millennial Rawpixel 300x300 - Aries Cycles to 2039

You may have found out that Andy Warhol’s prediction of future fame for everybody has come to pass. Twitter may have done that for you. Maybe a website like YouTube or Tik-Tok has done that for you. Perhaps you genuinely became famous (or more famous) in successive Aries cycles.

Previous Aries cycles chimed with the Talkies (the invention of motion pictures with sound) and with the Kodak Brownie camera in the 1930s. This is old-fashioned technology now, but it put the emphasis on the face. The mouth. The Jazz Singer in 1927 was the first feature-length film to pioneer this, as Uranus landed in Aries.

As you went through the Jupiter and Chiron in Aries cycles of 2022 and 2023, then you go into the Saturn and Neptune in Aries cycles of the future, you will be dealing with your internet self as if he or she was your real self.

In some house systems, the Ascendant (AC) always appears on the cusp of the First House of presentation and packaging. It’s your shop window. In the Natural House System which I use on this website, you could find your Ascendant or AC in any house at all. The house is like a real house. The front door and street-facing windows show you how you pose. How you display yourself, like a dummy in Liberty. Cameras rule your world. Something to be cautious with in this brave new technology is – impersonation. Identity capture. With Neptune in Aries following the long development of Uranus in Aries, we are likely to see some quite deluded people attempt to become you. To assume your name and face. As this cycle co-exists with Uranus in Gemini (new inventions in the media and online) you’ll have a digital twin.

The digital twin will go online to take meetings for you, perhaps in translation, so you are dealing with Europe, the US and Asia at the same time. Your digital twin (the very essence of Uranus in Gemini) will go to medical appointments and sign for prescriptions. This Uranus in Gemini cycle starts on July 8th 2025 and runs for long enough, that it overlaps with the Aries cycles – about your head and face.

The 12 Signs and the Aries Cycles

The Natal Chart and Solar Chart both reveal Aries cycles to you. In your natal chart, you can use the Tarot on this website to see how the Aries cycles to date have shown up in your chart, and the potential for developing the story in the future.

If you want a more satisfying relationship with Pamela Colman Smith’s Tarot deck – commissioned by Arthur E. Waite – it’s good to use it often. 

Your Sun Sign and the Aries Cycles

You can check the area of life triggered by the Aries transits, below. Treat this as a work in progress. By the time you walk into the future with Neptune in Aries, these successive cycles will have been with you for many years. It’s an evolution – of you, your destiny. If you are a Sun Libra, for example, you may have been through a divorce and are now dealing with other issues about women (if you are a man) as you’re in that sort of cycle.

Below, you will see a potted list history of what has passed, as well as incredible new potential for what is to come. As you pass Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in Aries, the story that began with Uranus in Aries all those years ago will add new chapters.

Your Solar Chart and Sun Sign

The way to read this, is to understand that the huge, sweeping global trend towards appearances (and the face) has had a domino effect on one area of your life. If you are a Sun Taurus, for example, you may have used your presence at a religious gathering to take a photograph of yourself, which you use as your branding. You are still using your church as your advertising, perhaps. If you are a Gemini, then the group you belong to (like a sport team or band) will become part of your image.

In astrology we work with two house systems. The public (Sun Sign) and the private (Natal). The two go together.

The area of life (below) where transits in Aries trigger ongoing development will ultimately prove to have changed your life.

Which Area of Life?

Aries: Personal appearances, name, reputation, wardrobe, shoes, hair, branding, image, title, advertising, promotion.
Taurus: Religion, spirituality, therapy, counselling, hypnosis, meditation, mediumship, dreams, psychics, inner life.
Gemini: Secret societies, sports teams, clubs, teams, bands, political parties, grassroots organisations, charities, friends.
Cancer: Success, position, mission, ambition, role, goal, social climbing, the establishment, corporations, institutions.
Leo: Foreigners, foreign countries, academia, the worldwide web, publishing, travel, tourism, informal study or teaching.
Virgo: Finance, business, property, valuables, your inheritance, legacies, pension/superannuation, family/partner finance.
Libra: Marriage, divorce, common law marriage, separation, professional partnerships, duels, battles, conflicts.
Scorpio: Health, lifestyle, wellbeing, workload, voluntary work, housework, routine, chores, food, drink, fitness.
Sagittarius: Pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, young adults, sexual relationships, youth.
Capricorn: House, apartment, family, land, home town, homeland, the family tree, ancestors, relatives.
Aquarius: The worldwide web, the media, the neighbourhood, neighbours, siblings, cousins, all communication.
Pisces: Finances, funding, valuables, income, the house or apartment, debts, insurance, business, charity, loans.

COMMONS Saturns Rings in Ultraviolet Light 300x140 - Aries Cycles to 2039

The Future of Our Faces in UV-C Light

UV-C light is the future of COVID-19. Ultraviolet light, sometimes called Far-UV or UV-C 222, is the safe, virus-eliminating new indoors lighting which has been in development since 2020 and has recently gone on sale, to shoppers worldwide, from Panasonic and Philips, to name two household names.

Boeing have been researching the use of UV-C light on aeroplanes. It is already being used or tested on some public transport, and even in theatres in Europe. In the future, we will be lit by ultraviolet.

That is going to raise some interesting questions about camera lighting and also cosmetics. This star in Aquarius is sending out ultraviolet light. Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023 will transform our entire existence for decades. Our future social lives and group gatherings (like concerts or plays) will be under the shade of UV-C light. How we look, and look at each other, will change as a result of that. Of course, Pluto in Aquarius will be in a sextile pattern with Aries cycles as they arrive.

Why hasn’t UV or Safe UV or UV 222 become the norm? (It goes by different names). Ask Pfizer, AstraZeneca and the rest. Yet, because this very special kind of safe light scrubs the air of colds and flu, as well as Covid, it seems likely to be a violet-hued future for our faces, going further. In fact, if you’re not clubbing in UVC in the future, a lot of psychic astrologers would be very surprised.

Feature first published on 27th June 2022 and updated on 19th May 2024.

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  1. Hello Jessica,
    How do I read this right. Is my first house Pisces (Asc 25 pisc). Or Aries? (Im a sun sun Leo, moon Aqu) Will the transits from the outer planets in Aries support my huge stellium in Virgio the years to come in a positive way? When saturn opposites the same stellium in Virgio? Im already looking in to UV C lamps and HEPA filter to get myself prepared. Thank you for your fine work in helping us to be aware.

    1. You have a large Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of workload, lifestyle, wellbeing and health. Your First House is Aries, using the Natural House system. The transits in Aries are about self-promotion and appearance. Not your inner workings, which help you work. The Saturn oppositions to your Virgo stellium require great care, patience, research and hard work. They begin in March 2023 as you know. There is a whole new system to be figured out for you, in respect of your capacity to heal yourself; the way you eat or drink; how you exercise or relax. This is not just about COVID-19, though it is part of it. I am glad you are looking at UV-C lights and HEPA filters; the former in particular is the answer, according to repeated scientific studies. Beyond the space you control, though, you have to deal with spaces which may put you at risk. Don’t make the Saturn transit in Pisces the time you throw yourself into airports and onto aeroplanes, then into crowded shopping malls where nobody masks. You get the picture. There may be other mental or physical health tests of your commitment and hard work from 2023, so when in doubt, go back to Virgo/Sixth House and really dig into what it means to you and how you are handling it.

  2. Hello Jessica,

    I threw myself into the dating scene from June last year, after 10 years of singledom and disappointment with matchmaking efforts of friends and family. It had been enjoyable and restored my confidence at first.

    There were a number of approaches from men 10 or so years younger than I. One of these dates pursued me from last Sept, I called it a day in Nov and he then asked for a second chance in Jan. His DOB is 17/10/92. Although unsure that there was enough substance based on our first short period of dating, I agreed thinking he was good at heart and expressing genuine intentions. He stepped back in March after another 2 months of trying to build a connection, saying he could not give me the time and effort I deserved due to external pressures.

    I tried reaching out to him several times after reflecting on my own shortcomings. He kept finding reasons not to meet and I know he was back to actively dating shortly before I refused something casual with him, which he has tried to suggest again recently. I am heartbroken.

    I know you mentioned Chiron in Aries will be hard work as it opposed my Libra stellium and that I could yet meet someone later this year/2023 or a new partner may come back. I’m exhausted of the life lessons I keep being given in this department of my life, barely have any enthusiasm left to keep trying and risk being let down yet again after putting my heart into things. In what I’m reading should be my luckiest cycle, I’ve given up on dating.

    I have tried using the tarot and oracle but am still struggling to find a way past this man. What do I make of him during this cycle? Thank you very much for any insights you can offer once again.

    1. Okay, so dating is Fifth House (possible parenthood or substitute parenthood) and Seventh House (possible marriage). The Fifth House is ruled by Leo in your chart and the Seventh House is ruled by Libra. You have a Libra stellium in your Seventh House so even dating affects you really deeply. And it has. I am so sorry your heart has been broken. You have had a really hard time and have attempted the Tarot and oracles on this website but still can’t get past this man who is a Sun Libra and rejected you. Let’s unpack him first. He has had/will have a lot of offers from other dates. He can’t choose. This is ongoing for him, into early 2023. So he was truthful with you. He had too much going on; he already had a story with one or more ex-partners and he was also spoiled for choice with other potential romances. You say you have had 10 years of disappointment. So what’s going on with your chart? Okay. The core issue here is motherhood (or not). Have you been honest with yourself about becoming a mother or stepmother? Adopting? Are you aware of any fertility issues? Do you not want children? Did you have an abortion? All these sorts of questions come with Leo factors in the Fifth House and you have to start there. It is not unusual for women with Vesta, the North Node, the Moon and Venus in Leo (in any combination) to avoid love and sex, because they do not want to become pregnant, or do not want to parent another woman’s child. Sometimes the avoidance is unconscious. You cannot permit yourself to avoid marriage or relationships, because the family disapproves, or your friends want you matched. So you come up with all sorts of unwitting or unknowing ‘strategies’ to put men off, or to choose men who will not ever marry you, let alone make you a parent. That last point is important. You may fall in love with men who want a one-night stand at best. By falling for them you get out of ever having to be committed to them, because they will never commit to you. When we go to your Seventh House we find Saturn and Pluto, a couple of heavyweights. Marriage would be really, really difficult. I have to be honest here. Commitment, no matter if it’s common law marriage or legal marriage, comes with heavy burdens and weighty life lessons, with Saturn in Libra. Pluto adds to the weight of the house. It’s really hard work to be with someone in a duet. So are you never going to have sex again? Absolutely not. But there are two massive institutions here, called parenthood and marriage, and they are standing in your way, romantically and sexually. You need to dig into your honest views of both; the proceed. You could be terribly happy with someone who does not want children, will never have them, has never had them, does not want to get married, does not want to split a home with you – but enjoys the bedchamber. Your life is your own business, not mine, but that is what the chart is showing. Have a look at the Tarot again and follow the steps. Go right outside cultural expectations or society’s norms. All that matters is your feelings.

