The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2024 to 2025

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Happy Birthday Aries!

Your forecast takes you from March 21st, 2024, until April 19th, 2025, the last day of your sign.

These are the most important transits from your birthday in 2024 until your birthday in 2025. Allow +/- 24 hours for world time zone differences.

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica. It seems to be my new ritual to write you every year after reading these birthday horoscopes. Tomorrow I will not be making any judgements or decisions because of the lunar eclipse. It’s sitting near that big opposition in my natal chart, so after a virtual call with a dear friend and a massage at the spa, it’ll just be me laying low at home!

    A few thoughts I’ve been mulling over lately:
    (1) Aries/Libra Weather: There’s been someone on my mind, although I’m not anywhere near ready to start anything given a recent separation. My Venus at 0 Aries opposes his Bacchus at 1 Libra, and squares his NN/SN at 0 Capricorn/Cancer. My Pluto at 23 Libra is next to his Sun/Uranus/Diana at 22/23/24 Libra. And his Pluto at 4 Libra opposes my Sun at 4 Aries. There are other conjunctions (Minerva/Psyche in Gemini, Pluto/Jupiter in Libra, Fortuna/Descendant in Scorpio, Hygeia/Salacia in Aquarius, and Chiron/Panacea – as well as Aesculapia/Sun – both in Aries). And get this – Facebook suggested I become friends with him on the 17th of July 2023. LOL.
    (2) Taurus Weather: Last autumn I used Astrology Delivery during Scorpio weather, to find a gateway to a property purchase overseas. I closed on a house earlier this month. My dream was to renovate it into a sanctuary for myself. But I first had to argue relentlessly with my family, who didn’t understand why I was buying something with seemingly little investment value, and making it worse, by throwing more money in to now renovate. At the Zoom event this weekend for the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction I pulled the Eight of Swords. I found that hilarious. I’ve got my Moon at 22 Scorpio and Apollo at 21 Gemini. I’m going to keep going, because it is time for me to selfishly design a home just as I like it, a place where I can create memories with my son, and heal in peace.

    I’m not quite sure how the Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius weather will play out over the next year. But I am looking forward to finding out. Thanks for listening Jessica.

    1. The eclipse is worth avoiding, if only because the Aries end of it, is also where we find Mercury Retrograde. The Aries zone of the chart requires a go-slow approach (not to mention, do nothing….) You are in the thick of an Aries-Libra transit at the moment and are single – the other person has connections with your chart. They are not necessarily easy and I would be wary of Facebook as a matchmaker. Take your time with this man. Thank you for letting me know that Astrology Delivery worked for you last Autumn when you bought a property successfully. This time around, on Taurus weather, your Astrology Delivery window is for property again, so you intend on using April to set goals for renovation. You will get some or all of what you want, if you follow the usual steps. Your gateway is the Eight of Swords, which will reveal itself now through April and May.

  2. Dear Jessica
    You are our gift to the world with your insight and thankyou for all the advice you give. I have followed you for a few years & have now signed up however I am lost as I have no real understanding of my chart, but I try to understand & am also lost as to how this year is unfolding could you advise me, please or point me in the direction I should be going ? It worries me me with the eclipse close to my birthday some people may have one of those days I just have one of those lives. I don’t know why since I was young I keep saying it but I’m not coming back to this world/universe enough is enough.

    1. Thank you, that’s far too kind. The best way to read your chart is to look at the dominant signs, or stelliums. Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius dominate your chart. Your First House, Third House, Eighth House and Eleventh House are the places you spend the most time in. An astrology chart is like a big circular block of land with 12 houses on it. Each house has a sign on the door. And you inhabit those four, so your happiness in life depends on image, the internet, finance and friends. The actual Total Eclipse is in Aries in your image zone on April 8th and 9th so skip those days for any choices or actions about your profile, appearance, name or title. What direction should you be taking in 2024? The internet, the media, education and/or publishing. Your way with words, ideas or pictures. The luckiest cycle in 12 years for that begins in May 2024 and by June 2025 this Jupiter in Gemini cycle will have been marvellous for an image relaunch (name or face, identity); a website involvement – even Substack or YouTube; friends and groups. In fact they will all go together for you and you will remember moments from childhood or your teenage years when something sparked, with all that. It comes back.

  3. Thanks Jessica. I definitely won’t be trusting Facebook to play matchmaker. It has tried no less than 3x since July to suggest I add him. I ignored it every time. He lives in another country, so I doubt anything can happen anyway. I just don’t understand how I even became attracted to him. The first few times we met I felt distinctly uncomfortable. He is complicated too. The T-square I described with his nodes is one of four in his chart. His sacred geometry at 0/1 degrees (NN, SN, Bacchus, Vulcano, Psyche, Salacia) is huge too. Anyway, I will continue to use Astrology Delivery during the upcoming Taurus weather for my renovation. I hired local architects I really liked last week and their firm’s name is just four letters. But I learned later, it’s an abbreviation for “Wall Street & Brothers” in their native tongue. I will take it as a positive sign of Jupiter in Taurus and soon-to-be, in Gemini!

    1. Yes. Good idea. Facebook has just played a role in the Westfield Bondi Junction tragedy in Sydney. The killer was using Facebook to try and meet people (eg women) on the Total Eclipse. I hope the renovation goes well.

  4. Hello Jessica! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!
    Over the last year my life took a nose dive with lots of trauma and tragedy. I assumed it was my scheduled fall from grace. But I’m not feeling my positive momentum. I have been in a deep depression and it’s almost erased my positive mind along with lots of memories, my focus and any self esteem or confidence I had left.
    As for the karmic return from 05-06 I can’t remember that long ago! Is there any way to tell from my chart when this storm will pass?

    1. Good morning from Sydney. I am very sorry about what happened to you in 2023. It is there in your chart. There is no scheduled fall from grace. We all have tough transits, and you had them. You are depressed, and your self-esteem and confidence are lower than usual. You are strongly Gemini influenced. You have factors at 4 through 27 Gemini and are gifted at articulating ideas, feelings and messages. Gemini is the scribe of the zodiac and Mercury the messenger, its ruler. This means you can talk yourself and other people into all sorts of things. You can also talk yourself into depression. Step back from what you say in your head, what you say to other people (you just told me you had a nose dive with trauma and tragedy; a scheduled fall from grace). That’s depressing to read and it came from your own keyboard and mind. I strongly recommend you find self-help books or websites with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques. Being so heavily Gemini and Third House based, what you say and write really does have a massive effect on you. I don’t doubt that events have been tough, but this is your chance to learn how to talk to yourself, about yourself, and how to reframe what you know. Better than that, from the end of May 2024 until June 2025, Jupiter goes into Gemini. You will be given an opportunity to make so much more of the relationship with a brother, sister, cousin and/or neighbour then. Take this and run with it; it will change your life for the better. There will also be a course, project or special plan firmly in place in June 2024 if you accept the opportunity. It would mean you can use your gift for connection; for communication; for finding the words or images required to get the message across. Finally, there is a place on the map adjacent to your town, region or perhaps your country which is very special. You will realise this is the gateway to so much more from life, by June.

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