The Capricorn Birthday Horoscope 2020-2021

Capricorn, you enter a cycle not seen in many decades on December 21st, 2020 when your ruling planet Saturn is in conjunction with Jupiter, the problem-solver, in the finance zone of your chart.

Property, Charity, Business, Finances

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn rules legacies and inheritance, but also charity and philanthropy. It rules houses, land and apartments, but also valuables as a whole. Art and jewellery. Insurance, loans, banking, taxation, superannuation and pensions, allowances, benefits and so on, all belong to this cycle.

You can expect 2021 to be the year that produces an odd combination of thwarted circumstances, an unnatural delay in what should be happening, and a rather heavy atmosphere – together with sweeping solutions that represent a win-win, tremendous relief and release, and epic outcomes that change everything for the best. In other words, it’s an odd year. A productive year, but ultimately a very good one, Capricorn.

If you want to know more about this cycle, when Jupiter and Saturn are both in the Second House of your solar chart, please read more detail here.

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50 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, thank you for your incredible insights. It was great to attend the event this morning to hear your predictions. Looking at my chart, I have the Moon and a stellium in Aquarius and of course Saturn there too. I would appreciate your reading and how these 4 factors play out in my chart as you call them the tenants in one of the articles. Also, with Saturn and Jupiter in the second house in 2021, I would like to see how it affects my chart. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for coming along to The Great Conjunction event on YouTube. The South Node in Sagittarius and North Node in Gemini pick up your chart really strongly in 2021 and you will be teaching or studying at an impressive level. Mentoring, lecturing, guiding in a really powerful way, or learning, absorbing, being tutored. There may be qualifications, a thesis or book, a journal publication or a really important website. This goes beyond the subject/s at hand into much deeper and richer knowledge, so one might use Zoom to study/teach a language, for example, but go into the entire culture, history and meaning of a particular country. This will take off for you May-July, again in December, and be a really stunning outcome for 2022.

  2. Thank you Jessica and happy new year
    I’m a cap and cap asc 0degrees
    It’s been already a difficult 3 years and I would like to know if things will improve – I’ve been productive but it’s almost like being invisible as the return for my output is virtually non existent. Grateful for any thoughts or comments Best Eli

    1. Eli, being invisible is a classic outcome of the transit you went through 2018, 2019 and most of 2020. You can do all the right things but find you are overshadowed by others (for example) or just push really hard with issues about your title, online profile and so on. The worst is over and Saturn is out of your life. You will teach or study, mentor or learn, tutor or take a course, with amazing results, with the set-up appearing May-July, December 2021 and the results in 2022. You could easily take on a part-time course to gain letters after your name, or find yourself Zoom teaching, or taking on an intern, with spectacular results.

  3. My mother’s birthday is 1st January 1960. Waited for the Capricorn horoscope. Its been a year, I am her only daughter. My father passed away 2 years back and rught after his funeral we had to move to London. We both miss each other so much. After reading this I feel another year of video calls for us. I promised her I would go for her birthday and can’t because of the travel ban. Could you please check my birth chart, will I go travel to see her. Please excuse if its a foolish question. She loves coming to London and I could not bring her because of my financial situation, will I be able to bring her anytime here.

    1. I am so sorry about the distance separating you and your mother. From January 6th you will finally know where you stand with her, and also with unresolved questions about your apartment or house; your town or country. It’s not a foolish question to ask if you can travel to see her, or vice versa. In 2021 you will need to decide if you are going to move to be with her, as the old days of criss-crossing Europe are finished, according to the astrology. You could of course have a Zoom relationship, but there is a choice here for you to go back to her, yet then returning to Great Britain later on may be complex. I wrote this elsewhere, but because of the mutable sign weather of the Twenties, in the future we have to ‘marry’ our town and country and really commit to it – wherever we decide home will be. Christmas Day can still be happy and it will be; closer to the proper spirit of Christmas than it has been for years, actually, when you see what happens in London. You will be happily studying or teaching from May-July, again from December and into 2022, either casually online or more formally at university level.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for my birthday horoscope. Are there any significant developments for me next year.
    Best wishes

    1. Yes, you will be teaching or studying at the highest level in years, Agnes, with clear signs in May-July, December and then most of 2022. This is the cycle when people graduate and get qualified, or submit an important thesis or book. Of course it can work both ways and you may find yourself acting as a mentor, tutor or lecturer. This knowledge exchange is at the deepest and richest level in many years, as you do not see Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces very often. The year 2022 will put a seal on the deal and there is a suggestion here of higher or further education; so, for example, BA to MA. Education can happen informally and at home in the Zoom Boom so who knows, maybe you will end up at Oxford University with a brilliant professor, for a short course.

