The Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

The ongoing story of reliable change is about your finances, lease, mortgage, property investment, company and/or good cause. Sagittarius, you have been dealing with this since Uranus changed signs on May 15th, 2018, and it will not stop until Pluto changes signs on March 24th, 2023.

Your Money, House, Business, Charity, Apartment

Uranus in Taurus is in your natal Second House of life budget, cash flow and personal income and debt. That will set you free, and make you independent, but it means life is not predictable nor reliable. Pluto is in your solar Second House of values and valuables, assets and repayments, so life is about the control that comes from self-control. The empowerment that comes from using your willpower.

Dates to Watch 300x200 - The Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

Dates to Watch

The arrival of the North Node in Taurus, also in your Second House, in your natal chart, suggests you can learn from the past, and use the past too, when figuring out the approach you should take to money, between your birthday in 2021 and your birthday in 2022.

This takes place from January 19th, 2022, and from that point forward, you will find familiar themes and symbolism from the past is repeated.

Thus, the last time the North Node was in Taurus:

  • April 14th, 2003, until December 26th, 2004
  • September 12th, 1984, until May 8th, 1986

Literal Debts and Credits

Sagittarius, this may be literal debts (you never paid others back for what you were given, or what you borrowed, in 2003-2004 or 1984-1986). Perhaps you are owed from that time. Maybe you gave, or lent, but were never properly repaid.

It is far more common for there to be an abstract theme or heavily symbolic message, though, so it may be that the Universe has a way of settling the balance sheet, without literally taking you back to people, places, organisations or situations from 2003-2004 or 1984-1986.

Unusual and Historic

This unusual, historic combination of Second House transits in both your solar (public) and natal (private) charts – with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and the North Node in Taurus – suggests that you need to work with repetitive, stuck, cyclical situations in 2022, in order to change your response. In order to transform your personality. It is only by altering how you deal, that you end up with a life that you can happily live with. If you are only ever allowing yourself to be affected by the repetition, then you’re giving in. You have to change.

The Second House is superficially about income, taxation, debts, commission, favours owed. It is actually about your values. What you will and will not sell out for. Who or what you consider to be precious. Who or what you consider to be priceless.

Woody Allen, Sagittarian

Woody allen - The Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022I looked Woody Allen, Sagittarian, and his films of 2003/2004 and 1984/1985/1986 to see if the transits turned up in his scripts.

Woody Allen made a film about an agent and his commission in 1984: Broadway Danny Rose. In 1985, he made The Purple Rose of Cairo, about the Great Depression and a waitress who is a breadwinner. In 1986, he made Hannah and Her Sisters, partly about one sister taking money from another – and it became his most profitable success.

On a different note, Melinda and Melinda (2004) made during the second transit, was twice affected by insurance issues and Allen’s preferred actors: Winona Ryder and Robert Downey Junior.

Extending the Woody Allen analogy, find out the second camera angle on the financial film of your life. Your life budget. Are you going through a two-plotline device? As the same area of your life (in your solar chart, or Sun Sign chart) and your natal chart, or birth chart, are both being triggered at the same time, perhaps it’s a good idea to look inward. It’s not just about the rent, or the bills, or the mortgage, or the shares. It’s really about selling out. Or not selling out. Only you can decide that.

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I’m trying to move to the UK for postgraduate study next year. Do you see anything in my chart that shows this would be possible, please? Many thanks.

    1. Like all Sun Sagittarius people, you shine when in a foreign country, among foreign people, and studying or teaching. A stuck situation with the South Node in Sagittarius in your natal Ninth House disappears in December, January 2021. No more stuck wheels. The wheels go around. Assuming that you are looking for a better house or apartment, a better town or country (and believe Britain is it) you will have opportunities not possible in 12 years, starting just after Boxing Day and ending in May, then restarting in October and ending in December 2022. If destiny decides that the United Kingdom is not actually going to be a step up in terms of your lifestyle and accommodation, or property options – it will be somewhere else. You will be on the academic, literary, media or publishing path for years – and although 2022 is hard work – from 2023 you see a future. If you have the willpower you will become a powerful communicator and of course could teach if you are not already doing that – or write – at a higher level. This would be the case beyond 2030 as Pluto transits your solar Third House and trines your natal Gemini factors, in the Third House, and forms stunning sextiles with your natal Ninth House Sagittarius factors. So you’re a keeper, when it comes to the world of words.

