The Aquarius Birthday Horoscope 2023 to 2024

Happy Birthday Aquarius.

Your forecast takes you from January 20th, 2023, until January 19th, 2024, the last day of your sign.

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13 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for the great article.

    I have had very traumatic and difficult start to the new year. On the 7th of January I took ill and was rushed to hospital and shortly afterwards I was put into a coma and spent the next two weeks in ICU recovering from several mystery illnesses. I also contracted sepsis and I almost lost my life. It was extremely traumatic husband my daughter my family. It all happened very fast I had actually cooked dinner that evening then suddenly felt dangerously unwell and knew I was in serious trouble.

    I had several as I was put into the coma, I was aware thought I would have to dig deep and fight for my life. I could strongly feel people praying for me. I could feel my sprit go visit my husband in his sleep to check he was ok, and he woke and felt me in the room with him letting him know I was going to be ok.

    I have felt very unwell for several months but not unwell to the extent that something like this could happen.
    I really believe in positive thought, its what is pushing me through currently but now I am worried about myself and what the future holds.

    Before I read my birthday horoscope, I had decided to use this time of rest and recovery to reboot and relaunch myself. I have been so focused on career that maybe I have neglected myself a little. I had just started a new job and finished my first week when this all happened. I am sure I will struggle to hold on to that job now.

    I really feel lucky to be here and I know all the thought, prayers and love directed toward me helped. I was very aware of the medical team all working hard around me, I was calm the entire time but trying to communicate event attempting to speak in other languages in an effort to be understood.

    Astrologically is this type of experience in a persons chart and does it point us to something we should learn?
    I am also wondering if there is anything I should look out for in the coming few weeks and months astrologically.

    I would appreciate any guidance at this time.

    God Bless and stay safe.

    1. Rosie, I am very sorry you were put through this traumatic experience – you came very close to the edge and your husband, daughter and family had to live with your being in a coma. You felt your spirit visit your husband. I have chills now, which is always my sign that spirit is with me. So you were not alone in hospital. You had friends or family, also in spirit, with you. You were thinking about your career, had started a new job, and then – suddenly you were fighting for your life. Let’s see what is in your chart. You have a Virgo stellium, so your health on all levels, will always be central. It was like this when you were a child, no matter if you fell off your bike and had stitches, or later on in your teens or twenties, when you found yourself at a hospital for other reasons. The Virgo part of you can be understood by reading Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you. I wonder what your true feelings are about the new job, combined with your other unpaid work, like housework or possibly any study and voluntary work? You did indeed have transits to your Virgo stellium when this happened, but it’s not just about health, it’s also about how you feel about serving other people and doing your duty. Sorting that out is quite important, because Virgo stellium people find their subconscious often plays a part in taking them out of a situation – no matter if it’s time off work or study. Subconsciously, their soul or spirit steps in and they find themselves removed from the usual job, or course, or household routine and so on. It would be interesting for you to ask the Tarot ‘If my subconscious or spirit set this up for me, why?’ You operated through your spirit or soul in hospital. You communicated with your husband, felt the prayers and tried to reach the staff using E.S.P. For this we go to Pisces and find you have Bacchus there, in your Twelfth House of mediumship, healing and psychic ability. Bacchus is a symbol of pleasure, given and received. Though awful circumstances triggered your psychic ability, if you continue with it, perhaps studying it, or just using it for yourself, then it will make you very happy. Perhaps that is why someone appeared in spirit when I began answering your question. John Edward is a very good medium and we follow each other on Twitter. He has some excellent YouTube videos if you’re not familiar with him. Your public chart (Sun Aquarius) shows something very similar going on. You are at the end of Pluto in your Twelfth House (he goes in March) and so you are being shown how powerful the spirit can be. January, February, most of March are acceptance of this. Yet, if you want to use your ability you have to also use your willpower. So, for example, you may have to train yourself to work with your chakras and aura. Communication works on all levels – you experienced what it was like to try and break the language barrier with your spiritual self. This can change your life if you want it, by May. The family itself goes through terrific changes from May 2023 to May 2024 partly as a result of what happened to you, and having been through the worst, you will all go through the best, perhaps with a new look for your home, or even a new home, by mid-2024. For the record, a near-death experience is not unusual when people become mediumistic, or psychic. You may choose to do nothing further with what happened to you, but if you do want to progress, the door is open. Happy Lunar New Year Rosie.