  5. Dear Jessica, I appreciate you taking time and responding to my questions. Its midnight in London and I am unable to sleep with the 2 answers you have responded to me one in twitter and one in here. Both highlight about relationships.

    I have read lot of messages of scribes and i feel that I understand the language of mediums a bit. I really admire your support. I came to know about Linda Goodman through a meditation experience and then read her books and found you over online research and very glad to connect with you.

    I definitely wish to be with my mother and live with her but not sure if karma gives me that opportunity. I am a person who is happy with small things and can survive with one day meal. My only faith is God and total merger with him.

    Material life and family with husband and kids require money to survive. I have been working and earning from past 14 years and been a bug supporting hand for mothers family and our inlaws family. Now is not the case due to bad financial situations. Will I be working and earning money back in India next year? Do you see any money coming to me.

    Thank you again

    1. I am sorry you can’t sleep. I’m going to suggest you download The Mind Medicine Room from Betty Shine at her daughter’s website (she carries on her mother’s work and Betty was/is a famous medium and healer. Perhaps you know her). The website is here and the download is about the price of a tea or coffee and you can use it for years. It is extremely good for anxiety. Okay, so there is money available in 2021 but you will need to negotiate. Try to set aside the question of India for the moment as the rules on border control in 2021 will change all the time and rather than think about where and when you are going to be anywhere (leave that for later) you may want to think about your finances, first and foremost. Try to put yourself in the position of a wealthy, well-off woman, who has a nice lifestyle, lovely surroundings or garden, and yet has an empty life that could be more fulfilled. What would you want to do with that money? This woman is in your destiny in 2021 and she will respond to you, if you offer her something she considers to be a price worth paying; a bargain; a really great deal. It may be a future employer who can see the wisdom of investing in your salary because you work hard and can actually help her increase her bottom line. Perhaps it is a family member or friend who needs something you can offer, in which case you need to talk about funding. This looks really good for you, but the trick is figuring out what she is prepared to pay you, or even give you, and what you can give in return. This may even be your mother; I am not sure how well off she is. One last suggestion, apart from Betty Shine, is the free YouTube healing and chakra meditations from Reiki Grand Master Sandip Jain, who is excellent. Use his videos for 40 days. I think this will also help you a great deal and things will fall into place for you. You deserve a share of this woman’s wealth and she will be open to discussion in 2021.

  6. Merry Christmas Jessica

    Do you have any insights for me regarding the coming year? I have managed 2020 quite well but am feeling deflated since the Saturn move.
    I have Uranus in Taurus , a big Sagittarius stellium which will get hit with the nodes and my own nodes are in Pisces so I’m imagining a big year.
    Any insights are grateful received

    1. Merry Christmas Baroona and Happy New Year. Congratulations on getting through 2020 which was like an Olympic marathon. You have crossed the finishing line but it has also knocked you around, emotionally and spiritually. Something you can do for yourself as your own Christmas present, is to download The Mind Medicine Room from Betty Shine. It’s about the price of a cup of tea or coffee and I am thrilled to discover her technique online. We had the same publisher, Corgi, in London, which is where I first came across her work. Visit and give it a go. Betty recommended you create this room and keep adding to it, and use it for years. I agree. It will help you every time you go, but you will need a good half hour, to an hour, with no interruptions. Okay, so by 2022 you will have some impressive qualifications, perhaps a degree, or at the very least a really impressive achievement via home learning, college, university or an institute. You would be tempted by the atmosphere, the charisma of one teacher in particular, the promise of something really stunning at the end of it, superior chances with new kinds of employment – and just the idea of going deeply into a subject that fascinates you. You’ll pick up the information you need after May and by 2022 could be passing on knowledge, as much as you are taking it in. It’s up to you if you do both (learn and teach) and it does not have to be formal; it can be your own study in your own time. Yet, I think you would want something more from it, on paper, and that’s where we find you by 2022.

