The Leo Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

Happy Birthday Leo. What does the upcoming year have in store for you?

Throughout 2021 and 2022 I will always go into more detail about your chart, Leo, in the Premium Members extended weekly readings.

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58 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for the Leo birthday horoscope! I’ve been single forever. I was wondering what my chart indicates for love.

    1. Your best chances in 12 years for finding a new lover who is a marvellous combination of ‘challenge and solution’ are here. In fact, between now and Christmas you will be given an opportunity with someone who tests you, but rewards you. It’s rather like taking on a very demanding course or qualification but finding that if you persist, you get all sorts of naturally lucky benefits. The person comes with benefits, you might say. I won’t kid you and say 2022 is a walk in the park, after that. If you do decide to take up this date, and you are still together at Christmas, then next year is really hard work. Yet, if you stay the course until 2023 and beyond, you two could become a power couple. If you have been single for a long time, you may want to steer yourself back to that before you state, aloud, to the mirror, what you want and who you want (and need). Be really clear. Why do you tell the mirror? Because you tell your subconscious mind, which runs a lot of your life for you. Also – do ask family or friends in spirit to help you. Once you’re so focussed on really wanting a date, or a lover, or a marriage (or whatever) do convey it very clearly to the spirit world who can often expedite arrangements.

  2. Hi Jessica, thanks for your detailed Leo year ahead insights! The ‘duet or duel’ comments resonate with me – I have ongoing marriage difficulties that I can’t see an end to. Am I going to be stuck between a rock and a hard place for much longer?

    1. No, you will resolve the marriage difficulties by Christmas at the very latest. In fact, if you have to part (and sort out the house, apartment, possessions or money) as an astrologer you’d do it August-December and then bank on a really welcome financial outcome from Boxing Day into 2022, with a peak moment in April. That sounds awfully cut and dried and practical, but sometimes you just need to know when to go. You don’t say if you have children or not, but if you do, your life as a parent will be your winning card. Your chart suggests you benefit from parenting, being a godparent, aunt, perhaps a teacher/mentor to younger people. It’s a lifetime blessing. And no matter what happens, it is always when you are ‘Queen to a younger court’ or heirs to your throne, or pretenders to your throne, that you find the luck in life. The free key to the door marked Opportunity. Bear that in mind as a nice place to lean, on an emotional and personal level, as you navigate the end of the marriage.

  3. Hi Jessica, a astrologist told me that my relationship with my wife will be tense in October 2021 and was not very positive. Can you see that in my birth chart factors? We have 2 kids and our family life is pleasant. Thanks a lot,

    1. You are a Sun Pisces who also has a major Libra and Seventh House pattern which (Uranus at 27/Pluto at 6 Libra) can show up as upheaval, revolution, issues about power and control, and new beginnings). None of that is necessarily negative, it just depends on your perspective. The tension suggested was just from transits in Libra, in October, highlighting what you were born with – a tendency to attract rebellion from current or former partners, or even love rivals. There is also a tendency to draw towards you issues about dominance, total control, the need for compromise and so on. You have transiting Pluto square natal Uranus so that tends to put the squeeze on. The whole point of astrology and Tarot, actually, is to fix issues, though. Just being aware of the nature of Libra can help. So if you imagine a set of scales or a see-saw with your wife, and the two children swapping sides, from time to time, you will see the mechanics of the marriage. Balancing the scales perfectly is impossible because it doesn’t take an awful lot to tilt them, but you would not be satisfied with anything less than the satisfying, demanding work of making things sit, or settle. It’s rather like being on a tightrope as a trapeze artist in high winds, making it work with the other person even when people doubt it you can do it. I do think you and your wife will have some tightrope walks to complete, but not in October. From May 2022 when Jupiter in Aries slowly begins to move into opposition with Uranus and Pluto in Libra. And yet, what comes out of that, will be a good thing. Whatever you two choose, will work out for you. Jupiter helps.

  4. Hi Jessica!
    Excited for my new Leo year! With Saturn and Uranus making my sun subdued…im hoping for fresh new things! I’ve been mildly depressed (maybe everyone is with covid/lockdown etc) Hoping I can get myself up and moving again 🙂

    Thanks for the birthday article!

    1. Thank you. You have just enough Virgo in your chart, in the Sixth House of health (and mental health) that I think you could get a lot of mileage from August and September. The Virgo weather begins in a major way in August and by September there is a fresh start. This isn’t so much about aspects to your Sun, as the fact that you have a big Virgo statement in your chart, and so you almost need to treat your health as a second job. That can be very hard when you feel mild depression. I am sure you know that COVID-19 has made it difficult for people to get the oxytocin, endorphins, serotonin and dopamine they need for good mental health. You might want to have a look at that, as they show up in the Mind/Body/Spirit loop and that is what Virgo rules. Virgo itself is ruled by Mercury the planet of the mind, you see. In astrology there is a direct link between how one thinks and processes the world, and how one is physically. On a practical note I have had many readers raving about the free hypnosis audiobooks by Paul McKenna, easily the world’s most famous hypnotherapist, at YouTube on his Channel. In fact his health hypnosis actually talks about endorphins directly. You can and will make progress by September and in fact this looks like a fresh start for you. Quite substantial.