  2. hi Jessica, this is a fascinating take. I’m 61 in two days time. So I went to your deck and pulled the 7 of Cups in response, which adds! With 5 planets in Aquarius, major conjunctions going on, Uranus crossing the Ascendant etc and eclipses all over the same Ascendant degree, it feels like i should be experiencing considerable upheaval. But, apart from the odd relationship drama, i find myself almost becalmed – no work, no earnings, not really any “prospects”, no pension. For decades I have relied on the “Universe” carrying me along into the future-stream, which it has. And how I love to work (self-employed in theatre, TV, film, acting& directing, teaching & writing too). Obviously the big thing on the horizon is Pluto entering Aquarius. Am i best, i wonder, to hold my nerve, remain calm, stay still, and catch that wave when it comes? I do feel that a lot of the ‘dreams’ i nurtured in the past have come to pass. At this stage I know what I love to do, where I bring value, the field of activity that brings me joy and a sense of fulfilled service. I do get waves of fear along ‘I’ve buggered this up!’ lines. This is very important to add: – i do have a wonderful marriage, gorgeous kids, and a lovely home. So much to be grateful for. Thanks and best wishes, Matthew

    1. Thanks Matthew. Happy 61st birthday. The card shows you in silhouette, in the shadows (that is the first clue: everything and everybody is a shadow projected on a wall) who is confused by a billowing cloud of rich symbols, ranging from diamonds and pearls, to a skull and snake. The best and worst. it’s all in your head. You are projecting. Science tells us (in fact has proven) that until we measure what is ‘real’ it is all a cloud. Uranus in conjunction with the Ascendant is upheaval regarding the title, appearance or reputation. The Ascendant depends on a strictly accurate birth time. Pluto in Aquarius will enter your First House of name, profile and packaging in your solar chart, at the same time that he enters your Eleventh House of friends and groups, in your natal chart. If you look at the card you drew, you will see a face in one cup. That is the mask you put on if you choose, from the final week of March. There is also a ghost. The ghost of friendship past will return too. Nothing scarey. Just haunting.

  3. Dearest Jessica, first of all thank you for your kind consistency with the work you put out on this site. I studied two years with a teacher learning astrology and spent another year trying to decipher my own events as the planets passed on my natal ones and I don’t even remember how I found your site but the day I did it changed my understanding of astrology for ever. The way the whole site is designed gives the ability to learn astrology for each and every person gaining power into their own lives. The consistency you do with all that you output into the site is a great gift to humanity for those seeking answers through the stars. Ive never posted a question but have been following you for a year now and member for a little less. But I can’t post without literally saying thank you for all the blog posts, your ebooks, the replies, forecasts, the card reading and the current planetary aspects and asteroids. Thank you for your contribution to self development! Now onto my question. I’m only asking bc my life is falling apart. I don’t know which transit and which aspect is the one that is causing the upheaval. My heart is broken and my world upside down. I have gone through the most painful and passionate relationship with someone I tried to stay away from. We have known each other for 13 years, met in aug 2009 became obsessed with each other, I took him to travel the world with me the next year, we were very volatile, I eventually had the courage to send him back to America. And once i returned we went on off for years, it was so violent yet addicting to be together. A stayed away from him for a few years and in that time 2012-2015 I had the most successful time working in Los Angeles as an adult model and actress and became deeply invested in spirituality (I feel it was to balance the extremes of my income to my hearts desire to reveal the light behind this world). After a bad relationship with a spiritual man who I thought would be best for me, I ended up running back to the ex and as soon as I did it was as if both of us had been ready to finally start a family and live forever. I got pregnant instantly and got married had three kids (2016-2023) moved three states and all the past years each year I kept revealing hidden lies about finances and deception about other woman and behaviors he was doing. All these years I cried and wondered why and how this could happen, we were so in love but it felt like a hatred towards me bc I stayed home with the children (youngest one is still two). I came from a wealthy family and always made money and provided for him before marriage, but after our second year of him bringing home an income he started to spend it on all his own desires and hid money. He lied about so many things and put us into financial problems to the point we’re I would have to go dance at clubs to make rent. I kept forgiving and I kept thinking that anything to keep the family together would be best. He has been abusive and extremely aggressive towards me past 4 years but especially since December 2022. I am finally waking up to seeing that it will be me and my kids and we have to get away from him. My father in Poland was instantly on board with getting the kids and I out to stay with him. My husband liked the idea and was very agreeable for us to leave for months. I’m too stupid to just file for divorce and he won’t, I feel like a fake idea of how maybe one day he will love me again but we are pushed away and I believe it’s the end. We have so many astrology indicators by degree in our chart that I just can’t not believe we’re not meant to be (but the more I learn the more I doubt I even know which aspects are more important than others). My question is this, I have had so many men who loved me and wanted to start a family, men who were honest and successful and I picked the most toxic man I knew. Is there any aspect that would explain why for 13 years the obsession and then last4 years of straight hell marriage that I cant break away from and gave three little babies into the world? I know my moon in Leo is the reason why I am obsessed with being a mom and I am blessed for my kids, using them as reason to stay so they have a father. Was there a karmic cycle to this marriage and the three kids after i have from it? Am I doomed financially or can I protect myself somehow before i leave to Europe? I need to protect my kids and myself, but have to be careful, when and how can I approach filing for divorce and having the law help to protect me. (We live in Austin tx) and is there any hope to meet a man who will love me and my kids in the future? Ever since 6 years old I’ve had love after love after love, I love men and have always had such amazing relationships that’s why I don’t get why I have been put through hell with the one I loved the most out of all and chose to marry? Thank you so much Jessica for all that you do. (Apologize for the ridiculously emotional post and question).
    My chart is listed on my profile
    My husbands is Feb.11.1983 16:40 Anniston Alabama