  2. Hi Jessica, I’m born on the same day (December 1st) as Woody Allen, so your mention of him intrigues me, although I realize our birth times and locations are different. Can you tell me what my carrer looks like in 2022? Thank you!

    1. Too funny, as what I tell you, I would also tell Woody Allen (in part). You are a Sun Sagittarius who is going through a radical cycle, full of sudden twists and turns, about work, unpaid work and/or study. Expect the unexpected is the phrase. You will find you obtain freedom (from) jobs and freedom (through) other jobs, or even roles that are quite different from your usual choices. So, for example, you may find COVID-19 disrupts a schedule and you are liberated from that particular gig – maybe with an insurance pay-out if you are lucky. It can also very commonly result in part-time or shared work, or work from home (more freedom). This is a tremendously important cycle until 2026 and it’s transiting Uranus in your solar Sixth House of workload, health and lifestyle. In fact, quite a few of your decisions will be made with the practicalities of the pandemic uppermost in your mind, by 2026. There is no Keep Calm and Carry On about this; it’s about ‘join a revolution or start one.’ Very, very different. Also frequently, very exciting, but in 2022 the real story for you is about your home town, homeland, house and/or apartment and there are some fantastic solutions there if you take the opportunities.

  3. Hi jessica Happy new year 2022 hopefully this new year brings freedom of life to all of us .
    Reading about sagittarius horoscope especially jupiter in my fourth house hopefully it will the end of traumatic event about houses and land that’s been happening in my life since 2006 as I can see that I have chiron in Pisces there might be a solution for me when jupiter conjunct my chiron can you please check for me what’s is going to happen and what is the advice you can give me thank you

    1. Thanks to developments with the family or a partner, you will get what you need with your house or apartment in 2022. This is in both charts I use for you. Jupiter in Pisces is in your solar Fourth House of property which is very good news, January-May and October-December. While he does this he trines your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. It may be a friend, perhaps, but I think it will be someone closer than that. You’ll gain fantastic solutions.

  4. Hi Jessica
    Happy new year. Last year was dismal on the job front for me, being only employed Mar-Aug and currently in a role started 5 weeks ago. Also, I’ve been separated since April 2020 and wondering about the possibility of a new romantic relationship. Divorce and property matters are on hold. I have a Pisces factor, three Scorpio and Aries factors each. Do you see anything in my chart on how my career, relationships/family, and property may play out? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Happy New Year. You are strongly Sagittarius-Capricorn with factors at 28, 29 degrees so you are in the final stage of Pluto at 28, 29 Capricorn. You are also at the first stage of the lunar nodes at 28, 28 Scorpio-Taurus. The former rules career and the latter rules divorce. So you are, thankfully, not going to have to wait too much longer for outcomes. The exact timing for the lunar nodes is today, January 19th until February 5th. This feels like karmic closure with the new role, but also with the divorce settlement. The nodes move backwards so a great deal of what was happening 18-19 years ago will now be ‘settled up’ or ‘reckoned up’ on a spiritual level. It would have involved money, a house, an apartment, valuables, charity, business back then – too. Pluto is a separate issue and this is the last test (until March 2023) when you have to find your willpower to gain empowerment, and use your self-control and self-discipline in order to win in a situation where you repeatedly feel overpowered, challenged, tested or overwhelmed. This cycle can only happen every 248+ years so if it feels intense, then it certainly is.Get to the other end of 2022 and from March 2023 Pluto is out of your life. Yet his gift to you will be new personal power. If you get stuck use the Tarot and Oracles on this website to validate what is going on and to give yourself a way through. You will be in a future sexual relationship, and perhaps more than one, with a fantastic outcome in 2024. Of course you can and will date in 2022 but it may be quite challenging for you. It’s up to you, but if it feels too much like hard work, you may want some time out.

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