  5. Hi Jessica

    Happy birthday in advance to a fellow Leo! May this year bring you lots of peace, abundance and love!

    Can you please tell me what this year will bring for me? I am currently doing freelance consulting ( took your advice to change and not be fixed; have had two offers but nothing compelling ) –
    Consulting is not a lot of money but gets me in the market.

    Do you foresee a proper job in the next few months coming up? I have not been working since 2019 – anxiety etc – now I feel like I am ready.

    Also while you did say I was work in progress with regards to my love life – given Jupiter is around do u foresee a new man soon? I am hoping my ex boyfriend who has kept me stuck in a way ( 5 years now he came in on the august 2016 eclipse which you had rightly predicted at that time that anything I jumped into then would Linger for years). He is born 5 Jan, 1980 – has his AC being conjuncted by Uranus, Venus in Aquarius at 17 degrees & moon in leo at 16 degrees which Saturn will pass over soon.

    . He has just come back again as of last week – but wants to be friends – but flirts – I know so long as he does not feel he needs to label it will work like a relationship with no exclusivity and we live in different cities. U had said recently he would face a difficult few years and since he is not committing to leave it. The thing is I am so drawn to him – is there any advice on how I can handle this. He is very fearful of relationships, Also scared of sex – which goes back to his childhood trauma; but won’t go into therapy. Is there any hope of change here given Uranus is opposing his descendant?

    separately I am with an exclusive dating agency out of London ( live in Bombay) – I plan to reactivate since I want to use this Jupiter cycle to advantage – would this be the better course – I do so want stability, security, comfort & love.

    Please do let me know if this year will be better than the past few – u could do with some good news!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful 12 months ahead, with all that money saved or made, from Christmas 2021 into April 2022. (The Jupiter in Pisces cycle). You are freelance, which is useful, but you could be even more free – in fact – by opening up the options. You have chosen consulting but there are other channels available to you. Have you seen what others are doing, with your skill set and qualifications, and experience? Are you updating yourself? The Uranus in Taurus transit is with you until 2026 but it is very much about experimenting, sometimes quite wildly, rather than just limiting yourself to what you know. You will be shown options in August during the Virgo weather, which passes over your Virgo stellium. The key is serving. ‘To live, to serve’ and doing your duty – working hard, in some detail, even if it is rather routine work – and being of great use to people. You should be pursuing that right now, actually, as there are some terrific trines from Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn to your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of daily work and daily duty. But, as I said, look beyond consulting. Your boyfriend is back in your life, right on time with your horoscope. You are also with a dating agency. I don’t have his details and nor do I have the details of any of the likely lovers at the agency so I suggest you use the Tarot for that. Yes, you will have a terrific opportunity involving love, sex and commitment from August-December. No, it will not be easy. In fact in 2022 it will require tremendous patience. Now, does this sound like your former partner, or someone at the agency? That’s your clue.

  6. Hi Jessica, I want to remodel my house but so far things seem not falling into place. For the next few years, will there be a good time for me to successfully remodel my house ? Thank you.

    1. Yes, you would be stuck on a loop in 2021, as you may find that no matter what you do or say, to try and make things work out differently, you keep getting brick walls (though not remodelled brick walls). Next year is terrific, though. Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, improvement) goes into Pisces at Christmas, making a lovely trine to your Bacchus in Cancer in the Fourth House of property, by 2022. So it’s not too far off. From January the stuck feeling ends, and also the barriers. As you go into 2022, you’ll see how different things look and feel and you’ll enjoy the champagne to toast the new space and place.

  7. Hi Jessica
    Happy birthday to you, too! I have just moved with my wife to foreign country that we lived in about 2 years ago. I was very happy here and surfed everyday. My wife wanted to leave for a number of reasons (mostly financial) but after we returned to our country we realized life was better here. I came here this time and vowed to make it so we would not have to leave for financial reasons again. I have not surged and I have worked very hard 6 days a week for someone I know while also restarting my food business. I have taught my wife (15/07/63 same birthplace as mine 0602am) all the recipes and she is pretty much taking over that aspect. I have been pretty miserable as I do not like my job and have not gotten to surf. I am feeling rundown and pretty grouchy. My wife is happier here than she was last time and doing well with the business. The town has changed tremendously and so has the vibe. It’s not the same place as it was. Could you take a look at my chart and give me some perspective and guidance. Thank you!

