The Libra Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

Happy Birthday Libra. Born under the same sign as Phil Oakey, you are well-known for your duets and your great interest in the world of relationships.

Happy Birthday Libra. Born under the same sign as Phil Oakey, you are well-known for your duets and your great interest in the world of relationships. The Human League in fact. Lindsey Buckingham is also a Sun Libra musician. Fleetwood Mac (more duets) shows you how complicated life can be, if you are born under this sign.

Duets and Duels

Libra is known for duels as much as double acts, you see. Brian Connolly is a good example of the gender fluidity and sexual duality of Libra as is Bryan Ferry. There is always some femininity in Libran masculinity and some masculinity in Libran femininity. Thom Yorke is another good example. (And Creep, his most famous song).

Libra Faces in Music

Linda McCartney (in a duet with Sir Paul McCartney and the woman behind Silly Love Songs) would have been 79 on 24th September. Steve Severin, 65 years old on 25th September, is a feminine masculine Libra type. Bryan Ferry, 75 years old on 26th September shows the gender fluidity of Libra and his most famous duet was with Jerry Hall. Also exploring Libra’s sexual equality and fascination with relationships – Brett Anderson (53 years old on 29th September) and Marc Bolan, who would have been 73 on 30th September.

What to Focus On in 2021-2022

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33 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica and team, thank you for your predictions, incredible insights and personal replies to my comments and questions! I always look forward to my birthday horoscope so I can anticipate and plan for my next 12 month cycle. I also just purchased my daughter’s birth chart to glean further clarity – she is my only child and the most important human in my life. I would be so appreciative if you could tell me what you see for me this upcoming year. What matters most to me right now is: financial freedom and generating more cash flow (I currently have minimal debt only a little re-occurring on a credit card and have been saving aggressively for the last 2 1/2 years, not sure if a 401 k is a viable means to save anymore), a beautiful home sanctuary (I have been in my current apartment as a renter for 10years and it feels cramped, I’ve outgrown it and feel like its becoming a bit suffocating, I want out of the city), Love (divorce is final as of 8/27/21!, I want a life partner and to experience a soul-satisfying love – not sure if or when I have ever completely felt that and feel alone in life to some extent), children (deciding to vaccinate her, adjusting to life with a teen who is just begun to experience acne which I have enlisted the help of a skin expert for, I also want a son – without a partner and getting older I’m not sure if this will come to pass), work (yoga for teens keeps coming up and in fact I was asked to teach a restorative class which my daughter and her soccer teammate attended and enjoyed – they are asking when the next class is, my dream is to have a healing sanctuary for animals and people, working outside and in nature – not in an office and no more work clothes that feel constricting, I also love sound therapy, astrology, ayurveda, functional medicine, meditation and breathwork – I have always thought I would end up some sort of life coach motivating and helping) , and finally lifestyle (finally quitting cigarettes, ditching alcohol for a bit and more quality sleep – creating a routine that supports a vibrant and health and joyous life.) I know its a lot, but I figured I would give you enough background to connect some key dots.

    Thank you in advance for reading this lengthy message. Excited and anxious for what’s to come.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the new Family and Friends charts. You have done well to shrink debt in this pandemic. You have done really well to save so hard – smart move during Uranus in Taurus. You rent an apartment that is too small, though, and want out. Your divorce is coming, too. Now you want a new start for yourself and your teenager. A son. Maybe a yoga class gig. A sanctuary where you can pursue new age interests but also get a lifestyle without cigarettes and better health. Okay, so you will have the option of a new partnership in the second half of 2022 and first half of 2023. The chance to move will arrive in December 2021, January 2022, but also repeat in December 2022, January 2023. My money would be on that second date as it could logically be a new partner who splits the rent or mortgage with you. The lifestyle shift you want with work, yoga teaching and so on, will be offered to you in the first half of 2022. Do all you can to train, if possible, and certainly snap up gigs. The hardest challenge is your daughter. You will need to be patient with and for your teenager and understand that ongoing, she has to be central as you have transits which will repay you for all the effort you put into her. Do the homework and research and see what is working for other parents; other teenagers. The relationship with her father is particularly important. Getting it right with teenagers is something even I understand as a godmother. Sometimes you have to give them a ton of space, don’t you? As a parent you likely already know that, but whatever strategy you use, 2022 and particularly from 2023, challenges you to do the absolute best job for her, and with her, that you can. This should take precedence even over work and your partnership.