  7. Great article and thank you for the birthday horoscope. Looking forward to the 2021 horoscope as well. I’m a Capricorn whose definitely had a rough couple of years with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in my sign. I’m currently working 3 jobs and trying to pay off all my debt. This started back when Uranus went into Taurus for me. I’m hoping with Jupiter in my 2nd house that I might have some breakthroughs in this area. However I also have some Scorpio placements which will be opposed by Uranus this year. My birth time is accurate according to my birth certificate as well. I’ve also went through some heavy spiritual processes as well since 2019. Also I ended a 2 year relationship in July 2019 during the eclipses in Capricorn/Cancer and have been happily single since. I know you mentioned 5th house matters and I do have 2 grown children. One married and one away at college and only home a couple times a year. Anyway…I’d love it if you could look at my chart and let me know there is anything that I might need to be aware of. I’m hoping I’m past the hardest part and that 2021 will be much easier. Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you and Happy Birthday. Congratulations on slowly but surely getting rid of your debt. Working three jobs to do that is seriously impressive and you are right; it becomes easier from this point forward, with Jupiter in Aquarius in the Second House of money in your solar chart. This, together with Saturn in 2021 will provide you with a sweeping and terrific solution to every financial, property or business challenge that you face. The solutions will be the thing you remember and use, for years to come, and nothing can take that away from you. You also have Uranus in Taurus in the Second House of your natal chart, as you know, so this is a good example of the same situation from two angles. You are going through the revolution in the local and world economy, where nothing is predictable any more, but also in your own life, solving every issue with a spectacular solution. This is a long, slow process as 2022 and 2023 are crossroads years when the North Node and South Node prepare to go into your Second House and Eighth House, in your personal chart, and in your solar chart, Pluto then goes into your Second House, so this is a really long piece of music in your life. Yet, the empowerment and control you stand to have after 2023 is substantial and in fact beyond 2030 you could have achieved amazing things. All of it is deeply satisfying to you because you remember how hard you worked in 2020. On a completely different note, you will be teaching or mentoring by 2022, once you take a refresher in something you know very well, or actually tackle the challenge of learning from the best. As you are working three jobs I do wonder if one of them might not involve you as an instructor in some way, or if one of the positions by 2022 is not actually tutoring. There is a huge boom coming in online, at home, learning and you are going to be at the heart of that by 2022 with tremendous opportunities between May and June 2021, December that year and much of 2022.

    1. You will hit a terrific 12 year cycle in 2021 that could see you with qualifications by 2022. Even if you don’t want to make study formal, you will learn part-time at home and it will change your life, as your teacher is extremely gifted, charismatic, knowledgeable and irresistible. Not every tutor or mentor is like that, but you are about to get lucky with this rather visionary person. You would either snap up the course in May-July; December 2021 or be committed to it by 2022.

  8. Merry Christmas Jessica. This is my first “birthday horoscope” through the premium service; its wonderful to be apart of the community. My birth date is 23/12/1980, 2:10pm (Capricorn 1 Degree. Moon Cancer. Ascendant Aries 17 Degrees. True Node Leo). I have a Stellium in Sagittarius.
    I was wondering if you see any significant relationship activity/changes in my chart over the coming year, and from a financial perspective, whether you see positive changes ahead. I’m at a cross-roads in my current relationship which has been very challenging/painful in recent years. I’m also hoping recent financial investments may manifest positively in my life in 2021 and beyond.
    Life has been difficult these past few years and I’m hoping for lighter times ahead. Thanks so much.

    1. Merry Christmas and thank you for dropping by. You are always welcome here. You are concerned about your relationship, which has been tough, and you’ve invested some money which you’d like to see paying off. By 2026 your relationship will either have transformed or have been left behind, but in either case you will be free. You are in a cycle, of some 5-6 years, which moves quite slowly, but will guarantee you far more space, freedom and emotional and sexual independence. So there is hope and rather a lot of it, but you will need to accept that this partnership of yours is either going to radically transform, or it may actually not be appropriate long-term and so a new lover may have to come in. Financially, you are also looking at long-term opportunities and solutions in 2021, challenges in 2022, then the chance to really have control from 2023, with the option of a really powerful position by 2030. Far more short-term and satisfying is either study or teaching. I do not know which you will do, but I can see a library around you. I can also see a female student or teacher. Of course you can be both; taking on knowledge as much as you give it to others. We are going to see a massive boom in home education, part-time courses, top university access (affordable or free) and the new Zoom learning in 2021, 2022. Between May and July you will realise how irresistible one option is and by 2022 it’s a reality for you with the potential for you to get letters after your name; write or publish something of great importance; expand your wisdom and knowledge. The actual subject/subjects are one thing, but the deep spiritual and philosophical mind expansion that comes is even greater and will help you put everything in perspective. Your Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House is about to be well and truly released in your favour and you will be amazed at how much more becomes possible in your life by 2022.

  9. Hi Jessica

    Merry Christmas and thank u for birthday scope. I have been patiently waiting to get ans for some specific questions so plz do reply to show me some light in my life.

    I have been going through hell for last few years. Just wants to know about stability in financial income(a legal case going on) and my health; one medical issue leading to other and soon going for another surgery. Also getting issues with partner since covid started and still going on; is this all Saturn’s lessons. No luck in buying property too.