    1. Happy Birthday – we can say that to each other in Leo Season. Okay, so your wife is the key to business success and post-Christmas is the time. I am not sure why your food business, or even a second business involving her, is set to take off at that time – perhaps it is seasonal – but by January 2022 you will be looking at amazing opportunities tied to saving or making money, with your marriage. It is also possible that another relative will play a part. If you want to move you will do that after May 2022 when the door will open to relocation or emigration. The surfing is really important; you will be able to rethink your whole lifestyle, daily routine, the 24 hours in every day – soon. In fact by September you will have replaced the old life schedule and diary, so that you can get what you want. Of course your wife will be there with her biro as well, contributing – you are in this new schedule together. The marriage and business partnership itself should be polished, finished, preserved by Christmas – in writing – so that you two protect yourselves against quite a demanding year for the actual relationship in 2022. From 2023, though, if you both agree, you could become a power couple. There is lots going on here. Deep breath.

  8. Hi Jessica I have a my ascendant at 28% in leo-cap sun in 5th and 12th House in Leo 1°25’42 -3 planet stellium in Aquarius ( decedent-6th house-along with my venus and moon in Aquarius ) wanting to change career into something creative-move house and improve finances for the better but everything seems to come to a road block or be stacked against me .Will this change?As feel like things are never going to improve?

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn who is experiencing Sixth House (work) issues in both chart systems. In your natal or birth chart, you have transiting Pluto in your Tenth House of career, in the sign of Capricorn. This tallies with the North Node transiting in Gemini in your Sixth House of work ethic. This story ends neatly in January 2022. For now, you have to explore the reality of ambition, against sheer hard work. Yet, the hard work is tied to your health. The Sixth House is about physical fitness and mental health. You are trying to do this in a pandemic so be kind to yourself. The road blocks end in January. Until then you need to reshape your daily routine, lifestyle and the tiny details of housework, work, self-care, fitness, food, drink, any medication, healing and so on. This is the ideal time to do it. You have about five or six months, long enough for absolute focus on your skills, talents and abilities. Creativity is 99% perspiration as I am sure you know.

  9. So happy Leo season is finally here! I’ve been getting quite a few good freelance jobs lately which is very good for me financially. Do you see anything in my chart that tells me if I will receive more support from others or even getting money from investors to start my own business? As a Leo, I tend to do things on my own and it’s not easy. I have begun to change my mindset and be more open to getting any kind of help from others. I also want to find a new love relationship that encourages and fully support my career choices which I’m not getting in my current relationship.

    1. You will make or save quite a lot of money after Christmas, if you focus on 2022 as the year to pursue abundance. There may be cash in kind (for example, you are given access to a car) or there may be actual rewards, like a large lump sum. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in your Eighth House suggests a rich stream of income. In your natal chart, never mind your Leo chart, we look to Taurus and Scorpio, and your Second House and Eighth House, for opportunities. Jupiter will trine your Scorpio factors and sextile your Taurus factors between the very end of 2021 and most of 2022, so you are in luck there as well. Not everyone fails in a pandemic; some people do very nicely and you are one of them. You also want a new lover who supports your career. Go for counselling with this one, by December, if you can, to see an attitude change. If you still don’t get what you want, yes, you have an opportunity to find a new partner by Christmas, but I am duty bound to tell you that this person would be extremely heavy going in 2022 and almost like a full-time job from 2023 so take care with your choices.

  10. Dear Jessica
    Thank you so much for your precious insights.
    I’ve been through three very tough years. Don’t even know how I could even manage it.
    As a consequence of this and of the emergency we are all living, I’m feeling very lonely and, at times, I have to fight depression.
    The only light/hope in this landscape is a special man I met years ago who, for me at least, is slowly becoming more than a friend, after years of solitude.
    He too has been though personal times (a second diveorce..) and maybe for this reason he seem very ‘controlled’ even if from time to time he cannot hide sincere affection.
    Unfortunately he does not live in my town and considering the limitations due to Covid, I don’t have a chance to see him often.
    I would like to know if, after the burden of recent years, I can dream of a duet, as you frequently call it.
    I think I would live it as a miracle in case. But I must confess, after reading your birthday forecast, I don’t expect a great year ahead.
    Thank you, I wish you all the best for your life and your wishes.