  2. Hi Jessica, thank you for the birthday scope. Reading it gives me hope for next year. 2020 / 2021 have thrown plenty of challenges my way. Im hoping the new year brings professional and financial stability in my life along with good mental health.

    1. Children will be hard work in 2022 and yet if you stay the course from 2023 you will find children also empower you, make you more influential and give you more clout. There are solutions with children now that you should use by Christmas if you can. Sometimes the children are potential pregnancies; babies; teenagers or grown-up Millennials. Use an answer soon and prepare for a long process.

  3. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for continuously teaching me the language of astrology!
    I read this with trepidation! How much more can a very single Libra take? Pluto, Neptune, Saturn/Uranus square and the nodes have taken direct aim at every personal planet and angle in my chart and hit me 3 times. I was diagnosed with a super rare disorder which now requires surgery that will literally change my face. Living alone and working from home for 15 months have shrunk my world and showed me who my real friends are. A close friend/ex passed away. I’ve been single for 10 years and am losing hope that I will ever find a partner or best friend. The only thing that works, is work. My career is doing great but a libra needs balance!

    I would really appreciate if you’ll take a look at my chart and tell me it gets better soon


    1. Thank you Sonia. You are in line for face-changing surgery. You are doing this alone and working from home, and have also found out who your friends are. Your career is great but you wonder if you will have a partner. Okay, there is a lot going on here. Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Libra. We have to ask what happened to you in the last relationship, or the one before that. This is the chart of someone who finds her pride, ego satisfaction and sense of self in a partnership (or not). The partnership is not always a marriage or sexual duet, it can be a professional double-act. At the same time, you use the duet or duel as your primary communication HQ (Mercury) and your testing ground for battle skills (Mars) attack and defence. The real statement here is Uranus in Libra, also in the Seventh House of ‘split or commit’ along with everything else. Uranus is a symbol of regular upheaval; the kind which turns the world upside-down and sets yourself and the other person free. It is a regular Independence Day within (say) a long marriage. Sometimes it results in periods of a decade or more without a partner – which you’ve seen. Pluto is also terribly important. The person with Pluto in Libra seeks to control the relationship. Can be sexually obsessive, extremely passionate, but also dominating – takes and takes over. So you bring a ton of stuff to any duet. This may even be at the internet dating website stage; you advertise yourself or reply to someone else and along comes a huge story for the other person. You do need the other side, or another half – two is what you were born to handle. However, awareness of how you have handled ‘two’ in the past is really important. The Tarot may help you here (use the deck on this website). There may be a part of you which does not want to be married at all, or even in a common law marriage, because you have seen for yourself how disruptive it can be. Or, you have gone into a duet with Pluto, boots and all, and found the other person does not want to feel taken over. That can happen too and it can be very painful to be rejected. Uranus is the Rejection Dance and it is very common to see constant churning with Uranus in Libra, so that one is perpetually set free from another date, by turning them down, or is liberated – in a way – by having the other person turn them away. So what do you do? I am curious about your surgery changing your face. Your face is what you present on a first date and also on internet dating sites. You may want to look at why your subconscious has chosen to produce a rare disorder like this. What is driving you, below the surface? This is all worth digging into with the journal, guides, cards and so on, that come with membership. You can and will be in a number of successful partnerships and one will begin in the second half of 2022, but to make it the best it can be, and to get what you want (love and sex) you may need to do the work now, on understanding yourself better and decoding what happened to you in previous years. Friendship will be so much easier from 2023. I promise you this cycle is affecting everyone (Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends) and nobody is enjoying it. From 2023 Saturn is going, going, gone and Pluto moves in. This brings a very different sort of friendship, one that will be hard work, but also potentially so rewarding. You will be in a group of people from 2023 where one or two friends are so central. Old friendships may also transform from 2023, Sonia, so that they reveal hidden depths. People you had given up on may be reborn for you. I expect the friend who passed away will make himself/herself known to you in spirit after 2023 as well and that will really change your life. I hope your surgery goes well and wish you luck with the search for a new way to handle ‘two’ as you will absolutely be offered that once Jupiter goes into Aries in late 2022 and offers you an opportunity.

