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The Pisces Birthday Horoscope 2024 to 2025

Happy Birthday Pisces!

Men and Astrology Pisces 300x145 - The Pisces Birthday Horoscope 2024 to 2025

Your forecast takes you from February 19th, 2024, until March 20th, 2025, the last day of your sign.

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15 Responses

  1. Thank you Jessica. I have Jupiter in Gemini 21, AC Aries 17, Apollo 21 Scorpio MC 22 Cancer… would you please give me any thoughts on how I may be affected? Many thanks as always…

    1. Your Jupiter Return in Gemini is coming up and you will notice the change in the atmosphere with siblings, cousins, neighbours as early as May 2024 with a terrific turnaround in June. They are the gateway to something long overdue, be it a solution or an opportunity. You also have the AC and MC tied in, but would need a strictly accurate birth time to see a house, apartment, garden or property investment deliver for you at the same time.

  2. hi Jessica. wow sounds like an exciting year ahead! it is my birthday today. are you about to have a peak at my chart? I would really like to retire this year around early May when my husband will retire however in a bit of a quandary as to whether I should (bit early but do able I think!).
    thank you !

    1. You have Salacia at 27 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, ambition, position and mission. You were born to work in two different worlds at the same time; neither of them particularly real. It’s common in the charts of people who have paid work (or unpaid work, or study) which allows them to dwell in roles, and with projects, which most people would say are in another realm. When Jupiter is trine Salacia from 27 Taurus, together with other Taurus transits, in May 2024, you will probably go to a new lifestyle where you do in fact escape from the real world. That is what Salacia is all about.

  3. Thanks for this, Jessica, I always love your forecasts. I was wondering if you could take a quick look at my chart? It’s my birthday next week — turning 50! — and I feel like I’m a crossroads with some important decisions I need to make about my career and life direction. Wondering what you see that may impact this, thanks for any insight you may be able to provide!

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with Jupiter in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Happy birthday. You are focussed on your career, I know, but your chart is telling you to join or rejoin a circle of people. Perhaps, to reboot an existing commitment to a network or community. From this may actually come career benefits. This shows in your natal and solar chart. In your natal chart you have Pluto in Aquarius for the first time in 248 years, transiting the luckiest zone of your chart, which is the Eleventh House of brotherhood and sisterhood – allies and people power. He will be there for some 20 years into the future. In your solar chart we find Pluto out of your Eleventh House and Ceres in, all year. So 2024 is really about compromises and bargaining with the others in the collective, yet from this comes tremendous potency and influence for you – and all of you.

  4. Hello Jessica, Thank you for the insight and road map. I’ve had a significantly challenging few years on many fronts and am hopeful that whatever is coming through these various celestial movements will finally bring some peace, better health and financial solutions. I have enjoyed immensely all that I have learned through your website & teachings and look forward to diving deeper as time allows. I feel better in tune with myself and my intuition seems to be honing a bit as I do. Forgive the drama queen moment, but I really have a lot happening in my world at the moment, what’s felt like unending challenges. I am most grateful for all the blessings I do have, but am struggling to find the path that will enable consistent solutions to my health issues, finances and more. I feel very compelled to get some solutions soon, I must. If you would kindly check into my birth chart, I would truly appreciate your input and counsel. ps; I so enjoyed the Pisces season zoom…albeit at a later date, I’ll definitely try to do live next time! Thank you so much.