    And when this bad period is finishing, been shredded physically and mentally. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto changing signs will ease my situation. I am premium member so plz look into my birth chart to provide me some postive news.

    Thanks heaps.


    1. Betty Shine’s Mind Medicine Room to download (for the price of a cup of tea) at is a good start. Do you know about Betty’s work? She and I have the same publisher, Corgi, in Britain. Betty passed to spirit a few years ago but was (and is) a famous medium and healer. The Mind Medicine Room will help you with your medical issues and your surgery; also your anxiety and depression, which I completely understand. I realise you have been through some really tough situations so I am going to give you some good news to look forward to, but also some practical tools which I use myself, or recommend to my friends. Along with Betty’s Mind Medicine Room audio recording, I suggest you go to YouTube and find the Paul McKenna channel, which is absolutely free. Paul is very famous for his hypnosis gifts of course and I recommend you commit to his hypnosis every day. You should also try Reiki Grandmaster Sandip Jain’s 40-day program, free, on YouTube which I know for a fact helped get rid of depression linked to medication withdrawal, for one reader. All this costs you nothing, and I am talking about it, because the key to your chart is your own mind. You have Mercury, the planet of the mind, at 2 Capricorn sextile Bacchus at 2 Pisces, in your Twelfth House of hypnosis, Reiki, spiritual healing and the unconscious – so you are lucky to have that and I believe if you begin now, as we start to see Jupiter go to 2 Aquarius, you will change your life. Don’t dawdle on this one; find what works for you, but if all of them appeal to you, keep going *daily* into January and beyond. You have been going around in circles, because when challenges happen, your poor old spirit/mind/body connection takes a knock, and then that puts you in a position where it is really hard to get going and make changes with money, the legal case, work, your partner and so on. To get out of this you need a circuit breaker and one look at your chart and I can see you are a natural meditator, too. If you are not meditating daily then please do try to work with the chakra YouTube video provided by Reiki Grand Master Sandip Jain, who works from France but generously gives his chakra program free. Even if you are exhausted, just play these audio/video sessions when you are in bed and you can fall asleep to them; in fact that is part of the plan. You will be given the chance to study in 2021 and 2022 and should take it. Eventually this program of learning, education, school, university or college could give you qualifications. Even if you choose not to make it formal, a woman who is an expert in her field will help you, and this is the beginning of a massive shift for you. In fact, you could eventually become a tutor, mentor, coach or guide yourself. What you absorb goes beyond mere book learning into really deep wisdom and once you accept, the door will open into a completely new way of seeing the world. I am excited for you that this is coming and you could begin May-July, December and have completed very successfully in 2022. Hang in there; this can and does get better and you have been through the toughest cycle of your life, with Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn. Two of those have now vanished. The worst is over. Yet I do want you to seize the day with this Jupiter cycle and get cracking with the audio and YouTube options.

  10. Dear Jessica, since a view weeks I am a member and fan of you and your predictions. I feel like a sponge to read all information of my birth chart, horoscope and predictions. The birth chart is quite a puzzle for me but, as you predicted in our capricorn 2020-2021 birthday horoscope, It will be clear in the end .

    Since I was a little girl I have looked up in the sky to the stars and always felt amazed, overwhelmed by their beauty and magic.

    I love to learn from you this next year, for this is my present for my birthday on 7 January. Take care and have a wonderfull Christmas and New Year 2021. ‍♀️

    Greetings, Caroline, The Netherlands

    1. Merry Christmas Caroline, I am waving from Tasmania to the Netherlands. You will in fact become a student (part-time or full-time) in 2021 and learn a huge amount from a very special person who is wise, knowledgeable but also teaches you so much more than the subject. So, for example, you might learn a language, but realise your tutor is also teaching you about the culture. Or you may learn astrology or astronomy, if you like the stars, and find yourself not only becoming trained by a qualified instructor, but also picking up on so much more than you ever dreamed. You may get qualifications if you want them by 2022.

  11. Dear Jessica, I’m leaving in Asia with my familly and we would like to be reallocate to Europe. Will it happen in 2021. Thanks a lot for your great job.

    1. Thank you. Frederic, you will have to see what happens to border control, major airlines, quarantine rules and the new world trade map after the final week of January which is a global crisis. Unfortunately this is a mutable zodiac sign cycle with Neptune in Pisces, the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. You are a mutable sign (Pisces) so nothing is certain or predictable with the pandemic until at least January 2022. This is a mutating virus in mutable sign weather. You will do better to focus on a male boss, client, supervisor or mentor. He might also be a father or grandfather figure in the family. He has made it to the top and if you are also ambitious to go higher in life with status or success, he may be able to help you. However you will need to find out what motivates him and what he needs or wants from you. If you can meet in the middle this will work well for you in 2021.