  4. Hello Jessica. Thank you for the birthday horoscope. I wrote to you a few months back regarding the separation with my ex of which she is an Aquarius and how i haven’t able to see her son ever since march of this year. You responded that the boy can easily be back in my life after August, which i saw him last weekend. My communication’s with her are strictly about him. I still do care about her but not in love with her like i was in the past. What does my future hold with this woman. I see that the articles mentions May 2022 as a period in which a new love interest can begin. Thank you

    1. I am glad the prediction came true and you saw your son last weekend. I am sorry the separation with your Aquarius ex has been so difficult. You will see huge improvements with her in the final half of 2022 and first half of 2023. At this time you will strike a balance with her. It is possible you may reconcile, but don’t think about that now. It is just as possible you will acquire a new partner in the second half of 2022 and first half of 2023 but find that you are also able to create a new sort of relationship with your boy’s mother at the same time. So it looks very positive. Keep trying with your son this year, until Christmas, to get some kind of solution or answer.It is there for you. What you agree with her, about him, should get you through 2022, which is hard work, but as I said, it does get a lot easier towards the second half of next year.

  5. Hi Jessica, thank you for the birthday horoscope. For the past 20 years, in particular since 2003, I have had a very difficult time at both professional and personal level. No matter how hard I try and how many different things I try I just don’t seem to be able to catch a break. I have not been in a relationship since 2002 and I fear that my chance to marry and have children will pass me by if something does not happen within the next couple of years (though I have been for multiple health assessments and tests and have been assured that if my family planning were to materialise within the next 3 to 4 years there would not be any issue on my part biologically). I feel very frustrated like I’m in a deadlock Purgatory. I just can’t seem to catch a break or break through. I have been bullied and scapegoated and driven out of social and work dynamics before my potential could come through. I have lost well over £60,000 these past 20 years by being financially taken advantage of by so-called friends and acquaintances. I have had my own family and friends backstab me and desert me. I have had three near death experiences and subsequent ill health. In many ways I feel that I have been born under a bad star. Is there any indication in my birth chart as to why these past 17 to 20 years have been the way they have been and when the tide will finally change for me? With thanks

    1. Thank you. You were born in 1980 and have not had a sexual relationship for 19 years, and feel really in Purgatory. I am very sorry you are going through this. You’ve had financial loss and betrayal by friends and family. You’ve also had bullying at work. You worry that if you do not get married and have children by 2023 it will be too late. Okay, so let’s take a deep breath and see what is going on here. You are a Sun Libra whose major story since the year 2008 has been the family, the shared household (if you have had one), the apartment or the house, the town and country. The nationality, heritage, roots and culture. Throughout this period you have been pushed really hard by a long Pluto cycle which has made you realise you either have to use all your willpower and self-control, or you end up feeling as if you are being taken over. It is very common to have family members show up as controlling on this cycle, or dominating (or anyone in your home). The worst is over so please let it go. You only have 2022 and part of 2023, and then the cycle finishes. You have a stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House of your natal chart, and that has been under opposition from Pluto, so the same story is told twice. In fact every 28 days the Moon goes into Cancer and your Fourth House, and clashes with Pluto every single time, so the sense of someone (likely, a man, although it may be a rather masculine mother or grandmother, sister or aunt) trying to fully take over is very real. As I said, the worst is over. That was 2018, 2019, part of 2020. With the family and home situation you are now on the downhill slope. Looking at the rest of the chart for any sign of being ‘born under a bad star’ you have Chiron at 16 Taurus, North Node at 17 Leo, South Node at 17 Aquarius. That is a Grand Cross. It is unusual to have this pattern and you have it with just one degree’s difference, from being exact. This is really hard work – with friends, with parenthood, with children. I strongly recommend you draw a Tarot card on this website to see how you can best deal with it. A Grand Cross is always a cross to bear. Taurus is finances. Leo is pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting. Aquarius is friends and groups. It can be sorted out, and strategies can be found, but you have to try really hard to research them then put them in place. No magic wands. The frustration you feel is the cross shape in your chart. Whenever you do X you hit Y. Whenever you do Z you hit X. You can look at what I wrote on Sacred Geometry to find a way through a Grand Cross, but it should be a relief to you to know that this is confirmed by your chart. The best news of all I have left until last. The arrival of Jupiter in Pisces just after Boxing day, offers you a new opportunity to improve your health on all levels – physical and mental. In fact it’s a chance to completely change your lifestyle in the first half of 2022. You were born with Jupiter in Virgo anyway, so the Jupiter-Jupiter opposition is coming and you will be guided towards something which alters your life for the better. It may be a particular discipline like yoga or distance healing, or a specific doctor, or a treatment that you find changes everything. We do not see this cycle very often. A new part-time or full-time project, linked to an existing job or a new job, will also be offered to you then; sometimes it can be a paid course. It’s still all there for you in November, December 2022. So next year is a real turnaround. Work and health, wellbeing on all levels, is in the zone. You will also have the opportunity to date someone new, or get back together with an ex, in 2022 and 2023. Both. Can I suggest something to you? Figure out the difference between having a lover, with parenthood removed from that agenda – and conditional sex, based only on being a parent. The two are hugely different and the former choice is so much easier and happier for you in 2022, 2023 than the latter. The Tarot can help you work your way around that one. I have to be honest with you. That is what I think you need to figure out for yourself.