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Virgo and Sixth House dominant, and depression is common. Why? Because the mind rules the body (Mercury is about the mind and the ruler of Virgo) and yet the body can control the mind. This is a loop. The pandemic has delivered depression because our bodies have been cut off from endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. As an immediate fix, please use the Paul McKenna hypnosis channel on YouTube which will channel at least some of those brain chemicals your way. He is easily the world’s most successful hypnotherapist and has generously donated his audiobooks there. As a longer question, how about this twice-divorced man? He lives far away and the pandemic stops you from being together. He is a possibility for you but there are others. Daydreaming about him can be nice. In the real world, though, you have been offered a couple of duets, and not necessarily about love or sex. Who is the other person who suggested you two work on something, or do something together? He or she may have been lost in the pandemic but you may want to go back there. If you do, try to complete the mutual goal by Christmas. It’s terribly important that you go for ‘two’ in August-December and make it short term if you can, at least in the context of this being a partnership or double act. The reason for that, astrologically, is that in 2022 it will be such hard work. You could persist with this man, for example, and find luck on your side until Christmas, but next year would be really tough and from 2023 also rather intense. Having said that, if you convert someone who was a partner, or other half, into quite another sort of companion – you escape that. The astrological prescription here would be one or more duets, of any type at all, by December. Then, in 2022, less focus on ‘we two’ and far more focus on that person as – one of many you co-operate with on a project; a face in the wider family circle or household; someone to work with on your health or fitness in a bigger group; a purely financial collaborator; a professional ally – you keep the person and lose the hard work. Of course, everyone has to choose her destiny. You may want this man above all others, be prepared for the Saturn tasks of 2022 and even the Pluto transformation from 2023. Some women do want the full, demanding, mini-series! Beyond that though there is at least one duet waiting for you and it may be with another woman. Or a man in a platonic context. It’s in front of you now. As for the Virgo side of your chart, you absolutely need to understand it, in some detail, and rather than assume the solution for depression is a husband, dig very deeply indeed for the latest information on the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and pursue answers. With Virgo it is usually the tiny things that have a massive impact and so your depression may be helped by a small pill (ask your doctor if you have not already done so) or even the removal of a small but important toxin (for example, cigarettes, if you do smoke at all). You are in a stunning position to fix your depression with trines to your Virgo stellium for some time.

  11. thank you so much-your spot on as doing 2 jobs and both key worker role so never stopped during the pandemic, Its all been about work, work work and often doing double shifts due to pingdemic to cover others to help out and as work isn’t easy at the minute . Thank you so very much for the reply – I really appreciate your time shellyn

    1. I am glad the prediction for you is spot on. Shellyn you will not work two jobs forever. I know you have been working really hard as I can see it in your chart. You will change your lifestyle and work priorities in 2021. There will be another career for you if you want it. It’s very new, very unfamiliar, and yet people will appear who can help you. This will be in place by 2023 and you’ll find it so exciting.

  12. Happy birthday Jessica! I would appreciate any insights you can provide. Life seems to have gone stagnant and stale, with nothing seeming exciting. Perhaps the effect of the pandemic.

    1. Thank you! You will be offered a duet or double-act with someone important by Christmas. In fact he or she may already be there. Try to set a goal together and finish it by December for the best results. Do not let your double goal linger into 2022.

  13. Hi Jessica, thanks for this post. I had been waiting for this since I knew about you. It does gives insights to my life. I have been having trouble in my studies. It’s just I haven’t found any thing I can stick to. It’s so frustrating not knowing your future job for which I could prepare today with education you know.

    1. It will work out with study but you may change your mind a couple more times before you find something that excites you. You also need to give yourself the freedom to have one, two, three or more sidelines. The future for you may not necessarily be one job and one career. In fact by 2026 it is likely that you will surprise yourself and other people by doing something quite, quite different. You will realise there is a gap in the market to fill and as the world keeps changing through the pandemic (which does not go away) you will find a niche to fill that was not there before. I am sure you have seen how some people have done really well from Zoom education – that is just one example. You will also study outside this current course, and enjoy it. It may not even cost you, or it may be part-time. What you end up doing will pick you up and sweep you away very quickly and be tremendously exhilarating for you.

  14. Hi Jessica, you recently wrote about China and the virus and found it interest and wanted to pull on this thread some more.

    I wanted to specifically find out what is referred to the current Chinese “crackdown” is really things yet to come. The Chinese government is cracking down on the regulatory front on its own companies, especially companies in Hong Kong and companies listed in the U.S. I think the world is underestimating what Chinese government is systematically doing and the crack down may lead to their and world markets to crack. Meaning not only stock prices lower, but exports from China being reduced materially or alright stopped. If China says no to Apple manufacturing – that would get the world’s attention quickly.

    Also, it feels that China knows that all roads lead them on the virus origin and how it was man-made. If so, they would be exposed on a world scale and won’t be able to handle the fallout let to come (especially if the virus continues to grow and mutilate indefinitely). Also the Hong Kong and Taiwan sovereignty is making them overreact and potentially lead to military action(s) . Causing China’s Xi looking like he is unhinged and seemingly bully-like. Just like Trump was in the U.S. and to the world.