  12. Thank you, Jessica, for the birthday preview. As always, I take your wider brush strokes on the canvas of life very much to heart.
    Is there any chance you can see a predominant line for me for the coming year? I’m asking because I’m torn in so many directions, my life feels like an octopus.

    1. Thank you. This has been a really big stretch, with Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn – so I am now surprised you feel like an octopus. You will focus and settle nicely in 2021, with some impressive success as a teacher or student (perhaps both roles) by 2022. This may be formal, so involve college, university or a part-time course, or far more informal, where there is a phenomenal knowledge exchange even if you don’t have letters after your name. This goes beyond the actual subjects you intend to teach and/or study into real wisdom. This cycle can only take place every 19 years so take advantage of the offer and option. If you do choose to instruct, mentor or guide others, it will really help you bloom to your fullest potential and you will make a powerful impact.

  13. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for the beautiful post – a true birthday present. Is there any specific areas that are highlighted for me in 2021? I’ve clear that i will keep building my career re-launch. Anything on relationship front? It’s been an artic freeze for over 7 years. 🙂

    Sending love, xx

    1. Thank you. Happy Birthday. The key to love and sex is babies, children and stepchildren – and how you feel about them – because until 2026 you have Uranus, the planet of sudden twists and turns, in your Fifth House of parenthood and substitute parenthood. That’s in your solar chart. In your natal chart we find Uranus himself in Libra in your Seventh House of partnerships, former partners and potential marriage. I’ll leave that with you, but essentially Uranus transits work best when we are as free and liberated as possible (free to choose, free to move) and are very clear and focussed on who/what we do want, or do not want. I would say that any stumbling blocks with a change in your love life since 2018 are down to mixed feelings from you or unclear signals about ever being a parent or step-parent. That’s what the astrology would say. You do have a goodly amount of time, though – 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 – and the North Node of karma and past lives also enters your Fifth House of parenthood and substitute parenthood on January 19th 2022, lasting until July 17th 2023. The more honest and truthful mirror conversations you can have with yourself, the more dramatic the plot twist will be. Your career is about knowledge exchange in 2021 and you will be teaching but also learning. The teaching role may be formal or informal, as will the education, but you’re going to be in possession of a hugely important wisdom trove.

  14. Amazing Article! Happy New Year to you and your team Jessica! I watched the Great Conjunction meetup which was very interesting and as a premium member I enjoy so much all the goodies you have prepared for us. My birthday falls on January 8th and I have some planets, asteroids in collective Aquarius (Fortuna, Salacia, Jupiter, Panacea), explorative Sagittarius (Juno, Saturn, Moon, Uranus, Ops), and connecting Gemini (Psyche, Chiron, Proserpina). I wish this year I will attract more fulfilling friendships with more feminist perspectives and a love partner who will reflect and applaud gender equality (which most likely be from abroad). I keep an eye on Uranus in Taurus which is conjunct my north node because my Scorpio sister is trying to have a baby and I would love to be an aunt (with Jupiter in Pisces, I believe that’s the year).
    I would love your precious insight for my chart
    I should mention that I picked a tarot card today for my year ahead and I had seven of cups. Hope the process with psychotherapy will bring results.I began last year and I expect to be able to heal my wounded self-esteem from many of my fears.
    Happy ,Healthy and Prosperous New Year to everyone!

    1. Thank you very much. Your Seven of Cups Tarot card for 2021 is a really good thing to work with. Slide Justin’s photograph onto your desktop or phone and keep it there all year and use active imagination and concentrated visualisation to bring what you want from it. You could easily gain a new qualification by 2022 if you begin in 2021, or even find yourself teaching, tutoring, mentoring or guiding (less formally).

  15. Hi Jessica

    Cant thank u enough for reply and explanation. Recently I was reading Paul Mckeena’s book (bought in UK a long time back), found abt his videos too and watched (really liked it). Also did meditation for few weeks with simple mantras but news about surgery again has put me off tracks. But I will definitely start again, thanks. So meditation will help in my situation but when this bad phase will end.

    Jessica I have got higher education already but had to stop work due to permanent disability. Now cant concentrate and do not want to study for long times or book learning but interested in real deep wisdom as u mentioned above; interested in counselling, astrology. Can u plz guide me about which field of study is relevant to me according to my chart.