  3. Thank you, Jessica! Now I am reading about Astrology so often in your blog, I started looking for the reasons that things happened to me during the transits you spotted on your texts. I always get a confirmation about what you say, it is so amazing. I got divorced on the 15th of January 2015. My life started to improve economically only from may 2018 (I changed my economic patterns). I wrote a book in July 2019 and – stupid me – launched it on mercury retrograde October 2020… if I only knew you by then… I don’t see (or don’t understand) where are the houses in my chart. I ordered my son’s chart (my little Capricorn withUranus in Aries) and would love to be able to understand where are the houses in his chart, as well. The position of the first house is always the one on the top? So I have Capricorn (ASC) in the first house? Wouldn’t you be interested in giving a course about Astrology? With all the other one million things you do, haha? I know it is outrageous, but I would be the first to join it or buy the book. You are our Age’s Nostradamus, it is incredible to have the access to someone like you. I always freak out when I write directly to YOU. Thank you, always.

    1. Thank you for the compliments, you’ve made my day. I’m really glad you are seeing confirmations for the astrology predictions. I do teach astrology at Sun Sign School and will be adding Tarot to the course shortly, so maybe you’d like to learn with others. I’m also writing a book, so I hope you enjoy it when it appears. To clarify the houses in a chart, including your son’s chart, I use the Natural House system so the houses are always the same for everybody, and the sign positions too. He has the Sun in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success and ambition. He has Uranus in Aries in the First house of image and identity. Your Capricorn Ascendant falls in your Tenth House of success and ambition. He has inherited that from you. It’s very common for children to inherit the ‘sign stories’ of a parent.

  4. Great and insightful talk Jessica!

    I’ve got Venus, Ceres and Vesta in Aries – and would be grateful for your thoughts. Thanks.

    1. You are up for an ongoing relaunch as Jupiter and Chiron are now your house guests in the First House of self-promotion, identity, the head and the face. They join the residents, Venus, Ceres and Vesta, so it’s time to look at the compromises you need to make, about the way you are seen. This may be your reputation, or it may be your personal appearance. It’s a terrific time to hatch your own egg, all over again, and emerge for a new debut. You have until October then January to May 2023.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Am listening to you now on Zoom and was wondering how you see Aries will impact me. I believe I have Chiron in Aries so it will be connected to my healing? How can I make the most of it?

    Thank you!

    1. Chiron isn’t a wounded healer, or even a healer. At best he used herbal medicine. He was a teacher. Have a look at Chiron on search, and in your online library. You do have Chiron in Aries in your First House of self-promotion, identity, the face and head, and life upfront – front-and-centre. In the front line of the action or sometimes the firing line. Chiron is a maverick. He is a heretic and a gadfly. He has temerity and chutzpah. So in your First House, this is you (all your life) using yourself as the front person, or standing upfront, to push through. You use your wardrobe, hats, hair, face, accessories, body language, posture, title, reputation to do it. Without all that you’re a completely different person. You now have Jupiter and Chiron (returning) in that chart zone so do use them. The Tarot can show you how to use them.

  6. Hi Jessica – this is so interesting if I am understanding it correctly. My MC and Fortuna are both in Aires. From what I can interpret – this would suggest that I would be happier or do well working for myself (aries in MC) and taking the lead in spontaneous ways, sparking or pioneering some thing of my own ( aries in fortuna). As a sun Libra with a Libra stellium what does this mean for me an my partnerships while Jupiter is in Aires? I’ve been single for 3 years and am quite lonely. I’ve been blessed in work but have found it more and more difficult to work for someone else. Thank you in advance for your help and insights! – Nena 🙂

    1. Thank you Nena. Your MC depends on an exact birth time, but if you really do have an Aries MC, your highest achievement and peak accomplishment will be selfhood, going front-and-centre, being upfront and pushing forward. So you may end up as a centre-forward at Wembley, or be the singer in a band. Hopefully you are not Nena of 99 Luft Balloons fame! I’m joking. But actually if your MC is Aries, she is a good example, with red balloons and all, red being the Aries colour. You want a lover. You have your best opportunity in 12 years until October, then resuming from January-May. Dig into the Tarot for some suggestions.

  7. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for the incredible resources you share here! I absolutely love the revelation of the Natural House System – it brings my Taurus stellium (including my Sun) from the 12th House to the 2nd, which…is where I wanted it all along. Such a simple switch, and so powerful.

    I am wondering about the Gemini vs. Sagittarius shift you’ve been talking about over the next few years: I have recently started earning enough money (and creating enough courage) to take myself on trips periodically, and I have been smitten with the idea of living in Europe since I was a small child. Now that the US seems to be going through even more gun violence and equal rights issues, I have less interest than in staying here full time – but if long-distance travel won’t be an option soon, it seems as though I really have to make a choice. I have fears about either missing my family and having to leave my relationship and stepkids (it currently doesn’t appear they and my partner could come with me, due to custody agreements), or giving up on my decades-long dream of being an expat and noodling happily around Europe. The languages, cultures, and historic locations are so appealing to me, in a way the Pacific Northwest never has been, and having just had my first taste of that joy, I dread letting it go.

    Can you give me any insights into this situation, and perhaps what more I can ask the oracles you provide? I feel so much in limbo at times it’s hard to formulate a helpful question. Thank you again for your fabulous insights – I’m so delighted to have you as a resource and guide!

    1. I’ve answered you elsewhere. As a general rule, if you are mutable (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo are mutable signs) then in mutable sign cycles of many years’ duration (the first year was 2020; year zero for Covid) you need to know that this mutating virus is not going to stop changing. And the problem is travel. Tourism.

  8. Hi Jessica – I have no Aries in my chart at all – can you advise please what that would mean for me?

    1. You’ll still experience the Aries weather that we all go through but it won’t change you (and will not change your life). So you too will be affected by masks (Aries rules the face and head) and also face identification issues with cameras (Aries rules our ID). With Saturn going into Aries in future, hang onto your face. If you use anything that captures your face without your knowledge or permission, avoid. As I said, it’s not personal, but you will be caught in the transit.

  9. Hello Jessica,

    This is a duplicate post as I wasn’t logged in for my first one – my apologies.

    Thank you for the amazing resources you share here! I especially love the revelation of the Natural House System; it moves my 12H Taurus stellium (including my Sun) to my second house, which is…where I wanted it all along. Such a simple shift, and so powerful.

    I’m so curious about the upcoming Gemini weather you’ve been describing – I’ve dreamt about living in Europe and exploring those countries since I was a small child, but have just recently been earning enough money (and creating enough courage) to take myself on long distance trips. With the upheaval the US is experiencing and with what you predict is heading in (and what feels true to me), I want to be here even less, but it sounds as though I’m going to have to make a clear, permanent choice about which area to be in. That brings up fears for me of either having to leave my loved ones behind (family, partner, stepkids, as none can come with me) and risk not having a family at all, or give up on my dream of noodling happily around Europe, learning the languages and customs and histories of the places I’ve been studying for so long. I have only one Aries asteroid placement, but a good amount of Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius that I expect will be trigged by these transits. Can you give me any insights into this situation? And perhaps give me an idea of questions to ask the oracles you provide here? At this point I’ve asked all the questions I’ve thought of and haven’t yet left limbo.

    Thank you again for your incredible body of work! I so appreciate what you share with us and having a blast considering astrology from these new angles.

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind. I’m glad the Natural House system is useful. You want to travel around Europe and immerse yourself in the culture. This is pretty common with strongly Gemini people who were born for short journeys. You have the classic Gemini-Sagittarius pattern of the traveller. You will need to make your plans with extreme caution as from March 2023 we go into a new wave of mutable sign weather and of course, the mutating COVID-19 virus will change again. Saturn is in Pisces and forms hard aspects to your Gemini (Third House, short journeys) and Sagittarius (Ninth House, foreigners) placements. It’s up to you but this pandemic is going to get worse. I strongly advise against constant travel. If you have to relocate try to do it once, and really do your research. One look at the rising numbers of infections and Long Covid, as well as the new variants, and you won’t even need astrology to make up your mind. The Tarot can help validate, though, as these are obviously your decisions.

  10. Love what you do Jessica. Thank you. The Sun and Aesculapea are the only “residents” in Aries. Can you tell me how these transits will affect my chart please? Also, with Aries being all about the head, does this make us more susceptible to Alzheimer’s?

    1. Thank you so much. You have your Sun and Aesculapia living in your First House, which is like having two tenants in a house devoted to your photo album; your internet camera; your scrapbook about yourself and so on. The Sun is like a spotlight which shines on these matters. The asteroid Aesculapia is here to revive, relaunch, refresh and reboot these matters. Just when you think something or someone is at the point of no return, in terms of your self-promotion, identity, face, head, and so on – it comes back from the brink. There is no evidence of a link between Aries and dementia. Forgetting is really about Neptune transits, or transits to natal Neptune. Neptune rules confusion.

  11. Thank you again for such an interesting article. I am wondering if I’ve interpreted my chart correctly. As a Pisces with AC 17 Libra and DC 17 Aries alongsidef Ceres 16 Aries, does this mean I gave lifelong patterns of compromising with both myself and partners (natal chart) plus lifelong pattern of compromise with money (solar chart)? I also have factors at 17 in Capricorn and Virgo. Thank you again so much for this.

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with a Libra Ascendant and Aries Descendant, which happens to be in conjunction with Ceres by just one degree. Ceres is thus in opposition to your Libra Ascendant and plugged into your Aries Descendant, suggesting lifetime compromises over power and control, correct. Don’t read your solar chart using natal chart methods; just stick to your natal chart for this kind of astrology. You also have your career and social status (Capricorn) pulled into the pattern and work/health (Virgo). So you are known for your duets and duels (Libra) and your double acts or battles (also Libra). It’s your shopfront. Your lifetime patterns involving partners or adversaries are always about Aries types; people who are self-promoters, action men or action women; very ‘Me’ and very ‘I am.’ So this might be the former boyfriend who was a narcissist, or your future professional partner who is rather self-involved but a dynamo. Last comment; you need a strictly accurate birth time to use the Ascendant and Descendant like this.

  12. In one of your blogs you mention how our birth chart remains active even after death. Baz Luhurmann started writing the Elvis movie in 2014 and in March 2019 it was officially announed. Elvis has Uranus at 27 deg Aries!

    1. That is fantastic information, thank you. Elvis Presley’s transits are working in the afterlife. Amazing.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Your posts are always insightful and interesting. Am curious to know, in my natal chart, and if I have understood it correctly, I have Sun in Aries at 22 degrees, so my first house (ascendent) is in Pisces where I have Saturn at 12 degrees and Chiron at 20 degrees. I’ve noticed of late in my professional work, I’m starting to be taken more noticed off in the public realm and helping my career blossom further. Interested to know how this is going to play out for me.

    1. Thank you Vince. You are a Sun Aries and your Ascendant in Pisces is in the Twelfth House in the Natural House System. All you need to know is that you have the Sun in Aries; Jupiter is in Aries, for the first time in 12 years in your First House of relaunch, rebrand, reputation and personal rebirth. You’re being noticed and it’s helping your career. That goes on for you, until October, then resumes January-May 2023.