  6. Hi Jessica, thank you for the Libra birthday horoscope, it was very enlightening. If you have time would you mind having a look at my horoscope. I have been dealing with Pluto since 2008 (born 1961)and yes it has certainly transformed my life in every way along side Uranus in my 7th house, now in my 8th. My life as I knew it has long gone, family, friends, home, husband and work all destroyed, now slowly but surely I am rebuilding a more solid foundation. I have rediscovered myself through spirituality and meditation, although its been quite the ride to say the least. I am currently single and have been for quite a while, 60 years young in a few days and holding down a fulltime job. I am working in Hotel Quarantine program in Melbourne and am hoping to move somewhere soon that’s more conducive to my lifestyle. Thankyou so much for your help Jessica.

    1. I am sorry you have been through such a destructive period in your life. The gift in return has been meditation and an understanding of spiritual truths. You’d like to move and are currently working in Melbourne hotel quarantine (not easy!) You are a Sun Libra and your solar chart and natal chart both agree. Just after Boxing Day you will have the opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle and improve your daily existence, not just with work, but also with your wellbeing, peace of mind and health. In fact this is a holiday from reality and you will see why in March, April 2022.

  7. After December 2020, i finally felt like the hardship i was facing since 2018 have finally come to an end. On October 1,2021 we got to know reason of why my younger child had been facing health issues since he was born in 2018. It might be a blessing in disguise but requires major surgery that might fix his health. I am shocked as it took 3 years for this truth to come out. I recently started one of my dream jobs. How should I handle this situation. Is 2022 better for me and things are slowly untangling? Or there are more hardships in store for me

    1. I am sorry your younger child has health issues NJ as that is really hard work, on top of a pandemic. Surgery is required. Do all you can by the end of December 2021, to take all the potential solutions now, and also some new solutions which are yet to appear. Fate will take a hand. You may already be looking at a possible answer and not be seeing it, so carefully go over every conceivable possibility which you feel could help to knock over problems, involving not just this child, but actually both/all the children. If you can organise that by Christmas at the very latest then 2022 will be so much easier as you will have something to fall back on to help you. Congratulations on your new dream job. It will deliver in a substantial way in 2022, with a dream goal and role that is a holiday from the real world. You may even be offered another one. It happens.

  8. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for this powerful horoscope. You have been lighting the way for me for many years through the highs and lows. You have made me realise my own willpower which has kept me going but I am exhausted. I feel like my home life can be a battle. I am grateful for I have a nice home a family and my health but I feel empty on the inside. I work very hard to please everyone around me all of the time. My relationship with my partner is intense and I’m not sure that it’s particularly good for me. Do I have any love, money of my own or little pleasures to look forward to?