    Blessings and a big thank you xxx

    1. It’s a pleasure. I’m glad you already bought Paul McKenna’s book. He is obviously the most successful hypnotherapist in the world and I think it’s wonderful that he gives his work away, free of charge, on YouTube. He is powerful, no doubt about that, but also has integrity and kindness. The thing I have heard from readers that makes the difference with Paul McKenna’s hypnosis, but also distance healers on YouTube, is repetition. You have to do it every day. You may want to spend 2-3 hours a day if you are receiving Reiki but also using hypnosis. You could easily learn astrology, Reiki or counselling once you feel better and the motivation would come from knowing what helped you, helps others. You may want to devote all of January and February 2021 to repeating distance healing, meditation, Reiki, hypnotherapy every single day. Report back. The YouTube comments are always good to read, as are the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, as you can see testimonials validating that this approach works. It has healed or cured people. You just need to find the right practitioner for you.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your insight and helpful knowledge. You mentioned that the areas around property would be beneficial for Capricorns. As a feng shui practitioner I am deeply love anything to do with property, and balancing the energy in homes. In this day and age how can this be combined with the more youthful clients, as the majority of people who were interested in this are over 40. Also it is a challenge for the younger generation to now get their own homes. I am not keen on doing youtube at all, what is the best way to reach them.

    Blessings to you. Heather

    1. Heather, thank you. You are a Feng Shui professional looking for younger clients under 40 and don’t want to do YouTube. How do you feel about Tik-Tok? That is really the stamping ground of anyone in their twenties or thirties. If you work with gardens as well as homes (which I assume you do) you might also want to look at the tiny house movement which appeals to people under 40 and will increasingly become a preferred option by 2026. So that is quite challenging but intriguing, as the space is small and the surrounding garden can change. As much as you are not keen on YouTube have a look at the boom in tiny house videos there and you may find what you are looking for.

  17. Just bought your premium now and so far I’m enjoying it I’m trying to get a full understanding of my birth chart though! It’s a little difficult but but I’ll get it . Thank you’ for the horoscope reading. Do you do personal readings ? If not, can you answer What do you see for me this year? I’m trying to buy a house this year and it’s been such a hard road the last 3-4 years I feel like I need a break

    1. Thank you. I only give personal readings for charity auctions, like The Red Cross, but annual reports with access to forums will be available for 2022. Buying a house after 3-4 years of obstacles becomes easier now what they call the cardinal squares are out of your way. You’ll also find life is smoother from 6th January actually as you have been on a bit of a loop for a while. By April you will see what it is possible to get away with, and there will be a sense of experimentation about what you end up doing, with either a house or an apartment actually. Leave lots of space for ‘the impossible but possible’ in your thinking and see what comes your way. For specific timing and areas do use your Tarot readings on this website, and get second and third opinions by using Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year! And many thanks for all of your insight.
    I am debating a move to NYC this year. I passed on an opportunity to do so 18 months ago and have another opportunity now.
    Does my chart give any clues regarding if this would be a good change for me? I love the city and the excitement there, but I do worry that I won’t be able to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
    Also in NYC there is an old male friend from years ago who I am interested in…we recently saw each other and I felt a spark, but he revealed he has a girlfriend currently…
    I would be grateful for any thoughts you may have.
    Hope you are enjoying the year so far!
    Many thanks to you and your team,

    1. Happy New Year, Lou. You are thinking about moving to New York and your friend (with a girlfriend) lives there. Your ultimate romantic situation depends on how you feel about children. Yes, no or maybe? And what about stepchildren? You don’t say if he is a parent or not. By 2026 your decisions about men will really depend on what you honestly want to do about potential parenthood. You’ll find finances decide if you a) go to NY and b) stay in NY long-term. In fact your chart as a whole is really about creating a new life budget and a replacement economy for yourself. So let’s see where apartment prices are at in NY long-term because that is another deciding factor.

  19. Hello Jessica,
    Great birthday horoscope read, thank you. Are there any significant developments for me this year I should be aware of, and anything to watch out for?
    Love and Magic,

    1. Mehtab, you will be in a powerful, terrific new cycle in 2021 and 2022, in regard to part-time study at home; academia; mentoring; guiding; tutoring; informal learning. You could easily find yourself educating others, at the same time that you commit to further education yourself. Impressive qualifications could come out of this by 2022, or you may be published as a result of your pursuit of higher knowledge. You will see the cycle begin in a potent way in May.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I have just been offered a six month temporary position training young people… it is returning to the remote city where I had my first major job – and where I had an abortion. I went on to spend 6 years trying to having a baby – 15 years afterwards. Sadly, it never happened. Is there some karma in this move/position?

    Do you see it being a success?

    I am recently divorced… and would love a new relationship.