    1. It’s not a bad idea to get to know your Pisces and Twelfth House factors as Saturn and Neptune are transiting Pisces and the Twelfth House at the moment. This is also your Saturn Return of course so it’s important. Health and money are one thing, but the huge importance of your soul, spirit and psychology is quite another. In fact your unconscious mind drives what happens, much of the time. You were born needing to be alone just to deal with what goes on inside. A Pisces stellium with a Saturn-Venus conjunction at 29 Pisces suggests that ever since you were small, sorting out religion (God or not God) and perhaps dreams, the spirit world, your extra-sensory perception and so on, has been behind a great deal of what happens to you and who you become. If you do not already have a steady, reliable and grounded regular approach to these matters, then get one. It will ground you and help you. This stellium in Pisces with a Saturn aspect is common in the charts of people who need a therapist, or a spirit guide, or the Buddha, or the Dalai Lama, or God, or the Tarot. Nobody else ever sees it or understands it, but it is a key part of you. Understanding your unconscious can be helped with dream interpretation, but there also needs to be clarity about what is the Invisible Real to you. Doing this will help you sort out the other issues, money and health, more easily.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your wonderful content that is my favourite daily ritual. I would be so grateful if you could try and make sense of what is happening at the moment and more importantly what l might have coming up. I feel like I’m juggling. My mother went in for a routine heart operation 2 weeks ago, she was released without an important medication. Which resulted in us both returning 2 weeks later to an and e and now we are both poorly as a result. I’m usually very robust. My son separated from an 8 year relationship birthday 26/11/97 4.12 am and is distraught and struggling with life and so l listen and try to encourage the positive he does have. Can you possibly see light at the end of this tunnel.
    Very best wishes from a soggy Britain. Thanks Selina

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry you have been through this dire situation with the hospital. When you say you are both poorly, do you mean you have both become infected with Covid? If so, Psyche at 11 and Cupido at 28 Virgo are your answer. Virgo rules your Sixth House of health. Even if you are poorly because of the common cold, flu and something less challenging than Covid, you can still use the timing of astrology to help yourself. You do need to devote March, April, May to rebuilding your health. This is mental health and physical health. Not just the body but also the mind. You have Neptune at 28 Pisces in opposition to natal Cupido, which is in fact a symbol of mothers and children. So here you are with your mother to think about, but also your son. If you overdo your duty to them you will ignore your duty to yourself. You are not a machine and this opposition is rare. Whatever you picked up in A&E needs to be priority one, as not only do you have Neptune in opposition to Cupido in Virgo, in your Sixth House of health, you also have Saturn at 11 Pisces, in opposition to Psyche in Virgo too. And that’s another rare cycle. In astrology we don’t differentiate between health and housework; health and paid work; health and voluntary work. One affects the other. I understand your mother and son need you but your mind, body and spirit must be the absolute priority until these transits are over and that’s not until the first week of May 2024. It will mean rethinking the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you have now changed to deal with your family. You must honour the Virgo part of you which wants 8 hours sleep (however you get it) and 8 hours pure relaxation and play, every day – and proper time off – again, however you get it. Just the psychological act of putting yourself first and understanding you are the Rolls Royce which needs maintenance, never mind the passengers, will be enough to help you slowly turn this around. This does get better. I mentioned early May as a deadline for ending the self-care required; from May 26th you will find the situation with your family looks a lot brighter and in June 2024 there will be big solutions for you.

  6. Thank you so much for taking time to reply. This thing we have is not testing as Covid. But as a person who has never called in sick in 10 years taken me by surprise. It does feel however as bad as when l had a bad reaction from receiving the first vaccine. I had no more after. I’m glad you said what you did. My husband suggested mum come and stay last night. He works away and l said no. I’m not fit enough for me. Just knowing something brighter is on the horizon helps. I read my sons forecast last night and it also said by May he’s a chance of meeting someone. Once again thanks for taking time to reply and l shall look after myself. I’m a great believer in alternative medicine and walking.
    It’s actually stopped raining here at last. Best wishes Selina

    1. Good on you Selina. Walking as a cure for depression (or a way of reducing it) has been proven by academics and scientists repeatedly. And yes, your astrological charts do show life on the up.

  7. Thank you Jessica, I really appreciate your taking the time to reply. What you’ve shared definitely tracks, I do require and enjoy lots of time to myself. I also have had very strong intuitions since I was quite young. For some reason I trust my intuitions less as I’ve gotten older…in my 50’s now. Though it could be for a myriad of reasons, I have lost most of those dear to me, including my husband of nearly 30 years, maybe there’s a connection, maybe not ? I will find something to help ground me, and have felt pretty compelled to do that recently, so thank you for that validation to feelings I’ve had regarding finding a path to guide me. I will begin Tai Chi, meditation and working out (as I’m able), perhaps journaling too and see how that helps. Having something consistent in my life may well make a big difference, and may also allow a path towards getting back to really trusting and also exploring my intuition. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy a wonderful day!

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