    Any thoughts on what comes would help us prepare for what is likely yet to come in 2021. Thanks

    1. We are living in the Uranus in Taurus cycle until 2026 and we are barely a quarter of the way through, and have already seen what it can do to the world economy. Mass consumption is over and that turns China upside-down by 2026. I agree, if Apple was hit, that would get the world’s attention. China is the supplier of a mass consumption, disposable world economy and as Uranus is always a radical change and revolution, that will come. A global boycott against her, should there be evidence that COVID-19 was deliberately manufactured in China, would be one reason for this. The penalty for bioterrorism would be a shutdown on trade, as you say. We then have Hong Kong and Taiwan to consider. The system ends in 2023. The years 2021, 2022, 2023 are the last dying (literally dying) years of Made In China and the old borrowed money, shopping centre, petrol/gas economy. Uranus tends to be about shock, though. So what comes is a total and rapid shock, for the world. China shows that Uranus transit shakes her to her very foundations. But rest assured – the planet will look after herself, as Mother Nature always does.

  15. I have leo as ascendant and scorpio sun and moon. So, I tend to look at both scorpio and Leo horoscopes. I have the most activety in 7th and 10tg house. What does my career and love life look like?

    1. Don’t read Leo for Leo Ascendant on this website, as my system does not work that way. It’s far more accurate for you to read Scorpio Sun predictions and that birthday report will appear in October. Thank you.

  16. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for helping us to prepare for the future and giving us hope in the process!
    I want to say big “thank you” for the strength you gave me while passing through a very tough period of my life. I am still recovering from the loss of my mother in 2019 and the difficulty’s I faced in my business in 2017,-18,-19…
    What should I expect in the coming years? Will a calmer time comes finally?
    Happy birthday season to you, too! Wishing you a lot of happiness and many, many blessings ❣️

    1. Thank you so much. I’m sorry you lost your mother to spirit so recently. I am glad the astrology helped. Your business difficulties are ancient history from Christmas and in fact by Easter you will have saved or made a small fortune. Your career will change quite radically by 2026 as you add a totally different profession to the existing one, with great excitement – or you alter the one you have. You will want to do it your way; to invent; to experiment; to innovate – and you will find that falls into place in 2021, 2022, 2023. One or more duets will come your way over the next few years. Some will be work. Others will be sexual. Some will be neither, but very much about ‘the two of us’. Take your time with each one and if you think you need a second pair of eyes on any paperwork, do see an expert. None of these duets will be a walk in the park, but all will be profound, deep, transformative and crucial to your growth. The trick is to avoid any issues, but that is why astrology is so useful. You should have any contracts or other formal agreements fully checked, and do get everything in writing too.

  17. Hey Jessica,
    Happy Birthday to you too and thankyou for all your wonderful insights. I was born 3rd August 1981 1208pm in Ballarat Victoria and have lived in Adelaide South Australia for many years now. I am turning the big 40 shortly (I feel 38 not 40 haha), I have been single for many years and wanted to ask you more about Love Relationship opportunities in the coming 12 months…..
    I have a Sag friend (born 1/12/70) and we both enjoy each others company, however, he isnt ready for a relationship. Your insight would be so very appreciated.
    Thankyou very much

    1. Thank you, Melinda. And happy birthday for your 40th, up ahead. You want a boyfriend, partner or husband. Your chances are highest between now and Christmas, and you may be able to turn your friend into a lover, but if not, there will be a second person who can form one half of a duet with you. Just be aware that if you do aim for a classical partnership, 2022 will be very hard work indeed, and from 2023, if you two are together, you will realise that this isn’t ‘just’ a relationship, or even ‘just’ a marriage, it is all-consuming, intense, and will frequently take over your life. So, Melinda, you may want to go very slowly and carefully into anything new that is about ‘two.’ If you were to switch the focus away from duets and into a more independent relationship, it would be less of an ask. Then again, you may be ready for such an ask. It is also possible that a former boyfriend will re-enter your life, for whatever reason, over the next few years.

  18. Hello Jessica, thank you for your excellent and insightful knowledge; I am learning and gaining more fine-tuned information about who I am. That may seem odd, however, I feel as something huge has shifted and snowballed down a mountain within me especially since about 2010. I just graduated from college and I am not sure if I look to start a career. I have been a mostly stay at home mother to six children for 30 years and we moved about 10 times due to my husband’s career. To be brief, I believe we are planning a divorce either to start the end of August or Christmastime. I will be driving our youngest to school about 50 minutes away assuming we go back to in-person class in September. My mother is also trying to downsize and sell her home two states away and she wants to move here and live with me (I am her only child and both my father and stepfather have passed away). I am not sure what to focus on next now that I have my BA degree. Do I focus on divorce transition, helping my mom to downsize and move again, help my children acclimate back to school, find work, go back for a Master’s degree, or get ready to move? I don’t even know about dating again and when I will be able to be available for another person. I feel frankly overwhelmed and yet hopeful that I will learn what is next. I am sincerely thankful for every day I wake up; I am not sure how to re-craft the second act of my life. There is so much to take in and learn and live.