    Many thanks

    1. Your path towards children and young people is unusual, surprising, unique and will show itself over the next six years. Training young people is part of it, and although you had to go through an abortion, and then attempts to become a mother – you are now being a substitute parent to other people’s children, for six months. This is a theme in your life through 2026 and you could easily date a man with a child or other young relatives from a divorced family, for example, or even find yourself fostering. It is also possible to suddenly find you are a godparent, or an aunt – and the child in question is important to you, long-term. You can easily have a new relationship and it would be very different. Liberating, exciting and it would offer you space and freedom you never had, when married.

  21. Happy Birthday to all fellow cappies.

    Jessica, I have jumped back in to this membership, and since being here have had some rich, earthy and deep years of experiencing a truer self in the world. I only realised recently that depression truly left me some years back and that since then I have been clear from that pain of self negation. Your comment here about 2002 prompted me to think about how lost I felt around that time, and then proceeded to climb inch by inch out of a horrible black hole. Life is very good now. I welcome any reflections from you regarding my chart for this year, 5 Jan ‘63 Sydney 22.35. If that question is too wide, then the focus may be on possible purchase of land or house in rural area and what it looks like keep the mortgage low or think bigger. East or west coast of Australia? Many thanks

    1. I am really pleased you are out of your depression. I am glad you are way past that. You want to buy land or a home in rural Australia, maybe on the coast. You are really lucky to have so many options open to you in 2021, 2022. It won’t be standard or regular. Read websites/books listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos that inspire you to get away with the so-called impossible. It will be possible. You are in quite a punk transit for property. What ‘they’ say should not happen or is outrageous is exactly what could work rather well. Open your mind and use Pinterest to create a vision or mood digital board for yourself. That helps.

  22. Hello dear Jessica, I recently joined to premium membership. And impatiently wait to see your first impression about my birth chart, please just let me know how can I use perfectly of my account …by the way I’m a January born (7th, 1973) I have stellium in Capricorn & Sagittarius … I was born in Tehran, Iran and about 5 months ago I moved to Istanbul, Turkey because I wanted to get out of negative effects as you know …. & having new manifestation …appreciate for all things you’re doing to inspire us about Astrology

    1. You will save or make a lot of money between now and December. Save it when you do so, as it will useful in 2022 when you will need to be far more self-disciplined and patient with your budget or earning power/working habits. You are in an exciting phase with sexual relationships, babies, children, teenagers or Millennials (a younger generation) until 2026. What happens will be the last thing you or anybody else expected and it may already have begun. An amazing opportunity involving short-haul travel, commuting or your general enjoyment of short journeys, will appear at Christmas and peak for you in April 2022. When it comes to your house or apartment, you will get away with the so-called impossible, several times! A maverick approach to domestic life, the family, the household, co-habiting, the mortgage, renting and so on will work well.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the annual birthday forecasts. Your weekly/monthly forecasts have been very helpful for last few months. For me personally, life has truly been a roller coaster since Dec 2019. Had a baby, changed countries and jobs.
    As per the birth chart on this website, I have Sun at 29deg Cap, a lot of planets (Pluto , Mc, Venus) between 25-30deg Cap and my Asc is at 6deg Taurus.

    Couple questions please:
    1. I had Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter (22deg Aqu) earlier this year when I joined a new job. Interestingly, Jupiter will move over that point again in Oct. Anything to watch out for?
    2. Considering Taurus Asc, both Jupiter and Saturn is in my 10th house. Would you anticipate any changes in career around Christmas this year? How is the overall career outlook for next 2-3 years.

    Thank you for all that you do may God bless you for your selfless actions.

    1. Thank you so much. Your Jupiter Return in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is about gains, solutions, lucky breaks and huge opportunities linked to the group and your friends. This job is much more than a career. It is a social life, if you want it, and group solidarity in pursuit of amazing shared goals – also if you want it. October will bring a replay of a chance you may not have fully pursued, with one or more of these people. There will be a reshuffle in December, January in your chosen field with demotions, promotions, mergers and departures. It is a ripple effect that reaches your shore and you will have to choose if you want to keep sailing in the same direction or switch navigational co-ordinates so that your compass points shift for 2022. It really will feel as if you are on a journey, then, and you’ll need to choose. It’s rather like seeing a job advertised that you know you could win, but having to weigh up other factors in your other position.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    I have two bugging questions that I would like answers on please. I have a health issue with my legs and it’s been an ongoing problem since 2018. I haven’t been able to find someone who can treat and fix it after trying lots of different medical people and wasting so much time and money. I find it easier just to put up with it, though it would mean the world to me if someone could help me. It’s affecting the way I walk and I can feel this problem every day and I want to hide myself away from people I know because they can see that I’ve got a problem walking with a limp of some sort.
    Also, I don’t want this to put off me finding romance.
    Is there any hope for me in the romance department too? I don’t what to do and it would be a dream come true if I could be normal and walking like everybody else does. Thank you. I hope you can feel my sadness in this letter. Thank you kindly for reading this. Kind regards, Rosemary.