    1. Thank you so much. You’re exhausted and people-pleasing (they go together) and your partnership is not what you want. The Sun in Libra in your Seventh House of marriage and common law marriage shows up the realities of any duet on your Solar Return (your birthday) as the Sun comes along to occupy the same degree and sign, that it did when you were born. So it’s a spotlight that picks everything up. You have a lovely home and family but feel empty.There are solutions for you in the second half of 2022. Really strong solutions. By 2023 you will have made up your mind to leave, or to seek counselling that would change him, and change the dynamic between you. So there is hope. The cycles of Jupiter will be with you from May 2022 and as you only have these solutions once every 12 years, you’re likely to take them. It is also possible you will meet someone else you prefer, in late 2022 or early 2023 and that motivates you to leave. Do you sit on your hands until then? No. There are solutions and opportunities with/for the children, teenagers or Millennials around you, no later than the end of December 2021, which you need to take. Do all you can to reach for the answers to current tough questions and put them into place. Some are yet to appear; others are in front of your face but you may not have realised it. Whatever is currently a hard-work matter involving your own or other people’s children can and will be fixed by December but you’ll need to be proactive. Looking further ahead, huge lifestyle improvements come in the first half of next year involving your current job or a new one, part-time or full-time, along with sweeping changes to your mental and physical health. Sometimes a yoga group will do that. Sometimes a new swimming pool will do that. The door to a bigger and better lifestyle will swing open just after Boxing Day and some unforgettable high points will be with you as you approach Spring 2022.

  9. Dear Jessica, thank you! I’m such a textbook example for the things you write, it’s astonishing. I had a child (a Leo) in 2019 and beside severe sleep deprivation and the loneliness and hard work of being a new mother abroad, I was also mistreated by my husband (a Virgo) and his family. It took me a while to figure that out, because I also tend to be hard on myself. But looking back the amount of pressure and critism I got was not normal, especially in times when I felt depressed and needed practical help desperately (something I didn’t get). Eventually I had to limit communication with my husband’s family, and set up new rules of communicating and helping each other out within my marriage. It’s more or less a working system now, but it was so hard and honestly, disappointing. Initially we wanted to have two children but now we are not sure. It’s a dream hard to give up for me despite all the hardships. Do you think there is a chance for us to get this work right (maybe if we wait)? I’ve seen that Uranus will eventually hit my Panacea and maybe it’s the time when I’ll have to give up earning my own money and have a new child? I did some freelance jobs with my first, but probably couldn’t do it for a while with a second. Thank you so much if you have the time to answer! Best, Ranna

    1. That’s so awful that you had depression, a serious illness, as well as a bad marriage and in-laws as well. Ranna, you are wondering about another child and have already been through a lot. You are a Sun Libra who would have an uphill battle with another baby in 2022, 2023. Your existing Leo child will stretch your patience and staying power and to add another child next year may not be a wise move. Even in 2023 you are still going to find your hands full, with the child you already have. You have a stellium in Leo; your offspring is Leo – and there is a slow chain of oppositions to that sign, from Aquarius (right opposite) as you read this, and it will take you into 2022 and 2023 as well. So being a parent is challenging and to add another child will not make it any easier. This is true of your natal chart (oppositions to a stellium in the Fifth House) but also in your solar chart (you have Saturn transiting your Fifth solar house in 2022, then Pluto follow from 2023). Please do use the Tarot for validation but the astrology in both systems suggests little Leo is enough work for the moment. On the plus side, you have stunning opportunities to solve any remaining issues with your husband from May 2022. One way or another you will figure out long-term solutions with him/about him from that point as Jupiter changes signs.

  10. Thank you so much, Jessica! I did ask Tarot about this a few weeks ago, and it basically said the same: it would make everything harder up until 2026 (I drew one card for each year). So I’ll listen. It’s the nature off the oppositions that one can’t have it all, right? But I’ll try to treasure the things (and people) I already have.

  11. Thank you Jessica for the birthday horoscope. I feel like things have been challenging financially and emotionally for many years, and just wondering if there might be some hope coming soon. I am looking for work as I transition back into the full time work force from raising my two kids and it’s taking a lot longer than I thought. Even after additional schooling, etc. I just want to be financially stable and independent at this point. I feel like I am dragging some Saturn-related old burdens with me as I try to move forward in my life. Not sure if that makes sense, but I do feel exhausted! Is there something causing obstacles for me? Do you see some abundance coming in for next year? Well wishes.

