The Capricorn Birthday Horoscope 2023 to 2024

Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Men and Astrology Capricorn 300x145 - The Capricorn Birthday Horoscope 2023 to 2024

This forecast takes you from December 22nd, 2023, until January 19th, 2025, the last day of your sign.


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36 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica
    Wishing you a very warm and peaceful Christmas and memorable New Year and 2024.
    2023, particularly since Jupiters arrival into Taurus, has been emotionally tumultuous and at times rather painful with regards to an ongoing romantic relationship. We met 14/01/23. I believe a Venus square Saturn transit has potentially been a contributor in the way I felt in the last six months.
    This relationship has taken a brief cessation but we are still in contact whilst he battles mental health issues. I was wondering whether there’s anything notable in my astrological chart that may indicate the second chance to make this relationship right. This relationship certainly feels karmic in nature and it’s been characterised by extreme highs and lows of light, but there is a deep sense of love and care between us. I feel that since Pluto‘s arrival life has at times brought me to my knees. I’m hoping for a little insight and guidance as to whether you see any improvement on the emotional and romantic front.
    Thank you kindly x

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, thank you. I’m sorry you’ve been in a difficult relationship. Your former partner has mental health issues but you would like a second chance. You have Juno at 28 Libra in your Seventh House of marriage and partnership. Juno is a symbol of commitment (who or what you wed yourself to). You have been going through Pluto at 28 Capricorn repeatedly square that. So that is your transit to note; not Venus square Saturn so much. The good news is, Pluto is moving off 29 Capricorn in January 2023 and you will experience what life can be like without it, until September when there is a retrograde back to 29, and then it’s over forever from November. You also gain from transiting Jupiter at 8, 9 Gemini trine your natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 8, 9 Libra, again in the Seventh House. You would not be satisfied with any relationship that was too easy and simple, actually, as you have that maternal Cancerian stellium and men who are motherless or who need mothering for other reasons find you, just as you find them. It’s also quite true that partnership will be complex. To find out more about this pattern, note that you have a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the Seventh House and Juno also in the Seventh House. The choices are yours, but yes, you could easily get back together next year. If not, I suspect the Jupiter trine to natal Jupiter-Saturn will give you an opportunity to date somebody new.

  2. Hello Jessica! Thank you for the Capricorn birthday horoscope ….I’ve been waiting patiently to see what next year may hold for me with long term relationships and possibly marriage. From March to June 12 last year, it was like you were writing the script to my exact life! It was uncanny that it was so spot on regarding the challenges that my Piscean boyfriend and I were going through at that time (following his job loss). We broke up on June 12th and haven’t seen each other since. He is not far from my mind tho as something feels very unfinished between the two of us, and I would indeed love another chance for us to work things out and get it right this time. Is that a possibility for us in 2024?

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry about your break-up. Your former boyfriend is a Pisces and you are a Capricorn. You are in the Jupiter and Uranus cycle, now, in your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom and parenthood. That last one is the key. You have a few pathways in December 2023-May 2024 and being honest with yourself about your desire to have children (or not) and accept a step-parent role (or not) is the key to navigating. Once you sort that out, you will see if you are being led back to him, or to another man entirely. For him, it’s not about children at all; it’s about the house, the apartment, the money. For you, it’s very much about the children now through 2026 and that honest conversation with yourself will help.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for what seems to be a positive outlook for Capricorns. Any insights for 2024 that are specific for my chart?
    Many thanks, merry Xmas and happy New Year!

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You have a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance, valuables, charity, business and property. 2024 is a reshape year, with the transformation starting in January, as you realise new rules are required, as new realities kick in. A different approach to money makes you powerful, over many years. It comes from refusing to sell out, or sell yourself short, or budge on price.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I am very excited about being a Capricorn right now. I can feel how amazing 2024 and beyond will be for us Cappy’s. I love the Booking Dates that you’ve provided for us too, what a gift. Looking forward to your book.

    I am excited to have Pluto in the second house. I’ve been looking at Taylor Swifts career through the years. She roes to the top very young.

    Her first album was a big hit in 2006 and she toured as an opener between 2007 and 2008.