    1. You have been a mother to six children and divorce is calling you. You are now a Bachelor of Arts (congratulations) but your mother also needs you, even though your MA is calling you from the future. There is a lot going on and you are also wondering about dating. The biggest priority should be a new career. Have a plan for 2021-2026 (the five year plan) and give yourself enough time, space and funding to pursue what enables you to lead a more independent and exciting life. In fact, the years 2021, 2022 and part of 2023 will reshape your work and your lifestyle in a powerful and lasting way. Incorporating fitness or exercise into that new way of life is really important, if you are not already doing that. You are divorcing at the best possible time; try to finalise by Christmas at the very latest. You may want to minimise the role of your ex-husband in your life as much as you can, to make life simple in 2022, 2023 and beyond. Try to avoid falling into any kind of duet or partnership with him, even if it is just for the sake of the children, as otherwise you will be very stretched, when you don’t need to be. I heard the word ‘sacrifice’ for you. You will know what that means. The situation with your mother is karmic in nature and you owe her, and she owes you. So do other family members, actually, and the karma will complete in 2022, 2023 – after that the soul debts and credits have been paid off and one situation will end, as any chapter does. From 2023 and onwards you may find yourself in a potential power couple marriage or new partnership where the two of you are a double dynamo, but only if you can both sort out how to share the reins. As I said, long-term the story is your success, ambition, position and mission. You will innovate and invent in your chosen field and perhaps one other and use new technology and new inventions to succeed.

  19. Thanks a lot Jessica for your response. Actually I’m looking for a new job and we may have to move to another country sometimes. Maybe the changes in May 2021 are related to it and we may have to adjust ourself with my wife. Do you see change in my job in the first part of 2021?

    1. You’ll have to make a fork-in-the-road choice about employment and career from late November to late December and this pulls in both home and work – so if you need to emigrate to do that – it will be obvious by Christmas. From early January a stuck and repetitive situation affecting your professional life and your house/apartment situation will stop. So it’s really the end of 2020, start of 2021. The choices are yours.

  20. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for another year enjoying your site daily.
    Can you please advise what you feel the future holds for myself and the man I have feelings for? He’s an Aries 5th April. Do you see us together and happy? I have such strong feelings for him but unsure if it will lead to anything solid as I’m not sure how he feels. I want to be happy as it’s been such a tough past 3 years!

    1. Thank you. Marriage is not his priority. Neither are children. Nor is sex. This man is on a totally different path and it is his career and social position, above all other things, which dominates 2021, 2022, 2023. After that he will be increasingly drawn into a group of friends and associates who want him to join them in committing to a massive shared goal by 2024. His other priority is total financial independence. If you can fit in with that, then you are in his life – how far, though – depends on his full birth chart.

  21. Hi Jessica, thank you for all your horoscopes, I’m a big fan! I have a situation that I don’t have a clue about what to expect. I met my “foreign duet”, that you mention so much on my horoscope, this past January, online. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster; he is Libra, 14/October/1973, born in Kuwait city but lives in USA. He has no children and I have 3 grown up and I live in Portugal. He has been helping me emotionally as I was in need of someone who cared for me; he taught me to see and live life in a very different away and I am so grateful for it. But with that, love came and I am very much in love, and he says he is as well.
    But I don’t know what to expect or even what to do. The problem is the practical side of the situation, we are so far away and someone would have to change their entire life. On the other side, he is sceptical about trusting a woman again, he’s been hurt. But who hasn’t? I’ve been hurt too and I’m very scared of changing my life just to be with a man. I don’t know if I should have hope or simply forget about the love and look at him just as the best friend that in fact he already is. This love thing is hurting us both. He says that’s the best solution, being just friends, but he is not a Leo, right? If you could give me some guidance I would very much appreciate it. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you have absolutely lived out your horoscope this year, with your foreign duet. This Libran American is child-free and you are in Portugal and have three adult children. You are also living in a pandemic. He wants to be just friends. You are wondering where this is going. The year 2022 would be really tough for both of you, to be honest. I am sure you know that, without astrology. If you moved to America, or he moved to Portugal, it would be a huge risk, with tremendous upheaval, given that there are children involved. All that and Covid too. So that is not the answer you want to hear, but it’s the astrology: next year is incredibly hard work for you with a duet in your life. Far better to have, say, a work duet that is the hard work rather than love. For him, the problem would be your children and perhaps their father, even if his presence is not physical. That would be a huge ask for him. Can it work for you as best friends? Yes. If you can stand that, then do it. Now through Christmas is the time to pursue that and make it work – make it stick for 2022 if you can. From 2023 the picture changes again. If you are still best friends, and still both eligible, then you may be looking at a relationship. He may be the one to move. But live in the present if you can. Sort out a friendship for 2021 and lean on it in 2022. By the way – this is past life. You have done this before with him, in another incarnation, and once again the issue was geographical distance, not to mention cultural differences too!