  14. Hi Jessica I am being presented with an opportunity to have rhinoplasty at the same as fixing a deviated septum. Also to have braces to straighten my teeth – although I’m 50 next year – I am hoping it’s a positive/improving step? To me it’s drastic although the changes will be subtle. The timing these opps have presented at struck me with this article. Are you surprised and should I go for it?!

    1. You have Chiron at 13 Aries in the First House of the face and head. Chiron shows what you can get away with. You are in your Chiron Return cycle. You also have Jupiter (opportunity) in Aries too, so I am not surprised you are being offered cosmetic surgery as well as teeth straightening. Jupiter tends to over-deliver. I’m not surprised. Should you go for it? That’s up to you. Use the Garden Oracle and follow the steps. Jupiter is there to help until October, and then from January to May 2023 so your timing is good, astrologically.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I love this article. I know things are rough for so many people right now, but this article has really given me a bump today 😀
    I am launching a new phase/online presence between now and October, in a field that is completely new for me. I’m really excited about something for the first time in ages. I won’t say everything is roses right now, but I feel like things are going to turn around for me. Finally.
    Thanks again for this great article.

    1. I’m really glad this has helped you Din P. With factors at 0 through 27 Aries you are in the right zone for a new look, perhaps a different name, maybe a new title. Aries is really the ‘armour’ you use to be first upfront, front-and-centre. You are having your Jupiter Return in Aries in the First House so if you wanted a better and bigger kind of self-promotion, your timing until October, then from January-May 2023 is excellent.

  16. Hi Jessica Thankyou for this, are you able to look at my chart and see what will
    Unfold for me I’m new to astrology and I signed up to become a member as I loved your blogs and intuition thanks in advance

    1. You are a heavily Scorpio person and also a Sun Scorpio. Your lifestyle, health, workload, wellbeing and daily routine benefit from fantastic solutions by October, and amazing opportunities, January-May. If you are not a vegetarian you may consider it, and gain. New projects or roles, paid or unpaid (or new study) will help you move on up, if you accept it. A new partnership, or a new phase in an old partnership, changes your life for the better from May 2023 and by May 2024 the power of two will have proven itself to you.

  17. Hi Jessica, thank you for such an interesting article! I’d love to know what these Aries transits mean for me: I have Mars, Jupiter, Chiron and Panacea in Aries. Gemini Sun sign with MC in Virgo. Thanks again for all your work, analysis and amazing insights.

    1. You have already changed your look, perhaps your name, maybe your title – since 2011. Some of these more than once. This goes on. You are in for another stunning relaunch by October, or alternatively, January-May 2023. You will later have a digital twin who walks and talks, just like you, online. You will also change your look, to suit the new UV-C lighting which is worldwide in just a few years. Living with Ultraviolet lighting means hair and make-up will shift.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I have been reading your old posts regarding the aries cycle and it makes perfectly sense now. But I just discovered the natural house system since I discovered you… and I just missed to ask you, as per my natal chart, I will have the aries cycle opposing my pluto in libra right? I am a bit concerned cause after my pluto square I am another person like died and reborn. And does the stellium in virgo also impact this cycle? Hope you have some minutes to see my chart. Thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Aries cycle has opposed Pluto in Libra since 2011 and goes on opposing it for years into the future. The Virgo stellium is less relevant. You were born with Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House and find your power through marriage. Through common-law marriage. Through sexual partnership. You probably go through phases of feeling ‘controlled’ or out of control. Then it changes and you feel nicely in command. This is ongoing and needs some work to figure out. Ask the Tarot how you have experienced the Aries oppositions to Pluto in Libra in the past, and what to expect in the long-term future. Follow the steps and use the Tarot books in the library to help you figure out a plan.

  19. Jessica,

    Excellent blog!! I honestly feel the war in the air from what’s happening in USA, and around the world.
    I wonder, and am just wondering if what’s happening in USA, a payback from some people towards woman trying to stand up for their rights. Like saying you all go on and on about this me too movement equals pay ect, we going to take some of your power away, but I honestly believe that all the planets are going to say…try, women are here to stay. I believe in my heart that women are going to get really powerful, and by end of next year we all going to say wow… who would have believed. I also believe I don’t know when or which country that a women is going to have a huge impact on the world, people are going to admire her men and women she is going to be very powerful.
    What’s your opinion.
    Do you see anything happening on the 4 July in USA,
    I am fighting my big battle next week, fingers cross.
    Do you see anything in my chart about next week and about Aries
    Stay warm, ❤️❤️❤️

    1. America is interesting. The astrology says, the ban on abortion in some states results in a better outcome for women. That may sound quite wrong, but Americans in pro-abortion states will provide funding for abortion travel; easier and cheaper (or free) access to morning-after pills or abortion pills; free telephone counselling and Zoom counselling support that was not there before. The money will come from governments but also from private donors. So women will have more choices than they ever had before, even in Texas. Women will also move to the top of power from March 2023 and be an equal force in the White House from the middle of the 2020’s. You are a Sun Cancer fighting a big battle. Correct. Once August is behind you, so will the situation be. If you remain in this duel, the next decision for you is December 2022, January 2023. From March 2023 the duel is no longer an issue.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    I have my Sun, Mercury and South Node in Aries. My MC is in Gemini, Aesculapia and Fortuna in Aquarius, and Hygeia in Capricorn. I work in a non clinical role in a hospital and recently got a promotion. It’s very daunting and I deal with the anxiety of the position on a daily basis. That aside though, I do feel privileged to be doing the work I do and that I “make a difference”, which is very important to me, especially with covid in our communities.
    Do you see me succeeding in the position? there is also the potential to go even higher in the role and be promoted again, early next year.
    The thing is, I feel so stressed sometimes and wonder if it’s all worth it! I am determined to put my family first and don’t want to sacrifice all my time (not to mention health!), being married to my job! The tarot on your website seems to indicate a decent 2022, but am unsure about what 2023 holds for me, in terms of my career.
    Thank you again for your incredible and thoughtful work. We really are very blessed to have you share these articles with us.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. You are a Sun Aries with Juno at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. December 2022, January 2023 are decision days for you at the hospital, as you are married to your job, and yet are not truly autonomous or in total control of your life. Daily anxiety is not what you want, despite the fact that you are saving lives every day and thus priceless to the people you help. Juno is about marriage levels of commitment, and you have a real family apart from work to think about too. You are going through a cycle not seen in 248 years as Pluto goes to 29 Capricorn. Even if you were promoted again you would still feel dominated. So you do have a choice. The hospital will go through politics, reshuffles and ongoing shifts in the balance of power, starting December, January and repeatedly until the mid 2020’s. Do go back to the oracles and Tarot with your priorities firmly set and look for options. You do have a massive decision to make and it will involve staying or going. If you stay it will train you to be a master of self-control, self-discipline and willpower. Yet, it would also give you life skills you keep forever and in many ways be the making of you. It’s your choice. You could easily be promoted.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    As always thank you for the insightful work that you do.

    I see that the aries cycle is touching on my career and home, ( we are on a big building project at the moment) we have had a very tough cycle trying to have another baby. I have aesculpia and proserpina in Aries. The reason I mention this is because I fell pregnant at the beginning of this cycle in 2011. But have had challenges since.


    1. You were born in 1984 and have a stellium in Leo in the Fifth House of motherhood, Gala. So the Aries cycles are not so important, but your Leo chart signature certainly is. You were born to mentor, guide and set an example to children, teenagers, Millennials. That is part of why you are here. So it can feel very difficult to be at home in the world unless you have (say) your own children, godchildren, nieces, nephews, or younger faces to teach or influence. You have also been through transiting Saturn in Aquarius in opposition to your Leo factors. This is like constant obstacles and it began at Christmas 2020 and does not stop until March 2023. From March 2023 a decision will be possible, Gala. Give yourself a ton of choices. There are many, many roads to a younger court with Leo, as she is always Queen to a junior kingdom. Having a baby is one. Adopting is another. Teaching is a third. Writing for children is a fourth. Being a super godmother is a fifth. Being a mighty aunt is a sixth. And so on. Readers often become so anxious about pregnancy with Leo patterns that they lock themselves into stressful binary choices when actually, the trick is often to relax and play with different ways of ‘being’ strongly Leo. Beatrix Potter never had children but wrote for them, and was a substitute mother to her husband’s young relatives. She left her estate to the children of the future. As I am sure you know, sometimes relaxing and loosening high expectations can be the key that turns the lock, to pregnancy. But as I said, give yourself alternatives for their own sake.

  22. For the last 5 years I’ve been looking for astrology and wondering.. how that works!? No accidental point..

    Starting 12th august 2017 departure with turning points december 21 2017, mid january 2020 coming back, april events, may 2020 departure, november coming back, december event 2020, 2021 january new way within that group, 20 december 2021 departure with following changes within group me being out of it.. and yeap 1 april small wave of start, 18 april, 1 may, 15-16 may 2022.. where God changed perceptions.. I am pisces, with virgo ascendant…

  23. Hi Jessica,
    This blog is resonating with me. I have five factors in Aries( Moon,Ceres, Hygeia, Ops, and Venus) I am currently in the lead position at my new job for the last (8) months. I absolutely feel like I am wearing a mask per se. As I have settled into this role, I am realizing that it is not the most an accurate representation of what I am feeling internally. Do I feel like I can lead? Yes. However, I feel like I am in the wrong position but am unaware of the correct one. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    SN:Thank you for your highly informative website and you tube. You have been such an assest to be as I develop.

    1. I’m glad the Aries Cycles post is resonating with you. Thank you. You have Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Virgo stelliums with a Sun Pisces chart. You are wearing a mask at work. This is really common with Pisces-Aries. You live a different life on the inside, Bre and are by nature a meditator, or a churchgoer, or a psychic, or a hypnotist, or a therapist, or a loner with her dreams, Tarot deck and the rest. It’s not exactly work-friendly. So you have to mask up. Work matters and you are very good at it, because you work efficiently and well (Virgo) and you can be upfront, and front-and-centre (Aries) but the real you is introverted. Make time for your Pisces side at home. If you can negotiate an extra day to work from home, that would be even better. If the job still feels wrong because it’s not allowing enough Pisces in your life (the Twelfth House, ruled by Pisces, is where you spend a lot of time) then there will be chances to switch in July, August and November, December. Use The Garden Oracle to see what is possible.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Great read, as usual!
    I have Venus at 21 degrees and Psyche at 28 degrees. How will this Aries cycle affect me, especially concerning romance
    I am a Sun Taurus and also have a stellium in Gemini.

    Many thanks for your insights,

    1. Thank you Marianne. There is karma from 18 or 19 years ago regarding your former, current or potential partner. You can’t really see much change with or for this person until July 2023 when the nodes change sign. Until then, you have to spin your wheels and let the karma complete. You owe, or are owed, spiritually. Aries doesn’t have anything to do with romance, but the South Node in Scorpio certainly does.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for educating us with your articles. I feel like reading about weather and cycles for a sign is a great way to learn more about how astrology works. I also appreciate you explaining how your chosen house system works. There is a lot of confusing information out there because sometimes readers don’t know which system the astrologer is using. That’s why I read your writings as the primary source.