    She released her second album in late (Nov) 2008 which became the 2009 best selling album. It went platinum pretty quickly I think

    She also started touring as a headliner in 2009.

    Pluto went into Capricorn, her second house, in 2008 as you know. She has a ton of planets in Capricorn too; Mercury at 8° 38′; Saturn at 13° 26′; Uranus at 4° 38′; and Neptune at 11° 19′. In her Sun(birth chart) her 12th House of Scorpio has, Pluto at 16° 29′; her Asc at 25° 33′; and Mars at 26° 41 all in sextile to her Capricorn!

    I have Pluto going into the second house and my 2nd and 12th houses are also stelliums. In Sagittarius I have Prosperina 02° 10′ 58″
    S. Node 04° 03′ 39″; Fortuna 04° 55′ 14″; Aesculapia 16° 40′ 42″; Mercury 19°30′ 25″; and Diana 25° 09′ 52″ and in Aquarius I have the following factors, Mars 06° 20′ 30″; IC 12° 30′ 55″; Venus 13° 15′ 22″; Juno 27° 34′ 25″ . I am ready for some movement forward.

    Raising my glass to 2024!


  5. .. oh forgot to mention. Taylor has had such wild success with Pluto in the second house and she is into her 30s now and in a new relationship.

    I wonder if we are going to be seeing her slow down a bit once her Pluto heads out into Aquarius for good. Her tour will go on through the end of next year and then Pluto will be gone from Capricorn for good. I hope she can take some time for herself and enjoy all the fruits of her hard work. I really am hoping this union with Travis Kelce works out. They seems so cute together and he is more her speed, lots of energy.


  6. Hi Jessica, thank you for the birthday article. I pulled Nine of Cups (Tarot), True Justice (Garden) and Saturn/8th House (Oracle) for 2024. With Pluto moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius in the second house, can you please read my chart and the cards and let me know if there will be a change in jobs and how it would impact in 2024. Thank you!

    1. You have the South Node at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. When Pluto moves over 29 Capricorn in January 2024 you have your last chance (until September) to take a new job following promotions, departures, demotions and mergers in your work space or wider industry. So it’s a January or September-November reshuffle that gives you the opportunity for a new position. The rest you can read yourself in the cards.

  7. Thank you, Jessica, and Happy New Year!

    Your astrology work has been so helpful for me these last few years. I am at a fork in the road, and it feels good. Based on my chart, would you have insights into the directions, and which might be the best to take? Or, what obstacles to watch for?

    1. Yes, you have Neptune at 19 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance, business, property, valuables and charity. This is commonly about marriage and mortgage, or the family and an inheritance. Right now Uranus is at 19 Taurus (transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Neptune) for the first time in your life. This transit runs until March. So, the bubble is being harpooned. New, liberating, unprecedented, quite unexpected situations are here to challenge your escape from the real world. You have been in a holiday from normality and reality for years. Now, you are being shown a completely different way to function. Use the Tarot to give you guidance on my website. Happy New Year.

  8. Thank you so much, Jessica!

    It seems a lot of new beginnings in 2024 coming my way and inspires me to be optimistic about my future, especially my career development and financial abundance for my retirement planning.

    I do have some ideas about generating my income streams, yet I haven’t got a clue how to go about it. You told me that I was going to get a job offer a couple of months ago. Is it a job offer or running my own business?

    I’m so eager to see your predictions to come through.

    Wishing you excellent health and more success to come in 2024!

  9. Hi Jessica!

    Me again. I got the Fortuna and Twelfth House Cards from the Astrology Oracle deck. My question is “How can I regain my regular income and at the level like my previous job?” Would you please explain what the message is?

    Thanks a million.

    1. The Astrology Oracle is not answering you. It is talking to you about religion, hypnosis, mediumship, therapy, meditation and inner pursuits. Unless of course that is what you do for a living. In which case you will regain your salary and career status by working for a church or temple; becoming a trained hypnotist; becoming a professional medium and so on.