    1. As a Sun Libra you are quite lucky to have Jupiter (solutions) going into Pisces and your solar Sixth House of lifestyle, work, health and wellbeing – just after Boxing Day 2021. In your natal chart we find Venus, Pluto, Proserpina, South Node in Virgo, so you actually have a stellium there. That stellium reinforces the idea that your most priceless commodity is a 24-hour day, 7-day week that works for you. The reason you have felt you are dragging the past with you is really the weather in your chart. You have had heavy mutable sign weather. North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces are all square Virgo, or in opposition to it, and so you have been stuck. That cycle ends on January 19th in your natal chart, just a few weeks after Jupiter’s gone into your work/lifestyle zone in your solar chart, so in both systems I use for you – it’s the end of 2021 and start of 2022 that shows you nice new options. The financial side of things is a separate issue. You can use the Tarot to help you with that. The key is lifestyle, housework, parenting, paid work, health (above all else, wellbeing) that actually serves you. This is on offer just as the new year appears and by May 2023 I think you’ll have snapped up some obvious opportunities and be far happier.

    1. Thank you. ‘Your comment is waiting moderation’ means it is in a queue of 13,096 comments (as I check this website now). I answer questions when I can, and I’m at my desk now at 7.03am on Sunday morning with a cup of tea, attending to the top of the list.

  12. Manchester England 10 18 1938
    I am in shock as my beloved son died on Thursday 27 2022, this was the furthest thing on my horizon we had planned a trip, for that weekend. , I realize that several planets were retrograde, never thinking it would yield this devastation ! His birthday 06/24/1963……Can you enlighten me I am at a loss.

    1. I am so terribly sorry. I am sure you are in shock. I am sure you do feel at a loss. I can see your chart here. You are dealing with a Saturn transit in Aquarius, which can only happen every 28-29 years or so. Saturn Returns are something I’m sure you have heard of before. You don’t have a return, but you have transiting Saturn in your solar Fifth House of parenthood, until March 2023, at the same time that transiting Saturn is opposing your Leo factors in the Fifth House (parenthood, again) of your natal chart. So at least I know what the cycle is. How do you deal with Saturn? You turn to people who are older and wiser than you, who have been through the loss of a son. You also turn to the work of experts like Elizabeth Kubler Ross (On Death and Dying) who help so much. Saturn always makes you feel as if you have to learn something – and keep learning – and that is where the ‘teachers’ come into it. As a medium I can tell you we don’t die. We go on, in spirit, and a very useful book for you if you are interested in that is Love Never Dies by my old friend, Margaret Dent. She was a very successful medium and lost her own brother – she could not stop it. Even if you are not open to your son’s transition to the spirit world (or not ready for it now) try to stay with the idea that you need old hands/wise experts on hand. Don’t do this by yourself. You also have one or two superb friendships which will see you through. A group of people who can help support you as you support them, may also become important later on. With my hand on my heart, there is life after life, but it may be too soon for you to know that. For now, you just have to feel all the feelings and accept the strong shoulders. Other family members in spirit will make sure he is okay and you are okay. I can promise you that.

  13. Manchester England 10/18/1938
    Thank you for your response and sympathy. I am not wanting this to be about me, but the pain is unbearable and shock numbing. We were independent of each other but our love for each other respectful, loving and strong. Does the spirit live on actively, the joy from my life has gone, but I know I must change that as a tribute to him, he would want that ,not sure I can do it but will try. Not sure what my future holds without him in my life…..agreeing to removal of life support was the most difficult , but his neuro was gone and his body broken

  14. Manchester England 10 18/1938
    Thank you for your thoughts and sympathy , trying not to make this about self . The pain is unbelievable . We lived independently but our love was so very strong. I am trying to locate the reading material you suggested, thank you. The joy has gone out of life, the future is dim without him, although that is the last thing he would have wanted. He saw blue. Sky when there was none. And laughed outrageously when there was little to laugh about. I am not sure what the future holds, he left a hole in my heart.. he was a architectural preservationist embracing restoration with a passion, wanting it for future generations.. Does the departed spirit guide us ?, is the spirit with us.