    I have the largest stellium of 7 factors in Aries including my Ascendant. Uranus in Aries completely transformed my life and identity. I got an MBA from a prestigious institution, moved to the USA for work, and found a role that matches my personality and ambitions. And now with Uranus in Taurus I have made more money than ever, even though it’s not high compared to average but for me personally it’s been the best. Uranus in Taurus is also inspiring me to seek more freedom.

    However, in the last 1 year things have been difficult at work and I’m looking for a new job. I need a work visa so my options are limited. Due to visa restrictions I get a small window of opportunity to change jobs only once in a couple of years. I need to find a new job in the next one year or I will be stuck with this employer for another 3-4 years. This year I have interviewed at a few companies but nothing seems to click. In one of your daily horoscopes you told Aries people to wrap things up before September. I still have 2 months but losing hope of finding a new opportunity. Could you please have a look at my chart and guide me on which periods would be best for me to interview and find a job in the next 6-8 months?

    Could you also please tell me how I will be affected by these Aries cycles and if I should take any precautions during certain transits?


    1. Thank you SMV. You are a Sun Aries with Capricorn factors at 3 through 20 degrees in your Tenth House of career. So far the astrology has worked well for you, using the Natural House system and you’ve validated the predictions in quite a stunning way. You want a new job so you’re not stuck with your employer. The advice about wrapping things up before September was not about work per se; it would have been about short trips, the internet, the media, publishing and/or education. That’s the Mars Retrograde in Gemini cycle. Of course if you have a career in those areas you’re better off nailing a new role before September, because after that month, particular projects will be delayed or in flux, until 2023. That cycle is not about your career overall, though. That comes down to December 2022, January 2023 when you will find reshuffles around you provide vacancies you can take. There will be demotions, promotions, departures and mergers in December, January and you can pounce, SMV. That should not stop you going for a job now; you could easily get one by Christmas, but December, January itself would (say) provide a promotion or another role you could move into, faster. Have a look at the Tarot to validate that timing.

  26. Thank you for continuing to provide us with such stimulating insights. I have Chiron in Aries and also Cupido. Could you shed some light on how the Aries weather affects me? Also, for the first time in my life I am best friends with an Aries! I’ve got to know her at an interesting point in her life where she’s getting to know herself again after 16 years as a single mum to 4 girls.

    1. Your Aries friend will help you relaunch yourself, as you are experiencing new opportunities to have more, do more and gain more – with your image. She may help you with a new look, for example. She sounds like a typical Aries; she’s been a solo parent. The Boudicca type. You’ll reinvent yourself by October, or start the process and resume, January-May 2023, with fantastic results. New you.

  27. Greetings Jessica! Just heard about Scotland wanting to vote for its independence again. Although you have spoken a lot about Pluto Aquarius bringing groups together, how would it play out for Scotland? Pluto Aquarius is imo also a rebel wanting his freedom + Scotland wants to join EU (a group), so I am very curious about this topic! If a blog about this topic can be requested. I hope I am not being rude, if I come across rude person online demanding things, I apologise!

    1. Thank you. I predicted Scotland would vote a second time, and for independence, some years ago – if you want to search Scotland on this website the predictions should come up. You are not being at all rude, your question is very welcome, and I can understand why you are curious about Scotland. Pluto in Aquarius is about transformation in the group, and as Nicola Sturgeon has called the vote for October 2023, and Pluto changes signs in February 2023, this looks like the European Union will alter its composition, and perhaps some of its policies, ahead of that. The United Kingdom and her border control (COVID-19) will be a massive issue in 2023 as people realise what they should have done, way back in 2020: figured out firm, fixed control of tourists and business travellers. You may well find this is the issue that finally makes the Scots vote to take back their own control!

  28. Dear Jessica,

    I wanted to acknowledge and thank you for your time and detailed reply. I also wanted to feedback on a couple of things that blew me away. You mentioned the issue of children. I have always loved children and adore being an aunt, always assumed I would have my own but knew that if I had not had them beyond a certain age I would no longer want them for various reasons. So you are right, I have been filtering out men with/wanting children, which I could not fully understand with my Leo chart signature until you just explained.

    The Libra man did actually say he found out an ex was getting married, which apparently was making his head a mess. Is there anything to suggest he may still be someone destined in my life romantically or should I let go to find what is right for me?

    The marriage issue is a difficult one, as I feel I do still want that with someone in my future, willingly forgoing having a family/children in the traditional sense otherwise. Does this mean I should forget about getting married as it will ultimately be too hard to be worth it?

    I tried the tarot again, twice as I wasn’t sure what to make of the first card (cannot recall it right now but mentioned travel abroad for opportunities, not sure how it related as I thought of going to Australia pre-pandemic but this desire has been put to bed, and I want to stay in England so see my niece and nephews grow up, not to mention potential challenges associated with COVID), and the second card showing the hanged man – not sure if this is me or Libra man, or both?

    Thank you again for your gift and amazing insights.

    1. Thank you so much, especially for the validation. Of course you can get married, and may do, but the trick with your chart is to line up other options. Sometimes you have to ‘sell’ alternatives to yourself. So if your favourite TV series is Pride and Prejudice and you’re hooked on traditional weddings and old-fashioned marriage, you may want to watch Girls. The Hanged Man is the Libra man. His head is a mess. In the card you can see someone whose head is surrounded by light. He’s also tied up. He can’t make a move. When the time is right, the Libra man will realise what he needs to know about himself, and his future, and either move (relocate) or just shift position (move his mental attitude). You can’t wait around for that, and the process may not even involve you, so start thinking about other choices for yourself. There are a ton of them, but the process may take a bit of time, as you need to figure out ‘Me’ and then that will start the wheels turning.

  29. Hi Jessica, Enjoyed my first time ever on zoom last night. So informative to try and plan ahead. After I chose the two of cups, you mentioned that you got a chill. Just wondering what that means for us? Added my husband to your family birth chart option today. It’s Dec 3, 1958 at 12pm. We married in 2010 and are best friends that communicate very well, daily. I’ve used the Oracle and tarot a few times since joining and all were towards my concerns about selling in the US, while not flying over. The two of cups was the first card I pulled that was in another direction. Thank you very much for all you do.

    1. Thank you. Chills (when I read for people) means my spirit guide has given me a ‘Yes’ and that another spirit person is there too. So a member of your family or circle of friends, who passed away, came back for your question and wanted you to know the card (about a man and woman with a crucial discussion) was correct. So this is about you and your husband. He’s a Sun Sagittarius who will in fact have a very important ‘date with fate’ with you, from September 2022 into early 2023. Mars Retrograde in Gemini will go back and forth in his Seventh House of marriage. So something has to be renegotiated between the pair of you. Selling up in America may well be the core of the discussion, but it reaches into the nature of the relationship itself; it’s as much about the two of you and both hearts. So, a heart-to-heart is coming and it will help you figure out next steps, at some point after September 2022.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    I have Mars, Chiron and Aesculapia in Aries and right now, I am back to the drawing board, without a job. Not sure if I should continue in my current line or change career line, I am also afraid to take up a job if it means moving since I do not want to move away from my children. Please advise how I should approach, I feel blank, thanks

    1. You have Cupido at 26 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Also known as Cupid, this shows your desire for success, your short-term passion for professional achievement (you tend to fall in love with projects or jobs, but only for a few months at a time) and your ability to make others ‘fall in love’ with your work, or be temporarily besotted with your achievements. This is a lifelong pattern. At the moment, for the first time in 248 years, you have transiting Pluto going over 26 Capricorn, so you have been dominated by something or someone which has taken over. It may have been your last employer, or the career field you are in, which is apparently controlling everything. This does end. It’s on the way out as I write this, so you will acquire another role by 2023, if you want it. You need to know if you should stick with your old career or find a new one. You do not want to move. All of that should be possible but I suggest you use the Tarot on this website and follow the steps, to figure out the rest. Get a relationship going with the Tarot so you can trust it. It will save you a lot of time. Your stelliums are Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius. This is who you are, and what you do: Scorpio is finance, valuables, charity, property and business. Sagittarius is foreigners and foreign countries. Aquarius is groups, clubs, teams and networks of all kinds. You could even merge a couple of those and you’d be living your best life.

  31. Hi Jessica, while I have no Aries in my chart I am wondering if you could see if this new cycle will help me get my weight under control? I’ve had disordered eating patterns inherited from my mum since a child, and struggled with anorexia in 2000-2005 and now binge eating on and off. 2011 has been a turning point, where I have managed to mute those patterns but they still lurk below the surface. If I am not happy with my weight I get reclusive. I am now 15 kg overweight and can’t shift it. Partly Covid kilos and baby weight. Any insight would be so much appreciated.

    1. You have Cupido, Psyche and your IC (Immum Coeli) in Virgo in the Sixth House of the body, mind and spirit. Aries is about the face and head, and the wardrobe. Virgo is about anorexia and binge eating. Well done for the progress you made in 2011, that should inspire you to keep going. Okay, so taking this apart, we do in fact find a family tendency towards disordered eating. Your IC shows the family. You say your mum had similar issues and sure enough, your IC is in Virgo which is the sign of ritual, routine, method and order – with the body. Have you tried hypnosis? You would respond well to it. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Dr. Paul McKenna has a very good track record. He treats weight issues, but also happiness and self-confidence in general, and those two are as important as the actual experience of food, as you know. You have a very good mind and have figured out calculations for yourself over the years. You do the maths in your head, or you make little bargains with yourself. A whirring brain is very common with Virgo placements but it can work against you, as you know. The trick with hypnosis, no matter if you try the free Dr. McKenna hypnosis in YouTube, or hire a professional, is to accept the core of the hypnosis and not have reasons to reject it. So you have to make your mind up about your body from the start and figure out why you do, what you do. You picked it up from your mother, but why did she do it? Beyond the IC, which shows inherited issues about food and drink, you may want to look at Cupido, which shows what you love, but also how you are loved. It shows short-term desire and longing. So food is mixed up with that. You love losing weight (short term wow factor) but you also love food (short term binge eating). The quick fix. Swap food for something else that gets you the temporary high, but is also ruled by Virgo. Virgo rules fitness, meditation, yoga, relaxation, riding, swimming, walking, running and the rest. If you’ve not yet found something you love to do, try to do that. Be prepared to go off it. Then pick up something else! Meetup and Eventbrite have some really great Zoom options for (say) group healing, or group meditation, and so on. You are strongly Aquarius and do very well with groups, when you find the right group. In fact you could help a group yourself. The last factor in Virgo is Psyche. You actually have the two famous lovers, Cupido and Psyche, both in Virgo, both in your Sixth House, which is very unusual. I’ll tell you the full story so it may ring bells. Venus was the beautiful goddess (the most beautiful in the world) who seduced men, apart from her own husband, Vulcan. She had an affair with Mars and was admired over the planet. Then one day a woman named Psyche challenged her. Psyche was stunning, and thought to be as beautiful as Venus, if not more so. Venus was furious and tried to trap Psyche with a trick, but instead, Psyche fell in love with Venus’s son, Cupid (Cupido in Italian). Still angry, Venus put Psyche through endless tests and trials to put a stop to the relationship with her son, but it all failed. In the end the Gods made Psyche immortal and decreed she should be with Cupid forever. The symbol for Venus is a small hand mirror and she is thought to be the inspiration for ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall.’ I am sure you can see this is a story about a mother, and in fact – a mother-in-law. There are major questions here about being pretty or being beautiful. Have a look at the paintings and sculpture of Venus, Psyche and Cupid. Some may ring bells with you. You are going to have to dig deeply to get to an agreement with yourself that works for you, about being fat, and being thin, but once you do that, hypnosis finishes the job. You were hypnotised when young – suggestions were made to you by television at home, or by magazines, or by your mother talking to you, or your father making comments, or whatever. You were suggestible and your unconscious mind took it all on. Now you can reverse that, which hypnosis is proven to do. You have to begin with new suggestions for yourself which you accept and support, though. It has to make sense to you and give you what you want. The final comment on your Sixth House is that Cupido and Psyche are about sexual passion. If you don’t want sex, but feel you should have sex, it is very common to be fat. Of course, there are lots of men who love fat women, but if you believe it’s a turn-off, you may be over-eating so you don’t have to make love. That’s a very basic way of putting it, but these astrology symbols are pretty basic too. I’ve thrown quite a lot into this answer but I hope something in there rings bells for you and it can help you begin a new life where you do not have to be unhappy and do not have to hide away. You have said you are reclusive when fat. That is another clue. If you don’t want to see the world, that’s fine, but you don’t have to be overweight to do it. You can find a way to be by yourself that doesn’t mean you have to go through an eating disorder. Give yourself permission to be a hermit if you wish, and figure out a plan that allows you to do that, freely.