    Children’s are
    06.02.2016, 03.17.2018, 03.13.2020.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much. I will pass your very kind words on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin who have co-created this website. You have been obsessed with this man for 13 years and in a bad marriage for four years – and had children with him. Now you want divorce and want to emigrate. Let’s start with him and the children. He is an Aquarian and the children are Gemini, Pisces and Pisces. Long-term he will come to a good arrangement about them, starting in May 2024 with the best possible results by June 2025. From 2026 he moves into a completely different relationship with them, as a father. So peering into the future, your three children will have a very different sort of home and family life, with much more freedom, space and room to move. This may be literal, so the area or the home is just bigger. Coming back to you in the present, you are a Sun Aquarius woman with Aquarius, Libra and Capricorn stelliums. Again, the future is about much more freedom, space and room to move. Allow for the universe to deliver what you would never have expected. Be open to what comes. Between now and 2026, the situation with him and the children, but also your own family, heritage, culture, history, ancestors, changes radically. It’s a revolution. You will be thrilled with the new home life from May 2023 until May 2024 and enjoy the liberty. This isn’t even about him, per se. It’s not even about the marriage. It’s really about your mother’s side, father’s side, even the extended family, falling into place in new patterns which offer you something so much better. Parenthood is a place to experiment and explore from May 2024 until June 2025, and from 2026, parenthood enables independence, not just for you, but for the children too, growing up fast. You’ve not had this much freedom on offer before. Have a look at the Tarot to see the different pathways you can choose across this time.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I enjoy following you on Twitter as well as reading your forecasts on your website.
    I am currently in a state of grieving/mourning as my husband passed away on January 2nd, 2023. (His birthdate is 11/2/63) It has been a shock not only for me, but for our daughter (12/16/94) too. Can you offer any insight into this major life change? We didn’t expect my husband to go so soon. I can’t imagine what my life will now become as a widow.
    Thank you