  22. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your insights. I look forward to reading them every day.
    I’ve come a long way since ending my 16 year relationship in January 2020.
    I did meet a guy last year and felt he came into my life for a reason. He then disappeared my life later that year.
    I feel like he is coming back to me but trying up loose ends so to speak. Should I wait or do I let go so I can open myself up to someone new. I’m trying to let go but something tells me it’s not over.
    What do you reckon?

    1. Try to do all you can in 2021 as 2022 is hard work. In other words, get the best advice you can find, no matter if it’s self-help books, a great Tarot reader or a counsellor, and fix up your love life as rapidly as you can, with some kind of final set-up or system by December. That may be single life, if it works out better for you, which is fine. It may be a new kind of relationship with your disappearing man; or a superior affair with a different lover. Whatever you do, try to do it quickly, while Jupiter is still on your side, as what you have in place by Christmas must see you through 2022.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the horoscope. I have been jobless since 2018. Could you please know when I will get a new job and whether it will be in a different country?

    Thanks and regards

    1. You have been offered a job-free existence by the universe so you can actually be free; despite the uncertainty and difficulty of no employment, you have been given liberation, space, autonomy and liberty. I hope you are using them. Try to open up to unusual, unique, unconventional ways of earning a living. Work does not have to be the work you knew. Make a list of what you can offer and what excites you professionally. Do not edit yourself. Say it out loud and ask your spirit family and friends; your spirit guides – to help you. Watch for signs and follow them. Yes, the roles/role may be in a different country as the most tremendous good fortune is in a foreign city and its people after May 2022. Start now though. Forget your old career or your old C.V. or ideas about what work should be. Open up to what is possible in the Twenties, which will be the last thing you thought you would end up doing. It will involve innovations and inventions which are very, very new.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Lioness celebrating her birthday today 8/22. I am wondering if it is possible to get a year ahead breakdown of the upcoming year? I was born in 1969 at Fayetteville, NC @10:29AM.

    I am interested to hear from you.

    1. Happy Birthday. I don’t see a chart here, so you are not logged in. In general, you need to spend 2021 working hard on solutions for your duet or duel. (The duet or duel most important to you) as what you set in stone in 2021 will help you in 2022. From Christmas 2021 you will make or save a lot of money and from May 2022 you will commit to a foreign nationality and/or city in a way that benefits you for months.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    as always thank you so much for sharing your knowledge (and teaching it via the great lectures on this site). I have a question regarding life’s apparent joy of hitting me with left fielders: After the most trying and stuck years 2017-2019, I had finally landed an awesome job in a company that felt like family. Nevertheless, the remainder of my contract was cancelled today (due to economic reasons). For me, this job would also have been the financial stabilizer to fix up my home, take care of my budget, maybe even move to another country and of course meet someone new from someplace new, all things I had planned or was looking forward to starting. However, now, I just remain stuck and of course, I am wondering why? Do you have any insights on why life seems to pull me back under over and over again? Am I self-sabotaging myself or is there a cosmic message I should be aware of?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much. Your stuck years coincided with the historic combination of Saturn and Pluto both in your career sector, when you were really blocked, and now you have the news of a contract cancellation. I am so very sorry you must feel hit really hard by this. You are not alone as there is a global ‘sweep’ of employment and business and nothing can remain as it was. Unfortunately roles and projects go, as a result. Let’s see what is going on with Capricorn/Tenth House in your chart. You have Juno, Ceres and your Ascendant all there, and so you make commitments (Juno) which do indeed feel like marriage or family (Juno) with companies (Capricorn) only to find compromises (Ceres) over control (Ceres) are required, with regular upheavals (Ceres) and changes in the balance of power. I wonder about commitment with you. Juno rules vows, promises, pledges but is associated with entrapment and lack of freedom. She does well from the agreements – they can be lucrative, secure, prestigious – but there is always a question about never being truly autonomous. You say that the job was your path to renovations, emigration and marriage in a new country. That is a massive commitment, but Juno in your chart suggests you might never really be content with that kind of heavy promise. So here you are, free as a bird again, but feeling all the emotion of Ceres. You can look up both Juno and Ceres in your guidebooks and on this website, and you will soon see that just as Ceres is about commitment of the heavy kind, so is Ceres about strong feelings and difficult emotions, that come with change and compromise. So you are allowed to feel really affected by this contract cancellation, for as long as it takes to adapt and adjust. The Ascendant is your image or profile; in Capricorn, in the Tenth House, you are the very picture of a company player. Please be reassured that Pluto at 27 Capricorn does not pass over Juno at 27 Capricorn in your chart more than once in your life. This must feel as if all the commitments you hoped would come from the job (marriage, emigration, renovation and the sale of your home, presumably) are being taken over by something/someone greater than you. Yet, there is also a sense here that you could be more flexible, less dramatic about future plans, lighter on your feet, more adaptable and more open to what comes, rather than trying to nail down the universe in such a large way. You do not self-sabotage, so please set that idea aside. However, I have seen Juno in Capricorn readers before, who claim they want to ‘marry’ a corporation or business for the prestige and security, but at heart, are unsure about that, because it means they can never leave, or that the position involves making themselves some massive promise about everything else too. In times of trouble, always use Jupiter in your chart for protection, support, blessings. You have it in Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family. Turn to one or more relatives, or people in the household, for backing now. You need it. Look at your home as a potential source for you. How can it assist you as a resource in 2021, 2022? Transiting Jupiter moves to Pisces after Christmas and will make a stunning trine to natal Jupiter in Cancer, once you turn the corner into 2022. That is an opportunity, to take full advantage of innate good fortune with real estate, or just with your four walls and roof. If you did want to relocate, then 2022 would be your answer, with that angle – not seen in 12 years. You also need money, of course, and one or more jobs. You need not worry. You will make or save a lot of money in 2022. Your new career will be unpredictable, exciting, exhilarating, liberating – and the last thing you thought you would end up doing. Please leave your mind wide open to what passes for work in the Twenties as by 2026 you will realise that actually, the answer was in letting the universe chat to you about far more unusual, unconventional and unique possibilities. I have seen transits like this before, and one turned a corporate player into a psychic – he also had Capricorn transits – he never went back and is a successful self-employed Tarot teacher. Strange things happen on this cycle but you will be okay. You really will.