  32. Hi Jessica, thank you as always. Looking at my chart, I have Aries in Ops at 20 and in Aescalapia at 16. I would appreciate your insight on how this will affect my chart.

    1. By nature you tend to relaunch your image on a regular basis; just when some aspect of your appearance, reputation and/or title appears to be almost over, it comes back again. You are able to resurrect your old self, even when it appeared to be falling away. There are always challenges with your image, but there are also answers. This is a familiar story to you and it reappears in 2022, 2023 when you once again relaunch yourself.

  33. Jessica – Always love your online events which I attended June 27, particulalry the accuracy of your long term inisghts and predictions. I think I may buy ultraviolet tech stocks rather than crypto – I worked in biotechnology and understand the important of sterility and have experience with UV lighting to kills bacteria so killing COVID using UV makes very good sense. I have questions about my adoption and my divorce that I would like explore as Jupiter and Chiron are in Aries and I have Chiron in Aries. You may recall that I pulled the Death card June 27 ndicating that there will be a substantial change to my image and appearance during this Chiron transit through Aries and you also said that Sagittarians (Dec 10, 1969 11:53 pm EST Pembroke ONtario Canada) will have their entier family tree shaken and removed of dead wood by a younger male coming into the picture or having influence. What kind of time frame and could this be my own child or an illegitimate child. I would like to to know about this Chiron and Jupiter transits in relationhip to my adoption @ 8 weeks as I am in communication with my bio-Dad’s side with 7 half-silibings (age 32-47) and another illegitimate half-sister who is 6 yrs older than me bord 1963 when bio-Dad was 19ish and I don’t think he is aware of but I have been in contact with since 2020 through 23andme and she has 3 sons ages 20-25 so perhaps it could be one of her sons that will shake the family tree if he contacts the bio-Dad on behalf of my half-sister. I don’t think its my role to contact my bio-Dad about her?? Also interested in insights into my parenting relationship with my 3 children who are 17, 15, and 12 but I had not seen my kids for over 6 months from November 21, 2021 to June 3, 2022 because of my ex-wife bullying/alienating the children from me. This also occured earlier in 2021 in May/June. My ex-wife also has taken on managing a relationship between my 3 kids with my bio-Mom who I reunited with in 2001-2003 without my consent because I do not want anything to do with my bio-Mom as she has self-interest in maintaining a relatoinship with my ex-wife since 2012 when I initiated the divorce again without my consent. I did have my bio-Mom in my life for a number of years 2001 to 2010 perhaps seeing her and her female partner 5 or 6 times over 9/10 years and met my kids when they were very young without knowledge of who she was because I had not disclosed my adoption to my children until 2021. My ex-wife continued to have the children visit with her despite the long distance (Toronto to Halifax, Canada) during our acrimonious divorce. Lastly, my birthchart on this website shows my sun and IC in Sagittarius along with Venus and a bunch of asteroids, Apollo, Cupido, Fortuna & Diana – you were discussing other webinar attendees stelliums that is defined as 3 or more planets so I wanted a clarification if a stellium also incldues asteriods/non-planets? Very fascinating that NASA is sending a probe to Psyche after numerous delays…Thx Jason Rose Peterobourgh, ONtario, Canada

    1. Thanks for coming along to the online event in June, Jason. If you worked in biotechnology you understand that Ultraviolet light kills bacteria; this particular kind of light is called Far UV, or UV-C and sometimes UV-222. It eliminates COVID-19 and any other virus in the room, to 99.9% which is astonishing. Your Death card at the event was a symbol of Chiron (the rider on the horse being a metaphor for the centaur Chiron) going through your natal First House of image. The death of the old reputation, appearance and/or title and the future birth of the new you was shown in the card. This will not be about your adoption or the family, but the other card I showed you for your Sun Sign certainly is. As a Sun Sagittarius you were given a card with a family tree being shaken in a passing storm, the better to release the dead wood. You have a complicated family on all levels. Working with the stelliums in your chart (which certainly include asteroids and non-planets) it is possible to see that you will be offered solutions from October to December 2022. Try to snap up the answers involving the relatives as they will not come again for many years. Long-term the ongoing issues about a lack of boundaries within the family will end from the mid 2020’s and any confusion will also end. From now until then, rules are required and rules should be rebooted.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your insights for this Aries cycle.
    It’s been hard to know where I stand in my life at the moment. I’ve been going through a separation with with my ex partner since November last year. We’re still to reach an agreement over the living arrangements and we’re still currently sharing a home. He is and always has been a dominating and controlling personality. I’m working with the advice of a strong solicitor and a regular Reiki practice but still, I’d like to know your thoughts on my chart. When will I finally be free to move on to better things?

    All best,

    1. You are a Sun Libra with a Scorpio stellium, which you know, Claire. This works out for you but it takes time. Scorpio rules your Eighth House of sex, death and money. Commonly, a marriage (‘Until death do us part’) and also – in sickness and in health. You can have similar problems with a common law marriage, if there is a split, because there were two bank accounts going into the rent, or a mortgage, or possessions. You are still sharing a home together which makes it harder. The situation eases in stages. From March 2023 there is a very welcome change in the story for you at home; the domination by him and the situation itself, either stops challenging you, or you no longer care. After March 2023 it would not be a total surprise if one of you moved out. From July 2023, when the South Node leaves Scorpio, you are free of the karma over the money, the possessions and what is owned or owed. So it’s a two-step. Until then you have t to complete a soul contract with him, which is a mirror for a situation from 18 or 19 years ago, either with him, or another person/organisation with similar aspects to the story. You can use the Tarot until then to figure out a strategy. Yet – this does end.

  35. Hi Jessica: Your Aries Blog is fascinating & I have learned so much from becoming a Member a few months ago. I am a Sun 08 Pisces but have Desc 27 Aries and North Node 07AriesR. My husband is a Sun 19 Aries with 25 Venus in Aries. I am not yet skilled enough to work out how the Aries cycle will affect me & possibly my relationship, if at all. Would appreciate your comments.

    1. Thank you. You and your husband have found common ground in your mutual Aries patterns. Aries locks horns and competes. The alpha male and alpha female patterns of Aries can show up in marriage. Aries is about ‘Me’ and ‘I am.’ The ram is an accurate symbol for this zodiac sign, which is an ancient archetype ruled by Mars, god of war, and in control of the First House of self-promotion and identity. Roman soldiers used to wear quite elaborate armour and engage in complicated battle formation, in order to cow the enemy. In fact, the other side would often surrender before the fearsome Roman army ever arrived; their reputation preceded them and did the work. Underneath the helmet and tunic they were just men, but they appeared to be far more threatening and dangerous as a result of all the careful crafting of a particular look; a particular reputation. So you and your husband are locked into this and may take turns at expressing Aries. It often works best in highly competitive careers, or in sport (football being the modern Italian equivalent of the Roman army). The Aries cycles which we’ve had, and will continue to have, make this an ongoing story in your marriage. Figuring out how to play it is an interesting challenge. These sorts of marriages tend to work best when you have a common enemy, so the war is on something you both want to fight; it may be a war against a property developer who is destroying the trees in your street, or a war on poverty (you end up battling for a charity which feeds the homeless). It’s on that level.

  36. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this. I have Jupiter, Fortuna and my descendant in Aries. Is there anything I should pay special attention to during this Aries season?

    1. You would already have had some encouraging signs about a relaunch of your title, personal appearance and/or reputation. Things are moving in the right direction. This goes on until October, and depending on how much work and effort you put in, there would be a reward by that month. If you don’t make your rebirth a priority, it will take longer, but from January to May 2023 you should see a result. A classic example is losing weight. Another very common example is studying for a qualification; the letters after your name appear when you have passed the exam.

  37. Love what you do Jessica. Thank you. Another great article. My sun & ASC is Virgo with a Leo moon if I’m reading this correctly the only “resident” I see is Vulcano – 13° -Aries. My new profession is in property and it’s been up and down lately, along with my social and love life currently single and have been for over 3 years finding mr right is proving to be hard. Can you tell me how these transits will affect my chart please?

    1. You are a Sun Virgo who has a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of duty, service, paid work, unpaid work, housework and academia. This is also the house of mental health, physical health, fitness, food and drink. You’ve been single for three years but have an opportunity to date someone new in October-December, if you can compromise with your Virgo side. It may be that you let work creep into your sexual and romantic preferences so you can’t fall in love without checking the rental, mortgage or investor status of the man in question. It can happen. Virgo tends to spill over into every area of life; the profession influences everything and sometimes it does not work with the way men really are. You will make or save money by October and again from January-May; this may be for reasons completely unrelated to your profession, which as you say, is up and down.

  38. Hi Jessica, thank you for your wonderful website. I have a stellium in Aries including Chiron & Saturn but also a bit going on in opposing Libra. Does this counter balance the good things that are happening in Aries at the moment? I have experienced an awful relationship but thankfully I have ended up with a good man ( maybe due to having Jupiter in Libra as I have read this is lucky)? Grateful for your insights!