    1. I am terribly sorry your husband passed away and I am sure you and your daughter are in the deepest shock and grief. The year had only just begun. Your husband was born on 2nd November 1963 and your daughter was born on 16th December 1994. Your own chart shows you are a Sun Aquarius, with stelliums in Aquarius, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Scorpio is the story here. It is the sign ruling the Eight House of sexual and financial relationships; typically, marriage and mortgage. It rules inheritance, wills and legacies. You currently have the South Node in Scorpio passing through for the first time in 18 or 19 years. I expect life as it was, 18 or 19 years before, will return to you by July – possibly because of your husband if you were together then, or perhaps for quite different reasons. Same theme. It is usually about partnership, joint bank account, house or apartment – it can also be about the parents’ legacy to you, or your will, naming other people. So that is the core meaning of the cycle. You have Neptune exactly in conjunction with the DC or Descendant in Scorpio and the DC is usually your husband. This highly unusual pattern in your chart shows up with this second, quite rare pattern – the transiting South Node in Scorpio, straight across it. So that’s the astrology. March seems to be a likely time for you to sort out the financial or practical side of things with your daughter. There is so much to go through, I know, but there is a practical task ahead, March-June, for both of you. You could easily move or renovate after May 2023, when you realise there is a different way to live and be, and it begins with the look or feel of your home – never mind the completely different family set-up. It’s obviously not just about you and your daughter; it also brings in his family and your own. So what happens with the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garden (say) from May 2023 to May 2024, is a reflection of the psychological and emotional changes actually within the clan. You will make or remake friendships from the final week of March and these will be powerful in your future. They may involve a club, team or other group. You will come into your own with this circle of people. Take your time with your spiritual or religious beginnings in March. It’s the same with counselling or self-help. Go in slowly. The reason I say that is the transit of Saturn, as well as Neptune, in Pisces, which rules your inner life. You do have choices. Not every choice is the easiest you could pick, so be cautious as you select your pathway then. Pisces rules your Twelfth House of spirit world communication, and you have a stellium in Pisces so have one foot in that world anyway, no matter if you are fully conscious of it, or not. When someone passes to spirit there is always a journey for both of you regarding contact. Step by slow and thoughtful step, is the way to go here, as Saturn will be in Pisces in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. This will make more sense to you around March 7th when Saturn’s actually made the leap into Pisces and your Twelfth House. You say you cannot imagine your life will be like as a widow, but in fact, I can see – the next 20 years is about friendship, and group co-operation, so powerful it will sometimes feel like you have wedded yourself to it. It is also about (from 2026) a fascinating new relationship with your own local area and region. A great escape from the real world. This seems to involve your daughter too; almost like a Magical Mystery Tour of cities, regions or countries which are just next door. Deep breath. Step by step.

  5. Hi Jessica, Hope you are well. Thanks for this post.

    I am having a particularly stressful few weeks and am having a very tricky situation with my current employer where I will be let go next week. They have been forcing me out for sometime now. Will things improve from March onwards? I am really hoping to have a good year with a major change to my career.

    Hoping March will signal the start for positive changes.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. You were born with Fortuna at 27 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. For the first time in 248 years, Pluto (power issues) has been at 27 Capricorn. Back in January he appeared, triggering the ups/downs and highs/lows that come with Fortuna. Pluto does go back to 27 Capricorn in September, October and then he’s gone. What you’re going to see is, a rise to the top (next) as Fortuna is always about being at rock bottom then going up on the wheel. Hopefully you will stay there, but even if you fall off the top of the wheel again, you always come back up again on this cycle. It’s over, first week of November.

  6. Hello moon sign is Aquarius and sun sign is Gemini..I am going through divorce as my ex has extra marital and he isn’t ready to give me extra money so I am worried about myself and my 3 yrs old financially..will I get the custody of my 3 yrs old boy after divorce? could you give me a reading if I will be able to find a new job with great financial changes in 2024 and also will I able to buy my own home anytime sooner ?

    1. I am sorry you are going through this with your little boy. You need a job, money and a home as your ex-husband is not helping. Let’s see what is going on in your chart. Okay, so allow for the discussions, paperwork, internet facts and figures to be inconclusive until January 21st. Mercury Retrograde is here. You will find people change their minds, or you change yours. There may be issues with the mail, your computer or the phone. If you can possibly give yourself time off to stop thinking about the finances, a house or apartment until January 21st it will be far easier. After that it is a step-by-step process of making deals with your ex-husband and deals with yourself. It will take you some months to get what you need, because it took a long time for the situation to build up, but on September 3rd you can say ‘This is the end of the end’ and mean it. You are being offered power. If you have willpower you will become empowered. If you use your self-control you will gain tremendous control. I’m not just talking about money from him, but money from other avenues, or cash in kind (for example, house-sitting costs nothing). It’s going to be the sort of year when you win everything you gain and you can feel very proud of yourself, for having transformed your life in that way. You will know where you stand once and for all with your boy when the South Node is out of Libra so that’s January 11th 2025, just after Christmas. There will be no more karma with you, the child or your ex-husband and you can walk away, spiritually and emotionally, as you will have settled the score sheets with those two people in your life on a soul level. This all sounds very long-term and it is. If you want a nice surprise you were not asking about, though, a foreign place or person will open the doors to terrific things in May, June next year.

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