  10. Thank you Jessica, and a Happy New Year to you. I’m a January 1st Cap, and I’ve always hated my birthday. It always seems lonely somehow. There’s sorrow but also hope which hasn’t always lasted, however this horoscope sounds amazing, bring it on! It’s all about family for me, and I hope I can be bountiful towards them in some way. In 2024 I’d like to move as I have done so many times in the last 10 years, but next time, the ONE. Anyway, sleeves rolled up, deep breath, big smile !

  11. Happy new year Jessica! I think I have my Saturn return this cycle, the odd thing is, I feel as though I went through the Saturn return early – 2017-2020 was my rough patch and my awakening. Since March 2023 I have felt sense of peace and healing and a new outlook on life that I completely forgot I’m in my “Return”. 2024 seems interesting and hopeful, I feel the 8 energy of the year is gravely reflected with 2015 which was also an 8 year and the same situations I was going through in 2015 have come back but this time I am more aware/ have grown and even manifested some desires that I dreamed about back in 2015 – for instance I wanted my own place/ new home life routine, this took a turn when my parents divorced and I was forced out of out my luxurious laid back life in a nice home, to being left with lack but I lost weight, to also wanting a better online life back in 2015, to now having the confidence and experiences that have led me to what I dreamed about back then! Funny how the life cycles work like that!

    1. Happy New Year. You have achieved some great things there, considering where you were in 2015. I hope 2024 will be even better for you.

  12. Hi Jessica, Happy New Year!

    The last couple of years have been somewhat trying for me. I got married to my wonderful wife in March 2021 and after that, lost my father to Covid-19 two months later. Since then, due to various circumstances, my relationship with my mother and my sister has been very rocky. We are no longer on good talking terms. Since then I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed dealing with the whole situation. I wonder what the coming years hold for me.

    1. I am so sorry you lost your father to Covid-19. I have four dead family and friends with Covid on their death certificate. The loss does show in your chart. You are a Capricorn man who has been experiencing Ceres and Chiron in Aries in 2021, quite publicly in your Fourth House of family. So when you lost your father, there was a great amount of difficult deal-making and compromising, with him or other relatives. It would be personal to you so let’s not discuss it here, but you need to know it did show in your Capricorn chart. It also shows in your natal chart; you have Pluto at 9 Scorpio in the Eighth House of inheritance and legacies; usually the family. So from a different angle but with the same theme we have your need for total control (Pluto) which has been challenged by the 2021 square from Uranus at 9 Taurus. This only happens once in your adult life and you went through it. You don’t speak to your mother or sister and I understand why. Your sister becomes so much easier for you from May 26th 2024 and it improves with her in gradual stages, if you take all the solutions. The most burdensome part of the situation with your sister will end on May 25th 2025. The difficulties will vanish, for whatever reason. There will be final closure with her from 28th July 2026. The restructuring of the entire family continues into the late 2020s with the work complete on April 13th 2028. So play the long game here. Do not pressure yourself to have perfect answers in 2024. Do you have children? Would you like them? Are there young relatives? You and your wife will find tremendous happiness here, now through May 2024.

  13. I’m wondering what Pluto in the second house means for me, I have nothing at 29 degrees Cap but I do have 29 Scorpio. When Pluto was in my first house, you stated weight loss and image transformation, this was true ! I’m an extreme way I dealt with an ED and was hospitalised for weight loss. Curious to know what Pluto in the finance sector will bring for me! Hoping it doesn’t shrink my bank account. Thanks Jess

    1. I’m sorry you had to be hospitalised during your Pluto First House transit. Pluto in the Second House of your solar chart (you are a Capricorn) brings powerful people, organisations, situations and nations into play with your money. It will happen quickly, within days and you will realise that if you want to be empowered, you will have to find your willpower and self-control. Pluto’s reward is immense potency and influence. His ‘ask’ is to push back hard against individuals, groups, countries or entire situations which are relentless.

  14. Hi Jessica, thank you for the Capricorn horoscope. Wondering if you anything stands out to you about my specific birth chart for 2024. Thank you

    1. You have an Aquarius stellium in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, all of which will change your life, give you more power, put you in control and help you be a more effective human – starting right now. Things will move quickly with bands, clubs, community organisations, old friends, making new friends, your social life, teams and so on – just as February begins. Longer-term your friendships will empower you as the people who you bond with are movers and shakers; very successful or well-off. Your big lesson for the Twenties and Thirties is people power. A diverse spread of men, women, white, black, old, young, rich, poor, straight, gay – can do anything together.