    1. Thank you. Aries-Libra is the classic difference between self-promotion, self-interest, personal advertising, reputation, appearances, name and title – and the other half in a marriage or work partnership. So you get the difference between ‘Me’ and ‘I AM!’ and ‘Us’ and ‘We two.’ The see-saw takes a lifetime to master if you have this pattern natally, which you do. So you may find you get into a sexual relationship with a person who is a narcissist, which is very common, or you end up in a marriage where you put yourself first (the other way around) and your spouse gets sick of that and has an affair behind your back to make you pay attention/clean up your act. Of course Aries can fight forever. So it’s worth figuring out all the strategies and tactics for any sort of duet, in general. You do have transits in Aries which help ME and I AM but they may make you more conscious of the gaps with he/she/they. Later on you go into the lunar node cycle in Libra-Aries from July 2023 so there will be karma from 18 or 19 years ago, either with the same person, or someone raising similar issues, and you will be aiming for karmic closure then.

  39. Jessica, I have Chiron 21° Aries 20′ 56″ Can you please see my birth chart to tell me what is coming to me according to this astrological aspect? Please and thank you. Thank you so much for your divine article that always arrives on time. Thank you for your feedback

    1. Thank you. Well, Chiron transiting the First House in Aries, while natal Chiron is already there, suggests a relaunch of many years with outrageous acts which leave jaws on the floor. Cosmetic surgery, hair colour, and the rest. Also a false name online, very commonly, or a fake identity online. Chiron is punk. Aries is image. The spirit of punk is there already; it will be hard to ignore on this transit.

  40. Thank you for this article, specially the timelines!

    Usually I have well-thought out questions but today, honestly, I just need a place to complain. I LOVE the Diana in Aries placement in my chart. It does give me that “running with the wolves” scenaroos in my corporate career and make good dough. Yet, it is also something that makes me too “independent” for my own sake and keeps away men/date/marriage prospects. Combine that with my Saturn in Scorpio, I am frustrated with men using sex to play control games and power battles with me. Now, I’m a huge fan of my natal Pluto placement so I’m not likely to lose control over myself because of unworthy men. But then, again, this too keeps me single and unattached. I would like a marriage.

    (Sorry, a total rant today – I don’t even have questions for this Q&A section of your website – but I’m blaming the current Cancer moon. The marriage situation is taking everything in me to find humor & joy in life.)

    1. Diana in Aries projects single woman power, freedom and anti-marriage, anti-children messages. You can be married with children and do it, actually. Diana is a formidable astrological archetype; the huntress whom the Greeks called Aphrodite. She had a lover named Endymion who was asleep when they had sex. She was the alpha female active partner. You also have Saturn in Scorpio so there is great self-protection around sex, death and money. The marriage vow ‘Until death do us part’ and ‘In sickness and in health’ probably means you put up every fence you have. Do you really want to marry? What sort of marriage and why? These questions are for you, not me. Are you bringing a property, possessions and money into the marriage you want, or are you relying on a man to bring them? Do you know divorced couples and what has their experience of child custody and/or financial separation shown you about the risks? These are useful questions with a chart like this.

  41. Wow Jessica, thank you for that answer. I’m now wondering if Cupido and Psyche both in Virgo are me and my husband. I have a high libido, he has a low libido so I’m trapped. It’s extremely frustrating (in every way!!!)

    You are quite right. I grew up in the 90s, 00s, Kate Moss era and diet culture was a big part of my teenage life. You are also right, I go through this constant cycle of reinvention, losing the weight for the wow factor. And now that I think of it, my mother-in-law also has her own weight/body image issues. There is a lot to unpack here, thank you so much. I am actually thinking of booking a session with Kyra Oser who you have had on your blog in the past.

    Thank you again, your insight has actually made me feel like I understand this a bit more.

    1. Thank you for validating the astrology. Run, don’t walk, to book with Kyra Oser. She is the psychic who reads for me (we read for each other). She has a waiting list. You’ve picked up on the issue with your husband’s low libido and your mother-in-law’s weight, without realising it’s one and the same. She is the source for a couple of things here. You want sex more than he does; you get fat; he doesn’t want sex; your mother-in-law is (presumably) fat or struggles against it. So yes, there is a lot to unpack. Kyra can help; you can start now, though, digging into the Tarot and following the steps. Good luck.

  42. Hi Jessica, Thank you for all the information you share with us. Forewarned is forearmed and I appreciate the work you do.
    Thinking of parting ways with my business partner (their DOB 17th Feb.1977) on two companies which were born on: 19th July 2017 (first one) and 5th March 2018 (second one) as it is a very challenging cooperation.
    My Aries husband (DOB 31st March 1969 in Kent, UK) has suggested that we team up together in business (we both have the same profile of work)…Marriage, family and business together. Wise or stupid? Thank you

    1. Thank you. Yes, it is the professional astrologer’s job to ring the warning bell a year before problems arise, so readers can take pre-emptive measures. I am having a lot of messages from people who are glad they already joined the waiting list for the delivery of UV-4 lights which kill COVID-19. Astrology gives you the advantage. You want to split from a business partner, Sun Aquarius, with a Cancer and Pisces business. Your Aries husband wants to team up with you instead. You are a Sun Sagittarius. Okay, so you probably know this, but December, January is going to force the issue with your business partner anyway. If you want an amicable split do it October-December when Aquarius is saving or making money; the parting of the ways will matter less to them, and of course, if they can see a carrot for the donkey, they will walk. Your husband? Not yet. Wait until after May 2023 when he is in a fantastic business, property and financial position for a following 12 months. From that point the odds are in both your favour. You would need the paperwork vetted by a solicitor or similar to avoid potential control or power questions arising, but this could work for you. I strongly suggest you use the Tarot to validate the timing I am talking about as you have priorities here I don’t know about.

  43. Hi Jessica:
    I have Chiron 06° Aries 08′ 39″ R and Ceres 24° Aries 56′ 00″ R. How will this affect my chart?
    I left a message earlier but it did not get through so really, just curious if I will see any positive outcomes due to the challenges I am currently experiencing. I am very overwhelmed and its been like this for such a long time.

    Thanks so much.

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius who is strongly Sagittarius and Virgo; a very mutable person. Thank you for your patience; there are 14,396 comments in the queue today. Okay, so the issue is not the Aries cycles, it’s the mutable cycles. The mutable signs are Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, Pisces. We have rare, historic patterns in these signs and it started (no surprise) in 2020, the pandemic year zero. What do you do? Change, hugely. I expect you have already made changes to the way you live and/or work. Transformation takes ages but eventually you will realise it’s not better or worse; just different. The key factors here are travel, foreigners and foreign countries, education and the worldwide web (Sagittarius) and health, wellbeing, workload, housework, lifestyle and daily routine (Virgo). If you threw the basics of all that in your life onto a potter’s wheel and created something new, from the remains of the old, you’d be doing well. Looking at the huge number of people who have been struggling with mutable sign stelliums, I’ve seen good reports from: hypnosis, self-hypnosis, riding, swimming, bushwalking/hiking, walking Slow Ways trails (in Britain), walking to work (avoiding the bus or train) with Audible books, quitting work for employers who care (and will instal HEPA filters and UV-C lights), deliberately halving the working week (salary sacrifice), replacing overseas holidays with staycations, making replacement friends (Covid unsafe friends no longer being easy company), dropping Covid-unsafe lovers, picking up new skills and talents online to help a career switch – it goes on! The thing is, you are going to relaunch anyway, with all that Aries, in your zone of title, appearances, reputation and identity. So you may as well use the pressure of this mutable sign weather to become a version of yourself you actually really want, even if Covid wasn’t there. That’s the story from this chart I’m seeing. The Tarot can help you with the timing.

  44. The last week has been awful in terms of business. We have been told by our franchisor that they are ending the collaboration with all franchisees. We are shocked when we thought (as they said) that we would be allowed to continue. Typical venture capital company (white men in power) with only own profit in sight, No morals. I have thought that collaboration would be great next year 2023 due to Pluto in Aquarius, but unfortunately they have time now to end all cooperation and control.
    My and my husband’s company 12 years later will be dissolved and we will be without a job. I have a new job in sight (not that great in money) and life will be different as both of us go from successful own company to applying for jobs as employees. What do you see in our future (job), my husband; 1976 – June – 26? I do not have his time.

    1. I am sorry your franchise is over. And we are in the amoral era of white men in power, correct (Pluto in Capricorn, over in March 2023). You can still have powerful group outcomes in 2023 with Pluto in Aquarius; just not with them. You and your husband now need jobs. You are a Sun Aquarius with a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance. Use the money you save or make, October-December 2022, to help yourself in 2023. You and your husband have karma with each other which must complete which is why you are being put through this. The actual karma ends in July 2023 when you have closure with each other. Long-term you will be the brand or face of an enterprise (yours) or an employer’s. If your husband was born on 26th June he will have an excellent opportunity in his career, now through October, and again from January-May 2023.

  45. Dear Jessica, I have Panacea, Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. So I am going to experience the return and conjuction of Chiron and Jupiter with the same players in my natal chart. And my natal Jupiter oppose my natal Mercury in Libra. Can you tell me please, how these players will affect me.

    Thank you very much

    1. You really have the technology around you now to become a better version of yourself online, and this cycle is ideal, until October, then from January to May. So this may be a Substack account. A YouTube clip. A new portrait using filters or retouching, which becomes your standard online face. Aries is sometimes characterised as pushy and strongly Aries people can be like a battering ram. YOU WILL NOTICE ME OR ELSE. They type in capitals, so to speak. You are lucky to have Jupiter in Aries in your First House which tends to help there; you are not seen as the battering ram on the door of the castle – you are seen as the fearless face who goes upfront. It’s really important that you have a career or unpaid role you believe in, as you can fly the flag for that and succeed by 2023.

  46. Hi Jessica, once again thank you for all of your insights. Posting this again as know how busy you are and comments get missed. I have been using the Oracle and oh boy! It is astounding with how it resonates and affirms. I have my MC at 22 degrees Aries and Vulcano 25 degrees Aries. Am I right that other planets and asteroids at 22 will also be triggered when the MC is? I have Sun in Capricorn 22, Chiron in Pisces 22, Psyche in Virgo 22. I believe that 22 in Numerology is the Master Builder and powerful at creating. I am always striving and moving forward, bit knackered right now but keeping going as feeling I am having a breakthrough and managing to support many others with their healing and their own personal transformations. I am being drawn to return to Peru in October to work with some shaman and another shamanic friend I trained with. I have recently started workshops using this wisdom with profound effects. Could this be the Aries influence and should I follow it? The Oracle was giving me a thumbs up but I am still a wee bit tentative with the whole Covid thing and my Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in 6th house. Also enjoying my life laundry….this website has so many tools for self empowerment and change…fabulous! Just bought my bucket bag for imminent travel which will be packed accordingly. Also made a contribution to those beautiful Sri Lankan doggos. I remember feeding them at the temples a few years ago and it is wonderful to know they are getting the care they so deserve. Have a great day x

    1. If you are one of the people flying, you need to update yourself on the variants (not just B4 and B5, but also the newer Indian variant) and look at the leap in COVID-19 cases in the United Kingdom, some 30% in recent days, according to the BBC. Look at the research on airlines and their use (or lack of use) of HEPA filters and don’t forget the airports, which of course, people always do. Uranus at 24 Virgo is square Ceres at 24 Gemini, so you trigger radical changes with your own health, in a way that does not square with short journeys. Uranus in the Sixth House square Ceres in the Third House. Eventually transiting Uranus will go to 24, 25 Gemini and time upheaval there by all the laws of astrology. You are heavily mutable in a mutable sign cycle of many years’ duration with a rapidly mutating virus.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I read a proverb today “A shy student doesn’t gain knowledge from their teacher.” I’ve been reading your brilliance for some time now and I am giving up the voyeurism act. 🙂 Aries factors aren’t really present in my chart. Would I look at the largest stellium which is Sag in order to see how this cycle impacts me? My assumption is this relates to my personal projects that I am working to relaunch. I am deep thinker and won’t give anyone an unpolished product. It’s time to stop polishing. Took me some time to get back to them due to work and relocating from Hawaii to Portugal. (I know you have referenced Hawaii being one of the better places to be.) I was being guided to go and I’d done all I could on the island so here we are.