  15. I. Have read and re read your response , and you stated ”but you have transiting Saturn in your solar Fifth House of parenthood, until March 2023, at the same time that transiting Saturn is opposing your Leo factors in the Fifth House (parenthood, again) of your natal chart. So at least I know what the cycle is.” Is there more to come before March 2023

    1. You are a Sun Libra with a Libra stellium so love is at the heart of who you are, and what you do. Not everybody needs somebody, but being in a duet was always/will always be on your hymn sheet. Singing from the same hymn sheet, in fact. I am sorry you are going through this and can only reassure you that this too, shall pass. Saturn in Aquarius is in your solar Fifth House of sexual relationships and parenthood, children and teenagers, until March 2023 as I’ve said. In your natal chart, we find him opposite the Fifth House too, so it’s the same thing. Improvements begin slowly from May 2022, help you along until October 2022, as Jupiter goes through Aries and your solar Seventh House of couples and pairs – and then again January-May 2023, which overlaps the end of the Saturn cycle. So there is hope. And there is light at the end of the tunnel – and then some. The really big change will come from May 2023 when Pluto also goes into Aquarius and your solar Fifth House of parenthood, substitute parenthood and parenthood-potential relationships. From that point forward, way past 2030, you are in ‘a life transformed’ and I would be amazed if you did not begin a new, profound, life-changing partnership. Too soon to think about that now but it will come.

  16. I have just landed here and kept reading all the pages, the horoscopes and the divinations. The world has become a strange place in the last couple of years: I have been thinking about moving away, as I feel like I need warm weather and a blue sea nearby. I live close to the war now, and the suffering and uncertainty around are almost unbearable. I am in my last year of psychology studies, and for the last ten years I have been drawn to everything spiritual, looking for and tending to my inner self and healing – “love everyone and tell the truth”. However just recently, the love of my life reconnected after 28 years (we’re both married, and both have kids) and he’s looking for an intimate relationship (he is a Taurus). Since we met, things have happened every 7 years for me: it took me 7 years to stop obsessing about him, 14 years to become a mother, 21 years to rediscover myself (also 7 years ago I had a brief period when I was friends with his wife, and I was there when she betrayed him) and here we are today: full circle, in a very tempting, unexpected, scary place. If you see anything in my chart that makes sense of all of this, I would be greatly grateful <3

    1. I am sorry you live close to Ukraine at the moment. Another pressure, apart from the war, is the married man who wants to be with you, when you are married too. And you both have children. You mention 7 year cycles in your life. That’s Saturn. A Saturn Return is 28 years, roughly, and divided by 4, you end up with 7 year transits. So the movements of Saturn across your chart are important to you. I am sure you are trying the Smith-Waite Tarot, The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle with huge focus! Should you have an affair or not? Or should you leave your marriages and children to be with each other, never mind an affair? You are heavily Libran and have the Sun in Libra too. You would never opt for clandestine adultery as it is unfair and illegal. You don’t mention your partner at all (the father of your children). He is actually the whole focus. You will find the opportunity to either have a better marriage is here, May-October and January-May 2023. A bigger and better marriage, actually. If you decide your husband is not the right person to expand your life with, you will absolutely have the opportunity to leave him and marry Mr. Taurus. The issues, ongoing, will be the children. Yours and his – if you do that. In fact, there will be questions about power and control with both sets of children, from March 2023, past 2030, if you do decide to break up both your marriages. That’s just common sense, but the astrology is very clear about that. So you have choices! I realise the fear is there and it is partly to do with your own role as a mother, as well as the realities of his own children too. The fear stops in March 2023. Try not to over-ask the cards. Follow the steps, but do focus on the children when you are looking – and don’t forget, if you think your husband is worth it – the chance of a rejuvenated marriage is there. I think March 2023 will be an important month for you on all fronts – perhaps you know why, already.

  17. Thank you so much Jessica for the detailed response. My husband is a wonderful man and father, but our intimacy has suffered for many years and my many attempts to fix it have all failed. You are right about a clandestine relationship not being ideal for me, nor is breaking my marriage or his. I guess the Taurus’s interest found me a bit lost and alone in my marriage, but as you said time solves it all, so I will just breath deeply and try to observe it all from as far and as long as I can 🙂

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