  15. Hello and thank you for your work.
    I am curious about my profession – I think I am at a turning point. I don’t know what to ask but maybe the most clear question is if I am moving country in the next 12-16 months. Also, my heart longs for someone. Will he, let’s call him XY, and I be together as a couple? I am capricorn sun, leo moon leo rising, venus in sagitarius. He is capricorn sun gemini rising aquarius moon. Also, how can I understand my changes since 2008 (ok that’s a big one)? Thank you and kind regards.

    1. You want to emigrate and marry a Capricorn. If you do emigrate it will be to a neighbouring country and be rather hard work in 2024, 2025, 2026 so think carefully about that. The issue for you and the person you want is children. You do not say if you have them, or if the other person does. Pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting, child custody, IVF, young in-laws, fertility are all the issues here. So answer that (and have the other person answer that) and you will be closer to knowing how it’s going, in 2024, 2025, 2026.

  16. Thank you! Yes that is what I want. Yes it will be hard work. I do not have children and due to age etc the only way I would accept / can become a parent is as a step parent. The man in question is a widow who does not want to become a parent again. He has a child (female) who is an adult and is independent.

  17. Hi Jessica
    I hope this finds you well.
    Late last year I wrote to you regarding a recent separation from my partner who was struggling with mental health issues and anxiety. This situation has continued although we have had some brief moments of happiness. It seems, we are travelling back into difficult territory. I’ve decided to step back entirely to give him space to work on himself, which is what he wanted. We both care for one another, but I’m wondering if there’s anything that you might see astrologically that may indicate a coming together or easier times to navigate through these complex emotions as a unit.
    You provided me some kindly guidance indicating that a potential reunification might be possible this year. Overall the last year and a half emotionally has been tumultuous for me, and I’m presently finding myself in a very painful place emotionally. I’m 43 now and it’s not really where I expected to find myself emotionally. Things have been really tough. I’ve experienced depression before but what I’m experiencing now is unparalleled. I’m struggling emotionally and just getting through basic tasks and functioning day-to-day has been a challenge, particularly for the last 6 to 5 months.
    You mentioned some forthcoming transits this year namely; a Jupiter Trine to Jupiter natal Jupiter- Saturn and Transiting Jupiter 8,9 Gemini trine my natal Jupiter Saturn conjunct, 8, 9 Libra.
    I was wondering if you might be able to offer any further advice and guidance regarding these specific transit in terms of specific dates or date ranges. My ex partner is still struggling emotionally, his birthdate is 24 January 1974 (3:30pm). I would very much appreciate any additional guidance at this point. I was clutching to the Jupiter and Taurus transit to potentially provide a little bit of a buffer and reprieve. However, it almost feels as though this transit may not have even occurred. I haven’t felt much by way of protection or even a reprieve. I don’t remember having a more difficult 12 to 18 months.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are being put through this situation with your former partner. He has mental health issues. You also have depression and have had a bad 12-18 months. A very good astrologer called Howard Sasportas wrote a book about the slow-moving transits. Gods of Change. it can be useful to know what the greats of astrology were saying about what you are going through. I am sure you also know about Black Dog. Black Dog helps a lot of people with depression. Your astrological chart shows a T-Square with Pluto at 23 Libra in the Seventh House of sexual partnerships; Ceres at 24 Cancer in the Fourth House of family and property; Mars at 23 Capricorn in the Tenth House of status, ambition, rank and success. So you have a lifelong pattern of inner tension. It began when you were about two years old, which of course you will not remember, but it was in your family. Mars returns every two years, so your first Mars Return, at the terrible twos, when you were a toddler, started something inside. Space does not allow for a full reading of a Mars-Pluto-Ceres T-Square but most astrologers would tell you to find a sport, activity like yoga, or paintball (even) to get rid of the Mars build-up of physical tension. Mars is a Roman god of war. There is an angry two-year-old inside who keeps getting frustrated. I am sure you are supposed to feel sorry for this man; he obviously has serious problems – yet you can’t really deny Pluto within (you want control) and Mars (you want to push back, very hard). Ceres is the other really important factor. She is a symbol of natural productivity, creativity, power and female control. She is also associated with depression. Have a look at a feature on here I filed many years ago about Ceres and depression. Can you crack this kind of T-Square? Yes. A transit at 23, 24 from a planet like Jupiter or Uranus will do it, and you have both, in the final week of April and first week of May (Jupiter) and then Uranus at 23, 24 Taurus in the second half of May and first half of June. Readers often ask the right question at the right time; you are asking about your ex-partner and here come these quite rare transits, which will aspect your T-Square. Here’s the thing; you have done your karma with your ex. You have had the lunar nodes go over 23, 24 degrees. What is ahead of you now is a completely different way of seeing your past, your family, your time with him – and the future – how to have a partner, how to have him in your life (on whatever basis), how to feel secure at home, how to satisfy that part of you that wants to be up there in life. It is challenging but not impossible to have a Pluto-Ceres-Mars T-Square in the cardinal signs of Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, but if you’re ever going to take steps towards feeling better, it’s now. The Grand Cross will happen when Chiron goes to 23, 24 Aries in July and August and that really is a crossroads. (Chiron will fill the fourth place of the T-Square making a cross shape). It feels like you’re about to really change things. Have a look at what the astrologers say about Pluto and Mars in particular; not only Howard Sasportas but also Sue Tompkins.