    Wishing you well and thank you for your precious time and magnificent wisdom. Bless your heart.

    1. Thank you. You have a whopping Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of academia, publishing, foreigners, foreign countries and the worldwide web. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is always trine to Aries, so these rolling Aries cycles, past, present and future – have helped you inhabit your Ninth House very successfully for many years. Going to Portugal from America is a very Sagittarian thing to do. Your obstacle course is immense from 2026, though, so long-term you will have to travel in the mind, rather than travel as you used to. Globalisation is on the wane in stops and starts (now) but in a revolutionary way from 2026, for some years.

  48. Hi Jessica again another thought provoking article.Looking forward to the Leo one if you do one. I have an Aries stellium including my north node and would be grateful for your thoughts on relaunching or a change in life direction ?

    1. I’m about to file a Leo Weather feature to accompany the event we are hosting in New York, London and ‘the Sydney to Hobart’ which is Alicia Richardson in Bondi Beach and me, in Tasmania. So watch out for that when it appears as it’s highly relevant to your chart, as you are a Sun Capricorn with the Ascendant in Leo. If your birth time is clock-accurate then you will relaunch during the Leo weather between July 23rd 2022 and September 29th; losing weight; altering your face (cosmetic surgery) making another debut with your name and so on. You want to change direction and will be given the chance to move into a new apartment, house or other residence twice; by October and again from January to May 2023. If you are going to make huge financial decisions in March 2023 talk to an expert as this will have long-term repercussions, even if it begins in a small way. The Tarot will help with the rest as I don’t know if your question involves children or not.

  49. Hi Jessica, the past cycle of Saturn in Aries was definitely about my identity (going to university) however I didn’t complete that degree because of family/money/health issue’s at the time.
    Similarly at this time I have the similar family issue of aged/dying elder.
    However this time I have another health issue, mostly pain in the head! Meanwhile all I want to do is get out and be productive in a career that fulfils and is manageable. It feels like my 6th/12th houses are competing with 4th/10th. So I’m not sure how the next cycle will be, I don’t think I can do more study…hope you can see how this might affect me? Thank you for all you do, I really appreciate all your posts and replies.

    1. Aries rules the face and head, so a health issue with pain there requires a second and third look. The chakra system is familiar to most mediums, and I am a trained medium, so look to your crown, third eye and throat chakra. There is a lot of nonsense written or broadcast about the chakras but you can go to the experts who have stood the test of time. The last Saturn in Aries cycle was about your head and face as well; that time it was your student ID card. Your Sixth House will show the story with your headaches. You have a stellium at 2 through 25 Virgo there and need to take it apart, using your library, following the steps, and using the Tarot by your side, as Pamela and Arthur’s cards were created with astrology. Every other issue is secondary to your headaches, as you will go through the Saturn oppositions to Virgo beginning on March 8th 2023 and only ending on February 14th 2026 so sorting out your relationship with work, housework, unpaid work, study – and your headaches – should be the priority. Saturn in opposition is a test. Swot up on the test before it begins.

  50. Love all your blogs posts Jessica – thank you. I feel I could be the poster child of Aries, with my Sun, Jupiter, Chiron, Ceres, Fortuna and Psyche here. Is this a revolution for me or a just a recipe for chaos?

    1. You are strongly Aries and spend a lot of time living in your First House. If you were to open a door into that house you would find an oil painting of yourself; a computer open at your Twitter page, your Substack page or website; a full-length mirror; a wardrobe and bathroom full of clothes and products, accessories and branding – a microphone – a camera and so on. In fact, these times were made for you, with their emphasis on the self. You already have the revolution. That was Uranus in Aries. Jupiter in Aries now assists a relaunch by October.

  51. Jessica,
    Just ordered my 2022 report and am still processing all the information. I’ve always enjoyed astrology throughout my life but now, at age 65, I wonder how best to interpret and utilize it. After working all my adult life in a job I loved, with great people, I retired a couple of years ago. My vision of retirement changed quickly as my mother became ill and passed away (we were extremely close). Then COVID. Add in stressful family issues. All made worse by the hideousness caused by the political environment. I feel like the last few years have been a blur of grief, anger, stagnation, exhaustion…all culminating in feeling uninspired with no direction. My question is this: when you’re in the last third of your life, is your horoscope still as meaningful? I want to figure out what the heck I can do at this point. Thanks so much! Love the blogs and articles!

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Aries and live in your First House of image, self-promotion, forward thrust, self-assertion and ‘Me’. Being 65 doesn’t stop that. Looking older has a bigger impact on you than other women. You are retired, have lost your mother and friend, which must have been very painful, and now you are dealing with depression as well as anger at your politicians. Okay, so you are the perfect front-woman for a cause. A political party or grassroots organisation. You can fly the flag and get on the front line. If you are not already doing that, then do it. (If you are already doing that, do it more). You also need martial arts, yoga, running, riding, hiking or similar as you are meant to be a warrior. You need a physical outlet. You also need to spend whatever money and time you have to give yourself a makeover. The time is perfect – Jupiter in Aries until October – then from January to May. Long-term I see Neptune going into Aries so you will be experimenting with internet avatars and multiverse ‘doubles’ of yourself well into older age. Have fun.

  52. I read this but am confused…also got the Ace of Swords when asking about my health (Tarot on your site) Still questioning what will happen this fall in the U.S. election–haven’t found anything new since your prediction that Trump will not be there and that the winner will be man (or woman?) of money. So am wondering if that prediction has changed or if there is something to add–no sign of Trump leaving so far. Also, health issue with my heart–seems in line with my heart being pulled apart by the craziness in this country, Supreme Court, and my sadness over Gaza. I guess I’m am idealist which is harder than ever right now. I take out my frustrations by writing blogs on Substack and Medium, and the fantasy books I write. Do you also do individual readings?

    1. The Ace of Swords is surgery or an injection, the sword being the surgeon’s knife or a needle. I am sorry you have heart issues, but the card you chose is very clear for you – there will be firm action taken. The US election prediction stands. Once made, I do not add to them. If you search Trump on this website you will see I have been predicting his Decline and Fall (to quote Waugh) for years, over a long period. And so it is. Do I provide individual readings? Only for charity. My preferred charity is BBC Children In Need and bidding is typically over £3000 for a 45-minute astrology and Tarot reading with me or over $5000. If you follow @jessicacadams I post news about the auction when it is announced.

  53. Hi Jessica, thank you for yet another great post – I wanted to tell you that your prediction for going out on a date around May 26 was spot on – it was completely unexpected. Not sure where this will be heading since there are a lot of challenges and restrictions in this case – I am using astrology delivery and trusting this would help. Hope you can have some insights.
    I see that Aries affects my 5th house – I am Sag, not sure how this would relate to relationships and children. I have been divorced for the last 9 years, single mother, so I am looking for something permanent and possibly another child. I do not have an Aries stellium though so not sure if this would apply.
    I read through some of the comments and the Sun Sign School was mentioned – can I ask if I can enroll anytime, or there are specific starting dates? Also, how many hours per week would it take? Are there different levels? Thank you again.

    1. Thank you I am glad the prediction was spot on. The Sun Sign School is a 12-month course which you can take as you wish, any time you want to begin. It’s pick-and-choose depending on your preference so you may want to pick up a tutorial from the psychic Paul Fenton-Smith or just focus on astrology and tune into the podcasts about the signs. You may want to only look at solar charts, or dive into the detail of natal charts. Some people have begun Substack columns and are seeking an income; others just want to try Tarot (say) for their own enjoyment. Good luck with the dating, mating and relating.

  54. Jessica, thank you for this updated article and I hope your astrology & tea event went well. I wish I could go. I asked tarot how will these and future aries cycles affect me and i got wheel of fortune! is this tallying with my chart Jessica and how would you interpret it if you have time to answer im so grateful, thank you.

    1. Thank you. High Tea With the Stars was great, have to say, and I hope you can join Stephanie Johnson and I one day. The Wheel of Fortune is accurate; this will be about the worldwide web, academia, education, the media and/or publishing. You have a large stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House which rules books, journals, websites and the bigger picture of knowledge. The Aries transits will trine those factors for some years. Expect flux there; every low becomes a high, every high becomes a low. The Aquarius symbol is also hidden in the wheel; Pluto in Aquarius also aspects your Sagittarius stellium.

  55. Thank you Jessica for another timely article and I’ve just re-read Chiron in Aries 2018-2026as I’m headed to my Chiron return . Mostly thank you for
    reminding your readers of COVID – with one lung I did buy the UV light when you first wrote about it – much appreciated ( I must have Hygeia in Aries!). You do much good in this world.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you found UV light. The MVP (Mobile Virus Protection) has sold out and is only on back-order, but that’s to. be expected from a company which works with NASA and the US Federal Government. Your Aquarius stellium in the Eleventh House of people power, groups, friends and allies will change your life for the next 20 years with some extremely powerful and influential new comrades, sisters and brothers. Watch next January and February for clues about the future.

  56. Hi Jessica, thinking about the years 2010 to 2019 the thought/message came to me that I appeared to be who I needed to be at that time, in order to survive. Not in a physical sense but in the world of business and life. I no longer have to present that face to the world and can show up more now as my authentic self. My sun sign is Virgo but I also have Ops, Vulcano and IC in Aries. What does this mean for the future ‘me’? Thank you.

    1. These Aries cycles have been spiralling for years and so it’s really like a series of books with distinct chapters. A series. A television series that comes back for a new season every so often. For you it is financial. The Sun Sign or solar chart always leads. You have these transits in Aries in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships (typically marriage and mortgage) and also family-based property and valuables commitments (typically your parents’ legacy to you). That is in your Eighth House. You have a stellium in Scorpio in your natal Eighth House, so it’s the same mini-series broadcast twice. Up ahead, the greatest changes you make will be hanging your own price tags on who or what is precious and even priceless. So this may be a family member or sexual partner, now or in the future. You will reshape your own life budget, as you experience Jupiter in Cancer (property, family) trine your Scorpio stellium first, in the second half of 2025 and first half of 2026. You will get to know your Scorpio side extremely well – one more time.