  26. Thank you very much for giving me hope, Jessica. Wishing you too a great year ahead.

  27. Hi Jessica, I hope I am not too late with this comment. I have just read the Leo birthday horoscope again and have some questions. I have been in a relationship since 2014 (his DOB is 30/11/70) and we have a son together, that is soon to turn 5. We are planning to marry by the end of this year, as we are relocating overseas next year (being married makes the move easier). This year has been intense and not easy for our relationship. After reading the birthday horoscope I am fearful 2022 and 2023 could be even more intense for us! Would you have time to look at my chart and give me advice on our relationship please? Thank you Kate

    1. Kate, we start with the solar chart and you are a Sun Leo. He is a Sun Sagittarius. You don’t say what your son’s date of birth is. Life goes on being challenging for you, but also rewarding, in 2022, 2023. You are compelled by karma to do the family time – as a family. This also means karma with your own family (parents and so on). He is in a good space for this in 2022. You are in a tough but required space. What happened in 2003 and 2004 will have its part to play for you in 2022, 2023 as familiar themes and stories return, perhaps in disguised form, with the family, or your home town and homeland. The story with your child ends karmically in January 2022 and the story with him (about you) also ends that month. So you will really feel the most repetitive and stuck situation end that month, for both of you. The relationship between him and your little boy will improve hugely in 2022 and 2023 and in that same cycle, your life in the new foreign country takes off. So your instincts are correct. This is going to work out, with the general rule of thumb being that you throw yourself into the new country and its people; he throws himself into your son’s school. He’ll likely be the one to find just the right home for you, next year. The luck factor will be there for him.

  28. Sorry, my partners date of birth is 30/11/71 (not 1970 as mentioned above). Would very much like to hear your thoughts on our relationship and plans! Thanks Kate

  29. I am Leo, from this month, I do not with my hosbond talk anymore.
    In actually, I want to chain a new husbond.

    1. Probably not a good idea to chain your next husband, but you will be happy to know that 2022 is the toughest year for the marriage and from March 2023 solutions appear.

  30. Hi, I have a question regarding happiness. What action do I have to take to feel satisfied and happy? I have since childhood questioned myself – what is my purpose in life/why am I here. The answer is difficult to find. Do you have a contribution here?

    1. Happiness is fulfilment or ‘mission accomplished’ in astrology – you live the life you were always supposed to lead. This is shown by the stelliums in your chart. You have them in Leo in the Fifth House and Virgo in the Sixth House. Leo rules your role as leader, authority, role model, to younger people. Your own or other people’s children. Of course they can be younger adults, the older you become. Leo is the Queen or King who heads the court but also the kingdom. So you need courtiers and also a realm. It doesn’t really matter what this is. Your kingdom may be the kitchen and your courtiers may be family and friends who flock for Sunday night supper, or whatever. You can fulfil your Leo mission without your own children or (later in life) adult offspring and still find a way to guide, mentor, influence a younger generation. Many strongly Leo people become teachers or principals, lecturers or professors. Virgo is a different kettle of fish. Your stellium in Virgo is about the mind, body and spirit and the mission is to balance them in the pursuit of good physical and mental health. You can do this professionally as a healer, or just for yourself. The smooth running of the machine, in other words. This can lead you into a lifetime quest with vegetarianism, swimming, yoga, meditation and so on. Strongly Virgo people can also end up as nurses or doctors. The other side of the coin with a Virgo stellium is hard work, in minute detail, for end results, which perfectly serve the employer, client, customer and so on. This is really Jeeves and Wooster. You can also use The Garden Oracle to find out more about how to live the Leo and Virgo stellium life.

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