    1. I am sorry you have wasted time and money on your leg pain. I am so sorry you feel self-conscious about your limp as well; that must be very hard. Rosemary, you also want to find love. I am sure you do feel very sad, and life is too short, so let’s get stuck into your chart. Okay, so we begin with your solar chart and you are a Sun Capricorn. It is in your nature to shine, to get attention, to bask in the spotlight – for doing well in life. The further you climb up the social ladder, doing your social mountaineering, the more brilliant you and your life becomes. This is important because you want a dream come true – romance – presumably marriage. Yet, you limp when you walk. So you are getting in your own way. Why? Dreams can sometimes reveal the subconscious mind very well and it may be that if you ask yourself to tell yourself – what is really going on subconsciously – about finding a ‘good marriage’ or moving on up into a higher class, or a ‘better’ rung on the ladder via a husband – is behind some of this. I am not denying the physical issue of your legs, but in astrology the Sixth House of health is always opposite the Twelfth House of the subconscious and you would be amazed at how often we unknowingly program our bodies to carry out some order from our souls. It is very important that you look back at your dating history, right through to your teenage years, or even to the people you have fallen in love with from afar. You are a mountain goat who was born to climb (to socially mountaineer) and yet you feel so self-conscious about a limp that you do not feel confident looking for a new lover. What would happen if you gave yourself permission to fall in love with someone who was not a step up on the social ladder, or had a good salary, or a better salary, or whom had gone to a good school, or grown up in a nice area? That would be a really interesting thought experiment for you. Looking to your natal chart, you also have this really strong Capricorn signature. So you are ambitious, or you struggle with being ambitious, versus the hard work involved in making it! This pattern is common in the chart of both Kate Middleton (as she was) and Kate Moss. So these two Capricorn Kates have something to show you about making a ‘good’ marriage or trying to go up in the world. Given where they have both arrived, they have climbed a very long way to the top. Middleton was middle-class. She will be the next Queen. What I think is possible for you sexually, perhaps romantically, by 2026 is an unusual, unlikely, unexpected relationship with someone who liberates you. You are set free by it. It will come out of the blue, be very exciting and will never be predictable. There may be more than one lover, actually, over the next 5 years. It may be that there is a child involved too. Now, to circle back to your limp, we need to look at the solar chart again. You have been frustrated by nothing ever changing, but that stops in January 2022. Either the issue goes away or you no longer care about it. You have been living with the North Node in Gemini in your Sixth House of doctors, nurses and health professionals for around two years and this is quite a rare cycle that keeps you stuck. It goes in January. Full and total freedom from the leg issue will come from 2026 when Uranus goes into Gemini and new technology, new inventions and new innovations mean a complete health and medical revolution for your sign. Does that mean you have to wait for 2026? No. As I said, from January 2022 you will either no longer care, or the sense of stuckness/repetition will vanish. You have that Pisces-Virgo pattern in your chart that suggests the Twelfth House (the subconscious) is serving the Sixth House (the body) and it can be an eye-opener sometimes to simply sit down and ask yourself ‘Where does this problem with my legs get me? What does it do in my life?’ You’ve not mentioned career or success; making it to the top – but that is often involved too. So you find people born with the Sun in Capricorn decide quite early on, subconsciously, that they want a way out of the eternal climbing, striving, waiting and working – to make it – or to hang on at the top. So lo and behold, they develop a health or medical issue which stops them succeeding the way other people do. Does that sound hardline? I’ve seen it so often with Sun Capricorn readers over the years on this website. I have also seen it in real life too. I can count four Capricorns I know who were quite brilliant at school or university; who were full of dazzling potential, but all of whom have been affected by – knee problems (a severe limp); ADHD and Bipolar Depression; High-Functioning Autism; immune system problems. Scratch a Sun Capricorn and you often find a father or mother who was really ambitious for their child. You might want to look at that too. Jane Teresa Anderson is a friend and a leading expert on dreams; I recommend her website. You may also want to experiment with hypnosis; Dr. Paul McKenna is the number one non-fiction author in the United Kingdom, a famous hypnotist, and has given his audiobooks away free on YouTube. That Pisces side of your chart inclines towards successful hypnosis and it is really your subconscious that you need to look at, Rosemary.

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