  57. Hi Jessica,

    Great post! Thank you so much!
    How this aspects and Aries cycle will impact my chart, particularly for the finance, investments in stock market, Artificial Intelligence – AI stocks, career etc.

    You have predicted correctly in 2022 for me that my $100,000 loss in investment, 401K will be recovered in 2024 and asked me to be patient. Your this prediction turned out to be 100% correct and my investment is now up by 2.5 times from 2022 balance. Could you please advise me should I stay invested or covert some of the investment gain in cash by selling some stocks? I have great return in NVDA, AAPL, META, MSFT and AMD stocks. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, overall how this cycle will impact Artificial Intelligence innovation?

    Thanks for your guidance and assistance!

    1. Thank you for confirming my 2022 prediction for you was accurate. I am glad your investment is now up 2.5 times. You did the work, not me, as I only provide the weather forecast. After you lost $100,000 you are now up $401,000 thanks to your own efforts. I can forecast Artificial Intelligence for you; it will revolutionise the internet and over the course of this cycle from July 2025 until May 2033 we will see ‘many internets’ offered to us. The old one with all its problems will be free. Select Premium Webs will be on subscription and offer privacy, an end to intrusive advertising, a block on trolls and so on. People will happily pay. Watch out for that.

  58. I read your comment with great interest, Kat. I am also a Virgo sun and experienced the same in the professional sphere. I really want to take the armour off and embrace a more real and free life! Your comment resonated!

  59. Hi Jessica, thanks for this great post. I am kind of worried about this because I have Saturn and North Node in Aries and some other things. Does this mean next year is going to be hard? This will be my second Saturn return. My last one in 1996-99 featured a lot of upheaval that ended up being very good in the long run, but terrible in the short term, including ending my marriage and one of my sons beginning to develop major problems. Interestingly, that same son is now almost 39 and having some of the same issues repeat themselves.

    1. Thank you. The end of your marriage was the end of your married name and identity, which is typical of transits in Aries in the First House of title and profile. You have a stellium at 0 through 26 Aries so more than any other part of your life, it has been your personal appearance, reputation, title, image and ID which has seen the most change, over the longest period of time. It goes on. If you include Uranus in Aries all those years ago, you saw a passing revolution (the end of your marriage) and the start of Independence Day. As these transits continue into the future with Saturn (yes, hard work) and then Neptune (the great escape) in Aries, what you can expect to happen is this: An obstacle course and waiting game about your name, look, internet self and external self-promotion. This may involve Facebook, if you are even on there – as Aries rules the face. It may be issues with a uniform you have to wear (say) or fitting into your wardrobe. More seriously it is about how you are seen by the world. It takes time. Ageing is an obvious one! Overlapping this cycle of challenge comes the holiday from reality which will run for many years into the future, well past the 2030 mark. You will escape from your old self and from the constraints of being who you were, thanks to all sorts of inventions and innovations. One of them will be web spaces where you have a wardrobe of selves.

  60. Hi Jessica, yesterday my subscription was renewed (love being here) and then I checked my member supplied natal chart. Next, I asked the website ZenDesk if the software generating these charts is different from AstroGold’s software. Answer came back yes. Because the glyphs are not the same in these software platforms, may I suggest you add a glossary of all the glyphs of the factors in your charts…cause one has to travel about to recall what is what…..the images of some are not obvious. I suggest this after you responded to me last week to please add a folder on your website of the charts you provide (which have all your custom factors) – not only in all your blogs – but also on Twitter and Substack: all this work would be fantastic if corralled!! I bet many people would come to your site to find this research in a handy spot! Thank you for listening. Best to you and the team, Cecelia

    1. Thanks Cecelia. I rely upon you to tell me what other readers of my website think, but don’t put in writing. As you know, I try very hard to provide the best possible astrology service I can, for Premium Subscribers like you in particular. Our software for charts was purchased from Astrodienst although I prefer to use AstroGold from Stephanie Johnson for convenience. It is ready in seconds and at my fingertips on my computer. Same charts, different symbols or glyphs. An image/symbol glossary is a wise idea as is a section compiling famous natal charts. I will ask Asporea who run this website if they will do this and pass on your best wishes.

  61. Liebe Jessica, aufmerksam verfolge ich deine Berichte. Ich bin Krebs Sonne, AC Skorpion, Mond Widder und musste seit 2000 viele Schicksalhafte Herausforderungen in allen Lebensbereichen meistern. Auswanderung in ein anderes Land, Tod Lebenspartnern, Trennung, Existenzielle Noete, berufliche Herrausforderungen und Veraenderungen durch neue Gesetzgebungen, lebensbedrohliche Erkrankung. Nun stehe ich wieder an dem Punkt alles aufgeben zu muessen und bin physisch wie psychisch total Erschoepft und habe keine Kraft mehr diese Veraenderungen anzugehen mit fast 59 Jahren und sorge mich um meine Zukunft und was diese mir noch bringen wird. Kannst du mir sagen was die Zukunft mir noch an Herrausforderungen bringen wird? Ich waere dir sehr dankbar

    1. Does anyone here speak German? I mean, my books are translated into German, but I have absolutely no idea beyond 99 Luft Ballons.

  62. Hi Jessica, your blogs are always interesting to read. I know it’s all about appearance for an Aries which I am. Aries is my Sun sign, I have Venus and ASC also in Aries. I also have a number of stelliums in mostly Pisces (7) and then 5 in Aquarius as well as a 4 in Virgo. I have had many, many years of loneliness and will retire in under 3 years. I am not concerned about my finances. It is being alone that worries me as I don’t have children or anyone that is family close by to me. What does the year and future hold for me? I would be less stressed if I knew that I wasn’t going to be alone in my last years.

    1. Thank you. You are worried you will spend your old age alone. That is not going to happen. You are strongly Aquarian, have a stellium in the sign of community, in the Eleventh House of friends, allies, networks, circles and people power. Pluto has not even started his transit here yet but it will change your life over a 20 year period. You will make new friends who are influential and dynamic. You will join or rejoin groups which are empowering and in fact, help them to do what they do best, which is achieve big outcomes for the collective. You will always need to be alone. You are also strongly Pisces. No children and close family, no marriage or de facto partnership is very common with Pisces stellium people. They cannot physically be around others for any great length of time. I expect you will move into a shared post-retirement community where you can have your space, privacy, quiet and solitude but find friends when you want them. Or you will figure out your own way of doing that. Watch houses, apartments and units now through June 2025 for very good opportunities.

  63. Thank you, Jessica..hope it is needle and not knife…I like this blog a lot and upon re-reading I have the sense that I am to do some YouTube appearances on my channel.

  64. Thank you for your positive response, Jessica. Your team quickly helped me twice this week (alone)! And we all feel you do work very hard to give us a wonderful experience!! Best, Cecelia

  65. Thank you Jessica, your reply explains a lot. I am really pleased I took a subscription out as I am learning more about myself all the time.

  66. Hi Jessica, I’ve been plugging away for a number of years now trying to make a go of an online business. I want to work from home due to covid and also an ongoing injury. I’m not one of those people who like to dance around in reels to get a following or clients, I tend to rely on giving honest advice and offering free information to begin with. The world of the internet at even my age is confusing! I drew the Queen of Pentacles from your site when asking if my business will be successful. Constantly feeling like I’m left behind in the world of the net, but I also follow my heart in what I’m comfortable in doing. I would love your insight please, I’ve been a member for yrs and really appreciate your articles and knowledge. I look forward to each one on your site.
    Thankyou kindly

    1. The Queen of Pentacles is an excellent card to see, if enquiring about your business. In fact I just read for a man (a friend) who had this card show up, in relation to the other woman, in a new relationship. The Queen of Pentacles in his case was a rich female who bankrolled her girlfriend enough to buy her a car. Sex was a huge motivation as they were both in a ten-year lesbian relationship, cheating on their husbands. So you see, the Queen can be complicated. I am sure your own situation is unique to you. The issue is the money (first) and the omnipresent sexual temptation (second). It may be that others don’t like the internet either and you will find a way of serving them that is non-digital. I agree, the web has become like a real spider’s web and we get caught in it. I expect a client will present sexual temptation. That would fit.

  67. That is great that the Queen of Pentacles is an excellent card to see regarding my business. I deal in the business of helping tired mothers and babies to sleep. Here’s hoping things take off.

  68. hi Jessica. feeling so horribly stuck ATM. i am Pisces sun, Aries stellium, Libra & Capricorn stellium. will things get any better soon? i am stuck in terms of my marriage & job mostly. thanks for all you do.

    1. I am sorry you feel stuck with your marriage and your job. Your chart shows Aries, Capricorn, Libra stelliums. You are a Cardinal type and have some deadlock patterns taking place as the North Node is in Aries; the South Node is in Libra; Ceres is in Capricorn; Pluto goes back to Capricorn in months. This does end. In fact, life will start to move in December, after a fairly intense period of decision-making in September, October, November. From January 2025 the nodes leave Aries and Libra and you are free. At the moment the marriage is karmic and so you have to do your time, because you are owed (spiritually) or you owe (on a soul level) from your life as it was 18-19 years ago. That is why it feels like spinning your wheels. In fact, this has to happen, so that you can pay out, or be repaid. Closure comes in January next year and at the same time, that stuck Capricorn retrograde double cycle with Ceres and Pluto is also history by then. So it really will be a new, new, new year. Better start thinking about what you want.

  69. Hi Jessica, I love reading the blogs and thank you for recommending Jan Spiller’s book on the nodes – it answered so many of my questions. I am a Sun Taurus with a stellium in Aries (Venus, Mars, Minerva, Cupido, Vulcano and the South Node), and I can certainly feel the Aries influence in my life. I drew the Ace of Cups when asking how the coming Saturn in Aries cycle will affect me. Uranus in Aries was generally a great period for me professionally, but since then it has been tough in terms of job security and satisfaction, which has put a dampener on my energy and ambition. After a period of treading water, I am now rediscovering my sense of ambition and hope that 2025 is a time when I can move ahead, rather than trundle along. In my view, the Tarot tells me that 2025 will be about a relaunch after some soul-searching, but I am also weary of more battles ahead with the Saturn cycle. Do you have any insights?
    Many thanks

    1. Thank you. Yes, Jan Spiller wrote what is arguably the bible on the North Node and South Node. It’s a good idea to combine Tarot and astrology for a second opinion and one usually vindicates the other. The Ace of Cups is about the group. The emotional fulfilment is first and the group is second, but very important. I expect that the Aries transits will sextile Aquarius in your chart, which rules circles, communities and pooled resources. In fact you have Salacia at 9 Aquarius which describes a woman who inhabits two worlds, neither of them real, with her friends, allies, clubs, teams and networks. What looks likely here is that Pluto going to 9 Aquarius, but also Saturn and Neptune going to 9 Aries, will trigger a momentous phase in your life when you realise it’s all about the collective. You also have Jupiter at 9 Gemini (in fact your entire chart chimes on 9 degrees) so this explains ‘My cup runneth over’ and a time of huge emotional and spiritual abundance. You’ll be very happy.

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