  18. Hi Jessica!

    Hope you are doing well.

    In January, you replied me that my “best work cycle in 12 years begins in May 2024”, does it apply to me as I’m already 61?

    I used to work as a mid-level manager and got laid off in 2019 due to social movement in Hong Kong and couldn’t get back to my previous role since then. To rebuild my finances for the retirement (with unpaid-up mortgage), I changed to selling insurance products from September 2023. Over half a year’s trial and efforts spent, I just feel that selling insurance is not my cup of tea. Though I keep on sending job application of my previous role, not many responses I got. In fact, a few headhunters approached me and considered my qualifications and experiences were fit to their clients’ requirement. However, after the recruiters/hiring managers found out my age, no further response was heard. I did check with the headhunter concerned to find out why I was not chosen. It’s mainly because my “prospective boss” didn’t want to have someone older and more experienced.

    I’m so desperate that I really don’t know what to do. Should I continue to apply for my previous role? Or should I rest assured my worries about finances would be eased starting from May 2024? What should I do? I feel so hopeless and don’t know what to do every morning.

    I really really need your expert guidance and advice.

    Thank you so much and I look forward to your reply.



    1. Yes, Alice, you are a Sun Capricorn so your best work cycle in 12 years begins with Jupiter in Gemini in your Sixth House of workload, unpaid work and academia – within days. Being 61 is irrelevant as you don’t retire until you are 65, but you can also work, study, volunteer into advanced old age. I am sorry you have had a rotten time with jobs. Please don’t feel hopeless or concerned about finance. The South Node at 29 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career is your issue here. For the first and last time in 248 years, Pluto has been at 29 Capricorn and returns there September-November. So that’s the final flashback and sign-off. What is actually happening to you is the usual test of Pluto. Use your willpower to become empowered. You have to find your self-control to gain control or you are dominated by others. Take a deep breath and spend some time using the Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle to dig around and find out what you want to do – what your skills, talents and abilities are – who and what you need. Be honest with yourself and see where it takes you. Now is the time. Jupiter will be with you in your Sixth House of work ethic, service and duty until June 2025 so you have plenty of time. And the private chart transit, that Pluto conjunction with your South Node, is over in November. 2025 looks very, very different to the last 2-3 years and the usual issues about feeling as if you have no power, or are trying to get the upper hand, will disappear. For whatever reason we don’t know, but please do use the new opportunities which will appear by June, Alice.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your prompt reply which really soothes my anxiety and doubt about my future. I will keep my faith to “do” best in my insurance role while continue to apply jobs so that I might go back to my previous role. I will come back here to share if I got any suitable opportunities in June
    Wishing you all the best and more success to come.

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